Newspaper of True American, June 1, 1839, Page 4

June 1, 1839 Tarihli True American Gazetesi Sayfa 4
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a ackets I to LINE OF tr hLj loP. tho s following vessols, or pourkhased oaprealy for Capt. Mner, "_ Nieierson, p ~a ha - Stevens; orsaltu,, " Latham, t, . , " GGray. 6 fthe first lass, hlave hand. a Sii modqn t tions, and are of b light a o,admit of their receivilg and Slte egein Baltimoe, all the city. for ports on the Chesapeake L a t dfo rwarded by ti ageants, iP CILARC&-f RlLLLIGG, at Baltimore; onlood shipped will be advana.ed when Them price of passage as f.xed at $60, pb t qualaty will be provided. m upa thoe Minaiceippi will be taken Pa g, ply to GLO. BEDFORD, 22 lionvile et. , FORNEW YORK. uleeasianaa nod Now Yorh Line of Packets] -1W I pl l =ipooaina this lne will sail from lew Otlea .lauU Now Yarkltfi every other Morn : y' lty eaeiaag on the 20th Novemboer-and to obr9ll punietuality in the time of nailing, tie ne.wi.all hercaftor consiat offive uhips, via: 'hipp'-Ye Gaptaiu Trask, to leave on the 20th Noeambir. hl'Sip Ltaiiialle, Captain Palmer, to leave on the a 4th Deceamber. Ship -ilaaiteville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the Sap, Vekabagi Captain Woodhouse, to leeve on " thealst Jauoary. lsiip lisiaiip, Captain Davis, to lea;e oil the 5tho£January. The oire pre all new, of the first claes, copper da and copper fatlened, and upwards of 500 tone aortban, are of lght dran'ghtof watifr, being built "i .l.w Yoik ezlceopy fbar the trade. The price anf paeMage yaed at IS .dullaos: their cablais are litld ,op in tin moat improved and conveaie.t plan and ariBeshled in a neat and elegant style - Ap neJ% ro of . fiabqs6 ality will he provided, atend rc t a 4'tai theet clirtll andlnir satitlaectian untak gera, who wavill tIleaa . Iake na. i tio.hbatno b!erth calt be iscurcd until paid fer at the ofitc of titar eonsignees. Tho vessels erare commanaaded by captaina well experaenoed in the trade, whlo will give every at seattioll and eaeetthlelalaeiasc to acomaltaadate. 'ohlav a: will at all timea be towed up andl down the ttissis sippi by steambats, and tihe etriclatest punctuaily observed in the tibe of sailitg. Tla, awners of, thesoe stipa will not be reslponsi. blo 1f0aly litter, parcel or package, eeat by ar pu.on Loanal of trtn, unless a regauler bill of lidineg be signed. ý!.eitor, at thie euutling house of lt agent af Jii lra. For furter partieularsapaly to '. J ID IEIN & A COHEN, nov27 90t Cutmmon sto UL Ciunmon st -".lri v OR_ e a, at r.Ai ISbblN PACrKlIlT 'hia lir.1 l cas e Io e tur vcel c,nie al ls. wlln headsr i e t tro tdtirns ",,r ai.s :erd. 'lhras o , es a rare c, o. . rrnd dI , l e ap'r Rele gr R i l l trie` t , wi~ib ~rI :v '.'n r) . Shipper- r "I. , all ,i up ao d w,, A E1 ,IMroeij p', vo. n .rc Nre QrrO nsr o r t 1 G tce mIUi 1atin itr ps ,, rf , ,'h . n every. 7 , vwas/]a 'l st, u , l., hi :lr l "ti hri A,,. 4C5tales ; r rr n, naringr. Brle C .r,ro,. J. ,'Oairll r, tr. Bari R g. r V'tdhialha, J. A!liierms, lenrr Fr ir,,trlt tr pa-ssge, ipl Ii. J. A. BlARI:I.I· 4 C,1, 6l CG.,ouoe rt. N-ew; Oleso, r .or . C M a,ri r,, (':l.I verrn. o,' I oLi e of Packet Ships.--'h new liner of s ips has beea exproesly bouil to run betIOelI thU ,abae ports, aned -iil . fotlurnd of suitable draft of water: ccoanodgalioles for passengvers, and avery effort will be macdo t givbe geoeral atii hCatieon, 't h line is complosd di tle lo lr l ewing sltilps: Clherokee, 415 tons Capt. J llarding, Carolina, 4(1(1 do -S Lotist, Chaoleiate, 374 do D Erldridge, Colwairl alas, 6t15 do G Barker, Seanran, 210 do J Ilowesa lomibay, 625 do D ltumphrey. The above alips are l new, of tire first , las, topper fasteerd oranl oppered, commanded by c men efgreat czperrlolco, have largo accommodations, wieb a separate londie cobin; every attoniiou will be paid to pa'sergers, and the vtry Lost of stores pro tided lor themr. The packret will be towed up arid down the SMi aissippl, and the strictoest pnctualily aoscrved in the time bF sanY.' , rand should thie regolar veNsclo be detainred in sri.virg, other srips equally as good will in all eases be asubirst:iulod. A shlaroof patron age is solicited, arra tie agents pledge themonelves te lacirmmodatl as oln ch as practicable, to receive alrd forward goodrla by said line at the most rrodor. ate oharges, aird to advance ll aexponres o i goods shipped, ifrequtired. The ahipl \ll leave the lot and 16t1, of every month. For feight or passageg, apply to the agents. J A MERRIT81C ni Common st. N. B. Advarlceereneta rnado consPigrmo.t. to Messr. A. C. Lombard & o. nov27 v ; E1114 tienauire Indian Italenmof Livrrw'rt olol Hore hoI lond, is pot rrp in bottles a, the low price of 511 a .rs eal,, coenroirig tire tloength of thire oaices t' I.vo.l wI art. hosi Icra th virtoIral many oterar reots naid icrbe k.iow among tihe iadieOs aI efficioias ia curiig ,,Iallttryrar crinplainto. s Tileot rliralled sucess whiehoearonded ihe'nre il rios irca(trlnrrle iaolletin wlereeer it hbs breen iiito I ceil, s lliaoiised tehoerid.e0 arid rcorOiedlllc 'Irs of r erpectable tyaieianle 1the cute oief caugihs, c blds, naiuin tire id,want i(rest,al. illttig bloid, t: crcoinplintl,&pl. 7'o whuia it lray eioeepOn T.i e isdto certify that wer ea it our prareioe a 4 roqep preserirbed Mrrs (iutrnl .r's ludian RBalsrm al rta d Iloarhmd, with Sdneidcd d eor ffct: we ar'a di.i fotrtioln the knblw edge of tle materials it Is madlnm, ilnd clservvaion idt x perienc, recoiletomoed rtios a slieria" preriocaltilt roral these Laffections of te. liunaegs fIr wic it is rea Iletnadea. AI.BisI' .\VWi.L| qnLja, M. D. CALVI'N E.LLIS -\. D. letoebes otilr Boiton.-tredieal Assoaeciation. Coston, Ortrber 25. soleby JARVId & ANDRIEWS, ntl 4 m'nen.ii nel I.l:eit rllhli et8 ' N -I't'7 bl~ls Coast In receiver aid lor L , hs hy IIE OIMO tIE N E , B ;I VN & C to . may 3 N.i 9 (lrnli s'. i UG-G'.Jat hlidiag i r ln.,iiir, a sepiliV rif almends, bitier aod swee lriquoriis roeot, i nP S jlice, ssaene ol'sBriaoot, esoenroir ieoiJir-,Iroinp sid ca.lry seeds, ires, fllkrt, and saeell, cailharidra, trimeoe i.e oran ww onater &c, fir wvoea dreo n retail in glator . ", -" r II Bt)NNABF,1, m29 No'tchez & l'elhooltlaonl st f VYDRAULICCiPCMINT-i5 bliolanding from ship l Go Cllbpl,'feTor sole hy iS & J P WHIIITNEY, may3 -S 73 Camp at SIIMMQIII IIARlTT & CO, ace now receivminro: on board ship Orleans,. Eagle, Hlihldelr, I'oker .-elluy AdmW, Freneh and Germaen play eerds; Back gammon B.. i. ; CLhessmen, 2 1-4 ald 2 3-i inch llil aid Balll;:~8,. Il ad 12 inch bl,dte .rlei KuinRes: Lothe"C 4d'bTller btnvelli.c Dressing Cases; Belt, Pockeb .ori.eman's, and Ltenliug Pietola; ouble and sing reled G enh; Game S.; leot LBelts Pow'der d R kditofFltuiks; I)me Bnetlrn anI1 Drinkieg Cups; Pplterraion Cape and Cap Holders; Cloltl, Ilir, 'Tooth and N}I" Irahe.aac Orris mrd Cloeritnj Tooth Washul Teh lPbowder; Toilet and Shaving Stoarps in glret va. rilet lng Hair Braidse, Ridglets and Frizettee; Pear, nd".iuilet Powder, Emery Uler; leery Tub Cnlu litiane Patent Seden or GOartera G iate .Elatic Teirpm des.; Powder Pult aud'Boxea; Gilt ChLaine, :enle and liees Ear-dropc; adeit Bleuldes; BreCelts- Bead Necklaees Sad Chalta; Gil tand a iivered Beaed;. ledline Beade, hadis cad Plumesp Shell Twist; Side and Drerunio Combe;which, in aonition o tirforlmer stock on heand, makes their aanorth.ent very .i.ptle, anduwill be soll ow end on liberal terms, at se sign of the Golden Cuotub. i25.-t 7(1 Chartres street. LUBISIA SIIEETINI,.c--1 bales, landing Irreet ceh ip Joint lui lap, i e nr ul.e b 2 11h I1L DGE b& Co, 134 uMagazine st It .5lEA II ne'-l bales 4.4 L.Cewril otllonades, 5 .Lý !tles 4-. Iwilledl Lwll unitIone, 3-caams buckskie ptripes, landinug beon ship el .oulefrr sale byv til9 I Hill GF, J& to; 131 Magaziee et IliON lOOFlS--l'hs sei.ibilic habe pea ure, e a grese .rtpner. Ihe I lhl .'lnsg te)lle-lll ere, in Ihils ity. '('hev urn sdicle deo u.ul. luildlnts werelee,ru-, asd privntk deietllitlno ,-. duin I at nce ene.pneeLe-4eld dlrability, and are pcrelecrl fire and wafer ptetof Terms litin e knalwtllud a nrndeluren aut Iur esttehelllnene oppolite S:.. Ilaryn illerntelcTchl ln uie cc. oet E COO EL L .e C, ---AI. -.'1'lhu e-bcreb, eno hie cUO statly Oil hend a lr.res mspplv of Cannel aed Liverpots cal, in bulk. tf snuleriereualtey, which they offer let aIl, in In,, t, Ilitl purelhssers. " Al.e exprrted by Ilhe fire( serrield lroi lleg lind aud tIhe North. Cnneen, Lebhigh *ndl'enel` Muentaie Coal; hnrlke aesd "ersened, p up ic hl'uhrnds exllv Ih, f-r Ieeilyscr-.-ll ,,f hbe' tery will dlpes, ,i ool ,he tueledeederl.ele eirllle. Orlcmu Jll at a heir ie . r, No;S Biletville cl. upr tlaiers. will be pulmptlu ci ailflJ.iO. sctaS _ ASOULT'. ell 14i 5I.1. &tit Blt W .i 96 Magesan ect "[ r ` b ' s lhni a 6-41 I-rewt. acliesemeI g shLip Lheelceuue. foe ele be at I' IIIUiGE & Co, MD l.It51b 1 Inca el CharlesIton, bttle 4y ' IBRIDU d Cou,"' N W GOODS4 ipimns Hot e & co are now 're N eivingafronm o bcard eshie YIcaoo and ipa'atog4 - :ndbrig Coaorllibfrm New York, a great variety ol goods ni their llne, "which toge'ther with their cfhnsi stock on nhod, lmakes their assort., eult vrsye, pleto. The tollowilag coipore a port,vic: t ell ni~it,,c.;rt,ei'de, tuhk anil dressinogcnibs, tent do ofall deocriptions, It- 00 dia rubber, silk and worsted elastic narters, comenson & fins elastic sltsenders, lco ee o nlid Lucifer matcbesa, teidlit powders, Mepodcrl'lf-. anod boxlns, toilet peowdcr, pocket books and wallets, needle books, shell, pearl, irgry and Imoroeeo card ears.s, hiead:ornuments, plain co ral heads,neuklaeas anl negligees, bead chains, bead necklaoes, clt ghlss alsd ploinseed,iltver, nl giltbound, I dils breads, bells and plulmes; pistol and largo Iow er flooks, shot belts, horse, belt. puclt ansd dnoelieg Jistols; double nilloigle blrrelled sons, Bowie knives, . and dirklc sacissrs, sliaers, pocket knives, guord chains, rod ribbons, waist buekles, cloth, Ilir, tooth, nailcolb, orulb shoe, plt floor sad dusting brusles, Cologne, Florida, lvrender, rose and bay water;asiorted researcs, and extracts, tllaccssr, bear, antique, nod \Vrdl, ve geCtblae air oils, lhoving and toilet saps ot all ca eriptions, lodioe' and geutlcemran s'd d kn drersi esCes llair rieglete,frizettes aod braide, plain, limey anil musical work beoe-, plain and gilt, figsred, aunt anld ehst bulats, pe arl sad ivory shirt do, shirt elddgoldl and silver lencil cases, toothpicks and Iteesrs, plated 'old gilt locket,, inr, latre do, siler, lIses ucl steel tiliblees, hooks aid eyes, hair pins, u initiion fbilt, blk aod redink,e n, blo ackg, vi lie stlld guitars, ribbed and llill percussion caps, linen twine, sctited nlsit Otes,gold and silcsr lace aod fringe, latter iaper, gaiie bags, ridung w'lils walking eanes, playlng otds, feo b gold, Ilatld sald gilt ji ehlry & l u. 'Ihe above, tosetherwith a great vrietyofother arti- Ics are offered at wolllensale or retail ne aeoninodeating N t Shrll leoenl repnir.d OYLE & MAY, Ihiuse, Slgl nil a Iml'llresCn:li l'aincris, No 3 Carl dele street, two doors ronl iatlotl st reet. nleIIsOes cf th lu f rllowing woods cIud netblts, ex se n.edit in a mo.rie .irieir. tdlngcoy, F: ptioIn black and gold, Ock, riintlil and Antiie, P.lnltrd t,1 n o ieetal or vca d illlnsue C'urlel dlo, .hlslo'r, Ctolud apl, Wo Mne, Birds Eye eii, ice'rbyTciy otite, StOn \\ od, IG.omnac,N 1lh4 v lroo, Doiee er Bhudello, Yw Tree, 'aliut Witet (ortneoill e or Black Siini and llieterlls, , lose Voodl, A c.llei in Grey, Ash Vhlitic Oai,, tke. bi sc. Cuillh Edlui, SSpimenlls to he seel at the sllot. Paeits, oils, glass, copl siutnlii, boe. o i "naldn i.dlIto t sle o I {ON,S°I'EL& HtEAVY (iOODS--luht yqunar i-'- l balnlhoironsswell aslntPd. tIllop, scroll and rol iresi, IInil rods had plosigh I ltlJds Cost, (German, slheilr, blisl.redl, sapriig, shet nidl tiCo10. lcy steel Hollow woIe, cut amld wrouglh eils lod spiikes Zioe, block tin, imill soil grind siolcr, salt ikettles b1 Chii cables, IianhoIs, liut Ox, Iw, Id tilee cliuil, coril mills Allils, sices, l;liil.ciiosied bilello S Vire, sthicl, fi iillal bar Iaeilslt y 'e:d, Ind coiking son\c N, look anId lts hltlliges, doo.:-d wit vlloh books Aied atlosl.uiio c orll'o. oril u.ile nd t be lic :ulitl oihcall iu, co, ,'r; Niaael tIoI' ui ls, le, on cl ii. l ol .I·ll..l ail l s A filt cesurOiiil cc'i iIu rleoli ndic ship soul suits ,iioi ceil Iti.\-ii'Oi ii Co Ii 5tii. Ii, _ c. i It)EtIFAFESS I bA %r article for persons r(ltlld with deal-i,', .lI allaed I ior 1uriTcll lll . Iie .OiO t l eri recsvedo ii tlt fe I i " l II,-it 'ioiit l rir·le l lhtjn lfthce h1a . mI11oan veliCr i i oiillp t-l!' toioil :. l I i, lilt. i too. Alo m111'. slih iutn €.cv Iu ti"i ,]I1.g ait I t i:rt ir with :. veere r "lu liey til, IU o liint eiiie tci f llysc ' i Ihe lieh it'lI um1l toils icn e l't': sU lioot i xpoclilU, es d I lll IV tl en. ull s n.11 Ill. ill £lilt i.n sc , Ilt lsi r lli ,.le i-oildodo i- l b he o lo Ia. Tsli ult thi bule.'tLLn ie ellirN, illo uItg. Tir ho III, lllicIF Illit.i.lll-'ioiclia qolilohiYic-lc. clroioiitll lll iil,,d iucd l.u 'a llchi I AL. bur si1h Lit S' F GUION'i, Fancystore.lcrner oofCn!llOll sad St CI.alltcs street. I~llrr li IelElllto lt Hotel.lh 13 If '(1l0N 11li.I.--()rdi'elr received fory "ellt mills, by L ttA\F ;UGA.\R-vnrhons qunalies. tonidielnlul ill ,_1 tllrel hr ilsbyld file SHyALL $, I" I )V , W , la t ''3F, tl 'guIille NO HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. I tili~l eet, l\Vliolesale Dealer it I'ucnlee Oil, Varnislies, Lrushehi ii \Vdi:,dese ad d sie',lo- G's &,e. &,. FASIIIO)NAI4LE CLOTHING. - RODI. S.O1 c GOOD WI.lV ENOa. 6S, t lalavC MNir(CI, tITI, ontie nt i on hand 0. ery rticle a',pertii· SI~ ii n.-l ~.l1 ;'ojn T'1lE1 TJEIIrIi ` ~o~lll tyIt{rl le, n.plnl lir". s, , , t, intit,. bet feint tier aa,( ulu t la hiomthl ntr e, tt Mich they odo-i~lrr t'u cash, it 1eJ need pric I I t 11 l , ot lilily' --t -iloio rl· lit lent:,l dish ed re ylu lllrdi Vli C II a nd con tai t Iy int -rl bil,,, dii o f fl l Ill 11,4inue t ltL~crire offer it lo the Ailllitlrilll pub ii,. A r t,-f e e lll 1LN1llj 1II1 been mottle to'altply nee Ilt.N iI all the Join rip chicY U LI landylin thel y 'cil. d `tale' .i i o ,,e toplnee roit l l tIo e reach Ih llbliC pllo and likely trli ller tii, awn 1 Ruralsing of allu nelt.,fltes. h 1,,ad-oloii' cpp o,- at u,,,il,e' to iifuionr giveno y yon 1'ooo l ner boitlo. SodI by JA\IiVIS & AfI~Tllr:wd, nntuem re i,"f. It in, arrestLs the draw to def etiv cI'nab ('o,,(,Ooit'i' , 1~3A1 lodr a~(I Iioo tloo ,, eooo- eupi..0.lo ta ~ II to LI' tie h pbOi,-Abhil ltlltt tooir n to it n lii dii 5 r 2yoid 51-4d~ lily 11 s lnull n1 o ,ooo 1 1tdl liii, a e 0, aja d ll of tihwolodl .i ()l, to Sill e tdl,; lInto~f) , I)II(I·It1) I J Niil apd Iitw `lloHU (LE '0', A,1., 5I9ra lob r iac Pooal ill ea e Vrrd aillt~; JARVL1S & ANI')IWW S, 5 llObhlSA.lo NI) 1112 Aul ll. lcALtIdO IN MEIDICINES, PAINTS OILS 2I0 SlUk'is (;old ) ll/t.VI)OIV GI.dSS, rcaone l ColtlilalnaiiitI'oliopiloollaioatcceta, 5I0I 'A'. AN I Sile'V d. A larga apply o Garden liocla. nocroolteo tbae gra ol at1 o tnI Itt?. W'INDREIV (3L~tS; i & COi., icclfand Fra 10 h11 ir lhiiio a ts, d Iiin ,abhic air er nodlolitie Montloooitliy il riiiihIdriio-SlTiit2, 19 'Vootoawitluli b 't'in owot iiloci Iro,, 0boiio, if ,aiIY doC l.iloLL, Also, a ce olllo, byo lorn ofid rtiste' io lours bl, hil rliioi', Illi~lo1'ihiioo oi llilioltJuoiioii. a~dal iirooii Itoiro of vaory iluOsripIi'' bilA OR ES IlN 1li.rapa, Iang n iiiiia, aelitO bor. t,,d Miss altpp biilld alooao,ll,.,o Iwarlooll sc totollillollYa( bytoLa.CI note .1 'I ci,, eevdi 0prcn icutfrgo o l'loy aill il a tl oft 1fhitili diitoit1 juot oi & Ai. 'i'biy .ihic a DALEallalOt Rr li,,da at IN sults~,,afoao,,li ivili c~yily 0lta MEICRROWSATINSP OING S t re fCal~ogitio,,n d ',.,,,oro itoloooir. ts THIREE DA`~YS /'AuR1Voj FI(Or.l1 ACT ORLEANN. TtHES proliriraior of ibrjo caloliltalloo',l Ii,,. Ii,,'p· Iaur3oa 1 lOoitaijl p 10 Iit lytaeilo ,,il l til, 0~lr in peaoalitr l e pply u o Gard iitruolloio olp i to fironto, of NlDR tl oiycv jiyi. P -iv trill C a.,eloo icllyr ilic lo aeIlA oliho ta th alar l -rind , and lilero o pub lcni hon r lhat tarliii-lyatoiiioildi, where ll oyr, iiiii gtihey iep o t ind id I roin an Sheobo t ro n War,-lliii, tit ei-tohol -iiol ,,,cit no c"o alpper stllls, k ettles, and !t in. tin bar Ijil,. in;; ti oos, 1n0 oil ro Iioi of lloII t I an dloi fr nd II al thr~r Litioicy,ao toit oooden aooo u~ i oti ce.~oolol o la irn to Iof tv o locy gcobi..a p .tiu erioot l t am iL ial,'oiicloip ,,,arary l-· a,,' oaeyw iblt-i t I aroidto lar ofttLi, oliorrtetrci Ilirer il.ot-iul,tlot. liagaoelol~ly ,,sloind r .lu A ll thy oir.,ieuioihtiiio m , tlth o e brlc-, h. 'Tioyla Mill dot do nboriaroito iooout atl n lwla. 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Fbmliere that tihy ii qoti afn ,t oenv in he SrtlPI eill lina i their avtened atiroilid a CS S ido:lil clashing, duariag (epa-ahia (ia ad Jahea Ioalap 4ulat hy . 1 II UI);i cr Co BUSINESS CARDS. q JOB PRINTING. +r OF 00RY DESCRIPTIOOtN, £t'EEDItYl. IIANDtO iLLtY ANS) CIIEALY I:XEALTI3t AT THE OFFICE OP THE no Tre uc 1fkwrieaan, N I'. C(IIiLI S STREET, NEAR pOY fAS. no m2,3 u il A CARD. E it SINIOTT, II fl hoks',e Grocers ard Cornnrosom 4frrnhants, t Na.27 Coloor on Streot,N? ' Orleans. UItj'orttiesroRtteotiun poid to iii tonting op of p Stooto boot atkd Sthip stereo. SAMUEL TORY, P t ertttoo'fore Birokr 1. CGootmissiorOn .ttirrittl, tIll florni,:tit. Camp et.-S'or lhe presentt. J. P' FREEMAN & CO.. 01oIrcsale Cloftshheg Z6ftaflihhteAe Ij ciLe. 3, .ttogtostoo Attest, AVE corttortty on hlod a looge topply of Cloth 1 lns calculatetd talttr the totr'Y tolta. Theiroa. ti ooosta[ Laing largo, ttrcoltor fre thoe countrv lesa hu orttrpyirtt its at Othe rtoot noticeO . OI ctI t AIZAAR. BUSH1 & ALLEN, Mt). 1, EXCHANGE IItTEL, uornor of S0. Cet rtes sod Common or.,. -NEW ORLEANS. f 21 t'Oltt.TES rod tealtrs in S muloti o rd Eittiot, Ilt'rrotoo1rrr t)Iresing CoaoR e t t'dortabrtle tok,. Cutlery, II.rtirmy, Gloves Shirts, Stooko, Uttbrollst, * t rood Tansy' Artticles to ENTUCKYL, Illi. cis, a lotiona Batok noots, h ttolo by t A TItlEtt, 7d37 (itror st -JEhVret.ttY, AT WIIOJLESAI.E. W 51. ItEIL, No tt, Chanrtte sr hots bhis itt- re crivrrd o ftll aossotmentj of \nVtnttýr, Jewolry, 's.rrono, St'rrototrrrdut (tosr \Vars, thery willos orlLr, dcat thre toerottoorkot prie, aopt 1 IDOVI'lt & ttIAV, DIEtALERS ISN AMFEIiICAN & ENGLISh1 CRttWV N GLASS, No. :1 C.oIJYroNoItirr SotIREE. Ot FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TrAYLO)R & HADDEN, re No. 14 Charts. Sitrees IIAVt orrotesistetrtttly Ir foery orticlt peotaltojog 0te topR 'rttorsorts, o tihe latot style, atiNew Yurk I ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING Ei'TAtILSIIMENT, No. 53, Mogazine Street, Opposite Ihrtoko' Aooado. ItVIJ~t.1t,5t1 UdO EEX\'@, PIOOPR 1207DB crl BANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON t itAVE opted anr offioe in Notow Orltans. Ioooroorrng P[ 1 otowl adnrrrgeo wi th [Lea Ilnerve it New , Yortr. fi.r rtte o-rrlmtorotr"lrtrrgrrorrg I prt itinlg (bnk Wort, - ttrmrrt, ttrtls ot Eoolroogr, L'rtitioo'oo if Itotoroitr, - ('trot ha ut, otlo) oi t rtt1rtrttt rrt uringciceitrrrlrrto lrtrtrr o tr 'y'" a l( i l l ogo r o; aid u rr. cete to p ic flu isioo too 0r, ortie o.igotttot oou all r lutiropood iiyrroorooiurrr t Iroo trol trrtrr e ;Thtr o arr i-cr rtac h ds aver.!l· fire /Ilulllllrrl baldllii_ ilor liottr ,o ant all oot rtoo w \ill Lc remitted with frnmitiIIIIIII ode, an nl ac il e. u suail lr; uii . U·. Viiec, curler ru f : ilval N (.'soul sire.~;. ýd. In:-- tf \ CiI.\ tPLN & LCOOPEIE , ,a G~lroi'J( -1\tt Dt:' \t.IEtt SN Ptl:Oir'ttNtt O- No. 73 c od t ! Jtriia drool, Nero () i; ii 'l' "' d 1 "i';·':' of put It!1. tlor5_111: 1 I~trlttot ONA oF Uo:NITUIRf WVAREROOMS t. t IVtr Itt t A. ttIINEt, ooultr reopertfnlltyin ft IT n P r t~rirrrsilthrrrrrtt is thaorrt t io rot, ýruirlly I·er ivil lromrNew Yor rk otll ttrrotnrr a good oo--,rttlierot of 1'uorritmtrr-, ch as ot otog'tvY Chairs oot, ot etrll- otds mapl 1-e oid fainte.d c toi, iopt od otooerror kedtead-,o atoro v o nod ctoerr ttrbleo oatll il ut"Im.llillj 111 ( 111 ·ilets, s SCC Iturre, w ritiu!: (trrrko, woorrtro to o oftmrhogany ood cherry, wnah ortoIotando, lo-oki'g -tooo, to boocrs, tetding, &c. &o. N11. rurllrltr re peeked tar transportation w ~ith great Sort Nitk' Orotlorttorto ovt t .Ii<: Nl Ii,'s J 1XSUIRANiVE COMPANY td OF NE\V UItL1EAANS. c Thi, tCompenn are now prelari d to ttakl fISES AGAINST FIRE; Nt. 24 MIusson'o uilieng, Canal E L 'I'ItAC(Y, New Otloman, ,lot' 15. 183R. $.ertnrv. I Li) CI)'ti' Cit-l3t0 Ib0 cIl Cippc lor lr ule by O- 1l ! DLVVot'+I+E X, nur:l 1 L;t T'vb;,lla.nsI ItUSilI'ON & ASPINALL'S COMIPOUND TONIC 1MIXTUIE.--A speedy und cattain lcur for tihe Fever and Agu-, remittent atnd intermlilleit fever.; iprepared Iro lu the original recipe. Used withl eminent and uni versal succers in 1832, by person of the highest 1 respectabiht in this city, as stated in the annexed g certiticates. a This modicino is highly reronmcended, and has bteeo extelivciy used inl the Lbova diseases with csnli distiiguigbed suceese, that the proprietor of the retlps has bieetn induced to offi:r ittu the phub. lie in its prcsent firm, in the hope that it may beo the inellus of releving many of those who are s sutfcfing under tihe scourgc of our country. It is a cmedicine poesessing grout virtue, and when used tccolding to the directions has never failed of oflicting a cure, even in the most obbtinate stgO ge of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeble, and t persons of the weakest stomach, and children may t take it with iepunity. It strengthens the digestive organs, creates ast appetite, and seldom requires more titan onl, ior itn obstinate cases, two bottles to otlclt a cure. There is nleiter mercury tieor arsonec in thie medicine, nor any thing injuliosU to tile ihuman constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to reufled the price of every bottle which Ihas Icen taklu in aecordance with the directions and has not tillt:cted at pcrlet cure of tie fever &. ague. A. OLIVER, sole agcnt for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and nidcteine store, corner of Ilisnvlle and Chartres streets. For Diitriet Agencies app.!y to je. 'rI' W. SITV. llI, 48 Conti at. IPENSAC(OLA 3tANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, P'ENSACiOLA. 'riII elsnubscriter hviutg Ittrtlaed thei ltse C nd fr uLi flureof of this well kow.n nstablishJmnent, ftree Aln r 1 T;yltor, tie t pllreprietor, will be ieady to rcseivt e i - itels iby thie lt l' April next. Nllne rols nd costly improvements will be found in tile errlgemenlts of the Mlnsion Ilouse. New alid more coeielodotet olahiii hohses will be built, lu warml b"th e will i.e irovlded at all Ihours. A stable will be attached to tile Iiuse, witl good rlcceolnda tions fir horses anid carriages. Fi ill rate horses and c orrgitis will lso be kespt fir hire at eoderate prier, e1ncd seil and enoW belt, with petironlo mien age them for tlhe l Se of visterar. liilierds ain enthel nralllsments esullyv illcl at c itering places, will altobe furnished, slid stmeieluited etl not to iittere withl tile eolttirt ned quiet ofthe boarders. 'Tiie wines ind liquors will be oet the beat quality, Id tte renire a coll tpplv of ite, i cargo rhas Ilreldy been ordered,l which will arive uboot i le slet l May. Alit lmtd,"rihk lomoeaml,ctifo rcrmry hie otie populer oi hoel at ttetlllliooiii ciy, will ci eedoct tileo ho ho for 'the Gu.Prie Ieuty awo tIch nIlihtly urin tlhev t ill .i:ritt e +evr,. e iti i t .tt tii nletiUi d theco.Itecy S cxI." -ln e to gi e , n t i r:,-I . tiý,l t l ati tu S'l'hir lc ahel tulv llt;. Ot wIll.e Iluns l are too well e il . ln i-tlt l P llSil tiel s he ll l t l th t'ale ste m lt l o tl e ii;e tilte !NetsOltn bo' tile bNl aldll tle IleiglbourOln i-Pltl"wll-ld hinnyI; th Ul une slid elicacy of thle wc mae wa sil wt nI..Uoe d; md i fp( ximity t tilit, bant .addresrn larl'kels, ivu, Plensacol Ihle re IrI'I"o operll till oithe. Iitel in Iprthre ut tudes, ts linsttiiti iddtlir.mtit iunmmerhrtneiit. t iF'.1 rit ohamets E Icit, (iweia I ecottlu and o o bile, ro d will at lli tim e b l h ta e t l t Iic prtatet.d.r tciula tLi Nce Orltlns tiats. N II AIANOLD. P, ac!na, Fl+'e 15lth, 18:318. .t;" m ;ttntletlllnti wi. illg to ectudti reltese for their r'ieilie ctll ttd ltee thie Iru riului, t l'tweieoll, or Mlr i ewrl T 'uviol tiile loter propriettr, at Ilu.v Or1 fleans. Kibty, in b Ii l; eS '1 T. Ii'r, ITl.e' ea, lisq, in Net, P' --A lette hns, to receive oesllllnnilm iettirs fr 'rsos ul the hi.,e iiutes, is tilaced at t .;c re thitrlan'o Sf fi·v,· .1 A t Cl.amled ExtIt.,ngL. FI.OlRll).I lR.OU'rlE FOR NEcW YORiK. Sttu:i- t'rai, tis de:-irece of tnkint the e l ridtt rollte, via I'el*leltat Itohe Nortll, C re itreed lhalIt first ratl. y lOb ry t, ili i:l ltlc tll Iv rnin t'un. Mobile ti t enusenla, IKilbt: Mltlicet aSlob b niealleeir vlPru lloter day otier til. i1 o of' -.[.-. (let d t.Ic will rere as lc e provBided ne te i . clllacl ll" to ibe ill reliness to tilke Ilnseng trstro' •i .ile, in muis of thie failure of the . mt I F N I AtiNOI.D. 'T'llg RtlhillllllOllt Cha:nlllion Int:ves .]uMile for Pensa t li tithcete l' o I v SJEN MAILI0. FARINA'S COI.OGNE WATER 9 ea.' m emere li' this suplerior Cologne watel., just rt:eivedlstlll for balt. hy lthe dnzen or siugle bottly. American tled telclt toilet p.welders, powder iunsitll tiii -Bti illt t'e d toilet irctepi, culnlerd e ftrlt [.hballs, udtk of rse,+, cosmetic oldl crioa, ertrac o mnsk, kephahwt, SVanl's vegeteb!e heir oil, pmtnntum, Ilrlle ie t.rsl, [:lorida. lavehdar, rose sld tbny waters, Srest s .'a .lst. M arseilles'perfntnrry in truuk's. vegets nite t it liquid r.tu:e, thlorine tnl Orris tooth wash, t lothi heirn toetb, nail and neih fris hs; togelher with Sa NdditonaL suprply of fashionable lrO saNd slell combs and jewel),a trsale itw at wrleralo e or retail Ib y 1-3 1.MOa S , Nl A Il T T & ,C O , - tie-tutil implie.L-leaH- igcigl blue it dils, l.,tileg l,it (dl,,letleton, fir ste tly . to l stcic GE & Ce clttti 2it e, biirn nte Dnsaiel, cc, PlB .apiVel et table ilneorian Unitreual M.loi el et, prepa.nbyW Misln, Esq. slemoer of Tiv Revel College of Surgeoos, Licestiate of Apothe caryl ' ,omlaniy, Fallow of Bolt Caort Society, Surlgeon I to the ItoylI Ution Pellnion As.sicatio, LUeanstur Place, Wateeloo, and Pe'rpetual Pupil of Guy' p aol St. 'lrIloass lolpttales, Loldon. . 'This valiahle mediclee, thie result of twenty years' dexlpeinee nducnpanralleled success i tile extelcnive aed highly practice of the proipriety, pati' hised by tile feulty and nobility, nvd is niow inroduced to tle notice of die American poiblic, at tile earest so licitatioe *ef a nlmlber ofgentlemet of long and hisgh stavlitg in the tprnesuion. t is holled, as a aeilimi- 1 ary sttep, to c reek tile evils ald fatal coumsquelucs oarising flom the use of the nmerous and delte(ioo Ius enoslaus ointeid upon the pnblic by the aid of lbricatedi I proofsof miraculois cureos, and oter lifrauds, bya set of moercenaey, unperinciple p(etenles, so totally ignlorant o msedical scienee, that it impossible the monstrous d elusion cal any longer go down cith the intalligent people oftllis coantry. 'hI ste pills, millid anui agreable vn theit nature, slould be kept ia every family in catses nfsuddon illucass, for, by their lmpte a.l mivaistration, holetra, cramps, spasms, fe.lus and other alarming omnplualls, whlic too often prove fhtal, may be speedi ly cured i prtevented. In fact, all those who value good tiehltL, shoul niever be witlout them. 'they are sole Siln packets at 5ii ents, $t and $'2 eiac, y every repeee, s. table rarggist, hbonkseller, an vendl of moediconia l te AUnilted tates m I It et Cauadato, with coplous dbllectioxns, togeer with: esalnooials of pirofessiotnal ability roaio the follow ilng eminenit getllemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J Abereltlly, .lames BIlulndll, M. D., V. Back, MI. 1)., J. Astoi Key, A. lramptuo,, r 1. D , sadil iumrohs others. The originalis may be seC et possessio of the (enell Agent, by whollm tile ldilinca is imIported ilve this roulntry, avd to whom all alqilcatlions forageucies must he mvade. It JNO0. HiOLIIEIN, 129 Waverly Placoe, N. York, Sole Cnvoe'ral Agent for tile Uitedu Statens, fn. eFor saile by a:l.oinitmeent of tlie crigioal iprntritor. by Swain E' llumcal , l)n ggLivs,mo No I Cn alla street, (.tensre Agett sloe Stavitbhe of Louisiluar. jul vs II EIlLY It LFEE f co, No rlegozinr street, ar r 1 ros reoeiling from ships Nasblville, Louisvilile, - Kntckh1, EPagle, cadi olther late rrn'ivals team ahe e" , i.liervl cities, a large anl sew selev ted aasot.lenUt ry, 11s , Boolts, illoes uatL lBrogalnss, cr- eosislstng of gu.tlemvv's lfon calf a'vd Mloroco boots do 2d nutlily; ido bult'd, and tovut was pegged r oots o variouis ptmites; men's fulon calf seal amid Moruesl lh. oo. Ipllls anld bragns, buekskin shoes, heogans na lslbmppe s men's lille calf astd kippell ptggevl shvoesaut I rogana;i do oos; do stolut kip aud wax pieggcled shoets ea bl brogaes; geentleen's best quality hcall'wee alboes, ellogans ait Jahck DowlungsI dto calf and Mlorn.c i" teklc cinos aud brlgans; do calf, seal aild Mnroen.o I liai shoes aLnd slippm-ts, do calf, buff iotI seal wongs; stewaarticle; do line call se:.l altd morUrooquarte, £a mo st boys'c, tisses'aod clhiidrenIs pegge d d swed hi b ogans, aui shoes of everyT quliti anid kindl. Also a geaeial assorlmeint ovt mil's stout wax and r.enlt lrogavns nid ashoes, togethler with 1lt,000 tair. ogroe itrs t (ullityr, ro wsit breagivot, airiled in tllc Iauk,, mtnide expressly for platatiin use;i a godll oa Stimcolt of meen's fine and stout kip russetl ag.isll, a , e article, and a arge quantity of a bl iteirior quality rt, ct iInl wax n lbr ins. Ldlies' fine calf, seal, ivnrocco ald grain celtls, and - tap sl)r shoes; do fine Frehch .Nel roo hati kid run ne.ral lilverst; ilot roa slioes, w itd n iho he i els; N I, cal se at oll tat lertlher booalcl.s do Iirunui shont. l, i 'and lobed nootres. Missres' Lstig.ilinri si es:nl c, at gaits. Clhildren's colred Morncuna avu d lasting lhvo t', htLiwil boots, Se. ity ;eaotlelueal'sthRlefas1oanntlle hblck silk hats; do ble. ,r "t Id(³ih beaverll o nit a soClrior rqusliv; du imiatiol - IIl nm dvr; Ieal aud nlrlrOW bo ltem Illl'i til t b ald si- : t.k ]t.iu sholrt lnllppled hats, a ilets aatitle. YoHt.s' f Il i e size aats ol dilirellt clld nities; oill chill .snl N\! oan1 1 "n' s hiek all dl'rah prOl h:ts ofl .v:u.ous sip lies, \tlt ' gv.eL';Il : oeirioitii t f bt)) s' ald L laCly ' ' hiim na:ln 0 kn lllv i ill blie Ieteltetishet i ,db the ill'i al npli e old on aeCtluillltodititlit.g elllvs. II.g I-- 1' NO mrIERURY NOR N OPAIV.a 'tNea t Illa, ?iov. i ,l i ll7. A Cll 'T cis mouith, lie g 1tol hid et viufrtuiv to got e ascret dieeis,, for acich I lavu aollid ito sve ral dtlors n olr iI cure, lild tilne didl iot cure iv e, so Iow oi tlhe above dute ItUat ll vItriItloclider tleCe of )letolt in- iiet, alvd cxlen:eri ihu to cure illo , illne dIii titlei t' le diiet ga t wori'ne, so ItsI to break out i large uIIlcers ta Itithe nuiber of a ix or eilght ol ea h leg, ad all over yd tiy Ivala, ore throlit, aud ot able to wolrk at ebb all preeerllt ilill rti ieoiiit of the disease; large iuler oat tile right side of the lthroat. I mnl noYv pultting owyelf ScoIfihlntly eider thie ecre of tDr. lurt, .f Pfri. " to be pereartly cured JOItIN D.AN. fe|t14 I y I DO CFI'I'IFY tlbat the above msnt;tod drisdv e is i 1quite well cur-d uto Iy own s.tli eltilOt, fivi wniill I lhanuk li. lIeti mait mintveireeI iaeIsBloi that ilii vcadi cive I have takea ntl.a rue lIt, id did inot iinire viao neailti at all tllerelire I tdvis, viy fll ulit,' llber i, i lone vio liile avd apptlly to Itr. A Iliel, 1.1 Canalv itr e twi n h i i, iani.ltii'j nd IivIu rltv creei.i' , It. Ilutl i.i lt hinot froim 9t gIclcl:, At , uilntil 1 P \I, |Ilrty will finad a true Ilora r fille I c lolilit. JOHN )l..N., 1• stieet. If .ay on eanote to eCc mev, calltN,.Il ;raSl ievIi JOIiN Ill a:N. - Nrtw otirien n. Fr I, i l:r, h-, I I 1 'i iJ I titatIell taJ ktIOtt /Il ST EREOt ? tIe-'LJ-iTc-, it Thi e Fintho lis i,,' IN ar T lo ttr, asg ist o. ful e ltisrloi the ts ' g-of laile tiselm.€e, i rtAs o h sllll cor hillAs i oft,' si s h illt - cIlsteI it difertlnt tclles, ePill (ntfLrelsltll casitS ll tstas al'iledt ithe OmInI; hesid.Seio l, (nll trI ot It coet. I.n It rese Ilone Ta lei tlhe bist laths culs be e'atulres-is' th al e is nres ll ca :irrae ithtl of the s:l.e ueh.Alnlcllontla, ib, for 'i d ize oll w he. e A. is ~trde is-ag cllos in tt s ss nn t , boo ist in ltsit ost inog some mrt: ithlN e ishtintiot teissrstois s w ,i ths tir,,c 'tl , t stie n -gishttis e ar ts prefixed tothe t listlu tags, is ar te eOlllrendti l.t ti ill itsel, st o t leri lnlte 1 aist t s eollitll s e tiire ment, t ll gisea ltee s-llnr i ii, Ihtuof snips` o it. ll - velseots Elo illooiseeani oitnsito .nl .estis te'cr st itns is

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Andi Cosslltteri lg the intalliblilit v of the metot o riginolliy adtiot in eoosolng ths e ork, lid tie roxttalletlill. oumtbrler D. eI variety osl'lhee xaniltiolt, tteyedhrinll it h splassed hutie the ts eotss 'titotity, t 1ststis ta oe is in ters eti se, toisidertgl in sGt tit Ile, i lostit :lecurae i , t'et l tilestinee tlute d eilted ts eillot ltoi tile so t rme has bitee Icldt u ando emphetlie:tlly ets lll " thee most wonllderfti book Iss tie wslk.ik;" netota crtahilv i ust can namre figure work of tlle stame extel lt, ic SinelSite begilnilg oi ereatio, lhsei ladl tile stme Iltlh ber and variety or tests i thlie tsame nlumber of editors; no, iiroe Ilalfthie nulberr, as i ealiy soownl in the Lirreire.e. j]resides, as test antd setitdal, it has bree tried and prroeed in tearly all the bsnk stll tanid iuiic nces hi the Uiis- Siatslr, and by thcepublic gosterally, duril.g the long perios of thritv-fise rears, yet to eroar of itoeerl ethltions ithas ever bleet ioell intll oIltlaosinrg eottint e alli chalegecd by tihe oferl of very large preliumos. i Clhe in fact exiressiy adopted by ti all teouart neflw cl setrai oftle States as tile s late of ratolCeitiost forstatuse ihlterest," as lso by Isw far batik inlteerst, rhaccoslding as the book is used, eitio s sas tray he eei inl ir dot, by "e oames of the sutsittesiss, asdts it- tos spite sstt ,i eg seitott-ouistsstreisse lss/t ,ttlitsfb . ii sIs, obuk, tis in plc lte r sls efe das claf sofl.itizns in every soei - Y tr ll'lhe United Suiltes. It is moensverl well known that, itl its reaoly clleek, it lcos so cosid!. detlectd large erroi, hInn a:ler they w'efre rd si erlittls s I e tie IIIOst -real'tl 5i5sf m t tOIIIstcLeLr Iillnlcst islales 1at itts suedlllless Ii bt,' atltstt Iete cessity foritts tsa, habve Ien ts ilsaisted s i riy tso ecllttrtl, iteeti, tote b:eet its :tsilts:tag(.s, etaI its s.vings, T thi, evrelI l y' , h ustilsle s irst dition eits ncel'erstll out of prilit, a great i.ll o i ts reeol y hsad elics wiel.e t.sosbt lil', salte to ta g.le tlisalnc.a. sd cr)ll*rs it rtOtt picereo as thoe ,dl rel.s s s oily ol iihked ti let fros $iOtito $25 ser copt l,:ie sollle 1,s5o11$ have receiss-Cvll..V r i d, llalll ilitIamlra susti i e quoted tsiet ithatti wuy 'lltly i 5"t,' $lt3 , iiii -tt 0ll0 iteore tiNtosghi tle saving fllis terv e esalable time, Ihe teinlg a verrric) roi Itodll in publi office. S It is likewise worthit of elotite, tsnd iltecd 'proper to iotp-es. that mueri is the lnature of fiige: elk getlritly snd aIslectally wellle i of the rextetiit itIortaine these ta Ins, rthatiad this book or its like beeol Ilnlsyel e([ ill tle suall aet os llerClo'ne, In the istnitt SctllltestS r t .aleul.orhtsi i tile testr-.i lll n id tlutil, rts r i lliilll.t d i i i stsl Slaliuulyv Islldr hlis owts cor.reliin of pns'f shlects, it wouldi, llostlI to a celrtainlly, aIsttie Leei o sllrs a for eer fcte4e,ottllll dear ..t loly pit',a His te plfterse daliieu I su'p exlillis. But oipelrfoet alnd sahiuclhhisitve tile stcreotyp late s of thlis n o kiben Iact lc-, sislt to reenre - tihem, itllthcir llinlerll s alo exllltols'lliearv xatliolt - tliisagtiltsLt fiv, for ite genelerai besltft, Ilte-) ate (by e trvertilenett) cossllsasttly kept in a' ilase of apeeial safst'it), exetit wllileuse listi pritin. AtpiletdilctLiolls to tilsi boills iallks al slaitte ilillor estwhit usefillnIotes, follow ihe i nifaso, r whlich isiithl fith as ill sitle tweo presdtillntg etii ns, onlltiaill ltlclh int felrJotio conlolernillgi tie two lawftul Isatioks ofotnut. iullg inter sas, tee days of gtltee, bet RIt rells:illst oily to Ilttnak Ihal, Ilotwlilastsllhiisg itis cl nteonllttony costly work, which wtastpblitishcl iefelre intcreest. ibles weme illtreslUE d ie diiollarsi tInd ests bLe )ell aloaliultnss, isls beli s$uLtlelteliyely stll so libeillly j 5ptrotlitels it has nOt yet so issetitas plalidd with itlterst. tee heiavy loss of statrly liare ihousasid diolliras, beuides sit y)-sreol Sinte Lfril 1799io 1805, sustailell os liefilth edition of slOW olisirtlorisig cliely oi'esn its It!iIieCa tioen tithlties h at all a lldt l tr iaei) o eals utahitigof SomletnslltiOll or ill lritfiosr almos a Iile-timof ctre, toil, it ll saeriie. % iteerfoe tIhe alultor still stlies ot wle II disrertnlent sd generosiOy orti e isulhii for a etliisu: ii oesntef jLsrfel-este andl ptasOt-g tc . r side by) ths ritcidl al Booksellers iLts ie Untlt. Slatet. e 'IOL'fe- PATENT FLE. Alt.5l1n-Just 'recs ed s- per Mhil Mi.sisilppi, frsl I'eti Yerk, a isee rns iorlnmetot sil'Ptent iBssle and behlt Pitols, for s.le at tar . 1 Ousd11h' & c'r. 8t l.Iairlt lutesrl THE FLORIDA LINE D From Mobile to Augusta,Go No. leaves Mobile eery day at ltree o'clock. pm per U S maoil booat Nt for [loll's Landire, above ,lakely,--thence four scol potl coaches to Pensacola-th-et arpStmbatns to LA Lngrane.,e, where the land route is resumed-thence thet via Marianna and Browne-ville, Fla. BUntbridge, 1I Pindertao n, IIlwkinaville. Sui.dtrevile& Louin villea t Augumst Gn, na-noecting regularly witl of t the rmil road care to Clharlesron, nnd tlhe steam packete to Now Yut k, No.rlolk, Ptiladelphlin, etc. T'le oteanbenuie tire the beat for the service, and Ithe navigoatio presents motre advantagee tihan ctn tbe found upaol atny steamboat routeill the south. - ern region. The great improvements in the route have been I produced by the construction oul liftvy miles of new n t rend, by the proprietors, viz :Tror ILaGrange nil a LeFayette Rayou, oni arm of Santa Rosa Bry, to Ita a irynnt's Ferry, on the Clhntrnhoochre river, ten plc Smiles above the Cowlord, or 14 above Cedar Bllnf, or Swhtereby the navigation of the river, nod thle con- h t satuent detentions, and more recently the ienon thl venient croesing a tthe Cowfordl , re entirely Ita avoided, and a fine road front Marianna direct ri it, Bainbridcre, instead rl the roundabout rand via bu Chattahoochee, lesoening tle tlisntel e about forty miles, and lenrcasing lthe fociliated more thlan once a day is a Alvo, ur ornch n lie of two horse sinees every o J other da,.y ntm II.,rlawkinvlle, via P rry to Macfln, c I, rG. acuonlcling with the linu to SIvannah and o t is Darien, OGe. . lt e A ntll stllaetmbor lies regularlv between of SBDainbridge nnd Aplunchiola. ITravllt rs wishiing C to reach any poitoina Clhatlanholchele or Apalachlr- at cola, e tlt.beste a ou o at i lBrowlnsvile.ile Mubile to P'rrencla--Lunld Routi--During ae ti itine acuep.ed by the reptlatrs lit U-uts, the proprie. tors of the Florida ione will run n line ofl four It' rse post conaches every olher day between lo- a bhltand Pensacola. e Passengetrs will leave MIulile at 3 o'clnek, p m, e, in the U S mail bout, ned proceed to llull's Land. l a ing, wlere a tour horse coach will lu inr waiting in o a convey theml to tile txcllent house of Mlr. Clharles ci Iloll, 1 1 4 mile distant, where they will find Spleausat accommnodations for the ightll-leaving v next morning, they will atrire in Pensacola early ft 1 in the evening, tihus avoiding the discomforlt ofl nia htt ti r.vellitg. ti i Olino nt vlle Mlansion [louse, MIol,-ile, nnd C-Il. I v linl' Iluell, avPeaon lo, where er'tll Illlt be rev a red. S'I'OC'TON & Co. n v I o Piano o lr le htslrtelonr. u -; W illiam Smitll tenders his eOrvle t tO the citi, elzensa Now Orlenia as a teaner of the piano torte. lr S having been rnplay d sevetral )yenta usa reacher l Inlu~an incin private farilies in BMston, t and aI o t i several ol thie fe nma l llieinrie'Sl in its re vicinity, cannot but hopet to iterit thetrir o -idncc. Slie is "eromitted to refer Ito IBv Dr Cilap., MeseIa Slateoll & Avery, I1Londi rs rn& C;aiae'.,. a For te.rms, o platerae apply at Ito bookstore of ty Alexander Tower.d49 Cnp o t rt 2 I anI Drugo and .ldicaneo. s; J3B .cievt has tnitecd hiusItEr : t his city flr Sthe Ipurpoe of IrannsnctnIon eenPrul Wholesale a r- Iron bu ;inessn. lie is ltow recaivill n full ippld o frt Irish al d gi Pnuii e ari iclrt .sl whcl h" - ill sell - n lib er- l t .n I', u city drtnaists, and Ithose I f lilt illlerier, to pht t Fcians, aierr hria ts and pI llI rc S lie will ull r illdue ne ucclo h na ha rve nev,"r be, n Ir- ),en rI ', red in this city. His n into n i doe stricly le-itao r te business. 110t st.rck will s loon be colillee, and iln a dItw w eta r ks w ll be I. lit I rl- Ir ibuI- neo. &All orders Iruon the ulilln r lls - I r r a'om mtruhlllll s f I. t i- i y, receivingl c ou alde"I Wi h 111, p' lt I, rptl 11 i tutdd nIt 1TItII'riY HtItIrE-at the t sign ofa thl gonIde I ol I,, . Io i ('hautres strt. 'lT'heslt rcrits have re ceived, ill& .litio ton ttlh irprervius stoi k ii n halld, o full t and col - telo nasortnent of :utri:e s il their line; aiz:i cutol b, perfdiiiry, Jo.wellryv brus.ira , locking glatsscn ricu b, arthn-ila v na(.consistini ill art iat foilow,: qP lilled buck, lolnp reiound, dressing, sid pllf amtrl nll d r nectk, lrilziliatl collbs of every description auongst which anr somle Mexiacn pntters, Ivory combel of every dascripthin, horn, dtrcssing and puckct, totaler nitlh a Sgnerii lsslorlnentoflfreminihnd American. PE ILF"UMl~ l{'--Coaloge, aaleader, Fl oridlo, honty, I I noy, rose, illt orane flowner waters of vcrv y ize and des riton all, a ithlloate ClnioiOra aort nt of rlriainoait S le ,y Solls ofn:l kilni s, hllalillngd ini r ed c ioat( nd Ip1 , r Itrelltl lalroltp do, i ird' vlcel , I eair iil, aIr s atr Lil - is i Rlr ledO. P1i 1Ston-C s e llnth iitll , ilalorin ad rei'flouoll I olet powder, pleaul puwder, omb, lr ill,li ald boxesh ain nil U Kni Ino Gllian roll..ornis ernd ctlorho too.hd wualt un llJ owdr , withl l ha gen- ral - ;il-o rlit a I tf' i .Vl.;lElll t --.. Iiee ofthe alil t leSl im bi a m t nio l oin - aiii laslett a co ing l" illh iolid iad Coilrniii , itn vila m anI a rd o A ., et in flahgree, hr. lsrir in l't tror to - iI iti o1" p ,iiitW-vl t, wal llirhynn.r-sii, Iihi u d ain ll-.,ckhe, . ilve, rtaiiinha, sih i ar iad ,i u l t i i il' tud gi- il nU lui i l, ltl'Si ~ r-lllv.' i- dill lloa , d,:.t i ei-ra nlihhl rlhfl r, t eat lch, ho, la te, coeb, N ila t inu , ho in ' St lt iilia -ltt -lllilll A S' 1.r1 n I Iil tI I ..ll a t't fat -a all ll li .t~li. l n tlielt i- elll i, ilill il nd itll ' ni dtle i- 1 n it e liIa r t tb +, I"- Iteill, I annl-,alli Iof he' ki ls ,i l llli,,rnthl. In l .Ilt l C O .itn r ilIdi tlrai Illn d di i t-il t j. - , i.i( lt lie i-tr -,llii It t linel- ++l if;l 'niciillwo iI h..,n,!v :i ill S tpu ik telrilli: o Imam1 iotal Indr.ii:,l ii aLh d lu . I .+atars, sflher Iand ' t" 1 lutd p cil, r.! htle ,w..d ,t'o 'il, Ifr curp: unters no. cit .u,.bet I-Ir t ll and wit t aid ,.ii t ci oIt'n 'Ier nll ln li crejtlp i l l II . d io l hapei , i& . liat dlii Vr- aa hut neltl uns it h a, riat r l -ttlal ta.nI tIea seltt, hditt 1e iatdso e I-ae aI l a. h Cell, Ind ataa lames, n -ed len o ic , il r ir ,i, s tc e l o i td cg oo n s e c ie beha, atek li ookt atnd walo-ii oa t Vta- - it- kivI- i - i - e , oniide tand turd co' as, n tpring ends c f lreneh, -o e cl die- dro a It'y wat hes, nliarl tltt I s. l piydetMriaks, el r anid 4d - +- 71... (,oi <+ ... ..... i'EI11 OIL-lj 1,0 guli 11 pure Hintr d Iun /7Spiru Oil, in enaruks and Ihhlis, fr sale Iby J.AllVI'd ANlIEWA, Vhtdelranl I)rugg tu, curner CI nuintn and lIchp nolii0iiu W'iater, L',riumeryv &c,--A , tIlruti1d urticleof cologne, put iup txprs-ly fur lile rt.l trade; also the purest F tihI Perfllller, rlnbra cillu every variety lor the tailo', for sile by et . REES ,& D'I,ANG. TA I INISll ri'S-i iSulbCliler, hnvinig larlv eslil h she~ d it t u £intl .hlilllt ll ln tiir n i ..ewl- )rleains, is readly o .,l .upply tile. pauners and : tlhle I ublic in gener all thle qialily oiflis prl.lucts superior lnnty ever brouTht to this plir:e. T'ii geutilunani ein'piotetl ti, uperinteind Itllu u ltlllnlCi ry hllas ieen tili fI I 'Lii ofl in xiev~ve i'uimibi.iu'iiii' liit ifi ili i l I ii i tl' lurupi. 'l tlunud imiimcnlj ito cull at the cornelr of Natchetz andI Tchnuploulu -ias shall blle pietrnled with a failr sample of any varnish they llla wish to try. Am gsllll tlhe valrllish8 le tilhe coinch No.1, wlrrantd noe to ch:lllge eve inll uiliiia water. The lilack varnish for storesi aund eanbll tle clhiunies. The trauslarent varnish withou lln ll, & &c. nO 11 IIONNAIII.. L.OUIt-3- 0 ndlilI i ll s utiinne ialdelpend i ene, tie I 1)01CmP: Y _nL.i 44 New I.even. -merinu'n Ilazur SlropYs-I'hlec cases of the genuine article, jist received by oct 3. REESE & D'LANG, 18 Camp at m,"--.;,7 .,/iC,..ri. Misoluri ifpti-5l00 coils blissnuui hale rupe, made all of henmp, In nlre, and lor sale by n 3 LOGEIRTI & IIA\\ THORN, 63 OGtlrir sl b gIs to express hl E Lr,'tchl m th mnlLs t i thne Ip .i, Ic, for tbl liberal suplnrl t he Ii a nsa ermivcd since i conmuenci'd lniniuer, in Ifis city. licn sil pnro prier ol'f ilie seed ltrc, IT Cuo mnu l -lritel, Ilu :- I Iotll curl iever gas agrnt. for auic northern seet vender; ne il" hi e conn, tined -itll any liu.w, in this cocnry-Inut lie csuri e the public That his cunllnlclt III Joeeory deiI irtlllli of IIIa seed husti lir, s, in the dfflll ltc ol +~f nnlliesfm l mifope.irei , i t ful to that et any huie in tnitr U ite fiaten . 11n in' pIt"is edns, pl.lnte, &e. frim the lmost exiraiivi iand IrnUpeeiltabe niurieries and s eitsileln III 'lrann-, llui,.iand, EngICind, Soltlad, and lhe no tiierf iistate- ind it will ait all rmes he is inrr , as it is hi- study, to reeivei., in addion Itt hIs ipresent stockli, large arnivals of every daerriilion, rt ally the gtar h ,II 183mll : i llso, Iiinllrifted fruitl ie s, I' all kind i. The pullie lnny rely on lindlhg a ilul us. sn.rtn lti every iruclt T a t e red hln,.il glenu ou quality, and imparted direct iby . Wi\Vm. L)INN. 1o 'TIlE PU IC Ti- undersiignd.rhaving studied under D)r. Snlonidt of Clarlestonll, Soulth Carolina, and Ibr somie years iis assistant inl the practice of nmedicine and nurgery, has tile hl.ntr to oflber lis prole.sionil servicesi in tllis city. Ile ousures the ladies slnd gentloleen that tlhe muni prompt attention will be paid to the calls which may be made; and aluo offers hli services to the holders oe'slaves, being well acquainted with the dieaoes comnmon to themi, having attended tliumi ill tl.e sugar house in Charleston. The famoues anti.bilious pills al ter theeoinposition oi Professor Sinullette, with directions, cail be had of the undrligneod. T'lhe erlt which they lnhave produced in tills and other cities, has been MaLtended wit tihe greatest success, to which the best of references can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mn:",a. sine street. JNO. M'LORING. N OTICE--The partenersbip of Keley. lMason &Co o' Nnew Orlean-; asne, llarris &CAo., ofT Natcliezl; nd Hlnrris, Kclley &Ceo., of Rodney, was diaslvead omi hbe2lt of Jlay lust, by tie death of Salnuel A Mtson, one of tilhe irlancr o tile firins. Thie undersigned, survivlg lpartiers,m wil be elared witllh lhe setling snd cloeing said business i,, Iulluws: LeviC Harris will rattend io lie seiiling nfithe basines of alunot, llrrins& Cii.. us Nat.elmz; aed lnarris, Kel. ey & Ce.,t Ilibllimi aad llnry Iuelley will lltend t be seltlig of ribe buoinesa of Kelley, Mauin & Cu., a Now Orleans. tlhe naes of the several linus will be used in liqniddiononly. 'Those indibted II said frinr are earnesotly requentrte ocnte ferward and make early settleioos; mid tlhou.e hating claimo will pleasoprerie thlem wieinnt delay. fLV IIARRI t ,I - HIENLRY KELLEY. Cow Orhlans, Jun.e 27, 1837, SIOLBEAR'S Soiene ifnrianehp r oeeived, and Sfor sale at their . bet Writin Academiesr No. 8 Chires street, Noe O'lcans, 118T9 Blradway New York, D)auphieo st., Motlll. w lret It is particularly designed fin' private leainere, anit y schools, nild iscolcoloet far t)eroons of all ages, to Ladies aid gentlemen ere invited torall and examine tile sylteo for themlveo. There essoans are given at each houres as may suit the conaveieaec of all, and to clasea fuormed in tany part of the city. Ladies wlio prefer itcon receive 'enon at teir own ref tidenoes. TIME Persone paeing e o troe of lessons are desired &c. o acttrl, ai' '.' t ' em s ell aothey witi. Yor S.h. . UtlOTIlhrR. New IIOWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, eng FOR FEVER aND AGUE, [EN years hanvo nt yet elapsed sinoe it was e Stfirst regularly submitted to the publiol but it Colon lis attained thie hitghest reputation; and has sap. - len planted every other mnedicinc for the Aguc, wherev- Warn or it has been known and appreciated. Already Peier, lhas it beoon carried in every direction Ithrouglhout ichi the United Staes, andostill reanlizes more tan could ntet Sbaveo bcoi onticipated by its mostat enoguino friends. Wnoia T tousands of pttou hcavo not oly boon relieved, Balet but restored toolftithl adi vigor throughl its agen. New cy; and they now chicrfeully testify, at every op portlnity, to its dooided and supremno efficacy. It is composed ofa such mediional pritciiles asn ar North calculated to renew the healthy action oftis theom- eess; fai c, liver, and other important dligestivo organe, tio loss of which harmony is tire imnaeodiate cause of the disease. It is anppreoit also, that it produ- e cos an oetire chatcgo ill toe coudition of the system, ,n and crtainly desorays thie native liability to relap- aorw seo of o the afretioti t. When the Ague is attendd ltent w, itht any other coitllairut, tioe mlioyioet of the by at 'Tonic Mixture will Iot intrfabre with tihe treat. ralta cc moat of the other ieorase, but will eve tiafford mas. Ithoat . stance by turelnishing streogthl and vigor to the glina body during tile course of treatoil ent. Toese nwho raf o a11 olsI use of' thbis ineicine may be assuredt that ordI tlere is no Arsrenic, Barks, Mrctury. or any olther iaoai a article inh its ciaiponitoan ulriiond'y to thile ution stvc e, consatitution; beig entirely a vegetable extract;r N il nd tlbey aly have addiltonal aoIlidenico in th g us ee t hereof, tcot ltcy perecive ilial it has the of- cissa fect of a gentli laxative aboa thae tittno hall 'a bit. ilo t tie full ias boon cbtaken--in ooaoqoeteo of wtichb, ro t there is no part of teo iedicin lft to linger in lill i. tite bowmls to callsa obstructions, nod othelr evils, o arising froco thae us oaa inolcy of the rciedies itew c eloflred for the cure if tlt atllhogoiaa. It ihas beni Real use d also as It prevctive, by many wih were sub ihluh , jct to t periodical recurrence of the Chills, saod it Citr i l, Is invarobly walrdud olr tile appeloheola aLotn. i Obsere! T'lc Propripetor, fully satisliad "aith tie Sonparalliueled itd olliveral rses ntllioh liclIs cllne. Too its atlllly atllloded ilopUltetualo and retolor aL e theat :, Tlooi. Mixtroe, it all cosesn of a' ver and Acgue, ioole warroanted in reoghiig to refoal thr price tio all llOUa Wie BialaV tololoo f li thoItIr ,S I ill rict icot Vol ordf celaco willl te pre:clibed Chrictionu, without Ilnavll benll pe'rlocetly aond larstingly eeured. og '/ Tnubscrcrs arll thole owhouial oeliot for lt(i! South We.rl Stl iates, lld have now o held six- lli i Iy itasts of this coleditce, whliCb is warritted freb ibth ,t Ie and gemo inc. For ale at 0e ontaoUtheturd priCesfi gIaoc J atitI AoNthltrI' S\ , A II . I Wllllt, lsN l e [)r ..'i; ts, . i 3v'27 rear nIoooln o 's'tlrctlll New.'1 Yr , ia+vtrtceiv ot th t ostl 1 onrta rllt o l ot tl y it It\at o tt tit . I . i to 1itS. MIIAly KIItII ANI) reI'peltflly an- P ill ci tlo len alo o lie Itoitls ai l tihe Iltlio e ellt. to oily ltlal bo s ll I e prlleplrd : to a oweconoi- otL thII at I- 'o0low g casst nenthllslultu a od h opts e frtin her n ioo rli' ls too rw co, r v,-l cioor, qlo .ol r.Lt ,, teo o i r.oiot ab u 11 tot o o o h ooUlitaCe Oi lio" fraor ltitic'. Sc fott"lactgllo to JcIlP that p eloa Vt litollcl lio r I 'on : t)ll tillill ot a e i S tllll llr l lle , Ul l l , l lifr b "t t r II g u nilou ,,U li t lis 1 Il s l the , c o tiot o to, bn l i bral Otulll-n l ll 1' er hs 1o plan 0ely 0 ien ie sutlied t tiot ,o.ct choice Inlqu)rs, v.r;C. ill hohllrl, lle prollmiSe fi es,",Lt lnothlillg shall b lo oanting ht.ehr tart to give t tire oelislaoti lo t to all i h, ' Iity 1iatronl zlt t cilo st'olo issiipi nllcl Loisiaioa Intec:l. jt3 t prt Iw IROtNS, &c. hut to IlthE lOWELl. WO)ItKS i OMf1ANY, No. a o38 \Woter, ncar It oc:klan rtret, N!w York, A eotloare rel:celvredl te plat carlon, anI d 11t1 cohstintly - raceoilg largo iod cxcoin.ive addltion to the stci o i o i of tlie oeo gooud, i. htc flow o co llloci.ts of thl 11 ollowioog asttitruent, suitabl clor the souahern andii t .r t dOll ll l ] t to h s. n to- tIltllrlow wrio i aof sop,:rior quality, cosi.tinc at of Sl o c alo . tll 15)111 . , . viz. I I 'ots of 2'! ltl'lrllo siz:f, ram 02: to 50 gallons, eooI °- k nettles, 15 a . s, fr... 1n I3. n30 gallnn..., !f!t ti'-p. l as 15 si, sfrow., 3:'o to l ro gollca, to ''e too los,rd t 1, alto v Spioor0, o d, 0 cul r t le Nto)rd to., a- i 1 oo 'a a t lo 1, p~c [" ar n loo, o .e - I 'mot laool teei , t 4 1 I1 S loi to tI, ai , o o'i) b 'rtl., irot , alrt. bi frnt v 1 mayI t o u t oo :-( ,ih ,i. o c1 a.') tt.a o o.ri .| ·L 'I-e ta ,ii 'Ilh~y al. lilland I dltrj Ic . n Iii Ja IIsII illlll.ltrd II dos, Sbl WH, ,gIi 1 t a-ll., +olt*:d frol 1 4..4 to| . ,':- tit 2 !1I,*. 1 Also otuals lboats id oto li.e.r mahii erl inry tolo. to New4 (fr Yr 13fe3 " r 'l'he aooe a.oorlton'ot of goodsl is plarticularly ,1 llil rcollmend,'o d to tli atelrlOllooii i .oct'it rllt lrcoil! D p"r- \l.Vlerll l11·reha llts , oand aIre olrl'rd Ior sale lt lof e :; 1 te prices, ,od ulot ilce. mot llberal onito ;t, ie be. It tl liUvnld to ol the largest acod boest tsc,reorat over' totn. ol,.red or sale lb.y olio certoblielocc t il tlhe . o Utied State. isv . [hMrcehants, by torwarding a request by mail, canc li have c ltt pit corcuolr, with diLcripitt Ot'geoodtle, t priceos rod terlls, f olU whilclh no lcvlao tiaes is over i,I milal', furo.hled by returr of mail. [ Ip All orders wll recivi iitlnediate attention. t "., New York, 1838. je3 I n, L I (i lers 's I( 'u ris. . Indian Dye, for col inng luoe Ilor ; Ilear's ()il, [UssUans bear's oreese, o1UonI, lchllaw's Fort clu WaVsh, sublprior pearl powder, hi, w-incl realll iof roses, vegrtable rouge, otto m, r. - , lip salve, krest Ie t.oth wash, carbni ll: dLentilnc"", ollangr ' ow r w'ater, powder p,'ffs and bos:,- A i, ria ,l .i, l neatly pul t lp I holr moino e o lato , Pres. oO :a;ills, colo.h l e, kle0 sole tootll o rlp 511,.', hair h i E -sbhs, E ollhhsh dressilg combs, IondlUII blir ilI w i h u varletyo of roiler lpelrlumn eri,,, A-. E'," sal, by C. .. 'I RINCIIARI), oI 3 Iorur ot Cani d It .l.:o o . Is I AT -13c ase- drab Russin bIlut, vario.u. p:ilies _ bi uud liisb land low crowln Iamdli:g Ium ..hlip Wit. lownin, ior ooalo by I II 0ll 00ll,.. t, n.17 131 \1io 'z at I " lo. ULt- -.52 h is l na d ing f olu i l hU ' :, .: aIto n i l: ig,,, lfor sate+ by G Il R , Inat7 4I NeIw i.eve r E o ohubscrib oers. Agets f.r the. axtenie Illa of 1W. &S. sBUtcher, StShffield, EI lml, |ave, just tceved a very extemndve fet ot' loo" i .os, onsi.tiong of 'urble land l Pes:rt K ives oi olo dlei, prt rilo, l'en, I'ocrte , irka Ildl Slear point nivbes; b nao rs, So 'is ours, Elcdge 'l'ools &c. L. &c. whhll: IhP are ro)lnrel o exhibit to lthe rale lor ordef. 'rm s. atid moallh tilons till b e illaud klotWis It tll mill J. It )iwS1 &a IN l o :sN l10l no, m t st. 1 \i\!o (N , 1I. WITT w Cl .-- \ o ,,t ,',, 0 i,, i Ster shipl Ihull.llt ilhy, I:+·.,le , [c "y A ,,".'1, I{ tg - pohta, Franich a'1.1 Gtmcu " iot.; I1:y head i h:10 ins eals: nice, bcli luld pm:l'ktt IIih l:lili 1 l6li htF I l·lli" t plit e ll "li caps; culll p 11 e ll I ss vs, 28 8111 I u ll. lo'e"I; ( IO lllnt i's crri blm'r l. lll ilier o lc llel t lnlsl Vin i t Vi oollto ol'hos - ohell,-iol'o llll- c hblol .olltlllS lllls k, lc, 'l; Iod ileli:-lo allu oll e ht bo s - llls, fot ll ids; lrckm I. hle Ill gl'l n irg ll i (pi'tne aril coroa d lre h gul1o4 - oltli, ullanlis llmgtllSCler oL Iil tinL; oateiil t111 Id helar nlil- o).otaobll-e oook'- o l 1 lees: i llerkI iliai- l o iloolel-o t ul0 fo mIlor l sto l lck o lf fn1ot rliles, lkes a oudll t.w e 1ll ll k allllher e lll stlll Ior spll: wcOlolsaleior whi- i toilt uedg h gofsthGll lld.rl nCs li, le Cootil tta blia; I et'w cushios;lib e belad chatins i:ol u k ee36 hillirred sltl. ilt, bouks tln. wallets; er. sI.llS); aoorN Stlo>o; i itd o llO l n granci olasi-no Is otlilcr , gt-e- -tIo Bulls lucoilo r Imathe.; II rl The aovni it ant i tine to ouri I -atlerl st olk ore flo , ortikcls, mao otoo oso so ol eo i l' t ot oellycts rlllo o . i UIFor si wholedle oar trail; as the, sigo of oi Golden cooaoo olob, Ulohet, dipoet, sur.s, oo!r 1s ' n' 1, I lh Sui' noGIAN ii & Co. ilno rrd A isr ofi French w lloJ 'o lsoto ('Ilon aio od (;,iltho war eli.s, lrrl, op, ing e w, orlil ricl rIatlerls, of" CI-r ekfs,0 I, ll rsnd Irea serv ices, lieler e lls, pithllish la , Iollnp o l, die ln, troloso , an t, d lo i blu !ut , all cel-, 0r0, blc I0. rte. Riverr oUlotd, l bronzed Find bri lind wrocn . wor-. lileeuor standt, elkeo IueL, r, rn odleiojllebt, branctel, sio o ototdlal.,o tt-lf o r d tro eS, doo 'aolloog rs, icr rllns . l onmlt * jerv dlu n llert l Iril's, nlor.oll t81o, lails limp I hdn and gl.lfn uctL r, t ando erm il lvr lt tel-oo ersd Iorkq togeher eith a cr.ou vyiely trueles oilver plated, l rllon h ad utsd briaib wol .-0 t t, o l atr, b lie por lsands I bn k'e uske l be olld lrepIs, wooob sale0 tonoty p0r7 ' Ito c00ou r). ranhe, aoot1 hl iesir- ll S u e.I d I os, 2ll o 2, NrIea , n lnots, jlliler tIrans , an Iro looI ll ol-and ha ioinl, am-hcs, finef ery, Germanksil iefs h -in l ulllords, lil e lllt-rrh , lh scrt, lll v i'lt.P srllIi & ,r t lo.soood aUrlnid lu t Eleltoil by r olllbsct ri beWi. OT'l IL'A i Co.l ot.-, corl0ur Coanal alld C;lartre, at S MAIse AKaAI 1mhin ) ......... M.i, 1[ULne Every l~av at IllM. NorlrirndMSI, Cid ae ry dayat 10 A.IA ' .Weelr Mafail Frida, y .W by trn of n Cl rc eerr y Mndy.y WedaPMIl. (i.l' and Saulrdary, hP. M "t, TheLake Mail e ,a.d , P.. e , ,Tharedaf, g Ta ... Satacda7 tc" &PM. v Closes every Monday, Wedidesnd S EXP4iE S MAIL. "'" il.-. TIMOIS OF AnRIWVAL DEiA'rui tie- l vcTA -," . &c. afthe Ectlso Mtai Iali.o.a Moaila and Ntew York--leaaia. Mobile dolly at i P. M. Northwlr Nlew York daily at P. M touotkward, Arrived ' Aritv Nertla trd. ti'stiance. 'lin Ienlra'l ' Montgomery. Ala. 2 pi. 198 m' 23 ! 12 m. Chlnillbusr Gs. lt 1811 , Milledbnvllle. lalm. i.n rCunnloia. 72 7 am. 11. 171 p taileign,NC. &"] 12 22 9 Warreanton, Va. 12 m. 119 f . Pettrsburg t Vi I0k. tt 91 lla. ra Slihrnbl, V. om. it 1 B FIrededrickuhtirg, 0 - 67 1 tip . \Vtcslhington city, r 6 ( l n la i mo r e, c o n e o Ilhilodelphia, 1e ala. 100 u s Now York.1h 2 pin. 98 8$ a m. 10 14n . or it NorthwnardN. ComilngStttlwnrd, tile time is sis bour eIrs; reing5 dys el n17 hoursa. l'i 's I..A( t h <E I hDEtIoner. inIvl 'ANAWAY frwm, 1m 9 Canodelat aomrer of hnlogi I tllreetsa, on tile aiglt of 3uh of Aouatsl atd wai aeon lthe neat moncaitng Jui Ioydcos atreet, a ccegra ha, ieattorned CFIAItI,t':c about 17 years of age, e ,.d i fee or threiottota ci heigit, very lbnck, atd lhan an imned d ieoat in hli slreeh, ollu of Ils leogs is sore, Caeantaiod Iby us recent hurt; rlilad on whet lie went atay a waiAN I. aotton at' liten hirt atlid white edltlon luonloluns. Ma tnoecrs rf vesaels and teoam tnot ara caolaonaed to gaint lreceiviolg or hnrborica said negronas well as all otlr pern can the utmost rigoar of the law will I . euforee~d aganitt tlelcm. 'l'hul above revard wil be pail ftrdrlive-itg thin into ay of tile jaIls of neiter of the o lactlictolltie,or at 1103 turondele, corlcer of Haevk Ii Otetal. nticp 1OT C'I,-'-'The eolacttershtili heretoftire xistinl tn i fndert la firAIc of tc.ltbia& Garresonci nna heep issalved. I sulacribor will liqnidato tle aaira ai I. tile coaeerll in this city, and requcires all pte'ons indceb. II, l t!to ocake IucacnIcant to hio oIlOy, anld all thosehevinl! clits, Intopreacot liear faoretleoiotct.. " a g 8--'7 1I UARRETBON. CAIPTAIN MllARiU'ATT'S NEW NOVELS cc Rothtlin tlhc Reefer, by tine author ol Plter Sictiple, . b ti oi ln. it Csiaccnjcpe,or a Winctor at Schllas Ilai-field ti; Lanc stln ac, by Cnptain Ilaail Hall, Royal Navy, F. L it., icc Iawd. lord RoBm, a rommane, thv Allan Cuanninghant,I e .iteppard Ire. written by hisnrell, in 2 vrla. tA C mopcendiono listoatjaluay, transLated fIron (lii cc origicnal Itahacn, ly Nathcatirl Greens, in I vdil. for I tciicc7 Na, 79 cof llccrpaor'n lcliiily Libhary. ccVols. t & 4 cf the new ccoloete and ucinrm edition af ll'ashciglei Irrinc'ie t'orAo. Iocgr'' French and Enghieh Diaionairy. in l vol, 3mg aa A fa.nt'soFrEh cod Englah Dietinscrcc. AI.Y--A fewmrs ccctclies of Coccckm'a PItretiaolagy ct"lieacei."l.crgc sacrveytr'c ('lcntmlca3ccaf rfoperior qia at itr, withc altctict, Ia llitd cccItccacll'2t-4 aod 2I-2 inches :c ctilccctt'c i.ctci.ovedcetuic l'cts,jalcuncid papers, waotilhtA &ex &eccvr, a&c, 3BIUb ccl fo oec I1ENJ. L.EVY. NNNIOCI'i- I VI IIII Or. ()I;iolhtlitll tA '1hri'ltet n lf tLhII' t Of R09 lI lto ltcic'lh is cc'elioocc ctllc llrlcciOn to tnie btlldc o clctcc c ccclcll a i t atycfa ctc1 t c 'r t vaircly c' cc ti ce inerr Inlltil)ll accliccd ccct ll ci tca; ttt t tct 11. w)rk c l c ttt 31cntlcln C cccccIl cllcilcccslid c Ictl I t ccaiclte ctla; iccjccUn tc ccc fcilcr OXiecllllc icccctl icccc l c tcacccc o l e accct ,l' II. Il tl ' rlOlek l wIh IhI~LVCIiltvceIr vi;:. 1).(lll %%+tO v A) b rlol~l~ I ca',ccccc a. lcccl rccrctl~'ctliticcc cc Itt Utlc'lccccciit'lco hII tory ot' I:ilalcldc ncc thlce hlccccicc ccc Jtci Ccnc cato thn tc l cc'l"ccc teorge 2an,1 c illl a c lactcllcac lllc to cicayea c lc l 1013. Villl tc llc'Srti llccs tr tcxlclllccncctitcc t tile elid a e'llt.Ii eCLtio, lCldhlea cI vccrhci'ty cc" cItccct ic fonna t tile tlellcr th oal ,tlc , lilt ccccrk. U ccitcllcicg a' table c 00 ctc' colttlccclciccaitc) ovccitll c .lld elllilclccit persons cco ('cctccus ealctlclory otcs. lcclcack cctc Ilca pai Itica, lllrlllleler d titl-o.Rthc ccf illce ccc'a. At. ncctliclen 0)1 thce aocnstccioccca&a.&c. Illccalertcd by ciccnicy tng"l iluca' 'lccar.lE~rJ cr AacacrnoIt raccd an Acriclgmne * al Kcctlllbt N'w Tl'clllitc oa i ce Una OF UIOcIcea Nae I, AllcciCclct cltliitlcc c ,withc adclitiOlla ct lld ic airooe oan dy cclcc a cl tc'tlcocco ctl'tllce .clrccacieal part if lce A. ,ak tccilcclccAhllclcll dIccl u at rec'icctl acd uicr cscle Icy 'iVt 3'1(RAN le~l noa rO r) CU I 0 C (lpll nd Col Itlu istS IIA ItPEItL' CIAc+ICAL. I.tllRARtY. ot I(ltAllC-Il', iraccchiiod by l'itilliic lnranci, t 1, trill, It aii ir decldiXc ctoticilhilc,'la oa Vacricant an, c, a,h%. ic.y lcic J oan C' o Scrc, .'il ttc, ,hrvlacu tcl," t\clnlccIccc, Sco Ut CcIcIttaatcc, I, (tVllkeliehlc, Itloracln rt cc. accc,&.1t d soaccc aoUt thecc ccreiC elclileljcOt, of th i l1111l 'l 0 , ithic lccocc (]tx ,1 lcct tru clu tca I cc. tcctlcar oc"+Ih.lia ilrur 'l'h. I:ll,, if IU311'l IJl (;)r111 N OIt ] I v illlllullc I a , Ic-lc t lic t'l (llirit f Ihtl +cll hll' y h tl I.t*ll, Cli. t lcccitot, 1i l ),hll ),) ctc i iic tt C)ItI ith o. t ca'l c caII :Ir ,cctc I act clld ccc'ttttct t ,'l1 critticcitcc Vcttatl u,,,cyle~ 'l IltA I t' 'd'l. cc 'l'cl" ;hlt thtaac l c or i "li''Itic. .. ctcd Itlaf"Li cc-sCaollcletLn I. ,L., loui rra.ri)Cn ,ie, d) Ay \A 1n "t u.s-me..l. kh :i-i;ttti 61.e t a hlr'·IIII.: f alllts ri ·IIIrnti1111 I':lIr)n) l I or saleJ / ltll,: tllla crs.illtd hilt c nr r1tII l l.I j lltiltlSl Sas I)r t-I a A hcari i te iian ,,.' IC il by M t. J c,,b ()It at t''n crier ,f TftVUli lrath nd l'ot l iallk, renlitclIIl) bOhllcitat s1hro ailt lie pIallh lr.lprt, e nIlle d d rlinnewl t Ithe ftIvure t hea fI 'rmer c le.'iitl. 'ihe eniree stunk ni D 1., niedlliedlcll . o n Ier h srrivllta is I'rGnh an. ra:r'lull)y sn hluied. The lulluwldig onlly rale par Pre noda, Seldalitz and Saratogu Powders. Y, rs i'l'owdrsh, "'ing a whIles(ee and elegant sieritlae for yeati, in raisiag bread, buckwheat Bull'le' EfIirvesrenit M..neslan Apperient-a I'lec~salt and genle purg ivcei ilyc dpeplsa or ndi. ,eeniin, nervnus deliliry, giddiiiee, hendache. edllry fI t he slormnch, habit ul CstivoItes., curits. Iieou eruptions ,&c. Carpelt.r's Fluid Extract of earsaparilla f rtieI lc I Ild Ilti l&hJ c, ode and eubehl, &o. I wail s IP c ned V1crlniluge ; British an Ilade. rle'e 1l Optideldec, &c. Reiled Liq"tric, 'leubo and Guneitiauve palts 'leel It btll nsh, N S Pront ei'a carbonlic Oentrit fine, colln lreti 'lh washoeb, w tder puffs iland beceI Prenslce's carllunic denilrli(e tooth wash powder puffs and boxes, I'renlietcs' scented and I till oilet powder. polnatuln crene d Pernse, ecante a.uler, reient, lverlter and sletrid Waters, t the lm-net qllitltea. l.erlsed'a Iuacasear Oil, Old. idtue'a bale of Cdunbi, hbea'ul ,il. it vasriety of limitr cad other nt elis, indlihble naiking ink tuCirlier Ilach ink, &c. Sperm and rellted whale til. Ila)' Linimlen A Iretsh assortmlent of T'hurblrn'sGarden See c 2 GEOIRGE JO()NES JtoWAND'S TOItC iXT'UiRE, For trealtnet and cuare of lhe Feser and gate. ITill I re ile adi scvemd wiherein th te TonM li lure in aopserit to tie orliar Iny cede of tretieng n Fever and Agau. In the first W llec, beng n Vgog lit Exlrtact, aid free fronl nny de terious oani poison uou ingredienls, it moy be taken with the lostton afi evet lbi the tender rfant, or aged inn alid. It-ar-. Vental relaplre of tlhe diseabe,eonseaqenlly the cenatiau. li i a1i.i regains irr, wantd tetoll ad activiety. t calob lilhueo a semn. ned prctment apelil, Iry inviglerating i stnrueelicl:d .oIts i relis a o the eitj vneaen ol terst. t oI;te I El:lir baringl a pe rgeati ve Iltlitr , Ilrelmaind I r l luie beicgsl inhreear e thins tii~oluder, ior to create otler diacetse, un ilh ritgih y IPtllnae e8 lir several or an of dlirgetilrll, r,l t llp besefils the noso'e with whaltever nlt anldetico, it aroy eo pltprterd. ldivdlual-, atlftr the ine efthIte I'Tti fiixt re, have Lrn ulloed hi all l the uat11l nsan onef the dteoase, dlld ve ecIcls)ed ally syVnll llsnR Ilf relteacl whee.cao by rthl nbe ft'iel. Tlirr llllrn emaline, there ah slrsys ere ted EI iltcretlad liihiNity to rt:ierrelTee. T'hit danger f (rEn'!nl elelpes iftle Aguer is vAry evild al, for tlie rlerlll will Imn rbelre too nucl irotlalue to be aule to reeit whh nedhirte ,l nd W nedilj fal a vic tim o -ueh i.eetsant vit lure The 'c ol ire Mltunr is IerJd t snuellh a reeancable price, ats Itl pace it ilthin 1he real ofevlrv olle-ao tlIt thle pain and ilatitult are her y fllmli;hed with anPm lalle~a ce x.+ I + souieing Io *t al ,iaid iendallcn wLh itibih t'eqoelrtl denied to Ihern.' elot very reitluantly bestowed. TIth 'trlic alrre..i etlv raul.mtled ignttet the spa cious e itai un ofl this medicine, tIhat are daily offered fur s e. i ettprerlcedl nhlv b Dr. Jehnt R. Raw:id, at his .nl ,et.urv, lnarkerates,el.bilnhl.lltl a. 'lIee sulcribersa lea the wcleales orneti .Lo title letii tnate, asl will sell by the Cirun, at Iplbia prices. 1' lIe had at retril aluo,ut Alrcehccari a in the city. JAILVIS & ANDREWS, Wholesale rIteogiiate, cor Coutteai &, Tlchopitenlat s '.IARBL1: CHIMNEY PIECE WIatinouesI CCustomhaouse street, ppapot the poa.olmlee. The sulsorieres are onw receiving from their rnej terise ill hNw York, cnd will keep constantly oi halnd a general nasortloent ,f Moarhl Mantle Pieces ofsuplerier worktoanshiat, and of the latest patterns,. madiu of the beoat Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American marbleo. Alun, lMotanoumnt, Tulohs and Grcve Stones, moulded oand plaini aill and lintels. marble laeings, lheartlhs and boundary astone, plaste of Paris, Ronoan & iydrauli Cotmant nad Plaster. ( g Itir, togethler with a splendid assaortment l b ass tinttnlle end plain Oractes snd Rooia Iron tates of tisa newest and mnot approved patterns. Ltteritlng dons in the neatest manner and at the .rt(tt notice. They hiave firast rate workmen to a" nn,ýu work. tAi ' A aIN & S'ROUD. - - - --------- t LIDIELL'S NEW WORK,&e.--Tlhe Aterican i SEugland, by the authorof "A Yoear in Spain," in Noble D)eedsof WVontcn, in 2 sole. Th'Ie Young Wife's Book, a manual o moral ell eas und dicntir.dutias. : Jut.reeeiee'I and abrade by WVlM. M'KEAN, £ )hI1i' Medical iBo,ks--Loui.a n Phlhisn; do. on J bluhcdlettibgla no- aupplyv.m 'd by fe4 A 'TOll ,;49 Cnam

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