Newspaper of True American, May 28, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 28, 1839 Page 4
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,sr K HA"L'IMOtR E LINE OUF tu PACKIETS. di Mtnee willn consist of the following vesseols, i hive-beflo bilt or"ptir.ohard i xpro.sly lhor 'S hp Semhn, Capt. Miner, SBark Mary : Nicknrsoo,no .. ,: radth ony S Stollvns, In o.. $. .. l oban , Latham, jo "ý bi. Arolittoot, ' • " Gr.,y. nel oirdfie the first clase, hand. an Aitf. eouoimodations, and are of a light ar ater so s to admit of their receiving and r ring their eargoes in Baltimore, at the cilty. h will be taken for ports on the Chesapeake is River, and forwarded by the agents, . CLARKE & KELLPOGG, at Blotunoroe: c usbense on goods shipped will be advanced when m ,It eid. Theb prie of passage is fixed at $(iO, i Satrei oftlhe b at qnalit, will be provided. 01 ai d op'aid down the Miesissippi will be tken ?ofreight or passago, apply to EO. BEUFORDI . tl27 .22 l9 ienville et. b 011R NEW YORK. eamsinna and Now York Line of PRackets ] Ifi. Slhips oompoilng this lino will nail frol eiw Orteans and Now Yorh on every ether Mon day- " oiiooccing oo thm 20th Novunmaorand to Ieenjs the punctunality in lh tinme olsoiliog, the ily w*ill hereafter consiot offive chips, vi: IBip Yaoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 2011th hipLf L~ovolt Cao ptain Painer, to learve on tlhe Ship ntvuleill, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the "18th Doecmber. ship Vicksborg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on , thie let Jlminary. si".shp-Miosisppi, Captain Davis, to loavo on the " f""th of January. Tlhlabove are all now, of the first clane, coplper dr and copper favteoed, and upwlards of 5!i0 tons b-iJrtlocn, are of lightll draught of water, Ieilg Luilt a=n New York expressly for the trade. Toe price I of ,psaage is fixed at.100 dollars: their cabinslare fittd upmn the most improved and convenientt plan, and finished in a neat and elegant ctylu - Ample etoresof-tho first qiality will he proyidad, "d every regard paid to the enalfort and entire natisfaction of passengers, who will please take no. ia that no berth caln be secured until paid for at bc o0pje of the consignees. T h.ese vesiols are commanded by rptaiins well . p.rfeaod in the trade, who will give overt at sim..nioi hlid exert tteimnelves to aotOtIUodate. TlhlCr will at all times be towred Op andi down the Missin t.ppipp~ tby unmbhoats, and tine strictest punctuaIlty o obeervrod in the timen of sailing. -The owners of these ships will not be r g sonoi. hblo for any letter, parcel or acekago, eaont.y or I y totiboard of tlholl,-unoecs arenllr bill or lalinlg -,a.agn od therctor, at the counting house of the -menor owners. For further prticulars apply to S . J D .$N & A CO71EN, ,l+.nov1l7 90 Common at aEW ORLEANS & CIIARLESTON PACKET1S This lille conilsts of lour versel,, all Il thle lirst class, coppered and I 'lp,,r Ia.1s. rnel', and of al00lt 2J. tuns Illurtlen, wibh lalde.tnae nccommolndalltins r IlsSen. ls. TheoYa vessels ore cntnot+1ldod by cSit 1il ,cl e l tii:ed in the trede, who will r0ve every at sle.l t51nd exert themselves to accla.,midator ih ship ,.'1hey will bh towed up and down the Misasisittp, sndle,,ve New Orleans on or before Ihe 10lb lned 15h oaevery mouthll. The followllg veelselý.feore 'lo line, viz : Br blahianClharles G.rdon, master. Br .,spmran,J. B. Thom pson, master. Brig l, J. Doane, master. Bir . gr Willionms, J. Alliber', mOler. For freigbl orpoeage, arply to J. A. IAIELLI & Cu,'o81 1Gomlnhn si. New Ollleans, or A1. C ,rl.u il •Elreeoi.pholr.nlorsI. . cRtI OM , CO'B Boluen and New UiruoT Liro of Packet Slipe.-Tbir new lihle of ships le" been expressly built to run betwren the abovy ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aooommodatons for passengers, and every effort will be crnde to give general satis'action, '1 he line is composed of tlho f'lowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tons Capt. J flarding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D) Eldridge,, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J luwes, Bombay, 625 do D lumphrey. The above ships are all new, of tihe first , lase, copper fast.ned and eo.ppmred, comnmanded by men ofgroat expereiene, lbay largo acconmodations, withl0 separate ladrbscabi; every attcentiu will be paid to pansongers, and the very Lost of stores pro vided for thelom The packbta will be towed up and down the Mid sisaippl, and the strictesat ponctuali'y o' served an the time of sailing, and should the re'olar r vessel, be detained ii arriving, other ships equally as gaod will in all eases bp aubiaituled. A iIshare o patron age is solicited, ald trio agents pledge tlemselves to aocommodate as much as practicable, to receive -and forward goods by .id line at tile mosot noder. ate chargee, and to advance all exponses on goods shipped, if required. Tire ships will leave the 1st and 16th o(every month. For freighltor passage, ipplyto the agents. -aTA llMERtI'TT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advapcements made on consignme:.ta to Mesars. A. C.'Itombard & Co. nov27 J liE GerninIn_ r .la!kfacm qf Lierrc.rta and llahe SIbound,ia inpit"[ itin bottles at tlm low price r.f 51 cents each, centing rthle strengthrI of.three o ea of f vetworet, bet.aee. irtaa ,f manv orlaer ra.rrt ead ' known neukire lndires as effieacious ia curing pulmonary complainte. The uiioalled vsccess which has attended the rse of this iluesitisilr Bolem wherever r it has baen iitr, dued, lhas obtained the onfidurere and recaoanrncla tione of iespeotable physioiaun, for the cure of rouilis, celde, pain artbheide, want of rest, selpiing ol blood, liver eomp ol nth e.h - TO whom ioit uoncern. Thl'fis is to certify that wcr hae in our p fr6quently presrirbed Ier (ouls rd nor's Indian efLiverwort d Ilfcrlr.ud,with Sdecidcd gooýl o we can hllirufibr, fircm ilh know led a of thie it is onlda from, land cin rF vsimp ns d perierre, rponl eno it as a srriur" preparation oral those aolttls of the I' ne fr wilici it is re mmendod. ,vfA.BEfIt I IVIi.l LhIS, M.D. 'eCALVIN ELI.IS A1. i). Beuebtof lhe lBostoi Medical Association. aos.n, OctlIbbr '5 saleby '" JILVIS & ANlItl.\VS, ia i ll f1 oii n r I l la'rtr i itallh a ts W'rUig'-i w biAnConNat In, received a.d for ""9le'bf." lHEhltlilOGEyE, B;ltlV'N & Citi. elm lbiitrr and rrrwt r iquo ice rot, ihn· juieeeetlifl, ag rhra, rs . e.t n I e, and a.ej edsln, ianne , a d mnll, ialol;rr dli. brrmetoreil brhauge Il.lwei atocr .'c, for .awl erle ucdf retail iilt p- fI 1\NAlII, - rerr. l Nathez & Tcblhiriitilaa et I- -eJ e .ubol,aod fur saulr by ma y 3 7 , C ar, ,; . , l6 5ION3 4-IA1RT'' f CO, er lnw receivinh-, s o bcard ship )Orleans. Engle, Ilighrlaliar, ,ak-er lery Andiew, Frenchrlr ad Gcr:cin aIrfy corel; Iack. I onimon Boarrdsi; Cllecimen, 2 1-4 end r 3.8 iil.h Iail and Bnls; 8,9, !0 ael 12 inch Iliado Il; Krrues; Leather uand other travellig Ierosing (Cria-u; aIcll, Pockelt, Iloremran's, and I)rlfling l'istols doulIe an siugle barrelleGiou; Girli tlrgs; Slotr Bclnts Poa ler andPistol Flasks; Bliutlca rand Drinkilrg Crup; Prereusion Caps and Cap Iolder[; Cloth, Hair, T'oolh; and Nail lrotrrree; Orris ealf Clilorinre Talth \ Tl'ooth Powde' T'oilet and Shaving Sorps, in ru iil t riety; loeg ftair Braids, fti.lcts nI F l;rt rzera; IPrl a and Toilet l'oldier, Enlery Bag.; I cry ' Csh r Patent Srldes or Garters; Galil Elasti .Lisnriflr.t; Powder PuTll and Briuxar; Gilt Clhairs, :;eLols ilrd iLv.a Eerrope; l'aoist Buekles; Bracele; rBead Neklafco nndClhsiini; (Giltr ad Silvered Beals; Indian lieals, ielie lod Plumea ; Shell Twi-t; Side and Dressine Combs; whieh, ir addition to their formcr alrck on hlb1, makes thejr assortleeot very epnrplote, and diill he :,old ow and en liberal terms,- at,chs sigf of thle Golden Comb. t 5ti2l . - i70 0Carrtrrarct. fl 0133 A SEiETINGd~-45-15 balan,'tatdiug ti 4ip Jobh, Dunlap, fyr .ala 1w a21 I'- lItIDGE1 & Ua, 134 vgazinw c t 01Vb Tr 8-5 ban'e 4.4 -Lowrll rottrnaol'. 3 .5 lea.4.4 rbwilfaJ Lonwll citton, 3 coasn buckskin ebipen, Iadiagfruain sip$tl Unia,,fr sale by 1a39 .v4 fit! 1aGP & Ct, 131 lagczrine at IRON ROO -hFW e sBabadriberi have puureni at agrpat es a04jthe rita oa( aiuling orrillri route in this They are adepird to pu:lla builcdings, "rehi eer, and private delliana, and cambine at' ene chropbeiat and durability, and rea perfcttl" fire and water proof, 'Terms nay 1*knawn, aad a model amen aa our establiebhmenn, oppttnitpr. M N i rrae,'rlilptinaa'. id" C~;~~~:.c&ELr Ca Ahove nanatantly alt haeetaa eye au jlynfCoanelnJdtivarpuas elatl, 1n bnJkhiaef ep a fr qaaltty,wilibil riley oflfr for ualnfZIsis to $ ih Vunlnara.srv t rorf land and tile Ing nCeonad. Le tgiý Pntab Milnntaib Cumita bin ;.ad q#retl u itt hair 63 6r1c ienCyjrlto e n, ba Ere a prn aptlv b Yttýd fa. 1". Ielptatpgltly -d, . g' "rE\W OODl--,immnons llartt & eo ara now Ire I .L • deejnfrom on bcard ships Yazoo, and SartoPga andbrivConcordia, from New York, a great variety ol goods in their line, which together with their formet staok on rbnd, noakes their a.snrtl ent very * idlete. 'lhe folloaing composeno pairte, iet: rell w et, , took nnd dressing ot uls, hoont o ofall doceriptinns, lo din rubber, silk nod wormsted elastic rtors, tcoctnon & fne elauti lennspCders Iobo faeo rrnl d Ifuneint r noatlnes, Seidlitz powders, powderlr d p lfstinl boxes, toilet powder, pocket books anr d nallors, needle books, shell, pearl, ivory anld or cos card ea.tesi, ead rlnaments, psi l co ral "bends, alneckltaes no leglgees, bead lhairs, bead neclleces, tot elass and plaiao,scc,silvr r eld gilt beade, Indian bends, belln and Iploles; pistol and llr'ge w .ler afl.ks,slhot belts, horrse, belt. pocket and duiiing istols; double and single barrelled guns, Bonie knivoe,, and dirks. scistors, nslie.,-pet kltknivesO, goulod chanino, and ribbons, woist bllCklesa clothl hairt, tImdlokllcolll orunlb. shoe, plote, tllo'r nnd dlostilog blshlsr, Clote, Florida, laveadcer, rue and bay wator,nssorted essences, and extractsn, lnccanns', teeo, antiql n, alk Warld'sv - getable Bair oils, locing and toilet sotaps o all des criptioa, lies' and goe..tiellloIa' dCskaIan dTesainl lases, hair rioglt, irizel n and braidse, plain, ufany aanl musical work boxes, pluin and giht, fiured, coat tod vest bluttons, pearl and ivory shlirt do, olltt snld., golld and silver Iyen:l cases, t*~.hubcks and t-veezers,pluted asd gilt locket', itotitoree do, ir, brass and stel toimnthles, huekn allmt eos, lhair lies, imilotlton frlit,oblk and rodincnd oo, ot Bla.kilg, vionil and guitar,eriobed alnl lain peicu~suin caps, lintn twrine, scented cusl tens, golod td silaer laee tlod frooge,totte'r paper, aollo bogs, ridillg w'o;po , waking e 'i o ne,plloyng cnlads, lilen gold tWttooln'd giltjie'llr' &c,. STshe above, toethoro wit'ht great variety ofotooer arti lea ale utered at h oulosale r retatil n aoolllanudutilg tenes. dN t Sf,',"l c'r'ing repaircd Cust, 12r1 n 1hear, bliste , s.rd Inb, sheet a 1 i l) Pantcrs, ,. ";.::.oradleC Etn.CIt, two doorsfi'om S(;Cnal streetl SInaliotnons of tIcB lloowing woods oed sjtchblets,en ecuted it a maolsterly ncaiobnner,n "' Dlle . I 7A ItIt L . It "%:dlhogu)', Egyptian bleak nod gold, t)k, (itllo atod Anticn, V;enlled vic, tsa Is otllowq, Curnletd le, I w ld.aptleone SABuds wye :n, a 'l):ur by Lh'auitel Sil,,l 'Vookt, It'otoanae, S A liioor n oted, hnw ore I crdellol S s r olllrlndle ,l n o laek t i i:tii :l laBl r IteR ele, la, rAsh a llil. Oak, l&e. ha . Yac. I to'led no;ho, It tSpeein ns to be seen at the saloto Paints, tils, glass, opal oonistb, ta. n onlvered ti eor saln . Jlt}ttN, S''Iift & IIt'.kVY tiO.ttliS'-llnt, sq'oaoe Ilotp, scr'omlla ld rod irot, ny il rods lanld !ilolgl n motlds iCast, Gemnn. lheanl, blistered, spltriot , aseet and t Creowle) steel Iloitow nare, cut anl wrmugltnaoils Otd spikes 0Zi00, blo01k tin, iuill find grikod 'toole ot sido kettles CIhain cablesI ailleoleS, linOe ' Ox, log .at Id nie thains' , o o rn tills S ALnios, vitces, .tlea stel bellows I t i:r', altuet l lit: and atl lead; sho ot y Coal, .td o kookli sr, es Anit's, RIt1 lollodoos ,ot Ihtotor Soloadet'nold shovelso . I tl.k o tdllate hinges, 1e anooid wnilow lteks 0 Collins, Iliear, Sitin Piots, nil, oo iteoo a hxes i Uult dt aelotetluig acol 'iler Natal ad stlc e A fnll assortnlent of Ithrdlware anal a hdil cllandlery, rawayvs on IIiiaud, ndwill h aire aftp'.u:d |¢r f at whole .t s e t o r ol'tail, oo tilt llloL t f olo tl orble Icirns, tl mo I.k'I"ON k Co. 53)ld Levee'0 (called lilt Eur 1ruTrllllelpt, hic jl.l been received, hy itie (ooe of hlie;, oh o t oighue b s tir~ aon tti ot t oe tu. nlane voice is diisrlllcti cicllleyrti to ilte car. AIV Oll n who t has ever o liteo iohg(a it, ooolleaert.oi fith lit verto d-a )e-o.,on lillle bliv tlV sle!rle lf 1he difficullty willI rm .otoerrossooelon exteroio'oned Woloto ov tioenoeltostnd oth0 in0 e tlividualo so Uoofilrotlota'lol olllitrdl. Ily lyt 11e of lle SEar Tru'' lellot tois ulojection is cltirelyoirviohted. Til, osot soepicloal have ahlaso . unaldosedtheirtdoubts alter Ilavinog ued tiea ''rumpoilet. For sale at T I' GUION'S, Fancy store, crm'r of C. mmon and St Charles stlreots tdter ihe ctExcha Llnotel. fob 13 ( .OIN MILI.S-f-Ordrs recrioed foir cnt mills, bI .I ) apt 17 StlAI~t, & Ilittt\t'N, 96i 9lognzine t)AF SUGt.\i--varo ous qtuali is, rlnstlilnlv ito IJ rtc, and tLr sa!e by SIIALL - BltOlIWNE, ts ler ono!t laoi ezhoe st DHOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Otitol . 1s oCnp soreld . o tWhoolesale I)rnler in oaints, 1il, Vrotolbeo. Itru.he% o o1: 1 o \ i,,d tw td t'i ,,,t' hi :s o . , . FASHiIONABILE CLOTIIING. ROBLVSOA#& GOOD'SPIAY, *No. (i, Clhtooleo tellerl, (ool Dooar .lu, -tieonvl 'le " Av. constantly nn1 hiaudl et".ey article a p ,pltfin uing I, ge .mlC""n11 n cll t t'.-s, lmlaLI1| ill n ih, LtCsl Illtll. recr unlld IImI.stI f.-hllitle style, which they otror fia c-ash, relIlnc prd pice.s . cht.'-1 3- . I A, 3I FOR TilE TE:[ T II. demand ol r lllibis r I1I to el reality of lr'hi and l sc.livet of Illt·e lb ctil tas induced|II , tl' b-t ib rl it Ito the otl ati 'oi,. p ltii . Arrln ,:nllnt: hal Iblenll rl| ld,. In apJ e h' lrslltls in tt]| ll.l ptii al t ll c t n dlld taw : in tile, i | llltd Statllels i.o In placelt+ it itlti th l reI.h ol lho- -'ifflrin-o alnd it'lokely hto ullbr this lll hllll#.illl olio Cljo-a' 'rllll'o e ioo .ho il It'b Ir It pled atieeling o d irectiongllnioen on . bottle ilt has co,er oltioi lo iofl,'d iOlcldiont alh oal.tet reoef. It also arrests tha d..cav to l'el' tv ethlltand relieves that soronessvllich so f11 egnthl rmnders a ttrong tooth Itsuless The .p lieinltll t;d remedy tiare sill:eI innceat ln rot iiin drarrt ald th large nll U r of loerou. io difl t th ctoutry, that have fir Idv experienl(d .uch deili:hlfl mud dulatry ecibcts Irom the ona of the Balb, are readt to leer (Ibr the pullic good) their te'imoL"y to it til rivalled qultlits. It is all lht lio renla ly, obtained the eivili;ecd .ot hi as he mhet valuable disuuvoa .r rlic + F1ur bIlthe. Sold by J.\oLt I S & ANI)REWS, ir 5 (or Clloo nll, n -l'o.l'cl,looliluluo -to . W'io 3 iA'IhS, in cozseo--2e d010n 0while Woo IhJlt,,for JOIN 11 i GIAAM. sp I ti S111"1 LEAD--5 hIhl, tl..1 Ibs each; ¥ 411 kegs, Il) English do---5 I-1o blle. 40011 " 111(i l' tlll t l lo o t vo rius sizes, Ic .-," .\,t n imlli n,; ;On paLs (poIh d O.Id ; 5 bble Cpal ntd M dl INDI'P !.. L ran, lr.lish and French No aio ('o! cu ME "ClGIcIS, PAI JS. OILS HI' "LFI . I ).I. lid.. W 1- ( l/l' SS, ]uime{{ r of Cum no\ n sal T- Lou d Oitu lles streets, IO + tvlr Fale2 h iy , NAT IiN J.111100l li..Ir n ' i ill S Ill t11$. JeIl' \V, hanIliE\'h. A large upl,ly Garden Seed., c arrta ntted the gran t!t NDKRIlV -11MTi & Cii ., ree ui lly inir z their friends and the public to ecovrnl, th'tt they orIully lthe ncw brick shop, 219 Thtoulltollua. street, wheor they keep ccnsta0i-y oni hand CoppeCr Tin and Sheet Iron Ware, of every descriptio., sch us coppller stills, o ttlles, nllld pIp," tnl bath ilg tl sI. and nil cans, of' ll srts and sizes, ad all other bra+. casting don, at short,.- t noti a. Uralt lI'rs oru every do.cription, ltnh ;n steamn. (oat stllrrupz, log chais, screw Lo!ts, anlli othler ki 'd of ls. tmhO.L woral., such asll chimonys, breaoch Scet, cteamn pipes. ''ihey will tlso do all kinds of out door work, Uhll a- zinc. copper and tin roo:I:ng and gutterinl, &ce. Tony abtlve ad all other klllds of work in their lino uf butlness, tllhey cil exoecut at thIe Sshortest notice. dteS27 UARIOWGATk SPfINGS T I II Oll P U II l. ' .l:lll l1,F Bll tthl)l t l TIIREE D "1Y .l)iL'RAWiN: Y Fl+1 .11M <'EW11 OR'LEA'VXF. FrlI- proolrietor oft Ilhi" eoltblishllo t bno the p:vao in t,+t he sill ge in readh.'.shy the hat d[y o loVe toI receive viilers. lIle wll ollst, floir the b,. olei.t ofllh.e ot a di.taree, lhat thelre hIav 1 [1ll b leel.rg ilmproveoments lldtle, alll lolhers naow t gifo. osl int t rutpid progress fglr foilllleiiol, ,ohlia w'ill enle lth su scr loer to arcommodttl e llllO I1 Ilrgelr IuIltiber thait Iletellifoe, allo l a the siiln., time IInItt'h beltt.r. lalllilic coan lbe ullcloottndtd itl go.,d roons. o tlhoFp who prefer can bItv large cu,ioe I iacheld lfrlo ihe mailo Iilding. It is deemed ll lo.ecry tIt sa tanyhllillg i arlticel lar of the character of these, for it is generlally Le-lieved that they are not inferior to atv in Ii : Soutll ern Stals. All the a0tl0emelll0 that are0 g teiuelll" liund at \VWlateriag Plaees, will La Iound at .hls. 1 e best music that this parl l'iho country atibrds,, t beeoaei.lged~t, dyilLc . cottsltntiatatendawtcnlt ha Slitga Blu b whole sas)u. lhe ia ct will avail iimoselfrf this opprotunity in etoi ag hias nleiged thanks h the vry liberall uplport ivenl him last season. nd bhopes hv the exer tiols 01.0 have bree allild to poaill i nlrVilo lot exlrodiog tlhe acgmtolalildaiuooto o lerit a liberal I -illl ,lig," ih pteedl season. J1U CRAM. m3 LS biEGUL R, No 54 C.lue streot, belt wee Duinain and St Philip, keeps constanitly on band an xleonrivo astsoitlllit ofi 1mts and hroioano , a:li shoeli of New York manullifacOtureC ro mcn, women and children of a all eII , which he will dispose of at vary oaoderate plioo. lstlliolie.oflis aquillaonceooseud'nven ordtr 'ouehJ loadettheirwishes altetlled to L 8 RSIOUR Rt0-1ILit (,LOT G-l6 cass, w-ll 'oesearel eeiblhigio fsediag s"qo ship Oltio, and Jolh Dl)llalo alne by' ' I BRIUM.E & Co """P"; urf~' u stip ():l; , end Jo^ D·u· n! BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. I OF EPERY E80rrlrT...I S1PEEIII.Y IIANflO0lIEY AND CHl12PLYrXECUTLU AT T1!E OFFICE OF TffE ; True .lanerican, 0 ST. CIIAIOLES STItEElI', NEAR POYDRAS. ut`?3 -- -- - --~ t A CARD. tE- k SL 1I' OTT, 17'holesaoe Crocot 1111 Comntinl oo iicrdelus, No. 07 Cuoooonh Stoolt,'lo' Olleano. DJYPnrtielonrlltneuhio.Ilid lto h oollloo up of Slwain blot and :lhip stoles. a1012 - SA'd ('RI 'lOCY, .ierrhonrliooo liroier 4. Co+olnlioyiomi .neIloerchnn, 1113 (ISLie, 111, lounp_0t.-Fir thll present1. .. P. FRCEEMAN & go.. UP~olesrsle CiotIL.$ E IlabliisrNcrrl Urknnol, fJ2JIIdlem hfr~iti, 1neu Vi ASI 1011tnntl hI1 d 1 inr11 '1 llnllply of Clotlh 3011111 nl ltlnt,"d ir i he tlooniog t1110e 1010 u11.1s. Itortutent being tauro., turreltllotr tom rho eourtry Lnn be u,;,iied at the i" llurto-t enltice.· u ti BAZAA1R. BUSI & A LEN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HIOITEL, prner" f St. Co'rle nd Commn sls, lSEW 0101iNS and Dealers in Freich to d lseeli-h a I'tfulln"·r!- I)r·Pieiill ('n-o~: and PIIILOIIle Irti~ko" Cultle't', liII-ic,) , (dieslo SlhirI, tock., sIr III1·l~llIl I'·IC 1110100,0,0111 PWo Cl''e',' iI · ol 0101l 0, 1I00l "e f NI 1 .10100 OI l.. Vl,& &r ,4-r. ? AM('P00 'N 3.Y 'WO::;. l I:o~1\X'N GLASS. 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Io'olI Offi 1e, 1'0l0er lloo 1 llolldill s t.001 C1OOPER, Nu Jad i' e Olas iS IR1 E COMPANY t, Ol NIEiL OR.cLL\ANS. i This C)I'umlvnv ar.n u )'w prelplred to take . RISEIS QAGAINST LE. I ee 1 -e N"., O.2431ussent'L· _:, ngS , onlni sheet. 1 b it lthiii i'. i \ . l i.illl c ·ll l i~t 'I' tN & A 'INAI,'I dia l thIe original Iemlpl. U J c l- t l .l ese 1t d ulll ni vers. :ucr- 1t 132, by po ecc of the he-hiets res ct hbility L:tis c:! , ias stated in thle iesxed I s eerttuieates, ti tehis meidicin, is highly rel'etnittid, anl d A;ipc ric siR i-i'cllsltlhi celi is elellct dlS; p l d c rt iu i tih i tenllily ulsyelritll. l tie cia t iL s l' S .l i ll suc l disting ill hced s ce is, that tile proprietor of sullering under the scourge a ofout eountry. It is ' m dictClne pos lessinlg greatviltu, anld when uha ccording to thIe tdirections th.ib ver t ailsed of - eieictll kitg clre, evenl ill the icieot thlc i I iof the isord r. It is otlt tee :i.ll i . lle itl i Iilon s of tI l erll tll ill l' l tlnii lll , untI h lt w'Il lias m itake it withl impml y i . i. lIt !re i itheiis the es' Itv .organs, ocite aEill . pp.e tite, an Cld windet r ttle: in re than onl , or In i bsti e cas es, twle boetl es to elfect a cure. 'Eli. is cteil sr imercury nor .aroois in llthe rti, , eh , nor tiny thie g idr jurio u to the hum t l a pn c itimnon. Tit lololprietor . are! so w ,ll cuuvinced oi its . .i cy, th;, t I ia 11 ry mar:, io refulld thil price o .ery b) ttile which has l en i noL 01-l0l,,d ii pr'i cl curie ef tei Ih ltivor leSear. A. OLIVEII , so,,e giet for New Ocrl.cs0h , att his whloh lli, andl roetail drllug anld i ,h(cille lstore, clorner of' I ti i ellell t llied C llrtres sct ihrts. FIor Dist:iet Agoecies :llpp!v t j5 ri, s. i I ,48 Conti sl. rPEl: su,:riler Lalu hIOUSE PAS. VCOL 1 I ) J r lill lle i ie r I-ie il ell i lll llllce fin rlrlllte '1l':,y ;· 1,.1 f e itl ilp- )r ( lr, will.o ,icd It) atrllan altli I l. 1 Itei ii eii ipr l , i NcI I.- i' 1, e .ie co- :lee ie u ovm .,li , will be flcard ii i i, cl . i t l * i I , I i b I,' I ll al - ~m1 in t Ih- ... .e ,,. e~ u1 ~ tii . 1 " liI- !,: lim i Ce ~--l t, l ,, " , r, ih l ! e l ; ." i-'ls t iil:e i.: t . ,ll 1 0 I " I .ll , . 1-i s ll a tll i tele i fr Eull .l . -! . h i h '. 11 "t h ei h rii III IS e atolln l t,11 .d I €h, - n:l,"l n h ,Lp l: -Itl ec. 1 : i -ih ior i , ,,,C l , ti ui, ii. h c lw:" r, i i th , ie ll. p r it \ e ":i. . th ,. whil C old .tIri, h cci i ,.' e n. i i ti .r. n tc-i il i e e-I t o e, a h t ri all' l l, 1;1 1 ,: f ' il, w ll Ioprli rs ihe 31, rt l, lihl? M, / ·ll allf !,rh lllll l vl h II.o nll l ( Ih it l lit 1't. Ill'hll Itrll 1 ',ltw.; ,)Il " IIh :hi m 1. .,.e flyi l e h utIe I ll ,ile"ee a d- i ge i t Ic l ie-e lo i tos o r l ii I Ti l l ,te iiu ie l eg ii CcIii l-e iie- e l- e . i t-e i tuct it'a l l' T. lo , ii.ithe Ilr's 1 uai l i a i, oI ie Ile I io 'ii h ii " h, i -e ( it I e i-i s cii I tic tel l ie I i . si te" .d l tlr % h l f s ei tc , e:eel s [, he c ioe'l I "erlic e .ii slit li ' ot oll itel. ic.t il io leluLite t lv leii ll e I!l,ie l ilhbl , a:n l.l e; lirT a l o,u toll dhliem, y 0l' i1 11. i I 1 c l tc!iti e, i- ll, wutolr, ,t sicI.. a e -, i,- , olil. tio 1h.: be-tol , _ih.,u n !,. ,e. lt-iti 'lc--- Ic t icc e1,,e c ' I r nir --tII1 tIII oih:' place. ill ib : o lali cII1e, s I . b-u2 wecil Pee- iuts t tccea fl ron hle t i elne-e t is lh.,111h h, bl; e : I d "li l veri, le l r .ulany l rllrt .te o lI be, I and I ill oi ,:o1 Iiii. lit,. 1 ix te t lus 1'.! : pie e g-r., N II A .NOLD. So,,.s:;nlta, F br, 151h1, 1,C:!. -e Ie ( l: lluh esun CW mllg to ieera es rioe e for telirsl Af Ohlll Vir ia, niu l and tlr,. t orilt r, Id rllisla hi, trt tt l seisitlsse- insilnec e l s r sei tsiie enee-ii r I is ltec .it e 'e fu, c Itl , tit ,es l prdi - ltt" clcts. Or, a s. 70 Chartee strererte C ii 1,1,, 11, , -r .1hllh) P . .i . . ..i Scil ly, ciiutc s .;g TsTch ' i'i lr C 'li ,iNito l E Wq l ei -,,t Io 1 -. te beg. to Ievii. e ctitlcUiUetieo fjs 3Ae , A 1sss es c hi ,r e e -edi ra Tbrali'i's eelsrris e riie eif tiei.. ihe I ,Flolhhciet e ss , Sissil e l~lteikci resiie tsees . ictii htl; cI, , l se s ehtc s Mihs e ill ki t etiis e lPh c 'ailut c ilfte i tieb t, K The s lleiio ct C itnleien slyeese Mish 1e or ei tile rtdin ehs -c s -i t"1,h te:a Ic ir ulltisid box tes , " i sc sind f ileet o.e.)silcc ieosnlsetie ss-is balr s milk s f rutti, a selit c s timiii xlr s I1 mussk, ksps a s W'inl'sr vegaet ahc s hs i r oil, p lltsie itll a by i1 do p, S, lorida.h IiNdSr, roue and laiti wT& e'0 , g 70I Clsrtrarallsrr1 ,hler-illes per t l'v i k,.ve,{etl. Sble hIfd liquid r IU e, chlorine llsd Orris tiigth washi I ;iiricetdisg from Chip Cisr0ritrre, flrs. by Royal College of Physieans, Loutdon. I. IE original Vegetable Ilygeinl Universal Medi cine, preplared by V Aliskin, Esq. Mem ler of Srovl College of llltrgeo.s, Licetiate of Apothe caty'rn emlanoy, Fetllow lo Bolt Court Society, Slrgeon I to tile lloya: UClnn P'ensioo Asociltitm, LotitaIe.'rl P'lace, VWaerloo Itridge, and Perpetual Pupil of floy' tluld St. Thoooms's lostpitals, Lotdion,. 'l'Tisvalublet medoicine, thfe rcsult of twenty years' exlri:teure and nllplatlleltd sulccrss in thie elttlsive adll highlv teslenltrbl Iltteotice oi the trl t'ictv, Iptdo olisottl by loe flieltty aat ollilitt til il ow illtiotiit oo to the totice of Ithe Anmerican iotibliti, at Ihe earnest so licitation ." a tonumber of gentlelmen of lon tal high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as n prlelinli iary step, to cheek tIe evils anld llt couslequees t arisillng ifrom thile use of tlhe Ilulrlous anlldll.deleteriolus e loslltms toisted l Ipon lto tiubllto by the sill of Ittbrieo:tetl plrooto of itnaeulottl em. cts,ttll other ftallts, by a set of MaetSenary, ltnrileo o i preteitlers. so totally igooitoatt ol Inmedial sict tlhil it lllpossibl- thle m.ollstrou0s delusioln can d tl loger llo down oilt the inttlligent pteolde ofthihs e Ulntt r. 'ithclstt ilst nlihl ld agtleble i tletilttlatote, lOittltt b kho t in every faltily ih caseoa I'sld!dli illelss, far, by their Ittoill tltiitbotatitn, chllolera cr, a..p taits, fr'o a ollnd other alarmilg oumlqlaihts, wtich too otlen lrove otatl, mlty be speedt ly oretll or pn'efteted. Ill tiet, itl those who value golo heualthl, shoulid lne.r be withlot thllell. The'ly ae sli io parketatot 5 aatie2tto. h1 and Sot ch, by e0tot y rctp tallle firoggittI bto ell elr, til .rt llltot" orietlicilto in tlt United SItest I I Ibe Uinlullins, witllh coriloll Illlretionlls, toegol or wtith. esoulnolials of potti!,ioual ablilitl fot'ml Ith till.,n ino- etntelt ituttt enii: e itr r Aotylo Coo.te., IAheittty. tttnues Itltlinolll, .1. I)., WP. lltok, M. Dt., J. Asto Key, A. Lr ampton ,Al. ]) ill ,an ll m ros others. The ogi-ltts tmun be seen t. possessiomt of the (;lenal Agent, . wholm tlt nllliciio is imlIltotet into this It,,)atry, ald to whmlll I all applicatilons forlgetlciesa Sole Go e aIt Agent lor theC Unitedl States, c. For .le li ltpointmentl of tille ortiinal roprini r..t i Swon . to. t.n, ltrutgi:ls, N It Clatl soteet, Ionetir Aglotli Statlthoe of Loislllta.o j.ol dl . ent. .k , 1:.l.t , d tother ... ta.. o.. i.t.s t.. t ho " '* e' c eri c:iuls e, ii-lllll a ll new selv'leid assotleinIllt 50.x, 71o0o1. shoeo nttd t rleteottn, , olttlnttltlgo telctlte's line llcall atnt Il otoeco boltos I 2tdnl ttlilly; to bl tl i sttoII o t l illl he ollII oot larionus tlies; lialle ca ll cll cntt ott ll M oreo.i sIhpols SI.l' t.cit )lll and kipped pegge sh~esnll Ia it brgintans; eintle r's bestl ality alllsre e i so.e es. bI.foaon .mit bock Iltownings.; dol colt and looo I Ackltshoe: lll o brlgtnltt dt caltllt ; t ll Iie 1 a gdlor. I tdial shoes t m t sill i el s, I o etl o but1tno ll 'n I "ew article; I n fille ,11.l stl:.| siid malltnco glal et.l I clta; boys', misses' l nd child w's ll-l.g'et |til suewlI b itollnsl , and hIles ttclr' l quality tlill kill . il Also a general alssortment of' cIrIn's stullt waI and tr:tt. iroots itoy shote, together witth i1,ttt) pir. tllon i st I a. tlity, ruit i t rio .' s, It ile'd itll it tLoo.k, mote otptsl"h for ptlato. tiun use; good i-s l tmll tll of miln's fine and stul t kip rlsseltt lbr"gs, a St"tto a arge quntiy of at e ineeor qualityo Ladies' rinle I1ll, sel|t, mrco amt grtil !jinl welts, i 111D [llump sole shobs;I i t'lo "i'e ehbh lu'rleeo glflI kiid run irs.lld slip iels; do re . sI' hoes, witoh a.I with t IIet. Sb t calf, seRl l at stull lt h.l Illoo . s; ill o 'rll, lla stoi . I lall kinis t II qualiti-es; i h lastinl; 0th s iitlr i :ild foxed ioote.s. Misses' I.'lsigsprilog shoes.o.

b. t.i; ud boott, &e. t.betlemno 'slinetltlionnhle block silk hills; o bl:ck 'n idtib be.Vel lo fi i superior quality; do imitation fit,. ioll; broad nauml tnlarow brio nome's inle drab :am11 il. -k Illusia lll iho | 1p al it s, Ialli 111 ticle. Yomblls" tut ;e sioe hats of iillee0t0t, l al itils; dle cdh ic:i s. sho ties, with (loo; 01 assortment ll" bouys' antl mells ..a.. pa.ketlcs'm . .e aw.. namedt cties, t.I! of which Sil Ibu shll un t co noI.iCtll od ing l0 Is. ltg -- ' NO I.InCURY NOR COAVA 1 'a ser i. di lnselith thr 1nch I hllv alplitd ito r e rid doclors for n cure, and the, did not cle iii, now ol hde .oboe date I pl. (s elll under the" cI r of lDt t" eluct, ta I ex!)ect Lim tl cure coi. 00inlce dilt thme ! the di- 'e ho g t wo't, I r,, it to tr k out in lure.' iihetl toa .e Iiiiiii hi er) of .ix or tlig tl i.' to hI; .,.t all o '" colidentlyun elrit .curell f Dr. lit t, ,'l'I ' , u " to be pile t ly cured Julil I~T':\N. : ( . Ico ly . .. . 1)0 C 'tU r .'tF ' Iolot Ih0u .0 0 "0 i 1 ld o ois ti I quite well l |ill i Y ro my ln ti-I .c:ilul fin w idt h 1 h tllllk Illel.1111; UludllL.\tl·( :r. t1l Ihlo L a h t llll l-i 1 r.',1 llore tlwll ll ii11n .1-. lilt, Ih , I.,II d ,I antll lT II 'P I i y iie l h is lll il l II erel, rt' I ldvi-, tin. 1 I ll~ I11' :* leto I55 lllose i, liellu o il apply to t l 11 ' A. I 'i0 :.1 (' a al I, Slr l e, bellrwel Dn plll 'in )U 1 huI Imu ·.l l Ioth 'Is Ill . i1 l'eo i.oltl t mIL .Illl' Uit ' Ii l.e0, I'00 l, ',0 ll lI , II Itll) witll i0 d a tIor o 1 it oi 0 r 0 II.r[I Ot. 0 .toIoINo I)lo;\N.t (on. :.I. n(·1"., I1f n O11 it - t .lllo to lilt', al 1i\ . n is .1, lIN 0'1 10. ~ rit o It lnt: Iltl: \. I l' t 0 "'_'" _' n ' l,"1 it ie . 1 oi:',m,. __ '.- Jl, I, - J e l ' li'Lo.m ( /1f rie 1 wl Ull, Tr. llllll/t i i ! I'. LJ.a: t ,o t i o Olu loot po, p.'o, t .. 1,: O t I.I:T ' I" .i. 1,1 tin,:ilk u, nt1 ý II" I I "H T rl m . _hh .iti ,' n l h ll al I "I * 1 r 0 llej I'c;. li,- m ',, t I. i' 'l s1 ;,:t etelif r n'h'le, L .u ,lita si , l t i n tille ll o ntl ollols ; h eI' ih'f I I "i ,' "i, ll A .ne' , I w.h., ki,. 0000 I0 :1 , the h t0l0lI.ll .11 lI. C 1 lllll i ;, I i K ill' .oli ~!sh ,ll tl L lft isll "h , ,,,., m lr l. :ll,?. an 1d' size t, p n ll I l s ti :.n l r h 'ul it , k wl is :lth it :, I. : o, s," ,v-i "'lIuhi, h dt ,h1nl:l ion thi.s lleok htaS rI .t. h .o il -' the test sll llll l SI~,lc'd" 55 il, itlse s llf s ;,tllll ~ l :adsll . .I 11i 5 i 1 c(osl0ll l l Il ho , l lll0r0 lonlldo lle ' to of f ltrl l o i o 1 t Illi~'t o . t oo s l Inn t i.sot , Oh I olle l Il t oo 11 ltll l. o pdl OlL, I Ihl lllod s oo. wi th, w to oll A is gti ,et oli , 1 1 1ere1 o , s l'sI0 . d in ll, 0 led il he p esi.t il t. oi ooosto o ol o oi k e toddo.l 1hook ,t ;t e Iy1 p. 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Itlll .ac , l. lll l shX 0 . Itr 0 sit,0 o Il , lllli0 t s I(9r0.1t'/1 1,1" the nllll ,a lhe II III I 'st's, I , Il olel 1ll l id Ilil t - Sllll a 0 i edlI n o t ll ao tho n lh:tce ll' sit edt ,d r t.e hIpr tokjnd, tt iuh ..ooio io l sloo e o o.1 1o1o 0e000 * o oolo Ihe0 in -l 0i t 0: 0 lfI.1l ot s nltloot , rl o llts h hli i r c ' l ulto, , 'it nither , i ll , I ll,, . . '' 1,lll-" ~ it Illl,ls I1"en, .l', ' "tt me r b ldl the ,oo t or is rn o too to ,: w oul,'' lmoot to tooo tot oot, 110 0 t o. . tesrt r od s lla , sd, ,rhti l . od:u nl "1 :1our e mt'. I Its I atlric ; m,,utl" rine i ' ., ,Ii, lon1g p e i ntll ' f thin. s -~fiv kI' dlo " o " ,o", th I sjo' l-i to ,, ,t"ns t i r.o,. r t It tno!w oin g tri ,, 0 '0th0 0 .0ti0 ll h t..ooto, hb li e f "ollob o , . .. . rk o v, to ,no s "t he hbo .kls i, fart prex cdi h u,!i , ,. ] ;, Ili:; m c:+, ins S lotiow s oot,.n ol Io i o: Slat e o ko -the "v oa'ot , ,lc nulat-n ig stnr.oll ith , ret 'l " st. A - I se,w ie . h lnk ihl . ; I' ' 0ilg 0s l t ,to i used, h! aS -ot '-iav I I o .I i " 0 iln t osttloo 11otos. h.t Ilt 1 o stI oto k ,o lio ,est , h,t ti.on kI i in t i se, i0 i no ot t t " ct omu oo ittoit i0 i n C0rI 0i,. tIl he of111 a ,d St: tyl.l It iS lttro srr ' e 0.11 k) kol t oot s. its o vtooo V 6,1 1k, it Aiqrslo.t ootooootre d Iom l'.'- rlo ', olo.outoh. e litey t t itoo , to 't I"t the ooo Osoo rloo no tot t c t'l' I0, 0 lile0 ttooill lotoooioiy Ioo to ito o loo tolo ltoo h oolooooo slos .e e sih o or it S 1hs0i, hl0tav .r ra x .,isiO oi t i a kit vint s, e lmt, se e0rl0 to :a ' g, i tlool he t io t lioodtin N:, osl'f re'l", arni mil if an ld p a r rge. lavi I . f sly t mt, copies o ereto.o llt ttofooh oo '$ to a Are I. ,l iM;iti . porntsed ,t furlous o. res, as o hev couhold :casi - ally ho l ~ikcld up it Croo .$ Lo $5 li00 c ', fil oa 100000ave I'Orl.. t-oltooi ooo tooo a otoo ihtotooao' od ot ce to,3 ootowl w ,0l000 t .,5'1 4.1ot )1 t ,o tooIoo fot a o , oo, It t ot tt o,.4'1o1 0| 04 i1so; a oyl sooi. dioioo ag l it0 the ho l'oro ilt1on1c o Io.o arlt Loto ';; till I tile - 1 tilme rxhi' stl gotsisla Otty ,a l too jIeslts , po .la toosop' oeio, it pcry rich nanto t in a tmtlio. ufli b s. Pdnoje i, that such is5 el.. Imiale of fin oe tUn it e, Sta .ll e itd ill t usual mielhlppi. , lo , t N Ihle mos e otlItelod 'nu 0ll, almo5t to iI islgeeisy, I i ven 1 tlll.a litl Ie hslr t~po ains. It l olu cS asol i'et .Id tails'ore sol e the THE FIORIDA LINE Frnm MNbile to Augusnt, iGe. . No. leaves Moblle every any at three NoT ' 'LlueLck. p m per U S nmnil hoount No r Iinll's Linding, nbove lalkelv,-thence four t Intt coaches to PensaIcoln-thPre e .s outs I lldl l 0 IO i.nLr Iice,w hrere lhe lnd iaI isresumedrot-tth'lece the va ,a.litan .in rn d lroownsvilie, Fla. liniibi idge, I Penrdetu ll , II twkltsville, Saunldursville & Louis.e co vIleto, Argustla,, connecting .oulinrl.y with of he rail rtol anrs. to Charleston, and lie steam Lat akrcls Io Now York, Narlalk, PllilJdelllin, etc. 11 'Ilhe s'tetalilhtalo tr e best i or the service, anti the I:hvitation pl itieis more adnnltireslo than cr n he Ifoitd upto anty stlumbuat ruuto III tihe south hI 1e gireat improvements in the route. have been tf lroducedby riteconeetructini ol fiftymilesof nIw 111 rod, by the prprietors, vlz : fromll I".LanaGi e o jl its alaf'aytte Iao1u, nl arm: oi Sntlln Rosa, to I, It Hiryi.n l's Ferry, on the Chlri1ahocheeit river, len o ,ilts nablv tih COwhlerd, or 14 aboave Cedar lllul, or tuwhereby the ntlviatllon oi tihe river, and uit e crn.- b s',ietuent detentinllu, and mo're reet'la Ith ine teco 1 , Svenient crtossin o at the CIowlvlrdl, ere entirely I avoided, Ind ti e rold from Marianni d;rrecl i Balnhbridao', isrted ol tile raoundabout rnd via b oltitohuoclre, lesseni g ht hedisltncc htout fotlyb lolmiles, and iJ reasanglll Ihe fcali:cs more thanll ollnce adit ayl ,AlS l, t urneirh line of two horse stanes every i' t3 : dhe r." t t lm III wliilonvll. , via P, trry :r o rcn, C: ., t( t naaneling with the line to Savonnatl and l .s tDrien, Gtcou. te A ctIIIl utennbon t dlies regulnrly bielrweel ni to Iuirbtidoe rand Apalachieoln.. 'T'ravellrs wiehing Ct ti roeach ally pI inlt ire Cbhlltbllotieh n or APnlacht- t cola, t ar1t ihe 0 .0ot to at ort tro'wruvlltce. iobileli tio Pensacla-Lt lid Rou o--I)urilno tihe to imeo ecI cl hvi I h ri r pars Iiti I ,1 tiei I propn . i lira of 1hl l, rli a ll e w1l li It tall ,I llll" tr ir'e pirc cchen ervly other dSy butweten Alu. 1.ilt'tal l'ensaiteoli. b a"s' , t Ia ri will l e Mblwilean M i ' li 3 oi' lck, p in, ii, in the iS a lul or, l rind procer' d to 110ld 'e IJl nd- tI it il,,, where r tittn touri t tr I trie Ic will it n iii it' tutu o i c Vv cm to 'tlie e x'e .bl ot h eof ,e o 1 I. i Charli , I Ilnll, I I 4 .i.le distant, w here t e. y w ill lind lt IS le"an.l t nil on oII' II ulanIIfII I1 r I1he lig Itllt- knlv1tll 1 1I next rnli ltli1, tllrty will irlrve in Peltrl nc ll earl) it tin 1t11i e 0i' llll, trihus itvtuldtt g thir dlsculno rt tl iI l " eOie a t Ste tlarnsiou lhousO. .i,.i nd . . tr i 1li n ut l el, i tir tcoli , 1 ltet t i r ill must i e rl t 1 'II le,1. "1l1T1 'N t)N & ('1. n ,v I 11 lll. 5 1n ith te1eal s his s.eIvlice t. the o ili, 7. e nII Nel (. rleans as a ,a1her 1f IthU plLl, In S ati te. eir tS l1 tien t1 etll ' rirllll t d s, Ve0tn s a tencher of music in privatle amilies II a ,i al, id an id also 1,t ftvern e of the Ie tul te soit' i 'e. t'it it1 Is r 11' v it1.o, tca t t it 't I , t i .rit thier tott olde fie. I t e it perlnll < d t~ r.efer t o R, v Dr .'i pp, .'ltesIo t Is SI sIonl & A t A ivry, II a rs1 n o &.t ii l'Ire r E ,r I'ti 11,& , ~piate n irply at tie bokst ro t of i ) Al.xn delrr lT',we.49.I Ca (1, 1. .~ -t ,. l m1 DawsA ant'a deines , theI u e1 ( o iroi <alll lac t a uener l 1 '.' L.!esale r llt "- I)ln bd 111 1siless. I11 i 11111 r11 ,i0 1 ,! I lull supp[ 1,l resh and I!, imtie 111 :i' 1111 which hle e u i suell io 11 liberal lernlf ''o tt y dru lei, and Ohorst oft the interior, to physiXtn, ml l hait il ts and pl t ANit'r, k h l will 1riT r , 'oireei tiis such n ,ave never be, Sfor b,,el , it, retd i :hit eityi. Itit i i is t d11 a sn t111 t/ le itimate lusinles. II '11t, 1. willt e ' snon b t, tt.n;i rrlet ,d .l friew ( weeks will be r."u 11 J1 I r h t ! ,l esil S. A :l orders Ir1nlll the I ' )"tii yall ll tdih from ) er in, It olt t in ciy, r "eceiving I suh or del. w ill b rh ol 0 p1oltly attendedli to , IIr IESALFI AND) Hi1 TAIL.Cl),Ill AND VA e h, ll-tat ' i C 'h: 'lw. e,t. Then.h-, r ti rra1r ,0f I -na.. ,:'ited, hle ..];tio I 11t nir previ v1rt,111r 111 hII lll, II 1f 11 1 'ii rii pI ',11 ,'det ' i r llltlitt't of 1rt 1 h11 in thetr liar; vii:i I %ms, oup , ...1'.,1=f itlng I h ai. r ai ber.fnII~ : M i ('(*)1 1 - o--l , 011,·11' , she l, Iriv llllll ud 1.1till Ilu'l,.twi st, 1ilndc t. Preiohunk rl , r.. hln + o·ld, plI 1 1; curl and '11 r n tit,-k |l il I til t ri.lll, Lhr t ' 1r rllr i iht,' .itH Iltll1x t1,1.; t l 1e''111111 1 -1mlr 1111f111 renl'lr ll1: ..\11 +'rt ~ i <'11:,,1. Jll: I .':lIi Y --" ohl ' ,rt I r ridii' f, h iol'.( ll 1.1, 1l,1 ,,ii-li il+,1 llll, l ir 1.0 .11: 1 vt're,,' -:I.% t,,l ;1 hI l." 'rl)tI X t h ilrl t 'X C I llt l :'', lh i t ot I.:t11' 11ll, nll' A1111 11 i+ 111" :!1 k Il, I I1d, 1 ^ 111 e.',m I''s, lli , I t r ' l'e i l01i Ip o il'l l ece (ji·; I tll rli i )'i . ,ll 1.11 h( III" i tl, I , h.ii | l i.hfl ', sn"iI1l10 ,'lt+, 1i.t1 anil d " . l id i n'lliei .: i" holet [r d pl :1l ,wder, 11 I." J .",m aidhblo tiO l- 1101ti'l mll .1t1:1 ru11d 11Olrll. :,tltlll'lri,+ui¢ t rirtile with :1 1,1 .1111 'del o,1 ,iIhi ' l. ,i ,.c orlri t at i J1':1 I.I. I+\\' i'A Ii; 1-- o 1.' ,I a I , 1111 11ht,.i ilml li litllo1· - ii ot 1 i -, i 111,; "111 1 oih l tof 111'' x1, l. 11i,. 11' Iai- .r' li 11, t i . " S,t rdr, 11, 1,1 il l t.l · ".r,', h gtt i"l, il lllr" i;ir, -I I~' ' '11. ut it tlll- i' 1 .1111 hi11 11n 11i llt . I i , llt ,1,1 r, 1 ce.., ~ l t credll, t ll 1 , c N til, i,, 11'1 ý - - - - - - - - l I'l ft .l ii 11i .- 1:,L I al ..'s p . wi nter ; r7 : e u Oil, it c o.1 uI), hl .., f.r 1 : 1+ 11 s \\h: ol ak 1)ru1 :+ , Lr, dler l' .lnnu, .I l and T l . he ur t C h . lrt % , i ; (a ve y ! V Iu let 115rti h :llt' . h r s,! ,l, hR lih,'d i i ilfl . ·`itt . r, l-h ll: ll. u 1 )( l Ii 11n w , 4rle:,o, 1 TiXX . h~l - i i- ,Iivle l li ltn t i r11 d aIh iI rIn "il ll e ri l nI u w IIIIIP trictt\ I slli zh I~ [hl:, pl,:,'t'. T h 's L'tmlll] llh nll rl l s h|"1111 Ssl '· " he u r llf lel Iry I i I N ,It ' i O exhi r'ive i., ll" ,1 t I 'h ", cifr -,"l' *n l 'Le' c:i sL s kite , s l:, l it n.,hI. i . I l , Y 1 r lh l n e :h - r 1 , e & i i 1\ f ".' ,, -. h, a- x,, tl ,' , Ls h . l ri lu h.,sr,, u ! I fle t ,le , i f', t r t I . h tetl r l sut ,,,.l io1., ha c ,.i, d sinc, : I.I ,e p r t ill i i n -i'i l.l'l , : ld iiii' llll. I (,IL s1 .h i- , ct i, t ii- I iii l ii ,i . ii . s lll if I, Slin J ,Il r ill In l i ir I o rio t l . lI ii-':llhle ii 11S l I i'd "ll liH : I ll O ' O) l t i t are as o 11 a 1 Ioiit jIi tiliuttijei i. rl p i, ta idii a' ll u - io hatifi ti ' hid; ii',u.. i ,, t o H . t. L 1 . Ha . t .. - rl. e .s , 1 1 ,lZ . s. , : (i he ll,n -I i. xieNN1. y. 11 esp ect ,.rp( I u ih ll. . , h Ir sill t .;,l-;hl Iln P a e' , tluauia ilaiiULICb i. tharqiiiii'aiihe nn ihtua iilii-ii a iiiiiiiii . iii i llltmiL1 lu i d ii I" t a1i i' rllis I- otn.ll', ill r lis i,., Il ald t, l the ri l. l lilcr oI er P aih . IIrb vl dtlet i, Iot r l ni. .i ia r i I!," 'rf l thll ,I I ;nr ; ;,Isllue ,e l- . .r IT h u .o s uw t nail i'r i ,d 'lc il n d ot"r cai"h!, i. oh a b tii l a Itell ued, i.I tL u golirea. t siliccs.i, I lL rL0 . t tie - ist . t liaO Ltr.I JNO. 1,U ItiNG. N .tLfk'lT, v PI.LI.-'hu ,, dr-rs l . ld. IaviCg e o l tlle tul iur lh . talc it l o' oi .i l %lotuii, Ci . rlnt i ailld Ir u oit l n vtrs hiii L Ii tii it t i Leoi,: llru, ti io of uliud li the iats tiii . btliii" io oft as. l reO Ileicad t ,tl.otlale, thaturri th.luii, i prO l Cot u ctt, .ti rl w lI ll: Ieid ato y theill ted wh h li.a.ios c.tng oflnun to thiloiu o huig, aton Jl thi, i N eCo ar ouuas. 'Ihe unme. s of ,ie atverl ftrins ti : Tuto loe de ul to said firms ore euro netly raqn j Ih y boing olrd os wIllt an i iiocr at11 hlam ;boLL a de HEIY L Co OrlfrN , i ; 17 . ., 1 rri . used in liquidation only. i D'OLUEAR'S Science of Peonacaoip rrestirn,ond far anle at their permanett Writng Academies AtNr No. 8 Chatrec streot, New Orleans, 189 Broadway Now York, I)Dauhplio st., Mobile. ' u It is particularly desigoed fhr private learners, and b schlnols, and is alculated for persons of l ages. Lcdics and gentlemen are invited to call End examineo the systoem for thlleulslves. T Lessona are given at eacht hotoe as Htay sill thei eonveltience of ill, and to classes formed in any part of the city. Ladies wlio prefer it an receive'essons at their own ref sidences. TI i'rrots paving a o uce oflissons are desirad r o attenl" .':'.' ,I vell asthey wth. I ROWAND'8 TONIC MIXTURE, M F,,R FEVEo AND AGUE. ' EN years havo not yet slalpad since it was first regularly sublitted to the public; but it c0 has attaind tile highest reputatiotn; and has ell- tai planted every other meodicine for the Agne, whoerv. w er it has been known and appreciated. Already Pe hao it beon carried in every dlroetion throughout Ili the United States, and still realizers nco-t than could halvo been anlicipllatecd by its nllst sanguine friends. Thoisands of persons have not only been relieved, P but reatured t, he.,hh and vigor through its agen. N cy; and they now cheeralfly testify, at every op portunrity, to its dclidcd and seupremeo elfic. y. It is composed of such mledicinal principles as are Nt calclulllud to rellew the healthly action of the strom. l aehl, hver, and otlhr inmportan.t digestive organs, the loss of whllch harmony is tihe imlmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent elnso, tbt it produ. co an untire change il thle condition of the system, s and certainly tdesroys the native ir.'tility to relap- t ses of thu affction. Wlhen the Agne is attended it with any otiter complaint, the emphcyment of tihe b Tonic Mixtuo will not interflre with the treat. rt met' of the other di-ease, aut w'il even afford as. a. lsttnce by furnishing strength and vigor to tile 9 bodty during tlhe clursle of treatment. Those who a make use of thi rnecdiciein may be assured that there is no Arsenic, larks, lertury, or any other In article in its coumptsitiot unfrict' i y to tio tot human t enrlttittiton; bing ienirely a eegetable extract; and they may tave aldditnnaal conltidenceio illt u.e thereof, when they pereuive that it Ilh tile of- dii I'ct of'a gentl n ixative about the time hailfa but- It tie full has been talen--in coni.qunctce of which, ed thern is no pert of '!ho Irdcino lull to linger iell the bow'ls toI case obstlructons, and iother evils, arising 'rolll the luse o"f lmanly of' tile r 'dles low ,lcfred tcr" tite cure o ' tlullictll:ctiun. It ihas been R used also us ite prcvrntivl, by mI.liy whoi were sub i jcet to a periodical recurrenee of lle Cihills, and it C Il;, invariably warded off cth Iapprulteettdedt attnea. Obsere! Thle PieJo ieitor, ftlly satishicd with tihe 4ntr tlleled anld univerlnsal success t .tr h blc a ol. . situntly nitendld a punctual nod rPeular use of thL T'ouni Mixture, in all csera of Fever andl Ague, ioels warranted in engging to refund the price to all tltoeo who hlve toltken th oo IC tcdticon llt triaCt in V f curduoce with tle preenacbrd dlrectionl, without ihavtg b.en perlfectly iand lactingly cored. 'title s lbscribur :". I thie whlloltal e ,agents for tlhei South Western Stales, and c..vo now oni hand six ty cancs of thlis mc dlcl,, which Ist fresh it nod genuoine. For salte at tlhe anufeactured pricesa i JA'II.IS & ANill.WS', & \Vh,,ltettle ltnrt;gtrtl, 11oe ??7 r l r o nnnon t l llltitt ' I to tl't Mtlsalsppj c ind Loultasana ltOtl, J'BRS. MARY KIhItiLAND reopcctfullysan. S niolunce to her frluids and tile public ally that shte is pirelprcd to accommodato te'clll at :to abovo establishlment, and nopes fr no hIer txortions to render visitors comfbrtable, to rrccive t continuanen of forenar fvorta. Sito feltIs conft. erot that pero.ns visaettg Covi'tgton during the Ulmter months, c.nolt linld better uccolunlodllltiolns than sioe cnl alfford thell, on mIorle liberal terms. ir ouse iois pl'a',,nttly stltuttd, and well snupplied with every v ontlhell ,lllllle i tht bar is t 'ruihel wl ll hli o llo t choice I ellrs. .c. illn lrtl. ll prllllli' oat nothing shall b '.wanttong on her p rt to give litl .a.'ist.C'lll n to all ,who m y I tptrOuiZ tthe liesi; itpi a11I L sm alna H totl. jt 3 HltiLt 0 .OW P .ill.' WODciii SCREWS, SAD ItRONs. &c. I'llFe lOw\VELI. \WVRiK.I COMPANY, No. S23'8 VWater, ner o ttknaen tru.rt, "T w York, haw rrecevi'd the past lseanon.1 lnt are ,oOsantly roc l.etiv g large a11,1 enettl.o on ll d tions to thet c'Oeltl -I" the above goods, wmhlcl now c',1 isle of the Slltwing tstot t ,ltl utittltt for ttO sauthlrn and Ar st.lrll I .IIII P . ll'ow w;re of superiror qtzallty, consisting oi li b I, l.llll lllh too . viz, Pots u: t2 ditt ret hsr,., from :S to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sa Z, froi 3.8 to 3. i gllon. tiles, 1t tize, t' . :8 Ito iS gtlO tt, I it lIep Int tr O.vel, dill'ron.ut ezto, ' Ta K,'ttth lt G t r" .kill I, . . 5 do , " I' t Stll, f rs.te t',v,,,d Spida.r, 2 , do 'F.ri, 1) ,;, . (; do i Wagon ones from 1 1 4 to 43.4 irthes, t '.,t t d,. 5 It, 7 echt: c r . \V \'e d Sea , -. o2 11 ut1) .11 r-,I iron and braIss, frnl t$ tm ,, , No 3 ", 3:: i,.. ., N.,, L , a o . ,pr, r . I.11ly and linlt l, . lld Irss thou J.untu's lm pllorted I A''i Irors, a.sor.ted,i in leask ofl a.ut 5U0 lbst fur S f l'ur'. i ialto' Ions,assoroI d. S th w iigt ,, 1itotttu, i--ottud from 1 4-1 to 11 I18 for Pll'ltatio ls, steamboats, churches, &e. I I1 sad,! to ,rder, SAlsos Wteamb~,ln ald othcr machinery ottde to SI l al..ove nnr a tml nt of goods is parlicularly Idi r'ltlomllllled til t ' uttoll'enll l' S utherI 1 alld - WV"stelonI lrclansot , ald arte oilfred .or tsale at lowu lprices, t ll t tlln .,e 'nOoo, ntIIterl tnt rmi.s ; It IS be. Breed to he the Largest d boat ais rtmln.t ever ,1 rrd for s:ale by ally o elue estab3lclllnlc in the U InIIi Sttes. 1 ruhl.tts. I,y forwarding a rorquest by moil, can 'tave a prc'd circulalr, with tbdecriptlion ot' good1, lr.e-'a'tlLd tLrms, f-t ca h'it no dtvlatloln is ever ma:le, Ir:lrlishld by retlurll of in Ill. All ordlrr will receive imnoedlate attention. New York, 183d. yJ 3 ýonder Ilse Plcn\ Itue )lliroe, it It p or. B ORiONSi1.'IA '& I!O\1T OIN bo. leav, t,. inform thrtr cn'l olner. nn' the p i) _en. rlly, II,:: I lly hav- re .loverd tIhe r es" t . -.1 obo, t lU N1\ .'2 C. I s ri ret, i.iinerd,,l , Ii uIni r 1i'.o oIic.. rI I I rav ne-where they arre pieparl d to iI xecul all l!i'ia , Ireceived from thii .,orth a supply of pai rrn'i matll erials oif ii o up r r 10n ., for the ainuliacl ure of r Il k Iacuka. they o .r ffr hir -* v iers tI, ner ihatoi and otherie who i mra y r .Ir I ,k of T` rhai kind ; an, h ving the advlgu.n of + ver:.! c.,1 I·le s 9 pxeolener In tha lt 11in', I T Iar 'onladeih t of .tm Sit A f a el t o ! l to those bo ll il fv i, thla wit illr I ir ., , l. ! 'Ir ,o altie' + u. ,.e t i s o.i 0t!,I".+ ,111 a , (1Id 1 'I ll i' aIll I e pI r .,' i o il 1 al . r , I I ll I1 oi : irk tihe nc tv1.t uanser, & at i ,,r: e Sfin '.-, IoSr i& l , I .Sil ,i,. ' v "r t . n. I ."".'-e ll e a 1 11 e t,"I lial,'e H iet al I.i , fo, . ,r ,. t ! of. i n l tllip I iisi,. i , l a lve i, f.i 'i . i.. 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S'egoplutd , blankets, liannolo, it s y.,ilown.i nr lis n , r sh ands,l es callus o ,es h,ollr ,thiekfs, &s. &,receivr ansd for sale Iaw by the subsori. het - ROTTIA a Co. .corrLer Canal and ChMartrea t lif... - .. .. . ..... .,. + -: .+ . IAIL ARLA.oN urM.N'T c I. l )ace Every Day It 12 11. Norlth'ri, Ma Cul es Eey. day ast l0 A. M W n Mail, Dute eerl, Punnye eday " WVee/,,i Moi ,l. Friday, hy , P. Wedt., .d+" byr f " Closs ry M d Wednd . oa and Satoranlyo byl;k 9. PM. " T ..Lak* I (iDe every T1yud ,thursdayr, a via Clseeavery Monday, WVedneaday E~XPRIESS MAft,. TIMES OF ARIRIVAL, DEPARTUItE DISTANCB &c. oftile Expreas Mn i , betw-ra Mfooli and New .'ork--leannc , Illbile dcl,' lint 3 P. . Norehwac New York dauly at 5 P.M outhward. Amrrives Arivo Nrtenlard. Diitnnee. lime Ietirni.' Ientgomeatry.A ii. A 2Olan. 19 iitl'e Oh Ilci. Coliiibuv, lo. lj 81 h1 m Mlillcdgvile. Gn. 2 1:3 Ip.m <" ........ tfJ.L, . .71 ...1. 149 p3 Italrign,NC. 215 922 1 " WVarrentot, Va. 12 m. 25 c it I''ecribotg, iVe. Ii pci. 83 10 Oe m Ilhii:hindlVc. lamI. + 21 3 181 Ircdkilkclurry, 8 67 7 11m lsingtol ciyia , oprm. l I Phn -pia I GA R 0E ON New York, 2 n i. 0 i S o 1303 14iyib.rrS1 Nortlhward. ('ovni e Snctlwt, tue ttlen ir sie tour rAI~seAl'ltl' moilva cllit edcrme shrnlg les._._.; behlfI5 lit ' lil A17 Iours. 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In mle· thrlllr i a ri Iine, s c i h d-,( d nd- ry ,onki in .uir, r w lh a /I Ii eUI me pn. ta b g te .and ,l rs ndl Ru sa, Iro AI , all ttn doelm * in e.t 'e'I m n'e L n ail te AIlo in. ii T rlln n e r'/ ll-rn e in.l o rmen Sin e, , , I theL /I/lhs 'iE ' Ji/N e/ o I- Inri/ t IIeiiIIIl|C h ae eiro' , j// i n " i. ann ' ,Ag I,. i nr l , iIt inl u , ".i fi n/nll, p io Il tle i~a v ii t ~llflet-i,.[ I) IIe IPI O ] Iw.Jr a t iren 9 I.. i i/n' , I n lse fist 11u 1 1 hu' nia I Ie-g 1,1.l I A thai- " 1 r inin dAi/N n unTanR'Uaria a 'uii-':nu'iuli i I n l uny i, n nia nail ti/o uui /aui a.ll/a rim rrl.e edof Wr me n, i c vo l t ihe allulan in ait i, g 1n t n InI , in I nral ra.ll O)1!i1-1 i.ltll .llo8 \ iB Ilks6i-- , lrr e d lJI e 4,vrtl of all olw ll r I a 4lcli mll it I. h ')lR ei"eh the d al em .atll h ld 'rle f o·h", t licual • it u ll e oppressed. 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