Newspaper of True American, June 7, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated June 7, 1839 Page 1
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PRICE 12; CEFNTSil n eca i Pnic---------- ---------- C,--~-ir~_..NEW ORLEANS, IRI[IAY MOJRNING JUNI: 7, 1839 '.- N 1910 Te.ra of the kewepaper Press of New Orlean -O -V No- - Terms of te .Jewspper iPress of Nerw Orlean tuatniouuolv agreed to at an adjorundl inretire of the Irblirieltrsr hrld h n the 13th ol'Marc:h., 817. SvuscRipTions.-lwelve Dollars for the daily pa er atnr u a,' pmyubo le tli-bnuunlly ill adYvince:u teo dolelartil tseo ai.lweekly country iapcerpayanhle one reatsi adevance, where u t city rlmlernce is given. FiY, q dllsre for the Week y; paveahle it. a Iv olce, NI Sllb;risption will bterdiontinued until rrrrearngolare e tslbd. In cale of di coutinuannc one ek'saenoice I:arlsag oust or, invrcahby given, pruvious to tit 4 itltion of eubrcription. S'.olrlsrttlrao.-su e doller per .squre for tile first qortiun, snd harslf that otrice for each sieloeqert (ine: aRh material alteraluion Iroul thel oriinal olvertiyemacsu Sli) be charged us a new one. YSAaLe A eCrTlssne.-Merchantsl ands Ter err, qg(ly doalure flt Engjish nlo ae, nd rixty for isoth lan £lrog0 loanks, lnninuon c.e Oh ee, ethr ilinr hile institutisnso, fifty d.llare in Eneili.A only, ond ekthty for both lnssgurge ; .hisip and e tareosst Ipce er or cCOaso taslision serchantse shaty dollarse il EIngsael am, asiteighty lfor aet tanguages. MARRIAESsI OnITirABR NOTICES, orall articles eoll ing tte attetiou of tihe prllllie to eales sa pro eriy, cards of pnelsgerlc , sn efit, &e e. .s wcil5l ert ir 1 ae daulla pe isqllroe far ti hefrs i sertion i euech Illi ginse. C.osinlrICATIOs, or Advertiysrolsts, of any pfri.n al nlurac, when adlllitisle. shell e ciarged double, and it advance. A dedrctian of itwentylire percent- will he made re Auctioneers, Seilo i, litegiolern of Wills, nsd tlrheilnlor on Iseal of resl oerare. trullished in hblt langllsge., and L0 per ce , is Eoglioh alone: L0 por cent. on olio. of otehr property. AuyrslTsesssc rs cut of the direct line of" blsairone of te dvertiserir, tuhet ns lel, ulctrion, andl sllte ion saled, runsaaay ialve,i r erly alliisntys, s e. Sti. will echearged for sepnteoly, and ot trle lrdhirv rate·. Atl)yaETIStcaoLrs snoi leiccelie no to tlime, will r.e puroblhet er oe monalh, aud charsred accnrclinsly No tcverlitrlletsre of ilnkesrlCissp e will Ie tllisihed nany .ore, ouleeel pinklfr lrevis erta i nreseorti, or pes.sesl gsarasneCreed by ss res.asisiltle ere.. ira town. Th ,res l and .hserl ce ofrea llldllnl, tihce rliij o dl ill .Jr thle sen*ln. to Ihe eltirged $100 fiIr onglish a lonea, ad .$151) hi bate liegrcee. ARll iaourleonAec ot f ealrlideiat c r fprlit:nrl elisack will be clnarged duallsl the pricer other adveltiee naent1 r Owingpto t io otellules cs ird u yaied y nerwspaper prrltietcre, threr Isvce isCl to ttihe crluRints thslr t ihe Sie a cm of Ier.onls wUIor - icy t rlllltll i e IIre t r i p ill wit in onle onth afver rrsenta5iht , shell Ie Illl kouwos (or far ua iprnaticntsr ) to neshs otier--lley orli Ia itne tllotlsnlrl vea rrt t slalvr t.e or print flr f iucl dollrqssnIr ,u11110es in ulsrle Df adears pnytcsri na. ijaigned) IJ. C. Tc Sr. ILOMES J. 5IAYO)N, '. IIn. A, .I. (1. PtlFREIi.IAST, trII. N rhlliS.iN, I.!; 1itIEN. IVrefil PrLs:-\Vre. i r nis- ssC llrrsil roudree eto anlis "by tiso Pltoe it, u i nt , s t lreui they are s pplicarle so (ig ruur ii e A.reesa oI. lie II tIe:, r ,rir Ios:ri o Altnalnro taldel fLr I- no i; itlll ii ti \ll ltloltl)tI)S.. ITnsY'S LINIMo N '.o-Nu s letin.-r'leis ex Sit sraordinryi crlltirl elao ri'iiolna tlerrsl, tr' of acitce, and thse oriteelt i ,to csiles,lr ssi ,,i It clt stait, tie irltrodut • rs of wlich to the pnshire was invltod wit ire alln llre ls iry t ai d.thed sqedathu, lasire inerain ard a rwhttion Uis ,rrinllshld, ftully lsoustlin e lis crse A eeteeoef ti r Ne to ClllAte Dl Grildley's olt coan lesUio, theat lire sdreid n(l die without givirsg to oeterity the ierneit ef isr knowleige ona tis tlnclrsae ensd lle tier l fr, hquellocthed to Iis fi.i d end tterdast, losirlss luars, tire sqecret of lis discovery. It is se used in tihe prrrciital hrapital, adr the private practice in esti csotlry, firt anri oalr elrtinly for tie cure o thci ie riles, and c eallen sleely anld elffecAtully as to bafne credulity, unles i whera itns eievls are witneroed Externally in tllh "hllrwing coanplasneses For Droprsy-Creating extreordinary absorptiis at once. I All Swellinge-Rsduncieg trien aie few osurs Rheuuastisar-Acutc or Chronic, givicrg quiacrt Sore Throat--By ftanc-rs, Ulcers or CUr is. Crosp Uend Wisoopireg oueglh-Et-xternalIy, ands over tre Ciheat. I All Ilruisee, Sqprains, and Burn--Curing its aL Beret asnd Ulcrs--\lihetlillr ifrces or lonig tarlidlng, ansid fever sllrcs. its ael)teltmil opu s .dults attd childlres in reldsne itsg rlsoumotlrc n hs'l slitls, tand I le.nsssisir conghsi andar tltlhhires of tire chest ty IltieIoilnll Osi tile pirens, Isli bee allsurriirlng beyenlld calscepi. TlisTs essssosrelrrlrsi Of" tlIse.t ihu l vteL usd it ip tfit ! Pries, is.i It acts chari." TIE PILES-t--' hu P rice, ,I is reofundedd to eany paraule whl will Iso a Ilrttle of llay's Llnitiitst for tsle Pries, slid retursL ti t!lllllty bsttl w'iliowllt heillg cnred. Tnu.risl tiore thS pos ties r rdrs ' sil" ir s prstoietur to tihe Agts!lll; nsd sit os" tIaisiyI thiou. snds saiod, iot erne has Irerr Uallessllcsensfil. Ii Wa stsighit irrtert csrltitcllut lst ally, hi.nsit, hot C proefer that tfhose Wiho ll tile cirLlclu, rllnllld Isr klbit the sriglrinl to parccistore. CAUTLON--Nonse ca;ll lre gcrlli ii withon.liut isIs sploadid angraved weplpiter, cill which is tri itlsnr," rled alu tihatl o tho Agsuats. Ult'al(llON HtAYS., Sold wIleesarle ad retail, Iy ClO\IS'IoCIK ,oti ( Ca, New Ylrh slad bya onlle )rgtglta il eery - town is thl IUlsion. For sale by Ithe Wlholesale Agente, corner of, Coann en & Tlcouportulas astreet, and by tle A .pothieearie. gentearll -c. -. i: _ i NO rt i.E it) IA TbIt .JO IIN tSI ) ., itllee 11t I .ie li l.' tntr-t, I nn DisR.O, Illn tll l ,IIth di-ret fEi.s. I)r. Jotrlo, rollnit re.,lelle of otluny years ill Ilie pialse in Europet dUvnted to the lreanlllnt Iof Venereal liimaseland frollnl his lrearnt hxaloeive plrltice in tha plarticll rllllClae o tie llroleclolln, guurailllteea a tliubled wtll tinyofthie uill iiing .,ane. :- GOoorrnela. ihetsl , dtls;ette, l53VLcre, |I llll)tl, Seiloal iVeaknuss, A ITt.LtiIttII oFre IlVlndtr, a Iidlfta t s Ililie, Uretlhra, lnrosraete fhlul, Swiellrd IS ueitI" .EItltiaon iii the Skilln, S to Theruuot, P iaint ill tie And Ithe numaorout syllltoms which generally follow hin diea.e. Re.a e es eI lrOed in two or Ithre days without the use of Jlemrurv, interrpltiuo Irun Il.illeaa, or altera lo in ,Ila node itliiing. A Madicine to preient Venereal tisenase eln e ol laned of Itr.Jlihnsll. It in ilrot tIe Irecipie Uf t he Baron Larry, a cnleurated Freolll Surgeon, ntd was ueed hy Ihlt dnring thetrverteal ,nonaii:n it whIIIh lie carved s Surgeoon ioeertl in tihe Freleh stArlllo. hold by T. Johnllson, at lln oilice. Th'lur Slo rns having any affe.tion of Venoreal Disease, alld , oult taking era voyages. or eltoilla Io tile cout,, , wonld do well Iby givitg LDr. Johu.ln a nail, ts prolper Ilemfl niea lur Illelr enre in the elholtelt tte can be put iup with written diNretlins fin their n e. Ullice apen Iiaot 7 Ia the itiurlliug until I0 o'clock in ABEIRNT t IH U.VS'IPTIC I.[lXit. opinilm thai uin.,-tnt.hs oif the di.+e:lae thin sIlic mnnkindl originte i thin- stollh. 'tt htn ' .hxl r was used tb hilm with i l lt l lt ullln celdel td ttIuiesas ill tl npri.olt alnd tlblic irlctice fir upwanrdl of firt). uyearn, for ilit relno i forif e Iti-le, ao iis: Limo cfitu petite, lihtlt-llenet, Ii letlioil f tll st' nt selh,Poi in titonil, lleeviiteaof the le 1d ned il61li Eatinott sItleel, Irrtgnlrneity the o olre o and ifts till enases where ltdigesttintr ar rweLive hlbtit is itund a ainit. 'Phit Iltetlieit iiinton stlot ie ll ln lett.t i lloo- ttith hiist ofqutack tI1otrtltlu naotw IliTre ith Itblilie, ni ii ti nole ;ivention Io Iho n"cd le ait ins et a1 s tl e ury l ,ili Isre Eurle ever itrull:ed, ieid tllt seret Iof ' it ta t trillrhtod by tIu agent tltr it vrt y large sul. II iy t agree.ille atil ileaaint to tllte In-Se, nt lea n liu till oier t tient.alwnya keein thle bnowels fire, illl ar1 vti gl n ll strengtn In tit. a ttll, o llt ch etrlietss h tt to the i illllt ld a few Itlltlens r ul e l tio iIent tel nlitei eta eces s utuo r larioud. Nha .ua IT A g tnltl Yewl'"on,17wtr Auguor 1830. :35 \ladisiiioi sttree Sltat--Itlln einie lleeei letdillg It ( aeletlltry llt., I have bnn tru'ltalel, h Irlr , ith lie.+ i, i fir Imo years; I the Inoll tIhree yenrs licy utlflill, tt lIie tilen Itllnsulltlnloe . hIlae trid e Velrni l l h iciellls slda nIl ln Irohftl ESek -ilieitete, w.tlh lltderillug Iae benefit. , Ites tsuled li v aevtr b milln, aO . pll erlllllelll relief, and rsigeld myIelf to tiie in st hilts lesn depittr I was persuaded Iby iIt y frlendel In try .tlerllethelV' I)yepostic tlixir. Is hlve itowlilthedl the fenttth iot tl. aind knotw itt Ilo ii aextress llnv, ' olirltitl of it., wonderful virtue illd tlhe Utllltlle it i t t ierlillltll ill reatorin ntat to that heilth whilh I i tigh lu-t ltr woar. stend Ielnf a dn Idoiltlet tti e ne d i.e.i ny Ithnks fir tur Itle;aiinea you Ithce c it rrend biy re tolring ru totlllllert hethlth. J1.y 01IMOVI OE. the ageut hot iln hiti lpOse.siot sere huntdred tei imonianl sitilur to the ioteeP, of lthe extlunrdiuaitry vir .es ofthis mIh liine. Sold by a ppoinwteuet, at Ur. Itulollt ot't. I Ill Itietlil" .sw toet. tier. .5 -VALFUABhIL ENlLiHNliI l.A)I'IIONS. A ARe'rtI.' S WoderIIR oIlGeoiogy. 1 Cullingnworlh wntrka (Gillbt.ts' Illoirelltnirttts workh RJottettn' work--WVanerlV, (Ilcle) piretrnit penrry's Iee'ltry elahite5l-(ewlier'o works. ivs i Itou.g'a title, t8 volti--ir (thtrles Ginnldictnu p Goldlntiltl A Itiltoati NatreP--smith a (:Ol(ttngPS d K)IoX e IstryV of the rtorlnltiton I)avepur tort's Iiogrellnlial dietlilttorv &a &. lust reeivod andl for enle by A TO)iAlt. a'7 49 Calip.t I.EIiGAN If I5R + h)ttIlE>-i tlillitia Bell. 16l rner tree at., has Iei day received a amall anssorllltni otlarge enamelleI and titosai breaetplinst at ttt il the trn atvle. SIantlht fr-:ol .tip Alexanltl;:r frtll Bremen, fur a b: A TRIElR, h,31I Moste ' 115 GAS IIEPAIITtIENT, fine Lit B/eakiag C onp','Jennaiary 30, 1839. TIrLE .t s!k of 1feke beitg min;h reduced thin Corn la pony will fnlrriNh Pitltburg Coal, in mall quar ln ie", to lOler Clutomnrs. o Orlere received at the Gas Office. Rank Alley. Z ja31 E W\V IFI.,:SI. See'y, NAie - Ire [()PNIIAM'S DI(IPS.--I'l i mledieian wan ice discovered by tie proprietor and has been sub tb jected to his enreful observatinn for many years in fvry.varte',y of pinctico, and all lhe disease, c if tlo diversilied American clineute; and It is not t iven to the public witll tle Iuiltmiie confidence and believe that it is, as most clearly set forth in Ile ra, Paiephlu naecompiln'ig lihe Caine, the heetl miedi. in- ein ever Ithrowit within thlle rench of all cinesese i inc aeiety. It is wie the reesleal pripriely tiven ill ad all the Illatldlee which fllient thle human rae, efron e tilhe established lect, that, when taken intlo tIhe stI li fuach it aelslccorotlin it tlhe state of ihe stoan 11 "h and ile nlature of the disease, tither as an S nlmetie, diuretic, udorlie, ,ixpectorant, irrrperiet tioedierne. lint it is rea.lywhat itt purports to be, . i'redtlaivatril inti eatlsy thie imost iencredtulous. The fact in duly o inini to lhe knowledge of the in- piopri'tl ar ol its ihnelicial and enviug effelts in , ces en of thlie ake'and flver,billin-s, typhus, ner= vols and ttarlet levers, otlluellnl, violent :colde, It dyeenterry or flux, dysepepla ir mieasles, satiuly eillthll IlaLt liay are nt oanly warrnuted in warmly [recommenllding it, bitl lllry '-e Ialled upol fromt a sense olduty wenlcen Ihev owe to the human faily Itn saly iti ll, try it, and you will bear eamplie Itell-a yii tio all we have a id in the suhject. ll The cholera i tel, thile wtes, neltcoure which he h over vtsited our c blhlry, lels beenl suclces' lul co.i n ltered the prprlertor itn thirrctn cases with tl e i se d of this erllclllne only, w i hlllo r tr l ,se tl f t single or Iin ltrust 't'he mn'd ele i r pie rmid aitly he d ict le IUIINIIA 4 & DAVIS, 8c. Li,,ls .;lens-,uri and is Sput Iup phials eatrl accompallied with a plin a- and lainet directllln, ailld iol iniiln" itout sixty Stene, to blie haid for Ieevity five ePIIs, which rc" alton. a It II ih theu cheaUpestll i dit in ever offered 'l'ih abolve mcedicine is sold wholesoite and retail Sby eur Aeair., IIenry jininabel, D.uicllt and t \pothi, eiray l'calaupilnoulrs vire-. Ne.w (IOrlearn. i- ElN V M1 SIC--, Niivlve Music; lI,! teConvent II t ih I'm n •liath., rvI viem Isl Ile; S.ever i l). icr ,tIb I- n n IIIIII e W hite l I.e t'ttile e 1'iPep I r; 'I'h c:ll )Ilide' Ih tiIa cIer l icae a 111 I e iti e ria I tlohe grnmil titaiticit:In , ,Ii A ilor; (itl Nig row; t I t l ntil , I. I, t 'eai .nve, l IeV I It - pell; Sihet IWcI hll el la I I e i'nli' o) tl l i 1 t LT, " onehe to n eU vIn llE Ito Ai,. ug; uth,: Aill, w l V Ie lll kine.j ' .;l ; rl( h isi1 ci flu lik te e, li, o n l, ,-I hr el l .iei It-- -p bvi '' I .h rr - I{ t iy, l'a'll,, fy t\ , e itli, A; mll vit Ic , *.I'i l r 'trims titn,*le I nlIVltai \ t A nl tatt,,t - Fro il in e ra .lbL:talll tho i .ii u'rlit Kdl ielt F:.\\ erenb otheIrconlihtinK nllther ests, asle .llott Itil IthIu lll(i tl I tilyi h (wirrNellxw r t lul aeie pir hIat SIrlu:lloIat ulclIusta to In llcektled oharleS o I 'l wieOt tvl l t i lou J:+ ( let' l't',IS:,eol lfa I) ,losie s, soll ei afd C oc Snvi la t iliunl s, v liitiacniche-, (motl ole.m .oe Ve' toi ti)lleiti Idcs, l el'llcre ; Ihe awkisviia iei tnil leu1 lile to Augastvn A luassvngeertkinv; hilo vent at lt. bile is ut i l aner l li Itll e ltro llwn out ir m inl il le ilacnei IIb) tither ea llltictillg ilmntii ts, aIt llte FL(Iol I)A I,I1NF is haltr ullee lll, er n, tllll a, cderlltlri ea l I Ihrongllg itic, ill e eel) wir-ith etaIn rlllua la t-li ililn H ct,'l lt lltel Ihed llllgl llteeti Iwt h. r' nlllldi a ; Ianys Oas I, IllllleSS somllle InOl Hllms l·l'U"esel Ia:ltas t1opihe iliiinioll otCtIlll. The (;'ie l t New Orleranll .ls i it carri- ll I:y this iotte. 'The ltr HecOilltlIlt i clio 'alan, Co:achee. Illii Dliel's i.e niotI SUI1l):i.aed line soiuthe .Ulln, lr The aIlteecll , knitdllle di ta l tolad , e lhe stllwe itate tatt illln c w iT' ilteuialilli, the littler a' a co 11 I ation, allinl'rthe Iir'telr spith n , 41*laill, i . l e1 s i"in vaietl.; I alo nle Ild ut i lw e wMilhlthe I[ail Inal - (ilcatestll, S.C. tltle lhtc stc amackeits nt b aw 'th.k SII'arel,"a' u:nll maleh New itYork Iluti Nlew jul;llle s Sli.:N . 't A II 1tIca*n - \Va-hie ina.hti fil) iv 12. l I e1te'l1 ( ieitcitlltiiteliee, leiorleid , we Iae n Berele Iill.atQ ani a.'te') :SI'lia ib nt .llnks, 4 hiIU Ipst l ea. , atitw tiwns la: citer fom a HnIkiensvillh olle I i Aillt-e g tillc, :tad nec- ii l ealclllla i Il I hlti chl''s'ti S -'UCK1'S en. Ait'c-'a, 2tith ,I:tt. 1133., TDimtlllc*, lew Orleanl t o Mlobil. |.l 11lilr htie to Alugneslan it ilt ', A ag ai tou Charleston'v 1 I:hllt'tl. ln toi Neuw ora , 'kl.i- n11 'l'iar, N.w )l'iean Iti lo! il, 21 iaotus MoblelIe to Algsa;,. :32 '. r lih itihstot to New anrk, ye- 25as4 lli g It l te ill es Ilte• lla . i ii l lll rI 8 u I hI va ill el lsit ef ill sti iattei u loriIe Ni. II. eI tg lese it li tt i e lor e t ie uinlit i t tl bridgest overelte' imahoh'vMuacuawanp edd (lurd it msm creek I h:veJust beenlc le aed v the gellla; l oieirnC tilalit (Ih.e cliy nahshles ovperating ginslteis af an, sle., n la at~ theus Hal ily .tet e all n . alnd I have ti l , , i lute.:eac inl le oi l I:elel, f cnt It.ivellee thLe th ecoacle, l l t. l at l i'biv n e'S i ntI tN ar ote ti e lt Orlelui and itt Ih(i ll y all a ilay-e ilelel Ui arm IiI d e lIIevcd lt 1l:e1 un urnhi- bality r nd, Saiely .'h heari, nd thfmfge ;era iitl e hai, te i t elln icLrel. J i C IIAKF :I ' c Illllll'!d ei Itc he a lllt.. l . i ldlid fe ind Cll an r i ' l lain , I ayete id r l.t itihIt lo ityi life prel, talllld el. , lla UtL s .nIiInouoIIld Ch cillul, Sond hcyl I f tlle 1.,cl for te aititera In .e Wl o pelll l u I reo frev Siun beirni, foit, e rui. ion, piaklv ieat, nd ofete a t '1i o1 itll e IhC , ill Iha ulli.e aqunIlsy f llit eeip It will srolet ier1tc. It i l r ncomuaeded itsi• eni lle lti ac shacdi ) or compoIUllnd flr .adlelIP. Irh ckls, nand lmllpu rllng. f|retllless iiu l delici)cy , iI sclll nlld l IIartlhlland, is wi'ubfl Hy iln ob(lje t o tlhe nuctk fac(;l ila d lillllds Lccanllne flolllied ir Ha~ird eledI, vied Ihe itvenllein ol tlildern cliiisiry huve eell renldearemed suhse viU.ti no Ilmerely to tllh necl e. esry evefy day arttsoa Iii,, bUt Uveln U its luxurilu S lid wvat lsale and retaiil at No. I95 Custom Illluse e. Pr e $ll . i NE 1IDCLcNE. A Dr G. R. IPhelps Compoauad TaO.nA,1TO PILLS, e , [.ntirely Vegetalbla.J .A are aand iea/,a.b hie Mediile for nii Diaeasens, a.soi aa subsliulaafr Ca /oae/, as a cathartic in i'e.aers S anal al ltr/lis stJ.tlioua . E SIIES. poiu r Pils ' e g a, coml.tta, . a . n y dt - D. Aovel Alkaline subhal~ra e, esx aacted ihula, tae ' I 'lla,; with uthr vegtahle aul,,talacas air hl.e bee u ull W , tI lllull, .S.]llle ils e dl l , ". e b eulera nd tu b the be otA terh tlDieu :nit., 4"allrtru suds.forI ever erane. They havei Ila alladllly n ild auecen s.ully tetdl, allblId alr er ond ,ell,,rnal u , prub,ltUll tl rua'ul , De l. ,I a, J na , liun 11 , llll, diseas es. Gravel, Ih, l Uhllian l,.uli,, Iaug a C l , IItllue a (taalt ll, tN'a,,aa Oliaaeas, Ald aaamaiaa, (ilaadular a wel tings olu'l kl., Caanaavla lla.a leda, alaa.adache a 4 .a a, a llld.I di , o . ) ,a,,l lll lala aat lld alllelau a da. .,,; e pro er ntfi Ille. , allll llla ,., nlii u lnl ai er lbaa,,Iaent lll.n l;.erb an. ag ulle, A -. , wlll la llhr ,, l t ho rhl ihte ,d lol Ih tl ,aallr bll)" alalllllllu a,, . 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The State of Lo.isana, to all whom these pro. sents shall come, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of Maya. y, villa, Kentucky, having purchased at asale mlade by the Sheriff of tile parish of Orleans, tihe pro b perty hereinafter described, has applied to tile clerk of this court, in whose office the dead of sale rO was recorded on the second day of May. A.D. 1839. for a monition or advertisement in conformity to at n act of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, rd entitled "an act for the further asnurance of tilies to purchasers at judicial eales," approvcd the tenth day of Marchl, 1834. f Now, therefore, know ye, and all persons inte. rested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in rr the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the eF irst Judicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to the property herein. i alter described, in consequence of any infrtrmality in tIhe order, decree, or ju.lgment of the court un. der which the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the ap:praisements and advertisements, in timlte, or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatsoever, to show cause, within thirty days frorm the day this monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the sale as made should not be con. y firnud end he tologated. Tihe said property was sold by the Sheriff of of the parish aforesaid on the 11th day of April, A. D. 1839, by virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on the 2,1 day of March, A. D. 1839, in a suilt oe titled William Mackey vs. Bier & Steever, No 17,376 of the docket of this court, at which hala tire said William Mackey becolne the purchaser Sfar the price of thouaond and one Irunldred della's, payable as follows, viz: Thre puatchaser assuming the paymlent of one. hall of two notes of six thousand seven hundred y and sixty.five dollars and fly.-six cents, each to be i due on the 26th of March, 1840dl, and the balance, I cash; the purchaser assuming also, the ruin of eight Ihousand .and fve hundred dollars, duo to lthe SUnion Bank of Louisiana, with interest at ten per I cent. from slt February, 1839, and the balance itn cash, and reserves a special mortgage on the pro. perry sold nltrl the salre is paid. D)sceription of propa~ty as given in ithe junicial coilveynrcr, via: Thell undivided ialf of two certain lots o" grourrl, together withl all tire bml:iingn and improvementa thereon, rights, ways, customs, servitudes, prii. luees arl advarrtar!es therc.uto belonging, or ie aany wise aplpertaining: said lots adjoin iaschi other andri make part ot tothe atura ir frontli ofthe sarb Sn. Mary of this cety, fibrming the lower coctra .rI Julia said New Levere strecets, designated by Nos. NiN e can anI Twenty, ol a plan of said batluro dcported in tile ofla:u of F alix Gruna, Notary, d:atud thre thirtieth June, 1832. Lt No. eintrcu muaurntrr forty. on fet tixa inrhes front on aitd New t"ece street, by omr lurndrrd Pent in depth rtrrer or l.ea, by c, rllieatr of Prir,( city curve)yr, daterd ,\Alarch 25.l, 1836. it appears that said two lots measure toegth. r, ir English measure, severnty I're frrnt oni New Lr coe street, by one hundred lret it depth; trgethl. r, also, withawo huidred sllaroe of tire stock of t thne Union Bank of Louisiana. Writess the Heon. A. M. Buchanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, thita 6ti Maly, 1839. my 10i-4tw P. LEII.AN:, I1)puetvCl'k. ETAT DE LA LOUltllJ NE. Cour du Prenner District Judtciaire-L'Etat de nl Louisiana.-a tons ccux que ces presentes con. cernent--Salut : I T.1TENDU quo William Mackey, de la villa do .Masville, Kentucky. ayant acltd ir uboe vents firito par le Sherifl'd la Paroisso d'Orl6das In pro. pridtd ci-aprbs , crite, 'est au greiff do crate cnur, oil la dite vulte fat enr6gistr6u le Lsme joure doe MAi tle I'anneo 1839, ponr uo aisr, con. Irndrmnment a un acts ie la Ldgislature de I'Etat do la Louisian,. irtituld ,, Acto pour confirmer Ito titreo des acquareurs aux vetesa judeci.ulron;" up proud le I11 Mars 18:14. Qu'il soit conna, et toults personnes in areadsr sernt par cas prdSotes sorniad aul n do E do f e la Louisiane at do la cour du 'remier district Jndiciairo qui pour: cient navoir droit h Ina proprl6r ci.aprs duerite, eon econtd. I querree d'ui ddlsut drr furee dares I'ordre, le diedre o j lo jugenrent de la oour, onll vertu duquel i vnto dtd ltils, on de toute irregularit6 ou illdgalit6 dante P'atimation, I'aviS ou le temps at Ito o ode do li vnlte, ou pour une autre caose quicolnqll, do ; ire votr dans trente jeura, a dater de la publics. 1 Lion de cet avis, pourquai la vente armsi faite rne serait paeconfirndeet homuoltoguo. La dite prprBCt fit vendue par to Sihrifll un. dit tole lmo jourd'Avrl de I'annee 18 9, ecr voert d'ue d6cret de cotto cour, rendu lae dre Mars de Il'rantn 1839, dans I'.trflire de William .\aickey contro Bier t Steever, No. 17,376 du docket do eettr, cour, aelaquelle vente ldlrt Wiliham Marketry west reoandu aequrlrerr pour to iprix de $27,i00 payable coremme suit-saveui : L'acqordrour assumart le patrent de la moitid tid i eux billets de d 6,715 56 cents clhaue, qui serent dhis le 26 mars 180, et la balanc e omptant ; I'ac. qurcur asSualllnt ausei lc paienot do tla romme de $8,500 dirts la Banque de I'Union do la Louisiana avec illtdrt au aoux do 10 pour centl comlpter alU ler. Fvrier 18.9, et la balance cormptant, et re. survanot ne hypoth8que 1acdeialue str la propri6ti ' vendue, jusqu'a co quelle sout paye. Description do lan propridi. d'apris tle transfer judeiaire. La moiteo indiviso de deux cartein lots de terre avec toutes les batisen et amnliorations qui s'y trouvent,ainsrqur lea droits, cleranins coutulres, servitudes, prilvllges et avantages y appartunrant d'ue marmlllbre quelconque ; ces lots sent eontigus ct foet partie de la balturo en frae do lfubourg Ste. Marie do cotto ville, bormoant I'encoigtnure la plus bacoe drs rues Julie et Nouvelle Lev6d', t eunt desigse par Ies nos. 19 et vingt, stir un pla I de la di't batture, dpCos6 en 1'dtude de Felix (;rima notaire, dard du 30 Juoin I32. Le lot no. 19 me. rure 41 pieds 6 pouces do face C la rue de la Nile. Levde, sur 100 pieds plus on m ains do prolondeur, da'i'rc un rertficot dd Jnoep PI li, cayr do la ville, datb du 25 mars 1836, it paroit que cos deux dies terrains nlesurent ensemble, au pieds anglais, 71 pled t de face a la rue de ia Nouvelle Levo, I eur 10J de ptofondeur : avec ausst 900 actious nu fond capital do la Banque de l'Union do la Louiniane. 'l'.uoin l'hlonorablo A. M. Buchanan, jugs de la cour susdite, ce 6 Miai 18.18. P. LE BLANC, Olmai 4t UDlipu. d Grt.miear. ...._...... _.. uep .te tir tmesr. %' TEAII fOAT' BILL.-. lea WNVEI{., .IIEV'qTS, or CA I-'.1 I: NS o/fr'I'EAU h OA'r,. coat have their l)ills strurk' off inl one II or more Colored inks on I'lainl or Colored Paper, wrrith l esptch a, nd on favrable Terms, by lev'og their toUIsI)I mH at FILl' AAIEIICA.b, U0bL :I;E, COurler OI ra 1oydrus and l t. Charles streees. SG.tI kit \ MlJ.I Sr-t1511Ittls ýyu. , f1r 0i.0li) golls 1alass.s-- m plhllnlltioll bll e Ihl II' saleo by ADAIMS . Wit ll' t1.1., t Q ADI)LItItY WA IE.-.-! he subtt rllcro, tlaluo. s a lucturers aotd wholesale dealers ion addlery he goods, are now receiving by hote arrivals from the I- torti, in additirn to their former l lck, an extln r sive aesorttenat of articles in their Itote, aotnlg which sre the following, viz: .us Idtes and misses pla anttd quilted sle ddl, s, td cutletmttten's do SpaniSll do do do olexlcan do do do Creolu do C do do Amer. do d,) d,; , enlish doi o'tull's do 1:cvals d-t u, do do Crele do a ce Amer. and Eng. brdles net bridle mountnlot, he do dol Ill:lrtinll:a , Plated. brass, and jalpaued enach hornesir, S do do * do gg' cd stulkeodo do do do l.tou~, b do ad Dray, cart and wagon do S Saddle baso, double ands noelh; valires; oIt deool saddla bags, i sole, Iearclru l b;gs; hest Iroll Irallllm leather olio trttk,, brarss niled; leather bust t.l. ar do, assorted sizes and varlou stylet hlllsrs ll at ostaol belts; coacl, gig, sulkey, twig oad planter. crop wbhips: wool, wortetd, cont.ll and lelther girlhs and sursintles; sllrluu lea hera: trnak strnps and wlrstelj rlin web;s chain and book Ihomes; blind bridles and linee; 8 otch collaes, and hurseeand tItlle colltoro,t alil qutaltis; n.,. rocco, buck, bear.sheep and butfalo skins; plaele braes and steel bridle bits of ev, ry dnscr:nptoun, plated. braets and steel spurs of overy desertptlol; I. plated, brass and steel satrlups of every desecrla tlon I''ugetqer with a complt.te assortment of e v:ry h article n theirlitaeof bnusines-all of which they g ouler for sale on uccoellnou tlnug terrls. q 'They will also continue to receive through the e year, by packets front Now Yorkf, resh suppIlas to e keep their stock ample and coolllece. e KOUES, DAVIDSON & co, 1t 15 ana l sat. C(CIIOUL BOoK-, cheap blatnk btokr, ani c, and In. leter ppr, quills, .t. &e.r, u large and first rte assortment for sale low by ALEX.'O I0 'A R, !nay 3 49 Camp street. FI[.AGG FTONES--60 vds Flagg Otones landing a froma hip St. Lawrence, uir alIe bsy y3 J r tIIrNEYt manl'y 7 3:t (:slop at in.. LUCINA CORDIAL. rl de lie 1i, 2o les E +ORY)+i ,...'····I-· l ·· l . ' i. I.'EI.IXIR I)E . LAioe OUIe--Tiu .II Uiled ,.lr tre Ahoelg x gtlile ly Luchiil Cordllil or Ecl:iP ll+l.i(,vep r(· ttlr6i~l-hi+ lErlilefll d Ie klnw eusted by d i ]ease Ir oth'rill i, I a l uRiT e mhi.'| ho hie alreiv remi ed c rei-cii-e d i !s d r te r ieIy tesl-l L Inotilwnehten ele a Well ui Iilor IIeuetIi IeR ilee hdiiee tmon, Iirn c loatnes ,offiba uri"r tlrint on.lllal inedi Htrie. t The iclr hoiuldd rpoUllitoi of tin leillo t;creeal w ir -lit i tile tielt il iiiv lillriwcilig lili+ t lg llveltilee iIi rito, htilt r nethi lJll lf thalllndloth le r ll h s llll i os yel be ll iinWUre Iis ll oi r , ill- woul1d eXl illo stlte thlet it Is Dr. IlegiiO'i lorelebteic dlteileor, obe h ii l et etd -tii ieel tls q e rit i ratlc -er- ol htit D rleedilv rerlorea ti vin len p e ile, wohre i l n e I beIHen e. latl- l d byv Ilir+.a-c or Ilh,.rrwis, ntl~d +.!+.bstati. ed o cllv rlvil e i tjlon rre llnl fllle.tIre ll itr h it is IIII lellml ke i ls p ro c elsr he lir r le -an d l f Il s Provtii a t11 il tIle eell e rcenll il etlIII· ovelIuoEII leI r lI itL I togV~ | l e re lfl c rn0ir, e eruI lloll. lle kii t n dr utiieuli i an o - I tliliii c the chllo ing: dejio lle i rtlll l llti ni n edl t I tic. in I nlle ilinitnll elaemien.l ftietn mY reCiie L tite btii leiini11lr. 811llllll' ihi iicovPrvl ie o Aiceill.¢ l + lIro i Il tlhO.tlifix ln esel athl lit tIP rt ,tdul Ii le l$.l TheInderei. e ohrb etfyta rhv sd whe1ici lelm lini e o o' e hi lh riteIveral i . d for O ir it ii I WFr Lll TlICTESnir.t tJOHN odINT'Rt ]iOIste)rin E I.I,, A1. 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T! ahlOt icli ll til or.U iti , to leOI fi li d111, ti1111 t p i e l eoll wfilir ill iTCreprlIentllCI vici t oll ' 110 let an el bero til e e AiIl~llIe,0113011 ,m9 1 ie ol t tl e ICAn,. t loll OrlieCn '1· l| II T . ,:' '+ tleoq1,101tonedl tle rel oflialre ill it - irt l Pee. 10 r 11t1 eeqlenhet~_inejl-_ llttiellenttiml,.I-mletlIlteeI1 rlolleIc 'Ii 0h lot 11011 CI 111 i t e ile eIItPll t h- o h,. l° 1 In..e n~ lnd pro t. eeennelv i nh~lI III e lllill le "l~lPl-i tile lll whhll ,l i tir i~vp~ Io mlll+ +,,cet 11t0+iv f e~ ll,. e l+lline onut~ethl ti ter~ loeqilil tel ee;tint 010 rele+ic iIIIleriiCIln~ntr Iliye l .re It s~llheonepllv llon b eiierll mnt. 01111 le llrohtet iIeI~l-rI tttP Iota:l" . v I theW el rl-tihlnkler Ill h wooI tht Ra e n ie l _.o. a ~,.the fo ill l i I- l l glhar - Rlllp [obr WiiitOil1l Req.l tote MllItr orrn I'il blin itipito ih boo detilieoi he' 110 he lroeet h~lrl, t tlhe hk+r;Igh'I ebo I Vi PtreelI 110 frl~il .lonrco OClllelel~rl.f ~l.~l(. ilfi tir illl lr-eiow i b lenIroiri 1111no 010 1ldd i~- ci tinwi li Wertl, T l a lvt- ¶ 4e1 ii'rcelo n, t he llllgh thia -er OfletfI~ i~ilnht lhiioein.S iII~1I~C i ,, il NirV el 8v11 Nth I e t hntI'F I). tlnlnki rtltlttlnrl, I B, ls If tile Pn JII~ilof(lllnlti | i.)IIPIl."iv'ere IRI1· ll .( Oly*irtlle ad ', Iher i InL it hif llfh tl IP otvt.e tlllett. l,'l.l ev ve c fleePI. (.iP(~ it IIII.I'P rI~ r IL Ili.l 1 1 t dII in i lllciI tot I nisterf ine 111 lrl0 e r' i o l I th oI~ihoeoee11fcge 0101 tile' f 8 otle rth 0011t0 001 111 In 3l OIINlrt llp tiNl IS .3+ Oellll qt flile+It .·lltreet. +, ,lir ne CltO lle ooo 'It I rl0T II ,11,IIi .it jI ll lt i JIIiNritjl to h Fooc I+'I'Rireo d ttoo l i cle ll. Ol~llrImll urei l l 31ci UIiukeIll'. oi:llinutllh i. clI he I I 001 0 ' I rdt liiofl1) o Jnityr 1 oe d thch itre. II 'cfi+ ltOl i l tha rlt I ie f theC Yirv .lll i(.rP : Tirp L nlorl Ji illl Rnl tow thvtiFe hVullicua. iOlote Stthoi-i i yeiF Ii , I e. hield file Boe.crsn . ice G ther ltheIor.Il , iooo pi , 011 hIre R olle tllbtIi el ttIIo h e I - . - etnheoteeeo C-tv 'I Ili li toa nor ilohs t- pt p I. I, dIslll h,.r,.bv eclit% hl I am weY~I ll act J(I Tildeted wll I Mt,.++r J~111 P I~iliSJI J-riranll lll ., Fnre. mi Iu.:h M C'trdv w, h I i'eo.o te dllt b 0ll0i1 1ir . t I deth ggl,v is ee te e fteceer 01gb Ietoele i " i0U"l ' n rs.¢lht vCIde'. C 8'(|1f ll ll cr dilt .h lid p iat cin I+) llie a (rF p l ,.pF b th d'll of | ' l~l4 ihr Ap lttIIS. " [i9. 1 o l A]eRetIIIIrT N eitiu +r ( le . OBI+I{V trhlnIlla ll en ch bltte sflltP. (lellIil er ]}l'ln |tll a s illnl ;ltl*Pr eiilSive wrollliler o whlch iOJ l'epr1enle :1 teIl Lf'i lll:llu~rla,~l Il &eI vl aio rhm. 117 Fltehe, .le l · ne'l + Ilaldil|lille. .lliP· dt ol beJlil .v PearlI~ Pere[lidi Llylinl Ill d-rulihl and lelfunlr~irll. r, t' oagh hcll country. llll i ~~l ~ tl n lariint. b Ji.n c~l~il \IVII +ANIIT) RI~n. IW \Vloll 1IP:I ll e+:lle A.+etits. po e w Oc r en t.Anr BAC(iN SIDES-150 rasks Cinrtinn'ti ctored in store, fohr ale by G Ill),lRSl., ar'ril 2 44 Nepv ` I I I by 51oll; & BIIIOWN, april 2 96 lnagacine at UPiHOLSITERY & PAVIRIt IIANtalNi h'Oud henry Siebrecht,(lorrterlv .. C. Wilks would meal respecifully inlrlm hlis fr ll ile publlc in grnertl, that hle has and it co le ly receiviln a ueneral aIsrlrlerment s f upholelery aind laper hangine. The l-llaling comnprices I part of his Bstock, which lie ftrrs for sale at whole. ale or retail on the ionst accomlondati8l tein.s, French velvet and esatin paper, lortest style; do halt cnllil on and conmllmn, Pnitlrdelphia glazed and unglazed do do, French lanlldcas es, lire baards, blinds, &c. do velvet and wor.ted do dr, inorelanze do lires, silk lilnge. nnd gallols f! all qualities, patterns and priers, worsted tIrllgls as sorted pattern. plain and colored SwiRaltalin, latest style plain and eolaunned, cotEton drap-eri muslinsplain and twilled, ns-orled color, nrew styleof nieedle work m fa r sola cushions, ,oaarnellt covers, & nlews at)le o hell pullers, raised ligures and plainl, gilt witndow ornslamen of all I atlerne anid size, gilt eagles batal and spears, feathers. &he, gInss kbllsi, casterss, har clh, flactred and plain, n large atssortllllt of toys i r chllJren; large lilt caid anid InRsa . Iriwfsted cord a.h d lan. sels, i generllt'al as+ort nt a of clchmaern nld liper huL es, c tall' Iam tll anI tl anld ai nd ito sale at tllr' lowersl prices at Nos 41 Royal land i4 Custom ,u+s, stia. N Il--Ptrsans in the city or f: m couantry, are r.llpeclTill invied I o Itall and I ll - ltllilt lla easelven. n:lrpeta and rn:ns ma tin ein the nieat i lrailslyar alr, llllr c taterseifdatl laie aaslIr sa t strdarnu aaryl.i, looms ptattared fa t the a rath e$t not ree and all kitnIs of u pth.dehtery work ' tane wath nta t ce. ;es l ana ;i- . 'It It ,R AittilAta ['ilk ajhll.(, l[i'l.n " -iittC.'S. st/il. Ttrnal-iyd irow the larcea:lc of Jein Etc. buie, II. 1). ihv a illiartlil GrT hield. 'Part Ilat. it lthie. re.-'asitt rt Marriaage! Pa'.rt . ld. Isnctta .ous it aourting, 1th a ,'a + fo r Larae! PIrt 3id. Part lhi Mlarr:aer Phvhioloml I i V )iils-slsd ii thle Ino t d allllkCe re lllre rrll ied lllell an womenI i11 a tli publitelill tllr la. .l e c lller ll sal ti eJ by tle curt af l I Iv ýll.--Ln Jllu,.ntl,,urr. 1T5its is a Lreat look, tall will be productive of mucht aood in the [ I.# Ila' llll It ti Irla ist : qlu aill hlI ald leatan P epethad arirlell hs it Ila eteicoal InatIea Intll d it maore atellcattei'. Ike enperciillay renrmllernc itsrl llto tlctil in t- lllrlil, ' no lthe att't t a I t ao yOea ng a lrli.l ad a.enalrle that mal b.taR a ill quest t pnralters.-Le petit Couniern Des Duimrs. I'olr s letatt. l fe P cIyda-i st brta w c i altd Callll streetl I're i 1. a Lillt HAKI:ni--"i bllea utang9 Illll aI etin tiiest L loner, sc ale rb) A 'i'll Il, a l. lira i.-r st 31 A-..nto It arta\ g.ra. iig Garcale byil i. ll liWt()lN, iv l l llt, aid citane cad alccntllle -tr caet ain l'llarkev inn aral.hc, 5 al q-lot ice plan-s, and lake lnu it ad fr sle by J 1VIS A. ANDRIEW., a13 cnarer C'n, can &. I'chtehllarlLrusl+a B BII i RD n*1A1I- - tSr l: 0 K -u.;-. eeenj , e- d epleudrld ariele of Itillirll Iaills and ('heks. IIUSH & AILI+N, april Exallnage lotel, car 5 t (larlre & ('ollOtn t t SAil;.ltl OIL-I0 ha1- lIlur]l ii-.-iii5iiq er asrqtle Chiantieleer, fnr salet hy a13 SHALL&. & ElttWl, 96 mlngszine at NPERal CANDLIS basnefl JIIlItC lttlltt ttrsad ftr ;ale ly SHlALL & Blit4WN, a13 96 llaainets et RAKS--.l50 oars sesier qatlite . rily nlli. al lad -r I. lle bInc . J I' HIri-Nn-C., a')S. .;i" . "THE TRUE RICHES OF LIFE IS HEALTH." `TE KNOWtlhat lhealth aid tho ability to Slabor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the poop e in this, as in in st other coon. trios. To preserve, therefore, that health by natu ral mean. is a gro ad, moral and p dlitical schetme to I fulil which, requires oni utmost attention. The unprecedente I popularity and universal ap. approbatitn which this medtcine has achievedl throughout the United States, tihe Canidao, ''exas, Mexico, and the \Vest 1 dies, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and coase entiously recotmmen. ding them to the special notice of the aftli.ted. Peters' Vegetable Pt Is are t o safest, mn ,st eWfe tual and economical remedy for diseases of the E hulman eontltut oi, tlhat h a ever boeen iiscovered. lie Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluablhe nedi. i cine, from iias knowledge of the s uman system, Sderive.! from a long omd exteonsive practice, las -: arrived to t is coneluiuon, tilat the great and pri. ss. nary causes of moct diseases is a detrangemeont in ai the functions of the liver, or in other words ao in. e- t creased or dimltlislted secretion of the bile. ni So well is this undersitood, that it is common for ly persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are ', bil;utac, manling that they have too much bile on it the stomach. Oii the other hand, when the flow of bile is di minished, the process of discs ion is itemtrfeclly perfotrm d, the patient bee.ttoes wealk I and emaociated, because nourishment contained In t,' tlhe food taken into the st mtclh is not proper y ex. ig tracted, and the fond is ejected in a crude state. I e- Dr. Polars is confident that the famous Ilygean S 'heury, so called, that, " impurity of the blood 0 it the cause of all diseases," is a great absurdity. Everv one wo reflects on the subject a moment, Swilli prceiveuthat illurity ofthe blood is a secon. o. da ynot it primary complaint-the tffet and not in the cause ofllteeaso. Wlen the funetions of the 1 liver are derunged, and thie flow of bile increased, it is often take e up by the absor. eot vrssels and arri:d intlo ithe cir'ultttioa, and becomes nltts elii wi h the blood, us ii j tiutiee, wheln t,,e palient Sshows it il hi is coutenasce.. No , this iIopurety of blood is eaueed by an mncrosced flow of c ilt,, iand to remledy it, you Ittu.t correct the secretions - of the live , and restore It to a i calthy stale. Dr. Peters has spnit tIo ti t teits in experi'mont ing wilh dilifrent vegeh Il madol ,nes, liar diseases of the liver; land now .Iffrs hisi Vegetable PI.1-, as the best, Imot coeI lietl, anld claule.t eIlldl came tlhat o tn ble prepared for gellteral use. Dr. teuters tl tre himselt'thtt his long ex eri. tenlinag with vegetabl, otnldicilns has enabled him to ditcuii'r thl titlre :.ld othly eubstittlte asiwierihng all the pIIrpoee i: ntlreI rit cs w ithlut al y i of thei r atit dint tiles. (iOn t great qtUtlhit) l hi. tretabl. rills is that Lt:,y hev, tt.,. alterative printc:ple coin. bined with tihitr t't tartt,. tr op;t'erativo qul' Ite.s, s, tlh:t shI,,t not mnily e:.oan, o l , - t h. llema h and howtels ly p:rgialg. i. l t;hy regulate the e lier, changle the orbid secretions, strenlthlles lthe f digestive organs, purify the blood, invigorate the circulation, and give tone and energy to tile nor.. vous syEtel. ' They am mild and pleasant in their operation, c and c.ovey almost immediate conviction of their utility from thse first dose. They can be taken with safety by persons of any age; and the feeble, the infirm, the nervous, and the delicate, t e strengthened by their olpurItiot, because they clear ,the systen of bad hucmours, quiet erv. us irrita I bility, and invariably produce oound health. The Vegetable Pile are a sure remedy for j dice, sick and nervous headache, dys epsta, ca I tnes, aickeuss ofthe stomach, heartburn, all bi complaints, fevers of all kinds, and if taken coimmenicemenr t wll invariably check their 5 gross, and save the p'tilunt frola a protracted Idangerous sickness. ''l.ey are invaluable in i voua and hypocondrical attcetions, let s of n tite, and a I conmplaintato whiic' feomales olti ' , I subject. They operate as a mild and speedy p I and are a safe and cert..m remody for worm ,I chi dren. Since 1 have introduced my Vegetable Ptlls to the pulihc I have received numerous certificates 3 oft seir eupcrior efficucy in curing diseases, a'.o, I many letters ro n respectable physicians, who have used them in their practice with the best success. I might publish a small volume of certificates I bti colloid. r it tiunouessary, as the medicine iiill recormmed itself to all who wi 1 aike trial of it. T'hle abonve pills are in boxes, cuotaing 20 & .11' t pill. eac lh. it Price, 2i & 50 cets pa.r box, e to Druggists and country lltercthants can be cup y plied, at wholesla or retail, ait Dr. Peters' princi p 1 oilice, no. 65 PIydrlas steet, between Magazine nad Cmplnll st. New Orleans ALSO for satle by G(.N. MNorsisnn & Co, 11 te Caonaltreet : PP Berlia, druggist li2 old Levee, c betwoeen the two markets: iMr. Brelliur, drugg. t at the Waehilgtol Iiurket : C J Trinchali, urug. i i-t. corner ot' C ul& Bourbon streets: G A o Rled & Co, droegrits, aorner of Tehoupitouu;ls & Girod streets : J Russi, druggist, Lautyette city. pi mlt6 STE'EE L PENS--F eat~'s :ia. 1,'!t.14 J% Ite SDaniel Wohster pt, I,'elt' g ht b'rrel i CoLg'res largi do Pernv' fla' p.-1oing ta io S. tdl do u 3 slit du WinJel's ladies dio 1 iloble patent fGillI 's rn, el do do Natiolll do so And Giluot's L'oimmteilt,'II for sale t fe DAVl-) FEI:l'& CCo, d. Cbhartree st, f h N V Sttliooti flo Il in 1OMI'PASSE, TIII'tIMOI1E'I'EloIo, 13Iltt,' hi . CPIES, &:--Just received antd for sale by eP 'Vni. leleoti, etur:'Ier of C otp Sll l Cnan sLreets, gv enerul c ssaol IIoII o1i Surv'eior' tolllo'i-;te, ti Allthenllluricl bIeorsth. nltes, lIrtwinci PIene. /a Spring Dividends, pring low Fl'ens, Ivory Pro & trr'tora, Ivory .calem, lieuter's Scsles, GIass 'Trianglas, gl Parullel liders,. liere opes, hemnlmetor al Collltia OItseesu: .,snrery Chteis, m ellne u ' "l't'atlP . &e t i8, .AII G CA rI)a-Just iecelrd a iiw groa n f very v,;riolr French cards, sOh ve. tin andl finae, ti nale cheaip hi t1 FIT' & Ca, d ) SatNin i rsi h 1i1,il 4 i hllrl rer 'N ORRIS & Co. N.,. 38 Charlra, streer,i a e now receiving and opening lhe mosi silendid, siu sranltial and Inshiab na le stlok of Cllthini they' have ever exhihited in this nmarke,, collsistini , ir, lart of the foaliwina artlilel : blue, buie Ilark,.let black, lindnn brlownl, ciron, ilive, landn smoka and nalden olive Irnk and dres enals; benver, rabh " r ntld harrillultn Iro-kt conts, elegantly ftirnls:l ed; lancy and plain black cassnimre anld clhi panialoons. english and french fancy and IMiin lilk and satin vests; real iew market comiforls; english and frrailh r. lry and p'nfi y,.rflr nl l hdkl ; ciatmna is, b aunl unm .ellsa le sis. pende ls - cha lm oi , m a rinm e , Im u's ,'w o l, .a, etsh 11..,. , iI, silk anlil co:tin IIt t l ilt l d iawers; lilne Icrid anid clIIltin shirtI. wuilih Ihii 11laiilii1., lliti • isad ru -led: vc ,rt a ll llinl haw l dl l slin sil. inl. hr, ails ; " il;( ufl'" pl iniiia (l loveP- also,a a iba,, iiulfl al; I iof chile ki d, i r ilu aa li,mi-Pn ballI e fiur iad anti. clbi dolved C. shr ,(, dd .; si k, ':b nl S. I' I illi .n r ai a.ll aanllll , I n w i a id in i ei t n ai ht ll i si ; ,.11 ii f iai i cn i1 " i il r lew for c Air IJam ,I ireca l l II IIvl.d Itsl h i- whtepsl< ave to Inth.ral the c.i atz I N, l'a w linte , Ithalt le w11 1a' oprl ,an an adenmv oit lian du;, 1-, J wh rv, al No. 1 t I',iansc st l 'i , ir iil i clr ,la l v Ih l will be l.1,r ascis,.tel bv ,by r... J n, e.s and Itr,. 'e e irat li n. Iin anlla i aI.l, hi d av .i I.i .c cii arge I ll IIr depardlll t li o '' tlh iu.III. llliis SAlrr.Janir will zit i oii fli' t, c i ti o th vario, us branche" .leducatllon, n i lll iters hIlllr sell t a la hn will iive em ir, aisl lelionll thioi e IwhI o ia t' honr hti lili an v I e, ivin daily fri in 'heir h ou.l i 1 in ( ',is a i I 1 lpl ia, l i: ailnt and t' i iilntle ; 'r ,ill, I s. bt..ll all hci an. I. tlionat i, clothir.le They invile tie ai teli lion o e l hi p iblir, ai tlh y are w r i rtlll l, a in uIul IIn i t 1 hat ,tari . rr ind eilizens canoatl I lllq i lit N. If. A fewr , zn eleanit ivary h,.ille. im i ralus. aroa,, 32 , rll u iches. Ala. . na Ilri e lI whrlelpine pi.e i I. baxves, v ,rio, s ,17"S. vl ry I~, E Nultl l L & I 6iiAi i, 3 ('olllmlln n r llIE s.ubcrihtr offers tor sale 150 IbIIl Flour-; I1 e bucon houlders; Ii. c,,skcas nac.+sd . llsll . a dil yI 'iic ' in IIlt I.l ;, 74I C mp si L 'l ai, KIT : :k n anulle, Irann u' bron, M tsleamer A llllreaiaa for sale li Im lillaht'. al'l 42 44 .New Levee aICE-'JULCte -c iu- - .levI ,' I ,y - m article oflAf presedlvers at the .aar nr r a r' a Illc'1 A,, LAN shi PercVi S n, fr uale tIn rip 19 I & J P WilIl.h:, 3 tlamacinp at C Euld1"-- landra lic an., Romal an; fr -le lv aatau27lunaldara; L unEAl&ici\VT niinnnii Illr l iR l I Fll.lBtT")iianc W. In l lcla , PaI l iii.rn, t ar va a' bv I.1- I P ;llfl Inll 4 ('l 1,1 n naarica a SIARRIsON'S SPECIFI:: OINTMENT S T . great celebrity of tlis unrivalled C,(lm. position, espe:ially in tie Northern Staten, leaves the proprietor but I ttle need to say any tling in to its livor; for it liha been enerally conceded to it, at that it is beyond all comparison the b st remedy n. for external compladinlts that lets ever been disco. " vered. Indeld t:l e speed and certainty of its ope. rati nos have the appearance of mircrles ; as eer rs, n. w und, coe, rrs fevertorea, clildblaine, while swel. t lings, biles, piles, spider a d snake bites e&c. imme. l diltely yield to its aplparently superhunn influ. cnce Thus if properly applied it will remove an ir' iveterate corn, or break and heal a bile in fire n days, will allay and perfectly cure son ulcer in two twelrs; slid tile most despereto cases of white e enwlling that can be Imalgined, have been destroyed e" by it Iin less thlan two rnluntils. In the bites of poi d sonous reptiles its eflicacy is truly surprising, an li even in the bite ,,fa rabid dog, for if applied in tilme, its power, of atltraction are wonderful tliat i they will at once arrest the poison, and thus pre. vent it f om pervading the system. It is likewise n greatly superior to any m.:deine heretofuro disco. vered for the lchallid backs and limbs of horses, for tetters, ri g worms, ehl:appd lips, and in short for r every exturlal bodily evil that na;y fall to the lot ofman or benast. Tihe proprl tor has received at least a thousand , certihicates and otih r dueuments, in fav r oflis ." S,ecifle (SOirntoLut," uplwards of a oundred of i which etre written by rospectablo members oflthe Rt Medial Fe culty, nil breathing the saoer eulogy 111 nd satislltioin. S Pro ared alt 129 Liberty street, New York, and fur clal at 15 Puylidras strelt, New Orleans. I inar-lG if Sri ,Cf.o)N:lr \ e~l ii t'ALntl a i DINE. I IIOil~ 'S Comlponri E.t.rct oftp -iba a ' parilla -A certain, sate, and t eost ettetual ierle-t iy ever dicoereried ri the ctre of riPt 'ort'bea, (lectds Stictlres, Wbiltes, Pilis ill tie ba.k anlll oils, seune, . we.akness, aittctilons kidlticr, glavel, seotb;etic I ere ptiins,&< I i tihe itrotiucltin of e lleriicinen possessilg the .sefnt t and active Birtue of the one now oitcred to the pubilics, p ttre inpr ietolr hai s a lr t It) reft tth' e illlrertlus rcogln Ilelalll tinla IC tII h ll e s thie mi st elmince t to tihe l - appr eciitel whenl is ttrlits rellr re igall kinit. i The t;isans of Spoula, welletn.tlel l "sell, l'tu t l it ' of its credit frou he stoise e htb pancenit trlrerlr ex~llrss ( regalnt its disigreeUrl.r tar te, riiartru'oirrro : prl•dt`" le ill ilie bethels sond bLoIshe h, :tIalt its Ilerb~ tttll'C:u i.flleicients w rrenad in~ the iloll;..otff n stage. ''Thet l rinpr toreltr hs lnooeI eietrrnre i l thle lit lnall, concei StIIgt i tilt I :rtr- te o u itu lirti eswoullllld llter e mlul tlle i ore roleln td :e ove t ui'.e- t ei a ll lA. nltt iste lls t ti, a i il the II'esenll e sill. The *Lmet iid cile euoit s ll Sli I tsd . .ilh atre ' in tCre hghet rel. tle s Ithe irlm t eicttltl a l llr ler trne ld i ite iloolesl iont . t Ir.t, drug ill theico ositin of ~i ist pre.ptt, ,atii itncreases h1t elliax of the other at , hlirein r:m operation t ruly a.o Inishilng, sill stulipassl g thile most slug in , exlctae l tiols poses; si :t tle samle tlie tile altl ltage of its being adniritetrid wilth eiperet sers ill the itbfterent stages tof tie sbrve diserae'. The most c'neernt plhyeiciahls alld surgeons of tie preset day express their t up preo ,tion itn olinr of Sayll rilarit whilst its use i thle pricli. al hospitals smi phals imedical ihsltilutions has le n, al'd still olie lles, ti r'y extensill . It n .s ra o lt . orate remedy wih the ceitlebrated lir Abei letthy in all venereal alectiouns, and ill obsltaeltelutneousetl nptions, orising flolm a disorldered stalte ofthdigestilc lntions. Flaing been submitted to t1 test and teperiene of thile osft celebrated ramong Ite br Ienly tlhel iae exprlles their satistneti otlf its extla, rdi ry eficacyll il every case under their cthatrge, by ado tig it boti h n their public estl priYte practiee ,Their oil crvations will be iser edllerefer. Prepre a ed by J 1 Thorn, Chemist LIondon. rice $1 50 per pot. 'l'l."r'tlIONI.\LS, From A It Salmon, Elsqn. 11 S, Sutrgeon to the St l'hemas Hosital, sr l IcLn ei on Anetomy. Tl''e trial which Il hae int)l:e of ollur prepalration in a variety of thiaon'e i bl tel iti ill n Oe, in its ries to rtlle p co-ed so highly favutttrle, that I di noti hesitate in pronnouci.g it one of the most ealuaie anid e.irtioult remedies ever otl redl to the public, anl one in which, fromn exiri' Ce, I can place ever reliSace, o hilsl it Idoes nolltlprohlie the sals unpllacivet f ects usually ex lperiened f ltm t eopii a. Frrom G II IIlaywidoi .1 It C S, Physician to the St M\al) leblole Dispensary . I take great plelsurell in l liing my" testimony to the valuable prop,'rtles lof yoiUr preparoII) , wishllig you theI success You sn fully deserve, i. an amplde rewarwfd tr the laboranld expense incurred in bricgieng it to such cos plet perti ' ont Friom V i Cooper, F i S, Surgeon to Guy's lHo Il'he tnri ottitrcei trict em l hs a iellel ith, mrthnlisi t erioin":' °our ......cioe i, . l as e *t ; flictds wilt to l known to bii e truly appreelatd . May tlhe success I you so well dioor ve, eitnpi- ein] speetdily repay you for your vlunlde ireparri e tr tn. ru Sir A Cloller, Ft It S ' It C S, &c. ke. !laviog been itidaeedl to etrr your FI t.Jct i sllevetad every preseription llmillistered by le, aving fotdun sure nld splleed cures ert'eled by it, in a lfew daes I lief ni soli i l duly bound o state that I now in a. i'ac tice bouh public cnd private recommenl d ld use non lFrom GW ' Blair, N1 1), Plhysician to Gue 's He The strict test which I have given your medicie aming i' patientsl alnd its nvarilable, thus ll ile wll ;I lie s leti it letl'ev'.r ll itsIi tire, aiu I tirecri II birt lrllretof l jrrnboeoi rrfltnrro d -tll tl) Hta ur feeble testi Imoallt in co;lllmedatio of tsvirtules. ' .I. A ibuopeoi 1) F It 8 L. I " yonu myel sincere halrks fi•e t e ivaluable pire inlt rse.~ erlb will'ee lri desnltelntto in.ircg sorught fo Ste nledre.etal r von n n saue, stpeelty rut eicllettial tn, i cases . he boe els. It awtiords tlgeIee setlduas., th pulishing to rth world thie valable qualilieso'")unl Were it necess-nry, the proprietor coutl here furnish moaliy mnore lestimniials e-qual' irt colrneendtr ory as the abuse; but ilt'rusts that tnbecal sltCtest iitlerlto tie caiet & xetinse at which it has been p spared, will pnoveils greatest recolmnennatio t oiulllg a discerning plric. Onere-eormnioirllotion this preparatnion enjoys above .al~l nll ,S is )is el , iOl'rttt ar lotre'nr-- it t i inn ots-th mooe in whiio it t ntr hei tlhetteiir t.oth easy o n, l' plein -nt-its t-rstelt untuti'e, withi nio retr'ictin in diet to be unpovided with i pre.nilntion possessing the a d vaetges wllich the pIresenl one iteonblein Aecoorarnrernhg tire tledictle is nI pamphlet exrlaro tote' oftie litil.orvrt stagen of the diseaste, wiihrne ait extr-a rchamlge, eoniainhig f ull and anli directiros. se 14 iaw.. ren 4. . Canil street. SALLIGAIluEiT LYE. Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. 1_ Leaves Mubile Tuesdays, Thours. ill days, and Saturdays, per the .n sp'eldid steamer Clrhampion, (ex. cept in case of at rmv,) to Po sacola ; thence per I steamer Le ony to L tGrange, slid the co faor horse post coacel.s via Mariana, lioiebridlge. PIt. iderlon, Berrlon, OuI:l;o's, a d Perry, to Maieron, GT ; tlheio via lMilledgevilirt!, aol Siparta, to Ie lon , the oce er rail road c irl to Augusta. Tlhe Clampo-tn is in splenditd order, with new; o ,eer l I' ri , c emPLrei lad tdc ppler f'lmlenll. I The lr Roy lias been thoroughly uu'paired, her Saoecolmmlodaltilollus ae i hndiis nrle as ally o' I liThe beau iUill Santa Rousa :und, aid CoccIt. t, atmllie [lIv l,.re nt lhe lrol t llteresting stell na. v .igaltmo inl tle Sotih-b-;ing at the salmetltm " I Ih,. Toalnms re llot sltrp Im d on aey route in tile e c unlltry ; te drivers, to a man, carful anid attcn I il live. 'lebride hrdg eretlforte dlSulorrrous hav b c n 1 newly tbultm, so that high ICers do Ot ilter Cer 'Tlhemtlinlg hlollses have leen I ostley chalol]nd, and are now as good as l n :any ro id in the S.orth. It is g"m'rerally knl wten that the eeellrtnce and hlarness cl ithe rmlds enael thilt trislllli t all sea soils to llllake grett l)rt. 'Tnheir slllmootlll 's o cure the tIravti eP'r tfro the ordmuary latgu,: of' ale travel).I mn. h 'e Line is lnw c rrving its plm sentger, frmt I Augusta to Mubile in four days a d tw.elvea hour-, or to Ni w Orleamn in lour dys and twellly hours. Gnoimng to Aug:uet, lIhi lineu is six days u lid rvel hlloura. bTh llta actu lly emoployed il travelling is the saloe as i , the other direction, but I Sthe ditference of tilo on tle r ate, is cauced bya, day beillg I.t in Pesallb t., wliceh. hIowUver, is ,elt repaid bhy thle op ertolmmty it givers leolo g i thie N.vy a.,rtlvti emhd .ltoeii Forte etc. 'he. e travel er alo sleeps at Maro.o, and agaoi att iWhar i tenlton. 'his nirrangmenla wiltl c, utiue tlht the F travel turnt niorthward, whlln it.l: t ilei will bh Iheu i s um from Mobile to Auguslta, as it o nl+w in the i otlher dlr-telioll. iis This Advertisemenlt roentins a plain staten.rnt of f.cls, the nccolricy of w lich iUt: proprieturo t gaura.,treto tach paaIenger in the penalty of his ri stage fae'. Maps of the Lile maiy be teen at the Ext hantge I Iluotl, N, w riracas, acd ait the Maeaioun ouau,v, Mobiln. Faro through from M.-bile to Auguata, 847 s0 The lil:e extends, hb a branlch to Tallahasseo. ,at Chattahooche, t',e ino canoects with the steamboat carrying the tmail to .pa achicoula land St. Joseph's. Office at thlemeMamsin Hnoose, Mob l-. el? O I.OSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. ACON, I.AR I) and I'O:K.--150 hhda Cinemnati Luted Sidt"s and ahoulders S|UU l kegs eirt quality Lard Illtirlto lesso foth, ire rte bliv .1 Sm t I'ETT+ tt. & A..V C Y,t l rlleaee .r : .Q TATE JOFLOUISIANA-PariuII of Orelans 3 Court of Probasce. T' aill whom these presents may nonaertnt SGreeting. it Know ye, that whereas William Mackey, I re dy ide ol the ciy of Maye)vlle, Ky., haeapplied to nthe Register of Wills, in and for the parish city o i New OrlUias, and ex offici. Clerk of theCourt r, of Probalts, to and for hie Parish and cityol New i. Orienns, olorreaidl, f a MONITION or ADV .R ' I. I .SElMw ;NT, in conformity to the Act ol tho Leutslatur.of the State -nritlted Acn act for the n furter assttraneeon tidles to turchastrsatl Judicitl e Salen," approved 10 h of Mareh, 1834, notite is heO rehy given tnal whom it may concern that by t vs viirue ol, and in obedience to an order of sole frtltt Ld said couret of Itrobares, in and for tte parrt aod i ety of New Orleans, hearino dfre trail day of n April, one tlthuanood eight hundred and thirty tn eghrt, and rendered in the matter of the late at Nalthniel Cx, on the petititon of Christopher Ad e.t a jltll. Syndic of the creditors of said succe, a sitnl oNr Nthaniel Ctxo, delcesed, which order of a sale was alan granted pursuat t t the deliberations r of a meeting of the eredlltrs of the deceasrd or duly held and conveued on Ihe dtiird day of Feb Ot alrtt, eightern hundred and hirty eiht,l befora l. B. C rtae, Esq. Notnry PI'hlir, and alsao after td Ito legal and ntsua' ptllc.rliln had been made, is ie Rleuisrr of Will ditd .xp.ste for sale by publis of action on hn the ninlt day Iof MaIll, onne thousand e right hunirdinn Il thirty.tiget, fer account tofths ly afresaid suoceo.ssion of tile late Nathaniel Cox,,.d, hle landed propertr hereinalter descri o bed, belonging to the said ,orcerssion, which pro I wrtv was adjudiented to said Wilhtam Mackey ea the Ins eand hituhert bidder thereon, for the total S 'iee and dllm of sevenleen thousand dollre. DeLscrptlion ol Ihe property or given in the Judicial elnv rrva i1,' : t A! and ineItl.,r twit reetin lots of ground, 1In gelttIr with tite huoirlinge and inprovernents thII rto.,, and all the rights, privileges, customs, Sways, servillldel and advantgtes thereunto be Ilnittor t, tor In rlny ia appertarlining, eitllten in the eguturb Sr.1 yio tttrso tir Ihesquare boound ',4 y f-idre, ons. M zine., .lafye.rte, and Camp Stret:s, and delna°io lit' Ihe nmhers seven and Iight., n a cu rtrti Ilant drawn by F eoterick Wile I h: n, . Dtprty' SoUve .'or General, ulnd..r drte of tet h , en et.rh aty oI April, net Ionsa..nld eight hund, i re. I nlal , tihl.i ,it1,t t and delP tso ,ed in thie moice t :e l B. ('Inoe, Esq. rry,,v ,tI hoe o, reference la It I i' tc l lllts . n 1111 .t i ohlmt er, and aIn sur e t e S, Ist w enl a ,onr ,..I Ihr.P incllh es and Fix lines fI.,r:l o sid P yidr s .Pret,, by sixit. thtr· e feet i t l, vtn I hetalnd. *x !ines in lepthl, be. wre l oai. Satl hn,, [.., e irnn mra t.e ] 'I''rlos-- ,ne and three vi'e ra ,redi, f.r apnro SuolitI it ll t tt,111,tt t il tertrt., nil -crorons who ran et tp anr tight, aiit, tr 'ait, it nld tn the Iotat .f Urteld nd "rid hillltlintgo hrein descrbed, it cton1queneceof ttIrttlrtlllt in tile n ,hder, decree, or jlldtnlet i helorre ried, and tolnderwhieh heensale was node, or any irregularity or illeoality in the apipr isrnents or atIvertoisements, in rime and mannd r of tale, or rit any other cause or delret, whatsoever, are here. by elted and admonished to show within thirty IIays from the puolicsaton hereol why the sale, soa made as nforesaid, shoild not be confi med and hrmolo ated it uaceordance with the application of li.' purchaser. d / toess my hand and the seal of said rourt of : Prt 'tsr, . his second day of May, A. D. 1839. m [L. sI W. F. C DUPLESSIS, may 104 inn ReRtater f Wilts. S. pARTOISE. DO RL EANS. i OUR DES PREUVES-Erat de la Louisiand ai -'A tons ceux que cola pent concernor Solar : SQu'il soit connu que, attendu qua William Mac. i key. d Is ville de Maysville, Kent cky, e'est ad. reaoe au Register des Tostamens, dans et pour Ia parotsee et Is ville de la Nouvelle Orl6ans, ea ex. officio griffier do Is Cour des Preuves, dans at pour la dita vtllo et Iarotaa, pour pohlier, et annonser contorntllment b uu acto de la ILgtslature, intiu:6 St Acte pour cufifnrmer les ttreos des aequirours aux ventes judiciuires." approuvd le 10 Mare 1834. Avis eat par 1 prnesnt donne I tous conx que cels Spent cotne roer, qu'en oertu et on ex6cution d'un ordro do vents de adilt contr des preuves, dans at e ct pour la paroirseet ville do la Nouvelle Orlcans, SOell date du ates Avril, mil huit cent trente hbit, et rendu dans I'Pffaire dol suocession do feu Nathan. iel Cox, cur la pelition de Christophe Arams, Jr. cSyndic dos ordauciers de la ditssuccession de feu Nathlniel Cox ; leqeul ordre do vente uot aceerde confornmtdieent aou d6 iberations d'une resemhble des crd:nciers duti d6funt, dumenet , ".: equde at tenuo lo trois Fivrier, mil hu t cer* trent bhoit, pardevant'le sieur II. B. Conas, r , boh. et austi apres les publications reniuises pa: . loi; Ie REgia. rer des Testamone offrit ell vent . publique l'enean lo neuf imai rnil hult cent trente huit, pour comptn die u dite tuccession do feu Nathaniel Cox, lea livers fonds ci apres ddorits, appartenant h la dite sltccession ; lesquelles urent adjugdo I William Mackey plus offraot at dernier tnel.derineur pour I somme tutole do six.acpt mille piaostres. Description de la p-nurid'd d'aprbs ls tranfoert judiciaire. Deux Ints da terrt .voe les hbtie°se et asmliora. tions qui s'y trouvent, etous les droits, privi Oges. coultumes, voies, servetude-, at avantages qui en d6 pendent, situd au faubourg Saints Marie de sette ville, dans l'ilot born6 par la rue Poydras, dos Mlugezins, alayette et du Camp, et designo par es num6rroa septet huitsur on certain plan dresed par Freddrick W Iliarnsor, deput6 arpenteur gdtd ral en date du shpt Avril mil heut ceunt trent6 hlt, :t deposa pour reeoursa n I'etade do H. B. Cenas tlot. pub. lesquels dits lots attenant Pun a !'autre, oesurent chacon vingt at un pieds, truis ponces, six I gnen de face a Is dito rue Poydras tur soixunle trois pieds onze ponces six ligtnee de prolondeur entre Ihgnes paralltles, mesuro francaiae. Conditions. Un, deux et troan ans de credit on billets endos -6 tb salisotinti, assurds par hypothequo apeciale. junqu' b parfiait paiement. A cos causes, toutes pereonnes qui ont ou pour. rasent avoir que!que rd6clantations contra lea lots do terre et lblisses ci desous ddlrite, en cens6. queunc d'un dl'ut do foIbre danrs o'rdre, le d6cret . u juglemnt do li cour, en vertu inquelle Ia vents a 6,6 Ihlte, on de toute autre irr6gularitd ou illdga. litI dans l'estimalion, I'uvis ou le temps et le mode do Is veute ou pour touts autrs cauoe queol Iaqe, eont par lea prdadllltus ciides d'arir b de uire dons trente jours. I dater do la publication du psdsent avnt dans les papiers publics, les saisons pour lee. quolles Ia vents uitsi faits, nomsermat pas approuvds etu bomlogude, conuno Ito demande Ie dit acqud En foi de qutni, j'y ai appon6 me signature et Jo sceau de Ia ditno our des Preuvee, en [L. S.] detaxetms jour du mtis co Mali, A. D. 1839. W. F. C. DUPLESSIS, llthi IRegislor des Testamens. e5a 4t)flt> >1tt car:cro oinr -o a Faban-aol Ip 1·,,,,., >11 ,,l-,,\T'S11AJ AldIbaa'. urn. r $owe; Alal.'ad Familynat Holub Aboet's 11t ay toll do float -Unas Iaaraduction Able,:',, Yaagtl('a'ri.iu-j Iick'L. ceaat'' la tinlk, la ol, me. HI-aol .11ItAaaa'a I'ravata DEl atiwes, for We., at 41 Ccama, pt, by 11ay I ALEX. TOWAU. I `11A lFA-_-3 I.u; Jalbkledjn baher 4.4 SIbrown te ýaeabigabl du Gacat Ilteatra do, 50l da ac)'7 I It · IlatE -t C'a, I1i4 ogenanwnena pEIWUIR'ru\F 'I'I LI.ll's OU%'N ll(aK Y l,',aalav . Gralarar-Lralie's ra.akea) Ibal ar'c key to Trleanque Porsy's F Irtenh lpelling hlnk Fla''lah laders, hailf 'aad till boaatd 14 aaaaaclta'nFra'eh iaiaa'aa..a rent's t t IIaagtoaaaaealsAl -rice Ilalall'e araahimaltia,-llei aon the nrraat Lady'. nasalacl locks, bloaak (ala Icaaaaa'o medical aaabrt I[oalk tlaaoo's fanrrme-r- rtcl.rt'e :aug booi Hale's IUntrd tatlre.. A 'ca' end ,urgetatapply olfthe elate works juet to Eriea'lld opJaa ed laac tnle on g'od toarm by _ _"""a A'aat,49 Ceanal.t et IlL publiac ae re: pcc al0* t aaaboraows, that tate inn /ý :nto is erected inal th eat improaed plaaa, e it, an airy Bud I1H)(l th 'irobia aItuimei. tlhe flaala F raaealiti, upon the raltl aid, aidoe tle team the Mjuli hebbtildine gl lerre s',,1 (lenst aadliaotlv dialdrl inta o prtaaaataa, i r kba pr h a eta eapt diffeetaa cloBaaano, and .1 flerant dinasrre. The inaeututia, i'a etppli. I titl ter cht sl.lltual and atntiete.r a·la aao.1 teaalaa aoaee-, and tpeaking bhoa a riouw neuw1, loaugana.'a Privet,- oaae any% he fibd bey getlemen at flee dtll lart per day. inAlunldj attend,'aaee,. &c. Paerita in the or. inurv warda,. toe dollars = day Itanved alto two dollar!. ltaall I'.la in the ntjuiaera wards. fiee dollbar. All calpital surgical opetrattane rtea. Ihe reeileet phaina in It, Wrda!emae,aa aha apaicatitn fw altaitioan anatn he asana. ar to Ile C A t.aaeealnrgr, No t flNanatat strct. apata I" t t P-CtPPIt~Ju~a reaeiv, tat ctnaW'.la oateoted troaae t t 611elaeenn.0 yI3Iia iln~bna 8 WVKE & ('o, m9 if A From tov~ nd 11;'IIKE, 65 camp v i I 'Olh- 4l taa-, te, aela' lba RI at aylfa'. 4%

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