Newspaper of True American, May 21, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated May 21, 1839 Page 1
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PaRIc 12 CENTS,. NEW ORLEANS TUESDAY MORNING, MAY 21, 1839. Vo.-I .. ... . . P . . d .. /.-. . .. ... . .. . ..._ . _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ "_ _ ___ __ _ _ Torah tifgc Weoepnper Pre,. o/ New Orlen,r UotnintoU elv agreed to at atn aniumed m1taring of th.e flooprletoreleld on tle 13thl of Mar.h. 1t37. usslUtRPTrosa.-Twelvoe Dollars for Ihe daily p. er aninati, payable Memi-aunually in adance: t dullsrs for tie tel-weekly conatry papnr, peydlale one rear ia eideartte, whote no s ity refereneo is given. No stbsa.rltlto n will be ditcontinued until nrreorafs are snitlie, ht cnae of di eontiounae.n oeon weekas aotiee di wralnl muston arainvanbly givoen, previous to tit x pitiali of sobseription. AOeC1rtInINo.-OIn dollar peorseuare for tie hirt naertloa, ond talf that price For each sellseequoett nle: e terial alteration ro n thIe original advnertienlent wl ie rl ad a new one. ¥YaneL? A oVn•ritntaa.--MerehotoantI rca 'net'r, bray dolloen ft Engiish alote, and aixty for toilh [to StitUlt ·anis, lasuroeer Offcesr aod oilter ninliar tiie t noa etltottiaor fifty dolloar inrt Enlish aoly, land tigltt' le r both lsagatlrae; inll iar rtetmooat Faoe oe, or caonntiorion aterehletsa slly dlla i n EnIglishol no, andtlghtv tar hPth la ngogeTs. WLantklr., On-t heRI NOIICESie, anI nrtierles all itl the attentieont ta poli ic to ryae itt pltralety, coralsot pastengers, belleiti., &e. &ce. will he chltrne I one dollar per itoare fr tale eRt illlotiillt iln eauc la. COe titesr nTowt, or Advcrtiaelnrottt, e f any porlon lt nature, ehon dutlisnilile. ohnll bh charge.d doublie, sit in ndelthre. A deduantion of twenty-lire pier ceit. will lte InadP to AnUCa iaO e roe fIherl'e, lleg tlenetof bVills, n nal lnrobhnla on sales of real sttate, pnialiched in bioth longielnes nod lt per cent. inl Eogltihlione: Ll jtporcenl.onaalnrS of' olehr PrUlierty AteIttiesLsrorTS tint of lla direct ne of hobusinocs of the atleortiser, such as legal, aiiction, nti Illrn Oit osaLe, runaway slaves, altyi itittnlttt, &n. &tc. will bachlarged far settitutely, nod at thi ori nalry ratter. A n v uan i tls e errs n at Sa l eci fiei o n to illl l t ril, l1 h ltttbllshedt one motli, atid rltorgcnt acttdliulnly Ndo atdertisemc tt of onokhrulcine will h. plllishlrll o any ease, ultlcte ptid lfr previtue i elinc tin o, or evp nient guaranteed hr a reo ttolsib le Ir sonre i in t oW el. 'Ii i itree and other itnseec oof IttItutO ne nlt tt tdc rti sicc dl il . t v t hre neas es. to ho e hlureed $1110 finr Ltgli li h a iolle, and (I150 it Imlt l Inngualles. ALl anneal $ tnentt lo it t!llitllal t r pItliliacc oti..s will be eltorged doubthr ltee price of olier odveretse i Owiug to Ihle i•onene toss uletoUilciid by ItEwol rnjcr t pntrrpit'rs . thea li ne to tia t (he cn ltoietll l IilneIt Ith iaonsa aF pcrlonl whten IonncOllttll Ihone int ll hc llil witl hih one ontoeh alit p ienecnnintl hslltt h, e iem 1 L ianavl (en Far ns prnlelnirll)n Ito ccitll ,llhtr--tlhe y alli nlaitac ttenealneu tint iii nliver r ti cr pritl fir llclh -dtllll am it s .u 0 . e a i n e a s e o l tt ol rd ni 'e ) .l/ju u at s . aiglted) . C. Ili: sre. IthOIES J. BAYOlN, p. P. ItttiA, J. C. PIEI'NI)tt-fASiT, tIttN tItitNSON, Wreeky Press --We. ttn tilllercigned, agree to al,idle by thu aIrove eitntdiiitcn, ts elr es they are ipphli:olde to worolt IotItero. ,(eigandi A. 11. t.AWVIE1CP., l Nittnhttciptiiirnnl are cthkei hir Ih-c Itian tGnoiunihs. lerttua .in a t Itll e, t e t ltl let 1111u111 Lenecruniai eon r ,, e. . ...m H AY'8 LINIMENT.-No Flction.-This ex C traordinary chemical composition, the resolt of scionce, and ithe invention of i celebrnated Inedi cal nnet, the iniLrodut, n of which to the phlich w inveo.ted wcitl thle solemnlty ol a deathlbeld 4iquest, has since gained a reputation unparallelod, Fully sustaining the correctness of the laenlllted Dr Grtidley' lat confession, that " he dared not die witlumt giving to posterity theo beuoefit of hi knowedgen on this ulijocl," nod lie therocloro bequeathed to hli friend and otlondnut, Sauolnoon iays, tile secret of his discovery. It is now used in tile principll lhalpiltale, and the rivate practice in our counltry, lirst adl mcost certainly for the cure of the Ples, and no extenl sively and effectually as to baffle credulity, unolc. rwhore its effects are witnesoed Externally ill the1 illowing corplin.ta. For Dro Creating extraordinary absorltic at once. MAt Swellings--Reducing thllmi in a few hours Rhonmatise--Acute or Chronic, giving Iquick = Ise. Sore Throat--By Cancers, Ulcers or CoIc. Croup and \Vhooping Cough-Externally, iand over tlhe Ciht. All Bruines, Sprains, and Burns--Curing in a few hours. Sores and Ulcors-Whether fresh or long satndilg, nlid fevcr sores. Its operations upon adults and children in redllci ing rheanitolit. swelhling, and loosenlilng coughls iaId l of the chest l y lelaxatiou of the parts, has benll surprisln, beyond cociptlio. Tlihe colllonie remark of tlione wh have used it in tIe Piles, in " It anets hke a chartl." TIHE PILES--TheIl priice, :l is rflcund.lnl to any pers.n who will use a bottle of liay's mlinelnt for the Pdle and returnl tie empty bit~tlei wit outu being cured. Those are the positive+ orders of tim prlorietor to tire Agenlnt; pad lout Iof iailly Lithu. akadl sold, not one n i ihe nIeLroilsCCtSliil. W' might iosert certicltacls IIt alny lonutlt, but prefer that those who the attlcio, should ex hlbit thie original to purchasers. CAUTION-Nonre call be genuine without a: splendid engraved wrapper, on which i mliy n11ae, i ad aleu that of tlhe Agents. fOLi)iON IAYIS. Sold wholesale and retail, by CO.\IS'fOCK & Co, Now York, and by one Drugglst Ino evcry town in Cti, Union. For sale by the Wholesale Agents, corner of Com'nen & ' Tchoupitoulas street, and by the Apothecuries generally. ij30 NO CU RE NO P'A D R . JOIINSON., liice 1 III iieut'ill" streel t, coai o lities Ihtt practice tollth the trctln+t t of Ve'trcell Di.iaec, lo diol its d itcorcnt cit,,ra lis.!J , rd yersillon tocued wir th ian otf tie toilowig diseasies, vior (io rrhea. letire, SitVeereal Disease lntcn, I llo Siold by Wi a eOlksone, . Ait his illhe. Those lersildns li, Urin all, Pr netino of Veilarl oilisead 'I etabolt Ercuitiults liit the Skiii, Sre So uist 1fio i'ttii tik aindlg eiaioyerouaylPtlollla llht girally foUllltti .lecnt esollr cure i two orilrt Ile C. titi liithtth use of Mlcctry, iwtdlretiuos Ireli l binces, or lter. io e in roem te lillg il 0 olok A iieioiciie to prevleotit Vcltreil Isieseo citat Ile lh. taised by hir.ob wisn. Ie is lnrellcted sireil s i liie Ilno trisrry a clebrctedl Froinp tie f urgtarl"nc I n itti sll ciiusedc bie idtriiig iintcuccl OntleictailO ini wlhiir ti neredrae ur esantttl eLe n iThe Folll ecli Ariley. Sold by I)r. Ju hoti, o lc Ilo , i i.ier. 'I or ilre arSn Ihring nll the yfe.liu , aai v ellesicni s te I he lundi naflt scei oryagno. tior ntill it Ief t owetulin aiI al uo cll by gpeivin Dr. Jhlnstio a gRll, tits popr c Itt chieo Hir cu rlrr e li loe llorteai st itte clb I'e ount til itIn wrieciu itiet fcthee ue . itin v e ofqn u fror 7 lrn toe iermi g ulodil to 'iOtc h Ih ALEtIINThIY'.' tIYcPI'IC I.XINit. es't ioerit lloy, Sito grocIhlt oli fLt lcitli o Itrgo is tr piilc thalt Dinlesnc-llit of tiae di a Ioe tliht nitre .treinid oiginati ll t ithe I edl o 1 IO t lixir ni used y hielt wi itlie munt o anprccctoitetl ,ce tes itll Ilio pivae r ald publi iaclierk r tipards of la rf Fol yenan, fr the riod.ciclnf Ie flltwitto itIitetc Loon tfipitie, FlIatintedy, Nailtre tion cl t Scotn-e. E.,Pse. ietr ihsio thIlevitreesa ei eiisulni niodis ntiti entitl i sleep, irreguariy of ther B owticln, cnd in oll 'itlis medicin ntuyeit othe ieulliIrtld IcluOttel, the tir of qii'ek ntlrkl mllW linow .lre itl iu.lic, atie its pole invention of ithe nlblest cud iMost cietilific urgeogI Eiirope e.ver plrodued, atnd the secr1t if prepairing it was ipri iled byo tihe atll for wh vh Irge iiiuli 11t is ielt.alwayo hoeeps the bnwcln ftc', itltllto ig vlior ocid elcooghti to thie aynolito, and clto,:rltt Less to teli' d, soed a fel bottle rraltotcos tite ilsit i eilirltdl icose iI iyppItniai or Ilndigestin, itd prcvoe o it rehnr at rnC y I.Lraee period. 1New Yoen,IfII Atiugel. 1838. ri toludisuootreiei. 1is:ýnicocqtienqcu tf iooditg a oledeitary life, I hive earet hetrohid,. ilir or Irap s wiith toion toici irt elollyeas; I.r tile hi O 111th0 ye ar1 lly rtt)rifige liarvic bteen iiiuipportlie. I hIave ticicd rvetl Iiloliicoinus, alnd a tuuabldrtl lud iele.ieils, wish nit deriv.h ot at y hslefil. t d eneoiccd ollilfver ntcehitio inkt .rctitotett ,.lief, s'ilLresigned Iyyolf to thlongyst .nitilnxo de irir licee pecscLaed by utitity frienid to It' Akccirelhy'n iyhlielilo Eliicr. I laveo Ilnw ulied tilt foi III o . camol know not row II prerce mn iyl irutiiteof its cndoitefglnircs ndi , th e111--le itrc C ih lleis ditontl yetorioi lc to thatidli t lll olhIliit 1 'tighltt rlti-iitc ever. menutd nuhllh a dltoen bittlRe-Snt ot actl xCeptt p eay thanks for aire you sve o f rrte yit ratio ltorinlg su t bo lliogapt h cl n it. ioner .e &, rlll C Oti alNtI tOE. 4 l'c a eleies hine In ia poeneina Snlve huclsuldred tce etnoaiela eiteiloicr le thltc incc, of tlira coniccditiocy nic nollire ol mciled ieilo. )t!ld by asnitillnet, et t Dr. J rllaeon l'. 1411 tlen cill sccec. _ _ v. _ 3A UAI-iL ENGLISH E;DITIONiS. M AR'IglLL'S Wilondec of Geology. GilliaC gooctl h wcorks C.llabou'na irisellhandeus w rrk , Inoniuan' eorks-WaVroly, (mIlee pnrtrici Parry's Legtelaryeekbinet-ewper'c works1.8lc tteeg'ittAni atied Nlture-Smlitchion Cottages Knoti a history ef 1w riltocnltion IDacriitort'o bitgrojnphickl ditiomrrc &e &c. l.n.e b *cnlond adfuraeby A TRiWAlI, jiei:AN' Hitt 3II t Uinu Bel, letChi r J ee hceltai thic day roeceived a sniill lste e trtit n Itgoe eintoeliod and mieusaic breascpiin, act up iii Lit ect sti'. ,frdCY - Tihhh3 eit'ith buatilul painitings, landioug free chir Alexander from rWalaoon, ca i-tls by A TIltER, In *J 34 Magenaiti a1 GAS DEPARTMEN.T, Gao Ligkl Banking Csntp' ,Vgnntsry 30,1839, TilE Storok of Coke heing meltue reduced tiis Com Spty will fnoriRls Pittaburg Coal, in small quan tieros, to tIeor eutlome. Orlers received tl the Gao Office, Bank Alley. jatil E. WELLE. Sec'y, B IURNHAM'S DROPS.--This medicine woea discovered by the proprietor and bha been sub jeteld to his careful observation for mnany years in every varieey of poactier, and all the disense, of the diversified Americarn clirtnle; and at is not given to the public with the utlmo.t confildence and d believe that it is, as molt clearly eet forth in the r pnpamphlet asccompnyingtlte same, the beat medi. d eine ever tlrown witrin the reach of all clanses of d oniety. It is with tle greatest prnlpriey Riven in r Sall the maladies which alllirc the human rl.ce, fromul tile established fIet, that, when taken intro the sto I mI ch is acts acelrtllin to Ile slate of the r stln - tch and the nature of the dienase, either an on llletic,'diuretic, tsudorltic, rxpectornnt,or o rpetr imediecne. Tha t I is really what it purports to he, d needs only a trial tot satily the mtost incredulou. l'he fact in daily cortling to the klowledge of Itb ,proprl t rs of its beneficial nod eslving eeels in cases of the gague and fever, billiolus, typhus, tier. vorls and scarlet fevcrs, icflllenel, vollenot coldsi a dytennerry or flux, dycpepsta or lloeasle, satisfy E thelll that thy are not olly warranllld inl warmly i recolnnteldtng it, ut they ar:e crllcd upoln from( a sense ofdolly wntlh thley owe It Ite ItrtUmtan illlly P to say to all, try il, anid you will boar aliplel ILtSt. I tny to alt we hive on IrI sBll tjet t. l T'Ihe cholera itself,l the wolril scourtr wBich lie t over lalltedl our coullltry, hias bec ll eueccerr.uly con.t quer d t the proprietor in thirteen caters with ti e u e t r o tlt Itlmrdicite only, withoiut the t ,lrons n singole f piienl. Thle n ediclnc is pItreitd rlnly by doctour It IItURNIIA I& k DAVIS, Sr. Loutille 1ssruri; andl is put iup iln pitl each otaccoompnied witeh a plrs It and tlstinct direcion, antd lcou lniitg boult silty a l t d osetl, to be had for seventy live cenls, which d makes it lttuo i Ith cheapest totedrtire ecl olfered c to tlih public. S'T e alibove tiediine is lsold wholesalel anr d retI il I bIy our AeA csll, ny ll.llniall, ulotnL itll nd ApollhcuryI Thttullpltirmlultl sotroel. Ntew Orlear.. c ]EIW l SIC-lt 0, Notive MAoi"; TtitCie tolventlltli at l I ll rll l s rel rruvin; ll a I ; ll Nl otor ies llp p r, eb Irttt yut lenlllelrc t r rte bei t ii glaIde i It it t l tr ml faunmance; The Whilts Is'arae l lhie Pep pera; Thou mine and it Love shoo il o nsr itie, lul.; by tbierS e ri I ill ll ranlll rulllllltir (tlpria Atlls ile; (;rlo d Nin I I 'lih elletltle ii lllllr:rtir r; I lttr.t t t Ib;r t)trir, or, e liehli willt, by II Rlusell; Cnote, noule, thIou art ion ao row; A I.ile orille tlortl wlloc, by II rnt.uisrll; she W tloll tr lill ttre b) e h lll- n et Ir ll r hrigl tr;l r-o tot I tt trto J mirliig;, I 'er the water+L bv to i t;I. ThIrre' it, lllhol e llbyol eilirllr, by A 1F18ilP ; (LtcIr Victoriia p Lnt er tdoillrillec. Justonr creived oud i reulh byt d d!; 11 L'rcEY, 19 Cnyp t d uerrur~, a s :trr, ,nmp at Ttli111,rtuil IN FIVE AND A ,IAIre" DAYS, ronm Motoi le (A hlbonlo) to A gu.Iltbt (scoo LE:AVE:S Mobit lovel y other dot, oinmt.,inely ttel the arival of the mail from New (Ste , per the st mil Bat E ELtiV at", toI Iakely. "l~a'ls to Pensal' I :luaanbo:a.i (pcr IPensacola tray, St IRosa sonul anI Chrav "lhat hie Itio'r lodtlt} I10y to (Cello(.. itn' codth ts tItent, via Marianna, +hlattaho(chetie, (tormlerly lMount \'e. no,) lainhbldge, Pindertom; Ilawkiaville and Louit. villa, to Aoglsi. A passeger takino. his scat at Mt. hile is in no danger of being htrown oll0 or losing h; hitercnce by other conlicting intt'est", ts the F101(i. IA LINE S ls but motle 'cern, and nldelr one cmlro Itlrouoghout, ulnt may rely wol rErIAINTT upon his arl'rlivahlul A tu ttl Ii tite t 1 sp.c.tfid, dl'rmgh all wetatlh. er and att aI tI season, IlIs aonl' hts nlaoreseen ct:a ,trop'e s.hulo ocuer. The (Grvat New Otrh"ns Mad is tarril i.y this i oulte. 'Ihc Ageits thr eo"aitll .-d ! Ihr lti,,h,,lIll olo llli liy I oi+Ii,4t' Iltol " I. t ilill •o 011.. l. ~Ill 1 tiot Teoioy hro ttsIsi olitot s Itr1 lot surpase the 1 outhern countirv 'hle sl otill , hard, i tg oral t troads, the tt no i'. tasing ,tale. nanikation~th' thine nnel ar'nmote lo "(lined ItO, . dw h pen to, ,ert im,, 1, atd A (leas hog var~iety; con ~ectedl as It were" w ith the at [(It I, ,1 Chatl ston,, S. C. :won it, it pack'ts to New York I'lh'rs h : l : re ,1, New fork Ie,,1 N'w Jrkl,1ns I 'll N I I DA a --\t. tshl, ton D l y il I.2. Im I;ratlthooce., Floridal o e late . loltt's Lihl tm 4,,i~Lle) atllel 'T a!il;Iab at'[, to St lll'ks, 4 Illl" pos lit , i tt lr.yehbeg htr. Ilawtkl ls Ie . io o to iled j eoa't11 ;lt l o11t In iti holight twohore ca'b.'s, S TOCKI.'I')_u ;,f ,:a t:le it.,. rA, .l(lh .an i. 18,.15 r Isii at ',\ansiun lilnese Mobile S S lle:tale.l New (|'ril- to 110.ile, 150 toile S lMobile t I Aoguoa, Srt toIh Agto t aI.i t I to lloeoiiot jston, C 3 I IA Ch.h l .ao'oon to N t, 1hIk, Jlo - p i"1 "|imne. Nod'pt )loon th Aolooolr, :t dIboots olnop o ito :,I to.l,. , h 4 o t .hnr'ininn pto New York, tfo- ,.S lkin~~ 1v miles ,e. dal. or 7 nnica p' i(oot, inch i N. I. I to eg ho e to intoo n the pti blie tht II.0 brilges aert. he; Chlautah~rxeswamnp a,,I If~ord lesheu treek haot h oto been oo pleted the t'inodral goteru tonot, (ithe h oI, gbthcles oporating againht twioli am ispeedy route are thus'ii ha ppil) remov'l; ill I hv th pleasure oflea ning from t,.velters Jim, the coaches,hor'. so,t drive hiod tolltts rel l tll.t Ioltloder; od . ts to the water rtut' from I'fcdLt o odouoodr Iholto, it is odnit. led by all wo i have pasti ed tlmlgh it ito bie Ilnsrp:sse, ill iiilli-s beaut} and safdh. The bridges throu1t I Georgia hae also been repaireeld. J M C ItAKEIIt DL-,O . tI'tpge's Ctoomoott Chi'f c ,tall re. 1c onntended iby the tludie fII t11drid and Chatls Iton, indeed ri alitl, nol ility, the press, and lhO uio+aIntilc bull nce of all thin-,rpubhc opinlun hI s eningised it and placed the tfliciency of L.ady L. Miontague'' cmOpound Chinese snap beyond ens picion fur tuer or ring worh , pimoples t l Ithe face, oun burh, ,n, ertptIon, prooiolt hei, and tifiee tI1O11 of I t le sktnt , Ithe h l int g quai ties oi tilht s soul owill toon radicate.iO It is tlco-uor i.ded as n1no e in~Ititshavingsoup or compo.dtfor getile. ii oy11 t whtooootb. tll II i to t.olltloiotltI totIt l~lll,n) m1en,, for beattoytng, the comopleC on, rCnoto ,ng ileck~les, and Ilnparlin~g freshlness anul deliecay It, hile comoltxlun. iThe a, etoicrtil. dilstioion ot i stilt and white huld, is with iimay soi object of conslderalle inierest. Exposure it wair chillmte the Iock face ndio(ad become toonnePd for hlard ciled, and the illvlltlons ol modern chemlnlary have beeo r lendered suhterv. lt not olmely to tIhoe necs. oary evet) lay artsul hiol, but evo to i.ts luxuries I Sand elegaucles. Sold wholcsalt alnd rtail at No. 95 Cosito house o+. Price $1. oli Dr. G. R. Pllh iS ColqoIiutd "OM.I TO PILLS, I [0 0l0tir oly 'egetfblr. I s .1 ncw? oan ltint oble Medicine jhr all Dieases, otio a tubstiituo'hor atonel, its a ol/hlrtic it Fecetrs nerd ake l tCliuo, s ANo i w lies. Dr. A Mu i alnl,Cul nr filst J h elslg , l ,n alhaph t" etely di J.L t'IIV AlkRloln uL a I dtt t, eC troititt ll 1 'o'olo ator |,t tioo Ihi e i t o [ho e oi tot.ool ttpol hoiioo, maI t (love (len t fod ' 1 ioi neii i d i i eli. Ci+, s.,:n Trllil ton Wi t lk oooo 1 ,tl - ThMt ootII att ooOott n A eto , |oOt rot so t rottot L IInilOtO i:,iii |t.t tlrO o ov. , .l hl.l ii-c ototOrc tl. 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Ar Mo.iolle Coor le lollooh, ndic t prooolsaoo ht ant d t h o publit, 1tilo Et O Caon dr.e C . ot l 'atUMre.oM 11Joo, toI o et. PII lledtliual iUtlootol which the iroprfollr I h y. soinbeinglnOwellle tos fornWian er o. s O.fis to ltr plb~, wtlh 11,.0 to tlo t roo Odt t. I" thi ,r Oe g Ib a tos ANt +lu O 11 ,'OILE ohMotto t ER A igo aVER. L. 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BY, E A Fnlluanbe, Geuoral Agnlt, No. 1.f Exchangc P'Iaea, sear tihtl'ust Oflice. Also, by At A i'cycllall, No I.J Rue It.osal J. Baker & Cu, No 77i New Le, ee. Dr. A 1[ur~llll, Comellr $t.J,tll,!a ,111d 7"..lap ulult o fll l,. J. Ito.,, Lltfsyctto City. G N Murri~ou, Nu 11, Canald trets (: Jtones,. corner T'ivali Circb." and TIritsl \\alk. [E.Thoae iiha1 vii5,h aocnt as Aget,(lt ],Jdre~s I.: Ali OL A.._£ BF, n'llOlealal Agell i Iar 4 ly W AGN +.lI S LIQ.UIID 0UIINTIL;A.--Ilas beell Iongl used., butteh Iere and ill Ihla north with Ulliforull 6tlcceaa, for cleanslngl nlld whiltlning the teach, and preventing the toothache; preserving Ihe gums, purityiug' the. breath, and rellving most dtseeae. (n which ilira mtouh is liuble in either thie adultl or inln|at.-Ooe tell spoonfut, mixed 111a wine glasslul of pure water, anld so appliled to the tetth in usual mainte, with a brush, will cfl'ectually pro ventl scurvy, antd word off th11t c'xtrutiatlrg pailns Preparedl only by T. 1'. Wringer, S~ur.eon Datn. tist itoirneffci'+in College, and s,,ld wholO.M. and retail by CARLI'TON & Co. 31 Canal at. r b s, de "!ents tfor W¥'s Oderntica LAS-100 buse., in %tore for sale by G 16 61ISHL'L S. BROWN 06 ¶lagazine at I TATE OF LOUISIANA-First Jud: ial Die.r trict Court. Tihe State of Louisiana, to all whom these pro. sents shall conme, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of Mays. ville, Kentucky, having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro. perty hereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of this court, in whene office the deed of atel was recorded on tihe second day of May. A.D. 1839, for a monitrnn or advertisement in conformity to an act of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled '*an act for tile further assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the tenth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know ye, and all peregns into. rested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in thle eane of lite State of Lanisiane, and of the First Jrdicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to the property herein. after desceriled. in consequence of any intfrmality in the order, decree, or jt.lpgment of the court un. der which the sale was moade, or any irregularity or illogality in the ao:praisomonts and advertisements, il tirme, or manner of sale, or for ally other defRet whatsoever, to salow cause, within thirty days from tihe day this inonition is first inserted in the pubhlic papers, why tie sale so made should not be coll. fireed smd horIologatud. The said prorperty was sold by the Sheriff of the parish aforesaid oru the llth day of April, A. D. 1839, Iy virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on the 2.1 day of March, A. D. 1839, in a suit on titled William Maekey vs. Bier & Steever, No 17,376 of' the docket of this court, at which sale tihe said William Mackey becamel the purchaser for the price of twenty seven thousand and oeo hundred dollars, payable as follows, viz: The pulchaser assUlllilng the payment of one. half of two notes of six thousand seven hundred and sixly.five dollars aod filty.aix cents, each to be due on thi O3th of March, 1840, and the balancet cash; tim purchaser assuming also, the ouro of cight lhousand and five hundred dollars, doe to the Union I|anlt of Louisiana, with interest at ten per cent. frorm r t February, 1839, and the balance inl cash, and reserves a apetcial morlgage on tihe pro. perty sold until the saure is paid. )Descriptiono of property as given in t he junicial conveyanler, viz: T'lhe undivided iralf of two certain lots of ground, together with all the Ibuldings and iimproveulm'ts thereon, rights, waes, custole , servltudes, privi. loges anrd advanltages thereunto belonging, or in any wiso lapprtairling: said lots adjoin each other and make part of the batture itn front ofthe suburb St. Mary of this city, forming the lower corner f Julia and New Levee streets, designated by Nos. Nirroet!on and Twenty, on a plan of said batture deposited in the office of Felix Grima, Notary, dated tile tihirtieth June, 1832. Lot No. neeteen measuring forty. one feet six inches front on said New Levoo street, by one hunodred l.rt in depth more or less, by a certiliiate of Josephll Pdlii, city surveyor, dated March 23th, 1836, it apipears that said two lots reaaoure toglth. or, in English measure, seveonty feet front on New Levou street, by one hundred feet in deIth; togeth. or, also, withi two hundred shares of the stock of theo Unloln Iank of Louisiana. Witness thie lion. A. il. Blchanan, Judge of the Court albresaid, this G6t May, 1839. my Il)l-llw P. LEeBLANC,, lteputyMCl'k. tly 1-11w P. Lbtt, LAN U, DotpnotyCl'k.j ElAT JOE LA LOUISIANIE. Cour du Premier District Judociairo-L'Etat do faI Louisisooe,-a tous coux quoe ces prdoante oo co-n. cornent-oalut : SITTIENI)t quo William Mackey, do ola villa do 2. ayyvillb, lontucky, yant aco heltd uone ventoo faito par to Sherlfdo la Patroisosa d'OrFldans t pro. prid6 ci.npres , 6erite, ',est addre.s6d al gro.thl deo cto le tour, o lao dite vents ofut enrdgistr6o Je .e.oeI jour du 7Ma tde I'nn6ol 1839, poor 0un a0, con. Iurmonl. Ilt a o a dto de 1. Lgislatureidu I'Etat do In Louisiane, ictituld - Anto pour confiruer los I I it res 1 ies acqu.0aur nlt1x vontos judliciires ;" up provto l ol Mars I834. QQ'il souit cenl, at toutes per0ounes i n treses sont nor e0es proentes s.nOmis 1 ui1" nom d1o I' Etat de Jo Louislane ot de ht c.our du l'remior district Jldiciniro gqtu pourraiedt avoir droil t hi proprtdld ci.opres odcrite, an eonccd. quece d'to dt'a1t do torine danc I'ordrc, Je ddcret ou to ju.ument do la nour, on vertu duqltel la vn'e io lanlle, o,0 do toUto irrogularitd ou ilidgalild dano SI'ctimaiunl. t'avis on leo temps at loi todo do la ven , ou pu1 r uno 0 nutre c0.use Uelcontquel, do tair voir dan1s tronto jours, a dater, de la puldica. trou du net axVs, pourquoi la v,."ote "t o si 1)a ite nu Sserart pist utlir laeet Jon olocg0u0e. La duo proprl,' lit vu'lldlluO par to Sihdrifsus. I ditle I lei jourd'Avro if 10 'annee 18319, eln vertu. d'ulln dolret to cottuc ollr, reondu Is 2 tid Mars do oann"e 1o39, daons 'l.ftoro de Willu0m Miackey contro lher t Steever, No. 17,376 du docker do cotto 0our, hionquolle votc le0d1 William Mackey bst rTadH agmU,.rcur Iour lh prix do $27,100 payablc coulino suit-ocavi, :o L'acqulrcour assumant l Jpalnont de lat moiti de doux ilots de 86,7ti5 56 .cos chaqueo, qui sreront j dt.os l od i ars 1810, et to baloance coloptant; I'ue. rlalcur atoolnunt oossi ole pnimenllt do i: onllne de 6,500 d8 ids a iBanquoe de l'Union do ola Louisoan ovec intlrt au taux do 1Ou pour cent a cumptor nu ler. F6vrier 18.,9, t la baslance comptant, et re. servant une hypothique jldotaloo our tla propridt6 veodue, jusqu'a ou quelle soit payd6e. Doscriptiou do la propri6dt d'apreo le tranfer judtciuire. La onoitod itdiviso do deux oert in lots do trreo avec toutes leo biotisos et aidhliorationa qui s'y trouvont, ainst quta los droits, chenitts coutuones, sertviLtudes, priviloiges et avuntages y apportonant d'une natlnero queicoqonqu ; cooes lot sout contigus et font partio de ola batturo en ta e du fabourg Sbte. Moare de cette viln, Iortmanllt I'elncoignore lIt plus basso doe rues Julio ot Nouvelle Lev.e, at soont d6esgndo par tos no. 19 at vingt, ur un plan do la ditu batturae, ddt:.od on I'Gtudc do Felix Girinla notatre, dat6d u 30 Juon 1832. Lo lot no. 19 lUo. sure 41 piods 6 poucco de face 4 la rue de lu Nile. Levoe, our 100 piods plus on tuins de prolondour, d'aplrbs uan certilicat dd Joseph PiloI, voyer de ho villa, dute du 25 oars 1831, it parait quo coo doux di ts oerrains ilesurent ensemoble, au pieds anglais, 70 poed; do face ntl rue de lato Nouvelle Levdo, sur 104 de profondeor iu oc at1s 10 ac.Olior au fond capital do Iato Ba nque do i'Uion do la Louisiuoe. Tdnoi l'hoonorable A. L Buchanan, juge do la our busdteo, on 6 Mai 1838. P. LE BLANC, STEAM nOATbi ri 0 O TH 4I\\NIER¢S, AG I":N'l'Sor Ut YIINo''I'EAM1 IJr I,/) WiI havAeIK, fcir Bills okrsol off, ino0e or more Colored hInks on Plain or Colored Papoer, wiuo despatch, ,o'd oa favorable V'ernao, by Iaoing their Utoor:otot'l'itUC AIIEoOIUAN UIIIOJE, ooaooie of Iloydrano and St. Charles streets. UO.It \ MI.L%1ýr1-130 hhdasugal, 10.1021) gals .Molassead-lm ltudtti mn tio e r r sie by ADAMIS & WIIITALI,, e i=.w 67 Graier at SADDIERY WARE.- I he subscribers, mon. alocturcrs nod.wholesale deolers in saddlery goods, are now receiving by litle arrivals from tihe irmb, li addtlOln to their Ioroer stock, an exten sive as oruneat of arricles in their line, among which are tie following, vig: Ladies nod plain and quilled saddle, I Gcntlecmeu's do Spanish do do do Mhexlican do do do Creoloe do 0 do do Amrer. do do do English do Youth's do Spanisit do do do Creole do Amter. and Iong, brdles and bridle moantings, ' do do martingales, Plated, brass, and Japanned coach harn0ess, do do do gg an,t sulkeo do do do do Barouc 1o du o Dray, cart and wagon do Saddle bags, double andaingle; valiejo; a10dical saddle, h uss l carpet bags; best iron Irame leather fom trunks, brasts niailed; leather boat tlp do, ssorled sizes al various.etyles; I istlsors and pistol bels; coachn, gig, sulkey, twig anod pionters crop whip.s mol, worsted, cotton and leiathier gOlrilhs and snrsiligles; allrrup leaI hore; tr0 ik strups and woratoo rinU web; chatn sld hook h1n0es; blind bridles and lines; 8 otrch colla, and horse and oule collars,lo all quolitites; mo. rocco, buck, bear. sheep and buffalo ki|e; plated brass and oteel bridle bits of ev0 ry description, plated, brase antd steel spura ol every description; plated, brass uod steel stirrups of every descripo Togetler with a complete atssortment of every article in their lie of business-all of r lhich they oufer for sale on accoammodatlg terms. They will also co0ni0tie to reloive broglbo tte year, by packets flolt Netw York, fresh supplies to keep their stuck ample and comnple'e. KOUES, DAVIDSON & co, il 15 COual at CCIOtoL BOOK(i, cheap blank books, ai c.p oand Iolent popo, quills, &.c. &c., a large nd irst rate assortoeot Io,' oo sa lou by ALEX. 7rOoAR, may 3 49 Calp street. I.AGG STONES--'-00 yd Flagg Stoneus landing frons ship tit, lswrenae, ISr fsail by v SUp J P WHIT[ EY may . 73 temp at LUCINA CORDIAL. EII CORDIAL Dr,' lUl..l.E OU 1:EI.IXIIL DE L L'.AMOUILTbe united ,citesl~e Aaron fin- thee Lucioal Cordial or E~lxir of [.lolve, rnlanr* his gl··\tenll chlnowled060enic frine fl.ttorietg pnierlnge which 1)e has alrenald reniveed, and alto )lfr the many lash alruials which Iave been sent him touching ln e he cil mootlilirlcollnaO eicnyv of tihi inestimlaldee medicine. r The well fouded r eularinn of the Lucinsa Cordial warrants the agenitt otlnl raw ing hin lonng nadveair meaets; uh orthetlbenefit of thnos peornons who' ninnyi ni yet be uniawre on, hen wonald exillicitly sntne Illat it is On. Mgngin n relibintevd discover, hlli h as meated such a xene mcciai Frnaece.-Ilelit aliondily tetcbOen lt, virile pona.e, where they hlalvl ilierl exhnaustrd by iriei.oi Ileiotheorwise, aendl hulnsnll tiilly renovtesntheIIlpronnentl iftionlna h1at it is tai li iitlinll cure fotllr e fIor nllnltnand abovenll tha Iit t is fie aenlyreairtdn e'er diltnciioee fInr t'i" renmovl lf a iiihtcncy in mnlso nln barresnne inmIfelhles. ftoling I tel1 crinlrail IosiInructed, ifflnllt or lnin In loll V u10) Iinnei ionli, nee ofuhe uietilla, rinvon uary h iichmree c Iheeul choni erptinsof the skin, drops~ical oflue- I cits of the uned Sc. In onrlr thatI tllI clnneenaolf scnilty mallv recrive thie binefit oflnD. uilonii r0liOco l, e hI' Ari an pro sullies of six nn ,ern~· eullh, tit the red"-ell pr ice of $.4 whlichi clis eothoullIlo , III Elie pri cl l c ll pd 1) it lf niu .lIllrlrilrlic.l'olhedlli-ii.L .IJOHN WINTERS 1lOl.IEiWEI.l - M. Di. it N,.. 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Tri 0)ert nil the-b eliillel-001 1111111111r001,l Olrllill Halm of (;el,,ni I 111sip1 ps I he hilir fronetc frllite noii. f i fire0' pliiiticoo n01i 01100 bIoItle mainhl r it n tile illt 1ike010)e 1011 rcre N ll lll0i0 01i11n IwhiCkI; 1 prven10sth nllrIaln lllltlin nlllnv, stIlelilt url 01 ti0ll0 o ldnIcI011 f10ee0 it 1rom11 .cor. N11laltlla 1certificate 'o theoirn 111,10101 ifitt in s1n 1011. f tIl) , (h ir 000 If ld '1111 l ICi Rtlo d th1 e orlloing0:- 1 l 1 Robert IlWlhiartoonI, Inlto Ilav. r of 1'hiltdrlnh hans (.eriiijCr' a ma h- sp Iell helo, tor the highJ Chu:,,i T'he cIlnndeinled Ill) Ilhrelbn yo~ilI 11111 1ehve used 1he)00 1,1111111 11 l)io(loObia ldlrolnI J. lldrid. nod hnvnr fondII it highly ·ilrvivenbllrn lnt otll t, preventi vr I 0211st thie flligl lelflflnir, hlllielso crtrlntolnecser ir W11lliS. it 'Ill hTiriEll, Si~ir Melthodist Mijlicter in Sit G(1011000c'mree No 151 Nolrtnl Fifth it. JOHiN I' lNi(lljo)11hI A01,1 010tree01 a JOH11N I) 'till )IIAS, ii 1) 1111 te i ii ilN S Fl'IOIEY,tI 5110prur101101. I1 .11I .1 plltihIl, .1)53 Ar,.Imifh_ at1 Ir Co n milmn ven 1 ul~l o h of nlllPem~l(·.SRI' IIIIni 1 111,111 h11 1100)(i r 010151, 011111110e 111i10101101 loon 111) lii. CrlllllliictilOulllI i1CPi-e~nplo1in j Ciy 0 1'ilii e ,ibo h ia I. loei,ort Wlilceltni. (nvor of sOid city of IhnL+. .1hill, 11 ol hrb' eotiio tiiiI toinnell neniioqleil waill: Moeear. J IneIio, Jo. hn S Fioeo, 011)d Hugh M- Cordy, w hlos tonae n ar tignellt ntIlo i.labve ct rliicnttleltheI, 110 are gentlemenell! of` cltter end rosnlpeotnhiiltllid 10na 011)1h fnulltli 11edi llhld 11(heLIiventl to thenuid looifieloe. In wieiltneco'ln-cI 111110)1 h la0e-le e 011 ililse IIII yh o` nlodl llltl eatllo ofiIiltl-CIreitythe ,ffiaed, this ] fit day of OII)L'·nIIIer, f e. [1. 1.] - Ith13EI1ilT WItIAT lN, Movor. i (tI SIIVE1'F iiloil enlli hels iioifilO Giinuine lRnli has it a splendid rruved wrapper,, on whicn is reln :oanted ro thle fuI1 Jll ,isaiagarnc, 010111 .Iolealeallid retnilhiy tle sole nieogittfir AAl, ii ric. cii Fletcher tni·er, iitr Mtnildln lane, neo toot bet .Ifrer l trt, anLtlI by mIoist driggiosnnd1eei prFutnar a JIIVIS & ANIRIIgWS, nH9 WholesoleAgents, NewcOrloear. ] store, for sale by I )ILKSEY, a:.l'il 2 44 New Ievee 1 INSEiA ED OIL---ri(it gullj io; ti;trrt.l " e aa Ar he SHALL & BItRIWN, apdril 96 Magazine at UPYHOLSI'TER & 'APIA:I HANG'ING S1'UlOldy henry Siobrecht, (lIormerly J. C. Wicke.. wrould meat respectfnllv intornm lia frien t tho [publl c inll general,l th t lie antid i cot 1 ly receivin a cgenrnel nassortment of upholstery and paper hanging. The tolloning comp rices a part of his stock, which lie onfers for sale at whaler sale or retail on tlte moat accorlltnodatinl terals, viz : French velvet and satin paper, latet stl)e ; do hailfenmmon and common, Pniladelphia glazed and unglnzed do do, French laond caaoes, tfi I hoarlls, bind-', &c. rIo vr lvt rand worsted do do, mnorevane do trlorrn silk frInge and oalloons ot all qalltlere, plarlrnn and prices, 'vnrrted Irlnges as sorted pattern. plino and collerd Sowiarrnuslie, latest style plain ard tllholned, rotteni drdpller -ranlins plain and twilled, n.a-orled colrore, new style at needle work n. r lo n cuslhiolns, trstolo covers, &c new style of Iellt rillers, rairse lieurer and plainr gill window ornaments t all patterns and ruzes, gilt engles betel and spears; featlern, c, glase knlobs, easters, hair cloth, llnured antd plain, a lanre usaourtlent of tovs I r chtl.lren; large sill cord and tassels, worsted cord anr d lan. sets, a general nesortlnent of upholstero slid per thahgilga, constalna.y on halld and forr sale at tIhe lowesr prices at Nos 41 Royal alad i4l Cnton flluse st.s. N il-I'orrsons in tIe city or from tihe country, Sare resperclully invited I. naall and exuantne lor themorlaelvs. Clarpets and curtains mrade in ihe Sarlet moaderl sryle, roorns prepared at the saort ear notice. r ad all kitt ns of uph.ldestery wark d rno rwith leotsess and deepatch. act 3 +.AIRIAFGE PHIYSIOIOGICAI.Y I)ISCUS. il 4). Irau ated Iramo tIe French of Jean i)u balt, M. I). by W1illin Gireerfellrl. PFirt It. On1 the necrssity of tlarringe ! iPrt Wd. Illstict.uall icllourtiag, with a cule Iur Love i! Part 3d. " " Part lLth * * * * Marlririle Phvsiroloietril I)tiseased is thie mo=l tselrtr, aud orr..tiotedlvr troe ioast inlrreoltirpg woork that wt ever read, It wllltlaenk ilro nl'rce rakesao rd lpinstersr, anlid make re In re lorried nen an womeIt I tlha anyt pulicati thai haseverheet uanctiOllned bly the COUrt rtf Ilvaen.--la +llonrrtare. 'llh is a crerlt book, alll wvill e prohlctie e e o" mlimk ood in the ar oorlirrIy, It is trPe it qulllis wllilh stralle laguage, bi lt hae a e ct ist ittsa, eXll , asld if the 'ore fIrd waritten oa it, he coulrl tint aInrtd it Dlre r orclorlely. We apecirtlly reo Ollrlill its "o ll oteortioll in (c ,llrlinte t" It) r iehallrln on ol ao1111 yoalll; ladlu: inald eel ie t.u that may Ie ill quest u artnersr.-.Lepit Couroier Ires Dtlaee. I'nor nale ato Iantit art./ at t brvtW+ell atnglniale ilnt Carp]lreoter. Price i. 1. IV Glcort's Peerfancries. Iadian Dye, for colatrnIg too Ilair; Rear's Oil, Russinls bear's nreese, po.snalum, hlichabn's Fret ele Wash, superior pearl powder, hip white, cream of roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lip salve, kreoaoe tuuooth wash, carbonic dentrifice, orange flower water, powder putif and boxesr, charconi, neatly pot oup in tour once irOiatl, rens. ton salsr, c lotri..r, kreaUote tollth ache drops, hair bruebes, E ghalih drcsroing combs, Indian hair oil, a ith a valiety at other perluntnriesr &c. For sale by C. J. TRIINCHARD, or 3 Eornller of Canalll ad Ulornrboao sie [TATS-I: aeaer drab Iusia hiats, raions qualitires 1 broad brimrr and lew cruoas landing fron shril St. Itaia, lfar sale by 1 I ttl I; 4, to, my? 131 MIHagazine st LLt)UH- 52 bla landing from steambnat Baton A Rolge, far sale by i DORSEY, mny7 41 New Leva L44 ettO rKNtS--Y bales landing Iron steoan b.nt SaHunrter, for nale by A TRIER, a9 34 Gravier st SA trTIONEI)D Y HE FAULTY CINE. T HORN'S Compounlll d Extrlo t of Copaiha a parilla -A certain, sate, and most effettal reme-t dy ever discovered for the cute of Gonorrrhea, Glects trictures, Whites, Pains in the back and oin, semna, it% weakness, afectious kidnis, gravel, scorbutic eraptions, &c. It Ih the introduction of a medicine possessing the u"ef vi and active vitttue o tihe one now oflered to tie public, re time proprietor has but to rot'llr tto le ulnrous rccul- w tmelldatontl received from the most emilnent of the Ine- l dlcal theulty in Eutore, believing that it will be duly di apI eciated when its merits are nmore fill known. The o Balsam of Gopiba, soextensively used,llas lost muchl i of its credit fIro the dislike which patienlts trmerly di express I regarding its disagroeaioe taste, disthurbato e Induced~rin the bowels and stromoach, and its herrtolore rnetlicienov when used in the ilfltammtltory stage. The e\ ptoprieltor ihas mIn an analysis of tie BalsHat, esloeiv b tag that tihe more acti.cqualities would thereby be lonch so mllore Ierclloettlratd lasd more uselittllv adlministertd than eo ill the preslent state. ''The above letl tine combinles il- ti gredlients which are in the highest repute aool tfe I. i most scientific and learned in the profession, Fchvt' in tieconlposition of thlispr'eLartion icreases tie gi eiicaicy otlthe otlher, oluting tattt r operation truly ttn- t I islirlg, uand lsurlssia g tlhe most slguinetl exptetatiotlnl to possarsingat the same time the advantage of its being radmjinistritt wiith rfeiet succerss in the different stages l of time above disease. 'The most eominent physiciant and o0 urgieous of the present day express their decided arl ialeon ill lravor of' Sarsaparlitla, whlilst its ol in t0ile prreinrpal hiospitals anit pinblic mediieal intitutionta tias be n, and still continues, very extenrsite. It was a ftv orate remedy with tile celebrated I)r Abernethy in all a1l elenereal affections, alld i1n obstillatecutel:llllus eruptionls at arising tfrom :a diso<nmered state of tindlligestlite fnctionis. Ilaving been submitted to the test andil exporiene of tih10 iost celebrated nlotrnogtlle itailty, they hale expriesi d their satisfaction of its extraordiiaory ellica:y inr every case under their charge, by adopiting it both iti theirt blic and uprivate puratice. 'Their ob ervations will be lser ele Ierrafter. Prepreled by J I Thorn, Chlemist at Lontdon. lPrice i .ltIper pot. fir 'I'ES'T'IMONIALL, aui From A H Salmoan, Esi. It S, St.rgeon to the Srt l aiat l,all lle s ttiitarsect ill iAnatomly. The trial which I have atiade l" iour prieaation in a variety ofeases, bth miialeadilftale, in its results bate protud o y h lirly favourable, that I do not hesiate ill il'rlnouncing it ole of the most valtunhhl tlld etiir cilus to Iermedies ever ohrem to tlhe pubilic, andill onle ir. i r hic h from experie.ce, I call place everly reliance, wbilst it dloes lotprodlne' - stlle ulllasalt etfectslsual etx- b perieicedl l'troni'Cýri ttw F'rm G lii tltywaiirt It C S, Pihysician to the St I ltt'yleboile I )isplellsrer. a I take great Mleaslure in adding my testimnlut to tile valuable iproperties olf your preparattilh, wishing vot the sucless you so fillcy deserve, ill an ample rewardll ltor .he iaborlandl exn:se .lu ied ill btriging it to such clir - plte pierfecttol. t'ali \\r (J Cooper, F IS, Surgeon to Guy's Iles- ir The luniform succl es, t bii hast tletiitl tih admlliis torig yon m'aiile i aeinlollnmgv Il patriilts affliteled witl fe tlile aboe dise:'asis trs fitly sotisried tie that it has ugly to be klnownl to lie trully :lalpreclltol. 3ay thae successy y a st ll dicl ve, arp riy alld speedily repay you 'lo ed yol 'Vaiillabie ireillaratiOti . ai From Sitr A Cntiper, Figs It P C S, i c.&t . & e. Havinllg been illnducedll to try yolr Extract inll sevel casesof violent o(;omrhla, wlichh had hitlherto battled every lpresf.ition administered lrr me, i vring found sure and speedy cures affected by tt, in a few days I - aeel m) selfiin duty hound to state that I now in my r laeo lice both pullic anld private recommend alnd use non Ce other. Ccr From G V Blair, 11 D, Physician to Guy's Ilo n The strict test which I have given your medieiiir i y patients, and its invariablt stccesr s hus tfir, will irtlce 1en; to tersevere in its lSPe, and I dee(:ii i but an:lact ofjusticeand ofdty to inid l) feeble tcati mo1alt ilncolnuediatiol o itsirfituesi. o al Froin L'C 'J'hompsot tl I) iF t I,.t . ireturn you my sincere thanks far t' t vainable pre sclt of your Ext.avt ior taie cure of (o lorlarha, kc. I fiel gratoitl that ).ou hae art last iolght a mlediill into use which will pmve a deaidr'ii:nt long sought r lin. ill the mte]icr a wto Id--a sure, speIlItI\ and lli ct(itcrel stl ill cases if the above class. It alillrds mIlt grait pleasure h i, I uLlishing t tilth wo arid the valuable qalites ofl') our Were it necessal y, thie probp ictor ecould here nlrnish a a1tnv1 11101,{, telXlirlli]s equv a cs eRr nrelraltoryt as ite :alrt'e; but trusts tha itsit g Ueat arueelilsherto the caiertde b& expense at which it has been p clared, tt ill prove its c!,atsl ' rcomlallll tOlt ilg a diosernling pub lie. n ()treimenTlllledatliir)ti this IlebpralctiOll enjys above all olbes is its alit, |l'l1tall e [urlnt--|mt uip in i ots--tb hd pca'acl--its taiste inttlre, with no lrstri'tio i rllr dt li i or enliuntcmclnt I'fom btusiness. *L'iac|lle'rs espucially no , 'rllld flit this Iledltrille higrhl uIsell, and in,,ht )itve" o ' to he tiiiri ildler willt a '.rirr u ation lossessill tle a ll vailages wrhich ritlerrelt i oa u iri inrtcllrl gl ba oiCC irII I:vt IIg thI .hiClloi s a pInmhilllCt c1xial- it i% u.l'rtie til'f:lgellt stages of thi dioiiase' withort ai .It ex tlat eh.l'.nl~ltaitining full ahd alntlit directions. ii" 1''uI . ll. Iby --,--- --SIC aLES & Ci. lo, l + :niat 40 C t'anal stret. i I"'I TUt ICtoS II LCI11 ISI HALTI" VE KNOW-That health and the ability to labor, constitutes the wealth of the great n sass of the people in this, as in m st other coin. tries. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu a ral inean is a grand, moral and p litical scheme I to fulfil which, requires onu utmost attention. The unprecedented popularity and universal op. t approbatein which this medicine iase ehievedl throughout the United States, the Canada,' Trexa, I, Mexico, and tihe West lndies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and consclentiouslj recommen. ding them to the special notics of the afflicted. a Peters' Vegetable Pills are the safest, most efloc tual and economical remedy for diseases of the e ihuman eonstitution,, that has ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. I I cine, from his knowledge of the Iuman system, derived from a long and extensive practice, has a arrived to ttis conclusion, that the great and pri. I nary causes of most diseases is a durangernent in tile functions of the liver, or in other words an ill. creased or dimtinished secretion of tite bile. So well is this understood, that it is common for a persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are bilioua, meaning that they have too much bile on I the stomach. On the other hand, when the flow a of bile is diminished, the process of dieoioin is c impeorbctly perform d, the patient beetines wenk and emaciated, because oullrishmlent contained ill the toad taken into the at .much is not proper y ex. tracted, and the fodi is cijcled in a crude stlate. I)r. Peters is confidenit tllat the filmous illgean I 'I'heory, so called, that, " impurity of the blooid is the cause of all diseases," is a great absirdity. t Lu)try ons wI.o reticuts on the subject a nlometl, t will perceiveothat mtpurity of the blood is a secon. , da y not a prilmary complaint-thl rlffect anld not tile cause of disease. VWhen the functiilnsof the t liver are deranged, and othe flow of bile incrtiased, t it is often taken up by the absor: elt vessels and t carried into the circulation, and becoles mintged t wi h thie blod, as in jaundtce, when the patient Sshows it in his countenasce. Now this impurity ol blood is caused by an increased flow of bile, ~ and to rnemedy it, you must correct the secretions ofthe live-, and restore it to a heoalthy state. Dr. Peters hias spent much lime in exerimenIt- a itg with differont vegettab e medi-eines, for diseases Sof the liver; and now oflfur his Vegetable Pill', as tile best, most convenint, aslid clleaulest niedi. cine that can be lpr.ltared Ibr general use. Dr. Peters flitters himselfthat his loang ex eri. mlentilg with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover tile true snid onlly substituto answelring all the purposes et mereuria a without any of their atto.tdlnt evils. OCie great quality ofhis vegotabl.. r ills is that they hiave tile alterative principle Citl. bineld with tlleir cathartic, or operative qunl.ties, so thiat they not only cleansett the stomnach tad hoiwels by purging, but they regulate the Icl, etchange ti e morbid secretions, strenlthens hieo Sdlgostive organs, purify thie blood, ilivigmate I n cireulation, an I give taone and ouieriy to the aci. 1ivot system. Theiy ate niild and pilasant in their operaticr, Sand c nvey nluo.t itlllaedlate eoviesion if tlhir i utility ftro tile first dose. They can be tlake with soafty Iby personsll of any tigl; and the tiebhi:, the l infirm, the Iuervous, and the delicate, s e I strellgthelnue by their opertion, bectaulse they clear the vylstut of bad ahumiours, quiet norv.tus irrita. hbilty, and invariably produce suuld heailth. The Vegetable Pil a are a sure remedy for j dice, sick and nervous headache, dys epsia, c.a ness, sicknessof 'te stomlach, heartburn, all bi complaints, fevers of all kinids, anid if' taken commencement will invariably check their grpse, and save thle atient fritl a protracteld dangerous sicltness. They art invaluable in , ns and hypocondrical aitectius., lost of tite, and al complaints to which feumales al, n asuhject. 'JThey olperate as a uild and speedy p Sand are a safit ad crrt-iin itCultdy for worm chi dren. S Since I have introduced lay Vegetahble Plls to the pulic Il have received nmteroeus ertitiu.tes of their euperior eflicacy iln curing diseases, a'tv, iany letters trout respectaihle Iphysiicians, who have used tlhemi in their practice with the best I uight publish a small volume of certificates but consider it uunlecesaary, as tile medicine will recommend itself to all who wi.I make tri!a of it. aThe above pills are in boxes, containg 20 & -I. pills each. Price, 25 & 50 sents per box, I I Druggists and country nerchants can be sup plied, at wholosa'a or retail, at Dr. Peters' prinel pal office, no. 65 Poydras street, between Magazln, nad Camp sts,Ne. w Orleans ml6 U ARRISON'S SPECIFIC OINTfENT TL 'e great celebrity of this unriv.,lled Con,- k r position, especially in tihe Northern States, leaves tile proprietor but I ttle need to say any thing in G its favor; for it has been generally conceded to it, c that it is beyond all comparison the be st remedy it for external eomplaints that has ever been disco- it vered. Indeed the speed nd coertainty of its ope. m rati as have the appearance of miracles ; as w'crs, o w unds, corns, feversores, childblins, wlhite swe.- 0 lings, biles, piles, spider and snake bites &c. ime- 'I V diately yield to its apparently superhule n infla- I. ence 'lhus if properly applied it will remove an ti inveterate corn, or break and heal a ble in five days, will allay and perfectly cure an ulcer in two, I weeks; andi the most desperate eases of white v swelling that can be imaginied, have been destroyed a by it in less than two months. In the bites of poi u sonerious reptiles its tfficacy is truly surprising , an A i even t the bite of a rabid dog, for if applied in tillne, its powers of attraction arc so mwoideriul that N they will at once arrest the poison, and tlus pro. n vent it feum pervading tIe system. It is likewise Pi greatly superior to anly mludlcine heretofire disco- s. vered for the chafed backs and slubs of horses, for oa totters, riig wnorms, chapped lips, and in short for every external bodily evil that masy fall to itie lot of man or boast, The propri tor has received at least a thousa nd it certificates and oth r doetllnmetls, in f'tv r oflis 'i n " S, ecific Outlmuent," upwards of a Lhundred of a which were writteln by respectable members of the e Medical Faculty, all breathing the samie eulogy I and 1 tlwistset on.1 Proe ared at 129 Liberty street, Now York, andti for sale at 65 Poydras street, New Orleans. Imarb(i If 1U T 'I'tlE LAli ES-.nkulisii'a liepitllturs, FI, re-. 1 motvinlg rPuperflus ut"r from thslure hue, ueik artl iaiit, icit e latl soifty anid ertainty, hleavng the kil. finer nll ,sl i tl aiiii beture the epp lstioe. A I e lt 11 t Ispply just rceiitied at t la zaullr. u-'1 IUlstt & aI.L2N, i 1, IRvt ' lec Itemos , i.,r ht ChTd llle & et¢g | 'lr*· l ,oI)U iCATt'-'eN-FRI N-ti amii EN12 L!'uu .- Mr. Jam , a, recenity anlv to thin t 1a;), begs ieve to i nirtLi the l eiizens ll N Is Orlt ale s tlh t hel I wi ll open aitacadein l yon l itoh;ti, 14,Id Je u , ii.,. 19' tul u lel strrest, for ti e tnll- 5to iiu rille s, x s, i tn i ren ch nlld tEnglish, tor whichlil i1e will be ans aseisted by ,Mrs. Jan es and Mr. r ,le'rh ir, who saltak butih th,-e ihncnuagis with i great atelnry and puity, antd who will taul ts chrge of the departom nt of the yotunrs ladies. \ir. J mre is will give Lhi hotitleattention to hle ',, various branchel s t educ ati onu and flattes hinmsell el thatlite will tive entire oltiunCtoen to etahs: eh'l al 'Tu tu - ll. ('.GEORGE .itill (K navmg resigned the of Stics rchlief Eltgineer of the New Orleans al( Carroll. ton lnil iRoad, lir. John Iampson has been appoint ed in his pace, to wh ll all poisne s uvP Iha ýi hlusinesC Sillh, or wishin+, information nr~eardiag said RUil Road will applly 1 Ithe Itall Rnad Ollicc, l'uvydras strer, JBy ,,iir the Bo'ard. "al I ignJd) JOHN NICIIOI.ON, c no+vlT--ir _ Cashier I -NtvllllS & C., No. 3 Cihartrers sheet, are' re. ceivini ' dnil) from r lh o es., in Philadelphia, an n elenant land etetl+eele .ssorllt nt li substaential It and flasllnllall r tlothIlaE . 'The'y vit'e e the an''n- I tlun thf il l p lic,l as hlet are w' arr' tel '.d in lenvil thar stratcers and cili ns annot frnis tdem selves alu.e ade'antaaeously in aney city in the N. II. A fe't d '"en e'llant iv"ry ha'indle lieI1 "rellas, ra .n 2 to .11 6 iic hu'e. A'.", a large let whl epine placki,+L IoxeI, V irloit bile's, very law %TlRIRIS & CIo. Ne'. l33 (lircaes scree, ale now .e rceivinlg and , neill I heng, the m1s' -pfl rilid, s' stanti l and la.shi na tei i stc: If lothinet thi v have ever ea hibited in th as marke , g ia e in a. I pl rt eof lte lte teiei articles li , b' I't lacki et black, lmindn brown, cillon, alive, lodon Sanok' It and puldent olive trick and dries enals; hrave r, stablet anld iarrinrlln Iroek coats, eletantly tirnisth-t ed; lancr' and plain black saasiltre anllld clhthi pantalois a. en:hsh cd fienrah iaecy and l.ii, A silk and sain vests; rea ll l I ma i rk, l C +forts; englillh nd I, Ir cll i fny and pliltn s',trfa and P thdksa; chlatnltna, silks-web and .gutn- cus penders; chalnois, merino, lanmi,'s wool, welsh fln. e nel, ilk ant I:can net sherts tad drawers: line n ain and catiOll hirts, wii litn f l titsterts, plain and rll,'d; ivrv pearl aiid p)lain ~I andl sillk ulm. brelas ; " l(rall's" prem1IiunI (lveF-nals a - 'a u i 'hl rtil' I t 't hiete kid, for weddilngs, balls. &c.; Si.ritllelicitl silk and randana hdlst t; plain, t e figurd and anellbroiderd Caelhtr do ; bllk, a lultJ wools, mariano, Iermantewn, alld hro~n tland while I alton half h]lse; all of which lhev uialr ltw far ti Scaeat o t to ctai' 'atlur0 r. s te' aI N..e'. .AIfJKUaii LINK: 1i Mobile to Augusta, vial Florida. d Leaves Mobile Tuesdays, Thurs. d days, alnd Saturdays, per ithe at Sspleldid steamer Chamnpion, (ex. :ept in case of ast.ris,) to Poesuacola ; thence per it steamer Le Roy to La Grange, and thence fotr I orse post coaches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pet. Sderton, Berrlon, Outlaw's, and Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thecnce via Milledgevillc, and Sparta, to War. ti 1 roeton, thence per rail road cars to Augusta. o The Champion is in spleudid order, with new p copper boilers, coppered and c pper fastened. v Tli Il Roy lIhs been thoroughly repaired, her I actommodations are as haldlomle as any bolr. I SThe beau iful Santa Rosa Sound, and Cliocte. p a watchie Bay present the most interesting steam na. rt vigation in thle South-being at the sanetmte al perfectly land locked. 'iThe Teams are not alrpasscd on aey route in the a a country ; the drivers, to a man, careful and atten a . tiver. V The bridges heretofore datpterots have b an c newly built, ao that high waters do not ilter ere The eating houses have baeen mostaly changed, al.l are noe' as good as adn any road in the Sonth.. It is gencrally knoawn that the exccllene and je e hardness of the roads enable the teams at all sea rsons to mnak great spued. Their slnoothnee se.o- r cures the trarciler froam the ordinary fatigue of a Sst,'re travelling. ' The Line is nao c arriting its pal'as::gera front SAugusta to Mobile in fiir days a;.d twelvea .hours, or to N w Orleans in lout dtys and twenty Ii hours. (:oih g to Angllsta, tile line is six days d i . sevenll hours. TlIe titme actually employeyd iln s travelling is the samte us it' the other dlraection, i tt it , the diffrene of tilme onil the r ut, is caised by a a 'day beilng lost ie Pensacola, w ieh, holweer, is q SaIell repaid by ilhe op ortunity itgives ofaoei Iat Slthe Navy Yard, tlae old Spanish c Forts, etc. Tlnei re travel ur also sleites at Maeont, sd again at WVar. tenton. 'I'llis arrangement will ca'etienue till the 1 travel turns northward, whenn the ine will be the t t'e frole Mubile to Augusta, as i is is ew ill thle Sother direction. , This Advertiselent contains a plain stat nment Sof facts, tite nceuracy ofa which tite lproprietors gaurantreo Cach passenger in the penalIty of lleJ - stage fare. a Maps oftht Lene may bha seen at the Ex Ihange SHotel, New Orleans, and at thll Ma.ioin Hlouse. Mobiler. Fare through lrolm )?.,bile to Augusta, $17 30 ' The lill extends, II a b!lranch to Tallahasree. SAt Cthatttahooache, tie line colletets with lth I g steamboat carrying the mail to .\pa talliola and I r St. Josaepi's. )ffithe at the Maesion Ilous 1,, Mob I. t t eml7 O IOSTI'WICK, lAgent, Mobile. I,'rtEi.l P'iNS--Feh'i Ntu.. 1,'. 3:l..4 es it lltaniel feltetI bal, Feh's iege barrel pon Co irs tl d 'el laprng dc b 11indel's Idies do I dtouble pati ac i e mriid ldo ntle ttelt a o Iiti GdiuL's Cot.Lneri'!, for sale at i i.Wll . \l) F:L . - i & Coi"7 PI I I a.']-sores t, ( 1 1' C )SSEI , 'l(.ili Iolli l'' Ill iIIt I M IOS I COPtllS, :.e-'I' . I la vee lad aul ie sale e r '\vm. 1cli utt, corner . tU ..p snd CGinlln streetsr general ,solti ntllllt oi sn, viyrstl's tOlam s.Je, tltheltni triea i lu.trte- 'ntec, rwitue er 'ac'. l"Sping )ivided , alilarmg IB I i, ll aIvory Pro I rle l' l rtS i Ivory Scales, (;llt ter' Sca'ePs, 'iss T'rlianglee , Parallel Rlteirc,.l litit'se-re. , 'l'hertuc.c+ntcu , Lactate iba ae-ccSaaey Ca'ieiltee, leanste a Ic-tpe. 4ea( I.IIINt. tlt CAl( .--JllJst Ltee-Cretl u aew grue. el very sup:,rior Fl'erch cardl, some very thhe and ile, feer sale hlteac bie It F"I'.LT '. Ce, alit N S-tcthateh'Il,4leerirc at 113il t san oitel lledrag h l rig Ahc st n_ ot i , N 1, c N cod cipili)A , eiit a r ale by SIHA IL & . BROWN, alI 9 1iacalz inereat Ia + I ,e1 ARA- iiet, cud hienarce aid etealac-. dnar. . Sinee'ltikev alpi tiracii', 3 du Iq'lo:ice peaS, end akec mannas, an,ldur talt by JAI'VISt & AiNDREWn, l a13 carner dOmlOllltll &eTeehollhillt n itte L attic,l.\tti d II ete Iili l B, t'tan. sl leudid atllcle of Blilliar"d Balls and (h'eks. II BUSH & ALIEIN, aprll Exchage Ilotael,cor Pt Charles & (oimetoe sat I (_ Itlit.E1 OtI,-"l0 boxer IIaul-ile ' ceiivi;'ri r 1 batque Chalnticl-er, for sale by al3 SIIAI.LL c lilt' (WiN, 96 tlagsanle st aPRMi-I CA\,ltL8--6t0 baoxr Jadd't paret,- sid far ratle hv ilA1 L a& BILO\ N, il 3 96 3tll.aine nt 8TATE (tFLOUISIANA-Parish of Orlean. Court of Probatle. To all whom these presents may coriean Greetir. K.ttrt ye, Ihnt wheress William Mackey, say ident of rhe city of Myale, Ky.,h bha apt* d S the Recirer of Willr, on snd for thie por;s' & sity oflNew Oilane,a nder ntfi"l oClerk of the Cant .t Pro'tbarte, in d fr the Parish and ilyn New Orltenlt., aforreraid, or a 31ONITION r ADVFAR TI.'sIMENT, on rotlt moritv to the Act of the .rtislanlrenofh re urnie nortltd "' An act for the fur, her assren ne of 'tileri t purchasoert at Judleial Sale.," approved 10 h t of M.arch, 11134, notiCe 46 hereby given i.o ll whorn Ij may cencern thla by virnue of, and in hobedience ito an order of soleftlrºn ared tort of torobaes, in and fo;r tire parish and rlly of Net O(1 leans. hearn' dale tie tlird day of Apri', oneir rholnoar, d eaihlt hundred and thirty oshlt, and rendered in the mitnier of the Iate NalrhinerrIl Cnx, isn the peritironof Christapher Ad im., jonl. S;ndie r tlhe creditors of said sureeu eioint , 'N ,to;ael Ctx, deceased, whie, order eo Isal wris nlso grantedl ritlmlnt ttr Ihe leliherations of ta tinLr g of the credlrors of the derenase duly hel-d nod too voed on the third day of Fet ,rvr, eihitern hundrled and thirty eigh', britte H B. Utenrs, Et1. No ary PItbhl, and also after lhe lebnl nod usual phIeairni.rn had bea.n made, 'Ihe Reici r ofl Wills dfi ospael. fr Ide by pait section on the ninth ldy .rf Ma, oneo thoesend -eilit htndretd nnl rhirt.t.ierP.. fr onrount of thl aor-srid sc.uwassim nif the late Nathaniel CGtr, decee,.r, the landed prpety hereinalher desaci bed, bfri.hoginto to lthe said scucces.tion, behceh pron Iorrv woeas jotiearbied ,t staid William r ckheyas the tIs, It1it ,lllthrrt Ihirhler Ihereont , tfr the total p r-eentd en of o.von'ern thi.tuertl dollars. Description of lIe proltert y at raiven in the Judicial c rvrIitPeoe: All and t:ngl ,r toen r.rttin lots of ground, InogeBrber wih ,he huihhbge and ir provementa thereon. and nil rihe rtnts, privileges, ctat mIl, w,.rev, e'rvirlles ;nl ad rtvlnneyrs IhProuo Ibe lingi., r Int n,, .rt I a ltep rtainnagsituatr in th-s Ssubor'.b i. Riny. '1 Ithist rr'. et rho' equare houndr yI I' ',,lr Ist. .I:I -..z.In,, Iaf.Rvnle, anr d Camp cr r'"lr, r,. pnal 1)11·ls ri ed hv rl) e numr',is seve{n anti eih,, ,,n I . cen.,=l iptltn dran ity F e lerrt k W il. Saoln1. D..ptlln So'VVror (;GenernlO'i od-r date of otil rrrv, th d ot ,, 41,i ', ,o . tO1 nslr lllr-njiOht hand, redl Inrd t .,eiChi, and deposIed inl the ffice of II B. ('ranl. Eeo.riotarv pu',lic for reference ; h o'h -.o lots ao'je no eai.h olher, nnd measure eIach Iwet~-ore.P foet thlree inhhs and six lines fontr on snid Pvldr as treer, ivy ixty.three feet il ven i chlte nand sIX lines rn deprt, hetween par. all. Ift- -, i . r h et ican mnreue.] ''erns-o-ne and three years credir, frappro ved erndl sedo notes, socurtd by specidl nalorgage Sinii fion:l p in menlt. i\-herlirPe, all ore-ns wi n set oup any rnight, lihle, or c'no,lo ito nd to the Iotsof ground and rand budiltioc herlfi i described, in coserquenceof infirmalrit in the o der. d-e.r, or judgment belore renired, and unrier which the sale was made, or ant irreoul :rivt or letnli y in the apprf.istenta or, in lime d mldannr ofeale, or for any other cause ,f defect, whaotoever, are here. by erred and admonished to show wrthie'thirty day.s from trhe puhlicntlon hereof why the sale, so made as aforesaid, shrtld not hbe confirmed abd i f.ilrogrtrd in accordance with the applcation ofl"sni{ purch aser. WI tness my hand ed the esal of said court of Problre, Ihis ricond dy of May, A. D. 1839. (L. S W.F. C. DUI'LESSIS, mny 1041 ins Reetaternf Wills. mlay 1141t ins ltottataroI WIlls. PA OIISS DORLEAN. C OUR DES PREUVES-Etat de ls Loai.iaua l-A tous ccux quo cola pout COncerns. Stull : Qu'dil sit connu q,'e, attenod qua William Mae. aey. do la villu do Maysville, Keut cky, a'et ado read au Rdgister des Te'stmens, dana et pour Ia parois.o et la villa de la Nouvello Orldins, eaex flicio 'grdflier d,: la Cuot des Pruvaes, dansaetpaur la dire viliclt paroisuo, pour publior, at anunoaer conIornm6tutont h nu acto de la Ldgislalure, intiuld , Acte pour coanfirmer lea titroe des acqudrours aux ventes judici:cires," approuvd le 10 Mars 1834. Avis cst par le prItrnt donnd & tosu.eoan que aela pout cone rmar, qu'en vertu at en exucution. d'un ordro de vents do a dite cour des protivoe, danset et pour la I.roissa eat ville do la Nouvello Orl64a, on date du trots Avril, mil bIit cent trante huirt, at rendu dans I'.fatire do la succession do fbu Nathan. icl Cox, sur la ldtitian da Christophe Arame, Jr. Syndia dos ct.eutciera do la thle succossion -do feu Nathaniel Cox ; ltquel ordr , da vllto flat accordd conforndmaent rtux t d iberations d'une aaeemblg, des crdanciers d!u d6lunt, dumnnt conyoqude et tonn lea trois F6vriar, rail hu t cent trante huit, pardevant le sicur II. B. Cenau, not. pub. at aumi aprbs lea publications requiacs par la In ; I8 Rdgi., tar dnaesTetamenn offrit en vents publique a l'nean lo neuf mai roil huit cent trento buit, poor compto do la dito sucnession do lieu Nuthaliel Cox, lee divers fonds ci.aprio dderits, appartaonant a Ia ditn succossion; lesquelleo furent adjgds & William Mackay. plus offrant at dernier enaodrimscur pour la somme totale do six.aept miell piastrea. Descuription do la propridit d'apyrht In tranfort judiciairg. Deux lots de terra nvoc lea hItiases oat m6liort. tione qui s'y trouvent, etous lea droita, privi Bges. coutumes, voies, servitudea,.et avantagesqui an dE pendent, situd au faubourg Sainto Marie do seltt villa, dans l'ilat born6 par la rue Poydru. des Magazins, Lafayette at du Camp, et,.ipaigp par lea nunrdroa septet huitsur un-certain plan' drerss par Frd.16rick W Ilianmao, ddputd arpenteur gd06. ral on dteo du sept Avril mil hult aeut trent6 huil. at ddpasd pour recoura en l'dtude do H. I.Cdtan. not. pub. lesquols dits lots attenant Pun a 'atr , monuront chacun vingt Ct un pieds,ltru .il aeoa, six I gnee de face b la dito rue Poydraa. suraoswants trois pieds onte lo noss six lignea do profondeur uetru hgntsc parallbles, mosure franoaise. Conditions. Un, daex et trois ann de erddit an bij.lta.snds. ad I santisaction, nssurds par hlypoth&qao apdaiale jusqu' a parfalit paiement. A cea eauses, toute- personnea qui ,nt on pour. raient avoir qnalqup rdelamlations contro le lIt a do terroe t Ibtisses ci dcssuo dcerits, on cnrEo. qttucac d'uu t dthut de forlu danst I'ordre, to ddert:i ..u jlgoemeit de la cour, ln vertu dluqtolle Ia vnto a 6.6 'atte, on do touts aontru irrdegularttd on ilg.n. litd dans I'estimatioa,. Envis o' to temps at to morai do Ia veutc ou pour touto autre cause quelo' nq t'. sontrl p pr Itao 6.ttt.. ci 6. d'avoir ib ddd uira daone trente jours, a dter do l-a publication du ptdaent av s da e low publies, la ainnsona p l Ire. quulles I. voent ailasi tuita, noaoratt pas app d d et hotmulogud., contUe la demande I dit d. ircur. En fui de quai, j'y ai appoud m asignature at in Inoeu do nl dite oar des Prouvear, (L. S.] ldenuxtou jour du mtois oa Mai, A. D) 1839. W, F. C. DUPLESSIS, Illnmai Register des TOstamene. S 'ld'o, Sbahh.lh achoul Techeurr Alllltr'st 'orner Stonu; Abbot's Family at olme Abbtt'a Wiay Itdoa itmd ; Horna's lntroduelioa Abbot's Ytngt (llriutian Diclk' cnomplete Wot ke, 7 volames Ilnlnuh auuoe'a Private Devotions, for aale at 49 Camp st, hy mIy l ALEX. TOWAR. 1 1 brA wul lh.eoing.50 do Gieant \eaturu dr.Ptl do (iGreat Falla dtt, fur n;t) by my7 I tI i l) C, (n.134 liagaaiae sT t AOITUot ' .LIt.Elit' OWN BOOK-. Comly'a t(raontr-l.erlie's cooketly lIlttthr's ao'y t'I'tleota qtte ]'O:tv ' Frant:k sI.tein , l, tmook I t.plsh ltoodert, haltlf tlld ill bound WVaionort blott' Fr, aooh (t;ra Irear )"cae's is dehllgtoki ant ll riuo Et.tIt' medicat l ca, ,ni'atlt I)nllll'e nar thlitric-llil to the I.arvaO Laldy'- ime lictl pocket bcm k Gtlltoman's l mrtdicnal IOl:kli*t book Int ao'ams f{taiurier-t 'rotckett's rotlg baook SHale's L'nird Stttle. A l It itad Iurge stiplli of the ahoyve works jialg l . ottiva and opeae fdr ale on goa.lI terms hy . io.09 A 'l'nwal, 49 CALpt at FRANKLIN DF X. rIlliE plublic re re: pecttullv inliaitd lita e ins . tution is erected on me motst imltrovet play a i Il an a nud miUst alIt irablen attltliaOIin to e fauha, I tankliti, upon the utih td, one mile ltrop die Misi Sl.blah.ilding in large at I i ao=t eonnodioutly divided d intol yllartes for kSepia T separate dilerent classes, and d ffeont disaenrs. The inaitrntiou in with ton moat skilful and nttelnti lemte lud ftneaal nuto, and pea~king iltv. riolls r uanm lannuoetaa. Privta ate rm t ms y he had hv gentleaoen it Alfre ol lanrs pera d ,. includiný rtatent'a te, &c. TrIn a in the orIn nary warls. to ndollnra -ar Slaves also tw'dollora. • moll Pto ito th senay w Invearda, f vr dol'a... = All c,,p;tal pri t lperationa ear. lThe residernt plieiotala is IrliVeddola eion wtih ltslicattiOn fir eih" ieatoq mula bIn mlda.,erto Dl-0 ba emlhRerg, No 17 Ralmpt traeot. apili B IkAZitr CI;ltiht.. Juta rotaivod~an at ýcane aga CL from 7 to rat30 I ;,m9 'f Uitl i m I ti t , (IA 4

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