Newspaper of True American, June 1, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 1, 1839 Page 2
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: trY, Friday :v'ning. Mny 31. S.t et clm r clr.cterize.d the colo.n m,.rket to. SNa nsale th it coi, hud lrpfr of ws eod,. The 1.oI nurl l hlahn.e s in daoostie rordure wes dune. No e tliopgn noFnprinee was observeuale. Ti'e toblteo mor. Ik"t) nllm, ani the dtelnnnt bisk. Ilolders will not i r:'.t.ny l moltey mtotters no changc to note. Mis. arc.l9p' n Pont hntee and Irandon money are tendiog "dow 'ds, Th latter will aoon heo w.r hs. - rapid fllaing of thn p eMr waters, and the little Claol yo yet come orward will out oir Iusinees season Short. lRtheendl nfJune, we shall he pretty well Wo undtfedanl dnmtehantd will have time to look eh ad ut-inyd ytheir plans for the earnuilg onopaigni. 'The hent faumloe er ha driven b lck the l vy North Vit d thet a.s j elled us a duay or two since, uati languor is the oruer of tie day. N." W-O)leae Chambe.r .f loeaeeewe. OFFC.RtS FOR THE YEno 1839. Preidtlent, 9. . Pletes. PirnIt Vice Presidget, W. I.. Hedge, E.q. Second Ido. Jlnt. A. Metle. Esq. Conunitfee of Appealsr for 1839. JamenDlek, Jam.s ii. Leverieh, H. C. Camtneck, Alhijolt Fisk, P.O. Sorhe, nlioltl Tlhtmpenn, ..almt ittee.. of Arbitration fir t monoth of Mao. SJnha Heddleston, Jolhn C Htrrinon, (I. W. Huntington, William ltpkin, Enoch Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hnardy. Joachim Kohn. Mall Reulatlioan. The Great Enaster Mail is closeard every day oat 10 o'clock A. MII. Is doe evterdiuy at 4 P. Ml. The EZpress Mail is cIose,l every d'v at halfl tot i0.A. M. It due with the Great Eastoen Mail, every '.he-bike Mail (via Covingtonr, It.) ie dlei revery Mnnd.v, WeVetlaye R nild Frid'ty, t i r'ctek, A. I. Is dueoevery Tluesday, Tlorclay, anid Stolrdlay, at 5 P. M. The Lntitc'illh or l.irer Itail i clort every, Mlon day,, tuul sninriav, ait 3 P. 11. Is sent lid retlrnted hlrav'mllltaon . .rrives irrretlarly tllhre timen a week. The lyeou Sara or Coson .Mail in cler'I verv Tuesday thl Friday, at I P. 11 Is ent and returnedl hy.ntentihontl. The Alexnndria oi Red River Mail is ent irregu laly by atroeamboats twice it week. I.OarsVILLE OR RIVPR MAIL. Mondao, ) Wednesday and 'Close at 8 o'tlock, P. M. Saturday, o CoaMte r Mate.. SItLerd__., jCloeslot 'clocrh. P It. hliODon. May .......t....2 a leaaineton, Mny ...... 3 .faw.or.r, do .........4.... '2 tliloinu,ti May .........03 Phillalp5h,a do ...........I' Itnliolr, i ...........0 4 Illtln re io ..........o3 1t. LOti, do .......... osa.neali. do......... t...tli Llverl,tol. Ar ..........O20 .ouitoll ('l'tt..)ltny .....2 1i',,ri,. A'ril ......... 1i I sat.., do . ...IP L.otl',,lr.......... 1i1 Nashville d .... 83 tin . r ..............18 Ii aM .- t £ w- t ai PORT OF NEWV OI1.,ANS. CLEARIANCES. May 31, 1P39 ,,S, 1 D WVoIfr Flatrhl for°iiloh o nsler "Soh Harriet. Hrlluit. flr Iraziri, J G h MoI a.ks,, Hank. Port Brlk S. J P Whtbtney Ste*tmer Valldnla., Durst, St .Olsi Ia.ster Iteam packet New York, Wright, Galveston Bogert& Hawthorln AILRIVALS. May 31,1839 Steamer Ajax, RAttier, from ,St Mrtnsvill. Steamer Belle of 8li.touri. Finch. from St Loui.s Stelier South oAlsaeasa, FsSriqur, from lInltn EXPORTS. MODILE..Per scl D Wolf..Ctrgo, 1o0 bit flour 10 do pork Io bIs witne, 50 llds snlgr. BRAZORIA.;Per sic Hiarelet..Cu go small iots brandy, whiskey rum, wines, wine., in, bncot, pork, lard, .sugar, leather, raisn., tobacco, oil, dry Soods and hardware. PORT BROOK..PerrFh Molaeska..Cnro 991 ack eorn 188 o Mfipork fi6 do vinegar 9 tierces rico 39 sacks tl ( Btlfleleaisp his solates 67 bls cofee 91fi dlsse I box asli.gniry s ST LOUIS..Perstenmer Vandaslia..Cargo 60 crates9 ihds one OALVESTON..Per steam packet NewYork..Crgo s ,ndry small lot baron, pork, lard, lots egrocerios, bran. dy, wine, hardware, dry goods, clothing &c. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE st MBrtin.ville. Pr steamer Ajax..Cargo 50 hds sogar DItt tirt & Dehlane; 44do Barker 4 Lynch; 7do Pull in, Beloerq & Degn ., 15 Ills wine Carrier, Darou & co; 2 bls sugar J Re betris & co n St Lnuitl..Per steoamer Pelle ofslisnuri. Carieo 51 hd tos steos J B Field; 2Ol do J Thayer & co; 9 do J H t ilson;St dottt l,almbehll f Thomnpson; I do C A Jacoba;34 sacks coril 30coils cc ripe odtlfey. Laurie & Small; 16t pigs lead J D I)Dsyrety 1 55 bas bran 23 do at A Careido; si pis leAd J A MArrelt; ?11 firkins blltte9 kegs lard II t IsGill; 2t sks ats t is ret,22 kegs butter A Hlck; 161 sacks corr G E Coolridge, IOo Ies flour W E Florence: i7 kes buttser Cast Finch. Fulton..Persteamer South Ailihums..Caro 7 Illesn ciit n, Btlewrl Cobb &t, Sbilet do I do deer ski.n. 0 beef t ide 4II otter skinsT B Le.I PASSENGERS Pertesnmer Ajx..R It MCarIy, Cept E Patterson; I sVerrtt 0i tSt Ours, Psiga and Clmllst Ii Per steamer Belte nf ieliet Paul snd elildrn leattelb., Inntg. FPaylon, W G Dsvit; 52 Lyle, A Sturroek; Mager, Robeint 4 Sosore. IEMIORANDA Selle of Miouri Iest 9 Lois a si sit itst. Valore high al(i ,sillgast, fromt the Missis.ippi sa.d itssuri rivetrs i TI! . i' if!. V tIA1 AVP.\ Jn- - PAITH-I UL AND BOLD. Official .Sournal'of the 2b .fltunicipaliti. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. N Ir O5 O iir AN S : SATURDAY, JUNE 1, 1839. Te.xa.-Alexico.-Fromn the tenor of the late news received by the \Voodbury, there can he no dolbt of the designs of Santa Anna in regard to Texas. Forhlidde by his own promises to the Texinne;lwhich,policy only induces l'im to keep, he willnever invade in person tile revelled territory; buit he will urge the Congress of Mlexico to pass laws declaring war against Texrs, and Bustamene will be charged with the difficult task of carrying into effeotthe decreesef the supreme govern. m.ent. The Hero of.t. Jacinto will, in the mcan time, be declared Dictator ffil Mexico, and while his rival shall be warriilg against the Texiane, he will be quletly sitting in the Nationtil Palace, covered with the laurels gained at Vera Crum and Puebla, deisine means to consolidete hii power and to creel a despotic govern. meat upin the ruins of the cnstitution of 182.1. Hli very first step after he is made litelaler will be to de clare all the ports of Mexico, except Vera Cruz, cloctld against foreig'n commerce. In titls way he hopes tc drive ot of the country. n il the f.ricnrre, t nht .e .lne he lI-) ahll thle trouble and disc ord that caie fIr a mant) years distracted tlt replublic., Buthnltct will the T1itxitns be dtinu in tile nentc timeo Aclloherconteet between Mexico andetielnel, Anglo Saxon reltflhclie will prove fCltl to the furtme peace of t'he hinlcan rInvilices, and in our Iale e o nilioll all Sant, Atna's dreams of despotic pIwer are destined Ip be dimoipated. That Uu-tamente maey fall in the eouitf'1s extremely pr, haule. So ftir Soant Anna'si oapj s inimy be realized, but halt any oel hi other scbeeane will succeed,.we cannot believe. Colonel Betglise icn will unravel the thread of the furrte. Evaf''lhe is nfat maltreateir, not cmurdcled, not imprisi oned, there is no hope oflhil beiing tl'.e to ifTect a treaty oeplpo.s with the perfIlioiccE Mxieions. lie will just seeesnogh to convince him, if he is allowed to return, that the duly of Texao will be to carry her arms to Ilhe city of blcsico, and from thence command into suhatis piots the restless and faithless leadters of te country. . is idle to suppose that Texas clan ever become a great nation within her present limits. t ire people are bone aourbnone, lfish of our flesh. lheir habits are the same. Ti.y will not suffer pressure from without. A ioeon theireouth west border;a deadly foe, they can stirer itwrpnirp . o4sppose that Tiexas as ncow bo.nded an ever hecome respected abroad, while i!exleo in her neighonr, would be as absurd nas to suppose that any single Stale of this Union, separated from tha rest, could exist as an independent and sovereign nation. I The weaker party tmut give way, and in tie present ease, that party is Mexico. There is a law i, Texas aunthorizing the arming of 60,900 iment. For what 1 To carry the war into theeeney's country, in the event '(the unsuceeesful mission of'Colonel Bee. The ito. ey ofTexas i s imple and plain. Mexico declared, as I re an thea 4th of3tay, through a pronelnaatin issued n Bustamenle, that after the fall of Tampico, no enemy y r the Supreme Government was left oate . ea.. Raeserve your valor, soldiers for the saittgi of' thi retvolled province,"s'ays tli general. .. c Texas th.n is in danger. Thousandsof fwTaemir will h fly from this country..tojh relief of their hbrethen be yond tile Sabine. Lget tire enir ery 6i raised, let the ,* sintgl star " he uplifted, and-'lkxa will go forth con. quering and to conquer. Metamorae will first fall ac From this advanced p6rt supplies canbhe easily trans- tb mitted to the armies of the rIpuliic. Tampico is not 1' destined to remain le!g in the hands of the central p.wer. Thence the marchinto Mesieo itself i easy Twonarles, tile one by the soutlhern and the other by the northern route, could sweep all before them. The federallats would rise and aid the Anglo Saxons in a their lvatioune for they woeld bear in one hand the to ar.hb of lilbtny as is Sithhir the sword for the ly- re reats. A war, an olftusive hir againut Mexico, will Ie U Ihesaftguard ofTeas. Peace will he in her borders. pl -entheatrife.wae*ibelemoenod to the eternal hills sit afenleoa. LCa her goeranment once adopt this plain At ..lley, aimudostwfl raise her ban.ners. as the als he mofNa lWafa n i anlther year shall roll rounnd. Look at theeoaditmllofthings in MexiieondTrl sa, iwe at .ansy, asator cloud darkens the Boriz a; lila destined he Sbsenst h nar the headsofthepereidios Mtexicmn. Grand J~ry-Judge Canonge. Tre Greand Jury for the parishes of Orleans, Jererson and Pliqueminee have perfrrmed their dutly in presentiog the hanging and h urning in emfigy of Judge Canonge, by sundry citizens o of Lafayette, on the 26th of May. The extra-judicial conduct ofJudge Canonge in the trial of p.hoknan and others, did not justify the course pursued by the party Sassembled, to do indignity to him. But the jury have travelled out of the record, in making up their present sent. They had nothing todo with the "capacity of IJudge Canonge as a citizen and a fither. of a family." It was his public character as a judgeofthe Oriminal Court that they had to pans on. This intermeddling with the Ir private relations ofJudge :latonge was not only in bad taste, but cotming in conflict with the general opition of the public, ot least in this very affair. Tile Decision.-Yesterdaiy the Court decided that tihe title of the " sq;are so often mentioned," was in the ancient city of New Orleans. The case is so plain, that we do not believe the District Attorney will appeal upon it, in order to cover his responsibility. Now, if the First Municipality really has any preten sions to this property, we hope, it will instittute a suit forthwith to try tie question. Qeaere? In Section 3 Art 2i, passed and approved 14th Mareh, 139, are the following wordrl.:t"and they shall (the Banks) on the first Monday of each month, 0 publish, in at least onecfthe newspapers of the city of New Orleanr,e sta tement showing the gross amount of their circulntion, deposites and amount of the specie in their vaults." Whiiy Iron not this statute been complied with? The netr Gas flank. Thli huilning is nearly tlnd:r roof. It is i pity that the dilee t,,rs did not put up . Iuilig with a c.lrOlllonnal front. a buildlig that wou li have lbeautnified the city, and reflected onor ln tirh lank. As itia, it is nothing more than aotertiror ie t li.. Ihouse model, willt requisite rooms for jfFt . aI Felots. I 9er , fn cixe 'i-; i'li exaeutionsl artfiminals could be cinducted privately. Orer the Lke-This day severalni parties of Ladies ndrl gentlemen wend their way over the Lake to Pase Christian, Paucagoula, Biloxi, &c. to prepare their SUmmer residelnce, and begin the quiet listless life of the seo .h.,re country. Happy they who can snatch so muclh tiilnrolll ofthe year as to be absenll fromr thie city hlastr , and ipent tip treets, and dreaRm away a whole rannrlllr free from the caon of the world. Florida.--' he last news frrom Florida states, that the pruspyetsofeeicting otreaty withl Sam Jones, are briglhteniing every ,!ay. When tie inglorious articles are signed at Fort Killg, General Macomb sholuld rele brate the day by it performance ofhis tragedy of Pon, What is tie direct and imperative duty of the democ racy at large t--!ret Era. To tlrt tiea handrhll of apostate felderalists now itn power out offflce, and pince therein their true frielnds. "In favor of aIndepen-lent Treasury, opposed to a Natliotl ionk."--AlbanyAegme. This is thire morto of tie Albany Argue, the leading V. B. paper in New York. They who suppose therefore that the sub treasury scheme has been abandoned, will find themsolves wofully mistaken, if they relax the least of their opposition to thia instrument of executive tyratnny. Open conviction of Knuer.--e Era See the history of the present and past adnministra lion. Ilard to do. The editor of ime Baltimore Republi can challenges the editorolthe Baltimore Chronicle to name any one of the mneabrs, of the late Ionocrali conventioa, whoi is not a gettlemrt! He should hiave ad, ded 'of tile loco-focs school,' and the editor of the Chron. icle would have found it a hard matter to do. Ifevcr man in elevated to the Guaerratorisl chiir of tilis Slr-., ib tie aenlrv'rlioet of the t)croerncy, that ial wit. be"'ttn-t i. I'ttlk.-N. Era. It is lucl., 'hit the election olfa Govern or depends lup.. , cr ou 'tllltcry. It is by them, that Govetloor Cannon ntlt ',eelevated to the cliairhe now occupies, nrt bIy them that ,ioues K.Pulk will be sent into retiracy. " irs alleced tlwit Mr. Breedluoe ion arltdpot a ey. tr t n+ si-t tei ilt n hierers tatIots with tile Govern. latlt, tlhr oiugh a sot l ca.rle thll tre Cetise', par-. An'Ily retron,e i.lo b his office: t t noeil titr 1d ft " il lInnV betoe 1i i c rI l s rt.tlltSCt . It bollltstr ldt t lict l lterd ITi r ext r a lt d itl lt ,' ir Iltt.son' Ille r et i l W e hiate I , i3ti il ittl tt -ll,, ll tt'lrlt s tr Ir t le t titlte l a t t ,ire ,m 9ilto $:II.tIi lay, o, liith,g ul,"n-uonpin-.lnip will, tih e busy ect of Cn tercs tutlttlOnly ull Oeh the stetsrbuot lia,- in lloftlllntic t rcae, it will be oiherverdi otoe llf goleo o the iirtfoncr -thle otll.r to the G(uvel n mner t." The above we oplly from o letter in the Cilteilanrti Republrlican, writtei by one Join G. Anderson, late captain of the strarer Winchester. He asserts thit what ire saysa"i suoeellible oftproof." Ne advise Me. Anderson, for hlis own sake, to corre fiorward forlltwithr anil prove hri elnrgets garilnt lMr. Ilreedlove. "It aeilplers rthat 1r. iollailtd itas ahscoded with bill tlhe pultic and prlvdtrtt nutie lie cotuld emrbezzle, ie d if a detil wits girvtn or tte prottitutirn f Ite I ilw, and ohlbse tt olli.,ltl JI.ieL to entract Itoney fettr tieP pr lo.r-itrlsireely gei ill Ini lIowel by lrle sunts nl .toier resoit,,It wuld ickel trile lheart toI tlhtl.k ol'alucl hi I rIaII depr iV ty."" This extract too i fIrotl Mi. Andersen's letter. W'o profuess not to have a very hiigh regard for Mr. Ho-. laadl's honesry, silrce his awartwoutlizitlg, but Mr. Ani derson owem itiO, the public to furnieh them some evi. of whrich Ite hlre operly chlrge. upon Iheabsragne mar sh ll. Col. Kin,,.. -Tis Ionocratic Senator of Alabama, was invited a short lime senEe to a dinter in Mobile. He declined, lut gave a desert upon the occasion, in the foIrm ofa letter declaring iis doctrines, faith, &c. In it he avers that lie has ever hten opposed to a national Bank! lay That art does he get over the facts of his actually voting for thle lchrtr of the U. S. IBank, and of his declaring two yvuis ago that he never doubted I the power of Congress to iak e lll an in ti nt:ol ? Itll,, . a flil: ..... l tI. i t lld, , ,? Ihi, nta. ? .a CuI. Khng wishes t. nullkl (Col. Johl])ollo' piace, and to i elf.dat this, te villl stop or I ll obstacle. Hlch is the ch rat,,, i.f all the lo eratic ifliee seekers. The Result.--Afiel spending so t.e twenty millions of dollars I h tl Selnilole war, a law of tile 3d ofiMarch last appropalltes $.A110t for the purpose of holding a treaty conference with the e invincible Indiana! Know'ledge.-Asplsia toI Cleone. Oftlhe fIl'ure we know nuothing, of tile past little,of tile present less; the mlirrnr is too close to our eyes, and our breatl dillis it." Ridicule-Aeparia to Ctleon. 'iRidicule oftfers ar ri resenlltment, bat resentte,.t never yet parried ridi F' tlrrt' FIne.--Clone it~ Aepausia. "The mtou-. mentofthe greatest man shouldl be Only a bu-t and a name. Ithle name alone is insuciient to illustrate thlle brst, let thea hall, prri'h together Bad ,Si~n. Ilnn.inlgtn advettieases his dioramas ior sale. New Orleans is the grave of humbug. Loafersa' Ftshion for Jute.-Party colored pants, with large waistandl, ttlltrained by a siltgle trllahtt brace ovir tih left srhoaldet,sml t tile knee ant la.rge t at the nlle. Goodsntsa t i:b fttlhio. for pentsjust im parled front Greece. iShcsn a In broban. iBoot wtil air hulen permitted in tile street. ilackitg of chnes vulgar. Chelise without sleeve., and eollarlest. 1it. son plain allld I.nrlral. Stock black with w hile edging, Coat with tlong skirt and Iurtonloae, except in front, . here two are allowed. l.appels of red iannenl and a collar ditin. Thle colors most in vogue are snuff-brown aindl mdder. lit narrow brimn, without band, and top gracefully curverd inwards. Thie height oft the ton i to abstain from the Iath and never to abave, if possible. The chiefdandies are known by their gait, whiieh is sluggigh and dragging. In the steet, thrusting the heads into the breeches pocket is a mark of elegance. The dinner and evening dress dieto. The loafters mr . deavouns to June is to be in houses ofrefreshmlent, where it is notalilowed to pay for drinks, if it can possibly be avoided. At niglt, slumbers in the opsen i wiiTbnal the rage, as slowing the eontempt ofa loaforfe r taB.' quLtoes. Ilanbmg. The story of the survivors of the Hornet. Oar table. The American reader has long wantrd d a dictionary of comamere, containing not only all the foreign learning on the subject possible but also a cor t rectexpose of trade and all its accompaniments in the United States. This desideratum is about to be sup plied by Proesso "'thake, ofl Pe~s ,ylania Univer, itv. We have be e, . . p. . - ' ,'n number of the Aentricnn edition of:. - : ,,; tionary. It is to be published by Thomas " ,I. in eum:'ers. Jonha . co., are the agents i this city. Every mtu "hould at oncentbsecrhe to it. Noebler pen for the task could he fouael than Prof. Vethake's. Tie "Oidities of Lonloen Life" is a collection of police stories, somewhat tter the fashion of the celes Sbrated " MIorolli.ltn lw Street." They are for sale by Johan & Co. The Beef Question.-Mnch learning has been dise played upon this question in variou journals and much ill temper too. But the fillowing elfusion from the ipun of the poet Laureate of the administration, is the jpliloephy of the whole matter. Sutehers' mteat is riz, " And somne ny it will be rizzer, C lt low sllnco 'ries 'tis, " Itc s't be any tizzer." The WIhip. Thin paper was ushered into the world Iby Cadwallader R. Colden, of New York. but before Its second number appeared, Mr. Colden sickened and died. "In the midst of lite. 4.o." POLICE REPOR'Ti-RECORIDER'S COURT. Second Mlunieipelity-30thI May. Night--Mrs. iason drunk. discharged; Ant.Crenr, daneerous character, ettnmitted for six monthsll., old of. fenler; J. Now, drlirng a knife on John Riley at the 'remont Hollse, to he vouched fr; eltephen Tnrbn, assaulting Nirs. Irvin, bound to criminal courtV W Stnith, lster, dlischarged: H Canmpbelldo; tIHenly drunk and ldischlarged ; J Nleriety. diturhing peace, re leased, WV Lincoln, found asleep, to be ouched 'or. COMMUNaeCATED. nlh. FlotR.--Thore are hilt few men in Now Or lease who le Iontcenrilbuted more to tite beaultifying nnd itpttrovetnent ofourt city thaon thesltbjtce otf Ili. Ipa.sing Snolice-few itcl.ed there are whln have ll so enterri sing a spirit--onl'not oly going slied himself. hbt of cnrrVyg aol llL with lil those of a nmre timid nld eral tv natue; men w ho-oot r thuc expend a dollar in ion plnr, eqo,, wal ,,,. m,; ely liuv" '. I en,,; tl, e tolttering, Sne- ntII.- gl.h sleinog 1,1 pocketing tleir two end ther e tr rn c tl , p.r o lth itil vainly entrn uCiN to countII ilhrrnlnlmolt countleslsl , end n11surno Lots It is hardly n,,ceswrv for muer to poninlt t out I lm ".rofcdi. fleceseretled b) Nr It. 10O.I'rilclnrl. ''lhos. Iilne lima. esio,, lmpnrt annd Conti str:etsc; that loek on the c,. r of v Royal eI tH iet rlleail e, tcel ct Ic o fi,,e .,no in S, 0;1 -,ear lt'rtres street-tUni, I 'tlell'CLcP. AlI a ldt Ipereeverace inn t freatC t.•ensre, lo ... .iu and elegnt, E.echot.e lolel--a jh stranngere from all qacrecso fthle .f ME t.i \ ' a N fr the lpurity oe its elolen, the et.u .. v ePl darts, end, the nc ilmbl ce eturins . . r.,o9reTt nl arrangemeniet. Thten again C VWAVeroaunc h, Ibrelv second to tl e lixchange nork canrri-d on e Icis iudlividutl ineanc, and Ithrouglh those whe. rho utter tnstro rs*' 'd!t and commerce,. threatened universal ruin . Tiose elegant grlnite l rstrs too, oppoete the Echange Hote', are or were isi--except two wllic telong to Allbrose Itatfeur, Esqa. Ie olcy two,I ibce lieve.lle hosever built. 1"h1l Imlst slop, Mr. Editor ere my prolix ty beenmes wenrime, anntlcll a lenl tl.tttin t tllt t l Mr. Prtch. I arl's lltt I tlirst only intended to alludle to. It could not he l pected lthat N r. I'. Wlttld escnpeC the geteeral crash: he wal foirced to etld lcder tile nctilo oftctr bnllks, nld go in to 'olllit . He Un natlitttolc' avt n itlled so!e svcodc ofhli esltte oald e q anl aexanple worthyccf ifti atlicl t ly ice U blllntlcr ol'eym sc wholoco I aig met lp, lie ealledl toc:her hIs ere(liter%, (befor, the ink hn I scarce. liy tillO i' dry, tltlt close, tile cets of sae . f crolerty ulnl.lhll ,fll to nenrly Ibur tltllertl tltt t tl dto.lrs) nlc d taild sT elt for celtf of three Ilundred lhoan cen ol erstd stioltctt fifty per cent on the relmailter, tile bta mice of" tihlt will Ie paid ucl, it asout yclyr or Ilthere abouts. Can thie conduct ofeuci a a11n11 be too highly cuuiise ?ll I think not, and I feelit a duty I owe to myself and fellow citizens, an to our more dietent eigclbours, to let tlleut know lthat we lave slela an en lerpricing ntd upright citizen amongst its. CANDID. I ll- ~ l~ljll~ | Il I II in SYNDIC'n SALE. Ba Y BAL.Cl & CALIIOON. ll., he soldon Woedaesday, Joey 3, 1839, at i a ('Clock, at the City Exeh unge in St Loueu e. between Koynl and Chartres streets, by nrd r of Aniho. g v RIasce, REq. Slndic of the enditrn of Mlessr, ligrton L \'iran. for the atoount and at tie risk of nre lesrs Edward 'ork, George n.Ogden and S COgeal, I who baove filed to comply wit iht ters eofa saole oI" prol"rty hereilafler described, made to them on the 1AR BilJalLryO 1839. Eleven lots n giround, sitNated in Fsubeo r Snlat, 24 Muiecipality of New Orieanr, in the square bounded by Clio, Prytasee, Calliope d Noandus treets, an per lan which will be exhibited ot the time of sale, v.: Lot No.1 Ulltt Uin g 29 eaiet, 4 inches fron on Per tCane street, by I0O feet in depth, esd front on Ciio street. Ioto No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 7, ,9 and l0, nensore each b2 feet froot on Prytanee street by 1:0 fee deep. ' Lot No. II nerosriung 9 Poet 4 ihes e frlnt on Pry liane street, by 120 fTet in deipth, and Iront (tI Calliopei slrelet. LTle alove Ilits will rie slld Ipnt ntely w:th Ie prPt ir le .go In alley in liha rear of the widthl of 5 feetr. T'erms of seale--$lta :ash l a ceh lol ; balance 6, Il, ae2 onJ s a entl rcredit f 1, approved endorsed notet, withl orlgoge untal lanai payment. r juite 3titijii 3ijr t Voant do Syuaic. PAR BAClt S CALtIOUN. JL SERA VENDU to Mercredi lI 3 Juilltt pro t chain . midS, ia la Nounello Bourse rue St, ILouia entro lee rues Royalu etChar roes, par I'ordro de Mr. Anltony Raesh, Sindic des er(anciers do Mosesre. Egertoo et Wibray pour Ic omlptu at laux ':oles do MaIessieure Edouard Yotko, f(eorgo B, Og ' I C. Ogdon qai tont moaudn.e oneu termo. , t , lr r o, veto pur lon., roprlr6ns ci i deonues deisgna . ,lcur ndud gdcs 1I . dJn nvetr, 1839. ONZE LC i'S DE TEIIRE oilini olons It, haullnlerg Sanltt, 29do ,nlUicipalit6 do II. Nl, n )rd dlloos dan I nilet sit 6 etere lea rues Clio, lPrytantd , C in lope, 1t Nayado, d'aprbe nn Savoir : Le Lot No. -1. mesurant 29 piouds 4 pouces do fae t re a rn Prytanoe ar 12) pads do prnf ldeur do face nt In rue Clio. Ls lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 meou rant chnacua 29 pioda do face a Ina rue Prytanad par 120 pieat de profoaudur. Li lot No. 11. Inesurant 29 ipiodo 4 ponces do Sface l a run Prytan6o par 120 piend do peonfoadeur I et fco aI In rue Calliope. Lee plredits lots oeront visndell saporanoten anvco to privilbg d'uao aulla do 15 piedn do largeur. Lee tortoos du vonto reut y1800 coatlrlont pour ehnqni lot, et le balance ia 6, 12, lI et 24 mois do credit an billets ondose.s in saisfaction, uvse lhypo thfque jusqu' it parlait paiemetiot. lY BAI.CII & CALHOUN. W1 ILl., le oldna Wodnelloay, 3d July, 1fl39, at 12 o'cLoCk, at tlhe City IfEIchlage is St Loui street. ITwo Squaes of Groaed, Desilgnantd on I plan drawn by l.nis l rlngier, ser 'eyor genelal, ns scares E anti C. Square IS contains t6 .late, nmbcred funl I to (;, wlhich atosure as fatu towo Nos 1.2, 3, 5, 6 7,8, 9,10-10 lots ran ring each 30 Iot lioll ell e llclntaly orert, by 105 feet n deilet; lot NIe litltlifll IIle otelller of inarley and A lan streets an l ot O, ISr I........g ta e cor.ner. of f arty.. id dlur. d rt rto e:t. Nra It, IDn, 13i-I, naneline onch 300 feel front on Ilrdel Rshe htv .y t rnl feei Iin la r Ge Il+in, c rtih t lNt ,tiolt hI -etrenofl t]r tr,e ry -,l, I' i l in I \elr , 1,;No I I i n tlll i ff i ,. t riier of 'llllr Plt i •i fIIId Ilr' l3dot s ri (loll No :3. Ionia, Ibil turn...llt I 1I SCIcataPle c,'II I l l l.1o Stc i' I, Nos 1, 1 :, "!'l-- lotl iilPi'e.ti.iciegra9l ef, frtnt onl fl msIllll Slre'l bIy l.O itl Id-- itb, SI unra C cll c 2ain 6 lo + + n cr l from I il ,6 ilo No I for- tn, . co er '1 .i m ,Inael cial noi I i aeI I rtreet, nstadol gr(frllling tila CII-e, of Culeinerr:icul & V llillngtlll streels. Nos It, I I t -- Ienle. rlnlri encllh30foelt rot oll \Venllintch shleael. I, -- 1-0l 0i,1t uI ltle. e Illill eall a 'Ift itr at Pl lerale-Ie y Iv fore it delllh; Io NI., 14 fldrleilhe tle? crnetr ol I'ealf andell n : ileltoI otleel, anlill dNo jiningio th earnier of Pearl ani Ilurln, letiets. Nos t4, .3,lg0--3 illt., maenonrng ehIt 30I leet frotl oil Iurdel street, by 15 farlt in depth; all Ameriaai inean lire, t .iune. I 3t Ijl7jl3jy PAR BACII &l CALHOUN. I L SEIRA VENDU Morcredi In 3 Juillet, 1839, * tmidi, a in Nouvelle ltnurse, rue St. Louias DEUX LOTS DE TERRE a Carrollton, dacignd, d'alres un plan tire par Louis Brigior, Arloitteur ge.idrale, lee dis 'lots I et C. L'ihat E contient 26 lots nundroe6d do 1 26 clquela ot las nurlt ecnrttsuivants : Nos 1, 2. 3, 1, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, menurant ebltmn 33 plods do face & la rue Macarty aur 105 piedta ie profandeur, le lot, I forlnant I'encoige, store des rues Macarly -at Adanl, et le lot no. 10 for ,ant I'neo gnuro dos rues Macarty et Bardet. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots eaairanet chacun 300 plode de face , la rue llurd.I llr 150 de pecflm dee r. Non. 14, 15, 16, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mesorant clacnll :;0 'ode do a ta rco do Comnmrco suor 103 do profatndeur, le no. 14 forianet l'encoignurco does ru s do LCommerce at Adam. Nos. 24, 25, 26, msauranlchaoun 30 pieds de tace & ta rile Adam eur 150 de profolndeur, L.ilet C contoleant 26 tote numerotd d 1 8&26, leqeuols ont lea msaureo enivanti: Noa. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 0, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mesurant eeacun 30 pied. de face Ia irue de Commerce sur 105 de profonudeur, le lot no. 1 formnant 'encoig. aur dee rmen do Conmmerce et Washington. Noe. II, 12, 13 masurant hacbun ;0 peds do e Stamrue Washington sur 150 d profoladeur. Noe; .4. 15, 16, 17, 18, 10, 20, 21, 22, 03, dix eotn mnear.nt chteun 31 pieda do race & ta rue Pearl ur 115-e' profouldeur, lo no, 14 formant l'calo;gnure des rues Pear t W.ehinngtolen, t e no. 22 joignant l'anccignuro dee ruen Pearl at Bur. dot. Nos. 24, 25, 26, 3 lots meaosurent nceun 30 pieds do Ifno . lu rue Hurdet stir 150 do prefun. dear elt tout metumr Atnericaine. J1 LARID-480 keg euperiorleaf lard, for sale hv jeL i DORSKlY,44 New Levee ABCtN SIDES--150canksauprior Cineinai . u-. i Sred, iu store, for ale fy DORSE¥, june 441 NewL evee BlnUTTER-tahen and Wooern, in store and for janet -4 New £e50e C MAYURALTY OF NEW ORIEANS. I1 lHE price of flour je day heing $6 00 per barrel, I uaccording to the tarifft tile bakers will give 54 onnee of bread for ten cenrts. iring the week brgin ningo OlMonday next, tle3d,.l ue. The In voes ofoec anI qsality, or of three fir iell cents, shall Weigh 25 per cent nre, that is to any, 42. 1-2 onnoee. June I C. GENOIS, Mayor. N. O. & NASHVILLE RAIL ROAD Co. SPRIoNG ARRANGEnn ENT. Commencias in hendhy, 511 Mny, 1839. T HEI Cars will leave fir the tiltEAT PRAIRIE,on Stheir rautes to the Bayou Tiguyue, every day in ilte week-as IbllcO: Depart. Return. 71'. M. I A. r. Excert Suudays, when the care will run as fallow : Deport. Return. 6A.M. 9A.M 12, . 2 P.M. 4 6P. M. may3 JAME HII. CALDWELL, President. S p l * n fri.lI regularly monthly meeting of the Loulsiana n I o ni ellows will take place on Mlonday Evenin, J lan. 31, at IIialf puso 7o'clock, at tbeir Iall, Lyceum, St Cilel'le Theatre. A fIll at tendonce oflthe Memlr+ is rsqu:.cil, ns business oftbe Sutmostimlportance .ill ea Iranasted . Junei tsilnc y order of ite President, jue_1 2t J1. W. It. See're. Ul S CIRCUI I' COL'RTI'. II i11F. )iket will be calledl_ Tlle)nm, Islilnrdav) Is . , eat 1:1 o'clck. lii rn 'olii (sai, , jre t II I Nl' N.\EN, iloek. " 'I'i tihe 'hip l - I,. :IIANIE, Captlai '11a li'illi. hi. ovi lp i rc,'s'i iimm,intaiii. fi. (1 . or 10 pttPson e cnd wl'ill vsil in ha 51h oi .lou. \1pply i i blaJ, lloppoite tibeilyper press, et ts L II (.IL E, lmay 3.1) Ct.llonno st F- I. IVEII'I.LO)I.. ']he fitst vailing pekelt ship SYI.VANUS JF.NKI'NS,('aI1t. (i Balker, cna ascc mmhsOc odale cibi paasrngeers, a Lit i posilively spilia ihe Illb l Juine. Far pae.ecr ohly, ihaviang sllperior ncolionmudltioax, Applh to Caopt iarker, no boardl opposite lolt 4, 3d Municipslity, or may 0i I. II 4IALE,93 Comlnoll st t FORI HAVIRE. Th'ie A I superior and very fast nilins. hav.ip JOHN lDUNLAPCapt Cloat, wil re, aeive imaiiediate dilspatcli. For btlniee of fipelgit or l asnage, apply to L HI (ALE, E sp i U0 93 .Cvllooll cic FOI l.IlVIRPOOL. 7th Jiine. S The A I last ecillug ship AI)AM Li)IGE, Ccllt Mtairr, baving hler crgo nall engagdc, will sail poaitively oi the 71h inst. ore pan. save, ayving superior accOlsmnti"ieias, appe on board nlssrsst srpper prene, la N S P tWHI'IiN EY, i._ny 30 7. Coup it FOR NEW YOlK.. Holmes' Line of Packets. To. aslon the 7li. June. Tu h e'bn suinperior fnat sailnrg ipacktt slip l OCMULGIEE, Leavlrs, inn.ler, will pis itivry nail as above. For frelgt or ias. saga, having elegant aeomamodatlios, witll stile , ois, aslply tio ithe captain oil board, opposite Tha Vegetoble lnarket, or to A C(01SEN, naly 311 NoO 90 Colmloll st l7 The pat.ket ship Alsbimhi will succeed thei OCn muigcr, aod sail 7 doys aiifer. The Ilst snilig salA1, Mars, Capt. Cvstle, wants 0Ullk bales cottoln lto complete her carg,. For freiglt of whiihs, or iassaage, olsly asl boardl, r to IIOLM ES & 3 ILLS, miay '8 Balnk P'lace FOR NE'sV YItKSr-e'ilh car/y despatch. Loilsiiana anl New York e of Packets. 4: Thy salprsior regular lina ship Yazoo, Copt. Trunk, wiil L relady to leke in freight ito morrow ad twill Hil with quisk deapatclh. FIsr Ihnight or passage, lavinx elegnnt c'inicommodtoiss , apply to the C,alta oii ba bori, iear tlhe Vegetlabl Mlar kot, r to JAMES HI. tULI.EN, 74 Camip it. 0l The Yazen is a very deairlab e conveyanc for passceyers at hliB scsuncof thle year, lving all airy ipper cubis. miay 2l FOR NEW YUliiK. -- LI I'ncae't if' tle 81th ist. New York and New ollseas ILine. .. Vhs inew aindi eleganti shil N U3itMENT, Copt i'hose. :nving ithree fiorthla ofi ier rgo en'laged, will sail iinsslilyl. For freigiht ri Isleseno allpplv al bloard, near IlThu tlpPr cotlton iress to leov leifierdor to PETl.E LADlhIW, maiy :31 ili Camp st Tihe A 1 ohip BANGiOl, Capt l)yver, will have leepsltlh. For lallsme ofi freightl .. eior p'ItOagr, Iaving goodl accoausisOdatiii.x, apply to lie eaploia til bulrd, or tI isiya" MS ,1v J P tpWll I'NEV, 73 Camp et I'A'I' I)E Lb iOUSlI\NE-Cssc die|'alrouse Pour li't v)tris ,r v ille se In Nsovlle Orl(",ots P'resenl I'lnm'torahle Ch(ll'les Altut'al. Jallgy. . 31ai ss 1, 1839. No. 11,771 1t. Dissbos e cc ctl'"ai,'iers. tin mnlion de ts, W. hI' Iti, l:"I. ivs ut Ata ll' lin, ,asolvhle es es ll loal rnt ollle rr*+ur gtli s, t .io v t lao sal,:i sal-o r .i.eispo s ,y asa hs r iss e , ir .csirs, l ar It u-- l est oro elll: s Ia :I ('siOllrj € l s',iC nsu eli ' Iltlvell e tlrlle ' leto ll lll'eilll de Itl, lllll, pe .a ote,.e 1": el. iotalre, en Sa(llledlle 15 Jiini, 18.tll. arl cI t i ot li vso dclilere stir lea 18il- eso ll opeii oue i re PiI re • l colusieleraliun nlei ismi.sles Cvllnales dae s Ia Iehliton. Extro it lil rek iatrla enlr, Iluretsl du GreflC, Ila Niaii'aIll Orlenss, .ln I 14,1839 )- IPerihll Ilod City of New Olleats.--l'risent tihe Ilsna',tsble ChIarlsi TIurain, .tiludge. hIa, 11111, 11139. No. 11,774. t. Du Boise, va. isi ('tetru. On hmotion of Geo. WV. [tlltex, s(a - s(fcslisoCl ftr iis Ihsuivent, snd ispi n showing m 155 ci rl that aia errsr in 'rept ialne nse olce calling lie ir istiss i o'ora ditts illsthi s a l ie, al stha scesllsireqi tly ai sl s I|el sin mCnt lake plce. Ii isr oreredIy lhe cllllt tlh ula tow me isig lake pl1ce at the oili e " or Phil l se I samnie, -sqs ltssry plblic, lS ur,/ll herllle is ts is-lof Ju , 1'39 rlhl ulld I wrre Io helibcrale on Ih, a flrirs ohl'the Il lioin or, nm take into considerstio Ithe Uatnlet s.t IbrthI is xrlrcl Irifom illa minutas-Clesk'a Ofice, New Or leans, lay I., 1839. ay, 1I73. M._ANI) PIt'OT, Cerk. JAA SOL-=-an,, l I;biBK.ELL~WsA-5-56 canses-, c.: l a general Isorltoot tnof lta l and Gtilnt lham Uiirellas and Pirasoels anw d ltdloiiouble styles, landing frmn brig ont. Henry, forsJne by in6 I 1 1)0GE & Co, 134 MIaozine at 1. ~anding frolm Parket shiip Alablm. A '.ly to Il, Capinin on board. one tier below tle Vegetable Mar lt ) ItFI,'-'-'l'hIt d(1 l0i110 o I .fI the. three-suet J brb'k Ick uo No. 1( T'h'c:hupnhtlnlI.1 slr't. I'ou. sessiol given oil the 9th Jue. Aipl 1v .\. \ , - S I'. , I'I' 1.1\\\' 'Il l.·I,< .- - i .1 A RI A' \'S l l ...... a t+ c j c . .. ... ... lelt, i j!) I vl; Louisiana Repo le v l (oivil :lol l or I.+t.,i E J o .O',, r gegllnt. Low ,er'a o{,lurrs oft:tea inl thle IEng,. i Illslt c lllrl s 32 olns. 1Villiiins' hlal.nohltswrto lRpllrt GoPelte' Relprt, r n vo's; li cliu'lle do A lll uld's.civil o d ci .b1 I+,n l ns a. d lnt. IIllu o h Iftile ra nlln III- 1 .1 4 I n (s llur lr's n e, l,- llortl s Clin lt n Ill.; do in "Co Ioit ' tChitio'n IPlo itlg; do Pr tlicr do equity 1i enl C Ihitt1' s Illfeketo on •i'ro i e'n r io r, t 'lrran' Admiraltdy Diigest; I)irest Io.w of U S ldlea's ClI ilnctry RIeports; "ionblhaniue, Equity Form Book ; Goold' I'lendlingn ow on I'.rtlnerolmiip; flmainon'o Lgni Situdies Kent's i' iIrolntre; Loiglh' Nisi Print 'othbier on Olialioion, Patero' Di[gest, Iot volnlte, a new wn A Roseo on Evidence ; tFsell oni Crimt e Snuders' Pleadings; dSniths Chnneery Praclre StOarkie on Evidrnce; Storry oL Ih Conptijution Saneens 6& Brneke oil Iillsuranc Tollons law of iExectioas Tomlilo Low Dirtionary; Vatooll's'of Nations nndngeaetoal astorlitento ol all ololoril Eglih anid Frrcl law bunke,k aongst the Inlter, ulerli, Tl'oulhier. Potltler, Toruploeg, Duraolllon, . E JOHNS , Co, may 30 3w Cor St Charlen & C.ttnoI rto t NEW PUIBLICATIONS. i Sorile rlcrll of tile tilles by G P i rls with et.llillS by Jullls6oh" I'.tr,l Brwlu. , Sicilian aIrey, ctdile r.rT'Ie bodgre IloPk t, i wlieb is arppendued rle A ols enila ntty by Trs,-lre l Ilook. l e Numiber I, .\ilolas Nieklcy. Soulnpero 7 it ,l 8, sketclts blyl.oz. Clatrk on lhe Mulirv'o Toree and Silk Varm, and on the prodtuclion and ilolotllictotlre of silk, enmbellislhed with appropriate engravings--Just n recivrd ld forb sale by W A1tKEAN, my6 eor np Co nlnC ol omo e A VA -OFFEE.-p btg+ landhigr from hip L- ville and fr sale by SIIALL &1 IYIWN, ll 96 Mal.ltzMtne at P I'TCHl-3l bola. il good, fir soule Io tSHALL & IIROWN, mnay2 16 MNagazine TO IM(J, RTERS OiF PATENT I.EVI (V-i Ii.- jjj I:0 AND MliOVEIIENT'. theoy are epen to rrecive orders for Firm Quldity Work. on tle hestl psiltle termns. Ptiteres forwnrdedl, on a resletlnble reference being given. apt 17 tRENCH| Plying Cord.-Juot . oo. :vt Irom New Slork, a o ullfr.,ce of r ery superior double lerd Cards, for dah. Ilo dozen or nroe bv DAVIT I EL'T & .o, N Y Stltioners' Hfll, april3 2_1 2 lhartr at - LOCKE & Co Invrjustr loreda stltnpply ofnew and improverl cooking otnver, uitable fir team onts atd boarding hioes, of the foulluowing patterons iz: Pitlsburgh iron, 10 boilers oeach, suitable to ok for 5) I persons.. :Colemon'. Loufsvillee potters, said to ie tie best or intented for fteat boats. GI oaono'a patent ateont kitchens. Wilaon's do to fr fot lieor. Joomes' do do Conical premiutl do, cc dc &e. o rl, SECND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. o ,W ElEl broulgh Io tihe Pidlee Prison ? thne 23d Mtu A- nicipaily, tie lolowing slaveo , vie,: not A negro woman named Snionnr, nininuni tIhirly three yearn old, oya sne blelongs to Mioo Fmeinnrno, A brigin mulatntlnoyolnmrdlEdllwnard, about 21 years - I toin lie bIreonge so Dr. Young. A negro boy nimed Primnus, oged about 2O, nyn eih belongs to Mr. Llnrwirk. Thi owners of said nslres will ploono coil ot the prie. nr on of the 2n1 Nlun oij'aiiy, proe property, poyy olhrgen in and nkae lion away. IH S IAiI'EiI, june I Ciionoinoflo,'- Wotlci. paIloe lea rlrsclnvra uivaats envois Une negrrnse unmnoSinsunnen, nnao do 33 ,,n3, 3O a: disnni nppntrnenir S Mndol,,oioelle Fonnoojne. tin nvgre Mo ontre loje, onoon6 Edniard, og6i do22 ano, no ili-nai ngnanonieir Dr. YInonor Un negro noonone Inrilnoa, ugh do 20 aium, re dioni nprrarkrecl, a Mlr. Baorwick it. Ifneo poirnl ien din rcO uts in omlin, o int prino do vooir - o roeiner ro pynonntleaIfrois. II. S. HIARPRR, it Cajituinoo Ide [arnre NEW ORLEANS &i CAIRROLT'ON RAIL ROAD CO/I PAINY. SUMMERn ARRANGEMENTS F OR THE WEEFK IIAVS. Fromr Carrollton. Frotn Ne Orleans.. florae Car at 4 o'clock, .A. M. thorn Car at 5 o'clock, A\. At Foc roon motiv nn Locomotive i B 0" PMu in at )'J A lI 1 P.'M It- "tB" P.I " : Aten IOo'l.lnlk.Ca canllbe ninonlnl by ,payng .i dol ior,, for thi Trip. *IIRI.1EYG T IUI {NT .u. YE T'Ihe ion oiliIrl t,:.-r at th.' ".: inn h. . a, in Ihr ,1.,\, Hel Il'llJ11lllII ... 11 I 11 1111 III. ' .0 rIL l Il 10,1 1Ci 1110 1 1' I c\I . ry hi ,l 0, nl li 0Is lll le, 1'. A Igo onnli e ncnt noono, nll o IrIlllrlboll( n iritin_ ('n11110 , in t in 5 u',;Iocllt r. ,, n",1.1 n ~r III, may ti) T · IP (·j l· IIIIIIII. dives ·· 1: ll ± Sl, TllEillll IlAlitOO ANI o .,-hy :I AC IJO IITL n IhI"n I o ,,, r" I V t b ruyniO tieielO:,":linfl,0.\ iii l i lll nl lllu k YAM, (;in "-i n i, idnl nie i. ilheUutd lilini 0 ' In n I'.rr goingll byoke miinne LI,.ls eillellfretl peso,( Inlnnlllir.. t willbr'i ckrc Iall toe -IIIHLnr fin.ole-It I lieill ".4 IIIItoI roeeivf 1001moey in li.1 therean'. THTIIE JACKSON AND iF.ACOU i STREETCARS ],.love toe bonlnd of Jlckrel street t a jolno It A. AI., CorralI -y IItreUtEat I u' Dlk I Illl 'orn' iy. At 8 IIilorIkTO. yill Arr ommeoinin'i to lePa lo' lilnd evry I hour Illlro In' .'clock, It P.,l fromn Jao n met.3,1 ri ll i tt o'clock fr., (I:a lntr3t .aeepllllq at 81 o'clock, I'. al. frmn i (:lnl street. H tfT It is I'ultieuarly requerttel dent gentII~elon ill not put tlheir oIee upon thecushins, or smoke . o hars, when .ujicJ are present.. ig Otfico New Orleans tied Carlrollton Readl Company,111~ May Ict, 1039. JOII, IlA1n/ IIN )f meay l8CitiIg .4 A tA oll llg I rnOUVEI.I.E Oltt.le,10 pnoI' CRIR oiliLToN. Aoloiige eoio de pIoioir p ur Io O jnyog i en. it oc Cn ioin. la. ie In :nie orlaio. Challr 11 cheval, ai 4lits. A A Chenr it chess(,a 5 hea A Sil Locomotive, A0 i I.Ii 11 o0iiOtii 117, onI0 lit Oilitil~lll Ililr I I - 1i* 2 P AI A '. I iron In : IA it idI Aporse; , i0 i inl r, on pe1t obtenir uJil har, en gaayai o Ial chi q u , YrniC se Arrairgildo rolors ponr 101s 'iio Arr Leio hoon oo laon li IICiII Jtheatres ili'es Iii( s t j oniu Insrein lo(n jiln rlrl l 11110 bc l.r 1', 11. .'tie lII. roonnre praorter olw~i ~esIr cteI~. 8 blrllre s til lair et de le A iril, ul'll 011. cills jalllll'i n Ilollloor d do o dir. fuse l Ia;- 61n, it dclc; tersF(IIIICe qni se reIId!CII Car.r rtCon,000 pair i cnr dii Il llrcp, rie quoIIi t lciit hrii, y A. Mernlrl rlledj IllAlmes, l llillo qni daiI iroiniioin ttvanll de Cllrroiltot, 11 6 hell, c , n·es;·r J j,"rl'.(il beams,('E Ion lonner lI teepldlello' j0uiri'll li 01omenad111 oblO Jins anies Iillsil. liIl bluo jS i i de llO u I Leas perrnlllles Ili purliitllt par1I In locclnlotive, Irv illut procurer ties billets, 110endu gn'il eli n 10011en ml: condCucdtelerI do rceevoir de I'nroralt nu lieu dea ibillls. Chars des Rues. JaCkson l d IIn Corrrsc. ons dourt pnrlirui t de In rii e Oeo ck "1 G Iteureoo A. AI. et de In rule dot (:ananl A cil brllres du Illllin et cournllt etmque hearslr. A 8 heurcs, its partirlrlno tulles r IesdeImna heuIIe slll· qu' At kei llr t t II so d In tarl'r ev toe A 8!,de IQ rite du ('anal.E lolltun at e lit Nouvele Orleans JOH lteilI'O8 II I II N A I I I 1R lie i t I .i lie I m ill I 1111i I)1 11 u' n It it lnil v' IJl;l ll b: Ara bi c lll rull 'll r ill , ' , 'h, ..I. '1'frw,· t \\e A IA , nllFl : (( -I ) ,- i I I.I l o Ilr ,No Ii- 'oo n II l h r v l. n J', a icn (o r (l o illl.h, I I lotr e , `. : ' "" Nick:~ le ul, 1 lod's SIeh he s 7 11lll ' may ;1 w Cr St Chr li on I i s. i allJ fo.r uile by AI It & O It IV N\ XIO.lI III "n t oUI in h.r o nl f nor .alc I1 0' may , c31 X11.11.:.:- & U1 '1 $ 0 1111gazine o1 '--11117 :717-'.1lt I! dIt Cn l I.ah III - I ' 1 iR ' IU UII A P E A N -81\ 1):- i b a g rs i s t lr e I o bill r iIn I y lit iV 31 illi L & IRi it,, ,1i 1n he at Slrl soIre and for slUpe by III tll I1I& iltllll. NI, 1 Ule by 9 A1 L. & 1111 It!o %\, S lllay 31 9t 01 11 nitil e 1 4 in IL--5 brls ( prior ''nners+ Oil .. .. . l. n"y "11 ".1": "" " . 1i Gii.E, i lnll oilo iAo, UIIll I rrll ls bl ading . f1 o I l at Xlti III le Sby IItt I N dYl m31 ".1 4 ,Ne LeveD tIoro eImIn by G InWionl$lo 3i YIIfTII 1,eI Th ;lli curlt t(:lOlllli f ri d will Ir i Me I ,ir Lu' l . IL o ( phold II a tId I TtICI Iftrtorilllt Ilro y 101hi 1e111 111, 11 I ter h o nto~ a r tIfu. 0 a ig i cflb o r t io r lo , so d e0 '1 50 ,IIo ltl ey oi I of1t1t13, with aof liIttI rJ of1 te V1111, for 111 e wl e .ile and retail, l 1 Ill 0 0 , o 1re i..f aIIIllon, II hb oe l Iin L ltI .ll 0s of 1r.. Web 1 te1 r 0. to w t, I 1r1i 110 11 e elrilt-lJI I t ahrlt o " I Isd l oi f I,,,t . hlrt-ll tol . l n , I. 11 Otl -d .1ll,\!.dI;;ol , \;it0 /'011001 0 .0 , i l s I , I to ilil-no of Ill t]ll , u I mIIIly 411011 Sli llk 1 Io rblld' JuVlllllhn t Sll t L N t l'hu Lit lo r keht h Ihoolloo, l otand d I n -ee' 'Tl , Ullited 0 lale0 0 .0 o ille Ilbh'. jllsl r111101l. nlIl forll. e by ALEX. 'li \( I+, btlh 18 49 t o et -- _t 7 .. .(i . ".. (' lllllp are J so well know lln ttite plbhc that it is Ila iy ,P. if cesalm tyll).ei'.a dtn a ed s0 , atia l I11 of vaielrr a 1' .. Te" ' llc I Iowil,.l rti}ele wi ll tally o vinc ,uly nn, I c o1f01 rlui m r hl dofcto r dolds at Il 1 p1biic Ito ioluct it e titd n ctate I is p topiarti. t lyt1r.11 romnl lh tlanllmdn Whig IIofLJul S 1837. dWPht:'B Pills 0d Bilorao--T o e Ilo l .loo llrno ol onl ainO JddI.lhl Leoillylu ig Ifoovllr Of Ile t I.rlIIt 1l0 rt. tanl invnti ilni. bohro p Ie0s o .1 5. J iril'w s 1111 iLe Itoppd" lto nnlllolol ce Itheotlel lOltd y. ll Olle oot1 b nsa11e ol7 r. M Il tIt Itllhnkg uot l iseurtil-g Ihe 'er ti uae 'MfLtur n tighbor Bowleds, 1110 olers ts a qallntiyol I Iith articel'. ,llllell tlpl ll , * Iiis is very kind allt d Iweo J prolllisl. IhLO i llluelll we laor Ilulndr I lke uf llMhasy w it our noeigllbor of t lt o urnalk , i to, i ll o tI it , r iagent. lo Isah.e ona o lilneo , a rea' y laoiring p s llnr s ilnilar til icAlliesNI Ilose whl hliE hAe i o o ll verel llloe iolsMr tIlw:es Ie v Ive lia I AslilE.O X o the "lpeeAln r adui:ledllne." 1'Cllthe colnPIey Iii h dislae. The m dcica cille is ulodlubledly - sov c.-ill remliPI y. I.ETTEI( FROM S.\,.UEI. IIOS\IES. b IThe I tlo si i j Itb, h i o Mo o, I.ow l tel, Editor of tl. R-epublicn anid J Shti"al LS, llis'lichl, .\llblrs. ý lil 'II u IF 1.1,, Jo le ,! l:7. qut'cr, aio L .llcrpi".s of" u e, rc it laeos of i ll' II dory rheaunullism, r'ho natural r IcaIO of thc bhowel is oss; lir IiellPIr" I11 an severe plin. (cc.llr., willlll aluh welallkiP. e Uli. depresion:I catlhn~tich being ntei!ces.ary elery ii-w dlaly to ;uunteract costivcness. I r he c ia t li I .(od phlysicia.lnd, u have tried ahonot all kinds of "lil s ad- • verrtised which se," ed uleild o lily Case, in va n, Lu ring the Ilgyear, I have bought uld uadsceveal boxea oi'your" Life Lille," eed hove "t iuld more heneI uirolln theili, more liefuand adeptaednlesa to clly case fir a lengthll af tillle, thlat frolo any lmedicile I have yel tlried. / Yours, SA.ME L BOWLES. I For aalein lhis city, at the corner of Comnmon and | all OUI(.--694 brl land in- frmn sieaulubh ' P-ru, lob . may '`L I llillU ; & Co, I1t4 Mugazloc sl [-t sale by ABRKAHAM,'3tIR: may!ve ld Gravier e eeiveI by late arrieals, ati ansoitmel Of aof ilhrts " cravats, suaoner stocks, gloves, alnd sslln|olrr l, at the Banaar, corner ofSt. hllarlea anol (common slrees., iU.SH & ALLAN. [n P sale by ALEX To)WA i i tp. 18 49 Cato 6 ' SHALLl. ('I'rATE OF LOUISIANA.-City of New Or. - inons.-Be it known that this day before Ine, a- Jdseph Benznain Marks, a notary public, in and for the city and paiash of New Orleans, Slate of e Louisinn, aforesaid duty commissioned and swern, Personally came and appeared Messrs John Sie. venson Walton-John Hall and Archibald Brown o DBein, Carpenters, trnanacting husiness under the style and firm of J [lall & AB Bein--Bnjamin Ilareod and Juhn lHughesl Carpenters, transacting e busIinoes under the style and firm of Harrod & Hlughes--John Thomas Osborne, Mark Tllomas, Freeman Annable, Joseph Wilder Davis, S.amuel Morrison, and Daniel Babnock Clarke, all residents of this csty, who declared, That In conformity with an act of the Legisla. t2 ture of this State, approved on the thirteenth of March, eighteen hundred and thirty.oven, entitled ot r An act to aulthorise limited or anonymous part. nersllips, and to regulate the same," t ey, the said i pponrers, have agreed, and do by these plesents agree to enter the following limated or anonymous parlnorelip, under the clause and conditionas ol lowing to wit: Art. 1. That the name, and style, under which D said partnership is to be conducted, shall beh. The Phoenix Tow Boat Company," and that tile place a here said company is to be located, shall be in the 0t city of Now Orleans. Art. 2. That the deseription or kind of business or industry, to be carried on under said style, by t tile dir, etora shall bh to establish and continue to run oe oer more tow boats, for the towing of vos. rels, rendering assistance, carrying freight and pan. allgrrs, anil any other lllsinecss which mliy ho - lawiul for tow holislto ilpllrls . Art. 3. lThathe II amolun ti t' the ecpitil of a.idl cannpanry, .-.hal i c, h adhrid tho s.uIrl dollars h, wl lt p' l'l d 1,ill In ' > , All. 1. Th it th, ei n, , of fheli p anrts, and Ihr ,III:uIncu liI I lll:I l er has contllrilbu il, is ie, fa1 . it t 'l,, . : I` 1, i ,"a :l liH·i:' Ittc : .i 'll,ll i 'itithl i hilsonrftti n tili l I ' u r, ; . ut ,I I l iil i ,, i s Ii M; nil .a , l liili ( Ill hit i, e Il . I osdilMark "lhrllinsi tens ; ares c; sai lFiiretin An. nable tln shaires ; sidl John ih'ailer DI);is, ten nlellaa ; said Samluel Maorrison, tell sliareo ; and Dauial Bmalbock Clarke, ton shares. Art. 5. Thlit thlis partllerhip shall commence a ronia the date hcr of, ad lthe same shlall terminate ilts ojration and wind up its concerns oan a nthe thlirteulth ol' Jane, eiglhteen hundred and forty. lthree. IArt. 6 That there shall be Ilthree directors to transact the busiress of said coaliany, and admin. ntcr its concerns. Art. 7. That the powers with which said directors shall bo vectrd. shall boe to elect form amongst tl.eLolslves, It ir own presielcnt, and fill a I vncaa. I es, and a iajorilty of whom shall have aed are lherebly invested witll 1,1 ipower to recnive and pay all mioiies, and to doand cause to ihe lone il that is riquisito to tioe colduntinig of the buLineaI of said otmpany-and the pircsalen by and with the consent of a majority os the directors, is empower. ed Lo issue the lnte or notes of said company, for all loemande, purllasoen or contracts on behalfof asi comlpany, eountl.rsigned by at least one of the di re ti ors. Art. 8. That tilhe titi of durtion of tro service of'sail directors shall o fcr orno year ; arid that an elteiion ifr tile samre shall be heol on ilia fist Mon. d o y i so'July, fcah all every year durirng the ex. istLncoI of this patlllllrralllat. Art. 9t. That whl said omiany shalll hiave r. rivedol at the period when it Isto expire, all thile con c'rnes and alkiris of the a , shull libe woullld ilp and liqu'lated by such directors as iray be in oltiei at the timeo. Art. 10. T'lhat tle powers to be exornised bly tile )ireotors'intrusiletrl with said liqiiidtaion, lhall he os follows, to wit :-To receive as. II sum or sume, as Stmay be due to the company, and give acquittance -or alquittalces ltherefor, and to sell the property of said comlpany, either at private sale or public auction, on such terms and conditions as to them may see lit and advisable, anid to pay the debt of t said company. Art. 11. That the dividends of the clear profits, after paying a1l chargos and expetnditures of the comr pany, shall be declalred and paid I t the stock. holdcrs, on tihe first Monday in July of each and Severy yoear during the existence of this parltnership first rcserviing tole per cent. of tile profits for con. Stingeoncies. Art. 12. That at a general meeting ofthl stock. holders, all rules and regulations as regards tle lnller of notes ueach stockdoilders shall give, and any oilier matter relative to thel welfire of the comn. pian)', not contrary to tihll foregoing compcrt, p llil ho eltaered into, and ithe tiles aid rplulatinau alore. said, shall be denominated the " fly. Laws rof thle lPhonix Tow Boat Company," and they shaill m hiindlng on tle said and their respec• It)ot and passed, in my office, in the city of Now 1)rhenli, allre.mid in lprt.sence of Dariel . fliealdo and 1i' Il .sardl, witnesses of ilawfl age and domi cilitihd ill this city, who li eoti to sign their nannes, iuarl hr with ,ltlth aprre r alid mie, the said neaclir, thlae lt day tat Atpr 1, 1839. (lii'gili alignedr, Io.hir S \iallon, Joseiph I ' , latbile, I l ii l,I It 1 (..lartkc , 1l. rrisi, F". Aa Sn'ii, A 11 I in, Johln IHugli ., ulhn 1' tOshorn, t.\ ii hlilTta Juits Hal, .1 1- Ilasardl, luJ KIt I ri , , II ItIt a1a t , n l. l t .I I ierlLI) the ler-'",,titit h t ea h c rn r opy f. the original tact extnt ittt t t tir'ei regiiter; i faitli wl Tio', I ri lint I ahJ b i. oa I ,,d, lar ai ni.r tile' tlid Hneal olo'uflice, i t o.tti Ii rl,1·1". ihs '_) e I it Airil, lI39. JOS. II. lMAll n, nut. paiI i aI e a) 9t I mill lit 11111et aitlim I)t i' a rych s oer, i Iii ho tm.i 'orrIw Ia nk o( |, s or Fp o , ('Ist h I --r i I, , r I I h t l ll mark) llilll h i w il klla lllr iio A I l l.hai r ni U+ li'b't t I ,ll -ssil nl l ,I ridl lieo r ti.ft N ', ri.I . rknlk ai, fivelilll a & theli, wHfl. a it cai te hail. tlAO1u'ti ise _ itietio (UNe\'1. a rut 11 F U5iA I1 ,'i- , bn,. U N-.T , h,- se.n. o -., ,, bV/ J l elt.,"sY- 2 ( 0 ) mrre t io i o r t ifa e d l l ' isko i n s o r e SfoCr sale ly (s IORt t Ya n 10 44 New I, vee \ a,'i! , a er iv t dI. A f l) 1 f N rl ty nt2- _ - CIAN NON, 12 {,llllp e I ~A ILlA.1~ RO, CtRNI Z rall tilA II A.iýb!I;ai At rarral i,,u 11 at alt -b (la rII, ý, - J"'" ! W r L AItI, 1:-t\r l \ai A~laal. Di intritrg cat e r i l .':, Itiatri. iidýlt d Pir ra p--^ CitA .-dfraatarajrrar icrani Aa li! n ar e rri y i ~ ~ i A i l dirrar.n gin~ IlobotI al gu. AI-arrol hre l t Arussh, tril racin e ap4e, Aod a iteblnh. He Il1U st wli g to g enter at . - IIF U toi n ti1 & ,L n A i-I ale i~ y~ i by a(ga. 1) -S 'n'.17 4tatr ,14 New Lea-a. i Agib rrJJ op'tl SIAI1. &BRO N, 18 dugcciutat af   no Weter~n iaAteAfr al tbyt - itt lirg lil. ArylO t ti ) Itr A IAI, 44 N eleiA I t i F1 11 ll' Oc Tl1E 51ISMISSIPP1 Io tr MARIIIB ' Al ec It FIREYi~iif INSU A NCE FOMAN. hh i N leoI ia I) a y 0la 1839. a it IlIE StokIl hll de A libr of thislustittritd a lrrr iot IInC1 ir mod yI traritiinac tnyll i, i. t ile niiut of i IhIn eVtraolarrAntla I. ah r ed, red orI nA iyre the A-, of j a~ lli next, at rte C l~no l 1.I)' ) offic . If order of the EBorardePI ~·r, ~loeby1 J ENR 11( 'KIFi-T, 11,0 nnI csiec, rotern r7IP· 11 u cJ' OFFICE, .I)()lrlEl, ROAD Nett' ihlua* s e:d 21tt, 1R39. an IVOTICE-IKey .18 olationa olA thie. botad rtali bacto inN V of thiCompany (II, ssedYn4he t pi Ia T n tlicketIadonther oadl iaa bee1 nr beig L'Ooi Irt far can b PU1IttlA" iIlu. J 1) L,,aC andvtin 0-2` 2,V _ _ Earewledgese alal 8,l bur aia by r s rae bBio a, lAt E UIC, -1n9 likgs f nso rted o iie a r aceirvci br- m B hiludo lphi a Iope b ig arin.t, f rolir sal by 13ry I SHAL & IBlIOIVN, A9C Magarinat ma Iý'11I A I' ICL) .1AN Grc napuitry. usc UseflKno wle iora-lw Uar l33 9, na d far andfrt Ial by AV 2rFET &C apI aIl le b i tayll bnrrr rribain rrrnsr n r1 naep ply a tn JAIIE at.bjig nut .frslty w " 13 nI:1O BONN .ABELi1. U8LANl II An mlodg C of aillcr nr Wood r, rimmge on it of 18.23, fur sale by SHALL & RII(OWN, rotU mjay 1 96 Magazn. sta rela o b e Mld n'sbral,-r s of my HL &BON ,iMgzneafri T 111E-11100 bb e'1'bamas un s imp, landing and for m saleU Frsl by S & J 1 !AI'P'EY, 7 1ury 1 F3 Camp N lllOYI Ql j~lh 81·i allP nn ES i REEF-In lull bar Id 1lll, thei n ·nd Te ion frsalt by( 411 NewNew L[.ru r~~er se·b C OJE , 'FIIp~vaoe, et D sol low take fro r lll)i It Nn &) p 'AR J~ nAUEL 8. HUI;~a, r ara -Q t i -s Cep dli . noivelle Orldun, de.mant moi Joeph Benal.. ken ala,..; lotaira publio,;dans et poturla vili at r olaoigade o4 +louvelue, Elat dlea Louisi. one, doemient appointd at jurd. (Ont porsaonnellmont comparne MA.lesri Jolatl4 Stophenson Walton, John flail oet Arclibald Browh Bien, collegaes nedgoiant leers affalree sou Ie titre et forme do J. Hallet A. IB. Belin-a-BenjaminB Har. rod at Joan Hughoes collegis negooidnt leaur oftlires sons le titre et fermo do Hlatrold at Hughes -John Thobmas Osborne, Mark Tliomasa, Freeman Arnablr, Joeplh Wilder Daviser BSmaul Morrison, eo Daniel Babcock Clark residents n cotta rills qul deelarant, Que conformbment a on note do Ia Ldgislatcre F do oat Etat, approuvd le treize Mars mil hult cent trento sept, intituld on acle - pour au oriser lea as. aociations limild on anonyme et leas rglor," oaeux lee dits tdmoin oant convenus eat fait par co preo. seous conviknt , entrer la suivanteo asociation, lim il6o on anonvme sous le clauses eat conditions qui solvent earnir. Art. 1. Quae I nom, titre el style sons lequel celt compagnio sera onduilte, sera "La Com. pagnide remorque Plhoenix," et la plece de cotta Comnpagnie, ses dane Is Ville do In Nouvelle Or Ieans. Art. 2. Quae I description ou I'aspbce des af. faireon o, industria, 6ire conduiad sous Is dite style par le disecteurs, sara d'diablir et continuer ooorir un on dlux bateaux do Itemorquo ponr le remor. qnent dos Visaeaux, aidant, ct portnart fret on pas. s;geors at lquelque outre alhaire qui sernit jutsto pour to elaternlx dr remorquo it exrcuter. Art. 3. Quo lo monttnt'd, capital do cotlo corn. pa nil rr;n centI mille piuetron, dhvihsd a e nn mille ta "Idn, d cenIt Ipiastres claqule L payable comp. Art. 4 Quo loa norns doe actionairon oe ln man.. ulgnrt iqu m crl e altlonaire h contrib6d oet comman A (lit J.lhn Siphdrnson Walt(on, nilt coot trente oIC'oI ; . J. 1.1l it A. II., ooixaontr t uo 0riu ; 1Ilrrrý it flrgItee, ta q atlntot onf c. l all. ; t 'To'loll Orborllro treizo actone ; b Mark 'I'omas, dix noctions; it Joseph Wilder Davis, d:q actions ; i Daniel Babcock Clarke, dix nc. lions. Art. .5. Que cettc compagnle commencers de cotta data, at terminera lea operations le treate Jinm mil huit cent quarrante trois. Art. 6 Qu'il y aura trois dirceteurs pnour con trastor lea afaires d In date compognie at admin istrer eas inogrdts. Art. 7. Que loa pouroirs dent urao votu lea di. recleurs, sara d'rlire paroli elx uen Prisident, et lde renlplir toutes places vrcantee, at dent ls majo. ritd aura et eat retu avac pouvoir do recvoir at de pay r teutes monnoiss, et faire a causer 6tCre fait tout rqu eat reqauis le cundursant lea affaire dalt dite compagnie ; at Ie Prinidat par et naes le con. sent de Ia majoritd des directeers, eat autoied do donner Ia promnons do In ditl compagnie, pour Soutes loss demandes, achate, ou contratl. sur lo part do In dite omnpagnie contrme:6n6 par an moins on des directeurs. Art. 8. Qu lan durd du service (lea dite diree. tours era un an, at qu'ull election pour Ie memn sera tonue Is premier lundi do Juillet de clhaque annde pondant l'existoenc do colto rolpagnie. Art. 9. Que qunad celott conmpagi seran r. rivso nu trme do son ex iration Loutes lee afnair*s scront I quiddes par leo drectlours on office en cot temps. Art. 10. Quo le pouvoar dent seront vltus lea direetcurs contfid avoo la dire liquidation snora com. me suit savoir : do recevoir tonto somrni que dura In collpagtio at donner qulittanna ponr le meme, at de vendre la propridtd do la dite eompagnie on vento priveao eo publique commao oeient propres et avisanble lea directeurs at do payer touten las de. penses de la compagaie. Art. 11. Quo lea dividendes do profits aprbs avoir payl toutes charges et dapenses do nl coam pagnie sersnt dclardes at payea 0 les aectionneireo I premier Lundi do Juillet de ciraque annbe pen. dant l'existence do cotte conmpagnio premibromeat reorveant dix pour cent des profits pour lee casual. itds. Art. 12. Qu'l une election gndralo des naction. naires toutes lee r6gles at regulations t. ]'gard du nornbres des votes qua chaque actiennairo deers daonner, atel uclqc nutrn chose relatio to ne bion. .ire do la comnpagnieo ront conasidbrd oet le rlglos et regulations avant t dit soea denominlos les a par. lois de la compagnie do remorqno Phoenix," it lt tandmo sera obligatoire sur les dite actionnairca et lours hlrritilrs. Fai eot pssed on man 6tudo dclns In villa de In Nouveolao Orllans, on le prdsonce do Daniel J. IRicardo, ct J. WV. lasanerd, taoloins d'ago reqris et doeaurt d dans cotte villt qui apposent lears signatures ensembles, avclrse I d t dil Ilinoins et moi, le dit notaire, co p'remiere Avril mi il Iuicent trente (Iriginol sigr:d, John S. W,.lton, Jorephl W. Da. via, B Iil-rod, I). B. Clerks, .. lMorrisot, Anne ile, A. i. Ieine, Joihrl lluogro, JorI TI. Osbor,. Mark Thomas, John Hall, J.1. Insard, D. J. Ilicar. da, Joseph lJ. Marks, tnot. pal. Jeo ceriltoe qu cet est one ratie copio de I'or;gi. nal acte extant on mion registre; on sette foia j'.o'crrde cer. pres ntl nals t s l signutcre et In seran d: taronL O.rltce, la N .otuvoIle Ojrldaan, 22 a)9 JOS., t. MARtKS, Not. Pub. F1.1l NITrTr tit,: FUItNITUIJtE!! I'I I'r rtcr livl ait t Illl.r nn ll 1r Irnlilur rltare e li)at+P, lura InIpt f1l] i oun + I,1 w )' rIrk aI d lfl -on. l'er~unlniln Ii e uitlte lof l'illt illlfrr " %llll d do well .`or iarrr 'ilT rio r n r rr I8 , r.rr ar ri t rrty. W It L v. 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I¶ PR(TCT()R preaenor his boet crmplmiet to Ibim ' friends, the pnblie lt New Orleatn, arul to al tsraogers whl Ill rv be paosinE a few dayr n tbhe o y, ld illftrls tIIemhat e e will ie re enldv it, fw days to recerive thar at sthi ptile nt retret, the I' R A I It I E COIT'A (J E, iluated ll the .ake share. Persona travellifg either from A arinil d, c a t o dn vlled or M'oadlismlvil, or thle iiVlIlll lhere leetl wilh good ,h ,.:r-fi :, contlnmmthdircco a.oele l IIte elleallrn-and ll .11 "'tir I.+ vwler ol'th Nnlle v illr nlrr cn e ser Srn e , d t o i a r giv Tte IIll, let ,, ae day's lulot', r f tl Ie ir h ret T i. t. he,.a , 'I'I I r.,i d l t li t trlll llC elti fr r vi ,it sil I ,t+ 1,,tl .1 in; I t'l. ·i l r .<'., tts I ' (:ato go. pire,. IaTir s 11.4K.~ll, H t iIt, , uT(i i hn , I Pr te t great ..n h l . 18 T, N mthl ll ' d Teh i loul, weal, . . , . T T, . . TT,,, j, TTT, IT-eTC to the F.: I l..,h re "I -I d, , N' o rl ' . ith ellls l h , to the ,my I lho' hor I. )W hies uoli4 I o'-ervi g-hs i s ii l nl o b ...ll 1 d al. obt t l lt l k1 o s. t sotr tarll l sl e eitsitg . th e oi ' r wily olll w Tr hIill, t ion i. l .eI ie dbtearlr atking . 'l''irin, olhrelllle nof tlcI ccI h rIeeabe lpla iB'.im o Port il the nregllrlrhoudl oflhercity. ihoe pltprietor gtllnrrollePa thrt r lia, riplioArs ac. Ae. rshaell e ao'ibe trotl rchtleice tarl : o t the soeme lima htewill devote his .ttrntion to ioure alil the ear lieot dlicaiejr and vitadi of the setort, for his table. oz: 1--3az------- --------~- CfANKý NOTIE'APEllt-Jot r1reeireJ at' rnrun TJ of hluk note Iper s"ofAAmie. ttntiofetl, rand for tale by ALEX 'IJWEI6, mC21 _ 49 Cllnp street -.XCIAN.E onatitlrrc letiglrt. forr ale Iy ',l A TRItER, 34 Gravier st I0 IENtNA ' ontrfrtac rllii ho ei io Ctroo del,Tt etrse, a few doora from Cantl sl ploalor ioc givten irmmediately. Applyto lOPYI.E 4 MAV i 21 3 Carutdelet ct ILOLR--8h brir lalnding frmt hlat ltcat, tor aoie by muL ( fi )t R.eEV, 44 Nei' Leveare all , foraleby H 1)NNAiiEI,, toay t8 ler Natehee and Telrapitoulao aet ,AtiiLl l)UtT foer okiir eiteia water aud oil Svitriol, received lately and ehr rlle Iy H IiONNABEL, moaty l Cor Natcrhe ueTr 'TullapiroulaS _t • +omnlere, for sale hv at23 ' Ifi ltilSEy, 44 New Levee rj I'INl'Ett'S INK-Jrt receivedl from berqrlo [ Cl[ Ceillheeer e tlrge inevoice ofJoslton and Lu. raet're teo r, book, ard job ink. anti eor ale hy uo? A 'TOWAR, 49 Camp st v.rioulstrehondiog preriple, rules atd tahle in the uarlndpritmentls of trthbntatlcs aod tmeehoaieos, useful to Milhvrig .a, a. oErr-rs, and Artisans in gene ral, by William ireen, eril engineer. Ist Amelicaot, (reat the 5ti (ilasgow edition. Received tilis day and fr sale biy ALEX. TOWAR ma8 49 Camp at Jl2Jmar23 1 BRIDGE, 134 Magazinest bEN CORN-cotrtaatly on hoand, and Ir -ale U by SHALLJ & BROW apl f6 96 Mag. t .t j ]OLLAN (GIN--t pl pet Holiae . in store I and for sale rIta J 'HAYER& eo m13 74.Puydres at W 'l'I1NG PAP R-A lir;ro ad genteral c oert met ofwriting paper, rued and plain, for ale on advantageous teems. ALEX fOWVAR, may 311 41-9 Contp ct .L• news prirtiog ipaper, of al the varions sizes used for tie city and 'aanly pIP'rs, and for salet y may 30 ALEX 'I'OWAR, 49 Camp at I1 .e.A--60 chesta oueln g andp-oncbao, landi g rfrorm hr Splendid, from Boston, for sale by I ailly A lTRIER, 34 rtirvier et _)OBINSON & GOODII IN, (f8 Chartres atreet,) bd!a e t, elr tdees rost httlr ocl

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