Newspaper of True American, June 6, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 6, 1839 Page 2
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'*9YM nriourT. .&e. &o. ,1 ,: . e, llnoeo,,v E.enol. iJoi, 5. tYeo l ,mhoonow*Iudi nuhor it, elo,.t the Nell river lot ot nnl00m0.0m wktond .vnerolo., 1200 Ilngo nearly, cloy .hiolo tolnre lle eroeijt of the lont intelli E rI'MOtrf Ioo lr, 1o. 'I'n-toy, very few Pales were rI.c0&dod00,tk.y Olrle rp.rlwe of coopleting Ctne. 5000q! ltiklog o0. No'dioiop,o tion is evinced to ton0el lllypf .!;, t o t"in no. tpretty f.irlo divided inio two p0r "n r lnrt oronp litiion. onu the .nni.Noll6, or rly. All the opocolutor lelnog to the fo otyivyl of unlry neocount of tale fromn LlooopotJ Io IlOlO t.rlhiop nat oew York has made Pe0. "tUtf lil Cl nf( Iwok romeovktt "lhltn." Si tens 'n.4 re thie early day, the f'toro will be fa=i' tvnh serdl'un tlil, ln, -Ito ls4rout-tholoought ooot to bh digouised that tle 4i0NFOh4of the. tion0 gopone f onward this 0ea00on has tnb0nlloro pnldg. p oflthe Ifitlo oflnling,.ond it is tlike.w troh that oighlt to bo known, idlt the preC. tiO;{tE:tltrJrisowi th .nt'or three exceoption', to sellU the. peroloc in lin In when tle bills against it becoleos dtý.'l'itre eoaltraory oi'tpia svst!m rained the three gre lmer otan lie ogg ins onoloId at th'eIn 0 oriole, ad Ihh ohkiinney mwniieod"l hby consigneeC to pto letmserl. IllsOe forts will enolle ono tojudge wtetlo 'pPounltotr of tIhe lSt01 e. on will realize toioht.- t r:.very day is convincing ot tha.t tile boast l t nkttkhthe troloo, otod& nut ofa cegrtin well . o eleor's hands i. not likely to tur1 out favor Ti weoonitie of outton will kh able to holdaip on a Illilq m torkpt, ond towardsl August, they wll ouhtole. elotr oh m.elver. 0 We hiee .nnnootlooe 1t note in other dercriptions of Ipddoen. Mnoley in otationary. ` I.nlt0 l Ionle.. dlhrletto. May ...........001 WI.slitll.on. MY ...... 03 let tork. dl . ............ I 4 Cinci.tUi, Mai y ..,..... 9 Piloldklh. d o .....:....J .ivill d........... 24 Illlnm re il ..............3 I'-t. Louie. do......... 19 -ttln ank. d0 ... t...... .. a I h nlverlp l, Ar .. ........24 Hnfoth f'loo t) Maty .. o. 23 Pri. April ............. In atoho d1 ,oloo, Mo .. 100...........2I l ...... . Onnio!k~no do ......05 llooe...... ... 10 I';. ·:.:::. In ill' :ill lk Ill: I i·· II' t-il I- T. F N , W .I Il.VIK \S. CLEARANCES. June 5. &t* WIcS Cnetiultlvan. Mar.ill', JP Riley &I..O.4S.r A,+: am. Ilav..u. 11 Marrtnn ift, Ctrry Mlsamnore J Crnshy Ih Minevsr. addly, I",ovid. lle Mnater Meh i' rrdtilo. Allien. Charle.ton G eIlfort 4Fhh S .llF.Tci.... r lobile ' ioMte.l: c.qL/m ciu:.cbio -, Wludie, for Galvestone, J Ssmith & Voorhees ARRIVALS. June5. Tow bhat Molhle.. Ileitcn, Prom N E pa.. Ihv.cig towed hrlg Yo'an; r.lturce I to the, Itv with Ibarq.e Clrion andd b4e Teo5 Pain.. I. th h thsI..,o o k, 4th cit.. "N4othi4. ill .i bt LNQhiIt .i ri or SLt.oqclaCiri, Young. 5 day. from Havana., to R Groning t 3.i4 Tom, 23 days from Roston, to George Red •ord. " . . AIcianmie., Philips, fmn Manr' g..ser Waah,t.n .otrork. f.. i rche aSrnmer Sen.4htorn. Clarkte, fit Itoh. losce teaucn Pekin' . pelk, from lbyou Terra ELonoc EXPORTS. MIARIILEI.. Pe' tle Cenht..( argto 47 M states 58 bales >t'; el, on 511t Iids tl,,Ieco AiArANA..Pe cbr Geir Ca..C, 540I door 541 kehg. . a.di. 2" h.lfbi a Ltld . "IMI :"JA..Per schr Losne..Cnr; o III) bo. four IrP bas 'c.senei lery slall los hrafll.. *hardwlre. winea., claret, brandies, lassware, iand eercthallI.e PROVIDENCE..IPei seh Minerva..Cargo 3000 bushels of CHARLESTON..Per schcarrhlsenn-Cnrgo 140 lill and2It1 eokL haco.. it0 4ll flour 1042 Ill pork 51:0 kegs end * h.i lard, 10 IOlls nd t1, ashs hoe14 tieree. iacr 5 esa dry ponds 4 hif pipols wine and I hlid ad I cask liqdor MORILE..Per .eh, Swc...CCro o 50 hI. pork, 100 do flour 19 hllh baron 0 eI0,i' rope #ALVESTON. Par eteecier Colum.,ia., Oago small lot. hrdwaure, groceries, provisions, glassware, F IMPORTS HAVANA. .Per barque Clarin. Cnagr 506 hxa .suar Otf bag. enofe leots scar. and sweet .meat, to sundry "oTON..P.r brio T''n P'l...C....200 ton.. paving e.n... nla.,rtad ellnmrclladice, J Mint.rn, Georle Itodfrd aild order RECEIIPTS OF PRODUCE Terre Ionne..Pekit rtnmm r Pekin,.Cle.a 20 hdl suglr Lambetlh 4 Thompson 75Bellllett Ferriday. & co, d9T bi., to ditto Mellra.-Per stoeamer Alabamian..Curego 2 bales cotton and I bll lo.order Laflurhe--Par stramer WaVhintmn..CI go I.3 hds sugar. I ilet I. recP Il G;Ilw. I.5 hdssua.. sIld 31 IhfeC' ,oas. V .-p.t 1ll6ole.e lt.i I.KYorkh li d, l.iibthl P TiThompson ob'l lllll.,ltse M Veoinrd: 5 blhis lllolcaes R Blaier a.d CONSIGNEES . aro.inr eo, rCrulU, ..pyre k co, HGoslinlg, Lepge br q e.,(9ondlrea I Ce and order PASSENGERS Pea Ialeanlla. Mr Root & Lady. Steel and Lady, ANI. Sodlllln.o. I.c-ard, Sheppard, Barbulo, a!il lmtlrtin. anlr.i,,.l i..di oCnrrnre Per Alillli llei-ilr Orailey. D.r Kleth, Ma..r. Woode, TrIm..e. & faln ly. aPelloa., 'c,,it. VYumul uwi Ilow, lMonthem Harrio., htlli.mie Aln.wllth Per l to. r, ellliire-i-|iv l.aidlnw,i2ldih and son Mr Welh.n. Wood, Sliydtor, |.lt Sceliog MEMOIRANDA The river isstill on the rise TRUE AIMERICAI OFFICE. In connection with this Otlfce is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE FOR TilE PRINTING OF Pamphlets Blank Checks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Porms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars AMd every description ofJob Woarl at mny be requird. SdnUtER ARRANGEMENT. Conmmacmac tn Sunday Jlutse 2. 1111. THE Cars will selne for the GEAT R P IRIE, on their r.tles hr thIl Bayou Tiguyue, every day isn the week--s follows : Depcrt. leturn.t 7 P. M. 10A. M. Excert uandays, when the ears will run as follows: Depart. Return. eA.M. 9A.M. 1 P. M. 3. M. 5 7i P NI. JS JAMhIIS H. CALW\VELL, iPresident t. '. II '. is Fli(ltlM PA IS. rJIF li5Esmriwtss lhtty j'st reeveld l.erlship ('hales L from i lasr and ,1fsr Sr ts-le u ha.iuuimtil ns.ort snent of. ilndfi tes a on-i.tihg ill; ;-Pinttios, I'icohl,s of Kl.ewond, (Ctltls:'e tes rs..dsh mahRgtly . orald. H. rirlalt.s l Piauti ofthltkrichest roseasc lid nld ,nalth ganvy. teasi nupriIht Piannnftntesl do. J'll'Ie=P il.strnl eants ore all mlnttfac tired hv the selebrated mapers 'I' I.EVE. &. I. of I'nri',.ll imsl.. ,ilm, m tctlave-, r o" oia inast sltserimr filtlis and Ase leelod ex rt.-ll s t r itIts s tes,vesrs I'eel , Kalletlbt1er, which fCar ca.l'.aves nnldhinT to desire in regard to the betiy ofthelir ats.. TlIh lellsIrssnl prIsfrssaries m'tll.'aic are respert folly invield to call and earnine the aemni uptight piaos lwhich are 1 tJre)elsw Nsr c ticle. E JmtlINs'i & 5,,$t'. .'harles et. J4 oppntaiP tihe Vernland &" Exsl ha.sie hotel SLOltK--555 rlls tll ., . (lne () A 6slts .. m at the ittnojemtisia mer sale by J4 (_ D'I) RSEl'.,4 Nerw l.ese. A 1is-740 ,npr riot . l,..f, b-I - { •G thlEY.41 N,,e I.,ve' I' K '.UI'5KS ludoiss .nsd Ilina.s ,orey-$50' of said del crilstiu Litt stle hi v J4 A I'H'IER, 74 C.rvier st F IE'Ii BUT.eIlt--I6 k. g lhnding from stiaua 4 boat Prairie, forsile iby 3J4 A T GI l,, 3t (rasier st i Ui.Ei) I..l'l I'ER IP'APEiC-A fw cases of ruled 5letter ofw5tri is qltsulilies,jsst received and frsale on accomoldsclatigs le-tsic hy J4 5 ' Ti lVAR,49I Cnamp . heay Iat~d ig ts thbig thurisn .tppsile oSac tle ct for -llt I.y J3 t tIllAl. & NiO).N, b6 Maganes at "j t~aCH PhIving Cards-Ju.a recesnad trom New A. Vorkaflell'gremtmeavery sultrior double head ;Ordtsforesle hy dttnso or grtce by DAVID EL-T & Ca, ,N Y .latloaers' a ll, april 3 s4 Chartres st NEW PUBLICATIONS. T HE Lihtl . Frensthtmi anl his Waler Ltss, swith ther sketches of Ithe times by 0 P Mor'ris with etchings by J'ohansCn. I scal brt.nn, a Sicilian I.53, edited hv Thendre looak ti whbch is appended she Atoneuent a story by 'ftheodre Ionk. Numtber 12, Nicholas Nicklehy. humblers7 And 8, sketches by oas. sloarks on the Mulber T'ree and 8ilk Worm, and on the prodctlion anti msainfectnre of silk, emlellished "ilth atpropriate engravings--Just reeeiveld sd for sale by W McKEAN, m ale i by U4 D iCSEY,. T tblK ; sate, hsnd glans SHOW CASErS sto eitntnr, fe sae lowr 'y B IIO\VEm &. CSS, tra '29 No 17 C.,.tlm At I'NKI INK!! INKI!! rreiveIssalvesmsstsf Svery slperiD r dsz Intk, psakeRal i uone doze,, bIx.s, for sos 5.3 Itte dlo.l or roase, Ihy IDAVID FEL'', N York Stiainnera' iFlnl, ma14 I24 Chartrsels st. Q4T :EI, PENa--Jult recaiv.a a taw grarss ( ti. K"Eogle,laod Perry's doulble patene osteI plO, fli calebv I 14Illl FELT' &.Co, mIt5 N V satlioner haIll 24 Chartress st S. NYv RAuS-.-tfttI uy hg scfor sste be T may 14 S &J P W HlTNE\.Y, :5amp At ,IC : .tr. c,.. No,,. 8 Fso,, have fisten " I.i lase and xtesasive a..rlleot ofa Cllppcr ndi Tie Wac of their swa imtthulaetura , which they nefr Jwitt arliamis. may I8 IUII-'IM Il. alttdttg frsacS Ostttser Rudolphllt. Pait FiHfe by G. L'OIRSEY, stay8 44 New Ii.,ec i D-.-O .-lb keg supe,,r leaf lard atI s I, tndlitg, 1 per Fiastbol. F. rlsbv s by DOISt.IEy, o sy ,I I Now I..vre 1I iK T1RUIE AMKItIUAN. "a TFArf O V. AND BOLD. 0i rafr.pDn h n n mos. 3i iciit jolrnal of the 2i jSunlcptalltg. that PUBLISHED Daily, Trl-Weekly di Weekly. arwl and NEWV l OR LEANS: h THURSDAY, JUNE .6, 1839. ato For-whom will Loisianoa vote? FOR SlIt. CIo'. fTo. The Whigs ofLouisiana know and feel, if they are trite Wh to themselves, that this is the only answer ..y can ever di give m this momentous question, and in the ensuing cuntent,they know and feel. that such will be their an all ewer at the polls. The Whigs know and feel too, that lon) they are destined by such a vote to defeat the electors wil, for Van Buren, and that Louisiana will occupy the proud position of having raised her voice in favor of the of only man in ihe country who can unite strong arms of t and warm hearts against the present corrupt adminias- le tration of the general government. Let the decision of off the National Convention be what it may, Louiialana has ma bf ut one duty to perform, and that duty is to adhere to Hlenry Clay, for he alorne is capable of leading the whigs cla of this State to victory. If any other man than Mr. the tlny be chosen an candidate for the opposition by tile Do conventionn of 1839, an attempt to run him in Louisiana ge will give the vie ory to Martin Van Boren. This issue Si felt as a certainty not only in this State but in other I sectiosnef the Union, and hence the neessityof not s, prersing the claims ofalny other rperson in thel Horris arI burg convention. Our policy then is to unite upon sil, Henry Clay, anid to give him, What we can give him, ali otr vote for the Presidency. Is this the policy of the fo, othar States ? We believe it ia.u The ereat error committed by the Whigs on the let- as vation of General Jackson to the Presidency, was to Di s coff themselves to ie divided &broken up by the arts ,of th ruling party. They should have rallied in 1828 w around Henry Clay, and sworn to sink or swim witl pl ,him. aied this been the case, the successor of Andrew no Jackson would have been Henry Clay. No matter how th ,ianvy defects lhe hlad exl.erienced, each new one would on have nerved the Whigs to new efforte, and success ht wd iinhl have crowned their exertions. Even at the ad- w ad vent of tMr.Van Buarn to the chnir'of State in 1836, it In was the duty of the whigs throughout the Union as as to have sacrificed petty personal iredilections, and la d- Iohve plnced theo name of Henry Clay heforv the nation bt as that of the only man they would unite upon, and to w have rallied around him all the elements of opponitimn L, to misrule. Party con oldy be defeated by party. pi The whigs, by remembeting this saying, could have to now beenssuored of success, for the laet" two years tl 10 mwould have been employed to advantage in diffising .n correct information and exposing the rottemates of the s hn. Van Buren government. But how is it now I With h irs. lhe tactics of the ruling faction staring them in the face, at oil they have not improved one jot or tittle in their mode of h of fare,olt rush on blindly without system, without o 4 concert, without method. The consequence is defeat. I ers defeat,defeat. The whige oftlthe Union knownot where je they are or whither thly should go, and all lecause they will acknowledge no first principles, no leader, no lour peial object to he gained. The policy of a natioral otse convention we never believed to be correet, and even I were it a proper one. it was put off n to o late a doy. t Differences ol opinion had been more easily reconciled d by a party movement in 182.6, and conflicting claims E dry Ihad ieen more readily settled by a determined stand in nes favor of Henry Clay. By this time, he would have been se supported in all the States by the whole opposition, if I proper policy had been pursued. But now, he will be placed before the nation by the convention, if they sar choose him, with all tile disadvantage of time in oppo le sing his rival. Mr. Van Iluren has had the startof him InI two years, and this is a great element tn anccess. nr. Fiom these considerations, we are constrained to conme to the conclusion set oit with is article, that t and Louisiana will vote for no whig candidate but Mr. Clay. It losthe only iman in the Union that can colmmand the mjority of votes in this State. n Bulint what is the further duty of the Whiga of Loui siena? Is it, because, they know ant] feel that they give the electoral vote to Mlr. Clay, they should sit down quietly and rest the success of their cause upon its justieo I Will they take no steps to make assur n ance dubly sure 7 They will all answer;-" we will exert ourselves to the utmost to secure the state to Mlr. Clay. for he is the man of our choice !" So far, so good. But why are you not up and doing ? Will you effect .your object, by saying, tlihat yon will labor in thee canne? Whies of Louisinna you have agreed to send delegates to the f nrrishurg Convention, but knowing and feeling oa you do, that no other oan bilt Henry Clay can coml m and your votes, why are you not making preparations I for the conltet 7 Why hnao you not, nince your aren- f datcy in the counncilsof the state, used your power to I 'PE favor and lfather the holy principles you profess ? You have not done so, aml we somletimes fear, you will not do so. You have suffered yourselves to be deluded by the cry of the Van Buren faction that they do not go for I party, when every act of theirs proves that they never vote for a man unless he be a Van Burenite, that they never confer any office upon a man, unles lie be a Van Itlrenite. You have crippled your energies by bestow ing upon violent Van Buremotes important offices in your gift, and have lent your aid to the promulgation of -Van Buren prmciples. Look at your state paper. Can you expect to gain a victory in 1840 when in all the time previous to tie contest, you armi your antagonist and on luffer him to sow the need ofdiscord in the ranks of in the paity Ly the dissemination of principles totally op posed to youn. You have not, in the exercise of your I power, been prudent enough to keep spies out of your camp, but you have invited them in to expose to the t va: enemy your weak points. Is thin the way to deal with an enemy lke Van Buren and his partizans n If you continue in toils course, you a ill dwindle down, Whira . of Louisinna, to a misetrnlle minority and your adver. nt searies ,.ill iturn upn you and rend you for your folly and for your Ire cherv to yolr party. I rles The course of tie WhiC party in this state is plain. - ''hev know an I feel tlat they are ia the majority. It i their duty to ainait n thii i pIosition, to keei p stll es-i a J10- of thi.s vntlge ground. lo, 1 IlBy being un'ted oa a pnlty. Let them rally arclltl their proeso throughlut he the stlate. l.oethenl selectc roln amonet mle t der- I ii.. ving of tlham,one. in be their vehicle of lecidltive allu i- thoriy,to be the sttlta paper. Let the state le organi hir zed into districts and let cominitilee of vigilanlce, tc ion niod e lihe ilppointed. lo sim tpnall in ire word, 'i' letlte is'/dga make a busitso of politics os our ad t veranrires dII, and we nlcer thbel on equal groucnd and Van louren dlctrines call never be in tihe ascendant in LI cr culncils. 'l'hn,c can we t trnw our vote for Mr. the Clay in 181'i with the nassuronce tIhlatwe are acting as Spatriote Pnodeavoriog to rescue the lcolntry mromn the S thraoll if tyraniny. Other state.s wdill follow oir eat . t Sple.and eivn'ai this late lay, I.ouisiana niy take lhe ,31)d lead in elevtlling II ory CIl)y of iotlbeky to the Presi. I dency if tiee Ulitiled ftares.. Gen. Maromb and tIlhe I.oisiaoiaan.-The Louisin nian ofyeoteiday promulgates a very strange doctrine ill elation to the late treaty of peace with the Semi. nhls Ib Gen. Mncombh. 'i'he article pretends to he a sort ofanswer to the correct course of the Whig junr. nals, in throwing the bime and slame of thli treaty upon the government at Waslington. To our surprise the .uisionion says:-" We are e a t tchat President Vao Burern and the Secretary of War are entirely igno rant of this act, wlich will douhtless subject its author to an in luiry before a court martial!" Thus it is, that the j-aronals in pay of the adminiatrati n are frontm lay to day employed in vilhfying our little army and its brave officers, evidently by orders, with n view to utterly de stroy i as reputntin in the eyes of the people. This at tempt ofthe Louioiauian to llrw thle hblainme ofthe tren ty upon 1eat. Macomb, and tile insinuation that he will be brought up before a court of enquiry, are only fresh proofs of the designs of Mr. Van Iluren in regard to the army. No alan, in his econes, cat for a moment toloh but that Gen. Macombn had specill orders to effect a treaty of peace with the Sominoles. He has obeyed, hut after thin semi-offlieial hint of tho Louisianian, we should not be surprised to see G n. Maecomb unlerg tile same ordeal to whiel th gallant Scott was subjeer. I ed. Mr. Vani lren has no concern for the reputation of brave soldiers. Tie Van BuHenites ofRapides. We learn from lhe Red River Whig, that the Voan nHrenites of Rapides suslain very promply the Republican, their organ in Al exandria,bt they have thlrust forward as responsible editors, men who are mtore lit for thle penitentiary than for tie place assigned ;Iem. The principal V. Buren men write for the paper with these men for their shield, but Mlnre, of ithe Whig, mhlds the "great brutes reapon. sible for what they put into the mouths of puppies." That is right. friend Whig, unmask the hypocrites. Air. Legett.-Mr. Van Buren very rudely dismissaed Mr. L)e W!tt from thle Guatimala embassy on the plea that .le intended to diecontioue that inssion. And when bMr. De Wilt kills himself, in conseqouene of thin harsh tre.tiuet, the President names a fiery abo litionist, W. Legelt, na confidential agent of the gover-. ment to bring to a clone a treaty-lhat Mr. De Wilt was engaged in whin he was recalled. This is a smpnlle of the kind conduct of our President. We a~sure the.edi tnr of the New York Courier and Enquner that we do " place a due estimate on the anti abolition professions of Mr. Van Buren." that the people f the Sounh look at his acts, not his words. Congress of Panama.-We perceive, by the Globe, that the design ofholding a Congress of representatives from the Americn republics at Punama,has not been Can ahmndoned by the South Americon governments. Now 9es ofwhat use can such a Congress be. Mexico, Ouatimala and all the mis-named republics of Soutlh America, be have shown themselves to be utterly unfit for self-gov ernments. How can representatives from such people of harmonize with delegates from the United States and Co from Texas ? ' hey know not what national liberty is. When elevated to an office by the people, they cannot disninguish between tie duties of that office and abso.. i lute power. Constitutional liberty is still a problem to 5 all Mexicans and South Americans. We therefore be look upon the project ofa Congress at as aI wild scheme, only capable of being suggestedl by the Cc semi-harbsrians to the South of us, under a vague idea of derived fromn it. Let the descendants of the Spaniards in those qnartrrs of the eontinent learn first how to be free-let them learn the first lesson I of freedom, toleration in religious msattnr,-then we. * may talk to themt of Congresses at Panama. City $ork House.- Dr. Plough very modestly " laims the idea set forth in the Bee of Tuesday upon the subject ofa city work house as his property. Why, T Doeto., Ductor,-how can you ho so avaricious, so un a generous? Will you not allou other great men, as ' well as yourself, to be capable ol originating new ideas r nmognificent ideas, strange ideas, benevolent ideas ? It ot would have bern charitable in you to refer the Bee's ' article on this subject to a wonderful coincidence of 0n thought. In all ages there are great men who think nr alike. Be more c.haritable, Doctor. Let others earn ho for themselves a never dying fume in originating nmeas urea for the benefit of the human family in New Orleans' L e as well as the renowned author of the ' City of the to Dead" and "the universal washing tulb." rts Bnt seriously, what is all this noise about a city 28 work house ? Because the prison is full of persons il placed there toawait their trials for various miednmea w nors, because vagrants ore there confined, and because P w they have nothing to do, "ito make tilnot lay heavy id on theiri hands," this benevolent idea of a city work . 's house has once hurst upon ns. Would it not be ad- well enough for the suggesters of improvements in our it laws sld customs,to make themu elves more inrimately on acquainted with the statutes of Louisiana ? By the't rd laws as they now stand, when a man is condemned tolea. Ott bor fir a stated period, he insent to Baton Rouge where to we have a penitentiary. As to making prisoners for pin f.ffences work before their trials are had, we should be l. pleased to know where tile power to pass such law is I ve to be found in our constitution. In regard to vagrants, re the law enacts that they shall be confined, but it says ing nothing about their working. If the Bee wishes to sie oee a law passed erecting a tread-mill, or city work ith house, where certain offences may be expiated by a tee, short term of labor, or here vagrants may be punished of by hbeing made to work, that is another question worthy out of consideration and reflection, and we shall advocate at. ithe measure, as we are fu Ily convinced ofits propriety. r Mr. Janin.-Read Mr. Janiln's answer to b\r. Veano, rigaud'scharges. Veaurigaud completely floored. rli Health of the City.-During the month of Mat, we ren learn from the ofiltial report of the Charity Hospital lay. that332 persons were admitted laboring under various led diseases. Out of the number only 47 died, of which is 8 expired tnder delirium tremuens, and 7 of consunp in lion. The Iealth of families was never known to be ten Itter. So far, thie present month promises to be a if lolthful one. " be [Iey Deaths. Major McNiell, Dr. Silaos Brown, Col. Phil 'o- ip Dixon, and Major C. Iliul, all distinguished citi eim eons of Mississippi have died within the last days. to lons. Baorliere. This artisut, o well known to our that citizens, is teaching dancing at the Brandon blinera lay Hprings. the Gen. lfouston. The hero of St. Jacinto was at Col i umbusn, Miss., a few days since. le nas received with Iev open arms by his Tlrennessee friends therre residig. They are looking lip in Missiesippi. It is estimated a that every persin in thsbate has at least two suitls It his back!--N. O. Troc Amser. That's a scurvy pun of yours friend Gibson. We know sore people however, whoe have even more tllan Irwo units, and , ha make a very shabby appearanece sas withabtaunling.-- Vie..bur. W7kig. Very sorry to hear that such people are to be found in tile hospitable and eltgnnt town of Vicksburg, friend Me Curdle. Eloquence. The Vicksburg Daily Whig gives the following eloqorent extract from a speech ofa eandidate for military office in Mississippi. Is is too good to be I losr,t fr it exhibilt the true feeling of a monocrat. "Gentlemen, if Ithe great architect ortho universe were to desifn firomln a men brave, chivalrols and putriatie and u oble hearted,lie waold have to mould him frer Ithe exact for llolf \i drets Jackstn, x-presidenl lf thie Illi tell states mofAleric.-'l'be next character, which alon 4 oears on tile horizon foad nndl great uns, in lMartin 'uan Inren, president ofthe United Slaten. And then, grenlemen, yes, tsien we re e Alexandoer G. MeNflt,rias aai like a mieteor, toillumine anmn dnzle all beholding eves with the brilliancy nohis talente, and the splendor ofihis deeds. And, gpntlleocn, nsow ring nearly ve hlusted myelf, 1t wil only add, that if vou will ilect ame, 1 will Iollow in the ifoostleps ofhose'illustrious pre deceisors." nur Table. 'Advice to o Yoong Gentlenana is tone of the most rcensible broka f ihe kind, we have seen for a lon liame. It in nst merely erospend of Cheaterr field, but sereto to he tile result ofuerious reflection on en and mannersn. To young nmen just entering lifel this would he a vallahle vande nmeunm, 'IlHorac Ver non or Faslaionable .ili,' a novel after the most modern fashion, it is a "good hour waster" for those who hare time tin r wlse Iorns. We have rand it through with some intere.ts. It style is pre. Atl thle ineidents are ruchk as might be loked frll in a detail of fanIionalble lite in Isondli. To profelsetl awrl readers, it sill Iroven reIsst It is ntlresns' e i.ria 'oil Ilcy' by Dr. lirl. Ihi a day or twc elr opiis n nf this tale. T "'l Doctor i a It hol, manly nod vireu l a writer and it y s by uch men n;*ammrs, Paulding, Irvine, Bird, Bryant and a cw lberr, that our lihesuoarelr in to he bu ilt p on a firm foutdations. Ir has never Peba e dets s: ina t.nioa. ed alr ahnl werlo inrt fr the i re ut now 'l'e- e works are for enle by Jclnet t. co. our litercry Mlerc orry. Afeniphis. or rIen . t Mo v. Ah le rnew rehogee blowo down, lotn 301uIl dollars- river rilsng rapiltly from I the Missiori; tasellr ey norske wrrrae nd wore; large ill. rflu ol lrMlsoisi rtl poors notes; new dlrink called Lion all thi rage, &e. oive. Alterndria. As slte as June 1-Theatrilol season over,-reparution rannkinr for new company next oN, nteuber,--lie re n SUlort a tlheatre for uon.lls-s the Nydia, a haosr auit for the Bayou Boeuf traci, i aon iher stalion-P'rihh an d Probnte Courts ia session,sea. non healthy--wntr ofnrai.t gret cogmpiin,--corn end Notts. tuffieriCg,--worse oln oa Bayoiu Blieu,-no rain afor tens wee s. Piie woods beonintg a great llnue ofre. orl,--anud tile town becominga "hbnquet hll deserted." a So says our friend Moore of lhe Red tiver Whig. Tihe I'tiot's Fate--Mr. Iiraetzinger, killed by 'lle SI explosinl te lltckrey, o as the oldest pilot living all the OhUio waters. I wnasU valuable.s citizen ald held in high esteem in I.ouisville. A oiahiioerees. As lates as .l Maly, heat oppressive, tlerlnoslccrr 85degrees, river lowu. A complauR y ofam Ssteer Thre-piana Iplsvilg. Crops look fair, &e. NOTICE. The officers appoinled undelr thle (:oencil of tiu. nicipality No. Two, and whuoo pecurities hove breen r accepited by alid ol llllarrl aere nPoI t rifried that their hands ore pre.rrered frrr lnluatsrre, tihev will therefors call at the ,cf.ce if lhe ulaesoicsel i st;edilteny, with I Bthir rsecaritiea , rand eomlete tire ame. SJOS. II. MARKS, Notut iv to lhe Corporathin sI Mullriipalilv No. Two. m_3:t " (flere, 12 laluksn Arcede - FFlCE, k'Iltdll,.N's IASUItAi '-u ' COIM PA N Y, New Orleans, Mny 4, 1839. SIjIE Stnackholders re, ilerelv nntified that ilis l eighth Instaulnaontu iltheir soctk is duoie l pay able In tie sixth of June 1839. my 9 E 1. TRACY, See. aBUREAU I'INAUIRANCE iES PaJdPLr;as, lie Isn Naranelle Oelann. .[r ES Smuseriptrnrs aMnt preverun uqrtel 8knhe in ll ahnlluenl rar lear aouscriptlil eut dI et irayanle e nle 6fiea de juin, 1839. E L I'RACY, nalv9 Seotaire aR AZIIEKS Ca PPEI--Iii0 sheets; 1 to 60i inch. J31 to 60 Itb. slees onf Biraziers Copper. lIitt bheels n: to flt in. of 10 Ib, tureiulg Copper. 5410 sheets -nl to 60 do. do. do. Just re.'ived aind Ior sale by '. LOCKE & (Co. may 28 8 Frunt Levee II AN , I.IIA IiIPE--iSti coils, asnorted sizes Macilla l ope; 75 Mntrilla Ilalerroe, asnorted, from 4 I- to 71-2. Fr sale by S. I.OCKE & Co. Many 8 8B Front Levee If [AINTS. siLS &. VARNSISHES-500 kegs Nan. 3 I and 2 White leud; .'80 Canister Crnme Green Paintnssrudrnll in nil; IBlack do; I.inseed Oil, Sperm do; Puntsv; l.l hrli. Whitilg; COpal'andl Japanned Varnish. For ;ale by S. I.OCKF. kCo. S ley "-B l 8Frunt LeCee ko¢nearp g of uttncil. SECOND MUNICIPALITY. tIL TUESDAY, 4th June, 1839. between The Council met pursuant to adjeournment: pres. Egerton ent Hon. Josihua Baldwin, Reeo.der ; Aldermen MesorI Caldwell, Gloyd, Hall, Louckett, Peters, Rogers, who hat Sewell, Whitney and Yorke. The Journal of the preceding meeting having En been read and approved: 2d Muni The Recorder laid before the Council a copy by Cli, of a judgment obtained by Peter Cleary, in the plan wi Cominercial Court, whereupon, on motion of Mr. Lett N Peters, it was tnre et Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Peter Cleae.. aming ry, on warrant of the Mayor, the sum of five hun. feet fre dred and flly six dollars and twenty-four cents, with Lot h t a 5 per cent interest thereon, from 10th May, 1839, tonce sl being the amount of a judgmbnt rendered in Iia street. a Ifvor against this Municipality, in the Commercial l'tee Court. of The Weekly Statement of the Treasurer was I, and submitted : with in SECOND MUNICIPALITY. ju0e WCeKLv RarOiT or TRaAaUaER. n By Balance tIst Report. 3448 1t e. " monat nrteieed inter. , "32 3 amount Municipal notes lot ns O-iL and, 4319621 L amount from City ank, . 9 L9 It. in 5er56 99 de Mr To Cuh. rT amount ex luded sine tapt re ,0. Mvr a. " mount Mnicipal oulr rseemed, ,1tta O risque a* motdo osited Ir CLty .otk, 16.944 7J Ogde as penens w hit was . Le aolutce thie day, 3,03 02 termolt k tBy balance hroivht down. .63! br ýo diemnL l' 't h in Cu Bnk. 151523 n 1839. S" unieipal rles on hand lSlt . o S ruedeendtuh week, o7,T51 Ot 00u oh -- Ia N. M Mkinc 32,200 to Clio, 1 From chic deduct amouant ro i . sued, 4.319 r02 Seo Leaves on hnnd this day, .7941U 38 7,940 380 be A m't haondd V. Cualler for c en deCmpton, 1,0rt00 110fae .3 'TIOl. 8LOO, Jr., Tr. La 0, NOew Orleans, 4th June, 1030. rnt a. On motion of Mr. Peter,, the rules being dis- 120 pi to pen sed with, it weas, L SResolved, That the Treasurer pay on the war- face Srant of the Mayor, to John It. Gryssi, the sum of at fec b two thousand five hundred dollars, being 'mount Lots beof fee agreed to be paid tim, for defending tihe etit e pri tr brought by the United States for te square of Lo ely ground situate between Common, Tehapitoulao, eloq he nal, and Magazine streets, and that the Tre. dit In- err also pay on tite warrant of the Mayor to Ste. Itbqu Spihen Mazureau one thousand five hundred dollars, - being balance of the fee agreed to be paid to him n & for in the same suit. be A petition from G. W. Campbell. was referred to is the Committee on Streets and Landings. Dee aMe, One from Mississippi rire nompany No. 2 ;oyor wyn whereupon, on motion of Mr. Yorke, the rules Le. t ingsdispensed witlh, it was lo, R e Resolved, That the Treasurer pay on the war- 30 fee rant ofths Moyer to the Mississippi Fire Compa- No ll a y No. 9, 3395 42, (tlhree hundred and ninety. end I bed five 42.100 dollars,) being for 400 feet of lime der ot tly imported fr the use of eaid Company. N t A Peotiton from J.C. liar was referred to the 00 Ii Committee on Claims. No, Of owners of property on St. John street, pray. f an ing forthe opening of the name. Refersed to the ndo i Committee on Streets and Landings. Cou ttat Mr. Peters, an Chairman of the Finance Coa.- No we mittee, reported the quarterly accounts of the Adeom SCollector of Taxes on grog shops, and to be cor- w rect. No Oan The same gentleman also introduced the following 3 ,, eth Resolutions, whlicl, the rules being dispensed with lot N tnp- were severally taken up and adopted. otree te Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Newton o 'moe Riciards, on the warrant of the Mayor, the sun of N two thousand dollars, for granite blooka furnished Na for the Vegetable Matket. yt int lt Resolved, That thle Treasurer pay to lenry depti Wieland, on the warrant of the Mayor, the sum of logit eiti e ghty.three dollars and twenty five cents for lum- and ber, to be used in constructing the Vegetable Misar- N ket. 0n otr Resolved, That the Treasurer pay to Robert Me. ped tern Culloch, on the warrant of the Mayor, the sum of six hundred and fity.two dollars and twenty.two cents, for flagging furnished and laid orn the north Col- aide of Poydrae Moaret. Reit solvedl TIhat the ervices of Mark Cox, Corm missary of the Batture, be and they are suspen ded, thley being no longer necessary. sit(t Dr. Rogers, Clairmnan of tits Poliee Committee, par ated made the otallowing report, accompanied with the lots 0 5 annexed Resolutions, whielh the rules being di,- de 1 We pensed with, was adopted, N t The Police Committee, to whom was referred the flat ua petition of L. R. Gainnie praying to erect a black. pied slthl shop in Tchoupitoulas street, Iave lad ttllh trt d same under consideration, and the recsaideists of theo for t neigholurhood crsonsenting thoreto, report the fol. N SMe lowing Resolution • pied DAVID JNO. ROGERS, d II LOCI(ETT, JOHN HALL. d Resolved that L R. Galennie be and he is here, d by autherised to eroect a blacksmith shop in Tchou. pttoulas street near Guienuic street, provided the said shop be placed in a fire proof building, and provided that le ro whoever may hereafte oesupy tie said shop or building shall remove or denmolish forthwith the same, when so required to do by this Council. On motion of Mr. Peters the rules being dispen- 1 sed with, it was Resolved that the Surveyor be and he is here by authorised to sell to the Merchant's Bank any quantity of refuse stoop belonging to the Munici pality, and not required for thle public works, which said Bank may require for their new bank. ing house, now being.ereeted in Camp street. On motion the Council proceeded to tle election of a Commissioner ofthe General Sinking Fund; on counting the votes, it appeared that lMr. Freret was duly elected, lie having received 6 votes.; Whitney 2 ; Sewell 1 and Caldwell. On motion, the Council sat with closed doors. The ddo s being opened, on motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 111t Ju,ýe, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOHN GIBSON, t Secretary. FOR ROSTON. To vail on 'Irirs,lnv evening the fih inst. The A I in.ietiliug ship LA (lit INtO', uiCaptain Marlhll ill il nilaeabove. For I freigllt of 6l hales cotton or Gil0 sacks corn, & pacsau e for I cuabhit pseeere,, tevin. superior oaen1a. ,oltio.,, apply ou tnard ,pjlosite tie )rlCeais tipper press, oit I. It GAl,K, J5 93 Comnmnn at FOR LIVEIRPOOL. 7thI Jne. The f A I faot ailii shilp AlDAM LOIll)GE, CaT t Alre, hIaving her crgi all engaged, will sal positirveh on the 7th itet. Forpre. Ssag, eainren isuperior oae nicdotina, applr on eoart oppolite rpper prese,or re S & PL WiII'NEY, j 6 73 Camp et N. R. The Adam Lodge can take 80 bales cotton if applied for this morning to S & J P W FOIL AI.EXANDItIA, NATCHITIICItIiS, SIIREVEPORT, FULTON, & JONESOiRO. Thesplendid ateumer SOU1TH A AIiAhiA. S Bickereliff, master, will leave for ie lnove and interine. di Iolinigo, onB Saturday, 8t irinstant, at 4 o'clock, I I'. . For ieicht or pnsslge, havine splendid accoum moudtiuon, apply onl board opposite Cuutolr House or J6 to T It .iEr. & Co, '11 New levee 11 UNNY JiAGS'-25,000 for sale by T j S &1J P Will I'NEY.73 Camp st LYT)DRAULIC CI'iEIT--2iObbln for aulor iy j6 S &J PWHL 'EY, 73 Caimp t A SH OA --501111 feel ash onar, for snip by •j6 S & J P WIITNIY, 73 Ciamop st RO~WVN SOAP--300 Ioxea hrown seoup, tr alelhy 1 j S &J P WH'I'N EY, 73 Camp st jILOUIlt-1500 bble sauperfinr.Snfdl fline, fri oie by Sj6 G I)tIISEY, 44 New Lervee il ACON SIDI'S--liO casks superiorCiucinntai er7 Srerd, in store for sae iy jfi G I)ORSEY, 44 New leven U1lTTE--Gosheu and t'esteri, in toire for rate by SjG6 i DOiRSEY', 41 New l eve Sk ANTEI)-For a young tman, (a crceole of Lotu Sianns) a situation in some tuercnntile estahlish.. mlena, either in the capacity of il or out doer clerk, as employeent is the principal object ; salary woull not make nech d.rlfrene for the present. Tle person iros r iatl several yeaurs expereIIoe ill tile gerneral comiUissio buhin.,, and is wrell Eacqlunted with tihe city. His emuployers regret much their inability it keep hine any longer; the hei t ofreaome indiu ion jgiven. Anyeonm sunecations addre.erd to Mn. IBox i91 i ie office, will tlet wit imlledintet altntilaon. 16-fit E W BouKS-'Ti. lCrouly," a xrnd byt 5 i O'Hi rai Family; l.lenir of celerled W m, otlen by G R P James Eq; tihe Naval Histry if ite U States, by J Fenoi.or t caper, author of thie Pp, &e. Iliirlbe, Deaths attd Marriagee. iyir hvook Req. No.2 Javk Sheppard, by Ainsworte ; PhIrenology in tie fam ily. Just received and for eale hy j6 ALEX. TOWER, 49 Camp st 3OU) K--350 brio hI O prime Pork, shoulders and SChimes. at te inspectioni for ale hy j6 G DORSEY.44 New Levee 3LAS'I'ER i)F PARIS--I0l bihls laodiugfmm shipI t John, will be sold low if taken fron the levee. jG J B HUI,.IN, 74 Camp st - Th'e a sip St Junn from New York, is dischargisng helow thbe Vegetable M arket. Consignees will please a attend tothe receipt of their goods. j6 NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND BANKING CO. tilHE Iron Steamboat Rebecca will nleave the Basin a at the head of the New CanJ, every day, (except .Mondays) for tie L.ake, as follows: Ilepa at 5 A. M. I Retur at 8 A. M. it A. IM. 121 P. M" 2P:M. " 4 P.M. " 5l.P.M,. 9 P. M. And on MONDAYS: Depart at 10A. h. I etu!ar at 121P.M. 2 P.iM. 4P.M. } P.M. A. B 9 P.M. I may 20 B. CHEW, Cash. SYNDIC'i SALE. BY BACII & CALHOUN. W IL; he soldon Wednesday, July 3, 139, at 12 • o'clock, ot the City Ex~ohiang4 in St I.ouioet. between Royal end Uhartreeotreetr, by order of Aetho. ye ny Ra'eb, Esq. Syndic of the creditora or Nosnrl Egerton & Wibray. for the .couinot t ate the risk of oh Meers Erdward York, Ueorge B. Ogien and , C Ogden, lwho have failedl tncolmply with the terns ofa sale of be property Itereinaer described, made to them on the 24lh Jnanuary, 1839. on Ileven lots ol ground, situated mt Foubourg Seolet, an 2d Muoicipality of New Orlranr, in the square bounded liy Clio, Pytanee, Calliope aid Ntvndes atreets, as per pln wlhich will be exlhibedl at the'iie of sale, it: Lot No. 1, measnring 29 feat, 4 inelts froat on Prv lenee street, by lhll teet ill depth, and frontl on Clio di street, Lots No. 2, 3,4, 5, 7, 8, 9 and In, mneasure each 29 feet font in Prytnee street by 120 feet deep. Lot No. It, measuring 9 feet 4iiichea froit on Pry T, ne stet, by 120 feel in depth, and root cn Calliope I i streeh. le il The above to lwill be sold separaiely with the priv leo efan alley in the rear of the width of 15 feet. M ertns el sale--18lJ0 enh on each lot; balance 6, 1-,ated24 months credit fur approved endorsed notes, witl mortgoge until final payment. N unnei I 3tljlhj Sjy Vents do dyndic. PAR BAGU t &. CALHOUN. to IL SERA VINDU lo ercredi le 3 Juillet pro 99 chain b midi, 6 In Nouvello Bourse rue St, 9 Louis entre les rues Royalo et Char roes, par I'ordre do Mr. Anthony Rasch, Sindie des erdanciers do Mosers. Egerton at Wibray pour e colmple ot attx risques do Messitairs Edouard Yotke, George B. Ogden and J. C. Ogden qui ntt manqu6s aux 43 termes prescrits par la vente pour lea propri6tds ci desaons design.ds a leur adjug6es le 2J Janvier, ONZE LOTS DE TERRE situns dans to faul0aurg Saulet, 2de Municipalit6 do Ia N,le Orledans danea tIlet situ6 aetre lee rues Clio, Prytande, Cal:iope, et Nayade, d'apros oui plan qu a did6 cxpos6 au moment de la vonto, Savoir : Le L ot No. 1. mesurant 29 plods 4 poucos do no face a li rue Prytan6o par 120 plade do profondeur de laceo In rue Clio. Les lots Nos. 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 menu rant ekacun 29 pieds de*faco a o rue Prytando par is- 120 pieds do profoudeur. Le lot No. 11. mesurant 29 pieds 4 pouces do Ir- face b In rue Prytande par 120 pieds do profondeur of et face b la rue Calliope. Ltt Lee susdits lots soront vendtle cdpar6ment avcc ileo privilbge d'une all6o do 15 pieds do largeur. Los terme de vento roent $1800 comptant pour itC chIeque lot, et to balance b 6, 12, 18 et 24 moim do a- crddit on billete endosies It satisfaction, avec hypo to. tlbque juaqu'a parfait paiemenot; i ItY BACI I&CALt(OUN. in '7 ILL lie sold on Wednesday, 3d July, 1839, at 12 o'clock, at the City rxchange in ,it Louis street. to ITwo Sqouare of Ground, Designated on a plan drawn by Loum Bringier, ser ; eyor general, s sqares E and . Square I' contains le. 261o t, inumbered f;oml to 26, which imeasure no ful Nos l.1 2,3,4,5, ,7,8, 8 9,10--0 lota mnerasring each 30 fee tt rot.,t o•eart street, by 105 feet iii depithi lot i- No I forming the corner of Alncirty and Adam streets ty and lot No. 0I frming tili corner of Mcearty and Bur. doo d nstreetsa. NTs I I, 12, 83-- lot, measoing each 300 feet front he on Ilturdet street biy 150 feet in deplh. Non 14, 1I, I, Is, Il. 19,20 21, 22, 23-10 lote, meas orinp"n eh3l feet tront on Commercial istreet, by 1115 'Y. fiet in depthl No 14 forming tho corner of t.'mnmereinl the and llrdet streets, and No 23 forming thie corner of Commercial anld Adol s nstreea. i- No 241, 25,216-3 lots, imeo.iring each 30 feet front on the Adams street by 150 in depith. Sor. luanreC contin 2.6 lots, numbered from I to 26. which measure altr Ias finw: Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10-111 loIs, measuring each g 30 feet froni t on i oCniineiol street, by i05 feet in de)ith; ri lot No I forminig ithe corner of Colnlercil nd BIo:et strees, and No 10 forming the curner of Cufoier:ial rl 'ton Vi'shiligit streets. I of No I I, 12,13-3 loit, meneuring each 30 feet Iront on lied \Vnslineson staeel. by 1511 .eet in depth. Nos 14. 15, If, 17,8,819, 20, .22, 2, 3--10 Int,menns iiling pach 311 feet tront on Pearl street by Il15 feet in ry depth; lo No 14 foirrnine tiecornerol Penarlnnl W\Vlash: n of ingtoi streets, nd No 2 joining the ceoner of Pearl am- an r utireln otreetl. t.- Nos 24,25,26-3 Ilots, irmeanring each 30 feet front on BIurdel street, by 150 feet in depth; all American S jmeasure. e. , i .a j. . .. 3i lj17j&3jy. jute PAR BACII & CALHOUN. P L SERA VENDU Mercredi Is 3 Juillet, 1839, k midi, h la Nouvelle Bourse, rue St. Louis" DEUX LOTS DE TERRE situds h Carrollton, ddsignd6 d'aprds un plan tir6 par Louis Bringior, Arpouteur gde6rale, lus dits lots E et C. L'ilot E contient 26 lots numa6rotds de 1 s 26 lesquels out les mneurent suivants : Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, mncaurant Phacan 30 pieds do face t la rue Macarty tur 105 pieds de profondeur, le lot, 1 formant II'encoig. nure dos rues Mlcarty et Adam, et le lot no. 10 for 'ant I'enceo inru des ruco Macarty et Burdct. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lota ntesnrant chacun 300 pieds do face it la rue Burdt stur 150 de prof'on. dour. Nos. 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots menurant chacun 30 plods do teno n la rue de Commerce sur 105 do profondeur, la no. 14 formant I'oncoignure des ruas do Coammerce et Adam. Nos. 24.1, 25, 26, mosurant chacun 30 pieds de tace S la rme Adamt our 150 de profondeur. L ilet C contonant 26 lots numerot6s de I b 26, lesquels ont leo mesures o4tivants: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mcsurant chacun 30 pttld da face I la run do Commerce sur 105 do profondeur, le lot no. 1 formant l'eneoig. nure des rues do Commerro tt Washington. Nos. 11, 12, 13 anesurant chacun :0 pieds de fare It la rle Washington sur 150 de profondeur. Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix loat menlrant chacun 31 pieds do Caes h In rue Pearl sur 115 do prolondeur, Il no, 14 formant I'cncoignore dos rues Pear et WVashington, t le no. 22 joignant I'encoignuro des rues Pearl et Bur. det. Nos. 24, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant chlacun 30 pieds do Ao ta Ik rue aa urdet sur 150 de prafon. deur et Ie tout meure Ameriaoine. Jl STA I' DE 1. LOUIISI ONE-Cour de Pyroisse laotr a pariseea rlt ills de Isa Nouvelle Orll,,ian J'resent I'hanuralie Char les lc uran. Jugo. loi 14th 1839,. No. 11,774 1T. Dulboie v .. Crfrantciere. En mationl de i. W'. lButti, EIq. evict pour lie. olvable,Ii ell lmotlrai t eisue IrrIur q i t trio ivnt IIani I'a nlllOllc dernier pour asremoblhr ler I rbanllleci rs, et Pit .oe l qurl ' le c:t errellr 'iun ti lltlhe n' a lpas enl lieu--l rit einlnnai pl)i l' (5oC r, it'ele , iaemlelie nouvelle lte r he I nll llb relull de l'bdll e l.ncoslre, l-q(. nolalre, fn nllnltdl le 15 Jhin, I1:3I% q:latlt[ etl oi oln vui Ecaiterntion slea cttites call ttenueos ans tl:P eIn ion. Extreit dll, Bureau iu Grtffe, ls Noluvelle Orleans, Mni I4, 1839. mi t AR I-iND 1I'lt'lt, Grellier. T i'ATl'; L)UISi t.\A.-Ilareish Court fothr I'arih nl tle Cia of New Oiloaons.--resillt Ithe llonorable Clihrlesa surain, ulge. Msin 1ftl, 11139. No. 11i,774. M. Dii lo, novs. Ils Cledltorr. On tonliolt of (eo. W. Iluts, Esq ifeoulllse for the insolvent, and lpon loawingI tio thlcurt that atll error Fia crept ini the notic calling for a meeting of creditors in this ette, rlal tloi conserluently FUnll nmeltig cnnolt take pltce. It is ordered ly the court lht It alew meet ing lake place ar the olli,. of Philippe I ncaote, Enl. Snotary pblilic, lo Satorloy the IltIh dayof June, 1839, then and there Io deliberatte on the alltirs o'ltlhe ptiotin er,and take into consideration thie mallers set forth il liis lpetition. ExtlractI fron Ilh minutes-Clerk's Office, New Or leans, Miti 14, 1839. miy 17 it ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. V lft SAL.E--21III hales first quality ,lorthern Hay, IIiolaing ftrit Packet shi Aitalai. Altly to tle Captail on hnoard. nile tier beloa tihe Vigetallle Malr ket. may S8 30 ItEf'l'--'l'hlin dwellil lloait if thle thn:e-stonirv brlick hliule No. 1o0 'choapitolttt sltreet. Po.. sesion given on the 9th Jllle. Apply ti SI. LOCKETT, Caolp streel, near Julin.--or Ony 28 No. 13 Enchnge Plaice. VALUIABLE & SCARCE LAW ltOOKS. ']AR'I'IN'S leIntsc, a few copies only left, in 19 Ivole; Louisianln leiorts, inl Volt Civil Code of Louisiania, E Johne . Co's Cile of IPraciae do ( new edition gSetgeant &Lowjer'a Relorts ofcases in the Eng li sh courlt, 3 atils. Williams' Massachusetts Reports Peters' RIeports, 12 vols; id condensed do Archbold's civil and crimtinnl Pleadings Altbhlttn Shippingt; Bailey oni Ilills eek's Mledical Jurisprudence Bell & Beattv'n Chancery Reports Chtlv on IfIll; do on Contracls S lhittn's Pleaidings; do Prsetice; dn equity Digest Chltt's llnackatoos ; ('ruise's Digest Cirtis' Admiralty Digest; Iigest Laws of U S Eden's CI a ncery Ieporti ; Fonblanque's Equity Forit Book; Gaild'o Plenlings t Gow tn Pannerlship; Iliffino's' Legal Studies Kent's Comlnltearins; Leigh's Nisi irius J'othier on ObligatL, ns 2 Peters' Iligect, Itt vaolate, i new wink Rnsoe on Evidrence ; Russell ntin Crimes Sanders' IPleaditgsa; Smitlhs Clhatcery Practioe Starkie on Evidlenee; Story on the Coistitution Stevens & Ilenecke ol lnsuraned Tollnm law of Executions l'otnlias Law Dictionary; Vatnell'sLaw of Nations and a general assortmentt ofi all ttnlard Enelieh aind French law bookst, Inamongst the latter, Merlin, Toullier. Pothier, Troplong, Durintoait, &i. E JOHNS 4. Co, 30 may 3w Car St Charles & Common sat NAIL--400 oston assorted szs.for sale by SIIALL & BROWN, ill2 96 Magazine st 's KAiLIfY o[ WINE-h--lnt h tlil tqrncaIkslultli. dy, 4 1r osk brownae Slterrv Wine; 36 boxes pals do do snpenor qality for salt I S & J P WHITNEY. utnv 3 73 Camp st W INE-- weot Malaga wmte in qr saok, in stor, for sale by READ & BARSTOW, a25 7 Bank Plnce IM ESS REEF-In half ble, Gtr le r 1 may 14 G DORSEY,, 4 New .evee. SECOND MUNICIPAMTY NOTICES. L W ERE.brought to the Police Prison of the Sd Mu- Ilts • nicipallty, the following a:ave, via: the A negro woman olned oBuloann, shoet thirty three in I years old, syoy eho belongs to Mica Frnnenie, Al A bright olstlo boy n.aod Edward, about l2 years old, ely he belongo otoIr. Yoong. A Weegro lo namted Prinaus, aged about 20, says I [t belongs to Mi. Borwick. The owners of said slaves will please call at the prio . on of the Sd Municipality, prove properly, pay charges nod take thent away. " H 1 DARIP lR, jne I Catplnin of ll1 Welch. r N'' tbs omeo,. in "geel do Is ecande Oluicti palit leten eceloaves auivalts, eavoir: Une negmsre eaomis .uaenee, aoge de 33 ans, se disiot oppartenir A Metdoemtorelle Franooiae. Un oegre Muiotre clair, nownm Edward, agh du22 ane, so disant appattenir Dr. Younr. U. p negrte ion l P'rioto,age do Je2 ant, se disant opIpartenir lMr. lerwick. Lee propiblaires den dill eeclavee, sent prits de venir lea retirer eon payant lea fruis. H. S. HARPER, JI Capitaine de la Garde NEW ORLEANS & CARROI.LTON RAIL ROAD .COMPANY. SUMMe AR ROANEMLIENT FOR THE. WEEK DAYS. Prom Carrollton. FroIt New Orlealls. Horse Ca at 4 rloek, .A.. Hr Car at 5 o'llck, A. M Locomotive l ' o omotive 7 t -o n 1 ' rr, u r 0 PM r 3 l to P. c 5 , h " " 0 " AfterlOo'rlok sCar con be paying 5 dol Tars for tle Trip. AR RANGEMNT Oc R sUnDA Y t: Tlhe ear will leave t thie lmo hur. a. toi the week dayl antl I o'clock, P.. lwhean lLoalmotive till leavera Carrolltou eery hrOlarllltl o'cloltk, rp. . o For tle arccomlnodlAtioo of ltsonm visiting Cnrrolton, in the os5 o'clock eao, andl ll omay not wi.h to tenmal there until O o'clock, the cal that has heaetofore left Carlltson t6 lo'clock, will romain oitil Ul I'clock, the.tyt allei tlln Oeloh Ourt G, to eojoy the pIaarutt oalko ofoCso of the nmost butiajl Oo-. P dens in the Ueited Stotes. p So Perouoogoinl by the Locomotovemult prooyde themselel elltll'ol:kett, as tile EoooutILrta tIoall tioe d rEitt IUalt el t It rec ve money hn lie thereof. u- TIIE JACKSON AND LACOUItSE STREETCARS .aLeeathe head of Jacksoell street at oJelock. A. M., Cuaal stteote}at n'eltok. llad run hollrly. At o'clork they aill otlmneace tbla'e each arlld oevery hall hour, ultlll n'elock, a doP. Mo, ttroll Jackon strett and od o'cloek from o aoo. ctreet, or exceping it l o'Oclnk, I'. t. frool Canllo street. !- It i palitieu'arly rrquoested that gentenen will not put thleir fot Olle tile cluhiolll, or moake ill the ar.a, when ladicl CC are present. O1ce N-*w Orleal and Caerrollto Rail Road Company, orMay ltat, 1835. JOIIN tAMPSON, do ty 18 Chieftlng. N. 01 C t .R CtIEMtIN DIE FEK U NOUVELLE OIRLEAS E'P CARROI.LTON. Arratgeoomo de I'bli, pour I-c jotro dr to senoline.o 12 De Carrololon. De to Nile Orloeans. ot. Char chreval, A 4 he. A M Char d eheval, b 5 Itc A M Loouoilotve, A Loomulotive, A 7 "r- A 8 " 9 " ins " 10 "A1 ul " '1 I AS O Ai2 u M l3 rh 4 " " A5 lot 61 ' A 2 71 etc " A I :S 0 C or Apre lln hletors do solt, ,on pot obtenir o chor, en oyaout citq piustroes poor eIn voyage. Arralgenreno poor lee Diomaor es. .i Los chars purtrolnt non ImIttle teloroea qoe dlnoo le 1115 jour. de la Peeuonoejosqu' Al hencr 1'P. t. Une oco SlUOtive ptrtiro de Curroltoun tonct lee lhuareos,,luat' A of 8 heurre dl sirt el de a NoIvelloCtrtea ijtlsqu'A ,9 heuoes du oroj. S foer I'ugttlneot dee plonnes qll s0 rodeont A Car 2 r-lllhlo pelrle cnr do' 5 heureo , etqool nor dAirellt 1pn y enttetIrer josqo'll oorol, le clhr qh i plpootil il)rttt vatt de Corroilto,.A li hwlle-,o rnt,,ro juy o ' 6o heaoraa l pourd<nnlr lelelopa el joaird'one prItotnode agob ocI; able don. ottn lie. tl beauxC jards des Elt LUniso. "t Iles prsrtonno- ti oI Irtirolt pal In ho oootcive, deY rnatIFt Is proCtcurer tieh Iilletl. attend, t'il el daihflsdt no condu tceuros dtie receeoir de I'lgelot no lieu de 0on billets. Chars des Rtues Joactnm et de la Course. Cesei cLr partiront de n l oe h Juock.oll A IittoInra A. AI. el de Il rue du Contal A G1 huolea lu naitlo et cournllt chque huroa. A 8 heures, ils anrtin,nl tooites le adote heitlres,, jll ll' tlIoura dll oi, de Ito lt . Ja!oeokol., I'tjusu' IA) cllrt+ do tl roe dtl Canl, o .t c el s t 8 de aIn ri du n olla l. le, Ale.itlrors seonIt parltlculirelmenl pria dr. ne pas inottre Ilts pisda our lea cussin.s, et Je lie pas tllllaer dlins Ies hlhll troqlloe le dltumo so'y tIrovenl. Il3rea de do (tl pgAit doltcheminill do tor de Car. relloun ale tola .oluvllo OrlEoo. I JOlllN IIAMI'S.ON, Ioil8 Ilngenieur en chef. - 1)lit-- .-Joetlalloding- n fr-esh ll-lltlt y o,flwite wa,I ( IIl%' Jelh, lll,, garlliC, A Tab ic, gin d ' l Crellli ric Acid, Chloride tltla, Itale. Cob,lvin, &e. for sale by t II ISONNAtIIt., I mav 31 rCo Nalclhoz finc Ilchlclitoulac tsoo L II.El t ll rell y, bl ('Ollllnt a of Ib hsi llr lo ,2 vole. Advice to (Gentlemen; lohi e nc , o 2 vtol Clhily's lltlckstlulo ; tillingIon'o t(, vil Engineer- I ioe, folr -ale by ALEX. TOWVA It, llly 31 !) t 4 I' p at 1( OIINTIES tf fll .nintolni, Idlelr n Ital, to vols. 0 Pascal Bruno nod tih ,.Aoienleln,b t, ' look The \letllnn Joe Miller. .hhr illuwriiloinl r I.lttle I*roll0c n nto d llto water lute, by Morris, ty Jotlulllo. Poetic \lailiott, oeltcted poetry fromn Chaucer toi Wo\trd.woo,,r . Nickleby, No It ; Iloz's Sketches, No, 7 and i E1 JOII9S & Co. Inmay 31 _ w Clr St Charles & Coilllllmoon t til soore ctd tog ole by SHALL & tL OWN, _ o.y 31. 96 ,ltgazio. lot L )A , SUGAil iuose oTre in I lltltle t1o l ro a 31 SIIAt.:. &B tllt )N, r9i Magazine ot ((1 F;R\I1AN I)EAS hotpsib il0 0000r0 ,liol t.og lot by l1' 1 tarL SmmAL & BIrtIOVN, b16 M mlon c lot OIJ O11.) CAOII). E --75 boxeoa 0i0e ilobLbooo, . l .re alld or sale by SIIAI.t L hi& tt(\VN, may 31 96 llolgooi e atL A YEH--I boxes saulerior aloe in slor 0 do t. u Sarle ty SoALL & HIttI(o\V o, m ay 3 I 96 Fi ngazilre n r t nmay! :11 iw . 11 G 1., 93 Contmont t nI l t- 0 r j o nodingt fto pt otG o p ol e 1 r by U l)Ol(y S . iril 41 Ne'w I,,".are Io S It I I..F iit aot ll btllf l t r he intseroim n, if I 1 arali by . ilk-n-, nTll 4r .w fI.ev i snnll card, ncie cOII)allied wlll lem e r o" Mr. ott1t' O- ler ,o l iit o iefo x trlo fo ro ll h is t e leho o ed otiroo ht Foli 8lls tht tllernof othe Vouce, lr ott., wlon lealo e s l r, l loi , ,oI Ill nullerlea et. AbI.l l nh i Ii o l. hid ae od ti llr, t o. W ter.t lg ot i AH,,llr ti ill lande enel ce, wits thfe iouile op lint diC OOI'EIme'S thnloo g roook too f AEuaol Ar t 0I'l"lo er Pl min ln ot er cowrors. . Hardin' E8't I3h Drraing BItnkt I orlatod't Juvoo iile Artist Tit'o Ettleol'eootaro itrooowog Book Alldrew'o Ieo.oloo in tFlower Inillttilt Thoc I.ttle Sketoh Ittok, ot andtd dtorte. 'The Unilted .ltLles IrotWille tlok, jll00 reo.iotd anod r aoroole tly ALEX. TOW'AII, oa m _ll _ 49 Camp at elo well konotlt h, titt h llbllc tat it t i hatrdly lie. ceosaro to givco a elaitled toltoalolt+ o Itheir tlthl olod use. The Iotlohooltog rtio cwlel- fotlly couovinoo ally 0ne fl' thee claii Illms l ltotor llt tlp n thL public to pltaco Sounlfidence it hla ilo pralious. Frolo the Iloinllttden Whig of July 12,1837. Alof.ol'o Pilolt nnd Riders.--The olat Jolotrnol con tloin. lddditioollal ootl 0il0llV ill olior fttli ts igthly importl Ilo inveltionl,. "lThe prlaf s of tp JIto UrIo al twao Iooitlt stoopptd" 00 00nn00n0e, Oht teotooohooy. Soe. o ., ,n tho - ltooor: oofit . I thttloot Io othnko iit jin isertihng flop o eriifi. eoite ofotlr t0,igllblor otwl es rlo offers us It qua nlti III Sill! articlth as 0tio01 ntiP0 0 iool. Tbi it s veer kt ld, a,1d1 we prtomie tIom.o Ionooollo t 0e tot000r Iiiode like oioliltioo1 with our Ileiglhnr of toist Jlournl, to cll on tlltoagent. In tile lean littler are 0lly toboring olnder riomit r tdiot Ir eloties too Iotoe wli, It have so sevele0v 0 0 rne upon Air IHl0.w, I tory tve Ilio tesoitcony to the "pecuhar - oditoteoltoes"o ot tto. renOotty to, the dttenoo. Tl'ie medi-o eille is undoubtedly a oioverelga reOmedy. I.EI'TEIR FROM SAMIUEL BOWLER. The Iollowt orleler t is toloot Mr. lBowleo. Editor of the Rleptlblitan anod Journul, Sptinoflihlt, blaoe. I.oPI tOFEl.t, Jtoo, I, 18137. ir. Mholt-iSir: It it now t0 rleon years ttt I have tlorleold fItol tll inlirmlity ol Iht b:heola--tlhe co,se il0'00, ats 1 slupl0j e, ofi s ,vere illnetts of inilimmalory Ioou lli.,ls l. I te Iouraorl acition of tte bowels it lost feltpe t and stevere ltaillo oecur, with much weakneeo lllotdepreosion: ooaltaotisl hbeing ntoceoaary every Iow dyl to lountilteract eosivenCso . I IItIve tollFItrtt goteo i physicttia, and hove toiel almost all kinds oof tIilta ad vrrliaed, whith oeoed s uiteI too oo e oIo, in voino. I)u. ringltheyt.t ar, lhotveb0ougllaUod ued seveal boxe your "' Life Pill," alld hllve hind moro Itenalil tfrom tlhe, more tllefend ataple, ne0s0lo lly ea0e fitr a length of tilta, Ithan from any medicinoe I have yet tried. Youro, SAMItJEL BOVl.ES. For sale in this city, at Ihe corner of Coollllon and Tcupitrouous sttl. moo It -INEN II 'I'T (lS Gveu, & ealleallner_--Ju re I by late arrivala, all swat alleniPIiit of shitat eravatsouOlner smlortck0 , gltve, and tuoulpt.ders at the IBaooar, coroner otf t.Chorlea atlld (oolilmooon stre0I,. al~ItUSII & ALLAN, 'it tIEEL-It 000 ETgto- h iteedoo, it aen tt r ste I. by SIAI.L L& IIROWN, i,,.... - 96 'Magazine at t AVA C1OFFEE--71 bg; llifig rI-fshi I-Lui 0 villa ealid or atle by SHIIALL & lBRO VN. al. 9laC'"lne at f ARLOR CORNAAl EENI'S -t toerel bcootll J otlrollaiett,ll or ale only by Reers & 'ltnge, anl at Plsough'sa Museum. All Ihe.,oorn'a ent consillt if the moat plen,. did tpeoilnens of onrthincoogy Irolo Eurupe, Aaia, Afriea,'an 0,0ur own oluntry. App-'vPd n00 e at 60 days will he lgken ol lATH 'lUBS-Itto Bth 'lob,, I---e otos D ele at redceed pricea, by 8. LOCKE & C'o. may 8 l Frlont lsoee -L I.OItlt--ti tollhlo., ltndog lfrom t,,, Inloo ato Rildolph. ' ..o lels by A. rltEll. may 28 34( oravies, t LtliT-Somn time about rho month of March last, 10 ha lei ef'tton n ma: ked C F 9 or F.1:.8, (the latter is Iblieved to hI the Inarko ) a Itich was taken from the Archafalan a Lamling. Any person ha, ing tlw same in their irser in, aill plfene notifv Nenars. Kirkmes, Abheriuahy &l Hanna, where it cull Ie lhad. may21 41w S E CUNNY. L OAF SUtIA I-, I hnkel r. 4, in ttore for sate IV tay'I . 11tAI.L & BROWN, 96 Maga.ine et W IISKr Y-200 hatrrele rectilied whiskey In lore for sale by G "DORt)F.Y, m10 44 New Lvee WKTINDOW GL.ASS--620 hosen English crown m Windsor glass, receiving end nfr sale ba tnm22 R CI.ANON, 12 Camp at. WILLIAM R. CARNES, I; UA4S.IN NA WAIJE R. OUtM; may 14 lR ,n. 3. I'IEcVILI.E-nT. NE W trJLEAla CAIRILOLLTON HOTEL. H t VA'UD hasn the honor of inferming hi Ilmende n d Ih I hlic it geersll, atrit tlie tS tasken tle lintel Cat arrllhrrr, where he trusts he will receive the calla olf hi old friende and all lovers of .utd cheer. *Prlvate pnrtir- will be'handsolely providel d forby giving a little tlnrtiee enltltaerd. He in willing to enter ito arrngemenla witll trllilinn or individutala desirous a .ofpansirg the nsumlmer it C.:rolllon. ml20 " ACO i SiE" .-140 ennkn as nrior Cineinn.ti . cured in storr, rito sale b I. DI IRSlEY,, .1 m27 41 New Levee. SE'rItEI,--5 ton English blirtered Steel, forsale by Ip 0 SHA.IL 1 tIIIOWN, 6 tlaganine at Ut ITTEI & LA IIt--IIo kegs lard &50 dolape At rior Western bullet Ifor sale by myi :r(i. I)tIr SEY, 44 New Levee O. OFFICE OF THE MSllSiSSIPPI MARINii AiND FIRE INSUIRANCE COMPANY. New Orleanm, lay $0,1839. TI1HE Stockholders of tiis Institution are hereby i rlrtified, and required to pay in, an instalment of thirly dollars on erach nhame, on or helore the m1at of Jure nent, at tile Cnoamrnpanya oaice. By order aof tle Borard. HENRY I.OCKETT, m20 Im President, pro teem of.-IUl, 1'O.NTCIIART'ttAIN RAIL ROAD CO' New Orleann,22d May 1839. IOTICE-BV n Resolulion of the t.ard lofdirerelr Sof thin Colnpany,patned on thel 1st , tIh price of tickets on the rand Ians been redrced to rt twentn five cents. J B LEIPE, n . m' 2w Secretary. W III KEY--II0 brln landing froT steam boat Colmbutllsl, for sale by ri.I4 C I)ORSEY, 4,1New Levee o- h Phinellrhin per brig IOriret, fnr tile by a my7 "tAl1.. & It tW \VNi, 9li Maganine I '-. F till-2t .-VA .r ALA ~ -- ,l Iteli,uitr ao 1 Usneful Knwltndge, tir the yenr 1839, received tn and firn sle by 1)AVID FFE.T & Ca, S may 18 24 Chartres at " IME JI1CE,landing from Havnna in caskn,har S rein and denjChbusl It r le i.i BINNABEL, v may l8 Car Nattekez ''htrerlrittla atllr B 1I.ANt -An rte an rnowrrr ttaMllll, n ihtlan a o 1029I , rnr sale by SIIAI.. & BIOWN, may 1 96 Mlagnaine at sý1 OAP--ll11 htoe, ftabrre'n Iland, hor Sril' by oe 1 nway 1 SIIALL. & II:OWN, 96 Mnnganzineel et I MiE--100 bui Tri'uomnatn, landing and for J s.leby S & J I' WAIT'EY, kil mnyl 73 camp a Itnten lEl,--l-In- mull I.rr.nel r. the ..n.p, ertion Y fomr Sal,rr I ) I)tti EY. m3 41 New ILvee SI I';mli '1'3-:I63 hIrrlerof (I errnerl., Innrhng tfrao ar. Phirip Ya1err, will be srrl lIw if taken frm the laee. ApIlly to r JAM3EI. B. IIItI.,EN, tlmay 2 741 Camp rt. FURNIT'I'URE! FURNITUIIE!! IUNT' received at tie I.ouiion IF'uaniture Ware h lon, a large supply fiom New locrk anod Bon on. 'ersons in the want of Iurnitutre onld do well to oali,and ,elect t ir -orticlsi (ironl ine t.i I .- lest nnd argeet stlcks now In the Oily. W It I'A RNEX. d6 5:1 Hirii le a N It-Parlinular ntllenion paid to packing Ind skip ing Ftlrniturer.,flp of iexpentto. d-w Aii A 11-- . 1 u i,,,;, e,., .I aNd for '.l. ito, AI:L&pttlt{% N. " r 96 \tllngztne stat FI CuN-0i..Ol ll li. ('inI llallll cired, oni-ling or tIolnt , ilte liand shouhlters, rit il, ht ,dll,, per Flat thtni. hor col. hy U Ili'ttS";i:Y, InIrlv +.8 4.1 \rl I|eveer i. it A4t Ii , i< i i+ t; . . . .. . I' PItfrOCTI lt1,reten-t, thiiibetrt ernnltiIn toi hi. frlel2ds, 1, pIlhihe: of New O(rlean, ant to t1 algetVlrr l w i L1 I 1,0 p)noaing n few irdo il thle ,itv, and illlorltl t theIt'erUlt he illtle riiio r i' t a o fw day, ~" rereiv' lheill at thai }[ptuio an t nirti , ilir It A I Ift I F C O'I' T A ( ;i ", %itl :;te ot IlIl, nk hrn. c travelling eithllr lirnt Sprinlgli·ll 1. It n hdisonvi lle. or Madis otille, or the eit. t.nm there leet wiih gooit tiltor--filtoo Anot I onloottdlotollloo nltti1 ilor lltolte liI-alltot nil purllies iy wooaon the N-.lhilit Ratlroad i ln t to -e"r ved it n private andl plen .o.t roon, I.y gi ing one day'* nntlreO of tir itorntii n to Collie. Tlhe ,r,,,rioter dnhttl notitehot tirtncortentr fer a vi ot will the ild in thP ndvantIges the tIottrge pro. Sent.s to tile invalid, and thlose weaied with thle Iheat, dustl,nd lustle lof lheeit y tir. i llre nto d d. ei ,us air conletnlltl ftlllllerngitter from thI I tke or the great I o rie--hll+ ole relrelohitlg *nd toe othier ilolafed ilth Sfragrance, will ever gvte uiminllIed deliehl to tlhe wan r deter in erellh etiter tfhitnlil or l nl,,. F. I'rotlnr op ronl I itelot,rc withl nitit hnflcoee Ir the Spatronlae oof tioe wo koit h tt loin etlhod i ,i.,ortring hie frirnde,anlll ddoo ito ot thui ismo t str ntheo r v- Iilin thle city will honollr hitlllln t ctall. Iet iteotnll Intakingl SIrllirie I otige ote lit tho tll ton ntcrens le placiesof rLo totrt i llthle iLtLgh tolhooId , ile iliv. 1'h," pionrle ior Etlr 'tte'r)+ ,ha wll i n"ll: " xvl "-, ,r0 Ac. A..t. shall I,," flh," t1all, I ell,,i<',, llll" lr· : m ' it tie stallle lit lllI o witl devotre h ib t-i it ll lrllooU. llt l t tiot r r lint d e.lirI:'. Itd viatdll. f tlte sue nOitl I hi. table. A* K tl )1:. IAt EIt-- 1 t r ed invoioy I oif hlnkl note pfe .lr Ao lio oo llleli and for slll1 49 ('lanp streerr e l NG rllle o t i lltlill Ii ill Aln del.ll sttret, ea fw dors lfimo t anal oI; po LeCSi o givenm imnedidtely. A1tllyt nI Ill0 Il · nl. \IAV it.O LOCit--et,6 brilan inn Int,n lIt taot, lor p.t, by i l'lI I i){ Il ' Y, 44 \ew I eve I llavnlo, for ut htv II lt NNAIlI , may 18 (tor Natrhoz tntId Tthnpitulalto cri AIth.liI: Dlm'I', fotr etohilo ao.n eater anid nil vlnitriol, received lately and for eel, hy I11 ION 'ABEL, may 18 Cor Nutchez and Thcaiopitoulaa n r l IIIKI5KY-ofB totrrolt iloading fro;m steam boat i Comnfnerce, for srile thL m'. C I)C)SiOISEY, 41 New " ll. P lNTEK'S INK--.rut received Irom barqtse C Chnntieteer a Illren illoie of JohllnPo and Lu rant'a nehws, hok,aoib inak, t ot te ioale ly n22 A t'OVA , ,49 ('.p et / 10 tECit.tAAlII --The ilechrnic'l eniculator. - I ecompreheling prirciples, ltes nllld tables itn Ihe variouo doelarltmnts of oltthetlllotae and mechanics. t useful tg illwriglr, liEongPers, and Artisans in gene ral. by Willict Green, 'it engiineelr, let Ameriean,. Iroem the 51h Gilnegow edition. Reoiived thil day sand flr ale Ily AI.EX. T'OWAHI, al8 49 Ctrp it itXCmeANGE ON lOTlIIN-for ile hby J mare3 ! Iltill)GE, 131 Magazinest SADlEN .OlN-clUlllltl on hnnldl., aud Icr .ale hv SHtALI. & BROW ap 16 91; Mg. ' at I- ,tAND ITl, -10 tpiloe IIllI-d i(;i, in ntore IH and for nsalee J TIAYFR& eo m13 74 Pnydra Iat 11Il lITINti tlAPI'l(--: .trg' aoid general oaeoet mnat if writing paper, ruled lind Ilnlin, for ale on advanageous termr. ALEX TOWAR,. uenv 3T 49 ('tp pt kWS l.tPFlt--Just rece.ved a line a.esrlment of tl t0new prioting paper, of all the various sizes uaed fior the city end to uouty plpc.r,. and flr sale hy may 30 AI.EX 'TOWAR, 49 Camp at F - "A--l60 lelt ena lul"ig d and p nlchon landing; 1 from n achr Sllenidid, ifroln BotnI, lr ale by apll17 A TRIER, 34 Grtaier et A AIt AlI. I)OBINSON & GOOD1IN , (Il8 Chartrec street,) IL repertncully ifuornu their friends and the public geherally, lhat E (;Ged vin, of the above firsr, will leave Ifr New York abont the letotfJule. They invite shone wion mnAy wish garmentsa mode to thleir nelaure, to call - l leave their orders previous to Ithat tile. ntco 15 PI IHL-30 blllos. i good ordor, Ltr ale by SHAL.L & BROWN may2 S6 Magazine MAYUIORAITY OF NEW O(RIEANS. rfgllE price offlour to day being $6 IIt per harrel, Saccording to the tarilf, thle lkers will give :t4 o0t00e0 ofbread for ter cents, dnricg the week begin ning oll Modoy nlext, the 3d Jnle. The lio.vea of.e nd quality, rr of three for ten cents, shall weigh 25 per cent nlore, that is to say, 42 1'2 ollnces. June 1 C. GENOIS, Mayeor. TO MERCHOANTS. !"PMER(CHAN'I'S can have a BraTrrurL CInce LaL atarck ..jtfoer hore NeoTIC. pbt.oei/agtr tie Conpting looam oJ ''RUE AM RCAtlCAN Pnat.nO Or(Ior, lIt. Charles Ei-ehungeo eiljooning ALe Riot oin IRod at CRorer of(irvier f irele, oraflt. I lin r ing Officee, ernelr of Poydras and St. Charles Jr. i IIIS-KEY.-'6 ha Ite'etiad inxre ural y I mt9 G. m)OREY. 44 NOw Leven. tA. TR'2R, may29 I4c Graver ct

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