Newspaper of True American, May 18, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 18, 1839 Page 2
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s..oiae oit-n Lpatoedo -to i the 3ooeerals M: ,rn hth e ahseetion, asa.s gIetthothe onsemptiet of M ell thaet that of the lnth. tco d-t l lie rtedt hi ctoettiton, that si w dredanes, pretcllerely a hieo . The London capitlists rsme shocofeamo that the decarse in the on 11. o tln y ppr o'ae. on the p ut ote'n seo *;'iý4 oprfet te they edduce the fact that the high a hee brought about this vreut. The pres Ih rkasot, sty they, goa to sustain this po. decrease in the pbrchan of caton tbr manufoo. Sto bee perentper s week a eotmpared oat ldl-e ylar, rom the tlt of January to the $i eI ar guaenu be correct, Mr. Notte has St erleoly deceioed. Sork papr avers thetlMr. Nolte's doings in the mar ' kheL.tht duts several of our frt koue.. This tI SMis! to eos T e our, his taW tiaeins have brought dom y v d ofeour indlantill homses, but 0a the Cilisens ntMastheheobL epo.rhich their bark were run ashore, :atcreb1.eaoieis apprehended from the result. S b. deoline of a tron ilt New York of 1.4 a cent per iepteuel i dettined to have its iflu-.dee here, though we i ,ee th.iige will look up again in a few days. On the ih iltaent, money wus more easy and stocks had ad vanced. Exnhatge on Europe continurd to be below the rate at hib specie is exportable. Thfeen lig in our cotton market to-day was deided a ihl&vor of holding up and not yielding to the down tw. endency of things. A fill decline of 1-4 of a cot itseeathlhshed uion middl:ig qualities, and must he ebmilttediolby the e who venture into til market atlpresent. The sales to-day were extremely light- Tie Pist quality cottons of which Ihere are about 4000 tiag in the city it in hands able to hold back. We hear to-:!ay that nearly all the banks are renew ioglhe paper they h Id of their debors fulo four to six -montho, upon payment ofa certain reduction. This course will sona have its good effectr. We note no material change in the produce market. Our table remalni unchanged. NEW YORK MARKET, Olay Rh. oIem of pot nheA at 5, and pearl soes at 6 50. Cofre no cheap. Cotton dull dolng puot week. Eusiess for three daysonly 910 logs. A declille of cent has been fully otab. lithl. Pleat down $7 25-for Ohio via N. O. lran. $7. lBran dlb derlined. Sales of A. Feignette I 35. Sogaro prime ~lcovedoes ihs demoand. tomaoso o:se. ST. LOUIS MARKET. May 19th. sotoelmfair. Lead 4(.741 .a slight decline The Illinois slaris down: Coree, Havana, 14@615. Flour 6 75@7 501 Lard lu demand, 9 to 10. Moulasso 511. Oil, Sperm bet. 1 35 1( 41. Rice7lto , good supply. T salt 7.@j7. N.O angersTIt7jF. Tar 607. A good supply of groceries in market. x LOUIs\II.LE MARKE'T. May 11. .- Ri.R r ludling, tho'at good ,atge. Ruoiners doll. lucoan ktloadanoeed, hoground 8e. tagogrn- cents active 0 ales. IStok 1L,6. Stook rope 19,0119 cails. Cottonl..elock low. ColThel o1413. Arrived 11S bags. Flour..arrivals 1510 ili ElJes 50. Lard frotm wgon tl 0; pr'", nE.., ,ales 19$. 17$ for prma Suoor 7 170. Tobucco, slight advance Whis Ley sals 43J543. nooks not cheo kig no the ellnt. Rato eadooth, 9per cenlt. Ipre. U.S. Bank not. I per cet. pam. MOlBI.E MARKET. May If6h. B.Btookofcotton 25,424 bags against 69,065 loot year. .dgellne of i a cent per pound has been submitted to. Freights 7-16 to Liverpool. Great scarcity of money Flour 84-whiskey 53-sugar 7--molasses 35-bag ting 6.. Exchange on New Orleans half p.r cent preeiun. tl.tetl )Date. .lhdllotanoo.May .......... I WOl'ashuton M.y ......0 flw P'rk, d . ............6i I Cn.cinnati, ay ..........7 Pblladelpk.o do ...........6o I.onosville do ........... 9 mllolmore do ...... .. 6S. .oui, do.......... S=panoh. do ........ .. I I.iVoerponol, Mar.. 2. ,8 Iaoton ('lsoso) Mlay ......I I Pnri Fob ............... 2! ItS ao. do............ ..4 n l,,, Mor......... 08 Nahvlle do ............2 Iluvre .............23 01C'I' OF NEW ORLEANS. CLEARANCES. lMay 17, 1830. Ilip MattakeestL Sprague, for Liverpool, ibpHllloh; Hamionod. for Now York, 0 . J P WIVhiney SSollqousoopi y.Gaylord, for liddletown, Maslter rig Arabtiant; Walsh, fr Chbrleson, J A oiaoreila Ovlne. Jo.daoo for Phildeophli, E A .% , ir Goovernor Arnold,OSwain, for t Markso . 'o a No o i o W'octinwell & cor .te : " oMarster ARRIVALS. lMay 17, 1830 Tow boOtTler, Cronell, from the passes, havain to to 0o0 hIlps Galen aod Sldey andt brnoe Almenn, retunen: to the city ewith brbrilne Pearl anld schr Mac. hLef the bar o tire oIGtl |lit. at 19o0 loek A MI Reports nothi ng n eight in the olfnln ond nothl ino rivet Tow hbat 6hork, Thoma.from the S . 1a., bnvl ioo tow LId tooe'rhlgp Nuoehlorn, Citizen and bris AF all Tyler ro rrnedl to toh. clty withb hip lom.oay, chre Ilarriet. UIlyoes Left the o tilth lot, at 6 P M. Reports nothing in tie offing and orhr Almreaa n0 river.. I Up eehr Ulyse s ,, ,28d.y from Malagoa, toJ cRob rlLO & co. ckhr Harriet, Hudgins., 5 dy. from Veoloo. to Master. Ship IombPyOiy, It April from Liverpool to J. P Whroitney br bohrque Pearl, Fletcher, 5th Morch from Liverpool and Cock. lot April, to MLr lr.o rhr Mac, Fy, fromn (Galvetcon,to thie mnslor. toamoer Mton.ilppi, Asohton, from Lnoihville Ltam Pr Du a Wotnr, I hilips, from Nashville. Ptooor Loulisville, Eaton. from Alton al St Loouis. Slmtour John Joy. Mason, from Wilber'. Falls, emulmer Columbinn. Duno,, fromn Fort 'Powse. toqouter Campe, Carrol tom I.ouisville. SNaoo Rodnoy, Day, fhor Lfoourehe. EXPORTS. LIV.lRLPOO[ ship Slftlokeeet..Cargo, 1920 bulhs of NE5W YORK..hLr .hlp Hilbh..Cargo, 3116 pigs lead, 982 balo cotton - MIDDLKTW.N..Poer lrqun Osprey..Cargo 250 ba'es cot. toll, Illoenepiro lead. Ill hl sougr CHA.LPKSTONP..Per brig Arabion. CaEgo, 154 hds baron, - 4JlOl his pork, 0 do beef, 5 hdo tobao.o, Ioo bos PIRIADELPI--Per brih Alice..tCmao, 1200 plgs lead, 39 .0 t baon. c l do hamnos, 3e49 huoh.o conn, 55 tbohelo wheat, 460u bl. ork. . h.o I....on not. - Y Panes faniture,3 hu dla chairs 0T7 . JKS..Per oolr Gov Arnold..Cargo, 56 casks bncon, l2 bhli porok,fdo flour, 17 hdo sugar, 61 his -.-whiilhoy, 42 do mnolioMo. 154 keo. lard, 100 :,neolht rop.e 10 pigs lead, 10 keg. pig. feet LOUJSlVY LLE.. Per ooeamer Noe Allny..Cargo, 4 toohs E •ware. IMPORTS *ALAG.Ponrr hoUlylla.coCa.go, Wine, oil, fruit, to J RoINrts t co V .LASIO..Porehr Itarriet..Cargo, 97 bhales cotton, For. syth &Linmeliok, 5 hides, and 3 buoodlesdeer , a i.kies, A Fulto & co: LI[OIOOL,.Per shltp i'ombal ..Cargo, 3201'0 olasl; 35 S asik and 4 b. paint, I 9.ocsa1nool, Soi beoes tlnplates, 33151 iro Rail Road iron, Il :uu . * di s*plicing plates, lots hdware, melchano. dJ"o aod dryoondo. - .........Per barque Poanl..Cargo, 270 tons sal, to or dor: CoLVE7SON..Po achrMao-.-lu hallcot: RECEIPTS OF I'ROIDUCE -Wi:t"er Fa'Is..Per stsmnr Jolm Jay..Cargo, 56 bles pci. riec, owner o boord. Pool Towoen..P.o rteamer fo'umhionn. Cargo, 35 hato. nottu. Laoobolh & Thomp-on, 98 do T1 f, bhs oil, Ironl -0, MoKeona & Wlight. 4 bahl outtoln, lTylor, liordelln A to. Loobliole. Per steaoer Camlte..Caroo. 200 his floor, Cololsok, Hyle t r oo., u bdhdolntoao. J Vai;eo , h coS 51,0 rOl. rope, 49p0 oieeoe beging, J Arlour, II hbles cotton, (G 1 Lee, S bneopslI to order. .Lohroom..l'or seamer Rodnoy..0onrgo, 10io hd sugar, Ualrti Plenaota & oo. 21 Au, odf. I.ey Laurie & co. oLoa ilon..l'erooenmer Da. Woebier..Corgo :i bSleq rot Iosd 0 ohdl t.hreo, 5oiaoel o uho illg. N 4 J Dick,3 h hoes edooo.54 ds tonacco. 24eI flour, YrLlaaon A c0, I0022 Is to tbosn. ,I. Addison . o, Il do ftowo o Cre,:bnw, Io do'rate I Hopkiea 6 do and 7 his lour. Price Joblloon & ro. 4 Inlei eoltwoa.teoll mope. Froilon. Dale co. l lIboI I oloo.s o ll, T Caneitd.78 II. flfooooltTo oaro ei. 58 doR I . MrKay, 511 tie.. lpyl lYehe. Wo;may.4 horseo , J lDok, 70kegs houtter, J lhlaicol--boo mllahodli.o. Lunlmlo h f llhorpsonl 10 hi. spg5Odo aohlnhoo. ownor Ol ooard. tLol.-PnrIo laotomr Loonilhe..Cargoo. 38 hde loumeoo, Whaol l'y'0- 6 do Laomneih & Thoonpeo., 40 do, Dunnt, Iomoo M. a 4$ plll letd. Laofin, S0teel,. & e0, 4437 do. GodloP Laurnoto&, Sm .I 48 Pck cohn, W D Loa Ro.l, b.o orobdaodole, J'A Mtroet, 24 hi.l lrn, Moll & larrnl. smll ..assl. boponl&Ilokorn.lI bhds bal on, Mnhard Sgoe.r oo.4io tp"dolem, BRnoilt o Hapkey. S .ootao'li-Peor lesmoe MOio.siplji..Caro. 141 po blg. slog, ISO I-ro; pd. oi y P0 Sh002non; 1:'0p bhow log BolfsfWio *oo. 113 lp lboing and 113 cos ropo oakcoi eaoouo ; tll3alelnlbh Sarkey n o WhittIlnohnm, tSlblotiskVai.lo A ool74 do & Amelung; 50 Had dlo HMI t1land Yl dopdrok Coam.lok, Hyl e co; : hhd aolloeee o o. Sroak3olieon Frlerson. Dole ao; Salition onoot,. Ferridap.& colSO b:o whiskey 54 1aopS not.r JkJhton; 4 h4 2 poo..a. Odo egg.oA lidos one, A F.aFnton; hboa, I truok and I olfs bohrd UtbiSomtlhd. . VQNilIGNEIE W4* o P Powll i Ao A & J Denistnun. ! WAadmsqn. PItW. Aij iid. C Al-,n; .W bhI ym..; C puof+A 4 Dhak; Sebhu.dt t Wa s ý;r ;VDAI4rdie cu: Pret t Nunh; U irAemrzVP vid:, J iutowu; E Yor~k;bu & ýI luatdi jl '' pslss Welta.. b raw"~ nod daughter, W * 1di.h.Uk.J-W lk..k,. A Rank. FkOG, W .J No *Tbu o. R BaI..p. .qMMp aSorlJbsh I ...Prodai, Th&ICmpb.. BSmith. lttr, ilmao. yf IwPtto·uba q rrttýýavoml Sat Campbll. brow e .McambZ.... Ct Voce 4 LW.dy a.d 1 2 dgh. rp*. l. - Jm d.b.m RId 22 stIer.W,: pp Ur u ·sI..tIobs.S.B, Son. MulI.,,. O'Neil, I %ý cy· 6rVRhIW.& Jeukloskiloa..FU aaI ." ' ' .;" y MEMORAND ·I_··,-· Ma~yra.orlo Ar t ~i Ls~ra.r t1if,.ItlJ: AMIERIO N. Dwlea Ie By JOOSM ucsassfO. PAIT.LYUL AND BOLD. N E' 4)K iR EAN " SATURDAY, MAY 18, 1839. Tennessee, once the strong hold of Jocksonismln con talnes perhaps mre thinking andsound judging votere than any State hi the Uiotn. 'Th re are forty thousand t men within the bounds of the oblong State, who, have seceded frot the Jackson faith. They pritde them. selves upon heing Jeffersonian desoemruts and will not throwtheir suffrages except for the man whom they have every reason to know will oppose the principles of the Vanil Buen administration. This mass ufvoters Is a tower of strength, and while it occupies so lofty a a station on the opposi ion ground, the nlloucrats canl never hope to carry Tennessee. The Ontest il tile coming elections will he severe, hut the mnyrmidons of Mr. Van Buren were never destined to so complete ai It is upont these forty thouland sltrong, that tite hopes of the Whig ports are founded to give the vote of the State to Mr. Clay, in 111l. No otter mlan inl the Whig rashka will Telllesree vote fir, as things now stand. Their faith i n him it based upon a sure ground, and though he is not the exact oan of their choice, they will take him to bnoi'h front power the present wicked and apostate federal party. Btut while they signify such to be their intention, they must he reasoned witlh. The Tennesseeana are all great readers, and most of this phalanx are takers of the Nashville Ioanner, whose edi tor, AllanU lhll, was their chief spokesman il tile first Jackson canvnas They listen to himl with allen tion, for he and they deserted Jackena at the anme time, on account of the latter's base desertion of demo cratic principles. Tie sound judgment and cool rea suningevinced in Mr. Hall's political articles ever since the secession do hi i great honor. fws heknows the voal ue of tile precious charge commitated to his krepi.g toexpress ilte sentiments of so respectable a party in Tennessee. His clrse il the present contest is an elevated one. He and his forty thousand coaijntrnrs will go firth coll queringand to cnnquer. Polk, the unprincipled tool of Van Buren, will he driven into exile, the masjority of repreantativcs to Congress will be in the opposition, Sand tile State Legishttltre will oplpose its frontt t-, Jacka sounisn. Would we were s sure of old Virginia as of her ni-ter Tennlessee. It is a glogious examnple ill tile annals of .e:f-sgovers nmesst that the very freemen, ahose iol lived among them and was n o f tl'lhel, Ishould e tile first to tr1.1t uupo'n hi and Irasplt him il tlhe dust, w.irll he dlredl to intvade their sacred rights and turn traitor to the 5 country's cause. Verily, T', thy rebllke of SJlackson ileoa inpli atoned for tily ontay sins ill Iaistio to place him in thle presideniil chaiir. Resouin irtn, ye ftlrty thousand freemen, aed ielp to re:ne tIhe Unitn ftos, thie thlall f Van Btnrenisst, by elevating to the filets oime in yolr gilt, Cehry Clay, tln Tednetssee n shallstand letreoslt in the t:lk ofredeioend Stiwtes. Suprmen Court.--l'ricipaland 4gen. Vigers a Co. vur. J. Kil.llw. Appeal firom thi oart of the fils! disrict. In this case the court der id d o htt, o here it generll gnt liol special insl$ruct ias t lnom hI' principal to make costail opellations it otlton, lold to ptrchase and ship 300 htugs Iheads of Tobacco to a Londonl hotse on his account, if choice parteels shollt decline in place here to certain rate.; and thie agent slips 99 hogheads, o New York whih olells at a loss: h..Id thul the agnut is liable to h ole irincipal four tile aount otfsuch loss. Eustis J. delivered the opinion of the ct urt. This is all action of a principal against his agent for exceeding hisi instructions. Vigers the plainitif, trading under the name of Vigers & Co. in New Orleans appointed the defendant his agent during his I mporary absence ill Eutope. The powers given were general uand extended to every lce. cessary act equired lto be done in the coursel of th plaintiff's husiness. lie left wtith the defendant partic ularin.truoelions, however, nad aulong olther directions, authorised theloletndant, if ehoicetarefls of Tolhcuo should decline to a certain rar., to ship 3i0t hogsheads to London, one half to be on account of a I.ondon house and tihe olther on account of he llintiff. The te'fend ant shliped 99 hogsheuds to New York. On this latter shipmant there was a loss which for.I s the subject of the present suit. The plaintiff having paid tie monutt t had a verdict tor $3.03,06. Ftom thejudgent oil the eordict the defendant, has--' Frot tn ~l r of the instructions of the plain id lot authority to make a shipment of Tobtae co to New York, nor any rthing from twhich such an au Ihority can be implied. He authorised ceotain opera lionl ill cotton to le tlld!crtkn, but those in Thobacco were limited to the London market ; none oither was ll. thorised or ever alltoledin; t nldl frol the particular nmatoer in which tile inotrctiiols are drawn Io we lmst conclude lthat otll .lliplUlte ts thler than tll soe Uutohori sedl were excluded. t mIniglt well h. ppen tihat in purochses of Tobacco for the Loodon market, a purchaser t ight t ind it fin his advanttge in order to secure Tobacco of a quality suitub'e for thlt market in take other hogsheads of oaot inferior qtt lity, as the artilel is sold in lots, not asaor ted accordling to, the enstoln whicth exists there. 'lie plaintiff was undoul.tedly attreof thio, tlct and must be supposed to have given his directions in relation to it. His agent the detllindatnt he knew luiht have o haud a cetlain quantity, but there is no evidence that he the plaintiff hod any idea of trluting it to the chances of a distant market. I)uggnr Ilte bloker who purclhased the tobacco says expressy tthat hadl Mlr. Kilshaw sold tile ninety-nine hogsheads here he does not think Vi gers would have nustlited any loss as there was a great demand fIr thbaceo. Pltting the case on the most fa vorable footing for the defendanot; supposing that the 99 hogsheads of tobacco were left it his hands from tile purchases he was obliged to make to cotplete the 300 hogsheads for the I.ondon market, we find neither ine cesaity or authority for shipping tile former to New Yo'k; for which market the eridence shews conclu sively the quality of the tobacco was not suited. It is urged in argument on behalf of tile defendant that hi ngeneey was gratuitous and tht he acted inl good faith. There is no evidence which shows that the defendant was lnot to receive a cuotpenution for his agency. The platntiff did eot expect the defendant to charge him any commissi on o his interest in the London ship. ment, but that ihe defesndoat would be satisfied wioh the commission of 3 1-2 per cent on the interest of the Lou den heouse; but we have seen nohing i thile evidence which tales the case out of the operation of the con tract ofecolni.eion. We believe tile defendant acted in good faith, but also that he acted indireetly without authority in making the shipment to New York. The judgmtent of the inferior courl is there'ore appro. red with eosts. Tiho Louisillian Iavere lter lt, Iobeen releivd fromn lMr. 'rieur,announcillg his intentiol to retuorn to this c 0ntlly as speedilyoas possible. It npllearl tlhat t r. Primtr was adtised of tile movemnts ofl'his frienlos ion relation to theoC Iretorship. Well, be it so: thougt h diaotterically opposed to Mr. Prieir on qotesti ocof national polities, and Ireqtently hotvit g bten irc rest into eontcrt with him upon t cil it u iters, whein hie wts Mayor, we htve always considered him a" mtan for It' thur,"oan honest man. lie will make a Col'oecor i whom all all can repose impllcit confidence. Holll the (dov.erlllntet selected tsuch elll heretofore, we should lnot now h~avpe a list ofdeflnultere, disgracinog tO as no. tion, and reducing, to all appearance, tit state of public noral.i tl so low an ebh. W\e re a luln that iMr. Prielr lhns no: been able to nego tiate the bonds of First and Tihird Mlunicpalitie, feor the law autho izlng the issoueofSlate IBond in their fvror aill oeabln our neighhbore to dilse of these securtitien at par, and thus they call keep tleir large proplrty intact. IBy adopltin: an e or ulllll course similar to that pultued Ily tihe oecond llhuiyipaolity, they can pay of fall their dolbt in less tha t twenty years, incldint tlhe bonlds thlaletelve. Even if tlere .e no geat ill crease in thuerevenue oftlhis aeltiot of the city,things are so arranged that we shall bie able to go on with all uut improvements and he free ofdtebl long before tlo eiedod for which the State has leaned uIs its bonds. Let our neighboeurs foo::w e,or exampolt,and New Or leans will soon be whato, . . The mo.t splendid wharf in .' woo.i wonl., e the Levee in the second Municipality, if the whole of : from the street to the river edge were paved with hex. agonalhiteks of wood. Then is rain or sushale., the business Ioan would never tre prevented froll freq lent. ing thitquay by omud or dust. The construction of moveablesheds for tha purpose of protecting produce, would be nalo doeir.lble. No skipper or capt ill would hesitateto pity a trifing tax to avail hitiself of such a protection to his goods, ifneeded. If our ra road eomplanies cannct an rd the expense tofkeepito, theirtraeko swept and properly guarded by len at every two hundred paces, so as to prevent tihe possibility nfaceideat-, it wothil e well for thel Ito place between the engine tender and Ipasenner cars, two or thres burden or baggage ears. In the event tit-to of n sochlentti t he engine, unone etqad happen to, the rear carf, f. their course would bho nrhecked by the cert tain destructin f fle interoenoinjg trriges. 'ite iccident. on the Carrollton rail toad on Thursday, N winld not haveloNun injuior to any oteo of the pas sengers had this been the case. That part of the Second Municipality between Caim tnin and Canal streets, and back of Rlsin street is im proving rapidly. Many very comnnollaous cottages have been erereted, and several kitchens hoe: been built with the inotootio of putting op the main and frout buildings at a convenient eoason. It would not be nniss to have the streets in this section of the city at tenderdto and paved. The progress of the town is luke ward,and more particularly of the Second Municipal iry. Under til liberal action of our Council, it cannot fial to outstrip our neighbours below Canal street. Three miles of thIe Mexican Gulph Rail-way, are - finished and ready for the canrr,and three miles more are in rapid progress. We shall visit this aflitr in a day or two and give such details as may be interesting. lloLLAxti's CAnI.-We stepped in the other even ing, and really enjoyed ioreelf vastly ; not only halid we our old favorite, Mr. Cowell, and young favorite, U the chip of the old block," but had the pleasure of listening r t.i sote very sweet onllgs Ifrmi Mrs. Keppell. We do not know weer tile evening can be passed more plea sanitly than at the Canm,. Thom ts Leigh, E.q son of 1t. Watkins Leigh, was shot by Mr. Fielding Davis in Woodville, Miss. a few dayssince. It appears that Mr. Davis interfered in a rencontre Ibetween Mr. Leigh and another personI wl,hereupon I.eigh pursuell Davis, who, in relf delerce, shot the former. It is thouglht he will not recover. The Nrchleliz ncw rtenm mill was destroyed by file oai the 15111th. A nmn by the ilname - Cllrtpenter waolnl cquitted orfthe murder of a Mr. 'irtller a few dBys since, in tile Circuit Coulrt of C opiah :conlty, Miss. As hr, was going from the Coutr louser to the jail, the relaties of Ke'lcr fell upon him, cut off onte f his hands and oltabbhd hiitr to dathb. lie fell in the hall of justice a victim to the the mob. Ma'sissippi, whlit art thou caning to ? tir. .inn, iU. S. errator froti Missouri, has sold one halfor the Miuc L.a Mtre propety for $50,109. Hie f ges to England to get a lrt of cotipcr milers. General Saeea Cruz hea been defeated by the Chili nere with great olsr. Dr. )Duncn, fihoree whil mmerry, is named by his friends as a candidate flr the Vice Prsidlency. Whir Swill wonde.lsr celc ? Lord de Roi e, the noble bcack-leg is dend. Mourn ye I.elieving in the hokr with lhe flify-two leaves. i The Queen tollok satralIent oei Eastcr Sunday, with Lady hora llnstigs, by way ofatlnirg for her utgjes t ty'shsiny sulspicions of the lady's character. o Ti'lhe hie came very near 1i g the charter elec - tc lion oflhl Citylv if .,tlhliy, a week or two catgr. If they do ut hie Iup nd stirring, 'he fil elrctions in tihe Saute will plove dlisastrous o tllrcu. They la-' a devilish lclll. y to del wV III irMardnuie T.ri oti--cnt Mihitnrucielle-anrl her hnt - han 1,i ci, lfotherof the .e i dgr l.i i1n(n , hate arrived alt Nr ',ew 'Vrl, in rrliiialr ron the -rk hlicds,. lWhetihrr ithey lre daucl rr, neltr.dians, or colrrdins. tIhe rltponert syeth nrot,. IWhat rnles thle ul lltin mal n sa ,ing that Te.xs hal no! heeon r coglizedl a i un indcI endent r.puhlic by Ith.l Unitet I Sntatns ii rush up your l( ongrssinonal rem ilniscel:nac, StM. Clauka, or you will s'ona be bhlind Ihe Utnlo Cuvnns-E-Lona Island.--Seontd Day. The tllrs tnl a tan huInt ed ,hidnnllns, tw mile heatal was won yeslerday, in two i]ent, Iny Mr. tan lnlate's brown nars, Hlorla.ownn, in ha. 4tls. anld 3 5L--the titnle,nn O nieilliy t!lP nLnte n tf ltlh raah, Wbaneign nItii.)r a denladly anLn'nl. Ih anralnlanwera ana tInn titnariltn fnlni tnis nt n ntnlanll[ einnkt dagnaina [thnt lin . 'IT) ollowint g i is tn I. Jon. It. VSn Mater's b a' Htornnlnwer, by Mtnnnannaa I Eclipsen, 41 eaanna h, I I 2. J na I n a y'.aa'aianna, In Vitoa. ry, nanna o t+anid nnt tn' Stilt, 2 -2 3. II.i It r nich'sn h .atnnlolk, by Autnenw h vears onll, 33 4. 1. "t.. Stevns' s c Tornadn, by Eclipset. d eyrsa nht. 4drn 5. 0. P. tar's Caradmlri y Tonson, r Syars oll. . liagl" --a TO LEPT. .,. Tl ....... roll'r..tlol ,Ih~oui,,. Ill,,t,,.a an, nlnn nae i itlh ci-larn.a, n'C., ainanaitad NA 1ai6 anntt 171 St Jalnlah streeta aad Nu t 'raitat street, nearn tle Cirle. Apply to J OTT. aIllay 18 pd 4t --~-: 'i'tJil+.I+L. T,- A hlarye foullr story brlick Ilttn, jual finislh eant atthe 'atarnar nn tianvien andni Ciaroltlnttntn alt, iJ dJJAjL tnaainnngaaalnn g Ecalnian ttnta anha atl n tialana nlit 'antoatiln r I lnanan. It nilt Inn at tilt .he 1-tt tonfn nntinarn tt low le , w tl tinhe pnvitaege oa it II.l't II: [w .\~i(SI CALDXVEII,. nNEtW tI.L';A\t A Untttttti.L''ON ttAAL tUAI) OtMPANS'. aSUIIarn .IaallTEansa. FUlTaE WEn K AinlSan. o Ch lopn w Orn I F ll . aorse Car i 'clock A. M.allorH : H: t t o': . , A. a lO " 1L " ¢' " l " " [ " I " . " n ' " g 'ens, 'r I," in " " " I " 9 " - Aatral o'nlucl u Car canoit he btliae hy paying 3 dol lars tbr tLe u 'ndrs). 'et aart nill laeave a ile aulana hnaurm an int le wa ek dao l ar ait ia'a l a ln Ib St al aa lt an aa inaanal ranata aaa rta Faa Innr aanclalallllllodataia oancrnola ainitinay Carraltcnla, in the Sa'alhnak aar, aanl Woaa lanat nlmt taano reaenill Ilnre atil8 o'aaall, tha ca an that lan Ilaaat0fure la t('anrrolltaaat o'alok, w~ill realU lill alllll Ii) I1'CII1Lk, tJlleby llllowltgI t110rll OllR hIour ato elljai tiln nnlelntinal itkns ounllas of nhn ina! b!naniia Oara daan in tan Uaited Slaaas. aersoaaaoiaa i y Ilue Lacoanitwna latla arovldn themalacta wiOi U 'I'khN, a N tllaT E CRYha ann Inhan IOnaitiC dirCitiYla taao recaire n llat ll iI u theareati TtIt JACKSON AND LACnRStE aTt EIET CAtRt i.tane In halln aJancl,noln streat at6 aajcaik A. t.. CIllat atlt'at at ai t 'alaooian t af IlO arly. At O'Ct. h t ley X Ill analle tilata P a cin' andlt eS.Y a 1ni 839h, ltll ma onna onk, P. n- taai' .a'llc aainaaaareat, itld 1 oCocn nrIaaCaaaaalt nrenat eaetlillanN a i( 1 n a nat I' a ali an o'clock, i atI laree, - [t is palil:u1arly rI..uPr'lEd itlhl ent!" e i w not pEt tIlcir feet Ilpull til cc -kitllcurrallokeints as Il CT whoaLILudie. Otlice Ne~w Uric.,ins ;tls] Carr011toul Rlil Road t.omp/ttly;, Stay tat, 1a9, JOtIN ttMA MPasiN. Ilayl8 i ihiafngNyetl, . : R.tI CtlTEI tN It tEl . . ... NOUam EItEII aIttEA at8'r CAtttOtt.TON. fJt' t.'Jia'tlrnnio. a dna Ad/a On/neats. Chntr aathenal, hd4til. A ;e Chari.ticheaatltii5hiitAM Ah';"t anatnatta ', "T AS'i a 03 a a o &Cl- 71 a 1 "I In ag +.Plt 10 hecrlr~. !l st~it·, naia Ian J btenir un char. el [nnlnqnrn'eias a p Pur I St ,nag, a'. 8 t rann t in, , us o n ta hat a itinnnns -naa a e Il~eschr , I tlrtlt'oill illlX llll.,lllmsq.. *i res(+| llllpa I(nr tnllatal annla+nl t IItll anll, a il nlita n at lan t"n ant;aia 'tt nlan y nlvllil r arhrnt tie. (.' rr(Ilihiii It. [P+t'Td Ib l ied JI- ' ". a ant i ild naan ,l l r, ai l'a aId na n noajrall't ao;iaaat al'o~i l a'nn~I lelll e lanni janlinn-atna tI nanr tlniar. r L ),i r le tll 'll de(i ,.11 helnr lreeat ' hi m, qa' r ant [)i t d I y alle inantaq'anan ,it raneaia dn't'an'nnnntaa hnna lieU da (/.ta hri IwRa Janhna ran nn/a Canaaen. i p nr a lllr hantnl h tirnln t hnlat anlte ianrir, a t Au h tls anitala-ttni (Inalatl heau n'raes inla nat in at an nnn·nt' Ilanan~ij a n. ltltnnnnaan lnt aaair l atnita i Jan'el'aaalltrqnaa at i.'aaan da hira l ill Canal ,e rol'tai a pro ure Inll ailael s C atial. an.ll· a:oilale. Lanna da renir dn.nlan 'at dl npal lieu a thrana rlr la Lanatyn gain ha rhlle.allnill ala tinl da Car a nnttta aI t tdi Inn rNatalll Oataltll ea. .0111e ItA Itrutia, attit1.,it l.saIillllll'el~l I pgn i. iaaa n o!a-ta' t lll+Itl- les i-lll 81J le~tClms ins ie l lk l CIi. 1 $fu 'r'o L).\Y. $t8,00 ! [IHigthat Painu ! aTnickela el, $'2 ! 75 Numahaers--la Liruwn Jallot. [,OUt SIP NA LOTTERY Aulthoainant i'a Act oalt'ngisntuata. Chialter XI.II, iaiaitd )lAta:lit, .S 1t. Cleathi, Ihr 18ti9. tan be itrawna in -anl.lav, Mlay l8. 18t9a, at 1-2 )ant U mi'cntk, P. Nt. It:cbinalva t Ine Ecanltingn Ihltanl, nt Chinarta at. tD. at. L'( l.molli' &5 Cn. Sataiasa ors ta l'ATES Zn kIclNTIYRI]t, Mqangela. ha7,81t I l'rin. -..n-,,nnng n $594535 Tl'iekets $2 -tHalaa a at Ii -Quarnra 50 cta -.Patciag estl 25inkntts far E., .Th.nrea in plopor Faor Iynl.ngea or aiangla einknet, applyl at • ~ 'The At nat-annar OMan+, mayl8 3i Canaltreltnan.-a to Cutlip a --HEn nVItct.nTgItI CAs--Neatly nengraina on a _Inall naatnacnonaaied wilh t a Meoir a f a Ir. Jttitaler ait a tarintl'xtalaat tra hni. cnalraaited paeea attIlt', withi a Iaternn at' tlea Vatae far ralt, whtleetala I5 alld ratail, Nu Iti ('iarlren ant. AIHant Ialn i at' I.iktnepda f 'i . r, Weabiter; al D,;claratiol of Indpe~decrer, witr f mo a siyil8s of Ilalllel+, illay ]8I .EWIORLEANS TYPOGRAPHICAL ASSOCIA TION. FOURTH ANNIVERSARY. 'I[IOSE MEMBERS ahohave not supplied them 1 seetl with tiekets FOR TlHE ANNIVERSARY SUPPER, will please apply to either of the Cotmmittee of Ar rangements. Ir JAS. I'IRNIE, e WI. PICKE'T, ' H. J. PICKERI:NG, -- GII.DEA, E. KELLY, E.C.JONESH, G. L. BENNETT, JAS O'DOWD. J. M. H. BIRUNET. ltr The Dinner .l take place at 8 o'clock. m17 MAYJKIALTY OF NEW ORLEANS. T HE pre o ittrsh flour to-day is $675 per barrel i' 1 according to the tariff; the bakers shall give dou. re ring the nsuing wek (from Monday 13th inst.) 32 nun for I0 cents Bread of the second qualitvy, or ofl three loaves for I0 ents, is required to weigh 25 per cent. more, viz: 40 ounces. mny 4 C GENOIS, Mavor. J o -ell known tothe public that it is hardly ne eeesary !o give a detailed Fltterment of their value and use. 'The fo'lot, i gartielea will fully convince any one of tlhe claims Ihedartor h ups.n the public to plane confidence in hi pteparatliuna. From the Hampdea Whig of July 12,1837.'a PillZ nad Butter.--Th last Journal cona d' tains additional teetiuoeny in favor ofthli I ighly import. tantinvention. "Theprass of the Journnl was almost a stopped" to annouanee the tesatimony. SoULe one, in the naure of Dr). MotfLet thanks us for insertiug the cerlifi eate ofour n 'ighbor Bowles, nd fftrs Ius a qanitv ol the atticleas compeosatiuon. This is very kind, and'we promise tlhtt monot we lalor under like uftlictiona with our neiuhber ofthe Journal, to call on the agent. In ithe mean time, are any lburitg utale: similar lif v fieallie to tlhore iwhch havoe o severel borne rpnon Mr lt.wre, they have his nesltuony to the "peculiar adtl.tednero" of the remtdv to the diurenra. The ttedi cine is undoubtedly a sovereign remedy. s EI.TTEIl FROM SAMUEL BOWLE.S. p II The tollowinr letter is from Mr. Bowles, Editor of the Republican and Journal, Springfield, Ma.s. SPRIROFIKI.D, June 1, 1837. te Mr. Mllffati-Sir: t s now thirteen years that I have suffe~led from an ioidnity of the bon;els--the ornl'ne, t in tupntose, nta severe illners of olunfltnm ory rhurtnliinh Tioe natnrol actio of rthe bowels in lost; N flqtlt ant levoere lins oeullr, wilth t lth wetkltlen nl detrression : etalhantien being necessary every few daysn totecuunteranct olivenes. I hlve cnnttltea lgood physicians, old have tried almost all kinds If pills ad verisd. whlichl reetted trllirtd r It tuvase, in vain. I)t ring the lasl veer, I h1ve bought and aed several hioxes rfyoutr" I i te Pills," nlld have flnd more telfitl frnti s, more lelieftnnd atlnltlpttel to tty ao for a length 1 of tilno, tn frotu any medieine 1 have Oet trield. Yours, SAMUIEL BOWLES. For rle in thin city, at thle corner of Comlton an d Tchaopiloulan it_. ma_ 18 NOTI'CFE-WILIAM Elt,., Nt, 16, Chrtrre it. I1coulnri· nes to mnllu.alctre all) article in lis lilne st shlort holies. Charges .noderame. N. IB. Watcheo, Jernelr, Music Boxes, Spectacles rejrltred in the totst fnithfu'l mnaner. Od Gold and Silverattred. many In (.Al' nld Lf.etter PAPER-A fall tenl 'Outhrltt Otilteh y hove articles, plain and ruled, fr sale at No. 24, may IB _ DAV!D ITELT & Co. il7111E AM .ItICA.' AI.,lANACond Rttiryoft I CUseft Knrwltldge, for tIe ryoar 1839, ticevrdl ntd ftr tutu ty I)Abit) FEItI' & C(o, tloy lot 24 Chartre. tt I tl1, J 11'('t:, Itodioog frreoo iln-oasko, boor aII reln mnd ot ttnojo bln, for stle t v II BONNAIBEL, n amt l18 C("r Notehez & Tohapoitol ous eta _ llava, , for Rleh " II PtONNAIEI,, may 18 (Cor Natelheo ad Tcbnlittullus sis .AlN.i BLK. 1)lUjy'', for makia sorla twater and oil ai vilriol, received lately and fat r ale byl H IIONNABFI', may 18 Car Natclhez and Tlehapitnlaas sis T.-ATE ((F I.OUISIANA.-1'arisiT Court for thle Iarih andl City of New Olleana.--l'reasnt tile Ilatakornblh Charles Matturi11, .udlge. - nay 1alt, 18.19. No. 11,771. M. D)n Tone vs. hise Celiteor. On tntian of (ene r. Blt. t, Esq ifinlto sel Er tile illsodcPllvt and ilpua -showing i1t the cotllllrthatll rrolr lI c'relpt ill tile Ilolce alling for a netilln of at ereitlrs in this eSal stllnd Iiat cons.elquently said Imeetling atig t t tag take pl te I the sllt,. at' Philppe I a-see knt. lno ary ullli o Sll, a, llldal tie Irt ll tl nv I llt Jutnte, g the n nd Iflare Ilo lelilbersat; oil Ihe iofini r. ofllth ptlliill la tl t l ake ito clnsiderlation tile illaltes set forth ill Exl lt alt Ifrol tt Inutlilaes-Clerk's Oftice, New Or lean, a" ny II, 1 839. may 17 It ARMAND PIT'OT', Clerk. ' M W' ,Qu i9thi4 l ade Pua I' ae I" pour an lta' oi. I illal dle In No.;aell.t-a' .iiTna- Present I'lhlatrahla (Clarles Maurain. Jnay'. Aai 141h 1839. No. 11,7741 M. I)labose vs sea Caneitia.a. En inatian lde I. \W. IBotts, l'aq. uvanat n our 'iu.. s llv 'hler t, el j nlm nrantt tine rtat r, , qi sa tt' nvita alt s I' llllll dorlliPr poullr Lasse bleJ r le cran.iP rsI t en consiqenllle dte cet errelr I'nlsem.lnllll e n' a paIn ene lieu--II cr ordonbl par InlalCor, qtu'tar aaselnlle iloavelle a11ral lieu Ii1iiu l h a las d tPhilipat' Inacanta, IH. notle: re, en Snlllnll i le 1.5 Joln, !]39, oI tlnad ol of)1 on i.a deli'r beerralt Itn hf:lirn's l leltitonolaire et lrenlldle ent colisilde ton lea i ,cata s calltnlues dall Is t etition. Extlnllil dl rty'itllt,'ea ant, lBuretau rld (il.atti, MIn Ntoealle CtO!',any, Mai 14. 1839. II3IIE NEGRIESS CA'I'ilERINE will be sold at a Sreanlt ,ganui., at tritnle anl. I', Ift.t ,previously ditpo btd of beahre l aurdly next, oall, twil tlae b aolal at iLntiN.t, bey lRawlelt.d ' Cela, at tlle aew l'xc lnage, t aollana Streelt, t H1 o'iilnock, ioon. SlA e is n first rtte cOllik lid hllle servanlt, eataas Frreatch ,ad Engmlila, aaaid jill abe h3'y gLuaatartaatPd ill very resapectat, exaPInt Ilie laning l ball'hd hereIlrelf,a biltlrltur ed oalllet of her ona nceaord. he is a ndarlk tI;rilfe, about 30 ears ofnaga, andl o be'ter or mllor seful rervaut there is not in tle pity. Terml, ine half .tsll : Iollana e nLt 4 anotls credit. App'ly to DOYLE & MlAY, m1,7 N1. 3 Cnrandelet at , XCII,,NGE-a.. London, for rata ly 1u ,17 LHGALE, 93 Coantlon st A Ns- 0 bi i u-8000 n e-sIt ,tare, S may 14 &J P WIIITNEY, 73Campst GU\NY N AIS--31,O00 i Gunny bnles, for ale by any 14 S & J P WHVI1TNEY, 5 Catlp st I IE--9;I casks Tlhomanon Liaae ailsat. for sale A aVy S & J P WHI rNEY, maay 14 73 Cap at. '- E.IEN'I'-200 bbIls Ilvalrlalic a.t:ylIat, ' nay 14 . . &J l' WVHITNEh,73Camp at IIIiSKEY--00 blarre'ls rectified whiskey ia store for sale by G DORSEY, ill0 44 New Levee fl e lollowing goods. iIAS--100 eass tloleslkF silks, as sorted sizes nlr! brims. 0fJn dO (rtst No I do do 1(l10 do do .No do do 100 ,cases leat No 3, asnortrd sizes and brims. 0 'dlo Itaver, a superior article; 50 do Fine Nutria; 50 da Extra do 200 Io llhia'k nnd \Wahlt: Russia; i50 du Extra Black Iltnsa; 100 do lluskrat & Conev lur broad and narrow bralltls, for Levee'ald collllntrv trade; " d! All ranks ofmilitary&,.uial Clhapeaus; do Clhildlrens silk and Rlusnia Hlla, all sizes. Caps--Fur, Otter, fur Seaa, An tra, Maurrua, and haar Seaal, i ttwo dozen case,. Seaulette. Cluth alp--Pkwic cik, Palish Avril's hat altlea, sofnl ttl) FI t,I . Ft Iolaag, tili,, a dlress, do I.tea.t . fattaging. hiltall 's Ialncy ' lturbal., P'laid and Volvet Caps, Slocks--:all ,Silk and BoUnmbuine, ol the neatestl Uilnre!lay--ilk a and ,ntto . Sill. I nI; dlu'rl.llsa- I'llaa e and l Spialtia l. . t B.anboxesl, lr alnttersn, wod case.,double fir dry goods. 'at't allove cOmpris a la rne sltck, and an ftl Iaatelaaalet payttern, and will be atold at a ttsalil ad alllala:'riats aill tlaka orders Put ttlllltherll, waestern nld 'l'aex.ta malrket, for thle ahouse ofA II Gonail, & Co., Hat Sllalt llrera , tNew Yo,'(llak, atll a a th shortelst possible notice. tiermlan alnd French I'lushnle blaoughlt. lGOSSIP & CO., Naval, Military, nand Fahinable Hattaers, Exclalnge Hotel, novl4 Sa Catllraty i ,L1UN'l"r I.IECl cUi ES-Leaara tpoia ita listay oit oaar laad aaan tVninar .lesus Clatiat, ly tilhe Rev. tl"aery Illnlt, A. )M. lector of ialar (,lhlthu and Isnl ',elloa tof ielnbroke Colla.e, Cattlaridge, and chap luin to his gnce tlhe IDuke f ilichnlm ', in 2 vole. Al-a, Ilectures upon tilhe hirt ry of lle aptostlel aul, Ly le aane author. 'aThe aba.vae tyantw winaks ad very nealtly execnted, and will Ia sall lvrylow lby ALEX. 'TOWAR, may 3 49 Cump street. AIN'T'S,OILS, GLASS, IlitUSIIES, &.e.-,auat I lttndlllg truln ltrlp CuntlilltUon, antd ior satle- 16,0011. ol'galui bate la uality, tallat 8XIII I ta a :iXSz 3111 kega whaite lead, pure; 3j0 t d. green paint, ill 2. libr. ke-asn; 2 Il d z Jtllapne dtins Iir t si a;titti lbl ~ liltraga S26 doz allendid 0110011 ground brusleal,, , also of0lll0 aatd I110 do; i2 rkases arone gata ill powera , sulerior tl. doda in calls; at ta laurtaotmtaaa of arl. ta alls o'f every ize andal .atlit: aaablte tnacilt for arlisla; lt nlatnrkia-g. lbrales fr lad'rtl.allnts artist's colors in oil lraIndy re pareditlnaIxe ittoed :'' with all necessat.ry braalses; arlist's tools, &c. Flake and l. nitt white; ti00 aks gold leafnt'; white and yellow wax; e.a n ualbic; and a large atd l hoiee abe sortlnmen ofl'aint, dry colors, oil, ttrlmntlina vaatila - &n., or sale, whulesaanI udt retlil, altlna t ouwes l mrice by oIIONDELLI, ae8 58Canlp stl. LAI)--2i0i kegs leaf lard, for salelay 1119 11 O AIIEAl,4B Campast COOKING ST'OVES. LOCKiE & Co havw jntst'ceiaed nupply of newt Sandl illlrorea clllkiag anlv.s, uitublaefor tleama .nats and Iluardiltg tamuse,, of ihe flawi;ng patterlt iiuttalrbnh slheet arun, 10 boilers eachl, suitabla Io cook far ,5(1( persons. Coleman's Laoisville patterna, said to be tle best e, er invented for stenan boats. Gleason' patent steamln kitehens, Wilaon's do Iao fr falnllien. Inane,' al da Conical prealiumtaa doca e &p. iI t 1119 Camp St. Theatre " OPEN EVERY EVENING, Under the Management of Mr. OEor.O IHoLtLAloD. The. Performance will Eonslst of I DRAMATIC ENTERTAINMENTS, AND A GRANDt EXHIBITION, Implrted fino England at an imtenss expeose. and never before equalled in this country in the extent and angnificent develotement of its OPTICAL ILLUSIONS, [IEPFor partieolars see hills of the day, Doors open at lalf past sevent-Performance to eaCns mence at 8 o'clock. Parquette seats $l-Boxes 75 cta. may 14 5t .N "OTICE-Miosiog from stlp John Dunlap, 4 eases P Sshoe, mrked eorge A Wheeler, W--Fr any inlormotion which may lead to their recovery, a libetal reward will begiven by L H GALE, Ci may lisl0dd 93 Common at LOIJR--200r brls landing froom steam Lost Tiber, n ' in store, for s bale bv m16 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee t, L LOIR-& 10 brle landing from steam boat Clumt Sbus, and for sale by G DOIRSEY, mi6 44 New Levee W IISKEY---r4 bbrls Whiskey, landing from eteamsbat Tiber, ftr sale by moayl6 G. DORSEY, 44 New Levee "V" TICE-Thecopeasnerehip bheretofore osxieiin in .L this city. under the firm of Real Barstow, is this day dissolved by mutualonnxent. The name of tihe firm will hereafter be used ton liquidation only, whieh will be attended to by We. A Read, to whoU all ac counts are to be presented for eettlement. may 13, 1839 WILLIAM A READ, o 16 BCIENJAMIN BARST'oW. BY BACII 4. CAL.IOUN. Wt"`ILL be sold on Friday, May t17h, at 12 o'clock, V at bhe City Exchange, in St. Louis astreet, two valuable slaves : JOHN, aged 27 years, fully guaroanteed, a good teamn tr rtlvostler,&e. FIsANCAE t, a Negress, aged 18 years, a go td house sevllnt allnd llild's norse. lTerm--One half cash: balance 4 months, for ilp proved endorsed note. , may . DRAWING -B)OOKRS. COOI'IR'S Drawing Brook of A rnts Art of Flower 'Patin. in water colors Harding's Early rawing Boouk ' Foarlal'ds Juvenile Artist i Tilt's Elementaro I)rawing Book Aedrew's Iessaos in Flower Painting 'Thse Little Sketch Book, lst sod 2d series o The United States Drawine Book, jtmn roeeived and d foor sale by ALEX. TO WAR, may 16 49 Camp st o A CARD. It I)OBINSON & G00D1 IN, (68 Chartres street,) Ih El respetoctully iofor tlheir friends and the public gehlerallv.lltt E Good vin, of the alove firm,, will leCve for New'York sbot the 1st ofJine. Tilhey invite tlose Swho inas wish gurments made to their toeasure to call d otid leave their orders prerious to that time. may 15 tlj r ACON SIDES--150 c C.iks Cinci,,oli cured, for 0t eatu. by (i DORSEY, salyy 14 44 New Levee 0a ju ESS BLIF-t holfble,foroonl IS' T mav 14 G DOR!SE1Y,_44 New Ievee. NK! INK!! INKI!!!-Justreeivedtwelvtegraoof fo vreyry loeir d,,z Ink, in paked in one dozen boxes, , for alei y tlet dozen or gro., by I)AVII) IELT', N York Stationers' Hall, lnv 14 S Chartres at. WILLIAM R. CARNES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOM, Ulny 14 No. 33, Ilc\'NVIL. t-,r. NLw t)RliF.%S. 1'1'I-." -5 lut .s English bheeld steel, fillr sale by I T T"rE & L.lli--1a kegs lard &50 do nupe Srior WVester bil'ie, Itr cale by ali6 i. I)ILtSEY, 44 New Levee Ai AC'I cllic.S--Ill cIIacks in -ll're Inc sale by "_ .. . U ;l.E.i,-', Il New I)KRli-".I- (o.,- and Noaranli pr .s. qnt iron e . nl o' Ri"clcita. ' p;lteni itl. ,;;r in l g presses; do with screw alvo a large Imrlety of nolI rii l preT ees, all warranulid irlt rat: articles an t for iae by I.VOFFICIII FI.N Ii SUI ' liE Pto N Sckol ers a er tiCill 4 tlre ti DiUiNEllt IINIS .Jl t receive, frcmi barcc r loR.non li, book u ldjob hlk, and f or roe le Ib i a.2d_ - A 1'OWAI, II ( pllll st I ,OFFICE, l1(1E i ,.. INt'cUAi. iOA stnNo ,- 1 l, aNew il(iots, uav2 ;t e hi IhI It aict llinlr c- their ilc rlilk i 111 fitli s i1 1y abley 3 Maz iixh ofn iue st.139. ,y9 EI 1. TAiI 4 i CY, S~ '. BrUItIU I)'INSUIANIE I)E. -I POll 'I.tI, Dmy7 DORSEI' ll, New ilno. SES Su- c krlegrs poerd, in ce Illu illle 8e i nvf, Stoi lairi F lt oud iar sile by G DiO)ItSEY, a4y5 44 New I.vec APP--Bs00on No 1,-t00 r oxl in l r, tilir lvle byav SIIAIA. lIIIWAM RIERIi mJ YIG HIORiSEY, o A-0 bble. il good order iLl & le byW . SIIALI. 6l.I&'filVWN, may2 36 agaline Ast "HISKEY--150 bils rcEilled inu sto r for sIte by H`InEYy 7 I. I).tOR:EY, 44 New cevee C RACKES-50 brlce baiter eud cteer clae kn, in store, for sale by my7 N. DORSEt t 44 Ne rwg cks, ARI)-rsin 50 c kes, porlef Lav inere if oeaac iy 1 0 G DOItSEY, mcy5 44 New Levee ILPPER--20 bags or a Ic l ivig mY 4 SIA.11 &I IBIROWN, 9, iMagazcine tl lIc.-Vi-tl pipes rd qr. in e slle, r sale York my y r SII .L & tIIR\IVN, 96 Magazine st SAis NE-20or pipei btiory; I herrl , cl e DcviIs; ,or sale Iby SHILI.L & IItlVWNt, may 4 d o nln or 9all zinet iboard slllip Liverpool. Encqire oa board or to ily7 I. IHA (LE, 9) flllerilll ft L INEN S1iIRTS, (,LOVESW Us ENJJEIk S. J us received by late eivals, an calsortlcelt of .tiirs Ceraval, Seulier iocks, iiloves, ncd S' r en-I der, at thie aar, cornerr oI St. itmirle, as r COleastOn IN. B. A errcopl rinlite i lialrt of l ricig Deks, lrresing cases, portable shaving ,-tees in rose woud & leatlhler. lVtcll Bul & AtLAN. pICKLES-20 klr d 40 iloxet , rcceivig from laSy SI.I , .-tIIWN, O Magazine at IREcI'1RVi;.S-49 bxc.c recchicincg f: gi Yorkb per rship - eornce. fr salde by oy SIIAI _L& lit'.W,96 MaIaz Ci e st lT ilNES' Neturl Plilclllby- -irkbtau' Ircdlecr, (cc('olnbei' Il l-lct'y cc purzlcehta' Phrenology; Ai sl corlcccc t'cicij ry , Ilecalu guce at DcviL- e Li brcaro irshficcs tioie ale cseIeIet 6 ,eol. A feorther csicpll j ct r .cIBIrved by A 1TOWlAlt, myl 44) Nap let G RAVE cS'`cebee c to Ccest, jusi reetecd aud for .aIc bl ly7 A 'I'OWAR, 49 Camp at ADAMS &, WI!I'ALL, icy7? 67 Gravier c t AIIL-19 egs aGssorted sis re e ceiv lcing fron l PthlhdelpA c Lr lig L'Oricc lb,6- for ale bt ely7 SHAl. & IIRIWN, 99 )lcgauicce at _li AVANA 4 SUAet-I 7 bores tlavana whiteugar l-40 do do brown do nudicctcg feer sale il ic29 S & J P VWit IN'E, 7:1 Camp at CHINIESE IIANDKEIli:IcEFS-I dcz of beauti Ctfill workmbacbip, sell te c tri tal ibi hiec tket, Io sale iy ABRAHAM "ltiII, a pril 34 (irvier st GSEEI, PENS-A sulerior alsortec ee receh ed by I lia late arrivals • coun itilug inl po|rtof FELT[S EIqE, eo Cards, Neo. c, I, 3, 4, I)ouble Patent P'cryiunc on Cards. Great Western Ie, on do Vc,.ig . , o do (queeCnr, for Polieg, dol Congress in do Webster dc li Skineir do do Iillti t do bc-re'l ladies Pen ici caxue, aed oneccrci \Vindell dc do acsored qcccicclec Those icc wcln oflbeboeb cc ciccc roce, card or box, can dilcd the uot exensive acsoreiucccc in Orleans uit a24 DAVID FETlI4 'co, 2.('-riree ee. t(GaRS-2,0r sale rincitit Cigars, in loccec bec fuencleby ISAAC BRIDGE & Co. cpi 5134 Magazine at TO COUN'I'TY MEIRCHAN 'S. ccd ifr icle on cgud fo.ccmO, by ALEX "icOWA R, mac Il 49 Camp at (ATS--0i bunltci lading from c mcccre- Iler fercscle by cSA.IItAI'RI II , a9 34 Gcracier ,t ((SIIIE:N BUtl 1rE|II-Jecr ceucccd ccld or sale caylt 44 New Levee )EAS-10 bage Engliadi green pceac, landing f(rcf a barque Chcanicleer, Iort pti by ali SHALL & BRUctN, 96 clagazinc st J L. BROWN'S Patent Pla(formn Balanecs= a Grosnrs can find at 53 Bienvdle street, Patent Platfbrml alances, superior to any over offered in tlie city. frll tf W R l1ARNES. RIANDY-An invoice lo sou erir Brasdle vrttnge B of 1820, tor sale by SHALL & tOWVN, P alley 1 96 A'agziien t P ý' OAP---i00 boen Vl''s brand, for snle by nmay 1 SHALL. & II!BOWN, 96 Mnegaznie rt IMF -1000 bble Thomaston, lallding and for , ealeby S & J P WAITFEY, nay 1 73 Camp e OiKLEANS' I.ITHOGIlAPl'It PRINTING F a FLOE, 53 Magazine street, opposite Bank'e' Ar W GREENE taken plnasure in annooneing to hbi iriead and the citiene of Noew Orleanns that lie lis at length brought Litllograpir on a par corper plate prinating, and from the thaciliiesn tihe neart has over copper plato engravlng, he can execute all oders entrustcd to 7 him, at one half the expense of engraving and nearly as cheap as type printing. hMechants wishing Circulars rent out in thoir own hand writing, nan have any qlntityv at a few houram notice; or they will he neco"ted for them in a enutiiol style., suh as has heretftrre given igeneral soatifoction tooll tihe most rsperectahle cenioo inesu houses in this ritv. (ieutlemen d.eirnus of having Viehiing or Bosi ness Cards finished il the best mnnuwr, will do well bo calling at lie lbice and see specimens. Feh.1,1839 N IB--ank notes neatly execoted, and circulars, printed at one hour'o notice. NEW PUILICA''IONS, ISDOM anid Genius of Slhterpere, by Reverend rV '1 theonie Pride Conversation i.i Natnre antd Art, with cuts Sterling and Perrddnck, or the High Minded, by the, outhnr of" Tremitrr," etc The Spirit of lhe East,. by 1) Urqulrt, Esq. Etilre, thre Nibor's Wife,t y Mrst Monklaml Sir Walter reotl's Worke, with a Biography, by J G I.ockhart, complete in 8 vols. Jack Sheppaord, tlt tnumber, a romnee ce, ty W lier, rlhen Ainsworllh with nnumerus Illustmtions Niclholas Nicklelty, nucbcr II E JOHNS & Co, ap 17 efr St Charles andt Common sis I TAt ''E P IF )UISLIANA-Prriat ('Dortt iir the Parishtll d City of New Orltans--Precltt thle ton orable ('harl. lallurinn, Judge, No. 1191 Isac Ealnnulel (ir actual cnsetudy) Vi . hir Creditore. Upoe reading and filitg tie ipetition and setredule il this cae, it is orrlered tlha t IItteti. of tiRe peliittter's ore ditors do take place in open court on Mlonday tlhe -71th of lty ilsl.llot, tlen end tlleie to allow rnote, if tiny they hIav ir cnn, why the cald Inoaa Emnnnel ritlrll not hber dischargerld accrdingr to law. It is filrther or tiered thit I1. HuIt, Ecq. lie aipoilited to represent ,he d absenet creditors, and in tile manimthne all proceedings against his iersro and property are stayed. It I order of the 'oturt. Clerk's office, New Orleans, May 4, 1839. tmy6 t1 AItAIAN) PITOT,Clerk. L~c 'AT DR. LA L)OUISIANK.-(:,;t. de Pnroioe-, es poutr in Purroise at Ville do itt Nouvelle Orleans' Spreseal I'hunoi'bl, Charles MauriaJ, Jago. .I N. 11791. Isacs Emanuel (iihltenu) vs. Ln crbanciers. En Ihsnt et possnt In petition In letition eor schedule dnns ee en --II et ordonn6 qrl'unne eneemble dtes er6. anciers oar liet, enl pleine our, I.undi la n7 Mati can rant, port dtclurer lee rnisont, n'il e nt ont, pourqnti Ir dit Isaac Entrnertt nr r earit pen libiirL selon In Io, er ii plus ordon qut a It . Hult.u Eisq. soit nunolllti pour re prsrenter IP erhanciers ahenti, ot pendant ce telnds, uone procedurerdur cotreu eon relnn onu iprprittri· sera of suspeldne. Par cerdre di Is COur. BIlren du greflf, In Nouvelle Orlfinnt,le 4 nri 183i my td A. PIT1'T, 'treflier. t NEW PUBLICATIIONS.-__ - UlE I.itte I'renchmotnr ll e ii Wralrer I.otr, nwith .l Ilter skelrrtcs of Ille timeos by iG It pirri with eliacilnln by Johtnson. VI'nnl Brunoi, Siilin sc litt ied et y Tryh'rre lo ok it wrlicth is appended thie Atonulrirenlt a lltry by 'l'hTredrr I look. Number 12, NiCiolas Nieklelyv. unltnherrs 7 andt 8, sketches by lloz. Clarke in the MUlbervy 'Tree and Silk WorI, nrd int the produ:tion and nlatrinfctlre of silk, cm, ell;i.hed \ritb appropriateengraviags--Junst reeeived atd rI.r sale by \V WMcKI,AN, myfi conr Comp r; Corartrso. sts J UliST reerivwd a Iarge assonrtenetof snntrmr strckt of wtfious prtterts; liir' sherto of foie qltulitty. (;OSSIP & co, mt13 Ecihilge Hotl,iSt Charles at EAO ('T(O til -For the reloration iad growth of t il ltitl, gi.i~'lreth, leertv rutrl roventintg its fullinig orsll et Wl W lf.f i S nt13 No. 16 Chartres at StDiEl tt;1p etrd Ltiter PAPER-Just reicioti 411 erlnl "i i i tlhd l.#tier Palal r, ht Ih bhlne anll wllpe 1.i, 0i rI ' d cp, some t r . I0 t i l suiti e for luay 4 v itStationer Ihnl. , '"I Charlrrs AI. o'rtc'cslrtry J &TIIAYIsI.kc, i103 71 Pieydras st a Ol3 O lthrl Er. 44 lt New Leven lte) all"- 1ide.Priso n Dutch Liseed r lrk "A is orroond lrs.ife by J TilAY' it & 'o 1:3 74 Poydras At I i"tA 1PI.'I1". P PlERl--l0t1111 trams d.ouble ml'l lSl1 IU d ii pping p ,r, i it e ad for eIl13 74 oI' rus at I( . \.01 t SI F.t S-'- ,000 ofi ,, ,i.t nliti . - i -ltore and for so by A tAl\A .'I C ._l.M:l:--i -0 tai i,- to . ,d fr., at I ilt, lby l 'I'a I It, AEI'PEL-IN 0 bnt m llllolili l Illld for de011 111n3 . . . I96 Magzin c st l SHALl & I1)\WN, L 11 Et0.'nl li; , nI.ali.c., ,n im L n,, I.. g hd."r brig,tig mll fir 'ille hy ol3 S& J P W 'IiTNOEy,73Co i':1 p t 1t I.(UlIt-000 barrels for sale by G IIIIRStY, m13 " \41New I.NLee, ll ISKIY--150 1risr filr cab iby 11_i_ (I I)OREETY, 41 New Levee. ® iVUI.IN-E IrX-1 --VA7'Elt deen g'n ne, u s ,r, l.) fir Fidse by A 'I'IJER, c1 414'rravierSl IAIESlAS i-TOtfKINGS--100 dozen ladies stoCk i A inge, in store for sale b: a1P l TRIER, 34 Gratierat S)ERICI.ES AND ASPASIA, by Walor Savng Landor, Er(I The Cabinet tionivler. by Mrs. Gore, authoress of the " llungarian TIales." F: J()IINS & Co, mv1I car St Chrle & C lmom n at N. O, & NASHVII.IE HAIl. IROAD Co. SPRING ARRANGEMENTr. Commencing on unlldt, 5111 May, 18111. SlE lCars till leave ic the(i:II EAT PR I I. E,cI -h their routll to he Bayou Tigluyue, every day in thi week--as follows: Depnrt. Retrlr. 7 P.M. 10 A. M. 4 " 6 " Excelt Sundays, when the cars will run as fillows: I)rpatl. Return. 6 A.M. A.M. 12 31. 2 u. 6. 4 6 P. M. may 3 JAMES II. CAI.t)WEI.I., President. .TOlCi.--Marlin II. Ia)luerelty x ManRe a fcr of nITitCoppem cn he iron SlaPocee, &. &use Isto day tnkre i to portnmetnet Jconit fc c t.e e T ens Anes.forot ite ' tll ii be d.y' llducid t ler Ie lde lln i oll lareti 11. & tJohn leitteux. itt H IiEVERI'Im. .l(tllN IDEVEtI I U, ICP PIsno-c indebtd Il, 1 i i l l tve -toeux wii ileoie cell and n'ttletlheirlctcmtc, uctd Ihtose tti tgc ccui will persent tlim for te.utll tellt. mnc 4 m' NRLIORYRNA I iEN8 --l rse nII hRen lu I L uriosit ie, for Liale tly by Ries & D'olngl, uiI at Pll Ittt 1'g useuln. All theseornameo ts consist of the most splenn did specimens of u rthilltinly Irocn urole, Asia, A frica, at icur own country. Approved otles al 60 days will bie tlken ol C(II.iABERI- IN- i0 .Xt c i ictore fr-t n br:l at22 A 'ITIIERI, 31 Gruvier st hALSNT IA-10tI btgs liineun0 , iprimle quality, in s Ctore olid Iot sale low cly ml J I I lUI..IN,74 Ctlllp t CAP-A P'APER.--Just received two capes siperlhie IluoIe wove cop very thiin suitable for book oar, one do while wove, for ale bly I) FELT & Ce, imy9 N V t sationer'. toll, 24 Chartres ACON-I1 casks haes and sieldes, for sale by pl apt I tIIIlt(iE, 134 Miltgzhico st tbAKUM-- 10t1 bales No I, Russia, loacding ftol sV hip Gaston, nd fr sale by april 2 SIAI.1. & BILOWN, 93 Muenzine st FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! UST received at the Louiisilna Forlitllte W\'are Ilouse, a i rge Bplyoltit Neo York nld Bot on. Persons in the wemut .f itrnitiures 'olld do wel] Io call, and relect 'hler nrli.ties rolm one of it. oand I aorgenslitck now iti dle city, W It CA liNKES, d0 5:1 iirlvllles N B-Pllticulair clittplioen aiid to packilng iltd sIip i ng Forniture, freet ofanpeusa. at1-2w ( PE--Il1 coils lir sale by repil2 A TRIEIR,:t4 Gravmerst : lt0OGANS-- l cases kip brogons, landing folmn J .hip ,St. Louis, tor ,' le by 1tt7 I BRIIIGE & Co, 134 \IMtgazie st 1\ALLOW CAND --I.ES-lit0 oxes ttlld tallow Candlies, fr nale by I BIaD iE & Co, mar "1 134 Mlagoazine at . LASS-JUct tttlthiing fromt Pittlsburl, tl assaOrlolent Sof Jar., Vicis, and Wi lltdw (, at ,I boonle lnd retail, at lI ItiNNAII, tar Ctt or ofNatleez all Tclhaitulcs sise IARI-II.-t-3tiit Mlalsses barrels il sctere ua.iti'r .cln by L II GALE, april2 3v 94 Ccntttntt t rTLHE BIENICH & lIAR 00 ENOFIUIAND.i B thr a utlhor of Ranludoll recollections of the Lorde ltd Comtonc, ndl the Great Mletropolia, n111 2 vls. Neal Mahlt:e anld other tales of Ireludcby W I Ccrlston, cuthor f tmilts and stories of the Irish pea. uattry,ine sl s c. Justreceived and for Wle by _1.2 .0 A TOWAR. 49 ('amp at lAIE ROPE-I-l:oil , of onlllar y :ln lily, f;r p1rit.3 13} Magazine c ISECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. WAA brhoaugh tiothe Pidlia Priaian of tIh Seconad Manicplo ity, thNegro Woman namvd; PAN NY, ait35earsofage: says hebeloengatO Madame P. Lanblarre. fIe owner ofi said saiv mIll pleite l'Il, prove prope. ty, pay charges and take herawa. m1y 16 Captain of ti. ..h, (. ON)UIT A la genio de la econde M ii l onegrus mes a mmant Fannpyq, *a b lpe sus se disant ppllltonir A MadameLpbaorrm;s . ae ror ritaitre vuudra bien la ti r6 bn bt t la I'll. H S HAPYpg. mal 16 Capitain do e ES3 BEEF-25 half brla at the in 'io in m lcae for sale Iy G DOR LYh Ilo 44 New a't FI EA--50 boxes sonchong and Poucho.t for rle I hy into A TltlER,33Graslerst A ISNS-41)U b.xars in satore, fraaleh .april 2 ABRA HAM TRIER, 34 Oravler at BROTiANie, HOOTS, &e.-251. case, conefilar an extensive assortment uf men's and bhy slp and rosqt lirgns; ecalf, kip orpand I8nneinve, roois rntlde men's and ' ladiesloesB i'unl.a d Slipesr; childrens !hoe-, brogans and ankle ties, for sale by npl 0 I BRIDII & Co, 134 Malalnest PilE Li -ile Frenchcat eoe il his aeril wills 'her hketlclhes of the times by George P; )lorris Esq. witlh etchings by Johnson. Sketlches by Boo N)is. to 8 intlnlsve, recdlved and elr soln by ALEX. TOWAR, ICTKI.EltI' No. 13- Porcal Birito, aicil seatry Ni lv Theodore Hook, Erq. The poctie wreath, a seloe in Iromn the British pants. The Choneclogist lit hotk. JusI receivedndDl f)r alcey b my3 A TOWAR, 49 Campat pAPi- Cnotton sntapling paper. J.l reCrteived a fine lot of large ra n paper, snitnlale -aur cotton brokers, of' Wotcraan's Monloanctre andi fi" sale by , R AISJ-- 5 brreis laimore r stom J s.llts, 2i barrol.,* 6gibhr salts, fr salei ly JAIWVI V 9. .ANDI)REWS, l112 caeetrl(totnon.rr o 'l'cthn liloulalt at ArOlt'l' FlO..A roA)Ti antant oa Freanch Wra litg Osaka, ovritrs sizes nrd tlpoerlc, for aile Iy DAVID FELTand co, j8 Now York ottioner' Itall. 114 Chartres at r ANN E~Il OIL-i6 barrelo brown, in stree lstl s for c.le b) SHALL & BROWN, uil 196 Magazine at rt Hi,'rstl ES.--, boxe clerries in branidyjfor saee J by ShIALL. & lIDRWN, all 9fi Mognzia. at PAPER WAREIIOUSE. A I.EXANDEIt TOWA It, Bnonkellr, 49 Cnmp st, Iiavih g Ipurhnasd alp stock oh paper &c, of Msears. 'i eg G.rreene & Co, will keep eonetantly .it hand s go)tlo aspIly of paper stitoable fir nea, bhook and job printing, fv rarinsa sizes vnl' qnalities super royal, royal, medittl, drlemo andi wriing do. I'nlt, eommecimal and packet post, varions coloreid ptinting papers, blank ierd. vnrioua sites and qualitie,, pilaying do, wrapping paper, printer's ink, type, ,riig pressaaoe, brass rule. cams &A e nc all oflinch ile oer fur sale on the moat ccoalnalodat ini carms. 01d type purchased or taken in payment of new type or other article., mat vry enpetrilor glazed cards, asserted sizes fromt no. I to I', faor sale at vry iltw prie a by IDAVID Iil.T & Con, rey!) Nrew York Sl .iann,.r's inhll, 24 Chartres t i ri,+it n ;errnl ooltInnt Of laearr and sn heat Un. ,r,,llas ald I'Yoram. , yvew I.d falhidoabo o)tlr!, landig,,f,,,s lriog WV... lenry, fr.sI.. by it li I IillD(ti,: & Co, :113 l Magazine 5 .i fron, shiI .SI. .tuis, fir rale by ,iynt 1 I il)l(iE d. ('. 134 Magszine at M AICI E-A laege inxoivaie ] reFvaiiIvre LI a el by SIhAI.l. & IIRf)WN, iear "-'0 96 angselne at S El. PEN S-Jutot reeivni d a new groaa G Illta Eoglejand Perry'sa dole pateallt steel pens, for Fah1bv .1,\It FELT & Co. In1 N N Y slttionerI hll 24 Chartrs ast j ONEY--'ileriir .n r Cullh Iho ey, noy w landing 1I frois hrig Clrairtit,. Iluiyana ffor alo h JAR1VIS & AN)DREWS, rIl o n (r ar in d ll'I'relholpilotlas st i IIEIMO(;ENE, BIO()WN & CO may 3 No 9Conti st l EFRIGETiOI.T(Jl< l-This in a rew and useful anli iele Ol'fullitre, rarlilly roaming into use, in nor. thelrn rs wtll t aroulthlrn Inlitudrs. It isadesigoed to keep cool and wert, uch dislles inll the rllinary de ,rtmenlti no fre nessaury to he p rotected fromn thi atr l f Ie l-tl el llring tile sarllletr erenron. The Refrigerator in now cnenidhreld an idlie prasnhla article in the PeIIonmyI toFV' gIood l hoinrsewie. Tho qrnlilyv of AI dl it protects f ; t, the Wetllher, Hil mora tllnl ina tIe lt ll th re lrti el vry 1 oar. ' hie lubher;rr i Pnasto.ntly rr eiving roa tlre nnr, Iscitl'pr, lerigrntr ofdt tIelInutin pe mirio.. T(heSobmite er 1M1pllrreillr Agi tthl finr the manufne Ilrlr. Mr A IIlletn. .ApIIe nuo ii tuhe Refigeraturs l..tnl etl i n se, ... y me,.e 5: t lievtillr at. ritti if W It CARNES. Irt 3 IEc IuIA\NIC i-Th' e Irlnc' lulut S ilconhplli eh,,nding prilcilelr ++, fall a ,ullll thiesl in the Ulilolllm drf rttllnelltlR ot llhl llatlt:ri tid mecrhanics. tsel l to lilh.riht s I',igptmeers, and Artineos i .grone il, bIy \liltii (Creea, cruil etirator. 1st Armenren. Irmtho t51h (;lnsgow edition. Reireied thlis dnvy aid t'-ra s,. h y ALEX. TOWWAIh, Lr.l_ . 49 I(acap L 1A i, U 'I-- I tI Ilohs No I, 2I(ll, l 2 ulnssla uuklunl, i il u tal e i t lll forr ilti pvo ou .t! 1 51:1 .ll. & iIRt)W ', till f.itnzine Hit t1 le by J 'I'IIAYIrlt & Co, all 74 I deas st N. If ORLEANS PiCisl ondl T'e Age Arlncy, LA9VIt E NCIE & III.IL, :37 CAMP STREET. I.AVE: jurt teiyal it lirge assoiartmentll ot ior, i enso , snell pica, iu cit brevti.r long prier, Ity iiio ve oil hranird ev article reqlliredtl in a pritling AtIle. AI,r POli'ASII ofa soperior quatlity. in kt-a uit0 II . "ii. my9 3t 1,\ 1 l-2(1I b,lu N CNtrolino tar, tior rle by 1n10 A '1'11 E11, 34 Giranier at I. E I RIN J( - it--5 B L boxes fort r Itr nl 0 A 'Tlllit1, 34 yravierat MA OtLI TY 01 N IEW ORLEANS. Couutil ci ofl Mnicipality No. Two. itting of tltre 3011 ofApril. 1839. Tl l)ERE.AS apllictitt has beern ris to thisi Coaniiiil by Jolhn tH. ilihnt, Jlaes Raisey. Wi. Il. Avery, 1. Btryntr, James L. Bnognrt and tlirteen oileinr, .o.. iolf rnivrti initle ici niitit.o cayne to be tprndtil uidilntirtIIIrSt. ThlOmisIIeam, in u straight lio ftai Nruate Streetr ti .Anq lrciatirin sAtreet. lIe it lierefinre iesolvell that notieeof said applica tisun be givor in Frnchl and in English, in itm 'Iruse American n Blltlejtin, ill conformity with law nd that ii io eatirsftor nailoppaitn be made Ito Raid proposed im Ituovemltt, that thi Council will proceed to ceaue said slreet to he aopenedr d a ondtiueid ia is pr.aed for hy th t mettniorilists, accnrdlint to tile pirovisions of the atofi3d April IU03, Nregilel g the openinogoft slrea ithin the lirnita of ithe city of New OrleIns a er. Signed JOSIIJU.A BALDWIN, Recorder. AIREiABlI.Y lto the fitregolng heolation notiee is hrrelby gi:n that it is Ithi litetion o thile Couneil of 3tu iilaltvrlit No. Itt. to open and continue a tI. ThLo oas street in a trright liltt front Suzette to Acnnuoia Ilot street. C. (G. ENOIS, Mayor. 1110 lay 1 11839. --AYl5ViI. LIIIr lUE: A NLI..- .- IRLI -8. Conseil do laIn lllMuieipnliti, No der. - [lyncre du 30 Avril, 1839. 4 T'i'ENI)I qui lI'pl liciion a61 t itite A f d,. Aar. il. ar John i lilt .rut, Jain.e Rainey, ' FAvr,', '" larnit, JuaaS L lit grt ei tnize anitres term pri't"ti·ea It: hitlr fIttirna torale vineitiige, pa ra toi iout rir et coai.,uir en droite lignela rune nle. TIrhlnoa deitis it rae Suzettejulqu' a It rue de I'Ananeias. I ri ei n con. qtenee tianlu que I'avis de I dite aei Ilicsliun, suit dotitl, nn rnglaia et fniratait, dtns ol VrAii Alrerinun nt I Bulletin, cUttIarnlile:.t A Ito lat, et huc rill llptOillan l saeirsfire n'el point Irfre I'am.e horatilo prl.+=Ee, le Conseil ordonnera I'uuvertre et continnsto it let dith rue srlon lI deilmade pee pil. initnirres t cnnrrrnattenl aanx proviaitns de 'acts du 3 Avril, 1832, rgnluarisont PIuverln dr ro e de r ana lea lituites de In villi de lit Nouvchlle Orl-on:. Siget o JOAIUA BALIDWIN, tatorder. Ln accorance an..r In rsolution pilrciBlae, aria at donlri de I'iltletionl dut Conseil de ia M unicipalirA No. delia, du flihP ouvriret nontinuer In rue SIe. Tlioe I elr eii llitu t droie tde Ia rue nSulttejtalqlti A in rue de lAiuutiiiritiri. 0 IIENOI,-. Moire. .ill L i0 Mlai,1839; 7 ULNNY jlIX j--~jjales0 28 bushel gunny bags, il store antd fir rsoe hv till J 'I'HA'.R & ona. 741Poydra street S/M1. lII.l., 1 Chartres trel, Insa tis te ny recelv V. ed por lhip Saratoga, 50 d za. eranaelledBrenst Pinsa, whicl will Ie oflnbred to the trade or Itndlar cheap er than ever Ieftlire t.Lred ir Ilis eitv. Also 50 doeno chaied Ring., if ll piaoItta, togelter with a greet va riety of lteti1p tilt \VWlt, coa.iitiliof Brlon.aes . Rings lr Oltlilllnlnlt I.tockiets, Chainn, &.- Irlreo I in want will d o wcll to exmnllai t ititit e gniiuarsoitnomt. P. . Ilhl itdil mil Silanr rtantel. api 12 T fARCII atil AI.CtlIlOI.-4 Iolnn'a siiarch, 30 . box; i titlltlc'a Alcoltl,311 boxes, for yile by JARVIr & ANDRELWS, api 16 corner Cnomnton alri Tretitoaulasata ICI ICIII(LAS I\I('1CLELY-N oe- 7, In d aailso iN the first ix lnO ill one part: whll a vnriety of very interesting bouuksjust rece"id-fa r talr by iii7 ATO4iAR,49Camp at iACaIN, L.Aill, run 1 OII.TK-150llllida Cinrainati uread Sidrs arid lioulderi 2010 Ikegs Irs rl qaility L.nld 100 bri lress ork. for sale Iy apl 5 .'ETSON &l AVERY, IWI.itOuriO e ý --UirJ t iboa ' Nal 1Oait, in srore f,,r sale bty. º4 &J 1 WHITNEY t1ril 73 Canmp t y rl Ib ritg Enleldnhl, intd fitr Iale bI trila3 Si J PWHITNEI.,73Carnyst OR sale, a tl of IlorseaR )5 in nuberr .ju.l arrivPd F Irnll KintlirkyI suitallle fur sodll Iharness and planalutioaa, hich will Ia soldl on larnlas thut will ult Itreynlerart le n li igai he stably of W 11 Kelly, - anrd .184 (iruvlerrteet, N. O. JACOI JONES. N, B. Alsro. ar ita rnae stable eversal pai Nr of l motied Ilorrnael, f d Ifnlrnt descitions. Alto, sad. dir and bugrv horse tlhat will Ie Mi.d aL price p hay aill plesa t(ase tilt wish Ir puirla.e. at13.-4t W H KELLr .

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