Newspaper of True American, June 1, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 1, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTATE LOTTERY- OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, 'TO BE DRAWN ON 1THE let IECEMBER, 1839 IN JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Under the snperrittndenp e of the Coionis ionera up. pointed by the I.eliilotire Assembly of Floridn. - CSIMIITl l 1 HAIIII.TON, Maongers. 100,000 tickets, at $l5 sceme price. $1,500 000. Nelling Iters $20 per ticket. SYLVESTER & nu., 156 iBroadway, NEW YORK, tSolo Agents. I'' Tie reecl'ipts of Ilie sile of the tickets will be dIe posited in the Cattln, Union, Carrolluon, Citizenl's inl C.luolidlted Ilonks, itl New Orl enl4, in the nanmt of Louis Sehntilt joinily with J. it. Peerrault acoully Cashlier oftthe Cilzet's lunk, ml.d A. Bauldoitn ac tually Coashier oflhe Consolidated lunk, na Trustees, as per act passedl htlire A. Mlanereau, Esq. Not. Pnib. thlllhe 2d May 18:9I , nll tile proplcrliee traneerred to the bove oIlenlinoed gentiemen ui.ntcuoitcered, nas Trustees, for tile security oftllhe fortunate prize hol ders. In New York the monies will be deposited in the Phoenix Blitk to the credit ofuthb above named b City Unlike ofNew tirleauno. Tihe Ptblie are referred to the acts pnssed befils A. Mtaztreao, Esq. Not, Pub. in relationz to. perties which embrace the respectite pri es Lottery. CGO PRIZI , nae fullows: priae-That ln tgllilicent three tory brick btuililng, knowrn as the AIItCA)Il, in tliiigoine treot. lll.lsring 2116 feet 5 iniclt 4 liils on lngaoiiio cI. 1. ifeet 6 ilChe ano l rie G ler street, and llt feet II ichoes oll Na.chen ot. Thins huildlig proitcee now a rent of $7,000 pertnmlm, an d being Ilit ttelnuul tourieiti port lof the cllti, lt...-ite tItree t kol , nil in tie ittllnltdilllte nOiltliborho of tile t1. Cblltls the City tilotele. Its rentsl will, in a very few 'ewars ti increased to filly thouoLindt d t7llnrs poe ntnnut. t:liililitll at $10,000i I Prises-ll'llitl t or otlnr lic: buil int knouwn as the CI I'Y II()'lI'I:., formerly Bishoplll' Hotel, eililtiatl it the corler oftulnp anild CoUlition ati , atll 1411 fel In ihlchles on Clllul) ilt. Thits building renot nov for $25,0110, ttin beillt in the mitio central i rt of rttle city, call storll be inl:reraed tt itirty mIouosand di;llanr p tr an anti. EttliUtllei at $500,000 1 Prize-t'hn three story Ibriek dwelling thouse, No. 30 otn Natchez street, sdjoiniltg Ile. Arcade, reited at 12 iatdidi dellAre. Ititinlatld at $:0,0100 IPs.te--T'ihe three slory brick dwelliing N ius, No. 18, adjlining No. 20, o IlgttptcZ street, rented st twelve hltutreI dtlllrs. Ennilutlld at $!0,000 I I'ian-Tihe three, nory klriek dwellitg Nlltclez sI, relictild lt twlvp llud rii dollars. etitituted at $210,0110 1 Prize-The iwelling housie No. 'Ml Uirth. easlt earner oif Basin anlld Culhllll Illouse troetrr Imfalsllurliln 411 Ilet I nt ;.i Ilin lc teet , 4t fee2 l cu t celit renllklinl elreelI I ly 127 reeOl elllh ol tlen ullrel doliors. Elmtimatedt l $,1!,000 Priza--ihie Idw:lling Ilouse No 24 outll wet cIIrner of fni lin sleetc, mean tiring 32 feet 7 incesel Ban ain st, i feert 7 inches ot Franklin street, by 127 fest 10j incnhes depth on Cii tonllouse tIreelt rentued illt iften ltiindredi dollars. Estiinter d at $20,000 I Prize--The Ivt ttory brick dwelling Ilitlso Nit. 139 on Riyatl estrelt, lletween Ureuli n c II .iti l loa iil lreetl, nlte - neuring 21 feet it ill:ilteslii Royal er, by 127 fret I14 hilisct it deptlh rent $ed 020 per arnml l. .itliltaled rt $15.000 i Prise-250 tiicren CanaIl Ilank stock, lit $1011 t oei , $~p5,000 I Prize-2-I01) htitre n Cuittnerrinl Bansk itoek $100 acll, $20,t030 I Prize-15O eriIreI MechintCl rics' nd lrua ders' Ilnlt k stock, at $l00 eacll, 15,000 3 Prizes of 100 llres eaell, cilty Batk, t,Ollil t Prizes of 51 " .' Exlclanere, 10,t0III OPrizes of 2l5 " " (sbis r.iglt, 5,00t! l rizes of 15 ' " nMec n rllie, h uid 'I'raor. :I,O(K SO Priz o I " 1 " I.IllliuiT n Slate, 20,0110n I10 i 9 "C l Ii:i Hi, _100 Pizes orf I " " k I f ll t ilf tlinl. 50I10(I 2L0e P'risesT of Ullioi Blollok of It shaltl ie It tie option ofithe wio/inre of riire ol beullic k, either to take ihe stock its*It or le par valu Ihcreol ill eolah. MODI, . o ImIRWINf. 1i0,0n.00 tiCck tr, frllll i I tI l ,llit, , will iP till iii one wheel, nd loil pri', willwth the blanks, ici lllhlOt r; I(t every uimher a triz.. or bhlnk will lie clrlwol. Ilulil till tile trizet are lehlil , l, hlirtd I iig il oa hub,,liu c if Itltl liie I te ellICel--luslk . Orders fic rlth, itlire .ttlery will Ie re.ivell atile oiti ltlltr h Id lt i i V tern hlto1h, cornier of Ni . t:luhtlea. n Ii (Ci)iluo ti.m .tIre li, IIo ll 1 Ni. i1 11l Ctll. til tre e ftlit, Newh ()rl rtt., tlillfl ptltllly fi·rllv lrd d. ()rIln vrs frollll t!he ,uuO uli . l out pail, i oo i (lllllllingill i l'VnlIJ l 'e8 (;)r tho 1llllll lT A stceahiut will ie provided ii tike o thilo/i an tully he dePirooito Io willne. tihe drtwitlc. Jaiheitionille, Flu. Ap~lt ii I ':i. mit IIAZAAIl. Corner of S. Chorles ` Coammon s,,rect, I E )U il. A, r,'t , I.BI oiI r.slett'olllv -all the at IP llinll .t iilzelt , Iand stranger~ Il the -.111 1 tltI asenrllm; nt ojl (;etlelmenll lilln -hirts, d'o ra.)IriF, well lhn.n ir int,. t~litionall ll eurn front,: lien cotl caFbri,: n1o siFkFFlk IivrvliFofF: IF1Fwk FIu fillanc I:Il- sin flatI II tlol | ott "lon l t'lo der..: silk, cottonF aFi thrtFd I gloves: grtntilahokin glovesi: umbrellus ald caneo go ld Ao s,-1plelndid assortlNFnt of IhIs anid gteF 1 Fiwri-I tilog dek, dFIF .in eo' i, f lioo , Iit olioiIife nt. Lery, sit rich falcv goFlds. novl) T.W. COLLENS n e r l-c -'o -o-o' F, i n su .. . . . ... Apploitfll lv Il h 'oFeruly Col urit in, tw Lr:ylrs. . )lechua J g l .gtll ItlildhiFF.) All) ConliNoou'r OIke, nllFddviA under and by nll Svirtue ofi te lnts of C.iulgrst, pasnkel 2 IIt IllerI- cl ary, 18l; Ist.ln reh 1817; tIeJuFlFiFiuFry Act Fl"|11F; an o arer act of Collgrs, i.l aucl engra vlade uad fire ided.. S FFuid CollnMi sioner lrut Considerahle expzrilncer and uses f rrlls olfcatioll siod ceritTh'eno wich lllve Fi steol tiFF severest scrutiny of tIe uablet Lawyers, april 1"2 JOHN V. CLIIIEDS, ENGRAVERIL NII) C,'PI':R-PIATE PRIN'TRItI no. 3. Cantp St. V1 IL lsgrave Fanl print to order, hif k notes, F lle ir ul'exhuIge, btill, FIflrsding IFdllus, ofmtercu iie tinl viriin crarlds IFri, onsfilul Fnli d comimuniugd thouse Ralct, edohr tut:e Fs ilfer wref, cF.- rulwuFyr band,o a assortitet uosilver pIatedl and bmas door P o Cardas primied from plate alrmly entograveod. Clllnin ,; rld , iF lllFllr hti t l' t l,,cive shi llelii reigI - trly iAhrOboll Lt tleurl'er .ol FIlTir ll I t Iitul beo Cg orge wtill lenaprltrym i consdrlly ironoal fendodr to eatryl, t Itiour'F l sting tilcd Ifor Sarfin holalei u&retail, oLundr Feoln Fmosl uggroo at cin ro. , 1 cnr. MloFaoroCeovod tile Flof dod A lcdemFoieoR of II Drodle S ir cinFeFFa C)~ri , PhylnA oan to tLIe DuoeUF) IF Dr A nwoll. Lprcno r or VlpFdwifory to M Fy.j l Pos. F pita) Dr Rigony, lndtorr to St BoertlnolodNewYo Dr Grilofllo, loeorenc to W odtFordtar Ilospitl; Dr onITfbotlam, cl feor , the unioer, tol pitl fobert De uol , ple:roS II I'Ero lomintor lyFnA i hU pit Pr Moiole, istrument for to Aradicl ie uron f Pl la psicin, Uteri, sor Fallio ofr to tWomb, Dby e ect rabe profsary, is lponfide Mtly rcomi, Pomend to bo afflictedS on ands the means ofn perfwct roster tion to health, t never htving failed of perforting ai profaeson WFrnsiFFw G S Bedford, V I) profa. oe cuor of iiev undier the inost aggravated cirulte ia of ew Yor, has r eeive d the dec, and ranpproation of Sir Astiey Cooperiy St of N YSiork, pBeol Jamn C pits, ; Doar Rigoy, 'l(e'turr to St Bartholoert Sn , A Ilull, Olecturer 4 Vesiney st Astor Hout N York. ambA onatant supply of Lonthe abon itr ; Robents with Drgusolln, ilecturer to Wetminru for lytng.ia, will beho kept by SICKLES & Dvi, CoN qurleanst, Andearpenll, Lte, Natchrrimnz; Ston & Katrs, Wood ille; Booth and Mallor, Melmphis; V Wil;n, Pul on, Somervn ille;d otheall ad W-and hington, Naahvilrle McNairoy and It milon do; R p M iar s, Florus Per Ala; J SRensslaoer, and many; Irby and dstin Ala; J C Spo~tswoodl, Athens; Irby anrd Martin NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-WVaters and Hillman. Ne. 8., Soraeu (near the Potrhartranin Rail Road.) 'IRPilot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Riseuit, 8ugar, Butter, Midlord and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Alao,-Kiln dried corn meal. Ordern lefi at G. W. Pritchard and Tagant, Jr. earner Magarine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention, SmBll kegs put up expreeely for ml 15ov SHIPPING. For Europe. FOR BOSTON. rI c isIt cuiling ckipI FF.RAX, D. lieu ly, mcallr, havingl Ilot ofIer cargo enguged and going or. Iloai, will hle dealpltch. For freight or passage, up tlv to way 17 _ S J WIIITNEY, 73( Croup t FOIL LIVEII'OOl.. Passage Only. The A luand very f ut miliugaiipl IuSAAC ALLER'I ON, Cdl' Turrev, u-ill have imme diae despullih. Fur pasuage ony ly yn tl ccuy ~ I. H CALF:, rnnyll 9:3 CommIIIon ft FolO LIVERI'OI 1, Thi A1 Alw ueul fud Iuailing chip DUIll.IN, Clapt. Skoficld, ill rcriii ileh eilidIte dre. palcl, hearing part .J Ihler eme llrnged. Ilipl~y Ill L H (IALE, ~' --- FiIR IlrSfiON. Thle rann A I sho~p AVA" t Capt. i. now, hlaving part of hier cargo eedl, wvilhaver despatch.1' For freight or psneaegerapply to 121 S & J P WIIII IN EY,93 Cuanp at Coastwise. 0-1 - - - t ndaly tlhc 27111 ilst. FOR NEW 1YORK. S Til A I faul il~iilg hipCINCINNA II, Andllre Iunreltu, tIlelre, Iill (rave on the W71 lolt. For freight 1171,r tile bulk ,,f 151 or 211 Nulhu, or pasuuge lpllly Oil boardt, op;posite Ikhe Vegetllllbe Marker, or to REAl) & IlAIiTI)W, IlnlucAS No 7IIIIIk l'lree FlIIINIEV YIORtK-Rlegular packet. lolilele' Line uP Pueketc. Posii,-ely to nail ,1 y eucIeling, 29111 inslltn. 't'hedullu.ainr feat Foiil:F regulr packe up rlai III Il ) Lyon, M3 1er1 I , cL i 11111 , will 1l eo illll.. apply tcollackul, I.y·r o0 ll 1 cmd, ll A lillll2n ur l.. binmalrket, or toA CI No~ !19 (:IIIII1I)1 P O Tke OC(ICO E II~n nest rlIbli arroleiietell · lor ltereaglileull p gle, nodcIaIne.llllke L or iII melll-u FP11K NEW NOiK - - - STIlE new did pled ullic ONIRPlIO, Cahpt. llI-lonrlll, flm lcleely al11 herrlul gurun. - acgdii lllulAlnliIlncillluveilmltediat despmlc. Fuclceieilllolrurllge (huaving cpacillous std11 elegallt accnnmotlollilc I LESt II. GAIE, 1127 9 iCnmuuuert. F-OBF NEW YVOIK. NewYolkIllaud SclvOrullul lu. l a":ket ofC Friday\ 31st inst. rfr. 1 IPackeP Stip St. ce All', Cul. ),te'r, will Ptitieely tilail RR IIa. eti' auoid f .~kllculjriran III N ,u ik. Fcell-leelgi ll lldlul stat. Iloosg aply i nIu hcrlli Ilclulrtou -l·llll'll'B lt il Po 1 LAIl)IiAWV. 1~III Iii Caumll i IL NiIW V1)IK. The. A llkel 1111.kI Copt. lt un pnF~Pllil Ivira: trod Illeoct eat ions; a; pply menI Imard u ~ppomtrl~l tbl VI·gerhllll· marks or to m,7 X& J 1' WIII1'NEY,7?:l Culrp c FOR NEW YORIK. T'heI A I fi.1 c.iniilleg uhip CINCINNATI, Audrew Barstowu, mcencer, is nou rtemdy to regeiv u cago,eudu-will hlavedcsputcll. Folt Ireighllt ol pllauuge, AIllplly eIn hlull, ltd Il may_2 REAl) . IIARIST.OW, Ne.7 lulnk linee. FlOR NEW S1liK. Tie loa ililng paIcke lack CIIIEF, 1111 Falr Far 1 1,t c o f aright or panisagec~having finet ntrrola cIn lllillol-, Ilplply Ill S & J P WIIITNEY, C73lnlnup c - ý''uSil on Sllltlcuyy nuext he`1tulut.u FOR1 NIW YORIK. 'the A I last nailinluc hlp NORk'uAY , Capl. IDlctllllunnn witc il uu uubove. For freIght 111t: l~I IF CALE 93 Comnmn oc Allll IlSTloNTilu hip I AGEINi IGE, 1'1· Marrul wll ccl riail IsI a l1fe liV ne l A - Fur blulmlle of freit lit or tII F i' app fII t w'", )I 1I. II C.AIE, 93 C, mmnn GEOIIC:(E C. 1:IIILD)S, ATTOeREY AT LAW, r .. ut Io clld 1the 11111 lull C ile Ili. rice ca ab s- Ill ier 1111 the 1k C i I o , Int . or money, w~l fill hrll nnCll IIT It llnl ll' o mptIl y to I th1e carleon S. (ticker, jr. (TxsPIlel Olilde AgenllI Vow (IAs-- :)m uar t` (OT'OI'1N CIRCULARIS " ITl" PRIN I'I I)wet thi e re atest E.rpedilio4n,4 and no style unsurp4,s4ed iin N:EW (OrEaNS, or else .nns l,'/f at C444rlN,; Raolt in St. (Chnrls Re' n h4n44,4, ('crm, of f(ira4ier St'l.) or atel T l t E AllItRICAN I' It IN IN"I OFFII":, corner of Povdre4 andi St Charles Streets, will Ie I',pr,.nply ,teh!!rt 4 1o. I ISI'Iil Wil.;I..-10 set Init tinc Wheris, I of improveIi d Cllntrl tionl , II f'rlmelis 'ollti , fIr Iim>y 4-11, 1d Tivoli ( iree 1 41 44 y" IS I1I I)I, Co, I :-i \, 114. ni4"F4 " I I : 1 . I I ,I - I b 1o 1 . I'm ('1.i. , N g I$41 ll fd brl, 6)rs sul by I 111I4II4.I' : & Ca All ...I y 1:31 lAllagnzine et &F 0hl ' 1511 b ll- tlh1 r, Iland ' tlli V l r 4 Plll4 4 s4 : (' r PTer I ~ )·I -:3-. l, hu, BiIl-It .t.eir t uwF ; k& , lhrstll e b'.y G l)t lV, 1,17 .41i New revse A lill .li4k' lalby Iala It'.,rn b waneik, by r sle IItFI', `I. l .-I-OT'i' ·)IK ·--]iml -.,,r ulllyoIf eigt.l lt Illloks, CaL il ald Pagill Sltle LR gitiler, \·Il'(lId slid Gm.,rel rIh..ceepe, reCeived and for attie at No 21, Clalrtres strelet. ialyU 17 DA)VITI FELT & Co. 'l L ti Et .- {orin ' - C elestial and T errestial- -12 nli ,nclh lobl-a-alsl au fw loa iltea (rdner's 4 aneu fcttlure n sullperiorarticle flor sale at Ni|1 Cllnrtes t. imy A? I)AVID FE!.NTa , Co. LOAP-IA 11-54 No 1, 1, 30 ilxes . n store, for sale by llaiy 14 A TIiiE.II, 34 Gravier at .UG AIti l- . boxes whit Hlavan t S i'ar, r n store t for ale ihy S & 1 ' WHI'I'NEY, lmay 1 73 Cnllp Et j AItD-3l011 kegs sutperior letaf Lard, Illadinlg li oi J I.(UlIt--tllF l Ilr'lre I it Ih, la4d illg for sal, by F all 15 i I)'ilt4EY.l711 New I.eve OTI('E-WII.IAM II1LL, No 16, t-iCrrres at .llroti ilnr n il:lunflchrlr l anll article ill hi4 lile II. N. II. 4nlhlc'. Jewe lry4 , Jni11e oxes, Silect'c!es Or5 4 ld111141 1i4d 4 ,'v4rwa14 . itii, my I444 1 AP and iL ur I' \ IPI~it-A -ll -asmt tn;t fi' theI. ( ,al4ove artlil le, pill land ruled, for sale llt No. i4, c4 cIay II D 1\V1) FII.T & Co. Pl,:iPPll t-- 0ci0ll t s fir sae by frh I niV 4 l &Sil.4, 11 <411N'I. 941 \ilaO 'a 4al in beI _INct _ _1._ n1 411& .l 3It 4\4 5 '4, l& I 44444na.h c IIN.---II pIie brown sherry, eray urlrior, tihr I saleby &. Ilt1IWe 1 lilly Ia I91layazillR a IME- IE- 00casksThonmiasloi Lime, t,, or le I y S &JP IVIIWIt I'NKY, d nlillvy . 73 Cralp at. N .LUNT I.F-:TC1'UItS-Lectcn ei "tplt- Histry D ofl oulr I.lord avid Savioulllr Jesu Chriil, bly lhe R.ev l Ileliry IlunI, A. 3I. Iecor of Upper (ClelstI.aa, lid title - l'ell4,0i tof etlllrake Ctllis4, Calmlridle. ,lld cllap lai4 to his grace tihe lilke F If Ricllmond, ill 2 vols. Alec lectrets lol thie tlist ,ry olf le spotlle PaulI, by tile saaise aulltor. 'Ihe abo4ve are new wccks and very neatly executed, lid will be sold very low by tI ALtEX. TIJWAR, S aly 3 49 Calp street. ks OAP--oston No L,-211i3 Ietsin itoreR Ico rule Iby AI1IIIAIAM ''RIEtR, T'pril' - 34 Greavier st I I .--10110 4sala4 Thoml14alton lime Inedlieg, andq _I for iale by S & J P 'IlIT'NEY, 4 1242 73 (Calllp st EA OTTO OIL--For lhe restoration and growth of f a tie Illi, givinlg health, beatry and prevenlting its fulllng o" , sulcd a WM. BEI.I:' m31 No. 16 t:Carlrels -t B oU'rFTEIL.-I50 kegs Gloshelle and W lestern, in storef b T for sale by G nIORSaeY, ~: 44 New 4Levee FRI ElIIA'T6lRe n &i, WATERo JARS6 ma - e h Imgaeny refrigerators, painted do, 6 14 gallon water jars bi 9 6 gallon do in l saor, for sale lby Sn'23 tS &J I' WHITNEY, 73 CampA t I (1ORN BILOOMS-250 do hiain sltore and for sale by V BROll M G DiRSEY, 44 New Levee i, "l.Olll-~ 26 brla lanodig r steraaln boat Persian, i I.Io. d far s al by G D)OISEY, b , R 44 Newm Levee aofhe ofieer. apllaoited under lhe Counceil of n lau I - a; nieipality Na. 'wll, and4 wlae sareuritie have beea , e aeeptedaby said (1oat4cil, are lereby noaifiid that their n dllo s are prelar44 for sigalrel, tlhey will llerelora call at tleol oie f the illllerIils.-ed inllediately, with tli-ir seceritiee, ald eonlmlpele the same. id .JOS. B. MARKS, Notary to tlhe Corparation of lMuaiipllily No.'ITwo. nmo:2 14 i4ce, 12 311ankg Arcade it, O.'.F'Er:--lb11 bags Java. Itunlarar 444d flanilla, in V store for sale low i close coosigment ie m24 S .lALL &1 0 BROWN.96 Maiaziane at ig -AIIID-210 keg9 leaf lard, fLo a.laehy L 1,9 11 O AAIES,48 Camp at ical I.erlare--.tokes sn the Chest, Jr. nal for sale by ye _ R, 49 Camp at rf ISEA--3 hubxes solchang n4d Pimchong, for anle 'P v ~ s1 FOR NEW YORK. New York ewr Orlco/ ine. A NE eVLINEof pckets he been established to run between New Orlenns and Ner York, to consisatoffve first ratule shlilps, i: Ship St. lerv, L W Fuiter, nlaater, Auburn, Il' l)nrf.y, S_-- new, a. Sbuilding, These eltips were built in New Nurkexprrs~ l for this trade; or a of a light draught of water, and will not be. osubject todetentii at tile liar. Their aieomaiiul.tinns frlpasepngera comprise all that mnav I re luired for colllllrt and convlllelmenP; und thellir eolnlnldrl are oeo of exp tiernce. Unil the ships now bullding are cn:pletled, two first class alips will suipiy t:cir TI ,grenteol punctunlity will Ire observed in the tiln of s.iling, and every rensonablen accommodation ex ni ed Ito a lipp lr a M lpn Rnge.ors. or lurtlrr particuolor apply to rnsrr., Jnlohnson J Loado, No. 86i Wall street, New York, or to jag PETERI'1 LAIDILa.W, !lii Coamp at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana atd New York ,ine of Packels.] To sail regularly as adeeretied from each Port. TilIE lille is at this moment composed of the fillow 1 inl sllilp, ut; nlmore new vese in will e paltill at all early day. making the number twelve in all, a Ie h will allow of one Ibelng dispatheld from tills port every week idring the year, thus flording tromlt ficilitire fIr Iransp ortation aind at Ite lowest mesa itftIeiglnl. Slkip Ynroo, Captain T'rtsk. " isoiaoiisepi, Iletlie. Sl.isii.e Allei. . .llrlFoga, lllotliowy. t Ilhnt tile, ' ridge S.llakespleare, ' sllllrr The llano allipe ire all ,f the fit htl o., and it igren oIt,'d, a t uiliyht sirdlln t id water, dayif bui il her w Yolk rxlre-y fptr of the rlewill v el willt e rCollllllll onsil r i ewt llet ell riand i .ipicii tnUledi by t ble al;tl expraie ocrdl lloltl tr+. The rice f )re,sag ir fixed ll $i l, with'otllt wine, oFr fi ght lO r, plpln stole n ill very l)11r 7rtiC Itr will c lft IIOMl ' t InI to ni Kre i th i. he sRlhi will atn til Iitoer ltluwed tin iind down the river, nd the griealuter, ctali, obsewrvd as to their day of aili i Ct iilllkr the nwners or Cealntnins Of llh vessels will lie hr. leb for jPewelry, I;allioh petions, kolerd, oil' vPr or plteid wlre, brea.kgre of lat" dPl, hItlow ware marIble, or £rallrle, Coloperate on till, fint of ivlen or strol, r lfor bv letvers, palrcel oTr pakea R ellout by or Ill lo hoard the., iiihl.l y regalhr ilh ow llg are lke, folr t le se, and o Iti i coamor thereldx pre.siud. Fo r freigllt or Ipasinlage, oply t n FOR NEW YORK. HOL.MES' INiEI' OF PACKETS. p1TO sII ie IIICIIIat IL every .ollday frai.. each of rt. ' li I pkillte oe I'acowllaktI einv by illpreati to el ev en firsti class rlehi,aao iia nerivilag of c hip Ntraivite. lwptlaln WoVod. Arkneoas, Cplntin E Si DnI)alr, Alabamna Captain C C Berny, orleans, Captnin S leorr., Vicksburg, Cnlt nin Bunklier, .r ut ion urtrol Capt in Trunl tran. o i (tconhe, Ci.alhilin Lyons. Oeaml.e Capltaill i.eavittll. New, Ship --r Cuitli Nir lol.i. The above slhipr lre tll of tile first laisf, l opperedl and copper ft.tned, i nd were built ill Neow York ex pressly Ifr thin trade--tlhy are of light dtmughl of wa t.'r.antd anlnostinvariably croas tile bar wlthout deten 'i'hes+ packets are commanded by Captaihs well ex perl'a('.ed ill tile trade., and will ulwawve exert tilelselves Ill eacomlrodate. 'rboy will alway' be towed tl ilnd down the river. and ,ill iplmplly sail as advertised. 'r'hey have hmndsonatly fturnished mccemoaehstios, and .torevs of the first uality will alwnva y e tolrnriolnhd, ild every Illleltioln paid tit tile comfort° andati.fieteiol iof lns*nrngere The, price of the cabin is fixed at $81, wittiest wine or siqlgnr. IFor further pnrticulars ul;ply to A rOlii:N, I111(11mu:' a C it .llhl Il| s.relet, l class, hoIhlw . w r",, Illi orllle o Ir;;ootit, cooI e:a I1 of 1lill or parcel put on h rll, tle,+ a regular bill ofhtdingbe bi sigllel therefoll', llt tile o,, ,e oft flloe llts. for the Interior. , FOR liAYOi SARA ofth RegKular PJrket. nl. s T plenilid pussongetr toleinhoosai ; . - ( Ic I.Ie ANT, ,o oo Ih' Rt ma ,c.r . .will le+ave New Orleans ev...rv Wepll rnI lo.dly iIll ,1 cloc1 k A. M. filrllouvou Sra &oevery A. nI0 or1'ae, lit l tloek A. Mi taking tl coaII t dawn 1 o0 rare an .lild11 oIlr fliglor ppleaage aplly Is Cth. Illnr "o ' 11,3?5 ADAM\'IS & WlITA!I.1 iro 1 I1tNKS, &c--0 1ll reti , .l ' D v l e rP r Aper, fini 150 do d1) o III e uI t rlll l ii N I lie bhl , :l ! ll:' 1 po t IN' l l Io !t lll illt l lel I 7 1 w ir lie pst do 1 11 hd fine fp A11 211 d 0 0 1m05£li min doll FIiC I AP-o bI k folio pOSt r - All twkih r, of n very sll r iorq nlity, lind willb e soll ll w, i close It conisig illlll ' .ll IbI ... oiiy5 Ai3 ,1 0l\' . RI (ll,•i ae'lImpi st1 i1 Il lt ,' ,", hl'IIr'IIllb-- r,l' 11h111y + 1i 01 t ,lh+, dlhi- o • sIted to A Ilnr I rel, I'r e l q... olllp.,I I,v (1 . P. \l1n- ! t iOllnier of.NPwV ()rhrlnls I'recived with tllllle gleatest p l uie4 alihe New ioiCk concer lr,l s ml4 corner St ('ha rles C.a Cilll ati ! T lI IIItMl'l.I..1S - : {:case , A Irltiual d U , gh i a il U Im - ! LI I i"rlln , S -,ihllvri orrdlle y a I 5 g 'IlsI I)lPli 1 I mr , m o iS al' er, i ~ra Ib 1S. C ll.ll laIc t iANCY SOAE-l- 00 bo, . j trece ived fi, l o fi Ibv SSll& L &. ItO7'1N, at ao Chy k I a La , 1aguiline t. lel I Ii t AND IP1Di L`1I-Rfflit;- id-ii-.,.-tie o.o. , I,'i-y Ali S il14 SAlm l.I & IIRO , 96 b lililstaill" at I I AVRIWA iRE IAl'lIl3t- 11 reN'l.-3 l rdlwl, o L'a- I 71 Ii eu rto store ant l or s all Ad r !d I S 4 J TIAI ER & Co, 4 ','l I ldrs rt EFIshl T St LawreltcPe n',tl u by! thc Io Sr & ,I lP WHI'TNEY 7,3 Camllp at T c1 I Rfr-i-1 ero i lo l ol llllni e .nindi, for naleC sLI b y r o I ,A r J r % t'lll'e'N , n tly l1 73 ('alimp.Sr IIIi it ol t Iy AV NA . - W EI+ . i l' l a;T .- . e ,do it stare, a , Itly s. 15 34 Gntrevierst P te - ltElrl ,nIALAGA sAluelNS-ro 000 o xs hi store iset 1 lfor sale byI , o e e 'IIImub:Rl or( Irlmv 15 3 it, h rtr s t ht r To .L url thieid etr% or flNk Check, 10bid or Ladirae, a uctiol et, heilli, 'ly+tlplello , ISllho l ill, Col ta- il lotguse, &c. &6. 4. ILr Ult receivd i f ltr e Above, Iral o a rry mt ert l l o a e t of vsarifou pl'rn etlNI nl. e in irr' i n e all nl/ Ioy Ioe Il of rlUatR ..Nirlilr Ifl aesl: l sl l So. (1 l .rela b. l Ex dtirMe, r011r h f B Iaza r, 5 nrtirf St. tCharll1 ole , edo I ei'e.elluioe aod beaolij llHol 1d iloll "Unary On /froNa he Abes Fondreti. lhe U Uiftrd rtbos, 5111 30 lt brein addedioselobIle Olyl melloseel aralis ohode l,ni - -0~l (IHeoIrast lle&Ox01ut1d lrOa.hol as CheapIl1y, it It Exolldilouuel oud llBoeauully, as ata 1y othellrc O1iCe intle thr . -tyU l l . C . . Ju. t r....iv, I y lute - rrinols, nu , ltlort l ul of hirt - -- S00 u clke , lovovuh &e l USfl gIoo liuo we wdFi ll, o oIIjTO l--II . , 0i iY w 11111id 'flri ,rsoing ca r o rltillle srlidlalOvin hg l ilole woId hi n l t o fhatheer. 1 o he II h & AlI.AN. II, T' f ORN-1St00busa hlari n I ollldg fr0 ll l B lboot unld fr I1 . al 0ly £13 Ai TRiER 3 (;rmoror 01 re qcle of furnitue, apr idly c oelll ile i use, ir n r- mo therlle swella soutlirnl ilatitodes. It isllrdigned to to: akeep eool lid sweet, suo l dlislhes is tie lir oary . l- w IT lleuht as are necesaosa to Is rp otei ct' l fli rol he a hrsat soflle wrilherduring ihe srmmer 8011101. n Tlhe Refrigerator Ia o10 elnsidero d at indippeol al , a 0t I ,rtiblsse in lle I aIO IldO gOf ry go uo lhoosewile. TileI Sqoality of Pafood it protllels l111l lle welatller, owi olltre a 1thlan pay 118t cost of the orile every iyear. Tlh dulbooribhe is eolstarntly rec iving riom Irle hon o - l rll hei, eefrige rators .l50ldl l n r n ellpIriI rea. of Th el Subscriler ois feired t1 tAg i forde r te ldlar ocfae it •r oar ln eer A Pelleo . SoeredInti nol t1. lefoigerators d 1heV ih seen at pll owy , together53 will t ..s. lyB tf W ItCAI.NESl o Gae I rnmELLus, t sshre as:hin aor T eio - wo willdo ell pr ex ethatg 50 doan. enamelleidt. rea, Si'ias, whie will be olered atls t radeussr ifdfroel Plsln Iii Sso r hao osr rbesore oliforod is bis ely. Ars 0 dlozsa p 0n ollcord 4Rihg, of all pluerls, ogeihr withf rleal tln- t riety lof heup Gilt Worke , oesistiny of Ilmalredoialge ls Ear O mamens, Lochls e, Caionies, &Ih. l'hosa in wants will do well iso e a re rlin sgrst oe lrllIO s tl. by I'S. Old Gold ard Silro wstde. sp e1 I1 1..ISt 1150brl Prsi/bre dlitokoees G74u Pod con find al 53 Bienvill street, Ptent1 In, l 15atfrl Iouooore, aupdrior 1to siY eao t oel iu llelion i city. foll t' NV WA ('ARNES. I - UI.EL Cop sod Loller i'1NPAPER-JoIt OI(·ield . 41111 re0010 rnl01 Letter Poerr, boib blue ornd w011te.. I olaoo, 450 ruled 0011, 00tle verey 11w pri00, ruitablebo Ir fen sI hiolO, for slleby D EAVID It &sC, rir llay 14 i Y Ytatiooors' HlI5,i24Cllhrrles at. I tea URN-2000 bushels 0u linar Sippl, urdor-silool nih C 8101(0 sole by JTIII.N)EI Woo. m13 T4Poayrisst ttj lTE HiTSEANS-:3U ur oo tr oalohv lOI3 i I)oISEY. 4 New 4 Ivew. ,i NStI lolL-tO hals r rie llrcnlr Linseed tok L.iu storf and for lales y J TIAYER buas ott3 74 Psydrss ut M ESS BEEF-4S half bobl at the illspetlion il IV stioselorsaleby G DORLSEY. our, t110 44 0ew Lover at JUST relrivod a lurge assolmaontl of 00000r tlocko Sale J ofaiuou lII liOtteriellfl shirls 0f Rue qusliry. 010 ffSl'.1l. t TRUTH IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. IT i's a lot thtn 150,301 of Sars;parilla Blood Pills iave be3t 133o11311d during3 th 31 p3113 33 1333 11 It ia11111-that thy are taken in i 3nnbkernble inaIincei to obvialle inld correcttlhIe (irh l.nub and lbid effects1 of 33111 Ipills sad other .1/dis s; icines, by which 113,y lives ar $111111 1111b111IlllgII 111 311.l1,lrridiifb'133; 3lbs,3 It'. itrio ll IIRNDA'I'.k nIIensi . contain ninYrats nr mrreary, vlhlcl quacks thanlk "" nust kll o~r cure," and t rust lolholr effectl to--hlit or mliss."Ai it s a Inc-''ll-That rumor..... gnashs anld forcipll ilnpnrlnrs cell Lllulllslvca Ilirlourrthhnlkry anlily lnltr0 foaelsally oppose theilr vile, and dangerous prep~lurntioln on thle public, earn,,C nolhing f,,, the consequences, su th III·1 the(y call onlly pacrket 11 is a 3 lct-That the quarks and (o1eign ImpRIlo. who nowr infe.t (lnreountry know mite,, of thin na ture.I of nar.Ji cons,13 muj1k 11y3,,bout d133331ob3113nI,113.) he laumn II t oI.-135. tt,111 b 1 311J1cnlurl 3311i1111. IIm the fdlnw Rheumlatie llli:ctionlaI Ulcrrousasorrr nftblr uue,tllmnl t Scrofly ; l;rysipelne; and holy; Jloundlcc Hf-riburnl Scaly eruptions ans ild bionicsl of PU11IF1EglInd b Ilky 1a/n 31.0r 1111. r Pain ntlesonla, .llung thre Ilrtlll , of l LIII I'ac nn oldo RNck OARd 1pin1,1"ver t IlEn SlISTEM region olf thle heart and 7rltcr amt~ rinlerorrns; 1bal3acb; 11111 113' If f 11.131 1 1 f 1f1th1 Inwanrd fiver, hand lainI in I1 rto ek n h FIlllll3uIb31333lI113II(3 1 il3;ISII11t 111 111 blWjtlol'.deio' ll 1.1, 31,.3 Bour. ,rAu noll 111111id 11 he 133 naeh; \1'n1rrbr11111 1 RECO0)1 MENUATORY PACTS:l'd 1111s 1 fol-T111( only proprir3 r nod11 llPllII. 111mt 311ry, alted by 33 he anon 314(11331 d (111311 3/lb a of11h11 1131113 States. 11111or, Ph3sich, Chapman, 11131 ol , G1ibs111 , Dew1,e3 (hare, Jamecs, Hornerr (:axe., &c. I13i,31 bll11i-'Th l1'the1i1IIIp311I3I blI1dpl~l,~l 1r3 employed1 in t d1e 1133ti1e ul'IbIy 1131113 1131b. .13 Cl3111131. 1111111113CO1U blldllll by llap y de113,1hl3b bil Ii b 1u1/.. (Se1 e 1311113113 15. HI:Cnnlpaoying 0006el box l'pill..) and they arc e wvu-uolo I t canton n Io mrrlcary or unllll . pre. 111111d33I13b11t- 13h1 .1maye 3113311 3 IIC Iy the 1 IPII d1lic a ell '3ge.; wit bIut rel3'113111 ,sA llu bbgdlsllrlru Illb 131abl1'1ki11 coldl; bi33lll1llut chll33llg of dall 3ylll3b33nlfll1o 1113o133311311113'11 .k r gt1 11113311(111 311113 101toke3,l u e k11 th1e 111111 so muds ca1r3 of b he pur11g111v11111331111111 - fll , 1d1 1 1 P(II(If'Ik;IIS 011, THE 111.00)). xor RENOVATORR OF TIllg SSSTEM Favor dire-c-rI. Al1, cn1 1 3tilulllm'l drllenels, 31 ru11ur13 l 3 meet11 ry, 111 th1e I'11131lb, Ir 111111 ll f11111 of 11 1 ,lllill. II' .1I 11g1111 It is a f et--That n'ver in a sitlglo instancee have they beencl known to h, use d, th allt thePy did n ot produce a good o. Eile eu-ig thIousandrl, manyl of aboutl were buttes e oollidet ld in~lt Ll is a fact-thin[ onebo inx rlrr;npaprrill pill. anil nine loltla anylll Coopoollll d Syrup 015 poll!,,III. is all nullieI*III to care? an3y ..f 333l1111a1111,e d 3313113 I 3111fb u liel- 11II b1111113113311,3tI 1153313311,e3. plce they c r o11331113d ge11b in N. O 313a31, ib l11 Cu111 113 111111111b h1311 1 1( No. 333. 3LOOD! 1b BO111 OO111 11 ;l. ISry thii's 'll' I1F bd is derivtblIi fm blood. 41 41115 co .115 '311111111351 are 1 raial 1,13.yiil Ltl. A l l di--,- -o srr~ froml illllutlltY ofthe blood, o.~r i n oth cr w 1111, 13, 1er 31 iIlulb llurrIlodged ,,1 311 body. fill,. All then.. hnlloorr ura cerriotl all', the blood j IIrililoJ and malls hearelthful bly the sarsaparlla thata nisi mllolce willl Vel.Vgrtlible pureglivel Rlu a Illimilata(lwtl theC blend.· 3IP U 3 I T o f lh e lo o d is I t ii llb J 1V ".n to li, 1 3 1 1 3 1 f1 1 1 3 1 1 e1 cam-I' oldiieelcl. SAIISAI'Alll LIA is well knew,, to b i t , Wool uusl~r~r hCII 1I1( nit fluid. ot'th II buncoI systeml In oxilellr:s. It is the princeipal remcdial agents in ill Pasnoeeus,Caltuliionl. mud otheor prepurntens.n It 1s useles~s, th~erofre locumnlller l onl its siltura; theyg arc known I. vevry ..teas eEvery new paperr is filled with al vlvlrtsnteleltl of~pra" 11, W S It It.. dircauered u prucerr, kn.own! unit' to Ilinseccl wherebcly it is combinellc d wtill , utter wall knownl remr~·dlnl ngenl J withouut Ilcrlroyilp tlra rrluoa oftll ! rurppnr lllr 111, lir,,lll Surllrd r rlll l or l ylltn! Pll.,. Wall the I II). lp Iril: u 1e, IU:II ly alnd almosrt ,,npresepll, ly calrries oB' Illr gross and n orbidli kunlots separat~ed frontl thre blood by thle Farsainpurdln. n'1'hese pill,~ do netI purgesa violentlyg us roost p~ills de,, whirl, pros.l [rote ..,i reduce thle lystcull. mlolering it hoerP lint,!', toiIlx eos,, wP;,kaling thle eysemn and it. ifg discs,.. to lalke stranger lend, anld killingC or dOoltroyinlS tOIIs-G mll; in short~ it maurl he ovldle ll thi purging,. as violentlly as thle plls to dolor.. e sanlfuelurad by and foreignl impostors are as attrchlevuus fa their conseqluences as nlcreury and uhelur mla erals. Front the eircunnlstance of lbw sarsaparlla Irving· introducedd in palls, bung Davy to take writ cusvlenicul for rarry-lag it 16e1 thle bettiesr containingn prspilratluol of the sannq~l drrtla Illr oustl evenltually take thle plae ofT all othelr prrap,:lrllloll of Iola nl1II" filrrglii. Il;,vr elicited numerous r· Il-Liiuenialll (relll pinyin co111 it rsll n( U~ ch J aFI.llljnll i t'.. fired.. l.,l~ are ertlllidnntlll rrcon u-ndellP I in 1II1·1IaI1I (: tltc· none,~i rcrl,ful.,, rrvl.lpe',,J.,j I ce heII.nrnbUIt, . i~rul.(· o 1t11 ha 1.r· hod votl*e of de I:Irlltll , forl b~reath, Ilatlllon-y. , hit ry(:·llonl w.ti lnprt,,n, er ne rrIurlclio is anld acidity 11 tier 1t · uellle l Illlcnrlx rlrt of tin IloJo. hrllitlUI l bdy, scaly eruptions1111 -ld IIIU LCJIS tof II,, ,k(1lu. I1Iy Dud wate ry IIIIII. illll puII)I1I cs Oftllt· (arc sl bodyl,, te..tto, ad rlllgwo)TII, IwrIIIIIC & III1l) Enang ofl then elands if the neck~rl, inI thle grows, b rcel~l &c. .ballachl. cullgba, liver ecollplalltlt VUtCTrIII.sh1 and al )II whole train of ldllica-ins rlllolti tt from ~.purlity ofl the : 11111d1 conll~ltutiun nll dlrcasar In u.: aced snore try at- ulllpr IIIIII r\~k env rrslpecluhll· Ihyl~iciil the, lllrllillll· whet I . thee me,., ctliue lllua pumice of the biotin Ins unlwer w ill be s.-r versally~, w bat1 baller el Iolbluce -ar we hllve of its lavulallsle Nuulnrrmua ecrl biro e+ Il~lvl Il n received anld Irof!rnres ran 101.100,1 o hoof IIIIrtlldlol cc, .l~l' the cos t (I1L E rklPLUI' sulc uu~lr;lr ld b "'foal its No !,r Custloll Inusn street, 3j-·lllll tllictell will IkSIII 'L11111 crorulali Prllltion of~ vn··lru ..any )illl d-litage 8 a i1 0, aid halo lion, by apply,,, ulls il A 31. "oil l'n0nna ý to , P 31 :wit fIl~llto 111 ml thle ca ruing.6 ('1)1;1''01 11 I?. n·*l\'1 rl lll v illlilllllN'i 11111. 1 1.11101, I' T ,,,ticl,, co, be .wen uol one ftr .aleu al III ltt:l' ' 1 Co. Eochnollr e Ilolel, St Cluirlto et. [a sI R(1(:.1 V 5 &c-,ell cni,·s. ool~iiti,,g of [net's railII ý_j oroccoll notl I·Iinp Ilnnlnls, bu. I ll, : nillli 1II ch~lildren':[ ) IbII"IIII; I1"t'll ý gnlllll* 1e.". laultlil g fnll nl3 1111u1/l; Co, 131 Junngnriueot . I--------= _ .TATP OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dis- f11 Strict Court--The v tate of Lousiana, to all whom veI these prcsents sha:ll come, Ereeting Whereas, AC Blanchard, J W Breedlove, Wl. lot liam Mackey, and 11 Lavergtne having purchased pre at a sale made by the Sherlir of the Parishl of Or. et leans the property hereinafter described, have up. poi plied tothe Co.rk ofthiSCourt in whose office the eui deeds ofsale were recorded on the 24th, 26th, and p 27tlldaysofApril, A. D. 1839, for a monition or cl. advertisement in conformity to an act of the Legis. de laturd of the State of Louisiana, entitled ' An act dri for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales;" approved the 10th day of March, pa S1834: ot Now, therefore. know ye, and all persons inter. pi ested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First do, I Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, do title or claim inl and to the prolperty hereinafter de. le escribed, in consequeonce of any inlbrman:iy in the s order, decree or judgment ofltlle Court uolder teiicl a t the sale was made, or any irrega'arity or i legality sun inth appraisements and advertisoements, inl tima, dit ormantnur of sa'e, or for any othar detlbct whatso ever, to lshow cause withm thlirty days from tthe day ter this mnioition is first insrrted in the pubta c papers, C.t w',y the sa e so matde should not be conlirmed and Lfh, homologated. lThe said property was sld by the Sherlff of tie , Parishl aforasald, on the 27th day of March, A. I). lh 1839, by virtue of a decree of this Court, rendered tre on thle 5thl day of March, A. D. 1839, il a suit enti. ta, tied Carriero & Burdozat vs. Buchanan & Hlagnn, p No. 17,401 of the docket of this Court, at which ro sa'e the said A G B inchard, J W lBreedlove, WVli liam Mackey and I1 Lavergne became tile purchan sers, respectively, ofthe following property for the in lol owing amrounts, to wit A G Bitnas e rd was tile purchaser of the 'ot of { ground number Six in Poydrns street, between al Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty h four feet six inches front on Poydras street, by h ninety five feet six inches deep, for the sum of seven thousand one hundred do'lars cals : three tthousand nine hundred and forty four dollars and fifly cents, C payable the thirtieth day of March, eighteen hund- fa redand forty, and the balance in two and three If : years to notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing mortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity p. to bear interestat the rateoften per sent. till paid, tr without any right to retard payment, wicnh the said sheriffacknow'edges to have received in his notes, payahle as above, with Jonau Metoyer & Co i and N. Benoist asendorsers, and reserving on the iv above described property a special mortgago ae until tihe final payment of tihe above doescribed nonte, hi J )V. Breedlove became the par baser of t he I , of ground number Four, in tile corner of St. aClarles and 'i.ydrasl streets, measurring twenty aour feet front on St. Charles street and seventty- it eight feet ten inches ao Poydras street for the sumrI of eleven thousand and one hundred dollars, pays- i ble as follows, via : One thousand dollars, cash ; four thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars n payabae the 19th of Juno, 1840, and tile ba'ane in a two and three years, It notes satisfactorily endors ed, and bearing iortgage, and if not punctually t paid at maturity, to bear interest at tire rate of tenll per cent. till paid, without any right to retard pay. - ment, which the sheriff acknowledges to have re ceived in his notes payable as above, with John a Minturn as security, with sp. ci i mortgage on tile property sold until final payarert of the above de scribed notes. t J W Breedlove became, also, the purchaser of tihe lot of grounl number O)ne, situated next to the St Charles Theatre, near Poydras street, marr rg t. twenty three feet eight inches anl six lines on St. Charles street, by seventy eight feet ten inches in deptih, together with a ftar story brick house and kitchen thereon, now under lease until the first November, 1839, at fifteen hundred dollars, from thence to the lst November, 1810, at two thousand dollars per annum, payable monthly; for trheoumn and price of sixteen thousand dollars, payable as follows, viz : Two thousand dollars cash, four thousand five in hundred dollars, payable tile nineteenth day of Jane, eiglhteen hIundred and forty; Rand the balance ill two and three years, in aotes satisfactorily en dorsed and bearing mortgage, and if not punctu. kl ally paid at maturity, to bear interest from matu. rity, at tire rate ol ten per crnt, witiout any right to retard tire payrment, and which tire shlcriff se. knowledges to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, and payable as above, the re. served special mortgage on the property sold until the final payment of said notes. William Mackey became the purchaser of the lot of ground numbered five oil Poydras street, he twtonn Camp and St. Charles strelts, mleasuring I twenty-four feet six inches froot onl Poyd'ra, treet, by ninety.fivo six inches deep, flr the price olf a seven thousand five hundred dollars payable as follows, viz: Five hundred dollars calh, four thousand two ' hundred and and eighty tlhreo hun dredths dollars, payable the tliirteth of March, o eighteen hundrendand flrty, and tlie Ilute il two "I and three yellar i0 note. o atisfotlorily endorsed, and beaorng o ortgoge, and if nvt I iunctually pai o at mnaturie, to bear interest t tile rate of ten pr cent till paid without any right to retard payment, and"' tile sheriff acknowledges to have rec ivwl the cash i payment, and the balance in his inotes, te two first lie to the order of J. Irwin, and the last to the order eat of Gtoo. lBuchanan, and by the endIorseod and pay. blel as above: a special mortgage is reserved until the final payment of the said notes. II. Lavorgne became tile purchaser of thr lot. l of ground nulnbor three, next to he corner of St. hi Charles and Poydras strees, mooeuring twoenty.four 111 feet one inch front on St. Charles street, running Iek seventy-eight feet ten inches deep; fir thetI ~ price of six thlouosand nine lhundred d..lars, pay. o atle os follows, viz: ()One rho isado11 Boif rd rcas, flror tlhorei ni i lal i ui- ! IBre led llo lli l. ' llrl pai abiillve t nllltn:::' ii'ii lh da 1 Jllae, clellfore ll 1111:: ro lital foe :: tie:o.ld loo lilllln iUi , tIwo ndtl re. year , ii n1s's, eli.ti ·l. riV l11,llr dll d hli l:10arilnlllnUle 'or ; and II t11 t puletlually paid at 1: 1 rie : ti': , olo' i o i "iio ' lt i t tihe r t eo lf lt ie11 c e, r. ll li i ! w o h i, ci l o rttl i p inP th ll lt e ller Ito lie:: ri-ke ni n~c ,;c, at ih e ri: e ofi I t h l io e mt eI nI E ' 111lml ' Ihll, r 1111+:4 in 'II. Ina '.r of 11.++d 1111, e ( 1 , ' C l)erligln ,llll I av:dhll, r'I aC ,iet", d i t 'pl" l lr mll hll· t e 1 c8ye rV, d at the p'ro l,,erty so rld d iai l lq dl pay 1 'o Aid' l aid lli i1.oe i /oll 1 1 the p r ln-'.or of o1f dI . It tfoisrnlfl d ollrti' i- a ljtll:u in 1'ir lllllllro l lo,, - teo:i tl i:ttl iln - f 'ltla , lro i'irlei, lllPol: lio e twnl\ y-bhoe to., 1 1,1l l ll;tlls l id ix mi e nlil y . ruelol t s. 0'1d,,s sl ri, byi1 f:.lra- oll-i upb fnol-to to i i ll h e .Inid pl. t etlllr tohi: 1 ' a i: four-miry 1r ,k h11-a+ nnd kitcullr II I-. II,(:I e ill r , 1t ,1 a1 h',o un til olra thlr y-first Ot- P ,et , i nht bllf..rle i, nd tlhiryl-. ir ,i at the ni tlc, f l 1wr ti . nc t dre 11d r hy 1 1. 0,1 vene , pa11· !,! 11111ll1110 I'11111' n iret 11 '.ixl e. lllh,1a.11a d ! h aud o1 haudled d t nl ,,tr a aIble al flhlll . t ii: ht:1-e ved 'Wal li1n Ins+1 uth do A cl, 11u11enan, Judgel- olf tli e h al fre duBllinr pa:' eI tlhe .:i.:'uh dald"' Ju e, ,eif ht- Ji r year, i nooo s o isli.i o .' ril ld reo'ld, otl fler'eig cll llnondu e l.oe, A.. :i:lan rd, J. W .o f: . r elovo, lior nlo ventri fLit e pue o tenl p' r I der. tidll paroilso a'il r.logt c right i retood nvool:ooll, :uld tIe Shlot'f orlooicuf-t'e+ I o anv, e ec peivrid h cai.;' rb1 n lt ncrits, she elnllt.++ illa cd c:y:teif 0s ipoive, o'l 1 io e'iIo mi"tgogli rot-eryel ' ros ,: a s Lref I n. A llo . colr, oilcn, aces de vf tle It CI'unnd 1e3f, pouilr ll n nvsixth do ' on1brlmnt e un t Ior, t de la Legisliture de I'tat d -n l , louiian, ini. toly l-'lto plo . C II , il.s titN, dleip . ierr 1, i lx venltes judiciiret Judi iaipproe-I Ett de 10 ars 1 - '.l soit onnu, t .oucoe l personnc indressoes c l, soant : la tondui qan A.t . Blanchard, J. .re ir edisri e Jdi Willioam Moakey t avoi. r rve la t aroprit6 ca i' pro vente 'iite pnr Iconseq ner'de da pIroliso d'f)r. vereu . el lcrprii o v icn falr defa ite, de tou eita - i d. , ularil on reu ill d celo co, o oIst ationI'vis dou le to forent enr,-:'istres le 25 26 et 27jaore d'Avril do `l ,io m'an ode 1839, pour l vno, on conlorme nt o " dator d la Legislatore d etat do la Iourisian, inti- ,' told "Andite propricnnfs os titre vndu ersdpes Ie rif, ix vert d un do re dc tt (approi6 toI 10 Mars de r81. ie , i s'innoto onn3, tns aire d orduzaonns iotdrescss tot ont par ees pr6sentes sononl( u anool do t'otat dei C0: No. Louisian01 det do a coetor do Premiere ir aqullo ciloirequi pourraient nvoir dro i Ila lropridtv ci. d 1ti0 opros doerite, e. otn.eqoen.e d'un d6foit do forot clr l'ordre, Ic ded..tou 0 t ejug.o.tnde to tour, o toe venrt lc e di v c nl. lanc tarite, . de tout irrov. :I gularid on idy gatlid dens l'estie ation, r'avis on l e demps ct le mode do l vonte, os proria suivantre Poaue qollonnmes, doe aire voir, dons tronti joar a A.r dG.o la pncubliatird, du lotn dcettee nai,pour. qui I rune Poydrasi ur ite o erait pas cos d prond ot homoolo :' p ur sdit 27e do jur do Mars d 'anl, e 18391, 5 , pyertu dun d 30 dte ettr 18(our, ret l blc 5 da ars tl doux tanne 139ro , dans Iillahi edolora iduat csthe tr i ct byp td in No. 1710au d dor cket dejus e'tt poimr, 'ils noi . Cr ntles t s A. G. Blanchard, J.W rll oeedove. " Wco. Mackeyt 1. rcLargi es avoi rcu endu ses noi pyi6reols eoslne i est sieot, dens prO s pd a suivant , " ptor es omms et N ciaprois a oc ri, savoir d'un A. G. BIcdlovrd, du lot doi trcur no. 6u lot :e I' drro lao. , 'olydlr , antr I'eoin roe ds rues Io t drat1o St. Charles, lesurant 4 piadsd 6 polce de face a to St. CPoydrl t o i 95 pieds 61 po.aces o p rofo d.o , dp or apon l on do $7,1100 o ptanylet, c39i, 5,n payalols Iol 30 deo Mars 18-10, et la balance dns blesux t trois ait s et billet et dorta it satlsfaction ent pot adt hypothi dea:o,iton parlor lnl i o mt te n ioux dolbi diu tx do dsix pour c ntn pic l jsolsnoln i psialsemnt, srts II'leeuu droit da retarder paniment, n quo lI sdritotrrcollonait avoir recu cn ses bilets payables conlfie it est endossis pan Jouln, mt 1 .yolturnh' vcquvc lypotoboura sp.ioe psrorl6t6 jusqr'ir ' vaienm nt fi' ii fina l dra susdits I 11et. I J. W. IlBreedlove de.vint i' Iacqlcur do lot do .:a loterr to,. 1, Ilra sintu I'encooinro tids tro St. Cloarleas et St. Chla rleoydrs, n yurt 1 pl pi. d fc poue: la r St six lines et 7 pied St. l0 oeso , toct l'.d i od 10 pouras poor n sdoro e do .Il, 100e on briaayll emmt 1 siret, $1,00 conmptant, $1,119 fpaio b do l 19 de J les le 1 Juin , et la blecl ahl ro s do:::doux t en billets dos t n I sillctdie clon st portent l t:lion ct 'o. ,portn hpotioelo ; o t doilns et cs qo 'ils no teolle.t payds ,onur allm ...... a les dcv.antnc e , il1 tdvroul inorter . n int a x d e dx pour colit justcellot pains eut, n droi 'eun drnitardle pdirood deo auell, c sle I h6riffraonn nnit avoir r eeiut rn 0s h lls bdols s pay r Jolnes cuMil eat nsusytit, endosc tlr Joh I l Mioudt avo c v l riltrvoiq ue spfOl eltle ao. Irht Lproaeld oi vsor ld pjuoi' t pnidueCt finalt des susdaitse fnlll. l. li'. BreedlcK ve dovint ausCi uloqut d lot due lI lot do terre no. Ils ro sit6 1drs leth,tro St. Cra rle prce la or e Pcydras, tyyurto t23 pieds 8i pouoes 1c et six liones oar la ru SIt. ( o:es, ret 78 pld0s coo pobles dc pro:l ndrs or avc l' bhlile an rhoi1s ttt NIt troisions clly routs ent, doujs a sill bail jteti t preoie n aveotee 1839 it raisonot d$yt15011t do elttc dpo e anll premier novrtobre t:s 10 h ,oiet o do $2p1100 iur all pIayable tuns leor 01 ooa r hi Io' drix do $16,000 poybthop 0oia5e toout, droux miille prest porter un it,r aotre nuile die ournt piastres pajusquyabl ple Jin 1840ns et In blroitc d'ln r dour ot trti ncs en billets endoos6s it o atiuacltion et 00 port paint hothqu; et ddril recooas it eno avoier rec doerout porter un inlfro~t au talx de dix pour ctak C sans teuoen droit d(lon rolardaalt paiinnt, ea lin lle le s prifrconn ait allir ren e orn a billales u dens ads par John ii'r ntr o t payaPrwi le der a 'ordest susdit vcomme io os do Sudiot d ri l hqusorve dil e hur lot prepri st vindue jutqu' au neutt final dest William v lcray devir t l'acqureur du lot d orre tor.3 no. se t rou e a oydras, enlre des rues pS. Chtrlsp et St. Charo, ayant 21 pieds 6oi I11oce do face . I .u St.. Cyd.rls st 9'.tndan. 7i pioueds d " 1 lroducer on proodiur;hlur lt .ixi dle o) tr ,900, , paybins eoles coil:o e$ilt: OlotItl; i ,mnt77, It 9a. payble 1o0 Mor1 s Juin 18 ot la bolance oo dhux l t trois ans on billets endosts a sa elitihction et por. tent aopoyotti'qe. a ens le eas qu'ils no Upo entl p ponetlllueloont payds a Ilur colanc es, is dvront o rntporterl n illtrt L taux odo deo po ptr c ent j o' l jusqhio itp omn, sanaacuna e dro it ''n r etarder l pi lenat; et 1 sll ohdritrit'econn it en avoir rec leo. tle nto tnt, la halancln ses billot0 nltlo pr iC. dux bigny de payle colnnvs it sdu.qecIt, rvec rdeerve d hypunl pothirqeue p dcialesu r a p.uo olroldriod olvdueh 1I. Lo goaveurgne dt vir tq lroCo doi lot de lerre lo.3do qiotroue. 0l, aoign, t l' o n ogo 1, o:rd dns. Ch rule St. Charls, aoyant 4 pieds tl pole0s de I liosde face a n re St . Charles s't.rlnt 78 Iois, 10 ipouecs de profondeur : avoc une aison en biqus90, pyableo, peyle onit crmlole lui; ot10 cnpta, c11t; p4y500 paablo 19 Join 1940,d Jin ol, et dbalance il aeux trois ass t elon s oaeedool dSi a t saiti ct peion et potpelt yrqueo. Dne: ot dals UilU casoit I' s n ponotoplls poonctdlldm ent payds a l eur c.da ncsi ,trot posisdevrointporotrou tioalo Uotu do di . n lour ctiennt jusq'aimns , as aeton droi t d cerder l t tarder lt ptnsrl'reencon tle s orit rcolnne o avoir, teotcule coulalno t la nan nnee i n billets n ds o dif r cigny eot payelo 00:U000 ii cst srre dlt'u, ne hrenthB dun: spoitfll:qur lI dropriOte v pnduejussqu'd pavde inaent tinal. nI lot domin nro norabl oi. M. nl chano- ,, jugo don i Scour es udil, roldce GEme Mni n LaiunOt hiqs d r an, payles to Ima t a eput e rl ier. d lhani Depote tirellior. A AVANA Y SUGARu-37 boxen 'ou\nnwlute ag 40 do do bro w do tnding, ror ,nie Irv mb9 11JP&JP WHIT NEY. 73 Camp ct P IC'KIES--O keg., and 4U bore+*, recelrlg r ainl SNew I'ulk olr 611il rrmleeB·orllall y my SHALL $ IlIUWN. KO N90 Magoozine s I h 0S000llO Fent nolb ur(. Ymay 14 S & 3 P WH ITNEY, 73 Camp st ii-- - mir .... . _ ... THE INI)IAN'S PANACEA,. SOLD DY i'or. Iof Natchez and Tchlnupitoulas st. p'Ott rie, irn ofrh.u.Iiti.s, 'oinfulo or kihg' ytll, gint, FO" .1' rnl :, l lll. me ltllr 11 ,'t rll,.n nixI rha'unl, ,{ihn Ilhuc anl d 1 I"I r;"tr lll r, r ag "aIN , {.n , 11ular y ulr r " ll r I , lll' i l nt; o, l ngn " ,f d i hI llt iuir, lcl inJ tplrli Illl uiJ Iunit rJl ulere ' lry ,11"v'I .{.,p~ i, Hofver ,ut + u ,ij iu ll'11: g . tu h., yl h', , ,I I :Id II,,d. curvv , hlh,. , e I relln ,It r . r+, , , , . ) - el I>, IllhqIn .%tll t,| r l+, se r} , ;1·ty 01rl'eu .il"I:0 ..,l'eel+ Inn , <'l r ; cllllrrh, I1I·;IJ Hybl, I* Ic eII·EIIIH IIl I: v n J IIni ,a all.l.un I: llJ ,,"i IIII cý"il y .I Til /lllltl( il ll"~ ~~ ~ ~~~I +;t'lh ,'da'i'+,,t,,. 1141111( (1·11nv . li l~l [t,+1i(IrI llnll ll .l f~i, +I+, I /I+ l I ,',innt tin, Iii+,,hn i IIh , 0 ntrluili "U " " " l` tI Jru, I+ I. l. II·I l u lll, t l~ luhl ar lln Il , I., d .'++., I11 tI.l .s : I n. 1.- II.F tl- u' ih ' t , . ,iu i,, I ,,- . : , t n.." c ll-lr t!Iitu, . 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I+ lilt furtllhr c,,llwIIll· aeall eeeb l all ry ih.Ihll ih . t gi lcltrI l-rd .rlicitel. e "I I,, I'r*.+,.rllr 'hId Y eoL .i t ¢Ie: ttte... ttlth derpte o l ,,:I, ll',·riloM l.ll.ld r U. ethr ,l U)r-( atge, mile d to mliy ilonu 1,l,,lIt, thI . erly 1111 utJ" .d III m llch hrl erh i tmlle I I1n I 11, Oevi l,+t',ln alltllt. ld, so li tlt.irgeltleal head th Wd I MIt h iIstprov* bd. H. LEY, M. 1. "l.tctlerer on I lldwitrc.i at Be rllttIt s lletpittl." Dr Ciltdp I:ln ire-,riltlt Ylitli'- illhitc olutio.t , tomh t Iiv p'l tIhLrte t.lldr ll..l Dlelharges, h roill Ivarit I)isy ndt allh- wart or Id . ai, I etime t lhe e I e had prtt Sll. . l?·y ,,h-rrved r hell il nu pn,.lmrlltiulr of C'olaiva, and as ~If' 'li olltol It i, rt IlJll " nrllul m.tJd . a' d ot et hy tt ie letvhd. l, tl ure ilpl-r-m u li dftll ti tiEii eetttti )/r t;el. ) herebyz yr Iii.' Y~Iu,, 'n Sebthi .te.In I. c u'-1 eI il te ll·,- I rll yly dll Ouee tl, removle* c U eelehrl Die ',- , ý . i..... ,-1" ll,;, ) l)ly - miU , of Copi t hi It I , cv Lr , . -i'll 'll,~, · rlt lllh iLubtlulc only at IN 9 Clstom hoUse eta ill 1,,t I),t ,ell.. 1 eDI('AIi (CART. ,l.!, 1 ,' l'1 1' (1 '1111F. ArFFIICTED WiTi I :t T I 'l- 1. .+), 1-rnr.,.l Dl),"a+. Ronm'rham, fleelsand~ ý-"tl lc,:,""), JI'< : L I se "'). ' t~ h,,h .rval t no + o S miu \\' ,,, .. , >i- I, Ih'··1..l... i l, ll lu. n that all persos em +, " .. . " , ,,, ,'`·II h , clnn". al:l,,; v ..,rcmecy andl s "elry. II a+ .. , 1e , I ., r.It ,-s ~l, ill victimsito the Vll - I I t '' " ý1) ...., .I I t , lll Ih I t lIlt' 1 II)Ii. Ifl ofll l i terate m et,. ~1h"'.' tl- 'a-v fto.. h'. 1 lyll ,+,~a Me ry, ruin the nlr i '" l :UI . ,I . Illi+" U, , • llI.,.1,11 I)+to ble l nn tht.I 4, e30 r, I i l. ihet1,eJi (oI l lle t llllt, r, d tlt fneoL - . elh, t httoes, th l t itp gileti t.ei I .I tti - o" tite t titcti, mettst fes, mid edit.. I It to ,htIIr Iretiitt sutfferigs.t - 7 ! '+ YING 3(I1E('FIC PILLS~, 1, · , , ,,1 . . ...I ·l+. y rrluedy aver d utrovered ' :' t i ',l it c l , ' t.'Ie renetr cl ait ei leeld e - ` ' r' -" l.-.... I n a. 1e .... . 11* I++l+ I). IIIR in rile Ilisl. ' `' Ilt tt tt t -,f Idebilite eirit ii 'Ldettttt:tt ' t telhe e le - , tetit~tlittt I t -t.i. thudt,. ceti ar IIt i e, i t eciteill It, of thy " e i ;ed e t tiit ift,.tc ,,, ,I, l ,ee t i p .. . (ras .iJ~er iiet-1 ettte.. Itd 01t difehere it.iee .. t , i ti r ut l tl tt itl Itll ,. i tlhll e tery Ii tt tttr it,' nci ti churtl- Itqltecrc, su e i.le p eiyr edi.e , llur, ii, 'trn11n .,f i ofI e e Iii edii, , ,tr iudrtanh.. -i,,.++ flat1 I Tl;- ,, laldlel,+ cuar,, w( l Ilh,,t the h aLt llex ms;,. ml,, ...rl,,.. L 1t Ii t),c I ettg l the slitg et eeCU illein mao y i ". tI t Ic cI w,,li 1t tie relotltite tt elle te lpc Pthete tia Itln h el inkP. t,.f ,,r the dI- Iii, etr ll drl, it. tpletet~lee, it aels MI t e .tt... le I.titt ivaite.ete theeeoplelutet lly 811,"--,- I',"rg. So,;:r r.o, ronltille to tirree their tndit l ltq It t tt t.tirtitlltii ( ti e ch dc- rigll loIut tIhe tue free Aid indixt .lll "lil [ i1i itlill:() l g of 111p l)tl.+ +)whc.h noll t onlly cee 1ii oi .i · , <+i n Ilillll ,of· Il'fo ,'I)"rr lls oft -llclll- llFoiJ .int llon its 1.1 .rl,'". i, lht r e, ilr+ ,ii ,l IIm lh cEilille. 1.l' ,Ill age hut leakeu ..,in ,"-uu, , I I ihte e h t el eo-l. oc ei tlllt t lo estf im egih iiii+ lIIIIl+I.I, i1 ; ~l1 ll+P.(ii.)Tl· indllll ,)+ce c als d averaiou for all I,Ii -Ul. ,.+ i ! ,, i la (f Ilhlr oiv'J lllhilupp illuea alld despair, r " l·lth I, t, l. f+ togi,)lll IIlli lllli ll, lclvea os rl authors tix Ih'll r .t Illle'etlYiatlithe tceetlll l e ofrl iltCitg he t felictel Itittetiec ic tIttyh . ,l1i, titeieittli thse, who have g v S.,vto th, i., ine Ieti habit. Itte tede. sal .1."' dihtecti r dytelteye whether tthe Coliet ,l ieet, tf ..e'fhae.cfit i p cite ceitiaitieive drinuhng or any ollller .lll-, i I I l h id , tIIii ert ol the eoestilut o become entle-ldl d, the'v olhr a .rl llt antitd t peidy resturatioi to .uuuJ anilld v 1;otall, II, t"..~il I'el r*.) VeFrelthi Pilloare 1,vell kiown for the certtin and 't.,t,~l lell. t y I, 'eCOllt all + .1 11 s ml, venerel eruptions I ..... te ..Le..:,, ulrer.. d . r treelt, dined het .. -lro tllc ertllilllt . croIulc i scircutit and 1lidu!i r caffectionl l cccl a cel-E ell cerl, lcturlltl palit i tele ea..d and oh.,h d ,io eiltl of spirits, at d all dcty ecet triseg ftro. nha lo ,, e al~rir of the hl etd. Tlllllreltehait lt' pe eepetleet terist Tcim Ittite ccci i cctytte place ilt the tinettte of moeten . e c:lcItl l etl cltt. i t+lle to, a tLley till keepgret it all clhlmloll lsany r.lgth oifIi tlm '1'~ti had llJ oi) at to. ltjt Cultom houte streetl New Ortelle . I )Rt)F3I"SOR %VWFDOUIR' IIYGEIAN HERB PILLI. lir thIcl leellU. e rl);llieell e of every -peieltniu eymt , ttcitt II I. plllll tt J c1iePtI t lll the any dioigei. rltditilg it~o Ice it p ci. i tit e ie t .trti . i'lllltl le c! llll ltlrll tli tetellllllte e h I ith('l(h h Flefl l ttleell e on vetneeealand eye hiliti i r1-I-,t-I., (Tilch i oli-prrlltlvl o illlils il wesknea) lCe. &c., eou tlItlg tetintrle hiueleyt Ily ttiNoe who are or Ieive Lbnh dtl', r t oI. I le lit +, I oIll Unlll di.rI:rs t l illtg m lll y. I)r ct,- I tl cno o dIrttetu hlit ilt.ntity tio hose di, etordhe. r ,.olTriolln thle too Itee aend .'t eremillue iudul. g.,*iioi ·,dyth,• lLtL1.on", whit..alh t oilly nccasio s a nvmeroua trail ool' ne'lrl|(' rrtiln, hot ll lsoe sllails oh ill votxries all hle nrrVioIxhog itlnwii ltc or old age. InItthatdirtrexhing elite t rrhilily alo defirilrncc, whelher Ihe co-15allhlaene of hal e f+111 hullts r ir, tvs dlrhukiog, or nlly otherc .uae ly wlieli the I),w'rs III mtho )ll(ll"t" tt,l iwl Iheome enfeebleI, he of.n.i firm, aol".lll )Pedy rl-storatlion to soUlnd anld vlgorous health. I II 1111'1111' Iholy lrl,, Ithat tllhou nds fall victinls to the vii. II,"rTrl chuear, oUImg U the U1n:,klh'uluess of illitermatnell N 11+, 1 ·hv trile sle or ,llcit deadly point. n, mercllry rlllh Ihe coi -lliiiiutl. Ltl:d "+thrt ,he grunLt Ihll. r Swedour became 'ro U li'+,lr atl ,r)ydcn Ilivrr~ily, he COllflrrEd (ll illustble hens lit oIile Il ublllyilld I the Jisevery or h, lurlalll Pllll.Oa for thIlle cllnotl Lhl, t I1,pl hlile ectlall iit. NIele r did d(llr o ve- y e rile a creastr tPIl-loioll; it wan nought ufter with aviditya sd u~lrml a II, h ultdev tilE .ucccs In the nmost minullute nd tlltl Iet I:aII h dncýl lert+. lolulllint, for lhe cure iol whieh they hi;l,a ,, -, ll,,icllllhrhld. The fame of theta'Pill, p l ro) Iiiit I;iri iiill':, , rlll1cawed their ,lpeedy illrod it tion in1to ailllOt el. ;sly ,,, IIIl;%. ' Iocepr,:llllly t11 whiehtlheyV were(continually Iiu+'lnlot+rlrd, riot11 hit.lllntel by mollIy I ou-.ands; in farct, duro iIi. lh. o ell r ll lollll ,,l l,.l 'r theyV were tlie innnpclmr leem Shlll ,l lldi l l. ltllW ei Ills, Fullier) ii ell eabe, whlre the s lih:ll ,u |ilol' ~)llnc u'i n hlllll Wlell PrmAinedo Whnta medi clrllu. c.u IIp mare ap rn tiprlal than :tlllhat whileh has given ouch rll()lll r nll - lillhtiuoll Ti,,, ll-geinan 11,0b Pill. root out every lrt,, Ile of Illlmlltion pure., Iperllllltg I tllhir progreu tho wh..le Iriiiof i)" lhl.d4 they not only remove te Adiee,. but reolll\ ill t. hv their attiull, the diferent Iuncllo S oftll, hod - .(IxIPItlll ille grosset hlllnors, and ill a l.alnner n mild and il percelplihle a-to ol0,vinace the mosteceptteal of their suon l hlI.). llland une Ild ])pow r lheJ-Ueilll'r rolrail m1ercury or Inl'LethPr illilllorltalld illtny he takeln witho t t hle slighlest us. pl.:ioll of di-ruv4.ry--they re luire 1o restraint of diet, to·e of t lllt 1.rlid I lldJt lC· vI))UIlllel., bt ef'et aconmpleleeure with (-ill Ithe lm1t expo1ure. to the. P lient. At nny period when the ,11. I,'-lr Ilcl) n Insvex isl. It will e well to htve recourse tothill+, ygeo IlhlPis, lorwhelle taken before the disease I1h. Illr it ")· p r-,alal. .t a, it acts uI , cerl;lin p.eveltive, remo um. th,' rnpl)alda elletuul yIu a.(er.relly. lS The deplorable t.tIH ill o hloh lllyaly per-.11 have |lell. Whenll vi.stilg the pro )rnll ,l, l'rosl, lhe ,lln of Nlu.r .ar y, rlld+rs it illl)m rltively he ' .: iv I~ r1~t nor (' 11t the pubhie igainst llht dAugeroue miueral x hr i~1 VIIIIICI Illy ullllill·LIerPI 1 '1'Tim·- . ,,111 ild,[ fItl-i aI portion of rll tmedicine 11ientS by -se" .,llt liiii, anlid ought never t-, hte emilhted by alny person 6 ml , i1 hloo;- YlVnnge or jollrnry; Illolyrlo .erties uresech, Ihat I,., ire her ,l l: I,,. coldh IllhnjUlml heir qualiy, oIr prevent their Je~ rli, 1 1 .u.K1 i l, llt I .lh soI|'Itt No. * Cm (.lltul housel At, Nelw Orleans. TilE blMOS' IMIPORT'I'NT iHUMBAN DISCO Vr Y. ._ (IEII IAN, luteof ibo Cmlhridgn I'nivelnity hbv 11 tir, erd ,i 7tlr ofAN BEurig hiTelf of a Nervou or lrtt rl (.one.lll t, of nilOllrlllyearn' durtio..n, and n four ....r. Ins :.. *lI n"1 . 9.0(10 ,atinett all of whnl It ha!. iur. I r, , hd 11 t : . te, , t twelve, o die-s trou h±,ene I "l,'ll r'"I thr.,n;;lo e t ,tl1N.t ethteOl|rs. Low luri ts, w m lltalde ·l 1) : ,.1 runtt. / l .[lIt. "trn , er illwth.l of blond to the Iwad ven II1;I1I ; (IIIIIIII1~ In~ill( f~finre of Ohatuory, iJ e pueity for land-Ud I IIn'··, r*,i , :.., rirl ,llfn, nrr.jiolutinu, wredi hednil. , ingb. I.llor , drhH,,, n.lnu,+ellyni. thou hlns of self destruction, ilo I.tll ,+,~1 ,:lr.blt by lu iir.i utpnnrt discoverym . MNl, r. gi.U finent bt..t. dp il li+ ?;, 1l; I('dotn.l house Et, Now Orleans. S IT:.\ITAj AND BEAUTY, 1'11 T. I 13 1 ('1.1l, --.'ll min ent onedic. lwritehal remork L' In, ; nlp, i , Ht,,..n: Ihlr Irnved tile flc, that those who anil Sltta:tilt'.". 1, ,' ch1tllt' .,IllnllhI Uniyd b nwel. i b pOP ftier order, pr. IIrvp ii ll , nin'r,:r,,llt d p".pn,, u mlI fel y .ill ttll niln robust. cieetfulll eIrn [l 'ealthly tld ago; ilartt .tol tre d ble . urpose thoao pellt, mrI n.ýl,,l d,'d rll'le l+plelrad a"lnlleth etl] hnte of qulinline, e't11r el cfu~ llll~l Ibaw~rnanlly le molt .Inisnimmehil nnII aIIl' ''('rlt L'I''l tlls tll.e erlaMedics. 'Tlhey htoe in all i.i,, p.IuI,,4,I .,-iii i" i.iabl.lmal.r in edieine in thile ureol ,nlmllt- h *d o ono. I.lllllniq.InoIIs Oif .nlpglbti, lldilllO. ,I'll" nlbl idlln"IIIInIIi . mdl idnlin after meall, llorthi a 1hr.r.1t+tu, n ii PXrllu.III.t r.laitlbl tIriri y exess at the ir Mc2-ln,'ia F-li, llb Id'ii.e ang clol thi. bwels, tre .ullthen tm, llhulinnhi ii nllinllfI.IIl tle I'dililtlio.. Feialez who i + li bb.11-1i, jlell nllolll i b n me m illlul thml, , they purl nI I inhll k,.io e l ,ll gpg. y and gi.e tie bki. Ibluld. :I ijI . litillyv ild bi.lllnill upIiillennrpe h ley · m f id.l...n t I" Iiltie l llin KFllltlj. hent ce, g.llddnls, dim i-n of rle;lit. nI iowiile., or I.lf. Ion greadt m ow o bood b. S PliL Il,,, lhll h hilkr i hil' . fl.n ,li lwnlt . C llildre i an per. on . iof :IIn c", Im n."t' ake thlll fiKt ItlllCo Ithey do not i Oh...i ntll Itl Ii.i q illdy illole llllnplut rquip reI col'.lWleaut or a, K l , i,iI .li. "I'fl*uv hlllllu l i m i et iihn in, 'ry faln ilyd rn. + , + I ii1 I1f. .tuollllll itllle.-; for, hy their proullt atlmii irtldtlll, cllNlern m.h lllrrrlllll, l. nxm,. 0 ers other a tort urge~up'ilsr Ivey. n.J Ineedmlyicubn ormin ,am bo tltlll nlt \o.96. l (-' ull hOueltf Now Orlelas. .SAR JPTRHLIEA PILL OF HEALTH; OR, BII.IOD PILL. r2'Ills exrtellent rfimily lu l isn ier edidine or long trvud an l r1I· llly vslllalrelil ll llhorrder ofthestOl achsdbow l,,] thl r.m-Iantll ob' t .il)hwlm.. hh are pti'enes, Iltulen <. .L-Il+ I')-b olf Ipll)l ltlle, Blca Ihealld iticb , gd ins selm of nnil n,"-siialtr tniid, n.nin.l.mry of the byes, dimro ewbband e.i p IIII h ti i be( , lo i tih I) .L a ,n l nl Ill nli g b Uti pnle S. l g Ittel . Ahl ,aehil f the liter. .n nl lruteqtneot Iuctivity of the q ow I.Ii ii ltlll. I -llF tail of veri y hi ntiaOs lllig n of Ihe frnmiu aill 111 tlig ait i nll.,trcgpritio, by ,little peroever •I ti b','K ua11 · Ola.hll) Ir-!l,,lw Pi- Two or tlull doleS will con. {lill+ tlhe lllihll eaI el iis -lltlallry lfaeet. The stomach will Inr llll iu Iin lll, lu I a ainK, ahetltbiy amnul'etl le lier, how SIlLu kto llld l r ne t' , ill r,: iltly take Idlmtl anld Ihifeud of1 listlels iln, hen.nrwnmadIllitdll aIIpllt sCIIl rtuniuI o rength, m culily I lhln r(nin i tn ItIn lt wIll i tIle qlllg k result of olkidlth Ilte nalei by, i h llrllll. e lrlat ll:ll Il.l pluyill ech hox. 'lc'h.n dlllhnrlr IltrelaclI&F ellic couslllor atOaIlEh Ecugk.LL u old,, .')llhr. ,l.l'tll+.+ m IIa )K ot. I I l uihlUl ona In the Sllur Iun P+ pn it s IlIfI Inld of 1 n Lk,t Is llnlllt ru ", We·, Ihoy y Imrklly tcelru Lif tyla lylel o It, oullrrl etare of Ir.eo.. of a full hehit who ore subjlet to h.Mdche,g iddl iits, tlpoW"hlulllr and IIIlsill ill he alas i-lonile from too grI*t r Ilnw el blood to tile hlead, rhollid telt. Ils witholt thell u hi nfll u ilylrous Ilytptmlll will be eutirely carried oWby their e Illlll lliltlo us.. 1. Plr IPellldethell pllls re aet truly exeellent removingl I all hrlhtruclll.on, Ih dislresilng hei lathe so ver.. pruvalent filh tluie"; dep .,reion of pilil'l, dullnus of light,  maroue i l],.atlon., blolhes, pfllltles and sIallwnesu of the diiii, had girve i heathy and juvenile I hllom to thel mptelu. To iiiothers they era I.,llfidellly rseomeouded ae lie belt i+,iidi trine tlat lal lte laken dulrngpregnuoy; aud fl r ildrol of all g-a they arc Hprll edll ,ll. A" u pin, ~lalll, stil leely spiatt. Ihf. y "lite the r rolmare40 dol h fI IIIilld npertluinu nith the emt1 I.Ul..Llel Wa1t, and r. rllrl. I0 rP6 rmsllllt dr1ai. eonfineloUl dlrin gbr Uile. Ry r"Slntlill~tll dose accordigl to the age and at ra itb oftho [ Itl ielll th'y hreole suifltln ,har reery €e" in 6;i er SIX thotL 1eauh be relllired;i and f hr nlylnrl l pn"Iihpy will he found to J he thle mii.lteallltalll o ln.4hcItle hliherto prepared a Sold +tr Nu. IhiCnstoYIIIU·M al. New Orlaase. Y-3m r I.It I -IIII piaf l nll leIding Irem sleam boa L Rienl, and for sae tv an J THAS'ER & Co. Pnpd.,it. 1fli liE American Ptower Garden Dire.torv, eoamiu. r1 In I·.:t'icnl !ohrnlkm. for ihe ullture of plants in hoe [hloWle glarden, ut brallvUe.e*! e htru , ea sms or t parlo r r widuw ows for every haon It ill the, with a dd· criptio, of the plants moat desirnabl in aeah tlhlIrurw ut of the anal and the stlluation bel adopte dg).irtpreiLh, the irlllerlseason fot Itrupe|dlulsring Ae. l eiooa 1"'ere, t[fogahotl Iiousie, gre" . enra U. M aila Ul flowver ma+lien, pla.a ntle of miimt it ! d traits c.,utaiu d i the orKr. the whole b"e r..e nr moall gurdens, with inslluli.cna he the .til. props aliug, planting. P ho r.iling lh-ralnti vite, wilh deecri roefor.cllivaling in the olelnlli. oat`l yid i/', Pale by • W AA.I.Vr ±` p : SW

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