Newspaper of True American, May 18, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 18, 1839 Page 3
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ORAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans; T'O( BE I DRAWN UN 1ilE I IJt DICEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSOA'VILLE, Fla. Under lh oporennteodenl of tile Clurltisserieera op loinlted bytlho I galiltiove Aelsebly of Florida. tc MIIT I T liAtll"r.TON, flllnogers. 100,000 tickets, at $15 .l.ele price. $1,500 000. Selling phrie $d0 per ticket. MYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, NEW YORK, olll Agents. l' The receiplts of tioe sale of tbe lickets will bie de tlited In the Calnl, Union,. Carrolon, Citizel' and Soni0loidoted Ilotks, in Noew (trlea+, in thie onon, of olhl eollidt joilntly whih J. If. Perrault sclllllly .shiler oftlte Citi'ile Ilook, old A. Ilaudoull oC tually Cashier oflth Consolidted llink1 io I'ruetePS, ias Iler Oct lpssed le:ooe A. Illlzlroui, IEq. Not. P1,t. oliaLe Id May 11139, lld Ilie prolperties Ilioerreed to tihe buovea ientioned gentlenlen unionetmlred, so Trustees, for tlie security of tin forltloete prize houl dora. In New York the mottles will be delposited in the PhiAdlx Bank to taIe ,redit ol tihe above nlllam d b City Banks of New O)rleans. TIla Public are referred tlfo ftle nt poiused bef,te A. MaOelllrau, Esor. Nol. Pub. ill relntiol t irt pertlOe wichl eslbrue Ihei respectiieo eri's Lsitery. COO PHIZIa, on fouiicel,: I Prize--'Tllt in Ignfircent thrie lot v brick building, known as hrIe AItCAI)I. In agitnuioe sttleal, mesunring 2nd feet 5 oncdlhs 4 linel on MIngazine st. 146 feert 6 inche on (iralvir stalre, aind ll!1 fent II inchlaes oni Nla.gIhe at. This hnilding plrodtne now a rent of $37,000 )er alnnumt, and Iring oin the oilt lni.ehalio alilL rt :f iln city, oppo-ite thlire, hnrks, and in lIII llt tthe in nt di ii.rllrhlilnr oi f tilta St. Cihmlir. and the I'itv lhltels . 1it rents will, it~n ryl. fl yvetrs lid increased it filty llthoIa1 11 dollarst per r ntllllllnt. ".lin,tllI.l t d$7 0,00 t Prieo--rlthatilernn t ftor ft vbrici build. hlg k nattoit it.n ( I1I' 11)'1'1":1., formertv ninhllp'n Ihtelrti ittid l the crlner tofntmp and (atloa IP, Imeallri.llntj d eoetl ot..ttn lfatr el, and 1406 G ti I10 inhnl,.e on1 ('man -I. Thlis bdilding renti+eow for ~$2,,0-'0, andlll ei llg in thle llr t crnlltal pilrr of tJ0, cily, can aornly Jn increased tothirty tnousannd dlular. r anll ouun. l rsliinled at $500,000 I Prize--'lh three stoty Ihihk idwelling nlnte, N'.o. il tni Nut"t lez t l'ltr, ndjo.ining he Arcande, rt,td at 12 hlnlldoied .llur i. stliltlat't lit $ 0,0;0 I Prizo-to the thlee riev biick ditarliit housto, N. Ill, adijoinitng No. 20, 1 , Ntaclhe' lrert, relatad at twt lvo hnndreni dilllatrs. n rlilnt td at $20,000 I 'driz-Th tlhan elor h i. itk dwillilng htnse, No. tO, atjoinia No. 1 t, oat NnI:Itz at, rIetrdtl it twetIve hun. red dlollanrs. esti:natedl at $2O,i00 I Priro-T doeloline Ioume It. 2 thc nist Eorner ef I.teill nllll Cud Toll hottun ntrtife, tti-,.eotring 40 il et fronlllilt nl ll +I'I r , 411 li$ 1l lichlll ol Frnnklin l reet, by 127 lPet It)I i C ollbtoln h l(l iee sire i; r lll d ", i t. r teean huniiret dtltte.. sl,.rii ,a .I at $0o . 0 Prizu--'lhe dwellin, houiPe N . n . urin t : o rat 7 inchi o in Ibt rin et, oe lit frl t 7 i Tih 1tit anr.klhl wi hel, bIy 1.n 7 lerol it iniir.',i. dptt h i Il i (n'us m torth, noir aireet; reil tedio t i lfitti t hOndredI dill :+i I. l i,'ttid It $201, 00 I Prize-The ta pr ,, v i n., ik ,i ticiln I, i, NUrentint ard I fns0 iti l n trot,t, t tnri." 1 fli t 8 ,a',t ns ,, ltynil o t, bh 1t.7 f.°t I I ill in de)tio liunt nll at $1011) pi r an lll: .n I:stintlla de n i t t $.o oiD000 L I'riat-250 shilre Cantl mlatk nhi.k, at $101) vacll, $23,000 IrPrio--:!Ii rcites. Iintik itik $Itl eanich, $i),OU: i 1 Prizo--OO sitreer Mt-ch,,ui:.t nail in',u tlers' IBlLk stua :l, i1tt t1111t ,a i, 15,.l1) SPizesonfs 4 r in, t ai , nntitr in :)1,O1i SP rariz 'sofSI C..lq e ;rle , ni. 'L),tItIIt mi Prizei afO2S (at " gsIiinht, 5,10T 2Prirncs otfh 1 1Obl ' and 0 OttPries of 10 " " n,,., `:',110 Ili' riootnl' . . l- 2l._h 2,111tt t`all Piri of ii I . I.tai.. t Iouik -t It mnhll he rttire opltion io lmar., it he Annes if itnttk rrtoks,.riithelr to ti tikeile ntck itol" ,t oii pc a M )t)Ii: t )l. I)l \01 INt. 100.1) 01 ic lket,, frtlll I tn l10,', 1 . wilt ix 1 f. in olnlt Ih1iernrlnd Ii tr, n-iz,iiti tithe l h kn, iin anithr ar t Pvely ll n lllmber l fpi r llulr r lk w ll lih drn l, lllti'll Vuirtit.ri nr ltero', i i tnl otill eaving r tu .ul ,t.oP lUm. fi~ers an t nt.) weel itd.,i. (; rr f~r the ti.l e I liii - ,-r ~ i , treeei+rei rat the .;irrln ig lr Ait tlt, 1Piit a(f l h1 rr, trlt alVW Atre lllr, lli t (ltt .j ,tly I ,i ,d,:d+. it ,vr, frohn | J ttnksonvil ojt, Fla. Ap, ll, I:10. tW vll I All lrall's (lhlama,, J,1r1it e, fl,,1 ,i at ma 4sar c1y -- - - _ - BAZA ItR. Corner of St. ('hetor,* Cu'o,n.ot street, B US &ll ALLAN .\lcI resIltcfully call the at wilth bhon u h nlrtsl, lt.h. i Iloalb lilir 'frollts linen c,,l cablric and silk kItdk, chiefs: laclk kntr fan"y 1 vats in selt variety: sturk. of l very dtsclil+tiirn cunt - elastic sud cotton suspendlrs: silk, cnttoI and thread gloves: gentshoskinglove.: oo ,brella s nd cones olI noaunred. mAlso,-Splendid assortleut of ladohs and gents ri ting desks, dvrea.U, o es, port olios, IelO(lotery, cult lery, and rih fimcy goods. noel 1 T. W. COLLENS Uiteld .t.,dt' I'ou,nrerte'r. Appointll by the Iederal (,rt t tew Orl ncs. OFFICEI No. 1(19 C(39\IO)1I S'T'IlE1'', (Exchallnge IlIntl Ilil!dinlg) re SAID Conuliioel,,r tkcs nftidlvii undler sll Iby = cVlIot of tle A CtIsfl7(.'oigr',t ipnold '2 tIll Pelrl :vy, I1-2 lt M h8; Iht rc 1 h17 h Jdlliry Act of I789 d thelllr acts of Congreo, iu sut. i cases made and S, provhled. Said CoOllolmiosidor Itll considerable axper:elncv ; and uses .n rlns ol l captilon ndI crtificate h. ich have sooud the severest scrutiny of tthe ablest Lawyers, S aprill JOHN V. CHILD- Is_ _ . i ENGRAVEL AN') C(,PPI'l-I'LAT' E PIIIN'I'ER c PNo. 3, Cmntp St. W ILL engrave anil irinlt to idler, lank nnle. tills W • ofexciclogo, bills oflildiog, dipllmtol s, nrcan.r tile and visiiiog eura . ndotari 1l, couli .lor nd colllting house seals, door plate., sivcr war', dc'. -nlwnys ou lanOd, an assortlent of silvr late llld d Ibrass door d p:,tea. I'S Cardas printed fonu plttes already engraved. nov20 BjA IE lOI)'E--Ii coils ul'hh o ' re1, of s uperior n q:llity, four sole oby I I Rl I" & Co, nlay &F J 1J 3 TIN Igi,.l73 n at l.a 1011 laleulkc:, Ioo slilp (;ie. 1>110, It sie by _ay . ..1. J P IV WlITINI.:, 73 jtmp s FAl, S. kINI'T IIiI'li lI N (. J 1. FRII'KM1AN & CO., No 3, MaIgOzino street, s are rceiinlg their supplies of Full alnd Winlter Clllillng, and will continuu to receive shipments regu larly thlrnuglout tile seasonl. 'lllheir assolrtiment being large will 0enbl5 Ihel to llpllply ol roolets frol011 the collunlry., at lle ehorlcrt loice; tor salU & retail, on accouwllUllUatill0 lerm1. B STTER. -0 0og. ('.elkoelll112r, l0ll11hn0ld f1or s'eI b B 0111 ' PIIITNEIY, 731 apil llll TO 'TIE 'LADIES. UR IIULL'$ UTERO AIIIOMIINAI. SUI'PPORTER TL |IS now in trument for the rildicdll cure lof Pro Ilapusl Uleri, or Flling of th0e '.anlbl, Iy ex ternal applioation, supoteloding the u.u of lthe ub jectiopable prensary, is cunlllcntly roecommendedIi to the afflicted as tle mllans of a prfectrrestor,,tion to health, it never having failed of performing a uro, seven under the lmot aggravated circuitstanl neas It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of Lonon ; Sir Benjaminl C + Brodle ; Sir'J.uocs Clark, Physician to tile Queeln; Dr Aihwoll. Lecturer on midwifery to Guy's floe. pital Dr Rigoy, lecturer to St Bartholomlews; Dr Griffllth, lecturer to Woestlniotor Hlosplital Dr tamslbothaul, lecturer to .ondon hospital R; obeort Forluson,lecoturr to Westmilltuer hospit, al; Dr Swcatmlan, lecturer to Middlesox hospital. and sonior occouchour to Qleeon Clarlotte's lying. inhospitul; also by Henlry Davies, Conquest Bllundell, Leo, Morrlalon, surgeon Keates, &.. by Dr Morreau, president of the Academie Rlloyale de Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to tile Duchess D'Orleas ; professors Velpoou, Marjolin, .Pul Dubois, Sa son and otheras-and in New York by professor J W Francis, G S Bedford, IM I) profas nor of midwifery in toe ulliversity of the cify of Now York, profs. Dolonlhl, and Francis, U John. ston, president County Mad Society, Laurens Hlull roesident med society State of N York, polus Jas Nauglllhton of Albany, profu March, Cyrus Por. kins, Dpoaue-Drs 'Thu Boyd, Gilbert Slmith, Ilosk, Steaoorns, Ludlow, Kissam, V.aclhe, Power, Grayson. Vaol Renssalaer, ulid manly other distin. guilleod phyiolauln ill the U States. A G (lull, OlO.iu 4 Vessoy at, Astor Houso N York. Io' A conatant supply of the above inslrtulunts, with Dr ull's improved 'Trussaes for loernia, will be kept lby SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A tG Carlpnter, Noatchoe ; Stunu & Marals, Wood. vill;e Both and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilk.n lsq, SLolservi Hull and Washington, Nnshlville; Mcl 'liray and Haoiltlon do; R I. Bliss, Florener Alp; J C Spotswood, Athensol; Irby and .Mlstin SHIPPING. For Europe. lIAt. A I fast ciintg ship S*Ir. JA3IFS, David Hlowe, monter, htine; stIt1 of her r gsss'cngPd, will have J Irlp·t. Fosr biluas tbny 14 l J I' PV'.'I I'NIIT Y, 73 tssp St FOIL IUSO1'uN. 'II.c flit sailtig =hip FERAX, 1). HIa ly, muster, havin g g s l r ag an and going o+- ho It(lyd, w ill base d L-sltatelltl· For trerghsllr pnsssgr, pplpy to.. tsntyt7 S & J I' VIIII'NE:Y, 73 Croup st The A I nd new sh.ip ISAAC Anl.l.EU SI'ON, I pi I , reqnis es 3011 bals to fill up, and csn ihansomelys...uccon.odswli Icsbil passengers. Applly to rn17 I. IIU GAtE, :93 C,,sstsnon FOR IIAVRC. The A t atflast sailiisg ship NORTll AMORICA, atpittin HI·tm, 'ill hoive dss. patc.h for freighst sr uissnis lnilly t di) 1 I,1 (hAl X, t3Cmm- s FOR1.1 Vh~t'OIIt.. The A I flat anilie Ishidp NsItlbspt n, J Mun tat~r.Ihtsing port o e i tc n gagedcl will have tl!II · It. For frvicht or Ilast- sapply to Ii & J I' \VIthi'NE;Y, rnay :3 71 CUnp It ~ HIL II MLR. The. A I and ss1,.,,rr iisr shill il, (Ip Rlaw hard, wi ll rn cei o dea f er-It. I Il pas Ils ri, csl lal~11 I·PI.I P 513e l, t9pply to It joE It I ! VElt(Ittl,- - SThe AtIandlsrrs copefr ship AttN. ANI1 IltIAd'llpl'J ' ornrr, can lllll ,e rir 'rlIll holes of tFur feigshitisf shit,11b tplyt1. II iI.I s,t3 dps F, (tis 0.3i sis iiin i Coastwise. It-FIL NI)EW YO'It The A 1 f leat asilie slhip 1' I NN' TI I, at Andrew Ilnr tow, mna twr, will heave on the Il loaunrlld llusil o! tit VI egl tnsll r I rk ln ir ttIll . Nmay I _ I Al D & IIAILl4"r .. N i a,7nIk lI'l I FOIL NIW1V YOR)K. h ne f's1 saillin ship 1,:1 , I ap it. I E hemtnn.d, will sullil oin Snrlllllrl next, nill aikn e cenl it atnd tcinr e .sj , . (.r = ), Fovrne Good al HI. I mll'lnllldatlmIrai, appl i On holi ,rll Il l ( fist. S, 31 1 M u el:ip s pyllI . & N 1N I w 11' l I'N I: , I'sgn tn NEW t ARYt ei.. I,"" Tlil I I WIll Iln a rel l;r sn i'ili lhip Ni IIIt V \YInI II I nA ilV ll w ill .I .l. iv t ----.. ti ralehir rhhoiricoll.ri i , h i f h itrri . : ,n" 't N I Iripp ity t a li ...... II II i,\lnl,' Iine 'o k In17 n 93 (...,.....n iI ICFN-- i Ist1: t frvlat 1,1 I ls M n3r3 N. I'l:'r,1s N & AV I Y\ 23 ioro vih r sr ((ý1 IINNI, lil -l Iý-:,11llll (;llllGlllv I1.. 2 "J I 2 nud l : s a~lel .rte- h l i and _i n _ bard _ I" ll Ie r OI I 1 Ill I .llIKa Ir t . t, 131 \ l.t" t,01.1,1":'. IIt I I' I, rYORKII "rl. whole ll r i ll not oe niihd, wlluhl he gIhl ll ' ) rcrcile IhP" IH'l'l n. o illl 1 s II IIiprl·Slllih! or etllher hot l 1. fo1r c ollet. ,ll ll, il B h i+ his tin plnrecnl I1, lllllato . The I1 f list-of n*(iIVII: 1' run ll gi"lQl l hi ena' i ~nt o 'f IPaketl. I" laa o n "1"lh 11.11 i nl o t.t sIs pri el ship 1()(' 11,h. I1 one h r, s ll "nit is blllo t stated Forlle I, llr 1 r li.-i_." hnrnII i'xl'elhnt tnClll i1l ll~l iBI willI +1nlc it,11' oir1 app) illy Ill IlrlcU lil ll . I')ard twoll I'r. beIlow+. tht,! v, g llllrll ln lrln : , ur tL A (OIlt F, l i ii D l N 1 PI. L ilslun m fI FOR NEW YORK. e" T llr ll l 'li "kl'lT e 0fj · .L( ' l lr III rll lt. S . The llsl llLf P ai',t c ip th 1i lll I si-rll t 1 AIboIVe Iollr rllllllll r tiI frlight or Io-l- re nly iti io r I ol ppos I ti. h II. ).in I o I' I Il l"g 'r .1 c ich a louinhid w wil l hI, In k. n if early n' ph 'a o tsU m ode 1n hr .rl, i'a v I'S 'e. 11 NIEW 31111 K. ' 1'l'h Al I I ''l t shlil IIIl.1I lll .t . II) la - moolil, , '1 Iln e. pi 1 h.& llr Irel,.,l ,r p. i l- Ii.- io lnl l c lrlmlt lllll n lll.0l s np:plyV Ol0l Ibloarll olpl lit- I I\'l 'lll ll l lll ' ill t1t r1i t 1 l17 S L J 1 \L l I'rP.I. V,7l ('li iii, oi - - n - F IIht' l pl Nlt ge., hIvl il.t . g IlolhunJ I~ Linl .if l vkel s, '1T SIo 1. ,+ly I ( llt'. i &l rt I (IloL l IEo n, I' i. I si . l - &'Oin l (lo n tit." t. i Iio I'o f1 sro 1l5I h lI, aip0: s0 Ily ll uI .s A lY 1 1' 110 o 1ll RNEW ILtEANS 11t N tt.llll ntll, a ( It ll, t I 'Ih- R wi llt tp n l adH Ih I n th.i " r rPilm and Navy rnad, nedall andeint Itt)rait, Sugar, Batter, idior'd and WNater Crackrn. Al ill Ile ab dve articlesln. Frl arrael I Is I ke;lb f t afirst qualiy, and keep J a nyclint being '1', Aln-Kiln drind ern meal. STOrder he nIw, at il. Pnilard and Tagat'r.' ('I.I:;1 T hl,C 'I'hII , 11 h . tinFf t iimr of lrne r Magazin oa Iln rd, will hlirvl s I t :llr. r '.r prnmpt atlention. S ll pat a n ITpeIly I cr l i PtIN iED p ilte h sidGreate rpetier. Sad t bloirl ie i- stauinllc llll a d w.ll ['lilllil ill every respect. Applly to AI.FY ," M.RCY, or i hily 2 1, II (;.I.I,:. an ele nenanrd iNEW ORLEANSit a NlRea and cPatent BiRcuit Bakery--ValtCers rand Hnltnrtn. Nhlo . e , C Moretu (lnetr Ihe )lllthurtr.) l Ia1 I t lld.) rPiht rInd Navy I INIrad, Soda an V Wine Ihscuit, Sugar, BUtter, Midtard and Water Crackers. All tho above Nrticles ar - warranted to be o thre rra Nulity and io teep in t ilt y cli Male, bnt itg completoly kiln dried Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders ll it GA. W\n. PrihAr LarInd Teaat, Jr. corner Migazine and Poydras streets, will receive rompt attention. Savnltl kegs put up lepresely four SNeily Oran. 15nuv 01? PRINTiDI WiltheG'I reat-'rtI'ui, n, Wand n a style tnsurpasse d int Nr w (IU.i:AnTs, ol else d ORilla s fla Ctrn rr. R,,nUN in, St. ehl;albl :i, I honn e, (Co,'ner of r(iarier Sr . ) or a 'II t t11 TI II Ac ERI( AN I'N'' lIt tnr T N I) FII N' Srller t I llottl rls and St Charles tliett , (will be & E promptly rattrdl d o.. nay l. I iA GEO lltS' l8N-lr -ale by for A or °i 1r a I-tlla( ll:, t 11 nlnzan otlr r TADEN iaI&III-1Unttsentlt nl hrImd a!ntd, Ilr r iby SilAl.I..& 1)11 ,ll 8% Eplt 9l u3 .rlag n in GEt .RGE . CtIIDi F TS, SA A'.kro. it' AT LAW, a st `Ar l.l.attlllll lhe Sullrenie Court, aInd Ilhe I)i'lrihle r l" jt.ue a u lrirri r g id aul lle tIt i lh j ulcell l A - n lits-- J.ili n at Ille ithv l Ho stnll. m i IN Clahns on tlh goIvFrnluirll, eihher for .lot Illl I.baud - or lllle y, will lhe uder llk, In romn t l ly ;1teolred e o eill l e n sidelld.. r res idNt ll it ' exns. Adnlres -lll Ulell S late-Ct hlLtO fR h t ie taro of S. Ii cker, jr. (t I'exanlsn lrl'O1ite Ageinl < Nev Orleans. - - - 3111 Nlar nntlie Tl-n. -le IFl ltl.ta, urei rdiea tll-,nn ln aletil,' - I lof iESpr ed cunlructti ll, in ,ru. s tlil 1111, fe uilr d sle hy .I (1IT, _ i l illy a --411 it ttt -lt ai le t ' tr UN, . .f AGtU :-e 3f,00.1 ist lrl l N ulb dh ad a, ,ral ti '. t!,by ISAAC IAll)DlE & Cao. I N smay 1. . 13A , 1E1 4 .li.ler et 1 UIASe nlird brand tllr ale Iy IIIt Nil &a'. t may "2 13 Magaz ill el 1,Or iAlll& flaiiR - 50 0 ked s pillldlilui .illl r ed r-J - 1S, fr sae by 1''N & J P NAVERY, a'l 4 y 15 7 ray itrst L1 hltrsble by n 0 1)IItIrrinib siy U17 44 New Levee iy AI'SI kgs barrels atd, lenIaltding, lra o rnt oa toIL Oro oko, for sale lb ( 4 i)eIwI', r _m17 44 New I(.cV' " Ssale by G I)10,'SEY, )y m17 41 \ew laeae " TI.rEAll-III.IAT IttBOOKS--% handslllmon sul, lvy ff i o.1 Frelght IBloks, Cabin lalI Pnlaze Register, \W'codl 1 neand General Reeeplit, received and inr sole at No .,, i all Chartres street. Iilmay 17 DAVIlD FEIT & Co. i 'r, LOBES.-I.uri'(b-ai Celestial ald "rerrestinll - 1 h, ~X inuh (:lllohes--ls l i fw a Ul's (ilrdrn a Iillsmane .1. myl5 Gi DORISE.Y, N·ew Levee FOR NEW YORK. / JVe' ork e Aew hUsI, Iil ne A "NE LINK ',tfickts hac Ie. e.lali-hed Io i.nA u .lt Iteltueoli en $ )lllll t ll led .,N )lerk, iU acou..l.4 nf fvy first rate ships, viz: F hIIIII((BI nTt. MatIClJd j.. |,itr nl:lr t i l lbicI In (; Iic r, .ll -" All ulru, iI P IlurreyI STeirsh'i. werl hiltin N.fw Yirklxpresd fir ti. tr ade autrol a light drught o1 water,'and w 'ili1.1h. algen o CX lhlwe. Ldlete1no at te Ir alow lihlilln n rub I:r:all'lerud s t o rirsl aliln' *hi illn be rltllleiy th:ci r ii gruatle I untlilit l ity . till e o Jeirvd in tie tlilm Or of 1ililng aIIntl CvPry rtnslllolb acco moalll llllll(lllm PX r frldirl h) Si l iller. illd p:tR.4(ll!.t , r tH x lr a irrtlltlr mrtheuhlr . llP llly Io rIl.,skrs. JIlll.lron SJ I,,It. denl, No. 8i6 \YnlI l rel:1..zd, N Yorlkt ur to, j PI'E; I IAItIcIu\, 'hi Camp s FOR NEW YORK. [ILouiiana aId New York Lile of Packuts.] To sail recu/arly as eat'l Por'. rltluie lti is at ihis i :onud t citlt-ic d e fii l follleow I il shllp, hill 6 mll Ore lIP:V n ~ew* ls will Ibe Illt(llln t ail I'lllly lIVII Illllkill. h'IIIIP" 11 WP VH1111(1 11.·Y il II) (li h will ullo`'. (;t11110 heI..l Ili. .~tll.'hedI f'rllll thlis IIIrl. 4,er~Y week du~ring~ thy yerl, thusl afolirshingq promptl~ theililid for trlantlp rtaftllinl" und at the l"owl.e.t r tule ofl'iciglt. titlhip (cccii, Ca ii icrii k. cii it " Alllp, i Iil litt il i'et, " i llnll. iecceninoiiidice tiletiiteigter iueicuilieillliitic ealte " i I u~l++Glli, E ii l I ,i |+11 keqlea (. ill er T eIl ttie'i'e tei , ci t' · Ir tlti , t ci.t I:la. 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Mlooist ;adseLdorsers, abcd ruservinth onstlo t io seebovo described property a spoei;p e tur tghge iuntiL tho fig al paymonto of t! o atbove denrlbd J. G . Bruedloa e bccar a the ppurc:ha er of tbe htof r rlotof grnulld i xUltlitluU r, in Lh a etreetr obe St. d Capr'es and S t.Chajrlas streets, inoasturinlg twenly all tour :eet frorx oin St. Chruleso i tr as street ,byVllty i niety fie foot si x i n P..deep, for thec f~r thoe fOI l thou sand allno hundreddolle hulldro d dtullrs, ,hyosa-d four hulndrod t hrd forty four all) r nilld iftyn denta, eayab a t ye 19lh ofJune, 18,10, alld the bb alnce inw dt n ty o and t erso ysatsf, I1 c lotS sa alis'torily clld rls. ed" au d ba rir-an d if not punet ua l paid at Ittian llraty paid at ho turinterso b r interest at the rrate of ton p , pi thou. tl paiy i iht hot r any r igtay et, whird hey. r msnid whrich thle oC erilt" tko iav rce to Ivaed ro. neived in his notes payable as abovev , with .JonC Minturn as securiby. pr the sp ci ,I al m ortgage o h, Iprepertyold until final pyaymnt o ut of thbv above de scribedt s otns. J W. Breedloe bec e, also, the pur ehaser of t tho lot of ground n0um11ber near, sin thed nrrext tu tb e St Ch larles iteand e, near st dre s, ree, m oasurigtw nty u Cherles streeo , by sevctt y eighr t treet ten inchs ien doelate per annnma, payable monthly ; lor the suom o a ed price of uisanen tnheunadrd do!llars, p ayab o as bn 'low , thiuusand dollarscashtour thousand ly,' r hundred dollars, payabl a the nineteent day of Jup e, elbteen Jundred nd10, and ti he! balance ill e t oin t and t hree years, in notes satisfact orily el. dorsed and bearLn g mortgage, an d if not ,puctua aty paid at maturity, to boas interest froat te atu rity, at tho rper e o ttn ptr cpnt. without any rightd |u weta, d tne psaletlt, and owlhidh tho slh e iair.. knowledges to have receivediin his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re. sserved special mortgage on thoe property suld until tie final payment of' said notes. William Miackey hcae lithe purchaser of the lot of groeftl numbered five ol I'oydras strlet, bIu. Iwenlil Cnamp and Sr. (harles streets, Isesileirilg twenty-four fILt six inches front on Paydr.e street, Iy ilritely f;ve six inches deep, fir the price of seven tilosand fivo lhundred dollars payable as follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousald two Imasired and sevently.sevn and eighty three hun dredths dollars, p ryable the thirtieth of 3larch, eiglhilei hundred and Phrly, and the Ialancs i i two a it tlhres years is r:lot:te s.rti. ifatorily enlurase, and asrinrtg iorrlgiga, rind if nit punctually pail at sdurrity to bear interest ,it the ratl of te n per cent till paid withoult ilany right to rLilard Ipayment, and thle sihrifl acklnowledgies to ihave rec'ivald Lthe cachl paymentll , anlll tie balanll ill hiss IOtes, the two first to the order of J Irwin. Irsin, d tire last te rder of Gleo. llischanali, and by theIm elndorsed and pay. abl as above: a tspecial ilirrtgage is resnrved until the final payment of thie sit notles. II. Lavernei bcameI thLe ipurclhaser of thell lt of ground laumbr three, next to rt e ornenr of St. Charlcas aild Plydras streets, Ilteasurillng twecly-four feet ono ilch front on St. Charles street, rullnln Sack seventy.eialt feet ten inlches deep; for ithe price of six thlolrad lile hilndned dollar, paiy. a'hle as Afllow~s, v: O irI slee ra.u , dIen illr a .rh, f ur iltoua:nd two hen ,cll ItssI ii i sllellll a!II 5fr ss, s tli( i i sss. I -en Ililllsisllllll rs-iI I li ls lil;L. Irl- I IIt l I, t'l"o a silli'l( ctorilt end sI.-, d I a i.eaitillr i i rn t lg ; Ii dI if ui t unctllll lillV puil at Illllt r 'V, Im h iir il l.I a te rate tll u n per c,-i-l.lhill p w hillb t .ny riL.hIl t ret ill iparlinen, .nod tihe, -lc lill" ck 'low Ibt e ilho I nsr , eivtd fie ca-hal t Itunn' t ianI lire h anl e in otes of i. .lavernv, ho;e i ll d i ll Iy . Iriw e'ld IsII, si ' r- I _l( r't l l' I IIii In.lit has l f.e Eoll: raid 1 av; InI hen ,o e lS o the purcha cr of i ftw clla sr, i rs ie ar i .Itreoi sin lllte is Ir sisa. lillt I Ien"~r nll sil I sri' tr lil a-fsril.t ir t aito it, r ll illrIe r0l sliren l .ins , is h Isi i herits in o l t tse r s rlr,, pa.)It+ i I IIl elhiI v sit tlln I ri et r ' s i\s l l Ie llhoSil 4111 1 hon.1 , ,1 ' l r+ Illd 1 lIIL r i's t1 I,:II-saI. vis : s lu o I tlhil;ll I s Iill!rni e 1. Isalhr Ih'n .unJ I s lie hnn Irrlt dlo ll u'- I rihII Isi a n iii. llt h di , - ' .1i'h- ,sis ht Peo b s re ht h slt, II I I i. , L iii , L , i h i l e . r, ill t lllll.n -li-ll lOr Alh' ehrll -lC( ur ur, aIn h,,rorll i erl ,.e,,+ DIe l I!' ni t11 Lhcetl, 'are y pL ' til n t il alr,r trl oI esi . n , e i ts r toun, rat e i c r.ll ? lroe mes t i ill [ l h u rIIf Illse ' It r O;if %lllp l lel-er tra .rle e bi s ( Islllll rus nh' ssis p oles hii n ' ir'hgg-e ris lishrisl i rre Astun r l ht's les A i rl,. i l, I n i. ru, iJu. . r tlv si 1 irs rt i e .sHite' assi . si .i,. ltlrn ' ,, h I o r . .t i re ('trisr sl'lu isirsai, I . nir th ias, o l of MaI , eig hte en n Illilrd illn d Ihlrlt- lil. I 'y I--ltla I'. I1.1-:1p.r Ci , t ). i. ti ri-k. ITAT ).P L\ LOUISIIAN I'l-CUllss rh r. l liier Ii-lris:l JtIiieiid'ia--L'EatL do sil Lolii alca- a aouns qcux rlclO c ios iprtalleo . ailit Atealdl qel, A. G. laeohsed, J. W. f.irellov,, x\Vlliintl elcy nt II. L.iaagioe ay.ilv t aorlt ts i siro venrss hits pa r ; p is srilf ted In taroise I'lt r. ansr. lea prollr6i a ci-pslrpi ; der ite. e Inti rent a - rest,3 au tl reflhl de. r.Ii DIo·,llr il I1.1 a1cres Ilt. veInto ilr ellt Clrl inntis le In C i L a t i j rs d'Avrils ad ,'lsiill1de. 1 39. i,.r i e nvis corlfe rlllnc enl i r i ar:ta d1 : I glal atlltll re is Il'tit l, a I.llo siane i i . ulad ' u A . ill gurl i d.lnfsl' Ila titrs tions I'aequ rr" , ux v' jodlini:ireO ;" apIsrouveL Ii 10 Mlarns I-lI. IU,'lel ,il coaner, et toute erueoansllra illr. sriecs et L trell aes-nI < t, al d Ja l ir tsll l'reo irsmirr Dislric lll, i hei ieriels pour:aient heavir deeit as' lia pror1a ci ar'.e I rlt, In crnons sc]o J'ltr lldfiallaldet idlll Jalns i'orn re, ac aescr el ou nit.n,+e euius,, a la l.Olar, on vcr t llliqlel Ia slits It ai6 lairs, oal de o Ilte iree. I Sgiuhlril oua ilss i aliti Asiis a I'Csf- tial llan, l' o u le I tepllls ct ie Isode rlts li vcllls , Io polr ui- ll llre l. cause rlulcolUcni, Ie fsairs voir, dins trente jourris deatecr do irnhhubllcation dicl:tteo avi,peurquoi Ia vell insi ilEsite no seerast pascornfirln6o et ioalrolo ý116N. Les diteo faurrut vontucs par le Sthiri0 :1ii1 susdit e27 ciue jur do Mars de I'ani(fe 1t3'. :n vcrtu d'ui (idrlt do cete 'Colaur, re uil le t:i do arsi tI e I'anUne 1939, du 's lt'atitro do Itorduzat coutro Io. lnchintan o& Iligana. No. 17)101 du docket Ir' cotte Conr, C a aquello "t vento les dt s A . . Iellnchard, J. V Broedlove, tur Wm. Mackey et II. L.a, urgn so sonr rendus ac qudreurs respectivoi ent, ilde proprit6s suivaites i .a Ipour l.. 8I. 111. 8 i.i .res . pIricifid, iavoir : A. . . lanchard, du lot do terre no. 6 situdo , dlos litre PydrI)asi , Puir. lis rues dil (iiamp et ig" St. Clhaites, icsuranIt 1 pites 6 ipouco do face i a toy rue Paydras, sur 95 pieds 6 pouctis de oprofindeur, Ip ur I, sonnue do $7,101) oumlrtant, 83941, 5 , payables l S') doe .Mars 1810, et lat alance dons I dcux et trots aas un billets edossnds a sattisfction et portant ihypothceque, etdcvait porter un int6rot ind au iaux de dix pour coit jusqu' o lpaiolent, s'ils eno bu sout poietluctlltont pl)a6s loa: 8 toalleOFn lnd iuaLi IdoerCes d'aucui droit de reCtarder le priaetnit, co: qui. o htriflreon till avoir recu enll a s bi'lots I p:yal.v s coelll il est ru.lit, celdo.rde pn; Jolll, ut [i ltoyer (CIt. it N lBHoist, avoc rodsrve d'uni) I i'dypothitquo spdiciol srlita susdito proprilt jusqu't " pi.,ioment iltalt dt suau dits blit!iets. J. 1W. Breedliove devinut i'acqudreur In lot d t"o , terre ilr. 4, ibrliant il'lucoiiziLIInu des rues Poydras re St. Ci(har si, Imesur it 2 pedi s dI e en ( lt rri 1, e Pt. ( harles et 78 pieds t polces n lat rue loy.o It dras, pour t solume"- do CI11, 100 payayle com0rn Ssit, $t1,0010 conptlaot, $41,19 payable to 19 de Jute,1840, ot la balance dans donx ct troi ant ell billets endouos. satisaii tionu ct prianti byttolte-. a qieI, et dans to ca- q t'il tie scraient pas pIontuelle. Iily iiient ipay)ds ler It lchdanies, its devnt per. u - ter tIn indi t3L atu taux do dix pour cent jus.lUa. r1 paienouti, s0ln IlucUn droit do retard doe aijlnellt, c co ilie to sl siritfriucounnit avir recu en se ballets bea, payables cornule il et O usdit, endosods par John 00 .lhnturi' even hyipoto0qu- slotciale sour la propriu 6 vcndio jusqut' i paimient final des utadits billets. I J. W\. Breedllove devint ausi I'acq;dreur du o lot do terr uno. 1 situd a lprias lo thdttre St. Charles res lat rue I'oydras, mayurant 23 pieds 8 pouces et six ti.nes sur la rue St. (nares, et 78 pieds 10 pot Ipoucos do profoadeuor, aoVe I'dlifioe on briqueoo et li I cuisine qo n . 'y trouvent, sujeta 3 uan bail jusqu' au ino premier n rvet;bre 1839 a raison de $1500 et de eltte dlpiquou ta prouiter novemtbro 1810 it raisuon de $'4,000 par anu payables tos les mois, pour to drix do $16,000 ityablep colaiume suit ; deux mille Illy piastres comptant,quatrtu Mille cinq cent piasntres piayables le 19 Juin 1810, ot la btalnce dins doeuxn r. ct trons ans no billcta endosds it satisafietion et cort portant hopothteque ; et daus tl cas qu'ils ino aoilent pas Ipads ponetullon)c ent t leur ehdoancos, iltsH dovrouut porter iun intdrt au taux de dix pour cent danlls uncn droit d'eun relardta ic paielentll, co quo a to hldrll'roareconnait avoir recu rt ses billots oindos-. ads par Minturn et payable conor ud ant est susdt avo lato r6dirrv d'uno Ilypothu(que sptieial: sur la propridt6 vendu. ju qu' au paiement final des t, dits billets."l William McKay devitt I'acquadrur du lot do ter.o no. 5sour lt rco Ptydras, etro lto rues pu lct Camlp et St. Charte, ayant 24 pieds 6 pouces de lthe a Ia rue Poydras sur 95 pieds 6 luuces de lor profoudour; pourtl prix to $7,500 pia-tres pays. ncr bita eOllltle suiti : $t501) cOlll, iit ; t $477 81, pay. ables ]e 30 Mars 181: ; et l.t b aalance a deaux it trlis aills e billets endos(t s a it atiisfatio et por. itt tant Ityalothiquie : et t d us to cs (u'ils Ino sonlelit ipas pontuelllemient pt yd a lour dtihdlusce ies dev. 1' tolt ptrtor tn iat Lt au ttaux de tidix pour cent aL jutsqu' p ptaienlt, sanns icun drotll d'iu retardter to paitt iet ; ctle ishdriff rceoloait c avuir rcc un le comllptant , t ,la ltt:lan c ll s,,: billts, Iea deux dot premienrs a:i'ordl de 1'. Irwin etle dternic r it 'urdre dou (t. uclhanan quti les ollut i osto6n , ot pay' to abhls coluone it res usdit, aqiL e I t.deavo dune o Irypotheque spdoiate jurql' au p.imeut fi.lal detadts billets. 11. ivergne dcviut acquiireur du lot do terre ttt.3 qui so trouve alpts 1', neolglure des rues St. - Charles et Poydras, uyaot 2- plods un pouce do Iteo to rue St. Charles tent roa t A 7d 8 pilds t ic '1 :10 Iuces ou profundeur ; pour to p.ix de E(i,!). tlu payahble cors1 :uit : $1110tl0 comlptantt , .-149 I Ipayabl lto 19 Juin 1810, cL la balance t duut x t t trois ans c0 billets ertdo-sd. t satisfaction eot pr. Ltant hopotheqoe. D1).t1 to cas ql'lls noI olent pas Iponetauelitletnt payds a Itl r 6. lidctses, iis devront porterlu illtdrt iau taux do dix pour cellt jusqulll' pii cenloltl, sans i llell tdroat rotardor to Ipie- t ller nt; I; t tl 3hdrif'reotC e it oie avoir reito le Iom. taut, la bualance el s s bllets elussds par C. D)e1r,. tbigny rt payable coalltio it rat sntalit, tvei,- rn6servn o d'uel Iiypothequo pdeo alto str to proprtd 6 voondueo jusqu'atu pauenl finlal.c El let dit lcvergao devint aussi I'acqudreur du , lot do telrre t. 2, adouignant Io lio. 1, .Lud dlus or la rue St. Charles, uyant '23 pieds 8 pouces et ( ot lignoedo face ai la rue Si. Clatlus .ur 78 Ipieodi 10 pouces do proltoldour : avc Inle t I;isoinenl brlqutI I ot a dtag:s, et la cuisine lqui o'y trouvllo , sujettait i un bail jusqu' au 31 L:tobro 1839 tau Laux do $2000 t Spar an, payablote tos s to mois; a por to prix do a 0 $16,100, payable crmaoio suit; $2l000 comptapnt c; $1,500 palable il 19 i d Juan 1 840, et lah b.latce a deux ct trots aus on e billets eotidouds t satisifltcouI n et portent hyputhlquo: et dns tol eas qu'il no 1 soiont pas puctuelloa nent payyds a leur Bdbdance, sis devrout porter un iltd it au taux do dix pour cent jusqut'it pi:itllmtit., als 0ulleU droit d'en t. Starder lu paincent . t le sthdritf recunnait en avoir C reccu to ontttlllllallt et la; bIoltce en bllocts dlu dit 0 acqud icur, enduss6 par C. Detrbigny ot payables t coomme ii et usdtt ; avee rdoierve d'uno hypoths. h " que spociale su la propritu voendue jusequ'a paie. tl maot finlal. oi 'i0moin l'honorabls A i. . Buchanan, juge do ia " cour ausdito, te i nto1e a 13939. d P. LEBLANC, an lmai UDp)uto Gdreffior. IF v tENCIH PIcing Card-g-Juat roeived from New o 1 lk, a lullgroe ul nery aoprnior double head Cntrds, for ole Iby dozen 0r cruee by cc IAVID IFEL l & Co, N Y Stationers' lstl, " april 3 0:4 Chartres t I ItlO HANS SOOhoLir-7 6 G casa, -arune kip broie ta I.n og ; etra sizes, tading lfol bip Juohn Duo ill Iap saot Olhio, f(or sae by tin a:2 I BItlLGE c. Cio, 131 iegoainest. Sd ilLE INDLAN'S PANACEA. t oLU BY /l3 oor. , a' Natchez and Tclloupiloulaasta. 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I . ..wle, i~ns l tile ullu.kl Polol,, of ill"tcr•o n Ea n J ! wb., ;' t. y 10 >, o tl, lifa d udly tour on. (Meh+rcury, rain th cnael Ctmlllllullll illlJ C.+2 ilvlerdi~ VII ,wlth b'oth.hel ii the Iile0 lfact nail Illrlh'. dfilllou-. HI tlh.,ightHoibO Inlthru earse detfl' .,o o .ttIt e.'+eet.. g lr r ..,;il r ,, u h r l, . clr o e., till at engt it fge. ,I , r al ,1,"hrlrty ;oil d.l c+ey Uti" ti ll le t it tin eansa ue,, Ia ~lihl y l t)· 11 ··11(,l I1 i; i(rl, I t)I t h llr+r drr· rLlll'lillf lsar g· I'1:5ItY"S ('l:ltl' hlNNi SI'ECII'IC I'II.LS, AI-PrUIII, -f-, andlhlld the mo.I, c rl e r yc d Idifreoveres ~lil tile pl,"t'l lllrll ·(eIt s oil :r l ndtll lre ul culeom lJiLeaaes LeU SI t u 1"'Y. ;t.,l ar. lures.. ,l emllll Iwl·;klleSl lloillol. ,,the lain oir tlll lr ufl'tlehmotllneyI)rU tel I, llllulrll I d:11 ebl ~ y rri I' i.I ' I i, "t·o"' l, l'L I,,: I· NdU r o"'r I ll., trllllal th!, rdiea, tF "ofll lloa url. ! J.,'t pal sgc.,ig.+l' r"lurolll per:o trn ip aprerl¢. Pct c re to heaheli AI'' l 'lL h ' ILA ,la , by ulllrc DI EC11 I pillSlr n ,lwe, wit eaa 1e . - T r.e u ;li +t" . 1 Ire cfrl ai~ly wl t eh thll ey ore eoIutluU al " l l* lll'll'11.te r il ,, l, r : ieott·llted by n ~llly LhoIusaLnd. 'J.lh "l,',lllir plh, rlout out iiel .11rv ll, ile o" i. Us I o )ll purI. fv'"¢ul h11 rlo'r":rca 1l."t;. o,, L "+toff.utd. They ott n r_ l lltr I~ It'hvll >,l but renl lOY:tl, by tLheir action the diCU er Ir ill f0',rtloll, a' fihe 10,1t, ex .. €g the groeser Iuntor,, dd r thr'r lll.llll,,€ s,. mill alld ...,l . .. T.I, "pt le llsto cmrlolo I et l,"-c I"i uolltnl of1II1I· -dIh ratl l u vnrp rel le u: eIell . They trll , r , ..o ,u , r"0,,i. L, .D IDDy o IDa k other rLLerDDI. D tL..Inoy bL takel woi 1 , h ~,Ir tin .gbt,.t ,u:e mi' . sr dzucuvery'. They to qI r rI tr enll r-,tra t ll' daml, l.s 0,f tlnour, 1, hhl,lr,,tlc, of bult , l"-, biut l-l t a d ui ple Cl:rl , el ,Ithul. th least exposure to r lrll lp,,,,l, Il t,: ,iri+ plll'r t. ,ll , W I tirho l D DlDll i I m mi di e~~,it u III hr 0,11 t I v rhl 2 p u-oll,0 to thie Specific Plll., ftoll h h clll ike, fit I - chasl urr toti' l I' D IIIIit, I Lpl rurI it oet A D D"L.ud, 'IL yp+ elllel utl t b nllonlll tei o ~t\ ilo i·~ ll ll lldu IteIyfectg ly auI .lt . lretll thl,-l' (]rvaIlhll tillll II( I ;II ll' lllb ('out Iia too free mhd inbl.. v ratlllllllle oul, t l'lrol tu I+ t ~rlln which ,ai t u(Itly Olcl.U ++i'I llrll llrlltl+ IPIIII O"III ptVL.I IICs 1I.'{IIOI.ll I ntle .lltllur.*oll DIIDD'DD by LIDIDr" LD~rn i.,LudbD d,fli . _ 'l ll't '. ra.I l l; l u 1I 1 llllllF Inll'r cilitir o" *1,1 age, butwe ake ,re.d '- ,.re ,,Ii t eh-id } ecu,, ,·.:'.uLuinl ,i g loss .I' f .II.giee Lll~II.. I .£"lll· lr 1 Ioot I, . ll+ llalinl llerl .le" d aver iull ' fU all a LIh , ,': . ' n ll'l , o.t l Dl' ll r CID l ID i D llLi lloir d D Dpitr u'lllt cll lr ls orl lllrld,,,tlug the lelv cs a the aul t ors at I ''IL. IDD DDIDD .I L. IL.iL'LII.L (DL~c) crp iq, l':,"rr o,.,11a lli.a rv, l I Ili ll( ,r .+ l "rll MII I g the flici elt .f illr 1rll;, ,i.l;r hr IIL1 lAI-tL g :d osl of llu, wl 'l)l ave givLI n .+,,y "o. tl,~ d all .l leI: ctlve huh[. hl thatdlu is -'r DDy DL'Df DDhDhty o Iir ddlicL~ciyD, whether thir calliolL ...I " ............ a h ba;..,'ul litartu ...... ...ive driuhiug ..... s y urhrr na;-, w l I, ,,h tire powersr ill olio; roluiFt i lnntrr an lul beri l~lad ,ly at iib Ui ~to iO lr It|us Ithc, et s rt o rrn e or ,' ",Je ,11.,i, [hay Wie Lr u Ifi,, . ' t speedy roetorution to iii, I tl l, II ,llDll i l ILLuuu Ir . r rl'etrry .e t' .lrr!e fi'll-ore wel known far r, certlan and eflf ;'lJ dlellI, uri.ll. .l.l y m tn ,t , tvc esreal eruptiolt ll. III Itlr brleI uh','rD le' ear thrll Lt, di Iensed tLL LILiDDIo milte l l· torluol~l , rrultltl 1 +elhrc m,-I glanular altDi Ony I~r ,, lri··tlll , rolai~ to~h ncllrlt a. te ll i, the hreL d and. llhlus, p, u- u el"ll' pats, anld -ll ds.dleariiungt r r oam alu l,," re stat,.. L"•i the Il.Lud. pl ullll pl,,f iile Ii o, l .' si I tDD DllD D ill keIp god oiu II al eh hr'ar,` }"y Cl~ Icrt oi" time e '1'u beud onle y o Nol . lllti bi Coeto house street, New Orleans. SD IO I I :SSlt SC IIDOUR'S Lb.e 'LLLLJL'lIBID PI.LSL fo J- tlr the tel., triad exlrm lion l el' every s . ciesly tl p Iy l.all .al the Syphilitic dll eai , and ,e. th mll h ny d urdll u rs ati ?i 'r.1 tiQle tll ylrlr "ID L1IDtI, DL1IIIll Il iYLDLDDLALLLL. flan, DL'I.~ lhtpnr ,e Dia DI L DDD'DILL, 0 1 at" ,l h box1i+ it. gfa i atreat on venerealand syI hilitle iir .e., ,itll, ibuerr lltl. OIl Dellllll b a'Iknessi l e. &DL' L coLw 1000lll 01 hortlwuth know ing by thiose who are or hivellseit., .t1 1 0.L t IhLll rlLS D lulll LnllL dLvtatilg llllly IDiDID111 dy.DND11:1 ,II~l' I..i..D.i LDDEII LsDLIIDINLOD~6 IDD Itr IiUi lll " l I llllt Ian ELIu: D l lPrrct ht atIn.n Iil to Pan I.LS lloder, ir fron theI free L d DI dDl nlidAilDLto nitdl. r'DDD Ditllhb.DIiuo, wl'hi h DlDt oLy occIlDso Ds admerous tnr o ll tierr or~ lf..l· axs, but l H u nl hltail. n it. vot.rifesall ho l t'rtllllll. g l ·l llll til- ofoldlge. Itn that Ji.tre bily etat t ,,lhl ll} 11eni 1 rlii ·, l llehor tle cens equence of' b 1. r'ul hoblto+.; a +l c llril~khlg, ra lllny otheor tl e by which the . P r.. .I 1111a . the e bDlin lif g bIeone ebfL ebleD he oferlli LrmLL r.,lli arL o , I turtLO to LouDDd midLL vigorouIL healtdl. • - I DD It D me Dll" holy I.'.I, that tilouDLDDs fLl viLDim L to DL e I .rh : l' L d-lel h ull w OX c tolll" t hile uue.hlfll ulue~ s of orellil n , w haI, by the , Dll., of t Iii IDdl'idl.1 llOmercuLry L L sWi llll 1; I uilb I l. he~D :l D.DDrengt Dl),.Lr weduLrL L bycaLl e PIro. ID'lr D t ID DI i llDDulD | DlliyhllDh conlrDLd ai hL valD alDeDL lbeL ellt i 12rn". r , ".rf, .. i . "l ,+ 5 u ht ata..t+ £^ t ,, thC, llD ID ll. i LL, I l.,1h Di" lllDN- 'Dl LLr .. L Imp.. .i v lel: lneru "h , . r:al, sou ght nlth ( , l t ,ii n il " huveI."'.' l ·:l-l + L it II. D',I bIIIO- iDDl Dtl IL LLDiLLLtD oi e a'lel~ll itlld wt ll, la'l arnl~ l e" DL Ihe IiLer l lan l Ial" IeI lD' DDDll ,I h l ',tsiuD l DcI'I DIIiDDII DliDl Ddl i l Drl n D lII. lt .Ud. 1 ll,, el~ll U1 il-Ienl)·re I )ir,) l )lalll. than thlnlllthl.T hal+. gU· .III t o i't,.'rll rall ltClallrr 'll iI I +, f-:in Nr Pnll ro uLDDyD Srolltt l ie f.ei:,r :"':1llf trhe |lirn t ll C p i) i lls t:i - outGnnny,.,,,.,,ilbtr"pe LDmLbD , trunl.AD ablmoILL,D,,, S Ihnl mlrfl th goI erlu l lll l r.+, Ir ll' ll lte lr l 'iIled Ld. plolr Jo .,.it a-to eohr llorI. 1oldi , n to al t epsa o iv heir thon. ,lhg b t llJ pllslllu , lll d o r-;tian wash ent l er, f t . 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Now Orl olsL i.ii 'TIIE I DOST I LPOW I-L'ANT LULALN "DISCO VERY. . LERG3'MAN( Lute of tohe Ctlllhrid Uoiverfit Lury. illcodiscovred ,i malbod ofeurig hjimslelt ol Nertou Sor allltlll1 Colnll laltlllt of Iburtltcl yedrs' durotiout and n tour y1'e ars hplllF Dio a prt)tlento all edlwhom hestcbr. eIed br auiIo ed lgs aL'IeD, tD e tDlL twelL oseyLL froD bDu.DLD oleor,L r Dan Der thn L D il, to etrne other, D lDw D iDi.ItDIl ydll 'lllt Riild e DlDDlo O d IIo Olf ll ADD IliDL oq bloD po. at hadvt r dio 'rio , olnlllll, nllslltl. lllouphl , i+.ell" de tuCtLon u * ,D.' , ,I'l re DI;;.L.DD by tDDiD inl,ODDI . di.DehLLI.LI, D , .lL .I 1'l at No.u 96 Custom hIouse st, New Or]011m. TI E M T IIEaDLT DAND HEA NTY, DI AMi'a[Cll PILLS -ADI ietinent mI i .dgl riterLht yemarlo * + eLD, uid D IterlollDe . Dll wrveId tDr . fle| thDlDl DDllo LrLou tldIIIng LO elII D Dlll e rllllltAlCh D allDboel E n proper order, r,/ fllrve wleldhll s lletlt lllt , nxceptllill oferllyftrlo l obusl, chl'l-lDlDDnll heII Ditily l Dd a L ' l l'rtll:l Ide irl'bl DLprp L LIetLLo 1•ar ca u tl ;ri al na,.· t e, ll s ureoh trc ., n l le. j of ! "ltin i elll and l' liloooolilo tarweo.. iod fl l alo to chkp-·ldmueb i allyl &l c.Pll ll iii l+ thle rhl M lrrlest ,nla. Tle krl i e it Ids carer. I I iol , uiiprolor Io every t ol1lr olledif ne n d lhf Cll O rloo ,4ll rlllch are cu'ra llle bytista, lo t of ililllsove in M ost r U l lllllatiu rClll tl Iii tlllnr oL I U) l~rtiOll Uncllr lCeI.ll.. . llrUlq o( bidIIrDaIl,"D nl iDDIIDII ex LDDDl r.lllDi.C ll"ll.p l.. II hC tlg Aple y .l h S Ctlll D lllFt .InllDl N El..n.e Oflasu. h e I h t lll~lll,,l,.l l sllnllrllvlpiornlo UlI.e l~llll~ll~lU ll. Foel~lol ULUh TI EAMO T H IPRANT HEUMAY DSC A'OAl11IL -LRY AnrwiDDL'rrDCAf rUI;5,h Y r ,. D llllD, nIgll oilld ra lDDll.l l , tI Ipo tLiDlllP l lnl tIIDLL theyb parl ' I , L aIb l[lu, D i DD (,L I t . Obll'UllDll l UllD l . d C LLs T kill IpIor ..e ll.ela r ,v lPlh v lld11lileefd caol g ult rolyalte. P rsoli l oft Itrrfuicsootphodl~eabarthitold ug lihr u n d i .st hh elel . r O t Ce, giddller $ tit.he uIl" rillr , iii-o..,+ l€. or h.lrr l~l, Fral lo ii ' blt'oao S1IIID hIIlllhIIDD hIIDI lD e.,D,'DD e DI DlllD. LIhildren 5nd pelonIAui of ;11 age- rrllla'¢r take |herl+ uti t lle, Ih. they dl·~·o tnort UI~lll ro:IrlDD t,ADL 1 Dil' dli tL. MrLL Dld lI D Pl P i Al every halteinIall II ir plllrl v II s illfrr solll ilhlfll e for mi c their p cmonlelonif. i arDlllhl. c Iho DyrD I .llllr pL. c r.lp. si, In, fD vrL * aLd ulDtDIDLrLL barlllle t e alrll y pilN IaI lled yens tll ci e ls l l lrong u. ie, r t Iye l·) ilA , tDLDLD..bIgaby Ll -I~pDDLLD D c LaIDVLLy. MDF lIw YI\S.P HIL ANDI. BFiEAUTY, ;OR Q'L'L'AILA BC(I P I DA ADiLL D IDDLID'DILL,. .ILLLL.ODL·b :I.I r . e e cn.·l' Ir a Vl, i+p~ture Iepdrn c iieoru o Me UMUl I ..Jt Ifud h. e Dlhllll l ool IDII oll I nl'DDulttlh IoLLLaDeL pLDuL e..bluedll, ,ob-oe, il ~tteuc,aic , heum h. f le llh inm a oats.u DiD1111, iiih.DtIIInDlDiy Did h.1 LLI, D DLDDl I irLlualg opLPr so , Dld r;,t ' 111' lll livDr Dllll D Di Dl. DID l D[Lt l ILe tlll o Itho Ld dr i. IU. c.U llt Ia l ll..l'gluti3Cll UF every. (I'iiiiii Oli o1 h· fr~nlUC. P u olll al thi llLDt e Irr Dellt llLt ,ara l llDDt h il attle'SlD.L d "I D;, D II'L I c D lfe UI V rrn, l tlak TID DL I,r TilId Me A will cnp - I ,i, ihe l l o litedm t lk ibs raulllry Df li DDLD, le Illlach wiLl DIrDDLDDILDIDDLI~duLDLDaLAy LDLL n Ta rqIreL,DILLDLLLLLDL DIltcllllv tt il ' J "Irn' IDlh,' hItDll.oy LItl ilD Ie y liD igIer. a, rlr ·llll ildllC~. ir)+ III tallI dly title elal.L i DLLDi .D ID L Ji DIItL Ih i,+ he.,JIPII Jllillill llll jll~lllllCI~ll ap I/PlirUIlCllI k:T.ellth llmlUIl I , .llDl t I I'D IllIDhelt w Dll bie t'll IDllDLI,'i tcI ul of IDID iLD tl i uLoL II tllipn r ,rllll Io dthd lrD.l IDi tII thDlllp DlLLrLLDL IsiLm I. ýf' ! 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Imllld ud DL lh'llD ll Oc tIL' W L J L If d ourd cl D D ID Lch Jmll D.nol juv ADil l DLDAl D iL I ' DDo tepl L IDLIU a' S It a I.'." bi cll u Il A prta, PIL OP oat IIA THe RY nre 'hl muhllrs they ura o,+nfld allll ra, trilUdldJo, wilI0 lue lh¢ l le lle Lhtil e u Ietsllkel Jurllll.pte lrlnlau ; ilnd fm .jildio [fac. ll ttr. they o itre noll l a-ual ll. .,lAi u prl0, tsnr, sarrgteh y lnln thy ety unite the t t+ior.b a'II ' 0::DIIID mks pl..LD sad [,sod fLDL.'jLh· la Ito ill I,,) pai n sellwj 0i, h thed up trt r ien c ly "II .a, lea nto tlali,. .,Ifne nItMhn quor eier • u.I of thi me. eao D.. r.lleDD n.dLLr elderly " LDeDll . h, wI Do.L L. t. he Die iIIID.IIICOlfqlDlhltId DIodbmDtDe hltDl'LI pDeDDD'DDLIL WL I so, d., D ...tL' ...ull, .......IDLD I oDL.II, . DLIllDD ,br cold)_, DD,( L, ,I,. ald'L.iDtLlLDLLoL.Dgn untnr J~~~l a'n . t' tx a &fi~ u .,eniuogasa D IDDDLD'D.tDe bL.I'urLst il L stateLof es 12< , 74 re2|i o I tg· pltaienel direCli,,~ortll li1..I+I . Itlle n l, ;LLr aIrden, D I ,t ItIaIrII r, L i. -ig. IL l llrIoo acL i,.rla ttr wilo. oheW hi,r evlry toth r bwl DID ,I'LD .i1iD LD.ID lID dDDiD'IL. Dli DDIDLLL Dliii away dllangr sy lllod pbi wi--ll be or tn\1 ty I i + tl . t LDD5D5IILLDDLDLDJD ID Crdiru"I' u.D..D"I -D ILL th orfuvr tes pll ae ns[trlyassllW tmoie Ibo I .rle .lrM1 ronll llu, ilk : ··" 5DL IDL'Li LDIILDD p DDpi lbiA DD lof b ·p'lll",U it k pez.

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