Newspaper of True American, June 5, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 5, 1839 Page 4
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-ý# W ORLEANS AND BAIAT'IMORE LINE L U PACKETS. This line will consat of tile following vessels, W,.ehaine be en built or purchlased expressly for 1lthriha, via: S" e .. aman, Capt. Miner, Mary, ,. Nickenmn, * rla Ferry, now' Steven,. " elumn Salta, aatham, B.tri Arehteo " Gray. Thee vessels are of the first cla.,. have hand. 0fatlll9'ialhod necoommodntions, and are of a light w ft of waterso nas to admit of their receivilng and dt bg their nargoia in Daltiloreo, at .t city. Flsht will be taken for ports on the Clceapeabe "`.lamne' River, and fibrwarded by thu agents, Misiee. CtIARi & K ELLI ( G,I at allnloro: eap.ases on goods saippedl will be advanced when rieed. The I rip of passage in fixed at $6i, til stores of the b at qualty will be provided. Stemu up anad down the Mlasisaippi will hb taken ai all occatiois. Furfreight or passage, apply to ntGEo. BEDFORD, or2v Blonvil:o st. A' AA FiO)R NEW YORifK. SL[Louisiana and New York Line of Packlet ] 'I'll : Ships covnpo.intlg this liae will sail frrec New Orleans and Now York on every otlher Mon day-coema encing on the 20th Noveimber-and to ilpuro the pulnvltality in tie time of sailing, the line will hreferatr consist offive solips, viz: "Ship Yazoo, Cplutain 'T'rnak, to leave on thie 0tlh November. Ship Luuiovlea Captain Paluer. to leave on the 4th Decomlbnr. 4ip Hunttville, Captaia Eldaidger, to leave on the 18th Dacemiler. Ship Vicksburg, Caplain WoodVlhouse, to leavn on the lot Jaouart. Ship NoIiscitiii, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. . Ti nbove a re all new, of the Grst class, copper di anl copper fastened, ad ulpwardsl of 5.t0 tons I llrthan, ;,re of light draught of water, being built in New Y'ork expressly for the trade. Thu price ,If passage is fixed at 1110 dollar~: their cabins re itted tap in tile nmlost ipr,ved an econversiet plan, au. liaoi.'.dl ii nit cat and elegant style - Amplo atorea of the firtl qIaliy will ha provided, ndl every regard p:aid to thle unfort and entire satisfactlau at passenlgels, who will please take no. tieu that t'o bertl can he secured until paid for at the oWCo of the cuaaittilecs These vesseoisart caallllnded by captains well experienced in the trade. awho will give every at tattioaU and "lolrt tllniatolves to ornsiinndaet. 'Thc, will at iall tCres he towed alp and down the Misnie. aippi by etramboats, and the strictest punctuality observed in thie timel ofl' sailing. Tihe owners of thiese shli. will nrot be rosponsi. hib for iany letter, Iparcel or packageO, SCut by or put on board of thei., unless a regilar ball of lading be signed tllerelor, at thle cllllting iouae ol the agont or owners. For lirlhiar purticilara epplly to J D BEIN & A COIl EN, nov27 . 90 C9 mmnn at 90 Cummnn nst ti\ fORAIL LA f & 311 A IS'I'STN PACKETI S k 'his liie consils of ilur vessel , all of the firsl ela-, epllpcered n;lid o ) frt. tleh, alnl lof s oiiiiio 00 ins liit lien, wilh huld'daslle cronmodatilllS foir lrnsfners. Tllhree vesstlrs enremlt:ill IiiT, ei plnins ,.rl experienced in Ihe trade who, will nive every al tantion,and exert hemnselves to nat.commn,darl. ith shipper,. Tihey will bl Ionwld up utld dlw\.n the d Mlis.issil pi, and leave NIew Orlan.s on or before I the 0th alid llth of every maihih. The following.i vua,..e] volllJIn e Ih b line vie : Blrie Amrnhll.Cin- le I r .lon, nster. Itr Chie . C p l.J. B( , I'h mpr ilo , muaster. B ri g( a pl o mo , .3. Itf. lle mlm o e r. liEr Ro. e r it illianm., . Allihers, mnster. Fe r lrmeght ti pn.s.ce,' r lyv o, .I. A. BARELLIT &C r,61 Commlo n. N (w OIleans, or ,l. C I ''i. i'. Cima,[ at. up 'e 3 lUAffAfl & CO'S loston, and New Orleans I Li n of Packet Shlips.-Thls new line of ships hba been ePXIrenOly built to run mhiwnon the aboure ports, antl will bt found of esuitablea dralt of water: acnnommodations for passengers, and every effort will be nmade to give general salislaction,, Toe onuo is composed of llho n lxowing ships: Cherokee. 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 Id S Lemist, ChaIleston, 374 do 1) Eldridge, Columb anua, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J [Iowes, UBonmby, G25 do D lumophrey. The above lmhips are all now, of the first , lass, r sopper faistened and coppered, conmmnded by men i efgreat experlenee, lumevo large ocoeumnlodation, with a separante ladis eo li"ii every xttenliem, will be paid to pa-seoriere, and thu very tost of stores pro vided for tLuJtu. The packets will be toweJ up and down the loia naseippi, and the strictest punetualify i nserved in s the time of sailing, and should the reg.lar vessels be detained io arrlving, oltmer nuripr eqoally as good will in all easea be subhotitledl. A share of patron age is solicited, nnd tlhe agents pledge themselves to accommnlodalt us inucl as practicaulle, to receive and forward goods by a id line at the nmost moer. L ta vlltargin. and to advance all expeares blf goods ihipled,' riequired. Time ships will leave the slt and 16th of every month. For freight or, apply to the agents. J A blFRRITT, 82 Common at. N. B. Advalncemeints midad on consigntllO..t to Mesnrs. A. C. Lombnhrd & Co. nov27 Selif (hi tilll lnitlni fllnurnimnotf iverwfr lllnd IHote .+horool , oo it ii iu c bv ttleo. at ti low price of 511 tpetlla ealcIh, Cllllltini e. il e I m itrengiLeh o if three oulloes If I.-;etw Jrlr. foci lrs liao irtles l1 mlanyv other roults; anll Inhobs kownv mla n rithe Iadtais aseflicaciUus in curiug lihtifi ooll el' iillluaintP, . 'l!h u rt'ivallod success whlih has attended the use of ties iolesllllo i,i l p \'ul , lelrever it flts been illtro , baetl I It~to rt:,ie,+d the c~rulidgnele and reco melnldlln lion o m ,f l etllmlpin e ilvoiisioni, for Ihe elme of con.hs,. uolds.. pan ill the side, wnutt of rest, spittin.g to " blood, lier o f!l e ifbiinlt,&f r. '1'o whollit iiii- concern. 'T'his is to cerrify t(lt we hl ,llOe itnor 't wi:r te frquetellyl prescribed Mrs Gaerd Ir'a Io lliall lnult'u:li ifLiverwmlrt anlld llo lthoullnd, with a leridei gioal lm'det: i caul throlnbr., triln the kllsow Ifge i.flihr i. lllll t.I , it im nnodl fromn, and u lucel-vantlun, ali. +; irliilr e, r uconlllcollll it ai a en perie"' Irepnrioll , i l e , l llu ' Iileetiolit ofl t wo lnga fire vlricl it is cie nind .0. 1..l,:1ll3 l' fVI ,Lo f Sl, .. .D . CAl.VIN ELIIS An. I,. illll h, lie o hIi-i liuo lltulnM elifal Asnociaioi n. -Id!, ,A101VI" !L ,AND'REWL,' i31ii1hNf P fib ' -Tl il( ) l'uoet I: IiI rem d .La. lu.r m;, 3us i if,,, i efI n ,,oe",.l.d IihIer anld swvnt liilulorire roit, ilni .rceP , er."lto, it r tliernnnt', e rs r+'n id ,ll Iemon j)lil',\,!'ellrp elllt .llll rv + r1, .l onllllll , fli ,lh ' nar! 'lll , ru, I liri I s rots,.. ll *, rrao, tort .+nielr Ct', fr f holuevale nod rel:il ii ·ltl NP I 'sutI lmi l )\NiABI:I, Uto A tr 'i'chintchu.%& helonllhnoulna nt Y (ie ' C:Lleoltand flr sorle hV moe 3 7.1 Camp at t Il;dCiN S IAR'I 'i n. CUO, mr now Ieceivnmgtro ).9 on Ciaprd ship OCeulp, Engle, lllnnllhr, I'okr SIerv AodrCw, l'Iterh e:ld German( play cu'ds; Ba,:k glonmon l Boards; CIeer.,te,, 2 1-land 29Hl.eloh lil Lnrd BUll; 8,9, Ill and 2 ilch nlade Towie Koivcn; Leuther and oir tre.i!ill dresing Coua.n licit, Pocket, loroeulan' atnd I)olling I'iatols; duuble nd single barroled GCne-i G me Buels Slot lBelts; Po iwde anl('Pistol Fltks; IDraml, Bottles and Drinking Cop;; Perc:iotint Claps afl ,Cap Illdcru; Clnth, Ilnir, 'i'ooh and Nail i.rtRles); OUstile d Chlorine 'T1tl Wane h 'oo.h IPowder:'l'olet el Shaving Soaps, ingreat van tiery; Irlrg nir Braids, Rinletrs lod Frirsettes; Pear. nrl Toilet Poander Emery; Ivory 'Tull Cehioinll IPatent Slides or iertcrs; (n it ',rw itice Sepllders 'owder tio. annd IBoxe G;eOitClhiiae Sele a nd Key.;r FPr-dnoyp; k'nit Bucekles; i:mrelets; Bead Necklaese an Chains; (;ilt and Silvered Ileals; Ludian (BenIs, Illar nerd fl nles Shell Tmwit; Sido .In Dressitoe 'ohnle ." hl hhnl anfditinn to theirfinomer estak on hand. tlak. th1:l a.ureortmort very cnmplete, and will he cold, nw Iend on lilral terrns, at the aign o the Go dero tolnb. i:o-tf T Chartres streel. j1USSIA St-I-FET'ii--15 haler, landing fr.tmE la hi Jand |llt!. shir Nrh Can. a ile b PY a;2t I B RII(GE .& C,,134 ndganziet i I)'h.ti. .' -5 Ia'es 4.4 Itw"ll rotflld,., 5 aloes 4-I ta.ills I I.oell eotton, 3 ca'ea buckskin t ipee enlittln from tlip .l.mLis, for sale by ! will ds I I'lli. & .o, 131ioergazie at Ir()N ll()tJ".S-'li'he so*ln.chbe t hIve p vlurer atl erre.(l rep, nSpr, htl rig ht nf p'tin.o on irn rnIos I IIs 'yy. 'hoev ore adaptrd to put A le Illn2 %tehln v ItI , ardll nd prvate dwellin.o, alt rn1,,,.ne a at ,iCe cheaplessr aSd dnrbilhty, onne are pholtc'h" fire snd waterproof. Ternon ntoa i kln , and n model seen at 'uar estoblial ent, tsllt it" SI. Nl0y's menr's e 'lekhapienela pt. .t 12 E B COGSWELL&C& , tUAL -Tlhe subCerlher have rnonstalntly on hlnnd a larse rupply ,of Caanel and Liverposl cent. in bulk. .l snperior qt;olty, which they olftr I', ads, in lots titallt pureoastrt. Alis ex:,t.te'd b Iv the first nrrivela from F:ng lan't and the Nrkh,Coet_ "I. Lehigh and Peachll lonntain Cot. hrkrn alld scereened, pl up io hL..headsnropresaly lrt Il pItlt) ill- 11l uil wlIe', k-cv will dtsp',s,..,t ,n ItI motl moderraroe term.. Orders hIi tl Ih,.ir , fie.'. N,, 53 Bicoille sat. i, mir;.. Dsill ,er plo'llpiy atteltded In. ocr 3 Il. & A SOUI.IR . all Sil ILL & BIiOW'N, I logoiazine ci u_ a ,lloe-di·s and :'5 atiee Jacksoan tin 4-4 fruw ahreo'illg, lIdllto frlttt ship t;hirleslnn, fur pale by _ ll . -I wlItEiI & Co, * It I '. r .'It\t -t5 recas naetrtled runlner Ito,, tllalhog "li lip( I rlreltoll, for e lllb I LRIDE & C I!', NEW GOODS--Simmons liart & co am now re f L h eeiviug from on beard ships Yazoo, and e avatogln snd brig Cmunnrdia, from New York, a great variety ol goods in their line, wblclr together rwth tlreir fornmle .lock on bl.nd, nakes their assort.. art very : llete. The following comaposen art, via: t ell twiste,..r.;:de, tuck and dressiartlomhk, hial do sosl deserriptiors, I n dia rubber, silk land wor.ted elastic garters, rcounon & lfne elastic uaspendere, fl o Carssaod Lucifer iolthes, eoidlitr powderk , powdertpall acd oxesk toilet powdelr, pocket roloks and wall3rs needle boksr, hilll, pearl, ivory andl vloroco card eases, head oramnelas, pla rio ral bealds, rcklres sunl iegligeen, bead chainas, bhed Secklaces, cat lass and plaineed,ilsver ean gilt bends, Indian besdl, bells ald pltumes pistol snlll lrge p.qw er flnks, shoirt belts, hoirse, hbel. pocket and dneilinp Jisrals; double andsngle 'barrelled cuns. Bowie knive,, and dirks. seissonrelsbear, pocket knives, guard chirns, and ribbons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, tooth, aril,consb, arumb, shoe, llate, floor and dusting brnsllos, Colirie, Florida, lavender, rose and bay water,assorted eselese, and eadlrets, laccnasser, bear, atiqne, aier Ward's ve getable hair oils, shaving nud toilet noaps el oil des criptions, ladict' and gentlrenari' desksr road erasi:lg arpe, hair riegletr , friaetles mad Ireaids, plain, rianoav i musical work boxes, plaio and gilt, fligred, uoet and vest buttons, pearl sod ivory shirt do, shlirt studd, olid aid silver peucil cases, rtoothpicks ,olnd tweeerspllted l Yd gilt locketo, Miniature do, siher, iraes andsteel thimble s hooks and e" ee, hair pins, iaiitioi fruit, blk and redink, ehot blacking, violins and guitars, ribbed eod plain percussiot cope, lin:n twice, scented cosh tres,gold and siler lace and fring, rlater opier, galie bega, ridinga wrips walkiag cions, playng ratds, fiue gold, plated ald gilt jwiellry &c. lihe above, together withl a great varietv of other arti len are offered oat whlesals or retail oil aecurntmouditig N B Shell combsrepnirrd iOYLU & MA\, House, tigi, riotand Onvita Painters, No 3 Curioadle street, two doors lirom alnarl siree t. Iltoamoris lof te followrilg woods riod m:rtblesa,s reuted i r a mrssterly malmlr er, Mndgeany, i Eqviltino hlaek ansl gold, (Ork, ri' lailrrel Arrri O, l'ollard do, )lrieotrl r or r'I allltique, Curledl do, ae, Cr'led Maptle, iomnd rtoll fione, Itirda Eye A V, D Ie l lby Graniite, Suin W rood, i Potorma, air .VmIo , e I)are or liordellon, Yew lirec Ita oir White, Coromadle oro Il:lcok Sli:, c andml Ilreetllla, Iose \kordt, i Amradi rmilo Grey, rAsh \\irie O.k, akc. hk tho. Crlelt, d im, e .i.eirm'ns to Ire te sut ther shrllr. Pndits. tils, glo:s, copol varnlah, bte. ao loor ad itnso sule. IKON,ST'EI. itiHEAVY fiOtODS-- att , sqitsre ann tllrllSe iroe, sell asoltrdi. Htlola, scaroll and rod irola, rill od inlt loglleg Cl..r, Gcnran, lenr.l blirsi erld, lril, saheet walnd (orley stert Hollow wrire, etlt ornils rorýrtrnluils sitd stlikes Zilrc, blk tin, mill llntikllld soalies, ailt kettles Chisill cablles, alehors, hoes Ox, .er ait tira c je tli:lis, eorr l mills Atsvils, v eies, H~llrnlaers nroel lloows WVire, sleert, pig ane brr lead; salat irda, sada cooUkinig stoves Ames, Io ainol is nd other spadtes Cail shovels I look anl pltie Ililges, aoor 'ond window lhouks Caollinss, Hltr, il Pp. s I sar olther, res I'nrld Wdl to illl iorelrge, lines and twine tolt anid ahcalhitig lpcOper; Natal stoles lirils, li isned a lid sp ri oin oil A% fuiltlrslstment of Ihrdware and shl p hloadler,, alrwl) a Oil mlandstilrr ratis iIre Riirle f r reile at while lfe rll" ilaitl, ll tile most frvrOrl'ehle terms, iy ai LAYIT'UN i Co. 53 Old Lrevere. )- DIE FNIESS A NE\V nrti:le for persons troulrled with deofnea, (ealled tne Eaor Trllllltr, has ijust been receivedl, by tile IueIqtli I hilh tile !ighirert artierllluioll of tie hu mall voice is disretsv conrveyed to the ear. Anym oe who has ever oeen obligea to converse with a very dra tr-eon, lla l ra e fnir y r enhiale oif iho difficult altll n-m. nrrnsrrnlrcnt experienoerd Iboth l v their.lves aind the il dividrmisi o u0lirluetotilv llliircld. ByIly hue ofr te Ear l'rumlilet trir obirjeelinl is entirely otr isled. lTre most sceptical have lo ay rs a adoured threir doubts ttlier laving used tilsoTrunIpei, For sale at T' F GUION'S, Faevy store. coroner oft . InU h and St Clhaorles streets ler Ihit Exliliolr HoItel.of. k 1I ()LN Mll.S--Ordrrs receivedrl fohr rorl Ilills. Inv t t np117 tIALI. & tIlrt)VN. 9i Olo.gzioe o I OlAF SUlJ.Ill--vs-rihrs qlal) ire. IIeIotrltlt iU 'J Ftroe slid lr sale ky SIIALL A, lIitl)WNE, mar29 91i tligaoilar st ItlliEI('I' CI.4NNIIN, HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER Vloleasale Dealter ti tIInti, (Sil, Varntliher, Birishies) or Miidw and odr oadPiiolo' Glrst &t. ,r. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBLIVSoV i. GooDu nwr INo. .S, Chartres Street, tin, Doolir hIlow ttienville, ulJAVE eonstantly on hand every nrtit :l, aliertAiln i tg tl gen tleie-n' dles, nrmaee in t.... i _ . Iut ner and most fathionable style, ahic, til .. f cash, at rednced i pric es. B.d L.1I FOR TIHE TEETH. Tif l HFestaeebliihed repuation aenlcostaltlyiaerenihu - neeand fur thlis etlen tltll remedy of etpain, ad pr serrative of the teeth, has indlced tdhesellcriarr oiler it to the Atuerican public. Armr neents hnv been made to suapplv agents in all the pnmcipal i't' and tonn* inl the United States, so as to pac it itll the ea atlese enfteralc awd like-ly to sffer thr s i1, halnnssiug oat all icheen, Toetht-nhe. Whlnn applied accordling to dlirectionsa iven on bottle, it has lever file't IOt fior ifimdiati ani nlanetll relief. It also arrests tie decay it defectiv" teeth, and relieves that aorenessa whichllso frequenth renders a strong tooth u.tiless The pplllication and remedy are simple, ioneaeat, an Inot unlpleasantl; andl the large ambar of persons inll different se:tioiun of th caOUnlltry, thant hive air atnv expaerienced such delitllnfu and salutary eneNct Inolm then se of ic e nellne, are reade io bear (Iar the public gonno their teatimOav toe itis tu; rivalled qanlisee. It is an Ilndiae remedy, ontaine singularlv an.l llaexprctcdly, and mnte- be regr.hei.! I the eivilieodl wo hi eas the ilUat valuablediscovrrv redlultnn o lf tle woods.. l'tiea $1 tar bottle. Shati Ihv J.\IIS & ANIItcE VS, mltr 5 ('nr Cntmn ndei'iani 'etih tian.l sen t 'WI (Txet) it'ienu nencnnes -'rnt leiet white Wan SII, ftefi rsnle JOIHN II (;IIAiitI. Stp i1 lIItTE LEAid- 5 hhle,, t15t its acnh; T iti keg, ill0 20il do 5t Ennelish tin--25 1-4 bhls. 4li t it I'i ain ItJruehs, variotus size, I cc \Vermillitn; 5 bhls ('opal Varenih; Jnpapae n I Canuc te en 2li packs Uid L.eaf; 50 tlo Silver do; IIi00 do Dti l Metlal. IhNIetrO Colt,Ae4SS, 'Anlcricne. En lih aind "rtnuth 1Inn;'I bonxe, ~llOlns a1es 1sel quliucr.. jtoe, elnoln de.--.l neter, hoe ltelllillti et:l will t ie TAlo, an heetrl I$r.o nret of ti.ts' deO 'r itond I,. a c yar cule by A \V pU lA'I Es, Sno 1i (.oncal street. IV II. rAleelnan noten nseen at p r, anod alississicepi elat'a at o reeved t d perpe tnet swen't fhr sonea or illt p , p r of debt . e II tt ee JARVIS & ANI)RE.WS, WiIIOI.E' E AND iRE't'II. lIEAiinERs iN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS ui'I'; SlL'lk'$. j.,\7) I'LVJfO (Ie.) tLdIS, iTuner y t UOllaColmon aa l T'itniioui a r stre-etl, NATlIIt.N .t.1\ tVie. JltllN WV. AhiNItltl.:M. A large Upply.o tiatrdee teel. aUrentttitn titt gtllte in of iNt37. ,N DRiEW MMIT'I & C.., realrct'utly ;tnlaf.m they occupy thte aew l ch sallhop, 213 'l'Pd oupitotlas stre.t, wlhere the y knep consta ly oil haned t Copper, Tin and Steut Iron Ware, of every dCsCriptian, sanch as eepper stills, kettles, and p. 'pnt tinl bath ing ti e, and oil caaa, of all sorts anld nize, and all attt:r bras.s catinglleflotn, :Let enati atoice. Grta liears of' very description, selch as tsleanl. bso: sti rupa, oig Uchlist, screw bnIlt., a. othuler kinad e steantbatn work, such as hiltillneoys breach. es, steal Iipes. They will also do all kinds of lout door work, slhi oa- ie, eapper andl till roofing a al agattrnng, &e. Toey above and all other kindn oal waor in eideir line af hbuSintesn, they will cexecut ait hle heortest n atice. decr27 HLABaSWGATE SPRINGS \Iar oh racter h s tlersfly, lnbnt ges TIIHREE I.l Yb .OURL'nR Y FRO0.M nAl" ORLEANS. HE pro riter lrf this estatblisrmcnt hain the plea sure te altnnountng'i tIe tin liiesiends nid the Iuhliei in gelelealetht ine will bIe in rcntliuees by tie lirIt dayf of MaT t h receive vi-inrs. lime twll altH elate iner tIl tIt nelit ofthie at a tdietanlee, tt tllheee iaeue tenet Iarge im ,tvenetws tlude, Iand oe s sil w goig oilt nd ill rapid proress tfr tioplllr~tl etia, lirh will rnll tile ubselr.ber to aneom ncllllnlte a Itcharge l nuraetllllr thta herrtufire, anti at tile unllle tillle tluch bett rr. untilie eal he aaeolneeulnnted ith goop d rone, etr lore, whE prelar call hnuc Ilrgo4 eahbinta etached frenl the am tin bunilditlg. It n etnneed uloacnre.ry te siat anythilng in partie larof the nl.araeter at these waters, te it is generlnllv believed that tley are not inrlir tll auv in the- int- I ern States. All tihe aunllselelse that tre gennerlntle' tel aneat eweatering Pltaes, will Ie fulhnl nit ite. 'i' ei best ltesie that this part uf tie' cnountry- lli,nde, en been engaged,and ill be inaenstntat a ldaiee ieat he Spriuea duringg the whole seasoe. 't he subi tihc a will uvail hlilnselfof this nppctnn ty i.e returaing his uattigled thnlettk fir t the s rr liherl sullport given i ill lot i easone . e ud hnotpes p thie e.xer .eOtl thor have bIell tlade ill ilprovillng anid exltehdlin the aarneeitodtlsatins. t Illerit a liberal IntrlenaglnI tIn present smaoil. JNO) (RAl. m3 L S 5EGO'IR, No 54 Conde slreit, he, aetn Dl nain snel Sr Philip, keeps cnnl tnly on htand an, xrntesive i artaellant of'bots nlnhd br:ans, ;lel -IOee, ,f' New York mannefaeltfnn re. Ior eenn 'entlU ,rd childrenol al rn', h wbICah he will dnepose 'I at very moderee prieP. nenllieraofbis aq'nlleaanae ,-.,l;nrn- r ,.r wi I hanve a!hetrwe hes atnteded to .5. SE6 tl.'It U:IIHElt CLO'IIttU-l lti eee, e Srlhlliig, landing fromn ship Ohio, and ,latn Itnilnp aslt by I BRIDGE & Co BUSINESS CARDS, JOB PRINTING Ott' EVERO DIOSCRIOIttOt, I )PEEDII.Y, HANDIOMELY AND CHEAPLY IXECEUTIt ED AT THE OrPICE OF THE a True american, 'I'. CHAttLEO STREET, NEAR POYD)IAS. a m2;3 ACA RLD. E & 4INNOTT, ialenkale (Grorers and o(,antanissn "errihanls, No. 27 C,nammon Street,N- " Orleans. It~'Portieolorattention paid to th u tting up of Sht.a. bat anld Ship stortos. St.\tUEt, TOBY, ' Ajerrhandite roker 4- Conmissio:t .7lerchart, d13 (ttito., :t!6, .C!tp at.--F[or te Ipresent. J. P'. FREEMAN & CO., Irholetle Cloflhie(d EsIftlIineran t; o.;a., tnaz0in struCot, I AVE constantly on han, a large supply of Cloth 1 t iln, oult l ahied foIr thol clolntr trade. 'T'heir . t sorlment being larIre, in.rl'lhantsl .':)n tihe counlll r' n11 be supolied at theshlrtou t notice. 4- BAZAA . USVH & ALLEN. NO. 1, EXCIIANG IIHOTEL, boacr of .'l. (h Ires an I Common sis.T N1:\V OItl.,t:ANS. tIMtPORTEIRS and eDenalrs in lrench noid Engli-h 0 Vl'Vt; O ,esioo Coatcs and Poortable I)PVO s Culetle. 13,,"i,,, 11;lnra Cohirtl, StoVkV, Uao!br!luns, Caonestt d Fancy Articlet. dt i 'd EN'I't T KY, Ili ois, rnio Indiana Bank Notet , _ fors ae by A TRI E1 , t may 3 4 G(raier at 1"' 1. lEL,, No 16, C'hartrs et, has thin day re. V ceived fntl assortmentt of Wathells, Joeelry, Spoonts, splct'l'cles al tilla Ware, they will lie Ifrer edat the lowest mIarket price. aie 1 AMERICAN & ENGI.ISII CROWN GL.\SS, N1'. 3 CAROx'IZ, ET S RrFT, of FASIKIONAA LE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. I-. (ho. rrlt re. O at lIAlVI a o llonstanto ppll, tlv f everyo article perlnlilhin to cnltlelnllo'a dese, t the latest style, at New York ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING EIn TAI 1 SIIM ENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, tOpposite lankks' Arnomlu. !'IILIl.11 G11EE.t'E, FRlitPRIETOR BANK NO''TE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON PlfAVE olpued an orfcet in No:w Orleaun. posaesaing Sequtad t mlvatIugR a ilth their Ionse in Nto York for the purpoeC of engraving uttn poioting Bank Notes, BntI, ll tt, tot Fd E.nltoge, Certitin'oes of l),posite, Checks and other ittp ltoooat pt 'er., rIeqlllillng security agtillnt F'ol'gei lea; nld have made hample pIlvision for tltnfe -ale '?iog oo atll elatts ond impressions entrust eod to theircnr theitr spoCio, ena enltbracethe unotes of over Ithe hundle bankine iniutitutons, and all ordero, \sill he executed with llprompt)litulde, tln tie u lsual ter1ts. Otlice, corner o' Royal & Canal stre;t. CHAMPLIN & COOPEHl, .IGROCEI(S AND DI)E\tt.RS IN PROVISIONS AND FEE!), No. 79 and 82 Julia street, New Orleans. ltShip anld I'ltllily stores po tip. mor , FURNITURE WAREROOMS No.. 53, 1Iho vllo aorrnt,,et TV/'I.lIAM R, CA\I(BEr, wohfl repe'dctfllv in IltIy .ns ti.s:ds nd the pt L Lltli, that he is :ton stautly receitvin fronm N ow tYork aod ltoston a good nsoortoooont Ioto Folllooino srioch o oto.aniognyo chtoirot of, t, I ed- ton olmapo on!d tainted chairs, miple uld cherry bedslcado-, mahogat.ny and herltry talles of all deeri ptllton, toottt l e, l o"i ls, tecretorv., wrttig 0 da0ks, w oardr g s of tllofy ooi l t tll lterry, woon slonmd, lookiog glnasse, e1natlter, bedding, &c. &e. Ni. Fnrnturo packed for transportation with great earl- __ novl3 INSURKAN E COMhPANY OF N''ib URL,+ANS. Thi ;, Company ll e now- protare' d te take nISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. 24 Mlussoun' iltnilillg,C (nalt tiet. E 1. TRACY, New Orlelln.s, lav 15. $1err. Serl'tnry. )LI) C)I'PI':It--;IrIuO Ib. oili C+el.par l; , FsaI by il It DICV4ViEItbt)X," up.!1 1 .. . . . .. . . ;I T' h,,, ot,, lu. :r RU(.II''lON & ASPINALL'S (0OM1 POUND TON IC: allX''U IL.-A spndvy tadll c ,t ait cur,) tor the Fever and Ague' remnittent and interumittent fevers; prepared from tie original recipe. Used with eminent and uni versal sueess in 1832, by persons of the highest ,espectability it' this city, as stated in tihe annexed . 'tificates. This medicine is hignhly rorommended, and has been extensively used in the above diseases with such distiguisheld success, that the proprirtor of the recipe Ihas been induced to offer it to the pub. lic i its present foirm, in the hope that it maly rbe the mcaus of reheving many of those who are suffering under the escourge of our country. It is a medicine possessing greatvintue, and when used according to the directions has never failed of effecting a cure, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all distgrcable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with impunity. It strengtlens the digestive organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires more than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to effect a caro. t'lhero is neither mercury nor arsenic in thile mediice, nor noy thing injurious to the humalin.t ceonstitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eilicacy, that they agree to refiund tile price of every bottle which has been taken iu accrdaneo) weithl tile directions and has not ethicted ia t perfect cure of tile fever & ague. A. OIVER1 , sul agent for Noew Orleaus, at his wholesale acd retail drug aod medicine store, corner of eirinvllte and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to jc5 T. \'. S.11t i''l, 48 Canti st. PE,, %4A.. :Oi, 3t.;.ANSIO N HOUSE f'N s t 'Y, 'PENs':AtOI.A. l rTHll E enblsrheriittIeiiu peelurel.ed the alId finr i_ illtlres f thsi werll known usl sblihlellllu t, l)aU ;1ir T I1r : t ilj, h i l llt litli t, will e Ir d Ind rcive ri.; elbyI thei f Ist " i l l It Nleeeroi.e ani cod lly inirenieunt+ wtill be found in the PrrIl.r e nIoUts of lie Mll+ot ius lotill o lH e. Nlw al d I eore cLI', . llii I lhintg hluisi s wil.l Ibe i u ilt, an 4wa1in b hI r i will I, providedtiI . all A e tablehu o ill be ultlnhtd tllo the hI, wil lll gold acconnlodlt. tions fhtlllses uIold crri.uesu. FIimi rate horses and acirm te will Ialso e kept trlit hire t I nmodra primiiIl sll, i inld ral, l til hlll - tohost, o lloVtle'nrIld Iatoietll nll e li I for e i' i 1' n Vl-tl F.a Itv illiadt l.f dv.,U l lyeti· ' tell lyI.t :alt watl ripll u i e s,n ill also be flrnished, and lll ll r n:llllllll d :1, i ut i it ertere with tihe i ulnll l 'nd 1 i' rt [t Ih11, boardher. Th' ItinPeanar hqu ls will e of thle slt t i , ie d torl ellnsur'e in ull s.Ii Iupply oI a+ i a, (r u h, alcrxly birtue uordered, w lhie . will a erri: ob It ie i I i i iot itr nAity.a + IMr i'et drii k I nrarde, who ftreerly kepu t vto paiiilar It l l t .va l ,;to lle ', i ill ei lnduo t this ihe el oiir I re . pierori l r, iho, it h ent l t id,coiideitly nsaesn I to ieirs of us ear, ant his fOins genes fally thir. I .i . wilSea l r +e rilc .lrletu at de terby knit.. i td te h 'P '. h ere d de-Uri, p uitin Nre t "1n: fi b+I' I1'110 |IIPIII is l .b.l ' lar_ t ulvlall sttin of Ithe (iThverllt; lilea uette reldZVs of t a os are toulf+ uadl. tin -A Ite, llr hs t, by treeive coolest I reaties from rhele ulf; the beruet of the Ill and the neighboring, n i dru anrl ricers; Ihe ab n al .+nee and EIliency of the 'i-h wilh wItic the l tllers dlolltd; .land its Lproximity Itoi ti betI nSouthern turkett , biv PensaIll ola Il'He Crt frt eI" Iover all other nplacesl in the e tcuvitd!s, i a het'llrIv atlld d tliehatfnl nl llnerretre 't. I.lrslt rate bots ill rl . between P[enacolt and 11o hil,, and sr ill til all imaes he ae ll to rake tie, pase llr+r fromusc .re t oil fl teu .e~ir os. jnaats. [ Gentilens w liAlg to engngo rooms for their lcilies, iltn addres tel propriitlor, at Pena.slcola or iArt Sewecvinsovdi'ohell teT lu te tr prrarr, tart ,ie Or,r il If i 'e, rei c cres. iT u.+thhrd, etsq, Mir C Cerlumt, a M6Apin, Et, q., l. Kiby, in h1ob In; d 'T Taylor, P P Len, Esq,in Net, I e'-A red t p Ir. b, to reeeive eorlsmtnllhaliny feer, lervls ti1 lhe llia' hotel, iv' plsced at (Grvi vroh tan', ulflIs :.l, St Clharlet, Elxch Ia eIP. r'- Tjravellers desirous .eo tlaking the Florida ronte, via Pensacola, to the North, nre inf,,rmed that first rite housl will constantly rum franl. Moble I-, Pertneanlt, If" Mayf . Gnao aties will always 1e provided o, tile ohsrto::b he in readine.s to lake passengerwr rou hAlrdh,, in t .toe of the failure ot'tte h ia rtb N II A &NO-)I.D. The strellhnat Champion leaves Mobile for Pensa coin twice a week febhll I v JEAN MAARIE FARINA',+ COLOGNE WATER Alo Anerican and French toilet powders, hoarder I.r11+11 and boxeseshavineand toile ssaps,.csmene we'l hllsl. ilk of rmses, rolmleie rad crean, extrnee malk, klphnhn, WVard'r vegetable hair oil, ltenatull, rrniec tl- perr-, Floridla. laveldar, rose aind bay waters, moeb:s nod jewerIry, i rs11 loiw at whoelsal e or r tail il!• • 70 ('hartr, street. 1,10 1 131"11)GE & Co, Royal Coli.ege of Physicans, London. llE original Vegetable Ilygeian Universal ledi - nlne, peepared by hWVMiskin, EsI. i.emner of shl Roal College of Surgeons, ,tenatate of Apothe es"ry'slomlny Fellnow ofllolt Court Soeiety, Surgeon In totihe ltoyal bUnion Pension Ameiation, Lancaster Place, WVaterloo Uridge, and ilerp"etual Pupil of iGuy' andl St.' Thomas's ospitals, London. This vallmble medleine, the result of twenty years' v experivotee and unpsralleled success in the extensive P and highly respeetable lracktie of tile prnpriete, patro nised by tie loeultyittl nobllitv, and is now introdntoid to thie notice of dte American plublic, at the earnest so- I licitatioia f a number ol'gentlemen of long and high standing in the profession. It is hoped, as a iePlimai nary step, to tceek the evils and fatal eousequeones ariitig from the use of the numerous nid deleterious nostrnms oinsted utpon the pnbiie by tihe aid of fabricated proofs of miraculous cures, and other frauds, bya set of f mercenary, unprineipled pretemlers, so totally ignorunt r ol medicail science, that it impossible the monstrous I dehlteino n can noy longer go town with tie intelligent p ietle nfthis eontry. 't'ese Pills, mild andtngrotble In their natnre, dsoutd Ibe kept tn every family is cases of sudden illness, for, by their promipt admilistration, cholera, eranmps, sposmsf, Cr'e 's and other alarming eonlplainot, wsich tn often ot ve thuta, may be speeli ly ead or prevented. In fact, all those who valnegood health, should never be without tlem. They are soh' in packets at 5vo cents, $1 andl esch,l by every respen table druggist botkseler, anil vetlodorf mediiclen tin United Statesa il Ine (nnonlas, with copious dsrections, with: estulnonials of professional ability flota tihe t'ilnaning eminent gentlemen: Sir Astley Cooper, J AlIreetbv Jlnaes Iltindoil, M. D., \W. Back, M. U., J. Aston 'Key, A. Ir:ampton, M. i)., and numerous others. 'the originals may he sneln ni possession ofthe General Agent, by whom tih medicine is imported into this Flountry, and to whom all applieations foragencies must lie me:ale. JNO. HOLBIEIN, 1129 WalVellv Plae, N. York, Sole Geneatl Agent for the Ullited States, &c. For sale bh tppoinn.ont oi"the olrginal proprieter. by Swa, & lllors1:o, t),n No I Caal .n.ct, llener. Agent fl'or StattIbe of Louisilas. jnl Vs I ItMl'Y It LiEE L ci, No J Itntanlue teet,ire, Scnw receietivg 'romn ships Nashville, Louisville, Keninetk, Eagle, awsl other late arrivals tranm Ie t tlltern cites, large and new selected assortment IIt.~, IHool , Sthoes nd Bro.lgns, eonsisting nl'genslec.n's lineo calf anod Moroeco boots do 2d quality; do buitll, nt stolut wax pte d ho Iots o varinous qalities; mene's ine cullf seal anid Mlorocc rht . pintps iIand btrogan.s, bucksin shoes, broi t s rIoan tilppel s: meno's tnte :iIf and kippeid pegged shomes adl I rogans; do boots; do stout kip and wax pegged shoes nil Ibmgana; gentlemien' best quality call sewetd shoes. ,oga:ns alt Jolack to.naings; do calf sandl loroceo i lekle sliies and berotns; do calf, seal and NMmoeons. I llian shoes adt slippt-s, do calf, Ibuil' uns seat wttigs, a .new article; do line calf, se:.l anld morocco quarte nots; lots', misses'and childlren's pe.-ed land sewed to ngans, unid shoes of every quality and kind. Also a genera. assiorlment of men's stout wax and .rte Ibrol:mns and shoes, together with 10,0tt paine tgrO best iquality, rt.isett bIroatgms, aitled in tite I,onks, nmde expressly for plantation usei a good as * etment of men's line and stout kip russett brnga:s, a t w artiee, Iand a n;uge quantity of an inlerior quality rt sset Ianid wax brogains. Laodies' fine calf, seal, moroceo and grain welts, and pump sole shoes; do bilne Freell Moroeco astil kid run ettlod slippers; do rlmn shoes, with anad without heels; It ealf, seal.nnd stout leather bootees; do Pronella shoee I loll kisnds and qualities; dto lasting bertg ios; so gaiter. I'andl foxed bootees.' lastings isrisg shoesaist bl gans. Children's colored Morcono and lusting brn br . andi boots, &e. sentenmen'sfineltshionnble black silk hats; do black stn.l ldr beaver do no a superior quality; do imitation lts ram do; broad and narrow Ibrim men's line drab asid ith dk Russia short naippied hats, a new article. Youthss lat·ge size bats ot dilierent qualities; to children's. .lm'l' slld bly')s black nid dialb wool hals of variousa slu pes, with general assortmenlt of boy ' anid men's 'I his assnltmlent will be replenishled by the arrival of rea i llaekettrom tihe asoe Illnamed clities, all of wlhich .illt sohldon aieeolmotln inig ternms. aung I--f NO MElI URY NOR aOPAIVA Nte re a trnsi, Nov. 14, 18:i7. A OLl' eix monllhs ago I had the noisfibrtune to et . a s cret dieasu,, fir w Iich I have applied to seve- c rotl dlocIor for a cute, onilld lte did not roe tlaie so 0ow00 osiltie aiove da:a I put lself unLer l ot ctanle osf I)etoy H net, and I expect hill ti.o care nme. Since that time the disee..e got worse, so as to break out ini large nlcer to tile nmber of six or eighit io ea ti leg, al aill over, ,ty fact, and tsre tiroit, and not able to work at het! presenllt tite Ollo enolllll o the dietise; illrge uIler e1n tlhe rigt vide of th itlloat. In tliu i,. lutting myselfe coulirntlsly nnder ter care of Dir. Iluet, , Pa I to he perfectly cured JUllN DEAN.

In 11 i ly" T O CEIIFIY h' lilt the asbtve ltineilltLned dii.n is ! - lquite well curedlto ily oiel aotilhtietln for lwhil.tI i t thank I)r. hlirt; and moreover I assure tlit the nedi. er itne I Itve IItetu tal.en mi e lit, andl dti nt injulre ly lose Ino liteii llil npplyt" to I tr . Ilhiet, 124 C.iial strere, beltwen Dalul1tne and Ilourhol Ftreets. oIr. I Iluet is at hoe fromii i o'i clock, A A.I ntil 4 P l. t Ithey will find a ittrii doitot. lbr ihis t Ci n o p tl l . JOIIN I)IAN. II) N lrvir Fliee . If aneott nuile wol..i to see eui, ctl ait No. Iti srlie, N.'w Oritnn_. Fel I, 1tu2Fi. _ ili. t11 Ie T'he Fith I'diliH, o llROVLE'TiT' T'l'AltI.ES OF IN'I'I.NRi:-T: 1rlo hichh is noew :ti tlilbl .e .vE Irag:E Time. C;i.ic:la oni storage, nubs itoft h ril tt hen It chased tt1 dlilfelrlent d:ies, I.11 .tIi yl,+,ent cr.-eLits, :Ila l 1f'1' vR i)us amlmlf llnt.; hesill. t aisuls ll :eIele nI(I )('-lla k kil,!g Tl'imle 'l'Tna'le, thle hest hat eon llbe contrived, I thalt A gptcs can It lltce within the Seni se.colhs ese lllt c Iss anlld size ef tli e . All at:v'lt'ieleit ill the ook is in nearly the follow. ng words: 'l'heh"Iigh dlstinetion this wo.k has reeeived thronlf - ioIlnuncIlrd.IiouI in itself, so ulll.cnlmonll,~ all(| n ) s eoladh veltisetnllent, to give colluensedl viiew of smne of its pIe cua'lieis::s 'er instanee tile Interest has been etcoie it ed from,mlt crompared with, what is eirvl et to "i- i Cee setsefelallati(ne, examil;ne in the pressiltitl - P fl'.e tiles, :m( rillted irem trreotly)e ItiCs testeli thllley-,le ttimes, fomnal et hirh it cst Il evident It .ell to the skeittie (es. eciaty oil the pl tso ,l el' the de tIe1 'lf prot'in tilhe Itelitce) thatm the eehk 1ust i e Ir 'i' - neticaltI infallible, aed in eotflirnatioi of this beliteie Ipreniiln ol'two lundred and fifty dillars. is otw oflte ed for. t;he , detecto of't all et'rl tea Ceot in tbt ll*hi'sreiL or fifth editiee, at expresseod it ihe pe.'lctee, tcrg irte lateept'ettis .tllfered fo' the s:Imei.'Ior sillel efllst lOne f htro most conspieuous features of the tables is in the arrangement of tile 'ime all Amounts, which fit expeditines, reofrence ond perspieCi, withll the help oflhesie :ltl illdex canllllO lie excelle. dlit tle sty t) and rase witt ultirl ttte in:tresl canl e ball to lethe extent of general business, ilthou t doubling ol'smls is besids a conllvenielle s essentlial, that inl thelt estu tioll of ome oil , most competenlt polld Iprtt. I hus.i I1tits 1C11 til ti pllblic ufii: l e's who ilt e t ell 'ii, iuse appeltlaltilc ufotl "maste,r pice". Alld eolnsideing the in:tdlibilit t of the nlteeltd originally adpted in composig IIhe work, nad itle extll;teorllitalv uinierP o l S:;:ilet ol'li te tx:mlilltio , nd tests ofI velY elili Ihasp:srlin the pless, enttwtilthitmt:ing the witle isl stero ype, entusidelrtlgl in sh6.t. hie positive necrtne) i Ill a'l: tl her tthlit l: II I itdltl etn :h l tlll' L/ 1'* F: leoll " Ih mosll t w( onderfill hook n thlle w",.ll k;" coot ;.'r.i :ly I'l llIanII all lnwn lll g re wort llk of the sallle extent, hictll sele thimes bginningo evs etion, bal had the s:le l . n - lvt ttchoheiel ito tie tl~ .r ill" ,,e'-) ers ol edltles! srtie je'tes. h i nue' er,' dlltcl, S tis le .ttl oi t )esides, ustiest and slolisn$d, it has rn: tried and lteted itt nearly att ll tihe tltie eea l i 'n'hli les in the nl"itid Stctes, airel v t. iinerall, i string th l ,n i periodl ef drill thl l e re ste' sel'tL It eir of Ihie d-i ttatioitc lps et'elt been found iteecnli ior ittltgh 'ottine Sllllice l ltle t che rs, inll lothe ti tlethl cld otf de; hook, is ii:n l nllo t c f: y f ev I nla s s o f e itiz t I, s in e v e ry . 'l l '-I qa. ote,'elhe Uelhled Stales. It is llmoreover well known that, lty'its rettl'ly check, it has so oeelledlel iteed I:g' elrrors, after Ifev lwere imae tl, leven the I ost cel'd ad l most copleti, tent ariditotetici:suo, t'at its Iefulnless, lull the absollute ne cessity lthe its ls, hati e beetln exte sivtl insisted lslclulo isot evi dent, ineed, httle beit its at liva;teg's, all its savings, l that, sev -elrl yea irsago, wlhilst thefirsl t elition was scarce, ell outl of print, a great it mber of second lInd copies were sought .ll, soeme to a g.e I distance. aell pure rastid :it CarOls' pir, pltet, t i1 cotots h o nt atllyei Itto i 1ieiit ipl l tt rotieeist l to tl t eitt t tc, :tle oIIIe Iteetiions IIve recI.In. dletlared, i adt, ilnstances could h uoted tha tltthey wo'lgll pat $,it, l let, and $.0 for is copy, tfnoito lbe hail fr less, Iad i, individual in the hlter inslan Ice tievhl ly, lteing l at the same ilme rxhilitie Isatisictory lrod, to siverll personsll " senit that to hill it was realiv worh that money ad more thlounh the s' ing of Iis ltPer, ltable time, ll i hel..i- very lih lnteand in e ublicollice. It' s likewise worthy of nolice, nml indeed proper to in1+ n;', tl:lht such is the nature of figle work generally l pelll prcially when ofI the extenl t l ld ill . r"1 lce of these tn los, thlatllml this book or its like bent, pltepll ed in the iusual il nulerl lone, by the most copellltillclnt ealc ltor inll the wrlor l, lo alt lier Alrds prine t d iiost eatlioly unfii'r hisolwin e.llrectionll of prloof lsheets, it would, l|altnsl to a eelt:lin e., have beetn Inlsur'e for re iferenlce,alld dlr t alny pricel', as the dadilcu larip explatis. But so perliet a:ul valuahle have the stereCl' p;e plates of thlis worklbeeln iaY eL that losecnre them, wlll iththeir IinumeHreus Illd extaOldinary X:rnlll tlions, against fire, fO the general bentfit, mey aore (by advertisement) constantly kept in a place of special Avnpledireetione s to find b mt bamks and statute intm+ est with usefid notes, fIollnw the preiclea, which, it, this fith as in the two preeeding editions, contain huuh in ferlnation concerning the two lawfitl modes of cetmptt ing inter ate, re(, day)s of pt ace, ke. It remn::llns only to rei:alk that, notwithstanding this iinieolmlnlye costly work, whiich was pubtlhled before interest tabl. wee iU.rnlne-. in dollh sw all cets be ven allalmanne, hasheen saeeltensivly sh liberally patronised, it Ihas not yet so rmuch as paid with interest. twe heal.} laos of ntVarly I"(1111 tholsard doillars, besides sax *enrs o time fiom17s99 to 1505, sustained on thie first edition of 76.1 nopies,ý",isinig chiefly from its publica tion at that lime, at n uender prise,) to sty nothing of lompell.itioI or i rofit fer almost it life-time of ca.e, toil, lnd sacr.teeie. ,1 herefore the author still relies on the disaertnment and geun-rsity of dihe public for it cantinu: anc:e of pr'efereoce and larot:nrge. For sale by the Prinlf ao Bookst't/ller in the U(ried States. I ICOlT'.' PATENT f "Kt'- AlItal--Juat recroved, s__ r '-'( tiOSSI.P & Co. Sr Charles Hotel THE FLORIDA LINE I From Mobile to Auguaste,Ge . itenves Mobhirievery day It three : o'cloek. pm per U S mall boat for Ilall's Lundins, above Blakely,--rlthence nour post coaches to Pensaeolo--theolrno aslptnmonts in Lngrance, where the land route is resumed-thence ih via Marianna and Rrownevile, Fin. Bainbtidge, Piadert Iown, HRwkinsville. Sanenderseville & Louis. e villetoAuguasta, GO;a, conneetillg rceularly wiltl n tle rail road ores to Charlestron, nd the stearn siackels to Now York, N.torflk, Piildelphia, etc. T'he sternoboete are tile besat or the servicr, and the tvigaoion preuents rorns advinoages than cao Sbe foutld upion any stn.anboat route in tIle south. - el rn rregiol. SThei grent improelentsa in the route have been f prolduced by rilte clnstruction ol lifty miles ol new I road, by the proprietors, viz : from LsGranse oni LanFaytole luayu, an arm o elSanta Roa Bay, to Ilt rynt's I'erry, on the Chntltahooclhee river, ten p iiiles abovel the Cnwinrd, or 14 above Cedar Iluloff, wherebly Ihe navigniton of the river, and the con- I se, quent detentions, and more regently the inenu ovetient crossing at llte Cowordl, are entirely Savoiided, and a fine road fromt Marianna direct to, Blinbridi, ilnstead of the rrunntIDhout rod via Chattahoolee. lesseIronin.g iherdisaince about forty miles, and ieoreasittg the facilities more than onice a d"v I Aleo, c ,,inch line of rtwo hore stngens every J itherd..y t1ipin Iohkinavilc viaPerry to Macon, ,Ga. ciectinl. ulil ili the line to Savanolnial anl n Drienti, Grit. e A Intil steamrniot ilils regularly between 0 Baitltlille anld APtalalhielat. Truvell-ers wishintg Ito rent i nII iy liii tt ol Clninlhtulolehee nor ilApalachL colu, enll ttel sterelottot at Brn',vtntille. Mobile It Pellsacuniila-- aid Roume-During the litle iltctipierl iy Ithe r'ptairs itr nars, tiheo proprie. . lor ofit Ihe FlIjria inti nill stun a lile ol outr t illrie poor 'oLehric evnly oiter day betweten Mlu tittluottd Pttao-ivobs. e Psr.ontrs will leave MIlbile iat 3 'll.cek, p m, in the [S tninil tIut, tild rocereeito I all's Lind in, llthret a Irlir hotrte erclch will Ie In witing t Io uiueutthumttholr he ex,.ellenot hruteuo etu r. .haCrnl, itall, 1 1 4 tilh huornot, whnere ritey will tfitil a l h la nni nieronlllt llltllln lltls Ito tihe uiugIt-- leavil ~ nutt ttttittnttit Ihely will titrivr itt Peiltneulol enrlI Iso ihl evnnlla., t thus iv idll tihe discolnnor t ol Ini IIi Itr t+v illitt . O;lite ntr lhl Mlanion llru., Mlile, andm Col. Sliras' Ilolel, Pensarnin, where slnoiuta must be ser or rll. H'OL'c T'l'nN & (Ci. nciv I ]aho 1rrtel hit.lrrtdn. W illintm SitIIh it-dI r his sli rVlties ti ithe cil nelns IIl New to ilenllS as n teaclter il tile pinne terle. Mltr S Ilili ll bt ese ,tiIIpl-iy- it SIvernll yei as incIheFlr ofl II it ill priv-ate lionlles inl U i. on, e n! is rint ev r . tiee fotnt Lini. relllrl n itL in cc tuu illl l IIt l tl iii ten insi illito i rl-it ili -an, cAniona Ws ti eri rhir-oit- ce i11 is o~rnisited iso refe+r I t lle Dt+ Ci.pp, Mesmsi t hleltn pon Avj r" t- iloeth rsin &l Dtaiies. F10r lerlll .e o ntilltSe ily aIt lll onhUUokslor f nf Aloalnlldr To-wer- 40 Clarlp st it- 2t n)rugs nod Jllediciner. S J 3 ,e-n.vst lhbs Icc led hinsulrt rt this ilty for il te purpose ofl Iransacetinlrlg a genernl Wholenle a -Driio bhiless. lIe is now receiving a full selulyl iof resh lnd gnnuinie arlirles, which hie will sell on liberal termo. To city druaggists, and tihoseolf - Ihe inlterinor, to lphsicians, merchantns and plntloris, k he will l;r intlliceoeilns suclih s have never be. [irte bt.ioi ,liobred iII this city. Ilis int-nrliin i e tl i on srtricly Ieoinllate ibuiness . Ili stock will soon bLe cmplelitte, ond ill a lew weeks will o e Ien. dy hfr bhsinues. All orilers Iroln Ille ounlllry,anll Sfrlo llmtrcnthallln oef I i cilt), receiving such ordeore will bi pruimptly altelrndell to. t enci Nt39 Canipt - lT IOl.ESAltE AND RElTAIl.cO.11l ANI VA V IllTY Sl'OREt--it lthe silgn of the gFolden coltlbl l 'I Chfllrtlen etPer. T'ite nsuiScleur have re eeiFl, )ilt d:,lithnl Isr IhireltreViels titelttl nnlheedflullftIIl r Inoriuitnltelett ntiorlirlei ofarotiles ill tlleir liiet riei conlbs, ieltlllun ryt, Jewellrv, bruslesn, hlckingh glgsstes, 'alney nartilesti'. Itloestielr ig Ipnortitnftollows: O(I ll--toririsen hell wrolllritrnlr liai tlock,twilt, qnilled tilik, llinnt rounid, Ilressing , il putll; ncurllond niet k, Urloziliarn illlhbli If every -ldescriptio aUlongslt whicl are sollme Mlexitt, psterts, Ivory olllhls of every d.erilitio, hot'l dIreseir t 11i lerkeh , rtether wir h li i-nllelol fnlnlolrtllllllt o AFrre nrlllnll ne. Alll"riCB ll I i -'l -ll-.ll; ' I.'- olg ne, lu-al e rt!r , llihilo houIney l n.its liotl ldlrllliwer wafersnoft (f everysize llnld L.a Inlall.V 1illnllj Il':Il kill t 8having Ih i in cikeo IiIeiaIen loit. ertlClu.llltl ihlt etn rd'i r etiiilei Ilhl" ui nil ieh titet lin - Ilil li, lie~lh, . [ IleStlolq' rese~lli)ill sItI1 I)Ill~lO SII lidleffunnl to lell powdelr, ipesrl gowder, tt- oter ils t ud boxt.s o IIInIItll ill oUItS t ind roiIlso-torIS asld Itrilie Uoodh wIsh a1111 towl l.J, with ietll el I Ie lssorl telllll t o JEW\VFl,!'itt'--molle o,flhe latest an Id nlost radhiionn hic sorts, consi.stiln. of wlhite, and red coirlleliall, topo )8 R,. jet elarrolh pi, sei io tilgree, tlrFll. l lillS of rl l'rea* 4nl - ( v uf' iili~~·lll+ Wnlc ll(. Ifillllllil:PS, gihl lilld rrl.) I(I \/- P .lk ie Silflrr It lllUltt i eril lll ~bL(. lltiooi t 1tt I ilut llrt llilll 1111 ES-11CY-- Inhllh, hlinir, dust Ilt.eruh,hrar tllolhLor, lat ly-i) 0oolh Idate, coilib, Nail, .haina'hg, Whoe anid i\oill it-llhhll tieeonio l IOOKiNt; l Ai..\SSESl.:--(leranU elstain iinid ol Ih't i ihi, itl iii t in lil~i\, t- tiltrier-I hit illllt intitrll llll i tr itent-ti i 'hl.N' " ANI VAIIEIITY AILTICl-'--lrench I tllll +llil'l. 'dl :I1IIlll'tl) il ;lh ' ,I'H IlV I *li ;lr l f.l tltll ., (lllllP+ Kttt hitticit-tit c nittiiusnto itutu thnwahn - ,'r i,'ljn r ch o li e I r l es Il or hits tnol titlest xi e l pri.. t'l. i of uitl aied , t- eim lilsir bl-u o e 1o r ii o:lillll. iil;Liloilint tint Le - i oll r- I rIio Iz litnit il er Illlll i desound garter, pl itt ln sog it-t n tlec-b akp u I oil r ,l it in, ti l itill o tiolt,jld i lll II, r I11 t llll u lll ih ot rlllliur otnl rIII et it. l kll l onlt III St-iote.i l l 'I ,2l~l., Il~l'·lt l~lSIllH ii IsI1 le't.illllC U ~tl'llJ i (llll'tl'I Yldlll;l ciln- :1I(i',, lr] lll. (hol~( F I 1t ,lillil. lln ., Il·ltI:I.CI tl:..ill I(I1%I It11 l uti Ottil, hdiuiat i onnoil ' nillro, iin and tr t tll tit, I Irnt~·illl~llt I~tllll llt~ ll k i ,ll kl~lll-. jallll slSll·T . h11:1.iile nPllltllt~s, Ill~l~llk,.iir (!,.,ted, stel tilll IIC·l~llll 10\ll-lt elh eI iotlq,ltlv WilL·II)~t~t I rital ltttiii Ioteti eo. lltl.~u 0lld0 Irlrtlieii tll tnlt n, ullg rIr llosiiu to, glll titel. l rl aeltinitl iti nidll l pl. t.t-rtl ol ollllnllll notl ilols, lLL l lll ofldloilnt lllhek oo [I bo~llt~r~, I ti ttilict-ittitllt l t-tnitok iiehi, tonliir - Irlrla li n itlatIIe llllo tht -o rst, Ieri iged ielrnlh LPeI r, I mitt..i reoi i'i cio lli Irallh leodir. 1 hi tleu l loer tsle &iu. i11 Cit.1 gu Le nr. sit . tlill l il[ il w ill l5 [hllbrit p h l r itt ne l n -ckthIunI. (Oti,toiuouo1n1| glithti.alhriounlehy d JAI(VIti & ANIIItEWS, Xlth-le-itla Druggo:tr,aacrler CV OnoaeS uitd 'e'chtle I:oliut-iIo t'olr. Ft-rlolllltry, 'Oct--A sOitltula nriicie , ltlnetr pu una c lt-t In rlc . rho Iho relflll Ira(Is; lal Ihe | Eures & FAeeO l~s cil.:teverj, w~lit)cr fur thle toils,, folr sII (1. y (I I 1RBFS & D'IAIO. lAt'NI.IIE S--'hesouhssriher, having hIt ly es;a Shli.itld a varnish t i nlnrt C Ior.¢ ill t \ew I)el.e is ready to stmy . th painters aud tite puilict in general, hv whles ale or relail. Ili, prices mle tmdlrrtrl nud thelP I llay oIf his )rodulcts ull)Crior tIo atiy eve'r brolel, In Ib pln:e. 7'|'h .eIicielallln Sill lhIt\Pr+fItII I u r -illlP.:d tle m+ andnl slror h s 1,'Ien lit lit!h , id of ,i exier-ive rsldihenint o~ft;his kit d in Europe. Thoe disputd to r.ldt at the otrner tof N ultrllhe an1.I '"Ilh+lilphulual g si, hnit iiepielle lla l withs a fir mlll ell of aty varti th ti,fe mu a wish to try. .\I etii tll vianis. t ar, tiil+ liteIh .in N . I,-r tii iiite nn tto e 'tes i hni!ieht wtllll. The IMa.l varlidh ftr solre.. i l il l 1i 1In tI l s Th tlalsttipare ti varnlith isilth l t smell, .In c.' 1J8S Ii A I. II F . e etIl, tle g i11it SIt , 14 New I.nvne. 1inrson's 1Itz.+r Strt.os-Tithee ests u t1t ltly ernull arlicle, I s-l r.ecei.ed by o,1 3. RIEE l: & i)'LAN(;, 18 Caup s " Alt-) s. t Is-,i, -ui i -st is ti. i,, st ,l rape. imlad, t- oall Ifhe p, tn is rei-i antd Ior snl- by S3 bLOER'I' & lHA\ THORN, 63 .slrrlsr st F l4E t ARDEN SEED-The subscriter o iI to express llls gratell thllanks it the Ipus h I i, for the liberal ulporlt he lhals icrlivd silnce +t iomUceIUd lltilueS i Ithis city. llBng sale pIr priPit:r,;I the seei store, 17 Colnlnn Csrt , Ie : oif ad never was si1t foIr any Iturhern setd vendir; nieither is lie uinnre'ti d with any h use ill a1iw rut ntry-but he assures tihe public Ihat his c e1.ill.olttlt ill every departmn nlt of llth sced buslt utnts, in the dillfnellt countries of Europe tire ei,| itl illisf al y h.use ill lhe U iteild itales. lie i, prts sed -, planits, &c. r-tin the ostult exreisiv i alld irpecthlle nurseries nild see seien in France, Iltil't.i, Elnglusl, Sctiland, and Ith no thems states- anid it will at all liimtes hb his ilrcres', as it is hs study, to receive, Int adldirnti to hli present st o . I, lrge ar Iivals ol every d is riptton, really tilt. .grow ilth of 183 11 also, engrafted fruit tre. e, iof all ki+ds. 'The public maiy rely sn finding a full as sortmellt of every artrcle Inl te seed lihbof genus oi qualty,anit liiimported direct by I\Vm. DINN. .iO 'lTllE PUBLIC.-Ti'- ti-tur,.-',ad. having . studied under Dr. ScLmidt of' Clharlsslton, Carolina, and for soome years his assistant in tl e iractice of ml:dicine and surgery, has the honor to ofler his professional services in this city. 11o iassures the ladies and gentllmen thaLL the Ilost prompt attlltion will be paid to the calls which may bu made; andll also offers his services to the holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the dlleases common to thle, having attended thoem in ilso sugar house in Clarlestonl. T'he famlous anti.bilious pills a l er the composition of Professur Sinulletto, with directions, san be had of the undersigned. The effect which they have produced in this and othelr cities, has been attended with the greatest success, to which tlbhe ost of efurences csan be given. Apply at Nto. 166 Ml:,;i. zine street. JNO. MI'LOIRING. i-lftICE--Tlle partnership of Kollev, ltuai e&o 1 of New Orleaa-; iullsu, llarris 'C.Ih., of Nate lit; it Ilarri, Klley &0Co., of llodiey, was diis.tloedl oti lu.1 -i oflllay lusi, hy thIe dethi o0 dSiomel A lluuls, ue of the lartlers ol the lirlls. The undersigned, surviving partners, will be Charged with the settlitng and closing said I.unsitess li llows: Lesi C Ilarris will attend to the settlilg of lthe business of MAsol, ,llarris& Cu.. at Natchez; and ilarris, Kel 'e oC.ti Isodney; anld ilenry Kelley will attend Il ihe satliilg of the bsilscas of Kelley, Masont & Cu., it New' Orlen(s.i The llllteS of the several lirns will be led in litaidatioUnonly. 'llt'r indselied I ti sail fiRnis are erniestly roIlltiles.l o lulllw tilorwardt l sll illtt hkeearly etllemisietis; alll tltise litug claiiims will please pseletil lisii iortlt dtelay. II,;' C ItI.lll ,. IIENRY KELLEY. Caw (Orlean:', June 27, 1837. DIOLBEAR'S Science of Pentmanship received,nid Sfor sale at their permanent Writntg Acadlemice Ni No. 8 Chatres strout, New Orleans, 189 Broadway New York, Danuphine at., Mobile. It is martienlarly designed for private learners, and schools, and is calculated for peroans e'fall agee. b Ladies and gentlemen are invited to call and enxnmine the system for themselves. Lessons are given at nacb hounes as slay llit the conoveniene ofall, and to classes formed in any part oa the city. Ladies who prefer itcan receive 'essons at their own ref siences. T Persons paying e o rse of lessons are desired o attenl .- t ""IB' ' ii well anthey wlsh. ? ..;AK J BItO'T'HII.R. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FORl FEVER AND AGUE. M I EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it C tas attained the higeast reputation; and has sup. it planted every other medicine for the Ague, wlerev. 1 er it has been known and appreciated. Already P has it been carried in every direction throughout I tihe United States, and still realizes more tlan could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agen. . cy; and they now cheerfully testiff, at every op portunity, to its doeided and supreom efeficay. It is composed of such medicinal principles as are N calculated to renew the healthy action of theo sto i ac, liver, and other important digestive organs, the lose of which hartony is thie immediate cause I of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap se- of the affection. When tie Ague is attendled i with any other complaint, the employment ofl tie Tonic Mixturee will not interfere with tile treat. eo rment of the other disanse, but wil even alfford as. satsance by furnishing strength and vigor to the K body during thle course of treatment. Thone whol " make use of this mn ieiine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, oarks, Mlercury, or any other article in its'comnpositien unfrieud:y to the human se Seconstitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; Santi they may have addilln:al conatience in the g use thereof, whlnn they perceive that it has tih cf- I feet of a gcrt:a laxative about the time hall' a bhot. t! I el full has been tnlonn--in consoeefwco of whicr, e there is no part of tnle toedicinon left to linger in . tie bowels to caous obstructions, and other evils, arisiog from the use of many of tihe remedies now ofi:rmed for the cure of this alheition. It has lioenl sed Also as a preventive, by my inty who were sub it Sjet to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it ( ,nhas invariably warded off tle appnrohended attacs. (Obsere! 'l'he Proprietor, fully satistied a ith the Snparalloled olid universal ruccess which has c... tanetly attended a ptocttual and rcul:tr use ol the aTonic Mixture, it all caves of Fever iand Agui , .ftels warranted in engaging to refund the plice to all those who have tallen tie nedicine in strict ine 1c ,f cordaeu with thie pre.cribed directions, without having been perfectly nod lastingly enred. The subscribers carv tie wholesale agents for tin South Westernt States, and have now oil hand six or ty casts of this medicine, which is warranted fresh it and genuine. For sale at tihe nInnaufacturd pricer JARVIS & ANtitI*WS, 0 'Wholesale i)ltlhFIgfi(t, lnove7 oer Coton ke iTe'hopihtna, lithrret.t 9Minaaslhippi nandnt Lloulnnnta llntl, G evt NU'I ON. t., 1 , iltS. MARY IIIRKLAND) respectfully n. 5i nounces to her friends and the public enac. ally that sihe is prepared to accommodate lthmn at ir he tnovt establishment, nid hopes frunm her t xeortiona to render visitors confortable, to receive I continuance of former flvors. Shie finls conft. dent that persons visiting Covinlgton during the ulntner months, cannot find better ercolnlmoda:tions I than she can afford thelr, oin mrre hiberal terms. lier Ihouse in pleasantly situate:d, and well supplied with every eonvenience; the bar is Inrnisled with the most choice liquors, &c. in short, shl e promises i, "rat nothing shall he wanting on her part to give tire satisloction to all whllo nmay patroenizo tihe dr lsiaissippi nind L, nisiann IlHotl. J.3 ,t ItOLLOJW- WAR.IE. WOODV ) SREWS, MAl) IRONS, &r. "q 'lvE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. 1 238 Water, near BUlitiliain strlt, New York, Yr have received tlhe past season, on ar citlostntly 7 raeeoiviEg large and extensivio Ielditions ti ie slneok of the above goods, wlllch now coniistls of Ihe . ollowing assortu tt:l, suitiblt for the ni/outhern and tI western markets. S Hollow ware of supetlir quality, consisting el I about 15110 tons, viz, Pots of 22 ditlircent iue.s, from 2:I to 503 gallohns, Kettles, 15 sois, fromn 3:8 to 30 I ations, Koettles, 15 sizes, fro :, ~ 1: 8 to l gallo s, I B.ikepatn or OUen.s, 7 nllifrent sizes, To ea Kettles, Ii , Skillets, . o I Flat Spiders . i do Covtrerd Spiders, I do t OI)rtdlie, . 4 do Ii Wagon boxrs from I 1.-I to I 3-4 inches. te) C.rt do. . to 7 in 'nots. W. ood /Screw, n iti.0n0O gross, iron and brass, frinm :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:1 inch, No, 21 of a supior o1 I.dily and linish, i lid less thin Jt e ns ilnIot'CId Sadt Irons, assorted, in caha Ilofabout 5l 51) lbn fer S Taaor's and battor's Irons, asnorted, Satb weightst, 1l0 tons, aisorted from 1 ,1.4 to 1- 201bs. 4 Boell for Pintations, stacmboats, churches, &c. t made to order, Also stultea.bata and other Innaehti'ry made to arder. r The atove assortment lof goods is particularly ed recolrmenlded to te attielitll of Sotllltirn eiI - Waster nl mrchants, and at'. of.Tred fril sale at lowi Sprices, sad upon lle most lier erl rmsI ; it It be. lieved to be the largest and best assorlllltet ever offered for sale by any one eetalblislacnnt in the United States. Merchants, by forwarding a request by mail, win have a prin'ed circular, with description of goods, d prices ld terlns, f-lll which no devnatio is ever mnadu, fnrnished biy return of mnail. All orders will receive iummndiate attention. New York, 1.33. J,3 . .. . . . . . .. . ... .. .. Indian Dye, tar ucloring the llir ; [lear's Oil, R .rlais boar's. tremese, ponlllatuI, 1whhliih 's f' Ir cle Wa.Vsh, supei)r petarl poa\wder, II;, whli.e, Cr nt ,, ruses, svege iablae ria e, lto f L , lip sllhe, kranir,' trc t its wiah' , cl rb,,llne dear, I a '.' taa: LIIIIwer wa 'ei, pIII der pII .s and bx., A . II, cha;ircoai., n a'ily pat lp ii hlour 'Utan ea <n ., .i(-. tlI slls, eh;l'o , e t s a h drp, ha' irllsl, s, E ,i'll-h dha' s l al , c llah , Ih I l lit , +l ai t a a Y lil ol O ltll I pirtllllr s', ,'. I.".' by C. .I. 'I R'NCIHAlIl, ot 3 co r n o 1'rur d afei 1; ,,to , -Ia A .''.-1:ltnse. a rat Ilul'ii ha I, virilrl s uali:,r, 1l L ro, Iloiln: ai.l [u.v truwu- ll lila i fai m ship t i. m ., or lsale by l Ii; a . . ; a ,, 171'I 1s3:l llgadzit It • l;.,g , f sa! ela (a I I T,' , alxt7 tIIt Ntw I.eve I \V & b, F utcheroi hellial, ]:nhla , have juat saeeived ai veryl exttn.ive "`t of ll 1t ' I.m' eI,slai'illn of Tiable ailnd ess.rt Knives o's t . . dtes ritti , ll l Ia I teelt airk, It d oi e p i ti nls ls'; ' alin, r +i , ord Slis CuSsio ld le s T is:, &e la &le.; & c hih ths,' ar Z'ir, .rel ves; hib ll t ts o the l rci l d otllr stlte, uld t; il.o frill re inealr t weon allt r mn Fthnc tioe.l c;llg as.s i. l'l siter; In A its 'i Iaisblla'll Itlmsaa; Corloa lship hl twvile;i logilet iatd s Ai' s , owter, eh :lsie itlket bistalls; scainel ris clind s, lit euipool a s; c cap shioale; tiess s, ' llz ls, pen.d nckles; b(illitla' n nl; pockritl bd ot wlr stel p nlles; ' tes;lr: a' o ;ll a st s tlr;all, ivory and hs rn connl ; O gul's; olaslil ; stallr trtiil g i'aes l; IflaIsrls ifr mtilcies; il vcal gis ils; Ctreview;I, i . pc. eltleall; whila i adlwitioilet iosr sAthmra sticak tof lasl artiwles , larkes nllrie ssalt et ' c ir led '. ar sill neklhes; billiard alls; packet ilooks iltl walletti; (leUnftIauts; ra5zor itra f ; fii tsold I i ntns. gtiuia wholesale or retail; as the sign of lle -itleun 1anal, T7 CIh:wrllle street. m .8., 36 C'llnrs stri'er, New rleans.ll W , S EI G E A N T & C o.. It p+;,';ers of P.reneh sadit Enlhsh Chiinp l and Earthen wart. aIIre nowV o~penino new and rivih patterns l" hrealkl"sa, dlining nld lea services. toil t sets, pithlersF , ton anl,d clee (lllps, teapots, ea:nrs, creamllsl, h wle., Iplate, dishes, lurenlls, wash basins and ewers, loat bilhs, eei. etc. Rich cut and plain French and American r; t-. wareP-gohlels, chaampaigne, Il monade., jellies, clarers, wines, carhlials, centr, howlhF, durlnters, ItlI blerst, prIeerved Is esh es elertes, pilt'lls,l lmps, altp sh sde and la=sts, casdle shla !o, salt ce'. ,eF,% el ., StI;rr plated, 'abrmnzd awnl lbrianil wtnrs-, tora , liquor stands, cake l akeis, cn.ils,icis, branches, sponsa ladles, cif:.eaad ilt, ~i s,,. creams. lamps, japanned trana, atir,,l annds, nand laln hin_ lalpstinle cutler¢, (;erm nll sIer sFpo'.,o IanId horki lo, I nr1t r with a ara.,, varIetV if a reht t a tu i f am ly uP . lMerCt( hlts, pi llnter-, Ilt, Is, tn d 'Penallll tl, ful is d w Ilrn ,ie de I t II most t -m smllble plicis, anl pai ked , aIs I , I, cul;ve)y. d I wt 1i, sai(ai y I Is i)n r Its lole lll.a r. i .ite, apnthecl'aries' glasswari,. - na T , l'io ltrlt v ,iles hant. anl fi],. ter,. Nea!r,,blankers, flannelh, Vas) ,E, , Isewt ll Ahirtliuae, hl .l, li.Pns. , ali.les, hlanldk rchliel' il' rie:cads and Ir sale low by III, as.ri "lIT 11r1 & I's. a.or ta,.er C :la ,l n i t('thlaires I BiMAIL AIRtKAIG'tIEuEA .. .... Milfl, Ie Eivry )ay at 11 IL orhern lail, . U e rv av at AI' A. Western i,( Dn every Sanv, Wlednes ,day -et lM 'lan O P, .vy 'Ic n I,Thursdav, a ia UCloses every MAnnyv Wednesday TIME Turk- leaving Mobile duilr ti 3 P. 1. vothl .olfths ra. Ma 1 e ir Mai ne adi New o Mil ledge vie. (1a. -2 at 31 . N, I Nctbwer New yar.i i ilynt 5 reoall oeu'avd. Naior invei-r . l istance. 'Ini ac, Iitnrn'g (Iitie iua4, tGn. 114 RI 1 )4 34a I Cnit r . 7 am. 1:3 I1} 0 \Varrenron, Vi 12 a. 55 at ,I y Pet·,'l-illr 1'a. 10 Inn. R03 Id rln. i l:'c.vlall, Vn . I al. L1 3 ~ ;' l 'ricn kl,Vn . R i I'p m. ,V. 0iiitiacey, 21an1. 61 6 , hililri, 6 n 11Y11 aw Yorik 2 lo an. 90 8Ji 1. 1111 143 i. l ior ",27 i Norlwn rd. Cotollng cetllil , ie tiln i iala ibafl SI'hE + lTEi-/5 n i111r All h-I I ll-.. a 3 l 1. line lii r I ner or let -idcioi is on eas "I0 ( I l re, il ) .. . .. I 5 nr-(it;On filie cII g of ilh if A o; a. wea Se ingi Ioydrs stree neegro bay naed C IIA RI,:s, sIholnt 17 yeris elf ge, ona l 5 fee dr trllnl'enlllll it ,lri-I t, rv 1lck iiinr has n inlaed nienl i his sipeech none of his loC. i vre, csaesioned by recent hltlitiIP ie id Oil a l, e weln away a whit1 ioton Or lillel] hir o or . 1 alnatiecrs oi -e eo!einuteamci IO.unis a1re ecrtinel Id it inst rieceinilg or inl rig seiil ngcllr as well as elk otier sy rsnai it ti iiiiiit rihonri i ie l w will be lenfrtu' ,l anirtIst Ih'I h T T e ,, v e relw d wilrl ho lo iirdllive:i huiinr i oi ei . ftinv (f iicjanil f elitlr omnth " mic s , P oil ll I .. t. " li) Carwdeeli, af lenvi. street. sopt S li r h aI' tltl. , el i)t , I b { br ne b n k elating 0 1 i iu ila-' Jilin i iiiiii's c .- lineeic itn t A eiliner Is rnlv ceId.ii 'it I . i.hlcui cr itril ll lltn c e nliuri so tp! ou c . .. h i, ,,,o. , nc ricr.oq s . ll ,osen in., b. , rell Io IIche i ln' l o " hi'n oli e , cII ld aIII t h t oi av a rlrlinsel IIlci' Iin ic ll i e ,ccIn i ier4II--In 11 r;AIIIETSON. ('"IIlI'./IN Al41,li,5A"IlI" NEWV NOVEI.S ,n /tie Ih e X,, r hic ih, ) ' l, or i P.tur Simpled , .ne. r or in Cer iint b n Ilec ,e ml h I .cale iev ,,iv CiI invii III-aisilllall, Roy Nvy Fu L le i a; in I vol. ii e " i.Lrd hoei,-dn, n ri- ncntie by Alladn Cinnl ill, I ve hep/mrdI ..' . .n 11+1 ;1 w, ito 1 b Ii,:lell.ll' hi 2 v. la. i.' I'il-ii -lho Ia aieci' c Ilo crq/s. INoA'r's Ifr** h etme I" Tlixh IOiriin *(ry. in 1 vSl, 300 oV c ,'n' ' p I ",'e,'Ih ne, I2 g )lix h I)ilio Onr Nl. AiLsI.- Iiw miIre iislitec' (eci, htPhcrenclogy "ltiei, i."Ieirc ic.curv, icir's i'in canscpcie"ioreru ity, w*ilth ch t,n Iiilli.d' Ilulls of21-.4 .Ia L2 1-2 i-nchies a lillll{'s il'icvu d i iui t lieu Ic ,ll'c niiclllliliatL ersc. weigfita Juslt received, n.ld fur sale by . 111 IIENJ. LEVY. I'INN i.K'.c I.OM5, R c. 'INNOCI'e 1' I1101'F1i E:I)'lTI'ON OF DR 1 (;- hlilh's AI 6rnlcunnet of the Ilistory aft. lto hllihl t is pr.llixde au Inrodctiie( totheo Saly II I nlllln Icisllrv, llcl II gre tL v •ietyi valubc e infor II i tllli]ie O I Ilihricll u iiii Ih wori ck, iIn thie A lnrlnUers Institutionn and r ii lt hiieie if tih Rliimins; with 1 I ro, n ior hir nid I i.osri-inl Notles;nnd qie l ti, tLns fn ex r n tin at the end o each sectiii n. II IN l i.. t et I i. l EitIiilrion of inr (iiiihs ib"t's Historya iof I e lll.,a fillll elln I tt ul i)uin of Jl lilu.s ( beA r to thi (Iti ithh u- Gri,' ld, Willa itti:-tiiins+iii to the yea 1 8 u3t5. \ ,t1it iah'tal -s ifr nulltlllll/io t the c d it SI'lll cruti uc(ll h Ili-c -: c It ial'.it) i,if iitin bln ill,)rlnn ti ~ il e r11111 d e e.l ii)) 111.e Wl . f iii i*lnicutl g io. tcia. If ei'n Tiemc nci Gor v Si rei-,\l :ti.- lean cci'it priersool ixphmt oiicirv eiri-tra. Ilin rks i the rull ailsr, IIllilllr~' i i uclll l l i Ihr 1 All n llcinie ) Ithe Ollnlitllc.iila c . 14 . llI.iIcilbctd Ily i nlley ellgrl Ilt r-eu c t . ..... . acee r, sli, . . n Aorllginee 1 oi " Ka ith'i i Ni . 'l'rl ilici- io i n le, I f ltiobes. Nev iv, Anenrirnl ,bllialll I ,h IIddiloi aaid i apll olVelOlct y' nl ni Ti` l-dti ofe i,- ici oii itl pert ofthe Au Sitn i cii ni l*. s cu b 4 1 I(I . rlrlied and for s rlee Inv WAI dn'KEAN I I 1 aqll nur t e nr''c "(111i 1 inda (andi llllnlontiie I (I 0.l.\I'l:,h'iuLuti d I v I'ii, li ci l. 'rShul-, D I) D, with ,, t],1,+, Cr. Ii' I ,I"" .h)llou ll(, {1 i l\y,, 5+1;i, . i)rvdon 'I' ',1.' , ,\ .'ii l ll iii ha e ton, I Ii r;,in itli dl tsnta i t e. .ti ' l lt l l5 1'e i,'1 .1 t,+ ,r ile i i lc llu I tii l '1111:,1111'5, whh the' np i;11 f ;,lia ;mail, InInd I+ i rl'r 11 f .q 11' 1 ·,1""I I. hrol v hv ,'ill i, ,,f II-:n1 '1( :1 l '1.INK;i. by ,:,,lil T. 1 I i · \. i ii I . , c rr '' I h 'm l 1Ti , .1.11. S11111 . c. 1 hbrm e, 1 l. . e l,..n o I': 1"1 "I il"l ved b y T"I o ... ......... ... . I',n w , 'l i Ilt ""' .I I!C," ,o nis.,, , , r .c S, "i ''') 051 W IcK .A lll *las c, t lc-i nctiiilia iiiiralnll dt rr Isal I t' to 11, m;I)rt. 1- I.Ai h,..4a . I I IV 1' s o ,f. ll.c,, i Ii,-ve,. a. i, h ,lii, al ucII -',ra he.ada he.l FI-ii) ihs hi l mll"ii ih1Tj Ii, m bit l rp , ,eir ac n i lt Iv-r pac m - '" i i . .- ,ci, J ,hi,, , l n u end , cae/nao , e o. t ,io iii IcsnIt ll as ie-l lbr h ll r cir e -h n n . It lin il . Onr,l il c,, n..e - r Pij"il i 1liimiltz anll,] irall, Powderees.t is,'' lu;tt'.+ [lT.'rv+'scenl Maltnesin Apperienal -at I-in ,, l ,1 n i ..n , . - ,ivd- In dc , si- l,sr a or indiw !;' e T lou, Delll C IIr l 'lll.', .rlld Te-9, he dlad he... e. I hI thi nnIcl o e t( h n,- sc[1 l t coet¥l. de s curs.. ,ensLl a ceplttns &a. C penrl tler's Fluid Extract l sereeparilla f. pirlhvan a lnsih, iiio , ci i ndo d ci)eha tig . e II".. ln ",l Oio ehse, Cc. ice. ehA ii ne Wi,-u ,e,.i 1''", det r pi l, "ie ti ed bexes, 1 ;'r let t', rtl ,,nIc J-ll eie h,rilc ; tooth wahNE . - It \l ,A \ D ' ++ "i, 't I ' I I X 'I'U R E , i"or tlreatment anod ,tle P o, or1 Feter and Agee. T wll I,e trmit des-vere, It hertir, thhe '|'toia Mhit l I .I + Isn all I·ift I lltin n' Il ]C ot " treating. a able, .lrtelad, naell Ifre Irl- stin v le lenrous antl poisonn , tevn l t he htulr "lltn, I. a.e h d naid. Iep , ,elmns ·pnc reef II,- dis nftt ,. ,nserq ! Ifl the othe nitu lioo st nt irg"il.i t o H lteel Ie n attlldacttV jt Iv It e ab. Ibh li itwen I anld p;trll ennt tl tite, by iitvignrating I t i en tnblllll n d aIY t. ,t re ll to t hel enjoymentl sol ftale. Ileier al t:ll+r iu lit, hl a purga ive q ualit., it remains lh , e te n In s ite t crase hin ,lisder or to create 'otltrdlrlaet, bill thItIogh ill selene thereveral or. enis of di (I nlllt, ln tu18 benetfits the lye'em ob Ih+leIr wlt il;ýto it IaIIIV be oppreated. Ilhlodnll, ofelCt tje noftbl 'loi I Mliatue, have benI'l e t 1 to Isll the ui tI atoia of the dise.ase d ttnl b ltvl vtpe I tttt I nft ne' etttIItn;. oflellrl; whereas by thet Ilseluftb lroll re no rlie*, theret i. always area ted .in ita nili wito reclrrel c. cThe danger S-f is or,'w' irll lwes fma tfl, Ag.,g is very evidnt, for mll ntlc to tel "iI iEypiail·n. "ol s eedily fala vic tim to -tth t ir,ko-er wvitaelo e ni'hdl'o i" Mitturm ie a(ltes o thech inewt asnmtle aprieo, ies to pis it tiehrni tile rpit ol'et lrv n -oe tIatt t Ir Io and destitute tar o phr y tartnisldvitl ttn-sntattre,withoalt seliciting rte use tc. d attenny Whi1av frteqenotlty denied to tt erreluctatly bestowed. '1Ih goblinI rat cretly atatnited ngtinnt the cpu minstoitutt ottI atediora, that eare daily offered It .prtpattdtOnlv by Dr. John It. Rowand, athia al nf , l rlit, atreet, ' lt il ad. l p l oia. 'Ile utttscri ntrs are tle wlhlenle agents foe the lertl toatrs, nld wl sllnl blv the groae, at Iphit pricee . '1't be had at retail also,at Apotltocries in IlI,city. JAIIVIS W& ANDREWS, W'lhlenalo P Druggists, .t Con.... , Olln & Tehopiltoul. a ']ARILIJ CIIIMiNEV I'IIECE Waasnouas. n Cutolmhouse atrelet, rposlte the pot.oflcee. Tihe eubscribero are now recoivitg from their facl tories iu Ntew York, and will keep ce..atantly on hand a general assorttent..f ,IlMarle Mantle Piecen ofsuperior workmanship, and of the latest patterns. madlo of h, best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and Anltrl loltntarble. Also, Monumonllts, Tombs and Grave Stotnes, lctulded and plain sills and lintelr., marble Ihcings. Ilearthn and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, lRolant & ilydraulin Cemaent and Plaster. i ti lir, togetihr witlt a splendid assortment of b anss tutountdl and plain Graten and Russia Iron rates of the neweat and tmott approved patternas. Lelttritg done in the neatest manner and at the rtlst notice. They hlave first rate workmen to t -ea work. tA 3I AIN & STROUD, SItl.llnl.l.'S NEVW WORK, &e.--The American i lntohltd, by thi autlntorof"A Yearin Spain," in Noble Il(.eds of WomVnen, in 2 esIsI T'l It' Vn \Vifi,'s Ilonk, a tatntnal o moral reli nltollddotie tnn tites. In oietreti+n, oI end foeialce by WM. M'KEAN, ne ll \ht'ib ttitl llk--ok nI.tnin Phhieis; do. an II l,.l-htit,'a nIe nltliv. rre'd bhy t .t A 'l'oWAlt, 49 Cam