Newspaper of True American, May 22, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 22, 1839 Page 4
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itiuore Packets PACNS A Ml ORE LINE OF wrill onsist othe following vessels, .. buailt or p4rehaed expressly for S Capt. Miner, dt h-ew Ni kerson, .nw Stevens . oina.Sltue, Lotham, h Ott Cr.. - e of the firt clss, hand. dea e ,oomlamodtioni and aro of a light Water, sea to admit oftheir receiving and ; nrgi their cargee in Baltimore, at the ilty. will betka prts on the Cliesapeake sam.' *iver, and forwarded by the agents, CLAIRJE & GELtUdtGG, at Baltimore; poe on god~shipped will be advanced when to4re; o pr of passage is fixed at $6i0, ale'tora ofthe b at quality will be provided. tam tep and deow the Misoicsippi will he taken o kt or passage, apply to noti7 GEO. BEDFORD, S2o Bienville at. FOR NEW YORK. Lelianaa aod New York Line of Packets ] Til Ships comaposing this line will sail Fro New Orleans and New York on every other Mon. day--oommenning on the 20th November-n.d to nare te punctuaelity in the time e iling, the line will hereafter Consit of five ships, viz: Ship Yeo, aptain Trask, to leave on the 20th Ship Louisville, Captain Palmer, to leave on the S 4th December. SShip. untaril/e, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the Shi V8th December. 8iip Vicksburg, Capbain Woodhouse, to leave on timhe lat January. Ship Miosaisippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th oC Januaryl. The aboee are all newr, of the first class, copper Idsoad copper fastened, and upwards of 500 tons lOl'thln, are of light draught of watero beig builtne n New YorLt expresly fuar the trade. Thi price o0 passage t. fixed at 100 dollars; thlei cabins are fitted up in the most iproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style. Ample stores of the first quaityi will ie provided, and every regard paid to tile vimfort niid entire ua.ilction of passengers, who will please take no. tine that no berth can be secured uetil paid for at the Oee o thr e consigenees. _ex e vea On.sare commanded hy captains well tetion and nt lemselves to acosgat at will at al tirn es be towed op and down td ..iss's aappi by steamboats, and the strictest u und tualyMi S bserved in the time of sailing. The owners of these ships will not be responsi. ble for any letter, parcel or paekahgr, Bec by or pat on board of th, unl e glar bill of l be signed tesri r ortie agent or owners. For furtler pniculars oply tl nov27 JD DEIN & A COHEN, b y. _ - 90 C ,lml on stl Tb· V 1 tu l'Cl l yll~n~ ,ORLEA(NS & L'H A 1; -E;S.I'U 1' P C i E7. litis lne ieonsista of lor veseel, all vl thefirnt elas., copper.rl and oppr fast th d e, end of about 200 tons birthen, with haIndslne accomnmodotioni far passngers These ves ire etpe vred in te canmmantled by cnpta.. wet clpeifneed in lhe trade, who will ,, lve every at !.ation,and exert Ihemselves to atccanmodato tilie ltippere. They will be lotedd uc nd di a the Mllesiuiipl, and leave New Orleoneas n or before the (0th and 15,h of every einut. The tolloet-,, vaesele compose Ihe line, vtz : Brig Arabian, Clhaeles I- rdon, master. Brig Ciiapmen,J It. Tlhompso neisler. Brig Almena, J. Do'ane, maater. Beari Rolger Weilliain, J. Allihers, moo'scr. For freight or passaee, applv t, J. A. IIAlE I l & Co, 61 Common t..New Orleans, or ,l. C Mnrdeeai.Chalnrssnn. OMBAR & C stajcand~ h·WUlnl JLALie of Packet Shipn.Tl'his ..i , o slion l lsp •a -- p. in l su; h i.n on hbilt to ruin between ti s. abov ports, and will he found of suitable draft of water: neoommadation. for passengors, and every effort will be talue to give general satis!i'etioe Th'le lne is eomphed of the fo'lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleaton, 374 do D Eldridga, Colambiana, 625. do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J lowes, T aBomlhay . 625 do I) Ilumplhrey. The above ships ore ali now, of tlhe first lase, copper fautened and eoppered, commanded by men of' rat experience, have largo ancconmmoedations, Wit a separate ladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pasengere, and the very heet of stores pro vided for them. The packets will be towed up and dowvn the Mis eissippt, and the strictest puncltualiy ohoerved in the time ofeailing, nid should the regular vessels be detained in arring, other ship equally as goodl will in all caes be ubntituled. A share of patron age i. olieited, anl the agento pledlge lcthemselves to accommodata Ree much as practloble, to receive and forward goods by said line at hle eost ieloaer. ate caorgaes, and to advance all eapcniea on goods shipped, ifrequirod. Tim ships will leave the let and 16th of every i month. For freight or passage, pply In thie agents. J A MEBRRIT'ft 82 Common st. I N. B. Advancements made on consignme..ts I to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 THE Geneine lea yd Balscm of -T.ivca-crt adl Hte-ý .Lhound, in put Upin bottles at tle low price of 511 ceats aeah, colntailing the streagtil of three ounnees f Livelwort, besidee the virtaes el many othelr roots and herbs known among the hndia)no as eiffieioea in eurlieg pulmonary complaintt The ual:ivalted nottneesn wlicil has atol eled Ihe use of thii ieotestltablea Baoehian whlerever it hli been ilnto duced, has obtained the eonfidence and reeiomtitenda dions ofrelpeetable plhyielans, for the core of ioughsi, celda, Pain ta the saide, want of roest, pitling of bllod, liver complaint &.c. To whaom it meay concern. Tl'his is to etlicy thatI we have in our prac~lle fretuently prescrillbed Mrs (;ordl ner'n Indian BaIsam of ltverwort ad I loarhole,i i il, a decided good effect: we cace tlherlbror, flile tIt know. ledge ofthe naterinla it is made fromt, .ild observtevoIi saotl x ierete, recommnldet c it as a . .perie" prelparation oral tie alections of tie llaCg tir lwhichl it is re tmendel. AllJlt VI',P l.l431S, 3l. I). CALVIN EI.LIS SI. In. lletnbete of ela IleAostoc ledical Asselntion. Bstoetn, October 25. naleby JAIRVIS & ANI)LE\V., itt i + - 9 mll;n ll I il cl aitallo t. o et *P EN' lVWe bblatjaa i ic eoriee e a ",-i coo ..- lo by HEIt10.b E..E BROWelVaN & Ct). _mays oua =+. ' " ,1 fi ... y- 3 ...-. No 9 (`otoni s. JjftU ..'ga4t enaiing Iroiii Sloa-eiii, a cilleot cl lms itter end awel lietquorii e rout, liln juice,esa Berrmot s.enc- o ltmoem j i ee, hemp nd catnery spata manna, flake a:d omnal, entliaridei irinmeatoal, orage flowlJr , niter &c, fier wholeole c'd retai loS a It t l B)NNAnIt mi nor Nallhez . ''elhonlituulae et Vl)K(AIII.lC n llI;R T 'NT.....'n lalcoliig F~r I~ilm SUL Goeo Cartb, and for ntsale Iy ney3 & J P WVIIINrE, SIMMONS BAITT& Co, are now receivnt Imo on board ship Orleans. Eagle, Htgllandiier, 'oker I.ery Andrw, Frenelh and Giermn play cearIs; elauk ganeoan IBoards; Ciatetran, ' c -4 nnd 2 3-.l ii, li lI ,lBull,; 8,9 10 and 12 inch blado Bowie Kne . .eatller anR other travelling Dressinlt Catse' B!ti Peeket, Hormnman'n, and Dnollin" Piatola.ildttlee iII a s hnole'barrelled Guna; Game -ag Shot Belt.; Powlerc ; ana Pitol P lare; Dram BoIttles ectd I lkit C- I( - _eereoeion Cap- and Cop Holdere; Cloth, l.l,., Tooth: gand Nail llr zshesf Orie rind Ch'hlritm 'Tooth Woolh Tooth Powder Toilet and Shlaving .onaps i ret gI . it rietn long Hir Braids, Ringlets nod rizeetii- li'ear and Pailet Powder, Emery Bboag Ivory Ti u Cuoolb;i e alPent Sltdle or Gn ttrr.e Gut Eilati.i:icoiiele Poanner Planed Iloxe C...•ilt CluolnScoitt tut, K" e " Ear.d.ops; V eist Ilnckhle' llroo'lt u; a."'. e t.kl;e-i I anl uChlai..; Gilt acid Silver, rdo ,a toidt:IiniT Icitls" .lls and ti"trme e lShell Twit; silil .. o iireoie I Combl; wnhih,in addition to their former attun ln lleh taci ates thuyr astrl.ent very conIIpiee, nail wvill Ie sii ow end en lihertlesme,- at thee fEt. of thle (Gollle Colub. i25-tf 70 Chartre atreet. 1 U3USIA Stl ETINGtI-1 cORo, late Iceg let i Ja ship John Dunlap. for salt hv aS 1 BIDGlE & ('e, 134 ·JQ g .OMhES'lJ('1.5 be ha 4.4 l.tcrli rciiannd s. i Jin len 4.4 twlletl loail cotne 3 ra.e bu.ehal'in e-iIp.., alnding from ship St louis, fur nele by m _uRy 2 IIBRII)IG & Co, 131 hla gzii e at IRON he R Tinnn ber have procurer tagre,,t e l. h rigt of ic P cr raof, in thi b i ay oe edapt d ag it rlo r. huildulgn, wceeeape i , erd preote dwellii0, uet tih earbineio at on.e cheajp.ess and durilclilty, a... II ore perf'tly fire end anter proof. Ti.rma ea, La know"n, mndoa medel eeen at c-,r eetantlishetrnli, apposite an. Meta ,,%Imrl; e,, Trhepitln t. t . aet' _ E B cMilSr Pe ret uJta - toe aeeehoet.ue . ,,e ., a lare aneppply of Cannel and Liverpno.i reiool in heulk, of nperior qualilty, .lhih they oife for lt sale in Inlot o seile pureha.cre. Also .apectelI bhy the first arrivals friom Rp o oland nd the Norlh, Cannet, Lehig.n acoil P'eel. r an Monirein C erl, Ihrkcen aod serta.ed, put cp in tic 3 h' kogPh reagee elv for Int ily gn --c I ,f oletih Pt, Shr~ey r of an f tonte one ost mestra' teors Ordrron~1op t Iheir tffie, No. 5:1 liioe ll st. up tlair., will le protnptfy attendel to. RIot evn~er e perh, tuir ty n .UL BR LA. ++UIIE. TnA l 'ut O-So ol "roar r tcl o teoat +gly e~ nd .5 hates Jackson fo (-.! hn:,, al j°1 & aen~hip Charlera lienrinel lvO S-" I B[I[DUE &r "Co, w Sclvthisn, ladig..h eal-m ship Charlers r, lfbr esle hv J llllSI-It)O &C,~ NEW GOODS-Sik£men plan &h co acsh noiw it r I soeiving from on be and ships Yaroo, and, Cnroogue ndbriut Contordia, from New York, a renut variety ot goods in their line, which together withn theilr frnels stock on hlod, Irlkcs tler assrnetort e, ver i tI ete. The tollnowiag eQ11pose a plot, vix: I ell twitr, ..,r :ler, te k and lreae ntul om . nl do of rll t-srlict iis, li - die rubber, silk and wors'ted lastic -arters, comlmlon) & fine clastic snsnendoo, lerocn ore rido Lnriler nnrilhes, Neidlktz pnwders, rowdderpn iifold nilxes toilet Iowder, poIket books tnei walletsr , wneedlooe nks Ire, hIIearl, Ioy rtied ior 0 , eari casea m nr el r s, lain co rill ieads, Ilcklnieei killi ti eli ocl, kead ihtiili, brad eckhllcc, crut glii t and h Ioiti,ei. c,'il er inr si gidll, l idn eadst , bell, rod phines; pistol Atio lnrge piw ler flasks,elot Ielis, ir.,i, belt. prbket :-od dlilitie nistlls; doublle iiulienilre blireetil lie _ne, liri kniikes, andl dirks., shiearsn pockot knives, goardl eiais sod ridboinrr, rc.iir bckles, clotil ir,to tetit i nai.iirli ril,t, htre ine, puae, lor l naoi di.ting Ii, Cologne, Florieda, tilltrir, rloe and nii v \VttraIsslrtid esseaea. ild extrct, 3alrlneeltsire lien, noilt rle amtll Waeitnd' e getrale hair oils shaving iand tilet inaps Of all es ceriptioed Indie' nlld gentliirleii' desk.; nl d ressing cnases, hair rieglet, friozaes anil Inraide, Ioin, Ihnyev ana musoical work bioxis, plin aniid gilt, lici'edo colat ad vest butttns, pearl and ivo y shirt do, s'hit s lls, gold seid cilver ienoili csesn, toohilre ,ks ant, teezers,i tilit ild glIt lnciketl, initei l re dno, rsi'oer, brass u d ste hinldrles, hooksn d l er es, hair pilln, imitaitir firuit ilk and rcldink,shoe bI,iacli, nlvioelin, rnd gt ,rcee ,ribed olld plain percussion ll as, limr tirne, seL rted es Aen, ,ghl nlrd siber lace ritd f'.itne, hteir paper, ;aoe Ig ride w'atips, wlkingo cant eplivlonlg old, li ,pld, atad ald grlltjiwellrn &i. he 1r ove, ore theler nith eoralt varietyr of other ari lea are offered at wholesale or retail on I+clalllltn|ud+tthn Ders." C N II Sheill ecomle repair:d UO \L, ho MAY, Iluuae, Sign, and th'aanaa..t I'al nel . ,3 earnaelcl stroeet, twit doers from lanal street. hnimitionsi of kte i'llowing woods n onl marblesex ecutdc in a nlasteri) mnell neele. Mahnay, Egypitian bliak andu gold, +..k, G:!kilo and Atltien Polhlr1 do, Orienlal or verd anliqute, nurletd do, I Jasper, Iuirbled Maple. Iltoid Stone, Birds Eye do, Iaoby Ganite, hSatin ood, R Potloine, lhdr1 Wood, I)nvu ol r nIurdelln, Yew Tree, Italian White Coeltnncdlc or llarck t io llneio ain HuIectelll, liose Wood, Amrlni inn Gre., AtAsh Wlite Oak, 'Ac. & &e. CIurled illh, ipeoimenn to ei seten at tlre shop. Paintns. oils ,gltcass ioil, catirll shi , o. hnoiand eitor sale. 1 ud bllndle ilron, wall eassloted. Iloop, scroll al r ioi ironi, il rodi illIIIo.ghl moudls Cast, German, shear, blisters-l, Fpmtillg, csleet int Cio ICy cteel Htllorw wneren, itll at wrnollm t tiiilis indi spike Zium, block till, mill and gulmllll t hiie , si ill kettle, Clhain muables, anl:llrs, i ii o Ain i1s ir's, ll, nll-s lliid hrllhl s 1 hvI e, i hccl ri ..anti bitl.load; -h t Alink III l I lll iS p liiw ' -d , lher uitles andl ehm lsk C(illiiis, Ilurtllls 'Ihin-lp aw d c lb r a s I't; d ai wl \I) i:l;+ , . ,".", hl l illlu u I twine tutilc liiiiril ral ,if Sfilll tlýst'l wrap r l Ilil!,',e andl, ship I'hmuillnd T 'Ille iiI' e iciiil lln h I-l- hl fltlOli-i lltu ttl-Cll h le-i I..lYTicN k Co. 5: lhl I.evee. A NEl:rlenlit fliper ectrublel "itll orcab + (clled tle , lkr T"nlmti - p iue h iSl it iiee ru cce ivet, flv the uise off tt hiel, lti igla t artadt'thli Al ro the h i I elln " 4ici ii lie mlit:ia - civ i:i:etlr: to i li e ear. An otee wlh iu-:l.-u tilr uell ilr l Ii ii nvcnrsi- willt a veri den ttperson, Io l-e nlfi-' tellihle oi I li d Iiffitttlty nn, em h llrIm-iketipllP eriell d Iboh I I, e ti len ;'I and the - - Ilvilnal so ot l 'llvlllllllt¢l li i l Ir u llm INspof Iho IItIois .epllcai l lia'+e Ii|\'¢ll : .111 nIIt i ldull ' t I r t otlbth s ailer _ der + ito: 1 ha g ll l . ... Il'l, 1 , mýoItiele tflu..S-utmeo rr Inn eivld I i coinrill I V ull " " S!) omlom !e l oot l Iltoil stn i HOUSE AND SI-N PAINTER FASHHioNABI IE CLOTI-ING. R O IB .' I O.'" 61" G OOD IJ 1P/ , tNe. 65, (Itnirrtr St nct, rI . onv urn l oe k1oit-, tlllleeeil ok oi)eir bri -clienvillei iI VE ontnl ( ni l hi. y l l evey arlicit: IiI in 1.1il cua b, ill odlill p.l( lrriscs. decl-- lll_ be Al>NiAG ll fii. L..i FOR T1lE TEIf7L f ( 1IYestILii.h n'JelIL ionLoI n CCnsil c.ih ine "I C t-h1 f e rvatie of Ill, t.,Lrth, ha;- LIduC ,;d the II -c rib er 1LCCr Lt o the A lru l I . C rrCllC llIl Cie ll. l ev hi been mulet I t( {o ll , }IIh'v l I, allS tAll he prIm'II I n BY 1 lI iermeah r l tok .lnlri a kly to oltor . thi* m1os oLs it h dll ne r fo llll to 01')1' i A nldiutP all1 L I LLIIr .m lli tl . I llo ll.l tfile, deav i 'L I v h' l .C an w l hl ivs llt a sreI s hi "Lie LL J Lll'lllhn Y , ilrll edv linr e ..ll 1ql illltl ' m I, in Ilol illo 31 ndnI " Io i .'nll.ll V lhlil Ill P v tin lt iI Illr. il'h I' I ell s b de lilh f pLL1111 0 |111 I CL'ILLmLII Ie rtad i LL hoLic (l orl , rLlll -.i ) l eih t,' v o it i - Lngnlulr 1)n nnL u 'iI'tL 'I h C ILa diLL i I. IIl I I S th , LI C I C ,lih Ido sll n".ih b n I ' LI dil r " C bblIl <l 9 L lII l redl i l I ti e l JA R J.lJ i 'l . ANI)iC II\VS, -- aIr r . non andTll 'unit '' il-usr ( -'a Of 1 1115 ·L* ('la c a =2LLILLILL II c LsrorsaDe JOi a N ( I IIN ili I cti . Ic ntIc o Lp e , - a il ---l, ik tles, aldli pl4, 1111 b... 4l) kegLIIi11 - " e 1110 d1o .1 rt1t1 re n rlirsh do--e5 1-4 bltl.- cr 1,0 '" " tl tIII 'aui ollrulIh as, ar w o s i bizes; 1I_ m e V.'a lillt CC; ,ILL .;3 11 11 ' e:IsIC .dl do Silver dI, J1A1 do V [ A N ki f.hdE. \h'NlIaO:c , ciPAe n. ,ll trrianl rl, i s an d g tlerito h A1 b rte s, v:uIalil asNli alll i Ier i i r i):I Tl l P1I4. ) i f fl V I0 S il Srol llCC )1to ln trl' n Lu. l) I Cxe, Clnlli•i h 1 CLi11 be A o, n general assoptanr t of artists, colours and Oi m) n fur solo by A 11 tt b e I'','E t, c n a o s No. sIllla >-tree . pwaN ir a.hlao v note cli at p r, J nd , ill.s l , I:lel IIwIK &n reeei, i , I J'll 0 le l Ceill[ t IIIy [ iCllea aOIIr ill o blC, i pil ( I ile W[lIo iEi.%tLI. AND 1I'!'.| DtI I .-\.LS INL S ItiiINESS PAINTS OiL i '," .S llFS."r .1.e V o ,111 o 1" "o l I.E O R { NA'I'I!.\ N J A I VI.+.. .I Lr'" 1 ,t I i Lo Ga n Su i I, .iI da tllc ttilat - grDt a i C their Iren llli land IhIIo f )ihlliL ! "L 1cg ICrL ga l ' tL Ihey occup , th In w brt :k l) sh 111op 9 T1 hnn 1 (ou p it s r!illI)I, . 1tIC a ll' i1 lC C' Cill r Ls ClCd sizes, atidll 'e rl: .llr,.s c tsli g lL LoeL . L ,l t t IIiL.a S Grate ( I .trs of I .vEy d ( Vrtu, 11e tea . b oatt ti I prn , I rl l0,;1 ll9, fCLI Ia.oI i, IALII' otllieL kie d r fteal ,tI ork, such Ls c l 'l , bree IIh. es, tIIt i ip-s.I '1 ;.'I1 11;1',1 al}..o d,) al' kind,; of or u!. dor wo rk, ir I atl.iL-L IiC l c pper ll ltll)ti roofingl n Z 1 r: i 'r t iheir lionolle f bus.,hte.., they will ; exeete 1)t the _h ,inni no ice , d,, 97 zIn ula aled o w ilica s ........ •' , :L l)1. 1:.. . CL"Y Ci" 0I! AT ll Cia ILLCrc. ,Irir t (il LILICLLCIII, ILIC, CL C i n rl r ne l a l, l " , I l e v i l l b c r, C :+ 'iC w 1 t h e L I,-a • lv If I L ill cC'CI ,LirA ii 0r 'I alh C lI liLLL ILli CI I 1,,t I rapid proi rr, I lI L, n~L llahi lo , .1,3, LII ll CLI A JILA t CLLcr Ier to Ire,'llln iil,- i t. n . ll I-1,:: ,r sh l Dl l ict",ic ii , PI LCJL)tt CCCllCt tl m Cch" l A ,l A I, 1 A C',C%+I) NC "1CC rel" (0C 1 IIav larga caLC iC M C aea i, ,an It iC ieemi ed u 1 LaI.i.ca1"wl' ! i .t x,;I_ i a", i a•j" •i n i .a I e ti vC l d a a i h e y a r e ", i r tC cc., , i l l t h e , L - eIn . t.l eL . A ll i! 1 a ce.. . . . . .s c i . . . ecad ll'r - .C C a iIlitl cCiti\'. rt loc,.c , will L b f En U at by '" , )ee ! e lLg:,,d, CIAl) will 2ie i a c ct c a c-t c 1't' I " `1 aariu c c d cl iI, ( I fl( wh,, I tba seaa-,n. d " i t- i l . ..I i CC, ( h C.C t', " , , 1 V BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. iii EYLOO DESCRIPTIOIN, I- 31'EEI)II.YIIA.YIKSOI1I(1.Y AND) CIIC:API.Y EXECU:I!TED) AT THE OFFICE OF THE TIne ..Ilmerica, ST. CIIA/lLE. STIREEI, NEAR IPOYI/RAS. A CARI). is E & INNOTT, Oiiflolcse C dCiiildCmissi,,ii )icrrnools, No. 27 Ceoo,,,imo Szoe.N .7 Orloens. ie, (L' Pilrticic r ii/ eniioiiopaid to ih ruiting tip ol Swain.e boit usid Shlp storcs. nor' SIA1/TEL TORY, /i7erc/ino,/,, Cero//er 4- Conminsion Merchant, old1.) lt/)if, 6.1/ ('soil ot.-For the presentl. eel J.1 FREEMAN & CO., Uel if oleoIe Clothin.g Sloablighameut; lk No. :3, Magazaine street, ht- I.1 7 1 Vi: eonstunl, in hand a laigoe upply of Cloth lie ii/i, ccciiited or the Iool. t Iry dd. T/ihei no. A n so,/ientI liriig /oiro, Iiorc/ii,ii romi the couintry can be eop/lihd it the / hartcst notice. ti- got IAIZ. J3- AZA. flo. BUSK & ALLEN, Im Ni). I, EXCHANGE HOTEL,, It I .ocr of :/. C/i. res n,,I Commono als,. NEW O(RIEANS. 1 I IBIPOR'reiH°nd flclorcr io Frnchc oid Ene/i/i I Ir~ritml ry; I)nooIPIfCiiC.l.o tii l Pinto/ole Iidiok, Cutlery, It itiy,, GlIovs Shiirts, Mbocka, L'Umbrella/, Cciii', 'us iacyi Artic/is. d K FNT'UCKY, Illi (/cis,] iu/IninaP Hk Noio,, lea i by ATRIER mayip 74 ravieroI ~' 1.I1'1 No Ilu, Chinc-ce, cii,, halii day ro ``` rive·I it full nsallrtllril of WIIt:Ie., Jewelry, e lv ll I~lc-I Ill~· I/ooiriu~c-io Vui/e Joneloo S~mos, Sannd-, od BtesWoo, they oill bn offer lIl'.iERL/ IN AMERICA\N & ENuIL/LII CROWN G/ASS, I N. 3 C\RiI)NlO.ccr SToiiEOT. of FASHIONABLE CLOTHING 'I Vi IA) & HA)DEN, N. 14 (/hn rtrew . si r oeg I1AVI' ncnoc-st uppl/uuyitf evey rtcleiiC peirtaui/ng ýiiit nciutl/niu'e, droes, if t/e latest stole, it Newi lio/i ,d parr x - - __.- _ __ idcr 231 ORLEANS LITHOGIRAPugo PRINTING EST'fA ISI LI/ENT, No. 53, Magazinie Street, tlie/in Itbooksn' ArcOde. I37ILL1...11 1'RUI', 'lu'lus;'TOO n I, rI j -- A`cIi N(YL''E EN(; ir1VINC) RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON AVE ope51111ed err o f)ficeC is New( Orleans, pI'Rrei'ill 1i. -g/ind ice; i/ugeo i heir h mco/usei ini Newc Yofk f i/tie /,,ice/eleo heug vi n u ptiioi uuioiio, k Nono e/ Chckii, ti/c, o rner i,»porrult poli/o sl &Crgoon 'nori lb- IcICkeing o! nil i lens u:INImpressions entrOtSIO ell to therir Irruc; the1ir Fiievli , III o embrace the notes of ov.r life oo mh'ed 'I/ukm in eciimonN'Rnd Or l on der /will :e euiecued witouuI/cii orcnipliti! _____ n __On terms.R Office, curlier ul Royal & Canal sire-;. CHFR ITRIN & COOPER, No i/, I/icon/I/ nie NO K. 79 and ltd Juliia -tre·cr, N'rlv Orleans. V -Sh~Slip andl Fanilynl Stores pat up. I11r 5 FURNITURE WAREROOMS No. 53, liienville street. «, I1.1.1:Ii1 R. CA /t\I wou/l rnspectfully in- 10 finr his foioi~Lu in! IhIe p/ic thIa I/li /iin con. st eculy rececingI fon Neo Y'orCko Sd BIIurIste Itpoond ussonmen t of furniturelooc/, nnoin/iegoiiv c/irc-jo sOlolF I I 'II tL II !u e, nod/ pI niuteri choirs, ma Ip gIl cie/rfiiry bc/ion/i-, lio ul an chrr tb alleo iI ,ieo, cuipicn,i, haruuicu, tioies, cecreihurce, riing C'o ducks, /cuoioo/el'es of oIuahogainyeu aid cfcccy, ni,/l ti o'iWida, /,utikiu,, gliu - · en,/ii/u'i , 1,/ouli/u c,n/. Ac. N/it. Funit/ure ,,oc,/eo I' iiojnei /iliiaiu with gr/eint care, tovl3t INSUKRAN'E COMPAVey 11 I/h NIEi'. ORLEANS. c Th'/in//IIui1iiii C ue in iu e nIIw preenrii toi tiii ie SI"' AGAINST FIRE, fl No.24io'n " dinuc,Cnlte, //o OIin'On' . Amlor, Cc-nl . lci.( Non i/i/con, Nc 11C 1/1/,3." c-c ucrv. 07t1.1) COil'Eit-0liOO the lb siter ale \ `l Al ii i)i.VII L'UX, aprel ,I Yl; Tclle pitulu a, RUSII'I'ON & ASPINALL' i 01. I'OUNI TONIC 1MIXT'URii.-A speedy 11 C and coltain euro tbr the Fever and Ague, r remnittent and intrmllilent fvers; prepared flrom the original recipe. Used \with enrlnetll and tni versal success in 1832, by persons of the highest respec-tabiiht inl this city, as stated in the annexed ccrlifiecates. This moedlicine isiighly recrommended, and has been extensively used in thell above disonases with such distineCguisrhed success, that the proprietor of rtihe recipe has been induced to offer ito thie pub. l lie n its present firm, in the hope iat it may be the melans of rciegvinlg many of those who are l1 surlring under tile scorge of our country. It is lit Ia medicinrle pssessinlg grcatvietne, and when used dy necording to the directions tie never failed of effecting a uere, even in tle imost obstilate stage of the disorder. It is neotat all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest atoumach, and children mnay take it with impunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and .eldomn requires lore than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottles to cffect a cure. There is neither mercury nor o arsenic in the medicine, nor any thing injurioup to tie human consl e uttution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that t hey agree to refind the price of every buttle which Ias been ta1 "a in acecrdance with thie directi;ons and heas not effectcd a a perfect cure of lthe fevr & sgue. A. OLIVIIRt, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his whessalce anld retail drug anld ImeCdicinl store, cornler of Ilienlvilo and Chartres' streets. For District Agencies apilIV to je5 1'. WV. SII.TI 48 Conti rt. SPENSACOI.iA MANSION HOUSE b NE CITY, PENSeIfOL+A. r rlui siubscr ber ri n pLllriand tle e ause nd ftr Iie nturo if this well ho uwn astab lisrns a, t i r l lr Tad i t late proprietor, will le reaeti to rereive vii. N ruerione and cosily imainermen ell i be bo fod i icel n in ilni . eecclle il cFe. Neew need is l.O lll ll commodious+ bu l llhln lctuses I ol J lI e illt, end w r m ltthe will LIe p eoelded tt tl cers. A stable will bmtea hed to the Ile with o uCCitonCro da t ilc:i c I' r I el'ceti es cll( erie ge. ri :eru l s t e nit . a na l ftil frlrtgtl will also be ke tlie - hire at nderate prites' wil s iel o. n te w h roule ric rlh e r soL S t - e ag e ere , feir i ti rCe of Vei-pe. Iorelli e llld iother ny II lltIner ls Ils li i i lireV tI)lll erl ' , iieeeee eIecds, w rll te reiltar I f 'rd II iier 31cli t leeI iVAT nin l u(-iee Onnh, e 1e1 sie t il citl erIere ci t e c lir r p, t quiei o: the i,,,,b, rs le a a. . .in ur e.d Iu rtee w ie er iti e be.t .lnllic , l nd e rt, ' eun s e alr spp ll I hr i,., it cargol her aheadyv h n trtheredu, wh h will aJrrmie I eeoc clgtccee lice •oe eecet ' t i il Mei eec hrick Ilacintrd, ~ ecefi r erly Le seece' lirc a butyl It \.'nsfli';tuh cr ilvle' crande ct eelc s e icce ai rie ts I III ,,rlpritoIL r, s t, " l"hlllc lie eccr l ic letrulyaslenes r r 'ey will eetci r oe iee n le tnti id theele reel ri ex. l aee,.1 ,t , le 'cnell , e cri:,i 'ciirn. ;I kno csto Pee , ii ictilee i.eiyciteiee i h ierec,.c.t ' ieihe tilll 'in s ti tie" tee' riieih e In rr ored tle iitaionyo'f le i" ron; st l e ,d i l it ) l iate rca!'d olcsrhit y Iu-c Ih lee 'tfl lcr nolei licec e th coole t I reecs ei It. rille i iul;; [fIlllt c,:.tlIV 'f l~it: bay ld t I th e n g b Ioilnr I I i rl,, n r ; tlll il' i e irs I lllll.dilltre' id ' tlllce ncyr at ele t IIle, b,'st coillte~lll 1 ltPerk ciS ieo IIe s ecnll c Iei lir. [ l Ir~ lll'e . Dererall o r latlucs ill tllese latitudscis as a it ,,-,r teil ba,' . will er c ,tn iere e 'eleeee tud il- r bile, ind ill ae :ll tin ae t icl, to iane t ihe i- rll IlIIr Se t N re:tl ie b ieott+. t eeli I' ci c cN IF AI NOLD. I[)' (i;tltlc lle l IIe w !ieeIe tr ene l.a rcneme fIr c lle t cccr iewicll 'el ccii, lc ctcc c'cr iciii-citor, an ie.v i)r, i a lre I i , e uln c e iceibbe, in ,iecb I c; T ''ice-i i"eIe 1' Rea, cl,1, inl 'cs 'l. fe )cAe ri.. p,'-o ,v at rh )I,,, h. ie idce l at Get \ h itma i's TIORI \r i bi'T 't cat.eelr ' It W l1,0M It jerie 'l'r, "tev l 'eoir,,ii lltf bi nli t l 1"1 " 1r e r i el ci e Per. "ll::. lat' t le N ,r' i l h ,lll -i ,l rt l ec cl e l m ri e i ' eler c, I, e i ce ill c t e:uly rt i ler iiih I. ,le t, cegh1 c c .loi it tr, l :c ice o tiei ltreihii e ofttei b,:cac.e i 1erie cell " e t is . e erie ri. e',,, ere c l ;ii i, bcs cI n I le-elel and fiur Bale, v ih ll !Ite',i or cii-lu L'ottl:,- li , . l ei , i n ,.I F:i t eef iet ic\, Ietr pi . eree. t c lh ilrs , il rce e ,e c c l lin caltd re:mn r 'stror enir tae c sk lec cah c, l fled' e ri lab tl hair irtnea she slix ,reachea d , pi r ec, l, cecid a e, lI a. l adtr, ro e nieu t yr anerss i edi by " .IIMtONS, HAR'IT &CO, nyC , 70 Clelaees treet. I+} dU ill,, endingcd fromat rhip ('hrleion tefr" sule r belt C Royal Colise of Phlysians, Laidon. i` 1111F original Vegetnble Hgeison Universal Medi I sine, pemrpoe by Miy in, Eaq. Mlemuer of 'he lRval College of Surgeons, Liceemtiate of Alothe cay'a ompany.v, Fellow of Uolt Court Society, Surgeon to the loyal Union Pension Asociation, Lanenas;r PIece, Wnterloo irlidge, and l'eretoa l'upil of Gtoy' andt St. T'hlomas's Ilospltals, leoadon. Tlhis valuo le nmedicine. the result of twentr years' Cexlriferce and unplatlclted success in the extensite estd Iighly resperable practice of the protliety, IaIlo isedi by tilhe llaulty ald nolitit lltand is now iltlototiun'd Ito ttle notice of ite American jtohlic, at thie earnest ao licitation ol a nlullber ofl'geltlemeln of tons- anld titih lsanding in the trofession. It is heletdl, s a prelimi nrly atell, to chek the evils anid satal conuequnecs. arisihgo Cno tse use of the numerous and deleterious Olstrums laisted upon the polie by thie aid of fabricated c prooflof miraculous ceres, and other frauds, byan set of herse wtot, tt unprileipletd pretendera, so totally igteoPaIt ol mdical slence that it ispossible the ktontSullt - dlusiol on any longer go down with tihe itatllgenlt people oftis eountry. 'fltese pills, mild and altrleabl in their Oature, should ie kept in every family in cases of suoden illesa, for, by their prolnpt atmit istatetion, E- lclera, celmps, sposms, fe" s raill otsert alarmilln eomplailnt, rewhic too often prove fatal, may ie speedci. ly cured or prevented. Iotthet, all those wrio vanlegood health, shouldti never be witho.t theln. They are soet' oh in poe.hs, to 5n cents, $1 no! $2 each, by every espee a able ruggist, bookseller, and vendorof etsliscite in fla at United Statess I 'e Canstas, withe oliotss owetollts, togetler with; eitusnolnls of professiocal ability frais tite folloing eminltet gentlenlen Sir Astlev Cor pter, i AIernelthy, James Ilhltndell, M. D)., W. lack, M. D., J. Aston Key, A. IFramplton, M. D., ond inuolero-s others. lIe origitnals tIay he seen o passessiot oftble General Agent, by whom the medteine is impolt'edl into this eautllty, nod to whom all applications ilragelies Itlslthe liadle. i JNO. IIOIBEIN, 129 W.nerly Place, N. York, Sole Getnea1 l Ageltl for ite United States, l ie. For sale by appointment of tihe eriginal proprietor. yit SwA.1IN Bly oIn, lnruggints, No II Cannl steet, -eelote Agent stro Sastitre orf Louislana. jut v8 I' liltY It LEE Ln co, No S Magazlec street, .re a row reeeiving from ships Nashville, Louisville, K'ltllckly, Eagle, and other late arrivals Irm the . :.-tltern citieso a rlge aml new scleuted assortmente lr, 1tsia, Boots, Shoer and Broganlll er- aonirinhg ol'genlenen's fine calf and Mloreeoo boots do o qualiity-; do bolil"l, and slout wax pegged hoots o anrionsqsalttiea; mel's fltto calf seal astld Mo'Uee Tltalnr ll1s alt btloganlls, buckskin slhoes, blognns ant ltppel S: amen's rile calf atlli kipped pIegged ealoescti Ircgalls; io boots do stunt kilt alndl wax pegged shoe, - Iot broganls; gelntleen'u best quallity eall'sewe slhoest I'Lgnits ilnd Jack 1)wllilgs;ti do enialf and Moconco tlile sl lles onid l'oga. ' dio cilf, seal anld MoaPro: iadiat slho.ns anll slippt"n, do calf, hitl'" n sent wtllsl a ,ew article; do file calfl aei.l anld noroecco qlaltet tg tots; Iboys', sissess' anid tcilhren's peggedl atI swer t kogastsa lsoi Slteefoyveltyt t liity and killll. Also a general asmrlmellt of n'si sstout waL and 3 nst Iollatsll antil oboes, together ,with lot,ionl lic, 'gro lict quality, rutssetlt lgolls, nlilei i in the Ianks, lnlloe enxplrssly for paittatioc tose; a gonnl as. I ttlentl of min's litle anil stollot kip rossett bt."gols, I w cotile, ando a erge qualltitvo at'o infi.rior quatlity i snet eiad SIa btr3gies. Ladies' fioe oalf, soIl, morocco noid grain .ltis, ntoo - pssp eole shoes; to flle French Morocc al kill btt c elollit slippers; do rens shooes, witSl and w itttoot reels; lei ealf, t sealt n stolll eather ibooteesn do Li'tllii' shloe., Ia ll kkistrs atn tll liti, es; do aistg blrogats; ot gaite. n 'oid 0oxed bootees. Minces' laitiigspt'itig sioesli ,t g iahs. ChilIren's colotred Aloroc ud tutlliti - I o ¾r il o lIa d b o o ts, k c. - sl~citelnl,'sl liofnasliootoide blalk silk lhuts; to blnd, i 9 in L ih'at leaver lo at a sullcerior nqlaiy; do imitntio lt ratm do; broad icd norrow tlimn ment's liue drab alI f i: ak Rulssia short nsaed tats, a new article. Yooths' : size lhats of diffterent tuatlities; do caihtlibs . ,'lon'a cndo boy's black nlld dcllt wool hlts oft vaious slipes, with generual asoltlelt of boys' ualll l.n's satl caps. h'lt ssosltolent w bl be replenlishi d I ylld e arrto l of eat It tcketslroo thie snore snamed cities, all of wic i i ihe so ld no aenooltOdatniog terms. nllg --sf NO mERcronlN2n oI.---a lMOew rlelnltn, Nov. 14, 1a7. , BOLT eix Imlonlts ago I fnd tile ioiisilrlltne to gut A a 'ret diao',as, for wtiolt I iltve itlllt'l Itoo nore. raul doctors for a cure, tndt thoev Ind lot ctre ille. e IloWr on ithe above date pt mnyelf ueder tlre cnre of Doctor Iiuel, nid exlpect Io' o to esre tlae. Sirce ttlltt timlle the ditctse got worse, toI i4 to break out tolarge i tos to the numroer of ti or eight on ear le, nue e ttl vtrs lily tato, alld 1on1e thlroat, lllnd Iio e nitlle to work rit l.a pl'oreto liLoe oIr acco rnlt of tle di soease; Ilnrge Ic o't Ihe riglit side of I'e throat,. oI lnow ctting mcoo" eonfilrenltly ui rotlli cllo ofl Ilr. Iluet,s f .l'fin " to be lrrfelethS cored JO11S ItEEAN. fto, 14 ly' ...... -- i10 I (FIT'l'lni Ihnt thne nal.' nIse otnnee-*.t es!i . onqinoli well''r'-t ti t1in isnsc tin nin- , tinevr hIt tlhonk Ilr. Iluelt t tcIet e risest I nsil It! sitln Iss Ioi. eilloe I s i S nslve en.'n nmke lilt , ItIOt elid 1tnn titjttre iny il nllftl al all llterteltrn ' I d ns lflbrer iosello.hlitnl tlyply to Ier A. Illlt, 124 Cnfill slmrte, hlelweenl )lallpl~lll,. am I) .l :lr .~l rn~el.., J)Tr Ihiet is ill Ilalolilrll~ frlln 'c. ill A I, .| lllil I 4' Pl / thuse), will l ieltt t ll' ' IiIitsn' nih l .!r lllis eOlltllietilll i JtlllN Itl-AN. iiiii ss.reet. If nine osoe ~usl c io ne mcc l nit N... III h.lnein', JI)IIN Il,E N. Nrm Orsl.nltl. I~r.h I, In.... J ,lt II Ist v "lTse lYth Edili.nnnnnf - IOWI.E'T'T'S'AIILoo's ip I.y "I'.R'I: ii snior:,tle Ioes-rl" I . r11111 ",tldi .ore s. S -, h. u elnneihals ntn lll nnetl til.,t list. .lnirei'7ed T l"n1n, " otlurnestn'lnpthdtce ttlh ..t c. csne 'utntia,+ cc Ais.. ciein..lent in dli heebook is it. tn.n lnI the follow of Ilnelhingh stnsttlsction thim 'enh so ree,'lye IedltOutglh Ihe leln tegitlctive ants Ii "elxefi to tile ihle pcngo se.n-. ho t""etLtti oth i i itSCltsn.tne Ui t 00II OI.lllm, so eoilllt - ties', ltI titllthiefs ia Ilenets.n - mole Ih n ly in) ola - ns el'lsees-irr te ote nsnl t olltle oll viewolsose ofits ., fll~'tesi fr instalner, tile I Cllrl.S has bcc i coil i ." edfl rtlnt,attnl eonml.r.e w.iii. wisst is ''livalellt t ll·" of ten setsefeehtt litliletinl..heel it tle toenithinte.

go fine titoes, tooll silltest honlt ste'eotylle tIlttns teetsit .sd thit'tnsy-etisetisi, st'si nOI o iilleisslleSt tlsetidlellt 3 eselt to silte skelitie (enfs.einlll. tio ili lse.slitt ofl sioe ite 00 tcllsoftsroefihtlllepr)le L l)tt the wel.k socsth e cci t stiesietiyisilliutelibth s an is eoiltlrmssioo ofl lis olin-I' lttnsslltssls im Iofs' illsls.iell ssildst ti stsllirs, is iiow oalisi. estd fior lie etcelioli of an errsor os' ' eel iof tsie n fePill 0 or fiflt elltitio.lo, estIs Is Ill.I...... ki g five 'ergele .esinsll-it'l.ed fes' the sanli trn-1or sineenlh liest rcplllltlient is tile yLor 1802. Osse of titt mo5t solssiiicinsos Ferlnrs ofI se tabtes is 05 intise crltellnsine ll of s rle 'irne oslll Asllsullts wtic cc filts-leeelilissic stife'esseeo nisels'ssieuiiltlni.le so. ofthesisdetln illtloex, 5ll5ll5ot lie ell•te~tsns tutc il.ser ct syssotl rlse whhito siel llse isoeresl cotl bh eftststto ihe r ofigrael bklsissess, siihons doelsliog ofonms is hellllti's cOietieseoe so eserlltin, thlet its the eslslna lion of solle oi tthe Istont Colnlteteist cnts Itreetsll I mi tisss reoleitl phublic offiifl.s wshokllse iloolirletsIslse - of tIles lk, h it ionbeen ltistlilsuicsl hlb'leo Iennoslltle pieltllllson fefe L'lsoaSter' psllte'. 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F.rI eclhe by hr cr Piij ci als3nsoktellen int ,ie Unsied Slan#. II C sLI'Sd PAfI-I:NT 'iit~l~ Aijlel-'-u.j rons-serd hodi t) per islliisisei nii, Inns 00e" V'-rk s t-ir . sc-f esnssniess*nL fPss rioPli.mnnolsl.. wt s ru 2 THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to Augusta, Get. oleaves Mobile every day atn lree on'clok, p m per U emoil hoea for tlal', Lending, above ilakely,-thenee four Spolt coauches to Pensaola-thoele aleamionls Ito Logr ines, w herete rie nnd route isresumed-thence via Mariannr and Drrwneville, Fin. Uainbtidlge, SPttderlowttr, Ilwkinsvillu. S"u.trdersville & Loin. Svtllet gAugustao, Gu, cntneetil.g rer-unlarli witih S the road cars to Chrhei rlc, tld the srteall S ocrkels to Now Yorkb, NerflIlk, Pbi delplhiao, ete. h The steamboals are tle Ibest for t e service, and i- ilte tnvigalion presenls lore r dvar n adora thinn cane Sbe eound upon any steallboi t route in thie suthi. Sern region. d 'iThe great improvetncenls in the re to have been of produced by thle eonsrraetion l lif v miles of ew n roadn, by thre roprrietore, viz : frote LnGrtnoe ott s LrFayet 'e r 1you, no arr of Santa 'Roun B y, to It tIryant's Ferry, on thie Chatrlmttechtee river, ten l niles above trie Cwlord, or 14 above Cedar (lilef, es whereby the Invigation ol thie river, and tie cot: a, sequent detelntions, and more reecelly the illoln venient crossing at the Cowforrt, are entirely davoiderid, nnd n fine road frotm Mlanriallnoa ilrecl trr IUsinbridge, ienstead ol ithe rrundrraihout rirrd vie e Chonltnhoohret., lePenill thedintintce sbalut frTf Snmiles, and intrneasing. the facilitres Iuore a hr;e as, oce a day AI.'r, r .ren-lh line of two lOrste Stare ever)y J other d.y rttI' IIre kiuseil,,e, 'il P, ry rrt ri uonneelinrg tih tihe line to Savannrlh arrd 05 Dariert, Gen. he A mnil stealnmboana Ilire regrulrlye hoe-n to lintbridge anl Alaiseohiruola. 'Terovelt rs wishit SIo reach any point on CIallnlrroohee r Aaloacl." cola, can rake steolet.los at rlrrowrevtlle. Mobile ito Itrnsctla-.Lnorld Rooe--Dtturin tihe time occupred biy thle r-polrs rt brate, tIe prto rie. lore of t "e Iltrida lrr 'ill trte lirne oi four horse lost conches every other day buewee.lln Mo.l I lreanrd PelrtScolr. rc Passengere will leave M,,Iile at 3 ,'c'hek. p mn, e, in tle US mat l boalt, ad t proceedto Ittltl l, ,d he in, where a leur horse coach woil e ir tllaililg IIro enovey thel too ihe exoelrlent housor-c MIr. (hl;trlits taIrll, I 14 mile dnt,tn where they rtll fictl t ileasallt ao tllllltrod.ll- lls for the Iigillt-lclvirlIe c next mornirg, they will otrite itt Pets'crled earlb Sill the envenicg, thts avltlding tie dIeolllmort of MIniht tr,.vellin. er Olice at thie Mlbnsion turees., Mibilr, endCi(l. , lins' Ilotel, 1'ensse-ol, where eanl t tro imu ? (be , ccri. I'T)t'tKnt'ON & (I'. c -v I Prurro Forcefe,. i.rh',-tn.'m. 5. William Striitut te rnders his s'rvt-cne to ihe eii o ztts of Nerov ('rltarsa a techclcrr cof lhe IoI:cr, Iorte. Str S Itenvi t'o -llrply d cicslncn-o eait is a eacher a " e lli c rivtai l I.t ill irc s n and ,'ian at severral ,I ilie f ni'ela . ...,mlinlll. ' vli'rllttl canlnot u hil ptle Itl iion it rte lilile ie rs ,ermitted h rn-feer to Reiv Di Cl,.i, tese. Stelson & Avtr, lontclie ra &. ;allee. Alr Fce e r llle & c ieollc oflyt ore buukstll h I AerriolhrT.,eI-ee C 'rit ei, or Drugs nd .tfItrticcto. J b 'e..rvnot Iln-lo.oted hlIctc'cl I-t rls r ,V hlr tire lit oa ' l trene nuctci n e e 'rtt i tirne htlsin'es' , Hie is n c rert ,c:c ir , ititttl it , eof tresl l nd oenui e nrticl, , thrth hi l it -l en libersl trr .' lr y r rllcr t e. . r Ind i llelt till i tlllerl ir, to ph1VbSielalns, lIlTr( hIittI S lltld il tict r hIe racilcl lelr illlhleiCllle n suih c5 hav cc ievrr bleit fort een -l'oered It lhit cirt-. tris i - ' do a slrictily Ieie nute hulOitoiCe. ItI a t,,k e ill . soon be e. irtliletr i, o d ii frrr w eI.r wwi e r:. 'dy l rit busioest . All ordera Iroil Ihr c-llllc ll Sfrom nerchnnit oel t i icity, recivin such orlt . will be proimptl) attended to. oct ' NcS 39Conrp rt . K ilI';TY STR(IFE--;it the' .ign o1 tr l nhhln eolllhlmbMo (ChUrrre.. stetrl~. The · hIbcrillers hav r.• r 'tiv t', iia rlition ni treir revionP tto-ck k c hrrrl c full sli coerll d ek, Ion tritnee, del i It' i ill thd ir lil,'; i : c~llllbr, iler|.ll~ll-r!·, Jewelh-v·, brorlPPhs Iolwkill·· gla+ql':II Telll'V rartieh.%,%'(:.ecll..isiti e.C in por~lt a. GilibOw: (:{)M ll.--hllrloiir ..lhII~ Wl',lllII111hl II~lld )ii I ll(.k t;l\.il g;~illedl hmilk, Ill( r. " n~ dnd,'ri ll, Iia. ill h HAI; CI rl ned1I frellr, rratziliatln r- bh of everYt d'sripetiinll tooltt I whi,'h sre solte Mlexiee putters. Ivory cob +,l . ev,'ry i ptit n, b orn, drttc ine me i t aet e t., tor 'ther with llnerltl I cr."t nt otllt fl relllhl Ie n .r llee ric PIRFbItft\II lY--olorni. tI.o1tn'ti'r, Ileirto, hcet it 0 oweretit art t ten cre-ra aor-n nt t - cttrtrl.Rrt-ttrt' ft'ei lurtc ec-s rit -n cet -a biou otril tioll i, (' ti rt' ii er11 'ot -rctIc I rt nt ' c I i 'l ll, , irctrcrr Fldll)ll l t Itt letio, trhe rIrr i-ll rc te I, Illcti c ll t li"' .lledl·, |J'eFl'.I lll~ll·1,!11\ lllll .ll. ]tli *11111pl~ )i•I'i i. i i lo lle lllw el , -'srl II oIIF) l'l" IIIII ] r ,ll~lllI. tlllld I.,,,.p,. ' ir illl ill .,.o' ic d r-ttho llcri lillt 'hhrit oclo te w h ANL c-c-ri t-citttclicTRI c-ritic ttl~lr o d.tls : vII~ ittlia (ellt llea'r' , rirllll'r rirof Jcf ltrtr'.V I e *ltlllrtfr-tci , to llthilr t c indi nm>,l Ft I h.r- -li ho ,Itl tit lc.',eilIte c t hi i o nll i i rtc i le, -r tr , t lIIIl+IImi' c) r i etu i lt.It Iti-i litd of rt .lel t wIP 1 vII1 ll L|;,'rllm, '.lltl-h DI)Ir I ~ ·lllllli=.. · tl U . + . ' lesI tent'trulc 'ret 'irc'ru Ii ic, ri tn of tt ridc r i-t c.c.iltu I e ' r uiT.lh' l cicI · tll,·l l t - Ih'ti hrn I Ic-r i(r c rL illlh'lrh i Iiy c [o lit .'h I t'~ Icct,- ' c crc'1N;it . *m rhu, r tl, %%llle\+ I. I :.[ r], ilt~lt \)1,,. , l~ III "+(Ill\ll l,\r \. ceoT n l monlll t ht ll rdi . illl t 8 I 1 ll'.(*llt' Ii 'r i et ,. it-t. ItI' d ., I1i l IiintLLtre,.ivllallllhla l .Id i 1- m ii i l. . o'A A.t I) Vock o cc0. \ ' .liil'Ito t - - , lrlr I ver riF 'h- 1..·lllld .11 .v :Lti)' l , ] . \ I.·lii l rk (i l) ·11.,x,· 11ttld 1l-.,: curL e I orIiI'S wil otirl -oiu r lll llot tot iI- , ,i[ d /lllj t , dcl* l.tlrdlllii., Vll ( IIIIII1 lli.~ i T~l%(l·'+ 1 ill- l IIIIplli-l)·l.. t/i:IIII'r~ dl ] +[rr~llllr.d llll,*i~rr ll ]I.Ii11, r~%,ii~crtllcrl I. crc-c-In ici ojl tItlrce (I+II.l .\ll(·.lll illl I.+lhl k ,-lllli~ lll.I Illll +<I, I i vl h ;lllll d Ijl ilh*lll +t itla~ ·, x. d l' , 'r+ \;h,,t ln h it . ,,.alm l ,: -, i iicI,' -Il or end -, l¢+III(It (l~llls, h ~llhlilI.'+ I 1I1I Jli'' \,'rv r I. ,, ., I Pt).l~l·;1J Jll . i I ll ttttth t 0 l:. ;, llt lru .t, . 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IlThe Illok yarinii tir lltd steaom L.c arhiltlliea. 'Itla trlansjreli- t VInish whn ithout l m lla II& &c. e d II (liX _ _ 6t111L Sl OU R- -1111 anding I'n i steae nr Il elu n.rl eace., tle i lit ".n, nl2:l ,II New I.-,e.N - la.'lo t.'a Rs.niir !;la-itrne cases0Inlln genu i nt article, f.,ti reeiven lti .y art 3. I~r elEi:s -: D'LANr;, Ii CSop sr motin Rapt-j1)j l oi engaft1) Irt aI--r ap' mnde a ol ,,h. lp,, In store ate d oi r seI,. hb n 3 ilO(;iR'I' & IA\l TIIIORN, 63 rsCi-.r r. u- bgse to an sopr s rs his r rlul hks Ito the puL Ih , for tile libeiranl support he hnas oe itedll l since e prmi ,r of cl i l ted steor, 7v C at. ' i .l ,'et. ht : t . fto rnit t -ifiI) il e i ictnsfl I fffII i. rin hft d Stho coun try- bigtf h lnlenft Illit wi c e . -t rock in t h.tifa , e t lo e r tin, , "f Sr ,n art lle r' w arh lsth .red, pla su, C i nc r h! oii t f t o: , t l. i rd.. e c...n L.e i-n. A ....... atit o i' t N. If .t tr te.- tlnit. d illlatp llled t . i nr,,rs-, (-rta I I* l l~ll riL so, ' l" ll dlt",d Irn ~l Ire ~I al!I tI iii f id . "titl e art lci ai n t i h iroe y , u t l l as. iNo r.t r tineatif vry aso n'tl e ntv eat iilt . lc arit lu htit, anld i lnported tirtc: I, U d li. it .... . i bt i. D!N N . t i Oln Tnar PUi LIC.t-hlthv uenerlint,ndd.Lavi n tidited under Dr. Si. idIt ntl"( itnt - ,,a.o mti nalI lia alnd for sot e nli r tan n llsi a'tlt dil ite prattit e of medicine and , rgery, L lts the htnar tie, nasnres the ladies and gentApl en that". lhemnos irmlt attention wiNl b, end to the 'ltna which may he l2a;de; and elso oilers his slrvict'es to ti ilto nersiof.laves, bnning eltli aqie ted nitItf liti i.oeuscfe coflnalon totholll., having Ittlolllctl , lthd in ( I e s, sllour house in Charlestonl. Th fltnl.os anti-bli ous pilir n erfhans n.. nr'tion P f r I'ro lsur Snille tte' with tlirciios, a ia f btitaala 1, thle undersignedn . The fl'cNet wal ltl ha 'K prodnced irll ths and Iother cities, has b0n1 attended I with the grotl est, to a which the bta of i ttlbraOnies can be given. Apply at Ne . l 66 Maia a l e, '(is 'ItaEd--'Thn pnraierfhila of Kel evr 1hn itt i (e t1l naia tl'ewadrlcan- nanlasran Iftrry s C.., n NtttnIle.;e n i all hotelrrs, Kellevy&lo., o 'l h idny, wa: i. r ol ,ell h g2! 'tn o f 1V lu s t, Ibyh -th e h.a lth nu l ll t tc i .1 1l1 so nll I r olle of the p ariners i of the fires. an Th'lle undlersig ,ed, llrviving parlner;, will be rt I ed " int withl dosetllling adnt closing eaitl hbusioess as Anos: slc I.evic Ilnrrie will . ttend to the settling ol'the I..sin. sNo of Basalt, Harrie&S Co.. tI Noate liz; ranl Inrris, Kel- wit et & Co.,at RLod.ey; and IHenry Kellev will attend rt he settling of the buasness orfKelley, Meomt & Co,, ti - N'ew Orleans. The names of ihe sevoral firms will l-e used in liquidation only. 'rhnov ilnderbte to said firms are earnestly recltee] t.. a eoma titrward and nmkoearly settloments; n.,l tholse 'in aving el.hes trill pleasearesent tllhma widltjnl da1ia. &a LEVI C IHARIRItS, " f OLOeEAR't Science of Penmanship received,and for sale st tlhei permsnent Writing Academies No. 8 Clhtres tlront, New Orleans, 189 Broadway Now York, I)nophiee St., Mobilh. It is pnrticlarly dceigned for rlivale learners, and sclnols, nid is ealnulntedl fo peronon ufall anoes. Ladiest nl 'gentlemen are invited tocall na examine flie .vstelt for telletiudlves. I.essomm are giveu o tocI hsuoies as olnv s oit ihe i:olllvie,;iece ol'nl, and to clusoan finnred in "ny part of Ihie citv. I.ndie who prefer it cal receive 'essons at their own ref l.n pIaving e are f lessons are desired o 0 tt te( o " I .l . - "' t r 1 11s e l l s It h e y w l s b . S.3A~K Ui LO'I'TI',R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FORn FEVER AND AtUE. TEN years have not yt elapsed since it was L first regularly oubmilttedl to tih public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. phlanted every other medicine for the Agee, wherev. or it hasl been known and appreciated. Already las it been carried in every lhreotion tlhroughlouat the United States, andl still realizes nt o e tlan could have been nnticipated by its most sanguine friends. SThousands of persons have not only been relieved, but reretored to health and vigor through its ages. cy; and they now cheerlilly testify, at every op portunity, to its derlided and supreme eCllecay. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are caleulateli to renow the healthy alction of the lstom achll, liver, and other inportanlt digestive organs, the lose of which hartmony is the immtadiate ea0se of the disease. It is napparent also, that it produ. eso an entire change ill toe condition of the systemC, and certainly destroys the native lintaility toi relnp. sos of thl iffeclion,. When tile Ague is attended with any other cotiptlait, the oemploymelnt of thle Tl'onic M titino will not interfere with the treat. mtent of the other di.ease, but wil even afford as. estance bty furnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These wlho make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, IBarks, Mertury, or any other artlicl in its ,caopeositi n untl'rtnldly to the Iihuman; constitution; being entirtely a vegeolrble extract; -and they ia.ytali a* additionlit confidaene in the rise thLreof, whlvn they p.reecivo that it lia the if li:ct ifa gentin lnxative aboint to timen half a bkt. 1 hI li ll has been tat.en--in consequence of which, there is no part of the mltd:iei left to linger in Stile bowuls to caltusa ohstru:tiotn, and other evilu, arlsing cfrom the useof Ititnly of the remedies now oflrred ir tie lte cure of this alli"etionll It hlas been used also asa irevlnlltive, y ilm.In)y whoY ) were still jict to a pltrr lical recurrtt e lofi the C hills, and it jhs iltariablE wtardd oill'ln, apeprlteItiloedd attclk. i)brre! T tiv Proprettor, filly satislitd ' ith, the unilar dlleld liad ntlivrttaiersl nueIlll: wh ieh hs co ttantly atlended a pUeenual lad regular use, of the tanie lainre, in all c.tss eof e'ver and Ague, -eles warrantrd in eng ging to refjntl tIe plae to I cori;ant e \wi"lt th- e pir- , tcl-tit l dirclions, wlthout natvll. Ii ieen perI ta allyand last ingly llllre. "J'ae unbscribnrs are the w.; h+'ns,ll agents for the S. ol .leslern s tates, al d lit it, noltw ia n i aolnd lst If cy ei o, s ti' ll s tlllllll e,, w luhid is warranted fresh anltd g llluiLe, l r i at t the tlautlliaetured prices .Jl \ I"; ,\ . A,& I lltl. ,U , e \ !' ,i IIC l)l 'h".i+'t lor fassr )Ipt : d i- - .t ll lllll aclhi llplior- I %aeS. MARY .l,:ikNh1 NI) rerpeetfally an. ' noilnlle to heir tfrnds an I the public t elr. ally that cslit is relred to act- oenitodlate tha at Fi it ebovl establtl lllnetl, and ll lit)es fr ) her i eerti t1s to render visitor omfnortabic, to receive a continuance of f-rmer favorf . Shite feels confa. SJent that persons vislting 'ovinglon during the uinlr mloltth, ciltl findlt bclttr accomnil odtio than 'lie can a alord tLh , on more iblural ternts. Hier haouse is pl:iasantlly situaitel, tiand well supplied with veroy ronvenianet-; the bar is flrnished wilth ti mu It choice hqo urs, .c. in short, she promises alt nothing li ll ir wanting on A hr part to give tire tsalistletion ti all wh, may p;atronizt the liosissippi and It i.tisn a Iont e. je3 fIl)LLIOWl IVAIItE, W1 )tt SCRhWiSll- S, SAD) IRONS, &e. tIllF IIlOWEt.ILL WllRK.S CMlIPANY, No. 23f Water, near Il.tktan tre'et.i, Now York, ,have receit ivedl i e past seaso i, and are ti on- stantly ,-eeiving larg i and extensive lhhttiuns o tihe sctick of tli atbove gotodi , itwhll-h Ittw consists of tile ollowing assultltlitii, suiltlle for the southern and western all airlt . Ilol!ow ware of supelari quality, consisting of Il,I.t 1oll Inc. -iz, oI'lt o il .' :llr l i--',, from 2:S tao 5I0 gallons, Kettles, 1c5 s.l |i, ifr-o 3 to ,1) gallons, lettles', i- 15 a '", fro,'., 3:; to 1 gabllcons, Sakepins I lll r oT ( I s, 7 d(,ti0rent sites, 'T',.a hKetthl s, (; d, S"ki'leh . . , ],01 ' SpIdrs (i i ndo ('.- ri ,l t pid, 'r-, It I t i t"t rt. Iootts, . i S agon , Iox ftrom Ill to I 3-I tnches. . rt do, ;- to 7 ifllI . S oI Id Sf l ir,'w-,:tl ,lit e ,ro, l- tiin nl Iirtti ,,Ira rn S e id .h, No . ti to, 3. I ich, No, 'lI of a superior Aten!y and ltih-ab, and Ia. c otaoliiaryiedstno,: I R eul Iro c, a:sorted, in .aa:- .t' about a 50 l lbs fo r Tletalorr's and hul i'til tro l- tl, olert , a SIash w'ights, 1,10 tons, atitsed from I 4i. tol Il;ls for P t tatio s, stutaulbalts, churches, &te. male to order, Also steambainats and other machinery imade to The abdove assortment of goods is particularly Sairecom endid to thO altnt o of Stheru and Wes,:tern m. rchants, am! .,,. o, ril.d fr sale at low prices, and u ltn ei mos.iit hl,,ralna termslll; it is . lievd to bre the largrel and bet ass.ortment ever offered for sale by any one, e.tabhusunont in the Un ,ed States. Merchants, by forvardiktl. a reunst ty mail, can havo u priulld circuttr, w ilh de.erlption of goods, prices andl trms, f+mi wh[llh rya deviation is ever lade, fnrnished by return f nmail. All orders will reeive nmmediate attention. New York, 1P38. j33 - BOtOK I;t NIN a'fY. . I'ndtrr he I'at ' (Oilb "'e, 7-2 Ctamp t. RI.)NSEltl.\ '&r tIi'\Vt)N I, leav:,to i,,nform lheir custtPs i ttt I . eratfita, ft, orl halve remova,,d Ih, r ts hhshmena t to N'.72 " CI in, tret, i n rdiathlt u t ,- er the oftfice of Ithe lrlv : - whe, they are porep oarcd to execute aln IIl in , r cri-veh in-n t he Nortl a supply of p . ,er and /ll'lr l rl. (, It upeir qluaolity, for the ulll rl nlllr e of IllI k It Hooka tih y tIter their ser i Plrteas io Il errhll no'h s ll ll othipr- wh, o I nllay w ish a otrk of that kid ; olad hvina tI dl va.nt. e of t several )'yaO rs's exp,,rntn, e in that line, they are conllbent of oivingt s.f'attn to those who may f o t thero wilal their c sto,,. For ,n toaries, nrsllltects a ala others, mnlps and phns a Sill be psi 'oaed o I unn. varni.hed and mi u1,ned it ]h o hl mol to t r, &I a t a the shorte st, P rat In I flrt lha in , tin all ,s vi rileties l n i. ,lllll l: Sull-( m ,l'"l, . rtll ti i," rIhe ,aein-hc house of eoeived it vrv =e t ,o a- ' .m, rao o,iatan of tO ble Itd I oes.rt Ii tvr, t l o t . . dacription, 'Pen, o exhilbit to r t,, lg o•d s , a,-,T ,r aa dconditions f m1 J. It. I fi: l: t . Clll ( N11 . f'Common st. k hI:%I1O 1, IIAIT " (( o.--ore now rotetvlng per shlp Ih tat il a tEailr lt e t nt I a ew t, l ) unh tr, Fru.h I ;<'nnn d,;ulhle e l, c1ar 1 inter't.I ttaal p t,,rk st,,a psaol a; li ib a t' u i elssi rllcalpe; rp ht"',hh'. ; L sI s ',rs, l(iZOvs |fel ae; tltil a:l'. Cmat rll ach - I P la rst IatIeel pea l.a'io. I.r: \,'inliu 'trin";s she!l, h,)ry nod lhurn cnmhs; walirs: k. s ilit d Ita It llltll Ithtaaa II'tsaaS; hattr t.tM , fOnlt a.otiott :clk Irillml~lt+; uli.R't I(+l.+; {f cn (-l Sl:llI lt l] [, '+It( | eolon ne h , t hile aiU , ill; :rll/ ee ,I, ."d1. 1 lra l. cI . es o p st : , aon 1 tat i il ht n I in, so0 I to lt. I , oltat ud , at I a l hal, ; ta natic tha sti t:Isa lt lld f punl r stoo d,; sc rew r dif . flittlia h,;tl hrar il|ns, tur anekt ' t ialaas h a lth-t; t l hat~,,t t'. t ks lllt wt lla tts; ir llta bruItI III I Iai str al li n t alln I g Ltan - ! fasata; o.ta-sa--tr;ht- .offthl ; liclt, Itli~te' ou aehes; sil - I Iaut . il l niha i i, , f n..s ,tak of ftaac it i'c!' ·,I kk rotl..i 13 Ill cltl v'tr : l, . r l illl, ,, tlorsal" n hoh:sch, :or la ii i lt.L sign ofi h e hll , , C'omi, 7UI (;I,\.11 IV 1h i l . .11 t\i :,.,t.. bi.. I a ;alla taana.datth Cioh, nd aryhe trt. ua e Toa naer -li Ia ric h I' -s a aI e . , L ,,i o.. all , Fl ~vla e , ta:t- s, att, - ts, l en a ot I rs -r, c-hcs, ure . al twat hLani t u c+ie' tf, Ji tath aIt I a,-ld ,lain ["mta ,to tt n,o +\taa rit- n ,tat att.t ,c o r u it.-- d' ls. cltn pa tr ote l Itt, r. . It s lrA.i t a i. r 0, a ai, trt.a , t l r Ita' r -, , .tl er, t an p s te atl a td glat ,a st , caa ,; tt t a t at salt c, l, o a t~r., hqtr sands, t ,l' h,,.t-!,ta e,a t 'mt llett iet ksto a hrelltat I stt,, tat nt , ttt a t atttal I atatd,,arttlataaa and forks' attrtahtr witt a oteat varietytlo inrtt aar fatall y oart , tlttto,)ato ltt aaattarl, hot, Is, l -d 5lte 0fas,0 Iharnaa iud ha 1 ',do at Ite - stl tea n. 1, , ie p re m , h a n nt p a , h o d ' a t t o t o b e c uv 'y ., d S aIth safety ta, anry pfr iItrthe ootftll'ry,. Nogrott Lflth, t,lt etteat ,, Ifanttls, Ihnat , 's lowetr ot ,lrin i , chrl'ot., li t . oat c atliatae, hI thlk trsitesir-, te ,a.ta:rtrsetttaJ .ttd hor mault tta h -by thr Sal ttci. s. Pi) t' I'A & Cno. i , MAll AIKHANGEM IMN? A . .. ue Every~ Day at I'2 A ern ChBe EvMae -e-ya:t~lA9I ' € - . rly {mY at I0| A. .... vn Ofa Dl eery f undayk W duceod Coanl, ind Saltrday g bv9, . PeleMal T)ae eve'Forvd 'lru ri lntlrn,I ', i /n . bnturt ty 810, Mh' OO Closea Eueny 3londay, Wednesday TlV- xi~rh.-.s~A 4`--A--A TIMES OF ARRIVAl, DEPARH'UI{R DISTANCE k •c ofure Expreas lin, he#-,att Monile and New Yorkt--leain. Mobile dellt. Ot 3P .M. Northwne New York dally st 5j P.I hat.utward. Arrivea Arrive Northward. Dittance. l'ime. IR.itnum &nttgmnerv Ale 'f Ink, If8 m'' 23k I. Coluolu,ue kn C. 01 Dl lj0m. Milledgevji'lej . G2 111i 141 91 .m Itlteigil,N C. ,4J '215 i8 Wiareobrea,,Va. 12 I. 55 en t y Pel'rdllrg. a.IkIk. ' 8! 3 10 9·.., InkklaVo ~ . ff1 I0 64 FIrederickaur.g, 8 67 7 11pm. I Washingtone ity, Slpro. 61 81 m I'hilmorlpllla. 1]ea 00 II O New York, 2 pot. 90 64 1305 143kh. nrtk 64 N__tllwr_ . (__ Co oit tlltrlkoke, the lime in ail hoar lee.P; Iwiug5 ~dew ul)|17 InlUrs.· ],[.ANA VAI, fr,,il, 169 Cdrndtelaer meanr of Itevri P elrerel, onI, kkifaihtk of 3ihfl of AkgUll, and wu ceet tile nxt nkorning in I'kvIrals street, nell's bo. kIknaed (IARHI.,:, t.bout i Tyeere of oo , er fed or ItkcklTlakIn ill Ik ikklik, very )naek, ankllksnan imped it1 fkkkok in hin opcecla, one of kin loeg in nare, onnanninae be yrrcvkktlhurt;It!klel w k to n e went away a w hib k'ton or Jiacon Ithirk on,,, wllie ettona ientalnoan. stokerk of vesels andl vie m ooats are caulionned rnat receivieg or hnrb.riekg gkkk negnro, as wall as ala klkher pernollo ka akeII kkmktn rkgournf Ilh lew will l .Gnrnl;ed rliig"llastl l t 1J eh.bove rewerrd will bepe.i rrkklik'e'.ikng hi n, Oany ,f t le jails of vitiner oatht ,u'1ntiklitis, or .. 1tL6'. ir....delet e..ner af Hevin. tept IVOT'uICE.--' I.okk-k IltktOlkeokm k niatiag l t,,,r I eIn, of Ituiltie, & GarreetaoR Oan bhoo kljoiolvedl. Th,,e nubhcriler witi liqoikale the aftai a ,oIm r. inthieit,', ,od reeqkirer ott pklkokm Indeb. ll tn In tkpl kkkllkekkktkkllnd alt lthoahnvin ilil k~, t 'k lkrclUt klllt forai et aleeli t.nh 'L~pn'~~ _II_(IARRETSON. CAPTAIaN AI.5'Ai"I',S NEW NOVE.. Rout,,, llae efver, Iy Ihe aokutlk otl lketer Siokptr, & ('kik",,Li onra Wniiter et Svlklss Hoif!tletl In Lame C'.tv j it:li. o 1til tllll, Ioyal Navy, F.L Lord Iakoldloa., nrlk'ieP' ty AtaI, CUoninngthaml vo klvrkpol Ik'k', wkkilktlki Iy tii~ el f, in I'. vonlt. I Comu'nfditn, Ikltnor aftaly, tranaleed from nha irailina I llhnny 'N Ikkniel Creene, in vol. fir tkilltIg kn kkkkltflllclofie nHlliy Library. Vkk.l talk 4 If 1 ,1' .Ik .. .'.lklkiekn. Ok..d unifoen aeiktna fpllo, Ia',·r's rrh,1 . lha.nih Dieliooaepry. a I vol, Uvo ' A'utp.ft'a I"rr.,., k,,, Ro.iqia I)irlioanae0. At no-0. fin kelere, ', icof Unotla'. Phrenoloagy "llicllzi." Il~st+lrc,· rITY'PI TC ( nllnll e ualle~ferior qno it°,wit canill, I i~ sllCi" i. 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Tw l]xl,+j'l.,.f ull' .+I'Y CI+INIKIR,R by T n ill II V ' V ll ior lky U ;iall i311,.:st' dr.,vtv·," ~I..ri' ....lithl£1l, '2 vol1 ......Pk· 'I%'1 ,,"11l" IIl, I' m,v 111 ro of "it lmtlja ,,~, , ,,, , . ,, ,, 1 ,. , k t . nt', 1k _k~ ; Cill ,t iAtik I,' to ttl &. IAW I' .i 11I: l.ritnr,l d l,a7n rn r' ce "ene ed business .. I)I A Ion, aint A" ihutcory, in P rho mera t o n re4 aIot ' i l h~It I ll t 1 asolicit a anshanr ; l 1; l1; l~lyr Iot Io rnluoir w: ll s d t'l'w of the favors ely it I o sa t,i'ra cIlnrio. 'lt e o',u l re alcok at totIros, mcdtt 'ies altl oev nrliclrs is frest ani ar, filly s, Ild, 'It'lles I lu o tin tl only are t par te l seI're ol idlz and Sornratoga Powders. SYnt 'o it r, lt, a whelllsore ani elegant ,suo .n1lt,', otir iu i, it rotlig bread0 bucllttet U, . I.ole 't ctfrv.'Cetltt M gnesean Atpperaent.a tr pleeasnl a tl g,'et ptrgatlivei dySpepa or t ind. pe,+tln, nerv..+ dblltry. gidd l nes, henda1che. o raclily lI Ill. t actir Itoih bit tuot COstie ale , atul. t)Lao eruplst, c,. S Carlpe' l's Fluid Eltrert of eare.parilla f l i ". i oilr, &c do ,o ant cui e eho, &e. r.nlll's PIllaeN ad tI'er ifauge LUritish an rh s ( tu, m i, Opode lthr, ie. t lPrrlitrd Lrq'anricp, jn.lub io o atd Guoatae past 71 1'nToIII nrlSloe N i Prrnluce' cnrbonirdetgril Imrb lice, chin,.,; ......ll. ,.wh, OWar de pff and b xes, d . I ,+ ,, i' rfii e, rhlorine tooth walls powndr tilt, oand blauer, l'rentiee'ns cented nad ln,1, rotltet pider: pormoum ereste de Parn, raeo e ns' e-. urn r m' aInrs o esd lorid wter ticf the bt.t.t iraCc, It"twloid's .,1acssar Oil, Old, at, tdovo' h ill tO C,lu his, bor'a cil, vlalriay of of I.leer Dit Oltert tIC Ile, in dlibemarkingink ai Sperm and relied whale oil. asy'k Lingtai , A ls 'surlle ot f 'iThorhllmrn'aGlarlln Rae nd .c. . GEORGE JONES J For rreartoe anod r .oe Ie Fever and A e. Tw1' olit to ,rrtily ditia vi tlterotnthis Ton. lil toore i tjal'ri et tothe Orditlary incde of Ire.s.u_ t'ul e atadAo. Iot ttofisrt thue, bong a YaVga of Oltt. Is t n Il t, 1tit tie' trout ny cdeleteriol andl poison Ios 's i rCilltt it nv e ake with the tnoel slof l o evellt t It li rid, tattoou, o"u aged invalid. It pe PI, l vrnte 'elt)se(f lhr diRdalsY( ,ctse lU enlly the ennalilu is. i n.t11 rrtllrllus iuts :oled a lld:t II es ,o l tannl I n d p,:roneapptt i pite, by invigoraltig (O . , ,.t';th~ud gvrsa rli C, lle enj yment of tase.. licin;. p +.= iar in ifitn purgarve qua ily, it reanonu It I :t tie bowel, It Urreeollr thit disorder, or to eretea otlnerditae., ht tlhttttilg ly crlenses Wel aeseral or. Btl f ditelIOl, antith thtr e sytem wdith , w .a , ver tit"e. alelko,,sl it Illmty be oppressed. ~ndIividl, ,vet I,.r ,Ifii Tocia Mliature. hare Ulir ex .lll+ to i ll s Ile ot lt lll rullers of the diaease it aIV hrLs:llppd |111'o Sot ttlt t ftretut n We.erees by tl te I a I tore it always crea t.d lt tt tc lt Iy"t t rocrre ee. The datlger ,f flretltet it tilt+ ofi' ticA IAgu, is rvery evridal, for u1 he tercta Itr rls oon b'eome t o mlth prurllata ton it' heitle to roltt with iudcitr, ntd steedily fall a eic" . t•o to -'ucll ilrrtea' villeuhe The'I'Tltio tliaturen ia o ferted at or it rentsol:,iile rice, at,1o plsce a it ilhl trhe orfnc've O tho-, ,--that te p crand destitute he hot tlr iylrltuewtl itassi sanee,wifoqst telicisIng it t he. ,l ...... rid t n lnre whichmis frequeally denied to It rt. ttero re.ltt betly ce.Unld .g inyt tdM Ipu rltis , Oitlltioll of this nnedieioe, tllht are daily offsred It .p..I , oil evnl hf Dr. Jo t R. Rowmand, athis L!tI trorn . '.t rkt tote,,:. Phiadelpha, IThte t,irihtts si the whotestale a.csnts for tim tItll <lnate;+ lid wil t. t ll by Ie grose, at ilon1[ price. '' be had at retail alto, at Sn!othecari,,m in sh lcity. J'tttlIS & ANDREWg, h\Vholerale Druggists, t-r eOr lll'lo , Thophilotlael 'bIARRIIL5 CIIIINI,. PIECE W.oounoaes, ICutnlo ousi strect, apposite the pout.offiao The subsh.riter aro e Ioow receiving froat their falc torios in Ntcw Yorkmand will koeep constantly on hand a geceral assorffoit. of Mlarble Mantle Pieces fortlperior worksrittatil. , and of the latest patterns, noade of thlo bet h Egyptian,. Italian, Irich and Amerrican marblo . Also, Monumentls, Tombs ant Grave Stonos, Inoulded anl plain sills and lintola, tharblo faeitngs, Iheartsa oad boundary stone, plaster of Paret Ieootan & Iydraolin Cemoent and Plaster. i g lHair, togetheor withl a splendid aaMortment of I ase mounted and plain Grutes and Rusima Iron ataes oftho orroaet .od most approved patterns. Luterinen done it the neoatest nlltner and at the rtoat notice. "They oave first rate workman to a. "1"' work. cANK' f AIN & STROUD, "III)tELL4S NEW Wr)RK,&e.-cThe Anlerican i ºI Eraglandy thy ol autolrof"A Year in Spaia," in Noble Deedsof Wooleen, in c vola. TIhe Young Wife's motk, a oanual o moral nil oae and dmneotic duties. Just receivedo atd fursale by WM. M'KEANd (ItO1l' itedic:al .Rtoks-lI.oui uii, Ph do. a ý,htitrllcnil~~~~va do anwsra l.w 'l t