Newspaper of True American, June 8, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 8, 1839 Page 2
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NO1E? MARKET. Cr8., Friday En'g, 1839. i"i , ect in ctn will ot tonth a pounad. ;lW 1 th adr'ttnd d detorminem to await S hear of no calesi to-day what. -tair of Alabam, cutone are hippinig aiwri tmuat, there being no market far it ".: '....J1 rmuI.. eu, dealer in the spinning in . 1 be s nod we hrliove it, his tsttemrents , F .. ''n all aN nntloled to any more respect tllsn i'e. lowever Veriar owes it to the pub bimelrf known for the oake ofavoidina in totive being attributed to him. We think Sn'i ad e toa te r any speculator or wIyer to is r a or oBfr their pl ions umon the action. dl.t. should Iae rleft tu the breals. go no. a the publio favored with n statement of d .: .d[.laW the Mint in this city ? A monthly or • '.. kly dtbeallet of the coinnan wonld be an interest. ..q. .pun lmeAI. We hear it said thnt there were coifed . a abhort time ago moro of one kind of money in cue - ' dtlhy.tb1t an known toe dons at any other titia S°.ItheJ. Stated. By the by, what i he naltter at our a :.; bit Thore ire ramorsanro raenovals,&. i .AVURIAITY OP NEW ORLEANS. lIlHEprimofdflour to day being $i 92 per barrel, A e I ording to the tariff, tile bakers will give .4 I " lttn oa (bread tr ten ents. during Ihe week begin .- Ou Monday eMxt, tie I ith i at. rhe loaves ofec ind qtaliityor of three for en cents, shall weigh 25 per siot tuwe, that in to say, 4J 1.2 Ontee.. t$mpyq _ C. GENOIS. Mt.cor. O ChmmIber of Commerce. OFFICERS FOR THE TEAR 18.39. President, S. J. Peters. First Vice President, V. I.. itedge, Erq. Seontl 'do. Jin,. A. Mere, Esq. romkt7ee of Appends for 1839. James tick, James H. Leverich, 11. C. C'ommack, Ahijaih Fish, P.Ondho.rbe SamrelI Tlinmp.nn, CWI. f yanrbitralioa fe the monik of ayp. John Heddleston, John C Harrison, (1. W. Htintington, Williaml Hopkin., Eocch Hyde. Jr. P. A. lHardy. Joachinm Khn. SRIMil Begulallo.n. Toe GrOet Easren MBail is closed every day at 10 o'cock A. M. It due evr) lay at 4 P. M. The Express Mail is ci;io every doy at half pant - 10 A. M. Is due wllh thie Great Eastiln Mlsi, every day. 'heLa.eMeail (viaC'ovington, Li.) in cloeed every IlMdnay, Wedoeaunv and Fridu, at 6 o'clock, A. A. laIduo every 'I'ueday, Th'urndany and Saturday, at.5 T4 Louieville or Rier Mail in clonedevery Mon daiy, Wdnesday, anti ''ntnrdny, at 3 P. 1. In sent aolI retarned by steamtboats. Arriveo irregularly three limes a week. The Bealn Sara or coast Mail is closed evere Tuenday srd Friday, at 8 I . Is sentand returned by semamboat. TIe Alexandria or Red.Rier Mailis sent irregu lapy bjy steamhonet twice a wrek. LOUISVILLE cR RIVER MAIL. Monday. • 1 Wednesday and Clone at 8 o'clock, P. M. Saturday, a CoAnT MAIL. Tuenay and . Stu CIrd C eat 8 o'clock. P M. N. O. & NASHVILILE RAIl, IlOADI Co. SUM ER AAlRANoEMEn'r, Commennniuc rn Sunday, Jut.e 2. 1839. T1HE Cars will lenne for th0 IiREAT PRAIRIE,on Stheir nuten to the Bayou Tigoyue, every day in tIS week-ne nulkwo : I .lert. Return. 7P.M. 0 A. S M. " " 7j " aeert Sundays, when the care will run as fllowrs: Delart. Return. 6A.M. 9A.M. 1P.M. 3P.8. 5 71 P. 3. i JAMES IH. CALDWEIl., Pre.ident NEW ORLEANS & CA RROILTON RAIL ROAD COMPANY. amOIn ARlolTNaEETa FOe TIIE WEEK I)ATS. Trom Carrollton. FlomNew Orleans. M e C at 4 o 'clk, A. M. Car at 5 o'clock, A M 3tuomL tik 6 o Loeoslnotiv r 7 'n 6 - S""d Ir ram I "1 M e I P.M . OA * 8 o'clocP. P. M. l dtio o on iiting Carrolton, in the4 o'Dlock, the car that ha0 heretoore left Car, 126to at o o'clock, - P " 9 7 " Aewill rla'Ln uoilk a clock, o oby ailoid by paynlg 5 do-ur l haro thep at k o tip. mort utiul r aTe i e e it he arnitd i Sti e ens "l oenl by the L ocom o t prowide themenrrlv with Tickt, acc the omm ductnr has p ositiv diretions not th Soeakeo aso oln ih t lii thehei olak tahae lkhd ofascsro, strect ,' ojloek, A. ir , COurtoio iR rem1 ino'uoi and ruo n k hourly. At I o'lokr thes will Iesallyi to pleav s.alks oaa ohfn hell hour, unti8 'c Gock, jectin at s t . P. i t . e oald St ..reet. PIt ios puieui brly Ihe Lnooad tvt yontln will not hsnut wth Tiatw, suon the u€hio.d.or hs mo s i tie a rnto se Lodioa S Ne Oy o Carrolln Rl Rod Co y, TNhE JACKSON AND LACOURSEND STREETANKNG CARSO. Eate Iron teaioooe Inrhoeely. Awill oiav tIhe. Baini at the healdof the New Canal, every day, (exepto .Moiday ftr the asrren, a ollocs: S De p arinf t at lk. ifre, ur'n at s8e . t isvpie.u'iy requetedthi gente n wvil ai l P . pt De part at 10 A. A, Roke ia t r, whe2 LP di. e 2 P. p s t. O N Ore.sod Croiha R Rd CoaP.niy, may 28 3. CHEW, Cash, HOTEL. . . NEW OLEAND CANAL e ANo D ANKNG CO.i SHE Iopublic inhot e lns vola t he lai tahe ahn H srl at hhead oifins here ho trusts ha will receave onday arti will ke, and foloe pl.d fby 5ivmgalittle n ktice befntehund. Heo willing to enter paDepart at A. m. Return at olin A. M. AI n MONDAY: - 2 P. M. I " 4PI'.M. r n oOneeeion with thiC Ofk ce is a ay 28ID ND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE h AT CARROLLTON IR MOTEL. PTG O AVAUD has the anorko Chck ieds SAMoel c Carvoh.. wVenr hye trusts ho o wileie ive lt callev o hs od ie e andis of aingd ciner. Prive parties i ti b d y p d by $ing a Ftitle aic oehd. Heow Bill v. ene re armsegsmvvien geAiv va i iesr idviduais dsir npa ing Ivdo 3vivme , L uroll , a i ..i........ 31 20 In eonnec.. .n with this to ..e i. . 30 va anee P 7TiNO no qat Lodge, I, for Livrp of Lang abels, Dry RoAipt Loc U.sqgO Notices, Ratucn. n 3la mrr e U loIM Horvey. I Show 3iRis Steosan B.t PDt Hils, aulveroni Mauer .Jun7eo 1s19ie. Tkowbotdto. lo .e Heton. ro. . the E .llh Tu, hinl eds n -ongIdarr.. Douto. 2. Report. ...tow boat .ion .eao M lk b her .hart. Sea0d i ln w palker ship VlcaP . ur.. .brag l.oao.lsry. Ptdrk VMycru....*.. sse Vsr, do..........ra at l.v, rom CvlvarvFor- .... m-adevv.s do ........ I ivr..... . Stlruner Am lJuo0,ll 7,Oohitt 39 St, Adsm LidJke. MRtin, or Lierpooll. Sll p ebiekPen. L.vri,-,. RoSin. J A Oereto, eamrply Hrey. Wilotvdn, R roninv ity *tamros a tier. fmtlMatiisii Mie -lpma m.. OJunnn f li . 7,i9port Tmer Cumtoihv e, Hiokle, fom tiei Edlsh Tvvndiv a ii Su b Do. EXPORTS. o boat Lion aig IVE.elbhoe ll.r sh Ad ilvto H i.C-ni 8iip Vik014 , bari og MtN..Dcishl.p CLre, days lerom, H5 sen.e ion C osily. --.eso 475 hales cotton 110 keg. lard I NEt rAVID a.. Pr Prio M Bov s maill lots hour, so.i gar, rum,... r,, lard.bOuty er, in coffee, _O, bo.airier. candle. ta Leo Geries anscc t wisdlshistey. whiskelb coIt Lc t erro uO ar, ioal. Lc e p me Cvaln ay l ort . lsme C askes, lot ie, Im Wiliaoopsa Landinar EXPORTS. i LIVEA..rOOL..Per ship Adao Lm. vgs..Crg, b 2.014 basls of POTON..CHYPer sc rnke... rs C o..saee.rno et, haids tbo oraSndiesal co 0 S A OCiNTKVIDO..Per het My corly..Cargo smeil Ioton eao ts ac, um. whiskey, lard, boisute , ii.e Iolee si s.Pork. osndb.., Oe seod s1ita los Wile. wohiskey. O hidivy.n, ofes esedlsr . W C Tho eis.L crso, sdo Keaolsray , I9 B. le3 dC l er. s ir bellows oird oopr Sl nnsara. -AmAC.y-.Poer htlr Gns. .-Csrgn 29 bksms cotton N 4kl * Coffc Tuirin a Ws.tte sd freib. tihoch, 4n.o A . Nils.yl"3 arly.Pe sohe sedo Alen o.. A sha o eaeds, lhit Se Foeroan ldei & opip J R Ig C ifeoslll..Pesr s Mer Aes-d..Casno Sletbnlsoa r ao .n Dah-k D'.oo... A'h'. n.0 blke pirk ddeo a os H ate.n 5o ke elsal o A H VrrCTboeOin rn erhido Kollesl llr.9 hvie- ia Chlcmdet.... lrCaselno. Mshard *Oesa YsoIsClly--Pr lHmar Csanaes--Csrco 59 hliss 00tt00 N l hi bolns,.Torpjne IWatt..5.d . H jebon 40 o h.k-odo hi 0111 E C 8 .an io .ddn.n40bacu.4c,. glan *b, 188 p53. box- 75 6o711rope Bogr. Hawthorn j or. Comstock. Kyde & o, 1036 him dod r etson I A c Ave d y All, Wah., &y 0. lomabie J Tlmwclt. x02. Mena, A Patten t ac, 49 d, Mtgeoteooktender. Mccenna A Wright, 193 chep,4 bit .io lobra Jlodenoo Wa,.killim., o ilpldic ..Per steapme Cb.llrh...Cl0 0. 93 iq baleseatto Richard Peaks, 22 du N S 1)1.0.7?1 do Geo tiers it gerol, do twmbeth l Thamsou. 35 do Burke. Watt 4 co. 7 Keys &l Roberts 3 do H Williams 24 do Allan, Asher & co, 98 Franklin a Hendersron; 3 do and 84 pee barging 86 cooil rop 1. 68 hOispork2 if do Lynne. .arri 46 co, 97 coil rope 29 Ice - bogig I b alatine Try lot, 64c., 430 dnrk.cocnl.. Lo the ow at aboard, J5 d. macbic.ry J D 31uyro..6cab.c mor n chandise Barker A lynch. Ollaahi(to-Per steamler Amer icno..*70 o 47 holes rattan, to order.21 Ido 3 While & co, tot beef bidd iillicglam 4 co, it 38 hand lleef cattl Loc.i.ills-Por Iaops.r 8·aenh-.Cgo.4gdpicea. bag flog 378 ro Flls rope 17 hits lohnara 113 his flour Foryth A Plot. *I.'plS l I 114.eoo Taylor, Dhewy &I oeI. bfi mcrrhcndl. O011f Bli Oblp 0 Le .pork Pierce Shannon &br 10 cs.Is bacon 38 f his sod 50.01410 lb. buld pork 100001 IsI v,1.oc .3d 31 kegs ,r Ird owner an boad 10111 l c11cotton Hobson a (icech 43t Louis-Per stla.mer Mcdlco...C.rpcB b1 3..l EroJ Thayer a&.cs do do J H Fie.d 1 9; do L're1. Cre.bchr. f,5 do Lam10ceh x Tllompcl.l 5doJ VsirI. &c 838 xcls Brlo s tar' McRonoa 4 W rlgkl 66 toil. rope Merr, Brown A co, I d 1l,1H obacco K 1cc W1g1011.0011d 4 r du Ib.,lM., kk bacon c. kegs r iard J AV1 W y. ..43 hidc tobacco 357 ipi lead 0c0ert A Hlalthorn,.30 hdi 311bacco 13 him pork 8 keg. Iled C A Jamb.. I shingle 11chio.o Hyde A Colmstcrk 1003 .001 t1rn Hsi.,rd & (:organ 1ry. 16 1d. lohnrco 478 .3..k, arc 1 6 dcc rooa W R Ic!. 214d Iobacco GCodfey, Lcojri. a Sm3ll. 137 oa.a i, corn3 hid-lolbacco W Sylo.. 3841 c cks cur. 81 d3oats J fpr 4 tlrotOlbjiollc. 1111331 onboard CONSIGNEES Per boig Dli.o 1.e..J C Wor.llly. J Rcbrtlc, co. F d1 e L.i .ildls w co Cc 1all A T~oI ft.lll.J Thyer 'Ay Cc .A P (fray * Co, Fo1all & Romans .8 JP Whitney PASSENIGERS Par stemer hlarms-GrP Walter ,A H Crook, McJonsa, W OGre,, Jewett 0 hr1. Mdden. 8Sampsoc per1130.'1r d1..'lcln..Mollc,,, BIcacltone. LoaIele, 3 Meyers, Rutln.Id, ryon, (:allies Per ,l..,,, 13cc.1,ch..Tcyae. KIcge, 8cly. Bamhil, SIc comb. &I...1.gear, Sp,.,,y 3.nd Lndy iMEMOIRANDA Sacnonah lIft on30111 cIt. 7 R wate on Plint 3.3.3 T11 T'I'UE AMERICAN. FAIT1lFUL AND BOLD. Ofticial ,$ourntal of tte 2 £iftunicitgalitl. PUBLISHED Daily, Tri-lWeekly & Weekly. N~W ORl LIEANIV: SATURDAY, JUNE S, 1839. lWeekly True American.-The weekly edition of the True American will he ready fir delivery to-morrow norning, at 6 o'clock, at the office, St. Charles Ex. charge Reading Room. Copies can he had, to send by mail, done up in rtrongenvelopes. Carriers supplied by the quantity at a resosnable rate. lThe Weekly True American is n ade up from the daily edition and con tains all the news up to the hour of publircaion, dut urday 12 o'clock at night. To the politician this week ly journal will provo a valuable compend. Every whig in the elate should have a copy. To the merchant, it will be a highly useful paper,ao it contains a daily his tory of the Imoney, cotton, flour and general produce markets. Persons from the country would do well to cal at thrcliice and suliscribe for a copy before they lrave town; terms uslly live dollar per unnum. Orders rerspectfully solicited. SVice Presidency-M-r. Kendall. Ar. Kendall, the ingrate and cunning scholl-master, the fawning sycs phliant and unprincipled politician, the ambitionu and de signing demagogue. the petty tyr nt of the post office and the dictator of the kitchen cabinet, and the proclaim er through the columns of the Globe, rfdoctrines threat ening to burst assunder the existing bonds of society, is determined to occupy, if he can, the Vice Presidential chair of this Republic. It is a noble ambition in any citizen to aim for the highest office in the gift of the peo.. pie by walking directly to it and exhibiting a ftness therefor, that his open honesty is at all times ready to prove. But fox-like to crawl into the affections of the people by flattering their passions, to steal into high places by leaping out of the well of insignificance from the horns oforme prominent goat, are traits of charac ter calculated to call forth our scorn for such a men, and it is the duty of every proud hearted freemen to drag fromr the shoulders of the amnbitious designer, the sheep's clothing with which he has invested himself. Just such a man has been AMr. Kendall ever since the ilay when he repaid his benefactor, Henry Clay, with Ite bavest ingratitude. Just snch a men was Martin Van Buren. Like master, like man. As lartin Van luren vaulted himself into the Vice Presidency by lean ing upon the horns of ieneral Jackson, even so. does MAr. Kendall intend to act, by making use of Martin Van luren's antlers. ', The schemes of this corrupt politician to attain his ' ends, are curious enough, yet all are practicable. Eight at or ten of the prominent among the party were designed i i in 1835 to run upon the ticket of3tartin Van Bumns, but th, ley were all diven from the tack Iby the Kendall foe tion. This f etion nominated Col. Johnson, because they knew their no . The samonegsme is now playing and will continue to ie played until the hour of nomination. M r.Forsyth has been stomed in Georgia t a fit succes sorto Col Johnson. TheTecumseh killer is proposed for a second term in Kentucky. Tile great ballaroller Mr. Benton, is the favorite of Missouri. Robert J. Walk er is talked ofin Mississippi. New Hampshire wists. pors a preference for Levi Woodbury. Alabama calls out loudly fotr her brave son W. R King. Penneylva. naia istrong for Buchanan, while Tennessee proposes Mlr. Polk, ifshe can make him governor. Now what mean these moves upon the political chess hoard? They are mere diversions cf tlhe King's forces to deceive the enemy and quiet the apprehensions of the King's own generals. Nay,the orders for these movements go out from tha King's green chamber at Washington, and the Globe passes judgment upon them when tkey come back to the palace. They are all approved but doubte are expressed whether any of these nominationa can unite the democracy. It is urged, however, that in due titsme, the conflicting claims of the parties will all be duly settled, for there is not one of those pure demo" rate, says the (.lobe, who will not readily sacrifice his personal predslections upon the altar of the party good. This insimation reaches the ears of the proposed candi dates. They well understand its meaning and know that resistance to the wishes of the kitchen cabinet will draw down upon their heads the vengeance of this res poneible junto. They live, therefore, in hopes, that each one ofthem t ill he the favored candidate, for lMr. Ken. dll Ihas taken care to keep his own designs in the dark and it is kisown in the ranks oftthe faithful that Col. Jouhneon is pr. c p . Such are some of the schemes, of Mr. Kendall, and we call upon our readers and the candidates themselves to note, that tile Johnson farce will be played ovdr at tile proper time. Every one of these casulidates will he proscribed,and the name of Amos Kendall will he placed on the moncaotic ticket for Vice Ple'ident. Nay, we say more. All the tmtocratic presses through. out Ith Union will he compelled, if they maintain their Izheoiance to ihe party, to applauds the" omination, and go heast and hand for Mlartin han Buren and Amoso Kendall! Shosuld sach a ticket suoccee d ;-but we will not anticipate tucl anl event. We Itve our country too much, have too high a respect for the intelligence and honesty of even the administration party to fear t that Amoa Kendall will ever be made Vice Piesident of this great o ation. The designs of this archl-enemy of t true replblicanismo, ftr such hase his acts proved himt, should rouse the t ppusition,should wake up every lov' er of his country from the sleep of indolence to thwart p hla intentions. Every day brinegs with it fresh mtlives to drive from power the Van Burensa monocratie fctin. . t Not tie least of theit danger to the repuhlic would hbe the elevation of tlr. Kendall to the Vice Presidency. * a-tt.'" ". .n V ce rrelaoncy. 'in The Globe.-Thin mendacioousjournal holdly denies y, thetxistene of a back stairs influenre over the lest or r- the present administration, and swears by all thets hon. eat, that " the anecdute of Can we Blair? is utterly false " Btavcly done, Blair ! Never admit your pow. er over General Jackson or Mr. Van Buren Nobody eter xpected you to do so. But the publie know full well how to eOtilmate your assertione, and all your skill in romancing willnever do away with the impression of the" Can we, Blair " administrations. of d Thodeonaratic party never hos been delacient in tal ented men--end instend of ourtukig learlen frm the fedeulot higs, it is they who Iave received deserters fe, rom our ranks with open erms,--N. 0. Courier. Who were Taney, Wall, Buchanan, Woodbury, Ro watn, Swartwout, IBaldwin, Hemphill, tInersoll,t Mun, a McKinley,and a host of others too numerous to mene teon ? All,all,apostate Fed raliets, and leaders in the self-styled demotratic party. From these we may judge of the talented iner ofthe fection. .A Scene i opeloesas..-We are infnrmed by persone recently from Opelousas, that the following scene oc curred last week in the office of Thomas H. Lewis egq. is It is known that lr. Lewis in his late scurrilous pamph. lear agaoint Mr. Bowers, charges Benjamin R. Gent, esq. Receiver of Public Monies at Opelousas, with lhaving stated dalicious ftleekoods. Gant, not being able to obtain roedess, went to Mr. Lewis's office, and presented him with a pistol and told him to take it and defend himself. 1etwis replied he would not deo"nd himself and wasnunprepared for defence. Gant then told him what he thought of him, for hiit wanton abuse containe 1 in his pinmphlet; and after exhausting .ile Englisl, lae. geage .o the epithets, applicable to slandeorre and li. hellere, sptt in Vr. feezs' face and wallkr 1 out of bin olie Cyalo Market-kr. Note. The d.ingapd . Nelm in the.cottoamat.t appear. obe d tieaed ta s e a worundeful don l'k sd loead ah i the t c im worldl The mnaietemiag i eaaM t party have boldly at. tacked his ciraulatiiad caleulations, aid so fara au sumption of premises go, they prove him to be in the wrong. But Mr. Nolt6, not to be aotdoue, eplies to his assailants, and with a deluge of Igures overwhelme his enemies, and what is very important in thin diseusoion to the real truth, calls upon hia opponents to come out over their own name.. This, we go for too, for there is nothing likeoper, field fighting. The Indian system does not do in the cotton trade. We hope therefore, for the sake of truth, that Veritas and Mercator will march up to the attack, malka off, and confront Mr. Nolt6 fhae to face. It ia amatter of very little concern whether the crop be 10,O000 bags over or above the commne esti mate, hut it is a serious thingr for the credit of this mar. ket abroad, that there shoutld be some appronimatioa towards the truth in the price currents and circulars issued in this city. Nor is this all. Mr. Nolte has a heavy responsibility upon his shoulders. His coarse in the cotton market last season is yet to be approved or condemned. If his ealcultions turn out to be true, a failure in his speculations will not call in queation his Judgement or honesty. The return of hisbills pronested for non-aonceptance has rothing to do with the dispute in question. la the crop short to the extent claimed? Settle this matter, gentlemen of the cotton trade, and then will come up for.discueeion the propriety of Mr. Nollt's conduct,as a speculator. his speculations terminate favorably or nfavorably, however, the sellers must blame themselves in a great measure for yielding t the importunities ofany buyer whose means were not positively known tbe of the first order. But come Mr. Verita--out with your answer ov*r your sign man ual, tIhen the public will be able to judge of the weight of your testimony. 1 hey already look upon Mr. NolI I.t' statements with distrnt,as he is interested. let us see if you arve any better claim to our ounfidence. Necro etealers.-One 8affer, a negro trader, front London county, Virginia, has been discovered to be a negro stealer. He kidnapped some time in the end of April two negroes from a Mr. Harvey near ' ickhbhrgh. Tw. negro stealers are to be hung at Greeneburgh on the 21st of August ner. A IW'retch.-A negro by the name of Sam bhelonging to Mr. Wilson of Trigg county was to be hung this day for committing violence upon two white wrman. Ericsoe's propellers. The Robert Stockton steam* er, destined for the navigation of the Raritan Canal, is to he propelled by Ericson's new invention of sculling oars. Mr. Ogden, the Conaul at Liverpool, is concerned in this invention. We have no douht of its suetes., and that inn few years, these proiellers will be applied to every vessel on the sea. It is coanemplated by Mr. Og. den to make the experiment with the ship Star, owned by Capt. Glover. If he succeeds in doingso, we should not he enrprised to hear of the Star making the passage from Liverpool to this port in 25 days. t ........u. au nalo purn Inmmu nay. Ricklieu.-There is poetry in this play, but it is net the poetry of action, but the poetry of language. The Lady ofLyonsaboundsin the poetry of action and in. cident and tile poetry of language only comes when it is wanted. In Richlisu, there it a straining after poetry in every speech, and in most ofthe speeches, it is found in beautiful abundance. Yet we look upon Richlieu as far behind the Lady of Lyons as a dramatic effort. There in nothing in it to rouse the feelings, to enlist the affections, or evon to excite a thrilling interest. Rich lieu isa character that does not take hold of the hearte in any way. To make his recovery ofpowerdepend upon the mere finding ofa packet of papers by which the treachery of the king's now found friends can be proved, is notan incident capable orengaging the feel. ingesand surprising us,for throughout the play we see Francois hunting after thit same bbndle with an eager. neoa that destroys the illusion. This said bundle is not a digus tindice nodus, In the boldness of Bar. adrias there is more to admire than in Richlieu, and yet he is an unfinished sketch. As to Mauprar, he seems merely tie cat's paw, first in the hands of Richlieu and then in those of Boradas. Julie, the heroine of the play, excites no interest in the bosom of the reader. She boldly enough refuses the solicitations of the king and Boarads, and when she tells her pateon this, it is the only scene that rinse to any thing like sublimity. Taiken as a whole, we have been disappointed with the play. It in not an acting drama destined to live. As a historicaldrama, it is a tolerably fair exhibit of the men ofthe day in which Riehlieu lived, but the great lault of the piece is, that the characters are moerel sketched, not filled out. We do not like it as well as we do the Duchessede la Valliure. Of one thing we are certain, it will never be a favorite in the U. States. What in there to interest us in the details of a conspi. racy against the king of France and his corrupt Min isters I A Theatrical Trip.-Cioffi, the trombonist, Archer, thebanhu, Page, the tenor, and Holland, Jr. the exhibi. tor of the Phantasmagoria, sail this day in the brig .Mail for Kingston, Jamaica, where they contemplate giving a series ,f concerts, and representationls tor the amuse ment of the Kingston folks. They will visit all the im. portant towns on the Island, as to prolong their sojourn through the month of July. It has been some four years since the Jamaica people have had any thtng like theatrical reprerentations among them, and we doubt not the success of this little psrty. Cioufi will be a god among the military at Kingston. Our filends, the editors of the Despatch, will take special eare of the visitors and tell us what they think ofCiomli's trombone. POLICE REPORT. SECOND MUNICIPALITY-RECORDEaRs COURT. Junte 6th.-Jolin Filzpatrick fountd drunk, released. Daniel Ingham drtnk atid iosulting ladies in the rail rotd carn, discharged. ienry Umjptlbh disturbing the peace and aseaultig blhck women, releeased, Iery Kcrnyh drunk, releed. W Cllens arrested for lar. cony,discharged. d. CORPORATION RttJHT- S-MLINICIPAL LAWS Supreae Court. In the followine cume of Muiuel w polity No. I vs. iarnett. the Court decided: It I. The property owned 2. to, whorecertain lo 1 by the corporation of situated iu the Fire h New Orleons, at the Municipality, wen time ofits division. i.- sold by tio corpora to nu.lniciplitiet, be. tion to the drfendant longs tothe ouniipal. - before the divitun e ity in whh.tetit is siotu theeity,hnt the term ,a.;,but the proceeds of sale not bl' fil f all .l. .a. claim, oe ly complied wit, o to one,. right ad0 - payment made, thi dile ou to it at that municipality canon lime, can only be claim. mtaittan as adnio, t ed and sued for by the for the recimsion o mayor eotio commisncio. the ule, and get baecl sincere of the sinking the hlos. Ths righi fond. can only bh exercrs. ed by the mayor am S con mistinaerl. Rot J. delivered the opinion or the eourer oIn Jtlcnury, 1837, ithe plattiffs instituted this ectlne Sto reci,.d t publi esal of town lot, md. tu the do. fendait, by tihr mayor, aldertnen and ihahhitetm ofdibe city of New Urleans, on the gronod that It had failed to comply withl the terml and conditions of thie adju. dicuatio, an ' that he had not sigted the aset of sale. it'he defendant doied all the allengtiane of the plain. iffs, which wuuld eltitle ahelu in aly tannler to to. ancitd the sale, ad averred thIt he .had alwaya been fready to do tll which in law he wa, bound tI do, but Ihil tilte pleilltiff were in oault. Heprayed toIn he qUl eted in his pnseeasion and title, and four geieral rtelief. at given in his Ianer, and the plaintiffs ap. peeled. Belore the plaintiffe can maintain this action, it is in. cihbe llt o iu tern to sow that there sie entroegated to tie rig it ofllie niginal vendr.. hidcsa link in their cliiP of tit:e, wilthout whiuh Ithelly cannot proesed, and lie delfcldanet hb tihe right to avail himieltfdfthe want ofilt, atler bin pleadings. In 1836, the corporalion, ol the mayor, oderitecatnd inhbilsant of the city of New Orletan, draaed toexalt (eacept for the parpose of li quidtinon,) and the eulicipl gorseronent of the city was veatel i tilrec diptiost iiueieipalitiee, efrwhich the plaintusd are one. The re th section it the act creatine this new fort of irkerngeei ,proildei tlerat each muni nipality shallt the ewner of tiwe property of tite old torportione, aituated within its limithe and that alt claiets for ioney, riglts and credits, do., to the maid orpcation, shall reinat in Oe otathoand when collect. td,le atilied to the paymet of debts, under the soper. iiielldeneFland eontiolwil tle mayorandl the commi. sionsere f t nthe ikinhg fund created br tr . ildt. It is. therefore, nrreasarc tn oncerttin whedier. at the time of the prtinoalceptn ofthis at of the le, istaure, the salei tihe odcfeendlt cetinued tit frore; i mefo e telhlst tim tie defendantl had made a ealid retrncee0ion of the hita, they would elong to the plaintiffp , as all other toilli prntle. ty ltuated withsi their li.nit., and an action could nto eelietaind fnr the propertr and pesmoalon of thent: but, if the effects if the adjadiecaion continued till that time, tlhel old corporatlion as notlhng against the defendant except a claim fer the ponrhase ceesy, which, according to the proisiunes of the afoenesid ait. was for a particular purpose, together with all the rights of action incident thllereto, veted to the tmrayer end the commiwtieru of the siniing ltti. If, in tte lent al ternaetio, after the new law went into operation, the de. feidant failedto pay, ir ti comply with sii conditions of the eontract, contrgct Intighst he reeinded, but thoriglit oefution mould helog euclueively t. the may. or and commsiolners. Tit pary who has power tt remit :he price. can elon Omatmtctai an action for reels sioa of the Waie. i" plointitffe have shoewna resuletien of the old city caunril, paused en the 311th (tctoher 183.. eatbhocizia the ittaytr to accept from the defendalnt, anti other tur. rhaners of town property, who had not compiled wish thecotditinnto eethesaletraemrousiuooad raienquish. moot of all iun rightt, title stid privietge which they hiid acgqired to iheceid property ty the saee and adjo. dicatinti. T'heytave atn girvet lo eeidiics, a paper doted in Deeemther, t85i.aigited by the defendant, and pirpnrting to he u notriat l act between him and the ita)or, contalinig a retracesuiom and relinquiihment. o aonsiermity frith the aliesanid ordioanc.. that paper ie net aignod by the mayor'and the notary, and hi not attgsted in tn atheaatil Tbc plaintiffs have arguud in this Court, that tbisa i'W tthe desondano oa bhod ee epoo bdeendt ts stitutuon eda suit is a e Utrant o.tlil. w -ottn hwe dto thtoei n o t ., . Althogh theM gnature bmhe act Ia proved, the date . ef oeertano, ind th.t d unu etainty camout be ruDpliep by ue. e . Thesuit crsont be couldered an an acce nce o a ritroceasion , bcauonathe avtermmt Insthe petition ate inconjisteut with the fact that a retrocsenione cx. . ted; iIa action of nrecil, eee.usarily, presupposes aI contract to be reosinded. Ill. 'Trim aog od that act by the defendant, if its dame had been proved, woe a mlnr pollieitaton, which mared to 3ave aoy elect at the epraioten of the char. q ter of the former corporatioo io 183&-Lncjodeea Code. 1r evtice 1804, I IV. Whde the former corporation ceteod to exist, the conditien of the partie to this uot wno fixed ad he plaintiff have never had elinc,copnoity to accept the retro.r.bion. The defendant owse a sunt of lolay, which the mayor and commisionsere ot thoe seking noad, are lonoe entitled toreceives. It lo,tnoreore, ordered, adjudged and decreed, that the judlment of the Parih Court be affirmed with AFFAIRES DU CONSEIL. SECONDE MUNICIPALITE. - MARDI, 94 Mai 1839. Sdance do 24 Mai 1839. Attenduqua elI Maire a trannuie ce Conseil certain r6dotutiono du Couseil de In pre.nlire Mu niciplitd relativement ke nented. t'filet de terre borned par let ruee du Canal. do Ia Commune, dea Mugazino at des Tchoupitoola. r 1. II est rd,6lu quo Ie Conreil refuse de con. oonrir aun ditee rdsolutiono, et no coneentre a eu- d couno intervention de Is par. de Is preumire Muni-i cipalitd dane Ia vente propoosd, autre quo ton cc auisecement conforms • eon consentdmont do 24 Mai, 1838, pour confirmer Is dBte venta, afin quo loe pr6tenoiono du Conneil de I dieto Corporation, n'ainotoat on rien In venta dee dits lots. mign JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 2, Rdbelu que co Conoseil n'n point admia aet no reconnoitra aucun droit Ila premiere Municipal. itt our Ie dit list de terre. n Sign 1 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. 3. Rdsoou qua I'Avocoat de cette Municipaiitd tit at demneure ruquic d'adreeor un ordre de votets It dudit list danl I plut brefddlai. II eat clairement entendu qu'ton tot ordrs do vent. mere otricteoent conforme aux ordonnancee et r.deolutions do C Conseil relatives a Ia vent. du dit liet. Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. ed - - ad FOR LIVERPOOL. The A I and superior ship NEW IIAMP. S911KE, Capt ilarding, heving the grenter g- part of hererrco engaged, will receive des. d patch. For tre.ght of 300 hbales cotton or paSage, `p. 'd plyto LEVI II GALE, J8 93 Common at g FOR ST. LOUI, AI.TON & QUINCY. The splendlid new aId feet runninsg steamhoat MAIl) OF )RI.EANS, t Ven Houaghton master. having the he most ofher treg engaged, will leave fur the habove aid intermedilte laldings on Sunday the 91th int. For Sfreight or pasage, having elegant neenmunodotiuna, tapply on board at Poydraa street wharfor to J8 E A IRII)CFP 60 Grtvier st ad FOR ALEX.NIIIIIA, NATCHI'It IlhH, SHREVEPORT, FL'LTON. & JONESBORO. hu The wnr odThe plesndid steaomr SOUTH A rt. IARAMA, S Biekerltff, master, ea will leave for the ohove and inlternr h- diate Ianldi.o n Saturday. 8th instant, at 4 o'lock, P.HM. For tenght or panage, havir eplendid acomr. rl amodltiono, apply oilt oard opposite Custom Hnoue or ad J6 to T B LEE & Co,Q8 New Levee rh Theo".nero ' ofudrar Nor. 1603, 1139, 206, Y12. he 16111, are requestrd to retlurn receipts for goods taen fnm ship Ocmulgas o No. 90 Common ptreat. e JA COHEN -XCHANI;E ON NASHVILLE, for 43011 pay. tr. hbleJuly 27, Lfitrnle by is JS A FISK . TEXRA 9 LAND TIT'I.ES. A N ABSTRAT of the original tites of record in the general la]d offiee. Printed in accordance ta wtth a resolution of the House aof o eprementaties, pat. ad sed24th Mly,1I838. A few tpiee itta recerived and he for sale by ALEX TOWAR, r. " 49 Camp at . UNT'S LF.erIRE on the hietnrv ofAbrahl . and Jacob,hby he Rev. Henry Blunt, A. M. at i thratfLeetures on the history ofJesua Christ and St. 8. PaMn Jast puhliahrd select rermins of the Rel. William a Nevin, D.D. of Ballimore with a memoir. Just re. ha eeierd aod forale by ALEX TOWAR, JS 49 Ca'amp Pt th RROTtING ORE F-. R tCKE'P. Ir HEwell known splendid hora IRocket i offered e for sale, he in now eight vers old, and i one of n tha heat broke hores in tile Uniied States, hin epLed a re n well known that it rtquirnes o comlmnet-woarranted perfectly entod. ALSO a Plaelon and Hlaruiet suitable for ns or i mtwo hres. A SuIky with shifiine htp, saddles, brille, a. de. Thea hove aricles wre made tI ordrsnl an areo d tie marybest materials. They me to i.e sold on i. eounnt olfthe n.a eer leaaing the city. Apply to No. 3 Carnondale at JR8 lw r DORK-800 brl l O prime, I'O now inslpecling Sand for sale at the lowest mlrkle price hby t .JR O Dt IRSEY, 44 New Levee SLOUR-1036 brels. landing from steamner floun, It S For saleh by O. L'ORSEY, ' J844 New ILevee heg. superior Leof Lard in ntrne, f cr T a ailu by G DOREVy, If 41 New Levee Drawing o1 the grland State Luetrey, CIl~9ii,13 tt 46 42 50 31 3 3 30 04 13 23 14 58 l Pac'age 225. comhinatin 5 35 45 the Capital d s Prisze of 8,0l was sold in the Grand State o S Lottery yeaterda, hby Mr. Tho. Banks,h Vender.2 THIS DAY. d 690,000 Capital Priz. Tickets 5. p . GRAND STATE LOTTERY. d ii CLASS No. 7, Extra. Authnried hby the Legislature Sof lhe Saute. To he Draws This Day, J.n, 8 1839. 1 Y at 7 o'eloc, P. IMI, alt Bishop' Hotel Common at. S DAVIS & Co, Managera P 75 Numher--I2 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Schemne. 2 ht14 Pi, amountinor to 235,990 Tinketrs 5 O--Halee $2 S-Qt-eurter 1 25c. Paekasea of 25 tLckets for $Iit, warranted to drew at leaus $,;0" Sharre in proportlon. 1t' For Packages or single TickseI applr na a J AtManager. offie 16 Charten. as i TATE OF LOUISIANA-Parish Court for the cc S Pariah and city ofNew Orleans. Prent the lon. Charles Murlian, Judge. B No. 11,831, L. A. rwoin, in aclual estlady, vs. hia creditors and the creditors ofErwin & Bolinga. Upoon reading tnd filing thle petition and achedule in º t hi case--It i ordered by the Court, that the creditors H of L. A. Erwin and of Erwin and Bul;ngs, do meet in .open Court, on Mondaly the 17th june text 1839, then Sand there to ahow ease, ifany trey have, why the maid L. A. Erwin both int his personal ltpacity, nd as im s a partner of the irm of Erwing& loliutgs, should ho nt be dichareed according to law I and that in the in masntime all proceeding apgainlst Iis property and per- tal an he astayed. Itia further ordered that -limora & in1 King, Eairs. Attornery & Counalltura at Law, he no appointed tn represent the absent creditora. th, Blarh'a office, New Orleans, May 24, IRl9. m25 Paw ARM NIa PIa.1OT, tLr. lLrrA'r 88K I.A LOUISIANE.-Cour de Paaroiea lea i pourIaroiec ast Ia yille de Ia Nouvelle Or. _ Ieane. aj Preiuat I'llon. Charles Alaurin, Jage. L. A. Erwi., intoninraot d6teno, contrea sae ctlnciera t et Iso crhancier des Erwin 4 Hlolinga. Sur lecture et enregistrenent de Ia ptition at du hilan danae celate saire,il etordoln6 paIr Ia Courque b- crfi.tciera de L. A. Eraiaetde Erwin & Bolings, - e r6aniveot en plrino Cour, I Lundi 17 Jiutproin .hin I39, pour y dhuuim ls raisons, s'il en onet, pour lace qoelles leI dit L. A. Erwin. tant pour son eampte par. teoltherqae comma nooci9 de Erwin & Bolinga. ne se Tit pall dnchargh ronfortnment i lu loi ; et ean tme temp toats pUoarsluitmo centre an pars nne et rea bien onlt capendoee. I eat de pina ortonnt qua M M" Elienrs and Kingsoimrt nomm6spour rrpre6enter lee crleaneiere abhasnts. Par ordre de Court-Buresu du Grefier, ia Nouvelle Orleans, 24 mai 1839. 27mai 2aw A. PI'TOT Greffier. Fl A east U. " ..- rt mlat.lw A. PITrOT Greffer. W ",o".E - Nannnn ad n all E iLASS 'ARE. aid /M BELL. No. 16 Chartree street, wishing to ct o loe uhi. aesortments of GLASS WARE, will eroffer i at o uch cheaper rate, that cdn he found at i any ether store in Orlrane, consisting or dishes, turn. i bier, dec .tore, lamIp, salts, wines, glasses, shadee. o culs, plales, &Ac. ale N. B. The Trade will be furnished at Facltor Prices. J7 he -WOR1KS ON SILK. tr A COMPLETE assortment of the beat works on the on e.lre ofr the Mulberry end silk wortmsa. or Iandolo on ilk worms. ad D'Homergue'a silk culurist's manual. tt Clarke on the Mulberry. t, Cobb's manual of the Mulberry trene. t. Kendrick' bilk grower guide. it Whtitemarsh on the Mulberry and silk worse. hI RoIberts o silk dc. E JOHNS & Co, - J6 2w ernerofSt. Charles & Comtmon at itt. --__________________ ___ ______ em SITUA'TION WANTED. SYOUNG Mari ieS Wo1 an, whto tat a healthy tcthild, hut five m.tha old, in desr.ut u laatritt a o situation s WET NUIC.NE, in a repectahlelamly. _ She can give unaeel tionable reeommendaloono, if ro. quired. Apply to tr.. ('t.feld, at Itre Dawonn's, to corner of Perdidn and St. Petera ,treet. J fi tg biLOU R-1000 bbl, cuperfie,45td, fine, for saoe by j7 O DOISEY. 44 New Letee h W IIISKEY-'46barrels landing from steam boat t J ridgewater fur sale by aJ 7 DORSBEY,44 New Levee Id C ORN BROOM-200 doa in store, for tale by G DORSEY, 44 New Levee :r B OLWER'· RICHI.IEU the eetebet, Play, tt cheap eddon and a. a .rtmm... efth. wiser .ne. blted actin g playe. E JOH N'S & a, J6i w corner St Charlts & Colmmnon al SYN.IC', SALE. BV BACH ". CALHOUN. ILL he Voldon Wederray, July 3, 1839, at 1 - h o'cock, at tbe city Nuellhnge Boinre rui S t. ibetween Koyeland Chrtre. atreet,, by order of Antho. t Mrach, Eq. Syndic of thie cre itorm td o noirs Egerton t Wibray. for the nrmoont ond at the risk of Mas. Edward York, George I. Ogden and COgd en, who have failed tooomply with the erms ofa ale ol property hreinafter idesribed, made to thea on the O24h J Lno Try, 189. Eleven lote ol ground, situated m Faubeurg Saulet, 2d Munieipaleny of Newr Oirllr, in thenre l rbounded by Clio, Pytanee, Calliope and Navyde sdpreets, n per pa which will be exhibited a the tine of sale, v.en : Lot No.1, muaslring 29 Ieat, 4 inches frotl oU Prd taotes street, by 1;0 flot in depth, and front on Clio street. Lots No. 2, 3, 4,5, 6, 7, 9 and It, o,3nrtrs each 29 feet fronton Prytanee stret Iy 120 feet deep. Lot No. II, mennuring 29 fet 4 inchies front on Pry tnens street, iy 120 feet in depth, nd irout in Calliope street. The hbove ltos will be sold aeparatrly with the prir. legs ofan alley in the rear orlte width of 5 feet. Ferttna of sale-- 810 oash on each lo ; balence 6, 12,and 24 Inonlth credit for approved endor, d notel, with mortgage until final payment. jue, I 3t1jltj 3jr Veont do Sydic. PAR BACH &d CALTIOUN. iL SERA VINDU to Mereredi I 3 Juillet pro chain a midi, • In Nauvello Bourse rue St, Louni entre les rues Royalo ect Char roe, par l'ordre de Mr. Anthony Ranch, Sindic des erdanciers do Meorei. Egertuor st Wiltray pour te a omptao t ttn risquea do lMeuieuro Edouard Yotke, George B. Ogden anid J. C. Ogdet qtsi ant m anquos lur termas preserits'parlao vents pour lea propettos ci doeon aC deeiIgndte leurnt adnjugbe 23 Janvitr, 1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERRE aituds dons In faubourg Soulet, f do Municipalitt de In Nile OrIedastana d i'llet situd e0ntr lea rue Clio, Prytando, C.liope, at N0yade, d'apron ona plan quit a 66 expoad.on moment de In vonto, Savoir ' Le Lot No. 1. menurant 29 pelod 4 pouces do face b Is ron Prytanla par 120 pioda do profoudeur do ica I. Ia rue Clio. Lem lots No.. 2. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 menu rant ehcaon 29 piods dn facn • Is rue Prytan6o per 120 piest de profoudeur. L.o lot No. 11. erosurant 99 pieds 4 poucee do faee a la rue Prytan6e par 120 pieds do profoudoeur at fce la roe Calliope. Leo sumdits lots seront vondli s pardmont avec In privilege d'uno all6d do 15 piodo do lorgoor. Los termon do voento ront $1800 oomptant pour chaque lot, et sle balance a 6, 12, I18 ot 24 mois do crddit en billets endoudos soatisfaction, avero ypo thbquo jusqu' • parfait poieome.t. In BACII c. CL;IOUN. W~jILL he sold io Wednoesday, 3d July, 18:19, at 12 So'eock,at the City Enchagog in St Louis street. Two Sqoores of Ground, Designated on a plan drown by I.ius lringierisgr veyor genetal,* alqares E and C. Square E contins 26 lot, meUmbered flus 1 to 2, which measure as ful Nos I., , 3,4, 5,6,7, 8, 9, 1-10 loint meeonring each 30 feet troet on Iucarty ntrit, by.105 fert in ldepth ; lot No I-limreinig tile corner of ,sntrlty olid Adalo nitreets and hot No I( folrming tie corneOr oif acoty anld 1Itr. del streets. Nool I I, 1 3-35Ito, meeeriling each 300 fee front on Burder stlert biy 151 feet in depIt. Nos 14, IS, , I", II', 19,22o21, '22, 3-10 leot,n as urione ohclifeet 'onton Comterciot sereet, by I15 feet In depth; No 14 forming the corner ofr.otemercial ond Burdet streets, and No 23 loroing tle coruer of Commercial alnln Adonas streets. Noe 24, 25, 2'.3 lots, measuring each 30 feet front on Adams street by 150 in depth. Squarone Conteins 26 lots, numbered from t t026, which merasure a folliws: Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10--10 lots, measuriIng each 30 feet front ,n Comlnreircial stretl, hy 105 feet in depthi; lot No I forming tihe erner of Comm,,ercil and lluoPet streets, ad No D0 forming the curnecr of Cuonmmen:iol & Washirgtoin strees. Nos Ii, 12,13-3 loin, measuring each 30 feet frrtont on Washington sintaeet, by 1511 eet in diepthr. Nos 14, 15 I16,17 i8,19.,2,1,' 22, 231--101 it,meos. sting each 31I feet reont on Pearl treetr by ii5 feet in depth ; lot No 14 formiae the corner of Pearl and Wash: iigcmt streets, aid No .'2 joining the corner of Pearl and Burdnte street. Nos 24, 25,26-3 lots, meronriog each 30 feet front on Burdet street, by 150 feet in depthl; all American measure. j ie I 31 ljlj&.3j. ce J,.c a i tljlij&.3jr PAR BACH & CALHOUN. L SERA VENDU Moreredi Ie 3 Jnilleo, 1839, a midi, a In Nouvelle Blmr.os run St. Lou.s iu DEUX LOTS DE TERRE aitu6s a Carrollton, disignd d'aprdo un plan tird par Louis Bringier, Arplunteur gd6d6ral, lv. dits m lots E et C. L'ilot E contient 26 lots num6rot6s de 1 & 26 lcsqucls out los unesurent suivants : Not 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, meaurant rhucn 30 pinda de face Ia rue Macarty our !05 d pieds de profundeur, le lot, 1 foriunit I'encoig~. cure dos rues Macarty et Adam, et Io lot no. 10 for -ant I'enco ncnure des rues Mocarty at Ilurdot. rd No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots inesurant elhcun 3)00 piods do face & I ruoo Burd, t sr 150 de protulo. or deur. on Nos. 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, or dix lots meuraut chacuu 10 pioids do a la rue de Commerce our 105 do profundeur, la no. 14 formant l'encoignuro due ruts do Coirnlcrc at -Adrm. 6 Nos. 24, 25, 26, mesurmntehauon 30 pieds do tace a la riec Adaot sur 150 do proflndoeur, L ilet C conitenant 26 lots numerot6s do 1 & 26, loequela ont len mreatros ativants: Noe. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mesurant chncun 30 plds de face a lit run do Commerce our 105 de profondeur, le lot no. 1 fiormant I'enecot. nurs dos rues do Comlmerce et Washington. 9 No. 11, 12, 13 menurant chacttn .0 poeds de face A la rue W.ashington our 150 de profulndeur. Nta., 14. 15. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mernraut chtacun 31 pieds do 'ace a la ruo Pearl sur 115 do profondeur, ln no, 14 Iormant I'eneoignure des rues Pear et Washington, at Ie nto. 22 joignant l'encoignuro des rues Pearl et Bur. dot. No.. 24, 25, 26, 3 lots meourant chaoun 30 pieds de face a la rue Burdut sur 150 de pruauon. dour etle tout meoure Asmericaino. Jl .. E TAT DE LA LOUISI ONE-Cour do Puroiene e1 pour Is puroieo eo ville In aNo velle Orl6,iaus Preenot I'hunoralle Charles luuramo, Jugs. atoi 1411l 1839. No. 11,774 N1. Duhose vs ses CrOsnciers. En motion de (i. W. Bolts, Erq. awoat potur 'in. Sulveblelne enl montra o uoe erreur quoi se truvnt deos oI'anonce drmier pour asee bleolr ler crdanocers, et eo consequene de eel erreur i'nsaer ble lun' a linas sue lieu--Il oet ordonou par It Cor, qia'ute aosoremll.e nouvelle aura lieu no bureau do Ph iIipp, Lacostei, Eq. Botairo, n0 Samedlet Is 15 Joi 139, qluaid n t 0t on v. deliliror sur Ire u eires du petioionosire nt preodre en conoideortion te matildeo o teanuee d to la ettion. Extrait du regitremeont, Bureao do Gnefre, to Nouovelle Orleans, Mat 14. 1639. Hunorble Charles luourin, . udg , . ea etA v N tPiT, 1839. No. 11,774. M. Do Bose vs. hie Cseditorn. S On motion of Geo. . dIlitts, I:iq ifcouosel fur the intllvenl, and upon otowing to the coourt thlat an errr has crept in the notice calling for a meelting of creditors in this cnase, and tlia; eon.equently ai] meeting canenot takeplace. It is ordered by ilie ciioit that a ew n ee - iog take place at the of Plhilppe I senate, Es+. iotnry public, ilt Saturday the I.Lh day of June. 1131, Sten antd tlhere to deliberate on the atiirs otl'lho ptition or,and take illnto considerotioun le imatteos set forth ini his tmtition.. Extract from tIh tinutes--Ctetk'o Office, New Or leans, May 14,1839. may 1731 ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. r, ma .01 ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. rl- It--A.l-h'l'he duelliog palt of the thre.nory Sbrick hues No. 1." Tlhoupitoul.s street. Pos, r saession given on the 9th June. Apply to lu . LOCKETT, in Camp ltree, near Julh,-or to may28 No. 13 Exchange Pieoe. VALOABLE & S AC LAW IU p ARTIN'S Reports, a few copien only left, in 19 " role; Louisianan Ryurts, il volt Civil Clde o Louisiana, . E Johns , Co's Coda of Practice do y ew edition Sergeant& Low er'. Reports ofeases in tie Eng lish courts, 32 solon Williams' Mlassachusett Reports Peters' Reports, 12 vo! i do condensed do Archbold's civil and crioinile Pleudinog Abbott on Shippilr ; Bailey nu 11B Ls eek's Medical J urisprudence Bell & Beoatv', Chancery Reports Chillt on Hills; do on Contracts hit's Pleadings ;do Practien do equily Digest II ChiGtt.s BlackYtone ; 'rUie's Diges.t CuriS' AdEoiralty Diest; I int tLiw ol U S Eden's Chancery Reports; Fonblanqoe'n Equity Forl Ilonk; Gould's Pleadrings Gow on Partnership; Holffinau's Legal Studies S Kent's Coullltrorle.; Leigh's Nisi Priuns Pothier on Obligations Peters' Digest, I.t voluoe, a new wokot Ronon enn vidence ; IRussel on Cries Sanders' Pleadugs; Smilho Ch.ncery Practice h Stareie on Evidence; Stary 00l the Ceootitulion Steveas & Beneeke o. Insurancae Tollens law of Executionn Totmlins Law Dictionary; Voell's Lw of Nationna nd a general aoorltnenl of all Olatuiord Enlish antl Feench law hooks, mongst the laltter, Merlin, Toullier. Pothiert Troplong, Duranton, &e. E JOHNS 4. Co, 30 may 3w Cor StCharles & Common set NAILS--400 Boston assorted sizes. for ale by "24 SHALL & BROWN, m24 96 Magazine at i ESS BEEF-in half bl, for sale hy O lmay 14 fG ht)ItSEY, 44 New lever. ACON SIDE S--15 caks Civinonati cured, Ibr lic ralc by (i DIRSEY, mi y29 44 New Leveer G UNNY BAGS-25,000 for sale b i _j6 S &Jc P Will I'NY.73 Calnp sI H Y IIRAULIC CEeEN'· 101hbl s fia . .by . j6 S &J P WIll NEY. 73 Campat A -H OA gs--SfIO0 feet ash anr, for sale by j6 S & J p W1IITNEY, 73 lamp at SROW N O--P-- 0 boxes brown roap, fir eaeby S SkJ P WIVITNEY ,3Camp o thi Jvh SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. I A briplit uulatte boy nmoed Edward, about 21 yeail old, lay lie belrogo to Dr. YUng. -i A negro boy nuoed l'rius, aged about t0, saya he belonge to Mr Itarwick. - rite owneirs of id slaves will please cll at the prise. on of the 2d eun ciplity, ve prove preperdy, pay chargee and take thteit away. I HARtPER, - june I Capolilloftile Watch. d ' Nl to U meL,ýa IE gaolde to Lecode TuAuiLO paluki lea eecluvoa sauvelt., tovoir: Utle negreee o inccb Suannee, de 33 one, -I dJsanl t pparlenir A Mlladaolosrelle Francoise. tiUn nvgre Mloltre elair, umm6 Edword, a6gb deol cea, se di.aaot appartenir Dr. Youne. Ui nelagr nomu i'rim'l , ogh de 20 ana, e diaent apparrtenir a Mr. Iarwiek Lee propi6tairej d'e die eeclavee, aeont pribo de venir lee retirer nel payant teIs Ira. H. 8. HARPER, DC Lo NOUVELILE ORLEANS ET CARROI.LTON. Arrangemeno de I'61, pour I. joure de Ia setnoille. o Coarroeloa. De la NIle OrleanS. Char clheval, ia 41.. A M Cler A cleval,' 5 he A I Locomotive, all 6 Le.oomntiiv e r 7 n A 8 "9 SI0 ]ii ro A t'e "l " I I "r Aprotll he dit coleo ou gebiccr an bsr, cdu ir S eIayant ieq picstrec pour It voyage. Arrangenenr peour lee DiitacaAer. Lemchrar t portr.og uu0 lletnn Ibooires que de lea rjouroe de aIt enai lejneu' i I Ibeasre P. . U .neoco. [ mlotlve purtir do Carrollhontoute leae sres, Juoqu' I 8 heuree e doe it Nouvelle Urlhtao iioqu'A Pour l'agbmcllt tlee peronrinee quice retdendt Car- O rlltlln par le caor de 5 eiereoe, et ql ne dbeirent pan y dcmnrer rjaeq.' . 8 IoItsoe, I cohar qE i patlilit lllpera. vaent do Carruio, A 6 heIrts, reset*rd jnequ' 6t heuree, r Spourdonner ie tempe do jonird'une promenade agt6- I able dns unodre. IIe ,eaux janlio dee i Elal Unit. th Ilrenee el qui pririrolto put la ltoometlvie, div- I/ rolie e procurrrIr elbillet, atitlleo qer'il esi dbfedul ux coandonteuro de rocoroir da i'mIeht eu lieu de billet,. r Charts des luer Jekaoen et de la Course. Cos 'lreo p artlrot do Is rue .tackon a 6 heures, A. MI. e do In rue du Canal A 61 he.ea du ntlio -L courant clillqu laure. A 8 tleuresil etarlinrt touteal leademi ieucreej jloqu' ..I eurse d suoir, de la roe Jaoceenl , e judqu' 9 tilrees do Ito rue do Canal, r.- ai cep6 A 8uj do rle in dll Canal. l.eis int pat colliirement tries del ne pae n itr tIeeic Ileda our Ine c1asins, et tlo no pie luocer J dullo lea cheinlll treqlo lesdo III.. y trouvelt. Bureao do In Csoepgie dU clenin de ter do Car rollton tide Ia Noevelle Oribrr.. JOHIN IIAMIIS)N|, , i18 Ing.te.ieur m o ecef. I tUi--Juset landiig it feeal,. e 'ply of while Icwax, JL louave Jell) (iun Aorabie. 'Trnarind, CreParm TIourr. S1 tollaleia o'Tturpenline, Penrl Ac\IrlTurf-I. I ric Acid, Chloride .odlo, Balo. :ollavill. &c. for sale by L II IIONNA ,EI., Imay 3i Cuer Nolchre anl Tchaboiulao ate ma y .i - :ior Natchezb alnd Tchnoit.oal, at. NEW bouks, JUst'., It ECEIVEtlC 1. DI)LER iii tily, by Coou teoa of Illhaaineton,2 vols. 5 Amierican Joe i.lliller: Iorane Vereono, i2 ulS oAdvice to (ieitileien; lobin al y, 2 vo s If Chitiy's Blacksaton; illingto"o' Civil Engineer ing, fir sale by ALEX. TI'OWAII, n may 31 49 Camp at LAr,'T F' IT'ER--lK ' 3, C OUtNTES ,f Bl:-singnn Idler in Italyv, 2 vote. I Pascal Bruno and tle Aionrnent, by 'I' IIlook +tT'lhe Amertcanl Jotn Miller, with illuntrstions Little Freicinini and bin water luts, by Morria, I etcIiqyg by Jolhnin. I Poetic .i'ialli, senacled poetry from Cbaucrr to Winordaorlll. a Nickreby, No 12; IBoz'o Skettihea, Noa 7 andi 8 SJOIINS dr& Co. may 31 2 Cnr St Charles & Cnommon ia S(tIIAMPIGNE B; kr ul bobna n rno r ;ainlaq In L' store and for aale by SIIALL. & lBROWN, iaay 31 " 96 ,langazim_ at T OAF SU(;AI inai. a, ,,nd fobr sale l~v n my 31 SIIAI,;. & BI(t)WN, 9I; Magazine at 111135IAN PEAS-tl iiag. iii alre a IIod ýr noteby C7< may31 S; AT L & BIhOWN, b6 Slag,'zmee a OUI.D CASI)III6--i5 Trumps vio Ilobhlll. in .I MlOre and for nule by SHALL & I((ItWN, .may 31 96 Milngaaine at XI DEjS--3n buxs Ilmax in l-orr and for AalL by& I~iIOWN, nay31 9t i Magazine at 0 1i.--75 utrp'_im 'rTmrrin a ____ rr liraIre II co.ks tnitllner i lpirni, iril mr iit' iw . I (it I(; It.E 91 fo mlatn 1'-l.t1l111(-9'J-b-arrrl- bindin" (u .Y. l~a "]---t+' h +eR e U t'iibh Iho iin bridin . by GIIttIISF.i. i. 101 I Nr-* Ievee FolESS ribor F ieu ,T i 8-T thi mf rml .tO,,.lr tº sle by (i Uc)ltslE;Y, ,4u ,Now Levee lI n ,t n llt kn i ll Ih lltlbllea Ih II t is hinldlv lt - ce"irv to Ri' c Iiilll,'d itn fll, lt of i r, ir "inlun Ri d tiirri. rh to *ihleill IrJllycoriiiiroaatm oIna ofplth tclai s lh.oIi, for trIia mn n thenp pubolic to ilace cunfidence in ilti limonn mall iglllll. Fronm the Wh,'ig O1JtLly Io, 18:7. rm7o tir'ills and lileri.-Te ilt Jnairnq l conim tainsl tdlll S IIIIHnll n l ollllrl S to 1 litir hi lih ltim. mrt Iiont omrcnmiie. m oI o my' p ibollri t ii J aurnoll. Ilomppn" ,I unnollne the etrainoly. Some oml it tb : naCme of r.-l, fis, lhnllllSs ts lot iialiOrt ng the I erifi. cote uof lor n "lllhr Bow~IIn , no ] halra eimn ' tia Vd ha uodtcleoadl.-o opemos+iii . Tcio is ,ten kind.and we promlse Ill. monoollt we Iilnt, unllde·r like uflmcti,,na with our neiEhbor of rih, J0urnl, tl ICIII on WL c trnl e In ithellralitti le are ,. Ilo ori ng p o dio, sit ilar dir. fienll.l ItI I tll]oe hluh have mo mivelrlya htorn bpotn Mr IBmw.iRd Ihev noilmva r iytlim o ivnII the oeau Ir ada:leonems" oflthe, relndv r r t, Iloeanle. T aile media cifn is undoubtedly e auvei'lr.e remedy. LETTER FROM SAMUEL IBOWLES. The loIlowie. ]citue is fro,o Mr. Bowles, Fdu or of the Rep ublican and Journal, Oprinofirl,/, Alaos. SPnlxolt.Pl.n, June I, 1817. iMr. looti--Sir: It isrnow lntritollyet.rb iita hovei oeled from m all inflirnoay om the biwels--th, e caoas. qu+l'nt:e, as I sop lilile, n "i severe i . r.a of ilnanilet Cory Ihelnllnllisnn. 'rile natoral action of the bowels is toela fr+Pl,'llmloud severe psins uct. r, wit muh weaknlles and deprtesion: nathtiatim being necearrry every ew ith atlo COUlnterac, colivn0, q. I hive clnnoltod good physicians, and have tried almost all ki tif pills ad. Volrtid. oIbiich aeermnd 0ulitrd -o Inv ease, ill val. I)u ring last year, I have height s atll tod several hoses otyour" Lit Pills," uaii have Itinnd moro Ienrefit from olrtl, nmOre lolirefaood adipneass to ,,my crae for a length of ltine, thlban from anly lmedicine I bavq yet tried. Yours, SAM UEL IIO\VLES. For salein this city, at the corner of Commonnn and Tchbpitoulas sas. may 18 lr INI:N I mIR'I o Glorves, & Stpoend Jr-Ju t rat L crive i by ltte arivals, an anotlfmeetn of ahiltl roavlas, sumer satocks, gloaves, atid -Ulol.rnera, at the Bazoar, eorner of t. hllaroes amd (itoonnn atreet. o'22 UIIbH A. AI.lI ar ,. by SHIIAIL & IBROWN, 4 Ai 6 slu.ieine at pA2RLORORNAO1ENTS -- are ed breautllul n lrietlies, 1,r ale uoly by RBee & lD'lange, r an ' .r Polgh's Museum. All Ithrese,rnaentes consist ol the most splent ot did specile.ns of orthloinoly Iroes Europe, Asia, I- Africa, nd lour own country. ApP',rved l a ea t 60invay will he , nken nl I3 -All t! iUlt- 0Itil' l.,. ,.,roý-d einr, fur - ulr teiordoceldIpriet, by S. LICKE t.. may .8 Front L.evee r F LOU -Ri bl., land nig from t',al lloat; Rdt lph. `Fr ualp by A. TIER, may28 31 Graier at y T IIREE aecond harnd gln.a HOW CASES four y oi unters, for sole tow by t IOttO\VElt & Co, may tt) No 17 ot INK! INK !!-ItqK! i !-Juvi-recei3e ltweive.-rr-'.f J very superior doz Ink, ipacked in Onie doze. boner, for ale t.y thie dozen or erroce, by D)AVID IELT, N York Stationers' lall, tnvy 14 21 Chartres at. 'TEE:I. PENS-Jlst re.eivre a few Rosa (silluta SEagletond Perry's double patent e e-I pens, for ateby IA\Il FELT & Co. 1115 NYY stationers hall 4 Chartres It LOCKE & CO., No.8 F on Levee, have io stre n largo and exlensivo ansiortilonl of Co.per anid Tin Ware of their w00u naitoloiure, which Ihtey oiler low by whieie. t In '28 NEW P'IANOS FtlotM 1'Al 'l T iE suhcrihers hoave just rea'ivedl Ierlip Charnea from Havre and Iinr oir oots abeuutiftu asaort. meet of I'iunofotes consistling in ;--Pianinoe, Picolos of Rosewuood, Cnracua anid rich Iiathogany wood. Horizontl, Pianos of th richeist rosewood and maho. gany. Semi upright Pianofu tedo di o. P'l'These instruoients a all manofac tired by the elelbmrted makers 1' I'LEVEL & to. ocf Part, €ll con.. tili, 6 emtave, arer ofa ineat uperiior finish anil er lectcd iel resflv for us by ,leosra I'letel & Kalhrenner, which fert can leave nothing to deaire in regard to tihe bea lty of their tone. Thr aluteaura asod prnfessre of ilnusac are respect. ftlly invited to call andl eeaninn the aemli upright pitus whilch are enltirely a new article. E JOHINS CIC., S. Charles ati, J4 opposite tile Verandnh & Eorhanegr hotel 0A- -7i;i0 kegs supi noer tef Ie-n ltree tiv IK Ei.C .vY, India nl iosat ey- 6508 of said descriltion for o no Ily J4 A TRIER,34 CGravier t SbESo BUT 'E L iER-tI6 kugs laudingFom fi eami Sboot Praieie, turaulntby a J4 ATI.PRRP4G nvirretI, R EDt ) LElTER PAPE~tI.A few caseo ot ruled Sletter paper ofvrri qo quulitiee,jilot received and for s.le on a eonunoodalting ters by .J4 a TVAlR,49C at J3 AY-l hay i s diag from brig Cstlasno J zESS 1POttK tbIR lendiig ftro steona boat s Umitd Starer, loresalebv . J7 AThIER 34 Gnvior etl _ VALKIJNV CANE h. ,rTM BELL, No. 16 Ohbrresa street, has this day - S"rescivedn variety of CANES, suitable for gru t'omen'a'use. they wi bo offered ver Iw too pSr. cheser .J OlT--Bome time alin, the month of Mart~ Ibet, A 10 baloi efcotlon, metlkdC F S or F C 8, (the ltter is believed to Im themarks) wh lh was token from the Atchflalana Landing. Any person ha ing thi su e in their poeraelon, will pleaes notify Nmre . Kirkmsn, Abernathly & Hanna, where It can be had. may21 41w - E CUNNY. O OAF SUGA -n.lbansket a.4, i store for sale by 1.t may I , lHALL & BIIOt*N, 6 Magine e W HIIJSKEY-200 barrels rectided whlpkey in sluor m1 for sale by DORIIFeY, •ml0 44 New Lvee U'INDOW GLASS--621 hoxe English crown Vt Windsor gns reroirin.e and for ale by t22 R CIANON, 12 CIap a WILLIAM R. CARNEB, LOUISIANA WARE WUUM, may 14 Iho. 3, blmNVILLE-sT. Now URLgAoas A ACON eSIE. .--140 asks suprior Cinciniati U cured in ,stor, or nal by .DI)RWIEY, mn27 41 New Levee. T 1 l'.EI.--5 tons English blistered Steel, for sale by ap. 20 HALL & BOWN. 9 aasine a uUTI'ElIt & LA RII--I kegs lard AJO do supe Srior Western butter, for ale by. my6 :G. DOJRSEY,44 New Levee OFFICE OF THE MIIS1SI. PPI MAIINE AND FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY. New Orleans, Say 20,1839. GtllIE Stockholders of this Institution are hereby Sntiiied, and required to pay in, an instalment ol thirty dollars on .teh sha e. as or belore .bthe lt of Ju.e nelt, at tie Cuompany's Se.a. Uy order of the Borard. HENRY LIOCKETT, m0o Iw President, pro ten. )I HISKEY--I1 brl landig from n ste. hea m utuClutbos, for sale by to24 f I)lORSEY. 44 New Lteve StIlE AMEIIICAft A LLANAC and ltepusiorty of SUseful Knowledge, for the yrer 1839, rseee.0.9 and for sle by I)AVIT) FEl. ,& Co, may 18 .4 Chartres i. L IME JUICE, landing from Horati in casu , bas roll and demijchrs, ft sales by II IONNA BEL,. lmay 18 Cr Natchez & l'ehpitoalaRaE Sfur s5l3by v DOR lFeY. AiMlEN'I'--j a3 hur.els of Cemet, landine from e. ship Yazou, will be sold low if taken fiom the Levree. Apply to JAMES B. HUI.I.EN, may 28 74 Caaip St. FURNITURE! FURNITURE!! UST receiNed at ltie Louiesina Furniture Ware house, a large supply orm ew, )'ark and Boo on. Prenons in the want of furnilure would do reli to call,ad select their artilres lerom one if lthe bert and largest stocka ow in the city. W K CA RNE, dl6 53 Bleanilla a N B-Particular attention paid to packing and ship ing Furniture,l freepofexpeee. di-2w ,IAt l E.S-A large ilniaice jcat reo+eovd sad toe .7'II al:, ,"JIALL & BROWN, Sr 96 Maganzine at' SAC N -60. M.) Iba. Cincinnati cured, con.iting of Shams, sides tod shoulders, at the landing, per Flat boat. For saleby 1)HORSEY, Innv 28 44 New Levee ncnv28 44 New Lever to 1'ltAlitlE COTTAG;E• , 1i PROCTOR presenthist bInt complimentn to his JL friendb, Itie public l New Orleans, ale to nll etrangers whio ll," be tpassing a frew days In the nity. aIt and informs themthat he will bIe reedv in a fie daew In rec:ive Ihnm at that pleaiant retrean, the P K A I It C n COTT A (i F, ituated olnthe Lake shore. I'ersone travelling either from Spiringaeld. Di noldaonvile, or Mt Madiesomille, or the city. can there meet with good chlleer-tfile .au ommcdaltins and polite attention-and nall parties Iy way of the Nn-hvilie Rilroad can i.e eer. sdd ill a irale ied pleasant rcom, Ly giving one day't Ct nocle of their itention to ollie. S Tihe pclcrietor doubts not that indlcncements fer viit will he fonnnd in the advacntegee tile CcItieCg pre. at aent to tile ivalid, and these wearied with the heat, du l.enod bellle o thecite. Thre Ir end deliiciou air eonsl.nto l fltine either frnma the I nke or the great pn prirle-tlhe one rrlrrehing ied te ll lther ]uebded with Sfragrance, will n'r fi lv uimingled delight to the wren delr ill Pearc eitnhr e fuai ateni or ipsnlrlir. F. I'runclor apleanl Itelefle with nonfidener to the - cnonhro fl c e e f he ho know hic nlrllod ofiring his fnfihde, wall dllbt Inot Ih.l mo t t tranorrerieilin the city will hI.nir hinil oih o call. U:e I,uiiCn ticking isrt c in the nil olhb,~. hooc iftb.lrilt . 'Thlnie pcctnreln gnarnoteee hit ho. wince. liquclrs &e. d hr. haell hre ol he h o tI ellicr neaiec- :at the ltlme ilitmalh will ldevote hio atctrlilcn to ilrccure all the crat liert eliracrea and viahlda of the leases for Ilsr table. B ANK N'Il I'APER--Jnit received an invo e of bank c uote pper .ofMAAile manufactle, .nd for conle bya' ALEX 'eIW NE.R, ma2y 49 Camp IatnreA I A XCIIA NGE Ollc c inc tnicitin. i Le er'e Icy y4 1 A ol A ThEIIE 31 Oraiere st · Cl II--N A c -fOurtOhle towelling hone in (tron. L tredt, few Jcolit IfroDCainal il;poneaniou given immediately. Applylo 11h I.F a hAV ci 91 3 i Cactindelet at I.OUR-- 6 bri landing fronm flat tilet, fir ale by " ` n th horl Ir lRh :y , 44 tr I care ,I ilaa, for aleby H I t.NAIEI , may 18 (:or Natchez end Tchcpitcllac ate AM~rBLE DUh'I', for utnkinlg an.I water and oil il vitriol, received lately and for pule Ihy H ItotNNABEL, may 18 Cor Natchez sod Tchapitpbeoula eta UZiIRiNTtEI't INK-Jntit received from bnrqote 1 Chanticleer a large inioice ofJohncon and Lu. runt's nooin a, boo, d djob ink, nll ifor ale hy a22 A 'TOWA R, 49 Camp et 1tXCIIANI*GE ON IOSTION-for srle b;- S mar23 I _IRIDGE, 131 Mlagezine e StIIITItf PAPEIR-A Inroc and general neenot mient ofcwriting paper, ruled end cloin, far sale on advantageouo terlms. ALEX roWAl, N ETiPeUEK-Just rnoraiva ine neccetmone o 1\ecnIiri ntinge paper, ofall the arion sicee uned fir tile city and nc untny pap'er. end (crahle. i m may 30 ALEX "FOWAR, 49 Camp at A CARD. I OBINSON & GOODWIN, (68 Chartres etreet,) L renpentfully infor,, their friends and the public ceherallylhnt E Gnd vin, of tile bshove firm, will learv for New York about the IatofJune. They invite thb e who cinny wih garments made toi their measure, to cll nd leave iheir orders previous to that time. may 15 ale May l STO MIE o iIANTS. [IDPMERCHANTS carel.qe a IlovTyrorr. Cliac cI Lasn drack oj atfoor hoalt*P(OTCaYi,,b aln i at tw e, Complin Room, oj 'ITRUE ANMERIICAN P.ulTlsa Otrrcc. St. Charle ELachunge, adijoaing tLe R.AD an INO Roods at Coeer of (rvier street, or al t Ie "in i, g Olffice, coreneof Poydras andst. Charlegs clto. IlSKE.-- 81' hrls lejii6r, i .t ore fnr sa y 9 G. DOIISEw, 44 New IV'.. fur SLUK A -0bxs , 28 .4. TRIER, re may 2 34' rter ai RAZIEyRS ..PP2rK--800 shet., 3 5b, 0 inch. 31 R M Illb. sheets, of Brare Copder. 100) I .heels 30 to 60 in. of 10 ib. Roofing Copper. 500ahemte 211 to 60 do. do. do. Just receivead nd for sale by For S. LOCKE & Ca, may 28 8 Front Levees .1ANlhLA R(PE--. coil°,° Maordslave Manills f II-Rope; 75 Manilla Hal°'rej s led, from 41-2 t 7 )-2. For sale by S. LOCKE &"Co. May 28 8 FVant Lev-. 1t. AINT., 0ii;9 to YARNISHE-...00 bg. N.. S1 and 2 White Lead; ..NI 'aniter ('arone Gree Paint, ground in nil; Black do: Liaseed Oil; prmdo oPutt,; 50 brl. Wiling; Copal and Japaaned Varniab.. For Pale by . LOCKE in Co. May :8 8 Front Lens d NTEW Bth KS--"The Croppy;' a tale biy it "'o or to fatnily; Memnire of ealmlbled WomeIn by $ L P Jaame Esq; the Naval History of the U Stem, by J Fennimoret"onper,auihnr ofthe Spy &c. Sirtke, Deaths and Marriage., 1FY Tlnaok Eeq, No.2 a Jocek r heppard, by Ainswnrth ; Phenology II the far. t- y. Just received and for sale hr j6 ALEX. TOWER, 49 Camp at . ) Ot..K-350 brle M ) prime Paork, houlder' ,id r Chimes, at the inspecion for ale by J6 G IDOREY,E44 New Lse e DLASTER OF PARIi-1h0 bbl. uu iatalag m ship .U t S Jon, will ae sold low if taken from the j6. J fHULLIN, T4CCnmp t ~c o h-- c esup. jor Cinciptti-vu. iI read, in store lur male by G 11ORSEY, 44 New Levo t j3U'lR-GUoban and Westeir, in* e froe fora by J18 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee' W ANTEI--For a young amen, (a creole of Lo.ui. irtn) a Jituation in some mercantile etbli.h.. moat, eillther in the capacity ci in or out doer clerk, to e*plnymsnt is the priieipal object i salary woud not imake much dglersrene for the preastn, Tih person hib had severacl years exaMrienee in the generacl commiteion buaio.s, and ia well cquaeinted withb the city. Hie etlnplovers regret Imurb their aability tio herp him aly ;angr ; the best of rrommeldatiuna'given. Any conr ronical one eldreised to M. Boa 19- Pimt oace, will Illet with immediaie attentim. 16-61 LJUAP--1O hiea'e brand Ior site by I may 1 SHALL & I}MOWN, 98 Magiss-ro -IME-Z100ihba Thomau,," Lim,,c, h,,ding and for J aeleby + S , J p WAITW'EY, mayl 73 ICamp NPALS 8 keg r x4 gmi i N "ilalphiatr her prig, Pi le aoy - my, SHALL dSRRIIWN,9 agap.neto . .-.The ship t oan, hobo hwy b ieda. sg below the Vegetable Macrket. Cncpi'j will p sle atleesd tO the receipt of their Igod, . . Q RANDY-An invoia e e ,. , E.Eof 18't,h fr sal.y S AL. &3(,"N inay I 96 Al.macin c

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