Newspaper of True American, May 18, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 18, 1839 Page 1
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(~u- · 1~RIC~ 12` Terrm of i te Press of Nero Orlean ruanhnouly agreed to at Ian IltIorIu td Ir.eliig of tho`protnetors,held on the I:ll of Marrh. 837,. 8UnaOIPttrlOns.--T'Lwuve I)ollrs for lhe doily i-o r anntlll, Iayale selli-uunlnlly in Radvance: e dollarn fIrtil tio tri-weekly aountry litlper,.pnov.le nel :ear in advantnee, where no city roi'enece ii iven. Nit a tbe;riptioa will be ditconlacued unti arrenrlges re ,atled. ln i ane of di coeutillonoe, oane weedrk's notice in writing ullot o invn arorily given, prvilous to ith ipnmtlon of subscription. le wAhrovitRT loea..srn dollar per.nouere for the first snrtion, and half that price for each sulteqlert Iae: "n0 mwtti alA teration Froa the original udvertienelrt i wi e chaellrged an a ew one. br YRuALYI Aln)VErtcs.--lerellCnti and Tiraer., arty dollar flt English nloone, aid sixty ir both itn p .: I d }l . t nk s , I s u r e ,:e O rl i e c s , n t o t h e r s hn n i u r ,. putlic instilutiont, lilty dollars in aEninlish only, Intal glighty fotr toth lingtlfsn; in; Ship nld iltaot ,iitiaiin arn, or Co UWlltnitsitlt lrchell t r naty dola'rs hi Eogliogi tie aid eighty rla t ath and adarilctial. ron ....... Oo wi.... MaciteS, nod Il-lco loll tig thie aleain it thle public to in-t orlto Irtnltyv, cards of laspoarngera, e i u , &.t . ,,liti b&lrn l: & tt til'' ane dollar per sqllare for the lIi insertielll oieach loul CO.pertoCor toit, or Anernltln.,ltnl oif Rany arlntl at nnture, wlenote adlissillt. seil e chnarged dub u, I alid in advance. A doduotian if twentoy.filn pr:r celt. will be mnde Io a Auctioneers, Shoernf, o Iegiseran of il.,lsnOdl IMarslls o on iled of real astnte puoDlis ed in bd Iulllllil (s, i atd Su per ctlla. ilnEagirsl] alone : L01 jlUr. cel. oil soles l' other peolaerty. Auvaarls~oaTn out t of tIm direct lille of laisiness of the advertiser, nuch as lellIl, utionl, nidl pltln toer ltol slles, runaty slavoe, stry nlllrlll tllo LCe. &n.e Will he charged Ibr selno.tlely, antit l Ihe itrtlittan ratcts. A nyntaroInesno nat SalnifviO ,I lilan, rill bl I ublihhed ole ilontllh and cllhaeid acitiltilltrty NO adnvertinnlntneta of annkrultcies will Ib prdllilled • any c sne, lllesons paid rlitre ievitlni ilislrtioln, ar p., eill gllroonneedty a reslnnttindle lntilrltla iii ItOWnII k a ,tlle s anid otell r pln c coi lla n Rna t e lett l llen li i i t il r the tseunto, to be thrgetd i$tliu for httglln a neo, iiiod $15 t I bItilollu lles. All anntoulole ints olllf ctiltiitf cl oer will th charged dutble1 the pirice itf tliler idetellise I Owing it the immneoln lors tnlatoict Ib tialyopnc ,,., aastler re, it lni .. la.. ll.le t tie. l... l t ' 1i t 1"t ' I li•liest of pcraas woll.e atccltul nts blln oitl it i w ithin ll us m c h, afler re-ell lllll n -ll lim i t IIIe m l.(l knnwi (eo far as prleti tlle) tlt i. bt!i lher-tiey itlll ga ilg theiltt yes not to it lavrtice or nitt fti oath d,,,.,,, .....less in .....e of arl"++ v paf'r.rcnls. • igined) J.C. 1irt Sr. 1 .f .s i, " J. IAYON, r 1'. P. ItFA, J. C. tit tt+;Nitli.tltGAivtli, JtvilN b Nit ntlltv a ~ll~liii l okll fN by thn thice euniiliti htlns as far ls tltc',ih r i pt lienblc to w'dKlV ipll ers. ``4Y Nu su seuriptibloa . are rl tliur 1.. I|in i l;u ltlatls. Le-tters m1Ust, iill cLnL t , be l , I nuI 1 _^*d, . ........ ---- l O0 R ll1ioilj. IA'Y'S LINIM LNT.--N' Fictioni--Tlis ex 1 traordinary clemictl-i enltir.sitiOl, tihe result I of scieonca, and tIh invetonioi of a cOelilralted inilli oal IIaon, the iltrodl-Ct, n of -which to ltheo pillln I wa invoarted witli t til olomilty oa a de.athled t bcquent, tIno siloe goined a renltatioill ulinlralleled, futlly iiuttoinilg the onrloeitlllia of tile laltltlnl t i Dr Gridley's lat colifecoion, louIt Itie darru iot it die without giving to 1ostnirity Ithe bcnueit o" Ili , knowladge on tlia lbjct, itn Ito thicftortf Ir l.lquolothed to Ili ftiind aidl attondallt, Sialoitlon 1 Ilays, Ithe secret of his disicovery. I ii It im now used iln lia irinlialnl Iloeailtls, ltd i Ill ti n private praClico ia our coulitry, first and llosl i cartainlv for lthe curt v' tile Piles, till c 80o exten a mively ind ffoctuoally as to ballI i etoiullty, where its cffocta are witnicsed Exteriailly illno tl (ollowing complaints: For Drolay--Cratilng nxtraordionary abtorptinyl at atonce. ! All SwtllingI--Rohlciln thoirn in a few ltiroi i Rliellunaitism-Aiutl or Chruonti, giving qulo it lSorq Tti'i l -By Coancern, Uleoar it Colds. it a," ,,4 ' W icoi'Ltg CauglI-E. ,--ivall, and i tltritieto Syr.f:iita, atid Biuina--Cuaing in a I Flw ;otulrn I' aSor.a aIld Ulcer.--Whetliier freih or long I -etlldlng, alid Iovet airleo. Its i crlt.ote uonii all vlult anotd elildren in rvilu I ilb' rhlluun alle sitcllnn eolning cughl Ulctl tigitliless if the i la 0 :!' tiy cl.iat- itiot of tUr lo ari s, (oal been sirllrirtilg betyolid oelit.oltl h nlll nina remlutrk of tlihiset Wilo have inued t ill tie i l'l ois, i t Ioets like a chlIariI." TIlE I'LlES--Tl. ,ric . $L is rofuliti to al iy pe.rion wtlo will uet at aut of lloyf n LIionlllt i ifor lae Pilltl. ilid tlltlrli thlii l ity b ttl wait i tII beling cured lseare th llii lpostive orlders of t!e pralll.'trto toe Ag:itll; nlld itlolt t itay tLIou. ,Yads old. Iotla . oe Inis beIe ullllet.i.eal. Wo migt Lnert a crilneatil It aiy litinill, but t I prefer that thslla il swi ill the ortielnl, uI. J it - iu ihit tile nrigilnl lit p*reilura. CAUl'It-ON tloe ci be genoluilo a'it.out a I splenidid engraved wrappor, ull wtoitui is lily aimIe, and also that of the AgtiuLn. bOLI)IMI N IlAYS. told wloleale and retaii, by CO)MSTI'L a & i i Co Noew York, atd by ola Druggist iin every a ownti in t10.3 tlutu. For Si.lle o u t:ito Wlholesalo AgotC . corner of ,Coul.uiil o. 'l'iltoUItItuUhuilO Stheeti alld by lthei Apuothecaries goneraill. _ _ t:m_ itI. J N e II) i EJ II 133131m a 3ll its dell03 ,re 13 pIh30 it 31 t"uopu dIfr3I to uuto tItl." Ili-luadl·*, Reid fiOL his tdr1t1 lit 11 Y ult5l 1' iirll·: 111 (het 11rticulur 3Irit o11101 the rol'cio3iu, gI131.Ill1 suf", speeds uud lslfretttal cure let suh prr~rall as ere It 3301ul30 wll, aIny of th liylluWiug deans-tea. of31 Goiarrhtl e oil, fleets, Stiiotllis's, (:h ooudd?:r Ia, hobo·, it Erti1111on s ilh on Sk ill, Sale 133 , PaII.In ill b13h And tild nImnerouse.y.il1ton13 111ic13 g1313 ully flllow 7 his discs,., a" I(hal 1i3313e. 3se of 3lercur3, inte3rra13<tia1 Iro.11 b1'.nieu, 3r ul30 a- I lion in the utoda at' fit, lag A illmedicine it prevt Venereal Disease can lie oh-l . ln.333d of Ilr.JohllusaI It is Irian the 31 13j·o o33 th 131ro1 Larry, a celebr11 edI133311 1r rge1.lri w uOrd IyIttle daring 13330133vcr 1< l33133i2 i 1 which he .erved a3 Surgg.i it Ui0131.ll I13 133111 ) doldby Dr. JohsIItonat , 333k330113cr. fIlo.' 1133.03ns hav3ing say lly 3fi03t of VeIoareal IDiealse, s111ot 331,1,31 330 03031 vO3110. or retuuvi3011 113 i 11311 on 11 wr'l Ity giving Dr. Jo131son0t call, 13s proper Illtncd cities3r3 t13eir cu1re in thie 311,13133331t11 Can be pIul 131 with written directionas Cea hIlir I~e. 0161t OpenI Crooi 7 in th3e mo11ning0 until 311 u'cloak at aok,101 t13 3110o33.13, dews-e3 31 te l Ie I 311131. an Ilea Ilj1 makisd orteigitte i300 0133 bentit 'this1331 1133 xa 1333 1 u-1,3 yeark, 313313333133 333l of Ilie f 3ll ilIllil,~ 11313 n Loss I333.331131133 01 la 111 c3, 1 i ltllll i f of ic Selen nu1In o clslIep, tIrrgularity ofrtile BoweIItI3ll IIIa oases 3wh 31313003li0133,n 033 a osLtife habit i3 31113l to 1 exist. [hindsfrlr 133130 mst not be nutte irt d .31133 00h3113s1 of 11333k utr3 (tre d ow Nefowre the ayees, 18i13. Note inven~tion of the ablesIelt and:1 mlltdioat lrr3. su EuropltIeItOer qIrodluce3,3n 131~ s t ellrepari if 30 t purcIhaIs by tIhd 331333 13e Iurr 1i1t31ylag su1 If i 3 too'37333r3;ll I nsnr to tile.. laleU, nets Its 3i3313oId 011 I I~lay ae' Ih bowels tree, impartsrl vigolr sad I jj33tt1330 lto tikr Iyatc 13t, 33d Ch3011 8303,3 I lIyJIa 10n , and u loo boIttr rtifqnto th8e 3110I1t c33 tirmltl d lces of 133333133. or I feetien, 30ld 11el3,3 3'1 1rt13r11rt tIny 1W13~" prrloadodo3313 r3313 17ArttIt '11130 TORK, 317h Aug3Ct, 1361-. PIILt:-I COI1tP(Jllelle)( d' iadiuo it sedentarynr life, I leve ben trloubled, 330 ire to r 333 s with3 I33)33303 1 If 33 ten years; for the lust three prose nay t'auRiljlin'd leave Wren insduppIoIr 33able38 Id 3he ,Ieled se3113 prrIclriIi'rIIII 33d 33 333,3313f choc3k 1333133 13331 wihl derIvtti3f anfy ecru. I ik spufrrd of eve, h ra33 3t130330 a3 3rmIIny f and mot yled Ilyscllr h lik must Ilopolra s derliair It wo pereuul od by laluy friend.H to try ,n erlrlld)·'a I)Yajtepti I"lixir. I have now~ finished the foul tit but-I tie, sail knolw not how to esprrPs my t I ourati~~l of its *3aderful virtues and the 331le it It01t perf1rmled int over. bead mte hull it dozen bottrles it e usal e Ixcept sty thanks for tee ablessitlga you hIave a o erred by re storing no to p lf"ct Bell tlentli 4 CDii MO)NILOIh. rhoe anent ha%~ in hie Ipllee.Piiol seve hunldred tes im(33ialI similar to the ar331 I3 , of the extraordinary vir l13313 of thi1s meIrdicint. Sold by 3JppoIlintmIOInI, at Dr. 581330u'S. 1 40 Iirnville str 333. 333v. 8 -VALUABLI.R ENGLISH EKDIT'IINS M AR'I'OLLI VrtVndo,,s f IC lo33y. LullingswHUrlh works Ciilihou's miscellaneaous works Romanirs works-W\lvnrilv, (mulle) pertrnila PrysLegendry catilai--rt-Cawp Wr s works.:8vs Flo ' tile, 8 cols-Silr Charles Gilnudiaull Golsmth niated Natunre-Smnith all Cottages Knox a Itiilllry of the reformationI Macronitort'. biolgraphical dictoonsrv &c &e.r Just rclelvell and for sale b A T()WAR. a27 49 Cmttp ct tree s6, basJ thils day received a small nassortment al 1. r~e ename~lled and mosau.ic breastp~ilat, set up in thee ern stvio, F NCV -1lA'S'CIIE. `--r' 'it bwnlilul pnntti"ga, landing fU ro n! ship Alrx trader from Bremen, for sale by A TKtI Kit 00 11411 ,34 agazine att 1J1133w3k3333 Gcts r;'. c;c'q,'Jc c 'i.t'c , I ,':;ic 1 N tulk I f -fc haeiCIc r cci teI I.c"I1 ~l.clll..,n IIc:..i ('cclI 1 ray will funriih P' .c c.unal, icmcillc Iucar l()n lrs recelvccd ;ti tile Gas Otlie., t , Allev. j ll c: \ V1' ' ,i x i y,i URNIIAM'H l)IttPi'S.-- I 1h+ c ,,19 'l,.II L.c' dlcuovered by the proprti l "l:r nd ha: btun sulb ,ected to his cureuil O!'cti I I I r I icc ctl Peeri 11i c III every varl'y "l O ipacll r , and all the di,,;,.- , o1 t1e i versic . l ,i Ac IIIIcIi c n c lnllnlh ; n cl it is ni lO givetc tco the puI lic'll W ith thie utclc,,,t c onfItl.i n r and lll t believe tl a iit is Ic, (Is c Cleally ai t tI r1 1l c lc(c I 11 inlphhe, an' p',nyinh,,_ n , s . ,1,' '" nh e ,"m i Cl:lle evlr thro ;,ii " imw l lm Iltl, .~ " n I. 1 (' t'I 'aý c 1 s 'Ie('). 11 is c i th lier "lvllar'I ," tll 'r y I'I, a 1I+ all tli a Ut 'd t ' s w hich alllh t li 1 1 ,,, I . , ltom Ithe esI bliihIc d hsC i , thlcct, ie hI, (lc , [;~ aii mach it nc tsucccui rin t cc the scate -c t~e " l ' st ach and th'le ..tulre ol ti di 1111' ,tt hc r tI, nIIt , m' i' t ldi l¢+) s ll lit r, lal ." ,or l ),"', rIll rtwt medicinell. 'I Ih t i i ,i . ly wh'lc : it purpcc.ts ti., b I reds only a t rl l I., ii , ttlc 1t t i I ll trv llll l t ' T h' Iel ct ililly ttllilln. It) c i .ll, h l the n , 'll dI dI lilt Ipropri I rrs l ira be rlaltli ,l eIll s , , , ll':.-., irl 1 e(lns. l l the : . anI. 11 ll II Verblll ll I, Il'11"~y, no' VoU, and s ul ht Iw , Irs,,,Influ ' , v t', It ' ' 'I I. idyst lt erry cr ilt , lll 'Il : t " ^ , I tht'en 11,.,t Ih(y art Il lt w).,l, wlrrml ,, a 1, II ' a ,,I, r ch tecnntllcnc I il, t i yt - ol J ( I .n l scr lle olllry wnic. they ewe t url : c.i H ITII ; to say It e l ry ta Id (iu wc i t '',· '1 , ) a.I n, ,t all wre hIav,: s idtll vn I, , i t l. The ci ~IIll, itDi .1 s, l c, o., w , rsI ,tnc i 'hih hlti ev-Lr 'svls l t)ur c( uhtIllry, has b ,:, .+ner , ll1, l - lllrd ll t lill , rletc I l tll ctlctt, c t t- I t c1iic 'h," tl t eletillt IIchltIItt'Itl vIIcL's I ,l , lh , I" I a ,l'.[t ir . ' ,',, l I i s i c r I .'IitN i,\ it cD.cVIS,S .c 1,, !s ci,. i ltl up IIn Ill,.l is . la, ), n llom p , I, l .:1 v. i ll la in anld Ililn s lct Jrrect(llin, and t' '11c ); . 1. ills \I ') I At ccctcs to c hI cc l .r sev llty Ii c.c 'll'. ccll iic SIllakts 1 r \In tth ll chcc apcc it Icc, c' s c vc..c cc to IIh tlcici. r li e aci vc Inetic ine is i su' c hcc 'c and ,it by .ur A ,",t 11 e, II .n'ly Il N J II , L~-, I .,iI I i I tl l , h 1 1 1 . 1 1 ; - I) , S ' .v ( I I IVI 1 ' !'i r. .. , ( )I',, + I: . a . ..I'c'.a llcl iicc I c c c I;c c iccccc't cct I'pI. I"\ , I ": no , ipIoL, o I ,, I.'' I ; .+l ri lh l r ho. ~"n '(l'h Xl1l )I(.' 1 1", I l· ul .l,, r ; i ..,- I .\t " 11 ali ellIll ovllllll II lllllh ll h' )il. t .\ill+I( l", ll,,;,,I · T ll llllo l .o utl I ll. a l, 1:i I'" l, . I ,: ,i e tc l.l,' 111l , b' II l l+,' II; , 1l1 :il l ,n " , rni 1 c 1 ife n, Xlctccitiic v, Ic ' 'cIc cvlccc'+llcc cci Icc , l" ) In' .l c ,c tc icccccc tiicc ' t , c ccc il l ill clccl cccicFit )ccclltc c.ccli cc'c .iit!tct t 'I c ' i c+ ,I c'l. , I t! 1 , "n, f rI ,:c ' l h I Ir - Ic l . 1 ,+ , l e{. otl s p'al . Ihv .1 u o" .I :,h,; (1,.,':u , t 'Il: + . t 4 ctll i yll, tci. J l ' lc l tlc llc ll r c c ic,, i , ic1 c h nc ''llh: : ,: ,II I:`:x 1 1.c i A'.cIc 1 '.:I c .cc c i ,\ 'vi .1 1 crciann , Chaie Ch , (ccc ccc'lc I 1,1 Man,' u V IIoII I N l, ) lni nll (e II' Iy hIII I in ki n. .ll PW :...l l", i.· i l l' a r IJ i tll t iiiAs t I "rI'Ie i Nr ', t (I 1 I. , h I, ,, ". , rt 1,, 1 c I IcIc c Irc II', ,t rIcIc:, IIt 1 t nit ct te ic ,,s, 'I . V lll+ l ) tc'll tc lcctlcccI'iciicc lll ,ll . II , t I{C . : , 1. c . :1 t:lhc 1 tie c tl l tillce I ri .ctIc cc lc ') Ii ciccc .r cc i 'i cc .,vs lIt'hC 1A Lc cI c cc cccccc u ic r nc'ccc ic cc c i. M. riantn , (mh:,tla ) e hu' (I1i t In+l ..-x \ . ,:" t -l!. + n.n,) llminhnld (', 'll ndvrt.n'tmI I: k h ,k , ,il tn,, , I, ",i"" rilh., It A ugu.l l st. A |Ir itI.s i l'c :c:il. l : i bile i ii n l Iong,." I tH ;; l i lll l a f Cj cc I t c" trop. u . Thcc I( N ,w (n Iilllts Mai is carried . .3 this Ionic. The i A|ynts ,ie ult lnlnir-+, tionc, ' l. s, Ccncticc ( wcil'tici l c cluc ,.i s.lrl.c:c swt the uthu l . The sc i oi llc t r, cc , c n' tlral I tIccIc c" c c ci' ct cc c inns tSlillg wati lr nll. i.i oll nth 111, illl- ; ll i 1.,i 1+,% o , cllc'I c i'ce tralc spc vd, .tcc 'c c illl, c u.i,. pi , in}; vi ll l e "II l'II'+ .i c It " tyl 'iiht'~. {:,il I.,:01 (;IiS. Ie.%1,:,, S. c c . c cc i I ci cc sccc :lc ! '.,"L~ n , 'V \ '. ta ' ey ca" 't )hc N- )i |, . c . . . a Iin via Qth!ii+ andl 1Talil'atase, ins, ,i lam." post ul c.hes, uils. two lkI)u..t'h s fr,'l ,sk1n.,ibs nte , lla, ,I.t, ,ii,, n Ed ,:vt, IIU . Ii , + I l . O iice-)t \1,'.'iu l iet w ,~1r , , ( "llia)L:ilu ) 0, \ w IIr1.ic ns It) \ ,.. Ii') I l .ile :,. i, ,s I to .;I,. 1 h'-h ,, i., "" { I'hll-,tn to, ,\ ; 1 ,!,, . - I'tO Time, tNo.. rIl ', U, \1,.' c I,-, _h hIn , ,li)ive. I allt bi'. " p-.". I~1. I~ N huvl.. s1. .,. , ,i , I I,1J I i ,,, cL re havi Je. 1e I + b hll o-l kel , a1 y l I,..' I , , '.4,. s, . ... ., ' .-e ,dl . ih ,1 . ,, .....; a... I water rutc' .inii .I a.aul.tI, . Ce .ii' i illh + i n II.I'vI'i w h l1tI- a rml d.V I "| 11 I. i,,g"+ I ')It ." y (il'+llt~ill h'Ivt'lll.()hornll'r llll [+ ,I. ,I It. 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Tio SPitat of Louisiana, to all whom these pre sents sihalCl c,, groeting: Whereas, Williamn Maccay, of the city of Mays. ville, Kentucky, having putrchasdI i a salo mattie by Io ciShrif' of tho p i-h oa' Orltean, the pro Striy heietinater itecrib'ed, has aitlied to the qulii of thie cilll, inll tIIih oflC tllt deed ol iAte: was recorded on the oecond day of May. A.D. 1t39, Ibr a mit)ll ila or adivertcisamt soll cioniujrliitiy to all :ct of tic Liegislature of t he 0,[ L., uiblatcna, :tl[It+If "* it act flor tihe flrthltr aisauritci: of titles tl limlather, at j'ldici:l aales," approvtd the tenth div oi Alarce, 1H31. Nowc, th.ui'oie, iknow ye, nodt ail perscons ilte. rehlld rCrii,, ar l heri( y t: il cndailltltllllit ,d it the Intlt of It, St to ul';ieicla, aud of tih F' rei Jdicid itrtct tojt t, who i arai set up any tight, title or e:.ltni in and to thIe propirly htIein. alter decribed, in conso'qlutitce of any iiiortality in the ortdi r, dtho i ,, or jitigliie t of the tcourt Ul. delr whi,:h tIh ..lo wis lhlie, or liy irregul ar.l ity or ill',h , liiy ill the ai'tpr;ais imentl s aitd iidvirtistllllc its, t ill tite,, or Iteteen l . lt sailet,, itr Ithe: ay otiIItr d lot I ihlthi oevter, Io ,,o1x" e ianct, withtii tihrty dtyii 'lir i m tih d.,y thie. inultito i i ,iflt it "inrtd l h the ipule p.lpr , %l.y th1' sale lo ultu should nut cti cil. i I',d i aid 1.1 holic.{LtL. ' 1 sul pro crty w i: nlhl by th Sh:riflf fhe p.Lri.h Ualrea r IId n the 11 dt,y of April, A. D. l3iti, t vilu oftt a dh cree of los , o' t, rCtndu rd I on the I day (iof artch A, eI). 131, in a iuit -i t llt' V.Ia Icka y . ll kry v. aic r & lLtvr, No t 17,376 of tim i okeri o of this court, at wIhi ll sl I thli said itll:uon cIacety bteamu the putI aser for price 0i IL, i.,i iSv;r thousnnd and oilu b:U1ldied dullao, payibl!u r+. follows, v0,: The Ii . t~e 1u s tta log 1ci payelniti of ti1h.t ltr of two notes of sx thou +0nd 011v, hundred end ,i."ty-live tdolars and |illy-Six .cntn, iun 1o to Ile d cl the i, of M rc, 1.3 , aind thle alane! cash; tihe pat0mharr a ,unning alSo, tl, . u-t of ucghti tllouland anlll d liv, Ihurohltled dollars, due to the iUn.lllo li l io L, ll liti, with ihl,)r,".t tL t ,n per .tto 'fro lll lt I,.F ru ryil', l 83J, andl the bhalt.teno IlL cal i, and re.+.vrv a : I1 , ,J m,,t 1 uo tiU pro. pl. ty s h unitl th!, a:- is poLl. i ''e ,titllI of prtpoity as gtve . ial the jutu:ial aTh unthvided half of two erltaii lta ot ground, Itgit ier will l l lt l Illtll and nprIul t; , lcl ti,,ulln, ri itls, , cjU:lt , lL I tiud, I pr i. l c,,hii cd c Ta n : .,:i, un o cie hlo l ybt , any xih lly wi t l .Ih : fi> S+, ILot .. ljoi' , ::et1 o0tlye it l t k, pai t iil l hi ttuti in fer, , lie' c u it. tary i tis iL tyi t+lti, i ,l cg tu . lo ltx i ciritrll it'.c t i et ateiti v t on at lan t sit d i ate tt ihu, r d fi:,t in dtpc h utour or lct s, by a , rciali e Iat of . iS., pl Pshe, clty 'atvMyor, datcd t, 2a:0 att, it'tt;, it appears th t said ti o lot, 1 lo. tlO LOogelll. r, in English measure., sevently f',t tront tn Nuw I l, , , tirr,, by ont hundred tue .in depth; tlo;; h. or, l]I.o, w[+itl l w hlundrUd shares of the stock of L!.: U ion fHalink io LloUiiaia. WViol., the IIn,. A. M. Inhwhtn:t, Judge of the C.ii I ll'br,,.ahd, LIhAi 6lh M ay, 183J. my I10--4hy P. LE-ILIANt!, e,:putvCl'k. I'T.\ ' 1F;: L., I III1 .NI4:. t ;'" ('our dl, I er ,la)tr' t Jud i-. 'Ebtt di la ItdIaI ouisiaano,--t t'ats ca qua cu prIantrtes cona. IPitl curlIialll-t- :LIIt : likPt' .X T TE tN : lli' y a'fa aillia lacker, do la villI do nil " Mla yv- i., K.utcl,y, vant at c a ,at d a. uno veitE rr es Ia ln p r I, Shter tleda lt P.a uira , f di ')r:a. s l, t pro. llal 1 ,i: ci.u pmn ,. , C6n'to, w'es Iaddre.o6 au rlli, doU +',,it, .:.,lor, tilt I dltlo vwt, tht enri iaitrde li "onme llllo r de IC . l I'a 111111, i I31t , p lar il 1 arts, can. I I aitlllll i det la 1 I 6L'l taaU r do l'Etiat do 11 r , "7 , rn.,. r I n. ter b f t u' : . , ., " ,." : .. , at " ' aur t rI llr , tctt L J ldic uire qrli pourItaina t at a lr 'rat ; a I l ar ' a l.. :ar :.a i'I.a , .lu con -.i l · '.:.ll l t!' d far t ei l \ta s.l .'lllldre.l Itt VCl a a 6 ,, v, ,"I e:. l u irr,¼gulart6 cc ihig t'idF dae 1' tl ., t 'o. 1l n lI L, It. it to mlUdue do !a %.vot ", pu ulll" tile) ittl e ert a (:I ;IS I qut lulqull doj a.. lll. r tIlll u ti-lite ju s, i dtter ao la pIli' ca- Il tu.o de ,.. :tis,. , p ,,I , hI vI :,tu ana iliate io lta.n h. .rj it ]Ll hl lplli. tt u lhlldl~ l 'lCi t.. SLt I: ' plplu6 e fatvemLbw 1 re 'o Ld llll l Ire L Jur a , vri d. l'a:m.1 e 18il 9, eal. vrtu ,'~"I, t , : t te celtU colr, r,:l'a Ita a l da Miars ti c l' a..) "e 1 1, .. .....s I'.tl' l'e. Ir \ki ....ll. .. ... k .y hiln L, tiu B".. t St ,t.,"r, No. I .3: 1; i 0t du tat"t:, , l l llea l : 1: t ataiaM t . a',I.. M ..'key , h .'rll. a bh . , to l la tr lpl u ' pr , c ti . 1 a a l,'arq,+.tum r nu+tlsth lt II i paonporr ' d lla ttitittd dhux hll,- tic Ad'l, :,G want' ch.tine, q. ,, t v um til. !e 2j luars idI), ct .l, l~ t altar ao t o a,.Int t; I'a.r qi IIe u I a, n tlt llni i Ic pl noi h t i, .L tlollllunlle (, i ae,,5 u+ . la I+i.tlq ," do I'Uoion .Li L uliaiUU at al av.u l,,,i ,t i ,La lalx do 10 po'ur c"ntit a cuO ,tCr iu. the alar. a alial' r i.a 9, ul. la b alltcll ca nptul l t, t rl. a. t ll o e u byl , oLI u"I e sp6 sdI o cur la ,roprlid6 vuedur, ,. ,':, an r ql li sout ,,pa 6y e. [,et uscrlption l a d la patipr'id6 d'apts lea traInsfer II.a Inoit.6 inldiviso do dealt cert in laol do t-rre ! 3 a.Lc tottts" les Ila':lrs et aoliaa t ratilons qui t'y I tr, itllv:"~t, hlu .q Io lus dr(tIlS, c mll nlls Coutumes, a lvlludl ais, prit s e. t at Iava tage's y nppartell.La It ,f' e. sl,lt:, e luelcou , ulr ; css lutj sIIL collltig sI at .ilt Iparae dr' Ia b.aturo t e a'a 0 du faubourg riae. Hl a rt, d.: catto viti', I ',rmani t i l neuiguure l.a a 1 plus baet d rtas Juhla ati Nouvtallu Lard ', etl a, - 1ant 6 s pa -no. 19 eit tviagt, ur uin plan Ia a.l e, I, :it . 3a Jt. 13. 2. L. lot .I. I 19 me. .l d, a ur 10i 0 p als plus r u Ij a 'intS u prol9ndtl ur, paI vlho, to id a93 Il trra 1836, 11 par t que cos daux tihts tt, rratl Ilt: L ll[ I,..u ,: u ll , Li u plei t anglais, 7 pt'd. at .J flee i at t t doe lta Nauvill, Luva a, 1 a .ur 10.1 d, plaltuudeur : avoc au-hI '0l 0 actiUlls ai 't fI.ud capl ti l de la lirnqul de l'lluioaa do la Ia Llt a l Iaaiev. a It Ollunai- a a iip. Gra allier. a. (%\\>l.:nL , H~nis: , Ear Cti' el anf 1'I:\11l a 'Ia ataa tlaaionai.r A. Ma Bllaan, Igor da at ,t J Ii c \l/re t wi a h ::l .r \t ilr:Ilssrrl,;' i, i *n ou 7 I. l . l ' i i 1 .:! - i l i ,r 1ti'a l lll o tl't a l l r i a . aa 'a ; il. i.' i- \\.- ' l:. I" a C ,l -- a ,la h r-,. ia.ia t,,,. l,- IIt , . ll I l111 tI I ,)) 1 ,,bm o t I u [. 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EtatlioUESa DAVIDSuN & ca, a tit It 15 Canail st '- t It ltbL ItItokla, cheap blaik tiook, ant cata taup t a n, a. tir pjr r, quills, q c. &e., a large uld fira t rate aaauractllelt tar at lo uw by ALEX. '1OaVA1, - it. may 3 ai49 ai p 'slre et. a Ei1.AGG STONES--601 yds Flagg Sto lle laading Strllnm slip St. La.wroncr, for ral byI s . JI' WHII'S.t st may 3 7'3 C(amp t LUCINA CORDIAL. Usllilla ('Olliatl o+ II Fxir ofl l.,ve, illreturn hl++ graefllv -II hll uis so I titeu tt'- 'd tii tlit Iii I i Id m I lt ha, I t Thee e,,hafus te d h ,' e lier U tle l to Iolh tle ux ',lil : Wiltf I Nt* t i ' Ei t.Sll i ilW thllrluliEl Wi'4ll.)., 31.1).tl-: 'iii N. - ' i-ill i '. isl ;lllll-l . 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It ' hkei l nl,.i r mltlll.lll~ CTphII 'LV. Ilr* i(llllJ wh l~an~i~l i l'rl'l ll+ tile ' .t rfCP*+ il frnrI ·lll~r ..ul-.".lltlerlltl erPitiillcntemI 1I'i ti Irrl t ea'etll mtilily ill pll ; ltrt td" llie VIrtue+J oi ldr i~g,.d+.. IV Ielid tlr C'lhlwl~ili.:-- ti: I Itlh,,l't/·tr t n \\JItfl , :l.l 101 hit+ 1. n : , Or o9 llil.J.\' llll ! SI li'il rt'+rlhiill' II, lIIIII II? LPtO'I hcl(:I ,', t thlle hl..hl C tara .' · ter~lt" hec fidll w .Lell,,vl· ( I tIIlml.~l 1 t!',li·III~i, ,+ (·l'thliiall rlil·*, .·I,,I +,\ J J ]rhl.,.+ .'+,,ii ,+1+,1+ f ,lili1 )t li~rlhlv . ,lrvi, .,+,, H+ · ~ · I+ i,, ~n r ·@lll , ij naiul s 3llll l· fill ': Nl'lrtl· FI: l'lTt lit Il' .|) I , lr · ( l~llll'1l· h.r-t , Jf I~lll~ l . 'I + III)M . +'Ifcll I), i'l i~l(· .i U r IIlil~n Il llr lt' lif 1lt!)t l scll.. li lllit ail1 t . • l·ra J1 II~cii.·11 ¢;+'.D Jr1( 111 I.:{ Arl'. 1 Cul+,'P \ .. 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The brIi a r In coii imri c i part Io his r Itouc , , aI ch hr ofl is fr sale t wholu l silt or retail ul on the acoLJ i .I ud latioU l I r'II t i lr( nc velvcl anld satin palp r,i l airl I sltl ; dth holl CnlrnllOll n ,d l'.llrollol, IPlai.rl ,hia ldazd d oil unglaz,.d do d,, Fruc hc lndsca;,es, lire i. boards, llllldi , & . . l v lt rd wl nlred i do , dhtaf slyl Ihlain notI a ol ,hl rridr ii l rupr a la I asty.rr' l no rllar rr r .trir far d Ina i c)l l ,l I. t, l t " L ai r, lew tih ul I.,": p t sI, r, t ,yd l-I. i i I. i , i p l 1, lI lil l d mI ~t lo .ll nllllents o all ;llll;l· - t tod -Iz,+ ,rh I t « ' ail t ,a , d a ir p ' r I cnih tr, I i ari, r nva k ".s, a ,aae, bir cl aii. 1 d and :t nIi , Iar., orsr lll clllll(o to,,, t r !.r illlll 1; lure sil.: ,old ard i.n .s Is, ist, ,ll d ~,rrih, d las. i W Jar, I r.lll ai l ir nllll i f iruph sI r lllr i ai r s ai L ;tIl.le l uI0lll l. h du ll I ,i sale 111t a t loe ofi Iw,.s irtrrs at . , 41 R yni Iu.; ll C rLI-,trn I I;. - I' ... ,ni in Ilia city , r f~'In aI a L. ,untr /, Slalt: rc- r, r c airl) l t i .d I I, i rr Ii IaI ,alllollr h r i It lr:Ire arvr . 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W\e esperir ly reca nnnri. l its r In ti anrliln ir i(r lll tlr ," to the uIliIno of 1)r dl u llunp Ile, i n elll ll hu r i, r d lt ' mrIV rbU ill quiu t a L 'rlr a llod i ar t tI I, rdlar . st b letwr ell laaazlrr e aalld Cr ..p 1 r trir . 1't ice >3l. J h i (Vlra. 's 'c.Jfamrirs. I, hlrn Dye, te r colurmr the liatr ; AIear'rs il, RRusrr in tearc's.errsei, p.ratin, laihaw''S Fr I Scle 'aSl IIr, supeiori pea rt der, Illr whi :e, rre alll ,f to w e , vegetable rouge, otto oi ruse, lip salve, | kresoe t loth waslh, c ainna den.lutllice, runrl. t lIrwer .wat r, powader puaffs nrd boxae, A urriiran , , h -rea, I, r oally put up to lolr luulco vials, res. a ) I salea r , lone, krasure toot hl ache diral s, hlair brushes, rri rlsh drersir combs,r a IdiaIn hllar 11,i S nil.l r i , it, -I otuier periu ml rlres.. & . For salnr a by C. J. TRINCIIARI), art 3 enr, r of Canal +I l I: tllh n ei FATS- aI:c-.+ dranlRussira hrr., rariroums ,larilrrs J broad i, irlS aad loSrw arwSlnanrtrrling arlhhia SSt, lo.Iis, for sralby I BIIII Gr. & , r r11y7 131 Magazia.e t IPL .U;'R--Si ble landinlg arulil tR.telnaanl Iaton ' Honuge, for sale by G DORSEY, ag "7 4 e _ 4 ' I .e Lu * 11R SKI N'--S balea Inling diltra ilerrrr bart L)Iloaerr, for nalc by A 'I'IlIFtS, a9 l34 Grarar-r as .i1 '12:UN1I) IV III' FALS S-T NINE weil w~ivs, :Iliiclio llr kiduular, irl.··r , ,,r~ iule erupi N .,11os S. I I I 5.t1I ar·iNNSr S i te551 I.N.N I t, ll p ol Ese a 1 ,"1:wte I l il tt 1111 N -b'''' 55oe od."1" I ruceil I l Ir rltt 11 , ., most Il) tl i· l! o[ of the n. .:-II thcal Iacull)' its t":I It opc , helirt iiti 11115~1 it tsl(· ll Ii be' li·i Ns~~ ll Ila III III ii III( II II~e wI. n , ~ ''l i t~,:r I' NN I 'I I'.'''' k Vtl 'Ii ",`ii I.Iil~ll III 1 Iljlb~liJi(l I ll.iSIIII:l 43N oo111 ut Ioll lt s tll I ur hs111t·( fts'-e INN Il.1, Iri'l it proi llnri I it. : !c :1,"1, :111 s:!lllnacIl :55IIII. I h,"I,:i ulol iuull~ll ielo c \ .nc~lI .Fwd ill lllr it ll.lllll)··I Nl" IIN''I 1154 llab ( the soar,; art l-I 11·11·'1(ist 11 .t'1 ,:t·ll r, !~ I. 1,.5.;6l MO." 1"11c-wl ,(1:ea1 1Itl, 1111111l .o 3 ...~..''' I.t51.1 io Il lu ill se·1II 1 1:,;51. '1"h." II_ lil ' J h rll dlilll . )·' 'L·L .dli 55, IS ' IN.11 Ie 111.1.1 ;I i, Iilll·ICI· (( f r I a I"el th [I·I tlull ill I· of the w her, .lpro illtl l;~ Li:N p ItIN! IN It iL S I b1 I1 I , t11II l Nb . 111 1 II ll tý IIIlli I ·.' - i . Ilior UI:, ll," a 11N 1111: Ils'11 a -" ."" d Its IIir·( NI)a Ion' t,1 - 1.1 III, N S.u' CS, Ilis, '$ NI ItIs u ill t1 NI !IocNNlIY Ii l . i ' 'll L:. I"."\ c'l fio Ill:, y 1:((r, :15 1 111·'I.· II: I l'.II' IIII I ni. ll· ii INNI N..;; froSt 5 1" ' II'S t 'll 1., i'S". IS h 'l. ; I; be .s. · I.I "'ll IN 1.t 1 ''aIN Islui ria li e of the Lost loo. fries $i 5,11 11 l j pot. I bIle II lbc .I.TlIlIII I L r1.111, 5 N I I S !51:51, 1I:"1. I 1 S. 1 N. to * Se I '1 ' traINN Itll Ihal e,5,5' 5" of you.' Ili, p~u '.:1 1 i ll NNaIIb ,aril 1 t II. . cs .Noll) N n N i;.i::t 1SF " Iat its "S IuI1 :t, pen el o ig ly 155 lilll 1::t II . ,!. n tks · IlNlts 1111,11·tr it oe ofs NI Il.1NI ' ~i e.lN, b remedies utaa olj llsti lc e u, he ` ill:! ( :It: on e i s 51151 1:11, !root experi,.-I.,C~lllll;ll 1 - 1p115 j a(iv try i. i.o r,1 ia dos 15ot pl·IrodoII 11,E s lCC·L. IllpllliS (ll· I 1 v nt l 11(,1) a:, I1:,k'; lt grriLll \plc.,sorc ill it. Ii llll 1 11 ,. to 0., 110~ sncc s) oaIts flly :e's't, 515" '5511,1is lits laoram a'spnse 5551 r e.1 ll bilyil,, isto 11.15 55~15 1'he uniIIIS 1 1 :(: 01·II It h u ll h 11ts a Illlill 1111" a') oi ll· or 'ra sal v, the pro, I, ...... ·Id .IIIal r. f.H ... . ihll w uh a'i rie th. i l Colj t lhl' hinllp . l ti ll 1 aI l lit'I Ito bunPIllidlh lt illl lc Itt ,ui l t tc t he ad i tll i tcttp tl tot.ti - cc in it, it l ttih ctttttt. Astot L'i' i Itt'ctII i . tieicl, hc:,in ra phh exylt ti IIt oit. ( tlli . d i tl r ctt tI:lcs r fih tct tti:ls l Ilctlllll'tttt' i ' nl. ti ~,l h I.v t l t' " II hu a .i I ~. ito st IO, tichat t l ticd th bility to i icico t ocett ic an t aiity Ilabr, constituls thit wcalth of Ihc leat ;. imal of the IeopC ' in thics, a i inll t other ctOun. c trios, 'I'o pr(serve, therlb,ic, that heUillth by natu stn ral mean- i.s at r nod, moral atd p lincal scheme hI e to I clil which, rcqcires oi utmost alttientiotn- d, The unprccedunte P Iopularity and universal ap. G; apprurobatiin whiclh this mcdicine has achit:vedl re throughout theI Ulild States, cite Caladas,dT lx:,Is, Peters' in warmly i,!! con(! actiously reiointit n. tlil tu l t l tIe sp. lci l t tiec l thul hllit, d. c Peters' Veg: table I' I' are t c sa:lcti , Ii t it ll:rc t ;ll andt c.nounllic:l remedy lih dl-nie-o o the w humnan eotllllut oc, iliat h. e'er been discoverud. vi Dr. Petrrs,the iuv,, lar of this invaluable ieleh- pa ,cile, ifronl!.is kluuare , d e" o"e the I u uatn system,' Sarrived t to is cu cn i lon, ti't tl grea. t ta d pr. ii mary causes 'Of Riost ciih.casei is a d ra nilnnent· in the ilunctiuns of the liver, or ili uther -words lai in. lt creased or dmlnishl.dl sertiton ofI t!ttt bl e. So well is thll. undersi tml, llat it isr c.i tlon for Ia llpersonslto saly iwheni they flcvi unwll, that telit atre biboc tc, mea'cing .'-it' til have too miuch bde on h, the stoml e ti t ll. O t e ther bli" h nd, l l]ion11 the tI:ew Ns of bile is t dit, hd, t'' pl c,, of di'es lun is 'C imprecetly p'tfUi' d, Cae patient bee 'cas weak at and emaciated, butlse tolurit.,huent contained ic tile food takn into tIhe at anclll il j not proper y ex- A IoItctd, and the flt d is i ,. clr d in a crt lde i c.t. Il SlDr. is cml t idhlle tit cotht Ihc tto Ill.llgan h, Theory, at l d, that,! t, itll urity t :f thie blood :i I is tthe cause of ai i dl.,sesi" is a greatt absurdity. li Ev',ry il, w av ,, r. f!(s ofti Ii oit, a u tmo- nt t ic di t nlotl I'itI. ' I.cntU l !,,l, t--tl e , IIcI ailll , L the c isUe ?l l o-.u- .IV U eln tihe tihcic uns o tol tt hidr iare iring" ,'l, clt th. t i of bitu i cratsed, it c-it is o ad -tl iI 11y bi t IIdt I I+s.e it llv n, acttl naa ri mi, t 1,"thill) . ,u l mle it : ,l, , : ., co,, l s i: t.t ,i wi h tlr he bl ,, as in jt lchir . io hane t' i" t i fe:t thows it ltl !tis mint., I tnu c . Not ,I;. ,ts ,iurt i t ti iy,ld io v 'l-cit: y atI ytci ii 'to tid ii I !i il and to rte y it, yc n h us eorr-ct -he secretI v c 0" lthe liv. ',-nd I, it to tt .,lthy :att e ii, cc P:tt t I ts i i,, t i h till Ii'ixP llhlft Sf ttoo ,wtd,.er thane ,v oill r. ii.c- ictl.,t O l' r -. c us tile beg t, m o t co:, u .i, ce, t h.,df. t cino that cd it, I,, r pr, y r , d iar lt' liral uys . ti.r. 't' , t t1l.£ lre.lhuils,.l l t hi. 1, ulung 'x or; 11 tho purputes o' itercudl c" vihuut ait y of fhltt atte u it ct'ei!s. eo c groat qgnt hy of hai. vtcgetbih, Spllns la t hct thcY have. tn, allllatite pi c ici cn. bt ed witr tiitr ercici-arin, oi oleracra ,iual tiei,t, to ltht they no oni c i c!.'ns theo .tminach and Sowtcs ity purgtic g, rut 1 thc:y rti gittc tohe l,or, chli.dn , L o t urbid e;:ret:l :, t rt:: . el(,is Ilhe d-Lestive or..ans, purify tihe b aoIt,hk norat'e the Srclaio, an i iva tuna and en,-, y to ole lcr.. vouas y'steim. Ticy oaioo tii t and pleasant in their oprlatior, i tand c vii• a itontdi o 'ct te ctto!V tot ll of theirc rtiti ot oitoU the li:tat .s '. T l c au tr o takent woth at.ty by pisuns of ,illy a, ; and ith lue,,• Pthe 2n5im, th & l.0rvoui, and tih dricate, tI c Drslrengtlsen I oby their op:r.oton, bc.auso towy clear lithe system uio'.ad hnuomurs, girt terv. us irrita. thlty, and iuvri$hly priodu'maound headth. Td'hew Vegetab:,' Ptl , are a cure remndy fil j dhe(, sick and art vo.s headache, diys ep)ia, eas nuess ici-.of tt',e stoma.h, hlearilntu, all bi Oomtplait.s, I. ter.s of rll kinds, and if takren ll coInullcemUnt will invarioirny yeck their g, grss, and s.iv' 3 the pe ut froui lt iartcracted u, dangeious atcknesr. 'T'hey a:u iovaluable kIl r, vous and hylpocoldri:-.i : 'len:~ , ili,1 of tilt-, and aI complaint, o 1 ic+ ft. a s al n I suibject. They operate as a uiii , a:,, iteeda n s" and are a safe ind it .ucd" fof w(vorm " children. if. Since 1 have hntro'lueod my Vegetkable Plls to li the pulihc I rceetevd Iumelois certificates of tcir cuperiur allic•cy in curing diseases, a so, many letters Irom1 respecta',lo physlcias, who is have used them in their practice with the best t rughc t pnblish a small vlhiime f eartiltcatos but consider it unnce.ssary,-in the mediuine will reccmeniei itself to all who wvi I mlikr tria of .t. on The above pills aire in buocx), contlaing 20 & 40 Price, 23 & 50 cents p r box, I at .Druggists and country merchants can Ile step. plied, at wholoma'o or retail, at Dr. Peters' prince pal otice, no. 65 Poyd~as street, betwoen Magaiine attd Comp sts..New Orleans at r6 1jAURIt$1 I'S, SPIEI I (i l n il Ni\ iEN s Irnl. illu, vl t v l,"vhI , v n 1 ,1 rthvrlt S iiv b . thlel.' I'rO )L,,.lr ;,lJt ' Ui .'" I" l" I nv ,,"y liU111 |t ; iLL ( i'. ::vUr; i ivivt la ; Ic:l 1 I ly: l rOl . e-I tv lV i1, thV lt It l ii , ioln., ail v cui l ,IIt lll tiiIi it a - l lo i i 'lior ixteI'' r: ivy l t , I: liI ll. ,i - , v.drII . Jnhv , l d L.oI vi - v,:d aln-I tvut ty ( t ,fi. I' Jral n hn, I v,, thll hl, : , ..ira)l of l n· tIr , ,, ; t.,- ,"'I,; , w ut .is, co ns, |tver , , ;Iouh +;h , :nt, + r1+"' , - (! 1iing l, b .:, pl ,: s, ..ldd a d ,. sl .. ,: s .l l df ., t t ly y w' ,d l its a l , , u a t n y b ul,'.tc n 1 1 - ,! : tin . ' fi l i Is 1 prl t)I.+" vl 'v 111 1 it I r, : ,, ,: ivetiyvv l,r r'i r::vi 'or n' ii k n;n' h 1 , ,- il; fh' ,e da, y , c Il . 1 ::,v' t la d +,:rsctly cure anll el r 1n t% ) 1 w11111" l, , ili -I I , 111 M I I l t Ij l',+tu ii.t:'+:e l r t,: ite, slb\ m 1 t c11" ea! it, ugo ed, lt;ri, hn 11 d ' tr lyed I,, it i:l e,,s th I., two m lont ls. In th b,: 1.11 al 't ' I v uI i hI,+ , I ll [·.a ra id t(:, lIur if aI vt- i:l n tt:. , its t, cr. o[';ttI.tjoll 41"1 nu .: \\'uudtPr'l l ia. th ey vil . t e.en a t the I" :.-,n, swl th.1 i pro. " +r ie t it i un, vii rvil din thi,.f-y tei u. It I- ligs it' I I greatly so. nod] v to ai) y m:tCalcu he,,: t,,t,,re d,:,ec.,,. I" veoed thr the,:d hack- and ll-c ol'h r " f,):, IL teirs, ri g \ l 1!1;,"d 111xan i 1 l l .e t fir ever 'y xtentc I budi' ev l t ,t cIvii y iv.v toi viit l it 'l'o lofr t has rire eved at 'rll n :r tol,u , +1 r:ttlicat+ es and otih r dou.l, int",s, i ln fiv r o !his:I. '" S, eile OUllit lnt," u v,¢ otf a I: i ,"Ir-lv uf av w l chl "eltc written by i rell poI t.b Il l'u,0 i inl: of thei . for sdul at, 1;3 i',:r ..- trc+t, lew O"r. aus.. , naru i. 1 il I ii ," . fi') iv v lvi ''I i I vorI liv' ti ''1v ri Ne vr Ii ' * ,t . a l t v i t I-I iu t a v'n' tv ln . ( l C i TllC i" l' hi l r l , 1 N 'i hi t v lv- ' , l ll . I i c.(MOI E·"' 311'` I' vjP i to I t IlvI , .'i r i ii ni i tv v lion lvcol i n' u' iv v-vi vl- vu S11,1r !,il, :It h I vI',Iv li1v i iv ,l Ii'' l . -l . N . h"lt, n" 1N1 ,li ii ,l1 v ~ ,' u ..... I i .'. i....1 :l Ii J1 , .tI , l. l "1 i ) t 0... .I 4 11,1 _1le ,w). l owe ,, [, l 1i 1 f I t ow 11 , o.l ý s, , ;alh l pll -l l h l t h iem) ili x11..., 11 :: 1 reu,' h a, i d b l '.inl_, 1'~ nil e l llt - (Iv l uii s ; . t .".v . i .I u, i .1,0 , ;i o vIi' ul u riiil oi , k , or w r ia".. . ,, hn|ý. S'11v I i l1 1i lbriv: c il v1.,,li il i . Ii , iv r 111, A1ale to Aug.:la, via Floridai . dt 'cves iil'aTueodays, Thurs. div - days, aonl Sa:urldayo, per theo sue p'a cad siteanmer t'haampian, (eo. 1ia ca t in cso 1' st r lal,) to Pcnsacola ; 1Ihence per la, sttataer Le R.ay to La (;iange, anld ihce four ] lhor*e post coachi' via Malri.ana, Il.lnbtri,!ge, lau. d on, ,larrarn, ()lOila('a, a. d Pertry, to tlacon, ] L(a ; thence via Mtll'dgeville, and Sparta, to War. Lio ant, he ve per rail rutd iars to Augutta. q g 1'lte ('ha ,aip n its iln ,piel id ordir, with ncw i l(: c per boit, r:;, c ila rrda and a ppa'r tan'stoned. vill 'i :t le Ro" Itas lein ttorutughly apaair. d, her NI, c,;moim,)d"dions are os liandsom us alny bo ,,. Ics l'l'i, i bIau ilI Shita Ro:ai SIuad, and Ctincla. Ipa watcih., I.,y p)resa t the taost inter-sting steam n. rail vigatiao in the Soutlh--bing it the naiattleo et pir'lclti land laotkedl. 0o ITh 'I'ca.ns are not surpass, d on arny rute in the Inc couttry ; tl.e dri'rs, to a man, caretfl and al ttasi 'I'ite bridtges lrrletcflo re d n:ler.u:r ll lav en tin newly built, ao that iagh, waiten dot nAn inter ere ''lheratl housa Ills hIv I., ea I natly chal iged, ,al Lare now ars lgood as t aolly ro:a in thie Southll. It is geerally kinown that the noelh:tlnc and ju: harllless of tho n idlls e ali the teaIIIS at all sea sons to tnia,.c great lspUcd. Their oit u:thit. F se.- ra cures tile Irivri or lifrom tihLe ortinary fatigui of dae at, Lo truevrllilog, qtl ITh Lioo is ,now rryiag its Iprtseage' froenl r. Augat stat tio ullute in 11,tr days a.d twelve a. luira, or lo N, \w rillb inll OUtr dys a t Itwenty lit hotrs. (oi'ag to IAugsta, t.e lino is nix d.tys h lid 'seven a hours. 'h llon actually ct iployed in o tri \'v hinr g s thIi: slon as i I lthe ih!er dir.ction, aI lt i tr tI dJip ert.nce n'r t. e O '" , t"t, is cht'aad by a .r , "dJay bring t >L ill I',n ,il,', w ' i o l,) 'rver, is 1.0 .ell r:'p.,nl ')y the up , r:unity itl i,:p .; o' o.u i g et . :v Y ,l,. ta ' , .Sptan t , , rt trap i r ,.I . sbp t at. ,o , I a t ; ta oi tat aIr aih . 'l',it.t a r:z I t ,,,aa.1lll'ai aLi ttlta ip iat tlin tr,',l tLurn, i..rt'h\\,lrd, v. hll th " 'inn \Viii be the oI t peal ti it ttl to al,; ,t;l .to| II t ." it, I 'ie S. l " dirk cti,,. 'his A .,. i'.,,mmd a ,,, 'ala ta hit !i lo t ar- aic t a, t',e atac,:,trt t.f ~I' tat (io ta , .riotors ;;,,ar c t .ach pas tg'r ' tI h p uttti y of hi i ] a. sIt Igo far,. i lt t oli tilt , I rno - ai . i.e. nl th i l Ex hanBe I - a, N, W l t , a d ia th a 31 i II e, ,0r i i i r o h I t o n l i o l e t o A el i a i t r, :ra ' 1 7 a ' at',1 i t, tc I, 1, ' i t,.' (tah t t'1 '.: hnnn-e . n al n Cttl l' (ttntlhotu , te I,:. coni t wa tihe St. J, l-ph's. I ltI at the Llohn lat: i. S a, tot.. n- - U 1.CI I'", 'l_.N, Agesl, ,|oble. o n a i. a 1a i t at a ji w-" l)um,,I 1V ' r )~l, ) Itren, h1 g,' 'eftl. i I)+n n r" l , u ll'h . ".', I. , ',': t,. ll,! 'pli, n, ait j' ,d,) ~ , l ,h It,0I s)'._,,ilt dui t i W hiale'l '. Lh :.'s o do I.utble n'IBIY n ,h iomlt [ I hblo |eWh do li:lIl's a l d do .:ttiuui do l .\VII) I' T .T . o( t i .1 clm'tle. st, iN hat:i naD s H ll, ,t, i 11)111'0\W 1 S S, I'll 1: 1lllblfl iC. M1 'I'OS S (l (ilSt. .aaust otild nn l Ior sat, , i ,i:'n. e lotr.,Lr f('.nIp u l Co lumo:I streetsl.I,' lia l . , (l t a'a( O: S hnl aa l o ,.tilal't at a-ndt , ha ~ in _ F I.a. Spig Iivdia,a n . n a ens, t1ar Pro S'Ivory l.'ran, ntnaer't Sa,'lls, Gints t'ripanalazs, I'ullt,lll oH, 'ro..1l u~ se u'| , "T he Umohum ter s, . l t e \ ot ). ri 10r l a,,nch ta'ds, .- :i %0 O,,', and ainh, ,tnt.ult.' li ea ltb ANDRIFT EW,& , talnt ran Stera tionlraIt h,. 'anttaiartano i L . i p -nd1,J uat . .... is n,, d,, .. Al atritl EnaIanagtn In ertata n'trLtrie (untnt an nik 3 iAltll Ita fLo &l 1 V , Ole ni rn -,IA't:VI & ANDRE' a, ri 'n.t cori r n 'iA.)DLE itJ .. itnnJnidtln la ta ,i ~' aiIe ALL s ALLEntN, n p R CANDLES- nx J udd',t paietn ad LI §T 'Fi OFLOUHI'IAN \-Parish of Orlehas, T',:alt :uon thoilse presents may concerat+ 0 I 'oo , , lin vo ' -,rr ,a W illi om M ol ne:k y a rea , h . 0,I, ,I fil o1 o to.1 l l t M + o llIt ,1 K y ., h .oPa P lie d . o t * Io ,o . ' , r,, .r ,, t i=,1 l , a n d fo r thte p a r t & n c l y ,, , 11: O . :r f I o, li i.l Cl.rk oI lt e Ceto et .) ." :, . 10 o, f-, r 'h- ,rih ,,d ci y ol New loon o I.1nOS or ADVElt it:.iUi: V o. In o,.lo. o rntv to Ie Act to thi1 L, -, " ,tr. .I ." f-1' ,. n :t"ld ' An ctt fotr it, i, , n' f ,,.,,. 1 11I t I ..I M a.llrthi, '134, Ioonlie 25 $ .. + \ l ' l i l T t w h o m ll ) t m a y c o n c e rn t h al t b y rit. , :, . enl e "o nn order of ' ale d frtnl ..;d -,,r llr 'l!b 'cs. in and tor tre pariolah a 1 ,I .1 N., 1 (+ ean ,o} j..r n! , e thf e t.tird dnyo( 11 : eotiot huonlred ond thirty i n 1 ret ,.rd il tho e omatter of the late S1 . I ( ,x, '. 11s i. tiinll of C .lrisLtopher Ad .11-, ,t .. S n.hltl', I . ' r d l.t'ors of s dJ suc ces, -inn, . ,, -.:+ a,.ý. C( -,, dec. .ased, ",,hi0 : order of J" w . t is ae.. g:,l t,! t'-rt', to" Itit oe Otibleratiuonl ,,f) n Io t ag .-t In redloor ootr ol the deceased .hi i t nvn.ed 1on ,Itn' third o ay of Ja".l e e1 , ItI 'U01 and thl y eight, be"re5 11I I . r. :, E , •. No.'ory oblo, and also after - o 1 : a,, d ll II1 p'ell '''l rn hl d 01 l'ao made, I,,. r is r t \ ila t d . s. for aoe Ly public ~,n t ,isi, h .v of .Mao, ono thlI lousa , !I1 u I rt. .n I I!.;:1t " .i et, f.r nrrollnt of the ' ,irsy, i.; blnn , C' inn oIf tI'le lt Nntlloanel C.nxt She la nn!el pr, ,1 t' hereinalter descri. S ',) ., Ill i, 1od ", cession, which promet .1.-r+ ta a 'ol3r., , d . ,rd ,: I tll .liso M acke yat 1,, ,1~." ad o re+ o o, , i i trl for the total SIle anRd m11it of sevept cnt tho usa on dtllrsm. .t.t toun ult he pro,o ry as given in ethoJudiciat C, Iii It c . Ie r .1! ,-l sinto l.r wo t s r , :tin lo,'e of grounds f\o .. r "fs .l an l)lnolv.gel thereunto boe o, m ,i l, r Int aty.I eC np;i"e: tf'ng, itluatein the l rt. 11n i . ,tflt isctOr.,in theIl quare hounda ,: l. onazine, Loi nyr,'e, and Camp ,r ana l tII , 'Ied his tile nlnm'ers seven and 'than Jr, n by F e.trick Wil. S .:sui. . uty ,l'LeV (Iener al , o'd r dAa'e of the .v n". ', , ..-k ri:', thoe 1 on l o eighttl hund. o I n i a I ·. I , ,and {ceU; a e: in tl E o.ffiR' e of 11 1 ( t',o .. I 1 . 5tt:r% p ltn 'or r'o -leren ce ,x . h tau ,' a . I a chl"toI , and ,leasturs e., I :tentS , e lei t I to e os Ilhe and six lioes 'not p""t i tor ' s.reer, ty dixty.lhree fe=e Iai xJi si 0 In depthl, ewellen pur ul ,.1 I:ii,,-, I .\+lI.·',:",,n In atLI e.] 'fer~s- . ne lo to ne tarredo, f r pera0 v' d endo;saod ,notres, aecurrd by special m ar'gage tt {mit p, yol nt. t'herhotre, aln Inrosons who can seo up 4 ty right, I;', or c'ain, in and to the loteso ground dna n I.( ib n.os lher, ti l d,"ecrLed, in conllsequnce ol hinl", rl..ty inL tolo o eir. decree, or judumren Sbeore tr ei'ed. lod un'er which the nles was made, or any iorelctIn'i'y or ;lleali y in thie appr,ismena t 'or advenitun.ll nti, in titte und mnnnn r of sale, or Sfor ay othilr canuse or delet, whnasoever, rrr here, 'by ci'ed a, ndn aonnis hd to hlow within thirty Iunt I'rta the putlicn.t:o'n i ete ,I why the sale, so nmade as aloresald, hio:.ld nllt l(be confirmed and to ,,jlgat<d in nccordaocc o\ill the applhcation uI ý.1. purchaser. \IVotnes Inmo hand and the seal of said court of ' irl,' s, 'ts second dayof .May, A. D. 1839. [L. V , W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, a , 104, ins Recisterof Wiltl. iPAltOlISI D l)'tIl ANS. SOUP R tDES PREUVES-ELat do la Louisi'al -A tous ceux que cold pout concernor-. QU'll ruit oonnu que, attendu que William Mae. k,'y, d lat villo do Mloaysvtlle, Kout cky, a'eat ads re.d al RdgiLter des Testamens, dons et pour 11 p.irosac eot la villo do lt Nouvelle Orldana, oeteo olitcio grl ffir d lat Cour des Prouves, dan et peao Sadie ville et pauroisoe, pour publior, at annonopr contorumen1lot uu acto do to Ldgislaturo, intiuld ', Act pour confirmor les tItras des acqudroures at ventes judiciaire.," approuv6 to 10 Mars 1834 Avis est par le pr6sont donn6 t Louns cena que col iinit coii rnor, qu'oi vortu at an ex6cution d'ui .,ro do vente de todite gour des preuves, danast o , et ville do at Nouvolle Orl6anaj , . ,,n "' .Ooae huit,qt ^i ý ., : f ' in " . oi :fat , do N :l..hanilt Cox ; `q.. : "e t, n.I " cF'rri . '.r~'~'.l , cnformtdmiot aux da iboratiooa d'une asauInbl4s deso crlancicrs o du dfunt, dumnent convoqude et tonie Ic trOis F vrior, tnil ohuo cent trente halt' pardtvant le sieur Il. B. Coens, not, pub. at ausal aplt les h publications requisos par la loi; le ltogiI ter des Tacblaomeis offrit eo vent0 publlque &l'oneoa In ncuf mai nil huit cent trolll hulit, pour compta dt 1o dite ucourssion do feu Nathoniel Col , les divers fonds ci.apres ddcrits, ppauitonant . Is diie succession; lusquol!es fauront adj.ugds & Williane 3lackey. plus offranit ot dernier encl.drisueur pour nla snmeo totaloe do six.sept mille piastres. Description do lt propridid d'aprba Io tranfort judiciaire. Doux lots do terre avoc los btittsse ct amdliorma Lions qui s'y trouveint, etous los droits, privi Bgeo6 IqutuLoIs, vjies, servitudes, et avautages qui on dd6 pendent, situd nou fubourg Sainto Marie de oettl vtle, dana I'ilot bornd par la rue Poydras, de. MI:gozins, Lalayette at du Camnp, at ddaignd par lea numdr(o s-ptet uoitsur on certain plan dreas4 par F'dddrtck lcW tlianmo , ddputd arpenteur gddn ral on dote du sept Avail mil blot ceut trenta huil. et d6i1ns6 pour rccours on P!itude do HI. B. Cenas. not. pub. Iooquelso dits lots atnonut lPun a Paiutr, Iniourent chacun vilgt et urn pieds, trois poucna, six I gno, de face a lo dite rue Poydras, our soixante trois pieds onto poncoc aix ligtos do nrnfondoan entre lignes paraloltre, nmeouro franca Conditions. Un, doux et trots ans de crd.lit on I s6. ti aotisaction, oas.urds par hyp'lotht ju:qu' htpari.tir paiemeut. " A cescausoan,touto porsonnos qui out on posaw rnient avoir que!qno rdelomnatioos contro lee lot. tde terra et Ihtli!:scs Ci dessus ddcrits, on nomn. queuced d'un LdStt do foreI doIans l'ordre, d ddereo 0u jl'Oemcnt de la cour. en verlu duquoalo lavaents a 6:6 Tilh., ou do tout0 autro irr6gularit6 on il!dga. lilt` dens Poest imatiion l'uvis onl to temps et le mode dte I. vnule on pour touto autre cause quole:,nqao . sIot pO r hls I ,)ts.ontus cilts d'avoir a dd6 ire dam tr i, tor, urs, Ih dater do, h pullhioatolno dU t, i" . d ,.nls top otiri" publis, loo aisoni pour lonp Slue! 's h0 veato ainoi ftit., nos:rrat pas approuvie r t I.,a olouguo6 , codm.m 10 demande le ditalqus rctur. Ei fui de auoi, j'y ai appood ma signature at lIs tcoau de Ia ditn lourdes Preuves, ao f .. S.] denxoetna jour du mois co Mli, A. D. 1539. W. F. C. DUPLESSIS,. Ini n istor terdes Testmnnns. Albut't ('orner SI "tin; llluo's FIIIlv no flouq o h.itc's \lov ii ito n;.,iI; !lortn's lutroductioa. AI hot'. 1o iu ('lri-ltinu tIt. -.'.. 'tllllpt le ll u: kt, 7 vollD:es ltloi.tih Mlouol' P'rivate )evotiollna, hlir sale nat , "ALEX. TOWAIt. i RR tnl'A-Ii 1ta'e0 Jacklua, iidoan head" ,. a briolo Sheetring,50 do Great 'eastoru do, 50 t Groat bail ado, fors-le by (r.. t 7 f Il )G 0.' ('o, 134 slagoainse . )Ol0'1l N T LLi"t'S OWN BOOK- Corliv'ls Grinunnr--Lt lioa' cookely Ihiua:,ý'o k,:v tu'l'leamnque l'u; .'s l..' F ll ll'n Ii ook l:nu.ohhitn'der bolr t tnt funtl bondel Waillostmchtl's Freoch graimmar iot'nces \ atshiuiinlo and M. rinun ' ' , Ii's :mledicall .mllla ull 1otoll's tritoonut-iielloi the nerns' I I.ltlv ls ,etlical pocketL onk o dl' (liinilelt. ioeotctil p!ok:t book . y , Mioou'a |rrirr-t 'lockcl's rorg bulot' HI a nI lers oailed Srt tes . ". Si0 uA loo tolld lriosellipply oftho ablove workk Jutt It' crir,,l u td nlolllo.l I o.r nsale OU g(I ternli by 111.!1 A Towna , 49 Campt i r1ifle pubais are re. pooletfuth• infoone that tare a1 tutina is retoned os tu e nois i pnpoved plannl anet tin lr and Inelpt hmaliralhie n tuaotiu ilan the faubk ran ui'v und iisoo ail hiral,ib aoaooitiwoha oes fnslane i'laiiktI, optu j iae raih . td, caoi tilh from ale ilg S 'Ih btntlding i large iint oitesmoo., dnoudloaoXi nillt I )n, tiotlts, for kpal a separate differoant call nat O flelntll ldisease,, Tlle isdolntui ois aoppli. I1 ilh to .sit skilful ' - ololnlotnn maile anLd en oal nouloso, naa pau ko l-g n.b upd rivate ro s IOSaV o n d baby gentlm e at ive It:ri pea dor, ioooludlio, 7toeanatna, &Af. Tereis i theo or'iary warnds, tan dln urW oSlaves ;rso two dollars. Small Pox init ld erd, fivol dollr. . ".. All copilol surgioales olarhons eots.. , 'I'lTe rei.ieot pa loaiciaa is 10 W ada oa so t n 5 m t oa" te oos a -.O suuarldnm1 ot o1'at A I L'X0 old..

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