Newspaper of True American, June 5, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 5, 1839 Page 3
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S.ILAN I) 111. A1. ESTATi, LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situlated in New (er"ans, '1O BI D({t(WVN iON T''111 It IiI"('I:,1II:1I, 18039 IN JA (~hn'IO.V VIIJE, Fli. Ullnder Ilse su )H ltyIte'ldu,'et at iti, (:n...tllkioei~lll rs 41 }* Iuiiiled Iby tlie l.'gi'-livii A: miilib Iol" FIorIiidna. ilI5IIdlTI' & li.1\lll.l'ON, Mllanagers. 10.0,000 tickets, at $15 elheint price. $1,500 000. Selling pnir'e $~,1 per til'knt. MYILVIS'' ER & iC., 1511 Ii0rosrda , NW\V YORK, SOle Ai'Ints. I j 'hll reeni ,t 1 oI thie sale of tihe tickets will Ie Ile nitited I ti . l Canal, Unin ul, urrillln, Chilirl's and Loeniilidtn'd. IBnlik, in New Oh'(i'tnii, in dip anita of Ioni) Se liiiiilh jniillI whih J. i. I'elrnnult uiieually C ushier, ofthe (;ilizen's (link, nId A. Inllln lill ne tunll hier oth (onlihe ifih Cniduledl Ilhik, ( s Iii utrs, s iper act pnasse be:llle iA. alltureul, 1':i . Not. ubll onilthe d May 18(1,, cid thei ipropelli Iinnumrred to thle uabove iiei'ntined gentlteIlen leninbciered, its 'Irustees, for tie security ol'll fortunatlle prize hol In Now Y'ork the nirtlc will hie dIloited in the J'hamnie Iluak tl athel.r dlt lofthe allbov Ie I uo ( ity Blnks of Nenw ilrlenin. The Pblie are r,,li'rrnd t tthe arts plSsed before A. Mtlrlaeunni, 1I'(. Not. P iih, ill r lionz wo. pierliee which elbra'ie the respnetite pri s iu Lottery. 0011 I'IZ%'''', 1la olllows: Prize-T-'l'l"ul i Itgl, t tfi t llhree tor y brick ibuilding, kinoii nn tili (0 01)1' i IIn , .la 'hno i loc. , len ring hl) i Tc.+l 5 hlllnch. . I lhvo~n nn hlln tztl(? l+1. 4I t l+, ; , illcir; n . i f (n l ll·s I, naon It li onll II inl,'i ,mal NI ,t;c:l.h st. 'lhit niblihl Ilid n rla. I tniw I t renll ro $37,100110) pelrlan lt , ,n Irl befllg ill tile lllO!l [Ilnoll i-'hillL' Ill , I' li,' (cito y Ilp o-it lin llrhni ' ll ba ll ill t l la~ ,111 dIll ~l n 'i h. ht n i 011 l .,d.I " lfit!: i i 'l II (h(i nd se il IIH ,tels. It, re t w i ,ll , he n ,,i ' ,' ,tl I , tinceiiased oin lilly ithi,,n.,ani. dolluas per nnluall. F ai td nit $i 0,100 Prisa- I ntl 'le, mt ll f Ils 'io ' rI l III! - iug klowUt ti he 1 '1; Il 1Ttl'I.L, formerly Biihop'i I I,.t+l, inn, t,.d 1t Iniea , n,,ll l. l I l n IIII i t lanl i; I Ii hl, 11 I i $011n1 1 al i 1,164 l ltle llY ill hrhn - hit inZllll:lll -Ill, r IllT t hirty l(,l-11a lin ii,,er p ' fll - Ihous, I:ii i t n l inii l' t $50: 1,001 Ilaoll e, (No. 18 elll nlll itnlit 1,i' , lII' Natch el i) , tre r wIt' illde I re, led ii I:! h1ri tI e dolanrr . I':he id i .l' d at $ .0,11 i I PrizeiZ-- 'l'hln Iiv .,+l l'a, n hIIck d·ing 4 ll,. hnml dtt ll ar l l, (lllltll Inn1 l, 1,t $_11, hllr U oil, nlhl ll ':tlltu it $'2(0,11)11 I:llh1~111111(1119I 'urcm.-T IhrlI1 .1}r h1 lwrl 1 prize--'(' le ,l 'llini himcu Nio.' 'I n:1 u l - in f tlo 7 Binc l ml , In li ll ,ri e t nil Ii l iiii(m ed lis ile r (;Il" r iif 'ni 'ml in 1 $l 0 0 i i oI hierrm d do(Ins, l'+ntimntind n't Ndi,',l t P'rizeu--'e dwellin t hiue No 'igI $.o0h Wte- ; 'n rlne lnim il Baniln Iilill'ili- i wrnri ge- l ll (, 7r Bin oi It 'll. i ll n'll $l lIt 7-in inc..h- onU lklio Itlck ll I r 7Il 1' inil I Ir ,0 cha llne i nllt e0ll - lIm e ' ~ e ; mk ook it . iii l, hI n lred dII r ' .r I.:i, , it $ I0,00 P(ri.e--'lhe n l +u rl III , itelll I 'Hl.lo I 0 I' r11 h (Ini 'ti- Iu lllin, I1'1 Ihl'l 'llli ll nnmllit neIi l ,i o. 339 1 ,,l in , 0 0 (51'111 her i iI,''n I,, bbI oIrinll 2l ft i 3 II I ii0 o 1 el l ti $1"17 per lllto iln m 1 Prize--.nil 'totr,'' t. lain \'ial Bla nk stocek $) I) im' l tl.h i 1,111110 r ' i i '.h l 1 111 ,;it l.h r e 1 ,1111, :| [ ,ri -s., l 1111 - sari- s t oif, P i ml l n, t :jl l f fI I'ries' of 11 "1 " I:tth t . c,' ,1 tl() llll 1 IO 'ri zeml f I : l ,l " (t15iii I.i' ll, 5,11 tin irzdes f m 1 . ,ir n .. 'i'"' nl ' ,i,,r . :th fld) Oil) P'rizes. of 111 " '° l.oni( hino ,Miil +,, ' ,IIII0 111 $1) I'Sizc. o I rook of 111 k , i" h ll 1211,1110li 3(11)1 |'llllll, l ' I | llll l Ii flt \lk 4 1' |"hlridh., 1 + 0(11111 I I sh ll ll l r. I h lr ¢1! tll (·ll.llhlre npto l 1+,f prima ~t hank lll ok ., cl th'1 tll o I tall kt tIh.ll slur I, ,ll' or Ihie plalr vltue tni ' iot in \'nL nh. 9I I1: 111. I I . \I 11\ It l. 10()11,0 l ieklta, Inrlll l I t lo 1.1 11 ' ,,1!( ill hr phill I t w l .r"I. n dii i 1 iI "'..% 1, xv I .se W ant.., i~i 1( lt ;llh l" ti Iev t'¢ Iltl 0lllba 'r t !+, h +ll ,. , i 1,'11 h 1 1 rt i iii c I',ll the pri'",l are + II i 0,r t i,,, ·lrns t1 1 i,,lt a of c· (Ihd ,rl 1 + ,r . I%1' I , ,t , , ,+ll he ~rr,. ,. i t,,, ,ii 1' ~1111,0 ,1o11 + 111e 1 ,., lloLd 1It . 11,. 1 t'h, 1,tir,,.. -I ,.ir , \.er ý.11]1',11 , ,-l , proL ll ·1 i hi'n· rlat ', I 41 ,r llr hlllllll: 1 )I |II, r " l.k ,I v, i p ls 1".0 , . ,1100lh, 10,- l ,"s. or [,, lmn ,1tl ) I ' ) I \\1 1 II.'1"1) N,, " ()r1<,1 ,Ie'I,. .h. , l l . . 11: !0.. ~ I I.'l 'l Iltr.: sillk, eno , :,1 .ttl,, , - --l i l ,I I '1 ,, , ,ll',. tlll 1 l', l ,I n r ; (ery, nilll i.Ii |'ill fu?· ' Cl*d-. niit l W. W COLLENS F ni Alr. ('ir Fri xx Fir rrrri () ' I('' N". i r 01),l llFirS'. 'rl l.l 'F , I' S A ll) (',,m ni+;wm' ta11(1 I~i',c il~a ii. u r ir l - Ir and eni"hl n tIo\ I It'4 II,'-, i i ~u " h as Ii l Said .,.C niioene, hi1 rons.'(.rbler P !'"prien'c ;' Naprill HN V. ill 1 ,l JbandV t a ia tN . (11of -, 1r 1ir'I ana I-s d,. r:p t'aV dsp,, tI ,i'mI I ·-Pl oI. A ia - l) ' gr:,v . Flleurl , rl Iri l' r runk'o . r s ALLr & rr INrrrr :R ' Ior II' IfNrn iJe e n eiS in ll rtli- r -I ppr r Fl Ifl' l Ind W inter( l aln"d'. CaI l-I]'.tcd r( l".0m P r '- I r." l y e11·1'nnr: v l"1 ilretui on ccoiiiiiiinln ti intr J i ""' Ut "ri,. ur (lI.ry oF iit ro.n om, .. e tilrrIrrIl anI ti o Ilrnrrrl o r'II orrl rlllll rr I1 I' i i ll l mi' II llA ]i arralri ri rrn r ollily' ial'ro lirlll lllr'Iii iy rioro Il liot S w ll:thIId "llo t Iir iIrli FIIi(1r111tr.hn11orv1trTR application, supersal lill the nio of thiQ ori jeclruohl. prissary, is onaidno'rly recomUlmended to l t Dtllictyd as thie Imeans o aSi ilFt restrantionI to ihealth, it never havingi fiIae of plerforming D cur, even lundek r thi e iotst gigrivad circumstan com. It his reIceived the, decided approbation of Sir Astgar Cooper of London; Sir i lnjamin C Brodre; Sir oJames Clark, Physician to thle roQueen; Dsr Ashwill. Lroo rer on ilidwairy to Guy's Ilos. pital; Dr Rigby, l cturl r to St DIthorlo Oews; Dr (:itlith, lectulrer to restmintcr Hospital: D)r Rlamsbotham, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert ;'orguson, lecturer to Westminster lying-in hospit, al; Dr Sweatnann, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and sCaior cecoucheur to Quleenc Chariotle's lying, in-hospital; also by H1enry Davies, Conquest lolundell, Lee, Merrlanl, surgeon Ieatei , &c. by Dr torrraum, presideolnt of the Academuia lroyal Jo Msedicine, PI'ris, an.d Accoucher to the Duchess e)'Orleals; iprofesors Velpeati, Marjolin, Paul Dubois, Sa sF n and othelrs-alnd in New York by professorJ V Frrancis, SIS BIedford, MI i) profs. oar of mliwifery in the univterity of the cify of Now Yorl, proFt. Delrtirildr, anld Francis, U Jrlin. t.on, presidrent Corunty IMod SI.ciety, Laurots Hull mroesiderl amed socirey Soate of N York, plofs Jas tacNaul ghto of Albat.ry, roi Moarich, Cyrus Per. laits, Doane-Drs Th'r i.ryd, Gilbert Smith, lounsck, Stearns, Ludiowr, lisaousl, Vache, Power, Grayson, Van Rl, toossalar, arl many other distin. guishrd physicianso in ther U Staies.i A C Iull, Or ice 4 Vionay st, Astor House N York. [t A constant supply of the above instrnceonts, with oDr Iull' improvi d 'Trusaol e for Hernia, will be kept Iby SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, AG Carlienter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh., Wood. nillt; BIoth and Mallory, Memphis; W D WVil;tn. son, Samerville; H.o ll an Wrashington, Naslrville; MrNairay and IHamilton do; R I. UBiss. Florrner Ala; J C Spotswanood, Atlhens; Irby and Mastin NEW ORLEANS Stoem and Patent Bisicuit Bkery-WItrers and Hillmian. No. sor, arnou (near the L 'oIithirFrain tail Roabd.) rPilrot and Navy iruad, Sudra .aid Vino Riscult, Scugar, Butter, Midford and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to he of the firs quality, ad 'o kee in any climateo , rbeing comArpletely kirn dried. Als,-Ktillu dried corn mel. Order lfnti at G. hW. rio hard od arTagalt, Jr. earner Magrazne and tlaydras sntrrts, \itr rceiive prompt attentionll. all kebgs piut up expre'iy fr amity use. 15nov SHIPPING. For Europe. Pi'tik Li VEIl '(lt It litn tt Skolit , pll elvei i&nie 3 i:,h" 11 ( PItch I lIvin g par ,kct o .h I U c VgARNge I t JFNKIN'i Ctn i . 11 (iAtliti w1111t.::31 19 lr U'S cnltn hrrmnplrteIP 1 lleTr:!a1.$ 11 Fp r tirnittt~d tin' nvih rp~nr pplt inCptiirli board, ,r t0,Io &, I uiuv i At1 A IMill ' I tllCr C'I'te tnst hiling nir~kct Sh i ,YItVA NdIS iii! .IENKIINS,(laIa : Barkeli r, rii n ni, ounI darn ?H cabI~in pu S & Iand W ill positively. [Ilillll 'lllWite punt 9, 3( d 3Jllbl rillll it(. · or mayr :N 1 II If lAI.E~,!:l ComI11 II1 1 t FIlt .ItVEII('U.. I itl IIF 7fI t h it Iti It 1I Iir :11ain t n a will tfttein li/ sag , llv sn rir a ram mduinil uip fil U nr may 3o ;. 3 ('amp (sl11 11~111·, il~ 11 lit IrI1·I I VIplll~llI il l rPI' t Utlll I'h111 A 1 up-inrlilln l rm vry fas~t Baillrr~ lin A il, JII(I'I N 1., . II1 II)I)YIIIIIII P leur ae, ll!mm pun of l·1,1' r cI·:l1- I) ·IIL'lfiP ,. ill rrcIVP imam. ,. J"1 1, II Ii; l(.·:,! Itl Cltmlll n l I Coastwisg. Mt' M 1.1\ tiiKK. '1T1E new and spluidi1 shib O 'I'T \LI(O,i FORL NEV Y ii K. I'r'rn/'l iv/ th 1;,i/r inst. New Yrk 'nd New (lr, tol.' in, 'hI. urw tint i elo.nt 1i N M NI I.:N , ]I l.I 1140. l I a vi. Ul ll iintg olfl, hlllflhl i 1( l he r c ILP.I+ I r .+ll~li' iI IIV llll b~l ii 'P-It ' It. tl . i ' :it i'it it/ , A The A shipf I\AN( i( t (:oapt I),,r', will I ve dlespnit4,. For b u, . I" o frh iohf .J-( -;l r p",·1 10 , ltviiL food lccuttllll lldltlii Frii ti i to the 'iut itvll ri/on v rr t.r ' t m yiy s1,' .I I' VHITNEY, 73 ( mI'll mlO llall aille[ New 'luk ' nekal. ''rask viii Le ready tI . rks ] IIn fiaIh'h h) ni llrow, lanl w'ill snil vwilh lquick de- t( hf. For I-,igllt ur SIpas gl ', fll ,illl Ph, gulnt ncrumunlrlt dillII ll) l apply to llllth (,a|ttlhl Oi Ilrl l 1I1d, a r the Veg4OtnIlldt lar. ket, or to JAMI:E I III. Lii EN, 74 C1 np st. ai] IThe Y'l zo is a very desirabl,+ PcLoveyt ncen, Ibr pusone'rs Ili this ulw 1IIIof the w .arl, ha vilg ll wiry pper binl. i i IIIn l il Ii l 'OS'tiN. 'h lin A I lt .p AVA'I'AS, C',pt. Snw, hrviyl lort of her c-rgo en,_anted, asill hauv A dhl ploatch. Fr Ir,'hft or -Irls.P, n py d to dii2 r \' J P Wlll'l'Nl, Y,93(',np'+ 1I1 NEI t YIORK. lhol s' l.ini- f PIacket .. To NOil o the 7lb. June,. ti , $a~k 1ir- rt m v n| hnl i kr t it 1 Fl iif r l , l ls rl ri' r IItI 'l lh tlll tr ll " llll . I 'lil , l' I i' I' ll lll l,. I oIla i. elh,g, (:r Ill~ ill fi lolllulor,l ,qll. , aill, 'u lc 11,0,0"h, rively t01 1 s 11 ad,;til l ·a abo ve f r fei a l lurli. or o N. ' Dodg erC, IIId selll Iti' 1h, 1f,.o 7- 1 1. t ' ili \l.lp:, l d. (ul:CHIEF,, ho v in pallt f he r ., "ni I.l.e'I will ho re des.n Fio II Lv AT itnat', ,I (lI" Ill ill lit ,l+ thl Gr lfi-llr fl', flas t lC Itionandl bn(,d tlaos , t i ly t' i a & J l' \S.) \ o R'I-III T : , All m illiNT Poop O tt s I'(III .\1:11' N V ( IK. 'i T \ I jn.t l n, hip \ t' 1 / 1 \ V" 1' e ,t. Ni I lr/,. .mm d ,I- :'i n , l"or l'.' S-/ :I/ ' .,'I., 'I n ' II,'il i mIn llll(I -t " 1 i 11 III i , ' I i S . i S I /" , , rI nio i'il l l IA(i t 'N Ii i. P '"lll. hli , t11, ,ll .IaT I il i : u. m iw Nii I. r .itt-1 1 -- n i t Iiri i ,l'f l r 1 ii.i. . ( r.UI t1 ( l:,( It E 15+ 1 C. III ,I)., I T T11I r11.1 1 " II,11 t lr :111 I ,i kI i '. d i t i , t i rsll ti (' Dort.. ( n1 o rit - tlrI.n , i 11 i, th. i dj,i 'e I. Obt-, I d I I'.ll lll- llT I·lll lh'('ll V l~ l itiI t I 'tI, i,. I. '1111t t1 l ir h, 11 1 1 i i i i N i h i I iil ll, u In th ' I i liI nli. l It i i i" - II , 'l , II Ii t Iint.'' L d ioll ,li ntlh fllo Illll r- I Illk i Iir r o1 1)Ir ll 1IX I Adh' - s ll,1 Ih o I'hUlh' .:ha. .-- l T m I lV I1t" rI lr. ill the I lrl,, o1f · k, ý.11,, - ,Jr. ( I'x.1 ': l llll hic, . lllI Il l;lw I tIIb l t-. :S li u l f l OTTOli (I I lR r I IrIIou nt w :11N.. tt 'i r a s h sttr lls.di L be y rt. i fl t ('nyTI'r- r , . I int. I,, (' ,tlu," t l :, hnna ,, + ,, r ,f ( a ie r ''It.l) o al I' I , I A .\.111: 1 1 ;I l \A N 'I RI IIN 'I'1 N 1; 41lF FI Cl F, .1 co ir f lfir,.,il, :I ll Charles tott+ IitI r /l bent t I /, . t lr y knit, ,u ir,! l ,i -. , 1'I'I :,\ I -1111.VI' IS, it lt lK - \ hlolud-, , IP 111,p1 of/ - I"r, ihl' Ih l,. l' h illl:-'.l lii: 11''0 ,1 I. v " u knigd u tirt hrcr 'tt+, un i ittd a ut I lr . i. it No F., "I ('hf rtl r i', c vkt'. I -may l7 \Vt t l Ft T &r . Ir 'irrr )i.I I' ' llTl: OG--I Iir- lIPI C. IC iN'lTlrnIstNl-l' OF I ' ("I 'Nil . ir l ieos le iurt i, i nnuni, r'II t itn I; l' lrr, ;t t. itlt l n aritt lrlh I, l/rt t' u .inn' II.h l ui ' I. t p. :ine iin , e a ct Ve ll or 1 \ er'1 .''r' e \" (l' , I`i1 ll It A1I'- ril u1 il uT n '~c :e i iI1. T IIIkIH,:b. (i11·tit l-r s I ``,A U<i.\r --.5'I I,.o e.,,? whilt, lI.Lv. '. "ilt_'anr. n s11urs' S r1 ah,' 12'by 1 &: J I' \VI '11 1 ,:Y i, nnlll) ].. + ?:i .' III I|1 " . i-:tin ki't s'i iorn v r ' hn' lod it h u i T iii-tli p n ,rh (rlllF ~lll r o,. Lll b , jutt 1 4t1 New LIver I Oito kt0 traslrrl. F to Dte llltOi, f k, Ik i) itll lI. 1 ; II UI{ l . It" I tr1 \,l~ L I E 11' i' (' I:I-\ 1 .1.1 1 \ I II , 1 , \o II;, ('f Ir -+ t ired ih the ild lTihf l lii ,,cl I 'l h it1,1 t tIr i:' ;1, ri. I If i r lvt' In 1 JI m I t l ll ll I lll h IS nAAC killl & Ct. 1, AI:itnPII ItIIItII'. 1. . 1.tnt I i t IItIt 1e . I Il I-y-9 ;I) caL l.I ''ho ll I.r itll, i111 t i .t -J by & .j J ' 1. 1 \V II N INI' -, (Dr sale hy S \. J 1' \1 II'ITNI" , SE ,A ( )'I 1"1" (l,--IF.r the f.Ioritlon a t pr ih, o .1 ih Iloih m cillg h llheath, I .l ' piiiielr sl lllll g+ Ils I ln No. 11; 1'h-ll .t :1 U I' 1'1,:11--IJ1 keg s '] ll l-\l'.ta , a d \ n" n In )] for aly 'by (; ICIIS,:1', IrOR NeLW XO)RR 'llIllt Ill-I.~ 1w', i IllI Ill Ibpu~llwl( ll , C II ,,. '1·i I Illr r, l IP 11 ilp 11 1~ II'' I II'1. 111 Ii I1 1 Ilirr 1,11 111 Ii IIl CII· I!(P 11II IJIii'' ~ lllilll~* III olI~, N,,' Vll lA· woIICllolt I~l II'i ( II IETII ( If p- I :I'I Co. I I I.I\ , (1II U N1 w 111.' 1il` i11111tl~1:llcl 1 1001ff11)11 low )11(I~tW 110Plulu, ili~l-1, 1 110. 11111 0001 0 l(II ~llI h· 1111 Xi ooi lol o I 0 11 Illll~l~ l ' itooi~lloo//' 1111 X wol)Bll w~l l Iv li~o,, Cl~l·-l qI i II~I Illl·iil to ho i) VIII~I1·1 11/111 ooIIiilr ---I 0101101 X 11.11 11 -l I jl. IJ :11I1 11' R.(dICr 11I1 011101 /101y 110,0~l~l I llIUl ll? 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( r'ameh'ard, .I W lheedlve, Wil-. lt iam 3lackey, and II [:varr n halvimn purchased alit a sol made by the TShrlif' ol'the PRirash of (Ir.t+ loanlls the propert\ her atoilai te" des(.'i edl , have I p. pau pled to tie . trkoe t'tht- (', it in 'h se otlie the oa doads of atle were record,,, on tit t d th, `itith, and 27th dysor 'AprdI, A. 1). 1S91, tl;r a m1110111 n or el Sadl vertisemelllll t n I l C itrlll ity to ill al t of' thle Lvgis. do Lituirdoft'he State e Lo|ti, n.l, entili,'d " Alr act ifur tIle turthar ,t.usllranll t( Ie t|leb- t pur)t lha errs i , pia judlheial salae;" approved the 1thl day of March, Now, Lh-rfar,.k ,anw yv,", and al perso, s inter- p l [.slod her'e.inl, .arm· h,"t \ by h.,l i lll, ad mllllmmt.hod ill 1 1 1 lilt+ 1 latl 1 /1(1 h i . i P ~II I.iilll m l il. ,nat, a dIn ll:, lv r to" Lih.. e'r~ d i . mlew lIli I)lsh ict l( 'In , ' « i t-., e put up aL n, ri glt, cal, Ilyl,, t se illL ill alld t t,, h u ,llldn t. he1 Ilullll 'd (oI I t noyl rll hir, rom·) v ,in. 1 1 ,1", t ,l alh.. 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NO. 17,,-1 1 ,f fthe d clkit.t at' Iaha (',)iltl, tcll w ufl .t al , id Al I u i nchall :lidJ I lrleeIdlolvl, Vt'll jllW l hai tlt llackey and l . ill Ilav rg.uie lclmlle till, l lrela- LIt I.ers, Irerlp ctivcly, of ie l .il..olving prloperty for the to I'll oningre anotin" s t tll: pre AI (, Illincll(l tl hard was t..he purchaser of . ,le 'ot of do; grountlld nlilllhlr Nxl in alydrats s.ot, beitwenlll able C('tilp pand St. Charie' s strleets, io-tl. h liing tWl)ty hVyl thl r u lr l; t rix inches t-rnt oil I'uoydll as stret, by bill, inety live six inchE deep, lof Lihe utmn of seenll l thous'lnd Ilone hundred do tars cash : throe thutisand no. unoe htlndred and t]rty Iorlll d0lars land lity eonlts, lr e payablc tile tlhirtieth day oif MIIarch, eightLee lt huld- 'Ltc rd and Burly, and the batltnce in too and throe llu years in howes satitaetorily idtorsed, and beatring 9Ji miorl;gage--and if not punchially p lid at maturity pal to, ber .n lltcrest at thile rate Od ten per re t. till paid, .tr, witll any right to retalrd paymentIIUII, which lithe il said shultTelacknow edges tL haveo received iln his pot notes, piyah e as abv,, wdtlt .Ionuan Meotyer & Co pos Ilanld N. Bnoist as elindOlrlrs, and resoervlg on thet pI .i iabovo dteseribed prl,perty aL sleei l mfIlL rtgl ge i e ullntil to final ll payment of thi above described t an ilnuhst. I big J. n. Breedlove becameo the pir, hoanr of the '' ],)ilot orgrond numI n r Fo'ur, in the corner of St. Jolt, Charles and ayra tros, ring twenty ..... II, |l,` C''"" " ...... .....T ()1 1: ... .......... 11· 1.. .... ...- I il(. tour l let l llonl- . ('iCh rl a mreil od s iil el'ity. lot eight leet en mncll1u LI,:- 1. adras stret for the suml I Oa' e (ven thoutsnl l la ,llill h di d llars, p l aya- ligi bl.t as t ,llws, vle : . III tiuusutad .dollar,, cash .; putl foLr thousandi two lrr lld anld nineltl I doI 0llar , payalb the 1t o , l Junel , l1 0, l, and tll h; a t n cllt i un two tand threle, y lears, i u ct satil.. , ta rtly endors-. -It ed, and bearing mollgage, and If not punctlually 5l paid at m.nlur 'y, to ,'ar ilttore- at the rate at tn 1 per cent. ill pall , with, it any right to ret.ud pay. d, mient, whwih thtl slirltt' itoawleldg s to Mave to. eto ceivrd in his notes payable as above, with .hn soel hlinturn as security, with sit ei.1 mortgage on tile y l properiy sold until lihal payment of the iabov'e de- r,.I scribed notes, tar .I W llrehdlove becamen, nlso, ti.. pirihaser of re[. the lot of ground itombr (lne, -itated metxt to Iho u e St C'harles''he:atre, hoar l'u avdras strtat, in..asurl K cot twenty three iert rlghl itches ni I six liar, an St. y, Charles tre: t, bys, .eto Ily rl ghl toot a, :ht laches ilii n" depth, tog.lher wih at ta'r stody lbt'k hltua and kltehell ther'anl, fOW o1dr ht t lh the inrst rail Novemther, 1.39, at tilt: efn hundred ,io lar-, tfill t lence to the lot N , ,,e nler, l5 111, at tw o thuu .oa d ] dollars per anloin, payable, lolhly l ; lor the sult: aid prie ao sixtteL thousand do lai,, payable as _t fo~lluw., \',z :" = '1 wl ,, h -sand dollars cash, Ilolr thousand lIt Ihe d rd d+lilass, pIy:Iylble th ilt rmhe nll tht d . " it' J l n e , t '.e h t e ln h a n ld l d a n d l; a l t '; a l i d t h , i lm e c tw t o and ]thrle years, in tuvi:.a:Id;act-m ,y t'a droold ald beaig. ~ulrtga61", alnd if mat fu]lacti . al " I t 'id at lialll ity, til hieli, illtn rt, mai e:. 1ity,at'he late Ot ter per ceo,. wthi ult artly ighlt to retard tue payment, and whi t the i h ilcru " a," tknowiledgePs to have received ill hi notes endmtsed by John ,inturn., and payablo as abuve, the re .terved rpcial Inenrtgage on tha prnperty sld un.ti thne final payment of said noltes. William Makeley became n pnr.lchaser of tii, ,t I of groinul nuniberud five oa' PIydras street, beIu Itwe-III C tillp l and lit. clihal leO s str-t, iItUilliriig tenIty-lbll r i ce six ilchlrs frlnl oil iydrllla SLireCt, lby tealy ftve vi iiches dIeep, thlle u prtie l -levtll thollltsanld ive hIundlled dollars plyuaibl ls Ib i h , v.' svz: Flin hundred dollar canplll, fuar thlnusarlnd two hirlllrlcd anld evelntly.evenll and eighly tyihl Imiil. r ildths iaol ,ir pitayninl thle thirti eth i airch, eighl te! ln hundred a ld IfI fly, i Hl d Il h alneC' : 1Io tw ol iand thriiiee yearsi i :Otis stiIiheiii rly enli1i~i ed, nulld bllelarill,. hlolotg,':age, aInd lif not prI, Ctlu..lly lpihd alt rv tbeiir liitrnit ibt the raih , " tt n per l evi till paid without any right to relarl ayuiicht, aid the si-trifa' aclknowleidgs ito have reeiavaed lle casl palettllls, aniid ihi' bali lnlte i lls notestin th wo i i in tIe mdrcr uP .. Iirwhl, anni tie ltat thi e orii r of (liii. Itiliiiiia, itn d by. hiene eiiidiri-iialud aly. iablt, a alov.: a pt cial Itarlgage is resrvaud unill the tlii l p'yii .ei t oi1t i t s ii n i otic. II. l ivergeie bcinnulic tit; 'rnhntv r of - he . or oII" groillld Iuin elir Ithree, 'etxt ito ,i!t c rier f SI. hIarlIs and IJlydras t rl e!. tsI enaninEri g t wcIly-'I I T t ieel Iio ! inlch frtt on St. Charl s tll'eeil, ruiningI I i ek aeivenlty.eight feet toet itnchies diel f h price .d" pix tIIIII-uind nilhle huIlldred d llars, pay I"6! as l ollrw, v:z: S(hIIP Illlllll~l~l' Ilhllilr. ,'aCII Ih, I t., lr lllllil~l(,, hvcI h~I~I 1il etl l i ili ht i h-Ii t thue 'tu l! in l! Ilit h l hdu ll h - ilB a t no na h a ftotei 1(111 .Ihtl Ihl' ,' 1I',I-, ll1 1) 11''· .1 11()ll'. ·l'.,l' ·l l , .j 1t-I·I, r'ld IV. li th' Iill'l ih',l" Ilr I h. l ai 1 i .'l liriI, IIi i - 1 lii. hh i n vI t lit hl I. i ii ulnH : tlll l liii ll I h. 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Liivorgllio ayllit olllEh 3. f lln vent rio pnr Idc Siriftarnt vidu parrie rid'lnr. iunul, le etrolirin t cn i nprivo i diccritEu, so iot adi rlen.s tu ireleT da ectto cour, einidu iloae do vtnto tircnt cnrl ,islr.set ni5 ijgi ct 27joutrs Ia eril de eI'atnido 1839an. p nunr vis con liornl8luatll e Urn tcti ti pa tLcgislatuire nde ni'eta do It Itouitiene, inti Njue174nqve. ticet lefe vain, danra leetcnail tui nte te pour cnitll llren ln tintrc i des negltreuri ilx vnltles judiie iro ;" approuvl ca Ifl. I0rt a Lt . 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C harles eot lotdras, aoynt 24 lteds ut n iic, doe tho. or o ou St. Charles nt o'itendontt 78 piosl I0 pI nes won pirolon tr ; pour le ot.ix io eIn l t11)a p.ytlhhtls eoloe ouitt: $101UI11 otnlptalt, $l- 1H) Ilayablt 1o 9 Juin d180, et la Ilancoe a duux cti trols nl s lo bllets eldloss6s : t satistiioin ct ior. Itn ho la thuili'. Ditlo c0as q'ilos noe ttolent pas pollnttilolellnt piapts t leur L6hlnc.tlle, ii devrolnt eortr;n intireit a taux de dix polr cnt jllslll+ls hti(e. l In 1su car1tne droll d rentlardei r le p y. n ' ntinte ; elt l shdril'reconn it ent avotir reecl le co.n tint, la bal tlce eo ss billet' e ados s par (:. I)er Iigny et payabl n comme it est stio st, avpe rcserve d'ntt hylotoli e lue ero dialo sur Ia pro I rii. vondoeo jutqtt'ottu pa ient il ial. l nlo d ht iavoergn doviut a.ussi I'acquoronr dou lotd terre t. ',o dioiigntt o tto. 1, o~tod dotas' I.t rue St. Chairles, ayant 23 pilds 8 pollots et ot lignesdo flee a la rueo S. Charloes ur 78 pileds, 10 ipocels' do prollndetir: avue none llailooel briqus ll e1 h dtg:lge, e t la eisine qiti s'y trouvoeoll.l, oet'ic a un ju.ip' ot 31i Oteobre 1839 aut t:aIx dloe 2000)I ,v: tr O n payables tot isti Ios Iilt li; pour li prlx It 8l t,1all, payallo erintltte sutit; :h $OIi) cotnip lat l 81,5( 0 I)0tJ altl lo 19 d.Ju 11 I(lt,a t Ila hthtllnce a lctx oit trtis t ill n e lltolli trlollll.r n stioa l tio:I:it n et pLt't1 Jlylan tlllqllle : ' da, ns in e:44 quvI 'tll ito , ool'llt I;ts pollctellocment piaydos lhur iil:ldclte, slls (.tvrolnt porter ul inttldt lou tta ix 11 dlx p iar di A' t hle.m La .),tltllm ni .nit 0lnlII ti droIr lt d'fll 1 t . I itard:ri ltol it:one t. n ut I te o ldrill. ll" r' clltt 0ill vIi Iten o do It tptant t l.t tlt ante n htIllets dh (it1 tcqud ur, endia d t ptr C. I)turtigoy etptyaleis! t io en v il i est idL; .ve t rdesrv 'i llt I)tpotthe. qilc eplcialo sutr la propreton venduejuosqtua ptlco illl~ltt illtt I romin ' lhtioraltsl A. 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I h r Il l ( il: U III .t1 u. p.1011 sl· IIf a1I, ,,,: U xril o h1, o c to ilia IUIIIIJl~ll U RIIdep i ýw h," 1 1,ke1, be"Io r, Ihr ,11 "l .1-r"15 III( "1 11111 o per, co:1II·nl~tlll ll F Lt' , 1,111 1118 t! ,.np r ll e lre Cirl J 11r-see, 14.I ry, S orgroI 11., 1UII! our to d irect lihetrstll ill to ""lerl l r.:a 1,11 uhlrr II tirllog 31b Dl the too free food India. -11 11111 1 8111 r` IIJnglIle C1' 11" p ,- 1111 -,w ic ot o ly·a ,lull n o11l,- - tn 'i of ;irro ac l iira 0011x, and or~udouits a ot'irfl"1111 ILK urlvuoog 111 L, e11 11x- ul'o d ago, ull,..,In I11illr ll 1III·It':roi l II·((YLC)d 11111 d T(I(II aie uo d aver..... for 11 111".,,1IIII11 r,. The life., of tllelr own uln BIUIIIUIIII ni:I deVpa xllrh .111111 l fiollll ..n o-id rug ""' (oleo-el, es Il the authu 1 of tL1"lfu'+ 11111l:;SIII ll1 ]lllI. i ...1 nc 118 the .r -1k,'lllU D of o"" no!tL~(l1 IhrIlaC b os J on' ho e holo e i n x v 1 rhos drr r~lr l o d, -L r. ll tile habit. to loll · ·n gave l. sl~lolo ) *I So. l Ioilro1 -.1:, ,.s le l, hnfi Or ruu ullolr r,:,11,1, by ~neL too lIowcr ola he rau Iotrnn lx rnr c1Jlr drJ, they lls 1 tiros, "alll ut -Id .Ieedy rnloua Lgu n lrlsll l ,01 1111l1.1 ....1,n.. , ho Ill. lot,. sod l I llr Irr:,I Jcll sly, norlIl ~ ul pnlun In the k-11 d u1 oleo,, Jrpn:. s < 1 1f -pit it,, uuJ all d III. Y ve1 II1U II I iron not The o P, '' Ill .,11: lort',1111 1 pla1I i tll cabinetof nu-e. aetl.UY co I'll·l·\·ill lE III( PI il 1,nl e -u, DI. d", r~ll keep good in allt i 1 I·)1 «1, Ira;; cl ..I tIIC.~l lll r ICC(IIlU I( C lrI· b 'I'Illlll I· 1-1-1) ,I No. Ud; C· Isloll house 'Heat, N..h *hii1 . r7RO· o1 II: SSU lll Sllll IFCIIII ell'A 11Yt:RIAN IIFRII P11.A ZillPI 10 ."1k, 111.,1 Uilllll 10Lrllllo ut' YIPy Up.F h.d -ye f'n of 11111" Sr ph iltlc dis 00U, Lull the lIno y dllur L~er- a whig 1.1.,111 i IIIIY~l I·or Ill ItnoI log IIIy EI)I1-T won ale or oilbJ hr·· eut'1 11 11 11 1- Jrru,(J IIII I(: I'I'·IIi:-·Il 11 111:1X11)". )I .IC· II elder, ar sl ._ 11 ilul 1Lt loo C'II1J uulyod indl·cI dll a dlr nrur gelt ..1'II Io. I. ." .1i ulnrll Dot D ill allceu IIIIIiIUo l a ono,. . n· IIII1I- lie l revt I ie oll hil· l ng,' I nil.. 111,:lid. its 1:IC .t all Ill l 1ll. 7 ling olJ J'I i, lldor("- I'011 \Lg .I 1 lla[J)I 1111111. state I""' "" ""lo.l, rllnoklog. or eoy lllll. III III il~ey hid, the -nlllle t lpcllul rrl·,Illli· to II Wn f. 1J lllllod· to health. 1 1 t 1" a :I1I I'P holy Iv' t" that l-( 11· I 1illl ., fit, victim to the IUE) x h,, b,"· Il the I · ae of that Jvi~tirt~ ll poi. nnulelrouy, le the ca csiJl OOll t lr Yrl P T lll 'he r)I I 1) In i lo llllr ul nlll 'n" fi"-aor ,d l"'lUl , UI, l'1,l\ IILy, hte nnIf-II IJ un wvul fo ,bEIT hell., h1 1Iu:ipo l Il vol, loll byth .llf l 1 fIl, 01d n P a . Ihr rut rui ibis lil1rn pInad III;) Ilr rlloll. Nllln l ill , discove ryl Tr~l 1, 11111 old r, 111111 L' l 1:"- 111 .ilc: IIIIITP III1111U In and 11.11 X I bu~" Ill " sn 10,18 r~lrl. ru, I l. Il r lr lll d UI ( ran Yl i U. t;1nJ outl~rr11on), no~c~l or 1 qoell, nod lct lu1 h oo anoilt ." ,...1.1x,. II 111le )· r('1·(111 111 15 IICOII· W wo I Y ellillY IhC p ar loolrli cd, c.h It 'n IlllF, c :,I l il " j "llr J h) o , r 1""1"'lrr ire 11 h. tha p:1, 1r .r-11 -. 1Il:·Cl x11. lllU1 11. 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I. l l ie14! i+" l~l £i- th.. - at, C llsitlllllhI~ll h iL v Ol l, 1 -3 I -al, O lw,l+.m ER+lll+elt i l, l t 1 I I P+V un.r el he, + omx n ~l|;lllt( f IIT llh) l ,,|I 11 Irl l . uIl l hP ll rult +ucee+If "l\ t 111111 rr,.111ir, l~l r Ih* plnllt*d dIl .Cln l Il.-lllllt dur in¥ 5erl uie --~M lI~r h El,.ll ~llll. 11. th+, 1 11 1.-tllhl 11 1111. 8 agllird to I~i r Ih 'll)* dir'Lltlplll' lID' I)"+ 111 +t lnlll+ lll' %l'l'.'n l 'l+ 6 c i lorr +etlohn t~ill rrr. i(ll lr l hl Il I FC ellp l .rlv ul iie,, ,hl Iyw nl: i ll l'o n l •l .~c ttE l Al8r..111n la+te~ rl r;,.l!h· I~lr'lo ry= n ollk l (in. i lii. cpi'llil~liC'll IlllPihli ir lh++ P - illlllll .d1.I |nt~ lhc~ Illa',r 61lj, eun~~o, h.) lirl iiil,,Ir,'r I icn· Tk ~i''l ltllr tiii~ill.h w hit alI.vl~lniy C I Fhil lin L lh em.i~llil i Irufih. m.lIlllr the lili u~r\i.lleccrl al llldIO hlr lroltl il~r er+', tlr lg . h,. h.1 il.p. cln hi,ill-ut% all·d l ·il ra I-_

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