Newspaper of True American, 20 Mayıs 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated 20 Mayıs 1839 Page 4
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AND IIA I , f10tg E LIN1, OF of rlb. following eowelsa mR *rltaaedl exp realy for c apt..M nr, Nickerson, - ow " " Stevens, o S es, ' - .Latlham, 4 o " Gray. at th first cla. hsae hand. mdations, and ar of a light to admit of their receiving and eagoesin WBltimore, at the city. pfor parts on the Chasapeake SX rwardedj by the ageob, ELLIGG, at'Baltimore; ipped will be advanced when r .ef '-pasage ie rd at $0i, ed dw Oh Miiaeipi will be taken rahi'Ogp ssge. apply to .- aGe . BED.ORD, u 7"- l envie at. FOR NEW YORK. and New York Line of Packets l hlip ompoinle this line will sail from e N rlwe. and Na . ork on every other Mon. i on the 20th November-.nd to ptoepuctoality in the time of sailing, the line w leaftereonsit offive ships, vex: hPipY rao Cahptain Trak, to leave on the 20th "MP Lwnteville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the ship untville C tain Er , to leave n the eth Dembeer. tthe tatlann nuaryh '. I. H'.uapaG. in )Davis, to leave on the 'Tke aboie are all new, of the first class, copper daedoopper fatened, and upwards of 540 tone a l... mof light draught of water, being built -in'`ew. York eprensly far the trade. The price SpPnage o L fixed at 100 dollars: their oabins are A p opin the most imnproved and convenient m"ne opa pla,. and finished in n neat and elegant slyle A le ·stors of the first quality will be provided, ' and.every regard paid to the comfort and entire alataisetia of passengers, who will please take no. li iethat no berth can be secured until paid for at tihe. aveo Of tIe conaig'eea. Theoseveaed inare Commtn.a4 by captains well n e trade, wht will give every at will at all.eitno be towed up and down the Miss'l ,lppab .nte lmboat, and the strichep p ctualitiy t.. t o'm iling..».. P SThe wney l he repnsi. b or any letter, parcel or package, sent by or pojren oard o teni, unlesa a regular b 11 .in ali-.inod thcrelor, at thile cohuntin l agent or owners. For frther parti: lrtaps'pl;to "" " J D REIN,& A COHEN, - 0 Common at 0 Common st I WORLEANS&C j-1 P4CKITTS T Phie line coo iat of o oet, all of the hirnt elose, o rrd n copper feaet i .e end o kf-'Jl 2D00 tos burthen, with beanlo ~ t mpseno for passeger.o teastypi, shdesav New Orleans on or hefore sheIltb.and 1St-' hR every munrs. The following ved~plscomphre the fine, viae o; rig'Abiana, Charle C des, master. tig CtepmansJ. B. Thompson, mtaster. Bark Rtsger Willianma, J. Allilbern, mentor. Ftfrejltnrpan sgeaoply to J. A. d H ARELLI iT bv rlioChsolretnn. art er has heu eprs willy beils tow ru bed up an the aht port., and will be found of suitable draft of water enp~ rile4taion. f.nd Pavengers, ansd evry effort will. nande to give general satisfaclion, Tk.s ThL i.hOaposad oftlth following sheips QiJnqike, 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Cifdllls, 400 do S Lemist, Ch rleae o, r374 do D Eldridge, Colwrubian, 625 do G Barker, , 240 do J Howes, The "above sips areall now, of tsle eirst la os, eoppe .f.teand andooppered, commanded by men Ign.t experince hve largoe aieccommodslions, withas epste x pdies webinl; every ttentiaen will he paid otlOjdasgere, and ofe vary ta at of stores pro vided afor ,cEa. t The pa.tets will be towed op sad down tire Sois iisalpptad the itriVtet punctuality obNerved in the theb f soiling, asd should tie regrllar vessele be detained in arrivin , other ship eqiually as good will in all iass be aubstituted. A shara of patron age issolteitod, ant tao agents pledge themselves to aeesomtodate as macli as practicnble, to receive and fobrward gtd by ,id line at Btre most ooder. ate olargns; and to advance all napellesa on goads shibppedl, if requireu. The ahipoveill leave the Int and 10th oft every moth. For fienight or passage, oppl to the agents. J4.M, haarglITT Common a ts . N. i. Advahtladesnti mande on tonsignmlbts ts Meserw.AI C. Lombard & Co. 4d ; t 1 nj1etre, i botles ata the lowe price ofpro cents paet ill be toed of thnree ounces ols Lieipworeaelad"ithe svirtues of maniy other rots and herb. k tosnnoegtie ladtiros as effisacious in curing prrlmo usonutibeo. The t Aiv.Nlp4 sucless whicl has o attended te rse ofl this Inegtsptble I;ajesas wherever it hes beet inttr duced, taininear ngd the eonfridesce and rcomlsends - elan. ofn lectable physicians, lfor the cure of tonghs, etcoid, datirn'else side, woat of reast, piliti, of blond, liver complntt,&c. To wkanitisy concerns. This is t certify that we have is o . panitpo entceaely lpenscrieod ire Card he'. I pdit ofl.lveterwet and llosrhorrd,withr . decidcd g t we can therefore, frt the anowt. lege oft d n it is made rom.e and ebonenmotar aneperte s feptiene it as a suterlor preparatiot oral tene Wongoeof tlregluth ofr wlreil it toure snieoded., Aa.BERT1' Wt.LL 49, hi. D. CALVIN EI.LIS i. D. Membe,. ofthe Bostan Maedical Assrciation. bats.. Onctober 25. sulo y. JAVItS & ANDREWS, .h -, ees thih has ittrtreienived a.h teo M e y .t ERMUititiENE, tWN & CO. may S No 9c(unti nt bRUG, -uast loedip rnt iftesninr, a eitin Itg of Sne ,.bi tter aodud swetonot l riquom ricom irt, nldl canoe5 jws , eanna; fln ro, a nrd stmll, senarila rintatlet, ortge low it atas usrcrc, fir whlroeale anr enr1ig at Ii IONNAPIE 19 ren NtehNthez & 'l'clstrtsals as r 13)tnehtlons te\ IN'1l' fronir wile! It ihip H GeuCa bod , ahd WorL&AMi , b.yD. w3i ' . .... C... p .at _ ... ..4 111, at aIMMOig HARTT & CO, arc now receivaiglrol on beard ship Orlean, Ecgle, Highlander, t'okrr '.ev-.A. mew, French and German play ardsl; Back. gammon Bloards; Chessmen, 21-4 and 23-8 inch Bil and Ballsi8; 9,0 and 12 I'nc t blade lnBowic Knives; jather M o.l- r,travelling Dressing Canse; Belt, Pooket, H man', and Duenlling Pistols; doudle iand single barril Gnm; nGame Bags; Shat Ielta; Powder -n. Pistol Wus ; Ura t Bottles nld Drinking (C:tlls; Freretaion Capamnd Cap Holders; Clolth, fair, Tooth; and Nail Brachej Orris and Chlorilne 'onta \nual: Toonth Pqwdeet"'nlot and Shaving Soaps, in glaeut va. e'letpn ngd Hlr Blrnlde, Rlnglala and "izeletea; neanri and Toilet Ptowenrl Emery lBag ; Ivory Tub Cushions: Patse 8hdu! r Garter; c Elatie Sualpndern: ..Tlder Pullqalq Boxes. Gilt Chains, Seals and Keys'. __.dWaistBuctkle; Braecleta; Bend Necklaces C Gilt and Silened. Benla; Indian Beads, 1.l!di Pl a etot' Shell Twist; Side and Dressina: Com uli ,in adition to theiriformer stock on hand, etak.f eti asnertbnat-ery complete, and will be aoll ow and en libbl ferme; at the slga of the Golden I ntb. cf- i~5-tf 70 Chacres steree. -4 IJSSIA SfEtg1l S-l bnlea, landing fr{nn Whi p John Dunlan, fr enle by e22 BRIDQ D &d e,134iMeg.zine t OM2 T42 W -5a'Ws d9A `Ltwrll cnttondce. 5 les j'illed I.rrnll cotton, 3 eadee buclrkin, ladhl from shIp St louia,lfr sale by .ays. I lUIG & IGE a. 'o,131ogozinae at IRON R.OO P he aahcrcibec lovete procnred ait graesfepee, the right of paling on iron n.ntafa qiPibR .y'; Th7ey pre adapted to puLla buildi * ZaiiT.l.e9 and private dwellinee,natd eombine ntipnee, ebhepnoe and dsnbiliiy, end are pcrfhtly fire end water pronf. 'l.erms Inan be k!w'n, al adino een i-n at.tur etabtlishment, opposi Bt. _ ar7º £nnrhan,' Tvhapinmtnlec at. eelt S ,~-.i E-R GCtcat'Frt, Eeltt. Cavlva 0aenne0r niave nnaaunt ty I'It ban -nppfat Of Pecel and Liverpool coal, " , jtape,.zr qcpity, which they offer fur e ata aniI~pfna ryeieoet .tae first rrirvnls from Eng iai d lbe &intb, OCanal, Lrbigh and FPeach S Co.! . brokpLn *od ecreoned pakp in -b foea rj Inc tlS y ci ..a Or a in h : hexprje eOfn.4h moatl nlofmerate toere. - eMt.ta°irolEn No. N 3 Bienville at. willtleprnnnjnfjattrudcd Co. .a &ASOULIE. _ pebtt adtr, for a by , , _.. ... .... .. bj - .-- Ic, GEW GOOD& -Simmons Hert| & oo are now 're I i. n Ibsen on eard shlips Yasoo, and Saratogal _ and a k oncordia from NewoYoIh a great variety oa godas Isf theirline, which t m shee wsh. their foraet *stock onhll.shl, akkes thoir asseolra'lverye pIlaets. The fhclllsf ompon a nart,,viz: I elltwist, c..,r:,aide, eldt dd reaingcombs, hor do of all descriptions, In- d din rubber, silk and worsted elastic oaroters, common &| fne elastie suspenders, loco foce std Lrcifer matches, redidlls powders, p bower pufwfs id boxes, toilet Iowder, pocket bo s an t wallaet, ne books, l hell pearl, ivory ant tkesoece, ear casres, heed ornaments, plrit, so rml bead,seocklaces aol negligees, head chains, bcad necklaces, eat glass and pltaisecd,silver and giltbeads, Indian beads, hellsoand pihaeso pistol ai large poth ler flsks, shot belts, horse, belt. pocket and soneiling aistetn.dolSlbel oldsingle barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dlrks scissors, shears,pocket knive, guard cehins, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, lair, tooth, nail,comb, crumb. shoe, piate, floor and dusting brushes, Colosgae, Florida, laveoder, rose and bay water,assorted essenes, and extracts, Maccosssr, bear, antique, and Wnarl' vo getable hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps of all des riptions, ladies' and gentlemnens' desks and dressing se, hair rieglets,frizetts and braids, plain, fiancy nol musical work boxes, plain and gilt,figtred, cot and rest buttons, pearl nnd ivory shirt do, shirt studds, gold - ond silver pencil cases, tootbpcks and tweezers, lated and gilt lockets, riniature do, sivrer, Irua ant sstel thimbles, hooks anl eyes, hair pins, imitation fruit, lski and reditk, shoe blacking, violitns and guitars, ribbed and plain percussion caps, linen twine, scented cusl sena,gold oNd silver lare and fringe, latter paler, gamne bags, riding waips, walking eaaes,plnymng eas(s, finr I gold, latod b nd gilt jbrwellry &oc. Tie above, together with a great variety of other arti leH on.sffrresl at wholesale or retail ont ancoaunodating NiH Shell combs repaired D YLE hIok MAY, ilouse, Sidsn, slad O(htamvnts Painters, No 3 Caondele street, two doors from anal street. Imiltsiots of Ite rfohowig woods and marbles, ex cuated in a masterly matncr. WOODS. AsAttaLrxa. ,Mahoganty, Egyptian black ntl gold, Oak, Gialls and Ahtieo, P'olalrl do, Oriental or vrcd antique, Curled to, Jasper, CArkd Maode, Blal stone, Brsiels e ,o, Dlarby Granite, Satin ,Voonc, Petoneae, Hair Wood, Davey o Ilurdello, Ye itsree, Italian White, Corsnemldlc or Bleak S iasnatt sad l lrocletl Rose Wood, Ameriean Grey, Ahh WIdte Oak, i nc. ,:. rec. Curlesd t.m, Stlecisals to be seen at the shbop. V aihsht, oils. glass, eopal varnish, ss. o an atd adler sale. mt IRON, S'PEEL& HEAVY GOOD)S--lit, sqsaee mand bundle iron, well assorted. Hoop, sorall msd rod iron, nail rods and plouglh moulss Cost, German, slteatr, bliaterst, spring, soeet soe t Crowley steel Hiollow ware, cut ant wsrothlt nails snd spikes Zilnc, block tilt, mnill atd grind rtatnes, salt kettles Chain cables, anchorls, hoes Oxs, log a.d ltrace shains, corn mills Anvils, vices, )lxmmers antdbellows Wire, slhret,pig and lbr leadl bhot Coal, alld ooking stoves Ames, loBtlald's tod other spades ldal shovels IHook atl plate binges, tdosr stt window hooks Collins, bratts, Shlarps, aeld oeter axers l',rl and Mtlnilla coldage, lines anl twine Bolt and sheathing eoppcr."Naval stores Paintts, linseed dsall s1trn oil A ftll assortment of Ihardware rd slhip elotandley, always on hast, osd whlib are oltered fir sale at whtlee Isale or retail, o tile most fatvol.ablc terms, by m4 LAYTON r Co. 55 011 Levee. DEAFNESS NEW. article tar persons trottded willt deafnees, . (called t(e. EarT'rusmetr,) bas jast beon received, iby tile tse of wh ic, the sli;.ltest arutulation of the Ia natsn oice is ,isti,:tiv coavsyrd to ithe ar. Ano oru who Ias ever bee:n obligee to converse witllt a ve:ry den person, minlot Ir ft:liy sen,ible of ite dimenltv I rt ' am. bnrrasntent experlteserd Iolh by tienlselves otnd tile its divid mls so tnlitrlttint.tiv, tilicted. BLy thie tee of tits 'Tarumpet this objercion is ettirelyt obv;:ted. Tie - most ceptdical bave alwayvs at atdotued'tleirduubtsi after lhaving used it 'lsrutpet. 'For sale at T F GIJtON'S, Fancy store, corner of Cetmson and St Clharles treets nder the Excitangle lotel. feb 13 ( 't OlIN MI LLS--Ordrsl recerived ftr corn mills, by I .t apI? ShALt, l.I(O\\'N, 9(1 i T OAF SU(iAIl-tsrious qoolilee, rousotsnlt its 1 stary aed for sale by SlALL " HItlt IW NI Ii mar 29 9di a.lgn..ine st s ItOilEllT' CI,ANN()N, ic (OUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. Il Camp street, Wholesole D)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, lrusoles, I n11sl Wi.dows and Picsture Glissa &Os. &c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIOISOXO.A' GOOD 1P _ , IND. tS, Chartres Sltreet, One Door below Bienville, [_AVE constantly on hand every article appllert tin. LL irIg to genllemen's dross, made ill tle best mnl. ner sad slost fashiosable stle, which ithey olllet ltt l cash, dt-e931ced lrices. dm4J-hISS MO1NTAGU E'S BALMIl FOR THE TEETH. HIIEestnlliohed rcpnteiont l cnsd artlv trtvl ' idemand for this effe tool rmiedy of potin, 11 1)1o servative of the teeth, has indtuced thle sutcriber offer it to tie American public. Arreanen ents lav been made to supphl agelts in all thle principal itil ntd ttowvs itt the Uitled States, t o o tt, pltce it ithi the reanc of tllse stflbtrig and lihely to sitter this iLos itaratssing tIf I 1 oches, Iottlt-lche. Whl e, applied according to diretions iven on bottle, it lhas oever fiiled to alltlrd immediate ld onalent relief. It also arrests the dhcurt iti defectiv teeth,andl relieves that soreness whihele I'lcequtnlth rellders a Etrong tooth ts18ttle. The apptilttolt aUdl reledy are silpoe, innotent, nill not utnplleasanlt; adI tile large ilunbher of personls in diltlitent se tios of th eoPutry, that ivert alrrdy eoxperienced such delitlllu ondsautoary eolel hroel ilt tite ott otihe Btllo, are iteady to earn (lir tile public good) their testimony to its Iu rivolled ql littee. It is tn Itndian reit ddy, oltiated eiogtlurly noJ unexpoottodly, and rosy be rhgaroed by tile civilized worold as thie uiont valuable discovery redtmat of tile woods. Pice $1 Ier bottlle. Cold ly JARVIS & ANDIREWS, mr 5 Cor Cotmmon and Tehnitothlan ts. iui3 i HATS, I t cases-S stort, hitiIc Woo IVI Hats, for sale JOIHN II G1AIIAM. ap 16 v HITE LEAD-5 hitde, 15t lbs each; 40 kegs, 100 MIl do 25 Englis do--25 I- hble. 400 " 100 'aint Brushes, various sizes; I eae Veruillio,; 5 bills Copal Varnlish; 2 " Jtpno 1 Coacth 20 packs Gold Leaf; 50 do Silver do; 100 do Dutellch Metal. WINDOW GLASS,'Amtrican, E.glieh and Fretoh 100)0 boxes, various sizes and qualities. Blotoll trown do.-500 boxes, ooosignmetlt, will be old low. Also, a general assortment of artists' colour aond not-, for tale by A \V SCAT' E,, No Id Caoal street. N B. Alob una notes taken nt it r, ald Mississippi notes n. 'l' oa received alt 10 per ctnt discount ftor goods, or in I pat , t l of debts. I." I Iw JARVIS & ANL)ILEV\ S, W110L.E:S.AL.E AND) ', DAill.ERS [N MEeI2C[CNES, PAINTS OILS DfiE STI,,' . '.ID II.L'tIJOIV Gl...NS, Giorner of Cosi.., mllot Tholollitilas streetC , NATIIAN JARIVIS. JO1N W. ANIIIE\WS. A large upply o Garden S.ol.a. warranted tihe grow l of I137. ANDREW SMITHi & CO., respectfully intiform Stheir friends and the public in c'neral, that they occupy tile new brick shopi, 219 Tohoupitoulas street, whore they keep constantly on hand Copper, Tin and Slhtet Iron Ware, of every description, aOtch as copper stills, kettles, and pomps, tin bath. ing tu s, and oil cons, of all sorts and sizes, and all other brass oasting done at sllhortest notice. Grnto bars of every de criptiot, s'tch as steam. boat stirrups, log clains, screw bolts, andi other kind ofatonmboat work, such as c0linnoeys, breech or, steam pipes. They will also do all kinds of out door work, (uuch as zinc, copper and tin roofing and gutteritng, .oe. They above and all other kinds of work in their line of business, they will execute at tihe shortest notice. dec27 HA.RROWGATE SP,.TGS l1 emoerttlltety titUlv, Alt atto. THREE DAYS JFOURNE Y 'FROM NE I, ORfREA ROM I, rfIHE lroirietor of Itis estoblilshmut Itotbte stlen i sure ofitoouut.iugi to hia friends ond tit plbliii i g nelal,tlat Iho will be in readlineasby the firt day of Mtay to receive visiters. lie will also state for the be eCit of tIhose at l di.-.otance, tllot tihero iare tt en hte improvetosets inado, and hotia w eoim gohg on cld it rapid progress ' fore etipletitu, tthicli will eoalile tile subscriber to areenomttodle a miuoll rgar uumlber tban heretofire, nod at tie oaine time tntch baterr., Familie can he accomnodated a ith good iooltc, or Ihore who preler can have lage cabins t:etaclc d from the menin building. It is decoted unineeesorry te say anything in srltio. Ilrnc of tle otaroeter ol trhese waters, lot it is geII.erlly believed that they are tit inferior tio av it tie Soulh era Staten. All tile amuertenls that are gcneranl i found at Watering Ilaees, will be found at this. e bhst omuic that this part of thl country atlhrds, , s been engaged, and will be inconstantt attendancc l he i.$.ogs during the olblo season. - ohe subsoriber will avail limstclf of tlis opprttlilv I in returiohg his unfeigned Ihamks for the very liberai support giveo him last season. and hopes by ite exer tlonse that have been made in imcprovig and exmo ,ctint h the accommtnodations, to merit a liberal parhonngt tit' peseent season. JNO CRAiM. o,3 L S SEGOUR, No 54 Conde strert, between Domain and St Philip, keeps constantly on hand an extensive assortment ofbootl aud brogan., and shoes,of New York manufacture, for menwomen and children of all seer, whteh he will dispose of at very moderate prices. Fmnlies of his arqeintance on sending an order 'will haeb tbhlewitr b aeltpUded to LS SEGOUR 31 .N C4LOT&,LN-ti, W fassejd clohing, lending fromt ship Ohin stnd John uleapn k by IH - DUo w Co, ' BUSINESS CARDS:. : JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DESCRITtION. SPEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CH EAPLY FXECUITED AT THE OFFICE OP THE True Simericak, ST. CHAKLLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. Su1123 A CARD. E & SINNOTT, Wholesale Grocers and Comrmiss.l 41erThants, No. 27 Comoon Street,Ne * Orleans. .JPPonrtlcolarattentio paid to th,tutting up of Statnl boat and Ship stores. nova SAMUEL, TOBY, = .Merchandise Broker 4. Commission .Merchtl, d13 Office, 36, Cramp st.--For theo presoentl. d J. P. FREEMAN & CO., S H*ekleet Cfleaotmg lta&Isishaientl No.3, lug.atie sLtruet, L AVE onstaatly on tand a large stpply of Cloth .lL Incatcu.rhtled fir the cltmnv tlade. Their ae. sorttttent bhig largo, merchants fromo tie country can be suplplied at tihe slhortct notice. oct4 BAZAAR. USRlt & ALLEN,. NO. 1, EXCIIANGE IIOTEL, S'Corner of St. Ch rles arlN Co ton sis,. NEW OIILlEANS. 1MPORTERS and Dealers in French ao.d Englisl / crrftmerv; l):'ersiog Cae aSlid Portable Iobsks Cutlerv, Ilsierv, GItoves Shirts, lStocks, Umbrollas, Caonestnd Fanecy Articles. 5 I ENTuciC t ,-Illi ois,'antl lIdiuo t BItnk Notes, Sfor salh by A 'TRItER, mtly 3 74 a(;rvier st JE\VItI.IlY, AT W IIOElISAI.E. TMI. BELL, No 16, ihortleo it, has this dIoy ro epved yIt frill aso(notltrtuLt of WVatchei, Jaowelry, pnoone, Spectacles ani (ihlat Ware, they will be iffer edat t thle h twest IllOke l ico. tlil 1 )IAt.ELES IN AMERICAN & IENtLISi CROWN GLASS, ,,. 3 OrC.exeo toI.-rT T t:T. oI .ACIEHIONABLE CLOTHING TAXLOR & HAD)DEN, e No. 14 Ihartrelo Slreet TIIAVIt . ae toestto aetes ty I fcrvors rtelcle trrtalting Ito geotllcttn. 's dress, of tile Intont style, at New York prices dec 20 ORLEANS L!THOGRAPBIC PRINTING ESTA BlLISlM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite Illanks' Arcade. I'I/LLi.5t1 G11EE.NE.V, PItROPRIETOR it rI BANK NOTE ENG RAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 1 AVE opelO al office i Norw OrIras. orsses.etruiltg 1 equal elvrtags wtilth their house in Nhe York, lrr the putrrose of engravini g an.i printing Bark Notes, Btrndm, Bills orf Exchage, Certificrats of Dtposite, Checks ttd otlher importaltt piters, rcqtllring retrit agbainst I'orrgerieo; and havte made ttlple inviion for the safe keeroig tit all plates and illmlpesions entrust d to tleir care; their speci t os1 elllltruce lhe Inotre of over tive hundTred Iilltkilltr iniltlrtiOll., and all orders will be eeoxteed with promnlptitiude, and m tIh usual terrtl. Office, cornlrrot'ltoytal t, Ctanal torlr. tli--tf CHAMPLIN & COOPER, GROCERS ANI) DEAIlEiS IN PROVISIONS ANI) IEED, No. 79 and 82 Julia i treel, New Orleans. ['Sltip iod FtIter ly stores prt tip. mar 5 FURNITURE WA.ELROOMS Nor. 53, Bienvolle street. I 7JILI.IAM R. CAIINES, woulr resprrtfullv in i firrtt i.r o fri.tdariaud tle tlblticthat Ihe isoa s tltlv receiving frot New tYorb and lios a good assortinent of urllllittre, suclh as IIttogllry chairs, eofns, I ed-telnds maple and pLinted chairs, mapl.e and cherry bedsteao.t, mtahog.ny a.d tlrurt tables ofTall deseription, bturcn ll., I ilhts, sr Clett rve, writing dtcoks, wrllrtir ea of mntolltllcnll r t trv ash Nit. Ienlroiture packedtl fo tr.osllltaliot n with great care. hnv 1:3 Ft ii i ti N ,t,0, INflSURAN .E CMPAkN"I.y COF NEVh ORLEANS. This Company are niow prenared to take RISES AGAINST PIRE. No. 24 IMuson's uoild ing,Canal steerl. N ewL TIReACY, New Orleans, May 15.1t33. Siert.rv. O ,1 cote't'Ri-Lir lbo o, Crrrr flii saw ly 1M 11 DI';Vt"l":UX, npr;l 4 _ T hIpitnul a RUSHITON & ASPINALL'S 1OMI'UOUND IONIC MIXTURE~.-A speedy - and certain curoe fr tile Fever and Ague, remittent and intermillent tfvers; prepared from tihe original reirpe. Used with eminent and uni versal success ilr 1839, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed certificates. Th'lisi medicine is highly rrommnended, and has been extensively usedi in the above diseases wit such distinguished success, that the proprrietor of tihe recipe has been iiduced to offer it to the pubr. lic in its present forln, in the hope that it may be the means of reheving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of our corluttry. It is a medicine possessing great virtue, and e,'hen used acording to the directions hae ; neve.r f(iled of effecting a cure, even Io tire tmost obstilate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, eald persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strellgthens tile digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldoml requires more than one, or int obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. 'TIhere is neither mercury nor arsence in tie medicino, nor anly thing inljurious to tile human constitution. Thie proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that t hey agree to refund tile price of every bottle which has been taken in accurdaneio with the directions and has not eot:reted a a perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, solo agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and meodlino store, corner of Bienville and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to jo3 T. W. -SMITI , 48 Conti st. AG ` PENSACOLIA MANSION IIOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. TIlr sutbseriber r ,virg purihrased the lettertaed rr nittirerrof this weillkllh rrrrlstablirlulrert, froir Mr Taylor, tlf e lalte trre lltot will be ready to rereive sis ter try the tst If April next. Nulnllerios ir I c otly i l:rlrovelneets w ii be found ill rite alr ige etls of Site hb l ta lltlaital f| nlte. New adll " Ilarc et.O IlllOdliO batI hnl It..ueetl will be hallt, a l walrll b lh. will hl e providel lalt all oIIII . A I tabl will heli atItachel lto ilt: hbal , wills gaud accomml oda-I tionl lhr borses ol l anrate.. F itS rate h ores and cltlrrnll ·e will lso kept ft-r hll r at ollll llerlllllte prices, for the ise ofviltter [Irr i uiir id r e r ln eti iensr ani lur col ,l :" ltot Io i hrln'l with the i ttillri • and qieteof the boarders. "rThle t"iln's and li-goers twiI be of lt.' becit in lllliri, and l e a ur l re 'plner y ofrd r iti, it argo hIras ahionadv l'eu irdt"ed wbithi will arrrrt i irtihrr ite I t o f ihrv.i S II Frendetrik Ill lrunrd, ir rn frmeri y Iretrt so pspular I Sblhtel .ttto i t.lhlr uriii ill coidier t Iilrir iho el rhe tihe v,"+I: - t,. l . g".earl, ahd I lia frieinads gCturillr v that they wil rt.i,;iro . y pi.-siib; ettetion; and ther,'by rxrtects to griret:ur:i wiohc r ie. TIhe loueul urdvilltesf it tiRe hourse are tu walli knowl to llerd et Ir.£ert. cenrd deferipticn hlre. lTre facts Illat PIllsaclll is tile Inrgusl rval- statillon of tile .uoetimrlnl trt gIueeral resdleell ofr the irllhfsquad. roell; tlre ;lulbriy otlilrs eilllt relretllried rslalltly do - ling fit srrirrIer llihit io br te oolest i reees u roe Iri lullr tille te.telt of tie bay asd tile neigrhbouring i ulnntl. amriiverte the auult:,tice anrd flicacy of tllh Salt with which filesrrteel hround; and ls pror ximity t tIllre. tbort rtuterrn lnttrkets, itcl Perlrteoula Ithe pre. ferenrc over all'ethler pluces in tllese lutiludes, as a rerltthy ulnd cBliltt itll ntlnlurrre retria. Iir'lst tayubtoat r ill l i Itoheea Iw'ePasnrolla and Mlo bile, ntit will art il timnes i able to take the passengers tiraui iaNeir Orleuiat tuta. N B ARNOLD. S Pnancola , Feb. 1511r, le:18. [i]' (Gentlemen wirshing to engage roams for their failies, canll address te proplritolr, at l'ellsacIluh, or Mir sewell T Taylor, the former proprietor, at Net Orr leans. Rrferr icc. I' Sanford, Isq, fMr C ICllum, B McAlpie, Esq., Lt. Nilhy, in lMob.le; S T Taylor, PP Rea, Esq, in Nrt. Orleantts. ' ,i--A lftter bag, to receive eommunisatini for pereo set ihe i hove hIotel, is itaced at lies \Vlbrtmr n's tffice, 31 St C:hades EIxchlsge. Fl.ORIDA ROUTE FOR NEW YORK. T Tl'ravellers desirnus of tl king Ihe Ilorida route, via Peutaculat tire North, aire infrteed trlat lirsd rute buars will ertoeaYltly run lronr. Mobile t- lI'ellaslet, leavitr MoIbile ind l'entaeirol every rr ither dris tier hIe ilst of Milua. fold us.rges will ualays ie provided nr, tilre rllfacralerto re iils rtadinersrn to aklre pasellgeprs frou i iabile, ii cae of thoir failure ifl. Ile rat N I A INOLI). The seramioat Champion leaves lMobile for Peian cola Iwier Irr week fe, 4 Ivr "IEAN MARIE FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER Seases melre of this superior Cologne water. just receired ansi thir sale by the 1dozen or single btuttli. Also Alerick n end sl flemhl toiict plswdera, powder r uffs and boxes, shaving and toilet soaps, irosaatIc washh ball, illrk ifl roses, cosinteiie cotll ream, eatrne o musk, ktephaa, Wurd'a vengeltalle heir oil, pomatum, rciemi de pirsce, Florida, lavendelr, rose and bay waers, Presru:'s sals, Mlsarseille perfuiPrry ill trunks, veges- I ble I Id liquid ruuaa, Chlorine and Orris tooth wash, cloth,hair, tooth,nai| and oash brushen ; togelher with an ullitionaol sspply of faslionablo Ioru nad Ibell eoasl and jewelry,far saP low at wholesale or rnail a by 6 IiOl MONS, HARTT &CO, jl!y6 70 Cbartrs te t. B L -f -U.LLS--1 bhale a'Hmirhon indigo , ut .d .landing from tlip Chbareton, fr Isale by ill 1 BIlUDGE :o, ao al College of Physicams Lodorn. Soriwntl Vetaeble apelMn Univet l MUdi nine, preparret by W Mlkn El M sser of the Rtl CollCege of Surgeon., isentiste of Apothe- a ry's ;omlpny, Fellow of Belt eCoor Society, Surgeon to the lIoyl Union Pension Asoeliatun, Llcaster Place, Waterloo Bridge, and I'epetual Pupil of Guy' L nod St. Thomas's loupitals, Loslon. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' exlerircee and nptaralleled success in the extensive and highly respectable practice of the propriety, patro- v tised by the Ihlulty anutt Nbility, and is now ittrealucedo totltteotice of the American plicibl, at the earnest so lioitatliou f s uumber ofgentlemen of long sod high stadingding the profession. It is hoped, as l prelimi- I nary step, to heek the evils and fatal cousequeneos arlsing from the use of the numerous nod deleterious nenstress toisted npon the pohlic by the aid of fabrieated proofsof miraseulous ures, anl other franuds, bya set of slleroenary, slnprinctpled pretenders so totally ignorant olf mdical science, that it impossible the mol.strous deltsion can any longer b o down withl the itolligeont peole lfths ef nusn tr} hlsec pills, mild and agrenblo in their nature, shold be kept mo every family in eases ofUaltelsilness, for, by their prompt admisistrations, cholera, eramp, spsams, fe' rm and other slarmnig comptlaints, whic'l too often prove fatal, may be speeli ly cutred or lUevented. In fact, all those who valuegoodl health, should never be without them. They ore soin' in keuts at 5n oeents, $1 sod $l eaeh,y every espee JO.table dtgit, 1H c Wksrller, ad edro mPlace, N. Yorkin U olites S Gess ial be C foras, withe Unopiteous dState s, togecer with: est anoliten of prthe o ional ability foro tie fllip Ae nor Staslemeth Sir Asll Cooperjul nw relty, Javing fromll, sh. s., Nas. lle , hi. il., J. A ton Key, A. Frmptn, M. ., aew seleted nuassomerounts others. The origiots, shoes aned irogssi of te Renesiil Agent, by who inte mealf a tn importocco ioto this cluitry, and to whom allnd astplicatios rged hools mast he mode. JNO. ItOLBEfIN, 1219 WaVserty Place, f. York, Sole Geseral Agest for tie Unitedi Slates, Lic. aoriosale by tica; men's of te al gisal n pd trietor . SSwates i al bt'rogns, Drbuckskinsho, broga ns reeam hl'pesn Amen'sfel Scaltlf anof kied peed. jshvesnd F II KlY It LEE i cc, No3 2 vtognitsr stuers, nrr vow receiving froo snhips Nuslville, L.uiucillc, KIste htlk, Eagle, usts usther late ocs-icots traso :ho I rognsdo cities do srgeout ki eleted wax pgge s hoesnt Itchs, Bootsi, Shoes assid Bitogout, stli rons; olgentleme's est qualite cal af can wed shocso Io s and Jack Dowlit; do huo's, and stoi wac pegged e 1cots o Snckl-lon es n lihu; meln's ioe calft seal and MAorosee I oist and slipoga s, bockhkis sibu , brog als nut la pew artl nel'sdo ine calft se i a ki d m orocco esquate retgans; hoys boot misses on t khil rens pegged and swed - ebt ogleand shoes elevery qualitr adqtiy ce k lod. s, Alsgo ageel lac llvoinitmg . do c's ~ndt anMorocco tcl.l iloans matent sis s llot' ether w aith al 000 paitoe : Stdiagro shes ct qualipty russet, brogans, b uniled in thes, Imkser maticle do sly for plasentation uocoqse s glte, Sot; elot s', misses' ancti shoutkip ussete t si and sewe wb rogois, ald da es of qualnitty of and il m Alo dies gener cal a so, moronto men's grain welts, and Susit sole ss sd shor, togetherh Morocco peut kid prn g fall kids a qualities; lastint brg ns; do ain the Is o, oatle .spreFsly ffaion e Mk ilk hats; ndo blacks w erticrbetane a nige q uartity of all cio- i-ity.all r, snot satd wo breogtlat. adk Russin calf,lt morocco sd grhats a new atile. Yoths [Imp sole stcs t til flere ealitoe Morocl osilkdr neu nsl spes, wi do genea l e asn rtme, t of boys' and meen's Sclf, assl stment will be replenisheotees; dbythe arrival of 1, loll kindssnl ol qualities; sn lasting brogonsit tin giter. a ketsd foed bo thees. Mine mes'd lutins, alloesnf which t inbe. Cisold on's comlodatig termson austig I-to. vuas amntiolrftskc. n tsne flsionhle lnaok silk oatsi do black iv rlmab beaver sio o a atllseo~ioetqusliiy, sdn imitation i.rom sdo; brald illan narrow bs'im met's finloe dr'b a to t1I nk ssiae sliolrt nslIsed I.l, a iew l sticle. Youths' aI n'c anosd brtsn laue ld dtab wool hats of vsoriotL t csin pen, with gederal sntar-ey etl of D oyr ' ad omell's stee e Iln.nd moreeth r t c ure t h, s i he inedi 'thls allsnttne e will be repslevishiled leuye oroivol of ai I anl cketsrolats tle nsase itmes cities, all of lichs Nillbe sol otn feel modatins telm. I t N I-tI' NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA New I1rilesi , Nov. III.1ll,1 Ol Iistll sitride t ill ago I )l d ths l ieisif lotsilcnr . IO ao hctorfelstrtly cored JOIIh s did ii cu lv N i Ilfet, nid lexp im t re e. i i iy IT CEiR got w tll ,eas tle ouit.C e neI limllI:e uels'to to ithe vell n ie d 1o liy (osi orIghit in lcssille fise eid si i, t n l r.lie t a nd orsoht e llit, s lll I s.tllli thll I tk t eli present litak oil nccont of ths e distnse; large 'leer oil sttl t ol; ti ecrel e s, f llssow 1 in s p tin- ystreln it lonfideitly ondler, y tr o lre of A. Iluet, lo Casio! tros, be itperenly caredl eis toIrt Ees's t. I O CEti IFYs toe res lbven'ch mrucA3Irl di 4P . i listy will 'Led tre I io:tir rsali thctofrr hio. I a JOI. N ol EAN-IGer I ne th strteet.i If ilny oe wants to sea tile, call at N,. 411 tGrasvl New Ortnin.. fPel I, 1713n. athI l lh Iv Jua~rPUBLItAHECIr'Xltn FR :EoY07 E l7rb s, The Pi"h I.diilit. ROIILETT'S TAltLES OF INTE'Ril ST: TO whichl is nirw tntd nll lime naleola or, or eavy mitlhols lior fin.in3g tlhl avt"nge'ime (t h3oagero Ilolestof basl or bills of gools, ltln nor11' tchasedl at dil1fferet Idates, n dfitreti credits,I l" tr I rarioe amounts; besidesNsuelf e Ind complete ainking gltime T'la le, thle Ielt lthat can be eonltrived. or that t. gures con I within the sme condesel compaess, an3d size ft, pe, Atn atnvettaisement ill thelbook is in nearly the follow. inog words: T'he igh dlstinrtinal this wm'-k has reeeiveI throngh the ten legislaltie acts Itptfixd toa Ihle title pg, s a esr cmmnn lhdtin ill itself' silo llt nnlon, alt so cont u ived lit t tothirn t ilctesrytotl oire ttin byth ra t at vOrtisnomlt tLI ire a clondiCls l vi w il solet e ii I t le ellintl'iieSa lfrin3lanee ithe Intlr:est hals heeoc.l p 1nl) s. ell tio3and ncomp:lrud u ilsh, what is cquIivalelnto tons" le sei s efa nlliatconle, sexsalletin illt tie press tirm - fibe lonesd aie1 otlidelt roio tet "olytes Iaes ti etr. ; ct i o h il l ne, in u ol nlelra ltlynt ofhWlls helilefh I''lillln l' 3 Id u tllcllsell and tlrtV totters, is tnow .tie" elo fi Ite detection elo all erlror OFa ent ill ntihe iliCe or filth edlition, as expressed inl tce Ieitase, Itaking tite lage premr oilns a Heted fr tile same errore sine the first prsltietlit in tie tear 180r2. ntoe of titt msost eois liucosa features of the tables is in the arrlanrge1 nte3 ol" tile Time atll Amounts, which for expetiticots, rt'otsresee sit e tspi tye with the et p ol'the side a3ttl idles, anott be exellc ed an te salty tyi astl ase witlh t hih thle otaeessl canthe foiund to tei extlent of getre l business, wilhnt dubilinr of sllns is lesidls l cones irtee sou essollial, tlhat ia lire elmlnl. tiolot sonre s ite most v i eomp1netent aolld pitI c llobsi. 3toss hmcen slaIlllublic onHl e wch have mlaldegrl.oat Use ot ulte tuoek, it hass ltbe 1 tlitliuisih yl , 10tlo hon table laplorllatopl cfoig lttmaster pines". Al nd considering ithe itlllitj in ste tholdl ohrigintlly at tltie sI i otmenlsitg the awork, 1iact te erxtolittlylra uusolliter aid variety olthe examinatinns, and tests ofevery etition it haspsscd ill the I''ss, eotwilthtstdirgli ttle wblole is i stert'olyle, cosiielrllg, in s5116;. he Ioslitire aecult.y seciled the tsali Ieerelttetl ioleans elmnllo otd the ve niu3leain theen wrltlp asand lemphati ally 'tyled t the iwlost winltirrfll Iaonk Itllhe waslk;" most fell.aily Ii nltnecat nmtetr ftgnre wiok o'thte slrnr exlent, waic since the br3gin3inltg o i elationt lials had the salve he IThereci ey llll Valetoly lof is so tc ln e inhat edl ors0 I, n.,r on itall'lth e number, asn is elotnly es ooni tilne ]lesridrs, astest antl sllarl, it has Irre tried s l prneed in let are alll he bank atll palltic soces in the Ut1ite3 Saeites, ated bIow the plllc g wherallhv th.nin the 1long p.rlod t thtlirttlfis, )yit no error of ih.eerl ellttlils has ever bt.nll If t ilnl ino, cllotlingh coltit Sally elrtilleoigit by the tofil of veryl large rlr oims. S'llthe hol .it s h Lee t texssl osl+ a otlt lloy tl ttle e-ot•ts enflo tl se'uIttl tlte SlatHtes os t.sttie "iltlle o etllclltIlo1o Iftll emnte illteotl'," sl:ln'l Iby lawot i' halnk interesl, acodnlisgas tile brlook is u x!, and as tley Ile'seeo ill part, by t.,e nales of inte slseribellrs and few otoof he se le. sent lrhasers, il the lhat at tite id of ite Iook, is in Ieocselssin deere3 clotss of citihalo s inl every quar ie f tihe Unit ell States.. Ii is noao eoor "ee kllowon that, hi its rcarty eleek, it has so atle iderected llrg errors, .Ao lllter etly were isr, evut eby the most arelnrl aoi mst iaemltetet e arillllhleticialln, t'at its tserrnlness, and tike analhtl e rle :essiiy fur its se, havc: ttesn extensily, illyrv lei nt),st so evite1t3, itiecdttl, hae breen ies tltsaltages, attdt its stai3gs, ihat, severrl ytarsago, whilst ihe fi editin was ssreco, asln olet f i)rist, a great IUIeJ)rP of seondl llllel oples were sougllgt Ir, sore to a ere t dlishltee. sall itcreased st variols rinies, as they coull .stalcson. ally b pickedl tilp at from $1i0 to $5 per copy, sandl some persoss hiave reccn.y declared, atd insuancea could be qlaoted that tho y wotlol pay $50,$i, otoo $5(,11 (0 for a eoly, tlnotto belhallT for less, snld II individual in tle latiter instatee iltrtiCvlarly, hating at the same ibine rxhlbited satiltfatory procf, tcseveral persoc pre. sentthat to hl it was really wollrth tllat money aln ttore itiogtl the styting of his serrt valsable lat, lihe brinlo a very rich mon als in plblic it is likewcis wcorthy of nlotce, ndol inoleet prroper t. ilprle tattIt such is s ihte natre of filgue work generally aid aspecilly hen of the extent olllt importacee ol these t e Ins, IrtrI tadi this ihonk or its like beon prepniat ed ill the snIal nlilner vlioe, h tile most colpetent 1c1lcator in the wnrll, satl aliertcarlds priti-d mnst tatltitoulcy usllr hlis own ectreotloa if proof l sheets, it woulll, almost t a nertaillly, hose bees tlsafe for icr ieitellc,anld deor At ay price, as the pirefae dariie. larlit explains. Bot so ierlect and vaitiable have the steteol'pe slises otltis cortklleen ma c, tlhat to sec3re Itelm, withtllhtir 311.t'ume lls a11a1 extraolrl ialllyV eC +..nlll tiots, agniotst lii e, f;.r tII. goeoroa belltfit, Iliey are (by ldvertisememnt) contaltlv kept in a pilace iof eieaisl a.ett), exept wltile tse f in It ieti.. Ampledliectills to iclal bulh banh s Scid statute intoro est wilh usefull otes, follow thle plrefaceo, whieh, il thits tilo as in tae two reeeliog edition1s, coltallill mullc ill ferntatisn notinoo tl3ing the two lawful modes ofipoltc lug inter ate, tee d.lays of gi ace, be. It remai:ns no3y to rs13a5k tl1ea, niotwithstandlng ttis tconne nlttly costly work,. whiclt waSlilulihtsldl elitles interest tables were illtroo13lc.d in dollars sandt cenls lbe. veed n almansnc, lils hien so extenlsively astt so liberally SItrolissed, itltasnocet ytsonmuch as ail withinterest. tee hleasy loss Of ucarley tior tlholsasol ldollalr besidlel six yearso l time from 179'tto 1805, ustleinedl on thefirsl editios of 7600 oiers,4risig dchiefly from it Inlblica Liotl aslaitintis, at oI lstiLer price,) to sy otlsing of ompensation or iiofitfgr almont a Ite.timne of rue, toil, nlid saerifie. Wiohenfe- dime auJllor *till relie itr she diqoetslelett mnld generosily of lle publie Mfr aeeoia : sae of prefreaee anid.ifsla'ewge. Far ale by the Princji at Booliellere in Ihe United lales. / ET's P..'A,'ENT FiRli Al&t.--Jeut reses ed per stillp Miisieipipt Imme New York, a large as. osemenct ofPatestilei es nd helt Piasels, for sale at mat2 3 GOSSIP &. Co. St Oharlec Hotel .... _T DA LINE ! Froin Mobile to AuguetsGo S veS Mobile every day e three bor i 0 clock. p in per U S mail boat Na for Hall' Landing, above Blakely,-thence four past coaches to -ensaaola-theneo steamboats to Logranee, where the land route is reaumed-thence te via Marianna and Urownsville, Fla. Bainbtidge, PUidertown, Hanwkinsville. Saundersville & Llisa. co vine t Augustl, Go, endnectilng regularly with 01 the rail road cars to Charlestot, and the steom L {packetl to Now York, Norfolk. Phil adelphia, etc. ''hestearnboateore the best fort to service, and the navigation presents more rdvan ages than call be found upon any steamboat route in the south. ern region. The great improvements in the ro ite have been produced by thoconstruction ol fif y miles of tow n road, by the proprietors, viz : front LaGranIge on LaFaytte Bayou, an arm of Santa Rusa Bly, to II Brynnt's Ferry, on tile Chlattahoochee river, ten milis above the Ciowlerd, or 14 above Cedar BUInif whereby the navigation ot the river, and the con sequrient detentions, and more recently the in con t1 venient croising at the Cowford, are entirely Ii avoided, and a fine road from Marianna direct to Bainbridge, instead os the roundaiout road via Chattahoochee, lesseeinlg thedistance about forty iriles, and il reasing the facilities more thbn Sotlee aday Aler, a oranch line of two horse stages every I other dlly l.m Hawkinsville, via Perry to Maicn, ° Ga eonneetieng wit the line to Savannahl and a Darien, Gen. A mail steamboat plies regularly between Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Travellers wishing to reach any point otn Chattahoollcee or Apalachl cola, cnn take steomboat at Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-Land Roule-During the time oceupied by the repairs or boats, tihe proprie. tors of the Florida line will run a line of four horse post counces every other day between Me bile and Pensacola. SPassengers will leave Moblile et 3 o'elock, p m, , in the U S mail bont, and proceed to Itall's Litnd t in, where a lour heoso coach will I.o ii waitingt It convey thlm to the excellent hobuse of Mr. Chalrlesn Iall, 1 I 4 tile distant, where they will find pleasant eccolmmtodations fur the niglht-leavinlg next mor;ing, they will arrive in Pensacola enarl) in the evcning, thus avoiding the discomfort of nilght travellin . Olltce at the Mansion Ilouse, Ml.ile, and Col- t lins' toterl, Pensacola, where sesi inust be stcu red. TS'I'OCKI'l'N & I(',. n, I t Piano 1brie Instructron. tW'illiam Smith lenders his Gnrvlcet to the ciiit J zens of Now C rleana as a teacher of tie pinno I lforte. Mr S having been emoplnyt d severnl years as n teacher of music in private families in B,,ston, and also at several of the female aellminarics in its vicinity, cannot but hope to merit lheir confidence. °Ie is permitted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.tpp, Meatsrt Stetson & Avery, lenderson & (: Gaines. For terlms, &c please apply at tile bookstore of AlexanderTower,49 1ICamp st art 2 1 Drugs and Jilediriner. J 1 errvost has located himself itl this city for the purpose of transacting a general Wholesale Drug business. He is now receiving a full supply oa fresh and genuine articles, which he will sell on liberal forms To city druggists, and those of tihe interior, to physicians, merchants and planters, he will offer inducements such as have never be. forte been offered in this city. Hisia intention is to do a strictly legitimite business. Iis stock will soon be completei, fnd 't a few weeks will be ren. dy for business. All orders from the country, and from merchants of it iP city, receiving such orders t will be promptly attended to. neoct 2 N 39Cnamlp st . 7IIOI.ESAI.E AND ltE'I'AII.Ct1B1 ANII VA VIIIE'1'TY STORtE-iat the sign if the golden t colmb,l3 'I Chartres steert. The sbscrlilters hlivre- I caved, in,t ,lltiota to their iretnooai stork hntbind, a fill t dI o eittplet. asaurtmeia t of i tiles i their in c ;t ohtier, su b lits, perItitit-r, Jtt'llrv, b irushes, itetitig glattses, fancyv articles, \-<. ,lsisting in part as fodllowts: C()JI liS--ortoisr shiell, wvroehit oal pliain tucl,,trt lt. quilled buck, lout, round, dressing, sid,! pill. f. url . n l min t kIt, Ii Tili m ol olltb$ oI' every." :tCslrlri )tilill n11nu r..r t + whicll are siomle Mexican pItteiae, ll lcrag oii, of .velvry dosetiptiton, horn, dicsing an d packet, toclletr with n FOll pra - itd as-orl nct ot'F'rcnl-eo al a . T lullrlncna I' tI.ttl :tI --Cohn e, l~tnemder, Itlorido, hoany, Ihay, rlose, andl (o'ane flower waters oef every size uald d, s criplion, cainilphorlated Cologne, eut,'t IIof IlHrenot laney soups of all kinds, shaving do in akH an m an cretam soil dol, Ward's vertil:tle hir til, ,:ars rlad o til tut Il restolt's ielling ult , itnin and pr.t' ,iic ed todtr pow dert learl iowtlrri powuitr {lsat' and Mixes pu lolltumll ill -,-1, a1lntd r()~lll·1 'rls 8 1i Z na l illoLn tooth waish SJI:C~L·:I\I.'l l s Dl- lne o'thelatJ. st mllotll nast fashlmo,. I ble setts , i.nsting of white and reI d tI rneolian, tI , et caridrope. et in lilagree, bre; ltl pins ola grei" fle-i t t of pltte.rl, watch \ riltlln- eg, gil tintd tilVe toi .ltoil HiILo r lli iie-Cloth, tllir, dust, lelcrunllhearth ,liorl Inat, :d ,, lout'l, plate, comtb, Nail, sahaving, ush.e w.ll white,., Ih brtl':hes, b.Ot)Kt.\t. ASSElRl--Gerlan ulatia and toaili itOl|ng anti French ,Iroel sig Shasaas, bows , io, %i; rciv of ilh lt k il ne , t-ntitot t i t tlitr,l rd. 1'Alt 1. AN VAItYE'"' .RT'tItCI.C5--French " 11( Atne,'icil. ,,,r:t le desklts a*nid drcs:iag cases, e)ame very rt6t itstid Elrly hlioshd ladies w\vllr u i holx,*stl lhlI. i si. g tistu with ulitl witllhout mtiitiic, auil iboxes, I e cordliml o 'variou s kind., violhn; and qguitrs, silo, r . d luated lencile at i Itds,,vod pe.cils lors rpd) i a Iid rnyomuI nti l ui S,gm tl i iiiInn l pstold with -and , i : i liases, proelon . fst ol'uie.niCl titp thatr( era, o tcaintlO Wamts er, h iuiiitry bins oA 5so 101,tlltoy tio.leoil etiigoc, po t ttly ltteilrtily Ctr, ;a1osa toe porent F tci1 Perfu I',nch, erutlra x c ttg ery lll variety for the I ,ttl i llts I or l' llll l s Eutimn, u'i'.+ ti' Ililh naui a+t l. l ttuwkir£'s rlit/r straps u-ali, IItatlh. Itonil Tdirks, fu ltt-y braudtt, i ttol t T w b "lly h111 droys., tlav wit[[hesl, gall l blltiolns, lwder It..ka, eU. dll.da luant serd Ieads, !ilt unlsicrib 'n, galn eatlic suspyen- I S l.rls, lld I.iartesI, l illn and twll rt)ld Lltllc. bai t Ilek m t, i buoards lic, th ictnal oidlllle~ jNatchsard Tlhcolbni uins teh e alld tinkh. ien it, with a gre itt vlr i tof t htcr luti es, ai 'whi Ir will tia sold. r cash r cnty acreptan ca e on 12 mtontls credlit. B t1 hitln31IG:'i , at io.i 4d 711 (,;lartrodsl. S.hil'lil I Olg.--1ilo ilelilnla llooItei wintper - dii io rap l Oil, in casks and hlo, Iopr sale lby JAIIVIS & A NUDIEWS, Wlltler~l t Drigg tar, iarlur C omoni and "tam l'la Ins streets, Cohlllle Water, Perfumery, &..c.--A SOW-uhur t y rticlopf coltgneir put up expresFly ot r i he retail itradnr anlso the purest F cnlsh Plrfumer, ellra escin every variety for the toileit fIr s-li by ,at KRE DSe & D'LANG. It iNSI IEl--Tlhe tuhltuoihtr, tIling lat lye .ilt V hli-lhed a varnihlvll llUllnfn ortll in .\ew Wrlealln, Is ready to supply tit Ipainters .nll the public in general, Itby ltolsaele na, retail. Ili. prices are modherate Intd the quaaily of Iis producls 811 )rier to anly ever brnulub i 31o tlhi pllce. T uhe etht la i ( poteidloet It i superintend Ihe 4iOlnllllleroy Ics bee- at lh t Ih ld olf n .xlerRive calnblisement o;ft his kind its Furopa. 'T'hose dic, , sed y to cull at ihe oarlier of Nltlchez nd T chotllaitoulas sIt, Ilsall ha prewllllmd with a fair sallltIe if any varnish IIliey amwishll it) try. AUllUonsl te varnhishles ire 1lip oelnch Non . wlwirrll,"d oill I1 . i;ltllga evl ii in Iiintillul t; &c. all II IltN NA t:l' . )fj IL)3( 4.1 Nnw I.evee. e bIer.ions RIz,.r Stropn-'k'IeC eases un the genuine article, jst received by oct 3. REI0;SFI & D'LAN(, 1i Camp a s 1lI Io,;,,- i- d coIa ,Il, o i .le ropes; Smad. all of heop, to sthre, and for sil, by - 3 IO(E..:RI' &* IIA\\ Til)RN, 63 Glrair rt F ilEl11 GARDEN SEC)-'lThe subsenoicer Sbegs to express his grateful thneka to the pubs - e, for the liberal supplrtle hae nsceived ainee I.e commenced business in this city. Being sole pro prietorof the seed store, 17 Common street, lh i e not and never was ogent lfor any northern seed It vender; neilher is he ronneeced with anv house in this country-bat he assurrts the public that his * connectionu in every departlmnt of Ibe seed basi s ess, in tile diflerret ,ountries of Europe are luald i to that of any house in the United Siates. lie in paris s. ads, plants, &c. from the most exIensive and respectable nurseries and seeismneil in j"rance, HI Iland, England, Scotland, and the no there states-.nd it will at all times he his inrer,'e, as it 1eis his seudy, to receive, in addition to be present I stock, large arrivals of every dtacription, really the e or th of 11138; also, engrafted fruit Ire. , of all krids. The public may rely on finding a full sn. sortnment of every article in tile nSed linIofgenue au qnraily, anl inmported dircut by WVm. FINN. " 1'0 'ITIHE PUBLIC:-Theu.drsigned. having - studied under Dr. Sal)midt of Charleston, South Carolina, and for some years his assistant in I the practice of nmeadicine and surgery, has the honor a to offer his prolessional serviee in this lity. t ie assures the ladies anl gentlemenon that the lmIot prompt attention will be plid to the calls which Smay be made; and also oluers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases comtmon to them, having attended thelm in heo bugar ihonuse ie Chlarleptor S1 The famous anti.bilious pills a lter the composit ion of Professor Smollette. with direetions, can be hadi ul the undersigned. The effect which tiiey have , produced in this and other cities, has beenl attended wilh the greatest success, to wicah the beot of references can be given. Apply at No. 1661 Maga. zine street. JNO. M'LORING. N O''ICEp---Th partpnetseip of Kaller, 8lasos &Cn of New )rlaeln ; lMasu, Harris &Ct., of Natcsez; nd Harris&Kelley &Co., of ltodnaey, was dissoved o lih2last of lay last, by tile a.l.,1 ol S.t.uel A lasaon, ire of the partners of tle firf's. 'Thoe undersigled, surviving partners, will be charged with tl.e settling and l .ing saenid business as lilows: LeviC liarrias will attend to tile settlig of tile busiaBeas of Masalo, Harris& Co., ti Natelzl; and tlrrie, Kel ev & Ca.,at Ridnenv ansd Ilenry Kelley will attend ts he settling of the btielness of Kelley, Mason & Ca. g; New Orleans. TlppaMes of the several firms willba used in lilsidatlin only. Tho ssldebthed tq said firms are earnestly equsetred ocomq forward and mnle early settlemlents and those having claims will please pmesent them witout delhy. . HENRY KEIL6Y. e v Orlanr, Jtnes 27, 1837, SOL.EAR.S Science i ., d..' for sale at their pelmanent Writing AeiM iilies No. 8 Charees strest, New Orleans, b9 ,0JdwJay New York, Daulphine t., Mobl.. - We It is partiularly designed for private learners, and scholsc, sid is alculated for persoas of allages. Ladies nald gentlemen are invited tosall an examine ctte system for themselves. 7 Leasons are given at sach houses as may slit the rorvenience of nil, and to classes formed in any part of the city. Ladies wio prefer it can receive lessons at their own ref sidences. TI Persans paying e o urse of lessona are desired o attrnntho" ' " omse9 r f ell asthey wikh. .3S.K ROTIIH.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FiR FEVER AND AGUE. Cs frEN years have not yet elapsed since it was M Sfirst regularly submitted to the public; but it t} lins attained the highest reputation; and ias sup. It planted every other medicine for the Ague, whsorov. % er it has been known and appreciated. Already Ps has it been carried in every direction throughout I the United States, anc still realizes n.o:e than could F' have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, p1 but restored to health and vigor through its agen. N cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are N calculated to renew the healthy action oftthe atom Sahelt, liver, and other important digoestivo organs, the loss of which harmony is tihe immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it psodau. e Soe an entirn change in tihe condition of the syrste, ., and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. When the Ague is attended ic with any other complaint, the employgient of the b Tonic Mixture will hot interfere witli the treat. c ment of the other disease, sat will even afford as. esstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the g' body during the course of treatment. These whoh O make use of this medicine may be assured that I tlhere is no Arsenic, iarks, Mercury, or any other n article in its eompoattion unfriendly to the human vi e.cnatitutionl being entirely a cegetable exlract; - d and they may lhave additional confidence in the I g use thereof, when they perceive that it has tile of- fi ) eot of gentle laxative about the time halfla bot. - ti e full has been taken-in consvoquoce of wbichll," there is no part of the medicine loft to linger in I. the bowels to caseo obstructions, and other evil., arising from the ise orf many of the remedies now ofltird for the cure of this affection. It has been I used also asua preventive, by lmany who were sub it ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it C has invartibly warded off tie apprehended attack. fObsere! 'Tile Proprietor, fully satisfied with the unparalleled Iad universal success wshich has on- a S tantly attended a punctual andti regular use of the , Tonic Mixture, in all eases of Fever and Ague. Stecls warranted in engaging to refund the price to all thoso who have tLbori tilte medicione in strict ac f ciordatieo with the prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. 'PThe s.eribrs are thile wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six ty cast. of this mediciuoe whi\ch ij warrrnted fresh it a ind genuine. Fox solo at the manufaotured prices ( JAftVIS & ANDRIEWS, Wleolesale tlebygiets, nov97 co CosIoIcl 'l'ellnjslttoublal streetI. S Mifasnsippi Ilsd Loninsinn a HIotel ' .nyt lNUTnN. L1t 11RS. MARY IIIRKLAND respectfully an. I notances to lier friends and the public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at 1 ie abovo establishmacnt, and hopes from her sxertions to render visitors rcofortnblt, to receive e continuance of former favors. Sheo fools confi. tent that persons visitino Covi-lgton during the ummer months, canntot find better ac--tmtodations n thian shel can afford thema, on mere liberal terms. lia r house is pleasantly situated, and well supplied Swith every conven ience,; the bar is furnished with ithe most choice liquers, &c. in short, shle Iromises '"at nothing shall be wanting on her part to give itire satistaction to all who may piltroniis thle f iiisesippi and Ii uisiaoia Hotel. je3 t IiOLL.u . WARI, .r, 001 SC(REW%, SAD IRONS, &c, |/jllE IlO'ELLI W iORKS COMPANY, No. I 238 Vater, near likckoman street, Noew York, have reeeived the past season, anl are cosstantly reIiving large and exFensive addlitions to the stoi k ithe above goods, whlich ntw enolists of Thei a owing asaotisConti suitblo fiir t ilotthern alid ., -tern miarkets. I, ,ollow war of superior quality, consisting nt a. , t 150i t11tens, viz, Poits of' 2 different sesI, friom 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettlies, 15 szes, froml 3:8 to 30 galleos, Kettles, 15bsizrs, fra1 3:8 to 18 gallons, II itklpans or Oveons, 7 ddtl'cret t.izes, Ten Kettles, 6 do I Skillets, - 5 do Flt Spidser . 6i da Covered Spidors, 2 dio Oriddles, . 4 do ,arer Dgs, . 6 do t l'agon Loxes furom I 1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. i C. rt do. 5 ist 7 iti hes. Wood Scrrw, 20.1))Ut0 gross, iron and brasa, froal S :o Inch, No 3m I3:9 inlch, N,, .2l of oa eituierjr d .1lily and ilitll, and less tlhan Jame's imported Sad Ironc, aescorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for im reatliltl , Tallhr's anid hatii 's Irons, assortld. SSash twights, 100 Ltos, assuitod from 1 4.4 to Il,:ls for P lnitations, steamboato, churches, c. I L a lil to or(der, Also steatlboats anld other machinery lade to I ardor. or ''te ibove assortment of goods is particularly id recotlnended to thw attout oat' Siutlhrn and i Western merchants, and are orflred Ihr bale at low Sprices, and upon the imost liberal tarins ; it is be. ti lieved to be tile largeist andi bt asortsent ever i ofifered for sale by any one entabtilbhment in iie United States. Merchanlts, by forwarding a request by mail, ran have a itiprn'd ecrotular, with descriptotn ol'f ioda, price and tertils, faomn wluch no doevation is over maode, farnished by return of mail. p All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 BOOK DINDERY. Under the Pcayune Office, 72 Camp at. BRONSEXIA '& IIOWSON bre leave to inform their customlner unl the paltlic penerally, thoa they Ilave removed Iheir establiehment to No.72 (,lip sereeo, lllediately undelr Ihe office of ihe iPlCavunre--where thley are prepared to execute all orders in their line. irating reeeived from the North a supply of pa. per and materials of a superior quality, for the Imanufacture of Blank aBooks, they offer their ser. vices to nlerrllallls and other?, who may wish work of trlat kind ; and havell . rh avlvagtrlge of aeverral yalrs'l exparierre i llhat IR ne, th Iey are eonlidertl of i.lvine . ot s.,flrina to those who mrt ay f,,a,r them wir their tatl Fir rlOiries, att rchitecra srl rlothers, maps and Ipln l ill e postl tnd lin en. valinihIld and molntedtl ill lh nelatost mao tner, 4 at tihe shortest nn'ieP. Plain and fancy hindine, rn all its vari-ties nl. Irllll: -n!Pl.rilrce., Aceota tiir Irhe extenvive raOier oat .W'. & S. lHlteIIrrr, Sh.ellchl, ienleluand, lhave jrtt cerived iI very eIxtrllive e rotf l' et trP erreairing caf Irable anll I)Dess.ert tu-ir-s rof e- -' dcicriltian, Penl, uoelct, D)irk, ond rSp hapoir ter1sa; rs nr, reSis eorsr El,' Tiool,'.. e.c. owi'lhrl stipre anr; riparrd xhibi tothe irth, l ro.ermir 'ier ten na i aenc conditon rill le aidna d ki ai it ilit thtr t lit rue,. mla G , 1. Ild:l.l k. A O(lllls:N. l Coemmon ast. NE\ ( t(OOS. - IMMi D iNS, IIAP.'ITT 4 C().-a- re now receiving Sa per ship limtsille, Eagle, Mcery Anedrewa , lligh adee, ftrellc sll rd(lelmon double head plalinsegards: tneel aes llarnd aketls piati; plainrh erae) wal split elrloai callr; capl Iillllel'rs oviss- is Ilverzota, plen. ers; Ilillrl'; cmnraercial al,r othI r steel c smo; Vio. as; Violnl striergsa shell, ivrly nell holr mnabs; wafersi k, hlcal ail lellaher purses; hair hrahls, fio'nt and ack I'ingletsla negro iIlrvfs; terloall vrial Frerach colongre wlter, R.ove.lanls 1aotss,.toil, mitatio stoi; atlligtof hul ears oil; portaolie desks and atheatlng eaes: pant. blaerinlgi statis tlall toilet glasses; convex e nirrors; Op eal llasies atl viewrr Irllar lNade , bellasai plium. ; cunoralallt; whita twire (r.qilpt and shaving roapllrs; toilet owder, enagsmtie vash balls; aeetied satin aushlions; pool staoels screw aellcions; fatcy head Ehains anil necklaces; billiardl bhallrl pocket books ntld. wallettas; German hores; ra zoel sterap flee antlll Ooiteso gum. elastico suspleldera, garleteasd; ullls lucifer matehes;i il aer tResnilsi CrteyOtre, ae. &e. re ultore vein adllditin t o e finormee stock of flrae, a;:lr'a ti..res llr, a lsoletanellt very nAle.rt.a. For als wlalesale or iecaol; al tie signl of the Guldern Cemb, 7a Chlartsle a ller. mao8.S totiltli. GLAS.r &, \ItIIEN.V Ars'.. X 0fog 31s Cirarer streer, New t()leans. f I, SERlGEANT i& Ca. irnloraers of Preelh n vd oEnhlah China eand ivrthen ware. are nv opelin nerw ao!nd rich partrrln of hreoakfas dlanie," nid tea serircesr tailuct ats, pitcherrs, ea and cfflsee cups, tellpts, sugars, creaolsa, lowlrs, llters, dislsee, lreeal, roalt basira ant. ewers, fotl btahr, etr. ce. Rich eur and plain French and Ameriean glaos. waorn--lbhletse, ehampaignet, Iartnade, jellies, clarets, ;tilPe, cardials, uelllrne latr.ela lCerlllters. rm blers, preserve dishea, releriea, piterhlar, lamps, lailap lnhadr arid glasses, canldle shadtos, salt eal lers, etc. SwBure plated, thronaed andl bhriania wartes-ears toar, liquorr stande, cake heaetes, eatludsticeks, blraonhre, spoean, laler, coffee nsld leplnes, sugars oreamRra. lalrps, jaranauod traos, astral slande, and haaeioest lampsr, irl calery, al ermoan silver spriea anrl lurks, roagethar withl a strrll variety if arllralee lotr fioly use. Mnlrehhr :, plantersr, holrls, ansod loealllbrlals fariahed wth goads at the most rea sunsonble prices, asl par-ked ao as to be casveyrd with salety t* any part of the eooniry. Ater. all, ternries' ealsas* re. noa 2 To Cooutre Maelhansa and planlters. Negro clothe, blankets, flannsl, asnays, lowell, cheekh, linens, calicoes, hsandkerehiefs, &e &c&receive) and fur sale low by Iha subhcri. be:a. RO'TA & Co. oct, earner Canal and Chartres at MA/I AIRRANG1W~~MMiNW ý,- .. " -.. Dun Every Day at 12 M. Coe Ma, oes Every day at lOj A. M Weeten 'Adl rl Due ey ry Sunday, Wednesday by o/' ih0 Friday, by o, IP M yA Closes every blonder, Wedneeda jua , and Saoturdaoy by 9+ P. M. DTe eveit Teua y Thursday, t 8Sturday iJ !La. , . Si Closes every Monday, Wedseeday f EXPREyS MAIL TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPAR'TURV DIjSTANCI. 1&c. of the Expreias Mail, betw-nn Manila and New Yorkn-leaevio Mobile djily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York daily at 5 P. ' bouthward. Arrivcs Arrive Northiwanrd. Distance. Time. Retumn'g Molntgamery, Ala. 2 pm. 198 m's 23 h 12m. Columbus, (Ia. I14 81 91 ai m Milledgeville. Ga. 133 141 21 p.m It Colamirin, S.C. 7i am. 163 17 10 "Rnleign, NC. 54 215 - 22 1' Warrenton, Va.. 12 m. 55 i A " y Pietersburg, Vs. 10 pin. 83 10 0n, t It ltiehmoed,V. 1 amn. 21 3 n Frlerickbur, 8 67 II p M. Walshington ocity, o2pm. 61 6 Baltimore, 6 '38 4 06 Philadelphia, 61 am. 100 11 0 I- New York; 2 pm. 00 8j i 1305 143 h. or d 23 re Northward. Comiinag Sothword, the time is six hour i less; being days ani 17 hours. TEN DOILAItS REWARD. UPDANAWAY from 169 Cerondelet aorner of Hoeia Ss"rsetea, on the night of 30th o6 August, aed wasl seen the next tarning in Poydrae street, a aegro boy Snamed CHA.RLES, about 17 years of age, anti I fed P' r thereabouts int hnightvera black, and hasan imped id onent in his peecih, one of lis laegs is sore, ocnasioned is by arecent hurt; tie had on when lie went away a whilte e. ottloa or linen shirt and whitle eotion ianotaloonlas. lasters of vessels and steam boats are aantioned a Igainat receiving ir hIariinig smid negro, as well as ll other persons, a ihe utmoet rigour of tle law will ha oenlbroed ngninat them. The above rewrcl will be pala fordellvo.ig i ingtilo any of tihe Jails of eiter oflht ar ;otuieipalitiee, or nt 1I9 Carololett, corner of Hevl. tSeant. Sept TI; IJJlCET copareiitnership i eretorfre.i xisting to I indiler the firi of IDubois & Garretson, neu beai dissolnlved. Thie nrllriber will liquidate thei affalirso tI. le cronern in this city, nad requires all personiandeb. Il to onke nyi.oent to him n ly, and all tlhoalhaving el c miuton,areosenosthtat foreltlnalellt. ung 8--t t I 8.ARRETSON. u CAPTAIN Ml1IVlA ATT'S NEW NOVYlS in Bafin the Reefer, by ttlh authr el Peter Siamp.VLS b in vols. it Cummine, or a Winter si ScIhllsa laifieldl i;i Lowe tyriyna, by Cnpain lasil fiail, Royal Navy, F. L 1PS., in I vnl. Lord itoldnn, a romaonce, Ity Allan Cunninglam,1 vo - Shepprd Lee. written Iby himself, in 2 vals. in 4 Lbmifndirr ta Iaesor of laie,, translatet from d~ta e, original Italian, by Nathnnial Greene, inl vol. iLr Lo ing No. 79 of Harper'e Easily Lihrary. Vols. 3 & 4 of ihe new cnuoplete and untiform edition *• of 'teshina reino's Works. Rogter'n French ntd English Ditionnry, in I vaol, 3O A'ugreit'as French nl Engliksh Dictionary. to At.s--A feow inre eipies of Coa, be'ePhrnanloagy - "Rieni."i.arge iirveyor'syCii i(unameenefsaperiorqua iii itv, with clhnins llilliarntl iIs ol2i-4 and 2 1-2 inches s (tillott'e improvediutalire Iens,jopaned papersi waightt &r. &e. &e. JtIrts rceived, aid for sale by l -,a BINJI. LEVIY. PINNOCK'S ROME, &ce. DINNOCK'r ItMPROVEID EDITION OF DR J Goldasmilth's Abridgement of tlh History of Rome to which is prelixedl nn ntroldtioa to the Stuldy . ltomit listo' v, toi n grent v arietv of valunable itfmr maatin added tltrougaua t the wurnk, on tine Mannes r Institutions anld Antliquitis of the itatna; with oa Co mcroua biogrphicot and hititor-ical Nntes; and qltee i. one foer nqitpaiitie~o at the end of eun-e sectin. HII. to Iltntetl wil; tlhltyeagravings on wood, by Ahbrlotn IuiNsoc:a's Illlrot; Ediitint of I)r Gotll;ttl's Hisitory a tl'Eiglanl Prmn tIhe In;vaesioun of Juliii Casar nI the d death of elornge 2l, wittl a co ntinltiuatlo to the yea 11112. "'ilth quistiSn. i r examntnion; at t ie t d a ih etlh seCtolni. tI*i-dcs a vnriety of vnluable informna - tittt tlCd tl hilrughnl tt e work. Consistitg of table ,o of contIcIIIIIrus. So:Tcreignq and l enlinent ppersons t'n - lpiun exln,-o tori nortes. Iminarks b t tihe poll lic, Illtnl. tri aln litretreit of tIh nse. Au outtliner D t. ('ulatitUtiU. , Ie. S&c. ll slnraiend by ilanty eongr'. I (Guic ' EiMttir-' itrs - Aut trn-ito lndon Aor-il i taen oif liltoo" Net-' rlettitte- oui 1Iti ne of (jltlea. ' Ne h Atl)i'l'i(nt editioll, with additiotts ntid iliprovemnitil IIlll nit ll xplatiou Ii the atrout itottui l part oftte Ath , iesm Alll ,. ~tII~ Julst t cii l erte id n sn- calt, by It'M M'KEAN rntiov- t cornler u .int tutu loatitoi seta IAIII ·II11- CI.AS-112A1. LIBtI ARgY. t O tlt',lrinsllotlt by Phillp ilprancis, I) D, with I aLU aplpnelix, rnutuiuiul t 41 al IIhtm of variou oils',, &S. by Ben Jnnsan, Co vlev, Mlill . Drvdon lPope Addisuo, Swift tC;uttlerton, (il\Valloiield, Pairse• d. c.'*'I1: t'' and KoUin Ue Inf rheumo uetlln poets of Ih mit -arind i t'll t)tUS, witlh thie appndlix it .indies trainsl tell by Chri~toh) er Sn,,,ii ' in 2 vats fo;ramn ulllt u eal nil dSri I"I in-linner'n Claisii I Liltrrv I E'l'xl I'vtllt,) ,f I1lilt.','V: UINIKEIl, by ilnulle -tttI 11 t, ill t -.'ttlinr ofit li1 .Atutll-r, b h . lIt lts I;,li.n,.itl,tt',. n-stedt. i.t-., itth ilIein-niat.,. by Uo I i t tmm nk t,; it ' ItI i ";1'S"; n 'ridl+-hy lhenatihnr of "RiMtitut. thE a lygntttlltrlv," &im. ton- odittiti, ruls teomple aiPAITt |I"OItty;I,, or "PIllas. or .ts 'hke 1-i ".d,"l &c, h,,; rolitile it o. llita nw t t it of"El ntra Cuititlkt A. uoot rirriied I n, ,IM p - :K.--- - Fo r . . . . . . . . . . . . . fIb g le T.lgrtl 11I" n rvl i s res *l'lll oI ced bul saltrs Sie;a,,,i .l atl AiIhecory, te ihe store ".r by Mr. J c8lb 41:, a ttrcIP to)rer f 'IvIral irl er P and f '1'ruh \Van i, r elid e cllch' Sulicilsa share r".hlic an r, ite suit u rwte w l e l ie u Voiea I' s l f lr r 'solt erta. 'T'he Itnire treltk o eysIl mRO:AiI ound tuIn t rlile i fresh ann c.reeully . Iclad. T'rio luluwitlg ownly ate par SuLIC l at hyn, iir I're :uala,, Sl lira a d) Sarnato a PowIers. Y-os l'Aptwdera, bI i tnn 'hlesityme ant elegant Ot'.,tttttt for )cot, to rasitng bread, buckhnetat tVthe' &t'R , l ]usinst FEff'rvscentl t ntaonesian Apierientas Ilersaut blnd genlle iuurgla iun clyspeli sn or ndi. gestiomn, Iervolu thtreyty, lteadaclhe Tcdity of the stoitrch, labit ual cuatolellets, cute. neou0 eruptions, 4,c. Carpenates ir'lid ~;trtct of sarsaparilla f purifying tlte blodc, & tn ot, anrd cub'eb pre. Swaeinls Panacea and Vertllfugo i British an Haerlem o il, Opodeldor, rc, refired Lqlcuorice, jujube and Guaratove paste 'ITothl broshos, N S Prentice's carbonie dentrir icer, chlorine tooth washl, iowder ptlff's en bexest Prentice's ctrbonle denlrltiee cltltrpfe tooth wash powder puffs and .txtr, i'relico's scented and I I tin toilet powler, ptltUlt rete do aperses, orange fito or, rose, lavene'r end tltids waters, of the be..l qliltro Rowland's Mac assr 0 t, Old. rideu's bolu of CWolumnbia, boo's oil, a variety of tIciler nad ltfterp llFIti'k, i ndalihle mearkipg ink suptericr bd ack ilk, e. K Sperm and rclltd wthle oil. lay's Linimen A ft, sh atnnrt tettL ut "i'hUrblttrn'eOGardenl See et 2 GEOoRGE JONES For htenadpt nmt;d tr t' of tllt Frer teti A..e I 'will l Ic r ti t n distver o ha'retn the Tanmtr ei totre is .tPilu to til or llary ltdo of treet ng e I''osr nd AgI. III thile firtet piiaes ,o oVeg e able xtat, od ltce l'ot tiy deleieripLs and poista.. Ilra inrerdilsto, it Illu, Ie ta ck with tch utmost safe et',ll Ib tlh leattletr niut, or atged invalid. It pre t'ets rottlipecot tlie daraseo, coi .aetorott the eonaittlu. lt e sain n r egulu ilts w etted tes uitt a u ivilty. It estab Ilhes a l otllll I nnl Itorllll ntt appetit, by invigorating bo sttoach,eand gves a rolialt p Ilteenjtymenla f taste. hlt g )Pecutior ttl ttotvista n itlrfgutvet uality,itrealins I itt, .ltl bowels I Illt dicorder, or to create tlerrdiaeaao., but IlilrapoglI, elanoues Iip several or n.qPs of digestio, andl tIts beuefits the system with whlatover oher afeclitiin a it mny be oppressed. Indlividuals, after the oue ofthc Toaic Mixtorse have teeI exposed tio all thle uoatl eluePs of the disease, and Itttne camped any eyltlutitms olf retiri: whereas by the iuse nfttle Oitlnon rerneliee, there is always eare tet all ittreaspen ]iubiljly to rectnrence. T'te danger tf frequent rtqn1ch of thel b A6 se, is very evid(nt, for tea.esltln tetjl ollttrtl) e.te ioo mtthb pro.ttate to be able to ret withll ,etldicie, otid speedily fall a vic tiln to uh ietceaaant violence 'The l'uoie Mixture is offered at snUtch t reosotublo price, as in pnace it aithie the real ofevery oulle--o tIat the potr and destitulate re ber y lfurnlishedwittassilitee,witihout soliciting the aio t,l tatlendancO which is frequently denied to Ilhent. else very relu:tautly hestowed. Tbh pullie ar nre.,pectly euttoted against the spu rioue a itaption oft thin medicie, that are daily offeired II tprepaed only by Dr. Jolul R. toweod, at his Lal (ratory, MarkelBetret,Pt itndelphia. 'Ito sulbcribers m0 tile watlesaleo agents for tihe torln ilt,, ed will sell by lte gross, at Illpi priees. 'T' be bid at retail also, at Aptllecarieo in loh' city. JARVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale Druggists, car olinol, &, 'ieblopitouta a P1ARBLI; OHIMN 1Y PII':CE Wuonoeagsr, Customlhouse street, apposite the post-ofee. The subeerihers are now reeeivitig from their fsac toria in New York, antd will beep constantly on hand a goeneral asortmnlont.f Marble Mantle Pieces fasupertor workmanslhip, and of the latest patterns. made of the best Egyptian. Italian, Irish ate American marble. Also, Moonuments, Tombs and Garsave Stones, moulded and ilain sills and lintels, marble Poeings,'hoartts and boundary stone, plaster of Paria, RoutIai & Hydrautis Cemoat and Plaster. i g HfIire together with a splendid a, nsortnmnt of mas ntmunted and plain Grates and Russia Iron rates of the newest otd most approved patterns. Lettering done in the neateot malner and at the mroat notice. Th!ey tave first rate workmen to I.f a3» work. r.c Jw b ' AIN & STROUD; LIDLL'S NEW,WORK, &e.-The Ameriean i 3 Eglanad, by the autherofoA Year in Spain," In volunes. Noble Dectei' Wtoen, in 2 volae. The Young Wýfe'a Book, a manual o moral ra t omn and dcnnestic duties. Just recejyer' and forsale by WM. hlt'KEAN, 1 OtlIt' Medical Blooks--Lnaie 0n Pltb.ha; . Shondlettiog, a new slepply, ree'd by b4 ATOWAR, 49 .at

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