Newspaper of True American, 28 Mayıs 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 28 Mayıs 1839 Page 2
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The tow From LCoks discoum t `pI' mhon .rlotw. . SA -co owitao of. the t.lgitlatijo of Sliosiuoilpi diioy gob.sfi oer. .'1 heo· iiOet t is to paIs. relief Ioo. Ci ;o* f l. RmbComgo. ?!; 'Xou Ouomoa, xalo 17. tI O.DOy. s/O'o.oa r1 t siarlitg. I PAR11. V. to of 021 1ift I. U. Dallsr. "NCW-YOR3t tioht. I lpl " c. popmonm .. 1V 1gW pRR. aI es 0 da, ICdt p. o.dtoouo St AIRK NOPEri ; poroit. prem. 07 i.1U.KBAOUKY tIrPiO. pa0l par ct. prom. .&iot. Uovweloa. . 1 . o St P 4 P 'II elto ISot (01 t6 Montlmome al IS 75 A .o iii PaI.oms of E)acrsmeowu Book Bllh. (Thio Day, thy 27) .*.. .. . . 4 p.o.4*. SIt M. tiost mo. ........... 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Ohurl~slna.uto .......... d 1 %Voiiosloc. n . 7a jlow~ k. do .............i tCiCiiiulni. ay .......II .lb~doih.t di .... ..... tI I olllifrile, o ...........11 Balthnure do ............ III At. (·Ui, dt.....o.... o. , '~J~lu~lbilr·...... ...III I Ilvverpnml. A ..........20 DL 010l boo.) Nay.,.... ldt fitil Aprit ............. 13 do. 0 .s ....... .n .l toi tale Iis de ...I to r tiu -.........1 Si; IIr O NEW ORLEANS. t fol Ii. CLERARANC~ES. r .{". '- May 27, 137. a Shipltih Ray. Mnsoh.rbor London. J W Zoohsi. & Mthlpj'o I.sos., Oon.o.P, Liverpool. A I.a nfi0,, Slpi to- sosodo. P. oel. or I.ivsrlsool, W Ihr.n s a hip Nil. ll0001ioo1.55.sooo L H GoI. reist N.Ao. rybopBostlo.. Maste ARRIVALS. 'J'osh snlpss.S7.'s-wll, from the 8W pu,lhaving bowed iu 10sit lrllnr l q db I S.rq o' 8·.dms nd brit Rom...reun to ll.. .leikwh ship Yaz.o. Oooodgss Sndo brig Aoduboh. 0I Left Shebrm a aoo ho0Oih'trnt Poris oii~.i.aid., l Iron. the parse., bhoing toSed to Sp ehf~rshI j0.od Vosoai.. ochre RByr.n ad Cumooso. II wiod N0il I3UJ .mna to the olty with .hip. AluM,.,,, sd 1 pal`al i doy N E bar ltrt sl 5 A M Rsport$pith *Sbip Aht IM. s4 loAny from No.York. to A CofSS, C SblibRAeA;lafI;lntoib., days from Loverpool, to 0. Si Ship Ys.toT11.t,*54 New York, to JR8 ol0- dl ShlpOmolg~.. Ievtls,. 0dayo fsom New Yaos, to A Co-. hae. c. * BrigAisdshdo'hd.i, 4 days from 110,o., to R. Gaoolsg M0.o., Edwd Shippn. from Flit I S1oomsr A Portr, StI .toiu~slls Stsoms. Vswdali., Do., lrom S t.0.Lo U85amso Rudolph, Mil500, fr.m Mills. lsomssr(laog.e. Wilson. fsoj Yazon Cip So..... Pawne. Crlils esfom 0t Louli ''lope, r iP F.oFch. Johnb.., Porn Lovlsvoll ti SEXFOftOTi. A L.ONDOW..}44.blpRo Roy..C~,go, 500 bi Lobaocco, . od It Ou il belef Ar skive·. h LIVERPOOL..h sbphip Jlosh.o..Csrqo, 187? blos o.f sol toll .. .. Psr..lpCorommsds..C.-go, 2257 do. do. SSAVRR..Prr ship Nil*..C7s0o, 112S do do. UOITON.Pcr sobsr No..C8,61, 1014 bgsooro I IMPORTS dl JVER1POOL..P.S .hlp Jane. ou..Cosgo u.soeod sorch.s- le di.. MEW OR.I.... hlhp Alabsma..Cosgo soserted m.,shas Io l Aloe0 It ....,........ PesblpYozoo..C..gorsno.Sd maSallSbsi, I Sil lsoopos ddssIioed Po Poa omith ond OGib ...... ... ' .Per hip Oomlge,.Csrgo.. d mefestob tie .. rdisd·e::9'".""'"" -" I1IVANA..Ps, bi.g Aodoboo..e'osgn, wss 780 log. ools.,; ISO be all lots. swstmslats, es0, and REWEPTS OP PRODUCE .1 ?llot1.lood..Siomes 0hipyon..No oargo I StMastinsllI.. Psr s0'sio. A Poss..Cosgo. 34 bd SOu garlissy. Dorris* & o; I14do sod 6o0 ooo. cuoton Follsio. 0 1,1 lorq S.DegolIs.05 bhdosogs C D..ldncS 37 lMs dod 0 Psou. U oit; 2doV Prat a .o;4 bholo.coton A Moo,.o A co; 23 hdssoor aod 0 h1. missoss ,ower on bosrd St Loul..P.,,, 3.7 bi. floour W Flon.oos. 29 .6. tubohsoo'so a Hopkins; 49 do Lsioiaohh & Thlowopsoo; I dosod20.oils. trpes od I box hoolk C Deoso; 2 bds lolniog A GrIsout o lOo;51 be--s cor J VoI,0n or o; I hdotlohooro do hososoo b'ljowls Godfrey, Louria & Smll 2l24 bgp eo.soISdo oatsRB odPlfy; 85 bds bacon I6 UIP his B bIutlSle3do jWo215 khgs lsrdl; 1. Ljowl. A Troler; I9 15g I ,ttd 19 do betterIS do park. Cspt Dorss Clcuelosoi..Poo.,osmns Rodoiph..Cssgo. 11.0 his bios. 20 lotls boop P Alnl r1 20 hltbl. boef Adam I6 o Hartwll; 4 s 6 i U 4..ab do pilot A Pit.- hO 11 floos J Poos..; 042 do Adsms&Msotsso11d5do"Gborsy, lOll dod Vairs; 8 bhld. Lol.Selso.,50r.Isoms. Wm Fsncb.-.Cacaoo2S osl. ropes 08 pieta. bs,.I (P '12 sbds twine S W Oohkpy & 001; 1170.i' o-p.3l pl8005.uluoJ Noalson * 01; 0 piOCee bnhotlose 141 Ior.looped Sldsollt's ropeO4o a 9ou0.hae.51.ll1 ohi. koyr.Pdo i,.sJ Looidlos & so;l 7s.ohuooinod 1l9 keg.l s, A l3Gsy; 5l botlosd 18' hals hord PF.guso .aood Roid; 75 parkr carp, ase* 0sabwr Yagoo Cl1p;14loso5teamer GsOgso..C.eoo. 271 haleoro oto Basesto & ys;O7 do Mrdoo. Pollard roo,6do W M i 4onl05SwlM ,. mbohs AThnmp.oo,,5 doN a J Dick 4 so 17 do & 001 15 do RBuknser. Stanton o co. 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PFlin. sIsand so Sdas .od 8bob.,s NAIUIICAL INTELLIGtENCE. AItoso.t. May 17th, at bril Old Coltotl, hone. the 20th `Aiell M.M..Teeh·? , lSIgMth.Ser sip Goutte, bnhsc.2 dc eout. *hpateJJts"1 tdays ot. Suip NUktIIe. Mette 16 deye nut. Schr Amheetados. ltoes23daysset. Ship Riel.i, heste 14 dpy sttt. BStg Z.:I. hones 16 day. outi Atlhil& leipb Is- May VU, rr brow, ship Ohioa. 17I days out, 3. siteophittet. t duy. outL Roits shtp Italy, bote for N U. Asial=-n for Liverpool. Dotfstorn RioJ .s tetitths 4tbtttApeetbaoses .t of etNewT'k. Sitt. the lot ofJtaeue.y ,boe wer. 42 or Woods at thbrimportao port. of which 33 wererom this coon try. In the ses s timni. the tslltving importwer. recieved. Ifrm the IU. Sttete 2PS.6 hi. fiotr; 399 btS broad; 3b0 hsg. ctsekne il20t aluotdosst ist i770 hoe spa. catdlts; 140 tB4ispa coLesit IS tga ,tohobteti 37 Ode ditto; 848 M. test oettaihyrl 80(pOthttts I 194 bhll rot.s; t.O do. pitch; 12 ot othrttli hainGwu sasew SI·C pohe. it titi gootlet tilO of-Z. 71 has iabs u; 34 pckages of bot. goods; 177 pssapote..t Itbluo=t rles; ed ct oesdry other artitlst itt en .t/lY~llr..rom the expose, the tude with Buszl. e ,iUfstw .t uwe artio ur. The stocklf our. echoed i a ISA5S bhonS.o. 7tiue. winu A,.. Putt.itt 4de. Isy is Rthe ppils. wors but moterate. The tfopto a uswhESMO ba sisett0tttttfst Your. A ueq ehhipdsmold ezisted pOl-the op.o itted Nope. Iseesport·efeoefs e" she tesotlw. r, ewsr st hoteslb To got aped Capeor p God lop", tU,(Mhso To N.. w h -es _y Tolrllklma r 13,953 To lifidlphi 1!',5 " To oo O~... 3002 hocetltl be o Comtmit landi.g trot e ltts it lali e tee, the Letua$p gs E si o ' JAIZ1EE D. HUSIEN, me' 1X 4 Cam tpu. 'T paet eq at o thes dtrote-tory o..M tNe. U.0 Tbtj iutool.s street. Po. ; t9t, Jelue. A 1,T10 ABWL sued It~BK 1 cu6a~ttm t. puiajwq !xn ei apeeateasttma gtr dU Gn Uebjjc Ste Poseesa'le wt i~ed bedt~eissM fare hr"Wa . cy 0 Sall tin by 1t s teea( ;'t1. at. t. e~tbiitl latidag ,im 011, l t~bmt. i "i-l g 11',U A M lttiLEtl a11 AN. : S, OR14 GT.SSO. ,.'0 'PAI'ETH FUL AND BOLD. bre Officlat goutnal of the 211 1illuntripa lt. 1 PUBLISHED ct Daily, Tri-WVeekly & Weekly. i :. 'k 5 Ol1 I, EANN : Sre TUESDAY, MAY 28, 1839. ' The time, we trust, will yet come, owhm a bead coat t and se.riously defective pai.taloons on the limbs of all Cef honest, intelligent, able odi faithful I)emocrt, shall Dla or et virtually constitute a disqualifieation for evn he die highest offices in the State. When shall we become e.s DeNoceRtat in practice ?" Such is one of the texts from which one of the lead- at ing Van BUren papers in the North, indites a long and i prosy sermeo, lor the edification of its readers. The object of the monocratec party would appenr to be the an total breaking up of existing society, and its treolution * into first elements. In all ages, atld under all sorts of government, the superior induetry of one man over en y other, whether in mental or bodi y labor, p'aces him in a more advantageous poaition than his indolent rival. hi 'his isthe fundation stone of atcial rank. Urged on tlt by thse urety that merit will always sooner or later find its reward, society becomes leavened with the . leaven of enterprise, and the !easires and ambition of it men, impel them to action in older that they may be ly foreltlO- in the rlce. But the Van lurne ductrine is et to break up thisJatioal systoem of social orlganiation it' by assuring the indolentt that the highest gifts of the people and the govetmer.t are within their grasp if hi they will oily .trrteh forth their hennas. To. friends otforder and law repudiateany such doe- p trine. Secured by thll charter of our liberties, a full partie'pati n in the for, atien of the government, sad entitled to the iighe-t offce in ithe gilt of the Ipeople, they put forward exertions to enjoy so great a blessing, if their ambition leads them thi herwasd. The ioplte actuated by the powerful motive if having good government, only inquire, ii ihe candidate be fit to ad minister thle olice about to le bestowed upon him. When w: say the people,l we mean the people who op. pose the present admimstration of corrupt rulers. Tiny do not hold out false lights to the indolente, to the ears leas, to the unfit, because the contlitution secures then thile privilege of voting. They ask for a fit person, oat curing whether his clothing be a "bad coat or a defec- 1 tive pair of pantaloons,' or whether he be dressed in thie hbightof the ton. Such are Whig princip!es in rsos gard to the bestowrment of tfier, whether by the peo ple or their representative. Not so with themonoreets. They havenot their couanty's good at heart. They apponl to the piejodices of the indolent poor, thinking that this clas of men are the most numerousin itI the community. It is the old scheme of exciting the poor ttI aga .st the, of urrassinti indolent poverty eaginst indus. .0 trion poverty. It is to leak lhe highest oces In lthe coun 17 try a mtter of bargain ald sale, to rge tile worst man to fight for so high a distinction, and otnsequently to bring into dslrepnlet the people's ofcers, for the elevation oftsuah men to power must le attended by mabladminsiration. The par ty in power pray for democracy it practice,-that is they pray Sfor anarchy; for when the principle of the eoeinl system is trampled on by bresking down all the barriers that virtue erects agaiat vice, that industry rears against indelence, there will be an end to si law and protection of personal righlts and we shall all be rdueduced to the primitive state of practi. ren caldsenocrary. The step thace t desputisin is short and eas *s sy and to be able to take that step II we firmly believe the er s real o'ject ofulr. Van Ilurosn. iGu Pericles and Aspasni, the stern Pericles and the het lovely Aepasia,--two names enduringly sculptured tir upon the tablets of Grecian history,-names that carry of os back to the brightest days of Atheon, when science, mid the arts, politics and the tender passions walked hand- act in-hand-when Athens was Greece inded,-l'ericles h. the OlImpian Jupiter, and Aspasia, the Juno, who will l e content to shut out fom hiis mind all the dull imtpres- in aions of this duller world, go hack with us to the palmy do, days of Ather.'s glory, enter into the thoughts, the feeol ger lugs of theen two beioge, the poetry of whose existence tit can never die,and ay mnpathize with the ears anll loves rill of A.spasia as they keepI pace with the wild ambition of lt, Pericles. Is there one who will fly with unto the past by to feast utton joys like these ? the Cone, then, we will buy aeopy of Lindor's Pericles 'J and Aspnaiu, of our friend Johns, hasten to Pass Chris- tn tien, and there in the cool of th* sean breeze read how pet Aspasia fell in love with her future lord,-read the very th letters thltt Aopa.ia wrote to Cleon and Pericles, and, I but hold, here's the book itself. EI We perceive that the editor of the Red River 'Jtug f will not entirely retract his Oth rge against Mnster Gort Ro don, jr. lM. More calls for more it.frmation relative Jot to the tranemission of tile missing funds. The sMeasrs. Au Gnordons demanded of the editor, the author of the Jl, letter fiom which he derived his it fotmnntino. lIr. 'f Moore refused the demand, and assumed the responsi bi tty with any consequence that nay grow out of it. D. Rn Soett of the Van Iuren papers are trying very hald Go to stop the course of the Vicksburg Sentinel and Mie- otl sios ppian in their castigatitn of Ex-Governor Ruanls. G. lie in a good Iriend of the President, and they say, be- TL cause he is President of the Union Bank, he is not the tc unprincipled man, these half-mad Vanl Buren pipers Cl assert. There is evidently oome fear thtt the Ex-Gov. ernor may be driven fro thle ranks. )1 We have on our lable Nos. 3 and 4 of tfl8 Turf Re- Jo gister. Porter is doing his duty manfully. The in. A terest of these numbersn does not flag. The plate 'tshowing Count D'Oreay and hia Dlagon Sleigh is ad- G mirabhle. Plrnipotentiary is onexcellent likeness. An ode, the origin ol mint julep', by ulffmlan, makes the whole book go down with an unusual gout. Thie ne rit of these numbers is, that all the articles are short V. and poi:ted. - - In--- The draining of the Lake of llarlaem, has been de cided upon by the StatsL' General of Holland. The 1 expense will be eight millions of cuilders. l'Tus a J ontw province will be added to this "belowtie ocean" L country. ' The papers the wheat districts continue to N speak of fine prospects for the growing crops. From J the colotto regioln the tidings are not so pleasant. A The Posnttm t: e i General has selected one of r. Canmpbhel' :t:.caritieo to investigate the ftul charges agaitist lum. Nothing like it, 5r.C'amphrell continues to support the party, therefore MIr. Keotdll's duty is to screen him from public iutligtntion. That very funmny fellow, George iolland, Erq. has ,r agrand show off to-morrow eveling for Ils express Benefit. Besides the usual inducements to suattin so able a comedian, tlhe opportunity of getting one of the t three tickets in tile Grand Reel .Estate Lottery, pur. J rhasrd for tile acasion, should not he missed, for one I In of these umhers many draw the prize of Banks' Ar - card. Such a result is extremely probabln in the run of fortuitons circnttustances. Be trtn thelt, to go to Geo th lHolland's Benefit. SThe Iron lRehreca, on wiil be seen 'oy re er ti ring to advertisement, has begun her, tripes pon the Ut. New Canal. Auguste Davi)sin, charge des iffaires at the Hague,. ,has been recalled and AIt. llece.ker of New York, ap Sprinted in his pine. 11 hant the matter ? r Per tile Tazuo packet ship, from ;New York, t.22 re crdutits, for the garrisons on the Red and Arknnsas rivers. arrived yesterday morning. no Dr. Plough is daily making new fnrrows in public de favor.-N. O. Courier. -g And when hin work in done.le will ib found buried in beneath the sod, upturned by his own plough. r.. The Doetor is a man il a thousand, who only wants of aspoiatdappui to accomplseh his great undertaking --N. a Goerier. S loaf was Archimnds, when he propnosed totoove the n glolle, he only wanted a point for his fulcrum. We fear the sant fant waits upon the doctor. A bill of varieoated marble one hundred feet high and halfa mile long, ha rcently been dncovered in Wal ker County, Georgia. Sdmund V. Davi has been nominated V. B. candidate for Congress, in the Opelousas District. Mr. Davis is hone of the rewarded, being a Register in tl.e Land office. , Rice Garland, Esq. has been named by the Opelousas Gutite as candidate for the next Governorship of Lou or iaiOan. SThon eatly o falt h the New nwk Whi ad .abet is whaer taey opprove of the nat of thue Assembly it pm-I S bs.nisaarving to fegitlve slaves the rigk of a trial by Ju ry. ThTi n eompela that bs msea.t defasted it. The south w nan hanks tl abu Van Blaean mae tahe Slau for their e n tng tbl estraneepasa and ateoatisatilat bill. for their d maU .ktd aig aaw tt fregurI a our nrights ad -el-. f privllegs.. IlHl thodsimilaul piy l the ~i' the Aerenbly they would hbave eoly passed the mea.ure' Wea re vary sorry that the whigs of the Leislsttro *of Ne Yolk should take o strlung bolsiun stand. Ifthey perm Ver in thi mtter, they will god Ibth we of the south wUill break all ties urbrotho.bsod with them iu a moment, Ilow short sighted some men trel The editors of the New York Express appear to have tried their bust to br ridl icule Itr. Webter. They amure us that he has a truly Brt-i ish mind, that if in. the Pualiamont or G. Britain, hb would be its )aodert-that Mr.(.oy, on the osnttary. would fail, Ieceusa he is too much of nu Amerlkno, hao too much enthusiasm. 4e. Such nonsense moot he disgusting to a man of Mr. Webstar's feolings. Save us from our friends, is a true and homely adage. Amoug the passengers who went out In the Liverpool were Goeneral Rawlings, Governor Rsynolds and wife, of Illinols ,i Daniel Wob.ter, wife and dauphter, of Boston. Charles J. Rid. die.of Philadelphia, Theodore Rioen. Loi A. Blrbnrin. Vin cent Alcard, Robert Ferriday, John Hewlett, Charles Urqu halt and E Poirier, of our own city. Let us have our own C steamesrrunning direct to Liverpool or London, and they will never take out teasthan twenty or thirty ofour ctizens. F The r Rteamer of war Mledea has arrived at Halifat. While on her way from Havane to Jamaica, a few weeks since, she was fred into Iy a Flench man of war, who mistook her for pt Oa lexioau. One man was killed and severl wounded. As at apology was made and accepted. It Is it possilde that the l'reoideit itas repaired to the hills of Now lHampshire for a mate to assist him tlhrough life 1 The race of Isaac is a prolific one. Latest from Florida. GAREY's FE.RHRY, ay 17, 1839. D.AR SIRt Every thing in going on oell and amonoth Iv in the legtoi'ition line : and in a very shott time, I expect tohe ab'e tonpprise you of the snecesfutl ter minntion of l(;n. !hnolmmb's mission. Col. Hnrnoy ar. I rived froo the Soouth a few d11s ago, brinogilog with into n tvery impnorltot' cliit o.f bho lieko.olckie tribe.: f he with foureen olhers cme in toCol. I. arne, while on the southern roost,nld nu the Indians oseoanxious for penes, nod will gladly acdeto tile .ogenerasl's terms. (len. Jones (Satoo says tht t fll hecroesoin,. it wil be after peace is made, and every thing seteled. Coaeochee ronLteails end ealrpeeos the same opinion. S.everal ilndians have alo visited 1he General at ot ling, and promirsed to bring il mnore. [lsurders commited by ietosogling purtiesf lndlilna may still he loard of, bot as the new s ef our wish to make pea.e is known to ail, no danger even of his kind is to be apprehended. iReorder's Court, SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Reports of Day Police and Night Watch, SMa9ny 6, 1839. T'AKxt, BY NIooT WVATCH. John Flinoo atld Jno. Ktao,loutclers, arreoted quais 0 ellig-D)ischln rged. W. hllolen, arrested for strlkig \Vt.hmnn-ooo-lound to Coimil Court. James o , n drunk--Litlhoreoel. Adolt hllrlor, Jonl. Strlollog, nsaoult and batlery or. '\'aoochmal:o--louod to Crimintal or t. ay95,1839. John Driscol, Jo.hln DIoru, disturling the peace tlDischarged. W. Brown, J. Ta ylor, D). lseroeano . . FFrenev, J. CmCamphell, G. Ross, T. Sneede, arrested for SlinloDrho mg lhe arce itl 'oydnus slreet, ad so.oaloing the Watlhmen--'l'n hl elsmined loo Tt:rodny,--viz: or Blrown, 'ailor .nd Mereeao. Jerry Dri-coll dlrunsl oand dlstobiog the omce-Dischargod. Conoolsot.,im r. I tl.ab a o tobooonso -D)iscbarg.d. II. Leed, drunk- to SDisolhrged. G. II. Baroes, disturbing thoprece--Dl)is to charged. G. Norton, druok ttlnd beating his ioter SDiscrllted. FL. Gillespy, drunk and diturbiog the to pence--Dis charged. To his Excellency the Governor of he Statle of Lou- ald I isana, tion The Petition of the underaigned inhabitants of Lasf. trud yette, r.e secrtfulv li rhws:--'hat 'I'hooas N.'Speak maon, Mlicinel Schmidt ad Jacob Rice belon ging to Ithe Citv Guard of Lafyette,w erocalledon the night of the 15th ol April to protect a citizen of Lafanyette from the forcible iltrusioiu of odividale into ilia known domlnicile. Tlhsee individuals having resisted, a contrst ensued and aPtr blows passed, probably on bout sides.brfrre they oera aitel cronryed to tIhe Guard house. 'Ile Captain of the Gard and ihe two torn .huoi he took wish him ltine been prosecuted jointly with ile individuoal wmho cali'd a lirr their aid before the Uriminal Court and found guilty of nascuht and bahtcry. They dmnot dedt separate trials, in order that ench mit state on teatll what recurred as well as their iros.o acutr. T'h Captain of tie Guard iltod affidvic iltt th e could not onbtain justice unless a separal e tial was grouted to him. II was IrefLte. The judge acted as Iut the prosecutor lo these mea n ll noltos their juge. Hi e t inouta fio passion isruld tile Counsel ofi the defen daols witout tiny rcause whatsoever, in a mltonner so in gross that tie wias induced to leave th case. Hie at teempted i'e his c+ros interrogatories nto discredilt the ti,.. hL tirtuoy ol one l thei most intelligent and repertohle hi itizens of l.afayette ioo r ho defrlndants. and iul Ili i charee to tie jury, statedtho t the tahtimony of :his nd ntother respectuale citizen of tie I'orish was discredited 11 their iastilionv. Mor Theso ien htae notnd a fair ani impartial trial, and are punished foe the faithful ill rhargat.f their duty to the City f I.afayette, in eloieaourinl to preserve its peace tdand qraqillit. 'File coantiunion of their pun ishument would destroy all CUnfIdnce lin the adninistra- An, tration n' tie criminra law in this District. Wthetrfora, )sotr Pelitioers, reipeetfully opry tour Excelh kMce. to remul the punrishmellntt woiehl lits eIn onjuslly inslited upto Irlet. and its in duoty bound Kour P. titionera aill ever pray. " May 25, 1839 Robert avloute Writ. Dye Jucob Kaiser Winn. J-. li John Richaralsoo .eoee Hoer an Wit Andrew T hrllta W'm. Wllsev Joseph tlrlnsman, PresidenltJe. MlcGaey i tif he Coulct of Ltafe el. Ed Jackson i. ?1. townler 1 It .lewis A Reed 1. W. McKihtney i W ir cDs nieD 7n . D. Lrad WinllrbinE.en A S. R. Kenny Jo.eph Weisso Roetrt TI'rnton Boen. Porter German nameo not dcl ipGler..EddwrI Clockler a aide. TI' BerrardAY Wta Ce k A t'drtbeil Fat G.C- Harper Itavdid.eof . Thos.'lok Fred. talttt, l [[obert Culbertsonr Win Voaught s CIre. Srltehel IDavid Itssell Gerttnt naure IlMathios Will Tit Ditto Che. Rossnar lot aOliver ice WQm Williams io Tonrto Ahni. de Tor ry r i. D. Keen G B de'l rnv I Johni Ilixrn rBeurben Swain A Fergu orI R S lelrtiny George - Geo.Cranle ('hristiao Canad -B C Elliot Germar nrame J l)erk Ditto M Cornetr Sam. \Vtiton Francis Thomas Dr H L Iorldsworlh German name S T Hodgsoo Che Klan VW C Miles A Bithardt CGerman name P Philips B ecllea Birdsey Norton Peter Iledinger J J Can Tt Fred. Wesich Wm Jtnnea German Iltnrt Jno. liner Wri Cowell John IV lalmer Jahnt Rrkio HJ Hlytlp Lewia Irverirg 'I hos. Hitcheene 1hor. Wathkins F Van Antwerp 'I Bickel John Arho CI Joreph Vrith I I.ndry Wn Crane Jus tin t.andry Joehn I.anleth J W MclMnllran I A Shattuck J Jeffcoat Mtlaelline lirchel John W Gtetea John Wltron Isoan Prc'or 2. C V Jonlce J.tin F HFlrnnrgan Sutl. S,,tteir ' W lrmfulle JnamesF'ulwer Johln Jacktal r Gen. Fow 1 S Dewr, ee Alex. Brown Cirae Fleffetno C Smnnel E Kipp E lertlheatd o Clemens Deniger J C Bell Richard Rust L D FIoda A PIhelps Mlore Hiuck Wooster lenton Cspan Ilutsk Francis alorquer Gerlmtn oame C t;erhia Williem Mlunro G \V "run tall Win Bell Jr.e. MlDenrteil Adn Gialrtl tl It Palktirsr Will C GCoolich Geo. Eciltlart -am. [)owly Fred. WViltz W II Toy SFiR. LIVtRLP'OOL. STihe fast esnliitg slltip lars, Capt. Castle, wanltr 011 bales cottoln Itocomnpleto her cargr. 8For freight of which, or paoege, vappy ott bLarlt, .rio HOLatEuS & l oMILLLIS, Smayv 28 hank Place FOR N i;W YltK--.irth early despteh. t.o.iri Irna and New York ille of Packetsa. e 1 The saupesitr regular lites hip Yazoo, Capt. Tr'lak, aiil La ready to take in freight to. rnrrrowand wldail iIt-w.ii .dw4Q Paq h , FOr Irigrt or parange, having elegant acoa'uodia.d apply to ile C.rptain on boarr, lreer the Ve.etlhble Sar aket, orto JAMlES B. HULLEN, 74 Caump el. a}' The Yazo is a very dlesirahl conveyanc fCor ptsseatger at this resao of ther year. having all airy upper .abit. tnay '8 Drawn Noumbers of the Grand State Lrttterv, Ciaoa 65. 9 -61 57 7t1 24 17 65 6 71 45 16 tO ' THIS DAY, 12,000 ! Ilighest Prize ! |ti ' Ticketa oily $3 rg ,/GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 43, Extra. AtIlhrized by the Leislatlr,. he af the StNlte, T'n he Drwn This Daon. hMay 8, 1839. Va at 7 o'clock, P. 81, at Bilshop'la Hotel iCo llIno t. S DAVIS & Co, Marnagers 75 Numhere-I12 I)rawm Ballots. od Splaendid Schene. al- 27,814 Pt liaes, mnuntin to $115,798 Tickets $3 00-Halves I1 50---louarter 75 cr. Cortifctte of packageof 25 whole tickets er $7T5 its Warranted nto draw at least $3 i. Cereifieate ofpackages iu o125 halftlicket for $3750, warranted tt draw at least *d $16,511. Packaee ol i5 Quater tickets for $tI 75 war ad raed to draw 8 1125. For Packages or single Ticketl. apnlv Ma.l2 At Managers office 16 Chertres, set LACUn-,- .Ot thLbs. Uininnati cured, rconr istiag of Fls e heras, rides and thouhlers, at the landilt, per blat boL . For loe by G DORSEY, may 28 44 New Lense a Ii OR SALE-:I0 hales first quality Northern Hay, lauding from Packet shipt Alahbatna. A.ply to the " t Captain on h atda one tier below the Vegstalle Mar ha- ke. may 28 th OT'I E-The leatter haoig of hip Nile lor HIdre air .t and ship Norway for N.w York, will he takeni air hafn the ssberber's offce at 5 P.. I. H GALE ar t ier .$ ' 73 i CottUtlllaslrn ' It IWR tnleti.."~-te nolts ..a., ulutlt .- , illi, larding fruut ,hii L''toIt.,ri,, ,fa .le Iy ' -': CoF use. - ofrthi thu tain tatnt i ratop ficul Hlne d'ye du'i-I beg pardon-Hope I don't intrude. lio Havw.t had tIli pleasure . I seeing you ,ur s.i.e tii.. adal WiSling to let all imy friends know all tile sews, ctne tholugtl, I would jusit drop in andl read the following "CARD. CAMP-STREET THEATRE. The LAST NIGHT. FOR TlHE BENEFIT OF GEORGE IIOLLAND. s WEDNESDAY, MAY 29, 1839. que Gee. Hollsand respectflly it firms his friends and the rie` publh, thul frnl tie kind and liberal letronage be- re stowed til iielhort SumIner Ctnampllgan at the ainmlpi, ain is induced to make the following arrangements by which 'ay n .laullo illy snlure aplay SPLENDID FORTUNE!! Ner' By simply pnrciensilng a Ticket fr the Theatre, on the rmi above eveningl! of To a ere so deoirable all object, the 'TIIILEE 'ICKLITS alt it the GRAND IEAL IT'1'A'rE LOTTERY will be given to tihe Public an follows: a li paurrtaiag ai Ticket lir tiae Theatre, a number TLe will be given with it. In the nlse of ul, e erfurmanlce. NE ilae .rre npladillbg inuibhl in thoam given ii tile public wi'h tleir 'I'ick,tI, will lie plut inltoa ltreeL oil the Stuge. Out ol the wheel, THREE. 1NUIRERS t will be drawn, and llms persuons having the samle nniu. Loc her t tlhose which are drawn, will each recrive a Ticket in ilia GRAND REAL EsTATE I.OTTEiRY. by which the holder imay beeole the po-mseaor of Real 1 Estate irtapemtv in Itlis clty, wort SEVEN HIUNDIIE D 1 iOUSANIt DII.LA..AR !!! The numbers of Ile Ticketrpurchanaed for the above no cati oit re its followu:- I Fiiet prize will receive the Ticket Ne. 757. Pecncd prize will nliclw ilia 'o. 1t9~7. Tltlrd plice will receive tlieTicket Nto.7138. i In order to dive every iaiiasl'tion respecting the oat dimrriit;cn of the prizen iby drawinlg the illebiPre, a C-oinlu itlee ctf three gentlemen will superinitend that sc a ' For particulear of the perfiormances, see Bills of the da. , d Tik its $1.-Childleln 50 cts.-Gallery '"0 ci. de Purchanleirse two n hildren's ticketu, or two Gallery ,, Tickets, wi!l be entiiled to oine unmber. re g, U' Box Book now Open. O it N. I.--Persons mult he very cnreful of tie ntluber rrecived witl their l'ickets, for ini case they shnuld are lone them, they cannot lie rep'ced. Shoulld thlis be c Ihe case, amnl ther urie til cionliant fr a IInuiier that in P. . dawn, tlh c'leket will bie gieir to a chiaritable aInti- e tutilon." ti Tilere now--whnt d'ye thilk of tlhat WIf l'n a re kouleaat mrr u cclee. Hlhimd give u S'endid Worka ol the last night of VTiuahull. Dt . wbiel .as di1poed of in tuiie anse ininer, a.d I had tie hlitluer f presenting it to lrse. Lntt, of ihis .. city, twho acne the ortlunnle winner. aow, only Scosider, ellull you bee sa icky as to will one of Ihese he 'lckets, there is very little doubt of ynlr obtlaining tilm Capital Prize--tle I an liare yot will be obliged to A me fir nallini your nttacilon to your future prosperity, . andd low lappy I shall be to reeeive a i enl, raul ivilta- C tion ito drop in cecaitinllally without any fear of in- L a iacing 'iT every suceess. it uli your most obedient servant, ie PAUL PRY. a 'l'h Pne.krt ship clcnulgee is now discharging Id ploiteia tIre Vegeablnt Mtarke. C~nsignaea will llease u attend to the recipI of thebir gonal. ray 28 hoe AT'H 'TUBSi-10i Bath nl'ian, nassrind sizee, for s el at reduced pries, by S. LOCKES & C o. id may8 ' 8Front Levee SL.OUR--80 bhls., land ng filt etnuinbnhnt Rdolphl, j 6 [ imer sale by A. 'TRIR,. an- asy28 14 Giravner st nt 'llO. llltED --16 hueh., laiding font Selamnboa as I dulph. For sale by A. TIERI. n, ne inlL 2 34 (lavier shrt He ,SL(O t l'OIIAICO--0 J ioan-. Fca sale by my- A 8A. TIlt EI., a nmny28 34 Grviero t at IS'-lie it'cket lship A alabmaan is nowv dice.nging hl ier cargaoppoeiti Ir li Vigeilbll. Market. Consignael ie ill neo atlieit to Ihe rreriot 'af tlir eom, i. 1112 " led llE Iroln tenmlilliboatni lieaca will leave ille Ina.ill ot ltlt~ bead ilia Ner.w Clilnl, every day, (lexcept Mondays) flr ile .ake, nie follows: el, IDlpart at 5 A. it. Imlturn et 8 A.!11. "ty Il A. t ' 4- L P..l ita 2 ~P. M, 'P an 5 '..ui I " 9 l'. T. Anil A .ni MONIAYS: I/npert at 10 A. t. Ret'lrli tt It* P.M. ur 2 '. M. '1. and w 21 r. P. 31. . Pt.. e R rl. lVI'n.l: . J3 9O ou 60 Iib..lheel f E i- raclr. (Clppnr. 1ill00 tleeis :l(l to in, of 10 lb. Il ehlln Lpc C eiop--. 5 81 I11cet1 allIiGo m61hl. d. do. Jusi reecive,lai:d iorsale by ,.. LOCKE, S I'r. lmayi _ 8 Fo__ LFm ive , l tl ;5 Vla ills Iulla rr, aso tri, te n 4.2 to 7 1-2. Fr a. e by . LOCK & (. D May .8 8 Frnut Levera n IA3 NTS. tlll. s& VARINISHEES-510 kgs Nos. l and 2 White Lead; 3t0 canistier troame Green Paint, gr, un I in e1l; Black doi I.inseedl Oil; p term d'; Pully 5ot blln. Whiting; Coptu and Jnlanneod Varllilh. For ale hy i S. I.OCKE to Co. MRay 28 8 Frunt Levra ~ LUCKE to Ct., No. 8 Ftont Levee, have in store I' a large and extensivo asorltrent o C.pper .nd I Tin Ware of Itheir owu manufacture, wlich tlhery offr er low hv wholesale. may .8 i TI OlUIl--2.i brlt. lauding from steamer Itoddllh., "-For sale by G. DORISEY, may 28 44 Now L.evee T AID--f0 kegs snperr leaf lard at the lding, Sper Flat boat. Fr al by- G I)tIo.EkY, may 28 41 New Levee =wV I-KEY.--2110 brls gralifiedl in snore for sate by nmt7 G. DOIISEY, 44 New Levee. Drawn Numbers of the Louisiana Lottery, N0.33. 8 727 25 70 2 i4 43 5 74 13 5. 20 TIlIS AFTERNIIoON, TUESDAY i Al 6 1-2 ,'clock.1 Three Capital Prizes of $5,i00 each! Tickets only 3 it Dollars. V LOUISIANA LOTTERY ni Autholarizedl by Act of Legislature. Clhapter XI.III paed Maltlch 21i, 1824, Clan Extra 18. for 1839. to he drawn on i the Rotutnda of the Excmtttge II etel, St. I Chtrle at. otl 'irsldav, May 28th, 1839, at1 -2 paal 6 o'clock, P. M. prrecisely. D. S. GItEt;OtoY & Co. Successors to fA TES & .IMcNTYRE, Msnaeers. 75 Nulmbers-12 Drawn o SCHFEMIE. 27,81t- Prisze amlnlltieg I- $145,934 li:tla'kta $3 to--lltve $I 5l--Quatters 7.t rs Certifcilce Of Package il 22 wlhnle tirkats for $44. Ceatttate ,tf itack.,e of :5 half ticketi for $22. Certificateo of pacbage 01o251 surter tickets lor $11. Ptcltnget or silgle tickets. btr sale o! th, liaut -err' OtiO,.. 3 Clanal ext doer to thie corner f Camp It. mav27 SIlATE OF I.OIJISIAN --Pari h Court for uile 0 PIatish and city tl New Orle.tts. Present the Ilon. Cthairles Mlotrian, Jutlge. No. 11,831, 1.. 4. rrwiln, in no ae l toatudy, vr. h'a creditor and thie creditors et Eroin & lBolig,,. Ut on readling atel filig ke hartition tantd ehdul itn thia cuas--It is ordleredl a tte Cowl Itlit Ithe ctedlntsI of L. A. Er,-it and of Erwin ilad lfai n g.d, meet ill opitt CoUrt, til Monfltty thIe l7tl jan.e next 1239, thet oanl tlltere allow eau r eifoany y have, wty tihe -aid L. A. Erwin both lin his peronsrl caltsaity, atl a as a partner of tile firm of EIrwlng & lolinga, shlt.ld not bediathared accordig to low ' and tanr itn te meantime all pruceedings against his roptertr and per. Sl beostayed. It is lfurther ordered that I.lio.oro & King, Eqgre. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, be t'appointed to represent the absent creditors. fy order of Court. Clek's office, New Orleans, May 24, 18'.9. m25 Paw ARM \NI) l'I 'O.'1, Clerk. TAT I)E .LA LOUISIANE-Cour rde Paroiase pour la Paroisse et la ville de la Nouvelie Or. Ienlt I'lon. Charles Maulrian, Juge. trnant d6tena, contre seacrbanciers r t Iva crboncier a de ol aings. Sur lecture rt enrbgiasre.ltl te I pttitimtl at do bila Irlana cine sffoiro,i sst rdot pr ia Courque s cranciara s L.A. Erwin, et e E l l Bolillgs, rs rauniseta en plrin. Cuor, to Ltlli 17 Jt prochsli 1 U39,1,ur y dbouire Ils raisona, 'ils an oat, pr Ia quellea I dtt L. A. Erwin.. nt poor son cnnepte Ltelier qula cnm ass ncib de Erwi. 6e Balingss. ne rail pllttdbachrgb ronformbment a o loi; rt en ,n. t.mpsd totles l,,ursuit-a enltre so pars .nne at sea hiens stnr suspendlttes. II eat do plus Lrdlnnu quba M M. Elito re antl King soiert tltmtnt a pour reprbtteoter lea ari9an6ci.r ahsellat. Par onrie de Buinou do Grerer, tla Nouvelle SOrlesas, 24 oJl a 139. 67 mai2aw A. i'IT'OT Greffier. LLOUI.--694 brls lasding frn teamb, t la n u,, for a saleby G. DOItEY, 44 New Levee. Y,27 -RAUCO--120 boras, 8 ., 12 a, 32 a and piound 8 JL lumps al.'various trandsandaqualiies, for sale by may I BRIDGE & Ca, 134 Magazine st 5 L .iGS-4 bis landing from atremaer Vandtlia, lor S sale by ABItAIIAM 'R'IncER, mn may24 BGrairr s SINEN SIIRTS Gloves, & Sospenders-Just e reivea by nlate arivals, an asalttment of albits, eravats, summer stocks, gloves, and eusltnderas, at thle Bazaar, corner of St. Clarles slid (Cnuton satrelo. a22 BUSH & AI.LAN. B IRANDY-An lsvoice of superior Brand., reInage l of 1820, fr sule by SI.ALL & BROWN, may 1 96 Otaruzine as jOAP--200 boxes tahanl's brIand, for sale b 3u atay 1 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magsazine ast I M1E--1000 Ibla Thomastoa I.illt, Ilditng and ior I isaleby Sk J P WAITFEY, lm ty 1 73 Camp s iM 6L1 BEE,-Is- Iltll barrels at ,hes inasria, a1 6,r aalsby K; DORSI..Y.. m2' 41 New aes4rý, to give a detailed statementn of their value hand' S T use. ]'heb:lowinlg article will fully convinceora one Jomo1 of the rlail Ihs doter hlts up n ithes public to place for LI confidence in his preparations. Loui From the Hampde Whig of July 12, 1837. | s Mfat's Pills and fitters.-The last Journal cln Bein ruins additionn l teitionov in favor of tlls highly impore. stvl taonlinvention. "T'heprass ofthe Journnal was altost ir stoppol" to annonnce lihe testimony. Some one, in ttlt r name of Dr. MTliot thanks us for inserting ilt certifi. bu cnte ofour n.'ighbor Bowles, and offlers ao q.antity oil ug the article an compensutiuo. This is very kitd, and we Fret promise the moment we labor under like afflietions with Mr our neighbor of the Journal, to call on the agent. of t In tile mean limte, are any laboring unlor similar dJif T Icultist to those which have so severely Inomer upion Mir Iowles, thoe have lis testimony to bhe "peculiar ir adaptedness" of the remedy to the disenac. The teodi. Ma oite is undoubtedly s sovereign remedy. ' A LETTER FROM SAMUEl. BOWLES. app, The followinr letter is fromn Mr. Bowles, Editor of the agr Republican unodJournal, Springfield, n. art SPRnnotIr.LD, Jute l, 1987. oa r Sir. Moffut--Sir: tl ias ow thirteen years that i have sLffeed from all infirmity of the bowls--the cosa A quence, as LIsuppose, nan severe illoess of inflamto atory sid reunletttiam. Phe natoral tetiot of the bowels is losnt Pht frequoent ollttl severe points occur, witl moth weakoess nti and depression: cathettios being neceessary every few city dlays tucouotteraa rostivenesq. I hile onsuoted gool A physicians, and haove tried almonst iall kinds od f lla ad vertised. whih ;seemedl llited tontV eso, n vain. I)ut a r rieg the lst year, I boulght stid used severln boxes t of your" File Pills," aPtl Iove fotnd more leoeflit fto runt them, more roliefand adspleldness to tlly case for a length eels of time, than front any medictns I have yet tried. n Yours, SAMUIEL BOWLES. lam For sale in thiM city, at the corner of Common land Theopitouls sls. may 18 coi NOW ORLEANS & CARROILLTON RAIL ROAD Oo CO9IMPANY. SUMMER ARRAnOMeNTo FOR nTHE WEER DAYU . the From Carrolltou. FltoromNew Orlcane, a Horte Car at 4 o'clock, oA. e.i Car at 5 o'lock A. M Loecomotiv 6 " Loomotive 7 . ' o ant1 " 14 " " ;' " " 5 .. .. NO E5 LA Bill SAfrlOo',lock aCar can be ohbtined by paying 5 dao. DI lard fur the Trip. AncnoAGMENT FonsUnDAY fe The cars will evane li the same hour ac ill the weak dysa its tUtl I o'clootke, P. M. whellM a oouivs Ill o amutve l arrollton t every M. e Forutl n omumodntio uofterons visitinl Cnrrolton, in th, it. it5 o'lolk ear, a.lld wt, Iy lot wiesh to rema Itlore util t ou'lock, the n c, tn o hat hseretofore left Carlolllol tt 6 o'lock, will retlaia until t.o'clok, tlholehy allowing the one houlr to e.ljy tile plearllt walks of ote of the most beaautiful Ge. a t dens in the United States. t'ersor goig by tlhe Leomla tvemullt provide themselves 7 wll. Ticket, as the chau Iotitt directitn o t tott li receive money in lieu tlereof. Ii TIlE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREET CARS Lev te head otof Jakson street ot6 ojeloek, A. Ms., Calltl I d streeto at 6 o'lok,. lnd run hourly. At I o'loak they willv Saomlnon otlese eah and everyIallt houa, ulltlt Fi o'clock, il in P. f, tfotn Jackson street, ald o'ehodek from Canti ltreset, Ii' exceptitng at 8 o'clock, ~.''. froitr Cnal street. l It is partip:u'arly Aqueosed thot gentlemea will oat put et t their feet upoa tile uhios, or mooke in the cars, when Ludlo e are prese.t. ia OlIelNeNw Orleats and Carrolltol Rail Rood Compnoy, . ly Isl, 1639. JOltN IlAN'SO.N, 80 nad mey Is Chle Elng. N.O tiLU.. di Nly CHEMIN DE FERlL onEtOA LIC lie NOUVELLE ORLF:ANS ET ' CARKOIILTON to Arenrgetnons do t'th, pour Ioe joeur do laoseloniuc. tor, De Carrolton. De la Nile Orloants. s lo . Char o eveal, a 4 ire. A 51 Char h cbvol,it s seA e Locomotive, r ti Locomotive, d .7 ri "iI8 ", l Al9 " " a10 ., ] ' a1h 1' l " A2 At " t P M 3 O ti I| ' ," s 5 " ing 61 " 71 " "ee 8 ,, [ ," Aple. to0 Iheres dou oilr. on peti oobtenir otil char, oell f upayaott cinq pitstrer pour Ie voyage. ree Arrargentene pour tles DimanrLes. Le chbrs porteconit e ax mlelntos ltters quo tltino le ph. joulr. do la eemuinesjsoql' IA I hrere P. . Lne ooco Illotive purtira te Carrollton toutes leas IOtres, jtoo' a 'T 8 heures do soir, et de In ANouvelle UrIOasiltr.tu'a o;9 hetles du snir. t'oor l'egtemntlt des personnes qui as renldent A Car ret etlltoi par lc otler de 5 Ileres elqtll ne dhsirent peas demtcrer rjuqll' t 8 thsi , let chalrr qui paotttlloo.pura vaot de Carroiltor. 6lelhtoo, rester" jtoqll' il1 tcures,tu est potrtrdlnttor le tepos de jouird'tne promenade aglc aIble daot un tire plo loen ot x jardills les Etaels U is. Og Len per-onltes oioi pnrtlelti oar la Illo:ollotlive, doy tot rant ne procurer les Ibillets, attndul qol'il ott clStoodt n1on aotilonducteura de recenoir de I'algtoo au leu de t billets. ept CA.irs dee Rues Jaecksoneet dec Course. Ces chnrs parlirotot do nl roe .tkllok-n t hootreo, A. 51. it de n lare do CalI l6i hetorUs du Iltti erl cotront 'lnqtllto bttro. A II bllrct s ittes rirllt tuules le do.t Idet llies jllttt' hi t or.ten do sutr 1,! d t rolo Juck-.ol,..t jusotu' itl9ollocs de la rote do Caal, ca co Is t1 81 dto I rile do Cttolll. toI Lre Itr pteldlslr Istre l ll irinlet ooo pud s t itoterp " dons lea ollnlt toreqrua leo dottor. 'y trouvrut. rolltoot at de lo Nootollor erlfottto. u' JOI]N llAs11t1'ot)N, 10001 mn;18 htgt'loiol t'n tclf. seroll enrotl, uc.ompoooodl witlh a lMemtoir otf' 1l1r. vonWebster alld n brief rxlruc l Ili; Lelebltall 3peeCl ofb 30 O wlith pNllelllOf i tt Vle e, for ttle, orl.v .tle sills arlnld ll Ral, INo 1" ii mlred at. `o to Alo, o oiooiotre I,iotreneoo tf ir. lVebhrlte; 00-o it Dcltrtratlou otf ltode1nldotoceo tilt ftlo aimilc of IIlt Note. ' ;T D LA lOlliI tOE-Ctot dle Pi'lostioe ree j pour In parotis t o ville de la Nouvelle Orliaell- I '; ereslet I'lunurubic Charles Mlauraoo, Jg-.. IiJII5lhi 1411 1839. o. No. 11,774 A1. Dnbose vs eea ti'aoncicrs. evt o En tiolton de i. W. Bottns, ERQ. uvcat pour I'ino tore asllllteblt on nlonlralo une erreur qui oe trlouvut dotts tnd l'anrlonce dernicr pour assetltloer les cretllciers, ei ci agar collsalellre de ort erretlr I'e.senaollllb.en' a ips eto "8 lieu--L otsl orloolo our la Cllor, qt'etlle ooselnlele ntoiellle oura lieu o ll .retu de Piit1ppe l.ncoste, E.q. 11h. tormire, en Solotedt Is 15 ttlin, 1834, q:lndl e0 otl on v0 delilercr sur les .ff.lirers lo peililloll'uire et pretdre rll .even colloilerolio tn lomutieor n coeilinues dens ia :elltion. dit, Extrait du re'gilreo llllt , Biureau du GreIl', In Nouvelle Ohrlnni , itni 14, 1639. toes mll :it ' Ale aND l'I'tf)', tdrelier. lehy `3TATE .OF I.oUISIANA.-l'arish Colurt for tI to. S Parisl ando City of New Otlellsa.--l'rcsenrt lt Honorable Clharles Ifiurain, u l'ge. tMnva 141h, t1:J9. No. 11,774. 51. Du Bose vs. hIis Cltedtoro. On otoliti of (too. \V. lotts, inq tfoototsol for the inslolve.t, and upon showingte o tohe oorl nttlt an error lhas erept in the noetiOce calling for o meeting of credilors ly 3 ill this case, and tilla conseqoently sold meeting corllo t take ploce. It is orderled by the t ottt Ilat a ew meetl [ y inog take place i tthe olfire of PhI'lilippe I seoele, E.q. notary public, oil Saturday Ite 1.51h day of Ju!ne. 1.39, then and there to deliberate aoe the a8irs otllse petition e he eraol leake into elonlJideralio o tlti mallet set Ietorlh ill I, tt. Islo I itiot. net 6 Eatrolo'ror tlto minutos--Clerk's Office, New Or T leJte., SMaY 14, 1839. T y17 ARIMAND PITOT. Clerk. ACO. ,iDEt.-140 - aks superior Cincionati cured in storr, fr nale by O. IORSEY. m27 41 New Levee. T'IElI.--5 tons English blliotered Steol, Sor sale by SpS- 2 S1HALI. & BIIOWN, v6 ilsbozic st S1TE11 l i' & LAIll--ltO0 kegs lard &50 do supe Srior Western butter. for sale by m.6 IG. l)(l IIF Y, 44 New L.even AC N s )ES-lult casks i.n iere for alo Iy y6 - i I)GIIOSEY, 44 yew Levre IREStR V"S--40 boxe.n receiving frun New York per ahip UOcollee. fr sale by my SIIAI.L & RIU )WN, 96 Magnaine st C OOPlit'S Drawing look of Anlllllll Art of Flower Painting in water colors llnrdlu'a Early I)rawing Leok I'rlnnd's Juvenile Artist Tilt's Elementnrs I trnwitg Book Andrew's Lersson in Flower Leainting Tl'he Iittle Sketch no.k, tIst sand 2d series The United States Drawine Book, jolt received and for sale by ALEX. TOWAIR, may 16 49 Camp at A CAID. 1)OBINSON & GOOJDWIN, (68 Chartrea street,) I. reslpert lliv inform their friends and tim lpublic E G .aovinof te anbore fine, will leave lir New York abota the InotfJune. They invite those who iony with garments made to their mleasure to call and leave their orders pireioun to that time. may 1 tl j ESS £ B EEF-ln half bla, for ssae by Smay 14 G 1iORSIY, 44 New l.evee. C LOL'HINt--15 catme seasonable cloth'ag, lauding from ship St. Louis fir rale by mnS I RIOGE &. Co. 134 Magazine at E P.8N.-J usn received a few gross 'AI'IBi .Zgto, and srrry3.u 41e.t'°i' pens, for bv -1 D1AVD1b EL' T &c Co, 2mk" N Y stationers hall 24 Chartrer st a SRNY ltAUiS--3" O r.s¶frs bo . 141 832J HI1'NEY i5Camp - t.CON SID. .-150 cask s (i6inoiti cured, for eale by i DORSEY, may.4 44 New Leven AIIB. 0 Bolntonl aesrised iza.for sale by N SHtALL o BROWN, mid2 96 Magazine at `% "I' E-6 tom g hi blistered, in stoe, for sale INK!.INK!! INK!!-J usn 'eived twelve gns f I very superior duz Ink, packed ilý onae dozen boxes, for alei ty the dzen or grome, by DAVID FELT, N York Stat! mar' hall, may 14 4 Chartres at. OFFICE, FIREMEN'S INSUIANCE CUOMPANY, New Orleans, May 4, 1839. T HE Stockholders are hereby notifid .tat tlts Seighth Instalent o, their stock is duae n ray able ot, the sixth of June 1839. ey E L TRACY Ser BUREAU D'INSUKANCE DES rMOPMItES, De La Nouvelle Oramn. a S ES Souseripseurn sewt revenus queo I 8Ame in RU stlmenat eur leur souaenplttu eat tu et payalle irt I 6same de juin, 18J9. E L T'IACY, mn9 - Seodtaire iL-IRANDY &+ WIN--3 half aml 6 qr casks bran. u dy, 1 rraske brown Serry Wise; 36 boxes pale do du susperior uSlity fnr t t b S &.'1 P WVHITNEY. may 3 - 73 Camp at UF~dn·'tL 4 1 rev STATEOF LOUISIANA.-City of Now Or. E Sunns.-Be lt known that thle day before uit, i Joseph Benzakin Marks, a notary public, in and hon b for the oily and pa-ish of Now Orleans, State of paroisc Louisian, aforesaid duty eommissioned and swern, ano, d Personally came and appeared Mosers John Se. (Ont venaon Walton-John lall and Archibald Brown Steplh Bein, Carpenters, transacting bopiness under the Bien, style and firm of J Hall & A II Bein-Benjautin t lefr liairrod.and John Hughes, Carpenters, transacting rode business under the style and firm of Harred & affliro tlughes-John Thomas Osborne, Malk Thomas, -Jol Freeman Annnble, Joseph Wilder Davis, .mueol Arnal Morrison, and Daniel Babcock Clarke, all resideots ot Da of this esty, lho declared, declar That in conformity with an act of the Legisla. Qut tare of this State, approved on the thirteenth of do cel March, eighteen hundred and thirty.soven,eutitled Irente " An act to authorise limited or anony mous part. social nerships, and to regulate the samne," L ey, the said lea dii appoarers, have agreed, and do by these piesenta sense agree to enter theu following lhmted or anonymous isdeo. partnership, under the clause and conditions ol- snivel lowing to wit: Art Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which celto said partnership is to be conducted, shall be, "l'lTe pagni Phoenix Tow Boat Company,'" and that the place Cotl where said company is to be located, shall be in the 16ans city of Now Orleans. Ar Art. 2. That thoe desriptlion or kind of Iusiness fairer or industry, to be carried on under said style, by par It the dir, ctors shall be to establish and continue to un o run one or more tow boate, for tll towing of yes. qun eels, rendering assistance, corrying freight and pan. sager rengers, and any other business which may be les bi lawful for tow hoalt to perform. A, Art. 3. That the amount of the capilal of said pagn company, shall no one Itundred thousand dollars actio each, and payable in cash. tani. Art. 4. That the names of the partners, and At the amount each partner has contributed, is as fol- taut lons : ant Saiu John Stephenson Walton, eighteen hundred A and thirty five slaros ; said J Hall and A B Bein, cte sixty one shares; said HIarrod & ilugches, forty one sctit shares; said John Thomas Osborne, thi tcn schares; tion said Mark T'homas, ten slares ; sid Freemnan An. 'Iho nable, ten shares; said John Wilder Danis, ten tlq shares; said Samuel Morrison, ten sharesa; and tier Daniel Babhcck Clarke, ton shares. A Art. 5. That this partnership shall commence cotti fronm the date her, of, and the samn shall terminate nit its operations and wind up its conce rns on tie A thirteenth of June, eighteen hundrod and forty- tre in three. ire Art. 6. That there shall be three directors to A transact tile business of said company. and admin. reet r. ster its concerns. der an Art. 7. That the powers with which said directlrs poy to shall he vested, shall be to elect fiom amongst tool tl emselves, tit ir own president, and fill a I veCan. dit cles, and a majority of whonm shall have and are scal at hereby invested with full power to receive and pay don ill all monies, and to do and cause to be done all that teul k" is requisito to the condueting of the business of do at said conpany--and the presiden by and withl tle de ut consent of a nnjority os tlhe directors, is onopow j il ed to issue the note or notes of' said compally, te . all demands, purchases or contracts ou behalfofser said company, countirsigned by at leboot one of thie a, R directors. Art. 8. That the time of duration of the service riv of said directors shall to for one year; and that all se election for the sane shall be held on the first Mop. toe e. day of July, of each and every your during thle ex. isteuncoefthis partnership. dir 51 Art. 9. That when said company shall have ar. ma rived at tih period when it iton expire, all tihe con- Ia cerns and affairs of the same, shall be wound up do and liqundated by such directors as may be in oioiec voe at tlIe time. avi Art. 10. That the powers to be exnroirsd by thle Directors intrdsted with said liquidation, shall be as follows, to wit :--'T receive nu hounm or snum, in as met n my be duo to the company, and give acquittace pa or acquittances thereflor, and to sell the property Ic of said company, either at private sale or public da auction, on sctll tlr Is and conditions as to thtm re Iel may see fit and advisable, and to pay the debti of it o-said company. a Art. 11. That tihe dividends of the clear profits, Ie 0a after paying ale charguo and expenditures of tho car- company, shall be declared and paid toi tie stock. d hy holders, on the first Monday in July of each andl ira- every year during the existence of this partnershlp et tes first reserving ton per cent. of the profits fur can. Io 1ch- tingencies. c Irv- Art. 12. ' That a general meting of the stock. ide holders, all rules andl regulationos e regards the de number of notes each etockhllders ehall give, and N any other matiter relative to the wellhre ol the conI R pany, ncot contrary to tl, foregoing compellact, slt.ll be enttred into, and theil rules i nln i rgnlhtiOlla itlore.c res, said, shall be denolminatd lthe " lly.Laws I of the o e Phoenitx Tow Boat Company," acid they shall bei t rICs bindingl on the said stockhlolers arnd tle.r respec e r- tive heirs. ])iIIo aInd passed, in my oflic, in the city of New pa Orl ian.a, n lhrt..-i-.i, in pre en c:l of litinit I I 1 lnaltdo mer and W llasatd, witlness. elma Iwfmul age anid duomi clliated in thn, city, who iheruttol si g their Il msgil Cnr- ogetter willh such appearcet ald mile, tie said notary, this lot day of Apr I, 1r39. if. Origi.l signed, .I hl S \Vhltn, Joseph W\V i Davis, 1 Ilarrod, 1)D 11 Clrlce, S Morrison, F. An . nacLle, A I llaiin, John Iitlhes, Jelohn T Oshorn, h Mari Tl'honm., John Hlall, YJ llaser, 1l) J lit el cart., J 11 Marks. not. lpb. I certify the furegotng to be a tri. copy of the io original act exatat in . iy Ieirrt t rtegiler ; it faith w llereof, I rant thesoe presents under ily siyLtnia ture and seal oflfli.., at New Orleans, this 22d of April, 1839. JOS. B. MARKS, not. pub. as- Bpi 9 9t -t'....rn,-ti me aout the mth J uart'ilt imit, SI. 0llialelt o ll, ltlnik:dt S or I t' S, (tie I'ie. latel itr heheved Ito tlie le In rk) .ll hic l . tls llttin fein daon the Atchlifalaya I.anding. Any person Ica ioig 'the same ill Itir i iore-sion, c ill pe ln 'ya NIsi -re. lirkilan, Oeo Alhcolalli & Mlauoai, berce it an Ie Ihad. ,lt .e ,uay, t 4tw S I': CUON V. E~q. I- - - - a n - II ISK(Y-11300 brY l rnrtifieltitr re by re st mnl G I)t)ltii:Y, 441 Nuw Levee luau-. LTUl)-St0" . kigtl .irf lar. frr byale u m 80 kgl tD ittdt-Y,44 New Levlee 1839. I tiAFtiiilil5n tr aabl a. ,, noe lrnLy tre. i may I S 1.1. & ItItt)\N, ti Mlagainee st lr e lll '1( .ihY-200 lbrrelas reified owick-. it store, the t V fur .rle by i DltlttlY, I t.-10 .. ..__. 44 New I._eve" IITINDOW GI.ASM.--fi6i0 boxes egish crown er he Windsor glass, receivine ind for sale bIy error e i1 R CL.ANON, 12 Cu'mp sat di inrs Cntet ilAYV)RALTV OF' NEW O1RLEAtN. 1it T 111~ T prie o Irsrhb flour to-tdy is $6 O'ti perbnrrel e acUrditig i Iote Isnrit Ic; the likers hall .ivae i. 1iti s ring lhe etsuini week (frln Mlonday d tyil l.) 310non rb i foar t eenlts llread uof thie second quality, or of hbreo leaves for 10 rents, is required to wetigh 5 per cent. y Or5- nt, :c lounce. C GOElcNOI, Ma)or. LUlIsIANA WAIIE IROOM, IIy i14 *o. 3, lHIENVILLE-Sr. yW iKLESR 0S CAIlI O L'ON IltiTEL. ; ' LAI'AUD hba Ilie Ilonor el ifrorniag hi. Ilieondh Ii otrl at pharrolli', where he oiruse.. hi will receiiv, tile calls o his old furiedn and all oveRrs o" gord cheer. Priovate partirt will be bandioeoly yroi.lrd tir by givicgahlle natice bIrforeltnd. lie iow rillin Ir enter into urrngements with families oir individuals desirous ofpasilg thile i111minr at Carrollitlo. ml 0 TO( KENT. - - A large four story hrick hrlurSjuat flnish Sad Iti tb0eJ2riJer lftl;riVier nod Caronrhleri os, 080 coritigi ii tile Exc ahug Itotel stokea i dsiablbe "or a ioarding Ilouse. It wil e let tilltlhe e lt ut November, at low rent, witlt tho privilege of a lrase ap lliterua to b agreead IpLono. Oy 18 Iw JlAaJA tl CALI)WILL. OFFICE )F TIlE IIS [SIPPI ARINE ANDI IRE INSUIANCE COMPANY. NcW Or1ons, May 20, 1839. rl llE Stockbolders of this ln-titutigi are hIreby J )tiiednd renired Io pay iId, n il tanhnen lt cfe Ihirly dotllira on r 'aid e ahli.. oi ir beloro tihe Lit of inO Imi President, pIro tent (~F F IC l , 4't-- -R. T -A iN -RA I I -R O A ) C O . Naw Orleoant,2d Maoy, 139. ILtOTlCE--B a Resolution of the hoard o wdirectlor t cal this Coipnpny, edsaed on the olt, ri ol li vate on the road has bero to to t oent er i ve ets. J 1 I.EIFE, naf2 te icrretery. IIa.L -R-99 brrelt landing from ste ania- a. Co A' lumbar, for sale by G414lIsRseY, sarl 4e Nw rLoevt I HISKEY-Il0l brla landing from steam boat mitColuNmbus, for sale wyitRSthe prNewLegeo iu24 G DORSEy, - New I.reee A-lup -l- ers o e be asted sined rceirivig from 1 Philadelphia per brig L'Otiet, for sale by my7 O SHAI.I & BRISIWN,96 MARniNE AtN THE AMF KICAa ALiANAC and Kenlaitory t aUffl rtKnwledge, for the year 18139, 1rct3i9d a.nd for se by DAVID FELl' &t Co, may 18 4 Chartmreat I t JUICE:.landinig from llavana in ctaks, ar re and deamijchas, lur bl r B e f Jose next BONNAsBIo, may 18 Cor Natahre &, Thapiluulas ats .J A t.' o.s OUvlleobri'dn1r, dleant ,sio Jsoeph iu ken MatLi, iotaire publii,.dsnt eat pourtla Vili'eat paroinse de Is poueVltbritans, PAst do Is ouis i sne, dsloaunt appoiqtd ot jit.d' Ont personnellenibsit conmprn p Iet.oitliiut$i ., StLphensnu Waltod, John iallot . r Bien, n6goeiant tours ilraiter suh & L lorme deo J. lHallet A. B. Bein- armjdl' rod et Joan Hughes coll.gus nbgoai 1:. atfEires sous lo titre e form H rold `l1. f." , -John Thomas Osborne, at hThonnsul Trt - Arnablr, Joseph Wilder Davis, Samuel Mohfioa , et Daniel Babcock Clark residelin en sette ville ql . declarant, Quo cenformbment &a an ets doe i L4giyjture do cot Etat, epprouvd Ie troise Mars mil halt cent tronto sept, intitul6 un acto "pear autorlser lea as. sociatione limi.d on anohyme et les rdglbr," eeus les dits tdmoins out conveons elt fails par oea pro. seus convient & ontrer la suivntlo suoeiatidn, lim itde ou anonvmo sous les clauses st conditions qui. suivent savoir. Art. 1. Quo Is nom tiltre et style sos lequel cotta eomlpagnie sera conduite, sera " La Cnom pagnie de remorque Phoenix." et la place de cette Comopagnie, sera dane la Ville de Ia Nourolle Or 16nea. Art. 2. Que la description ou I'ospbee dos arf faires oenindustrie, 6tre conduied sous li dite style par les disecteours, sera d'6lablir et continuner courir un on deu bateoaux de Remorque poor to remor. quant does Voisseoux, aidnnt, ct portent t et on pan. eagers el quelquo autre atffire qui serait just. pour o les bateaux do remorque i executer. Art. 3. Que lo mtontant do capital do cotte com. I pagnin saers cent mille plastre, divied eo nne mille s actions do cent piastres eohque et payable comp tent. d Art. 4. Queloo nomsdesnctionaireset le mon.. tans quo clhaqu actuonnaire t contribud eat comma d A dit John Stephenson Watson, huit cent trests actions ; t J. Ilall at A. B. lein, soixanto at an actions; i Harrod et Hughes, quarante et on as. lions ; A Thomas Osborne Ireize actionsa; Mark STIhomas, dix aclionsl; A Joseph Wilder Davis, diq actions; A Danicl Babcock Clarke, dix c. d lins.. Art. 5. Que cetto compagnle commenoora de Scoltto date, o terminera los operations ole trnto Jain ta mil huit cent quarraoto trois. to Art. 6 Qu'il y aura trois direeteors pour con. tractor lea affiroes do la dito compagnia oL admin. istrer see intdtrts. to Art. 7. Quo lee pouvoirs dolt sert vitu tle di. o. rectours, srae d'dliro parmi euo un Prdsident, at de ronsplir toutes places vaeantes, ot dent io majo. ri(d aura et eat voetou voce pouvoir de recevoir et do Spayo r toutes monnoies, et faire f causer klt.r fit at tout qui oct requis le eondulsant les afftires, de la -t. dite compaognie ; oee Pr6sidet par at aven Is eon. re sent do toa mjorlltdes directeur, esat autoris6 do y donner la .promouse do la ditre conmpagmie, poor it toutes los demarlont, clhals, ou contrats, our le part of de la dite compagnio countldagnd par an meins un e des directeurs. Art. 8. Quo la dur6 do service da ddire diree. tours sera un on, et qu'uno olection pour I. mime f sere toeue le roetier lundi de Juillet do ohaque tao antod pondent I'existence do cetts compagnie. Art. 9. Qua qluatd cetto compalre sera oar C10 rivlo au terms do son expiration toutes ls. afaires aI soront 1 quid6es par loe directours an office an cot '- temonps. IX . Art. 10. Quo Ise pouvolr dent seront vl6us lee directoeurs contid avooe la dito liquidation sera com. rme suit suit avoir : de recevoir touto somme que dura o- la compagnie et donner quittanesponr Is m6me, et "P do vendro Is propri6t6 do Is dite compagnis an 0oo vents priv you publhquo comma vroint propres et avisnblo los directeurs et do payer toutes los dd e penses do la comp;gniae. as Art. II. Qua lea dividendes de profits sprts , avoir payd totouos charges et ddpeaoes do sla com t ne pagnio seront ldclardos et psydos a les aetionnairea rty io prmoler Lundi do Juillot do chaque annde pen lic tlaut I'existorce do cetto eompagnio premibrement an resorvant dix 1 our cent des profits pour lea casual. Sf it~s. Art. 12. Qu.t uno election g6ndrale des action. ,,naire toutes loee rgles at regulations i I'dgard du tloe lnubrs dles votes quo chaque actionnaite doers k. donner, eltquelqueo nutro chose relatio le bien. att dure do la compagnio seront considdrd at les rdglos lp et regulations avant dit seas denomin6es to lo par, In. lolas do ta conmpognie do remtorque Phoenix," st la mck mo C6ra obligatoiro our los dits actionnanres et lIcurs hdritiers. atne Fai it pas6 ond men m tude dans ls villo de Is ant Nouvelle Orlatns. on to pr6.tnce do Daniel J. ol- Ricardo, et J. W. laslsard, td6ntins d'age requis ll et urant dotcurnnt danu cello villa qgli opposent leure re' oignatures enaetble, avoc lea dit td.uoins at moi. tIo hta noItire, co Itlremibr Avril mil huit cent trentl Ptc Originol sigod, John S. Walton, Joseph W. Da. a v Ii, l artod, D. i. Clarks, S. Morrison, Anna- id bl', A. leltn, John llHugtes, John T'. Osborn, Marls Thomas, John Hall, J. htrsntrd, D. J. |icar. tin, Josclah t. Mark., not. ubt. said Jo curtlit o 4to cect esttune oroie copio do I'origi. ln acloe Ctlllat on tantot tdgiltre ; tt etllo Ifos S j'nctc,rldo ct', prr.s nts so u moa signatullre at 1n Ant, 'eai dn ln d on oltice, a Noituv:ollao Orldtun, to 22 Avril. .p In 09 JOS. . MARIKS, Not. Pub. the t4'In1 t An ,taN(t.t :r. (ait (ii taatt n an ot I. ttt1 , . 5r, 1t a c .tlay. 51819. S.K .slhtoi IttIfor th IAT "RIAIII, ont t heir rlnllls r0 it Ie n)tou Tiguyae, every day in 2 Itht ,"ve'k-at tollUws : ci I. D t Return. 9t )'.n|. I0 A. M. 4 " 6 " t'Excel t Sundaye, when the cars will run is follows: t 3 Aepartt . Ileturn. 6 A. M. 9 A. M. e 121. 2P.M. ttt't ttA 6 P.rM. as I iJIIS iH. CALIDWEI.l.. Presidelt. FURNIU'J RE! FUIN1lTUIE.!! J U'iT' received at the Louisiann Furniture Wan hoes, a Ilrge supply f,tm New York and Bin oil. I'ersos il"l ti h anl of furniturewollld do wli to anll,and select their articles from oneofthe bent an Iargent stackt now in the city. WV CARiNEY, d6 5:1 Bienville N i--Particular attention paid to packing and ish ing Furniture, frteepofexpense. d6-2w N EWrFttUNIILANI) DOG--Missing since londs the 13th instant, a Newfuun'land Dog. nam Captaine--he i of a IBrindll color, and well known Io Itrlperty of tllt subscribers. A liberal rerd w be gie1n for his delivery to DiOY.E & MAY, 11t4 3 Carondlet at i UVANCES-Tthesubcriber athe only, and e elusniver nlbutrired ugent, by tle HnuoeofMe WVddes, Piakertgill & Co. of I terpal, (in nwhich opulent irml of Fielden Brothers ate parters,) in re to mak advin tes ot tn consign.nts to the ediresn Witlen, Pickereginl & Co. SM'L. WIiGIIaT. w.nh--ut 58 Canal a I'tAtlt.I- COTTAGE' 17 PICTOR presentshls est ncomplimntet to rsod the i blic lef New Orletans, and to stroar whalo .v be oasing itn few days int the olid informs them that he will Ie readt y n n few d rno..eio tiet at that pleat nt tetreal, ithe I' KA I It CO' TTA ( I ,:lstralted n then aLae horn. Pe trniotlling eithlr fine Springfield, n. eldaontdle, Motlicmtille, or the city, cant totera nlett with gel tilctr--fille aut otnotdatit,s and potite attution- all ortiea ly wac y of the Nashvnille atnihontod can Itse ce.tin a private m id plasenutt rtoI c ty giving one dayt totee of thteir tntoent n n to ina.4-. 'li .rolrietor doublt not that itmlnennrtlns tr viit w i be f d it th advnet.get tne Colttgt It sent., to Ihe ho ulidl, and those tearied with the ht itt eand buttle of tlecity. The ptre l deliei air cottl.tntly floatintgeither from tte Iake or the gr o yie- ht eo retreshing aon the tther loaded wit fagrnmet, w iii oer gi;v tutaingled delight to doe w md,ter in scere tllnr ofuheal orllll Lnrt . F. IProcor ap alnl tietohroe witlh confidence to t ptfromahe f thneo who know Ilia inethod of nervin It friends, atd doubts tot that11101 oast straners iting t city will htntr hinm with a coai. te inten maki IPrairie ('ttage one of tlhe nmi-t aeteeable of sort i the neighbOrhnood oftheC itv. The pmrorietor guurantta ht hat hls win, lituorns t'e. sal OItl'-theno t ciloice ntalt: at the as tatie le will devote his attention to procure all the en liest delicaies and viandt of tha senseon tn hisan tb -NK-NOT |P'APER-I-JIt recei.ed an ivat Sof hank note I p .r aof Amin manufacturet, and cale by ALItX 'a'Wktl{, nth 49 Camp atrtr I. .r - A 'iton ntintatto an i. for tsae Iby `.-2.Aantt A TitEt,34 Grs(nier Sdelst street, a few doats froto Cenal et;Impome"i given itmmediately. Apply tou OYI.F f MAV in 21 3 Carondlet FLOUR-.06 brit landing fromln flat baat, tor alei m2i V I)ORSEY, 44 New Lev I AMAIthD HOiNE:Y, tat BEEhWA - I tavana, for sale ty H IitaNNAitEi., tnay 18 Cor.Natchez etd T'chapittutat 11All1.tI DUOSi', for making anIn water attd ,( e vitriol, received lately and for sale byy f Ho BONNABFL. may 18 Cor Natchez and Tehapitoulaa ~ ItlSKY-1l8arrent Ieudiog from steam \V Commerce, tor ale byi n,; GC DORSEY,44 New Lene iRINt'EIt'S INK-Just received trots barq . Chantieleer n large invoice ofJohnon aunti rutnt's news,book, ad job ink, and ter sale ty a2" A TOWA R.49 Cn s O MEl tAECHANIC --The ttnohanit'a eluntlo eom preheeding prittiple, aulskan d tables in voriton departlentn of nmthetaatie and mechati useful to Millwrighta, Entneerer, and Artisane in e ral., by William (mreen, coil engier. tnt Anmreni iromitt 5th Glasgown edition. Reeeived thin day a at fr sale by ALEX. TOWAR, In 8 49 Camp at EXCHANGE ON BOSTON--for ale by Emar'3 I BRIDGE, 131 Magazine ADIEN CORN--cotnttntiy on bal.anAd It an ' by SHALL & BeOW iJOLttANi (il.-itt pipes tdlanttd Gin, in at at and for sale boe J TAYVER& co mI 74 Poydes a V ANA SE(iAK t),IMi of aferent quait in.toerand fot gnla y " A TRER, I Its 3 (iravier n·u~· wr~~ur I

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