Newspaper of True American, May 17, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 17, 1839 Page 3
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.I 'IA R-2Ol lbril N Carolina tar.Iu al byt - ioto A TRIER, 34G0sviert I ElIIINGS-500 boxes for -ale by it ml0 A TRIER, 34 iravier at MAI OItILi'I'Y OF NEW ORLEANS. Council of Mitniipnity No. Towo. Siling of /h 30A of April. 1839. W HEREAS pliliConton hao been maea to thli Counoilhv bJolhn II. Hilton James Rolley,. W. II. Avery, W. Bryant, Jela s L. orl anod thirties othlers, owlesl of proverly is the vicinmtyto caee tel opened and continued St. Thomas street, is a traoight lile from Suzette street to A onunciation atreet. Ile it Iherefore letlverl, that notice of id applies. ioosnre given in French nnd in English, in the True Anosrisnn o& Bnlletil, in conformity with lw.ond thal it no nstisfactory oppositon be made to said proposed im ptnvmt, ent, thal this Council will proeeed to caume said street to be opened and continued alis prtVed for by t sot memorialisto, according to the povisteon ol the art of:l3d April 1837, regulattl the openin of stenllt whhin the limits of thle oiy of tew Orleams e. S JOSIIUA BALDWIN, Reeorder. AI;REABII.Y to the foregoing Resolution notice is Ihreby given that it is Ithe ;nl tion of the Council of Municipality No. open and continue St. The mul street in a straight line front Su'ette to Aananmia C. UENOIS,May . ml_0 May 10 I.. AIAYOItALI rE DE .A NLI.F. ORLEAN . Conseil de lau lici talit6 No. deai. te1, AStrat du 30 Arid. 1839. rr ATTENI)U que I'npplllication a 66 faits eo Con sail par Johln II Hilton, James Raeiney, W If Averyv, W Blart, James L Begart at treisn llre prom pri.dlites de hiern fanciers dans le voisinage, pour fair rtlnr el cotlli .ur en droite ligne Is rue Ola. ' hoisa dldepis It rue Suzeltejusqn' a larue do I'Anonaci. II as en oon-/qnence resul que Itaeie dte I dlte ap licastliln. soit do(llll, esl anglasi t frantoi, denl Is Vroi Amoricn et le llulletin, conlformlllent i I ol tell quto si oplpoeiion A maliefaire 'aeln poaint fail A I'ain. lion till prelposbe, le Conseil ordonero i'oeurnertre at contintltion dIr In dile rue scion Io demtnde dna peol. tionairen et crtlsforolme0t auxl ptnliions de 'ante da 3 Avril, 1832, rgulorisent 'louvertumee'de rues dana leI Iitibes de to vilic de lu Nouvclle Orltano. Signb JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ti o a tord ae nrr e rIn n reolurtion prc .deute, at si olt don6de Id'istostiot do Consleit de I Municipalit0 No. doux, do fiie oovrirel oontinuer Io rue .ct. Thoe inn an liens droite do In rue nomi ttejaqlt' i la oru do I'AoLnniolatirn. C (iElENOI. lMoire. Aill I ll OMlai, 1 83; 1 UNNY BAG- --l holac. '0 buemlt gasay 10 Si store and formo I a all J TIIA dER & co. 74Poydt- noeet N. - I .WET LlEtY. y ./. B'd I,Iso1 Chrtrnrea street, be thhI day recei. SId pry ship Sar hatogaO 50 doLn. etmelCled Breast fLinsa, which will te ff red tob ti trade or Iwdlr chemp. nr that ever bnlore Ibioored in 1 tis city. Also 511 donen Hit.od Rings, foIl piterois, together with a great va riety of chahp O.ilt Work, coniotiieg of Broonebos Rings E.ltr ()lnlomeolt, Lockbetse, Chaino, &r. Tlosne tn want will dIu well to extmiet thisa greot asotortent. IP. S. Old GhIl and Silve:r omonte. apt 15 I3I''ARCII ndll ALCOHO (,-C:olagate'! Starob, 30 I onxes; Ibcih'l Alcohol.:~l bolei, for ealoby JA RVIS d& ANDRLWS, ipl 16 corner Colmpon ndTet)o pitonUlutal N ICIIOLAN ,\ICKLEBiY-Non. 7, b and 9: aim I tl first six lno ill one partt wilt n vorlety ol very interesting bookh,Jmlt reeeived;far saleby tt A TOWA? A_ 9A B ACON, t.AlIlI an.l i'OlK--i ell Cicint l cuoed Sides and lShoulders 211(10 kegs first q.nality Lard 100lbrit Mles Pork. for male by apl 5 STETSON &. AV'RtY. It Uavitr ge lAP'-3h0 bullb .. Nol Soela in store w y S&J Pt WHITNEY m13 73Camp at H YI)RAUI.IC CEMENT--100l borrola laIndilng Iront brig Eimerld, tod for oil he b t1n3 & J PWHI'I'NEV. 73 Cn to I R sale, a lotltlorse. t 15 in numhber, juet sried . ironl Rientull(y sL0ithle (or raddlet harIra and planllittian, u hlc, will i sold on terAeb that sill rie pllrrhaserr, hby lpplyling at tlhe Siblt of W H KelUlyU 18.nld 184 Gruvierlltrect,N. O. JACOB JONES. N. B. Also. at tie snate stable eosertl pair of Its matched Horset, of d Ifnent deetriptimo. Aloe. ad die and booty loses hat will e adld at prias, that will pIlease Ill .ts tint wiesh tto purteh e. slC-It- i B IEJ Jn yrr t n r a GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTE1y OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleann, TO DRI. DRAWN IN THE let DI.CEMBER, 1839 d IN JACKcONVILLE, Fla. Undr isbra perintenleore of tie ei~nra asp. Htised by tie Lieglcstinv AnenSlblI ol Florida. tlt(3|ll[l)' & HAIIILTON, SManagers. 100,000 tickets, at $15 shetme price. $1,500 000. S relll prime $290 per ticket. SYLV RSTER & Lo., 156 erouadway, RNEW YORK, MoeI Agents. jr The rieeipts of the saue of the tickets will be i.e ltaI. the Canal, Union, Carrullon, Cilizen'u and E n olldated liunke, in New Orleants, in the nanm of LtiU Oohmldt ouintlly with J. 1. Perrault acunally CaehiOt oftbe Litizen'tl nbnk, aid A. Baudoulin ac tually (anbhler ofthe Connslidaed lisnk, an TI'rusaeen, oi per act passesd cbore A. Muzureau, Etsq. Not. Pub. nithe td May 1839, and the properties tranoierred to bte above mentioned gentlemen minienmbered, as Trusteeo, for the security of the fortunate prize hilt. In New York the monies will be deposited in time Phoienl Bank to the t.redit of the above named b City sulak biNcw (trleans. Tihe Pnblie are referred to the acts psnned before A. MAlatrean, Ecq. Not. Pub. in relnticn peti.leu which embraea the respective this LotbNy. 600 PRIZES, an followsn: I Prire--Tl'hat ttimgniflcent three stalory brick building, known an the AI(CADtE, In Magazine street. mensuring 286 feet S mnce 4 lines on Magaznme st. 146 faet 6 inehesni (iruviere tret, and il1 feel 11 incline oti Na.chea at. Thisn building produces new a rent oft$37,010 pernenatm, tad ibeing in tihe Inotaln lnrimliingl part ,f the city, nppn.ite thiee, .lks, ant in lin Ilmm dinte nuinhboirlmed of tihe Sn. Clurlee and tIe rily lntela. ts renits will, inn very few vyeir be tmwreased tu fifty thnousand doullars per annum. tEtitloted i at $7C0,t000 I Prise--Tihntelerant folr stlly, bri:k build lugiknown as hile : Il V H)''L, ferinerly iishop's IHoi1tel, Ciltnted at the ecorner ofCmIup and Cunwmon ate mlesureliing 162 leet ni tIuIHnnpl n., and 146 feet Ill inchtes ot Caoup ,t. + This building rents owv for $25,0t110, aldl.leig iin the most central lrt tflhi cily, can chotlly te increased totllirty tnousande l :llnre per an nut. Estimatedl atn $500,000 I Prize-The three story mrick dwelling Ilmleme, No 30 o Nalehez street, adjoinielg te Arcade, reltead at 2 0 hendlnd dollars. leiienat,'d at $:,0,10 I Price-The three story brick dwelling house, No. 10, adljininig No. 0, o t Natchez atretr, rented at twelve hindrele dollars. I:etimmnled at Ln$2,000 1 Prize--Tle troe story Iriek dwellinig hruse. No. t16,rei ,iing Ne. 19, on Natctaez at, retnmel at twelve hunid red dollars. Entimlnted at $20,000 I Prize-The dwellinc hornte Ni. 23 norlth east corner f ltill nlalnl C+tolen. hanna sirneet, Inearlrilg 40 feet fronton llBein streel, 4ll feet front i noanklia stnreet, ly 127 feet deptf in Ulnllonhlseei ntreel; rented tl i.f. tecll ilunlred doller. Eslimated at $20,1100 Priacv-Tte idwellineg hose No 24 o ,uth WeSt nrner of Ilnein sltlet. meat lrig 32 feet 7 inlhels on llarii cr, ilzfeet 7 inhres oni Franklin street, by 1'27 lot, l l) inchmen depthll n Cu trtltbes e rrneel; rentel ant ifeena hIniadred dollrn. Itiinel nte 1O0,1O0 I Prie--The two slory bilCk lwellinlg hlue Noe.33J ll Itntysl trc, Ibtweene .su'lin1 " iluepitIl streets, mIne mrig 2l{ ent 8 ic Union Itoyal t, by 1t27 , . t4 int le s in dpl t; eds at $10211 per anull. Eetilitnled at 115,000 & Priac--50 ehnres Canal le,.k stuck, at $1011 tckh, $'5,000 I Prizea-tll a kures Comternitl ank stock $bI0rclch, )20,000 I Prise--iS0 slhares telcmanic' nr ad 'rn - der' Rint k cslck, t $110 eacrh, 15,000 3 Prizes oef 18I sares eall, t :,y nk, 31.011,11 S2 Prize. of 50 " Isehln ge. 10,110 2 Pries o" 5 0 " (;am .ilghl, 5,0001 2,leriese I IS " .m le.lkuie' and 'ltnrade m ,1000 S0 Prises of 10 " ' Ltuinil'tua Stlte, 21,11.0 10 Prizesn 2 a fine(;. lht, 2,1i00 0 Priaeq of I tnk of ,l i)fTONe n., 20,l 110 20 lrciteso I C Uniili tlllk of Fl-idla, I.0501 It shall he at the opeioin oftle rinaeer of priee of banlk Lston. eilier to take the stuck itn.lf ore tie par A llue lereesl u ai ek. MODE O"' It)RAWItNO. 10.11900 tieket, frotiiI m 1 11, l11.l, will Impel t in one w..nel, tnd Oil pirice, with tmie litolik, in lltlher; to every tilhIter a priie nr liiiiknill Ie lrlcwIn. until it ie'l IrtLeS ar nrdelierlnijlle, levitg c, keklccer d.i ilm. bern ia the wcu --lI.hlkc. Orders fi rtIe olInne w.i,,tc, nll he rrfrrvet nl Ih u18'e ilder tile Vieriilm,li, ei.cner of St. Ch1rleo nanl Coniln ai er,"l, ,,oit it \ni. 1111 Cl.oities nereet, N-w Cirleniiim, aild pniul~olh firwnrivd. (irdier fromii tlie mnu;trv. pnc p.dd. ciinul ug- InC taie mll CllltIJ lt I' J. It III.'1'IIN, New Orleans. 5 0 A°"l iirn~ll willlie nicleivh tn tnke to tIienil ',lt ttuerw.,mgem ai ,nly i, i,,mronU tU w'illele the Jarciii,.rvil, Fla. Apeil. 1339. mnv 1 - un (2 OtlTTV',d Me0fi."eJ.tc31 dce J Liatnt'a Snteero; Itill orctnte i4rta Adilrall'e Cli.iqu i, ljm:nle, for sole at 49 CLlatp erect, t, bf year I ALIX. . TOWAIt. BAZAAR. . Cornere f St. Charles ." Common stree, EXCHANGE no TRtL. BUSdi' & A.l.AN wouald respectfully call the at tentill tofilncn ensao l ntager o to ileirconplete aeprth,trnt oi (entlele,'r liant -hirhs, do ctnibric , with lin.s r,imtu. flshionahle lil.u fr.ts: linesn cd-| lars: silk, cotttr aqd uterin ul.dor shirl ani drawers: ea,Abric anud sii l hadkrchie -: black l tit fakcy tey - . in gret variety: stucks nevery d. crilptioee: gtu lasti od cot c uon brpcndert: ilk, eOtta as d tLhread giweuneatuhalukilglovcco ulabn:Illae I nd aes gold Altn--Splendid asnortmemI of ldies and gouts fri tlng desks, dreteing caes, part osli, perfeaery,e ut- I Iery, al rich fryny g6oodl. -'r W COLL>E7m UAitrd a E-1 ' CoLmmioseoner. Appointed by the Federal Court at New Orleans. OFFICE No. 109 COMMION S'I'REE.T', (Exelnnge Hotel IuliTldiNgs.) SAID Comioioionr takes aflidarits under anld by I otu. ofthle Acts of C,Ngreos,lMt psed 2 th sry. 182S ; lot Morcil 1817; Itei Judiciarv Act of 1789 ond thIer a of Cougress, in such cases made and provided. Said Contmlitsiooor hat connsideraltle experience ; and oses rlnt oilcaption ant eretig fat which hans stuod the sovertet scrutiny of the abtlet Lowyers, JOHN V. CHILDis, ENGRAVER AN) CG.'PI'El-PI.ATE PRINTER o. 3, Coamp St. W TILL engrave and print to order, bank notes. bills of exclhange, tills ofladilg, diplonms, mrcao. die and vlsi:ing cards. nultri I, couaular .,sd countiag bongo esealo doIr pIlaes. slher wmte. *0. -alwmsyen hoand, an suortlueat of silver plated and brass door P Cards prinld from plates already engraved. novt20 AI4LE ROPE-Ot1 lcoils of lale rope, of sulerior Squalitly, fir sale by I JRIIIGE & C., may '2 134 Magaz ine t " -IEN'['--LIIIIt bit hydranlic Ceirult, landing lfom s hip Geo. Cabot. for sale Ihv Say . S & P IIITNEY, 73 Camp st .A.AV--0tl hales iay,landiig I otosits the Vege may 13 . & J P fIrITNIgY,73 Comp at FALI. \, IN'I'EIt cLLT'lLING. P. FREEMAN & (CO., Nit. :, Magazine treet, J ae rveeit icgll thelir sulllits of aol and Witier Clothing, sod will coittin e tio receive lhiptlents regu lrly throunglout thes soasolo. Their assortment being large will enable thel to suplply so rchauta frol ate country. at thle llortest notice; for sale wholesaln kretaoil, o aocconlootttillg terms. BI'TRR. 50 kegs GOiettnnutttr. Isdnlnd for sle b 8 aund JP WtIIITNEY, 73 Caiptlp TO T'IE LADIES. I)R HULL'S U'TERO AIIDOMINAL SUPPORTER u THIS new iuatrument for the radical cure of Pro o T lapsus Uteri, or Falling of the Wemb, by ex ternel epplication, superseding the use of the ub it jectionable pressary, is confidently recommended " to the afuicted as the means of a perfect restor.tion ' to health, it never having failed of performing a cure. even under the moat aggravated circumetao se4. It has received the decided approbation of t Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamin C Brodie ; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; a Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifery to Guy's Hoe-. pital; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Westmin-ter Hospital; Dr Raumsbotham, lecturer to .ondon hospital; Robert I Ferguson lecturer to Westminster hoepit, al; Dr Sweatmuun, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior accoucheur to Queen Charlotte's lying; in.hoapitl ; also by Henry Daviea, Conquest Blundell, Lee, Mcerriman, surgeon Keatee, &o. by Dr Morreau, preeidelt of the Aeademie Royale de Medieine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duchess D'Orleas ; professors Velpeou, Marjolin, Paul DuboisSa sun and others-and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profes. sor of midwifery in the universaiy of the cify of New York, proft. Delafield, end Francis, U John. ason, president County MIed Society, Laurens llull resident ced society State of N York, profe Jau scNaughton of Albany, prlfs March, Cyrus Per. kins, DTmea-Dri Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kiasam, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Renasalter, and many other distin. uihed ysicins in tia U States. A G u JllO1Bo 4 Vausey st, Astor House N York. o7 A constant supply of the above instruments, with Dr IHull's improved Trusses for Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleane, AG Carpenter, Natohez; Stone r& Marsh, Wood. rille; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilkia. ann, Somerville; Hall and Washington, Nashville; Mic\airayaad Hamilton do; R L Bliss, Florenet aQm ; (1 O ip'evwoodedAthenea lrby and Mautin bHIPPING. For Europe. FOi IIAVRE. The A l and ratl ailing lhi NORTH AMERICA,I'apinin Ilatl,, w II have des patch. For freight or p.inge, epply ton apyi I, H GAlE, 9I.IC,.,lon at FOR l IIVERP'OOl.. The A I 1rto sailing ship Norlthninpt n, J M ann. master, hlving Iart of her ollcmo en gagod, will have ,eIpIticlI. Fac freighlt or IOpassar pply to N & J P ' IIII'NI.Y, may 3 74 Cao'lp et FOR HIAVRE. Tim A I and PilCrir l.hip NILE, Clpl. Blanhard, will receive tnlmed thx. For paIs egeronly, apply toi IIt GALE, mny5 5f (3llllmni m t P FOR LI VER'ltt.. The Al and very upetrir alip ALEX. ANDRIA.Cnp l'T.rner, cn c nse 00 blolen .of coltutn For freight of which, ir pncc.agp, lpply In L T t GALE, mny R 93 I(Olnlnn tFI Tile Al p MARYI.ANI), Cnpt. Ierr), oeln bnodsomely acccmnolodnte six cabin pns-. aengero. Apply on hnird, or t. m13 I. II (ALE, 91 Common at FOIL LIVERI'OOI.. PuPnesoeg Only. The A I and very ilig slip ISAAC r AI.LERTON, Capt Torr.v, will have imiime Sl ale deapatci. For pnasage onl napplv to al 1. I H %1.1:, t mayl11 9.3 C.i oOc cet Coastwise. FOR NE.W YORK. Ilones' I.ine of Paeketa. Regular Packetl--li sail of inv. TI..Te cnllleredI nnd coppcer Ihlenedl pack Thlip ARKANSAS, K SE lshrn, nallpr, laving her cargo all no lonnr, will coil a pnoullv.clo. tle 15h. For the balnllhtce i ficht, or br lnsalct, hanvinlg Iolerinr aJcconll i llln in7 will C llll t. oam-. appl Ino the captain on bonard, tier bhelow n i the Vegetable Market, or to A COIIEN. mly3 No90 ('Comeon at FOR NEW Y)IlK--Rgular packekt. e Ilohloef' line of PackCetI. To nailoo Ilia '25th instant. pncket clip ()CONEE, Lyone, ino aer, will b, coil as above lated. For'frelilgt r pon.nge, ,, havi exrellent ncccnomintionn, willt Plate . Olln0 apply to Ilthe aplain onuloard, twolicr below the co geTllc A maorket, or to A COl ,t -NI tin14 Ni. 90 Commnn at FOR NEW YORK. New York anl New Orlean line I'aclkt ,yl c'urdny I ll. in.t. The anperir Packet 1hip Alhrl ), Ci*p. . Drfey, havin n large pllin if h.r engaed nl goling on blord Pol.l lail I.s above. For of freight or p..soo. nlily niII board opposite tlhe 3int, or to P I.AII)IAWV (lii Campna ' l 'Tle Ablliurn hii colcnmliinlls npparlnl Io . Ilrel clr.r oce pasinellger.l, of nlcll limiled mcnlhr will he la ken ifearlyailplicnliiuoi ii nocii cl... I mny 13l FOIlt NI-.W '1011K. r Tie A I pn'ket ship 1111.911 Iapt. mood l, will lire .ln,,ll . For ir'iChlt r - lpnomlge lcvin cilod ,acrolllnlolt ll(iiill, n appIyI Ol Iboard, Vegcctli.lh imnrkel i ' ItI o.7 . & J P VIII'I'NIEY, 7:1 cl FOiR NEW\V YORK. II.lmeo' I.i(,f P,-bkrli. To .aiol on Ihe I P 17. inst. IS'A, Trcmnn .m.ter, will nn r. Fur ofreihlt or in-nct, hlaing ol op'rir nc omlUt~lllmnion. pllyIy to Ilhe Coapinill .. hoard, olpenile tlh. Vegetaibln InIl .ncl to A I:l IlN I'N m y 6 9 11 C ..( o n.111 1 1 " - ti FOR NEW YORK. .- Ti A I fa-lt :.:ilic .hlipI CINCINN\TI, i A Andrew I ar.clow, nslcr, it inec ready t, h m gce,,ro, Pol wall haea de ,tooicl. -Fr d freigh.i r po.atngeplp on h,,nd,c r if; may 2 REAl) & I II 119111W NIi. 7 lchk PhIc... FOR NEW YOIIK. S Tile A I Ial snoiling sl.op All), Cailaini , hill.c.,,lk, having ImoIt of Irr .Arglit,, o.will have delclnp h. For I'.,icilll or Iiiswe, 1 pplly to S & J i' Wilr111NI'Y, i,,.v 73 ('amp rs FOIlIl Ii.l'l i IN. ci Th '.le new fooal cilill Ilrq.lle CIIANTI CI.EII, C "lcitonoS, boavoing mosl ,f hcreorgo on bad, will Impe deIIIllh For IIcIdOtc oCffreigll or cjpicge, h gI ollvg ic ntillllllin ilioc, alpliy to R &. i W ITI'\ 1', nluy I 7.|("l'liDf -l FOIL SA.LE--i, l.oear."ccro . One tlird ofltlife lirlco,1,ie .1IIINE Iw Iinog a0 the ipllniti nidleof Ill,- river. Saidr h.nqgie it aloo,,cl, and well il every' reaold. Apply to IAII.EY d- M.\ILCY, r . - . . Imn. It (A ... . . . NEW .ORtE.INS on Steam anstd Patent /linutt Bakery-Waters and o No. n. It, lt eaa , Iwy. te I' Iloof Itn|.i rPidlt and Navy ltlead, Sala aml Wito |tiecutt, Sugar, Butter, Mid'nird and Water Crackers. All the abote abe artleare newrranted to be of tie fira qu*ality, and 'a keep in any telnate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-kiin dried eorn meat. l)rdera left at G. W. Pri chard and Taga't.'Jr. tea.r Mag' ino and P'ydraa streetsa, aill receive ~amty *a 15not COT'I'ON CIRCULAI{S s"'l rP- PRINTED a i Uthe tre / IrwJtationaetd no yle unsurpa .ed itn New n6._uA, a) ed-S OnnesR leftelCo Mrrin RaS Y ir, ,'V, I'on. hannr, ICorner of Grarier St.) ./ R U E AMERICAN I'RINT'INt; N CE. cornter of 'voydran and St Charles Streeat, wri1 .7 n praaplly ntlad. d a. ANG ON il ir itItI';ftIC, tAt Mtgaaiuen : Fr ORDERIE S :R E isCElVED FOR - JONbES' 1P. TF' T COTTO.N IGL.V, B0 tIhe Iarteae, No. : Magazilne street, New t hrlenIn 1O BE MANIIFACTUREI) IN N\EW YORK BYS ROBEIRTI' OE & CO. I/t Lac SC.9LE OF PRICES-Do2uble Glns.. For a double Gin of 10 saws or more on each cylinder, making 1i0 saws in the satald, with feederr , hands, .Se. at $6 perasw, or $950 0() For a Double (in of 60 saws on a e) linder, or 110 saws in the sItand, liederts, &e. a $6 persaw, or 70 00I Arn Forlo. of4saowsonldo.or I saws inl nstand, at $60.5 per saw, or 50w O) 10 For do. o '2sawonllo. 40 naws in a cael stand, at$6.50 per saw, or 264 0 e t SINGLE GINS. I , For a single in of S aws or more, with one let of leeder, balds, &c.. at $6 per Poi aw, $480 00 o SFor do. of 60 aws, with feeders, &e at $6 Sler aw, 39000 I For do. ofl saws, with feeders, &I. $6 err l T5ttar aw, 34)0 W Ba F rdo. of awso witlhfeeders,'&. at $7 50 tier saw, 15000 E t......h wheore desired, for feders, supplied i 40 cents eash; the number ofteeth being about equal r a the number of sawn, One set of leeders, it itis con sidelrd however, will wer olt two or tlhree sets ol I ows. E.atra saws spqliedt at 80 centt each.. T Lhe Gins ordered, will be delivered to tIe agents ol cr planters ill alty l' the sea port towns at the coattn plat- It 2 tiu1 Slates., at thLe at Le prices thie agents I ing ltheI c "ix -'t on tie same lilnn New York, ard bcc 41n4ng re- )l sit..asible forthl e amoont of the Gin. A l;in w.right willhe sent with t te tins to put themu up wahre dc- frA - sied; the charges for whose services will be crat., nut] ie molerate. -. mi tIn rusinng gearean alsohe ordered where detilr d, 1,:: on rneatsn le tedrms, btI will be tallatred extra. Ilorat 4n "owe :'aly drksgbpim callnt haT usta t a, like ', ierns. Snall steam engines can alI be ordered if de lesired. th It isdesirable, when Itdnters give orders for Gins, I! they should accomlpny lhm with their views in regard totilesrrangemental saws, breasts, brushes, &c. It gi is uand they diRfeti opinion. Suome desir ne s ofIa Inager diamlter thait others. The most coatmmon, size is 9 or 10 inclhesa le . some wish them 12 inches. Smlle wilh 5 or 6 rowsltl brusles on st axle, while otherl do R tntwant mote thas 4 at most. Sole wish suaws with 8 ( Sor teeth to tile inth, while others wantt 1)or It. SW nn uthdlilsarelsaaywe pl'eir tllte shlldtd tI b the time de'giving oa eras i rtIash at stteairatt t t thlr .d wishes, and the inanulaeturers can lialill teem itn eea) r i tparticular. Where it is left to onrdiscreliln, we shall nmake thetl ttlthe moat mtlern antll atiprovt d plan. t - A r o ldr ' o ca on b e e x e c nte dl, b oo m th e ti nl e it is lcecr ve d , ; It n the attace l a or nine weeks, 1in tile il n tlia of Ilac pIetl itd tle htand of te falctor. Tlo lie ill It i. C or the next crop, all orders ought to te ill the hands o a tll ntlhanualcttetlrnyli tte fiest or midItle oa' Mny. exc atpt , na ptanlatiolt whete they arelatate in conmumneing toi Drie I or gill cotton. i Dr N. B. The Patelt Right, for any on of the cettola IrII 5ruilng States, willbe sold on realouable terms. nt. BADEN CORN--constntly ont batl, ndnll tr sale I g by SHAL-.. & BIlti-tl S aps I6 96 Mae, nt GEORGE C. CHIILDS, ATroNenr AT LaW, SILI. atreted the Supretne Colrt, and the Disletric t I [ CourtIs, of Hllrrillurg,end satlne of thIe adjallentl I by counties--t)liae at the City of Hlneton. CClaim oil the governlenl, eiathetr r Bountly Ln i of or money, will le underlak n an I promnltly attended in to eithr for non residentA or e.identa of I'eon. . oil Address froam tie Utited Stters--Cily of lHuustol.. Ias to the care of S. Ricker, jr. (''exas Peat Ollice Agent I New Orleans. 3Ui mar 2 th, O ;1TLNG WilEELI.--40 set Hoisting Wheeri, er, of improved construction, in framnrs ea llap](, for sale by J aTI, in. may 2-4tyd Tivoli Cirtl .Baleby ISAAC UBtliG, &c Co, Itay 2 131 lMagazina et it, tPERM CANDILES--60 bones sperm Candler, N tl Badfrd brand, fbr ae by I BRIDGE & Co , may 2 131 Magasionet di- AD & FI.OUR-I600 kegs aulerir Iraf ard and ies; 1.J 150 bhe flur, landing this du fromn eteaner Per. neI a for sale by tOTETS1N & AVERY. 24 304 Gear terst FOR NEW YORK. New "ork 4 4Ar u ical, e Line A NEW LINE of pnckets Imh Ibe. e.tabli"hed to runl helween New Orleans and NYw York, to counaloa five first rnle ships, viz: hip Wt. M.1r, it IV i"oer. ter, R" Iphlican, J (1 ittttell " Auburt, I1 I' Iuri.y, - n ew uilda Thesea slhi were buit i New a1 ,rk'hxr,l rtlt flhis Irldr; r: olT a light drtutltlt oaf atrr, ltd , ill talt ba lubjic toillete tio, n at tith II ar. 'i'heir t in.(o dtid ion. fIrpilaseners compri+e all tht layv I-e rellilrel for colllllir an11 conve ellnicllecP ; ulll t Iihvir cil allllll trlllll ts lre inca of ep riencl.L tl tille shipa low buidihh are :.mpletll, to llrst cluas hipts wldl lpplly tl.cir plot, o Ti lran-ta pncIaIIll.lliity ill f obslrved in tile lilet of nllilinl, iaId every rtnIonabl, accoutItllllion sx, nded to slippers and Ipasenlers. J IdttlItNt d lti N. all atlstre.i, Na;w thI hrllrtl ja l'l.ElEl't l.All)I..aW, hiS Camp t FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiania anld New York hine of Packetl.] To sail regularly as radertiserdjrom each Port. "ItE lil is at this imoment aompaeil of the ftlllow .a rnltilvy, Itllikil ih ta, Itrlnher tIaelvl i all, a Ihithh .wiillallIw of olll brlielt di. llt IilP froIm llihs orlt every tir trllli. lilrlu lior l t lld t the lwest rteshatl flPilllg t arikiilp Iflitbi ytaarla awiittd ll "Iltrlt ot Ship t aton, Captin Tra k. S tMhasisa illli, A" ivllien. i Iutahsttillati Iahhihlgt S lnkelropes , " I'PalPr The abovle hllillS re all tf the liast ilin, etrtlled altl c.pi r t .I~+irttrt lif , lrfa ht idohtttlr lh wlierr Itll btllr1 t i.I w Yotik lrlarta-ly lir tlhe Itllwit elgtlll accomni illtons for all'enlgers tiand o dllllled by Ualt n.d rlllcri.·llCrtl mlll-lesr . The price of pa*sage is fixed it Stll, wt l ttilt Will r liqlorlrs, antll llletiaras iin every oh r patriculr wll be trovilhld, IIII Palo llv lh 0 ll l mtt itt 1)tumita o le Ihlt Sttllll tlrtr I l l itt i alIll ift i tl lild t ill I i Pt . I'hl billt -ill .i all Iiter Ie rowed utp an down tha river, andl lea grelatet ipuclult iiy obslrvted as to theirday of suilintt N.ither the own~aur orI entnina oif Ithrie vessel will be resposlible Ilr jiewev ry, uIlllionl , lP: iloll lls, sil. ver or plated wnrl, Iweakace of glFie, hollow ware, mar ble, ,r Igrnioti, cetiraige on l, ri.It of iton or stel, or for any letters, parcel ,r patnkna s ent a y or pit om hoard i lf tfli, aais, r-aidr illl a' ltohdig Ire For freight or lpadls P.e Il lUI)Iv tv It.ur 21 J .1 1:,"i Ii IIUI.I.IN.71 nilp hi FOl NEW YORK. IIOl.M1:S' I.INtE OIFi I'ALUtTS. !1 d.ilt ii Ctoatlly every a om .r lt Ft.t m ih pl 'I'bis" . . I'loe lk. ..... I,,.oh ,i ......e. , ,,,.! Iu l -In firsI cla ,- cllip-, ."l lsiriilog of hikp Na.hrille, I1'ait, I I.1 ArlaaeIar // Illill N Ih.hni+% •litlmat a, I'litlt in " C liatt, Orle-,at, ('ittia iSic r. Lirkebnrk, Capt il J I'urkcr, IA shrlr. U'llle", 'till %+1 lly. .t,,,tt/aaaitin ll 'rtalt l. Nera S.htp -- ('tnltiill tldhlouka . Newr t.'ip - Cptllllit NItIhI.. "rhe nbloe shills olrl: all ollthe fitrt clhse, Pit iliP red, rehasly thr hi ia r..,,-Ihey arel t f t Iitt l a lht iof w .itr r, and almostlll inl t ribilv cruse Ille Iar Ir ltuut deltll lion '1 h tI!tt pankets nre comltt nded by Clllaill well ax. perpancedinth tarleaand iItalt0,tr sexert thetselvet Idown tfhe. river, ildi( t ill l i,,I a aI y atill 0I t ttIt rliseI.r I'hlov hlalv , IIIII.iii IV f t'tlli yet e.t,,l c t tat hliaai Itl.d attosof the firatl q..tliyi will ulwui s he furni-hied aIn revry utitntirn aifd toathe cotfart and stitfactiaon of e lrice of ithe Cuail it fixed at $81U, wilholl wille or Iihllor. i'or lilrtner pairtaculrs apply to A COIE:N, lnar'.! 90 Claolt street l'1 rhe lipa are not ncclounttnlrle fir brakpge of glnss, hollow ware, m iihle or granlit, tcol erage. ttf tin rr rat tcllirn or sottel: olrr responsible f1llotrr alckne r arcel I onbl , otttitllratira' l re ,ti6tl 1 hllaloli the .iti, rl lhem i't ,r, it tl lao i ol fbltl rtll . . . or the Interior . a FlR IIA11I' S"AIA ýI5 et.yutlr Paekret. rt glx ")tj 1"1'i ' ..,h dcil a ,,ne r e teion oat u ISitta \\'I',I use ini ll rl lep llr lU r ne "s ,ill, I. .,' Ne,, ()r t i.rlic..... or. ' We I- re lctiier 111 I c'l, 'clock A. 3I. lir III It' u Siara !. ceverv A ý lldlllchv i III ii'lal k A. \J IIIK III n . 'll i :l 1 c+l'VII .I m . I - 1 iclc l* cclui'icicc i'pice ' gs t Ni C ro lliie o r o I r to v " t. f+"_'25 1) \Md & \&WilTAI.I. I r, r1\( ''1' \TIl iN L.I'S, COU .'I'I N1i l(()e.\11i ' I i\.- &.--s i+l II ul o , ailtll,, n' l), I). i Illll Iltter 1I", 1p r, fi tie ill) do bh1w .+,. .,ri'd -oAt 511,1th " ci ' cii' loht the l'11 do reenlll postI" 7'5i td+ 'P.'lwa r tinod pt.t do al I , ' n.ii t riting I 'k J.,n riro al hdo r 4t1 do Me.iutn th t YOlii cli Al All i1" chict1 n c,* of a v'er scupel ' (c uality, nid will be il1o i a A h'' ) 4. .111, 49 ('op at 4 I II\' 11. 11i,:I l l l l r b) i liec vs Ic Llilf-ie II lllll lllet1",'' Iral'rr 'lh.-- '9lr by i II Iu l , Ih i Gated lo Ileury inretI, F: q. comlpos..d by G. P Ma- oh nurrir of New Ori'cahsl rlce'ived with the greilcatet ap pIaus .IO1Ns hN T I-'n, m nil4 canrller Sit e'harle. &. Cl. (cInclil t I IJ eiiBll2Er AS-.t!u o Malaitt\a nd G7inga Um-ii S cl u,".iJP'I J Oc* 'et cs i cb t S e.l' ilia lr , III IT o.' l ti ( mr'2' : .I .lie ·ib.'. C31 '.1N Y. at I ronte lC'arruoll. 1 l',olbl New ~,l . lnr)e Car it 4 o'hylkc eA.M. liir Car m 'elck., d5 . L T.olnustie " " iLcimcoivcie 7 1 " " II A B Il PHI e 1 · K l A e and r oh SAter i0 o']ock a Catr ai blie olataiaed by laying ' 0 do 1'1i JAilSiN AND I.COVRlIf STRElT CAiS eel S I.'nn' ,r'u aItrret liri ojlictk. A. M. nud ull hollrly. At 1iI ecif PaIte7 o' lok trhis ar will comanele.e ronnie r every hale hIeourt Ild e coticlelle I trauehoul Ii e diay e til cac ' l i . I. l folle thc l hc.d olfJnckiib i lreelt. Per+ cl_ COlll by tile Lcoulve al t lll li Nrde theAlul l vA e -h IE-Nk0, asitlllc) will &hoan by Ltei O landlllC'-J nre f eefic N ew ic'lii'l I gld Co rr etl'o Kil REe adl C'mpclh tit Poydr_ street. JOIIN IIAIAN. bei l Ian Cecke iluls o N l. i Rlg Acl i n in B illN A 1l' e n ;lu bSho bill Coits- i c I l e I l , an .e.f 1vas' t ck A, l llcv e', sno'I crecrnie' s, le he tit nlc 11o f'rl' ChUE AM, ICAll " iC Ladi., A. eti.n IE P S Bill, Ia der blet la. iho bills, C.i g rnto i of oge', careCr f Lc'.dro i e. (Il'lee te e AI crirlioes r eCl'itlY I.el'oi; lcc ree icvedli at ICitnliteg 1 oe ce.tlxon:ld dmlr frmay2 ravi~ r rlmeltor 84 the Printin g a: I Tl E'3le0sive and bb,,slinut Hood arS .lt Ra cOUNW N, e- frot the best Fliudrieo s in the Uniled S.ides, hsle jus I been riidededdd lo Ite atlredy iW'llatckJi s Blnblishteetl; ---anld c ;IIiEi triil be executed as I.uw, as Cheapclr, c I4, eiepedileiieil) and reauteil'ully, uc at ic ither Oftice 1c hi liit Ce ._ity. Ie '11 3 Il'l.JT'i'EI i. " F I.'l'b;EN'l' I.l'.V l \IAI''L'IL- II Ic ES ANID MoVI':\II:N'I'-. they re opIen tol rceive ordersr fur First Quality ii II'ork, o, t est p) ,i sic le e I'1l$ e LP, tlcrlea iorwccrdiei, on a respectable reference being I gigen. a ie17 yi 13 jACIN illE I.S--,11ca'lcs eihcianae i curcd, srl' Iee ilec fron e ifolller 1PIIIlli.c, fir sale IiV Ii tie inrell0 l: eI)JIlSE', I1 Nrew Levee. lee (j El:iENc'-rIo.yceuliioeei Ilseamn fijet cci Ily ill) 7 I--__AI , IfIcil'i'iWo.7 lcnk Pile,'i 11. III-t'll l-NI([Ith.+:S--3ltl) bolxes +ItTIut Cuandles, u aasstlled branl', flr sale Ibv pl 1 I llIfIGli ;& ('o 134 Icagnzinet u a ll /llE . sui scriber o ffers for sa le 150 bids FI eurt; I5So , I bils Whisky 50 casks Iicrall Sides; 50 ctaske ll ' ,ilce 'a houlders; Ic cllre hsksClleaie cc d Illl a pe. t iie ielii '11105 IIUfrrellnfd ' i___, .I __ _t r stonea er E l eleress, cir sule by i 1cceIti fE , c Ill nil 01 44 w I.eeee , it Co.- 3 Lce rc ...a rice, fhr salei h aiY2 A '11:1;:It. 31 Grnvier at foci ' "I 'I Pll' 'il+'F :I, 'EI-It a-- u-t received't asuperie r 1.4 article cl'life preservers et the Itiiaar, I sIl2 III i ALLAN 51fF l-O llii0 eiki'fhlceeiecstun Lice e, leud;l~g front al cJ ship leruV:oll ,r f*ieela hl t "Ip 19 A & J 1' HVIIITNEY, 73 CSeep at I - fý:1 IIOXES--.A\etgr lie iin cowl eioer, for nIt 18 49 Colmop le rf iEA -60 chset ceerluieg ind IcipoIucceocl, laedllc I c111 I . frul sca r plenadid, Irom hirsteen, fir seale by I 1 e'e A 'I tLE iFR, 34 frcvileret not i -- k---~-? aed l,/ INE-- wenlt lalagan erie qr eas, rccl store, , ` Icr sale by RLEAD & B 1 \4i'I'OW, to. eX 7 Bank I'lee •on a-.+I ....... , at iS-SD-659 ase reemule qucliy ,,din,eo.nd far P sale by s & 1' \eLII NEI, jis'Ž5 a"-5 7. . 7ICep at for TAVA COIFFEE-71 bagn laudii g Ifmni shi I.ueis vill and lur sale by SIIALL .i" BR(1WN, for U"ISO ACCO-12- O iL,'xes, 8 ,, 12 a, 34. sand Ielunsl I lumps sl varicec brands and qualiies, fetr nle ,by noe at eacy I R II51 ': & t:., 1:14 Mfngen ne rI -, . ItJGS--4 bils lading froec steramer leedel., lor ni scsby ABA.IIAM TRIER,fo nocl may 84 GraSier et Po., pftR-OM bl,.il gaood orderf.r slc b rat satrS 36 Ms;psis. TRU'IR IS MIGUTY AND WILL. PREVAIL. I Tin (111, (331 150,00( 13, (11.,3p1o'li, B~o~J Pill. h113 3333 133131 1331(11 1133,gtll plsl·311333lulL... II 111113T~ 1--1l3.313331p ·.13 113(3311 (31 3lnuerl 3,3113inll31lnr1,13 1 3311i.,1,,,,,,,IO,,,,o aI.,,kI,1,loY(II llllilo. ~ fl 131dlA(1k1,,1.3k Iii. (hl-l,33 .11~ue ,1003kcs 3,3 Ito. lu lll .1,1,33111 Illa,, llot~~d 313131.-`ln l usk mli~F onanmneo·o Ilocr, wlelqr~ bll,, qook .3u,1 0oll og (p03io 313. 33. Iil lc~~ll nllru qnl1'l 31133 3333333(33,3133333 Eo l elxl.,,.l,13.3,.13,,33,33,,,'131ll~ c Ill II~.- BUII II mI. 3133.13.331y3111,,,0.1l.I o110.I .llollotool.331.. Uloi.,31 I3,l,,ulllPleyi,3 IliEll p.olIJ01.0 DooI,,, 3333.3 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ " 13,3l113 31,31.1'(333.I. 33o33y313313313331 1,11T(~lll 131311 .(31..11gI3l 3133 1313,.· o 131. 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I,0031,1, 31i331313 II,.l~r A lllu 31,0,0 lll 13,331,311 l lll 3311 3103,1,31 l .11 l 3333103 IIl 1333,1.1 (133u.opno,.l,,3,1 looda 'llol. 1 10,31,31131 ,JII~~lrJ. ~ 333131(131L 31311313111 IIIdJI~II: 33i,01 1311llu·C 313. 1,1331 33331 31 331. 3, ,.,,,l n~lo,3,o, p31333, IIO Td.. ;..Io,13Iy 1111,31Cllere~ 3333313133111111 3i.130lllill (I lC I I)Io ~ I~ 131100330110313313 133111330 l Ifo,.,..,,,I. bALA'lolll. 133313 (1133133313 13311130'113011 1,3331,,31,,3,03·IIIIIIV13,1101.3 1· 1133,0103 YIoBy.01 3'333(31333331) 3131311313131,13313311133133ll10,(313'I 3331313311031 (3031(3131333 (3313301311nell vlllllet l,,331 I.0IIP,0l3 333331 31133(1331333331.,1331'111113 1~1 3333131. 333331 h,00113 03103'!,1F10010'03 0I, 313X 31(331 1,3000,,310'11. 31 '33,ot l,'313,ldo3.33o3s 10.3,31113· .glCll 3310013330313p01313313133031, 31111 3303 3131p313 3(131 (3113110331 ii,".l 3(1331313313,~CtU ik .3311131,3 Io 1. 1 03,11(313 3110111113313111333I ( 10~l~illl 3101. .1.3 111,113,'oI,o,'Iik 331111 31111,,.,3,3111l .u 113100,I,,, 33131331.11 l,,'oIl,,,l,,, llnII,3OI 31111331till·ll 11313,03'31l31313333l.311,1, 3133333 -1 'I " FF .1 i.(i il i:.111.1$ Ik.) l~e a·1I 1II. Iil(3I N3 30 U((1,3,3 31333,l3133YE103113333131'll.0I "I"" · Y".til rul(, I1ll l IlnlL111(3(1310,liCII 11311(113' R(31033 3311111~al No31,,poo,,lll,. (1,3 rlll. I~llln~ I~iUlol o~llt I il~tl, a~lr rI~lihEll &s 1313134~ U 110(103(1,31 3J1 TATE OF LOUISIANA-Fiart Judicial Dis. cpa trict Court'L-The State of Louisiana, to al wholm ,it these presents sholl core, Greeting: veon Whircsee, AC B-echiard, J W Breedlovee, Wi'. J ham Mackey, and 11 ,ave. o'e having, purchased lot at a $ale maede by the tf ,"tl. Plaesh oa 'Jr leans the properit ý. : ~aer drescic ed, have. , ct I 'ed tothe C.ern ," tl( orr"t ei whose olite t. u deeds ofsale were recor+ed orI '' t:t ., . 27th days ofApril, A. D. 1839, for a ,.a...,tii n advertisement an conformity to an act of the Legis. cltt laturd ofthe State of Louisiana, entitled " An act de for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at dri, judicial sales;" approved the 10th day of March, pian 18 .34: pay Naow, therefore, know ye.and all persons inter. at I ested herein, are hereby cited and admonishc d in por the nanoe oft e Statee of Louisiana, and of the First pa. Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, ddv title or claim in and to the property hereinafter de. san scribed, n ceonsequencn of any ineorca ity in the [I order decree orjudgienet of tue Ceourt under wltuhe rsa the sale was made, or any irregu'arity or !egality sus entlhenapitraeneaentn ant aiverrtcnleeamet, in tiaca, ear ormnoarer of sa'er, or for any other dtefect wiatno' dit ever, to lshow cause within thlirty edays from the day this meonition is first inserted in thce public papers, tea w:-y the sa a so made should not be confirmed and Ca homologated. fie The said roperty was solid by the Sheriffof tihe r SParish aforared, oeo tice 27th dcy Of Marihc, A. D). ble 1839, by virtue ofa decree of thist Court, rendered ebl on the 5th day of Marhe , A. D. 1839, in a suit ente tro Stied Carriers & Borduz it vs. Buchanan & Iligan, Ia, r No. 17,401 of the doeket of this Court, ;it which pa. sa'e the said A G anchaed, J W Breedlove, INtl W or liam Mackey and 11 Ivergne became the putrchla- ju sern, re:pective!y, ofthle f.l.owing property for Lho le lot owing amounts, to wit I I A G Bincehard was the purchaser of eho 'ot of pr ground number Six in Poydras sheet, between du SCamtp and St. Ciarles streets, measuring twenty abl four feet six inches firont oil Pondras r trrot, b by - aincty five feet six inches deep, fir the sum of seven bi thousand one hundred do lars eash : three thousand ni e hundred and fidrty four do lars and fifty cents, nn payab.e ite thirtieth dciy of March, cighteen hund- Cl rg edand forty, and the balance in two and three fat years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and beatrig to I eemortgage--and if not punctually paid at maturity pa to beer interestat t thteratef ten per sent. till paid, pa i without any right to retard payment, which the Ir said sheriff acknow edges to have received in his ca ' notes, payab c as above, wth Jaonau Metoyer & Co Pt Sand N. Benoist as endorsers, aned reserving on the i shove dti neribed property a special amortgtge pp t unteil the linec paymIeut of the above descrebed ii titaes. en Sn J I. f Breedlove became the par lhaer of the bi lot or ground numbller 'our, il tile corner of St. d' Ceiar!es ancd Poydras streets, mneasuring twenty ) four feet front ou St. Charles street and seventy. e cight feet tel on Poydras stret for the sum It of a oven thousand and one hundred dollars, paya ble as feltcws, viz: Oce thousanid dollar, cash; li four thosand two hundred and nineteen dollars p1 Sayah o tlloe 19th of JuIe, 1840, and tie ba'ane in en two and three years, tn notes satlifaetorily endors- ua dl, and bearing mortgoge, aed if not puaectually p; paid at ialtrty, to boar interest at tlhn rate of ten st per cent. tall, without any right to retard pay- g Snent, whiach te sheriff acknowledges to have re. o reivead in his niotes playable as above, with Jotn a Mt Minturn as security, with sp ci I nortgaeLe on tith rproperty sold until final payment of tihe abve do- l acrihod notes. at J W BrIedlove became, also, the purchaser of Ie r e, tlot of grounad enumber One, situated next to tile St CharleslrTheatre, near Poydras street, measuring a twenty three feet eight incies anJ six lines on St. fCharles street, by seventy eight feet ten inches ie deptl, togucther with a fear ttrt.y brick house and t kitchen thereon, now under lease until the first i November, 1839, at fifteen hondred do:l ar s, fro thellnce to iha let Nuvealner, 184t1t, at two thousand doelare per anula n, payable Inontlely; or taie uln, aud price of sixtlceu thousand doelars, payable as -by follows, viz : Tewe 'wo thoasand dollars cash, four thousand five er hundred dollars, payable tthe nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; and tihe balance r st in two and three years, in notes satisfactorily en - darsed and bearing mortgage, and if not pauctu al y paid at naturity, to boear interest from mate Srity, at he ate of tee per aent, without any right to retard teno paymoett, and lwhich the ebheriff an. knowledges to have received in his note. endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the ro. Sorved special mortgage on the property sold until the final payment of said notes. William Mackey became the purchaser of the lot of ground numbered five on Poydran street, be. tween Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty-lour feet six inches front on Poydras street, by trnety five six inches deep, for the price of seven thousand five hundred dollars payable as follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two hundred and sevcnty.neven and eighty three hubn. dredths dollars, payable the thirtlleth or March, eighteen hundred and forty, and the bIl.ancr in two atd three years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearintg mortgage, and if not punclually pail at maturity to bear interest at the rate of tell per cent till paid without any right to retard payment, and tire sheriff acknowledges to have reeivedrl the cash ayment, and thle balance in his notes, the two first to Lthe order of J. Irwin, and tie Iast to the order of Geo. Buchanan, and by thlee endorsed and pay. able as above: a special mortgage is reserved until the filnal palyment of the said notes. II. Lavergne became tile purchaser of the lot of ground number three, next to she cornher of St. Charlec and Poydras streets, meusuring twenty.four feet one inch front on St. Charles street, running t ack seventy.eight feet ten inches deep; for the price of six thousand nine hundred dollars, pay. able as follows, v:z: O()ie tIoue sarI d dolrllrr cash, fel r Ilbt a:r l r wo lln dlied anld Ililllntlnll dlollar-, pavlb[te the nineli eehlh dlayV Jone, elelrieel Inarlred u:d forwl,nd tile lalahce inl two IIIId lithree ear. , in IIles alifi:etorily endollllrsed andIll hearing .ortgoge; anrd if not puncrually peid at mari r Iv, I -llr linters- l it the rIle of ten per c r tll ill paid, wilhrtr nnv right to retrad im rmlle , lld the lSheriff o:knnwrld. rit Irae rer ceivedi the are h pa. Int and the lninnl e in nrtes of It. I.averr n, ellnorsedl ly C. Derlrigv',ll payle r be,.rrr and t prr rrr rr er'll IIIor .le I rsrvPed r IIn ltre jr 'rtyt iold n rtil fir 1111t1r)'n tl. And ifnid I Invrene rrr''ne ar II de pure]uTr of ai lt of erlell d nr lrerIe rP two IaIjoIar rcIIIIIIgnu brrll|ln, s t raled in St. t'li r . e ri er, nltili twveoty-three fict eight in h es ard six lines on St. Chtrles .treelt. by evnentl-ei.rht Ifeet telr ir b1irs in de hll. together srit hi fear-tstor brick hllt-e dl kilcheren itii- er- ttmr, a n itr lea-.: IIIIl· l lht, Irtyhl-rCtl)- eIr bstlr : ', S tel en undril e dr rdll tirty nirnle,lllt thlr rate of two iho sall d dllol l I rtll pe yiear, pit itl.I ilaBoSli h i,61f dhe price of .i1 u tholllluus.anld il'l err llr hr red dolllrrrr a la t at i ll:l low , vir:rr' r Teo thouirr d dollanir tie llsee.rll rrf lahur ie hun years, in new.s a.dinroril eioLsed, la nd rortegre, uud if not i lr:etutllv tlid . r .rinrty to lrer t interes ilt the ra t of t pIrocl r it. ill pail t Dit llot i lly right to retard pa et ,i and thr Clir IT acknowledges'. to th.av rLeceived Ilt cnsh pIallent tiri brrinrEie rirr r In thre cles f njrl prtr'J r'.erv endorserd by C. Ierlignrrn and pyubl Iasalo,. In a n n era ille-el ieu: callgo rleserved an lthe plrlrp rlly so l) until fnltl l uIV nII'II. Wntines tire lir. A Int. ilurlran, Judger of tihe (Coulrt nfreaiedt tis sixth day of May, eight. enr olnd rd uu i l lrtir)-iiale . my 11I-4tips PI. l.EIll.ANtC, De'pt. Clhrk. E'AT DE L1 LOUISIANE-Cour du Pre n ier Dittrict Judiciaireo-L'Eat de la Louisi-. ane- a tous coux que aces preaeln .e concernet , sait : Attendn que A. G. Blanchard. J. W. Breedlove, William Mackey et II. Lavergue ayant aehnetd a oine vent fite par In Sherirffde la paroisse d'Or. Inns, lee propridlds i-aprcips decritns, so sent ad-lf res-6 au Grefl do cte cour, e i itle.e antes de vele ' furent eonrd istir6s e 25 206 t 27 jors d'Avril de 'anndo, 1839, pour un anvis conforrndmeent ab 0 acta de ia Legislature de I'etat del lr touisiane, irrti tuld ALtoe pour confirrler les titres des acquereurs nox ventes judiciaire ;" approuvd le 10 Mars 1834. Qau'i sort cone, et toutes personnes intldresedne son par ces prd6sntee soinrds all noar de I'tat de Is Louisiana et deo la cour du Premier Dstric Jdir. ci.irequi poureaient avoir droit it lapropridtd ci-. opreI do rite, en consequence dun dun d ut do formo dans l'ordre, ledecret o Ie jugeorentde Ia cour, en vero duquel l a vente a d4d faitr, ou de touts irre. gularitd ou illdgalitd daers 'estimation, I'avis no le temps at le mode de a vconte, o0 ponr une antrbe cause quelconqnn, do faire voir, dens trento jour a dater de la publication decette avsi,pourqnroi la vente ainsi thite ne serait pas cofirm de et htmolo eI. tlitos propri6dIs furent venduoe par ce h6driff, susdit e o7eme jour de Mare do I'annde 18!9, ell vertu d'nr dderet do cette Cour, rende le 5 de Mars de l'anode 1839, dens lI'aflire de ollrduzat centro Buchanan & Hlagan. No. 17401 do ddocket rre cette Coel, I Inquelle vente lee di a A. G. Blanchard, J. I1 Breedlove, Wem. Mackey et II. Larergn. so nent rendus ano qurreure respectivoment, des propr6tdcs suivantes pour le sommnea ci.-apres spdeifitd, savoir : A G. Blanchard, du lot de terre no. i sltuCo dans bn rue Poydras, entr, les rues do Camp et n St. Charles, mesurant 24 pieds 6 pouce de face aI rue Poydrus, sur 95 pieds poeucs do proflnedour, pour la aoareel, do $7,100 cntrptrnt, $3944, 5 t, payableos to3J do Marse 1840, et la balance dans deunx t trrlr was enr billets endoss6s de eatisfaction at portant hypothlquo, etdovoit porter on int6re t an aux do dix pour cent jusq,' a paiement, s'ils no sent pso ponrctte lllnent pay6s a lent s dhreance-, asuns r6erves d'ancun droit de retarder lo paiement, ce quo to ahdrdfreconn iu avoir recu en ses bi'lets payablle colnle ii est surdit, endosst C pai Jonanl Metoyer & C., ct N Benoist, avoe rOs. rye d'uno dypotlrhque sp6cialo sur la susdita proprlC6 jusqu' paienrent final d.e susdits blilrts. J. W. Breedlove devint i'acqudreur du lot do terre or. 4, formant l'encoionuro des rues Poydras et St. Charles, mesurant 24 pieds de face. la ru St. Lharles ct 78 pieds 10 ponces a la rue Pay-o dran, pour In somutnee do ll, 100 payaylo comnea suit, $1,000 omptlant, $,4,219 payable Ie 19 de Jtn, 18411, et la balance dans deux et trois ans on billets endrswo" a satisfaction at portant hypothn . que, at dans le cas qu'il no sera.lnt pas ponctuollo. nent payds a Icur deihdarles, ila devront prr. ter tn intd6rt au traux do dix pour cent jusqu'a paiemneut, sane aunrr droit do retard de paimnerrt, ce que to shiriffr6connit avoir rerr en see bllets payables cornrme il eat susdit, endos-do par John .Maturn' evec lypoto]qur ep6ceialo sur la proprdid: vonde jnnsqa' a paiment final des ausdits billets. J. W. Breedlove devint aussi l'aequdreur de lotdo terre uo. 1 sited uprOs le thd tre St. Charles rme Poydras. m.yurant 23 pieds 8 pouces Sa " .les: It It ', rt Ii. '. Pt 78 pieds 10 nin ,- lo protf,,d, , . ,- I cte '. brtgl,| , nu.e. eres , i n b 'e s .' cote dpoqa re r.. ,'e hr , ..b de $2,ri00 par an payables tous le e..-, , 'r r , drix de $16,000 payablop contrte suit ; dcux mille piastrese comptant,qutatre mtille cirq cent piastres payables le 19 Join 1840, et la balance d dns deux et tro.s anrs Cn billets endosnos a satisfaction et portent hopothlque ; et dans to cas qu'lls no oieent pas payde ponctuallemaent a leur dlidc tecsa, its ddvrout porter on int'trt au taux de dix pour cent ane ancun droit d'en retardua le paiement, co que a shirrff ereconnit avoir recu rn seai billets endos. eds par John Mtnturn et payable cotmm il est susdit nven Ia rdalrve d'une lrypothlbquo spdeiale cur la propridtd vendue'ju qu' au paielnenrt firal des dits billets. William McKay devint l'acqudreur du lot de tere no. 5sur lia re Prydlrue. entry les rues pu Camp et St. Charles, ayant 24 pieds 0 pouces de face a la roe Poydras our 95 pieds 0 pouces de refondeur; pourle prix do $7,508 pialtres pays. blns eornlne suat: $50(t conrptano; t$4277 8', pay. ables is 30 l trs tee 10; ct la balarer a doux at trois ans en billets enrdons6s a ,atisfaetton et poer tant hyaotheqaler: et d noe Iceas qt'ils no naient pas pncutellcrount pryd a leur dCdtcancs its dev tont porter nn intrtt an tootx t dix pour ceet jusqn' paiemnent, sans ocun droit d'an retarder le paio a ent; ot in rhdritI reronoait en avoir rcu role coetptant, et hr balance en era billets, les doux premiers ci'ordre de P. Irwin otle dernier a I'ordre do Geo. Bbanitanet qui les oat endoerCd-, el pay ables ancore id Ce aendit. cqqec Ia sdCerve d'one iypatirque apdeilol juaqr' su pairntut tiral desdrts b ille~ts. II. L;vergne devint acqudeur du lot do terre no.3 qui se trouv anpri s I', noignure des rues St. - Charles et Poydrla, ayatt 21 ipiuts Ilt I.ouce do face 3 [u rue St. Clarles et s'utendant 78 pieods 10 pouces on pruofundeur ; pour to p.ix do $~,900, Ix I payablescomone r-uit: $1000 comlptant, $4219 payaboe lo 19 Juin 1840, et to balance a deux et trois ans en billets oenduobd na satisfaction et por. Stant hoplatbllte. Dous to cas qlu'ilt no soient pas ponctuelleollrent payds a leur :lhdncees, its devront porterrn intdrLt an taux do dix pour cent jusqu'a p-3ioemrnt, sans aucun droit retarder io ptie Sotent,; et " shtdriff'roecou it on avair recu le on. tant, lt balance on sea billets endosdso par C. Dr ° bigny et payable comman it oet susdrt, avre rdserve d'uno hypotrllque r.pdcale ur la proprid 6 vondo I jusqu'au paueol fiaal.n 1Et ln dit Lavergno devint aunsi I'acqudreur do t; lot do terra no. 2, adnoignant to no. 1, o.tu° dans r I t rue St. Charles, nyant 23 pieds 8 pouces oe 6 O1 lignesdo f.ace a la rue St. Charles sur 78 piods, 10 " pouces do profoadeur : avec one onaisonen briques pr "eI t a dtage., et la cuisine qui q 'y trouveno, sujoette ai Son bail j,,squ' au 31 Oc'bre 1839 au trux do $02000 Y par an, payables touns . s orots; pour to prix de c; $16,100, payableo rmme suit; $2000 colnptant; e S$t4,500 pa.. blo le 19 de Join 1814t, oL la balance Sa deux ettrois an. en billets endonds a satisfn.ction I~ n t portent hypotheque : ct dunn lt cas qu'il no I suinlt paon ppunctuellenoont p.ydas it lur dtltance, Sssis devroest pnrlorter un intdt au tiaux do dix poor cent jusqu'bh p.emnelnt sans aueun droi d'ona to. Starder Is painetort : 1t t shtritff reconnrait on ave r o reu lo conmptant It nl balance on billets du dit '6 aeq.ndour, eudosad par C. Derbigry 0L pyubles b cit nmnhma i tt otudit ; ayes rVserva dune Iypatho. qua speciale sur la propriote vonduejussqu'( paic. 'd Iont final. , et 'ooin I'hnorals A. M1. Buchanan, juge do i ll P. ILEBLANC. " l Irmai D'pute Urlio°r. 1,FItNCHt Pil) ing Cardi-Just rnce.vod from New o Yf Vk, a lull grovre oe nery suporrmr double Iead (:arde, flr sal • by dnzeut or grnce by 00 DAVID FELT & Co, N Y StanioCers' Hall, an- pril 3 o4 Chsrtres at to l.ROIANS. & BO 'iS--G..6 Cases, 1prme kip bro to U gnur; tra si Oes, laudinrg irom rips John) una It tlap andl Otifo, for oale hy no r22 1 B.ntiGiF. & Co, 131 ,ogozlnCest. TlHE I.IAN'S PANACEA. ý,,ý t OLD 01 M. D, om ryr(SSD f3 11 ('or. f fNatchcz and Tcltoupitouloas te It F 1 t hll C u r e o f r hl l atu l n , s er of I la o r k i lg ', e v il, gR o lt = t ct.aua a or hil gout, i tlcalgantsl aer s a a lt " payela I - htie anI InOlcurlul dooooeas,' .a ut . rly ul( .rm Mul , ) s l' t u't lulsat of ile s onsas, ulcerled !bruot nul 1o' trll, ulcers 'l every deecrl itt. li~ver .urs s ti I tay r , ta. a ta ' . eaea -u sIaI L, artsl aaary Iaaraaty i tc ao U,'., p aassrllaaaaaa at, I~e cnltrrll, htmdJ Nheb ipr,.: dhlig Irlllll llly mTcrd tunuulr .m Ia ailll n ll:anallla Chala .l ,d 1t,," .l rc , r, v ra ulir.llclln. 1(' tlbl, hiter, chro 11c 1 II'nU .Ia 1'(aa ,Ia I bh, klslll.' at a Ll:lll.r I a l antll lllt . . ,:l I t.) tor l, l o lott1 . 1 o i t ~, , 5 of' ti * rkll. Jt Is »L1lgUlll ll llil; I *ll. l I. r II" tl al J,. I n t I el l u ,t ,lv h e i ii l}l l t:: m o ), Ih Ibyru nrl ,".I do e I ll ltlll It)1I1 lf. rI atUrlt I .r jI ,I 1t , ira . 1g ,raa -, hIIt,,' g.' lr ay aaara n".r - I aao'Lt ,""Ill Ia,,lt' all ilo,, a ,L aa N hart h ,rI r H', a ,1' . 'r:1 . ke ln,.rd " o l" f v te 1 a r,, r*.a .. t I - II,' ll', I f te h llvr a oalt Ia , a . alto t, -tl, I Iu. rrla uir ,'' 1 !n u =llet te; 1 4l 'llt n gruel!tl r ,witll or porl nulllt1 i l I {1 ,I:1 ik e I. uar;l . the+ INI AN.1\ ' i VAN AI . .I'. l g, lura.llj Le Io hd i s TO THE PUBLIC. alaw arue it im th at ItaCell aiy ,l, lat lhur ulolh4,u 1a C:a:ll! I a i a.llllr pln.v l ,,ll.. ea li ell 'I 1.'Ln I ll Id ,,t .t,', ¢, r y u th mlla'tfaa hara, ,tl,l a molaa y,,,,..t'l al'tS,, ,,.t I nhurtI, n rrl·, el nt rf, l o II r eplI.ilr"I11o".1' f ,I .. ttlonle,- PoriIl' ollll erh.k ill' d ele,'JE l,+¢, I . tllaneth the hr'tll 1 ", In shei .ltll r lchg d lh.rllltl: ,i1lu .t',oe. "I I1I,,l I,( 11 kl·:LII .. 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