Newspaper of True American, May 24, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 24, 1839 Page 4
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l1tRE LINE OF a n tAof tie. bllewing vessels, bu o urbrlased expressly for `tut . , Capt. Miner, raNickerson, lb, - `Jtilamonatuolptu Itlar e"first elass, haeO hand. . + h bd~ ese aaondatione, and are of a light . t.of . at r.soeo to admit of their receiving and artgins. their airgoes in Baltimore, at the city. ght Il h B .be taken for ports on the Chesapeake . imes'River, and forwarded by the agents, srh . CLARKE & KELLIIGG, at laltimore; oad... goadOl shipped will be advaneed wheon 'p,. a ,The priee of passage is fiaed at $Li0, aa .oile stotes aibtho b st qianlity will be provided. o"e-. Aaap sand down the Missiasippi will be taken " `t 'o" eght br passage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, -raavg 22 ionlville st. srpge27 `_22 Lionvl Ist. I fOR NEW YORK. S" sinrn.nn. and New York Line of Packtf ] n'ThE Ships composing this liei will sail from " NueiwOrleans adtidNow York on every other Men- U S.,le-yaf--c- macncing ontihe 20th November--nad to * isure tll punctuality in the tine of sailing, the. e - ion ! i:tereafter conaist- ffiI.j ed,. viz: i.. , aptain T'rask, to leave on the 20th 8: p 1. ovinea, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4;hr I)ecenbetror. .p i llAsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the •-, h December. lrhip V'cl sbnrg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on S tim ist Jaouary. hp i.L oMisselpppi, Captain Davis, to leave on the S 15th of Jlauary. r.: The abdie are all new, of the first class, copper -.. d and nepper fastened, and upwanrds of 520 tons I - barthn, ate of light droaughit of water, beig built w in New York expressly for the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: tieir canbis are - fitted up in th. moset ireproved and colvenient "plan, and finisled inan neat and elegant syle- Ample stores of the first quality will be previdcd, and every regard paid to tte cmnfort anti entioe satiefaction of passenongers, who will please take no. ties that no b.rth can be secured until paid for at oilno of thie consignees, ihese vessels are commanded by raplains well S experienced in the trade, writ will give every at tentionnand exert themselves to acotlnmtlotlrie. rlticp wiltr at all times le totwed tip ani down tie Missis sippi. hy steamboats, and the strictest prtrluali:y ttrseerved in thie time of nailing. S The owners of these hil:s wil net be rearonsi. ta1o for any letter, parcel or pcAlagbe, sent ,y or ort tont oard of rhane, nlesa a regrtlar bill of ladliL. p sigvnrd tihereror, at tire countind tone of rtie gent o wcr . ne. Fr lirrlThIer pnarlculars apply to "'-..ev2 J D BEIN & A COiJEN, I nov27 90 Collton et { , ,nemW ORLEANS & CAIIARil:TON Ip.\('tKI"S = 1 Tht1 lire eaetorttl1tour versett., at , I the liras Glass, cnppered d ,HI e rpjr taoIt teelro, nnd Il" riaphetlOO J Hrhlrirllr.r etreel, ar0d tr rltrt 201 attmin t lee, Coilhbttandsalm 5ceommnrdatikns . sner, 'Thrse ve sshIls areroee, allndCd bo ctpheis a ls ,, expariPtened in tie trade, who will drie every at teptldn, and exerl thernseves to aeon tmodae.s the shippers. Thes will be towed up and ldwn thee t Miseipsipi, and letrve New Orlpans on or n eore iE the IOth end 15i1 of every monte h. I The fllowig r vonssls eropnre Ihe line, viz, : It Brig ArabianjChnrlt s G rdTn, mastr. 1r, Brig C topmnnJ. t. Tritompsart, r aster. Brig M A..leo, J. Dtonne, mastpr. Bark RItger Wilhtorie, J. Allilhere, rnaser. Flr fsetigh mtr pals,,e a teply to J. A, biARELLt m& Con, 6d~mnon at. New Oleunse or M. C Mlrdeed .icClthatlstnn, oart I willhe niad o tgive genealal Atisroatio n, i Carolina, 400 do S Leist, Charleeton, 374 do DEtdritge, Colnrbianni 005 do G Bnrker, The above ipa ar ll now, of s tirse d trt r ian, enpper fantened and coppered, commanded ty trn paid to poanfenger, and lhe eery fent of eterre pro wTihe peeketsawitl he towed op and down bat he the tine of sailing, and athould ttl o rel'wtarg s tlo he detained is arrining, other stips eqJenly as gHadi will in all cases be sobstitutet. Aettare of prrtrot• age in liitd, and the agents pleg emles to aecomarmodats as much a practic , t rie ate 5ge, and t dvanc all ene o good shippemd, if equired. Thie ships witt teave tho tat and .ht of eveey month. For freight or pasage, apply b to ti sre to. N. B. Advanoements made oa cosigurr.. t o Messan. A. C. lteimbard & Co. w dil p i inetasete Iboutedr at Lie ori ttrc ents tachi, o niteid g the arastrpegei c threte lues to I haerbsko.svn mca s pladin a ecatio ioorine phtmonnery irmplqire. trlos irestwmablh Ietettm e shreer ita duTed. as obwtinede the elo an d rrc oteern tions ofoepytatlfh r pysiirse, fee ti tre e n ftr rotdstparett t Ae Mod enwntttfreer, pitTirog on blto, tiver cnnpleint, e.n To rhne Itlmtiy cncetern. This im to certiny titr o tave iA ourprCe freqently precriedr M er's lindian Baliam lieof Liverwo a d ltte tlarh,, t a dectided good elect: te can theefor, fat rot; an ledge of the materiats it mai fro, dr rtn p 'n ALVIN.rELt.l S. It. Baston, Ocreaied hd. live t hlrtcast taiiinreceived ad tea ledge oh tar made..... t, &N 9se to. D l UG.sa4ust lauding 5eonm M asoje, t -atly o almonds, bitter ntd sweet liqonrice rmot, time, juice, eeeenoe ofllrgamot, .isence 4t lemon juie,, I:emp and canary setls, inulnn, flake, and nemail, calmhnrid,., brimstone, oorat Ilote U ev, ater &e, fitr -al tlhttle end retail in stare oa I liONNA l!i,, manS9 car Natchez & T'chonpitoulas at H 'DIAULC CE. E T-85 blsa anding from ship Geu Cabot, and for sale bv m ha3 d & J P WHITrNEY, mn. 73 Ca.lp et r IMIONS IIAlRTT CO, are ow reCeivos!rom ti on bonlard ship Orleans. Eagle, I liohln er, IPoker . lear Andrew, French aid (erma lny anr,!s; Baok ---]oe'ta Boardsl; Cilesmnatl, 21-4 nd'2 .t inel, liih ordl alls; $,9, 10 and 1" idnclat h ldo iBolie KivKo ei ather nu othehr trvenlli, , I)ress;or d iases; o elto . Pocket, llor~n,,.t,'s, ted Dueoling Pist'ola; dmlool and airgle berrelled Guns; GIatme Hags; Shot lelts; lowdec and Pitoil IShlaaks; Ir;l Bottle. 'nil i)rdaiini Cp.. t'e:r.sacn Cps nnd Cup Hollerr; Cloth, n airo, 'Toal And Nail Birohtes; Orris end Chlorite l'ail \V'asin 'Tooath Powelatr;'toilet ail Shaving Soaps, ill -rent veu retts; long Ilair Btaside, Irinelets and Isrlie..; P ari and'IToilet PoVder; l.terrly to i's; aiorfa t. , ohhim,? Patent Slides or Gartoer; G(t E autie Slralope lerls. Powder Pulo i atd eloxf.; (Gilt Chlain, Se:lt. n end Ke; Fr-.drops; \Vailt Buckles; Ilrnet'leit; Brdlle Nckt.el tac Chainto; (ills nod Sii, Bired Beade leditn BIeats. ells anid Pltmtea; herll 'Twist; Sidt anid lDre.eti (:Cobe; whllch,in addittit to thellir formeer stock oil hand,l iahks. their assortmentr very compleeo, iand will be sotli ow es.a s liberal termes, at tlhe sigI of tile Golldent Ceomh. i25-tf 70 (Chartres street. Fl)%- S-.E -~iu--5 bal.....les, lodi,, Iti ... ,L ship Johb, Dunlap. fo)r f le hr ak2 ' 1111iDl g stI (C, 1:14 Mengnzhie t l oML11'l IgS--g btales 4.4 t.cwr-ll tI ,.I ei-E . 5 Sbales 4-1 Iwiliren l,.ov,ll eCotto, 3 cae tloelehkki etrip,., lIe, !ilfg inl tl rom Ias Lmtil fwr sale biy oitO 11111 'IlF.: .tL. 131Mogaszine al IRON (OUI'"S--Te su'e,,, iers have perocure. at a groeait expese, the rige of it,liisg on iron rosl in this city. 'rhe are ,dapred to putllhe builditi gs, wareaiousee, and privlt, dtoelli , esltid lmlbia- t ince chelapneas snd - cri ttlits, d are perfre.. fire Pno1 vatIer prooft. Ptrnlas irs ie knowna,, d a oillddel seentr at our testIbtsllmel. opposite aS. lls~'. mtorlch,.Teoapitesl es eet E Bl COGS 'EII,. &,~ - COAl - .'lsa ttlhcb., b#sg he.rtlanily t i hand a largo sopply of Ca:tlel and Isrposl coa!, in bulk. of superior qualty, hich they offer e.l r' sale in lo's to suit purehasers. Also experted by the first srrir. la -fT"i Eng lend and the Norh, Cnno-l, lehigh and Penast Monntsin Cml, hrokenl and sererl., put ut in hoegIheads expresly fotr, of wlt;elt they will disposes of on then os!t mojaisste trrtus. Irders ISt at thsjr, files, No. ,3alienville st. up staits. Will Ie potnptly alteradrd to. e 3 B. d A sOtUI.T,^. Atll il sit i . Bs OWNs Si p si7lWi7 "t (' 00.lE ll.;S.:8-.2.i.l eri Gtarot Calls 6u 4- t5 .r5n .lt esiega .ttd ?S halt, Jaek-It thk 4e bqrawn . lty odeeiing fram ship Chalrostenn. for aeleIr " lt,. I B IIilDIFfi4bst, 5.1 t`L. t lh sis\-I, ,aees. streuss tU11tna i3 ctltbbig. lsudmg farw hip Clhsr(leln, or s'·s by I_ C·~-r c·sl~~~ h~ W OODS-Simmons Hartt & co amr now 're I it0ag from on beard ship. Yazoo, and Saratognl brig Ccoardia, from New York, a great variety of goods o (lheir line, which together with their former stock on hrlnd, makes their aossnrtl ent varyc , plcte. The following compose a part,viz: t ell twist, .,rr!,uidhe, tuck and driessingcombsl, hon do ofull descriptionsr, I At. die rubber, silk and orsted elastic carters, common c & fine elastic soopenders, loco fleo teil LueiL'r matches, Meidlitz po'wder, powder polc antd boxes, toilet iowdtle pocket books and nwallets, needle Iooks, shell, ,edirl, iocry atnid oroeco card 'crtes, eand doritlcti, plain o ml bead', nercklnree nil negligees ,eadi cenis, bead necklaces, cct glaxss an plain ,eed silver and gil bands, llcdian beads, bell canl plunmes; pirtol ancd large pow Jer faseks, shot belts, horse, hell. pocket aod dteiling istols; ddoblcandcingle barrelled guns, Bowie knives, and dirka scissorR lhers, c,liCket ktives, gnold clhins, nd rillbbons, waivst hctk!',. -!noth, hair, tootlh, Itcll,eoltl, eruinb, shoe, pinteo thaw • o1. i !. i-ruslvss, Colhogte, FlIoridc,loavllder, roatRI : c c ".-,. tc'r a:ort.l: esooeves, and exv ctsoea er lcs e:e," a ;v rl,.'. c rc paparod', ve getble hair oils, shoavin g etil1 m ,i ct e., all ,ides ceriptions, laelieo sd geCtaletllrent . ccirt rnd od:r-rinz ctecs, lai rieglptc, I'rictctces and braids, plaio, ficcv cnl usical wrk boxesA, plain ad gill,fignred, ..dtai nnd vest blllteas, erl end ivory C t i reet, li studds goleo and silverl pencil cae t , toithpteks and tweezers, p tiedl 'rnd gilt lockets, nii:ltre do, sih'er, bras ant steel itimelcae, hooks at ,,eyco, hair pias, ic ittio n truit, llk Oanld rediik,lhoee ildcking, violins nd AgnitrI,ribbed Cleongcldccdilo-e, II)Ccodr'rerr e,lOecpele'lgcr 1 od lain percussi, caics, ae litly twie, scoted, lice tono, gohld an siter lace and |'rmge, latter , per, gae ghIi, pltd andgihj6etII e y c. " Yl'he above, together with a great variert ofother arti les arc ofered at whlolesale or retail on ucaaco odaelliog NIl Shell eorllsercpcired Sptca m street. .- --' " t i laO1Lca ati MAY, Ilcore, oigad. icc l tIIecotoee Innicationsr o th l f'i!,iwelng woods cnd net'blhs, ea eclno ;:: a master!y masnner, WOOlDs,. .rsanlt-. e. Mahlogany, Etcptinen black accl gold, Oh., Gilla anod Ateico, Pole'rd tl, OIeiuntld or vcrd soiellue C.aurle.i J* ,fapelr', Cunrled Mple. h doo d 5, ae, BIirds Eve oo, I tarily (boito, -!air AVec,", lc or Ilrldclln, Yew Tree, Italicn White. (Cotrlcttlndle or Ilacak ti:mncl c' and l'ctclla, liose ocndai. Aneri "n Grey,, Ash \hile a()Ik, ice. e . lie. S pccime ,s to bh seen at the 1r hol. .:ints, tils. glass, copail varnishl, co. o:ekoed ati or stale. Im I L I RON,cS-rI.KEL& HEAVY tit.)()l),--latr, qtotC and borodlp i'co,ell at~nsentie,, lotlp, stroll aced rold irae, ecail roedcr tncl a inoIIlds Ca:I, u.ema li sher, blrislcLtrd, splin, sheet alk d (t, owlev steel I elloao rWarr ut and l ronyiht nils ands bikC s Ox, log i d trcee clains, e:ron mills Co nilsc iecs, i lamers mt hollows Lire, sheet, i. land Nil' lead; saot Car, soll co0ilag .ti-es Ames, l(ottloot.,al's IIt thel,· rp desd ald shovels felocck iilht, e, dolor al:d wilnow ooks II I':.'d a .I rc :llc illt cor;'' ' , lin ,c c I d twine B",Itlml( shelhil,. copl c'; NI alv sioreS P its, rts, linseed ennd i ,ar a 1 ri ti A Olmll w usull ernelt n baccer a lna re nd il, chNde :lc,: s o' nd,, , illl li ve : ll ,d f'r ie t ,ItrI lc- VStE', l or ctr caion lta llcl eo l h ne eecale ter b l : I n: LA irl't)N 1C1.4 i).q0lrt " acl,/ve ,tlll NE.V artle foe. l:-enIs.- s Irnnl,hed with da s'it'.s,,. n)oISt'riliir4.r.,II.. r .ici tothe a. c-.dar. Anv o1 I who llftl ere: l ,nl hi·g'cold ionv Icol'olSine rih ' t; IP.rron, re. ao nl Ite c nfo le y tci i f a ld, l. t l e - stlnrrulS llld ;('awe di'e [i ) .,- tile 1 ." and thIl ill h'idnls so ultlicolrnl lf iii,'e iy tAllc c "liC f th mst seclicr h)ave alwc s a, l ek (ll Lirdoht tielc , tIIaer having osed hloc ce'olpecco 1,t sale ,ait F SHIO C lOTGUION'I,. i Ih n. (IS, Cnll rIrhte]. fr h 1:3 S "O R N ,.i . - , r..Ite e i acei le r ,.tre-no i is " . ROUSE AND SIGN 1PAIN'T'E.-- I NoIeca . r I (aypellr t n.'c ll. I p t. W\bholes ale t)e" eo'o i tnPoaint , Vtlctocnte teret'hel% lil;c( c \Vi-low nlad Pictu-, ( eIt, rc &C. e tc t (:si.e e! hcP- 1 ,ri,: 1 . I/.qli.L uit O 1T 1 1TETll .11II T ¶llestnllisiiividreptatiiuiivvd eo,'stalv v Invren;u A l drntlln d I'1,, tlliv etli; · ttlil remelv nf'pt li, l,and lire servntive of th, tl ethi , ha ii duc.l the sub-ci:Lyer illlr it t i the All rieiin piu li. Alrrallllll ens hI v been Hmade to spply n!. llts in alli thie prw'i pal -tite lad town ls i i thle Init, d .ti' , so i i Ito pli. it it ihi te reach If rllhew i tll and likely lto u. ll'b'r this lnhs ll',Tarn i.i oll f ll L.eJlo'l, T .oth-i'a l-{l l\'llb l l io lPplied neriLditnl to dhiretions g i len1 bottle, it h lllnever hlilt- l to ll.l lr illl I tm dialn a ;? nll nent reliht' It al<o arre--t the dc, yv it) Jkothtt:+ teeth,Land relieves that soIreless ,hicit o legm Ill rn lders a strott tooth useless 'I he i lllll al remediy ie siml!+e, ilocent, ain ' : the large i huber of pcrsous in di$lrent .-rhealsl f III 'outItr', that ISve ntre ndy experienced ellh dt.lic'.hthl l- i'Ltary ellcts fl'0o the u' o tali 1Ilo I, are reaud, to hear (for the publie ,,od) their teslimn yv to its un Srivalled o laltw . It is :n Indian remd btai d theii ii!ized va. hi n: It .l ,e discovury l'ethi all of." the wooId. I t i i. e , mlalr 5 Cnr C m.imn ; I : lieta , i.. .-s. SIats, for ale JON'r It (eil'tIANi. pll 16 i i 4i kegi, 1i1i , 211 i . -0 " " English, iii du - i, I 1hh..t10 - " 10 l Jnht II a . v le, vlrioA size+; ,,ii i nlv imIvi , 5' (Ln opal Vrani h; 2. packs lhl Leaf; 50 do illvr do; liii; do Dutch i ,i tel. WINDOW GI..\SS, Ailel:can, Frelilh ant [rench 1u+0 I hoxes,, r nrious sires ltld quahl is. tI loin r(ron dl.-501 boaxes, ollsignmeut, will be Ala, ra gen eral asortment of iliirtists vlori s and vevsiv, fi iailehy A b' 11A'I "", No 1 i Cnl street. N i. Alabnma noteis cTake at p r, and livisissippi notes ,'I ort received at i10 per nclt discount for giodv , io in li Ii ll ~it l'debt-'. jc 1 Iw ,1ARVIS & ANliIlP.\,', WViiOI.ESA.l'I AND IRIiT+iII, lt X.tIilvl8i IN IED tWIP TE ,, PINTS OILS 1F)'E S'TUl's 'JlJ) I.. V JJiLV iO' I GL iISS, Corner of Cam n n and Teho pitoulns ctreet , ,lili1N XV. AtNIJi1.F:1 . A arge uppilvo Gi ar', , .ir t, SNDiE.W 11I. I &lrr .Ot).. r' vi, vtullv y i ir, I their friends and t The publi it enr r 1l, that thely , ,".op, theli n 11no X1bri , 1r Tehallr' Sl rut, whell they keep eo nsll t:atly nt hal I .cpl'er, Tin and hhltei Iron lii, :n, of everv di.criplioll, sl cn a.s coppr stils, le lt' e s, and p: .mp,,lll s, at b t I ing i, s, civ l oil Ial:si, i ' all : r i.v and v, anld all othl vr br lss c lasl ing i 'one at ,.virl vI tiea'. (Grati i ars of every dv v ' iptln, i iii :l a:, i ' a t. boat sti rlps, bog chains, screw l vlit , vai Il ilth kinld i ioftlanboat w Iork, ll l i u Cllivlrutl s, brveell ''hey mill also do all kinlds of out ,nr wterk, such a", zive, copper ald tin rornfi.g and t lltl ring, &v. They ahvve and . ll ii, r kinds oi wirk Iv ilher line of bvi iuv s, they will execile ao the shortist nlti( n. i ,eo7 THIEE 1)-1 Mdl 1'r 1NE V 1" 1 V/I; TII' IItE proprietor of cst'is llshlinenrt hasl the plea i ure of i niiti cinv to hit friends and Iliye plvi-: 'in elleial, l ltt hr, in . +l inle sby ithei t.t ,Ly . lll sI t i deceivi vitil . I, % il all o sillt !r tl'a , - ie ili't of o.e at a diita llce, i t theia have, blai I -i, ,, il rovements ii de. i nd i e Les n vw .vc v .v vEhid it I rupid progretss I·r comipl.cln, M Chl will al,:it -I nubscriber to ia(lm.odate n mluch Inrger ltulber tit6', h lrrable, , and at the samllne tlme iiclh tetterr ' aubi t e I ial e i lcfioet hitD d o rt sit, or thre winr prelr re n tank're !area r th veLod li'ro the iviiv iimbiilding. It ii deemittd iilvvir.vt.-v,,v irlihih] in pvrviii lae of the chaiiraiictii ivi, o t it Is gvvnea i'lly elieved that tllrve no i erior t y in the Svit.n Diern StatAiAll th ilva vsemenpsi that arlt gevravlli. i'ivni niiiltterivg i'vaeiv , wi vivi fivv a~i t thii . '1" ' i avex.fv eusic hvt this pIart of ti',oivi e ui'vrv ivevi, and - me io iedo ais wilt be insConctt i adt.'indan e MIr tillhe ubcthibt will vei.i himselfiof tLhiv opi-nrtliiv-i tlppi viven t litv lasti euaoi . and i;pes iivvvi vii'hvxe lioni tlve vv iiv' tOivivuivi ill iiiv' i roi ii .titv; presenteiiiiu J.'vO Lr t LSSht.OiR, Nv 5 Livide sir , Dvmain.vianlt SI i P p ieevu voviistntli oc hnldi shoes, of New York mn ltiit, tire, fvur meic e wolea ,iid children of oil veer, !,itvh he vili d.vpvo vilf at very moderai'pivvcei.vv Familiesofhis a' rqliiii anee i.t enedin c n ' riev will lineve theirwishes aitivvie d it. L S v:lI ;t imel by BI G111Dlfl. n I JOB PRINTING. OF EVERYE DEICRIIION, to APEEDILY, LIIANDOLIELY AND ECHIELY EXECIITED 1j AT THE OFFICE OF THE an True Ilnerican, Tl'. CHIAIRLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. An m.`'3 tI A CARD. tn E & SINNOTT, t IWholesale Grocers and CommrLsron .lerthanIi , No.27 Conoao Strect,N" ' Orleans. at l:t'Purticelarattentic m paid to th ct Iting up of pl Stluau bat and Ship stores,. I SAIMUEL 'l'Ol3Y, Ilroer I4 ComrntL sioE n .,Mlerchanl, i 113 O ice, :51, 'nc rp st.-For tlhe preascut. I. P. FItLEEMAN & CO., E l'hw. .nio Y" -'Oiag EtaLaishhmewtJ I S, ae str. I J1[AVE-: constatnt . ,', h+ol a large Eicppla of Cloth ic l - itll , calca ttlcld 1l t t ? colltlly trf c . c lc Their its. t sorlont heing larre. , mlrlchl ttes froa tile coluntry call 1 be supplied at the sholrtcat notice. u octl t1 JIAZA A-LR. LUSHE & A&&TZN, o. 1, EXCIIANGE IIOTEL, Corner of St. C('les and Coaon ss,. n NEWV OILlI, AN'S. ItiIPOIE'l'[:S nndl lenlers in French tc d Engli- h I dlcrEllllry; I ar.eil oC a land I'Prtnbe Icski , Culll ryv , IhL i,'l, Gloc es a ilrls, Stocks, Unbrellclta, I C lcs,lt l I llFancy L Al ticles. S pEt'cI'U I~a.caIll oras, tnl I 1iytlc Bank LMica, Sli DOrsVdr by a t lllllt , i . " 71 (irnui E 'r EY er st+n N o-w 31. I .';II., No Ih, (hart cs ,t, Ih,., Ihic iy re0 if" AV Sp owectaclen, sno lyts \are, tIhey w l he orl'ri - eel at lhl, r es o (low te sarle prieN. e t, r I 'A.TLOI & IIA)I N N, No. .53, hltrIz e. Street AIIVI: nco'.ctc l ri' ,ly t f evryr asttc Ii ].'ccctlindg a ninrs, II "I INm Ith ll,/1. c0 GIc il le mi iI-n' anIc P IETOc ri , I I t.\NK NOi i l' 1N1i a VING GIAWDON WAMI1T1 IATfI & PRO DSON I . 1. 1V o,,ral n, u,,iin ian New (),rhen s. in!" c I In ,l tl ., r ;rei n ol: t h New YoarkI d cicr c hn o rtt' n : ak, f'r tilhe o'I fl n od't.llf r,00nil. t u 1illl ll l*l n: l Nate ,, hrII' I Ici o i 0c' ,L, I h Y , Cert rin'o of il)epo ir.,' 11 ',11-k-1 I otlc" iccrrr rtcrct ic: er-'d", cccn |*ri C. vc t " i C,;Lh -l r :" ; +i l oli' a l h;'v a onl c mr t ccc'lA 11fIorr rrciric 11cc R r 1ik th i ,t :to : hleir sut: , eans oreatrl'on t ih rnow ~f , ..ill hit, .- alesd "i[i ;'",I~IIvl 1 'll, cll I ,II the tlCI al .col., t)'?ii", v' LCr u tc l ,crc & Crr 'cl ctree i. at ( 'it' I'' AI.i ) lI l.ltllS IN I'IE. c'ciIONSle AN IC'1;1 ', N c. 79 and ' l .lciit cth, t, New Orlc(l ,.c c" hip Cimi ':ar ily streir pirt llrl. mar 5 .l.ttlll l \N N FUJINITUIIE WAREROOMS . I. :, I luss o n ,ol lle, cra n re . c~[~%IIri.1,: 1 TOAIcNES, w,,ld rrespA tfulpycc r. e a curo cIr lh F r i un, r m ,mitnt ml l inll,,l, nill d lt vl ies; tralllt e is s raily Yr l r e'ci p. UL IN k ;tll lll on t oan llcli v stf, l s, ledr'ctns 183c, cool Iters ncir I' llo .tc ie hi ntJ r.herrvs t hlit y in tll-i' cy, as sid.l. i inT tchle an-nexed behriy merlicuoin ca is hi nhly rnud e c endc dc ' I hs deern elrctkive cy u scd, i'l&l Ie. Sh l diclr , writlll J.t'hrl+ cok hi. "l n IiCs. est. boddiPA. IY' &c. I RISES AGAITiST F£1lE. thn mrns~ of rolleving many of thre wI o l rel Yu tIll u sE tile 'co urI di o o ca"' ry. It is air medlclicino~ ';n p n ret vi +e f w o ued Ncco :)rding to tn e dir in s .15. : erS ti:,," t'v (cIlciI . nl, l'l'l'-c, .v lcln ib r ol os c 'stilr i l, stv is n il r;Vl 'lildr, n , ten org s,;J Icrlates anappetit and s;,l"om rc uiro _')O31 F,,UNIONIC' MI"'CI'UIEL.--A cpeedy Sad cet, b cure licr tho Fecr acci AgXot,, tLe origbt a reeli. UrlL is itlc r ore rcurIt n od versal un i' tec m1.dici2, nrby persnr l rlr thil hihl st Ei'cclclcc.Y Ic1rrc l3l crirc uiman Etto rote r ll rLeII i rosecpllihtcc, icn thic city, as stated ic the anncexd Theis tc a , is ntghly rIeommendir and has been Yexterniivel'y I s 'c d ii li.r aliovac cliscaess v.with : ch distccc cl isc d s 'tc ,, that -c the pr oprietov r f A. Olrr:,p ht r, c c'nrt ilr e oli Orle tha at. lh i t ettcis s of rehle ving many o E tce who ara' l , csul.:ring r nder the sln ourgi o our country. It is c. rcccdicona posscss'lng l'eat vicclce, arld Iir,:ner'.cdc t l ar i lt rict Aim em nicy s o ltstrcty t e gestivc o l5s, appc lit., i '. ,.d ec onlllc, rcotir 1lceac-0 ltht, oiine, or iic c hstinacc ccacrus, two b,ctci lca to rli ct a orec. Thcriir s ncither |.l , rV nor Sar. ar in the h t icicO, nor c y tc i ,,cl irc lcuc iotr, cc acaIct th l ie cl t't.cticr o 1",,I prlcrE etors areEa iis- el crcI c inc :,d ci " it al l .'- cyc, clh. t they cgre . Sin rc't ,I Ihe , p cci'el ofaccrry tcclc: i''ichc hac bee takan ilr I,c '' ",o ' with lhe dirc'ctonl' ar h1111 a n'ot clT'c'ld c c of t.. - ih fever & aguc.I A. O 1II 11 R, ,,, ',t for I.:o w Orlcat. at Ecor ce cci I"c.c"'vr e dl C.; ,.' s c scieets. Fcr c i triect A'c,rceis p111 t1 j-5 l'. W . ;'"'IIL'I'L, .18 Conci ct. PEASACM,1 ,LTA ION HOUSE NEW CITY, PE1S.\CoIlL.. lTaylo r, II tlt ro m nlrll l r, t w !1 . r(ldy tlo l lcrive it. ' i tj Is sy lhe taItst he" \lthil i text. Nu,1-(.t oad ra l Kly iaha lt lov 'nts will be fiuntd in t .IlII~ IiPntills of rli' l i lll ousi o 1 e. New Wt' d nmor c rl iun lio s baihing hl :"I s will be built, nld wIlmll . b.Ih will Le provdd at alil h. urs. A si able will be uttar.l d l, th Ih lhonlv . twith g tod a tlllllllt - thiuts r horse; and cani,,ea. lI, ls rtte horses and ctIIaIIIu e will also eI kept fnr hilre at Iodlerato pral"S;, and sail aond row hanI,; l %ill |OI~slIIIt to lmanageI lhell SI; llllh i d tlll alt ,a lvhri /ll a s I l ill nls. be rlnllllished, a Foi ' enO actvI as. a llltl to i.,terlibre tt ih the ci unlbr m ,lall e i l al l i. lria I 1!,u drr.'" TIIhll , iI1s II ll Itllrp)m will l ' tit iii h 'ii t', tI, ll , i t ,iiii' "ol a l +' 11 hii i I i,"", n ra:-o has nrr""d i, irand., 'red, whi wi\ll ll i tee 0 , !'" t , ti l'l 'l \ " I'r , 'k ' llto i a ti~r'-erlu k t .I n ,n t hai r ai h,""' titl ,, , -' o,·ltt . ci Iil, ii l, i Is, thlJ, ,':.,i l ii:i fliP +11:1(·l[l P n, I llll} I. ,llll ,.Th'[ l ruI n ll'OltlllertL+ as r-ll;n tI '. ' - , -:," t , "", I h it ii,'luls h'j l ,!" i il' a\ ill ,."r , t et, I.1' I,"a ,, 1 Klilt, IaltUI, andIII la r,'hy { l.v I , 1++ .+'r t..i· c"s i d ,lsls ' t .s I"vlt"st t 1:, S lt ' .t l '. ii ' list' I, I" f ie r tll a isi :dt s la' of the11 tl I o v ' "nl l 'Idl ;, i l o ; ul all , " ll Pen ".t" , It .lh aI ft till - Ihr i s.l's ,:t' }'t a li - ei ii e 'l' .ii l- , 'i'. du i lru a.lld ,ij l,; tr, I lthe tlrwti t' rv ll , d+ l o . li i-t, A s'.i v t'att thti, Iti , ..s ,' :h ' ,it 'it , p o,,xi it Irt .ii'r . it,. r .lt i l, t t;:,.r sti ,-e -et:tst :th. es, si u l, et b are i ftl :is pe tt !`_':.," a t'. noel \!o" tde tid i t llt "iltti ite 5ti lt t L, ":rt t h ti.Il'. itits tsi"a llo: to I 'inlll li la a I oe thi tr oi , V 'l :,a <t, to rit e No t ,re, it-,* r. at 1' rn:_ r tl e ii' wi ll T I taTa llr, trhe ft 'i, lr l ,fl. i ! .t.s ,,ell, er ., ,zi ,: .,,l'!b iý , Pet t'ailoa , tr Hc 411,; , raq., .,l Ursl.trti-:ls-"o -t of ,. b INo , l tre-ilO , IA hWa prll li" ,e fori ___july ICt O tt O.~ p l S t the : hoe h te i s iuc t la t htlltla~tI s strllo It I.jhlErl& /a.oI le. roi lens ert the toid a rl e i t'n r rsreah d ir.: rtr. 1mbits will e l-U.ll a inn lon.wl. hdh " tt do + o cll t,il ust al' lay . (i,,,.1 7at0ria+ will Csha t st he pr evidh.d v, rlqivot inl for sale by the dozen tar sh L; tt: 'l. - Royal College of Phlysleans, London. HlE origmnal Vegetable Hygeians Untversal Medi cine, prelsred by W Miskin,-Esq. Memner of the Royal College of Surgecons, Licentiate of Apothe- I onry's Caomtny, Fellow of Bait Court Soeiety, Surgeon to the Royal Union Pelnsion AMstuation, Loal.stur in er, Waterloo Iridge, ncd l'erpetual Pupil of Guy' snil St. Thomas's Iliosptals, London. This valuable medicine, the result of twenty years' experience and unoaralleled success in the extensive anl highly respectable praeclice of the prolpiety, patro nised by the Iaeulty and nolilit, and is now iontro dced tothe notice of the American ijntlic, at the earnest so licitation *f a number ofogentlemen of long and htigh sianding in the profession. It is hoped, as e prelimli nary step, to echeek the evils and fatal consequences arisinf flrom the use of Ute numerous andt deleterious oslltlrms oirlsted sln vithe punlic by thle aid of fabriatted proaofs of omirneulous coues, anld ther frauds, by a set of mereenar-, uptinil lctpled I.rtendelrs, uso totally ignoants at medical science, thit it itmposslble tihe u miustrots delusioi can any longer go down ith ithe intelligent peo le oflthisenuntrv. Theslepills, mild and agreeable it tleir natisre, sthould he kept in every familv in cases ofsndden illness, fot'r, by thotir piromnpt admitstationio choleru, eanmps, spasms, fertos ad other alarmiong eofttplailnts, whlicih too often provu t'tals, nmy be speedli lv eared or lIrevented. In Ifta , tsil Ithose who valegolod health, shoutl never be wsitllot them. They are soit in pckets at 511 cents,$ 1 a'rd $Q t t':eh, b" .-very respee table tituggist, ho,ksellet, .tcot veh.rtof nediein, ill tit United Stales I be I Call:lans, i coi ou 'l.c iolthreetiolls, togetier with: estltnolils of prtlo.5sioltll ability from tihe following euinent o elohltsLtt Sir it ,l' - X ,i''^, ( 't -fAtont Key, A. F"an.pttn, M. I)., andl numerous others. The otriinnls mmv e I. sn y I ,'t''ssiun of the Gelel:rl Aget, by whllom tithe t lt .,et.ic I .,.ported into this country, and to whom all applications foragesnciea muslthbe madllle. JNO. ITl.llEl'N, 1e9 Wo-errlsy Place, N. York, Slle iGier: l Agent for thr te ited States, de. For sale by applointment of the original prop'ietor,. biy ;,WA'.v & li.nllr.n, luggiSts, No It LGana street, (:eI'er' Agent tafl Stattbiee of LollisLanl. jul vs -III ,ltY It l'E lco, No adtlonyzlue l street, al a r.-w receiving fironm ships Nashviile, .Louisville, Kesctmckh, F:tsgle,od other Into arrivals trom the " :tlern cities, large and new selected assortnetnt Ir ;s , Boots, Shoes alnd lIro~tns, eonsistingotggr.tlecmst'slfine calf anti Alorocco bools o SLd. quality; do bull, and stint wax pegged boots o valriols qnal:ities; men's lino :call sel and Moocet hpoe. !ltleps and bri'oons, bck, kill shoes, brogans ai.t sltppcs s: men's line calf a'td kipped ptgsged shoets and I roeant; di boots; do stolut kipl al warl pegged shoes I d brogallns; gentlelmen's best qualiy call'sewedi shoes ccgttnns. ansd Jack i)oi,,tgs; do atll" and Mn,.tecu ' ieklelshlls adibtog'ts; doI calt sal :ulld lMorl eo. I i: lln shotes acId sli ppv,'s do cliff, fl)f .,lll n sell Wings, a ow article; do tine calfl set.l alnd smorocco llallter otst; Iss,eis, ' es'talreilchildrc.'s epetgsl satll sowed bl opots, tlnd snhoes of set t'lls lit atild knldI Also a g'nel:iRl assortment of men's stout wax and r'ott hIogets and shot s, toll.trlt witts It0tlt t) pailr tgro bust qulitly, r'ltsettt ltbtro, ss naitled itt Illks, dieellltllly for planiltion usee; a ga.lllsd trneti o tf men s oe sd stout kil russett os, r w arthcl-, "ond a aree qw.ntity of au inferior quality r, stet atolax brotgtins. I.aulles' line colf, saet, trlrccos and grain wcelts, o tl pittpl is llsltotusfItt fll tt ei, Fel N lh \ltoo alnd kid rint rnt.ntI sii .tros: do roan sluoes, witl and withllt heetls I calf, st-al :t o slto t leather Ilootets; do P' runella shoes. !foil kindstland st galities; sit, lsstint ist,'aottt tot yolt'r r. W and tIled h(Mittre. M'isret''ittgo shJst it at gats. CThihlren's coloroed lottscott aotsd lasstilt brto out glcill tt b sott,v kel t t ienttit l tlittt t'tttI shionablet t bl' ek l i!k hl ts;tI t lilllac ,in idralt helI verdo -1 a supei r t ao ill; 1 d i i.hatiil, i t m i o;n ii ,: alai( hlid i, lll.aroW bhlrim e Inc ' . fin" h : lllt l :1 4h k .K lassla short l hs, I ull e iol article. Yos riot I tt ;e sizt . hts t1.iLtettt thy' e' h .lltel sro ld :..I NO MERCURT NOR CO AgIV . l ott , i's h it sllll thtt I Ihad he Si llev ,te it the di:e: s, got ~wors, so as to bri'kl ot is large tlcers i It rights 0li"tlt Intrll s it .u 1 r i I.I nls l pt t I n; t oi al e slrtitslls' ondrethr' cuee of 1tr. Iluct, of Irerits, to lte el i cll curel o I u Ill IAN fAtlIly J D O CIE ;R T I IY I nltt tI ll , him ', min t n 'd ,liEsr.* is 1 .i, ilt. w' Il olr-d! t my no a sulid tleit 1n, 11 ir whih il i tnula r I e "t; n re I r I ussure H.. t .. t1', i I 1i0e I lulve taken n nlcs m fin. n i' dn i not inin re ni m alth at I; Ihereforc I advis I e is f lil, o lbrels I laciotimeundt apply to Olr A. Ilinet, 121 Canal llnet i J i li, lt l .ho :e rm 'lorl:. 1A 1, until IIP .11, t I ' h cy w ill i : 1 al true1 ' d elo lto i'r i'ht i , Jl l ih llo. 'JI HN I i AN, I I I 1d ta]i. r IrE t. I If IIy oni e watnsll to see tll r, call 11, Nh, 41l ;t;va ic r n vl I iJnr l nin IN l; J N. r..I ,t0 l,n . i ,nii nf li:ln .! A i . tg I i l li . tor, orin il i n.'ihiodv I Iun,,i, the f i tii :tni ,ini ' ol Itt. u, noteIII " Ifi 11( 1I hi' · I S | 'nl{llIs, w1 ." I, n r .'lt~lruil to J.leB I· t~.l~ l.ii (iii ci'II! ' (Inn .,i ' in n T' lllm 'J'1 ]¢2 l if- h st 11(5ll at1 e: 0l (551 (5(! Cll 'R . th alllt Is Inn in i.e i ithln \nint nle ll .siln n t.'i l ll.I COn el in n lt. , ul'e e ti. l nt in thcl oo: k is i l, fle:, ly' the L: llow ing words: 'The 11gl distinctio.n this w~rk has treitd lnngn I ti5e tena I lhlite actse n ets pr 1Io t, ll.e titlel,- p ¢, isa re m oIT ll;,tinll i lln i , t lso stlco.. llns ,l t s e ncl site, ltl t tlllhi i s n'clsvIn r ni olme than n i v .i (1a ad vntiall 6 ,n , to Ci r Id e, a olvi t c "'l o"sn 11 of h ti p e ", 1 r'tm :,1,,e, m :nartd i i1h th e nt is whic.hl l l uifoul' fir' lleii. eis, o: r ncll griht, rd tl'Olll *tct'5 "I ', p ist tes h..1 iil tn t ii-i el dime in, fron all 'nii 1i t ' lmu st ni . viden is b In si csse ntc ( e.... iii s, fin Ihmlli t in 'tn e o telt im - tadil ~I' nn' dl ni len n cot.) thew i rk'nntisnt h'n cn mi tni :sl. inf teinl e, i nrd i'tll n firam ano o" h lts e e i"n l'ui lll Iltly two hxllll l. ,d Std t Anstlol:s s eltll o lur h alss lilte d.'tc'tin u fi tw nthl (I f' rt in the w oles, fi 1' J.ilth e rm itiulea,o n Xlpetr 'd ii n u, t Te iit in' i:0. I ni. n Ji'l l in i l o n1 6-..n' n 5in ii'li1 ' fsimii 'n t n ill f a the rlt. hl(ctinln 'in i k the y, , 1i iin i n. ()lim .c l to nm otn oii rll lLnm ofllU e tuIllnlne lo l it1e lln a iS no, Inlh r ol: e I inal' th he inub n, d ns is w ln s)n on in th IdtheiIe, nsll indest munl stn be l it ns e n,. t.rid anly IVr e o in leCialy n il . ,he nnek ani i uh!in Ae (ns ind o n he is by idhs a C'Ill"linilce n i essi ltn l, thi t in ilt SlI - ni ii S iniiind yinn n eim , muinI elenn ni url the S o:ti ll Il O s en tl Irlte t atell tel(. nt ,,Ill e ofr(Iu tlc I sli lrstllllln iimIlc r i~ p ls who ha : I gh e I! n I n.tri of the work, it bas k bell (ist uguis, red lI tho ho llOs1i nine lnlnien iii IIcf t (ll n l np lil. pi ice". ., I ni loni siderien the in-illihllhl of thle 01i(in l rihln nlly n,:ed tel e sbnrysl l., the w l k, enod o. the SO kizIlsy 5 1( "clllll t nVnI i.ln h II xamlillatll n sn Inul l testi s n f every 1nn inll it haspassed in the ess cuetw lhstnding t t hl eis in strienculi in, l"sidll, it n 8 s1 , tn osit ve alcctu acy r'd I," tile ,npretetr l t m "5s enpl fll, tile vn nnLe has1 een felli Irll n e mn hnienlniny insit led n " lle nllost derful book in tla e wTi e n islk;" ,ot 1 ainh- nI sllall : c ill rapt| fig.ure wm'k of ti lll(he salm exent ll, lwe osincei, hebist ilnn! el ea lio, I hnis nl tlhe Slilr eiie li Ilt p ll ity nf tu sts inl th, se iet i(.CC (I of Oediors oI ln' oln le i allf thoe n ilmlll l, an i clea lstown in til esii eltl e s an st nae d, tle 1i n i trl . he, na trled and ' reed in ah y ll the bank ad hi . Rni' nl l les tie ( he s kU o ; l lnl Sttli Ces, m: ll t ie pth lic nla er) all d ril .". e •i-in: tears, ,noii ' e ' ai cuhtmllos fhns t~lr ,een( Is' l; a i "n int, lhml h emolietuE r c all lr in l thme y th(, hand ' o t er, lat' " ls , min' mos t ' htio . C u li , h ''- 'in ;is n r nt i r p 1o. , Ihe rtsi wan"ttltn molt t sI a n erti'nnn y . le b. en uin t] r ola:t c l s etvl'l:l O tl,"t a S:ic as U the '('I to eI ,dclllttou • I te prr rl s e p ite I k is ni'd al i tm .m l, iha e stee. il pal,11.y .,,e Ihe "ro fru o hI, xt ra:ih,'rt, ain h x f- w f ira i Iti 5 i .i , 'ote .(, o lowi , 'in i 'tSr il it , . (1 i; in i" e t f t w ni e ci J iicta' . " n n It i 'is to'"o l. rw e t t, nt t ithst I(,l chthk i ' haI . 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Inn finI . k Im .l tl lv ni. nnnl i n i nini. l eiinnnnninl " '1in I n, rh thle nnl *ji e ennl Ic llhl,'hl' in thi wIn 'n, Sin iiitl'. nr Is inn' J, most s clii inn Ilt:dtI l hi iowme en r'r. lii n ,i pwool" shee'tr, wold', Iibwn t n IC a n iiLnnqnlne Ilnine f ,in nnIninlnnnlnn "inni et i n anndnn inn, ln+'.t Sy nl 'in , an s t!e. iittree d 'iiu lnnn explainn s. lInt s, innnknet ana d n ainilnle hade Ihl( nntr,: n"yee pl lnes of nhis ~frl nn m n ;l, ihat tii (nnre (I.ctmn , nn i'nnhnt.cnn n' ninlt n i-nen ain iextraordi: 'vn ex:nuin i . Im n .' i l in st fire, I;'n ithn geunn .rn ei eni fit, n lhn" artn (n y hn.nnnn.enin.nnl_ onll ) (nilOntl kenn t in a plan e ofspeinin in l n:detm, excpiit wh iluse " h, . itiu^. Aitnle[tdit'etllns to (li un I l n nilnnuni nlel ntanlie il'tel 1, l withh umnul no nites, follow (ln prfip f n, whiih, in tin fillm inil the tw i ntineedinl.e diimnn, cI iny neinlth ini - Sitiug inter As, tee (lays of f t e, .e. It rli nwim s onld) to re'cnark that, potwihse.Indnn ng this ;Iillcotnmullll lllfn costl work, w ih e a nle h lil In e lnl' juiecelh i nen etne 'nnei imen lle Snexnmni. vel, l ine o liberasy £101tiscd, it haI 'l t 'l t so iltch as paid ,iith e inlerst. tel h'eavy inln s ol " n nnsnimpin, the usmn d dollrs, besidlel Sall sc,0:,:ce. ' • \\ herefore the nuth, t still Ptites on the d 28c'Iltulel" and generosi( y oi'the i li fC r U r continalL, P6riel at B1mslers 1i the United "latW. THE FILORIDA LINE From Mrbile to Augusto, Gen leaves Mobtei every day at three o'clock. p m'per U S mil boot N for hIall's Lrnding, above Blakely,-thence four o port conches to Pensaroln-thrnen siaremhonhoatio LE gren.e, where he Innd roue isresumed-thence ti vm Mariannn and Brownsville, Fla. Bainblidge, Pderloetowo, Hawkinsvilic. Saundersville & Louis. vllotoAugusta, On, eonneering reaularly with oI the rail road ears to Chanlleston, and the steam packOes to Now York, Nirfolk, Philadelphia, ote. 'T'heDlreambnalt are the best for the service, and the invigjtion preeents more advantages than can Ie fould upon any steamboat route in he soauth. rern rglor.. 'T'leo great improvements in the ronute have been producedr by the construction of fifty miles of new F road, by the prnoprietors, viz : fromn UnGrarn oail [ laenttre Bayou, an arm lo Santa Rosn Ba(y, to ityna.t's Ferry, non he Chlinahiu ehee river, len inilesabove the Cowlerd, or 14 nbove Cedar lluffi Swhereby the navigatirn ol the river, .and the con. sequent detepntions, and more recently the incIon venaient crossing at the Cowlordn, are entirely avoided, and a fine road fronm Marianna direct t l[ainbridga, instead or the roundanbout rnod vina Chattarhooellerr, lssening IIedistalnce about forty omilos, and irrenaslng the facilities more tlln ollce ady - Alv., .is;,irifii ri.m. wn Ii'hi stags revry 'r-dirf. l.y ln In i kinsro llel, via Ponrry n Ma'con, (la, conneeinge with the line to Savannah and s riene, Gen. A inil steamboart Ilirs regularly helweenr (Bainbridge and Apalninrhiol. 'lrnavciltrs wishing Sto reach any point oni Chanbllooohe t or Apalachir coain, enn take stelnhoait at BrownsvilIe. Mobile to Pensacola--Land lRoe'o--1)uring.the litime oeccupid Iy.lthe reports nt ao.os, the proprne. teri of the Florida hine w rill rn n line oi lour Shorse pisr coaches every other day between M1u hile onld Pensaeoln. Puasesnuers will leave Mnobile at 3 o' Inck, p om, in the US mail boart, nod proceen d to [la(l' rland irtg, where n lour horse r ca h will ,e uo w miii;n to ronvey rrhe no it extellernat honie of M11r. Chorles lall, I 14 mile distant, where they will lind pleasaril ccolmlodlll-ona fr he night-icaving next onrrn ng, they will strive oill Pe snarons ein )' i I!e evCIInII., lilllthus avoildillng the diesncolllirt nisli t trTvellin_. HOiee at tho Mansion ih us' , Mobile, and Col. ,lins' IMoel, I'ensaodl, where siala mon t be se1 u Sred. STOLK(i'bI'flN& I'. n" v \Villiilam 'ilmi h PIIb l 'ers Is sVervices to the eIii J zons of New Orleans n o teachelr of he pinlllo lore. 11r S having baill rillltvt d st vtro! t rnr :sa ln a her ol minusic in privatel I.; t ,I res in . ston, aind alsout sweet [f tll le femal e sent toanio s In its t vi, lh\t,1 cannot , hu IOU: l I0 t m a·lI Ir-it Po0i],1. Ir."' , I11 is I'ert,in d I refer to Rov DI Cl.,.110, le Id :St.ston & Avert', II cn one,&h.'. r :ai Ir. l ,'o r t e r l . ll ., & Il a s e a p0 p ' vy a t fi ,e b u i lt s t o r e o f r Ah'xalrdcr',w s n4 us .{ t .l . t and .lhdic'nes. J li B - .- o o s t h 1 ,l],e e d lll -,111 t 111 th is P ioy l tr t lthe url'ose oii f irainn, ctint n L.or (.ral \\1 II'eIsale 1)mu l sllSiiness. lie is nowr rees viier a ill suioldt iol ',r ,"r Ill , 11 1 nuL' P i t e n t l es, w lllr!l Ill \ ill s 'l l ,on [ihrr;ll rlern TIu i it , t do+ a d t ih o f I I;~ Into t, ,It o pI h ]P IIctt IIt PT1 t tot ,t:oI 1 /Il in , 0' h11 WIll ,*ft r illdll rrlll llsl itch t e hit av1' nt t I bl. tolt. ho"rn ti l e,[l n11 this Cl\y. Ilis teilll llllll i Itl .!o n st :ctly leuinit tnle bus.lin s0. I , st'It t 1 1 'nonll] h)r r'tlll ri ndh:(· ' toltoll it I'to overlie,; will t(' l.l dV I.,r bnl0-,P1's. A'l norrr+ Ir o;: l0 conw1lrX,:in, t'(loon it . bonsf + lll .l tI I r ro\ ei ri Vlling tit'i me , s[ 01 itt b" ,.m pi" y t:' dt , to,. o l f 2 N" 30 C"in p At H, DOLES11. AL)RETll;CO rlll AND(I VA11 I 1 '7[1;lli Y 1s t-'1'\' 8'-'l'tRE- tll the ,.icn of Iit ;,olden co Ibl,,No If Chat ltrs ste.rt. The solh.srribers Ilave; r. I crivedl, in.1 , li;tion toi ehir pevioul slook it hootd i fulltfl tilt l C lum (ler. lslllr W l00f o dic orl'lsL'I n th ir hine; vii.: It cIo bs, r Pllrlfllnti'( ,l J,:wo o , I'r llh , Ih ,+ b ll llorkio gltuhl+80 I'.mvv nrliclrs, ov'r, r. ri~tin.tit in port t-o bllows: (l't-)ri lit -oet'in trshucl, wr' t i, t il i+ : In c11 1(), t qg iled ben [, Inon, fataII , d ress..iln , sIIId ll llly t'llland InetI kl, lir ili lln lnltH, ofI" evey dlllllt llIttin .'1 nron t w+hich arte somnt ,hlexiconu ptters, 'Ivor combs of ellI t , ism iption, horn, tre0si' l llll e palll] ]+;l+' ct'l I t c lciher l- It it III(· rrill . Islmnt orm ri t- tee ll ll lt :\ol " ri ntllltlllll. I' l111"U' Illit \'- I 'oloene, Iavn, Ihlori , h.lon y, llly, t o ul,, ntll n1"o,1r, f Ianwdr \ i is i el'llce lt ". d tl. - cripi tion lll,' I Iorale' d Coolllo n t, ol rt iof i ltr,2lt lll 17 hiwvy so 1I i ll ,s f+ ll l, ld , hlm h iln l!,l in 11k11 Illd mr+, 00t0ll0l .0ll0l0ll Ido, Wollrd', or,'t nld Ih, h .it , ll ot atl o hea ,* IiId 0 SI Prs tonsIsll. own Ioll' l ý sat'hl ll lsll p li lt lllll[ lom'l llll d ttlrt ot1 pearl 1121it] 0l0l0l01'r Ill·l h'r po-I rI nd $ ,1n ll.xs t.o4 - SIiltl in;llsot . nl rolloI ris mitl chlorine tootll wash rood nowdeas, with Ita gnrald "sum tinelst of frill lil IIV 1"314r, ·IIV I sll . 111. lll~ ~lll /ll~ l Ii [' lll|OI .:1tll! I JI:\1.11,tI.Y-soth 0081 0tist no[d most li hionma he rtllts, cion ir tig 00f whil l llnll it[rd corilnebun, hltop :i, Ir t e n r o p , o e t in li hel _'re r , h w Pnlst p in ' o r n a ll " . .t - tv of ll0 ltll llS, n l hl h kll,, inunh,' +it It I liod soh' m"t+,. • ilvelq Imibiles,,', ' I•nYI mld Pt.,,1, Iliilla d cor11 - 1l -li+ l -•h ·:lh :l - Ir m a I, -i h i i te !l Ihin l tl! ,'r u li i , . l hll l I i lint,( .lhllls l·i, to t l ,he<'lllll(, t'Olllb, Na il, t+ 1t!£i,,;lll]l I·Illlll-~ , I)IJI'.I II · tl, ,4' l:. -tl ,l a li .t~i l t·I( I 'llj· lll o l,| II(l~lllil, I~la,_+uit'. hulilld1:1!·I~i Ir, lwh ,l·(-. i~l<T~i 1Ih. Xi,+ hllr do, t 11i b a Ilh 'o i.i' ol',,h+'r I ilV(d n Iti' 1ill olo trued. FI.'ANC Y ANDll VAI II .l'V AR It t:. - ' / iotiid +\ ei en ,rh. til + ,1•a l d,,.kel and I r,-,too000.n-,> sooty I Iclelry" I ,l' an tulln t; l" 1 r i lsd bohies or:!, III' rc= Seill ns i .+ ,4 t Vlll :oi 'd I itholl i tll t ol \ I. I ·to'-. li bllo . .\r t' ! ,in i o h o f kind., i', din-, and o,. 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Am 'atew th irwt.i+,,h or a hi [b cehf illN. if o 1f i, h wrillw null h fie coh l,l.o cr . III otilll I,.l l"t 1'1 lim llitll.. e tltitl. It 1I 51111111lr;":S1 & .IIo. ._s I'lI'11M 011,-- 1."0i Plit,1; o ~, . 0m't iolta+ I ci\i olloies . 'TI e troll rn <re n vll o ar ns i 1 i d 'll ll | ,'ch,01 ac. nn InsO R 0 a t n i.. ,, l", d a r tc l . fr s ro I f t er . tribe; ni~o riho iurcst 1, et~ch !)v~rllontrrrl Prillrr cillg every variea lur SLul"-TLlve cser s,, h, 1 oct 3. 'l:E & D :. & D',:\n ( np . r ,l It\ 1 I1: -i le -, lU M ol h >oer h0 Umg lot ly *, 'h li-}lcd itvlurllni;h mi tor liololt.h r ill \.W .lh mli H i. m dn it to Io Iy the" I.tinte't andl r tle pubht itl y l, 1" nI h'l!t'.i ollr wool . 11 Itl'.lTo-i .o lllrle ld lel , tlo l th toll tl l illit)' of hi grdrltn S e r ll t an ri t [ bru_ "hrL ito i(loot p1.i'f. 'lit', oll entoLllli it ·ll l I tlth'illt0 -'eIIo:.1 tim lmllfaCory la. t~c lh • hav c111 o ll ta re I.e. l m ilme fcd r lothse lo n mIl "s cIt "a 1 mI s le pror lo tlblisr ll,' t of 11th a ild ill I.ur e. 'I bI 00." dI " er - I, l to viii al the 00010000 of" ' l la l t' iItlltlllab it+, coch No. 1,: o'v r n-d ant It .h nm u cvn o i butlinti ,'livr. The hr nl:.. a nish 11 of stores and steoou oI chhntnies. he'l'hc triieatiprt varnlyih wiihoolliy u, & o r b he''l:':~l" " itn~ usan I te 11N u ub l c onh or l :ia o e r myq I oI otf*lR ilti kinds Thepa l say r plly on l find in a cin y .Io r.lrs lU·I{--'31J{ il,?n gllhll t'r+ , l sh ltile,+ hldtitlc~ld rs uteur of y tl it l. 0jil seed I hugIl g d l ,7:1G Selllll ( ,II)I1 Illil~ll wl~ (ILU1 ++v.. go tiil,c ar ntI mp.i, lo r: civ clw by ct 3. I'i1'.E & D'L.fANI;, Ifi (an Io.p 11- 0 Tni 110., ,lt.T co ht. r -,.~u 1 h led.havin" mtud, W'd IterD. i,'nsetr, anid norI Chtieso blltti t ,inh , lli s f v orc iiso r hI s stn Ia 10.01, to 3 il ' jisis los e o. rIa\ ''ll i n tis; c[iltly. il c, f'or the. hhera! <o.p;,.mt lhr lla. ctivwl .Ionlr ' .o m rlllll ,,ic bn story.3.i I7', l",.I Iei' . LI.ol, s. h' .,' pr ,tres thc seeud .an. 17 g 'oo ll in o a t0l,!,.h e t :itlt and t w - 1 00_0 lolt sL( i , v, inr; :tT i'lt nr 1 l6 U l s p-1,.i t , th c .a t ll C in .ll T i II r1- hou t he I, ss+11 :, t"0i " lkU , hlic th t1 Ihr. myIl bm'l av Ide;, nl-,ip til eto l ,t + of hi r sc .I uo.+I tI.he ls i l , tgll I wei'l' .le" I': 111 c ,f ;iqi t 'e , w ,llshell S to 't t ,l" nf v 00. t Uld r is f i, m t .i t leii +,ir Ile, 1100c-ses co'mJ t r I 1010 m, r ( e th eono th e lvv I,,i ull aid, hI l'm 'ids , o tar le so t-n I, rnd t e o ot 7r ' ot duc- d in t-uist ain uot all iotih , h aie s ,nlr, , ofe le The d'. 'I rsi ned 0 :u y re rvn faier will o tlarlend . l r rlint of e er' r,.., l., o. tli m t,, s le ed t,..1.Stt altw rl:. and imhe u,ms of the i ver lrl F,. wlle t%1':n, I)IN N. -U - Pll-f PU Itty _T, ....... ,,,. Rayvi . s tdiednmle t e!)n sr. ul midi oly Cn drle.ton, o cotho Carlarl , and 'or rou1 years hoins ss; tints1. iLn haiog practiceo will plelase d t then i iourdelh.ur to olt;,r his uron.e 9ionl sErNRYKE it. this eity. Ile n..s!,rc. the |,llh.R anld g0111tlamlll 2 11 a rhtol til Ji~' pr mtlrl l atten.ltionr will hbe paid ito fihm call w ich du~lly be+ Intide; and als o oitPr•s hia vrrt~rceo to Ihc holders of slaver', hLoin;; troill acqIu~thntcd whth timc Sdile00esitl Coilin""l to thorln, halving'attended thou. in ! u sugarf hoiUSe inl C trht oslHl The Ilknoomta ant' itlbi ius pills altier the. colnpnsoiothtn of pIuitauhor Sinlullu~tt.+, with dh'l~elion++, ciu t:ib+ haft' A. the unders.,igned.l The enac~t which tlhoy havtet p~roduced in ttlis and other cities, has betml at~tended~ ;villi the groatest Snccess, to wvhicho thet best of telorenecs can to given. Apply at No. 116 AMaa. -"c street. Ju NU. t'LOI G. N ((TI'I: ---The partnership of ilev, 1 m &C,, ull New ()rhemn ; Mllston Bharris &Uo, of Nntrhmz toI lhtrris, Kelt.ey &':Co., of ltodliy wasl ~i diosol, e, OiJ lie 0iSt of~u ]iltl h~s1y the+ denl 1 lot Ii uel A Verslto, jale of the 0arlllrrS of the fir-n6. The undersig;ned , .uryivioaL partner=, wil te c .r;ed pOLBEIA'S Science of Penmanship received,and N for slo at their permanlt Writing Acadenices No. Chntr elsreet, Nnw Orlcenn, 1119 Ernadwny New York, Dutphine st., Mobile. W It is partitelnrly designed fhr private learners, and sctlttmls, and i calculated for persons of all ageS. Ladies and gentlemene are invited tocall end examine the systemn for themselves. Lessons nare iven at stch houses as may suait the crnrveni nle of'll, and to cluases formed in nny part at the city. Iadirs wli prefer it can receive 'essontls a their own ref sidenees. t'runs pysing e o nner f lersons ren desired a CtiellrI4..";t s ,.aei astlltnyn"t.. S.31MJ BItLOTIltR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FrEN years torvn tit yet nanreed since it wes "-first rgularly submirttOd to the public; but it Ihans attained tie highiest rcpultation; and Ioas sop. planted every other medicine for the Ague, whercv. cr it Ihas been known and opprcniatcd. Already I has it boen carried in every dlrralion thllroughout i lthe United Statels, uld still realizos morte tlhan could i have been alticiipated by its mnoen snguino friends. Tlo;nusands of persons lhave not only bron relieved, I but restored t, he.lthe and vigor through its agen. cy; and tlhey now cheerfully testiy, at every op portuuity, to its deeid.d d suprelle nlfliaecy. I: .iucz:::pue.d.of eucth ntiodiciui.l irvi..ii " . Vli calculatedl to renow the heallthy etion of'thie slomit I achl, liver, and other ittportalnt digetive organlls, the loss of whiclh hariotny is the immediai te enliane of the diease. It is apprelt nlnso, tlhat it produ. eca no cnltirel chant e ill the condiition olf the systern,, and certeily destliroys tei nirtivi liability ti rhlip. ses of thye oflection. When the Ague is attendi i with anlyl other nompt;ltit, ithe emtilloymcnt eof the I Tonic Mlixture will not ilcterflbre with the treat. c ment of the other o di-isr , i ut wi:l even allord n. ? .isttnce by furnishing stringth and vielr to thle o body idurinilg the course f treatmentlt. Those whc li imakeuse of tlhii ,etedi,-inie may le asneured LthILt there is no Arsenic, Iarks, Mert ur, or any other articei iits coimpoiitin uifriendi.t to the tumatO cesttitutioii; biitg cntirely a vegletable ertrnctl; and ithey tiatey ilave ndliltionatl critidienc in tile urt theeefte iie thniy teyire'ivee hat it htes t iert fctorfn gget'1 laxatoivihe i t teI time halle elit. It tie fillf ilt been ntainlt---in co!iOet lllece oei welhichI there is no ptrt of 'hi inidiciie : iefh t Iniiu;;-r in tile bowels to caus- tobstlruitions, and othor evih, arisiet from the ui e of m:lf y of thile retledies now olfertid for Ibeo cure at this afeti:cion. It hins bhoee tsed alsonsa preventive, hy teey Wii t'ec ert ic ib j ict iia periodieal tec-trrenre of lie Chills, etd it hIas inv:arlably warded of1' the p illlh)ltdellllldOd atcIn. Obsterve 'lt e Pyroprit r, fuy r al ' lsteer ld ath he e t iaLtIrilllled --i d t ull Ve I tu t aeI . teler which ht s cn tl. stltly att,, I ndl edl( "! IUlluetl and regill]; uie of[ the TI.u ecll lxurn, ie all eites of ie.wr anad Ag.te, , lIs w rll altI d it eegIg eitg to tefetiel tlhe ie ihi all tbletie wi b vt I n-e ol th tt ldel e lee te it tell it' It . havint r bey n i,-it rt;,ety a-d I ltstittely ailed. lie stil habterltteetS arlee ehe ,ti-el- ag-i-tt or hfte Soietlt l ste n ee a Ste-a, eeitlatl -ctece II e),Iu .CIrec ty ca eet. l o thi-s IItmr i Itei i i, iclh it wat-rra-it d i-tl et a1 aod gge-teei. e r rialo nt the mianu1thetur d price JAIL,, AN bl 11, I\ , I \ hi<i. 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C tilt ricVtle hiz)CR StAt ItI lNSe. Ae. /II ltt IiXViLL \W'lltri ttiMPANY, N. S 23l8 Watre, near ltiteketat strsi et, New Y, Iare rerelrld the pact teasen, eeld tre cri stantly r e teiving lirt e ; l rli xrlnsivi i tI e n ietlellSll t , l ii , I eli the ll e ge s, wteb nw ns of h tollawlidg istlli lef , si u itelble fr t lo re illrul)e ll e nd . terl i - ica irk, II li s. iolIhw ware of s',perior qualily, c;,;;g of shout 1.5(1 to, n ). , viz, ! Pots of1", 2a ,h" r il t sile*, from ":9 to 50 gatllolu, l..t-lt s, 5 s ie s, Iritt :i i- tl IO, ',,ns, |(¢'ies, 1,3a ,;7.s, f;,w: 3I.1 to, 1l {11 , fiskp.l l,, or~ven,s S shil .r+,d nt '. Tea te e itcn,, is, l-ei te, i! 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I t l. l' aIh.cly n r' r ti ne ..fllierl llth i l'rn nl--whets they are tepadre to .ecute a'i ord rs I r inell Bi , vI!nr i re tei ved frnl the North r Ia p I t of !-n pern ,l l le'rl l I I n I.nlerl , o, t 11i , hIor ith onr ulted Illure Iof t tl .nouns, they atir lt it ,e. vice. to merchants rnd other-, who may wieh work of thal Iind ; and havian the (Ivan a,: of several yv.ets't experience in tflit hne, they to e inlidentof civin" si'tsi;,rl ilo to thiose who mIaiy ',v r them wilth till( r ( ttl it. lor .ol tri-, aLrchiitctIs and 1 o1 llr mapl s and pnn. willn b, e pat:.d oi -linen, viianished n d inV nlll the ne'ltost manner, & at tie ;hurest PIn alnd fuiner hinlin· ý, in all its v ri ies nI l. t genl' 1,-cvilt the eth ive hmlh of I u Ii l 0:l 1," :Iit In r lo'e" ll : 1,, . eeill' a vs ry etI, Ii'l s1 e t oif irl"ot tt ,; r.: z.oll-lin ollf tlaih , Ill~l Ir+ utnI na li ttltu u-i.... r n!. tolo., I.rnlu ln.! .. ,I " . toi ", ,i '11 l Ji i 1 lib . C. -t h- t tI I ll l oo "", i. exll! II t l I itti i],' Iotrt lir . . 'b a ',:r a aut b t htltt vnriit ir,, i lp ll ii , lI h, I, t.,, i', 1 i n Ith ,l )Jl . al k ll. a t ,; ilnro T I ti tal+ot I(' l--. rilo e , l l' gi llani llall o ooll tl - o' ol ,t ir ,, 'i' c( o riosl , Ille. I +wi, an oli. I ,,; ) lln , i rt.l :'. cesl'l·5 l ! ( i ';! ,I " "ll ll lwm I t :u hT II x11 r '1 1'"Ii p":,; 1~ tl a bilher , hooltrn, Ian, catt ."', It'a.1ki, ; "';) tio ,: & ck, hre od a d l -.att . olel', e bh- I, . an ,o llla u ln I 'ellk n sv l e l ten ile ti '::sc .l, c . '; oi oC, ;l ¢ . $m t 1i3 ti tll 1~h Ioll. ri,;,cd, I llsnn e I lmln l;r It ne l .....,I ,v l i ll' t .Iw e hiltll. t'tlll iii lll ha i . (llih t l , ilbl ' is nalt t M so .arne atl, li I, i.' 1 o e'.k lf Ime , me:bioi a rd sIn r , orluo ri I anle t, I :tll t r\l. pOi r i ,rn'At Vf r Co. o .. 0i 100io Catiol'lllt , h , ,t tl 1 of ', It wln, . " off i l I t,, Iltr e g, 4 011 cr.i ms, heanfs,! . I n . Ii .. s , h e '1s, vi busan an t we , w n re - - b, lerr s , h lnll t lllv l t- , het s , ,n pdei j th, t, s eI fr",sitis, , r rdrapn, 'e r ,r 1 ,w1: , c .e I ,,, .z .. t.lR lf ,er.= preserve dlsh tvi i sr ns t pol. ,w., Itmit ruplted, hrln:e nt nn I br ita i warn e l :a.. Slr , Iiqu,.r s and. ,n al bsat' ke' , bo , ns, ib s uckit s, br am b hl s s, pr s e.s dadles, c tle , , md , ois,+ a , s;,. prs rami 1 d u in m ds. yi nltP d tr at lv, a s lri d s in td ne ! - htier hn, lainc t l-ry, ,[ r l n ,Iver .,-,i fr, lotks+, rosther rlalt a ,reat va1 r+ie ) t, cLn '1. hnr fam.ily use. M erc:haints, planters, hbo, Is, ln,I steamlbons, , funri h iled wrh goods at tfe in.,11 ."a. willh sali-ty h, (.lly part of rhe cunry. - T',o Colintry lieichants asnt Planuers. Negro cloths, blankets, flannels, hlnse's, hew'ell shittings, checks, Ilnens, calico,,, handtk, whirfs, &c &c,rea.eived and for sale low by the subscri. he .. ROTTA & Co. oct, corner Canal and C sartres Et MAIL ARRANGkI(MEIfN ' . l.. I DueEvery Day at 12M. Nortr Mail, D ver E day W.5104 AM Western MoOif Friday, by . P.' oday and" Sa~ inlo tvy i~nlJ, Wednesda L~oali, \rntsal Stlrny.J by 9,1t .l..."' , The D ee i f Dre ; T...dSu aThdr'a; i'- " •~l~ /V l .llto~r oay, rrrrr y o r r '..I11. ' , . -. k ios 'Closes everv Mondat, Wededlr ..: I XPRE6SS MAIL TI i A IMES OF mARIVl DEPARTUmEI DISTANOU &lc. ftice 1' spreelsl ail, blwen Maloole aond New Yotk--eavng Mobile dclt at 3 P . MaNorhw New York dtily at 5 P.M outhward. Ar r l ve e A bAir e Northward. Ditnncae. T'ime. Iestlrl*l ontgatfm ry Al. llpm. 198 on'ly k h Ira . Coluotohotn (!nl1l 1 j, 9 34s.m iliedgevillc a.I iOn2 !133s 144b Ip.o. C OliniihO (. ?jam. 1(63 1? 1 Itolottn, Nt. 54 2155 2 1 l'"rrola Otl Vn. 12 at., 55 60 4ll ieottlo or I loll pot. 83 l, i em AIlo tit lotll, ilnt. 21 3 I olto olotg I 61l hv IV 11pm. n] r dwnrofk~hurarlommo(a7 \ cootg.... i9 1po,. 61 64 pr Plii,,oillnla 6t 10(1 IS Neon York 2 amn. 90 !8 L- . OI I CA.I.Ai(S RE WIBARW less.,htwin!he5 i wlll. illid 17 ile iy G. XHNAWA Y ito. 19 orontdele e ornr of hlieu slcero, o Iole neig t of 30hih f Aegats, od wsl oooslten thIe l tlOllil0 r il Povdrtll sretfa n ero bl otloollli ''d o:looo'llloooo lo iooll te lyeirso ootflttei n 5f illlont ti oIis C0 riociiIo o of lhis ao$ isooree oaea-sionaa bo Ito oneocotot r lllolli h'llll on1 WIIoll h lEol Iota w while ottollllln o1 Illi .l 1Ill whe clt on Ijonotlaoaa. n. nl hli', · i~f ve·ssel s IIlnl rrP~lln b~onlls re chil~toed a oilieo i. f r tnll th lo ltn ul o .o ot aor " tiat lnwwsl h5 ttolttlrcp nolhiothOi Toooo nigtVo rewnrd iwll Jepnio. firlloloc:0il0g Iliolo olttoiiny o oflot' Joll oo ioker ofaIth ' .,llicl ldli~ic~ o n 0016.I3 Conolnllcle, ct oerof Hae k , It- - -- - --- _,____-___ ]11 oliIor Iliii n r fon of1 J) o .ll, (Jenrreoman s honi e Ilso'o. 'loo'hot. looloarnb al~t lIqoiolooe tlte na lisirs 0 ttt' eo'eirlo ill'o Ib i o.', totllroqlllor eo o1l pelo Oll-iono leb. tottotil oko' toocet to ' ltl oolo, ond toll thosohaa lnni _ to -nlotillt, Ito IrT,.Lo lle o ii'o tt forn1t l lolot lltllo ..n1:-1. l]-tIl;AI~IlETSON. 0. (0 ir3\ iN ZI.I nIIYAi'rS hNE.: NOVELS to ltl,too floe Il 'eofo, by tile olollor oo Peter Siloople, &l. t v. it . lo'tiilnll, Iloyel Nay P.1 food Rolooodt. it nrtoo:lootoe0 Iob Alno Cunnngoham,1 v05 o ot~l;otoi In sre.wrttoot by loiooor~lf inl 2 o*la. ,o {( .ono'oodltst Ilistogr o.l aly, Innoolnted iren t ie 00 ttrhholol Iltoot, It' dlilllnoti h Go rcn, inO o vol. na or hI0 0000 Not 700 of l/ Ion1o'l.t Ettllnlily bihrory. Sol.., I I Ok I .ile now 'olololletoo oad noifortn edilon oif iVzi/tonbooooofooirtiootts# iot'kn. leo,.t"a I/"mritch arid li`oglfth Dict' Z vol, 3cc 'III·:I Ig'o , t I'- t'·lo ottll J Ito l Dietionaro. on--% toOw 00000r 0'Ol tit' ooloe'Pirenoalgy ".I,~~it'l i~i. L.Il" Sli-rrl lr' °lll.Dl..ql~llfl~ll per orI qu'a)1 0 to, toot 'loolonoc lollci.'l tlodll,f'2l., otoot2|. i oi - l thes n Iliitllollillo ilioco tl ttot'olicnPtoio· o p t'd tiipr1l i weiglhlll &o, &o. oX. IiI.NI SII( hL leV. I'. OOCIC'oSO(.K','q 101, onn. ]o~gNOt~'- I ,t~ltltttl'~ll EI7I0i.'rlt OF Oftl (;.lh-I~i. lh no700 0ot. t t o'll on el iluotoy tof fte oe 0 t00 1000 lvh l .t i0oi lote t iO t-,ll oto'tiooiloo th t tltn dottlyo to I)1oo iiii i iot I-%,o il' o o oc l-io oo olo 'ot'tlll t i o btnhlalr ol tilt tOiii l 0t 0 oiIlollll t 1 I tOll bi, Otlto ol o h M ano "l .l0iltll coll .rtoooioioia o~f thon Ibotott; Is wih noi0 tl o it Itooltl' lhrlloo ~ t l tiolle I lollno rltn i lllolt t nad q o el h, I q t'illl " l.::1,1III til t- It ti,'toll of noonIt arn cOn. II h11 'l;lr ilh.iI W lll lhil'll llf l llll% (dls " [ tl)' A I lO'l l I'1.,' :,, .r.l- 111 Ill\ll"I:dllhlnP II 11~ A i ; i hs1 lorydme i ll ot t t''ooltlh llloI ll t oit It oo oItllollll o of t llllh..yT o'tla Ah i to 01 oo;oooi l :ii Ott5 oh tin l tool tolo e yelttnry od/ .toootooo2,l t ·t, hth, t io boot txr ltlnnn .It itt-tot ,.llot It 01 ,,i0 i. c /o l n,'.,rc, o f ttoootti, ahi e aonl a/ 000h0to .dl.It0 tlhouttciott, Ito' oolZ-' . Ctotou oinig of cohle ill :I~i l'l~llll~l,rl. (o. ,rlll ll q in i I Piiillllll l ersonilY !', /11.)~· dlt. ,,:I1·llmllilllrv 11111111% { tk oile~, Urvol t a ,, ,,I l itlt . "l opocto -g An to'rto'ttt IInk tot to o ootooltl n , n. tilll 'ttctt n l ll h liot Oy Pla ton. [I.''I I' t, nooocr ooolan Acr dgmese oi ti1" -cPl r'0Otti.. tOl '... Uon of Ultohte. News It A , Otto ,l 000'oitt o ,oo , tt'lol adltoul l it 0000 000 intl troonemetn 03 oootottto1 ,.oloootoottoltlo,tt,. oeoot1. ttititunl port ofloe ot.w o I Xtlll ' IoI oI Ct'l'l ('l c. 1.i IIO IX ool0III IIII ttlltlt 0t~o I~It '1J·lot lltl0e, -i iii, IsR t o l o otn. i t~i~fllt~i, ijl+('l lln htt Ooalnln ni8t8 I tolo' 'tlio\lll ll-.100 .ttoo. t, (; I·, \ - lt l lc ,oliltlo y Do"d ~'i ! ll()r··11 , "* .t, i: d t . 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'"s t Iii '" Ir iaw It tllsllr brLdldl buck-,h&e* l ,tn ', a :' r P,.tit 1o r rnrian A i aeri renl-a lC , . behl [ r.ll n; ,l lr 'u , ru Ilrr 1 s ( si or ras d. re . r + p h r!,,v is , ,rJ n r te beatehe. ;.e' il, " , . 1;a i ,h ih,:,ehvlat 1,a.11 , ll.l .Ir co I(',o'nIa rrnd II'e aI r rr'i.t fo sar+pac ritlla ],t i tle r, I r ar I ,,llo, d o and, Flr idbea& l a. br'n, I.,li ri ,, Ij ,hll e ikennr lnd . anat e Plr te rir'l", rrnl rrlr, n oth r1 6 1 111 n, w CIdr i hla rlnd bee F111\1_3 ap u e ( · L OIIS(IRi. the I oasiiro . r l'r ntlc,,' s rll l ,,nlC * I llr fce hirbllonlc tooth wasstah t1i, r r1, . llrand i,.'ol l'rr ivn lcl sarr leid S a d 1 oirn CI t CEO,, ,RG tn nto reate dI PN raeS ot in.u 1,11 e-, nrij, ;.vnt or aed lorda la'rtte o rt[ilhe b a "t Il I r an, I .d Ii' aree aar o ild a Old. rid-'e r r f ll I n' h+ei befrl's oie, n te a o rye o l inlrr'anld b ir h(. e aulthc ro i n rlibl n . .pakinrnk rl at' aI"r r ' l' it, a llkc, . mrnr ai oa Im reo rr1 r rrd reanid o r whnale Wi!. Il )'KALN.ine A It, sit -l--lrl:, nt O ' t t elseo;hr' ( doe oe Fur trcatmea t and cure of Io Fever and irrire. i 1Tr. - ill I-, e rr-',- hdlo l ir lro r - herein thl e rerniu rix i a olil"' is snrrir I he ord i nrv adsa oe f rnl ealg r I++eIt aod Atn.zu In th Ie f t p'ue+, Iw ngl\.Vego bb. I.'xirot, and t', tin)i) tini arelorry s and pored +',+eu It, tit tr I ,' e .C L.+in t + ci' nr ri n i+ inald. It phol v nts- r -h isc r, dIi lsr ,,-r 'seraro n aerly r ti e estarucl i"Ir1l a iol l r 1a .arirr-r 'iar doitagac shci ,1 I. ilalne e e altll lerli In t i" i ', .y d iln v reatin. hc iu l'ltler i r III Hiving It iirgal qual i , t y it remains S lh rIehr I, . inllt ll tsp|i ie b srder, er r pe ats ot i,.l lls, :,r,.., buttl i'rr.hlr c ilnirr."s the severarl na . in . 'it ''rrr''-lre r lh 'r i r'r, io., c it only be ippressed. laII,-.1(1! ll'ai, i ' o r . ir a re, havei an,,l I I.l+S.,ln all tit r i - ll O Lr's o of the disel O aoe. t''l, i " ilitnl aU: ItY l,.ie.,t l rir + ii. uln ac yser ahi t ,n in,'e -d h(, n +'it% m +rn+, r re ' -em-c. The danger l tf !r iu t Il.. iie- ef e ura l i ery' nr viorra n, for a l > S" raIlvp' 1111 l sow, nm h,'c i too m € . p.i1)1)014 to r IlI to ou L ,teith l ldicine, an dtr ali y il r rlos , ovi. nil'`; ,'d It , lllltecl It ,lusntua[+!, t'rice' a to p m it 1, i hh ir r ,r irr ,very oner --+e I rr:he po a-r end detitao te areth r v "t ] "-l ld. f e i tlrrr irntlr i li I toa in tl. i, . C.1I.ttiu, we- hit l iN G (ire eutl duIll c wa end to irrt IritIl men nrrl n ier ti, rpi -icL ir eraelntioe I ri l N I i. .,orrenllr .in , a ing titaif ocj r pi , ildf l r . Pr, hnn ) . l iR. Roivend a ti hia r.rr, :- , of1cr + r-lrlgyirirr. I ollihde ,PIh rai sr li hen a+i::trritxr.rr Is l f rrile indhia es ila .t K n fr la i, ne lrrrr tl e+r rr d wI I sell by n he i rna e, ata -reI r orr rl ndri:n u CraI lga. \\e'hfr;esrle iirrgaia.s, . .. . ..... do~n0 ncar Ier,, n craanlr nd h mitatr ie. 1 lat))rnirIoer n r ia roe, c.aFp ite lhen peal.offlaa . ' hl'ir suhflriiers arn now rt'i'iig fromll their far,) t1 1 f th h t d ,Egyptin iaR , a , Irish and AmieDri la ,011 . Alo, Monulmo nt, Tmbs and mirble anargs, heorihr s aed hu a daa ry stone, plasta r b ass mounted and palin ('rates and Russia Iron tunes of rhoa owest and mot approved patterns. llt'ering d ea il thrk neateost i nra ner and at the Egland, by th author of"A Year in Spain," in4 a re4 .i. +.rttAP.,, 49 Cana

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