Newspaper of True American, June 6, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 6, 1839 Page 4
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~taltmore Packets U NR S .: a IsAL I I'ORE LINE (t ' . PACK Wi'S. lne wll eonirt of til following vesrele, a - been built er purnlahd lexpresoly tin SjpPrmenvn. Capt hfiner Mrk ,tiary, *. Ninkerson, I ,o 'erry, new ,R Stevonms, .*Ilmenon laltu, , Lntham, ikil Archlitec!t, " Gry. , a*h ss are oI fthe first class, have hand. Vidraftbh' lconrhloations, and era of a light dft of waiter,n as nto adimit of tbir receivinlg and 4g" ingri' tlheir algerms in Baltimore, at the eity. '.i will be takon for ports on the ClLnpeallke arJaon' River, aod fimrwnrded by thU egontmi, M eOmLARKE K& KEILI IG, h at tltlmltunre zpeaes on goode shipped will bh aRdvaned when meejer'i*. The I fao ol" paeini.ea fined at hiUO, lample atoree of tile b et qhtlva will be prt'vidd. Sta m op dnd ndowm tle Misainippi will be taken en nl levanio.a. lyr eighit or pasaage, apply to 7 tO. BEDFORD, . qn22 Bienvil'e t. FIOR NEW YORK. [ttniiann and Now Yorh Line of Parets ] I -fll': tthip. ma,,cpl.jtil this line wll sail from New Orlenns and New York On every other Slnn- t., day--oemnwening on the 20tLh Novichemr--and to 1te.hntlho pun(ctuality inl a tits o U lofaoiling, the Eel line-aill herealter eccoiat of lsl, shiips, vie: Ship Yazen Cuptain l'ruask, to leave on thie 210th or vem b er.o Ship Lnuiolllr, Captain Palmer, to leave on tise 4tth ennmnter. Ship Ilitotsvillo. Captain Eldridrge, to Ileavcne on the 8lath Decemnber. Ship Vieksorg, Cuptain Wooldhouseo, to leav on. tti m t. Jacnuary. - Bhicp Mieilsippi, utcptain Davis, to leave on the I5th of Jeanuary. Tie above are all new, ofthe frst celass, copper ', and copper fitened, ant lcwarol ofa 5'Uh Iens I brtheone.-re cf light drcaiugltt ni wavtr-r, beirig himilt t in New York expr-resly fur the trade. The price gL of passago is fixtd at 100 dollars: their ncabis ire fitted tp in the most iitprvedv and convenint" plan, anld fanihed in a noeat arnd elnepnt style- I Ampole stores of the firt quality will be providd, and- every iregaird p;:id to tIe c· wnort aci eciire smatisfactiun of paIiengern, who witill plece talke no I (ie tto no berth cac I .e cured until paid for at tIle nlFeo nf cte tohin eneeri. Those vesselsR ari co chalrdrd by eaptaisi well eaperieced cd in the trade, iwho wiill rive every at tention and ixertl tlemcele to ancconndateo. tieTher w;tll at all times Ire towed a1up anid down thte Missie ohPi hy etanuh icts, icad rie etirctest punctualcty obemVedrb in the tium of eailiccg. The owners of these shii s will not be respond. s bie far artyletter, Icacedl r package, cent icy or pult ci boa. of them, unless a regular hill of lIadin be sienad thetrfor, at the countinag houie olf tlhe agent or owraes. For finrther portieulars apply to JD B EIN & A COIIEN, 1 nr8v7 90 Ci, monw c a .4_ i ,i "l'.. A Uilcl.(-Sti.tl5TN PLACKEII - T iisti elactl re PoPi lerd I lad I iie )Ie, rll i. jt *jj eg and ie f iChCCcljl i(r iccc icihr101 ie,'Ij with Itlludin ice arrionllmrodaticllnii io'r passeriCetl. Threo wcasta le :r relnmandcld lby cap ciinus welr r.x.e'rnnce. ill tile trlader, Wll, will g~ive everv l i uoctionl,.cand cxclri thermsenre t arler,-cmi. idaia. 0h, alhipier.. l hc - wcll b. cicito d ucl uacc dcwc clii I Alceisai. p;, ancl ii*v,. Nrcw Orl~alc Ia n-or befo. the IOllh ali b11 SI " c i cry ctll'lcltii . "I'he eulhw ;iI esrtll s Lc elglp.o ia # llhe I 'V!7 I : I - ic .Cal, !rle ie -r lin, cetirr.. r lic l ice e i l illiciisc,.I. nlnlicr. , oi. B+nr t-it r: IX,,,,,J il.'l~nln+ .. ll,\ 11i81pr.%mlt. Por travabi -r pi.Pnie, e lply t+. J. ,t. BASE:II.! & ', (GIcmic, s. Ncw Ochnce, or 1. ( tilttl'.it h CUS n lltlllIOin all cclw orlcilllcas SLi a oe Paccketl Flrps.-Tlwe new lile of ship - hns been riproC. buyilt to rita betweern lie n bhee poert, ancil cIl be touncd ofh ctllable draft of sn-or: aenomnlordationc for p;tscngiors, and every llffortl will b'calnde togive genaerl seotis action, 'lloe lane is compuacd ifi the fc lowing slhips: Chierokee. 415 tons Capt. J Iherding, Ciarolina, 40 dte S Leccist, Charlerston, 374 do 1) :tldridge, Colllnib:uan, 6125 do G Barker, Beaman, 2401 do J IIowusr, Bftnbay, 625 do D I.umplhrey. The above sllcip. are all new, of the firet lass, Cnppc.rfostenedc aid icoppere, icomiiniided r lby mn el eflreat experincer, icc-ha,' lrlan iInelimmlln!,'Lioiic, with a.aoparate ladier clabin; every .lttentin ll e i ti paid to po*sngoers, and the verry tact o' otroe p ,i aided fhr tthen. T'lhe pncketl will bh towed up nld Adown th, Mis nissippl, and lthie .lrictct puinctuiali y cc tirvtid ill the time of isailing, anlid ichiuhl thli, r:ie l it vles-elI be detained in arrivin.g, olther ships ericlUilly as gollI will in all icases be illntitutsc. A halre i ilro agn irs solicited, sd tcio agnltel plen llge tthmiwnlvct- to aOcaolnnodlule as uclh aso praclicOlIci, tio receive and ftirwoardl goods iy a id line at tihe luosl cicidctr. ate chlargn, anc to advance all axplles on good. shippeJ, if re-qucired. Thie snipo will leave the slet and lGth of evero month. For freight or pac.:e. npply to tice agenitc. J A MlFRRITI'T, 1o (molntiin st. N, B. Advainceents ill de oin cunsigninm..ts to Mecsrc. A. C. Locmbard &C Co. nov7 rPlE iiniicnae. h lnlan, ItIa thn;oli rtcc tnnd .. erIr t hnund, is a put a ap in bittlea at tnIn low price af ill5 ccntw each, cnnlanitlaa thl satracgtlt of thala-ca rtl' Liovetwurt, hn- i ite -tna. tirtl ao c. a rnany nther roheta ctn herbs known anon nthe Ir ndians us efficacious in curing p1imnnalory onnlmlainta. Tne u rialled sauccess whihhlaosontaendedthe .a nn thil illentlnlanhi[. ialtnini nhalearc it hna bcrn illai'l dtiat- c as .haaahtained itc cnnfidineneo nan recnnana-ndo titntn of ranetetable rhityslcninr, 'or liac curer of coungnr. CaIntl, tain iat thle nide, wuot tat rent, nlptllinig of blOnd, liver nomptaint, 2 c. To whom it mnav e-nern. This la tn earlie thlat we bn an mn r paraloe frequently presatriled Stas (tini troe's Ihdian Balsmn of Iniverwort a d I hmrhound, with a daiclded onod efrect: ae can Iherelbon, finom the kIm w !ated of tlre materials it is madll fromn. ad i hIeel v:ron -ntt *tae,ricoereoanalen ettcit n-toal acin' rural~on trtl tllIle aooflctclc- O ta Io lunte-ns rr whiach it is re natonde.'. II" I Vl.lII 131e, 31. D. CAL.VIN Et li.S S1. Ii. Malnan nthi al: h Onstotn Mdledinet Association. Oastra Ontober aS. albY Iy J.R.It ANn RIiw, <',qrP~ Il'lls Ci' .ull tl'|t'il.11,'r t .L antihyt i/I;t~t~ltO.;E.l,, 1u:ia aVN te I'). mny 3 NoS 9',,al-i m'. FbRi;G--lctt ton-it- to..., ntiaa1u ,p .' iF ohnnda, hIlaer anl swnear liunoicer rmnt, lihn Jniennn a.-aaaft Itaag.-<naf, et-can- .c --I can Jelle'+++ hcp1, 1: tatnI ea nraye, ilmaenOler . c,a ho l a nadottnai, nrad, |liri 1tl|n., P, .IC n')rallg I1 + i CI~ +++.;e 5,¢v, f ll,, tlll[.,$[o ii d retilaon oI II llt\NAmi ., mt9 rtr Natchez & Tehonlitoulans at . Y 1ItA IlJ .IO CE .N T--.qbis landing I'rom ship AL .n Calnt.and a.e Irv SC J P \VIIWIIII'NI, mavy 7 P CaIlp et |IAIIT'I` nt CO, nr nnov rwecirlnurn I on bootd shtipa Orlean,. Earle. Iliotlbladr I'lokr . ltrv Andraew, Frlnchl anl Gerlnan lat y canrds Ita:k pal n Brar ds; (t.henll, Il .- and I ll -8 incl Ioil .ar 11lall 8,9.1.0 ,1n, 12 inch hhIde linwie IKnlive. latllerr nod oca traltclitlt I)renshil Calnra; Ielt. ) ocket iteioraaena,.r taa I)tl-rling .nPmle;e dllht e lhl aint-le Inarrilhl -; td me IItatto ; Sl I; elth ; lath itelader moat PiAtol Sltlaskr; lenaIl i-ntt-. toant t)int g ai i I,·nroa ian (1apa antal Calor hllon, I caten burka I anti Na. ilIsrnthingl aOc nr'aI thLouia l Wro th \ r'nat inowdr tloitr nlel aTavit ah aanc~e l aIto L a . eta b n tir rai+ .irnncen ernleta nod Fricetelln ntren aa mi"n at tandele; Ianer itee-; Iato., n lrnala th alrlrn - Paton 1t rea or airtrn; tauta Wriai Sauapnrnaaat lenwtr ' nat aani Boten; ilt hain, Sato nnIp~atalle r Ear.tro.-; WaaistaBaacktaaalBrnactetra BeradaNcnkllaaaCes n Chaaat l Ia hilt anil Sitnareat , i l; Ianalia beadc itrled aand Plinar;a SaprIll lwit.d and l.rearn n neb; nh in tla, if addtiona Iaa t whirf anner ttak h . at so their ter het'a frrya rocrioletera, nd oill taro ow nd a n thar- tera, nta h ,t ligal of I ar Gln iro, Mi1-U5n SIAl tEEn I'---1n brne, lniar auf iat IL ollahip Jot olaaata. te beIe' h v rrr rnjZWr naiZ innt, e -tY: 111ahntalat anatrota'rar. i,~ a r- Iere st BRIGr- fl .ltr GN+ 51 fi lie sh... 1%; ~n,H .., , .--I .. ·I1,I I 4 . i- .. I ,,o~ ,lhlDJI(I..., Ip laea 4-t1 tn. lfn L atell antona t ta-n bu.c-tn rlahaan, Ihnding franm a ip - ata ati, far aI -iv at N tIR~tat' & COe 13lOSta'zio Cat IRON lilInES--Tlh +.graaaciier hnv, ta.'u ntaaca eret '-;an-lc, th righatrn i' ltaa-aaaanairaaa ra,,atin attat atv. T' on orattatapaal haa fart ta:l ln2-t, woctar~l,aaaa* tatat paartie tneltvtaatlla+Paa omln t ace t-thtoltttt-t alal nnd Latarta hlt. atl,,, alrc p rf'acr!a anal nnad wal.r-r-i'. Tact ant I.e k nott', oatgo -at.-,id at-a at -at - ert-hlathloelaaa.t, opa.nar s.l lilo-y'elh L:na- a' Lr, T-'on-- snl aLJ app~,,sirlC .. Ma~rt's n+.r+ P.'". ,rcr .... **,. 11'. i ,Fl. . B COtSSU. EIL -an C-a CLy t a-t'a alrvn ·raatatattar ama enaaant-aaadr a-a'). hlod, Iat rat af ati' Ctaitac anal Lotrtitan.l el itt, a , saari,,r q'-l-,nwin lahteyofcr f,, -.,L -·l rtit f+, /11iTl pre-s r..v~c si h Alats rapa-cat tl ata lha rtt artriala faa-tat Fana oanI nata 1ho N-.-tt. C'aOca-. Lahitt anda Pnt-ih tinoanitainC,-,tiaa. har, nartl scr-eent- I pattlatti' ttaaaitol tanprretly i-,a La-at,,tntal t a',- pn- wh' ti~l will ttan...a.. .. t tar.t.t-at-a.......... at.ant.... -~rt brat tat ttha-ir.flhr., N-a 5"1 fli--tactlttoa. opnnrata,. at-ll I a tonttpaty atlradetlm ara13 B. &. Atifal[bI,. - wu Ott Itli. ,t "tta..O\tN,_ttllitagneaain-t 1." 5Ta.--- aiO 4--i..It-t, -I 11 abrtitaga na-i toI~lrt Jealatatt tin ji-. lratnt nbrcitai, inathiai'a foa sttip UtanriPcaa. fiar roata-iav I'0 K :.o ITI t i: -15 art--.e nana lted onai+c , laaatngfral. Io nip I'httrleaa, aar aale ht - '~K - -I BIlRIDObI&C NEW OOODS-Simmons Hartt & co are ow 're I c ving from on bcrdtn hips Yazoo, asod itaestogon od brig Concordia, from New York, a creal veriety o gotnla n their line, which together with their formes stook on l.nd, nmakes their assnrc,,at very:, plata. The followiog compose a part, vi: I ell twist, i. deri. ido, tuck and dresaingcombo, horn do ofall.dta'riptione, I n- s| lie robler, silk and worsted elastic gatera, eoimmton & title elastic attaonders, lon fias asid Lucifer matches, Seitllito Ipowder, poowder pou.l nand boxeso, toilet powder, pocket books a nid wallets, needle books, saell, pearl, inory and mllonre arisl ucases, hed ornaments, plaint o ral beads, necklaces anl negligees, bead btant, hoede recklrces, cut glass and ploineed,ailder and gilt bead, Indis,n heads, bells and plutmen pistol and large pow. jer flasks, fsot belts, hmrs, beat. pocket and dretiliag .detai; doableand single barrelled tpns, Bowie knives., p and dirka. secissoi, o ros, pocketwknivea, guand chains, and ribbons, waist buikles, cloth, ihair, toothll, nail,cob, •ruitmbi, n, inate, fltor attd dtoaing Itrusaho, Cologne, Florid., lavender, rose and bay water,snaortrd enaon'es, fI and exlrnetr, .laeeoser, hear, nntittle, ntd Ward's re getahle lbir oils, shaving and toilet roapo ofall drts eri.tione, ladir:' and genllemetrn' desks and dnc aing ases, hair rieglret, Hfrirltu adl frnoils, plain, fancy ant musical wontrk 'lox, plain and gilt, figretd, oato and dl vest Ibtttors, pearl and ivan shlirt do, sliirt otltds, gold - and silver pencil cases, toolthpicks and tareezes, llatet and gilt lileket, oininmre do, silver, hbass nld steel thimbles, hooks and e eo, hair pins, inoittua fruit,hlk atnil rodink, lhot blo.king, violins lndll gitinr, ribbed nitd ploin porcaesion capt, lineo twine, scented cush.l ilnnategoldd sir lace.oand frge, latter paper, gaine |,i bas, ridinag w'lps, walking canes, playtg cards, fie h, igold, plated and giltjw tllrv e. " " T ohe above, together with a a greantvrietyfoother artl leo are offered at wholesale or retail on accontldating NB Shell emtlai repnirld rOYLI 5t MAY, lo.ome, ig, and Oriaoniouita SPainters, No 3 Uaronmele sireet, two doers lfro s,,ial seUet.. Imntinions nt tle ollowing wooils and marbles, ex 1 ecuted i an materl) mnnner. Mahogany, Egyptitat hlack and gtld, l'k, i (;fllln aolnf Antic, ',llr, d to, I Oriental or ardi antittque, Cunrlcd do, iJasper, Curaled Maple, i Itlons Stone, Birds E'e .lot, Irhyerb Granite, Satin \Voknl, lPotomnac, I lair Wood, h ove or Ilndeln, oate loTree, Itoalilti White. Cin:ootntotlle nr llack aI aiult ate llrtctetlle, Rose Wood, i Atrti no Grey., Ash \Vltite Onk, fkc. h, SEt. lCnit lcd E llta, Scinnlts toi be leen at the shoh Paints. sils, gloiss, oatl varnish, kc. ol blld d Otr sale. mIIO(+sN,STFEEI'. d lIheVY GO(Di)S--llnt, leuae an k lndllte ironn , wrll an.onrtd. (loop, snt'ol ani rodil iron,, cail rods anI plough It Cost, (iltman, shotm, blisatercd, spring, sheot and ITollow r s:rt,, ott alo, w aro eht nils and spikes Ziu. blonk tin, mll tied ritdl stonres, r1l kettles Chtin €,.le%, ane ,erl' I los Ansils, nices, lenltttiti nld hollows Wile, shelotttg t.n ha leaid; shot alllnt o Iln told i sllery, arlvnIlo tland, onIl hingliore doeand irndoale aootwlsle t sale wy telhil, oil tilc tort lotonlilO fttie, Ily ei L.\Y'k'iJN k Co. 5301 ll liner. I DEAFNESS Ewi NEVW article fur persone troubled twith deaness, ter S(called the Enr'a'ruetnt,) bae just been received. bh tihe ot of. hi-h. II .e slihterit artie letii of tile hu. Iin voice is disilectlv conver t to te tar. Any ote who Ilns ever teen o(hhtigeiU rt loverse tt ith a very den ,.sl Osn, nst h t i'e fulllV smi e of the difllenity atd em inrrneslletllt xpelieneed otlort nv themelves nl the ill dividuinl FCo lntrllit-' atl lieted. Ify thle ist of tir a Ior "'eltepet thi. b-ie,'li ti . entlirely oivnitedl. The inrrt rr.epical have ilýt avs a ndoedl their doubts after ] havine used ,. TI' u plllaer. For sare at T F GUION'S, Fnry storeorner ofrC.ertn n and St Chanrle tre et lt(fcr It, i.:xchu.. lintel. feetr th bee 1 tN 111I.I., .r... re.e..,I for c.rn mills, by a!l ' r 17 Sil \LI. R. Itilit i\VN, 96 M.ig ee a c t St)IAF :UG ll--vri,,na qtsli ies, eonsttotllv i t dat S'tort. auid f rsaleby SlHALL l. Blt\'N1:, las mar ,!) 96i i gazine at liittil2t ' Cl \NIttN . C HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. t12 C'ett) reetr Whoilesale IDealer in Paintes ri, V, arunihet, lBrushes, tn:t(I 1'i* d,,w and Pie na-e (iloss &.E. r FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROlBLY'SOV &" GOOD PL., ENo. O, C'hnr<rees atreev, tie lioer below Ienlivitle. AV'E cnnstnatly on hand every artiele appertiu l ilug to ^nlloietlpe' dlsi, ainoe in tist bc't noe, ter ntd tttot lia-lttenihh style, chich they offer eot i cashd. t ,ered pric, d. drtee--I8e B.L.A I FOR THE TEETH. r'litl:tei lllished rep uttion and eonstar.tlvihrea.i;ne it demtnd rlir this ellbe. tual remedy oft pain, and pro re serrative of the teethll, has induced tdie sutbscribere ti ~lbr it to tile American pulllic. Arrangements hiv ve heeln nllrt, tit s11 l "alnltS il e all the trincipel crilla to the reach iof tihose . u.l l Iet likly to suffer this mto. ce hinrniing oif all cherUti Tooth-ee. wteit apiplied ateeolding to directions given on be Ittle, it has never hi ll iett i Olud iltlnediato and Iu tnnent re'i'f. It also arrests- the recov Io rlefectiv tit teeth, and relieves that searness v hich oe frequentlh lie rondersa etlrttng tllooth lisetle The applieation and; t remledly aur itttllie, intcetlt. n rot tplleeaset; siad the large Ienmtber of peronsr in difl.'entt scctiols of th ountry, that have :r ailly ex perienced luch delihttlfit 3 indllcttarv ellrectrs Shoit ihe use of thle inlt, are ready at It hear (fir the public goodI) their testimonv to its ti- of rivalled (litliee.t It is en Idia t remedt , obtained 01 -inglgtlnrly andl unex nectellv , and not he regnrlev by p, Itie it i:izetl wtihrli an the nttu vuluable discovery It Ielll lll o" Ie WOlele . lliee $1 ter berit:. Sold by J.\I.(VIS & ANDREWS. mre 5 Cr Conmnnon anc 'rehatitl, lentn -t . =I/Jt II\'i I iiS, a e sc--t252 tih l ec .hieo Woo a V Ilats, for sale JOiHN II GilllAtI. it sp It at SII I'TE L EAD-5 eble, 1tt hIlbaece ch; 411 kegol, 1"0 S201 do 25 " ' Enelieh bi-P 1-4 bble.110 i" h S1111 Iait Ilruell varitous sizes; SI e e Verilli M" n 5' hls Copal Varnish; 1) t CIrehill 0ii pnec.el Gold LeCtf; 510 do Silver ido; lls do Il)ntelh Metal. INI)DOW GI., \S, Anterir:au. Trrlish arll Freih i I!1 , lltx , narlltl s rie·s aned qulllities. les.trn .ruwni d.--~dl0 boxest,censnignttelto will be 1 old low. A.\iel, a ceneral assortment of rtittes coloutre an l D ie- o t r s l e b v - . \ V C A ' I E 1 , f N Il. Al.btrirtama.nto lnee, at p r. antd Misieilt.i 'I cirles "t.t'Y received at 1I0 per erlt discount for goodst, creo ice te tiP it el',helets. . I tIw S JARVIS a; ANI)I.WS WiliO.l.IlE INt) IEl't.\II. ol. AI,ERS IN MIEDICINES, PAINTS OILS r tI Y SI. F'. s ..VIl) IVI I.Ji ' (:L.I .0S, f p Ctruer ut Conln :nlllid 'I'tchoupietoulas trrcets, N N.'lII.AN J.1i VIS. JtilIN W. .NiiilWS. . A large upply a Gaerden See,. .earruted thie gtnlht tit" I 1t7i.t L NDRiE\V .MITtil & CC., respectfully infirm k i their lriiends and lthe public in .-onerrl, that Sthey occupy the new brick shop, 21I9 elloupitoulna strest, where they keep ennstsntly on hand Copper, t T'n and Sheoet Iron War,. of every descriptiotn, s cih as copper stills, kittlles, and pr i,tps, tinl beth. illg tIo , and oil cans, of all srt. andti etzes, anid all eirother ,br.ts a etPtittg done at. shorttest notice. i Gr I te tlera of cvery idocription, sucl as stoeam. a i o t stlitrtnps, Iog chiltes, screow bolts, an t otheri tr kind orsteuoittillttl woerk, such as cchinltteys, breach. a:, tttealm pipt:s. f 'lry ill also do ill kinds of out door work, t ' d o t - ch a- zi e, capper and tl routing antid gutterineg.I I, c. They .ihtove and all other kinds ot work it Sheir line of business, they will execute at the el. shortcst notice. dr.ec27 I en HARROWGATE SPRINGS \ t eun r,e,,rv i ,ote tv. Ai tiatui . THREE i.1 I'S J-IUR.'VY FitO.iil .EI I OtilmI proprietr ii lhin estb:hlishment hns theplea- i . tres of a to his firiends nnd tilep ublic , ; in e:oeal,.t. at he will Ie in leadine-sby the lrst d'tv of 1 Mkin a t, reet.ive viitere. lie will also state ltr the be ae olf it ,se at a di-tainre talet there have beteen large. t Itu r.'vFIIentl.l i(mllde, anI 1others now Oillu1 noi and il .. n irugre . foir 'otttititic woheeh rill P)ltt e r he . -u;wscr her t, n .{onounulllatle ia murkh lar- r nt llN hr thllu ireufnle, and tlt the .ione tne mnueh better. FnInlhiliu e au r re Ie lllltlllllltld - it!h .rood roomls, otr throhn • who Irtler can !luve large c:tlbi:,n't etnehed froln / them,i,, bildlinge . It 'tlntdtl otlleteeert.ry teo sny tnyhlithing in partill tiC lar of the "lnrneter t 1 tlhes witers, tr it is generllrlly believed that they are not inferior to any inll tIl Soullrl ern States. All tie rI liltnentPtiI* that are genernlly S,,..u, .,otalring I'laces, will he found at Itis. T" e btes't rll that tt tis parklot t1- eountry nllbrhl , t, a i bi, !leeargllaged. nnd will ble incoteltnt atlendttllancet oe i fe dprines daritllhe whole seasinle . " b ie lsutcrlib ,t ill ntuei himself of this oppinrtunety iji a.u",trning hi Itnleiginetl tIlttkk fir the very liberv l t ucl nuitart given hi I ]ast seasont ind i;pes II the exer .ion tthat bave be.en made in improving and extetdingl the mcri t a hberal plrlnge o 111 th present seneso. JIt (11l. LS .i ;tL'R, No4 Ci dtode mt:et, between i Du utCn andt S lIhitlp, keept.a ronstntliv ni hand I Sat xtenive anortri, nor olfltnt altd Ibrugonan, tnrd . oe',,f New Yt r1k aT:lnreriret for n, n, women Id children of al'l t re, which he wlii drisp)oe eo vt tlvery ,n l:nt e p'i,',l,,. F llltiest orf hi s n,! lq-tnr on rsenlinnern rl er wi I hlve their wisheb allended to Il 1 SEi;OLR'I ) I tl IG.It e-idlliii iti--i ce-, wtU oe,,n rit 1.1 ,t'.ttlttiint).i. l ending Ifr. -It)i (thite, tand Jolhn t ),intape. [I It. . I Ii iiiftIE & Ce BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING at' OVERT V·cIItrrtON. SPEEDKI.Y.IIANDaO0NELY AND CHEAPLY £IXEC>TK jltj AT TUE OFFICE or IRE mo True J mericaue, AT. CliAILEA STIREET, NEAR POYDRAS. on, A CARD. lit a E & J1NI OTT, it. Vholcsole Grocers and Conan,'iwam I, "lktintO, oR or No.27 Ctawntatn 9trpet,NA Orfroo. no uznrtrellakr ntrtnoti.,O Paid to th tlufing up of in Et.lta host a .d Shipstaort. to noee of d( NANUIEL T.OHY, Jtlerchaodoee Broker 4. Coataiussan .tltrckantt, in Sdif (Ofces, :t. 'amop oit.-Fta tht presett. af - of J. P'. FREEMAN & 'J.. U'k~eleoat Clotking EelsblaohsImeutls l No. 3, ,ttitttttooittr t, I TiV conAtantlty on hant a forge otpply of Cloth it AL ittonkalculated far t)ha Ioutrvytnrd. t'heir an. to rooteetit Itg forgoarge, mrclroho frt,, the countrv can U henttttytietn lit heshorotest ntice. ft .1 erd __ s I BAZAAR. A ]BUSH d& ALEN, NO. i, EXCIHANGE HOTEL. n Corer of St. Chres and Common rtttu.. NEWY Uf·f.K:ANS. T IIPOIIf'ERS oaf Derlrro in Frenlh noad Engtiib Prrflaatlry I)hnooitg Cno. entof Porttilr Iftenk. Cotlerv, Ilotorty. Glonve Ntirto, Stocke, Umabrllan, h Cooneoon Fcyv Artitler. d 12 i ENTUCKY, lilt tntR. anolufoionn flotk Noten, 1 or aslt by A 'P0 fIER, maly 3 4(r1ia J;W:t KftV, Ar )O fuf.Ek,'Af.E. I1I. HRI.L., No lit, Ctrtrlort, han Ibis day rn criv. od a fo noll ltootIt of Watrltoe,,Joelrr, ptor , ipertv.losen a,.d (hloes Warr, they till befoi t r ,ti atl the loweto t et prier'. 01. 1 DoE I.IEALKIU InA lk AMERICAN & ENGI. tdff CIROIWN GLASS, Ac. 3 UOOOOELoLT aTOTET, or IASUIONABLR CLOTHING I TAILOR & HADDEN, rut no. 142 Chorlree Street hA.VE nonstootagt naltp t f ever' ortttot ppoonrtalot *h to rntletuetý a dottoc. of to, latste stylo, at Now YarI IPriers do l2 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPBIC PRINTING ESTA ILISIfMIENT, Ntt. 53, Mnagazine Street, - (tpaaoite Iltoko' Arcade. WJILLA.l GJiEENLG, PRQPJRIIFOR . it rI BANK NOTE ENGRAVING I RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDION t 31_1 A V IC:, orectdnrt t otico int Note Orleans. posoningli -. rqntl aieiootlntage ith their house ia Note York, et tir the purirpore ofoetgrtrin n I plinting Bonk Notas, ci llnilo, 1ill. of Fxtelllaec, Certifrcates of [topaite, h., Cheeks and other itlporaat pperro, reqltring security agtldot Ptrr'goerie; stat hovt otale atple ptnvitionaor aol rh? raft I seileg t' all les ares tnd iopresoatont entrutst- I d ro their cre; tlteir lteai els ClbrHace lle notes of *I ver ie ouldredl baokinoe inaolittlion nd all olrder Ia will be execretd with promptlitude, an on tie rsllal ernms. Office, coreer osroyl'l & Canal stre t. .l--t CIIAMiPLIN & COOPERI GROCERIS ANDI DEAE.I.RlS IN tPROVISION. e ANItD FEEl., il No. 79 and 8B Julia atreet,Newr Orleano. itYS h ld Irnlcril. tocres pott lp. mar . L(IISlANA A FURNITURE WARDROOms Na. 53, Hiervllle cstreet. .'1l ,1k R. CAIINES, a'ool~t ra1certfallc'io ' ,rV n f lta irria locd onr Ilho prtihri that hr ia cooe trantlv receiviln from New Yor arnld oarotn a good a ,o I asorteaert o'tFaroitolro, tch on maoigaov crhasri, / rl.l Il~ed-ten ad · onsie lr painted ehnir. onlrle ncd toy cherry Cedsteidtl maiogeny and cherry tables of all deaeriti ou.+, hllreaue,, ncreltarY., writig can desks, wnrdro, ein ofa hogny uodl Oiil w.'t(o srand., Iookiog Fgloa*B~, feothll'.·, tlerdllgtlp, .e. de. Nl. Iurnit.ure looaked for transoporatioa with greoat eore. unvlo3 INSU'RABN .E COMIPANY tll OF NEW ORLEANS. nonn This Comlano or o owrC prepared to take lor RISKS AGAINST FIRE. i No.'24 Mustaon'a nuildiog, Canal et,er. IEL L'IIACY, , New Orlceans, May 15.i. 11. Seetarc. l. t COPI'ELt-:1001 lbr hai Coiper tihr alre bV tI tW11DVi; UX," aicri '1 ____ _ Orhirciri oas tUSI'ION & ASPINALL'S I OMPOUND TONIC MIXTUllE.-A speedy " atnd eotain cure for lte Fever and Agur. , romittllont and intermittent fevers; prepared fromt l tile original recipe. Utcd w;th eminent and uni va versal success in 1832, by personsa of the highest Til respectabilitv in this city, as stated in the anneoed gct certificlates. so llThis mdieinn is highly recommended, and htao been oxtenivoely used is tthe above diseases with i suech distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe hias hobeen induced to offer it to the pub. tht lic in it Itresent form, in the hiope that it mayt he thle moans of relieving many of tltose who are rffuering under the scourge of our eouatry. It is a medicine posressing groat vittue, and whln usoed i according to til tlirections hto never failed of rt offecting a cure, oven in the most obsetinloat e stager of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, soand th persons of the weakest stomach, and cltildren mtay ev trae it with impuality. It strengtrhens the digestiveo tl oregarns, reCato an appetite, ansd eldom requiresa O mure tllan olin. or in obetinate cates, two bottlcs o to effect a cure. There is neither mercury nor arsnalc in tle medicine, nor any tLting injurious to tte hllalna constitution. 'The proprietors are so well convinced of its etofacy. that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which Itasten ino taken iu accordance withl the directions and htas , not effttotdl a t perfect curn of the fever & sgue. f A. OLIVER. sole agent for Now Orleans, at tv his wholesale and retail drug anld medcine stora, cornnr of Bietlvele antd Chartre streets. Fr District Agencies alptlv to i je5 '. IV. Ml'tIT1, 48 Cont st. PESdAC , I. MANNION IIOUSE v NEW' CIT'Y, PENS.ACOLA. rgIllE stteerihchr h a cg .llruhaaed th later arnifacr st cLiiuol h, ell ttttnownaalrhiiahttttut, frormt tita "|lt tlir, he Inte pettrr ac ailt be reudy Ot rerrive ci. teaco itt tite fi .tel. oral x. Nuwrotta aat d clttlv ilr*rovetrentta will bie foutd irt the llrrlanavetlnlls of hle .Malnsionl louse. +New .,,d llnnl +,Ollhlliutrbhal wburill Im lui, nall, wi r,', l, Ir . tl· ill he provided ll elll |lllllrs. A. slallde w tiocac.: aolld ao lthe-ht' ne, waica good Ncteaol ltll tot .: . r .;i' llan c arrlirert. itstil ratt horses a lld clmlrrlllg w~ill also be kilrerltr I gttire at -llderatlt trices,tI Sulld Pfllli lln rlOW |.Iltr rlls x Pith OI pe..l IIL[I inllPagO 11131 for thie tce tI' vottrtIrs liillrir nlld tlrtel tlnut onelelltl al-nllv l tll tt l a .lritl iatcell,oiill tl. he furnisled, It anrI ollr.hdlllhtl r IIot Ito i.ltllrfere w ail thC ctlllllr l d qluieldtnhe brters. The winles Ind liqulors Hill i tt-ofi btltha-tt'hy, aid t elltoe re a all s. ply at i ae. a cargo its airt-udr h,'ea ordecred, whiha will arreie Sslh~ll Ilm I.l .llnv. ". t1 lItr alrti Ihaaer, haa, cll Irmerlv kett to populnr : a hiottl t'a1 tul ti, rtion citv,will ntctl.'tt Is Itu el tr r - ltile .rol rilr or . t'tlll t llt, witSllla h t it pll, 0ll r loletll y i ly a tn'e S is h tlh.t-rcl hlstiro tyrr, Irtrr itia fcrtelldtigcllractll, lhe-lt ', t hey woia rctrteive every lr tittei o1arttnon; at d tflrerby eorxl;eoto tohfa ' ca ro'l acittatltcn. TIhe local crdlntatges ottlo r hac er arc tot iNll i frnowc to neert aI rott, ened deorilt ion bt·re. rTll I filet tlnt Itllneacla is ihe olr-tart nakl tstlitltl of the r (;itretrrlllltlt; lhe e rnre .Ol rellr e..,cs oflllt (iR fnatro d. r ri,, oc.rrrrf trntt , t illlll rolrttrll.d elllliiafnll 1tt Killb, i.lll fl; i! T ino:Ith r I P lh P Teno l rEoy.,lno t Trcrtv(t;rtiter e ftirrotcorl taad the neigitrarriot iaittl r.drr riccra, iltr aol t ettrtr aolr dellitcre of the i5.h f y ,oh sthe waers .wli;t ll al ldys ih provllhitv ta !111. I 1· . |' lllllher ll o tlnr .. r~lu 'l'tllrt cltr a i la o rooa .0i ferencrr over th ortihr illtect iheett t'crra aetloat, la b - ilo rlllt lld terli rcll elll IrItI'ltP a rrPotetia. i ",.ri mrat hol()t? .ill rll,· behlee~ll l'e....eou!a Rlld 310l Newil, nll illn lle line at take r lt e fnrl~ lhl II.No OrlzellE I~o:18. N Ii ARNOLD. litcnchllt, F'elt 15th, I:18C. ie r moatl.rIrr- withitg to ena;es rMoeme for Ibelr fi,ttite.,toto at+ires litertttro irrtrrct1'l.o hlttot. e~t SeI st w acte f Traylrr, rIbh, otel, it fe Ocs '. I latter , I tr.a e rE - rct T -aJ.rd It q %rt' ht 11lll,.oe Irte. t ltootatt ,t I'irtr.rt r~t et'i'ce et...I .tt.. lh... F tr ;' n! ft flI.ID RU I ,ttt)t'h Fttll NEW" 10170. - I., ravelLero of tr'incc he Itlcrid,, route, Sioa [el+ill,,ltlc I !he cc~rh, ar ilafrtrcri thot rihet rat. I tb:ta tif. YI n llll rnn. Mllblb. to)etraocoto, I.- i lenvinrta-. lolr ald rtrurtt eldl a e++.rv rlller dnel a'ter tle tat If 'iten. tOlittc rtrcet tilltttt.r e peoaided ut Icr thltcrtlrer to be ill rreardtittt tahik' pacaeng.r- !'rota Me/~ul~bilin cmell of the failur e .flh: blotsr 'i Thie , toerrhoa at Ctmttio Iatves e hr ila hot Ira n.-m T;I i tlnt I ttic t ttt"are 'Il tt h Itte Ivt 'rFhN MItRIE FAKItNA"9 COlOGWNE WATER e1 f ea. oPr hra cftis olpertor Cnlogo. waler, jiut reerired rtll Ittr tale Itv tte rtoze or oinglo Itattle.-.. Al4o Ataerican nnd It'lerh tailet protders, powdar i rrtllh andl hnxc, haovitlt and rttle aota, eosmeelt wtash lttll.tt1intt of race,, ,-.Ortlerltt -ohl rearm, eatrac o at t lhk, SlrlhattlaI.Wnrdat otegrthlo hair oil ciiultutln , tIdl,, pcrte, Florldn. hlocndar, roce orltbhy watoree ;i c'r t 0cra itti's .ni. M1roille- pcr nlatrrea ill rutnkertts. e tti,..rteset'€ let rttrtettr itoetrlnod ttnd ctro tooth w-aotth cIlI oli.hai ....h,r nailan o flsho !,rlhert; together aithlt r , ,.hiritatl ctppl oftahtahioneaha hr(e sat hellit ccrot rautd jtCticclr)rttro a- elat etwhaleale or r-tail Sity tI.itIONS, IIA.RT'T &CO, juac , _ _| ( "bar_?ttE o Irret. Ul d deitlianh rticgctito ltrh l rathlllhlon e ortt ele t tI0 , ItljIlfJ 0. t oyal Colla'le ot. Phyutolen, Londoan. ixr originml V nabrlle Hlpeian Universal Metli t ane, prenltreAl by V Mkein, atq. ememaer of iei.taton! College of Sougeonl, Uentiate of Apothe cary'ntuomoany, Fellow ofl"olt UCurt Society, Sulrgeon lr I to the loyal Union o ensimst Asoeiatino, Laiseaterl Plae., Waterloo Bridge, and Perpeitual Puil of Gruy' jitit atm Et.'tthoi.cs's ollosiitls, London. Lg Thias valuble medicine, the result of twenty ytou.sia' experinete anoid unporalleled succes in the xtlerianite d' .otl highly resnleetobl resticl of the propriety, palro- orI iedl by thie iftelty anid notlilitv, alnd is low itrailmettl t tofie notice ofe oAmericat p at ie eaes o- fI r lieitioen of n ombhr ofgaleri of lo ng oirnd high steini in i the protfesion It is hopedl, as a elmi narty sep, to cheek the evils oad foatal eolerquetleea h arialngfion the use of the n.merou and eleterious e ilenal rs fosteld upon the p erlie I'y tile ac iio fbrateditl ' t0oofi of mi.trilous earwo, anl oiler frauds, by a set of pro tNerrtreoy. Ilprinepleld pretetdlers. o toially igNaorat ro ot malical sclenee, that it imlortible the molstroeu Li deoalnr sio anly longer ge dowo with the iltulliigetr fr, people of thls oUtlry. Thee 1pills, mild anad lgruhle Oil in ther nature, olld be keptin every family in easet a of ladden illeu,, for, by heir promNt admiaittrution, aii cholera, Etalmps, acstl.a, fe"r n arrl olther tlarmig tcomln stlal which too lien rove f'atal, may be speoeti ly curlalor lpreventedo In fact, all ttoeu who v goaldig t laliath, anhl tnever be withal them. They are cole' ia in raketsn ant 50 ceot, 1 aud 2, ly everyture Cper table mintggiet, imnakseeller, and veorniorof meiciwotic li tl 'i Unitel Statet I I I t Ctadat, with eoiiouaas diaeetim, oi togeller with. ecstlaonials of profcasimal ability firol the followtioga eentile en Itlemen: Sir Atlier Cooper, J oil Altienoetlv.Joames llhrndell, .M. D., WV. alk, M. I)., t J. Asian oKey, A. FIrampton, M. I)f , adl nlmeraous D othels. Tle or'igioaln may be seen possesuiol ofthe Gelteral Agent, by wdlom tie nto..;nile is imoroted ilato this eountry, to whom all applieatiMis foroagetie t srati be alr. ro h JNO. IOL.EIN, 12m 9 Wlorerli Place, N. oork, Sole General Agent or lthe Ulittrl States, Me. p Ywrt sale aPloaltnlent of the ntiigial prla rietor . i hyd SWsetn E alotn, lrliggirta, No It aner i slts, et, Le;nli Agrt slb or Stsolrre of Louisanat. jot lv i R:l itlly It lualE & cOt, No ,ttr ri'ai.oa otne alt.e ir I rw reaeivlhg frtom tchiia Naesnlirle, Iuisvoille, ho K tolltr.k, FPCle, awl oler ltre arrivals trin :hbr in a" ':-lero Eitlies, a large adi new celerted ascortentor e rlir Itso , ot tr Shoes ad Ilrogta s, II oo" aasgirtiig ol'ge.tleoilt's fine lcf sill Morocco bocts hl rdo 2· iqtrlityi do oufhi, and stoiort wax piggl boorlt i t eariusgd Iblties; Inlt'S fine calr ' senl aIend loret n rhos. rtirs andl brogan, rbuckskin, hrs, rogw ari lro . ota atllltlata mens fine ecalf lld kippedl peggled sloesatlll I roanosI do boot.; do stout kilt auit was pegged shoeslil a Ilogaeniats; eutleen's best quality cal hirsewe shoes, lootans andl tack l)owntlasni td calof aoil Morioco rt sluew arlc le, thu lile calot; ael l oa I eueilrltlluen's or riot; Ioy'n, mi'nses' atl ciillrer's peggel and secwed to htogatsn, asl shoes oof eery qoality atil. Alsom ao georsnl asorlnellt li oIled stlt wax artil o S ro.r ol.tiSur thri eteri, l un ogetheri w L, lO,ti poai i atgno ost aonuaity, rtsseot, sailed in th ! I.atkT, made expretssly for platalrmic uoe; a gorol ia. n Stalell of al' file alltil r toi kip russelt hl')ltose, a I artie, awler a orge qualtitry of an iiferor tquatlitr A r stea toll wiro brogalls. adlios' fine calf,, morocco and grain welts, and p -vp sole sltmel Itn lite lFirel. h Murocoo aol khil trun tmd slilters; ldo roan shoe, withi and withotut heeol I calf, seal a ni sout leather booteeso; do Pl utella sodli. iI g Stall kinds tdo qoualitiesl; Io latilng brogans; r, aitel- e. U co ti and foul booteeh. M~cres' Isihttitgpritg altonsott oE , sn goutc. Lthillren's colored Moro"o aind lasting br o- 0 , '. uand bnot s,,.c. Il :0 ieltentn'lfireal lfailuooahle bhltk silk Ihats; I blaoek he irai lilhrab baverro I i a superior qlltlity; dol imittiolt fio It llma oi blto.tIll rund l lolr l brimlIro l lillm e olialllnlren if 4":htk Rtssia aiort onapald hatc, a ileW arriole. Yot'lhs i " I:u.e size hats ot illercnt iolulitien; do ohildlren'ri, o A.liu'atllt bt:)'ablackrt taddlhiabwool hits of vtotriio t ilo pU, willth geleral assol'eio t ot' bi s' llatll lellt'st f S-t ! tops. 'Il ia oreltaienl it i:l le repktilhtld iby ite arritival l rtllt hr Iektlteto Itohe uove loiatell cltie, all of which Siltlc o sIIc tttaciiodt ni o ltlil rsn. Ftgl l-If - NO MEIIRCURYNrOR €OPA VA rt Ntew tltc.,ni, N.iv. It, I';7. eel StiO rltrri urnltllt nago i haid tie IlliltirulliiIe itoi e * secre o-r dijnroc, tor i hick Iti have lopiled II spe-c. ci ral dloltors fetor a cree, nld tlieo dill nut crte tie. so Iowrt fr on tile abovne date I ut itoYrel.t. llIr thl eate of liteorti ' tllet, otid I exprrt iill oe otarn into . Since l o itlo tillltt Itte hooirlllo got r . orell i ill hrlak out in io rgtt tlcIieo l- e to Ihn nllther of six or eight oat r"l I1 leg, dli tll ovPr ; I y lae, sanil scre thrust, and not male to work at b," pin Spresent timr on ccount of tile ldiearoa; largo iulcer on t ri toe right sitie ofli therottor. Ilo not .t politralg litmtellt " c neolhilenly aitllnder loe cure of lir. It et, cf Ptrii, " i to Ie perfeetrly otredti - ' JOHN IEAN. er or feb14 Ilyt ar I P10 CERTIFY lhat the above mentsonerl direnr e is thisl quite well cured to i my own saitiillction, for which I ;i ll thank Ire. Ilner; andl morraever I tealre that ith md i- sasI cine I have taken niiaes tee til, and did I nit iin ure my ad enlthl at all; therefisre I dhi=e my f Ifllw srtiierers I I J lose no tilu and apply to Ilr A. Ilier, 121 Caal ble srreer, hetweer I)-auaplsi d lslil irll hurb srei. le i )ct Iluct ia at hlose trios 9 otrlock, .h MI, mail 4 P s. irs t they will find a true- sor lr nupl cmpiaiit , irih J(.l-N I)lE.1i , 1,1 ;ianrir inret. | f a anyoe antto call at N,.tlltrnvi,. Ia h JOllN ii aN. rr aNew OrIleRn.. Pr-It ItS . . lfel I Iv I jVO UIIULIJI,.l lb.c, M nrla.aHaU I' 6ý---' .i.Jja s, I ale 'ITe 1 /lb r.dlt, ,).. ' .I o, ROaI-rETT'S TABES OF i 'r'rF~ts.p r- T: 110 ahichi is n¢,w ecd-ltrd er Average 'ane Cahnla. ' . tor olr easy methll s tir lill ii' the aerlnge limer v on sltorage, Iotes of had or hill of goods. lh rle l I a-5 chaled at dilferent dales, Rn dlilf-erent a ailits , and 1f'r car varil.u amounl; hesileralseul'll andi conls;!et eaImnk ag cr Time Ta'tle, the eEt t l can be cmt irinved or tilt fi- rif gares can prioduce witlhin thle rsice csrusiul col pamr, ace and size olty pC. Ir An a:vertisement in the book is in nearly rti lil ,w- lint ing words: n The high distinction this work has rreeirce tlhraiough tihe ten legislative acts prefixed to the title paIge, is a re cu commerd;tioll inl itself, so mcltilssonino and so cancin- 'lsl sive, th I tnthing is ineceasla nore than Ia was on f ae . r-I vertisemren, to given condensed view of sone om iRts pe - En cltliarities:ns ferillsance, the Interest has been cot. >a Inca ctl firom,alld enmpared with, what is e(quil;dentto four- dr clnselr stsefeni laltione, examirted inl the presslctiri. pi fire timnle, alul Iprinted Iifromi trreatype plates test ri de Ithirltyy-one times, firom all which it mlsst r he evident hI evient tthe skeptic (eseciarlly er ti u re soanslt otihe idr e ala ,t praoof in thle Iprela¢e) that the wnrk nrust Ie arith metiasally infallihle, alrd in cnirlatnrin of this ainli.a ce premiulm if two haa llreld and flfty dollars. is noe w offer el for t he detection of an lrr of ta centrr in the preisen or fifth edition, ai exprelssedl in l.e plrelhcl, nlkling five atgelupremnns aitered for the samesams error since the first pahlieioi in sthe ear, 1t0t'. One of the most conspicnoaus features of tle. tables in irthe arransgement of tte Time and Anmoaata, which firi expetliitinsr, trtirente onnlieirspiecri,-, with the help1 ar of the aide anl index, cannot he excellted; and the ially i ty IandI ease with which thIe iraeresl ean heI foundI t tother extent of generl busriness, withnout doubling of s ams ci is ieidels a convetlnience sll essential, that in the esnll tinn of some ni tile mnlat cometenlr t aniii pltecal busi. ieass men anl public ofi erC wai hale male great luse of the work, it has been distingnishlcd rn th hoinotble r aplpellation eft.fa II"master p)iece". And coensidering I. the intrlillility of the intll d originailly adllptled ill t! Ollllmlsillng tle unrk, m ul the rxnrs-l'diil-t Ilslllllraer ar u rt var'iety of the I xaminatinisl a(nd tsti s of I ery elitlionl it lI has poised i ll l. press., eolnithstailiig the whole is in a slretrlype, cnlhidelinlg. in sl 1t,. he positive ncclrley to 1 e l.lbl - Iv thle tlnll ecll t e l mllel I i. p ot n , t he th - -I IiilnieIal "ibeenC hlvd uIp and emphltically st)ledll 1' tihl miot wod lrll book in thie weslki" Mllst certlaill IIo -I an i:iall IImnra tigrlle work .f tlthe alme extentl, wlicll ! is ince i beginning of creu ation, hasl hall the alie natl ri anld rillri ieclt of leats in the samie number i f eldiors; n, nuor one hiilithe nunber, as is clearly shown is tihe S esides, astest and stanlarl, it ias been tried and ;prrcreed iin nealrly all she illk and ptrblic slinces in tahe Unitec Slatin, nd by thI e pulilllic goeraully, dulring the Irlonga period of tlir'lt ll-fir ies, yet no ecrrur of ilia rll Scations has ecver been faI'lll ill nt, althonlh conllti:lu II arly i challenged iv the ofril of vearv "lr-ge Iprminl s. flrI.latte inlltLerest,"j astidsu bhy lIw .ir Ilasllk interest, i acoarilng ia the book is used, and s av he strel ill r lirt, by ..e inames of tIlhe sahtriber, ild feiw of Ithe subsequent purchasers, inil the hlt titiheetd of ihi book, Is inll risesinii cl'evety lia C fsdelitizensI io every' itla; e of ithe Unit el Stantes. It is molreovler well knowni that, il- its iealll cheek, P i it ha:ls so ollte detected lIarge errors, l.g Iafteir tlhey werl " tw ade, even by the most careful allnd moslt conlelelt a.Ithltlicitan, -nat its tsefrllnes, and Ihe ashshllate Ie ceasit teor itl us., have been elxtenelSeiI insisted rup ) ,I s, o v idenll l, ,nlel d, ir iavl ll been . , it i IIni ac Randll its e iaV ingll s thlit, sevel' e 'l l,:.ralll,1 , whilst the firs edilioln was srielll r.rrl l out or print, a grellat ic.umlr of secoil 1hand copies wee soghit for, somell to ai gre ti distace il t irll.uirnriaa: a lnsrriilo prricer, rs tige a c lhl oadisna. i nllly Io picked tupt al fro $rtIto $25 per coIpy, aind some persons have' revl. y deelnres,, nul i.nstea, I- c llllr he qtellhat thly, wotld pay ii l , arrl,$ r tar$lslr I for copy, ttt o be .at d l'.r letsrs, nesl at iilividual ii tihe taler instance partievl: ly, having at the lmtrei iiare rixhltited saiti:.arl-ry prlas to saeveral perscs.apr senllt that to him it was really worth that lmoney llal it more rthanough he sahie ofhi ls ere,' - a'ale time, he r being al ver rich main l stl in plliie oflice. It is likewise worthy lof I int c, oIil ildeedl roper to inmpr.e_, th:t such is tile nature of figne work gleurally and aspecialv when of the .Xletnt :.1l imiporaloe. of th se h Is, sitihat had this bnk olr its like bsrrn prepl r- t tll in the usl uu:mner ,Ione, I61 the most ompell lnt t c:lleultor illn the world, oud adlerw.r.. U prit. t d molt Satrintltioy iuniet hli own ini.rtetlion of iproof s.leets, it w ioul, almtist to a cel lailn'y, Ilte IIbeen IIaUf : (aor rtc fIerense,atllln dear t asn) icise, as ti-e prele dlrliiell lrlta explains. Itlut sr perllct :lt aisiulle Iaa. tlhel Sstereypl patesiof this workitee. nar, tIhat a to seenre m . tlhem, ilhtlheir nImerllcsll an exlordin ary exalinr: a, tirnca cgainst lire, flr rhe gienral rein lit, ihey aice (by) le artentiirauicn) eolsaliantl keit in a tltce of asecial i sauty, exaellp ahile ae a prhuing. Amjledilt'eciau s to fill ltlrth heis and staitte intnr et wih useftil anotes, follow the Iprefcl, which, in this fillh as in the two lprieeiilnig editions., conlainl much in fermaniaon concetrlng the tao lawfuhl modes of comput iug inier iat, tee days of gl ace, ne. R It remausa onllly to remiark that, notwilhsltnding this t uncommlonly cosily work, whlich wsllllhllitlel efore interest tables were intrica esd in diollar's and cents be er stlslanllhna nac, hasheenssnexteinively. ldso liberally i paittniedii, it has lot vet so much is palid with ilnterest. atee heaay Ipai of nearlyv fleair thouisand dollars, besiries six esars ot timet'etrsm I'it9tIo 1805, sunitinalet on tiefi It e- liionr of 7tJO aeroies,_arising chiefly from its puhliea t. ion at that time, at anil iundea-r price,i to sIy nothing of it, ia s lasaslui ot" r'ilstIra fo alltlt a lilttime of care, toil, sid sllarifice. i herefnore Ilte ruthor staill reliea alls ihe II dissernment nrtl gelwrosity of the publile (ir a coltiilu: ii allce of prferece and jlaatrnrte. Far slae by the Pr-inrin; at oksrllers in the Urnited States. (sl-".r- - rAT T -nipe A-Lcu,-J t e r.eeit1 1PlJ par chiil liMi;;sippi, fr'm Aia,, -crh, a Inrga las- . , olitlcnl tIv'llt'll Ililrnl n lll hell Pislol, for aal al I _,)ý _-_..s· q teLZ,: P X" 'nlv ý"I..lee I~asl_,_, THEI FLORIDA LINE S From Mobile so Atugusta,(o. No leaves Mobile every tiny y t rhre N Soblock. p m per U S moil host for olalsr Landing, above &llakely,-thence foer aci poist connhes to .Penoreola-the0E0, mreamboato to 1ngrtnse, wleretsreand route isresumed-thence the via Marianna and IBrownsville, Fin. B binhblitige, Pindertowtl, Ilwkinsville, .ui ndersvilie & Lois. e vtlletolAgusin, (Io, connecrtilng regullrly wni'b on the roil road cars in (Ctarloeton. andi the reanm parkete to Now York, Norlolk, Poilaldelhin, etc. Th'le teembnoots are tIe hkean lfor the service, nou a the navigation presents more advanlnges then enll a be foend upjon any sannbonat route in the south. - sern reginr.. S Thes great improvements in the route hnve been produced by the enonlltruelionn i fifty miles of new r .5 road, by tile proprietors, viz : front LaGrange on SLnFavette Rayonl, an arm el' Santa Rose Dly, to II it ryait' F'erry, on thle Chllnrtnhooee river, tlen milos above tie Cowlerd, or 14 above Cedar lituff, Swhereby the navigation of tile river, and tlle con ,setrloent detentions, ald more recently the inclln Svenient crossinig nt tile Cowfortl, are entirnly h avoided, and a fine road from Mariannn direct e ,to Bainbridge, instead- o the roundahout rald via b Chattaholochlee, lesseningr the liitnnce abouht fiortyi ,ilesr, ad ilcronasig thle facilitice more thitan onces day i Alev , t.ronrh line of two horse stages every other daty tin Hl.a kimiville, vin Perry to Mncon, G., na rncteing wilth the linle to Savennah knd a Darien, Geo. to A moil ateamohnsat lias regularly between ia Binhridae anti Apalachitnln. 'Trmvt-ll rs wishing 1 to renilh anly point oil Chinllnhnllchee or Apalach: cola. can tokhe stromaltoat at Brow'nsville. Mobile to Pensuolnn-I and RouIse-During the timet ocupied by the repairs of taist, tle proprie. tors of tite Florida Iilne will te a line of four i' hrse post conches every other dny between cMl bile oad Ptensacolt. e Passengers will leave Morlile nl 3 o'chlck. p m, e, in the U 'mail boat, ndl pIroceed to Ilall's Land he ie, where a teir ihonrse cleh will t Itin waittnitL to envey theim to Ithe excellent house of Mr. Charles Ili, I 1 4 tmile dsiannt, where thieo will find Sle asaHnt l accullllllallod nos i the light--laving rext tmorning, they wtill narrive in Pensao.l earily Sil the evening, thus avoiding the discomfort ol uieittht travellin,. i Olf.iee ant he Mansion lnuse,. Miolile, and Col. line' lioel, Pensnaolo, where ans nitS bie ieon r'e . S'I'(it' I'I)N & ('t. n,, I t Ptano Er'oic Instrucion. a, William Smith tentders his srventes Ito the chit zelle of New Orlenll as Ia teachelr io the pinon d lorle. Mir S havingt been emplnyo)d aeveral nenrPe n teacher of Inusic inl private 'amilies it Bl-oint ' Inn .lnoiit several of tili female s meinarien s in its viinttly cannlot hIll hope to mllril their c nll enl.llrP . n fin is nermitted to,, rfer to IRv DrI ClI.Ip, Mcssoe t Seliso. & Avnery, ilHenderson & 3icis. Foer termr. o plenae apply at tie bookstore of ' AlexanderT'ower.49t Campst ct 2 nil -- ------ ' -- -- - - in Drugs and .nedicines. J J ·.*evost has enloted hlnell llon this eity I or no tihe purpose of transacting a general Wholesale - Drug business. lie is InoW receiving a full supply a ol reash and genuine aritcles, which he will sell n on libernl ler'on To city drueieise, and Ihoie ol the interior. m physicinns, mnerchoats and pl noto r=, he will ,lf'r i ''temense suoch .o hove never be. ot fIr , been a far rd n this city. Hlis intlen'oa in toI do a ertetly I gi maoite bsnainess. Is toek will soon be (itoompile', and iln Iafw weeks will lie rin. Ilv tor blsiinest . All orders Irnm the cellotlrVan S from n rllr'hanll e ot it i ity, receiving such orders will le promptly attend~led. N Ca Tl! tIr. AcI I RFIV¾II.lJolll ASil N A li;" . tV RII'I'Y ST(OIiE--ai the sign of thl gobldn flu cnb,3,lo ' Clhrtres sele.r. The tiseribiers have r. reived, iun :lition to their prcevios stlsk ni hand, a fulll wit nod ruI mpI l~e!.ssilcriit 1i f I i'tIt'les in their line; viz: lih ei llnlhs, pI'1lllscc Jcwelln', brtesliles, Ineking gla.sre, "I fun v nrsielec,. vs .e.. sio tii;s in ptrt an foillws': it qiilled haek, Ionl round, dressing, nill. pltl; curila ld neck, IBreziliau lrmba of every deslreiption iaulngst ilL1 which r: anmell Mexian patters, Ivorv com1hi of every ilscritin Ilnr, l re.aille ad ,it illk togcher with a I tenerl lsnr.tllflmll I lF isll ieaiId A rinn lihss eripti.n cnimphoratel d s leoln e, eItra:i ofr Ilcor.enllt, I lany p. pr. ~, ,ll k dsi, l asving sr in icakes and f otsr, eream soop di, \Vsrd's veictbh,' hair nIi ,eil bars si lI iln- oi tiqlsdli, srest.o's lsuiinii sHilti, plain and s erl'1med .iu I 1atuul in veots amt r.llnl'l tr andl chlorine tooth wash abe nd Ia~llwdejn, with n getlu ltl i lsior riiiil i of i .IEIWF:1I.ItY-Rsme of the latre.t aiiid uise fmlshiOn hile ettr, consisting of white and red cornelian, tolel- ' ijet iealrllniis, et in lfil sle, hr sl p i lms ofi a S rsli' rrlss - SItv of platearn, aw t te'imenincr "il and siler netwles, i i 'Ih'er t I mb le, e diver nod c EI t trillerl mihm d chain1s IlmuissIIt:F,-Clthi, halir, dust esicrullm,he1irth,tlhr, hit, flesh, tooth, plate, cenlb, Nail, ihaiing, shoe and hitreN nFhi hruhim. IluiII ING GIl,:i SES-Germrlan s tari n toi ll Silna', mnllnifln in:; anl French Ire.l ng dlnt-ua, hnl',e til wilth 1 viirieliy of ltlhP r klnds n1ot nellllmi atel d. and Anerican prtable deslks and drc i1g lue" , s.onig dor.ine lln l cllIs ious kinds, violinlla s and uiirs, iilver d i , I s ated lnri e ll esnd le t, ncil. is r car. . ters as ti"i cl enraornua l atl e locls.csl lsld istlsl witih nd wit l t - i I i erussi1 ri'gatps, p cler ll il Clp Ch:agCeis l pple scr.w dric vel., l hlc l Iill.uke .nr, im i s, pIts e hlckiclleloy ru Irll aci el, hdic l besils ofwisi rv kii l bells aii d i ln ne.. iiincaid cnnion kuives, ry o iraid sei .iiri, pilrb s, ieedls, Mpel., silver laldi, n teel and tco llllc in slcta- 2( cgr , aucket bnokis a d \r allet. , tit vriieollu killdsl, isiing : unfls11d LLrd i aIses h lyaing e cin llfil'rsncIe, Ciilii 11 t ll t I\P r r Illmll ltiletllc hii i d l l, ilnitaoi n teel lllile boxes, prl lents of vairis kinlld , Sn. lrinder' I'o1l.r.v' I t slieIa'rnli' n, l illiian'i asdir lawkiiu's razor stra is tuil inetalilliel oneos,irks, hsfv Ield inecilnesi, ido w iterl . Sdcoasi, v wnatellec, pearll Itlnirl, powder ll n sk l u, c.nd li re p l n i e;d bleads, gilviiiil ver dil, gulf eiltis c ciiiitlrn- III dser . lTshiiie ga is l r an d siWld 's"se, lakgsiiilii E ll.rdsl dice optlicaI viin ,jewselseerps, locol'uc nltch s is i c'sannddrieskin hic spie t ils itgreat vuirietyotl oerli e i i i c lle, all ofwli Ii will lie sold ilr cash or city li celll iceon i 12 lsthiscedit. ci 13i Nl ll.:'1e, & co. U 41r i i a resifrtrc Se ei SpnOil, insec sis id j Ilsss e sgll by r' .IAI.tI'LI & AN DaILI", ll hllslorels fIleigts, cors nr Cl i 11 ion iii i ,llie sip i s his i, sstrreetsiisy r isi ni rllsle of ce lls loe, pmsit sp s r l rlsel t I lh rtlllli itrll e; lio lhe liurlel incll e lilllll P ers, reltlira c in evlery variesy lsr the aoile , itir Kilis cy he s ,pct 2 RBEES & D'LANt(. I el SA tNlsel:I-'l'he I uihisrllr,ti lirieS b v ingely viii I. e hli.hed is vall ihsi nss ile cts r in \ei I l ish ried re I to pply t he hl in inlers 1 IP Iu bli c i Le"llarll. 1 tIv wah, lcsleu r ner etail. Ili' n lritlts ati ,ny l.i"r , nr i ll l 1d vlende fl nliyty Ii s f hi rl P: solllrlr w lll lo eihla y hur,,lh I.t . thins c ossrissscut s hess i a 1 ! ess rl,: r sl p tlinat he, lin tiet fll ifel rellrl , h tllrnlll ill t h alo e a rs egxn ai n ; es.: li.. eth t of ln in h i i n Ll u l rope. Trl se H d i sn , l d Itr(i,,,II it t I n t . i ,& . if r IiiiI ch r lp i tu leni , It- 1ndl lr. e-pc'tmb l withe fair snd pe lf any i n r ialn isrs ihsc II l iia , ,i In l' i loI ll llhat e vln r i hi l n o tiill I el atl . ItT c hlleWrk var'i:h foir tm ehrt his anld ter m I.-i U o- l iliunidy, 'l' re ik nil ve cliito's Ieresn 1 h S.i lll trg e If8 i l s~l i sltsr y Vdlllll s ilhin , all. l ..i ý ..__,,_ ............. )L-------- -------_. _--.i.--I hrL(\iI 18---! ls enUding fr ,i rrh, idep eid ' :e a u.n Ililrc S.1,, . hegenie cll r ir le, r i d u-s y r, cri has h '- i 3. R:EE:IP & D'L.1N ., IS C,-p , f t ii :ll s r hi s ilrsll o i on i ll lrr n Is r i. h i. s.y H -ssiu 3 lhn,.,sL edo ,eimen, 1 hell7' .i Ft1 i ma e !O e ICI': 1 IIa \\TItlN. 6i 3 :r..i-r es a-, i rs iosJ ilshbilN F fl cuill-l'le wiiih. e lit isis io Ixpeen :it s prelr.le l Ih:anksl th lie p'in I' , fsir he l ibna pprtii he as e ie ince, . l,' teniss"c, td lllleille ir dlli ctll y. iii s, in. s le prl ' t priel rof he rl eed slnre, Ii C:effec t e w lr,,i I, hlve - I r uit R in ll ieer isn t i illl fls r tii y nrlshern ser id tI seirs ne;hierr is Ii ls llsic 'oed wiihl unv hloCm tin lii th te nt ry--letl lie ssocrs- tlie pullic Ihiit oi a , iirieniios icn eiver. drilerl'iii f the see lu. is ine',isthee. JiNfllfesent enissifl'ls s IN1I rs so th t of leiy lis is Lie li' e, l e.if isl . lie in,. lier. at ed. sl,lss II,tc. frni shcis lcitcll ixistcIvl snid recpectrlnle so ste iiiesnlseilcus in Fr'1',;, Sllihiill, Ensigansd, utriini cin, iild lh ie Fhers nil hss it isillsi . all cl oii. l hit u rre , as llo : is Ii d1yisri wll rl i . ll(t n tI h Il li In o IIhe tleeu I n tlsso iiih. lle ar iv:Is ,it rvry , srl-illllll l, tn 'ci thei rill lll ie I iht 3ci alss ellrlylied i'ru it ire , all ike !ld. 'ne l li opih i flc y rl. ti hs din d c ll ll ;i , i irlll am ii every ir leal i in lit rse ii, ll la nu Ile . quOli', liad iliprtied direct by • \VW. nlINN. i, lo ''llE PUBLIC--'ili- .hrsi.vA. dllavil flI sLtaileidul uadsr Dr. Slc:midl sil'. (lh'srleslo,ti of eiootlh Cit(lhllaills endisr i psir lllO c ylhr Iliosissst i 'P LI vu lrslcLsC i o s lss:discilf s rtllg| l irsery, hl i the liilii r "' to offer his ieii.r cllOsiilal L'services ill this l i so IIt li assuris tilel slslhs aid gelllenlecn that thlls scIs i proilit ailteitih will lI s irid Io the cills which lit- nlv bu lllIcld ; ai s lll l i oi lrsr hi heilevicc to Lsiltll i hollers ol slates, ibeing will ncquaintud with the F ,iI hdse tOlllla ti thee, heVing atltended lhUln ills Ie suugsr Imls ill Cliearlitou. bi'p r l'c iosus anti bilious pills ailer tliocmpolsitions , a. Prolesos-r Siiollutte, a itl directioim, can bo hai1 t the slldersigned. 'iThe efect wlhichl thuy hlvet 'Wrodueesd in thllis and other cities, has bees a stenldedl sillth tho greatest sltccvss, to whichl ths best of omlorelices b given. Apply at No. I66 Mliga. ino street. JNO0. M'LOIING. si N OTICE--The psrtnonhlip of Kelley, ,ll.or &C h fre New Orlean ; Mucost, lurrio &'iei., iof Natclhez;c; ed Ilarris, Klr ley &C'e.. ,f RLodnep, wuas disslyee lol h lieslcs of l hsslalt, y lie death ol miiilllel A Mlssiiol t i ie )lF the partners oi Ihe irins. T , le Tuindersigned, srviving pirtiers will b, leharied withlhe s etelillg andil elsiing sllid businioess o filllue: et LeviC ltnrris will iilendl tolie settlilg if theb hsilncis 0f AllrotHtelis&rri io ,nitll N'ehez; t lll Ilarrin, lie of . & Co.esl IRdhcy; ind fltsry Kelley will lllend is 'i, hs setlinsig olhf he urescc ntiKelley, \3islls & Ci. tlir Lie ew Orleans. llllusnes of lhe eseveral Sirms w ill be to: use,, in liq1idntiononly. 'T s slm i1l, d to sail lfurins are earnestly reqsIeidi eo l.oiio forward and mnke early e etylelllpill-; andi ths;e hnisvilln claiss will please jteP.p eil lhaln WishuuIIrldehla. e LIV iI IHARRI, " i.- i IF:NB llKELLEY. ,i C O es,,-oa Joe 27, 1837 . 9OLBEAR'S Boinaee Tf Pennanship received,and for saleat their permtnent Writin Academiesl Nort No. 8 Chaetra silret, Now trleana, 1 Broladway New York, l)aiphiee at., Mubile. |aWel It is pnrticularly designed fin private learners, and achoolsn and is coalculanted for persona oflll ages. C Ladies asd gentlemen are invited to call and eanmine I the system filr Ihenselves. . Lesonos are given t nalth houses as ifmay auit the eonvenioeer ofall, uand to classes foimed iatnay part ofr the lil. Ladies wil prefer itean receive 'esonsat their own ref jidences. TIMI Perl,aa payintg aen tree noflesonare desired de n attewtl, '" "', ' s ia vell asthey wlh. Yo S.rJS3K ttltt(tT'lti. Na' ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, font 0 FOR IFEVE AvND 00UE. Col ruEN years havo not yt alaped sincea it was tille first regularly submitted to the public; but it Ciiil h Ilas attained the highest reputation; and has aip. ialei planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. Wart or it has been known and nppreciated. Already Prim line it been carried in every direction throlghlout Ihu the United States, anti still realizes more than couhld Ire have been antliipated by its most sanguine friends. 'A" a' Thousands of persons have not only been rolioeved, I'hi is but restored t., health and vigor through its agen. Now cy; and they now cheerfuilly testify, at every op n portunity, to its deoided and supremle efficacy. i is comnposed of such medicinal principles as are Nort calculated to renew the healthy action of the stoi- l ; acl liver, and other important digestive organs, thei loss of which harmony is the immnndiate causeot of the disease. It is apparent also, that it prods. nco an entire change in tlhe condition of tiae systemn, st and certainly destroys the native liability to rulop. or i seo of the affection. When the Agire is attenlod litte he with any other complaint, thei enmplytent of the by Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. coll lmeot of the other disrose, but wi!l even nlirrd as. Ala rststnce by furnishing strength and vigor to tIhe lta body during tile coure of treatment. Tlhae who rlir imake use of this medicine may be asntred that thrd there is no Arsenic, harks, Mercury, or any other rAn article in its cotnposition urfriend'y to the humalne ne Ira constitution; being entirely a vegetable extraet; - ld and they may have additional confidence in the N , use thereof, when they perceive that it lis tile er- din, y fect nf a gente' laxative hbotit the time halfa bot. the, oi tie full has been taken-in coansequenco of which, ed t there is ioe part of the ncedicine left to linger in clai l. tlhe bowels to caaso obstructions, and other evils, ra "rising train thie use of imany of the remedies now ofllred firr the cure of this alfiction. It Ihas been Ril used also ana preventive, by mitinry who were sub in ijet to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it Car i b,, i invariably warded ,ff the apprehended attack. I O Obseare! The Proprietor, fully satisfied with tihe nn, uparalleled ald universal success %vihich lhas cit. She ip stantly attended a punctul andl regular use of tlhe . ITonie Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, 9, tile warranted ill engaging to refund the price to all those who have tokein the medicine in strict ac-. Vol cordance with the prescribed direetions, without having been perfectly and lastingly cured. Tie subscribers are tile wholesale agents for the South Western States, and have now on hand six- Ri, lr ty caste of this medicine, which is warranted fresh i v ile and genuine. For sale at the manufactured prices tGill iJARIt '& ANiltlEWN, &c Wholesale I)rtegists, i S nov27 cr Coimnon k Tchoupitoull itrnert. M I tlur Lolllta ana ltotel, i . Rs. MARY KI KILAND respectfully an. ill rournces to her friends antd the public gene. ti Sally that she is preipred to accommodate thema at i 'et abovo eltablillthment, antd Ipes ferim oer s xnrtiois to render visitorsa conmifrtnble, to recoivn SItcontinuancei of former fthvon.. She feils confi. ti Jent that persons visiting Covi·igtin duri"ig tlihe ummer monetht, cannotfind berttraccomlindat ions l Sthan sloe cant niflord theme, on more Ihbhral torms. . a Dlr house IS pls::lantly sitluted, and wellhl ptpltirdl e with every conveniienct; the bar is furnislhetl with tiz: the inot cchoice lqunrs, &c. in chort,shie premise. ti "'a, Jat northing shall bit wanting on her part to give tire san'isinlcion to all who may patronize the t n in islippi iand l uisinna notel. je3 I iIOLLU.. WAI1., oUUi SCKE4VS, SAD IRONS. &c. G IH''lE HIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. * 238 Water, near Beokman strunt, New York, have received thie past eason, and are corlstlntly reCOeving large and extensive additions to the stock of the sla,r goods, which now cnsists of thebo oliowing a.ornotment, suitable for the soutlhern and ,ustor:n markets. hollow ware of tsuperior quality, consisting of j about 1500 tons, viz, Suts o1.3 , diflrnt size, frontm 2:8 to 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 szes, frolm 3:5 to 30 gallons. ' Kottleo, l:sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallou, I]l.kepaen or Ovens, 7 d|larent sizes, Teat Kottlon, 6 do Skillets, . - 5 o Flat Optlers 6 do Cov'rcd Spiders, 2 do Orddhlls, - 4 do Fire Dos. 6 de \VWa;,gn boxes from 1 1.4 to 1 3.4 inches. C;rt do. 5 to 7 ilchro. Wood Screw-, 2U.000 gross, iroon nd brans, frmn :8 inch, No. ito 3:1c inch, No, i2 of a upertor Squ lily and fnilsh, and lchn thalln Jall'sa importd prices. Sad Irols, assorted, inl earhs ofabout 5001b fot rutaihl g. 'Taloo'f end battor's Irots, noorted. Suash weights, 100 tona, a00orted from 1 4.4 to 20bs. Bolls for Plantations, steambots, ehnrehes, &c. made to order, Ainu steambeats and other machinery tmade to ardor. 'rhole above assortment of geods is particularly i recomlmendet d to the alteation eof Southern onld Western m.rchanlls, nnd nl offlered for sale at low I prices, alld Upo the mot liberal terms ; i iis be. Ilhand to Ib the largest and best asortment ever ,tfltred for sale by any one establishmont in the Untled Stales. Moerclhant, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'.d circlatr, with description of gonds, prices and terms, f-ol which no duvtntion is ever umado, fmrnished by return of mail. All ordera will receive immendiate attention. Now York, 1838. e3 V Ge s V Gle' rfs ' .reirs. Indian Dye, lor coloring it I lar ; Bear's Oil, rausllln abear'le reeer, plilllm atm1, lic'haw'' Flrt cle Wash, s'll rior pearl powderi l, I hllti, crolln So1 rosl.s, ve~I.table rng , uo t of rq. 'll salve, Itrena.a Ie I tooth tw h, c.lrhlenlc (,'''ntrlliCt'. oranll s1 vw.r ewat.r, powder ptl:, and b-ovo-, A n. cLT:l s n ar nonce t r d:.1:, hlr I ,1 I lT, P'' l ltt 'le. Llrllr lll'y IlIllt II ll l r,,l, Illl' hrelhi -, E glb'r h Iala lao :14 C ll': 1 lia lt n.r ,,ll u i ha Valitdy l e ther p ltru.' . . " . " ' r t.1n, 'y C. ,. '11i+'.CIIARt), b'f "t' rco-h r of 1enonill Ianlt i T ' fr. "' .11 SIrl -on I rii"H and low crown,, Ihmin g" l:.m ship Si. I1is liar sidt Jy I I I .. tn,1 n %7 S131 1.n. ,in. st ( : I,-W, f r sle ad " ( ln)on OrrY, i 11i I Subscriber., .tlet. tsr the tisie elouie of I W. & S. Iutchlr, Sheitli'ld, Ena"lnal, have just Srreived at very extellltve seto o of tina ollo, ouistinl of I ltable andl Ites-rt Knives oft - . l-eri tin, Pen, ocktt.t tirk, an, dSp.:r point Ituhoeeos Ra r)tr'S.ta otrtb. let.on. . &e. booo .llhi I t prttii' ,l o exhibit to ile trade tnr lorders. 'C rmllll l Iolldittitons sill he Illmud kllownl fIt thlhe tdnll. n11116 J. l. AEIN & A Ct III:N . n)ro nnmn eit. IDI'O)NS, IIAIRTT CO.-Are now receivilng t per hip Iluntsuville, Eaglc, Merry Amiew, Hligh aider, I French ,nd Geltalll Iolalol:e he:illtlling cordls: ter, hit ad' pocket pistolsl plain, rihhed nat split csi es l .ps l e lt holders; etoi ass , Itazoo's, pen. nyes: Iillott's commerrciatl aiolther steel pens; Vio" ns; Viroilir stlinl.; shell, ivory and horn comb;l wat f rs: kt, head tod leather pItrses; hair aIbr:ds, front sad tck rilglets; negrIo Ipu!.; Grc.lll IIII French cologne watelr, Itowlands maI elsser! oi!, irnltatiolll do; antiquellll so1h Ile.s oil portable dlesks n1d dresshing case.: past bltcki.g; stalianll ,toie gises; convex minrrors; op oad glasses andll views; Indian h taIds, bells and pllmes; etonl:eoo; whit- Iwine; toilet and shaving mnps; toilet owdler, c'sllelie wash )ils; scented satmlill cIIshiOns;l Siohal stell; tcrew csdoios; fiancy baid chlains at l I ekloes; Iilliatll allT ; npocket or ts saod Wlk lellSn I -lnotit honr.oolr tsu ra+ t.I ndo oamt m ooen grnt.o lastic enspendero , n lwternidol Itells Ituiter motcfhets sil .'~er ptleilsor ; Cneynla, ,.e. &c. ;',li aovus in l ddition to our fiotnlel istck of fatie uicho. llltkrsOllr tiooLilot, t.erso Ietllltte. Flo sal wholet e or, retailr atehe wgs oftihe Gden Co.b, 7a ~ tai ti.I & i., ,It L'35\ Iti-l 111i , :3(lnrron.e s ,r-,.Now Orleanos. W 51, S,'Ri.;EANST & C"o. itporters of French R/ .,r a;:nhsh Chlina noad Iarllih war-se. ,r ,i rI. hlle.lli , n.w oitl rich ha lternlls f brelklles,, aie. c,lffe pI.I, tRnpoRIt, sugllrJ crenlsos, lwlrs, Splaltes. di-ht'e, lur.eooo, wash basint alls eo. e, it ii bat lh,s eh . Oltc. Ribh cu and plain French and uls+. n wn.--gohlelab rhaoc pnllottes. ]lneollln'de, Ilel% lulrblers, preservedl.les, celerres, pitcheor, Intemps. I tlmp shade and glassae, callndl shabdos, s-lt cel at' ' tos, tc. plnteda, r,onzed nInd britania wnrer--enr tors, liquorl eoRn1c , cake hb·kets, Cenldlrslicks, h brallnch, spons, leals,coff'eaond treilpls,l.supr ; cremsln., lmps, japlanled trve, aslral sotlnd, ond hI ha gn l ltamps,t fe cullery, rllloe n silver splons a, and rlrks, Igetlllr with ta rell variety if lrtlcl, s S i" faitly lose. lr barll si, plllters, holllts, and Isltllllll ts, flrnlihed wlt h golds at tihe most r. ' br llll-e prieos, no. pal.ked so aso to ho eCoivoydll ith sallety to any part of the counrv,. Als,, apothrearirs' glassware. noe 2 STo Country MIerchanos afoid Planlie. J Netrali nths, Iblnkclr, QinnrlP. hnseys, howell tlirntiueo, cheeks, linensno. eliies, handlkrchiefs, N&a &c r,"teiv,:d and for i ale Iat hv tho sllaecri. t hoe:. " ROT'A ," C(sn. ¢ct. ,.rner o lol C na i (ht iotIrir a st, MAIL AlRtANGRIaENTRr ra - Mail, C{ t Due Every Day at 12 M. orr ,f Cloea Every ly at W1 n A e M da Te L ae Mail Duo ver .' undty, nursday, a .. . of J Friday, by o I'. Al. Closep every lIondaly, Wednes.ay EXPRESS MAI. TIMES OF ARRIVAlI DEPARl'UIE DISTANCE &. oif the Expreas Mail, beqwon Monl. and New York-leaving Mobile deill. at 3 P. M. Northwr New York daily ah 5 P. M Noathward. Arrives Arrive Northwbard. Dstaince, Time Retura'g MontgomeryAla. 2 lm. 1981n' 23h l12.. Coilumbns r, Io. 11 81 91i 3 a.m Mlilleolgevlle. Ga. 2 133 11 A Coalumnbia, S.C. 7 am. 163 174 Ii RaleigP, N C. 5 T 215 22 11V Warrenmtn,Va. 12 i. 55 Fi a lrl'elarrchri, Va. 1I pm. 83 0 'as. . I siallranr Va. no a.m 21 3 6m I1redricksrlle, -8 67 7 lI p a. sarhington city 2 pm. 61 6 altimore, 61 - 38 41 9t 'hilelphi, 6 nn. I Now York. 2 pr. 90 8i 1305 14:1 h. or ..1 23 SNorthwnrl. Coming tlntllwar, the Fime is six houR Icrrre; lrn.g5 ldas and 17 hollrn. SfVANAWAY fr an 1 Clrolelrt eorner of Ileviel L erels on ii Ilighl of 301It of AulgtAne, Iand win srhI tie nxl Ionrlillng i I'ovdrestreet y mangro buy ainnned CHA ,F}, .hJI g! 17 yearsof age, snll 5fe or tberebolultL in hl!i.lit, very biack, cnl hnb sn imiped Sntent in his spreeb, noe of bil lega is more, oenaiaoned by a recent blrt; he had on alenn he went away a whitl etnna oIr elinen t hirl arnd while corton annta lmnea. nover i rf .veelsn and nare lnlroare cautionad a grintrt receiving or harloriig nid negro, as well ae all oler peron ir, as tle ainlmot rigonr of tie law will It rrllrorlr.l ngangirnntla. 'T'lr arovte rrard willle p ale firdelive:ing hlim; it tnnv of tile jiils of eirher of the nllnricipoliesc , 10' Canrondelel, corner of Hel. n ateeet. _ ilup 1OT I:--Thl a rropartrnershlil heretorore slnitiag tlnrnir lrIa*!iror of Ihnoiao & Garretlc, naa hkee rdissolvedl. Tile snlrcrilmr wili liqlriate the affairn a i the concurr ill thil citv, nnd reqnires all perraon indeb - a, ed Ito e nrt 1omk y him n oll, and .11 ll tlosehavinlg Seluilo rolt o r herriallrl foreltllretill. nng Il-at Ii t;AItIIETSON a CAPTAIN MIAR7FYATT'S NEW NOVELS Rrallini tre R.eefr, by tihe Riullur u Petecr Siimple, &. it CumarLinp, or a Winter ol SIrllares tninicll ;Ir Lewa YrStvrn, Iy Captain inail Iatl, loyal Navy, F. L u S., in 1 vnl. lord rrlron, n romnnee, hl Allar CIntlrni.lam,1 vo h~Srepnard Ihec. wrtteno by ilnin.elf, in vcal,. al CLmprandious Iiutoryr of lni#, trnnloatel from dire ar orlglnal lt.lonn, hy NIlllrtaiel (ireenrr, in ;ol. flr . minlg Nor. 79 of Harper's Eamily Library. Vols. :1 & 4 of the new omplelrte and unilorm ellliea a of IV8atcinglan mraing' H'ork. Roger's Prenah and English Dictlioamry. in I vol, 3v oA'ycal'a French cnd Eag/ith Dirliociary. ALaa-A few morte uaico of Combo's Phrenology ' "Rienzi." al'r e Survrevnr'r Comnom s oafanperior qua i . itr with elihirir Iliiard Ilollo2l'1-4 anll 1.2 inrhes no illofar' i llroved ncilulic l'eer,jnpanedp IAPner, weightl &e. &c. &,e. Jlart recriveI, u.ld fur sale by ii. rr3 IIENJ. LEVY. PINNI'3K'S 1M01E, &e. DINNO(CK'S IMIPROV'El EDITION OF DRI . rGohlralnrith'S Abridgrtlll t of till- Icstory of e. to whlic.l is prellxeid" nn Illtlduction to the :itlly at Illannialllrt orv ni a great vnret of vaiiarble afin ar Inlntin alhlrd "ilralaiht nl ti olli lrk, on Ire laMnnte istiliux nnil Aantaira.e tat liarhe Iltnani,; with tns Y" n ernttl Il)rllblell IlI an tOr.ell Notes; nnd qea i 8tiaan. far exorriailatn ait tlhe enat Of ecii sortion. Ii Instrnated wih rirrhrlraala.irr;O tt oil woll., ty Athertol aaIt ara'o hn >roi rea Edhiiora of ttr Ghlilcritli'. IIsthory i. o" lgllhlll, ilnl Ihn liar nsiOrl of Jll lii CCen.or to thi S rdeath lif rieorge r ,d, arill a aaaoilhiuai tiro the yea IUt 13. With qunt'i.ionsra fr rxrllllniiiall at thei ol a roac Illexti 'n. lI'.hhý., It vnrul' a o tatluinblt iinftInaa tion ld ed IhroalughaI thlr lll Ol a. tCaanistilg of tltle a aaof )llltollllllelt alrl ere II e and lelierI tetrsorni at ('plaionas ao ylalia latrylinar. ilemlallakas ri te ran li ticr, aannrr.r aulit l.rratra ofrali tire are. Au mnaitiea .D tlie ('ulatiialaun, dci. &ia. illalraiedt by rany aegr. G ris' It.E.teT' o)r A;IrnoyoY. •)lin Aoridgna. a"of Kieitlh's ,New Tolrmlen IIll theC Une oilfl hlms. Nel n nn Iaa ixrllialual ikA tahe artrolomliea part aftlie Am ak pcari Anmnr, ue. S Jair reaerid cond fat sale bi WM l3'KEAN SI any 24 rurlnl alt'Camp n nd uOIIIIIl ask I1Altl'ER'1 CLA.SSIC.tAL I.IIRItAttY. SORlACt:l.,rnsluintl by Phillip Frtancis, 1) , with all appenlixx, .'.ntniihln trnaetltlJllr of varioel ilodes, i.l. lIy len .lninnn, Xl.wlen, lilen,, 1fryclo i .Pope ,llil~.n, Sin IL' llnlrrtolln,i (I W,ikcield, Poenlls lrvnan, &c. mIal omne l'.the nIl,ore ie.l ent poets of It l'ltlFIllUi:, wiih thnappondix 1 in li Hi ' enala ted Iy Cliciilll'ti r .'i :11-ni ioll n I lr. I in ; vliit i es nul I9,1f"lla d z r'ns ChlaniitIl li!h.'brv T"'hIr , xp.ti.n oI ltU. IItIIlt;V (I.tINtRE, by Siuliltt, l l I), wilt mnllelir of'lJa .hilbtIa, by 'Phno n cRok.e, new ediini., with til.ntsntlian, by Gthe TIlE ilISY; n T-II,bn thenianr f "t.icsteall. Mary o l urgnudy," & ., 'iew 'hId, la .'voldtesanpli 'A.1. I I.IU10 1n11; l hrr :rl.uo in "Psllu. Tfile itl epernc.pIon hll rn.wl i. l ther fvne ale .. 1W31 ,Ih-Hl ) i' " ' aC(] I. l - jl -kt o .e n n inr ason, Sll"ni;t' lt", , IIAW r 1 'iE n ullnl''ll rn h~l 'lllng r le nm ielI nd el inl.e ns t I)rlioiry ntnl Aplblhlornr, in bhe eanrs ined y Mr. J i.hi +Il", nit 'eeien pfri Titali islrl t l t ied I Te,it.l %Vall., rlrp vcithlll .olieits a shien of the lalnli pnlro llre arl ei rneenwel tbhe frnt I Isrh tnrern enslnmners. 'I'I, n enlire ne, k te Dr.n s, nldrlie nindi loIv nrticles is fresch ail Cnar flly l ' bleeed. The only aril pur Pre Scdant, S ,idiln nnd eornntanin (nlders. YT.nlI Pltdrt, I,,lng a whleele and elegant ,lll.vlItnn for'ycaet, ill rInaii hlEc.ld, bunckwheat +. llnllrln EIlrvpcrnlc llllnnienien Appelient--a r cIlsii en'd enOll eP u)llg.ile in dylprpita oe idt-. germlnn, rn rv l o deblllry, gildtllle--, heudalls. ulllly iI Ie llPthilntn.i Ilt bilaI eolletvenlll, cuta. leons el linlOlns, ILc. 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I- mlarble 'lientga, hleerths Ind beLoundy Lstone plaster of Paris, Ronan & tydraulin (ecment tand Ilenter i g aliir, together wilth a splendid ar.ortment oa b sat noulletd alld plain Grat.s end Rtusia Iron tlates of the nawoet end Itlot epproved patterns. Id Lettering done in the nnletest nlnllner and at the rteet notllce. Tlthey Ilnave fr rate workmen tI 'n. work. d tAlI'"' AIMN & STROUD. I.ID1.LL'R NEW WORK,&e.--The Anmerlean i . Etgland, by thes natthorof"A Year in Spain":' in oluhnell. -1 - I Noble Deednf WuVolnll, in vols.! The tollwneo VTi's Iook, ait sinlllo moral all 11 tuff unid doaeeticdluties. Just receiver.l ed foruale by WVI. M'KEAN, S Illlts' Medicll B.nb--irnin on Ph.leis; de. oa a bhlt.llItn,,'ce nco -, ill!Y. r1¶"d b ' r t ,l ,% 1'eT e AIll, 49 C'a

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