Newspaper of True American, May 17, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 17, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12, CENTs. NEW ORLEANS FRIDAY HOORNING, MAY 17, 1819. Terms of the ~evparper Prees of New Orlean fenianously ngreed to at an rljeurrdl teetli 1el the Proplrtorehrld on the 13llh of March1,It?. RIrnPTON.- rIelvo Dollars for the daily p - or illi o, mpayaio ler seniantally i lladvrce tenlloi dolnrit for the ti-weekly counlrv paper, poarylle one searin advance, wlere no city referenc ios iven. No a tbhtription wit lie discontinueol until nrrerng sre trtled. tn case of di couttihealce, one week's niotice e d writitng mutt oe inevaorb;y given, previous to It xpirtion of sobscriplhtio. Y AVtnIRTstNea.-0-no dollar per 1oiecro for tile irt I .asrtointand t. llo that price for each snRhseqeIt oUne: O n( mateori-i..lteratriot fErol thre original adverlitentenl will t ehntrored as 0 new onte. , YAALrI Al)'ETIS.11--Mercalltlts end 'rra'ers. onlty dollarsu fr g;irilh autone, end sixty folr both hill n-I gto t c Itlnks, Insurnern Otlires, a colier sitiar ci pultlo institatitos, fifty dllnrs in Enolish only, anlld tlight fCor bollth languges; lShip nd Steiulhor, t Foe- l 0rl, or C'ommlislionn mrhehitrts si lty doltlitr EnglishIt her. imd eightsv for hutll n ltang n ge e. Inl owRoil, OTlrv tt NgOICox , and artirels eort log tho atteltion of thte purlic tro Alies ot pIroperly, coards of pnssoegera, lefrtaIo, &Lc. &e. will Ie iairgedi one dollar per square for tie hrst insertion irt each lai CotrtMl TlOrt, or Advertcisrtn;otr, of rany pernon- ' at fnatre, wheo n adtissibe. s halrl be cinrgel double,I, ad din advancne. A dedution of towentrfive prucetnlt will he made tro Atct iolleore, ierflo ttogi steor si W!lrs,nd Manrlnsai d on stls of real osliet. erlunliiled i bothl Inngfges, II And hn) per cent. in English aloue: 0 pior cent. on .l..s sf other prelner y. AudVn rlstocrtto nt oo f Ihr dirert rine of husintecs of Iho odvertiser, sul ano lerin, ietiron, rtid plotl iott dO0, rmwr ny crave, anlroy i noi Druis, &. tc. will he chOrgeOd for re(l,.trrtly, at trl t ordi r ae. AtowVIttISoItoiCO noit soiletift to A lilre, will be ubhltshed one mlntlutd o arlacged reer ilnrlv ,I No o tearlitsrle It of hanratkr Iptir will uI pIubloIshed n any cano, it le ad ir prvious to insertion, or pairt-ert grtrulrteed by a rtrRplrnsrleperson u.oI itow.In.. fbh rlris nld other plaees of omseorlcori, ir(tvetliilri td lily i. ltheeonorr. to he chllrged ý$1 i frr Lrnglieli - - loro, rsitl t150i in ith 1l Int.llitr!rdor All an i oorirrriitorti' cirlndidatltl for proliltcol oitrs i will tm IchaIrged double the price if oilrer advertise itOwing lt tire io re oisee Or.siut:noCd Iby newspaper prorlietlor, they have c mie to lte cllrlirnoin thttihl IIRe oames of prers who e acroiRCConIIIt hays ntot beern iaid iithlin one ionri aftei r ireoeortliion, hlitit ie male knowi (to far as iraclicaller to cacti illher-tliey iohli geolti tellln alves llln t to ,hrrierie or print for s uech trliirlunto is.i locs ill aseC iof adennce prynwnos. 1iignedl) JC. tl Str. ltO IESt o J. -JIANYOIN, I t . l It.%, J. C. p'ItIINI)EIt'GAST, JolltN (;IlltSr)N tVrreckly Pres.--\'V tih Iii inniloerdiele, eIre- -t abide r by tlie ib ove .,rrnditrlieir , far as they itre apli rhcable to t+.eigir.) Al. It + \ 'llW eCI ' ir r iub it nri o e tkenf r lers lllf .i ire eno. t ... .. ttill, \I) 11tll R I)llilS. IiAY'S LINIMI'NT.-No IPiction.-'hlie ox traordiuoary chi mirir l Caoiolutpionl, til result of s1lOieue, and the invaelltll i a celehroteld lrodi cslo not., tie irltrodrit, n of which to tihe pubhi e was ineoled witlh the eoleomnity of a deatlhbel IRequet, has t int e gained a reputation unoparlleled, fully sustialning tie correucessc of tli lamentrod Dr teidiley'n lat coifession, tiat tIo h dared not die wititoot giving to ltelrrity thee bheuot af lilt knowledge ot this cibject," and ir tholereol ,I qo.oathed. to irs ftiad lt..d .at..dir. t. Soo...... Uoays, the stecietof Ire discovrcy. it is now tted in thie prliilial rhoRpitls, and iII cuo priwote Ipractiel in ioUr ceOUitry, lrst and Iroai i crottioly far tire .ero of tire Il'rll, arll sto extou I nivdoty anoti ,oii:tuny asro litAltc eraSlitly, unoies where its tectt are witilnessed Exteurally it tie etllowing colnplaiuts:tit For J)roytoy--Crbatiig olxlnirdinary ahrsorptlio' at ontor. All Swelling¢0--edanint treon in a few hours Rheunliatisli--Acute or Chroluc, givinig quit I "tne. Sore Tltroat--ily, Ut:ers or Col.,i. I, Cerocp and Whloopilg Cuuglh-r'.lternally, aid t over tio Ciest. All uIlriss, Sprains, and Ilurna--Curing in s o fiere anid TIerS-Wlhetkhe Ice're or long etltidilg, and Irtvr r sores. Its opteratir:it adilts andelirldrnr in redo i c idg rhelo.or ooerlotillRa, ar!ll lootellll cnrltgllt alld tiglitnes of Ithl eest cry iclnxation of t. ie orts, has beoen .irlriolrg eyollrd cnerplillri. iThe Coiltmol rola trot otl ihro wrll hlve ted ritin tlhe Filesi it It .ris like ir elrllL" 'TIlE Lol.S.--'rhr riesi, 4i is teruwnir to any strses i o willo i u.e a b tt!e ofr'o Linirniesit fbr tlhe Pi.,,. and return til emnipty I,,Lttle without being .eured. Thabr, ire thle pyell.'er ridersof tihe pra rict r to the .gotv~ s; a ind .mt of .luny th nu. sinds said, out obre ohas o en uructecesrthl. V', nlrigit intert cercltrettet liI ally Iiytrllr t hitt prefer that tllose whoi sell the arirclr, hI)ulld ec ihlbit the nrigiutal Lo irerh:lasore. CAUTrION--None entt be geninero Weitthout a. plnclldid ongraved wrapllpr, on whirclh in ly tiarn e, in also that of Lther Agent. OLOMO IAYS. Sold whliesale tor retail, Iy COMISTOCK & Cor New York, and by olo D)ruggist in every town in t.orrT,,. e r of For olto by tie \Vhrolerien Agrnts corner of Cotn.netu .& 'rhiourtitouLos street, attd by ttheI Aputiacariots teorailv-. jli_0 '5t lc----. ND nitI. . . JUK.JOtl'tO \15cr tllb Iriso.ste -.Annt con j11 In tehle IorOCliee to the. trusoht ul"of Ve orl tl IJi :tslo in t il dils r kri t frults . I/. Ji.hifen, from it t?- deua y of t. ),ryears in It". imi in Ellropl, duvtold ind thurtllcltlloit fr Vlrrettl "1oeaseo, and frsol hie 'e'lnt caten'iwe Iractice inOllI that Ip ticlllar I t'IIIIIO'hE the prole~ r iont , guo r.i lllte at sae, pe: dty and Ie t ct.l ,r. to Such llrano areloll olllhled with u f te nwin I li-elses, Ii .c- G oti rr o. c.le tls, tfri; ,'tilet (l'h]L. Ceres. Bl hbo-, i .eIillt| wVenkulcn, ii o l,.ti. 10ttlro iluhdddr, r idncIlys,h I Ltiner, Ulllrt Prl, Osate llu.n, Swelled I teticltr, Erutllione In the Skin, Sore Illroot, P'is inieo to tlieo tle nuonerouesymnlto0l5 which generally follow b allo diw IRecent eores enrel in to or ihreer lya riokout d lee0 us of l"elrlrv, ijmorrptioon iraon Irusiuess, or atera Aion in tie n iud'e ufoliving.c A medicine Io prensel Venereal D isease can | m lh: ctared of It)r.Jhnsonli It is Iio11 ithe recipe of tle - Ilaol L.ariv, a ,ilebratel rCrttch Sorglll tll was used |by hhml ldrill; .t,'+ervl enl , ptd-r.s in which lie A Served as Skirgeon .;unor:,l in ith FIresth Army'. guold by t),. Johls ii Uo a h olle. 'bhose ICrl.Ono A hnoiog any aff.ticn of Venrealo i I)isaror, ro ot ml aoi sea vuvtlge% or rctnolillwm t, Ie contyv, w.uld do wet thy giviog Dr. Joli hncoo nlo r propor cledi innes ir thlelr cBre in thle shtrtet time cnl be plt tip with vrilt dimcitistiotiou their a*e. Pt + . s UtltO u opo fl-'i 7 o the tralog uatlr 1O o'clock at ' 11. be UJ~rC ~1. I A it. D C'l:Yt, ts .r r t01t ,,fi l ' t i | ll is t + I t:i spill r ln t(ht cita·lltl'll f tihe dio ui l t h illt OL+ c it usI.o hv his ithi i Iin' , s t ulrecs,,ient.illo cc*s ill rirlikild onin itcs in Ow osstnod 'il- Eli-hir sos, usprirto nu ptodfb'ic pPtiioic for upwtilri orfi uly A soars, firi tict reniovsl otf lie fdliwios diosoe'+s+i: Lossl tit lu l itlt, Flotnol v, Di i'lotio oI f th1 Stoo r i oi se, 'h ii tillr ai liusv ili r tie Hloead a,, im li eaii.n tol sheec rriitclrity of tihe Nowels, and ill al c iottcs wh re IllliJg tio: oi" a costive babit io f;ound to i Tiris.ieotiieilooti iihcroettrio t Thiso edilcine int not tichort rite politih. hoit ror quck o.tiriiii tinte bleora the puolte, as it ir the 0 Flet inPentllonrl dtoI rr. mIolst pan ni epl see.,ntple ullriPeliI EIII' e ever prot utc't , attd then secret it" prepparilng it it wri, pIlrcltotl by thlligllt for enyvcy large om. It is Itr' ielo e nnll I i ,llen mlut t" the tlo-t, acts its l mild pller stee cli to "ti i the sybtet, and cheerfulness to th muin, ioonl\.oticootcel~~itt thowa nctsto, joitilirlO toolr ow~l t nd ieltii e hutit"ly reloves ted llst colllrme to cailses od, ylhirepin oir hldigoetirn, and pr1vetor relurn kit aty t ftuole period." Nr:w Y'nt.,l7thi Aiguot, 1833. :15 1atdiso e-strect. Sin:--Io ctoo.qletorollrf leadllg a reletnrv lif., I h0v0 Ieen troul edtI itwire or less, witi li:.tileitlii for el 11iears; Ilr tIle last three yenr.r mly ltuferinlr hlves tiesl ilrSu licritie. Ilave tried arvelsal phyliciicl e,, awl nouou.0ln"f 'Itaek Isetiiine, iwitllot derivlloIg ny eosiel "" I t r oed T f ver otariniii aiiv peirtanet relief, lod '*Ell0 lll I yoelfi tilte imIstihope1 esi di".'iir r f-clrl i ol ' , l. tic , lrtt..h isioy frlicoits to trcohbetlrrcilios Ilya .o'.t" I liir. "I have now flniched the f mtrth b t revtorii tlt "c t' i he iu l h ithI g l'or i il mer. Sen Ines ilralf a ItIllhtslotier, o o eeldn excelt r,y titaih fr telrh.,leii you have c io rrrerdlb r 0lorillg nl to per tct hl'tlb. 1 rellmain oPh rs, JCOII MONlfOE. rhi a eai thn hin hii posestilon otre hllntlred teI i nilo slinrt o iia the teove, orIf ithe extlnlldilry cir twes of tlis medlicine. 0old by llppolilhtict, at 0 r. .Jotosnn'r. 140 irnvite n rool. nov.t VAtLUABE ENGLISh EITU'IIONS. IA It"tr:L1'2 \Vondthrs If Geology. J" Ctlligiweorth works " ilds ol' nisiteltlaettl works Ron.n's workr--Waverrlv (male) otrtraits Porry's LeoolOend coilnet-Cowptere bwortl. oVS Ile og's teile's voI ts--Sir Charles Glirndisou Go.ldsmilh Auinisted Nsture--SUitll on Cottnges Knox I hiorev of the rrfoIrmRlion ivell portl's tiigraphIie0 l diclionare ec Aer. Ju.n reeircd asd tfr stle by A TOWuAR. oily49 41'opi pl tilt~ji t iiP' al.IGCln J . tres t.,lln h t lhis tny received a ltunll as orlm nt i oI I.rge enstitlled and ihnsaic bIreastpins, et up in the erll stela. r NCt XTAtitlhl'ES-tiii ton ltl paintinige F' llldilnh fraif shii Alerxl ler rrom B1rerrln, fur e b yt + ' 34 e r cgr d riat t st Inb2g 4 ilh.3 I~~liM ) GAS IiLPAITlENI, ? I Go-s Light Blnhitg i!xmp'y, Jisniry 311, lfi39. ¶13 T 1E St,,k of Cloke b.ih ,.eluci reduced Ihis Co lnln- ' irny will funr+ith Pitltaburg (;oel, in, snall| quar- e i+.+I, to thIEl ILril~lmllll~llr. ll Orders rcotn-ad i3 Irle Ga+s Ot-. innnle Alley. ' jol1 E W WEIi.+EiK Sitc'-, vili BURNIIAM''S I)l(OIS.--l'h llt edicile na by discovered by Iuhe proprinte:r and hao bean sub e jeerd to his ncoreflul ohservtnion ior fnan yers w. In every vrieiy of plar ltieo, n d all tile rdinanso, for of the divern ified A ltelntt clti ntt'; and it is nt n yrivren t t he publici with Itt ,11 it - nit f (ollolrltnl ennor n ll believe tlln l it is, as minst rlInrly net frtht iri thit to tanlpl llelt ntc otr Inttin l thye santt, tho bIel to edi. il, cine ever lthrowitl within tille rrahk if all iln-ates of scielty. It is with Ithe rrel- enS t ll tltlhioty uivtn it re all tihre mnladieon which t l llo thi e hIlma n rr ce, frotlt tii ithe etllblislhel fort, thto, whm l takt n illto un he i to. sia . mnncll it actls ccoorldh lg til e the bllle of lhe stoim- ti elit snd the nature of the dlsrasr , b ither nt orn Ri ,nlletic, dirltic, sudlrl rrl expetoral ,inrrrpernet - . nl tdlietni. hat tt isrertly what if iit rport s to ber dot I rtlJ oniily n iirtl lt seniley the y otit-t ntlCr-tdIioIto. il-l 'rTle inctis allly elmnin. o I e knoIzw led,.. o'f· e!il irt ri n ilo iti beornotlhicti and nuoni oIl, is iiIn li cl oes l t t tle a tl, tl nd hlver, h tllh tti t-ht-i s tnl trn i' nr vloln a nd (.rhlel hver , influe 's, villenl eId,,hl Fi di-r tt rry liar , il lynprlpt tt r nllloonO toe nt-lalt P; lh llth t tlity oen not otly warroniLotd ti w.ot llll, recomlml elllnd .n Iill, ha they nwe clalled iUplOll irlmm e selnn y lir hty twi teh , hy od e ti lln the hUt lll t inuntt pl to otay to Iill ory Iet aoid you will btn r aoofic reo.n. I1 IIIv hNal we hDAV S, id t ihe si j o-to; n ofd i Tr, o he , itd lox, rhne liw e ,0 wh lich o ynit lvler vl.sited otur endtltt~ y, hats b~een stlctesfuh. eoll. 1 quhri t td t he hrr oetr s thirteen rie o with tno e erlf oIt th ls edit li ne t lyo illh.t ll.titl. al a su[ re ll ,a iut. Ti e tltdrioii i pro s .lirtid only h tioctoRl l U IJURNilAM r DAVISItI .lt iLt-ioetso, ,url; rand iO pot iII i r llhllll t etalh lttt Co-ti i lt wtlh - plil -h tid iN t-it3 l11St -Ire sln, ' nt-i c nll i n lltilll; i abillnI t ixiy. h eet to be hatt t ttot r sevel ty live ce tsIo I rio tl r I thim t sit mu, h tile ch pei t il I edt IIlt illt tver iered tti tte tubie.l Thle abhove mnedicine in enhl w.holesale and r,.t'il U Ithy o r A-et e, t ,nit y Ht Iatlit-lt D otot Ito ni cl Aick th- ec ry l tth.uIt ttitt ula it lr et, Newit t r- iati l . IW;\V ,ll 'I( --{ +, Nalh' e ,Ma u ic; The I onllVenl Ba e l IIII tll Irill t.H. r)11 in- l ilt. ~l1T I Ilel(lil; Neve 11r l ·. 11lt llr i,|, i ( ltil mo1il a u re ltl i Ihl rhiio ; i o ilo l t I h N rot ori+. alntte: rThe+ WVhite 1Il~ nee f the Pep lpetrm; Thouu t com aend 0 .ovethn hurt t' r on.,t ng hv5 Edis S Ki I i Nit tilt, . ''notl ttl t i tpi Anrtille; nickd ofir o Th litl ottl-It-t 1nlhttt iltLt- otti~l fitut- Nt-in .l+t-i-o , ti iir 11 Fromt atoil (Ala usa) to An; 2 (Geo1 hi t I( . th ti ii lltt-l'rr I it -i l nh lyI l l, tlot i lIr tiltonl rto no steambllloat ~SEMEUNE, to litakely-, coalches~l to P lrenob* Itm boalt .. 11.( PIenwii l n ( HYll L 'tv br"O ll o I nI oll ell; ll wanhoIen ir l in it "t l n h) ll - eu l,'n; ,coacl s tIll" In villatlol littll-. C-to"th lay) cr iii (ottaoilltlr o ttoh. t Iii r l eis Inot ) iht.ioioeR , iitt horlrtoo; ' hritnhillt-ft e h Tl, or Nuio. Ol nillr, troAigiltit. A prlsstclte;titeeuiok i- ih Iris oai ti Ir.i f nii,,,r-h,ino.ou A~h t nnoogoooiLUd lr-tbhiyiixnurl _tleittrot iohtiery Ibeing thoit-no oio C titoittgiitt is,- h ii ton to-it- wi-n tunder ory tiptstr I"'"''"' lAV I:+ +lllh||e .leve~llR i ltllt'l" e I|:Dt tlil°, xf1v al'le IrthvIie Ae t ut' i tioo th1 u i l, itou f htow I all h -- e th L C Ii alidat nut tiotti, ito nla tlni lot e -ihtes uin jlteo p trIlnll lte st tir! octrit. Tiy t . I t ( IIn I lie sti l i i c is ch-nis tiotls ItIon. o tta AwEltst-lle atil Irnnoid. ti-,, tot-s t-i ch a. n Noioek oet - No- srtatio 5 . In rin nthenno yarn -t aiioouot.It Thi e ts o h ril i o o itu.lh l tal" Ii t re ihi n Ith k - i i i h inoet i lll i(t• -n it o|liton i otutltfl i uts i h-tttii hoyt omit I|. I. estin user vI i it+R· tI)Nlt l& ti e al 11 mt itn htil tllr r l.d l Ilt s l.l, l fo rtinit" t W I I t rilo ''ti.,r itotfslea I. :'.iv~lt Atlt+ist~lill' nit N++ t ot-to-nl h'm~h:d tt:h I i a{ y;ll V connc'I·L:t* llha i' weIre.H witllhi t h II il I( al ], l.(: l lest At. t i S. Co. '/i chie s ll' i Ilcet s l l i Iiw t ..lrli. e r AanI" N.w Yk f0itt- S 3 "l Trom Ch a , , , t to.r , n ia, e hve ito -it, .1- - - (ih. + t -trIaiat-i l, t-ito • ut'tot-N:~ tt-,' 00, 1foD, . obtll t t .,ti t I Cs 5l I CIh. I let. Cili lor to a Lto i w a o ik, ( fun - 1 ]0 oTniit-ottotl rla to' t tItn- Moiie dud to hourio hiao nt ot - ittot Itot-A-ges t0- ** - too-t -iingI utiet- pe aw ut ootlofot titof iith e lotititttiie t~t iin~rm thet ultP nic t I I1. Lr.i s olenl II to r hA--\Vst-has-. i Iis ill iti . ! |-'lill. (th ll y chqtlac'lest+ lioperagag @ d s th ist s |,ale , ] w tin Co eip from tW tuturfait-Chi littlf l hl wstll .t . t~ro tllIIt+.ldsxtt. at-ld i hroh \a. lit I uw, lls i C Sin tiLlt ti-ft say ' t , l. . t h leer t-., n-ifil inti O gii . ..lvias , I . ie.ft - n p na. l- t i i "Litaud ' ales.sgu a" ()rh po. n t C .l' hi, .{e t nSap re . I I u t-h l tsothi idit n t lh iltllh t dl itt-iord 1toi0indt t-t . f m ltl.ton . tt tbolotit -Pr ahnt i 1it nnal o ts titon t11( l th) allti. utl, to it- s (i:t:t n 'h'sti ll tiotta' ,\ k s'.- o r g ml:eki n, ITfo ,nltlhs per b':L., 0,' c '-lexi',' rein n l. en.h 1les,)+,el'l the cl (; I~~olP.l+"+wl trll t tt~~~l~l: l 4II :rd labl (r ek has',, th tst c l hen.l ,he terrlic dw ihe ltlln.:l ofll S ened, (ndthe" ah" h.ltes ai tra, .mod its ht his tr+. :a beders, rend|'e -rcJ subsr v t r not ne.el y th t t the nm..lechol. , su%.ry .v'eary d~ay l arr e ol the. but o.vlel.o itsd lxut. th !w:itev t'Oll~lll' 'lff)n I'cllett~aeo1+,l (:edarl Il~lutl; it in :rdllt.i( Si illn\tlhi l•S t.lutv11\ aItl r:dbtlv. Thell heliIK,, lhi~rotg I ' , v ( 1laves l e s ai h rtl ll'l at No.J 95 C uIIA Ist f e ho use s, l..i+.d i)e ,+ . t . 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P Li SveA.e Alkdaliue b.rlTuer, exra ctead Tlowitouie 'l'uso lat ; withi uth Nr t, , C ig.r t tltl an cl*: let ,ta.r e a I..I flll I, itO lolal y dla u t at llcil t a Ahet-lieV e dlr. slhite b.ntltr-. alivo bI e n Catll rliC . u'tttqhed. a iver ll nd in hllr n. Th Ie ha cth lltltldtlll, IcIIll o vetnICt'h1c ttot otI cllll IIItI rteser Kenn gu:IJ~nis l i. npocco t 'iitt, and rct vin tatct iutl trsal i i t t.dttl.OII I e .clte S-ul. IJ.p i, , Jm iiunhI.ncl t oI Ilulle ,llu.,-.r .·. Ir[;t. l. I l·, .nII Cli-Ill :,nlllf . 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NUnIerl.OI.l icrlllcta iI cure, fElotl allllth & who hllv cttne, tll erl, ntld taatilt lly of er. lll I'llV nll J;llllar sw Ilae l re acrlbed tlrsm.Pll lh.lllnd for, inlll tJhe U.lllarai tlpa)llrolhlatiU s bO- lofl ll upOn I[b ll', Is al d' l lOnll Ua .aidLs of tllar me t. t1111 uae tI presenting Ihi. articlo to tLIr puhhb, ithe prop E., i hllu c·.d h tile hope l'll b at I ll 'l· 1 I · I e rIt' ',l h ltlon I caltI allnd wilh .r atlct rregar.l Iihn Cl h r..lllllnelld 'll Thrn u. ic pIr'"'Irl fl t i' l,.ll IiIf l .llilllll·· IIh lmh lake tInke i,. place roll abo ; nds-lllll t-fllll m lllhr .favl'or alr dlly l,.lowad Lpall it by pilg a . aiuS nlll Olller., he tellek iu -ttfid ii spc llll.~g tlll re¢ll. Fur falll .lnC.o cf chlli interesling d leonVl}, testimoni gra.l, nfllll who rail tlhln. pills. Noll. ii. g Iiiiii wi lhlmt tht aitnatllr. of G. It. PIIELI'S RS1. A Clnnllrha, Grllnrall Agl, llt, No. 11 Exchange Place,nanr the P. tOllier . Al-, by A A 't)-hanlll, No 12J Rue .roFl { J. IBaher S t'o, No 77 New Levee. Dr. A .'larr.lll, arllnr Bt Jinlmes and Trlhapilta a late. J. Ro~s, Lafayette City. C N JlorrironlNo 11, C;lla;l street C Jones, norlue Tivoli Cirldk: anI Triton Walk. E. PTha.e thit wi.h D l. art as Aentsl allreax E A:FOh· with unilort saucess, for tlear.nl_o and whitening tile tealh, and prc!veuting tile Ilollaeohe; preserving tIle grans, purilfing thi brcat'l, and relhving Inaat dierr[ ses m which the mollll I i linale in ei!her llh adulh or infalt --O.. ten -pnrlol, lmlixed in a Vwinle glassful , f pure wllaer. and -, aplllihed to tlhe letth in usual millnlln, witll a barnsh, will eff.ecually pre vent scuirvy, and ward ofl that xcrulla'lllg pain. tthe tooth nac,. Prepared o. nly |,y T . iF. Sanger S ur gen n D in. list In 'J]fersan C,1ire,- and sold wholesale and retail by C.ARLETON & Ca. 31 Canal a,. r fa Iiane Ii_.Bnli flr Wange r't, O hinmicr I t:O l'1:0hazer il sttrefr sle by C 45 Al LL. iCL'IW B s5 Magazine at TATN OF LOUISIANA-Ftrrt Jud cial Dins vt iteot Court. TIle State of Louisiana, to all wlhom thsee pro. nents shal come, greeting: WVhereas, William lMackey, of tile city of Mays. ville, Kentucky, having purchased atno s:lo made by thie Sheriff of tile parish of Orleansb , the pro perty hereiualter described, has applied to tile olerk of this cou t, in wViose officO the deed of sale was recorded on the second lday of May. A.D. 1839, for a tloniteon or ldvertisemont in corllbrmity to an act nf tbe Ligislature of ho Stote of Lrouisiann, ltitleld "an net for thle lifrtler eseurance of titles to irehalsers at jdlicilal eots," approved tile tenth d:lay of March, 1831. Nolw, therefore, know ye, and all persons ite. rested hereoin, are hIereby ciltend and admonished in tho name of tie Stlate of Luisiana, ond of the Feirst Judicial District Court, who can net up any tight, title or elaim ill und to the property herein. ltter desrribed, in eounsequence of any informaolity in the order, decree, or jrudgmient ol the court uor. der which tile sle wn madeo , or aRy irregularity or le illegality il the au.prisemene ts en d dverl iseen tsIt in tile, or Imrnoer of sale, or foroany other i whatsoever, to show Cruse, within thirty dlys from tIle day tlhi monoiton is first isertred i tlhe publle o papera, why tile sale so mnade should not bo co. Ot firmre!d ndl he.rologated. Thle slad prloperty was sohl by the Sheriflf rf the parish aforesaidt on the 11tth day of April, A. D. n1 1839, by vnirtue of a decro of this courl, rendered to on the 21 day of lMarchl, A. I). 1839, in a suit erl- 0i titled Wilham Mackey vs. lter & Steever, No 17,37 of tihe docket of this court, at which salo tile said William 1Maockey blecamte the puorchoser for the pricae of twently seven rlthousand and o e ll rundlred deollars, payable as llows, viz: lThe purchaser assuminrg thIe rpayrentf or e- rh hult of two notes of six thousand sven hundred ti andl sixty.five dlollars and fifty.six cerlts, each to be due on the 26th of March, 1810, and thie balance cash; thie purchaser usrseuri.g alSo, the um of eiglht thousalld and five rhudred dollars, duo to tile r Union Bank of Louisiana, with interest at ten per F cent. fronm lr February, 1839, and thie balance ill cash, and roeervos a sp:cial mortgage on the pro. perty sold until the same is paid. Drrocriptiou of property as given in thie junirial Io conveyane, viz: The undivided half of two certain lots of grourrd,, togetlher with all tile butilrings and improvrenlrets theleron, rightsl, ways, customr, iservitudes, riri. leges and advatagros thereunto belonding , or in any rwise appo1rtairng: said lrts adjoin 0 ach other and mtake opart of tlhe atture irl frollt ofIthe ruuriT St. Ilary of this ey., f'ormirir tile lower corner of Julia and New |.svoe streets, dtsiglaterld by Nrs. 1Nro e t trd Twcrlnty, on a llaln or t aid battllre deoysited in tire oft,:e of Felrx erlirna, Nutaly, dated thie thirtiuethli Jure, 1832. Lot No. ninuteen leoasuring forty.ole fret six inclhes front on said New Levec street, by one hundred.lnet in diepth mnr ore er es, by a c-rtrlieate of Joseph Pilir, city surveyor, dated Mlarehl 25th, 1836, it appears trat e:rid two lots measureOO togthi er, in Erglish measurer, seventy feet front on Newy Leveo street, by one hInldred feeLt n depthr; togeth. i or, also, witi two Ihundred shares of the stock of" ti;o Union Bank of Louisiana. e Wrtoess the ihon. A. M. lBuchanan, Judge of tihe Court aforesaid, thi 6thil May, 1839. my 10-4tw P. IEIILANC, )DeputyCl'k. i ETAT Die LA LOII1IANE. I- Cour du Premer District Judicilro-IL,'Eltat de la I i Loulsane,--h tous coux quo cs pr0dcteos con. it, cernont-Salut : Il 1Maysvlloe, Kentucky, ayantacletr ne vente fr Ihito par le Sirerldo la PI'aroisso d'Orldnso la pro. irri d6 ci.apre.s &,erite, as't addresd aU grclffiR de I cotto cour. oal In dite rver fut errdgistrcledo IlJeme jour do Mlai de l'ltlllr 1839, ponr ur avias, con. Slrerdmrert itrt e actO die l .Lgielarrre dl I'Eti t d'S o d nla lo, siane,. itr tulr d " Acto pour confir er leo t " titrer des acqrrdreure aux ventea judicieires;" ap p rrotdr e i 11 Marso I:1. Q'll sort c(ronll, et toutes irersounes ill dresods sorrt par ce prdnontes o noou ttt au nom dio ital t de la i.ouisiaue et do la iI ,cour du Premier district Jodiolaire qui pourraient avoir droit a l ea tdei.aprt6 c res e d:rrlrte, on conof qellce d'all didliat de thrmre ,anrs I'erdre, lo rdderetl on lP ju 1r dl Irclrrrr.o rn verer drriorl l verroe 6 L: tile, Oel de toutr irregularitiaru illdalitdL I l'citnation i'arvis oe le temps at to lole de ls 0'n 0, ou Iorr uon nutre.e cae quelcounque, do i tauro voir dans treote jrurs, t dolter do la publica. tior dt eel arl, itorurrrlr r la Iernts aousi lito nuo t i serit irasconfirrdLeet Il.a dite proplrd! filtvedue o I r 'r ShIiriTffos. Str le oltma ,oour d'Avrrl de I'arrre 1I 9, en vertu I i 'aIur dcrrt de ceto cllcr rulrdu l 2 dI tir ars dIe i l anodt 1839, dano I'.ffire IIod Wilro M\ackey i contru Bier t Steever,. l. 17,376 Ido docke die I cetto cror, helaquelle ve· l. ledIt \dltrilrm Mcire ey 'Wet rendu acquarreer pour hI prix de $27,10885 o'uayabl colmme suit--savoi : L'arrqtoircur ensumlnlt to illloentl de ia moitid do Idlex ballets due $li,7j5 56 cents chi.rque, quli reront d(los I 26 mars 1840. et ih barluce crolplantr; I'ac.e qureeur oasuUoot auuassi lu paioort do la Iroooe do I $8,500 dko o la Banque do 'Urnon die la Louisluna evee irrdret au tax de 10 iour ccuet t aoroter ou t loer. Fvrier 18 9, et I balace eorplant, etor ro. i servant nrle hypothequo spcdirerSle sUr lain proprldt6d vendue, jucqu' tou qiullesoot payro. ra. Description dio la propred 6 d'aprts ln transfer jludileiaire. Lamoitdr idivcisrode dcuo cert illoto do trro avec toutels o bhatisuo et aoldiirorrltions qui s'y trouvent, ainsr qure Is droits, cheirins oautarnerr, sereltudos, privllelges et auvanrtages y appartenatt d'uue uiarllere quelconqlloe; eos lonts soor cortigus ct Folent partlo de la b.iture oe f'oia. o du faubourgI Ste. Marire de cetto ville, flrrmant I'eocoigoureo .i plus bhrase d.o rues Jueo rt Nouvello Levdae, et lout d6slrgde iaro let tnor. 19 et ninglt sur unl plan de la dite bhtture. drltlpo en f'ouda do Felix (;rina I notairo, dald dr 3) Jrrr I822. Le lot to. 19 Ito. eure 41 pieds 6 pouccs do tfce Ia rue do la Nile. I Lovo- sur 100 pleds plus ou itoins de prolondeour,r d'apirbs on ecrificat dd JIrscpll PrId, voyer de lI ville, date du 25 enara 1836, it perait quo cos deuxs dits tlerrains Inoesurent eonsenin, au pieds anglais. - 70 pledt de frce ala rue do la Nouvcele Leveo, sur 100 do profondour: maee n o 2f0i ac.eoua nu fond capital de la Uanque de l'Ulion de Is Louisiuna. 'l'6loin tlhonorable A. 51. Buchlanan, juge do oa eour susdite, co G Mai 18:18. P. LE BLANC. S Olmni 4t tGrefnor. 1 TEAM BOAT BILLS. I \VWNEIt, tti\ IS, or C l ''AI,\ ofS eT:AMi I.1 IUAT' M can have their Mills struck of, in soe . .or nore d . .nkured s on I'Iala or Culo vdP I'lern,r t', odasp , I't ,d n 1o rcv rin e iiy, lo", arig l snf ir th a Surll it ,Ii a tt. TlU vt o b it , -er. la &( l it. ,hSTs i 6t n IultI .Ig ni , io .It t golle t lasse-- l Illllltl lil)ll IIrto.e it dr side by ADAM. &. WliT. L, 'i--w 67 Gravier a It S S ADDL|E.'g...' W Ali"'.--I hie saua er, ma.Uliti . foctourirs atd whitesale deotirs in s ddhsry girds, are now receiving by late arrivals (ron tie Illrt., Ito ddlti, n to their Inrmner stuci all eorien sieatnO-ritnerotifof aritos Io their ltne,, anotutt d ,hich are tile tlltlttu g, vriz : lidles and Int+tss pILn ant d quiltt,? siddln, I I nentlloenria do pantlso doc do do eat<sn don do do Creole do C do do Amner. do do do English do Youth'sa do Sianicsh do [ do do i'reeo do Amrr. and Eng. brdtles ant bridle outonotieg do dtlo mrtingales, , Plated, brans, and jrapalled coach tarnres', ° do do do gSg and sulkce do a do do do 13ruutro do SDray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andsinsle; valices; ctt..ocnl addlel bags, Srus. , Is carpet bate s; best Iru irameo leather tnloo runks, bathts tnited; Isntehr boot tip dir assorltd sioes nild variorts l~tvte; hlagers andt oistol bells; coach, gig, rulkey, twig ad plannters crep whips: wool, n.,Oltd, coltto an d leather girlbh and sursingles; stirrup lea'ber-: hunk straps and worsned rin wteb; tchin and hlt.tI honmes; blind bridles and lines; S oerh a:llt s, and h.rse and mulo collar.;tolr all qalntti a; mn. rcco, buck, hear.sheep and ibuffaloo sktns; plated brass and steel bridle bits if evry dtescnrptlon, plated. brass and leelt spurs of overy dersclrption; plated, brass and steel slirrups of every desctlp. tlann I Togetqer with a enolplete nssartment of svr) It article in their lineolt bIusoinss-all to which they n oiler for sale on ctceolnlm.attng lterms. 'They will also conlinun to rctirve Ilrough the rt year, by p:lckets front New York, Iresb suppllts toi Skeep their stock ample and cltmplete. IKOUIJIU, DAVIDSON & eo, 1 8 15 Cnal st. CttCHJoIL IIOOKK, cheap blaunk bunks, and c.l anid . a lter paper, quills, &e. &e., a large nad first rate assortment for sale low by ALEX. IOt. At 1f, nromay 3 49 Camp street. ¶LAGG STONigS-GOO yds Flagg Stones tlalling ' 'romf ship at. Lawrence, eler oals by t ma3 J 3 WIIITNmEY at may 3 73 ('amp i: LUC I NA CORDIAL. I~~ulitln~~~ So~ll l ·lxro ~~c cul~Ii mpl Illltilld /ICI IIIY I~elulnl jui fil ,, ,;;::m:lill 2;: II 1I lc,, lu' I.,,- Iltll. lfi ' ll- ro* I1 I·! 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UPIIOIt'I'EIY lA l'Al'.it IIA'.sGINGt ''t-.) 15 1" Hlenry Sloerecht, (toreriorv J. C. Vicks . Swould met res pectllllvY in lorm his freni tl the plstsle inll .eerl, tshat he has nld i- eol cr ly recelvinl a enseral n',l orlment of uphols5erye nnd, paper honline. Thea hollowinege c'mpriess n part of his stock, which he n; Ir rsnle at .wholt Pbl sale or retail on the imosl aclomlmtodaltin3 telm, t , viz : of Frenclr velvet and satin paper, nltest styler do of htalfleinesoon and common, Pniladelphia glazed nd and unglazed doh do IFrench lndseltsesl, fire.j boardsl, elmdln , &e. d- rvelv.t- anod worted do de ' r m doronne dssslors, silk Irs ine and o aollunns or n's 1 quatlires, ptterns and lprices, wrrsted lrage's s- . ai. td p ,. iit r plalin and collllrd. Swei'n l 'lin, nlesset style Plats nod eel ned, reotton e ers si r t orr meralanseilnin and twilled, as-rted colorsenew orvee l needle work for sein eseions, Iso asI t eoveor", S er o'w slI eel sell pallets, re , sed i er ce 1and plain, gslt Id sa o rasnssss sf oil pserns-' ,nd sz,'s, .1 eegles bart lrnd isrse, reatheirs, ! , ' as k ,nob , nv~s er:, h i:lr e 'lth , fisnred and t alioft, n large aossrait is't of rost lr rhildren sN l s , a p ' ne l r a l n ,n o f I ll ] s I I ', O a n d p a p e r sa iiN B-_',ersnson~ ins'i1"6 citv or f ,om te c,)ontr.y invited ts ' canll tand tx l ne r Iit itslrs CIarpeoTs nnd curl ll m s allade I I elO rlesl a1 s, , ro siv l, oons , pr altret nse the Sire' eRl IInaor"I . ald all lkinds rtof u holdeetery work e d ,eIP.itih and .depis'll, ct I 81:1). 'lanllntd iron the Frenclh oftJean I)I boie, r1. 1). by Wiltirm tiraesfihe i.e Partr I . Oe I ts the'ltl.rr il ts of lairini ! Part I. Insiucun incourting, with a cute for Paort .Irt .t, nl'arree:a Is oloicenlly 5s I 5is Iesed is the most usefrl tl! ad de:.i ledly thI e in t illlterestlillag work that we ever reIod. It will break us , mor' rakeo and spilnsers, sand mlssslkme olr'oe ,li5lrt' lir5'dnl imen in women trlao na' lre pIblic eill thII' Iss everheen sanctioneI d vy thl e curt of [Vtllas n,-s' J-onotes re. T'lfs is n gee it hook, m l dwi 'l be proluct;yre nof mu -h gonll inlhe eellc i lnni i ty, It is Irll e it (coniTairs m11 "h IIo i~ y~' sn:tI ll 11e11 o Ihess trl e rslhj,'et is It5. 'XCIIu G s stlid stle Pole Iihad rilllrll e Is it, he els llld n t hill trea d its oe' s :'tr lyr . 1 ' e esepeciatllv renelllles lell its " Int1. e'timil i n ( nllrtite," to the atlen it:n at nil voine ig lies1: s ndelle tlrllle ll tlhast nmay he ill qesest 0 t I.s-. rs--Le peti (l'usrieer Des Dames. I I ljast eer ti o l 1 e Poydr:as st betweelo Mlagazine sntl :Caml stre't. Plice s 1. I s (it-lean's I'rfcmersies. Irsdian I)ye, htr clorsnr thl Ie l r : dIentr's il, itl, ss e lrlear's erL eese, p lsiumssr M eha- 's Frees cle' Wash, sulpe'rior )p "al Ipowder, Lrp wehrI , crenlll of rol, , ve eesless r eeage, Is or rutirs-, lio salve, kreos-r Ioth was'e , eashoe i densritice, oranle flwer wate:llr, powder pulls nnd boxes, Al, ri,.n ) charoan, neatly pI t IIe l inll our ollnce v.tls, P'rs. to rn sals, c itoa ,., kreaosnl t,,th ache drops, hair brushere , Erl i~ h drois si'i_ olllle , Idlll an hair mil with a variety of other pesrhm .ries-e e. leer slt' rby C. J. 'lRINCIIARD. oct 3 eorner of Conll and lilarho i sNa H ATS-13 c-ca- deaah Rsli hatrs,varius qualiies - brond rmlls and low crowns hsoling f.em ehip dr. Louis, f(er eal' ly I It 11 lit . de Co, e m?7 13 l Magalzine at LO.()UR-S lets landing from stearsm:eelt Baton L' Rolge, for sale by h I)t,)ISEg', may7 44 ,Wnvv .etn igEER 4KINS-- 2 hales ig tlsrierll telal huea t 55uer,5Ce taele by ATIERd, al 34 (recier st S I. 'TIitNEIl) ItY 11 1 F'; T AU 1 rIr) u Silln - :1 c rl:": i s:rtt, :ulll .. h tli'ct ii PI - y et er l dis oven r .ed for i the v nlle o I io ,o l , G 6(; h:tIts Strictulres, \Vhiles, famils ill ill, hack and I sh sl.m n lln, I weakness, alfeeliuons klnier, grl: cl, scorlbutlc rn i ttsi, intrtut itn of a mett kinI iptsttesting the usift ;F llctive virtue f the I oet now hil e poblic, rt iIe opriel-or has hoL t to refel to th 1fltn hl"unn s redoit - vi intenll ions received fron the most ertinnt. of tthe oel d.:ad I'u lly it, I' triope, b lieving,, th:lt it 1 hil tbe dhly inel,,'icierat t ,,he u,, iin t, , . . . ,.tie tuktg ' ...... Th Sl tlla ll'lprl e o i n e.l) TlhNib 11bt 1 sie . ,c. i ta t tm i st l -tl i S' i nt c or,'lit Irol n oil" tlislk . h I '1 tpa liati Ws i trnlc r ts ) t huvet I C il hi r '+ iltoite ll t' e W tl tt i ttlin': tc p 'Id,,Cd I,, Lte hothe, 's :cli tnm:,h olead its IletOlilrt" it prolprietorl hs :1e I HI alll his oI'the Biat: lllllsm c "lt I , ill:-rthlal uI1 ~ Ras igU te moSt i (sWouli nlhelhx h io hN; in1 IpOt I hell 1 t'"als a P ll lad ile' ml-l. i I h s llllllt lit, l h lln I n , in t hep es en sta ite. Tl ohe \ totl ;l cile eolti lmr ill- I" hl'edientll hic r ell n tll | I i+,hv ~ +1ir e tnllo'" tie e mlost sienltille harTo adl o td I I lrl b-e o hif mi. in hi Y dhulg iii the l lpvai p ti celt . 1 l'lth . 4 "Cli ol l 'tases w Th i ill e inserllt'V ei h fti llr- o .lh l ie arll n llbl. m Hll TIhllion Chl' i tluo L oiwlhs o u : r1 " , I I I1, 1g . LI t m t h l l i 4 .l l t : t ' X U+tt i lli l + I l .'" ln t t t llllil t II1n th l:e ut.',:,l oL o its ht tihe T'lllhlni u HttT willh plhl ' tt'tl '.. i. l ti:e di|l-', rat' sl(ti ' lit h t ':t h thisch I il). lm i lt Ih+ { thy o if t o rC r ll e l lnr e tllll. , (l ' t eil n | el ne'lt i !y :ex /1 ,s'i itrh ill II+· ) lpro l liol "lo l 'm " fu * ` 's a le, : 1iti t til l dh t it llse i nll the erino ipV e iteJ s oi e tt mlltle t tedit rl insiolnttioh s Cr i , ar still eoeltl e I t le vt 11Csile. It .i s & 1 l i otrite inotprod uc fith thc celte suples 11" Ablnc t hly exillt Fm , Gtll ln 1 Iton , I Rlll 5ll :ti , l l ' etI.n r to Itille l 1aryihi l.i'o Iirn ea d lsord-e ll' li. tl htdi- .sii :functti.s. lavi 'rltcve n suL n i n all i nfll, I tl t': I ! .'x111 im e: tf tlhe thet ir e v cis h c tio t f l" its tx ll " v d m .' i }' V ll n~, ia' e v e t ' " easet I dle l Thei t lull' U III "rl' b llgil t , 8l l (l in th i- Ir I lblie u tl, . ipra ftil l,:. " 'hvtr o t ar tins til he Ise"ced hnr et'll d e'. Prtpsrd hv J lt 'ot'lu r all Chem the "bra I l 'l;e i'lu lNIe . IniN ing iL to s - l In A l Salmln'r , l I L S, Sug .0l 00 to G Io's in +ti'(t llo Pi , s DI. e lc l-..,s At (lln.e I The trial ullch I htrlyr a .re of 3CII Ir. ,".Y ,in ie I pold so hell d~fo t "v., : lt a, s et tdil rot hcsi yotu Io r oIillning it one I fc t ollce rly ~ 'Y oulhl. e ImllC i s. tie enl uemseouviels t (mr n llore h tot, O hi lh lhl ll a Ild itmtoll ba tll c DrIotn ex p r el,' I an phl e: evietl ry {' vtr i'ii ,t n llte xxhill i t floes T ont pllr lldle the sat te Ilpll) t IIcl tcts Iow M i " ex- uy ra [ tlleri 1e front tpaibat froim G II Illaim, I,, C S, Phy sician t o the Sto 1. 0 sr ict l, .e t wi ch I art il u m.iCi vall ile nprp -v,o i n . pi ":rt· invn il en" . . ~t you the slltess ynou sit foi h hrsevre, in : ll a, ll uphe roll' l I r ith l al r aclltl txitclle l tln d Ioe ll nbh llrgig ie tm llth lrt n1i From \I l h m,,npe' , F1 Surgeo to Go)'s II - lerll e youll mnedh nl e hanll klsl ai t ients l cl i lyd e irh (l1e.rate dulS:thatyo hIm e f atly' x s! e that i cilha net to 1u, klwl ii L o be truly ,p I p e il rt u l.( MI y thole t f ollls lrs y On Ot :Idicsh t 1e, amp-ly amu speedily you fur i rm Sir A Cooper, I"' I S P ItC S, &f'e. tpc. lit lshing tIbe in oluetd tho try vol' I tle et i ln l sev l:l 1-tseof violent t-om myth whi'h had hi herto btsled m.:eny res i etid onr s equltlt y cTile, hat orn fw ays nI su ttael l ty It, is J ha uly hon ed to state that 1 nmw in my Jima tice b rthublit acnd private r au t n ind and use nonl TrFrmun G W Blair, MI I), I'htyicl.n to (uy's aio will lioh e mis n it s n tT ' rt'I ! intm ut, , i i .t 1 it I de in hioct itl ll] o" Ihlt, T ta,) m I) h 'o teasy - -lon mial inc ll ' tine. if i rly lultm , n varnim 1 c (C TIT. m eson, At ]) F 11 S L. , Aiemttarn n li .s 11, h s for t e valhtb ple -o Stmt or\y om1' i'xh'H.' fur the cotgle oi se (o setll :l, w it .. n feet gra:ttfhll totat Toirt an it l an+d Inm e ht it medicin ee i F I bushing to Iah:; y Sorl I the vluale & 'aniesol . g mtytlst 1,nol ll liun Bllng a Ifi,.er'hlg a lm litt. ml, 1 Sow:tit411 Can'd st r(et. i EE KNOW that health and the ability to labor, constitutes rtoe wealth of tile great mass of the people in this, nas in m at other coun. ec trios. To preser.e, therefore, that hialth by nautu ete al meant is Ia gr nd, moral and p litical scheme ho to fltil whtich, requiroe ou utmost attetion- de I'he unprecedente popularity and universal np. G: nppro!rati'n which this iedicin haos actii!vedl rei tIroughitt tihe United States, tihe Canndan, 'l'exe, Mexico, and the West lydine, filly justify Dr. co P.ters' in woarlly oalr conse catiously recomnlon. ding them to the spoeiail totiee of tIhe alicted, ac Peters' Vregeth'e I'i Is aro te saflst, inoat elfer. tual and eclnolmical remedy fior diseass of the w: hunman eontltut onl, that has ever ,orn discovered. vi -Dr. Poetor, tie .intventor of this invalulablo ineldi. pe cine, frolm hisi knowledge of the I ulrnan ystem, derivr I from a long anld oxtensivo ractice, hli or arrivedt to ri coltluioo n, 1utt ttl grieat anld pri. tit tmary causes of mor t diseases is n derangement in tie linctiorns of the liver, or in e. lter words an in- n. creased or direiished seoretion of the Itile. So weill is this iundertoli, that it is erlllon for at perenni to say whelr they llel uniwell, that ithy ar biliou', lleaning tirit they hlave too mnuch bile on ilh the stolmacll. 011 the other hand, whIeni the flow Ir of bile is diminished, tilhe process of diss iorn is cc imperfectly perfonrl d, tle patient bectlies weak st and naemaiated, because nourishllent contained in tIlhe food taliken intotiho it -mach is not proper'y on- A tracted, and tio fo.d is ejected int a criue stato. it, I)r. Peters is enflitidint that the foamos tlygeran lit Theory, o ca lled, that, '" impurity iof the blood is the cause of all ditiales," is a great nabsllrdi!y. ' t Ervry one to ' r nfleclst on it t sltlitc:t a Imomert, th will perceive;lit InpI rstyl ol'1:w l'nl, od is a nilse . i d: d, a y not llllprin ry o ,lllll.Tll!-'l t t I' et andl nlt the aso otf istrosase. W.t.'trn the hintllons ilothe it liter aire dterangedi, and the tltw of bile increased, tr it is oill i taken up by the absor elt conesils ind te t arri,:,l into thi eirntl.,tiov, and bec eol'ls lming ell t lr twi tihe IhtMood, a tri junlhe, whIen Irt patient t Isihoie it ill !.is ci!nti aeltt. No this impurity of blood is .rn :id it itin itnreased o lt o of t itle, anti to11 ine y it, you natal3 cirect thIe secretion; - of the live , and restore it to it Ia c lthy i ttie. Dr. Pt'lte Ilhas spo t ImrlteI liSmoe in exrtlirnt ingn with dlff-rent. vegetah o mtede tto , ftr diirvis of lthe ivcer ; aind iow t e'rs htis Vegetablo ,li, 1 as the best, tiot ci. terOlli'llnt, and Cr a; t Ineti. etno tllat c tii h prepared for grreral uri. IDr. P.aters ti tters hltnsilf thtt his long ex, ori. meltliln Willi v'eget .lile I m dicine IIr . et ablll:! d hill to discover tile true nd only subsllltlrt anslwering aIll tihe pitroies e iercutriT ts wtrirhot arny of their atto drtot evils. Onie greatt auhly tof his vegetable . 's. is that theyrln i vei tote a!tcrattvte iritl le i li-i Lrl' 'nilth lhelrt i:atharlle, or olaerotivo qual lit'le, o tir tlly Inot only c;eanse tIe stoanch and ! t ;'" piyurging, hut they regulate the hoer, a e ii I ter: . te reti'ns, stren therns tIll di lics.lve oran, pi.,t'v ileo blood, invigorate tihe r.'rculatln . ank I bv itat lod energy to the nor.. v syn .St m-. 'ley alr I , . 1 in i cir plr tin , I·;"·; · i·;~, , t . ri, rnnt c ion of tlesr, o gOt . , ,,h i I ... I r'i ll e thken witrll.l, , I s o , any gt : d il fec'teo , tile ilht.'' , i'r , · i u-'",'rn , rtrengtllenllo r , h. . .i ur: ! l,in.l r , r the sytean of I.ald Im nbit: . rt -'i ,Stpt i a billly, and inv.triibiy ro ici' , , .l' th. The Vegetable 1'tt a are a st r-mcdy for J dice, sick andi nelrvous lheadacl o.rtt - pstll, eur iieIs, silcknes ofthe stinmrct , htet -'"irn' , ill ni comlplaints, levers ofe all kinds, and t .e concllllro lent will invllriahly cheek Lttir gre.s, land asave the patient Irnll a Ilrotlr;cted ldangetrolls sickness. 'I'hly are illvaluable ill vousandtl hypocondrical aielietion, loss of tite, and n I complan ats to whiecr female. al n sthbject. Toey operate as a mild and speedy p anid are a safe anlid certalll, lculy fLr worm Srlne 1 Ilhave introducead . Virt 'anb'o Pllt to the pullle 1 have received il rn,e. . n.. t'rtficates of their rperior eficc t inr curing dtseases, a ro, Inany lett:rs Iron respellta.ole plyail:ians, whllo have used them in theilr lractice with the rest I might publish a small vlulme of eeitificatlo but consido r it aillletl..ctry, as the mnedicine u ill reconlendl itself to all who wi I mail e trial of it. S The above pills are il boxes. containg 20 &. 4i: pills each. P'rice, 23 & 50 centsp r box, 4 it Druggists and country tcerchants can be rup. plied, at wbolesit' or retail, at Dr Peters' princi I .l obice, no. 65 Plydras street, hetw.n Maga nr nIadeatn!p s4 .New )e!,ars m.6 i (ý1A RION l'S SPEC'`IFIC OINTMENT - "'.,e great eleblrity nf tI s ttunrva elnd (:C -n pcsililt n, cispetilily in the Northern latte. leav (s the propriior biti I tilel needi to say aI y thing in its fier; flir it hn , hien r l enrr ty c inclieditd to it, that it is beyond ail coi p aris~ n th'e h st l tredy i for external eomnplaints has ever been d -(lio. , vered. I ell ed t',e peid ud I iertaln ty o¢t it., ole. . rati lns have lthe npp.araC i ol iraolcs ; as itsce rs, w und , corns, fv,,r s.res, clhi!dblains, white swe '- 0 lings, hale, piles, spid, r a.i l sna. ke b riie &c. . .. 'I datl y it vele l t its ypparently ip.' lhtuler nl ifl.ilc 1, itce ulhus if' pri r'ly applied it will rimnv' aiii i n I veterate e rnr or Ibrea, k and lh,. it l, lle fi .ve days, w ll t al2y and perltedly cure ol ulucer acd tw, hi wc', I-n'; a d ti e r st dIi rIrale cemse of hI itei selti;; that can be laginedi, have n-en dectricy'ied iby it in less than two months. Ini the bites of poi stineus rIeptiles its eltica~ y in truly surprising, an 1 even in thUe ite ta lrabidi dtg, for iii IalpCed in time, its piower of attraction are o wonderiful that N tey wiilnl it once arrest thle poisn, and thus per. vent it f o ll pervading thie systen. It ins hkew~ l, greatly uipterirt to any in,'dcine herett,itree disco. lit vered rbr lith' cinCdb bal s ll l brnbs of rses, t)r totter's, i wrms, chapped lips, and in short fri o.ery ,'x'i r'ei iail evta that may i ,l to Ihe lot of inl i oi'r beast. I The pri pri for I has rei1t I d t leati a eth nsnd ii certi'eates and oth r icumllllnts, in fail r olh1 i I 1 , S, eticn Olntient.," pards I f i t Ii tilred oi a whh were nrtte n.ll by respectabi illle IImrs ol he \Mvedical Faeilty, all breathing tlhe .aiti eulogy I SIIII a Itisltelioe l Iore, anti. at 1n9 L.iberty street, Nw York, winllf it 1" J t) 1'I, I te ..Cltlflee' - A eknl 11' " ~ l Ni lt ,,l-l i ovil n g su t lp ril ,n) hl "r l [ll t .lta,., til ei k i l d i f itl ( lc, a l t i nIl c v tt In 'llbl e;; thLe in e -u l 'ic,l i 't r ,e 'i a e cd t it till t i.IaIar. cr J a nll, ui, rer nf l'i' . inI, -ti i ee - ) to inl r in ich . z I New i a I, en hiai hi w - lp n n l le n L'dl I t.l. vl a l,;in 14. J it :',' r I N ,,i c . 1 l' e, ice' nlr c, Il ,)i r :tc! i ci nnu'. ' i''iil e t i lel' i h fll, s'I +, In} Fern' andllr' Y! [,iTnll )l n .lall h)"' Mwii he w noi ' ansi., d byI1'r, Ja~cus 'r aln 1r, . .Ir eh. r, who speak bath thle tunI.:, , with tre .t Il i y nli l d i \Vllva it I'', i t e'uire lie, ., elf i it i ciflR Heallt ued t i i.i 1 . M r. J m, s w ll ht , r wh, el," , tI , ', ', an t v srto) b, u, ches ,! e1 a r fdl, - r. 1 itha it 1 nh v L t re . 3 l" i1i I cc'ii, Fc it l , Ihot . IhI wa' te h, ir i nltlile e te liiii e rel ,v I nMr. il n iita; 3o.ItIICIC. hart ig retigu ,l the f (ce ofhluefl einnrr of the New (Ni, n.'s and C(irroll toll 0hil Rnud , Mr. John I.apoan has been ppoint e in his plce, to iwh l ll le ll'pese es lecvip g I'll-ine.ess ill, or wihing inhflormtion re.arding said Raitl Road will pnlit uthe R uil load (fice, Paydrus street, (Signrl) JOHIN NICIIOISON, nonv7-t" Cashier lt.i ,l , ,. 3:1 Char, it cel, ae rr evivint2 dailly (riloe their horste in Ph:lu,!ucl l)hi ni e!e lant n ll comdr, ssoirtnenii'it . sen bstail ital and l' ht an.hw tlbh cel!th y. 'htttu Inv' t e the nren-l rm stranl ers nn. d cd izens ciennliot tUrnlih ti =rivens et:e idvanilgeuuIt y tii 1ae cnity it thel N. B. A fcwi e . ei elnt ivinry handle nm brells, fre,,n 332 to 3(i nrche s. A's , a r , t Ir lot white, ptl.n piaeki . i , v i rec ' sizes, very low lice RRIn :. rot. N '. 3,'3 Ch"an ,rnri t 'er-,. nr now ' r e c I ii , anad u pe'nf u Il ," tut,- e,t ltn ,tI, so-l sanltial inld i clshi , le ii. ri , if C., iahin lhev lhave ever n hiblenee itt I l , i.. . li ih pu it of the l n',ii c,' ll i.i" i'. . "ii , ' c lt lar, c, fi tlalk, lanon p oeil ebeen, t ni o . ~'lon i and ul(h,, olive Irck annl dies' 1haver, sh ,le na t hnrrinl ton blook conir s. eletganly l irnis'1 rtl; fancy and plain black inssanntre and cloth I paintnloela enohsh and french fanne and ill'ill e:ilk and ntwin vests: real new market cm fat.s; eng!ish and french fin ey and p'nan n .arf. aind )dkin; ch mrlots, silkl -web nd a l cll-e'as'he us penders; chnmois, merino, Innlamb wool, welsh flann nil, silk hend otton not shirts and drnwrrs; fine ln1 anrl rata()n shirts, with iron hestO Im plain 'and rulled; ,v,.rv pearl na plain handle silk umn. brellts ; "1 (;rol's" premniumt (;love.--lse, n heautlful nrmt le of white kid, for er, dines, ball*, Sc.; Si'ritleielhl silk nd randana hdkfs; p ain. fitur'd nnd embroledord Camlbr;c do.; s, k. luemb wools, marinO, germnntown, l d ., nrad white cottan half btese; all of which Ihry ofler low for ,nlsha r to pentlll enlromners .. alnd. Nov. 1 ~I ter AIittiA lhlt LINE. Ito Il.bile to Augusta, via F ,rida. de Leaves Mobile 'uesdays, Thurs.- li days, and Saturdays, per the set e spleldid steamer Champion, (ex. 1t eapt in t cse of sFt.ins,) to Pensacola; thenee per In steamer Le Roy to La (;range, and thence four horse post coachies via Mariana tainbridge, Pin. derton, Berriee, Outlaw's, a, d PFerry, to iMacon, (Ga ; thence via \ilh'dgevillc, and Sparta, to War, tie rentoe, tlhe, cr per rail road cars to Augusta. col iThe Champ'n ian iin splendid order, with newt pe copper boiilra, coppered anid e pper fastened. vl The le Roy has been thoroughly repaired, her lei accolmmodations are as handsome as any bo . les The beau itul Santa Rosa Sound, anld Chltan. pa watchie Bay present the most nlteresting steam na- ra vigatite in the Suth--hoing at the samettme et perfcctly land locked. a The Teams are not surpassed on any routo in the mr eruntry ; the driver, to a man, careful and atten si line. ert The bridges heretofore d'rngerous have b en et newly built, so that high waters ido not inter ero T'liverating houses ehave been recsly changed, and are now as good as .n any roa'd in the Sounth. It is generally known that the Uxcelleane and ju hardness ans' the roads enable tire teas ut all sea sons to make great speed. Their smoothnes, s se. r cures the traeri'er from the ordinary fatigue of de stage travelling. q The Line is now c trying its passengers from ,e r IAugusta to Mobile in four days an,d twelv a hourt, or to New OrIleans in four days and twenty lit hours. (oineg to Augusta, the line is six days dt I; nd sven hours. 'Thi timrs actually employed ins as travelling is the sae ae as i the other direction, Irt tr Sthe dilleren -e f t lim ll tille ate, is ca rred byI at I day eintg '.at in Pensacola, w ich. hiwver, is rt ,ell, rep, Id y tie op ll sltunis t it gives f ne:ei g t, the N.te vy Y rd, tie old Spantish Forts, eta. The re , tr rve! cr al.l si eps ait Macon, anld ,agin at \\nr tentron. ' his arrantteml nt wtill ,r nint l ill l l' the i travel turns northward, halie tih Iler wtil be the st e frmn r Mobile to .Augusta, asl it is n w in the , other direction. This A ivrtisetnenct enntainsa a pt.tain steat n ut ' of f.cts, tfoe necrary of l.tei propre'tors g atratce raroach passcnger in thea penrly of his I tags far . s .MIqs ofethe Ine mvaye t e:e'n nat the Ex hange ' [I'tel, N, w s rtleaos, and at ths Mastion ltouie, Mbitile. Fare through ftro. M isile to Ane.'nt, 47 501 , 'ithe itr:e exter ls, ir a branlch tci l'alia.neo. ,i t Chaltatll ooah , tie lin coneit cts with tlhe g stneanbot carrying tihe mail to .pa achicola and ir St. src hI's. le tlli'e at tie M .t'si, Io.ntse. Ic; S ,I0 Il)lS IWIt'K, Agent, Mobile. II? 'ener l, F'slt' k , senrisls eelrga dIa rrsleser iep Iaterg tIn r d sll do d 3 slit do S \rinrel'e Idres do tirn :,le ptete i r. d i' t p,,ri. 11, il .ie pare t do f.I \ I T i :ion, 1 1lll i/, C .tOES. \.', --.lut recerrld and, fIr sadl. Ily r l. M.ce|.n, l-rnerl of Ca , atlut Comonln. street, " ..rni tnll ina renCiat tlsisra is e t1ars~. , , . n.. :, ,'e S ales, "lins. Trianel,. , S"scopea. Thernmmr'or 'I a • , .ll . v Chainll Al - ,\` .r le iset I r ,h a r et, r Itee;, n a t n1seriteseelnstrs moa en 6 I \ l 1 -11 1 :,l st ,i .- I.l, ·'n. st es firerTurkeg st'on .reah,. a a *o,:celpns:, and o.I lake m u, a d fur salht i . o ) ct ll itnlt Pr ( I llllllelll c-.'ut eh , 'eel s I es psliemhd t i errle ut . ioliard tlolls anc d r hteks.s .il t;Ull & ALLEN, april E.sxchne IT,'rl, r '. t Charles & Common At 4 " Alfti-.l; i )!l l b--t F: , i l. ·..1m oil, re riving per Ablrque Ch n Alei:r i'' , cp,:;,r·c' Iw up. P41' Kv C'sILl 5 -GO hates Je'lsl'rapttrstard e lr se c SHALL & trsain Nt sg e T \'IATE (,'1LOUISIAN --l'aridh of Oreans I Ccain of ir-hitre. To all whom these prestnta may concern- (:tr, tioc. i(lKnow ie, t whll er'rs iliaam' XTackey, *rte ie!rnt o te .ivr, of la evil ie, K .l, hnt applied to hl . R rr:te'r7 f WVill=, II , l4l .to, Ilh p5 r sit &l city ' N o 1w () , t , n o1', a nrld e o -N'n i ,'b ) C o f IlI C ne u o e S)'~l'rl hav+o, n,i adr'he Pari.h andci 'lt New er.lnt,,,-a, ;linti1,fo: c11iNITIION)or A DVER. - TI+ +;11 INT', i tonfCrld'ity In ilt AI r of thlie 11,". .'rerr ol ler , : 'n" ,-d r' A ,s at t fortih e ,',+r L.. rrIl . n 'tI 1,e t,) pure' n ,arrt a nt Judiicial iS' r . ov'I. d ,, ",i I f ci ri h Il '4. iir ti4 e it .. here y sv mI!i ] : o a , l th ri it m ion1'Prn nhe'by SI , u T n ''in i.r ir t 'i I . n It 'o tiider of r ale fron aad. r ur' or of rol' es, tn anrc for t:.e pvlish and iua l of NrwI 0 tinn.' aip ti itattr in, the l. diav eo ArlI o I hicu+anld eith hru.ndradi and tt.·atn . P'i n liod rendered in the mnttr of ihe" fare I NAth n- ll a .' , n thti' et a tn itin f( ristopher Ad-a f niort- vtn. Ssndic ofeal r thllI ed tors of rnid sules". " n, rid NI l C r, derceseed, which ordee of Snt wasi at- gra . ted tit ie teli-deratiads t n ol1,trag of the crd,tor, of the decrasd'd iuty hell and irnv.erd I n tih third day of r e' - , r", - rlitorn h tundred an d thirry eight, before II B i tis,l nq.,N,'orv ilhli, and nis, after , o l ao nod t n,' p'ubllentii.)n kdi hei n matadr acIitiiocn on tIe nia'th i ,v of Mariy, one thotaaad r olt, bondrel nn. thi t..ier-r .l r nerollnt of the lo,"sh . id F ,Ie-,- i,'lin of the' late Nathann'el CO , dpr,.,,, 'bh landedpr -poert her+ialher descri Sbe nt. e .d , l"lnt ro tiIe ll -' c'IICiaresam ,nwlch prlrto. S. ' ,,:.r. inl"j l, ,ared li-Hi W ilham. t Ma.ckeyn. itheI nI. .,, hiih-t hii 'd, r rihernn, t cr the total ii adi'i -ii Iof ve:'iercln ithol and thi ll at.. t.Icrit onli tiIhe prnh.i ray on "iven in thte Judicica Al nod n a 'ni ,i r t.t r.ti in lo's of grotmnd, mt l h r u rll :,o it, I di I l an .i i lproveemena. bv ,l a'n:ln al"nil iie rz ttt, privileaes, enrl'ro a, wa,=, .r lnin, i nld n alvanatn is thereunto lie . ii.,fair in Hoy.,i-p Sap n aQitulntein the ur ,1t , idn " v.i.nflh is.t it r iin the q .ar taoind Sifv1y )or,\' ar " n3.dPat . ialvtere, and Camp mr rber anr desieenated by llhe naumn' ers seven 1 and . I sa 'o n. ' 1i ptiy sn ieviir General, irad tr teae ofnl t t vt crndafApriaan I ui b ndi hthi ndl 'r ril niio ,h i idaalth, and aaitrinsie i in theindice ofd iI . ii (' at , i l. tar i Ite For refni erence . it rh dut nl" .,n,1rn r:'rh 0'I , and r tecsure -lo "vent c a t' t irtra in' arc und .iix lines f oit i aiit( I'ylr s sreetr , Iy sixty.tlree fet - I,.ven i'.n hr= nd sex:in'o ill'septhoil,, L 'e:wren par " . h , a on.,, -w , n ln'"nn e." "" S'l',T ,s- ,,ne and i t're tear+ ,rl'dlr, f r agrro v. d purors "' note' secured by special m .rgl a "ge' . ut ll linstaliament. \ hW~erere', nil p.erons who arn seit up iv riht.. a tile, or claim, in andr to the lotspf ground and and butlitt ., herein dIeserbed, in consequenceof tinfrm.t.ltro in the oi er, dierse, or judgment I before r.ri, er and unrerwhich he sale was mtde, tor t ny irreuiaiitcy or cit.ali:y in the apprntismentsa fir nadvet rr'nnt in time and t nn i r of gnlet ori for nny oter causte r itp el, iwhatiroever, are hcrt. by trlcl and inimoaished ao how within thirty days from the pu tlica.tiotn hleofwhy the soale, .i,. ~ intde a nforetad,it shnid riot thie confirmed and I houmohgntrd in aecordanuce with the application iof ail purchaser. S V atness my hand and the nenl of said enurt of 'roh.,e, I,hIs second dayI ol ay, A. D. IPf .39. S [L. i4 W. F. C. DUPLESSIS..... tinc 114i ins Rimtsaer ofnn iltJ PAIROISSIE DORSLEAN6. L"OUR DES PREUVES-Etat de la LouisIano \'-A tous ccux que cola pent conseernr-' : Satin : QU'd osit connu qie, attendu que William Mt.:" ,, key, de la ville de Maysvillo, Kentecky, s'est ad. ress6 au Ragister des Testamens, dann et pour a paroisso et la rill, de Ia Nouvelle Orldans, et ex- - ollihio greflicr do la Cour des Prouves, dane et perr .a.s Ii elite ville t paroise, poueer putlier, ot annoneor conteorlt6ment a uu acte de ta Ldgislature, intiul6 ,, Aete pour cfnfi"rmer l ttres dos seqoteugor auE , ventes judiciaires," npprouvd to 10 Mars 1834.' Avis est par Ih pt6sent donn6 ctous ceux quo eels peat nconerner, qu'en vertu et nn excution d'un ordre de vcnte doa dito cour des preuver, dan lat, oat pour la paroisseet ville de la Nouvollo Orldans, on date do tris Avril, mil huit cent trente hult, at rendu dans t'affairedo la succession de feu Nathan. iel Cox, sur la pdtition de Christophe Aramo, Jr. Svndic dos ereauciers do ia dite sdceession do fde N.athaniel Cox ; lequel ordre do venta fut accordd confornlddmenet onx 'd iberations d'une assemblde des crdascierslo du dunt, dsment convoqu6e et tpue l tro ris Ffvrier, mil hu t cent tronto huit, pardevant le sieur II. B. Cones, not, pub. at auui opris los publications requises par la loi ; leo Rgis ter dc's T'ustamcns oftrit cn vente pnbliquo I'oneas le ncuf mat milt buit centt trento uit, ponr compta de la dite succession do fcu Nathaniol Cox. leo divers fonds cixaprbs ddcrits, appartenant a ia dite succession; lqstqullel!os lirant adj'tgds f. William Mackey. plus offrant et dernier encl.driseur pour la summe totale do six.sept mille piastres. Description do la p'opridt6 d'aprs tole trafert jodiciaire. Deux lots do terre avoc les httissrs at amdliora. tions qui s'y trouvent, etous los droits, privi ages. coutumes, voies, servitudeo, et ranntages qui en d6. pendet, situd au faubourg Sainto Marie do oett. vile, dans Pilot bornd par la rue Poydras, des Magazitne, Latayette et du Camp, at ddsigoe par les numtidros sept at hnit our in certain plan dread par Friddricek W Iliasmson", ddpuld arpentear gfnd ral en l.te duo sct Avril mil holt coul treIttl huit, et sdi1pond pour recouro en I'dtude do H. B. Ceris tol. pub. lesgnicl dits lots attenint pun a Pautre, eurcentel chacn vint eto un pinds, truis pouce. six I gne de face lato dite rue Poydras. sur soiznts trois pieds onzo poences six ligues do profonduer entre lignes paraliiles, ntesure franeaise. Conditions. Un, deux et troil ans de cr6 lit cn billpts endos. 6ds a satisaetion, assurds par hypothequespdolalt joeuqu' s parfait pciement. A ees causes, tmntto personnes qui nout on pour rnient avoir que!que rdelamantions contro lea ltot do terre at basises ci dessus ddcrits, on conEd. qietice d'un ddthot do formo dona t'ordre, to d6cret ou jtgement de la cour., n vertu duquelle la vento a ltd l.tte, on do touto nutre irrdgularitd on illdga. li.e dans I'cstimation. Pa'vis ou lo temps et Slo mde de a vurote on pcur touts antre cause quelc ,nqg, sent par leo prisntces citdes d'avoir a d6d:uire doan trente jours, a dlater do Sp pslioltion da epdndt avasdolelens pterrt blie<t, 4 .aisons poor leos Squ~les la v1ti ailtsi ft'te., no sr.ut pQ, approuvdb at lotlogu6", e otouo le demande to dit acqud* ni fn i de tqui, j'y ni ap:osd mn. signature at toe scoau dle l dite t ourdes Preuves, oe i,. S.] dsuxn:toejonur du ntois ce Mai, A. D. 1839. W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, 10mni Register des Teotsmens. , )tlIst','o SL)I.NTr'r.s MANUAL 1 Todl's Sahoh .bhool 'le.acer Allibet's eorler Stoe; Ablbot's Family at Inoms Albbot's W.o' to ito Ilool; Ilor :'s Itroduection ,lhat's ontino Ctriostien Ict'l. ctopletiee W\tIeks, o7 luenes ttllttll ts lIc's PlPrivete DevUtio.s, for sale at 40 f, Otam e, Itb it I 1 ALEX. TOWARI. j0l broon Sh-sieng,5ul dto dre ett 'esere d, U0ldo trrti Fallseda, forolde St I B biD t'o GE -'eo, 134 Magoineo st S 1oTUEtruv T I'rl.L.t-' OWN ROOK ' Omly Gr'nLir-Lelie's ecoOkesy Itolu tr's key to Telenmsque I'nl',v'a F'r:orb slohtioa. book E:iglishl i eler, hIll'nnd ifll bonnd W'ainositricht'o French g-ranur" ' 'eents t Vashiegtod andi btrion qcwit-t's itldiot'tnol imttin Dah5l'r it itmetit-i-ee l tin he nterio el SI Ii f ta ei :atl ittsket book o , lodste's eorier-i'roekestto' ree book Iei(;lelrlle- m1dicil ituhcr eg honk Ilal's t nIsiled .iatea. A tnew nnl I-rtae suppily of the shove works jastre. ireivei ntd oeptenet, or ale eon ga d tumo sby liIg A T'S'wtn, 49 Cooampt o I FRANiKn reeLIIN INFIat ART dil d itlie public ntm it r rpec t rful isteifsed rt lts Ien - .e ltim is erected on tl m mot ismproved plant an i anl nuoy ell ileesta n'rnicbie stloition, in thse fauolur Iraltklttil, upon the rail 't, one mile frau die teiasi ,Tshe bhildhot is lorte s-l tnn ectceslnidiously dislbd< cinto, fir kL.ceps:rseparate difFereot cl*assi nod iI.frureut disoea'- . :Itteluti'e Ililie alill fmuini nrloee, mad spleoking tLheva, rio t si o t be had by gentemen at SSlatves oaloN dolnrs. Small Pte i t ili . id ardA PORI16 ht"4 I A All esp:ml ii;itInlt operastitns extra. i - STl'i :esoLet .pLtiuia.ft is lr a \Vess denllaoltowo...r o aplesatdnion find'lo Citin msteo e madeo . or&t. i V - It,,eie .Os 1h Ralpaart street. assd e 1e aroap.t-i, ' i t,,. .a d est o o ý ml £litl &31h., :8mC"m

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