Newspaper of True American, June 4, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 4, 1839 Page 4
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8rht ad -saltimore Packets NF.W ORLEANS rns IBAL''IIIORE LINE UIk PACKE'I'Y . Ti7e line will eonsit oT tile following veselns, 1 which here I.eor built or porchased expressly Ibl l2ne trade, viz: hliip ~eaman, Capt. Mlmer, Rark Moary, Nickerson, rsad 'Ferry, lnew o , Stevens, S" lolParn SuSue, Lathaln Brig Architect, r Giray. Thea vereele are oIthe first clans, Ithave hand. 5010ie fIrniehed ceonlnllodationj, and ore of a lighl draft of water, en as to adrit oftlheir receivilg and discharging their earmroa in Utaitinnoe, lat thle city. treight will be tken ur portse on tile Chesapeake or .linesn' River, arln. firwardedl by the agents, CLARKE & iELLII(;G at t alhtnoreo; expenses oil goods lshipped will bo adtlviuted w ten requlred. l'lw I rieco of pas;ge is fie.d at $6(0, ample snrles of the b et qriality will be pronidid. Steam up nd dowr tile Misseisiplri will be taken en oiall oeasions. For freight or passnhe, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, noev7 22 tenville st. New Orle.aa an Nehw York oln every other n oo dny--commencinir on the 2lthl Novemberr--and to inoomlure e tunret;lity in the lime ofsailing, the Silip Yarzoo, C). pioi, Ijt, to leae on11 thle 2.I, Neoiromber. Ship ILtOlsviilo, Cptain E Palror, to leave on the ]th Diecemibier. 18th DfloCorlr . Slilp Vicksburg, Capltan Vood rose, to leave on lit 1,t J , o.iry, Slhip linerrrlpril, Cia-1ptain Davi.s to leave on trle 151th of .lirl:ly. Tile abohte Ire alil rlow, of tle first ladr, copper di and copper fri,,tte r, In Irhiri'rdl 01of 5i0 Iors I hurthen, are of ]igh draulngr or' waitr brring burlt in N'ew York expressly h i.r lthe trare. Te price rlr piassene is ]xrid at 100 dullIr.; thlir cab.,ls ire fitted l illrI the meriiot lproved anti clonvenieit plan, o.rd filed iiill a nent anld e rer : nt tyle'l -o Ample slores r ithe firt qil lily will be rovird, and every regard tid to tii e c.rlllrfrlrrl and cllrr nletelirtotn nt r0.1il,Cgers, w1 rr will please take roi). lice tlOlpt no bilrtll alt be errured ulrIll paid frr iat the olFce ,of tie eolrsi:lace, ']lTtese vr.rin i.,re ri iiia;rded by eaptains weri rrrrrtincid ire .r rtl,, Who Wi1 grive erery 0 tletlion and no lrtrl rtriv. to a.,0l,.,nd.:1,t Tic.r will at ol tilrs bie towrtd ll anid dtrIrI tihe Mlissis. sippli hy steambioats, cid tihe strictest punctualily obcserved i thite liue of sailring. Tile oWnrers of tlcoec eiti e will not be responsi. bie for aoy 1etlcr, parel or package. sent Iy or put on board of thern, ilnles a regular hill of ladio.g hbe iged tlherclfor, at tIhe counting hIouse of tl.e agenlt or ownrers. For lrtlher partieoulrs applry to J D BEIN & A COHEN, o n..7 90 Coml;onl et UU iulj noim st - - . - .,- LUL-I:OI|s. .sFirO Ur. l'N, &tClARIiLSTON PACKETS Th'Is lioer consists of for veqsel., all of Ip ' ihrr jl l;sr , opperd rod ld oper has. erie, .land of about 200 Inns burthen, Sllnh hIaldorrme scenlr oJati Ins f,,r passenger-. 'Three vfsels I r, torlnmllalndI by h op npllrins wei shipper-. -T1'hey will b" towed uIp and d,\rv Ithe .ti .a..ei; pit end lrve New Orlean s oni or before tiltr 1011r ra;! 151, Ih. f t'norv r o th. 'r'he follUwing esat. oliotl eli-oh-e 'i h oe, vioz : lri, .'r r rlsni,, (30lfnpe ir rpe.n, rmaolrr. ]rii , ii hlr.l ,,J I) Grln, nr ser. h rc. R,,p,' r IS lton1 , J. A lih rs, nanoerh F,.. Iro.'ghr orrrr.serrply o v n. A. A PARILI. & C rC oI C.lrnn n ore Ne.r Olld evs or e . c SJ( lU3Altsu u CrS Borrn er d adftow Trlrfr Li u ol' Packrt oiips .-2l his I.ew lies iof hips Ilas been exp)rcssly hal t to run between the abowo ports. and will hru wund of slrtable draft of waoer: srcoommodationr. tr passcngers, and evary elibrt *ill be made to give general nalris'iclion, 'lthe hoe is cormosed of lth to lovrig sitips: Clheroklee. 415 tons (Capt. J H|arding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charlueson, 374 do D Eldridge, Columb:ana, 625 do G Barker, Seamian, 240 do JI Howns, BDombay, 625 do D flumphrey. The above ships are all new, of the first .Iass, copper frrlnrrrd rod udcoppered, corrmmanded iry umen ofgreat rxpcrrirnc, have largo uoacomlodation,. will. a sopar;ate ladiles abirn; every atolntion will be paid to pa-sengors, and the very cest of stores pro vided for therni. The packets will be towed op and down the Mio sassippr, and thoe strietr. punctuall y ouserved in the time ofrs;ailing, and should the reeular vessels be detailred in arrrvirg,. rolrer ships equally nas good will ill all case be substitreod. Al shrornof patronl aego s soeiileCd, orar the agents pledge themselves to aecolrrnrllrOrte as miuclh as practicale, to rceive anid foIrward goods Iry s id line at lie miost moduer. ri o ihargeCs ird to advance all exposres on goods shlipped, if rcquired. Thie ships will leave the 1st and 16th of every mnonth. For Ifright or passage. apply to the agents. J A AIt. RRI'"r, 82 Comninn st. N. Ii. Adv.riceoents maldo on consignmno..ts to Mesrss. A. C. Lombard & Co. tnov27 T I IE (ietlnu InedlaI IItals.amlof Liverwnu t and r iTre A hiund, ir linrt ui in ollraies it lII low price of 50 tlll r each, conririrgi n the Lrri lgtri of tlhree OuInices iI h.lvolwort. besi Ires the iirttls of munv other root arr ni herbs kollwel to1r' r the ndilans as efficacious in curie0 The u libullrd success which has attended the rse of this iliesrnrlleii. Irlrnioi wherever it hia been intro dleed. bls Ilbrlilled ille rOllfiOllee and reeolerndn Sions ofrosaerectrl,, idrtvciante for rhe core If 'rogoos, eoldi, panl i the side, wart of rest, spilting or blood, liver -onlrririm, &r . 'o whon iat m.vna corcern. This ia to certify that we havro ir orr prnlirce freIeon entlI resrihed Mrs (arl' eh Iriati al rrlli noswornredical Ahsoreiationr rair's I rnd i rrlan .B rrl t oflr.iverwirr a ifec lor' rrirldr wh ledge ti ' maieriral or nI isear from, sid c sP n and ' h tm iemlll 1'tIcollooent it 3F a s unperlo • ,It. ati, ormk tl esri arl.n'"rntr r of iro ilerr frn willh il iS re iruden"d. As H.ll, It t1' I.LI.S s, A. D. CAI.VIN E I.IIS :11. i). ,iirenb,.. of tlen BIoton Medicalt Association. oretnnre. hibied . r5. .u:l,+lv J Oti 'IS & AN IItREW S ,! I ! a u n J l I q 1 ' .: I , t . , it ) l l . -1 . ? [Fu Pi:' w ri't i'l , -iwrt':a ': um received andl r ""l.. by IlfEltilt; ,: , '::iite n ,l, & ('i). _ __,y 3 + Nu, I'orri o.. Sei.Imled r bi nror and e inrml imn , a. lre itsu f C~oii ari'lr .and!mo Llivo, I , alo rnielsle rio, or ns r r ,r A i-,l w hi illi o. Ir • n.9 ii r Nno. irez . '1 iol'rpiinlol it iI.l I tted li i;r-- ,Ir:h;. I atliv lig from shpn I l'Celuletrtllll f.,r snll bIw S et P ill i''N.l I, mner 3] 7.c Cmpllh st rier 3 B. & A SOULIP. r IMCIr3 tI.\ iRT'1' o CO.,re (',- roeeiv n;Tro r s~', on band rhip l)rlannr. Esoi e, Hilr oider, I'lkr Searv AudrTew, l"rel.h al Gerllll iney cards; Batck g Irrno itiivrde; (loten(nor, 2h.rl4 nd 2 ifrah I' acd ialls; o'9,! 1 l 12 inch blade Bowie Knive!s Lelltler en.d otlher Irael!icr Irelrin C...e.; e.ll, Pick et, Ilorr l. urn! a id I)rnllrrr i'i rlelsrrll e toud Tliglie barrell..d io .; alrmirie ii'n:; Srot Belt-; oler snd Piarol t'lrksol i roarn, Bi-tle an n Iriaskinhg C orn l'eo'oxoiloCni.seinrl ('"p Itohlhr'; Cloth, I [air, 'l'ntli ard Nail hiruak'o; 1),-,i: l'lhdri'ine'Torilih WVah.. Tolth Powder; '.oi[l an! "Irarrin n Prpoe in Arer t vr e ntertv; long Hiir Bireedd, Itinilet ieoid hr.'.+riia- aear, ltid aoilet .onder; ilrun rv lta~; I vory Tab i I nlelioree Patent Solrde 0r atnrter.; Gulll Ela.l.ic sus.tlnders PUwder Pf Iu rllral Boxes; Giio r t llliiau Seals urid Kew; Eer-drops; WVeiSt Bucklers; Berh'l'ta; lead Necklna e land Chiius; (lilt id ii Sver(e Beads; Iedirn Beods. Bells rnd Pirnes; Shell 'Twist; Sidn .ud I)ressir.. Cohrrs; whelrh,in rdlir.on io thehireilnner stoick non hard. mkes ltherir aeorrtrient very complete, iand will ie sol ow eand an Ithleol tern, or tihe sig of the Golden S-oirrb. i25-1f 70 Clr rtres streetr. fUS.hlA Si4EEIrING.t'-15 iales, laeding ftrar .ship Joinr itlun ,r cite by I!1 I BRIDGE & t:C, 134 lagoazioe as D ,Mi.;5 I Is'-: hI'es 4.4 i.r.well inttiedos. 5 Irllro 4-1 twrill I I.ow,:ll cottonir, 3 buckskiii it';p,'.:, han !ing rote a'lil , .t,;, fr sale by ev,4 1it R" rUE. & CL, 131 .totgrzne ut IRON lOO"i'S--''ile urrcvllliers Ilhav pluturer at a gre.v exli,'nrr. Irho righl of po'uliln n irnr mils ii city. 'lie.v are sdapred .o pcil. buildllnlnr. trrenllreo, u-serld private dwellie, ,slid 'i,, Ia lrie s'lrbirpnes and dlrnhlhII, uint are porfo. lc lire nnd walr prorof. i',rmns rot Ls kell.wn, and a mrdel seecn art ur estseblishbnro, oppr.ile S. aRlory' nir! ec, 'li,.hnpi.,-la.. el. n,, K B COGSSWELL& Cu COAL -'hoe slboclhernrb have ceaestunty _o halod a large supply v f Cacrel and Liverpoel cal. in superior q.-alhy,' whirch Ihey offer foru &e '" in le ts to sueli itureclase rs. AIo expetoied bv Ihe lirnt srrivals from Eog linr and Ih, Nolrth, Caln-I. Lehigh a.d Peachl ollultin Cut!,h brkcn aed screened, prl ep in IrhIlchedilo eireacly f-r luriri it uir--lll of wh'e', sk-v will dlispisoe o o. tire ilosti tin lerate ti-hr. Orderse elt at their, f-ce. No 53 Birrville se. or s*t-.. a ill pI,r Ilnply atiendedl to. ncr, 3 B. & A SOULIE. all SH," Li. & BiLO\Vl', 96 MAgegalee rt -'Oi ,rlstS:is--5. ; bls, Gret haill, 6 4-1 'orr,, sis asegs iel 25 r1a12 Jitaeks'c Clol 4-.4I lroe shtlst, locus8 hifrom shlip Cbarlesron. fier sale by all I Hilt- .GE & Cu, h: it ...ilt 71\--.' 5 cus.aa smsed c sgsri -.., landing o,- i ip -'bltes.s. s, ant' iry _.LAB.IIIGE ac.s' nn a n, . ln m Inn m N E.V GOODS-Simmons Itnrtt & en are now -re' c eiking frn on oa nnl ships Yazoo, aniti Sarnatogtl nid br{" Cononrdia, froet New York, a great variety of galdis I their line, whiech togethea with their Ibntet stock on h.lnd, lmakes their asnsenllt t rvery: plete. 'rte tollowing eoltpose a Iirn viz: , elltsiat, l.trl :ie, tack and dressing ittbs, horntdo of anl descriptiots, I n- el din rubber, silkt nnd worsted elnatic rarters, coenlton & fine elastie sanaenders, logafiaco and I. eifer ilatches, leidlitz powders, pawder ipulk and ioxae,toilet powsder. packet l anti walletr, tcedle iookln, shell, pearl, very asnin inatcto card eases, esad arnanlrots, plaint o cal ends, necklaesnn l negligees, lbed enanrs, tiad teeklaee., cut lase land plainnseed silver and gilt eads, Indian tends, bell ant plnti mese pitnl t ntrii e low lerelseks, shit itli, horser, kelt. pltket and dueilirg Jisatolsr; lai s lenalnsingle barrelled anns, Bowie knives, aln dirks , s r, sers, packet knives, gtred chlairs, lnd rillbbonls, , belkle, eclth, Iir, toth, Ilail,ontlb, rltlnh., chte, slate, flor tttd dcuring birushes, Cologne, anidor lltldetllllert, ose and I)ve w tervsorted enelcres, and exarcts ae , lensi. , nltlle, tnd Ward', ve etnblie hair oils, srlving tlt toilet snapn s l all les AlsiltllS, ladies' and gelltetr' lek sI s an ldressingy ret'., hlt, rioeletn,h fizettsa andt i r bridplni, inley nd musical lt.ik"s tos, plaltn and gilt, iguret, aatlt and vul Illtelt, lft pearl cand ivors sthill,, liatttitlc,,oldi and silveer ileal mtatnooti ueeil lk s and tweezerpldted unti gilt toket,,, Iitiunttre .r,, silver, trass atol steel timiltaer, ioks and eyes, hair pitut, is tion fruit, blk and redink,e she blackig, vio in s tn s gsuittra,rihtltd nRd phlhl percussion elpais, li ine lE etis tens, gold alnd silver lace n11d fr.nge, latter pallper, ,.re hags, ridinig wtiltns walkitg cen~s, playU ig calseds, ilgl gtld, tinted n nd giltji't-elbly oe. 'ite above, inethler with t great variet ofother arti les aren lfenilr wholesale or retail onl ueccounaudtio NIl Sthell tcnt Itrepaird j OYLP: MAY, Its, slgn, lind OIt'alInlatlllt LJ In'aitlae",i No S Ca( ndele stireet, two doors liom ntal aI t 1aret.. lanoltions of the following wotod 'ttmtd nlsblers,,e euted in a atell') a thllltnler, ooldtgty, I E yl. iln hisok ettd gold., Omak, I (;tollsa andi A yi on, Pollard o, i Oien:tia or rtl o atdTiue, Inrled Io, I lalusplert, Sabend Maple, (stund vioe, lirds Eve ' Derby .l',,tite, Salin \,ol, r liotn C ear TI'el e.Y Tre ItMdi:u Vhit". artolea,-lle or Illalk ii.tnl, atild lnitretelle, Ilose Worod, I AnGti "sin Gtrey, Ashk bikle Oak, - lit. hcp c:. SleLinlson to e seean at tile lo. s ih hlt. aitt oils, gla, ola atrulist,bat on had lei or le a c. n(I O,S'I'EI,:L III.ARVY (i)IIills-hI aI qucc e n-nod Iul ll el e iroll, aelr ! assor 'ted. Hier,, scroll ad rod iron, neil rods and Ioug,,ih CalGt (lrmli n, sheP , bliIsel..ll Slt.lg, sleet and |[lilll te \I:l · ma', cut lold wroulghl ii:lils aInd splikes ieti, bvI k tin, tmil tll tl rintSd atc s, kettles Ah lll -e aIn h rll, t l rIi,,n el== In I xel, ie", d etcr tllgraint, err inn mlls A. ils, icttt, l tl' bentlt hollows nltta, i' owl:Ja l l's l otit llle i stal i slt, dia ntlove ls I (tllies, IIMt Iti Lttt ps, tateit other axt s Iar'd, d rlie t iltllat iorlege, lict e lstld twine roltenearl shnitng i av act, allt tet- vtl staleas faints, linrseed wI.I b llrn I iet sctsio nil A tll asen tmet I e lhnclt:u ala. d ship eitroleieT, l wios on blr dill, hll w hich a r ol i .Tcd f "1 :li lllr e at w holte siale tor retlil, oirl the the I flit voal, l e isterl ers, m4 IL, Y'l'i N h a Ce.531ltl 1 ,evee. (railed h Er 'lrniru spet,) hans jt bees nh e rsed I se I hh le sil,ot a lai of le l 1 sleo ieis d tiI eeliav c I llve ,le t to l, tIeiir. Ally olt who les ever e,, obhlges to, converse with n ver'e dtea bnlrraIanlelt i-netyd bh try }ilelnelve mIud te its iivstdn! so nllirlnnlelo anlllich., l llh e u l l" th "oarrtrttpet this o jetiol is e.lrtrel .- in It 4 d Te mnoot seep )Ilel have II1 tiya tn, 1oltt ed tlleirdnunti aftie laving esed utV 'l'ttnpet. Faor als ti sit- ii Fnny store. cllll I)f C.IIIo ad tSt Charles streets I4 store, and "+rsale by S11ALL .!, l;t)WNE, snur 20 k 9Go l ogazine tl de lti 12 ti al stree, Wholesale I)Lttuer it Porinsl, l Varudihae Brushes, Iall i Vtoridlw and talteell qel. ls.l t.fie N)o, Door IIA behlown Bi snvill A e. [AYEs c ensln ll v el nn it eve ry nri.le upi o enl f r ilin. r i ,, tl gt ille tr.'l s ia psP . sl. in la1 ie an. .er,l ultd east fih-li l style, wIhich they othie r tin isttlr, it re t tce. ir Srl Ict.t. r 1 Va t lt. IIt - F I.O.NA BOL THE THINL. r[I1E ersturlt lia reputlalltlionlarid Ilttttrkel,, ltatericti erIVlive of thihe teltht Iat indti ed the dIt s i,, r tr offer it toi thet Amernilitcan IN ii,. (1rr ili.snelte in tee,,sn e I toe I ttlt t net S til l e hils itl t n cla t ilttl i t le llus llfws its the Untied eatasl. a lns ho hlace it ithh lthe retlcl, ol lline s ll'trit ata Ik-ely ts uitli. r tlis., mna I rlt.:litg i t al I eatl l te the , 'its i-al to. le. nttl'lte tIptlit l I ed i ritg tllo dreclroetn given itn -111i t ei,-f. It slcs e arrests the rscn' It, tlli tnv tetilt, anti relieves itt 'rttera. ,' ita l, i tt ei ,,rc t'ttllIl randel+ n t. ootr., lh mlle'' The alpp lill llt (lls renedy ar, deIl ;.le inl~l aslt, alln ll nl ple.nall iiid Ithe l elllart so te r ittll r ki d i',ent tt f - nlllt, that laltve lrn tily expeetirnetd tllchl dtlitsltlil anodl.ahloary, eilhcls Is'on the lole ofalhe Bolh, nes rte dy I , ''S. I-J & ANI)R '9\9 nr 5 ('0 or ('l, ln: 1 ' d i, n cl.n ' at nilPllisV 1. a s Ilata,fnrsale JOIlN I1 (h.IItIA.1, .W il'1'E LEAk)D--5 Ills, 15itti sIisalh; -Ill kegs, I00 a i 21111 do i5 r s n 5lio ( . lll(:II Valn lh; -VINII(iVk GL.-~S. Aniericinn. Es .lish and French 11,|11 Itmxe·.', alrlalls Ailes ald y lrallilie.s. Alll. n tgcei'a nlrIee' ,l, enl of nrtlsl' CenlOrets di sO!e, tlr suic i 1 CA'l IE't, No Ili (1`nll:11 staret, N it, Ah b!,a n,-tr , ak-s l ei nt I r. ,ltnnietiltcii i- etan ~~d rm.' sI III ice sttil dssetissl i eaa I- JA1LVI & ANIViIEWS, lio l.IE IE, A1NIl ll.!'.t1i II, tlAEltS IN M'DZCINES, FAINTS OILS U i'!"; S1''h'i"LS .:1\'!J fl'1.,'Ucj ll' (:1.."1 SS, l.'urrwr of Contutoo an.~ln: 'I';ll u litoulnu. steeds,· r !.ali upt S nty NA1I'IIN J.1 lVI S. IiIIIN W. tNI'IEWNS. :A1 rge tpplao Carten Seeds. Nuarra tel di j! grla, iIt A* NIMFEW SM1I'll& It)., anr.r.'afnlle inftiria A. their friendsa d iiii e pubilici toe iiei:r.,i halt tiny ociailty the titan' ltI lii. IIn [ni~tnoiu eI lrotl whore they hiopf clntnatily on hiandl Copper, ['in and Sheet Iriti WVar"', of entre descriionea, eh als co stills, kallier,,,l d p imls tii balh. InL' it s, artil iil c.tti, of nll riortlranisin, aad i at :i Itr.ila hintrs ofa evy ln'-riptiiiii sale ia sitrat. hoI at sireps, liag emititia, arrew 'll", ant atlltii kilid uftriull.ati worki, such aiiaaa1InItIrya, breech. or,.teanti lipes. Tey awIt alao it al kinds io out door workI I ae u- ziiei, coptliler aindltint ronli itiiand glitterinig, d&a. t'Tiey aolie iid allaother kindn at work r heir lie atf buinesras, they will aexecuta at lilse Slorteal notice,. d-it27 HIARROWGATE SPRINGS TIHIIEE DAI' JOULRNgd Y FA 0.11 NE IV ORLEAINS. 1( proprielnr IIo Is ii ietliatliariit tans the plea iureit,n itniiiigli to his lriot .,,,, the public inagen;ei,t-alt lm wiil lhe iii ri'alliimnnl"bIy lhe lirtI dIay of AlIa lar receive viiterea. lie will also, state flor thi lii eli: oafltni'. at attirtanir, that there lire, BerIntlarg, ill aritmaet'nt caode, andiilihrranaw 0going oin aind i oahinirliar to ocoioiiiiiiiute it curb tirger taiiihnril tho l'rrtatiire, and at the sametitttte titanh btter. 1'mlran eatewaamniliiatnirditlt gooad roomtintr tha~ese wli, polaer ca,, hate large cabins itetaittd fr,,,, them tin i bailding. It. -'oerid ua,,teceasery to say nnylhing inapurlini laralf the h,,mraeterel tIhren.Iilrt l stin' it i genirIIlly belierrd that they ar tint inrerior tti armi in tile Senth era States. All tihe ncraesainitl taltnare genleral) atale uterin fl'laiis, till hfaIIIII t athis.'' t. tIest eiusic Itulut ilwtplibii ait io itcouIIaeIItri,ilie, tar heel engaged. an nld will be in col.Rh-ut aitemlllllc a tt li Sptrinag during tbe aldisl ason' IH returning hit aatniired thoank fir ItI- vnry libtrral atppetregiarn h; m Intr aaa.amdthopiealiati e ear. lioatntlatt hanve hutu .ml,, iii improvinganIteid eteIrIing Iha actaaaIaadatipns. t merit a liberal Intlitagi.r t pleuratl aseaioa. JN.) CR19. at3 L-C S SlrttI(It,. Na h4 Cunde wrrest, - alwert 1 Du nain and Si Phliip, ker;.e consnntly atihand an " xrrveive nss.,rtilrnt of tools a nd brogans, ;w dill~ ilres, af New York tn anufaciare, tar aira. nran lm nl ehllldeen~ of all aver, whichl he will dtepuslu of at vrty imoaura ireipim P. li.minmllieafoltas aqtittiniont0en renatrmie nnr lerr wi I hoar lirir wiarsha erntdl.a to L S SEI;h)lj CMEI( Ct.OI'tl!in(-? caus, wll tt marL, clotatling, landing fritn ship Olhio, and Julyin I hr1 aw, YtIIaF L e BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. 0F EVERY DEICR|Ie7tN', .PEEDII.Y, IIAND OME'LY AND CHEAPLY EXECUTEDI AT THE OFFICE OP THE True .Jlnerican, NT. CHARLES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. m23 A CARD. E & SINNOTT, IV7ilesale Grocers and Conmissiron , erehants, No. 27 Coun.ont Street,No - Orleans. I'tf'oanict ara ltentm paid to t. sitling up ol Sto.att iLenttd S.hip tutio. SAMUEL TORY, .iiNerchandise Broker . Connttissioan .erchant, dl3 ()ltfio, :i. (i 'mop st.-Fur tihe present. J. P. FR EI MAN & CO.. Wisolesale CIething EestIblihnenl l e . 3, .A il itrel I, AVF:ccustnallynnhand a largen umply of Cloth l t ilt, cal:.a i ed lir he cutllry tralld,. TheIr ats. sortlltt ll leilng listtr o, trolc atu, it Il ho ctlll o trt .all Lbc sup;-_:i... a thes|1rt o.t r iot ic. oct I BAZAAR. USH & ALLENE , . NO. 1, EXCHANGE IIUTEL, Corner of Sl. Ch(i rles alno Commone si,. Nl.WV Otl,.E1ANS.t TIImPORT'ERi nod )tDeleors in Fl'rich ill t Elt'tI-h S P'rfillanmrv; ID)rvilloe aInd P)aI'rlte I t ks. Cud'tlers, loiony, ilovoe Shirls, Stocks, Umstehruts, Caunesnd Fancv Articles. d E NTI'Ul lIY, Illi ois, aonl Idtiaoln Blttlk \o Sfiir s do by A TIIl El, waty 3 71 t;r:vier st JFNW';i.Kltl', AT Nhl~I",'EALIE. `. j11t. E I.I. .,'No Ii, ('hartit! sI, h..s Ihi+ !I v re v roy'iv f it tS titusset ttset.t of .5.t' ott Je..l, _ attn,_ , i_._ ,tt ,c_ esLnd (.IL WareV tihy wili he irf ttL. i.: iO \, · I ,I I I.o IN ll| 1I A.lMERICAN & I':NLt_.Sll CIROWN GLASS, X,.t 3 CONIttoLtt.r SrrET. ut FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HAl)DEN, No. I I Chartro. S ORLEANS LITFIOIG gpZ IC PRINTING E.TABLISI 1 EN'T, No. 53, Magazine Street, S Opposite Itt!.s' Arn nMo. 1WILL) .LiI (IiULAL, ..P1'tul'RiIET2OIl Ii . NOTE ENGIIAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON i etl lll a1 Ivuhtui eo ilhh lheilr llo o se irt NVt Yuctk flr the .tre rl alelrlVillr i ll a I :itll lg u t k a ntll ., Vhtti., t ldl oft lo, ('eotiica to of l).posit,, S('I.ellk l nll ld Ol l tl O I llirtllllo (I p ..a-. i i Fl rIfn .cI tyIi'I sh.olli ot o t'todn nitilntdl ttttlll I.t i, tlr t ) it' tIitl)II for Ilhl.- o l' ' i llI' 1 Itll o all , moat too l Io te till ss Plltl'utI iver fi~elllllllPe I Ilrlllklltu ijllnlllltltillli+, alld all tllld l'vt will lie excllll d wihll pn plllll litdel, an rll( the usuall iloor. Oltice, curter out tovl. &C Cal tre;. CIIAMItLIN & COOPEIr, q(ROtCEIS AND I)E I.I'Il'R IN P'tuVIdlIONS ANl ':"1':1', No. 79i and t. Jelin , ii c , New Orleans. Shlip and F,,.ilv sitotltu tt upt. l10r 5 FURNITURE WAREROOMS Nu. 153, .hinvllo str,.!t. r I I rI l I r. . .A lh'o, wo ti i t s p e artfu l h it . fr. n Inr i"riL.e.' alul die .olhlio that Ie u'+ reoll. tIsori elot it ,1' Fll ttllilllt t+, sutch as ltn bogtttd ch:irS. sl i'is, Sd ttends ma)lp illlll lllnlo(t d chair, mllalll)e In11 cheirr eali ·, Indllstewf- n lllld cherr, table ('f ral (dtesrPription"' '' h ""Tell il.?lt, t.Lr'etrV:+ Wr itiu N11. Fulrllnture packed Iul transporta tionttt with great are. t nv13 INS.RIIAN .E COM~iPANWy OF NE\W tIORLEANS. This Croll lllall no Il, poreollred to take RISILS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 lussson's Uulldillg, Cnnal t.ett. New (Ot'ans 1i 1':33. Ii . R. ,,.rv. I T; II II r )ei.;sit'.: X,": rL | ttINN & I AsPiN LL ls NOMI'POUND TONIC MIXTUR.I.-A speedy [and etuin caur br thie Fever and Aguar, remittent and ilnterlliiturent fevers; prelpared rolll teo origrenl recipr. Used .;trh ornen ts aret ui i, versal srevess cI 1832, iy persass ol the hiighest 1 respentucilitv in thiis city, as stated in the annexed g certifiteirs. T'iis medicina is highly recaomnended, and l;:s I bIen extlrrsively uaed ill. tle itbvre dlsnasea with i clth distinguishied succusr, thati tile pr'oirietor sf the recipe has been illdueed to otfir it to le pluls. he it its prenrrt form. in tirheisie that it lry tci' the melalls rd' rhreving many of throse who are suifrlering under the scourge of nt eouItiry. It is a rlerdicinLe possierseig gret vistue, ald whers risedI ae adia'g to the directiens ts ri never failed of elrrctiisg a cure, eIsV ilt1 Ir10 most obstiniat tilage of the disorder. It is not at e ll disagreeable, atnd 1 persolls of thie weakenot stoiach, and chdii;en inay tale it with impul;sty. It slr~wgthlns thie digrstise, organs, creates asr i lppilite, alid sholli reluirts illore thllln olo, Or ill obsteinate c:::r.s, tiwo botths 1 ti attfect r cure, '-le're isnrilt'r srercsr e rot arselen in thie mredicine, nor any thiing isjarioue to tle hIslllil constiitulion. IThe proprietors or, so well convine:d oi is, thir.t they agruee to refuid ithe price of ivery bosttle which has been - , acceordaInea witi thie directi;onsr and has 'at ,;'' ,rl a R perfisct eur ofil thre liver &. ague. A. U I:'t'R, sole agenlt for New Orlueee, at hris wholasrs d retail drug and sledleois store, clsrier of Di.aesl i acld Clhartres etrects. lir Dictriet Agencies airupli to je5 IT.W. S.rt'lTi, 45 Criti et. irNSA-~ , , L A1 RtNSION IIOUSI, P N.O ll'ITY, I'[r-.'iitJrt,(L.1.. r,1. l sl., rise sltiricrov I llIilaisllerl e ch tilisre a Irsrrrrr I its Itel~eietirIlr i .' Wii [ is iill s i ln l l irer eite ir lrsrcr ri ilse, ers Iel> i h ire is, ir rriluri wi l rie r ieady 'i re tive sirs' llr tIvl t .'r ist ]s'ls's li Iir[irelri " 'sir Nie'aer*g 1etsUI ) iaisl y heirsvist' will be fnd( ii nll t.. i le (lllrl ll.P l~lPl[ iib)ll" I iH 'lltl Tlll ]]Oll..t lIq ,NpWlt~ll.( Ise tie rlll io uI h s bisl hir. tl uillieie' nun siirls'd Ill a b n iI rieern b thy a whi i'rroi g iided lr . rlOllr..i A talllr i will e uttin hted I ts the 1I i eI r with g otd Ilrtcll mllLLnhsia lll( ill .11. Itrdik I.IW bl,;tts lth Cl.I..tlll Illt IIUIIL Ihellllr I r t le use i l- 114o ' ll .. ?· l ir, u .l li l~llt ll elll'tful/llytl, I1Ill n, dillf tal:d P ow hun(ats hg:1 p sl( tImO nuniln e tlihel est ee1 nill h . ll U i 'rii're sl sq th ise "ll Il"r , I n PIIa lliLt' ]llhwrt lrs. ]hl. w cilw lt hqi canwill I t ilt Ih~ia ilelsidv aisnllt to es'ture a all t lry of ,aie r t' t i h'tdi ,ee ordered. whi s wi urrie ' Itie s 'rsedri.l sr a rr i, i rs i'ier y hl irtal e pallt . uhr ririthi.tlsirt \asiihie.ter eite,.i]iiieisrtirir'riierirs] 'l tiii" tlit )r,' i treslvsr, se hi5' , c irts errs'h Ais ss, r'irshriiii'ri sine l Strie a r ih .'a of Irst 'e' r, insl rui n riellis serera'll l'tii ihey will ,( v cery i ible i.ttertriro ; asnd therr,]e txpire is ti gtr isi-ri 'll' fiti reIrc lol e t ' The 10L i tl lu.ivllntages ofIb 11 8 htoue ae too well nlwllwn ed i elear. oned d-cri 1 htre. 're Il o r .ntl lllg wlrll iI, elp re rleIzviei .o l thll f t'i'R Ilr , rlltr'ii U le ,r ylurns I'Ils' ii l eess ieerl'r'i ietir i t" il .ri rsn; se isiers ori siisn i, simrse re:rtisiri coserursrs'nd du il thlfe mlallltr i oits' hs bI ties' asse st risert, .ei ll gI fIi es rilre r,, e ,ll, ; ...b . ic i of tha r i'ei rndr ' , nigheir ll'-ri 'i- I wil Wh Ich ie r itSer .h u llt ; t l ils ll rxill ,ity 'pto. h the t SuthllC r m IIarIrketeI si r 'esB la errisri In Ir'. aol rer i SIver ull oier i rlaces il l ih'e latittdes, s a li Itllh anll telt:ig]tlli allai llnerrer .ll' l . . I si rtult e bioI wil Il herlel' srletllelelrrIae anle Mo hi rillt I ll 1 ile'e l5 ri tirie i it. l s IIIo ae tiaeke the neg r 2t fees rlhs N wUr setrsarr ll. N U ARNOLD. fesiecrsa, Feb 15th, t8:ct. 'I'alle.. iI add~lres hell'sion Icvtrire al)re lletooei, irrr -r leiwelI T''ayse, hi tose i e ie rsiertoor, at Lee Oi. teanse ls Iteferenerile r . "I ' Sctierd, r., Al e t I I eAuintCuls, K, t li lc Al ein i q., It.I Kihh, in Stab lel S, Teylor, P P Rest, irs Neo. tinressic, i' u --.\ n lll e Illxnn. l ,ll uIoI reciph' HIRn lli nlleOIIOC ·ll ir e'seO.u itl tire muse hst , m]ic , acet tiec tiVhsitarsna r rllicei, .i St ' usril'es E lh l tirge. lttlltlttiA tI UTl c'rl'- lrO N IEW YORK.IS t I TeP Tcrravellers ,leir rfusii r ih.i he Florisha sorue, I dles wilrl crr ia lllY rN ie'irim ilre Ir Pe silaeh leavllr'. Mol' taiind 'elpacila'nrveri riee, ot er tre I ihr " 'avc Isroi isteae u will i 'illras he irrviid ert tue ni lr lrIer t lie itr tr'iiiiivea It Ialrrr tiaea errpvrfrcri 'Mobile, ri eas afthsie fitilane afrtie, snare N II AiNOIIoD. The arerririrose Chiasrion leaecs Molle tor Iens. swir 5-e- - - w --k 5db 211 h - tAN MARIut FAtIINA'S COLOGNE VATiRI iicsje 'racrsinreeefrhiseeutrerier olughsse weter'. jeat Alo Amerisea cllid e'ire ir toilet w'sere., powder - uc' anld riiixir'siar'irg anid tiiilet eiaiisc rosetseeso wash uiells, ririlk of rilne , e, niselirit col l crteam, extriac o errs '., hl riretis Wrd's vegeratle tneir oil, erortis, i, reliresel ineprs't'ter,'iir.,t.rrhrtrsiir, rc~eeerr]iter seaters, Itrevera,'s .alrs, i rreii'.eii, erh rrnliry hit trirrr i., vegetia thiae i td luiui t ,ne. hhlrinere d )run is tooel wash, i ' trai "hair~cd cath u sei au itesh s's1 lire' together aids e'irratearr IJePc'isrt'cserisrro',atrawrhleeaiee erichn u.pll Sl a"'il'IONee, IIAILTT'&cO, i i vl . 70 I ']i rtresstreet. B U d Rit I.e-lit hclre tli..irrortsiisre i1b te lu dtuits, icrrdsrg fecrs risiip tebrieuisror ibr saet ' Royal College of Physicans, Loudon. iE original Vegetable NHgeial Univelsal Medli L cine, plr'elo ed by WV Alikio, Es4. Memuenr of Ihe Ivalo I College of Sur'eon, , Lieetliate of Apothe., c.ry's! ionlty, MFellow ,T Iolt CoUo Soelely, Surgeon to the lo tlin Union Pensihm Asoeiatimo, llauL.tri Place, o\Vierloo irilge, nid PIerlotual Pupil of Guy' and Si. 'Thomas'a los piala, IllCadon. 'Thlls vahluale medislne, the resuilt of twenty years' experience sod u paaalleled suceeess il the extensive alnd hiiglhl reslleoiable ir0t1ice of the proplriely,. patr ni0ed, b ltuly to eits tllyIn l tnoili al is 0ow itlollleto to ithe notice of the Amerlion ioablle, at the earnest so licitatio if ta mtlller olgentllenll of lotoganl high sltalih.g in the proellssion. It is hoped, as a 0relimi Oary step, to check (tie evils and intal colseqlueolies tloiog t1em the 0l(e of the nuo.eroods ald doletl'i11u O(st0'anll 0ioisted ulpon the i1lic hy the ail of fditbrieoird ploo'fs of mlieloulolls lres, ano aoler faoluds, by a set ol aerenlrV, impapilnlle t pretenders so foIally ignotremnt of mtdicl soieloie, Ihat ii imlpssible the monstrouslii itl"isilol n an anly longer go down 0lth thle intelligeln ieu le oi this tlooitrV. T'testo pills, mihil ant alglr'en0hl n thteir taa ettll~e, l] aouhe kept ini every 'oflth i caseo ofsuolden ilIless, for, iy (hlei lnaoliilllt dmiillist'atiilo, ch0ole0ra, enmp, sel,i, fe'.'Saonllll other alartli.g cIllltpil ltl, whlich too flen p1rove al, mkll be aslKedl ) cur'elllr lprevetilte. Iti fact, all those whoi vlllue gIod htealth, shold never be withllotl them. They ar'e sol' Sin p:llkets at Sl cents. $1 and $2 echll,ll by e'y 'esalwv lallbe Itrggiot, t,.bksellei, mItoli vo'll t,f lielhlicill t, (Ilh United Slltes, tl I IIe (C;ldas, , with copious ,llrections, togelLterwith. estlloni:dls of prolissiof :birit i'al thie filllau inh cllillllil heill0le'1 tl:0 Sir Aotle: Cllillpe,, . Alhe.lih y, Jiioe Iltlatill, M1. )., W'. 1(a k, M. II., J. Aotol K3y, A. Flotnptoo, MI. 1) , nod uoerois 1others. The oliginl. nlat be seen I llpossshilon of the Geoetal Ageut, .y wlholll thle mlrdilieio is i1ll'lel itllo this eilillir l llill to whoii aldl aljplllb tioills li'i0 geell si. nuOst ih oiide. JN(3. IIO.IIFIN, 1'29 Wit'ierlv hlace, N. York, Sitle (;Ier:da Agent Ilor the Ulitled States, c. For hole d t h pollItlliltlelltt of (he erigil lit u I1 ' elo. hhywns t II. 0(0.ll lt:n, hl';,gi'ls, II Caoll oitioot, o.iwlt Agetlletll.t' bSlll.hteof l.itllloiitll. jol s I.Y1 1Y I 1,1' cto, No d d\liq'lziNe st1'elietlre S: w recesin4 fr(1om ship. Nasislolte, Iisvlle, 101nel0kt, Eglel, Ino1! other late sll'rllt,9 t.ra th, .tel el i les . irge anId Ilew seileltell asnsrtllent n!:ois, Iloons. (.hoes anrd rll gloogals, solsillin . o1 g, .ole.n's linle iall l1 1o1'oc1n0 Iloots o d l(1, i 1 : I 'lo Illfld, ild solt u0ax pe111ged hIotsi , ·tlloll tll~·itdi iit-3 mlol's fillft (% clf seall Kill .lloi'l itr U =,o** pI.0l'I1s aId brllogllns, bllaeskinl shoes, brIOglis oit 1 t(11pes1 : DInl's tfine oill' aot kippdipegged i hoesl l . l Ittroken: do ooiutt; dto sltlt kip ai w11 lpeged shoes p ld blll,.ilts; 1tlall len'lll hbest llllid) ll' ew1 +l sh1 oes. 'i'.otaltloIl.oothlc oo oiop dIl cll' l 0ilsI f I ttll lII .lool. I lila shots itunl sliptg i ', Io Illt, i ntl '11 antl eUl1 wnl m Sl.ew article; ldo lille c lf' st .I l l IIlllll: 111111 alts; boys', .messes'tnilchild:en's pegged :aod sawed A'lo 10)-tl itlt o'elli~l qiriii! I30i001 101l1h0,t0 11.0 b 'ogan s, aid l llie o e ft iry itilit a llilll. A'so a general lass'tll tlnt IfllL men's tl tl ltx m1l I noi,,1 of men's line mld stolt kip re0sed1 1' goos, 1 l'il t I 1 0u:,'h), Iilsll00 11 O1111 iit Irll tj i ill I(t1 W" a. cld,, " I it su'.rge qu tity of1 n ini"rior tu:l.t on 05 h' oellitois t ollr.,nlgil S m :n t ilad I nlts, k. s. Lolies' titi,oolt sea, 1 0n-'iOitri gllrgai tltlolt9,it ill pIIlIti 'ioll sles; l I It i len l lVIA k l 'i t:lk kl d |Itl s aid ,ippe ise; ido t r o s e,, w h er I l i wi ll he10 I ni .;I O ln f l I. C ll, IBtall I il I: It . b i la e loll lls ; .1 0 lined lal shoe l k i ital l i i C sn d o t iue . d o l t s t i gll I b i olg n o l i t r .t h ;etl1n 051t ofintsl'otith b1ck silk ns; i b 1(ohill heatve, €lo nt ia skIotlriootliltlh) dll illiiLt|Ol NO MERCURY NOR COPhIVA Itnte, «n; I epll ai nato brio men's eine d " ad it ;le si'eio lts oo dlitii11t 011iiies; dhittlldren I. t1i '. I'oe lles ack and b wool , r ' II ' IiO Ilil wil w ih eltll l w t g l oi0t1e, lol 11 t bo ll'r |1li t s a ! II '.. I ilny I onl till ans niltll l la ll tl$m . Il It If -6n1 sItre. iiol tI sP 1 t.e.Ii r lti'l 1"11r II t l'l( 1plied to ll ' lt Iie .blo e 1t0e I lt l 1 1 1 t i l ' h 1eitmllllr expert hh t0 i. il, .f .lt , e tlllhe KIii l'ý l g t YII r.r, mu n, t i k il lt 1( 4 Iilrk " liN o tille loll. r iiiii i olll )..ix i (r eih ll onu , (,a I leg, ill llh o O¥P( ray blati mall, .lor lhroa, and hIu ablllhe. to wrk till h"" Ihe rilht Id lie Ifth hraltl. i ail i , in plll . ylNy el lOllo nilv li n aellCl of Dr. I-uet, tl P rari " fel. II lyo I Y O C El T ' b t thI he a u l mento111d li0e I0e I t gnit, well mi dto til| wnllt 111111 ti(( , ll l . whin- 1 i ne illli st aill; ib rtlw id re , I ntlvi le I I lli''a' l rers "io lo.1e 1 11110 d 1 llli ,l i I' A.' Il( ie t1 01 1 C( nIl 11reel, beh( e1ll Il(ipi ihl - lIeU .I . 111 . 1 ,. )r. t100 01 tit ll'o!io Irilll Ilt i' , lnol, l all, i ll " 1' l1l.b Tlhly will liha.11 u it l 'illh ' Illr Illli coi'lll iilllu. 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I'O TL -ilEPL I -Il Thlie is* erigni.ah.tvi g a sludi d under Dr. Sel.anidd at Chlaarleston, iSoith IlCarilina, and tfor sotii yaors lisl assistantl itn lhe practice of nmedicine and surgery, has the ilotior to offer hlis proeilstonal services in this city. e assures theli llases and genitlaiemen thatll te miiiit ,sranlpt attention will be paid to alhe callas wailch i;sy be made; li ad also nltars hs ll rviea s to til iolders of slaves, bleig well I eqtullilted with tlle disases cotiilon to hei, hiaving attenided themli aI :.a llg.r hoiuse i Charllfetoa. Thie 'faitous anti-bilous pills llter the omnipas tion a. Paoftasir SnillhtLe. ai itlh directions, cat he had af the unrderaigied. Tlhe eltlct winchl. ilhoy hula rodiiaced in this and other cities, ihas ben atltended aitr tLie gletest i.uecess, to wlhich the bUst of uftiirences can be given. Apply at No. 1616 M,,a. hib street. JNO. M'LORIIING. e'o'fl C er--- he partner.ship o Kelley, Mason &Co o1",f\ew trleia asonE, rris &.Ki., of nez. ill Iarris, Kelley &Co., af Itoduey, was dissilrvedl as lielsi o'f .la liis, by ahe ilseai eal aSiiiiinl A Mlauoisii le of rhe paurltnieers tri ihe lhiarrs. 'fiet inslieiged, surviving ptarner, waill e lichrged ith tale aetlhlng sand aling said abuieeanesl as filluws Levi C tarris will atteid ao the setrling otathe bsiireas atf Mslia, llarris& Co.. ia Naitsez; sad ularris, Kel r s.\". Ctl..tlt taiaa; ald tteniry Keliey will atread ia le aling of albs lbisiieas of Kelley. MiLtnsi & C., .e Plaew t)rltoas The aiaes at Se rseveral llamrat walt | .sd is liig idatiiiaaily. 'l'hase i.r.lvbted lit said firmas are ternaetla relueatedI Iocome faarwnrd anid make early selementl sand those li hsingl caims will peas peealt iheias widiout delay. IHENRY KELLEY. UIOLItEAR'S Science of Posnanslip received,and Sfor sale at their eemroaaent Writing Academics No. 8 Chaores areut, New Orleans, 11Itl8 ioadway New York, I)auphine at., Mobilo. It is particularly designed hor private learners, and by schools, and is eraeulated for ersons orfs agi e. Ladies and gentlemen oare invited to call an examine the system for rlthemi es.lo. loseons are given at seach hotIues as may slit the ronverienes of all, anedto clses frmed in aoiy part of' thu city. Lndie wto refer it can receive :!esons at their own ref - idencee. T Pern ra paving eaa rse of lasons enre deired o aotuel.:" " aas " s 1 yell ashey wish. ...A lit(Otl'II.,R. ROWAND S I'ONIC MIXTURE, FOR F0V0ER ANn AUE0 . SE0N yearse have rot yet slapoed sine it was C first regularly enbonittod to tile publie; hbut it A has atlained tie highest reputtiaon; and has sitp. planted every other rmedicine for tile Ague, wherev. 1 or it has been known and appr, eiated. Already P has it been carried in every direction throughout I tihe United St;ates, san still realizes mIore ithar could I have been antiipoated hy Its meet nnguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored t. helhh lnd vigar through its agen. P ey; and thIy now choeerl'lly testily, at every op portlinity, tI its derridod and supreare effiracy. 1: is eomposed of such nmaeeiaal principles as are calculaterd to renew tfi healthy acrtirt of the saton- It Itll, liver, and other importan.t dligcslive organs, tse loes of wilchlt hnrlony is the ioltln diate caullnb of tile disese. It is ,plipreiLt alns, that it prnidu. cos an entire ciral;eo it thie condlition of the systeimr and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of tler Itfuctionr. Wnen the Agei is attended i with ily other eeomplainrt, the employment of the b Tonic Mixture will not interelbre with the treat. ment of the othler di-erse, but wi l even ifford as. d iasttlnce by furnlishing strength and vigor to the t hady dIIinrg tire .corer of troeutomet. Those who rr ma;ke use of this medirin mtray ha asbured that i there is no Arsenic, Bnrks, MElerury. or any othier article ill its comopoitionll unfrield v to the hulian conlsitrtiion; being entirenly a vegerlble extract; tnd they tma have addiiornal eonfidenlce i t he itou Lerceol whenl they pereceive that it has thIe e. ifet or a goet' liaxatlve aborut (rho ime half a hot. I flu full hats beon toIKltl--in conlr.qilelterl of which, r there is no part of the inedlcitn lult to linger in c tihe iowels to cause obstruction., amd other evils, arising ltrim Ithe uea of miany of tie remedies now itlbrer libr the cure ofa this allnielion. It lhas been I used also as a preventive, by Iany who were sub il jet t n periodieal recurreneo of the Chills, and it has invtrirbly wardtid oi' tle npirroulonded attac. aObse r! The Proprtorr, fully satisalied 'a ithr the tlparlluod allld urLn.rersa.a erroCess virlllih liac cun. it riitly aoltotrlodt r punoiual naod rrrulor use or tlr, 'Touir Alxture, in all ll e.s of Fever antd Agor, i.els warranted rIllr egging to refd the l e rce to all thoas whlo ihllv tlken Ulte Lrrsdlloilr rr striot re V coiderlso witlh tile preleried tdiret'ionr, wrIhoutL hilving hlern lrtictly d rll rstingly curred, T''he stirooerlbrs lare the whollsal ahgentl for irer South 'ilererl Stt.olstl lrd hv now r tron htald sIx . ty of this erdicrne, whirh is w.irreated frut it anid gt'nuie. For lu at tihe ran.utie ured pricer JAtllt . ANr. fillS, . SmS. ,,ARY KIIIKLAND respreofully an. ionunces to 11 r f'rlliends and the publie .gelc. ally that site Is prepared to acr ollnrlrodlrlt therll at to albove ostalllishlrlnclt, and hopes r 'r r an he xPerillOll to rendar visitors Clllllrt Atler, to recrtiV t continloanece f' fiormer fvirs. hSio t fiels colnfl. lent that iprunes vstring Covi, gtoinror dinrite rllner mnontls, cnllool fid br:tter collmnallti titos than she etorn afItrdl tlhrtr, ton mart hbIlral terms. Iher houst is I pleasantly ititurd, rand (rDt l pplicd with eery eeolorrirr.nrr; the br irs arnisihed with thli mosrt chltrte Ibrlrs, &o. ill shrtshlle promises ",at notlril on shall ib willntlll On her t Itat to iive itlrn so, blet i0 to all who muay ptLrohleso the !i rrissilni n rl ,Ilruisiana IlItel. jr3 tItLLUtrOt V WAlI.-WtlIODl SCRI.:VWS, SAD IlOt)N., r,. II'IE IIOWELL \lOtl(RS COIMPANY, No. S 38 \VWater, near Illtoirktmnra triot, New York,. have reerreivld the past reaoull, annd nar eo.stantly re;lcivinog largro and exlaotlivu additions tio the rrstork of thire a!ove goids, which lnow un+rtlsts of tihe ollowing asorslltl t, suritdale loo r the southern lrand mestlro rn nakelts. Hollolw waore of auperior qualily, consiating of shout, 1500 tons, via. Pits of 2 rihlfrfrernt sires, from 9:8 tir 50 gallons, KIetlic, 13 a zcs, froml 3:8 to 311 gallolls, liettles, 15 arz, s, fre, 3:8 io 18 gollorns, It tkerp Intl or Ovouro, 7 acnes, 'Tea K,:ttles G rlu Skillt, . 5 do Fl.t Spiders . 6 do coverd Spiders, do Ord lisra, . . do re,, , i dr Wtagot, Iboxfer 1 I 4 to 4 3.4 inches. C Irt do. 5 Io 7 icites. IVWodl Scr tr, 0 1.(201) gross, iron ansl brass, lroml :rillch, No 3 to 3:9 loch, N,r 21 of a superior ,I ..I'lty and filu as, und los thar l Jale's imported i Sad Irons, assorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for rotailing. '';lrTaor's uni hattor's Irons, assorteld. Sash weigtrrt, t00 tour, aooortud from 1 4.1 to filials for PI rntations, stoeanoaits, churches, &c. rmade to order, Atsu oostarmbarts and other machinery mrade to I rder. r 'llon aove assortment of goods is particularly rI reolinnolld to Iithe altllt on of' r oulrturo anll VlVrstoerrn nirechants, and aret offrred for sale at lfw prices, an1d upn the III t liher.l termsa; it Ir bo. lirrvel Io Ie the largest and best assortlent ever ilTlrerl for ailo by any onr eeuloliichlnolrt ill the Ulllted States. Nltredallotr. hIy Iorwarllini a rernest hy mail, onte 'ar' a prlnd o.ei.lar, witir de crclrriro of oinds, rrices alld terlllrs, tfao wliirh no dlva1tion is ever ale, rtrnisherd Iy retirni l'f alln ll. All ordelrs will rencves illnoediato attention. New York, 1I8f, - J3 L IV G(leunt s Pb'jttriletsi . In:ldiot D e, for eloriong Ihe II r : Iter's O ,1, Ro.sInI' I eilel'a' erse, p ollllnl l illh v' F'II tle \ . Th' i | , li p , art pt powdter, t i, al.'witt l t relire ,I r,-se, vte tnlRhh ronce, ol e t oi rs , ip solve. tieo, it. theol i wIash, ,t, hilni dIhlrllcci , llnlll iiwver wn~.r, t,,,+d-r puffs and boxee r A ' , rl, acht r,:ni, nllllly i put u 'I ll'r iln Ct' lTatei, I'rei. II ee lla , )IIIu, kl tn s d l s ,th I ,I it t h dl ps, l11111 ! hr1oe p isn E| llch dIrln;1! c.mlloh s l tdhan hai S ll, wti t a vrllly il Ith , pI rltll ri-..r. f . her sale by C. I. 'I I'CII.1RD, aiI 3 '' Ors oo__ 1 1: t m.' ' t''y ' I, . -" ,AT'1 --I3cn asdinb Runsinh rs, varimut nHi ,. I 1 :o<n1 |him- nu low craw . it l d g ll,+ no llhip ib. oil,, tb r lie y s Mi-ls; e,. I ,, Po i7 i1'1 'lig tio ' &t ,ill:,.7 N Il . " zil 'toll) I . | U{=i. Wit II h& i tll, - l , -e.ti l ltt Si it ,Ige,, ir satile t by hi Ii)) S:i, ,nt17 4! _+'+ 41 l .Lve r / \ I"I": ' , +r., iht, r., .t . t (tt. 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Itt, very blnek, ati oIo asn iat[ted' itnetlttiolttteltertltottatlhias aeC ie rorer oe'sianoe by uretentt hort;hIt,,r It ton altti be wenlataay a atbil col,,on ohi liten rihirl, onl wilite crlltt Monthr, of veeelo ttt(l eteol Itootn ore cantlttned * goinot receivirg or h llrbte,,rgio- ne o sl wepO l0 l nWO al other yereona, o lio o ute t,st riottlrof tiL law will kg en~ofetttl tgttnot them T. h bl e Itottttcrewart w eill Ile 11 f' hlo tot nottV ftIt jmsil of eitier oftbE tuttioiltO)listt or at 1iii C.arotdelel, e0r0cr of Heeri Fll'eel. . . ... . . . . . . a pt T"i 'I'[c ':-·II .........., ;---....h i.. -.qi t tt.-ii."d.r h r )i. GIrretof, aloha' , tiscoltetl. T b, tlt)Doorilter mill lit [ late Ihe afLairoo ett InttobP tttttt otttt tim Vltle, Inod atlt sltte lte.a tlttteht.eeo~t .lit I.e~t, l~~ll atug 8--t h IttiAtIETBg(N CATA AI' nI0IiM'ATT" p NI1.V NOVELS itllisa Ike Reefsr Ity tite tttllhtr uo Peter Silttple, &: Cataotijn , ore W )itte nl t Stt!.et Ili-ftielht I;,Loa. 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The eubaeriburo are aow receiving from tlheir fonj torines i'l New Yorlk, eed wil hkeep constoantly on hland a geeneral asnoleoent If Marble Maoetle Piecem fsuprtriar vaorkmanship, and of tho latent patterns, nmade of h besrt Egyptina, Italian, irish and Ameorlcalll.marbln. Alba, Monullaellsl, Tonlba ando Grave StonesO, amoulded need plain sills and liIstel, m:e'ble ieings. hleartlhs and boundary sonen, of lParis, Itlleaan & Hydraelie Comeet and Plaster. i g lIslr, together witl a splendid aeeoretent at eass maodated as:d plalin Gratos and Iussia Iros lates of lthe newest and moabt approved patterrnsll. Leltnerig done in thenaest n nreateeller and at the rolat notice. Thllsy hle first rate w orker.en t Io -+ra wort(. 'AMPI'' f AIN & STROUD. SLID.LL'S NEW \VORK,&c.-Thle Ameriean i i Elglasd, by thl aulhrotLf"A Year in Spaie," is Nlable Deedof Vmllien, in '2 olsa. Iale Yoaeng Wife's Islook, a laaeual o moral reli ous and dlomaesic doties. Sust reeiareal anti furale by Wll. M'KNE AN, i I0111$' Ilodirsl B.eka--LCleia sn PLhhials; do. oa . ilhlllllrettige,'s lee tespplv, reen'dbl fed A TO bAR, 9 c.p

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