Newspaper of True American, May 20, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 20, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12' CENTS. NEW ORLEANS MONDAY MORNING, MAY 20, 1839. oT..--VI No 1957 " I ---- -- --i _- - --- -i-------- - --- - ------------------- ----------___ Tesrt of the Xeospaper Press of Ner Orleaon Suttnitnfiuu v agreed to at an adjourned meetlieg of h' tie Proprietre, hIld en the Ilth1 of March, 18:17. 1 gI.ltltrOisoe.-T'rwelve Dollars fir the daily pa mr payable semi-annually io advance: ten dolirl r the si-weekly country paper, payable one rver hi advance, where no city reference in given. No * t.uidrptlion will be discontioued until arrearnges are settled. In ase of di.coatinan.e, one week's notice s prrlstee must oe invariably given, previous to tll Sapirhatit of subscription. Aor nrTtslNo.-One dollar per stuare for the first n~ttln, and half tlhat price for eachi enlecquert one: a naterial alteration rmn the original adveritement will be charged au a new one. ItAiLT AtVnRentons.-Merchantn anil Tra'ere. orny dollars fat -Eglieh alone, and sixty for both lan g .smsd llanko, Insurancee Olfiie, and other sintar publie anetitutitn, fifty dollars in English only, nald tghtyr for both langeages; Ship and hteaihett Fee ore, or ommiseion merchants sixty dellsae in English an andeighty for bot languages. AlltaOln a, OeIsnRME NOTICns, ant antieles enll lng the atlteionto of putli to ales o1 property, .rdas or passengere, I~enofit, &e. &c. will lh elrtnrgh d one dollar per square for the irst insertion it each ion guage. COMeuINICes ti NI, or Alve. catmotl'n, iof oy peroin Hl mitere, when adinianille. ilo I id olriarged double, and in advance. A deduoctin of twentylfve percent. will lie made to Auctionlerss, Shordie, Rgictrs of W\Vills, and lMarshals on salte of real estate, pnutliled in both linItanoge ond 50 per cent. in English alonei: 1 per cent. on oal of other propierty ADVsnTnre soTiae not of tie direct lint: of busineo of the advertiser, snelt a legial, auctiln, anil plants ion saleo, ronatiay slaves, stray anirllls, &e. &e. will be charged for nepa. atly, and at the ordinary ryates. AVtRITISEMENTS ot npecifieit ns to tilaC, will be published ote month, e hd charged aiceordilgly Nto advertisement of bankruptcies will te pinulined o any case, u leso paid for previolos tfia iartine, or phamnt guaranteed b ly a reosponible person in town. t l b etres and other places of a ntnn ..tic , .,vt rti, ,,ini deoil or the sesn. to le charged $us1 for Luglili - lone, and $150 in both tnngun-ea. All announcements ftlf endlidates for palitical emffice ill b e charged dToubl the price of other advertioe. n. Owing to the itttiense loss ..ustinted by newspaper prorpietrs, lthey have come to the conclusion lylt the onanes of personsa whose recounts lave not Lheni id within one motth oafer preseutatiltn, shell be male knuwa (to far as practichable) to eanc other--tey atli gaeing thenselves not to advertise or print for uathc alinqullots unless in cae o adtsance pnyrentIs. !Signed) J. C. o l ST. ROMEST J. BAYON, p. P. , EA, J. C. PR FNDERGAST, JRIIt dItiSON, LUMSDEN. Weekly Psas.- We. thd tndersigned, agree to abide by the above sonditlone, as tar as they are appliceble to (a goed) A. B. LAWRENCE, p No subsrlptions are taken for leoa than O monthl, Itters musttin Il ccs. Ie nLpest paid. [JAY'S LINIMENT--No Fiction.--Thlis ex a1 traordinary chemical composition, tile result of scisnce, and the inveotitn ol a celebrated nmdi eal man, the introduqty n of which to thel pnlibh weu invested wit the malemnitty ol a deathlled bequest, Itas sineo gained aroputatiot unparalleledl, fully sustaniingi tile orrecmnsa of the lamenoteod Dr Gridley's lasrt cofesion, that " lie dardcl not die without giving to posterity tihe beuvljt fh Iis knowledge on thil subjlect," and tn lhorefore bhquoatlhed to Iis friend and attoendant, Salotmon flays, tt. secret of Iis discovery. It is new used in tihe prineilpl hospiltals, and t the private practico in our country, first and miote certainly for th•e sire af the Plies, etnd an extent sivoly and effectually at to batfle redtulity, unlie r where its elffects are witnessed F..turceally in the following cotmplaintet : For Dropsy-Croeeting extraordinary ahsorptii: at once. All Swalling -RoduciCg thorn in a few hours Rllhouiatisma-Acute or Clhrtnic, giving quaik Sure Tilront-By Cainc:er, tilcers or CoIJl. Croup and Whoopiag Cough-l-aterunlly. and peer the Clint. All Bruises, Sprains, and qlrnia-Ciring i, at few hours. I Seres and Uleers-Whlether fresh or long standing, and fever asores. Its Opeatlonsi upon adults ind lchildreno in rcduci pg rlioutnti awelliingo, and leooseiing coughs and tiglttLeee of tile cliesty Io claatlon of tile parls, has beon urlprising beyond otoileptilin. T'ie cnlltmotn rlinlrk of lthoe wih have scd it in tliii , rlles, is " It acts hke a chliart." THE PILES-Tue tries. $1 is reoundtod to any person who will uas a bottle of llay's .iiucuti for the Piles, and return tilei empty Iqlltli wlliutti being cured. ''those r the po.ultive ordlers of thei prpric'tr tq ile Agorltl; and iuL of many LIthou. *sltdn o0ldt tol t , 0 at p lyoen lttllcesfill, f lol. Wti )itil iiti m6etL aortilloala to any luiitti, but profer i thoat ll who setll the artlicle, ithouid ex. ltbit tle eriiunla to porclasurs. n CAUTION--None can he gnntino witllhot n splendid engravedt wrappeur, oil wtttcl is liy tailtc, . ;ud also tlhat of the AgentS. . SOLOIMON stAYS. t Sold wholesale aid retail, by CIMSL'OCK & Co, New York, aed by one Dr[gglit in every town in t'a UIlion. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of pqmnen t &, 'ollnllpitu lmas street, and by thll Apothloetries geneorallle. j,13 NO CURftE NO 'A R..JOIINSON, lficel IIl BIietvihte dtr-ct, call 'tee his praciceto tile trleutmlotti Il' Venereal Dioeaan, in all its fruls. lir. johson, front a resaildec of italty years in Ilns pialae a Kurtiw, devoted to th., tleatmtet of Venereal Di~oyoet anqd trin{ tin ireslt exttensivt pl'actice il t10at pereitc i.t r lelrtlcl tl' rils prei.i'peillt gItrnL.elea a iare, speedy antd .iTotinal cure to ouch palaes o8 are Dioubled with aciy o tihe titlowving diseases. vio:- Qtowrhuea, hleats Strnielues, Chaicres. luboo, Seitina}l Weatness, Afki'tiuns fthe Idhddtcr, kidneysi Lnios, Urethlra, prstrate Gland, Swelled I' eeticles, .ruptioie on lile Skin, Sore Throat, Paina it tile nhAn ilih nmutnrqta yntplgo, f.wltiah generilly follow heceqt caste cured ia two or tthree dsys witlont the mae ofMerplryv, iotrrapmtito irm hutilueasi or atera tion inttbhe no00e ofliing. A iuedbcipe It plreoeit yeneiteql Diseas0 can be of rained af Ilr :.4 u arnentl , i t i nchl t' l the r eFit s oa lie Inarion Larry, p eauleljeand Frecu..t Surguol, indl was used ty hli t d1rtng t'awvir.! cultunnii.iis hll w|iiclt lie seeved'as iSrgecnt iantertI in file i`,-,,Cll Arn r. S ldh by UIr. Jollnto , st h.. !tflie. 'loi at ier sons !taingi any ul)i..itiml of Veituroat ilasera't inol bout taing sea voyageo or raneitvjng t" Ito .nulic.ll, iiouli do well by giviig Lr. Johanio a call, its propjeir il dli sines tlor their cure itsl tiutine shortest ti eit ca ept u) willi written directiuone fii their use. Ofl.veoqpen frull 7 fii tile ooretin g iqti l tO o'clock at Ight, 4 - iaUNTliY'rJ iysppriC l.i$ri. Ir. heroaethy, tla gre laat of rie!ieill s I¢o,.nu's w opinion that nine-tenthe of tle diseases tlilt afRe piankind origillte in the stomach. 'lhie Etlixir wase seed by hbie with ltt1e ide unipreefentedoi sucies ini 'isprivote anti pu lic pIrapliiei fir ,oioarda ef forty yeator, far the remnoval of ;le iflhiwneg dioeiser: Loss ofappetite, Flatulency, Distenition of the Stom elt, Pain in the tide, Heavii!eel tf ils Ileitid .,l iecli nai t.t rol'gulaurlty of tile iiowel, koad ill all cases wkers IlJl geatiun or a cuative habit is Ifound to exist. This medicine must not le osahteied anteig Jte boat of quack uosltlme nolw beforo tie 4liip oil ttis is sole invenlion of lle qllst aiid ltIos cienltifie surgetn Eurolpe eer priL esi , and ite secret of poiepariutr it wac Ipurchaw4 4by the agent for a rely large siii. It ij agreeaole madl ptloiUttt 1f11e tie e, atel its t l mild lper eat".alwaye 1oeta ite bowfels free, iloarts y..gor i'd ftrengt to the yaltlln, and clieortul~prs to Ilia Iiiuid and a few btll`Le reo.lvel tile Iltlt ltpiyllled eq4ea lf Iysapipsia or indlilgetilial and provetls a retlfro at anlly luture period. Yon .W Y oni, 17tht Aungust1 838. 35 Madieaotrslret. Sla:-Inconquenceof leading a sedentary life, I have been troubled, nere or less, with lidigestiuo for too yeara, tow the last three years my sufferings oiave beenisuppeortnlile. I have tried several phlyici7ial, erld a iunmtirofeieak itadliioene, witiout deriving any benefit. despietred of over obtiyiiu g any perr neeit relief, ad resoiged liioyslf totite trOutI hopeless duoiair (was persuaded by ianiy frieids to try Aheruetritv' Dyspeptic Elixir. I haie now finlshed the fouitlh bt tIe, aid know not how to txprese iroit .! irttioiu of its wonderlful virtues andi tle ituoaele it ltt perforemd iu resto4ritl mIe hi thalt health which l: utghi lot for. ever. dend me half a doen bottles Ie a omid exepte mAy thlanks furtiitleotsngyou have a o erredbiy r storing ier to perilt healmt. t4. 1O)NROE. tho aent lies in his pnesesio eto leI ouldrid ts ionials siutilar to the oidvi, of the extralordilnary viC toes of llis medicine. Sold by appoinltllllo, at Di. Ilohlnsu'. 140 lintinille elreet. nov. 1 VALUABLE ENGLISH .D'ilIONS. M1 A'reLL'S Wuondres of Geology. LCullinogworlli works Gibbou's liiaeellmainus works Ronman's works--Waverlv, ionale) plrtrais Parry's Legendry cubinoet-C(owperh workh.'evs Hong's tales, 8 vlo--Sir Charles Glandieoa .Goldsmith Aielmated Natur--Smith on Cottages Knox It history of ti1 reformatiom iovetmport' hblographical dictionary &o &u. ut receivedd adfor ale by A TO\VAI. 9IT 490 . p iitu E LEGANT URlii°t4E..'--l 'illiat Bell, 16 Citar tree st., ato thlis day received a small assortminti ut rge tnnteled mand nosaaic breastpians, et up iq the er style. aANCY MiA'tIIES Wt bvatilui pabltiugt, Ilanding from a*l 4lexander from Bremeti, for 44kýi 4 MaA "TI Eat 12b' 3d Magoouuit mit GAS IIEPAItT'FIENT, One Lght Basking fCeap'y, January :11,1 i39i TlW S91.thk of Chke being nolni reduced hia (Cmin Spay will funrish Pittsburg Coal, in small quar tient to their eusloanera. Orders received at the nas Oamer, lsank Alley. ja31 E WI WELI.IE,. Sec'y, B IURNIIAM'S DROPS,--'This medicine was discovered by the proprietor and has been sub jeered to his careful observation for many years in every vnrie'y of practice, and all the disease, of the diversified American climate; and it is not given to the public with the utntou. conlidence and believe that it is, as must clearly set lirth in tie pamphlet accomnnpanying the estae, the best medi. cine ever thrown within the reach of all classes of society. It is with the centest propriety riven in all the nialsdies which afflict the hutman rice, from the established fact, that, when taken into stie toa maio it actsaccoordine to the state of the stlll ach and the nature of tho disease, tither as on oemetic, diuretics sudotrfic, expectorant, otre rperiet medicine. That it is real y what it purporLt to be, nteeds only a trial to satisly the mnos incrednlous. The faet is daily colningy i she knowledlge of the propri.aers of its beneficial and saving eflsees in cases of the apile and fever, billitus, typhus, ner, vous and earlet fI'evers, influenz, violent colde, dyeenterry tir flux, dyspepsia or measlere, satisfy shenm that they are not only warranted il warmly recommandinl it, but they are called upon from a sense ofduty wintcs they owe to the hlnn familyll to say to aill try it, and you will bear sample teest ony to all we have scid on slie subject. The cholera itself, tile worst saourlge which Ihe ever visited our couhiryi, has been succersfuliv can. unered the proprietor in thirlcen cases with the use of this mledicine only, wilthout tie laoss of a sintle pariens. The medieane is presared only by desotor BUIINIIAM & DAVIS, St. Iouis M1lss,,uri; and is pui up in phials each accotmpanoied with aplain and distinct diructlon, oand conl:tnog about sixty ishaes, to lie hadl for seventy five centl, which mloh a it much thle cheapet Ilout ills ever offered to hie public. 'The ablov medioine is said w'hnlssale and retail by otr Aents, lHenry lonnabel, Duticcit alnd Apothecary TlehoupitoulaU sir-et. New Orleana. SEW MUSIC-O, Native IMnica; 'Fihs Convent II a! I'tm aenintig, roving Illutle; Ravr Deipair, it dont you relelnhits.r the ieuuifil ghade int tirlr I Iltsiunce;lishe Wlhito Iltrse if the Pep Ic rs;e'lou e sll anl O ILove Ithou art one e, rsug by li . os e rif in the grand Romislntic Oper. mliillt; Glod Nip I Iht l.neioglanild prtiulng; I lea not oir ispring iin p fickle win,hby II Rusaell; Caome, come, thlu art in sao mow; A libe on the Oeeao wave, ly II Itussell; aha watched hfor him; Fo Ine let fall a Itr; Cutoe tO s at morning; O'er the waters by ilootlight; 'l'hre's no ime like nar aow, arraeedl flor the harp y T Laarre. Iliyqil aultzes, by AFlechle; (Lueul Victoriu'a Cours Ctaldrilles. Just recaiv4ltij fur csale Lty dll9 . . . II CASEY, I Camp at_ TIIOt,(ItU N FIVE AND A aAL DAYS, From Mobile (hAlabtma) to Augustas (Gee) L EAV'Ii Mobile every other tins, imme..itely atiel si tie arrival of the mail from New Orleans, per the steamboat Iu.n EtlNE, to Illukely, coaches to Iensacole steamboats ( pler Pnlatis leyn, St tlvosaosod iDst Chou tiharltie Itier and Hay) to Cedac IdlsIl eoaches thenes via Mlarianna, Chattadlhpche, (foermerly Mount Ver. non,) Bainblilgel PiMlertol;a 1Hawkinsville and Louis. ville, to Auglsta. A passegeertakinl;his seat at MIt. bile is in no danser of beiul thrown out or losing hlil Ilreerence by other eonflictin iuterests, as tie FIl.hJlI. 1)A LINE is but olt concern, and lutder one cot.fro throughout, anld nayt rely WITrH CERITAINTY ullOn hit arriveldit Allgistla in ill t specitied, lthroigli all wttaill. er a:ll l t ai n llllCI , unless somIe innost ulllolln.seen cLin. ti'olih llt: silil latIcur. The re(at New Urlcans .lai is carriled by this route. The Agents for acconotoida. tillll, I'eamls, Coaches and Drivers are olt surpassed the soClllherln country. Th'l slllooth, hard, naturall roads, the saIfe andu intter eltilg water navigtliOl, the tii e aii aiCommol sttion, atiiolit tie craveler speed, certt.siyo ' cpnfliior.iits .l 4 las iog variety; connca ttil as it were witi the li ail Roail (harleston, S. C. a. d tile stetl:ut packets to New York ilc:ls cio t.ciNll tNew Yolk lirln New trltcats Lias TAN II avsa'--lV\ashiengton cit) in 12. FInot ChItlllllnochlee, Floris,ll we have a Ilnlse iine si ti )u in and TlhiltahUsste, i St i\Iat ks, li hst post ioalthey, lts tIwe Ilirailichla irom Ilawkinlsvlle uieta Ilillicgetille, aid otn to .latei, light tam Lore oaches. SUOCK 1'1jN1S E. cc. Arltlrar, lith Jan. 1835. p tflicest c oioin Iliuse Mnbile lD)istaicu, Pew iFrlealis to Moi ile, 150 mile Slitlie to A gtllllan , 5ll 5' Augusta to Charleastlon, 1.i Chrlasrlon to New. Vrlk, l 9t- 180 Thisr, Nevw (hnipeo Ilt ia'tl, "28 htules Mobile to l9l4llt ., 32 .i 411gutl to (la ,lcst l, 14 Charleston io .New York, -- c 2S Making IG miles per doy. or 7 natls per hoar, incil sive i of all stnltlagas. nit Is N. II. I bl g lg ip I n inflorm the It iblic that iti brlidges overa the Chttuahosuhelswamp ci1d I;Ii creek have just been colmpletel I ) tihe generl l goern, (tlle. i ll oilstacles oleraling agaist this sale an, stpedy roulte snit lthushappily iremtvetilt uad I [lith sith pleasure onel ninug from tinrellers tho the coaches,tint. s s, iriverl.sam oans are ol th lie Iirt lri'iter; in:m s 5I,, ilt waterlll rolltle Iom l ns'cl tacultn Cedr IlhluI ', it is ahnit. ted Lty all btu haty unassted tilttgigh it ti be titiniipntcei ililorea li e t iteile satnely. " thte hid.cs itithgi (;horinh have also ltenreclpaired. M1 C I`iAKEl L.d;' .il,,ia'5-c ti C aipouid Cthics +c;is r, c nii elui, d t Ithe ludies ti laldrid and Cl tarlst ion, inidered re)ulit', rolbilitl, Iiu prests, and ll:e aicatntic balance if all thingst.ifauhlýc opinion hi., eoluisetd ti and plaled the ille flilry ofl lldy L. lIontague's eUlcompound Chines, slup bei ilnd sus picion lur letter or ring wornm, pimples oln the face, sun burn, tan, eruption, prickly heat, anlidll ec ti,-n ol thie skin, Ihe healing qun.hles of this s.ap will soon erutticale. It is rlcoI omillnd d s nII clnollitnt hanving soup or cOtIpIoUlld for gerlllP. neia, for beautilving the complexiot, rrn ovinv freckles, and imnparing freshness aut deliency to tle complexion. The aris:ocrtlic distictionl of n soft and white haund, is with many an object of considerable nletrest. Exposure of warm petlates the lneck face and hangs becaonte tanned or hard ened, and lihe inventions of mnodern chalnistry have beepc rendereJ subservlett notl merely to the neces. asry everyydy artedl lft, but even to its luxurines aod elegancies. Oldd wholicile and retail at Na. 95 Custom house as. PrIces . aI ssR , e r sa o , ew. olf Dr. a. R. P/c/p's Compioneal 7T'r,,I1 TO PILLS, .Entirely Vegetable..l 4 )cr adrrd ildrlesble ljiHeinre for all Diseasse, o a.o a subsilus/ qr Lasm.,e as a alNlhartie j I"'esee G ad all Irl/itro s A f reetis, rJnESE llOploUrn Pill. i irg .,mhu , f an nwiy did, eL. a AIuklilesuhlero, a exrlaed fromil the nToato Plewit; wifh clar vregctale lrebtmanires w al hvo bod n fouilng te nledilrh &dllisad its, h.e abllrvrl ltrlche i,.t s.tlr-. alive ndml Cuthartic MNtrlhrss ever dliesc ,,l. 'lrhd iy lhay ilon surslellslly sid sscrr.esully tri l, and have ,reri ed unlvrul ,r otinll lar erul'ul, Dios'u psl, Jmlile diJc, I1.l buas dis.easrr, Gravel, lIlh"umaritrhr Cunglh5l,lCli, hLlluenrar, Catarh, Norvoas dieeaers, Asrd raollaolhs, Glaldular sawel lagsa o all kr.dsr,Cosirerll. an, Col. Ilradapslr, &Jc. As Allldlalto ontapgluasr L.d I.pldeliosrdaae,; to pr.. Vel tile f.rmtirin of bllious sad liver h clinr, rfct.all.r ard Agaue, e. ill thao, wile resads baut alios, ae.s, rnui low and rarslry lllllrior,and rtle isal clthatlri eitl iat c ,e up.,d ir those lsloeahtres. Se:aa.n will rind tlhenm al ildirndlre remredy for the Sorurvy: atlld T raellcrr the hel t Ia PdhUi: thly ,an use to clluollreal tile dangers of exon,, re in ullll.hiiy ell Prrer. Fororlllary Fyry T Ply.s., a:,r,'Sur ronirrslly up psrovod ar tello Ielt ever o hll.dd. TIre ituhar VlrtUe-Of the Tomato plnet. luvu for aln.g Silne attrascnd the allelliUIn of tlre lcdlu.ll plofosion and ieo iRAlSrl i0, qu ,r s itRtre.t has been directed to the futur da rilsem6Ullt Ef is lmlleirint l qualstis, w , clh he Ipr srltlir is habppy irr lsing now abde to gratify--ud lrsaouts sir pillr to 1 the pblio, wlth s th iull salidelss rrf shulr being tile MOST s se.r sad V*LIsAarlr.e RRtsy syr. sovsFrrpn. Nlilaruslr serirlares stf j rasa, Itul thsrs who lave .aels thsmn, and srlgtsrlUrsy oas.voral ilhssalcias whorl have prescrlbed rlirr,rs1 rogeur to psrlrubllera thls oilliiou. . The rpilly Incroslsang tlrsre, as rn s.ddi.....l sidrl..... of thnir soris. rrd s.e ifurlsas Ir presanti.g this articla to the p llc, ls, prosp strr Was illl.Osned by thr Iirrps tILat a nedlcin propared wit Irs urh csrs, and wilth a strIt relgard to ithe ChelsCal asl Thra1,e. ir prapertlas of , several illgredijlrt, should take thea Istce of the irelponurible aediinesa of the day, with whiiar the acountry rsuudrs--snd from trhe fsvor tlready Iesowed upson it by physicians sLad ohersl hp fealssjurtij ir. prsinlig thsk For a tfull account f tis iuteresting discovely, tlestimaoi. als, mods of opersains, r.c. ae pamprhlots, whics may Ihe ad gratis ofall wursll Ihtres pills. SNuuo are geauirerwithout thei signaturo af G. I. PIIEL'PS A. D, auleproprotur, llartrird, Coann. S FOR SALE BY, E A Follansbe, General Ageart, No. 13 Exchange Place, near the poatoto. Also, by A A Pe,chanu, No lt l Rue Koyal J. lakeg" Coa, No r New Lestee. Dr. A Marshall, Corner 8t Jamesaa and Tohapitonlas all. J. Ross, Lafyette City. G N Morrias.No 11, Canal street G Jnes, oaornerTivoli Circle nod Triton Walk. l'Those thalt wislr to acs as Agans,l ddrles E A|FOL ANdtE, lwhrtslos4pa 4i s'r ly t AGINEIt$ LIQUID ODENI'IJ LA.--II a been lntg used. boii here and isn the north with uniform aurcessa . for tleansine snd whitensng tile teetl, and pravesling thie trolltelse; preserving the game, purilying tihe breth utrid a murst disceesl wbish ,he mouth is liable in pitler the adult or infant -Orre tea spoonlul, tiaed in a wine glasslul of pure Wnater. and sa atppied to the teeth in usual manne, with a brash, will effectually pre vent scuarvy, aiJ ward off that sacruia'istrg pain, tha touah sell., Prepared only ry T. P. Wanger, Surgeaon Den. tint toJeefferaon College. and su wholesale and raetail by CARLE'I'OM & Co. 31 Canal it. b soile seaents for Wanrer's Odenica LASS-IO0 bo sas s stoe fur ata byi S SHALL It BROWN 96 JMaatin st I I'ATE OF LOUISIANA-First Jud cial Disn - trict Court. The State of Louisiana, to all whom these pro. sents shall come, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of Mays. villa, Kentucky, having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro party hereinafter described, has applied to the olerk of this court, in whoseo offico the deed of sale was recorded on the second day of May. A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisement in conolbrliy to an set of the Legislature of the State of Louisamna, entitled "an act for tile further assurance of tilles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the tenth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know ye, and all persons inte. rested herein, are hereby cited and dmounished in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to the property herein. alter described, in consequence of any informality in tite order, decree, or judgment of the court usl. der which the sale was mrade, or any irregularity or illegality in the aopraisements and advertisements, in timoe, or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatsoever, to show cause, within thirty days from the day this mnonition is first inserted in the public papers, wlty the sole so made should not be con. firmled and ho.,tologated. Tihe said property was sold by the Sheriff of the parish aforesaid on the 11th day of April, A. D. 1839, by virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on the 21 day of March, A. D. 1839, in a suit eon titled Wiliham Mackey vs. Bier & Steever, No 17,370 of the docket of this court, at which sale tile said William Mackey became the purchaser for tlhe price of twenty seven thousand and one hundred dollars, payablo as follows, viz: T'le p ac o.sclar asuming thie payment of one. hall of two notes of si: thousand seven hundred and sixty.five dollars arid filty.six cents, each to be duo ol tile 26th of March, 1840, and tile balance cash; the purchaser assuming also, the ruin of cight thousand and five hundred dollars, due to the SUnion ilank of Louisiana, with interest at ton per pent. from ast February, 18J9, anrd the balance in cash, and reserves a opecial mortgage on the pro. party sold until the sanme is paid. Description of property as given in the junicial conveyance, viz: The undivided half of two certain lots of graqned, together with all the buildings and improvcments thereon, rights, ways, customs, servitudes, privi. loges and a4vaentages thereunto belonging, or in any wise applertaining: said lots adjoin each other and make part of the batturs in front of the suburb St. Mary of tihis city, foraming the lower corner sf Julia and Now Lovee streets, designated by Nos. Nno'scen and Twenty, on a plan of said batturo deposited in the office of Felio Grimna, Notary, dated the thirtieth Juue, 1802. Lot No. nineteen measuring forty one feet six inches front on said New Loveo street, by one huntdred teet in depth more or loee, by a certificato of Joseph Piht , city surveyor, dated March 25th, 1836, it appears that said two lots measure togethl. or, in English measure, seventy feet front on New Ievee street, by one hundred feet tn depth; togeth. er, also, with two hundred shares of tile stock of the Union Bantk of Loauiians. Witnces the Hon. A. M. Buchanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, tlhis 6th May, 1839. my 10(-41w P. LEBLANt:,DeputyCl'k. ETAT ' pp LA LUIJISIANE. Cour dur Proemer District Judiciaire-L'Etat do la ouisioano,--b toos ceux que ces prisentps con. cernount-Malut : ATTENDUI queo William Mackey, de la villo de J avsville, Kentucky, ayant achetd tune vente faitr plar lt Sherlff'd toa Paroisse d'Ord.ams ,l pro. plid d c.unprs . derite, s'ect ddre+ad au greiff do cotto cour, ohi Ia dite verto fat cnr(gistreioo 2tnome jour de. flti ;ae I'crude !809, port unu aro, cn. f ordment a un aclts de I.a L6gislaturo de '1 tat do Ia Louioiano. inrtuld " Acto pour colfirnoer les tltruit dtes acqdreurs tuax ventus jaluri.reso;" up proard le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il suit cenon, et toutes perdolnne in dresads senlt par ces pIreniues souimnds au nom do I'Ftat de nl Louislane et do la caur du Premtier district Judiciairo quti poorraiont avoir droit 4 la propridit ci.apros ,ydeo:rte, on cono6. tquence d'ut ddtaut de tfarie danes I'rdr(, te tIddret ou e jugemuent do la lnur, oil veru dugurl 1. votn e id ltune, ou do touto irregularity ou ilidgalild dars l'eimtiition, t'avisl ou le temps olt t mad do la i yelte, oi pc;ir q0e nutre cause quelconqur, do faire voir d.ans treate jours, d atur de Ia publica. trorn de ct avis, pourqluoi inu vio ttsi lae t serait plasculfirmldeet luhollogoda. La dite proprdid rut vendue par 'h Sldriff sus. dit Is Ileama jiord'Avril do I'almiee 18 9, on verti; Id'ua di;ret ie cotta cour, rundu le d df Mars de I'antO 1639, das Pitlfrira td W'illiam iiuackey i :tlre Ilar t tterver, No. 17,376 do dtocu do cette cour, re!iaqucllo vento lditt WVilliam Mackey wb't rendu aciLtudretr pour lt prix do e$27,100 Spayable comlelo snit-savoi : L'acqtdreur assi antt Ie eaiment de la moiltid d detu Idtlocts de o.ii,765 56 cents chalque, qni serra)t y dtits e fr6 mars 1810, et la halrces eauplant ; I'at. iqdreur a.sumiatit aussi tole painent do Ia eosneo d I i L,00O dos i la ltanquo do I'llnion do la oatist.ine SmTe iLtdlft au taoo dlix di oi piur centlt coater au o ler. Fdvrier 18 9, et ti .tanre coomptant, et ro. servant uoe hypothrql., ut l a tde sur la propri6td vcndue, juqago'. o qa.uu" sit playdeo. Ioscriptiou do to pro rritt d'.. rus le transfer juderirie. La moited irndiviso do ,. r re irt in lots do trre avoc touteo les bltiss ' a , orattions qli n'y trouvent, aoins qu le s i d .,tt ronlins coutulesa, servitudes, privileges et .ges y appartenant I d'qe rmamtore quelncuraur as !Ias snot contigus ct font partlo de la b att , en ' du faubourg bte. Mario de cetto ville, ,trmaot.t I'elecoiglnure la plus bhase des rues Julie , N ovelle Levdo, et soat ddstglds par les no.. 1J et cnmt, snr utn pln do i. dite battqre, ddpocC en i tl, , tol Feli; trito nutaire, datd di 30 Juon li t Lt at no. 19 mte. sure 41 piuds 6 pouccs do th Ila I no de la Nile. Levet, our 100 picds plus no rrtin do prolondeur, d'aproas n certificat ddI Josu;'l. "i , voyr de la ville, dato du 25 mars 1836, il ci raIt que ces doun dits terrails mesurent ensembllle, pieds unglais, 70 pledt do face hIt rue do te a toavello Lwufda, sur 10.1 de profondeur ; avrc ausr. 110 actionr su fond capital do la Blamlue de 'Union do la L.ouisiore. 'Itdomn h'lonorable A. M. fla.. ,an, jrgo da la cour ousdito, 0. 6 Slai 1838. P. I.E BIANC, Gltnai 4t !.) ,.t (ireflirer. STEClAM BOAt kI11s . OWN.El., AGE.NS, or Cul'4\ o\SIei'TAM'IS can have their 11. '! sir,,u qf t one or more Calored halk an Ilaion or ~leace ,haper,attah despatch, a.d on favorable 7'erfa. "/4+'at; tdnei Otau,:as atT'tUad AAIEIC.AN OtI ',.,,uer of Ployrtl unld lS. Chartla streets. JUDAtA & AlJlda.iSaS-t1Q0 diad. iaigaa 10.li00 galls .lM laasaea-- plar t~lll, ,, o Ia t arda le by ADAMIS & WVi ;_ It,, t er a at or . AI)DLEI.Y WAIE.-- t be subt , , be'. l ,t oa.U fa ascturers anad wholeeale deals in :a dlery g~ods, are noe; receiving by late arrlvals Ire the north, in addltiCo to t eir o rll r 8ra Ce e ,o' , an en sive assortmellt of articles in their l.le, nionllg whicah are the tollawltng, via: Ladies and misses plain and quiltec sddlo , Gentlemnen's do $ISrnali do do do Mexican do do do Creole da O do do Amer. do do do Ianglist do Youth's do Sponial do 7 do do Creole do Amer. and Eng. brdles and bridle moou age, a do do martingales, Plated, brasp, and japanneod coach Iarn -s, do do do g g and sulk da do do do Barnuthe dl Dray, cart and whgon a Saddle bags, double andsingle; valices ... acul saddle bage, Bryssat s carpet bags; best ir't I anme loather folio trunks, brass nailed; leather I at tlp do, assorted sizes and various styles; haisi 'r: and pistol belts; coach, gig, sulkey, Iwig anid I xt,etra crop whips; wool, worsted, cottou and I girlts and sursilnglesn stirrup leather:; tin A strops and worsted rein web chainl ana naotk hombes; blind bridles and lines; S oich callao, and horse and mule collars,.ol all qualaitas, ote. roeeo, buck,bear.sheep and buffalo skins:; i atei brass and steel bridle bits of evary descripra,n plated, brass and steel spurs of every description; plated, brass aol stceel stirrqps of every descrip. Togetlaer with a complete assortment of every article itll heirline ol bustness-all eof lhiclt tIeS oiler for sale on aecnqll rnodatL g term s. They will also coalinue to r. ceive through the year, by packets from New York, Ireeb $upplier to keep thter stock anmple and complee, ' r;OUtL'a, DAVIDSON co, 18 15 cCa ,ll t SCHOI)L BOOK-, cheap blank btol., aenc .p a letter paper, quills, .c. Ac., a large a foot ra.t. asraatment foir tale low ly ALLX.'I'OAR, tIay 3 49 Camp street. LLAGG `STONES--00 yda Flagg Stones landing Sfrtm ship St. Lawrence, fur salet by S3 J P WHITNEy may 3 73 Camp at LUCINA CORDIAL. LE COIIDIAL Ir. L., I ats on I.'EIlXIlt DE I.'AMOURt.-The Unamd states Aeeot for tie ILuiona Cordial or Illxir of I.ove, reoturln, his grateftul ecklolowledoltenltoS for tl.e ioto.naoge whih he 1tso alreadyl reoloivdll, lod also for the It. llrv tsli tlllonitls whlull lhave bl e slent hlit toa chllilng Ithe the 1 fttotot trocooto -bliefioccy of thi illStillllle lllPd Lillc . Thoe wll foundeld rel.llotioo ol the Lutito Cordial wurraont tile a.entl i}n wlttltdrao-illog lio; lotog odvetisn llentttn; but fotr ihe bellefr h of those porsons wh., 0 i0 as yet lbe Linoware of itl loatrl., hlo wtold expolici.iy l*ale that it its Dnr. Jagllin'Re leloehroid di llntrv io lcllon clettd .t, i sells IiO ino lonr e.--Thl'aoit peodlly roetotres lhe vtirilote poOrs, where they hate be a enllu.'.tad Iry dimllpe or otlherwisce, and sllhstan. rielly tlell atlus 1l6 crcreanl fentci ety tI a it is al hacll nl o llte llr tnile fluoer albu ; lted aftt oo all lhll it i the IUll, reTnlIll everiCseoVyreL filr Itle rleandtl of ilpoomnto. inoeloan; . to the, mrnee- ina.molfel. wit tong to its :rsly iv;otinvjgo t ati tolite.! lt is also hlihli/ ru' l flill gloolrtoruetold dineloo t or .oinfo l Io oootlioeI tiont inoaftilnce ofhe I urine inrintttllhari v dircharge thotreof, chlitl er uplitno of the vitt o drol;oical ldr IiT lions o thee aneel &c. hn order tlblt l l lhae.s of society- ma receive uth. F oneit ,flo'. D hi1enilo'e discoverv. ith Aelpri tn pro th iel,,r has eoncleld tllul the Co dlal ehll he aod it arullesofWix IoUl.t1sen:h, nit the reducTdl riLte ior, $ wlhiclh i o le s lha n oue h l nlf ta, price ch <rged for it It JOIHY WINTERI H OI.tIEONIWEI.., ,1. Dt. r olliltd · itlllo.t I'or)tir or. Thoe sanore modlene is for i ole w ltoholesale od relatil at rYI. 03 PYldton street, behweon Magonilo allll IoIe i Cia 9it, New Orlf-anos. ffrle RAT DNEot) A I EAUT ZUL herd lhasir in the rndellt ori mentyl ielnono le t Ittiloe h lnnl:ome.o. Iooo w srlpnE. ly Ihe lots of it changen s hI cUt lntnalce, o on pro:ml lrtely Lrings on ti nppearaonce of old age, hoicold t sea mane to recoil at brine lenvareldr.. aond ,mnlimes even to oho slotooielv tho niid the oiltests d sl o erso o their aeqnair.tance: the remainder af tl.eir lives re (inn eoqtontly spent in retitnlnenot. I shollr, not evn the Ino of prolertv fills the enoroum thilhkinto otontth wilo that nervv stkinglnonlm an do.s tle Intr of l:i hair. To atrrt tll I.e o nploln-ont ir umolltnn.eo, f)llloild' n nlla of Collombio ars tohe haior foromlo fallioo teltoon thl frut applicatic;, at ll anfr t Io,ttleo rte iet t i ret.i. It likewltne prool.eot enetr o .anod ,.o-llisk',' pre oottl. ;lra hair from turnin, gra. , mike. it curl b,,auttifllv, stll free. it frolmtoolorf. No.olroo Cmliolti.tettrot i. l fir.t restletabilitv in enpport of Ilo virtors of Oldridgej ualmn, arcshiown by the proprietors. 1C? Retod the fotlowing:- Rolert Wharton Esq. Int Mayor of P hiladlellll IlatS cerifird as ti s t e Ise olnt., too Ithehor h hlr rof he folfw t olone' oeni olm p hoto n. 'hII Inelldrittiolo h (itrey re'tifv lict t nal e usel lwhe Is.,In. if 1p'slln, o;in 4i1r'ered l b . Ohd r Ig6 . C sal haNe trai it higPhlv n erviPl cinty h or m ea crevnlltivrP L tains ilt e folling vfiluf hair, t bu anlo crtalin restur tlive. WhlLm 110 TIlt ATCrlER, Senior, Mno thodtist hl;ni.r inSt (t·~oe'nr" No f, Northl Fiflth t. JOiIN 10 I',iI.IS,32r Allh o.erotl. JOHN I I) "I'IItlAS. MI 1), 01,3 Raoeeot JOriN S Fi'Rt F., lrl Sproutc streeot. Ii' 01I IIoCU.III.Y2li13 sooithe "l st. JtIHN It;AP1,.,Jr, lo3 Arch oIret. It is ktnwn lhnrt ltoe on till aboe poene'.l fire omor haon Styears oft age, alnd ti l others tot lest ihaon o [froo tile 1?tLvor.] ( tonloll co oonf, t Peolnvlvolt, Cilv .f IoTilad.-lllin.e I lobi.rt \ollartl. lMav r tof tlad city of lhian. Itis, do hl ore t ealtlit tttat I fl ''' ,ell to lo,+infed with N leorn o I' hlolit. Jo eot anF. oc d olloHotoh M Crdv I v hone ,telo lt e0ir0,iotn Intt too lt ivelo oel'tlietot tlh t tt!lt;v are, elllelr.l rl l~ t ctl r andl re 2IW 2 tcotlil, oofod ul oaeh full trodi tho l l be o rivet tlioe said cerliftltte. In witner:a wllhrof Ilimi e herPnta E lV lIt 0l0 alnll e,lll tlhe mllal Iftlhe city to be .lfixt.d, this fill dlolv of Dl)tqellPv0 ,o t. 0 nISlotVE tlht etalh la.ttle Oi lto (Ienttsitn Ihto'l has it splohdid olot.oon'et dl",o oitot. d oioWoh is reolreoto d Sol,' holealle· iiioII reItlail by IIh1e solel neailjd for Amt. tri .le, o2 Retelhe , " ell~ , il",[r tlllilell aid Lone, tinP deal hi ,x Pearl stremt, rlmd by lneal6t drtIuaLiellltaund I I eUllll.+r t' olgh he conorvo. J \I00VS & ANDIt\oVS, o19 ltVholosthde ,\otrets, new Orleaon. BACON ltt-l..--lU aookL Cioolltoololi t;oed Io Jerei', far -ull, by t1 Dt1li E+ eil l ,iII Nt.v :e.j Ott Lit SIIALL & IlItoVWN, apriI l 96 lolugaioog at UPIIOI.ATEI i & PA Islt to tClhiS 'F ss'uctr Ilenry Sihbrehlt, (lorontorl J. C. WicIs wnoult meao resltt tClllllv Itlt rm his fri e ll I the pulic it Generol, thalt hlle has and is oCu l.y reeivlll a Loopnertl oassoromn t lf upholslery and paper hangiog Thle t-llhotwing comptricoo it artL of his slock, which hoe uosfs for snle at wholeo sale or oll the most tot tnuoaloto II termto, French velvnet lo d ,ootni ptiiaptr, lo,'tt sylP ; tI, 0thall ,m lon orltt nn . :ttlttt ,, Ptttlaololohl llo t 'd at . nod ooglatedot dolot, d, f lrench fir ootrotonzo tcllot ohrs, oilk hitnr, and h _olo,,s o o loooo qltalitlle, lnattlerl notd p0lc0 , o.-lorted t io) ~llt es=a oortod p',ttrno p'aini nod coohortd Swi-o toslit, lale t slt le pli-1 llzid (Iol.ued r 'll1 1, 111 uallp r) iI S lllnsllii e tod .all.e, .- nsouroed olo' , toeo styletdt oeotdle t rk t ,o r I ".la us ioto n, -ul'Ottoh covers, &c noew oo l llyle bll pa1lhto, raiso d lioureo and pol1n,0,illt wlndo w nrooltlno tSo o of all pl0llern0 antd tlzes, g;lt aglts batlal t nd sp ar, ofeathetrs, &c, glass knoobh , cl.ters, aitr olh., liolgutled and plaioo, to loaome nosortontt t of toys f o oiholren; large silk c,.d ai taslt tlns, ,ot.std curd altd Ins. selsl, g olral ll-.1-rt)ll ,11 1 of Upah(tSIs ro nod paper ilhall tte c, ollst olllly oni halnl tond f t sol let at t the h~west |preus at Nus 41 lC-tool aud t1 CaULtome N l--pertlollo in 1ho citoy or fotlll th0 lottlntro . Ott roto oeollully in t'ioed Io aoIhl altd to) t ltl Iot Illcllloeiveo . Conrlteo toIIII Crton st tolltolllde in It neslot oderno sllTvl no roomo plcparedo at the ,oir dolnoll wilh contsess nod olo hooClo :I. ___ tl I- AirrllpAt PIVmOI.Or tCAl. Lc r l|.-'Y . hoibo, II. I). bho WilliunoGrett.lolhl. Port Ist. i0.0 the oet-.ossi ot olMarriahge I'ort Cd. Iotlt cl.ltoto inooualtillg , v, itIl t 00le for Itorl 3to. * 0'o ,o Itort 4th 0 0 0 0 0 - ittarr-ogt Phtosithltogiellv ItioCoosenoiot the oho0000 osefhl, oltd b:.idtlodly tone ooostaio ~ontitt wohrk Iohat too eveo read, io wlollhot lo r. rakeo t lo l sptinstoro , ood Illoka olaooe illuoo olorritd lello oo wooontoo 1oIoo alo o potolioetioo ohol toos etrtoheoa soalotiooed by ilOt tlo l 0 of Jlyllleyl.--Ln o Uoo..oleuoe. Tillt is t grleat Itt ulo ittal will be produelitt o1o + oattltillt oOll It l~ llllo.'. h I id Io t io (:lllllto to otito c -otjo1f he Ptttte~olhd oritloo ooio itt tio Coollll "1ot a't Irlollood It altreto licole. \o. 'e tptoololv rloltl LI' ; -01 otllrarooliooo ilto Cooorlill, t' Ont the titliollolhnlol all yttoan hgliso nttoell etoltooo toot iooo oIU ill qottos 0 Iorlooers.--Lepetil Couroier Dns Doiton. Fnrsoleat oooii ptPoor atot bhooooooll Maglooine and Cantlortooot. Poieo $1. L IV GIen's IPerfsuneriieo. Indian Dye, lor colorlg Ito llair ; Uenr's Oil, uasl~onsbear'slreese, pomatu)nl , Michaw*a Frei Stlo Wash, superior pearl powder, IIp white, reeam I roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, a-eosote tooth wash, calonmle dentrifice, orange rj wer water, powder puffs and boxe', Amerians c. 'cnnl, neatly put up in ollr olut e vials, Pres. t , sales, cdlo ne, itre,,slt tot.h ache drope, hair lrihes, nibshi droessing combs, Indian hair oil, , it. a variety o otlher per tuntrii., &e. For sale by U. J. 'TRINCIIARD, OqIt corner at Coanl and Lmrlou . s ' uo--; tae di.... hlusario hto, variouo qualjities - to I'id tria and low crowoo s landing ftout s ip tr.:Ieitis, for roho by I lBltl ttI r.. £ C o, m.yR 131 Magazine at .-Lh )5R 52 bls ehdindg from stetmbonnt IBaton 41 Rq g, lit sale by (i DORSlEY, m ..r 4I Nevw Leve ýntNS-2 bals. hantodhi. Cotoolttid t4,uti I or s aeeale by o a TRIE l, 31 Grarier at ýa3 SA ' TIONEI) BY IIE FAULTY CINE. IIOItN'S Compound EIxtract of Coplnia a T piartilth -.A certaii, sale, ad tg91t (ltcttial reme-t y ever Iiscveotred for thile ce o oi iUorrhllea, (;lectls Stricturels, Wiles, Pitils ii tlhe bck al illlns, sellnn, weakness, atlictiuns kidllie, gravel, scorbutic eruptinll, .c. Io thle ilt'uoductilo of a medlieitt possessing the osefu and atie virtue of tie otite loOw olf.ofred to the public, the proptrietor hlas ibut to refer to thie ImO rous recoll Illemlldltmolls I'Uevehl fronl Ithe iost elllilulll of te Ll.l hodl f.lculty in IKuloote, believing that it wotl Ih duly alpreciuted when i ts meritt are more fully known, Tlthe iilsuli of Cnpaiha, so extensively tedl has lost much of its creldit froml the dislike ohich ptien.ts formerly 'sipoer o trellrtillg its dlistgrleeale taste, IIstUrltlnttle tttllllcedl ill llle bowels autl sLtoleh ll ntll its llhtreftfeT inefllcieoev when tsed in the illnflammator-y stage. The Ilproritlllhts made i n an llivsis of the Ilalaml, conelv intog that the more active qualities woldti thereby be mtch more rolleelntttld sad more Ituslillty aldministet.I tlhan illn the lpresent slate. The above met l oille coobilles ill gtredlets which are in the highest repllut nnot tthe most scieljti tle al learned i the ,eolt:',;siou. ach lruy in tlle Eonlllnsitiotl olo this plrlitll,.w., ,,. t,... ..loS tile elticty tlt ohe other, p roductin g an operltinlt ottlI nstne itingtt l and sulllsiut g ti:he most sslguitne enpeetttilot; Itpostessitgat the samte time the advuntage ott its henltg atdmionistrel with pertliet suess in tile different stages of Ithe ablove diseao,. Thoe most emillellt t tphysicilsatld :tsul~rnnl l" thie ll.rtellt day ex.lre lss lhel ile idel apl prioeiopal Ihopitals anld publlic melieal institutions has ie It, sll still conltinues, very extensive. It was a t·o I Itoe remedy wlith thte elehrllited DoI Abterlnethl t1 venell.ll lFletionlls, .stinunecutlleoursell .m,, I' arising lirotl disotdeisel , .:tle ofthediigeativelnt ctioslo . I alnig been subnitted to thel test sand expetielnce of the lost cellebrated amongllo the tlolllli , they have expressed their satisf:ctiotn of its extrtortditttial iicacy in every case under their loarte, by adopting it both in their tlblic and ri tlt ptllce. llheir ob etvatilous will lie 11sr ed hereti.ter. I'PrLpared byJ IJ 'ThornI, llhelmist Lotndon.o Price $1 5 tel' pIot. 'I'ES'tlION. A L,. From A II Sllnon, Eosqo. It S, Sgeon to the St Tltboms tospital, nol Itore--. ot Aatott . T'llhr tS inll which I have neu:e lout'r t Ilepl':nlion iln a variety oCftoes, both ialer d llmdle, ill iisreslts hate proved so highly hlttonultle, that I o tnot hesitate inl Ilrolloulllcing it one of the most talullle stUl elicacious renledies ever oferedl to tihe publllic, nit one ill lhich, IIonl expel'ie.,ce can plac I.e every reliance, whilst it tdoes inot IutlnlloLe tile salllle tulllet.nllt et.letousualnty ex perliellncedl from calpaiba. Fronm G II Ilayward, M It C , Physician to the St M1ary lebone Dip sensary. I tayLe graPt l`ill"el'e in adding my testimony to the va-lotlto l"tl;ti,-ilo of yotlr treoloitlllt, wsitltingyou the lsuccess iyo t hllty d..clr.e itll atlnp o lto wadl for the laboraoll expense iearreld in bringing it to such com pleta perfectton. Fromt \V (i Cooper, F It S, Surgeon to Guy's Ilom pital The uniform success which has astended the adloinis teriotg your medicinte among my pttients afflicted with tile above diseases, Ilast fully satisfited me that it Ihas only to be known to be truly apprectated. May the success you to well doest ae, amt lty and speedily repay you for yonl, tatluable pretparation. Frlom Sir A CoUnte, S P RC , e. &c. Ilulilg been ittitlucel to toy yourt Entolt in stetoal casesoft violet (ionorrhsoa, which hod hitherto bafflled every prescription administeredl by te, h(aving found sure and sleedy cures effected by it, in a few days I Ibmel m sell iu duty bound to state that I now in nty prae tieh boltt public lld private recommetntd and use non otler. "lom GW I Blair, iM D, Physician to Guy's Itlo titol. The strict test which I have given your medicine among my patients, and its inllariable sucats tlus fari w ill induce ite to lperseetle in its t!ue, anl 1 deem it but:totnolt of jllstic andt olf dllt- to add ty" feeble tesli on, al incomlmendatioln of itsv'irues. From Lt C Thompson, 1I 1) F It S L. hleturn oouo my sillce.o thhauks lor t e vluablo proe 1 sent lfour xtractrul I'or ttoie ooof Gjtol.olrha te. I fI·el gril'lfl that you have at last brought a medicine inlo use which will wrove a desildluln lltUm lg su llfl, il tile medllica.: Wol'hl--n sure, speedy anti eli'esial elue in cases If lhe ilovoe class. II tallordl megrat pleasure i, publishing to tlhe. worl the tluahble qualitis ofyour tWere it tet..ssary, the proprietor coldl here fnlonish i man) imore teslilnmlials u:lhit as eomnlelndatory as the bo;l btllt trsts llta itas oeat sl ess hitherto tle calre Jo exlense at ll whcl it Itos bo n p eall, mill rovteits gt-talest r.ot nltenlllllion itnlong a listcrtitig Iultic. One recommendatllol in lhis Ilrellaration eslaoys above d loae io wlol it onoty hoe thke, hei-tg hoth easy outo t |a onttt--its aotoslltttttt tu,o wit o olttoltiotn it t iet Or enoinemleltl lirm busilless, '1'lv.evlles espeeially wnhol flhl] thiis medicinel highly uselil, and oughllt ineve to be onpovilded with a Ip'e:lrtation lossessing the at l vanta;lllges whilch I. present ollne conhill A ot)ttipttllVitttg alto .leMloicllt isa Ilampllelt expltlla tot tol'the Iihttitol toilges of tote tliailu, witlhout am e..ln rcharge, containing full al.d anmple directions. -For statd by SICKLES &r CO. ntoi o 3It.o m e ht Io(;iilil street. I "TIE TitU: RLICHIEiS OF LIE 1-_'Ifi_ _' en TE KN'OW that health and tihe ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great n mass of the peop!e in this, as in m st other coun. co tris. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu sti ral meano is a grand, mroral and p litical echelnoe h to ] fatil which, requires our utmosstattention. de rThe unprepcedpoalte popularity qnd universal ap- G apprabati.n rwhich this medic.ino has achjevodl re tlhra'lghlt.tL tihe [dited Slates, the Cauadast,'I'exas, I Mexico, and the West tIdies, fully jystify Dr. or Peters' in warmly and cose entiously rcaconnend. cliln thela to tthe spreial notiee of the afflicted. NaC Paters' Vegetable Pi Is are tie safest, mist elfc tual and economical remedy for diseases of the w human constitution, that h,.s ever .been discoverd. Vi Dr. Peters, tihe inventor of this invaluable medi. pi Sciane, from his knowledge of the human system, I derive.l from a long and extensive practipe, has cc arrived tq tois eonelqsion, tilnt tie great and pri- ti' tmary erases of most diseases is a derangement in the functions of the liver, or in otlhr words an in- m creased or diminished secretion of the bile. So well is hils understood, that it is eanmon for aI persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are Ilihoul, n)slealig that they chavoe too much bile on ihtI tire stomach. On thie other lhandl, when ithe fliow s of bile is diminished, tho process of dives ion is 'cu imierlfetly rerflrut I, teo paticut blie 'iss weak at nid emaciated., because nourirshrent contained in the food taken intotlhe st ,rmach is not proper y ex- A Irosctred, and the food is ejecocld in a clude state, ht l)r. Peters is conlfident that the fatmous lylgean he Theory, so called, that, " impurity of the blood mi is thie cause of all diseases," is a great abslurdity. tr; every oneo woe reflects on the subject a moment, th will perceioethaat cnpurity of the blood is a secon. do da y iot a primary compllaint-tle cfcet and not wi thie cause ofl'dieose. When tio function' of th tth liver are deranged, and the flow of bile increased, tro it is ofteni taken up by the absoriout vessels anrid t carried into tlle citrulotwo, and bouomes lruing ed tr wi h tio blood, as in jauindci, when the patient s.a r shllows it in his colntenance. No v this impurity of Soft blood is caused by all increased flow of bile, and to reno,'y it, you moat correct tie secretions of of the live, and Ire.tore it teo a I.ealthy state. ge Dr. Peters iIhas s)Ipent imuch tile itl experiment- s r ing with difcarenlt vregeta~. ni medicntli es, for diseases t' ino. liver; anrd no. onlfers his Vegetable Pill, H .. te b. , m, r-: , o t'iiit a in cheapest ucedi. M cinC Li tI r., , pr..lured for gcnerrl uris. Dr. 'i'"e ' t rs himself that hi ias ca . ndentang i ','. , bre ac's' lmiie. a cs esaiorld hiirt to discovcr tie ,,i;e .r .. on Iy aIllstitUte answe ir, Ill the purpores 01 leOreuria a without any olf t:. e attedaint vils. One great quality of his vegetable r ills is that they have tile alterative principle corm. bicaed with their catiartic, or operative qualties, - so that they nlot only cleanse the stomach and bowels by purging, but they regulate the Iner, change tho miorhid socretiolns, strencthens Ille digestive organs, purify the blood, invigorate the circulation, and give tone and energy to the ner. Svous systemn. They ate toild and pleasant inl their operantor, and a nveoy altmotst iimmediate eouviction of't'r utility frocm the first dose. They can be .'ren with safety by persons of any age ; and the Iciir:.. the infirmill tile :cervous, and the delicate, e e strengthonel by their oper.rtion, because rli,.v clear the system of tad humolurs, quiet norv ies ;rrita bilily, and invariably produce sound ho.' 'i. The Vegetable Pl s are a sure r rely ftr j dice, sick and neorvous Iealdaehe, dys opia, col ness, sickness of tio stomach, heartli, all bi complaints, fevers of all kinds, and il'takeo comulencement will invariably check their groes, acid 0ave the patient from a protracted d dangerous sickness. They are invaluable in Vous and hypocondrical atrections, 618s of ic tile, and a I complaints to wl c: females alcn subject. Trhey operate as ai, and and speedy p and are a safe and certin .. auedy for worm r chidren. fa Since t have introduced my Vegetable Pills to the public I have received numieroues qertifibcates oft!heir cuperior olffceay in curing dieases, anso, to cmiany letters Iroti. respectable physicians, who hqye used themo in their practice with the best S cight publish a smlnl volume of certificatos but consider it unlnecessary, as the medicicne will - recommend itself to all who wi'l make trial of it. 1 The above pills avo in boxes, coDtaing 20 .&A 4l 1 pills pach, Price, 25 & 50 cents p-r box, I I Druggists and country merchants can be sup. plied, at wholosa'e or retail, at Dr. Peters' prinei plI o.eice, uo. 65 Poydranetreet, between Magaine 9ad Campn sts.,New Qr!earcp m!n H ARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTMENT To,, great celebrity of this unrivalled Conm. position, especially in tlhe Northern States, leaves the proprietor but I.ttle need to say any thing in its Ihvor; for it has been generally conceded to it, that it is beyond all comparison the bl st remedy for external complaints that Ihas ever been disco. vered. Indeed tie speed antd certainty of its ope rati int have the appearance of miracles ; as nlcers, wo unds, corns, feversores, chbildblaina, white swol. lings, biles, piles, spider and snake bites &ec. imme. diately yicld to its apparently auperhum in influ ence Thus if properly applied it wilt remove an inveterate corn, or break and hIeal a biWe in five days, will allay and perfectly cure all ulcer in two weeks; and tie most deaperato eases of white swelling thiat can be imagined, have been destroyed by it in lees than two months. Ill the bites of poi sonous reptiles its efficacy is truly surprising, an even in the bite of a rabid dog, for if applied in time, its peworn of attraction are so wonderful that they will at once arrest the poison, and thus pre. vent it f aom pervading thusystem. It is likewise greatly superior to any medicine heretofore disco. vered tur tile chafed backs and otunbts of horses, for tatters, ri g w ores, ehapped lips, and in short for every external bodily evil that may fall to the lot of man or boast. The propri tor has received at least na thousand certificates and oth, r documents, in fay r of his " Specific Ointment," upwards of a hundred of which were written by roeprctablo members of tho Medical Faculty, all breathing tme same eulogy and satisfaetion. Pro ared at 129 Liberty street, New York, and for sale at 65 Poydras street, New Orleans. omare6 if FI1U TE Ill LAI)I 1--Atki- obo 'a I)epillatorv, for rv . moving superfluous hair fronm the fate, nrek and rines, with equal esal tv and certainty, leaving the skin liner and whli taPr lln'ure tip e: opliention. A fresh sapply jest recrieod at Il llaaENr. mmii 11US11 & ALLEN, 1, Excehnnee lotel, ear it (:Charles & Common at EDUCATI,.uN--tFRENCII and ENGLISH. lMr. Jaml s, recenlty arrived in tlis eity, begs leave to inform the citizens of New Oleasns that he will open on acadcnty on Mondny, 14, January, at N,. 19 Toulouse strier, for tie instruction ol youth oi both srxes, in French and Enghlish, in owhich he will be ably assisted by Mrs. James and Mrs. Meother, who speak both those lnnguages witll great fluency and purity, and who will lase charge of the deportment of the young ladies. Mr. James will give his whole attention to the various branches ofeducation, and flatters himself thathe will give entire eatisfaction to those who may honor him with theire onfidence. nov I No'i teb. Mr. GEORGE MERRICK having resigned the of fee ofchief Engineer of the New Orleans and Carroll ton Rail Road, Mr. John Ilampson hIas been poppoint ed inuhis place, to whom all persons hiavig bht.iniess with, or wishing inlormation re-arding said Rail Road will aplly 0-t ilte ailj Rpp Ofice, Pydras street, ly noilder of tlie eoard. * (Signrd JOHIIN NICIIOLSON. noevl7-tf Cashier NURRIS & Coi, No. 3b Clharres et. rl, are re. ceiving daily from their house in Phliladelphin, tn elegant and complete assortment of substnnniol and fashionable clothing. They invite the aton tion of the public, as then are warranted in anying that strangers and citizens earnot furpieh themP -elves morie avantageousty i rany city in the Union. N. R. A few d zon elegant ivory handle nm-e brellas, from 32 to 36 inches. Also, a large lot while'pine packii, boxes, various eizes, very low ORRIS & Co. No. 38 Chartran street, are now Sreceiving and opening the most splendid, su stantial and fashionabie stock of Cloehing they Iave ever exhibi-ld in this market, consistingl in part of the foliowing articles: blue, blue black, jet black, london brown, citron, aver london moke I and golden olive frtck andi dress coats: beaver, stable nnal harringron frock rocor, elegannly firnish ed; fancy and plain black enesirnmire and cloth pantaloons: english and french fancy and plain silk and satin vests: real new imarket eomforts; english and french fancy and plain scarfs and hdkls; chamois, silks-web and go-..elenstic sus penders ehal ois, mcerinoa, alol; wool, welsh fla n nel, silk and cotton net sherse and drawers; fine linin and c-tlion shirts, with linin bosoms, plain and rollied; ivory pearl and plain handle silk um. brellas; "Graft's" premium G(oveso-alo, a beautiful arliele of white kid, for weddings, balls. &r.; Sprittlefield silk and raedapn hldkfs; plain, figured and embroidered Cambric do.; silk, anib wools, marino, germantow-n, oad brown and while cotton balf hose; all of which they offer low for eoab.,or to puntnal eostnmwrs ns Ie.,nl Nov. I ALLIGAflit LI NU Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. Leaves Mobile Touedays, Thurs. days, and Saturdays, per the - splendid steaner Champion, (ex. cept in case of st,,rms,) to Penosacola ; thence per steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thence ltur hIorse post coaches via Marinna, Bainbridge, Pin. derton, Berrien, Outlaw's, aod Perry, to Maeon, Ga ; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, to War. renton, then;ce per rail road cars to Augusta. The Champton is in splendid order, with new copper boilers, coppereod and c pper fastened. The le Roy hlas been thoroughly repaired, her accommodationns are as handsolom as any be ,. The beau iful Santa Rosa Sound, anod Clontas. watchie Bay present the most interesting steam na. yigation in the South-being at the sametnme perfectly land locked, The Teams are not surpassed on any route in the country ; the drivers, to a man, careful and atten tive. The bridges heretofore dangerous have b on newly built, so that high waters do not inter ere The eating houses have been iostly changed, and are now as good as on any road in the Sonth. it is generally known that thie c.celletgap and hardness of the roads enable the teama at all sea sons to make groat speed. Their senoothna so. cures the travoi'er from the ordinary futigue of stage travelling. The'll Line is now c rrying its passengers from Augusta to Mobile in four days a .d twelve houre, or to Nw Orleans in tour days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days + nl seven nhours. Tl'le time actually employed in travelling is the same as ii the other directiqqg, I o the difference of tine on the roqlte, is capeed by a day being lost in lPensacula, w ,aih, however, is noll repaid by the op ortunity it gives ofsoei.g thIe Navy Yard, tl-o old Spanish Forts, etc. Tle traveller also sleeps at Macon, and again at War. tenton. This arrangement will continues till the travel turns northwa-l. wllhen the line will be the a8.nle from Mobile I ., "ta, as it is t1w in tIh other direltinn. This Advertise ,:. teo,,, r i : ain lketfment of ficts, tile nc ) f ' el. tLe proprietors gnuranteotoea ,. -5-i;giroom tit)s penalty of his stage fare. Maps ofthli L. n, ,a" ua - ,o~o at the Ex hange Hotel, W ry . r.ea., 0"i ea, th Malosion house, Mobile. !.,rl " from Mtbhile to A.ueusta, .47 50 5h0ei.. .-,i-e+ds. by atranJCh to'TaliashassaMe. _ '- ' :Io, the line Connects with tlhe T) , "rr;ing the mail to Ape achiaola and O.tie at t.o Measlnn lioosse, Mob l. S O OSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. 'I; PON Oii elf':s Nua. 1, 3 ji j? !)xaicl Web::-c peo, Fclt'o lago mnur pen *0t~rs e~et Icorry'sflat 'og d, S1 tl du ohm .l 0 WViooI ranio1a do ou doiduble paten Jo imp. -jot Double paotr,1 do i t. Iuuf,. ht-r o dopNotiuuoi do Amd oocccol('aommeoarr Chootfor rule at DA~VID FELT &~ Co '14 Cltartrn e N ' SiotlioncIa HIll C C(7t (, &,!.-Jst rceCived andI for sale by Wmr. .1clieaa, corner of Ca~ p anol Ccllnao alreala, A generl aooomtcerorourvcyoraL'sCcpou-seao o00 '4orhrv,,tiucm Ialp llrx.coo, Ilcooloc Pooer. . Spm.iug liiodcodo, bprtog B..w l'euo, Ivory Pro IrocZcro, 75, loory Scabuo, (iomtoor Scales. Olosn Trinnolos, parallel Rolora, licrosrop~o, Tl~euaoooewoo ijo a Conmera Obaeurco, Survor Chain,, Fro 1Icroet C 'apro. ac 5lj~ CLAI iN(i 2ARIS-Jnet reid ooc n r w grauce into L olvsryouperior French cards, xomre v0rv hi,. rod an One, for gll chteat br 1) FELI d Co. and, et Sttonesorr h-ll~d4 Chortreo sL tit LI AY-loll1 bolto Norterno . luoding troam brigA tpc rio. I.1 oppoire pgoo No 1, oocnuol llnicbipaliss, and p for vale by SHA.l. & BIROWN, tars spel 24 _ _ ilnebpine strcet '1" 41i5Uii AR-Tr, ondjg nluri b F nd iion.o-=oo Slo, l fiOosl'urkey gran arabic, 5 do liqootice poaoc, and at lako oanua, an.1 for sale ho A JAbYVIS & ANDREW", TU a13 cormor Commno &Tohoupieooln o ta appl BIItIARIJ BALLS & CllsU$,-Jra, ocondo 1'mr LI oplendid aoiiclo of Billiard Ilolls and chorka. tl4)St 4 ALLEN, april Exchange Hotel,ocr St Charlra dtopmmnn ri liltARLEiI OIL-ll borae har bm or oaroorrvmg pe IE barquo CIooieolor, foroPal a bp a13 SHALL & tlkttWt 96hhq~gainr at PI 5113 CANLES- Sap4dae pot and floe sale by 81.E 61! BM'(PWN, a13 9OrMagaoiao at (1TATE OFLOUISIANA--Parish of Orlesni )3 Court of Probate. To lil whom thoese presents may Co.ncern Greytig. . Know ye, that whereas \Villiamt aqtleyt a st.e ident of the city of Maysville, Ky., ha spplihd to the Register of Will, in and tor the & Ci.l of New Orhaon, and ex oeffHi Clerk of theCOUtI of l'robates, in and for the Parish and ci'y fNaew Orleans, oforteni, fora MONITION or ADVER:t 'I'iSEMENT, in cothflrlity to .ite Act of ih' Lraislnture of the State rmntiled `.'u actfor thq further asasra n'eftitles to purchaersatJudicial Sales," approved 10 It of Marth, t834, notice is hereby given to all whorn it ta+y ctearn that by virtue of, and in obetience to an order of sone fpettt said tour, of ttrobarea, in and for Lie parish and city nloNeW OQlicalns,hear r, defp the third day of Apri', one thousanad eight hundred and thirty eighr, and rendercd iq thp roltter of the l tp Nathaniel Cox, ,n Itl petitin l.. ChIia.topher Ad ams, jun. Syndie if thie ercdtorsa of eaid sOuccesa lion ot Nathaniel GC., deceased, which prder of sale was als grantse Itl lu ault toliO dlibteraltion of a ineting f tohe credidrs 'of the deceased duly hell and cyonvyPed to the tlhird day of Fets roar,, eighteen hundr aeand httrny eight, befary fl B GtaCne, Etq . Nornry Pablt, and lab after iho ,lan!i and usatl ptttreali ,n had been madet the Register of Wills did exposea for a rle by public auction on the nintlh day of Moy, one thousand eilht h!tqdred and thir vfeiret, f ,r aecotlt of th aluressid euccesaeitn t the late Nathaniel Coo, deeasted, the landed property hercintlter descri . bed, tblonging to the said e.oeession, which pro pertv was adjudiented to said William Mackay sq the last and hiuhest I,idder thereo!, for fthe total prie and sum of sven'eern thousand doiars. Desrfptlion of the property as given iu the Judicial c I )vey ant 0: A!l and ingttl r two cettrin lo's of groundt togetler with the b lldings and improybmpetq thereon, and all eho ri~gllt Rrivileges, cuasltttl wase. servitudet and adtannyatc lherrgntq be longinc, or in any) ire nppe:tainingsitualt in 1he ruhurb St. larv, nf thie cty. in the square bound. ed by Poydrna, Manoazin, Lafayeate, and Camp sarretr, and d:stenated by the numb'ers seven ean eight, on a certain plan drawp by F ederiek Wilr Iatlrteon. D*putly Surveyor Genoprnl, onder diat of the seventh day of April, one thousand erght hand, red anld th.ty.eflht, and deposited in the olifce of II. B. C'nan, l.Oq. notnry public I.r reference a, which twolots ndjoin each other, and Ieaeupoe each Itw ntytone feet three inches and lx lines front on said Poydrnm streett by sixty.three feet eleven ilches end six lines in depth, between pa.. allel lines, [Americtn mn ooagre.J Terms-one and three yetars redir, frappror v,cd endorsed notes, secured by special nourtgaqq u tt il fint al p"tvment. t\ Iteret-re, all iersons who can set qp any right, tillt, or c'aim, in and to the ltsof krolun( and and htdtlinue hertin described, in consequenncepf informalily in the n.der. decree, or judgment bldore rteidpfj, nord tnm!er thich ,he gle tyas atadet or uy ItrregulamntIitt l legflolfy in tie p.pffrijmep.e or at!yerttiemrntt, in irnet and matnn, t ofalfet tr for any other itouse or r detect, whatsoeverare here. hy cited and oalmnonirhed np hAow within thirty dqys from he publilcttotn I:elpol why the salet, at made no afhnrrald, should not the conijrmed qp4 htttltgntg d in accordance with the upplifctioQ to P.aid ptrcllnaser. Wittness mo hqnd nrd the sool of uPaid turt of Proutenl, his cecotd lany of May, A. D. ifS9. [1. 8S W F. C DIIPLESSIS, may 104 in0 R titerof Wills. PAROISSE DORLEANiS. C1 OUR DES PREUVES-Etat de la Louiaianq --A tons ceux qua cola pout concerner--. Salut : ' 'il t oit connu qite, atterdu qua William .nas, key, do la ville de Maysville, Kent~clry, ulest, Dao. reasf au Rdgister des Teaistamons, dana et p~Oar 14 paroisso et la ville de la Nounelle Orl6ana,.p1oex officio greffier do la Cour des Prouyes, dana etpoan ladite villect paroieno, pour pohlier, at annoopar contorm6ment b u ancte de la L6gislature, intip.. SApto pottr cunfirmr leas titres des aequireur oanx ventno judioiaire.t auprtouvf to 10 Mars 1834. Avis eat par I pr6sont dolnnd a tous ceux qua aela pout cone rner, qu'en vertn at on execution d'qn prdro de vente do a dito cotur dea pruoves, ldant et pt pqgir la parois.seet Ville tot la Nouvello Orldaps, on date du trfir Avril, mil huit cent trento hlqt, et reondu dans I'affaire de la scceossion de feu iathan. iel Cox. sur la pFtition do Christophe Arams, .r, Syndic dos crrdaucier do Ia dite succession de fe4 Nathaniel Cox; lequel ordtre do vents fut eaoerdd conforn.6nment anx td iborations d'9pe gqambldo dos prdancierp d!u didTunt, dument cqqyoqude et teonu le trois F6vrior, mil hiu cent Fron- hqit, pardevant lo nieur II. B. Conns, not, pub. at ngeio apres los publications requioes par la loi i to 6 gise for tdes Testamens offrit on vents publique gl'eonpa lo neuf mai mail buit cent trento huit, ponr compte do la dito succession do fou Nathaniel Cox, lei divers fonds ci aproa docrits, aIppartttant 4a ln ditp successiotn; lesrqelles furont odjtgd6 4 f Villiatt ulackoy, plus offrant ct tdrnier enol.drioaeqr pour la sommo totale do aix.sept mille piastres. Description de lta propritid d'aprbs le traufert judiciaire. Deux lots de terno voc les hittisaea at oandliopre tions qui s'y trouvent, etons los droite, privi ages. coutumesa, voins, sorvitudea, ct avantagea qui en di pendent, situd au faubourg Sainte Mario oo cotto ville. dans I'ilot bornd par la rue Poydras, des lMagazina, Latayotte at du Camtp, et ddsiga6 par leas uu6dros sept et hit sur un certain plan dreesa par Fr6dd6rck W Iliaman , ddputd arpenteur g6nk: ral en date du sent Avril mtil hItt ceqt tront8 hui, et drdpos6 pour recptir0 eon PI'tude do Ii. P.COenaa not, pub. lesquels dits lote attonant ]tun p PIautr, mesurent lphocun yitngt et n piOts, troui pRtIas, six i gnon de face o l dite rue poydraa. nur soitaunto trois pieds onne ponces six liguel do profondeur mitre lignes parallole , moturo fIrancais. Conditions. Un, deux at troiens dan ecrddit an billets endon. ado tsautisaction, asour4a par hypothlquo npdcialp jurqu' aparfait paien)ot. 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