Newspaper of True American, June 7, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 7, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL ESTA,'I LOTTERY. OF, PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleans, TO BE DRAWN ON THE let DECEMBER, 1839 -IN JACKSONVILLE, Flt,. tr Under tie superlnleldence of tile Comu issiner s op. pointed by the lregislotive-Assembl of Florida. N./IlIID)'l' & liAMIILTON, Mlanogers. 1o0B000 ticketsl, at $15 scheme price. $1,500 000. Sellinrg prir,$...t per ticket. MYLVESTER & Co., 156 Broadway, NEtW YORK, Sole Agents. [E] The rece.i ts of the sale of the tickets will be de. poeiled in the Canal, Union, Carrohon, Citizen's and ;tonsolidateld Blook in Now Orleasr, in the name of Ilouis Schmtidt jinlltly with J. It. PerranIlt ectully Cashier ofter C.itizen's Balnk, anld A. lBaidouin ac tually 'nashier ofthe Conetlidtned IBank, s 'I'rusteen, as por act passed tnfbre A. Mnzureau, Esq. Not. l'ub. on the 2d May 1839, and the properties transierred to tihe above mentioned geen tletn tricanmbered, as orustees, for the security of the fortunate prize bei l does. Int New York the monies will be deposited in the Phoenix Bank to the credit ofthe above k named b City Boatks of New Orleaus. The PIrblie are referred to the acts passed befirr A. Ma1o renru, Esq. Not. Publ. i1 renotin, .I. perties which embrace the respective pri cas .olttery. i00 PIIIZI,'S, as follows: Prize-Tiht lagntificent three story brick builditg, koown as the AltiCAIDI, in Magazinte streeot, moesaurinlg 286 feet 5 in.cIe 4 line oil M ngazie eo. 146 feret inches on (irevier streelt, and It[ lett II iltltites ot No.cben at. 'his buildinlg protdces now a rent f$.137,i)Il0 per nltlrll nntd being in tile most t oliriniting part Iof tile ervI, oppoite three bainks, and in sile ia eliate n' tbbtlrlrolood of tIm St. Charles a lt sit ' tity Ilotels. its rents will, illn very flw yverrs bhe increased to lity tholsaond dollars per anntln. Iotilaotned ,st $71f0,000 Przer--'l'lnt eileotltt for stolr v lri:k build. ita ktnown rts the (5I1' I10TEL, filrmerly litisopS lI.teIt, siltOuated at the corerr of (llmp nid Conulllolt sis, meonsllring 1tI2 leert n f'olloo l sit andl 146 Ifet III miells on Csap At. l'bis building rents totv flir $25,1)110i antdl.beilrg in tihe most crtsul part of tlre city, call sIortly be increrasted to thirty tnousnnd dullntro por atl oien. nestlr terll it $5001,000 SPriie-'lt'e three story brick dwelling IlIocsnc, No. :1t aoit Nntleo.. street, djtliniolt g tire Arcari, rea lled at Is i hundred dollars. Ilietilrtd t $.0,0i00 I Pris -'l'ro tilter, slortr Itrihk rlwt'llilli Nntctrr. slrer t, rclinoil a t rtwlve hin r ieue ndellar. iet llrt ted al t t $i0,000 I. I'rize-Tha three stinrh briNk dwellinS iro Se, No. Ili, oatj ni g Ntrtrr. 19, on Natlce t, t renrlle at tvelve tlud. red dulnro, llilOtitred tit $20,000 I Prize--The dweolint lrouse No. :I3 lorllr east corner ,f Baosin nid Cuotolo. horuse streete, nrl..urrintg 4t leet froillt ot Bosin street, 41 feet ferollt In Itranktinl olreet, by 27 frntett lsetrn CosttltatttRuee streett rented tol fit ee ln l tl i oll aui. tiutiontrled at $I11,000 Priz--Tite dtlwlli tlinlg hllte No ft sr,-till wea9t culrlre r Ilasin astlrltk, Inas i1rriI 3t fetti 7 ilcs ln RIin st, 3" fet 7 ioiheshltn ontrlerkli iln steel, by 1'27 last 10, iiches d th ,in 1; ,0 teIlmtlrSt slreelt l rented itit fiteoll unmdred dollars,1 I]sliTiler d Oki $!0,1101 N.i.339 tilt Itryal tirelrl, betwe en Ursnlht and lioes ital slreels, i leat ilriii 21 les, It i t.te oai Royal st, by 127 i0 ti 1 t. e in 'l i b ep i lent oitl at $t1021 lIr annuit.olnla. tilimtted a t $15,0011 itrleit-I51 ilnlrS Cahlll Bank stuck, at $1I I ille , to$!:1)00 t I'hzc--•-qlll shlores (*olnnrerciltl Blnk stock I tro/so--it0 slotroe ilchanli'e atnd Trrt. dler' Ilsalk tlltlk, Itt $i 1it seo i, I;,l00 3 Prize, of 11113 sbareo ttacht, t',jty ltatk, :31i,0iii I'Prir, f s51i " " h Ihohnttte, IitItlt0f tI'rltes of 253 (;.i: Ligih, 5,11011 2 'Prizes of 15 " lechn1l ini'i' I it raer' 00,11 tl I'rizes Iof 10l " ', |, Mate, 2L0,i100) ill lries ... 12 .. .. .... Itiht , 21,llO l1t Plllizets f 1 tr " It. k otl()t lenan t -(oi 111t1 Fhlrila, 13,0110 It sha rll he It t o nt, oil t thell woillrrer of priets of hito k tu ktllk ll er tit loer to take tsir stocI illlf tor Ito pllar 01,fl0t Ih: rlul ill ca1 i. In, . ', u ni + n)u prizls, witlnn It .i l k, ill Io Inih r I; I ':,iy v .uiub,,r 1i p~rize or Blink .dl h, d rawn. ontol till I . . . i llne r i; n t h e .l l N tl nIII.: ncI IINk Is . fIIrdM firth ,, .. Lotterv will h, rec,'ivel at he, , "i I·l,, ' hrr ie Verandh , corner of St. . (. I IIIa le; nd nonit :. st rre+w , anld lt \0. lot (Ihtatr.q stret, ew S, ,,lo I , nu,} iTrluzHti th i swllrd.d. () rder i ul t he ,I 1 n ,, - tr llqll. t inin d rll tll n t t hr II Iie n 11 1 n I 1 11.i \ \ 1 10 .'1'O11 .1 N,.t. )rl l.+. !I " ' i....i - ...... ..n'i i n.. ,, .. .. -i, Ib ,id, s,.h lhI+.r'gersl r + Ia' mly I. d-sirout to wilies ath Jdr n isnvdhe, Fla. Apil. 11:39. m0v 1 IIAZA \I R. Cornerr of St. 'ariles Conenon streeIt, F: x ' II i A n I; II :l' i: i . lIrllt & AI.I1.1 wootd r, mp*tfllvy riall the att I liu t , in oilf ili.+ and trllalgrl l r- to inln Ir compItr . iorTnlllll ll (I. ntlle enll' 1111n 1 rt, dl Inlll ric, vlll InI rllllnt i. i lnlnullt e liulll. l frni t.l: uinl n 1 Itr+: ,ilk, ",'i.1111 rll1{ ll:,r an l)11)1 tlr slhirs and drwertt:rs:': noit silk Ilnllu nkl'nrcIIhI : il l k i ,i 11a cel v l :1ct lI inll ret v:t y: stork oit every dl tll on lllllli B nlllll lllll: Icll .co t lttolo u+p lltders: milk, cotton wlld tlretad lolven: eItiiis ~Uin glloves: ulmbrln:lll anlld CnlleS gold Ala, --Splendid nnnorternt of hladira and gents Iwri. Iungdenk+, dresring uases, port olius, pelrtilllery, cut lery, and rl:b fulary gooda. noinllI TiW.COLLUNS ''aitk n ISaes' i (:omciunininr. SApl h I Iy the Fudernal Court it New Oriins. tng1 hIe .tiI Iotel lihliin.+l Il.ll ('nulni iiunkllr t nkes u&dulvils unler olll by /l Wrl.Il. of the |ct o n(ffllgrles, pil- ed i 2 I- elrnl arv, I810; Iit \larc 18I17; tlle Judiciary Act of 17:) nlnl ltllr uact of ConllIgrns i n auhL c .ases ullti antd prjnidd. tmid (tlllllliumisionier has rnn.idrrahle exp-rience; nod uses f rins iof tionll nud certificate, winch h e Ntololl h11e svelrest scrulllIu' of Ikt blest Lawycra aped Il JOHN V. CIlILDS, ENiI.AVE I .tNi) C(PI''I-PLATEI PRIN''IRl .vn. .:, nC.p St. 1 . I ,IILen' -irvenu ld ull ti ler, hnl kn uotles. 'ilt, o exIt cIi.g , hills ,1 ' i li liullu . dliph ,llos, l, ta. ile' ltd vioi:iu, r(id:l i. II, cnuIlalIr ni uit.llling .h n .c l+,'nl, door pllu s, oilyr wirt, ul nIl -Intwn +nil !1:rlan an uIslsurt"IILlP olf lellr ptlated a dll | os |+J+;. door I's Cardsprinteil urom plates alredly egraved. I'ALL .0 WINtlIt C li.TllING, J PI. FREIIIIAN & C., No I, li, nizini treet, . are nlielr thir - upplins of FIll nld W\Ilner Clothing, l + nd l !I n: niiiu . in receive Inip :llenllti rniu lhrlv ithroulghol ) the eoroll. 'l'heir ssllllltellt b ina1 Inri. will Innllnl IlimII luff s ply inl, lltnrll Irol lill III 1 iti Iht ioltu'l nlIIncL ; faLi lu whoilesale & retail, oli accoulmnuln.ting Lterts. It -." . .. 3'TI'lER. 50 kegs Gtohentlntlr, iutndlne at or dote b i S and J I' VllTNIEY. 7:1 Ctnlh, at iTO TlE LAUIES. tRt IIll.l.'S U iEIRO ABDOMINAL SUI'POlITtER flIIIS new instrument for the radical creof Pro Slapsus Uteri, or Fallilg of the WVotll[) by ex ternal lpplication, superseding Ito Use of the ob jecttuinable pres*ary, is confidently recommended to the aflicted as the means of la perfect restoratio to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the mnost aggravated cireutmstan ces. It has received the decided approbation of Sir Astley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamin C Brodio ; Sir James Clark, Physician to tile Queen; )Dr Ashwell. Lectn-er on midwifery to Guy's Ilos. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartlolomews; Dr Griflith, lecturer to Wecstmin-ter eHospital: Dr Itamtsbothan, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminster hospit, al; I)r Sweatmutn, lecturer to :Middloesex hospital. and senior accoitcheur to Queen .Carlottc's lying, in.hocpital; also by Henry Davies, Conquest' Blundell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Klates, &c. by Dr Morreau, president of the AcadEmie Rolyalo deo Medicine, Paris, and Accoucher to the Duchess D'Orlcanus; professors Valpeau, Marjolin, Paul Unbois, Sa son and others-and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D profes. sor of midwifery in the university of the cify of Now York, profs. Dolafield, and Francis, U John. Ssto, preaident County Mad Society, Laurens'Ilull president med society State of N York, profs Jas McNaughlton of Albany, prbis March, Cyrus Per. kins, Deane-Drs Thus Boyd, Gilbert Smith, Ilosack, Stearns, Ludlow, KEssam, Vaclhe, Power, Grayson, Van Renasalacr, and many other distin. gtisheod physicians in the U States. A G Iull, ODeco 4 Vessey at, Astor House N York, o' A enantant supply of tile above instruments, with Dr Hull's improved Trusses for Hernia, will to kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A G Carpenter, Natchez; Stone & Marsh, Wood. villa; Booth and Mallory, Memphis; W D Wilk;a. son, Somerville; Hall and Washington, Nashville; McNairay and Hamilton do; R L Bliss, Florence Ala; J C Spotswood, Athoni; Irby and Mastin NEW ORLEANS Sterm and Patent Biscuit Bakery-Waters and Hillman. No. 9. Moreaa (inear tibe Pontchartrai Rail Road.) IPilat and Navy Broad, Soda and Wine aiscuit, Sugar, Butter, Midlbrd and Water Crackers. All the above artielee are warranted to be of the first quality, and to keep in any climate, being comeldetely kiln dried. Also,-Kiltsn dried corn meal. Orders left at G. W. Pricchard and Tagalt, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydras streets, will receive prompt attention. Small kegs put up expresely for easily use. 15nov Wqr Europe. FOR LIVI It'POfII, Tile A i Ilew anld llat iling hllip DUILIN, Capt. Skoilel , wil receive itl edli.cte dei. plitcIh,havineg pIrit ' Do i rr T lllll ged. illPPly to L II GAI, mll 93( !l nulllllllnull st. FOR I.IVEI'RPOOL. The fat snillitig shlilp Mars, Capt. Castle, wnlC r 3:U1 balles cotton tacnmpliet heitrcrg.. ior freight of which, cr passige, ippilyc I board, cr to tOLiMEi & Mll..I , may 28 iulllnk I'laee FOIl. I.II ItI)Oi tL. The Iast sailing packet ship SYI.VANUS JENKINS,Cap,. G( Barker, can l icicmlillllll date 8 cabin pillalsengrs, and will positively silon the 10ih of Julne. Fir plll-u e nll, hnving superior necommodacitillns, pily to Capt BUrker, oil biard opposite post 4, 3d Mlniciipality, err hiIty :lA L II iAi.E,93 olulnion at FOR LiVErIT.iOOL. . The A I superior and vry fast sniling ship JOHIN DIIUNIAi,Capt Choait, hIlving par of herclrgo elgllled will receive imlllla ditae depnltch. For loffreight or lllssae, having ihandusome uieomilnicllullcu i, npflllt Ip J4 1, II (fAI,E. 93 Ceclmltnn iit FOR LIVERP'OOL.. Io'csw e Ouly S Thnr A I splendid rind very list Tnililcn1, LIV:ll'o. (a n rilll t.iir, hnvh e-tht wheol tlfhercrc o renllgee d e .ill have illme diale dcpciict. Fur iansslae only I napp 1i J: I I Gi.E, 93 Ciolnlnn et Coastwise. FO IiNE W lORK. . '1'111 new and slelcdil ship, ONT' RIO, Capt. IIrwold, hIs netfv ll Ihr clmro Ci Tgierd A will h ve hilliadilnt del vlel..c. Furlieilf or Iasiger (having (flecnol, m nd elgtani tcelllllll lotiuati) tpllfy t icII' II. GAI.E, mi27 9:3 Coou111llcict. FOlR NEWV YtllKi. IPaclket of hie 8Il L i duL. New Ytork nald New Y ()llllc I.ine.. I Tlre Il and eleg lent shIil, MIiNIMEn fNT Canl (iitt.i e hiavrg |bre IIurths lifd her caigo n, geudlle will s ail cuallyr . Fur I yight or pnsge, hn apply gnt boird, niar IhI. uer caltl Ionres to G(upc Brefcad, or to i I'Iir L L Il ,\llt may .1 i e C. ,ltlli .r a i [.'-E. Th T A ] ship RlaAN(||ll Dicc er, will c h v llletr . ipatal . I'or I ,111- Ifc frIlcghli Tr p ist o, hnvling .lait b ul0ll| C lllidltti',ll aptply to ihe caplaeic c rn belnrdI, rItl ie inia \l, S N J It WIII'I'NEY, 71 (fnlilt, -FO1I NOInW Y I i(-htrlhk. --lh t '.irt nlt, ieoIclhisilta niic Nw Ycrk l.cIIc It ciickillc. The Sall te .il . I tl i cr limie shill AYl(ol. Ipi. TnI* k, will L ti tulv Io Pke ill rfreigh t It, iirriwtcl d will ,nil we ih l ioiicfk d-j"c tcl,. oI,'tr i.rcig r ci ?sge, Ihnvi lll n l l,,C3 llll nllllun ilun i taplyliv I lle C pta.ll lacin c b air, llcit l le egni ale clar. kel, r to JaS B. It I;IEN, -- Trie Ya.l, i a at ry ielcirale citylliv t)llicýc lilr pc.asetcgenr at this ciasoc of la1 yeatr, hayicng Ilcic iry ul er anller , --bIll. Ili. 1 r The fin A I sllcp AVA'I'tS, (Clpl. SnOw, -- havin port ot her cargo eI,,geI, will have y _ de luih. Foir lre11i or pdai'e llapply tic cu2l c & J I' bb'tiT.\iY cl, (:(ucclni st . Fi Ntbe YittK. - Ilcll clc.' ciln If Ihtlikeck . T'o till oen lhe ili. Jutce. Th'I'It superir fit.- s tlllllg lui.tL:t shiIp OCMUI.GIt;i i, ILcacvit, nlaser, will pics Iccg..iic !y i lt c i .hcoivi . Fo freight cr cas sit llr h viny elgl a t ic , ll a tllllllOl c ic lllllh, n t tll t ic c ltllclc, ppl,ly tol ih,: C plnillnli l lbolrd, iplollsl.l e ithe Ve ,'ettab le fMarklitr tco 1 11 1N, IIn y I11 NO ,f) (,'ullllnI st IJ'c thie pal.ktl shlic Ahllactc wcil slcc ed tie tsc ululgec, a dll sllal 7,d .,s lllt,+r. ' 1 T i t i t s ilinlg l t b lk (+ IE I, " h in4 pa1,ol. l t"er tL~r::li Il~l~~ 1R Iicc c ill ItiV C des ori ii ttld e h e icttlr hl oit t .tcti ge, hctiha lilr tii con untciuhic iilc y toi & J ip Wb I'1'NI'i Y, cn'clc 7ic ..t (f'ac l t Itllt N1;1W 1 itiK. '1.1 :\III It tat ecilicc hilc NsetttV Ayl I pct _ -_ or _ aaslg_ ! ii tly I i ccci If (clcc . l, t'oIiIi iN sI cyc ( tcltl. r l lc. I (ap t ,,I il in ~ cc w c hc +,+ Fur bIl] cci Cl i etcl'rllt lor i,.c- ,iC. Iccpl ict) Ill!'_' l I l \ 1 i.t .E. 93 Co, mmoUll l at GECOISIGE (. CHIlLDS, ATTroNEY aT LAW, • *.l. t,,,,,, si........ (',,,,l. an. gId , ),.tri,., (')Uu l1+)fIlhlrri.huttg injll su;, Q u I e all Crllc ( I"x.4--t rfit ( t 1h, ( 'it++ ul I )l a -ton. i R(ll tll S i E-- l lh4, wrlhth , 11 era.r E1rpe 1tol y l+,and Ia l sl ,fin I hu n u r vdll ' tt, Is ill y Ifr vvly r i e ,nl or numev, .,[1I ofe fa11· Tira ie n S ! oruu at TI 1a1 E1t·II (l tile r 1are: Ir . t1leit , rIII (I'Ev % E( l'. SJilt,', o. llea, maly 17 (.a1. :Sl &tr CO TlI T'IarON (/e4iRaUln, ITrrsi, - 4 4 i 'cll ,l'IN - alol a (I:l, . ' a , ai rll'c " l ,r'si and )Rct Lr, a 1u leri or at i cl e forl Il,,, ie S t. ('hlarhci Iess h.nn,,, (C.4 ,4,, r (1y" (,i ; ' n,," nI T It UI A 11 I 1 I C A N 1' I I N 1' I N ; ()F F I I4' ', , r . r I .lvr,, and 64t Chll r artes St le,t v, will It, pr urnlrll g ilb n d, d ,+ . v'i'IplAXLI-It .\ ll Jd.S-- hatld llv sutly4 ii did .Rnt o lee, Ns1, 1rcei. d ad I4 r sule,- at at Io 1, (C'U4itirt4s strec4ti1 may 17 ). ) 3 FIT . Cu. 1t.)tu.u- vlrire's Jeletial a nd Ti err r s ial hl1ch5 Ihbe-als t fiw iM14is (;rc r's ml l lctullire, . l- I e or IrLIi e or si l IeLL , No I 4 Cila4rles st my 1 l7 DAID\I . 1 E!.,4 I o 4 .1 c o nti n sa t o N u 1, l0- (Lu xe in art1 e tI ire hr s a le "h . y trI. l . . ,\ T1 I'I ER, -i (.rvier stc (1AP1,4 45,4 aiyl SalrervP vvvlt' ll4 .o I1 (t1 U .11 l- il (es R -whinh leavit Si ar, in staite Cllartv r4 . In&Jl I'WIIII , r ale y S & J I' ITNIEY, ualy 15 73:1 amnp 7 . 1A 1-(.lI 11 k I.s ,it 44ior hI 444f L rid, bo4nding i Eai n OTT . oLten u h alllos, fimre ol bh L.t 4 l I -11. b ,els . 4r ,v1f t ,i. m IOICE-WIILIAM B LI, No 146, trres st UTa dlesto inankllus.htr, an article in his line a. sIlut nut ico. Ll b. l('a o llrlses l \\lte, I N. ) I. W tch1,F uT I,. I t Boxes, pectlacles 1re r head renlrirt rs, hn tl i lllr. d I. 14u g ll d3 N' I I' 1111_r.Ni;1,73 add) i; i41411SEY1', II Nw Leyes FOld I -hld lind S 4v-r 4114t+.g 4lll4y I14444 4 I' and Ltu r PiAI -.\ n till aro Jca t ,e r lae S O liFEvei4 0 blas JavI- lai ,un ra I1rut d fur slltil i aN , ll July 18 D) 11') FIH I' T : Co. ..4 by S .& J 0III I NIIF:I, may 14 7 Clum st. SIeor sanleby N I· J 1JA I P I\ITIITN F, mL!i4g, F IC F r ,, ine ii trec 41 t1.44, '4i u 4 l44 4 r (i A4, OT1TO ()l Ii1ll,-Forlln of enlravilg aind rearowly as fIat lrc ung v rulrs seolt out i tir ow llnd rii, cu ve a(y qntit at li c lllre I fic;or salle by (illbe cut d lr t iIs ', a3le, SU Eh As nJ ere re give .Ineral latiS-c1 " I hogali t s re'rilpertorb olnl igitle l o h, ( l.l h gal n waiter jars ;"l9 ti gali nl., du h att,,c. f iur salt,' h ni2.. 3 S N J P' \\'Ill rN E'V,73 C upt sl SIc BOlli B OOMt S--)lli nd i tr e nd for sale byios. C 14 I-,e . a .nd 44e4 tern New Iennd or" F und lr sale by y II l ItSlL'1', I 441 441 New Lev4' e ito"4 4 1 4 1.44 14 . 44l4t7 tWN.4.6 M4 gazine st 4 44ll 44IT i1111 D--It1 hhl. lauhn.,g fl1 a slealnb114 ruIndlph. For sale by ,. 'il'l it, may 2-4d 2ivli C(vier ct S LLAN al '.by II LSAAC1' BII PRNTIG Co.F FLE, 3ay Magazine street, oppoit 131 agzine Ar S GER nNE takes pleasre is nne naneilg to i r" and lTING Pc As 'New Orleans, that e hinehs t r l dting, a fom thll li ties the fort l s o ve by COper di,u aty one half iteG BenANCHARDvi 33 narly as city. Geutleme4 d i4,l4 ros of having Visiting or Busi Feb. 1, 1839 N B-Banik n4tes neatly exeeuted, 4 nd eirculars, BU'1r'rEt--Gohen anld W1'etern, 4n 414o.44 and fur 4sae by 4 4 14)1I114SE', Juno L "14 New L1ved L 4ronoko, for ...le by (1 DO1t;EY, . 441744 New Levee A°) SDS1D.-14 casks Cinenn4al4 4t.444tar )17 ' 41 'ew Leveo - H 1ST'fNG WIEBELS-40set 4h4i44ting'-W4het", I A of im4proved construction, in fr4nle 1 complete, for d sale by J t)TT, may.2-4rl d Tivoli Circle (1 UNNY BAGS--30,00t144 144h14 and b4undle4, for l' sal4 by ISAAC BRIDGE & Co, may 2 131 Magazine ut 0 SPERM CANDLES--.60 boxes sperm Candles, N Bedford brand, for sale by 1 B1I DGE && Co anny, 134 Mlagazine at 40 EJRINTING I'APER.-1t60 teams .i4 x 36 inches 44 L landing fro4 4 ship Yazoo, for salo by may 429 4 G B1.ANCHAItD; 33 Gr04vin r a A OR NEW YORK. Je, lurk t r OleUnri al, i .rr i tA NEW LINE f'lm ckets his been esrtublished to runll belween Nuew Orlensl ll d N.ew Yo.rk, It cllsist ofll ive first rate ships, viz: it hI nt. \Gr 'It Wuoler, Imater,i " liptblictan, J (i Ituasell A urn, P l)urly, ' S -u ll ilding, Tlheses.hli i+ w< bul ll hNew IN 1ork'expr sRIly flr this Irlde; ar: l a light lldrghlllt ofatner,and will not ib. sui jetttodaiaettiia al the liar. T'heir t.aclot datiotns f Jr llstllger! cmliprise all thaIt itev be required flr C ilrt ain(i convenience; and their molnimiders are nellca o elpll Iieulm. nllhl Ila 11slp wll dingihli.+ tire tl:tlpletld, Lao lirtt clust cIlijil trll stiplqy tl:eir plat . l', grelltest punctua:llity will ie observed in tile timr of stilinlg d every rensotiable accollodation ex t lded to shiplprs and plaasellngrs. or lhrther tlarliulirs apply to 1-mart. Joihallnson I J l.lwdelNo, il \Wall street, Now Tulrk,orlt ja.. l'1ITER I.All)LmaW, lid Catnp st FOll NEW YORK. [.ouisiana and New York Iine of Palckes.] 'o sail regullarly aa as lderli.d frol each l 'aort. TllE line is Iat this llmo nt mposed of the fon llow. illin ships, bullt 6 lmrn te:v vessels will I. e puoroiLnt Iln rolly dai. l:akihlLg it.- Imnther" Ielv0, in all, Nhh:h will alla,, If ollt hleiil di.i/lltliehtllrll Ilaii llllrt every week Ilurill Illt ye-r, thut allfrdilllngI proatall fhilities fL trallllortltiol Ind at tie l'uleat ratles al'lterght. I Yo, Caltuilt Tra'uk. Mississilppi, " Ierb..l. louisvide " Allen. SIlunttville, llrid Sllthepeitie, " I'aln t 'The above shlips are all of tile filat hlre, copp erud built ii No York t xln,-ay llr tlet Ittlatrw ai ettgallnt ccn1d1llllll tionlt fIol Iip .ueglers land coillnll llded by able lanili ,itxpriencllelll m ittiler:l. The ' rice ,f p assag is fixed it $30, withlull wine, or ,liquors, I ple in every othel r lparticulallr .ull he polvitltd, Iaai ev.erv nlntatitin a ivaell tt i.nmte tia t ,s1i1s till t all iml be lowedl II in dIown the river, and llll Ith greIatest punctllualllity lbrv:d as to their day Iof t saililng r /illlr r lthe ownllar or ea)p ihltn of Ithl e vssrelsl ill I e Iresponible ir jelelry, a ullion, pa r, ion, sllles, sil. ver or [,fill I Into.wm, orkaknee of glas,, hollow wore, lmurbhl,r gracliite, onll Ii, rnlst of ilin or steel, or frt any hnners, parcel or intekilei rot hv or ,liltttll htahi iai" taihia, ulh al l ,l lr bill o' lot l+tin re . I itirtia .14 l K Ii tit.t.lIN,71A amp st FOIl NIEW YORK. ]IO'II'S' INl' litO PA(CKETS. l /\() sllnil pcltlull v P*rrrv \hIi eli+os l trnth lsh rt. I'li, a l ttltt I ta at "l illa taIIeit It o+l e ln filrt c(lul,. Ships,, .ol i \ll. of Sip . rNa,,shle, t'ullll oliod. Alaam,t n CaptainC C lMerry, Orlias, (Captiln S siers, Fir7 b ur (,r lallli J tiunl r, J i i'he , 'a/ta.l ti t.hliy, Noasville, Ca tiihl I iood. Loutnt, Captain Trtl . rT aTlhlre. (ljllihail I'le aii t a'ew ,/hipS --- ('llltill \iti 'lltatuatI. .Venn Ship -- (CntliiltiNiellmlli. T]he Il,hve fhi lipls ere11 olf ithe flrst c·lass,+ o(i p pere(d, nill{ coppe)llt: r i iilrue1l, u (it r, buIil i, NI', l'ork ex tr. lr, ld ulll st invariably cluas Ite bar witll ut deltel These plakets ire i omnlnadled byv (:N tains lell ex iprole d iL the lrtld,,,llli wilrlllulw (lsexerttih .eslvrs lol n tile rlu l e., l 'llll will II al ay1 . eii owed u' u I ahnii d. 'l'hwny Ilv ,. l ullla~l idly i llrll ipih ly s.a+.t lillas adlislid.ll lll ,r. lll tilon paid to the ' ull IItIult I, , lt ilt litt'I t itiof 'lhe iricr of the cahiln is fixed at $30, withunt wine or gil lor. Ior horttler pirticulars apply to A COII,:N, eines, hollow lan., inabe or u.h~nie, 'oIor.a.g. of til or rulnt ,+filrlll or hl,,w l: llor r, jll tbll e i l l.r IIIIi [+llCkage(: o Lr plrlel lt ni hoarIl, lllri- iI r.te lllr+ ul'll h ll be s i /1d lire r, t i th, ofliv o lh iii, 'or t ihe Interior. N I T IIA ( NA ' lI It I ' tll k I A '. I i tt ll a'& er, 11 . ..i I/i.,5 1 I \ NI.oI, Ao m,- l c n 11 , ' in m ,i I cl, rrllt. .i ll lllir & , r, tdo T . ild t i-li t s s in ,'an itataiti " lt do L ai ilt do a 20 R I,, Eit i im gtar a 3 N iu S Illllllill t I t a S r i lil ll (i 74 il I I a at .l o/I EiLl olrle of it o vre t so , in, r ( ,ulhy, and I11 frll suol how tu clo, e ti emllilslnllllllnllt; Ii . inl li i A 'Ii f a .\ itt I, 4t (t, itamp at I I.E\\; ' . h' , .TIh . . rlt "o Ii,l- , I_ rioi. ,r, I nilll, r (I(f NrI·, ti)1 l,-to , I tclivt.,l tl hilie glultlted tip aihlos a t lllt cv \'a urk .ollc.lto i S nil cor trr t L('l l rl" & ((, tlllaion a tu -i I i L.rl St l-bix u ' 11 )1-11 11 i ( I illlalt illlai i13.1 tl1i n i lle at. S I( AN 1" SO -Al 3O0 uxe. ju O- t tei d ,, r nt s h v 'SIIAI.IEX & ltlttx ] u v' l. t 1out , . lI u 9 xagzinel st.o ' o per, ii l ore Iii ii tiTl by miy 14 J 'l'11:1 l.l & C., 7 r l',.ydra at 1i.,.A(1 S'lONES--Chign yntlrn niluhig, -lillilngfruiit - shit SL' Lotil,,renl~tl, 1i'r ,ll, e hv .... 13 S ,& .I 1' \\'1lll'1' l+:. l?, 73 llntm f L11[--1110 skstr 'Thoulmini.oil Lillt',l iiiillnf"r salel SiTI3 *att atI S11 AV.\NA S\V+'IE 1' 1 A''IEA .- -.50 hol iexr s i u stuore, h lr stle b) A T11.1+1, il:,,' 15 :3 lir vit·r si TO .PREIZCIKI.'TS. in flhttki CheCi , Bills of Ladlifg, Auction e Bills, ruth phtietS, Show biltl, Cotl-' iii lot~.&e. &c". lI ola /'iiU AIllltfI'I/I' dci s Sl. r. illIc ttl'" Ks ":x0 hccati /t::d iii frih Iirticii'tl'rtl'/t'I~~ataill Ltthe Pimi,,a 12 office,. corner of It lllra- and t5. C'bat11"s streets. 1 IE·cr·,rsire oriel bearetilsl I:nn t. sald Jon I J··UUSI f from fe bei t Foiundcies iN th.c nitc d Statlsc, hoar jus tla b~een added~ to the already nl ' N/rl-a locked Itarblislr,,ecrtl N -and til t tltIits will be executed as I.otr, is CUlt pl,l? , sil I njcditiuasly and Ilcauati/cI/, as a al IlyoIhIe Uli(Iacnl L xl N .ll~l{ I' ,i.l.tti'14NSc a cl'l.31:UIS.i a, Just nrucerv·d by lute croaka all n-olutueut at , .S:)1rl.ii cravats, HI in Ik is, I, lict anid 'Ic ll ders, at the Irls~tilr , canlcer ul Sl. (Olalileis an Contiiuel g It.: caiitplct asutiac tiroif Wrtinig lle1:i I' Dressingg cases, portable s hlaving cragsa in Tri o lut ou n illith. Iiyti IIUhSh & AI.I.AN . t CORN-1500 buslhei Imt/h l laclcfc 'io boat ucd Ibr Icr I FItlIIL I i. 'J'OR-fliar iii laiDncmd aictal arIn I" a:l t iitillitlt, rapidly cowia1g inao se, in tIr IiI tlhelmciihllIl act FOlcliutYu I lii'des. It isdtcllged to ti I kee. cool and sweet, such disi/i in te culinary der ilen itc or'alllcll c aru to bccotecte gcc nl l ia a lit s1 aectorlctl' .It'dIgCtiorin th illitii jricic. ThIio'l lccgeltohiri nowlctl lhidcll an indi.penable articl in fhe ecou(Vt , Iof llstergoh wi C ITN E c I tlyl of l'rli/d it ipIltcitS llboutihe weatler, u illcinure i tliun pay thle cosllltctle rntlicle tdcr ltctllar. c 'Tlh suosdrbcr is olllalaltly riceivin'rlonilttllhe arto- i i faofer, cltijiglIutl hts Nclf'ere/t piica ii. ' 'lltSubacriilibelrc tlilCII S.CI.gnfo theat' nufii it turn, Mr A Pattonl. Spec tnt~ens l o the Iceftiigeratora C I'ri. Se. 0111 fl lundci / 'iii Utleail.111 13 I' ma liecor cuin et ti al 5:3 Bhtieuiile utcci h'lta c. fill iVi It (RNENS. \ M. BELL,.BEL, IG Chaurtres street, has thisn dnv receiv oelprsisS aoD,5 oe eaeldBes fin, wltien will Le anered Ifrt i arI1M1 rrlluru ciiap- fc er than evert~ before otlti~rrl inl this cIity. Also 511 dozen p .l 41d Iing1, rI'IfItrai'd lltrt'i IlloIIItIr wihll agreatu-tlc. rieutyof Nheuplil 'St o ((col.i-tii'' ul,'Bltuvl'L(iae Iitrcgt I E."I /ikNJlt66'biitttc ILLU Iii (:liliclliiii/ tl· LIIOilcr'-uithiia Ea itnnuc~tmttby tt J'h'inAs, lt&c.hoeit aIt ill Iiu well toexamineth . great Ntsornuont. ' I I'. S. Old oilldIti brlad r wlialad. ial 14 L.0113 tUW\'S Pa7tdn t Inyf~rr a o Balance al (;niter cull Find It b3 aienvtlle street, Patent c I'lutfurnl Iialullcez , supecrior to any ever oliercd in hi cty fl i I I 'RN 1 77)) /LE1) Cut andl Lettel~r PAPERl(-Just rect·i~ied 1L411r'usruioj Letlter /'toper, Lush b Iluo nld trtlllll? also,, 4511 ruledl capl, settl veto low paredel, suitanble orr schoouls, fur sale by tI DI E't. tilay 14 N V Stationelors' l unlII ChartreLcI l UOl 't r000 bur c ls r rn rtolir ill af ni tdIti cr- n r tlUUI nId nioriiuleby JeIIo u'hiifit' ql c. 0113 71c Ci( t drag i n:Tlll1TE BEANS-3-O brie far sale by a110S O Ll)lrSEY. 44 Nw Levee, Ii rfi"TEIi iiT;-in brim pintlo [)nick Linseed rl 01 I Ilin ;tmrotnddforaale by JTIIIAYE It O o ut13 74 Puydras Jt MESS BEEF-25 hair brls at the inspectionl in I stone fr sale by G DORsEl . 111~10 44 1New Level U$T receiv.:d a large assorrlmlsll f rtillnr stocks of various patterns; linean shirts of ine quality. GOSi~SIP &c,. nt13 Exchange IIotel,SI Charlts et TtUTHi IS MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. T he lact that 150c< 01 o S rUqperilla r od Pills tlave b n: d sold d ovrlel r llue plot six lUOlhd. h is to I' t--th It th*.y lre tiken ]11 it ;Wlllul er'Jbr+lhlt.l Ce . to .blvi;,ta ;lltl (·(rre+:t: tile Ifnlbt:hler llu . ill ld lu I~ltd l'eet. Of qIHwek p 3ppn.ill·1 urlotr oallck i by wlscll nrlly ]lrue lare, h t..a lI'et--Th.t thll uick me linllea chlndtil: mnr lPriupindr Ilaercury whithotlrlekls tilllk n "inttUCc ion or cure " nltd hrust fte th ir n 14et w." h ot crIl.haneo ito rssitfo Ii is II let--Thut Illlnotoui qby llathe l laoratio ic poytors e ail rlselesc Il upr s t utthey ill; l r e Ilbu a y In , e thIIlr vlln allld daulerou. |,rejmrnt;.lll oi tle pubhc, carlllg IOknllog TIar it IT (olletteaeer, au ell urr ly l0ekct EillrS, IllLtk ]]'IS llbUlUt d nsel.tse. of11 tIle, hlilltl+ C)l'+l~lll. hI it a Tltet--'Plty arlf Irrlictllttrly ill ther f~lhlw-F ina dhlseau Ilulns mf y hih wle hmo re br Ieor c~oued e) d Im n tlrllel o lflth hl nakl I ildl Ilnlllrlla n.tuld Ii su l h' e b- tl(h e gui etabi e p r telif l ao Ulcerous as nres o the n eeltro at Bcr~rllfl; ErYJIIIlIhlS; tlltlld boy; JllolIdlee; |fotrt ihurn; cauly ere otilll ttld blotchea el Disa atgs o alnt a hJvnr, skill, l ne yi ill bIncuesl] lallyl ldsi Dry Ild V,';lll~r ipilnplesa r Plnd Pni~l o['tllax llle, Itlotlg tln Jnllq · UIsttdc uLI1 the fe illd Of Lba ck Tild I .ille+overtile ti Flll:hll lii regil of tile hleart nd Tl~tPIer au e rinwO rnl1; tItu lllaeh; dwlll lllF lg hd Illlrdt'lllllg Of tile Illrd levelS, lind t ctil ,iftine o eckull til tie llorltco, l alllredth kigbrgrllsm bore , y& th nc Fl.ltutacy: hlldlql~riu lr; 1 ll.lch c. nughi; Wll3ll ali; Bl t r Col 131 llt Sour tlrutletlll ttud acidities uPC tiI rull. stllth; ':y.lltelurlM, l, &e. RE;COHME1Nl DATORTI\ FACT. : It i n ri~et--Tlle IlllIy lI++)I()Prlet, I11Iel I~lhrlelltlr~l(·UI·r I)I tl Yllrm;lpurll a lloulhlooillr . I* i i l'gl·1 ll ))Ide*'+I·lll tl (·It+ we l jl z t )ot h Peltry+ .lsttetd by lilt; Ilusl mtell,.llllrplllet) .lelian+ utf the Ullltedl XSlter. Ductora Pllyiclt, ChoIl.IIlatll, Jach sol, Gi ihmouI De wees, blarel ill thll pr~a'tlce fT Dllllty BIlymlel·UllS, III:I (C) XI(rIBy +lulgyrlCtIII Innlende Ily IltltllY tLll't)ughlltllY tlll. U 6taLEL. (dCO tlilel~lIUlia ucr(III] IBlly la llcl lCt Lt(J lip ill.) I.lild riley Ur Wal';Ilte. d ttI (IitaUIIU LIe ll]Ul(;.l)· or illllllll~l prC+ pilratlllmS. It Id • .~lc--Thery Ilind lie tllkrn I~y tIle ]]llrst lh'licate, nlld 1,l .--ituges; withouut reltrttmtl Of UCculmtI(IOlr IIIIill**.+++ ., Ilholot lleroftlkil~F llgl cld ~tkul ellnnlgo (if diet ur rerlltillt ]'rom be ullld ur ellrll+ ;ceordlllS Iol tIltqauty ll;I1)·Ikelll wt,+tlkPuI PUI(1J'I1Si OB' 'I'IIF BLOOD1. i{ENOVA'IOR el"' TIlE SYSTFMI g,,, r ihruvereI thle Illlllleralll iir till+ (O~btllellqICIe 1 O~f +'lllllll JlU.)I VTrlltCrtitl It id a fact--Thalt n,,ver ill II aillgla illst nlll:e itllle tile)' h~lel, I :ur lll. tilourul~ll+, Ill;lily I`ll"'hulnl wucru befoLre Collridllrd 1ll..l it is u fnct--tkat'oll* bo.'of...rsa carriil:l pill.Iii llle h118tth]11 ,of tile L·Ullll)OIUlll Sru uYlJ ardllTIIPdrl[I·t, L1LIlls.L iCIBllt IU cUre tI It (is lct--Sht~uid bIe Il~h).rVwfd, tlmtILheP Oil])" plate~ th.Yey .n F olltatillrd lelrl~lltt 111 S. e~l [uallIa Id Ut Cu.[Illlhllllle ·tl'el·t. burl: l I 1.+N.6 B)LOOD] B L(}OI) i! BL~oo :!! ht. "Iu ll, Vlta]l~ prlepl e (+L if: ... a.dl tl ld 311. l'.EI'y iIiiil. III the0 hIv'II is (h~riY Ced TrU lll III,}d. 5 .)t. A~ll theei~s· ilrl.(' lirollll iII~lI.lY lrlty ltle hhmdI1I, -r i n ULhI er worda pr~lllll acrllllt~lliusl l, hll~tre 1Iudecd iii Llle blldv. ulll~l lalll, tl~illl~tltll'tl by thll +tt+,ipr.rllal ll.Lt unsahlll~+c. amllh ".teIlnr V lnctbluu paii:)ur.+ntiv s rlme uls al lat+· w ith tile (IIhmtl. I MPUII{]T 111+1111~. ] tlh r 1iII wll klel~lll to l ellit' oI rilgll 1+ ureat I';llllceasr, Cu~lllolieons, aldclel~r I"repurlltio"ll It in .+e~le.+, therrefuro to eUltlIII.All oil ItS \ II tllrrm; they arc lul.Wll I+ I:Vl'ly olle~a I15 :¥ry Ill.Wr lapller i s filled withl ttdrertllbelllel~lte l'n'j wilreul~y t id lallllll;Itad wFt1l lltller well hllUaYI ll fl(·l]]l|l a.Cl.ll awtlthout d+'M ro)h i llp t"I Vlrlul++ of'llle: sural linrlllr , IllIII t;Tlrllllhg • .rsnlu1+rdll ur UBeed P~ll++. \Yl'tth lip +a~riul):rllal+ll I·'Olll hlllwd U llllhl tlnld .+'ltlcl pulrgative, w hCIl by- it+ (l~lr,:ct . rmlulli ly ,tll~1 aillslllt Illl ller e+,lhlbly Ullrrne+() off' the( sl'O++* a111d fllt~ld IUltIlS -(e)Illrltlet] f li~llll le bh ltI by tLeI mr+;lra ll""llr In. Thc le pillr du l~llrt lllr: e.) \nld~llllly lil . t p~lil l doI (1· llil·Jh Ir<,. +lure. W+,.'kl:1llllg thle .+yslttll. ll~l| II·lll:lkICIlS('a-e to t,+k(: *Itrlli.r hlulJ, ,llld kll~lli." Or deltrlryllg tll~ltlalllld+ ; Ill .IhIILr Ilil~l.lllUV·tlb 11£ tlllszr eullulmC ut, nlec t. arlllru'y cudr uthucr mill1 I~rosl thle eireu~llltalle al'th. slrtrsnprrilhll I)Pllg illtr{,dleP*!l ill pdl., eqlg~ eas~y to tuke tlldl ell~llv elli pll fr IIIBrl)· Illl.1 II til ;)Ot.k+,t or lrl,ir l ;ltlllll. ; llll benl~l, hl;tlle to hrm~tk;trle, a. ilr(+ the~ bottic le+ Cuiltt lllgIlrl+ ir;,])ur ll. llu of h0 arsllarllla they·) lnillt eve~lltulllly tuku thle plue Of ell othear prel~aratlulla Of ]holth Il) CII i 10e f lir.O lPI av elclte d lCIIUlnlrol. IICdTll'.ill~ll l I illl~d allr e llllil~lllllly r~eClllllltllldllld ill TIICUllldltle itlf.'·Ltlll. ero'lil. u'orylrrl~lI, Bllll.tu liltlle, l tle rtbIr., qhIII)l'. tIIf theU [ns'r, t ll. I" otle Ivl~l· 1II: luds,l I IlI: il 111 (llll .J" he de Il~o lb" lhl. a ;li)It.I Nl~lll or I)Y('I' lhe ' r .gi L f file 1 hl etlt ttll tll~l 1cI, 11: rll .'+ ler+, ha tlse er l"u the· Illl{llth I.I]S L( rui th,( (IIt~,II V+ iill h P~tl~lll I +l wl~iIt I(·I· el Y 0 1 I*Ct lllle,+iii .r iti illlld IC L lhl) ' I) I ,P1· tilll+ etII.tell,· u I 1ie ,cue .ir' l"helll }SP JII1·· L llrel andLL hmly, +cTIII *UII rIP illitL~ d Wltll e~ rI1 lla 4+]lil~el-e, ruuhtll frll lTIk II lllptLrlty ]if the.11 bhLd, rlall~ld l hh upr.le oI'lhe+ll.ry COt~lllll Wltt'r p~llTh.,I illld II ll-hb ortle |,|e ;tl lll ( Il ot.',lr:: tri~ltral ltl rilll wIrIIlll.,s tll llr III Lart-I ~lltil . s Irrptl./ll. l ee I~llur c~lll1111t Wtluoritira ll, ;tll~lt -il tllu ..i+ iiil,+ .Ill~cuciou puiier uf the~l ~1 I,[o Illl· u.l~jllwer FIll| beslr- I ul'arlla. 'r ul1.ce li~i it l1 to I iyt l~ll I IIl lly.{lan. rP{llll~ill 1 I tIIII .i) Unl-' fur l.+ ivt l,c, I' , llJ(d t il,y It.,.d l, Il,,,..111· )11 SI.l l mhl ..,. ]i r,+tI il it Nu 9; (;tJ·11( ,iii lh:1us , .tr+.~i l , !)II .'.1+ t }flea.., ; t o 3 l Pizle s STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dis Strict Court-The State of Louisiana, to all whom v these presents shall come, Greeting : Whereas, A C Banclhard, J IV Brcedlove, Wil. I1 liarm Mackey, and II Lavergne having purchanced r at a salo made by thie Sheriff of the Parlh of Or. et leans the propertr hereinafter described, have ap. p, plied to the C.erk of thr- Court in whose cifice the cu deeds of ale were recorded on the 24th, 29ith, andi i 27th days ofApril, A. D.1839, for a monition or cl advertiseulent la conformity to an act of the Legis. de Inturd of the State of Louisiana, entitled " An act dr for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at p, judicial sales;" approved tile 10th day of March, pi 1834: et Now, therefore, know ye.and all persons interr-. ested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in po tile name of tile State of Louisiana, and of the First de Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, a title or claim in and to the property hereinafter de. in scribed, an consequence of any infoarna:ity in the sd order, decree or judgment of the Court under which su the sale was made, or any irregn'arity or illegality sa in the appraisenlents and advertiscomests, in tim de, i or nlnarr of salc, or for any other defect whatso' ever, to show cause within thirty days front the day te this nmonition is first inverted in the pbilic papers, C w'.y thie so e so ade should not be contirleoed and fa hunmologated. p ThIm said properly was so,ld by the Sheriff of tire bl Parish aforesaid, ron the 27th daty of March, A. D. at I 1839, by virtue of a decree of tlis Court, rendered tr ona tile 5th day of Mareb, A.4 . 1839, in a suit euti. t tied Carriere & Borduzat vs. Buchanan & IIgan, , No. 17,401 of thie docket of this Court, at wheich sae the said AG t anchald, J W Ilreedlove, \Vl i Ilam Mackey and 11 Lavergne became the purcha- I, sers, respectively, ofthe fuowing property for thile tol owing almountn, to wit:l SA G BIni.lehard was thie purchaser of the lot of d ground number Six in Poydras street, between Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty h four feet six inches frolt on Paydras street, by ninety five feet six inches deep, for tile aua of seven thousand olne hundred do lars cash : three thousanud nine hundred and forty four dollars and filly cents, payable Lth thirtieth day of March, eighteen had. ad redand forty, and the baltrnce in two and three 1 , years in notes satisfaetorly endorsed, lnd bearing p mnortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity I to bear interest ra the rateof tel per tcnt. till paid, C without any right to retard payment, which the said sheritffleknowaedges to have received in his notus, payab o as above, with JonaU Metoyer & Co and N. Benoist as endorsers, and reserving onr the above describdl property a special muurtgagoe until the final pa.yment of tihe ablve described nolutes. b J. W. Breedlove became the purtaser of tie d lotof ground number Four, inl te corner of St. Charles and PFydras streets, measuring twenty four teet front on St. Charles street and seventy. eight fcet ten lterr.s Oat Piydras street for tlhe suu I of e even thousarna ati; one hundred dollars, paya- i a ble as follows, vls: Oee thousaand dollars, cash; p four thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars payab u the 19th of June, 1840, and tile bI anve in two and three years, tin lotes satisfactorily endors ed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at alaturty, to bear interest at the rate of te per cent. taill paid, without any right to retard pay. n- met, which tlhe sheriff acknowledges to have rto. ceived il his notes payable as above, with John Minturn as security, with sp, cid mortgage on th t property sold until final paymlent of the above de scribed notes. J W lBreedlove became, also, the purchaser of the lot of ground number One, situated next to tile St Chlarles Theatre, near Poydras street, measuring . twenty three feet eight inches an.l six lines on St. Charles street, by seventy eight feet ten inches in depth, together with a lfour story brick house and kitchen thereon, now under lease until tile first November, 1839, at fifteen hundred dollars, from thence to the lt November, 1840, at two thousand t dollars per annum, payalse Inontihly; for tile sum nad price of sixteen thousand do:lars, payable as follows, viz: Iwo thousand dollars cash, four thousand five in hundred dollars, payable the nineteenth day of June, eighteecn hundred and forty; and tie balance tar two and three years, in notes satisfactorily on - dorsed hnd bearing mortgage, and if anot puuctu. ks at y paid at maturaty, to bear interest fro In atu. rity, at the rate of teat per cent, without any right to retard tne psymeut, and which the sheriff ac. knowledges to have received in his noteo endorsed by John Minturn, and oayablo as above, the reo. served npecial mortgage cv the property sold uotil the fial paymrent of said notees. Willirt, M.1ackey becaue the prchaeser of tihe lt of groound nouhtm red livne o Poydras street, be twe,, Camp and Xt. tCbarles itrneets, crearnriog Iwonty-lour luct six ilnlhles front ro P'oydra strlcet, bry inoety.livce six inchlles deep, lrr tre priu of seven thousalld five lhudrCed dollars piayrblo us Ibllows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousanodr two hulnred oril soeventynseven and eighty tlr-e hun. dredths dollare, payable the thirtieth ci March,i r oighteeo hundred fod forty, and the balncee in two t cnd three years in notes satisfictoreJy enOdrded, aid, bearorg lorgage, and if not puorctully p]rl at loalurirV to bear irnterest at tile rate of Lte per cort till paid without any right to retrd Jpayment, and tIthe lsheriff acknowledge s to have receivcrd the r ;shN payment, nd tlho balance in his notlethe two first t to l the ordelur of J. Irwin, and tie last to le irdur e of Geo. Buchaoaon, and by them etndorled nd py alde as above: a special inrtgage is reaerved untdl thl firal paynlot of lhe said notes. II. Lavergne bcalmre the purcnaser of tile lot of ground nllnmbr three, nlext to tile corner of St.ic Charles al I' streets, Illearurinllog twenty.four i feet one inch frolt or, . Charleesrcet ruloierg 4 seventy.eight ieet ter ionche. d!ep; r' tle I. price of six tlc o t..e d ro ine huondred dollora, pay lle as follorws, viz: (Jill" Irhl. a: ndllt dollars cash, f ull r thoultl'a.d two U nn i red Ilir rirlllr ler dllilrs, bl the rr f e rn-oIlitl et'l dilV Juaecgr.eueon hunlred and "firly, and the buI c+ilI llitwo ei'irrtnd c rhrrre oo--rrd illrlrlet llll;llr v ll i bt.alring mllolrteigLP; and If Inot p)unCllt l lllli 1id at m 1·l - ril, to lwulr intaiI; · at the t ,,'t: w'r C,.lt. till ,midl, w iiIn, nlly g Iielll In IrIrIti rd iar \ enlcl er d e in hetil' citkowrr-,- h rc% i ri rrcit e rlc at tile balllll1I:1 in lll l (fII.($(1 I(· Iavpr2I I' (;11e, 11 Iulm Ye by - { . rir'eirr , I hr' I rlr t rrrrrrri-ie o l llll iirl-r-ro' t '. ic-c .o "l Anlld PaId L rg.utlle InlllrIre rrro hr e prrCh n lltf a lot of grInlr d lllnllr-o t red two r lljullilln Ittt tl' - fuated ill Sit.Cr(: ell" MrP. Ill n~llllin IWSla-lh lrt eigcct i l rer r I .r rriX li - o t. C 0 I.- h s rll. neelty-eleb., t Ib.t tel ilnchle in delplth ,.tog he~r +itll in1 flsur-sto l'r b lck lous-11 Hllll kitc: hell lb. rl e . ll bi(.( t II) : I lto e iitil t l tirlu-r iln t)inhl er eie litr.e l h d Illld thirlyvidll@, aIl t rat lol two th (Y I ana dollarle 1 r 0-ne mlit, HI~irr u- run civ ire rurrc-t i. irer e rr-it hol ll llltnl l i o irr-i - rirt II \ hll be hI n wn vI ie: ealrro oill rrrr tioh,1 - l+lll ll entht rslr , r m i reio l ill I I + rul t n"ll l l ily ptdlr at ll tihr, i snerl cr ie th r lle inl bIll Il-e i'Ioa, ill tlld (.[llllll illr y righ it I reilld put 'illl, ined th bP 'ler l]" nlknlowledge' toltr ale receir l o , i, ri llr tl ll l Inutlll: U ill r i i tile ulllle· t is 1 bille pUllllhl.holllrl lll harvedll by ('. L.)l'll 1, illllll pll? I II'nhll as llIllv J l lld· 1 III 1L lltlei,,l lllll1tailttd r+-e.l'+ dI Or, ner i t rie l re.rr .1 . lrhinrir ,u , t hlre e of the (;llllr !llll 1%+iill .hl sIxt day l li t' .\|a). JII ight , t1 1 Il tioultl r-ir t'll ll lrlh\ ll ir. e my II-- hlps P. L ~IItI. N(', lDe[t. '1, il. 'rTATl I)E' L+\ ILOUlsIAN F-Cour+,iuPre lder ])i-trict Judiuci.ire-- I' l'.'at de la Louisi. anse-- a tous ceux ilue os preoell" s .onlctrnlt"" , salut : Attendu que A.G. IBhalehard, J.1V. IDrecdlove, Wlltiann Mackely et II. I[.lw'eree eyant acle td , llne v telL iliile lpar In ,'h, rlffde ht p rir~sse d tOr, ](+'an.% Ies proplrid:f s ci aper,++ decrltes, se sont ad. russ6 au (;rfl;ib , d c teli , collr, fil ble iciies dit. ve-nito Siarent enrili-trrs in I3 UG ut 27jou d'Airrd d 'alinnn, 1839, p iidr i s e iOt i acta do la Le ishlturS de I'0L-t dlia t itouisillt , u . tLld ' Aete poutr confirlller uls titres des .celll.llr ' nux ventes judiciairo ;" aprprouvo o 10 Mars 1831. QIU'll soit colln. et toutes persoiletS iltlldrpses pout par cos p1d 6Seltes sornmUI(*s aull noIll de I'etat dle rla Louilanohl et d la ctlr du Premier I)lstrie .tc di.i crireqoi pourte lint --ir dlri to l roierided c i. uprbs do rite, on clnseqUellpte urr dredBdun e ru r rdas l'ordre, le decret ou Ih jue nlelltdi le cour, in verm dquoel la vente a t fallte, ou de ihto irre. gularit d ou illralit6 dlans I'estilalion, I'avis ou le teoldl9 ct lr lode l ni veintlle, oln pollr lne llltre cause quelconque, 1o fnire voir, dar s trento jurc dater do cl c publication d:ette avipnurqului la veot ainsi finite no serait pus clnfirne ) et rornlolo gude. i.eadirte proprid6ds fiurnt vcndues par le Shdrifl. susdit a 27eieo jour die Mars de I'aonade 18.19, oe vortu d'en cdlellt ido cette Cour, rendu lo 5 lie Mars dle l'anndo 1t39, dans I'aftiro dc lIorduzat contre Buclhanan & Ilagan. No. 17L01 du docrket de cette Cdorc t laqucello vente loes dl s A- Gi. Illancthard, .I, W Ilrectdi ve. \Vm. Mackely et II. Lrlergn so son ro-dus tc- c qutreurs respectiveulcnt, des prolprlt6 s suivanilCs pour les qedelreseS c r spcified, savoilr : c r A.t G. Blo nclhard, du lot do terre noi,. 6 situr e dalls larue Playdras, nlltr,, Its rues d,, C, aulp et St. Chtarles, onusurant L iedlls (t ipouce de ,thee a ruse Poydras, sur 9.3 pieds L pouctrs tIh pIrotinde,'. Sour ht sonune der j 7,10e comeutaot, [ 394l, 5 payabloes 1. 3c do 1.'co s 1i10, et la balance dl.o rleux et trtls a os er billetis endo Iteo oa satlsfactio et portant hypotheque, et duoJt p,,rler un irnr(t' No ,aux t1dix dour cet jus'c paicerCoe , s rice- tl yrunt p',s pownutll menlllt1llt pnyds .L leuts tChtt:ncetlll t,! , 1 s lnnrves ',i eU- droit do reti rdr t l' taleLer t, We q Mohe y I cc llrltl rl {:in fill o re cu - ll sFEs yr'ls Mi toyer ns ' n , et N t hire ist, r vo ree SYyplothleque sl)pionale sui r I' t sustllle proprldll. jisJ u ) t1 % : , pairment linal des susdals blilh'ts. J. W. Ilreedhlve, delvidt I'c.c n.cur du lot dc terre i. . o, rormallt I'en-oi-nre des rudes ' IttL . P, Irlc tranll t II 1 ipIedRIedil: te. al1 ru I St. t harles et:L 7 plods 11 plicio9 S , 1 c rrti ort y. (ras, |eor it n mlOeoi do i ll, i t0 i-aIaye e colnlu suit, ti1.11c00 comnyiptenl, cre1' liayale i 19 de Jutic, 1e4iii, et li blairice Iais deux ct trois ani s I billets elldl~s .t satisfaetluuo et plortltut llypoltho. que, etu.alls4 le 1c11. qli'll iio ster slnt~ll pa. polleluelle ide -It pay cis cur dienillul. ils dcvlollt ,rf tlnr lun initt:GL at taux slo dix potlr ce'nt julqul it I Iai-leoyt, cnlS aucu droit dt ietrrd de ptlivt, l ce que p e sldrifrrr eionnait avoir recu en se bIllliuse payaeblres colunilol de eit i UEdi, lldon s par Jhll M11nturn' evec hyllotoequle i,@iale sols r sl pr,,prid 6 v cldu le jll elllii' it p triil rt r lit al des SulSl its billtsIC J. ci,. heedlove dovint aunsi d'e iroe ltc dn lot do terre Uo. r situd ipres lte thtere St. Charles pros la ruc Poydras, lupyurant 3 pied 8 peiuces et six lipneseanr Ic rue S1. Ceidarle, et eo pleci 10 pouces de proftindeur, avec l6,1ificocn brlques at li cuisillo qllil s'y trouvellt , sll$jets o uu b:lil jlSqt' au irmlier n t v-lnbrt e lb39 ho raisoun dn .i1300 er de Cltoe 6poque au preilier novelbro lb40 h reaisol de et,00o iar au paylr tles tous los lloos, pour lI drix dt 1,i000 piayabloep colie suit ; deux o mle piastres cornlptant, qUltro i illIe chil rent tiustresl payables loe 19 Juin ir0o , et la blancel dans doox et tros anls elI billets endossi s to saticfecLiou et portaot nopotlriqur ; ot dans le cas qu'ls ie roitunt pas payds ponletutallelnent a leur debdances, ils devrout porter ul intr6t au tauxl de dix polur cent allS tuelln droit d'ell relardeal c phieellt, e ioI1e re shdrlfl rcollnait avoir recu r p ses b pllcts elds. tsd icar Jos Miontur et iet ayale coluleod il tst susdtt avee la rslrve d'une hypothcqute sp6einle sur Il proprit o endue ju qu' au ipaliclleent t iltl dots dits billets. Willianm MheKay devint I'acqurc ur du lot de terro uo. sOur lI r,,e P',aydras. enltro les rtutt, pu Camp ot St. Charles, ayant 2. pilds Iti pouces de facte a nla rue Pocydra snr 9e pceds I poucesr de profundour; pourle prix de 8i7,500 pidtrees 1paya. bles oettIIiIo suitn: $50ct conoltlI; ciL277 83, play. ablesc le 3t dars I0ltO ; oet ht br31liei a tdux eL troit alns otil balcts elld' ns r it t atLIetIo et peotr. taot blyaplollicque : ct d iis le n qis llnlllie tI entdltt Irpas poltucllcrellt p yrr. it leuor 6doldno ns ins dcv. lonot porter uu intIdt o I taux die dix por ceInt ju~squ' o padielent, Sills auCeIU droit l eC letarder te pnih hellt ; eeit e .hdrimt recoinoalit o vir recai le coltalll, e lact baianouce en sep eillets Ir, s leux nor lers : i'trtlre de o. irwi p rt1ii derr uT I'urdtl e du Go . Ilclallnan , lti le oot Ulldo.eds, et pay ablsscori· II esn dit, agec In rl 6.rvee d'unIe hypotheque pleciale ju.-qu' au patilent final dedstht htllets. 11. Lavergnlo devint ancq dreur du lot do terrde I no.3 qui so trouve iprCs l'. lcolllgllure dus res SIt. Charle oet POydras, piat 21 pleds tU puctleo de itoee a In ru St. (Pharles et eetlledalt io cr pieds 10 piouces on eprofoideur 70; p i I n .ix dt ip!)11111 Spiyablcs coltno l lli: Yto r clmptLch llltt, a 1219 Scpayatl t 19 Juin 1rt , et la belllance it doux et trois als on bll0ts Ollthi6s t .atltaetiou et por. tanlt hopll theqtl e. ]).LU8s 1 eas q1lis oll t siunllllt pan poncluutoe ctlten payds a leiur d1cbit.ict es, iri dievrulr t porlern intdrct au teaux do drx tlue r Cilrt jri.qd' 'pjirollllt, san.aeillC l droit delc retarder Ic phll i lenl ; et slldrif' t recon it enll avir recu le olll l lcnt, -i barlance cn si s billets eIt dos s i par C- . l)cir bigrlly ot payable ceui lll il et no ldllt, avi e ieen rve Sd'unllo IIyllotlcque siriIale sur lI pIropri 6 veudldue j usqu'aLu iLalnen o d ioae. Sn ELt In dtt L'ecorgnc dciut al'rusk:i 'acqureur due lot doterroe no. ~ ad,oeguant l2 I. 1, o.tllrt daclr s l I rue St. Charles, lyant 2' pied;s 8 ollcties et (i Slignesdo face la reo S. t.Charlces sur 7ip pii.ds, lit1 poucos do pruforodcar: aver nue uIltOulnei brp $lus So a 6tLages, et la cllssine iqui s'y trouvenl, sujette it hun bal D jlslll' au 1o0clobrd 13:i ilu tahuoix doo 0c1 '* par ani, payables to:s I, s liltis; pour to prax dle Y I$16,10, payalde erlnine suit; $'2t00 coetalu nt;L ; n $4,500 payable In 19 "+ie Juin 18411, ett la blanee - a deux t trois aoens e btlld0 ello~tds o satistolctioll ct portait Iypothque : ct dalns lto cas qu'll lie soitltn pas ponetcuellemnnt paydsr a icur deCitai eI Ssis devront porter uc intdLt au taxe dne dix piult pcent jusqu' paslcmenl r tn, lait ancuu drolt d'eli ti. tarder lo paiement. otle blldrilrf lcconait oun avoir hrecu lo comtptacot e it o balance e blletsc du dic c tacqudreur, eodonsd par C. Decrbiguy et pr.yarlesr l coulllC it et lusdlt; avee rdcrve d'uur h'lothe. Sque ti peiald Le la proprieto venduejuspqu'a paii n ment liual. Id 'rinl 'phonoorabls A. dc . Buchan, jube do in eour a utditg , oto ortiro Mqi 1e3p e o s harO jtoo St Geme l . LEBLANC, ad lmsi Dnepute Gret~ir. ii 1Y.% ~t SL(;.\ li-37 Loam Ha\ nos rthitc aenrtl s .l 4 de do Froall ul IBIuJIu-, I)'I -ul try n>'9 S&31' P 11.111TNCV,7.S C~amp 6t 1 ~ICKLES-- 0 Lvg. and~ 40 Foc'"", rlclw o e from p :dw I olk p ,r 61ti/) UC~ ue·ler .slR IV my dCIALL $ ItI(OKSN ri \1:·-17·1" ý I 0 A115-0000 Ir·t uah Oars, may I1 :3 & 3 P WHITNEY, 73 Camp et "I'I' INDIAN'S IPANACEL . aul.u by I t U.Ir. tfNchez and 'I'choupitoulas . st. I.OILt tleru ,'urllfulatl~nl, xerofia 1,r king',. e111, pout, I.'>u.oc,1,r hl llFF ',out FF . 1 ,.F..t . , llr 2 . ,., I .., .. - l,,c .lol.l ut lc 1,,rtl l J-.,,,.,,., I., rt , 'ly ul er; au y1 rlI.hl , ath, tlnu, 1,l Ihr htur>s uh,:r "t" i m i utdan rr r.1N 0 ,1 ,:r .,t.d J 11th r luld a ud m trl, ul,,.r s, IllJ.,, > i br d, d curvyY. I,.l . o.F.. l 11, : .,yre ',.. , ,,) -. elu-, I, , +1.1 1 .,."ry varl {fl l "u + , I * . Ivu1 l it / j 1ui. c.1,arr.., Il.r... uchu ,r(,c clhlug hour uuy .l(. ld h L ur, IIIIII 111 flu. ,1,.-ua,.h. unit Jy'>.·Il-I1ir"(Ia uccrI uC· 11111 Y 11.· 11(111 1, Ia . 1,F.n ' .l . Il 'r, 1 '..', Fy 1tl uu.' lu ,l FF FF J F F . 1 'u'IFJl' Flll i , .rul: t' ud F,,J , Il,, I''> -l.c'F . g Iru 1F,l .i 1 F' ,.' U1, IIF l' ' Pl SNA Al 11 > "luul 1.1;.1 l ..'...l1, r . f1,l .. Ia . ..F F*ll ..'.ll" r -> x .1FF F.h h ( r, ',It' j ..' k .. n FF lFl. ll'Fi. ll.- I lF'.' 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