Newspaper of True American, May 17, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 17, 1839 Page 4
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TI1E MOST IMPORTANT HIUMAN DISCO VLkY. CI 1.E6G111 Cl, tlt. olf.h Cnnt.1.Iidg, IvY;.;ity.h'n. ti i Il Ji~lruvrrr . :had of curing kly Ill If of aa Nervous " , . ..............l~r of.u' duration, and n nou. ;, I ' "Id.scur Aj . ji t."1.. bt;,, ~ ... :.;Nn 0;1142..,l T" S PllS-..,-A - L, n edflit s,..wu..b'. p.. 1..,. ..ih·.r h.. Ib I .vI. 1,1' 'llS 1,x ,:. 10 I~l.111 t' 'II a0'.,,, u ...., .-..Idj ..;e, 5- l, piddle.,d ritlly,· 40'~ ors euruble by this ullpal hauldiscovery. Most o c.rot ,"r.. ,I e.d... Apply to No 96se CuqS'I house t'I hy Orleins. HEALTHT( AND BETAUTY, Ao:l.\r ' I.I. -A.,1,10 1i 1011iv iedijest writer remardl 17. oII, nd It.. 'ISeav bu5.-gig Il IIt he, -;Atg & ihe ges IISC5rn l'r llto IY-I~l'Ie s''l10a I..I bIy ..el in pr.4pffbrdys preser .el.M;Si.It. to ,r dU , AP1;'g.. rll y alt,~h...yiey pn rout, dret,..o Ia.t..h " .b old~ ag ed 1. II, Jsfrts.. iS.r ibmm.d plls'rr, u 1,1 IhSPH'I 'I prd .van ti I tI'lP og;...fl f gib nbie e[4E·. Ill-ISau .Ile flowg, II. l.,..d kwh.5 m .m nIche be. - V lliE, e..dtsn of S-ce;nrs u Od Dip,. e a ln-Pg, shortness of ICI,, nIhr! ","'11y.e pn g0' 0,,l cl.nnll !flu bI.ol;, 5-';,.. n-c Ihr.etsp,,g i,,lele r..,ce;'I.n .;ie c nlnllti.ot. Fe tales p -h 4I. pur etnI g hell1, sl11l art .e0' h lt 2hn.1 a 1fi -t. Ire Idoodlst.r l In",nbtbl'II.a..-.-en. -l stC the akinduti. l nrrr r,.tlysd ...nI.I.,I....1'eannon then o ple rtf Sit-I;., FI't ,,11t ttlephl.Ict Ihro"InrI: iddioo~aIdiur tb; .-'Itti.. rnw lms-f.;p nns aom ra.afo r ldt ,he h .-'"adho . Children all persna pIall&agr., may take II,.',u at and 1,100', a·thIs)' do ,el o0t1in nays r u..11) 11 l~y il(grrv,-v0, That11 rrqulirC* rIIflR1Pnea. I or 11.11, 0't,: ,ýl ',· II,,. ' 'hl"l should ,t0, )l rpt 111 curry famlily Ita far, 0,,K (.Ollll'illllt,, ,our 111?+Ieeall 0'u red o r prevented.· sail, al Nu. ¶0 1 ·o~IIul Iuure ct. -0.1 ous. S~RAISAP_1I1IL .A PIL OF IIE.ALTII; OR. BL .I OD, III1.. ,, ;v for 0'o, ii,,,- alll: ill lllnrdll D 0 f tholllll).il I ad how.. fuhll,,'-e Iln.:r Ille.,'. Jliltlllcr of the ryes, drowslnelc· and p0, ,s ,:, 1)(· It mn, 1, 10J boa 0'!s. 1101;."rIlll ll porlUT 1) star 0'l., catlllll 0 IJl",rrgnIIt:,l inn of every 1,11,,,~ of tile f lh. mU , a ill , t 111. ) ' t llCIlll I t .llspaialloll by a ittle. petsever t cr,lie ~a linltea~l of it, saloia 1·y Iffet, I'ITU. stomach w ll .·erllll v ,.,.Rai ,IS rlrl~l 1 b, it healthy lcliimno('t h liver bow el, u, ,I h, inr1, w,1 I' rap dl) fall, I'I,, r; anld 1uaaleu el' lietlM 0,.l ten-all hrnlllilll ill ho the result of taking .IT tilie ·EIItue. ,hcclor, a, cording l I,, the lreeftons nclrlulpanyiag each larx. '1'Ilrsr pill-:ua Iartlculariy ,·ilicaaiillr for stomach coughs. unmllil pn Ingrs; 10,11 i f inl~ipl nltl1 tin, free al iudulallom··t 1a1Jr, rlley quickly -torer Lila systemfoils 110urrl rlatoC Persons of a ull bald w rhtoseeubject to headnrhe~gddl ncss. Ilrclrsiru~xa and ,Il·i' g ~ lLII car,,, nlloill from t L001es , fl ow of b lood w tie.. llll)l u~c IumJ. rlt do ha al Ihathn, M 0,,n 0,y' dangcruu, sv rulslmt w 111 be of 110 !3 cattied og'bjttbo ou ,ins' lute se.. For Tllrnlr, these pill are nlnrl truly rxeel~nl , remeviab all ohl~rrrllc0lol, he distressing boo lan ce so onrry p'L·Vl'ut uhellll.. blotches. I"'i els an~d ·nallnailr.a of the Am, and u0,." a hraII by a ndll jolrenilr molt. t o the rum I1(J.XHHI To ullnthr rs they err . liur lllg rel l lenlllrldd d as h hest nlrdll i,0," tin, can b Ie taken~ during jltoglxllcy;aJ for tildree of all ague they err Uneemlllrll' A, u I, I rnslll, ..,l., easy 0,l:.", mitt lhoy nanils the r I Areaua dntlc u o a wild (Il(.mtiilu ,ti the nest *Ilee~efI l fJ et, and rrgllir· r0IC fil lll of del o. rloflnrmrntl during hair plHk Ill, 'ogulnnng thel d.lne nrrnrd tugII to file ge cud t -nlb o~th I"nf lent, they hrcouto ·uit,.hltP for every In"l,, Iial Art rr tbal eau1 Ire rnlgniie; :0,,d Co, eklerly lenl'le they w' he f t0 h~r ihr Illot eowfnrftbibe nllctnna bltlln1o prc wed % tLo1J . t Nn. JUi Cllruou, housle it, New Untas. N - : -10. 0 "~G of leaId londrai Irtdu elry boa d_7 J T'I A V ER Jr Co, 74 Pllpdra. t It r 1F.A Inrrirnnr l wer.r·eor irro "vttrr f f hue lrlr t Beal di rhrns fir tltc etti If(i!,,,l,, flwe raho s ll hiuw+, inr lk nnCavwt~lw+r veyfrm tn h in t I cd@n SII~,.d wt11Clive priwtsfula for as jpfil is the .n·~il. r, n,10 nlia^.i 10 f hlitilF Ibrrmr e ire~with 0r fobr rattl1.·r:... iq the. openir. '" :F14f f in or plackts S:PACKET. o ,.ualt ofthe following veoo., 'ein bidlt aurdualaraaod izprunly ono, ma* " Capt. Miner, "Iad rr ~ Nickerson, y, n. Stevens,. & Iomah arltns, Letlam, A thitect, * Gr ' i4e bf the filrt class, havo oand. necomnlodations, and are of a light olfsfwater so as to admit of their receiving and d leh their cargoes in Baltimoe, at Phe city. htwill he taken for plrts n ti C lhesapake or 1s" Riter, and forwarded by the ogents, aGC ARKE & KELLIGG. at Baltimore; oh goaod ahippad will ha advatwred when requlj. Theprioe of poasage a fixod at $LiO, redsa of.the b at quality will he provided. apmods down the Miaiesippi will obe taken gh'' t+ a ir+ paaaagn, oaply to ... , GGO, BEDFORD, 9 " 22 Bionville at. ttet27 ' .. " 22 Bienvilfe at. ;- FOR NEW YORK. [1eaisilnn and NewYork Line of Packets ] FUl'l Shipe composing this line will sail from New Orleans end New York on every ether aon- t da oe-sea._ lapt.o n the 20th Novenber--end to Slne.r.the pvi Si? ilty in the rtite ofsailing, tihe e line will he'reafter nensit offive ships, viz: hipye, ptain 'Trask, to leave on the 90t1 November. Ship Loaeinsvin, Captain Palmner, to lava on tirhe 4th Decorelior. Ship i..nouillo, Captain Eldridgeo, to leave on the la8th'DeCember. Ship Vicksburg, Captain Woodhousae, to leave on the let January. Ship .Miaeieippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the '1Sthrof Jeasary. - STie rl. are all new, of the first class, crpler ea and copper faotened, nd ue warlds of' 500 tons hortlon, ore of light drauglht of water, being buit g In New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixer at 100 dollars: their cabins are ioted ip in the moest inproved and eonvenient plan, and filished in a neat ald elegant style - Ample stores of the first qality wilt be provided, end every regard paid to the edmfomrt and entire adtiolaOtien o pasengers, who will please take no. tine that no berth can be secured until paid far at the orPcc of the conaeignees. These vosfenrn coeammandead by reptains well eTperienced in tlie trade, wile will give every at tenmont . nd raertl em cles to n. o nnd mte. el'lvy will et Mlltirees be towed up and down tile Misnis. sippi by steanib,ate, and the strictest punctuality obeerved in tihe time of sailigg. The owners of thews el i;a will not be reeponsi.l ei for any liter, parcel or package, sent by Ir lton lboard oftetr, unless a reglar bill orf lading s ignd tlerelord at the l ( ie aget1t or Wiiera. For furtlher particulars apply to no7 J ) BEIN & A COIIEN, 90 Common st i.i.W ORIGEl 1N &C CIAIlIb;s'fON PACKETS - SThis lirne conslwis if iur e isel., i of the first class, co pperre ad slsp;r "aans2 r sone, and idr' eliout 2 0 itns biurihenl , with hands.uie aeommndations Io, r passengers.1' These vessels are commaonded biy eaplains wel experienced in the trade, wlhoa will Live every at P tention.and exert themselves to aecmmi',lsra Iii, shippers.. They will hb towed ilip and (io Ile ei Misissiipi, and leave New Orleaons i or befor E th IlOth and 15ih of every mrin h. The fullowiIg Veaela eompo.e Io line , vie Brig Arnbion,Cl orles G rlnn, master. F Brig C.iepoan.J. B. Thompson, miaster. Brig Al Ienna, J. Dane, veaster. Bark Roger Williais, J. Alibersnr mnster. Far Ireight or paerase, vepir lp J. A. A IARELLI &Cq, 61 Cm.omtn at. Nevv Oilsn , or A1. C - Mrhhoerni. Chn,.sr,,n. r1 LOMBAD &t CO'S Ihatua atid Ncw Orleans - Li:e of Packet Slips.--Tite new line of ship - husben expremly built to run between thie above ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aceonpnodations for passengers, and every efflrt will be made to give general satisaction, 'Io he laie ieeomposed ofthle f lowing ships: - e rokeo, 415 teans Capt. J tlarding, Ivplina, .400 db S Lemiat, Ol#inleton, 374 do D Eldridge, Oolumtirna, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do JI owes, Bombay, 625 do D tiunphreyi The above ''ahipo are all now, of thie first , lass, aepper Iotened nnd noppered, commanded by men c of gremt experienoe, have large accommodations, withl separate ladie cabin; every attention will be paid to pa-mngers, and the vary ,eat of stores pro vided for them. - Thle ppket will be towed up and down the Mis etsippl, and the strictest punetueali y el erved in I the time of 'ailing, .nd shoulld the regular vessels be detained in arriving, olher asiips equally as good will in all eases he saubsititold. A share of patroln age ie eoiinited, aeri tie agents pledge tllhrmelves to I acconllnmoda as nlucl as practichhable, to receive and forward goods by a id line at the tmost iodcr. ate chiarges, aond-to advance all expoesee on gooda hlppped, if required. 'JaJ ships will leave the lot end 16tlb of every month. For freight or paeoge, apply to the agents. J A MFIICITtP. 82 ieinmon at. N. B. Advaveemantt meadi on consignin..t i to Messrs. A. C. LatihOrd & Co. n }~_ ... iitHE Ge ruineladiae lialsom of Lievrrscituind Io-n. J hL uud, is apill p in buttles at the low prices f 5o centa such, coataising Ihe strength of three ounccs off Liverlort, bhe lelia h irtunue it manov ontlr mrote and herbs known mn the nI. ldi.hns as efli.rious in curing pulmonary c6mplaints. The u ivnalled success which has attended the n.o of this iunotimnlo Balsm wherever it h-is been intio doeed. has ohtnined the confideece and r'ncnm,.cr.da tiuns of respectble phyllicinns, u", ,hu cre o3 cnulns, oeldn+ pain is the aidc, wsn, off rest, spitting or bloud, 11tcr complaint, &e. TpRwhom it nay concern. This to cortiyv that we ha.e iI our praetice freqnently preocr ioed tMrs Gaurl ner'a Indian IBalsam ufl.iverwort a d Ilioasrhnnd, witl a deidcdgood;efect: "s'can therorel, iot the ko,ew ledge of the mtclalss it is made from, And cbel h nttmn s x eriheiuos,rcouCrlendi it a l a superie prrepratli o aoP thoee aeetions of tie lungs fhr which it is re rumesnded. AI.jIl I' NII.LI 4M5, M.D. CALVIN EI.IS Il. I). Membee of thla Brston Medical Association. Boston, Octoher C15. salably,- JAiBVIS & ANI)REWS, w i:'r. L bhlsloust tiio ueneii.u., -eby HEtRlI4UtE\E, IIBt,\\,N & t'i). smay3 - NoS ',t a".. DRUfoy-url landseg tie,, 1M1s-jo. a sutily ef nlmends, hi:ter and sweet liquorice rout, inm juiceensence nfllrtgnltor, fIesn. .,11 l ne- juie., hiiomp sael ansry seede, mannna, flhe, nad wlnll, eanatridm:. rimdt r5le Bur,"a cnorit ater &c, for wholesrle and retail i sill elor o an"t N , ag8 err Naich.e & l'Tehnlpitulaa st lI YDIA ULIC cE lM: N'l'--s 5 ls laeding from chip S I e.r Cabot, and for ale byu tI .h .P 'iB'I'TNE , es.3 N;r Caip at II3l#GN8 iIAIRTT & CO, Ane new reeivinZ rn ne board ship Orlenn,. Engle, Ilildanlder, ijhker piteey Andrew, French andil German piloy cards; ckh It".e4Iontt ilotrde; Cheesmen, .21-4 nd. 5 -.t inch lii ardBallet 89, 1i0 nn.l " inlch tilnie Bowirl Knives: Leather and. other travelling Drenaing Cners; Brlt. Pocket, Iloreman'e, andl IDuellineg Pietlo; doitlte and single bnrrellid tismn; Ga soe loe; Shot 1elt1.; I'owtder and Pitol'Flaoks. Itram Bottles and IDrinkiig Cop,; Peoereteon Canp and Cap Iloldolurn; CloIth, lii-, Tnoh amnd Nail Brusaes; Ors ani ( .lorine 'lrm'th Weh" TmthB Powder Toilet and Shaving .Sonpp, in gent va riety long lair eraide, Ringlets and Frizett°n; l'ear: and i'ollet Pnwder; Emery Uage; lanry Thl Cushinns , Petet Sldnea or Carfnae; Gimn E-htic Spinlnder.t Paowder Ptfs and Boena ; Cilte Chalinse Seals ntil Keys; Eladrope; WVaett Buckle-s; Breclrts; Bead Necklane. cat Chlains Gill and Silvered ecasl; I•dian lenis, Bells and Plumes; Shell l'wilt; Side andil Dressing Conbh whicli,in adfdition Ito thirnforner stock on tand, makehtheir aseortment very complete, andl will he sold ow end on liberal terns, at the sign of the Golden Lnmb. 70 Chartres street. $i9lSlA.BdHE TIN('.---5 bales, funding (in tt ship Jolanl Dolap. for sale li a. I IRIIIDGE & (C,, 134 lagoazinert (tMESTtCS.-5 balea 4.4 l.,wll cnr-llkndesa. 5 hu les 4I1 Itwilled Lowell cotlin, 3 cases buckskin stripe, landing from lhip It I.nois, fir sole hby toy9 I 1 I IGE & Cu. 131 Magzioe at ION ROOFS-The aacriherSe hove p.oerurerd at s exp'-one, the right of pntting on irin rorfs in this city. They are adapred to pul.lhe builtlmgeo warchonescand priante dwellins,t est eoambls a nlte cheaspnes aInd drsbililty, nAndi are perfe;ll" fire ondowaterprof. T.rms nma, Ie .te, and a mo'del seen at'ut eothlishme n plppll f t *Marya mnreos, TChnpitnllnas cI. S 1,t R CO.Rt cln F.+ . , Co handi large eup'ply tiC Cannel ansd fiverpnel e-ol. in buolk, of quality, whih lthey Offer for oile Iln Io$ tO suil purchasers. MAn expected by the fi'lt arrivals from Eng . lend and the Nin'h. Cenn-l. Lehighl andl Peaeb Mllotaein Clchr,.ken and screened, put njp in hogsheads exnreaely fsr fnsily uer--rll of whicti they will diep a o an tils most mtolers. terms. rdrt lefat lt deirsllcre, Ni,. 53 Oienville at. upt ete., will be pronmptly atrlnded o ,n." . t " ,A + fro.T ,".b i5.l+ '+ Y r ai t lr p a o er,tsr .c...... ; and 95 sole. Josh.0 tin 4-I Itriown ll. ladig f-ms ship t(hI rl.on. fi .sale byh al lIttI IlGg & Co, 1 cl€thpiog, )lading truln ehp .Chrlm.,n, for sle byh I i.IDGk. d&o.C m 1 N ,V GOODS-.Smmons liarnt d co are now 're I s'l eeiving from n hiard hips Yanoo, sn Sarato9 - SndheF Caneordia, from New York, a eant varietyl o goods m their line, which together with their faril n stock on ht.d, makes their assor.t eat verr I tlete. rhe following conposeo i art, vi: t ell twit, t.,r ,ide, atck antid dreasillge cnbs, ioo do ofalil descriptionso, I oP dia rubber, silk andd wosted elastie earers, common & fine elastic susleaders, loco foco mnd Lroifer matebhes, Seidlitz powders, pitowderpllfs and boxes, toilet powder, eocket hooks and wallets, needle books, shell pearl, I rory nod rlorocco eard casoes ead ornatients, ld ol co ral heods,neckllaces anl negligees, head chloni, ooad - necklaces, ct llans nad plainaeedl,ilvernd gil gltbends, Indian helds, belle and Ilumnes; pistol anid Inere pow .erflk,sl o lt belts, i hlrse, belt. pocket and i ucilitg estols; douublenodsil aglr barrlled cuns. Bowie klives, 11 anol dirks. seissor , lheors,poketknives, gnnrd ehalnos, and ribbons, waist bockles, cloth, hlir, tooth, nail,comb, sonib. san oe, plate, floor and dusting brushas, Cologne, Florida, luvreldere, rose nd bay water,oaortedlesseeencs, S and extralmcts, nlaeceasner, hear, aotiqse, ad Ward's to-* etable hair oils, shering sad toilet oaps of all des- - erilptions, Indie' anid gentlemens' desks and dressing cases, hair rieglets,frizottcs and braids, plain, fancy and mosicnl work boxes, plin and gilt, filoured, ct gsold l rest bhtttae, pearl and ivory shirt do, Sirt studde, gold - and silver pencil cunsS, toohplcks and tweezers,platedi and gilt locketa, triiature do, oilver, Iebrass cd steel tiimrllcs, hooeks and eyes. lhir pils, iditetion fruit, blk oand rediok,alho blacking, violin and gIitnre ribbed tnd Iplin pertnssion iopsi, liln tawine, seented cuso - tena, goliled nilver Iec lnd Rfioige, lntter paper, gamie bego, ilding weips, walking caes, plYotngcarda, fine h gold, elal;islid glitj(wellry rdc. The above, together with a great variety ofother arti lea are offered at wholesale or retail on a.coeodating N II Shell combs ropairod b DOUL m. n M hAY, Ialse, Sign, onl Olsmnhetats U) i'ainterse No 3 Carvsdele street, two doors fron CasIal streer. lmiationIs of the following woods Iand mPIetles,cx eutecd il a materley mannner. wones. oSnILi.(. SOMahog any, Egtyptlnn black n l gold, Oak, Giallnr and Acnticl Pollard do, Oriental or vcril allitqe, (arled lo, IJasper, Curled laplte, Illoond tooe, S Birds llEye do, I.arly Granite, Satlin Wod, Piotollac t Hair rWooil, l )oe or iblrdtello, Yew l're., Ialian Vlhite. i Cnroioanlle sor tlatk i$i,,no andl Ilractrella, - Rose WVoodi, Amli ian (ey, r As-h il e Oak, Lie. ik . hle. i C C eurlted tlm , SI p een oie to ie seen at tht shop. Paints, oils, glass, eopal tsanilshi, e. on alndo ndtor sale. it ItON, STEEL.& IItHVY tIOO)DS-liot, tqoorc and bund tle irn, well assorted. Hoop, stroll ald rod iron, nail rods and ploutgh moldsl Cost, Germn, .dhear, blislelrdl, spring, sheet sud Ct Crowley steel llllow w-oare, eait ond wronhl nails and spikes Zinc, block tinn mill nid grind stones, salt kettles Ch aihn le bles, nthlller,, h i e SOx, log It tIllitrlc clllini, ern mills I Alais ictes, Hlllnmmrnclld bllows VWire, slleet,ligd and blr leoad shot iy C..l, a d, eniiking saoves A mes, Ilohllcl's ad oltiers p;lltdelte slovels Hook nd plato Ililges, diorl oilld wiew iookls Cr :ollilnis, Itunts, tliullei. aid Itel, ixes g art rilndl Maiilla cirdiego, lins nu tiitswh liolt sold shenlicng chippier Natal sitoes lt IPillt, lieseedl sd . itslipe oil to A llllaltssotmllnett Ihardlware anti sllelp eindlery, always no I:lnll, and wllilch Ire hie crnd fir Iile at o hole at Iale or retail, oil tile e linorIilrllde trnIl.., byi ni4 LAYTllN &i Co. 53 OlIl levee. o .. . . DEAFNESS . NA NElcl tirle forpersons tcrlbled wilh dlnio.res, (ralled tIet ilealijOCt,) hias junst beei ri-ceived " by tile lise llf w liclh, sgliigtestrtieilatio1n at'tile hu " -man voice is diistinctl contveced to tile ear. Ati ollne I who ins ever IcPin iligiIlt lII 'onvIerse witlh a veer len iperson, mast lie fully ein,ille of ille difficalty rid emn. c bnrrasscentexpelieiioeil Iulo th li temelves aod ieI in de tividnnls so nlirleillonoI ofllicled Ily bellp ut e of tlhe rer 'rTrulnmpet lli obijetlion is enlirely ni,viated. Thle nletal scepticeal Inave ilo rivo no anloned tleir doubt ifler othaving used lleleTrinpei. For sale at T P GUION'S, Fancy store.corner of C.,amon and St Ckarles streets id ber he c Hi.clli . ien-l. fbe 1: -ihOde'teN 0111.I.S-O receivld for oren mille, by • np17 . 51lt, & III&IWN, 91, 01llsg.ine io S OAF SI~Cl \I--varcous qualities. rotnnlellvt illt L stlrt. andfrsale by SIIALL 'IIII(IWVNE, '. tmar 9 9ti 9 lingegino st IIHeIiTHI CLANNiIN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTE A No. 1 (:lllp sltre. WoVholesale Lealer in Points, Oil, Varnislle, Brusohes1, miIll Williwt and Picitre Ulesr Sc. Ae. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RORISO.V A' GOOD IPIA, INo. 6., C(hllseren Sreges, )lle IJlor below Bieotlville. I Vt A coestanlly on halnd ever e artlso nplertaio. S itug tl gnlllc-iin'e dloes, mnade in thr hcsl lll. - nor and most foBhioncible style, whilch they onfer fat n sbh, at redccd piriesa. S dec,-hi9tIl Ili N'l'AGU'E'h B.ALJMJ FOR THE TEETHI. IH Erestllllishned re puttlnon and connstartl, itnerentign e e'it ine for tl isi ertit , itolii rendv of tli , e it nd pire servative of the teeth, has induced 'the sub-rlber offer it to the All 'icatl public. Arrangem ents haI tleei indul Io supiply eutti i ei ll l the Iriui ml c ic alld tuWiae iil tile Uiritd Stltrrt.c, o ii o plne it i hi ile eac d those i ritrigi.nd likely to sutlier this lion hnrirsshig of ill iichee'l'nth-ache. tVlin ip1plied Ilt cortlinlg ti directions gitrn on bottle, it ila ilever frilel in ll lllll i llnel ill- and manent re'if. It alsoi arrests the dteciy Ito dlefectiv teetl, allnd rrlieves that reness i hiel' so i-requentih renders a strong tooth lellls Tire appliceatin tand remedyl are sinl:le, ilnnocent, an rot unllplelasllllant; anll tihe laIge number of persons in dlifirent e:tionls ofll th coontrv, thlat have alrsadv experienced such deliahlfut ltndialatry eflicts Ih'rom the use of tlfle iti, are ready to rneer ltIr ithe puilic good) tlheir toesiinoiv to itos lir rivalled qnihitlcs. It is an Indih retnelr- o brtained eingtlulilrh' t jt Itell prctrdliv, andi loie lie irigarl.r i Ib the civiliied word a thie tirit valuable discoveryr relman of tile woods Price i$1 :er bottle. Sold hb JARI{'IS & ANDRFWIIV, nTr 5 Car Common and 'Tehanitrnlts tit. ,/Oi 11, ATS', ci easies-25 dioren whlii V on Ha tlllsfBr ... !ElIT'; i. GtIAHAtA. at 16 v llTE LEAD- 5bl,1s, 1501i ts eac; :111 do 5 " '.'5 Entlish do--?i I-1 bble. 400 " luI Ioaint lrubes, varieus sices; I one Vertmilli ; 5bbiCoCpial Varnish; 2 Japonie 20 packs Gohl Leaf; 50 do Silver di; 10I do Dutch Mletel. WINDOW (;I.AiS,'Ani, rricnn, Etrlish and Frentch 101t0 Ihoses, vnrlnls siletn alt qualities. Iottlllll ,ro n do.-5l00U oxets, consignment,l, i ill be Also, a generel naot'nelrnt of artistt' tnlCltrs ane ols, lot sale by A 1 SCA'I Ed, No 16 Canal street. N I. Alabimu notes taken at i r, and Mlissisnipp lnotesa itr't u receivll at 0 per cent discount for goods or in pat r t of delts. je I Iw JARVIS & ANIDREWS, WlIOI.ESA.lE AND RETAIll DIALERS IN MEDICINES. PAINTS OILS D I'E STUI'F'S .))ND IVIXDOIW GI.. LSS, urtlner ol Commonie and Thoutlliitoulan streets, NAlwaiI.AN JARiVIS. JOH11N W. ANDREWS. A large upply ll Gardn Seedl . wtarranted the greowutl NDREW :M1ITII & CO.. respeltfilly intfira thelir friinds and the public in coner.l, thiI they ocienlly the new brii:lt Ishop,219 Telhonlpitonllas street, whire thelly p constantly on altld Ciiopper 'Tini and Slheet Iron Wer, of every descriptioni s ch as copjlper stills, kettles, and p ittlps, tint iath ing in s, ailld ril calin, o all sorts and izs, anlld al other rass calsting done at hortestho notion. Graie harns of every ne cription, slel as lsteam. boat sltilrups, htog chains, screw bolts, an I olher kind ofs'teanlbact work, such as chimneys, breech or, stenam pipes. They will also do nll kinds of out door work such a zin.e, copper anrd tin roofing and gitterina &ic. Thlley above and all other kinds of wo; in their linu of business, they will execute at the shortest notice. dr,27 IIARROWGATE SPRINGS ,h6rllloi rle ey .ltlllliv . Alnlaol,,t. THREE DA Y' JOULRNEIY FROM NEWIt' ORLEA4 NS. .r fll propriretor of this estailrishmint lih the pie. I sure of annountini g ito his tiendl l nilld tlhe plub i in general,that he will le in readlinleaby tlhe flrset dav o Slv ts receive visiier. lie will also state for ilie' le eflit oflihoe at na di-trnne, tllat there have been Inprs imprvaenetsr ilniode, unill olhers now golig au nlill in rapid progress for c impletnilol, tlich will enible tile oubeer.her to itleomnliOle n mulch larecr tnllher tha heretofrlle, and l Ilthe sllln time Imulll better. IF'niln can Ibe acco'lnlolleated o ith good rooms, or there who ileer can have large eabilo dietached froin the main buihliing. It in dlelteldl enilleeeeaer.rye tgay nnythilg in partico Iar of tlhe o nolmCeter el hoo.t' waeere, flr'it is getorl'rll believed that they are not inferiour to any in the meeli ern Stires. All tie nllmsolim tbht are gelalnl'r flttrtldat Watlering lllnte, will ie foinild alt tiii. I e best mnusic tllt this pati of ti h couetrtry af'olrs, et lieiae ngigcil. ant will be in roilsnt iuatteidnncetii tae Springs dturing the whole emnn. hl mictiseelilct will avail lii:self it this opionrlunitv in returning his ulli'iged thanks fir thb verv libertel osupier given him la-t seaone. iand horpe hv 'the pxer tins thlnt haver been iioild ill inlrorvitlt and exlterlding thle nClllolnrodultlits,a tol merit i liberal paltronenhi ll' Present aeason. JXJU CRAM. L 6.sEGO L'tll No 54 Conde street. betwethen Dmnain anil Si Phililp, korlna coeutantly on hIurti In xtepnive nee irttllnll tileos iId birogans, nd -toe*I of New Yoirk mnnutfaetnre, fiLr irmes, womern nd ehildreen of ill onge, whItel he will dispose of of very tIodtela*teprilee. Fanmlies of his ar'q:intance on nending an onler will hvee their whes. aretended to L S SECOUR. I . illK GI LI'I'toNG-26 seg.s, well Usrn! t.d c elothing, ludi t' Ohio, and John lIanlop alsbs.. ISW.A.S.., , iý1~rl'dG1A' ý=I91 'ý -.a... BUSINESS CARDS. no] JOB PRINTING. , Or ELORY DtORllTICtt, to al SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CIIEAPLY EXECUTED Place AT THE OFFICE OF THE andS True Jrserican, T' ST. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. i m23 taedtl to the A CARD. ieita, E & SINNOTT, samd WIholesale Grocers and Commist.on 4lerrhanls, nr No. 27 Common Street,Ne I Orleans. nostr {FTPartieularattention paid to th uttling up of proo Stunta boat and Ship, storms. e, atelat SAMUEL TOBY, o '.lerlhandise Broker ommission .Nlerehant, t dl3 Office, 30. Camp st.-For the presentt. of sa J. P. FREEMA N & CO.. ahab Wi elesale Clstlisng EsIblskmeast IV No. :3, nltltuoine street,s H! AVEecnstantlyt onhand a large autply of Cloth inpT ' inr, calculttd "f r the country trade. Their as. ank -ortlaent being large. merchants from thle country can Unit be su Flied at thle shortest notice. toge octI the I ------Abe ` BAZAAR.J. A BUI d& AiLEN, othe NO. 1, EXCIIANGOE HOTEL, Gen "'rner of St. Charles and Common sts,. mul TMPORITERS and Dealers in French atd Ellgliah I Pritrlnntrv; I)lressaitgCoa'candt Portablc e IDesks, Cutlllrr, HInsitea . Glories Shir, Stocks, Umbrellas, v Cane;nnd Fancyv Articler. d te K EN i'UcRKY, tIli ais, etl tndiana Btank t Noes, lKr stlc by A TItEll, may 3 74 (;ravier at JtlWkit.Ktt, AT WiotJLEtALE. at 31T. IEtI., No 1t, t'harttes et Ias Ibis tinv re w iivesd a Illl assaltoet,t of WVtlhetr, Jewelry, ,polae., Sterota es tre d Glass Ware, they will he offer- eon dlat te IowYest mnrket price. apti I to IEALEItS IN AMERICAN & ENGLISH CROWN GLASS, Ih aNt. 3 CatanotLET STRHET. oN FASHIONABLE CLOTHING Itw TAYLORL ILAD1)EN', t No. 14 Cbartree. Nareet IIAVE aeoEeutatlttllltttly I f every article tperltoin.f ,o Ito geuttetuoto's dress, of tile latest style ntNew York ba ORLEANS LITHOGI&APHIO PRINTING ESTABLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, at (oppceite Ianks' Arotdto. w IIL.L1.9.11 (dil EEXE, I'POPRIIEFTOR ra nri L BANK NOTE ENGRAVING Pt RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON It 1l1, VE ope.trd ato olllcet int t Neoc Orlreta. . . les'in ) tIe ftr tloe ptrote of eertgraving en1 p itilnilg Rantk Notts, ott ,itno ls, iltls of I:tcl to...., Certilion'es of Ittposeitr, g. k (Ite kts amtd other itam, lenit papers, touring secureity eg tt thet ir tot e; 'the i el. et t t na ett rnd teel/t e t otieit of na oever frhe hlundredll btltlkls inll+tilllt l, nAnd all orde,,rs will be xrcutldll Fwit prompllilltld, ann'l on the sutllal tt tletlns. Ullit,', corlltr t.l Royul & Canal sateel. CIHAMPLIN & COOPERI, I GROCERS AND DIEAI.ERI IN PROVISIONS cal AND FEED,ill No. 79 and 2 Julio street, New Orleans. [T Ship and Feloily stores pot up. mar 5 I.OtllOIIANA A FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, Bienv:lle street. rnt iILI.IbAM R. CARtNEo, woould respectflluy in- Ha ffarm Ills fritndls anti tie pultlie that be is tcon- the stantly receiving friom Now York and loston a good to Id assortleOat of Fulrniture, och asa mtahogttlly chairsic sofas, led-tendsa naple ao paninted chlttais. Itotttle oild chac'rvr bedsteeti', mahogany and cherry tables ofell the lescrlptioot , bt reltt , tiltt, t Cteto a nrtt . writictetl on dlesks, wardroletra of tatoegon y nood lcherry, wash tt sI Rllsoe honking glsrses,'rtntler, bedding, &r. &c. Nit. Furmtaure packed for trnnsportation with great care. nt ovl3 INSURAN .E COMIPANY tlt OF NOEt\ ORLEANS. cini nleu This Companv are now prenared to take It RISKS AGAINST FIRS. Ito eoFFICIt, No. 24 Mauasson'ts uilding, Canal st,tret. E tI TIIACY, New Orleans, l lny 15.17.33. tecretanrv. i j t..I)D COI'PIlt--3UtoI Ibs oltt (olop,.t tr rale by attil 4 i'i'chvpittuu. A - UStITtN & ASPINALLS i IOMPOUND 'ONIC MIXi''URE.--A speedy r Sand erotain cour for the Fever and Ague, or Sremittent and irientond i.cooottt fevers; prceiared from ch: the original recipe. Used w:th eminent and uni vu i veraal uccers In 1832, by persons of tile highest Ti respectability in tits city, as stlated in the annexed goto certificates. te Tlhis medicine is highly rerommended, and has beern extensively used in thle above diseases with Ot such distinguished success, tIht the proprietor of tie recipe has been indoced to offer it to the pub. tit ki lic in its present form, in the hope that it mat y be i the meoans of reheving many of those who are vc I suffering under the scourge of ouer country. It is nu a medicine possessing groat viotue, and when used ed Y eaccording to tile directions has niter failed of amt r' tefietiing a core, even in the most obstinate stage I tI of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, untd t "' persons of the weakest stomach, and children may ov take it with impauity. It strengthens the digestive tno organs, creates an appetite, and acdontm e ireuires nmq" in one, or in obstinate eases, two bottles c to . .a cure. There is neithefr mercury nor SI arseento in tie medicine, nor any thing injuriouso to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its ctfiaoey, thr.t they agree pr to refund the price of every bottle which haso been takon in accordanet with tho directions and has f, not elfected a a perfect curo of the fever & ague. of A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at to hIis wholesanle and retail drug and medicine store, corner of Bienvtlle and Chartres gtrccts. i For District Agencies apply to ti jo5 T. W. S.MITi. 48 Conti at. n aair PEINSACOL. 3I.tANSION IIOUSE NEW CITY, PEN"NACOILA. FgIIE tlbserliterhavino, purtohn.o the Ilo ese lnd foe nittureof thini well kilnttll uatablihlinent, fonil lt 'Taylor, the late p.rprietoi, will he ready to receive vi, te: i by tile Itt ef April next. Nu weroes anod cttly inmprovemients will be found in the arrngllements of the Manion HIIowue. New alld more comnmolious balhintg houses will be built, andl warnm b th. will be provided l t all hours. A stable. will he atinched to the hulse, with guool accomluoda. tiolns foir iurses anld ctLrriages. "ilst rate hors and lcrriagen 'ill lnu o Ilo kew t faor hire at moderate prices ald itail and tlow ioltt, iilth petios to mnnge Ihnl I for lit ouse ol viali't. ILtilliolo nodl tlthesr tluasenloent baslllh foiulo :it a.ering plates till alonhe flunishlrl, toild tooelotUtle,I 'is tot toi tte'fere with thoe nmfoei a ild iel t < of t hel tel erit . 'l',"e'O inis t ld liqiuors t ill he no th I ot Ituail, ntd to ecnsure on ll o.ply e in,., n car ha I a 'lred',d bee ortderet, o iclk will ariei about the r t r.hl v o l. " r l Fr l dtrirk lilt i, t , allt re lretrly k it sopon t llnr It hitel t \oeil 'e i t t tlll o jln ct-l i iio hit, Itt he 1el for he w otnri ho, wal t ;iil h l ii l lolfideititv Iesee l-ee ti hloliet elfti l tert noli h . be tie it ol st Ir t . . e lilo, ilhnel- awil rivr, ; atry pus=lhun1 a;l h'llllrllu Ic y tlorif y Tbe !slt adIvantags ofl Itl a house are too we:ll klnni oll ill h lel. teI a Int, ulrd o deee ln hi (.ll"r;d . T er facti that I Sotlhe n nhire.. largest h insnttion of the (l eito,'r!n t lie itr lltoll o rth. i o of the Gult stiiilt tmn thiie ..n tl iit) i 11of itliil.tite retercuiichi eons tl ii di tt IIARiOILD. lilg itllillerume iniolti g to enoleo I roon es or tlir tihe lill! the e lt' " f lool' i lt Ito vl e ieiii tilioeigtl l itl. i island- utd riTers; thnlih ountl;'eni nlid dtlica'i ontf the Sretn 'e h pr-. I'e i oh1 Sovr ill otlter lllIce in lIeer, P atit, ias t I' 1i-A letter bli p, tol neei o nrriittrlr tl f petrs trle bhunte lril el, i helneed at 'eO Whiot and ' FlORIDA RorUt: FlIR NEW YORK. (T' Tr'Itellers Iesirtlis of li hing tihe Flotrii ronte, vin I'eaionlnltothe Northri. iofiitnet thtIIe tri rle bhile, roo ill at 0l1 ti:enc l a r eto take the lensrug th Ifro' inua New lrle s b llslhi et.oiot N 11 ARNOI.D. Th~e rtemollt Chmpion I~vmve Mjlile hitr P'ea rEAN 'RIe, FARI.'S I.tOGNE 1WA3ER I O rau e url*re of thiu sl'ierior Colugros 'ater, juot relite I tilem fn iir alig to engl e or sinle for the. famlnrie, can lred enhel toiler t i-iwl'ers, pitole ( tist adl boxes, hinabnoui tuilet tnanptonsmolie nashb Irllse. tiill T ''lor, the o .meti enlil trnm, exr Ne. o T Sa",for. dFSIq. ArCCo,llurm, rti IllpinE Eq.,lot. Kitiv, inepbh.le; ei 'l' etolr, li 1' Reai n, pal iu No,. P1ee:.' Alter bag, llo receive tumemtnienslliettl f ollrl, hnim. tille ,boile hotel, i placed at Gutot hot niti vin deataeulato lhe h, fobiofnu,rb d that nirl rhill hnal a will nlll<tl l ran frull i.lll. b ile t,, I eno, .\lohiei, ill ettne Iofthe ioeioo oft le au-its NIIIO . It ART &CO, The s 'eallbat Cht'-lit Temlo Ivluile ti r d enie rece.ivel tnd fr sale fte th.i dozei or t ingle bontnle. Sut' sin a nt bxes sha 'no . mt toilet sais, oOSielt wavh W• r t'r tc y Lit .S-ti bane Iio.,ilton indizn hllac Royal Collge.of Pyalenicas Lssndon.i TlHE" original Vegetable hIygeian Universal Medi TL ine, piepscd- by W iskin, Esq. Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lieentiate of Apothe-! rary'saompany, Fellow 01l Dolt Court Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Aaociatien, Lancaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Thomas's liositals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experienee anti unparalleled success in the extensive and highly respeetable practice of the propriety, palro oised by the fiulty an nobility, atd is now intaroduced to the notice of the American ptublie, at thie earnest so licitation *of a tnumber of gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a prelimi nary step, to cheek the evils and fatal eousetquencs arising from the use of the numerous andti deleterious nostrums loisted pttmn the public by tihe aid of fabricated proofs off miraculous cares, and other frands, by a set of mercenary, nnprioecpled pretenders. so totally ignorant of medical science, that it impossible the monstrous delusion can any longer go down with the intelligent people ofthis country. 't he*e pills, mild and agreenable in teir nature, should be kept to every family in eases ofsttdden illness, for, by their prompt administration, cholera, ecramps, spasms, fe' srs attld other alarming complaints, which too often prove fatal, may be speedi Iv cnurted or iprevented. In fact, all those who value good heanith, shonuld never be without them. They are eld' in packets at 5n cete, $1 and 2 eanh, by every respee noble d euggist, bnh kscuth!n, and vohdornif nesline in tint United States t I le C'andaso , with copious disreetionts, trgetLer with: esttonsnials of p nroiessotnal ability ftom the following eminent gentlemen: Sir Astlen Cooper, Abernethy, James lhnatnil, M. D., W. Back, M. I)., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., santid numerous others. The originals sony be aeen n pomession of the General Agent, by whom the medicine is imported into this counetrv, and to whom all applications fer agencies must he made. JNO. IIOLII.EIN, 129 Waeverly Place, N. York, Sole Gient-l Agent for the United States, P.c. For sale hy appo'intment of tie nriginal proneriettar. hv SWAIN .d uitoTineo, l)hstggiets, No 11 Cana sweet, U.renerp Ageont s ior Statthre of L.eiSiannm. jon v8 weVnNItY It L1KV 1'd£ on, Nod I logoelsae otreet, ate t row receivintg from ships Naih ille, Louisville, enntaheky., Eagle, nd other late arrivals trmn :he i :-ithern cities, a large and new selected assortment coosstsUso I, shoes and Brognas, emsittnig ofg'ntisel 's fine calf and Morocco boots do t2dqoalityn; dto buit'd, and stout wax pegged boots various qtdities; men's fino calf seal and ieMorocct ier a pmpe anti brogons, buckskin shoes, brogm s ant snlipes a: men's fine calf onn kipped pegged shoestond I rogosn; do boots; do stont kip sit wnax pegged slats - eal brogans; gentlemen's lest qluality calf newest shoes, Inogans ant Jack I)ownings; do calf and Moroeco i ockle shoes and brogans; do caslf, seal and Mnroecn I lian shoes and slippne's, do calf, buff unto seal, asnew article; do fine calf, sel.t and morocco qtanter tos ts; boys', misses'and children's pegged and sawedt tnogans, and shoes ofevery quality and kind. Also a general assorntment ofa men's stout wax and rett brogans and shoes, together with 10,000 pairs egro htast tqttality, russett brogans, wailed in the banks, made expressly'*for plantiation use; a geon aes. t etmenl of mnens iute andt stoolt kip russett brogans, a d w article, and a orge qlantity of an. inferior quality r' set andn wax brogans. Ladies' fine caltf, sealt, morocco and grain welts, and ptmp sole shoes; do line Frenach Morocco and kid run s'.mtd slippers; do roan sloes, with atnd without heels;n rh calf, seal and stouat leather bootees; do l'runellasahoe. 1 Int kinds and qtaldities; do lasting brogans; dio .aitern ranl esxed hooines. dinsses' lasting spring sisnetntt at gins. Chiihhne's colored Moreaco et leasting bro. 6.. tsarod boots, fre. nentletmen'st'fsr.nshionnh, bhlack silk hats; do hlack r son idrb benver do ov a supenrior quality; do imitation t, ramdo; broad dan narrow brtini men's line dltb lnd : tk Rzssi shor't tun ,pedt hats, a new atrticle. Youthso l n e size hats of different qualities; do childran'.. .tla's atnd be)'a btlack and dda'b wool hats of various si ties, with general assortmetnt of boys' and men's eoo! reps. ' lis assontssent till se replenished h) tine arrinval of rtu It packetoiron thie snore named cities, all of whicht n il be sold on aeeommodating terms. attg I-If NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA New reons, Nov. 14, 1:7. BO1T oix months ago I had the misfartune to get A s-cret disuese, ler ials hi i hlve ntspisd tno eal doctors fora cure, and tihe did not cure i s. noo on the above date I put myself tnder tlneots of Doctor llaet, aodt I expe.t hlin to cure ie. Since that time the disease got worse, sn as to break out in large ulcers to the number of six or eight on ea h leg, and all over ,y lnce, andn sore throt, and not able to work at Ihe tresent fm n oailssOunt of the diseane; large nier OIs the riglht side of t te throat. loam ns.v p sting myself confiliently under tihe cure of Dr. liner, if Paris, to be erfeetly cured JOHN DEAN. feb14 iy' " DO CERTIFY that the above mentionedi diseae is Squite well curetd to my own sastiahetion, for which I thank )r. Ilset; atndl motreover I asre that thle medi cine i have taken nsat.en ass fat, and dist not injure my health at till ; therfiore I advise niv f flow .uolLrers so lose no time ail andssly to tir A. Ilut, 121 Canal I trsed, between i)asstthints' nod itoutbrts osreets. lb. lHuieisetl hone frvlllc o'c~lose, :.tA, unstil 4 ti 5. i'bly will find a tre octor fs r tlhis cmplint . tJI)lN IltIAN. IlI Gravier etreet. If any one wants to ace ame, call at Ns. 4 irnavies Nr, "'ts""tN ItEo 1 N. N- w N rhs . Fts i1 1ftit. fsb i4 t v JUat FUBLlOJik IeJul a'%1'0:: P0 c e 'fE' thLJr. 0, L) lhe Pith tCdliino rf ROWIF.TT'S TABI.ES OF IN'I'fREfT: T.O wohichl is nrew adrlre n Av"rge Time (ialetll,. 1 to. o' e tCic eIllor icr ti flltirin tihe avvlnge limet Oil sFor:age. lanis, 0 1' Itlnll or bills of' o. ds C , .t.n I1 1 ,or chll:rd a:t dlltirnt dlates, cln difitirent ereditls,:nd tfr e variol amonmts; beshide , a eauhel ll tnll conlplctte linietg lTme Tti le, t 'e bet Ihat ca:n he contrtied. e that itft glAres can r ure withtin the scame erulesond compass, Ain a:vcl.tisement in the book is i nea.rly the follow "l'lteihigh olsttltton this wo'k has reef ved thle tell gislgitte cet plrefirxed to thle title page, is a ie eommenl;.tiln in itself, so [nceommon,, alnl o eonehto ive, i t I nlthling is tleeessary more tlhan I.v wtooof all vertisement, to giveo eodlllns. view of' soe t o its i e elliltrities: fer nstanceo, tie Intoerestl ils ieen comotfs edll froml,alnd e pared with, what is equivalentl o tito-. Irn ets rf'e:llallaliole, exalmield i the press thhirv f/te til ooet, sll tri d Iroltm terolciype plates esitet edfrthte eites, ont. anrl which it mst bhe evident even to til ktt:ect: (eoei:llly o00 tho te.sonol oflthe Ie rtoll of prof inl toie lritee)l at tile weok mst Ih e nalr i mettarll tilr nfelli!eo, stel ill eonllflrltijo ofuttis belie a premilll it It IwIo· hloctll ote l tfllt' dollarls, is now oftir Ed for le detletio, eof al elrone tfa ernt ill the presret ctx ften of e ..1i;tn,a exlrossed i litte plface, oakini five ler tlcemltoos filelntei for tile same error ainte lte firet Ifhllcatilte ill tie yell 18(02. Son e oa tire most eco.aietots feattlres titie bitles is inthe rrtllngttmelt rin tile 'Time atolliAnoor ts, whlei tfor exeotioer, rofnlerete lrti ilet.pietoitv, with lle hela oftthe slde adl iltex, canront te exoelle;d ao teil s.nly t taneasn ente t hich tie inl'eresl tte Ibe fotei to thice extento gronetal itlsi bes, twiilholttl eiolllilg Ofn tetS it hedilhs ta onte aenee sr eselltial, that in the estinm. tion ofiaome oti e eot eompete,tet nt tn practical bltsi ness men ad plic fttlleofirs llt ra leo hle mte great use of the work, it has beent dlstlgaltihe by ll the heorale appellation sefofa "tmaster Itloe'O". Atef eltsielering tihe inft: libilte v if the methtl o lgiahlly lao itet ift coroing lp the wok, i work tire h Xlhe O(li lmber tn vareet, o ithe talt ol:tlios, adcl tests of every edlitio it haspasseehiln e plt- ar eo, tilthttelillg the o'ethle is it sterleotye, eonstiltleelg, in sh 6:. fe lpositive accuracy secirel Iv the mtpl'veeldetttelI mn.tS emtlOy oil, tlhe vo lume has heeo hel up l roti eomphrticlly astyled "ethe most wvonderrul hooklit the wrslik;" most c srtuinly n m:a eso n"amen f(gore work ofttie same extent, wicie aritince tie begianitg it erieation, has had te e so m t1 ne oelri Rev of tests it the same number of editors; Seno, Otor ote h llfthe number, as is elearly steho in the I peeftee. le testideat, nrsteot atl stnllrita hlee r trire andlt ;it"reeol it nearly teli tle bank rlaid lphlie iimecs io tile Uillntrlt Sltdes, tolltl hv tie public generally. t hring the , Inll: of tlitlt-frl e rears, vetlt to eror of ite al. t selllatimllns hlal c bet ortd iel lritre, !t olllert otion aily cthlcreeis thie eiriee oteto . "re ltetl insta,. iere ieerotho'. rve reet . yrdteleteci hyt . ttt ts of lr cl otevolal ofthle States as the ' I"te of eellolloll Ithho tttlitlet,t c:.e i clT(s:ao ".y Icy Ifor fien ihiteweat, "n heeh, byr if s t ,.ance oraer extecularys, vinis t uew oame i:a ir tthrco tie ni est Irscln,s o ilacus Ie ict er qier t oo rhf tieoicoell Shtrle. i le tsiaettrtr oic rr ii,.t t icy it' roetelleel, et i i itias s rlC eictt tll tI:rte i o r, i tu imler ro t wofere emod etrnIoi the s tal e Ilti soea t a most competelnt I e ;litctor s, at t i t cO C tees an they bsu l ete ne in ot cominle l ted , h so t eoreeioe n its f prtooges, t its ]ould" Iinlk it r a ctinitl, Ihlt teen rnsife'2 f oy r. retes et-illat, tiet l orglle icet lltittefirst elitioce oetsseae,aod ourt t o f pr iet,e grat emhtr of sear.on sainrey copites ee o hsei ct r, sklme to oo e thdiotanloe.u cR olli p htheir r umecos pndiers, asr inry coxul amin-e aflr ho fiohrei uorce ofot $ttalo $tfter coty,o aned no erotisment h laee rfce. s drelar ecl, unit lnstnce r- fa tally. I 'letto be atd for lesa , and ae inlldivi.a ire thie l; lerl ilst.lece irlltirthel:,rl, h:villg at tihe s ne iitte rxtthibitCd satilltture y pree, to so',rt.el pl(eisons pre sent thart to iim it wase Ireally wrolh tli:t tonev al Sr tretrlu ugh the seatvig of hrl , oert voltable tlime, le beirg a very rich nun tadoi ionhlieaotice. It is likwisa l wlt oro it'ot.e, nend intlteed proper to intere'w, taIet rese it tile itlre of figoae work genorally al npeeiallye whell of the exteelnt atndl illlelelorale I these rn his, ihal hlIo this book or ias like twih iptrts-i. e in thm u l sm amoerm vloele, I tire msost enompetent r c rculitco . in the woeitd, 'rttl ref torte rtii ptiteid mos t s icionly Indiil7 hlisoton e co rettle of proof tsheets, it woti tttlllnmot to a cert:lillltti he hi.e o etlllSe iot i r feleco,all ilelr pt all plrinle,a tlae 1tolfee arie-tle Lhil'e eepital i tt sfeet frlt and viuastle harecve ihe Sterea-l oe p fties o r this wanlkltee et-'e, iet tosetrtee iteil. ilhth rllelrr lllllrlerels ntldl exlraoillinal. examllinla tLiols, n.gllorirlt Ie, foir Ich gretoelal tetcfit, ihe are (bhy t eotitcoeneem) eotttanily kepit i a fllaee oif sieeiel .cealftt, rexceit leile ue I in 'ir . Alleeelieotiolns to fild buil baneiks and slatteltt ito' eat wrleh uselful mies, .allow thie lrefae, wllil, iin lis fibs as in lfe ltwo preeetditg edietions, eoltail machle in a frrtoati:n oloeeorllillg tle Itwo la;wil moodes ofeompeit ill illter eta, 1te e f Ys h fgt nee, Tce. It t ret;il tes oly tIot rellle k th:t, otwt-tilehetl.ding tiis i~it utimllOOet' ooolly eoik, wset~h was iublished betiere tillte est tables wel:e ioltelat l lete a in olla; a dl e nts i .e-l :r y)elllId atllhrln , has 'ween so exttolnsvely allo So Iielbeally h ptroised, it has ioe ee e t tla mtt c h its pafi with ielteres. tee hertit cola of eteevaee foee theousafd dollars, besides six secrset e liron 1t9eJ9to 131)5, slstilell oil thllefirst edition ofr 7rO eaoies,t,.risie . ehiefly tfrom its pltbliea tlior at ht tiet,to at etr Utler. leer,) to rey othig lof I eonltellttiolt or lrilfltfor aIltoto a life.ltiee of cetre toil, al a erncice. 18 ieefooe tee author stiif relies lllon tite ii elieaseetltet soel getcrocily of the pulltit for tsti eOllu: ci Knoo of profteetaieeld pitalrhe. er ,'rtleoh by the l'ritee atl Bookrltiers ic tle Uniteed Stal,. i I pero l si; MiAisipfi, frLt aew. T rk, a acrke or- I ortmeanlt of lt'at fitrifle trod belt 'teic flhforr., 1 THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Gae. D la m leaves Mobile every day at three No. o'clock. pmin per U S nmil boat o for lIall' Landing, above Blnkely,-thenoe four schi past conches to Pensacolan-thence Iteamhuts to Ln Ingrange, where theland route ia resumed-thence thea via Marianna and Brownsville, Fla. Bainbridge, 1. Pindertol n, lItwkinsville. Sneedereville & Louie. cone villeto Auguast, Ga, connecting regularly with o ti the rail road cars to Charleator, lnd the steam side packets to Now York, Narlolk, Phil ,delphia, etc. P 'TheIatertaiboats are thle hes for tie service, and the envigation presents more advan'age than ei n ua be found.upon any steamboat route in the suth. ern region. Thei great improvements in the ro ite have been prgouced by theconstruction ol fif vmilet of new I road, by the proprietorrs viz : from LaGrange on a LF"a'ette Bayou, an arm of Santa Rosa Bay, to Ilar Brynoit's Ferry, on the Chattlhoochee river, ten pia miles above the Cowford, or 14 above Cedar Bluff, whereby the nnvigation of the river, and tile con- ha se oent detentions, and more recently the ineon- the vellient crossing at the Cowford, are entirely ia avoided, and a fine road from Marianne direct Tb ito Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout road via but Chattahoochee, leroening the distance about forty liles, and ic:rearsitg the facilities more than onlce dayis Alie, c,,ranch line of two horse stages every Jother t.y tlrom Iliowkinevlle, via Perry t, Macon, al Ga. connecting with the line to Savannaho and so Darien, Gea. t A mail steambeat [lies regularly between of Slirnbtidge and Apallchirola. 'l'ravell rs wiashing C to reach any point on Cnlntahooehee or Apalaeht- an cola, rno take steol.lonat at tBrownsville. se Mobile to Pcnsacola-L.nd Routlo-l)uring the t time occup;ed by the repairs l tOates, the proplrie. Ti tore of the Florida Ile will run a line of anur tA horse pst ecoaches every other day between Mo- "I hileaid Pensacola. bo Passengeros will leave Mlbile at 3 o'clock, p m, , in the U S mail boat, and proceed to l1nll' I and- ft cing, where a lour horse coach will e ain waiting to or convey them to the rexellent house of Mr. Charles Ott lIatl, I 4 mile distaint, where they will find l ,leasont aecomtimaitionvt for the night-leaving us next morning, liey will arrive in Pensacols early fe in the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort of tie niLht tro velini. ib a Olfice at the Maniion liouse, Mabile, andCul. tli e lins' Ilotel, Pensarnol, where seats must be seen or reot. S'l'Ot KCrON & Co. non I of atinae arte Iorlrurcon. u r, William Smith tenders his services to the citi. je zeas of New Orleants as a teacher of the piano hi forte. Mr S having been employed severnl yeora a a teacher of rnnsi in private falllies in B seion, te rnd alsa at several of the female Ieminaries in its At vicinity, cannot but hope to merit their confidence. ' lHe is "permitted to refer to lRev Dr CI.pIp, Mesars to Stetson & Avery, Henderson & Gaiesr. al fir terlms. &c please apply at the bookstore of cc AlcaanderT,.wer,49Ctiympt act 2 hl in Drugu and .iltediriees. JS €erettist ro as ha eated hunself tt this city for 1 the he purpoe of transacting a general Wliholesalea n Ue bsainees,. lie is now recetving a full supply of fresh iand genuiie artiilee, which hr e will sell on liieral termo. To city druggiats, and ihobe of Ithe interior, to physiciant, moerchants and p lrant rs, hie will off r ilnducements sunch as have lievel be, fore, hbrn offered in bhis ei;t. His intention is t. Sdo atrictly leeitiTntate bt sine.sse. IIo stock iill hor n be co.i lete, nd int a few wveeks will Ite rran s d for businesstt . All orders Iro in the c unlltry, and i 'from mterchante of tt is city, receiving such orders o will he prompily attended to. a F oct NS 3Camp t it W tOLESALE AND RETAIICOMB AND VA VIIETY STORE--at the sign of the goldeno comb, Moa. Chartres stveee. The subscribers have re ceived, in a itiion to tleir revios stock on hatnd, a full atnd complet. urortlenti of articles in their line; vlz: iI cnolbh, i.rfalli.rv Jtwellro, brushes, Ioeking glasses, fr fU oe troile , -s, .eia sisting in i art as follows: ICO t IlS--t trloise shell, wvnoght and ailan retek, ist, qdilled Ioek, long round, dressing, idla pul eaurl ald netlk, Brtzilian cotmbs of ery description amongsn t I whlicoh arv some Mexinln patter, tvoryenaatis of every daseription, horn, dressilt n od acrket, togftcler witha r f geaernl nnorlrtnent ofFre'nnh |nndAln,'·rieten. I'tEItFI'II'EILY-Cologci'n, aI.vendr,r liorido, hloytav, huy, roe, anI orange foIhwrr wa-ftrv of rvery size and dets cription, ctamphorated Cologne, extr:et of llrganlot, r fancy soaps of all kind, shavring do il cakeas anld oto, erea. sooap do, bVard'o rea'table htir oil, hears and an- a is irleloin Preston's eaeoliiig rsalt, plain nnd perftined a toiletp arl ler, pcnrl powder, l irpot ll and bttxes po I t- itnn in potaund rollrorri anl chlotrinea tooth wash , and ttoweirs, with a gener itv.sortlrenti of ' - JEP\\'El.I.I-some of the latest and mlost fasliona i thie rrtt, consisting of white ndl redl cornrlian, topar At I jet eardrop.1e et infilagree, brrlat Fin .of a gree' ,te irtetv fl," il'rn watch trimltit:.t, gil noid rile- ,icekle., silver nnimbles, silt; r nd-d p..h )( il .nd guaTdl chains tII USlII:S-Clot, , ti dust, i, ernttihti ,a, lutt,,floor,T h nt, .lesh, tooth, plate, eomb, Nail, tiaing, shoe andit whitewl itth br t-l.'a. I.O()KING G I.ASSES-German statia and toilet Sglass, matgnif ing and lrench dressing glaasi, honme tIo, iti n vriv ofother kinds not enulr;ed 'F.HNt:Y %NtI) VA.I I1'Y AtC''lCIS.ES--Freihb a- nd Amelrican Inrtale decks nlld dresing cnaes, some Sceordinns o ivariouts kind, iolins and goiturt , silver and 'g plated pencils buid Irndwood pencil. Ior oarpnteri bad fl cayyone, mantle cloeks,,uns anad pistols with lnd .vilhout ren~wdrives, shot bol|:,,rnl. h ,+ p1titter titteblaltkian, lttwy line andl eannon knives, rlatis ttad stissors, intibles, e i needles ' ins stlir a eIt oeol andft etn.n spt uie ta tcner p.tket bofks nd wallet. of wlrioua kindr, vi.iitito - lrd.nd card altses, playing ards of Frencle , German rut htnd A nmericn mnluntactl ue, di ols, imtitattion ''r uit,, i llLtIv I- dropsw woy*,tches, pearl tttIretaos, powder lasks u, lnd 1- pllan seed bends, milt .id ssilver do, ginm ela.stie ds )on ,eti ders xt garters, plind and sword anoes, b glla.gltllOn de- "nnd drinkinig eops with n great varety l oitherarti It- ,ail ofwhilr h,,'.'ii be sold Inr eosh o" city w cept an I n ecs on 12 montles credit. B II 81, SI30 :r86, & :o. qr t 0 7C brartrest. li'F ItM OIL- I150 golions pure witer d o Sperm Uil, in casks and blls, for sile ty JAILVIO & ANdlIt.Vc., Vhnllesale D)rug ste, corner C' nnion and Tchap It'nhcoogo.oo hO r, Ioonorlolftcry, fo.I-A o,ý'.t',ouooo nrticle of cologne, pill uip expresly lor the rvenll tried,; nlsn the purest F" e cll Porfl' u er, , eclbra eongo every varicty or the tiole', for sle by act 2 REICS & D'LANG. VA ItROIIHES-Tl'he Subsriber, Ioaving Int ly ella hlished a varnish manlfactore in \ewI rleans, in ready to tsupply tie inters andl the lbhlic in general, Soa hboelernle o retail. Iis prices are Inodlerate., and inthe innlty to his pr*.dlnls superior to ally ever brouohl ft this plore. "io'hoo eltleton etilplot e'lto sluperint. d tile inllnool .tcll'rto v hIIy been o li I ' h 'd oo r all exted sive antblismsc nt Ifl is kind ill lurop ei 'I he n disp)nsd ' to, eil at ithe corner of Natche llnd T.ooll t''alinolas Str, shall be presenteld wit a fair samlple of any varnish they ma, wish lto try. AmIHncal thie varnlishes are the elaech No. l,waerranlled not In to :lnge cvet in boiling hwater. The hblck varnisl for loron nodl lteno bioo chinnlies. The transparent varnish without smell, & &ec. as II IItINNAIIEL. l .1OURt--00 andilg fir i steanmr Independ er:ce, le ..i i)ItSEY, m°: ,I t New I.oer. Ittllrrseoollll' Rtlzr Strlloi--'l'ileo coasesof the genuine article. jost rrr*ivced by 'i 3. RIi.EEE: & D'LANG, I8 Cnap a' lloo --,n I Roqot-3 olo ouit. ,toaoSoo t litile rape. made all of h',o p, tn chor, nod lor o'l"' hy n 3 lOGIERT & IIA\\ TIIORN, 63 CGrDeir a St.ESiJ IAIJ)ElN NEI:o--'rie . nocroer - i' bgf to o xprras .Ils grateful hllirks in the pub. I c, for the liberal support he hats ntreird since 8 e cnmlnenced bnsiness in flos city. Iling sle pro prielr ofl the seed store, 17 Coammon o trert, hIa I' not aond never neas nu0ont for any northern ered oender; neither is he colnnected nlillt any holuse inl lhis country-but he assures the public that his connetctitonsin esery deplrtmn nt of hll seed bouslt ness, in tie diierent countricsof lEurope are equal i wo that of any houle ion the Unied Stlalte. f.e io. porms a eds, plans, &c. from the most extensive and respectnable nurseries and sre Inten in France, II llod, Eaglanld, Sootland, nod lth no thert talter-- nd it will a all timles he his inreres,, as it Sis his study, to receive, inl addiion to ht present slornk. large aroivals of everyc desrriptlo, roeally the geruo t o i 1,838;: nlo, engrflted fruit tre s, nf all kiods. The public auny rely on finding a fnil as d sortint of every article in tile seed Ill,ol genou oon quality, and imported direct by Wint. DINN. iOb TtHE PUBLIC.-Tllhe underignod, havinog studied under Dr. ScLmidt of Charloeston, Soothl Carolina, and for some years his assist nt in the practice of medicine and surgecry, has the honor tI to offer his professionnl services in this city. it Ite assures tile ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention will be p.tid to the calll which tmay bo made; and also offers his services to the tolders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases conlmon to them, having attended them in he sugar house in Charleston. The famtons anti.bilious pills a ter the composition of Professor Smollette, with directions, can be had of' te undersigned. The efliet wllichl they have produced in tlhis and other cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to wlhich the best of relbrences can be given. Apply at No. 166 Alago. nine street. JNO. Al'LORING. N OTICE---The panertelhip of Kelley, lMason &Clo ol" New Orlen-; olilasot, lHarris &Co., of Natchrre ad Ilarrie, Kelley &Co., of RIodney, was dissolved on hel21st of May last, by thile death ofl Sanucl A Mason, one of the partners of the tfirs. Thell undersigned, enrviving partners, will be chllrged Nith the settling and closing said busiuess an fodlows: LeviC Ilnarris will attend to the ettligp of ihe business I of toasolo, Harris& Co., ot Natchez; and H.rrin, Kel. er & Co.,at Rodney; atd Henrv Kelley will attend to loe settling of the huinesso of KRlley, Moton & Co., at New Orleen't. The natlof hb e several firms 1ill be used in liqoidttiot.onlP. T'hoe itudebted to taid iones e earnetsly reqousted o ctne h,rwcard sad mnake early eettlements and those haying claims will pleanr enent there without delay. EVI C HARKRIl _ Hi:ýKV KI , Y ý _ -ThOLBEAR'S Sclince uffPemanubhip received, ad U for sale at tlheir permanent Writing AcademiesNor No. 8 Chatre nstrmt, New Orleans, 111 Broadway New York, Dauphine st., Mobile. it is particularly desigaed rlie private learners, and e schools, and is calculated fir persons of all ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to cll and e amine the system for thIemanlves. Th lnessons are given at sic as may suaot the convenience of all, and to classes formed ie'nny pat of tho city. Ladies wno prefer it can receive lessons t their ownref nidenees. "T Persomns paving eanie of lessons are desired & o attllen&:''.; '. n .e..v llaslthey wish. Y en .3Xit BItOTIbt.R. N ROWANDS 'IONIC MIXTURE, toi FOR FEVER AND AUE. Cal FInEN years have not yet alapeed since it wans M 1 first regularly submitted to the public; but it Coi has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. hal planted every other medicine for tihe Ague, whorev. We or it has been known and appreciated. Already Pet has it been carried in every direction tlhroughout ti tihe United States, and still realizes n o "e than could I Ihave beentt anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Ifd Thousands of persons Iave not only been relieved, Pi but restored to health nnd vigor through its agen. Ne cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its do'ided and supreme efficacy. It is conmposed of such medicinal principles its are No calculated to renew tihe lealthy action of tie stonnm ach,Jiver, and other important digdstive organs, the ross of which harmrony is the immediate case I of tihe disease. It is apparent also, that it prods. Oet cas an entire chitange in the condition of the system, n, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap- or ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended ist wsth any other complaint, the employment of the by Tonic Mixtu'o will not interfere with the treat. nol lleont of the otiher disense, but will even afford as. Mr sastonee by furnishing ntrength and vigor to tile body during tile course of treatment. Tllose who make use of tllis medicine may be essured that for there in no Arsenic, Barks, Mllercury, or any other nu article in its composition unflriendly to tihe human se a constitution; being entirely a vegetalne extract; and they may Ilave additional confidence in tlle use thereof, wlhun they perceive that it las the ef- dir feet of a gente' laxative about the time half a hot. till tie full has been taken-in conseoqence of which, ed tbere is no part of tihe medicine left to linger inll the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from tile use of many of tile remedies now offered for the cure of tiis affection. It has beent Sused also as a preventive, by many who were sub in ject to a periodical recurrence of tihe Chills, and it C has invariably warded ofIthe apprehanded attack. Obseree! 'fIts Proprietor, fully satisfied witl tine I, unpar.allcld and universal success which has cou. g) stantly attended a punctual and regular usea of the i Tonic Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, a iels warranted in engaging to refund the price to all thosea wo have taken tihe medicine in strict ac. cordance with the prescribed directions, without n having been perfectly and lastingly cured. N Tile subscriberr are the wholesale agents for the South Western States, annd have now on hand six- "I r ty carts of tlhis medicine, which is warranted fresh and grnuine. For sale at te manufanctured prices G JAIVeIS & ANIlI'W.tW, - W lt'hoesale lrtngiet, Snov° i ear Conmnon l'teibOnpimilontln ltn. nlicts.siitpi land Lo itnttiann IlOtel, I1.S. MARY KIIIKIAND respectrilly an. Snounces to her friends and tile public gone. ally that she is prepared to accommodate themn at ite athove establishml nt, and hlopes from her :oertiona to render visitors comfortable, to receive t continuance of former favors. She feels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during tile umn mer montihs, cannot find better accommodations than she can afford them, on more liberal terms. lIer house is pleasantly situated, and well sapplied II with every convenience; the bar is furnished with tihe most choice liquors, &c. in short, sie promises "'oat notling shall be wanting on her part to give itire satislaction to all who may patronize the isaissippi and Loulisiana linotel. je3 i HOLLOW W'ARI.- WOOlD SCREI~.S, SAD y IRONS, &c. a I l'E IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 238 Water, near leckmnan street, New York, ' have received tile past season, and are constantly receiving large and extensive additions to tile stock , of tlhe above goods, which now ennsists of the ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and d western markets. - ollow wnro of superior quality, consisting of I tabout 1500 tens, viz, Pots of 22 differont sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, o 4.petltes, 15 szee, from 3:8 to 30 gmallns, Kettles, 15 sizes, fro,' 3:8 to 18 galltns, i Sli kepans or tlvens, 7 sizes, is Te Kettles, 6 do ' Skillets, . . o Flat Spiders . do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orrnlles, . 4 do Fire D)oge, 6 de g\\'onU boxes frotmt 1 14 to .134 inches. or Crt do. 5 to 7 inches. a- \Wood Screw., 2v.0,0(l0 gross, iron and brass, fron I :8' inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch. No. i1 of a superiore! qnality and tinish, und less Jame' imported ,le Sad Iront, assorted, in cnaks of about 500 ltb for retailing. , l';ailor'ss an d attor's Irons, nasorted. Sasll weigihts, 100 tons, assorted irom 1 4.4 to In- 201th. a Bells for -Pllntations, steamboats, churches, &e. made to or Jer, Also stiatmbeats and other machinery made to ad ardor. The above assortment of goods is particularly ind recommetnded t tohe attention ofl Seluteru andi Westerna merchants, and are offered fLr sale at low n prices, and upon the most hberal terms; iit is be. ti lievd to e the largest anti best assortment ever n. oflered for sale by any one establishmelnt in nite United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, can d have a prin'ed circular, with description of goods, priccnanld terms, f-omn winch no deviation is ever nmade, frnished by return of mail. p All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 .i . - O1100K -BINIERItY. n: Under the Picayune Oli.te, 72 Cintp at. SRONSEI\IA '& IIOtVSON bhe leave to inftrm t their CInstoimers nnd ihe public generally, thet rmey have renmoved their estabishmlnlit to Nn. 72 an Camp street, imnmediately under the office of ihe SPicayune--where they are prepared to execute all cI orders in theirline. i II iing received from tile North a supply of pa. d per and maoteriala of n superior quaily, fur ite fve mnnuincure of Illank Iooks, they offer theIir er. nod viees to merchants and other-, who Ilmay wish et, work of that kind ; andn havin tihe dvagonnge of fsh several yanrs's experience in that lint, Ithey are e, confidelrnt of uivine satisfactin to those who im ,, tp flver tiem wilh their cusrom. "c For notaries, architecis and others, mops and Splans will he pasted on linen. varnished and mounted in the neiatost manner, &. at the shortest nl nenier. plain andi ftney hinlin_, in all is . vririeirs n. rrill bSnbseriher-, Aertla for the .xtensivne bo.e of W. &.Sh . BHtiehr, thefield, I"Eneln, olhav jint Sceivel a ivery extirn.i e att ilf Iean I, I... lailine of i'ahle nitlld esert Kuivev oio .. a e.cription, Pen, ocket. Ireitk, nod 3poer poinlt tolarn,; Ie. n, Sils or. Edile l'e nlr&e. &r. &e. wc lehu lev are pr epared o exhibhit to I tlielra.le Ior erodee. Terms n; d conditions iii Fer omand kinown nt tlr 'tiner. m16 J. I e. l.EIN & A CUI()ENln fl Conmmn st. p-IMfONS, IIAIlTT & CO.-Are now reeeiitng .lner hip I I sv l, ilie, E'agle, Merry Aindtew, altg eoder, F'rsnch erll erinl' double head plavinel arls: ter,lti hhad poket aslols; plienl, rihbbed natl spit esine enllot: r;e; p lbludlers; ociss"rs, ,tronrrs, lpen. ves (; llott's connmrerla nt. olheer steel pens; .io st; Violin itstensc shell, ivory- and llhorn lnllb. waflrs; k, beoaB d atll lealnher pies; lhair blltild, font and clk ringillets; ntegro pullfs; terln n nod Flr.neh eologne ater., Itolasdls nenassoer oil, imitatinl do; altiqoe sll I.le.lo nil;: petahle slesks alg drlesol;h g lense: past, blocking; stalih :tll. toilet gl:.nes; convex mirrorie ; op eal glsses nad vierse; letllel li;e r, hells nodl plnes; eooenlcon; whitlowinte;l oilct :rod shaving sops; toilet owdler, ensmelie wnah boll.; semted ralio Ellshlls; pool steancd; screw e~lhiollas; flcer beadl eltins anod necklnees; hillhna'l hlls; pocket Iboks and wallePLs; Gull n oo t ieno;rl.r .tnl ai; finle alorl eoloon gomn elasti engFeontleel, garterslo; Bells nlucier Iatrches; nil yen peoEils; Ceeyees, &e.&eo. The above i; addllition to our fnormer stock of Ione rnitltes, oiskesour :s.lceiotlll..ry c )nletn. Pe soeel wholetale or elcil; as the nsign of the Golden Caumi, 7, Chletor.e strtet. t;112. (Alt I t;hI. Ote s& alit ltE'iiN tO 0U1. 336 Cetrres alrePt, New (Orlen;s. W I, SEIIAN'I-NT & Co,. intorl.ers of Frenchl R ;nsd EnlaintE Cllrnn nod arlihen ware. are nlaw e, ing, cor and rich epntreris o" hreokfast, lining nod stn servlers, eclet sets, piltchers, ten a lnd efee rps, tenaes, sgca:lrs, Et ;e, bl).ehL, plaoce, diliker, tlreeln, sensh bonsina InIo. eoa,1 fiot hhs., etc. ,le. Rich cut and plain Frrneh nni Amrricnn gst.s. wore-goblets, canm paine. I.moodenade, j'l iks, elarecs, nines, cIrdlel,, cen.i.e hwtePs, Iocatlers, tul blers, preore JdPshesn elerie, pit herst; nlnl mpnl shade and gioears, cnndle halJoe, sant cel lers, etc. Slver plated, hrenzead ant hrilnia worer-reat. tore, liqcr alnida, rake hbaskes, r.endl.,.icks, ranellrs, spnoas, ladles, conlfs n:l trepot,, creamtns. Isspr, jlapannerd trvas, nastral inrln, ald hanging antoie lina e entlery, German aIlver n.po,ns and lortn, tIgethe r warsl a glre variety a,.lreicles losr fltly oce. MIrebhants, plnoters, hbttl, and slea b nlats, froni h oJ will goeds at tle mnost rlt. eunable priers, and poakedl so as to hba eulrv, d wiIti isfety ta acoy porl of the counary. ,q in;,, e pot h -eesrirs' el onsenre. ron 'lo Country Mlrlehannl and Planters. Negrat eltrs blankets, flnnels, Iraseyp, Iowell slurtieis, cneess, linons. enlicoee, hnndkerhiefs, &.c &. reas.e,ld and for sale inA by b h y substrrn. be S. ROTT'IA & Ce - MIAlk AARRAN G3EIENT N .er M I, luo Every ay t 13M. Norlbcrl.lai.. i Cl,,e, E~e. day tt _!o A. M "" Wle , ;Mil, D ile eeroy .undny, W~jaueda7 iiesnern "a r , byl , P. 1M. 39 nap 01 e very S alnea, WedaegsI Loua 1 Bniaturay, y . It. The I ahe il gsDa Tuaed , Thuraday5 a Yvia ICloses every Monday, Wmedneedi EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL DEPAIiTUt'iU DI STA 0 &e. of the Ea e xprssMil, cltwi.a Moulte '.d York--leaainp Mobile daily at 3 P. 3. NEorehw,1 New York dadily at 5 P.M bouthward. Arrives 4rrlx . Northward. DIstame. Time. iIAIh ' Montgomery, Ala. 2 pt. 198em's 93h li.m Colnembar, Ei. 11 81 ,91 I MIlted gvllla. Go. I2 133 4 21 p to.m t Ceitnnlio. S.C. 7T am. 163 1lj Iltleigmt,N C. j 2915 9 3 VWarrenton, Vat. 2 m. 5 t i y I'Petrburg.Va". 30 pro. 83 10 91, ' It.iehbu4r . 1 1 3m. d Frodickbur 8 7 p m. Northward. Comini Soitiwordthe tian is nia boor Irees bng5 dliys no 17 AItre. T'NIFO lI,IARCS IIEWARDI. e ANAWAY from 169 Carondelet eornrr of |reieu a. sress, on the night of 30bh of August, and wag neme(il dnlllt~iSa b j a, merge bay sno li xtT ning rinPoydrai stenet, a negro ny nae I- AI,8 sheet 17r year DO ag. i . P* or theibnboitein h ight, very bleek, and assen imped inot in its linch, anue of tis letgsiosore, oeoanlored *by receint horti haiod on when bnerot aweyl ab ahl Toltnnii oCtina otar lede etnrite ttoiran t stoansn asters rf eses d niet i.Ioillt laret enuiau I ao g inmst roe ingornnth nrbor isotila nent, as well naei iorthe ereson ,bo tihe niriutrigoir of Stire lw wil b I r normed CIignot tim. inte atiane rnwed swill tI r l ifirelicine h ieptiino nnyile Hallr Rofl iai ro th ord eoai pntis, or at 169 CAritedelrt corner of olerlo le0 emt. i ftoy mrtanatn ro in ii i lrert frm it t uboirs & lrrtsrenr, n ls bosr . ,,sieoIved]. el eiistdiscrilher wll tiqohilte S he ullaira a the olniern ti thI city, anld reqilres uln ptimeouns ic ut. nlRoer's lFrenchsc and Et~ngls Dir.d o naryinnz I oW ce Sloi's epvim ovineor l eiaony, a onod nail tseer nloie Jlaim treIIvsen ,hem forsueittolot. Oei. nia1 ioriiia H Ia l ll ,TSON. i CAPTAIN MARLATT'S NEV NOVELS 'Lc t~lolVin hil in prefixe an Itiroded oa l of nil ndy * eti Rttle hlie Reefer, by thu auer ol Peter laitmme, &. of OILet he_ i l us l ,wth SdCuimoaine, or a 91 minrtoer wtllhmas llnielt Iatin, Otyrin, by Ciaptain Basil oltllt Rnyln Nosy, F.i t Loirid Raid,,n, oIriooance, by Alton Cnnnionghm,1 vo II .Iheppr Lie., wailien by thiiearttnt .' loiel. i lh i ColmpeoLioui Ilitor ef,.jlye rttlnse frow thlek , rigioal Itlnliot, lV 'hoioi. Gireenos in I vest. ueO hin dog No. 79 at Iarpers Eamily Librtery. Vole. i &, ,I of ibi aniw comple~tce nut uniform ed~itiom at lreahioton tcerine'o IHiork . ag,,r's Fernc, nro Eigiih Dactiotc in I coar t, r.o A'a.rofl Fren'h and Englith 1)ietoliiemry. l Atlsn--A few eiorr rimorelisf Cmoibra lhrenolotogy "tic, Inri." t+iri irveyos (nneR llir omirPsesto iperiOr qa l.v hheli b iiie tljltien.+d ltllolot1-4 and 2 t-2 lesiete tINNPnC S{.6rm K 11- 53i S Fi+, &r.. Ihl iNn OF DX' nnd n erl. v 'yf in iiiiirOiii6'e11liefioiiiCsiii oftC lliiiiiry ofRains colionitih liide i " itmriho elhlnrs, o n Seo -manners or t ituijiiiOi~ .nal An. ,ii~ioiii of ttic ttoic.eiis; with ham ecriila ibigraithiioil nllniiotrrnlAnlriond qmeu . ion fir exlnoiii am Sti rni of each section. II. t heliitretedithaIiiriieiengaievings oodint liy Albert9n Iii liaprnrll~so Fittrind OltSn of IDr Iidtntib'ol Ii toey teeth of Gecorge lt iwitih a •cmiiieiu)tilioii ti t re yea 1liii W~ithiq,1!,ithiii iir exoniinntii om Stir cotta lb , od iron.a)Ide8 a vini oellnreiii f niilntile infTinna itoiiotiits lld iroiigbliiii, tir world. Uulon ia tiig at table eonf reoiillillicra Sever gll lilh sloo oil eiiiineet pereoin tv Copiaiii rioti eiliniorn noico. Iiiamrbks 0e is pu te bJ lice, itiniineriii and hiet iir i n Stt i of t nle ig .eiiil liies tlhe (.loiiltiIiiiii, &tr. &. illi iiiaedby laityregra GUc, Firs' , rIarE iic O iiTiiiNOaC all n Ani rgines of Iftlll ; Nrtew 'Ls on, rito h Usei of Gihlir.' Ne.. lh Aitlie'itin i cit , irbiih al hilitiius oat all iare Somna ini. iti~l Iell o el'teiioiii¢cil pret of tle Am iied ind foraiin alie h ist It'KEAN noivn r l c t arir cF alllni nlld Cnnlillnneta Stl SIIPi Slit hl.A9.(· IIIllt:As. It llttlly .EI at ,[j]Ollit I' ,rniiahiiciiihclililliiiFluenocis I)I iwith (uka a, ,niiiiiiili nuio~la~llliiiiiii Aotaiiiasm I l lirlnoa NI nal dia ti'i tii iaei ok il nsl of rib is, mhls, c. Ics l IIel Jo~ll)\Vil, (',lxs h'v .';it I III DrydenVOI~ I'p ,I 111 iii.'. hr i pt th lth l¶[On at" \ Oakeiiio l senet 'end lla itiraiii tll etrie. h I haI 311,A N tie I (lhti tti' r ;il r(lle l. n Lorem Patti , ll Thie l''di Si l flll& i OIiri~lil.lI liiiiii oi by Stolle , Mi? ('lI ), ++lith .lln i ll:' vi r F1)T'lh t U .$II Ior +V'Pb ) I+) I ·:{}Nc ·ji t l+m llll I+.' 1(: Itlll, w I I I .1h<tl'+tllO~l y s ' i'i o.; i iilr',';Y la T li s. .SiiIrcIe " lliead , Mary oi/' .rglll,~l?" C.,". & ,"v tttillil, niloar wila nI , Il|htlr & lw IrI I. "l " 1'1 I WM-~llll j.* McI K llr·i. .. JI' l ',llll.S SI, ·S-Rt i +11e-l ': itl~l+ l + iii+ llllli IrsnlleJ

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