Newspaper of True American, May 21, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 21, 1839 Page 4
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Sl- thFollowing veasels, rhaud ezpreanly fbor `Capt. Miner, S " ikeray.n, o thes rt clas, have hand. amdations, and are of a light ý int oftheir receiving and iin Baltimore, at the city. 0rt ports on the Chesapeake i forwarded by the agents, LLIIGG, at Baltimore; shipped will be advTauaed when of passage is fixed at $ia0, at qualinty will be provided. tl e Mtssissippi will be taken gho aeige, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, . ._ . _22 Bienovill ,t_ -'OR NEW YORK. *~L isasg agnd New York Line of Packets ] jF0.Shiip s]oierbeing this line will sail from ° rle aejM New York On every other Mon athome On the 20th November--and to e~ai'L,.;Potdolitty in the time of sailing, the Sw]bersse|alt eonsist of five slips, viz: ship teooe, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th S Lonuiavlsle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4tls December. aSip Uinteville Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 5itb December. tShip V bich .surg;i plain Woodhouse, to leave on tlerti January. Phip Mlsuisppi. Captain Davis, to leave o. n the 15th of Fencery. "Iet above are. ll new, of the first class, copper Pd· sopper fatened, tnd upwards of 500 tons Jss ng, are of light dreuglt of water, beinlg built in i., orkLeapesmie d ligr the trade. The price Spassage is fned at 100 dollars: their oabins are ftlae sin the 'molt inmproved and convenient Ampl. ntore ihed in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores ot~t~e first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to the comfort and entire tie.ahation of Pseengers, who will please lake no. tioethat no beth can be secured until paid for at the oco of theL'oonsigoe ul. ..These vessels ar eoomaended by captains well . '+ a3eriesced in the trade, who will give every at tlntion endhxert themselves to .eomnodate. Thev wtilU at all' bnge be towed up end down the MisOsis. ippi by stelemhoats, and thle strictest punctuality alearved in the time of sailing. .The owners of thease ships will not be responsi. ile. for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or ppte's beoard of the, nnless a regulr bill o llading . bsigned therelor, at the o futti r house of thea a gnt or wnears. Fr Ihrthd r iparticular ap ply to nnv7 J D IEIN &'A COIL EN, SoJ 90O Couetnon st ye W O gLEA N r C'1Al.1:S'CN PACKETS T This line onelisett lur vescelho all el thefirst rlasp, copperled ad copp'er oast. eoedn and of ablaut 200 tno urthen, , b d nome aom modations fhr passengers. ·1 es vesels are oemma ndvd by eaplains wet ejsced in the trade, who will give every at s s, and exert themselves to accune u modat the ppors. will b, towed tp and down the los i, leave New Orleans on or before te olh and 151h ef very motth. The followitntg lariS coampre te lite, vie : Brig Arbian, Charles G., rdon, master. Brig Chapman,J, B. Thompson, mnaster. ig Almenso, J. Donne, moast'r, ark Roger Williante, J. Allibere, master. F o freight or paessape, apply to J. A. IARE:LLI a,'1 Ceommon st. New ileanso, or M. C Mordeaei, Charleston. orr I L BARD & C's Boston and N~ow Ore~i. Lice of Packet Ships..Tlts ntw line ofships hau beas expressly built to run between thl above pert uiai will bhe found of suitable draft of water: eeomenodations for passengers, and every effort will behmade to give general satislfaction, Thi le iseomposed ofl the fo'lowitg stips: Oherokee, 415 tone Capt. J Harding, hi'da4. , 400 do S Lemist, karleeton, 374 do D IEldridge, Colombians., 625 do G Barker, -e-ian, 240 do J llowes, Bomihy, 625 do D lluttphrey. T"he eeb ve ships are all now, of the lir st ]as. cOpplrfeltened and aopperrd, eommgannded by men of gret experience, have large acctinmodatiotis, with a ieparate ladges cabin; every atteution will be paid t passngero, and the very Lest of stores p-o vided for them. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis siesipp, and the strictest punctualiry observed in the tiUm ofnailing, and should the regilar vessels be detaied indn arriving, other ships equally as good will i all cas be hubatituled. A shnrn of p;trotn ago is eslleit d ,sm the agents pledge themselves to ceommodg i ae much as practicable, to receive and forwardgone by said line at the 0most ineder. ate ohargeae, sto advance all eaxpenea on goods shipped, if required. The ships ivi|'slave the let and 16th of every month. Forbteibt or pasg.e, apply to the agents. N A MERRITT, 82 Conmmon st. N. B. Adw nents made on consigtneots to Mesers. A. C. Lgmbard & Co. nov g7 ." - ' nov82 { ho ond, puap in bottiles at he low price of 50 e.noatch, oqtnlihng the streugtb of tlhree ounces of Livelwort.tli.ljBa tihe virtea at ltoavy othter roots and herbe known aneonq the Iudians as eEcacoup s in curing Pau,.ee lary. eonplstts. te uurbl iJ suese which lhas attended tle ise f this i eehmabl `asmn wberever it has inen iatno dneed, as1g l tihe confidence and recnenoieada tions .roeepieltle plyaienions for tile cure of cougls, colds., pain is te aide, want oa rest, spittiig of blood, liver f~sliegi. Tow h i y coneern. This il to certiry that we bave in.O 1e reFnently prescribed Mra ardil ser'sldl.o.o am of Liverwort aid loarheund, witll a dealed t: we can tberefore, from tlbhe kow ladle oft riols it is made froui, and cbserivsiio andsx e ommeni iti as a supertr- preparation oral thosesfleetionsof the longgs far which it is re taietded. AI.BER't' WfI.LIAMS, j1. D. CALVIN ELLIS MI . D. Memberls of the Boston Mledicaol Association. Boston, October .5. saleby - JAIVIS & ANI)REWVS, lit, )9 nall.n U , tl.l 'i',:llht iiltanll Rti J =11 . ) Lila Cu-ot hunt receiveu nun tar sal" by HElRMUl ENRE, BIli)WN & CO. __my 3 No, 9 ('onti s:. D RU .SJust londiii tei ieninr, a upilv of almennde, bitter and sweet liquorice rit, ihe jtlienestige offBergnmot, esseoce .,f lemut juicy, hlump and ce seeds, teanas, flake, slind saInll, caneRohneidrs briatob. Otalge flowii oater &c, far whliOlesnl and retail in store of II BONNAlBlI+ msCO o rae Notcnlhaz & Thllllltullslrant -"YL I AlI.ICCEMI .NT--v bDls Idilh g froCm Ihip G (ieo Calot, and for sale bh • ]: . , . j p d W ii'rNiEY ."-'u):3 .7.S Cam~p nt .lIWt0118 IARTTr & CO, Ott iiiw receininginrui " onboed slip Orleans. Eagile, tilghnlader, taoker ait.y .drOw, Fresch aid Gerin.. ploy carls; Buck sn seoh iBoued; Cheesmen, i 1-4 and 3-18 inch Bil and Leals 8,9,10 and 12 inch blade Bowie Kniveas; Leather antd other travelling Dleesiiig Caoac; Belt, Pakebt, Hnrsteman', and Duelling Piatols; dotblo und Biagle barrelled Gune; iGame Baga; Shot Belta; Powder mid Piso Flehl; Dram Bottles and I)llriing Cupe; mTeri .' apeF and Cap Holdors; Clotl, Hair, 'Tooth; od Nail .rsUehs; Orris anl Chlorine Toroth Washl: Tooth Powder Toilet and l!havilg Soaps, ia great vun tet;, long 11.b, Braids, Ringlets aid Frieetter; PCUear; • anod llet Powde ,Emery Bags; Ivory TubCi.aCoiins: Patentl Sides r Garters- Gumn Elastic NSupenders; Powder Pufit ted Boxes; bill Chains, Sealt and Keys. rar- nri;t WaJit Boakies; BrnCelets; Bead nd Chaies;'Gilt and Sheered Bealds; lalliai Beads, Belle end IPlunas. Shell Twist. Sid and Diresiig Combh; ewhieh,in tudition toi tlleir ornner stoek ii haod, makes their eassotmentt very complete, andil will he oild ow aud en lieral ternms, at tbe iigi of the Golden Cahb. i-i.f 70 Chartres street. IIA 9i iTiN~jsi-I bales, loading franc. 22ahip.lotgi Dulap. for snle by SBIIDGCs & Co, 134 ileg.zinae t teaOtsL A eev 4,4 Lowell unades, 5 holes 4-4'fal Lowell cotton, 3 cases buckskin alriiws, landing from sbip St Louis, fir sale by enyS .I BRtIDGE&A Co. 131 Magazine at IRON l S-The shcribeivis have pioaured at a grent a the eight nf pittiig on itrn rouls in v They are ndopied to puL.cI building se, and prieats dwellings, ad sombitýt chearpjneon and durabtiliiy, slid are pertW .r lat ,nd wmater prof. T irm sario ie huowpelr nd a model eaen at tur osteblisihnlnit, oppaBitaS.- Mry'f mrk er, Triadpiiles aet. etarr= '-- - R P .BCfli'FP,t., A C JtA ' na seoseetwv bysaav . clntaetlly ,.n hands large supply of Clolend Liverpoos coal, in -buOk .'of -snperioer qaliry; which they offer Iu sale in loti tno liro tnrihst. Also expected by the tirt aerrivole from En, land Indi the North, onna!. Lehigh ndl Poach top n Coal, brnkeh and ascreened, -pul up in Isbbdeeapreely for iptailly U-411l of wh:'c diepoe.anof on the telIat moiirlie terrii. S*' tsat o t t their office, No. 53 UIienville or. ap" will be pramptly atlrldend o. R. &e A SOUtItIR 14.-. rito mtat 'lttemr apter fir sale by S 6HALL & BltOWF , S( Olagamine it 'T4 C. -e' h bie Grat k arli I wo bro4- nn . po: -+++., ... bel.o+w .Ta .e li 4- henn, .a t?' C+'lihi+- tur aly I BRIDGE & bC. ` Sett ts now Ina S•eili.n bm oa can e ships Yauoo, and euantog,! ladhrieg oenordia, from New York, a great vaserle goode to their line which together with their Coman stuck on htad, males their uaosrmeaeveryo, iete. The ollowing compose aprt, vin : ell twiet, r, tide,. tock alddnsaingeombs, konr do ofall descriptions, In - die rtibber, eilk and worsted elastic garters, coummo & lee elastic suspenders, lace foco and Lucifer matches, Lýeidlita powders powder pfl's and boxes, toilet powder, rocket hooks and wallets, needle books, shell pearl, very and torecco crd cases, head ornaments, plain co al beads, necklaces ant negligees, head chnas,, ead necklaces, cUt gloss and plain,ceed,oilver and gilt beads, Indian beads, bells ald ploumes pistol and large sew. ier flasks, shot belts, horse, belt, pocket and duelling Jiatolo; double and single barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirks, scisso rs, pocket knives, guard chains, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, Iair, tooth, nailcomb, arorb, alshe, plate, floor and dueling bruols. Cologne, Florida, lavender, rlse aWd bay water,saaortedesenrees, and extracts, lMaccasnr, bear, antique, and Ward's ve getable hair oils, shaving and toilet oape of cll des. criptions, ladies' and geatlemens' desks and dressing easee, hair rieglete, frizottes and braids, plain, fancy and musical work boxes, plain and giltfgurced, coat and vest buttrae, pearl and ivory shirt do, shirtetudd, gold and silver pencil cases, toothpckho and tweezes, plted and gilt hlokets, niiniuture do, silver, brae aendsteel tHiimblos, hooks and eyes, hoir pinls, nidtati on fruit,bl and redink,slce blockilg, violins aie d goitars,ribbed ansod plai percussion caps, linoe twine, sceutesl eush tens,gold nud silver Lice and fringe, latter paper, gCae bags, riding w'ips, walking ealtoo,ploytlgeuads, fais gold, pllat.d and gilt j owellry &c. The above, together with a great variet of other arti lea are offtred at a holeaale or retail on aceotutedating terms. N l Sheltol lcmnla repaired Iil Lt; brl AY, lio or, Sig, ld Ot tanaltllla Plainters, No 3 (Caroudele street, two doors farom (anal street. Imeitlations of tlhe following woods lnd nlrble,,se ecuted in a masterly mauner. WOOle. I MARaLO5a. Mlahogany, I Epiptian blaclk sad gold, Oak,, ;islla n id Antieo, Pollalrd do, Orilenial or verd uttiqoe, Curled dot, Jaspe., Cu'ledt Mlaple, Illoml Stone, Birds Eve dlo, i I)arby Granite, Silttl Wood, PoonaCe, Hair Wood, DoIae or Buordello, IYew Tree, Iuliail White, Coroonlallle or Black , bianna aud Broatclla, Rose Wood, Amerin n Grey, Ash Wllite Oak, tsn. Is. Ihc. turled EhnI , I .lcimcslls to be seen at the slhop. Paints, ails, glass, coital vallh, Ikc. on llhlo d tlor sale. ml ItON,S'f'EL& HEAVY (iOODIS--Hal, qtllare Sandl bundle iron, well asserted. Hoop, scroll and rod iron, nail reds tlid ploegll niooids alst, (Germon, slhear, blisterl, spring, slheet aid Crowley steel Hollow ware, cut aonl wrooght naIils alnd slikes Zein, block ti, nmill and lgrind astones, ait kettles C(haun canles, lachors, hos Oa, leg .lt d taC halais,n Eitn mills Anvils. vices, Illntaers altil bellowl Wire, sleet, ii i atl lat. oadi alot tI :'at, ad rtnankiog stoves Atlles,,l ,o :hmd's til (,I1ht sle:loes ,ll sholvels t9Hook alol ,nlale bingea,l door llil windoiw ooks CollinlIs, tot, Sh.t. pa, io ulher axes 1l3l11 and .sheatliltg copl o "; l aal itoi'es P'ail:ts, lilsced aiud > Jiu lil nil A Gil~l aut moutu ot i'IIolluuil; lta adl slip, eandleoiy. sio e or rcl., t-, Oie i~n . Iutou'able oterns, by l- - ... ... ''' SP. Co. 5. 0_ ,1 Levee. A NEWV article fi lersous : .,d with deafness, (called flhe. Ear'1'riln let,) as l : been reeceved, by tile ist of hish. tile reightest aeteu.t,,,n of thle hr unla tuice is disn lic lia c.e,.d to ite .tv ony e who Iles ver beell btI Iged eL er o ilh vers t rt le, Ie'reol, must ble fully senaible iof th dificultv mid '.I arhrRsmee t experienrerd bott htv thlemselvnes and thie it lividunls so alicted. By til e oe f the Ear 'ru let. this objection is entirely obviated. The most sceptienl as uha l ays to andreed tlreir doubts after baving used the Tromlerit. Fora sale at T F GUION'S, Facy store. corner of Carmmon and St Charles streets dor ;hie Exehlargr Hotel. febll 13 O ORN MILLS-Order rreceived fo orn mills, by l.J 01117 SHAL.L & IIROWN, 96 iMlagazine a T OAF SUGAR--arirus quail ic, constantlyV ill L store and flr saleby SHALL F. BROWNE, mar 29 Jti Magazine st IWo1EIR'1' CIANNON, ROUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camtp street, Vlholesale i)ealer in Paints, Oil, Varisahes, Brushes, rn:til Wi'dow tand Picturlr Glass ke. &e. FASHIONAiLE, CLOTHING. ROBIS O * &' kGOOD PwI.e, ENo. U1S, Chartres trverl, (lne feoor below lienville. I- AVIE to:e tntlv tin tRuld every t.liele a, r rlni L iu iet g'rtlme It'sdle'ess, rnalei title letimar . lier and lmost L.ehihlun eeo tle, tlhile tey tiler Jul decl--1t3it it tN'I'A 0Ul'J;S BI;. LI FOR TIHE TEETH. IIlell'lrishel rtlnltli n rept ndcnti drtar:tiy ttt l denUtad fiie teis elit, biIot renItIlv of puill, ilrd pre servative of the tr Ih, has induced the slubscriber oRflfr it Ito the Attlreie'tn ptbllc. Arrarngermrts haorY been mlrde to re lpl tl lt lleti t ill all tile pr ir.lpa cita e 'tud towlt in thle tilhd Sttilesr, so ats to plact it ilbi tire reuach o thllnse tilli rinu and likely to salter thllis mo ltoti tiig uf all alltes, 'l' Whlenl ajtplidl araordirg to directions given ort Itle, it thas never riltted ir ufllud ilmrediate and mlert relift. It aslt arrests trle deca int defectiv teetlh,and relieves"thrt suretteis tea ichso frequently rendera a .llltng tooth usellless. The applieation aln reullle y are sitllpie , illnor ent, n all Ilt tlnploasaal; auld ih large nbecr of tereron inl dillrent eietuluns oif it eorutry that Ilve alrealy experielced sucl dlelieelreir ad saalalnrv ellatse Intl tihe use of the ilht, are reiady to near llilr thll public groode) Iteir tertiteelelv to its un riva TElled Illilell. It s au Inllar ri edv, rbtaetr eingnltrlrh n unexpectedly t eld liac Ile r'cgerlrd, t-y tle ch ilihied world as tlie rIllrt valuable disacovery redmn of tile wer ds. liree *I1 )rr bttle. S.ile lIe JAIRVIS & ANDREWS, llr 5 ... r (Iti1ur r r Irrnrl TIIihapiaitoo i. ett. 1l(OOL HAl'S, ir cases-- S dozen wiltie Wue SHItils for silo JOIHN 11 GiRAIIAM. all lii IIE LEAD--5 lls, lr Ih e; 4,, l3ulli ++d,. iPe .,+:i,; 4011 l , 25 ' Enllis ilt h --.25 1-4 billls 4 11 " r 10i Ptaitll Brsles, various sizes, I cate Vet'utill rt io 5 bils Colal V rAlilsh " a Japan " I (Col:. " i0. packs Gold L.ett; 50r do Silver I ; I do Diltlrch Metail. DWINDOWV lILAS,'A nle Ierin, Ergliah lind frenah 11Ut} boxes, varloud gives and qllalilies. Ilhtoor tirite du.-501)i boxese.censigltt tett, will be olll low. Also, a geueral assortrteut of artists' relorrite end uola, fur stle by A \VW.CA'I ES, No 4i Cital street. N i. Alab ttuleates Itlaken it p r, innd lissassippi notes vi -ll o receit I at l l per cot diacaurti for goods, or ittllr .l t orfdellts. je Iw JARI VIS& A -NI)REWS, WIIHOL.ES.A.oE AND Rlhl'I'.TIl. Dt-IAoERS IN IIEDIOINIES, PAI[NTS OILS DVIE SI'UbT''s .1.+VD ildeVDOW ( IL s., tOccrlLol" oI ltin lie T atpituular a streets, ti" til: .EAN'S. NA'I'IIAN JARVIS. JOHN W. ANIIRKWIS. A large upply i Garden Sened, warranted thie growthll of tI o;'. AN DREW SMITH & CO.,-respctully inform Stheir frienlds and thle public in oveneral, that they occupy tie new brick slop, 219 Tchoupitoulas streut, where they knellep constantly on hand Copper, T''in and Sheet Iron Ware, of every description, such its copper stills, kettlles, and penps, till bath. ing tu a, ritd Ilil ctns, of all sorts alid sizes, and all othellr btrass c ,stileg done at Lhorte.t notice. Grateu Irs of every do cription, salch as steam. boat stlrrups, hrog cilairsa, rew bolts, atlI other kind oatetalnboat twork, .cel as chimlteys, brouch. ora, team pipes. T'lhey will also do all kinds of out door work, such a- zrin, copper aid tin roeqilg arli gutteriig,. &.. They ,thrloe aitd all other kinds of work in their line of business, lihey will execute al the ehortl't notice, d,'e.27 "IARROWGATE SPRINGS Illlllr.Y U erv IrlrlllletiV Alitirlllle TIlRI'EL D .1 ' JoCRNE Y FROI NE IW OR LEA VS. ..Clhi lrritriirctr iu Iblis estabulrlishment Ite tile plea= T l-e g1, ate i , hie ihi enrdsa adl the paelie ingentll, th.a i I;,e-sby tlI first iay of Plyv t. rreeive visilt , . 'u ltc for tbe bl= ueit oftlllre at a i... t have b t lage i rnvementl mallude, land lllCrs now , :", on sand in raeied ipregiees i r io.lpltllti, e tllic a ..,tte n d iae tei hsubsrier to a iellounlrillte a racl Iirgeilr uut,r t nity hi erletiil, and at thes allne tilne IUe eli etterr. FIautiliet cal be acunridatedo itt m ilg a rltrolng ortI thopee wblr Irner call rave larg cabine detached teR.u tIe tnit iou ildinig. It is Ideeild nninPcetile say anythinlo hin pontcl. lar olf tie cliarleer ul these watels, 8fr it is generllly llthorevd that thley are nut inferior Ill Unv it tire Sotlr era Seates. All tihe !iausetlernlt that ure gereruall found at Wlrrtering Places, will b foendi at Ihia. e best ryuic that ths lartf tho countrry eafford, ri bteen Plrguged. lll will be inaceoutunt tr tclidraee at io Springs during the wanlrnle sesoln n Slieulha sereibol will avuil ltiliielfof this opponunity in retrlling his unlbigned tllalksa fitr the very liberal sapport given hilu last sreaoIn. ael hopes by lile erer lieis tllar hrave Ibee nlado in htll rviur ae d exraldieng IF" aratl rr'onndatlao. eto uerit ai liberal lpatroniage tire petsriah season. JNO CRAM. 1e13 "-~-~-- - - - - - - L S .gOLli, Na 54 Cande street, betweenori Dmaitnu end S.l Pltilip, keetpe costantly on hanldI an , xteiive nsrtrnen; n fbooles suld brogans, lrd thrie, .f New Ytrk mennuitalelnttr, for metn, wolellt ,nd ehlirdren af all uare, whlell he will dispose ul at very lhOderuto prirct.p Fanoiliesa fhri qgelilttance on srendiw oen nrlter will ll.e'. Iheir wltee atrtended to L 13S SEGOUR Ui tEet CLr ,a f1rrr1G-- a6 astes, Well isorted . aulothilg, landlnog fttti. hip O(lio, tnd Joht LVualap sale by I IIUIGIE & Ce, BUSINESS CARIN. JOB PRINTING. uP vERT DoECRPrtoN, UPEEDILY,IANDEOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTEDI AT THE OFFICE OP THE True dnIerf ca, IT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. A CARD. E & SINNOTT, Wholesale Grocers and Commisswon 4lernhants, No.107 Cmnwon Street,Ne , Orleans. [T'Portiecularnteotion paid to tbl ulting up of Stanl bout and Ship stores. nov2 SAMUEL TOBY, S.Merchandise Broker 4 Commission rercuhanl, J13 Office, 36. Campl t.-Fur tne present. J. P. FREEMAN & CO., - WIPho. ale cothiK.g BeawItrsomeus No. 3, Mlagaone street, 1[ AVE constantlvy on hand a large supply of Cloth 1L ing, calculated for the conotry trade. lTheir us. sortnaent being large, ierlhalrs freoe the country can be supplied at the shortost notice. BA ZA AR.L NO. 1, EXCHA'~. IIOTEL, 'orner of St. Chrles anod .waon se,. NEW ORLEANS. TMPORTERS and Dealers in French and English I'crfolury; Dressing Coas atd l''.rtole Desks, Cutlery, Illoiery. Gloves Shirts, Stcksi, Umbrellas, Canesand Fanncv Articles. d5 KENTUCKY, lli. ois, can I"Iiani., Bank Noles, for e~ by A. TRIER, mray , 74 G(irrcoio JEWEILY', AT I WL .-T E. DEAI.ERS IP AMERICAN & ENGLISH qil$IWN ULASS, 3e. CARONDtLET z ..r r. II FASHIONABLU CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADL)EN, No. 14 Charlre. Street HAVE Rcotolltanuplply f eeer anrticle ]ol.rtotin to getllllmlln'e $dr.e t of the latet styrle, latNr York pr)ll:-s dec 21 ORLANS LITHOGRAPHICI PRINTING E$TABLISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposite IBaks' Arcodll. t'I.L lI., .11 (IFENE, PROPRtIE'TOR I rl BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON IT R VE OIledel at, olfhie hi New ('rieo. ,-oc'.i-ng II eq il adcioaoigeo withll their hlue in Yil til the l l ' Im~ lel,;gralVil andl p lto llg Bank Note.-, Ch'k ancld ither i tllantll Ils crql rnlrilyg security inill Ier orgcciee; nld hivi madellll ple plovision lor tie. salo keeping of all lates cod in lresaos entrust ed to their caoe: their epeciu ellns ellmrlcelia inotes of liver dive tnied Ib cciw ilsl illnico,, acd all orders will be executed wilth !nlroplitude, anl on tile usuul terms. Ollice, corner of Royal & Canal streei. CHAMPLIN & COOPER, (ROCEIRS AND )EAIERS IN PR'IOVISIONS ANt.I FEEt), No. 79 and 3d Julia teclt, New Orleano. IL_ '!:, ! I |toily stores put U . mar 5 L[II lclANA FURNITi'RH WARDROOMS No. n., Hienville street. W tII.TAM I. CA LiNES, weuld respertfulllv in firln his friilds nnd i:h public that heio .se l stantly receiving froln New Yor. nld Bloto i a good asoortmnent uf Flrnilure, osuch eo onltognVy chi:es, sUies, tLed.tleads ullie aol painted cllaire, Inpile nedl cherry bedeteauid, mahogany and cherry tables of all ileocrillions, Ibureaus, cueles, i ccretarvs, writing llhRit, Wllrrlrylis of rrnlhgnllV olid cherry, wash stands, looking glasses, froilers, bedding, &c: &c. NB. Furniture packed for trunspeotation with great cs. e. . ,,, l1ov3 IXSUIRAN.E COMPANY OF NE.V ORLEANS. Thins Comnlany lu now preaored to take rIISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Musason's Building, Canal stieet. E I. TIIACV, New Oi leoanP, hav 15.1138. Srverviuv. (hLD COi'1'lIlt-liiiJ0 lb, oli Copper lIor tle hy M H DEVhE.ttLX, aprld 4 It Tehllllitellpus s RUSfITON & ASPINALL'S C 3OMPOUND TONIC MIXTU'IRIE.-A speedy ip and certain euro for the Fever and Ague, a remittent and intermittent fevers; prepared from the original recipe. Used with emilneit and uni. versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respectability in this city, as stated in the annexed , certificates. This medicine is highly recommemadcd, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. lie in its present form. in the hope that it may be d the means of relieving many of those who are it suffering under the scourge of our counlry. It is lit a medicino possessing groat virtue, and when used ly according to the directions has never failed of n- effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage ed of the disorder. It is not at a11l diagreeable, and persona of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengtltens the digestive organs, ereates an appetite, and seldom requirre more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor o arsenic in the medicine, nor any thting injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taken in accordance with the directions and has not effoeted a i perfect cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and tmedicine store, corner of Iienvillo and Chartres streets. For District Agencies alpply to je5 T. W. SiM'ltTII, 48 Conti et. Oh PENSACOLA MANSION IIOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACOLA. e trH subscriber mhaing purthaeed the leal e and flr i iturewiifh this well known astablisnteli, iroi Mri d Tylor, the lute proprieto,, will e ready to rereive vit toer by the lat nf April next. Nlltrou tand coutly ileproveteits will t e futd n Pi the Ilrrangetlents o.f tle Alnotais Iflouae. mew alnd i, ore en odlous bathing houses will e built, mid wrl ill bls will be prvideld at ill lulire. A.\table will ie atlelld to tile hiius e, wil g o beod ll 'eI..llllllllild, . iola LiP lorii es aeid dcrriitge. i'ilStm into Irllste lled :arralges will al*o be kept lil hire at mloeralt Ipricdd aud ril elld row bti , wiitl Ith Orshle l to ii i "i'; tlleI ufr tilt lioe f Vlnlters . l tillitte al utnaills .ll) LL ausually Iiollidti aitalriig liitea, till ,lihbe ifurnishled, aund ma cotnducted as Ilot to ilttr ere whitl ie cnlmfirlI ad tjuietoal'tlhe boulders. 'I .u wites tit liqitllOa will be eo tle best itilily, uadion laves a t ll irfPly of nIb iet, carg i has alreidv been aordenled, t liL.t will Urs ablot the 16t o May. lilt Frederick Ilanrurd, who furierly ke pt o, poeilr rm a uote at Washitingto citn v,ill codapt toiia to el Iur at the pruloirtor, whiol with sIllcl aillt umllitel ty Lasnsr.s an t iaitreee of laat year, sod hia frieads gtnely, iat or, they will rec:eive nierv liia.iie rttentiul; aad tihereby n, exnecnl to live leural stltiata.tioo. jt l rie lalile iitI ho tfe aIhmIia are moll well all knluw to ,e.l I it lreig. eod levcrilticu h're. Them facts tintl l'rou,,lu is tile I¢Irgl st ve ntatioitit of tile (.ov-rtiimaiiilie geinetal rrtlei.vuua of iltti tGolf quamd. y. ruo tile stlUbitre ie its Ciuoute rel'lthed ciumIaulhl du ler ling tile P'llllllluer 1lllh1 by the coolest I ree:.l,!ll tlll :htrho mtull; dIe, b ly 1 i the buy and the i eiihiohriti irhirlmta all rivers; .:ns aliandnanee o huni licaev of tihe h '1< with which ine wsters bullt slidhs p-xith; o ieto it libeSliouthruitiarket, give tnetliatulmi the ppve. in ftolile u tir all tllher pilaces il hese laititde, iat hIilhi oltd delilh _i llllaII ermt llltetrt. h lile, slid will it ill ltiimes hi ablt tu t ukh a, t ilee i.l;r frunt t1h. iNee Orlealis boats. N 13 AINUti.D. Pe.nsyulll,. I'h. 15th, 18:10. J (leiltialellU wihllilng to engOlge roemi lior titi filmilies, elt,:l lhlna es tie ore rillaur. at 'lulllet ltuei l, or tailt lScwell '1' Tayloir, tihe faroeer lroirnitur, at iicv Ora lie leans. of RIferenres. e TP Sniformdl, ,Rq, ilrC t.'lldtl, It ilcAlia, I'q., Lt. tlihntv, iUI uuble; b 1' Tnylor, p P Rl , ea l ,q ins Net, tlrliuai. a l' fS-A lotter hog, tlt receive ellntiuui:itieiille foir Spelr.e. at Ihe above I1.el, is placed at ioa \VWlitulnaie i ltoe, 51 St C'arles ,,,ge. , .In :. POIU''E FOR NEW YORK. It. " " r. ' .. of inakieg lie Florila rattle, vla Pentuaulu,tt, , ' fiurtii,are inlf.ered tlut tirsl ral boets will Ctiaaalltlll ioua frito. IlMile to Peonsticllla, leaning Mobile anud Ilea.iuls every otyher dlay sler tihe Iht of May. Gind stages will thwdva be provided y. the nubnereertno ie it n rieat ine to I sakr ateirt frae SlMolbile, in are of the failure ofthe boeats N It AfaNtIID. T'he steamnloat Champion loaves Mllobile (ir Penca Sconla twice s wee.k tf .. Iv U¶SAN.MA RIE FARINA'SI COLOGNE WATER ig 2 aes iiintm of tis sulperior Coliognei walter, just treceived aid for sale Ihy the dluzeo or single lottln. .ltlso AtlierCiiai sid L'ltellh toilet Iawd oe, lewd~er vfenls idd hxin, ne ll'ii anid toilet seiie, uosinel tue nlt ball,lmilk oif riues, Ccolntilc elcl urnatm, eClrrle a stusk, I .,dlsliaVllaWrd's vegelable hair oil, plut ul , d r:rl,,,dllle rse, Floluidn, hiveldur, ruoe 0nd bay waters, d IPreast:'s saltl, Marseilles perfnmery ill trunks. vegeti ile sr tl liquid roaum, tChlorine and Orris tooth wash, Scltlh, hair, toothl,ail lad flesh brhe.hen; together with an addliticial esupply of ftlshionablo born aod shell Seobita and jewelry,for ale low at wholesale or retail by StIM MO.NS, HAR'T' &CO, july i 70 Chartens otrect. LUE l)RIL+LS--lll t-ne Utitiitu inhdigo hua 17 rills, landig from sltip ClUrslont, for sale by alt I liRIDOLJ & Co, o1Y Co1Ieg~en of Pn ysicnsn , London. - o'iload Veelpud.e l~riHt UnivnrS Medl ir, prses p b' W sksln Eaq. Member of t lRc l College ofsir eo3 . Liceehtate of Apothe. I t , ryTC mpan_ Pdlw olt goust Society, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pension Aoheation, Lancaster Plce, Waterloo tridge, and Perpetual Pupilof Guy' I atnd St.'Thoenas's iloaspitals, London. Tbis valuahle mednicne, the result of twenty years' experience and unopralleled success in the extensive and highl reslpetable Iwaetiee of the propriety, aitro nied by the faculty and nobility, and is now introdueed tothe notice of the American pubic, at the earnest so tielatios of a number oi'gentlemen of long sta high standing in the profesuoa It is hoed, a a prelis nary step, to cheek the evils smal fid osequencea a isgfrme the use of the nmermu and deleteriouls notnnsrn ftoisted ulpmn the pbMlie by the aid of fabricated I profsofminsealos eures,and ether frauds, by t of mereenmry, anlpineipled pretenden, ao totally ignonit ol medical siealnee,¶hat it impotible the monstron delusihm can any longer o down with the intlligent pentlpe ofthiseonntry. These illt, mild and ag hetlet t their nature, should be kelpt I every family in eases of snklen illness, for, by their prompt administration, eholera, cramps, spasms, fe'.rrs aendother alarming conplaints, which ton often prove fatal, may be speedi ly eured or laevented. In ft, all those who valuegood health, should never be without them. They are sot' I inpbeen at SO tents, $1 sud $. ean, by every respec table dltrsggist, hobktseller, and vetdmlorof medlioaie is thie United Statest i be Cunada, with copious direntions, togetler with: estunmMials of prolfeasonatl ability from t he following enint gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J Abernethy, .ames lanllnrll , M. U., W. Iack, M. I). J. Aston Key, A. tFrampton, M. D., and numerous others. lThe originals may be seen n possessionof the General Agent, by wholm the medicine is imported into this e antry, and to whom all applications foragenoes must be nade. It JNO. HOLBEIN, 19 Waverly Place, N. Yols, Sole General Agent for the United States, fUs. ' F aor sale y appointment of the ariginml pro rietor. ' t Swair. UIasOTtes, Dr'uaitst No Il C.t street, lenese Agent sfor Statthee o Lounisiana, jultvS 1 EIfMtY It LEE & co, Ne S Mnanzlse street, are l now receiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, sKtikd, Eattleran other late arrivals trom :ie a: .-'thern cities, alarge and new selected assortment y, H,is, Bootas, Shoes and Brogans, consistilg onfgeitletme's fine calf and Morocco boots do Sd quality; do buffd, amil stout wax pegged boots t, varions qualties; men's fite calf seal and M~ortea sh , Itpnntats and brogans, bnuckhin shoes, breO nls au slppes: met'clsfine calf aml kippead pegged ihomeua I roasts; do boots; do stall kilt snl wanx leged shoes a a brogans; gcntlenen's best quality calfsewed, ahs, Alo als anla Jek Dowrningom do calf amsot loroa o ti itle saues and hbroges; calf, seal and Morocco: It dian shoes ant sliplpet, do calf, buoi ant seat wigs, aw article; io fine calt, aetL and mnoreeoqquarter S ots; boys', misses' and ildren's peggei and sowed b lis, and shoes of esery quality and kituil. Alao a geseral nnatrmeot of menL's stout wan sal i rot lrogatis lanl shoes, tggeotller with 10,o0 imi o ugro hoat qmIality, rusatt breoans, naileda in the honmk, matle expnsly for plaltatiuon use; goo as. t raient of net.'s finie ant stout kbi rusuett irogitn it , w artieol, atd a urge quntity of ais inferior qualit ri sScot hit wax bl',ngHIs. Lat es' li e call; stale moroceo and graitt welts, alllc -plltmp sole nhltu; acldo oe ienh MutroeeIo a kit Inti rt.tal sliplnets; do roanl shoes, withll. alltn wilthotl ieels Ii calf, .ral satl stout Icatller rotees; do Prunela sioes. I liidli kilns ald aluaities; di hlnting tirogais; tin Whiler oatd fiored Iiotees. Misres' lastinlg sprilg ishoesta . guats. Cl(ititen's colored Mloraco ad lasting bro gt tailnh boots,&C. Y I:enllenst's fiieliishioiasle black silk hats; do black to I llab beaver dio of a superior quality; do imitatioll Ibrrm do; blhr atd i ntarow brim men's line d bam ta i f l;. .k Russia slhort llll) el hats, a new ar'ticle. YouIths' Alat· size hats of differuent qualities; do children's. hin'n and bcy'ts black atll drab wool hats of variius sl pers, with general asslimellt of boys' aid amet's call eqps. 'I iss ansortment will be replelished byythe arrival of eu h paeketslrom the aoore naled lcitiesn, ail of whiche nill be hohal dl aceummodaating terms. auog l--tf * us Suttr - aeettttmatiaung teras. sag I-t' NO MRbURoY No J ORaAIVA New Urleaoe. ollv. 14,18:17. A BOLUT six ollths ageo I tad Ilia mnislirtae to gel a secret dlisetse, I'ur which I have applied to seve ril doctors for a coreI and telee dl ot ed etme, st Ieow on thie altote date I jrt myself under ttio care of Doctor ltuee, and lexpelt Iit to cre eae. Stce tltt tie thedieaser got worse, au as to break out in large nileert to tle nuamber f six or eight on cac I leg, at all ovet y Ifaca, and sare tlroat, and not able to work at be present time oil accont of thle diseaae; large leer oi eIlttriI aide at' tlte arttrrtaveel hilder o the throsl, I al now pnliiing ooVbel" eaonfidently under rthe cae uf Dr. Huet, t, Paries, to be perfectly cured JOHN DI)EAN. fea 14 ly I Dg) CERgTIFY ti ! tle atve l, vec t;onecdl isaense it qluite well t;rt]iere v awt I sttrlit illatr r whIta tith Ihauk DIr. lluet- anl tnreater [ assns tha tIlia the di cine I rkve taker uebts th' flt, ca dd Id nt ianjtc j rV hiealth it all; tlerefore I nldvirs c' l f r ow y ullerers " loee no tilme nid applv to i)rto A. uet, 124 Cnl tai street, between Daiaplrrlle alld litterbtt streete. Dli. fleet is at boue fro"a 9 o'elaIe, A Mc Until 4 P itt. l'ey will find a tatett deletr o thic cac plaiut. JOblN IEAN,,1 Grurier If nly o wanllltsr to ace nle, call it Ni.'li (l'iel JOHN I)IAN. -ow a rleanl.. I"h |' , 18. 1;. 14 Iv Jun'I'PUOLda'I.JF l S To tT.O: tO"t' lr ,- '1-L.r 't, The 'YI/a ROWI.ETT'o TABLES OF IN'I t'Itiy: ' FI O whiich is now addled at Average Time Cateula L ort, or easy rmethods ticr filriing the average rime Ont storagel notes of haal or bills of goods, when nic er. chased at dlifferent dales, onI tlifikrenl credits, anid I,,. varioualamoulnts;besidr a urelul c, n complete finlking SlTime ' a'.ile, the best lhatl can le conlrvired. or that li I laures call prodltece witi tilte sme cotlltcselld contltlma, antd ize te tt se. An tdvertiaenreat ilt tile book is in nearly the follow ing words: S 'lce iigh distiletioa tliis work Ihas reeired Ihrouttgi tihe Ctell legislutive acts prefixedi to tle title page, is a Ito onllnmel;ttion itl itserl'l, so unecommon,, all( so erlclu sire, Iitt leothing is neeeseary morae Ihan b cay of ad vertisement, to given coldensed view of seome of its Ie culiories:s fr'instlanee, tile Intertest Ihas beea eompas. efllroo'.ad compared with, what is eqtivaler to ftUl' Steen sets efealeulaiolle, examited in the presthirwa - five times, atil pritnted frm mterleye plates tested Sthtiltyty-one times, firom all whim it most be evident y even to the skeptie (espeeially oil the p.sonl oftl'e ie tal of proof in the preface) that thie work must bre arith metically inrfflible, and in coafir.ation of this beliefs preaium of two hundlred anti fifty dollars, is now oflr' ed for the detection .f an error ofa cent ia thte troese.t or fiflti edlition, as expl'ssed i tile plreface, making five latgepremions iferetid flr the aslime rror tincehtfilrst pnllication in thie yeat 1802. One of thio moat eonsplcots features of Ike tables is inthe arrangement of the T'ime and Amolnta, which for expcedliticna, referene o l perspeuilty, with the help ofthie side and itlex, cannot be excelleid antd the slty . ty atnd reae witt whick tihe in:ctreal can be ftond,tothie extenc of gnetrl business, witlhot doublirg of sanoc is betiies a convcenience t eseenttlial, that ia tte estlma tion of some oi the maost fbtmpetent and prauetical busi oess men antt putblic offitars who have ae m great use of tle work, it thas been distinguslhetI by tllo honolable appellation efufa tcmaster prece". Antti corstiering the itfallibility atf the mehol ol migially adotedll ill romposing the naolk, ald tile exraordiinar'y iu tnler atad variely oftle examinations, net tests of every edition it ihas passedin Ilhe pres; eotoithetatlding the whole isin stereotyple, coesidcrilg, in sh6irt. ihe positive acuracy secured by the innpreeed.tred means emplymal, the vt lumehebabeen held up and emphaticlly styled " the most wonderful hook ls the waslk;" moat certainlty nc malcan amera figure work of tie lame extent, which rsince tihe beginningot creation, rhs hadl the same nuco d bet, and vatiety of tests i tie some oumbier of editorat; t o, trro hrlltirhe uuwbelr, as is early Itownrit the [ loefiie. RI lildes, asteart and standlard, niash bee triaed laI pr e`ed in iearly all tia balnk asd pladdie affiees ini the Urlrte Staterrs, etal by the rpulic gorertlly, r.Ireig tie. long period oft'irtyi-five r'ell'S , et noloer or of iee crl cnlatioui has ever Lun found ill printl, althongh mitIItl aI aly) collenged by tile offier of very lar e prremimrs. TIe houk.ia it fat eriouressl adollttedl by alt thes .lO I of law tcl scvrael of States as tre ' Irate of camlculatlon fortataute ioterest as also by law for bank intetest, scaordiltgos the hook is uaed, and as stay he sreen i I part, hy atrr namels of the subscrilters, aid a oew of tit subseqituent purchaselrs, in thle list at the alnd of the book, Iai siln tsessitlo efeveryclossaofeiizicos in every' qnm'. te of Ithe United Stales. SIt is rlmr.eover well knowc that, by its rearly elrek, It ila so ocltetrn etected err'ltr, h g ifter tlhey, were estwade, e i y the most careful atd t out collletelnt srirlltelltici'ls, toat its usefulnessa, anr Itie absoltre lieo esscity for its o.e, have been cxrensiyely insaisteri a t., So eidentrt, inectd, lavte bel its allvantagel, all itt aiigs, thIlat, saeverrl yerrsgo,, whilst the first edition was scarce, anr ou, of ioint, at great t.umber of seconml hand copies wee sollaglt for, satne to a gre t ilistalce id ilrtcrasedl at varliottcir e;es, a they could occasiont ally bo picked nrp at firom slt to $'5 per Eoiy, sltd tsot lertsols have declaret , andc iinsllee could re lqntedt tiattthey woultl pay' $50t stlo, atntd $500 for a eope, fortc be boad for less, and an intdividual in tIre latielr inlstale particvlarly, laving at thdie same lime rxlibitd saltiselctory I'nsf, to seertal persons Pie sert thaet tol him it was tally worth liat mIMley and more thrngh thIe saing of lais verc valuable tiale, Ire breic a very, rbmh manond in pblioiffice. S It s likewise wothiy of notacet nd lindted proper to impreot, tihat retc is tihe Oatltue of figue work genrally sad aleeiallV wbhen of tiie extelt alr irlorrallUee of these to los, [irt liad this bhk ot its like bean 'lepait el iilthe Uital mannterrvloat, iby the Irost compelrtet malultcrlr it tIre world, aned eaferwa,"lI pri.tled most cauliouly lreier hisown correatrion of proof sheets, it would, almost to a certainlty, tbae been usafe for re ferrte,a tll dear at at le any icastr the rtfa dal'iicu larlp eplainsa. But uto lipctlert and valuable htre the ter'eotyic platei s of thi workltemen m':c, tlolt to asecre lremr, wiltlhileir tuumcrou aml extraordlinar exaumita tioes,against fire, for the geRnerlal benefit, triey are (Ihy odvetisorene) conlastly kept in a ltbaeo of special uarlsty, except while rser to planting. Ampledileetlons to findl both baiks and sltnarte itor eat with useful sotes, follow thle prefasm which, in this fith as in the two preedling edititsln, contain much in formatioa oncerning the two lawful mseles of eomput. iu.itar eta, tee days af gslow, &. It trmiins olly to ranark that, notwirhstanding this uncommoriy costly work, which waspubliahed before iatcest tables wer' illtroducd in dollars mn a cents he )tlld tl alatnae hast bLet t so extelttively tail a liberally, [.at"i'o'sed, it Las nuot yet so much as aiud witht i;erest. tlu iheasy locs of nrearly 'for thoarndt dollals, heaslde six )yenrar titare rlrll 799 to 180t, sstarsieal o thefi r't edition of 7600 aolrie,'arisi.g eltieliy from its Irbliea tint attlat tirae, at nn rulder price,) to say nothling of cnaltenatieolt or profitir te o a l iat -tlnai of case, tail, anr Sacrifice. Wl herefore the alhor stillt relies n tile diheruuent arrd getoroslty of the pualic for eoatilou: aunrc of prefem'lce osd ta'ronte. asr Satley tdie l'rureilr'l eookseller', is bMe Unated .raes. COL' ¶ rA'I'ENI' .FIRE AtSlt--Just . saeirvd per sIhip Misraieirpi, fhot Now York, s large cs aormeet of tPlatet ltifl and belt Pistols, ifor sale at stat 8 GOSSIP & Co. St Charles llolI - THE FLORIDA-LINE From Mobile to Augusta,OGeo. leaves Mobile every day at thre N o'lock, p m per U S mail boat for 11a11's Lnndtnt, above-Blakely,-thence four at poet coaches to Pensacola-thence utemhoat ton Lngrange, wherethelend route isresumed-thence tf via Marianna and Brownaville, Flu. Bainbtidge, Ptndertown, Hawkinsville, Saundereville & Louis. to villeto Augusta, Go, connecting regularly with o the rail road ears to Clharlestot, lnd the steamto packets to Now York, Norfolk.'Phib delphia, etc. The steam boats are the best for t to service, and the navigation presents etore advantages than can a be found upon any steamboat route in the south. a ern region. 1 The great improvements in the ro its have hoon f produced by the construction ol fif y miles of new p a road, by the proprietors, vie : from LtiGranve on s LaFayette Bayou, an arm of Santa Raosa ay, to tBryant's Ferry, on tihe Chattnhoochee river, ten a miles above the Cowlord, or 14 above Cedar Bluf , whereby the navigation of the river, and the con sequent detentions, and more recently the iricon - venient crossing at the -Cowfordl, are entirely avoided,and a fine road from Marianna direct to Bainbridge, instead of the roundabout road vie Chattahoochee, lessening the distarnce about frty tmiles, and iorreosing the facilities more than oc, ae eday a Aluo, a ranech line of two horse stages every J rtier day Snom Iltlwkinsvrllr, via Perry to Malcoln, SGa uGonnecinug with the line to Savanntoah and as Darien, Gee. e A mail steamboat dlire regularly between 0 Bainbridge and Apalaehicola. Travellers wishilng to reach any point on Chnltahoochee or Apalachi cola, ean take steotboaat at Biowneville. Mobile to Pensacola--Lland Roue--l)uring the time occupied by the repairs of boats, the proprie. tore of thie Florida tIne will trun a line of four Ihrse post coaches every other day betwe tn Mol hilep aid Penancolt. e Passengers will leave Mobile nt 3 o'clock . p m, Sin the U S mail boat, and proceed to a illl.'e Llnd ing, where a tour horse canchl will Ia In wanilinog r convey them to tihe exnellent houseof ir. Chnrles Hall, 1 1 4 mile distant, where tlhey will find pleasanrt acconl modulntons lur the nlight-leavilln next morning, they will arrive in Pensucoll early in the evenng, thus avuoidig thile discomfort lo niullt travelling. Officete atthe Mansion House, Mobile, and Col. Slina' Hotlel, Pensuahla, 'where sea.ts alulta be sevu o ret. STOCKIrTON & t(:. ,to I _. t-- · J Piano frue Itiet'otlten. 4 William Smith tleders his siervIes to thte cii, aens ol New Orleans as a teacher of the Iplan forte. ,tlrS haviing beeun tmplyeld sevveral years usa teacher of music il private amriiies ill i etson ind alsoalt several at the female ell inaries in its vicinlts, eannot but hope to nert Iheirconlid.nce. He is permitted to refer to Rev Dr Cl.,pp, Alcaste Stetson & Avery, Hendersonl & Gaiulec. For terlms,0&c please apply at the bookstore of Alcxander Twower, 49 Cua t out 2 LDrugs and .llledi'iucs. Ji J n .,vat has rlcated hour.t ,o this ciy lher the iteepr te or traltacttlllu II geterl \WVlltesahl I)rh busineses. II, is lnow rl:uUvig a full suppll o irrish and gInuivi L srtLvie.,i which I te w ill sell on liberal termtl Tlo city drluggists and thos,, .1 tile interior, to physicians, merchants and planters, he will offer induceentse such as ave nievr be, fore been offered in this city. Ils intenliuon is to doe strictly legitimate business. lis s:ock will soon be complete, ad ill a few weeks will be rta. sdy for business. All oriers Irom the country,land Ifrolt merchants of It is city, receiving such orders will be promptly attended to. oct "2 aNo 39Camp st WjTHOLESALE: AND RETFAIl.CtOAtl AND VA V RIEITY STORE-at the sign of tlhe gohlenl comb, Mmo i Chartres sweet. The sllbsl'iers have ru ceived, ia i.lition to their prelvios sll ck Im hand, a fu ll and cO3plet., assorttueelt of rtricles ill their lih; vis: comb!)s, perfunlnrv, Jewellr, brushes, I)Cklng glasses, fusee artilfes,.\r. t+(- sisting ill part its follows: COM BS--lorhoisesh ell wrnght ul plaintuock,twist, qurilled bicek, long round, dressing, side pull, a:rlnml teck, Brazilian camtbs of every description amongst which arc some Mexicanu patters, Ivory conhlls f everv dascription horn, dre.sing oitd ttt cettt , ttlclther withl it groverll assortmetll ofartr an ti all tAmu'rtitel. I'EItFUMl.RY-Cologne, Lavender, FIorido, honey, baV rose, tand oranee flower wnfels of.every size and des criptiona, camiphorated (:,beia, eno trunt f i." Ir Ilnl,t fal n ,tille rol t t ufullk , hipte t i,, ll v .t t i ta illlldte , icrbllt ill i o l eto..trl ' vueri t h" t ai l l Itol earti I i nl firtl oi. I irstm's Sltle iig s lt, pl ain 1t titn ,trllu'e1n colleltlcowerlcr, ea, luteirptIta ler ttut+ andhtxitts itt ILattull inl p tilsand rtllS, Gr'm and thloriaetouth wash and imrwderts, with a gekn mirnrl n+snrtmel"o o JEiriIt' lI.t Y--i l , ti'thet l Istllll fatln i - ble sells, consutill of with Iteiu I't (idttrtlailltn, toe11r AIt jet c erdrny o s, set ill fil.ore, tihlst pil t rita leyt ' i, fa t ,s, weri lch troIun n ,llll ill on i II silvYer i"kles, tlver tithllela , sailvt r an II e Iri . arils nollll oiurd ihnillln s ItIn.·e IE--CIitle, tair, lust I.,cuiteir,il.rthi,bl o, dult, :.ash, tooeth, l, p te, olm hb, Nail, alt ting, sun Ir ll iLooKIN. t;lttut .S--(;t .,ln i,,tit Ill tkrilct : close=, Illuln llift iulý t l ' ' III, ire -foe :;lassos,) Iwe)II i , ih ittu tiv lillt III n t'ltiltrlll t . and Almetricanll ltort, l tll l ,,ks t a III Jresn g cl , toll e very riuc ill lu l y[Pv ished ladies ,.+ ork Icl{lalll ( o [Tna ·I s b, ro eoto, withe, tial vwihout tiuh, meual boxes, Aet plaor eias I o eavl.llS illtin , violl r aS ul nititr. silver +anl pltad .uacilsmIdttt iuadi,wo ld plicitl aura, r l nittltglolullIt Icrlydls, nev, tlltll e tatlcl iltu , i oe sr a rlsit, ltalultu m ithchlt Seis , itdelri.tlitsh trIp.t , pt'id ti:g iti c'fiup ch'hi treslr, 111,e rie.rel th'itear' wlsot I)'h.I I' c ', g tru Ilirs pa .khl, tei toy Ita le, al i -li l. ta t,, t ,er t kll', wells and Tiueav, finenlu ruic .oenu knives, ruzrs ln. d scissor.s, tlel ini,,, needlspvtiis, Oilver Ii teli.t.l, s.tteel nd r'lllnf , sv)a.a b l cesd p)iket kI111gaaT waillet, I Vlllui )ll kidl, vlyleilli C lrdsae.d c cases, lInyutig ctds of airnct hl ermi and A feri a tl lin t lr, atuc re, upe illlilit lOll e lllluiii hexes, prlllnt oIf various kin dsi , Surell1 1J.r.1 T 'hoe di . a' mlletallic hones, irks, lif:y eCatl teck:k\lut.+:+, do with -.r tirop etoy eatches, pearl lbutton,llowder l:ks, te t T dllc Splall end heads, t:ilth aid .ihtve do. gr l :lel atin ll lli ders ,.wlld gll'tsl' tpahlanl ad swo1d cLanes, bau, kgllYIIIllon hatrds, diee opltical vieCnis, jewsharps, v ocofooa Intallh esu end driltilt ctups, with t etlt v ari:ty iof eoter altti cles all ofwlaent will lie sold ir cash ori city aveteptia* ces mofths credt. B II o511tOItNta, i pto. 4Itl 7 Ri Chaurlsl. Sli'EIu Otl-- -501o gaulio l paiure winterl r Spmlt Oil, io casks attted ils, for sale by J.A RVIS &.. ANDItEWef Wholsti ala Dlrugg iat, uolacer C )e11alili1oII ad 'lteihup III street, e ,t r .i Cologne Waltr, I.t aluery, c.--A a,~lcehrt rlicle of erolotle, put up xprprselv tur the reblti eat 12 I IIE ,;S D D'IlANG. RNISitliES-le The ie tuhsiedlah r aelimig te ly ep - V Ililed a varnish inl fl torAIl inll yeI.w stler. is ready to ly t he Iee intersr alu Ihl Itlllle in gealertl, by rhotlesaue o rwasil. gIlir ices ala o(lertl I illit tile uadlity of hit pn.duelo supe)Ceior ' allly evetr IblvoILr to Ihis place. Tnhe gntlemnnemeplu edi t snperintedn e ilectlltisnul every b e bee at luth Ia tul f ed Xlelsive esta lite dilet elf his kind ill Euro . 'Ihoe dispused parto ell t the crielar, &c. frant t chl otl eoua etsit shall Iree entled with a fair smple t.f any varnish they imay wish to ltry. tlta st tht e vllrnisli es are ithe Scoch, wlarratrive, nt addi ihge ev ie risiina water. The hblick varisi lyr nla ind i tea t lllUlr ckistnies, of eetrh e trarcle virnio wilthuinl ,.gell II Itt NA I. otLOUaUR-I-O o andio. ftud ftIulnr Indeptud "itr Ciealtne, one fee tome yaro itta artaitau iny t I c irictieteoft adiciue iaucgey,l ao thejY , tto ifar bi pl' oler sihuoi toeies tiJ s ut0 t 11 nllil article, jles rd geile that the oct att. RIio SE: &i be 'L paSt to Camllp ai ay beiurl led also o-- coail llsa atl i ha l tyhep made all of lesmp, in toreg and for s tnl thehy n:3 BOGER'I' & IIA\, THORN, 63 Wr.rimr s6 it e igs to express his gratul Ihnig atind t ilh pill, hei, for tihe literal Csuprlatut ho a. eived . ince c ] coTlnneou ad buineito is n hills ilter. tLe oIl pat i ii Profe ther Sled lutte, 17it dirColtieon tr, etta , hai td erot and never was agerlt hor an1y norlhern seed t vender; neither is he conlnected wtlth elny hufs,, in ofthise oundetry-igbud. The asfsurt the public baret his ,connecltons in every deparltlllnt of Ithe said bsloe produedss, in th ise di llore r ce ttllle, os Iroup are euded to thtat of anty house in the luited Slates. HF ill). pirlt seds, plault s &c. frult to ha the beet ofsie and respectable nurseries und seeJmllle in F'ratce, N IlolandT, pengland p Sof elar ee, n u , na t lolhre states- lndit will at allo imte te iis urrt s', u as ie is his Slltld, ou reeiveC , u Naddili n to t I s presel t 1 stock, large arrivals of every description, really tlhe gro & ,lh or 1838i; also, engrfteed fruit Ire s, .l+ all kimds. the puble may rely oil lihnling a Cull 0. aertnrlent of every trltle ill Ihe s, d lihe,o wi genus e" qaatvty, und imported direct by " 11`O T7IE PUBLIC.--Tho undersirn'.l. haeng+ studit d under Dr. Scl.midt of C:,1iyston, I .fl.,h Caroloinn, and for some years his assisatat ia t tl o practice of medicino nnd surgery, ia ts thu mll or to offur hla professional services in this city. lo assutres thoe ladies and gontllnce that. t.i Iboos prompt attention will be paid to the caols which tiny be trade; and also errors hife srvies to the hollers of slaves, being well aeoquaiuted with the diseases common to them, having attended thtul in liL sugar houso in Charleiton. Thv t'hnaoua anti-bilious pills a lter the cnlontposiou o. IProraaur Smullutte, with diroetions, canl bo had of the undersigned. The effhct which they havo produced in this and other cities, bas bean alter ded wit$the greatest success, to which the best ul" oer'rencos can bo given. Apply at No. 166 Magu. sine streeti JNOJ M'LORING. DTICE--The partnership of Kellar, M uut &Co of New Orlean-; Mlast, n lurrio &('o., , 'Natehez na llarris, Kelley &Co., of It.,ll y, t.tus andieallvedl n he2o1t orf ay hustt by the dcath of Sa oUcl A 9lauso, al+ of the Imurters o thle hr-lls. HE~sLy KE.ltB. tOLBEAR't Science of Pemanship reeeived,and for nale at their perminaent Writi Academiesa N No. 8 Chatrea stret, New Orleans, 118 Broadway Now York, Dauphine at., Mobile. , it is particularly designed for private learners, and hcleols, and is ealculited forpersons of all ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and examine the system for themselves. Lessons are given at each houses as may sllit the eonvenieoce of all, and to classes formed in any part o1 the cityv. Ladies wlho prefer it can receive lessons at theirown ref sidenees. Perosn paving e o Arse of lemsonsre desired o attewl.,I, -c ",eWV " t w ell uthey wish. c- .ASA BhROTHR. ROWAND'8 TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. r EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it linas attained the highest reputation; and has up. planted every other medicine for the Agne, whorev. N or it has been known and appreciated. Already F has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes n oe4hlan could have been anticipated Ity its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, . but roetored t, health and vigor through its agen. i cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op poritnnity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. II is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of thie tom- 2 d chb, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of whio harimony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it predu. cos an entire chabige in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap. sonee of the alfoetiou. Whlle the Ague is attended i with any other complaint, the employment of tle t Tonic Mixtu-e will not interfere with the treat. I monit of tli other disease, but will even afford an. sistance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body duriig the course of treatment. Those wiho mike use of this mediciue may be .s'ured that there is no Arsenie, iHerks, Mercury. or any other n article in its composition ulnfriendly to the human n constitution; being entirely a vegetable extracl; d and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive that it has the eo- d feet of a gentle laxative about the time half a bot. r tie full has been taken-in consequence of which. there is to part of the medicine left to linger in I. the bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising froim the use of many of the remedies now oftered for the cure of this affletion. It has been used also uait provoutive, by many who were sub ject to a periodlcal recurrence of the Chills, and it , has Ivarlibly r.i.ded off the apprehended attack. Obserre! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with the onparilleled and universal success which has cun. stanitly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tuenie Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, tfcl warranted in engaging to refund the price to all those who hive taken the medicine in strict cac. Scorldanco with tlhe prescribed directions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. Thie sa :ribers tire the whonlnale agents for the South \e'stcrl Stlates, land have now on hand six ty casts of Itis me~dicine, which is warranted fresh in land genuineu. For slu at the manufactured prices f JdARVRIS a AN.inIWS, I \'i hlesalc l)rtupgiset, nicv'_. c__r _mmo k TollehluiteiuluensrIet.I Mississippi ald Louisiuna lotel, ci'ivl;Tn7N. 7. 0I RS. MARY KIRKLAND roespectfully an. nounces to her Iriends and tile public gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at Ie above cstablinhment, and hopes fronm her rxertions to render visitour comifortable, to receive t continuance of forier favors. She feels confi. lnot that persons visiting Covingtoi during the uimnner months, cannot find better accommnqdations thain she can afiard them, on more liberal terms. lier house is pleasantly situatedl, and well supplied with every conveniene; the bar is furnished with tie t ostl choice liquors, &c. in short,she promiises '"at nuoting shall be wanr mg on her part to give itire satisfaction to all who nay patronize the lississippi and Louisiana itotel. je3 IlE-LOW W- ARsEJ, WOOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. G I 'lIE IIOWRLL WORKS COMPANY, No. S 238 Water, near Beekman street, New York, have received the past season, nd are cornstantly receiving large and extensive additions to the stock of the above goods, which now consists of thile ollowlng anl:sitmenlt, suitable for the southern and westerln mioarkrets. Hollow ware of supecrior quality, consisting of about 1500 tens, vtz, Pots of 20 dttl'orett sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallons, oI Kettles, 15 sizes, front 3:8 to 30 gallona, t ' Klttles, 15 aizes, 'roa 3:8 to 18 gallons, Ritkepals or Ovens, 7 dittlrent sizes, Tan Kettles, It do to I illets, - - 5 do c" it Spiders . du (:Covered Stiders, - d, I)rldles, . 4 do ( lre DIogs, . ii de WIag.o boxes from I1 4 to 4 3.4 inches. C;irt do. 5 hi 7 ilclle . Wood Screwt, 20l,000 gross, iron and brass, from :t inch, No. 3 to 3.i inch, Nio, i of a superior tolnlolily and fillish, unid Iles thlen glae's imported Sad Irnone, assorted, il casks of about 500 lbs for weightil, 10i) tlon, aleorted from 4.4 to -1 O 11,s. . / ells for Pl unti.tiins, steamboats, churchel, &c. miade to order, Also r tenaltbats and other machinery made to I Jrder. i Tile iabove eassrtnient of goods is particularly i reconcenoded to tite attentioi of Southern ad I Woesternl merchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms; it is be. lieved to be tihe largest and best assortment ever offered for sale by any one establishment in the United States. Morehants. by forwarding a request by mail, can c have a prti'ed circular, with descriptjon of goods, priceso ad toruis, foill which no deviation is ever naude, furnished by return of mrail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 BOOK IlNI)ERY. Under the Picayune Olice, 72 Canlp st. B RONSE\I A '& IiOWSON beg leave t. infornI their cuiiloriiis and Ihe public gernemlly, thil iiiyt have removed theur estabishment to No. 7 Ca.nllp street, iumediately unider the olice of the Pleavune -where tIry are irepared to execute all I ordll rs iin Iheir lilne. H Iwing received froum ie North a supply ofpa. per :d imaterials of a superior qualityI for the Ilanluiclture of Illank Books, tiey offer their ser vices to merchants and other-, who may wish work of thar kind ; and having the sdvagsage of I several yalro's experience in that line, tlihey are ctniident of uivinl satlsfcilrlon to tIaosc who mlay favnr them with theircustom. iFor ;l.aries, arch'ilecn nllld others, rmaps anlld I dplanl ttill he owaid or lineorn. varibshed and m nlloulln d III Ito lnelito t mlllllntio rr, & at lhe silortlel Plail andil fner h .dine,,in all iis varieties nI. V, n& :. Ihlllherr Sleftiehm Enland, rnh ave jlu i -eivedi a very nxtenaive set ef ila utrlls, ceosisting of l'atle arld Dessert Keives or an" -"" descripi on, lsen, I'ckiet, l)irk, anlld Siear polin hclrves; Razors, rScs sore. Edgen; I &t ad,&i n. &e. wieh they are prepared ii eo oxrrlitil o ile ilA Illtr t lesi enTei s aml eondtion l ill Len Iuil.erkeon ilt rh. li e. i ols 31 J. I1 .lton Ao o Ci fOEN r, Colnonlll o rf. '--- iitlons. ItIlI lOkS, I IAlsiiT&e CtL.--Are now receiving Irtersitir Ilrtmailrit. eagle, Merry Anldemw, High-7 ellteer, TFretncl toll (no lali ldoble iheall davlll eanl: I lker, belt end llcket iisoatls; Idil, ribilietl nsl split Ellssint t.alpl; CaR ll holllelr is;lsis,, IazOlrea, ii. t veiF (;illniO roawoeoEia'l slid oilier steel lens; ViY t is; Virthintr sriRigs shell, ivoey and lrnlcombai waferns; or k, balll sild lealllther lmursel; hitr billids, lfanot nld tk i'iligleli rs; tlegro ilfs; Gelelnasn oi Freleh calgone b atller, Ilowialluois iosc.ser oil, iirlatiot dot altique ti lot hearns oil; lortoelt dekos lnd dlieshtbg ases: past',i blackilg; st.tnllllil atoilet glaseln; colrtev ,ilsoilr oep- i cul gl:ases till rviews, rlieia H .Iadl, bollstld Itldniesl; 0 ceorellconr; lwhit twiine; torilert nd .havilg m orgsn toilet it aoier, enlsuelie wamIl hall; sreneed satin ulloiullu; II ipol sulilsl; scretw Etillioris; faley bhead ahains and ealokhlaes; lillilued bhllt; plocket books soi wllotts; 00g Genreali blelsn rnO .tlanlroilltor tid aomaIon glll- to -lastio erslileoemlo,e golerse doa Itllt :taitbLr elateheli sil veo pencils; Creyotls. &c. &a. LI 'liTe above in addLitio, to our former serok of one, iiorelen, miakesolUts nslltrtheot vel.v eimlplote. tor salt wlirlesale or rtail; as tire siz ofiif.n tinllen Comb, o7a I Cilllsre er. niOA. tttt've tlteet, .28.' 3ii Cinrres sireer, New Orleans. I ' lI. SIt.RG AN' & Co. imlportera of French . IIII FnE lish China aid !Earthen ware. are nw openiing new oand rich ptterlla of breakfas,i aI ing and tea services, toilet sets, pitchers, tea and scoffee up., leapotse, segrs, creOlams, bowles, plates, dilles, lureells, wash basins and ewers, fot bnIths, etc. slta. Rich cut and plain French and American glass. d ware-joblets, chasnpaignes, lemonades, jellies, clarets, airies, cordials, centre howles, docautera, tumblers, preserve dishes, celeriti, pitchers, lanps, lamp s.hade and glasses, candle shadoe, salt cel lers, etc. Silver plated, bronzed end hritania waros--eae tors, liqur stands, cake heasketos, candlesticks, ehranches, spoons, Indles, crle saln teapo.te,sugare, creams., lamps, japanInd trays, astral stnlde , and lnlling laipis, fin cutller.y, German asilver 1isponl and lorke, ltgether with a great variety ofarticles for iiitly ias. l, rchants, phlnters, hotels, and stealSmboiat, I'urnished wilt goods at the imost rera sounlbl prices, andi plaked so as to be conveyed with safety t any part of the coun ry. Aisn, npoltbeenrierrlelnsware. nne T, l'-country Meichams and Planlers, Ne-era clllhs, blankels, flannels, linseym, lowell eliirtirsse, checks, linens. carlieues, hIandkerhiefs, &c &ce,recalcvd and flo sale low by the aubecri. be.e. ROTTA &. (n. eut, carner Canal and Chairtres a ýý*1,1 AltARNG2oMNN . Nrer Due Evry Day at M, ,~Nocum~ u 1d Cela Evayey, y at, 10 A. M were.., Matt, u . r -w, .J undaJy, Wedansdny Friday, byoP. M. I ." L t:r , - Clow. ey.ry.Maun Wedsisds 77t LaeMi Due every Tnuedat~ Thurrday SeheLaeJals turd-,y 5 P. a , vii C.-e eve o•oyc Mmo,.y, Wednesday. EXPRESS MAIL, TIMES OF ARRIVAL. DEPARTURMJDISTANGU. .&. of the Expresi Mail, bblwer Meoll ted Nitd York-le. v..- Mobile dailyat 3 P.M. M. ron New York daily at 5 P.M IIsthward.. Arrive. Northward. Diataee. Tiel." ' Montgomery, Ala. 2 po. 198 m' 2h IS Coluntbue Ga. SI1 81 91 1| ~i Milledggevile, Ga. 133 14 9 p r MCoienodll. GC. 7 am. 163 174 ib -Roleig•, N C. 51 215 2 11 , Warreneon, V. 12 m. 55 e1 q y Peteroburo, Va. 1o pm. 83 10 a , Rtichmond, Vs. I am. 81 d Fredorickkbor6, 8 67 7I p t . Wahlington city, 2 pm. 61 6j b Baltimore, 6 38 4Philadelphia, 6 am. 18 , I New York, 2 pto. 90 ,I 1305 143 h. or 6.4 Nortlhward. Comilg Solihwwardlthe time is sie boor les; heing5 days sid 17 hours. ANAWA Y from 16 Carondeletr corer'of Hesrie S sL oeets,un tihe ight of 30th of Agus, sttd n w.ew 00een ;ho next morning in Poydrsm stred, a M er bhey named CHARI.ES, ebout 17 yea rsof ee ostal S•i or therebnhntaiin heighlt, vert block, and "uen Imhped d inment in hli speech, one of his log is ore, soMlosecd Sby a recent hurt; he Ihad on whlen le went awnyay whit cotton or linen shirt ani white cotton ptlatalo.a . M.lnters of vessels nndotenm boats are oautioned a gninst receiving or hnrloring said negro, as well as all othler persons, as the utmost rigoor of tie low will be forced fgnnlst lisb. The above remward will be aple ft rdellve.ighRllny of the jails of eilher olths r municiplities, or at 16 Cnrondeltol, cotner of Hlev n teeet. .p llTItE-lThe prtaerohlp heretofore. lieti I lotnder the grm of I)ubois & Oarretson, nes bo dissolved. The suhbsriber will liquiduate'the allWo tie eocaron ln this eilty, and reqnires oil persons Jodhb. ed to mnake Alyment to lim oalr, sd andll thoohavil nsils,a topresent them forsettleetitt. aOg -47t _ 1"4 ARRETSON. CAP'TAIN MIARRYATT'S NEW NOVELS RotUlU thLe Reefer, by th0 author ul Peter Simple, ea in Svols. it Cuominrs, or a Winter at Srhless Hni'Iell i. Lowe Styna, by Captain Basil Ilall Royal Navy, F.L, S. in 1 vol. Lord k0RdIt, 0 romance1 by Allan Conningham,I vo lhepposrd Lee. written by himself, in vols. SA Cuopeodiss Ilii #ryofftaiy, translatedl from thbe original Italian, Iy 1Nalan ie t Greene, in I vol. for mimll No, 79 of Ilorper's Enmily Librry. Vols. :1 & 4 of tlie new rlcamlltlo and unifons editiao of lt'rahplatoon lrwioO's H'orke. Roter's Frlnr g and I"iglish Diltioolry, i 1 vol, 3vo t'urooli'e 1'revruh 11d Allgliuh Dictionary. AI tn--A few mlore couls of Clombe'sPhrenology "liienoi." large Sorveyor's Cnla asleso aifuorlorqua Ie, w1ithll w lino, Billinrd lillsofl 1.4 nd 2 1 1.2 inehs. dillot's iLnlproved nIetalio Pene,jallnlel iupoersWn.whiIb &r. &C. &e. Julst received, a.ld for sale by 11131 -BENJ. LEVY. PINNOCK'S ROME, &e. P INNOCK'l IMIPROVED EDITION OF DIR (ollllollsmitl's Abrldlgoent of the ilistory of Roola to whiich is prefixed an lalrlr.tion to the Sltuly a Rolan HIistorv, ad a greot variety Ifvaloable luror mntion alldded lilroullnll tile weolk, on thle Mnlerls r I llnsitlltins and0 Aonliqluites of tile lima1ins1; with no I ve, Imorons ilinllrl anld hislorical Nolte; nd qls)i Iilllion ee s ala ntin ln at Ihs. Snd li of ccl section. Ifi. ilolrluted wlill lirlyl gravlnogs l1e wolod, by Atherltolt I'tollna iOllmaIlo.oe Edliion of ier Golinlllitlh' Hitlory ilfl iglaod, frol Ithe Illnvaian of Julius Casar to the i delath of erorge d, will a c-linllOtioo tO thes yea 1l632. Wilh llrilens Ier rexllanlmation a1 tile end a eI tell rsectio. Ileilces a varietly lof vailalle informnn tilio added IocIrIIlghola tile work. Consisting of tablo l of' rllrtelpora.n Sovereig lls 0l elllinet perosml Copio11 explaaltory Inotes. Relllearks ontir poll tics, ianners mli lileralrrre of tle age. An Oulline !Ilhe Cotlilttioll,&c. &e. Illustralcdby illany eagl J tJnos' E.lnd,;ovce lr Airnono.r, nrl1 an Aoridgtme of lKeitlil's New Treeltlise In tlhe Use of (Globes. New Aoaurion_ rditio, wilil ,ldiliotl ... imprvemea aI ll 0a rxplio 1111 i IlstrollolIicnI p1rt of tle Alu rices , lmnnllwc. Jol rereived ald for slll b, WMI MI1KEAN nov 2 correr uofl CLnLp inud Conlmon sM to, tier of Gump an~d Comnmon r4e II.\ItlEIR' ' CI.A.i.'C.L II I tfARY. []ior.\Cl':,CrnilttrCd by IPhiliili Pat'ii, IFI), wilh Il an )plnlix, c t~l~a~nltoref t ariouc SdesS,& S.hCs Len Jonio., iuwhlev, .lt ', Dryden IPp'I ¶ddienr, Sw',ii Clitlerton, tI \VWtkofsield, Pran Iiryn, i &c.i d sae; oaflthe uorelineo l poetus of th dIt ItilIl l ' with.i tIre iplst.iix io i ;lus tiarot.l ted li." l ,riiop'.. l S,~ rl , i `il ea a,,t n v . lai Lr-t nI . N'oii "I r 1 , Iio .otit Lb.brat vl Tiu o e'bios of tIU.tll'lils ,: 'INKi'rll, by SIil. ..... I twl ........... ir , Ihla .tnl, r, by.T ,,t ul: ' Lilul I..'" .' ..l....... ... ill, iih. li unon, by iUe 'I'lE Jitt:I' i Tnlely Ieant ir of "Riilic aIni Mlaryllril. arguad3" S"1 idUit, a .r Jvulnc tOnlaJr PAUL °LIF'tlttl;ry tbe r aisir iA "p61ja. rL Th) h"I rid; ," &c, bio ln I sl tea new ail as~ ~ ~ ~I I,rl 'kl r ..Al~rrs~ JIii Isrrela if rn ill'"l: t l n I a IA u~er a Co 'I'iJut reit li 'I ' CWiii1 ' 4l In tiA.le _ B ACC'ON pit -li. 1 o C si iloai so nl Iu.; flt. Npalr . il f-v" a.ine.l cl a l I .o r lIt1i1:ECTC & ICAW r l'C: undeliriigoned Ilni recninn 'ltneed bisaliora .1 ll. ili'iil aul A iotlircsiy, ollin Ilr n miii owned by Mr. Jeib Clzi, a itie crner of Titvoli rircle mani "'rilin Walk, rp'cll uly auliclis a shtre of the public patrritdge andn renewal of the favor. p of his foriuer cetietores. The oentiiencnk o d Drupe, medicioaeand fancy article ia fresh len. v areeully selected. The following oinly are par. tic it rizrdi Vii t : Pre Soda, Seidlia, anid Saratqga Pawders. Yent Pott ders, being a wholelnune and elegant eu..ltitute for yena, in raisig bracid, bukewhent cokes, &r1: Bullleli's Efferrvesenet Moagnevsin Apperieat--a p leeant ,land genie purgatiive in dypepair or indi gestion, nervous debilihry, giddleie, headache, acdihy f the stioniraeh, Ilabitutial costitvenlla C1. neous eruiptioa, &o. Csrpealeldt Fluid Eatrict of enrseparills i liurilvmlr li blooId, &c do d. and enbebs, &e. "watL's 'Panaicea aid Verllltltg ; British a Mlurlerli iily, Optdelloc, &c. ltlinled Llqllorice, jujube and GuanmIane past. Tuolth bruhahu,NS Pretiec' carbolnic dentri fiee, cllllrina tuolll wash, powader pllffs and bea.s, Preltiiee'a caurbolie delltrllee, chlorinlasnti wnash powder puffs ctd b.lxe, Pretlice's scenred ad ili toilet powder, puilnotaum ceore de Peres, olange fltc or, rsie, luvealer and tiride waters, of the best quliires, Rowland's nlaesetarOil, Old. ridge's hbaIti of Columbia, beats tiil, variety ot' ,I iiifer and olier luuiches, indtlihleltarmlie1 oak isuperior black inik, &e. Spertlt and reliied whale nil, lIay's Liiotnien A lireth asortletnlt ol 'itiuv'rv'sGarden Set aoe 2 GEORGE JOtNES itU-Vi ii'.)' T?\IC fiXf',u1Jt For tirealtaeo aid rae of tke Feeer t rlad Al. S1' will beI redily t-iseclveredtl lrtreil the Tunia. ill tore is aiperior to thia ordinary olrde of treoting SFevr aild Agule. In the first el ea, belg t Vego f ahle Extract,c aid free PeFmln aly delerterious and ifoiaoa ts ingredients, it rony Ile Iaeo with tthe utmost Samoot r evs by the tie nder tilllrl, orl aged invalid. It pre retls relpeof dte disaeeaa.eeonequently the oetlitl. tihtl otia regainsa its woated aun said activity. It eatab Sliehbi a nour.C ilrd permanest appetite, by invilontli laatioltach,ne d gives a relivlr toite eiojtvmenteofsaste. Beilg peulitir ir hvin laiga ptltatrveqgaliy, iennmae n h ai the b als to inrcrease Ilis iliisorder, our o crerat Sut!erdisease., but thorotghly itelnsea tbhe esvel tor. gins of dilgestio, and Itus benefits the system with whattever other alffitiions it ally be oppressed. ildividuals, fiter thle use ofthc Tooie Ititure, have blee, expllosed I all the usllal . .uses ofr he dte(liae d nt Ila e esCaled any syatltots i ofretttn; wiheteas by tile ae uftllte rcommon remedlern there ir always erea red tra inreetsedl liabrity to recurrence. The danger if frequent relites of trhe Agl e, ii nery evheLit, foe tle satleU wl ololn becoaot tits eruclh ir atsel ta eo tll;e to rauct Wilt Itedlinee tid slaeedily fall a vie tio t "hel, i etiant violene he' TI)iT Mixture i. ifered tt lica ieseitraonble plric, ais toi pla ite it rhin iLe reat ofevery one--so tha t he pour anod destitute re lher y fitrdiihedtlwirasistorone,tithrtt sol uliciting liI an attellidance wililc is freqttoittly delried to ti.hll.' vla veryrrleilatinly Ieslutowed. 'l i ubln ur r~~e~alertly cittllUled tigainst tie ape. lieas aiiltiiont of this uiledialni iltit are daily loffered for ae 11 spreparrol only by lier. Jolhn i. Ruwuaad, atl hi Lal reor-, lltairkratraeiPtiladelpltiu. lte aulcaeribhers ar the wholeaosl aueoata for tie turnll Sttuen, nid will rll by Illte .nrie, at liphia irilase. 'T IMe hal d at retlil aloo,at A p tlh e c ri , i h i t h t c ity . J.ARVIS.i A NIREWS, Wholesale Ltreggitei, 'olr Comima & 'I'Clipitnulaea. II -- ______ _-_-° _ ____-__,_ e 1AIARBILE CILUMNEY PIECE Wooaeooev Customhouse rtreet, apposite the pa.t.oloe., The subenribora are now receiving frocn their fce. tories iu New York, and will keeop constantly on hand a general assortment.)f Marble Mantle Piepoe 'souperior workmanhip, and of the latest patterns, made of the besat Egyptian. Italian, rilh anad American marble. Also, MInuments, Tombs and Grave Stones, moulded and plain sills and lintel. marble facings, hearths and boundary stone, plastes of Paris, Roman & Hydraulic Cement and Plaster. i g Hair, together with a splendid assortment q( b ass mounted and plain Grates and PRussia Iro raLte of the newest and most approved patterns. Lettoring done in the neatest manner and at tihe rvest notice, They have first rate workmen to s, ','e work. IAll' f, AIN & STROUD, SLIDELL'S NEW WORK,&c.-The American l SEnglaond, by the authorofaA Year in Spain," in volumes. Noble Dccdsnf Women, in 2 vols. Tihe Young ife's iBook, a manual o moral reli ous and domweatie dutiesa. Just receive.i and for ale by WI. M'KEAN, - L11S' Medical B~ok--l.ouit on Plhbisla; do. on bleudletting, a ine supply, d 49 Ca

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