Newspaper of True American, May 28, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 28, 1839 Page 3
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GiRAND REAL rSTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE lent DICEMBEIR, 1839 t , INJACKSONVILLE, Fla. Under the superntendellce o' the Cuomnisseoirs ap pouited by the Legislative Assembhl of Florida. S o IMifhIT & HAOBIILTON, -. Managers. 100,000 tikaet, at $5 scheme price. $1,500 000. , S ellien pride $g20 per tlicket. - BYLVESTE'E & Co., 156 rolmdway, NEW YORK, isole Agents. 57 Tie receiptlls of the sale of the tickets will be de posited in Ite Uanual Union, Carrolluton, Citizen's end onssolideted Inltkse in New Orleans, in the name of Louis Scthmidt joittly with J. U. Perrault acually Cashier oftlm Citizen's Bank, sad A. Bauudouin ac tuany t'ashier ofthe Consolidated hank, as Trusters, as per act passed Ihtore A. Manzrenu, Esq. Not. Peb. onthe 2d May 1839, and the properties trnsierrrrd to the above mentioned gentlemen unineambered, as Trustees, for the security of the fortunate prize Iol ders. In New York the moleni will be deposited in the Pkoenix Bank to the credit of the above named b City Banks of New Orleans. The Phblie are referred to, the acta passed befose A. Malnezreau, Enq. Not. Pub. in relohinz ti . peties which embrace the respectite pri e Lottery. GOO PRIZES, no fllllow,+: Prize-That mntguilfct tlltlree story brick builditg, knnwnbi s n Atie RItAI)I', in IeMpdiillne treet., measuring 286 feet .5 inchl-- 4 lines on Magarii aot. 146 feelt 6 inches ln Gravii r street, . and 111t1 feet il inhesr on Nn.celtr .t. This buihling produces now a renl of $37,o0 pter mnnnu oni.d Icbing in athe lost flourOisi.g part if ile eity, spp.iot three baonke, and in the nerm.dints n-ithborbumml of the St. Clatlel arc thie City tllolels. Its rento will, in very few yersT be, increased to fifty tlhuatntd dollars pei r Innum. a E stinttnrd .t $Tt 0,000 I Prize-That alesant feotr aleic brick build. iun knowu as the Ct tIY IIt0IEl0:., forneerly Bieltopi Hhotel, eitnoted at the crnerr of Glimp and Cummon ts, i emnurilsr 162 lees on ('ominon st, and 146 lrer III inchs on Crntp et. This Icuilding reintsen feor $25,0110, antd beit.' in the most crntal pi s oif th city, can shortly be inereaoel en thirty tinosnnd dollars per sit nuan. Estrmated at 150*,000 I Prize-The thre story brick d.,elling ltoinso, No. 30 lsn Natrhez street, adjoining tile Arcadel rented at 12 hldtled dellaro. Estimated at $.0,0.0 I Prise-T-he three Cnlry brick dwelling house, No. 18, n ljoliinin No. 20, it Natclrez street, reined at twelve hundre.l dollira. Estimated et $20,000 I I'rlo--Tle threes stor brick dwelling konee, Ne. 1I6, ailjtining NR. 19, nic Natchezl at, reotied at twelve lo.nd- red dcllars. Estinmated at $20,00 I Pris--Tshe dwelling house No. 23 norilt east eornertf Basiln nol Cutotm house streetsl, oneasring 40 ketl fronto tilnasin slreet, 4) feet frontt ,n Fran klin street, by 127 frel lepltnth ti Custlnahnunie strret r-llrrd oi fi. - teen hundred dorllrntt. Esltited t1, IPriz--'le dlwelling Iis No 24 soulh wret rorner llr IIAsill serlet., Nesr urin 3'2 feet 7 inltll on Inpin oft, 32 ree 7 inches l on Franklin street, by 127 leet 101 inches depth on Cus utomhouse Alset; rented at fifteen hundred dollars. Estitirated at $r20,n00 I Prize-The two story brick dwerlling house No. 339 on eysa! street, between Ursulino and lte itil streets, ilneas urnse 21 ieet 8 inches on REoyl tr, by 127 feet i1 in -hen in depth; rent edat $1020 per annol,l. Estimated at $15,000 i Prite-250 shlhens Canal fIlank astuck, at $10t1 acili, $-5,8200 i Prize-I shares br Cotmmercial lank stuck $100 oenlt, o20,0)10 I Priaze-1S50 alres Mrelianir.' and 'tre ders' Ilnbk stoek, at $160 eaet, 15,000 3 Prizes of 100 shares each, Uitty Bankc, :O,0n 2 Prizes of 50 " Eachonge, 10,111t0 SPrilzes of 25 Ins ligln, 5,00U tPrizes of 15 ' tlechhniis' nnd Traders' 31,000 P0 Prizes of 10 " l.onisina Snoate, 2ll,l10 10 Prizene f 2 t" ona Light, 2,1100 200i Ptizes of I " Batnk of (Jrlenn., 20,0lll0 2111 Prizes of I Union tlonkof Floridal, t5,00 It shall he at tIre eption of the winners of prices it+ lnallk tcksb, either t take tile stuck itself or tile par value rhereol in cail. NOIE1 OL1 lI0 AWINO. 10.000 ticketo, frnt 1 IilrOi,ntll00, will Ihe pit in one wheel, sanl till 00 prirz.. witll It hleilk, in antther ; ll envtiy numbler en riere or bhilk wdll ie drawn,. until all 'ic Intrlos are Itl.tertlilleld, hlrviltg Ithe balance of IIn ters in tie wlrheol-blhnkr. Orders f-r ete itinev Iot tety will be. reeis eti th emlide ittler the Verrlitdnlh, re,rrnr of Pt. llhtrles nn (litIncimrn oerlettr, nllld st No. [III Challn toe lreet, ,Nr, rtrlr;.ns, llal d protlu yIV lilrwirlddl , trdvrs l 'rn ,lll the tii . try r .o-I trldrrrlrllillti si rr lloirlllltc lto letr ie iunii ler ulsicke.ln r llir, dI. and'cll-,.oa l It 8tlI,111) 1' o IIAMli.'l't)'.l, New O)rlullnd· II " A rtillllhl* wi&l u II.trlll li olllte Io Fonlen las mlitl Itl +cPil.lll wa i y IC d.l"sirUUl hi WliItesI ItIh drnalwe. J.,rksoinvilh., Fla. Alpil. 1839. cnv 1 IIAZA \ It. (.'orner of ,0. Cherles F" Coniwoc erlect, * x ) t I&It A K I enr fTi c L rl • .I4t.. ALo.l.1. u.....,I r,!s'ea cl:full y call Ihc at B rnr ii llr of r:ilelzrll. ear l lotrigm ,n r itn t oLt', - trr n plr- t" ti t srllnl rllr tt Gallrllt lllhr.' Ilnll -iirt- . dt c, .lil, rie, c1I c Inl r irtll fal hillliinlarh litlt rrnittlt lieun cI- I lnrs: ailk, -l-ottsn nd onlerltl cr00lr shlirs nlll drdaw,,otI cahbric and silk hanlktrchiiefs: blotack lit fancy cin nats ie great verietrry: otrck f evry dscrlption: gum eblsti au.1 coto "sOsliuetlrts: silk, cottou ittttliread glioes: get llirbskin gfloor.: nrtlrllolLas end citlea gull olunnlrd.| Alhn,-- Ilendid naLnorltnril of lades nllsld genIS Iri-s ting desks, dreesine cnes, puri olius, porfulmory, cot lery, Aid rirch frsy gaods.o novl Unied albo o' comjistanear. Appointrd by the Federal Court at New Orleans. OFFICE No. t19 COMMON STIREIE7l', LExchange lHotel taildings.) AAID ('ommiiionr takes affidaviis under nolt by vitu t otflhe Acts of Cnmgres, patsed 2 th Flehro- Ci sry, I18ou; It Marich 1817; hoe Judiciary Act of 1789 and nther actt of Congress, in such cases mae and - Sdid Commisioner has considerable experience; and uses rms ofll euptioln and certificate whlich ha^(ve stood the seoverest scrutiny of the ibleas Lawyers, april tIL __ __ JOHN V. CHIL DS, ENGRAVERI AN') COPI''ER-PLI.ATE PRINTER No. 3. Camp St. W ILI. engrave and print to order, Ihnk notes. ,tlls of exchange, bill s of lading,, mereran iln and visi:ing elard. noturi'i, consular ind counting house vula, dour plates, silver wore, &c. -lwcys eln Ihand, an assortment of silver plated end braos door P Cards printed from plates already engraved. tluv2o t FALL & WINTIER CLOTl'HING. ol J P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Mnaazine street, J.l " r re oce itng their sup lies of Fall and Winter r Clothing, and will otnline to receive hllpmeott t regu ledy ihronlglont thle seaono. 'l'bir aassortoent being large will eahbtle themo to suply to. robttal frot, the eottnlry. t the hlortst notice; For sall whlolesale C &reail on accamounuuting teorms. ftýiTER. 50keGstottattr. Innctcnnd c or c ctbe and J P WHIT'PEY,7.1 Camp at TO T'lE LADIES. I)It HULL'S U t'1sitO AIIDOMINAL SUPPORTER t llSt new instrument for the radical cure of Pro la ipus Uteri, or Falling of the Womtb, by ex ternls application, superseding the use of the ob jectionable pressary, is confidently roecommended to the afflicted as the means of a perfect restor.ttion to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circutmstano cos. It has received the decided approbation of I Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjtamin C I Brodto; Sir James Clark, Physician to the Queen; I Dr Ashwell. Lecturer an midwifery to Guy's line. pital ; Dr Rig by, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griflith, lecturer to Westmin-ter Hospital; Dr Ratmsbotham, Iclturer to London hospital ; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster hospit, al; Dr Sweatman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and snoelr aRoooaheur to Queon Charlotte's lying. in.hdtiblt ; alsot .ry Davies, ConquE(t' .li.a4n l, I ite, trr0it rgton KEtee,& I . lvy P)c fao00o pro tt AhbeAco~elucitis i~noyoc de MedicinetP. l's,l nd Actoituhr to Ite Duohess D'Orleans ; professors Volpeau. Marjolin, Paul Dubois, So son and others-and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profes. sor of midwifery in Ithe university of the cify of New York, profs. Dolafield, and Francis, U John. saton, president County Med Society, Laurens Hull presidqnt med society State of N York, profs Jas McNaughton of Albany, pr'6f March, Cyrus Per. kins, Duoane--Dra 'Thos loyd, Gilbert Smith, Hosack, Stearns, Ludlow, Kissamt, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Renssalaer, and tmany other distin. guishod physicians in the U States. A G Ilull, Ofleo 4 Vessey at, Astor House N York. iT A constant supply of the above instruments, with Dr iull's improved Trusses for Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. rills; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilk;e. son, Somerville; Hall and Washington, Nashville; MeNairay and Hamilton do; R I. Bliss. Floronen Ala; J C Spotswond, Athens; Irby and Maotin NEW ORLEANS Stean and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. S., Motets (near the Pontchartrain Rail Rcad.) '!Pilot and Navy Bread, Soda and Wine Riseuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the above artieles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pritchard and Tagatt, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydra streets, will recoirve prompt attention. Small kegs put up ezpresslyfor amily use. 15nov bHIPPING. Por aurope. FOR BOST ON. f Te fast sailing ship E PRAX, D. Hta lyt, nater, havilng mrost ol'fhr cargo elgaoged and gLing or. hoard, will Ihave dilltchl. For fright or epas t.get, apply to. oway 17 S & J p WllI.NI Y, 73 Ca(mnp at FOIL LIVERPOOl.. Parande Only. The A n and ery fast sailingshipl ISAAC AI.LERTON, Cptl Torrey, will have imme iate doespatch. For passarg only apply to L ft GALE, mayl I 93 oanmonr t FORI LIVERPOO)I, Tle A I new sald l.nt rail,.gslilp DUBLIN, Coapt. Skofielr, rill receive iont hi:te des. patch, having part .f hIer crgo eogaged. Hpply to L to GALl', m22 93 Crmson et. The fine A l ship AVATAS, Ccpt. Snow, having part of her cargo eraged, will have d oespatch. Fr freight or pIsage,ap)ly to K c21 S & J P WIIITNKE Y,93Ccmtp at Coastwise. OR N Molflay thie 27th inst. FOR NEW VOIlK. A ' The A l fact sailinlg ship CINCI NNATI, AndrewP y Blla ow, reomast, will leave on Ilhe L27th intl o. t I rrilghKt on or tie bulk . 15'1 1uc 210 Iarulo, or asg apnply or o co pti, lCpsire thoe Vrgethble larkcl, or to IKAD & 1r IIt t n)W, cmy 5 ( No 7 Bank I'lace FOR NEW YO)LK-tRegolar packet. Thll oh ' .inke of Packets. Positiyely to sailo., Wedesdoay evcninge, 291th instl.t. 'The su perinr fast sailil:g recoelar pcktc. oshir, Lyoe, Menaser. will poitively lrl on Wetllnredtr evlKing thle 291 illro·lr. For Ireight of I00 lhales Cat til or tssagce, Ilavillcr o, rrcellnl co accolllodltilo wih state lKrslll, apply to captain I.yon qn Loard, oppocsite the vegecu. blr market, or to A COht.EN, Nu 90 Corcrtoiu ot [2 Tihe OCON RE has rcomforteble uccomourdation.o our steerage ponsengCrs, anld cln take E or 10 Illlre Kll27 FOR)I. NEW YORK. 'TilE new and slcendid shin ONTI.\NTO, Cnt. HIarwood, lmas iol, allv o 1,r c go ea . rcgcced nrd will have innedhtle deporulch. Furlcerlll or ,fpasg (rlhaving Kpaci uu and ehngomt acccmmodatior) app ly I., LEVI I. GALE, nm2] !, (93 Cnmmpn va. FOR NEW YORK. New York old New Orlreoo lhon, Packet of Friday 31st inct. The A I Pocket ship Nt. MARY, Caot , Foter, will positively sail as bove, to avoid OQr arntnc ul at New York. For freiglht Kr pasrage, having clrgont frrnished accmdlltio, nr all ill ctate tonroms, a tly I t hoard apposite Ursuliose at or Il ' LAIDI.AW, tiK)l NI.W PrOKIK. S The A I rpacket nhip cIII AI (napt. Ilaln mond, w ill Iha' despartchl. For freight or pasarge Mcrirc pkr,l grdccrll e ta rommt ticlc api ly rill bollrd copousitc; IIc. VYrgehcle tmarketl Irl to KG)7 S & J P WI I'I'NEY,7:t Cmrnp ot FOR NEW YORK. 't. lthe A I f oot solilg shpll CINCINN.ATI, AncA rew cc Barrnow,, rrr , is low rready to leceive arrgo, o ad will lave dejclatch. "Fr freiglht Ir prpa.gP, rapply on Klrrord, or tC may 2 READ &. BAIIASTOW. No.7 Bank Place. FOIL NEW YOIIK. 7f'. Tire fast s.iling packgt barlk CIIIEF, Itov ing part of her cargo engagedl, will hlave des .: patch. For lalance .f freight or passage, having fine oecuo rccrdctiono, apply tK S J I' WIIKTN'EY, tn023 7( fame at TcicrSil ort Srctrtuircv r trai 2Srlc irrot. FllR NEW\V YItRK. 'trhe A I fost soillgll ski, NOIRWAY, Capt. Drmmllr ond wtil sail a abover. For freight or passage apply to _22_ II t GAI.., 93 Cororuun ot FOR BtI8'TJN. The o A 1 cad Sluerirr )rip I.AGR ONGE, Capt. Mrshnl, will sril i a few darys, Fur hulatce of freillt or c rosge, aplly to 12. I (;A10 , tt, 93 Culllltl .t A7rroaner A LAw, 'VIII. otercd tIp, SuprerrCrourrrt, andl l.e )ivtrict -V K'clrrtrlo Harrisblrgllr.lod rollll of thle adjacenl crlnlcu-ir-tllirc It IhlreCitr orf IlKtrrtnrr. Cl rilnrr oli tirr govOlrl.lmecc, eillcrr for Porllllry Lnnt or ollllrcy, will Ic rlcurtlrklo I t lcl crl ld r tlv attendrc d to villlur ,r nonlr rtsr e tri l or resid ntllst lf tl' rrxI r. to Ihln tlrrc, of . Ilicker, jr. (Texas Poest ' liee Aetpl r New ()rtlrorr. 3ccrrro nar C(1T'I' C(IICUILARS I E fRN'I UN :) Urith fhr (.rratest Et pedrlion, and no na stlle usurrpassed in NESw (tILEAs or Cese wh, te. a0cthos left al towevrt IR on int S,. (harlht P i hane,, (Conr of :rarier St. ) or at T RU E A l I R IU N IPIt IN I it; F F I C I, cIrnIr of Po, tInt and St Chartsl S ITeot, ril be Iprompil' ullnrdrd at. = TI-;'l'\tn WVIII''. -4011et lh1iitI ng I hlr'ei, - p ril l v e d c o n s tr u c tio n , i h a Oivrl s l , I r llay 1-411 d T l .h ' ircle (( 'NNY 1..1(1 -31+,010lin hnl hah nd bulu.h, for ,Isll. Iy ISAAC ItIllI,,;E & ('o. ,, 131 31igazin c t lltl " 131 Magazinr tt so L till) & :'IOu It-301--, k,I . -.+ ., ., 7,al 7,,drota, ian, for salre y I'E1'I'I)TN & AVI"I ,t u'4 8: ;rav led I.LUR-3a:m lIt Iro -teaser Uranoko, n ltIrslt7 by U DtItSEV\ 1' J Orl7okb, otr aale by (A D)ItSE.. 117 44 New l.revr n t rACtNupeI)I. t-13e , - casks 'incoUlallcoed, Ir APsole by o u Im)Itore, l1Y7 41 \rew Levee 1l'lA 1-10,1' brt))KS- hlanudioma supply of Freigl I(ooks, Cabin and Ps*alS e Ilte4aler, .1oviid n (inrl u I ecetptsl a raceived and lbr sale at No '4, Chartres street. Iay 17 DAVID FEL.T & Co. LOB I.()E.--Itariie's Celestial and 'rerre.tialr12 - ilc l;hllera-also a etw p)alias Gardner's laU ItatIure, aL superior article fr sale at No.4 Cbartaat. t my 17 IA\IID FFJI. & Co. SOAP--lostua u I1, 150 buxeli n astore, fr anle Iy - S may 14 A I'IBIFIt,:14 Gravier st Ut(iA.--51 h boxes whil Havanlla .aar, i store ylfr sale by S & J 1' WHIITNEY, - may 15 73 Camp st I AID--3101 kaegs Luplrior leaf Lard, Iaoding t rol. .I sleamer Columbus, fItr rale hIe my 15 G I)C)lRIt:Y. 44 New I.evee. I L )UIR--90o barrels at the landing, for sale by mvl5 G; Ittal(.,aV, 44 New Levee - NO'I'E--WILLIAM ELL., No 16, Chartrea at N contilues to manf rctura al ariticle in his lille a. abort notice. (:Clrges odmerate. t N. II. aVtches, Jewelry, Pdli s ell xes, Spectacles re T hired il the mfocst pitihful indner, Old iid ald s, .iar . ed. malny In Ca'P laod I.'ter I' \I'eL-A lull issrltmmlet thille l oatevs aruiriles, laian d ruuled, for aIlS at NV. .4, Clhartres street oay IS I\OV!O D FE1.'i &E n. P PEftn-200 bags lnlr s a Ia by f t+ oy4 SII.II1 & IItI(L'WN 9.9 lIe."zin i t I S IN .-t ppes ad qr. do li stores or ale by e Oy 4 81 .1. & BRWN, 96 liaazime a or 1INIE--2. ipes browun sherry, very suerior, fir sale baly SHI'Ll. & 'ItReVWN, mlay 1 96 laeazlne s lM1E--916 casks Thomab mn affolt for rale hby S&JItWltl I'NEY, may 14 73 Camp at. jL UN 1I LECTUIIS.S-l arioae ueaonaaa th isi-Aa L .foaur and Saviour Jesus Chlista , by ille Irv. Irlenry Illtnt, A. M. Rectonr of tiUpper Chelsea, and lam r Fellow of Pembrokae, Camblridge. and i hlao-n lain Io lis grace tbie Duke of Itichmmn, in 2 vals. Alaso lectres utpon tile Iliat r ,f lthe apisitlel'uul, I.y tihe sate althoer. TIlhe ablvae re new Willk and very neatly executed, and will lae sild very low by ALEX. "L 1 'VAR, may 3 49 Camp streealt. U.L'--lloatnna Nao I,- l c boxes in sare, for sale S by AAIIAIIAM 'T'RIEl, "apri2 34 Grevier a tI LI -F:-10t1O castks 'lhimaata limaa laandag, and L for sule by . & .S P WtIIi'NEY,( SbEA O rI'TO OIL-For ti3, uFua,,.at aod .a.'ll of t the Ilnia giviag hbalth, beaty and pta ed.-"e !i falling of, sold at W M. ta1.1 'S mi3t No. 16 CIarintra st U'L"'EII-LSO kegs Gloshea and Western, a l store, Sfor sale by G DOISEY, 2:3 44 New Iema E FRI IEItATIORt & WA\t Ilr JARS-6 tma N hagatv refrigerators, 2 paiated do, 614 gallonU wtar jre;' t9 6gallon it, ill store, for sale Iby an23 S & J L WHII'Pr IY, 73 Camp st OC ORN BtOOMS--5050 doz in store and foar sale by taD m IGtl tllEY, 44 Newr Leve LOI-li6-26bras landing from steam boat Persian, "I' and for aale by G I)O11REV, m22 44 New Itevr NOTIICE. The officers appointed under the Council of Mu. ; nieipality No. Two, and wlhoee securities lhave been a aceeplad by said Council, are hereby notified that their binds are prepared for stgnatnre, they will llerelore - all at the office of the undersigned immaediately, with tlir tsecurities, anid cOiplate tIe same. d JOS. IB. MARKS, Notaly to thea Corporation if Ilautniipality Np.'T'wo. m21 )ffiae, 12 Hanks' Arcade. a, UPFFEE--20L bags Java, gumatra and lManilla, in store for sale low to close cansiagment S m24 SHIALL & BROWN.9a6 Ilagazine t g AII D--200 kregs leaf lard, for ealehy m9 H O AMIES.48 t.mpa, tea Ire-rltokSeaeb t alas.r ar.nd for sale bya - SA 'TOWAR. 49 C ol. FA-50 bhole aind Pouch WJ, ale h by ml0 A TRIER,3 .iG' FOR NEW YORK. New York a Yew Orleans Line. A NEW LINE of packets has been established to run between New Orleans and New York, to consistoffive first rate ships, vi.: Ship St. Mblar, 1 W Foster, master, " Republican, J Rluasell " Auburn, I 1' Durfey, " T b el building, These ablps were built in New S ork'expresly for this trade; ar:of a ligpht draught of tnterand will not b. subject todeteutans at the liar. Their a.coanmodaltlions for pasengers comprise all that may be required for comfiort aid convenoiece; and their comaundears are men ol exp riesnce. Unltl the Phip, now huilding are eu:npleted, two first class ships will supply Itheir lTi 'greatest punctuality will he observed in the tiue of sailing, and every reesonable accommodation n. tded to slipprs and passengers. or ourtlaer pariculars apply to M1-ears. Jnlhnson J I.u oden, No. 86 Wall street, New Ynrk, or to ja PETL''EIL LAIII.AW, fol Camp st FOR NEW YORK. (Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regularly as adeertised from each Port. f t1E line is at this moment composed of the follow illin ships, uit naore new vese-rl wil I.e peulnl ut an early day making tIhn nmnlbr teplv, il all, wlle h will allo of on i e beial d from this lcot every weerk dring tIe yePr, thrin afoding teprmcl th fItilities fIr iransaprtatiat and at tIe lowt este as ofbfeight. Ship Yasoo, Capwtin Trasek. MinMissippi, " geobie. " Iouisvi.lae "' Aln. Sarasnoga, " Ilathanwy. Hutasville, "' t ldridge O Shakespeare, Palher T're above slips are all of thre first claws, coppered tod reo,1er frlfst elld, of a lielllt dl ghtl nf waenir, and built in ln w York expressly for the trade,with elegant aecolnnllolatioa s for passengers and cumln udecd by able' anld ex spe'liced iteasters. The price of passage is fixed at SOt, without win, or liquora, anpla stores in every otllr particnlar eill he provided. alod every attention given to p,.mote tihe comfrl of thot-e passing to and fro in tlhe liie. lThe slil e will at tll times bio Itowd up nl down tile river, anl llthe greatest plunctality observeld as to their day of sailing Neithler pIbt ownerss orenptin of helcr vessels will be res poasible for jewelry, bullilon, prec:ius stones, iill vrr or plated ware, breskaee of gloss, tallclhw ware,. marble, or goaitre, cooperage on tint, rust of i.,n or rteel, or foorany letter, parcel ,r packaees Ceat by nr pit ei board of then,. unlless regular bille o' lndiog are take, for the sane, and thIe value tbtreon'expressed. For freight or passage, apldy to nmar 2 JAtlMES B IIU' I IN, 7t Cmrnp st FOR NEW YORK. IIOLIMES' LINE OF PACKETS. 7O sil punctually every Monday fhom each prt. SThis' I.ine el' Packlets iave b.en intreused to cd lc lie' firet class .iti, ensiating of lenip t. rNetille, iapltaii, Woodl. lArkansaSc , atcpaia E S I)cnie, Alabamo, Captain C C Ilerry, Orleans, Cattain S Sears, Vicksburg, Captaia J EuLaher, Ieantshe, Capltain tshlly. NNashville, Catoin WVood. I.oisa, Captsin Truman. Ocisne, Captain Lyotis. Ocmrulge. Captain leavitt. New Ship -- Capoltain Wodhouase. New Ship - Captain Nichols. The above ships are all of the first elas, soppcre, nl colpper fastened, and were builtiin New York ex Ipressly for thie traie--tbey are of iitrt drlugfi of' wa ir, and lannstiavariablv cross tile bar wttlhout deteo. tian '1 len prackets are colnnlandctl Iby (talllis well ex prlPneod i tie trade,and will ulw s exert trtlllrselves Itocor.nm.odatie. "'hIl's aillalelys be towerd ut aond dlown thle river,. and will ,miceiptly sail as adLvroiCed. 'T'rhey hat hiandsomemly furnilsheo! oacctmnsodtetiocsand stores aof the first quality will always ble furnisterd, oand every tlenlltiol 1paid Itthie comfi't andt sutisli.ction of pass-agers '1Ter price of te cabin is fixeo d at $b11, withoot wine or tqilor. Fcr lirtncr particulars apply to A COIIEN, tier:'! 90 t lloanloun street IFl'f'I' shlips are ncc accunlotale fcr lbroakge of elass , hollow w Ire, marble gnraite, cooperaee. if tin or rust of it on or steel: nor resposlUoellr lice ans ptbkaso or arceli Iat on hoard, unles a reogular bicl uFlaleingbe siglatd tcereor, at Ilhe ,icer of thle e lcents. For the Interior. aI FOR IIAYOU SAIA oft HRegulr PacIct. eo 7." spietndid rassent,r s teaahnt [ s 4, 1{11..ltllll.\N7'l Jesse, Ilan ,mWter coni .-'.l will lauv New Orlc s .eveary Wed- era ncsdalrat it o'clock A. M. f ir Iav l Sa & everv A ;aturda v at In .iorllck A. M takin.g int ccm-t down oil 'ie ruodl:v o I",r, right or passrage apply to Capt. lianr s, p no Imonr.l or to | lfb'?5 ADAMIJSIS & \\'II91 A1.L r r rl ' T .\TI' NI LoS, COUNTIING IUO.)il1 ISANlKS, &I- /en 11 realln , Amies" D ve nlill ihtter paper, fine |O 1.50 re ct post i - 150 dt superhine sap stiting / (I l, i,. ca do 211 do mldium l dm .t 611 po hank ;,li p- 5pst All Iof hih or f a very su.erio alitt, and wiih e shi IIw, to cloe a Ollseigllll , tn ba t iast", arireorolle-words by Miss O tllo, dedi hi to,,d to Henry I.urrl, E.sq- t po. d,,ol v U.P. M4. - s, nuvrier of Nw O)rlansll, received with tie greatesl ap. iTplase at the .ew Yok conlcer, .I N t.IOOIN', S (o, ml1 conrer St Charles & Cer omltol " t3 BRIEI.LAS-3- cases Mantun and Gingiham Umn Ir tlM lla.. o l o llnr i g a nmlltle e iasr tllo tI llodiag fC bri- J Puai mer, i' r sale by ISAACt Ill9 I)t E -o C L in r% 134 MOaazi,:e st. ANCY SOAP-300box.rres j st rived fr suli I by SIIAIL & I(t)\V'N, taY 5 96 Mlagazine at. SA It-AN l) PI'IC'11--6U I), iI 0,e, for ns ale hy my 14 SIIALI, & ItROWN, 9,11 itanrieat Pt fl Ai.i WAR- PAI' It.-- I reams llnrdware P'a per, mn store and or sale by ad my 14 J I'1anba EI & Co, 74 PIydras at i;L %G STONES-600 yvrd; lngsing, landing from on IL, ship St Iawrence, forsadle hby a 15 S & J I' WIIITINEY,73 Camp at I SE--101) casks 'Ilno,mast,,, Lime, landl, for saleI L by 0 ,- J P WIIITNLY, ta~y [ 73 Catnp at AVANA VWElE TMEATS'.--51 boxaps i store, I for sale by A 'TRIER, snay 15 34 travierst t 1t ESIl MAt LAGA RAISINS--u00 oxes in tostore for sale iy A 'T' IIolt, may i5 341 Glavirr stI TO sUE1 CI.AIJXTS. O1 Bank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction e Bills, PaunphletS, Show bills, Cata- o t loglles &cC. &C. 0 ffy tltIl.Lsfre the Above, anl every other der I, cription tf ClrL'TIN lINtIit received at C.mpting IRolm. oaf' rlUFE AlEIUICA0," in ST. Cu.aral.: I:x L CHa.NGa, 3d door from Gravi.r Street, or at the Printiog thlce, corTerc of I'o dra- and Sr. Chabrls strects. ELlensivac adl ebautiful Itoa anrd .lta luSr a from the best Foundries in the Uniltedl Salt, hare jus Sbeen added la the already well-staocked LEstablishmen,,l; .-and tlDEoaS will be exacuted as i.oa, an Ciheapy, a IEax ditiously and Ieautif'uliy, as at any other Odicer Ii L INEN SIRlllT L, nI.AOVL.S &. sUSIENI-. Just received by late -,rrivals, an assoltmeant of Shirts Cravats, S.rlllnar stocks, iover, anld Suspen Sd,'rs, at the Bazaar, corner of St. cltarles and Commllllron 1N. Ii. A completea nssort'ent of Wsriting Desks, I)Dressilg cases, prtable slavring Cases ill rse wood a enri eter, iny6 USTI & Al.l.AN. I ORN-1500bushiel lIanding fro, flat boat and for I sale by t11l3 A TRIER 31 lavler st I LWFRIG( RA I T'lt-.This is a new and usefuil arti l acle uf furniture, rapidly crrting irrto use, in r thearn as ell as southlerlt atitudes. It is easigned to I keepacool ail sweet, soch diases in thie calllary de. r, rlrnent as are necessary toIn be protected from tie 5 lrrat i,Cthe wrearherduring the sualtlcr senaon. iThe Itefrigerator is now considered an indispensable t article in tlhe ecnomta ofvery good housewife. Tile 1 qlanlity of fid i plolats liarnm tse wealher, iill mrre a at en pay tire cost o rbthe article every year. T'ie aou,-ribsr is colrtantly receiving Irom trie lanr .-, -re-r,t Kfrrigsrators ofdlferest prices. Pl 7hi: aLubrier isaap pinted Agent for rhe manufac a ton~. Mr A Patten. Specmens oat tie ltRefrigerators . -- , .- =~ , at ray aore 53 Bienville nt. _ IIt W It CAINES. . -, Jb'W JFILW LERY. y . E Y"L CChartresstreet, hals this driar- . Y f c r - I OoWatoga, 50ldon.e nante.a'. : I ia whi , iit, l red tn tl trade or Ia ..i " er than velefor.: a ,-red inthliasicty. 1,r., i .t.. Shased R aings, .a tir{ars, rtogethri" ,.H.I' A ; i a rauty ofscrlep ri lli, ,tcaiasstin" , .tie. lrl go Edr )lnatllhellll, I.ocke 's. Chai-re, ,,, lite in wealt I will do well Itn leamile sa4 rLm to.lometla. ay P. S. Old Gld oli Sll, r wniirAd. apl 15 J L- BLL9VN- S , i-4O.1' 'ratfa tL Ulanscea (i raoers can find ilieni ine atrrel, rr atent i, I hlattarlialances, Sa1r'o to anyVo err ,tRlir, in lis city. fallt WrI.lNES . SULED LCap tldinerPAPEl-Iaa1 S 401 reramsoulat Letter Paper, bothibueanwlld wle ,^ alo 4,50 r-ed ce,. soe very low prircer, asuitable tor en schols,a: .de l. DAVID FEL'T&Co, ir may I N Y Stationers' IHall. 24 Chorlres at. us --"O i O:. 'aO-busnelrin fine abipp.irg order-afloat It ( Da ". iteby JTIA'EKL coa,, mtO 4 74 Poydrlas t on I l r-IrF: BANS-3t0 holt for sale iy S tt.m3 G D0I.SPY. 44 New I.evee ins Ell L-10 bros primra Dutach L irnarrt 0,1 Ls at0r and for ale by J 7HAY4K & co | " 'b - BEEF--2 half bri at the irtpectiona i -. at..- forsaleby G DtRcSIEY. ost ilto 44 New Larn, j (1, 'rcsived a large asanstmentlof nummae stcksh soh I Ladatriaa pralsral litan shirs .f en quality. I Exrhange Hotel,St Charlas at TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND WILL - PREVAIL. IT is a factattht 11 0,000 of 80rMparilla Blood Pill. have - been sold dllrinl Iho past six mtouth.. II is a fa.-t--thllt they are taken in iuunmerublt Instances to obviate and orrect the mi.hElom. anod hed offets of quack pills oand lothr quak medclniueo, by which olly hive areo euduugcrad. It It fa:t--That all quiek nme ILTch contain miueral air mercury, wihc!f quacks think o"mt kiUl or cure," and trust to lilolr aflfeet to 1"i1 or llll++." Is1 as fAct--that Ill:eroul quarcha sd foreign impostors a. thellmsolve aour:dotor,tlldhe: ay In:ure effiectally their vIle no d dangerous preplration oo Ieo public carllg uothillg for tile coluequenes, no tha[ they call only pucket tom~re Unjust gain, It is a fact--Tha the qloehks ad foreign mpotorn. whoh now infest ourrountry kllow ulltblllmg el'th nhttlre of Inedl 0inte, luch le.s about dlodeasc o:f tlh: btlolo, :'$lmn. it is a Iuct--'Toy areplariculorly ellicuclotslO tile follow inlg dliael.., Illol'wlich: re more or les s causod uly i3njurl000 ofotho Ibo l slnd olla:l fluids, :nmely Itleu:iiatie fectionso U cerous sores o o11fe nole,tloroat Scrofula; Eorysi:elas; a: bo:dy; Jaudodlee; Oootb: F:lPcly eruptoiouso sid blotche eo Diseases tholl , olyer, kil, tile Slal; bollesslld gblldl; Dry aid water pimples., ani Poai ofohesldeo, ulong the ::t.oleo of the face and of back aud spinel, over the the hod b; region of the heart antd Ttter ail ,ringworms; stomnoh; Serll.ogp Hand h:td glllll of the lunward foyers, oled lasts in sghed of tIle neck, in he hlle llouth, ITull breatlh; grOlllP, l0r: l, & FlatUlolly: I:dibgesioui S,::,:nleh tougO:-; W tllltufllf 4mire; Lilverc u lnplaint Sour ruello o nd acidltie o ef : 0e .trri.:ohh; Wo0-obhok,&c. IIECO3IMIENI AI'OILRY FACT-: It is a fet--The onlly proprirtl,.r olld IIn, fuoaurcr of tfh Sarsaparill Iblood iIll+ is a regtll t, iplyrlrlatlli awell a, apotb+ scary, alteltd by bthe Imossl c:iuoruud pllyyicll Iof tile United Stales. Igooor. Phbysic, CbOpap:n:l, Jacksol:, G iboll, Dewee, Ilareo, Jam lUrl, l:or, Ctoc, &c. ltib a Iblet--TIat the .Sarapurll: a b~ohd pll areo empl:yed in tile pra:tie:e llfll l:yplhyllns, mail very o rollgply recom Inended by lmaPlly thr:oI.JbI:t abo U ooteL. (Soe doIleCt:l:Os eOb a:loyb:lg each box of pillo) It i fact--They are e:,lll:oed l:nirely of vegetableho end they are Wloallted to ollllll llo melcury or eanlln: pre paratlolls. It is fart--They may be token by tile most delicate, and at all oges; witlhouut restraint ol'oculatol or buoms.; o ith:ut fearoftohilg cold; lthouul caollge of diet or rcsltra: t from temperatlo ltill:g. It is ale-'Theoy will not by their opera:oln. which may be mild our ctive, according o o tile quuntlty atien, w:eaken till systlem so mluch ab m: st of :he purgatiove oed:ic:eo gellol. ally do. It isa f ct--'Tllat theyare tile lOst effectual PURIFIERS OF TIlE BLOOD. Ao RENOVATOR OF TIIE SYSTEM Ever disoere.:d Alro, Consoitutlonal ihsenses, prmluce, by mn:er:lry, or thlne o nrals, air booe cose:not:e: of y,'lllllia, ..olus, v:e:ril, 600 do:. I is u fact--That nover in : sbingl illntance o ve thbey tlyoo known it: o used, thnl they did log p:rodu:e a good rlfOet curingtllbusund.,muy of whom o ure before consodoored ino - rable. It is a fact--fthat on. Iboo.f Soraptarill pills :ad :on bottle of theCoC: :mund Syrup :o ofSor.olprl:llt., is lll :utficet to oore any oftil abo:e dlo::a..: It is a fae-Shouold be observed., lIho tIe only plare they can :obtainod dgeooin: I:N.0Orle::o, ibs otCulo::::::sO::uet I. baprl0 1 ..r No. 9O. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BL001)!!! Ist. The vlt:o prll:e:ple (LLft) is coatu.l.ud I:l the blood. 2. Blood oinukes I::ood. hI. Every Lh.lg iiide bmly is derived firoo Iilleod. 4::. All o:,ost:gUti:onb are radl iy also 0 anle 5t11. All diseases arise fron: illpurlly nTof he blood, or l oth er word., :r:l: ncrllaoolous humlor :bdeed itol tih: body. 6l. A:ll the: b0: unor, : re carried eil. oh:e oIdhd purified and mud, healtlful by th: sosraparllo that olbth the blueld. 7th. Vegetable purgatives alole assialilate witll thie blood. L IPURITY oftho Ilood i0 well known to lbe oe ofthe great: Sca lse :ofdl5:ea0e. SAIOSAPAIRIIIA :s well kl:ooll 0o ho fthe tnost etlfe{ uul purifier of tlle bloo:dl olld flhld of the holn.u systeo in:oxosl:::Ce. It l till: prlll:l:p reoedIal agent il: all Ip'uc:as,:aCth:holicon,oald :lhoter preporaI:o .s. It is uele:I. oherefore io ocOlnolllit:lo: I voituos; thley are hllowu io o ely ouo, as every nowspaper is filled width dvertoocoleo te ofpro. aratlon,o of Snrsapao:rlla extracts, syrups, d&c. Dr W S I has didcbveoed o process, knl:wo ollpy to limhelf, wherebly it is LOtllubt will. abler well known relaedlal agents WlLhoulodcsroying the virlues io lob hll:rsaporlls, llid irtllll: g araopoarilla or Blood Pills. With the S:arsaparilla o s o11.0 billed a ild and celltle purgalive, whlcb by its effect gradual ly oad Imoslt LIhlphercelltbly carries ohl the groos and lomrlod humoos separated from toe blood by the sar:aoprilla. These pills do ::t porge:so violently ao luoSt pills do, which perns t[ate old reduce o the system, renderlng It oIore lia;le tu tis-: ease, woeakollllg the system :llld illa illg dlese to otako stronoger thl~Had koiog or destroying thousands; il o hort it must behovldellt tolat purgingb o violently as fole pIll do ft oot are lolafllll:ftured by qlleks olld freign iIpuoturs aro e as omischievouo ioo llthetr onusuellqlooo q mercury ao d other lin eral,. 'rom thile circumstance ofl all: eorsnpil bei trouce il plllph, bong easy to taLe end eo.sllbtint for o:arryoing nille pocket or :rt:ll'Ohvellg not beoong hbale to breoo:ge, are the holites crmnla111 preparatiuos fl Lite so arl,.o r la they I, mu:tovll:e:ll: y take tie place of all toLer prepOrOtlloas ofo ritrsue rllli. Both oh:e foregoillg have elicited :l0n:rom:: t:ti:lo:nla Iroln phyrlcltns and stllher, which Uelmllpuyly the drecglolls, ad are oodenll:y rccolunlelde: d id rllculuatlc fl't::lloun scroful.:,, ju ,dice, helrtburh diseases of the : ver, bkl, boile:alld lands. pahill of the sideo alolg tile bock and spile, over the reglall of the bealt mald rltmll-b, inwurd fevers, bud tdate of the Inoutlh. foul braotlh, llath:dcy. ibldigelioa, wallt olfapeole, slur :rull: s a0lld aciodity of the ilomach, oleerou so:res of h: :nose, throat and bhdy, scaly eruptlons a.ldl lo:t:hsof the skill,dry oand waery Iyll op IlesUd 0::o3l:s: ofLhe olace oo: body, tetter and rillgworlns, sw:lillo n A urd cuing of tile glltlds of the nbek, I the i101111, breast, &c. stonhach. :oughs, hver complalot. :waororao::o, o Iod nil othe whoole truil old:oe-e:rcotl::g froln I::: purity of the b:ond, conrlllullutatltt I d pLteSe· piouced by mercury or oethel nlu A:k ony rospoeeolle phyob ie : th que:stion, what is ftbo inooot:eeaclOo purifier of the bloo ! his lloswer will blhoar apardl0. Souiee it to :say then ifalf ohysiri:lll reoommeud it so 00ni vP:rs:lly, h:hat hater ovl:dellte ctu we have u" its :,valuaoble properties I Nrulerous: ......ficuc ............. hse ........ a ref ,s.... caNll: be goen Io hundredls o: ilhtalllb ofte Hillis0 emarhdlofo :onrl.oetor o if rl:ed Ihy :1:diblo, 0:0t0d w:oleoole o.ld :e.Io: O o N 00 C.:utuII I::,u: t street. Newt ( rleolll. e To'lluTe hsll.:ed w:lh ae llnlbli:l:l, scrofula, er:llll00 i: f toh o111: o'o.::hho :f tih g:ad., 0 r0urlll 0 I:l.0s0 c :i:y ,sues, nl."' y uJ ............. . d ,,,,, .... . . Iy .,.Ilg u abetse 1:'I1"he ntIo o tidl: Ph:ysician may o e on.uLtedI from " to 1I1 A .61 allo frolm o o :0 0 5 l a0 d frollm' to Itl il tioe ei:s:l. a l'lrl t. . .. . . . . | ?tl.'l"..) I'.,'I'I';.I\'1R IPEI TI"NVI G,( I'lltl"i'; \I,1IS. S III'.1 I," ubllc arel respeettIIIIy 11 illhmrllP( 1111 fthe sl vt'I ' Lirie~l'h,. calnl he tPl'll andll sicl 'lir sul, sat (.tlbl a"N ,I. Co. I":xlhulngt Ilultl. , (Chtlles t. Is. ltrs If R .(,, AN K'.c='1, et.n'.-., ,,b'-~isil/'1 Of me's call, 13 ilherls.cll, mhd killng I nrgtuls, bur., ylllllhs al d cblihdrell'd |tllrlgu' r ; 11|n'11s ilobp r,, dec.llgdlllr ntflll 0hi0 :0r:g0tllll-Al :h)r Soil : hy 13 Nog Iolooho: & Co, 131 :gl Ouest :3 1 I(lO(.lbtbo & C:, 130 30:gYob::: :0 TATF: OF LOUISIANA-First Judicale Dia- pay Strict Court--The State ol Louisiana, to all who hir thesre presents she ll come, Greetflng : WVhcreas, A C B anchard, J IV lreedrlove, . V o t liaom Mackey, and If Lavergno having purchaaedill at a sale made by the Sherltf ofthe Parish of Or. leoans the property hereinafter described, lhave ap. o plied totir C;orkof thi-Court in whose offiu the cthe deeds ofsale were recorded on the 24th, 2(ith, and r 17th daysofApril, A. D. 1839, for a monition or vit advertisement in confirmity to an actof the Lrgis. de laturd of the State of, entitled r An act dri for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales ;" approved the 10th day of March, a 1834: :t Now, therefore, know ye. and all persons inter. ested heorein, are hereby cited and admonished in par the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First dsr Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, an title or claim in and to tbho property hereinalter de. lo scribed, r consequenre of any intormarrity in the edv order, decree orjudgment ot the Court under rehiclhr the sale was made, or atny irregu'narity or i legality sue in the appraisements and advertisements, in time, dtt, or mannar of sale, or for ally other defect walato, ever, to show cause within thirty days from the day ter this monition is first inserted in the public papers, Ca why tlo sa'e so made should not be confirmed and ac homologated. p TIhe said property was s.rld by the Sheriff" ,f thero Pariash foresand, on tile l7tir day of Marehr, A. D. •t 1839, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered tre oil the 5th day of Marcrh, A. D. 1839, in a sril enti. ar tied Carriere & Borduaat vs. uchianano & lign, p No. 17,401 of the docket of tlhis Court, at which ioi sae the said AG B anclhard, J W llreedlnve, Wi ju, liarr Mackey ani 1 Lavergrne became tire pureha- le aso, respectively, of the following property for tile l tol owing arnounts, to witt A G Blanchard was tie purchaser of the lot of d ground numrber Six in Poydras street, between ah Camp and St. Charles streets, metasuring twenty il four feet six inches front on Poydras street, by bh ninety five fet six inches deep, for tile sum of seven tlhoustand one hunodred do lars cash : three thousandr r nine htrndred and forty four dollars and filty cents, C payable the thirtieth day of March, eighteen hund- It red and forty, and the balaoce in two and three 11 years to notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing mlortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity to bear inteerstat the rateoftein per oent. till paid, t without any right to retard payment, which thet said sheriff acknow edges to have received in his notes, payah a as above, wnti Jonau Metoyer & Co, and N. Benoist asendorsers, and reserving .Nt.o he above described property a special mortgager until the final payment of the :,rve drcyobodb notes. J. W. lreedle-'c becare the pir. liases of the lot of gror r. .rmlrer Four, in lIe- c, ru, r of St. C Charlo on 1 i)L.:rsn streets, t reasuring twenty four feet trtraot r : Cha:irles street and seventy. eight feet tn tlcres an Poydras street for the suin oe even tlhousana and one hundred dollars, li I hbe an follows, viz: One thousand dolltar, cash ; four thousand two hundred and nietoeen dollars P payab a the 19tB of June, 1840, and tile ba'ance in two and three years, In notes satisfactorily endors. ceived in Iris rletes payable as Ibove, with Jorin lin tur as secarity, witr spp ci nI rortrage on the property sold until final psyrurnt of thrr above de scribed ntr. t J W Brcedlovoe eame, also, thre pulrchaser of Sthie lot of ground nuomber One, situated next to the St Charle Toheatre, near Poydras street, mealsuring I.. twenty three feet eight inches ant sis lines onr St. t Charles stret, y seventy eight feet ten inchtes ilr depthI, tograther with a fiur story brick Irhoue and kiltchen thereon. now urnder lease until ti hefirst - November, 1839, at fifteen Ihulndred idolars, from tIence to the 1rt Novenmber, 184O1, at two thousand fI dollarn per anrum, payanble mnthly ; for tihe sum aid price of sixteon thousand dollars, payable as follows, viz: - Two trousand dollars cash, four thousand five, in hundred dollars, payable the nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; orrd tile balance in two and thre years, in notes satisfactorily en dorsed and bearing mortgrage, and if not purtotu. tes ally paid at maturrity, to hear interest fromn matu. city, at hIe rate of ten per eant. without any riglt ,t to retaord tan payment, end which the-ateriff ae. knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re served special mortgage on the property sold until the final payment of said notes. William Mackey became the purchaser of the lot of ground numbered five on Poydras street, lie. Iwenu Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twonty-four.fbet six inches. ronot o Poydroa street, ,o o by ninety.livo six inches deep, for tile price of " oseven thousand five hudred dollars payable as l~,0 follows, vioa: ia. Five hundred dollars cash, four thousanod two hundred and and eighty three hun. boo- ' drodthe dollars, payable tlhe thirtieth of Mlarch, and eighteen hundred and forty, and thlie balancu in two i and throe years in notes satisfactorly endorsed, and eo beaoring nootgage, and if' not pIunletually paid at o maturity to bear interent at the rate of ten per cent l till paid without any right to retard pay mlnt, and kib the sheriff acknowledges to tave reclivr d the cash sin t payment, and the balance inll Ili notes, tle two first di to tlhe order of J. Irwi, and the last to tile order ea0n of Geeo. Buchanan, and by thel endorsed and pay. able as above: r special mortgage is reserved untlt the final paymoent of thce said iotes. I II. Lavergao bhecameo the purchaser of the lot tigl of ground n inlber three, next to ,e corner of St. shor Charles and P'oydrae streets, measurilg twenty-four .talo leet one inch front on St. Chllarie strct, runllnlllg reck seventy.eiglht fcet tenll inchos deep; lor thle hle price of six thousand nine hundred dol.lls, pay-. uts, aOin as follows, viz: ` ()lto thousInd dol.,1r enal , four to(l a o ' two huli- tot-n ired and oiuoti.en iolhloro, paoyable tile rlthe ,0eh1th day l JoIooerelorooIhooondroldral oood ahlnooa th1111 Iot e lo ',r lo wvo i ldlree .., itr Iee , n -s .s :h i-hwtOrilv ell , d a tl er hleenril mO -ol t tnd if ltt poneiewallyll lla ll 00 it iat,- ' wiholt lanv rihlr to retaill pat, l ~ aet, nlhd the1111 i ill" fet nII:kllolWIedtlre to halve rrceived the cauh paoI not s1d i tie: nlte int I ictes f i l.averioeh, tollto.t'l by C. 0 l tlrllign , ll-, pl ayl ahh: s ho y, anll d-llll )eril e liOrlr :lg i Oroea led oi,t the r, u ltrt1 sold tnltil fia l111t I ls tlif. e nlld nri d tl rr.enl.l. l Ieler I eI u io hlll lur( -. oIr a ih1 t Iot of g rtnd n lllllur two Iu tljtllll;l l g IIU t lmltu 1"d si" that i ter, t Cher111 101 o t11 , 111 n 1re. ti 11i llo t 111111 1 I r.. -t.... h II ll 00101 . o... ,lo. oo..i o .. .. Ol ..... .i 'ot ii 1110 fiuthe;g t in tr tyes and six lit e ,it St.C arleo st1Io o'r, by I four-tlory brick Iihlol e dkulllev ictOrllllll ,-o.o , o ll jet t iliti r ~ nolld hloro -lroloeo, rrll o ti ol t wo ,ltOolooosuno i dohoo s o o -r year, plt n c'l,l ntiolel ily l, te pr nllite o l Incr 0 ditI ni tlot nt. e llell l l r llcr as , h ,tl r hdl.rl lat five h r- o I A llred dollars pyre thlol e lt i or, oth olao llol " lliod., l t- eIlll tOl e nlLndre nld fal irty, ldlle I nle t tone nlIil ll I nV o tel lr, iltl nt' lyearp i lote lo.r al.fco rily ol ndorsedl ac rurtrell ri ,l ol ort gell . ndt Ou eI t I 1otI C IIlly pl aid o it l nl, tty t,, beaerd ner t ,t ithe.. toae r o te lln dp n fl u,., d ,ud S orl,' .ar ce right . rtard iaV , nI OU e Shred-Clll clwrle ro ; to ave received lio c prt toed IIne terutlle i le Wlllicel Modkeyt It. Larvorg o yonrt enoll 10 aetre thle nuel of said purat-er, slihired by Cn. ltrinv, L oled tle odite t, llll SIatirlHndrei 1e viouItg uo aved n , lete propirty fio rlonti f dcritre, hole ent . od Wsito ,ro ter Idle. A 11. t routchon,, Je .ld tle S rifI, hrtulndred e t d chirty- Cour, p... reil de v r t l'anno e 1839,-4tlps 1'. I coIh.NCe Dept. ('a rk. re No ie o nie Ditri Judiiaie Ielt de Ic Iot la Louisn . tell ane-- a touls crux que cos tpreonies cunccrnent, wh. Avtendu quie A. G. Blanchard, J. W Bredlove, t tWlliam Mackey et . Lavorgne e so nt alrei d asc ea on or vnte joite par ivo Sppritde ern partoiso d'r-. I 1nt ant par les prorio6es cioaprbs decritfs, so dent ad- , I. Looiiiano catdel ouor do Poteirr Dinio Jedi- u 00I0 cioirescq a Gp raenl d et re il ta le prers idm. vento i. prent do rle, iotr'6s oqle d5 2 e ot 7j tre d' faeorlll dlunn oryre , l pour d n t vis c j ounelllde lrntneur, n tuls d Auo pour confirmer lea itres des la quereurs da aux veote judiiao ire ;" approuv6 lo 10 tMars 1301. daprcc do ri ublicn ioonsequene d'un dfeviput door s fre i den Pordre, to decrot ou I" jugetnenttde la cur, en cary veeuitoul ieento a r titp ite, ou de touth ols irr o gule dito proprilgalil donst odatits in, l'a Svisditf, o o temps un t ooolle jodr do vetre d louorp 18.1or , an u ren vertud d'un d6rlt do cotdo C(ur, reand leo 5 dde Mars l doe ll'nne 1839, dins i'aftfalro do Borduzat ceetro e Buclhanan c&m Ilagan. No. 17401 d dcocket on cetto Coor, a liaquello vente lee di s A- G, Blanchard, J. V Ilroedlove, 100 Win. Mackey ct I[. Lcoergnc to seoidt d rondu n sa qu6reurs renpeetivelenot, dos propri6t sulvoanteal n pour leoo soencs ci.aprbs spdcifi6, savor : A. C. Belnchrd, du let do terre no. l6 itu6o dars I,. rue Poydras, intro Ien rues dl CIu p ot11i OI St. Cllarleos, i0esurant 24 pliede G pOee 6 fc .re i rue Poydras, our 95 pieds 0 p1uces do lprofielltln.o n p ur la oeionno de $7,100 eomptant, $3944, 5:t I payables l .'S9do 8asO, et la bhloalls die D Il,,uc et etois na at. t bilte ndossbn a s:tioatiC li . et portant hyplothllqur, ttduvait porter uninlntdori ha ei an ux do dix poonr oet juequt' a q pibpluo, e'ill boe siot pus poontuelllnent payfls A loues 61,,:6 tniec, mansm r6servos d'aucun droit do retarder leo paiemont, ee que 1to friof relcolnait avoir recu eln es )l'ts1 I ply.bles coeou il est asl.dlit, endeo.ts paL Juoan, SM,,toyer & Co, et N lloooovst, oveC e BSoro'- I lne iypotlrbque jpooieiaqle ur la suodto proprltjorid jol.q' pain lenult final d,.1 suaclits tblilllts, a,,Il J. \V,. Breedlove devioot i'aciqoI cur do lot do torrm it,. 4, fuorlIalll I'oioonure dlo rues l'oydrals ct SL. Charles, nolllr;la t 2.1 pieisdo 3e . t la rou r Ieo I St. i harlces c 78 pieds lll pues et .a rue 1oy. I I I B cas Ilour Ill s mollllon l l ; 11, 100 pay yle Co ll la nt cui, $O1,000n comlelnlt, $14,'219 payable IU 19 do Jute, 14otl ct la balutlea nove-e ln rl tro atrias on bdl le e ao n:6 ,ivt saisfleon et leortenlt Iopotlhe- l Sqoun daOta lo ca qlu'il ore seraient lpol pIooeleollo- y oeat pay6s a leur .ehdalncesr ilf dcvrout ter tin antrit an taux de di poiur cenllt jillsgl a e Spoaielucutntea ouns dorit do cr1latd do poulneot, en qeoe l.1ittoif0 r1lonnait avoir rec0u n slos billets plybhlees othnola iltl eosucdit, enods.s palr J3Ii 1ou1 o,hnturn' evoes hypooouqul p6ciale csur li prlOprll noi volldeejonsqoo'h )lnlmnt lilleal des ndtllts billict. lo '.ti IV. Breedluve decvint as0i I'acql;6reor uLLo i lot do terre to. i sited apros tl thf6tre St. Charles pres tl rue Poydras, moyurant 23 plods 8 euIocoso et six I ones stur o ruo St. Cnar.e, et 78 plods 10 po pouces de profondeur, aec I't.itiiee ten briques t laed cuisnie qot s'y tronvlt, svojet a ue bail jlsqu' au wt preeier , ,venre 1839 a raisoe de..,15110 t do cltt dpoquo au predier novcllbru 18-10 it raion do $2,10 01 p nar an payales tous Irs moil, pour lo Brix de $16,000 siayablep colnle suit ; d-eux noille - piastrcs cornlltant,qnatre miilie oinq ctot piastres payables le 19 Juain 1840, ct I;a balancei dlts douxtiio et tro:ls am en btll t ndoloei d satirl cliu ot de Iortait hnopothlquc ; et dto cs qu'll I oien ipas patyS pinctuelllellnt lour 6lel6d.oues, Sid dovrout porter un inldr6t u tae x ldx poitr oo cenl janrs oueon droit d'en rctardoale painllnlI, c ine c SIcalilfreteonnait avoir oIreu rn se billoetl cdooes. F6. s par Jn Minturn et nSble apabheoomet il est suooct avee la reclrve douno hypotoheqoe ceialedv iI sur Ia propriflt voduon ju 0q' au paicncont linal des as dlte billets. William McKay dovint I'acqu6rooenr du lot doe u torte no, 5 sur lo ro Poydras, lotro ln n ron pu Camlp ct St. Chorles, oyant 4 pteds 6i pouces de fle feo a lo ree P'oydras sur s 5 o .od t pu-doliO seo dv prefunderr; porlre prix de $7.500 piitrlrers Ipay. b!he cooenl suil h $1111a 00lee1oot $nt4277, St 0pay. 0 Sables Io 0 Marv Id-tI; e it lao bloaeco a deu c be troiens olian bllh'to endooteos b e0l-aettoull et peor. tent hIyapotleqluel p ct rd ns lq easI qllru ile iolt0 pa ponuellelrlovnt pay- a lcur ehldulces i!a do ere lCenorter ol intidro ad taun do odix pour p ce ont jusqo' 0 polielonol, sons nov l l0 droil d'ell otaordr hpaie .en i ut11 nllroilt recoleooeiC on 0,lr recu lo coleptanl, el o oil bacane eti tola bhailel- ho deux 00 p treiers a ni'ordre do P, Iorwin ctle dtrlort I p'ordro do Gee. oucehcuoan qni toe oeat endlos.n, iet pay eblcs coolnle it os llolit. u0e0 Ito rdocreo d'lloe Shypo ot.qllue pdoiale juad ' au ploier eut fAc ial derontl II. Lavergne devint neql.drour du lot do terre o no,3 qni se trouvnn n roit da ncgurO dos rues Sl t SChnrloe eLt Psydria, ayonn fI poods nor ce p co ed t ba 1o rue ru St. Chatlesta ct s'otndoont h 78 piods00 010 10uces l n profond1e ur i pour il to piX do $r.101 ,D 0 pooyohblce 0010110 ,uit 0 $11100 colmptomt, $42190 if yepayable le 19 Jin 180 et I boltane a ruder ct Stois rios rn billets endlooeiu. a caotoortetioo et por tont hopothloque. D aale Io q olfl'ina p . oi enpae n Sponcluellcntu payds ta. leur d-hllnic e, iiin devrout porteroen intdr8nau taux d1ed dox pour cest juoel' S hieiinstcn, sane lrucun dtrol eou reotorder lo pdl - nin ; et Irlsndorilrecoen it e nlavir rou I, ro n, ad lot, I. balare ce on s h billet enqlocis u poor (e . 1)9r ;gny etl puyblu ecuoeo Il eoat 1s3le , uvne nserveo do d'on y hpotcetrtqopdnlo nur ha proupretoS. vocduo SLu4'a0U payble lneld FL10a. h It rl dtt Lavergno heuvit ansi Paquleur du o ylot odotorro no, 92,cdoilnont to ao. 1, o.tue dnooe 01 rue eSt. Chrleuor aynot t3 pitoIs 8 pou0cs cu 6i llgncsdo fane b l re St. Cllrlcv sur 7i plods, 10 pooucve do prorndour idevr1 nne in01lson10t hvrlqolts v0 htlnges, et lao cuisine qi s'y trnlVolet, 102j-It oh cn bai j~lsqu' alu o1 etlobre 1839 au :t do $2000 tar.dLr l ..l.|I rentle suit ; r$210 Olentat o o 4,0 lcomp'toantle et la balance - ' lc t ha cet -y cdoec et Irois artsn o ilarlCt . ergnytIaavleion u trdor Io paictanat, et stolreilfconl c .r eo , be t vIO culpopnnot tbaloancer al tllet d dt acquodour, endoss6 par C. I)crbigay o pnotoolee i 00 coolmc ii oat eusdit i avce rdervo d'oo , hlytpthS. - quo spicle scur I proprcltu vcndurJoottrlua n-ic etotco final. 'tod F'eooinPl'hnraollls A. M. Bnoehano, juge do io cour ausdile, co ib8irto 91-ti 1039. p. LEBLANC', ond ilmai Doeputo ireffirc. SAVANA SUGAII-37 Iiavana whit esugaiI 4nI d do brown do ladIling, fir ale yh m.9 t4&JY WIIITNEY',7.Campw [,ICKLEJ- -2 kegs and 411 boxes, reL·wIVI g from 1 New Yark pcr shrip Ocoooor,For solo by my SHALL J WtWN, 96 Magazine at H~ARD- " ont fasb uUars, ts7 ma14 S & 3 P WHITNEY,73 Camp st~ THE INDIAN'S I'ANACEA. SOLD BY ('or. f' Nattchlez and Tclhoupitoulas alts. OItIe curpr ofrnhuulno l.n, tcrrlhtr or king' evil, gnut, SIcntwca or hip go,0 t, lure +map I I Ct- .aI Aut rh uI hl tIull III ll t rCurim le·s ia. , I..rtlcuhtrly lIcers olld pIhInUl oIlec~tlolu . to ll" 1, , a, uillrt.d LIll1.It aId ya notrad , s aIat. r of cvery d-ritluol, lover auroa and olllterll aLbccw e0, hl t - lua, pI,".d, c:Id h-.d, -curvy, b es Clll,lu, c ur so eye,, rrv. I eata, b ,lc lll,~...ld cry variety of-cutalleuus n t a a llallr. hro i d lrtll. Ibead .roa,'h ,ro-cl,ad runl alt y acrnd n ao-r, ,pissl ,Itie.isit {m hI 1,,l Jy.' -t , ll roce, dlg bout, vnat£lluo, u Ifideloll l h, Iter, c rllnybl etac .LL lallll oIII o lf hletln)nsn and gru rll deolllly ca..,dl Iv. tort ll 0cl on tit • L. v ,.el. bltilt t nklll. It a.rhglyl yrlY a t. nn, aaU IIaI E II ,V IIII h ht.C co IM+Itrll O:,ill Which hlO La va " l brolke,, dowt, by t tljU .l us trai. ,lln Ur juallle IregdlrnU r ,th.. I' Ij r'r-tl tros ,t It ra co ,ewurodud it II [ho~,, d',eauee whIt r, from dLope ntrll l'the blood, or vtt lou l .,1e I uuora, *fdwlnatpvrr aald e urn Some of the ahoe colnplainta mao reylure dolna trafll" g ar si~tulit uJ'pll tl -,Z, wh i-h the -,r¢' ~u~ or ot tc, L- ,,I eIC:,e c1- 1~ I rt"~l ,,"l l Ullr.u o l h atllle Ithtnd I ' Irnana atrhI A rll' 'rlataln u b lla tata · r arrrt. r noablae t'rfl aNI.,n+5 tANAKLEA nwjl 'a'aanatty b-taud rat TO THE PUBLIC. ll tnw Irun it IS thaat ',wodo- ), , it. tir anll"0],l to excel o, theitr )rulPslwol pA ,lluru tle.xa lwhls,Iol iii-lo.u hy tile uld of lrltyllLrIs a, 'ad a, of n:tl rLtan .i ah ;c lll £o sllurt, t :lo lrve tit p.,'l fl ill t h" it r,- i.T'. by Ie , tit a1 rt nlII'" ,--l' l lle. .dohI .ll o1 l l0 t ,. batnertra, IlUlIIoI-n E li,, tl l rc il I h uJlru ,,+ ctole , el mnculcl le s. hcl, 1 t1. Ahlu .hty) t n llllI 1 ro I rutIVe It slat w lae oho+ ,tl,, 1 ,'a:,ll 1',)s{ lee Il ,1, {. tola ilgll tu,,utll l.> i- 11f1(· Iill , il l ut, l I ul lils,,, ,,1JU lld +,:,r, - > oy art~'h'-, pi,e ,,trod lI~y 0i,,lnn' l+ g ;. they ar +,t tlt+ d.c~at~a antrou jnarn alt In orbaull , o oll. h, pnll 1,r hl I dpaotlllli, tu ni tuiostl, Illhly ,ll l tr i .+ yl i a ll i l'll'll' ~ 'lllll l 1(lrl (lrlltllt. ll ,ill t. llitC I I:l '+ L( tO Lt U,'ra ll)' of' ut,: l1, li ~`.t~" or .btl ii IIll : illt y c"t lI."I Ji I s r(te, i , 1o +, ahi I b yl0lol' m ull 'ther virtua- , an llra tl t , r '' LLL' u t' 'wht+ Ithroeir w. alll, I ti nd al, a' at S '1i110 rftb ,:Its of +l'g-tlile ni jdU cmltil' ol it.,. v P |.Llr are trot 11 1)O'=.+ till C I)I·IIIUIUIl yi (.llll llaJ.+g. Th l~II r PI· r/tII' lI:I' IaI 'a -i'al l t a ll u!' a I-'. 'a'lllilltllj wh lourII ll til' at' afa ,: tll1h vhl uil,.,l tutl l htI y' a ,I.,A u.· l "l `u Tn ,1 i ro,«l't h ,,l. T I he loop l l £la ty, rl' ] t+ yv aoSI S,\ IIl;'l'+ I" 1'1o V+."grc lhle rL mlrdle> ,+ til , 0,,,, 1a, may be u-trot.tell by ,:,o or:;. H¢tineI e .l, "l:l t p1l'tdetl by tll till+h nr t+rtl l, a, toB hrln r I t bulO,,' li. tll: diLatly' U!d1 r I1UZI (lll)ll ,dJerntll the111111 CU~IBI· )tI.IIC gil t~l i,: w i h I alc lt oI t le A d n llllntn n ll , , l lr vol ll lll I LIA t l,- I" /« , 1- l lr tlhatto Ill,' who'' ,.a'r AI .un lla dot koaI l ow'trnt'-r''' Ill rrlmll,,l lh1IU+% o,.lh.rntenll-lu0 (·llnecil hp UlCoL ,ret"lll lo lIre !ulll tolall by ,I e;Ir l flis c her+~ Lie' l lohe, ol nlt, ha - El'llr dI' te l ,r 1V t ' "' a-ltLhn g tatlat ,ltr in "atra, I'llu t ," . Ii i cul h lllllra nala, , da ,c li n t 'aIlnlilna-tat klln il taaatllar 1 .at ',nltd 1 tll at a -ho t 1,t ll nt Iadt tUrlo ? u- l ll. LunPar tle III· a" od facuhty x Ith, x Lll,'h til)e~c 1wf h i., f,,c l - ca adl'll t art ly rlles, at h tllll,t nd lt- ,nu dl -- tI l l( I hrtllLc ul]s+l~l iol,ltlg the,! + .Viii Lo,+ ,:vri.,a r f1a". l,0 nalr wlthn nt nntll toIt~ll ll broke at nod ruhna 'a a y tl a letllbt t ' aatt'nl n andnr tanoll y'rn'nnI Anb d lc c it douuht 0,x0-t tolt tirs .,ltpl y x. r ,,t' tloo of Ihl st rngo llllt 'llo -at a, lyl ate nIt lh t hl xt aatt" t aeill i n· , .'I. I0 0h lly ox ll IIg to the Io' )o·1 dIull sIoI:. m+ r IltI + x i++ it Ih TPllls ! d '1'11'i, lo ,l$llhlý,p J:II'utro · to ucrose, , , Ii a1r ex ! an -d;l nalic .nil '-r nthae Ibllt ulln rianaly . 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Senv ral I niil,l lt . y~lt tiiIle ex rred thll .hillIll uvl il,' but . itlllolt Iilrlllilli'it brnlclit. 11 Lttl C ~. l,, ii Ittle, of oho Ihah,.ll' I',xa rnazi nlade v perfec~... .. . ... A ) I:T.. te t. 11 1014. IIi~lAS1Sd.-'li»=1 prl 91t rllccl.r e wrhich h-nttmlJ-'III ed the alpplle:,lmll nl' I1-~· v.duullel r ,elldy I. scone IIIIIwred care in 11,1 Vrrltlillrler UlrIrllsur y (fuor ,li~cs~er of thea rye 'i'n}"lr, \ I 1), fr ond the Illngl l ( Uuv lllhllrII , anld tllCe IEocti I well us I'ronl tie ludlow~llg Ined-d gl dlml-im, Ai i~r Alhurlle thy,. Sir Arlllvy Ceeper. UrI). Itu.I(IomC Caro-s, Uruku uL I L 8c:- ,.l gnhug u-t, A,.:.mral -I~ l other ulul u and 1: 1.1(l llll I.CU ) I)I·IIIrt III t '1'I,. I'uultl e1III It u II \r ·.·Ecl llllllu threat; huol l Prance a nd ni I Gernlllln c, rl~l it, rllclr y modio-lill on mt 11 lniill l 1'r u - c , ceuuuy ,uI1 L~llllll neJ 1111·l u..1. w ere I·Illl·)·(llr to lur 1·'I)- el crrtaimy a Ix~alI..lnil the G (ulta \eg·l:1111 lc; xuv c lllllllllly jt lutolll of le""l. 1 1.·lr In:Ijr stI'. Lows 11 Lol llill u, K ill, of II,,i ( l'il?·lor the tiItle ut llI very Aor,-t to t int · I Ilaiel: hcel u :, II·- flf wprl fu" ' lr the madly r-,,-.IOId 111 1(·.)llll or JII:I\ L I·EU I II , by 1II· I lppphltitill 0 il11. Ihl. loos lt 1; 1Iel \- Vegetal~ · 1IIP . I p uef. nit IIII\.11 1:,. ur rll lie 1-"I"1 1-n " fie lloll to encourage 11e oli x It, u ~llhl~teJ withI dcitfll rr, uu..lg ilp Iuut any u LIUI to tit lu tuodou o I'rlm and brussels te or Irll l tared rsll him is int1 III. Iuh) · , , ,'ell r. (Ir.u the p "li ul :m n·- L the three king-, In the city of Dubl Il.)-ein 30 0 m rn or less e. f 1(b? 1;1s1 rd ! to humb h , onl e of x ham had herotie rlle l tile rnle f-30 Ilal t. 1 Hcto ham .t 11.1 f clllCrI at' age anld nnr r 1. le the lal~lC ye, Fore, xofl of it, d .Icy, we will ·ulomtllh. foBllowing east.r I i UI IIcrlL· ll Ell ya trine cull,. that Ile could not hull- a head(LI ally claw eir 'pun hen :or. 10 a 1I1II1I. er of year., derlllrIg which hm1 he n Ipplllull Ill lll? PIehrIuttl· A IIm. nod l PIhy·L inns, t who0 oJIEI.LIll nnd.Ipplud every thong thr(lr ;;~ll~milciJ dill c::~ j "a[,~' l walnut 11-," le.o1'lrdll· f rr,:t' Ur 1 the al:m to tlell be. Imd not use1· d a retlll blly m 1111 1~"· c(11111 hear a. well ilr·~e Ir 11, . fllrpurtleul"lrr or ce .ulldlo (Il..- lillV ..ll· rmnildy m c.,s of J~rnfnra· unmlig from nervousa I c.l ·llr ll·l t t de a.,urh go 1, :Old .I .'·l re reron..nenIII it 1o , t E cr:11 use, hang DoF1 ll l ent1 ill n.,Y IIIIIIII : wa·1IIil ~ IhI·I of oilers, nu nnr -11 be , l aI'pullllsd wit. I.: y Iotre ..cur,un to Dr J.olllc f .t In lllill, Ill, ' ir rdlilCI e, u It htlPI o D, Taylor, e. nc:lu~lr . 1-y ...'tog every elur· of lle l1l. x111 f ed ,1111-1 (i iitn V-(grtuylllll a CIICILp L(II lilllilll. ..,,,ci y fo DO.dIIC· L n:;l~lI fitlll .ll,.n' any .east.r I IliaF* gelIrrllly found the. quo,, to two latticec pruduve a I pprrfuvtcure- andl ill else illtancec a n enllallloo, nl csmo undtu la~ tart, labor lll under .leofilee foIr manlly yrors, , ttullldcd will a rutollllng train 1!1 earn. and) peeuhnlr sauna teen nllml lll dtrlall tlmnllder ccoot,npmlorI withl thtie nng,,,gl nt ioeli*; allj I)ICIE i'y l, mlll. turf r lemllypd and tit. u A Iald-UUS ....cuhnurnllr of It'nra 1PIrllklll i Dr TU)yiOr's .it, \regell.llm .ay.-1 havre npllga)-r alt nIy .kill ·III IUI o nt. to dud oldt; a 1.oI'l ),rel,.lsllo for the reheL and c ure of 0, )ninesr. andl I ,Ilu-t bnlemally aibcI lh;,t I hurl. nev·er fnuo I nay tllnl so good,.' sat and so elliwlclels an Dr Tay= log'. Moil, Vugrtuidn:. 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A LL who are suffering fromn ULLR'PNA4 Sruck as 00TORULIlFA, QI.Eh T$ YLPKr t lltll l''ATBN OF '1 HE HIDNEPYJ. RI.ADOBK, UI RA. PILOWTWATE GLAND, ond lI DISEASt 11( itiNAI? PASSA(5E, PAINS iN TuL LOINS GIAv Ll'nnnitia ofr6 G..olndWoeakess or LocsIM I reareod that this veto able Inrdietne at all tam pericelly eradicates the above disrulot much sorr..s ethecr, anrd Invariab~ly ioaprovln the uconditratia Kill 11alth, bsIl t vigor t'4. ptsn thl hurt base od Illy Al.e or uollopopor trea.leo. to. fit,. 0101141JD b cmr be: eollllrarcr( to it, andJ it her ftosiurely cured ==ant t)·C. 01 blillirllxl ,AVall Other m1dicis havl Ilfol 511cZ l oldiy sluperIedi gtlll iLs Il lf tie iujtllooll ",,s t .&LMIt u, A4irel 1-nlsplllliv.'P0' Cult. Mlotoury. 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Idea ,1' their ,wit allllpllllcrr nlld despair, wlsl lll.101. n ul'1i0,11Iidgri 501f11b1015 as tily ro 1.100lr owI 1111r, apt1 the aceb l its's of s ,l osooblod, 1111 s . Snilot, osl' A.rrisgllr, o 1AkellOtlunls g Idtstsssdssolg .oo Ittlegii. 1101y It,015s.II Iyloo,1'1111115111 PPe IU.tIY lly111iololl iheot. tresslog stale r If drbnlty or deficiencyy whethe~r thle cane· yuruc," of s1uc1h brel',.[ 10li blolo Soodooto borinkint, or ano f"011r IllaI.1y1Iy11 U1111'I'.O oiy, ho the s ondtilvio.I becoom etllreeb·l, d, they otfr a fineo, attire an speed reiteration to I1I',11 11111111111Ale If 1110 1111ll k1fwn hir tirod oettonffnd 11151.,I rc110, 1 ,lolloooblo tyo lol1ilo. NEO,.. Aid 1 v aloption I'illrln IIIhr bone, uldois tedo torejtil, t, di6 ed aw1 , o hro nic rllcllnrollr ,c rotatell, ecnrlnlie and glandular ufeetlols, l11soboos11s kcl el I'bllly. A ,,rl'b t nl 'Pb 1llP1h0 i 'lhe brod and Is11ollo d ypsoIsA'ion, of y11011 i ys, 01d all 1dsi151111,tilsro1. to tltI'.Ilodb 1f the bsdo1 d. 'I'p llll· ills Ilra orthy I, llo fos lA e, itt 11,in0 of mte. oh.nd caph'ltain. of i,,oOhsfw'e1so511 l00115l'1.1111kee. Wgood to l Ilt111 I) i'IIP51110111 LU Pho i'1oiso tIoo~It LoYoU1 011010111 Gfss1liso aot ib.t loolyni... 'Po b~e had onlly t t~u. U6 Cubtoul hlouse street. New Orkaas. PROFE110 lll1'DO101011iAoi 11N HERB PILLSn 1 tir ther efle, teal extirpation~ of every species nod ).ylI. tOlyo 11101 pllillOt. oldfel se sIld thb oIbosdisoh dewolwb1,oU. \Ylllt ss0 h l'011 '-llty oollst on roser.Ioltand tfa hiltlot 41sIls Iowthl nollnaorototlllp. o.t11.i Alt yps, ac. o., clo lulllull hlaso arch 1110 whlF Iy thosI K 110 oll or bs.toooots loutll," Itelo IiibbPIo, d Pt,.YEu a 1d11tltoo olsoo. A Ihr 1100111111 co11511111151 to d toe1l has 01olnti'n to the0e 051 olldtr, br sl'l from .011 too free olld i l.didcrimib.oto ludul 111111 iPllI.I) 1,illll1tbl lllllh11h but dluly nLlioIIsgolt1ero11 lI00iT of hIer,'lslh alsectluoos, huf also osdaik on iit vutt o alytl Ilr 1srrvunoý llllel tll0 111 u11 Opai. si itha ditr10s.odtoI t I.,s lllsIsaldlbolbtlc, ell'o r thle onaequencA of tp a-,,. tu1 Kuhns, r er10rl\ lIl lllli ingor any other eause b~y whieb the p'sfr, ols It'r e tllysbIloiolso, lytIloclcotlr e ibo1 off1hun. '111b1111d 1pelosl 101 lrlfll ls to lbulnd tlfd viPorous healt 10 11 .s a oflaiU~ holly tent, that lhuus.,llds full victims to tire.. srrecal 41,1,sr, owingr to then ullkhilfuluess of illiters t ma a lit, h vthie u- of that dea~dly fattn, mesrcury, ruin the cutts *LI(IlIIUI aul x ben .1 11 g reat Chicor Swledour beesti a tiro ff·rssor It l.cyltrll University, he l oulerred a invailuablle bens. hi t upon I):9111illd .y) the discovery of him grand Pounces, flr ther clrre u this Ileplionlble comnplaint. N'ever did d Jseaorsy c cif r a greater sens~ation;l it writs sought after with avidity, and usi" Ki U. a nI II ating success no t lie moot ttlnnute a~tnd f il lee t canes..f 11 .b drIIE.1 B coIIpl./U t, feu the cure of whic~h the) h Ilu kce.Il sir long c~ Ilhretrd. The fame of these Pill. Ibro- lit (ilerrlsn y, cawed theilr speedy introduction into aImnol ·· Cry cou,,I ry. 'I'kII earuinty with which they were continually aIIInInItered, call lie u ttrsted bly mmnly tllouss,,dsl in fact, der . II theI lolleCUatlillll ta:( lie the~y were thle it~eparablaecla ! I"""U " "Ld Llellglan1 of 1 1,e luldlr, in all cued where the s alla lcrl sllpieuw n o ,,f "cli ull was autertsined. What md(. Vlm' cuu lIe more Rlplr~prllle 111311 that which boo YIY.nI such IPv·Ilcr. on~l l 't'he ll! yge irrKri Il Mrl Pill, oot out wary din. ur In ofP illrrdiloa potion,, plrrlliLg t their pmrrgu th· j s lllF I mass lit' llluIJi drop not only removeOY tie IljXC.·C) but rein,[ oke 'P 11 ,1lir actions~, Ike didieront fuuetillnt ufthe holy, l Irllinll (1 I- e rosrar boners, a, nd ton n lnnuerrso milld aid Impep"cepliklla a'ttocoI\ tIIL thle mn~ots.C pticaeL of theiil atoO· 1t11116 st l Il lcleqllll Il power,; Ikea Ieilhareco lsoa mercury nee fly nth tllr mi..llaal, nd may he IC akkel ilhllal theslightesl·U. pc'ioll of dn-,ovary'-thecy reqluire oil re~trulnl of die1. lo~e os IIIIIP or lldldnace of buIIInessI but effect acomphnacearl, with. out thle Icaart exposlure to then p..ienl. At any period when tis ,Ilk; lrs~t curpilnlnll may exja, tt will hre well to have recours to i..' Ilygetnr 11 orb Pill., far Killenl taken before the dlteuo ins Ila,·11· Is IIeanlollr , nets as a ceralu prvventjvev, res.. v .ir Ihr 1· o(1~11111 111 ctu·CL Y and secretly. T lhe deplorabl stoler iq which mannly person~s have been,. when ririting the pro p I""r;"ftual the ure If Mrl~cury, renders it imperativrely no. ,,nary toI cullllwll th~e public ngainll that dungeruus mineral whin' I injudicoatly a nllwinflleredl. 'Photor, pill, Should rural a portion of allI medicinle clha by re;, .,lid lenIl, and o ught nevcer w hIe omitted by say plena gn Illp I I,!l voyllgo or journey; dale properliar are sash, that n,.1I t h r Lent nlor cold w ill i njure their qualit, or pra, act their due r II~-ces on the tenlsltlttinn Sold at No. xG Custom house et, Nee Orleans. TIIE MIOST IMkPORTANT hUMAN DISCO VERY. A C c.ERGYMAN t le of the Cpmhrldgv l llvert Or [tlental Complslilnt. of tbourtee.l yeatr' dur·tinl, slid n four y.llrsI,ilrs hav h id a it,.,ie IO pati. allofwhuc helihuccur ed cicha fIcclbo ed hccIci, cctcc lcIclt, ofers Cromi ch Oe - Illeo ratlher lhatlle .nn teIcurOlhlrc. Low cliritl., ttlelt d. linyc, ll chal ccicl. dctetrilcruion of blucf io the headn ie lieptg grUc dIc clccr, fSliIhrE of Itenory, iecte·city for beli lele,S,.IldV. L., re~tlelaerues IrreMloluionlwretlchednal, ind·· ci cd,, dclucicl, c tecc.,iehlly, l ioucht of ,mic dc.trutc.,icd. serlnally. ·c, re uruhl c by Ihic i jurtcuct dircoery. .Onl... Apply tu No e(i Cuclto house st, Ncw Orlglem IIEALTIH ANDBEAUTY, S tOMACII PILLS --An eminent medical writer .nm eaL· Uud, andll ex erlellee has crocVEd tiIe f(Eciht lctiiho aem uttele to klcpilll tcihlceh . cca andho . In proper erderc ipreCc-r health, plecell disea.., slid ge¶llcyeclletainie coll. th,.eretll eid IheaIhy oll src; (crtlltt lecieble .. cIl ep udplteJbrllle Ir )aPied eit theeclpllet of qcicict, icc..tcl ct i cflltlellll i e tllwr c Iltd lhe cccii heholesetonchih < £)lld uperient Il lagr ill tile latorlP Medics. TFhey here ill·I cnlr·, Irtctrld .ruperlor to every other mediieMn fLe +i ~lnal-b lh alrc her olplahtt,, loss of appeUte, innileltlolX ccelri+pccll (e" fullnpccc tlld opprey ioa te methc h l . eihncc.i o| I~l·;rlath, +t1 id arll xcllellt restorrti~o flter ln.Jrmeell It the ira hie, cc. hlh pelgltcipuc, p icAd cleaCcee thie 4Ik .lte'.lhec1 lh, I1t,+rltlach, mu Itligrl~lel tllC Enllzlitul~mP" F·OLdel whll i ilur .Od hhshouhl Iilcver he e i ehllltl ei e UIee pcrl \ Icfg- cl c l iooe, rellmove ellhteilon cc hmd gite th p ekrlhmurC hIn, clear, heailhyl hid ehlecglllllB eprccrlcec.t Petco. cf clc, ,~Ihc l heldt, c ccc I e cIielJcci teed tlthe, hiddihee, dlc c Il..c gliCch deccecIcercllte, Orhcycclct gteat IfemLow of bctid te the hie;cdcultehe thoeccfreqctlecly. Childrelrledlere.oe r ;illcngcl,' iciac Ictkethlcc at tny time, ac itey dB cci ontel. lly· merc·Ury Or f elly illgrcientl liht rqclctre fnletcnnet oe ecrecrcclclcP lidt. c'lhtcy lhnuhl cieth; t ill tvery tfnciy en - S'"PO'ledl r·III* Pa+I)P suddolll ill~llem; t'or, Il'r their prromp Idliuae icecrclhiollc clolerc oPlet. cAItlet, cj itcltc c vert ·iIi oth... larllellc conlplalecc illc y hesplcecdily ered ortlc .1t~ll coldcct Ne 9tcC,~o henicee ct, New Octecu.. I SII;SAPARIIoI A PILL OFllEALT ORe BIIAOD I'ILL. 'f lllseN ele N tn y I i t is a lt tcllediccr ci .ccc vflr celireceillg c tll dcc I oder.c lths ctotlch i oeed hot. tiem, tile celnliccll iylltptcnl of which rec cietiveceeeM, Beetleu ry, .lie-illS. loss el" icpplli.ieiiec ittcadache, gilhliccmc, olce ec ficllllec, itier Illotlti dlAeldei. of lhe eyec. cid I iIshl+ Ill tile stomaal h Pmiclcd hellcdigCctlclt rttcldecic· etcr i ccc clate l i the lvelr c n cd te ourequcll lnlciticlt oithi tow 1-I+, caustllg adlllort/~lialllntil of every fullet itll'o f the B·, cicelii ill lhl ic ctcncltecllclll pco )Y.ratUlll "litlthelei.Vr clre.ele efe,.cually rellevel. Tmc o three Ao..l wili rea t cille Iheittfflicle e of its silutcry efcts. Tee ticctcb mill cc,,eilcd y regcit it strtll.thc c lthy etice ofchi lirc, boh clc icccLldllhye cill ra. Ildp tk i.lacci tiel ceetee Oclliiilcl lse++, heat, ():lill~Lh jand jallnd4e ati)lll~urMleo. ectill I Slh~l rerullee Lielltll wll he tler quckL re~u~t of r~l·takiarhl li. dccclcinc, c i cordicic to tilc girelteluet ictcllyaty|Mg e14. ol. Thel e e illace ieariliulcciiry c cieh eltu for cuimihlccultL 4 elldcith,, aglertel ,resth c lli ac hbtrueeticln letkh I pirtcuar psse.; ced iftehecll aclterccfeaeenicdileittei chle, they quicly reitcre ilie cly· m lotteletlcitdci. ef Ir [.,++on or t SUb htltil *h.,lt.teetit e hced..eb ciddth. cneit. imwciclitratld lllllllithe etc, etiigCellltO· icege flliow lfi hd Ittltle heed .chuld cet bh wlthcot them, i m cc gcnycng cprou eyllptmc wilt be d lbtirely crried offb) tas. hlilllllpditl s urP. lFcr leiic.. thle. pili cre ccet lcey ezetllent. retlosinb toall Iltlnrllclioll·,, the diatres~itll/ hem lathe so very yrrev~lnll wilh thle s; dnllre.hioll of i liritcl dullhcch or c ichcc •crtcui A'e,,cctioni, hlocclclci, iitrccdliind tleeittelolcth lmlllcud elItivet. hiethhy ndjuvenilet clU cio th h eoipllui. TeccUILotl ib they era i.cllfidcctlyrlpeitclp mCided lItt biet enleicile thai ectI hc ticket durillc rguce)t esu;idd' hijdctt P -l+ i lcarc tlphcy erccnetUclla ctted. A.t pk dcatttlahcti, y piielinntflt 'aeitet e 10i. 1ll. dti. l cc c mild npecrlinc cih iheuhLee ecedh-I l tee, ted I- rlecird co ceirclllcltf dielto conleithtceedurcic Lcitcuc..-. c. ty regulaeinegtht ddce tcccdln co the tg. ecdelce.cth ofth. clciclllt theyebotlll rcilihte F'r citre cc.., e ·'l rc zi.Bthn d a. herequired; mdl~ry elderly, Ilsplo bllry~llellllh·Hdl Ae I Iic iillletcltelrtAl c . cledleipe hlclhe .hi ed Seld ci No. Cmlil .Itc ihluc eet.Ney (t . mi-m 1i eAI--ti ,tand'rlb~tc ieed ttnd; -tice trim boi ,cl e"" I W41d~gF~~ iChs. 74 Yccpdree t `f Irt~lenzt, ano mitlrtrv Vit : " .. . . c . .c- - - . P c. + cc te ... c eecillrmtl. pi+., ,++ !. m. celil. he rie t·ilePlc rtad heecueadllrl+Fapiegct hit cep eewthceer~pl~e t le i lethpc i~cu. S tile~ -ta~pm M

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