Newspaper of True American, May 25, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 25, 1839 Page 4
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ItI r ackets E. A~hiS BALTIMIORE LINE OF ; ACIKET~S. , nreibt- i go tl jho followiog voeools, g~b~ hnftlhem'r ~to~bhad rxproaoly for ,. lhil balldp "' > eCapt. yrinor, hos o are the fint clone, havn hond. Selmurieoj~hnd oommodatiann, and are of a light :_dan f wter enan o amitof their receiving and oiortgtý irergoca in Ialttiioote, at the city. F' FreiLt* l b htaken for ports on the Citesopoate Srfr bane,' River, anti forwarded by the agents, )Imosrmnn~LARXºE jfiELLttGG, at Balttooare ee will be advanrod wioe 7 required. liOe.prine of ponsage io fixed at fibo, amnp e~tresonfah0 b atquality will he provided. Steiaide p thd dlowiv the Mississippi will be taken on nýoneasiiono. Foe froighi or paneage, apply to GECO. BEDFORD, n ov27 2 i2 tievit;o at. FORC NEW YORK. Leuoeulia' sod New York Line of Packets ] TIC'I+ Ships eomposing thib line will sail teia Now Orleans and New York on every other Moon day--omumencing on the 20th November-and to insure the punctuality in the time ofsailing5 the I line will hereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Yuzoo, Captain Trask, to leave on tile 20thi Novembor. Ship Louioverlo, Captain Palmer, to leave on tihe 4th Decembenr. Ship laetsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vieksbrg, Caplain Woodhouse, to leave on the slet J.iuary. Ship Miesidtlppi, Captain Davis- to leave on the 15th of January. . The above are-all new, of the first class, copper dI. an.d copper. faslened, and u wards of 5!10 tone hurthson, re of'ligit d:'aueglht of water, being b.tilt in New York expressly fur the trade. The price i of palsago il fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are I fitted up in the most inoproved and convenient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to Ithe comflbrt and entire satifactien of passa'ngErs, who will please take nlo. 'lice that no berth can be secured until paid for at the oPLde of tlte cotsignooees. These vessels art commanded by captains well experienced in the trade, who will give everl at Stntion and exert themselves to ocomrnmodate. 'l'lhe will it all trunes be towed up and down the Missia- I "sippi by steamboats, end ti. setrictest punctuaalty observed in the time of moiling. The owners of those shi: s will not be responsi. blo for any letter, parcel or Iockago, sentt ty or ptut on board of thlor, unless a Itgul r Iell of lading be signed thlertor, at the counting house of the agent or ownlers. For ftriltetr particutlars apply to JD BEIN & A COHEN, nov27' + 90 Coummon st AbWh ORLEANie& CidARxLESTUN PAf'KETll I 'hins lion conss ,i a rl ma ,ur cl l.,all ~,) .ito-first etas-, reopered s dtop,, r t s e e' , nod el a., t 2-i0 ares n.h en , willith athullta lle aceutorn dati.s ,r pI ss .tpl r+. 'rllee vessels are cmneslltndl.a y c;pialrcs t oel experrientrd in the trade, who will give every at Sculton, and exetl tIhltnmselves to ae.emll ndtat, Ih shiptere...T''heevill h," towed up ant d,,wn tlhe Mlisaitesplpi, and leave New Orleans en or bIefole Ithe 10,h und ltl lof every mnlanl. The holluwrig vessels ceopue tIe line, viz : Brie Arabi an,Charlrs G rion, master. Brlg C apnsno. J. B Tnomp<son, mnaster. litg A ineia, J. D, one, master. Ida:: l'Rger dthoanta, J. Allihere, ma.ter. For Iel a t or patsa te, .oply to J. A. DARE[LLI & Ca. GI C onon lt. New Orleans, or 31. C t1,re.rn ,. Cht ,lsr,,n. cat I LO3IBAltI) & CO's loston and New Orlc,tes Li e of Packet Sblps.-Thlte new line of ships has hbeen a t xpresly built to run between the above ports, and wtll be found of suitable draft of wator: acrommlodations for passengers, and every elTort will be made to.give general satisaoetion, '1 ho : is composed of the fo lowing ships: Cherokee, 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lentist, t Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, catomhbiana, 625 do C Barker, Seaman, '40 do J Howes, Bombay, 615 do D I.mee,-sr 'she sabove ships are all no., of the first .lass. e^, per fastened aid coppered, commanded by men of Trent experience, lavo largo accommodatiens, S lv' a separate ladles cabin; every attention will be I' o pa-ao.gnere, and the very test of stores pro "',. d for thncn. :he packets will be towed tup and down the Mlia 'ei' ppt, aid the strictest punctuali y : served in x"0 time of-sailing, and should the regUlar vesselr b- b: eotained in arriving, other ships equally as goafd it Ov in all cases be substituted. A seate of pal run . is solcited, antietoe agnnts pledge themselveca to c, . smlnodate as much as practieable, to receive v . forward goods by .id line at thie most moderr. a: .charges, and to advance all expenses on goods :i spod, if required. hle shipa will leave the slet and 16th of every Y s, th. For freiglht or pausege, apply to the agenta. S" J A MFRIITT, 82 Cononnno st. - " . B. Advatecmon.s mande on L.ess,'. A, C, Luoes'ed I. Co. ' nov21 - V ·1 l~.'0uiae Iadut aa5) llateoooLj00..,rt a'jtt ,00.e Col omtll ooaotao, a~g the ataoorgth of ,h~e, autool~s L .o oa ora, laa csthoa irtooo,, ll nllyltI Nll· Io~a l Jo' a haoo alUI1 tollng~I to IldItLUa ao attionojoa ill FUil~rl6 ooapry lolate~l . Iat otIiot elr uaaeoo which too atnraendl the ,to ot gi tolltatlIOn l Ioaeaot oitacooa i t l ellilt ,J. haa,,htataottth,, rootlideolco eand rcllnl~ tE · at eapacottllo lttyltoyianlo, too itol cu oaf orl, ,paaio Cite a)R ide, wat it' root, apijoilg cF biOot! le' Coott~liolat, &.t li , a rhaaii taot eoaaerr. rho i cleriP'tl~a rl it. to aI1ol talc joe ~Frqua'lial paoeoollhd Itlra (ioonl ~o e ladieti inlam af Iwriraaoola dl Ito at ,otld, a i acided ga~d oletitt rabean Ittreon·ratara 10001 homo.l *e ;o aihe uteialaaiato i aat tu~o ot,, oa~d ahaet ;rl )d~D*""'L" 3aeioio~llett.~aoaotllla.du t'rlaaotolll Ittlaoe uateeiaoef thlle tal~t. &r ,aiitl~l its re .laaatie'. Al It RI' WYitLI 1)12, NI. D. CAl.VI E) Itt)I 01 It. Itslo,ahe-ef the? ltootoo dticdmic toooauitloa. * 0100n. Oteharb 15. ealahy ? JARPV1 o & I'II)PIES, ol iS · l'nlr.) lt I' 11011101.1~·~· rLa Wieiiy~iow I *... ohoaded, bitmar ead rrclam liauott e roolt, filml ~it .aaesceffe sgaaI,11 at oorsrc tif ieobooo weJir, hoIIoi, a31 in Clara'o atI 3tNIt:. :; ~i"~ " ocr Natahot. & ·Iaeltoatotoa)Io et C, KAL 41L 0.I JRI-R P'l WI-dilli trulh ryoaaoa Preattlload 001,11 till) 11110 30 baaad etal. Orloano. Eagia, ltitislanir I Ilr l 101011 Ijartta, Chreratero, 2 I-I aold 23 81 Illclilt ~Boltls 9~g tO adn 12 m ito Ilate Bloie ~iII?; Yi thor eal altar rtaritiagl, ilOrmiag Cola* bait~ Cl ho IHaoooaan'e, tall [battling Piatte 'olt~ltolle aol,, 21000Cp cadllr CopnN Ilaln ratJ Clothlt I o dea, 1)etol 1leak.' 1)00111 Itottawu etd aL~rohile Coip0; 1Yia JaI liuohoe1 Qyrlleatd Chtloaiaa f0041h 11001ir r0or laegClrltaide, Rhiiaa. 11111 Friecatee; I'cr I 30 ?ilet Panda,-, (tary hoe.~; loary I ul~ Coohiaool~ Fol le Pttio* Ollt I4aaea; t;itttholllS So:l 110 1 -\i .i IOP lulo~k a Imat'tol; ItoadiNer~a~·aki 01e il~g C.! £41 41lr ~ tI 1001.; tadilul hood. Sn u lu at-tI- lrit; ida aliotj)aeaool t'ib~nsdii,,(, tltrifltInlile etoe ,Il hoot' 'hir a..rmu 010y tclllqta aigi af ila (etadtI _________ titrie hoaftlr ee~ l·l chip Jai1I1lrr lltaet, -aaaa'l ol I 11t41C18 &r C-, 134 *Itf07hll' 11 ttriid'ht.)-.4 Icet ·1.4 t.b101'i~l ~llol,1t~re.N hobos 1-I oiteiltlsrlala ortt 111, 3 am-CO hoduckria ,Io ~itt ie m frarn elil tI.aaio, f,aaia by N ROQ I'I3- e Ooh(aaaila 1100 pzol~a aa 10 ItOiOy~ ,I'Ite ala edepldcr Illv podre· logol wallaetor, cod p10110 dolll Iii,,-, a,,;, 111 ItrC Olat't~leplla00 ead doa-lhltil·,' 11,1 1 Iooo. l~ipd ~m~dells 1001 01 ' ekl·,lt'iatl.laal, - o s B CO(iIWwEIl.AahCo m'a .'if £1poriea~qalily, whf ob til0) ,.tr Ia~ C ile oaipa- tt119oh li ath· Lelat·.ieojelmd-L,,g in4' eelh~ Wyrll, Caaei, Iheah 0110C ,aianod 10100004, put tIpr C~dZl~0,0Ig00I etity 010elI ll la ilioll illl~l1140 e),ae 01001ml 010nl ov Ilii *, am., N-.. 53 5iaaaillIyit. a. Ii~tit noepoYL~ attoedad to. I.,.dlbtl' 10,1 ~111 led m- i ktsllitt{)E TEW V GOODS--Simmons Hnrtt S. co frs nawa'r I , •cevlng from on bcnrd s]ips Yazoo, an.d Snraogaga~ and brig Conrordia, from New Yorkn a great vtariety of goods t Itheir line, which together with their former stock on, makes their asa urtna aisvery.:, plete. l Ie 'la s ing cOmnpose it part, i: ell twist t r:, ae, ts:'k anml IlresshlegCnninha bona do lllun p dscri )lions, I lia rub be, s lik nd wlorstecd dlsticc bnrtr.e, o)nnllllll & fine elatic nsilapnieller E, lielt flceno aldli.uitr mlnatchles', nleidlisl podar oa, ls der pIItl and burn d .stoilet pwder, nocket sooks and wallets, needle books, shell, earl, iory aidlt' n ioea , n nne atrd earnlir , bend oinerI nt plail en al blnadnnlnklicekls nnalinenligee hernadl calntil, Ileanl ncck lane crt en anl pan d nlieepdlnee snd iltbead:s Inhisn be asn , bellae nd alume; pistol and htrgre pe w ner flaskan shot belts, lhnarc, bl1t, pocket alld duelnlin i atels; donble laadaingle barre!ledl tus. l, owie knieth I and dihks. seiasora , liears, paoket knive', guarnl hain.a, and ribbonsa, waisat beklea, cloth hl ir, tooth n ailo b, erutll, sho:e, pllte, lo nr oral lusting brushle , Colol le, IFlidan, lantnlder ruo e anlo bi wat n tc,noanrtbtl Cestorer's, ass: elaan'ct ntalltca assar, bea', nlltiqlue, and n irWi'nl va - getdable hil. oil, shaving in tll toilet No i ofall des .rip'lions, udic.' IndI getlen ans' lenk. and Ilresallnr a.esrre, hlir n ,c.*gln',frictnn , :t n ll n bridn , a llailn, A inn an d I ll lt d nt(,I klo s, plain nd ilntl grn edn ant nni l vest ult 'ad, . nnrl an ivory nih'titdo, shirt tnhls, gonld andi silver p.lraile ca.· , tmlh d,' Irs rtl taweezensl latl e llm l gilt Inninetn, nnnllllntn.l'(in iln , e iver, I ; lia d i ' ,steen l i blln, honks arl r e, hair pins, imittin fruit, bl m red riklshoe b Itakin~ ,,olins W nh .uitarr,rihbe,,t and plnin n,ann lioll Ia'irn, ail tas Isceted rn . tens roal and leo r Inac lly n finage,, Ian e pale rlll ll e I, a rul- g w' |1e+ wn kirlng c alos, lla;8l'._ cat do, tintI. l alnd, W , a'ma nlmninnanai da, Inna 1 T e biove. hogether whth it g -t ure ictc of otrller l 'i - les Ite ui rd ut who tlsn ator rtein uia tc mmod ils, rNIs hTe l.,,ll ro Vnl ) relir.:r f Oll \ \In!.A- l, li use;s. aSll, old rd plo' u l e .'.h avr n, at al aar nnle strt, tawo tnonn s ftind lna:rlIoaIna o the Inllowing, t wll ls and aiklest iM h loa n, l I:'npt. an! Iln k uad g'eld, Ok, ;dll' aul Anll, I' I lsn lee n i a nniC I tInlnl 'rd , '.Ii icntnl ornI ' 1an hUe, ri lirled dm, olaoksl, r Colllnhd Alailn, , l Iihnd ati' S e, 'a , Iu a dsken i, Isnt l 'i.:'alite SItint \ l fins, I tut , ( to IAd InII n ilr a Illa ' .n l p n, I . a s aan.od , Ad n ~ .I.:In I i n (I ratsa' SA s h A \ Id e ,. ( a k ) t ,,x, A c . &. c . is Curhled Elr, I aSec lltnes to be see, athi e the alp. lintal ts oilst Inst Hoo ndh' hanoil aid' ro' n on, d 'irid nd pou gh ('fIa', Ge+m-lml stllicaiel I oIIsi , ,ill, spring, I eil l u !, ny (''nhl n n steen'l al Tlh w ',+:we Io lo wa liP llr, ict l .ohl h Itnils and pii llkes i AIl nt, l nnnlsk I nil, m till nn'e1 leti lll tles llt kettles S nlaitn stIblns, athIaunno in. h o, l ( ia , r1 rI , 'cnr a "nn o n 'nU ls Ca'u la It nra ani ,. h 'ine, sh ,'nl, I n In lar lead; 'lt ' A l i lnt ..n Inu d 's en ' 'th cr ++ t' a n d I h o v e lse I I' tIa't'n n'n.,'i!. lines ndto.ineI nn I' nn'n Innecd mil sin'n1 n it t wi I ,nn n Inl t Cln o nn nn :r n n, nIrnnnne r nI.r ' , f nnr Ii' I nnno .. ..n . Innnn n "- a a a.nin N!'n\V nnnti,'le i)rp" le'..t'nnn withr,. i ( sýi ' (m e d.a . I Ih+|';nr r1 'r nn''nn.) nine 'imt tean l rea i. , 'a" t " nn 1n ON'I, non n thr l .lt h:t, b r ice hMorel, I'll, 13 ' ( I1){.N MILI.S--Orderr. eceived Ibrcorn mills, Ibv I npil17 .iHii AL&tx lWNx96Magx zi A iMort xxxd xr raxy S1 ALL. x III\ill Ni, mar 29 969 31gzine at . . . R Ch'NNIJN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Nu.12 ( xllx itreel . \\'htxlxsaxix ix ltxxx x i i P xixt i ( , V rnix he. x i ruxi e FASHINlil EX; II CLOTHIN[SG. . -- k-.iiiO\ \Ixi+[ -I' ([:i'iilNG. ...i UO I 'No. r. ( OOllll DIr l l, I li SO ' (I lx xI x .r llxi tevill lle, i .till" 1l C".llllt~lll( i!ltleul lll'• ill liltT illl 'l IllEE T ,. Ier t, 1+ ,t '.++h:.,,,..ble T;Ilt,, (i , hrP[ e Ih Inrey : In d+ l--li: j i i'i''i n..II+.'I rNor: Till-: TI,1·l.'I:]I 'l x I iill.tlllxxlx xh " il. t' x ixxx i ll, +xIIxPI xx ' x i:lI x IIIxI'x-xx s xrvaxix of x h- ti h, hilt ixill ( tl e lllx i r rl SIJ[(llll· Illtlb lrl' t P:lI j\ 4.2,1t n]11r~l jt ill+ "h'i u itr·III l~lllxll + xxxi ll x Ix' x lt' i1xxxxxx xx'xx' 1xxxIxl IIx xxlxlxt xi ix )rllttd+.I t ta'le 1111. ht 11:·' 11.+ ll ' IIt I-IIP I IP. I·11I1; ill xi- iIj ll ixd 'xl ih l to ll' t i x iIns L i x tilx . bt tlle I l xt Ilxt'l Ili li Ll Il lilh l lx l rx Ilr x l i xx illatne ln re i,.fl It t ls il-. : h, 11t1 l 111in ,efbetic ite lghli lnd rxlxei I hx'' i' h.ll c xxlx l 'xx x ltlllilxxi ilxxdr xixtxi'i ' i s T'e nx, xax 1 a Ixlxxx xxixxxll x Illlixxxxxxlxxx , i'iu , L till p i uxit lll I o et\ the al' t. il hl oo.l airll II' rnsphldhlured f it del i ' til "II filalttl y ellx ,' x x i ,, t Je ( LIN t ie (Lihn ae ready h' IJr (lo r"I ihe ,\t xl xxxl xil i ix i ri ( lll q, ,+.+llt++t tl i. I ll h ll]:lll ~i'.1. I I1I.¢1k " ,al biCi si 1 the wii] o ml., +t <. !t L;'+ vu',uabhl discuo ,.ry ap I( ,ii 1111-'IE LIAll-- bbi 15i: Ibs tah; I.~, ~ xxxix' .x-ixli x T Jl x l ix ii i I " ( ,h ix i''x \ .! iixl Io I'il \dl" r xx x x III11 do lhutch Th!t . \l'.hlJOW CL-;i+ \ ,''Alnwecnu, Er. glish and Ferensh ld0 boxiix x rt qulits .x Ip o nl Gro.n £1 dt0.-- 00, cl ,Ln i lenlt, w ill Ie l so, i xrxal x ix: xxsxort xx, i i of i x t xlt x" exi lllo xii and I Ix' ixxxlxbina n'e a tpr adAissi n ots, t" r + we l o.\ \ : for l' ooa , ' orili : r of x rb xix'x 'I t wx xi ..RVLS S ...AN..l.. . Hr ililxl ' . OljlilllihL((il Hi"' i ·Lix Cliii',d bT1LV/ "' Ie or till wpJ I 1IOLF.+.ill( : (II [) IHET.\I.L 1) ll [.l'lls IN IMEDIOI-NJES, FAINTS OILS 1)'1+ STUriFs V.V) LI\)COi (GLJISV cilp On ( o fl ColunllOtlalss1 1chlo ptaltl lasl treetls. -I .re,, ,i, o (iai ,.L ,e . ( xanx ax x:exx tle igri;xth NI)Rn W : MI I'lI &% C'O.. r',m peot'Illy. tnt·lns k +lw' r Iini x i ii xxllxiiid tiex plx h i x uerl tii h, ilxy occupy the ixwx brick shop, 219 Tehxitoxlas stre,,t hre they keep con. ta ly on h llnd (:Ipt ,er Tn an shet Iron \ar', of .ver, d, ,riplmon , cx as c,,pp,.r stilyl, xettlex , :xud pxx x x l axx i thx xthi ing li x , x nd x i l exii . of all xii ork x ilxx x +lx xi' axid ttll oth r brass c ltilllg ollx e ll' xxl ort x x ii'.lx(:tx Grate. Ibar+ of every de~cr:plio,,l scis+Lt a.. .!oaUn x boax ~ tix lx ll x. l xhxx cxixr x ll , xixx,.v x.tx'1. fn i ox, thex ILxli oxii s xtwibx Wrxi xluvi ,ix chimnllx x lx s brix e.h xx, xtei xt lxipxs. They xxil alxo do al kiix.i xi" out dixr wxork, ends il c"Z~', c',ppe.r anld tin ror,+.ill anld gullt, rill., &. i xy abxve ad all otheir ri l oli work in itir fini " tusi ,wCxxsx xxxx wix exxcix tx ax i thxie L xex xnlticex. d',6e97 xx AIUZROWGATS SPRINGS an l rti Li.iv ; ·r:t,r i-,, nry~, l so\ L ru ya, l,,l - 7'li!xJf' v D.'.l" Jx'URi'ixl'i I'RO.IxI 2.ii;i" dtlREiN 0 ) I I1..JLAxNxY'. I I l E proriet,'r of hlxi x estahlisix xxnt hxt the iexix= U1. Ml I o x llo lii [ to Ihi. l iie udi i li ll txI e pilx c xin [. ix xa iti at ex willx xi rx'xx'lixx-xxix Ihby liil ixixi ox n a xx receive visitor. lix wxxi x ix te xi r ii h'l icelit ofltho... nt1 a diitlale., that tihele hbtse beclu Lar ,.i ! j i :Iliel'l-.l.;illtll~ lq·idiilllnn nll W .o]11. ol £t lll 'il i u id o"r.ev Ib r coimlpletie a , .tlw wh- wist coll 1 !1. I i xler'bxlx toxi'xx nxiii x uie ixxu x lli xxr r Itlber thlx besietoblel , uad at th lira i atl al c rlnullllu' beltter. 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Iinxi x liex dh lxfxix axx qxixn xxx e xo liLxxd'2xn ol rxiLr wi'l have their wishes nltte,,! d to L 8 81'I0IO1| Cl 1.-5 xxuxix AiL, Nix,.x,-.:xx ;aiixx,, lixxx',x BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. uF EoVERY DF.CIo roIloN, to 3PEEILII.YIIAND. O L V dNI) CIIAI'I.Y VEXECLTEI 11 P1 AT THE OFFICE OF THE a. True .oHterictit e, ,T. CIIARLFN dATI'":C'I', NEAR 1'OYIRAS. a o E t SIV VNOsITT,   "i fl7..olc..le Gnrocrs and Coommissmo 4Aerohaolts, No. 27 CoA,.ni SOtrvtI.N' Otlnns. i or [t3'1'Pnrtid l attentioA paid to it ,11 ning up o tl S ntwaon buat rueld o lo p vtiol's. u .llercr!arlN.'se b 4' C os,,lissaon .(lerchant, ' . 1l: ) fO1i'e , ::ti. ' lp rt.-- I'o r 0 h0 p 'e t llt . J. P. F'i LlllAN l& CO.t . 1 ISkole" sa Clotl Zi; Ealnblishmnrentl 1 N0. 3, .ooo'oooone 1 00 .1, 1 1"i AX1 e coo.ootolt I 00 00 I ii , i 01 rr oll oiillo 00 Clothl i, t 1 ',005 ah'0IO 0I l f or Ihoo ioo ilv toook. 'I'Their 1.0. 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Ued wld t, {.ll rI1 and uni prespeta lity i t in iy, as stated Ii tl ainnexed lrtl i. ll t o tite i ctl Le in u ttiively u '11 in the abto i dit it ithe 1tibtt such ditlinorlis-E d eii Uss, that to l e t l opiri-toiii f t ll. iripe has ii trtnillcet'd 1 ofeii: it to t the pu'I I Slic n its prrent - trli. i the in:Lt tlhat it nily be i Li'i ie lia to rlt. loeg tna y ,ott lost who are oitf-iring oldtr t, scourti of our country." It is a mhdi. ine pI ssceiI hig gre.otvioIte, and when ha.'1 a ccoding i) to a ltrecttuns tha never itilrdt of "iictingl a cnre, eveIrn I11tt mlost ibstinule stage of tho disorder. It is nIot :It all disatreubleu a)nd perslis of the weiaust 0s0 i ch, and chilrten may Ilake lt willt i·t ti ty. tllt trngtll I en11 et digestieO to et cl a ciore. TIhtre iS is l:niitr -Isrcuory nor arseic il th i medicine, tnor any thing injurious aor l~l~i cnl\l Otlle t i' i tll s t'tttt lhtttt -N 'iwo nrtt ! to thlt hu lman ctltlltll . T' he proprietors are .0 well convincev'l of t1 l+i,.acy, thu:t they lagrce to ref'und tilh. price of every buttle which has been t1,111l1 ill a1ccullnc 1v, W1l1 the dirret,ons and has not t 'to:(c :t ta pro l't c iuret ' o1 f vr tl ft'v & ague. A. OLIVER, :ole ilagent lbr Now Oirloeans, at his wholesale and retail drub; tand medtcilno store, c.rner of Ithne v.ile ,lnd Clarlres sitrecets. iFor Ditrt :t- AOtt'''- 's [!" I I j 5 . . . . 'ii. W . - \ lh '1 'I 1 , t1 8 C o n t i s t . PiE.1ACOL1 SA SION HOUSE NEW CIT\, IAE.SAUILIA. 1 'HE sb rheh1l' r b'+ving pen. !1.0i(, the lease nd fihr L intu e ' li ; ,+ lO l : ,n n ll i-10 lab l- , t',rom 9ll 1 Tl, I I''- - pr t , w e l ludy to oe0ei t- I it Sc(s h vy tile lst 'i Apr~il w" st. - `tllirouS and t ott Ir ill rov mnt0 o will be fiund in Ihe ,,el,;, I ,r llU l h ill b I' . imion Htuise, . New, 1od Iic rectt 0 1111 {dio,11 ,115,],i:ll lr.ulrs will I Illlill, and warm tb·ch, t ill 0l,e ,ni'I d u t - il hollur. A Nta-lde tIw ll bI attllalehd t il, ell tl.oe, wilsh Rgtd clllrOl nod+ til:s r1 1111 1and 1 lnrllr' {.. Fi:s -lla horse s and f ct'rr .e, will a lrs) be kelpt'l ltlr ' a lt moderate prices, Ltlld1 stli ul'l ow blo a ,l}ll h pel,,o0; h) ilunuge lltllt e Ihell] -t trait, Sirrtrotwe- I io l-', tiie io. ' Vi t t'.. Ii [. 4 n lllan otl ll a llllll lll. . Staillt y |i11nd ,'i iImt'[ l [1xr11,.,I gill ll- t" tlornIi ,-t lId, t ' i Iir.,e 0 h lini, - 111 N1, 0 SI, 11,0' 1 1,.,t l1,I :t , Pil 0 it1 N ileln g !Ilil] ht111. /1 1 the I '1 I' v td ioedl ' { It C Ut e ,I n te b "ilrit 111 1,t ,{1" li ,it ;1il', v. < [I'UP1. +)'I 1,( U1)' 1 i a ll" 0. [1: o ant l 1 tt tht o A, i . - oto r S l i1'i 'a hl,'a a i, ,,ii i O l.,t n oirly klep so t) o ahi r l'Ii , lit T11 1t FORa \11 t , i Nl ]c l l. i ,, t, forR . bt y v.l Ih ". ti il, lt i a ; adti l'& ov ,*' oI thy. _u_____ ,... i... i' o ih i , is, rtor It w ell a . - , , t, i', l n . .1 enc ; tI,,o -t''ile w 'I', oT iler 1 ... .I :I l ,, , - .,,h .l .i-; 1n,51il: t ] s s1 t iom of Il e I Liar, ,"11 , .t i !.( -t l' ,lnl d l .Oltl , ol ll'h ( llIf ?uwl. ,..a; iI~ -,1:1i, i,. e' i i1, ai lhtt' l'Al't ,'d ''la l tl(llt dril hilly 1 ilk , l- ,," r ml.l 111. 1 I) l el. 1 .oII "t 1r 1(1:.C,`0 "|tio11 I', Ii,. ; 11; h, I,. " 110 ": o ii', i ,{ 1 lll' i IIle Iei;; lolr 'in. b l IIn l I1,' I.; lh" 1, ( lllllr llt, d l llll , O ,'cr l" tIh, tl ell, hel ,:IIIIL, II , i ,.-1 ;, ;1,; I al eollr ' t t'l lh e pret. It lrl. I}(,i-ll oh Jol, 1 ,111 p 1, 1it., 1 0 | . latittl s, 1S It I . 11,. .11., l',,, . ' I ,101 . e.,, r1 , u.' Ir M . , 1Mr ,Se" ! c 'ill T" ' r, 11" I pil , rll•llpri,:tur, t in 'ev 1°'11 Royal College of Physieana, London. IIIE aorignal Vegeable Hygeiln Universal Medi cloe, prepared by WV Milkin, EsqI. Mlemoer of tlLn Ioyal College of Suaptins, Licenliate of Apothe nry'adoilio)ny, Falow Un at olourt Society, Siieonn In to die Ilonyll UnTion l.'aasioti Aaonhitinln, Lilnnatr l'lace, \Waterlon Bridge, aid 'Perpetul Pupil of GCoy' 1 adl St. Thtmntn's Iloslitals, London. This vtllnole tledinine, the result of twetly years' V exl"erin' ldec and unalldleled o success in the elxctisive !m11Iid'll h!h" lerpcctlble pt~nc:tise of thle pro u'ieiy)· p:ltru lsedl by ilhe tileoly aud pi nnliolth, tHed it illow tltrolHt- I to tile aotice of the Amerieon bllllic, at thle elorest so licitotiona *fa numiber ofgenllen of loingi d liigh standing in lthe piroflessioon. It is htoped, as a prealini t tory step, to check the evils mld n tlal cousequIecs arising fiom the use of the n olmlerous and deleterioust oIltlilllllnliateSld upon thie piblic by the ail of labriltdt piOL'os tiof miriiaclls cnlra, iid other frlaudi, lhya set of p iterctrltlly, tiltlritinlei rllTortelners, so toltally igtnorlatl oa mllical cilunee, that it imLoasible ltle Ionsoltiros tlushil im ctn tl loliger go dowli with Ihe itllligenit I oeo l le of tlis co un try. l'hese pills, m iiiild anl a -ieeal hll ilt tliir iltoule, ontuld lie kapIt in eery .itotilyh itt alses alfndllden illltlsa, for, luytI) hiha llonupl atlliiltantttito, cholcra, cramps, sp~a1sm, fi~, *ls antil otr alalm'ilng eonnplaiiits, whlich too often prtovr IPnl:ll, Iv lie slleel Iv caurell or ilpreventedl. Itiliet, all Iaose whlio value o dgnnl lieolth, shtiull liever t e withoiut thllet. kThLy lire tsol ini prikers n t 5n be tnltttooa1$t cdln qro'lih every Inrsllroc tlt le (hlmlittg hl lttur barl luu, tiel atnul it l u i rnf IlletliCillt inU ltI Utuitcl Stalies ti i be Cia, clnilllo1 h niil n touuls hllactiols, togntLer with. esltnnlolills of iltlofssioillll ubility lint til l) a inrite ieit gllleltill: Sir Astlev Cotpepr, .1 AI~ettoitly, ,ittirt llIlltilall, 3'1. I)., W. hookl 31. 1)., JA Atni Kay, A. iialtl'itont, \I. D, ald nillllerou etheitbr. rllorigiilln tic mIy be seen i lposessaioloftile Genelral Aguet, hy whom.l thel: medlcile is impollted ilto tirs Iolnilitry Itl to whoI ltil tllai)liicaiot i lite ge!eit bl~l e liota. JdO. Ili:LllEIN, 1i9 Wttclyl Pltce, N. York, Sile oclli'll Agetil for tfie Uoitod Stalte, &c. For sale by :tqoiltttlenti of tihe ritil:d ilrolPricitor. I by .wlat it lIIttioItlr l)Iilitfi)ts, N.O II C:alil sitoet (. :etiar Agatlbtllir S(fttitinL f l.toiislo . j.l V. I HillY It LE & co, No . AhituazI*e 51treelt l'U I re ew ireceitig Ifroil ships t stNiville, Louisville, Ittllnlekb, Eatgle, antil olther late arinivlla rlani :le c:.iheri eitih, o large anIod ilew snaele.d aassonlenti Hl.ia, Boots, Shloes alnld lHrogaiils, onsitilnlg of 'gontleinclllt'l li lle enlf otul Motottco boo 5 rlo 4d qlutlity" ;le blldlod), SDti sloult was. plegged Iboots O wariosqaoti iesl i men's finn calf' seal ail Mloouai' rhtbl oati iis onld blogsI) hiucklsllln shoes, broganas iat atllnels: mnltris llte call atiln kipllptll peggeil shones itiil Irtiioosti ln blola;doi sntl il iptanlaa lcpgg de! soa p il birontlllta; genlentin'i best olimlity aollo'aetei li1Ona Ibngt anslll J:hok l)owinigs; do c:il" lotl n leroocc i iclle tt(s litl bnhrognsti Idn calti snial cd U)IMo)occo: [ ulian shous alnd sli . s, Ido e:fi, bull inli sentl walol, ataew articile; do liie cali, sc.l no d morocco quloer nit; hloys' , isises'cidchlldreln's t I)Ened aII Uitled L. oglluas, oiild sIoeso ociry t1nualit nid Ihitl. Also a genarlal nssolteoulll of Ilen's stout anx ntla Pl0 llrio~oas:lot ntil1 shli(oS, tugntllelherir Ittat l0t ail gntro blusl icuality, rtsslett inrglit, ti nciledI inII I.llks, illmll e exLoressly fl lliItllioll user; a gniod ilu. I clmtull of inl's file aIIl slouti kip t'issettrll bug,gal) iw aortiicn, tid l a rge quallotiy of si itflurior iutllity rt scilet ond bln: u ol1ns. Llaies' liat c:.lf, snal. mnrocl anid gr.ili welis, Ilnil pr"IuI) suOlt b ihoE; ut fii Ineireuih Mrlt.o'\Co: kill Iuii rn.ead slipiell s; do clonn shloer, wilth :aid ,ithoe)r Ibels; b call, si. t anidti stout lnthc1 r btie(alist idnio tiruntlalthe I I flcl khiiila qiii iticsl ia o al luntid brotigantui cytiteri o .LIl loet!il Iotllnes. Mlinso' .,llsunilgiiag shoesaltll lit bgiis. Chilhlreni's coltUred Ilastill. brlU trmuulaltl booltsI kc. ilollnaitibi'sninet.hioiaoebl anck wilk eitil; o blmck l Idrlbr becverido if a suletior Illqlilti do ililii rI t'iniu dlo; roa:d blan I:IITLW blilll SeIts lit ll luib nlll aidk liashort bi~iitta t Iits, bone artidh. a'oath id ,e sit hllt s i1t Jliltlernt ilualliths;,. I do i ilrc!,'r . \t. bciii i) )s d diiirltt)wool hailsof lurliousi Ill: pes, n ith 1guneral asot tof ho)l' nlllt mentlsb ' u Ills iissoitilielit will be relenllishll ed hi the :uiriviil of nth a Iilckeibslntu thle anooe nlltuill cilis, ill ol whichl o il m]ih shol on tcionialiitti I.teis, aine I--ti NO MERCURY NOR COPLiVA c iew )ri leiem, (nv.l 14, t1837 e S. T;Ol- siX t 1monlhs ago I lhaid ithe ilitlrmlulle toi gl , t Attiit iii ol dises iCrl hick I have a 'lied to sere- Ic ollilie .ive dta I ic t iice ,iili under tits tre+ m)at,, tlhe dliseas gat wtor ae, so as to break out ill lure ulcer. I to lhie ntnuber of six or eight on e It lie, And all over lny laea, lind sore thront, Anl rlnot able It work alt hIe Persel silllr 011 Im ,slut() of thlw diseasl e(; bilrg[ c: r oaI) tlil ricl(t side o" the thrustI, n II s l),l pll i ll: IllB I cunftdil'tly indertile care of )tr,. litnet, , Iris A to be petirectly cured JoHIIN DEAN. Ic: I l y tI C )' CI ' i{'F' thi i e abi ve Imintio't' dri I snsi isd 1 l gaqiwe wlIl cured to ma own atli.lftetioln, f.r who, b I to thnk Ilr. Ilut; and mrc, lr I asslm that itht iame i nealth at al!; therefore I Advise in. 1f lw tl.rew'rs to lose .tne uanld Iapply to I)r Al. flilet, 1I Canal hi i.r,,el, blxetwl ie f)auph', :t a" d. l+.o rb1. t sIhe,,ts. )le, I li rli , et i ba t ,t ]Jtta a l'u 11 ti s 1o' la r I 1 .]: m o l 1 l i ,11 i\ They w\ill fnd a trulor ia'r l ee il, plu itil' i If 11 ' e wati ts e a i i neo . mie,c:ll 1 i . I is i., h New i biniui. Feb M. 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It h o. . . aba:sed at difIiiCrent drates, an ddhl'sout ILd, dud ttn leeII nki, I Ti ole Ta'i. tile bI, Iest lhat ll eli col i',i d. r that i l fi , SurSs can pr Iluce within tihe sane 1ondesend oe a -i .s, :id size oafl pe. t I An a.:vi.ceileit it, it bookis il ii ne:ry the filow-i r f Theigl distinctri this wii'k has riceived thiunt ic thle rte i legislatite acts pr' lxl, to tht titlt a-e, is i r,-- t . fllhll tt io in i itself; so i ll.lmnllllol ll so cO I lu- t i h t utcli.i is necesii ry morell thIan c by ia ofanlk- I t fromas] on,'op rnued with, what is equivalent to four i.lct^a iese 'f eclci;liaonei , exatlinell i n the pl'csbililyV- I t tiesl s'e ntil "t tehlld from i teret ype plates tested t li e Ih tles, ii"ie all which it innst i evident i evens to the skici4i (e. . .ilY oil thu nlfthe de ta:l of proof n t'he Iprefac t thie weak cist be lirth urtitally ihI.lfible, nd i a iifrl.oniliog i this I liifa -n;'eniioft .'I h un flcred ad tlhy dollars, is now lielir e d t ia , he(ln l' titn llf :ll al cll t"or of cent in the pr'tsel ciai fifth lditilon, a exptrisscd inll tiie i.nnt'ee, mki fii e lanrie p sncn l gliS c are k lh ai ( ti"r since the first I pllhlieln imll n the yent 1 S0'. i (! t tmo lst cospiiicuious fator s pd e tables is Sin the rrangement of the T'imne ata, An iiis, whicih a-.1" ext p diti. oe c u pill~tcs, rteol Ilcreof ll) :. ++ i. f Lt ty n iase wi th which thie in:lcsl cal ibe foilId ti 'alt , extent o geilii:i t bisines'n, withlIout dioubling ofsi'msi is e sides a c nnl e ne B es tB.lll;f, that ill th estlna! tiontl nItsaomle oi tninmost comeln all d cpctcslal busn nrss mn alll Ill llfl i oi ers -wiho b:la 'demade 1101,) 't.i of the l:rk, it hasl el tlistlnguisi he Ihyd o b Or o :lll ip letll on effa 'nmsltr piice". Aie considering vatiety oft"he exaeinatiokus, lot tesits of vcr edition i isteren ty. , elusidetl' , i in sh6:t, he positiv Acue1ey d secltl·'l hv Ilth llllll.t, reee ulletled l('m lleans + )f 4)( ile v+u i: lltme has ihcen held up and emphml ically sti ld i i thmi Imost wonderfl bot:oF boo in the waslk;" most eclrlillly no in matn al nImlea figure work oflite sane extent, which d sincel tileIbegiminigotcration, hashll ai d tile siiel'Ue Iitn bl lar n vil.t of'tests in the sTn1 nll1el of ellitors Sor onle halt'le l;unmber, as is clearly shown in the tdi prlc" e. iesides, as test and stand:ard, ithas been tried anl preed in ii ly all the bank icc pcm lic i iiei s ii the i Unite S ltates, ein by the public goenerally, during the - Iongt inirld ol'thinl -five reci-s, n ece nilInIertn f tne to nI Ihe boloki is expre"ssh) alldped by all tche t iur-ls s ofIl.: cl sev al(f;I uOfthe S.alles as llu e I;tL ul c..lcul: llon frilalitte t ilt el imest," asi o by la" m ul bmIl kitii .rest, r accorlilg rs dhe book is used, and as w :qy Ie seta i ir:II't, bly s of the slbticibers, at, l tic w ot f the Stl.equent. c purlchaasI',S inthe list at tieh nd of I"I, tu+ ts in p lleii t.. el ry iIloss oulcitizains in ever) qllin It is lllOnlto\ l we;l kllow llthll:at, its ral'rly check aII 'i lhl lith m aitus, I "5t its a.ut ,il . ess, :l ti absoIlue let t 1xsit"y .hr. its us haave been extesit..ely ilsisted M. ly lso ,lblent, ill cd, hal t beenl is lanin1ges,l al d its isavings that, wiscethrisl iynnkOsal,, whilst the lirst edition Sr:s scuet incd la t tlof pr.illl, it great . lltie of ltlold i 1 coiicis were slakg c fit, ao'ne Io a gl'e t i.,tncine i ok.. and Ipct ti nsc n in .n lll, t i hg i pris ~ mi -latle til', si inr itmisg 'iry riich nlcn feliimi ic olfeiictci. : l'," lei kpwicked ti.h from lne,f to .n' .opy o simtc.iso ni schl ins te nitl. e fl fiue r olie g rullymtlis Mnni S emCitlly wh cli, aimi eXtent a In impommee d f hc cSe I l, Isl thtc hat Lthiy woul p itaiyl is. t 1 li c h n 50P 1 ciafor coli, cfhott , beal aicnnnt'nn-iec .nitia Ilbint llI in the u"' iml.ane plr:. ll', bte ill lit thome samuen r clc"ean l . e., ur ea ally pic, alis tere Ia1ratihlc tm, hai atb',rl..l a.ery rih n la:. i nd..,li l;fice. l SL It slikcwie allte of io lice, ntll iillm eet pta cre t ,. c l"e', i t sf l la is te s, itu "e of ktci ( s l . tats lle inter eltid aslai:dly wole ll of the xtert tlll im i ntlllle ois i th cees itnt ll ti t blt hrlils e ink ditil, c ontik n Iltl n ll-, a rid lin the cnsualenlllg te twlom, ltll most o compuete Ios ia.ciiec." i the rccc, Atnd uintictais pri,'tic most iell i nti lsl, tee dhr s o C l' n " . f se ts, ite, wIt renlul lllln l to a e rltallltl, b. lntxs fodi r this Sulreoane, aldu r cot ay crici,, as tuhe da'iico irllt tcxplales c introd id(iioi'uc s A l vaidealtll bthe tr a ei1.,lu)l;paties ohlcisoen Isi1+e'ivacl , that d sllerallyJ i. (helllis P, it h a i t il ct.ll t so mllc as lllli il exinIst. io lls.aylnts of uti l folr btl l afit, IIlny are (byIs'd :erix ?t r o time )olm 179lto 1k05, si staince of the slal A e lediio 'cclio n 7 t bouies, Irieing llhel .lom sits plulblica est will .a lata ntes, fallow Iat a l'rice , whiho a, ohin fs fit diseflmet nd genri of the dii pulonl, lic le la coll in 'lltetlaIt ll't l i g 11e IWo fllss In'*tl lsltllfe of dlnlut l cacle of prlfrenosly worka wlire. w 'r sale b ly tbe inrerst tables alt+r ilBrook.rllr in dellar s Uni cents be tee hCaOL y Ios of * aly fornE AthoisY-d dllu rcs, esid x reditit on o t * 7.6. * * opie s,_'arisi ng hiefl froat" its lUb fiea THE FLORIDA LINE Tm From Moblth e to AugustaG O-e,. .Paves Mobile every day nt three N o'ldock. pm per U S mail hunt fur Ilall's Landing, above Blakely ,-t-encu four sC s,,t coaches to Pensaclula-thltller, llt mhbute to Il.tgr titae, swheretle landioule isresumed-thencee th viaj Malucnna and Briwnsville, Fll. [ltaitbtidge, Pindlertow n, Hawkinsville. Saunlderevil J&. Louis.,' ville tlAugusit, Ga, co.nlecting reiularly wiith i tht rail road care to Challlesto. n, wr I the stennt packets to Now York, NTriolk, Pihiltdelphia, erc. T''hestmglnboats are the best for the service, anad the navigation presents mtore advantages titan cl be IlUlld upon any stttelllbut routo in tile south. 'ifThe great improvements in the raote have hreen f produced by t Ie consltruciio ol fifty miles of Ilew t road, by the proprietors, vi : fromt LnGranue onil Ls L tlyttte playou, an arm If Santao Rosa B y, to it Brynlt''s Ferry, on the Clhnsttliochee liver, ten a mil a above te Cowlord, or 14 abolve Cedar Ittll; whereby the nnvigation of the river, and the coItn , scsltent detentions, and more recently tthe incotnt SVe.ietll crossing at the Cowtford, are entirely I vohidd, and a ite road rood frto liariannn direct il to, Bainbridgte, instrnd of the rontd(tii outi ro:td vint Chitttthlla ochet , le I.senllig rtedlastncle about forty o liles, and it areasing ile facilities more Ihtlu Sonice it ly tn Alte', r.,inch line of two horse Stares every S ttedhr dyy 'tot lot Fokitsvtl., via P. rrv tto .laeot, i., (; t. Ollllrelig with tho iinu to Slvunnah anolt as Duirntt, Gl . . o A tnail steanmboat lites regularly hriwren to Diitbtiddge and A ailaethieula. 'ITravullirs i'ta.ine Ls to reach ally polint onll Chautltnhl hrl or A a)IaIIaac coln, in ll take storoh boat at Brulwttville. iobile to Pt nosecolt-L.nd Ro.iun--Doturin the f tile t oc up:;te by tilere repots i t soib is, the prprit". Sttrs onf thit Florida inu will tun a line of hour -t, hlorse po.l teaches very oithier day betw, Ml1..o Ihille anid P lelsuc l:l. S L ssenI ll will leave Itilt at 3 o'cl, ck , p rn, le, in the U S attil ,aoti, and proceted to Ilill' Lttnd he ing, where ts lour hrboe coach will I in waitllg to conlVtey them to tilt exce slent Iioueof ilMr. Chilarles Iloll, 1 14 mile distlan, where they will lied a next morning, they will agrrtiv in Pevsacola earlý et in the cvcIIIII.n , thlus avoidtllg the discomfort of ' Oliteo at itthe ,atsion lhouser, iotilt, no.dCol :s lille' liutel, PIlUr iola, whrre s'n'ta mustl be. srvu r r;. STOCKTON & ('. Iv I - iao .brte ,,istruali n. - i 1W illiam S m ith teiilllt l his irvct,'es to the ctiI elea It New Orleans as a teachier ,f the pini a It orle. Air S a vini been elmpl,ya d svedrfnl yearis ao ,cachetr of ml si in private lumhallet i o B stuOl ind l s sei at vrv rnli l the fimt le selia . ti i a.,n ,it s i i.'I~01, ca lltlllm t b l hop" llto meri l lheir conlil,,nre.I 1i is "erminted to refer to lhov Dr CI .lP, M+st. n Stelason & Avery, Helnderson &~t. ::li. . F.or aterms, &ic please apply at ithe bokstore of ca Aliexander 'lTower, 49 Ci t at ,t2 1i )rrgs and .llrdih'nea. I S J B r.', ,ost hl.I hocated hin tell to this city for ) h ll i purpose o lf t r ll,,a tll. a ia t rt l t ll W holesale E I )rug busines., lie is now reeIlvin. I hlll uipph t at Irslh llald genuie arllcles, wht h h, \gill sell on liberal Itlllr ' To city dru isti , and l ost of ite inierior, to phys oa ns c l , + rt l h ntis and pllant, r=, ho w ill ,It " r l ll l lcem ents . l cll h . h lave nev tr be, iare teen itl' ; rcled I I this eiy. Iais inIen anll 1 to Ja i sbrllelp·y Irhint bllle ln ene s. Ilhs stunk . i ll sotn bt complete, lald i1 a "Jw . ielIs will o" rb .. iv ior buint essi . Alt orders A Ir it ,tl c ntll y, ,1111 rm tmtra atii of t ia city, recea ving such ordels vll t promptly attended to. I39Cai p t oct L N,, 39C Camp st . S IFT 't' 8TORIE-ai the ign l the olde coillti u ')(:tiltrittes teent . T'lh sCt b.el i rlbart Ihave re ,eived, in a hlition to tlheir mrevyos stock on hand, a fll I lnd COIln IItL. Assortment of atrth'hgs ill thleir hlm-; lie: roznbh, pl.,ltll,-ýrpv, . wrl!:w lh bruslsh , Inkihlg glnsas s, " I' m~v nrnrlls,.\r. ~s(. m imti n t in tort it i I lows: ('OM)3 ', -I-o is(' sI hllcII w ro anll d phlu tnlek,tl mt.! h1illed M k, lon l roundlll dressing, sil p,,ll cull andll Ieik, lhl' ihalln rI' o 1au i l rerly Ilesr ptloll lmolllg whic'h lif 1s IIIom M xianl )altt.r., Ivory (.rolllJ) of everv I l'{ L I I' I+Y--C eolln, t ou lhr, les rido, hone'y', bit. eltr,tand ran.e lower waero, of ee- sin nd de ll- r ru"ri n ti l, IlLphornlttl C ologne, extract " of I rll tgu lno t, l. f situps it l'o all t bild, ,i vL IIn(g , ill l iutsli ont-, ° ream sa g da,, Vhn'tl i vz, th lr h ri, beam s son - h Ill llowderh, learl potL, dro , po llw ll r e il'ail hbox-pt. tIut l in tutu '(it t ,a 11 r , orit llll, r ll toot washiI li\l t ii 'ittl, wl' It i a llt rtll iti liltllll ll i 0" i Wi, noltt, eonisi . lltt l ,lllttil r'ltt II.J ltd'iiti o - - Itlrt, t.a a" 1 1i, a, uh, ae l h, l al i N tla, slt I~ lt, si aidlln doSI tov n otb· inar i but ions,10 a l es f la-ks, co . a i a El t.llli tAII tS & ,;I.Ia lu i elan,-, oll ; ClltelP_ I ~lll jl,, l l",ýo, 1h ,h+ ýi L ý ýI Ii ,'h bu(.Ih t . till l . i vL ii iif th ' a n kald r t nm l 'l r tu : l. cei IIl o Ia m onths mredIt. ! 11 ;LI-\I:: , , -,1, , aod sl id \ r a d ll" tita rI ll. i ti :tl t 'ltoItl r oil, Wad clsr eIn, l r, t? Il, .a I olll , I .l ,. marlOI ,IIIdlliu (lo'llh'K. , "lle,,l u Ly:, ll y 11 , , I 1 ' i 4e1rt11 "r"w, a lr so , rap , l oure .t ,, , hF ,"i. t, :ac;."er., blrle ~ Iart tat r i atllyl y s l arlt+h). l kil, p. e 1l llla , Vf i e .d I liltll iiikill tfesI, -4z n itili l, i ', h l.ll, - lt,, l l card r Ts, es, I hII ,iu c"l'b of h r ,,I I, It ,r al and lished a ico rn is o nlia torr, In \r, ii im llia i, b xn es 0 1 0ll lll u1' ltclolus i its, Saltl l lnl llln l) l I, II II ll'alt E1lin, -r.s)it.'-I h 'i nlld w , n Pdkilmohi,'. roLIr batl islld :I m olI1I e I .,lirks, l Ittti- l b d ' au , !i'lt o witb ,-.ri pE =rd, hIea s, y I h all lti lTer S ndo liu ishe rI( ll i s g PrnI Ihrs ell "a ltI, , p lAi d swrd tmlu -., blL'kl l tin llgllul ewstlld ctup, tilla otatu t vardet: otf her a li hi ite l I : Lsr m rt lt allI p wI e. I will he wold a r en ill or iJLJ t up r i& 'ce t 1 na tto reth ds ( elt, f I I i L1 :;' t d lttn wisc It trl . t7i0lt (,Url rl' i esl a a i tl , 'u I , !e- 1500 j u.lho I1 pure winter d l. ila, r t aaii, in e\ rks td bl ii, fo ir a l b Iv i J.TI lVI. & A NI)I., 63 \V;4, a\ t Itesl. l gg 1rts eOlll tr C Iuui N ilU I', lTeh Inash it ,it oat ta Ithe pa ri le, iof ol tll .,I upoi ctp rhe ts Ilu Ithe r.n i l t a it u i'eti iaa tu IL1i:a . l & l 'I ANi'a . ý TA lINl..lll., --'l e S lcuh. clhr+r, hat n ma t .a Iv, y-ln . V 'tli-lod a rli-b nllltl ro I I| i llh~ll, ista ; v by llh.l ulor retal. . ] f)p . ea alt l` ll, n .r"le 1 F w" nd, ltl of h: s v r,,iw s + su perior aon evher brott,_,l 1, lh Mlte. 1 1iur h c ot nnec, rt yle . oili " o s eler iAu S ,Iuuta.t. ary .tu be tnat ate te Eli t oi l ,a iie ne s + irstri u of ilis I.d I, d ': uro eot. 'Io drlla Ibludr IIt i o itf l ltrat h au a.iecri l tz Illd TC l t ,pilotll t f,-, t ir t ha t ,l ati tr attnottIlid i, etu n in I Piect s a'lla nd, a d oald f a )taut ii' ti "i ta' d i. t''et t ill ain t rlle I ati le It lll d sn a rea t i, lia ilnd rs The tu an ipareu t varnish witittll c ll a A e 8n a _ _ _ 1 1 1St b ) , N +X . I. a tttaceri tl, a a DO ' ai I lt -- ti ,e,'s R ,z"r lr,,s --, S - l'h ,,i t casO s ul 1l~' ,, artitua, attd l .. e. j aCy tat tl it a aaaurta tti ladiat amd gautttmta titit rta ttt t i | piroit alter tiot wilt it Haidto t lic le a -INBa ntay " i.' tie a rti ap n als, or d isr se liii' by tte ate oma.taO I a thiI At, ThavirNg attata .tahTrnN i . , s illr (taIIs in C ilEa.'o' l-Tia ~at r t tafaitg us toa x ilirs s rpil ut i kr tt a he pa tiwo a'at Paaaear Smullutltoatr, aiin ditarueatta ions, ctnhaetad wirt the gro tat asuel p m ll itl. rtr e bo et t ll at' r01eaaac aaan hi giuen. Aptllty at Na, . IUl a ,l ia sioitra i e. s 7NO. M'LOIhthNit nih Ii( . ellot i o taa f t tad a lo diala t, sed ar ane f tille atata llaS a thei fatia T'e t,;auttagrai , levi atngeaa'rt , aill t t hatragill"et viol s try--but he s r.s 'Ih public ,it Ii, Sit. t s, ictti ung eain oimg said iatnt tae astu uosr L ,viC liarria till a atatt mmtat tmmlag afiti' ~ irt. eot , at Alaia. i l1a i& Ci an t l Natctae atI u ituat ra , t'I rNw rpeCa.,iTn mntt e, es tfan tese.eatiay witi,.n me hi ateig cli it will a all imrt e be ist Nar.ra sla & o ite a Nis hO staudta , m o r evitr iat din ie a tIa 11u.t iSelt Sgrt~Iai. f I at bt1t3t; uleo, engra ted arutitt ira i u arI s f,rt maelat of every hmak inia t timmd asumto. aidm tt utitag.l lm)ta a lnd tiulpt rld itarttci by' -OLBEAR'S Science of Penmanship received,and D fat nale at their permanent Writing Academics N No. I8 Chatres strout, New Orloans, 185 Broadway New York, I)unphioe st.,Mobile.a It iNparticularly desigred foie private learners, and acltools, and is calculated for per.ons of all ages. Ladies aod geontleorc are ilvited torcall and examine ihe systeml for theroelvea. I.<soe are givon at sacll hooces as scnv aritt hl convenuiece lof'all, and to olasses ftormed intany pa't of thie city. Ladtieos wo prefer itcanll receive esseons at their own ref silenees. Sl'errs parint e n trse orlessoonsre ldesired o attelorv ":"'a1 n t s" r all as tley wrtlr. S .33X It tOTtItoR. ROWAND S TONIC MIXTURE, Fall FEVER ANT AGUE. / rEN years have not yet elapsed since it won . tirst regularly ubmlitted to Iho public; but it nhas attained the highest repnattil; and has suip planted every other Medicine for the Ague, wheIrv. or it has beeo known and oppreciated. Already has it beon carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes morn than could i Shavo been anticipiated by its nmst sarguine friends. Thousands of persons have not ouly been relieved, but restored t. heialth and vigor throurgh its tgen. .y; and they now cheerflrly testify, at every op. portunity, to its do^ided and auprcure efli.ay. L: is compooed of such mnodiinal principles Os are Scleulatod to renew lthe healthy citori of thie aumn Ieh, liver, and other important digestive organs, tihe loos of which harlony is the imnllediate clrusc of the disea:se. It is apparent lsoe, that it produ. Eec all umntirel change i tile Crrldlitiiro of tile nsyCtcrn, anl certainly destroys the native liabilily to rolap seos of the a.lletion. When tlhe Ague is attended wllth alny otlier ompluailtt, the emnploymlent o tIr Tonic Mixturo will rot iuterlbre with tile treat. nt of te f other di, but wi 1 even afford as r-stnltlce by furnisaing slrengtll and vigor to the body during the eourse of treatment. Thleso a lio make use of this nledicino maoy be uasured tlhlt there is no Ararsic, IBrks, ?leronry. or any other article in its romllpi tIllln ull'irfrield'y to e rhumanri crrnsuttutionl; buiug entirely a vegetable extract; irand they mIay hare addttional tconfidoence in tihe rnel thereof, whenl they perceive that it hlls the f feet of a genot' laxativ IbotII the trnre half a liot. ti filol Ihas brera takel--iln oonlllquerleo of wcllllh, there is no pret of the orrdicinl lull to linger ill tihe buowels to caullS olsrullouns, and other evilu, arising from thie oue of many orf the remlndies niow ot'red for the curu of till affectionr i. It beenll used also as a preventive, by lt.lny who were su jr'ct to a periodical of tile Chills, Rod it ' rhas rrrhiibly warlred off tihe tapprehended attacr. S Observe! The lProprie irtr, fully salisticd w'ith tile a Upariillreled and unrversal rrueess llleh has cInI is .taltly ltt dllled a punctual and regular use of tile forme li xture, in eall cses of Fever anll Ague, i rricls warranted in eng.,ging to refudl the price to all tilhes who have tikern tie medicine in strict ac. i ciorda;lll with iihe prescribed directions, without havrg bcell perfectly amodl itingly cured. The sultscriors arll theo wholhsale gents for tile South Western State, anlld h:v iow oil Iland Slx r ty cat s of l`this Iidirine, which is warranted frtsh "h _ \ InTlesale tCs, h nrvr27 rrtreioroi n t h· l .t. rferoerrerrrrroirrot SlMiosoI'pja Hrot I.oouriOr nto iutrl, jIJRS. MARY KIIIRILANI) rospectfr.lly an. ,l norUces to her fr onds aind tohe po lct iee-r. ally Itht ho li pr. part d to a:co lnmmodate them at '1. abov, establli~hncut, and h11,1ps frein her :xertions to render visitors tm0fortatble, to roecive I contilnuance of' lbrnor li:vour. She fecle confi. lent that persons visiting Covio'gtton during the ummr monlltllo, ealot findll brtter accommllodatotios thian .he can .afford therbo, on mor lberal tOrlls. Iler houso is Iollasantly esiuat.d, and well supplied with eery crr eotvenioer; the ar in furnished with thie Ilot choice lqiI rsf, c, Ito short, she promises taot nothinlg shallk b: wanting on her part to give itire saousIction to all who, may patroorlze the ,i osissio pi and Liuifiann flotl, j'e3 IIOLLtfV 1IARIt, WiooUID CREW', 01AD ` IRONS. &e. /'ll" IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. S23d Woaoter, ner Il.Leklnan Street, New York, have received the past setlso , lad are couT stantly recciving large nald extll sivo addilioSo to thile toorck of the above goods, whclh now conslitts of the llowing as-o ltml nt, suithble t' the southern and 'c tero U.Lrkets. Hollow ware of superior quality, consisting of l Phois f '?. ,li il,'ront sizes, from 2.8 t. o ' . o galloun, t ll'e, t 1, a l s, fromlt 3.4 to To I gntlion. rlitle, irz,,ors, fro. 3.1o to 18 ga.llon, Il .) INs or Ooven, 7 dttttrelt oz, ", PIl t Spid rs , 6 ',,veed spilers, 2 d tIr doN s N. . do W a .n loxes fro. I 1 4 to 13 .1 inches. rototlli. P 5IIc , and.l i, l'tol l', I ron , o . ,lort' d. r m-1 I to ordert l1to btl albtebat anrd otheor o mltinrllr' I:oade to .r 1 ' l, lra o as ortmen t ofootl is particulrly ,d I. cotmntw ,td to to e at, 0. t:o o of oo lno.rt ando n Prices, and tupon the lmotoLt lih ral t Iro s; it r be.t t ihved to Otto t o oarg ost and bebt o'r o romoo t ever ot ll.rrd for tle by iny o oo oetal bhll noot ton It. untedo Stateso 0 l cants, by fiortwarding a reI urost it matil, cat Ar ll orldrs will receive imme odiat attention. Now York, 1838, J':3 B lrNSi ,ll ' y uiy\'o U.tN b .h lenr t intootme I f Ib"ir c to-lng r, nn r o , 0.01101i ' L-,er·, I , p t",, 10005 have, rrmo", l otoor o otoAlio.o too N'.72 It Cs driee, utainrdi o t 'is u er 0he oieof 0000 SPlea u tinl-wol ,I toIhey are ' p paor et. q to ' xct e all al' 'Iing rrcovi d frolm Ihr, Nlorth a . l pl, of pis. -000per a 0,0 m0t0 0ials of n superior ott3' in l , It' to oant. to rot ott're0f I oinnk oottts, lhey offer t hlir set. S vii esto nl r 1hants anl d - otherlt, who ropy wo. s fl i, wor olf that kih d ; and havinr r the edv lar. of At several yrear's e xperionre in that line, they ore al f l orl .m with 0oiv o iu i to tio S Foor totories, urchitects tind otllors, maps and pinna .ill be poasid on Ilten. voiniohed and oohortd ci the ooettr ht mtitoo r, & at the O hortetto, o' to 00l tillolllr to I tll olll l l tt i ller toe n' io lioot I Vl·. & . s lh'il, . 'lt ill e, Ef plo e, M r.yir An rd h ,re. j pl1 O rf ll d a I y o l o lAn oI lt o e:rto lr n .i, o r hn;tr of tl rl i tll allre Pit ke plrlli all. s n Ill b* J, tild, sli o lro S in &o e tc h nttto otoheio -'o s htooto, 10ir0 t00 I oe o't Il l h i ' ; ,IddrSIa a oi ot tOthet otd ala. o t o, ' eve rH1:;l cnll; y~ylro i tll o toiUe ilsl Illtill t ll i tire oli t r t fin o,' s t oll, o I tollon t o IolO s w ahino l ' e'io tol tthe tW h r t k rus t ho, . r, lotto! it a to .r 0*rotuol o 0n rto st ' mt'lld olhtlo 'tno aps ni 'es t' r HAitRo" t ' r Io t I C . A 000 , 0 i0 da ; iou l :l a nr li s pll e tid lll hefurt, v Anioeot , t lio 0 l tonroro 0001 h ,s'o'o.n.1t to et 'oo: t w rc haltu e p wet ckepshol s h ll pl s imed atinc aud Iontp tll l tlllo. scroe Aoo ti. r;ol ll loiter el tlldto lh.i,; 0i, o t ro't.oi tof toolh tih t", r toot o.tto.I .'.n oothioto re lo t Di lktt hilliIt halr t e tii l ' Iyk . r . w -ll e tl ti l rm . Loi rs;, r.o s ullO' r (; ie nt11: ld o.o o gmt l , rtlto 1a0p 1 tooto eto0 ti o r tol t 't t o ... r eot b' t 'o. sho t iooo'o' lh., rott lo r tote"ro"t f orrrooetw hg' ticl F, ot o lor lla Its ortllm' t ir ll o, ottiol 't..;l . l -ina . C l Ii isa t ilt;i bsmost lrelllic I :lll lehhd illnll Ml ý i. , .." \'itlil, . io pll' ,h , i :w'l 1 n..0,l : 10,ll l ; pl tr i , .lllll 6 t st ltllr es sId,1 Nulee; Orllew hr ll s, ;r , ,t 1 0 ar00 '1 0 l t'llin lwC i inl'l' It iand :o l ll lnd. Ia ! gl e nlo . pi., whalls in dio t ol foattoteoohn oiof Iroloe 0 ci.nd g 1:d tl,ira arlrlv esl 0 gh s es;,ll lcg lilT ileIal - tN ct llto'ool whit-twheinrootlls, l i0 sh oirs, ii soa , tos let owle -, cds, s ne'tie w:lsh h aUls bnr el e so.o ,ld iow I rpool ln lrw irisrl o lS d all l e r ic la tieckhlcso billiard ball,; lacket Iooks and warletS,.; a arl-rm1 ohiotl , hamotl i Fr s nt l 0 i,;te a1111 mona nn gu11, o lr r suip ndersoonn. to.o, NIt cltosluifer matche i t 1 i "etolncilsto C trieoCii.or, 'oeof Toi ro The above o additoon to ou, tomer stck of flimro c ioaooo'' l oirm l o, iian t.r tr otsoaori or oto ao 0n 0 ooen, plaI;Ieouo rl.nNT &toolr , oGtto orefr si"n0 a ndfors , hh Cohethri;ths a gnr varlde Coarm. 7ar o hl otoioto chd cd ligld n n, I taliet l tof t, rekl t tefs, to o.,o _ ,, i or r rvd cos, c oilke h tots, pioetlc o rI, ilt h e d c-f-e ci s ta lotlto suoflr, o roit 0 1s0 bow0 le,-o, dijhes, jooo wash raoort entto rweds, 0 war'- gobets , h u I,0int o ade0 t jellieoo ot florl fooot o, olole otoploeores ' p fhorof, roopst to ert, ' gco SSlovo r k laeed, ri, renzl and bri0ani0 wbror--vaod It, oro, li tu , r p rond f be oak e rysk e s, c o mll h 't lc k ,, )f ha 1I0e. g0llmps, tceo r cucr'ers errl'o n siir vr o. Oo hior e lly ate. 'toC rooo itp , plae k ero , hrd , Itto and N leaooiolotlos, follihboo wh geodot at o Io, niaotboea tero eloooth, t oankets, 0 rtno'ooos, toro.ko lrwo rll 00 .hi.tli,'',e, ch c,'o linrno , o uliroleb e, 'araiok, rcteft , MAIL AKRAAHGHeOkINT Ner . ....~~ .Due Every Dy at 1'2 M. , Due ecrv donday, Wadoesday Wpea~ste i h i C.oo e•er- Mosds. Weas oat, a ur every S eada n, y T uePday. The Lake Mad (s ared, 5 1'.d, Thursdej., vza i Closes every Meoday, Wednelled lEXPi'ILESS MAll.. TIMIES OF A IRRIIIVAI,, I)DEPAIR'rUIF DIITANCI & e. of the Express Mail, bltw'.s Modl. and New York--lenviop Mobile daila" at 3 P. M. NerthwU Now York dily at 5 P. M outhward. Arrivesm Arrlt NNrihwahrl. liltanee. Time. Rtehor' lootgomervAlo. p lO. 11.A 8i'8 23 W m CohtAon,0 " f t r, 11$ 81 c9r 21 neu.m a Alillelerviile. io. i 133 24 2 ,p.m it iciatid so, S.rC. . atlc. 163 o i Ilahric,,,NC. 5 215 22 l 1 iV arretloe,V''t. Id m. 55 itt t Iltcerhtcr, ia, 1i pmi. 83 1r i ap i Iieht mkonV Vynt. loItin. O1 3 lt dlvriti Cheilirlt, b 1 h u 67 r 1m 'Htnllial tore lt,, SJpm. 61 (1l I'ihilrdlphiio, i]nm. 100 ii ii - ,New Yurk; po. 80 01 e. i lo a 1305s I4. h. ol vodl f ro i Norlhlrosi, Cmooi.i Sollihlwlidlthe til a i sia hour leIe b 4ino 55ilwy uno 17 tlourt. A a A fAN ewV, Yrlrn ilS) :;raondelet nCrorn of oIeL . , rle, itotlin thilit nf 30:o of A ialgllst, atid w saen ;J1. IJ..l ]J]OJ'Jd:]. Jil i'OydrUd..lreet, S nerol boy "'irnttnell t;II '.t I{ I, IS sbotlt 17 )•str.. nf Sge, un'l . .ee Jrr Iherelulsl li in i ohtt, vr Int, td an impda Silrnt in lis i ,e otoO l I lcO't iec ro t II'IO asioneD 11 o hv ar recellrt he I I n I tiI ll a oh. lie w Cent anWIya W ih '. elln 1t. liilcn dohirol Il white cotton l.'ontatolool.g. Is latgtt'rR =.l" vessels andl ,+ e . I Is)ll nrc Cnnthlo,'d' • lo goinst Iilctiillgt lor Illlgborillg fou neorii, nn well al eit oliher prltoll, at tile liIIinet IigrIlI II tile low will ha h i;iorcedl a'.intt ll,,I,. TIh above rerarnd till bIe ItiK no'lile:'itg lii hit, ,iy of tie nil. of ecitler of li or itiim,1ioilpntir, or at Iil Caroodoet, cerne" of revi. ii ttrect. u4 nti Nia Ilder lili. filrlll of I'tlio.i & letetremn, niot ia d-lii 'liied. T IIiItCtiar wouill liqnlate tle allairso elI Illt )tllii Ib o hi ,,,Ivc iid all tltoal teh n gh l ,t Iltlm, torrll :.,l~l ll li* citylll f l'3elll(llr 1 pt .~ n llo sb Io U--7T IIO;AIIIETSON Ut C'IV~'. IN SltII.Y'I'A1'l" NEWV NOVELe] SeRaliu I,'w ?L'ter, hY tinii author at oiCer Siiople, &. i~ P a,,,i', or hr a VWi,,tr at .l iiot Ilai'aelh| i.;t lam riab,, iby (:oplallin Inail Holl, loya Nanvy, F.L Poril ii/lb.hIaI rovnncaiie, ly All.n Cuonniaglnam,l Vo epparp'l Itrc, wrhl,.n by hiiiself, iiio volu. a1 t Coiopriiiaou Isieloryf .tlyp, tranlalotred from site ii, iliinal ihlIciiI iiv Ncilhan:iie (;treen, ino vol. for to tlaih ,Il.t 7 iei"' E1iallilv Iibtiry. ic d Vols.:64 iit'lilieinrw cuttlrlets alid aiiiiiri edition nop r'e tie/rci' 0a, EPopiith 1 .el, 3Se Aapc'ite lJ,o,'i' nnImd /Arq/j. Dielie.oar,,/. AI ia--A Irw Ilife ectiiiieof Colllli's P'hrenolosgy tnlicnzi." I sire.o. L irioio'VI rat t'nlltl.le f relperior =lUr vi i'ivii ci lhhtila' lil!iao t,,i' o IPa..l'.- iou 21-2 oine.. 'i iilhi'ai~l~ricedilmtlrii.lvtir,Jarp,. ,li"..edpiipees,sweigltU J u l r ci~i:l,1 n +il fr ouli by IIiNJ. I.EVY. lie Ii (l c]'h is ill'tljllC illhlifi il ml, llion v Ai Reot l a.lllllllll l itchlr llld 11 F le·AI vrit·tY lt d llhlib'e itrory IlllltiOl) IIII( d1 t/l il, lliltth workl ~lOIl t rhelnsne_ snle:itll l i)nl l AIII.I toeii cy o t t ie Ii{l,slialp; withntl hii el , lo'llol :lllrllr h ice Ili. hislorilll Nhtsa and q epl If. illll fIlr 01XIIIIIIIIIIIBIII :llIll 1 'n(' o·11 (f· en lach eli,,n. III [tledhli aiih il'tio, 4'lllt.&i:.. fliotiotedhy iovaiiylaesto I,NO( Xi'a Ih olr.+ 'tii Atie o1' lir (ltlltllllidiall IgmIent of l"l, 'Ii. llll Ih.r, hlvllotioe uC Jotlils Clrnar to Nha rh.i Ai, ,cI,, I ,ti,,,, withl, a CtOlilll iOi n i0 Ithe yeio Il;i+i. \,+ ithl rllll'btlltlllS li~i+ eh~llllltnat ill at ll e end i+ I'L'I lclJHI. HIh'l~lo s It *ariey ol' vlllllllalr haLnnlll ii nihl illlthli LJIIIIIIIfIIIII , the woIrk lii IIiil gII a r of tbls I ul cl.(llr Illljl'u*, .+'l+4'Tt-ie lls ttlld enI(1/ 1t pereom Llo Cll ,in, ixw t'xphl ull , lry Ilolt's , Iltelllltlk,+ o~ thE pot: tila, llllllllll·l-t 1111,1 hllf lIrlll o l hi SI .e. llM' neI thn1: (:01,itlttllll) L..itl . v IhII i -teaIa d by Inii lly eICii i , j S(JLcf+' [,li..*,lr.,q rj- ()F AIrTIoX~oLIy anld an Aorlt gmeil :o. ofl.l~ith'+ N, '|'illlt. .1I iIIII the 1lU el"C UI Ulrbes." Ne.r +tly ll~l ilbl i.,]jll lll , +lt I~(I: .*II~ltltittU l ILIIUIId m IrOvnnel hck I 1It.UIl A illlttllltt,,. lle/JiiPI rct'elvrdl and1I for u. Ill ,'3M'Kz. no..2, +rllu~r ul ' CIU 1(+.l:t fll. OIIIIIU u UI ndI j ... ,z w i: , lk o the - no .-ln iIIIt pOets fR Ih i - it ' +, ' l a,,' , 'lllit Fran is: I) 1a , wit h S..1 !, 1t. 0 Jo llI, ' (I l' E t.fl 1 "u , Drbyde 1',- .3d !i-ý.1'! .'.' Itt 1 '·u hltteltoH, G tl1'ul+:icld, 1'orani li, l. n , o 0, e ol" (!lto ofo iail l1 e r, o y Th nh '11 l :le 1l ie at i l nit by Ge.bal |'lit O.P1". - yda:em, ,..h ih fl, l, ,hP,.,Idg "Ill ·n·e . aoll 1 " la, e' t 'L'l,. us ti . l . I: , .rtll h ts runr \lic'Ai' - In,".' ', . I:.... :,e¢," e.!.t,,l ',lh Ihllt:lr.t. tllo U.i . ' ill: 1 Vlll.'Y; \ "I'.,: l ,1v ::thr ,f "'|..lalll T' 'li'V I i, '1," ', 0 ,. .l. ' (Ih e l e14 1 3 0b kv .c i illi.t. 1''1 .'"' ,10'h i ." ' iii.' ti, hitrr aiv I l i lt iT a t i it iiut she ý- 1\('l} 1 -1,1· i.:"- .' , , t, C.lead... b at. .Ld i qI r.,. ', ja~,l bai lu COiiui n aure pasle Ii " ci" cl ui. i ,l 1t as, , !:1 c lla er nv d b" ae , l1. 11: aJJ. , ,lt " ," . 't e, lrInt i e+ 4 I s" en;t ed b si r d o' d '" I .er. 'no hrti l I tic e Pense, n, 10."'" 11 ' r c". l iii 1 i' l larida waleri , I leltr a li tae i ii ti t i v t Srmie; an.'. rtiii.el a . ale. oil. 'h Linii ren ,,I sh assor-. en," s,, 'I the lrr voera l, t'f,, 'tcnal tlttl,'t . tclr. Thu 'nc ir.v, t. oe oct P EiOllE JoNES IUr ,..,.aut r . - rr,,l lutev ahrllc s Is or..h anl u rue l'ezltatel s and eat. i ttlfFlu thPre e n sn ' r tr i be,1 ~1 tl" t a a. 'cth ad f tlt:,rw. etn l' al oa Ner Slate , upI e ci,, l :t, a o 'diury t., tle ot' elegant .- i utlnO I n ' 1U1io; III I1,I lie l Iit e buke oVstg 1o' i"el'ilr wI rk titnti, p Ie ta it h e inest a ferindi. ctill , l rvl IIi ItI lle II' , gl r lt u ,e in*li d. I l pr.. 1 alcl) lof tihe tattalti'. l ttaoalulII t vlian , ICeuts - I 0r ac t onat , uttl it nit d I',iaI, :lin ; siiIls an d. it II ,r,1e 'I ,, ", , t I- , Iel+ . , & e,.'tlah e t hrtlae .l.l.i and (Iou ars ure p createa '1'ao l'l+ l 1,r a ) ~ :v j Prt"nl(ra C arbtniei oential it, tilrtli, t0oa Ilbt I' vgly e Ctnvd nr pts and haesL er g'r )' to th,,lelr drw tllith rhllhrl d , tooth wash til, r l ]+ !,II a d sitas Irtllt.'a lice.e s)e nd SIle mllntd nilit,, alain as td's Maey ,e si ppe aOld. lldteI s bila in of t Ie t , aul oftba 'ros il nl variety, h Lcterin sd ohe illthe+ r n date manneranmdi -at k tperm cnaod trei. lld hate oi lll Ia'e Linimen t A Iri sh u.snrtt~na t 0tlt Tat'l,,rn'G~ett t r.w Seeehy eL Ite ci in iW WcaRlia, Ibana it viwatys cIre Edor il'eanleyl tid ulre of 'trI Fever 'lntc deS epai r S t la I i''s opri. Fle I rga , inrmde i vin revlef.- ab xtr dct at, i e dretarok, ta v iua"nu aet toit ele a, inllt. tclC e , it ll)iital-nllt e wll t 1eedily fell isle-. ol'et uc th.i e nder ieall ey or aged in'.all. It ,hle erat lice flr ttictfllti lt tlleainl.iS t,,ill fily e cealtituli nI i I Iattn s iCa th ast tilt a I ucI.v . dlloed sa hlhta soo ll nllnld a,. ln ttl bnpeatitwd.inv igratng a'spr .itat ' lltlu ,ta ''J taii'a ilanrg t l ea dailty oiferisn, n c, 1aaa', l. I n t I t'nll, iild t ainlltisoi'.eror to create t'Ila, elt r c.:;.ilttat t l it',rI1 cbilenln te several oh can.,+ of di~e.i'. ~, ntela eth a bdvl elib the cr c lat - i wbat ierr otlli, u. 'l ie i dt ret ilpprelse, hzlicidha1 , fel-tile ,,,, ot't I 'l ,eifle t1lixtgrei have tda b te'el atnttlltsa L 'I'lnt. w e lees by he L tin tatlteu.antn nlret, peaie, thrIte p a tway crea tedl a ula ilc+ead et Iiar reainiig fretc. teir dange le ni, sin wEnill "'o, i d wico ll lo Itan coolrstly on Iend al gentral rorw aieot id Marbl eed ntle P iec. oflred pritr wsrkc 'nv r aable pricet lbs pteq t lla ieh. rv, Strea onfever, e lded n-od p rlain alls and Ilitla tlle. aillig, lserrelu tatd ly undry stbe e, pwed. i g lsir. ctHltr a ith etly r'plotidid ags aet snat spa s1 sporanrled etld plain nDr e J e R.i ROWPIId. at e Jtes elfesu inrw t acnd Ith h eapplue and ptl for . L tli 'rtg dne i nd l will ealt I hlls yer end at the rt notice. 'pricey. '' e had at retail alroken t lhelesale leregcists, CAOKl AIR , S& I'rchiOUDol luAEBLI, NEW WORPIIE.-TlCe AweeeasO I SE lUtnil,by o street, a potll A ite the pois t.oTdo' i Nolres iee wof Yrkan, will np constantly oola.! Tad of the Y bestog Wie' tn, a aualian Iriel al b assnd dm antited ad lain Grates and Rdt. Iron Jrates of the newst and most approvId patt'rnEN Lettering done in thoe neatest manner and at tlel ayJI 11w" "'UNbt'-

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