Newspaper of True American, May 18, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 18, 1839 Page 4
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;l ui a ao k ctk + 4 t&TZ*40RE LINE uk or tLhe following vessels, ito r pooauhaaaad cpxremly lat '°a Capt. Maner, Nliokeron, 0i t,_ fow. fiSteonm, latot , Gray. re o f tholirt Oitoo, have hand. eoamnodatmonm, and are of a light W m` ato madait of theli roeciviag and mia Olcrgoes in Baltimore, at Ihe city. bi kOaa for ports on the Chesapeake - ýýal V09and orwalrded by the ag "ate, s:L . &KLLOGG, aut Baltimare; 500dm ahipped will ho advauaaraa when 1iapria of passage am fixed at $60, 't1mofa bet quality will bo providcd. anaUafrafd do'wn, the Mississippi will ho taken 45efrei~ght or pfOawcg, apply to Gi o. BE! FORD, 22 Bien illeo at. FOR NEW YORK. ! sa| an nd New York Lile of Packets N e t ,. -,, and N*ew Y ork on every other en- C dtraqee encaing on tile 20th Novenberand to lsurtole pumctuality in the time o' sailing, the ei line Will hereafter conia t of five ships, via: Bhiprzon uptain 'Trask, to leave on the 20th Bhip LPui.vtlle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th Deoember. 1hip Huotsvnild, Captain Eldridge, to leave on t/o 18th December. 0 Ship Vickaburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tilelt Janusary. Ship Minisivsippi, Uaptain Davis, to leave on the tiih ofT J~nuary. Tbheaon oare all new, of tih first clasi, copper d. end copper fitotned, lald upwards of 501U tons lartben, are of light draught of water belng built in New York expreuly for the trade. Thie price of pasrage in fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are atted up in tie moat improved and eornvenient plan, and finiseld in a neat andl elegant style - Alple stores of the first quality wll be provided, every regurd paid to the eoffort andl entire satieietien of passengers, wir, will please take no. ties that no berth ca be secured untol paid for at the ofiee of tile eonsigneoa These vesselsearo ommanded by captain, well experienced in tihe trade, who wil gve every at teitiuon and rsort themlselves to waconldate. g Thev -will't all tiures be taraed up and down tie Miseis sippi by steamboats, sad the strictest pu.cluality observed in ti time of sailio g. SThe owners, ol these shi;,s will ot be rsrep-nsi. bill for any le. e, parcel or pacergo, sent Iy or pit on Ioard of them, unlessa a regular bill of lading ae signod thlereor, at the cournting house of the agent or OWlers. For filrt er particulars apply to S v27 J D BEIN & A COVEN, nnv27 A~bitV-UR ANS & CiIARiES'lON PdACKETS "* l l'r libeconsistr.f o-ur verel., al ol th tie lrs lasr , eoprerprrd .ta( tuppl:r fast "D e ner', and of a.botrr 200 rnns rrrr thn, I Wllh hlndahrite actommodstirrr fur aelasenerg. These veselsn are commanded by captain o reel experienced in the rrade, who will oive everry an r ' hip'rere. They will b. lowed arp and dwn the 'Mietinsispi, errd leave New Orleons in or before the 10Oh and 1ith of everry mrlrr. The allowinb vesslel compose 'he line, via : S rigr A-rahian, Cr ares G rrrn, rnster. F Big C aprarn,J. B. Tihompson, master. Brig AII elar, J. Dane, rmaster. "Brk Rrgrr Willianms, J. Allihere, rnster. P,ilregtht ore tssage, str'tply I, J. A. tARELLI &Cn.;S C, r rrrlan r. New QiOtrens, or 01. C Mrtrdlveni. Chnrle.n ,,n nri T OMBARD & CO'S Bonron and New Orleanr eire of Packet Ships.-Thrr new lioe of ships has been expressly built to rule between tie above porleand will be fouand of suitable draft of water: scalbiCotlations for panengers, and every effort willo l.made to give general natis action, 'Ike ' line'i'eompueed of the fo lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tollse Capt. 3 IlHarding, Carolina, 40110 do S Lemi o, Charleston, 374 do D Elrridge, Columbiana, 6.5 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J lewes, Bon.bay, 625 do D liumphrey. rlbe nabomve ships are all new, of tile first laoss, eOppEr'fastens anrd ndoppered, commanded by men Ofgret experience, have large accormmodations, with. aleparate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid topaeeengero, and tile very estl aof stores pro vided for-them.ri Tile packets will hbo towed up and down the Mi sissippr, and the strictet puoctuoli y oarervod il tihe time ofsailing, end should the rer.lar vessels be detained in arriving roher ships equally as good w;ll in all eases be substitued. A sIrore of piatLron age is soliitod, ard ton agents p'ledge tlreisolvos to I accommodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goodu by said line t tho mnost modeor. ate charges, and to advance all expenres on goods shipped, ifrequiced. Tire ships will leave the lot and 16th of every month. For froight or passage, apply to tie agents. J0A MERRITT, 82 CGommrun st. N. B. Advancemrents mrade on orrsigrn..nts to Mers. A.s. Lrombard & Co. nova7 rlfHE Gooontlbldinei unlnomiof Iciorrc,, n ull Here I t bunlhl, pt up in bottles at the low price of BI rents ealo,.o.oslng thie oslbngth of theree ounces of Liveewortbiw t the virtues Il manoy otlir roots and herbksisraia ý Kib ti lndiann as eBcacoious in curing Tile u .iival! sucEcesa which has attended the ise of thi:su' intmb. Blanlam. wherever II hi's been itro duced, h i air ned the ecofldneee and recommenda talo of treeta blde lilysieians, for the cure of coughs, eSld, pailni aaide, want of reut, spitting of blood, liereompt .o. To wli.eea y noncom. This is to certify 11that we hves in or c.ltean frequently prescribed irs Gard anr'a mlu.. l iverwort nd tloarhoid, wiet deoldod ge et: we can therefore, e'rn the keow lodse of the S llsal it Is made freomonl c.hOervation an oaxperoinesieomenad its a sasperie' preparetiou or tl tiose lpetns of tih lungs for wlhich It is re imenoded. Ah.nllt I' WII.LIs4S, M1. D. CALVIN EI.LIS 1Ma, i. MemeNe of tle Boston Medical ssociation. Boston. October 25. salaby - JARIVIS & ANIDREWS, and canary Ma'dse el tai , flekmae, ead aol, rnthieaoride, brimstoo, fliwe voter &I , fir wilresle, and retail in stoi o It BflmNAt;Kt., .$ e ~B , tere Nailhehz &'l cnmelitinulas ot I[ Y1 t AU 1ACCENE:NT45 hleslanding troms ehip l p Geoe Cabot. anod for oale cyl m 3 " S &,' J P WVII'irNeY-, niS LI73 Campj st . - .1 lorONS liAIxFT ft COMes now roeeivmgfro n S d sp .ro s. Eagle, Ilih tl aer, ''onr ieein Andrew, Froete and nrmnn iliy carte; p tuok Jsnmlono Aoare; Chlesmrn, 2i1-4 and 23-8 itic i il and lills; 5, 9, 10 ndl 12 inch blade Howie Krives: Leather ano other tirvelling Dressing Casei; Belt, Poket,'lloroeoman's, and Duelling Pistols; douele andl single harrelled G(ium; Game ings; Shot Belie; Powder and Pistoal Itm"l Bottles at I)rinklig Cups; Pere.eAricn Ceeps and Car Holderr; Cloth, Heir, T'rtb:I atd lNail Brushs-; Orria and Chilorie 'Tooth \Vash. 7'oolb Powdler;l'ailet and Shoving Soaps, in grrelt va. sriote long lHeir Braide. Ringlelts and Frizotte; Pear; snd ifoilet PowderE;Eaery Buse; Ivory Tulb Cushions: Patent Slhe st Garoters; CsGlu Elastic Sospeideers; Powder Pail apd'oens; Gilt Chlinii, Seals and.Keys; Ehr'lrope; Waio Buckles; Birooleu; Bend Neckluraces and Coiie; Glt anod Sheeiivred Beade; Indian IBeads, ials and Plunes Shell Twiut; Side and Dreesiae lmbar wlhich,in additioa o their former stuock on hondl, m..e thair .sorlanet very complete, and will be sold ownel. swlibera Istems, an the igis of the Golden LComb. i25A-f 70 Chartres arect. _tc lA IETS -TIN -5 bles lading t.m ship iunilap, fer sale b a it n2. I RKIItIO E E.C^ i134 Magazineset MiO i .--5 ba'es 4.4 Locwrll roteonadcr. 5 h 4« I uwilled nowell C , 3 nais buckskin stripes.,laadlng fota slaipst I.auia, fiur sle by my9 I.IeRIiIGE d& o. 13IlMagazine at IRON ROOF--T'he saesrihera have p-oured atae,1 Frae sthe risght if pisling in irin rose . k .vijery. They are adapted to publei lesildArg warfhousee,'ed prievte dwelliaseand rowlcp e rncheaptean and dursbiliy, eiid are p.41e1y firs anal wrter pritnef. Terms-ms Ii k n. and a'model seen at ler eastnblishnme, op , ,' Mary'smerke, Telpi"ieitlses n, . ..e. R ,, i.t..., .Cu 1 asous .s resv i, V. ...ea",ciney ",. laie supply o C.anel and Liverposl cnal. in , A r-f sup,,ror quality, whih they offer for ile i. iles to nuiI'porchearte. Ali, expterled bly the lrsls aritnls from ERtg ladd nd the Nl-rth, Caeicl. Lehigh and Peaeh Mootnisn Coal, hrnken and eornened, put up in hI eaheelshn tIepresehl far fiamily Uan-ill of wh-he Ilhry will ofoi tlie inoal monlerate term.. Ortlrra hlel arlh:ihrir e, Nc,. 53 Bieeville at. tl.aLtl$ 1a sill be prompily attended tn. e.!/ g - , A r)ftlr lT. - . tC-.. eft ,".I Ir. prllevimper, , salte l y 1bek.seec iar e 1ecc~tec A.s1w. "e-,isuie ey -J.itss ls itol 2'5 ielah Jaekhcon lb 4.4 brown aheensgsdnoliag from adip Cbharleston, frsale by il I lKIeGEd & Ca UI) R (at'l 'llr V ..A eas e saUiesa SJotg, lndiang frm a0ip 0 .'hip ,slon, foa.eeto I BRIDGE d Ce, GEW.eooDs-Simmons Hartt & co am now re I ellvyipg from on beard ships Ya uo, ani lrlato-e. i adbrla~olt ordlta, from New York, a reIt variety U goods in their line, which together with tleir foria. stock on Iltid, mlakes their vantrit entvery .i tilete. 'hte talolitwg conipose a irt, viz: i eltl t irt, I.,,r,; dc, trik and dressing cleahs, lore do ofanll deerriptiow, Isn dia rbber, silk nd worsted a ellltie oanrrts,l: common f& ftie elastlic soaspeiidei, iooe o iuli Lucifer itiilehe, oillli, powders, powdeer itlh and boxes, toilet powder, pocket books ared wallets, tor edle books, shall, pearli ivory ai dilorocco ermd eresleard oranceti tpeiiiO ral lbeadslnecklaces all iegligees, bead chnis, bead neeklneee, cut glass and plaineoed,eilver ald gilt bedsn, IndiLn beads, ,ells and Idumese pistol and lar.e pow terflnaks, shot belts, hirse, belt. pocket and dotilitg Jietolsi doutble ail single barrelled guan. Btowie knives, and dirks. seissoro, shears, pocket knives, guarrd chains, eud ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, ihir, tntl, nail,eenb, rol, sho, plate, floor ail dustilg bruishes, Cologne, Florla, lavender, rose and bay wnater,asortid csseores, and exlracti , blannonsr, heal, antiqe, oird Wtiard' ve getable hair oils, shaving acd toilet soaps of all des criptilen, ladies' andl gertlemiesi' deske anil drcsino cases, hair riregletsr,fiett.e and braids, pidin, filny ane mnutical work boes, plain nll gill, figured, 'ct nlnd vest lietlenas, pearl and ivory shirit dlo, shirt seldd, gold and silver orn:ilcases, toothpicks i nd lctweeoer, plted and gilt lrokete, nioiunore oi, silver, traic ui,l alt thlintibot, hooks iand e,/eo, hair pide, t iiitiion fruit, blk acl redihk,sbioe blackolg, violiiions ad gleitrs,ribbed and plain pTrcussion capn, +liiii tawiue, aentted Cul tens, gold and tilher Iace and fringe, latter palter, gtlle ubegs, riing w'ips, walking crntes,playgr caile, fils gull, pIltu nd gilt jlm welliry &r. The above, togetlher witl aI groeat varietyr of other erti les ren olfered ut wlelcle or retalil en ccomiloueatilti N ituli Sh ell col repaird IloLLp %L.\1, lloiro, Sign, lrd tlnllhll.ln let, tera, No 3 Canr.del street, two dur fiet uno Canal scres'. Iettlo llae of the followinrg wooils and oribles, ex ecuated il a oiastenll) niner. wea il u. M\1o iILFe. Mieil'geoy, E5- c ti d bladck end go.ld, )A.k, (aiiltS eiir l Aitico, Aimed, it, O(ricllt| I or vesrura atilqlUe, Curletd du, ,hlape, Cul'ht ll Maple, oloeilnd Stone, Bitlra Eve no, taoty (iranite, Seitt e edt, li'utocmnc, a hine Wiooil, lite or Iluordello, Yew Tree, ih alle While. o C oronue illle lak Stineai nod Ir.tellba, ithase VWoold, A tieri it (iy, Ash 1Vbite Oak, kc. b bc ke. a Ciarrte Eltan, I Speciilvns to re lutel at theid Idho. lainits, oilla. a gtas, cepal aleallyll Ik. ll haindIJ thiltr oile. ra e Ia)ON,STEElI.o HlEAVY GinOl)ODS-lluar iequcre nd bundle irotn, nell auserted. elill' srlrlllaid rod iron, Iail rlds anid plough Cot, (Gerinn, llear, blitoeratl, sprillng, alti acod acodwley rteyel I ollw wale, cut and wrought nnils uld spikes Ziiio, block till, mill Ulid griind sliteS si etllk es Chiien cbles, anchors, i oe s Ox, log iii id [raee Cins, coIn mills Atillsoticea, leIlllloersarelirlleow's tW'ire. slhceti,pig ii liar leoad; bliut y Cndl, ond eiliking aloies Amts, IRo'lwlllllns l'(ll andOthl. splalleS :lail shlpvelsl er rtollins, leimit, ehats, cldlrrter noes g 'ar'~d RlldI M:inlia elltovilgt%, lil lies and twine 0 A'uth, elntited 81iiii 8tn oil al)ysnOil hand, Sid wl.idt ei' ,tli'rtd f:r tale t ehol' s.I ilet or reIil, ii thle iolct irvIebl.he tree. liy h ISte I.AYtIN &S Co 53 tOi)h I+ll.,i. DEAFNI:ESS A NEW etilch fArpersq s troubled wilh dlýu'ii,,ui (uallied tie Icer TerollUiet,) loes jst to nlliccived bly le th e a ii blfiihlih titheuight++t artieulltion of the lu 0lici voice is dtiStlllceti" c-iee)fi to tear. Aly Ohet who hts evrer retl obliged to converse vith It veri dr-i i erton, ltie t lie filly sei.illo if tI ili tieult" l en barrosrtslentexplerielieed lohll y tihemlt elves o lln tilt i. e i uanls s o eUielrluuitali e llhioted. Ily ti he toi thr Ear 'Tiruoipet uio ilobje4lioll is entirely i bVilett d. The lost sceptitcal hlave itlyea a. antltedl tleir doubts after Slaving used lie Tru:pert. For sale at 'I' F GUION'S, Faney store.corncr of Cinmnn slind St Charles streets oader tLe EXcIIIga Hotel,_ _ _ fcb 13 '(OiHN ILl.S--Ordels received for riier ll lls, by apl 7 SIIALL & Illic . N, .i Satglziloti T OAF SUGAR-varhieos iialitlies, CoIiltienllV ili L Store, ar d fTrale by ShIALL d tttlitRWNIZ s ar 29 9ti Mlllguzile st ROBERT Cl ANNNON. DOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER i No. I Camlnl streer, Wholesale )ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishesl,, m,:lll Windonw and Piciore Glass &e. % c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. BOBI0VSO.Jr 6" GOOD IPrLI, $INn. GS, CharUres Street, floe Door below B1ienville. AVE contantly on illanld every article appnmlrt i io g to genlltnenC' dress, lorl in tim best man. er and mio1st lafhinnahble style, nliehf they ofier fit cath, at rodtied priers. decl--1t:l3 Ml iN 'TAli (I 8' - B.d L l FOR TH11E TErETlr . T lE estblithedl rep ion a d eo oontml.tly tIlla- nl S dellland for this eflt luoll relllell y ol'ailll dlll iro serfative of the teeth, has induced tile stubcriher offer it to tlhe American publlic. Arralocng cnts hav been naude to anpplv agents in all the pnrsripr l citi anld towtns inl the United States, so as to 1Pice it ithil the reahl of 11sla sulf lingol nod likely to sulfer this mues haorasing of all aghsl, 'It,.ltft-ofe. t'Ilh et applied aceording to diroetinns aivetr onI bottle,its ih hRever firtls to afllid illn:d dtll nnt IllnOenl reli.:f. It also arrests the dlcuy In defectiv teeth, and relieves that sorenesls hichlsll o reentl1 I renders a Etrllng tooth u1'liet The opplilnltion anlld remellldy r imle in llnolentl, on tot no1 letnul; ondlif tlhe large illllber of pllsolo ill difeihe't e, iolls ,t th coullltry, that hnve f lr aod experieonced such dlclihIfu ltdsalnltary efflects Ironu he use of tfhe e ah1 , oire read, to bear (for the public good) their testimony to its un rivalled qaolitiEs. It it a1 Indian reluoeld, dhtuined singalsrly anal unexpectedly, alll ta- heo rgnrlt-. bih the civilized ,wrld oas tle olilt vluaoble dii-ooolrv redman oIf the wands. Etioe h$1 hrer bottle. Sold by S J.ItiVIS & ANI)REWiI, mri Cor CllllolnOll laid T'is hOliotIp lft.I f ?V 001: IIA jo, in cases-Sfdozoewhihe Wo lr Hats for sole JOIIN 11 GtrAIIAM. ap 16 WHIlllTE LEAD-51,ff, 15011 Ifls aeh; h40 keS s 100 " " 21111 i o .do English do- 25 1-4 bbl. 410 " *' 100 oaint 'llronl ie, varius aiza;i t a e.n Vermill; of r 5 bhls opol Vo\naiso; 2 ' Japa00 " I " Col'ach N 0 pack (uold Leaf; 50 do Silver l do; 10lI do I)utch Met l. W\INIIOV GTLASS,;Americ n, V Ergiilt and French 11110 r boxe, varos onaiaes and quolitirs. ,Il,,,tt.o ,roo du.--50O bo., ..l, eill be Also, a general ns.ortllent of artists' colourso and fo, for sale by A V CA' tI1 E1, No If Callal .tle:ct. IF N . Alnh noa notea tken st p r, nld Misoisoi ipi notes w't' e1s received at 10 per cent discount for good , or in pnr , ",t Io dehbts. .r I Ito JARVIS & ANLDREWS, d WIIOI.ENAI.E AND IIETAII. I)DAI.E'S IN IE IDIO INiES PAINTS OILS DI'E S"'UN'F8 ..A.l) IVIND'OIW (fL. SS, Stroraor of ilCoalllo a l Thopitlrulis stlets, rlngo lt Jotht no. In JIOHtN \V. ANIIiIl'.\'. A large appl o Garden Sriee, tl'nutCd tiche r11 tem ,NDiEW -M1I'll & CO., respoctflllfy IhforIo a their urien and fthe puhlic in ;ll eral, tthat lthey occupy tlemnow briok shn a lll, 19 Tcbloliolas : lret, whtere they f keep constantly on hand Cl.lerf t, 'in tanl lool rol \'at,,, of tvery olscriptionl, Sta- .h as filnp r .otills, kn ttle, an d r liinpf , fill :till. eing t s lind oil cansi. or ae ll rs an ezct, and all othoer brass elting lone at hlorte,t notice. H. Grato b'ri of eveory d criptiotl,s r lt as telean. bolt ltirrups, hog eoflmjo, screw bOnllt, an1 Ot!Fler Skind otl'alntlflaal ework, snuchl as llhilnoys, brocol. oe: i d, sdteam pipes. s; y t ecy will also do a' kinds o" out dloor work, l; uch ao zitta, copper anld tin rootfinrg and gulonlg, s ... Thley .aove and all othlr kinds ol work in their lica ef busiesso, cthey will exoolto al tile bshortest notice dco27 HIARROWGATE WRINGS ,Mot..n- .ro ,not,,, Alo,,aroana. THREE DIAYS .'OTRIEY RA ' 11 FR MNE Ir ORLEANS. rIIHE propsrirtlor I ld estlltllllshnln Ilas the plea Srure ni fallouneign to his lihielldt slid the Ilir 5 ingenaenl,thlldt e will lie it readinJsb tile oirfthld of Mlv to receive visitors. He will also slate fir lie lh. aei of those at a diotanee, hat h ilera bhays lnia farge imlprovenenta N tmde, ulld Ilhera nawu goill oil n lll ill rapid lprogress for omplletlun, which will enlpIhl thi sub er'er to aoerunllodte a lnl1h larger Illllber than heretohfut, aid at tile a01ls timle mutf bhLtter. Fatoilie can be accunolllld ted itll gooda rnoon or dthiee who Ireler Fall haue large eabi: t. eL:ahed frOUt, f the toain buildlig. It is dierll unneescry tf e ay anvtllihgin pnrliell Ilar of tle .araeter ol tllhee W,,ters, iur it is gelrr'illy believed that they are not ilnferior tl nl il tile :ioalh ern Stales. All the anlOUOemlentls that are genll! founlidatWatering Ploces, will feo fun1 a 01 tis. '" e best music tlat tIhis parnt of lt. country il'f'ola, n,t heen eugaged. and will be in eronslet altatteidule alto h Spriog during tLhe wlole 0e00so0. I hltesltheti willt vail b eoil aillof thisop1 llll:i'.i in retnrnirg hie uttlelnedJ lltlilks hfr the vtlry ilo , 'i unejnrt given him last eeson,. and Illpe. hv the rxer tiao thalltr have 'Pen ,trade ia ilmprlovig and exlrendilng thoe aetotn doitions. to teoit a litentl Iatronnag Ith Sprsednt seasn. JND CR.11. LS'EGOUL'R, N. 54 Conds, bher , t Duomain and Si Philip, kee, constlltf on halnl an *nxtrns ve nrlcrt f lrlhI follls .itand Ilr olnr.n a,.d .Ilrls,eofNew Y. rkmanuilcture, fLr men .otlen I .lld children ol all seer, whleh he will dispise itl at very t.oderafe prieo t. Fan.,lies ofhis ae qolintasee on erendine .an rrle, wil love theil washes nttendld to L S SEiOUR I , tU tti. CLO'HIiNG--l'i a eisn, well ItlolOtd[ tlotios, Ilndie& from ship Ohio, and John ullnllI satl by I BIDIE & Ca, ......~ BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTI1I I' EVOERY DESCRIPTION. OPEEDII.Y,IIANDoOtdELY AND CIIEAPLY EXIi(:I;TEI) AT TIE OFFICE OP THE True .lmcericaut, cSr. CIIARtLES SrIIEET, NEAR IOYDRAS. m°:1 A CARD. ý E 7I SNOTT, I!Wholesale Grocers end1 CI,1tnt1s100I ielrrthonl*, .No. 127 ClltlIO .9tret,.,. Oorloos. ti1onrtilollloNrinlEOE jid to IllT tlU In of Swinlll bo1t anld Shlipstoroes. non': .Mn1erchoodise Broker 4. C,,,ooni'pian JlMerchanl, d13 (lilieo ,:Iti. 1'OII Et Fol r -F o tih E 000t1t. J. P. FREEANAN & CO.. IVkoteIo Claothhog Eeabtli,!rucOI) No.3, 1aIguolnlo EItI'1t, tiAVE. .0lcEsl,:Yin h1and1 0 largo 0llpl of Cloth I be in~ 1 lenllio1 l fur tile tort 0)1011111e. 'Iir on. he ntnpl'linat I tit e s4Zartc-1 Inotice nett DUSZH & ALLEN, NoG. 1, EXCHANGE l IlurEL, n ' 0rtter n 1'St. ('h I.Ey nn l CoLo 10 Fls,. NEW UIlil.INS. g 11'01('1'55 nodI Il)cotoro i Fre'lnc11l Id ILogli I I1"eltn) MPOliIR10oo Cit-oo nodl PoonlIo Muck1,. Cotloro, !i or)., , (iloop, Shliroto, Sto h:", Ull1Ibrllnlr, C0110;0ll Darien AE111c10. ___ N' K lilt 0 , to') ludiE1. 1101k t1ro , 0ll..1 Al' 0 11.1 21 lto p Ho). 10\ 16, R'holtr,, on, ine rlojo t,In ro erpd aI fll) 10 llo llt of Vo btloCh , Je30.1,), I SITIll 1;)i, 001, rllyllIIe olfoo. ein 14 11 11101' takol p01ce. 0)1.11 W6 v 1.1 F.&kLl oU1 V, J DEA1.EJS IN ,AM1ERICAN A. rsNIILI:; !l CROWN GLASSR N. : ooOoloNIIEot.r 1000ET. Il) FASIKIONADLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HLADDEN, e No. 14 Ch Itor. !!br0 il 1VI0Jo111otl,10101l11y II 00010 01110)0 otlalio' trr 111o elntiesta 'tno, of the ol.0l style3, at ,ew York ORLEANS LIT I3GrI'AIfl rlurrIrING I:STA B.ISI MREN"i', No. 53, Magozille Street, It r O LA'NK Nt()' ENI'1 I1.AxVINO RAWDON WRI1IIT IIATCH & EDSON i e u l trl t l t1 Ihill t lr Ilt N. X· Yolk, f;Irjthe 1)0111<," nt'rat; rov 11 al Il tl iRor:11Bt lc Note,, OCISl o ,, lltl III'. II,· 1111111 1 l llilSrII ite0 0ilrl~i tl l0 ul ;1; tun! have t u.Jn maplelplnt into' l nt I. Il Idl 0 '1 iret n rn I illorl n:Illl conilet. ;will I.." ,'.%I clerd wi~l ~ ~~llll l l ýýr ', IlllllIn lllll II ,I plyal MITI, Cl~c~e corer o Rag! , .,uu soe CHAMPISIN & COOU EI, GROCEIR ~. 1 IDEAII)-.ES IN I'ROVISIONS No. 79 and l~J Julia streel, New Orlens. hu-..sip and Fsa.ily stores put tip. mar 5 1,0 11 t IANA FURNITURE WAREROOMS N'. 53, iienwle street. ýIV TL 1stt A It. C A RIN ES, weis, h respes fuley ia . frtn his tfrb:.dul and tia polio that he is (.on- 11 stantly reeeivig fronm Now York Iu' c BIoston U oostld nst, l·l'tllle t o|" Flrnl llure, such it u ml gaoalt y chla:irc,s fasfe,.ed-elds aallllle all(intsased cahairs, mllla e aIIhd fcherr haldstleual', aubIIugeP.JIal anId cherry ta bla of all desripltiuns,, " ilSets, ecr.etarvr, writsi 1 dS.ka, woer'sdsa es of iotlllll ll;e aI I'hry, a VTwash t :. , . Ihkis a glc aa'.s r'sllthtra s, idihg,sL-.. &ie'. Iil. "Furnsllture packed lfr trtllnsplorlttioa with great Fai It .I EAS INSUAltlN tE COMPANY i UF NL :\V ulLEAN'S. Thinh CI'1m1pa1yaV arl.P tow preIared to taLke I 1RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No.24 :.susson 's ulding, Canal strt. E 1. TIlt..(M'Y, New )Oiellns,l tay 1t95.1 17. E..'erItlarv. .lD1 COkp 'L'L--300u lb.a ll Coppe t'r i "al bl y utla;l I "'tTh; ' l.,:ttio tic isa ns ItU'tl'l'ON & AIA INAIN inL'S t OM I'UNO I) 'ION IC MIXITURE.-A rpeely ' and ce.tsin curo for the FUver and Ague, remnittent and inteermittent fIvers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with enuncut and uani versal suceass mt 1833, by peranse of the highest rispectabiltiy int this city, oa sit ted in the annexed certificates. This medicine is highly rconnemended, and has boon extensively used in the above diseases with slch distinguished soccess, that the pIrolprietr of the r.ecipe has beon indu;ced to offer it to the pub. lia in its present form. in thle hope that it may be the meancs of relieving matny of those wlho are suffering under the scourge of our country, It is a caedicine pussessing great viatu, and whelln usdcl accrsding to the directions has never failud of eltt'ctmg a cure, eve: inl the tlant obsstiato stage of thie disorder. It is sot lat all dlt.agrcuatble, asd persaons of tilte eahke itoscsteh, and children ilmay take it with impunity. It strengtlaens the digestivae orgeans, creates all ap)petite, alld t.sldom requires luore than osne, or ill obstinate cases, two )ottltes to efthet a eure. There is ileiher esecrury nor arsonlc in thile medicino, nor any thing injueriou to the humani conlstitution. The proplrietors are so well coniincud of its etfti:acy, thet they agree to refund the price of ;very bottle.whit.h hIas oeesn taken in acceurdanes' wath the and has not etl'etlhd ad s perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, solae ageat for New Orleans, at his wholsale and retlail drug antd tedleine store, curlcr of llievtlle and Cllartrea stroets. For Distriet Agracies appily to je5 '. WS..1111'II, "I8 Conti -t. h PEN SAC.OILA 31AN;SION HOUSE NEW CITY, I'IENStACtL.A. 10 t'IIfE subscriber htviug pult.huutd Ithe heare clu fior Io ilure if liffs wt'l l k ta,. a an.i-bli.huo e t, ft,),u AlI 'IfuIr, TIthe lue psl Ie re will a e meraad v to res e. vL te.s bay tae las ,,f April teat, NillnerulO anlid costIY inllprovmeIPlts will be founlllld iln ptile arilngenltellnt of ile} 1amasiou lelroet. New and I`' liour, t:OillllOl ~ll d leta llin' 1'01he 18 will be Il tll a d warml bl it,11. will la provaled al all hnurs. A lalule willip atllle attached lt h lleo thie iuoell th eetletlll d a. lionlls r horses ani carriages. LFi:st ratlle hrhs'f and ctlri tages will als 1 he kept lir hire at loderllte prices, and i sil nd a tn e with , elamU to itlllltge them fur tin:l tlu, l visltners. Milliards alnd ethael UAlsaaeis r atacalls tns at l alse tering l ia re,, sssl I s,,lre ntei.h ed, awl h'l d t,.!p.".1 :is not tofI i ,llsea e a tsilhshe ssgleitcarl ftlld tquIet o tine larr . ' ," w igte - nlt hn at p IRuti o ill rlit a thea t al! atu', s f t. I1l tals oea s Ill t lla 'i o i st, t . car ha s l sre:dst ba unr. a ,d c hic a c il .a e 1 as lat le .'a s ,',t i -,anelt,' ,'s s lihs II ,,el fa,r f!the wir., +.t +.,t , '.h,,, t e waith cur. h 1- I,, end , aroxun,+ ath . f.6t,'a a of Iht ye' r. an:,, as fA,'a's .( eully: thai leten e ov . a, 'e a satlr a s" .p ii;:s a .ts:us ul; s ls d thsr,, e5 a t at ai sivelas a 'sna sclie is n a-s, s. c slat it s ass tll? are too well fiikn ,w nll Io L. d at h,.l'. rul ed it -clipli)c ll t.. rt,. 'I'll fasU ett wne'tu i* the Ib1ing t anllt ,,e off the r ln; he s.:l 'i f is ead . le',r.a htstt' l tl Tl setafe .S:tlMsr allhibt IatV lu ola st I evIas: 'fllll i ' rl , t;ins'. tlMeb', atas of tle bcTa a nsll' he la l lbtl,s a " ll' isht I, ao,! tlteras; thle alsamtalsu: e sad anliae ' or lbth 'it-h i ss it h sa the sas-s , ! a sd; alad iss prttxhi ity t, lh l at t. a satril,rk: . .s Isee ' a st t ls sita sre. I (he;eP ovr ait ll otheir l!acelas in thlle- lauiudes osu at iaenth ahd l ,ll sa t as, i sa ressyhe stat' 5 tsall at. la s Ilt if'oat rae boa.s will ru , hetweva I'cu+.acla bi idiUe EAN itlN C NEIV.sEa Srtin. Newllh Ula.U~ bea lU. b lr llum lk f "I•c r , F b e i. C l c 018 r18. Ni xt A oE [II) tla lal ahase sosisitsg ats c505co ramss for thekl families, cn dr,sas tea W ratdts th setaer, at il, soss,'ila, ai Mr Sewell 'I' Tayloria, the fare prplirtos r at atie, ar, sf R f"aresco. "T ta'fird, PFq, tir t(7itallus, tle 1'a,\lin, E'rq., Ia. t Kiby, ill sol let; S '' llalur, Pf 1' ieu, Easq, it Net jl'lt a its t IP S-A letter Ibe, to reerilta cllUollllllli IinsllS fr p1persosns stt Ithe hso'ehotei, is ,!.le eJat Gee \Wslialall's oriee, 51 St Charles Exlaltge.r Ft)OI1IDA0 ROUTF F(is NEW YtRK, L-,' Travellers desirsll of l.eiakg Ihe Ftor'ida roette, via Pe:ceuhlsto thle Nurtlh, are iaef,,rsred thaa t 'irs rat.' Sbouts w'ill t' llstallly raUll 'rtll. iStaile I ,a enact a, leuviamsa obile 'Penssascla cv.ry dria aflfer t.r Itt slt fslav. so t dlatgaces will alaays I[t I.rovidled oa stat siaera;hr to bte in realilneasso o take Iassengergrs frol .Ihilse in sase ofthe failurse of the Iouats N It A rNOI.D. 'rhe ctaa eshont Chalpian Eaves Mobile aLt Ptus _,:_,I tcae: a week feh ` I1 SEANS MARII FAIINA'S COLOGNE W'ATER S casea lotre of this superior otlugae w'ater, just received ndll flr sule Ihv lhe dozell or dillel. polll:.- Also An.eritasn ad alrte'h toilet I,.w.lctt , powder r l.alallf saoxer, sllaitg elid sftotiliel s Ipss, atlatllet watt) hulls, llaik of reOyse, o meslaletit' f c a' , creta llt ,C'sr ns o asllk, kephitar, Ward's vegetabtle hair oil, pesaatusss srale sdefs puyr ' ,, Foidiahtve andar, rose and lav w;atersoa vret'.l:,'a sahts 3llu eilles I)rl'lllle r y ill trunky;, ve~rttl-' bh ,i+ I '.",:'id rut:.e (hthlrineo aull t)rris slacfh wtshi, taea.ti,.!:..s, tfuah,uasit cat fllam !eruahe:; together witfh sat hhliatias supply of fiteistoaahlf fhars sod shlri nolnmbs ad jeelr,forurastale low at whclesale or r, tail ' Slay SIMLSSONS, IIAlt'I"r &CO, 7jute 0 Chartrsta rte. 1] dlila. ,oadig ferom hLip Chrtestou fir sfale I.y rfit IlttOGEOCt', 'J' s '51aBtota Dt55tta.o , __.+. ________ , '-a--+, -'a''",,,... -a' a''"'',''. Royal Coli'iae of PlIysinais, I.onltd., illE orig+nl Vgetable Igeiian Univelstd Medi ¶1 oi.sIprepaed by f Vb|lV iiV itl. $ Mkenlet ,1t ile livsl (Colleg of Suorgeons, Licenltilate' of Apothit Cmy'ILst lmpansy, FUellow of Bolt Court Soeiet., Strgeo., to tile loyail Union Penlsion Aoc..alll, I.:n'.ct'st ' Place, \saterlno hkll ge, nuad P'erplctual Iupil ot ' I'"u sild St. T'hosnls's lospitals, Lolldoln. This valuable ledicine, tho site of .sl u twt years' vi exev'illnce anld Ua wllelId .success il thle Ixtenllse Pal ttllltigihlll, resilecltble tlet'stite of tte propiliety, Ipltl' v1 tified t- tyhe botts y o lt d U itt hityt srtil is now istroducUe it' totlhe outie of tihe Anoericast plblic, at the earnest so- Ut lieitatioU *"f a Ilnber of getlnlcmen of long and U htih sltlllttleg in the profession., It is hoped, as a prelimi- th lory step, to ctheck the evils antd tatl eouseilueilces he or'isllKg lilon tlhe use of the numerous ad deltieterious er uoslrutus loisted eupon the Iputlic hv the aid of fitbricated prIol's of mtiU olo.lus cures, slld tuher fraudstih , by a set of pr nltetuult, ulitttclpllletd pretllenders so tatlllv iglnorant ro of metliest secltue, that it impossible the monlstrous titstttlut ttll olsy lttsgoer go dtowt % itll Ithe iillttlitg.nt t leotile f fliis oulatl'y-. 'tttst, pills mild to Iltt ruvel e im their naturlte, shosllld Ihe kept tis every familyi ill Icases o'stullltt ll illnes s, fir', bIs til s'l Ill'otmitlt allliioisti atislss, otcholera, crampsll, spasms, fe .t.os n.sid othler talarming ioopils, illwhih toi often prove iot tal, t lay be lpe i-t v Iv trestl or revented. Inl tit, st ll those wsso vialue glod ai I;ealth, should nevyer be withoitt theim. 'Tlls y atI SIsol ill packets at S cellnt, $I ud laL' acllch, by evtry lres i'C table, brotohiler, and v"enduarof imedlicinl,, ila i 1' SUnited St:ates I I I be Catotalas, with cotlous rctions, o I 'edl.ePr with. estlitnoiules of pr.oli'ssional ability from thelllr \i ill--C· emihnenlt ,.,nt:lmenll: Silr .Astte) C.1)iier, J A'ettts~th itt ts Ills~ktl, i1. I)t., '. Bock, i. it., Il ,. Astn Kty, A. 'Framptiion, 3. 1), anll tinuot'o0+1 others. The origitals mayc be sien it possession ol'tle (elliral Agent, whollllm ilt(l nledlsile is imlpolle ilnto this rllllll,nu tad lt whollm all pplllllic:ations loepolltnisi t JNJ). IIOEIIF:IN, 12O9 \oasrly I'lane, N. York, Sole (:enl :at Agent fll the Ulitld states, &c. Fo ile v I a ointilllelll t of tIhe iilloll gi iro'ie ttr.i t -h-y SWAi , , tsl'tio, tr.n, rugis, No I1 U(utsl street, . o tn A i~cesl't Stathnie oi Loulisstnt. juill 8 jiSt.hY It .I" t& -o, N.; \tagazie stret, are 1i11 I:unw trceiving from slhil.s Na:lsh;l:e, I.nluisville, I Kcuuehk), Eiglel, wll o lther late atri\tls Ir.nltIt te, s- ':tl.ern l itiL., lige ant i. lw . es t e d :Iass. line t , I!:it, Inoty, hlioes and Brogans, Snontittitg if ge' so.le.v's rtte calf and Morocco tboots do ttlltly; tlo hul's'd, tlld stout wax ile led Isoots O varillo'S I:yditial icmen's finle call sdal \loruc rh"" Iu al od b to 0 igans, buckskin shoes, brogans tI slipp os: meI'sille calli nld kippel il"gled shoes:Siad I oglolls; lits tlitt; eito tollt kilt El tillt't to'ggOd sthOoe - lt tl'tsgsllolo gl'tllllte1Sts bitsti s lll' y cS.I s'ssi t l ,ls'ttCI h'otogas and Jnok i.ewonings; do ctlf nt'i' NIot'o:co I tckle shoes and brog'Uss; do tcul., seal and A11l'tce' I tlttnt sI1oes aini slippes, Udo alt; o ull, ts 1i seat wts lgs, aiew artllcle; dIo ine calf, seu.l and iilorcto lllaletr 'csets; o)ys', missesl'alld lhe l'eu's piLged mt l ta~twc hk b~legnos, illd shote(esoti'ete oqualittls nd m tllnl. Also a genertll assorttmtt. oif tellt's stllot wasx andl . r ott x tltotiss tttsl shoe1, together withi 10,000 ,lsilr o It1 qull:i, l et att l'brogans, lailetd inthe w aI tics (, mit l a argetql ua. ti' y f slll n inibt, ior qllualo r' sset tanlli n lx t lrg s. i . Ltltlies' l i.e call', we.l, tIntll'teo anld grint wells, :sid p- op sole shoes; ito fintloe tiCoh MNitt'ocos tid killt run b calf, sealtlult stoutn Ic.hl letl'imntl.$; lo j I'lllllvllnl shole, t oalls. Chilhdren's colored Mouructo tnd lstings slro i', o 'i- tds'll bootssst. tl osotisn 'ssIt 'eltshioas stttl k M silk ht ; ttt bltso tttt t tst t tot'litt betolr' do nl :l m for g lltitt ; ; tlet istlatiout lit 1k -Rssi h;,a uia, piedi hats, a i tn :site h l'. 10m b.l " istii. s.5 witlh ' (et asl ;tsrutmlltl of bh s' 'nd thi l's . I .. i tca is. o 'I hls ass.anll(llt wI hte reptleoishnri hy Ithe arrital of u.o II ipackletslirntlll lhs or oe imesllt'is, il of whichl a it llbe sold oil econlodilating terms. an I-tl - NO IERCUSY NOR COFJlIVA Nev .wtihtitls, 1t 1837. i ,A HoT nit lonsslhs ats i Ilot lits istrit ote to gota Sit acrro rlicts eus, titor nhis c I Ittlve i'tptlill to ftt e - i i1dl icnrofor I tw ii I:le, toastl lhe; dill oIut cu o IIIn , o iow i iielnalIexpect hint tocure me. Since that Buiiose the disuse got wtl'sors, ts. Ito Ircs' out i largel5 inlrs i' sit'y l. u, tilll s ts'l siot e a ii n, t 1 e to wor11 k at :t ' l the rbhlo l it h. s i t the thlroh . I 1l ie .. Ip llut IIn; .u 011 / g' ,collli v llltl ' nderld r ! c rie ulo r li ne. Ituet 'fal.rlr i, to bl·e 'rfetty cured JOIN DEAN t to ii 'r _ - to Iin.lth lit hel ef'Iri YI.. I|Idci l. I c ( II ci wli I Ibr o lorte no limead apl yv l l I)r \. Illr, 1U I t Canl bl btl·L'a(' I-lw'l i\\.P ll / )YI/III llll,' ~l~ld l. ( llli, . (.i~l+Pq. ]t' je Ilu tl i tIll ittl I 'I' fr c II9 I ih ck, I M il I P M. I'h v n ill lilld a I I tl lln ih ll liy Ih. rllllellilitll . i I ii till.. iiii lIi" a .y nie want i'.e. n. cat l at NIs . ic t ier: Nlw Iritrnlt . I Fl I . 1citi11ij l. ic i l t.b lil i 25e "ii ,I Icc.d,,' , ,,I:+ fi ti 0 VIA-e l " ' It.Tc ol, INT.I'tl:t r: Fll TO |h ch is newt ald.:td .4i t agel I fame C'111 letItlaI;- a cl·ud ict dilierei t di es i 1 c l titc l el l cc .icsi n.d i I,. s prll j li l hIc ltlcc w i titsI11 l t s 1 Is lleau cI ..ilehiope TcillC "|icc iiic ic cktll st 1h lIlll ~~cgIIc tIll li i1. Il 'ir· l r lau t ini tile booki ic e irly Il ti C .iolo -i i n a wi -ds:tii gi ik ifilic ec.iii cci u gThiicih i ,thu t 1tce t w ork the 1 y tr, c-ie . S1Illn mI .li,,ll ili.'l' I1fl , .(l~r)1 1 ~.Inlnle ln. I lll bl Ill' e llcilll I]t' I 1£ t nllll l .ll· I· i. It42C{'g.;lrYII~ Illi't II~l~lllfl ibV n!, clip {I" ru ed th tuhe. deet. ion a noht.. ei, o1" scen. 'in tl I rs i Ol e l t l I o e ciii us fclillecciib, i s |lcl cc li ii. iti l i l t Ilie :irum;1 eni11 of . hlL f-in\i :IcI nl . n( l l lll i t ll Ii-t'~lle Jil.|le t..l( illl|. I ~l(lllle t- lnlh .Sell il t o | 1IhI il'i; I. A I l exp athine, rlolld i niihlt )c I inll: Ol+ Cir, t ill t cd hehl 1, ixt t Il o l- CI h · ll lll s 1111:1, hithout I elllllllt i'+ In i.g o Fs u is esiid ll s ii r wltlnl "-i s'sc tial l tOI a lll n teo estli" ' - nwoll l!.E IIC Ii,,t llir c.....t Pi,= IC1·I illh 11,t=,) )" his I..~i-f I·IEr' m OI'I w() hu1 'h'.lli Ofi(l· \\llt I:t'.v d()lh ll~.'. l) o ltla - 1 Ifi thie wil, it s , ll Ii tii TIuist l lll II b io iii . ii s-l i riihel ti ,l, i. i i ilstr iitEC . 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I i g the two: I1111 lawfb l in ofl sof c mu. Itn inter urls, wtiee s of ig()1 hioll| il,e pcer to i ltren : tsely re[akg t that thLLwigthi s+ul do enti f therk . thic t wasd uishe beortu e o thiterst htab we.% ihthaol thisl,. ir stoline s oas certs bc r en aulmlaltl" hn h en nxe \ nr l s~i v ll' t n'\lat lib erillh- lym o tee hl, .lnoss of . n t'larlylbur Iitheousa l iil$lftars , .esd - sIx ) e' airso ewfo l79l to) 1805,¢ susltlainehl havue fihs 111511 ithon of 7 ie iiilel," +arisi | che flly11"liom i.V xuiililla . tlio s at tail+t tire, ftue th, er prll~licl elu, lle+ to say a bin I \- rteranuelnt) an I genllerosityilI ih of th pbicil cnintl eit an itho upre .or es a olo sheT r i.'a . h l ates. h 10lh s i AThe NTl p V.UiK, AKtd -Juss.I~tal iiiewhed THE FLORIDA LINE D S From Mobile to Augusta, Oa . leaves Moble everday day t three =,o'clock. p m per U S mail booat I.or I ill'. Londtnu, nbovoe lakely,--tl.enoe four schlo plbst colches to Pe:tsaol-lItene siaetmbWouts to Li Lngrance, where the lnnd tomeu isresumed-thence tIte via Matianna and HIrotwnsville, Flu. Buionbidge, Le Pindlenot n, II twkinsville. Sunderaville & Louis-. llv vile tl A ugusla, ,G cannectiog rerularly with of L the rail road ears to Clhrl'esto, and the stenanl idet packets to Now York, N.rltlk. Phil deolphian, etc. p 'he sleanboats are tre best for t to service, and oa the nalvigation presents more odvan'ages than call be found upon any stnalnboat route i tie south- - S'l'e great improvements in Ithe Iave been prod uredby the onstruction of fif fmilesof new ye road, by the prtplientoer, viz : frolt LoUrntgo on L[aFvootte Bavlyu, an ar:n uof Snta fay, to mao Ilryntt's F'ery, on tihe Chnrinh.lcehee liver, ten plu nIils habove the Cwltrd, or 14 abnve Cedar Ilto ,r whereby the navigation ot the river, and tie con- fina sequent detenltins, and m)re recenly the inllen the venient crossing at the C:owfordt, are entirely hiao avoided, anti a tine road from Marianna direct '1, t UBinbridge, intsten ot tlhe roundabout road vit but ChaIllahouhee, rleenlint the distIane nabut f1'rly ttiiles, and iulortasig the facilitoes more than 'Y' once a deay Alimt, . ,,ranch line of two horse snapes every 1 oJ url .r i.yl. lbion kit.ns l!P, vit Pierry Iti Macon ac (,a. canectitg gn itl the lieu to Savannah and nel Ds atier, (;.i. the A mail steamn oar nolils reglalrly tetween of UBni.lbridae sad Ainluchitoiln. 'I'ravell rs wishingt co0 to reach any po ont un Chatinhalhee or Apalacht- an cola, can titLe stcotlnlbo at BrllettcVtllle. sea Mblhile to Pnaucol--Lnid Rnoue--During the wl lime occupied by the repaiors tI unat,, the proprie. 'I ltrs of thei Florida line will run a line of four ni torle post echt;les every oilier daty betweev n Mno. si tI[r and PInsanola. bhe Pansseraners will leave l at 3 o'clhck. p m, m. , in the U S moil bouat, and irocead to Iltll's Land- thlt SinOr whalse a our bluorse conch will to II waitinL to art atnver them to the iex:ellott hIousenof 11. Chnorles co Ilia, I IJ 4 mile diaist.ant, where they will timl an leaanllt cclolJoi u lo, III fr the night--leaving us n irx t morning,, they wull arrive l t Pensacoln earl)y le In the evctnia, thus avoldnl g the diacuonfurt UI tin lai i th tr:.v lln . thlit ( Oiter at the Maonsito flo.ue, MIl,iI, and C,!. thlt linb' o.Iel, 1'e tsuiarti, it Iterl ttea'rs mlu be sevu ari re. T'I'Oft'I:'l ' N & i('.. nv I ofl Ptatno lritlc cia'icaron. u W'illiam S nhihl tetndrs iia s t lrvt e.s to tahe citi jC oena of New Orleaist a ti Ientlc'l h r of the piln,' Ih oie. NIr S hlavilln bCeen e Iiy, d seIveral veaa s nl il Ic cllr of oin tdlU illn pri lllleln inll ision, i itd al tie al st v rcal ol lith l .tc lii SI iilllnlll In itsi i. evir Jinil \, cannot but hope to nlll nil tbrirr onlidt nee. 11, to permitted t, r, fer to lie v Di Cl++.pp, Messts I Stetson & Ave ry, I lldc rtalls . (aiuites. a Fl"r ritiac , &C Iliin' e al'lly at tci buuksiurln of a AlCachthdrT"rwel. 49 C i.n4tt t iat 2 It S Drogs and .ilddiance. S S 3 I .. vast ha loi-w ed ailln ltel ,1 Ihi iti, y for tI the putpoe of tr IS actig i at t agnr al ot sle iUte .'ine, I e Is ntow rec cltvi .a tull sila ppl el Iresh n! d g ai'tlP l a llt ica, which hI t a cill sell tn liberalt lerh To city druit', ii, and aTihosetof the intereorr , to phy i e. tn , i rt h til a anllld pl nll ts, he will off. r illnducerlIl.c S such ashI hl v e hvereI, be, Ih r - betl) itttrla t i tlitils d ta l. s tn n don stricliv Ieditimlaite busincss. II - tck ~ill .so tl br t' i letlct l, anll IU a h'w wt i , s w lll h rits. t Itr buInn ilncss. A lorders IrJL. ILt t'olwi'ry, l d l',tl Ilmerchanllll of ti i- city, rcceiv lulv o i c vlider will hle irll,,ptly a lttendcd to. cN-, 3iC~atii at )IIOL1SAIlE AND RADTIAILCOI.ii ANt VA IV 1(11"' T11' S T lr-- at the lign of bthe Guldc l c tl, 1 I ') ht- r t rei t. t 't I nbe ri ors ho e r cl dit, ill' t lit'i ll to thta ir i revilta stlk iI it i hiid, i n fll anid Icollh de|0 Iassoll'lltPIr t ofnl·'ti, sPsi in their liltc' viz: l t lllll, lirftt l t "r t Jcwtellrvt brush', Iiotkit g g-lnls l I P'olne,' Itilcles, e l. lcitilln;¢ ill arl n pa ll t llow 11 1 i!tS--t loi- cist e ! , sh e.-ru ht nod r in e lita k, t t . T iat it Iilltilill 'Ilati illrO evelav desrt itf l all' ttoit da .t.lii:tl u ho1rn, dr hirC Ilad packet. tocrh'r" with a h ,:ati l i,titt t - '- ( ottte c i c, Imvc ail r, Ihtt ido' , honey, altv, ros,., ta n o)raule Ihw wer-kArs of evt ry dine li nd des - tr ilhioni1 , d aI pila'-ct] Ciia lle, lx tra t oif ltaivric altl t crei lll ot ) do VVt rl'd v mitoCttII m lict, r il, l sll lln lIl n ud . I'rest l'o i snelelin. lill,, ai i u a id lerflllned tolit iowder, ati l polwde, po w tt eir tik stlln hoai s pan nlnllt in t n ll and tllt orra nd Illlill toIoth wash dt ill ran d.i , a ithll it e, i.n tl asit ort enI t 'lort l'oarLd, 1sh '--snub a l'te lnctttta't c'tar' c tt, l foc lou cli.i stt. tllllroalit clilrs o dwhitt null red C elt , I. t ) p t cact i lt i. l'tcpL 1. Lt. intll ctac s a lls l c li c I. c 11t - cItIC trIPt h of lnal-rs, uch trin titit.t, .ih it icr lea itv adl , til erc thiall as l | r and ttii c d ipt Iiu,, and c eL lrvl.'h ( Ic I rILU"II I'-- lotht, hair, duel ,o,,:rufm eh rllthll ra hiat, fete,I tIi it- tte, t cco c, Neail , hr, ittilg . cLI e antt )tllbit! (tl l b s t ; - Is niu lut r atitn l d tca , ihter ai tlll t. icl IIee itt a llo ka an i r' ilt) r t' ases, stllle h vary rict lia l'ltll tIi, i Id I.ol p It .llwao catnd atielap i tlll en I tilc ll d witor It - Ic- c tl nT Irl h lx s, AlI -* s tu.,: Iu l b 'io lls kint d villd , lelnd Gaulh slr ilver in d ptluttd pencil, co itII c,, &,w itf Ic ticall i t IIiI tflllc ul d er+ll)l|.. cotllr l ,l C I'hh'K 4,ellll:.ltnllld ,||,II s wit!, ,t(t1Ithl(: llh t t.rawd i, dca1 sho Icc ,C , h, rpte aua:!cilt_, tt,. - n t.e yt tal detall ) tar t o ery Ia ld, lb , a n iaL d I ll arL 11 . d ..l 1 , llwe pi iver l, .llll* andge o un i 'ii cutrd tl tr. rT b.cktt s .lar igh card rs ro h teatm Im luil A Ll'rieall ie tn sa rnlltl , dlll-ls h iltl iou stlle ii cAcI tti itt I- atv\t Lttx(es, p mttt1t i ivr itoiu kindttc , ctittt it'tt l.ctttyaa Ill-i.i' Inin ,t uucic ttit tc's h IlwkiCn 's rIzTI r t ra s i o, u l vtth ic ile, *ctitlt t.' t ivet d Ileeltlteta 't. w it e-e dci cittiv iltlc'ichs, a.c'alittanc, ctwder aidcksi ett: ead S d to a id i gr l.t- .i- spl - ih d .tl0 d gal.l3 l, ulO iuuu d H clwt lOlr , bl lllclak oIv narO d diNou e.~ oilil:a lvilnlno..t,j+\+shallra 'sl i (l t)ll a 'l l e ollll l'lpking 1c s, with i na grlt variety of tLher lrl h'e, ul td'whi h wilr so8l d tiSu rll Cthat ur cityt suc ptan co mes 1 ")I othus( credit. B if eIIf 1.\ l 8lt g , s. co. , Ill a t bi t(nartr0 sl aI t' ;t fi t Il.-litdt gillalln s ulli tre wiUaer d . at a sptei.' i l l ii c elrs budh se I, Tlr s ,lel i . by Vhila|n l Urgg tan , corlner C ,and nut ulhl oTchop i i i lidy ti r tA 'i lfitn tl eeslcaa ar t III lll \l it) I - it a t-a i(ll ,r,, le ~f 1 8l3.h o, Ut ui I T xpres-l It re lls, ftal; h a:de; allso t he p uris t F2 mel t ot i inbl l r rv, 2-ll-* a S ring; ent' a r 'ry re r it t ule,, Ic t s ta I, atly ct ltl'a . & D'LAitt . t Ito o Uer d nh s l i iiinlll ll rannn ln ¢ iLU , lu till;l , iy. lte ' to ,,.a plr the ad ile 'rs and t he mpee itha m h ner~m , a p'rta al t, e t- c i'll. to prces tre mciials elt 1n the m ,a nhy y b f Ihis prn duelt sup rior It tiny ever troU.h( tI h po r oh ,lv '1 e i l act l li th i it llc I ieam fctrcymlr it'ha b teel aiatti ' t ha( d of x ive ai s rll ssLmeri t ,nl'this kiatd aIL I rolpl, 't IPoet dle .Ca-d Scl, rie1 u elhe ol ne Olll f NI ffhtz whlll cill e h Lith- a la . ' . hnltl lied i tienl e d i th t a caiiit l ll i iUIII tan atreli lIe i I ll t ws ito Irv.w.iit1 a the vel arishs lre ic .h b eslt Ihe l1 tr, t iter, Th hhO. wlis.l for ORres eiliilbo: Ict ticlll-k it. 'Thatrina|'i reatC c uty h dl itLri ptll h tatyica te t a' t lt.h3 a n II ite aNoA lit,. ie ' OUI-a.(ic nuef h dicic rt ,i allro Indellben ct to f e I i al c i city. - p lllt:t Ii i a id I a we L icve at- IIllas ofatrtha, i, g tacit a.cqai ad acia, tIey S1ld_ a c.ttatt ha tiltat, lncn attadd th Caaip s nis pandcod la l ita and , lal, citic,, r , a,, ba-tr n-, adad w ith tite gractach n'ccena, ha w isei the boat c' k- I bgat-a Ipnca canb giar . At-iply at Nc. 166 Mpga. tlie, fsL" tt. hpt- ntcit a,' M'LiIcd i e eIN l=41I1I1ne O l t tI-Tuh e, (i Kilty . B,iMalca LCeo cpietr a ItBe aet d tte, It - (itt-all n .tr, tf N , acha a e d it-al, (all ary .i Iwc., , itdf a-,)a diot alltr ie, l it, I, in lhe dca irelt, by uu de lh of FaSeautp A r eqla,I lo thati tof -5 any-t use eu o l ii M l icial t .tili na with fart a tliag cad aicciag acid c. asret-e at- sttclat :(alt:-IC Ilta ia w ill t ttall aali t i bea fti ilre ,e as iltaa _, r a ltna, hi nai 1: Ca;.. l ta Natl hiat te d fruit ire t, t il t-Ii cd &C '. h puhc ldnyt dt-"asy Kal-itngy will all-and s elt nollcting aftbevry meltl : fltllc ad hnc ee gaCn.,i: at t- Oti-h Carttina , and for soaf years hie atl istae nt in t to offer his prnlehrnussioal sr.vins in thisa ciy. etIt assures the ladtie and gl ntni tha. ho t c promlpt atteution will be paid to the clls which may fo natde; and litn oelat-a his eravicea to thd Sof the underigoned. Thn effect whicht th'y have sproduced in thi and other cities, has been attended,, ·ol'the partners of the Iir'ne. SThe uadersiged, surviving partners. will be charged 1OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship receivnd,andt for sale at their permaneit Weriting Acdemiaes Ne No. 8 Chatres streut, New Orleans, 1nl Bllrodway New York, Deauphine st., M ebil,. w It is particularly designed fito private learners, and b schools, nod is calculated for persons of ll ages. Ladiese and gentlemen nre invited torall and examine tle system for theelmlvns. T Lessons are given at . lch houses as meay sit thol eonvenieece of all, snd to cladses funned in any part of tihe city. ILdies wnho prefer it ena receive nesaonls at their owr ref eidences. T Peorrmos paying e I, nrse ofilens are ese r ired o atte l: ' "ilhft soe w lls they wlrt. .. ..aK U, BKOTIII,,R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AOUcE. C o TEN yearsn hov not yet elapsed inace it woeeo Sfirst regularly submritted to tire pubIlic; but it C Ilan ottained tihe Iighest re otution; end has sup. i1 planted every other medicine for the Ague, wh eroe. V or it hon been r knorwn and appreciated. Already 1, les it beeoon carried in every direction throughout tie United States, and still realizes it o o tihan could aIove been anticipated by its e ost sanguin e frieeds. Tliousand of persons have not only been relieved, p but remtored tl ellth andrr vigor throughI its gern. I ey; and they now cheerfully testify, at every ap a portuiity. to its derided and aspremee effiacy. I: is eotposd of such medireirl prirciploe as are Sclculated to renew the heailthy action of tie sltne' SAsi, liver, and otheyr important digestive argarti, tihe loss of whiclh harlony is tie irnmeedite caie of tile disease. It is apparent also, that it Iilodit. cos an elrtire charll ills the condili ton of ther systeir, ard certainly destroys tie native liability to rolap-md see of tihe atrirction. When tile Agie is sttoended n ith tay othler comiplait, tire emt iymenit al tihe Tonic Mixtu'e will oir inrterfere with the treat. nart of tlle other dieasoe, but wit vesn afford as. sistance by lurnidhing strength and vigor to tile brely during tre coure olf treatmento . 'Tllrerd wl maoll use o thiles mednicine maey he nsured that thiero is no Arseric, Barks, Meernury, or nry other article in its coulpositiol ulrriecndly to thie Ihutiu hrnstilutiorl; being enlirely a egetiable eralracl; and they liay urace additional canideence in the use thereof, whetr they perceive tlhat t ran tiee of feet of a gete n laxative soont tie imne Ihalf bot. i tie full halin been tukeo--irt cornerorrcee of which. there is no prt f thie medicine left to lirngeir ie . tile buwl to cause obstructloes, and other evils, arisinig irtomn tihe ore of maty of tlhe remedies IIow oflfered for tihe cure of thlis affectliou. It rli beeli Sused also as a preentive, by lllalty twho were sub ject to a periodical recurrrerce ofl thle Chiills. ard it arn. irevlrlably wrardud ofl the opproiellded artrta. )Observe! ThIe Proprietir, fully satislirrid with the rprr.rarleled rlad uniersatl success elhieth hars ral. etairtly attrcuded a piunctual and recuoair nuse of tlii: Tuioe Mixturre, in all oean of l'ever Iand Ague, ts thel warranted it engagiri ng to refund the plrie to all ithioe who tirve t llell ttle iredieillo ill strict no. if corhtlre willth thie preseritred directions, aithout having been perrfectly and lastitgly cured. T'lhe rubscribers are the whrl,ulte agents for the South Wetorler States, nrd ihaive tlOn elr hanlll mix .ty carts e l' thi medicine, whlich is warranted frealt arad gen'iue. For saloe-t tihe Inar ufritured piricee JAIt\IiV & ANiltLI,\V,', '\rhltlrne I'rttrfgielr, no' 7ui rueer C'omf innni h 't'l:llluplOi illlii i r.tvt. Misasosappi asuat Ls tiotia Iluitel, 4 RS. MARY .KIItILANI) reopectillly an S nounces to her frien la and tile public gene. ally that she is prepared to aecommodate them at :ao ibovh establishmcnt, and hopce frorn her sxertionsto rolder visitors clinforthble, to receive Scontinuance of former favora. Silo fuels confi. elnt that persons visiting Covington during the semmer months, eannot find better accommodations than sioe call afford them, on more liberal terms. tier house is plecasaatly situated, and well supplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the most choice liqulors, &c. in short, she promises "oat notling shall be wanting one her part to give stire satisflction to all whlo may patronize tie ldissimippi and Louisianoa lotel. je3 IIOrLLO V WARE, WVOOD SCRElWS, SAD IRONS, &o. /'tIIE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. l 238 Water, near Baekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are cositaltly recelving largo and extensive additions to the s!ock of the above goods, which now consists of tie ollowing asoirtomelot, suitable for tihe southern and westernll Imarkets. ilollow ware of superior quality, consisiting of abut 1500 ten,s. viz. Po ofs o2f ditterent size.e, frorn 28 to 50 gallons, Kottles, 15 sizea, from 3.8 to 30 gallhos, Kettlee, 15izes, frois 3:8 to 18 gallons, i tkihp.tno or Oven,a 7 ddl'orcut sizce, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillets, . - 5 do Flat Spider a . I du Covered Spider., 2 do Orlddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, . 6 de Wagon boxas from 1 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. C.rt do. 5 to 7 inches. \Voed Serrew, 01i0.00 gross, iron anid bravs, from :8 i,:Nh, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 21 of a superior ,1qhiyly and iiis, and less thall JI.iac's imported S.d Ironm, assorted, in casks of about 500 Ibh for reta:iling. T l'.u:'s and hatteor' Irons, assorted. Ssh weights, 1001 tons, ac-orted from I 4,1 to 20tlb. Bu!le for Pltantations, steamboats, churches, &c. madu to order, Also stoeambeats and other machinery made to rtlder. r Thle above assortment of goods is particularly reecollrmelded to the attelotion of Sot'elrn ald SWestern merchants, and are offered for sale at low Sprices, and upon tie most lihboral teris ; it is be. lievd to be thea largest and best assortiieiit ever I ffered for sale by any oner establiselniet ill thie Unlled States. Mercllhants. by forwarding a request by mall, can hare a pronted circular, with description ofgollod, pricesand terlls, f-otn which no deviation is over mad,, ithruilhed bly return of mall. All orders will receive immediateo attention. New York, 1838. J'3 tliOK BliNiERY. UnJer the Picoaune Oillir, 72 Cii.p st. B RTNS1 II A '& IIOWSON beh leave t0 inform S their cuslomners cnd tihe' pillic generally, lltil riey have removed iheir estabLh lhmen, o No.72 (Iamp sirieil, ilim edialely 0i tJ r lhe olliiec ofl i. Piriavenn -where lhey ale piepared to t xecute all orders in their line. HeIIcilg rcceived from tlhe Noirthl a n fly of pa. per and il:teriC ls of a superior Iq Ii lI y, for the anluflecture of lIlnk Books, they offer Iheir sel. ivices to mlerlhants and other, who may wlish work of that kind ; and havinc tilh adveagge of several yets's experience in that line, rhtiy are eollident of uivine scattsflrlln to those who mIay favir therm with their custom. For cotnrie, archllileets ad others, maps and plans will be paserd on linen. vornihed anti olltrlied in tihe netet imanner,&ll at the il hrlest Plain and fanvc binding, in all ise vrieties nl. O IN J ulweriiirc, Agentis ior the exteasive holec of ioeived a very set oIf s)in, rousllstinlll fulle ano l It)e +rt Kni\ts of i . ii " di l ril.ion, iPen, t'ocirt, Iirk, air Slear icn tootnrvee; tlizinr, Siis tiro. lhee icl'.;o,hLr. Cc. & e. . hiiilthoy alr.e prpalred o exhibit to the truile tar i order.l- , 'efallr n i conditions ill e mIIUdi krnown t tile lime. mi!6 J. I). IEIN & A CiOHIFN.90ICommon cl. IM-I.i)ttNS H ARtll'I'T & CO.--Are now ri'ehriltg C" live shlp, Ilitsrrcilte, Eagle, .tei.n A.idrew. Iligh ander, Fiench ne d lGeneon doele e e Iad e,,vlnucarls: and pocket pistols; plin, ribbed siI spli cussiou cips; cap iolderle; sciassrs, IlRzors, pen. ns; Vistit. s.-trims; shell, ivory and horn entois; wafers; , bead (id llott' comercl e ai ie a ltens; f iOt ack vihgshtr; negro puirs; ceol:sn and Frenech eologne water, ilowtlandls maceasscr oil, imitaion doi; i;rlllu aid bears oil; portable desks andll dresilng casecs: past blecking; stlatsld toilet ghcoses; cooex mirrorsd ; op cal glasses and views; Iltlia illt ads, hcllsead iplmes coordeon; white twine; toilet and shaving Mapsl; toilet owder, e.rsmttie wash hall; sieel;ed atin cishiioei ; pool stdnds; screw ceshions; tiney bred ctihis and I nebklucs; litlieard balls; poeket books anl walletts; German blhoes; razlor 'apsi file anld connlo gull olstie uslendert, garlters do; Bells lucitfr matches; sil ver peicirs; Ciecavw, Irc. teo. Thie above ill idditiro to our former ctock of Ianc. 'ciecls, eihkesour ssmtitmilet very c niipltcr. Poer sil w orlcsale o t Irtil; as thle sign ofthte (otlteri UCoilb, 7a Ci(:trlre street. nc'it.' tt111:t, a. tl,IAS.o &.' A I irl EN W.A- IL.o i RE 36 Charrea streel, Neiw Orleans. ,W . SERIGIANT & Co,. imporlers of Frenchi and Ent'lu.h China and Enrthen ware. are now openint, new and rich patterns of hreaklfas, dining and rea services, Iilet seats, pitleers, ana a nd coffee cups, teapots, sugars, creacni", botles, plarles, dishes, lurcena, wash basins an2 ewers, hfoul barbs, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and Amrrican glass. warr-,roblets, champaigne, lemonades, jel ice, clareas, rines, cterdials, centre howles, localllers. tumblere, preserve dishes, celeries, pichllers,lamp is lamp shade and glasses, eandle saa:los, salt cel lers, etc. Sliver plated, bronzed and britania aoree--cs ture, liquor stands, cake bhskste, ecndleslieiks, branches, sponsl, ladle, elffee aod Irepoa,sugal·r, creams., lamps, jlsanned travs, asrail asande,and han-ging lamps, fine cutlery, Gcerman silver spons and lorks, together with a ereat variety of lrilcies for follly urs. Merchants, planlers, holiis, and aealcmboats, frllli.hd w;h goods at the rmost Cea. sonable prices, and pas ked so as to be cuovey, d wilh salety tr any part of the coun ry. -Alr,. noellpenerio'.l.c· arte. nc,r2 T. (Country Merchanrs and Planters, Noreem ;Jths, hlaenkgers, lunnls, lansee r, lowell , ohecks, lincsa, calicoer, sandlkerckiefs, &c &',receiavd and for sate low by "h.' subsecri. ber. ROTTA & Co. oct. corner Canal and C.artres at e ..Ig ai u uI.II, ,tIap V ,l fl+ II1 "'.ýr. MaAL ARURANE4GMIIEN NorlhernMail, Due Every Da at 1I M.. Closes Every day ael 0l A. M W e. . e r Ma D uo eae rl ,l ,u n y t W ed ,e d a y tCoaal ln, td aturd, by 9, P. M . The .ake ai De very Tuesday, Thursday, a Th ., Salurda, by 5 P. M. via Closea every Monday, Wehiaaeda EXPRESS MAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, UEPARI'TUIt DISTIANON &.c. of the Express Mail, Imetwl Maodle ansd New York--leavin Mobile dl at 3 P. M. . New York daily at 5P. 1 bouthward. Arrives Airr. Northwnard. Dietnce. Time. Return'g Montgomnery.Aln. 2) pro. 19818 f's 23 19 i. Canllnllln , G. 11 81 91 31 .T Milledg, tille. Ga.. 12 133 14,1 p, C oiamia, S. C. 71 aow. 163 1 1 Italvign, N C. 5 '215 22 1 Warve'anon, Vs. 12 In. 55 fit a 'eu 1 trsb l Vs. 10 pill. 83 10 l.m n' lteichlhn A , Ve. I loi. C21 3 Prl i'rederiokbsuro, 8 67 7 1p e n. Washingtone city, 21 pm. 61 6 6 Jaltimore, oi 38 4" s Phildellpllhi, Gj no.. 100I i 8 New Yourk 2 im. 110 8i 1305 143 I. or Sd 23: Northwardl. Coming Sokhwarl,t e time is six hour lea_; b..ieg5don y orys Biyb 17 ]tours. -)r ANAVAY frrm 169 Corronlelet eorner of Hiva 0L sltreeta,on lt e night of 3.fll of August, ald was seen eo IaIet sining ill loydras street, alegro buy n, named! CHAI.I:S,l albot 17 years of ageo, arl feIh tor thearesaibouts its hlie t, very block, •rd has on imped d ient e b his apeerb, one of hid lego is sore, oeealsioued Sby a recent hurt; re Ihad ll o lien b ia wea t away & White steeh erl lillell lhirl slid while elotton (nnlaloune. Mlos, rs l' vessels anr ao e:ul borats re enutionlaad a gainer ern ervin or horbl rl.g seaid negro, as well as a£ orhr r peron, o a,. he mlotelst rigour of the law will be Seailrced agail tl ilt . The nhove rewal(I will be eaid t froldelive-irg him inrt. any of tlre jails of riher o lthe r mnliilchtics, uor at 16 C9arorlanlea, corner of ilev.. Srtool. pi__ sap 0 ; lJ('IC-..- 'l-e eolpnrr.lehi, oheroetofrre t 0stati"' il I noderilor! firm of I)Lubois & OGarreto, nsaeeeah odissolved. Ille sllhscriber will liqluidlate ile aellairs a the onnernallo i this city, nrol reqrires oII pr'rsole illelab. 'I. d to onake roynoertr "Io him rly, cnld all tlose ohaing vt lirrrs, trr resrlriohnr r tr fern e tlleoor til. nog --71 II (AIIRETSON. CAPT'AIN M.Iti'oYAT'l"S NEW NOVELS o Rtlinr the tcrfer, by tih author of Peter Sirlple, .. i orCuoomings, ora i Winter at Shlileslls aifieldl .; I on r, Stria, ib (Ctplrtrit Unil Ioll, IRoyal Navy, F.L K. ir .vol. It Iorrl Rltrhu, at roanee, lry Allnn Canninglonatll o fihe rlr.ard Lee. wrilten by himselfr in l vols. 00 A Lonrperdiors Historyia roflrly, translated from tCl , olrigrritl IotiihIIa, iby Nrolllrniel GreeCne, ill VOl. for o rbior; No. 710 o' llarpnr's Irariily Library. Vola. :6 & 4 ol'ire new elomllllet eand uifnro ediliam at of H'lrnhingno Irviae' kI'.ork. Roger'a Frech oaid Englieh Dictionary. inr IeVol, ,v Nu .l'n F."rech alnd Engl ish Dirlonnrirl. to fw more coploe of Crmnbe'' Phrenology - "Rlirne.j I.aro rlro llrSrevovr's Co(nnil leseefanper orq a rtv itwith hoiiorrr Ililliiird llaollof 21-,I and 2 1.2 inahes (ii iloot' iprolvord orotalic Peon,japoaed papers, weibta &e. &c. &rc. Just receivedl, n Id fir sale by .t i aI BENJ. I..EVY. I'INNtOCK'S RO.M1 , &c. PINNOCI''s IMll'ROVEJ) EI)l'l'ION OF DR p uhlslnhlr's Ahrilgmentm of the Hlisory of R1on nsit.dh is lrt.txed an Illltrdletioe o the al tdy o IR()lllll Ilishitnv nulld n gtel' v rirty of valuable infor nuill, elted 'ihrolgnull te wWk, Ol Ian e Manners Inetitltiton and Aneltiuities of the Rotinan; with out mlecol bhingraphieal and hietorkeal Natea; and queo liansf Ia exnacnatin tn at im end of oech sectiun. l. lu Ptrah'd wilth >hirtyengrv sn[ wood by AIherlon i'P. slrce's Improved Editiou of Dor Goldmnuih'. 1tleo_ of I:eglnnd, from the lavniotel of Julius Cainr o th death of G01 nge idit, with a c lutination to the yea 1113. With qustotionners ouexmnation at the end a eac sectitn. Iltsidea a vatiety of valuabla informsr till sed I tlbrougho, the work. Cousitinsig f table e' c Etlllplltl'rl SVeh'tigt adll en inent pereonu (tpioas exlpanatorv oles. Itemnrkas on the pao. tlie, nllltalernd littnd ralre of tile age. An tu tlinea the Constitution, .c. c. llstatred by nlmany eglo Gate' Et.Emacn or A.nna.nn.. and an Aoridg..e al' Eeitl's New l'rehtis on the Ute of lohbe.. New American olitin , tith addiiota ttil awmlroven etn tile all exllutiuu of the talrmtttideal part of the A4 J tct reeiedad d for sale Iby W.VM M'KIEAN Lnot 24 cuaterl ofComp and Catolnmn 4a ItAll' PI:'s CI.AKSICA LIIIILARY. Slt)lN\.CE, oranshlk,l by Plntillit Frane i I) i), withl a pI ap endlx otmentlal an, etta ntel n o'varie asles, &c. by lie't Jtneo,, leone 3Iilt, Drydue lm'tle tddln, Sins t lttltertut, (.o Vuaketiold, Plrase hIlr ail, &. anlld IIiO of h e cm itenllt poeta of Ih ratesf1,;' ? ":e nw .,,a nd x m f approudins trtnrns. tel by 'hrir. d n t ': vaI- * l ; lll tt u r nlo rdell , h " ellu r'v''.I l r.@ .lli rae woav Thte l:xpehm',, of II ' U .Iy .IN N ROlt, by Deele ed it . , W til, ,tI .. ir vio the,.tuther l," ,Tler un 1 o if;:: 'E:"''1 . ".....d.., w manlluhal on;luw by rl J.I'Ilt.: t ;II a rIatIle by Iea ,tr.f "ItcnattE , M t alry otreottldy, &c., M.W Mli.I J tle t ited uiw 'enh d B itteinnti dant Ptl ItltI1, n(lll;y th in u , in i9 " stoIed 'Il L'ttlt leullil I t''l.ishllt jlUlh itIItsr f"c lHtiltn , t ltntta [te, 'he twtl i ttr sth, ra . - .. _ _ u_ ... . . _ _ I llt I.ll t ' l' _,4 . IJ A W U I s )itnnii nll l Apn nnenetilliCuary ii 1f e le an. itrrlrlly saltclrd. 'T'he ltlh.witg only ate par' I're godn, dllilE anti Sn UTega Pondets, 'yast I'o'ders, bI, tu a tli,,leoane and elegant sautittocui, hr) yait ill atinyg bteud, buckulslt .tltlt'sa ls.ervoetllt Nangnesinan Apporienl- tnd LeP t u ll'g IlYt' ill dyspeCsat or indi. fesllln, hlervtlc dilbltliy, gildiet P. hendahllt, nc' ity t, tIht st, h neth, hIItiual (,, caut). lie ruptt"na, &n. Ctrpeuler'a Fluid [ntlrcIt of esaraparilla If puril, taIn he biutin, Ac ito d' and ubel.t, i,. 0 wann'. I',rl,"'a und t'erntluge ; lBitibsh an Ilae~titt ',tl-, Oideldc, &e. llrfiued l, q, ricej j.hba tU d Gitnamanve paite 'tttn ith bsha, N S Pronlial'o eanrbnic denteim lf.c chrlon tulloni woanl, rn'wdor pllf' uand bcree, l'renliee'o ctrblltnc datl.icte, thltr'e toloth wash inwder piulni fnd tt.ihri , l'rentliv'a Lnnlated and ,tle t',hl, l piu-teIr, pmlttttn1ut ellle do Peree, u0tllo1e 'a ,, e ,.,, I' i ovtllt r a aod Iluritit wsaeri, t thee .at qitli'ie., Rt"n Inttd'a Ianunsuer Oil, Oldn rldun' iJolttt of C numbia., boat's ,il, a vOrieit of SI-tcnter an.l ",Iher tattlet, indlible ntatkin ltk ttpeertur Wack it ki, Ae. dpernt unlltl relilicd whate oil. ll).a Lninlna A rt h astit urltmeet l 'ol' hrbritet acGirlan Se ont ItEOREG1 JtN 1N " U)/NtI'.+ TONIC.'Il-'IURE I For reatneut and rre onf te Fere aed A . IT will Io rteilit disc.vered nherei th T'l'o. Mis Itoe .e isterinI o I the urdinary mnde of I.etg ah'est' Aaua, In Ithe first pjit. heI ng nVa'- - obltn Extrtct, tlld free "temt toy del& ?y amtll Itpisn iu illerediulS, it 'nan he token witht he tUlutant sofa Ovell I t tle lealer ifalnt, or aged innalid. It pea nettls relt tsedf tttn dinrnnectaneeqtteotly tlhe'nantitn. Illl ,otn cetgnillS it aanted tlo lt dttat It estab Iiehes ua ,l.tills id t t+p.ununt aitotlite, by inviglraling tle. s Ie;i tat.t eo j l yt) nento ftIas.e 11E [,(ll il b iavin tg a plt(Ye qtlltity, iltrUlnali. it tit ''to.,,ela ho. ittntenna thlin dionlade, Or to crsls l-t.eeiolue uer, buln thltrtugtiy e'looea thbe eerol oa. cat. Iat dientioI, anI tIn Ienlefits Ithe y)j'esa w a w lalitener uaitt, uattlilin it lany bo oppresaed, Ind-ividual , ilfee Itnhe 's n fthe Tonei Mlixtlute, hiars heen expoied to aill the usa:l caIuses of the dieane, aI tlhe Iive etlnpet n sIytlit)os of Urtlurn; wetrean by tIle ilse fttlte ttl:ln ;ellntudioe, ttreN a i nnway. rea. tell Ill ine.rcllell lialtiiivty n reurrelne. T he daingur otf ir'Ueeten talopden of the Agtle, is very vail tt, for Lhe ne'utell will atot1 b.eetou too mueli; prothateo I. e he ttt to . iell.iit, tand speedily fell Ik Slilll to -1e1 i ceotutnl vietlie Thn'I T'nie Mialotu ii offered at .nlnh e reasonable Ilriet, a In tl ace it wirhis lthl rent of evr onea--o o that tihe plar and dealitUtg a'e ler y furnloisedwititnoitatec ,witlllt olicitinl t ie aol ,'td altelllanee wlhich frsequety deniled tin the,.n else very reltctantly bestowed. 'li , uhlit'e re.peetie cent 'cled nlollnt the spU ruus n;itatioun of this taedicine, that are daily offerel II ,prepced onl b... r. Joltn R. Roand, at his Lno, rlaora, utorkelatr'n., t'bilodettphntia. Tite suaniriat'eit are tilewholesale scent, for lbs ,helt'hnt :lSatae, ¾ nd will sel iy Ihe geln., at , i dl,,hlil paricen. 'I'o be ld atl retail lalalt ate Aputhe.tarie'a in thb, eit. JAiVIYS & ANDREWS, Wlholeslae I.rnggioa, ear Collltnttn & l'llhitloulas . I;'AR.BLE CHIMNEY PIECE Waslntose, Ctustomnhouse t treet, apposite the pol-ol-fle, Tito eutherihurs are now reecniving from their f6y tornis in New York, and will kaep eonitantly s hand a general asortmnto f IManrble Mantle PFise" ofauperior workmanship, and of the lateat paLtternS. made of tlte beat Egyptian, Italian, Irish sand American marhbl. Also, Monuaents, Tumab andl Grave Stones, moulded nod plain sills and liotel., marble aceinga, Iharths and boundary stone, plaster of Paria, uRom'an & Hydraulic Coment and laster. i g lair, together withl a splendid a sortment ot i ass mounted and plain Grates and aRunli Irot talte of the newest and moat approved patteUrns. Lettering done in the neatest omanner and at t.q rtont notae. Thlley tace first rate worktnen t ) i v7 a work. 'AKE ' AIN & STROUD, SL1EI.L' S NEW WoRE, aa.-T'he Ateiieu England, by the autlharof"A Year in Spain":' i vou lme.s. Noble Deodsof Women, ino vole. The Young Wife's Btmk, a manual o maral sij one and dntetti.l duties. Juant roceived nad foral by WilM, M'KAN, 1 Ot111' Mrdical Bbaks--looin on P1 his d il. 1 blLodleltt , a new supply r'd cnb

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