Newspaper of True American, May 27, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 27, 1839 Page 3
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IGRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE let DECESIBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fin. 'Under tile superintendence of tile C fonloionern ap pointed by lthe L.egisltive Aanemeblv of Fitrida. CHGIID'T & IHAMIILTON, Managers. 10O(,000 tickets, at $t5 elneme price. $1,500 000. Mellle$ prie $3li) per licket. SYI.VESTER & Co., 156 roadway, NEW YORK, SOle Agents. 3n' The receipts of tIe sole of the tickets will be de posited In the Canal, Union, Carrolon,, Citizet's nend Ceonolidated Hanks, in New Orlean, i the 1111m1e ul' Loui Sclvhmidt jointly witllh . I. Perraelt acuolly Cashier olthe Ciizen's hlunk, attd A. Blatldouinl ac tually (nalhier oflthe Consolidated Iunk, as 'ruslees, as per net passed lelbr A. Ml9azurene, Req. Not. Ptb., an thie d Mlay 1039, and the properties lattterrred to tile above mentioned gentlemen uniremabered, as 't'rustee, for tile security ol'tih fortunate prize Iol In New York tile monies will be deposited in the Phoenix Bank to Ihe credit of the above named b CGity atutlk of Now ()tlenes. 'The P1lblic are enlrreferred to thle net prnsed bherl A. Manureau, Esq1. Not. Pub. in relotit. roil perties which embrace Ithe respective pri es ts Lottery. CO0 PIIIZEISZ , as s: Pirnze-Thlt Itiglficellt three story brick building, known ns the AIICA I)I., in Magazine street, measurint" 23. feet 5i incla 4 lines on Mageznn I st. 141 f!telt inches on (iranvi street, tnld I e Ibet 11 incites o, Ne.chen at. This blilding piroduces tnw a rent of $37,1ll0 pier anlnumn, aid being in tihe most flourielhing purl of the t.ll, oppo.ite thIree Bltlks, tind ill th. iltn.'dilt niel..hburlood of tie St. Clloles anl tle lCity IlIlotele. Its rents will, ina very few venrs be ilerenselt lifly tIt,,smaol' lollalra ier annltoa. Estimated l t $7*l,000 1 Ptize=-'l'liot elotllt fair toloy brilk Ibuild. iug kllowll its lle :I I Y Iltl'RI., trlllt erly Hihlv lli a HIlotel, siltuated at tile corler o'Clitp ll d CoiIin its, mellnnllrinh I6 let n (Commollllln i, and 4l ti el 11j iches on Coap et. Tilits tbuilding treot now for $25,01)0, if tlte cit call shortll be illcreosn e to thirtly Ithusand dillaro per an Itl. Entt stlalotled at t50O,000 I Perize-TIhe three story brick dwellitng lthouse, No. 311 tit NatIche streeltt, tjuioning iIi Arade, ren ted i i I3 hundd.Ih dJo)llars. ltie:+llll d aL $.0,01;0 I Prize-The lhte,, otiro brick dwelling lhoae, No. Il, adjoining No. 0, u Natchez street, renllled at twelve hnitlred dotllar. E.lilltld at $0001111 1 Prize-- he lhree story brick hdwelling Ithouse, Noi. Ili, rtlitniniog No. 19, tlon Nittillln 01, reltlurl at n wolve hmll rel IPllioto. Eltimltetd at ($20,00U 1 Prize--Ir, Itwelliti ,hti'se No. "3 noth et cornler ,of ainiol and Cuitoin-. hue Itreelts, tasti rilrig 4i. f Ie frolt 7I Htlinc1he rets , 4n11 f elet fronetet tnllkli l treet, Iby 127 e dept l t, ll t:llhtlmlh l rlll rt ;.1TI.| renllt41, ill : it - Ilia ; rulnl) nlitC n n. Elitlealt t01t $210,100 ]'riz--'llhe idwlIlliigT I ll.e N it ll Eoth wr.i't eirlnet llir ittl lreet, lledn ilrill ' 3:1 fi,1 7 intillnh on IBn ill ri t , :1 ile l 7 tillnhel oiI Frtankill stlrect, I. 137 hlee 1110 inches tepllh oin Clla tolnihullhlstr eetI renelllle1i Ift elfoen h ndrel (t ttelrk . Ea t i ,at nedl I t $ 0,100) 1 Il'tize--llThe ltw, otoy lbrik lwelliil hIIose Ni,.3:9 tn RIyul tlreet, bLetwee Urtuline Iallli Iioslitnl strleeot, llr illli 1e 8 inices n ll Royal mi, It 127 ,eet 19 iti thee in depltih reot' el at $111211' per aor umm I1stitlntel on $15,0011 I Prie--'250 clllhirell, Canal Ilank stuck, at $10111 nerl, $'25,000 IC Prize--'!llll sIlire.s Ctomner:il Bank ltock $l11in ,ah, $40,ou000 i i'riza--1 at rlshare nMlchnltic' nnl 'Tra lder,' Ililok olt:k, itl $1o0 nielh, 15.11(111 3 i)rin ,l 11of Il hare, tlleh, itlly Blalk 311,11)1 2 of 51I) e" " b oxehgnne, I0,II11) 2 I'riu,ot if 15 " flaiilgllht, 5,001) . 2 I',ineotd1f t: 31iieehaiin alnd 'leruil,nr' 3,21011 tv'rivrls of1 III " oliiii llvlt 0Iate, 0 l,llO, 10 I'rine, l'. 3 " tt1o liplht,1, ' ,111 +2111 bl'ii.eo if I . il" ik of tlrlenn', '.211,I1111 o-f11'ie .0 o t ," Union Ilatnk lof FIllrid, 5,nn011 it 01,11 Ihe it Siiit, oplittio of the Wiltitonr of irines iof kllloltI o., ,1 e l'iV e to tlil tile ltock itselnf or 1lie tlr . Aiue Iiitrul.) ill canlr. 0 ( l 1 I: or" Irin the w l'n., f Pr i " 'Ir.n i'.i l.u roe Wr irr l rr I00,4 O r, ll be r pill t t o e n I . rh* l,,n I:%t11 IIriz'".r .r ie c ll n lllollk , il ll lll ; j -..l. . III.ll f II I ITrpr 1 r \Ila llk I oI d cra -nll th rl ih , p 'i: "s n l dr'h trll.Uri hllIillo g heU bi rn e an' of ll - n : iir ill II " ohrA:!-(tla'k' ()Idhr r all s..hern I.riCaey 'ill Ihd e I t heino i r*bnllll'". t" lrt b ll a d t o. tll N . 11 11ll l rs .lail- cn e I l'w , ' l, r t pr. 10- 1 I p IId, Ir~ll t lil*.)Ug rrllli t3 1 To r rsf)r lh n IIIIlll" A io- t Ih a,, i I ,l S I I tr I hIf it I' I)rlrlyler l pN .L Cit II - tri o i 'l j.I.N.. f e & Wt..r! IT R errill . tre m , C~t aing and I!".. ic"tinu* tr/e r(,.,e nhlpmeregl, - S ' lIi Iln li l r It 4 I * nr',ir 11 l t Iu ll n ll.l, l lllll .ll rih, il : l I, Il:l'.- '1" ira . hLit. . :r.! tlrl t :ll'aL Il(llll , s IIII1'11 , " i - v sunl..: .ni k, r ri t ii r :I: ll.i1 Irr lr i r rI i, nrmll drWrl,. .: I, r1 ( l u silk r n i lr Iklrrr Tll'.r Ihlnrio ll l ll" t' ( 'in" Mi Greai , t+o : n w,-n o ..',v ,h r llllll At IGnt r m l-lllo IIInr Il.:r l i n-.rl,41 .r r lot l:ra rI tdo lr Ileo ltl - xi.A - vliL-o::nel r irino l~:ofrkdoo slid _rio jr-i ri I ewy, endt ry gc, , --- t'fRsi stakey. ( onar.p [ < n ale b Il tl I - . 1 A •i.rn',I hl tLe Federal t'nllr( o nt 'ttr.r Orlrnna. I Ii llt(:L No. Illy COiMMON SlITRElEI', l .Irno:tue:: Hfarl lotihi l rldi le Pr nAll) olal(su iori ,r like n ofduvi;et oder nmd by aIl vinlrlla l ll lrim .\cl sof C.lngrts h, aa-ced 2 (Il F'le ru- CI nrv, t82il, lot \ilatl Il7n ; lthe din tillcr Act Ilf l;:t:) ,to ltrl a otilcd of to:nic:,n is sno .krs iri.ieoor ood L' ir Asolnticy Co r ofs Lonsdera b exr enjin fC r aldor s o I.; r. Ii C·ltiirrl l celilir .to hIellh Ituee fl mlrd tllo, s.lerrnl scrllllly of tnn .e' adlr w y bere, JOHN V. CIHlI)S i, I'N\.lrIAV1I I, I') lCS,'Pl'ld)P-A'I.AT I'RANTEII o , rl,L wn orav, - a ed rinr to i order, eo b knoles. tIll. tot elsea hagrg, bill. of lulldig, diphoma., elrCan. I i land anio:ilr o'oi r tlo ri e. CtolrsUlaln lringl bourn oul.r, dIur la:teinc, sui'er wear, c. bandr, n aotrrurnsi ul' iler plail anmid bras dior I' s" (:nrd pLroorat Gers plaesn already engravd. FI\, & W\INTIIER C1.odi NiG. professr J WMAN &r ne ., No. 3, Mogazin e poneet, o Ir omiw ieri inl tir olpplide rif Full solf Winte ur C.Ilr1 Ing iYio ~orki l ronioi's o, arnrid Iilllris, Uo rleglln [larty ihlllt l; llle Ihllrr ll u. TllTheClr ii iirtillllet Ibreog lure wil eisib~l~e rut eI rulpl it, rLrantrs rHor k..inulttry, ai ine rsholrit nineeioor sale wBoenlele i ret il, Se acc.nllltKllalllt ter V hws. IiR 1..'S2 I; IFlR) AIIIOUMINAI. SUI'POII'It' AGlllS nun' i.olulue::nt for the radical cure of Pro Slaostaus Uteri, or Falling of cth Wuuirl, by ex terenl plc.rtiono suproerelieg orl uiso of trme ob jectlonable Irlosnary, is confidently rcouoomenrdcd to Ilre aollieted a tlhe Ironao o ir perfect roatoretion to heolth, it never iaring failed clt perforornig a cure, voe ulrdor the Iost aggravated aircurlootall ces. It has received tll decided approlation of Sir Astley Cooper of Londou ; Si Benjaiorn C llrodd ; Sir Jaeso Clark, Phyiciuns to the Quaoin; Or Aslnrell. Ltcturer on moidwifery to Guy's Iloa pit) ; tDr Itigby, lecturvr to St Bartholomrews; DrGt Grihluciur lor hr Wtestrin-ecr lhospinil; Dr tarsBothlioar, lecturer to I.oodon rospital ; Robert lergSoncr.lecturer to Wostrinurstr lying-in ]loepit, al ; Dr Sweato , t, lecturer to Middlesex hosplital. snd senior ucouclcur to Q tcol Clrarliate's lying; i r.hospitl ; a lso by Iolenry Davies, Conquest Illlodoll, Lie, Merrimano , surgeon Keotos, &c. by D)r Morreauo , Iresidolt of the Academic Rooyalo do Mndiierra, Paris, and Accouchor to tire Duchieso JI)'l)rle.s; professors Vclpoaou, Marjolio, Paul Dubois, Sa sen and others-oand in New York by prolssorJ W Francis, C S Bedirord, M D profas. sor of midwifery ir thlu ualivorsity of thlr city of New York, proli. Dclafield, and Francis, U Jnhn. ston, president County Mad Society, Laurens tloll prrosidont rled society State of N York, profl Jas amleNughton of Albuny, prfs Marllr, Cyrrs Per. kbno, Dane--Drs 'rheoa Boyd, Gilbert Srnitb, Ilosack, Stoorllrs, Ludlow, Kissam, Vache, power, (Grayson Var Itnssalior, and many stllor distill. guishrod lhysicisns in tIhe U States. A G hlull, Ollice 4 Vessny st, Astor I[oue N York. 11' A constant supply of tihe above instruraenrts, with Dr Hull'a improved Trusses for ollrnia, will hbe kept Iby SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, AG Carpeontsr, Notchez; Stone & Murhl, Wood. vills; Bootl and Mallory, Memphri; W D Wilksn. son, Somerville; Hall and Washington, Naslhville; MAdNairay and Hamilton do; R I Bliss, Florenoe Ala; J C Spotswood, Athens; Irby and Mastin NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Blakery-w-ters snd Hillman. No. 9, Mortsu (sear the Poutchartrain Rail Road.) rrpilot and Navy Bread, Sda and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. firal quality, snd to keep in any climate, being comopletely kiln dried. Also,-lKiln dried core meal. Orders left at'G. W. Prilchard and Tagart, Jr. corner Poydras streets, will recaive prurpt actoutiou. Small kegs pat up oepresely for amrily se. 15nov "" - . _- . _. . . , . = . . . ... . bHIPPING. ____ ror Europe. FOR llisr'1ON. lIi~e that .elilileg .hlpj F~l.lrAX, D. lIl,' ..lglgw.llb LIllrd,.a~vll hae. .I.'ptal.l. heur freighl ll Iai~saga, apllag Ia1. lIN .73 W FOR( I.IVIPZjlIOfl.. I'aeeaec Oerp/. AIL~LE(R'I O (a~l 'I,,...'y ciii hav· nl~e hatoe deepalah. Pv Ieegaunp aell 'pl~l)l I I (tw a ,,.l.Iw g.lj 91 (I)011111 IN, aP!. AhlaI, all ,.'a,.,ae-~~-~ patch, mac leg III(lILnl 'all ..lI ll raarI.,a,a ~ l'lla liaar A I 'lpII 'tVAi'rn, CIIII l~ dsoc.l~ne jg macal of tari ..lar a", lel. all Irv - de1allm mrc 'lae am m.'a~lc.aallllly a., J19 Ik' XVIII I Nh.) i1C'lr l tap m Coastwise. mc almlarma m.aI;1e2::0, aI'II·)~l CINIINNA'I' I.R Vmegm'cil,le Olmmrh..I t Ia R.el) & IIAI al" 1W, hull. NI V N'IIRRi-tlgl~lllma Iawrkal. I'mmalmrlv . e la OV..ll....... m~'a ...ier.,a 91 all I'i~r rri~l l oT 10 11111·9 (: l~ llal I Irlca , Ill. r ll I1l~~mhmX(CIll.Ylll LIC(I aaII)(I Il,1. A~ll liuCIII lll bla~N 70nrat 1'., apI a. iialII. 0911011(1t har llailo ia paC a~llg Illacag((l~~l 1111 .jaa' ...mllnllill 1: nel~nmlI a' hI , I I' 11.1, 1I l'a.'aap'l011.1 p 111 PliI'a~r Iclaaaalll N()I..,cIag .l.'g,,. avll I,, lltvl aA~ll~ AsllvIn·ll .,,aatL'aal,,.aaal..rl' I1 I.\ 111) rkAI ~~ll'lraj..lll tarolla lalglll PL-I~ J II'I XVIII'N''t 7l1()11)1iS C'~ ll (OR01 NI XV YI)Ilali II.II1I 0 II1(1)11.1 .l. Ia~III Il~ I NNll 1 ·III. Ilil all~S ll cc II ISI(\ Nla l 'alc A I XII Il 119111W.P N... 7k~ III (lalilIlv al ~ I'I u hatcag .'r rlcap.' , a ill lv 1I* t.,..lltcarill , i'l'1ly 1.1 .9 5 V.J ' XXII INI V·Y P111. mW1111K .P4 r II,.' 11.1 aa.Iliagahi1.I Nl~RXXil.Xl(·ijl I ap A.IHI' IA'' IN.d P1 'a'g ,.1a,llir-- fIlly~· a1I(lj..a. 'c 1111111 (l ll r ll c'k.'a~~ Tll je1Ill'a~ Ii/ l 'T)1 ..'tll I,..· 1·11 NAlldnI .l ltla..'. 'lil I 'III.-( IA .a)a 1 11: .hI |) u'ff r. l at 'olir V i ,l i, `1, ('huTl , ' I" i "hbo e, 1 (I ,'onr: l fI .i; Itt- irt ,'i ) or t. T It I I' I ' t r' y l I'7 .r a nil S t I ttar t' - i ill I p timp ty ill .Jdte', dl la. r L al l li \ ) 1 :l..:-It .I t 1 11 1l i h,,: -l I , ' i" pr vIt'd c n'" ' rur! -n- .... . ...... r"l , tIn t i.iiii iIt'l l - ir"t ,. (3atrt- lr 11 a l hnbvy ISA \Cblll I I.ll)(;l' &" ('~. II \(I) r b b 1 1 11 I ly 1Y. k "1 In. ,,, T,,,,il, . It 01 Il' I("l \?'i;111 < -0 1o T i rI i rlllll 1`1a 1 I lu r s nle b y ( i n I':1 , I ' 1 I TEll-H Ay ttI3IOOS1a I YS tn , ie .' S & b·'r igl t Ilookr, Cabin aInd I'...aae [Re'gilstr, \N'our t= and General lRce,,lt, received alld tr saluo it No '2, I Chllarlre street, may 17 DAVI. ) ,FI,1T & Co. G OL ti r.- LOOring's C-'etle-lil ', ' a rtitt ..... - - G inch B;llobs-- l o u ,w p lilo .rallPner's wInIIIII factulre, a sliciou r e ,h uterir r ale r Noi (lSI hL t .st. I mty 17 I(\'111 FE!.T & "o. So.1P-I sloalu. No 1, Io3U ,,xt Io .lt(re, Irti sale by. S many 14 A 'I'III·t, 1I (ra1ier a t S tic U Itoo btdiei itile Illvnt t ii1tr, id store r1 o .r pre r roey S u J t' Wtioy it-Itt mnyI 15 ;173 Cami1 Ft ettU-l ol 1 ttio offIc ur !t tie Lois trI Itiitting o ete i t iI". 'tealllier C tollleoi, lot Fnoite , 1ome lev 15 1 1)ORMIJ . 14 tew Ievee, IRNOTICE M--WI BE.IAi 111.1, No 16, t'h' irr at oI contimtyes to mauCneoturo nnt article in his li e n. ' F N. I. Watches. Jewelry, Mo-ui lln es, Spectacles repairrd ill le l, ftitll'lil imani ter o [CN API' la d le tll'er \I'I'L.- A . Hll Iss .hn ,'t of tleI, I 1 J aboave arts, les, plain and ruled, lr -sale at No. "I, r Glotrtres streeth ()1 caooea lo Io!oI) loI.T & Co. i :f (p s ,ad tor si be fr o nly i 11 \1.1. &. I l ) 'N1, 9 Ing nlry. i, st V 1).7Itt- Al'NT nuot 0C l I r titoie Misr J/ INI E -- ) o iuilord o bl hle(,rrv, very T ,U ,.i ,,r Ir le ll by d&J l'W ItIINI"Y, of afI o; t Lur d smli env ia lll r.h'. ris, b fo h ih h . l e f llenry Bluet, A. Ml. Rector of I;llper (Chel,{a, a lnd Iste : Fellow of Pembroke Co ,ll,.r, (Cmlll +idg", nmI ( p- - S Inin to his grace theI D ke of ItichInod, in 2 vol( . A\lso lecure s upon f ile l ist ry of the lpo tl e Pli.d, 1L - pril r r t a 1+r Ais e a Th n ul' . . J 1 II 'I I I a n S Il, "a 73 49 ( ,lp -r t at ' . EA OTTO OIl--lor th v reloralon l ne growth o1 lthe lhio giiing health, helllty anl pIretenting its: fling of, sid at W M. BLL'S 1f s l U1 oTl-5 gs Oa n terr, hn stoore, r,3 Sk JII A P WHI'INI'Y, 73 CJ(amp t ] -OR ° N B R O O M S - -5 11 a s in , lore a., , fo r ,, t,, ,, Ib N u,2: (GI ItlIIE-V 41 New Levwe'e L OUR-2'2brls l.Iauding frolnt ll , otli Iba i ersin, 44 New SNO'I'ICE. n. The ohfficers appointed under the Couuncil of Mu iarecepted by said Council, are hereby notilied Ibh their in bondS are prepared Iar elglnltuore, they will Iherelore Sallsttlle onfeeoflhe urdelninoed imnediately, with thetir eecuritiOsL, oul completle the c alnm. Rd JOS. L'. ,I.1RK., Ntnary to the Corporatiun .f Mulniepalipy No. T'wo. 112.' OfLcf Ice.2 Banks' li, OFtFE--200 bags Java, 4uma ra and 2lanilla, in s tore forsale low to Cluse no a sigatl ie .ho (n24 SHALL &. IIRO\VN..!96 Mlagaine et g AItD--210 keg leaf lalrd, for sale by m9 II O ASIES,48 Camp at . Sical I.elumre--5tokeseu the Chest, Jr. and for saei by iv, A TOWAR, 49 Camp st Tr F hA--.. .u.xes sochoug. .d Pnuhone. for sa.le Sby mi0 A 'I T R-I, :J .,navier at _..._ .. .,.,. , ._.,. ,...,_ _ .. .,.. ,.......- ,. .r T ..,.s.-. in... FOR NEW YORK. AA&A Neaw York A Ainr Orleans Line. A INW LINE fpackelt has |ten e.iablik.ed 1t ruan belweeo tNci, Orleans unc d New York, to cFu tsla t ol'tiv, first rate shlip. viz: fhif ot. Marl ,, it V I oI'r, t nster, " Itepublcun, J (; ftouoell " Aul'cur, 1I P 1)Dlury, _ ne gfbuildnog, These, ships were hnilt in New I ork'ex fur Iltia bloracsslnigrs comlprise all that nIeiy be rtolllrol for cu nitf anlld convelleolce and their -cl.onollllll 18 o le ueaf of exp 'ience. Untlf the scis nof w huildino ere 'e:'llo)eted, two first celas fhipos will sapply ti.eir plus : . 'Ti .grnoteoot lleto,lily will lie observed in the tilP otf to oililnd , tl evl y res'ono ble necttoono do tionli ex 1 n1,hd (to slFpIprs and pl eeg n, or further croooolonrs apply to Mossr,. Johnsoa SJ I., oodeo , No. lUG Wall W rcolit, New 1 ilrk, or to ja: I'TIEII t .AIoLA,\V, hi C p) st FOR NEW YORK. [I.ouisianna and New York Linle of Packets.] J'o sail regularly as odceroisted1fro"o each P'ort. 1I i l I E 0 li o f lllo is l ( this ol ecoo p l' of the follow f i oe ships, blt fo mo re ioo v o s.o ls ,will bc p lol tall crly day, l ooof,'k i hg Ile oo thel'lr i 'l'l v ilna, ita , hirh will nlluw of being dispalll led from] this hort every wep k 'lri ' Ih' bv llyl", tlll" iforrldilloo f)000oooft fooleiliif s olr Io'all ir~'l til..i ald ol tile. looe t rate, oflfB ihl, Shif Vu, ,o, Captiti 'f'ro k. " is-isoo ippi, Lo isvile " AlleTl. I f ooogo l, '' Il:1 Way. " Ila 0r.ilh., " Elhhidge. * Shoakespoe, " allller The lobIove ships noo e ll ,oo f tohlo irst , ioof s, 1o:olPerei d 0llll i'ccl.''r foot 0ediI If t light o lhl.of u hl of Wof tel, Ind bulb ill Nof0 v Yolk exprfs-ly fifr ohe. tradewloth ci0cfft i ooulat.iln fur w Ip-elgers .md collmmllded b.y aile a o., liIof'l oo ol'o'llt o f.oir o lco ool o l h , u'o f ' oII or Is Tlis fixed ol t $ill, Itholi llfot hwinc, Sr li;or, ,n pl stoores in ervry o er plll lllo lcolalr wlll Ibe c1osid.d, i ad evrc j leio,' l i ie tI ol'o lh, i P o t 0oml I 1't o ff llo re ,l'm sI to an I feio i th lire. le shils , ill at nill tiimes be ltowed iip un,1 down the river, nld the gri etlel Ipul.tualioy observe:d its to their day of N illler the olel, rsr or clantain of these vrs=.el will be resol,.ioile fio r jewtolry, bullion0 , plIef' io' sh0o0o , sil. volr l pltlt' d ware, bre'l:Ikal e o1if ogh , hollo v wllr, llorhle, olr grllnite, roll rell et (il 111 , mrlat 1of ilonll or s te.el, or for loloV iettner, 1 rtel or lploi.kneesl -Pllt bly or i pilt 0 lll Ion I"board f thliri, rlhoss rpClltll r bill,+ o' lilmdillg are tUken fosr the same, riii Ili,,- vilue rle-o1"expressed. Fo, frightif or pooos!oogl InfbVl0I' FOR NI:W YORK. S0 ,il clllalrl n I'rv ,llplluliuIr Inood oo oi oeio rt. i . hi+ i I ol'" folll o o ooo ihl oreol ic lod - r, fiol oholo obilp,e oo iooliog of' olfi r' .Yo illi/l, o l ipnlo il llol. .f .,f oo llll, 'ntliill o to S o I hoi: f<aIII lrar, a '|lptuin Tr li r r , Virloxhoroo, 'i froio J fooklr,' Ioollo ',., .'tpic io fslo ,y. oo'tt rll', ti *lOiIh ll.lltin \n d J.oollll . 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I rles & ( 11 111ng Ii I) " I T i llt h INN-li ) it t 10'1 .YLRCI.~II.Ll aIIrt3 Anl ('hook', Bill'of LtA ' i talt , , Antn in1.n li, , I't. . an, t ........a. hab.., t..... Ot. ~lttttt TO/lii - 6i t Ai t li i ngtt o lt.itt ng t rt' tttltttale 2frset LTtttttt Yt,t 73ottittimp itt" N I\ xottptol aotltiltis r tofla-Il., iho g l, t i l, IItWrt t tt & IAIil..- It1i l lootlito ho ti'ttlt rtattt tot It.m n ~ e s ioti'ogtetItt ,l ito , t-,, totl t titt Vttttetttototttly 1;t' t t.ett'tttttatttit't' fi tk i fk Bils .TIIIn' , I utC i o' N e. i'lly·. 1111 L( c+rl "1h <'hll. u it" '· (llllil.l i IIII '.I . \, ph. le- , il llollwi b il nls, C t - +t .I _r ip io a ll, llN'iill·'- : r ctCtlI hI' red I atsIII llt l loulping[ i' It n, Nelit I ,.J r fil r - ill+r' II ar ! a.\ A t3 ]Il rll t( l l Pri: tIn 1]. Ac, corAner ,f .mdr1 - and t . ih -s - r- -tre i - tvr li i rt ntti ot hfy W i ot.itiae tt Vo nt tt~toadtiiogobusettf anittttotttittfrtainikt tanreotrtt - j w i lle bV t ilt a t itio t a haooihort ti r -' pra Ill/OW Ntr Ju'h ouit'o iJ'lu ie Iaui t 'a -I inv IIr JoTIta llitttttoit to rtit' t la I 'tIuLfrt l'lrt.iIo lla ul iarr to al i It'u l tettd i titi Th . e1: i i e1ti r lisr nowr oslle h n - n ab Illtr y , th J i ' \VI I'INI.of. .a n p h w i t. 1h NE JEW EL-ltY. -- cb~ jywi LD C aa L e P teJl toapl otd 4101 Gre~to rulen d Loter3 Puterdl htttet, Itlti t a .--ato\ aror aluto ty TDAi V ID E.i-l & Ci s.i, S h i la N ' Statiotr a' lit I Cartrel a iIItI t ___ _`1 _ _ l'otr;I ttaiol aL I A T rdlr'. l oa rd . IV 'tI IEANS-:i arit itiry m(O Dtlltlrlt.I 44 New Leva i r 7 UTtoa~ ecvdatttitttr arlnebyoI '1'mmAr .btka at. o. a rlio ailla.item, iioa ahid i" actiot' . , at i11tI lll3l lih E lloh bllst cha lfs .l Ioi~lle+' &c.· *l=1' +'W 11.37li, lti~l';tSr t/e Jl,,,re, o,+.l rl'era otter rlet 'lhcj cripliour fl' , +'l'kl.+ I'LlN;,-t ,·] r+.+'irrd .I (:+lilnllllill|. i~)llirlico·r, r.+11 ''IIP AM1 ll-II I U1 \3," 1.II1". 1((I'H t i ' ' I'iI.tE br hi (]€.(ll IrI I'rolnll I ra ir~c sblrooio¢l [Dbr' Isrh~ltl " I, ].:'..l·l ':z.i llrl) ,r J II~ l,'l llilll? I, ea rIll .I? ullc (i~h ll+..r oil "rlm t the l~, Iwl rl .+ Ill t alf e l it 111'ir lll'lla, I l'.[ l~ll+. llll>l·IIPI ti) bee ,,[del () 1o(:1~ [hi Il'r+ll d.ln II I¢.Y/ ~;I-.l i l.'(l lnstbli.. llrlr ll- C( I. ET le Ithi.. 1 u Jhltl tifulrlP npr li o+ n It iiny th )r - s ( Ii'O lf Cl: ji,- ( rlUt't' il',+ l ur i.late ,,, h.ll+ Ilr,on . lt n tl t i' 11 11: (I +'l'livllP lllil 1-.llri.+tl.+ tliC.lllli i llt i ...+llS il~l II I- 11 d,,frl, atr il,<ll n P)ltllah l cu llltlr o f* .i, t JId~ ll harI. tro I+mm o (!.I it,l~ . I~IiiI r [.-Vf SICI (itl-i + it'ro III( t l\lltillll· l Ie-ks ' \I't l l'LIIIPII in ca 1e.. |mr~liiie 8 I~ vh tI )' pll~l(... ' hi~ b ut' 11i 1 ' II Iril.ulh ilr, tlbIrOlllll IIPF I J.Y ll II AI.I,.)Y I N. t1llei 1I I t """. l flUN-Il, li ~e cls hIi ilh ll+ fr lnII+illorlt ~Clllld( l l ilt l i alc~ by' ' lli|(l o \ 112u~ce~vTIUy l !31r (] U~~ . .I cl sll sl, " I i m e ralldllly coln~in.ilolC s it!11 nI1 r-UI· Io!l ct llllr Isiig rll+wtu , r .lf~l t;·rle h Ili* l l hmi d. |+, I llln~. 1 i It lrellen. ~Sltrv (rll~ b1 tl~mec I~eigruuls i|1 i eat inith w,+ll 1 lhl' llrln: j3~ Jli~Tlllllc i tl t. l , iI.,it ti\I OLII uf v r got I |i ~.wilEp.Th 'i O i~tl' i1F~ic. oi Clt~l hrtlres dlm, rym Ii. dlar. riv Ii Th,+ t.,ll..l~l',b<-l, Le Ctlleliedlyleei:n 110111 llle 11 '11ha ll~l I-actur lla1Ivr I lelilllul ol'tlt +rc$ i t Illi'cl~l 's. A r l dx l f The ( tllb.t~ll eriC l llll hlle Aglu'IS CIi:S(· 1)~r th lnl \rLIII + il lurer, , lr A 1 elalllle. llew glcnel.. asi th c lteligr ul - . ... 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"°| Gt).SIP ,.. e~, at I ul3 Exchange Hotel,St Charlus ol TRUTHI IS 19MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. T is a lat thLat 150,00O of Sarslaprilla Blood Pill. haveI henu sold during the Uast rix mounths,. It is a fact--t- al t ,y ere tPtly in Illllllnerble inbtunelo to pal ,d ither ltp1 tk ehi.±t', by blott: any heil. Ire "ii!.,, ,ib ' . t i It t:itt "" " . U e 0 illttlt.l . it ias t'Chi t all qek Tke lite contail minatl, an r mlllelcury, w hc!l lunrll tnllllk " ecI t kill or culra," tlnal trl l t lther ,fl+et to t"hi or i. hel ni h Ieit- t tl S Vihg+irt ant d folt r gn im)o. tors ioldithenmclesdslcori.i t a they. Iaiy i ore tftunat dllIy ,ipoa. OthOr U Dl OO !! LOOgin It i.s :" lct--''lllt thle q achs, anlld forrign impostors w 4o Iiw illiy.t ol t tllry klnw ,lllb . ,': Iilt r -1- ..edle Le , tIVI t kh fes al'oL It d 11 1 h... thI , l llllt [ t el . ll' ing d ei.,':lrls, l i , l'w ltl ) i NIllll r V I l Lw lllll Ui Ul llet o t ho hhlotl aid aiII tl Ilpods, tllyll ruly It.heusk t, lln r ri:ctll,; Ulcerlu. r ore u ol t ll n utr ,thrroat [lSe itf ul; Try)ipTlaeh IIoll boldy; Jauudm ic lrlllllrt; Fcl erlltll; " on lt biltolel ol t llisctrs olthlrliver, vhill, " l, hkJi; nlles:ml gll d ; 1)ry :~1" watler pimples: anod back :,ld ,phe, over the, h r h bu; retl If tle Ienart and 'eTter-, aril r-lng-- - -n-e; ul 1.lIln(:]I] SWell I+ lll td l ttll.rd llllbg of the t inward fevers, baird tlsle ill myrrhl, c+I' Iol+h Ine.k, IIo the tlhe .l,.lll, flinlld Ihrll bt rlgroo, l rli t, Se Kl.ilat uclt , l l 1 , p letitp;re ,p otifr vrul.ttoll mild atlhdtid sa t Ie, thleutnech; - Vnterlrash,&e. ]LECO)| 3EN lJVI't)IRY FACTS: It i, a fate--'l'lle oly propt'i.+hl r old moI mm ,trer of the lh,to,,r |'Ii) slck , ( ll lln l JlltlklIJ. t l, ilbson, DEwees, flare, ill lhe pr~a lrt eo nI"lllllvy phl-lelll; l II veI Cry ,Irtsn-ly 1 l'Ctlll mlllllJle by nllllly th m oinhIut ,l~+ Ua tldes.. (flee lditeeItl ells n11t olllllolalllylll+ PItne bus of pill;.) lllld thley ere e w Lora nle ta tatr ll llo ,cll ry tp .,nlllll pa. 1 1., In fatls 'bh+'y ,tlny Ihe tnk n hyte tiom r el icate, anll nt alll laes; l eltll .,tr atiLl of-e puptlblo or IL Ill t- ,; wl thual[ It is al.tct--'lTlhv will iot Ily .pralilnll, wvhilh may he inhld , a llor h w , aetordng to it,( lllltrty tu1enI, welalkC tlr syyeelll mu I astll h , IIcu.L of" ldpu Ilrtivel l med nlsllc + geller ailly dIo. PUI.IJ.'I;I+.¥O' O '11 H 11+ 001). RI.NOVAr1T OIL (lFi''1 STIiFI lve:r dJIs oL -, 'red Alio. ¢ llqrti tllllal .,. I ·lels, Ipru,l :++,l by Imlercu'y, r •nownll to I, u. , l, th l t y old ln,,t pllclllc. ,, ; od -elli'ct- table. It is on ll4;t-- bohlt l + op llri · h..'o. ar illa pill, nllIl ulne bonltll of'tle tll. tplluuIiI ýyrlll[I ofSilrlJpa i llhl, ih ull.ulic,14ll t to curle crIly "If tih0lllllle , io e lai ,.-. , t, ilulllc d gullulllu I. t . IJrle llllei, l, ~ lt : ul,)t lhol l . ,trC.le . bt parl 1 {,'[" Nt. 136. BLOOD! t ]LOOD !! IBLOODI t int. The I itll Illlr I it In (l , If,) i, tlcuo Ied 1m the bloud. 50 1h. All Ili lca l rl' I'rolll Illllllrlt) · oltlll on hh.., or ill olh i1 ordts, -. l lll llnI I llI h hlllllUt. I,.llllle III e I h I,"b d}. ;,il. All tl.le. hlllll :ca Ilrlo.d I:.Trlfill . il Ih,' I ~ l llllhli o1111 I11:111, hl illthful by tht" .a,,aptrllu tllh t ,tl llnnlldlal[ w«It 7Lh. Vcgewta ble lurg.ll',iti e. itl*,n l Ust lll c at Ir thle bloo+d. t 51 ,I':ltl VT ftl le t h, b lond i, w kll,,t. nI I+ n hP o l ftlu. g:ll ia then I e, I1 e p III.I ' ual tlrlti l r ol'the hI,,,I a11111 111111. o1'1t, he bo lr.ll nll l llt:t,;l· t: a I hllh llx , .I l +II hl, . ll ilr lle 14,1n . It ," or Le,[+**. thtcrlelrlnr+IIt t.o llllll L 0 ,I I o Ito, lltl, t +r ; Ihey .r11 khluwII o U (:(y o1:1u IIIvery"near-j a r i. \.tll eL i 11 ilhd with tllt'lrlnrllve , n llnutP o' p ieel' ar llr i.P+ e,[' .u; Bntllr lelstr lluh:r , ,ll , lr , S.t , +1,, whelrlel it i+ t im lhh le ;.' lhi, , welu d :ll I. i rOr 1el ll1 k o i yru aul- l16 "lahoib t thealrl") 1 III, Ihl. Ilrll% l lf r,;l lrlllr , lll lalltllll"'. ,.iarsul ur 111rll Pll ill.. l Vtl the h lrsal)Ltrl llun· a,1-1111 v l- , t +ket,,,g rlllo ryulyIalrll o. lkill g ll~ lll Ies l w l lte IIruulglr Il'l, llllJ, a ihl uld k~i g Ior tyI th neaIinllr ll ,lotll "l' thalt 1 ialllllfl ll Ily, ,hlel, illd forelln il p tors irv ns 1t-hvl Ub I ii therlr -e-juOll eu ele mlltlellel u l r yllerlcury'~ndot InIan thv ,ll IFromlllll t iruell n allmt1n iofth. a le rInr llprilhl Ingeildl -d t U 1' I,, pIlls, ,-1. .l. y to tak lllle a dl lleonlve olltfor Barr, ,illr t Iptl t IIr Idarn ar tlll hllltJI ot heinlg hiable tu i lr l1, kl; 1 .,rt. tarelidlttl , r trtllalllul pr j oanttunn I l' tllll o: , shg ,no l lll l l, h.v IIlast ¥ILrv h *~II1 tlhke Ill': pice of ull i ll 'It , . 11rtep.lrulun, utI ' A.-or t:l,l r rll . • i ltl the r l' gor ig h nl tvl nl e.irlgtt driferel ln·r·tl. n t.lllill Irollll cae i nll Iodder,,wll r which aello lllt v t11he dllr lllll · F ol nlu iP r a lly,,*ft l'r , llcP, Irte lrl trt l . hr-aml.,t le , ' th o h ol', Ult,, ois iCr a L Ile IIII l ,a I l at otd" oh 't l,,' onwarl I)TI s'¥ S, "1 lit (o is .e t, o u41r el-t anlldl, , nlllllltllylth ' tlllcl ( t1 II h I u l lr r o u , o ir , , I f i a l n s e t hrl ll ell t ml l oll l, .I Y. s. ,a ly r l l, t iO ll. s IIlII 1. N h be -kr t ill. ,kn Idry aLld "slherv p11 l r ni, d- pu· b111, 1 slllrh no h Tall t a ln d y, thtte't r"tl ,ll . ; w++ ll u,,, ,ve'lllllm &, h1-l' - e lllllnh ,I the gllltl f f rll," inrc'h, i i h tlt t l ll" gu , n, rl, ho I 1'. on l g,, .h gl . gh, ll.4.r I 1 1 1111 ,Illolt, Wtll4' ibro,,h, rl. I'll till. " ·h I:tr l i , .r, Iit f l inn(t 1;,1 arty of,1 the Ih.1 d 4, t,,I·I ull-l ltlt-l r .ilall d lra i~ll lt. ll. 1+" Iilmrlcur ol hl lll t lul-l niO- , , llr l ller il' thurn I, thebllood.' ht, allate, ilell e. 1.r" e11.",L: i I ce .11!' 111 II'I(t Il ay he d.11 l, i, Iat, e lrr n llnpll it sIull l v r;l h tll i\\ at llhi l' +111 b el 1a:,u hI t\: L u lo If t. Ih lu u bLe \,~ "rtiiiii ii Iprlli" l.l, h , I.- l lV l I eI ,nlt] rl oP ,' , Iot gi-n t,,l i , ll 1dr. ol t ii t,. .t' the mIt It lelaatrhI;,l· ,,I J,,;,al ,la I I . r l'ldv l II- . ll - \0 tll 9d ( ( Il l+I, t r,,edl "., 1 'r".'1 t e, d t ag t ' IIll, ltl ..,y ithI( I lII ie ,O n ultl ll )Io 1 th I.. Cl'Ai''i'L OF LOUISIANA-Fa'st Jud.cial DisP these presenta slh;t! coln r, (;reeti lg : J WIa'roes, A U Iancltlrd, J i llreedlovae,Vi tIlt it 'li'ja Mack.'y, and 11 L.avergne having purchased ir's at i la sidalle by the Slherlfl of the l',.trie of ir- et si leans the prpelrty hereinafter described, have ap. I po plied to the C erk ofthit' ourt in whose otio the cut s deeds ofsale werereecorded on the 24It, 2;ith, ani trc 27thday ofApril, A. i). 1839, for a mo ition or clite advertisellllt II conflltrmiy to at act orfthe Lcgis- de • tlaitd oa the State of Lo tsana, entitled ' An act d.rix for the further assurance of talis to purchasers It bia. judlicial sales;' approved the 10th day of Marcal, pry 1834e: et tp lNow, therefore, know. yo. and all persons inter- ort asted herein, are hIercy cited and admonisllct in , ilar the nalre ol the State of Louisiana, and of the First l ie Judicial Distriot Court, who can et up any right, ea title or claim in and to tbo iroperty hurcial',terde. tI o scribed, in eonerqiice af of any ialtorea .ity in theo non order, d.eree orjloearnt of the ourt undce r which i us tlthe ale was made, or any irre'gaarity or atlegality sur in te appraisemelnts anid advertiselilents, an tune, dits ormanner of sate, or for any other defcetwhlato' a ever, to show cause within thirty days fronm the day tor' this monition is itrst icnserted in thie poubi paperts, at ws y tie sae o o made should ut abe eolirme d and :t'er iatlo uliie Ip an e I r es d la Sle thee ithe pf h1d l ti ,1 i ioi. to. iii y c . •n cottllie oli daiyoffl alrchi,A. lU. 139, iin aouiiatin t tied Carrircec&tterdecatoa vs. itoiniei o lliga, acre, respctivefy, on ithe filaowing property for the I ground number o e x in te oyrlras e taced , detween b al iCa t.nd lSt. Charles stletl, leasyurilla twenty I i gLur foti oix inces front oin Poydras street, bly Ill loninoy t e feet six inches.. deep, r e the u of seven tllersand one hundred do l ars cahd: three thousand eIkn nine hundred iand forty f ritd lilars anild fiftyli centsi Cl r payable the thirtietlh day of March, cighlteen i und til redand forty, ndl tihe balance in two and three 10 >yeaos eeio tetiafiictorily cndorcsd,iand bieiaring to bear interest o the ratrofte llt per cent. ill paid, tri without any right to retard payment, which the tr e said .lheritf clt'ino edges tn iave received in hii i notes, payai n its biove, with JllaU Metayer &. Co t l' Si andl N. l.eioist a endorsers, and reserving oi tfie Ia i abovo described pro perlt a special iortgageo / until tle final p...ay.i..t of the above described t' t-notes. bi J. ol. -lretdloven tacano the pur. haser of the If' lot of ground numiaer Fuai r, in the corner of St. * a id Piydieas otreets, nmeasurig twenty four feet firort on St. Charles street and seventy. ,t eightlfet ten oal P ldras street for the ut I of a oven tliosaila ai onie hnlldred dollars, paya- li thleas tollows, viL: Out thousand doll;rs, cash; Sfour tiusanId two Ihuidred and nieteeen dollars p' ' payab tie 19th oaf.luno, 1640, and the ba'anoc inll a' two and three years, a notes sati factorily edoers s ed, ond boeariang mcrtgageo ad if a.ot pieitally P= Ot paid at matuority, to bear intereail it ic rate of ten prr cent. till oid, wiihoit ay right to retard pay. II - mti , which thell skerit' ackllnowledges to lhave o r. ceived in his eotes ot payable as above, with John ll orSt Charls'icatre,near Poydras street, measuring st a twenty three feet cight inches and six linea on St. ja Charles street, by seventy ight feet ten inches in depthl, toglether with a fbur story brick house and t kitchen theremn, now under lease until the first November, 1839, at filreen hundred dollars, from a theic lto the lta November, 1810, at two thousand 5i dollars per annult, pnayabla nmonthly; tor the sumt ad price of sixteen th iousand dollars, payable as I a follows, viz: - . thlousand dollars cash, four thousand nive in hundred dollars, payable then ndeoeentlar daly of il two and three years, in notes satisfaotorily cu Sdared and bearing mo tgage, anid if not pauctl . wh.y pold a uti ler#ty, to beat ienterest ton mate. rity, at the rate of ten per cent, without any right ,t to retard toe payilent, and which the sheriff acs knowledgpes to have received in his notes cndorsed by John Minturn, and payaldeo as above, tile re. served special mortgege o tire property sold util the final pnyment of' wild nrotes. William iMackey became tie trpurchaseor of the l.t of groued nunmbered five on lPoydras street, biue. twecllll Camp and St. (iCharloes trets, Illeaosurig twecnty-fobur fILeot sil inches front on Poydras aitrucot, by ninety-live six inches rdeepl, thir the prirci: cIi seven lethusad five hlundred dollars piyacblo ats follows, viz: FIae hiundred dollars cash, four thousand twoi iludred ad seventy.even ad eiglhty three hunI. Ii dredths dollars, payable thie thlirtielth oi clrch, eigllceen hundred and frtyc, and lthel bul.tce in two and thlreo years ia noten satisLietoIerlyeCLdorILCed, ild ourialngi mortgage, ad if nirt punctualolly pail at lnatllrIty to bcr interest at the rate of tell per ca t till paid witbout any right to retard ipaymut, and k thie herilff aceknowledges to lhave reeci.ev:l ti calh payetent, ac d rLe balhnei in hi itlreivt, te two lceit to tile order of ,1. Irwin, and the Ilast tol the order l ulof Geo. lBuchanoin, ae d by tlheill v:orIe(Id.l car )y aible as above: a cpeial emrtgage iv recervud untld ithe fnal p iyrent of Ithe said inotes. Ii. LavUergne becece thLe itchli-rRo of tle lote of grold nubcr tbhree, nexCt rto ihe corer of Scbt.l Chanrles andi Pvdras str lcet, illeacuriC ce rllltwelnl-fLorc il leet one inch front oil St. Charle lstreet, rmnici .o.- c l -'eck oeventy.eight fect tenii inchis deep; ir tI pirice of six tlhoucand nine hlundred doillrs, pay- I ahl ase feielows, viz: i)r111c lrclll lit d dIIIlirlr icer i . r thi ili sarPneld twr.I c tII d lerl I ciIII lihi ih. l iohtre payablel i iiiht'h' l hly d reeln,- citeii cch il r eid aci cbivc, t ch cli 1 betring ,2 1 rt,_., and if otl t I ct I ll l I: ll Ill ;in ril c lc ili lllcere.i at ti, e ratl o te l ~ c n l- iI d, owi ulhtll ianv ri lht to lcit .nrl r1 i nco c d tlh b riI'ii aelot ofgh'de unm er, h two adjoiined nl a-lmo ,nd t Ii ci 'ilc-cr ill nir olee I II. 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Williamn M~cl~y dlevin IPacqureuctr dlu lot de d ye I i r ai rei Pic y drtb s . n'ur l ls i rsc pluI CIdIxm de , S1. C)I uyablep, evat . t epield ;i dxces de do $rci la ruce ccydrc s or pc y v dr Ii r c ci s dc ir lea CIv ib111s111: iis-chiemli ta crcrr cccii d1- ca71 ccliv· ireaotrovc Clptiriitcrcircicrre cnirLe rindq crerlt piractreo poivables le 19 Jarn 1at0, et la ccanc da deux Ic I tris ain s en b hieits el idocvlis a sai stheti c et or Iitant c t pothiiquer ; et dtai i eiicsict 'lt'icir r iett icpas pone povneeticcle t Ic ur a eieh es ise id t porter un inirc L au tatvIx de dlx pour colt -rsca ceacci d r oe d d'en t ccet, r qoer clcelis covie Ic ersi o lsdit'auce ih y t ere i pci le YIlpaiothrula r rprcit udle jullc aLU pa icmellt hiral desdi Idim. hillete. W~l ccc Macsy riecint icaccirireur Ic lot de ( Cocci1 co.St. Chrarhco, ayvct 91 nliedv iiles b foree ai Icc ctc l'cidoyd sra e tli r ev. 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Lavergne devint acll, eollr Ido ot. e terre 1o.3 qullto troIve apimes I',Incaloolre d' P rell e t. _ Charles et 'oydras, cvant 21 plteds in I onc: d, face ac IL rue St. C:harlc" t o tndanit at 7i pio"ds 'al 10 pIuces on profondeur ; Bour It p.ix to :ti, thl, payblet sc niepn it: .$itr ei.miptaxlt, 1919 payable hI 19 Jlin 1 ',"t ., Ial' h dao t io i ' .I trots alls .n bille'ts edol a sataictle i Ilt per taot hiopthelqie. I)otns it eas qu'ils n i oint pas poenettIlemret| paV.6 a leer 6,'btmey, iis devr',nt p rtvr:a ionitrt au tlaux do dix poor coll enti. jusq t'I phiclllnt, saois aleic droit retardt r 1i paie iio ; it l" slrtlftreconni it en avoir reco I. IIt . tant, la balance en scs bll,'ts enlndtsscs p tr C. De'r. biguy et payablle comme it et stsdit, avr:e r serveo d'lon' Ilypothiq cepcipalae o sur la proprilie vIondueo lt le dottlivergne dc'lint nao.i l'acquoreur du lot do terr no. 2, nd odgiant la no- 1, o.t16 dans l1 rue St. lCharles, avant 2:3 pieds 8 pouces t ia liLnesdo face a la ruti St. Chaitrles r tS pilds, 11i pouces de profondcur : avc nte nlaisonon briques e h btages, et la cuisino qui s'y tro'uuet, siljtte it un bail jsqu' au 31 Octobre 1839 ia toux dou t'2000 par an, payables tous ' s mois; pour lo Iprx de $81(,100, payable crnrme soilt; $21110 comiptapat; $4,500 pi able Io 19 de Jain 18108, at la balance Sdeux et trois as a en billets eodosed a s.atst:ction I et portant hypotheque : et dans Io ca n quo' no I solent pas ponotuellement pays at leeur tihdoance, sis devront portetrun intictt au taux do dix pour 0 cent jusqu', paiement, sans aucnla droit d'Ua to. tarder tl paiementt: ot to shirtt reeonnait oin avoir recu to comptat t et l balance on billets du dit I acqudoeur, endosse par C. Derbigny et payables comme it est eusdit; Vree rcderve d'une lypolthe. qoe specialo sur la proprieto vedue jasqau' a paic cit ttlnal. Teinoin I'honorabls A. 51. lBuichtaan, jugo do ia cour susdito, Le i blue Maii lb39. P. LEBLANCi lmai Deputo Grctfiliro I 1 AVANA SUGAIR--37 boxes Ilavauln whlituiogal _l .t do do broldo Innolotigr -Iit hv ( m'- ;. & J P H' W ll'NEY, 7:1 Camp st fIt:KLIa --- kegs aod 40I oxes, receciting from I Nea b.aok pCr .lllip Oilc.le.faorste bo toe111V St1AIll. \ B1ticWN. 1i+ IIorelvac a .1-(81100 ltit toi LinUt, l may & J I' \ T11''NEO', 72 Cocip cc 11E NDA'SPAACA Cu`r. 1.'f lulcllci anld Tclloupitoulas sts. t, F t ill r , "I 1 III1l; li, Illlr lll r ·1·. 111 cu.ll , "n1 ' I.1 t i InI [Ir.1 L(l(· Tli (i.·ir.r 11 ; ;1111, ,.·T 111! ll(li 1 111· 1"".1" 111 :,·,,~.,,,,, ·~ ,,i ..1 rl n1 . 111 1.1111).. 1 111-/) ILls ululiuI; II I .11, 1.1, .., 11ýr1 I Jr~jll·(( I ll ,11 A , I- 11:I ..\ uII1 lll}' .I.... , I,t rl llr 1 ,,I-, ·1 11111 .1 tllII 1 lul 11 11 It I·I·-. 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S ooill·b,0ooru'o 1, ac I.,ydro I ull~er, Ily, he cll f rrod an invaluable bliu aall - it u4o '~'< d1yt , .oouv,y .0' 0i. grin 0,.,..S P,, o r, hr eutc 1I1 ' Ih(1, 6 P ll L l;thln Ipl iet Ne did 0 di..,,,,, nri~" n gr `"'le l"r'·'liolq it waus so-llt after with vidity, at ,ud x ar·ll underilr l Il'i""l'r r l': 11: in 111 'Ioia i Initiate v andin ie ..1' I e ,iý h.all , I1-lo ntl fur i e cur o f whicoio.1., ha I I"," n ,ý, I", ,g c,"Irbra'4..1,0, f..o 00, o these Pillo of .1 ro I·I ln oty w,1 , whiIh thoy .0eom' 04"'0.0LIn y nIil ,ti illll I rd, r n ll·a" nlet] l y ~fl ay llllor I(IIII in fact, der-O ,ovlii" op, o~m nlIwnrthy ore ,tloooio.,,poroO.0.oo,,, p...... .d dl ,."u:,, ,I O1 ,hr l 4.4.lir.O , in .11 cases kern tho -l I . . h l , " , t ,..,10, I o '0,,o,,'',,, 11 , I·] i oC1 x n , '. W ha,.t .odi . 00o ,~RlruoI- he I 1-;1 - on 11.J b Pill*. root out0,00,7 rlý- iilt·· 1, ,.I' II-lll III:I?· e i sl.. ll rll~I .... tl.oh i p og ss ls ~Pete ll;,.' of -, I ,l~I, .'A44;,.',only kcu,0 the di bodjs." . ,h" Iv I.1I· ll r lllllili-, the Iti)·11 ,I d frlacl onrvn athv raty ,Io1~o11g I·)n r IIIIII (t OIr sod inu atones so mild sadlarnb 4.,,_":ol n~,-ldporr.....'.,b,.,*4 ,',,.0 u,,,,,.',,0 I o I b ~11u r rut, and it he , I1· Ielcu? ·e u llerx t iallshmltrstyua ! .1' d I ý c vlltyc t4.,' preq ire a. ....pooior die, oro 4Iff , or I OO''anI , l'.II', 4.,.'',) oh,,, 0 bom tO,. dio,, ol· 1 th, 1,1"I ý:!~sure to tar 1> ,t init. 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Tllr B..e Ifo . too,,)! orr:r~c 'ho ,',.'ou~ oohr. Low , ,,'. sirio , metan d o hlli.rt y and ev hanntiu Ll orteiu I4n.o. of blo odo the toadigo t~ I ualr , fray, f·? C'I 0,4,0,0,4.., mefmor y t, r.. .bcitoofo. o u I, cr .',.n,s,...,.o:ooAioo, wr0,cedneo, inde-,tb x, dcl· u'("I n··1I~nI hI(I , thoughts of .,It de struc ti on,~ inr ,t . o.0l.4. I. ...".i 00 ..gohouOs PeoNOor OIO "'11 ,, *oII o,,,4,LS -An 4.ono'0 ,o.d0.o, grite h .; d ittos rids r1., p·· n nc1el t : proved th e tact, that thane who ens Cli~ll ;11l? II . o r Ill. 1I I he srtirllac lI, a d bowels lit properCU ordr p1, r,. hr-,lll,, hl1,". r'11t d iietilh, mid Ilsy ne evly attain robu t c llilrr r ltd and lo":d~ Illhly o d age I; tar tea l. ho r I'b'O p lr L s dlsir * o,".ll, :I.," ,Iil iiUh)IIII re ared l).. . ntIh. o s .ulphat ooof u oI t.,, ""I ..I "I I.I1II .II II1 I of tar 1C perm Modica. They h av e in lll Id plus -d -ol!llrplrlaUI toevery ther mdicine01bh1 ntran -d \P:. 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I-t1:,Mini e h , : l , " r : 1 rcrln,u tl ra alP,, f ever- uerurl etre I *hr nIl 1 , n~o t i I gay he speed ly slee( 0t] ,,oodoh . .44.,old4,...h\'.. 11 ' 4i ho so.. ;oed odot'e o . I0',.,), oILL OF00 otott'io, O,, hR. 41l l ,,,,.lll .fP,,,u f llit oh...o o, .b tru y s tof o Alongt ied d 1 . 1~r car ertiuý all J irr ( r'dlO, IoI',, Itloo v ndhow-, ", -, ý . ,0o,,.h4..,"y o·pl004 oof "delcd, arel of00,o k,.0od !4- , o, l .1'4 4.y oO,,l j...bolo 0.0.,llo 00O loo ooo ....oa,.o.. 1'4;f n""-. It, r ,or nI ,, o,,0,,',, ,Oo o001ofgh y o. odr towsines d.,i p,1 0,1: - 1.. ,nlllitl I,e I and ll.Tll, praln· praIu Li g at., 00j .00Ie ) ..44ti.r I'0,oofO,00n00t'000.oO.0yo n00fl000t rofmte , ,.o'o,'p.i"o.',,,o..0044oufoe) f*hl,,Oy bof tht fcono o, ,I , lf,", o,,Ooa o a do. TAboo h ,e i n , ·.tie,- Ihrllr l rtr of it,,nahnary 'll cts The sto ach wil rltit 1,, ry~111vep dy tkeplae~ud lenedofied to. t a I, .et]l Ill- lh:qlto t. otoo a, II'1 AI ol " -hnui dveusfrtmc ,nk 0104)-- I 4b.o,,, dlo. tr' th tatloo 0ll .m,,.40 .40,40.00 000080010 t t p0traaie v 1r rs ull habioooo,,t bielerr. ptsd to tho'rhepflb A tr.!32J$I ,4.0n~np,"h ears, , ooopoooi~ogt'rpoetogone p04004o4" 0.oobloo o ateho'oo abut0Olevel withoutflhew, I 04- "4 o..p .to~oorpoIooloylvodplttg' ur hangnal, r ll be ely cried thew ,e all ,.1 ion+, tilt, t]1-a or P: the rhote a oveypraipnno , '1'o mothers they ere r;~:.nuldulyrcmted, s 0 e rr m d ,~ t u'rtn Ise taen hir! prng anyi and fr tllre v. 1.1 ll ges l~iy ur onqueled sI pet..n, afc y ps nthy ntehentst

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