Newspaper of True American, June 7, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 7, 1839 Page 2
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MIONEY MnAlKET. Cltr, Thu'rsday Evn'g, June 6. lbecotatoa markthemain.iundisturbed. luyern and 4sldear ar lyient upcinthekr oars waiting paiently lor the new, bythe (Cnat \ Ith.tha ntt pir-d tat Hdttin3.lgerof PIaris tes reaf tis.d tA S yIy'obteIr. Noltr's drafts, that ie,I the df. that. ` u apiatreeta. by actual ehipmenat. llbIt .4tea . rai.lreale oaie nrouble in tile awigwam. The i.r'tht thel Mlissienippi Spricg's Rail Road Copaty bhad -ptocured dIOti:OU at the Girard Bank iehladerphia,ii proounoced by the Cashier of the latler o bd.eptrte; eo be on your guard against this paper L +idId pltally d.ll with .is at presena . The ler oe. bnWenOr look. livelir. There ere 40 -teauinrs in poet.ldaf,whieh are within cur muenicinality. S'lre'.temuifrerom Misaisaippi are heartairkeoiig. It is ftl1org,;peetad all bank debts will be clrotented in thatl tar. ehltbank directors and ofltnrs in less Ihan six mosita wmill be in such odium, that it will be unsale for etam ao pretend to rrver their claims. From tire legin i.:rIture no than Inrks for relict, for the majority of the spro.qi attives err corrupt oa the clrer t.ry havilg re --Cered dieoanla lo be qniet. The Irblic inldignetion maainstlhe banks of Vicksburgh is gradually icreas ing. lcenes of violence and bluodshead are l.arfulily tookndl tir. SConttornat New York on the 29th ultime was diown full j rent a pound. Stocks shared lihe sate fate and were depressed. NewOrlemsan Chamber of Commerce. OEFICanS tOe rHE YEAR 1839. Prsident, S. J. Peters. First Vice President, W. I.. Hldge, Esq. Second do. Jim. A. tMera, Esq. Cnmmittee of Appeniis Jfor 139. James Dick, Jamle rF. Leverich, H. C. Camtnmack, AIijah Fish, P. O. Sorbe, , tilnrnel ThompaMn, Commillee of Arbitration for the monee oef May. John Heddleeten, Jo"h C Harrison, O. W. Huntington, William -opkins, Enoch Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hlardy. Joachim Kobn. Mali IRegalmdea s. The Great Eastern Mtail is closed every day at 10I o'clock A. M. ls due everday at 4 P. M. TheL Epresi Mail is closel every day at half past 10 A. M. Is due with the Great Easaten Mail, every i'he Lake Mail (via Covingtos, La.) is closed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A. M. Is due every ''uesday, 'Thursday, and Saturday, at P. M. The Louisaele or River Mail isclosedevery Mon day, Wednesday, and Saturday, at 3 P. M1. Is sent and retunled by steamboatq. Arrives irregularly three simes a week. The Bayou. Sara or coast Mail is closed every Tuesday and Friday, at 8 P. t. Is sent aod returned by steamboats. The Alexandria or Red River Mail is sent irregu larly by steamboats twice a week. LouISVILLE O0 RIVER MAIL. Monday, ) Wednesdsy sad Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. Seaturday, ) COAST MAIL. Tueensy sad a Setsa rdd Closesat 8 o'clock. P. I. MAYUItA.rTY OF NEW ORLEANS. IcHEprise ftflour to deay being $6 110 per barrel, according to the tariff, the bakers will. give 34 ounces of bread for ten cents, during the week begin niag on Monday next, the 3 J une. The loves of sec. ond quality,or of three for ten cents, shaill weigh 25 per cent more, that is to any, 42 1.2 oIcIes. tene 1 C. GENOIS, Mayor. - . Ut. .5 Lt.AeiHV..tL. l.nlt. itOAD Cu. SUMMER AieRANGEMENTI. Comma elllcig i n Suntla, Jutne '2. 1819. T1 E Cars sill leave tor the GREAT'' PRAIRIE, on h. their routes it the Bayou Tiguyne, every day in the week-as follows: Ilepnrt. Return. 7P.M. 10A. 51. 5 " 7 , txceft Sundays, when the cars will run as fallows: Depart. Rieturn. 0 A. M. 9 A. Mt. IP. M. . 3P. M. 5 71 P. AM. J3 JAMES H. CALDVWEI.L, President NEW ORLEANS & CARROI.LTON RAIL ROAD COMPANY. SUMMelt aIRA aOEMaNIs FOR THE WEEK DAYS. Fromc Carrolllon. Floa Ncew Orleaus. Horte C at 4 o'clock, -A. . Hre Car at 5 o'clck, A. M Ar to'.k a Car can be obtaini d by paying 5 dol lr foar tbhe Taep. AtiRRGlE ENT Oar SUNODAS: The ers will leave at tile slme houras in tile week days until I a'clock, a. . alwh a'Loconutive will leave Carrolltoc every hoar, uatil 8 o' clok, P. SP. For tie accOmmodatio, of persons visiting Carrnlton, in the 5 o'clock car, aoId wh may iit wish to remain llere util l o'clock, the car t a, Ilaas h etofore left Carrollito at o'clock, will remaill unil i ,,'clock, tihereby allowing them one hour to elljoy the pliasait walks of one of the most beautiful Oar dens is Me Ueited States. Perosiegotnlp by thle Lcomotive inust provide thelnelver with Ticket, as thi condunt,+r has potiro directions elot to receive money iu lieu thereof. THE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREETCARS I.eaivea the of.J.cksnii street at ojelocke A. M., Caital itrItast la o'clock ilid run Ihorly. At8 id'clrk lthey will commence to leave each and evera hall hour, until F o'clock, P. AI., froi Jaek-on stre.[. ai 9 o'il.elk from Cacal street, excepling ta 8} o'clock, . i1. firoa fcus' street. O" It is patiraarily rque-teid th ,t gient enan will not put their feet actli cushioas, or smoke in I lle .cas, whieu Ladie OiceN rfrle Or].e and Carrolltont Rail Rod Cnompany, lay Ilt, IRI9. JOIIN IIAtIStON. nap e8 Chifaug+N. OS6 C tI ._ NEW ORLEANS ('ANAL ANDI IIARKING CO. rlIHE Iroi Stemliboat Iiebrcra will lPave 'the RBasi at Ihe head ',l th.' Nrw Cannl, every lay, (except lliltlayes) ir tve I akt , ,a fillii s: lIpari It 5 A\. \1. Iil ortn at II A. 11. I" A.t.M. " c 12 P. 9' o P. ,I. 4 . " I '., 9 P.9M. Anwl or iS)ND.\YS: S P. P. J P.M. nay 28 I. CHEW, iash. TRUE AJICEIIAN OFF5OE. It cononecion' with this Ollice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE Flll TIlE PINTINIG OF Pamphlets Blank Chccks Catalogues Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, Legal Notices Auction Bills, Bill Forms, Show Bills Steam Boat Bills Circulars And every description efJob oaerkh a smay be required. FORT11 OF NEW OIEI\NS.. CLEARANCES. June G. 1819 Ship Lo.s.npe, Marhanl for oslion e lII (1,e ShiplOreail.o, flulr ,, eonln. S I JP 1'hlitney BrquqePearl, Flrcher,faer St JelLn Gio.tehet& DUris Brig Aoduhnt , Slabo.i, ftor Huralea, It Gronhig A to SIe, Mary Washmltoo, show, for Tobasco, J G Rowland bhlhr W R Doua, eott, feor St Jsoeph. MIote Porque, lslupez, fur St Jal o de Cuba, blaster ARRIVALS. June 6, 1Wl9 Tow bent Hudlson, Davie., fTrom N E pal.. having towed to sousbip Mars, hrig Elley ad schr, Waterwlteh andil Colset, leturned to the city sbilt pason. Left the bar on thl 5tb at pm i Nothing new 8hip Maso.uAllest3dey from Ie.ton, to master SBtemseCorbiran. Lo kwoed, fle StE Louis VSteanr Leruoot.oLrent, fin tevou Sara SUmser lridgewater. WVrlph,, fin Ci.einnnti BSteomer A Fusiltier, Mlat, fin St Martlhsvilte Steamer NEors. Hnygpode, f O0petteses Sutemer N Albruy, Mlonteomery, fin Louisville Salsomer Maid orOrla.t . Vanl |lllesl, fe St Loull Stoomer U flstel., Freellad, in SL Louis EXPORTS. SO5TON..Per ship Ileroanlr--arro 635 bales cotton 110 bit rk tP4 pigl oled l01 iekl cor 165 do owhea 5hlesi bmaieg ........... Per hip Orleans.-Cargo 437 beef bides 7 3 keg.s lard 1749.ld11iour 582 bte perk 465 acks eorl 37.11 halos cott9, l3 hd. toe,cre T JOHN--Per barque earl..tcurgallY'bi flour 509e bushelso enro UAIVANA..Pcr brig Auduboo..Cret 40 bit flour e~s7 kegs lard 102 Itanso5 A steve. TOBASCO.. Pereahr Mary We-hint.. lsI ballast. ST JOSEPHI.. Persteh W R 74 I fleour 114 aebki iese 3 hd heams 1 dooel.r h kego lard 4 hi. hrandy ST JAGO DE CUBAl--Pr pelaceo Poroo .Cargo 860 his o. IMIPORTS OSTrON..Per ship Mas..on..Cargo 300 to. ice. 5W0 empty deaijohns - RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Baou Areon..Per steaser Lva nt.. Cago 7 balel ctton Pey roea. Aeeiool t co, lesooeei M Thomass. iSd. and 1 bbl tope Ihbi molass loJ & L Garnise, lot of furniture owoer on board Clissonati-Per isteamer Bridoewtee..Carlg 13 hi. fliour 36 hd bacono Ogdsen Souilgll.ate, 112 bl whisey WC The.l IoI 1e I.1.1. ls ,lefMtbred & c gol.oo 316 ielse WIll.ce s Sigeran, 62 bhis ohakej G Doreey, 146 bill pork J (todio 33 bolu cotton Allen+Asher co. 5 do Burke, o et a& co, 4 cask ba, onS his whiskey 185 his flour, owler o bard Oleolmo ..Per steamer New Albany--CIrO o U 0 ls pork 51 kelgslard J Valireo 4 o. 2e7 cnks Ieoll P Ibshnon A co, 40l6 pr aLglille 433 roils rope H erown & .6 35 ps baggling 150oil. ropeOgiden 4.oulhbeo. 69e, sek. ce rn 4 bI pork IS kels lard owner l Ibord, 49 hed cattles and 91 do sheerp 3 abin pse..onfe. Oplouer-Per teaer Normi--COargo 30 ble. cotton aold 074 addle trles Folloiu. Pellteq .od Degoll. 23 blte eotio, McHlley p Ford, fl do C Toledoan, 12 do Lambetolh & Them. ams. I2hdelllear Adanls , Wbitll. Sllools--Poe i oinear Maid of Orleans. Ce.go 535 oLcks bhmu W W Keslly. 10 hi lard E Hayo. 47 his torn GOidfrey. Laouie 4 S.mall,0t sorb.k coi A H Weiifre co. Ille pegl d J Purry, 34 bli flour I I paekeel mcue W 8 IButler lis S ertiill..Per aeenise Fusilier..Carg 55 hd.ulgor C Toledno, B bds sular and tudries, to the ownerll who tire stLosio..Per.6o mur United Stl.a..Vargo3 45 plg. lend Gedlepy, Lauorie a omall5do( I5ido R II SlOeil 5I5i5dd o bh toela.eo6 at.e I ,lellhke, 18 hi. pork A 'tier lo A*t J Andrew. Oi do and 310 slck. corU A H Walleoe a oo 4b all a W DIysr a co 48 dry hi lla lSmlth & Vo. helabs b paprk l7lSolheol7e06 e.ll lad 1444 0Lckecorn SI empty Ml4h(p flther. lots bkcuo eltd butlfr to owner. oilt bod sad Cept Prsitaed sa L.lo..'Per 0is. mer Ceailon-Clrgo 730 aek.l corn 1i bs mechi sdieon.neTol & Elder 1000 pig. lead odfey, al Lsu.l.. nmll,,l8t col cnit. ropeand 10 Itd ld tobacco C DIa- th ., 0 bxl oIise ttl.. 5 b eilrh meet 0t do lead 6 dohatterWA oumuer a co. 1au5 sr.ank cot o 6 kegs butter Vairo.Eu.I4 kegls hotter Slo.n t k br, Plhds tobacco B OhlNy, 1444 pig. lead Capt o s boalrd Rol CONIHGN B S IE. Perlhip Mason..JTuro. Bowdih & Sntoa left PASTEN OERS Re Perslcomer utaid nf Orltens..Mr, Ssfixn and rhlhlre. Ad i ug JPerry,J Prry. Mure D,.aohe, Portlald. lorgan,. W tH Rloger Pestrloneamer. United Statesll..Joseph 8tillinmu, A Brother;O W1't ofi MEMIORANDA die Maid ofOrleans lost 00 hams Ill recelvine nd delivering eo freight. Mloenuoi iver risiag. feet water on the rapldsof the lM..isiiplet 5tearer North America lgrollnd at No 1. on lb t ias. pre NAUTICAL INTELIG.IENCE.. cl t inee York, lMay Sth. CI'd OPrens. hilher. Arr brig Snld..oA.2 dys helnce 281. Aorr.h Odeon. t8 days hence. Also, chr Maria do. I el do.' - r .t Bostan, May 27th1. Ae rhip Zeblbin, shenro 5h May. At Priladelprhi, May w29th. Iot'dl irt D Khby, hither a 'TIIF; I'IRUE AMl RIA:\N. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. tflhticiatl *ooutn1 of Ibe 25 .fkunicipalito. ha PUBLISHED 00 Daeily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. '.IOW OR IEA i. l FRIDAY, .TUNE 7, 1839. Whig Press of Louisiana.-Money is the sioew of in war, is an old saying, and a true on., but it is ol less true, tlough it may not be so old, to say, that an aln press itlahe sinew l polritics, llas Louisiana an able, i working, and spirited Wig Press? Ilas she a press ever on thn look out for the approach of corruption, e executive tyranny, and all the reemies of constitution al liberty. Let us see. The Red River Whig, edited by Mr. Moore, carries proofofits ability on its face. Scorchling denun:iations .f the prootices of he Van Buren party, thorough expo- 1 S0itions of thir systlem o politics, zealous advocacy of d true whig principles, and a bold stand in favor of the S1truth in all things, are cllsrate'stlie oftlhi journal. It is cornerstone of tie whig edifice in the parishl of Rapides. Let the whig press oi that part of Louisiana go and do likewise. We like to see a paper come to h us glowing with zeal in delence of d ie party and prin ciples it supports. It is proof positive that the editor a onderstands hlia bursiness. The Opllousas Gazette is located in a richl parish, I containing some 1400 voters, most of then good whigs, t hut judging frol tlle small nunlbar of votes taken in 4that parish at each electio, omeothing like one helf, we are forced to coonider the Gazette as but a feeble oad. I jutor in the whlig ceae. It Iowaver occasionally evio or s lallentl and shows ip the moolntebank tricks oftlhe Van Inrel focti It has only to ex0eorcise a little mlore indostry and with the issue of every number give the public a leading political arlicle, striking houlo in the bosont oi tie enemy, to become useful. il The Balton Rouge Gazette doues nt nake a bhuoiaes ofpolitics. It is avaluable paper, but fhr o weaeltly andpopulos adistrictas at iln whhichit is situated more zeal ought to be displayrd, and its columos should : carry lea antiiolte to the poison regularly elintted by tie Van olren prints. It will give .ts great pleasure here after to note ilt course and It tratner to our columnes its political leadlln articles. We hope the editor will not t lire in a good cause, but charge hotne cupon the enemy D at all limes. The New Orleans Bee, once the Ttllful setinel on the walls of'Van Bureoicm, and enjoying still a wide cir I culation in or slate, is now a watelllna in'tllhe tower of Whllig principles. Its political articles sonletimes are too generaol a l fail ofpoit. Tis templllorary defect 1 will no dolubt be remedied, so soo0 as its editors become more lfamiliar witlh tlh ground they are treading opon Ifthe leudinog wriltr Ior tlis print wmooold only icfinse he inat his articles some fire, be oigiht be of nlore service to his party. 'loe Ben, occopyino tle position it dloeas, ought to be frorelost inll te fight against tile elnemiesa of ye censtitutionao liberty. Itought 0o launclh its thlalder Oi bolts in every direetion, alnd ever be on thle offensive, for he to t0e exetlions of lis journal in thie whig c0use,'we 1 lookIro oimiolltena.cllo of Whlig principles amlong ile ur Creole Aomericans of tll st1te. It cannoe therefore be ,r. too earnest, and t.loo deotermine in olidilng tip to the gaze cm cile readers tile vile corruptions of the admlinitration. toIt slould b olicre prouinet iol tlhecontest,llauo it llhas eern. Tihe Louisiana '. errtier, under dirlirrnt proprietors cr has been prominent ti thie battles of alR onartks. Tile ill present editor is a strong and flithfrl Whig, but he ap, ril penrs latterly to have abandoned party politics, and con t w fines himtelf pretty much to a clanish feeling, and the co defence of his countrvmen, the sons of the Emerald Isle. it He should quit such a fruitless to.k, and launch out up. o. on a itroader tleutre. Ofthe True American we need not here say our ve opinion. The journal is known to every Whig in the it state, and every Van Bnrenite too. Tile party know ry where and when to find its editor. to TIhus, thon, we have five prominent Whig Journals in ]t tile iate of Louisilna. Oil them hones the reeponsihil- rt ity ol keeping publie o ini'. in a healih, tone, of pre venting the deadly poiton of Van Burenitt from enter- do ing tihe ody poiie andh killing til exertmionoffreenten. 1n There nre mony other prints following in the nake of toI these journals, but as .hey are only elevetlh hour Imotl t tmen who eddle ,i I)politics only on 1th eve of an i* election, and whlln they deem it to Ibe their interests, we tt lolle great ulnd holh cause. They may not he (Ip no enle. fi I ties, blt enjoying intly of them a tide circulation II their course telnds to supretrs atll interest in politico and n by Iteir siionce on thle subject, mano readers ere opt to a" thlink that all is well. TIhis filne setcuity created by le t course, of such prints as the Bu alletin, d others of lthat tI stultp,ia worse than open wurfnle aoninst Whig ptnllci- t pies. IThese journals puss offfor whig papers, rand their ulle of being tnduhcted, is nearly ulways iltul to the t cause tlthy retend to support. Give us hot, heal ty, zeal- ti O(u nodvoentes ill any caLse. 'lhere is nothing we dot not despise mnote than tlhe lukewarm, tile blowing of hut and cold with thet sane breath. To Whigs in itle coun try, therefore, taking the Bulletin and such papers, we o say, hle onyour guard. If you love our principles and would k:.ow Ihu the political world wags, subseCrile to r solom oene ftthe live journals mlentioned above. Justice i to the cause n fthle whigt, and not private feeling, has induced us to pen this articli. We mean to follow it tip, and exanine tile pretensions of sottle otler country Whig journals. Virginia. -We are still in thle dark us to the real re suit in Virginia. We have in the Senate twelve whigs and four con-ervativer, which give nu a tie. One dis trite yet tobe heard from. In the Ilouse of Delegates tihe state of parties, so far as heard from, is 51 w. 4 cone. 48 V. B.--31 members to hear from. The chances are that we shall have a mtnjority on joint ballnt. The del egotion to Congress stand thus: t U'7tig.. Van Bur-e. Henry A. Wise. John W. Joes John Itill. Joe Hollnetmn, Jotn M. Rotts, Francio E. Rivesr, Charles F. eircer, George C. Drotngoule, Vitt. I.. Gongio, tI.inn Bank., John Tnlinferro, Walter Coles, RI. Mt. T. Ihmter, William Itueans, Conservaltie. IRobee t Ctaig, James Garland, Lewis Steetnrod. We shall to doubt get Hopkins, Wothered and Camdent, wlh will give the majority in the delegation. Mr. Clay in Virginia.--n Albemalde county, Vir. P giia, tile tone of public sentiment has entirely changed, f and no one is spoken of for the Presidency let Mlr. r Clay. - h. Mr. St eens.--'This once incorrigible Jackslon mano , noweaclnded fromt the Legislature of Peulnylvanin, i by his quondatm friends, has thrown himself before til t people of Adams county for re-election. Villainous -In oflicer in the Florida war has writ ten to the Albany Evening Journal, and offers to prove, that "the Indians were recently supplied with emuni. tion and provionons by governmeno t contractors and speculators, who have made splendid fortunes out of tleheart-sickening contesl." He is ready further to prove that " this war has been a war upon the Treasu ry, and Ithat tlecourse of operatinns llhs been with a view to this object." Will the people of this country never be avenged upon their wicked, faithless and corrupt servants ? Celelte.--bhe has had a highly suecessful engage meat at SI. Louis. Her Benefit was on the ist instant, and such was tlie demand for seats that they were drawn by lot. Her next appearance, it is stated, was ti be Louisville, where she has been a deserved favor its. Naval.-Capt. W. C. Bolton, U. :. N. has been as aigned to the command o tihe Brandywine frigate. Larangeiras.-Thki port on the Cutiugtiba river, on the coast of Brazil, in $outh latitude II dog. i20 min t was lately visited by trie ,tho.oner Gallant Mar:, from v~; ý :1 tlhtlt~l. Jr Co 1 Baltimore, she beig the first ald only foreign vesseet l that was ever in the harbor. .. Important from namatra.-The ship Arabells, Capt Roger*, says the New York Courier,'arrived at Boston on Monday from Manilla and Signapore, reports having - left at the latterport the U. S. ship Columbia, Corn. Reed, arrived day before, and saw the U. S. ship John Adamos standing into Signaporo Roads, both from Su- I matra. M+ Comn. Reed had received information of the capture dim of the ship Eclipse, of Salem at Colombo, and imme- qa diately repaired to ttie west coast. On his arrival, after endeavoring (ionsuccesefn ly) to negotiate for the deli very of the Mandarins, and restitution of the stolen propery, Qualla Rattoo was bombarded two hours on de the 23d December-one fottdestroyed, and the other o considerably injured. Ot the lot Jaouary, Muchkie d' was burnt by the Columbia and John Adams. After hai calonaading the place, four hundred met were landed sa' from the ships, nyd the town and forts destroyed, with ch a considerable quantity of pepper-neither ship sus toined any loss. The Malays all retreated into the ungle. No part ofthe property captured in the Eclipse woan rcovered. Canton.-By the John N. Goeler, Captain Davia, Ci Canton papers to tile 5th February, have been received at New York. Tihe Courier says that a proclamation has been isserd by the Viceroy to foreigiers, on the subject of the opium trade, which he, contrary to all previous custIom, had translated intot English and prin ted for distribulion by Chinese olfieurs on board foreign re shilps. 'h' severity with which the Imperial Govern. pl tmeat threatens to pursue those engaged in the traffic, u tlad caused considerable alarm, but it was still doubled ai whelher they were serions in their intention of putting into executiorin a measure which would throw out of bread an immense laboring population, sart be fraught with the greatest danger to the tranq:tility of the coun try. Be this as it mIay, an Imperial Commissioner, is who is one of the four great ministers of state, has been despatched to Canton for the purpose of assuming the r entire managemeht or the measures to be taken con eeining the trade in question, and another to take upon q himselfthe guard of the sea coast, whirih a nutmnber of soldiers, it is said, were preparingto march to the se a veral seaports to aid these commissioners, if necesary. ° The Viceroy of Cantton on the receipt of the Imperiol despatches announcing these missions, fainted from agi e tation and lay insensible for about an hour, fearing that investigations mightl take place, which would prove him and his family not altogether so innocent of pare cipation in the opiumo trade as he tnay wish to appear n- Treaty wiil Mexico.-It appears that Mr. Ellis took' or out with bim a treaty negotiated at Washington and signed in April, by Mr. Martmez and Mr. Forsyth. i, By this treaty, written three months after its ratifica ;, tion,.two commissioners are to be appointed by each in government, te form a board of four who shall sit at We Vashington. They are to have 18 months to examine d. ait autdl decide upon allclailns. After the result oftheir . labor shalol be communicated to the Mexican govern. ble amnit, that power will issue its bonds, bearing 8 per et. ire interest, to the various claimants for the amount awad ho ed them by the commission. These bonds shall be re. he caivible in payment ofduties at the custom house in Mlexico ; but if very large-sums be presented at a time so government omay refuse to receive more than one half. hy All the difficuliees hbout Texas tre satisfactorily ar' red rnged. We shall see (hether Santa Anna and his uld clique will ratify this treaty. Our opinion is, he will the not. re- Daring.-The Iron steamer it. L. Stockton; Capt its Crane, has arrived at New York after a passage of 45 not days, by the aid of sails only, her engines having been my sent over by nnother vessel. She is 71 feet long and 10 feet broad, at midships, and is intended for the Rari. on tan Canal. 3)u int the voyage she worked admirably, r of Lyncl Law.--Judge Shattuck escaped a day ortwo are since very narrwly at Benton friomn the mercies of fect Lynch law. lle gave some offence to the jury and the ute mob at once proposed to lynch him. lie got out by a ,11 back way. lice Exroocrs from a work, published in 1810, entitled teg, "Iochiquin,or the Jesuits Letters," from a private cor responddece, by anl unknown foreigner, for many years leo. a resident in this country. for "Swarns of noxious insects, swept frorr the factories we and spunging houses of Eunrole, after enjoying a full hur tie vest ofuemolument aud importance in the tities of this lie country, return to their original insignificance athomte, a ie to'buzz aspersion through their "little platoon ofso inn. ciety," and then come back again to bask in the sun has shine they feign to slight. Apprentices and understrap pers, mongrel Ablies and "gens d'induosrie." in the ors course of the flight over tile Atlantic, are transmuted ite into fine geitleaime and virtuosi, shocked at the harbn. tis Tian eusatni of the savage republic; the hospitality of on whose cilizens they condescend to accept, while they e conlnli+sernte and clhlumniate their hosts, and consider le. it their erpecial errold and office to villify, disturb and overthrow the govertnment. Persons i f condition from abroad haie so often pro. our vel to be hnstlers anti . ntmen, and men of learning the mountabank doctors,that the Americnn, find it neceesa ow ry to shake these foreign vermin fromn their skirts, and to assert a dignity and self-respect, which are the first Sin steps to that consideralion from others, hitherto by this excresent usurpruion repelled from soeiety." Robin Day.-Wo bad seen several wholesale eon demnations ofthis wo'rk in mony journals, and took it up "ith noi httltle lear that a hIeavv and diaonreeable task lay ieftre us. lint to our EurprioP, it waS elidea' that the condemnaltitonl in qilPuestion were miade by per onls who bad ilter read thei wlrk. Instead of colnillg lu the clcl~uionll as one journal t ery cavalierly had it, that it wts litrshy concern, not worth readinrg, we Ifound ourselves impellleld by the author toI see tile ellnd of tile dventunres of por Robin, at one sitting. W\Ve ou Id not help it. bult we lullhed Iollt heattily at the thou stn I sallies of "it ail huotor dipllayed nlearly on eve ry page,ald a tile Iplt thickened, we had our aytlmpa thies mlloved ill a ontderfld iner by the pathos of the scenes through which thie hero was hurried. Dr. Bird hls noit only produced a novel orthy of hlia rep utution, but lie has given u. an Amoericoo work, eahibl-. tiug itllihe strongest light American character, and in our opinion this eirrt far transcenlds any one of his pre vious exertions it the fielt of liction. T'here is a fresh nes alboutl it truly graultrl. 'Ple rrength unil purity of hisst.le and language isakes the path of the reader so eas thlit he forgets he is wenlding his way over the plaites if lliction, st aoll seems so natural, so unaffected, s simhple, tht lfir the life of himi, lie cannot but believe he is listenig tt tthile recital of a real storv. There ale o tme powerful hintl ill the work agniust the negrEes of Philodellphin, the Imttle of conducting the war by tthe governmounll against tihe Indians, the system of quack medicines, the hirch umode of education, &r. d&c. We look upon the deseriptiou of Itubin's exertions in the cause ofachool tiry libel ty, and the bravery of Dicky Dare in establihling a republican sebolm, after the mod el of the Constitution, as unequalled by any writer of the present day. It is a chef d'wuore. It is tile duty ofevery American to buy Robin Day, to read it and to place so valuable a morceau of American literature on the shaelfof his li'roary. Richelieu, to-morrow. Maid of Orleans.--''his new and commtodioius pack et is the adtioe lintin of every one. lite belongs to a numtber of St Louis merchants and ie iltended for the passengelr trade between that city and tils. lier length of keel is 160 feet, and bleadth of twool 28 feet six in ches. Shte oas four bhilers, each 25 feet long and 42 ilnches diameter. The steam is worked off on to two cylinders 19 1-4 inches in diameter, 8 feet long and lying atsn angle of ablout 14 degreen waith the horizon. The paddle wheels are 26 fet t 6 inhes in diameter with float II Ifeet long. iThere are no fly wheels. She odliws when light II lfeet water and her measurement birthen is 265 tons. Down stream she can carry 400 tons easily. ller model is beautiful with a very sharp prow. lTh paddle wheela are located about two thirds of her lenghth from the bow. The cabin has 36 state roomsa and runs from the front of boilers to stern. The matresses are upon strong twilled linen slretched over wire springs, nearly in thlpeshape of hour glasses, well secured. 'hese beds are said to be a perfect lux. uly. The cabin is ventilated by small narrow windows tearthe ceiling and running the whole length of it on bouilt ides. Ae a whole the Mlaid of Orleans is a fine specimen of steam boat arcitecture. Our beat wishes are for her success and that her officers may never fali to perform their duty. May we never bie called upon to record any accident to her by flood or by steam. FOR LIVoERPOOL. 7tt June. o.- Thie A I fast sailing ship ADAM LODGE, Catt Moire, ilaving her cargo all engaged, will iSilaositivel) on tile7th lint. Forpas tsage, htuvtio suprrior accotllitodttons, apply on board oppositte upper pressarou S & P+WHI'ItNEY. N. B. The Adam l.odge can take 80 bales ottot if applired for this morning to S &J P W FOIl AI.IXANIDItA, NAT'CHI'ITCIIeS, o SIREVEPOItT, FULTON, & JONESBORO. pl't splendid stetmer SOUTH A " I.A IAAIA, S Bickertaf; nlanter, witl leave ftr the abolve ad iatnlart. ditt landinge, on Sattrday, 8th instant, at 4 o'clock, P. M. For teigha or pamtoge, bvitg splenldid aecoum ttodalbtimt, apply ot board ipposite Cutltoln House or J6 to T B LEE & Co,re1 New Levee olI 1IIjIDGEt l (,. AFFAIRES DU CONSEIL. SECONDE MUNICIPALITE. MARDI, 21 Mai 1839. tew Sdance do 21 Mai 1839. n R6solo que le Tr6sorear paiera, our I'ordre du who Maire, & John R. Butler, W harfingeor, soizante prop dix piastres pour les rdparations d'un bateau plat 24th que deit 6tre omployd comme bouBdo. I eign 2d JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ap Rdbolu quo Thomas Sloo, Jr. Trdsorier, eat at tone demeure autorisd I signer cotte, portion dos troisa re cents bons a d6mettre I la Banque do Citd, en vrtu feet d'ur. rdsolution du 4 D6cembre, 1828, qui a 6td L laisud ans dtre sign6 par le dornier 'Trdsorier. ran savoir ; cent cinquantes trois bons do mille piastres sire chaque. I Signd lej JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsohl que la somme d deux cents cinquantes j piastres soit payd6c a Jose Carrobal, comma pleine compensation pour les dommages a Ini oceasionds par eIn ddpots de terre de la bntture am rnc16s prbs do son poste aux huitrles son detriment. Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Lu ae R6Bolu que la rdsolution do 9 Octobre dernier, Mi relatif au povage sot iainsi omenddo qu'olle n'euige rst plus du contractant, J. Minturn, de continuer sim. ultanement le pavage danes o district inferieur at te, superieur, bien entendu toutefois quo lea rues dd. 18 signoce pour stro pavee par Ia dite rdsolution Ie sorontlo premier jourad'Avril, 1840, par le dit con' sill traetant. Signd tI JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. pit - Sa R6solu que I'Alldo de Bank, rue situde antre lee rues Gravior et Natchez at dos Magazine et du fat Camp, soit accept6 et r-eu comma rue publique et de quo la dite rue et lea trottoire qui la bordant, soient considerdee aur Il mmeo pieds quo lee autroe rues ra publiques, dans lea limites de cotto Municipalit6. 12 Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. a1 Rdsolu quo la petition de R. Terrill pour com- le `t pensation d'une cortaine quantitd do pierresa plates e qu'il dat lui avoir 6td aisiaes ill6galement, soit et do. mememoure rjeto . or Sign6. th JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. - II et de pult rdsolu quo In rue St. Thomas soit ou~erte et prolongdn en droite ligae depuis Ia rue Suzette jusqu' la nrue de l'Annonciation ; et arfi h do mettre cott rosolution en vigour, Ie Maire eat at et demnoure autorids6 & co quo demands soil faite a to I'honorable Cour de Paroisse dans et pour Ia ville de ir Ia Nouvelle Orndans do nommer trois personnese 3 nb hoeontes et d6sintdress6es, competentee pour servir on qualitd do juros duns la d to Cour, I'erffet d'agir aN Scomme Comtnissaires d'estimation at d'asseesment d' conformdment a un acts intituld I" Acto pour ra. e gulariser I'overture, I'dtablissement et Iameliora. in tion des rues, &ac." approuvd lo 3 Avril, 1832. ne Signd fr Ir. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. io R6solu quo la compensation du Collectour do e ill Taxes our les cadfs, cabare s &c. eat et demeure fi6d i cinq ponr cent aur toutea sommes collcctlos at par lui paydee au Tr6sor, pourvu que la date pt compen.sation on une anirde n'exebde pas deux 4 mille et cinq cent piastres ; l'anndo a comptor du onlr Jan ier au lr Janvier. nd Sign6 ri. JOSHUABALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu qua le salaire de Jolahn Calhoun, Comp. a we trolour, eat et demeure fixd & quatre mille Cinl i of cent piastres par an, Ia partir de et apres le lor i he jour de juin prochain. Sign6 a JOSHUA BALDWIN,Recorder. RO6olu quo to salaire du Trdsorior eat at demoure led id6 & trois mille piastres par an, depuie et apras Io or- lorjour de Juin prochain. are Signa JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. or- 11es de plus rdsolu quo I'Avocat ao c to Muni. his cipelit eat ct demouro outoriso ct d'obtenir i de la dire Cour do Circuit on ordrn pour la vente ' immediate dndit lot de terre qui deevra tire vendu Ia 0o- telles epoque nt place quo la ditl Cour fixera et 0un conformanment aux ordoullances at rdsolutions aa . ap- cienanlelent adoptje par co Conseil et relatives au the dit lct de terre. ted Sind6 ba. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. or - aey Rdsolu quo lesservices dae l. Lockett, Eaq, pour der defendre leosdlots et interrts de cette Munipalulat and dtns I'llet do terra born6 par leo rues du Canal, et Magazin, de Ia Commune, et Tchoupitoulas soient et daencurent nceeptae ro Signa. ing JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ea nd Rdsolu quo le Commissaire Barry recovra le sal irst aire do Commnissaire du premier district pendant le his temps qu'il a alien cette capacitd, attendtu la re. signation do Mr. Willis. dernier Commissaire, Sign6 "0 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. blr Rdlolu que les Avocats employas par catte Mu a nicipalitb, pour defendre see int ertes o ccux doe ter- Maire. AIJ,'rmon et habitans de la Nouvelle Or ig looaln dana iilet do tor a borna par leo rues du Ca. lit, nat, de la Commune, dloe Magazins et'l'ehoupitou. e tlae, et In lot trianagulairo quai fait face ao dit I at ilot, entre loe rues Tchlloupitouls 6t de la Nouvelle Id Levee, saienl at dotaourant requio de faire juger cette affaire ia otto asession dla la Coar do CircuIt. SU- en- JOSHUA BiALD)WIN, Recorder GLASS WARE. N~I BELL. Nio. 16 Clhartres trtcl, wlshin to Selos hlii. nssortmensi of GLASS WARE, will ulffr it at a l tiuc heaper rate, than can te folld at any other store in ()rlean., nonsisting of dishes, ruit. bb;r, dec ters, lamps, salti , w ines, glasses, shades. cuLjs, )httes. &c. N. B. 'I. 'l Trade will be furnished at Factorv Prices. 7 WALKI Nt CA.%ES. TleM BEI.L, No. 16 Chartres street, has this day ' receivede. veriety of CANES, suitable for gen. tlee,'s use, .they will be offred very lw tptlSr WORKS ON SILK. A COMPLETE assortment of the best works on Inh culture of the Mulberry and silk worms. I)andol, on silk warms. D'lomergne's silk culturist's manual. Clarke oni thile Mulbterry. Cobb's manual uof the ulberry tree. Kendrick's silk growers guide. Vhlitemnrsl on the Mulberry and silk wnrlns. Roberts on silk rc. EJOHNS &Co, brated acting plays, E JIH N'S & Co, J6 2w corner St Charles & Common ats SITUATION WANTED. YOUNG Malnied Woman, who has a healthy child, but five mntbs old. is desirouas ofgetti ng situation as VECT NURSE, in a respectablelamily. Site nan give uenxceitionnble recommendations, if re. quired. Apply to Mrs. Ciflield, at ntrs Dawson's, corner of Perdido and St. Peters street. J 6 )LOUR-1000 bbls sateerfne, 450do feie , fee nale by h j7 G I)OItSEY. 441 New Levee IIISKlEY-62burrels landing from steam boat Brlidgewater fr eale by J7 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee ORN BROOMS--l00 dnoz in .te.. for sale by C J7 G I)ORSEI, 44 New Leven MESS POItK--It bbls la nding fromt steam boat United States, for enle by J7 A TItIER 34 Gravier st Drawing of thie Grand State Lettery, Class 47, 1839 5 45 35 31 10 53 4'2 70 54 64 18 Pace age 25, cembhtatitn 5 35 45 the Capital Prize nf 8,00n was sold in tee Grsnd Slate Lottery yesterday, by Mr. Tlhos. Banks, Vendor. THIS DAY. 812,000 Capital Prize. Tickets $3. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 70, Extra. Authorizead by th Legialiture of tbia Stalte. To he Drawn This Diay, June, 7 1839. at 7 o'clock, P. M, at Bishop's Hotel Colaon at. S DAVIS & Co, Managers 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Seltntte. 27,814 Ptizea, amounting to $145,798 Tickets $3 00--Halves $1 50--Qtlrters 75e. Packages of 25 tickets fer $75, warranted to draw at least 33; Shares in preportion For Packages or snainle 'iokrete. apev J7 At Managers office 16 Chartrees RANDY--An moenice of asuerior Brand, vitstage aof 1820, for sale by SHALL & BIROWN, may L 96 Magazine st OAP-2-00 boxes Maham's brand, aor nile by Stiay 1 SHALL & BROWN,96 Magazinest I IE-1000 hbbls Thmlnaten Limer, lauding aend for J saleby S & J PI WAITbEY, may 1 93 Camp N.AILS-96I kegs assorted sies receiving farm Pliladlelphia pnr brig L'Orieet, for sale by my7 SHALL & BROWN, 96 Magazine at ~'P The ship t Jothn from New York, is discharging below the Vegetable Market. Consignees n ill please attend to the receipt of their goods. j l . a ,+,.S ... tI ' Ct'.. /I.eatl+.+.,;tr.u SYNDIC'S SALE. SEC BY BACII & CALHOUN. jE7 W ILL be old on Wednesday, July 3, 1839, at 19 o'clock, at the City Exchang in St I.uiat. An between Royal and Chartresr streets, by norder of A sntho. ayors ny arcl, Esq. Syndie of tie rerditors of Measre A ,gertoo &d Wibry, far tiho account and at tie ,isk of old, Meirs Edward York, George B. Ogden and S COgden, A wleo have foiled tocomnply with the ternom 'ofa sale ol bobs prorty hereinafter described, made to them on the '1n 41h January 1839. on of Eleven lots ol ground, situated in Faubourg Saulet, and te 2d Municipality of New Orlearr, in iet square bounded - by Clio, Piytanee, Calliope anid Nayovls streets, as per - ptan which will be extsihlbed at tie tineal sale, vri: Lot No.l1in easuring .29 fet, 4 inches front o Pro . U tsnee street, by 1I0 teet in depth, and front on Clio da street. Ue Lots No. 2 ,3,4,5, 6, 7,8, 9 and 0, mnteasure each 29 feet front on rytanea street by 12n feet deep. Lot No. II, measuring 29 feet 4 inches front on Pry. tanee street, by 120 feet in depth, and front on Calliope aPps The above Iota will be sold separately with the priv lege ofan alley in the rear of the width of 15feet. Perms ol'fsale-$18l10cash on each lot; balance 6, 2, and 24 tonths credit for approved endorsed noter, with mortgage until final payameat. jane 1 3tljlTj 3jv Vents de Syandl. NI Area PAR BACHI & CALHOUN. C s L SERA VENDU le Mercredi le 3 Juillet pro- Lac chain ta midi, a la Nouvelle Bourse rue St, Louis entre let rues Royalo et Charrres, par I'ordre de Mr. Anthony Raseh, Sindic des ordanciers de Mossrs. Egerton at Wihray pour le compta at atx risques do Messieurs Edouard Yotke, lGeorge B. Ogden and J. C. Ogden qui oat manqu6s aux t termes preserits par la vente pour les propri6t6s ci A desoas designos.e a leur adjug6es lt 23;Janvier, pay 1839. ° ONZE LOTS DE TERRE situde dens tlo fubourg Saulet, Ode Municipalit6 de I. In Nile Orle6ans dane I'llet site6 entre lee rues jous Clio, Prytanlo, Calliope, et Nayade, d'aprbs unu o plan qut a at6 exposn an momlent de la vente, 8 It Savoir : I s Le Lot No. 1. mesurant 29 pieds 4 pouees do e SIface . la rue Prytan6a par 120 piods do profosdeur des, t de face a In rue Clio. van it Los lots Nos. 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 mean- po Is rant chacun 29 pieds do face b In rue Prytanuo par abl 120 pios d prfdefoudeur. Le lot No. 11. meeourant 29 pieds 4 pouces do e oO r. face o In rue Prytaneo par 120 piede de profondour bill at face I la rue Calliope. Let susdits lots seront vendts e6pardment avec Stoe privilege d'una allde de 15 pieds de largeur. . C Loa termes de vents ranoot $1800 comptant pour A. chaque lot, at le balance a 6, 12, 18 at 24 mois do coU crddit en billets endossds It satisfaction, avoc hypo- ee tthbque jusqu' a parfait paieme,,t. Je BY BACHI & CALIIOUN . g.7ILL Ie sold onWednesday, 3d J uly, 1839, at 12 it o'clock, at the City Ihelauslge m at Louis street. da t1 Iwo Squares of Ground, is Designated on a plan drawn by Louis Bringier, osur- ro at eyos genetalas nsqres E and i. Square Ps cantains S6 lot, nuambered flom to 26, which 0teasure as fos towe: do No I, 12,3, 4, 5,, ,7 89,,10-10 tlots moea tsring each vs 30 feet tfont on M mcarty street, by 105 feet it depthi; lot sir No 1 forminag tle coreer of Mcmorly and Alam streets c a ir and lot Ni l0 forstig ths e corner of blacrty and Bur- ric nt det streets. SNosn t1, 2,13-3 lots, measmuing each 30 feet front _ eon Bnrdet street tIy 15t feet in slottth. Nos 4, . 16, 16 17, II, 19,20 21, 2, 2, 23-10 ot, meas. uring each31i feet front on :Comlstercil sreet, by 105 feet In depth; No 14 forming thie corner of CUmosnlercijl ir. nnlBusrdet streets, ar d No 23 forming the corner f1 Cmmnsnercial eod Adanis streets.ell Nos 24, 25,2i--3 lits, measuring eachit 30 feet front on do Adnams street Iby 150 isn depth. se Square C contains 26 lots, numbered front 18 t,26, ihraws whih meoure a follOws:- le Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,D9,U10-10 Iotso measu..g each ux 30 feet front , Colneciail street, by 105 feet in de.thl; du lot N I forlig tile corner ,f Col.lles;t- al and I-ua-et stets, slmid No 0 l formlitg the courser os Comnolst:ial & Washingtoo atreeots. Nos I I, I, 13--3 lots, nlen.lring each 30 feet eront on er. WosIilegton laceLl, by cI Ifeet in d1plotsh. Nos 14, 1. 1, 7, , 1, ,21 2:1, 2:--0 Itr, t, mens uling each 30 lfeet frot oan Psarl street bty s15 feet ill op depth ; ls No 14 ftrine, te corcr of Pearl and W'sil,: ( i1ts ilton streets, and No 22 joining the corter of Pearl lee and Burdel streels. Nos 24, 25,12-3 lots, rmeasring esrl 30 feet front on Burdet street, by 150 feet in deptll; all Amesrica mesaure. r. Juse 1 t IjTj&,3jy ae PAR BACH & CALIIOUN. I L SERA VENDU Mercredi Ia 3 Juillot. ]839, i tmidit h la Nouvelle BoIrse, rue St. Laus"a DEUX LOTS DE TERRE r. aituoe Ct Carrollton, d6signa d'aprds un plan tirS par Louis Brisoginr, Arotsteur gsdO6rale, es dtss a ni. ota Il et C. L'ilEt E cotiotnt 26 lots so.6rot6ss ir do 1 oi 26 lcsquels out les tsurect suivaots : ite Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, mesurant a it ehacun 30 pieda deo face la rue Macarty srr 105 pt tleds le prfonldeur, Ic lot, forinant l'encoig. , an. nurc des roes licarty st Adam,s nn ln lot no. 10 g to lifr ,,ant l'cnco iur dosle rues Macartly ot Burdet. No. 11, 12, 13, troia lots cesnrant c lcus 300 iiods do lfac Ia rue i turd15t vnr 150 de profi,n er. dr. Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mensraont chancu 30 pieds do i faca la rue I our el Csullnrec our 105 deo rofoIuIIr, 1cto. 14 a Ie formiant Icooignuro des rues do Colltlncsco at at Adam. aot Nos. 24, 25, 26, mesotran clhaca :30 pieds do face . la rie Adamn sur 150 de prlfondeur. L ilet C c lotunant 26 lots suiuerot6s do 1 5 26, er. loaqucls ent lea Iomsurs sslivaont: Nos. 1, , 3, 4,1 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mCssrantl sal- chocun 30 picdediu fRce lat rue do Commaterce urnor tt. 105 do profotsdeur, lo lot no. 1 forsant I'encoig. p ro. nuro des rues do Conluncrre at Wlashington. Nos. 11, 12, 13 mosuraut chancuo . 0 ploda de face a. Ia rue Waalsington sur 150 do proltondeur. let. Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mesorant ehacocun 31 pieds do face It Is rue Pearl ear 115 do prolbodeur, lo no, 1,1 torment t '- encoignuro dan rues Pear ct Waslhisgraon, at to no. deo 22joigntant I'oscoigouro dos rues Pearl ct Bur. Dr- dot. Ca. Nos. 22, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant chacun 30 .i0. pied* do focn ;t Ia rue Burdot oaur 150 de prfoon. dit seur el le tout nesurc Anssricaiaes Jit Mile ._ ouur la I~n roia . et sille dto In Nitvelle Orlinat.s Mati 1h4ih 1719. No. 11.771 31. I)ubose vs ses CJinanciers. En motion de tI. W. Botts, E.q. nvoct ipour I'in.. solvable,et ell Unltralnt le rr'ul qfll 1s troul nt dalls I'ninlonce dirnier p eur si blller Itn cr nlalilrr , e ell cons6tlell t ie c t errllr I'nrseoulbl{e n' a pu s lee lieu-il set ordonn pucrl hl;,our, qiu'ui e assemllie nouvelle aura lieu all buretll ite Phibppl i.Lcosle, 1:-q. notalre, ell Sntllledl le 15 Jnin, 183: , qu d et ol oi vIu delll erer stur les nillires toIl petitionlltire et prendtlde el coUsiirlini ln Ilnu tit.ale cunte lues dils la petitUn. Extrait du resirrUlelluten; Ilureatu du Glef, In Nouvelle (Orleans, 1ni 14, 1839. mi l it A ilti (NI) PIfi't', tirellier. S._'A'IdE. OF i,t.Uit \.,A.-'a.insh Ciur for oth SI'urih audl City f Nev (Otleauls.-Plresent Iiith llllnorablc Charle, Monuruin, , lodge. May 14111th,11:39. No. 11,771. M. Dnu ro,, vs. bhis (Ceihtor. On lution of GeeIoW. \ Bolts, Eq Ifcounsooel fr tlie insolvent, and ipo owing t thie court ltn error has crept itn the notice calling for a meeting of creditors in tis canse, aud thal leqotently l ld meeting cannot Iake place. It is ordered by the cot trt a n*ew leet ing take place ot the oli'.e of Phillppe I acosle, E,. notary public, on Sturdnay the tI-h day of June, ll3,t then and tilhre to deliberate on tie ullai s of the petition er,aed take into considerutioun the iatIter et forth in his petitioin. Extroctfrom ila mluinutes-Clerk's Office, New Or leans, May 14, 1839. may 17 3t ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. e1oi0 ,1NAT-Trie doweliig pirt of the tllree story brick ilnoee No. 1.1 'rchuupitoultins street. Pos. sessiun given on the 9thi Jute. ApliCy t)C II. L(tCKETT, CampII street, near Juliu,--or may 28 No. 13 Eatlnnge l'ince. SAIrLIIN'S RepoiR s, a few copiea only left, in 19 vuls; Louisianal Reportsi li vols Civil Code of Louisiana, E Johns Co's Cod ofl Practice do new edition Sergent& LowbehFi Rlports ofoaesa in tie Eng li.l courts, 32 nols. Williamnls' Mlassachusetts Reports Peters' RIeports, 12 vols I; o ondinsed do Archbold's civil and criminal Pleadings Abthot on Shippintt; Bailey ol Bills Ieck'n MledicalinJ urislrudence Bell & Beuttv's Clhancery Reports Chitty on Billis; do on Contgilte :hittlv'ns lendings; do Practice; dli equity Digest Chitty's Blaekstoia ; 'ruise's Digest Curtis' Admirally Digest; I)igest Ltlws of U S Eden's Clhunery IReports; lFonblanqueo' Equity Form look ; Gould' IPlendings Gow ,n Partnership ; Hiuffinal' Lvegl Studies Kent'a Conumlentarnte; Leiglh' Nisi Priun I'otlhier on Obligatiots Poetls' Digest, Itt volume, a new walk Ronsoeio lEvidence ; Iussell on Crimaes Sanders' Pleadlings; Smniba Chlancery Practice Starkie on Evideubce; Sntory on tile onstitution Steeis .& B eneeke oil Insurance Tollens law of Executions Tomllins Law Dictionary; Vattell's Law of Nationas and a general nassortlnetl of all olnlllard n.liish and French law books, amongst the latter, Merli, T)oullier. Pothier, Troploag, Duraltou, &e. E JOHNS ( Co, 30 may 3w Cor St Charles & Common set AILS-400 Bton assrted sie.for sale by _ SIHALL & BROWN, m$14 96 Magazine st M ESS BEEF-In half bls, for sale hiy may 14 G IIIIIRSEY, 44 New I.evee. B ACON SIDES--15U caks Cincinuali cured, for nsale by U DO)RSEY, may29 44 New Levee L`I UNNY BbIAGS-25,O Ior sale li l" j6 S &J P. WI I'NEY.73Camp at 1YDRAULICCEMIENh'-2110lbbis for sale byI S j6" S &J P WHIPNEY. 73 Camp at A I SOA RS-500 lfeet ash oars, for sale by j6 S & J P WHITNEY, 73 Camp s ROWN SOAP-301 Loxes brown saep, fur sale by Sj . &.S&J P WIIITNEY,73Campat t .w n,rl.iall-u-,Jnne a, ,, Ir it- ---------i--il .. i..+.liilll Ii SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. L W ERi brought to the Police Prison of the 2d Mu.l latt nieipality,tile following s:aves, viz: the. A nrero woman ur med Ssannnr, anbout thliry three intl years ol, says she bslongs to Misse Frrtciane. Abe A bright mulatto boy nlamel Edward, about 21 years t old, slyo he belongs to Dr. Yo'ng. A.negro buy mamoed Primus, aged about 20, says Ihe belongs to [Mr. lBarwick. The owners of said slaves will please cll at the pris. on of the 2d Mun.cipality, prove properly, pay charges and take themtaway. . I S HARtOPER, n june 1 Ceplin of ll Waelh. 1'NT tio eues sb la IIuge.olde inseon ies] uici-u V U t oIb lea esclavns svientt, savoir I: Une uolmlt Soronneie, t gbe de 33.ssa, so dimant olppartelir A Madaoiotselle Fruneoiae. Un negre Mulitre clair, nulmm Edward, ag6 de22 ans, se disant appartetiir Dr. Yonel. SUn negre lollmb P'r lus, ag6 do20 anI, so disant appartoair'a Mr. Burwiek Lea propi6bairo dles dits esrlavoe, sent prias de venir les retirer en paynant le frals. HI. S. IAIPER, I Cupiltine de laGarde CHEMIN DE FER NOUVELLE OIRLEA1NS ET CARROI.LTON. Arrasogrmnate de I'bte, pour ls joers de In semaine. De Carrolleon. Dc la Nle Orleans. Chare cheval, A 4 hl . A Chr A clheval, A 5 e A i Locomotive, Ai 6 .Locomotive, 7 S A8 A9 " 12 P M1 3 " payntlchlm piuastres pour le voyage. Arrangemens pour les Dimanches. Leschare parllrolillt nux imemns Ienllroea qua dans les a jours do la selmaie jlnlt' 1A I henre ' M. une loeo alotlve'parliru de Cuarrolltnl loutsa los bsores, yusqu' i 8 leares do soir, et de Is Nouvelle Url.tlesit.qn'A I.r 9 hlaAes du sAtr, Irour I'aglOmellt des eersonnes qui se rendeat r Cur rlltuon purlo ellrdoeo lelre, toU1111o nlo de.lroet d ls y dealeller r jloirt A 11 La1ates, Io ehir qlli p.ulletsl oli unr ileln d o aroleoIn 6 heurdo rest.r iljllsrllo' 6ij beure e, polurdonner lelnpdi joaird'llne ironlenado ar16 able dune un des pii beaux jrlrililtsdo Elnts Ullis. Les piersonnlles quti pnrtirolt pal la locomotive, dev rent os procurer des Ibllets, attendu qu'i ert l feodue roux onducteurs do reeevuir dre 1'rgeot au lieu de billets. S Chars des Rues Jacksn et de tla Course. Ces chars pirllrnrt de I toe .lao rono 6 houlesa , o A. M. et de latre du Calnal B Gi beulies du nlatin aet couranlt chqueheurre. A 8 leures, ils partiront outlles les demi lieu'res .jnequ' leursa do snoir, de L roue Joelaesot, juqu'A 9 hado reso do o re do Canatl, ax cepr AA 8 de ls rue du CdOnal. it Lea Mrssieur seoot perltclirroenont trioi de no pas J 2 motre le piedla so r lea o, ssin, et dIle n o ts fulaer i. dntleis chars lorsquo ladoieso a sl'y trovenL l. BIurela de la Colpllagedoi do cheintn ile Inr do Car -roIlttol 3t de In Nouvelle Orl6hos. Is JOHN IIAMPISON, mI ail8 Ingenieur on chef. h 1RUGS--Just laoding it frelsh oilply of white w Is, ot .l Guava Jelly, Gel, Arabic, Tamarids, Crerin t T'artar, Sot Solduoda 'I'torpenlino, Perrl Ash,, To.rl . ric Acid, Chloride hodlo, Bula. C(lyovie, &c. fir sale by II tOINNA IEI,, n0 may 31 Cor latchz anle 'c.llapilolulnas s NEW IIflUlPN , JU-sT ItnEICEIVET). D- T tLER ill linly, by (Counltess or' Ill'..onhoot, 2 role. 115 Americ Jot Mliller IItorl.'e Verllno, 2 vels Advice to (Gntlenler; Rlblino IIr, 2 vole Chillv's llockslone; .lillingolon (sivil Engloeer lng, flr sa'le by ALEX. '1'OaVAII, 0 may 31 4.9 lanmp lat il, IA ,1'r'E' '1I"'EbA " Y'. l OIJN'TEss t I' b ll-ainsoel, Idlor I Italy, vols. I' oacal Bruno odoltloAo ololllo'olcno, byT'' l'lok t ; 1Ite AnIerican Joe 1 k lillour, with illllloleno rtI; Little Frenllchlnln lindi h water lots, by Mlorris, etclles by Jolhseon. P Poeic \Vnla ll, selecced bioetry 'roti Clauclr to \\ordne'oorth. 00 Nicklebly, No 1:2 ; (loz' SketnlIes, NOS 7 and I F .IOIINrd & Coo. 00' s ayw31lw Cr St (Iharles & CNewol Iev i: 'iIlc- 'lIAl-GNl' --o ll blo lkel 0 .0 i eior io quaity ine r t d la tor e e and Iralne by SeIALL e Ilti iN, Il4my 3n ii6 ,nlngnilt8 st oat tAt U~Ii(i;o.b ioatomandr .o.r .le 1by io ..d,.n3I 'IIAl 2.. I&IIRIWN ' i o Mogeozioe at l laty O:SIIA\I , &i IlII(\VoN ,ill l.|lllolille t (OUIL ItO NlIl-I'7's-7o lus ties'o ItlhloloSi, ill .torl aud Ifr sale by 6II.\IL & IIt()\\'N, II I'io 31 y rl lL .llllitk i t (9 XES--l boxs-sulrrr. r Ix__ ill sllol nlicd for sile by SIALeI. & I!.C \\N, la I IL-75 b ..-'I'nuors' hi I/ . n1 Ilk 1llllll 1 r. u ,t, F u ii utnr :i1 is3w 1, II I \I.I , !!l (·(E ll l) all a tolt Iil.oll t--O Iourrlsl loomlioog b1o00 Ilhi booil.s loor sole ilmll OI1 NeI 00 ,'11 t J"1 I' . l Il.i i. halt Md, al i il i......... i .... Ir o1 silt ' Iy 34II1 So I,; ' _l au de II t.liouli Io 1h bh. lhii it is hlb dly Io . ,Y3 L'esnnrilly lt illrPti' lllh,,i h i ll a II1) (. ItIIYIIII·(o lltl. v lld i s Ie I ioo mont i..l l ollyo 000000 ooilr'i· Iy o rllh h 011011 i ''I0 blaolpl ll l Iht' p lic In blirc From the II anpde1 Whig o'f July I', 1837. M.ffiat's Pills and litters.-Tlhe lilns Jo.urnnli eon aiun ndhhli,,ou l . Itooanll 1fnol\r of this highly Import lastt In ou[l . Thil . l · e piss o)f tIh, Jouurna r .e Is omllllllRI elte ofolr nlighbor I wle. ill l. . llllllilt II our eIl gllhlor n' Ill Jlllrllla 1o 1111 a l tll bo ellu . SIhe IIr lillle, LLe any Illaboring a ulder si ila r dilf. alaragbbaea IthoLe wllitb-I ave J a aaa ell, hllrlore Ipull Alr llawlea, lhev ,h alve his IP lil.II v Ig a e I eallllla r adlatllednesls" of lle retdlla III lile disese. IIe lnedi cic is undoublltdly a svereal a rlemlldy. LETTER FROM SAMUEIL IBOWLER. The following letter is froim Ir. llowles, Editor of hie Republican and Jlurnul, eSprinefie, h, iMan. S aII G II.n, Juiie I, 1837. lMr. loilI--Sir: It is l v I ii lrilel- e.ra tIha t I Illha e eaflbed falni 8 uil e inirsmait th a b:el.-alle c aa qIaa'elIae a ella)llal a a a iilere i a'af . hes i llllllntllry IthetIlll ,i qo. I l(e nitul rallllUll lllUo of hi- Iro ll a i.l s I I'lequet ad levere paillillS irll, wil mIh weakness anlill tII prt/.sion : eii ~Ii:h II' L Lme it,( a-,alll. every lew JIly Io counllllterac clll y i o,-l 4. I holve rmi'nl eilli I I goa I l Iph'lsiciss, and have Ired ailust all kinds of pill, ad Velrlnmedi vlle(. .l hi lCh reamed I .l eIIII eI ioll Vti l l lll v i. IIii rill . lll t I v ner I haIdve bOl l lll noid ilsell..tIvele ll box1es lf aer" Lifel'l I'ill ba," a.aI h ive hond er' he ehrl " , II1 l11mo1 e tealiaale dsaeale ai I. Io, ile far I len gh .f li aa fhea from eilv ledicin'.il aa, 'II I de . Yours, SAM UEIllii tWIES. For sale in tlli city, la le ear r of Coi11mana amnd 1 ,I ,io ,la at. a.. . .Mas III [ IN's N slllltl'S ilove, .& Sunpenader-,-.l ratm s eeivelI by Inte arr'ia ls, all aaatlell o' shit ravaila, slllller stoc:k, gllavei, i1d -LISrl,.eTe.. ti Ile Ileaar, ae rnllelfll' e . l r- hs alha d I o 1m n I 1re . :2I Itl l.l &,-N. " 'lEEL-6b tona lEngli b lisvtrel, in smre, tr sale t by SIllAl I, &1, IltVWN, mls. !if Nwl.,z;ue at P- RLOROIINA .I'NTS --are u. beautiful curiosities, ,mr sale only by Rets & L'lange, anl 1at Pl.ouh's Museum. All lhese arnam er lconsiast of tlh moste splene did specimens of orlhinlogy Ireon Eiurospe, Asis, Africa, laid our own country. Approved Inollesail 60f diai will le taken .I [All 'II- 'l|UllS-11--ilaiIIa'ula, naiaraal sizalma, far Bl .Ial. rarduced lprias, by S. LIall'KE Cii. may 8 8 IFrost Levee F LOUR--8C bIhls., land ag fream nta!lull; at lludlalph. For sale by A. TII EII, amayv28 31 (iravier st F ItiIIEE second hand glars SIIOW CASES for 1 ceunters, for sale low by I BIIlOIWEIt & Co, may 2¶J N 17 Camp sr t INK! INK!! INK !! !--.laus reivedtwelve graceof very suprnier doz Ink, packed in one dozen blxes, for sale Iy tile dozen or .gla. a, ly DAVID FELT, N York Statiolers' Ihnll, may 14 "1 Chartres st. SI'EEl IPENS--Juas receiveda lenw gross (Jillats SEngleand lerry's double patelt salel plens, for Rul)ehv 1)14.1t INEII & Co. m25 N Y statillners IIl 24 Chrltres st S LOCKE & COl., No. 8 F et .eveea have in store n large and extenosivm asortllelll ll Clipper ond Tiln Ware of their awn mai ouluecture, which they olb er loW lIa wholesale. louv " L lJOUIt--S26 brlI. laudlig fros ateallr RIallph. For sale by. I. D)ORSEY, may 28 4 INew Lever NEW 'IAN"oS FROll1 'Allsi. T IE subascribers Iave jslal reieivenl mr silt Charles from avre alild Tf;r for sila it beiuutil'u assort meat of lI'iamfotes consisting hIt ;-I'iailtos, I'icolas of Raitoaewaond, Cnracas sld icih Iaohogany aood. IHorizontal Pianos of the richest rosew otad ad maho gany. senmi upright Pinnofan te do do. rr'lhese eiostruranr-s sin aol mmniftiin ured by the celebrated oakers aT P'LEYEI, &. C:no, of Pri- all ron. itat ll octavee, are of a lslos supereior failsI aod sre lected eai ressly for aos by Messrs PIleysel l& Kalremnr, which fact can leave nothing to desire in regard to the beauty of their tone. The nlaleura rod profensors af music are respect fully issniled to call anl examlie sile oet i pllight pianos which are entirely a new article. E JOHNS & Co, St. Charles at, J4 opposite the Verandah & Enxchlange bod )OKtK--'250 Urs AI O prime, I' P & stoltans at tile inspection for sale lby J4 ( DO)RSEY, 44 New Levee j 4 -7j 0 ks ag up loiria leaf anrd ronsle lay I4 .4 (I DOILSEY. 41 New Levee IrENaTaUCK, aIndiana aid tllinois laUaeuy-$5UII 1. of said descriptllioan four sale ilv " J4 A TR'lER, 34 Gravier lt F KESH BUTI'ER-16 kegs lauding frsom stasel boat Prairie, tor sale by J4 A TRIER, Q4 Grnvier at R ULEI LETTER PAPERt-A few cases of ruled tletter paper orf arilus qualities,just received and for atle ain accomemodating terms by J4 4 TOWVAR.49 Camp at TAV 'tiii1 by ladsg fs lbrig C a lmaa uppsite RSOe ai st for Msale Bli J3 - 1AI.L & BRIOWN, 'Ji M.gaz'ne est L OnT-Some time about l he Ilmonth of Marelh itlot, 10 balei ofcottoon, a;kedC F P or FC 1 , (that latter ic helieved In he the marks) e hiie was taken fromt the Atchafalaya Londing. Any perton Ia, inog the sacmut in their poseuasluo, will ilea. fitifv Nesre. Kirkmanu , A.bernthal& H&anna, where it cant he land., may21 4tw * S IE CUNNY. I OAF SUGAR--5I basket s.a, ill atre for slno by .4 may I SIIAI. &. HllOW\VN, 96 Mlagaiine it W IIISKEY-200 hrriels rectified whi.skev in slutore for sale by G I)oIILSEY, m0ll 44 New. Lvee W INDOW GL.ASS-620 boxem English crown V T Windsor glars, reeeiriar anl fr sale by m22 .. It CI,ANrN, 12 Cttlp' t WILLIAM R. CARNES, - u III LOUISIANA WARE RO()M, etay 14 tlo. 53, IlaENVIIt.t.E-T. New tltt.tANS CA RILO LLI' ON t LAVAUD leas the honor of informinig his tetends Snd Ithe public in general, tat .e Ius taken tlte Hotel at Carrullton, where he truatt Ihe will receiv the. call of his old friends land all lovers of . ,d cheer. I'irvate parties will bhe rvotlied for by pivitg a little netice Iefotlcoaod. Ile is w'illitg tr enter ento arrngelenlta with families or inldlviduals desirllos fpassing tile ttaumme it Catollito, Ut20 IfACON SIDEe---140- csaks rsperilr Ciaeit.ati Scured n store, ftt tale by i. )tlItSI.', m27 41 New I.ovee. - '1.EI.,-5 tons Englihl blistered Steel, for eal. by - all 20 SIIA.. & IIItOWN, !t \Ing lagaine at *j UTIKKi & 14 ittl-lullke Inrd &iG0 d sup4 - *I rior We\stern butter, for ole by my6 :ti. Da It,.lY, 44 New Leven SOFFICE OF'THE MISN.ISSII'PI 1A AtINEI AND t FIRE INSURANCE C(OMIPANY. New Orleans, Mayo 20, 139. e IIIE Stockholders of this Inatitutioni are hereby I notilied, atl requiretd to pay io, tl ilatallllent of thirty dollaraon rcb abhate, oa or belere the tlst of aJue nell, at the Coampeny's office. Ity order of te Blorard. HENRY I.OCKETT, r- m20 lm Preside.t, pro ltem W IIISKEY--IOl brlo landing from cleatm boat _4Cotlumbus, for tale by S Nw __2_4 G I)ORtSEY, 44 New r€tvee Fi'IHi AMERlICAN ALlA.N:\ACtid Itl e i.toryof an Uelhl Kneawledge, for the year 11139, received eand f,,r tale by DAVII) FEI.'I' & Co, Y may B 24 Chortres at S IIE JUICE, landbl fro., lavacac inl casks,cbar E r1I0 and demijchns, fur aille by II IIt NNABEL, may 18 (eor Nelchez & .l','thapitout.e eta M E s IE n - In h lll barrels I r ltctI fur salev (. I)ItNE, m'23 1I New . ver - II.MtE N'I'--I 3 htrele; of tc'ct..t",l Inlcchclhn froee ) ship Ynooo will be ohl ltw if takt,, freot tho Larve. Apply to JANJIIeS B. III'I.l.FN, may 1I 741 ('Qil et. Ia, FURNITURE! FUIRNITUII E!! to UST received at the I.otilllll I'urllitue Wre Ilousie a llrge .nupplv fl llNt a rk and Iren on. I'erotns in Ile wallt lof fhlrihllp,, e tl ~ .1d d. ~cell to call, nnd relect Itbr nreileo le rottccce fitc l,. lcet Itld Its largest.tocksnow irtlhe cily. W I t'.\INlS, s N B--Particular attention paid to pnekicg Iod illp ing Fturniture,freep u . lpnse, ;-l at.A'. Al'Eh -- --lurg.oxn.,, j,,.t Ir-relvtc . ,,t lix .31 taleo hAIA. & il'\ N, at .r to ,l zin elln at ly ACON--6t.0 i0 Ib.n.Cinrinnati cared, eonlieting of at Iltll lla, sie anil ehoulders, at Ith, lamhcl , peI SFiat bott. lor e ale bly t IlltSIl'. tllnv y 11 l I IN' I.evec fo e ij t Ail) tChtAIITIciE I'II r 1 I freI(1g 'litl r een tshi hest Icc , l hunlia tc l o "it ,,,nd , ,,e pubi, cc r Ne ttc .. s , Inll t 11. l-B ltra ,, g erd rh o , , l e p ast ine n fotl c y I t th r . o r . nte d inft s ll t e m c lCT 'lc al he r ill hl.ll l 11 IIIII I a It o CIlI 'r'ir ,\ 1 clu , ilinte ao d the i.n c eI r. 'erstrti ittrave.lln. lilher WI) I on p,' il ill , l ), ul lll.i, i ,ll l, or 111 M u ist i , ln l he ,or h the r r i ye. l leitallll.)l ll i tirll l l *l i' i ai tI ito , p oh r Illll-ail out e l ull l l l ci l r d lo, ,l, lh ll t'Ic ctlle. l'he II t 'r dilult dl I an t ll ol.l ll ta ,l l.l l e , I ir, . Ir iTit w i hll e f un ill lll l e f tip t U l llll.t . l' lh.." 1'ilidce ore A lcK OTi PAPEb -Jcc rci rI l lt ttm cct d nliiC, Icllc c thlo ' all ird . llld I' fIllh S y,-; land fhctle petI tlh clV. Ih A n u,' l' dii d tc, r t ic.t r ,it lclle t ll .tct cl,.tl tc e lllc r ifllm ll.. it d l.," o, tihe l; lt fr grant.P, w ill ever 't(,, tml lnill .'lll ly l!i;hl ItI the a iiu - li ,te.r It rsrllrfh c clchrch l r Icier acc. I ple c ,llh t . l C F. l' roclclr lp eals It ll,,l. re t diIic llllllc , t ,hc 'l t. c hc we tia ,c ofl tialnl e, kec .t hi , Itnt kin,,ed o ttn l ain tl, liiend ea d oubt-,nll th.tii mhll ic ,,i-,' -,t,' rho 'arl Iu of lbh eode fleb he ,ofls c ca lllr A r o f bai k ono te p p e r o f A llliel' Ill lllllll~i ll 'tllu r .a tll t .r osale Iy A L I .X 'l') I ll, e1c1 ,Ito (I tlt I treft T.XCHA GE on alhlmilit ri bhr far-ale' y i n l m 1A "l Klll l I, rliBr o',ll, rl I del.t stre I., a few . tr,,,, I.Iron, thlllal el. I -u-e+lil n givni immediately. Appilyto I()1 , i\I. AV "i1 L2 I (hml"m hIPm t xt 1i'.Ol I(--4Mlli bie lh.ldinmg Ittc1 Iar h1,1 ac r i i.' by -" :nTLI 1: II e I cII . l'', I.I 'ew I eoc . S1IAMAli(rlt-, IltINl0.Y, calI III";, \\V \X-irma Ilav lll, t re sioi hl 11 IIn ! .\ ,\! ,:| i, may 118 'ur Nicatchez lli, Tel at to ciIAI . II' .eT, I ccr : lki,_ e.I" ~l1llr iI il av i riul, ieceeldl a ,i J th laid l,, 1 r,, Itq f nII II.'Nlz , -l' I , Chalntilver aI Inr, hlvoice of .hhn-t no d atin rullnts nsi o,book,lani ldjob ink, ,,l1 lo1,t soll h SXYCIIANO E ON illSTON-- r -nle by J L lr?3 I IIIl1ll. :, I'il MolIl ille Fr --V II'lIN- PAlIPERl-.t "ihrre, .a.,nie,,ul Issott S eata f I ll Ht li. il p r, rllll'l Ia h ill, r salel in ldvanlalgeulr tlrm. AI.X IW II, ilav 39 1:1 filp et N IWS PAPER--Jus rec.eived a ile iselllllllll niews prirhing pper, of all ihe -6 ii sizes neul linr the city aMd V, illtlyI plp,,rr, .ml 6,r ell', hv may 30 AI.X 'TIVA, 41 'A CAhll). I)OBINSON & (iOODi)\IN, (liilCharlres sitret,) L resplctrully ilfor n their friends uni the public ieherallv,lhlht Go ld vin, of llte naov irno, will Inevi for New York about the letlfJlle. 'They iuntta*#w whl may wish garm l lllle to their meallsur Ito call nl leave their orders previous to that tillme. may 15 TO MIERCIIANTS. IllIMEIRCHAN'T' can have a Ilt:rlarrIUI. ('iact. Lon struck ofaltfour hours Niortr,hy.ll.taOnr, the Comptig I Rolm ofJ I'RUI A1EIIIICAN 1'Nta.rec ()Fltc, St. Charles Exchalnge, aja)nin,' the IiEA SIo rom 1 at Corner of (iravir lrrtl. or al the I Win ing (Ofire, earner of Poydra and St. ('hballs streets. ISKEY -2-0 tri--i i -s I...iliadl inlore lfr .ale by . m'n9 G. DOISEY,11 New Levee. MSEGA1 ViIBA o-soZ20 boxes. FI Pul, b mav2l 34 (h nvierst B RAZIERn CuPPa---ll0 she.s; 3l0 o 6n inch.i 30 to 60 Ilb. asheeta of Braliorsa Capper. 11)(10 •lleets 30 to 60 in. of 10. Rllil.l. Ciliplro. 511) shCels 20(a 60 do. do. do. Just racaived anil lr sale byl 8. LOCKI & Co. may 28 8 Frolln Levee J AN I ILA I)PE-500 coil, assort.d sizei Mailnla i Rlape; 75 Man1ill, lsasrtled, Blilln I.? to 71-2. For s.ley . & (' May 28 8 Froal Levee P AINTSl. LS kgs Noa 1 and 2i White Lead; :I10 canisler I'rOme Gi0.en Painc, ground in oil; IIlak d.. I.hlseea Oil; SpIerm do; Puttv; ll berla. Wllitiag; Calmul anl Japaa,.,d Vcrnihll. For sai b yI " . l.Ot'Kl l. Co. May 28 8 Front Lesea NEW BOOKS-"'The Croapy," a ile ly tlle '(t'a I ra family; M1uloir of ell a'ralnld Woimeln h G b PI James Esq; ti Naval Iistrry of ltle U Stalns, by J Feonimor tollper,aulhor oftile lV, &e. Births, Deathsl and Marriages, by TI lmk Esq. NIo. Jack Sheppard, by Ailsworthl; P'renology ill tile faom lv. Just racerived and lr sale yIl j6 ALEX. TOWER, 49 Camp st IORK--350 brls M O prinme Park, shoulidrs and P Cimesa, at the inspection for sale hb j6 G DORSEY, 4I NewLevee P LASTER OF PAItL-1-00 bhis laulding from ship St John, will be sold low if taiken from the lever. j6 . J B HULLIN,74 Camp at IACOI t1DS--100 casks supe.riio-rCaicinnlali ic H red, io store for sale ily j6 G IORSEY, 44 New Levee SUTTE L--Goshen0 and Weaterne,.iistae for sale by j G DORSEY., 41 New Leves ANTED-For a young man, (a creole of Loas Sianas a situatIbo il hsome lercalnile esambljh• en, eitller in athe capacity ot ill or oul dors clerk, as emlployment ian the pritcipal object ; salary wauld ot wake mnuch d.fferene for tile presentll. Tihe pPerso has had several years exlprlenee in tile general comllission busilaes, and i welI acquainted witlh IthIe ity. Ilis emplovers regret much Ibeir inability I keep (tim any langer; the best of rerolmendationo given. Any tcl muoieatioos addressed to MI. Buox 191 Post oflce, will iest with immediate attention. It-6fit L ARD--M011 kegs uperlor Leaf I.ard at the inndig, pller Flat boat Forsal8by G 4 ll w l.Y,, maay t8 44 New Levee

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