Newspaper of True American, May 27, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 27, 1839 Page 4
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* o ltiuiohr.a ets LTlMORE LINE OF o ho * 1 oleintt of the following vensole, ie an bilt r poroeased expressly for .S)h e amanr Capt. Minor, Nickorson, S i~mon htuta, ,, Lotham, If" $ i6roaassn a Lo h r ,y. S, d;tr.ofthe first eanin, have hand. n 40+ tanissd rcoSmmodations, and are of a light Sv rlo as to admit of their rocervig a nd n their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. ,FeghWl be taken for ports on thel Clhcsapeoale $James' River, and forwarded by the agents, ni. GLARKIE & KRELL GG, at Baltotmro; expenses on goods shipped will be advau.:ed when sequired. The prie uof passage is fixed at $60, *. ..ample stomi of t b. at quahtty will be provided. '. a Steam up and dsown the Mississippi will be taken S.Perrolght or pUasage, apply to Nov27 GEO. BEDFORD, 22 Bienvtlte et. FOR NEW YORl. Louisiana and New York Line of Packhta tI'oShips oaposing this lina will sil t'rfi New Orleans and New York on every tther ion oay.--commehaing on the 20th November-atd to insure the punctuality in the time oreailing, the line will hereafter conslst offive shipe, vij: Ship Yazoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th November. Ship Louisvs!l, Captain Pahner, to leave on the 4th Deoember. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th December. Ship Vickbaurg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lst Jonuary. Ship Mississippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the S 15th of January. The above are all new, of the first class, copper .o and copper fastened, and ulwaoirds of 510 tons ITrtheon, ere of light drh.ught of water, Ieieg built in. New York expressly fir the trade. Thle price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are fitted up in the most iNproved cnd Coetnient ~ lan, and finished in a neat and elegant style Ample stores of the first quality wall be provided, ,ad every regard paid to leo cts lart and entire Bstig.lionie of passengers, who will please take IO. tier that no berth cnl be secured until paid for at Sthe ofdco of the consignens. S 3'hese vessels are comrnmnded bIy captains well '-.exzperienced in tihe trade, ,,lso will give every at t'.Ution and exert thleselvoe tn eo atmsdate. Thle will at all timtes be toawed up ald daown the sMisns0. e. ipip by steamtboats, and tho etrictcst puctualhtly s h, berved in tlnS time of sailing. 'hTo owners of thesel sli;s will not be repersnai. ble for any letter, parcel or Iackage, sent Iy or put on boprd of them, nluess a regular loll of la.ilng e igned thertefor, at tih countintg house on the i agoent or osoter. Fer fturtler particular. opely to J D BEIN & A COFIJB0, nev27 90 COltnnloll at 2aEWV RLf:ANS & CIIAll.L.CS''uON. IA(-l.i lTS . Il Th line cosotnsst of lou ae'st, . al , t . fl sl e closs, o ler ald (a , r Inst. ae!, .nd of ah,em 2o(10ns .r lllrll with handsome s et otmodats,,s ,r ,n o ssn-tast t Thlrasee'wsuls ,.r cemtasld,.d ht cop',rees r .I experreuced in the rade, wto wllIve " every 01 tntion, and Prxert Ihemselvea Ito cc,.m,,(!ar', ih, shipeer.. 'I'hew will h." toaed up and d, wn theI Mialss:i;.pi, and lrave New Orleans nn or e eurt the Olth and 1816tJ of every tnlu.h. 'lte fllawi ig vesselts coonpoe he Ine, iz : Brtg Arabia,,,Clhsrles G riJsn, master. BDig C apanao,J.B. Timesnpoe master. Brig Allmenn, J. D,,alle masl r. BFrk R,.gt r teVrli:ne..J. Alli,,,.r t,. F-r fr-ightaorpo',e~al)Iv o J.... 3AI .L &Cs,O G Cstosoa stt. N 0a Odefoln ,r A1. C t11rd, eai. Chnl, r non. ,t I r (IM2tA Li-~ 7iro;;;_.,-: &IiiZ.WT7 accomiodaltiona for passengers, and every tflort will bo tde to giv generaul satisotetion, ''hu Cherokee, 415 tolls Capt.. J tarding, Carolina, 14011 do S Lemis, Charleston, 374 do D Elddridgc, Colalobiana, 625 do C Blorker, Seaman, 40 do J IIow es, Bombay, 625 do Dlluoplhrey. The above ship are all neow, of the rt ss, copper fastened and nOppreRd, coinmmndedi ity moo of greet experience, have lorru accoltwnodatiena, with a separate edis cabin; eveory attentint d t ill be paid to pOa ngger, and the very Lest of stores pro The pacheta will be towed up anid down the ,IoJ nisnippl, and the stritcate punetualiiy o snrvnd iii the time of sailfog, and should tie regilor veooelo be detained in arrivinvioether stips equally os good will in all cases be substitule . A share of patron age is olimitod, nof tle agents pledge tlhmi tlvrs toIn tCeommoaelta oe much as prtc.icablr, to rcvivng nad forward g 4ood by neid line at tho Stnt tnoilr. ato charges, and to advance all euxponer on goods shipped, if required. Tie ships will leave the 1st and 1Gth of every l month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A M ERIITT, 82 Common st. N.T a e et.Ad wtce lado on consig tthoe to Mesars. e. C. Lopmbard & Co. nov27 I e (enuine o Indian alslol ol,ivev 1Soiat the-l. t hoanedo i part p ino botters at l w pr ie . l Jts ealch, eoaluraihoil fltd tro, nr re of tleo ato I.velwort, abes lee the virt s I le ia ther ,t lIt laorbs khtown amteg the Indite as ethfa us in curier pilnonary cooaloiets. The u ~ibollcd sudees which aes ittoncld a ie son of sl ipiedaiablo Balfam wherred it hse heicn itt. docOe, lios ohwdiaed thle cotulidace and retimorynda aiot of treeoetable nsiei,, f'r othe peur of rougens, raldi, paian itbhe !he wA t N of rea, spi8i2ig o0 bled, liver neomplaint,4 w. : To whom it may oihern. Thi is to certiy tht we taveina our practie frequsitly presnrled iral Coiarl ner's Indian Baleamt o Lierwrort Ta Ilierlhnfd, ewit a deidd good effeat we can teort th rei lalie IllO le:lge of tile rie fSt rialr iyin made fom, tean rr natCn handa peries e, recoteulnd it as a superi s ir cpnratio oral ths es aleeliaqoal the longs for whire It is re unltanded. telN dR ' WIL.Lo I e S, M. D ). c 4LaVIN EI.IIS I. U. lemberb s if m l Bontui Medical .socilatioo. Poston, Octebere 5.. aalhby JtRVIl S& ANI)RI.t\S, Ial;e 9 inolu n'cf ll equetly prielslrlhq Mrsr [g Coattuim iIFro iitt d.,d leur . I s a o y H E RLt M o ti GE . I I, B ';.i t W i , C y) . __.moy 3 NO, C it,,:,i ti. . ·almnadi, bitter and swner liquorice riot, limni Jutneesmenoe olJloienrg, ees~eneo it eemon juice, lirhip, and allriey seti mnna, ke, ro e and i tsrall cno beridoe, ori mntohsrasnf flatio aoter &c, for wholeile atid retail ia store 1' WIt II l1aNA8 , I.D ot " cor Natchrb & Thonitoulte et e'*¥.DILAI LIC CEM &NT--5bl sandiang s, .t e a Cn i iiot,ond for sale i isv ei NIMHONNS IIARTl & CO lnore ow rod lnirr ta on board ashi Or!enio., Ilihlaegihr ICok.r h e -mlr y A 3mlrew. Fr ench anJ d (;a rln t ll Sl ayL art ply o"flck gottistn Boards; Chlleene te1-4 ned l Iii crd Balls; f,9,f0 sad 1i llh hlaude Ilowie Kfivei:u J.e lther andai other traadlliw"t Dreesing C(orn Belte Pjmket, torteiate, na orl lnoeling Pietols; duollie vml single barrelled Goaoos Came Bagst Shoe llelh; Powdtier and Pistol Floaks Irati.l Botles and l)ritilieng Caeis Percenraion Caps and lap Ilolderwoth Cwe , flair, TioAlal ; end Nail riuhah.n Os raid Chlorine TootN.N al Toili PoIDeIl T.1dt and Shiving Soutu in frot s riot. hng lair Braidso , Ringleto and Fbettei; Iar, and yTilet Potder; Eiery tags Ivory 'Pub Curpi .: I P'atent Stlhen or GOrteer; Gu7m El3astiw lrynsnrrl Powder PIufw and Boeel iih t ClhniGue Snlpll aod I;Bea :ar-dropn; Waist Beokle'; Bracelrts; Brea Neckliloc. and Chaie Gilt and nii rr1 Brlade Bolio I nKila. Indlls and Plut e; l Shkll s 'wit; Side and Drienioc ; eom;whiew hbo i addition to tleir fiCtrmer serk ,t htlot maken their ssortmete very oinplee, nd will the soli wenlnd e libral terms, Rt tietsi of t tie Goldein Comtnb. iSt5-tf 70 C hiartre street. Jio l- hip Jhnd D eunlap, f ir Sale a dI aSS I iIDUE i t' r, 134 .tgaaiae.5 DLCr) Itdrl'iCS-5 bales 4.4 1 raoll role; toad.s 5 a ihales -I Gwiltediinwaei soittie, 3 carnea buueka estrpl alandini. frii a l.teuwis, ider oale by I tto9 1 BIBIIaGE &-C'. 131M0.egazlsll sto ageait elp.nose..IiW riit ,of fitntiog g . ir,,e j roots inia in h city. thenev sre idepird ino ptlli. taildogs, ttiretueiortmaen d ri o vtle ndwellibe, ol!d comlin e t on lne terl,nratvt hnl drglbtlll)t. iGldn sre perefttly rie end o,.-,r prheti f Tt rmaing s te kowi e atlrd e mnelsreen iit, sert Iblishnotti I opposite St.. Marys a.a 'f' Itlilp ,. one + BB coos\ tr.. &r C , - -c-Thi:+.'. ---.h. " - . - ,, -,d Chlft l'Ii4 bes lu4ero tr C tttiil 5 it hanbd a l4rrt supply uFiCau.lrl nd Liv3rrcrnil nt' sl in boulkt o"nd pern quilil y, wlticb heio ollH r Ib r S ,.inelaten etosfi~ephnnere. " Aln. etor..ted , ,ft v , feet BRIDG from E1 g lned I1, rr th N,' i tslntl, Oohbtign.. aRl Peach Ia etun tai tal ir, ,ben and nir erened h a at up itI ht a beede roearrto i..r Inlily ou"atain .n ir.naot thby will ,ittep..e Of ot thre teoti muolrle to pt,. ledirl:lag a.:ireiiee e, NuI. 53 Bienalleao. up omie atj4 e euplyrr a:lnedeiI to. ,et3 . - B. & A SOULIE, a re p erfti sll fi re e nd w ate , 91; pr:,' hrm 9 mt rlleknow, a'dt a h5e bal.sena a' lr st4 In l. - o ppoIsitelS rn. , Sl r rt. i rlr for nale by alO r 2 -Te baee la E s nil • I B lttuitlt & "ur,, head a"ausupply ifCsanrf andurtivetoitti an{ ~EV GOOD9--immon. Ilar~ttS 0BR111 T ru cebving from olat bflor ard du.h ingaz aru h rtogn n3d bri r Coetmiia, frm New YorI r .ri t rieto ne Rds n tiheir line. wich togerlher with eir ormelt ttbek on ihtnd, mr kes rn lniie asorr eirntv eryrc, ilten T ihe ooinI onrp. e r palrl ie.: ii tI it .mr e,';d, tutik nd ressiancerilha nr re o otail dircriplionr, Ii din rbber, silk nd wioirtea e a st•r a "oiriIrl & ine elntic insiiepetai er, iaIa riioir Llrrifr ee laieiien, $eidlilz eie ICei-s, dlII. pnir pulla n l Irl . int l -, ,oeket botoka tlulr I.dlelt-, ll·cvd611(h91 books 1 s )eLL pear I¢ory I~llld laol'|+12o e::if/ tII.'lt+ t. Ir l 1,11t111'lll15 JII1 in C , Ou bekds, nekhce lll ileL :ia cndAu I chilliplbad ciii irrir rii,iiie :4 rerdrn ii l i anlqe,iird Ceeklaeen, cut iliriltts Jilca'eod eairre ari grilt b dsn, odisn beds, belle al hm S; O i.err Isdtl rail P - ier flrih' r ellu inr b lire behir iaicrlet relrt 1lrriilrng in heeoeeiitomcrigis li iritolr di abl e ndsSille urnre d r nia b w et ll ve , n elcim} s rk to b eOr. seen at1i thl)eket khoes., .taintl c tlils, arld ribuorl, rvaist hncklrs, othIi h i toadr sanlcnab, ,rOtlll . 8ileeiIili&tte loor ab duinlr i ,rul.a, u eeoblnce I ndloreida elliern, r ose bary nlstlr 'S l+d e e. "eioble hir oils ind ririr nun tailet ranips oltll dlus C-il.0a Goni· r n gls arr lirriIr' sep rin d, se adiI vest lrreluei, peg l nlr d irr o.v r iia rll d .'iii t studril , liir and rnchlire t nun aglld i knteiespl rln d lt Irolet, ia i ilna r ia ll, r iel . Ie,:Ii t I n tl.el urrid , g hil t i a lh t irrilirr air re iu , aker rin Caul dn, s htd co a.kin g "iliMo adffsrseis nd iieilr elcuieiilte hi llrs, rlien tI:r i nol, e ntr d ilrllk N Iit eill lacombr ir real r re _A Ilil te l'+ r o 3 Cal.lldl e i st'eet, two doors th~m'l't Inirmti: 5 of '.he rarfillen aeteolls and uritblcr flir eeatltt il. a tnasial't) rtnttltllr.:r 'l1ii, iei . I TI : I. e c. iredalieie iriy u n iei rtall lreaii a gldi Nit T lirmue llennas eepi.Tc inO i k r, ~ l lienedlgi cliii A tIIIrraiin Ylv e S rnii needinnut learar Ii1c l ei r riradsd or irr i anem Crl 17ila I l ti t ei Al1,9t ipt in glwit~, 'd~ a ·,~lsll, i .!:.. uI L Wl , !rs~ - - .1- -0 11--' -- -u-i oby 11.1L BlOWNK ( Nreht . , r1i C i Ii S rll rr i Io Irollr s Exe .;% lsr!,y aie haelsinle ido lr i hPi O ll rn he rlt u e iihIr V cimd ic Ib - ¢o Iude lhera \Vend, rX ixwi liui (iri), slr i CCi\ bir r, Ki . b&, Kc. a. A Oiilrid h At lINII maltol iMlnl t Iri li r, e ,r1 tllrle IIn i. gl 8...tplVowf~. U Ze. oChar ,<n Mtad!re s, I11I laiNl i I iti ilk I lill· vi l ! ii iiiinrllrr., al, t tr and bsarrlri rerbl tetrsr, , alvlo , s rtl.laz 3 ,rd n ir s mo1 nrhiririar spinnc·I TI~· 1( 11·10 nl L ili·e~hralnau lilal Ill . (1~crm1 ln she:ll'l, b alist i\'t, )li gii= sheet l L h ril C reaci ricitlli ll ll h:* II] pie trill curl, e ti l, l irlu l a m c d t e .h tl, AI lh +ices , |. h;rId '.* C l iit l t * 'ik( l i Cehll c+ (il,> sto I Cs Ilt ii. [ .lp I b in. l I ,her iir . 1d 11 1 hiri ,l. I 'l~l lu luiti ihi iii gill, nun hcr in It I ' tlr l t l ,)I e l ' tL il .un, I r ii Ir lin r Oii l ,rl eatiln h liib; i' ;qq + i , : *lh wItit] I ti e rD,~ lt + darer Irlel rlriialie lv iar u,i ,,rre ichinarrafli ,:ii. ,nirn aln tlia, niir, ill ( itlli~llt'i Cl~ii lC + h;%,i o tm a. 1\ + + ] l iiill~lllt . i 'lh C ' ba il I i ii i'iti~ 'ril.p: i~lrlr+ l nrtl ,tl,.rrl ri.e in , nun <1 .lt+Dioi tIr irndnlie . ii ellrn I llk 17 +;I a\ I l e,L irlil('\. iti; nflgz :: t .'. ." I;( .t ( --~ llt~l+ itl. i i l,, lii i rul l~v ii a dl r ';ii v + I L .. t;)V I: SI tl. ( 0t f lt Pll.111 T re \1}L ' stlul~hshr! r Ipn :!inln a Ind on-ti l }l l ('rea'a . tcl tll li, of file ,:h, a llwe to i r rlldr it to the lI. , l 'Io -ooi pi lbli.. 0 rl I .II) . -, tv bleenl y lllalrl t oy ac.ll i . ill all ltlh I t l l 'ii., Hrl torl-,i l.d!e [.:i t o hj 'itI .,,l s o It. t o '',,i it ilih r 1 1.ulled onlne . IIt - It r e al ch l i ne d I11 relrh {It lof l l ,- ll..t rll$ullud likl, y u tu.ll :"r Ili, mus 1li e $1 Itr Ib lll. Io l t . ly !Ile, it l,. i.' " .lil l & Af !)RJlli elllllH (lni' t re.i tf. I n ca le d c' ell to ýIiI s,.iv Encli. l e io-,ltl3 to I ntli.t uill t il 1the Iu nIj Uu lbcr uf psi s il differ, .t ocs lionss of lh ulOLry, th ULa hIv AN!)ry I l ! h.l r d IrbA) .- lch o bn-r (tor .lhe Nic IO l thir tool (Ii it nnA - r aI~ulled rl ii tl-es. It is llll | ldi:, l Rl ,ll mn tl : ti i ullv a nU i uio. h , tii'Cd lo ll t. I I e,t "] r l, I tihe otir ilii.ed t ,rhit s the i ni t al uahle dit cuS- ry a l l I n IaS, i oo ,.--n , of o et o n ii e a - all, it riii. ,A. liit ttio oi -lirl Pi 1 A d) R t Is,111 1 :SI IWEDIC"NE , I5NTS OILS Filler of CoU1ni n an he:, houpitul as stl reest tiiit ''t m ut: Il ot l hii'. i . ' blis Coai ul f t l i tihi ""fet phlo.o Gold Leaf n T llr n d l Iroo lii ll ,et , l l. ll1c t 1 ll o.e , A :1 ll , s sii , tot t l, tii t e t tt. It ,.,tn l ,t u I du.-- .al b.,.ie.. sou ,' ln t, % ,I .ill hr i At o. it ge:ora l Uo i, otl! l ti of ti--' u.i , l llld NO) III (oal nlheet. N r, Ala t i o it il et llt' ot ia- ricp n ttiiad lslsippi H..ot •,t a ..itvp , I' ct , 10 . ... litti dpir... 1v 1 a for igod, oj inp t IuUl bI t i r e t. ii. ios. l wt I t Iet OIhESAtItt AND o tEcT.II, IIAIKRS IN M. DIC.r.NES, tAINTS OILS D otu te OPlll tur lp i o- orll Tch ii tola ety r Ct u tt- lltetitrt l C itIt il t, t tit i rlllt ' .i) eht'o', I 4· it'Yl tt', I-f.~1,itrc. 'I ltuo.oN oFt:\ii . t large li .pct of inI lleis- h ,, , it il'l h lectti llue tru'.tho C NIC c .oI l T!1 .: CO., re; ' ;,s: ",,I; l il w t I imp tir o , rie ns u ud . ..l , r ll,'. i, i; s h ih r1,, u.i i l;. . tlrupy oretipy I.r. iew bdrick s loll, 2i 1t b ' l' ! ru l llas iir-eat, wher to heynounlr e anst;th l ry .1 hand ('s.p l,, Tin and Shoot t eet .tll t', 1 eve i ry d o .-ci r hlo ll, 1 l, ,t s cupper Mitills, t tPelh., ;.idlt p) nI | 1,51 bath - ill all s, Its,:! e;L s, lit' a Irl, and sid ze,,.dI lLI a other Iras c l itif . ," have It lSill to lill , , n .ut be Gratll i t,11nd olf ewe'ry (do crlli a , tnlll usIn ;lll boatt aln rlps bud oll.lll s, v,:rpe boit,, aI I 1 othe r, kbi t o'ut, , !".t t th ris , p sohr a- co inlheys, Ifir t.h. C:e, gte onae r t p wipcs. rhe, y will ::o i d ,il; hinids f o ut ooi r Wt,rI;, ochk tu- Zs d, ctnsp r a,!It i, r asin! mid p ul ritnrh . &cu . Ta iy ,sorn an d P ll o! k hne r lils::i (t won k il their line of d tutsll , they will h e pot ti hu a lmrtest modl . o, ,re n%. n . ..MEl C LT Hie.. .. . .. .... als . . ....... a BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. oF Ecrnl" DdSCRIaTrrOl, dPEIEDILY, IIANDSOILI.Y AND CIEAPLY EXECUITED AT THe OFFICE OF THE' Tru'e .Jlmerican, AT. CIIARLES STREET, NEAR, POYDRAS. A CARD. E & SINNO'TT, IFholesle Grocers tand Go,.,nissron, 4lerti lts, No. *7 Com',:o n S.tretwt.N Odleans. i.PI'tir' llu'ttrnt lit o omidail to tIII ,Ii ting up of Stuam, Iloat ad itisi.,lstors. R X10 UET, TO[iY, ..llerch ,d, .re lho oer . C n ,onmissron .lferhantl, ,13 t llhe, :li. ('qamp st.-- 'or the present. J. .P. FIREEMAN & CO., 'htoleo;afe Clollthisa Esia.Itihhoari; So 3, Itaua.inel bliro I, II AVE c0n1tonthL "n hcad a largr suo;ply of Cloth IL h i, lalctt lollt o I oIola t Ihlhry Irtood. 'Io ir ua.l oronlllit i..+ fIort., Inercl tits lifron thu country call lo surp:lied ,it tih ahorto-t notice. octl1 ]A ZAl.... ZBUZE &t. ALLEfJ, NO. 1, EXCHANGE IOT)EL, C'orner "f St. C Ih r oks and (oJtutn wM s,. Q MPOiR)TIflS 1ittil Dealers in French 00 d Engli-h Plro ,ntin r ( , Diesing Ca-es aut l PS ort lbe idll.ks, CuI tlery, IInio y, Glo l s Shirt, , btoe!;s, Uh0 brelis, Canes, a lnd I ¶ 'y Artchle. 'IJ 1 i'. T( 1 ', I o:i ois, tn ,1 iltk Notes, ". I ,l. 1I)i.i., \o ii, (.1u11N. ,li C ll N iLASS,l r cri .+r l a 1Ilnolsc tifrl l l ilf ] 'I Cilh."s J lr Ir, EI(J lr'I, i5- . i.7. , Nr. C (` no1v: I.Er Sr n:0r. o) F AS IIONTAB.E CLOTI.ING TAYIO)R & IIAl)DEN, No. 14 Chairrves allrolt 11i 1 AV , ca ' tatauti pply , f evrv ry a rtitcle x~rn tl to gntleth',£,ll's d e. ', of the latoot hy le, ait . w f"r. I ONLELA S LITETHO.TIPHIIC PRIfTlB7ING :''AIBL lo ,, i:N 'F, No. 53, Mhagaziue Street, ps ite loaoks' .rcade. II'li.L! of I''EVI:, I'PROIP'IETOtl n r .\\NIK. NOTSE ENG t(AVIN ;- I.AWDOIN IWIG-T IHATCII & EDSON SI .1\i1 : ,, ' i ,an ,d a ino k i., Ni.- I1li Ia li,, I -.-i iz'2 E quL l taln: .t tl nl their b tu<e I m ow Yoik. I the pl ' ' ' o h a n Ip'inng ook lotts, (:'h, "" l""it l 0, ,I: :ll' t rl , ,0 0 ,tlli ' 'n_ O I ollmlt ; 'I ll Io ll c II,, 0 1111 ,l o, 1 1 ( ' 11 es . f1ito ihill l, I I I . ll,_ ' till ,I Illlllll n I . 1 11 11 " ir - - o,-rf FUOZNITU'E WAIEROO, G11110 IhS AII I' i 11 1 ' Il'l1 ., IN P OiIO VIt IOt S II ,i - 0 l), No'.). 7t) ell d 02.iulha I. et:r, ow or..'l l 3ll, Y ('.r h Ii S ilt'+ '-lii \ Uo II Ta . .. ...... I URI, I.llstrOill lWAIl n , r, tl ISll Ri I SS, A.8 ~-en , n ,ille I s tr -,Ie T N-oo.s, wnnll o' of Nov York iuni ll it, chi w'ool :.y I'llbt'lLt l lrn I ll Ii '1 Iial 10 ,I f.+·:I, i d t"it cla! :v i, tll c ai , (t . C y,, i. 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It is n utedietner n ,sraera gr'atuaibtuer and rrhin ired ardl(:l ng too th dlirectniOlln t;re never taElldd of of;.citi r al clare, aven in thire clost olbstin; te tctLgr' or at Iraorder. It is aot it ill diisairerlnrhel nall Iper ons+, . ·." kest rLom ac e h, n n . cihild ren i alc v Stake it ws.·:: .. I strenlgtihens thea digerttive Irga l cr{ - lto etite, nd .e doam recatirear more ttin o e, cr i., 'berlilute cartee, two b;itteInt toi t'rrcf t ta ure. 'L'hero is nleithr Illercury nor arenrile in th' medicine, ti r n y thii g ujuriious to th- hII tItrrr cnartlitution. 'The proprietors are so tl·l 'ollnvicllc d uc' ir.t. lic:aey, thrt they yagree to refirrd itheprice oel' everyr bttleo which hia:s eell takelr inlr atle llc t c Iacairith tile dircc trllr Iltlrri hi. I Aot <t.i tt a i peret cL re U ft the n ever &. glle. A. OIiVERt, sol agent fiar N'owr Orleans, at his whluhsal,, and reUlil dr'ug. and IIInedcille store, clrlncer o Iie-i'r .l a d Cet 1 hartrir streets. For Dis'trict. A~genieils apply to jl5 "'f. \W. Sltt'I1', 48 Conti rt. .\ElV (C1I"., PE I CU,.\t'LA. l.taIIF t su s t ,rahavial t ruro aaeI th a l' se tata r dr i'l, i ature icr i r n aastr a biS irOitmd t 1t i el" ' l' %,,il :·' @tI.VI l [itblu l l le elld t o e ·Is l'i [ S'l':l?·l{Ir [hi'. I111 til' ) I'H.II \llt," Il U 1 dv to I 'r t'lI e u \ i ii tirainrairIt' icr a'1" A ir c t are ei t e r . . illl'tartt ,rgrIIlemert ri ll be utt - titl nd ir t r the ullun,'e, ..nts of" the lManion lhose. Ne'w at,, Ill re o. ltmll' stll ( I thing ht I blus e will bet bttlllu lldu i tlll lll r) lit eh[ l e v h'IWIL 'I t Illl IllIll'n, c a 1 a1 l tedri.n T' a1 t hi illlllet It1l ill eI r I I (Iu Iel-teallll tllelll ire tiar' tl~l-I |tif trtlSe I YI-lqlt· Lill'l'l~trlli J i181 rllPI IIIII'aea ff 1I Pelt nii o l Flbl(; 'a ra'l La: ir irila aian r lt i !J t 1r)t ILi sai l ttll l|l I~i L;Y 1:lnlll.,- 1'.~ I 1I. kil le ll. l( nll(ll llnt Ihell T1 to t1 , I4 % .-1. I'.. irllill blu< l ll l 1(i!I llltllpo , llI, I I l HIi··· ;1(· tllrl] 111 \, ·ilh 'litl plu,'c., IIII 111 \,l~l [,P Itlili.Il·e , i{( IIl.'(lhl(.. I I~ll, .:1.r( I,· ·i lll~rl }-,rP xifl~lll{ t'f)Lll l;,rt 1( , S l e hacIIl' l h tria' I(,lr cc l.18.T . ' :'ltillS ;ll jliit ll Illlli, r:1 111" 1 |hi e :{ r I , I*% I·liltll Il tl Cll I II·I-e l . .·illl .1,) .l IIII hillt Ir tltrt tti tat t h111 i n s 1111. 1 'r,-! li llllH+!(il.. l, xlht I l h Il-rn. I 1· + l. ~!l. . ]tl.l! It',.-/i l i~ 11I \l~l·:-h l~l; ni 1/'1:ji l t. i~ i ,<,,7,- IJICl. - 1 h, 11 . 1it" ri a' t ,.lP'-r -l'att it' .+ l 4 ,1+. ..m c - l ,lil L(l, Ill ) 1 T l ib l it -1' l ' T tat:'·t, I I t : "ll " l l ttl .itt ' T T. l i ileL ru e i Ii |sia rout " I F et rtin'. I all ,tei 1 . i e il l aaa( Il'l r ne!11 d1 tIey 1 it' ,· t ni lll \llrr e at lt t L Ura t1ai ll * - N II~hNJItD butt~i 1 hampion e1e 310Je orPenn 1 Ltll ih, .;,l thl t, I~ll t+.I 'll- al ,l,-I,( - ..lllt~i ·11 EI· IIIe lr a ih Ilili lp: ' 7lls lllur iill czlh I .llll rh< itluOl l iu a . vr~l+.l-lh I tart 'rl'tar I alt'at' tiC 'lttrOrl l I'A lI el An1 . l nu Il' " '', .i*l Fn ch ORt l e r : ,p w l her , i.od , u kl ,, p t iai l tel' r ar'et-b lt Id ir er ,a hl Ipi Inrn I.u art an , itata ltll al tt't attlltllat e tla I t e tllah.r t t i 1 e II+,!TII u ll'l ,n~lr i:l,t ltr Eatl llllo t w ,orgrl.l e r l t It rrltrl I Iel~ i F. r t, at .'I` itrL O - a. r rita te, ac t aa ic r hitt.'! ri are'l. aT 'tat a<le Iatiar c.l i ta il,]rn , ,, ;..v A} Il l rIt.i + ae:.+' 'tcart biecae, a to Me.Il~l~ttle il]Rfl t't''ttat tarh< c h~PI i ra.l jatrI tne t at a ,.'.tltt l attl'ic', tt1r *ta a'tatttte " attr'ltri aaaaaa ' reren.I batl tra' at']il hl-,.. -,i i" , i," rhJ a rare~ areail a tfaia rae a.rl ratt'lit r car t" aii i-.lcaht.-a centr.e " a1tali1 . ra. l ar •eahciar,., gearl ;-IIt e t tttearata.aaal tiu ,rtertt a caa lay btt~tU' ' If tit .\t c,.I.) I'li!H ll.+l' ,I ,.lit a I a ,t': I H' llI¥1,(I f1111 faA li.h I~ll latter l I }cn'airecaaatr i net I. tratl:- it+|I~'a, mactan ilg Pace rabt toireltreuca, PareIaIe e IryJ Royal College of Ihysicans, London. 7l3IHE original Vegtable Il gein Unlversal Medli I .lee, peared by W A iskin, Esq. Member ofe the illval College of turgeaes, Liceotiate of Apolhe cart. 's5$omlajI y, Fellow it loit Court Suciety, Surgeon to tile Iovel Unlion I'ensioo Asociation, Lancaster Place, Wcaierlio Bridge, ood I'erpectuIal Puil of Guy' aed St. 'l'hocmitsa' Ilospitlos, Lolt(oll. "t|his valuable medieine, the result of twenty years' ex'perience anld ntllluio'lelet d success in the extensive ad highlcy nit tlieetble lraetice of the propIriety, itro clised by Ithe fa ltl-t.l-t l olnobility, Aold ill ow itlltroduaed to tile notice of the Americlon ilblie, at the earnest so liciation ef a tcumber ofgeotlement of loll-and high tantiling in the profession. It is h(oped, as a preliti nary stell, to check the evils andl fatal consequeleces riilnllg iroto the use of the aumeerois tt l deleteriou. tllulrcm ioitld tpot thle publlo Icy the aid lf fabricated proofs of miaculotlls eues, and other tialds, by a set of"t, unprcllincipled pretenders so totally ignoeant t mer.dicl science, that it intponsille the monstrous dtllshim cta any Ilonger go down with the intelligeot eopltlet oftltscoicttry. l'llerollaolte, toitl and gloceolte Sthleir iltiloe, sloitdd lie keit io every Iylilat 'i n eases ofsuddell illess, fo,, by their proimipt anmiloisttltion, lcioletr, ermlnlps, spastms, fe tas Ind other' Iul'omiltig coltplaintis, ewhich ito often 'provet toall:, iay be speedli Iv clredl or itevented. I filet, ail Ihose wh'o value good ;lc.ltl, shotl neverl be without thllem. 'they are sol' ill lpckets .t ii centr, ot ndul $.2 each, by ever resp cep taletItih'git.l, bnhokseitrI, cld tcitcdooliot',leiCeioi in tht United States I Ia be (Cnniolao, with eoious lle.tctioies, with. estnnonitls oft plroelsiolalll ability fruim thle hltnlet tog ici elli enctencltn: i it. Astley Cooptel, Ahernvcl hv,,ameas litmudtll, \l. .,, \\V. falck, 1. I)., J. Aston chieo, A. I"ptll i, Ml . ., sld numerotus othlers. The originllls ny bil sert nL possession of the (;'llc'il Ageat, Iy wliole thle medlicile is intt or'tel into ttlia r.cutli'y i, l Lo lwhom t11 aclitlicatiolts otloragelliec JNOt. H11L11IIFIN, 129 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole feniral Agent itr the Unituld States, &e. Fot s:le Iby alllointnilect el the o'igilal piropirietor. liy NWnuc t1,toorrctb)ogcitt No cI CAitcl street, erae Agcet:io a Staltthcee of Liri;a. jul.1 * fItII Y It L'K & coi, No J 2tlgaice. aioseet,a'oE row rceciviog f'rom ships Nashvile, ILouisville, Kcilllleck, E:uie, aid other lile arrivals trum :It . :lrnl chice a i:arge ail new sCeketeld Assortmlent .,is, Bool ilo, hoes land Brogans, eOntsilillg Of' Ig'I lt)le +' finI e calf lltnd M| l OlrOCco eelos do , :igllatllv t s o I bdtd, alltl stoat wax pegged lootsio arious quallities; men's lino call seal imd Alr 'ice he" p!imops sta bri.upit, luckshin shoces, lrog.hts aelt sl sil: lm *'sfine allli a.t1 i kipped pegged sholes i Il It caget; do oots di slottat kip And tic logged shoes Pa IllbrognialSs; tl'ent'llll best lc ntilli ty etal'setellc shoes, Iogc:mti and tack I.uoinge; do .ail Awl Morocco a ickle ticI i; i l elro s ; edo lcI seai l I cao Cl loroctc, Icst; Ihoa', mlises'lnt d chilren's pcdiedI all sawed bo~gans, And shoes of every quallta lnnt kindl. AliP a g'er.lll 'c ll llstilllt t o letll' . stlout wai:lld r-,l, brol,, nts :lull i shi s, togethilier a.c ii l ca0 1 ir, g oot quality, russeti t irigas, naile il l ti l Il nks, mi etleixpr' ssIy for pihtl n I Iae; a good s. llte ol " lmi 's lice A d stout kip i l se'lls h hrog'ins, i S 're c ii a' h a n e quanutily aof acn iclrioi..c i ity r sst col amt w x hl ,,l la.l lalics' flinC c:ll; seal, lictireo a.d c gl tilt weltsI , anIl ptllicict sole chlieso; ti l ll h h .\Nllllre.lo amtl i- Ii kidll ia' ', 'll Cc iiut1 O Jl i ,U , ln it . hlllI lc 1, calhe sb eal ,ad lI heather bnollt.,;drth 'rtanse ll soe. li f l kiclcI ecIi u liil calltils rn lallicc brm g lc'lcS t'I li ter.i ta and loved Ioc itre, . \I s s' la' i, sp,.o, c hesi u e am go... C1tacl. 'eo lorhac'd \luEcoi :ical lnotilh.b - .tIt atc il loeo,, toe. itill' I 's liml fia ,it i n:icdlUI' f lick .ilk hI, o i l c ,i tci 1 o cll .i hem:c iio it sll, lei cIcI I L gdLi :t ! I1 cill l I' u ia h I 4,;I llan I tad r!. I oN t l inn I h:, lie i Cle htCs oI a i iiI li l n ci ll i , ' l11'.th,'ti'T at C i th..c (oI i)l Is f .i , fe.ew lic l in, miil ,, n lt al Lss a ouI r lli ,Iti boini ' i ol l nill,' I. i l x " $ . ,so ltlo m ;ti he t.'"' i' i 'lI,,+t l the. arrival mil ' r it I sp . llc l het :;lh l l eaned e.1 t. , t ll at ,hic it ih en dl on te.c l id.tio lii, lten . Bi --i f t i i . nt h ri le thl unti,- h.,i , li\ . is . F. I1 ofi elille llm h oII l e 1 c l t ' l i lir lti tIll rtl c I .Ilol fiU the' a udir e, iai i l ilt, s hetl uIris .Ie.I .,bu1,e kII t I iiu I e ' l e f I' 111t etlur I c'' C I) .l -1hY fa-, Anil -i - ti. .'U i t. hh t"' c r te ble :to' .I It - plt, [ b-,.,, a,,rt w,,r1e un of te,, lra oý tl l arg u cll.cero poI t ttll w alld m my own (IU(.il a aIcC cliii c in, Ifm .TDoll re llllll l lrllc +iort "ilie r ll cc il itoll lllil c I I ylliciti I ;ii i,, creti e,, ll'i t i alll .llcc i" t0lt I Ihge luo d:t li+ iltlilttl sl |" lh0 . O ` P =.. Mo t, tri leer l ih e, hcti rrlll n,: lolll lll hlro Flhre.l. n i ill, I s-e t hu 1,t I 1ffl tiil l t i till 't'11,m i 4 1'.. 'e'wilt t cll it iii a I l. ale o1' t 'Dr. l l. , tt.. " I c' i ii b l o ut r t ci ie e t , c iliit N A' Il lii I I qc' l'clilh iii rllhc i n l.cllallo cil, ll, ,e Is , til'o a I ' ( le cl'l a Illl, 1 il ta aila h llll li all ii. I 10 x ' (lt I o i.. llo ecicti g I l; ll, cua(L l )l . a til, im o 11 no .l lloif i, :, l o, 'iii,i N,,..1+ hen oi.,, ccle l c i ' · c acc, ito Iiklit s . n o el 1 "'t n ',,v Ham out; l ee, ii oitcci'tki i.i i c c, cl t ca .I ,,oi 'Ict cTil Ie thT'i Le(t1 Iilly bIe O 11, lie TI, iccil :III Atka1 t. c1 " d :o itcici c4l loi 'k ci i cciii lit' :1i'i c- ' cU fiitlc l ll ua lcit i c.cit t r e ic ial ol e, l ick. cccl ti' tlh, tiIt-llle rl' ccci, cit alrhic m ior d a i ll c lti i i] icotitcte li ic t i . . . 0i. llc s, ah ' iitlile r 't in 'lxte tl'tcic tl_, C 1i.0 p lallsteste b l/ill) .hly l ill i Ilison Agll esiti , it i lsice L." aehidn ai ol, thiciito l u ciith cci ttlllih e olh e klly tclit i i m" f~ifthl' ititnS , a. .t' ln'hl staih lloe i pflc mIni . fine cii Coraisle- x iti xe ciol the i nletchl it III.- t'hleii h:l il'led aill c Ir e Ars ' cocch 'te i'dt',i- ; d a l is ile Resides, 5s test 5n1 stodal'd, it has heelt trh, e1 and pIrl,"ed ilt In ly "all the h.u"k and s ht I lic l [tes in e Lnil I Sutats, 51x hr the public G'nerally, v ,ri'. the I bm, ItLh' od o,(ll shirt).lilat rC - pr no'l r , r [,tr - f e il. al c~d~dio . Ilas u'ec" hr'c I I'o in1 1. wio 1 0.11! t l 1h coVlh llfi :. th' h . u,,, ' o h\ 11 ," "e c " o l1"' ; I, " f ins The h'r: I rc i I ih i'- t h c li, ýs I ,l '1 hl all 'v lth it cl s d o,..:, ol oslh it1. t,1 s :Is ThII I clll ;ual ll,, Il " t i Lt".i t.. i i s ill . bs :o ) 1as . i : hi I k tilst -lit , l) . e , . I1l, s wie h. ,1. is u sl.d a nI :,s I ra) Le .ilt ., il I,11t, h) ,,v mo :.In ,,s o1' tl , so s ih, Ir-, ;,, , le tai. , of the I 1. leL'l, il , Ily. n,'t .,n il l ul ;lt] ias rltl e l |ll b :llj i i i ti . h t'tsf l t: h is nhts sit i $ " ' bo e e(· . t I co r 1II s tly. Lk p itn abs, pl el I t sel i , ili a11: 1 ,1,) Il eIh I' .\lii tss l al3 ts 1z iiIl . hit it. riI , t ihe a;r r I ut 0 tatitI s1, 1, l ' s I, tr- . 1:11 ,1"vi iw te si t Il . g e t I 1"llih in Illll a' d, 1 ls \arll 1I l it" lit" Iiat Oi ..1. t It .d Io1st 5 I al I In e up tw fcinl 'fi1in , c$ ta I nc m tII inl mlPoo hles- i,- hae r t.wco, n 1,h t ,hll. ml , 1 I m p is lluý. .",thld Ltvqlt lhd lhith~dl ; a +:o I,i ,,) A I.+ $: t , tl l ++0+ f lr " , I a pL%, , D lt I hl . , ':d le. iodiid • It, ste h ote tpo amankii4\. n tota iI lit thie iio ul rxh coitlt d w:tih ork twh o, , IT, - QApubl i. pre seal 115.1 to him it wais r 'dly \+o'lhI t,: ' ts:i i more tl , Sl)l..h I I.. a:,xhlg ol Isett :, r A l l],lu , I. tr i1. chl-l e fI. ru 111and is ti is . l trl i ('s t ist. ' I: is f ik is ,te lhvo gs , it ' o itsI i le l ict i olmpret , :ts or s is the IoI lmo' il li e s i le of kr.e, i ts i'e l sanl tie lll t iw henrtfshr 1e io soi.llrs iesoi the , t lisse llt :I, 1 hl , g llLhis h o f th l.e o lic The aionltiiu: ai ll c i i lal .hlt oks" i llte, i, the mo nit d Soll.. s IltuL.s tsttt Itt wsUr!d, stlod 0 si t el s ip hLl lusd ' lATs sIstS potl ---o.Itnittlt : r'l., lil l iitr s ,fli roll io titl York, tlof .het., a. i . l.ui d, o :htI lsst It l i . '.,ts 1h8 , , st tiitoi ,'t lt.l lts stIttsot liahst 1o,1ssr lrrti lt aoel vflosshhts lh.te lh.s stetiaitl t." p ,tt es of t 1s1t t l o klo t , It i Oti ,s s tys t t lS tsstslh tt l,:ht ur nsootsesit clss :ttt lttxtraot a tslr tsxsaalta tlsnt+ot+ hit t lilte, f* r tl h gittntt at .lsts fslsio it' ahew lr j (L)' (iJ. ,tILr AI I teI, d.,) l t JAI s-e, At,. SIX ) uatsl lsil frstt t 79ll i,) i8it 5, 'so ls .Yitk, t ltss st THE FLORIDA LINE From Mobile to, Augusta, Geo. leaves lobile every day at three -. o'clock. p m per U S mail boat [or [lll's Lolldlnr, vbove Blakely,--thence foTr pr1st claclles to 'enso eoln -tl elleoi maIolltllltR o Langrillre, where thel tlol Ildoe isresutmed-thence vIa fln'ranna and Boriwnsvil , FIs. Ihlorrblidge, Ploderto n, lHawlonsville. SaunderOville & Louis viletio Augusia, Go, connectirlg reeularly wirt Ithle oril road cars o to (Clallesrto St tho e serlnl piacrkels to Now York, Norulkir, Pllil rdelphi:n, oet. l'he stearnbrbnt are tile best for tilte service' , and tire nvirnliono presents nore advantaget r ir n canr be Io frnllld uprorn any stamtboratL route in lthe south. Sera rregoh,. Sire great inprovelentes in Ihe roere have been prordeed by Ibre eonstrucltion oI lifly Inilte of new rtnd, by tile proprietors, viz : tirolll LaGrane on [LnFalotte Roytu, ol arm rf Satin Rsos Blry, to liry rt's Forry, on tire Chattr ,rchre e river, err moiler abroe the Cwiard, or n14 abov Cedar Brloif, whereby the navi.arloron ol Ihe river, nri thio er c. s eqtLe l det tiolls, anld tlrlre rpe lletly tile incon vetieret crussino at the (Cowfrd, lire entirirly avoidr.d, oanr u fiot roatd frosm Ihri.atnn direct to I:linbrid.e, ir steri d lo tilr e rloondrblrh lt road via C.'httalrooillcer, ieloetli. thr itdirtlne about t ortry r.les, asrd insreasig tl he fuellir:e. erora thor, Alrt,.. t. *rillllr line of two ihorse stage every other tiry rlltlln Ilrrwkilsvih*, vit P .rry ton A. acn, (l.O cnsoectilag witlll the hlr to S r'anrirah sad aDorien, Gtr. A oanil slrcamhonat lis regitly beorweeie Bninbridge and Atpailehiilia. 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Charles lnlt, I I 4 1, rlo dlstanl, nwhtrlire tory waIl fiud plessant n olll ,o1tlldr inrtit for the I iglht- leoV irLr n. rx r oitniIlr, tihLy t t UII tr v Ir l Per C lcll erl; in lil evnC rhos avroidii the dirSonor t i o 1 O tice at rne Ma.nsion Ittu:,, [ Aliilh, and Cl. lio'11:<!Pe sae lowh re v',, tmorso it seriu rii. rTO IfI'ON ie (r',,. nv I Prun/o lbbric hl.strutro.'lu W iilini m Sr,',iri terrdtis ris services to the citi zers ot NIew ()ritoans as a renrihr ,I rtIr iattm, torte, Alrir S.viiien e plEtye.- duivt ra i as as a tet hertf turo c in pr ee ill il l iarOn. and I . a st ht ,v,,.nl o ted 1hu08 n l o inrit ,e c it s it., anrl or i ut ri pe tire ther \V h,,h ral flitm itrrrrtrre d Itt-let,, It,,+ir ., ii .! il.. il o1? ish pum nied I"i .P er I ,rse Il Ch hi , Vll: I 8ss Sirsont &Avtrr, H erson l on& rut . 4etar+ lr~it~rl..rto '1tir e rl drr++p l~ hl, Fo 'r ,,,i( .a ph ! (itlelas - a Rply ah Ie boolkd re I r. 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I I l il 1 h ~1 m.l p o 1 .( th m k s , a n J I d'rs.n ,-,,t, ,a u,h, p'ld'inunoal~ h haird tu l I.barck n; [ithil o 1l' r, '.f11( ltl'.-) . ~ihn ,! t.. ,l S iil rL,·II · )erll m.di ll i ,Ih di ! wci -, ,stial ven ued, , Ijn sh'r s i, 111b,.xu m I idllll ll il i -r iii i i i ri hr 01 , r !alrtiy l an ie h il t! lllil lh.I s '- ill nl I rncrl ,t.l r r rir Ir 'l, .l ,.lt - 1 11II ·ll.]%!"1441,1. 11 V --.,,in ,I 4he hl h'.tl nlld lll-l: .t ..iil) t·I·I1 h '.]· I. i4 l i(.l illlll lilli. ll'whi~ oll etj l 9(T/llJ.i 11 l, t(,111 il.. · "" I~it' ll i 4. I ri+,1,:, ..,tilll lii:,l , . I. I t In l+ ' I"i. ,tl'P,,' +¢iP iv ii1' 1;[ ,1 4 Vlllli- ll hill t'b t l lld l (ltl['r, l[ti~l~l.:l1)· 1: -il " lh'k ( .+ I`.'t'r ti cn~l!- l· h .II-, ih lu~ld~ :,,1, 1 ·11t it'l+ , il.l ',l ·lr I chIun. ! 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'I'llc ' rntilltlell r eh Io) pl l It m SIh'e t.' t tetiti ttli n lill iltir ns r it t ill I l l' d o. ti hout -eI ,. to cltll t ll t i thOll itr tit' ,' , Itv'I C hlll lil ll . ' ell o,____ c lttt ooII alt Ait le ( Il hell1 l, t plc -ted witll al fIlir s 1ille (lf tily v stll 1v i lia, IS 11t lr·. AI tL'RIt t hl " vtltllisht j re I r'r..n'h N,,. l, w rrui,,yd trt la It:h ulg r eeel n ul.iu W ehr. Thi' h ea rnis fr istolas ci. les ho ;t e c:llinulirs. TIe transpureut varnish whholluit srlllll, t Sr. ua ll 1 , n A hi'l.. ea:utc, ,l ' t l, t l ,:' ,1Y:0 , 1 1,.w I.- -. g nul1e1 articeI, j,,so rrceiesd hy eo t 3. [{.'i'.: t . 'L NI;. Ila , p s ia i ,I , , it tt, , { Itt-iad ), P i tt e stare, ni It r rt 1."I , i t 3 i ;lt;it't & i IA Ti'o',i)ll RN, ;3i tiii e ,t J. s It, toI t.x ipr s;.1 EI..r]. l u I i ,ii.s to tlt.u t ,d . I , fti' tutliberal i ip . p tl ye Ji , u .i d 1 - lice r i nlllllll le'd bollMilley- Ilt Ii "i . .lll"ll, Il. , ! 1, I ri . t li e Ie C , lit ii nl l t 1il Irt. L olt a d I 'ii r ll att Iil I il ' ol'y tll 11w oyllIean s. [ III h name of t the nonral l\in wll Il hllb.eI si n he dli,, t vi tries f i 1o , rui nl ,o Ihat ,, I a o la y h .lie t ,o L 'ie I' e" I t' . .' li ,1. prines sed , "pl 1 Is, i & . Ir, ill r .ann u n Iitl , a -q . en nodt r, - "I o .b lt Il , a lst. ' - l ,l ,re'i l n i c io a oslitiid siil nlsu ke. lllllne l .il I ne lln 'nd i.h i ha lnl l dy, a ol rnl:eilv , i'll dol t e oil r ,e for k. lalge ar v a very t, s r:pl,,.i. , 01 1 0;h, th ,l l |.:f; ,ll ( , tt ! 1h,-,: I r.. I': T + C . ,, ;.I ' srt , Il Iof 1 ',,rv , ,rn+I t "1 i d 0 1 I te! lu v qiu s. u ly, Lnd i La l "" t d I . -0 'fi': -PU LI(, -Ti unld .., n:(. h .tvin studied under Dr. Set f-C'12ual,,ton )UlJ l C.arolhaT , atllt fr soei sI.ll y.,lr s hi.. Cts.. u il i She Il'ractlie ot I rl.:die e ani d sllrg,+ry, has Ithe Itlon l to of, er his protenstuoal servt:es 1-l this ita y. Iro assures L ith ladu es itnd goA tliclL+ tiN II ke tiln ri'ulltipt attr tln will le 1u18 t'J the etlla w\ e!t ll:ay be Ill -; aid alo oft'are lis c rvlcsu to th. holders Illoslives, being 'ell acqueinted w:!h the di. .ases c nilln a to tllum , 1 v tr g attel ded tt.ld l hei o i .:. eaugr hlo, se in Ch trh elite. 'T'ue. tehllous uti.hihou ipilisa.ter thecompositio I o. P'ol:ssor tunl:ette. with dlrettol .s, cal be lhad 01 the tn.'dersigned. 'The etl:lt which they a, vie wl l tia grutest succa, to vhieh th, brht o' telfrrea,,s can be given. Apply :Lt No. 16 Allra. zino street. JNO. 11'I(olRING" u :e 1 fthe I le u crts of the tiresl. a s , a Levi Cllarris will sattlt to ithe settlilng of thle Ibu ll " N•w OrLeans. The names of lte several firms will be having claims will please resent them withoun delay. LEVI C HARRIS, b DIOLBEAR'S Science of Penmaoehip reooivndnod J for sale at their Iaeallrlaanat Writang Academics No. 8 Chatre street, New Orleane, 13 Brloadway Now York, l)alnhile st., Mtobili. It ispoarticullydesigned fia privar learners, and acloale, and in ralcoloaed rlfr per.aona of nll ogro. Laldios an drl guteral are invited tonalc orl aexanine tlae svrlea for thleansolves. llasoas are givon at s:cI houses ans ayI aalalit the rconvellieace of all, and to classes forted ina aay part o' the city. Ladies weo prefer it ca reiosve 'esons at ltheir own ref sideaces. PIro'mna payinag e o irse oflessoan are dEsired o attenl. -"''1* 7 '5 as ell as tlhey wlalh. a1 .SA, llIROTIII.Ra. RIOWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOn FmVER ND a GUea. 'FEN yoaraf have not yet elapsed since it won - first regularly asubnittoJd to thel publir; but it las attainedl thle hIigheast rolatationl; and las s.o - plantoed every othier ieodieile fr tIhe Agae, lwhorev. Cr it lnas boeeo kolaOwl and appracinted. Already has it born carriad in every direction lthroughlout the Uliced Statoe, anal till realiza, aalo:a thana could lave been anlicipatlrld bly its nlost sangauine friends. Thousands of paraosons have not only bcon reliovaold, but retaorled t le.alalth and vigor tclrolaIgh ints atun. cy; anr d they now cheerlly ntealtify, st ovory op Ilortunity, to its doaidad aold supremea eflicacy. It is compooa ed of suci mediocinal principles is art calculaollted to reow tl heaallthly action oftle aton aolh, laver, olad olher iaipnortanlt dligestive orgaans, thie losn of whiall halrlaanlay is te i alaaaeadiato CallO of thl d 'lasu. It is applarent sso, that it produ. eos an enlir, chanlae i the collndiliao of tlohe ystell, aaid certaiily doctroys the iiatiLve liability to relop sen of tl llfl'ectioll. WViheon the Agae is atlendled wllia ana olhecr rcomalallaial, tlhe muanalaaynlat tI ae Tlaine Mixtue- will iol inroliro with tle trea rt. liaelt of tle other dal-IcUS, but wi.l oIvea aTfford oa. vstalnea bly llrnlalshing sctlarngtli anol igor to tiu baldy duriaig lao of traatLoaiit. Thean weal malko asoa of tll IarlllalillO aany bI Iaisured tlilt there is aIo Arsenic, Barke, alercury, or any otnler article in its colllmositiin unlfriielad'v t ao th I huallin ollilintitutionl; oeillg entirely a ne.genlble xctrate; and thiPy may lhavia aldditional econlidlaeae in tie u e thl.letlnr whllen thlllv perceive thatit it has tlia of feot of a gntL alaxaatli' alarut the tima bnaleol a cot. tla filll llals beao l ta elnl-ial colloaa qaaelaela of aclicll, there is nio part l ta talalaallcaaa Ictll It lingar ia lathe laoalt to cnlaso iabastructiuls, ond otlher oevils, arisiojg lroll tLio uno na' iaany aa' thel remeadies alaos ollred for thla are of this aleetifon. It ata btaa uald al nalosa proacaative, biy Illllay who were stIl jact to a Irlaoldicall reicurraaoa a oal'alt Clill.a lla l it a lal UVartrlaih!y waraded of t lanpirehaa dlalaad aillta. Obsere Trhe Prohtlnor, ltrll) satislced withl thte ovnlhr, alele and unllver.;l stuccess ,.locu h hlas can11 alar a tda d a puoina ual ainll reatlibalr ats lae Iltaa laaaa aianaxtur. ia aI1l e rans oe la var sld Agnaa ilnlI wm.rrantead ia elggiagla to refand tahea Iriret, nil hiaaa who n hla v tIa ar c nlaaa. a e tal e U la aaala ila ctrltac enrdaceu wnh the prescribed dirlectioen, wathuul having a eia n Paerfacly anid Ialatinlly PurIC. Ilaia u ,a, cla ril. y. e a ha lllaaa ea i agellts r o r r th South Wastaaral S.laesa, and lai a aia w il haaglnd six iy oz ats al l this a di aainal 11a ca which ia al arralllitldl ITI Ch 1\1 Is' & ANi.0.\ 0, \o aaaaaanfaaaaaaahanl. it O~II 111LIC lY.(lII' I:IIIII IIION aiarlfla llyfi i r7 'non a! a T . aa, a R'11 1 IS. 1 t(1 1 Ii W '.'I\ND ... rtldly ..... a aI,, IIa aa aaIIa haoalin.ioat u.l aathe ptbac la h 4',ly thai tl heis p~r,'pared t,. act.orllined~ilte lthtem at incho. lI t, and hopel~ ltcs f I a r a1a ha r sto rem aar v-taaror.aaiial(aIaa to rceoac oil~i l llg ~l0llll0aa I aaaaalaar aaa t1 l c. lala il ials naaaaTlllfa. La eaaa lnanc aaa naaa y caaaaaag a hd ala acof h'let that lr alaT la o ( aavi aalaa duriag aha tala nn r aaa i ol th,, ( I ll .Ii l ba ,illa r .aalaaaaa n daaa li a an l cin alabal thel , naa a la r, a haraa l er .,ii Ihr hioul.e i.- id .'s viiily ..lulidld, sal we'll sui-i lh I with eery aayaeaaaaaIlllnaa tih Iar iarliaraahlaaaa wnih tihoi mort chalet h loom, N . I Lorthe irtmi e. dna at aaataaia aashall h waataing aaaa htaar part aa gaae itaaa i i to aai l a aa a ay t z ah i Ial. j 3 -hAlIl. VHtitD oluti-,, aSAD IllalNa. &e. /till, ltO\tLL. \aa.l;s CO1PANY, Not la3i a O:. \Watar, )ineir ita a iaa ll a tlrtaa ,l N w lrll hat.'e r civ. edl,,+ the I,-tt si'tioil, ullll arl'( o:, stantly aita' Viia large a iaalit a ll al a-ll a ih a iaataa ons t, thIta slao - I'l+ I t Iltth+) vl't ilt l., x%,!+ lr.ll Il. nv i s,,ti~ llS of the a'owiaigla; aa alaIlilll sala itabl laa tI a al ut er aa d I'.l~rll*fu rl~l (tiol, tb. t~~~ llrlor c. H llo, w werei -o" mSpllr qua|.liy, 'olls.isting ft thout 13U!) tonls, v~il PIs 1 ila :a il aa ora nt oaaa,, ft oia l a ll ti 0 lallons, KIlaalaaldal] at,, I onf. ..f3aalaa aiat 0 aalllojllal \ alallas, llac1 ", rcl, iam a :a tI la ,.,,id , T'r"tea K , tth's, ti do lanlItpad. b a tla a caaaaa.t'la.ldar.. 02 at IF ra D.. , Daa. 1 , aln a roa 1 1 al Io - a 4 inches, 1 ,, I .,' a , 0lti aaro., iroaa aa .l aerna . from a ;?i e It ,:' Ni+ 3 lib :I.'. Ilsu , Nio, .lt Of a .tupelroim ' elaaaa Nan laad lana, l c tanables l" lao Int, aaasor:ani, i aaalla al abaout 5na aa fora I reta1i, i. 'ltular' a ni lualt<r's Trousl , :.++orel' ,. a.nsllc w aegr, 1aa toaa, laat lntialiit 1 4- to IkJls for PI latations, steamnboat,, churches, &c. i : aalatao order, Also seamblats and othe nachinera a Iliae to TiI arov aaiaaort allant a al gooda I aricularay rcoo mI en In to a .11r attntioi o' oti arashrz alarcaallcats, aaad are oanrad iaar rale at liw r arice a, and upan tlaa aot a aberal aeraalls; it is ae linad o ia t alaargaat alad aist assornlialot ever allrad fia sala lry any oan attaabtaaaat in thea Unoatlaa States., ly aoraardaic a raqiest ly mailloaaa h t ia prinl ca ircul r, w il d crl aaaaa aal a ,aaaa i aaiaas a ra ttr s, a-aa whiac h laa l danl atilun it o'ir I liao, urlaiahIl by r.niurnca.aal. All aartaars will ccelaoe immadaaaaaatc nitention. Ncw York, l.'1. J'3 3OK ,INI1ERY. Under lthe PI'at tee' ilte, 72 C nlp st. B B .i N S I I 1 .^. . ' W t i N b r j I he v t , , inf' a r m tIIh' llrve retmoved tIht r I ibhele , ei t teotlee No. 7.I 'MP atre I t-leu ~i.ttel'' utnder lthe e1.1ie of I Il t a\ in w-\vh(!ie they are prepa red tou txecuta all II :ioeg re'eivedl frmn thel Nortih a etiupihi of pa. nFr alnd ' tllerils of it sup rior ue ';hlyI, for th," *rlanrItln l ttlet k s ttt ie tory ltl tIl tite Itt II re , it ee villas to mer-hants, will other , who Islay olah work of lh.t klad ; and Ilvlll . the adval ný.n r of r I tI il et . of 1 il t raet tf'crl )n to t thoe. welt a myt Foi telotee r , t lt i ie'laes ld rtlahore, maps andll uhins w ill te pasted on Il ,1n . vllnisjheJ anl Iollled in the illne itust i nneir, & lat the e orile s Peoin nail fe.'v inteine t eeee ii v'ri,rie ,. cl. ,-e-..I l n , rv ,\l,l ·. l I it i - t n ,, i , baile i l i. om tie' I' 'I . . .. d. ll, f .;l-etI le, , lln, i"<l p .ri. 1 ,rOljl I, 1 . -I.. ti;.( ... =- ¢. *orsil ':rhe "l r. l. &' r. , \,". A . ~hi,h:h,. 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's Cloualery eM"a ne hee ae r-td PIlaere. , Negro i' l nts, l ltn s elwra, ,lnlt l ct, Ille ilel, lo ealI sloirit lal, d ehI k, lirll es. ciliese. , Ian lkerr ., i & ,e,, a1+eIvea aalI bee " aletee by tleee lehtj.I 'be rs. ROTA &v re 1 ,s l, . gL. \Lverp l.CB 1 . lkrnU... nal brie aria wIhr,--caP Ie b·=.. RUTA & Co. MAIL ARRAIGIMLENT Northern Mail, Due Every Daor at 12 M , Closes Every tfuy at 101 A. Ml Wsr f Due every Sunday, W'edrresda| Wees-arl, JRidny bMai.,. -. by y o' Closes ever y Sonlay, Wedn•eds asa and Saetrdoy, by P, , 1. S Saturda, by 5 P.M. a "Closes every Mlodlay, Wedneasda EXPRiliESS AMAIL. TIMES OF ARRIVAI., DEPAR'PURE DISTANCE &e. of thk Express Mail, between Mooile and New Yolk--lenvin Mobile daily at 3 P. M. Northwar New York doally at 5 P.M bouthwarld. - Arrives Arrive Northwanrd. Distance. lTime Return'g Montgomery, Aln. 2lin. 198m 's 3h 12 m. Colunmbu, Go. I 81 9 3ll a.m Milledgcville. Go.h 2. 133 1441 p1 fll 4"olnmbia. S.(C. 7I am. I0:3 17 1 Itnleign, N (3. 54 215 22 12 Warrenlon, Va. 12 m 55 Ri R I'utcrxcrI, l Va. 1 : pm. 83 10 9n. as Itichmmnnl. Va. 1 am. 21 3 64 Irieriilscklinig, 8 67 7 p m \Vlashington city, lpns. 612 6i 2 Baltinvorc, 6; 38 4 0 Vl'iledelphio, 64 am. 100 11 2 New Yoank, 2 po. 90 Ei 1305 143i.or rne 2'J Nortl.wnrrl. Coming Solthsward, th tlina is six sour lIC.; IciolgS days tIsd 17 hoers. 1)ANA\VA¥ from, 169 Crrendele corner of Ilevie slrn rgse on the niglh of 311th of August, uad was enikeo nsext laorning o I'yeeto street, t egro hay named CIIA II:1, nboult [7 syers of ago oln 5 e" or Ilherehouts in hei- •, very bilack, ond lhue 'n intpeJ imont in hiso.viicclk ona of kisa lagnoMorevuc-ancvs.e by a reellt shur; hIe iln o l., n lie wess t ey a w ohit celoon or Hillr llis hirl nll whit e ton lu Iantlouns. Mlstirs oif 'e.CiR nlnll lse:oni bloutsa orn ellionld a gAinst receiving orl irhrig sanid Ilevr, as well os sls othler seorson, as lin ltllnost rigourof tle law will ha enfoitud gotsost ah,. TIf nalve rreward will bo plis iednlsvc:rag hlil, ilt, sy of rin Jolla of nilien nisL frein :'n h ,n fl j su either of lie ,nio.aasao,,, asat Is,, lheucidoes, corner sil'g l'ii illatilnnrelsili hcrcsitfssre aidiiftg londlt r hu ilire of lolboie &,, Gaorretsia nls ao es dixsolvedf. T1'I.. s ,.criler wil I o t idatl 1io aeiTr o ithe noifriisnii it s it e, and rnqisire.all p" soset inleb - ild to I.iike sitmisirs to tist oily atlhd al shohIavinI 5lnims, tojecatril tise ltioattlealtI. _11i.g I-is 'R (;AIIRETSON CAI''S'.1INV 3I %liitVA'11"S NEW NOVEI.S latlia the Nf , r, i/ily sIth sluthoUr of Poter Siimp le, Sk in vt o. rmmi-., s, or a W'inter at SCichloess lin Iofleld it Law Stssi, li istis llBasil loll, Royal Nary, F L lord I/sh.i, romance, Iv Allan Cornilglam 1 yo hlseposnrl I.e/n, vcit tib lii,oerlin i2 vnls. d Cl'osey,li. hm Ili/sulea of ://y, I"alnssstd from tlle orioinal Istlhsn, hy Niiaiaeo (-i-eeroo, an I o for r sli No. ,9 of ]iarper l t: Library. 1sale. :1 & 1 of rine inw aummolee osol unilonsa edltiots tIf IIll' ias .so JCvrinc's l'os ke. Roger's /4,r , Iiensrl eNglish I rel, 3v. Aiutt .n/'s /, sair ntrd lin.o/ise D/icnionarnq. As. a--A fw mre cmmlmmnsem Combe' l'llrenology "[teluin.n Iorva ourve r'.n (nmi.ennCs o lfoapnror qw's itr, with ch.ll .a, Ilills m Ilm lmllnsfd1.4-,l nll[ 2 1-2 inlies (:ilh sl's i mis I-stll toll llin locnnJallinnl d Iapers, weiShw &'e. Ac, ,,. J" -1 Ii- l:vii.i .is I .lle Ir sn[ i by '+:ll n PEN,. ,.lEVY. I'lN II'.i- 'S ItOiSll:, s.r. j)IN,'rl8': ,' InI.'ll I Ill I'I111 I'I'N tlOF DiR i(,mll -mllh ' .\hriio nt sf In Ilivlosrsin f Rut ss to hh,hcl iv prlvixrl al Intro, .wti, to lie Sdyeo I..¢qll li Ili 'ly m, Ha r m fv oi m tl ale isfor ,,li. ,ii I i,dI1I lr , I v ,'I, t I l e 5i sn rs llm.mto, ut .kI a I in tisn i tins Ihausisis; . sisli nus (,.I 11H bi. rph,, l ll nl I, i.,trirIn NOtes; and qou a] rit)Ilp OF~~I Psi"'%I~ll tlll · a t ' 0· i, cnl" e r iiiii. II. |ttl rti l ss ilsasi I +t1l~lll.'gdv t '.V (l [ y i illarolsl I'l'lv l " Ie's JG Isdl ,,,+o I ), ttu l s(ll tll dl Iliettry snl Inimilii:, li tfll, IiaI)"mII of Jl lils Cesar toI the dahIl, el toor oge I wl , isni nntsot to tlhe yoa ;inl. W\'ihll, y .licell, r a xsam atsil is l ifise e C I nitl, ore:tjý,a ith,dhc. tt "e ) of tnlllab e hitt nr a , aulhh'd IIlou..,411,i, Ilt wi orIk. (:la osisglg of taolbl of voIl llla+r "s I 1 sa ns ,iccnmice Illea Uarsos l (l'pi,,,x l ,Xluaatanr lplt I l. IRe} +arourks un tI e oe tl'"H, l1Ia tlln aid1tflia me r of the a "e. As otnlioaC tI ci'tsas isn .... .&c.&iCs, Ill...i..d ly slya y oogr A un s 1' ndni Avori g.e ol %i i ..N. ,,€ I'il'."Hi+e oa thc 1 r-+e 'If Ul]o|cs. Net. Am(m a +,n i Slion. swss I , istua s anl i+ t rotsaleio t Irm. 1.,r.xpltui,,+' sfth.sin sio.sam parcft i this Al 51 ? (I~ri-'ltl UI€ rIIIIIIIHI '* JI t rscyivned aud fIn atIs by 1VWI SlI.I:AN II°V "| c-'+lr!l' f ttl'~a illli) iall CiOllllllanas ale i lly ' :'1 l .,. Il-i, c floon " "s l) 0,u id " l'upr Xd,;iliJn, ..+ftR (-!' tn,:+, u,,,( \V: tYakolcld P)ratOD I1,, tFiiiiiiiiysnl. ien t of l f nacu l'lh:l i tl " eIl tfLsit r it , f If, l'salsomimst Irlola, tilii In ' ai-l, ie i hr iiioiis csn, r ic i on eia t 'lli m115-n i, i i.'+ i pl+ iyist .i i i . rrross Thel ;+ l. ,.,l,u,,,l of I Uilll'..y;\ ' lI NNI:It by sill] left, lit I), wiill h ii :r, r . lh +h , t, )t , 'I'll I. 1at 'i kllnkins I I, aTml .rini te ( ,Lill r s r l(1 et1 e, shiVt ll.+. s+ i ' in n" an " i " I c S ' sit s ii if ifOh sms, isa llmss-iic b-s umi'i, iuI,, s i lc l sin aso i p s I! t'1 . i 111 ' ''11 Ii InIln i II : I:I slieI 1"" "- I ant'lI, ?~ 3:".,' N Y" Ihl,;b/,.ai( sF5,\ ((I' t. 1s .. Is , I. Polk ...... ' st ci ii ,'a I I it , ii' r' rlii I ." 'c ri c,, i i, c r". . .c u cam ccl i ccccce..... . . I .. .. . . ... I A ... d,, l, n sIlc,- r S 1") 11 . J c' h ('- "+ II J ]") e11 'I'ivuli SI.;t ' l `r nu t++ I I"I +t,·1 1+'m l ".,I" l ~1 t,,. -,hccc Iicc.--cc- aci alil rc c Ic Il th anori c,,r ll lu!l'ic ll uillc y ic o pari Se st I.u n . ....... . hh' an eleglnt u',:It., r+ t. .....,....... In raking 'tlr ii, buckw, ... l-,h i' ITr, c pcil inn Apiierienc--c i r'l, 1+ ,t and r I:ut tlltv iI w lysp.lse . o r indim um;o.,In, uerved , "-icc-, gld n , hieadance ( r,. re I; i v. ctt r f s rilia f 'ccc-' icc- cih ccccct S IeI d C"cccc l cue h-,,l c . r i". d*.clllc'+ 1 I IIIl II ll,d \' rcllllcug,; irilc" an I I clca cil', Oc.cclCdhlcc, ,ce. i.,, i l, ce , lc.,, ccd~cjl cccI cc ea c, c-u , p,1me 'c,,t ihccllc h N N cc' Precv i re" tr ci C denrie a 0, eiih rr.,. I,,lh vi'us]:, ,wder puff, and bexesv e t bll I e"' s ( 'nll , c a i , ,t th lir e, c 'l ,J ricaH C t o o t h W a s hl ;,,, cdtr poll's san b ",.xes P crcrice's sencced sand ia el icr cc-,c-,r. pol tlan ertlll e dc, Parle, Cu-,e f at.e-, r,,, v , or -IJ eliuridodl wto ers ,I th iecL-tcqi cli,. ILcawc' 'cc a icC sar Oil, Old, r l ha clccccl I Icrh li i a r b l c '. nil L vcriccy of S lerreand l ilr l lcihrs, ludclbtlo i orki a Ig nk permv o telr, m lled whale oi l IIn )' Linini te A lraeh ueSa,,Irlo |'htut T ,,rn'..(.n See _oei 2 ( EOIN G J RIES 'or Itreat,cn , tc and uor (tf Ae 'er li• aud idgie 1' c cTkilltrc I l l. di c+,c-v Led rl Jrein thc Tea l 9 ir fle ii . P dtll tcrcicc to tcillc"c'c ilmry Ied(icc I [re-lng tn Iecv e-ld Aoc c. . I tie ircat I cctc-, le ig ia Vega l, c I'xtr -cct, n icd ltru e li ci c y i e l c cins Il poion iu. inl'redi(.llts, it I NI, Le t l(,1e i th th e i( jill .afe .u it rc hi c, t d cl - c ifori ci,, r : ab .ll' a cid IK preA I0t1 S"'lc, ech.d i, c-ec c-ocicivc c ce cnsttu. IiMI "tu' a ,),l lltl a j \l iLN l'd ln llnl o tlnet ,y . I ,, rthb I1ccccl cc ccI'IccI "llh l tr e I-d - - c ' ctcci i c iccacncc 1"SII niic-c11-n;ccki c c 1 l-c ' ccc d c c11t ccc ct ccc I cyie this lil cnl er r Ito creacIe , t'i.. dl~. ,-,",+, but t!1;, l 'tllu hlyV t .r ,t' ' Ilia several or cd--cc tccII.:cc :- i-c c Icbc , c nccc-c tc s e ycsem "cII lhnl::l, r Oh Itu " o nI y be oppressed. Ilicl--qcuc--cc Il c'cc III: ti-i A cci cc oll v ic M a, Iha n tIc"cc c.cicI lo a Ill c l c clltll c ll If ccl d cccuse tcllc ) c llci c't c c cccc cl It c' cccc -I -ct I cr t i c w hl l eW " s bya ',c u.,cc , ft , "c ",c ", " rc c ,,i,, the,, i s lwayc cre - c.,ll ilt t.:,; cI clllh IN - to I l crtnI cp i ' i' e1 duIIger ipcrcctc, c l ccc-c . -c. c'l he -i e ccv c ievi cni, for hL,: .+ er l W ll nautt li'Oll l D too mu'lit' pleanu to mum " I ci v ccict cicl, cc ih-c-jccvcc.iv clcic-cdN it -Ii;, w d t . , u ," r . cii.t cccc cice c cct dlcii yt a icac I, e . ..t ,'? ,,nI, 'cl.--. , thlut II... pI. wcc.d.l ale.ithi i, lil, u IPl, il l e 1h I s "i rce tly d1enied to theme r=p , " e vI\ rl'e r9hil y bs twed. " , .uu I ,.;t..tun+ cufthitil-dhii, l , that are daily ffiered II .cc lc cclccnlclr il c cly D v. John i . Rcwc ndc at hit i .;l , l ,lllkBrl' cit" ,1'1 md le hi. tern +-ilte I , u c i Hil scll by Ice arolic at hl~ltin llice.a. Tciio chcict retiil aleoalt Apolhol ccri-i - ic Ic : cily. J.lbl:'i & ANDREWS, Wi vnleiccle I)rclgCinte , cic (ccc im, -cpv-cc 'lcicapil alalc . ,aI AI"BLI; CI111h".N iI1'ICE 1Vasl.lor- ro C.tilluirhllti-lO sLtret, .pi to ite the post.oflfhc. T'iM c.Lscc i i"c rlc , : cre now ruecciviig froi- tc sir fi c t. icc iac Nccc .N'-rc , and will kcep constal tly on ! icicd a c-ccc-t:ral ic.c-rtmccclct c-f NIrblc Mantle Pience fil lccllc w cllcp c c lli.iIlLIIp, and cf li hIcitaect patlterni. nctcli of thic bcvt Elgyciitlcn, It liaill, Irii and Amrcrcc:aI t.c-Lbie. Also, Monucmcenlts, Tecoba and -lccvn S iicc-, cInulcln d iull plain c ill and iintell, I Ic. bLe cll cctgs c hearths iic cd icbulcodty atonlo, plaster of Paris, oican & llylraulclic Craccit arvd iilalttcn i g Ie,r, together with a cpleldid c-c or:c enl c c b ass cIciulctod clnd pl.liu ciatca odcl a ldussia nIri ca-ts oflthe nccvest and cmot approved patteanh. ialtaring doli icn tilleatlcceat InanIIer and at the rtest notio, c-ciy have firct rate workncee to c ica. wocrk. 'AK"' t AIN & STROUD0 SLIDELL'S NEW WORK, &.--The Amecrican i England, by cte authorocf"A Youer in Spaio,' ina Noble Dcedcof VWonen , ince vula.Ie " IThe Young Wife's Book, a aual u'.c mnral rellI ous and dmesntie duties. Just rcceived) ad for nale by WM. N'KEAN, O!tcS' Miwleli Bc,,kc-c-cc.,ii cc Phtclin do. a

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