Newspaper of True American, May 22, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated May 22, 1839 Page 2
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CAr 't ' rt4. t .m ato dy ato- a c we i~t d si & l!|n`.dlpalities. The etIP 1 hit ?yuec liusyn pushing fa te $e l battinti, ny all on Sna~leflDint ligelk iii a on 33;(01) ,Lnd ene forw rd 'about $12 a bale, } a, hd will even make money, f r rhe saeito close his accounts here a i been about 9000 hhde inspect aJ tble nl o'ehpranlt time. 'Tin believed that .4 Wu l wIIIt easxceed 25,000 hhds. against 'Prices of first quality rule at 13 to l ach hn a bees doing in this article for slid teh(1tg. l'lt nratlyals frotm ennessee are t tb lle..'lalid b.owness of Green rivesr hna put a chal o in K.p nulup tajif tubneco coming down. )asst w A. Nr R anneer. (a o ktngoe&,i co., ExcoIEHA BROKERS,) No. .5 Camp Street. New Orleans, .lfy lstl. N .4t.0.4.i81 for 143 sterling. A- t .RS (ý 11 3 (. 272 thr I U. S. Dullar. S YtYOR, ,atsflght, tltilt p. 5. e.p emil NWIt fYolRK, aetfle y, li1 p. c.disn ount U.OSA.NK NOI'ED, jil per celOt. premo. . or. 'TItuURY MNiTES, par g.e pr e t preom & ilt. G(OLD & a, overetu. :t , . 0 Ifl 4 • itolnieih Doltllons I t 0 ©in 16 i n5 Meleaia i 15 75 (3 I l 00 Ameica (Gold, .. i 110 I p.C. pre~ns Prie. - irn nelrrenl Bank lll s. (This I)ey, eay a2 At) NRtche ............................... 4 ('Z r5 t e, t ln Seticlit ............. ....n... ... t d hes tdo ,do .. ... . 1 5 dito Rie (.plei p.iaing aentks) ........5 (n 6 r loitoht Hna....pysnnet-oh io .. ... A (a3 7 Is tin 'Itent I'o lt :s....t.... I ( id do .r ,i ute .......... .. ........ ... , do Lake tVlllllllelo . ...................'S (.t0 do Cont and R Ra Bnk of iopyot.ots..... '50y do - Dn d do Iont Noem ....:o ('c 35 o IAko'hoVi khoreL . ... .. +5 i11 dto VltelhnrL Wi ter vork) ........:Ilt Ca'+5 do Tisobelhy fi ............." 1... . 4 1 do litretnseoitthoo Mode oonn Ao............te0 ('S.1 do Comnerritl Inllk, Colunlllhe .........O I0 (y15 d. lirialdnn sHak ..........o....t 31 do65 do l IlA l stn.,ecio plyig Balos........ 4 (iI 5 do tsnte Rnne d.............o..... .... P . ,j .0 Teneo.Me no A cj do Ohio,lieoi05i. Intieat,. Ke ieokh, IiUd Illtsoelr "S I G 2 I o Arkansas, . 10iO do Tenleoenrry Neo . ................. 5 ,,ill do C.inton end 'ort llud.on .............. 15 (10 do lan lrl nl le. Outlneoninn. May l .... I .. 'oillnlnn. Maoi ....7 'lldlodaii .....d.......In il,o iionllse, I. ......... lstatai e "r . ... ...... At. lltie,. lo ......... I11 Y·illiuL . do... ...... to I verl. At Iloele nn -'le ,) ,loy,. .. I15I I' rm April .. .. ..... IS 110 n- , dol . .l ...o ....... fl 1101 I..... )Itr.. .... ... l D hl rblil'e di. . ........, I t , I ,re ........ ..... iS -t-l l /'l ll , .' -. I-011111OF F Sj \I 1V Ill? 1, g; 2I, . 2A. I; A NC!S. 21.,, Ma 2182,.. W.lli.y. 02grll 8-· he Essex, Cottrell, lr Riorrandle, I) rol$.lllilh Fehr Orion. Holrn' taro. for Malof, Kndr A 1e. lob, D 22o2er.. M22 ,.. A.A nl ,22h,. la ..,.IEI . I2,,. 5temam.r C ....., H orj,lI. or L.ouisville. ARRIVAL*IS. 'Ptsamer lndrnrnds o e, %Vhrr'I,' frnm rinontiifl~ 4 lateamarlrr.llsr: Anlhclx. ba e ,llrlnnlti EXPORT,-. LIVERPOQL ..Pr ship arnlhn.. Cargo, 153 hales l fcot O...........r..le ship I2.,nl,,.,..C.rge, 18.2021, ,.r,.ot tnn. RIO ORANDE..P.r ',hr ECoox..Ca.g,, sun2dry 282, dry goods. 111'1R NNI8 Ori i.., C,, o., 0 10h, tIeor. AJALACIIICOI.A..P., schr D R.,20,..Ca.,e, l4'2 1,1 po,2, 20 hd2',, 211 loe.680. 20 lo moln222 229 Illr ssgar, 2prs luLgillC. LOUISVILLE.. Pe,. ooaoer .. 2ovi2l..C0rge, 0. Ihd. .ed 2 crapes cartbeanrdio. RECEIPTS OF I'I2012UCE 4'222ia22ti.. Per steamer 2d2p,,,denc2 . C, 22, 411 h,1 pork Cnaoel y& Eldr2. 2025 ke and 482,l, 2ord, A IfW',.l.,e & ro 23222. pork A P2, r; 204 his R2,u.. hi 2.s bea. j Vooresa co I bbl hemostad 3d., lad 2 Itollola.ill2. Fort TolI en..P2 r 2 tr22..r Criner.,C2.Io,8 hlideddee and I do 1 ear skin, Barwar & C,55, 8 Islas door end 4 d ot ter 0k22,,Cap2 Nul..2d; 2 bo2h..of bo.,k,,to Caldwell aned T.u faut'L2ndi dg. . 2' .oooa,, rumnneh,. C.,g.. 4 boll,. eot202. W J Coenp; Pickett A Blo.k.. 612 do. Arom..r, Like &k Walke, 00 do Kir2kman,. Al,.',,,.hy a., do O 2.2022.82 3d2.. L...W.. & Ch.ler,; 12 I27 doMddox 2 2ntl.,,d 3 do Adams r tk.ll.2; 71 do 3,Tylur J" (:r.,doo; 1 ".2. (21a R .k 2.'. lHod2.y& 222ri2do222.2 r . 4n 2'2lry; 2)7d2. N 4 J Didk.. 48.1 Renn..,. Fe.ridy.y4 co; 6dn F2iona... DaI, .2 c2 22.2de A F221,2 . co; 6;2o j 11 Bell. 10 do It2y22ld., Iey ,h & .o, 24 dokBu., tnn*on e. 42, do Alle,. A,2.,,r &. 1: I do Noel) 4 22r22yoe; 272o owner on board, 4 .fix and Il book merchandise, Mantis A" Tooker, Cinc(innti.. P. sten.,,r S2nll.w.. Carg1.. 216 hi1s pork. L..di2. 4 2o; 300 hds flour; 49,1, wohsk.y. Ada,2., i 21,,,. 0 482.2 pork 22.2o., 4 A.vey. 3, do2522 W,,2lla.,. ., Cig,,.. 125k.p lard..,ow,,.o boa22: 1 engino and b.oiler,, to C Wild.,. L.itl' R.22..P,.u2,nme, Rct2..n. .Nrar.g. 2ort Gijbo.. Pm 22.2,2222 Ii. 2...N,, c22go. PA0S0.ENGE22 rfrrtaln~r Slr·IC . C WYilde,; Fallkr; DrFreter; Royal; Days J 8 B2io;J C Bale; Banks; L.yons;i Rl.,d; 8222; 11821 2nd 522212. MEMORANDA Bwa!low left Cinrfnnati on line 15th instant, 7 foot water inl th. Ohio .22, 1fallng 1 N EWFOUN4)LAND DOG-0ljxoi.g eine Mon1day .1 he 13h ink2tan,. a .NrwC,,,,, f l..l 2n2,Dg, no.1g'd Captoioe-ha l22 2 Brind.lI col 2. r, nd wll l..known 222 the prole122 ,.f she uha.riber, . A liberal rewor, will be giv. fwor hi2 dolivery 20 DO1112E & M2AY, nm24 3 C 1ooo1,2l,*.t A DVA NCEEbTI-The .,,.ihbe ie. Ih ,.,nly, 2d e2, cl 32iv 22y 22.22,2.2 222.2.gnt 2. the II 006of .,'.,,. .,p le,, 2,..errgll & C,. cf I ive..fof, (in which file up llent firm of Fielder Il1101lerr me p.I.IIerT* 1 in toadyd to ma.e2.2.nc2.2 .2n con.ignme.2ts to th. 221.r1,2. .i WVhld2222,PhekeugilL &'Co. SM'L. W(21(31'I', _ _21_-61 __5 ll8 CieaI 2.1 .PRAIRCIE (:01TAc.0 l't PROCTOI pr[22. 22212i he2. e2.2.112ll2. to hi. F('mode, dole public of Ne~w Orleans, on 1 to a ll 1' (ng.,, 212o m .22y be passin.' a 01w dy'. t,, ,l 1 .oily, and iinhrms themtlhat ,o will h1e ready it, dufw d*.e I,, le.:0iv. Them~ at that p IleasLant retreat, thes 1' It A I : I E '1O T T1A (2 EsituitedI 22 I, .th L.,e .,l,.r,. I'rrso22, travelling either fro22.,. Srin2e22.l, 13, 2221,2222.1212 or M..2iz...,on e, 'h2ere nle2. 2222l good ,.ee-r-fin 22p.2 u2.2,d2J2i2ns and p22lite .2ento-and all purtk22 221 way of lIf, N.shville Ra.iloadl can be2. er. volt in a private and pleasant I to.22222 itgiving on.e day's2 notice of their intentiono to collie. ThI. prprietor dub,,ls not flint2 i22h22.2222.2ts for a vi itw2ill hebeufd in th22l.22nl22.2gr, tihe C'.,2It2ge prI. 22222 to the.ipvalid, and thlos aen.,2d wi22.2the bent 212.2.222 bu222le of t22.,ily. 'IThe purr 2222. dli02,1 air 22.2tan2tI2 fl,,ting e12,er frnm.I. Ihe . like or I,.. grea prairie-Iao o TP refreshing hold the other lorded wUithI (22.r in2 .ca22212 eithe2.r 22he.ll., or 82an-ti F. Pr.cter 2l ,,fore 2 ilh, 2,2,Ilenr.2, 21 f1,, pItrot,2re of i.2,2 e who2 k2. ow hi.2 .,,2,e d ofe hle ip2.. h2 22222.2. 'nn. din bl 21 nut th2 22210 ar;o22 g , i,,ii g t. c'it. .2il hono 2 ,222 222i2th oecll.-. I222.2,2.' i 2 , I . 2 n2 2or22in th e n 22,hb 2222,22 o 2l , 2il 2.2 o he e ,oIi lori.' 22,22o le0 ihi.,. h82 , win21, .. , ll2. 2 .lc. ATe. shall he n(b. lleo I ell~i''e castor, : at if,, aaune timehrw fill devote, ib If Il~r llion 10 proclur eF all ill., ,.,, lien Ielic.,·r and vislrd. of the reanl Iir his al~le. te~l-3tn bll ItC (O1FEI'S 'A FAtwl E LL CONCERT, Prior to his departure for Europe, xV 11 bake p e oi AAUIC22A 2.II2Y n. M2,y the 22 pflI2, at th222.2 It Lui Eacheugo. Fo2r urthe2 W Y Nf1'1i: I AP2EII2-J2e n2'eind it, i,.,oice B of t auk n(2( p ..uf A22.i 2e II ,nuu fn, tom A and f. 2. 22a2 2(2 AL:.X 210)81 ER, I h9 49 ('n nip etre. Tfr-ltbi;AFFL on ;;;i inas l atrigh't, f,rsalF ty 1'21 A '(12222, 3212ravirr at VT22R1 K \: -A 2..dunrllr. ' 1 hell2 2 g1 house2 in Caron. 122e12.o,22et a few doors f ,2ro 2J12.oual .,; po2.,iu. 52.2222022.1db222. AAljplyt2 1(0112: 4 22AV 22221 2 Ce2ro22.2122 2 el. 122ll82222A'22 N2. bat, iuC, by fn Ill ORAC V Y,24 N.ew Leven IS.' IA u 2122retif ied2 2 2al22Ily m4 1 II2O 6tSE.44 ,cmLe.'ee "ti'J -8i 1 i ii0p2 I2'u la2 23.2. 2',.r _______ (2 0' 202I.Y, V44N. Levrr Fill ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 2, EN;o ; '~hIEwl rold 2222 ` rnt arg' at pri'nln pall.. I fnot previously 22228222 2bofl212 2a rny a52 ý ih, w, Il then 2. 0old 222 22222.222 27 0229222212.2 t the Now Ex.1222ge, ýt Lom. l .02tl1j(2'22.. 222.2. She is a 2fi,.,2e.,2 took elfhnilaagjwactt,'peak Fr ,Itan English, andr bill-be i.,lI 22220..22 2 2lip2aert o222. b* 22222r2 h'iftI(f, lt ,... h me of er own sec ,.h18 st dark l22:.22 2. o" t j oars of af 2.2nd e err uefre erven Ihrre fa no i ,o ; TTooaoJta-1 casrh : holdouts t 4 months credit. AAAAP.JP;, YOYLE & \AY, 5221722. 3 Caroa..(,t,.t i D K-fin has et a., it. stral no on a v1 SHIALL .& III WN, 21 et Y-29(1 bnwYarftcli2 m2wiskey in more2 32by CDI)(EY, 44 New L.2222es J2223'S2J2.22n (2222r 222222222 the &2Acaf2ek 222 ·alet2n oati leavfag the ski., lid il 08 22r Iet h appr222iou. A s".al ýs tteaa~ Fat., i S Chad- Commson of 1W A *1w?4E-3 u.1 22022 r raepa ba.n2. S &i J P WHI4,YE.y, 22' 73 Casip at 'rl E TRUE AMERICAN. rbii' lIIb V JOsEl 4Ill.lO.N. t -- - -,- -.., ---I OI PFAITHVUL AND BOLD. IE OHI, LEA1NnM I WEDNESDAY, MAY 22, 1839. a I'tle fdalowitgl alttictl, prlared yesterda , we wtere comtittiled to drlfir till touday. w\e ierceive that the l subject hal been ttaken tup au very aYtl explained in II the niee. It is one which is ant uninteresting to N Or- cf leoans, flr Itfshe ree.uins t supine, lndl l ilts ler mAg- dt nificent suchlleme to ite Nslltille intll ed.ately to her it: ituterets,t bytll ril road, and S1,ttll Cro'lila su.ceeds ill pretailirg pot Koilucky to grant nill tht site nake, C tile iadvrlltges we tshllt hilvo lst u ill then he butl E talo plainly raid nt. W\%+ feel cectilent, however, At shint KIenlllok will I Ia iell to the exact:ollns of Southll Carutli rt, fur such tiyl y h lre become, rtnd thatt if we but C exert our engies l u se the resources which u e (nn a ellllud, NeW Orleans l may ' .el r .eure ill her superi- i w orilt to my Soullt rn riltl. Lier o nuol)llllllld over tle Ir de of the great West ua then he but -lightly impir- ht ad, if at all, and lr:t wdl br Ile to spau'n tile surplus of of rade ua al ru)ll rtee eti'(Cesary to keep alive the llhope C nud aslpira iots of uther points. a Cu tnr..sros ANuD 'te OHIO RAIL l.o11D.--Otu l neighlor of ilt e L.uii. ui:n takes up this r elject, which i creatring some rensttiCn alllt tle present tille inl Kn- , tulk, .d'r murst learnedly, luchlt to t' re gretr, un doPb, of lthe alvca:es of tie imeasture. thalt his pess is so retutte, eand the rculle ulludedtl ,+o li'ely to Y lose i:s way, before :t reaches Keutneky, .where its of f let would ungq caoiunahly be in-tantaneous. & all c- S vinu'cin. '1 he intimate knowledge with Kentucky pol- a it:cs nd Keitucky politicians, therein displayed, is nb solutely astonishing. With a faculty as rare as it is p worthy I t t al uiralion, tile wr'lt r of Ihe Il.rlliuianilln, all. .ihilatifg distance, tas transfe rrted hirs If to uthe are:.a l herle the wordy nllver ries are contellding, and u ap- t prove, hi.uself as at inly a gladiator as tIhe best Amlong them. We can almost finey hit leulln oge thfte laurel. b Ihe hau Iut imagination, gathered from the learned and a intvittible article on the " Charleston and Ouhi IRa:l RIoal," which appeared on Moiulayd. Into the l er, t s nallest possible collplis;, the vast projrect, its adanta ges, the metn who advocate nd oplpose it, with all the enrollaries that may be drnwn from cilr political tenets have hetrn r:uolenltrd. Ffieud tlnd foe are illliterimi. coitly rupped on the knutckler, and the leading papeur ure tl to ,I get out 11f thle ay. for tle I.,uisiatian canr settle the whole tdilfiirrty and explain the vh ii matter t at once, witlul anty furthler necessity ir mnore rworldr r from liten. It posseses thle hi.aling halm that will solaen a'l asperities. It underrst.lnl Ithe woldrlutr le- t crers of lawure and can poir oil ot1 tile trotbled t! ater: ! It is. ta little atnusilr tor see mlen travel int of their i proper sphere, only to botry the superfciality ofi tlheir ilrtrion, th, i otilerrl , want of knowt lelgre, whnt ll litr appear to deslire et hate the nll. That there is some: freiing on tile lstlrjeCt Iof theut ClaIt l'eson ntl ('chio tlil Rte t ri rxi-ling inl K(Pe i ky is e j trtc'. Ai ptricu!lr r/I que :t ler\inlrtt t, of t h rIn Ithe t)hterver u lt t.rteri. tli specnial rgati n have g ttren'p: edtonllake it it t,'st qustiotn fortrhe Augustelerctions. I'Pemps inll l or two onulieus they will saeceld. Ilul nt gellerll qustioun, it can never "dlivide the rule into partie, aim rst na strongly dellnesd as Ihr t Old and New Conrt pecrrli's, wnhich fornmerly agitured Kentuck) to the centtr." The question then was one wltchll ' nfetu ed every indiv lattl oif thie eontunti'y. Al attempt was totle It, defile and poison tie founutains of justirte, tnd the same vil+ creatures who nlow cluster around ltu T'renury at 'asll hir'rtoe, Kendall, ilair L& Co. redav ,)redl to carry it into elTfect, pripped and encouraged as lthey were by evertry demaglI1grglle 1and sirall, untllil trans ferrd by tGen. Jacksonu to a ider sphere of action, if not mre unprinclipled. Kelucky had been kep't by them ill a stteof continulll turmoil, unltil 1hie viriOctou and itelligettll portion of the Ipopulation asseltttit tlhir riglts ltl red:luced hlet wretches to their proper insig II is not now a questiona whetl.r the road htlrdl Ihe antr1e'te to Louinvilla or toCineinnati,assuutg.ested byhv th I.oliiatninn. l'The ,,jpposition isurt to the Sotl Caro lina lnk lrhich ii the inmlleiale friendlls f the road w ih toin andurrei, and fIr which lhy aer anxitous that Ken tuaek ehoruld stibsceribe fotur tillieon, to be lltder the controll of the montlher unk t Charleston. A challlrter hasr been granted by thie Kentucky I.eislaturr , alkilng .Lexingtonl tlle terrmitlus, ttld reflusingto to the Company the right to carry it on to Citcint.ati. In caeC it is rul to Cincinnatil, at ite slle o time,, i. t l branches are to be eonstructed, ol.n to Mal svillh, the other to Louitsvlle. The o.tutinniituotof course is belhind the times, when it J sats: "afer urture and mixiod < delibration, the Corttp1ny havrendopted a phln by whlich the rail road is Sto tetrminute tt the river r)llio, Opposite 'in, iuuulli lfterpassihg lhrotuh Ir.,xitrau." The great outcry against Louilsville fir -reli-ll- i ln i kept oip for lhe pIur pose of enlirtin: other portions of the tutre,jelaleus of her increaueiutu imllertuce isttea:ld uf ,storil· i, in In. vor of the project. The mo-t indeiittiiaJle agitaetor is lRoberl \Vichlili'h, Esq. a man certrlainly of in'elligeece ant.l eight otclharacter bit uncmlprumihing amll ex ceedingly bitter in hi- prjk di'es, a d wild a.iid ii - try, in his schemes andl specl!tationls. Ilei ieldda uuer. t;lit, innll ee bir ti h 'e vat-t w. 1ath ie :ou iamatu]s. and tihe po~its of onll r he has held in the latell, hUl e plerietnced in all the itriea,,ies Of the law, his mind huts behnne r saturated with quibblet, aud he seizes .i shadowst fir subhtance, anld beomes 1 rr net tt t iln e1dctavouing to persellde ltters of lheir truth, that he freqerltly coll t vinees hiemself of their rality. This is hi, position in regad to Louivdile. Ile thinks that ijealloy exi-t' which does nlot. here is at ritalry lbetcen hlnm p'are andl LexincItu. Their intlletrest, alr identil. Fotgctfutlrofihrowu , mul wiling to cripple or retard the inlt'lrests of Louisville, at tliP last session, the rte re-p 1 ut. snlateive rfILeftigngtn,eonltrib.utl to the d'eftaut of a I bill,whicht would lur e r Eored the complre ti'ml of tihe rail road cnnec.tling shi.he tI o citiesl . And yet Loui.l tille iscon-atlv upbraided r ilts narrow ul nd stela fil policly, hecaonse her wine men thought thie fialls of OhoI was f lea aset lam It ettlittl dwa tn [ranIth iof thl e l d as Ci.hrinli to Ite toit erle tinus. And this lhr 1,ouisi a.uin call. " the sellishneis of tlhe residern t of louis ville and of tho e who are ihterestled in that iiv. Wouhli the Louisianianu thiu k it sh lfirh if New Orleans I should iiet that ithe gleit Nashville Rail Rlnd shonild terminate here, nlll Ino traverse the stale and brunchll of to l is.issippi city ? Wt have nothillg to do walla IL the otroversy, althoughl we cannot but applaud the resttalnce made by thile KPintulk.lnns to th itnt i orruitu ot n , lrf, , .t ll g f . it utl s l l t inutt o Inedlately nl l ,terested, and hy whlicll slhe mllliallln . a roulld icurrellcy *ulrltlused , nne, ;s tile di.freit Ihsllle. opiera i1ne ofttt II "mol arre , r w.d , . Tite tcati i ul t-eltf I- a gr:,+,d l,.,i et an! wore thy ol " th,. a; e; but the IIl i.plll tf the irnj.tecor. Io onItrlcet e terrenre , d Itrled . i f ulntt h pultrti et ( te i ttatr tllte Lllhlk LhWt y e re Lorri ct tn te chP . t in t iur ptlntlfre r Coauth ('arotiltu -uiI-A ee riatn, tl t Iruly olth--bound wrlthf a blind rtl to a rhquee, as IIte Unmlllllt Artercec rtct 11b:rvuuets;uu Inuhsru r vorlot to the taron, o d.C are "a nlf ed lhxt wE shonlýI I lOU* C1 t h, Ilnl1k orr, we n Kenttucky, ath niglinh uee'o : etirs itL'uiiivt I., w Sdo not know t thnl e, hloud bnl, t to a branch of tiols road r* t tll llig t I Inr tin ' i'f we enjyed ai like Irntdege. The .u ltaýllllnan fl 1111rto an . r slous err-r in lnl.nera aethi tfle . of'the i all to il,,n4. As -thI it 1i0a5 " geOveror iitr.lltrf. Jude len V. li0i s, I'. Irslhalil, Jhan 31e (IItiln t 1 lletry Clay Jr." (i .v. Mletellf is n re.itleot of utllly. nttaheld to the M3 ysnle Ititeeeat, anlldl tO I seqlleitly ppoaoed to the ro d andl lak.t a projeted Iy ithe cnatpa,"y. Ju ICe Re.lty resalt.,l. in asn, and beloilgs o the lame interust. Tht, 1. +.Marsh 11. rep tes ened l.lnlo ill tI twlo years in the Lrgi' aru : ad mainly ownt. to hi' inderatigahle exortions anld p,owerfuil lquleIne the hill was dofoluead. Last wanter, lhemae someofth mn.t bI lhbnt elforts against the measure PeaEr herdi , tife ill.u lria nPtell Kntueky Lyiilatlure Jlioi A. lctlung reellteulcd loiin county and i ith all hll etltry land elrllle cr opptsed th r n ' aslr . llienry i(hlv Jr. f itnal o peclllb r i o'a iy lrllle a relltllt iof Lexlnteon wlheru the chlI s|ppoftl teirs reld . to in faVr of the i,,+ jert. W'edn ont ao t 'IckInyoI a hmln i itt , bat we t ho1g h frlstdliy dge mightll nllt b, at ti, let the L tllll i I ill I tae eret that it I to muitI',ei thc -s. ntrsitt of anr ni of the men hllo hove mlale t.lllm.rlve. prolnout tu oppolll; tIIh Soulh Carotlna Rall Rnad Lllk. Thei Pren.urll, tlhrughll r. Sti'venialt, proposled to thoe Britiltgo'ernmnelt,whtlher it ..ere tldtamcb!t. ae ed a special envy tlo Il1 Ion i, lir the pulrposae at cirying nn went goliii r eltive to It Maine boundary. The British govermmr . was decidedly of opinion tliIt atudh a stp was unlnecesaly., alnd in'urnend Ar. l tevtnson that a draft o at propost ' n to resurvey the line of 1783 was being mande out to hrbe s to 31r. Fox at Wls.i ton, with a view of arriving t some defiitte molue of attuling the qieriion in dispttlt Thia is the slate of the lmatter lI the last advicies frolie caplitul. Stocalen s A.areI,,r.-A spian o' or. e rln awa.. *itlh a carriage on Moidaiil nearly oapp site to our of fiee. The driver, a coloEredI boy, bi ling greatly alarmed, had ateftci,.t abl-ettee of mind, p spring out aliglting on Lis fret; but IIst shock 'ds eo aldden thalt is wasu ade to therw a co pllels sitenrsett. 'I"s hops en turned into a stable lot, and the boy tooneeat. reed, qiickly gathering himtelf up and luietly weadietlhit ways aftr theim. CoRCUIT COUnT Ort IT UToftb St.s.T.-TShil Court commenced its spring term on Monday in thin city for ilh Eastern District of Lousniona. The Cir. cui Judg.' did not arrive in time from the Court in Missils!ppi to take his rset on the filt day. 'esterday tile Court opened. Presrnt the lion. John McKinley,Circuit Judge, presiding, and P. K. law rence, District Judee. Judge ,McKinley remarked that a law of Colngres, psseed at its lat sessioln.conferred 7 on tlle Ciru t and Dilri.t Ie oI oser to appoint S a clehk of the tircuii Court, and in case of disaree ment, tlheCircuit Judge alon, was to appoint. That the Judges of the Supreme Court, at the late term, in onlikrence amtong themselves, ctncltlel d it was tile. dty of each circuit court to make on appointment of its clerk at the first term theirentrr. Doue an N. Ilenuce, Esq. was then appointed to be Clerk of the Circu:t Cotllt of the United States for tihe Eastern District of Louisiana; Judge Lawlecce, dis sCeuting. Thomas W. Culolles, Esqwas proposed as Deputy Clerk, whlen Judge .awrence muade objectiolns, and gve tis reaCsons lu theiillllo!dingo il the records of tlhe court last wrilter, when acting as tile deputy ofMr I. lien l. Thills in tier it is to be remelrmberied, took place Iafare Mr. Ilenten was filuully ejected fioml the offlice by Ilth lat decisiuo of the Supremle Court. Mr. Collsno acted in good faitl, and it is presuoted will be lDeputly Clerk again. His case was postpotll lied until The coult will now proceed r.gular ly with busiress. Owing to thile confused slate of things existing ill this couot for somle ltie back, there is nllt a very crowded docket. * UPREMsE COUrT OFr LOeISIANA --i thIll case on yesterday, the case of Charles Genois, Mayor of New Oileans vs. Henry Lockett and the Treasurer of the Second Municipdlity, was decided, and remanded for an ew trialon the merits. 'The court was cf opinion that the frits alleged iu the petilion of lthe Mayor set furth sufficient ground to rntnain theos 'ron, if supported by proof on I trial of till merits. The case cnne up ion an exception filed bly the defe'dants,ideyilng the plaintiff's right to sue and maintain Ilia ction in the form and lmolaner no seet forl by him. The District Jtudge sest.itned tir exceIe lion antd dismissed tie stit. The Supreme Court reversed the judgmlent of the District Colrt,overrlned tihe eceptimnl and remanded the case lo a nIew trial saecldiiai to law. Thile Sprelne Court dcliveredi the lnetzol its npiniostrs oil yesterduy,anu will adjourn on Friday. Until then I n ill be occupllied i ilhring and dleciding n applicationll for a rehearing & Ilkilp aIl its judgmen ts final. SiliCa the first of lMarch this coutrt his delivered opinions alnd rndered judgments il abollt ieoo hundred cases, whichl extent of labor at o diligent jldirinl investigation in I tlh utre period of time, is witlrou a parallel in our jt dicial annals. Muiy oif hi rcauses are of grast mag.. r niudn nrod invnoled extensive enquiry and investigation r of ite law oftI Spiain and Ft'rrance, the Romsn civil law snd the vaill jurisprurdece of the United Stateos ar Einglndl. Ifthe iunsines' of the court hars been con dulted with t entrgy nr d despatch, the ilhors of the juidges lh s becn bellowerd patieRtly and with due cun sidelrut'nf, tthe ari ui cases before them. Many of tia adjudged cases*during this Irief epochl will be found otgreatilmorlance In llhejuirisprun. nce of the State. ihen thle ourt adjournls.leges EIusti and R'st, we under.tand, will tender their eommissions and resigan tionsto tie Governor, they being under the imperious necessity of going to France for their fauilies. This cirenstallcte is to ihea regretted. Tile absence of these gentlemen from the coulrt will be severely filt and it will be dificulr, if nlt illmpossible to supply their places in the recess of the Legislature. llardly any gentle amen of tite liar, ell qualified for the station, would like to give lip their businese, to go on tihe o:nch, and be f voted on, or run the risk of Leilg rejected by the Sen a e in January next; and no one that is not well quali fled, oughit tin e appointed. The Governor will have to look to this. Judges Etstios and Rost will return home in November. U. S. C(IerIT Cocur.-We are requested by D. N. I lelman, Esq.. the Clerk of this Court, to announce to thle ir, tllat the causes pending il this Court by Writ I of Error or Appeal, and those in whici tile District Judge is from interest or having been of Counsel of parties dianbled to try, will be called to-day at 10 o'clock, A. M., and set for trial befure the lion. John Sllchiiley, the ('ireuit Judge. ATnocITY.--Jlrsand, the pirate, confaserd atll hi sis ibefrerehe was executed at Bordeaux. lie rays tllrt seven llen were thrown overhoird by his orders, and that he refused 30,000 francs from the mate, to Irt himi have hel an hout.r to write to his mother. In it not etlralne iat th llrofessiolls of murderers are always sot hoirible ? Do thly not wish to leave behenld Iha a greal neaie, and thereforee indulge largely in fiction ? IIEATttS aI I)tOttowRaaS, &e.-The bodies of two Ille were fundll vet.rday opposite Conti atrret-one srpiposed to he tihe b.iy of tihe nman itho fell from the singing rof ih, Itrian B ,rtiohme, a day or two since,and the other a deck hand of fr ma strlamlblt. The Iody of a man weas found yesterday at thie I'ain yetr Vlharrf, whio had been drowned. We did not learn his na ne. F.Ucer.-Arn oldi inhabitant -f tis city, by the name of tlptiste, living in St. C(lod stree. near tile Iayou RIoad, put an end to his existence yesterday mornin.g by loiging the crntents of two pistolls in his breast. )EartT OFr DR. CooPErl.-The CIhlrlerten Courier of the I Ith inst. sna:- t'la'hi a v o.,-n of literaturte and eCieerri h., ot leneth olllk eeior the infirmities of ace. After linoerino for toon or three rnoofhs. ill daily expectlaion of breathiln i ns I, r, die'd" I"t Cohlnmhi, early on the onturig el tile lIth inst.,tn to he h ellrorr of his are." " nBut seissors :et as well as knives."--A man nanled John Iinll, re.rntly killed a Robt. S. I)nvy, in Jack "nville, 111. hy throwing a pair of tailor's ashealrs at hin, the point of whieh Muck in his breast, and caused instant death. :They had a frost at Pottsville, Penn. on the 7th of May. It wIs about as hot here as ueual. The Northarlmpton jail is tenant'ess-would it not he advisable feor Mr. Van Buren to rent that hnihlini, for the ernfinernenlt of his defaulters ? Nortrhamptun is i very pleasant village. That earihly day.I, the gruhwormt is ramong the nul herry growers of Mhtryland. A tterinendous outcery aIbout beetf ls heirt il theI ins tein eiti... The preopl are all turned to hb Joirhn Ilooks. I., ttlhran rnhtrin from tIef, and tIihen they inly e able to ent theirir hn ek in thr noses of the mon opolirii Multon i.. U good subtitute, pariicularlyr ill narm weather. Cnontrnooti n of t re deftat of Santa Cruz has been rece'ived at New York. The protector has gone to Bo livia to raise anothelr arnly. The cast'es of Callao are in his Iporresoton, eonmranded by G(el. Mornn. The C,:iliana were daily looked for in f imnea. All business wreas urr llded. Ivenl if Santa (Cruz e put dolwn, it wace hbheried that intestine comamotions would eontliue to3 (n1 r lle Pti'etlI, a tile lenders of thie in atding forces Ild iatrredy begun to quarrel. A naval fight at Cam na I had rented in favor of the Chilians. Santa: Cruz Ior t 3,lin pir-ooers, 2,6tit) killed, an!d 11r,0 0, ill specie, in tihe batir ofrr I iltgty. iWe heard ntie editor ask another yesterday what' he should w rite alt ot. " About hallf eoluan," wasi the reply. FOR BOStTON. lit r A I al upe rier Ir L.AGRltNGE, ('apt. z lirshl. awill sail ii a oft days, For bllhnce r f fr'ight or ,, applyt to F ii t L.tI V It 1( I'Uti l., t. TheA new and liat anlltlng ehip DiUBLIN, C(.pl. rSkhfit, l.ill rrccivre immerliate ders. . iteh hturing part itf her c.trg, ergaged. iIpp'y ro I. II GAIl,', . 11-I" 9:[t-Onll:l 14.1'0 1 FIf IteSTON. The fine A 1 hop AVTI'AS, C.pIt. Snow, ha ing ptill of itr cargo .altrgetl, iill have idep.lthl. Fr.r r.,ieItr tr ialosage,F aptly to t11l S& J P I WIl' ,9'J3 Cutnp at . '-IT i-th .hip lict-a.ay, Gay, is dli.rielerging opposite tihe Otrleleanl ertl-on 'res,. C]o:signloer ore requested to tare out their pernlit,atlld attl:n I to tle r .ceilt of their In'-, S & J P WIIITNIIy j'i"It:c, Pe.r rCIItlA r.tAIN .-ArlI du CO. New Orlans,~2d .hlav. 1339. tTOTICr--ty a tesectl tinr rd of tir tren d ttirectora S\ iil athi Compe.n, pt.oerd n ne ht lit, t.le price of li:kts ot tile rood hrila brcnll aducedl tto o twellty live cerls. J e LIEa, 'n22 2w Secretary. ! INfDO\W I.AiS-it) bioxes ie :glie h cgrow Y Windsor glass, receiving a ,fr stle by tIno It CI.ANON, 12 Canamp at SOAT-.o.on aliele nbeoethi of March last, L 1blei efcotton,,tt;kedh C S or F I. r, ithe latter is believed to Ir. the mark) r lidch was taken from thlle Alchaflar a i.alditg. Any person ha. ing Irt same ill their to-se-sion, will ipleae nteify NSercr. Kirkonru. Aberllthy & I lanna, where it can be had. tnay'p -Itw K K CUNNY. \o SORN BROOMS-950 doe in store and for sale by smn2 (I DORSEX, 44 New Levee SI.OItR-226 brl landing from steam bo Persian, Sale for vale by i DIOILSEN, m92 44 New I.even B ACON SIDES--100 ca ks Cincinnati eare., for tI Sale by (1 DRSEY, P. mnay2 44 New I.evee i The following are i the Irawn Numbers of tlhe G(iand State Lottery, Cinas 41. 52 9 45 31 58 36 64 551 26 40 61 0 TillS DAY, Caspital Prize, $9,000! Tickets only $2 50 ] GRAND STATE LOTTERY. , CLASS No. 62, Extra. Authorized bIy thie LeiiEisltire of thi State, To he Dcratin Thi DI)v, inay 22, 130. at half past 7 o'clock, t Bishop's Heotel Common Slt. S DAVIS & Co, Managers 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Scheme. 27,8t14 Ptins, namoutin5 to $119,698 u Tickets $2 50-llalves gl 25--( larters 63e Certilicate of packnee of 25 whole tickets for $62 50 Warrnited to draw at least $33. Cer ificate ofpaekage 0125 half tickets fcr$1l , nwarranted Iedrlaw at least $15. I'ackage o 25 Quiiater tvckhetnscr $15 63 war. antce to draw iiS 50 For I'ackages or single Tick,'tl spnly Mny22 At lnnagers office 16 Chartres st a I MIE-i-Ili0 casks 'i'h nmstne liam Ilncite, and Jfor sale by S & J P WIII'TNi , , ,22 73 Camp at p Tihe fllowing are the Ilriuwn Numbekrs of the Louisia. u ia Lottery, C(:la No. 36, for 1839. 62 33 31 23 21 52 41 43 12 4 10 21 TO MOR3ROW TIIlHEE CAPITA. PRIZit S OF $5,700 each. Tickets only $300 ! ! 73 Numbnlrs--1t Drwn Ballh ts. LOUISIANA LOT3'ERY Authrlized by Act of Legislantre. Chplitlter XI.III pasted Malrch l2.1,182,l (as 35. fr 1839 to be drlawn on Thursiday, May 22. 1839, at I-2 vpst 6 o'clock, P. 1M. precisely at le SEchlange Hotel, St Charl st St.I I). S. (1 Li OILY & Coi. Suieensors ta o )'A , Jl& & MlclNTI'RE, iMuitagers. SCHIiMi1i. 27,814 Prizes amounting to $143,934 Tickets $3 00-lialves $1 50-Quettera 75cts lPackagesal 216 tickets for $14. Shaure in piopor Four packages or single tickets, apply at tile Mean els Ofl.:e, IlOu!2 33 Cahll next to Clamp ct WEFRIi ATlOR-This it 5 titeiwindusltfitl arcli Lihe of liflrnitore, r.idl inllo ii, i iI r th e as.cell ai ollllltllerll lltillldl'. It isdl-ignled Ito Ieepcoo lllnd swt, uch disheslll il the (llillllmry d Scrtlll elt s re .icscsiar to Ibe proteited from tile Ilea lflthe wnlllher during thile iLLtr sa-sn.ll The RIefrigerator is now considered anl indispenle article in ithe conomy ofevery good housewiri,. The quaulity of food it protectI from the weither, w, ill inore Ithan pivay the r of ilte ilrtile everv i r. I'The tuhseir.h'r is colsnmllll rer;iing frolll the Ial tecturer, Rlefrigecratois ofdlicrent pries. lThe lbslcier incppoiniited Agent for tlhe Ianufae icrer, Mr A Paoten. Sprenueni i t the v efiigeiratre mnai I ale e s at miy ere 5: l:inillc st. iiii8 tf ful it CAINN .11.11 (l i1..I i iOF NEW Otl.iANS:. Couuria of uMunicilit No. lTwo. itl/ic ofhc 30hsofAlpril 1i i39. I lERE AS applicmaii lice h icen maide to this ?V Coniedil l John II. Ililtin,.lames tainey, 7 V. IH. Aver, ,. IBrynlr, Jameis I.. logrt ianld tlh r oilrcs, o nersc of lr.iirrt y ill tii vicillity, toglllse to ie oeltd atlt cOlllinilee St. Thlolllna strclc, in nt slrighll Silln from Slizelle smtrcel to A nlllnciation street. lie it tlhereforeleil]el, tlhat ntice of saeid ailtlica. itioon he given in French nnd in Englilsh, in tile 'Tlrue American & Bulletin, in conformity with law,nei d that if io satisfncetory opposiitlm lie iille io said iitroposedi im Iptvell.c l ievh tlIisC aOlliliwill ilrcccid Iii ellesail t street to I,e olpene-il lld i l llin l i an is pr e for hv the memorialistsl, necOrding to the praviieo of lt t actof3,d April I3::1, relgultti • Ilie ilellillg oif Ftri-ilia within the limits of lilt cily of Nwc Orlelns er. Sigerd JOSIIUA BAI.)IWIN, Recorder. Ai;REEAII.tY v ihe foregoiti tReolsiiaea anciie is herell giiven lll l it is Ile ;tellion of tile Council of Municipillilv No. Two, to open and continue St. lTho Ias street in straight line frm Suzette to Alllllcia tion streel. C. i ENOIS, Miyor. ml0 May ill 1139. MAYOR ALI. . I E LA ORILLEANS. Conseil de Ia 0Imnicipl)liti No. dellx. Placre du 30 Avril, 1839. A TI'ENIlU hqu I'p ltsicoin cnbi fcite it er ('Qj Avery, W ligart, .Luels 1. IB gart el treize aicre, pro prit:ities de hiale fimiciera dcns le voieinage, pster hlr ouvrir et cominua c roite ligne ta rle t lle. 'l!lclle depui Is . rue ucrie ju qa' a la rue de I' lAnoncia. II rat en eon-qlluene rallllle In ' avc dl e 1la dit, ap plicciliin. aiil dOi,,,.?, enl aitg elii ci isilsci diltc Ic eVrli Amricni Pi In tlIIlltici , ciofi rmtui ,, I i I lih , eCi itue silppositionA aalisiTire n'ei t pcini tate ic I'ami hIrnftiii prepo-he., Ii tllcicil orditi e l'ouvrture eli ctontinual ioud ll dile rie S:lon lel di,ImanIti les ptli lionnires It I I fiornl eni t rax uoli iIii s i d l lie dII 3 Avril, 1113,, rdgulcriasnl I'ol'vnrthr tdles rues dans its limiiee de la cille de lI Orlint . Sig 111 JO 11A 11..1)\VI, lhccorNer. I':n a iir t-, l l l-, u s Is i .lhllh-til: lin't Jlll ' ;itis sat l ialn dt l c i'illlelltilll Ih t {:cllls( il cie I'L t .1lll .i0 ali1" No. deux, de (lilte clllri l It o lilll r I cll te llc lle - etc cn en lie i e dci it Ia rcc 11 ccitr jutli - i I, rue de l'A uucitiru. C ii .tllS ai, 1 . w ll Ice 11 \lnii, 1::11." N:\w JlI:\VIIAII Y. S' 1M 1 . 1i I. ., I t ; 4 l 'ai t es s I rrr t, I un s Ib is d a yv er c e iv - er than ere.r heliri,- rt d II i tis d it . Als,, a .0 donz chlset]IRings, if Il lataUtls Iogclt'athei lih a ,reat va. rienty ofl htap tlaI Workl, ean'i-tinao I Irot r ic, Itiuas Far Olnam.nts, t, lCketts, (lChainll &. 'hA· ' l in t alt, will do 8well h eXalnel ills grenat aisoItta .l. I'. S. Old (laid ant ] Nil,, r ,,anted. altl 1: SINI:N SliitS, WL.VES & i.t. PEN11i,: . I. LA Just received by late rrivals, au itssntm, nt of I Shirts Crvats, I Sutmatr stocks, Glove,, allnd .. IH- ISse dtrs, at the Ilazaar, carner of St. Charles andl Cmunuon N. . H. A complete nc asortlicent of W\',iting IDesks, Ilresiaq cases, iprtable shaving l ea , i rosewood leatlher-. tmyti ItUSII & AI,AN. A T L. BROWN'SP PatnPlet I'lanfr Balances l a (fraersa ean find ai 53 Bienvlle streetl, I'antnt latlfrmn B nIIIIIIecs, superior to ally ever ol];.rei ill is a-ty. f- If \V . . a'ARNENs" ITA I'E OF .O.i0A.ANA-PIarish tourt, of the SParish and City of 'New Orleann--lPresentthae hoa trable Charlae Maaurian,Judge, No. 1191 Isaac Eanmate (ia actual custo..) vs. I.s Cretlitrs. Upon reading and filing the p tition and t herdule in this case, it is ordelet] that t ameeting of the petlitoner's ere. litores do take pilce itn open coulrt nI MIunday the 7PTth ofa l.a ilstant, thilat amnld the, to shaow clause, if any thev have or can, why the taid Isaane Eanul a shoulla not h" dischargedt aca.rdtling to law. It is tlitlahr ar daered thlat it. .Inat, Esq. be appointed to teptreseat ihe absent creditors, unll in th{e .lann,ll all Iprceedings agninsthlisa IPrsonalld aropcrty tarestlayd. 1By ordler of tae, t'urt. Clerk's ,llice, New Orleans, May 4, 1839. aa06 Id AItIANS) l'lIT)I, Clerk. S1TAT 1E LA L.UI.g LINE-t:o- e dr Parnitt , I1 pour la Paroisse et Ville ite la Nl ovelle O)rlans' preIel' lhonorabUlel Charles Malria., JtCe. No.11791. lansa Emanucl (aijltenu) as. s.s cltanriers. ElIl san t el por tlt lat t etit Ll la a lititti n el a hIdnle dans c cca s-ll e-t ordlonl qu'une lltasmie de al. P..a rtlalul a dli clater ies raisoa s, s'il. (i1 it nt, p Imrr l tli ]e alit laaatt Emaauel taaemit" s t alitr.r s6la ,t lt Ilat it plus ordonll6 que it. Illiut Esq. soil Inotiitnit pour re. pi.sentera le lllancier absenellr pe danill re tenalI toute procedture clattre sa pertltollle aou ipropribifi sera suspne tdre d la ICoar. Buleau dtl gretfe, In Nouvelle Orleans, Ie 4 alai 18:1¶ any td A. PIIT)T, (;titaer. l]3AINTS,OILS, GLASS, IIIIUSII e, &tc.--.uat I nditngt aroa aalt Conttiuioa, aun lir sle-v it 16(l0 feet fliIasI, best quatlity, lflall XsI aI i 2:LXiSz 300 kegas whlite lead purte; 310 dal green paita, in 23 litr. kelac ill tlozla pala etltlins rliar itsa;tlsl lta I lialra-.l 'ti doz llltllttld 00000 gataal'O Itrustl., ala sof o 00i)l{) ateI 0lt do; 2 casea crame green in ll awtlcr, su)ptrier airtitlst dado lt 1 call; Ua ; gla e raga oltiellt of assh tola l of every Asize atd quaait; aaltle leanil.a for artistl; lat nlatrkina. Sbruhlles rforelt .;aai artisl's ctloirs il- rasead arte payre:ii hutleL, filted A:-1 I;itl all NCcess,.ry barusles; artaist' t-ols7, &c. Flakeatill aa-aaitsr whlite; 60 lacka guld leaf; whIite and yellow wsax;a tI t atnbi; anId a large na d Coice aUt aortnaatnt ofrliailnt, ndry t colora t till, trpellatine, varllish I ., for salewaltleatl- ailc rttail, at the lowest prices by OIONIEI.LI, a28 5N Camp at. i AIttD-- 210 kegs Iliflaid, f lr saltc hv ml just retCihd and ftr sale h-l a?)7 A lO\VWdR, d9 Cataap a ARIL 8-ltt kaei aa.taRt l sia -aeceiinS sa m, i Phlilatl llitia lit l; oi , 1ial. atal e bya nty_ 51,1aad . & Itt 1\t N, 9il tagazinte st I 4'1 dl do Ibr lWl Ilai.i,,. a tr c ale bi nta t &c J 1- VI' WatIaNH':-1', 7:1 atatmp at Sfutl workiaalhlila ,tliellt a ttliall Itll tliatmtk,l, Io lale by AISI.AIIA.II ''111 Ela, a11 :t14 (iravier ca LICKlaE.o-20 kega lll(n .)10 ole, reaeiving 1art P New IValk iotr shlip Oetlee, Gtrsale by ate SIIat. . IIILtlWVN, 96 Mlagazine at AIL(S-8,100 lust adh IO rr, may 14 S &.J I \\_IIITNEY, 73 Camp st ( \N ltU - Y AaJ ti-3g, aatt ym algaaf tarle lay by iaty 14 S t J 1P \VIIITNEY, i5,,p t I a.OIlIN'G-15 casea seasnnuale clothl;ag, latliag from aship Sr. I.tatti, far sale ly laly6 I BIRII)GE & Co, 134 Magaxi:ce at 31-r~IIItS-:º large illaaaiae jaIlt reeived anad ltor al laby SIIALL & llaaln'N, mlnr 20 96 +lltgAnzie at S ' 9 l. PENt--Jtat re.eived a few gross (iilltsa E nagleand Prrya's double pattena h-el lens, Iaor nalabv )AVIhD FEl' & Co, ailsi N Y ltauil-aerI hall L24 Clala-trs na E)ARASOI+S and 3IIBREI.LAS--56 caaeca, aonl prising a general aortma-nlt of lanllt and Gina ham Umlarella. nd Ptra-ale, new and fiahl.aaaale yle landing flln brli Wa. iIanr. ar ntal by my6 i BRIDGU E & Co,'131 Magazine at CARROLLTON HOTEL. I¶ VAUD Ihar thile honsor ofinring bin al easr Snd th prllie in grneralt oaleh Iho takes Ihr Oltel at Corrollr, where hn trusts iP e nRillreeeA l tlle callson his old friendti and ll lovers ofenlt chlleer. Peivate parties rill ie hrndsoltaaey peruidd ntr by vi ivning o little ilitee beorethond. lie i willing ti enrler I nlo artornegnaeile with floilies or individuals alesiriinas t ,afpoossingl iru llolllelo t La.-rollico. naihD i OFFICE Ol ilE' OIiS I9Sli'i . IAIIINE AND Ii .FIRE IN URANCE COMPANY. il New Orleono, tn'y 20,1839. F FI IE Stockhnldern of rltlisO lntilliti or Ihere by • Inllinrdled anrequired to play ial ,m insla nme It +;f lltrly adlllort on eoch slailt, oil or ibeholru the Lnlt of Jlowe nextt st thbe Coanltn)'a uffaee. liy order of tiloe Bourrl. ]IENRY I.OCKETT, mO lin Presidenta, pro ten D . M POFFAT'S V(E'GEA BL.e i.lIFE Pll.I.S ore sn well kownll ioitle public lthat it ia hardly re coronrv to giv detacniled statpment of their orlue nod oee. 'ahe fnlluu-ira ortileus nill fully coaince ny one p ofhili nlaias rae di~tor has np a tile public to jalocue Ii cnafidicece in his pleparations. From tlae Ismapden h Wlig o Jouly 12,1837. Muffarn' Pills and Bitlers.--lThle Ilst Jloranl rlo a ruin addlitiunal testimony in favor of lis hlighlly impurt tantinvention. "The prtesas orftl.Jouril wa nlmlost otillilind'' ha nen tlni iI- e te~lillluno. ollle IIiP ill thr nanle ifl)r. Ma-llfl rlinnls os tar ila.iCtrliog Iac Peretifi ente iofollr nrighllr Bowles, anlld ftrIsR i t quanltii 1 al lIth nrtllet nl or InPisaatliai. This is ery kilad, noda te 1rolntie rho Inomilnt we Inlinr undre like smolictinu withla our nilghllaur of ller Jllurnal, to cnll on the aPgent. hI Ihe m lean lie, are nny laoering unlhreaimilar di f fiehtiles,. o those hie hve o isevereily no in ir Ill wles, tlhev hanve his Ipfrimony a Itlhe "l~ceeuliflr allatednlcess"' of the remedy to tle tlineure. The otedic cine is uldoubhtedly n sovereign remedy. ILETTERI FROM SA MUEI. IBOW.LES. Tlie fllaow-iarlctter is frln Mrl. Ilowlrs, Edlitor of the Repablicana and Jurnlll, Spialgfinlld, Melos. DPnINnFII.Dr Junzle I, 1R:17. tr, llaat--irS: Ic is iiowa tliiola-n yeuru lint I lhavre alltirieal frltar oth llalirinity al the ba;tels--tble EIhIN a lit, ine nnl o saapliore, ofn" e rei llnusn of inRhltlontiriar rella lll illll| a evere pIlills oile ur, with nii-r wellkllnoes aull depriSlOl Ino lnt-rties boiog n-r-erenry every fitw lnas to eOulltlerltl costuivienes. Ilave Rcisrulted goolId i!hician, oall haate triced almoat all kindls of ills ad-il ncrtiocrlanla Wi~la rcIrll-| iaiiPd ttIi av eaiiiin aIia. II t ia riilill.-e t -es 'nr, l lda -olaglaioaiirearDooan aaalloinrXet oifyaatr Li uillea "aa- llte fouand alutolaeIalit frtlll thleal noare Idliefunalld Rdal.)iedIIsato ilaly ene Ir a lenlgih o ti halll n lla frolll uny natdiit- Ilnvn vnr tiled. Vaitas, SAOMUIi,'~IiiIWI.I.S. 'or sale in lthis eit,a l tl auorier of CUIIlon I alllldl elalr.aan,i,,Uehs Ill+ n Hi.. Ttt........uitrtulilladt-llian+ ~lluaten+,ocp OVII orater ylnrloa, wiih eiilnrla, &c., aiontiaf I ill.9 nld i 7lnn t Jllst cJtl u trei trmld NoI1u 'Iliahaa swt li, Inar tle Ci-cle. Apply o J OTT. c li a Ii pal it SAltairgefourcr b-e urari- llaiallaotlal, jllR( iIth ti f od Iit tile c aree tlar ol acin'Ilvl. lltld t iirlllllll' htl *I+ 11J eolAlitu iiiigi tuaniIn,' elilg. lhllll oath2 , it dla-irahlc litr n ioatitaaig Ihoai u. It uill be lentill IIt 1utl NoviemIlernt Ilw it.e w the a ivtlt e I ronun lpun teanotuloob lgicc~l Utalh 'n. 'ly 18 Iw J311 It CAIL)WI-L. 'al-V- (tILEAN-S & u.n It . L TOrRlAIlu Ito.Lt1 C11)311PA N \ SUnMER .IRen t nIInrr,. tSo etac TIOO ni6eK nooS. -rala nrloraulalnah i-ta,, NaoW trllur-llan. SIlorrl Car la 4 ou'rll:k, .A. M.lllore (nr nal 5 o'clk, A. M ' ' " . P " 'I PM5 a Aftertn0',lnk aCar can be obaineld by payiag 5 lol tore alar Ith Trip. Oin and C rr eol ioaaaa C aaniloi i RHIL&N(.EMIENr FR SUN 1ER: Arl ka k enrwill lia t, afuratll lo Iia e I Ill ti e nai u lla , i llll nua uclcail, a I. aaa il Rca Lna lllllllu al Io al tg 'il rihaAI l I an nreaaoyaocae-aaoii nnkuooufk nan- ianitfal 7 i r Ill II n he u so rhI , on p ent btenr ar. o. ia Ylur tlnt: Ico n-|dtitI fI P IIIIII ClrrpIC Ino It te a I,'rlck .c ettlll~lJ ahe Ulll.i llal .+irll to rtrlllalll tiwrltlln II1I .i r'k, tleno n gklies iarlnnlsetoraes hif +ahrlnolahu .l - a ill c tuh-l aunatiL I;aatanctk , trla llalaniaaaan daeo i 1i(a s llatlo n! t, rll'l,1. theo Ilrh~lmllt w+ elkr of llaone uthe molrl brnulflul (icat. densr de UI a u qhliledS-utL· . l ot'lrnIlllE by oa l lfk ,c otv nust krlO l h hl , Ju'iIvP 8 ho T ui s lh lldutcr Ill+ ioiiv dlreCtiUUJn laqtu I rreccc llulall. ill iuU thecreof+ ITt.r JACKgrON ANIo LAI-ro.IItsE TIII tICAtIIr t kae iu ed ofl JaCkonIa Sreaeiil tt ojoiek, A ti., CIoaul atrle't n nii i 'ilaoa llL d runrholtrly. A u'iluok ntiey alll olalllallnao toleaveaeaaalilld 0e'ry hall Iloaar uutall-l aa oliauk, nu. nl I.'olI Jlack-oen sl-laaa alld ao'-lcoc' aroninloaaa -arrut, roa'aiiiucntat luelt ek,lltaii..aatarllltqm I.t hI tf -ai.rtieu:arla r-queeItnaiilaa ga-ala-ian lalll nni pit i Ir rf .onncul na hill, oor aoku ilail ers, . Ira Lu.i Ia no alia-nN,. onld .....anal.Carrullu,, Roil Roed Coinl i.. iMloy Ir., 1a3lw. JOIIaN IIraaMi'N, iu r fear- p1oire I-nao aNt u I c .t . I 1. - .,, V(~VE.L|.E ,m,.\.:,."+.% C..uu.,,ll. ,.. I ahl- ital"ll i t laia h , pd t r a ,ia i jt llraokt|i |Ia dailtile . a I)e Cart) . De lJo Ilc to DiOriaelaen. (lIr an crhcar l, i 4 Ala aiit aaaaur t c l e1 I l - h A1 l ia.uc iot le, ja a a' I o liv:, a a l-" I Al ii~alaaniaa Ito iia)II-la-uIii a al to Ptaiaoa"lI "' Bfi I0 "I " fi I1 " i i I "a " i5en lit \ A'ia a Ilatlre . aaa aia oir. ea ple, t a bta1a irr r Ia al e C ull atiil,1a )l l atr l oa tlaur at vo cngj.. u a lrril ,ladan oueu ajlnra lea uiaulr etnln. lnia. parlrlt . ie (caan-o llctnlho'.a lllrcnr tilalaUa dI uI t u r a tlittler 4iil eUa o. | 'ollr Jlnalil(.in'tll dPS I)PIRI.III]IPR ({lli st.Tl(! en1l21 ii ( 'ar S rlllllon Ililr Ir (.llll 41,+ ,5 helIP l+ ('t11 iii 11(! 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JOHN IIAMlPSON, ;utail8 Ingenicur un chef. ruITHE VWEIISTEIR VASE-Neatly engrulrd on n 61 nlaI cUrd, ac(omi)anted witIh it Memoir af Mr. Wlstler aid s lrriet'xtract s frs m hiu culebe ed s lsedIi o r'I usIts, Wtll1 a rlleslo f tie Vue\, fur ball, wh}lllll e ullI retlil, Ns I.i isslnrsru s st. Also, s miniature L iKeuness of Mr. \ebsler; al-o a lIecbrstion of Indelpedencet with ll ie similes of the tlalll lls. ellsly 1I J por la puroinse et vil de In Noluvellet (ftlI"ans I'resetle I'llolurable Chllales Mlllllluin Jug-. No. 11,774 1t. DIuboss us uss tsi-aciesu Ell Ullmtioun e i, i. . lotts, JEq. Ivoent pour l'ill. isolvable, et on Iinn nt nu lle errrlll uIlli so rll ilt d I'unlltllce d'lnlllr pour au. lxlbler les cri'ancierrs, et nll coulsquelleur ae Ct I rre'lr I'nesal1ssldbie n' ln las ee liei--ltl elst odlllll ar lT Cour, u 'llme assenmblse n vll clUe iiiihenll l blitall de ~hilsipple l.COuste, I.1i. nulltaire, ell.slaed le 15 Jslin, t1'43, slunlld et ris on r i dcthbeser str les t.iTires du is litiotnuuile of prendr-e el consuideration les ucontnurlles- l ell iol.t Extruil rt regislrrlnelltr, Baers dsu Gletlis , la Nuvelle i(t'llnss, AMi 14.1830. al I :t A1M- .s Ni) PIjTt I, Gtellier. SPTATE OF I.OUlISIANA.-l'arishs Court Ior thin l I'arish and City of New Oseusu.--l'resent the ithuorable Charles htaurain, 'duige. lits, 1-h1, 1839. (n ,llllulltn of t;e. \V. luust Iu1s IfLuouIsers fur tsle i ssrlvert, Ittid upllllOnWig to tihe ollrlt that an error hrri c.rep ill thP n totice cling fit a smeeting oucreditoiss in this cIte, lie tlia consequeintly nid mneing (allaot lkr pillar. Is is orderet d by tile ello-rt tha a tu lesv nletl ig take p ace at lie oulli'e of PhihlpeI I aroste, Es,5. l ylultlly pulblic, tin Saturdluy the l:rs h hAy of June, 18311, then ftsd thelre Io deliberate oi thlle atirs ofhle prlitlon er, and take: into cunsiderntiou thlle attets set ortlh inl Eltrct from tl ,s rinuts---Clerk's Office, New Or ltuusr, ley 1t, 18:59. mnv 3t AIIAND PITO', Clerk. * a fw -l Ritsehit' ;intPe t ltsver t ,llviug Irtsus do rilh ssrew Issr a laurge r urletv oilsasrit:l s pre-ee all i _ urrlla d _ firt rl, i articles and f'ur s!tCt by IIAVIl) FEILT '&. (li, is ) NY Staioers1hall 24ChltIre t J SIN tl1'I'S INK-Just received front barIsc Clhtti k uher i larges invoirce ofJohnsut llaul itl rllllu's u Itsu buok, rnd jub ijk, stn li s ale ruV a". A OWAR, 49" ('uamp t rljsl MEIE:AIC.i-Tlhss Ilmecnic'i ealculator, Sromprchendling lrinciples, asles aud tbibles in the v priout departments of mtuthemui trs anid mechaiers, u trPl to .lillw rigts, EngineePrs, sand Artisans in grne rtll. iby \iilial Gus e n, cisil euginturr. Is A.llsrinell, frm the 51ht Glasgsw edition. lierrived this uasv and fir s' ui, ly ALEX. 'Is'WVAtI, 1,n1 i8 .19 (inip st rl 1I R--20t1 brls N Carolina tar, for rsale by L' l0 A TI'IRIIl, 134 Gravier st IIIEl(RIINCS--00 boxes for u ale ly u 1l0 A TRIEII, 34 (raviers st IrIt1lE AMIF tIC:AN ALMANAC an td epolsitory of .I Ueful Ku twledge, for the' year 1839, recesved anll for sale by DAVID FEI.T & Co, Is11r Jl ,la ding fromnH lhtvana in c -sks,lsr - rel and destijthns, Ifrs sile l f IIONNABEI., may I8 Cor Natchez &' Tutlsistlllua sin SIlavunn, forsale h H HtINNADIE;., luay 18 :or Natelles and Thllapitoulll s as l A RBL IU'lI', for mak .lg aoia water ani oil risriol, retivsed lately and f te by u HIOIONABEL, may 18 tsr Natchez llnd Tehapitoule alesI gTATE OF LOUISIANA.--City of New Or. I 3 i.anne.-Be it known'that thit day before tie. Joseph Benlakin Marks, a notary public, in and be for the city and parish of New Orleans, State of Pa Loutinin, aforesaid dnay commissioned and sworn, at Personally came and appeared Messrs John Ste. venson Walton-Johln flall and Archibald Brown St Bein, Carpenters, trnsactling business under the I B style and firm of J Hall & A II Bein-Benjamin at HIlrrodo and John Hughes, Carpenters, trananoting ro business under tlbe style and firml of Harrod & ut Ilugles--John Thomas Osborne, Mark Thomas, Freeman Annable, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel A Morrison, and Daniel Babcock Clarke, all residents ot of this csly, who declared, di That in conformity with an act of the Legialt. (tre of this State, approved on the thirteenth of de March, eighiteon hndred and thirty seven, etitled ir "An act to nuthoriso limited or anonymous part. s0 nerships, and to regulate tile sunoe," t y, the said Ie appeorers, have agreed, and do by these presents t' Agree to outer the following Ihmtoed or anonymous it partnership, under the claouse and conditions fol at lowing to wit: Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which c0 said partnershil. is to be conducted, shall be, - The p Phoenix Tow Boat Company," and that the place C where said company is to be located, shell be in the I city of New Orleans. Art. 2. That the deseription or kind of business ft or industry, to be carried on under said style, by the dir clore shall be to establish and continue to run one or more tow boats, for the towing of vns. I eels, rendering assistance, carrying freight and pas. ai sengers, and any other business which may be Ik lawful for low boIts to perform. Art. 3. That the amonnnt of the capital of said p eilpainy, shall no one hundred thousoand dollars a each, and pa:yabl in cash. ti Art. 4. ''ihat the H.nes of the partners, and the amount each partner has contributed, is as fol- It lows : Sail John Stephenson Waloen, eighteen hundred and thirty five shares ; said .1 llill and A U Ilein, sixty one alres ; said IlHarrd & Hughes, forty one shares; said Johnt Thomas Osborne, thliteen hllurce; said Mlari Thomas, ' teon soarce; said Froemau An. noble, ten shares; said J.ohn Wilder Danis, ten sharesl ; said Snnmuel Morrison, fen shaIces; and I)aniel Bahcoc.k Clarke, ten scares. Art. 5. I hat this partneraship lhll commence front the date here of, and the same lshall termlinate its o lerations and wild up its conlcerns on the Stthirleetllh of June, eighteen hundlred and forty. Art. (. That there shall be three diroetors to transiiit the luciness of Paid companly, and admin. t ot its coccicrls. Art. 'I7.That the powers cwitthlwhich said dircotcrs Ishall Ihe vested, shall be to elect florn amongst tl cuiselves, tIl ir (owe Ir)arieS nlll, land ill al 1 vacan. cies, and lla ajority oi.) whio shal itavO and are herlby invested with ullc power to receive anid pay all llllonies, allnd to dIh allll (a1.4e to he dlne all that as reqiiti to th ctt llldlllliniig of the business of iaid eolipaniy--anl the, by anld with tihe consenit oi Illajorilty OS the directors, is empot)er. ilied to isl o thiiict or ntes of said companiO y, fir all demlands, iprchases or contracts on bcIhalfof ai icimiipaniy, icoiniriigned by tit col t one of Iho directors. Art. S. That the time of duratli, of clth service of slid dictciori shatll tio fur fron yotr; nod that an electionl for the uaitme hall tie held on thel first Mon. day ol'July, of l'each and every year during the ox. istence of this lartnership. Art. 9. That when said company shall have ar. it rived ait the priod when it is to expire, all the eon cerll and afflirs ofl the sail, shall be wound tip and liill dated by such director as imay be in offiea nat tLe liltcc. Art. 10. That the powers to be exoroised by the I)irectors intrusted with said liqtildtioin, shall be o bollows, to wit :--'o receive sit IIh Sual or Silns, as al may hie duo to the coImpani , Iand give acqutittanico or aeoquittanclues there!liur, alnd ito Ill the property ostaid companlllly, either at privalte sale or Ipubilc Sauction, on such terlso atld condiliolns as to theii Iay see lit and adiisable, aiod Io pay the debt of I aid colnpanly. Art. 11. That the dividends of the clear profils, after paying !l chargos and expenllditures of the tIcompany, shalll bideidared and paid ti t ho stock. holders, on the lirat Monlday in July of each nnl every year dlring the exiatence iof this plartnership lirst rtrserving tei iper cen.t. of tile polits for Cfi. ingenictie- . Art. 12. Tlhat at a gencral meetig ofthe stock. holders, all rules and regulatlions as rrgartd the it nlunber of notes i.iach socikhoulders hall give, and any other iaitllr relative to the iclcitre of thOu co- I piny, not lcontrnry to the foregoing compact, lshall I'e entered iIat, land the rtls ait ld roeguilatlns afore. It saidt, shall he deni niniated tiae i Ily. ,aw's of tIhe Phoenix To lwoi [t Compan(iitiIy," and they shalll lie bindinlg o the said htoilkhloldrs ian their respec tire heirs. Il. in ac , ieno n in my nIc, , in cy cfic', to the city of New )rlans, noires.ti, in pr~eil .n o f Iti),aiel J ticahlo I and \V Ilal.vrnard witllessei of lawfiil ago allnd doi cill;ted ii this elty, who I helre nto sign their ilales iogtllher wilih s. rh tiapparers anld e, thie said notary, this let liy of .\pr I, 1e39. Oitgilial signed, oI. hn ii Walton, Joseph V\" Dcavi., li Iarrd, 1) II Clairke, iS lorritco., ". Anc noble, A I in, John hiuglihes, Jlohn 'I' tsliborn, itlar 'l'h nils, .ohi 11hlil, J. \b' H a ansli, h J lRi o carhdo, .1 11 ,Marks, nut. pub. I certlfy the lilcolilun to. bcI I tllr cop1y of thes original iot extni t in ia y current regater; int faith wheretl,l, I rant these proenlcis . Siiir my viLoCn it iire and seial of aluli.e, at New Itrloians, this `i2td of SApril, te:19. .tOS. hi. MAIRKS, not. pub. a ip129 9t I'kl 'o ilt ' 111- s111,1 Iw o uta,'I, s-Imssas Iss0sil'ileI, it, l r,, tor ll, byi ll I.1'<l ,"l , I I N."w I.evee VI IIIKI Y---1 bbrlIs hisk. , lalundlg s flol -1 n . ,l am t hlll 'l rll l thr isale byh I .yl6 1: li '.Y, +1 New l.eve IIis ,ily.rnuider Iher lima of 1t- ad &. Ilurtlow, is thi. day di ,-olve, . ...l ,.h fi, ,..f the, firm pill hit ll. , hr use1 to liq huidatimn lyv, whirl l I. ltmndad to by \ 111. e , F ll aA Ol ts b pil revn,,td I, tll ml. 1ii, I30! \lII.I.IAS I A REAl), Is 1 ElANu.IAMIN I\ARSM'I')\W. . . . 0 P llt'E (1 I'n1 ; of A .. .l . rt Ir ti, i s tr l olors (I ( rland'. Jol I lNs .1,rli't 1l's,' l 's I:shI.n r lress iIng lr k A sulrew' ItPrOllsl i n s llas! PP i I)l n T .l I Nle Sketch Iyts k, lest nNIA , seiries The I s"Ined tates Des nwiAl BInk, i-t rerriv and Ior sali 'v ALEX. T()\VAII, A CI I I?. A 1all )OIIINS1 N & Gll)Ill N, (8 Chalrec streer,) I1 rep tl+ilv infor n their friends neid the public e1ierall ythat I Good sin,ofhIe ablve firm, will leave Nor New York 0bot thI Isl ofJutIe. T''hey invi'te ths'e who A nilny wih c.rmen ts u ll .l n tohir ell l sure to call nld leave their orders prl {ios to that time. ml% 1 .. 4 1i Di)l.It , 11 New I .ve. S v , nr n ' I. ,Z l .b , r ik e d in on e d tz b os e s , 1A I VIIllJ FEI"T, N York SNlatim rlta' IllI \V'[, LA\M R. CARNES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOtIM, may 14 11o. 53, V'IE'VILI.E-ST. NEW ORLEANS. E L--5 1ton. ~'nglsh blis.llt d a ttrs l thr ale bye Ip 20 SIIALII & IKIO\WN, Iti hgazine t SI'1TTEI & L.\Ilill--l!s I k s ,.Sd&50 da supe trior I.'etiern bullttr, for s.le e by 311-'1 I IRSEY, I" \,"v Llt n's' s l"e-IAll e , 14m N15 w 5L erk I i II IaS s il IJ ssls:,s 11. w I.I's s o pelr ,hip tr noe fim'r Ii losale by s y A s,.ss. , IsA mtnl mal is Ih',s - '-irkhs ' stsl Iiinr ..r nn inc1'3h11M.I.l H W Nrzhei.' Phrenlo gy Alsilurili's iclt Iaon ; le hlo'gues If l evil; l i brary o intr nti a l I lusuemeut s volrl. A f urther Uppl s jest r,'aceivd by A T'IIII.1, 111rn'7 ` C m tll t II 'NNY 1110; -111-1 lillls 2l0 bilassli gi llEs, all r J 'I' II 11ER & , 7?-IsPoyydrs lraet al 1 co0 I rner Co I ni Tne "bnaspitoallusssl CN IIOILAA \ICKLIEI -Nos.s 7, 1. snd !t alsa the first six nos in one part: with It variety of very ilanscre sating boks,just reIe .'d; Ir +l, by ilss7 A TIJWAlI, 49 Camp at OAP-300 boxrs No I Salp, in ilc, l ir sale iy NS &J 1' WIIl''NEIY ail3 73 Camlp at IIi IAUm.IC CIIIENIT--l0 barrels landing smIs rig Emerald, s-nd lsfo pule lIs in 13 S & I PIVtlIT'PNEV,3Carny at I ONEY-i1l Iieresss lfresak Csua hlasey, now lazsding Stros hrig Clara iaOa Ildlvaasforsale be JAIlVIS & ANDRCW'S, ait cor Coala nn and Tchoupitoulasna as oI1.ASCS'I-9 bbsj st d b ra d a m lyIEi1OtiOEN, BROWN & u Cut atay 3 Na 9 Caati at SITAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Ville do Ia Io'. uirvello Or16uns, devant moi Joseph Beanst. ken Ma ke, notaire public, dons et pour ls vilie at paroisso dle Ia nouvelle Orlda.s, Elat de lo Louid. ane, dutement appointd pt jurd. lnt personnelloment comnparn Meeslettrl John Stephenson Walton, John Hall et Archibald Brown Bien, collog,tee n6gociatit loers afl'aires ot. le titre t locrme de J. nll et A. B. Bein-Bsnj ollfl6 otHt. rod ot Joan Hughes collegues ei t o rll.tet.a lffairoa sous la litre et formo do Harrold ot Huohea --John Thomas Osborne, Mark Thomats, Fraoan . Arnablr, Joseplh Wilder Davis, Samqel Moltinia, at Daniel Babcock Clark residents caettti. illalqni declarant, Qua cenformbment uno sole doe I Lidglhtuilt do cet Etat, oppronv6 le troise Mars mil bult bet Irento sept, intit.d un ncto " pour ultoriser led as. sociations limit6 on anonyme at les rtglor," oaux lea dies tdmoins ont convenus est faits par es pre. soneus conviant . ontrer Ina suivante assoclation, itm itie ou anonvnmo sou les clauses et conditions qui sulvent savoir. Art. 1. Quae I norm, titre at styleous lequol cetto conpagnio sara conduite, sora ILo Com. pagnio do remorqus Phoenix." et la place de netts Compngnio, seor dons tl Ville de Il Noovelle Pr. lians. Art. 2. Quo la description ool'espbee dos of. faires oa industrie, itre conduisd sons Is dite style K er los disectcurs, sera d'Alablir et continuer courir Sou denur hateaux do Remtnorque penr Is remor. quant des Voiseanux, aidant, ot portant fre oat ps. sagars et quelquo nutre aollire qui serait juste potur los batenux do remorque a executer. Art. 3. Qua to lnamont du capital do cetta cor. pagnin sera cent mille piastres, divined e nee mills actions do cent piastres chque et payable comp, toot. Art. 4. Quoles noms desaeotiontares t to nron. tant quo chaque acttoniiairo a contribul eat comma suit: A dit John Stepthenson Watson, nuilt cent treats actions ; . J. Iloll et A. B. Bein, soizaleto t no actions ; a larerod at IIoghls, quarante et un so. tions ; at Thomas Ooborile treiza actions; a Mark Thomras, dix actions ; b Joseph Wilder Davis, diq actions ; o Daniel Babcock Clarke, di aso. lions. Art. 5. Quo cello coompagnie commencers de cotto date, ct terminera les operations le trento Join rnil bluit cent quarronto troin. Art. 6 Qu'it y aura trois directeurs pour con, tractor tes anftires de la dito compagnio et admin. istrirr see itdrllts. Art. 7. Qua los pouvoirs doent mors vtn lee db rccteurs, sera d'6iro parei oux un Pr6sident, et do rernplir tnieo s places vacantos, oe dont I major rit6 nura et ot vetu oven pouvoir de reeevoir et de pays r toutes inornoins, et faire a causor a Atre fait tout qui rast requis It le condnisant lee affaires, de la dite cormpagnie ; ct to Pr6tidot par et aves le co. sent do la Inajirit6 dens dirceteurs, set autorisl de donnoer In promosse do In dito compngnie, pour tiotes le osdermanls, chts, on eontrate, sor le part do la sdie i comprgnin contrdaign6 par au moins un des directeours. Art. 8. Que In duri do service de deite dire. tours sera un an, of qu'une election pour Is moma seara tuue to prrmier undi deo Juillnt de chaque oallrn prndant I'existence do coett compagnie. Art. 9. Que qluand cetto compagie sara or. rivde au toerue do son expirtioun toutes lea affairr scront I quid6es par los drcectorsr on oflfie en cet temps. Art. 10. Quo lo pouvomr dor.t eoront vtus les directours confitd ave0 la dite liquidation sera com. mo suit savoir : do recevoir toute somme quedura la compagnio at donnor quittance poor le mnme, at do vendre la propr6l d la do ito cornmpagni en cvnto priv6o ou pubhquo coommu voiont propres et avisablo le dirocteura et do payer toutes lea d6. tponses do lacomtpagaio. Art. 11. 6Qu lee dividendes deo profits sprbs avoir puay~ tlotes charges ot ddpensoe do la comr pagnin seront dd.lar6es et payeos a Ile actionnaires I Ii premnior Lundi do Juillnt do clnque annode pen. dnt I' do coit comnpagnio promiebromet rseorvanit dix I our cent des profits pour les casual. Siltds. Art. 12. QU'h uno election g6ndrale dos action. inires trotes soo r6gles et regulations a I'6gard do norllbrcs dees votes qul chaque actiinhaire drne donner, elt qlUeliuno tre chose relatiao k le bien. ltre do lo Ir srco eont considdrd nt les rigles 1't regulations avant idit soala d.nominBeos les " par, loin do la comlrpagnio do remorqua Phoenix," et tI rlirno cora obligatoiro sur los dits actionnaires et tears ho6ritiers. IrFaSit t I piei,6 on mon rtude dane ta villa de la Nouvolle Orleans, on le pr6oence do Daniel J. i Icardo, et J. W. Ilussard, tdmoins d'age requis I et dIemurant dias celts villo qIi appoentl laura signatures enlllernles, avec lea dit tirmoins et moi, to lit inotairo, ca Iremires Avril mil huit cent trento )riginel sirgd, Johrn ,. Walton, Josoph W. Da. via, 11 Ilarrod, I) . U. Clarks, S. Morrison, Anna tble, A. It Iein, John llHgees, .Ilr T. Osborn, i' IMarlt TI'homae, .lobn IIH11l, J. hassnrd, D. J. Iticar. d, Josephli I. sarks, ni. pub. Jo certelti qie ceci act ino vraic copie do I'origi. ial acts extlant on non rngistre ; on setta fois i. jaccoro encos res, iIts anus ma signature et In oceanl do moion r lico, h lIa Nrouvello Olidins, to 22 Avril n29' JOS, It. .MARKS, Not. Pub. o a. ut iFr ll..-ti,0 tinge i n rir and for e I 1 vle by A '1' 11ItI I,4 Giravjer at t il ll. a.Lt&.rII O oN 13 96 Magazline st IA-II.S--3- Intoo I or a.,,rral.,-.for sale by--" nIt l..t &IttttOWN, r m13 I9i Magazine as L I - I ioii.el, Il.TlrIomartn, Lin , Ir.t diing from lbrig ILIlhNig, iId tar rle Iny nl ,3 .& J lP 1IITN9EY,73Compst )11 UlIt R--It U burrelt for sale bo ItS Y i l:I (; IIOtlIt'S]6, I4i Nw o Lesteo S) f.r rle by eA/ TlIER, .l "234 !Gravierat I III-i.,, iTOi KI-NGSl--100 dozen ladies stock A ig.g, it, store for sale ly lf A TIIEIR. 34 Grnvier at No I'A 'I UIB.ICATIONS. ) I)ItbI I,: ANDl ASPI'AIA, by Walter Savag The' Cainet It ister. by Mrs. Gore, authoress of the ' Hungorkrr'l' lc.e E JOHNS & Co, mnay I ccr St Charles & Common slt N. O. & NA'IIVILI.,: RAI. ROAD Co. SrrirNG ARRANGEor ENT. Conrencinu n ri Sa. lv1, 511h May, 1839. tIllLE Cars ill leave foIr the I (REAT PRAIRIE, o, I their nruter to tIhi layou Tiguyue, every day in the week-as follows: I)elp rr. Return. 7 11. M. 10A. M. 4" 6 " Excert Srndays, wlon the cars will run as fallows: lIport. Return. rA.M. 9ilA.M. 11 3. 2P. M. 4 6P.M. lay3 JA3IFS 1I. CAI.DIWEI., President. P RI Rllr ORlN AIllENTi --Rore alrd tbutsiful eurrnsirite, for rale only by Rees & 'ltansge and rll Plaough's llMuseum. --_ _ All these ornaments consist of the most splene did specimens of orrhinology from Europer,Asi, Africa, and our own country. Approved nortes lt 60 days will be taken no (( ifiil -III xesn re ore for.Iii .J a25 A TIllEtR, 34 Grontersea I)IFN'I'r-I1UI bags rirlento, primen quality, l storc end for sale low try mr8 J II hUL.IN,74 Campet "5Al' PAPEIltl-Just received two cares superfine o Itlt o wove apr, ,ery thin suitable for honk ne ,one dr wlhite wove, fr auloe Iry 1) FELT & Co, m0v9 NY V oltihm.r's hall, 14 Chartres I ACtON-1-5 casks hamr arnd sides, for sale by s ipll .0 I t41 ; il I i3.1 Mageninn st r AKUMt- 1ItI balesr No 1, RussiaO landing from j rihin Grrrtn and fir sale lr april2 iSl'nt.l.& BIIOWN,96 Maasine at FURtNIT'URE! FURNITUREf! TUSJI' re:oiod alt the l.ouisirna Furniture Ware house, a large asupply from New York and Boe on. I'craon in tihe wonr of fimtlure wo ald do cell to call, anrd select ihelir articles from one of diM beat and largest stocks now in the city. W R CARNES, li6 53 Binvlll. a N tl-Particular atlantron paid to peeking ad'ship ing Furnilurre, tfreop ofxprpncte. d6-2w _R t'E-ISti coils tIr sale by I ariil 2 ATRIER, .itt Gravieeter t IB lOGAfi NS- cases kip breogas, landing from ýship St, L.rruis, for a. Lt bro my7 I iitRIIDGE & Co. 131 Magazine al rlTAI.Lt)tW UANII.ES--l 0 boxt es nlouCl tallow 1 Candles, fi,r ale by I BItD(;E i& Co, mar i21 134 Magazine at i LASS-JU.rt hiudrl g J from fr l burrr, un aossortment O FJar, VialC , rl d \i.dow Glass, at wholesale arnd etoal, t II BONNA IEL, mnure at Cr of Natchbz rnd Tchapitoulas sal 1AIbIIELI -311 1ulnl as bhrreel in satoe and lotr sale by L H GALE, lpril a Ie 9t iCormmn at rl1lIE BENCII do BAIR OF ' ENiNGAND.-_By the I author of rllandnm ra.olloctiorso f the Lords and Ootlltolls, and tile Great Metrpolis, in 2 vols. Nerll lMahloe nrd-tlhrrl tale rof Ifelald by W H Carlerer, author lrsalts and str;rios of the Irish psa aintry,in2 volt. Justreceived Ottd for sale by nt5l A T'OWAR, 49 L'amp at IALE ROPE-1ol0 esi.s, Dpt p6ne euality. fur +salR by .AAG RI DO e!& Co april 2. 134 Magaazi st OFFICE, FIIEtIIEFN'S INSUItANCE COMPANY, New Orleans, May 4,1839. IHE Stckho.bolders are hereby notftlied that tIe .T eighth Inrlatneest on their stack is dtesnd. po atble , ilo ri.tlth of June 1839. ry 9 E L TRACY, See. E(ý NO ON4 LtNDON-Fartae4y oDAMS 7 WHIT} LL, inyT 7 Grpvr at

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