Newspaper of True American, May 31, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated May 31, 1839 Page 4
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w ll Nd .o I(A M'tORE LINE 01 hiae will eablst of the fullowing vessels, .__ .whv les built r purchased expressly lot ' a ti t n, Capt. Miner, S ntw Nickerson, Sehidolr taltuo, Lathanm, ? rig Arehtmteot, ' . Gray. xeye j.eai e eof the irst Ocla, have hand. r fotiisamheid cnommomdtiona, and are of a light .wter, moas to admit of their receiviug and r their cargoes in Baltimore, at Ihe city. 'e hM will be taken for pots on the Chesapeake of amnes' River, and forwarded by the agitte, Naea . CLARKE & KELLOGG, at Baltimore. S;fkpeaiaMoe goule shipped will be advanced when inquined, 'hiM price of pasIage is fixed at $i0, rl .re of the b t quality will be provicded. ýu o oaedews. thie Mieiasippi will bhe taken nflght or pasge, apply to . GEO. BEDFORD, e 2R iesnville at. )ORl NEW YORK. S. ·L.i tit-hd' New York Line of .Packets ] ' SI2 Ships comnpoing this line will seil from .eii. Orl so eand New York on every other Mon. day' " e. aning on the 20th November-.end to Pu'- the~ t otoality in the time of t ailing, the lin ii. ll imereafter onshis of live ships, via: p sepnYtlo, captain Eldridse, to leave on the 20t e-.ovemsr; SShip .L'.i'vulle1 Captain Palmer, to leave on the *4th Deeinim r. Ship #lonteville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the , .. 16th . Shipl 'ackelk iCaplain Woodhouse, to leave on the ltsl Jnary. Ship Misaissippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the - 15ith of Janary. 'Tleibhore are all new, of the first elas, copper dldihd hopper fsteaed, and upwards of 500 tons n hon, are s of light draught of water, heing Gailt Ihn New York elpressly fr the traile. Tile prim t "pnssage is fixed at 100 dollars: their abines are f..itted o-upitn h ." moat inproved and convenient plin, iedf finished in a Ieat aid elegant style - mpApeo sre,. I of the first quality will he provided, at n~li y rgard phid to the cmnnfort end entire ec " ttlslatiwns o cscatmoslgers, wine will please lake no. " ia . olhat.os erth can ln o secured until paid for at . h... thole of thIe eo.nigneii. Thes' wes las are COmmanded by eaptains well . -lperieneed in thetrade, who will give every at t ioun aind etert themselves to aeomllnodate. Tboe " ill at all ulnle be towed up and down the Missis. -4uipjtipd by ptnahnbaoa, smol the strictest punctuality 'olarrvcd in the time of sailing. S The ownerv of thes lihi; will not be responsi. Ino aty eher,5 Imarel or peakage. sent ,y or So.1 oard of'themn, unleo at regular bill of lading .g~nid tlhrelor, at the eounting house of the ab :.wie, . For further particulars npply to J D BEIN & A COHEN, 9, i0 Comlon st r - ý J , UneIAIt LStdTUN PACKETS hLr ts 1'Iii, live ainsilsts oit her reatel., all el Al iIi *lira i alsel, sempperi.d aid li.;r tact. -, nhd .l ltu I iAb IUt s 2 u rll ell, nwth andllas"i.o nrnnamldatioin s afr pnse rglert. 'I'hrre i .. ... i nmlranl.d bh eaptins owel ecl rirsee,l ii;ltlie tlrde, wile will geve evry at .i , ihi Ieies . tie r, 0 BaiuenlrI,. I ah lipere. hip will .. ii oed hIp nnir d..wn lii Mieissiei;. p~ I. ".vli. 1i4- Orlrias ,i ir Ih lr,' the IQ1li as , all f l dell nerv nr.,titi. The. hi, wllbiip v. li, Is iet.s wi lu, ' te"e L p an vi o :. keg ;te rn lia) Jliarilie C rio, miast,-r. I.i. C npit'... B. 'rho.ili,, mi ser lits AiiestiJ ti-inns-, Iinetlr. Sllt.: f""q.r llllllnLlr., l. Alliir.( ti nt r. F",r ir.t ,ii, fr eall . to, J. A. l ARI ne s& C.,i, Gpteslnir it. Niw Olunc , aii o .r v. NI "-I 11 a c u-i- . A ofl. atrn * ,I.NLBA & (U-, S .+ahon, adl New Orleans i si mord g Pt bhiip a..idhln new line of ships ias upre .,. xpr i.sil.i to ruen between the above erais, aedl n'itB4fiund of auitlle 'draft of water: aT:"Oinlllodatiall fl. paesengers, anid every effort iolllt rfIrl g to give general matisil.tion, Illet hint in of the efo lowing clsils: Cherokee, 45ltons Capt. J larding, Carolina, 400 :do S Lemist, Churlcemon, 374 do . I) Eldridge, Coluivllb;all, G625 'd U Barker, Seamen, 240 do J lowee, lBolmbay, i25 do D Humphlrey. The ablove sips are all now, of tile first lassn copper fastened and eoppered, commanded by men efgreat ezlerisilee, Ihave largo arccommnodationa, with a separane ladmes cabii; every attentioni will he raid itpaiaengers, and lhe very iiat of storec pro vided ior thenm. The packets will e tlowed up andedown tile Mis nineipp, and the stricteat punctuality ',served in lhe lime of siling, and ohoald the reeielar vessels lie detaisned in arriving, ether ships equally as goad w.iI i ll eases Ibea s-rttunted. A share of patron. age is eolisited, and tile agentslpledge tlhemulves to I eenoltnmmlata n muchl as practicable, to receive ainl li,rwnrd gnod liy .lid line at the most moiler. I lt-' elinrlea, and to advance all eapeoaes on goods Slhtlle.,, it' reqliiretd. let.-alip wivill leave tlm slot and 1Gth of every motll h. Fir freigh eor punaogse, aepplyto Ihe ngente. J A M "RItTTI', 82 C.lnlllm l at. N. B. Alvaoemlalenms made on ronaignlne..ts to Mi-rscr A. C. Lmhbard &'Co. oov27 I IE I-IIEiauite Id.,, lalnati n of Live(rworto II ore Ihundl, .l tilel ip in'ohlke at tihl low Ipeie f 5It .naa echt cllailing theitagh Of tliof e eoues eof I.,velw.rl, heoi Wlea t10il.h sta o any~otdier reta atind herbs klowtn atottlr s efficaeioua in ea risg p Adlmolary coml laintl.l the u 'rivulled suc.aohlhieh hah attended tihe ne of thid inesttablllndalsai whrever it eha Ibeen ihan d cord. hr aobtalied thecoafidosle tad eadckalaettna blioea of res.petable id*yician,, for the care of euagits, eI, palnI int the aide, want od reat, sliti g or blood, liver complninlt,i&e. To wknm it Inav enaler 'This id to cersiry tlla we have ill our patelai.e!lft.qeUltly preeihed Mrs Gard to,r'a Indina BIalait tewua d Ilhtmrthr ad, witaIt a dvoidO.d ga eReot. !sun therfo, f,,lo the k .ouw dge of the nttllerial.. i mid fror, and beervoaton slid tl xerieee, rehotutaieal it as a eopleril prrllaralio, oral thae, Illection.eof tihe Iltles ir lwhich it is re enaande. An haI.ItI' WlI.I s4MS.. M. ). o CAhVIN E.I.I M. I. aMemThe, a of Iht Bsell Medical Asaceialion. lnctat. Oclbnv 5. ;' cdaely JARVISJ & ANI)REWS, .t l tIIII . u l.l l el' la ej pitvll atl Ei'A " 'i l Vitllsnor al soat wil, leceved ard Iur i oak- b H1 Ni .ti.ilE, II-.gtWN & C.I. aety 3 ...-·. Nt 9 Colti at. Itt.QlGI.. iitlillgaing fvro Meriivr, a aoUlilv of 19 alnotnda,ilti r nd sweet liqtorice roont, hiaot jneeeavactattc tt ergntawol elaelv ,:t leanon Jliae, Ihe.lo aid cat ery aý 9aatiI, dLke, and amall, eanlharidet*, ae, otiklit. w ater &c, fit wholemale aud etail masetoi H IIONNABEI., nmS'' r Natchez & Tehoanpitoula at j J )tl A.?ctI lt:MENT--.5 bIlauldiog fetoat ip S t fe & P V IIITNEY, T.1 Ca .e I n i HIMDNBO HATT T& CO, ame now reeoving Ir i" et'1 ohoarud nhipit Orlea0t. Elale, liiblalhier, i'oker lair 'dmw, Frenh cnd iaerlal ittliy rlrlar; lack ganlman Ioarlrda; CIlleeamen, 2lI 1.4 a 3-1 i2.elt Ilii aeid Balla; 8,9, 0 and ll inch llaltle 1howie Kive:Pe: Leather and otlher travelling Ileaaint Ca ; Ce; Belt. Pocket, Horveannn', and Il)ulling Pistolo; double lll eingle barrelled lan; Gan lll Balng; S.lht Ielts; Putwder nal Pito PlFlusk; Iratn llttlea andl IDrinbing Cullp; ?ceweaioa Cape and Cap Hoolder; Cothl, Hair, Toth:l 4Aliali Uv.m th. Orris end Chhlvrile 't'tlth Wash, Ilalttlblbwder, '?ilet'aidi c llhming boaps, in great vc. lakt- liog alise Blidk,. tiihglbet and' .rizettena, Pear. and Toilet Bml.lBr, Kaery hige; Ivoty Tut Cahlbona. Patent Slide m (larter- enit PIlastile Stal.nolere; Powder Puals and aoaes; bilt Chaino, Seale atid Keye; Ire.dtlpn;e,Waia-lpoklac; IBacelete; Bead Necklaces aadrlhiiant, ~ i S.miilvered BeaJe; Indian l)eade, efltls and Pnulmo .lhll Twist; Side aul Drveeilor Cuolbah; wlhih,in addition Io their fonnerstaock mll letnl, takes their aanioortalpery complete, and will lIe oll ow and mil libral mat a, at thie igt of Ithe (iollen nlllb. i25-tf 70 Chartres steet. IUeSSA SKETI e,-lf5 balesa, lalittg fnn, ship Jull I)nlmlh, fvi ale Ite ti3 I IKIDK & 1(',134 MIegamine et I bthMlS''llt'S--. balea 4.4 I.,ewell ,'tttitttadems. 5 l tdes 4-I twilleI I.-wall cotton. 3came buahekli striptt, landing titan chip tI Lttuic, f.r sale bv ity9 HlhIthl E do t o 131 %agaeille to tNON IfX)S--Thhe lnhl thnaea Ihave p o-urpe at a glat epenmane, the right of poling tn iren votnl in thi city. They are adeplted to publ ttiildtncg, werhn,ueer, and private dwelliicianol romlline at ollte cleoapnes anld dnrabdtily, antll are perfeely fire and water prtoIf. Termn tool I.e known, and a aodel men at +;ir'eatnbliihern., ltpltaiite 8. Mlry'st itttein :hhatpitlellaeat. oet2 E B'i..COSV EILL & C, CO.(Lt -he tb lar.hl, Itvoe renstanly ,ot hlanda llae uapple ,f CaattLl and liverpuol etal, in hulk. -,f eueritr qtuality, whrk theyoffler fIt ale in bla llt, atlit purchashre. Ala. explterted e the llr rriervnla fratn Eig land anld tte Nonrlh, Canni. Lehigh and Pearch Monlllltin, r,.ken and e.lrlened pua up it hbghenda rcxlrralt e e IcImliily unn-oil of whi.' ithey will dtnpa e.I o.1 LitIt trto deraeetetrerns. (lielata ellt at these e. a I n !.5;, Dilneille al. t .Mvirn. will ha.iaity attended to,. ac' H. l.&ASBOULIE. T. .--Tr .il ilerhyaar, fir moile hy h't t• .'o' + -.., r ' akt'B~4 hrw. trllJ l h and 25 tInla Jaktlmoso 4.4 Ie. wn n, leahigfawnhttirt Chad fi- e n by Ti I1l- oman Iabt I=ate.t 1 IIa·ah1 ~~~~ Ccu,'uaa "EW GOODl --iSmmon HBert & o are now 're t r cining from on lZrd ships Yetm, rand orutog;d ondhrig Coneordia, from New York, a great variety o goals an their line, which together with their forias stock sohtlnd, makes their atsra.. ot very: r plate. Thie following a art, via: ell twin, ,.,r:, ide, ltuk and dreosing cn,erl, on. do ofall desriptioneu , I n din rubber, silk and worsted ela.tie carters, cea, on e fine elastic snopenders, loo faeo aid Lucifer maratche, ne drlit powdder. powder pnos and boxes, toilet twdcer, pocket mooks ald wellwets, needle books, shel, pearl, ivory and inroeo card cases, head onrlaentalelainc ral beads, neckloees anl negligees, head chamns, head necklaces, cut glass amnl plaineed,silver and gilt fbeadd, Indian beads, bells and plumes; pistol and large poW nar fluks, shot belts, horse, belt. i rck.l and nteiliig niotols; donIle anod sigle barrelled Bcne. Ilowir kivncs, and dirks. s.issn, oheara, pocket knives, guard chaina, and rihbbot, waln bhckles, cloth, hair, to)ah, nail,coalh, crumb, slne, Ipiate, door and dislting br.shlss, Cologne, Florida, lavender, rose aid bay water,saaorlrd eaoenree, and extractso, w aeeusar, hear, antique and WardWi ve getable hair oils, sharving and toilet oaps of all des eriptiap, ladier' anal gentlemnena' fesko and dressinog eases, uiir riegleto, frirates awln Iblrids, tll, faney and manseatl work hoxra, plain and gilt, figud, coat ad veat lttonsn a pearl and ivory shirt do, shirt staddo, gold and silver penil care, toothpkrks alnd tweeoer, platedl mnd gilt Iockets, nnioiatlnre do, silver, brass and steel talb lea, Ihookl and eyes, hair pills, tnitatim fruit, allk andl-edink, shoe blacking, violin, andl goitars,ribed and plain Ieruselion caps, liern, twine, sceented eual eno, gold an d ailter lace atl fringe, latter paper, gaune hogs, ridiog 'aip, woelkitng eaesieplyng cards, lIlo gold, plat8dl a e gilt ji wellry &c. The above, together with a great varioty of other arti lea are ofered at wholesale or retail aun accanoinoodating lenas. N B Shell eomons repairel OYLLE MAY, Hoot , Sgtn, aunt il an.nlerln, Slaointers No 3 nCardele tsrree, two door freolt Imioations of the following woods and mnrbles, ne enutetl in a mansterly nnllner, W AN)nInnn MAstNL e. In Mallgay', gp.lian blank sod gold. Oak, .nalla tntl Aotue, P'ollanl dl Oriatntl or nerd slllauie, Curled nl, t.e ,n er, Curled Maple, iloent Slone, ar e d"info.jEye , l eably Groite, Satin, Wooda, Ptotnac, nflair Wono, Done ne uordtello, Yew Tree, Indian White, tromanrnl2 e or lMak Siis s ianl reaotellat Hose Wol, I Anieri nn Grey, Asll, W.ite Olak, 'k ke k, e Curled KElM, Tf Sneinmns to be seen at the shop. Pailts, aili glan, noal w nnln , ae. ann baud awi el sole. It[ONi'F4TEEI.& HEAVY (lOOS)--Hlat, sqamre Sanal bundlle iron, well oasmnled. Hoop, inorlt awo rant leao, wail rs ant it plough moHsulds Cast, Geetiao, sheor, blisteerd, spring, lneet anld Iroley steel Hollow ware, os utt all wiongtn ails aml spiker Zino, hltek till, mill and grtal g ttn ss, sawt kettles I hei tables, aohmrsu, Itees Ox, log tn ln trrce chains,t evn mnills Anvils. vices, Hmtinwrseadl Itllows Wire, theet,dg td.e Ine lead; bhot U oal, anld oalkilng sane Aimnerstlownbtw' aawl elnher cpslesel shovels SHook toaI plate hinges, dr enrcia winauw hooks Collins, Hots, ontn h ..p alother elres laet'd anIId Mootillae nnrlnge, linles ntl I twione S It.llrn nnhealhiolanfwUiter; Naval slnres Poiots, liln'd nd ,s.l eam oil A ll P.¶isSnIIeIan oins h ,.n,,nlne nwl nhip, l.nldlerv, Ilwnc i o i, hald, tnl ewhicnh nre fifetilt nnr in,.t nhelln 0o. LA Y1',TN & C.u. .30hlld . tvee. SNEt' a.rtic.le fe~r ,eraus trluliollhId \with dltr.nn, (ladled ld. Ea r"l'nrltmpP, .) hlr Just bean received. She thne u f~ w~I I Innle ,n i!i.htenft ilrtinlllatio of thle hit. ll nnl vice innniiullc liv an; teillicsc to tile nie. Ann ntine h III| ha ever Iteii lohi lett t o ;.U ¥W.P witlh i vcre diea ar,. n Ii Inlllnnt i ip fll iy niencll e oi tile di nin tnlltn ei.d l ll Illrts.;lllelul PXerellll ( II b flh lileyh seives oll] tfli i dlvidoell eft ttnr'l u nnllveni l.elva lted. H tiles use of tlt Ear T'ruesx.l thlis uljer:liun in eellirely ohviated. The InenFt .sLcilitl have t.olnn. n nllneoI nnoltfteinrnot bln inel Ihaving sad th lnlTrenp.nn. For ole Iet 1' I GUION'., 'allev store. corner ofCmlln t luna St C.Crlne streets nodr ithe ExclltInannm lnni. nl, fh13 Jr( N MllS--)nlerc reeeived in corne milln, In / a p117 IIAIL tIK()OWN, 96 Al0Iagcine store l d fra elst by b IIAIoL A.-11I1IVWNI. nrRI tl MR1|g I)..ll st it HIlRTI' (:IL.ANNtN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Nuo.: 1. lnu0, streel. , Wholesale I)enler illn Painlts, Oil, Varllishes, iBrushesal, tn:l|J WVludw elld Pil, ure Gl(.s &c. e. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODINSOAi'SN` GOOD DP ILV' IPN. so, Chartres Mtne'sl, te,,t. )anr betUw Ili,,nville, I(_ tVIt: g'c t 'lnll ,tlrv ,ll elll.nd ,very ,tr iliv t ie rlrilt. • l iuR) t(o lSnI ,)tlil' deya, eualu i tutt. beit . h~er antocatli~e t totntla intile, hitch they Otti tIt, acost, at edu ced prie, se. lt NI';l--I t'I BALJLJ FOR TIlE TEETH. r ea IH Eaelnhlisked repirllotiotn ad contni.ttly inreasinp S tdeatnr; lr tlhis el'e, ItoI reouedV of ill i, an pr eervnlive olf ienn teetlh, has inlluced tie o1,-urlber otiler it to tlhe Atlllrica Ipublic. Arrntgen.ell s llt s Inl ,,owi in te tllil,.d ,$Ptates. 8' It t, platce it ;t1i pe r h sernch setutll'rilng and likely to sulfur this nlu hIarsingoilI. ofall ollolh-, ac'o he.lll-. When apptied ,nceordlng to direetion oaiven ., bottle, it [ttit never ftijiod teltafrd ittntditir. lid na ltllan re!i+,. It , ala, arreta tilt decayor In ,el'tiv peetl, and relieves thtlat eurelea t alnicho a.terettlltlll readers a etroig tooth uslestes The it;plial, n Ij retPlledty le illlltpel innttent. nit ot anllllelllll; ailt o. attr, that have naraadv experietnced such "ilithete leandalefutary teraia lt,,n the use of ithe ltd, are redV Pa lear (ti,, tlte putlc gtoaat) their tePetimony toe itec riattll ted pett itlet. 1t pies al it dine r. Ted obtaine tte eieilivedwoorlds ttltettett' valuable astIettto ll rdman of the wtnoli.s. Paice $1 per bottle. Sold ll a JARIVIS & ANIREWS, nl ' 5 _ (orb Ollnlnool lld d'reheltilol ts its. tp 1f SIlTE LEAD-- dl Oh, 115 II (sI ach; 411 kegs, PItta" re NMl Io 25 " Eu English 1o--,5 1.4 bl.. 411) " " it I11o I'aliel Ilraslten, vari us sizes; N- c.+e Verniliti; - t 5 bl.s Coltal Va .lish; Al 2 ' Joptl,p " 20 pmcks Intid Leafl 50 dt Silver d.; It) do Dutch Metal. WINDOW GLASS, American, Er.lish and Freualh IOtH) boxes, varaouts aies and quallite.. a lioston roawn do.-500 boxesetnetignllert, will be o uld low. Ar Alo, a geleral assortloent of artists' cloatlrs and oula, far oale by A W SCA'IT , No 46 Canal street. of N R. Alahbna notes takea at p r, and Miississippi ae notes w' 'u received al 0 per ceunt discount for goods, ,jor iari pa lt of debts. je I Iw JARVIS & ANI)REWS, WIIOLESA.LE ANTD RETAIL. IDALERS IN MAEIICNUS, PAINTS OEILS DYE STUFFS .AMD WINIDOWI GLAISS, p lil Crner al .llnlll nlllel 'lelhotupitouelae treets, NA'IIAN JAIRVIS. JOHllN W. ANDRIIEWS. A large upply a Garden Settle. warranted the growth of »i:17. r ANDREW *MITII & CO., respectfully inforn S tIheir friends and tihe public in -aencral, that i they occupy the new brick shop, 219 Tchouplitoulas street, where they keep icontantly on halld Copper, Ti. Fin and Shllooet Iron Ware, of every desoription, r ai. ll as copper stills, kettles, and ptamps, tin bath. ing tu s, and nil cans, of all sorts and snies, and all i other brass casting doeM at ohortest notico. ir Grate bars of every docaription, schll as steam. ra boat i tirrups, hlg cnlams, screw bolt., an otaher r kind orfteambJat work, such as chimneys, breach. a r steam pipes. ' 'I;They will also do all kinds of out door work. auch a' sine, copper and tin roofing and guttering, i ., d They above and all other kinlds of work in ae their line of business, they will execute at the tptt, shortest nolice. dee27 rni UARUOWGATR SPRINGS Claaiary cnllltt , ArlaltatIIs. THREE DAYS JOU NEY FROM NEIV ORLEANS. TIHE proprieltr of thisr establishml nt has Ilw pkins J ure olfaunno Bing to his iies dd ic i tihe publ-ic .5 in get.a.l,thtt Ite willt t. inl radin.esby the fr et iay ofr Mlav to neceive visilers. lie will also state fitr the h;, aefit of those at a diatance, thll there htove beeC large Sim'povrlaenint madle. nd "lthera t ow ganl oil llI ill ralid proiress for atltpletill, walmh will tt nailr ite n imcr.lar nto aecooalllllltll a liuch liarg l alllber tIhUn 1 terettltert and ait tihe tasipo title tnutrlt bepter. Faltili. con I eeotlalmmn ated a lilt good rloonlm. or Ct tllhipr who preaer can blne irge. cabilta etacheed frotit Oi the mains bttiding. It is dneemed nllnseesal.y' t say anylltillg ill partice In tar f llt clharacter nl ll"r atoera, fra it ia gelnteraly k uelbved thai they are not inrifor i hr an in pite SIth era Sltnns. All tile amrinetheanls r that urt gclltelall iuload at Wltnring PiaesP , will be fotta at Itli. 'I' e elat mluaic tllal thlls parl al Ih eoauntryv atfurds, - P I. teel engnlaednlld wil be iocuenhlall attelllule(.alt h1 " .I prigua daring Ihe whole taei ln,. " hesnhaslih, will avail itittalfof tihi aepimrtollilt ,n relutrling his unlhiglet tllueka f,r Ills very ibert ; h soappel givell hio las nea.oan. and Ihepee by ithe ,xer ,ions dtt nhave beenl ade il ittprovilg and extet,tlitg liw aeatmnaedatiouas.o naerit a liberal patrnll.ageg it presaeat sasnn. JNO CRAM. L SI tEGUUR, No b4 Conde street, bktet u n Daunainand St 'hitp, keer, sa onslalntlyon hlled in , xten ive assertt.n i lt of',ots andl h.roganl no.d ahner,ai, New York mnlenllfetnr. for .nn, "nlte n ed children of all cne, whieh he will ditpoae el ni a very modleraltep.i"er. Fnamilies on his ncqtinelnnce oni sendil an ordie will have their washes ltendlled iu L N 8EJ;OLUR SCLOT'lHING -20 nanae, wall anoarpte . elwt h rdion CrM a.ip Ohio, and John Itntlitt -l i , BRIIIDOGE t C BUSINESS CARDS. , JOB PHIN'TIINNG ofEttyttr tcr.ttTIUN, l'LElDtI.,' IIANttt)tdELI AND CHEiAI'LY EX l:t:rlt`IS AT THE OFFICE OF TILE Trie .ianeriecan, - og2:1__ _ - A CAIIIJ. E & .INN O'I1', 11'hdcslu e Gr..rer and :,,nrtc~xsto,, lrttluutlr , 1 rot Ic..btouttt,,to lurid to ' vatiog atltto Sam btoat alt d (hilt sltor. SAMULI% 'I'l3lY, ".Mterchandise Jtrokr 4 Commisrnin .Alerthool, d1:3 l c.llft (: :ilit pot-I'o101 ,R thle prCOI. J. I'. FREEMNAN & CO.. WhY~kfrk E'l.Rlht Ekflbih.l ft No. 3, AIiootlalolreti, 11A VP constantly o~ln ha a arge supplyt of Cloth ing, celcrll.ttcd for the elmlltry Inrldr. 'I'Io~ir its. horstitep Iwiogl IHttoo t erclmoto otio o th. country (In be suppllied atl tits lhorto.. notice. twit ZVSB & ALLEN, Nil. 1,LXCIIIANIE 1ITElOL, i'oderr of tt. (.k " tes tt ComasotttI,. NEtW OIU.IgANA. MoI'ltN ":I ttAd Ihelror in Flrench t d Ftog)li.l 't'rttottrY; Ihrooiuto Ctoo nl'txPortble IMok,, Cutlery, Htoit'v. (:ivtos Shirts, hlwkt, Ublrellas, Caotes, ottl FItov Ariotiit. 415 K fin silto by A 'IIIIN, may _3 7_____ __ _7 r At \I. lt3.l., No 16i, (ttottttto ot, toao tIi' toy on. V cciotl it fatll aomttatol of WaVteho, Jewelry, Spotton, Sperttilt'oottol d Gla ss art, they wjill Ire ole~r tl at the,'towesttmarket price.. nti I DEALtgRS IN AMERICAN & F:&Otlltll CROWN GLASS, No. : CaootitoLnor AJT RT. a1 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADI)EN, No. 914 (dearer,. Jtreet (tAVE/: n uusttttt o(su.plty t f erero arttle pottotting to geottttottti'odlreto, ol itlheatoot SotyIl, altew Y'trk priers de'. .,11 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESTA ILISIIMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Oppositle Ialnka' Arcaada. IYILLI.',0I GREI:'N, PA0J'1JIF:7'0R iANKj NO'T'E ENGRIAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON 3AI- , l opotol t ottics ini Now I)rletttt. tnoooositt eI ttttttt lvaotttt wtllt ltt r IIttIt o Ijtt NowttYolk, f..r the : IIIpIII(o : Id·Bllnlril f ill plottingl Illallk Note,,, Bttttl, Itu. it Eoodtttg, Certilios'eo tf ti'potile ar~alFue rtttn l lv(otle aml otl ott~ino.ur the oaf,' ____ ill o' a-'1 l nod *I7-It o' 'uno t- t Pitl It. tlua'1 t'te,"; their sprat psr elllmllll tt e ll a II of k oveIr fie bawleI(Id beelline in jntilUlilllo, and till order.* w ill I,, I(·elll CI( with illlllllpl tale, ( U I .'n tie' lrillll terms.* Ullila·, corner of Royall & Canall otrer;. I a If l;-I I. __________________ a,.- ., CI A l IIN &- COOPEI -, GROCEli', ANIt I9\.EtItet IN PIIROViSIONS AND FEEt', N.I. 79 alnd tt. Jliah etleet,New Orleans. UPShii' tat i-and r u p a I.t)IIIIANA - PURNITURE WAREROOMS N-. 53, IliPnville stret. 11.I.IAMii It. CAIINES., '..eldi ropestfu, ill tlalltlv reetivill ne1 New \llrkod lli lollRo aI godll( arigle'i'lll~lltl (f[llrlliltll·l·l ..llill ts Illlldll~ll~allV ollrirs. r11r lwI I d lclld.. !lls lh! tilld~ IbUilltled rhalil'+, II~ii de rlllld cherry srisltellm. f , o lln lld hlt. rr. ta. ullfl +bV m'ri ·IIIiiI/i('b hllre (LU+ L III l 1glll Sl'£1 l htrvF wr .BIi N i/. Fur,'turerc ked is r.trlacpdrintin wiah groet INS.UIANIE COMIPA"Y OF NL\' (,IORl'ANS. 'l]his (d ta'aila V art 1lOW lres rellill h tk sIcL.?S teicNS a P jt, N'.l 2 l.l 1ussa'a lhn.hlin.g, Ca.lnl uh. er. Niw. (iMrial+ Miay l.a3. ta caai.aa TRaChrm. I l~li ·I·:I-:( I I~'l.: lilli lb- Ii,I· (:lip i,+r f, ""r +,f ip I ILl C IIrAV Tlai.oi; X tj , i . a ... .a.. d w.... .. ..g_, ( ,a_ 'l to h ,._+,, ,+_ RtIh.tIi' N &. AsPINAl.I,'S (OMItO)UNal. TONii8 MIXTUIRIE.-A Spledly ani Peritail euro Ibr the J'rver ;tand Agll., remlitht nlL allsl illlllrlllill+ltll li:v(PIli; prelpalrod 1r0111 lthe ori.lllgal reilp. UsdtJ wlth 1 mlllienIIt ald ui vl!rsal sca,,aa.-w IaI 18":12, Iy prerso.i. ol the hlgllest resp.etllablllltv ill tis city, ia staltedt in the tIlllexed t'erl illeullcs." This Inl.diailci. is hilhlly reconli'lenlaleld, ed has benll :L.xtlllsively as.I ed il the ..blaeV', diseasos waili sulchIt dislinguished s I euss, thatll tile loprietor of thei raipel Ilsp lialn itciled Ito ofI i:r it tt lh. puib. i t eiian its tirt lit tari in cihi. hitti; Ih that it tl.aly be Ihe I iii tic.s af r 'hatllevu tman.y of ittose wslo are eltiarihlg indlr lThe sIllI o a rgt.ofll l tilr routettry. It is i Illllicitllo Ilm.c.a Siltg igre1gviiat.e, anld whell used icallilg to tIi,. dirsct.i'ts ii ais .tv.r Shiled of - ilthetill! a c.lrl, i,-vn ill il.e tatost oIsti.ate ilstage(l IIf tlit dia.sord,.r. It is Illlt illatill disiagrecabioc and ? .'o+ o+ tIh wia.Iilea astolllacht, anIad chilhdrtnI may Iklre it with iilll.ataiy. It 1tretr hlgtl.i.S he: dig.letivU orgta, et.atU a.ill apllletit.-, aslid taddol reutlires tinre all;n Ite., or is ostinate claSCes, two bottlIs to rtfcl ta eare. 'lThere is neither elercury nor , arseiic in tile iedicine, tnor aly thiig i..jurious to ithe hUlil an clllilitution. 'The proprietors are so wlcll onvilaesd of itl efiecacy, thtt Ihoy agree - to relauld the price of every Ibottle which has been take.o in lict,e'danc with the directioens and has niot eltiCetid I it ie.fleL cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole iagent fr New ()rleans, at his whttoicale ud roetail drllg snd milnloitie store, earner of Iliecville altd Ciiartres streets. IJor Ditlricl Agelties apply to je5 T. \V. sMI'il,. 48 Coanti at. A k it I'I3NSACOI). MlANSION HOUSE NEWV (ITY, PENS.tCOIIA. e nTH E eIllriaber halillg purrheasd ti. lease cnd fur I illlreof this wtell k.w tastalebliLittItIt lIia.m ill 'd l.iyhr, iai Iiate slireil. litP . will bie recds o rsleive via teets hv. lth r.!t1+Altritttleet. lNiilerotle r leed catoly inprlVEllleel.t will be flonld in Pi the airrtclgeeiIIts tof thie AIIcnis HoLas. New s cd Is, le collllleliolls bathllkg Icauses wvill I built, anll wornel Iit th will ie provisded at all hioira. A stablle will e attlelled to Ihe htuse, will gUod a ecoemm.Inia tilas fr Ihorses lad carriages. F'iast rate bIrses ead carriaces will alst lie kept Lr hire at oeslerte lirilee, slid sail nd rsw deswit llstith tt illtlatlle itemt flr IpI ail, ie oifviqtvlr+. Ililli~lrtls .l ltl )(? lellllgaldIlelil i alls y llllil at aherig i cri si s, till alssitle IrniIriedl, Ilad ais COtn.ulcPtei :Is iot thi itelthrc willt tie c.Ocmfibrl laidl .ietotf lae blalardere. 'tIhe wilnat atu li tIqlll.s will II? ol tlwC belrl lllllhlV~ Ulld h+) el~lllllll: ul s)p RIPIIV e i:lh i lu+.l hasrB sIft'llnlydr +++u uftl. 'ed, wlil rri lwri tre ibu tit Ihle I-t l 31iy. " Mr thiennrd, sho firmerly keplt so pollular b ulaele tWlasiigltOe CIty ll ycetiaa. nit ihis c ilr ite pi. a s ocr, ie-se w ti aatnlh illyhiatr It h iie , sl t llhll yul rl, s tlli is f'is,,lln llli.eeally hial r, theyl wi ill recive 7"iryd Iossibl' usniilloli and tlherely , exllect I,+ lit e E··Illn;ra'l salai-lutli. Te leso al ilwilags rul Ih 8r Iilotn are too we+ll rll kwi tio 11t.aid ia lesitt.seied detcriatihstre. Tiae lfac.tse iat P'eCsfl.tsIer ia the Inrl.a'l iloal tcllttio of Itht ervterlllaill, thae aell.rlll relldt..l.'it .ltthte (dttll~se.ugd m.l I,4I 611Di tl~ I r i il i Ielilllltl relrelw.IId t'OllalalltIV dtl or it s slnk t llllllltr IoItIhs l ly i e cooIIst I reeat s' lif L island. aid' riverp; Ith alliundali r lo d l lelicatve oi ' t It k. s siih whitch tie ll waters ..Itullad; anL, ill tI.Oxilait. to tIh. Ibot i"outhern ecrsket, live I'eae.asctla lte ore g, fenell.r over l ttlcr itl.esl iti ttPt'e ittiltdes, as ai h allllthy lllld delhtlhl ulllllr rettrelt je iersi rate Ileata aill rta Inatwees Peoacl.iai elid lMlo lile, and will at ll tiles alie l to take Ithe plisse.llgl.r - frtil eth aNeo Orltllllbualt.t NBI ARNOLD. Pltsl nll4d, Veli 1.5th, 1158. ir G(eiaaenioe wtehibig to engage rtosoos for Ithei rSilei'li cTlaa eddrrra Itne/rnarhlllar, oi eoalstr atAss Ltr llli iUrewull T Tg'ylor, Ihle furllliir llrtultit~lor, gl;a Orlu Lr tie tunic of RTfernces. 'IT ,.icaf.r, 1+sq, aRtei Cci ttouth iA M .lpieis, Isq, . go Kihbb, hi it. ll I; S T Taylor, P 'P ea, EI, ioi Ni,, e rP I otts IPtletl lar, Io reeeev comelnltientiots Ltr o Prse s act thi l.sve h.te.l, is placsed at iGeo WVilllltllt'S o ir taee i| iut laulcs Exch Ilge. n FI.,tlilI.\ ItiOU'T'E t IR NEW YORK. i11 'l'Tavellers IlesiroIua f tlkine lte 'lorida rltllu, y viii Pentnl.l!lito hthe North, are in~fwmed that firstl rlllP tlaulsll till clll;Itlllv rtn fr ll. Mi.,,ile ltt l'elt'retst i.-treavilac i\allhl. aIn1 l'aeacl..lelliss.lry tItlPt ts tiavter tits st ai t l| a., (;,.d .ltatlltls will .lwlsay t e lpr, ivled . . 'IhP 'iih( M+r~ll I 0ll Ile iii nRlia llle s ii I •[il ..l· llrr ellglr frol; e ttN II AtsN( .I). Th,. TIe,.l t.nlulti Chtllnlleil laPves 31nhilh lr t l.,sa i a ll,. Iiwil- ,eak a Iv r- u .AN Mi\RIP FPali.S-'. ULltGtNE WVAlER agJ a c ccaar.s fatlaiaai CItiaaialltar Ciaaaie wgtoe, just, n'!r' irt v a i Lr sesllt Iy tltlt Iaotlt.l'r eigltle al.tth.- Al'o a\liaerical ald p'sac'h s'ilt1 p were!, powller eI lets aa hl,+r tsa- il.a ia tOilat soUpe,taOlelllcle wtlt I li ts, aitk of r..a, cosmaatctit hi re.a, 11 xrr i S lask, k.l1ahlil, V'rl'I vePge.tultc t kl I i pl iltilli ad .nll.ilc ,rretse lhrhi. lI vesdar, rose alid lllay wllers, ·d Ill+' I:'l:·' rllll . Marseilles yeli.''iliirlry hi trl~llkHo YCelelii ab t i d I.cea e i ( tIehhTtlrllrd ()rri tcoah wshUtci t it clj tildih th t abt uil vIgIl tS l·.t I .ITrililaa "l ts t ei l wtt lh dli Iidli.i.. l lltc eat oaaehitllnraal hrli t lid shtt te ll ,'o lir lu i I jt·\m'lr. ,.Lr sol e Illw tit \vl..hb llle or r, ltiil ++ } hy " oMfONfi IlAlt'l"&c II,.. R s j MO 70 C'liartres streIt.I nal0i;Ots liiZ]hIo lul c IilIillt ieadigo Itet ifeat., stil t. Cito.hIreitLt ft'sgcain ly [.LOcu I BRIDGiEtl&Go 13. Royal'Coliege of Physicans, Loinedon. , HE orignnal yVeelale Hgekian Universal Medi cine, lrpares by V Miskin, EmI. Memuer of the lNaval College or Surgeoono, Liceatiste of Alpache c'y'ala aoulmay, Fellow oa Iulh Court Society, Surgeoo to tile Iloyol Uion IPesuion Asociatiolm, ltmucaslr Place, Watleloo Iritge, antl l'terytual Pupil of Guy' oiul St. "'ltotoo'a Iloopitdal, l.Itloo. This vltuokle medicintte, tle result of twenty yeams' ex oriUence alul Ianlnralleled success in the extensive ttl Iiiglr i resle.table traotice of tie propriety, palro n1ied h' v tIe faculty and ,othilitoo aod io wt iol.-wlttnnml to the rolice or lie Americmi 1tlblic, at tlhe earent so lioihttioo of a ouloler ol'getlleme, of long atil higI standiog it the uattfonitot. It is hoped, as a prelimi unry sl!p, to coheck tihe evils aold faital o.seque n arising iim tie use of the n.umeros taol deleteriati s a,,Ittntoo ljuiottil uptont the pulie bly the aid of fnlor.riled S 'proofstuf umilraculous cures, amnl eter firaol, byla set of mOetecloay, u ptu,,inuitpled luetedterr so totally igtmeant oi mt.lical cieorce, that it impossible the mon.otous tllntai oeat, any longer eo deow ith lile intelligent pea ,e ufl tlis contry. Tohou illa, mild and agreeable JN their tmllr.. shomud ie kept In every family in cses ootaiLden illnessn for, by their lnOipt altiiatsiation, choler a p, sle ms, er a.-r and olher alarming omltinot, whiob too oflen wOV n .w tal, mtay e aloeFnl ly uol tlor Ievetted. Itcaft, nil tlhoe who value good I salth, slmlid never he withoul t lenm. Tley are saol' I a it p es. etat uln ent, $ a at$2 el,, by every re ee table druggist, bohuellar, awl veolorof medico, i tini t iniM.l Slates tl I le Canada, witl lsoiasl, witt: eStlOaula ils of pruleatolanl ability lrom tile fullo ma elttittent gentlmnei: Sir Atlley Utoter, J lAeeuly, James Blnulltll, M. I., W. Iak, MSt. I)., J. laton Key, A. F'ramlon, M. el , nd nwtmenros otlers. The origiald S maey he n 'eun ui poaewi of the (;enerol Agent, by wlnm tIlte mdine ies islamlrted ilnto this ruuntry, and to om btin all dicaloatis nmuslie lalde. It JNO. HtOII.IN, 129 Waerly lalce, N. York, Sole G(;oierl l Agent .or the United SWates, fin. SForsale by alitllutrenlt of the rbigital tfrepriotor. w c.aI O LI Itoora, lriggi,ts, NIit o II CaLLUl street, -ruesr. Agent ,or St(ttllee d' ouisanl. juli v H E1M:IIY II LIF: o, Ne )' Igaancl. .treet, are II :ow lveeivin g from shits Nashville, Louisville, th t,.ko , Etagle, alul olter late arrio l l rair n iher o -dliern cilies a large onat new selettetllasoet It.i o, Boots, Shoes and lreoganso r- Inisiting of gentleusel,'t flae calf wml Morocco Ihnts ldo 2d qualitji l do Iu'I, et sMtout wIa Iteeiedl boLot o -alimlgalltSe;o e'i ae'o a lt. of aAial a .tel t dto.. tills atll Ibrogln, leakskiu sloe, harol sam nplleI atl mei'A to idlf wat ilqtdell legld ol tIesn aI I rog.aut; le boots; do stoult hipl a l was liegged d oes - alH bh;rega; gentletnien' best tlulity tallfaeet al doe, loon. t atul Jack ltowtitgs; do calt rmal Morocco i elek thoe nodel "Hog t.alt,; iocll., seal aall Mroue.O,: I ,lia!lhnoels ai diila.-, do calf, Itaft" aol seal wn0g, a.tewt icie; lie loite taF, ou.l aaal .,toraocatirter k rots; b~oy'. mllisses'and hildreu's pegqged a,,dl slowel aOaon m.n shoes of'erery qltlitn col kintd. Also a lgeeIraUlaam el aI llell' ast, lt was Sltd S'r.l laroa.,alal aMl thlts, together with 101000 lpiir, glgO I. stiutlity, rulset leualll,, itikl in, ln_ I, sinks, rale expllressly for lillatato uie; a gom as. I ttetl of mll0'S lie ail asteout kilp russetl barJgso aa Sw article, utl a agoe ,wluttlity of lla itlerior lltmlily r owalwa .obrgaos. Lwlioo' fine calf, seanl, mro.eo owl grail welts, .oal patup mole solieS; ,1.lo e l si e..i, Mna0o attld khil rot .,nal slilte.el; llo rtor sltce will, awtod witlhot hteels; i, otl. oal ttlt sto.t lletherlbootlees; tI lahttellau dtho, Slallkiltts awl qualiites; b, lastiti gl.gaas; aa gtilete, r stal lvel Iootlres. .Misses' latitng ,l.iag dliwslOIa,i m1 gus. Clhlheo's coloted Mornooo andl asti.g bt.. ,;ettleieu's itliuliahiolhl ab ilo b ilk hlas; tIo Illack ton I drab hoaver 1o it a iteriiort talilt ; ib iniitaii i1L: ak Ir asiolt u rt t at,,lod h ts, a i,, e a. rticle. Yo ult .Iu ;e size hats o. e nivltIu IIquilies; dhl child eu',. I ,uI'. awl lu:}'.'s back auri ditbo wool lulls uf tarits slt tie, wiLh geraOl i ra aaOtae,,t by' o ulnhee l's S%-I rapsl. . 'i lgllsm anituietl t ill te retlenistiit yitlye arrnie of rea la ieketl,.t, tllo alote laaaed cities, all of wlicl naillha sotl at ateotitnimlatilltg tertsl. a,1 I--It NOE-UCUrT loo COrA6i- New Orleia.a, ,iv. 14, 1837. A BOUT sit Ille011h ago I lad Ithe miooillitte to get Iter.otl deiasr, fur hlilc I hlyoe applirdt lu lre ral d:lurs lit r a ear,, a tlicn e lly dilnl nuot re ie, l c. low oil the above dole I Ieul muyself undier tlto care of Ikctlo llntet, and Ioxpert lim to cure Ite. Sinee Itlnt lioto Ite diieaio .ill gIoii Rio iL.t tlo rellk Illtii Iilarge uleir to tle iUlllber illf ix or eighll Oil ea I lee, ;Uuaoll ovet tly f.ou aiiio soir thlrllllt, nd nol t ablile t work bt Iti. plreOhit tillt tiiaaoiutl of Ithe. diccase; lorge( iIer ltl tleriillt ildeof t .tllrll lr llt. I aoina culttiigll tllyl oeilliltlly uinder ll c. ur of lir. Iloet, " l'uri, to lie lwrfretly cured JIIN 1EAN. fe', 14 ly I 1) CF.I'I'IFY that thiebe mienthincdl disesas is ti tlank lir. 11uet; amd moreotver I Harre thati the tledi clle I have taken makes n,,, fat, arid d it iulrei my iehlitr tiallb h• r ter l is, tli y aI BW , ler+ t lose' in, lino atnd tpply to itr A. itiet, 121 ( a o Il +Iretetl, betttetll ail tpitttaid Itoi rto, street. Pro I ~lel i ti ll 111ot 11a ' 11trat :llta k, A 11 , lil ill 4 I' I.i ilthy will lilld a Ptrle drtlor tt r hitJ Clll hai.. JOIIlN I)IAN.,III (iravir stIrPe. If nay tipoe waIts t itec e r eall ti N . Ir (;srilttvi I

JPP11N IIf N. NOtt t rhltou. I.I, I. 1n:. J i ,h I4 I v uat r t'tIhl.ect alSat iere'ttf.terr/t %.t : ,p 'Ite i<Ih Kdil9iit, tf T 0 ah1ic1 is nota hlld ..l Avertig 'hnia C.alcla- i lot, airetarmetlitata ttii'ilalltt tire tvt' onstmroge.r, iolet isLattt bills haof agttim, a Itlea it a aP'eSItl at ttiirrpit aletaartt1 tiliftip c tetlitsa, i Io (" Tilu a' let, tihe beast |hai an be cau1io "ed. otthrat Iii B"ras e:nt it llauce withiln the same tict ti siel onipalss, nlld sizc ol'tea it. Ani a:rvetistment in tlehbook is in neltty the flilow ing words: n ("hi high distilntion this wirk IPs rectveal tt1ottghI ll: ttll rlgialittive ats pirnefitxetl to the (itll Itgea S , t r eomlllenlditiln ill itself so ntinaonlllll,, and so emIoalll sita, Ih i nutltil.g is lcesarry more hto ie by way oeftl- I vllutsmmelt, to given o neilnrd viea ct inor of its ,t Olia ities: s fciltanue, tile Itelaet ltss tell tias s ll linothen, uoemp ord with, w aht is AmIyorint to icur 1een oselnealul tibole, exaliuns 1 in the mbelira I fise titues, ane lntilteml irol terrtolylta pillater tresti Sthen-ftl tinteso, kitrm a t1icht it iait t evidelt .venie o l. ske ptoi (l.tilly an tet oselvest ediof it, h W,1 ,sl' pwst'din the that the whe o i i I arilhi mt'lcaniy inlhlihile, aiti int eolfirkmptiot of this bttlifa ienlielm u "tsw hundred aond f ity dollars, is laow ofatr al Or ,lle detetarai tof a error tn a eeit in tle (preseit or fifth edition, sn exprueOe inl tlie ljoelay, lling lllie Iaore pletalial ifered for pie sanle error silae thie irst pahlicaisi int the year 1i1W. ate of tim most ton spireuas features of the tables is inthe s lraslenteant of tae list nendl atoitas, whichi fit exlm.lililus, rfrlrenc ol tIperspatieity, withl te help Softite side lnd i.lex, anoarl e exeelltr d l atnd the sally t ty and eae with whieo he mtIraesl can be fmtei toethe axtet of piters .leait ness, neaillal tha silltg of st ns is esitths a c alvaiei e so esseltial, that ill ti e amia ioinas rome oi the anlol omilteste ,llt tr irtt eal itsi hess men, aid otsii ofiters iwho Iiate toonle griat use Sof ile work, it has bee di tinotisbmlt by tim itonoable .aplellation e af s "ta1smetr ilacet. A.l coansiering the infiililty c the methal origieilly teaptelo itl eomtslae tise woark, till trie extraurdiuirty aumsae aitncl vaiety el ita examitlations, and tests of every etlilion it pIs lpasedlit1 the pttss, eotitladitessiig tiae whole is i1l slet'eoypl e, cnierililg. in s11hi. he positive aceursay saecldeti. the llnpreetP. tpad mellls eral.o al, the vo. lame llis blle held Pnti tml enll,hatically styled " the snt woatlaerl book i asthe woslk;" llolt ertilil y ln n lanlsn amesa figlre work oftise same eta eat, whlieh d since the beginsinago ereatiol. has hid tilr sme nuas heri atn saietly of tests in tae atlme luslber of editorn; ano, nralmc e itr fltlite ouar, as i clearl sishown in tile o prelx. liedslce, as test and Itat.ini, it eas heen tried and Sp~m~ed lin Ile~llul~l)e11the lheakstI llhlieiiar.s ill the reUlltell lnreSa1d hv theputblticet gmultlaly, tihiriig the Slong IpPril ef thiPt-fie aers. et h t emar1, of ile coal. e lllalimtls Iaseter hren inmitid ill I tlll aitolIgh I eamtitua ionally cheliug ed by thle onerlof vey lirKe pre.iulns. ,l "'1e in l.met c etlty.l k llioted by t1 lld osuutll a of law l seSOalI olftle Sates as the Lr tl'ater ll ialatlOll for salilte ilteres," as ilso by law fir p Itak in te.sti I a tsrlialgrs tile iaok is ussd, and as .:y be ses ihi Spart, iy ,ae raples of the suthariteri, atd ita few of phts a shllltp eal puleuhscr, i.itli hIst It tl di d,, It iciin posetsil eflceverry liosa of itizelas in every qur-t Ste o IIle Unitell States. It is itlm Over well kitown thatl, Iy its rearl)- cleke, Sit Ies s otften iettteed slage errers, ilog olter tliey were 1i radeT even b tie iO sttea o8lll ast 1 most e pOllllet.t t:'itilot7ieti:ias, cat its aefullltes, alti tile h Isei lta e _ essity fior its ue. hsar iIIen exellsivael insisted ut n, a1 s evaient, iticlt,_ ave beet its oatlittoags, alt its Ssvings, that, setenrl yerarsago, whilst tileafirst udltios tais a r sttet a1no out o pailnd, a giatI t. UtIr of sethsn h)lnd wteo.' wele scllght fot, sele io a gle t 'ldisltane. aI IlvmrIras~ntd i.t varois plriest, as they could ao sat.l Sail ho picked e pn at fero1s $ $35 ir epyy, ande sounle lrllSaa hsae oite.y dcelarel, is iste iae - ctt lld utolted that tlhe)y ewohl iy $15), .$50, aSltll $.51O is fo a eoplly, tflotto Ie had Iblr less, ati tan itdiiedualI in tCe itller instiete lat1tiavi1,iy, i11titng at thie mte itite rxhtibitd .satislactmry iaal ta sato .trid imaris pllpre. sent thl to him it was rtallv woi h lthat molley s1di lars thloutgh the saving olf iis terv vsluabe tilte, he riobei;r I v'r) riet h m1ani1o ill pblisoiiace. It Is likeowi: wmcthy of solsce, suP ildreti ltralear ia iPtlre r, that salh is tihe Intu. of figlle wm'k gcnerlly ai. antaslecilly whel of the extlent ailt itatpmp1, ol heti tia thsdp, sithat It this rk or its like tsteaittpolartt ell in111 usual tllllmtllr lOlle, h) ltle iosIt cnlllltellt eaalculalotiln the w(hwli, ati efllteraIs pirii"ttl most aautioily l11edir ii his own aonr.ttit1 of (prsr Ilh.ts, it wouh, al. to a aeriainty, iase 'aen usllsllfe or t.-e. fernnte,anid shear tt sty ric., as tihe plr''er ledarliesu. l1.11t eaPltis. alut o apid vaiualte have tie satet.Olylp lpteles of this wohiretll.nU 1t., tiat toarecllre th.1ipt, tilhtletir llulmerUsl asd exlluraonilsal exanlilua. ti 1 i ,gest afir, fo, the. tbellfit, tley ase (by dI1.Settinlaetlt) emistautliy kept ill a pldaee uof aeial I'eatay, excput stitle use Iill pritit,. Aimptcdiatit loa to finld butlht ballks and stitl( e ioltlor rst will, uorful sotes follow the pjierface, whichl, i1 this filb as ill le two pilreeetiting editllos, cultntill ttucl i11 fel.raltiol coatlleeaing tlhe two il ful auiades ofcotpatlllt iu i-iter ets, tee daItsf fga.ce, kr. II remairis only so re.ark that, notwithstandihg this Sutcontlnitily eotlay workt, which was bplisheil bieforre illtl.est tLbles Well: illllnolhle,.l in dollo ip.s and enllts lhe r ieluld manaebio has hei 1 al exenP itiarlya iso lilreally IIatoimlised, it has lot yet o nmuch s Iaiil with inlaresa . totee hee) loss of uneary lir llmtwusadt dtllart, hesiilre six ) el ol ttime lroat 1799 to 18115, asstltillel oi lhefilist edliton otf 711t aolles,:alrisg ciriefly fromn its optliaa itotialltthl tilttle,t an under .tiCe,) to ay nltlhinilof eo etenstiot n ai pO .tfrsIlmost aili'-timef 1atet il, alil IoCiflit N herelfore ti.t lr a erstuil relies ol.rte i lisarll1m1elll tilld g.etirosityl o"isi putilia for' oeOillilt: ii sale r 11 lfeti. ,acadpatitnaig. IF. r sale by lle Printri)ul at akselles io Ute United Slales. SI.tL'iA PA'T'ENT FIRE recedd C per ship tidiiiaafepti, fons ,rm York, a It-s ol 1 earllnltpt aft tall Lttiles aatd ilit Platioi, flr a lI at aour 2 GiOSIIP & LCu. St Ch.liesaoIell . THE FLORIDA I ."- Frtom Mobile to A ngula, Ge S leaves Mobile every day at ihree + o'clock. pm per U S mail boat for llallI's L.ndme, above Blakely,--thence four post coaches to Pensarole-thence etealml,mts to Lagr nce, where the land route is resumed-thence , via Marianna and Ilr.ownsville, Fla. Buinbtidge, Pinderltwna, ll.wktneville. Satntderaville & Ltie. Svlle ttA tgurlsa, Go, etnecting regularly with Sthie ril road ears to Charleston, and the stetam paekets to Now York, Nortolk, Philadelphin, etc. I''lte steattboats are the best for ithe service, and . the navigalion presents more advanltges than can be found upon any steamboat route in the sotuth. s ern regior.. t i Tlh great iaprovemtents in the route have hern of produced by theensrrutelion oel fiftv miles of new it road, by the proprietors, viz : frontm lllarateto oil is LaFayette Rayou, an arme of Santa Rosa Ilay, to " Bryant's Ferr, on the Chattahonaellre river, Otet le miles above the Cowlard, or 14 above Cedar Iluff, a whereby the avigation of tlhe river, and the con a requenlt detenTioLna, and more recently the incon Sarelnient crossing at the Cowford, are entirely avoided, and a flne road from Marianna direct Bato Bainbridge, instead or the roundabout rcoid via Clittashooellce, lessening thedistance about forty Smiles, and inoreasing the facilities more than a once a deay a Also., a urancll line of two horse stages every J ,ther day Itte IIl.wkinaville, vi. P rry to Macon, . a e ,unaeriang with the line to Savanrtnah and a Darien, Geo. a A mail eteamhnoar Ieli regularly between to Bainbridge and Apalaelhicola. 'eruvtell rs wishilng * to reach ally pont on Chatlahonehee or Apalacnht cola, cnn take oseotlboat at Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola-Land Route--Daring the titme occopted by the retptlr tit uoatse, the protrie. trs tof the FItrida lile will un lihe ofl four Shorse ptet coaches every other day between Mou bile rand Peosacolt. a Passengers will leave Mobuile at 3 o'clock, p m, e, in the U S mail boat, and proceed to Ilall's It.od se ins, where a lour horse coach will t an waiting to convey threm to Ite exacellent Ioune of Mr. Charles Hall, I I 4 mile dietant, wihere they will fild pleasant accentmmodalions for the ttight--leaving Snext tmorning, they wll artrive in Penosctla earl) ina the evening, thIus avoiding the discomfort of aniht travelling. S office at the Mansion lHouse, Mobile, ntld Col. line' flotel, Pensatole, where seals allot be seen re. SI'Ol'K'ON & (,,. nlv I William S llit tellders Iris stervices to the cii. telns of New Orleans as a teacher o Ithe plani, t forte. Mr hblvitng been eliepl.oyd se vertl yeats sne leacher of music in private fullnles in B .son,, and falso I severl Ill the f'emallle selllilnarlS In its vi,'ility, cannlt but hoplle to lerit their confide ine. lie is pieriteilsd o rt far Ito rlie I), Cl ipp. MtsIrs i Stelson,& Avery, l.eintlrsatt &. alles.l. a For terms., &e llese apply at tie bookstore of AlexanldTerT.w 49erD isnlIp t nlr 2 Druge and .ftledirins. I J Il e'..tvest has tetiied hisllll ll tlhis city efor the purpose of tranactlilll a I genleral Wholllesale SDru.g business. Ile is nowreceivint a full spphl 1I fresl and genlui, e atllr lee, which hIt t III sell nit liberal e rilli 'I' city drlggiste, and tlose f - the intellrior, pllhysicins, lnietll hnts and piltoer, ihe will ff lr indllueelre, such aL s haive liewvr be. for. .'en t fl'red io this city. ise ,inte tin is to do ati rtcliy legititnlte busine ssa. Ilit s ,t k s ill t11t 11t ltr o pIletil, li nd tt l II tI (I weekst will be rll dy Iter Ibusiness. All orderls brn lll e Icnalllrind from merclannts ol et i city, receiving suchl orders will be promptly aittended to. oct 2 N39Camp at 1 HJLtf.ESAI.E AND IE'I'AII.CONII ANI) VA RIT1'iY SlTOREl-at the sign of tie golden.l comist, M. ChIarnes steert. Thesohcrihershanvere ceived, inll.r iliiu to thelir previlla stock lltl hlnl d, a fll and eunlplet. assortllellt of arctiles in their lile; viz: I eltcon, lerfasyre, Jelwell, brusuhes, lacking glasses, flttev artieelasal tk Il,,iscisitj it ipatrt te follows: C()ilriele--lirlcliae r hiell. wtuightI eal i plemulcktwist, qlgilled hack, lhmpr nrnd, drIessing, sidel pll; ciiod anl neck, Brazilian tlblllsl of everry tdrittil ittllllttlltttcI whlich anr:lsuit Ixile n potiers, Ivory n(ihbs of (velry da( sripltionll, llhornl,drs~ illg allnd llackelk , ttt ll tItite tt ll t it I'teti alltl rttinttlltI o f 'rt llt1d if t :, l l t:it ho. PIERIFUMEIRV-r-ilcgne, lntwashr, Florid,, , hIt y, l iy, rose, and traellter Ilower wnlilrs o eilervr ie, imil tlies erilltln , o iIle ornt, ll Co·l o gl , eElln r s tnrlltto' lvrir tllllo , lael:va su1ps clll Lilntld siehL t dr u ill itno tittid sit.e crualcll rlloa IVItl Lrd'L etl.lle hair til, Il.,etu llt l lll tiqauefi. uIreotto ia sm.elli eg iilst plt itniltli irlltftted tile Ipwler, lalrl owler, li ll hte lIc p llnlX )Ieui nttutlll ti, li i .r lttd rillsurr+ni n tl hlite. t ilutt I watthl antI tIeuIuiutaWeildu tIuEcl ticstetcuI e Iutui n l amVAnud lOV wlltlh a Itru lllT Al1fCrllll u(or ec Isle ReIts, tlosistig Id witll.i tnicd r Id :u;lll , Ill l. Sl iarl t l l r ki l *rlp, licyl lel lee it . preins 1 .e ele Iv i'n lallr n, watch tr i 'ail rs , ill and slie (.t kh iIs, id Ilvr nd nd m aes, si lltinl g.l iln lol F are n '1rc h, Iw atr ln lUA lricanE--nm tahath , re, dollc i. n mo.n nh llor, hate,, tos O Ilit coU l,, Nia, a ill, n br', IhooII ,al w oitcwesaltttrotl,.til, KIN . g r :I.A\ SSIin.-d i ( llllll untlllis Ial b l il1,kIn ttlatettt llts illi)t iltt alllle lstiltllltc (tt ottt l lc h t i llecu li t lettll: statu s, th-ic, jotg a t ltenletctt' j teers, itt It n aae cell, with itl ltilv 'ite ' hr Ikillt 111til ll1 rNlll . '"ANt AN VAtIVl'1' ATIeil'I S-c , i l Iti A lriealt , rllH table ciii eeks i ite ll l.l .a , . lllllo very ri c I llle l litar y l Ite r l ti e l ork Ie Ix, Site ylld t le scllla.losee willh t les illed lttlolle tIc, ilal hoIXs* Act.i c(rlMe nllsII -l8 aR aid s kindl. violill alld gitlrl i ,lyr alnd phlaltd Inv l:il+. a lnlll h'l lll(wood pencilso rI t Is.illl, all lte:r, will ivtr, hllt bll ut l ll hll lll Idil ll as r iv ' tcl ant 12thiet crnerl .re eith i fnd loflt ulttike,.&,a, le ael i. llil . a pele s ,id ' os a l andl, oI.. n r)I+ , l ..nish ne rl. Tlie lll llbl llllllk ishIII t lor rllll ant d st e ,m ll0l llll eles, 1'... l lt(t I ll lm l tll keVll'lL dl ,llnllln~. k 1,,v iatlll cullrdls:r l clli rd, ru hs, layin;l' g cards .l' l,..r.,hll . .h Ileh e11ti unt Americaln Ina liriii le, dolg l lt le ilol, frilll, bi pxe , ni t s . is o oke it ki tle, l. , tlr ,.'w IPo intyl ' Epl.ll er.i I aill ln' d ilVl wkia rmloNr iNlra.lnd Ca loa yWalt'Iera, fterlc.t.i.y &e tlai elaid, gilt dit silv ier u, I.i Ela i. e1 itern and irteis Ilain a lte oelsoine tyie b U oaures dIle, lihT vit sieliesjri ite, l Icirnlti Ilyue.h i tlisll "e"i nh will [r solltuitre rI , i.ii i,r-r',ii nl an. scilly lsuia on1i iredite. Bc l IIeIII:l I 1 it , tie rsIt., g its M al 1e--Ii.0 lieo iuire Witee r so erii Oilte ite ask seid lole,t for soile by iss ttreelt. o ler ter CCologne Wlatr,t S'urlNlDILy T &eC-A ba,,,erunI brt ile of crru, Ie, put upexlaprssly Iol the rtnll strade; aoi, Istihe purest F eneh Prluseri, r ibrctl eilg every variety lot the Itiloe, lor s eei by e ni ac Iv Ea S & D'LANGs. Sready cous tlp lie tllpai us Itthea piublic in gt t llerli by wln, eas t or re til. Ilis pricesl are re, eu"nl.l all t t lIe qI alily so'hie irductl Stul eri r luait y ever 1rc l 1i ' dl to his place. Tlt, genllelnnm euipluved to sttuprillvt. ll it sise nllauelle rk has betu iaitill.e Itd of an eteslive esabliteielsal ofi'l s kid inat li c llol u. 'I'hl se dirll~a,s to call a tile aorner of Nsatlhez and 'd'clh Aitlulus tsr. shall be lle-.llud witllh lair sample of nlly varnrish they mal t wish to try.w..ln~Sllt the varnishess are theI l oach sNoy. I, r w arraned indt to IIII el 'll i r liliina I water. IThre brlek varnish l ler tlres anlll steatll le e111k,1ins. The transpayreln vrllisl without smell, I &c, a8 II inImNNArdlcIe.. eIF.OUI--300 aidlg fire in stlesnr hdellend. .outers o'lisn R zaor Stoepsa-'l'rhit csaus f s ti tgenauine artiles, jilt receivrlil ly i oc 3. isrESE & D'LANG, 11i Caip s Miteassouri Rhe-die,,1- cotn tonican.. thalie .e,.. made allf hlmpl, (i ter,r a ind Itr seli: by n3 BOG ERT &. thAim TIIOIIN, in Ithsa"er si .FKe:Hr I GAR:N Su:lrD--Tu'lhe ,htre begs to exlprves hit grailteful hllallks Ill the plllo . h'Te for Ihe liberal support pie has lecrived sinte comutnllceed thioinllr in this city. Blit tee ale elo prietlsof the seed astres, 17 Cusit h Etera lel r lI e otsnd nIever was agenllt Itc aly norliero seld it vender; neilter is be coestlled Itl any holuse in Sihlls esouitry-hot lie asstrita Iht Illie hluti Ills o, clnels iieaill every dptllltill oIf Ithe seed eticsi. Is is, in tilhe dtilblellt .ctlnies il Ecrope ire equalo sio tha .o1 ally huse in tle Ulllesi .lstae. lift'e Il purte n.eds, planls, &e. frln thile imost extelsiv slid respectabll e nurseries and see Isl, lt in I'rance, IllianduI Elglatndl Scolloand, slid te lno ther saites--and i will at all lintes be li inrrtl sr ais it oe s hlas. J3dy, to lceelvle,, its dddilton tt Ie* lirt sent stock. large arsivals of every dtileriptlci, rs.ily I hle gru ithl llt 111i; allso, ellgriledl frtuit Ire a, oil iI kicndl. 'lhe plubtie may rely oi fildicge a lull cs s arlanelll o every arllele isn tlu steed liu1iiv geliOs uas quaslity, lnd iaported direct by %t eton. I)INN. a fT TIlE PUBLIC.128 lto undersigned, havin I I studied under Dr. Scsl.tlidt of Charltesloa, dotth Carolina, atnd for etolie years his ansictlllt ill the practica of nledlielns and surgery, has thl hollor to oftlr his prolessiontl ervaises in, this cily. i He assures the ladies and geotlellen tlhatc the ttlUlltt prompt attention will be piid to ths calla lwhilh may be malde; and also offura his seraces to lthe tholders of slaves, beiag well alqaintedol with the idiseases conmmun to tllnm, lhaving attended thiem ill ,ole sugar ihouse in Charleston. y The fanousslcti bilious pills a lter thle coposltion il Professor Smollotto, ithu direeltllts, e.n lie hlad ci tlse uadtrcigned. T1he exlist which they hI:ve prdusced in this sud cities, lad beetll etileltll willth tio greatest success, to lwhichI the helst oi' ofetarnees ean be giveli. Alllly at No. lliG 1'2ga. ihie street. JNO. ML'LOUIlNt. lDT'JIICE--The parltnership of Kelle, Miitllst &ltto 1 of iNew Orlelt ; Milltll, larris &il.., Idf Netlchez l eid Harris, Keley &dCo.,,l' dI(dicy, di ll c ili, I'Vll In hte'Lla ofMuyv hlst, bfy the dleath el oallialcl M lMasonl olle stlhe iarters ot the firlt. SThe ul~ider~lled, riirviviclg lartiie, t will lie elt-rtdctl wiih the setliltg ansi elcictg cuid I~usineess ac Cllltlwec af Nicase, Hlcrris& CI.. et Notchlezl uid Icd rriec I1, if r&t' Iiodleyi dlld Llenrc eiulley will ctlllln tel IPen' isicalis. 'lthe natoeas oftihe senveel ftmsa will.,e used ia Iiilaitlotiou. Tiiaea ista t aicl id irall ate clarlltetly roltlteltid oatolqs sfttoil all tanke earv aellletoSle clll o nd blicee hnaviing lctlao will lancei iteceet It sin-it Wituuit diai. Csw Orslaws, los 2ll 1137 1~OLBEAR'S BScineo of Poemanship roeiveilitiod U for onl. at their pernsanooi Writing' A rilviolc No. 8 Choalrs stoia, New Orlea, 189. ltroidway New York, I)Daphine at., Mobilh,. It is pariculllltl designed for private Itllhers, ind ..chiols, lld is enliulll tled fir pereoll of all nnes. I.elies olid genthlmieU are invited tocall and lxamine the system hI theillsolves. Lesos amn given il sachll Ilhoues may suit the eonveienco of ll, allll to, Ilae fornmed iu anly part of the rilY. Ladlits wlil prefer it call receive 'resons at their own ref sidences. Persons paying i e o t roe of hlisons olr desired o at0eniw '. " ' ti a is eill asIlhey wish. .1 .JE IB IOTI h l.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOn FnVI'l AND AlGUE. S ErN years have lot yet olalped since it was first regularly sulnbitted to the puolie; but it fins attained the lighest reputation; and has sup. planted every otliher medicine for tile Ague, wshorev. er it has been known and appreciated. Already las it been carried in every direction throughout tile United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to hlioth and vigor through its agen. cy; andil they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme elfcnoy. It is composed of sueh medicinal principles as are calcuilated to renew the healthy action of the atom. acsll, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of whihell bharmony is the ininiOliate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, tlihat it produ. coa an entire change in Lile condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. When tme Ague is attended with any other cenmplaint, tim employment of the Tonic Mixtu t will not interfere with tihe treat. ment of the other di-ease, but wil even afford as. slstance by furnishing strength and vigor to the body during the course of treatment. These who make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mercury., or any other article in its composition unfriend y to the human constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in the use thereof, when they perceive tlhat it has the of feet of a gent laxative about thie ime half a hot. tie full has been taken-in consequence of which, there is no part of the medicine left to linger in the bowels to ealus obstructions, and other evils, arising fromn the use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, bly many who were sub ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it lias invariably warded off tle apprebhended attack. Obseroe! The Proprietor, fully satislied with the nnparilleled ald universal success hllich hias co. toilntly attended a punctual sald regular use of the To'rnii Mixture, in all catses of Fever and Ague, iecls warranted in eng iging to refund the price to all those wlho lhave tken the mledieine in strict tc. cordalnce with the prescribed directions, without having Hln perfectly andil lastingly cured. Tihe subseribers are the wholesale agents for the South Wesoern States, and Ilhve now on land six ty cases of this imedclino, whiei is warranted fresh and genuine. For sale at the mInluthelured irieces J. lRVI & ANoitWS,llll ll'holeo sb Ilrl.gipsts, inovi7 ,tor Ciommon k TOeh.t'iitoi.itih .aret. W ssnor i, slson k. 'elslials tal,,essteet. 11 RS. MARY KIIIILAND respectfully an. - euances to her friends and the public gene. ally that she Is prepalred to acoeummodae thsen at he ahove'esntablivshment, and hopes fr sm her Ixortions to render visitors comflortaiec, to receive i sontinuance of fsrer favors. She fuiels conti. Jest thlt persons visiting C(nvilgton during the uslmer monthsl, cannllot fild bitter aiecomlllnodatiolls than she can llford them, on more liberal termls. Iler housoe s pleasantly situated, and well supplied with every eonvenience; the bar is furnished with Lthu Imost choice liquors, &r. in short,she prolises "t'at nothing shall be wanting onl her part to give atire satislaction to all who mauy iatronlize the Iinisisippi and Louisiana Ilotel. je3 IliJl.uw WARIL:, WOOD) SCREWS, SAl) IRONS, &c. II'IIE Ilt)OWE.l. WORKS COMPANY, No. S 238 Water, nearc Ilnklrhan street, New York, have received lthe past easons, aral are eohstautly rreolving large andll exensive addlitions to tile stolk lof the salhove good(, whllich Iow consists of tihl oll wing asrltelilllnI, uitalble for tie soutlhern and westerll Iail rkets. lhollowe ware of spelllrior quality, consistisig of about 150111 toisrs, vlz, Pasls ot 2") dilihroant sizes, frot 2:8a to 51) gallons, Kettlle, 13 I z .sr , frolll 3:8 1. 301 galloie, ietlles, ISiazes, frslm 3:8 to 1! ga.llons, It kLipans or I)vouls, 7 sltirertll lizese Tea Kettles, G do Skill:l",i . S dl Ilt Spiders . i6 do Covsred iSpiders, 2 do iOrr l ,: . 'i do Fire I)elog, . l6 io agon Ill.oes! fri, 1 I ito 1 3.4 inches. iodllli 1' itsa 1.,0111 grss, iron and brass, fromll :8 teu'h, N.:.1 to 3.9 lnih, No, 21 of i1 superior isllliy and lih ll , al eII oi 5 ha ll Jll ' il lp ed Sad Irons, asLorted, in caslks of about 5l00 ls for rotailisg. 'I'.tller's and I;ttll lr' Irvlln , is.orled. .als i weigrllls, 111 tass, oasiLC d s oiIa I 4.4 to Rolls ftr 'Itllslatillll , stllinhoatse, elIIoircheIs, &c. made tos order, A!'o otrLiabllliuils anild other machinery made to Ardor. 'IThe laovte assortmlent of goods is particulalrly reeomuolllaendel to te attlellto ol ltellliShern nid IWesterll lirllllll.ea t, iand aire olffred tier sle ilat loW prices, and upon lhse most lsieral teras ; it Ies ie. lieveld I be tlh larget andl best assoretontl over llhIred for sale by ailly oneU ustabliIshmunaoti in tliie Merehants, by forwarding a riequest by mails. eats have a prinlcd circular, with description of goods, prices and trins, t-l which lno deviation is ever malde, hfrnished by returnl of mail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. je3 L, I"V -ler's Iefunleresices. Inldien Dye, lor loerlllng Iho Ilalr ; Bear's ()il, hlsslnsn bear's orees, spoiaulltua, Mll.aiw's Frer cleiWalsh, superior ptarl powder,rhip white, cream iof roses, vegetable rouge, otto of rose, lspaslve, kreastle tooth w slli, cl:llbonic d tlllrilice, orUlan IlIwer water, powder puffs and boixe, A.'nrncln charcoal, neasly put up anI Iour nllone vials, P'res. ton salls, colognsa, Ik reosole sooth oslei dropsn, hair brushes, E.ighsh ~ ressiog conls, Indiuan hair oil, witl a vallcty ut oller perlumnrie. ,. lr sale Uby C. J. 'I RINCHARD, otet corner of Cana( l and Kji, otll sis tA's--o casen drah Russia ls, various i ualities r. hrola brhll, and low crow? Ihlllli ll u orl chip St. I. stiis fur sale by I B 1t . i ii- Co, aIav7 131 .lng ninV at 1f1tmsl -5-l hilnding fro arn a sta a s on `` ltiiligr tirr sae by (a IsaiH -V, Ill'>7 441 N- I.ever *ia: I.n.iillatrltrI weeAgrele air Cashxe a e vrllil hors L I . S El . I Ilher, Shelield, Ensahlasslt, hsins jslll ,eived u vtery exslive.ll set of IPl' a il, cosi-llne ofII S l se Ian llsii-rl Knives oi o l escriltillio, Iees, tes; I ,illu'slcoimmrcia l andlll other steel ipllls; Vio I utrsl, l soe'asals,&e. alunss. & il.witioll l lre n ripqur eblxhilit; sthetale Itilel l ie. Tses eo lldvex miliors;ol ill Is sse s a, ll vies; I il e , bllsn ioiwr, osJ.etie II A b 'l)s; sen(ll:ed s..t1 =Usltionli 1 \I\,ll)\S, IIA RTT.i& (th-Are roat' .iecrivlsig r pler sahis Ili svwilsI, Faglhi MIlery AbndelLiw Iliglh ndnekl rtces; bi lliaid erIIa; oulet okls aillvin wllesi rierma hlic.i azOrksIIl el is os; piln d riome n uilllll blsstic alpslse e ip haersdlle; I 'ells luilr a s, asIil. yes; r silua's soomercial l s id foier steelk ofs; Vif r-i. s; Violinkesur sisrei hell, ivoey cid iletroe. sor wilhis kwl aled or tleil;hs e r i oats; hel Goldell tClollm rai Cak r-ll le.ii negaro pulf TierlmEN l eniwesh ioltg e 3slie., owhalds lrraema ssero, l iniatnion In rl ants. e r mt, SIwllsoilG orle esk and iIlLorers i Freansl pst - il as lassesa nil viisl Ci lilnh a alrthells arln p. res I eie, alnd whit-awine; Irilel ml gseatsig pislcer, Ilt owder eli upsme waeste hllsl sce red nlllt bllshlens aplrate, dishes, lurclsl walshe bosinr tioiiweas, oleoh sctlii lanserlw lshens laeey beadl srrr etlls (.Iareen holes; icazor Sl.a; aInes. nle inoell gellls Il:lasip sidt nldil'a, g.rlaesdI cIells lueilr iiuehelt Eil ver, l:et.ilu; Creys &C. &e. S ver ahove to aLliirn telo sor former iterk of fren trioles, oiluke.r s aund, cket very , cmllledte. toresd wollslde or teetmil; as tie slig of lhe Goildes Coib, IT la r an-e, sa'set, mlaLr, ; L, ,s. I aStL, el a .a d tra arll s At. rUanIl 31i aihsrores wears, New Orleaus. flfhI, SI'ilGtIK.\NT & C. imparterseeof Freneh aaaaiid as.lelrsh Chinao nasd thrtahe a ir,. ere masn a-lonisg nawsslinr roicth lantertan of brekr slnhs ,h i a nd i ur a t i ra srsie s, rloilei 8e r, pilhelsas, ine iLt c e upse, f lepasly us. rtsin creras,llll bowle , III arIe, dishes, lureeill wesh basins anul oes,n lo5 t lri s n k s a be ee. Vc.yd Itlh euL llld plain rlnc h anid A lrraian llas. I wlro- llhlsets, ihnllmk netsr. elonad, nale, elllee, h lare's, as inPs, errallness c len , hawlrs., dlanleres, Ilj inp shade and gieseso, eandla thihe !misalt ael ers, e5e. Si erat;- lted roaoZe nid brilad Chores - s s,,re, liqu,-r stands, roke hookese, eoslisjl leseks, halehsas-e, spOtsaas, laesslcelfreoea teln rotasa asr.rige, enasla. las nps, jaipasned arays, aserdl tlard-, anl it in lailg las ps, line s, ier lery, tieralln sia ver sa l'ilU s nasa tarlas, lssgsiliera witha a crea vumlety a I" eirleIr dfg'r fseilry ese. Merehlsnis, plsnsere hhtiI, oail *si,-asaboans, lrni aia wrh gdsslsatiseg IhtdnluS rsaa iiisble pr s ani Ii i k'as h + I s n- ip in easherys d w-sii safaIy tI any part os the coesn ry. Ass,' aljmseaarre' glnnuxe. nonv2 "in tTooniertil ses uchtnas and Plantersr - Netro eolhorss, Ilnkehse, ii snorts, boes r, lowell ohirsie, o, ceeks.iee Iinsr, enhliaee, lheadkereiiefsr, &,r &r;ime cmunad alid far sale arw try illb m-eli. hems, - ROTTA & Cs. eat:-- catiser-Crt.l end Ch.rltree e N r. a, . M A l l, A I LA n l 1)aM N ' I ' • g -o, an D Frv lae nl0l- M* Norlkcr Muu • ,. . i .OWH avery tiny 1Ia0 01a A , 7lcesakeNail, 18ae n0o~fary8 lllaaaaly, %Vrdaooalov - - -- Xl DneiserY ll. y W I ++ - bN g y, t/." da Yl!!ny, hy ,,P. M. & ro. th F IOra Ma ely .AMamdna Akoajl, ad Nad= " and klatu.Lby 9,S . u *ar vi Nr "ia. .Nra. 'IIi iia , A• i. Ciloses everyy MoAlsy Iedlcead , . . .'~~'---lS'l 174------- llsrnM 0P ARaInVA., IEPARSrI m. Di5r Agta &re. of the Eapree++ Mail, bet*,'.r lo,,ile andl Non;: York--leving. Mnb~iie il ·a y n! P. M. N10 rawr New York tanily at 5 3.M 6ou4hward. Arrive 7 rlp . ~l~pmr. Northward. Dieteleep, Thnes Return' Wo e Al. al inaa IgaiianoI h1 1'i nh Cnhlel~lnsll, (;n . 11| 81 9 on ill.laiiana 11 18 4 Rnh's~iGo,,N . 5tlm 115 '2'2 I. I Pbilaralnljl~ain, l;4 am. . l - Newnork. 2n pal, .2 f Pen~ralnr*. V. 10 lira. 8,'10 96.m NoriehwallnlV. ain. 1| 13 I a3 fa;lnredeigklallyo. 8 Noal 7~rl la dalan s o m.laa WA./lingtAnAity, 182 pin.i6 a o urnalh ralonnr il c aili aa 201, 4a Aagaa sal Philodlphin, 001 am. New anork, flYOar 90 8.,_ia. arrh , i. isaonthwar, o late la l ia ayia I1our le110; oeng lin~ lly fiiliiil|1 Whourf++. O aallaaa dANAWAY falia , 11 i ,lg rsnadeel earner of Illevb la Ilorf.n,e ln lo nigiii fi giili of Anlalos, awll wao seen tiM npxt Inoming in I',wdra+ Il1.,! nrg + rn ) atonedl C:I(AII.EN, nhboilt 7yearsafnge, al~ ,I3 e or IllreaFnllm Iv+ n ei I +' . r* Illek, amll lsa an implm nenf ilao l agibolsaeqalaaa. of hlif lrew iad io l lmas eia'a fby arcaent hnrl ; Ili had on alhen la wont asay a Willaa follon or lhllen Phlrl nndl whlile eollon1 l/aalaltmm.L inamtrra of vessels ++ (Plnt tIinn lat+ are eollli.,rll. . aaiuat ieeivjial jr Iterlaoiig Card nerol, as well 4s rl oalner person+, ff ile alll.aot rigs rof tl e-law will ar enfilwed agaCinall aIn. Tiilm aove reard iill Im pnail Forlplelveiag h'ila unt ainy la tiio il+ of o ithler oathl." Il'llnii,.,llt.o ......iG C ....dce], ......... f "leri I~((ldPI~fH filn Or))lllll. h(i~rEINR nlhWlI disaulved. 'I'l salaoerilaor will litlaisa Iho slsira al acInaaneai In+lnla cily, aorl foqlirfo ill luiioaa aaailb. 10l clnako aaaavanolia an lai, aly, aOldY all aJlsaollliovio nlelann, forra, alsaoaaa. __'] H._ARRI1TSON. CAPTAIN MARrYATT'8 NEW NOVELS Rtll/ia, the Reefrc, ily tihe outllor 1 Petr lilllple, & Catoaninags, or l Vilter 0t Sohalada sliaifielal I.; I ao iyraa. lay Caili,,.I, Llaiail ,all, It,,yl' Nsay, F.L la*il koiardroh, a mlaianc,, Ivy Allsn aunninghlaaa,! vo ohepp1iprd I.e', wriiten ly filslf, in -a if lo . A Cplympelittvt+ Ili*toryof IIm.. Irmnal+nted fro n thr Iarigillal Ilahlasn, ly N l llaiel frens, an l voI. Fr aaa iaag Na. 71) f IVhlr ieria Knmily Lilarory. Volea. :1 & 4 if Ihi' new eaaalll ete anld ntiflran aelhioai of Il'nasiagoal Irni.e's Il'ared. Iogi'r's roaeaa Enh nal Eaagliaa Dieliaaora, hit I vol, 3oe NufoenL's FPrewh anal Iogliak Dictionary. few nolor eaoils ,f Culolla's Ihrenology "llifiifa," Largei Ollrvey ir'f l Iaallaannseoa.+llfllr oar lln, i,, ili, Ilaiailihi, BlilllAnl I;Illloiaf21-4 +anl 21-2 inalan illoa'f hiaipaovolaea icalie l'elfaaa,Jpland ia lsaweaellr Jllml received, s.ldl f~r ++ale by m131 BENJ. I.EI'Y. I1INNI:UK'- 18031, &e. 1)INNOCIli,) IPIIt'IOVEI) I EIITION OF DR l+ aaolliiiiha'a Ahlraii',i a n f tla lliaa r r of Ilitaa lo + ih laiaiis lI e n nr) 't i aalila~ hiai, il alaltn aI rirv a11 11 gFrnl l (ralty ,l'vl r eilaf tttallion aldc "Id nr.,g| I tllJIII (I( wN('k, o (I te Ma erlln Ilnalitialijanaa andIIa lAntiialaisi'i Of thle Rn llais; wilh au I inearoal oii Ili hilal Naitla; and aqinaJ liill fair efilln111ai ilh n II tlh eld ol' eoea afcliaaa. II. lilniratidlwiti illirlviaornaiaag Igna waool lay Aileraon a l'aalii' a Ihiaaroylaf Kdilial OF I)fr olilsnithl's Ilislory ofr EglaaIaad, rnl ,1 Iv lianaii Oaf Janlinaao CoanIr n ala.. ah·alh aif or aiL'aIgal, twila aa Cnllitlallaliaai II) alae yea lIPi2. Wilh qaamaillo fair xaaaaalllllntiOll at tile alf ta t·allh let:tiu lh lhaihle. a varafly oa vllhlabla ilutfnraat aila u llddd a haillnaII I aI a ala' wloTk. ( +llaiatillg of nllb i , oaf ialllonalalafla, i Non'reigaallo auld alllain4aall poraIa a.atlaiaaarlliiexlnlativi iaaa aaaua. llaalliarka ai lon h pallI lit:+, lllllnntIl+ (1a1aa lil aartr a " , IIa a aCiag An otIlian, a lii' (irlIatinioil, aaai &Cv.c. Illaartfaled by many eiogrt (ha.' I:L.r:oaraTs av A a ralaaoua , aaaaa oaa Aoridgl en of Kajila'a Niw I'l'laalioaa aaa aaa Unei if I Ulialao," Now A iaaralaial alldliaaaIIa a nia aditiIIaa aaIail r eIlIInnoa IIa a ittD1111 ,xllllttll +d't:l, daroi llaia aial part falao Aua aJailll aal aa II aaIIa. a Jaaaa-aa:,.iir'd aalaalfaricnalia iaV 'aV+.l ''KEAN i aa+a | eralir lana (:ailll nl'ld (Ci naa l nniaI l 1 0I+l ii 111~1(· · ....··· *....r - ' nrnlt, p and U an101titl. Il . ll1ll' ' i..t ....i Al I.I k I.ll lllllty I L v l;.l'rx:, u lo lt+dhbyl 'hillillLl I"'rl lta:is, 1) 1), wit h 1111. l. Jiy Ialllx Itllliaq lll 1 1r\1a 1(i ll · si t .rl'tl e nnit.,&fir. Iy i l't IcetJ he 1 l titit'n I, llt I rll ,a. l't"t , j . ....i. , . i . it ...t.......... : .V.... ikl., l'o ,,, i'lti(,:ltl.&n. wit hl he atildl J't' "aita orel I' " ""'' srlult I\!r odll .ltttan r a.l lstmr rsi 'l'hv I':,l..diliun lf 11IJ l'ki .:y' CI I :l I .:Rl, b T llj ll T, h rrilnd, ItVim t tntolrllm .I an tIh leaenS J it u tu I i, , "or , eni Alr, illtn y, in, bu i ea P uI'I . nI I Ie' NE l lkrivhntri tM a n tia A per of ie nl t Thr-1111) 11n ·th , .lo , ,. I edo t o| ulull b el liiln wllw " - .i til y t " I nal l (. iillhtllJ ili i l't.ecllttt l-lerIteli 1'OIe I'Lill'lntti; t, 'ii. lu entire satnit It cllre tlli tll rcted. rie )lu.ei wi. oasly lie parh Illl I:llT' 4+. IIAw r 'I l : t ''il t alit llr ; i, til. h i',ll P 'ente, d bal ele n eucictin o e th, east, ich reisian tread. beaks teat tls ier a nl It lle n lell ti il IaI ysait i il erieen .u uIly if . I)le a lten t , It Tu i Cur n coller.f 'eatsul. 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