Newspaper of True American, May 31, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated May 31, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAI. ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. .. Situated In New Orleans, TO UIS'RAWN ON THE lIt DI.CEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. SUmnder ta superintendence of tim Casmmiriunera ap S imtiedl by the Lei laltive Assembly of Florida. ' m lmdh iM lwr 1 HAIAMILTON, Managen. 100,000 ticleta, at a15 scheme price, $1,500 000. Sellino prie ~s per ticket. MYLVESTER a& o.. 158 Broadway, NETW YORK, Ioli Agenta. 9 The reedpta of the le of tIe tickets will be de. omrlited I the Canal Union, Carrolton, Citien'e and aunuolidlted Hlank, in New Orleaus. in the name of Louis Sihmtnidt jointly with I. B. Perroault aeually Cashier ofhIm Citizen's Bank, aid A. Baudouin ac tually Ctashier ofthe Consalidated BItnk, as Trusles, ps per amt peLaed bealire A. Ma iureau, Esq. Not. I'tb. on the 9d May 10139, and the prolpenltie trenviorrl.d to time above mentioned gentlemen wuincaumered, as, for the security f thei fortunate prize hol In New York the monies will be deposited in the Phoenix Bank to tIhmeredit ofthe shaoe nalmed b City Bankl of Nsw* (rlenua. Tie Pkblle are efermred to ie at passed hefime A. Mantraun, Ieq. Not. rub. ii relaitionu toi. pertel which embrace the respective pri es I Lottery. 00 PIIZIS, us fllowrs: Prise-That magnifient tisrre soiry brick building, kmmtwn as th ARICADI,. in Muaises stret. mensurisg 286 rfeet 4 linesr on Momazone st. 146 feeoot I inces on (Urater lt'eel, mnd 101 oet 1I inches oal Ns.ehes at. This buildiong produces now a aet ofl I7,W0O pert nnu, ni t being In the ott l$orarnilltg part of tihe it, Oupposite three aik, ansod in lthe itimmdinte neithborltmol of tie St. Churles sod tile t'ity Httole. Its relut will, inn rvery feor ,ers he incresred to illy Ilhouiosand dollars per salns. loimtoted at $71160,000 I Priae-Tl'htel~ tr nt four sloty hrick build.i Iug known os tho (I'I V lOTEL, forlnerly Diehop's Hotel, ,rintnted at the corner of Camp and CUntOIon lst, Imoellring t162 Iot on ('omlTo Mtr, ord 146 friet It inches on Coap st. Tis bhildiing rent. ow for l$25,tHlO, asmkeine in tile tot ceutrc l pne rt of tl e city, cane lortlly be increaed tol hirty Inousmnd dullars per an tlat. Entnlored at $509,000 1 Prise. 'h three story bIrick dwelling house, No. 310 ct Notches aslleTr ndjoinilg tile Arcade, relted at r hundred dollsarsc. k stiloiale at 0,1'0 * Pris o-'Th three story brick dwelling touns, No. 18, odjoining No. 20, ou' Nsatches street, rented ls twelve uIlndrel dollars. F.staimted ot $20,000 I Prize--Ti Ihree story bhrek ltwlelint, hours, No. 16, adjoining No. 19, on Notches st, retlle at twlve hund ued dollars. Estimotetl at $20,000 iPrite-The dwelling honoe No. 23 nortlh east coraerf Baoill nit Cootoln. house streets toeaoulriig 40 li'rt front lUo rasin swtreet, 4lo fel nro ant Fooklol street, by 127 fee l depth on Custmtltune ; rerhd l.t Of. Steen hundred dollars. Ettimatuid at *Qtf,(Ot Prirs-'Phe dwelliog hunns No 24 ontith Weas corner of lisnii treert, meso tring 32 feet 7 inches on llarin et, 3Ylfee 7 inclr otin Iruoklio reerlt, by 1i7 leot 10 inhcltes d,oytll in Cos. tlolhouuse otrest; renedl otl lftlicn alldre,l dollars. Etlintes d ot . $20,'00 I Prine-Tihe two story brick dlwrelling h.u es No. 33. Oin 0 yal tlreplt between UruliR nesid ltclli sll etrlott, ollttoo uriel 21 toet 8 itchen oi Ilovl t, by 127 fetl It in le i deptllij renoot edst $ll'.6l per annutm. Estimatedat i$15,000 I Prime-250 honres Canal Rank stock, at *lO1 eacht, $25,000 I Prizn-'. ullinares Comnerinlo Bank stook $100 each, $20,0h0 I Pricz-t15- shares Mechanics' and Tra. derst Iank stocko, at $l11 each, 15,000 3 Prises of 100 shares oell, C:ilty lotk, 30,01111 2 Prises of 514 " *i lcnoch.A'e 10,1X01 IP'rises of 25 t" aio l.iglt, ,1000 2I'rizes of l5 ' u fllecllir' and 'I'raler' 3,000 .0 Prisies of It l o.oii, Stoin rae, 211,l0ll1 o10 Prizes ot 2 0 0 I light, 2,1100 -10 Priqs of I cnntk of Orlenor, 20,1lllO 00 PriMes of I Uioo Itallkof iloltri,hs 15,010 It shall he ao the option oatlin wiltllsrt tf prioes if bank stocks, either to take tile stuck itserlf or tlt paer 'alo tlhereoe in cash. MODE O1 IDRAWING. I00.00 ticketr, from I to I1t0I0,to, will Ih lut in one wl.'?;-, Pad , 011 pcizes, with the Ibtanks, in another , tn l.ry nuelllber o price or blillk will IMc dreaWn, ll tilll oI 'o ,i, ra e , llioled, lhrvilg Ihe ballc.O of altl ber in tile wi,-rel--ll,,kh. rde1rs ft ;lite shove lto ery e iyll be receivedt at o le.' - lic-ler tel V ':,alolt eoren r of ISt. (hIakrler ancl Cioo ster ire, t d ci .'. ill Citarore street, 7tir sarle.., annd ror1, ,wwcrtrd,,l. ltrtee fromnIta tomt tryti tin .t ' p ro rvliitnltttr Iter tr.ello toer o .: nni..rer .:;I .i..)i II. lIIItl.TOt, New Orleans. l)' A -Irta to t-:i <gieso,.itenI to tsln, rt"Il blori,: sotI y.pueirngets's i nao IY od'-innl to withesC tilke "ttr .,iniio, Fi. April,. 18'11 . nv 1 BIAZA \IR. Corner f ,. Ckrles Jr Comnon street, H "USH & Ai.L.AN wm.14 r.perlfully call the at itenltln of ichaens and ý lete assortment lo Gentllemen's lilnenl irts, L camblric, witn hIm..o lrlts. fahiouale lillen rnllllr Illl l - iarS: milk, rltoell ald merite alnrle andi drawers: cambri, and silk Ihanlkerthiefa: fun ('oty era.. ats in great variety: tocks of every dercripsrr'is gut eladelit al cotton supendeer: silk, cotto anld thrked gloves: gaent Iankia gloves utmbreolua aud canes g.t meounted. Alen,-Splendid sa·uar.nse of ladies and genes reri. ng denks, dro +ing came,, port olios, piert ery, cut lery, and rilh fancy gaud. vill Uni d t+tet' Commit+uenrr. Appointed by te Federal Cnorl at 'Nw Orleans. - OFiFICE No. il0 COMMON STRI'IEET, (Enclhange lldtel tltldihngs.) AID Cosnniaien.r ake afiduavi;s ltN.der nod by n r oVrl aile Acts lf C",lllgres, passed 2 tI Ferllru ary, 1820; tet Manrh 1817; Ilia Judiciary Act of 181t an ethoraelts of Congess, in euch cases de and provl.dd. Said Cononassinner Ibon en.ideralle exprienee; and letS fall elselttion natd eetRietnit whtih kblan stood the soverest serultiny of the ablest Lawyers aprill S JOHN V. CHILDfS, ENGRAIER AND COP'PER-.PI.ATE PIRINTER re. 3, Camp M. W JLL engrve and pliot to order, bank noles. bills • ofeacluanga., bills of ladinlg, iplomas, dpalrco. ile and visi:ing ra l. n.teri tI, ecosular and house oals, door plaila ver nwarr c Jte -awnyeana hand, an asolrtInet of .si tr plnterd sad brans door p:tet P 8 Cards printed from plates already engraved. sur20 FAI.L & WINTERI CLoTl'HING. J P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3 Magazine street, J atre eeintg their sutplias alo Faloand Winter Cl=tthing, and will continue to receive shipments regu larly Ihrougtatl the ale ason. Their asnnsorrtment being large will ennlde them t supnply m# rhantls from hena ountrv, at tle chortrst notee; for sale lwholesale ( &retail, on accmlaunating terms. T IJTEII+. 3 kegs (;ishenfnltter. lteaeal for sic| h - - -. aietJ P'WIIITNEY,73 Ca;piei n TO Trul LAIIES. UR HUlI..'S U 11tEtO AItDOM(NAI. SUI'PORTEItR THIS now iuastnotat for tlhe radicalcure of Pro lapsus Uteri, or iFallng of tthe Womb, by ex turnal application, superseding the use of the ub jectionable preassry, is conlldently recommended to the nlftictd as tihe meanso at perfect rester lion to health, it never having failed of performing a eure,oven under the most aggravated circumntan cas. It hlsn received the decided approbation of I Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C I Brodie ; Sir James C'; kI, Physician to the Queen; Dr Asnwell. Lecturer ao midwifery to Guy'n losn. pital; Dr Rigay, lecturer to St Bartltolomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Wel :tin-ite. Hospital; Dr Rlambothatm, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert Ferguson,lecturer to Westminster hespit, al; Dr Sweattman, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and msnior aceoucheur to Queen Ciarlotte's lying; ; ani by Henry Davies, Conquest Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keatones, &. by Dr Morreau, president of the Academic Roayale de Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duchess D'Orleans; professors Volpeou, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sa son and others-and in New York by profeasorJ W Francis, G 8 Bedford, M .I profns. sor of midwifery isa the university of tihe cify of loew York, profb. Delafield, and Francis, U John. ston, president County Mod Society, Laurens Hull president mod society State of N York, profs Jas iNcNauglLton of Albany, prbis Morelt, Cyrus Per. kins, Duane-Dre Thrus B:oyd, Gilbert Smiith, Hoaock, Stoarns, Ludlow, Ktssatn, Vaclle, Power, Grayson, Vanl ROansslaer, and many other distin. guiahod physicians in the U States. A G Ilull, Offico 4 Veaoy at, Astor Ilouse N York. 0i A conatant supply of the above instruments, with Dr llull's improved Trunsse for Ilernia, will be kept by 81CKLES & Co, N Orleans, A i Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marslh, Wood. ville; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilk;n. eon, Somerville; Hall and Washington, Nashville; McNairay and Hamilton dl; R IU Bliss. Flornnee Ala; J C Spotswoed, Athens; Irby and Mastin NEW ORLEANS Slem and Patentl Bisenil tlakery-Waters and Hillmeo. No. 09, Moreat (near tile Pontelhrtrain Rail Road.) rtpilot and Navy Bread, Suds and Wine Riscuit, Sugar, Butter, Mid:ord and Water Crackers. All thle above artielor are warranted to be of the first quality, and io keep in any climate, being completely kint dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn Orders left at G. %v. Pri chard and Tagagt, Jr. corner Mlagzine and Plydras streets, will receive prompt attention, Small keyc put up exaperely for amily ucs, lunuv bHIPPING. For Europe. FOR BOSTON. TI. e fiat saling alip I" FERAX, D. Hea ly, mster, haring I.ot af her eego etgned t -anlI going or. lhard, will hteor despatch.l For freight or passage, apply ta. may 17 S &6 J F WIII'INKY, 73 famap st FORl LIVERIOOI.. Passage Only. The A l and very fisit sailingelhip ISAAC ALLERTON, Cant Torrey, will have imme diate despatch. For pas·age only apply to mayll 93 Common at PFOR LIVIR/n'O tl., l Tit A 1 new nand Falt snilnlg INhl iDUNlA.IN, Capt. Skoiella, ill receive tilieseli:ti dae. SpntclW, tatring vart Jf her carag egagcsed. Ilpply to L IGAIl+, The fine A I shap AVATAS, (Capt. Snow, S having part of her cargo enangcd, will have despatch. Far freigtt or p1n.ngenpply to ta2 & J P WHI'I'NEY,93Canmttp at Soastwise. Oan Monday iae 27111 inst. FOR NEW YORK. 27t1 inal. For freight afar thle butlk f 15t or 2110 tles, or potalge aopply on lllala, allp oaRit tit Vegeloble Market, or to RIEaD & ItIA 'l') , rnayca5 Nt7Bllank Place FOR NFOW YORlK--Re.glar packet. lIolmna' Iine on Pacaket. Positiyoey to sail ott Wednesday evenin, 29,.1 instant. ' The Aul rier fart rniling renlnr patIckI ship CNE, yon, Myn ter, wilt Ionsiirtly rnilion Vedla evening Ilte 2t1ti. i rlslant. r trlat of 0 hot les Caottlton or pasiage, hIaving Stlla ecellent t ncaunrtallananlln, wilh late rt e a napply to captain I.yoan on I onrd, opposlita tih vageta. ble market, or to A COHEN, N n GtTI (: on li t 0? TheOCONIRE an eecmfarlale aecnrRn, dillns for stesralge passetge, a__nd Cae lake ltrltl) mar n ttll 7 FitI NEW YORK. TIHE new anti sleldlid Nlhie ONT RIO, Capl. Illlrwolt, hltR natatly all tar cargo en rnged noed will hanve imlnaale.i to r el tlc. rorfreihtl or poaugge (htaving spacioun and eleganl ncnommnodatironl) alply r. LEVI II. p (AIRt, m2P ltt Commtancean St. FOR NEW YORK. S New York and New Orland lnoe. Iacklet f Friday 31tt inst. ,-' The A I Packet ship ISt. MARY, Catpt SFonter, will pasitively sni as auove, to avacid S ( natrratlllljltt tit New t1 rk. For freight tr tnamage, havinig iercnt furniheL d rceomneldation, nil ill state roimt*s, Iprly n1 board Ippn te otUrolinke at or to P L.. tiIAW, 0I,,,20 fit; tCamplIln iof FOItll NKIV YtItiK. The A I pnehket lhit I111.A I! Capt. Ilne mond, aill hane despatcht. For lirightr or pasenagea Imvit goad aacaomonleoaiet i apply ot Ilamrd oplpsile tle V,.feta.lV e italrkel t, to & N J ,VIIIII'INEYV,f3: Cactp 00 FOR NEW YORK. ,A The A I fat r fi. gi i ship CINCINN ITI, Andtrew Itar- w, master, rn now ready to ~ rreceive lrgol, atand wilt lalne epatcta. Far treigtht or ptarea+, aptly ana tnctl,s r t tiny 2 REAl) A. I:t.lS'I'ttiV Na,.7 inck ltlac,. FiIlt NEW .-g'lK. . Tit" fait oliliag patkaht itlark tIl'.P, htv ing pttil of hear carao ctnase, will hove des hl.ateh. Flr balance of frtghlt otr pnasageallaiae fiellc ncom tmlattn ons, aptly ta, .0i & J P \VWIIITIN , n1ttl 7,_ mp aat Tat Sail tn Satrdalnyv nlxt (no te 25h lust. it FOIL NEW YRiltK. The A t fatt saili.g skip NOIIVAY, Capt. tratmatnolad wil nail on above. For frelgllt or passage apply A t 0 . Lr:1 1.II GALlE,, 93 Conlmon at - It -Il tt.-TN )N- .. ... I Tin A I astl Suterioir shilplA IAG \NGE, H) Capt. Mnarshal. waill sail i at few lays, For balnace of fricahlt or inaantir, taply to l l.le (;lAI.IF, )3 C.anmllltat Sat to GEO)IGE C. CIIILDS, 0ATromRNo AT LAW, S 10 I l. attend [lee Net (,llt*nt Court, nod athl i lieirict I ( ollrts, of lltrrioltrga, sad otmlt l'thi e adjallcet t O naanaies-atfliae ata tihe Ciae cf tlltanetto. re tPlai n eaI th11 - goverit ntiil aan, tialt tar l atr l talil nd Ialtta or m will ht attlarakt h antllt I promply lattetllld ti) tailh rfa, for aen residlnt.; otr rasidlta s aa l n 'tatt ' . Addrtaira rronl the (tailetd Slatln-Cily of Ilauslot . Io the caitt r. {ifr . ltiakecr jr. ( l'ecxas toet '1,111, Aratn, 5 ta Ntw t/rltatlle. l:atit m ar ' COTTON CIRCULARIS 4 (Q' I'I)INI Eli wil/. Ve (araleni .lrjed,tiintnnd 1a n a tiie nmsurpeajsed in NEw IiLLEAN), or else a ()~Unynlinlft at 'veinevu R''nyt it, S:. Ch~arles IE nina.', (Curter of (irariei- Si.) or of I'lll 11 1" A ElI E IIC AN I' ItNI N I N; lF'FI l' , ciwrII ivd~ nd S Cl, atesS i ,UnI, millin. / ttllilyllr .Iel1d i n'I j* 1 '1v1 c e llllrui -4i. eiin Il nni ,Iin i,, Ti, Sal IIi 11 1 \l111 / lv 1N Y Il ;,10 inIl ,, mdl" tr Ull sal " by ISAAC PIItI il 1I1 l.)( t, Co,( A imlly 13; st~ L 1511 hula flounr, uniting lb w,, dintl frontl Pleaumr P Ler- I uian, for alte by S'I'E'NIi'dN .l" AVERY, u':I IM brie resat catlll (.011rtllllelUrlllkl 1.111T itlading lfnon in-ner Ulrnnab,k SLy ItoRlEnIVI, ull7 44 N)5, Lvee jA R1iD-151 keg, tgnf lond, fnlaing tena r strain bout LA Un,,ko,lneorn)., iy U DIitli7IK, U 1101)4Kr, 17~i 4·~4) Nen evee r 1C\ SI 2DES-1.5tl j ciski Cincinnati cor ed, fur 1U salUe b ~y U; IOlzSI":Y, s1'7 4 t New Levee I IF(:AElt-BiA'l 1111 iK(i-.-A Iand ha inu~pply nf F;. _[n lnaka, Collan and PnannnU IIegiti r, alnnt d and enrni·rll Receiptls, raceive~d and foIr salle el Na 24,1 Chertres street. I may 17 DAVID FEI. & Co. 'I1 .Iltl/.-l.nrii_'a Celeatinl and 'narrenynal-1' G inch t:{ullna--nls a few pnira Unedner'a nrann fatlure, a auplerir n aticle fur sale at N, 24 (Thaies at. mty 17 11 VIII FEI & Co. t AP-tInnbnN, I, 150 banen in share, fnn sale by -1.a iA''t ~,3 ;airB 064UtiAft-51 knean hit, Ilinnan Shaea, in satre lir bnalely D & J P WHIITNEYl, - mnayiO 73Cunnp Pt jAIiI)-3011 kegs spearior leai Lard, Iending finom I I A e nnn& uaniunbnnlinnle Ly any IS G IK) L* Y. 44 New envee. r FL(4UB-plldlar Mreiaa the landing, ie calt: by fay15 C IU )IIOI . 44 Ieiw Lnvee N O'ICE-V IILI A IBKL1I, Na 1i6, CItaranet ot nnte.onentn ninnluenure any anninle in hin linne a. nlhrtnotice. (linarge ni.dcnte. t N. It. Walcamen. Jewelry, Elunin Blonan, Speclaclen r repatird in fba most faithful ainaer. Old Uoid and (rlvar wnated. ny IN CAP anldLettI P.%PER-A tll nanotmalnt of tle it n CAP artrllcs, Clainl and ruled, far snle at Nn. '4, al a Charres treet. may 18 DAV!I) FL.T & Cn. PEIPI'Ett-2111) hagsfor sIol by ft innýma, 4 811.11.1. & It IOWN. 96 lluegrinane An my INi- 3 r1i nll'..L& qr. 1is)11afr',1 1 Itnar nIlny many 4 Sit 11, 1t, & MOWN, 96 lla~ieine lt Is It ,J IN:--111 1.ipen brnwn lnierrv, ney i)'n).eiiiny, Ii)) S anleby St nLL & I11)aW.%, Id by & Jlnn I nillni I N a sl tat'ne Ll.,,,dnd mnnta i Jnnnni lbria, lby ihe It, v.. C Fell n I'Pelabr k l UtI"ne, Camlbridn.. uand clap. lain In Iris grace uhna Iuke a)f Iiinlannnt, in 2 voln. Ala. leemnree uapo the hint mrv nO Ille nplnstle t'nanl, In irnvnni t auth 'Ior., .ar nnw wianlkand very Ir C Eludy exeuted, andndilllenI salnd v.I'y f r nay 3 49 Clnnpnireeit. tr ýtý U.\l'-BosnI. Na 1,-a.lAt bens tin Pt, re lit vnle Ii Tapmril2 ____34 ii iwiers na *IlE -lOISO nana 'Ibanaimat limen ln), and 9 Y J ha nalby S& J P '.'. 1115K-V, to m22 73 Canp at · 'I, l EA OTTO OIL-Farithe rhentrantiol rnde'rtoth I º, the [fait, giving health, beauty alll firm, ringll its a. falling al, aclI at WOO. It~lI of .3l No. 16 tIanrtree at l. ) UrI 'EII-liO kega Untltna and Weniert, in store, 11 l) forsale by (: IH)RSEY, 4 44 nt I j)EPIIFniiEIIAClORO On WAI'EftJI~I)-O6 Inn I ba, RgaW J refrigerantnn, 2 painted do.. 614 gnllon wiaer jars; t9 uignglln. doi in nalme. fin sale by ) a nai3 8 . J I' I'I , 73 Camp RNRis r d ae NC0R 5 BIOOOEIS-iŽ2i1 den ill amnre.nnl Fnen anlAby N nt(1 I)(1 SIEY, 44 New lenea Fj fLOiR-2allbela landing fromain boaiti Inn Pernian, I ill ( an ldfmnale by U litil EYE l fa, m3 44 New I.enee d. NOIICE. . The ollieera amppiited under tih Cnouncil ofal Ela. leI; niipality Na. I'wn, and awiaae.aeriliea Iinive leeit en accepted by anid finaitil, are bhetiey Inliiad that their in olinds are prepared fcr snaluture, they nill Ilerefors nalll a the nffien thfe undaletai.,ed iaaiedintely, with, tltair ancuritien, and coinmpleta the Pie ad nJO. B. MIARKS, NotaIy to Ita Carporalion Ilf Mauniipality No.'In o. m23l Office. 12 nabks' Aicade. it, .UPPnl:E-E20bagadava. cupatnat. and Mnnilla,in Jaltoraefor anle Iw t close cona i meant .h1mm t24 S141LL & BRO1W N.'J6 Magazine at ag LAIiUD-2II0 bega leaf laid. fer nale by L m9 It O A1IE5,48 Camn aa ice I~ectuayn--ei~abcn mun the Chetst, Jr. and Stanai by - an A TKOW R. 49 Camp sa Icr r FU'EAl-5 baaes soncbna2 and Paneltang, for sale J by ma6l A TLbLl,33Uranvieraa FOR NEW YORK. New rk Met Orican Line. A NEW LINE of packets has been establihed to run belween New Orleans anld New York, to coasultmt'file first rate shlipn, vim t Ollip St. Mtar, It W Foter, mamnter, ' r Ilepulnlieon, J G ROnusell " Aulurn, II 1' Lurfey, ne- uer building, These ships were built i in ew ork'exprenslr forthis trode;ar olo a light draught of mlusr,'and will ntI be. subject todetentihn at the liar. Their an.conmmudnlion for passengerms co,,prise all that may be required fir eonmfort and convenience; and thir eommamlers are m uen of m exp riencen. Until the ships n wi building are co:"l'ieted, two first luase ships will supply tmeir 1't .greatnst pounctmlitvy will e observed in the tlime of mliing, 1mind every reammable acconnmmodlltiun e: noied to shipm r mro ualmm l.smeo.gmrn. ox r ihrtlr iarticulurs uilliy t ra M.ssr. Joihnson e J IowdeLi, No. 1;6 Well strellt, Now Yolrk, r to ja' PpETI I.AIII.W, li Camp Ct FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] T'o sail regularly as madmertised from each Porl. T E line is at this moment comnposed of the follow ing sllips, bil li more new temoeei will lie piltonm at an early duy. ;mlakilng th' mltnnlher twelvi i all, wIlihll will allow ifone being dilpatmthemld fromm ,i port every week luring thle yelmr, th.IIu fflrlinlg pruom, filities fur trnuslmrtution and at the lowet rules offieright. hmil Ynlll., Caltuin 'truck. "Miesieoitpi, Bi emebte. Iouievi.le Alten. MSlramglo, I tlathnwuy. mm Ilunmetilie, " El:drildg Slmhakespleare, U Palmer The above ships are all of th fitst clns, eopperdl almd mm mper felo.teed, mm f a lilmt llrmueltt lu o water, indl btil in N, w York exlmrescly frtlmte tr ne,witi eigllllmt ae:omenmlatioIn for Iposenlgers and cuomllnucded by alie TheI mrire mf panlmge is fixed at $R , withut wine, be Iprovid'ed. dlll( every illent nl iell tnll pl,llllote tho cnimllfmrt Illl m t mrne nm ssin g Imm "lmim m 1 ill te lit' e. ThIe chitlm will ut m 1l1 tlmn s Itm m ,we,,d plt unit domwn the riwmer, and the greatest tunllctmality observed as to their lay of sailing Nei her tile owunvrs or eaptains of these vessels will ver or m llted ware, breikmm e (m i gila, hllmow wmare. mamrble, or grummilen emmmmerme oinm Imml, rmmst iof immon r te'lm Irmlmr anv letlerm, illtrel mir Iekmumgtem eru by m r piut (Iul hoard of thenl,, unlt:es regllllr i l Iill, o' Illllg are tuell filr tile ummmn, hmm ibn vnlullen itmrol',nxprm'-emi. For freilght or I ase- sge t spl Ii , ofer h1 JAora S It l IlU' I IN,74 Camp t FOR NIEW YORK. 1101O.M ' LINE OF PACKETS. \O sllil ennctulalllv every MOLmllay from each Iport. S''lbis I.ine of PLnckets have Iniml increased ol fli si Slill Nalmeille. t'nllllmlu Wmoodm. Arko.lsm, cunptoin Trnii nis, Alabama. Caplltain d 1 I nerry . Orumear, ('ultlmiln u rr, Vi cna a urn , ('u r lain J r 'ulkerw annera, r;mmallin \'o ll m . r naahrilh., d an ,win \\ a l. l,4Jliso. olllolt ill T1rllllleln. (conme, (Cpllltalill lV IIll% Nme .tmhip ---- (t'llid \ooedmmlomse. AVre t .ip -- (Culmial Ni(wlllho. The olbome mhimps are all of the firmt dCloes, mrpprerr,, nid elllim, r ilslell uel, ImaI were.r I:niltil i NSuw nork 0ex I trlv hr Ioin mremel--mly nry reon libimthr raim'i,-' fWm; tr, otl Unlllmmt illvariuli crmlmc itne bair wmIhonut delen tiloll 'tihmee pniekelmn are enlmar.end by :la)mtaeins well ex peremmm'lel illmhe trmllomnt m 'ill llotllv exert themleIves to meclmlllnlldllto. Th'en will aifa aye be tlwClm i, lnd 'town tie rm i r. anm d will lmlmllilllv m m il as i llmvortismm l. l'hevy hlave hadlsolmely n~l'llislhedl ItavCllnnlll llllolll nrlll utmrmn uff tlh fimrsm quality, lill alwmo Ib fiuriiibid, aem every Illlaltte lll pUld to 'tile c lnllolm " alllid R ;ti : liull Iof 'The pric of the ealli, io fixed ,t $f1, withmut wine olmr immtniloe, _ apiily tu A COIIIN, noeIIl.. 2) 9{0 Commmonm(H mreet FTle lipmhillime are oo accmlmntmollem fier lreakokmge of' Ess, hollow wIrts lllnrl, mmmblemimo m rnoeg , umimemon1. mfmtio. or rummt ,lf mmo or stee': nimo r iu m p lmim lime uim makmmoe eimglmeml mher lir, m tihe .flit, of Ihmm' mmLent. -e. .i .. .. ulcer t'or the Interior. d-- aI FOl IIAYOLU S.RA ol'h IRgular PtacI.lolt. 'Iplit. I ·le i p,+tll' . rr al o lll'.h - 1 i .ck 1A N 'i., It..y... is ..............y ...... - iiI ve Ne,',v (!Ae'on ev.... Wed- .... 1 ntielu i ll III.'c k A ,1 .r S aratier l.tvgl urm etcrv As Salarnlli at III , ,cl,,k A. Inkinhg mine i a-llt oi wn oni mI t UllI, . l or freight or pIlisl ge tiAlily to utipt, lllarl st 1h:5 ,, A.5. D I ,' IIITA I.Ir , une l'I t n., oIl we pNe I.;i, d ,,, + , iti h .i ' I7'll do mIlIe e.iallsllllll*i~i[ )olt do 111 l'f, , '11, d1 do ,,n+ r n at do0. s 15 w, t lose a eOni gn , *'; , Po, m .t it,, up erll m e e , l.1 1 ~bag eraA t ll t H r A;ll I & lrl ii" ciat . Elbllri ..zl a- i hi noullvrier areof N aw vrla rece.,pival ait he wreatel be l Iola w 1t1 t Ie Leew ao iurk er . till Is Co 1 1 jlWA t A t 'Ir1 a m t Htarw, eP a a t `f I' 1'-rl, \luu Iuuvl tin-tel l L;1 a lly 1s In Jtr l. 1 11IL, Miss E,74 lo,dr,li- il lr": t1 4G l dl N .("0 ('n stor i m o iv mpll S ,i . ese & Co IImo n .i a ma I '," S & I' allll' NE CgampI st. cau klN l ci I s t Bl llc s o a IIL in, uiioan.i U e i. {Illis, PamphIl tI,, , ho w binalý.l.- , Ont.dar * All 1 /ri E lait..i ban A C ne by Ii, c i , r' '.o 4o l t rini n, at i.aylSIuA LAA 34TEl.u.S--IU itraxe s i r lleor i J uA t . e b"eltl.ved l tils0a f o uteist o lie i fiRlr l &la LA AItI+sIc , ac I--may 15 34 tiMag istn l the rill, lItrmp i hleS lr Show bills, Cinia- t h Ieeguea Las* Lc. Uw. SeIllliElcfar tkep Abose, ans c arse other dec ha eripliorn s LtPitlmN tI'I 3 I e rl evil s L at Cilallailig 1t4e afl lU AMEIllIAN., hia S. Ce4y.lsl. t aElt p CH E, d 5e 15 fr (;LLac rit rastreet, hOhas thile I'rieting b ci)ice, rnr o f I'vllrl- a nt ST. fllfli.ies Cmlree , e. bE.tleeir .nea beautifl ItltK ialas ,lou roUNls e 11a eroa Ht.h btl I.saL crike s ihat Uhaited , de. bos n, tlI. Ie. ddelldl to Ike a tlready erll.a-ked Ea s bler.thetis aitu Nl ---adrals:lersiil d cat - l.s, i N sr ChetPaly, sia t SIlal1di 11.srml .ai iUad e lll'upr , i irto an y ollier Olice li ia 1 4 .P yyrai- st lI ll ll, M l ItN1·S b r eUSI ntN)l:It. ac I Jllt F ie v'i -s lIire rialll , at i. asicll ,i o ril JN. U A s ptec re assrtlat if & .teitg s&cks w litnile , carres, p.lralnbler aldvin en s l. rt oe wsr d e itr. teaiiee. ai n E Uhae lla & AtI. AN. ti t () I llRN--lS ttibiulase loutaliitll fan.l fii lolat cad for I sa ley L 1113 A 'I'IItEl 31 iialve.r set ' t t-,FLea IledtIlA'e'OIlt--Taie is a nmew Us eli aus alliN tllcS. afsureillire, reliilly euil nl ouse isis ae, ici is r- lee -lcm as aell sas eulh-ere latilaudes. It is esigncd t, tc ki epceoil aslld swen , sBeat distlls illas t culilecry de- s Sprllllell ea are le. l s tit be si l'teels l iiul s I h.ent Shire I Cfli asle wa slllerts l tlri ,g elsa ilalllr " ce t- 11cii. 'IThes Ia triigerlti r is now cn ln iderit. e ri a .llidcpsells nhlc ar ii e ill htaeson ,llu afesrecy good liaUsesiib. Tie e idl'lq i ly as l..ff hs pl e cIlll hlllate ae aliler c ill m ore cI ilU pa. . co lhea ,srtcif icle eery nIgleDsar. Ui j Ti, ..iichclli'i isiiUsilcicei nly rCeisitS g Oliesi le lea-ce* Sfatuls Lrg terigsraetoras sfdlinr sall pricc&. 'TIIe sC O os-i00i sheril la.ilei Aglre for stle icaufe- I tarr. M.r LA IlAtens. .-lelt-s iea ae tele Iterigerturn c alll Ie eCl yit iy fur tu re , 3 r ieaville teiyl l tf 4 It CAIRNES. kli/il. BEtl. , li charlres rchishe his thia ty rsee. ev Yt ed Iser shiip acr a.sia e ,4 dlu, . eennellted flreeasl SIeits, whiel wstill be iaffrertole trtuide l r s lrdlrc hee ap- f l er ih ei r scrlielfaore ieowr d ies ircie. Alisoiiee.eo pe ri sfsnled illS ile all Win lllcl ie a het wieh er -i ltmore at wa.ill dor Iwc s t i telloliiee I Cis grea c Irt i ac ieell. a - ittres. sr.A tt is titel s (15,' llt e.esriei tr 1 L. ltlt)IVN'" iealeat Ptnetfleri daloseecr- n J l(iersac cet liln d at t 53 Bie.vllle aires Pait. nti i, Platlfrsi lhlsanees, stlilriur to sn t Pecr oair·ll in tliiic ily. fell f V It t'ARNIES. P 1,3 .iL IIl Cap cud trer PAPEIl,-Jasa ren'ic- d i 4ti4 resla ralc+. ehtcucr Paper, l0 d hz. blhie lld hale.a ! alec i 110 isulhed i ll sof e rely Iow t lrlc sI, silitiltc Ior -Is erhu sha ir sale by DAVI FEI.L'" dtCo, Eir aus y 14 ra , t n s N i aiiC an' llhal. 4 Choalrel a t. e i i s i allJ l'e s otl ei 'ey J h 1i'lgea E It e . c , eel3 ____ _Pae __ 7Poyrlassace I t/ I'rIeIs a fiEANd a st 3---f: a tretr sle. ic . t. P at lS, (Bce eit)o n le. e 44N es.its L i/ I$l.Ei il - h.- cs .brhl n- tu'- isa iseed ie-- - L i nSt.aund r sale by IJTIIIAyElt & eo 4tll3 74 Pryhtrad ste - £IIs0, PBEEd--IS Ilua lf ls r e he hilsp eecion isn 1 .c i as, ferisaleby G(I F )|IRsi- . sj, elG0 44 New. Leves j uS 'r rre ivcd a laege aorll aslll of aslll er slocks al i of seaioca pattenali liae shinrts f iee qilalily. GIe OSSIP " aso, ti til Exchange llotele StCharlcs ct TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. JT hI tali that 150,000 of Saraparilla Blood Pills have been sold during the part alx nlullhar It is a act--that they a taken in 0h ablnnnl eln Inslances to nbli.llte ald .llrrect tIle miblevou slid Ihad affects ofqack pills and other aIlbck mcdiciue,, by whichl maly lives are endanigeral. Illt il fat-That cll quack me limem eontain mineral nr nereury, which qnqckl think " mout kill or cure,' aid IrUat tothIlr eyffeti thitkr Illiiss. II s A ll--cThlat numerous quakl and foreigi impostor. call themselves doetore,lthtthey may mnore alfe+.tUully import. tllheir vile and dangelrou preparltil oln thle pblin, urllg lalthing filr the conlequenccl, so tat they cal only pocket thbir "njuit gain, Iltis in fct-Tlat the qlackil and foreign impostri who now illlet nu countlry knlow n.tlhlng of the iiiatLure of nid cines, much le..s bouit diseases if the hulnlln r*yltem. It i it fact--They are par,icnlotly eficacoums in thle follow ing dliseases, all of whih are nore nr less Elusedu n. Illmprlties ofithe Ibood a lld nliallnll.dJ., nam ly- Rlbeunmatie ItNdietl,l.l; Ulocrous nnrera ofti,' Ile"e,throat Scrofnla; Erysitelllat and bdy; Jiuudlce; learnri llI l Ecalycernlptid l ndlblotglhesll ol i)iealees olliver, skln, the akil bunaalld b lldsl Dry u lI wIi.ter pimples, and Pain oflhl.dl-Tely long thi picudiii,,s tly face anld of back lld pihl- , oyr thile the ,u,l n,; region f thile lheart and Teiterafd rinlnwormn, stcinhSluibi xelhb g ujl Ild llyll ltg oi tilh Inward fevers, lId tasle in glalds of tlia neck, in ile Ibh mloutb, frail breath; groinn, breat, &c FUIIIFE IlS (F T Il .IUBl 0.i Fnlatlency:; huigeabto rlnt St.lnh rough-; Want of n mitie; c+,nlnldltnt Sour erection nnd aciditiesof the tomn l'lah Watcrbrahk,&¢. RECOMAMI.EN TA'TlY FACTSST : It is n faet--The only propriet,.r anId lnuhnfaCturer of tek llrsapariillhlolla l io ill S. nular hlll plllatl well as Ilapullth eary, atIesIted by the flul celelrllell pyelclltll of tle United Settee. uctlrs Physici , Clapmln, Jacksioi , Glaolli , DeweeI , lirs, Jamnle, Ilernr, hid. e, l. It is a l.icl--'llT a the S,rsi larille Ihld pll ll nr empllyed in tile l-ritlfef nlll.yphysaiianP, and vIry strongly rcolh mended byLnany throughout time U Sltat·e. (deo dnleclioim aIcaalmlllanyig each box ofuii li.) It il a fact--They are comneted entirely of •egtabrlesr, and thIey are wlraulted cnulain nlo inrcury or ni1lllll Ipre pora*lo.. . Iti is a lct--They may he taken by the moat delicate, and nt all ages; without restraint of'oculputton or busiue.,; without fear oftaking moldh; withbol of diet or reanirall from toln pelrnl~ eillilK. It ise af;mc-tTley will not by their operation, which may be mild or active, accordnllg o the | untolrbly tokeln, weaken the systeUl so inIa gl a moat of tile aU rgative mIaCdamte, gener ally do. It is a fact--That they re the nmot effatlual PUiIFIIERS O" TlEB. ylOOD. A*a RENOVATOR OF TIlE SYSTEM Ever dimeoverem Also. e, onstituintnal dasea., prmluceI by merenry, or the "lmeral,, .r thie: conacqnence of lyhillis, luoe, veneriol, Ae Ac. It is a fnct--ThItt never in a mingle instance have they been known in ln.ued" , that they did not produce at good a.lect- uring thou£aallds, many Uf wbOm were before EonidePred incnt ralhbl. It is a fact--that onn ho 'ofSarsaparitll. pills mied rne bottle of the COl.poulld Syruip of~Sararpallla, Is allaumdlcellt to cure alny of Ibm ilfv dlaeaaer. If s a uael--Slhluld be dlhreroed, tha the only pince they cull m. elobained genuille ill N. Orleans|, is at Cu.+tmhouae stree.t. bapril I 0 ' No. 90. BLOOD! BLOOD !! BLOOD!!! Ist. The vtid Ipr..eilde (L,f,) os containmed i, tile blasd. . BnullI makes hloomd. 3d. Every Iblnp in the Ibtuly is derived front hlood. 4th. All oAmlltilulionb are radically heI xanie. 5th. All dieasla s r from ImI purity of the blool. or in oth er word.fIrlll ilerlllloiuu nl. humors hldsed iii thle lady. tills. All the,. humllllrn are carried llt the bi.ho.,J Iurifled aent nfod" Ilealthful by tie sarsaparilla that atel,"llatex with if.: blond. t11t. Vegetable purgatives alone asaiuailate with the blood. MPUIITY of the blood is well kllnav to lie one oafte great I c.eaacof diemee. SAIt.APAItIIl..A a well kllown to be the mosmt m, elfelml purifier oafthe bbJ ndlld ulnid' of the hhlllItll systenm iiexistln, na. Illse the prinlepal renledlaagent h.all PanoelleamCltldlbrOn...nldolther prepllal miraus. It AsAu-lp-, l l lnrln oI fon itsI vlltU(..i they nan knolwll Itoevery olle asn every e-pllnl er is lilled will, Idvertil-elllte ul'prel: xrltiOrl, nl' ll rllhl xtramt, srups, &c. l W S Itse d t"n , 11r t VerlU( a lr'es . , hll,,, l| .llly to h ill-lef, wh,.rchy At ts o +Hll lltld wlnh ~suer w+Ill k ,,,w,,. ,oti. . e withount decIre+l ltg the virtueS .flhesr~a fertile, anld f rilttg roapaarlla ur Blood Plils. WVltll IhiP IdrsmllarlplhI eolln blamed a l ld Plle ands slurgative, whle, h by its e.tFe t gradual ly and alnmost Ihlmereeplubly carries reff the grss and Jle+rbid holllllnl, melmraled froln lhe "blued by Itle saarlarille. 'flhes. mill ds IInOt purges,, sviolently uas iMst pill, dlo. which iro, trate and redue the a.senls relldering it mnoro lihl;le to di. ease, weakelling the "ystelll. alnd Iinllkiug diaeoao tim take alroufer hldl ;J11d kiling or destroyillg lhousnidlls; in allbort it iiinol bevl ident that purgillns A. violently is hlir pills do thai are inanufaettlred by qaacks alld foreign impustors ar. ta. nllblaevon. in their eOtlsequences Ita mercury and other Ilon er.le. In.cilevous in thesi consequences al mercury an oet;er tm ca eral + Fron the circumstance of the scuparrlla hbeint ihtrtlede date in pillr,lte-egeasy tn take and co nvncetalfirecarrylng ttlt Vent Itak.t .er ro averlialt; anat bllll labl e to rteakae. a ar gud tht Ioatti a uea talilleg repl;ration. of at L rhaa .llrhaltslla they Ilms eventuaslly ake a1. place of all uther preparullsae ofr in- rilla,. ausd I(noo Ith regoe haeca elicited eacaeros teitieotlaes rert Irolll Iahicilnslland others, whlEn aaaE niaay the l l Irel U ., r, de l' alld i are llltdo lnly rec a elnle tdd it rhei lla.lnc il.clta ln, Teralaal O l OaUry IeaINu JI liae, hearalurl lji.xc~iraofthe livesr, 1c skit.loleCald llllta , a.iT e tile s il, .aou g Iaa i htclk ald N atll , ear the regi t iaf atCll eart IIa I r sllllu eb, lllrd t .ers, V Silad saae of thae mouth, foul breasth, iltl llatey, itlldigerllo l, Walt O slllllil.e ma .r y rtlle hll f Il adf h P:lllil ri oiea Ot r eChJ tilte a.s slre, s of ti ,,. e. iahrotataled .dly, c ely aealltll) q tll auld I,tl, E oi the rkil,dry lllt wa ter) r in Ih s.nd II platalllle e oftlbe facI tlllJ IlHly, IIter a nlld rlell 'alrll l i llini . . ha rd- A ainilt l of s elan t e of tile lteek, n the tgrollltat. i, , ae. 7to ach. c so tover caorn att8, rwaer.ral,, oa, li or ci t lwhlla trilllml'lsenes rNIIIfIIn fraor anrit oa the bIei , St. oatleliteuiue..l dheaseea pneoacd by itleruray or eher lc llat- r Atuk dally raplleaclall phasledct lat question, what i tlhep mo wetli.ccioeU purifier e l tio ,ee l d aall eron illt bear- py v ]t , nallym e ttcr Uo t Jthe Lte , o-f ll uweiave an of ll iUuablt el e.Ica eistrict Cor, w an part all Nileborou certfimaies han e ahrn rpeived lid raef.aere esat eiln eIg".." t, II to ,l s11 hnhd lre t ll -t l oI o ute rIe m r kablllrkhe nl n tllr,, a rr alr al ,orl' ,ll l el l e a t Io rllle sulr . ,it lluaerauli I nta reutall u I !r Calti ellCtO llusl street, cc New r to ulh ryo3. hi.."l,le .nitnted Wlt rhemerteidnl, erjubla, eruptiosn of M ihyr kil, s etllt. ao tmie glllais, n e tturll b Ihe re% a&c ti aty o(·I·llrl. 11111a) lld cteailllel d t lleld uI at aiI tiUIt, biyi Uplyi intte aoy ml,. pet i Te sata. cIat lit- we Ctllll ean i a , sale . at tlittSIl . t al e C . Exlthayga I !utel, t at. lear 5 if e al iLOd;. arkier & Dl ora./, v.itBtnt ir I tn'.ul. S J m lls r o s lll lid killg I ragnad , bi Vllllrl l Ie llI selihlren'sp I ml o nhe fo:er.on Jr:o lendingy f'oro qh alil Nar.lur lle be, Ca iar Sllln Ilby I al3 I Iltll rleJ & Co, 13.1 ,%eagzine t ter i TATI OF iOUISIANA--FPrst Judicial Dies- y Itrct Court--ethie State ie Louai;llaa, t all whot vs e Sthese prcsents shlall oeitne, Gdreeting : S hereas, A C Biraenhard, J V Breedlove, Wil. lt lient Mackey, and I1 Lnvergne having purchasedl pre at a sale made by tile Sierif of the Parish of (Jr.t leans the propert) hereinasfter tesacried, hlave ap. lai' plied tote .ot Cek oftlti- Court in whtos nfliee the c deels ofnsale were recorded in the 24th, Oith, and lae 2lth dayeofApril, A. D. 1839, for a enon slon or cit advertisement in conforenity to an act of the Legis. de laturd ofthe State of Louisiana, entitled ls As act dci for the further assuraneeof title te purchasers at pe I jldicial sales ;" approved the 10ti day of Marcli, pa 1834: :t Now, therefore, know ye. and all persons inter. p Sested loerein, ae Isercby cited and tdmonoaiished in Stie name o the State of Loueisiana, and of the First pt Judicial District Court, who can set p any righllt, a title or claim in and to tbe prtaperty Ibereinafter de. escribed, in consequence of eany infotrmaaity in tihe cd order, decree or judglment eclte Court under whsiech s as the sale was made, or any irreguarity or Itlegality in tbe appiraiseaents and advertisaneltes, in tsne, alit or manner of sa'e, or for eny other defect wsiateo' C ever, to show cause within thirty days froms tle day ter this monition is first inserted in thle public papers, C, wy he t sae aso made should not be conlirmed and a Shmologated. pr g The said property was sold by the Slhriff of tie bia Parish aforesaid, Oil tie 27th day of March, A. D. ak g 1839, by virtue of a decree of tis Court, reanded re SI il tie 5t day nof March, A. D. 1839, in a suit enti. tat tied Carr iere ik& lrduzat vs. Bucinterstn & II.crn, Ia I; No. 17,401 of tie docket of this Court, at which gt sat the saitd A G B ancalrd, J W lree,dhlve, Wil j t liana Mackey an l L L.vergne bealalme tihe purhtaei le Saerae, r peetivaly, of tthe f.owing property for tire I A. fIol eliig alnounts, to wit pr nf A G Bi.uclhard was the purecinse ofnill tt !o of a g- utrounle nutmser Six in Poydras etleet, betweeu o a a;11 rm andSt. Ciharles streets, neasurilng twenaty hi i four feet aix inchies iront oe Poydras street, ly b c!ninety five feet six ilches deep, fIn tile stlo ofrevllt thiousand one haundred do ler cashi : three tiisaaald - I nie hundred nd forty fcuralollara and fifty ceals, C ae ayable te thirtielth day of March, eigtllecn lund. i redand forty, and the bala.e, in two and thiree i- years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearirng mIortgage--and if not punactally paid at maturity pr t to bear intresnt at tie rate of tela per sent. till paid, r lea without any right to retard payment, whicsh tie t ie said sheriff tacknlowedges to have received in isia It notes, jpayahlr as above, wtll Jonau Meto"'er & Co e and N. Beenoist aseendorsraes, and reservintg nst e are above ldescried property a special iortlggagn urtil tie fins!al payacent of thie above described . note. hi J. IV, ireedlove hecame the pur iaserr of the d, c- lut of gronndt Iluluin:r Four, in the clrner of St. ItS Charles cald Poydras streets, Ilesauring twenty four eet frillt on St. Ciharles street and savenry. I eightfeet ten aneti.e an Poydras street for tire sUeia alo ever tIhouana i aad one hulndred dollars, p:ya as ble ss follows, via: i ac dollars, cash;l pfour thousand two hundrerd and slieten dollars nn peyayb a tihe 19111th of June, 1840, and the ba'ance in a enI-two and three years, in notes satisfactorily enders fs nd, and bearing morCtgage., and if not punetually at paid at lsaturiy, to bear ilnlterest et thie rate of ten per cent. t1II paal, withct any righlt to retalrd pay. h - Ienst, whiech the sheriff acknowledge t ao evo re. rceived ill his nstea payable as above, willth Joti Sinturs l as security, with sai ci I rortgage or thli properly sold until final paymaert of tile above do. scerilemtl lnotLes. Jd W Ireedlhove became, also, tile purchaseer o I ttie lot of grlound nulrber Ol e, sitUlted next to Illa St Cierla TIbIeatrle, lear Poytras streetla, aneasring a rt. twerty tlhree faet eight inches ar.I six linas on SI. , Charles rtrel, s tv ncalrty englit faCrt teet ittn ces it deplth, togethsr with a fIur steory brick itlles antd It kstclsre therroan, sow under lease ulatil tile first Novemsler. 1839. at fiifteen lhudred lo:larsa, fromn te ltencct tils let Novemter, 18411, t two tlhousand doilelars per amornttr payable amonthly ; ior tie tuisl sald price of sixteen touscand da.lctrs, payable as T we tlhosand dullers cash, eour thousend fity ht i tarundred dollars, pyyable tie niieteentil sday of J I e, eiglltern hIundred and forty; and tilte Ialaiee ir two anll tihrte years, in notes satisfactorily ell dorsed alnld bearing eorgage, nrind if not pulnctu. ally paid at ilaturity, to boar inlereat froutt mail. rily, at tihe rate ol ten per cent, wiltiout any right a to retar d ltn paynent, and wbich the rberiff ic. knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re. served special mortgage on the property sold until tie final payment of said notes. William Mackey became the purchaser of the lot of ground numbered five on Poydras street, be. twenn Camp and BS. Charles streets, measuring twenty-eour feet six inclles front on Poydrar street, by nnety-five six incihes deep, for tihe price of seven thousand five hundred dollars payable as follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two hundred and seventy seven and eighty threo hun. dredths dollars, payable the thritieth of March, eighteen hundred and forty, and the balance in two and three years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bIaring mortgage, andl if not punctually paid at maturiti to bear interest t the rate of ten per cent till pad withbout any right to retard payment, and the sheriff acknowledges to haove received the cash ppaylent, and tie blanlce in his actes,thlle twO first to ttie order of J. Irwin, anod Ie to tih order of Geoo. Buchanan, and iry o entcrsed anur d iay. iable as above: a special ,er r ,e "o reserved until tthe final payment of the saie ,Io.c.+. II. Lavergne became tile puelrhaser of the lot of ground number three, next to ,lce corner of St. Charles and Ptydra streets, men-uring twenty.four feet one inch front on St. Charlen strcet, runomo g urek seventy.eight feet ten inches deep; lair the price of six thousand nine hundred dollars, pay. akle as follows, viz: Onei tllll nad dollars eanh, fear thnoantd two hun gred nll iintrr ren rlllr nrer, fortle t le ilretlrec th Jay Jet, eighlteen hluoreld ual brly, end the baleace in two ald three r earr, in rers rr-,i:lrelrrrilv etllrrre d and Ibariei ragrtgcgr; nmd if oit punctrlllyfpeid at nlor. rity, rt c ear .ielr4e t ea 'I l ril te erl il rrerl iar . till rid, without any right to relrdl pilr ment, a. d thle herrif" c.eknowledieo to ireae received ile calsh payII slid he balllnce in notes of If. I.averne, pedllon; l by C. Dcerleigeo,anei paPable re oErovir rc rl elrri+tl illOrlrrlgg reePrverlt o tile peroljrty serrd cnrtil fiedl rIrrIlyr t. And said e.avntrne Ibemore l.Is. tlre t;rcIh..rof lot of groued nunl.:redl two rijanein llattnr one, ei tnlltell in Si. Charen street, illpenalre ue tWPenty-thrP e r l pee r if dt in o.' e r a n s ir x lice or n Sc t. (rie rlg r r t ter . b y neven'tv-n.eiht feet ten irlchlis in delit.l, together itll a four-.sory Iriek lro.e and kitcheno h.rrn:r, srler t tr a lensre lsnil the thirty-first (hOrrerl, eiglhteen rnrudreI and thirry-nine, t the rtne of two rlhoeormnd Ldolrs per yeoe r rrie rrocrtc hl , rot the priceot si tom tlelntold ird rre hundred rhl-r1r, prrt able as fIollows via 1'e c housand ioee lnrn ca, ir;,ur t i.l fie hun= dreed dollaro prcable tie rirricr-ellth day of Juee, ehi t Pell hndred and fortaynin thef ilner ein iWl tad trc e years, in notes setietiletorily enrdorsed, nllri Irerriog mlorlreage,allld if noit pctrtlally paid aot muturiy, to hear interest at te rate of tet n percetlt. till paid withlon ay right to retard Iynvll tll , lll d thle Sher IT alknowtdll eeeo In have rLeceiverl clc collsl Itrlr e rlot fioild r':o brlalen:e ill tile lltlles of rcir r lpurlrchseer, enlrrrcl rl t'. r. oltrirgtcr, andl pnyahle as salove, t an n leil me toggeo rOe-erved l tilrre pr rrl.rt sold intil m fin l litrr me tl i Wenit.o the lirs. A ti. iflchao.oc, Jr.ige of the (Snlrt afrreanidl, thii sixth day of .lul , eigllht e hlundlred ealn thirty-elifrr. my I --ltlan I'. I.EiI.LAfC, Dept. C'irk. FITA P DE LL% LOUISIANE-Coturt i Pro. crn mier District Judliciaire--L'Etat de Ia Lontisij ane- a tous ceux que cus preaentea conacoerot, salnt : asaait I Attendo quo A. G. Blaneoha d, J. W. lBreedlove,. William Mackey et II. Laverge ayant acht 16 10 nse vente Laite par ln ShoIriltde aI paroisse d'Or. Ieans, lea propridius cei.prls decrites, se sent ad reaS6 au Greflh do ctta cour, oi los nntes de vento thirent enrd -istrs le 925 26 et 27 jour d'Avril de I'annde. 1839, pror un nvis contlrmd orat it un acts de la Legislature de I'etat do In lounisiane, ilti. tu!6d ' Acte pour eonlirlller lee titres. dos aquereuro ax voates judiciuiro;" approuv6 lt 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il suit connu, et toute personnoes iutdreerdes c sont par oes pidsentos somntds au norm d' P'etat de la Louisiano et de la eour du Premier Distrje Jdli. ci irequi pourraient avoir droit it Is propridit ci. a aprbs doe rite, en consequence d'un d6filut do forine dans l'ordre, le decret ou le jugementde Ia cour, en vertu duquel la vente a 6d6 fite, ou de touts irre. gularild iu illdgalit6 danes I'etimation, lPavis on le temps et le mode do In vento, ou ponr une antre cause quelconqne, do faire voir, dans trente jour da dater do la publiention deoette avoi,pourquoi In vente ainsi bhite ioi seralt pas confirmnd ot homolo guoe. l es ditee propridtds furent vondues par toe Shdrilf, suasdt a 276me jour do Mars de P'ancro 18.19, en vertu d'on dd6eet do cotlo Cour, rendu In 5 l do Mars do I'annoe 1839. dans Pl'ffaire do Borduzat contre luchanan & Flagan. No. 17401 du docket de celto Cour, it laqulle vente Ies di s A. G. Blanchard, J. WV Broediove, We,, Mackey et II. so0l reus acno qadreus respeetivement, does propri6d6s suivante pour lea ,soumes ci.apris pecifid, savoir : A. G. Blanchard, du lot de terre no. 6 situde Idans I rue Poydrase, onto. les rues du Camp eat ISt. Ciharles, meourant 24 plods 6 pouce do face a rue Poydras, sur 95 pieds 6 pouces do profondour, p or nla sonme de $7,100 comptant, $3914, 5 1, payables Io 30 do Mare 1840, et la balance dans diux et trmes oa en billets endonsss it satioractioll et portant bypotli'qlle, etdevwit plorter un intrdet ant nnux do dix pour cent julsqut' pailneot, s'il no seot p.oa ponetuellnmnt payda a lons . l.h.ancee, s un rtdervcs d'ncuan droit do retarder le paiemont. ne que to snhrofl'reconnA.iu aevir recu en sea hla'let payabls eclnle it eat sustlt, endossds pan Jocan, o Mitoyer & Co, et N IlBeoist, avoc rs,krve d'uno -dypothEqoue spciale sur la susdite proprl.idjusqu'a piinomelnt final des susdits hlillets. to J. W. Breedlove devitlt i'.cqudreur du lot de terre n. 4, formtant l'eeoinure des rues Poydras - t St. Chiarles, omeurant 24 piedlde d face it la r St. lharles et 78 pied- 10 lipouees a l. t rue Poy.o dras, pour I l onmulnn de. -11, 100 payayle coulnlt suit, $1,0C ) comptant, $1,1'9 payable to 19 do Jut, 181140, t la baliace daus deux et troiis aI eI billets endosed a. sotisiation Ct portal hyplthli. quie, et dIns it ca qui'il no seraient pas poictielle. ient paydes i lur dCi.danoes, its devrot por. ter un int1dit au taux do dix pour clt juisql'a paiemuut, salne nucunl droitdo rct.iid do rtird de piilst, ce qulo Io slriffrlconlaiL avoir rectu en s billets payables eontileil lot tsidit, endos.ta pa:r .JolI M otourn' evec liypotolquei specidal sur la lprprld 6 Sveiinduejusqui' i paimient final des sisditls billies. J. W. Breedlove devint nausi I'acql;g:rur In lot de terre uo. 1 situd apres leo tUaIirn St. Charles pres la rue Poydrae, moyurant 23 pioed 8 paueen ret six linesour nla rue St. Coar'es, et 78 pied. 10 pouces do proflndeur, avoc 1'6dliice en briquet et la Scuisine quit s'y trouvent, sujets I un bail juliqu' au ipremier n vembre 1839 it raisonu de $.1500 et de or elue ipoque au premier nove1tbre 1840 it raison do $2,l040 par an payables tous les Inois, pour to ol drix de $16,000 payablep commea uit ; deux mille at piastres conmptant,quatre Inille cinq cent piastres II, payablesl 19 Juin 1840, et In balaI.e d.ans deux ot trols ras en billets endossds a satisfaetion et * portant hopothbque ; et dans to ca qlu'ds no oieont in pas pay6s ponctuollement it lour cihdanccs, ils t devrout porter tn inidrot au taux de dix pour cent it, uans uouu' droit d'en rotardtalc pairlnlmit, co que le sidriffl' reonnait avoir recu rn tss billets oedos. o s6 par John Minturn et payable cnllnme it et i susedt avec nla raslrve d'une hypothique spe1einle sur la proprid6t vondue ju qu' au paiemant final des dits billets. William McKay decint I'acqunreur du lot de ny teren no. 5sur Ia roe Poydras. entro lea rues pu SCoamp t St. Charles, ayant 24 piods 6 pounce de d face a la rue Poydraes our 95 pieds 6 poucees de lo profundeur; pourle prix de $7,500 pinstres paya. bles coaioe suit: $500 comptant ; $4277 8:1, pay. . ables le 30 Mars 1840 ; et Ia balance & deux et trois ins en billets endoes6cs satisfiaetion et por. taunt liyapotOdquei: ol d ills o eas qu'ilsn n noient s ponc en po paytullototpd ay6 leur dati.ances is dev. t nt porter uan int6rdt au taux de dix pour cent jusqu' 0 paiement, san nleo droit d'en returder le paio . ot ; et to lshritfl reconoait en avoir recu le In eoiptant, et la bIlaneo en sea billetrl lIn deux of premiers ai'ordre do P. Irwin etleo derlmer it 'urdre do Get. Bluchaan qui les out endosdts, et pay 0 anbles conmme it ea stdit, uqee I, rd>crve dt'une ly3 Iypothbquo sptcialu jusqu' au p.aileut final doadnti y billets. ' H. Lnvergne devint neqludrer di lIt de terro lod .3 qui se trouve aprtg I', nesgnure des rues St. In' Charles et Piydrae, nyant 24 peods un ponce do iad. le h l rue St. Charles et a'otendant a 78 pleds 0e 10 pouees on protfondeur ; pour le p.ix do $6.900, ing payables comme ouit : $111011 eomptant, $4219 ty payable le 19 Juin 1840, et la b.ulance a deux et , trots ans en billets enldoura6a satisfaction et por. tho taot hopotllque. Dans ln can qu'ila no saient pas fn ponetualloement paydos leur 6d I.uaco, ils devront Co porterun intd6rt au taux do dsi pour cunt jusqu'b atto pliemalent, sans aucun droit d.on retarder lu paiae gio sow ; et l sl driffreconn it an avoir reca I coln. and tlt, lakbolance e ses billetsendosst+ pir C. Der. he bilgny et payable coultl il eat souldit, avec rdserve S d' dlu Iiypotbbque pepcialu sur Ia proprid.6 vendue Siuoqu'au patneall filnal. Et le dit Lavergnt dovint aussi I'acqlldrour du 3?' lot d terre no. 2,ad,oignant to no. 1, o.tut danst 5la II rue St. Charleso ayant 23 piods 8 pouces ot 6 n' ligneade face i la rue St. Charles sur 78 plods, 10 lh; pouces de profondeur: avoc nile imaisonen briquoe 0e 0ta dtaes,t l et tacuisine qui s'y truuvent, sujette 0 on bail juaqu' au 31 Oclobre 1839 au t..ux de $2000 r par an, payables toua l s moia; pour to prlx de illy $16,100, payable creme suit; $21100 coauptant: en $4,500 patableo 19'do Juin 181.l, et I bt iallnce 'iy' a deux et trols ine on billets endostdes satitsliction re at portant hyputhbbqu : et dans lt ca qui' no s uiuolt pas punlctuellumnnt paydua i lcur dlldance, Ssidevront porter decont porec u-' iltdidi de dix pour d cenlt jutqu'0 pooemoent, sats anulut droit d'cn to. tarder le paiemniat. eot l sibti recunnaitt en avoir ot recu l I comptant et la balance on billets du die ie acqud our, endused par C. Dorbigny ot payabloe sn colume it est csedi ; aves rdsorve d'une hypothb, quo opeciulo our la proprieto vcnduejusequ'a paBl lu nnt linal. and ''oin io 'lhonorable A. M. Bulchaona, juge do i; frat cour utaditu, o 6 ilue M lt 13113. roe P. LEBLAN., ond lmitai Dputo . rtlter. wan I AVANA SUtIA-t- 37boxees llan.a whitesunga At I 4'i do do brown dii lanlig, fors c al .of o2l S JP WHl'TNEY, 73Canip st tic lIC:KLL -20 kag.. and JU i'roe, rctloneutg irti on- New Yolk IIr ship Ocolre,tulrsal by no u. SIIAI.L ,HL IBKOWN, ,i6 Aloazine at ight - mayl4 S i ( P W HIITNEY,73 Camp tI ac. TIlI, INDIAN'S IPANAACA. TOLD Y ('or. uf Notcaez and Thollapitonlos ste. TOK the cure ofrlzeum,.tism, eerofel ar *tIinll'$ evl|, graiLc aafaotuu or hip iout, io,b:a| .ul a rs l oa rheum ) phi Iitie ald inercllrlal dlreas:.e. I~articulariy uiclrr and pami'ull InItrilaaald oIa. sd,(aloe u'erated tll.otln allos iosrylla, ulcrsp ni 'oltarh oatotye pc.era.gafot..ano off., mmur ofi Etary dettrttalaaal, er sores a d.i.. .atra.. eliooa e litL. - las, l ilcx,.cIhl head ucurvy. hlli,}++ cilrlille sore eyes. eryrip eoaf, alot.l. ba,.lid aoary variety allut.a.eoua irfa:ta 0l, charo p till, h It loada :e, a alt l'ti a rtoe in0 t ia ,it t t ratllo tlirC:elllal l " Of s t i, ver c rucI, ,II II II m°.I(1 of Lh¢. klid I?), uIo Zotlltrial deillly tau'Vtlaalbyott0rplll . ll. .'a f lthb . nlaolo nr . 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'er tl!i~le Mt rlull taldiea oo thie Otllll'Oona )tL(L., dlr00 UCle Ill tile fleet rklllil a1olalllllt tltilltatllCd a Allat Wile asa aut heeat .ltrora.. d aa th 'oallll lr atao'ottl e I .ltl a i l ttltl' llty w llt h tJ' tho+at 'la.i' Llla talt'o.' illl asb y dlat. alalIO L t,),dUlItllelC Oa d cllrOlllclllliellro ;IIllpllltll~hlm{ \YI4'11 haII~r ,}verlzeurl olIll )l lJi~lll wlllln II oIItllalII llll luknll ;illd ruIl~ed by Ill trriltallllt | Aila :lt . allhttt a xla t tfsat ttis hltalt y Otiltllao lt.l or lls.' nat ollletv ll l'ta to tillo atre gallyuol aullat t.le r uealo . wlhttitatooo elnpltu y+ ? Th. I~llra ll0 hlll+ dlffP~llell ! ill IUCCI:.+J+ III ii lillr (II Eulllli~l~~ll~ll ethe. Ilalilllto EUtalOrity oa o ke Do lm o aahd oanle mUl:;illl iOI turu alhlc~h (iutlll flluril:.lttll I'or liie Lellcfil i,I Ilia ehldtclre. 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UIhotaatd i'low bellyo, w lc~ll~ulll~le a r, ll'l~a ato io U Wtraat'ao al ta a altr l aaIjtH t t11, y otle nlull sl·lll l u t +W ll.lH 11 is nilll~llde 'I'o r lhUI rllll t +II ll' IIIU I ltamllth.uh lla e i.e. ua till a llt.. ll hl IIIf d lbllo lyoa aoaoa lll otlayo Ill11l1)i of ~relll.VlZ e l helr +il ier( llh lll.S aud11111 r(+-lll(rllll.b tlilll- ·1h~t ni·l~re to, LiIILh JUIL l lll ilphle..+. '| hls ISll leL·|ull I. uII~ (tlllU-l .I:lnl relledV Iil~ t Illoully plll l h lll~ll~t tlvl~r uilylll: i r Ii· ith rlll III in ller l ealU. III IIe, bu ,l l ow hai ir mll flnl, abl e oi" .ll'l l|@ illr i i~lulyll extrel) Ul~e ll· III. hlrh t~l..1 |llO .IIUIIltlrelelll'. .lll Y1 holl *aat h it ng ar'l.tttatiatatal ;oaof, t'tt l b'aaatthurl,ati~tmlt Itat h~li,'db Tllo atlaia ttle t, ilt. elga iiiolrtrolat tuctataoa. hl uolllly a lh,Ullli l h reevrn Lll (:a ullclll.~ I~rpl~icll de rp ael ted t. rlhllJ~il )Uh l: b·t iU vh ,I Illl r Iieu ilP lllll+ ae l~r lr 0l0r0 laaltallnoollil alllll heohl asaaaotsaatnamelli palaa i a t htalll ttty h aoo tl htith.'r Illto, t ro a tIto ' lO, daollg tal OtLo IaItll i11 Ioa.o'taollsl.o .'IbdLhoe o olado rlei alhlly'Oiatlll]oo raoayll Iil, it lnlllrll Breuei + iii V Ille J~el~lreo r i i i·8e l k I h ee. U 11 raisll COvleJtl llll 1oU*,lllUIII thli foId. tel Liiio pu.Jtlllt O1~llal llllIIon ItLtaaotlul.aaiao, aotill otaootatal? stootlaoo'aa, it, tttaatltyoeafooa tltllalll oat ta.ptorittlt g Zllr lls. t1ttaatt tttto' o lt STalllilll YldllllliCr lilr.ill e +cr l'uh +lil|'e lh I' bIichU I~l~ri'slJ delc1 nllabter.'. a 'llll all.'olrp ab atII alcuhlrtl" atII a taoot aa tw r lalllo.r euyIl ii. helie I(oI hIlllll hly usedas I (j Clllllg lO dlstreCIiu p tliis I11 aIh Ilto i.-a lolta llr i orui . ot'lal lrlp+ telllle Llll o 11odll ll alt art. , a &otat. Tlltle aitl ta 0II tl a r,.l ol as llt lni a . 1 , a el'a alblel' troilhattta taial a itoa..aau tllo atIld Ity .oolltl'.alU I . 'oale.thetboaaoaoatlo'oaat.'oh.=e thedlotlientasbotaoaold welb lodh;alll,aaiau at U pootll .r'llltl ur1 e ahfo'ta t ll ati'aIo y aloitt desu dlO l~e IIii I lpl~ r~ l l , g e:ll ilhil, liilll t +,J bten r lehel" t rtlt , lla oal rab. i lr a a ,ota , a fl l' at illl' o llooa er1,tt It llat, ta tlvP+ lliI ,lyel to euln~l~ll ollla 1It i al rthtdlrel d aIn lt hllta LeIa a~m~ll-lmmnodl and luodyn,,I and il ia',r, tac c etans SO , i tal lollic , olnd t btiole llaote. o tll t,.rl a a'ltrtll tttlltooa r 'a l11 thc .ccrs l u:,lll .h i~li.flll. . iltll |mll do Iltl itule liliC h d +· d lllL lhc e idrhltll let+anr · i pe tiolla raillyhl ilcs. IIll |IrII ,+o .IIDId~ ulJlhi+ ~ll, illl llIUT llC.ll IOII. ilgIIIyr llillll LI1 (U InIIIUy amlU giiJ+lelr.~~+llthr lPild lll th+be leiwt ft tfllowisng ertii:iates, oldt f hlIredsl siitilr, whicthi inight It irocured, asl.e xii n to hwa thl effect ul tIle Indlll' I'aaimce,· m thall v'rious eolllailnt tihereill ul-linfit ,iod ild alstoial WlotI), nu tee mostratisi'tclur) lis.ener, it, slperrr sly over the ayrupa ino elon all 1. et CASES OF ILIIEUMAT''ISM. f Ch;,t.. N .1, IFS2. t sever' all~l a Indssl a siu rnhetlllal-nl; se.aou, d by exi-ure III fad lweather. I iow itake greit llplelurle in taLillltgI tha . 11 buttlesut'tls + r h, dnli, tsdts rtotred Iltse to i ltrsitct Ieltt alld 1colllidell y raeo lnlulud ILao asall n ,llillrly ,utlrlllId. iltHN l'L:tLtil , SN, Kilg it 42hirletn, Marchl ýi, I1.i rhls I was sei.ed,:!biout three eCtrs iiI*It 1 dl+sll., I5 riI, - mtitllasnit yie tkiy laisb uscletasiulti, wlie under the iIhlst. sIa.- iit mercury, .d Utliuh h.e di-ailed ite frot busllle., i*isrly evlr I.,,tC. Dllrill this pIriod I htile Ieeu a llt.elltu si tilte Al.,rlte Inslital, in tllis cfly ulWard- of I'ur f lllallh, anl llslarly th,l a lnl,- length of lilUl, Iu tihe Itultlmi.Pe II,'+i)iiii, I stiii [irl, llot everiy ,reuiedyit wyith iit e ttibl.ti. Oil tle lilll F'I+ebrua+ry i~lsl, ot thailtn isseu-rculy ::!"I s,., orIlle 1-but spiun x 1 Ucrlulst , Ink seiiiUCId the b+ II fit+ Ilidll:ll;a i., IIII . Ill , lle r+ oinath Io litund tUy f entirlry fret. srucs Iain, nsl otow hipk joy tO tilts: shlh I culllldn r Injslll' pltll'llb lr ct: l ll. ! i %VJ. 'l'UCKER:I( , 13 Market at. 1 CASES OF SCIUFUIAOUS UL.CEIR. Nsw Ylrk, Stiit. 10i, 18:o0. p Ths may. certif,. tlhat ill the Isfill etf 1.5, i was eied lith, i a ·wellllV n;+ atc) slid mface. whlach nl'terwJsrdr nl ornted, A" I,,tillnle I;rilalttlyti uliers Ia sly iltlsk. Alter trylng eer.llti Idloytllau, W , no l dvuatae, I wIu(ltt tIiii IhtdUt,Dl ,d olu e IIt t u.)'-vll'under the cure,.if Urn. 'Inilytl aud llach,, when, lll,.r re atud rullatiull il Is l 'et, I w,. lr+OaUtt tiu s utter ly itu llrsilt Alirvrdtlt, I twlkt, Ilottle ,", A Itl ,i ats'. 'itS- i eltif, aullllllg~t Iot1ille of .ltliler', t'l. hlmliliUl, with ) tIIn cl kr iu belit, lle+Iiii f tgsofiltftiwhtililhid sow hl.e issea lurlhct. 1to ,la!, I rillUrll~vI It, ly plarentls sit Nuel , Yolrk, ill i(r..l, olI i v tll V o siV.. ItsU) lp ia slilt"r Ug deathl. IIittllle ss thit .ue.s. i" the U IAlhl',ISuAce, however, ill E, 2 llStll k i" to ly w, i.i I weI CrllustldId to try iIt, as a lsti rssto.I T Illuy trsli tur prtsi,;its e s DliaUtlctii, I sosn linlil myseh raSit lly re- ib €,cuvriilug, lld ullonUk Laklllng aevl·, hurlb. Il. Il,.er, healed, todllo I bhrium rlll sn.rh.elly ll in the llur-e el'two nionth,, mud Ilave isnlillelditu s.r lle I inll stillt s lalllUst, stitd b il It puidfishcd, t Ir tle benefit f thl.s who are llflnllllg Ulnlder .i lliihr -rslultou+. ur iytldblillyc ilAlittlly, that theiy lusy kllow i hat faiA cure.d i]l one I,ls.. -ull',red Ieul. thiIg but Ldeath, & iwho culidors hlt Iiit: iaied l sy l i t above syi tls. UIyNMAN.i Clsrlss ttlsi July I.. 1i31. i I wsanticted four yasrs with a. ulces r isi the legI. eusiol- y ally lccln ll, lllll e with eayslllelon+ lld llltll lull anlld ex,.esi ve i ptlllhlllage Ilank.l e lihellt|. Several enlelmht plhymennia eerlted tlieir kll Ulon II lbt t itiisstuslt Slitillbii, ill titi-cisse Istatles of tles Ilillls.' Pissi -i' Iiipit te s "eelo t Fure. tlARtAiE'i' A iEST, 121 Market II. DEAF SLN S. . iUTiTs VEsGIs i'AIIILISl AN ISFALLtIIi REMEDY FOIL I)EAFNE:JS.--The pt tr ucceas which hao. utlnd ed th aphyatlosu ol t Ithis valunble resedy it .tlne hIludred t-yi6 the Vtstlllllslsler D slelltsary (itir disitsees of the eye alsd esr) for w tich I.eLters Ptiln, hIave d eel t ol ftled by M. Tatylur tI U, trim )lie Entlith Gverhuleint, sld the smlelions Iit hod rccived frim tle Roysd Aedely olftltiyltt e in 'aril, s u wel o1 iiolll clre Ililowhl!p nlodicall C.ntlenie u Mr .41h~lrn thy Sir Atley Chh , r, tt rs ltsoss o, tturtlts, trakte tial L t ei gnlaig Auri.1, &a". ulml other arlill nld au lllgeOn., inlerlor Io nole Iln nlotica1 11,llce, who have used nla rlelomenlldedll t. , ' ilTe sbll ,if'tl i Gutti Vegettbih.s, tshrughout Frunce tlidI itGer ttlly, citsedii ilts speedly itroduetsin into alnlo.t .t ryi elulllry iu urllr)p, mid ni wrere r..vilted Dr T y'.- I i lot fom t a iurlts, donllsitulutory i u tih . ilutlntauce, Th I Lertuialy ttitib eih thie s utta Vegetahlhs was aontlinufllyi appllllld can Iio attected by lU iny thlnlanlol. Slnce thm re1o. 'lulna. of 180, tlhlir illjcstiea Lsouis Phlllippe. King of Ihe [ Freinch, Vl IteOill d Kiillng Ill Ileiatlls, ill ferted o It)r Taylur Ihe tlle fiitloltorary Aurl-t s Ihllr ilsaestlcr, its b rt, c-. I it olli. It'Or tie lltty reltsore Itl he.Itrlng ir oherwni l cUl i bIy fthe IsctittstU ol'lhit lrsts IIti GUIta:l eItsiithllit. fT.ei I Sirsjs1 ol'Ktysl ufior will oe htity losis silt ltlisibt to ellti,urlli .st w*llsirt :lltsItsitbd withb dcfUcs, sittisitl frogipul t iany CtU.btI ratply hltstritiist ley. yiu I tijibts tIbittt.i, Pas n si D sei t'e nuiltsir rurdit Tiy him iiti llhstsli ihs sit. io. s the.tittl. i... ......t.... tb"t.......f... d lrl. *ad h In thseltywt tof iuhli i 4 k0 more or less deiafwr s ri tirtI i to h,,ti.rlllliy hir. , aue ,,l't il l hu d I.lllnl isr.rb'e : It..'..J year. une l' w am wt. U1) ers cl se fitsi o ie is t. 1. siots sit Ista, Iii tlic eIIy·'yllr, (usrit .C.s ) ,it i w,,rh re.tOid Ibhlis'lls siL l36,11 thesltnr f I blolmled in s buse1th ll tim s,,u i i sisisi' Fylhst f u ibailhlnn, Irheif lbillncr lnd Ihe ength saniltllle i Ih.y siti r.l ,iititidik ee..i, i e wil ,submit ,ls,. fllWfing -- itheis Itev Jnui KiIi., curae flo. Jod llf hurchMsil, M a.,r. to shad selie , Idell, stln eOll, tItlit If i could tsi it -har Ibt .ld ll f il~nll yarilldit.tcot. TinItl.:c lnil haI bes ar'I!u Sally growinlg nU I1 him or a nu,,:lroft yc rara, dainrlg lmhll Ll i iie ni illliel II lllilhbn ty lehll ,stll Allrlt. tuid 'hlyit itallt . 9 w tIo i t"u'd' Inn ,il\+idl every thlllg lheLr Ullte .kill could co suggest, wllwthot the leaetuhllltow lrfrlel.f I)i 1)lake recenl r, meu eh.d ru11t al hedl ''a slor l;,ll tt V'csll b 1,i, lnlld .Iriiie w to loll had not ,sed ai aocolll bollb• unllil It,,- would hear eam 16 well sIla ver he -i . Far Iparticulars of thlt, cues, lter Lolldou a Ur-Androws of Edllllturg, rays of the G-,ttl.I Yeglullilis--in auy priletlee, so well as iu tih.e hl,oki;nla-I find as It by . "mst v lolhb' relnedy iI1 m;lre u:,+c of i dentat rl llar Ftling Ilervilur I. dehlilty and relaxation of rthe ear, Ilmlllct'd by cohi. aud well r. eulhultd to do nluch glll.c llad Ilicrire recomein d it Iw re- gelerl use, beingl, olf.Ilent illnlly ,)iiiii+n as well to that of otlere, un one will be dlsappuillltd who may have oceaeiu, to l0 use thsll valuable discovery. Dr Jaoer of Amthill, llelfordalie, III m letter to Dr Taylor, la eoneludel by alying every claw of people will ainl no the B Gutta Vgtlabih. at cheap ntud souaoald remnedy for I8lluleas e arinillg from almnrl any caule. I have genlerally found tllk 6 one to two bottles produce a perfecteure-and iu one instanc I0 gI ,la geullellwho holte under any carelaborillg under deafnos e for iItnly years, ttellndd with a runlnlng i'ruin the eoa rs t ld = / peculiar 0111 re.eulhlmi. distlltant thuuler aCEOmnlllled with( i the 'in. lsl ,l beli.; ull theseaylnpt*n.- wererellroved and tIh 0 | Ilih ual restored to ourhig by Ihe tle ll three boltlee. dt Ai ju(1liclt·a Ir:xcttiOllcr of PlFars .peallng Ol Dr Ta'yionl' 1Gutta \Yeel.tblls s*);y--1 h~lre emlulyad all any .kill aud aid ;/ elt, to flllul out u uselful plrp1attluel Ior the relief aud cure .0 ofe D male.x, ueld I nllu-t slelllly i.mlllIr )ha I hot. never t/f 'ulld say thllng ao goold, "Ien aud'cxml sO eficacaiokui as Dr Tay n lor' (iust'. u u tulbllis. Yeu luay deplld IIpun il,.)1*hiltr 1U | hare IA*'tn expl"rlurod illl llTh I oaeeaPS every virtue that 'ae can justly e, a-c.,i Pd to any unaleflll a fr thai difltrearng S ,ur lrltlOn. Ilrr thein yuu have a iedlciu@ c." superiatire ellcu IQ, ey and f tll sosie vu!ue. L' M - S A Nrtonl uf IlEe Ep1 wake lay yearsaflicted hI w th Jemt +us-, slier tryllg rrery thhSg the .ehl 5,'ar f, ndn i1+ her ihbv.lla could precrlhe, no I ltlutl' n Dr Txylul'+·t(ilt lux Vclaubtlh rhll:.'ed her eun-bierably ald before.+h *ait IIl the I Ihlrd nuotl .lh was furl+ttly rw-tweed to the reue of her .heolrlllF g IU. " llh.. Il1, PIby, 41 Ful rillnlgl *rue whO war li eipnlmllltit t .g R ,•gn"l 0s.w ruck deaf oln th~e dd ln",f n1.llrhon Ilu atl hrr- ra6rt lll ski ecr .iller. Aliret lho. u ul'e usc liit hn of hullo Vt F%" , let I.e w;l,- iwrtilcdly cureJ. Mlr G eu utfL+.ll.b'rwY· w hitnhad Ihrs. l I4y)ar dela iv d f th ý" .ie ofhna b las wa: q idte u n d hy u\sblg ii Iviltho-·. T' thUE Y·gtd ' he ,. m Ile ,ii ll"IlI+" a ,fflited Wn ll dl• fnllerx t s pr larulltml wrilltlildelod prove a hiesltug, a it haska o u ht I ItlntlY i-trl~ld the Iall ore. f t ~lt, ! ho 1 hi~li urfuruovry hadl bLeto tatll1plt d ordew red from other nxallnl les 14 T thre adl"Cd with deufuesr artlnig Prolll, otld, Ihie prep arnliun mlurt pruve invalu.ble uad will reirre thlem to beal-d at , ill is, e cmacl.. ot uf len. " 1'le Gutta Veetaih.u I. p~repare, in -trlct aceordllCe with rlm -"ieolnltl prigepl.a.·, 1'.l from all elllllrlcm .l land it will be fl o nd on trial to c.rr its oan ree. turmm ldal O U ailh tt in ltha S halppFl ecta It prllucl l y r tnrllMa thhea to hearlngL who harp k-. n wuuururunate u to be depmlvcd uf that wouw for a tlinatn 1p c[ Suld wholawb and retail on agency at No 96 Curnes ia,~ olatest, New 0,1100s pd · SPECIFIC sOLUTIO.I. A LL. whore su'urag Ifrotll UIILEI' rllAI. DMIKASS auclh as GONOI(It111) 3, OtA .i Eu '8i si'HrIEUTUIEW' IHRITATIqtN O"T1'1n KNIIDNEYA, HI.AIIStL, UHtIiS'H RA, Pl'RSTiATE (AI.ANI), .n.d AI DISEASES . lf ~h o U ILINAIAY PASSAGLEE , PAINS IN THE WAINS, (ItAVEy., LuAAmb Ao, orfron Ainmoal IWeak.aea, or Local Dabihty,·AI assured th.,t this vlunbin .lleAcl, at all time "ur"2s perfectly eradicaeA the ua.ove d.iseasa.+ Iuch Ia .Ar tIta. anyA uther, and nva.riably inlprIveJ a tlA e e1:.titlatiAA "f genera , hIlA h, nuA rert .res tovi or tal3tA pArtA thal have. bean ialjnr edo by dl.ea.AA or imAA proAer reat.a .nla . It (-t, arIt mlhcillt" ean hecom tared to itI, lld It ha rlaitirely rurall manly tLuor tJid t iudlyiill. afrI el 'Air a Cdillli IN... l e loml, ladle daIlly hsllper,,ld g fle , sl e of lAI.e IAjAri.a. AI.Id AlluAInon' sliriAeeFA--Cta3aivnA.Tu rpnt iA,. CuoeAbA. MerA.cry. &e. In, 'lditio, to the .uaAeru- tetleaoA.AA rl.erlvA fro.m IM pnat,t Al IlA,, world, il;AddAp thA IAIAE.t alUnld W l l Io.di.,AmerA ice*, Sre, Aad iaAeAal Aon...f t higheI t tI.Aaldiir lAthe par. I.,eseha,nll bearing matimne y to t artr'rltil. dttce. i: live Ifll nlfrld ptl,)dl rewaold hx.Iroow eevrrnrl Iot . ar t e lloJ Atie AhsAAoAAI peA id!a. nily rA..edy elAd,( 1A .InAIAPI AA o$jitt Su.lutio a. Alter liris no further comalet cAm he nAee.A tAary" .,lh Aiig .A .w a '.Ar AIA A.ArlAlatei. "I h. AA ArAAAYA.rAlhedl( YOl .AAdp. S ifpAle ohluinn VIn sereal p. ,r.Ale ,IhAnAr,,g aleAr I)A-AJAargA,.,A and toAiy litAtAiAlh -iltIll, 111by) were all ...r,*d III nllm Lchhol ter tlllnll tnn I had evil hllflre s |tll+ssd, ad thel r genllcra[ halthll was nuch iltlprov< Id. I. L.Y, M. D. "l.ecta.rer oall Midwifery. at BAirthnlAmAw'A &ocpialW. Dr (lAP hia I:l .pre-crlhPAd YIAInlAd'A S'ISA.el Solutiou, tomA ay pjAAt,-i h.bAArl.g AIlller l.P:lhrAl DJh.,lrAeA. as.h! ihvmrin bvly lai fe e''lr,, -lLdht ltuehlel;ts tie thanhehbad prey Al'uAAly bA.-A, I Ai.,t C hlleu llll+ preparltionsl of COpivAI and ul of AJAlAItl'l at i. haA d, AI A A uAAA AJ, and nde . hat he intllAAA An fA'|lure It lp. :-cr. l.tP A I r hI b iA atA ents. LoAoIAA, De,am r97., 1833,7. Ir LAreen h.erhy eerAtA s Y l''lll'" elS, cin: Sulution-is 1AAt e'liPaAAIAA1 1 r d, .alll l nll A Aile thllt .rtoel. U.rvhral IIa ,aAAn A'AAAr A i.A..........) pri.A.y.a..oA of COpa.vA he la ...... iPo .,.,abed. LThe aIAv, can b.I obtainled ol y at Nl. . CCntos boun ¢Mi IMEDICAL CARD. AND IIPOILTANT 1TO TIlE AEFLICTED WITI Dill EASES. A T H EA'rzsI ,':n Y'es lr;allhts .en G onnrrhan, Plects .neap AAA trl.tAllrA , I l tdi, praAi tiAAlA A eAArvAukA .lll AfIn I emIinAri oakaes-k,4++ -1, Itrout |r:iWlealy hukae,, •o th~at Ill personl• aulo oxltaill llll lllllhedhlte rUle, wlth ruHe., secreey an" tlfll' y. It is a nel~laclloly tfct, Ihat thIousanld, fall victims tolhe Vv Inerenl ItlD,.;lsn, ill Ill tlea ul.+kllfflilcls of ilhiternte mel, w.hl IbA the. A e ol' II.;I dralllIy polu.AAA M Aercury, ruin the con ,titull,,t ald eaute ,ulAlAraiA. with b:oteheA oi Ihe ,leada-I,lf f e aid IAAdy. dimnAess nII hlAlAA'tA hoire Inthl eare, ldeAfueA.lbI suntia gireets+, sd nuleth , Ill@hv ,hlhooe, olle tt erlth ages erml A iAAAAily and dA aA y of tlA , eIA,.tltdtii a.A llle, iaEnd A. tauciholy o." Plt. : beri U1 fee their dreadful sufferillll. I'EPIPIT'S IPlilli INAi SPECIFI, PILLSi A rrAtAiAAAfA.,A Aell adthe Ah',, ll AAyd,ia remedyaS AL. Adloverea filr oho* permunaatlallxd elfeelgell etre f vetlelrnl liseae ,.,oný AlALAIi , kAlAllA, sall el reAs. , lnA , IiI A A weakness, II. a il, t In ftle IoiA. all'cltll A A of Alhektlllea ", Alr A IlI , LAAI AAlAi I icaldebility irr tInlot of te Ie dtlr or ur. then and other direnm oif Iheuri etlry paIsa sngsfrlr eItlPll ly p~r:ormn ao perfeel cure In tll= shwl MAAAleA. nf th.lA , day, , hv A A lie AA.ii pilA for I iAAe, with ,ei.a , crloy and sl'y. A, cLr t eerllliulywltllh which they Ire coAlllAl ally adnlrini-tled, calbl"alto,:-d hoy nmlsy thlllulelld•. The p IaetiI. plill. root cut every fewlodtll' f insidious 1o.:o.. puri IA'l IIIe thIre Ir. IArs, A l AiA, w halA: milsa oeA llilliI. I yA n.A l.A .. I2 rmalllve te d,..",s, bu renov:,r tby their aeion the dlfer I'lL| flAAlctiollA ul' tile A IlA , I x AellAlg the. grlaller hAlUAlr A 11 lheir ill.sllrr In mltill elln (* i I e'liblo op to calllilelthe nIext.. s..rp... ..l o.. ltinr tsllo Iillg ,llld u.......I ....... Trlhey ulellh,.rr ,,l"la Ito lrctry nlor ally other tnl.rlll ,1 alll may be alkitWll hioIt| fslllilg htt suspicionr tli.Ecver., e ro iLi A i...L rA..A....llll uf Stt, ..... Iy ....., or ....rAiIa cef. h I -AAi. I i, i ,l]+(+t i doinL:lP cur,, wih out It he least iaposare. thi pAtiellt At A lA y perA.dL wheAll Atie elAAhlAA.stdruiA.AII may cexst, II ..ll It b well to hlnve reImrv e to the SpecifiePIIII, for w ho.l IltLae, bel:f-re the di~enlse h11ts uode it. ap psaru lcee it actsl Ias .AerAAAllAil IdreAIteuAlve Ay rePlAilA A he .A. mPliAllAt.efftAA .ly lsAAr I'erry .AAA, S.ll.l, COntinu to direLL their . .lUdi.. t t.,A dIA.A*dlll: ILebll AlitAl ari Allig fro11 tile too free III d indi,.i .iiinllute ila~tulgele.< of tilhe palssionlls, Wllhih not trly ocae Atall iulllle a I I A.rall A1' nervl l Iffi.Ct:on Al, ald etIIlon its Aol ,r.. Aa,,ll li enServA.alg lallAecAlilll A of dI1 aAe, bult eakel a Alil*hAd, ,Ly lttlAte bLldil) aeALe, AoceasiouinA IoA ol" im.di Atiolh. jAAAlyllAliA a dl lleAllia AA, illgd averi.un For •IA p'leAlrlA.. Tlhe idea Af Iheir AIn ard de.pair, which ansrl. 'olll ogll n.iderillg Illenrmeiv. aI thle anthorsiif w'lA mAsery, aAl AAA IlAAeAessity Afr.n -Illn A tllh e fAliciliA of Iliatrrlage, Hre Ih .rl Ull lUlueg de• o"' those wl.o have giv An WAy A' lhii dei.tve lA AId deAIAutive hLL ii . llet, A tllItdl tAre-ing of dA.AILAty AAr deficiency, whethear thle a"a JAAuAne. of aucAA ballAAfl practiceA, exesslve driAkidg, oA.. Ijni a uthler calle, by whiell th- powers ol he eonstitutrouli,. eldeebh-d, tLhey offer a firm .iafe and speedy resostlssio It sOun.d ald vieoroU. e:lth.+ PelryslVeutahle Plll are well known for the eertaai and e llectt l remedy If seeotldlls y slye tont., venereal erupliexs, Ap;a . inL the bolne, ulletAed .ore Ithroat, dieased nble,el .d alac iheumatlm, s.roiula, asorluatlc and glllanduLar alfealolr, IoAea aAld general debLLity, not.uralA palul in the head an limAbs, deprAssioA of spirltA, and all dAem.el arMigf Irom ai mInll ire state of the blood, 'l'hese Pills are worthy a place in lite cabinet of mul re aALAiAlAslA of shLipl, heI allre iO, a they will leepgusd in IlI s .thll lles uay , ellgth of time. Tu be h. d only at No. UJ6 Custom house Itreet, New erOrlee. A IAAAAA.. AyLAAgIAACAAA .. .. c. ....- ý ý ...... .....................c -.coy., w v VrlcU· PROFESSOR ,WEDOUR'S HYGEIAN IIE.i PILLB, fer tihs effectual estlrlpnlion of every epseeaeSOd symp ton of tie Syphilitic disesse, and the many.diwordors t bils. hiof the lnprper t leatment. 1% it), each hex is given atreat on r:mereol and slyphilitic dlirenxrs, with ubservations ol scvminul weakness, +e. &c,, coo tmlinig hiltsworlh knowilep Iy those who are or h~ve beet, Sulffl or to thia dreadful and tdevataltizng melady. Ur I)a iron eonttnue- no durect Ilts atteotion to those die. .rdors ar.sil~ g from the too tree asld indiverimiuate indul. ,grIce-.Plithe pansi..s, who i. not olly oceuiolls numerous trate of Ilervoqa eaffection, Alt els oe taile oh ils votaries alt he ener vating inlhrcilitie- of old age. I o tilt lirtreasinfg star t I.elthxy alld. detioiien©, w hellhr the consequeoee of oene Itul hnI ., ex i drinking. or any uLther•ule by which the pow ernof lhr coOllstatrtiull beoe, line elfeled, be offer.. firm,. alfan;llld l)eely toleration to wIulld lelnd filglorllll health. 1IIt s .lllIlUt holy FCt, that thou+.lid+ foil victims to the ve Ilnreal allJca.e, owoing to tllt ull,,kiifuluam of Illiterae mlllel vho,thy theuseof' thlt deadly tailnn, nlereuly, 1in thleellcn asltution; ml t when ilhe preat hl eler Swedeur becmlae Pro fptsor at Leyden Ullivxrsity, be clllformd ltd invuluable beRI fit openll ulnllinld by tihe llzi+vovvy ol his grloild I'all t.e. for the cu. eo f this deo drable complaintI. Nreer did a dlscoverly . rx it e llerenter sFn~linillt it wast song itelae w th Ivhlidty, nod 'll.ld i InI Ulotlde+ influxI ill n Ihe most mtinnutlaud illt ooles r:la ,l f the dellicate eompllillt, for the cure of whiCh llhrt. hive hr.h++.u l,,llgeelehrlted. Tith folemof thesle Pillst1:, Ilut (:leru111y, cased their spleedy intrOductionl iulo alllmost ev er) c~lulaI.r', '1'bIt' certainly wrll. which they wer.r coninullyllly alllld l ltetl ll ella nlb attested by lllolly lhousmlda: ill Waet, dul - Ing lte luilg ilcall'llnutll w$a lhey were the iulnsptruble~lN pIllll loo)d at'rglnrA or the soldiet, in t11 ruosr wherP the it hghtlor t +,Bicllnllld lfen e-inw id. Whatmade mllle vent be Imolrle ,I rllprllte thnii tht whktih ghlgvensuch Sent, rrll.lheiaiull b'. Hygeiu.. Herb PIule reUt out every p+arktiol of hlsldioils potson+ lpulllyfug inl thltlr progresst lth u whrll mlalsf dllla:di;: they nonl olyv remove the disellmle bul r4ollllVoll. fy thlleir achtit lit+ he diflerillent fiuntjl1of trihe b*dy- b.,xlmll ilng the hlllllOlrr, , .il oIn m.llller to Iili and lilmprcelotdd+ a tit CUl,+ illR e thetllo t Lu' ,lticl of their .+lon lehlile ;ldll.d ue o lloyd power; tiley'a L ithefl. mln in let llry .I" ally iloher al. tllld lll:ly he llkLnell awiltlOll t lhe, illleel :Ul picioii llf dl-covery--thley reallre uo re~trlilll of diet, Io e ,l . time or hindrance o f( burlllcs·, bt effect a completecurd w Itl, out tile leattexpuaorle to the patient. At ny) perlod when tIe I sllglltt rurplcltoll may exist, it will Ia well to have rnrourr to te+ Illygelan HelhPillr, for when taken befre the diseaso I inn lll,ull+ 'il aplpleralce, it sletl s me eorlnn pa l t.etivo, rem -. stup theromlpollll cltnu. y alnd seretly. l'le deplorable Ielute il whcllh tlllly IPell+no have beal, what 0i1 ihlng the pro ,pLuter, from the tlu- of Mfercury, remlers it Iprllturively ue Il~ary no captolnll tile publtc sllglinl that d., lrouu mineral Swlel, iujudlciouIv ulmiuittered. 'lhose pllllh.hol forma t portion of all mdlicine lhlests hy son;l ..ld 1111, saud ought never toI to omitted ly any persn fi. ltg It long v oyage sr journey; their Iroelrties are sech, that Ilellhsrheatlnor wold willl ijure theirquuality, or prete t tlwir Sdelr effect an IlheOleIitulionll. e Sold at No. 96 CuutomU beie it, New Orloelle. TIlE MOST IM.PORTANT HUMAN DISCO V VERY. A CLERGYAIAN, Into of the Cambhrlidge 17.ivetity. hbe. ills discovered a mlelhod ofcuring hunself of i Nervous or Mlulad Cuomln llnt, of fourteeu yotrm' duration, and n four yealrs havinIg had ab. ve 9,000 patiellnts ol of whom he law cur ed who followed hii sluvic, except twelve.offer. from booero i lelene rather tllan ganl. tcollreothern. Low plrril. melllltld hdl;.: and exlllmuntion, i etermIi in ll of blood to the head, ver cttlgo, groundleas Pear, fBilnre or memory, inelq¢ibly for het i le++l, audg, &c., restllsslasS,l irr..+o utio•, Wrei~leh~lllm, iude cislot, dcluoio, nelallnchly, thouuhtl of elfl deltructiol,il slldy, rye., are eurhble hy this ihllprtutL Q"hiovary. Moe ral cover ill sic weeks. Y Apply to No 96 Cultom house o, Now Orleaons. SIHEALTH AND BEAUTY. L CTO\MACH PILLS --An eminent medical writer hp+ remnh. n 13 ede, ad experiellee has proved tlhe fcl, that thlus, who are Salttentive to keep)iii igth .lomach anld bowell ihl proper order. preserve heallh, prevent dilease. flsl eooerally alttiu robusl clh.erful aid healllhy old aeP; for tnt dlJllble lurpowe thom. io llI arei led.pled,hlrul premrud Wll• lU.l lllhate of llUilIlO, I. o 111rc o" molllmtle flowers, ind the boon1 choice lsea ,hie A nd poerient dlrglsof the utearln edi¢.. TI'hey hots in ll Y Coele, proved supollOr to every other medicine il tle cure ol t l ltomach sld flver ellldpillte, losi of tppoelle. indilestion. Sensullbou of fullnles alld olpprerlion nfter~muals. ohortna- of Iy breath, lid .ni exlellllt re.toratilo BtraoyexexU t the Io. o' ble, t they glntly pulLge and cle.'wl the bowels, strlngthe• IC the lllrallch" anllllirvormle flip tollnsiutiou. F'emale, Lho r slbse good heulth hlhould levor he a ilhoLut them, as they purl -fy ter. hloodI, rellotve obtlructlios, sodl give the akiu a bwuti ,l taliclear, heaItlly .ild blolming i eanr.s... PeYlonl of pC Iltlclfrie habit, whoatesuhj,,ct to hea.l achf glddiaeset dillm SI ii+. of wiglL tl.,lroWmll.o or have too greats flow of blood to hle heod,ehollld take tlllll fregq tly. Chiligen and I of ell age, ollny tlke thrnl llt any tile, as I iFdo ulot Eoltlin illy a lneiry (i ll+y oil llledi t Lhat re qlirh'oufBelleeot o - rcltricll, of dietl h'ly ll+rhould he kepl in every fLmilyu i e twilled ¥ ill raes of suldlde illilet; for, by llheir p~omlt amlm. I i.tlntilnlchuleraln,rbu. rrampt, spa.mll. fevers amkothor er larmli.. col ldaln,,, lmay bepsledily euorleorprevoulrw. L + Sdint No. 9 iCuetolu howie st, New Orleaos. ctl ,y SARSAPARILI.A PILL OF IIELTH; OR, BL0OD f'ILL. re i7 TI S exerl'ent family pill fs a medicine or longttn d e18 ~ L cac" vfor c,.rrotiugll lt dlsorler.o f theolO nrl h aol Imcw felt, thvolwmlnoll 'yllllpeos of which are costivellr, , fletulen ct ry I+.s of iwrpiet., sic. leetehhe, glddiloleo, telle el Ir foullnes after, dlzziue.s of the eyes, drwswiness ind Id panllls itlle th +lllllomch -flll hwels, rIud .tio producing •tor Shid I tt l;l f iF lho hver" lld aconsequellnt .lutivity of the how re eIs, caUsmllll rlllhsrg.olllizltio l of every flliltilo of the famc. as will III thlls most exeellent prelaraltilll, by a lllle perleoer on ioni, lhe llollually rolllvell. Two or three dutie will cou tillesl he :tdlieted of its salutury Mffets. Too ttuosch will' -ilt, teedlly regain it. slrelllh, sheultly tclillof the liler, how a lea u. lod kllllrr will rail ldly take pike; and Inteder of lill l lpus Ie ,heatl P.allid jaudid peR anI)ellrlll ctree nthlbUtllVy ellullnt renewed health wlll be the quick ro-ult of tking hilt e~. to edlcillt, ceurdll. to th drlelrl,,llo o l t.Olpluyulg ellh lat. of The.e pillsare ptrtlcularly elAtacierO for stomlah .L tb-.. to colds, agues, hortnessat breat, anud all otrucltiousin thl. lrilltry paluages; nnd if takin tlirlirst anindulgene "- ortalble, they quickly restore tlle system to it tllural stale of Ia Prsons of iBall cllhit who are sUbject to headaehe, gidnH. eoelm, adm*wimiuo and lll1iugg ial the wire, ating from too g r ac flow 01 of blood to the hland, ehbwld nere• Its wlihont them, s Su malny daglerou sylmplom. will he e.irely car ried oWFbly i.-_ i imlnediate use. ith For female thewl pdls are lamot trily elxellnl,. rcnl.isg the  ii obtructions, the dislresniaf bel heehe so vree prevlelnt with the wg de ,rlnsione of .pirkls dullueo h nf sh ervous or'.afCtilol ·. blntches, pnmphms and 11811111111 of the -kln, and ld- give a hbdllty lud juvldle i loom to Ilhe :olnplextll. ore To notho.r they lrs ._edtdenily reemomended u %e¢ ter medicin fhlief t u nltoken daring pregslUuc; uflld Io, afiidlae of .11 asgs they are unnpI uallil Ii A. pleasanl. safe, esy apeltlet. they unite lhe, f lonmwl hst duanm uof mild nperulib,, with the ulmut iur-f- ' ir -., sld if ,stairsm no rctrtlnt of t hat oe- olneonfloe nt " ce. By regulelillbgthreote uaccordnlll tolieagea:"l , patient, they b.enle sulttble for every cam. '. ". ' - ·x., t :. ed ca he rrqgired; and for elderly peple btey w o. , s lowued wv led he the lunrtemforlhle mediele llitherto prer;red .lit uSold It t'lbltoll hee iIt. ONew lhlt im--1 l Ier .. l)--1 1) ,ig el le-ad landtltg rlrm lPIIl boo Sttiiell, 0,i tar .a!a tbv din ,? .I 'I'1HA\ER & Co, 74 rplrs lot I i E Aumeritcan 1I h wer G;ardenl lirect,,ry, c,,tbltill. act lug 1pracliral tdi, clit,1= fair the cblltlll. "f plulnl. it lh, flowrr gonlteo, ,I II.-tTi t. IIa lt hlllse, r - iti- r 1111 parlolur wlllw.o latr evervy ii• h ill fin',yer, w llh' o bl. fie crpltlln of the pllnlats mli desirabl ilIM<clI, I1, r~ hadol'tl. Poll and Itm ltlu: lintO be+ adm)IPtd Itl lh, it nrro i . Ithe IprOr lnengi;n for trnii. ! r. J•-ltle,'1;oet· tep. It. upr, liog a Ini· halerl gon 'hollle, .rd !r-i,.' oat a -flwer oe.T ea~n.I,*, a tlelfeof ,.*iln. o-tnnetgial to ihf, .Ifl ni" cnbt,,ned in the wvorrk: the wh.le nrbyrtad to Pnh, r l rbe Ir..nro0nl" iennlrde with inrtnr (wlM yel.'rlr l hrlh )the Its sil. plop. afarnc. 1,1.•t",ff, pFmea it mitdlt ad clea f ar t'ullval g tn tfft" d l nt...r.' !ae s.;c " l ; r '+ Y d4 ,id 26

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