Newspaper of True American, June 6, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 6, 1839 Page 3
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ORANID REAL ESTATE LOTTERY OF PROPE.RTY. S Situated iIT New Orlenite, . TO BE I)Af WN iN 'I'lE let In):CE'D FBER, 10183 :"At JACKRONVILIE, FPa. Undellthle ai n.,ij i n(olrene l thie (lm iicniord'a up. loncod b cle'I.elpgielstive. Asc'mllv ofr Fltoridac, "CIC: lltl'i & liAMIII.TON, . 4 .. " Mullnugers. 100,000 tickets, at $15 h.ercn price. 1,50 000. eilliig I'ie $1/0 per ticket. TLYI.VESTEIL & Co., 1h5 Itreodway, NEW YORK, Sole Ageln. I13 The receil.e of tlce sal of the tickets will boede. p4i.ictl in the Canacl. Union. Carrelltn, Cilizeln' and Lce[icahhted Itooks, in Now (irleaia, in tie noml of I.OUni SCheihlt joinIyV withI J. I. P'errault aenuly' Cashli'er oflhe Ullizrel', IHlak, nod A. Ilucdonin ce tiallv, 'achier olfthe Conmolidoled Itnnk, u3 Irustlens, iH l+b act/ osedi Inw:ore A. Mtuzureau, Efsq. Not. Vtnb, onllle 2d Mayuv 48:19, amd the properties slnnaierred to ile shlve tentileld gentlemlen unincmbered, as T'rusecea, for. tle security of thie ln Irlunate prize hol der New York the monies will be dep.eited in the Phioeonix ask o lthe.redt of the above named b City B3clkn uofN.w Orlteills. The IPinolic are referred to the acts pnased ibefcll. A. .laeturenze , t1'q. No. Pul,, inll rc llll periie.m which eillcrce the reslpectit pri es is Lottery. COO PRIZES, no fullnw.: .Priz.-Tht.'it mIgnfictll .nlr.e stort brick building, known .a the .111:AlI:, itt Meraaintr tlteert. measuring 21.6 feet 5 inch " 4 litiel on MallnULe t. 14 lif 6 inichn o(tnravier stet, and Illlc l II in:lhes , I nches at. P'lhis iltlli 1g reddnc now I rent o1'. $17,0110 pr)nllltltn, nhI Ibeing in tihe mailllonrieililg pnmt '', tite ' tit eO l-jh Ihr+} hnlkaIn bnid in it. C.hiIlI"a .i the 4 ily y liels. Its rent. will, illn very few vl, rs. b. inrlased to In illy tlloand dollars per annum. u Entimllnlrl at $710,000 Prine- I'hlt "lenllt ltll otr l(l bril:k huildl. iugknllon as thile ( I'Y 110 ITL, Sfrmerly liihio il. lintel, ltltll at Ihe clrlner of Inltp and Cl unuelll n lst, illetlan1r;le Il.ll l.rl on lItetnO l unat, and 141i ill, II0 mtell', on tcn,p at. Thi iiingdlll rentall o*n for $'k,0ll0, allbeme in thell motII IIOl er tl part of lhe city, ell shlorly lie illncreased Itlhil.y laouaellnll dellarn per an. nun. o n ati:antiat at $500,000 . Prie--'l'he three story brink dwelling houmi, No. 31 on Nalchez street, a adjoining tle Arcade, rettnd at 12 Ialaelln do llnre. IF:alilnmat'd at $20,000 0 Prie--'l'he thlee st(ry brick dwelling tuane, No. 18, aljoining No. 20, 1 1 S Natnlhe treelt rentlo nt Iwtlve btdre,I ill larn. ICaimt.ld cla t $20,000 SI'riae--'reil three ahtly iriek dwellt." Itle, inN. ti, ndjiinig No. 19, an Nuthelr at, reeiedll ti Itlrela red dollars. Estlnae..d at $20,00 I Prize-Thiae dwelnr lirmian No. 2:3 lnrtt eant cornel r e ,l llahill anla Cutmn- bhouae etreete, IIIellllarinc 40 lea t Nfront onllI uia tetI, Il Reet ellrnn'n I'lenklin r'reea, Iby 127 Iul drltl on alcnlmlallhlaaneal oel; rtlntld 'n Or. r Ine hlllllrell doll'e. Eatilnutel at $ Ji3,2r0 .4'rira--'lle dwtllitta hI 1"eC N 24( I..ill ac'la Cr-nanr fI llain aIrelt. mean rinl 312 feel 7 inclrhe a ept rh at, :i f ert h 7 ? l ellr an 1 tralkliul treelt, hlundred dllnr. IEtit-ateti ut $2I,0.00 Pril- hertwcn I orsnirbar l nlirlltc [nnae No".:1.4 lin Itotynl -trelt, Ibtwece 'rrle ie .i lntt l i+fiit'ncc i t l y al 1ta Ien tr0lin ttlar k nili netty irel taer 1yv 127 feet I I in hen ill ,hepl ; runes 1at $23 r intor n. 0 ntimter n c a $el an $5000 Priea-'310 cEa-era Co.lad fank .tca at $Ili1 v.ehl, a $nr(HII O 'rin.--irll harkun, l'malnarraial Bank $to1k $II Ilenni , $ 0,010 I Prize--1S hllnren hM'rl',lnic' n, ad 'Iral Idr"' Ilcl Ft Iinrk, it $1100 tank, 1,.,0o0 3 Priatta I10 si w e tat' it, tty h anktIt, :a Hltl 2 l'Pries of I1 tr n l hntl t, 1itl0,1 t l'riar of 2t (;nl i.igkht. 5,001 UPintes of 1 c M rlnknic' andl TILdair +" 3',110 I Priaze of 1 " iLm.itnn 'titte, nnyf0 1010 ricza 'o 2 " IitLc llc, 1,1t.01 3o10 Prie of"t I . ." Ilnk tcl()ernen, ?0(1,l1i1 ' t I'nri re ~f 1 " " U... ill.,M I ofl " Fltrila, ,00011 It ekhall he at IhrI n pith. ofthe Wvoolrlllllrt o priceor ," Iah, cik lok, ette hytiaethft rwrk ietoern ci m tien e a . ar I t klnarl in c'nuth. MIlol E o17' IIIVAIN I7. 1v00,1510 l&- 11 IktI l < I t r lhillt; ,'I l Il. l l thn on. SIhe-,l9 nn Oil 1,i., c i llle w 1t Il hl. (nk, inn a h r Ir nlelt hIern ir tile Wkllctrl--hlarl. (nrdr ea (,rlle , lov e, Il,, u.,v ,ill hI n r caeie ne t lhI • d v k,1 1o1eume1 c and h, , elrlll l.l,1 - 1 pe" St. C nlelrle, utrn lhrlie a r itltnd toinev lorwt l,'d. r thdern hitm th ,.flll ,try. alti, I.I,· I.(htlni mn IVill nallll( otn Ip n IM n, - ler ol ll'ke·R llvlq d, , . -r h,..+ l 1d to S "IIl) ID1' 2, III 31 1 ,11111[ New 'relaa,, tirte tn. II A A \ I. ,'.irM"r.If . t('htrlarks a u" e (Oec streel, at )t'IIt Si. AI.1.0 a", , II. rtaltal', lln tol1 the at Ei fll  l ; *t (. li|ltittt llle't t rtItinl rt It t l, tI, (t lllhrti't a111rI II ri. + .. I aeltattl a 1.1: t ll(". IIIIti'I /tIIt. l lntt+ il.n; ar,tI innr, IC: ,ctrt,' aI levy( r1.9lltio1: a itdo .' t, vlt ,: an g h .k c ltIr ,'- tt h'I lunl. a n ti ll e . C ol t I\tta,-t-plrtan id l .tnrla*t'c 1" Itulunp aldt gentl Igrli rillng cerk,, drerI( I· . paItM. llrt Uliu,, pc·lI1.tI,, ry, Cult lery, nud r't: n (+cv+ gua ce.c '.rai 'y d .'..lrn' (.''ai "aorr atr'r'. Ap. t'inll.r io thie Felera.l t r,Tl t t,\'w Orlra e.t 01'1t1l': A 1114 :'()111 hit STIR.I';i, I", (tr;x h. nn ' I oti, l, 'din+ .. .A4il I'o in... r ia.o' natd, vi. under and it -1 wirm lI. ,bfthe , i i,,l l -' r,,-o I,,,p-+d 2 l h F,,i ýn- - ar i. bl r" ; let lS r.VIh 1817; Th.' do'lL i Act' lF 8.1i noI ,m ,+ nrtt of 'oa ,e, , i. In I. ,"a e u ia e an Id Urt itl .I Sort CI '1. nti-<iounr IIo: ennvidlrable experien.ce; nlld in e Iw r i-" n i lrin ' daI rri n ;lat i hlch hli t4 aturi l Ili sev rr+, +ý". li ol ' tul Ih." lll, ,-! Lavw elss JOhIN V. ClIll.I , . .NIVRIAV Ia A. ) C',ani'.I.-il..'I'.lT PRINt\T Ja.V-. : I T'a p ,. r " , ' lllI .en "rie anod Ipres t, itrdr, inan.l k m:ote.. hill l. "t i exeIIIIIu hill Iof "ladllr, di ~lln lllS, u .tra ilt and vi+i:i Im, ., not Sri I, ,runl1tlar end l ll (,miln lh v' ~erail, doh r plat ,+tiver cirann `". -al. - ysotiCn tanld,a asusortlelnt ul silrer plultd adiI bIra.s dour pM Carde printed 'lio plates alrready e'lgraved. nov20 'FA.LI & t. I17T-:-, ('it, itINI,. J P. FRI:tEMAN (Co... No 3, )Igaeine rt tr, j are r,'rii iln their ipphlles ,of Fall and Winter Cliithia', aid tdill norun hi lterr ive -.ipments regu - tirly l llo al llr ll the i,lllmr o.. 'Th ir assortll enlllt being Iarla wdl tilOlll Ihna le U I tl( y Ii. rhem to lpl l t lllu r c 'illU t til cl llt l '.rly, IIll th i n tourli I)(1 I· ltor salo wllhohrl le r & rctal, oil acco ntnlllllllllnlg termIll . i ) R.: ke- lie rtt a, f;- le b ]Jj 1. bg .rd J ''l"It'll 'NIY . 73, 7 oi l: antp T. ' 'i TlE L,.\DIES. lilt IUII.'S 1: I' I.IO AIIII)(IIl\AL SUI'P()ItTI'rI 1IllS nlow instlrrrn lt f.r thie radlic.lcure ofl' Pro t lapi.. Utlrri, or farllrg of hi. Womub, by ex tern.l appbeattion, eupers l ing tie use of thle tb jeelilrnable, presstiry, is conftildently recomlmended to the ultll.cted ais tihe meIsill a perfect resto r tlon to healthl, it never having filed of prlforming a rcure, even under tile m.lot aggr.lvated circuloretan cer. It his received the dcaclrdd approbation of Sir Astley Coop,'r rof London ; Sir Bn'ljrljinu C Brodiu ; Sir Jalne Clark, Plysician to the Queeln; Dr Ashwell. L-ctu-cr aon midwifelry to (lGuy's leo. pitnl ; Dr RIguoy, lecturer to St Bairiholomews; Dr Grilith, lecturer to Westotin.ter Hlosplital: Dr Rainlbollialn, lecturer to .otnldon hosapital ; Robert Forguson,lecturer to Westminsiter lying-in hinit, al; Dr Swealtnan, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. -and senior accoucileur to Queen Crlarlotte'a lying, ; also by Henry Davise, Colnquot ' SBlndell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keates, &c. by Dr Morrean, proridelnt of tile Academnie Ronyale de Medicinle, Paris, anld Accouchlur to thire Duchess I)'Orleans ; professors Vellpau, Malrjolin, Paul Dubois, Sit son and otLers-end in New York by professorJ W' Francis, G S Iledlord, M D proefs. nor of midwifery in the university of the ifty of Now York, proD. Delafidll, and Francil, U John. stoo, president County Mad Society, Laurens ihrIl president rmed society State of N York, proes Jas McNauglhton of Albany, priof March, Cyrus Per. klne, Duaoe--Drs 'T'hns lioyd, Gilbert Smith, loeack, Stearnls, Ludlow, Klreaml, Vchle, Power, .(Grayson, Van Renlsalaer, and mnany other diatin. guishod physitirans in the U SLates. A G HIull, Office 4 Voasey st, Astor Houase York. Er A constant supply of the above instruments, with Dr iull's inmproved Trusses for Hteroin, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. ville; Booth anod Mallory, Memphis; WV D Willin. son Somerville; Iall andl Washlligton, Nashville: MeoNairay and Hamilton d,,; RI I, Bliss, Florence Ala; J C Spotewond. Athens; Irby and Maetin NEW ORLEANS Steam and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. Mo rea (near the PFoahartrain Rail Roand.) EPil.ot and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine Risacuit, Sugar, Butter, Midiord and Water Crackers. All the above articles are warranted to be ofelthe first quality, and to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,-Kiln dried corn meal. Orders lef it at . .W. Ptrochard and Tagalt, Jr. coerilr Magazinoi and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for amily use. 15nov bHIPPING. For Enuope. FOIL IVIERPO1I., TheA I new anld lIn saihng Fhip DUBLIN, S Cap!. Skofield, ill receive i nme iiate det. patch, having pirt ." her cargo engaged. | a1l1y to L hI (I lI,i:, indd 93I,,mmon t.. FOi I.IVEKiIt)UL. The that milihg tiip Mars, Capt. Castle, want ll1191 balran ention toncmplele her etg.. Io tr freight of which, ir puaegt, apply on bunr,, l.r to ' IIOLIM Ed & I ILS, ainy 28 Bank Fl'aee FOIL II Val'OItl .. . The Ihat sailing packet ship SYI.VANUS JENKINS,Cap,t. (i Banker, can neatmm date tI cbin passaenenrs, and will poeitively anilt athe 1lth of June. For pa-suge only, having aallprior accnlnmodatilns, apply to Capt tarkher, on bourd apposite post 4, d Alu nimipalitv, or mayl :U I. H c AIn.K,93 (Cammwn at FOR LIVERI'OOGL. The A I sperior an I vary fant aniling hip JOHN DDlCLAP,Capt Chnale, lhainag pert r;fhlher etrge ttteaet, wi'l reeive ilmm. disata For bllnle 'nffreitlltor pnsnee, Iltv ilg h ta lall nnl e Ilacco llllll tini ap iv Inl 4 I. II GACE, 93 Common st FOIL LIVERI'OO.. Pwntgr Otnrly. The A I eplenhli and Cary fa.t eilin.l.ip I.IVEt P It(.I, Canpt I)avnnp,,tt, Itvia, the, whole.lflaerenran et-ngtl will have iatae dlnte deltateh. For ,nannae only lap plnv l or .. LI G.1.I.:, 93 Common at Ooastwise. t ,tt .\ith any ep. T'IlR new aII stIledid shi ai ONT \11110, Copt. IlHrw,.ol, has IIrlly ir 11b e r co lgno cn F agped tad will heve imleditt t deO ,utcý. Fl, Irelllt or lnhsae (havina g tpneir, laind ane Peai I henlcvo loation) apeply I LELrV It. GAll.E, 2a 923C,,w C ,llllmllrst. FOR NEWV TYORK. Packet r!f the 8th inst. New 'nrL ani New etllt""s Li, . I - The lnew all elrege at ahip, npONUIEN'I , Capt h:leanl, Iving hrtte faturlt ,' flt ,r r .eon tn.egeld, will sail IaIne.tIIIR l. Fer Ireight or pnk, ,l I.te apply iin hoard, n , ar ppIIilr cton pr, to (lea lldfird,nor to l''Ilt L 1111E th V, Innv : I ,6 g ,np it E.Th TIoa Al ship BANGl., Captl Iyere, will have ldespatah. For lalne. n .f fr, ight or pasaane, hlavn good accommodali llait, apply to the canplain on bard, or to ayn1th S ~, J P WHITNEY. 71 'amp wt FOIL NIL;W Y tIK-wcith earty deapnlch. Inliainlna and New York .ttlte ol I'ockels. TIhe upetior regulr line ship Yazooe, Capt. Trask, will La ready to teke in freight to altrrow,and will snil with q.tik dl.pltnch. FIr fheigrt or pa..noee, having eleatnt nt.anomololhtiaIn, applyv to the Captain on bntrd, ntlar tie Vygetln!e Mar. ket. r to JAMES B. IIULLE.N, 74 Campll t. 97 The Ynazoo in a very Idesirable e.nvevnnnc for pan.etgr"' at this sealolnl t "ile vear, having anll airy pper enabinl. " nlly .8 .. .....FtRitOhR-T TN. .1 Tht fine A I all,, AVATAS, Copt. Snow, hanvin,,taai of her cr mega.a: aged, aill have despatch. For prio hi o arlssngr. pply to .02L S & J P WHI'I'NEY,93 Canp at ... ..FOR NEWV Y'ORI(. llnltaw' I.ine ..1 Prickern. To ,'Sal on lte 71,. June. Tfi sulerllnrifnr tailinl" packet ship _ -- 1UI.1KVI'. I.e,,vitt, ,tnsenr, will p.s L..S itively ail ae above. FUr freigh .rlt p11,. glt,., hIning el.gnttt anctemlnollntiota, willl sitle mlti.a, * iIply it, tle cataain nIto bhard, opposite hit. Vegtable to A 31IN, tan' Na1 NO 9(a('OaIo,,,,.t (' TThIe pnkat n.pit Alabeaa will succeed the I)eOc ,,,alnlet:, cad sal7 da,n aft~er.__ __ Nit NEW 1(111K. It, Tile Th, ailinlg prekt bark CHIEF, hnlv- d ins lalt of her eargo engaged, will hove des- ''11 Fnr in.t to f frelig"t or pategoe, havint tilnt arcotm evr In,.httnnt., opiy t, .t &A J P \VIII'I'NEY, pt ':3 73 ('tnp at -.... To -n S-urd-a' net tteZ5ih lust. or FOll{ NI,;\V 1.01K. . O The A i fSiat ailine skip NORWAY, (apt. Drimrand wil sail as above. For freight or passug apply to I_! _. II (;AI.FL, 91 Common at t r F lit BOSTON. T, A T Inlln ta tiur t shihp I.AGR C NGE, Copi). \lnr'itl, will nail in a ofw lito s, . 2 Fur balance of fre(Lit or pL ., ie, applv to t21, Ii (;ALE, 93 OtComtn nt c.EOliGE C. CHILDS, ArsOiNcv AT Law,w t l. l.attu·lb, uprtme Court. and the District I .. Ctirt or Ilarrwihl .mlTd osla ofthe adjacent o ATIlld-ed - tite itlt It , Clu lt' Ito.tnlc t. C: nts on the govraL tell, eilher lr D.ulll .ntad sr mn .l(,Vy, will he mtoll rilllk, n an I pIIUo ll y st.eI trd to ehhpr tor Ia) resi t s or i' si ivnlg of I' 7xnn. Add(Id' ail ,o t~m l* IJinittd 5lunn-l s-tily of mIht tot. COTTO' CIRCULAICS U'R IIN 11 attl llU (;reatest IErpdtlio,n,and nn style unrstrtpl:rsd in New 1Hlnl.nAs, or else (Iilars Ioffl at C'oerh.ti Rist itn S. CIharles Et nlnu,,. (Cn ',.'er ." (raier St. ) or Io T {t CE A EItICA N P IN 1 ' TI NG O F FICi, erner .f I',v r t anllti St Charles Stirte, wiellt it b -t 'r:tt ti-It-it t 'tIdd tI n . - _ -_- _ .-., , -,.u_,, . Ihtmkk, (Cahlln lnd I'Passage Register, I!{'ou :.I Geniral teieis, received and tiir sale at t o i 4, t ('hlnrres street. Ilmly 17 DAVID FEI.T & Co. v1Ll.bE I.- Lrinc'n C le-tial and Terret ial-1. U rilnh :I..Ihos-4ali a Ifew p:is tIhrdner's In auu I rt'llea sIuperiorarcle four sa le at No24 Ch(:llltest. my 7 I) \I'll Fe".TI & it'0. /l ay 14 A T I' I1 :4 (: reeer st lil 15 73' oi \R--:ll, l kes, V F.....r hl ulVlt, Fr1.nlng iunt ' -I llllJr 'lllllhllss, h r rcile [I t i y 15 (: Ihln I,''.Y, 41 New Ievre l I rti i ll , tllns ait he ul edig, fo r tttlt t rN. y I IaI' )l5 6V Il.i il.o . t tt t14 o.P - , 'E -\\1.1 -T \10 I sk vn Iiin rI it , J. e ll e t O anu""ll4' e| It l anlld r, lll ti,le in Ils line u. , Mort Ite. i h:l, I &-tihrlte . t t \ Ilt \.titi.t JewF rv, Mrib Bxas, Speitslt !eT i O 'd 1;t, tot and tetttovetotl. , t itlltt It' Chaurlres stret. ay IL' I) \VtD FEIN.T I 'o. Ii 1.E--910 canIFkse an.l,t ot o.. let yo ty 'rter ttlrJiWill' N to Y, n rIay. 14 t 73 1oCamp at.ti I oIi -110ot tt sks tt 'htottlitestp lime o lantt le, untd for Rsale hy .S' d J P \o III'No:leY, FEA O T`TO fIll --Fur Ih - remtorliat l am.t growth of It S)UTI'F .-- t0 keogs (oste t and \ttslern, nl Ie ofe tfor salle bY G I)t)IItE.Y, '93 "" 44 Nete. Levee . ILhanv refrierulor, '_ pilotd ehd. ,6 14 Uvgallur waiot jars t1p9 o gallon s, i tres,p. tefr sal tth fr m':3 9 t J P WlV 1l'.\ F.l, 73 Camtp st (CORN t2 IlOOMS--k50 doz in store snld eor sale by , 1 , N2 t I)Iho- SY, 41 iNewlt f.evee r 'tn--g2f brimt landing from steam hoase Persian, Ir n old fr sale by G t it aIDEV Co " ilOFFI. aI awilllbee1 gava, SUlenlra fin Manilla, in lstore for ale low to close econsionelhlt i -lly al 1111.1, & II c WN. ll6 Megazrine at d IROolph, For s:ale by A. 'r llI.E , mn: y 8 c ln 4 (issvieir lt i LEN iTl'rlllWIELAitits IlPiR TING OF- t VI CE, 53 ,lahguzine street, oplposite Uanks' A'r- ! nI i V GIREoENE i ttkes ipensrun, in anlnmslnong Io his Iriend r.nd tle citizellns ol N OrleansI, hat hie 'tllle at Ingllh bforught l.ithogra ;hi ont a par a ilh coppewr pla, Il a rlllting, and fll al tl h lln t ilitie's the art has IIver r op( er .Ioae englaving, he can execute all artsre, ,nrusted to t aiy, at one hnlfl'th exp3.n of engraving nd nearly as n l heelR as type printiNg. ' Merelh.tswlshing circular. sent out in their non Snand writillgellll ave any qltyl at It few llllr i mnotice; or they wvill bee rp ent.l for heln in . bea utinl ! st yle.. u .Hu h nu s has hereto f fore given general s tlisl'uction i 1, oeall Rhe imTIs respectable eommission houxse inc his rcity. Geutlemen dsirous Ol' having Visiling or usi. 1e mynes ('erds finishedl i Ilhe best mannr, will do well byt r, culling at he ,lbiee and see r Feb. 1, 1839 N B--Bunk notes neatly executed, and eirculars, !. ' a printed at ont hour', notieo. Url'Tl"Pl--(l;oshen and Weslern, in stale tand for I B sale by . G I)1 R.EY, june t 44 New Levee ARD--152 kegs leaf lard, Lauding from st.auIn baet I Oronoko, for sale by G UUIt.tEI'. tl 7 " 44 New lIrv.e At t t.ACON Sl1)6J--lSU eu·s tLincnnlall n ctld,, i'r salO by G llUlt.IN, m17 41 "ew Levee OJISTING WHiEELS-40est hoisting Wheils, of improved conetruction, in frames complete, for may 2--41Fd Tivoli C~ircle W aUNNY BAG -3.--J, in halol aed lanndles, for sale by IS$AAC BKI DG E a" Co. nlay 2 131 Magszine at B i/ ERM CANDLES--6n bae sperm Candles, N tBrdf, dd brand, for rode by I BRIDU(1iF & Co may 2 l3i Magezine st in PRINTINGPAPER.--t60 reams 24 x 36 inches i I[ landio. frllr! ship YazMo, for rale by rly 9:9 S G BIANCII AKII, :!3 Gtavier st FORI NEW YORK. Ner tork 4. Orr ,lteo. Linacr A NEW LINEI of pcetkets hab bern estabIli-heI to run brlween Now OrI)leans lud Na- York, to cllslntl five crst rate ships, vict whip Nt. IIrnc, W Fo=trte n cmater, " Leplhtblicen, J G1i Ierll " Aubtturn, II PY urlly, it new builditg, These shills wern boilt in Nrw York elprrnaly for thin Itrade; r: of a liht drought uf i strr, ald will not b.. subject todetenticn at the liar. Their ne.roOdoioflns fIr paI'egers coiprtiise all that aVe le req uired fr colllrt land convenience; and their colnallners tre Imen o exp tience. LuIl ihe shipei now buildit.g are ecpleileed, to first .luen ships wdl Uplliy trcir I', greatest penlcctclily will hI ohs.erved in the lie' if Rlliling, anlld every reasolable accullllldati ex nded to shippers anld peaengers. or lurlllcr parliculars apcil t lo M-ic. Joihnson C JlI.e deot, No. 86 Well .tee'tNewYork, orto jag I':'lER'Ia I.AILa)V., ii Ucmp it FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regularly as adertlised from each Port. IriHE line is at this molent composed of the follohw I il shillS, lnt 6 1llol0 lew ea elis will le lputon at all rlly day. mtakinL, 11it nlltber tweIlv, in all , hictlh will ll of one f eine dinliat.itd tfrotn hi pli rt every week lllrine the yetr, tlcu aftfld itll prllt fteilinPe Ifr trlt clsititill acnd at tile luwest ruete olfieight. Ship I out,", Capttia 'raske . S Misa.siippi, I+,+ . S .ouisvi.le Allte. :ccr tte, o Ilatlilway. l tunsville, " "Ilritlgec i Shnikeepear te, The lave i ae chipi atecll oif Ill,h filst claos, colpercd and copptter ftemttrd, if a litelt drluglht of water, and blilt inll .\ w York exprn ly f r thie lntlctwitl ele.IInt anrcomot lltittons fll r ll· ..- lgrr. anlll eoullllt tltl by able lUt..l 'xprl ielcell n mnr ,re. The price of pI essae ef i fixed C $l, withoult wine, or liqttor, ample storec in evrvy othir parlie linr wIll ibe roiled and ever, tntelticon c ien tol it ltt hte t r ' nl oll f o the a llnes.i+ g to and fro in th hi ,e. t'he ship i, i will at all times he low'd lip Utnd dllwn til river, Ind the grt/test punctuallity obstrved as to their day of nuiling Neither thl, owners or captains of theme vessets will be retpotsible ftr jewelry, h;lliton, pceciou stone., sile cvr or plated ware, breakage of glace, hollow ware, marble, or geanile, coeIertee on lin, rust of iton or IteCl, or for any letters, ilareel tr packceee +nt by or put o hltlloard of tlle. uenless rlteul r bill, oi Iie lig are taken for thie oname, mud the vaine thereofexpressed. Fttrfreight or passage, a.illy to mar 21 JAMEIS I IlUI.IIN,74Campt FOR NEW YORK. HOLMIES' LINE OF I'ACKETS. T O .nil puncetully every Motndal f om each pirt. "l' . el Pc.kete have Itt einteIreaed to uev en first clash Sl.ip,. neistlii g of S/hit N'asbeil/le. uitlclaln \Vood. Arknctsas, Clleteailn E l Dennis, Alabame , Caeltan C C Berry, Orleans. (Cplltain S searc, Vicksburg, Cneituin J Cunker, Innet,/hee.Cltlate lehity. A'aeleil/e, Cc ttln t\i etl. Louisa. Cuptiin Truman. (eonIe, tultin lyn'm. Oramulee t 'apcln aenil. N~ew Shp -- C:alsilla \Wondhouse. Aew oNhip - Capture Ntchole. Thte ahnve chi1s tire all of the firet class, ropierei, and opler fatleneel, titt weer~e buill in New York ex presslv fir this tr.l-.-they 'are o l'Dti t 'Irageht of wa, and alnnost invariably cross the bar ilthout deten licot 'Ihe. poMarkes are coermma 'd bIiy Ca'iptains well ex. 1161 toperl.'o.I i,oite r~I'flet woil sie yb lwd" a tt downll the e. Iland will 'romptly stil a. oi I YU tiaed. row, "Piles, have. I~ llllroall(ly filc'llia ell ;IceoulnllllllllllllR nnd( eTrll slot es iIf the firaltlality will urlwaym hIe rflllllilFId andI F curry tIItieutllon field to thle comfort st ll ea I~ftirliU, if i01 1 '.o'oigerrPc 'I'.te price olf te cabin is ixedl at $811, withou wine the ni Ilflllor. earl )'or lootner particulars uoply to A COIIlN, I 90 C...len street teen Ij'3l7'hiehips nre not .cniontrtlh, Go' of a nd oi..nnt,, hollow 001n', oitia i r glll ite, ilhlietOi '. o 'Gtin l t-r er rustt 'I' il n or steeI: InoI r.'ospti.,ioj forant poI I oee skin or panrcel put on boaI,ol'' i'. liiloflidotgbre reel bit4 iers l't,., el e .,lii.'.'s rite ornt.'''.,l s'or the Interior. a"'I oll BAYOU OAAcell Jdegudot' Pacrket. o ct':-;' will (.!live New every it, ifY\\'Pd- ran tie-dot at 111 t'clnek A\. J1. for Itavo Sarin &every A dlllndav 1',r teigitt or passage applly to C:apt. Hart a~~p' th uend or to - S o'b.b25 'niMt&.,'i AI A1,oiiil: 0t',All .\,>l;tS, CVU.N'l'IS(l ltl).JOrIi N lANK'., &," a ' l do do a ipti. d ' ill d. Cr veu I u l 75 to w rottoined let oo I, IpU fl rlrlrhliae up w ulirg ct Ir do t Cat d A t ' 'II AfleroIA'lo4 211 dio I., to oi.r iCo fll I i,,,. k I o lio, post :111 o f . .lilt ere of a ver y a .·letror q llatY t , and ill a ol'lol w,tlo close a 'Ocuusigunt', by Co 0,14 ! A Tio111' AR, 49'(',1top ie 0 I 1:\V 111 alt by 1la ette ' : Ilate, Itu rtoan, Illtlr;' hl il.-l e Alvori to o il-a E,-I'' lid d. di- ( i hi fn'dt..,,io1 l'olor,' ',io,'or l iv 1 l'q 'otipAG. 1111 it 1. N pl 0 Ids 't-e leev fo1k c 1nce 0'.., E 10hINS 8, ('a, 1 nil4 cornepr St Chalrlr+ & Coalition lst. nr'!2 134 JII1 i te a i l FANCY S iOAP ti WO SIJA li'N9ll-1 Irec tiv .'t iei le IL by 511A1.1, & I'll' NV \ . may 'olo ip 91i 'In u, 1 I I.% It AND l'll ''ll- Ill hll-m an r for rl~s llr ht le .etO1 uul .BO ,iiit~~n~ P:~w m 'It. J 1L)nok b Chock', 14*1. o ,,dints Alicelio~tell 7 Bills, iamil letill hills, Cola- liii 'iir S l l 'l ef o r , t i ne a4 1 e . it o . a lloh i t i e t `tiptiooof:UI c~kiI 'I iIij"e.'- ''d l11olot ",Coio oog8 - loI~f''iv l ll:tL~iAA," io or. to... llrlll'i:toltll' i.O l'Nhiir 'i'i, o altl· I~i 73I ('nntlp St eat \V t1\:~\ 1V\l: ,..1'3Ii:A'1'·.-3· I xec it ,ue , file Ior .j' I ' . soleii.oI.IA'rit. 18 may 15lT 3.1 tiravierst till frool":I ii.. ben Fo,dirA i.. rhSCobl ,Ooxeio' tnrrj 'tcr be o' r ole b '.t ' '."I )ljl,, e rn :IVF 15 :4(I,~ t tf TO .nlaacII rýýTS. a B tlk Chlecks, hills of' LaUding, Auction' e illo, PI'amphlet, Sho w bills, C a-ttet li do,'cr,, tti . toio. " t [('j ""Itlll:ltrfor the Above, .7n'7 every other der ho cripiiat of ,3-I'etl.V I'I.\l t' rlret'isud at Contil tug19 Romn'. 'iy Ai Ao lpiloo:tolCtNeo tift ". itiu..gflEx ?i ctt'.it:gooeOur Por..ino tIoo...oo't iet. or.t,'oooe I,'t. Ii coil.', corner qIil'ov tire' and Itl.ll 0i slrlAN.. ,18 IiilN-lsiriiiaodienuio' io,,dis Gr..oltd boot c'id 'or it fiat Cite bat , a'rrriries inthe UAilnit 3ed ii, 0terurt t'ie been added to tIhe lreadl' r'el-tisuc ri .,tai ioI; ol'I -Uand i ointtl tr'ill bet'iecuted as i.. , jo Cts,, pl'. ', o iiteodio'lo trnd ootbealull, Ilyriii.a y Ithelr O'ioIe lit LINE, JSIII'l'. '4, 1LUVES a.. .11ISPrNDE.;J. totR J ut receoltod bI lote nort.'I' noo ia.aoelren l'l 1 Slalrtr l: (LI.IP I 4lntil1 r eureka, 1 ;.·I)Vr· null I I sill i-, pn derS, at the azaarli, corner ofI t. Clourles and Cl'tear' C-I 'i. 1I. A oonIplea e'e ot Wiitite Deas, fill I) receing casein, portrable sllnvllg cast,: in roan wuud & kit leathr. it)U 15S1 ALLANA. ChiI C OIINp-1 00 bushels mndinr frm flat bot and'fr W C R o 1 lJ ale y 11t13 A''!( Eli 31 (itnvtrr at rep il B'ItLt, Lll Ir'Ul- fils ie a itew and usftiul aio - o odr .m ecll so siog.. Alld· iitit. It ird ldigned'lo ooeeto{ t.eo'ol n Id Ifeet , ttch doshoe in t1hedI cuto do- W 0 ilooTIIIrIeI I1l. iIIob~Cooi~i1oolr lnloln Io'toB 1gO . l far met1,itsiiore .inuisoryooobeii apiete 1r5n th h nit of the ,v.·rlllerdering the summer lr e artn- tit PloieRelrigeratto norr s Ibrlionstoered an oibrdidpen in l. 4 article inthoe ertedo ulitery gopi, IIoIlat, nod o'uw itl The otoo,&dityofirdrap 001 ot~,1. prottsht e wahr.i aoillaido tre othan pay the cos h of tL't.ootiole roiyear no. 1, r·'I'llr? ebehilcrbr isculhllinit irceiviag Iron the man- n I, -' j he tJIIN'-2000 bisopoio lo Atitatte old.g. oidetotloo C s/urer, Sir A ]'short. Specrlrntens ,t tire Iteftgerators CI a mJlaY bs tit tatlOi y More l:oodro, dt. BEA : t I Wt I C\RNo 0 S. y ` NEV J t:\ V1 l Y. 44 e - L r eli 4 INS.h· BtIt.,t.Clharlin r"i. t r 1,1h ihi othda treei d ed a peria hilo and f i lgr ,50 dak hy ' I uPIA E Ii. & 0 a10 bl Pins, whtcu will Ie EaS red t halfr trade or thedla r"cl onp- t er tha o ever hel'ure G Ierel it, tier" city. Al-oIIRSEYozen pJ I chATed Rings, f all prco aisrg orahart twoill) a tgreat vat to v riety of chwgt salt tt'o, k, cn-i-tint o1 Unlurlla, Ring" ea oa narinit patte, L ttal Chis ehirtoof'isot,. inw.ool ni do well it, examine t Sii gvenl :carlbrtttllitt Ph i L. BUI(W.s'S Patent Pietfaria Uaafnpers 'rJ"(irtruern emit find at all Itieuvdlll lrrffl Patent etC Pl J'IfIriln Ihalancep, superior to any ever offered in this 1 ,ecity. fell if W R 'ARNES. i tt ULED Cali till Letter IAI'l'.II-Just r (-rued 41111) reactsr ruled LIetter Pape~r, boils1 blue anld w'Itilr. r lso, 45,0 ruled capl, somle veray lo~w Pro el, suitable for L 1 chuots, Cur Palo by Dir %'II) FELT &Co, S m a y I .1 N1 tainr'Ilal'4Catrom.t RN-2000 bushels in liar shippinlg mdee-nf;liit C and fol Ir sale fly 1'I cI~tIsc, d tr ant 74 I'oIr ras Pt i Is `%TDIT L BEANS-30 ulrls for col a by D m13 l ( DD1.8EY. 44 New Levee Ill or' "INS1'.1":D t)11.-10 brio prune. I?,utcb I.iilaeed oil d at L1 in store and forsaleby J ''IIAYF.Ii & co a _ 13 74 Poydlras at I N13ESS BE~EF-255 half bills at the inspection in I at LI stae fr sae b G DoUSEY. "' m10 44 Neav Lavin, i S eevdalreaermelo umrcoh l1d o various patterns; liluen shirts of fin, quality. GOB ;CSI'P & c. I m13 Exchange Ilotrl,SiCharles a'. T'IUT JIS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. IT l a lst that 15?,.)) odf ? r.aparilla Blood Pills havel heenl sold dnrllllt l le pat i..on hlo. t I i. f .t--th I i~l,)" are take, q l. ,.nduiyerble intllpln'3 in tlilt nlly .l.rr.c' thnl it.tlit.yu :i ellrs nftllyt.k pills, n uttll t qlunek . icilc., by tlll illay t ale t ieta yli,--Thnd all quiek otnelii penylc.aosl thmlnyral or atrctlry, tThey quiyrk tlllk "n YU.t kill r cure," anld Irt I It, leit. h elct Irhtlr t.rh ttn l rhutt." II call thenl-elve dlrtor.,lhlttlhey .my illureelf]tlulllly Imposo [hoelr vile and tlallkerolln prrl illrutllll o llt mle Illlhlc, cat lltlg nothiug olr In.coll.oluenc'o thu Illr y olfy onll ur,e ilutLcr , Ullnyl ailE l. It Iu act--l'lll the quc a tk forein impohstm wlll mh RENOVATOR Itt THE SYSTEM 2 nokw infet ur ruutry kw Ithli t l ature od incl AleystoursIrandumnyI Ie. whom w pbyfhurn by I I It, l ict-l hlT ilre I flrl: IIrly cthiehlllldln the looll. 1th. Illll0, iid all l ulllul~lIl , Il.31 ,11i i ,- i .heullllic 3ll ,1ctloll3; ( I llrol'll hnre ofthp nooe.lollrO . nl'ul.t; ryfi lpelul; Iiiilm bOdl~db Jlll ce; I letarturt aldll; er:I tiY rll and blotches o Si.Eyeal t flh t livers ty, ikill lyttklnlid Iiiills-llll glalltdi Dry alal waUter pimples, amtl IGil l' ,, alon th . l bt ,ylyd ,Il' thlll Is ltt lld ofI balck lllld slpie., er fil, 'lllcl hlI I; I Ill" ofllhe her:tr end Tll n", ani l lringiWmls; Itmll 'i l; ,111¢ l t har . llllll of thle nllward reterl, hill inst. In l.l11,1. n1' It'l nIickI, i111 the t the IIlllll, tlllll, rI llll- gr" l I I .rrI l.I. kc N'tintnf ilpet ' i.:, rc ~u111 utlII Sour srllCL..ll .lid na.idllie t" sIIl: otlllllhyl;i \VIItP~tr )rlbl,·. c. RECOiIEIi':NI,,A'I'OIt5Y FACTS: It is a lftr-Thlle oly Irnpr~l·tt r andnll lll lllll llllufactrer of the scary .lMlisted ly ill. I.1mal cell'llr. ltcdl Ilhly) ,lc lllslll Itlh I tllledl IlLtr Vy tI. plsI, glltpltnJ.lck.olt, (iihtslt Dewetlt Ihill. Jolmlne, Ifrlrr, /'nle, A . II Ih O. per l lllwe ybypiy n~'h.ll., sIi .1rlll.y n i·el l,3 . nI ellslly Itoy ,i,1y tll'llUn lln h Ihl.o Il S1a11.. (See dll slle. tlte It 1 is "t fuel-TI ncy nre Cllllll1 erlil P ll lIrly oI" -elgntalll.. alld they Ilro wairrallted [11 co11|.111 nIu iInc'ic r 01 al11-111ll preo. It ,s fullc--They slloy be tllltrl br trhe inl illictr, aullld lt I'er oflllkilll .llhli wlthnllll c alllng of JictIlr rl t lesl In .11 I1 is ll:ll--'l'hey will not by tlleir operalio., which mlaly tI1l hyylell su Il lU1 r I, nuls of Ihu u ohurblllgtl Ive lldlcllll golltr- - It i a Ilc.-'r'hat tlley re tIle ,Ileo f elulal PURIFIERS OF T'1E B(LOOD. IRENOVATOR OF TIHE SYSTEM I:V-t iIll¢uvnrcd Al..o eoltitulltionl dlnllllel, proalulil bIy morcury, or Ihe llnierals, -r tile collsrelcnce of ryllhillis, luel, veieriol, knowll to he und, that Ih d Iiiit pr elllaUt .1 good -lrecl- curillg thoullsands lllly of wholn were Lbflr, c Onlldol'ed Illl ratile. It is a [act--hal ono box'of Sarsaparilla pills nlld lne bottle l of the Cuipoulld Syrup of arsall ilhl, isallsuficlent to cure t i Is, l--fu lldoll be ,blservedLthatthonly, placethery can e otailcd gellnUile lit N. .rleallnl sll Cuotoll.huur e streeIt. bapril I . No. 96. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!!! Isl. Tie vitll prllliple (Life) is contained Il theblood. l. .llou makes Mlonod. i11. Every thua in lle lIolly il derived from blood. flit. All ll.,a idlrln ar.e frall illlllurlty oll'til blood, or in O ,ll er i. ordlfruiil iicrlnln llioua Itlulon . Inldeell ii tll he bldy. 61h. Alll .e Iltumors are carried off, the blold purified anti Indl, hraItful by the saraparlla that aIlldllllate wtlth 7th. Vegletble purlatives aloile alliuiilale with thle blood. -,IPURITYofthe hlnol is weIl kneon to Ile otn otho grece L ea anofdbhe., e. AlAtSA'AII(,I.A sL wll ktot- hon totft I the olttll IfIoefIol purifier ItlIle btlod olldl ftd. lof lhc IlI rears sy totll IIt l-x ist llt. l. It l, lllop l ,llllo dlul ollool tt,, al ll fo T.lels. llatholio s, atti oorr t prioorntioll s I it ttI ,.s, ther efturo L. l.e . 011 lt Vlltl' s;n tIhey are kollu t o Io eely Olll ot every nowtaplilor is filled with advertlstt euutt ou'pore.f - . ot rotnots o tl alnlerl lo el, t catttls)o t. . ups, c.tot 11. I S II hIlla dlrlv el d u pea on , ki 13 Alnon tll to ttlm f l il wltrhy It Itlol l-ll ltted ll o Ittol r well kollwn llo lleddt l ahloto . Wtrllt h CstoirttoniTlhe Irtut o o fltlof t ooita ntllt , l dto lfItrwhg I -SortpartIllto or Blood Pilos. WVit, llo th l tsu ll:lrlll;e oo 1 . l oe h-Iyt d'ild toot td t1IIo o ohpll o oolr olve t w i oCh hi" it. tlt ogrttlhlt -tod ily . akd1 , nlm s ai n re tb y cL arri e l l" e grow p an d I prbd h olu slllol para led fro o l f o bllohod by Ithe o aroapirlo . Tfie.o :r pills dto iottlrgeo toltl v o tlyo u t I t0l ,ill do,. which l prlos- ot Irat e ld rcice the o sIte, re lllertlll it inure tial.l to dl- dal eaie, w, taklcullg tile systelll. :cI m odlse Iln take vc sttrllller hIod.l., kll lillg oro deLtroyitg Itt.ot tlll . ;i ro shol rtt ait im e netlbllt tat purging.. ty t ioon ac no the polldo go that uir o oII:ltl d bl y Ila , sLo illftiogand ll e IIIo(tor, are , ac te oIIII.hl tou IIIl tlheir col.lsue. o le e as erculet ry.t tied Uthel ,ito. C erals. dta Fro, the cireum~taotce of the sonparilla heinlg intrtdlued it i s heIlre rllog :t r to wk t.o itd oollllo a ollot f or earryillng t eo it locket oomr nitotvlit ; ra hot l tLog iotloe to renkao , tt or gt toionllo D trlot Iop bno of ilt oil up any tht Inolt ,:,e n or lly tk theIace of ill otyher i nrpatlote s tr. tor lt trtO Pi t Ilth tileo foregoing have elicited numrollo letstilnntnl va Stolll phyl l sllllt llt.t ldthooren , WlllotI IIvctiol etoitl n thloi rectuI -, do f old uro ollltfidtllly reto llo llolld ill rllto lr u illl to l' l ,I vtklll, hoo ln. . a IIo a l if the lll d o 11s aog lthe. o: k IaII1 l ol, r Ithe oeg olllt I Ill Illlt t Iitll l mnot llllil t l, V Ii od logt. e of the illouth, oul Ireatlllh, Illlllle. lll, diegesllnll w ollllt i i e I o 11f sorltii lll n d Itt I. hy e. tile bollllch oln tcel tlllo h ody Il oIt, llac oal At Io dy, nl y 1 i nllllt tllll

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Iti p:icd o, tllto Cthrk fthlll oatllrt in rwho. to ,ttili a tilt-o Sitlh.l n ofcle wrren llrlno ~ nd te th -let. 2tlll toalll S itodo lfAptri, A D. 1839, ftol a no t :ol, r r lt al veartisterLet in coliurlloiy t lon act lor itIh los.. I iallurtd ol'tht Solttt oft Looil.toa, tititld " A acttl lrl tolthe fIrtr asfanttO ll a tcohsh t pourthostc rn o it ji nlicial salels;" approved the lnnteh day Uf Marcl, 'to 1834: o1 ow, tloerefore. know yo. tytod oal ptorons inter. p,, ' tesltd letr -inot- Itre L-r-tb citted tInd o IldlllOllltcol iIn itt '( Illt e lo ot tile Sto;le lI Loulialln , and It tlhl FlrStl dt Judicial Ditrict Ct ttrot, tllc ,an set up any right, ittlltor t as ttod inll Iod too the prt, r!ty ih ertllt lter drt. cribtldl , i n ttotto.l tttllon o iof atoy illtori ,a Ily tilln tl, , order, dlcorot jotrljotllnttht oturt tndthor whit-, tl eslottit was lat de, to r a n0 y irrto uo t tt ly or t lega ht y 00 ill ttt itoIottistolllellto ilt o Idttlo.ot ttlnlmtott, in 10000. do or onttlottr of to'e, ott for aty olther dt,.olt whtrott, Iever, to show cause wintlhn tllirty dlet frot thLo diay Ito this tionition is first inserted in thi poble p Cper., w y tite noa so inilde sIoul Ilot bh c.Olirllloedd tn,. hlotoltngateod. . fo 'lu .aid iroperly Bonsold by tit Sherift" iof thit aParish tfUresaid, oIL the i27fll dy o 1 trolLt, A. 1). oh 1839, by virtus ofa dectree of tltin Court, rtotloorcdI to o01 tihe Pith dlay otf Marti A. D. 1839, in t suoil en to Stlid Coarriero. &lltrduztt vs. Bucailnan t& o agan, p iNoI. 17,40l of thoe dteket tf tths ('C rt, at whichtt *a oio th. aid A (O B ancaIttl, J tW Irelo-dlnvc. \VII liato ,lackey and I! L:tvergnh becaoe the prolta- i srts respoective!y, ofthou fi,owing property for tileo t .olt owillng ontuullt, to wit! j titA llltnhard was tile ptrcharl er of lth lot of' I tnground nuI heor Six in Poydlrus ittet, between ,nto) and oSt. CharlTs streets, ItIt,tluring twonty Is , f or feet si anhes front o Povdrs doostroett,hy bh nt i nety i lve feet six inches doep, ior the tuotn of teveo th; otllllstnd one hundred tl I;tros c.llh thre tollOilsald to - jnilu hundred stand forty our do lots1 andl filty cers, I ( or iayable tile thilriosth lay of Marcll, eighteelton Iond.I r.dl and forty, and tthu balance in two and otrI e t iI years in notes sattsfactorily ondnrsed, nnd bearing mortgage-lad if not puneloly poio d at t tod turhty o (t,tih bher injereoltt the rate of telo oer oent. till pid, to o-twithout any right to retard paymett, which thot, t tonld sherilt'lactionw eldge to hare received it0 hist le notes, po)ao o as raohe.y, wth JonaO Metoyor & Co ý tt, ld N. Beloist as endorsers, o ltdreo o torlg on to e Io above descrltbd prot.ertv a special ntortgageoI 1 luntil thIle fial payment of the abovC doscrtld to J. \V. lrcedlovet bot amo the puro haser of tho ti h lt of groulll nnllotlor Four, in tlle tCoroer ot St. re Charles tand l'ydras street., tneasuring tntl ly Iotor toot front oot St. Charles streot atd svenlty. lo - eightltoot teotnehte oo 1t'lrootts street for the soot I ol o even tltoosan u tlld o o hundrIo , td dlollars, pay - li ot bloe as fllows, vat.: O i tollhollnd dollars, casll p, p- four thousand two hunldred and nineteen dodlars on poyab o tIo 19tlit of Jun, 1841, andl tile ba once in a- two and tllree yreat, In notes sati.fcetorily enldure-p; s e ol, anl beotrt ntortgage o and if not punctually tot paid at otutry, 1o ballr interest at (th0 rate Of teen pr eoont. till plid, wltholt tooy right to retard pay. t Intpl, whtic tile sterifl" acltnuwlodgos to hlavoe ro e ,t oeived tl his note. payable as above, with Joltn s Minturn as security, wtIth ep ol I artortgago ont thIt, property sold until final payntont of tht above de Sscribed notes. It I J WV Breedlove became, also, tho purchaser of 0 I;t tlte lot of ground nutbhor One, situated next to theo St Charler Tltoatre, near Poydras streott, moasuring c h i twcnty thtrou feet eight incltes alJ six lines on St. I Cbhairles street, by severtty eight feet ten inches in depth, togther with at fittor story brick houae aond t kitchen thtereon, now under lease until the first c - Novetoler. 1839, at fitlteen hnndred dollars, friot, it thence to the lt November, 1848L, at two thousando 5il doilrar per onouut, pyalls lnonthIy ; for thle sum oatd price of sixteeno tthousatd do lots, payable as t follows, viz: S 'I iwo thousand dollars ca. . four thltoussnd firv in hundred dollars, payable tios nineteentlth day of June, eightseen huntdred and forty; asd tlt Ibaloance ill twN sod three years, is notes aatisfaotorily on - dord and bearing mortgage, a.d if not ponct. ke Ial y paid at matnritt, to hear interest frott tmotu. rity, at the rato ot ton per cont, wiathout any righl to retard the pymeltt, and lthich tile shtriff 0e. knowledger to have received in bhi note. endorsed by Johnn Minturn, and payable as above, the re. erved peeialtn mortgage on the property sold until tue filial payment of sail noes. William Mackley nealllmo tile purchaser of the lot of ground llnumbered live on PIydrai street, lbc. tw'enlo Canmp andl St. jCh:les streets, leasluring twenty-lour ti-et six inches front on street, by ninety live six inches deelp, for tile price, oil seven thousand live hundred dollars payablo as follows, viz: Firv hundred dollars eash, four thousand two hundred and sevenrtyseven and eighty-tlhrn hur . dredths dollars, payable the thIirtietal o' March, eighleen hundred and Iorty, and tihe balance in two and Lhree years li t :oteentl ist(ietortJlyndurred, andr Il!airlg mortgage, and If not rpunctully poi at mll;Iriat to hear interest it the rate of tel per cent till paid withholt any right to retard payient, and the shlleritf acknowledges to hIave r.ce'iv;d the eulh paymlet, and tle bIllloce in his notes,tle two first i tra the order tlf J. Irwin, and tile lanL to tie order Iof Geo. Buchlea, and by thearn endorsed and pay. lable its labove: a special mlortgage is reserved untill tllr p'yllent of IlIne snal ites. II. Lovernoe heerine tie purechaser of the lot of grounld umlber three, ilext to lie corer of St. Charles and Poydrl:s erentr, mIlleasurig twentlly.if'ur feet oe inleh front on St. Charles striet, runnllilg ,ack sevenlty-eight Ietr tl inches deep; for the price of six thouoaland nie hundred dollirs, pay. a to as flllows, vrz: Irdeed r l lan llrlelall f a rulinr r 1 |lrh I te til ellhltll lt dayll J ln1r.l .iiun d Illit eal't h f1. aurlthosn ii the hulllllnt I I wosl l ,d theellr ,tlor-, in m sile tli', Tlurily endorsted sa d al r in niH'teaIr e; r ull if rn; t l ll, c:ai lliy plui ui mate III iim i ell. nlll-t at the rltie if ten p r celint. till id, i willllan pay rilht i to rtro filellnnn, and ih Sherillf nleknowledlri, t. t lieo hv e eiv,"d the ,:-h pa[tie. nud the Inlnnce in l Ie lit of 11 tauverenae , seairld ll or y t. IereligaonnrI patIale n ahllve, ald l spea ital fln rgege reseived on the pnroe tvy .id rtl h finl f llr t. And salid L.aeraie beanie nrao tie pulr haa.rof a loit of greiel nunhl ra.l two ijoutair g nuaa ber one, si tualted lin o. hluar eo strare, tllranrtine twnti -threeI feaite gilt ini,. o aln six loses n n Vi . Itt r'ir es streot, hy sar ,t -ei lht fit t tin i t Inis in depth. tugelher w ilh a tllorrrto r il air k hunlll-e t llla l n l l iten ih-r.t, ri lje t to asld tirty nineh at te rutl of two thoeland dollart per year, rpty aie iln tltirl cnt iht te rie of sirterrl thi usand ad filne hundreid doririle, ,ardorrnle as iollwD viz: rt,d Two thousand dollars cash,tur thusan five lin dred dollara pyarile tlhe inirIeenth dla of June tfight een thundred and frt, and the bUIlanee in two anild three years, in neotes satisfaetorily endorsed, and bearing ',natd i'not piuactually paid tat atureity to bear interest ait the rate of ten percent. iiill paid wiethourt any right to retard meinvinat,antd tife Sheraif aeiknuwlerlae i to have reeeiadl ithe easln lintent, ndi tihe balnce in the notes of 'rid purchaner, erlorsed by C. Dekignyl ain nh ee as above, ad i 1peci'l mortgugo reserved e ta W tness the iton. A Al. Irchuarnan, Judge of ithe Court oforesaoi, thie sixth day of May, eightr en r my--4tred and thirt-ni. C, . Crk. . my tt-4tIps tt. LEt .t.ANNC, Dept C l'ek. 1TAI DE L\ LOUISIANE-Cour du Pre- TP mier Di-trict Judiciaire-L'Etat do la Louisi- the, an-- a tous ceux que ces pre;entes concerncnt, teed salnt : co. Attendu qu. A. G. Blanchard, J. W. Breedlove, r c. William Mackey et II. Lvrrgoe aymnt a chttd t ,oa I tno vente faite par In SIt.rdPde la paroisso d'Or. .r' Idans, les proipri6dis ci apros decrites, so soot olad otl ros.d all Gref£ dle elltt colr, oi les actes de vento ,a Ilirent enr istrds le 25 26 et 27jours d'Avril do iu . I'antode, 1839, pour uno rvis rontornodment a un Ia anct, de la Legislature de 'etat de toa Iouioiane, inti-. snt tuld ' Acte pour eonfirmer les titres des acquereura htu. I ux veOnte jodiciaire ;" approuvd le 10 Mars 1834. emu QU'il sit cnonnu, et nrtou, ,rnsotnnes intd6rersdoa sv ront par ceo pldsenton somni ae noo. s dn I'etait o eat" li Louisiane et de ot cour du Prerr:ier DIstric Jndi. v"e ci ireqoi pournoient avoir droit a la propri6td ci. s,,, apres do rtte, en consequence d'un d6dtut do fltrmes II O dans I'ordre, tn decret ou l jogementde la cour, en ur ver 0 duquel la ventl a dtd faite, on de touts irre. tove gularild tu illdgalil daos I'eatitmation, I'avis ou leo tell temps ct tle node do In vonto, ou ponr uno e atre coause quelonqne, do faire voir, dans tronte jour Bt 1urI d.ter de l.t publication do:ette avsi,pourquoi la .. venle ainsi Shite no seorit pas colnfirl6e e ollutnolo alteo gudo. Is ditre propridt6s fourot vonduea par ole Shdrifl ff susdlt e 297lno jour do Mars de 'anolde 18.19, on xc vertu d'un ddre d deo cette Cour, rendu lo 5 do Mars lhe do I'anndo 1839, dans I'affaire de Borduzat contro T Buclhanatn & Ilogan. No. 17401 do docket de cette Cour, I lagqullo alo vento les dt s AG.G. Blanchard, J. W Breedlove, tut, We. Mackey et II. sont rendos sno qu6reurs respeetlvomnent, dets propridthd suivantsa will pour les ranumes ci.apres spdcifid, savoir : 'tod A. G. Blanchard, du lot de terro no. 6 situde dr"n dans It rue Ptydras, entrt lao rtues d Ctamp et miog St. Charles, inesurant 24 piods 6 pouco do face a 'aul rue Poydras, sur 95 pieds 6 pmucus do profoodeur, Ialnt p .ur la sonomo do $7,100 romptant, $3944, 511, payables to 31) de Mars 1840, et la balance dans luoox et trois as on billets endosds6 a satisfactlin D et portantt ypotholupe, tl devo it porter un intdr6t ~evIe ilu taux de dix pour cent jusq' a paioment, s'ilo noi bott sent paln ponettudioent payds att leous lbedanceo, and 'ans rdcrvesm d'autcun droit de retarder le paioemont, te qle to shdriffreonnaiu avoir recu ell se Ihi'leu i payablesa onine It i st s otaIt, ondosnsd pan Jonan, mot .Iuetoyer & Co, at N Benoist, avec ros' rve d'uoor e, rypotthq .. pdetaln "to It stato dirto pnoprtdtd jousqu's paiomentfit nal os sousdits tlldtlts. tut J. . . Breedlove devilnt i'acqudrcur du lot de n torroe it. 4, fornllant I'enlcoinure des rues Poydras eau et St. Charles, orotsrant 24 pmtdsdoe fce.t la ru 0 St. ( Iarles et 78 pieds 10 polces a tola rue Py.o py t dra., pour In .ulllten tdo 11, 100 paynyloe comlllt nuit, $10)()0 comptant, $4,L19 payable to 19 de Jute, 1841), et a balance daus deux et trois ana e TJ billets endos6 r.d satisfaction et portant hypotht. at ` que, etodas le cat qu'il no seraient pas poncntuelle. , tetnt payds t leur dcht6tdetu, ils dcvront per. jnt ter tn intdr+t all taux de dix pollr tli jUSgoa "'5Ip paioment, s:tns ittlnl droit di retard de t.olllr ttt oe qut to s.drtffrcodnnna it avoir r.e on .. Is llets b.,,L payables comme il est susdit, endoseds par John l toun Mllnturn' evle hypotlnequ sp eiale slnr nla rnpridl no vredtoI juoql' a Ipnitmet final o ds suosdits ,Inputs. ;1, J. \V. Ble.dllve d,:viot a mssi i'acq.dr' ur ,du ,,." lot de terre tln. I stanl pres te thlldtre 1. Charles ti ipros It rue P'ydras, ntoyn ft 23 pieds p, cs 1 o .t s.x li nos ur I. tin+ St. Ctor es, Ct 78 tudo 11 1 poIo es de proftttndour, avo:e I't ttline en briolteos et la oIlta cusine q lt 'y trouvont, stj"noa nittt bill t r' au "na premierr n ,vemrre 1839 a raison de $15011 it de lto dq6p tu an prranter oitvmhro 1,40 it raison de $,2,11 t ' par a l t pyables tInis Ira ,os, pour In 1I drox de $15,000 payvbllop Comine Sill ; deux mille aly piastres colnpt.,nlt, qutre tIllle ciq cent piastres 1 payubles Ine 19 Juln I 011), et ola bllnl d~ns deux tIt,. et tro s as ell alllrts endoss, ai sattist'nctiot et ureI portoant tlopotllquo ; et datns le aos t ll'lIt s tl e soillt pi o payls pintutc t llhen t a leur drtd totra s, ilts d.tovrt ut porter t III ll'rt:t aull tlux dt ddlX poutr cent t tns autcu"t droit d'en retarda le pairnolrt, do qte od ln shtJrll' roonnair avoir reeu rn rse b Iletn uIIdo. cIp d6 r prJohn J 11hMlOIhrn et payable comma il .t e!t susdlt avec In r&Irve d'une l1ypotliqte t pdoAale I str it iropri·d vendue ju qu' an paicamntet final desi v William McKan devint l'acqudreur du lot deon ter e no. Sour la r,,c Poydras. entre ler rues pua " C.urp et St. Charle-, aynut 24 preds ol touaess dy o thee lato rue Poydras stir 95 polds 6 poucers do io prnfondeur; potrtrt- prix d $7.511100 pinstres pays- ot bles connio e suit: $5)11 eonltptlant ; $427781, pay. y p ibles e :30 M.ars .l'184 ett la balance tIt doux tnt 'ltt trois ans en billets endossds a satisfetlontu eot per. o taot hyapotheque : et d is tl cs qut'lls no aoient tn tpas pet ctuelleomnt .yd to leur detlaeces its dev. by lent porter uu intrit auo taux ldo dix pour cenlt jusqu' t pniement, sons altonl droit d'en retarder ,o , ier pie .oent; et ne lshdrilt reconoait en avoir recu 0 tr olllptant, ut lt halaonct eon o es billets tle deux I prentoers i'ordr do P1'. Irwin ct Ic derlner to l'ordre de Gen. Buchaonan qui lta out endosEsud, et pay' toii ables coltme it es snsdit. aque to rdservo d'une I" Ilypothbque spdcialo jusqu' taut panlt etr fital deosdtlottso billets. not II. s nvergne devint acqnoreor du lot do terre nol.3 qui so tronve aprs I' nctllogure des rues St. Charles et Puydraas, Iayant 24 pleds utn puce do Sithee at rue St. Charles et s otendant it 78 pieds u t0 potlces on proufundour; pour e p.tx do $8,900, 1 al I payablesn ormo -|nit: $101111 colptant, $4219 ' Y ptYable to 19 Jin 18114, ct la balance a doutx rtu trotls als en llblts lUnolnsdit satolsletiou et ptor. o' tLnt hopotheque. D.ints le Uas qu'ss no suoinlt pas Ipoetuctl lement patys i leur O e.lliaicus, lis dCvront rt e Ottporltr:ln iitsl t auo taux de dix polr cent jtusqo'a i p.iontrt, s..ansttnot Iroit retarlder to pat, m- Y melt ; et i adh6rt reOllnn it on avoir reeu loe l.o t taot, la b latnce eln s. bllets endoossd patr C. )or. l bigny et payable collrlo it snt udit, uvoe r6servo e td'utno hypothebquo rprdlo sur la proprlt;i vonduo jusoqu'atu panoenrtl fiul. SEt to dot Lavergno devint ansi l'acqudrenr du cot lot do terre n. 2, adoigstant l no. 1, o:tud danu t(in oI rue St. Charles, ayant 23 pieds prouces et 6 lignesdo face ti la rue St. Charles our 78 pieds, 10 l g puouceos de profondeur: avee noe naisonen briques for o 01tdtages, et la cuisine qui s'y trouvenot, sujetto a un bail Jasqu' au 31 Ocotbro 1839 au toux do $200011 par an, payables toua I0 s l uotI ; pour to prix do Y $10,1110, payableo ermne suit ; $21i000 comtptart t S$4,500 paaohle to 19 do Join 184-0, nO Il balance i deux et trois nils oet billets eoldor eds a satistaeLtiou to, ot pLorant Ilypothbque : t duns to cas qu'il no or nsootnt pas ponutullllomont payds Icur da6c11noe, sli devront porter in mhntt6t au taux de dix pour r Scent jusqt'I paletuent, sauln aoeun droit d'en to. en tarder to paioment ; ot le shdriff reconnait en avoir o recu to conptlant et la balance en billets du dit h e acqudreur, endossd par C. Deorbigy et payablos Vt Scoullno il et .uadtlt ; avc rooncrve d'une hyplotlhe. (t quo speciale our la propriert vendueojusoqu'& paire- o l luent final. ab td 'omnoin i'honorable A. M. Buchanan, juge de in tn at cour susdito, e 6 oins Mai 1839. ;t ft P. LEBLANC, tt d llmai Deputo Greffior. h J 1 AVANA SUGAI--37 Ioxes Havna whitesugaire 14 do do brown o andinog s fir -oln by a m9 S & J 1P Whil''TNEY',7C1ampt st - )IICIOLES-20 kegs anm 40 boxes, receiving from L lewI Yot.k pr srlip rsn ss,lrsalo by I my "BHALL HRO\ihtoN, 96 ltonsrin st s toI 0y ll t aJ P WVHITNEY, 73 Camp ast "1II INDI.A N'S IANACEA. 0ol1D BY S 'or. I f Natchez and Tchoupitoulat tlt. FOR tIhe rure of rlOnumtOo m, t crto la or king't t vll, out, .:,au ar~ or hI ll, g u,,ut , I. ...,.nt.. .x ers, snt ,liau , .y phi htic and mlercurr l l I ll.d , u ".e, i l1ul.rl y ulcers slid i..) .Il, Ul', lIUb= 1li' . helour-, ulvtittt d tLott.t iutt It to olr , :.+oee III ev ry dJnlr, plllltloll Iever ,1.anq 3iid I aILUIIIll slbn· t'.ml'. h-tL ut, iselld I id ' eurv"A t,I-. o;iru tl t g.Ire e o+t, .y lp el~,s.,lul,:'%J I ln d Y,,rytyVYr+,.|) of I Ha, uoueus .,U ebu C cOl" ral, hbrIwad oche phorti.hg Iru tnloy .IcrJ Ior u r, p ill l lh . ,alll:h, yllll dyY ,, ",-i. ll t'dOPE dwllgl IrUlll V,,iaLtIU l U i'II tt o o tf hl': olgrr, tltoon t . itI tltlllll o tit i k ll l cs, Uald gelle rl dt uihty CatUt d Iby nl . ,' p, .clla " rh v , la. ei" hie Ikle. 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