Newspaper of True American, June 7, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 7, 1839 Page 4
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..m .. . .Um . . --. - -U MWwkd K Iltimore loekets AND IALI'IMORE LINE OF .T Il de1. w) .ownidaef of the following veual., which ha.'t ! bei built or purchased expressly for tile traise, ie: - S.mhip .emo, Capt. Miner, 'e ry, Niekerson, ' Ired Ferry, new , lStvons. Solomoni i Salne,. Lathem, Brig Arelniteet, " +' Gray. . e snln ire of the first clsas, have hand. ' Ii-iUrnihnd rccoommodations, and are oa light t~ t of water, en as to admit o tlneir receiving and ,e.itehergng their cargoes in Baltimore, at the city. f. eight will be takeni for portel o the Clhesapeake t*edJamen ' River, and forw.arded by the sgents, CLARKE & KELLIIGG, at Baltimnore: e .pennees on goods shipped will he advnaoed when . 1uiired Tile lria or painsge i 'fixed at $SO, n- l toemren of the b at qgolitv will be provided. S tanm up and down tlra3sias eippi will be taken ei all reeaions. Fre freight or paeage., apply to "C2 GEO. BEDFORD, S. .2 Bi denville at. FOR NEW YOIRK. (Lauilefne and New York Liine or Packet.s '1'11W8Shipe g thie line wll il ifot Nea Orleans and New York on every other Mon. dcay--=eenmencilaon tile 20th Novemnber--uanl to ifaura the puntualofity in the timl ofnaililng, the lin. 7 will iefreaclte iniet of five ships, viz: Ship Yaneoo, Captain Trask, to leave no theo 20th November. Ship Louiolvile, Captain Palmer. to leave en the 4ti-Denember. Ship Ifhntevillu. Captain Eldridge, to leave an the 18th December. Ship Vicksbetrg, Capltain Wooldhlousne, to leave on the 1st January. Sltip Mississippi. Captain Doavis, to leave on the 15Lh of January. Tile abose are all new, of tlie first elas, eaopperr d: *lid copper fastaned, alid uitwards of 500 l lIo hurthion, are of light drought or water, bring Ibnih in Now York explressly fr tlhen trade. 'tane irice of pascage is fixed at 100 dollar.: their cahitl are fitted up in the most ineproved and eonvenlel nt ilfl, and finished in n neLat and elogont style - Ample stores of tlie firslt qt:tlity will be providd, and every regard paid to thi elrofrt and enlire isatisfetien of passengers, who wiill pleasne take lo. I tie. that na berth canl be m reored util paid for at the office of tihe consigneels. Thfae ve.e lesrar,: commandedl by e.ptains well experienced in tie Irade., who will give every at llntion and .-lrt tlhemselves to aeOllltllldatle. 'LIttim will at all lales be tored op andl down thIe Missisi. sippi by eteanmboots, and tilr etriCtest ultteiauJhlity observed ina tile lint Of sailig. T.oe ownlers of thlese sl: a will not be reeponsi. ble for any letter, piarel or paelinge, sent Iy or put on boardl oif tiLev, tniles ar imariII if lliing beaiglf tiaeriefr, at ite. cnttiteg hIousa nl I th egnt or ownvers. "lr frt lhl r pl f rlietileri apply Ito . D REIN & A (:CtIIEN, ev.27 - i) C0 mmi n t .oksn UK. c. .". . . . . . .Eso UK... a . CoIA t, 'I IN PI U f;I air or. .4 Ito h r rIo.. eonrf+I.-il I+ h, • ('l i 11 +,l th . r l ir l r , n eor i ,rd no l o,',r foil. hoJiel all Itt, Ib still 11 ) bo l enla ur hn Il, witbh sin. ontnil r p en Mhlilnrsip, anlld Irnve Orl1ns L, or bel.o the 10111 an lll ii. 1If nery mni h o. Tllre fullowinr flrir A rn' Ini Clnrles G rJun, musrrr. Blrig C olnrt. 1. l. 'I',ia rnr atlll, miarter. Brig AlrernJ D. I.ori Crur. Fir tIergi. Thrrp aweae, rpoly ti J. A. BIAd EI. T & Cu., 61 ,Irnmlian rt. Nw sOrcll ,an, or lI. C 1 edrd revChori-er, art,. e j UMBAKIU e CO'Y ifinrri alto u Now Oninria L.i n of Packetl Sl-ip.-Tlhh new lin of " hip, hia besnacproa.,t built to run betweoei tIhe aboert pllorte, and will he frund of snitrille drft of wstor: aeeommoIdationi for passengers, and every effort will be made to givP general s atin ctioi, Thei lineia coapllde ot theo o lowing atilrs: Cherok.c. 415 tons Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 40( do S t Lmi.t, Chalrleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbrano, 625 do C Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Howes, Dombny, 625 do D Ilumplaroy. The, abv )lupsI are all now, of the first class, copper fastened ald coppered, commminded by ioen of great eperince, iont largo niconrmorlntmona, with a seaprate ladiea cabin; every atteontioir will ho laid to paeengers, and the vary cost of' stores pro hided for tboii. The packets will lao twed up and down theo is uaaippl, and the btriltet pisrtosli y L'-sorved in the time arfeailing, ai5d leatld the rog.lar verusls bo detained i arriving, other llip equally as good wi.l hi r all n e ,e ostautiei Anl h of A eit ri, age is eolirited, ad the gonts pledge tlimnodlver to acconimodrate an lesch an prarticaltle, to receive and farwardgrgola ly a id liue at tie anie itloadir. ate e iorge. and to L dvanII all uonapta ons goods *lealpd, if required. Te haips will leave the lot and 16th of every nthr . For faeight or pand e ge, apply to the agrnsrt. to Mdnern. A. C. Lmitbard & Co. nov27 l IIE Geuairnte Indian Ilaloueht r f h t nl Hroe a1 hboi, is fiire in brile at si lo pli rice if 511t carnt eal, cntaitinrig tir tringih of three cunin.o Liveiiart, heei lea hiaroirresari trinar otiler rootsn and herb.bnnuottn strllringr i Indirna as efficaciouo in curing pU:maa rytI complaints. The u rioanl. d success which hes attended 6 the ofe fr nhis ifetitmablel Iullotn rheteter iti n its b ririinti' do.ied, has nlttinedthe confieenlce anif reunroends a .ona o Arepectable rhniyiiaae, for rIe cnie of taungs. culla, pala in the ulde, weait of root, apittirg or blood. fiver oasepleissl 6e. To whmr it nin c"aero. Thin l to tmirir rhat. we have in oni practir e f'rrqtseotly prcscried lira tiGanl. mer' Indian Baln ll of .ierwal a of I irw"otdnn witr - odecided god efiect: no coo therefore, finol prne 5nw ledgei elahe s.rriala it is made frerll. and f nr eo luon arilaol teriter, recliarira iit as a saterin briliuratillinr er kfinues:n alulions of she lutnas fir ituihl it is re isoadrade'. 4a.Bi":RI' WfaI.LUg a, SI. is. lenbere of rho Ilrlueas Medical Asaciatian. Banan. October 25. elUniy .IRa Vl1 & ANIREWS, 'h€ uratled i Ii9 alotendedith. l t any S NoS ('irti rr. dJ h-Jlus lantdinge nar Minee-in. a nIrlinlt if alneadis, binire und sweet lo iun i g rn ortl erioo, juioenesene- cmflirrgnmon, & arnr .r lrnrrIs j.iri, lrirm and cnay Ieerdu, ltana, flake, aid ll ll, nrhnrileo , Lrimall cr, rartie fora, walyer r&c, er bledlrsle andl rtrailin a lme olt II O "iNAIwEI., tni9 err Ntontheis&'I'clbranitroulitoci YId YtYKA U1.ICCEME iNtimd-15 fr. aInndiug ship (rpienee rtOlr iur aelrl lr l fla hC tn o e a I s , Ch t l~t.UG.+-,In..tlandie. lh-at ^ IMMONB AAl.TT & CO, e now receivn-ira, an aboarda Ah O~ilran,. Eale. h, tfpn tih , ia'uher Itrrv Adlretw, Fieneh tad tere, tl.,. ' rk I"naiata loatdn; Chesmena , 1-4 anIl .I.-8 iach I:i ad llulls 8,!, It antl I itth blade IBoie Mise, rPe:e wion Caps and ('ap lhlTera; (lath,h air. Toth:t sli Nail llhaaha. Orris Gaud Chloriaae 'wltot il \tas ootmh Powder; 'roiel andI Sholo." Soapsd ill d reh t vh rietya rhct Hair Braids, Rintttt and I 'riZettem Pear. andl l'.ilet Powder; EIlnery l. I:,ry 'tltI (,.t ln-t, Pastentl Side or GarterSa; Gtl E-astie S pentera; :Pwder Pati aand Boxes; Gilt Cohajin, ,.atls ai KeCvs Ear-drups; Walist Buekle.; Bracelet;- Bead NecklaCes and Chains; Gilt and Silvered Beadv; Indian Itlads tella and ?lar tlea Suldll 'Fiard. t; Sie ad I)rerPinea Caomb; whbih,in additidO ton it wheihtlrer stoke on hraul. akers their alnortment very complete, aild l i!e Ire sold ow and a liral ternas, at them iga .a tillrGoldi' , Votub. 25-zf 70 Chlhartre atr.t. thip Julh nIantan, far. tact lta Or2. I BRIDGE I & Ie, 13i4 ralcgaite at J lulr. 4ltwilla Lnwll eolton, 3 ea-es buklkitt tsipa Inn ;ina lnaa ship St clous, ftr alet bh ,,9 " 1 13iG-. Uk . Co, 131attgtiae at IIta W -.l-'l'h ..-itttt .taa hav . . uar, " aIt a grat elalalt-., he rigot aof plti., tn ir,,l ralsa in thia aiy. Theay ada.p d t pa! ,ll huildngsa, warOUarehP , ald private dwelltiuta, nn,, eotnalin e at ,taee h-aptress and durt,da, tnn,, at* prerflctly fire td wateor pre,,f. Trtas l1, It. klwn, a nrd a tllt,atila Icn at , a eut"bhsthlttlltt, oppuhna So. ,l1ary'. in+'rkP',.han,;, nt,,l * e ae.l E [I CGt)SW [.LL k Ca GYR. -Tta atlb,-tliere havee rnna.tan,ly t,, band a lnrga upplv ti" Caarel ttd Liverjattl enal. in blltk. a.f rtuperirr qlalit y, which they titII fo, cale in lota toatllil tpurilla.l. Alt, eapetttr.l by tie first arrivnls from Etr land ntld tle Ntrlh. Cttlltt, Lehigt atod Peael ,.laaatiia C,al. brhaira attd crenttedl, Ilt up i: .ulahcadtl earapeeay ttr famtily Uat-all If wlhiC' Ikv will dlalpllttlg. an eta Illsat llh lnratl Itrll. Orders lul. at their f.i Me, Nt,. 51 Dit ,vala st. np aaica. t ill I lot pt,tnptlt alttded to act " .&A .C't l' . alil SH tll. & lllIVh N, .4 Mtlagazin t .). E-rs 'I --t. Int, Gr4at l 60 1 Lor).n, a.tlalgan an l and Italea Jackauua fitt -4 hbue wtangn, laaligbaaa slhip Clutrlaatao fonlr t b h ak IkI It ,a'f... tip i' ll . ef, Gtmale ey I~RIDO~C·~! En lOODS-Simmons Heart &r co m now 'e - I cvilng from on beard ships Yuoo, annd alatboge sa brig CUneoerdil, from New York, et nat roey ofn goods in their lin. which sogethor with their Curnms stock on rI.ntf, nmkes their aw, ellCotvery.! plte. ighe following eonatpoee a pert, vic: a ell twist, l.,.r, iade, fork and drossingomebla, iorldn oaall desriptions, Ia. dig rbter, silk and worted.elnitle ganero, entmons & line eantie suspendter, ltao oo oand Lucifer ofatches, loidlitas owders, powdcr pol and hones, toailt powder, Iioket ioaksand wallets, needle tooks, shelf, pearl, ivory and Iluror card rases,head ornanlents, planco ral bneds, neckles aot negligeeas, bead khans, bead neeklaees, cot glass and plaitineod,nilvrer nol gilt heads, Indian heonl, helloaid plntoesg pistol and large now ier Inoks, Ita belts, horse, bef.t pocket and dueiinr iitolsl; double ad single barrelled gAuns. Bowi knivoes, nail dirks. solisare, slinra,pocket oknives, aunrd ehait, ad riblond waist htckles cloth, hair, tooth noil,omh, ertlb shoe, lfoate floor nif doaitug hrlsho, Colone, Yw " ree I gtla ,W o ge , Fnoridn, htencifer, rose notd bay water,saartrd esseoces, and exroaleo, Slncnsnar, oarnn antie, nd Wnlrd'a v geanlo hair oils, ohnIIgt ntd toilet aonp ofn ll de criltion., adier' aad gentlemens' desks sat dressing eases, air rieglntc, frizettsn and bhrido, plain, ancy and onreial work xares, plain and gilt,tigrced,eant and cest ottans, pearl aad ivory cOlrl - il, s'telistldd golUd -and silver reail caes, taalipbis and te eese lated ,nd gIt l.c.-n, n inistre do, ileri lins and sleel wHimtlco, ooks aslt ees, hair pins, ititatian froit, blk anid rediank,soe bih kig, violins nod gn tar., rikbed and plain preca union cop, lilln twine scenited cuih. lens, gSollaid iloer lace and frnge laltter paper, gatae bntg, crhilg wahips walkitig canesplyiaygcaads, fins gold, I'ata i lnd gilthjwerllrv "e. The above, otlier wnitlt 'a great variety ofother arti lea are oneredl aDI whnll o ao recinil oUI aUOsleadanoaitg N B Sbrll coahioropai; d D OYLEk MAY, Hcuca, aagii, sod nlnlnl.a'lt n I'ainterl, No a CamaHleleco reet, two door tLm ai til cone'., hlistiaoea of tie following woods and osrhfleae so eancuted ia e mastecrl) manler. woalls e I e o na tias. Mdihiaganty, Egyptisi l litnak nil gold, Olk, i fiola aind A Naioa, lPollardt do, Oriecutil or cerd altiftile, CArfledt dn. Jiaper, Isletrd Mtaple, ttInlood Stoane, irilal Eye n'n, t srhy Graniae, S:vtia WV'ootd, Potnonaln flair lVnoid, foave or Ilurdffno, 'ee Tree, I talieni Wliite. tjmorolatindlr Illorak SiatIa naI il Hrteftlla, Roas Woil, I Ame'i 'on Grey, Aol bite Ick , , r Cuittrdf lai, Motin oihaimnlta in le seen at tite shop. iV nints, ails. glis;a nleal naruial, kc. on l lntd ortifr sale. srlnllls (':nt, (;iroin, slear, hlisfelaril, spring, shllet at I ('wha 3tclt tollonw sorle, ot aall wimlrht Iksilqlond spikes "iiic. block tii, noill ffI grind g Shol ies salt iketiC tIn, lognul tli i'iiiiltclia, Iorniiills ACvi'f. a ieos ! lallleielil and bellows .tfh'ikcilpitialiigan'sdnlirliad;i,hnt ink t ailli, ellll lniki nl ' sl i is PA'ct's, liiiIle+ d itdheln LInIf lld shovels A Il'oo il liiiiti Illuels ni, d eonr iiiWlleldiii hoUliis (;olihllFI, bilD n t.1IIieTrrt iXtiy I :lI. II wi ll lll~lilhl: CI,.'d)ige, lhitl ll( I1I (whle 'f~ta.Iset it, s o Ic :le.. 5301,1i 'u at 11IYII E AFNlllilSC ICMP:iSIIW 11 P nilts, IiiSi'il i : rlird r'nia ar il .i o illwltselhll d llid w i n iteinoelne t e nodi i~lic . Ii d orretail, ol~il tilt' nIlltlcr nllrl. fly ltie, lce b f ti N'l nlihlnl r lic lrtavon.cili1cilS le r ieda wh litetndR I it culalc'F'r niirllllpt. ilt h'en!l reial e,' I IFatl ryIoitra ai rrcricrcona V an i:e:. Charile olrirtolllVoIt, Sh r- aiblnyct 1tf oiol. Yrr I llk : h(lrRaIIUIIn t'X +elieneed IHIo<re Ie librlesee tad rl,b iy- I d Iivh~lullnl rl unitltinnily.Iv atlmie41l. Ily Ihe usae Irf t .. t'.ar ·ITrui(1It il hi* iilllje(.lhio i. eilirlJV IlilV ilt.I 1 T eI SnltllS see iiclll Ililve silh avs a. and~llelll'llwir donlbtd . Iie, i tinv t nr ll lt-d 'rIit r oslll ice. F ,r iitb. in TI 1" UION'ri, is'lley .qlore.e~lmrnr nfPclnin and 8t Chaurles sire, tsi iler tie, EXcIliriclcliy l Ltel. &·' I:1 ( 1()l{N tnlll.10S--~lrd<rR receivrliI for eorn Imills, by ./ l'l 17 SIII l~~l'. ilMl..n • cl,tory aud li,r sale by =SiALL $ BI~(ttWI.E loale 2 9(i Oillllt lle RI i f lullEl'I' GhiNN(IN. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No.12 h(alinp sltr'Pc. Wbhnlesale f)trlcr in faillit, Oil, Varitilbr., tlrasliOn, wiO1l kiidiw antftd Pii:ure (;liiL oC.uc. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROlISYSOA5 Ja' GOOD 1110LZ ENo. ff5, C'hclreni Sfrsnl, niii Dioor billiw nienrille. i-AVEr onatanlllvio' clcld everr arlelo nllpertlin- I iiig ti galitleinilirll'slcsas i;I in i ii IIsi l ni nia ilcr nol iiioiti Iitslliulabt.s otylef ca huh t hey uidrft' fitl canli, at redhlc'il prints. dca - - 11.13.< MAltN''AGUI 'a IBLMJII FO R THE TLETH. I 'I1HE estahlished reputatioo and constartly hnlrea-;nIl ' ieahd ir tlhin eflt tia l'etldy tf 'ain, adl proe serrative of tle teeth, has induced tl.e aub-criberi ofler it ito the .Amarican public. Arrangeoents ha ln heen elde to su pu;l,l alt-enti ia all tile priucilpa cisie and townsll iii tile United States, so as to place it ithi rile reach I thlse a ili.ring and likely to suffer thillt os Ihra tillng of all tlehe., 'ITiotlh-aicle. IhI Vea pliel nteordiag to directions given non bottle, it las never liati+edtto atead untltIediatat idld tllallent relief. It also arrests the decay n todefetiv t teeth, and relieves itht soreness a hicl 's freqoeutl i1, renders a strong tooSt seaiess The apli dation and reImedv are sill,:le iolllcenllt.lot IIt oll upleaSanti and the larggei nunoer of ticerso it ll i'terent aetiai, oif tIl eotontrv, that haive ilruly experianesd uch delihlifu nldsaf~lary elr.ts Irota Ibe use if thie Bahl, are read, a tII bear (firathe blic gol) tltir teslimony to its t.; riaollied dLalltjlP, It is a tn Jlldin relled, obtaillnll Eillglllrlv n dl ine-pr"tedly ll d iI.· be rbearhd it tih tit ili zed world ats t;,; mast valuable discovery 1 edll a in o irn"rtue iozes. J.ARIA IS & ANI)RIe\VS, inr 5 xe orto(ulnll/lla anId "~clalfilc.ll is. . l W 0 roL tHA 'S, its easas - o.h dozen w hi l \l po .V Ilits,tfitrsalo JOIIN II G(IAIIA3I. ap 16 a ]i [E LEAD-5 bhile, 511 o ellH e " ll kegs, 110 't 2011 d1,) r5 Englislt do--5 1.4 hbbl. I4110 * " I eaao Vertnilli rte t J hbla Copal 'arnislh; 2I pahcks Giold Leaf; 51 Ido Silver dto; 101H do Ditch aetnl. SINTlO\V ;I.,ASd. A Wterictn, ErGlilh and Frenah 10110 liaoxes, various sires it quatlitties. attnttt ritowt do.---500 toxes, consigntmet, will be Also, a gerneral assortment of artilts' eollltr and onts, for a.ile Cy A WV SCA'I IES No 16 Canal street. N Il. Alehb a note takeao at p r, antd Missiesrippi iotes w'a1'l leeeived at 10 per cila discount fur goods,, or in pit it Iofdehte. j I t JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOIEAAI. E ANfD IIE'PAI. I)ts ALetS IN ME+ICINES, PAINTS OILU I)1 ST'UF'IS ..II.'D VIJO1V G.'LASS, 1 Gtraera of CuVttlel)ltl i and ri'.lpitoulas stree tt E:wo Ut cI. rNS r NATIh'.t.N JARVIS. JilHN W. ANIhtREWi. ' i Slahtge uliply o (iarden 'eedll.tnurranlted thle garth it of I 3:(7. m . DRE-IVW - ,IITII d. CO., resp etfully 1tttr a they oeullpy thl ni:w rlito ahop, l19 ''chlouitoNr l ts .it reel, where they,, keep cuntlt ly on hand Coplp er Ii:" ald She.t Iroan War,., of Cvery desuriphtt, 'n. sch aits eipper sttils, keatitle s, and t, titn htl. it tllo at, illd il cians o all huri and ies, and all atlir hr ito aot i iu t at sh ne ll Lttae I t itaeian. tI Grate b olr of every dlo-erliion, a tsall a . Staln. Io:lt htilrups, Iaiolauitllt, sCroe ollt., all otllho t binid Iti*talllltatti work, sunh a lin ab hillleys birocht Thluy will also do all' kilnds If Oiut dr workli -I l o1 a. zit:ce, it',er aldl tls rnillili ; I gla tteritng, &i.. 'l'iy .here and aull other kinrhilt i work itl' Iheir litue aef butines, they will xeeoute l at tie luortest noatice. dedi7r Ii H*EZOWGATE SPRINGS TH'IIREE b.I1C' rOUI 'E F"110.1 AEtt V ORLEIA orA. I 'E proprietr f IIi t e Jtablth lmen t h thi e plca. pure oL'R Nltl to his iriendi u ndetlhli ttebl in n-elal,ndat he will lie il rllhttil by tile liriit ian oi Mav to r'ceivou .ititers. lie will aluo slate for tlhe lit aee tofth soil at u di.tntu.e, thli there olr Ieo hliarge. K imurovtuetot 'illde, id ulilhers iOW goUillna oin alld it IK trua,d iro.ress tilr omat pletion, which will enpsortt tIIi it ber here to ecOlllllll|Lae a lucll larger aobor than . e liretofr , tld i asut lit tiniale mucht better. o Fatluilia can hc Iiu naatdllllltated tll good ranotstor ll ' whlu renuer Cu l bae large olaibi utetached froII the m siur btilding. I It '^fied uui eesiii.i.ry ta an anytling in prlcti lorofthe haraeterlo thes wlaresu , fol it itu euartllvn Il4i Sivet theA are iu intrior tt to t in tie South- I er S ate~. All , .: ag l tt t, i,.o ar .,ga ;. , aleriio Plaies,, will be found Ant t . T I h itrt talausic tiI this part tf ttth country aulltlei., ill Iames etg.ed, an. d will be iteotialtnt atteudaotcat ho " -Springsduring the wol e season. 'tiu ihubetiett will iavail Itimselftof this putartunitV I il retlurnit his LUignled tIihaks fir tihe very liberal cl inuporl given hiui loot seasona auI d hpes by the ea - I ion' thhaave Ibeent illade in audo extemtdug J the acummodations. to tmerit a liberal ti.otnage the I Ittstnt teanon. Jt) 11RAM. A mt3 A ............-- I ho L S SIGOL'R, No 54 Conde street, belwetll I Du-ntion and St Plhihp, keehr constantly on thand Ir an ,a't-t'lttive o lnratlluttlt afltnols alltd trogwse, tad Pt -Ioee, ot New Yt.rk maoutltaour.e, f,r ntln. women bt i;d children oftn at! er, which hI will dLtpose ot I ci at very miodernae pl', e. an F ,r:tlie of til a, a litnlaoe rl; oeendint rn trder co rwil their wishe" nttendad to L S SEr;OUR b L Ut IiL lJUOTb'II NG-2t6 canes, woll a.,ortl l li chothing, landrig fron lFlp Ohio, and John Dlunlap tloe by I BRIDGE &, Cn iImSIESS CARDS. JO 'RPRINTING. ItF EVERY OC`RWTIL'NY. 4PEEDILY, IIANDDOSIMLY AND CHEAPLY EXSICI'TElI AT THE OIFIau O@ THU Truce .Im~Terfcan FIT. CIIAHLEY STREET, NEARI POYDRAS. m23i A CARD. E & S ~INNOTT, WSholesale Groecrs tInCommission )lertha g, No.27 Com,!lnn StrootNe tOrleans. I 'Particaltratntntblo paid to ih itoting up of Stonal boat ni d Sdipstorns. nov01 SAMUEL TORY, .lllerrhendioe Beoker 4. Commiooirai A Merchant, d13 OHiler, 36. Cantp tl.-Fr the p~reeant. J. P. FREEMAN & CO.. Wh'ebmi CfthIugS XoI.~ll·ILf et; No. 3, .,iee'ailllen nero-I, I AVE conutantly on hand a lerge setpply of Cloth ioI. cltateeel Turotb te acutry tade. Ihorui nn. onrllegeent lejeg large. nerrnel ,tn freem, the countra can be auppljied at eellohortest notice, aet! BAZAAR. B USH &i ALLEN, NO. 1, EICHANOE HOTEL, Corner aof t. (k rtes andl Common itl,. EW Ojel .rFANS. IMPOI(TEOtL'E I I)Dnlers in Fntenlh noed Eaejli h Ii'rlirlee'ee;l),enoingý. Case oad Partabtle IUnek . Cutelerv, Heaisay, C(iaets Shiirts, Stolee, Ueebwrlln,, Caones, ne Fanay A rt .les. 11e I KENTil'l(C , Illi. uis, eant Indiana honk Nteeno, for se llby A TIttIER, ally 3 74 (irevierot JFR'tI.IKY, AT \WtittEL.AteE. ' 1t. BEL.L, No le6, tharnoe Fi, loon hio elnv ro crineelei till aceeeeeeeeret elf Weetheler, Jr.elr), S fhrnnlnr , p pertaclI)) sod I laa %ac , teywil b o 1r celeothelowest m~earet price,. 01ecel 1 DOYItO & tIA Y, I)EAt.EIS IN AMERICAN R& ENiLIAII CROWN GLASS, Nc. 3 CaROaato.Lr SearFTRT. at FAUHIONADLE CLOTHING TAYLOR. & HADDEN, No. 14 Choroaec Street ItAVI; rL:eo:llntah jllllllly ,f eerv netecle pyeetnejn k to lreetlenee'a dleee, ual tieelatIenoeeyl, notNtaowYrb I ORLEANS LITHOGR1?2.13iC PRINTING ESTA lILlee ii S ENT No. 53, Magazine Street, Op etC Ii eank.e Arcade. IA'ILLI.4.JIj GIn eEEAIY, PA'JtlRIE TOR artl DANK NOTE ENGRAVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON U. %'r j cor no oteait e\el,v learas os Id?- atin I elaec.+a a, I theeei*,r, inNwolk tie,,, 1 Ceen-e of eel lelcae, a I rl i, eene of Ias aistit tee alnae other ieelle,"'lan n e '1,twa p rim, e selee t SII Ia II' 1" lele lele ; elInd IIIIl'l j'll oIIp " lale le t 1551 his. r iGll a iIir ug o till I hates and i1 111ph11sslim* Enlfl l-l or"~,~ ii~e bombed Lpl Ililliicl " it +tl~llli ltlilI and ll ,"hd "a will h,"Iii r~rrnll."d with ,,rllmi/lltll h", n' , tithe usluhl11 "ev . I A. CeIeE N.7a 3:Jelli., aoem, Neet Odel'nx 11:1-Shi ad d"oil leeores petell'__ n, ter FURNITURE WAREROOMS Nil. 53, Cirienv-lle Fir-e. t1ill 551 Rl CAtANtE', eneled rreleretfattv in. W 1'.nne lobse Ireeeerlsaend thenjeetleiathat lheeh o atanllll re~ivine rom Noe York Bunet Ilnnte a good I aeorerIni Fell ereeteer, sulch a t eIOloEganV 'lbair. 'ean i, r ed hals ejod eetel eeeiet:eeteeelehairsee alei and Irr eletneeei- mace lengeavnde cheepn tablele efeel dcecripteerela, reau+, ne ileleag aZ(Cealerre, nealu d,:^ko, w~lnllro s-a of nulhnfan~y anld cherryv wash eeeete ilaekieb,,a glee are, 11e1 lan. r leeldling. \e. &a. Nil. FIreltura peleked Ieeaaml alnpm'tationitht great tee3ovt INSURAN UE COMPANY OF NEW ORILEANS. T'hi Coempenv are now preorlsed to take RISKS AGAINST FIRE. No. -1 Mtusson's Building, Canal st'eel. E 1. rITRCY, New Oslesuon, Mat' 15. 153.1. S.erst;ov. IA~l) COPPER--3000 lbe ohi C.:'p,,r tis su . t'y C l 11 I)=;C O R.lllt UX, O _ _4 .'. rls I. ,it .ulon a RUSIITI'ON & ASPINALL'O OMPOUNID I'ONIC MIX'IUIIE.-A speedy and certain cure for the Fever and Ague. remittent and intermittent livers; prepared ftrons tie original recipe. Used wn.l tminent and uni versal success ri 1832, by persoans o the hiighost reallsetabilitv in this city, as stated in tIe annexed certificates. - T'is mnedicano is highly reomenmended, and han been extensively used i'n tile above diseasae withs such distinguished success, that tile proplrietor of the recipe has boen induced to oflitr it to tile pub. lie i its present formL in the lhope tlat it may li the meanls of relieving manoy of thone who are suffering under the scourge of out country. It is a medicine possessing groat vistuse, and wheln used according to the directionsashs nsever filed of .ffecting a cure, even in thie most obstinate stage of thie disorder. It is not it all dliuagreeablc, anld persona of the weakest stomach, and children mllay luke it with impunity. It strengthens the iligestive organs, creatsi a ppetite, and s.oldoln requires more than one, or ill obstinate cases, two bottlhs to effect a cure. There is neither mercury not arsense in the nsediclne, Inor any thing inljtuious to thle hullnaln constitution. The proprsators are so well convinced of itas efieacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bsttlo which Ias lben takan inl accordance with the directions and has not effooted a a t p,'rfict cure of lthe fever & ague. A. ULIVER, nole agent for New Orleans, at Ilis whulcalle and retail drug and mnedicno store, c.rner of Bienvillle andtl Cslartes treats. - For District Agencies aply, to je5 T'. WV. ,11'1'11, 48 Conti vs. PENSAC'OLA MANSION 1IOUUSi NEW CITY, PENS.ACOLA. THE lsubscriber ling pilurchsed the lansc ead ful nitsrero tsits ell lknouwn nata.bliushmest, liuoli Mll TIylor, tie late npru.rietoil will be ready to reeeive ni.. tern Iy tle Ilst +f April next. Numaerous aol cosily imearoveneents will be found in tile arrulgelllents of rile alutsio lto.sse. New al.d more cummodioas batsbhin hcIses will he built, and warmn h I i will ILe provided at all hours. A stable will he ttaehled to the heulse, wirll good lions fir lhorses audl earrnges. LFi, at rate htraea lid crrlagi wvill alno be kept fi hliren at molerate plnlsier, niadius sisd ow boatsii IsI poso ns to nIUllUngnte Ithemi (or tllnl nie of tI'nPisn. ltilliartl nlsd itsthis al¢oUe:ssllssto earsallv fouu.,l at tsaulring places, will alo. he nir l"nied, S.I tio'1ol lducted ''a not to i.telohre v-ti te l t ellllilr| tsld quietul thIe boarders. 'Tle winiaesud Iquous nill Ie of lle tles qualhty, land lto eteure a ull tllnly of icy, 'narcre lls alresud bes ordered, whi st will arritr "lbout tih, I·-t I hlay. " It: t'red"ri: k I'iruard, who rrsnerly keps t no 1 slsar - hote . of W Vlttloluu oit v, uill CtnducL·t Ilian ho el Ibr h -le ; slt. pe..r'r, W!eh . w i st s Bio , al sll s, l iu tlY i n. s, ,r thle riii itere tart 'sss r all a I is frielnd rnes l.lsslv s, thrat Iltey will rellqve iery pos-ible tIItelitonl; cad therby 'exapects to cite eiernlsassi-uaconu. 'Ihe heoul sldvastlagesul t its hlste' are tou anll Slown to neied i Itlngt. esd dt.eripstit si I'.re 'I'e fuctuels tl.I sll'r llc;a l is tie naval statislll of tile S(iV r l thl e ge-ernal I t'enldetllouss o l tie islll'quasss orll; t:le a"! l:a iy of its c:i late rerei shed llc trlllyall dlu till e lir hllelllltl' r IIIIut IIIIIS r ( bs ,, tllel t I rei:.e'stioll ther. bi lll tlhe ILe.t ltt of tllth:l v anlld flu t eg ringllll ll r ' isla td ,lud rivers; ithe abhsdance nts d hsliearyot tel' '14ih silh wlhs h tlhe l atels tlll d; and Iss paxIil ty t.s lh hent ussst Is'esss'rn il.rketl, iive el'nss cts!la isie tnr leee over Ill tleer pIcrs ia Ie. latiiss,'a n s aa henaltht millt Illizintfill rtllllller retre lI. I'lri tiaten. biottle sill rll Ie'eisesl l'esmncollst a'd t lin eih-, .id till tl 1imes le a.ll to take she enes.lver i'rtlll Ne. fOrheans boats. N AILRNOLD. re 'anesla, Feb 15th, 18:1t . [1 enitlen en wishlilng to eniage relsa for their i flniliet. sen addrsee the Iil.lpriol,.r. ot Ie.saeola, s -s I lr Bewil T t!'avlur, the furer tprotrie-tor, nts.le.v Or, leans. RIh retuses. I'T nauferd, sq. Alr ts Cllo, it I5cAliin, Frq., It. Kiy, in Mob le, 'I'T Taylor. PP I' I:te, Eqy, in Nei, i te--A letter ha. to receive conenllnicaltios ftor pel as sat lthie hoterl, ir ptlce.i at ;.tCo \Vhitlllta' oiice, :.l Stt Charles Ech agne. IFL.ORIDA ROUTJ'l'E L'Ol NEW YORIK. 11' Traveller, desir,'us of takis Ithe Florida leutt, via P'rsenalla,tol he Nolrtdl,are inflnmed that lirs rute biour will cuntntilv ruon f'r. Mbtile tI Plenacil.tI leavin.z Mali s iand Peosasol 'vn'rv shlser dayr at'er hl I It of iMnay. GoIod stages will auvays Ie prlvlidea on tile sbllaernolr ao io in r'allins's It Lsake passfielgerti ruci thsile, in ca;n uf the tailaut e of th a Itsen N II Ai N.NI.D. The nsteallmoat Chamion leasnea Mobile lur Penoe e.olll wir-.a week ..1 . t. , Iv JEAN .iMARIE FARINA' COI.OGNE WATER 'J cases of this asupenrir Cluogns water. junt I reived adol .r sale hv the ldozen or aiagle b ottle. Also Aumeriean atd b'enllch toilet powdter, powder r lelk and bonxes, shalin gnud toilet oaps, connmetra wash balls, milk of rones, oeesletic elil waom, extraci o .nsuk, kelphlsa, Ward's vegetable hair oil, pomatum, Icre'se de pinrea, Floaid,tlaveodar, rose ned tiy waners, Pretnto'a nsalts, ilareilleta perToaiery in trunks. vegens ble r id liquid ruuse, Chlorine and Orris 'ooth wash, -lotl,hlmir, toulthnail snsd flesh bruihtse togelther with on addnional suplly of liatshionabla I(or nnd ahell colbs and jesalry,aorsale low at wh'olestle or rentail by SlIlMMONS, IIARTT &dCO, iunly i 70 (:llAertt reet. LUE: UTJItLL---tU heles n laion indig- bsue I37 driilt, ltiding fies rthip :haorleanto.a, fior ul hyi tl0 I IIUItDGE 4 Cao Royal Colloge of Physieans, London. I . original Veable H geian Univerd l Medi L ine prepared by W MiMe in, Em1. Member of tile I.t lal College of E.u.geu, Lireotiite .f Apothe caty'aL.ompany, Fellow of Bolt eoert iaenify, Surgeon to the I(yal Union Pension Asoenitijn, Plaee, Waterloo Bridg.e, and Perpetual Pupil of (Guy' and St. llTonmaa's lopitalal, Lonlon. l'his valuahle medicine, the result of twenty years' enperlenae and tun ralleled success in the extensive and highly resp.teable Iraetior of the proprliety, Iwtro tised by the finotlty noa nobility, and isl now intrtdnueed totbe nlotie of tlhe American otbile, at lie earnest 5o lisitation ai' a number ol gentteemn n of log anid igh taadig ins tthe profeion. it is holmll as a laelimi tu" step, to cheek the evils said fatal onuaequeonee risig m the use of tile erous and deluteriols ioestrunls tonited upllon the public by tle aidl of fabrinated I lot'a of mihouloua Culres, al othter frauds, by a set of mercenary, unlltrintplet pretetnders so totally igonrant of medical oeiente, that it ilmposible the molulstrous detlehlle cn anly longer o down witlh he intelligent 'll .e ofthis non try. Then- pills, mild and agreeable in tuteP nature, lhould be kejtt in every family in eases ofltldlen illness, for, by their prmnpt sulmitlistration, o llera, leamtps, slamsans, f.e" anId other alsarming oenltlaitts, which toe often Itrove fatal, at)y he aIl' ;di ly ctred or trevented. In fact, all those who vlonegaod health, should never be without theem. They are solt' in packets aat 5 ents. a1 n•d $2l each, hy rvery reapee "ta.tle ldrnkgis I lNctler, and vemlnrof ame cld e it thu Lnitedt Slates t I I e CaRtllas, with (lltioos ieutiolls, with. estunmbails of profIhssional ability frim the idlnrillng eminent ge tlettn: Sir Aatlev Coopler, J Aber'ethy, anames llhlnltll, M. I)., W. Blaek, .i. I)., J. Aston Key, A. Framplton, M. L) , ans numerous titherl. 'lie eoiginollsnla) otseen iposssiosof the lieaenal Agent, by whlon the mtlttiltet is itlorted into this tntlstry, old to lwhom till apiqlilctions forageolcie muls be utde. JNO. IIOLBEIN, 129 WEaerly Place, N. York, Sole (General Agent for the United States, ~ce. For ale hIy appoihtltnet of ite sriginal prollretor. bhy aSWAItN L& lnaOTr , ])rggi.tls, No II (alml street, ePle.* Agent lllar Statthee ti Leuiilana. jal v8 III ILSItY It IKE Li c, Nu 4 Iloga.alie otreet, are I t:nw reeilvilg ftron sltillt Nashv;!e, Ioulsville, Ketlck i, Etgle, arw other late arrivals rruan :ier :letol cities, j large ado new seleated assortlent I!c.1n, BooIt, lshoes alld BIrougnts, oonsstilng o'fgntleun's title calf 'ti d ul eoo boots .bo d qutlilty; do lol'ld, anod smlt,, woa peggutl hoots , -nriotutstlthties; tnawt's itt calf seal atl Iteetice lage ptups antSid blalriai, Ilockskin shoes, lt'ogtllt tllt sItltlet s: met's tite call' aotl kiltped i.lggned sitteuttl I rougans do bontas do colt kip aund wx peggedll shoe a ald blalgans; gentlemeu', best qualily e:alf tswetd sues, I .plls aand Jack Ik)wniuts; do calfn uIuI .MuroccE I klen laila.s nd brglbtv ; i o colt; teal aInt UJrEYen. I dianl slhoes anld tlipp. a, tlI calf, btll atllt seal Owtts, a new alrtiie; ido lille colt; f a.I and notl)rccn lllglat fIts; l noys', minsses' nlld childrcn's eogetd and seweeL I b.ogals,tanli hlsofevely qalqitvnldtnl kiid. Also a general assurlement C omell's untlo wa a Sr lloKanrlUt aOltd pkl"s, togetherll wi% 10il,lK painlr . tgro btst taolity, russett lnotstns, niklcd in tlet I tinkst, arloe erxpresdly fe ilntatiln urse: a gnd uas. , tnle nofttCn's li e aIla ctstlut kilt iirus.slttlern-.lvs, a rtw arliclu. otl a urge unulll titL anll icnle it'l o: qlit) Cr ter twul hin lugoais. L.lies' finte calf, sl, or o grain welts, andt plpll) ilt sole so; do litle Iltl .\lour .tt all kill Irun SItl slipltl;L IIUo rtlta asien,, with an*o withllout heels I ul, setllfae dOll l nttCttletather htotel .lo Ito 1.UCtella shoe. 1 etll kind.s n il qulities; do ahtetitt;n|ll u :llS tl|slot u ter atto gts. (lhildre I's . oal 1ted .lo:oConc dl litin ( tgbro. ientlemtnl tslilelasionnllc Ilak ilk Ithas; ill black SItrl't Iblllel trdo tof lc superiorlI qIu l:ity o rluilation l. Ia l ok t Iido; i tllld tld anelt w hitnn cnle ' lilue Ivlb ollnd I r uak Ituesin isort uippl hats, a new :lrtlitlt. tt .:' I n e r, l mue titd l Ililll (1 g oliliea; dol Chldinll' '. ,l'ta'e will b,.)'0 black an drabI Wold I d. " f outrun, she itsh, x i1 genes'i asltmlntel of bo[gs' anwd tean's I" htcs .skent t otwill bl e retncishtl lt h tthe u :•ri l l of St it .tackultiotose t nuto l annioet citi.t cIr ot -ticl. al ba soldtlrot acre lodatin d te tie us, ally 1-1f NO MERCURY NOR COrAtvC Io l elilwe aII linl. ll i 'ew ttIrl.t uAlue Ill. 17 a7 ihlet, art I cxl'eet Lin to cure Iae. .ince thal tiue the di.e me got worse, so ae tt bak oCut i large lcers to tlie lnllher of cir tFeightt stn ea it leg, m nsill vr I tly tIea, tntloretlr.t, itt tlttt abtet to wtok tit hb.I Ithe ri.hlt aide of tlhe thlrtot. I nut tlt.t rttttint tIoelli cotlltnltttly under the cure of lr. Ilue t,,.fl'u ar., to be Irrtttrlt cured JUII.\ tDEN. Ife. 14 ly S1)0D CEitr''I'FY lt tile abr c oe ntined diseate is I qllitae well cured to ltotwn atisfitn a ii I,,, wht t rnik Icr. tse t; nilt moIe. ver I a a,, tt th msdi Ainel I have tiukel l inlltha se i, ll inI nit injhlllre mtt n rElth at all ; tllerCle I ndvis o f o (w su ll errs I lose 14 time and rUlplv nt I)r le A. hen, 1i24 Canal

Itreet, llcler n I)aull lnlnll Itlourbollt treeln . i r. Hulet is at hoilnl frol 9 i', A 1, until 1' A i'hetv will fin a tlrue doctor ter hbin complain. JOlNi IIS;AN,i 1 at Gra in:r lrent. If al y one wonts t a sal me, cac ll at Nf . 411 ;i'nlvie JOlIN I1 hN. 'ccw rllen . Ct'll I. 1, 111. hI, 1, Inas t lh Iv s..Ia u,'n lnlo.ijea' asot nTtol.atc ig' tr' IS, 7,. e m cth .dilli l,.,h T e, lllc"l l i new' ait0ll ai Avel'tge Irila'e tilltliel t J .rth o , m e" hOdis ;11t1' tinnk ig, the acit ln. pinle tai too'lge, 1iles of build or I8111 of g)€, Is wh l . ct:tle tit t:I ltil; ,t-5ll t d laltes, ei litIan'el. el, ilac , I,, t, r Tity r i's' le, li e bert lte t.: nlll i el il. inive that fi g m 'tl - t ,1 r itFerl within, thest ni e deseilrt icono)s alll r e , iz tl I I ie. Alt t l eriseell nt inllte t book it ill tlairle the fullow log words: Tohe kigh diht inction tlys woerk hs roe i., I threlnl, the tew lqg hlii 1 acts 'efixe t. p t pe -ll i age iae I _ eolnltti a ltion ill i l .,ri in mllllnl, Ill 0 n ti Ollc l sire, th It a ti'in tais tecnie .i l "r tin lIv te t oi ad-n erir i- l te it gives c ltr i ll p , + tt ci'O- ll l )iso ils 'e' elntlaitiea. fcri inwasnce. wIl,, h t oelr t e haei : c ylle yl ai l lir lm, atld es,, re witll, w atr is equi vatlelt te li)er ' tn aestse citlcllt toi te, ltex iec I he t i plraheen t oiti fi-.e ti aa, tlo ista Io, eltaI o t i 'l)0e pa htes teat'{ thrt l) t o-r , iantriesl f in aoo hic it'likn bo eir,.p i everi t tile skeptte (erdo.ehillv II~ t te s lotl Oe lIt'. e halolo' oof illn the prl:,cte) tlit tle w.l k nten I nroitll lletioall) i.fallihe. nrld i conlrmtlltn of trlhls Iihlinft l i'ntiut O' two hi lh'as Ial siin il'y lotin s , is n vw oI l, - el lilr lhll a l l'e 'ter tio nt' l nl erllr eif. l ill tIle ll'ipKllt or iattlh niidli r tt aex prt ised il ta e pc'iillrei. akitn' rite lalvr iep linlus IlsetO faor tIhe clton erll0rl e dne l fit'b cIph lictWin ila the 'lenal Ilit t . 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Iltl.- all, t a ill 'i on stlw h ~ hos in r the ieteres canl ebl h..f in otit. et ein lo i'rt tgtee I slill i aif W tIe , ll iie ofa l"tn I ems.h I a onvlellln; o r em tt, linlll tihalt i ll ll lllt l tI iOncomolsomei I.e 1ori comphtnt lllublidshted Iforei i ass ert tolles arig ocnt'11 of in lae sande scts 1e, tiac tiel ill'gltlitlgstl t °ll c' t t, is ts'1 llllla . tt ' l - oe f ie worka it achas beell n Ii sitehel a 11 sleo i rllyli Ill tnillet in i hitils "ot later l, I I It I l t tI lllcs iein lit the hividlihilito " of hniely ou hous t"olrsy , Ia idpleI coll; i,.ý II. l l',e we lrltll tie P ielx rllyrilq O llultlbr ald Iaesi ieyoflcha tet stm tatioi, itS tsts ioaie ytitnheil it cIon iaIioe itsn hP p.ies, t rarint Itlht d i o w hol iinll ai sternltit tle, t'siderits , in sde 6 a . ln e as In d ive n otfto sechll d I lI t t i 0P et9c1t1111 l le anll llle pllt)lot mclall te a ll I tlln.e h s " ll 'i erli'h l ' stt r tll a ica y st) let " in' i mot lltf l llr\lul hook lo the w++slk;" ml wa ll(IJteIlaiolyl i maiIl ln ntm ar figure work of the puame evlnt, which: anlre a het gn llle lli reatl onl Ilh had tile ' Ic ulll- . 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STle Orent improventens in the romlte hbv been f produced by tile ronttrrmlciin ol fifty milesof otew it road, by tile proprietorr, vi : frlll LaGrange o, l IFavilre Bayou, at ar:n ol Sanla Rosa Bay, to t lryanm'o Ferry. on the Chabrlrholnhee river, ten oloiles abrve the Cnwlardi, or 14 above Cedar Illufl, Swhereby the onavigornn or rhe river,, and the con a, bquenl delentitns, olnd morer recently the incdn venient erossing at tle (',wflordl, are entirely vd ovriell, and a file road frilom ll Mrianna dlreco i Io Hinlllridge, insead o, thile roolndrnhur roodl via Chaoshmlcllhee, leeeeiel. h d!clitionce about frorty miilet, and incrt-aiing the facilires more than t, olce a dIoy S Alvra. I. ,rrnch line oF Iwo Iore srogea every J .luer d.y o,,nt IH iwkieavolle, via P rry Io Macon, G .r un lltn elillg titll I lia lle Io SavanirnhI and as Darien, Ge,, i A nol alloamhnoar lies regrlllrlv bretween o Dilirlmridte and Aprlaehiolln. 'I rnvollrIs wishinli Sito rearll aily polllli on Chaillnhonlhee or Apalluchl cola, Cn l laike Sltol., it i al Browlevivllle. NMobile to Prnoorc-ela--l.aorld Rono--I)orihg lhe te reop l ti ccp l v be repaiors iit rllil, the pruprie. rs o fii thie Florid line o ill run a line ol Inur IIre pnsr eoncbhera every olther dory between Mo. lilleoand Penrsacol. I'aseuners will leave Molilo at 3 o'clcko, o m,i ill lhe U S mltrtl boal, nllrrd rocred to lill's Land-ol r illr. whelre e lour lhorse coaelrc will it Im wailinl II ellllV ty henl to tile exr:PlleIlt iroU..e of Mr. Cllnrlet Ilell, I 14 mile dlslrna , wlhere lrey will find pleaallell n modonrlll (l li lolrr or the Irijglt-leav lnll reig rornirt, they will agrive iil PerrIIeasorm molon I0 thIe pvenillog, thu avoriding tile discoomfort vi nichr Il r,.vellin .. O:ltet at lhe Moniriorn Ilhose, Mlhlie, and CI. lint' Ihtel, Peolntrolah, whele emao a ists be tecu roof. dli.T 'KTON & It". nto I Piaoo boroe Ionorrlrioo. 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Ii' l oerllt I 10rrIllrlodoelo.r bolllo i otll roiioil f l otllse Itol oor. o o oelriooeorrlur ria'ro erCr I.oroIIl tlin iiii, rro rrIrro nr lllr t o lir l liltoo l td l o11b1 rod1t111o Ivoito. tolelldl· IF dolit kind it oropo. iltoger dlr-llp itd too'oa;nnecvrren' II oiollr U' ooo 0100.1 l Jn. lrll.litin's ra.o r dlo.0l0ll0 ollr l' ien y.A rlrll rrorori ll tlll e Ihl` kvllall btltrdrt die,l o itll l v iey ll~lesa je .llr I. lllcotJts IImtllItl ste rk NI l r oirell n tlltli.d oill in gll, t re l illto Ild'id i Wi e. 'I'rrlrluro hiv a rlir oa (Irf nnore t llllnol I l I oiron lnrel te rtrr r o tl Ia. ebbllll Ii;i'e rllll l imot. iN l II.,t~ .1l.u-o300 adlling fr .ia In.leped. I n,,"I 41 rw l.ovre. trirreaieo Roe r Sirit.n-l1ihide eandueuIrtl genui e article. j st rcrivt.d by nr, 3. ItIESE & D'LA\;, 18 Cnp s, 1)t-oru lit,. -dlt i.. a ..,,.."t, a diae rvpe. made all of hmrt , ill iit re., '.d ,or sr I tv -3 IOGE;.I & HIA.\ TIORIN, Ci:; .i..-,- , F L tl: C GARDEN SEED -ire eot ~ines i' Ig to exaprr: hlie uratrlu! thiianks tl the p !,e, for the liheral suppo li he lhas it crivred e ',l cd busini.- Io i is o ii.iyt i ly. l h In p priirt.rol ithe seed store, 17 immi n eri'e?, he .i lll anever was aytc it lr anlly no:trr i id vtnder; neihcr is lie rIC ln.* IIJ wed wIh ally ,ll-ue" in i s.ll eI e. plan ei, &il. fllr ue ri-i 1 .llrr.. v. " iin d . relpevt "l)r numerrle and sec is , n iF,. a l.iliand, Eiglnt ., Set cili, eod lils tllre tite-lll t. d It will a nll lies h rll e i l. rei r u :is ii a h sady, I. reve .i , i n Addi .st.a t It. Iresen I: il*t Ik, large ar aiv l I",I .very drerripi tol , r all thei r ar h ,tsI 118381 .lsO, enlrulted frult re s, 1 all I a.I d.. 'lhli p uilic ,,y c . ,ly on findla n a ali .lls Srlellnl oi every ,arrcll C II t .a hcsd Ila , l e llnu ou qalthy, lland inp,,lled wirced Iy I _ iWmi. DINN. Intl -rilE PUBLIC'lI'i I alilldrrrtii 9d taring 1 I A stidied undier iDr. Siltittidt of Cl.arlton, Spoth Carolina, and or se ton years his assistant II tile pretrleeo of iorediclo anl rgery, ehas thelo ill or Nl otr his prorlesornal serveces in this cly. liet aseure the ladles aind geitlimner that the IureI protp it tention will be paid to the calls which , tIay be ode; and also oifers hirs ervices to the , ,urideo. ul slaves, being wrll cquairat.d with the I dleats.o rriul tod tli, having attended thei ru I. C ngsugar house in Chariraton. The lamous anti.bilious pillsa tier thie compoition a a Professor Smollette, waitl directions, cant be ha.d I .1 thieunderoigned. Tre effect which they ihave i ,roducd in thrll arnd other ortes, irao been att.rended I ibth the greatest success, to which the beat of i" reflrroees can be given. Apply at No. 166 M.aga. tine street. JNO. M'LORIING. it N NOTClE--Thre parlerelhip tu Kelley, Nis aoe t &Co hi of New Orieoni t -l; e a , I Ncrrsl &l',., of Natrhez; er ad Harris, Knelley &Co., of Rodney wao dioiedee, ot h he2lot elfMabyla, by tie death l Stamuel A Ilu i at me of the partners of the lirsi. Is, The inderigaird, surviving parere alwilt e charged l with the" sertling srrd eoiing said lhuerlrees o tIllows: LeviC Hirers wall attend to the settling el'the briiness rr of Mastan, Ilerris& C.C., at Natciez; ail Ilorrir, Kel- w et & Co.,at Itdney; aed Ilenry Kellery wl attend tIa lie settling of theis business of Kelley, raoao & Co., at New Orleans. The touiree of Ire aeveral fleos will e e used ir ligtiidatioeitnlv. 'Those n.!,-bted i irmid us are earnestly rei, arrr rh r.... .clrei ettirwrititu tiee HENRY KEJLLY. Catw Orlavn. Julne ', 1837. DOLBEAR'S ieeene of PPenmauhip rceeved,and for ale at their permanent Writmg Academies No. B Chates strest, New Orleans, 19 Broadway New Yark, Dauphine et.,Moobile. It is particuilrly desiged fore private learners, and scleools, nidl is calculated forpersons of all ages. Ladies and gentlesnmn are invited toeall anod examine Sthe system for theamselves. Lessons are given at oueh houses as may suil the convenience ofall, and to classes formed in nay part of the city. Ladies wlo prefer it can receive 'esons at their own ref 4idences. ers ns paving en trse of lessons are desired o atteNi.. ''."V " ' te vell asstheywish. 7 .iJAx BROTHhR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOiR FEVER AND AOUE. rIEN years have not yet elapsed aince it was l first regularly submitted to the publin; but it o has attained the highest reputation; and has sup.. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wheres. or it hal been known and appreciated. Already I has it beeon carried in every direetion throughout I the United States, and still realises more than could I have been anticipated by its moset anguine friends. Thlousands of persons have not only been relieved, but roestored t.. helth and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. I: is composed of such medicinal principles as are caleulated to renew the healthy action of the stotn acl, liver, and other important digestive organs, the loss of which harmony is the inmediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. eos an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap see of the affection. When the AgueAgue attended Swith any other complaint, the employment of the I Tnlic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. r maent of the other dieanse, but will even afford as. I sisotnceo by lurnishling strength and vigor to the I body during the course of treatment. These who Smak use use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Merrory. or any other article in its composition unfriend y to the human Sconstitution; being entirely a segetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in the sue thereof, whlle they perceive thaat at lisa the of- d fact ofa gentts laxative about the time half a bt. I tie fill lhas been taken-in consquenceo of which, i there is lno part of the medicine left to linger in c . tile bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising train the use of many of the renmedies now otfitred for the cure of thts affection. It hias been used also ass preventive, by many who were sub ih Sjet to a periodical recurrence of the Chills. and it lis invaratbly warded lff the aptprehended attaca. Obseree! I'lo Proprietor, fully satislied with the nparaplltled snd a universal success whlich has can. atantly attended a punctual and regular use of the "Tulnio Mixture, in all cases of Fever and Ague, ithels warranted in engaging to refund the price to ill those woll have token thie medicine in strict ac. cordancoe will. the prescribed directions, without htaving been perfectly and luatitngly cured. The slbseribers are the wlholeale agents for hrll South Vesternl States, and lhave iw onl hand six ty casms of this medicine, which is warranted fresh ip and genuine. For sale at tile mnufactured prices JAR N IS & ANl; lFtWS,, W\tholesale Ilr )r.,glste i II,'-17 stor o mmlll nJll et 1't "'I' lllrh lllhl- rlrrel . Soi ssrp. p ' an.-rnit ul In otes5 @11 S. MARY KII1KILANIc respectfully an. Inonce:s to her f'riends and tle pullble gse. ally lhat shie Is pretprd to necontllntdale tlIlltl at i,. above establishmloent, asid I.hopes 'riln her a sntrtlott to render v;ilors comfil rttable, lt) receive I continuance lt otrmer fvorsm. Site sIle confti. ltet that per.otns vtttitng Ctri'tgtotn during tlhe llller loe thlit, eannOt lind better necomltitllsodationlll ithan hie c:n afford tllhem, on mloore ral terums. lier house IS Ipleasaetly situated, and well supplied with every onavenienct; the bar is furnished witll the most clhoice liquors, &c. ill short,ahe prolnises toat nothing shall be wanting on her patrt to give etirs aslibitelion to all who may patronize tile issia-i-lpi attt L linisana Ilotel. _ je3 SIIUt.LLU\ WAltR WoOD SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. tE'I'IIE IIOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. '238 Water, near Beektman street, New York, have received the past season, and are co.stantly receiving large and extetnsive additions to the stock of' tile above goods, which now consists of tihe ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Ilollow ware of superior quality, consisting of abonut 1500l tnls, viz, Pots of 2t different sizes, from 2:8 In 50 gallons, Kettles, 15 sszes, from 3:8 to 30 gallon s, I Kettles, 15 aizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallons, It Ikep Is or Ovens, 7 dtl)irent srzes, Tea Kettles, 6 do lSktillete, . 5 do Flst Spiders . do Covered Spiders, " do t)rltiles, . 4 do Dlhre log) , . i di t Sagonl boxes from 1 1 4 to .1 3.4 inches. Cart do. 5 to 7 inohen. W\Vood Screws, 20.1101) gross, iron anti brass, from i :8 inch, No. 3 to 3:9 inch, No, 24 of a superior .I s1tlity and limelt, and less than Jame's imported S p'i ces. :Sad Irons, assorted, in casnls of about 500 lbs for y retailing. , T'.ilor's and sattnr's ironi , aseorted. Sash weights, 100 tolts, nseorted from 1 4.4 to ' Ulbs. S Iells for Pln.tations, steamboats, chlurhes, &e. made to order, Also steamlbeats and otlher machinery made to Ii Jrdr,. r The slove assortment of goods is particularly d rccolonmended to the atteotion of Soutllern and t Wastern merclhants, and are offered foir sale at luw n prices, and upon tlm most liberal terms ; it s be. lievwd to be the largest and best assortment ever otlered for sale by any oneo stablishment in the United States. Merchants. by lorwarding a request by mail, cas have a prinsed circular, with description of goods, prices and terms, fol IIn whch no deviation is ever lmade, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive immelsdiate attention. New York, 1838. Je3 L IV Glenr' Perfumerirres. Indian Dye, lur coloring the Iricr ; ealr's Oil, Ruslirnsl I:ealr's reese, poornalUtl, MNllhaew's Free cal Walsh, superior pearl powderl, 1Ip whire, cream of rouser, vegelable rouge, orno of roe,, lip s.lve, .res ,ne lnooil wnas, cnaboii- denlrilice, uorange t11 wer water, proder pufls and bxes., A Il rienn churcoIl, neatly put up in blur oun ce vi, sPrese. rln salis, e.Iloiue., krecsote telth ache drops, hair !brushesi, E llljli dreisiig coUimbs, Indin hair olni, wi-ll a vallety of orlh r perluririce.. -. & .. ir male by C. J. 1 RINCHIARD, or 3 ecorner ailn and B.,r Cos , aim [AT3--1 cl:cs drab iolasri hlnt, varinun quolities broad lirimrsr and hlw i:rowa oirnllirg fern tbhip Sr. I.ais, lo soale by I lIbtItn, di- 1'u, orI.7 s131 loenbzhia te 1ill., Ilt--2 bs laudngl Irol, i toratorl aiui Rolunge, lire sale ly Gn C I )OIsR t, nrir7 41 New Ive I 11KIi "urre cribrer., Agents fir the extsrrive Iouse of W. & S. Butcher, Shllefield, Eneeiaind, have jutur Teeive a very etrlenioce ee'tof on el .r , eirtis eing rf Isalure ndl Ilessrl t Kriisres cl em" . itr ecriltihll, 'err, Sorkele, I)ilk, oird SIeIr pOlit rverise rlnorie, Soil iors, cEdl'Tools :.c. &te. &c. iittrbhey are prepored o eslilit lr theile ale tier onler. Toerms and cunleitioh yll re i. lud,-kor ir t the ti e. riB16 J. II. REIN & A C1iillEN.90 ('rosrins 1r. SE G.;la k i ills .- - WINI+MONS. IIAITT' &o CO.--Aro lltrc recehriig r'7er silp Ililtrsville, Eagle, Nor-or ArndrlI, High ridde'l rFrlcci iild (rlCrtnlerr ilorble lieo lll loinLoR -net.:r erlihlI mitd pirirrkit ristels; plain, rirbbcl iel ispil lsil e lUPS l f lp h deulrs; ei l I'is, Ir lzoerl. Iren. ves; ';illoir'r ernrrrehroild S.d olhrr siteel nanti; Vio In.r; Violstinils; shell, ivoryand horelnlsoll; reirsn; k, benI and lleacernicrnses hair riltils, tlrout id. lntriirti;leetuso te rlot ,inuGrsraod Freiirtch boglen r ulter-, IRoilalli Ilurcacssser oil, i niru ltn ier; .ique ilrlo hearseile ; itoltrahle ldelsk ain, l-erlnl, ellisc: Iit lohebkiri; simll irr tollet gletreso Chonlexli nS; ere ebl glirsselnd vlrieelws; llsliii liisli bIrlls anplrmire.; I rlliien la; hiirtlwinir; toilert and oil illg ri aier ; i a iltle olr er, siuer le wasi a ; scelkled satin ;sllholla pair liandlls; w eier culrsi,; lirihey b.andl siri lmli reekllcs; tlliltnrd bulli; llei:ret biouaks lii lleti ; laernaui hones;i ra cuatllre te, i nldm siil oniiir groun olric sall slener. , lLiorerS iln; hells ltsfier inlltehesn il vper pe.ils ; .ureil,lis, doe. &e. 'Iotle rbovee inl adilitoi to our former sterlk if fone., lrteslhl, lifkee.r Oail ascnrlllniet s-verI acinulLe. Per ia .liolersle or retalus iitihe rleigel Ie Gilhleen C..rlil,7 Ahurtr, e stree e. ei'fl. 3I C'rrurrs Maer.e Ntw Orlensa. SI. Si:H-G :ANT & C.;. inpollerr i of F'rencb ei ,Iu E.. sh Clil ino old Eablrthe ware. are i.ti ol ulllu ; rio RI l d richI li)alerI rl Irreakaisl, ,lrinie and teai snervesC, toilet sets, litereis,I tel lld coll'er stips, teapots, sugars, e.rears, bawles,, Iliti', ciirhes, tluren, wahl Uasiela san cwerise, Rich car sand plain Frecle -lrl Asrrien glaes. war,-- hle, r ha i paor ne.r , C ilnsendes, jlliesr, ,'tart'l% .+illc+s; ellro ld ls, ee llrn , rho-lr-, ,doeeaneers . i rimrblere, preserve lshense, criersl, tpilherbr, elllep, ilmep shade olld glaoses, utoidle illaios, suit eel gers, elr. Sllvcr plated, rnzel ed and Ihritrleia warea-eas-i tore, liqeir alrtnds, culie bhrker, calldleliiekb, I brallehei, epooniis, Iodre, iiffoce aed tciiolt selgllrc, creamns. lahnpe, japnanned troas, aslr;rl inllds, nnd ha-cl g Ier nipe, ills cutlery, (Jers no silver erll illn and llrkre, luogetller wlth lraerl variety ,f rllclre lior firily sae. leer-beeth, plarriere, |lrrile, uned lerleilblnts, llllfnisdihe l, goudas at tlr inrom rea sou;ible price-, an-d pa, kerld iso eso by eulre'yed millr arlely ally pert rInllsh counsry. Ale., nprtheearies' glissear. novee Ie 'rni Colilntr l Merelllnls slid hPlolerri. N. _ro r.l~cti+ llnrketo, flineilelr, rnoses, hiweeI -hiriticr. r +: u l.+ iu .:"- o t'aist-.r s+, hanedkb-rchit fI, \r &o r-'.. ivr-rl nuI Ir sle Ins by- Ii I, ubecri.ri b1. R(1T' A & Co. or, eorllar Caosl anld C'-artree st MAIL Al&MAAGOhMkNT Norh"r M.o,) line Every DqaI at 1921. monM ,.Closee E~very day at 10|A. w . s ,,it tea- e v~ r Mund ay , W ed neosd a Ma il S triday, by , 9, P. T1. uIa . ly dyTrI Closes every Monlday, Wednesda tCoam., [ nd Yatllrday ~hy 9, P. M.; f De every Tuesdlay T~llr day m TkeL~kedlil|.aturd~iisI"5n.' so Eia . i .ses y Momly, Weiicaa TIIES OF ARRIVAL DEPARTURI DISTANCE Ce. of he Express Mxll, boise,,, Moele and New York--ljeaivie Mobile dali,, at 8 P. M1, Northwar ewYork dily at PP.M boothward. Arrives Arrive Nartlwardv. Dlisenve. Time Restrn'g Monargoeary.Ala. n oIi. 198 t'e Isn In i. Columhkue, Ga. t111 i n81 9th Milegil.Ga. 2 13. tI p.m Counru arC. . am. 1lr t 17c 10 btleigll,NC. a51 iLl '-2 l . Warmnmon, Va. 12i m. .15 ldt Plt~trsborn8 Vit. lOpm. 83 10 9., m RLLii.l, Vi1Vn. am. ln 1 i 3 iio 'derikshur, 8 7 II p i. Blhitaitity, iii' 6 " 38 4 Onj . I'hildieltlli, 6] ate. 100 I e New York 2 pm. 90 81 n ri 1385 14dlu. or 5,123 NortlhwarI. Comi g a n eotr twn l, th e liele ia i IAour eov; htriar. doys aid 17 Ihutm. I)r NAWAY fnn 169f Carnderl c reentr o fn v ItIe II viretis, on lhe night of 30tll f Angvet , ild wal erele thlr next naoriingiii Povdrae streel, a Ilegre hay nanted CHARI.E, shout 17 years of e. agnei, nIe or illeretbooan il bilhe l., vry loek, allI hay an imped itilelt in tis le etetr tiltie of I loe' iR eire tievasionrd 5 by reseatlhrti;hll at I a whetiln lt weat owaynyanwite ntlon or linen ohirbt nod nhite cotlon ttnalbotns. ellttrrttf veenvlnotttl vtvd m bitle are eauliltttd a ogatdnlt reeelviog or hlarborhtgl anid apgro, as well as JLl other pereoao, as til Ithe mmm rieoar of the law will ha oforced Tain bnlwm. dave rwardt will e tpail -rdlrlvri.g hlol int., nav of thI jaile of ritlrer of the Munrypail ur ate I e6h"Carondelet, corner f Ilnavio rteet. 0 .. .n I orner o ilerin ti •nder tie firm ol I)uhtai (Garretsto, o.t beset diitreed. The ololcriter wiili quoiatte the nlift o the otnirani in thin ea. and ci iriets. all p,'0aosinle ed ntomake Itunlltelali biidot nly, aidtlll tiehIltvieg elthitni to livtenltthere forsetleltil. ong 8-'t I. I lIlIA EToN CAPTAIN AI.uLPftYAT'vI" NFW NOVELS Ratl/ic the Reefer, by tle iuilnitr ti ltv 9itllr, eI c in 27 ve.. Cnusmins, or a Wiel'er Ct ncdJive llti-lil, 'l,I ; Itene Siyrn, by Cohailnti Uotil Inth, I.,.yti .int-y, F. L leordt tctlbnc, itrontn- lhv Allhtn cnnttb ggs 1hiei vn /hpjltIrnee. wrtileela Iv Ii;i..elfol c si tal. e d Compendioaas listrluof~:ta, trmmlaltel fi'om t , or~r~igial hatlme by Nnlsnhi e<;reclv, in Ol. for Vole. :i 4,1 of the nto etotellt -Itnl ltitjirllt edition of Woei/olon , lireion'e In'rtf. Roger's xrenrtnd Eu#tii h DIictliinnry. it, I eol, 3so Alo.u--A finw titrec cojijevi ( Cntl-t.' Ithrvt-ology "iRirevIi," Lsr.e .arvev..'r ¢" .<.es ufiilr r 7 · (illt', w ilh chei ps IlilllliE -d ( Ihd ls fl -+ n l(.l I I I-? \ Fi acl e &e. &iv. &+i. Jas~l Iel:Civfd+ n.ld r., Tol,.l~ fy It:ie tEN.I, IElY. I'INNI)CKli'r IhO1lt, &c. I(;rllnl Itith's? Arid+neltl tI f t~llwi l Ill\l il,hlrv of l~ h i ll-ti( llh is trenIxed i Ia hvll tit le,"f Iltintlllai ollt i h ii llvlt tutui] tilit tl u -'f t v " l ititl ile nin Itoiit)la nli l, l"tl lrovithiti I- 'tint il.l (l , u ' lotli torilers oll Eitgltlllo, Ilott IIIi,' Ittlitir it oif JIuIlin Crlvo i ttin lfl'll t t i lilvg v 2iV, willv lt lli:+ i1 i W 111, V er elt-n.itii'ti+hatlt v atiy i/ot'eiittl iuiltr uitiin1ti jrIlisttr oUilljholt h'tl Itiuttillt; tll~ive. ~ltiuO i t itt llv pitnro dlne~th iof r tit're A ttriiwith~ ,ii in Alia tritlg oIIeyea otu ite N e cti to. |rvlttIth a Vitt |V 5,' lin t of lll t iltli. lnea tiltll tlldtdt hro a lie.lInut to l, . tedilit sIit.nItttt i t.t litrle O|t PO II tituet l il t fUl, ovrit lli iiltt [ PIit p oit o rli aal JitorLn eXPieIltttlh)fn Ilelev I~l+ t'ka I'/t he pldK t ICs, illlllaIaR iiIi ratl,vI tCI .A hli - itC l , .%1 O L nile CII.l.ittltioa, .in uc. Illtll* Ciid li Mltonly lodot IiRR. Gut's' EI.E1IRYT. ;F AIT'rltaNI)IY 1II (I A r lg nee o "Ke t i s New Treatiat Ie 1 I!le lisP t, of Gh,es." Na. Alricao edition, oilb ahr liim lld iitin iIlII l(ireleat tnt ib Clixphitti l t- , ." .t+Irllu lllit: t pll'tttllve Ai fltEt anilA i111 it11112. VC.~tl II i JRlunreeeined n1o ft r ote rIt K IiA N lar ii t e l;tt lo-, s lllp ntld t LiII I IIll Stollte,U'E:t',. Cl.AHS,.l: U+ l.lllmARV ... S On.uCfln,lrnaaliuul Iy I'hillin 1 ralte:t, eun)Ie wit I en aI Rellllixt elltasili ll Irtsll mltl e l vr,14 codes, &·l.. y Boar ·.leases1, ('..+l+,v, Mih,,n~ ItrVdol PapsI' Addluoa, Slwirl LIhltlhI't·L:I, (.- iVIIIelh,·~l h )l 'r1(l PII(EI)IIUS with lhep II Z'll4|ix .,I (;I , i is* tra +sla Iled bY CIrItI )hR1III C .".~lllfr It) Y V,* 4 "+ rJ t) Y '+'t. lee allll ['9 of"Illnr ter a s Clericall I. br r e •v S'll' .|dll) \i,,a IU IIilt-I': 4 .IN.IIII JI. ,vl) TIIE Jll)S't'; a Tale lhe l.-:. U + "+. ..lull~l· Th s'lr i~t r~d,'.e~, btin( rulll:utte , tllhqhv... n 31noF"lEt .tT'l(.Co£11|del@ Yrke. Ju~trr.,.ired "- _ .-( ' 7+-I ... . . .. . . . . .. ... 11 ACON SII0LS-:-3i ucasks Ci viounnllIa sIk Jai!lina fr.l 3 oI lnbn nn. Mtt:, i'o''r a.IT .,e . ITti;l:K'l" 4. I.IAV "" " I f T I utle l rsi ned: it a .... r. 1... ..1.. r - aa t e Dra a ll, aie b nai Apo yt,.r stry,, Illt I, thlrea 1wnld by Ml. J rvebcln M t 11" ior Anrer of ivoli euste sruptiTon \k'el. re.l ullh sullt a shire SDrllus, mlletlicin nd lon Praiclea is Irea.) an.d ca ftlully .l cIed,. Ihie lullar-i r arey rie par tlclp a l hledl, viz n: Pre P ,ed .i, reifliz atal Pltniders. Y as at Po.wdrs, biting n wh, T li.or ie ad elegast LahIt.aitle (aoryn.l( iaI radltea bretad, buckwheat l t 'lllla l~tf rvt..enrlt Marneainn Aiiperienl-n -ltleu.atl slid perell parllvr ia dype resn a or indi. aesltin, Itrv n+ debilityr, .iidider-c, headche. lclaoy I irhe stU rtlli, laplittatul ecuatlveest, utai irloua eruptionsn, &r. Cnrleater'e l'a l lid Erteat ,f sarsaplarill fi Iuri lt 1an taablaa, d l oi doi aid eullebts, &c. .wav OaSt Pnuetarm na d Verl tetllleg; trltish an marblell inlle, Opodeal.iar, .o. SRefined Liqoarice, atd CGum auve paste TIathl boralthew N S I'rentlct's croeattie dernri file, chlarineitoolh wash, n leater Ia'e at nd bexer, Preriice'a earunale dentr, ire, illllrtalr tiloolh wash tapowder Ipuff and bays, PrytliNit.' SrClcoed and E i ain tollet powder, lriaatllla erI. le d Perse, orange flvaer, rie, rea-e, er nail loaaidJ waters of thle bet quli.. In, lolstad'a l.eueaar Ot, Old. rtdge's bala uf C.dlurnbia, b a'. 1 oi, ar varielry - 'eatler and oitaer matches, ind.lille marking ink superiar ilack itk, Ac. a Sperm and refian d whale oil. layt'e Liniaen A fresh asortl aent of ''hurah hIrn's; rirnr S*t oe 2 cEORG;it JONES lt0WA rD tOqIC lIX'.jUj[ For treaelnel aa d care of Ic e Faf er aid Arsle. T will tre readila discoeared a hrenh, the ',falic Mei tl'e is atprriur Is the erdlillary arale at treeling rec Fear aid Aeu. In the first pluca, lbe ag a Vega iable Extralct, ard free IrO il aly oat Idisra C ta intredients. it ,.ay io raken wita tl ntar, ,. even hi the lester ifant, oar aged incalid. It pie veets reltapseof be diaeaamt, eaacqtartatl lh e e.nt taU lilll deal regailas is ewonted tldlen ld acl vit. II ertab. lihites alolnl ar1sd aartm lrt a pl'cltitr., hy ir rigrariee. h astsoameh,ttd Cives a relit+ a to t.e etga i c it e t.sole. Iicita lt'atir i aving t l ptriat Ive t lllilltt r l rrllina tteailatsa howels stiieaieatt cits di'oter atraier o create ol!.erdistaee., but tholrolghly elelitimrs thle sevral or g.tari of digetaits, atd thusa Ilaait s ,the +sarni e itlh whlatever c t tlr eI.-lioia il awy1t be eppretsad. Itlividaals, uTter thile arc oflthc 'tlonl.l Mixltre, have hea Xl)rreraPIad t tllte iar1aat Cilt.t-e oa the diaarse, rtad have escaped atly wivltllltln. oalf Itler wtecraUs by )the aue ufti :l cltllmat rerIt dier, term i alrays errea tell n inerellsed liplrilitv to rLl-rellcP 'rThe dangel I[he iastets Will sran hie;' oe too ierlr prostiatte to u e alle to .t witued'.•atanl enicedily till au vic ti at -tehl i eeattilli vilelnie '"t'hi 'Itt in MlixtUlre is ltaiel daasaaelh aa rerasollalle trice rt t it leiltiilil i, + re f ,aery Ole.-ar alllat Id,- r11a1 od ldertitle Saretaer- ytnithdaiawrltal vramisatanctc.t i lltaiil solieilting 'he ail ,nad attletndate wtich as Ifr.ell tie dtlled to ilith, eallt.e verarelueal atv btreto.ed e" r Ita itatlu this taedicine, that are daily offered II p.teated onlvy by Dr. Joilh R. Rw:ntd, at hisa Lal, tatetrt, rel'tr atere ,I'hilertihIia. 'the subscribers ari t letlwhIae aRer tos toat tIte lere, -lotes, ail wille S ll l y file :.- ", at Iphiarie. r tce, '' tla. r i retail ulao,at Alioath crrel-e ill tit city. JAILVIS & A'I)REWIS, Whollesrle IDrugeiats, M R E " Cot &l)nlllllnt ctoellOillhla s 'I ARSLE CIHIMNEY PIECE Waitetousa, Cuswuaahouse street, Jl'posite tie poat.u-ee. The sauberribhra are nuw receiving front their fac] tories is Newe Yerk, astd will keep constantly aon hland a general aasorltent .if Marble Mantle Pieres ofsupereir wtrkmansslp, and of the latest patterns, made of h best Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American ra arble. Also, Monunensl, Tombs and Grave Stoner, moulded and plain silla and lintels, marble facings, Ihearths land boandary stone, plaster of Paris, Roeatan & Hlydraulis Cremeat and Plaster i ig leir, together with a eplandid a:sortlent al b ass mounted and plain Grates andi Russia Iron rates of the newest and moat approved pattearnas. Lertering dote in the eeatest Imanner and at the rteat notice. They have first rate workmen to i.'.sI work. 'A IT' AIN & STROUD. SLIIDEIL'S NEWV WORK, &c.-'Tfie Almerican i England, y lthe authorof"A Year in Spain," in ,btleOnr. J iNoble IDeed.aef Women, inc vols.! TI'lhe Yotng Wifer', look, a 'asuual o 'aoral reli oas lad dtliestic duties. Just rceive'I and tarsale hy WMI. M'KEAN, I il;S' M ediCeI Il.tksa-l.tlit en I'le.bisis; da . on I bl h dillettitlg ae Ite + ralrpplvr, re'l by et e 'A T)% aIt, 49 Cam