Newspaper of True American, June 8, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 8, 1839 Page 3
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GRAND REAL-EBTATE LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated it New Orlene, TO BE DRAWN ON THFE let DEUEMBER, 1839 IN ACKsONVILL4, Pin. Under the superntetndencre t the "otnmibeiomers ap. joilted by the Legiulutive Aemembhlv of Florida. nU|l:dIDT' & HIAIILITON, Managers. 100,000 tickets, la$t Scheml price. $1,500 000. nellilr priee $0O per tiketl. BYLVESTEKI d Lo., 15 Broadway, NIEW YORK, ole. Agents. M The recSiorit of Iho sle of the tickets will be do o:ited In ite Uaonl. Union, Carrolton, Citizen'e and .onoeli.lldtd Hlnks, in New Orleaus, in tie name of Louis Schlmidt jointly with J. t. Perrault mcually' Cahlier of the Uiiizein' .aUk, aid A. Uaudouln sc otuly t'aslier ofthe tionsolidated olank1 'I'rueates aot pealoed beiore A: Maeureeu, kLq. Nut. Pnbsi nlnbe Rd May 1y39, nId the properties tranerrrd tq the abeoe tmentioned gentlemenr oiseaumbsred, a Truetees, For the security of the fortunate prize hole den. In New York the. monies will be deposited in the Phoenil isank to Itteredat ofthe above namred b City Seaks of Now Otrlers. The Ptolic are referred to the act. passed befitr A. Masurnac, Erq. Nor. Pub. il relationa to perte which emrce the respeotive pri ee ,i Lottery'. £00 PRI.ZE, na follows: Prise-That magnificent tllre story brick building, known as the AIt(AD:, is MOaoline street. mensurlng 286 feet unIth, 4 lines nn Mgainne eul. 146 feer 6 inches on Gravrier traut, and Itt rfeet II inches ion Na.chb it. This building produces new a rent of $.7,000 perannum, and beirs in the mot ionrinhing part ,f the city, oppositeo three haook, and in liha inm diote neighborhood or thle it. Chaste, andl thle 'ily toItels. Its rento will, illn a very few yenre hi inereased to fily theaound dollars per annum. Estimated at $700,00. Priutl'hat eloeant four etony brick build iunknown as she C'i'1' I5OTS.L, formerly Bliahop ' Hotel, aituted at the eorrerof Camp and Common ate, meaeuring 1tO feet on (Cummon atr end 146 feet Ill inaches on Camp at. This building rents now tor $25,0110. anld,bein in the moat central part of tLe city, can elorlt" he inereaeed to thirty laouand dollars per an. nun. Etimatesd at $500,000 SPri--'l'he three story brick dwelling house. No. 38 on Natchez street, adjoining tlhi Arcade, retaed at 12 .handsed dollars. estimated at $4,00 I Prise-The tbsee story brick dwelling house, No. 18, adjoining No. 20, o0 Natche street, resstld at twelve lundre.l dollars. Etinmated at $20,000 SPrioze-Tlhe three story Ibrick dwelling heses, No. 16. adjoing No. 19, on Natclscz at, rutead at twelve hald. resd dollars. Estimated at $20,000 2 Prize-The dwelling house No. 23 north. east corner of Itinl ands Custom sousa streets, nmesuring 40 leetr front on Basin treel, 40 feet front sn Franklin street, by 127 feet depthibn C.Utnmhouse street; rnted at fi0. teen hiunldred dollar. Eslimaled at $20,110 Prine-The ldwelling house No 24 osntlh west crnr d' IBasin islreel. meat uring 32 feet 7 incites on etrin at, 32 feet 7 incise on Flranklin treet, by 27 leet 10h inchen depllh on Cus toahouse etreet; rented at fifteen hundred dollars. Estimated at $20,000 Priea-The two satory brick dwelling house S o. 330 on Royal street, between Ursuline and iolpitol streetse nenal S orrieg 21 leet 8 ionches on Royal st, by 127 ee 14 in :hes in depth; rnt. e at $1020 per annum. Estimtned at $15,000 Pria--250 ahbres Canal BIank nssck, at $101e) ech, $25,000 1 P'rize-ltO0 tharn Commercial Bank stock S100 each, O$20,00 I Prize--150 shares Mechanica' and Ta dero' Bank stock, at $100 each, 15,000 3 Prizes of 100 sharea each, Usty Bank, 30,01111 2 Prizes of 50 " " Exchange, 10.000 2 Prizes of 25 " (ins Light, ,000 2 Prizn of 15 " Mechanics' and T'radero' 3,000 a20z Prioes of 10 " Louisiana dtate, 211, t00 10 oPri.ea 'it 2. 1 tias Lighl, 2,100 200 Psizan or 1 r r unk of Orleran, 20,0i10 20 Prizes or 1 " " Union tank of Florida, 15,000 It shall he s t the option oftila winners of prihea of bank ltock, either to sake tile saock itself or tle par talin thrteol in cash. MODE Oc IDRAWING. 100.000 tickets, froll Ito tt10,' t0, will he put in one wh.el, nnd Ol ,rizr , with thle blanks, in aiothser; to every ntubell " prrt ze or blank will Is drawn. Intil all i ,e orizrn are deterlintcd, leavingi the bulaice of tolum bera iten l wheell-blatnks. (Orders ftr rlehe.veR IoItere will ba received at ilit aO oi- ulrer the Verendah, crn.r no f 't. CInarle anti Cono's, etree, ansld ant a,. 101 Clhlrres street, lNew 8 0lrto,.l, nod roinmtliy forwarded. t rdsra from hst .1u trt. tnt pari. clltaitine rnnittancea for il slelu Utrt of ticket, rrqtir, l. re od n"shaed l `im:lllD I1' & IfA I11.'l'OY , New Orleans. Q? 2 A te.'aosh.,t will he tstvidsd to ltake to Florid. otcl nraestegers n.asi mIy lt, desirous tn itness tlhe Jaekuosvolln, "Fla. April. 183:19. nna 1 BAZA\ R. Crnrer of 0. Chnrle J¢ Common street, [tCHARAGEI It -T .'l,. )IUSI. & AL.AN o.sohl reipectfdlly call the at oIentiol afcilaessrl an atroag.rg to tlheircolnplete ater 'llin' i i reotlelslle'o linen hirls, do camebric, w alll hoer sst ln. fanhiltnahle linen fronts: linen cl tar.t: silk, reston and meriao lder lshirls anid drawers: ca.tbrieannd silk bandklierchief: black nand lacy cea. vat in greost variely: stslks of levery desripltion: gant eloastic asld cotton uspendersr silk, cotlton aid thlread gloves: genats khokia glneo: uobrollao aidcanen gold mounted. Also,-Splendid nansrneat of oladies and gents. wri. cing decks, diireag cases, port olios, perfuery, cut. lery, na.l rik folacy goodo. norl( Unilre ASeer' 'on',aienaer. Appoinerd iy the Federal Counrt t New Orleans. OFFI:lE No. LII COMOlO S ITREET, ( Hntel tlalding.)l AID Couminion,.r take saffdnavis unader nnl by vlnrtu, of tie Ac of t],,agmr , parssed 2 th Ferhn ry, 18(20; let 3lanrch 1817; the Judiciary Act of 1289 and oker acts of (ongress, is such cases rade and provided. Said Commiassioner has considerable experience ; and uses 1 rsns ur'capliun and certificate which hbve etuod the severest scrutiny of the ablest Lawyers. april I" JOHN V. CHLLDi,. ENGRAVER AN') COt'l'EIt-PL'ATE PRINTER No. 3,. Camp &. W ILL engrave and trin to order, bank eans., qlln a fexclnag+, bills of ladiug, diplonas. areee ile and visi:ina caas. ouetari , consular dad ouoning house Peals, door Id:ea, silver ware, 4c. -alwaysa on band, an assortment ol ailvsr plated and bnea door .e Cards printed from plates already engraved. nuv2O FALL. & WINTER CLOTHING. J P. FREEMAN & CO., No. 3, Magaine street, Sare rce isig tiheir supplies of Fall and Winter Clothilg, and will coalinu, to receive ahipmentse regu lardy Iklr.lglnutthe aoeio. ITheir asoretlment being Irgs wilt cnall thet to snupplIy mtrehente from the country, at tle hlortlst notce; for sale wholesale &retail, on ccommouoating terms. ep29 ..ITTE-. 510 kegs Gshrenutter. landriasnd for rlde b B j a led J I' VIIITNEY. 7:I Cmtp a1 TO TIlE LADIES. DR IIULL'S U I'ERO ABDOMINAL. SUPPORTER qll IS new instrument for the radical cure of Pro 1 lapsus Uteri, or Fallnug of the Womb, by ex ternal application, superseding the use of the ub jectiunable prensary, is confidently .recommended to the afflicted as the moeansofa perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of performing a cure, even under the most aggravated circumstan oes. It has received the decided approlation of Sir Astley Cooper of London ; Sir Benjamin C Brodle ; Sir James Clark, Physician to thes Queen; Dr Ashwell. Lecturer on mtidwifery to Guy's Hos. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St Bartholomews; Dr Griffith, lecturer to Westminster Hospital; Dr Ramsbothtm, lecturer to London hospital; Robert Ferguson, lecturer to Westminaster heapit, al; Dr Swetmaun, lecturer to Middlesex hospital. and senior accoueuceur to Queen Charlotte's lying, in.hospitul; also by Henry Davies, Conquest' Bluntdell, Lee, Merriman, surgeon Keates, d&. by )er Morreau, president of the Academic Roayals de Medicine, Puris,.and Accouclher to the Duchess D'Orleant;t professors Volpesu, Marjolin, Paul IDubois, 8a snn and others-and in New York by professorJ W Francis, G S Bedford, M D. profe. nor of midwifery in the university of the cify of New York, proet. Dolafinld. and Francis, U John. ston, presidentCounty Mad Society, Laurens Hull president med society State of N York, profs Jae MJcNaughton of Albany, prbis Marcha, Cyrus Per. ,tas, Duane-Drs Thos Boyd, Gilbert Smith, WuculS, Stearns, Ludlow, Kisuam, Vuche, Power, ray.oan, Van Renisalaer, and many other distin. gusshed pteielals in tlhe U States. 4.4 J~ iCll1Oce Vesuey at, Astor House N york. 07 4 coatanat supplyaf the above intrmnents, with pr lllua inlproved Trusaes for Hernia, will be kept by SICKLES & Co, N Orleans, A ( Carpenter, NatLhoez Stone & Marsh. Wood. pille; oolh ,and Malloy. Meemphis; W D Wilksn. seoe, omeroilke Halll aid Washington, Nashville: ., .airay and aamioton 4 ,4 R I. Bllse, Florenee 41eo;J SpClotwv.nd, Athens; Irby and Mastin alEW ORLEANS Bleam and Patent Biscui Bakery'-Wters and Hillman. IO. W, loseea (near the Pstschttoal.s RSil aed.I p'Pdot and Navy Dread, Sudt and Wine Siacuit, Sugar, Batter, Midtord and Water Crackern . All tfi above articles are watranted to be of the fire quality, and to keep in any climate, being ouompletely kiln dried. Alao,-..iln dried corn teal. Orders left at G. W. Priohard and Taglst, Jr. corner Magazine and Poydrse treste, willrecpive promnpt atteltiol, Small kegs put up expresly for amitly u.. 15nev S . bIPPING. For uarope. FOR LIVERPOOL, P The Al new and stl sailing e hip DUBLIN Cap. koleld,illreceive iounme.lite dia. appi eh ,having part if her cargo engaged. Hpp.y tIo L H (dALE, mtld 93.Cmumnm at. FORK .IVERPOUL. The fast 8allir.g ship Mars, Capt. Castle, want 31110 bales cotton tocomplete her cargo. For frInight of which, ,r p.oaoge, apply oa le- board, or to HOLMEO & MILLS, ad may 28 Hank Place of FOR LIVERPUOIL. ly Thefast sailing packet ship YLI.VANUS C JENKINS,Cat. Ii Basker, can accomItto* , dale th bin passengers, and will positively b aH on th 10tlh nl Jsne. For pa-saue only, haviig s19 uperir acconnmodatine, apply to Capt Uarker, on a1board opposite post 4, 3 al M ci'palitv, or S may ; L H GALE,93 Comnmn at The A I superior andl very fasent sailing t ship JOHN DUNLAP.,Cpt Choate, having pert of her earg enneaged will receive imme. Sdialst depatch. For balance Poffreight or passage, dooms accommollldations, apply to J4 L iH i (AI., 93 Conmon at FOR LIVERI'OO.. Passtge Only. The A t splendid and and ry fst eailitghip LIVERPOOL, Capt Davenport, having the wholtof hercergo ennaged will have imme diale despatch. For piassage olV apply to JI L H GALE, 93 Common et Coastwase. liltS NkW URkK. THE new and splendid ship ONTARIO, Capt. Harwnod, has Ileallv all her cargo en. gaged and will have itnmnediato deopate',. orlieihlt or passage (having spaeious and elegant 10 aEnmmoldationa) apply t.. LEVI H. GALE, m27 93 Common st. FOR NEW YORK. Packet of the l8t inst. New York and New Orleans Line. S The new anid elegant shiL MONUMENT, Capt Ciase: laving three fourths of her cargo engaged, will sail pUOrtually. For reight or psl e apply oi l board, aear tim upper covlmn press to Oct Redf'dor to PET'l'It L IIUL W, nsea 3 f T , Camp e 0I Fil.t Ar.WV ulK. Tih, A l ship BANGtIId,Capt Ityr, will B have despatch. For balance of fretght or p'asage, Ilavin good accummudalola, apply to tIhe captain ott board, or to may31 t S v J P WIIITNEY, 73 Camp t FOR NEW Y.ltK-with early despa~tch. Louisiana and New York L.ine of Packets. The upetiur regul. r litle slhip atnzoa, Capt. Trak, wiil La ready to Isks in feigh! I-. nmorrow,and will sail with quick depacnlh. or feightls or passage. having eleatnt acwomlnoldtiuns, apply to he Captain on boardl, near the Vegetlnb!e lIar ket, r to JAIMES B. HULLEN, 74 CLap at. [l7 The Yazoo is a very desirnble coinveyance for paasengera at this seasn uuof tile year, having anliry upper cabin. may 8l FOIR IlOT'PON. The fine A I shop AVATAS, Capt. Snow, having part of her cargo enrnged, will have despatch. Fr Ireieht or p..ssnge,apply to on2i S & J P WHIITNEY,93Conp at FOIR NEW YIORK. holmnes' Line of Packets. To San. on the 7th. June. ' The superior t fat ailing packet slip OCMUI.GEK, I.revitt, maIner, will pos. itively sail as bhove. For freighlt or pa. sage, having elegant acmmondelioun, witlh al, roomt apply to tile captain on board, opposlite ti Vegetable Market.or to A t(,liEN, may 30 No 90 Common at mu The pasket ship Alabama will succeed the Oco mulgee, and sail 7 days after. FuOI NEW YOIRK. . The fast sailing packet bark CIIIEF, hav ing part of her cargo engaged, will have des patch. For halane af freight or pasenge, havin fiane aeom nodlionas, apply to S & J P WHITNEY, m23 73 Camp at To Sail on Stuerdav neat the 25lh intII FOR NEW YOItK. The A I fast sailina skip NORWAY,Capt. Dr,.snlond wil sail al above. For freiglht or pasage apply tI n3Ld L. t GA.LE. 93 Comnmon at FaIR BOSTON. Capt. Mrlashal, will sl in a few days. For balance offreieht or itsssge, apllly to oI22 L I1 (iALE, 93 CoCumon at GEORGE C. CHILDS, ATTOKnr' AT LAw, %y ILl. atteJd tare St pae, e Cusit. and the IDistriet T . La l, If llrrilbalg.aad sll I offlbe adjacent cuunltin--.Ili. a st the City f hlleston. Claims oIl the goaernlllrn, either for toulny Land or nr u slev will ble u indlriku a lll iroEAtly aitseded to rilb.l fur not, reshl..nt or n r lliris of ITexals. Addr,'a. l)o the Uahleul r ta.Rs-C:iy oa IUhauter. ru the care of . Iicker, jr. ( t'exua. urt Olfice tgen New Utleana". 31 mar 2 COTTON CIICULARS i I'RIN'I EDt wrllh Ithe aG'rest s.Expedt, lio, and Sa style unturuassed in Naw tiR.aENS, or else left l ICo.errtiu Rsaln ine St. Charles Et haRtte, (Corner of Gratier St. ) or at T R U E AM ERICAN PGtIN'I'IN; OFFICE, cLrner , 0 Povdrare and St Charles Stn etsn will hby promptlyl allrndcd to. ,'I'EA,-tIIO Al' 1t I1 iKS--1 haiut-omo aspply of h Frright ahooks, Cabin and Passage Register, it'oile andGeera l RIrtcelpts, received anrd fr sale at .No 24, Chartres atret. amiay 17 DAVID FELT & Co. t L)BES.-l,orine'a Celestrial and rTerrstial--2 inch tilobes--alsa a few pails (lerdner's na-uon fture, a superior article for sale at Nuo4 ChatNtr st. illay 17 IIAVIII Fr.T & Co. SOAP-Itosluan Na 1, 5 bua in, fr tale Iby slay 14 A 'Itl IEIt,:14 Gravier at SUl-AIt---50i bezes wlite Hlvnna nsuen', it ture 1 for sale by 4& J P WiH I'NEY, may 15 73 Camp st I IDE-300 kel superior leaf Lard, ltuding in • Steamer Coluttbu, f,r sale by my 15 G I)ORSIEKY. 44 New .evee. j Lt ItUf-SOU barrels at tle landiog, fir sale byr snyl5 5 _ G_ U I)',ItSF-. 44 New 4 L eve NOTICE-WILLIAM BILI, No 16, Cltrne at cunti'luestomantfletur ally articlein Ilisline a. short Otaliae. Charlres ,nilerate. t N. II. Watches. Jewelry, Muri Boaes, Spectacles rpaired in tlt most failhful manner. Old Gold aid Silver anuted. may Il C AP ad LetterIPAPER-A d full asorettet of the %r. aove articles, plain and ruled, for sale at No. 24, Chartres street. S may 18 DAV!D FELT& Ca. IME-9g0 caske Thomaslon Limtte afloat, br sale L bv 1&JI Wil tI NEY, nmay 14 73 Camp at. CIME--IOII cask os nlastn n Imit Ia d.ll, rlua L for Eale by S & J P WtIIIT'NI', .IO3 73 i(:lnl at ;EA OTTO OIL--Far the rrstoration and growth of thie lahi, girnig healt-ll beauty and plreventig its fallin of, sold at W.M. IIE.l.'I: m3ary No. 16 Chrtrea at SUF'IIER--I0 kegs Goashen and Weirran, o it store for sale by G DuIOfyu:Y, 23 44 Newr I.eee SEFRIIEIInATORs & WA'rTI': JARSn-6 tman hogany refrieeratunr, 2 painted deu. 614 gallaon .water jars; ;9 tigallon du in alone, for. le hv nt23 S1 & J I' W I'fITNEY, 73 Camp et ORN BILUOOMS--250 doa in steore nd for sale by V .O2 (i D)ItSEY, 44 New Levee ALOIER-n 26bro l landing from steats boat Persian, and for sale by. (G D0t(IEY, m?' 44 New Levee i iOFFJEK-2lO bagsJava., cunatra and Msanilla, in store for sale low to close cmnigment ml24 . S 11.1. & ltRROWN.96 Magazine ast IL.OT IIREAD-S- bills., landing foer saealmboat Studulph. For sale by A. 'TRIERC, may lll 134 laver sat e RLEANI' ;.ITHOGIEAP-0IC PRINTING OF 0 FIUE, 53 Magrazine street, opposite Banks' Ar W GREENE takes pleasure it announcing to his Irieds aend the citizensa of New Orleans, atht Ise has at lengtb brought Lithbgraphy on a par a ith coppelrr plate prtnting, and from tl fttilitis the art has over capper plate engraving, he can execute all orders entruatcddto hinl, at one halrthe expense of engraving and nearly as cheap as type printing. fMerchants wlsitg Circulars rent out in thtir owu hand writing, can have any quantitv at a few Iburs notice; or they will beexecuted for theta ins beautiiul stvle, such as'has heretofre given general satisfaction tall tle mosat respectable cnmmisasiont hoasest in this city. Gentlemten desironus of having Visiting or Buai. ness Cards tllniahed it tile best nannser, will do well be calling at he office and see specitens. Feb. 1, 1839 N B--Bank notes neatly earecuted, and circulars, printed at one hour's notire. u. UtTET-" -Goshen and Wcrtert, tm tutoe and for U sale by Gt IttItE', june I 44 New Levee I ARD--I52 kegs laf lard, landing frm tealtrm boat J Or(noko, for sale by G DORSET, 1IT7 44 Ns ew e.e BACON .Il id--iL casks Cincinnatt CUal d, fur as by G IOURSEY, m17 41 Saw Levee f leJSTING WIlEI.L-40 set Hoisting1 ,hbeelr, of 1dimproved conatructione, is frames eotpltee, for I sale by J tsTT, may 2-4td " Tivoli Circle IIUNNY BAG...,30,O:i in kals and lbadlrs, far l.aleby a ISAAC BfalDaE & Co. may 2 131 Magazie st SPERU CANDLES--60 bones sperm Candles, N B rdfird brand, for sale by I BHRI D E & Co may 2 131 Magazine st RINTING IPAPER.--160 teems 24 a ;6 inclahes Ilandinea frma ship Yazoo, for talt by muay V9 6l BI.ANCHABTD, 33Graier at FOR NEW YORK. - ea lork . 'YeNs Orlnaes Ine. N'A NEW LINE ofpackela has been estahlished to Srun between New Orleans and Nen York to a' counttoffiv first rate lhips, viz: Ship St. blaur, It W Fu+itr, maeter, Republiean, J tumsnell " " Auburn, H P' Durrfiy, " e, ee,' building, Thesebipa Welte built in New York expressly for this in trade; art ofa light drauglht of water, and will nOt be subjeCt todetentiin at time liar Their uacommnod.titon fe armsnengera co prise all that lmay Ie required for eoullfrt and conveniellee; and their elollnunders are IS .en ot eap ience. Lnht the slip· now bailding are a. eetepleted, teo firat clis aleip. all supplly tteir IpT# greatet punctuality will he observed *in the l tier of ailing, med eery rean.nabl. accommodation no nded to lhipplers and dpmengers. at or further particulars aplly to M-sara. Johnson e I .wden, No. 86 Wall Streei New York, or to jaf PETRI I.AII}LaV, id Camp at FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] To sail regularly as adeertised from each Port. i lF line is at this moment composed of the follow 1 iln hips, but 6 more lnew vessels will I,e pulollna - an early day, making Ill,. number twelve in all, which will allow ,f one being dipat.alledfrotm this tart every week 'lurini thll year, tthu nfdlg prolmt fa cilites for transportation and at the lowest rates offieiglt,. Ship YaLca, Captaill 'l'rask. S isliaismi ppi, " rebe. " .ouievi.l " Allen. " aratopn, " Ilatharway. " unaville, " Eldridga " Shakcspeate, Palmer It The above altipe are all 'f th filet classn, coppered anml eoplter rfstened, of a lipltl dramght of water, and built imn Nw York ealpressly fur thle tradelr,itl elegant aecolnno tatlian for passengers and coelnnuded by able al;d experti,.ltcrd iastert. The Jprce of passage is fixed nt $30, without winr, or liquors, ample StaleC in every otth!r particular will be provided, and every oattentimn tival t, ptotmote tile tctmlfort oflthoan passing to ant fro in tlhe lie. The auhipa will at all limes be towed up and down the river, and Ihe greaalest punu ity observed as to their day of Ssailing Neither tihe owners or cautnint of thesn vessels will be reeplanible for jewelry, illin npreciouae attnes, il. err or plated were, breakamne of glass, Ilhllow ware, mnarble, ,r granime, cotsrage ot tin, rust orf min or steel, or fr ly lelters, ptareol ir atckages er t bef or Iput on blurd of the,l unless regular billi ou ladig are taken ftr the iame, aid th uml l a iu threofexprcaieed. For freight or plasager, ep ly to mar 21 JAMES II HUI.I.IN, 74Camp pat FOR NEW YORK. HOLIMES' LINE OF I'ACKETS. 'IO aell punctually every Mlotnda fironl each ptrt. 'l'hll IuneiI e'" Puakaleuhave Leme imeronsed to alea - en firsit class Smipe, .mtuaietitg of Chip .Naiueiile. l:cptamm Wand. Arkaaasa, u Captain E i ter.nnin, Alabama, Cnaptaiu C C llrr.y, Orleaas, Caplaint S neare, Vicsrburg, Captain J Eunker, I lanlhea, Captain Asahly. Nashville, Cantahi tWood. if I.amira, Captain 'Irualtan. Ocrnae, Captain L.yuna. Oemulgee. Caplain l.eniltt. NVem Ship -- Cmlutiin Wtondhouase. New Ship - Capluin Nichols. T'he above ships are all of thie first class, coapereld, I and epper faslened, and werre built in New York erx pressly fur tius tnrt d-they are of ieht draught of wa ,'r, and almost linarriably cross the bar withuout delma- p tion ''lhene packets nre commandled by (Cllptaeian well ex- e prrncetd ill tie trade, and will al wave exert themselvr e i to anclmmnodte. 'l'htrn nill Iim tva imtorwed unmd ti idown the river, and will pt.lomptily sail an alvorlinedI. e 'They iavr haIndsomd elv furnished i ccmmmnrmamdtiimand e ttras ,f trhe first qnalit will always he furniu.h'I , asd every itrention pad ti, the cmio eit atd satinfammcti of en passengetr Pst The pridc of the cabin is fixed at $.0, wine or Fmr iPrther particulars ap;ply to A COHE.N, mart'2 90 Cimoan ,et reet t TL'me.e ships are not ccount'mile ftr brrakage of at clenn, hollow uware, marble or .ramite, coopmerare.e f t'ill or rust gfitl n or steel: nor reoutmllsihle fttr eni packagee , or parcel ,ut oil mimtrd, tmIleis a rmeullmr b Il ofItdmng bem aignerd therefir, at tile firc,' of tlae rmnte. to or the Interior. FOIR BAYILC AItA IRegul.r Packet. rlO. t," plbeldltd ..U..Tg.r teo.thots 1n lltlI.%in \T, Je .el a l wastri, Sner will L.lsve New Orlans every W\ed ue.da, at 0ll ocloc A. M. for Ilayo Sara d&ever -ct uody, lor leighlt or passage pnply to Capt. Ifsrt t oi boro ,lr to ,l,25 AD 515( & WIIITAI.L ti jOi S" %I~ 'I~N~iHS , l'IuU\7'NO itou.11h 150 realm, Aisles Dve mill letter paper, fine 2( do d, tupyftle 1511 do ble" Commercial poas 50 du 0010 do 150 do creen post 75 o water lindl past do d 1.0 do lPtnrtlOe ctId wilting 11iii do fine cop do 90 do flne rotal do 20 dlu nt.dliolo do S60 po bank f.lio punt All ofwhich ore of a very supeto, qtality, and will e sold low, to close a cousigonmnt; by moS I A l', t\VAII. 49 ('amp st SI'+EW MIjoI tt b .[auotuvHer "h ill-., lo-Ir,,,n, Itasl t,' IJUtlrlli-1le- woniý by Slie by i ýohl , d. di cated to Ileurv Iourtel, I:-q coomponsd ho G. P bh1 nouvrier of New I)riol., received with hlb grleuttll p lause at ilhe New York cllcerrl.O E .IOIN. .¢ Co, ml4 corler St Charles & Common ois 2 TOdBllI AS l.3;2c 0ses MantoaondG'liham Um 1 ,ohrells.eoonor,. i ongr o ...oplr o.....rto..t,lo,.dioo, fromrig J Palhner, tnr sale by ISAAC BIIIiE ('uto C mr ___ 134 Mstsaine st. Y F lANCY SOAP-300 boxes jut received for sol • Aby 9SlAI.L& Itltl)WVN, may 15 96 lagazine rt. AF IA AND) PITC(;Hl-6I) bbl itsloj a ofor sale by t 14 SIIALI. & IIIROWVN, 96 iainaOsloint - I ARDWARE PAPERl--5 it roeam lrdware P' U11 per, In stolre and or sale by my 14 .1 'IIA6 E.l Co,74 P'.ydras at IF LAG STONEG--600 yardo flagOino, landing from Sship St Lawrence, forsale by omay 15 S & J P WIIINEY, 73 Camp ct SIM-10-IO0 casks hI'ltomston Lime, lmtlme, forsal It J y c &ýJ P WVHITNrEY, Simay 15 73 Caomp et ]_AVANA 9WEII;TMEATS..-5- bhoxes in store, l forsale by A TRIEI, Sy5 34l i;rsavierst LýRES1It MALAGA ItAIS1NS-- I000 oxes in storo . for sale by A TbRER, may 15 34 Glavier at TO t. Iank Checks, Bills of Lading, Auction IBills, PamphletS, Show bills, Cata logue., &e. &e. IL73 tIIDER'.for the Above, anl erery other des criplioo of LtPitLN I'LN74 received at Compmgi Rf ooof' TRUE AMERlICAS," in sr. (tll u.rsES I'x ScIIANOtGE d door frlomi Gravi.r stretr.or at the Ptrlntin ttlice, corner of I'oydra- and St. Charles streets.. Extensive and beautiful I:ooK and loBs l'oUNTS from thre best Foundries inthe United Stales, have ju been added to the already oell-stocked Establishmeoit; -and tODERS will be executed as low, as Cheaply, -Eupeditioualy and ileautifully, as at any other Otlice in the City. I INEN S1litT1r, LULVES & BUSPENUElS. I . Just received by late rrivls, an . a.o.tmenr t of llirts Cravats, duoiller slacks, G.over, nll t Suen der,, at the Bazaatr, corner of St. (.loar!s and Colllllon sltreets. N. B. A complete assorltaet of W\iting Desks, IDressing cases, portable shavng ases in ruse wood & leaslter. my . BUSHII ALlAN. CORN--1500bushels landing fromn flt boat and lor sale by _ tl3 A TIGlER 31 iravter Ft R EFRIGERATUK- Thin in a ewandl usetail arti l~ecle of furniture, rapidly comding into use, in r theroa s 0ellaa ottllhern laoitudes. It is loligned to keepool and sweet, such dishes in the uelinlary de ot ;iarllent as are necessary to be protected from the Ieal of ihe weather during lthe summetn r sea.on. The Refrigerator is now considered an indispensable article in Ith economv ofevery good housewile. The quantity of food it protects from the weather, will more Stian p ayihert ol the coo article every c oar. lThe auhs l erbr iconstsantly reoeiving tros thbe mar. fecturer, IRefrigerator ofddl'erent prices. Itile Subsariber ioapplointed Agect for the manufac lorer, Mr A Palteo. Speclnens o thIe Refrigerators i may o seen at my store 5 l nteo reille st. wl8 if W It CII NES.. S L. B NEOW' Patent PWELE .r Balanes- II Gr. ELI.r hnd at 03 Bies e street, Pate ty rreiv S red palanesit superogior, to snai elled a tisl 40 ruled ca, i wi be 'e to the r de opr lled lablhr r chools r besalore by D.rd ittllhsrv. AFELT &doo, rioly of Nhep W Stl, coo-i- all. i ofhBroorlres, Int.g Ear Otmomentst I.UCksotto, Chaitoj, ct.eThose in wato N-ill w bsheell lm to i no t hipIir olreat er-art t. at '. S. Olld old tl Siler se lby Tll. siE l 15 m L.3 BRIWN'S P 7tent Ploffr oydrBo s otro PlaTimo lilonot,, suplerior 0to o eDer of4Nred in teis city. " " W It n 'AR NE S 'Rl ULED top and Leiter PAPERiti-Juto re-ooivtd l 4101 rerlrlt-le- letter Pottr, bIlth blLootd itlle. slott, 450 ruled cop, some very toow sro eti, otitablo for i onilf ors lslety e ty 1AER I co, Is m13 71P t~lPrstIs lo ~TIIIT-t BEANS-:O Gesl for ssle by " m13 (1 DoI..S:. 44 Net troes 1t irnstoresad fdottste by J T'iIAYF It &t ct m13 74 Poydras st SM ESS BEFF--S5 half brls at the iespction in e1[ l assforsaleby G DOUIRSE. onl0 44 New Love. IUST receivda large asormet of summer stocks Sof various patterns; lion shirts of ine quality. GOSSIP & e.n ms3 Exchange s lotl, t Charls, a: TRUTH I$ MIGHTY AND WILL PREVAIL. T is a fot that 10 I000 of Sarrsaparila Blood Pills have Dbeen sold during tea paat ai mionlth. ais a at.a t--t.I theay ara tao akuu ialllneraable Iaalfneea to lobi..ta ad correct aathe miscalla ouai ad a d effetll oftqlluk pills al a olther aquiak laalclaa, by walah aelly ylies are eudaulgersd. SIt is a htt-TIhn all qtablh me lirano contain mhleraaq or mercury, whichl quacka l thllk 'mubt ill or cure," uad arut to tber aeffect ao l'h or I0ias." h . a act--'Tliat nulaeaa as quakhs lad foreign impoaatar call themselvel daclurithallaha e iaaiy Imur• effutl ually a1ieaa tL aa"r vile nld dlaneroua preluraaiua oa ilithe pubc, carig uothig fbilr tle ouaa quaoa.o, ai that they call only taketa ta 'ir uuaj- gail.. It isuaaet--hatb the quaak anad foreign iapoeatora wh now ilfeol notr4oulltry know gn+,h Oflllho natr of nledi ai il, ul.ak Il.a aboutl a d yclta+ o lf the hllmal ay.ta,ll. r It i a Ict--Tlley Iare lar, iclaly tiCaloaaa in tle followa Sing liae;lae, all llioalwh airae aaor Ie.. acaaald ay Impuratiea a athe Illd aalldaallllual a Ulda , iamnaly It theualatie iallietaia; Ulcerousaa rea efthe noae,lthroa S arlllUl a; Eryoloi; ani body; JaUadice a; Ilairlaurl; Pcaly eluptio.ns and blothel ol Diseases aa iba liver, sLin, the akin; a bulleaa..lgla0da; DrIy and watar pimple., and Pilt olf theo0de- along tIle Ipoutulem of the face aud of abuck lad apia.a over tle I oalldy; regln of tile heart and l'eattr alt l'rina(worrl; I toms.), Swllla.p aed blardeulag oa the Inward eaersa, bad tslta I glanda I t ile neck, in the the louth, tuul breatha ruioi, Lreaaa, &e Fl.luleucy: Indigalaion; tuiaochli cuughl.; Wantoftapetie; LIv+r ea upln lmt 80ur oration aad aciddia.l of h stuualch; WVrterbrah,&e. RECOMIENIEA--.'OYI:' FACTS: It is a tact--The oly pinpiirtar aIJ aaaufacturer of the Sarsaparlla blood pills. a glar inn r Ig ys al0l aaa well a a. poth. aeary, attested by the moatl l b eial lauiaiyiaalat ofa thLe United Statea. DuetoraPhysick, C ynaan,Jacaklbla, Gibaoa, Dewlaa, Il(ra, James, iaraer, Coae, &a. Salis a fict--l'bat the aS,,raparilla blhd lII are emplayed ill tile praatice'aiataaiyplhyalaisa aad very slruigly raaoa - Inaaded by ilauy tihrou.,iIat th la aalea . (See daieaEuua acrolapaiayiag aecla box of pills.) tit i1 act--Tlhey are cipamoed entirely of vegetable., lid they are wulrauted tuontaaio io Inaercury or aullal pre paarutias. It ia ftar--They may bie taken by lthe most delicate, and at all ageai wltbuut restraint ol'occupatlOll or bualus.; WlthUt fearoftkiugeuold; without change of dlet or retlldnit from tamparaoaaaitiag. Iat is a.tct iip'hay will not by their opraltio, awhich nlay be liild or aclive, a.aordaig Io thle quaaltty taken, weaken tle system so much as maat ot tle purgative iaedacinea gauer ally do. Lt a facta-That athey re tbemost effelual PURIFIERS OP THE BLOOD. A0a RENOVATOR OF TaE SYSTEM Erver discovered Also, onuitaullonbal diseaaes, producJd by lneraary, a , the Illlurals, al the oasaaqueua e of syIphilit, laua , veberial, &e &c. it is a act--That nver ll a a lingle instane have they been knolwn to 1ot used, that they did not pruduce a gnod effect curillg thouanllds, mauy uf whouln wee before ousallds ed intll reblr. It is a fact-hbat one box af Suraapaailla pills aad iea bittle of itheCulllpuund Syrup ofnaraparilla, i alliufficlent to a ure any fitha above dlea.aes. It Ia a Icb--Shuuald boabaeirvd.tababthe oaly place they can e ubtiaied lgauuue in . Orla1a. , il oaf Ca..,.hbaaa ...ra.t. bapail 1 "ct No.96. BLOOD! BLOOD!! BLOOD!!! lat. The vital prlneipai (LaI't) aa cauollled aa the bload. °. Blood make. Ibood. 31. Every thang III he body ia derived from blood. 4dh. All ,00tldutioii are radalclly thaa ai ie. .Itl. All diaealaaoasira from illpiity ofthae blood, orainoth er word.. frm arlnoia ious hauaoaaar. dged l tile body. Gal. All theb.a luaoar are carid alet, tlie blood purified aIad mada baabthful by the i alapar.lla that a.lllattlata with the bloold. 7til. Vegable piurgatlives alone eaaimllat wilth the b!ood. MIPURITYf the bloodl ia wa kll an to bie oe ofthe great aI lselofal.aaae. SARaAPARII.LA isa ell hllown toba the Illot effectual purifier uate balod ald fluld. of tle hblmtll lystemalnexisteace. It as theaprlalapal aemedial agentainall Pn -eaaa, Cabholiconaa,aidaather preparaiaaio. It is usele.s, thaeretea Iocun loait on its vltaUis; tey are knowa toeveay oae aa every newapaper is filled with adverailsemete oapreap arttbo, of Saalapunalla extracts, syrupas, &c. Dr W S ha disieuvered a process, knoan only to himself, lwhereby it ia oaabiald with ataler well known b ema dlal ageata without destroying tile virtues oflhlraba aparalla, and firming Saoraparilla or Blood Plil. With tile saraupar lla ascom. bled a mild and aaltle purgalive. which by its effect radual. ly anI almost Illperceptlbly carries oa the gross a.ld morbid separated toll tle blaud by the arsaparilla. These pillo do nat purgeau viuleutly as most pills Ido. which pro, tlate and reduce the system, rendering it more liaLlo to di. ea0o, wvakelaag tile aystea. and makil.g disease to take stiraear helal.lad kfiloldgi or desatroyyig thouaall; in shoirt it maat beanvalanat thlt p iagaaa ua.iaaolently as the piisdo that aae a llallalaa tured by q.miek alld fureiga inlpotora are aa a milbhleaaous ai thlr coase aaueau.Sa a mercury amud other tal - orals. r t out on utead ecausel peucc sd mercury ora otter rein, ed cral. d Frut he airumstance oh srsapnarilla being istrcdued in pillbenr e ay to luke and cuuvensien[ For carryllg, In it. pocket or fir latelic g; t Ilelng Ihll to breakge, a are CliaeTilo, cPATENT pc PAcnx l Ioo f the .copaieaplla they mull eventually ake the slce of ll other prelaratsou o teach I[e foregoing hove elicited numerous teltilOlials i rcllc pity las acid ellPers, whicol c ucoupanay tile directuo ., f alld sre c.lndelllly reeommellded in rheumatc affectioe., i setroftlieryolpe'ss. jau dtec, heartburh disecuses ofter liter, e AklTl, habOlletlal.d sld. pai of the idesal alstg tie hck snd be ll, over thi regioll o the heaol and sLiomch, Itoward t lrc , bad ilrte of the ACloth, foul breath, flatulency. indigestion, w. tat al apetile, saou eruc.uot antd acidity of the stomach, - lelanu s.rea of the noe, t[loa and body, Icaly eraptiOle sal blatche. ofCthe.ak.dcry al.d wltery pneplseaad pu.tlles ofthe laceacid body, letter isld aeugworact, heoilhg & hard enig iif tile glacl of tile nec. Il tile tcolls, breast. ac. iat t.mac cougys. o ler c mplalc,t. water(relc, and all the whulu trall ul dlseae~e recullltg from ipurity of the Libld, Selltultd iluocl adisee, p loauced by lercuryl or tl actl o Ak aty resperalire physieofn the question, wrhat r the ii ,ottellcaleaoUl purifier of tie blooad hie allwer will beraer. tull ic it to ay theCn f ll )hyliciant re( ollcnlcc It a e unl vrreilly, ehaibetter clatdeue aer. e have rf tis luvalable prol rce .ic i Naceru e cen certluleae hIren reyiveda ildt raifrc.nce can bc giren t, hodrelsol Iiclgtocs of thie tort nemarkcuble pefertaed by cci'adlce, So1l l .hole.,le aa d eitl, l arr N u rtue u at l alu n strect, Nc a n (itdean,.. TiJ t 'ctc aMlicted wlth , Icrfulal erutlliUn of ohe klac, owfciag o afh gland., crscura diefet, hacoay treura elscm a daslo.lad ic. .... tc..d. a aJ...oeI t.., y tapplyacg y leThe atencding Plysician aiy le COlasulted from c te 1 A 1tl,o anda i Di 2 Pos Pr 3 t ed iont to IU he i ciatperig. TIhI PEaic are ry.swaclleuilly iianed iit the o'n h Sarticle- call bie ern lac c i aIehr saile ul Gi (1SI11 6g Co. I:xchtano e Ilutel, Sit (:Ihrles oI. mar 5 If 18mOrl.eo, id of a rd k lecreI o "th uls Court, r nderh d cu S child.,'s t)It lgalllR mchn's ,i )) lrsc, iC. l ulidilg cship hcrgaooctl, his sale f Iy u13 I ItItltl)r t & Co, 131 alegezinest _ O "TATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dic I I trctL Court-The Satue of Loujisiana, to all whicu

these pcresens shlll' colllc, Greetingl a Whereas, A C B anchard, J W Breedlove, Wi. Slial Mackey, and 11 Lavercne catving purchaoed ,,at a sa!e made by the Sheriff oftbo Parilt of Or. leans the piopert o hreinafter described, have op. Splied to the C crk ofthi- Court in whose otfice the deeds of sale were recoried on the 94th, 2eth, and SI7t days ofApril, A. D.1839, fur a moliliun or t idvertisetoent i conformchity to ao actof the Legis. at laturd ofthe State of Louisarna, outitlcd oAn act for tile further assurance of titles to purchasers at Sjadieial sales;" approved the 10th day of March, l1834: Now, therefore, know ye, end all persons inter. re seted Iterei, are hereby cited and admonished ill thle name of tile State of Louisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any right. rt title or claim in and to the property hlreinafter de. Sscribed, an conosequence of asy inloraca ity in the order, decree orjudgollt of the Court under vhich Ithesale was made, or ally irreguarity or a legality in to e appraiselatet and adveortiseuules, in time, Sor manl.r of sa e, or fsr acy ollther dfertwlhatso' ever, to allow cause withia thirty days frot tlhe day this iloniiion is first inserted ill tlo pibll: p.iper,. Sw y tile sna oe so ado should nut bhe cotlirled ao hhoilogatedl. Th Ia said ipropelrly was cld by the Sheriff iof the SP.rish aforesaid oil te 27th day of Mtrcll, A. D. S1839, by virtue f adecree of this Court, reodered ion tile 5th day of Marcht A. D. 1839, in a euil enti tied Carrierc & Berdeuzot vs. Bucilanae & I.tgaen, SNo. 17,401 o fthe docket of lthes Curt, at whlicr sau oe the said A G B anchaltd, J W lirsaedlave, Wtl Slianii Mackey anid it1 LIvergcne beeate tlte purelha aers, respectively, ofthe folatlowing property far the to. owing alounts, to wit : SA W Bl.nclherd was tile phurchaser of ihe lot of tgracend number Six iun oydras ateet, between CampI and St. Charles streets, ueasuring twenty a, four feet etsix inches front o Puydras street, by k ninety ive fet tix inched deep, for thile sm oeven th.ousind one hou undred do lrs cash : three tlodsand - nio hundred and forty fIur dollars and fifty cents, pphayable the tllirtiethl day of Marcll, eighlteen ihand. red and forty, and the balance in two aed three Syearet n otIes satisfactorily edorised, ancd bealing t iortgage--and i not aunctueally paid at maturily la . to beer interest at the rate of te per oent. till paid, er without any right to retard ppaycyent, which the esaid sheriff hckeow edges tI have received in hie - notes, ipyab s aots abe, wth Jo ea w Metoyer & Co e and N. Bunoist aaendorsers, acd reserving on the above described property a special mortgage until the final payement of the above described noten. J. W. Breedlove became the per, caser of the lot of ground numlber Four, in thIe omrer of St. ° Charles ancd Pydrac streetse, lrasuring twenty four feet front eol St. Charles street and csveoty. eightleet ten incieoaS Pyyd as street for the Isut ot even thouseen, t lid one hundred dollars, paya t ble s follows, l l: O:le trllouaand dollars, each ; four thousand two hindred and nineteen dollars i payab n tile 19h. of June, 1640, and the ha ance in two and three years, in notes satisfaclorily endors ed, and bearing lortgage, and if not punctually k paid at i mturiiy, t bear interet at tihe rate of tee per cent. till paid, without any right to retard pey. - tnect, whiel the asherifl acknowledges to Iavo re. et ceived in Ilia notes payable as habove, with John is Minture as security, witlh sp,.ei I mortgage on the property sold until fial payment of tihe above de -crilod notes. J W Blreedlove beelso , also, tie purchaser of ithe lot of ground number One, situated aext to the St Clharlrs Theatre, ncar Poydras street, measuring t. intw y three feet eight ieches aee six lines tin St. i Charlea street, by even y reight feet tel incites itu depthl, togethler with a fiur story brick hlouse and klthclie therlon, now uindr leaso until the first November, 1839, at tlieen hundred duilara, froulc tleslce to thie lot Nuvelnesr, 184lf, at two thousand Sdu. lars per ainuuti, payable monthly; tfor the saul aid price of aixtoen tlhusand do lars, payable as follows, viz: 1 'Iwo thousand dollar cashl, four thousand five in hundred dollars, payable the niioeteenthl day of June, eightesen hundred and forty; anid tile Ibalance il two and three years, in o000e satisfactorily ol - dorsed and hearing ntortgsge, and if niot punctu. htally paid st naturlty, to boar toterest front ientu. rity, at the rats of ten per cent, without any 1 ight to retard ins psiymoat, and e hlch the elahrrtff ac knowledger to have received in his notes endorsed by John Minturn, aidpayable as above, the re. e ser.ed special mortgage on the property sold until o the final payment of said notes. k William Mackey became the purchaser of the lot a of grounad numbered five on Poydras street, be. r twonn Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty-lbur liet six inchies front on Poydrae street, by nnety.five six inches deep, for the price of seven thousaned five hiundred dollars payable as follows, viz: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two Shundred and and eighty three hun. dredths dollars, payable the thirtieth of March, eighteen hundred and forty, and the balance in two and throe years in notes satisfactorilyendorsed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at Smaturae to bear interest at tile rate of ten per cent till paid without any right to retard payment, and tile lheriff acknowledges to have received the calsh paymenot, and tile hbalace in his notes, t two first Sto the order of J. Irwin, and tile last to tile order of Geo. Buchanan, and by them endorsed and pay. able as above: a special mortgage is reserved until Ste final payment of the said notes. II. Lavergne became tile purchaser of tthe lot of ground itnumber three, next to the cornler of St. Charles and Poydras streets, menasuring twenty-four feet one inch front on St. Charles street, running Isck aeventy.eight feet ten inches deep; for the price of six thousand nine hundred dollars, pay. able as follows, viz: OI tllousand dollars cash, fiur thousnotd two hun dred anld niinetcen dollars, payable the nineleellln day June. eighleen hundred and forty, and tie balance in two slid three years,in notes artlilctIorily endCIrired and bearing mortgage; anrd if Init pucrually ,iid it mlutl. rity, tu bear inoteret at the rate often per enitl. IaIi lidl wilhout any right to retard pa.ment, lind the Shierill acknowlrle.tu tlnave received tile cash paytment antil Ilan Ilance in ntlues of H. I.avernce, edortred by C. Derlhign, andil pvalle veatove, anoid special IhOrtrgg reserved uf, tlhr prolperty sold uttil final paymelt. And aid l.sverene hecnlae nlao the purchaser of a lot oft round numbered two aijoming number one, ai rotualeted iln :t. Chlr es treet, IeasuringOC twenlty-tlree fealt eiglt it,, o n and six licee rn St. Cloarle stree.t, by sevvntvy.eilht feet tell i.lches in depth, together with a four-store brick hluuer and kitchen th-.reoi, suljet t I a le. c Ilntil Ihe thirty.trst October, eighteern hundred nid tlirty-nino, at tie rlate of two thoniaand dollars per yeor, pa.i a)le nuiuiitlily, ult ttII1 priCe of itteetn tlluusand nlid one hluntldred iladllire, aable as follows vie: Two Ilouuoand i ollars crsh, liur thloean I five inon dred dollarn pnylule the ninreteenth dat if June, ight. een hundred and f rly, and Ile baleasrein Iwuland three year., in not. salrisfactorily endorsed, and beari.g mortgace, and if not lu:lclually paid ot mulurly to hear interent at the rate of tenll percelll.ill paid without ally right tol retard patonlt,, aud the Shenrif ckklnowlees to lave received lihe rch payment, eill thle ibalnce in the notes of said purcialtser, endorsed by C. Derligny, and payable ars a,oe, and sa pecil mlotgage raoereed n tile prlpeItv sohl Unril final invmetl. W\Vitoa tilhe Iin. A iA. Hucrhnnn, Judge of the Court afirenail, thiu aiitll day of stay, eight, en hiundlred and lthirty-nie. r ty Il-hItps P. I.gUL.AC, Dept._CIerk. oo; -ja. ua-ap oae, aepr. a 0 rn. E, TA. DE La LOUISIANE-Co. r du Pre. oA mir Di-trict Judiciaire-L'Etat de Ia Louisi. d an-- 6 tous ceux quo ces pruscn ed concernent, h saltat: Attendu quo A. G. Blanchard, J. W. Braedlovo, William Mackey ot H. Lavergne syant achet6 a uno venta faito par le Sheritf de la paroisse d'Or. l4ans, los proptridt6e ci apros decritas, so sent ad. r rma so Grefft do eette cour, o ler actes de vent. 11 forent enrd 'istr6sle 25 26 at 27 jours d'Avril do I'annde, 1839, pour on avis conforuradnent I un acts de It Legislature de I'etatde la Is ouisiane, inti. tuld "' Acte pour confirmer lea titres does acquereurs aux ventes judiciaire ;" approuv6 Io 10 Mars 1834. Qu'il suit connu, ct toutes personnes intdresses sont par ccs presentes sommda au naul de I'etat de la Louisiana et de a coaur du Premier Distric Jndi. ci crequi pourraient avoir druit h Is propri6t6 ei. apres do.rite, an consequence d'un ddfaut de formo dansl 'ordre, le decret on to jugementde la cour, en vertu duquel tola vente a . faite, ou do toute irro. gularitd au ill6galitd dans l'estimation, Pavia ou to temps ct le mode de Ia ventc, ou ponr une antre cause quelconqne, do faire voir, duns trente jour a dater de la publication decatte avai,pourquoi la vente aini faite no serait pasconfirmo d et htomolo gude. Leadites propridtae furent vendues par le Shlriff, suadit a 276me jour de Mars de l'ancde 18:19. on vertu d'un dCerot do cotta Cour, rendo le 5 de Mare de 'annde 1839, dans l'affaire de Borduzat contra Buchanan &, Ilagan. No. 17401 du docket de cotto Cour, a laqu.lle vents lea di a A. G. Blanchard. J. W Breedlove, Wm. Mackey et H. Laoergnetse soue rendus ac qourears respectivement, dos propridtos suivantas pour los sommsnc ci.aprbs epdcifid, savoir : A. G. Blanchard, du lot de terra no. 6 situ6o dans la rue Poydras, entre lea rues di Camp et St. Charles, moesuranL 24 plods 6 pouco de face a rue Poydras, sur 95 piods 6 piucas do profondeur, p.ur la sonome de $7,100 comptant, $3944, 5 1, payableas l 30 de Mars 1840, et la balanIce doas donu et troisaas en billets enndss6 . seatiafaeliion at portant hypothque, etldevail porter un intdrat au oaux de dix pour cent juequ' . paioment, s'ils no senot pas ponetuellment payas . leoa il6endancer, asans iseorves d'ancun droit de retarder le paiemant, ce qua to shariffreconuo iu avlir recu en ses bi'lI:e payables comme it cet suadilt, endoseds paa Jocan, Mctoyer & Co. ct N Benoest, avc rOs.erve d'une dypotheque sp6csale sur la sucdito proprl6ti jusqu'a painalont final dea asusdits blIllets. J. W. Breedlove devint i'acqudrour du lot do torre na. 4, formaut I'encoiinure des rues Poydras rt St. Charles, mesurant 24 piedsdo face 0 la ru St. t.harles et 78 pieda 10 poiaces 1 la rue Pay.. dras, pour Io summomn do all, 100 payaylo caunno suit, 1.000 comptant, $4,119 payable to 19 do Jtn, 1841), t la balance dans deux et trois ans en billets endie 0, asatislaction et portant hypothl. qnue, at ains le ca quill noe seraint pas ponctuelle. meat payds ,0 Icur delhdanes, ils devront per. ter nu intdrBt au taux do dix pour cent jusqut. paieoout, sons aucun droiL do retard do paiment, ce qua 1o shdriffrdcoanait avoir recu en sos billets payables comene il esatsusdit, endosoda par John Minturn' evie hypotaoque speciale sur Ia proprod:6 vendue juesq' A paiment final des susdits billets. J. W. Breedlove devint aussi I'acqudreur du lotde terra uo. 1 situd sprbs lo theatre St. Charles pres la rue Poydras, mcyurant 23 pieds 8 pouces oL six li nes sur la rue St., et 78 pieda 10 pouces do profondeur, avoc I'dli ice en briques et la cuisine qita s'y trouvont, sujuts t un bail jusqu' au proemier n vetmbre 1839 0 raison do $1500 et de eltte 6poque au premier novembre 1840 a raison de $2,000 par an payables tous lea anois, pour Ie drix de $16,000 payablep comme suit; deux mille piastres comnptant,qnatre mills cinq cent piastres payables le 19 Juin 1840, et la balaneo dans deau et trois ans en billets endossens satisfaction et portant hopotlhequo; et dans le cas qu'ila no aoient pas payds ponctuelloment 0 leur deldances, ilts dovroaut orter oun intdrot au taux de dix pour cent sans aucu' droit d'en relardealc paiement, co que to shdrflf reconnait avoir recu rn sea bilets endus. ods par John Manturn et payable coannl il eat sudit avec lat r6slrve d'une hypothlque spdeiale sur la propridtd vendue ju qu' au paiement fial des dite billets. William McKay devint I'acqudreur tdu lot de tore no. Saur la r.o0 Plydras. entre lIr rues pu Camp et St. Charless,uyart 24 pieds 6 pouces do face h .Is rue Poydras sur 95 pseds 6 pouceas do profondcurt; pourie prix do $7.500 pinstres pays. bles commeno suiti: $5110 comptant; $4277 83, pay. ables lo 30 M.lra 1841) ; et la balanceo i deux Co treia onas n ballets enduosds e It aatisfaction et par. tant hlyaputhlque: ot d ns le cas qu'lla no souist pas puoctucllmenat py6. a lour deolanatcos ils dev. noot porter ola iootdrOt au taux de dix pour eOlSt juequ' a paiement, sanes aucun droit d'en retarder le pain cont ; et to lshrilf reconoait on avoir recu lo comptant, et la Inala,:t ean sea billetra lea doux premiers fi'ordro de P. Irwin etle drnier a I'ordre do Geo. Buchanan qua le ount endosase, et pay. ables comme ii ea suadit. aqe In resorve d'une hypothlque sp6cialoe jucqu' au pailmout final desdats ballets. H. Lavergno devint acqanreur du lot de terre no.3 qui se trouvo apres ', ncoignure des rues St. Charles at Puydrna, ayant 24 pteds un pouee do Iaco i go rue St. Charles et s'etendant 0 78 pieds 10 poucoeaen profondeur; pour l p.ix de $6,900, payable comt tae a uit : $1000 coalnptatt, $4219 payable lo 19 Juin 1840, et la balance a duux et trois ans on billets endoasda a satistiction et por. taot hlopthlque. Dana le cas qu'ils no alietnt pas ponaauelloment payds a leur dehdancea, ies devront portertn intdrt aau taux do dox pour cent jusqu'a phioment, sans aucunr droit dccn retarder le paolo menl ; et l seldriffreconu it ao avoir recu le cola, ta0t, la balance on sea billets endosuda par C. Dur. bigny et payable coolnae it eat suadit, avec rserorie d'unu hypotheque spoctale sur la propridt6 voondue jusqu'au palmenl final. ILt Ie dot Lavergne devint ausni 'acquoreur du lot doterre no. 2,ad,oignant lo no. 1, o.tud da.a lo rue St. Charles, ayant 23 pieda 8 pouces at 6 lignesdo face 0 la rue St. Chlarles sur 78 piods, 10 pouces de profonodur : avee none maisonen briquas e0 & dtages, et la cuisine qui s'y trouvont, sujette & un bail jusqu' au 31 Octobre 1839 au toux de $2000 par an, payables tous lea moi ; pour lo prlx de $16,100, payable crmme suit ; $2000 comnptant ; $4,500 payable le 19 :0d Join 1840, et la balance 0 deux et trois ane en billets endusods a satisfaction et portant hlypothiequo : et dats le cas qu'il no suient pas ponetuellemen.t payd a Icour dclodance, alss devront porterut intdt6t au taux de dix pour cent jusqu'a paiemeant, sans aucun droit d'en te tarder Il paiement; at le elldriff reconnait en avoir rccu leo comptant et Ia balance on ballets du dit acqudrour, endosod par C. Derbigny at payables comma ii nat coudit; aves rdmerve d'une hypothf. qua speciale our la propricte venduejusequ'a paioe went final. Temoin I'honorabls A. M. Buchanar, jugs do ia cour auadite, oe G 6nto Mai 1839. P. LEBLANC, 11nuai Depute Grefior. Ii AVANA SLGAR-37 boxes Havana whitesugara -. 4lodo do brown do lao.liog foir :ae by mt9 S & JP W lT'rNEY,77iACamp et JUL E 1CKLE E-20 kbg and 40 oax, reesiving from r o. Yorlk par oboipa aa H,for aalt ba my SHrALL 8- BROI N, 96 Mohr;ine at SC"AK -4 fret ash Ole. 1 'll . m 4 8J1rwHIIITYEY, 3 CaTp t T Al INDIAN'S PA.NACEA. I OLD 0Y t.'or. of Ntchsco and Tclsoupitouiao nts. 12'OR thnn uro ohrbeumotism , sorofulo or kLng'u vil, gout, J`oisllolo or hip gout, luc !ooutpuooserssuitl rohsuo,no plo htJ¢o uud mellaurltl thletl.ul, Fartlsuhtrly uleult uln pstl.,ul rUoLolUUOSd sooho boo. l. oCertend throbat tud uOIoooltrolsor. el'every delmrtpt uu, lrer ·ur· llJ s d tar •a ILba~odes libra* I·s. pils soald bond, souroy, bblea. €loruulo ooro ooyo, eryaip elns Llolthes, ooid ooory variety ofeatlooo13 ooffoooeoolo, otlro uiokenatrrh head b d he proediodg irooassy nordl houlro3ro paiu oou thoooolooh, uud Jys.lon pro .eeeo l osroooooo ll v0,rootouu, uhoenlouo of ohs hloer, shroudos onloolmtiuloo to oe koluh.hdooy uod onuerul deouilhy oouoed loy o tloor ) actnoo oo o io .loeosol of Lts okon. Io Lo oionulbnly ntfiboo.oo n iu r t00 vatii thu0 cI0 tloUlOIo whiochj hovo been brulteu down by ooolJdioolOoloo trentlneot orojouoooile iooeqlooro ,lito. Joellerl o ernloo i lo r n . 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In ueiurll 31.l5 3 ', its '.per,'lmy ,at the ·yrul· to 1. 11111.l use, CASES OF R1 EIlEENU 111A. a Char let-'.. Nov. l l 158..g . .1 During the last win,1 r end '.1 ri3'3 , l u13 al33'. 3311l'. '.3, 3slevere334d yia!.'.II.. rh,1,Iyi.fl'.'j, sic,1.,,d . y ex, uere 1. hard weathler. I now Latin great lle.,,uI. 'FUIII to. tSE't .1. botutles of the ludnin'· Penn ... ... tierd ,,,e to Il.ct healhl l I'd I -rIudlld utly rceVuunrII l it to Al lalnlihrly .fdlCIE.I· JTJ~S K,,g atH Kll s 53..urlu'.3, .archl 3, 1830. 11 ' .31(3311 '.13e,13'.'. 3.rs311.e Alwl, dlslre, 1 rl33I m Ilyn 133,3".'. taktng 111 3133 cull, wl'. e u.nder 31.81 l.' i n onp' esit t ury, l. d ""313 lt Ie.l 3i·;Ila3. ie 3fr'.' b.'.'., nearll'.31 ere. A3'.,4ril ti'. period 1I lhav'3 en 3 plll".3l sin ' 31,, lri3c H11.'lrl, tuo '.s ct.y u". nrda o ` Lwat , anld Ilaurll the emu, Icll1rb of Ille ,u the Iruluru llr IL npllltul e dud t tail ulluust every remledy, withh little [."uefi,. 0 tit. hall. .1 Fubru .ty hutr, etat tbrtltr.carculy mhl. n to ao ilhuul upuu c r.35chedI3cun333lti thle 43se11.ll. I Iw 3.'.,l,'.'.1'.3. lie mouth 3. I fa4,' my.,.31 "..'3ly free Irmay.3 3 aI ""3nd ate wbll'. e Py to is,. that I cuarldderllyslUlllr~rli tly well. I WII. ''UCKI'. ,J3I ISarket 13. CASES OF SCAUFULUbS U1.CEL~t0. L Nhw Turk, S3p3.1'., 1830. 3"'This . y c. fy. tht iAWAke Frll ET, '21 M.'.'ed .'.II a ··vllllly iu lily necke anld lacer, which .f, ,, t.ra llli stud, Y br banllo Iargaghaatly tine,. m toly trick. Altllr Uy.Up b ·CIUI. Gyself Under thin cure of AN. I NFALCtc IIIn Bu;Ih, IIYanalter l .epeat'd sul..'i3uu' to .4n I'.3ll,'.was pr3353! A.3l 4'.3.,3Mt..s cur'.Ie. Alt3.. rd'3II'llluk g'..ty butt,4 . .Ig. '.I '.' 5 .' .. ces, slid tightL bottler tI· PII1ET' CIItIuLUI I, wall 1111 mI1Iserial '1o Ic,8. I ryturm·d I'l'.pl'., 113'e.. N'1 w T33. rk, , 1811. a ' B 0 toy',, If up Lou ling~eringb de~ath. 11 eurlll o rho gee gr~.ucter th'tie Iltlllll.l 'ruuacca howercr i~ ve..E1IIIIII r to UI)·oy l 1 was perauuilllJ w tIry ,t, ac u Intl rerllr. To 9i9 gre~rt or t p 3'.3,3.'.3well 43 a sa 13'.'.3.3,11.333ll 31~uJ tssel rut Ily to a evevrillg, and upo l klllp .ure botle. tila llker" heated, andt I Legum1le pell1e1tly ell i' th'.433' , V l'II 33'th., nllI1 Ive Pelb,:iucd so ever since I rank. this .Lultll~rll, uud nlah t bThyI3'. for the benefit 3ill3333l'yhuSI.lhl'.or lf.' uer ru t miler acrufuluu. or aypb'litic ,tractions, that thley maly knowr 3h13 a13' cured .lne who3 '.,3 off. red evA' y t3Il ng b. t d'h,3 d1 whou considers his life bayed by the above Iyrrp '.11813 131. HI3Ay Cl4,rl3..onJuly 12. 131. l Iwas 231ited four years 3 it3,3' ulcer 3 n 3 he 21 g. C oIc3. ion 3ally 8cc'p33.llIywllllith 113333 l13ou3 3'.33533'.'ti., 33 31,1 'a33.1it3the3311'.4d 3133'. ,jell3. Several e333 ,334 I133,113'. 333xerteld3.'3,13,k l upon.3l't, bt lgwIi3hut ,,,,,eul'.I'.klII. 1,1 I tn'3a'.3'.,3l tt11133.f1the 11133 ll'.4'.3''..3a 1,1,'.'.'.3lr t cure. JJARGARE'I' A WEST, 121 Market l it, '.33TT3 VE3I:I''IIIL .'. AN I I3F LL 'f.3 REMEDY'' FOR4.4 DEAFNESS.-T'.'. 1313'.331.r I33'ch h'.33133433 ad [he ,ggl'lleatln of thisi valluable ,.neeady in .elitea hundredl r11.,n in thle WemUOllller DistFllrury (I'kr disuwr.· of the eve 111.11 ear) lot which l Ietll"1l I'slrut hIave beet, obtlllld by t. Taylor, ML D, from ll? glrl Gu~eTIIIIUIII· and thes as11ctiuu I . ..If as lirul the lulhlai g I.lddlcl Fgllnlllllc n Mr Abrr, . thy', Str A·tley Clwlller, Drs Itualnl, Cumu~r. Ilrrlke and . Se galaig, Auri.t, Sc. nold arbor.,nit tiedsu1 gun.. e-er"r to onn n tewal n- ace Ie 3313l.8 315 .a .33l1 II 3 4u France anS t G- -3, cauc~ed its speedly littru ·uctluu into ·Il11: .rely 333.1t1Y 3'I .'.,113I33.33111'.3'.13 w.e3.1' 3re3333.' '. . D311'a.1 1,3 from all3311311,113111'.333i33'.4 3113 3'.lIel'.31'. n e.3'.,3. ot'tuiuty with whlte ll the Gott VIEgUIIII· ( our cunt llally '.13,3134331 by '.33333ed'. 'I.1'..' 33I3.'.'.'.. 338314 l'.'.'.11' 3'.i'13'.al3'l' 13,'.ir 3333tie3 I.'. i. P13 ll3'ppc. K. 3..llf t'e Freuthl, 1.I'd Leopold KrIIIg f the IklllItolol 'mite, ld sin 1'I Tay3l'r . i'e ill.'.3 f h33'.31 y A31'. t '3y1.,13r 1.13g33'.'.d.3'. ce. 3 I433'.'.3ne I'.a .he n3'.y relttled to 'r.11' 3'.' n o3'.3.,3Ie. t d Aby t34 313'.3'.3±113813. 33n3'. ..,red G'pt:'Veg l 1's. . T'.lC)t. SIo'.l'f.' V io'I.'.t.ab wll4'. I hup13 . be '.33133 ent I4 'urour.3 g all 334ar. Itlllclel '. .h de3fuo 3333'. I 11'.'rom '.n cause '.. t apply his remedy. U. Londonoll Paris and Brusels tile number cured by hintl in 3333'..1Iabl33'.as'wil a.341o3.3y l'rippl'.13' c1es dk.hhr'.'.'.'kig' In8l'.'.13 ty of D. ylia,400 more or I. '. d'.f.were re.u ired bohrl~~Iy hen',r one dfwhnm had Ilnentlluurable f 3IJ yearn. lie l tlu r iy f Lyllll· (Frunlca) lLot rar restored In hearing, one of *Ihollr ·ur 9Yyealr· ol'eg unll one 8l. It1 the I.,., ytar, 1836, th Lheurcl 111 formed .nI the cities in thle south of Flalur, wore astnti~biug for their number and the Illgn1 of tint. they war, 110 hied.d For p'roof of its efficac, we will ·ublnit [h, fullllwing rc -The IteF John K ing, c urate of JUIhII' Church, 1 Dlnlrl rsler. ha bec I t.tI ,orient, 15.. .1Ftllnhl ll'tah c11uld nut he ar . bard~1 9 ofmuurie 61'ncc yuldllirta ll '1'h,. Rlfeeuoll had hem, ·r.lhuU ally '.3h4'.'.33'.' lm1,lor u..''.f38'13 .l' 'I' I,' dur. ,3,'whi.h Uwel~ he epplrllcd lie my eleblrated duistr uud Yhys, Taus, !) wlm. .ppm"'rl loo appliedr every thing theilnr united sk kll couldl suggest, wi (villout the la~at.bdov of relief. Dr makle recom-II s t tell he hIad ,sit used a secuu-l battle untill Ira could hear a s well at mar be did. Fi~r parUICUI·,r· f lhl· eatn, me. l.,lldon I Mad Jsurnultartlet 1'3 t Dr Andrewsr of Edlnbuute say. of [he 0111t, Vrgetol,tlisa-in 1'y pr.G.e, ...ell as 33C3hb3'.II. 1 ' I.,'t.. '.4'.d '.p'i' be 5 muIUI valuIllrremed~ly Ill cane ofdearilner elnllll from Ilrrnu· bI'.311.'.3d '.11a'a'.'n 333. 1,,,3e1,15l 33.3tI'11 31.... q'..'ul.In'd to d'.1much'. go'.' d, d '. er3' 1 .3 re re'333.'dl'.'.3 Itu''I 33 CU'.1I3U 3'.iU'.. 3333' I'.'). '.3'.' ' ll.'.31'.'.'3d313 3*311 '.3 .13t 31' ! 3'.'.. ha'.'. '.' wll b'..3 ' 3ppoint.A IpI may bas ' ha '.cusiul to use thin mluublu d'ncovery. Dr Joalsr of Amth'II, Beslfordahire t .litter to Dr Taylor, cnncllullrs by aygtug every` clan. o people will find 'u th. p Italia Vulgstabilll s cheap and raluatda remedy fo~r Deem.,. .,timeS from alwllar anry cause. I have gait rallly found the ! cue to two bottles produucs a perfect cure-and hie nun instance ! I gsntlalllr who c am undrrmyry cre, llarllluerrr g une ldbe·.a for "limyy years, attended w ill. a runllling from thre a'rn and a Speculiar rnuou resentblrlg Ilillalll tlmmler see 11'A"1 wll ith the n 5,115 n1 irelj.; ell tht10·ympbtm. wren removeO~d Ind the tudU$iduai restored to hearingI !.y thle ass lltlllra iuttln.. A Ajulllclull practitionelr of P~lrl, Ipe~lklng of Dr Tuyior'. G (iua V *Ietahtble say 11-1 have elnplayrd xll mny .kill ·IuJ pals ants to tield out a useful prepasaltou liar the relief and aura ill' Drsinras. std 1 mail aolnlemlg athrll that1 I hav never f Toll1 ily thing It Rand, w life sli·Id .u CRflcachuut at Dr Tay - I IitiS Oman Vegctabltllr. You may depellll upon it, Ys be, for 1 have often exprrrtnara II. tllla1t p I·easum etrry vnne thatl eon ju.Ily be ---beld to any 1,1.4,uno fmIlyall di~reralln 1.f. d drtlun. I Iere the~ ym1 have a taedluue of ·upl"'i· e efin' cy and of late Suie value. I Miss S A Norton of Able End Read, oat wruy years Mlicted %1[h deafnas., after tryinlg every thing ile I..ulll b··rr ul, atl Sbar Till 1 1m l camid prescribe, owue hattle of Dr Traylor'. Gels· r I Vegetsbdi relieved her cun~lidorbly and before she usedl the third tattle she sia perfectly tutoured to the Iauro of her Thos tlormby, IB Farrington .trust, who w a s illat i thre Sid Regiment, war ,truckt deaf o~n the plains of Watetlon an·Id hru remained I t ver slues. After th use crime bottler of Gotta Vegetabll· he was perfectly cured. M, Gilena ofCamberrall. w ha bud hem, 14 years depriv. d of the senta of hearing was quite eared by using .is hlttlea. 'Pn the aged wlro Ire mute ,min uly ldv nsiued with deurasaa, thilsrrppnnllo ill ieaded prove " bles-iuRC, it ties ofts quently cnred the wontot*-.. . when an hue of rmu rr, had berm aauetprated or derived from other means. 1.i To thus. ·altod with dsahnrsu meeting from cold, 'hi, lip. erasion moat prow invalua~ble ·UPdwilC··.OTO I them n hear. int i. clue cll ut If(Lpp theI Gotta Vegetrl'N( I prapard in strict mordeuv w ith m sieull~e rploiplel, arts tram all ·lmplr,iarl and It xill 111+ foundl on teal to errrf its awn recommendation with ,t i th beppy~l~kcl It p",v mew by ,,ervingl~ thoou to hostile, who - _hree We at, luufltluate as to be daeptieud of [bat ryu fo man yv a ,lld rhb·NJ· and retell all agency at Ne 46 etlatm Howsea , ltrettNew Qfjats ail it SPECIFIC NOLUTlOaII tJI.AIIY PAS-IAGES, thAINS IN TIlE. LOINd. gttAVCP.. La...hajt.O, orfra. 0;, WahaeI ekll ar Lattl hl ehay , r .ll~ld ll~i tb vel~bl m ~ a aIll II tat'l *Btlll *1.1 per~ftlyedtsraaata+lhe kitavdlS.aad Itaaelaa >aathf Ilelty .oitabe., ted iat'arlnely iaprovae+ thel ,alathtnelat ;el geter~d heli hyt d ~la~e e iar tlgaro a.rhtre ats~.a tha hala.ta imdlaja' p tat be ompare.d aua.., l.lld it nl,,.paala.ayeiy aa.rlttaelyth~tte tO J itly a~idptl.alerh. hal .tr tl~alaejahaa.I~ ta~d tet4te a adl.l e-Cll i ta',pahat.,e e Ciaheb.e Mlelteeyl d . ye, ~It eldl..o. iataaa.t-r nl tell it, a,,,t~lt atetot .• ha. eN tlitE ila" ahawrld,i..ah~nldani ahehea t ald Wee. ttla Atte.i+41f tce+ t, tod l,.ed,,at ntea 4l the hlltaJi t .tattllllldltata Lata..,ailihearhit te..laa,lya..iaet cr e B ite IllladrslpJ a..d~a,aa.lre~ ta..alt . ~-hlllserl ,llel~eee aat.l. U.s ltae h~utsa l.radua.e atly rat,,edy eq..l.. Ia ¥Ialald'e t.It.ew lelsieish,ha.g ,lrsla tliJur UrahteiDi-rh.he~are ld tantnyeaeitMb It ia+ t, athy t~eaP alllr +d ,ti ,aa.,.h+hauret~aer aihelhem ieeetu tlaI,,,,ta.r tat,.l~d, t,,d aheirgaateal health wae meek~ ietpaea ad. It. LET, N. UI. " aa,.ea re an ladaifaeycaB.athRarle.'eltmJepha.tY Itr tith e h.l prtecriha.d oTlead'.41e~ltgt. Soekleaiatnteq ey patet,,, ihbar,,sg Uder ylathr.el Dt.aheepe.,alldtaae11'1a biy la..nd liltyaaa" W ,,t,'.rdia,,,,h leelaitieetinha,,heeep* Sinstaythb-erad, ahila.l.~e.a prep rtlttl~a .e dCapatat, eald I a | l sta.lal, i ita ..a. 'd - *in ,.y iell l.~, et otea tha+t ha ileltede an ftultre laa.ratratt urhnaf l.peaiente. lrt(]real..her~y taaee¥la,,ue apeallc Uiatletel.t inot al€&tbaaa.reineady,, antitsae tlla.t.rm,eaauatahreibi teatr estI......hat.... y preppa......a... I epaleahaa b eai . ... 'PThe ciatat ..ahbeivatiutd otiy at Nao. lMlCeetti hcaaeeae an Naw 0.rle.,.. AD ME+DICAL CARD. r-D hIPOISThNT TO TiHE AFFLILTED WITE1W ~EASq. A. {TlitATIsE onVaeaner ia ia.e.a, Caaorhu,eflaa~latetd .titritd,,,gll pataiclte .,a.,rtatlael ta oSeatell Weabklle+a,a...slgr,, taee, a ah'l .il t)Iatlcuetea it. ,si+tsaml,,,iad raIt., thnat ah,,uaaada l'ali vitlata ttlk• Ye ,,raal Dlaaaaa, oai.r at tahe a,,ab f.,a al f itliemet mti wllo by. th.,+ at, sill... dnadly pa~lea,,, Ilartuy, eate theaa plud atal, din .d. a a., thet+iti, l.oseaIIItiiiaal. eathageeo cro a'adal,,lI y al~d dsa.ylaly ...,.ia,,ta,,,,, e~ltatatPIIU. niadii ildFlIbt's ICLIIIIYING SP'ECIFIC tItLE,. ,yA aaierol. .ii,. ,mllth.esslaut p.edy..remedyaa+ nr dlalerete4 airstae pr,u,l,lta tnd etaa luj,.Iur nlt,, e ga, a tdaliliay, Itn latioauP ti aeI,sIaddar ar urattaa ad aeht~hreataes at b.e u atury .aaesfr.,oafr .,.l.ll~ paraaaa..l.gaIpaltstatur, t e #aa ah.t a p.file+ tfllr,..lya. bya..aaallatlpiiittal weld~l, t.recys,.ld aelieay. ihaaaerl..iniyt ¥awah lebtIheyaMetaaee . u 81vllllitrd annt~~e by tatay th4 atetifl. The a otie...p, taieleariaahhlla Idelab,~l peall ly tr..ttaothaliedi.,.,ae bat renatte by their attl~ll t11e illlet i,,tai,,,,,.l af tile i..,.iy, eape Ii.,, hi" eraaaar hejm~iaudBa adl ~liea H h~ at illlllt ;rltll,b.uie edt ll aat h4ah takbu~,h,, l asht e +lal~gh,t~a at i~t,., elll iattaey. Tahey re ,I rP n.,," d le,hI+, .ea a..n. ar hltn,alraan he1111 .e. u le ,Ulleletcare a.h,...tatialetaeapt allt. +I alapatt.t At,,.,,, hheivhattaelith!+ameyI aa1lP~,,' l h a.di, a l-, .al Oi, 'tad itallet it.ln at ll lat a,, allt a had tl.1.l idfet w~ ~ ~rlo o J lr~.I', nel¢mide, iil,a tatahap+Ia~el cad dt uaup.,+ Lhe.roalai.asryt1,, Il, heci. ta.aiyut',,a .iteaurthe... •l ll 1 taya ala th ,ilehala, .,md d 'i.tlaai, ltahx,a. /litktttdi A rbll"l i~aa~ ai," a d,.h liya',)rdelJaaa¢ ahat Weher th• €aaae qu.,,ta a at1" +uhba,,edi t~ests.' .tatetle~ie rukicajag arnt statl.e by al~ l), iaicha thpaaaeri ab t aheth~nlalaa baecoma aaseeh]a,,. tht~ey ofer .,a ailtl tu.and aipeed, Ce~ttrtiot at pia.sIb hast, auriu he d ateh. ti daee ee~b pha)..h,A,ba.eatulreylatedaa lloretra deetudtgole,aero Te ',ilee Pisa aaI!n aorthye ItI[ the eahlnet f mtattet..aeaa enlalSfel~ir, ah. lllaie cai 1me they till heaetgsao imall Na hahdl ,ya a llatlel&J . Ottt httelat eeea p.RoOFE iOlt SWDfOUtRts H10.IAN DRB PILLa. JL hfr til tll'c, tual exlrptiao of evet y aptcielanat aytmp am tot alebrhlala.,, dlease, tand ite many dllaordnlraa. Sfroml the Imlrrller telellnwclnl. nltheihi.,i- gl l etreat oaltneretland yphilthI Illues. ewith OhervaltlOII 0 so, remin;t week luels fie .". eo I atlllllg ll.hirt eela kllItarag by thoe who iar or tahaiat o lo rufe + I? to Ills. d 'olh . ld de llld l hlii gmalndy. ) Dutviaaaat caaoa.ueara Ia lreect Il attention to thee d-.. Sorders ar nine IrOnl te too free amd IrdlrWrcrimlute judl.· ggl.nlle I ,PII"d' lt p ' t , u ia Ii, lnt olll y -cuiols a see traid o" aera.ll i tffe(g rat.a,, e but lI.aeatala ol ita vut.-Lar gaheae arv l,,i aalae, aitia,, u nt'ldipe. t thait Ltra.ag_ ht rlelllaay tilga,.I Whlelter Iea COIl tueaeu i ofag l'ul'hah, e'xet aedrallk tlg. or any ather ea'e by w.its piacr. tlflit,' e lataial l tacal enfeebled. he aihe I a.lallld peedy rel.ltrallul to a OUlld and aa rvlgmn hemalb, SI ia aeluu Illly 1at.t, that thauaUll.adt fllIctialt,,1t It ba d-areal dlalot, I oing tI the i of I ltratae l. Sho, by tIlle lr e olf that deatily poann, lerauly, ieu theM" .IIIUtoUl. u,, whel he a,,nr Sweduar Ittcatma. Pra. nasur t Leydeu Ulntierslty, he olIferred e n avel uabl. Hebe. lit uapon aellkiad hy the llaratvrrey.a hib gr.d Placa ftr. t y lae ru, u l thlt Ineprabl tlal ollean llt. Never did i dlaotart .etla .reateler sl,,a tla;a t wae ouaghtaalaer wath i a idty a al usedl wlih ulhnleilt liug 'ucc's IIiahe most minnute ad inn icel anaes of tIle drliat,. colnmplaint, far lhe cure ,If whith the haarlbeen .o tlaop a.l.bllaed. Tate fallle Of thela* Pillt thlm. outarnealaay, cau.d their la)eeayptllaihrndnrt, ino. almetet., pry cnltilry. '1 Ile lcertaiiaty . thl whiclh they bere p laallllll I n , aill- un be at, at ed by oooaay t Ieaaaalll aaaa in f"aada .. gthe longa.a ,: , ,ttiauatal arlhey ware tha iua,,,l.lbea ,m paaao raea nla. uat aloa alla, taelaaci, lie ll al e.e where the lt agha1.t aalspiclean a tallt'eliaall waan eaataaaalt. What midi I., aC a Ull ae a mlraaapelalprite thaln thlal waaleh hau gventaeh gaener.dlatlaliaaio ll a he Hggaiaan Herb Pills. root oaut avery Ia partildle of ilaladidu pa+on, ptrltptg Ia their progut tl,. whllle ma.l of,; they not only remove the ditie., beh re I ty their action, the ditfereet l'unetina of tbhe body. eaxalelug lae greaser halnor, aed In a manner aIn mild and iarpterepialer aIto cUlllte tile la,,tlce atiIa of theirmao ,.ll tg tllt ueqtlllelt power-; Ihea neitercona, a mercury o ay oVhe, ttiaernl. and lmlay lie tt aaaall w Iut ahetlaghteat S.a pleioll o di-aoverty--they reqllire no reatrat of diet, loe ol h l rle a or hindrnlao a o al'aobUtle, 1lIna effect aomplaeteure with out tte lesta eaaaure -the p.tiac. At aeypariod tteatbe a tliglateat .aatpraael maaye.tia. it aill Ihe wellt ave rerouem alta. Ilpgrsaaa tlebPlls, atr waen ltatat laeFure the dise... easIr Ita a at*ara ltLe, ia nlct at a ecertlain prventive, ta -n ilag thle ral.llu lllt effectual y and aecrety. 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