Newspaper of True American, May 20, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 20, 1839 Page 3
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GRANb REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TObU IDRAWN ON THE let DECEMBER, 1039 INJ'ACKSONVILLE, Fla. Urfi.nrt'lm superintende:ce oftbo Cunmiseslneral up * .the Legilalutive Assembly of Florida. sCtnIIr' T & HIIAII.TON, lManagers. 100,000 tickets, al $15 scheme price. $1,500 000. Sellinc prien $0 per ticket. SYLVESTELR & ou., 156 Ilrondway, NEW YORK, Sale Agents. - . .Ithe receilts of lhe atle of ithe ;ickets will be Ic idolted Ito ihe Uanol, Union, Carrolion, Citizoe'e cold Uaiatolideteld lboanks, in New Oileon-, il he nane . Louils Schitii joinlly with J. B. Perruolt neaully Cnaslier oftilel Citilei's Hankl, nod A. Baudouin ie tually Cashier efthe Censulidaued Ihnk, as 'ruseis, as ler aet passed aieine A. lazurleau, Esq. Not. P'ub. on the 2d May 18:19, anid tile iroupeties taneferred Io thp above iluntionedl gentlemen anincumobered, as Trustees, for the security of the fortunate prize hol derns . In New Yorkl the monios will be depoitecd in fie Pihoenlx hank Ito ili tc.redi of lthe aubove nured City 'Banks of New Orleaus. The Public are referred to the acts passed befine A. MI)alnrloII, :i.1. Not. Pub. iIn rnltionaL I,. perties which oembrace Illthe respective pri es Loaery. G600 PIIIZE-, ns follows: I Prize-That magni:ellt Ihree story brick building, klnowni na the AlttCADIf, in Olateoiue tlreeo t.neasurila 286 feet 5 Inletsi 4 lines oil Magozae st. 146 feet 6 inches on eravir streot, aid ll fet II inches uot Na.oes ot. This building producc now a rent ff$37,11H0 ier n auto, aid Ineg in the mostflouriahieg part if lie" uptoiile tllrCO bltko, endl ill th oot ilh dilto noibllborhbod of tho St. Cliuoles and the 'ity lintels. Its reclte will, inln very few venrs bes increasel to filly IoitusanI dollarN per UPltr n f. s tilnlatd ait $7i 0,700 &Irtice-tli'unt eleueot for slot v brick build. iu knlovn as im h. itV ItitIT'.':I, formerly tlilhpi't a Hotel, aituetldi at thke crniherftl omtll and Co onllllll St eall ringllicl 161 in c on o' sIIII ., and IGi t et 110 inches on Cao.p st. This buildiog renth oiiw for $25,t200, anlldbuitl inl hle most celltal Klrt of the city, call slortl lie inlcreaoed notheljoy liu.oated doillrs per uo . nto.tniry Iu d dll t $500,000 f Prize--lThe three ctory riick (.weIrTll i hlteee, No. 3I1 cn ieololz ic ieot, idjoiIng t ll.e lArede l, r.ei.d lt i12 , lerilz-'Tleo illc, saooy lick b oellliog huiie, No. lit, udjoiing No. 20, o Noh'jl- nIieem, rented at w I e 1c liiidrod dillors. Esliliicolld t ' 2001111 1 P'rizc-''lThe three sturv b:ick d. vtling r.d donlttlirs. h:eiii ln 111 t ili $20,l 0 Il .ize--'il'l Iiiio eiiico No.2e:m i tlt at crr o iaiioland Cuitom llous1 strees, Oeteco lllirg l l bit fruonl gle mli. lslle, 10flt eol frion r:nnkli, stlreet, by 127 feet depth in (Sn oclllntlllhllliFe t r.ea; t ente ll.ft tasc III, lee) lolloars. Liislilelo( $ 40,)00l lPriz--Tile dwoelling hioiu No i4 uhoult wPI (eiolr rof Itin-i stree, ieena. urlng . fieet 7 inlclei ton ISlein ct, :.l'l 7 inlohllel oni Franklin ltreeC, by 127 heet 104 iicotes deiih il Ctis totllbolti strcl; reiiel iI lilfien h taoreil dollars. r .etiialnted at $20,000 I Pric--The lwo i.hrV brick dwelliog leiie' No.33!) oll Ifloyul treet, betweec tirioli') I2 ieetl;.o is tbi n oyol ci, biy 127 let I in .liea it depth;li rcunt ed nil $l1020 pr anl:ue . EsRi tinled at $15,000 I Prlic--¶5l 11iires CUenal Blok slu:k, Ui $1011 loelc, $25,.00 I Prizc-- 0 ll la Coiuncercial Bank stock $ I(II11 eich, $ 20,111111 1 Prizl--1iil shliare Mechall ics' and Tri ders' Itnl k suock.l, ( $10(1 enlch, 15,,1000 3 'rlz' oif lI I ii) . li eat r:I l, t:ilv Illcik, 3t,01111 2 riozes f 511 ". I. lor lntgo . II,IlIl(l 2'i rizes of i " "1 (oc ight, 5,1000 ',1zrs or 1i e "Plliehakia,' ,oid 'l'l ade.,r ' :5,11(1(1 71 'liesi- of 1 " Il . liiii.itns Mat,, lO11(1 ll0 toriea ofI 11 " u0lllon i )nk of Floridail, 12,0101 It och li e i lies optting i'lihi wizlirii "f lricec eol L-iik stobki eitelr to lkei tlailack ilollf or the par MO11 0"1DIRt0WINf. 100,000 (1( tikwt Itrain I to 1(0, hill, will Ie put in nnc fvho mI, l 1111 In o, lA,,v ll the blanks, in uInIsure,;In everl) oIIIoi r u IZC ar blu 1) 1 ~,II ie d-',wl1, onnl all i. her, il the Il l- blw'il, ir llll'I~ii Hider !Ill Z1 I .1 '.1\)i orn, N . (' ilt llI , ( * *' 1 1,1 a11, IIe sa d t o 1! 1111(1't Not s .lr,,N, !ý,',v e lrh· 11non , wi1ll llrl~nptl? FeroFrI,:II. (Irdurn fooll Illsp ~oof r.- I~ l'liý"i . I:~rl ilio ll. add illllr:"" sr rtlP I - 11 `l :1il. l11ll llI1 0 1 \111'011 : Nl w 11 -- A sirandroat twi~rl Ilrllllll 0l lll0ltk w Fllrll /lt I ti AjlpitltoII'o ti1ll; Fo lun Ihe dllrl~lll to oilao'c the e, A:(l~ll~lllAdll·Ll IlA3lilOy A1~Ay'A drw 1in 2 D J C1rlIAVI As nI) II7I(n.Al i'1 14 I. A' _ litIrr tI 111.;1)1( .\1, lil : tb -, 11 1 1'1'"I')"',' H r 111lival J ,Irl-lo u .·1l, "urr p J I lli. llt 'c o illur lli 1 V ; h ull ust t lo" N rrv r.; .sCI i CuI A'r111' l lo il l , i cill, '. h. tk lolll.le llt 1L sIly' ("tI o p111101 '11111 lllIllA Illlj'o'lllld. - J 3 ltlIAN 171. A 1 , R. lgwir lI,t tr.x l'll 1111111 , A11N u I:I 11,1'1'1 II.. I. 1 8711' :: ll'IV, wonU d rs117 e1 All P cllIIhet't r1o0n iIn Notltlo ,lfrAll' ' waI t n I t' o I"lll)) 1 li8ro t, ln 1 I I 1 c, 1,1011 Ia or 1111 r-it sorll AIIC 1' 0 1aIdr vn t ,l i l k c ll Ilv krr1: I : 111neul out' fao l r: t-lr ou ,ut; to i, l at varw T : storku, 01 every ,le ss Iri;,tio : 1" «la.;liv nu l can n 'ou",pender. sll:, er ohon aid th~ it 1 Ala, e,: _ I "u toho~kingluve.: notbriellas and cnnea told .\1"i, -Splen did esa ornwll nt if ladl t and cents ýt"'ri -- Tý W. COLL8IH'-ý OFI'I o. 100'111HON 7', 1' (E .(bahge. Iila Il(lllo- I II,,'dinis.) ilI~(:ll {''Adlill) l'oonnioiell (1 taken o llidavi~s under nail by I I_ .11111.+nl' thc .\rte of (1., yr",l , pa-sed ii bb Uebrn loll eher ac-, of ongtes, iu such cases inauc andl atodth" wvreat scrwlny ol'the sblo T I'nt Lawyers.r ENGRAVER AN') C 1I1, r s'I'E.* t ll'LA'l 'r I'itu'rleiult Yo. 3, Camp 1t.nwlilg ~ nld ' rILTIenrrave nod print to ardor, hnttk notes. loIII1 D*lls I Ilouar" ,ell;, dor piaoca oth Irr wore, .0`l:. -always u1.ll l' (arlsprotvl run laesalruoy 'trued aav!0Ie~~r s . TO T-` lE LADIES. L ILJl.l.'S U'I'TERO AIIIDOMINAL SUPPRTI'IIER T IIIS new instrument for the radical cure of Pro jlpetsuo Uteri, or Falljig of the Womb, by ex t. roon al tieltlon, souperseding the use of the ub jettionabhle preseary, is confidently recoommended to the. aftlicted as the means of a perfect restoration to hcalth, it never having foiled of performineg a cure, even under the neost aggravated circumstano ccs. It has rece:ved the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamin C Brodio ; Sir Jamees Clark, Physicianr to the Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on midwifory to Guy's llos. pitl ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Grifllth, lecturer to Westmin-ter IHospital; Dr Ilmbothallla, lecturer to Lonldon hospital; Robert Ferguson,lecturer to Westmlinster hospit, al; Dr Swratrulnn, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and scnior accoucileur to Queen Cllarlotte's lying in.hospitall; also by Hnury Davies, Conlquolt; ltlyndell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Kentons, &. by Dr l orreau, pro.idolt of the Academlie Roayale doe Jledicine. Paris, and Accouchcr to the Duchess D'Orlcas i; professors Velpeou, Marjolin, Paul DuLbsis, Sa son and others-and in New York by prolissorJ W Franeis, G S Bedford, M D profes. cor of midwifery in tloe university of the city of Naw York, profs. Do!afirsl. and Francis, U John. stlu, president County Mtd Society, Laurens IHull prcident mled snciety State of N York, pIols Jan MncNaughton of Albany, prbl Marchl, Cyrus Per. kl's, I)oa'ec-Drs T'hos lloyd, Gillbert Smnitlh, IIuilck, Stearns, Ludlow, Kissam. Vache, Power, Griusoon, VanllnRossalacr, andl many other ditin goit~id plysicianll in tlsa U Slates. A t Itull, Oflice 4 Vessey at, Astor Iousso N York. j7 A conatant supply of the above instrumentos, with Dr Ilull's ismprovoed Trusses for tlernia, will be kept by SICIfLES &, Co, N Orleans, A cs Carpontcr, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood villc; Booth aud Mallory, Menplhis; W D Wilk;n. no, Soumerville; Hall and Washington, Nashlille; "Me '.siray uad IHameilton do; R I. Bliss. Florence .I J C S.iutsqued,i\thens; Irby and Mastin SHIPPING. For Europe. FOIR lONIIO1. T'li. A I fast roiling ship ST. JAMES, David IInwe, muster, hapving larlolf her oar goriigegd, will hlave doopatobI. Furbalance nl'irright Inr Iaaaage, apply to may 14 Sl & J P VI11I'NIY,17al7l3 am FOIL BUSJI'ON. Tie lost sailing whip FERAX, D. Ira. 151ymaotr, hing mat ofaher cargo enraged an io goin1or, hoard, willtaver dLsp01011. For hieight or pavenge, applto. may 17 S &,J 1' WIITNIW, 73 Cwn;p at 'The A 1 nod nco aship ISAAC A.I.EIR. I'[(N, Caj,'I Forry, reljnill'. l3m balr. to fill up, and c Id,,dooImlyarcO ,udale 6 loll puaaengoro. Apply to mIl' 1.-11 (A1.1',! 13 C(3,amoon FO it 1.1.1 V1111LVO.)L. 'flirt? A I lloYt soifir g shit No~llhlnllll n, J Maca, ,aalcr. havingp alrt ,,l ' cargo oil. gug,:d, will have ',s llclt.For reigt o pussa4I apply to A r& J & ' 3 IIINI11 1', onl1y 3 74 Coop fit TOIL I HAVILE. ThI, A I anlld superior ficip NIEI, Copt. Rlnllm:llurd, will runic\I dcs urh.Fur pus huge wcil, apply to L 11 (Ia1lrl, llit IVIllayo. I .-Olt LVLIC:I(P(,(II. h A Ihp51 ), Ca. Brry, can Ilulddlonwly alcemnowdlu to six cabino paa uelngersi. Apply an boausld, or to mid 1. 11 (___,KI, 93oaRnlmna at FOIL LI 0(RL0 01,. Ihouange Only. Thulr A I rid very first ruilillguhip I lAAC ALIEI'lI IN, Ca ItTregllhv nue liatu, depaltcl. Ocr puaeaag 111nly aply t0 L II ti LE, 01,011 'JlCollin Il Coastwise. lOll NEWV YORIII. New 'o k uudl N~R Orloona Ito, alo:t l'Moola,' 3011h iloot. Tim sitr I'olrllalaltip AIUIRKN, Copt. llurf.:v, raptness uboot'210111"& . cotton to01() 11 I fill up. Fr frigIt or pIasuge, hlavingocle meant fn lrlluilll'l i(·lullllacdld tlIIIH( ll!,ll 1 on hoard 1(1pto site I L',ulle at o~r fi '1.1t1).1W 100 61(ii Canoty s --- - -- F ) NEW 'i liK. - II,,',' Lille oft 1',,a hot+.t 111 11 TO orl ou L c !:Dili, last.. 'Flwe'oll!-ntll lilt alliili" (iaekl~t spilt ..Ot' t ;A ruu l nt'r ~i71010 ll sn A th e e b l~l t. t k t I nto A Oj :(l~ 1 1111111'`, :, t 8.1" Inv IIr,;," 'I. a IN INNrk lI,, o to 6.1I I Ilo 61 II & . , c [-'ILt c.t II, 1' , 1 llt l1'11 N )KlK. itllhlt rA 'I'h f"., silinR h~ill 1111.. 1ap Iamaml1,,ill "tl it on & mdv 3 ext, wIIIN r cabin told 1110 tl+tr I gta hIa g i s hviO g Road o (I(·lllttml~dlliUon11 applyI on boirrn of Pont 53, 11d~ Mmi,- NIIP. ( S( J Pl Wlall I'NIa InIv I 1 73 C1amp t 1l7'I, IA 11 IIre" II null v 1y lus1 sailing ship ll c (() t 1V A 1 , ( lu IItI m * plttttt 'w ill c e iv0 de-pch o 11 ll, Alll ltri a111,1 I:uving hmtdsml" arromnuld·(ll utiun< foUI; ~ r cullin (r .(wer:·1CBI pussrngr"'l", Apply Ia 1 I 10.: p117 !13 XX' 011116 is nor Il(l.lllird, ).11III he gla~d to weceive 1,1· " ru (l ll ls ofI u o 11"wdl u otrr I , 1 0 1 1 0011 NI Imt , ic I i sh, Xl III liI t this o11.111111i NI fINN/Il rl llljlllt I I IR I~i Itttl I lnl 111.11 n' rI . r of1I'ac111"11 N. To .ni~il! 1lr~~~r'l no 11 1 ! %511 1 i 141t'1(t. IravI~et I'li l 111'1).\1.1":, Mo11 m, r, will 6i A oil us above ( 11011. 11· 1·.r IljJ lieill" or pn.++ugr havlllll I 1x"r" ll" l 1 , "IIIIIIIIlllll r illl ..tutu b o ilslr oppi, Iu 1II Ib. i capiil. 0 111.(10111.(111. l"', t IIBI below the ,u 1."Ill market, or to A 1'1)111:.\ III I-1 No !I-l i l'Il ll.ll ill r. 1 1 III -- FOR ..11".11' (''Ilk.lCII 1111 lr·1"11 (1 -I ''b 11 po rt \ p 1{1111 l'\l:p.r. I lam.II 'mold, 11111 have ,~·. I,-' .·t,-, I ' ,or ,,n,, l I, I-lll~ ilIllllC NEWll~ 1/ 1'111:11.11 I .. ' I a i~ n 11 i, 1' \I 1 N .11 W- 112 FN S';"gtr, lutter, 11.d,.ar d and ater (Cra:ckers. All tle above arlie Is arro warranted to Ilb oft he firs rlU.tlity,, r,:l to k:eep ill any climate, beillg compl,'t' I i k .hi l dre,,. Albo,--Klu Li ed corn mna!. SI )rderý left \1 U. W\. Prl chard k and Tuga t, Jr. Itortr i g., .zat! I'P ,,vdras strp-t \, t re(.! ivt pr .,npl Uticatin. Small kegs put up expresly fcr . an)ly ue. 15oIIv COTreaTOT C IICUto I RS H Ii7' I'll I. r' a hI) I tl h I, (hi nt';( it Irl.ddlia,, and n Itlo stlyh u~l+, rl! ý:r',I inL N1:wV 1l; l.t...\S, of "e:s - ill I, e. S)I; , eIt, Ia/,oft lrri i o ;v i ~ t! a e 1v, harles i h..u2 , t!~rim. r r,' (,'r ir r ,t. ) or of T'1' l I 'E A \ Il I iR I Il'\ N 'lllN 'r'IN (; ) F IC'I . ', i.. ttN i nrl r Ie t','\7I ., S it {'karlhs I n e ,, will be l. 1h illm, I l ll pXt l i ltitN I (init. en I rpl Iii . E :O:C(E iC. yIIILDS . ATrornve ATr LAW, 11 1..trun ld hd1 1.3l ll. ('1 1 t, ulN d the 1 I)esllrl.e ('o!!urlds, ,o I lr .i,, ulng.ll d s. , e the adj iCenl _ c.ltlies-t lI.l lli t th i t I1 Io Illo sttnll. I . C hll.lll ont vtrL' tllllll it d hll't h r rOlllu ty lat Ir mlIet, w&ill le Imdl'rtknn III p lro(ily hi.,eni.edI yI Addres trome the Uniled Slaws--City of Ihlo-t:. Ito tihe care of S. iio er, jr. ( l'exas Post Oll!ce Alogent I New Orivau iy s. u :ltar -)srý1iL W1'IE1:.,s-,10set Hllisting IWheelf , i1 of illlproved conslltruction, in fLrames tn 1om1 t'1 fo, 7ir atle "J yI 1, nlLay --l d 'tvli Cir.le 1 UNNY1 lBAi--3t.0,tin ibae.I sntl I,utdlels, for anle by ISAAC fI.tIil) t & Co, i l I'lI' t .\1,aa i l. Tlitjb--llltbo c's . erw , (' tndlee;. N ma y2 13t1 \innzine st i :\l ) (n'Ix..t t'II -,i .tilI li vII ilstt Ii l ..w It llb , lly t Ir u''4 li1 rrl iL' rWAn t intr sale by T'1'SI)i &" AVEIY, i i7 311 New l.evre 1 -AiI) - IS t i.. JI ar, .ul i .it f lat , fabr-t S Cji4 r1Ctivrk htinale by I ItOIS eI', err I I r.II N e w ,1e1, Et. II E,.t - : itI '. (-- 5 carte t finel ' ma ih , tinlt', f 1 ll I.y 6 T I1!)1(II':', I)1 11117 . 41 ,ew I.evee bd Ire rltU hlg I rt, ., t nbi a11l I ,l ter. licg i t"lr, \i . a l d maly 17 ' AVID IET & .ll L '. t - l tvs h tl,,h -ael-ts, i t freqir e (t lr llr's 93 p r c n t " "Tteltall u', tut It St l , lr;iclu fltr satlhe Itl Nu '14 I( .'hll C s , r iy 17 111 l 1) 16, r l to, tD.\ 1'-!o',,i, N , 151 ,-x"7 its to , t i-.,ri nhi, neh . I, ' ) y ra ,t I A i oel; t . in taler st al. r 1i A R--r, , L e . . it.: il....... S.. n., in stare myv 15 73 Cualrln -t - . elrllllar Colllllulr t,, hor Pull, byv -y 15 C: DOR@EV/. 4.1 Nw l.revee. lb lily| (: I('rItSEl2 , II New Iven [ tt:1Jl!in, to tIe ta,·ill'; thle akers sllall give r'e. Fot 0 c l ]tsllitd nIf L h thle rcutL' qllic, oIr o" tlllee C loavcs flr 10 t'ellt, is i'{.irci to It) w, h :15 pler cetl.l . in; imor viz: "10 ual;:cs. )s- -iln r C GENOIS, Myor. r e l, l ·t' lte + In tlltllulh etlrn nay al ticlu ill his lile a. ?I sblhort nt . C(harlg;-p Ihoder He . I ,it, N. It. 'lVlchrrs, Jtvwlry, Nlrite Rouxcr., Spectacles- Old Gilld nml Sthlecr antd. may 1, by l._ ,)v urlit les, plinh and trled, for aale at No, " , tie tamy 1 DA V!I) FEI.T & Co. it "I EPL'EI --211 I hng,. 'or sale by r V sale by c1I.LL & IlOW, r- IME-.910 e i0 Th -lion I.ime (Sleto. I'r sale • by S & J PV Wi i I N1:V, Snuy 14 73 Caltp at. o:'our |+ld uud ..;tiatir Jeesus (hri 1, by tie Itee. N Ilettry, Whll, A.. ,I, Reetor of ipper (:llel..:ilu, and Iotae FellU. of P'embroke Ctolirglt Cambllridge. ald chllap luin to Lis grace the thllae if Rijihlrm n', in 2 vols. its, Alsu Iectures ulpOn th Ihis| .ry of tie npostlePaul, by Kill the sauce authol. The above are now w lk anlld very ma, neally executed, and w ill be sold very luw by ad ALE. TOAR, t~n may 3 49 Camp aliSel, il [---yO --B- ueo.ta No li--00 boxes in store, for sale Yhv _ABRtA{I. TRIER) jt~airilt'_- i31 Gr 'ler et stin FOR NEW YORK. - Aewt York 4 Yew Orleans Line. A NEW LINE of pakets has hetklrestablished to run between Na w Orleans and Now York, to consat Tol'fivc :st rateships, viz: Shlil St. lirarv,. It \V trr, ntan-ter, " lRepublican, J (I Russaill " Auburin, II I' DurTey, -- eean buillding, These ships werl built in Naew tark'expressly forlnhid atrade; ar;: of lia ght drtught a, ntter,uand will tlnt b, sulljest to deteotin at the IlUr. 'T'heir aecOllllllaa ntinalls forlasengers coarprispe till that iapy ibe required lihr call;Iurt ad convenience; and their cmlmln drlrs sre men o(f el) BlinCe. Until the ship s now buildling are eu:lipleled, two lilst class ships will supply tl.eir I; grente t Ipnrttatiiy ill Ibe observed in the tilme of aniling, and every reastnab:le accommuodationl ex n tided In shippers and passengers. or Iuralitr larticulars apply o It s rs. .hanaso e 1 L.,.rden,No.86 iIWall Street, Now York, orto joai Pl'1ETER IAll).IaW, ii Camp at FOR NEW YORK. [I.oaisiana and New York Iine of Paetcls.] To sail regldarly a aadlverlised fa'ot each Port. rTIHE line in a nhis, lotnauta crompote'la of thie fl.r,a iln, a hip, but a i ci rlu IleatV rew ieln will 1.1! 11111pat tr at rally duv, Itnlkillg-h, lllll" l b r twelve ill all, ii Ili,:h -eek Burini then year, tiha natlirdinlg promapt Ileailities lir tlrasportnlnioll uand at Ihe laoest rles Iafllar'ighlt. Shlp 1zorn, Claptain T'rask. " MissismipIpi, Ih-ebe. tluntsville, lllrilg I Shakesplure, I'lllner The a nove ships are all If the tfit clin~ , cop pered buill ill N, w Yiork expressly fur ihe rnlIP/v*'ith eltlllleg t ernlrmnedations f'or passenagers and cnnoI iated by cd I 'Thle I.rie .f IIsage is fixed at $80, without wine, or liquors Iample sItole ill every r hr pul l will Itii i rvidll l al, and eveav tllentiol given tio priilIIOllo Ith aclllolert ia inloi passingill to ndl ro in lltr lic e. 'Ir h sllp'l will I a ll liilllae.i he rowed ip Ild U down the ilver and he grautlest pctuality abaserved a lo their duy nofr ilher th owtier i or cpllllnil-i of li e resseli will ra lahr a r lnirn r ll anrin radi h 'e rn,,sp.a iblre tlr jre-al r, bllliaa IIaa t, :iaa ia , ,lo e,-a a it vraairla rll-,ravllla'a, rlrtna n.' aIais, o lal art' wa r, rtllll-l ri a ,r alllllilt -, (Ir t.ic r r ira tial, riraa t ica il il. st lrira , fIa lira Y le terar , arcel r ,,rireia . o. Ina Jl I'nlriý[it or Ial" e Itial. Ie, tar 1i 1t100lI J d\i k It IIUI.lIN,7I (inrraart FOIL NEI;W Y(tIRK. / 0 t.O tial le tlIhnlly €'vr c o.l fldlll tl.ll iaul'l. r1 a tr a ti vlll llry r1 I tai tinll to a d h. la eaa " irara nt a iaa/ ri rcaicr S he tri l aetadcala, aptin C iBtan erryi, ,rllltan rrarta c tin S. I llra, I I'i.i-sburg, Cnltairin J Eonker, lcnhe, har r nt nitalabl ay. /Lmoui, Cnptlliln Trullman . (rrrCual CIatlin Lyounihe. O lnt/, ee ( Cllpllti lealvitt. aw ,rhip -- Catl,lail \\ Ilhouse. i A'e 'hip -- Captaina Nichrls. Thei a rha' raiias ilnro ttll of lthe tirst clea , rolpricr,l, .ll1el, ) liap r fit.tened, atllnd .re built il NeI'W York ex. irc rs for this mrih-they atra a ii-'ht tiarrlatr of Wr- I ti'r, a nld allllllst ivtlriubly Ia iusi 1 r a nt b lrthOl lla i a atr lieul Tht...,l paekletL aore call nllllnirat ha r aIptaalltlin a call ex I'Crl'la'ed i'l the lilt+'a d wil ll ulwlll ex ern mI-v'I esV l In ollre 'll/lmll lnl· . 't'hen IIl nlw ni r tolllV I 'ip and t down Ihe river. and will Im'nn)lpily sa1! 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(.(.]+L.,|hal,gl+ I lotel, ,St (.'bltl L <, st, llourI ,i If D R(|(;.\S+ & :-- 11 vu-es,, +:,o]-icti!;. ol'wcne'ac +nlt. B miOl.occo h, . Mo i ll i~ l I1"l, ols, b~oys, .vmtlhs ittld ,c ldle's'l. blt).lll+ mien'sI si)lie'l" c I s nldim fl] uortll : hhlll N trtgl~tscl~l , fa slel I11 by td3 1 J lli d .\-". (bCt, 13.1 .31..uizle st t1'TATE OF LOUIr4IANA-Float Judicial Dis. 1''y ~ trictCourt-T-'lhetatei Lou.ianu, to all w ou v these p rtesen ts l t I :(, 1 t e,tl:( , ltt . et, l't \iheress, A C I anchardT, J \V IBreedlove, W '. liam Mackey, and 11 Lavergnue hlavin purchasdomI at a sale tlade by the Slhortfl' o'the Parih of (.)r- t leans thl ptropert, herein :ater described, have 'p. plied to tile Cerk of tli- Court in 'olhose olice tile te deelds ofsalo we r reorh.d ,n thllue l:h, litth,, oand 27th days ofApril, A. 1). 1039, fbr a mfonioront or C advertisement mI conormtity to an act of the Logis. o laturd ofotho Stato of Ilouirsi.,ta, entitled An act dr for the further assurance of titles to purchascrc et judicial sales;" approved the 10th day of March, p 1834: pa Now, therefore, know ye. and al! persons intoer. tested herein, are hereby cited and admoeished in per the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First d' Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, den title or clnim in outd to the property hureinalfter de. o 1 cribed, in consequence of any inlonrea ity in the de order, decree orjuodgmet otutt LCourt urder wat ict t r 6 the salte was mad' or any irregu'arity or s'legality sur inthfoanppraioremllents ad adltverti.luceets, in time llt ormanloar of sa'e, or for all othlo.r d.,efet whalt.o ever, to show calln-' withitn thirty days from tl h lo day this uonlition is first Illarted in the pubte p'pers, w:.y the sa'e so made should not be ctlirnued and fic homologated. The said property was old by the Sherill ofl tLhe Parish aforesaid, oe the 27th dt y of larch, A. D. ubl 1839, by virtue of a decree of this Court, reto er.d tr, on the 5th day ofMarch, A. D. 1039, in a suit enti. Itied Carriore & Bordruzat vs. Iu itanan & lragan, No. 17,401 of the docket of this Court, at which a ca e t-L seaid A anhI u, J W Itretdlrve, Wdi Slirtam Maclkety and I1 Lovergne becaue the ptre' u-rt' sers, respectively, uothe f 'owiting propeorty for the lot owlin almounts, to wit : A G Banchardl was the pto urchaser of ;h1 o lot of grotund utonber ix in l ydrts sh.leet, btwt,,t1t1 Camlp nlllldt t. (Chatrlos streets, illlls. urillg twenltyt ifour tirt rix ii.:ttes ftrollt otn Leuttdzas earet ly by otrlil tiv t te tt ix ichSddtlep, for the It otl'seven l I I tloulls.nlltd onel hundred do lors cash : tlhree Lhoisalld imut holdred and r.Lty tfur do lar andt i tifty cel tt, payabale the thlIrtitlh O t y of Mtar,:h, tighteen fitud-f tredatI Itorty, adilthe bnleul.c in torU anld thr11, I 'years ort te .s atisfactort ly :ndu d, ' illd tati)ng mortrgage--ad it not pncttltlly paid at t o atirityo to bor inttrtt at the rate f te per cent. till paid, t without any right to retard payment, which theo t said lsotriltacknow'edges to have received in hisl noles, paysto ao ottbver', with Joallo Metoyer & Co altnd N. Benoist asetldor.cers, atnd reserving oi thie chabove describe.I pro :rty a speei.i e Oortagst - seuntil thIe lillc poly~tc I of tIle above descrtleod t J. W. s Iru Bedlove hbeoan the pur, haser of theoo '0 ot of groulllt numllletr Fourl, inl the corner of St. SChlar:es and lI,;ydtrts streets, llaseurieg twety i four eet froet onll t. Ctharles street and evenlly. eightleeot tec stl~tcos o.t Poldris street for the ulltll et o even touusatt ;tori one oIhulndred lllltrs, pt)a ble as fIllows, vlO: O o thouus. nd dollars, cash r four thouusalld two IttLred otlld nintorrn dollars r payhb a tte 19th ," June, 1t10, and late er'ance in r Stwo andl three years, lot note, saoiofit.turi!y rt~ urs ed, and bearing taorilgge, and if lnt pun(:tu..liy paid at ttualtrlty, to bear interest at thei rite of to~nl Iper aent. tIl patid, without any right to retard pay. Soat, which thie sherill' aeknloledsgeo to have re. c~ived ll his totes Irpa.ble as above, with John Mintr e as eerty. a s th u rt ,t op, o ltgage on the Sorept'rortyo sl uatll fital peyotet of tL.o aboe tle cerltoei nolet. J \c Breedlove .co'me' , also, the purehast"r of the let of ground number One, bituat.d txt to the St Clhar.te 'Ti, tote.r P'ydras street, otou.atntng twenty thre Ietat eight inches an.t e ix ,ine on St. or Charlets letlt, by hs vr'eny 'glht f'etc tieh inches depth, together with a ftour stao brick hou.e l d N rvove bt er, 103 ', at ftlteen htutedred dto, eart, fttom thence to he tLo November, 1I1,i, :t two thlttou,' dJiltars per aotrt, p.ylahlo :otlllllrYl ; uor the to'llle n el d prite el sixteun thoursand do.latr, pyahlle as t 't, oausad dollars cash, nor: thousand frl" hundred dollars, pa;yabhl thle tuotre th day of or June, eighteen hulndred and forty; ard the balance in two and three years, in notesoc oautrcetorily en Sdorsed and bearilng mortgage, and if not pluetu. at y paid at maturity, to boar interent frbml matu. , rity, at the rate of ten per cent, without any sight to retard ota paymentI, atrd wh h a h tt. .holff ar. knowledges to have received in Iris notes endorsed by John Mliturn, and payable as above, the re. serveI special Inurtgrage on the property sold until thiro finl payment of said notes. Williaml Mackey became the purchascr of the lot of ground ilnumbered live on Poydras sutict, le-. tIwnl Crmp and St. Clarlrs strtlolt, Ilmoasuirinl twelnty-lour flet six iniches front on 'ylr,as strr. , by ninety live six inchCs deep, fir lue lrlce of e soven thoulsaind five heundred dollars payable s a follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousandl twoe hunldred and seventy.oeven ald eighlty three bhun. dredths dollars, payaUble the tlliriithI or' AItrclr, eighteen hlundred anld tlrlty, anrd the blac in two uld tllren years i :eotes satisfricroly elldorsed, and bearing mortgll ge, anltl if' not pIorclually pail aty o nmaturity to bear interest lt he rtle of ten per crent n till opaid without any right to, rl retrd paymnt, and tlle sheriff ackInowledges to have received the cash playtent, anld tle ' rI'oeer ill his ilntcs,the lwo firost to the order of .1. itwin, anl tile 'It to the order of G;o. llUellanan, and by tllllhem endolrltd ld pay. iblre s iablve: ar special mIortgage is reserved until the find payynort of the said notes. II. i.avergnlo beceale tio purch''terr of the lot of ground uurorr three, next to tr lornllr'r of StO. Charleoan od l'aydras ctreols, iimaouriirg tIwrr'y.frur feet onl inch front io St. Cthrles lrstreetl, 1111u11 , erk sorve..ty.eight celt .rn 'w hes decl,; ir tIr :orire of six thousand ninl hIundred dollirs, pay. ',lu cl frolllows, v.z:0 'Ir rd a rd rirUlt ,rLn (for lurr o', t 'lo ! trf or ttr rim h ,-o ,o i o ay ro K J nn, i tlhlo 'll It ldured n lo I rorl, I n. t t hed I ,etwons iti iwor a irro t oi r eyrrotrr, in llto,( s snrtilir.fiCetl,ril' ' e' .t'r< di alld ber rig r llrt llgngr ; amt ' I n t Iopun tu.llr'll p i o ur I :llli withour r nv right to retard paro rno, rt uil Iiht Shrrlilr acknowhledes to, Inve Ir teived Ithei cush p:, mi'endt nnd tIln ,alml, a ill noes of II, LIIvergI ', do d by rC. I).rbiauv, d i py ldhe it. ,ll) vr,, 10 ,1d t s p 'i·{l ·u(rtgager i Ait l said I.nvoto re e hi , :t n e. o ,u 1io e o rp i, r of ir r li. ltoof cogrtn. n I..rer d o.r.wo ot . .s . no r b.r one, si tllite ro inll ft.(l'l r) illo i I Cr illlllrll 't r t oeo1 ' -three fiA"t e gil oim 'I .s Ila' i r.i ho s on St. ('ir rls'o o ti , 0 y0 'sevenvii hto Ibet ' en i ch n in delr o ltr . r ge ther o ill' ro Iblr-a torv brick li oo'ni., ,u loir e th~l ' r ,00 , 0li i to o I u Ihrtr, 'until ie llirtl y-fli-t t.() ,h, r, rix'lmI, hu)Ihr ,d " aui thirtv.y it'., i rthe r't: of 'twoI 1) Ih o'io''lr '' llr t 1 er to )yer i a ',h, in. irOit i , ll, Itolu ' Itrht reoo t i\ther i I uioaudo 0nd one h1im l,ed,lu'It r, !, t e lie :i, 1 s. i.: . , I h ltim, , . - I' h, h, r tl,' l-, I ilr e h . : dr,.I duolh~r · piy:ll.l, II ' lhl mh" di it o J ] net PlJiI·h l - 1 etoo1: i,,ol tbl'rv ] , h lct'oo, l,',to' hir w ,''o loll th ,'o ' TTrA, i Dn L, , ;:. 1 ,l ily etlh-i r,!, ,o,, I,<,, iltOlrli'lf:li, 'l" 1II0. 1 !( 11' t :('r'I ,! pl l I , m: a -i! l" I , he",llr ilt',r0 Lt I, In0 t titr 1o.o't I0 0 ,'' r, e t , d l , or 1lIono l ot oiny ' ri ', . to .ri id ;ll Ie . iqu t r r " '. n r. " ,I,_( : i. or' I oot ont rot, '.ool n 0, ' I 'o-o ,o ro oll.' illl lI . {to ' r n00l00l00 oo I m itthol e 00 .to rt c teoro .l I., L.ooelo ,, i, W -1i )llla a' c y e ltfe i t. LnI avergueIII a n t ,'i ,,,,. i .: I dl- l I, ei 1e prpe , n to , t.lld 'il lit'll t, tol' , .1i. tO r i CnIIIrl a!i, ndl.. ,I, h . . I 1 ,' of' f ),Jal , ,Igl.:I , ,1" all,-- .: toe s crlll tlle ales I, i, ul l' C'III. .,(i t r I, , IianT,, les prolOridtds ciolpril dhwrit,. so ut ; adrI o no. Gret;. de cet o tour, til le. antes d vn. to t'1 tu!Od 'Aent pour lcsot.o o !- itres ds ne ti reurs .ux venter judiciairO e;" anppr:,t o t i0 Mars 1831. I'lil soit conlinll toutt - Io":r o lo ,.n , i'uohrsel es i ' o Prit I ar c(tos p H ::entro suOm1 ill u o.I ds I'atl! do l la. Louisiane etdo la colr du Pr0ni0''r r1).strle rI i ci irenui pour:airlnt avoir hdr' it t la prolllr ., ci. itpres don rite, en conseqencellot tl'llnl d6'autlto 11,r dauns l'ordre, l decret ol le j,,',men'doc cou or, oer ver 'u ,ugiuel o . .ioen a t1td baitr, on de lout.; irr t. gularit6i n ill6galit6 dIallns I'cstilmation, I',vis ou I t tenps rtt Ic loe od de i vct. , on poor uno aintr cause qoalcotqnE, do faire voir, dals trente jour it a dater ola t publicationo deoatle avsi.pour quto lao vc,,'e ainsi fita le oerit ps colfirlnde et huolo L SI.esdites propriltIs furout vendlos per lo Sh6ril; ii tsudit e r 97teni joeur do Mars de l'sun:6e 1. 9, rt I: vertu d'Ell l6oet dioro e roci:ortIrelm'ol 5I. d tl do l'uanuli6 ]839, daus l'a1l'uto do Hlordu.:'it contlre, I0urhranrn & rlagan. No. 1 101u u docket 'oe cle'!l ('lonr, it l0qul0lo ventso Is di s A. G. oIlanchard, J. 11W Iohocd.v, W' 111. Mackey et 11. Larr r;un '' 0 .' o, reu, o nq o 00, (ulrours rLpetivmtonent, t]to oorotiJrtt irs rooloro pour leIa ollmes( ci-al)ri's spicii6, s.v:r : A G., tilcharld, du lot de I0r0. no. 0 6 situd, dans lll rue 'oytlras, rentr' Ivs ruo s di t0 amp l I C l St. (C!tiers, uic lroant ~1 pioe lI por e 0 toi too t rue Poy'drls, rn olr 9:, lues 1 p010 iilit I)lOlih,, ,I p uor s Cson-in do $7,1io0 coumpc;rtr1, 53l, 5 ), p tyabtl est i3do Maolrs 1il), e la b'oJlin.:c dlani denx et Irois aas :n billets er ,, it satcit.tiou et Iorlaut byplothequi", rl t port",r un indrt o au Ilux do drix l por eollt .jrsct' paiiement, oits rteo hI .reIIt ple pon tutell munt payt a lirsl . t.I,.lclle0,a saII rlsrveos d'aucun droit do retarder le palmoo nt, eor qpi lo n'ldrit'rhecono,.,iu avoir rectao ero ns belo'.s paovrltes corn11ule irot sut rt, enudoncts; piao Jrionar, 31t:lt. r c& Co, etN Ilouoist, tavo.c re rve d'u n ilypotlr, tll..utr pde le 0 o r lat su. dlito p l o0 r!oi.6 j'aqu '. r oiOmerrt linl dos isusdits btl rn s. 0 0I. 0W'. 1reedlovo devint i'acnoreui r dto lot de terre 1...1, flor:antl o I'en oiUrnure des ruesr lPootydrasoi sLt 0ti. Charles, Ioerurant 21 pdtoilodo tlie a lt r, t 1St. Charles et 79 pieds 10 pouceallcE14 ruei l'y.n dra, pour I curmon o r'11, 1109 p.tLynylo ceomum' suit, 81,1110 coinlptiit, .l $119 p ayabl In It. dI Jl0a0, 1811t, irL la blallo dinrs dleux et tris ans or n billets ondors:6d 0 s.ti .ooll ioon t01 ( 0t l ta t h y ot1he. I lue, et rlaus ole car qu'ill ne scralent as polltluelloe. i aunt pays a leur 6ar6danroes, its deVroIoLt or . toer n intdrt3 au toux de dix pour cent juoq,.. paiteiucrt, sons nuroll_ droit dr retard do plc ent, ot qlue tl rh6rillt'r6enn:lt avoir rco el a. bl lets t ipvublcs cornicilt est suotdil, endlos s par Johll l001turn' ovec hypot0o0qet sp6lialo sur la iprprtd;a v, lldue jusqu' i p(l taiul t fin al des sulta s It blle ls. J. W . lreedlhve <er int .Un.i i i ,clitlerl ur dilu lot do terreo uno I situod tres to thd.llrIo t. Charles reros Ia rue, uyurarot t23 pied. 6 plces Iet ix hl tcos r i rue St. 00('0hr es, eLt Id. 10 pouces dte psronudour, ivev 1'dsilireo ln Iiques et la Cuisine quor s'y trouuvrot, ujets a on bail jioot' ,.i I premier i n.ves re 1.39 a raiso do 8150J et de elito 6po00ue au premier novanibro 18c111 it raison do "2,00 par all ptayabitles tous les loirs, pour 1t drix de $16,000 puyablotp coulmo suit ; d,-ux mille pilastres ompletant,quatro mitie c inq e it piastres payn bles le 19 Juin !,10, et lt balaceo dtns doux et troos ans on billets cdousdis oa satis'action et portant hopothi.que ; et sdans le cas qu'lls ieo soilr t pas payds ponetuellenlent it lour dehoancers, ils devrout porter un intdrt au tanx de dix pour cent sans auciln droit d'en retardoale paoiolenot, co qu0 a ito shdriff reconntait avoir re0u rli sec bitllets einlos. s6s par John Minturn et payable conimna il et susdit sve la r sslrve d'uno Ibypntlhbquo e sp0cielo sur lapropri6td vendue jui q00' a0 pait0teolt final ode. ohio 1... I ,otoi.;l r.., . 1 r,i foot tr WV Ili aa iceK y adla it'a I.' eqarur d ot l } i to(er tin a . i taar l Ia r' aoydrsI . e l)Lro lt rues paan i ll (C p lnp t at rt. Ch ar ', a ay t 21 pied. 6 puto.t t l o f'oe' a la rue 'Poydran .aur 93 pIa s 6 iaulle de a ( profondeur; Ipot ic priax do 7.500 piastres payaI. CI bles con:nm sulit: .,ill) conIptant; 11277 d 1, pay.m A rt ibles le :3a 1a4a ; et la a Ia a.ct a d"at 6l t "ct itrils nos on billuts c uldonss.+ ' satt, a eIoa l ct por. T a t'nt yapothta q cl: PL d uns a t ea. qu't nt anto soit - Ipas p+on luellemnutl p.ay 5. i u ltr 6',uh6 uee. its e r.m lout aportr a ll ittara t au tauax de dix pour et !tl's ijusqul' t ' pI lu it, 1 :I aucItII drowit d'll )ot:t ldeI a ll: le oalo t t ; t t i a dI rill- teconoa it ,:n atla ir rte u , le cull ,ttnlt.a I, lil b tlll.un oinl st bllhet., lu1; d.L Ix prem cr ai'ordr de a P.a Ir ie e a:l daeraer a I'.rdl e ide Gd n. l ltiaclnan qui Ih's olat el loa a-e , it la t.: iablels commi e I [ II a 11 a(' d.i;t. iaq1e to r( l rvi'Vl· d uII a I rpeth,,e I l.ucinde jat -qa' au p ti.e t li.,d dsda b Isi r.I II. Lr avergrll d vinll aqlu rel r llu lot de terrr l aao.3 qui so trouvm ap- is 1' IIoumt ue. des rues aSt. ,a. CihaalesLt Plodroars,avant 9 prdas tall loul d hItl face h p: ruc at. Charles et h s ela a i t 4 tae t " i l , 1i p uc.s tit prlaFlrot;,tai : pour to p.ix do 46, hi l, I pa}yaable. co itot n i : i t I 1,0 Imnlatanl, 5421d p vabh t lo 19 Juina 1t r 40, :t l la balatl cel. duut x a t I t ll na s ti billets oduo: , tion et p'."a a a t'a t alant holapathe, a a aat. le c ts q c'il n a aiient pa. t pouetu ,lluenut pay 6d. h'ur a hi cu: +s, i;. dvrnt ?,, porturs intdrt a taat x do dix porr ctt jsqa'a pkiee net, cans . .:-n drut dect rotarld .r le pla . muenl ; it l . shdai of ronu it et avoir rmc:, In.I) runt , lilt, la b lane.. o llo Hs b; t:l·t entldosls. par . li r. rlh b igny et payable conrn oa ii cst str lit, aver rnt, rve l 'i" d'nun hyplthiseque epdeialde sur la protpr,.ti venhue , t to dl'ainaL, L , a, d: vie t aren s l'acurour d ra: lhot lterlao n . a , a , a I-.,uait 1a at o. 1, Latua . la.u I e rue St. d :hatrlU s, ay:at a 23 p.ii:l+ p Ineas 't I - lignesda u t ee a al a ru a ti. 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SIIV'IL'UILrC IICI.ITATI''r N ON Till; KIIEMIEYS, BLAi)DER'K, Ult1'ti ILA, .I'et'LAT'I' L.AND, m'i all DISEASES oflthuU KINAILY PAISSA(I.L, t.rANd IN TILE LOINS, GRAVl, , Lumnlro, ,r from (lists .l 1 elnewa or Local Daldlilltyl fr assured tLIt tli' vuf.h tll, m all tiw ,i a1e.dl ra t Ipreiillye eradlcteed ehs ao Se rlies,'%, iO..n thsfl uther, a.d i.nvariably improve, tile co.thitiokn and e gest.ale IllStli'eloll rtblOl:, Lt Ylg e r ulltu pane ethlst heaY iehItl "ijU e.I ly di.eo or eepro.per treut'eni. It fat, t t tmnedlpis.' ci be colLpared to ti,1, l it tau positivel. starsd atle. ns.f auJ ladlob ass after Ill otiher mealauhs boare (o, 6"l0l dlly .sler.tdillg Ih use oIl' thos inji-nh Sr.ld usutehe nmedlch l,.a--Co laiva.'J'ur ruhItlll1r. Cuobi. sllprgellry. 1. . *A "alt. of the worhli.u li s th~ East i t d Vesi'lIItdiill. 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'S utllbol ~e( ErOl~s 'lI,, , ,ul , i, ".Sys ieit" I.x w t, h lle esnilifstsililit ' become ,;I;,h: l lrl~ li, t:"y 1 1ll4 , a ;.i mal peedy reaturuli l o ino nand llm .llld i LsIIu, hIl[llh, Clliles iitsii'slnll sllurelllir welt kow for th o cehtai hand I'l'et l ii l"leI lllll t .Ahlcetielis ertenrtoll gendtisn. ~~I~~l llllll liuelltdl ut'm llonle e sy slldi.siiei. p .n iii rll 35t'u hsn l ,lll. u, orllll c ed Kc i th siey ld r afl'enrtion. '"iicl Id ll ,sila teli 'ii l ilblty l n cllslitpml i the hvad inll hs, Jd:lpri r uIoI ul"st .rit., nd al tegIml from as I, hlllll llp isllClilfe liilo . Citi I t i n -' ly. TIIee ' ilse wtlllei1orhyi, place iL lhe uihoi rleie isslised u1 ptli",ll l' t.lips, fh llltl' ie Co C c' lde ii ill keeoIII sd L i nl .loo ib ll sittlly Ilgth or lints es. n • 'e hlladti on ilye 'l i CIsItoml houe i'ireitilli, New Orlteis. PROF.ESSOR SWEDOUR'8 IIYGIA.N HIERl PILLS.t Illri Iil" e6u'"l'e l l riii lupatio. ult every sipeie nnd slympl io fI"' the -yphilus h slll. e l 's, mr the mls" disordcrll arisin. fl, I ll d h illpr I t lltilllit i , - ,ins th 'ilh t ,1 ll 1,r b ll ll llii sii uIIIreat lUO vnerealtand Ci ypbi lles e ,Ii: l'i' le ui ' i id reallul iu c hii vstati lyg snal sdy. Ur U iir I run lll etuccois Ilkiei' Sirtisto thoseeisle |J.L)Aol ii~lt a/.lil:l. llllll- Ill iilrecl bi. ll ellli 0l Io 1|1o114 d, " ;1. frs t tlh rlllie I ouo Iy ree ill'd ii diciietimeltitills lbde is'lrl pl, h .l, w'ly ih ll ilie y oltryIi io i a lll e llote s oI l ltllll'' I u'l llll i i] e1ui't, buillit. it uit. 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The deplorable .tilre " l .lhsh iiny, parsons have Ih0els, whon vhisiting te pee Ire.r, Foromfree the use of M1erury, r,,lerl It imperatvely ae S,.-,..ry to aisltlell the puilsh ugniuat that& datngeeOUl miuerlll e 1 eoll aJ.(dLIU u l lty udllmincll ite"'d A Thust, pIhhtlhl frrl' fo lOrtion o" .11 medicine chests by s+, mud lund, anld ought lnever tu be omitted by amype seeIpa 1 Iltg ii Ilug ri))';g. or joUrttey; Ithoir propertiet arm iseh, that ,mllllhl hl,",t lour eldd .Lll injuretlheir~l Iltdiy or, prevent tho, e old ill Nto. 116 Cusltoml llou l ,I III l'W Orleans. TIE MOST IMPORTANTI' hUMAN DISCO VERY. A~ ('I.ERGYMJI 2. ate of the Calllhridga Vniverdty.ha,. 110111,111re 0a i LIhd oL curLow himsel.,Ofa meuad iI 11011l ColainLt11,lI of Ibu'll 011yea0 ' duration, ahd onIbex yrrirs I~n~mt; had ah ve 2,00 patients,, all of whom he has ur. cd l ahIlIollowcd h~s ads ice, excep~t twelve, offers from hegevo Irncr~ rslllrr then g ainl, u~, cute u[ýi,-re .ow spirits onatalda hdny amt exhaustionil~ll dC1telltill toot'. of blood to the head',mr tiia, grogodloo. feao, fhilar. of oemory, incapacity for L h. 0I n b.., lo llooap. s ionrioluIoni, wrolobedm...lSr. Cla1.M, ltdla-lull, Illallncl tsl\, itgLhtl of Self deStnOLIon,iL, sLOI.IS14c., ale IIuoIIble by IiLL iL orttlldiALoLVer. Bant curecr in "wexspll . Apply to 1Sus-tomn ioue t, NIow Orleann. hEALTH AND BEAUTY, STOMACII It.IS -LA Aiminent medical wrinnttbha r. .b. d ~·~I, and l prl·riet Inv; o,,rove IIn Ls f p lhatthoseho .d w IwI I lI l eII ch ,,,itl laowenils in ropebtd , p ~ rrr b oilt:I:I.I'L Io, rut r Itrllpnr, d, l Ige Lnra cl ttt n robit pirlls +r u~r I nll,l+,`,ne prepared ,.in 111he."Illh ate-of quinine, :. .lioI'Clnd .IIhi If the sl(to IoItdioTi. 2hi one I a rrllutllnoi of wile,..r · and opll- l-iuu utoter i I.Ps, shOrtu·Y of breath11, and m e'.op1. rIi'o.,Lh oaion.r o xn) e t t & -, t11 111ng'.e110d 11l alnLl liILiLeo tndtg..nsUato fo !r III1III·I· F and IIIPor IIo IL oe to ninlb c iL· nUSb.I ,l . i -oudoove h ithou o thn' m, iyna.tbet... ft" h,,., en, l--eIoonoo ano gininnthn* a nangifa p I'i· I+ n iIhabit. a ha ae1 3r( ct t ,l,- IiII ..Ihe, L i iddines diaw SI Isd sie..I, I.II,.ooI'., nga of Wi nd I Imod l ll..h IIt 151 e t 1·. (loli"iddeII and pcrtmo of o. l ..u I .aIy 1A,,I ull..I ol l ) LimIIe LIIey do not fonfoW1 any 11+ tot)I I ll igrl. IhIeuItshty. CI.rldu conn ndpnat inr - rl·o llwi ofidIt. ~illii 1511 l l t in every ibonnlpwlu rlll~l- , a I,"e·- ml' .mid "o .I~·la for, by thleir prouiptpt Htn,· .ýtrailmciico ~ rolllr, rr 'I.pIa.1l". foyers and lLLLbLR I;;rln llp I , I II11 II(II·(1. way Is, pin ·dlil ured or prevented. St·lbl Oil " Cu-tul hoi et, o ioi Loiimo.ans '1 WA AAnIlLl & PILL OF HIEALTHi OR, BItOh) PILL. 'i`IIi,.,,, cl,, t ilg pillio IsmdicinL of lonng tld Sm t 1110 111511 .lctio0 II ..,n.Irs.ofthenltomoo.bnthdod .1-, In cCnno,"o - n· pion.' of hIckh liIr eiiv.t.,tInLhuta. pm.t: =t poIc IIIII I.oodshn. gidditns, ILOLLA ilin,- a.ll,.,.I., ofil th eye., drOw.iowsneand it il" ''lr stomach !*111 ,ol o els, ildige~ltlin t producing a for - I11~ rltlll· .1' t lir iKer, aud It LLOvluacn itmctivly of iOIL g . I 11111.11,, a 1,;oogauliooliost of overy fonctinn of tthe fame sll to tnlts w ++tI ellc o.5 prepLartion, by LlttiLpennvn I I sllrlf" 1"-Is lIuaI oi rrOlcrd. lI'io or three dotsn willn e rrlmre the udhte.1 ti sIoluIary rffni.. The LLomLLh will eýýce~hly igaitt II strengt1; a001111y LetiOI of e livb w bow el. awl I.5 sitre ..IIt reIIy dIII IOeL PLum; t, I.lld l lidti, ::c-,, hoar, p.,i II i an jl.asndiced n, dtength, atIIIlty *I id ,oss, .d eaIltit winll le th111i ij..k ,lInt of tOkin tbIham.. d .ci Is'Iu-loIiodl.t tie .... e .o.isi no fLpayl l each box. T.I-l plls arc partsooula Iir niL:aciooLLu rtoLoob cuogbi. cold., 'I.r. sLIbrtur 01 broath, nod all LIrlru i ola-tbe uri L.OvIg-Lsages; ..od i C Islko after afnes annindelgmsps r, whir, th ey q uickly restore ilia ryslurn to its ualit ,,aWo 1'o..mnn or a fill hablit shO OIIaj.Ot bbtnhndabel, iddt norr. dro*·rilla nd sing~ing isgiih. onrs, aiingt from tnongmeat oI a Howof blood . the hIeLa, iLOiuldL nover be witbnutabtn mn .r I yln ¢ dngoo ro· rinptomr nill be ctrjinly crrried gt1W Uboo iLosrdnnlcL alt, it For fi italo.theo pills are nost-ooiiy *xcellenIIIrkMLOvng I all ~oI.ntrucilolli e disnreA.iog Iio luoho..bMoy ponontoon nith the I.x; doo In.noinoof .piit...i ilhinbof d u intto, *IVL.. L1lf0oll1 n ilotsli.., pImLpLL aod .,nIl.o. nmes .a, sad gio ei sIIa uly anL juvonill I.loo to thi oloiSLLijAL '.1 .Iutll..I th'ILLIIef 0.0 tOuf ldOOItIYSLLLIL, I Cded.L&ebeM rr nle~llcll the, eau be tnIrll during pregnancy; and On Yldn·e if all op.. tlh oLare ttLIi.llnI. A- m Idoual slllol, aLL peIl.;nt they unitetb n-apmu Scihaos of oomId operatiio.oooth LI..pILL 'noonodh Oeftsudp f. rrquollll ,o roL.untf t diLet. CoUGoo nLaLVurInSlf hq. f. r gn .lo.iqgh iro dIo10IO1IlrA,:t1,, gYaS, LLSuIItrLW CiZ 'I 6 ilos.ll. they bIoullllible every n oo, ditii tIL htIL coo he ,rccjllir d; and for ,d'erlp people they arinjo b ilI u1 1 be it,,, m~-t eulusrtnbla IelbieilO khlerto prepared l :dmidto N li en.LIrLLLLLou at, LLW OnIuiL. m1-4W 0 I-IlK' so-ltfr*llr bt lnding frgom at 4 _sit L xIpt aOpIWlS.IL a "' ' t A wn ardon I)ictiur. tna. Olilila for Ibboth Ibnltureo ofplaw lwr huts m&rs n hous. ~, 111* IiIyl in lie yeabo, vitb lot de irnhl in mt ch s te lmbt booene tsptd ItotheiLLr z 't trann banll. onpn inlq lnoyntboe4 hie- of rl~ +ith I·"+oOK'g wa *iIIlseb,"=, hun 1. I','Mlllt tlhe wwlpith - o - w4th ,r opI 4ii;"~.~3

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