Newspaper of True American, June 4, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 4, 1839 Page 2
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MONEY MlUKET, &e. C . Ctry, .5tnday Ereaing, 'une 3. rThi newsl toln Lver pol hlts 1--o liht Inl.l teo etlriuu lqlceelaen atlm the fulturerlcl nitieSlel! he lrl loll tnar ket. .otlhinK test ll.lttn t-tino. ThP tdeecri diin otf tranttOn t t nl Cn io n. O fly N. A.itht ma elu 'tT4etn or.t,!md Shtw do ,t n teet liae or ders vet tnfilted. 'rh+ North tlabtnema are very inferiur, thJ diflie nt ilnsaiti anttln heatin. in r-anit one degre: lower than wlt t they are styIled. I hadlr l these circumstance,. prudent mln wrlltglt ituEh at tie pre.srit etttrtnc. T'w"' 'arion Isndinnst U nn lhe iestllt ~f tile seaeo i re % neo niliettnn. Even it the ie t'of tile eniculeta LQtatiant.Verita., tsher are dealers who tblievet that cot. ten mUet riMe in Einglnal here itt e new crop haIll be nn hto ge frwrdtnl l that nth rl gt rotin t c e wnill be light. If tie lnar and tie dlr anould nn y uonte tro bre:t It tile eslhjire of cotton errnee a.e, they coulds easily nitl their loneitude, but it ourid tern,, ltiony pre Tergrspino in ie lark snllt gterines it the ioue. O(ul r own belirfin still, tllt tile crop ill be grently short fald thatcotttll itest rise We hear tllat then faetor ill, in most instaners, he entnpelled to ship tie N. Altnhact stp 'flenrt. te dots Itnst in centeqtlerltt , the light d,'mted fur thetm. The t.onef t itrkhnt is wjitloutl thanset . wOtitttl tthe :Clmitl pitetSt are trting to stl utt an exctement egaisat the htnks, hetottue hery d not comtiet wCilit the law of arcrh |36, in e ms'il, their motlhl ey y xbits. The only way to quiet there trtmhlerr is ther toie ha It, to imitat ile t example t af t', Ci izntt's Ibank. tthey can all show qtite as good a irtrl na tile Toliouse 1tn1let eoncerll. Toe Vickstlnrg pipers arv htra IRmtent M, I. Whitney frosmenterittg slpln the ,lischnre of ithe fttutiontu on rlatted by tlhe stoekhtnl.lrR. The iltison itCntn tt rt Indon, tht e Gslerndn, end Pearl Rtisr hank, in iiosisoippi are siit eliredtl to be luttrly insolvent. No'r te tltnesr .l ill ithIt tlrdiea meut. TheVun Inuren prlntao fe ttyi n to sllrow fil tltt bhame upon tho whige, Ilu tit +ill ntl td. h'le -tiheieippilf'utdtrrstatd.ltdn ry welli oin is il fautt. TheVan ilnren motan are site tietf fwndnCra of these o.nceer anti the iecl;ltort in their. iulijnined in o oltt eitil priter eentnllsiti lret s he •,Vice Consll of Mexinin ittis et it, Te l eCOnertn eon lletsd toIn preserv ite tiletoler of t peoplt wiho tan do the hidditg ofla Sattt Anna is trelv lnuhutt ble. a By d.Cree eof tihe tSume Go.ernsn et of t tleaie,. thS1 nrrit.l.s fisrmertly prolhittitet hyb tne rit will he gain admhitredtr in tie olrt Iof tlstltoras, with thC ea eeltlu of the following: ]t. Meteal butlun5 on weich ar rengraard oseither iide the tlititoal rtts ttr thit-e o Spnitn. 2td. Otttctne ttints, rnintt te,, ttie tirtt s t r figtree, and in general aln, nwlk nf ait vlhith nntv bh obscete or imltere'. 3d. All hinkslnttn manuscripte prohitited by colt ptesnttathl ity. 4th, All monln:'on.ofivnr. Thisordinane is C r t,;ioininl ,.;,h tine ro'inion thn all tr mlnh i.d m l-i.:let, hicn h s il-t e t it , I -,, ofthis act mav hour, Itn bboprd flr lilt: a',evre port of Nilntnorast lliil, . Oiln the.r arrivun I ay their drties in sash."' Ithn to'el snlntt of Slatnt t Ilinll-ni it'd lv 'l'en. essaee fir IlltiTenIl IinprovnmIntt t i $.1 0,11. l. Choarletn, May ...... 2, I WV.h.tlin. .av ... 23 II not I , , , , IrI. N.oo ,,irk no ........ 4 .:.3 u 1;y ....... 43 PntC.iitlpl.n dr, ..........231 Illtli.;nl e do. ......... 4 alrpl lre l do .... ........:3. , ous. d.. .. 3 1. t~ lrqu.'. ido ......... o.. 2 ' I l'vGr, ,n. Ar ........ 'c4 Ro1.1 oxl (7ex.. May .... 2t 1'lný Apri . .......... ..I Huttoll. do .. .. . .... I6 'I d..ndo lnl r . ......... 1!I NPella ~lll do ...........25 Itlyre .............. 18 CLEARANCES. June 3d. 1639. Ir S hlp 8 ill de Bordeau , Perrault fur Ila1, e. . GGalldy n s co I lrque Petit hSuzann, . Iguarenne, for 2orda ux, H Me Cat, DrSamt, , JFLngt ..on . ars, fors B ,na, ordeau, I' Lou.i ARP.RIVALS. Oa.e 9, 1839 . .Tw hoot ,ion. iRildl, f ,otn the p 73sn4, ha ing towed to rSTO hiN..Pdem, ibrqi e Chief. retured , o t, oily w1it25 . hipr S J be. LelT rhe 11TO r on P nd lst, at. Iola. l.eports nomeIg APALACH ICO, d ll 1 i 9 ii ll riverI Taw boat TiLer,, row. froll tihe pa~eea, hanvng towed to 1, lle d I,"o 'I4' ly 'I .oc dIl-t l ao'd t'illhlll7 ti, reU9r,,Ed to the .ity wilh .Phr tam zoo. Lel le on tile end. Nothi Ng new Tow hont Porpoise. Dnvis, fron to lasses. laving towed kf ale Ini g leL.ola llnd 111't3Y Al,,, n t io I yr ll9rriet, roeturned to the clty with Irins (,iold Hlop, anld Sour Ilou-t,+1n tlo do Wl~ I,, h. lelllk rnl d to tie city witth k, r i aril J E5tl, and Kl7ot r... f. riho t iar 2,d, Yi o',clock. RIeolt. aothine in lehll ihn tie fl ing. 4rilr,Sne Huaoton. N h l uim ,Ir, trm Iaitaorda,, In 112,. AWm lrya.' Srip Gud Ilop. s, . ENI, ul. om ord, to Mca:hardaJ Ataell, Iloleye5days fio New Tori, to tho L: elr KNilollecs Filsr, from A pnlnc. till,l r ' Cllr A emazn Kll, Rfi S (:A;Nll e, to m astIr Ship Et Juolt, IHit, hcock, 14 dany, Irom Now York, toJ B Stumer Rmnnp rt, (rlvlot, fn Cincilnnli t mm1er -la , vill., Irwin., i n, i gnlith jndg Btramar Prairie, t eli~h+ fr .ot [+o+2. and Alton dLtLer alMonnl, Fllerlle ., Afr oln P idlc., l IUAVRE..PPl gbip Ville ld n-'deaux.. Cargo 1;705 bal.col. t11 41Wors'. m f Sho Bill BORDEAUX..Per r 1.rlp Za,. nl t .., ar S IrlhW lrs olo FOR LIVEUI'OOL. hls whiskey l ............. Ir ',urq,'g M, ig Crdtoe..Cir o 5;34 pip' aids h F,,'. ,r.Is otit.d COiTO1y.. Pr l ri f V72A,..I nl. : I9 a park 125m hi9 s flu r O 1318 L cXks corn.:8th CUI saCke rroot ........ ..... ...... . Pr lllTr Sple. dlds.. i'.rco'.'III (211 0t 119 A com 511 kegs la d `25 i, butte r 25 halo. rope AL.E.TON. ' erhr C~n.t--CaabrA o Ib-s p'.eof 8 bit wh2iFky 6 d, flllOr 6I1,o bl end 1 do i ug. r IALIVESTON. Per L&hr Am .zn..In banllast. NEW YOKK..Pcr rhlI) St J,,hn..Uargo, 'asnrtedI merchla di-eCo Vlln U-lneA o p............. Per I .kaiJ 2'iell..Ciri 2l0 lonsgon it, stones t,2d II olnollllipll pT l'y '.'.'. , Ku ll'es,..:u boil,' Ioh fioh to mater ATAGle RDA. P,,roahr Si m i ballast to\Vm r '-y li •.- ...... ... I',r brig Gllod Ilope..70 boles cotton to order RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE . it Loni. and Alton..Per slealnr Prarie--Carao 6r hBds In bhaen Lambeth &i Tbllnpspaln 34 do J H H| ilt,,ll 5 dit, J A Merle Wl cn 3 do ad 47:10 pigs lead ('.lfrv 1.a1llie & Small 1i b-i lald'J2bls pork 211do beef E It V lV'lisums 6 k',, lard 10 do butter A l',ilr 5 bin cslor oil M~oorn .l ( larke 1141 aseks corn 33dom.ts 10doand i lsyeo 77i Isprk 2- hes Inrd tnd 6 bd, baeoo RIt 11 81cGi1 10) sacks corn 2O kegs butte.r 7 do Ilrd 4 calf do lard 15111, piLe. Unlt 1i2 sack1 corn and IU cnases ier iballmal J (V M uckle Paduc8b..Per +Leamar Monarrh..Cargo g96 holes ctaton, PN t J Dick a co Cniunnti..Per atenner llouaprrle-Careo 2.10 bll done'u Gen 1l)orey ·I cask 6,o1 J leI. 41 .-( Ao 4 6 or4 hooa A n P Pul 6U 1,l, pult k 5 Rasks IUttr 4 D Gove 182 z.llks coru Prel sOltJones a col fIls 7hlids tobacco Taeo a Iloplkins ChdsdoLJamiwtb v 'rl,,mpson i box books \V W Curlews sundry fin and be owners on board Smithlandl.. Pe, rte:-.r Clal ksvi'le..Cargn "1 bides r i1tto, Friarsoll. Dale ,' o,,dS lids Yeatmuell a c:. II do Tat. a i lll bxl Ilarc2ll hall w Imena l Ro" 7 1,d. tubas..uldl Dick.+ d2b N J1 J I, k 47 1o A L Addison 11II d. addox. Pollard a to 9 do A Il Waullace s co 2 rdo J Vairen a co 2 do APrier PA8SENGERS Per steamer Prnris..J W Morkle slll Led v, 0 it P Fu.glrt. Whltehead, A Meurdor, Cl L.ourry, J Anee, S Ji,.ls. IV Willi am. P.rsiasmar Mnnareb.. AteFors Itry ,t, C'olins, 17,i9te, flePn ornlay. Bryaa, Vahkerker, 10alld'aw Whnlu, Cao=y, Frauklfo, MIEMORA NDA P, -hl left SI Lula on 2thL nit. It port ,t+lnmr , r G" Cnf Iler, St I.oui..Cr,~vwan. Uuited tatstes Madlaou, and I.,ttle Red, boull ior, NOleanl Uitoiiri river rishlie feet. 12 feet nfa rit, nt St LmOlir 11,p. Per Mhoti.sipllnan Illinllois flline. On the 29gth slw all,,at iII rhult. 4,pplp. ollv blowl up It.purt'lt t 1 lpiplsi bvth. 'earner C(8u1r1 to t, b the IBuckeye, filr I.iuisvdlle. Thero befhog I ..ignal Made. sad the water in the Minte hei11, loo low for ilhs 1,ratio to rnol d ll,. dill Inot ela n the +,articol ,re+ Af ter unIung ronllldto thle fit oftllbhole It was oilSo:r ltalne the h1r hodel declk and e,,l, l, of lie irly i. the wheel kollle+ ..l. blo01 n av. A 6m1,ll-boat alongl. 01,m Rfnlol olph ofr - fordtny %.i tc,,. huo t her I .l, rr 1l, the 2' th al:., for Wallt lf Wala, the Loiln, s. 9,."0',, f" orellm11e ento,, ," If 5.mate rda bar. .u or. IhU I-. the boihr dlok wlt~ rlrr ed oawy TIME A:t*BBIEI£11 Ali O IFFIi. ,11 eonnecrion whth this t)!fice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Fuapldet . 81xl1?, catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Roce1pts, Legal Notices Auctian Bills, 8In1 Forms, Show Sils Steam Boat Bis I irclarrs Aid every descripltna ofJob work nt I miy b4'ell eir d. FOR UIVERPOGI,. The A I superior and very9 fast siling rhip JOHN P Chnae, Ibaying purl nf her carg, engaged will receive itlme ,oat. despatch. Far lbtlnnre foffreigbt ar passage, having handsome uceommodations apply to J4 I. H GAI.E, 93 Common Ft FOR LIVERPtIOOL. Passaie Only. The A 1 splendid nnd v,,ey fast sailing'shi ,1VGIPPtt NIL, Capt J)avenpo, t. Itvae tihe whole ifhe, cargo rn-aged will have imme (:.ate despatch. For plasnge Onlyv spplys t, J3 1. II G LE, 93Cl:ommnn Ft FOR ALEX4NI)IRlA NA-T - 'I5.'ýýJJ 8HREVESP,/ 'r, FUI.TON, a JONESIIOIO(. The splendid steaMr S()U'OUH A +1,.4 BA.HA. H BickerrrlaW nester, . . t',lI eave fui r the saove And ialernm., dimae lanti,,g., on Wednes+dav 5th instanl, at 4 o'cloek, P. AI, For eight or parsnte, , uvin_ el,leardid aecum mcdatoin., Apply all I.+ard opposite Custatm Hnu~e or J3 T H LEr. d Co, 43 New Levee I.OCKE & (', Ihava j.ustrcoeivada snppfy sinew and improvedI ,.alking ·tr,vr. suitall" filr Seam oea atnd boardng nruaos, of llte f.,llowing patterns Pittalhbrg sheet ir.n, 10 boilers each, suitable to ek tar . l5 .+ rsul=. '.olman's I.ouiivil!e rattern,, said to be the best ar i latnlld for onlmlll llf,:to. (lelllm'. patellnt stsl kh8eams. Wilaun's do 1,o F6 ,1r1. . tiee. S111i I' Ui. AM t.i ll~. N. .AITTreI1UL AND BOLD. Ofttcial .Journaol aof t -e 218 1unitipalitt. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-WVeekly & WeVekly. .4 :~ '1. ) iR iEA N, TUESDAY, JUNE. 4, 1839. Louisiana Defaulters.-Compnared with the stan dard of l:onesty in rther sections of the country, that of Louisianastauds at a high point, when we neatsure it by the reported defalcations of public olffcere. While almost every other state can hnast of its tell, or twenty derlllters for hundreds of thou~ands, our owl state is on the published record of the Secretary of the Treas ury for on'y four. They are Nathnniel Cox, N. Orleans, $4,160 56 J. J. Mcl.nnahan, do. 583 99 Pa is Childress,Greeaeburag, 1t,419 71i J. L. Daniel, Opelunose, • 7,2811 6:1 $2'4,4.7 91 Tihere may be and doubtless tre heavy defaultters now in oflice, whosoe dark deeds have not yet reached the light of day, sunpicion is not very particular in her indicntion,e wlee leathe matter to time and to in vestigatinu rountmittre to he diicloeed. So for, we have caus e t gratified that I.ouinian has nt been emade the bear garden wa hre dishonest flice ihrlders trnder the corrupt administration of Jnckrso and Var Buren barn scrambled for their share of the public plndrir.- It is true, that the land ailes of this state have not borne any enro parimnn with thrae of othere around usando tie North wrst, and tile smallness of ihe game many have been a reason why there has not been more humbug.- Be this, as it may, our four pub'ilsedr defaulters are as a drop in the great bucket of spoilatinn of tlie publie mneies. ri\Vhethrr the customs have ernrped the. hand of the spoiler, is a question, that time will settle. Our own opinion is, rl.a if all the states could boast of as many honels officers as Louisrana, there would have been little work for the invrietienliag cormmittee. htill we dar not doubt but that hidden thiugs even ill NewI Orleans are yet tfi be brought to light. In tire corren,indencn of thre Department with Mr. Daniel, a w.nt 1f1 ipunctrttity in the returrrs and the I non-deposit rftlr e plbic mi nies in the roffiee of die rorunlt and deprr site of the Union Bank of Lmliianna at V,.,rniilionville, were thie prieip-il rchaiOse aneaint this ree,.e or. : r. Daniel exculpated hiriself in regard to a lhe depositre fi the nnniian by hnowing from aflidavits 4 that nt',e Ctsllier of the U. Bank at Vermillionville would Snot ncept hir payments unless they were in ,nld or Svilvler. It turns rrnr that this Cashier, Mr. Derbignr, nwa flrced to resign il consequence of Ilis conduct in relatirn to this and ilrthrh siness. Suit was. hoiwever, ord red against Mr. Daniel for $7,280 13 Augdst 8th 1838. Paris Childrens tthe receiver at St. Helenn, l.ouisiann, omitted to make his returns a. early ano April i814.- o ieing reprimanded tIr this neglrct by Levi W'oodbury, his excuse fwas that there was no reeister, and that no is business was dune. In February 1835 Mr. Woodb.l ry Swrote to him, disnllowirng the preeire of permntting en. r tries and issuing certificates of plrchelr , without the payment of the purehnse money, at thle time of entry. Aeasin in February 1 83:, the depatrrnent norified him of neglect in sending nn his retrrns and threntened to ro P port him to the President.\ In Mearceh, same year, Mlr. S'hildress sent on his accnunt current and informed lr. SWnodblurr that he should have uo further cause tloecnr . plain of. But to show what a feeling pervaded tlhe whole army of orffire holders,we need orly refer to the langlage of Mr. C's letter. lie nays : " I li,.e others aol able to make mistakes andrl neglect my duty, but 1 rI believe, seldom1, in comrparison wilth therl." e What a to loose yrtmnl of morals rdoes party rule engender ! Mr. t W. ahin indsr fault with \fI. r. .for not residing at tho land office. In February 1838 Mr. Chihdress traorsmit Sted his account current with tile Treasurer of the U. S. tto Mr. Woodbury, and ?hder his resignation " being no longer wonrthof tile trust." tIe rercommends RIr. T. N. Baylies as the most worthy to succeed him. from ; tire host of arlieants. Wha'lit t~sa that induced .lr. C. to any to the Secretary of the Treea=ury, he was no longer worthy ofthie trust. is still a secret. IHis resig. nntion was accepted, and he was ordered March 19th 1838 to deposite the alancee in his hands in the Union itank nf Lou.sianaito the special credit of Ihe Treeurer of the United Stat~e. Ten days after that order r uit Swans inltitute, aagnieat Mr. Childlreen fr $1i2,449 76. ci Iftheee suitme ahrllid tarr olt ttr have turned tolt (fior we halve n rt acerrnined) that of anuriee Cannon'n, r i Lonuiinna will inav escape ! in the still more extraordin Sely manner frne n tlhe erlrn ofemhezzlement of the pub. ' lie .o is,. 'We inllend to prlseeo tle orr inquiries ilnto Is, and frmln time to trllle, ibring to light the corruptionsr. rftIrr artorinistraltin in our wn statre. We have our eye uror, cerlain rumored defrelations, which, ern,. lo , arbni he exlrosed. Virginia Elections.--TI '1 lhigs have carried pona. Ilively il the iu nttse of Delegat-s the folltwiln caunl ties. Richmond city 1-i-Henrino I-Fauqeier 2-Spott eylvauia 1-Nrliolk --Petrerbura g I-Norfolk county 2 --Elizabeth city and Warwick 1-Princess Ann I Nennaemond 1-in all 1". In the Senate, we have elec. ted L.yons ftoe the ticitnhmond district. The tmmbers of C(ongress stands thus, where full returnas re had. Noriolk district, V. Baou-en,; Winhesll ter district, V. Buren; John Rnndolph's old district, Whig; Albemarle district, conservative; Fredericks burgh district, V. Buren. The Whigs have sained one amember of Congresn, roma J. Iiandolph's old district. In the Ilouse of del, fegatep. we stand where we where.. Pennrsyb!ania.-The anti-masonic convention pled ged to .noupplrt Harrison for ith I.iPridency and Web star for the Vice Presidency lately met at IInrrisbnrg. Thaddente Stevens is a member. A eomlniterre teas apolir te.l teo aorn an electoral ticket for the state. The resuhltof it labinores ha not yea reached us. While the mad uaties o thlli porttion f the onplosition are thrent dning to throw tlh brand of dicord intonour ranks in that lttle, int!ligence from sevtarn of tie Plronrg 'nn rll~ell dittriertl*a presenta Ith caatl e of Cthty to he gainlin gIrounlld. Ieleate fioml every distriat will Ine sent to the convotinon of 1839. 11 htllr the scns can ever be hrlnuht to vote for Cliy in doubtftili even if I lnarison withdraws, they will tlike up i some one olen, or rush into the arms ofe Van inren. aur only hopes for Pennl ylvaeia nle n rest iupon the nlats of ite i)emnuracuy that ore Van Burenl, for they lay be chun. god. The Execution.--Yesterday between iS and II o' clock A. 1. the munrderer linanrtll WoE exeuted. 'rhenourttnleoncouren nt mean and w.tmn was pl'rent on tile IIn apprehenlllina that Falio nattnempt miiht liehnade made to resenll the crininal theil polite of lthe three mnictipaliltie was ortered onlt. Bonlnctu'a can duct t naa such as might be expected firoam so htar dened a wr tn'h Giulph Rail Roand.-A reentlnr "blow up " has ta kell tlan-n lcetween lri. V:naurignud, nuptrintendnht of the 'work-and tir Janian,ithe president of all eornt of hnnrd thing , ani tia tie hia tla reignd. If one half of mhat 1 r. Vanurinaud says, be true, M r. Janin must he a " fanny fc iniw." Pub'ie ldealh.--The obstinacy w'ith w hich the Cre nis Iadh re to tnieir ailllcustoms,reven wheno they come in direct contliel with tihe public interests, is ertainly a marked trait in theireharacter, not vter favorable to ite development ofn ocial liberty and anppliness. It has been proponed in the first tMunicipality to stop fur her burying in the cemeteries tfhat lie in thel vicinity f a growing putt of the town. Oh, no, that woull be sa crilege of the highest order. But by dint of perseer i ance, the few public spirited men anuangt them did get al ordinonce pas sed, preventing inlterlllents unless tihe tombs were in a condition in the grave yards allnded to, forthe reception of bodliee. Now, why thins attachment to the tomb fathelirnneestnre, when these very pers-tns whotn ject to their remoaal actually permit the vaults to fall into decay, exposing their sacred c,,ntentns to the gaze of the anril us n Winy do they not manifest their love for the dead by building up ihe tombs on as to prevent theln being nuisances ? Were this done we m ght excuse the obstinacy with which they rensit the remnval of these grave yards. lie consistent, but if you cannot, for the sake of the pnlic health, hani-ih tie.r burying grounds from out of the heart of your 31ulcipality. Port Gibson Barnt-News was received yesterday, that a fire had broken out in Port Gibson, aMi.sitippi. and totally consumed all rhe houses in the villageii , in cluiuag every pulic buildinag. We sincearely hope the destruction has been magnified and wait with rome.solicitude for more autheactic information from Grand Gulf. Dr. Sherwood used wp.-A. W. Perguon eam ploved in Dr. Hussler'r carps of coast Surveyors has written a paper, in which he demo-l.hes Dr. 1.eruwo ml' theory of tanesatism, and the calculation of the lorgi tude Lyhi, magnetrc ring. W aee hae Dr. Sherwodl's latt paper on the subject .nd shall rend.vour to conm. pere the twno so a to see it the discoverer of the line of ( no variation can possibly escape fromthis dileamm. From present itlpressioan, we fear, that lMr. Fergutson has utterly put an end to nor hopes of 8herwood's the ory bing right. r MIore Stetamboat E-xplosions.-The BuI.kce hence a for .ouisville was discovered a few days since by the Prairie lying in the chute near island No. 34 in the Mis- g aiasippi, in a wrecke! condition. She showed no sin " pnla of distress. On enaing roundl the foot of the isl and, it was dicovered tllat her boilers had hursted swee ping away a portiontof her deck. The Bnekeye was crowded with pasaenters when she left here. A sail boat was along side giving assistnnce. The Prairie would hove gone thro' the chute but for the shallown ness of the water. The I'ontehartrain, an old tow boat, bought in this city a few anga, by the Mexican federal party, burst her boilers within 6 miles of illatagoria bar. She is a per fett wreck. ho lives were lost. Thus we go ont, eodngering thi. lives of hundreds by careesscness in tile nmanagemnt of stteamers, by defec.. tive engines, hy forcing th.e boiler to hear beyond their power,and by a total disregard to consequences. We hear, that the destruction of lift has beeC great on tih luckeye, as she is a small boat, and more easily swept by tile steam. P. S.--'"lhe steamer I!olnpartr has come in since the above was writte. The BIuckeye wans wooding at No. 34 on the nightol the 29th of t1ay, and about eleven t'clokh, thu ex;doliol took place. ier boilers were blown overboard. One of tthem tell oin the bank of the river. Six per(ol(Hs were killed. Late from ( anton.--The barque Trenton trivedl at New York, the 26 b of May, hrings dates from Canton to tile t9th Janlury. The governor continues to pre. vant the opium trade witl all possible sevrity. lle marches through the city with iron collars onl their necks, all the lae offenders against the edicts, fill 300 in uninoer. Many of these persons are well descended. Boars had beon sent to Ilong-Ikong to drive away the ships there stationed. A warm dispute had been going on between ilt Iloppo clief and tile Hlong nmerchants, eowing to the desire of the former to nlaks a lHong of a man whob was largly in debt. The trade was going on hriskly,chops fr lading and unlading tihe vessels have been freely granttd. Rusesia.--Letters received in New York of the 9th April from St. PI'tlersnrgh nunounce that tile Emperor wa ) qlite inl war fever. lie was about to deport ftr Rieav to review the army ofthe cotltfand place it under i tahe command of Paskevilch. Gteneral Witt was char e ged with orders to negotiate with Metternieh to break Slthe peace between Eagland and Austria, in ecase Eng. land pushed her wars in Ith East, offering to Austria as dah boon the right to Ser ia, Bosnia, and the provinces east of Ilungary. This intelligence conflicts with tile apology made by Russia to England fr her courseo in n tilh east. BUt no one can fathom tihe policy of Nicho S The dlfiuhlties bletween France and Mexien hascer, ated a prejtdiee tinlrt Ithnt government which cannot a, beratltcaod.-Nh. 0 Bultletin. - Against what government \ e. agi say evto Te.x . e ' rPlPred for wnart-organ. to ize and tltert. your ttililtin.--N 0. Butlletin. Y Bllt te say to Texas, prepare allarmy of50,000 men, canrry tile war into thie enemies country and plant your to "single star flan" on the wall of Mlexico. 'Then, and the, oly can you have peace, and command the rot. pect le otler nations. cRed Ri'err--'This river w ts rising at the last datee. At Little Iock. the rise was eight feet. Tht Gtrand river ,. and the r lin lArkanlasre ll.. IHernando.-This newc town, the seat of justice of de StlSohu county. Miasisaippi, ie grotitng rapidly. It is yet " in the wood-," but the highest anticipations of its tuf tore g.catness are nternieled by ti e sanguine. eMr. lIthihtey.-- This gentleman has arrived at Vicks. Sburg to, tellne tile dltites of President of the Comnller. t cial anll Rail rand Oank. Ifhe cane raise this concern Sto an hone:t level he will do well. SCeleste--This accomplished artiste is at St. Louis playing as usual to overtflwing houses. Th discern tingpublic of that city are not so poor that they cannot find wherewithal to ratify thlir tastea when real artists -come among ithnm. l'hley are proverbial for theirgeno rosihy. The remarks of the Picyune on tohis subjectL yecterday,.re a libel upoen the people of St. Louis, for Ihe papl:a of that city do not say what that etprint as;o' bat tnt,, n. Our Table.-'hlh Poetic i reath containine pnassa gee frmu all the I poutsl from Chancer to Vor:Isworth, nlplha!etically arranged is a valunbtl cmnpenl and the very thing for thieo who love iqotations,-for those whose whole soul is wrapped up in beautiful extracts \e oadvise ,II snchf to get acopy of E. Johns & Co. Oui Reodin. Rtoon.-W-\e hlav received all our for eig'i paper, lleriodicule up to the 24th rf April. Th'ly are on file for the use of our nsubcribers. S.ena Boat Lar--l'Thre seems tobe a dctl:;mina. lion al,road in tluow oef the fetters imposed by law as fir is pillsible. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. Recoeden's Court--'olice epuort. J1net 2dt. Rie'd. Mouner, loafer, discllharged. ic'd. Pere,, dAinok, do. \\. lt)tlon, arrested at request o Mir. liinlefo thu Vert ntldah, diantilrbig gelce, dislchnied.l. EIen Ogden, drlnk, dicllnrged if. lieleo, ani liting Capt. Lant beel, butind to ki oep the peacet in fp5011. NOVEL BATTLE. OLD SeU KY ( IREY u et. I never shall flrget anbattle that took place in the barn yard, when I was u buy, betwee n a largP andd lotk itg rat unt ily?. favorite Sinky, a hlen off nl k color and Ihigh to pknot, whon ever ince I .ould rememb er, wai tie first tmy nttiihe's flonck ffo itS, dint icanme l'm her lenet in the spring with her dozen littlechicks. The lnwks never dared assail her, for whenever they didtihe got l'owlaniid br ni, liver. On the present ueeasiolm, i it w on thosel glhriunls da in bny, that to e llenjoyed you i ust live i n le Iliidle states. The snhrd passed his meridian, the workman hadjust fIte lei I't [ it- llnner'e, all hie dn were taking theit rest, and Invl lie 1 itn ill' it, Ille hnen to l enii lu'ly with my bro; After faliguing ourselyes sulieie v, we three thlew our.elhenl the trrt tlhaet In' nile up ill a gillery silow. The cllllrping of oll 'uky nttrateitd eIa ateni onlltlnlt. Silti LIIe. 'lnli" y e n-nl srtcgueeling away [ihes owarl d rlloier thihngsa 11e lay oa the tlrooa, Io I et atI ti e in, es I or iherl little nles. Tihe 'hicks. t tilung wit llj, iin t lthe freshly -cratihted grouni , at i tngtl l . ti tilllln their t I otlier, f ath I it d le n et, then. ontill tfr. n Il.uill i" ilv" woue h thelreu ieon look at ie tole l rf s ii ich a kn.- ini euVie, l tuch i, to iuty-'e fouii llfiin n it IreIure tilelev childroea I th ,tour o, rt'ftl minutes huky hall cleared a lrlce spac, Ihby hetr ihd t-try. When hinhuinenahi, she fell pen hie re lr;a lid hlin to iile a e na tole eith hlr t laat it o rl.m dlngl i, earth in eelerv nlirngetanw. TIll: cn ,:e tle flap eping o t .e WiiSn, ere.ton ,if the frethire, and the all. jillien onl Iimihlin, as ut were h ien Inht esh e·it r, 'hel ilmices illowedli her Ip I eni rito, wai it, to see tiei it it few euueinltiolll hlinui ued I ii thie lit tdf t ellii ere, a Vlg y hetlarld ol clger of a rot ldet ia s laranitie Itn te ed'te of the rilg frinl deathl, nayn, sea11 , redl tle ehicuis fnn Illiht side te ill ring, alr neingld fuky. r In an instaint ahe osie, slnk tin e he e : 1uitn. hitieeg, . teeug,+ 'lu ie blell Tin!" [l; intoe ' fitre of her enmlle . OlI Sky was boat~led with el pair ofn" llunl l wlellrt y tun fnrealed hln nrs Estee Ienel-, i w I11h ni eomthe made Ier ent ck, tie rat sq'ln.l id i tlehlr tllalrnei tol teie tfue flo e r nain lll Ilne n ti rli hiei nlea now Ileeding proetfisll, wit Ills fore II Il. Xrinlter Ilie to ltked oau, and 11hI sig l euntnnud hatl, tn eunl ti he et tile increase. We forthweith namlld the raut G,iyTl' olt U. lile, we be grin to het upnutl lte isuie." tile tourn rouund the rine, tno catch, if tiioill'e,luin+ oa tie chliek, nd wait a IuItcai of thle tail, le mn e -rl t o rhu b on u tletl t nold.t <of lhe flock, buat o d ,u kv lt. nulle. InIt menl he r pIIntrs tlook the rlut nnederah.h hlemleti l iiie ti; l)ia1Sgat howl ind hihmed ofl to reptlr dnullloee. In t e ltllen time .SPke hbd gILh,,red her .ntuhg one in IIte rear, and nlThmaileine a dignified po elhit in tihe eentre illf 'im hbnllle gnlcnil. (eroy Toim vrteirl 11 nIlt ealii afnei itt eliellts nlll d ioe t ul.y will, r.on+ d hobtas i to ie tilprudeiie of ,hthli. atall tk. lie tulhd eOtl his neck al eeXnllteind carefully the grondl. S.eiv eltuelked ldefane. T'em got ngllyd., his llper lip trembled lteadnt Itelied, his nmusneaiios mloaed in every dlirection nd na lw qaeal of vfengenillle w88a leutlrd. The cnllbatnntn mtanoevred hit a while, Buky keepini her Ittlltil. ehTr ig h tei her reliar. nnd ie little nue mnullntleng lh huhtleSt leel in Ihaddling llote il [bhir llmher0 " ly horse aeainnt yours, en old Suky," cried 1 to my vounger riilrtr. " I)ne," said ihe. " ny lip aglillsl vtur gun, that Grey Tean eatchee one n hed iclickense banuaered my encil brtotleer. Hardly had I spoken, when the rat rushed upon Saky awith his heandu low on the glound, etiletlv with the i IT of passa no |lttweell her legsa etd atnthikng ie rear. 'lie .lth.ek sneerln to see Iis lj.eCtanad in ll insltant 1then hld dint i ln'ed amongthe nurrollndiag steaw. ellSukv S uh eahe asign iar ti it- ipetion lit .Y a pCU ier ehlukle, and to prevent thlis nnaniuvre o tlrey l'om Ienl p frnim thegtround, an td irnhn, gave hin a r-a. h.i'tg o ii tile rear. GreyC Toi keelee oiver, qiverhed na mu -"di ;tn darknlan enleie icrossa hi- eyet. efaky's spar ,lhu - ..:raled (Grey Tomii'e abdomen betweell hi. :ind le le. cd inttlced aldeudlv wota d it thie instati lhat thie Iad been dier, Sktun tael pluenged lier bilt (it a t, Io e Attaline ordner nd arder ihatin flInt I intoan th akuhlll lit p tlr' m. Silky lepted her wiigts,'tlhrewt ti her tail, roined her topknllit erect and lathal e crow, PI, en a a lien arnw, for very joy. The next chuckel loanened hler little ones inro.nd her, end when she lillh~led iIt all sale, elieeave the h ig. nandl hovered ,te1r tie t hole flaek with ire affection o a eolnquereng mOthee. Wei il e to7ed flit dl Suky., and ao delighl Oil wter llatt hilh l ;iit.t shte lad i ne, that tlea paid tiheir belt wilollnllt I'e leat regret. The text thing ton dotwts, ito rn lol na into the yartlI, take the rut to the hullstutlnd eox old Sukv long t aiih te, to relate her ,iiiitimh o our paren1tt. I t was detereiil ae t solemn hnclave thht Ile hen shnold be after l ards niled Suky the Iat-killer, even as Seipiu wa stypled Afrieaaun. Orlrctar. .lodge?-nays, thdi r flodgk4f bunrn that Jndge McKinley-shye, that Mr. Van B iHll bhe elected. NEW PIANOS FROM PARIS. 8. e11 Fubecrihers have just oereined per slipt Cht elc Lfrom ICsvre and offer ir solei a beautiflul nso.rit ment of I'innoirtes consisting in t--Pianilnos, I'indloai of Roseword, Conmruna anld rich mahogany wood. HorizontarlPianos ofthe riclrest rusewoundald m ao Semi uprieht Pianofouteado do. iDi oIserr insttrunentt o re all mrannfarcured byv the celebrated nmakers T' I' PLEVEL & Co. of Parirl, l I o tati rrt ooevee, are of a most superiur fintli n oni-e leered eXm ressly firr to Cy Messrs Ilevel & Kolirer 0e0 which fact cen lrave notlring to desire in regard to the beauty of their tone,. Tie nalartcure and professors of music are resoret felly invited to call and examinn the semi opu gh piuttos which are ertirelov new article. E JOIINS & Co, St. Charles st, J4 opposite the Verandah & Exchange hotel F LOUR.-.- 1t bllr landing from troenb oot Bont J' parte for sale by G. DORSFEY. J14 41 New Levee. )OIK--250 Ifrls M prime, 1' O & s.rtllns at the .1? inspection for sale ry S .14 Z DORSEY, 44 New Leree AI l)- 7bO kegs supsrinrle iInrr liaraEntrre ho . 41JI f. I)OISEY. 41 Nerl.ev. J T7ENTUCK Y, rrrinli ana l ndllnois snoney-$*590 I. or said descriprtion for esler Iv. J. A 'I'RIER,34 Gravierit i boat Prairie, for sale by .rr J4 A TRIER,I4 Gravierer R UlEIC LETTER PAPER-A few cases ofrolyl L letter paper ofvtari ts qralities, just received and for sale on aooetorinodlting termn by J4 A T'O\YAR,49 Coamp st Drawn Numbers of the GrrrSt..t 'l ot .,rter; Cirsr 68., 43 58 II 3 63 15 39 74 43 6 2 7 THIS -DAY, $12,000 Ilighest Prize! Ticketo only $300 GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 46, Extra. Anthnriznd by the Legislature of the State, To he Drawn This Dav, Jnai.5 1839. at 7 o'clock, P. M, at olistop' itotel Common at. S DAVIS & Co, Managers 75 Numbers--12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Scheme. 27,814 Prizes, nmnuntint to $145,798 'rickets $3 00-ilnlres $n 1 50-Qnartero 75c. Packages of 25 ticketl for $75, warranted to dranw, at least $:0; Sharrs irn proportcln For Packages or sincle Tirckte. epol J I At lanegera office'16 iClrrtress "ljAY--1CSla5leshny Innding from brig Cathlrine o1jppsite SRzette st for sale by J3 11AIL, & BIIOWN, trO Mngunzne t, TO 1MPORT.'ERSd OF A'TENT EVER oVAiT 1 { ES AND M I)VEIIENT'S. they are open to receive ordors for First Quality 1Vork, on the teet'pp esible terms. Patterns forwarded, on a respectable reference being given. api 17 II-RENCIH Playing Cards-Just received from New I. York, a full tgrce of ery asprrior double head Cards, for nale ty dozen or groee by DAVID FELT & Co, N Y Satlioners' Hall, april 3 24 Chartree st NEW PUBLICATIONS. It TI E Little Frenehman and his Water Lots, with Sother sketches of the times by G P Mlorris with otchings by Johnson. Pascal Brulna, a Sicilian story, edited by Theodore Ilook to which is appended the Atonement a story by Theodore lonk. Number 12, .Nicholas Nickleby. t rumber, 7 and 8, sketches bInRoz. Clarke on the Mulbery 'Tlree and Silk Worrm, and on thel prodr:tion and marinfcture of silk, emlbellishled with appropriate engravings-Just leeivrd anl for stle oby eo W McKlEAN, my6 nor Camrp - Common sis NOT'ICE. The officers appointed under the Council of Mui. niciparlitv No. Two, and whono snecurities have been acceptold by salid lCouncil, orire Irby notified tlhat their Ilonds are rer-lt,:red for lrgnntare, thley will Ihereloro call attlo Ciice ofllrer unoelrir.ned ilrmmetitely, with tl hir securities, and comlpletire l ome. JO. B. MARKS, Notary to the Corporation of lnlrirpality No. 'Iwo. m2:t tiffi'eC, 12 R ,nk' Arrodri . c. a, ..',ArtlC 'ir.t.l,. linrt,. ItU.At Co. SUMMER ARANGOEMENT. Conmeollcine n unlodayv, Jnhre 2. 1239. IE 11 Crrs nill lonre ohr the GIIEAT RAIIRIE, on 1 their runtes to the Bayou Tiguyue, every day in the week-as follows: Deport. IRe urn 7 1.M. I 1A. 51. 5 " 71" Exeelt Sundays, when the cars will run as fallows: Deport. Return. 6A.M. 9A.MI. I P. M. 3 P. M. 5 73j P. 3i. J3 JAMES IC. CAT..)WEI.,, I'resir, tin OFFICE, FIIE'tdiN'r INSUICANGI, COMPANY, Nerw Orleans, ova 4 1839. 1[11.E ?toekhohbirs n ro here eby nortifiel trhnt tihe . reighth InstaeInt on thllir stl;nk is rlre ren I pay i, ablein tIri sixth of Jurei 1839. troy 9 E l. TR.At", See. BUREAU f)'INSLtrANCE I).E PIOMIiPI;tlS, Ire Lat N orelle Orltavne. SES Snmrscriptrurs mnrnt iretrent que I, 8rla e in S salmetlt sti.ler nsousrilltnCll cot ol ui rt pyable enr len 6rkse do join, 18tl9. E C. TI'IA1CY, nmv9 Seoitlaire y `t '1'.\ 0tF' l.OliUI,.,AN6-Ctr-Iri:-lr Crourt tIr tire t Parisl atdllt ritev orinew Orleanrt. tPrtrret tIle lion. Churle t trrnrine J.udge. No. 11,1331, L,. A. e rwin, in H'mranlr m.lotldv, n',. r1: creditorrr ad the crrdlitors nltErroirrL. B.lirgsn llon rald ig ad trrlliling the prlilitln nid 'lrhmdtrl' ill this ct-e--It is orlered Iv tihe Cotu t, lh;,t tle reterlo: n of L. A. l:r.imr r and ofErwin 'n.l FIlr nge, id. Tr'et in olenrt Courr, rornr ltr y Ilte 17th jore Irelt 111319, then anil thcr on to how etttas, ifany t lev lravr, wiy tile I,. A. Ercin both in his plrrsonn'l cnInut,, and as as a part.'r of the firm of lErwuing & Itolings, shorrld not bedirchareed according to law . and tlhat in the inealltin r all rroceedings agninr hlis Ilrroprrt', and per sonn be otayed. I eis Irtiher ordered tlhat Frlimnore & King, Idras. Attorneyse & Counsellors at .Law, be appointed to represent tle absent creditors. By ordepr of Court. Clerk's office, Newr Orlean, Mlay 24, 18I9. to27t 'wm AlMI \ N1I) PI 'O'T, Clerk. iTAT DELA LOUISIANE-Cour de Paroiroe pour la Paroissre t n vill de io Nouvclle Or F8ans. Prhoseut I'llon. Charles M3aurian, Juge. L. A. Erwin, Itainrtnnllt d otenn, centre sea eloanciers et les crbanciers de Erwin o Ilolings. Sur lecture ot enrtogistrenrent de tl petition ot du bilano dns colts atfair, il ret ordelon6 par la Courquep leo cr6anciers de L. A. Erwin, set de rwin o lUlings, rs rounioent en p!einr Cour, le Lodli 17 Jlin prochain 1P39, pour v dubuire h s raisons, aila en r nort, leur - quelles to dit L.. A. Erwin. rant poor son elltolpe par trleolier qure coomre o.ocib do LErwioo & Iolingtoo no 0 e roit plr debhalrgb onforimeotoo aBt l [oin ; et cr n ,omo r t,-ml torltes p ,urouitr s contre ar 00 rn rnne et r+ Ilion. sool r.uaendloe.. -1 ort to plos ordonno qole 1 Al. I Elimore nold Kingsoiert lonormmtpour reporsontlr les i :duncitr abohelts. PItr or dr dTe uOr-Buieau dui Greffier, la Nouvelle Orlcos, 24 otli 1839. 27 moi otaw A. PIT.T Grirfer. NE\V OKI.IFAN rCANAL ANI) ItL\KLN(;r 1;o. 31r1l Iron Steambhort rrerecoa will lt.ave the InBiin ar the head of tol New Canal, every da, (excerpt Mondaos) for the I ake, rs follows: D)epart at 5 A. IReturn t 8 A. M. I0 A. 9r. I2} P. N 21P. A. 4 P. I. 5P.M1 " P.M. And on MONDAYS: DIepart at 10 A. r, ]Return at 121 P.11. 2 P. D. 4 1'P.M. 7i P. A1. 9 P.M. BIatAZ IERS COPPER-100 sherts 30 toi 60 inch. . 31 to 60 l b. sheets of Broziers Copper. t100l sheetr 3(0 to 1.0 in. o 10 lb. Itotinge Coppor. 511 sheets 211 tl60 do, do. do. Just reuoivled ad for sale by 8. LOCKE & (Co. moay 2 8 Front Levee L AINIA Il( )Pl--Stl0 coils, asrorltrl trsizee Moanil SRope; 5 Wlaniila oIlulorro, assoted, +ron 4 1.2 to 7 1.2. For er.le ly S. I.OCKE &. Co. May 28 8 Frent Levee I)AINT'S. 011.S n VAIRNI.I.i--500 kegs Not. i and 2 White Lead; :N11 ro'anlster I'roola Gore, Paint, grood in oil; lalk do.; I.ineerrldl Oil; perm do; PuLtt; 51) hrlt. W hiring; Cnopl and Japanned Varnish. For otal Ioy L. ILOCKE I Co. May l 28 l Front Levto a I.UUKe; , C l.. No. i Ftort I.ev'e, have in tnre a lorge and etrensie asoortorleor t o Copper tnd Tin \Vtre of their own oL lutrrocir, whicl triey r foir low iv wholesale. nlnv .' FiLOUI-- 6. btr.i ll ndnotdg roo llo lne ur Iudollph. For Esaule by G. taIOn SEY, mai'28 44 rNew Lerve A tIl) --Oio kegos Sltcrmr Leaf Lard a t the loading, Spr iat bAunt. Fur sale by G I oltSEY, may38 44 New Levee IjILNTINIG PAPEIL.--L0 roeams 4 x 31 iebhes I toldintolg from tlhi Yazoo, for rale )y rmtr a9 8 t I.ANCIIAR EI), 33 Grnvierot rl\ IIIOEE rcondod oon gtolas 8l10t.0 for....S bo . co!lators, for oale low by B1 IIRO\VErl & Co, rmao 2 _No 17 C.trmpr t N K! INK!! INK ! t--J ot rrceivedl twelver groof Svery soperior dzo Ink, pcked in one dozen boxes, for r u , thle ilozeoo or grlore. by DAVID FELT, N York Stationers' Hall, mriylt 244Clhrtrrort. ''tPEE). Pb-.LN-Jost received o tow prgorss Gillots Perrey's doullte potent aetl pens, for salehv I)N \IIr) I'ELT & Co, rno N sotutioners hail 21 Chartres st C UNNY BAGI--30,000 Gunny fir sale bv mray 14 S & J P VWHIITNEY, i5 CaOp st NAILS-400 Brston aeaortedl izer.Lfor sale by SSHAlLL & BROWN, _ 9G al asgzinrst ItoANL)Y a ING-tl h Oall and t qor casks Oroo. dy, 4 9r casks brown Sherry Winor; 36 buoxes pal do do superror quality for sale by 8 &J P WIIITNEY. 'tnorv 3 73 Camp at IN-.-weIt- Oitgaf otrne io yr casks, in store, V for sale by REEIJD & B A ISTO W, -25 7 Blank Place bray 14 0 DOlt:St.y, 41 Now borce. Ip SIV.I. ,e sold ,n Wedt!? tuy, 3d ,..,. 9 at S 'cc i ,i at the Ciy'~+Ce.tnIlJaPIle it t Lonis trttl,. ' q'wo tý'g te.l otf" Grounad, Designated on a plan drawn by Lnour qler. veyor geoen, atn fqoare nett . tqtn tc. '26 lott, numLbered ftont l to 26, which tleanl~ na1 i lows: Nos n 1., 3,4, 5, 7, 7, 0, 1,-10 los tnne rilnt each 30 feet ioot on Illront y stret,l by 105 fee ti, t lot SNo I furnoin t tlho rolllr of tallrlty nud Allll strelt and lut No 3 forningi thie corner of lncarty and Ilur del streets. + SNos 11, 1, 13-3 Iot, m.easuring ench 300 feet front ion lturdetn ntt by IttI in depth. Nos 14, 15, Ifi, I7 t, t1t, 1t20t 1, , 23-10 lota', men utring each 3l fret front on ttlmletcile l sirt et, by 015 feet in depth ; No 14 forming ile tornther of (.olnllneonia antd olrder st tleet, and jNoi t3ol.niog tloe coarlerof CoUmlmlercia iwl t ltAdhnl stteett Nos 24 ,05 ,20-3 ltot, meaouring each 30l feet frotont n Aanla street byv 15o i. Iletl t. I Oltunrr. C conitain o6 luote, numberd frolt I to 26, c whi<.h nldllrP a. nldllws.:- Nos I, ,3, 4, 5, G 7,0, 1t, to-toll toota,t.aarnttoinagach 30 fatet 'orttout ,iot..l nttaom iotl .t'et, by 10o f.e't il dettth; t-t Nio I tonmiog tht corner oof COotnrcial and lalaUtt tltlroto, itltol No, I) fortmling tIhectnrot af Coftuontnrr:ihtl& \V S'aslint. hu streels. r Nos I , 1Q, :1--3 lot, intentourino nitoh:0 feet front on VVamhinmtn t hleeot by Ito ' eet on dAfo th. i ling enth 3) ft et t ro,, t o ,l I'earl tree-t bIl t fetl ill depth Int No 14 fortmtl.otheorner oo J'e-n, l tanot Wto asoht1t: 1ilnto l stll'siten, stf Nao 22 joining thoe colnlfr of Pearl andt Ieurrlr stroets. -Nns 24, 25,20--3 lot, mltaullrillg enc - ,300 feet front on llunodtt otreet, tly 130 foto in depth; all Anieaicnau mieasure. ..n _ ~jut"! .. : 7li; i _+.i , 'PAR BACIH & CALHOUN. L SERA VENDU Moreredi In 3 Juillet, 1839, ib midi, laa Nouvelle IlBurrs, rue St. LouI" DEUX LOTS DI) TERRE situds . Carrollton, td6sgtn6d d'aprd uil plan tird par Louis lringier, Arpettcur gd6ndrale, Irs dits lots E ot C. L'ilet E cntient 2{ Ihts numumdrtlh de I 26 Irsquels oatt Irs tnesurent, tuvants : Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, intsuranlt -haent 31) pleds do fact e la re MaC.trty str 105 pieds de prollindeur, lt hot, 1 f(rrnant I'encoi. nure desrues 3lacarly et Adam, et 10 lot no. 10 for tant I'enco glntlts does rote Macarty et lltrd.,t. No. 11, 12, 13, traoi lts mesnrant chitctn 3)0 picds do face a la ruc Bard.t t r 150 deO 1ol'tn dcur. Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 00, 21, 02, 23, dix lots neesurant chacun:iO pieds do 'tca i1.t rule do CuOtlllm rce stir 10., do prouttndeur, la no. 14 ftormant I'oncuignure des rot s de Commerce at Adtt. Ns. 24, 25, 0, msnrant chae-an 30 pictis do tane i in rue Adam bur 130 do prodmndur, L ilet C contant 6 lts numers ttimt dtt u 1 a 26, lIsqurls oa1t la iesnres solvants: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mesurant chaaun 30 pli d,. ;tt ace a in rue do Comlmerce ur 105 dte prola ndtr ur, It lot no. I frmnLtnt I'etuoig. nura des rues do ('Commerce et lIVahlingtot. Non. 11, 12, 13 mesurant chalIn .t 0 plods do fahe A la run Watshington sur 150 do prof'mndelr. Ne,, 14. 15. 16, 17. 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mtnlrant bchcun 3t 1 picds doe t;'tea i la rue Pearl sur 115 do proltbdcur, le no, 14t Ibrmant I'encoignure dos rues Pear et Washington, at nl no. 22 joignant l'cttcoignure ds rues Pearl at Bur. deot. Nos. 21, 25, G1, 3 lots mesurant clalenn 30 pieds do .itte S in rue Blurdet Our 150 de deur et lo tout nteuro Americaine. Jl L A RD-480 kegs superir leaf iard, fir sale hv jet r IDi)ltSI".Y,44 New I eree Lt AN SI DtSi--150 casks uperir Cint innti cu l red, in store, fLr sale by t: DIIItSiY, june I 44 New Levee ! (UTTER-Golshen and Western, in sloe asd for IJ s;ale by I I EY, Juona I 11 New Leven ttt II t FIre to a n far,,ir 0,q lile ein i Nou velile )rlitns resenpt ]'hunirahre athates blanra tt J ug, ar 1ai ttila 1839. En mton de B. .I s, leq. v3 at pota r ]'in. solvabl e,etat ceontralt u iaerrul (1n se trauvat dans I'anonCe derllier po,,ur ,senibler les a,6anciers, et en lieu--I l ra t torttl-,. par tta iltOtttlr, ql',lo atet nliit Ilouvelle lurn hlln :il II mte tde IPh.l mp Laeoaee Eq-q eotaIre, enl SllRed Ie 15 Jllil, t1 , quanld to nril o v debtlerr sur lea attl irs Ir pln t,aitre Ca Itlprenldre en consideratinn lee alatltes eontenues cans It Ietti on. mlO t:it a litti tND I'I 'to'T', Gretier. S Paristil t i City oif Newr ()llte as.--ttr retst theie lonorabtr Ctharles mintlllr:Cll, ng , Ne. O itay 1 ahtO1339. No. 11.74. M. Du lrsr v.s. his t'edllors. On i lt titlo of (Gleo. . . ltri, I.:sq t fti olltSt l for the instlvUenta, t Ollon elowint, t th e cort ta n a . rrin las crept in th ll tli t, c i an meetit na ofaredits ill tlhis clse arnd thr; ion eqenti, sar iterg canlIot takeplnace It, itorderetdrV t1het (nttmattt ittye, Inest ing take place at th.e ofi,.,. of Philh ppe I nrnstr, e alq Illtlrv public, 11 Sntllrdav Ihe 1.1mlh dnyof JIne, 1:e39, Isen a.nd there, to ,eliberate on1 the alld'air.o1lh Ipetition arlsl take into . oUslderation tile l aauels set forth ill kik Irotitioh Extnat from the, minutS--Cletk's Office, New Or leans. ,iv I4,CK1839.TT may 11: 3t 'trttAND Pltt(IT, r ,lerk. e ivl pri .et o nt of lala : aJ t ;n Ginp g hns Umhrellas &ll P.s,,ar ID,new lslnd |nlliontable slvles, rom brigWIn. Ilenrv. hir~lte bv LmyLIO lM cDGE & C ,'131 Maanziae at - tlU , SALE-- Ill Iaslsa lir! qthttt vt t ftrl itt 11 v, 1 Itding from e tt kttt ship Ahhannt . 1t-nn - o 'yte Captai ogealnt o tine tier blot tiae Vegetabli e AEnr ke. imay i8 C o It n PNTNT--'lw'h dnllir pnlt ,f th-le Ibetuori brick honun No). 1dLITchuulitoulas street. Port seasion given on the 1th Jaue. Apply to I -It)CKETT, a(aan I llp t treel, ndar Jue l- d -or mant 8 No. I | Ex'hans, I'iac(+'. - vStt,%LaAB1 & SCA~tC L ' Iutt)K>, SrIlIN's Rk ts ew coh e l n lr, rlief, alit 1r 0 lal; Louisianb Rolda port , il vao Civil Cole of tluisiaea, ' a JCilt s 5 C,'s otist ofPraetiee do t w edition Sergeant& Lowjer'a Relurta of.ases inl tle Eng lish courts, 3? anlsl. Williams' ktasst-husntts aIpoarts Peters' Reports, 12 vols ;do enndvnaed do Arehbold's civil and cii,iaol l'leadings Abbolt lon Shippinr t Bailey oi lthlltl llek'r t edica J urisprudence nBell Lt Beattv's llhanlery Reports Chittv on Bills; do on Conracts v:hitty"s P'leadings ; do Practel . ; dq equity Digest Chitry's Illackstrona truise'saa Digest (Carlin' Admiralty Digest; [ties, Ii.n nr I[ S Elen'a Ct acery Ileports ; Fa blaaque'a Eqttt y Forta Book ; G toullt's Pleadtings (Iow on Parlnerrhip. ; hffi'man's Lfsolt Studies Kent's Coluanllatartt tle ttiglh's Nis t Prins J'olhier on Obligstiou-; Petels' l)igasl, let voltme, a new wmtk Roscoe o I:vidence ; itussell onl Crimes Sanders' Pleadings Smiths Chanctry Praetice $tarkie on Evidence ; Ct trv (II thie IIN stitu-ioa Stevtyens a aexckle ton I tlrtltlt a Tollens law of E~xecutioa, Tomlins Law Dictionary; Vatall's aw of Nations and a generul assorltent of'all ssnl, urd EnJlish and FrN.ncf law bo,,ks, amongst Ihe latter, Mlerlin, Toullier. Polhier, 'I ruplong. Durant ,, sc. F. JOIINg- C o, 30 may 3w . Cor St Charlea n Comptlllon set 1 r ICOND .IT laItt TYoU NOTICES. I R. E lought 11tile t s.olice Pison of the 2,d l,- It Sicipalitly, tul follt intg slave', viz: ' e g negro w eoin utseta l Soutainne, aoeot thirt thIree trs aId, oys hlo i bIelouags to Miso Frntcoise. A - A lriglt tlialtttol boy named Edward, sluut ir yenrs old, ey It: he belolgo to r. I 'otlnog. - negro lly ly td o riM luso ged ahbot 0, says lie eliongs Io llr. Ilr i ck . lThr ownerl oof id slaves will lvl. t ca ll oat the pi . on if Ithe 2dl luo 5llaliti, piuve Irolerty poy chlo rge kd se tIhtiho oWay. IfiS HA ItlAIE, Si ne I he npto__i I e oft Ie ti'l l rh. - NS' T thil.a tht ilgenlue nd ttoecdo MAmsltr -' lh teg eselsvus suivnn+, N ovel,: Urc oe n l l Su nllo, e de 3oy3 ieoe, 00 dlooat llpurlot:noi fA llodaotinioei le i otnciise. lns, so oioUll apportelir I)r. Y ionnI. Un nogrlo oilll l'rinus ng6 de SIS arn, so disnlt appaltenir a Mr. Blsrwi ok. propitltaires delis tb erlollves, stint p'iS de venir l As etgrl el pavont les foils. II. S. IIARPEIi, SEWV ORLEANS & CARIIOI.LTON RAIL ROAD COIJ.h'A N Y. SUMlMElo ARIRANOEMINTS FOIL TIE "WEEK lilAt. rooni Cinrroll:oi. FI llllNew Orle l0 i nortF Cor it e o'cck, .A. M. slorse Cor it 5 o'clonckt A. 1 Locototioe it Lta mntltoliie 7 r 0oC' 0il I 1 sed l ni de 7 " ' " " 1 " P i , ., ,4 .l 74 After 0 o' liork n r call be.o miio , by )l. i g 5 s ol lara for tile Triip. T onoEt will llea Iv t ie F,,ie It ho,, t ieti oeek d) ys Untl I o i'ci clt, 1'. I . wl, o Lo t nl.ono t o iii ill o I iu Corrullinl oolery hil enlr, I Jh e vi 'lI:ck I, ('. 9.1. In'r tri Itcctn otl n inii noi tl , o"l unbl o io itino fnrretrnit i, t lo 5i o'clnck coar, tli.n tein l tlOL ,i.i R o in i.e o , o ill iiucl k, t e ic l, thaki hls ie, eioiro left t rei t,nli t ri ii clt ill reomainl uiiii i J ,'cloek, lelohy all b t illg ii,.ni ono hour to llin y tle lle'.int waliks oi'oi0 of it. tiIe l tOt beaItif o ar deno i thed United alt ces. I'elt io llgiO ilg byi te illc onr tlv Illlem IIeoit lhpn' elvt e si o c1th icklelto, oi e.h v rIdue t, i tiL inl tn I odiotliri s IIt o to ruceivo sayoey in liiu Iroonnf. TIlE JAtIKStN AND I.AvOIItset STIOI'If:E'C.AR I.nlive 1t1 Illenol of J dll.s . ell Itret U iotitj. ik. i. t., 'ell:l, reot t d4 ,' o' ,ok. dll tl n llho ly. At tl),,ik A lh-v sill olrll tIllct I ito re . Pn ( ]ir ta ll o r. b . I h llhol r UnIIIlI ., ,+;cl l, I'. iiy , 1tin11 Jlock-Ol slre,e. oii1 n o'clocik fInI¢, ,nii itll , xceptllll ot ut oe 'c!u ck, I'. n l. ! 1i f ii aII ii tee t. 3 "lto I. ltilur!l r, tplel d ll hllthi gntL ew will nin pl Ethour fct upo til c pli~i oni, ur nokc ll tlo e ls, When l. lur, c l - prIpeut, i. Oiprrt ° NeII(|r iolles lnl; Carrollh~ Itluil ltool Colnlm.y-, ilay Itt, 1,30. S)IIN iiAulti iN m 1i y t I a C hn i rlun FI . g . N .r f 1 () Ci I t SStOUVELIE Dtil rrFlNIn III' (AIIhR I. ON. ro.t\ geoiettt tie n nort b i jiiurs de hi' seminl. " )i Carr o loln. d li itV/le Orl,0 ns. ChaI C r chvual, av i . A k A it I hi v 1 5 i A 1 n Lonnonove, Ai tt " l ,ll,)i, A 7 4' '+ .+ + "t' 117} +I " " $8 " " 11 D ",. Aprlt 10 heurs (dnu Noir, tn peut obtenir til chll", el pnyatt cinq iatres pioutr le. voyage. Arra s oc tfe ns pour Iles Diio o t eni . i .t s o ar hlrtre. tconl tX I' litnnI I IIS h lllro ll n I 11 "8,t r v jotra de Cmhl.llltlnlj lll'i he i e, ) I i,'rn j0 [o ' (4 or(:,1 f Bllhotite |l lil e, t i e Ltrntll Nlltlti v el ' leviloi, tp e t a [Ii lu;ra dtl u lei nrI l e |a .e l iuvllu Iirl .llits 1.llli u'tl 't II 'tll'lr l Ie pnrmo n s qll so rCu It t I :tt < r ma|tlll |r. It. Clll l dIe De ii hletire , tt Lii 4u q t' l lllt l iii ,' . diitlir'll ~l I' jott i h litO iti e r , , i I t' it t, i - uo r lotttdou lenr tie rs i rco i ir de i,tom au I.-nd ' Chrm s Ruesn Jackson o t del Course. in CcU' ti'tliinol iintrir dtit tie l r eile olc-t ti 0 , li A. 11. ett'l t ni rie d o voiit i ital 11 hei re, te liin e rl couranllhl uh h ur+. iihlelre. teur ils, lits lrl l lit m e' oeo detoi liho res, j~qt' ho'. j qo A tier , n i r h, In -ti . O il . Jock00toi, t j0 sqo'i' l It h iu ld o I l dt Cn' nlu ex i cvI.ti' A Ill t ie Iii t li (,lii IIt, Ill to elitltt ii ttc~rq It pu , lteli, , 1 r 0Iro , "Ii a . ll rrull tu d ie lII :N iii, l (l i dolii mn-lit13 IligkihLI I - i.n3h's f. S jIiTIi;S-i r liti ltthniilg aI fe'hLi .nti..'ly of iilt Wai . oIos t, Jt-l1 , uillns :lrid ,c, 1 lllll I.a, I llellllu Tlotiol, Sid S I Sia . I'nrll itprai( ll I'lnr} 1 . 'i, 'ul'lll - RI ri e 'A idC hle t.P lt, lislt, t'itia ' &c. i, .ahit hlit I IIltiN\Atill , i it l (, I N h' 0' 1'T , init h Itl lollet, -5 h Nl'-- \ irtlt J UST ;Ii l tit"ee '3-. i illlltl. i~ I m }! l -r • It lllll '0 n ¥u .`11' '0 cc ft liii liv iil\ , Ii~l:VnII v\hin ( ti JlN , rI~' ; il l u' 111,,;: o' l . I( ti ll I lg r hin , f,,, -on'+ h AII ,X. 'l'i \VA R, inoiv Ii ek3 1 m littl'-cal irlim. ltu d th,.ti Alln i ,.l illl by 'I' iIik Ni l hI Ar ,Not Jir l ic r, sIc ile Nllllv¢ t Litle I r'll I lllllm alllI,ill, ,,t r lo , b rris, et, Ihm. by .!oh I lon. I i i I& I S)IIt " & N C.6 .+ li , 'ie 111 foe1- vie : o "|l lll t i bllitll I1 N t Al r y :i h.& tiltotondi Pni i le () ,1 - o i'l,.in l Tct ie o too nail a C -/i 0 rimi. 1v ii1 no lititluooi n i J mnil bl1ei'Livee 'ESS BELF i all bis at tl, i ,aio i llsale hy Gl ItORSE:Y,' vma 31 J nll ll ard, swy f exs l , li al , n Toe •etin trl . A rl<o mi" i,,tl lhe iH<a p ,enr , tf JIuI. 1Wet ..... o,-o I D+" hlioii ' ill" sInlelili hl l iiiP 1 V ililt' s i~l~ile. i isli , lMf's,'t Pilut i i " :nd i te .-iT ,h,<ee it, I" sn ias 1 r I si ,- - I'sA - r O -! _S _ S 8er .bill b) ln. f ril aliat a i V s Iio, b liiy si ,, ,\ sii' a, sibzh.,.tIu lbys- A AII A+. IOf 'l++ll'S I~l,, ixi 1 k of ALLA Il N ( I' Artlll li a llr Is bs f i sI s w llatr OlI' a i' l a I'H i ltl'iiil liaaii ls, I s lis P I SrlOd' E iO Al'll llSr ilil's i:Irasisse ll'sss 1151' lisiei'ook lbv l,' o"llii i h " ll ,. {i te flll r i tln.. llllok, j t rc,>ve llr, i antl frea 16"o Il A LEX. TJ\Vl\ I ( n ts Ul i ll- i, i - . I tl l llfl 4 It l1 ll IiillOis to thes U hI ie l t it I illll / liPe cosary to t ,,e a ,el ilheh sintmal ,nt of tll+,lr 'i'lll a. d t la. The bo ale,,ir,. Ia lti let ill ltlltliyconv eolinlll e i n i'of the helima s l doilt r I lis Silp abt , pu i the pu ,lia't.o , Piroi fllro Ilh i nl.d- Ihaig sfJuly 1"2, 1837. Moll ri'. Pi/lls,, a / Bitleri.--Thr tlb s orna . - l ain, disidin stal etiu n t isaiiis o r I ll ih slar, t t 'ti eltia . "Th piL..t ,,aa o i llr ll J wri, n w llslol8 stopped" to i olln llll th i m ll imlll t. Soma o iP oll Iha Iat lle nfi r. 11 ll s:ll1, i ills us fit i.- .rtiln. the , r f ei lit.e iof atn .igliisar Bowi, tnll llss qsa sitial Irtr atticlea+ rmlinpetIilhlcl. 'j, hisi is vrt'e ki( a d "e r + isr tl, iloinirr l w( ilabP r unlder like Cllltl~ allrms pith Sthe min ealn lize Ii aire als y ls oini ue a illl - la l' s ill, r if fisslies toIl Ilosi c <hlhi IlaIe so ors-torl biorne ipus lir Ih, 'e. l l- ev hl ve l a s ,l a s r ll v Iasaa he Ihet, abs e iala .tedue"lie of lhia renirsy A ,iie la-ssi . Tbl i Iiiedi ci is undousbtedly a soverini remedy. LETTER FROM S1,81IIE. IIBOWLES. Tie llowins_-is itee t is l'tlt b ia r II Ed oJse iitor of I Repl ibliscan a.d 4uisrasl, Sl iiglslel, ili ds. Ple I + 'LEI.Dai i , Jii e 1, 111ll37. Mr. lM8litt-Sir: It is 11ow airletia ssers taa Iia hae siffeaed lmi all inlirmis y of talie boin ls--alie cos. qsialce, lss ls stt llp lSe flfe s over ill ssl of ial isflia, lor sri mliesii s natural as o of isii bsI els is lost; :rer l lllnd se'vere palnlsl JC lll ih mulllrh w r t nit depression : 'atlbm lies bwing nacessary esea l few dsivshl ilo Interaet 1c-ives, I Iolvle cmllllit*1 ,o i llbysiciasiiis ail ve s s ried alms- , llt kii' s i a f ii lls ad vertised, whiah s eesia, aiald in ati smsae,i in iiaI. Di ring ase Isst year, I hiave bougit an used Ieverl boxes ait'yosss' Lie Pills,' nd have flisnas morel bens t from tlle-, more asliefsad adapieliess aso miy ca,,. for a lesgth of tilc, tb al frols aly a edi-ilse lIshve vet tril. Yours, iSAIIUIELBIOVLES, FRa salein tsi.s cly, i al cois er' n of sCoalisson and Tcsbaltiittls Is. _ _li.msy Ill rPu'OIIACCuAJd-- boxes, 8 s, 12 a, 312 a aaad-pi-ni - sa os f svarious brasnls aad qualiaie., far sale by may 2 I BRIDGtE & Co, 1:4 Mlgazins at f.l .GS---- bls laudaag from stssnter Vaudalis, for l sale by BAHAill A lti+PIR, i eeisve.l l ib l lae ariva ls i al , assotil aent ofI sbit cravats, Salser slacks, gloves, and ssotialer, les, tth Bazaar, ors erssf St. Chrires asd Omiimioall sie t,. a22 BUSIi & AILtN. sole by ALEX T JIA II, all 18 4" Ctmpsa as-. by SIIA-hI,L & IIIEOW'N, at24 of ,lagazhle at AVA IFFEE- bg dig Io shill . vill and bor yle by SIIHALL. IIRtIVN. all 96. lslmlase a a L/(14'-Stottt,'tItI r about lo, imIlonth (if Mlrch tact, ltt'olei eotoitii mn; Iott' II' or F 1: 8, (the latter ix believepd to be the Mark) it. Mich vets taken frutir ' tts Atchfalaytt!oa Iltltliig. Ati, pr ts giltteeanin in tlori, pooe-o ti,o, ill Illllt iNnPssrr. Kirkntan, Atot lo & lit&tHonn, whIret it cut 6 bed. ttay~l 4m 14 11 IINNYY. [ OAF "ItA f --5"O Itntkct . 4, in tore fur to le bIy IJ nny I SHALL & llIIWt, , t NlMgazinei tc W I1~lSK RY-2011 Ilarels icclilied rvllikkv In store for tole. by I, DoIISI4.Y, 11110·44 Nirw Ic.vr ý Windsor gls, roreivine notfi, f nit? fIl' in22 It CI.ANIIN, 12 Cnomp at V[VLL1AM R. CARNES, 1!' 'H ,1II ... Al _ I IO JULJISIAn WAVcE h,1019, mnv 11 \a ~. 113,. I IFNV'IILLB- -It. \,.w i .l. AnS zIMAUfllett it It, ii inoing hi- 1iioooott \) tad t Lil·. llic ill general I itt he 111ho to!en the 1'tioi at ttiCntiilto'ii whttre oit, trustst ti.,tillfectih file, calla of It im old fl ietdsl and all lavers of Ira cer Ptrivate p . foties will b , or tttII ttti)ittled d giving u bale n: ld (~lice nlleliten. I le iv wlil(li ng to enterhl ,.I I,1..-iugte nc e 1 .t Cn,,nillr ll tilt. .1,20· 11~ ACt) , 1111.-14(0 c'onios ottyitor Cintcintoali 1$ td i tnsu, li)r tolt bo - I, II.oRtAhA, 0.2Y7 41Ne Lenter. 'liii- tons 1,nglislt e,l ti " 'el,(fuir sle by it 1 0 ,lI '.1 & It ott i,!ii ' goint,'tt tt $tttltb 0' I 01(1 't* lo ltrd &.5(1 do upeo toFIitiil(i2lh NSIiNt'l (It llt PN 1'. tew O tiratsI' 0IlO 20, 1839. r§~1111 2 lliuklholder+ ofl tliiB l1.-tilnlljln ore hereby'~ rj 0 ll,,thtiotdnro iii topIt I , i itto.,, tirt, ,ir ' thirtly dollllars o1. e aell shoe. 1.n oIr bebintTI the 'L.-ll of Jo u tei'et, it liII CI)ioaoIltu'Ii o diUe. Ily ordetr of thellrorurrl. I19l1I I OCKE'IhI', FT. E itK-P 'JNT ' Gi'2iI (lb IN 11 II. ROAI) CO. Itt,,0 llt~ttini('A1 hMn,, 18391. OTICE-11 ,v It oanluto .ot' ithe lti btd of'dittontrs N nl til I'ollpptnv, lnxxr n thle 2 "t,t · t,' prite of -:,:ket9 on tila rand fle a been reduiced to tol Ireety five centsr. J If I1":IF6, 'to2 L crtotnry. 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AI WAn-, ,n) ll8 -I 4talip s j4CXIA1\(ih: UN lla1 4 IN-ate rnlna hie _ ar_ 3 I rll11lIaF., 13 hlasdaines HAfDE cN aa lORN-conld on a,,,o lanndal, analo r sala atal 11 94; alagnr a II 4,1331\'11.(t['-10 pipe 1lallaaal (Nua, in natres I I naar faa nle l rJ '1"I A YERn & cn n13 74 1'aaydran at W (TI~ 11134l'A EI.-.A I-anna aana ga-natral eascort. .1n anfalawr lg paper, rale-dl ..nal n lain, for sale aoa naave alanagana teaeaan. ALEX r(iWAR, 'EhWN PA P'EIt-J~aan ma-anola ta nfleananr Wntnne a for ahacit and a uy l...lea..nd.n fonr sale may 10 ALEX TWAR, 49 m !;f ~A-6ll eleat'a .-aanhang- sada 4anutlwann, landing fro laaaan 13claa Spledifanaa Il.totnn, fa sanle bay apl7 A TlIERl :14G· Urseret _XTII, OBINSOJN & IAnOIIW'IN, (118 Chantren St-reet,) 11, reaaenaa-anlly a tianf na nlhir fr-iendsl aaad liae pub~le aelannally,aIh..a E (i n,,,' aita, ol e Salvne tirmn, edit leavn laor New Yatk ahoan Ike Ietafnlaann. Inhey inaits tlnse eh lan aly aniol garmae'-lnt madana t, latleia anranare, to asl dleavea atheir oaders pa-oans tonthat time. r)'1rCtl-lI0 hame. iaa go..) aralrrfr n b BH5A.L & BROWN mny2 Jai Mt~azine MlAYORAl0ITY (IF NEW OIRIEANS. TlllEpricanalflaanr to dnv laiaa- $a lIla per barrel, arc-ading tatlao th l tnd, lan bikers will gior 344 oyntela atlawoal foar ten centa. alurieg ala neek hagin naing aaa Mlonay nanal, alle 41 3Idnae. T'he ha. yas ofaee. anald qaualiay,or af tahrr.a f-e'n cents, slhall a-igh 25 per cent morn, tha s n o aya., - rann, ce', Jane 1 ('. (tiNOIS, lan-ar. TrO MERCII N, rS. lri3llh:l(cll.4N-l$ cann hoer an I:eOnnFa-on. CInrI'. Lan slruck off nl/free haourn Naaonn. yhiaainllaq fni fpe Compliae Itnala on 'aJ 1' E AIIEIIEIAN PrIn-ToIN (nlCtrI , -01. C(lanma-Ie IlnaLtae. asaljnaantiai latC ln inn linnan n( Cnternof'jiraaaer seaneat onal the1 lilt ing 0111r, earn-nrnfl'o-dynas and a1. Charlns 't-ck.

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