Newspaper of True American, June 8, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 8, 1839 Page 4
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asalawrerakLets S EOLlr AN, Ann HALTIMORE LINE Of PACEI'TS, O n wil oeasf t of thle following vessels, Sb#ll built or pourhaosd expresnly fin Seaan, Capt. C l ner, SMry Nickerson, ~ai Ftory, hew Stevens. " , Slomon laltuns, latham, 4Iy h aitect, * GLray. Sare sý the first clas, have hand. ni ol racommodaliono, aod are of a light tv Wtter, so ao to odmit of thleir receiving and iMarlgilg tlseir.argeos i Balctiote, atl the city. it will be taken for porte on the Ubheapeake at Dame' River, and forwarded by the agents,. ,i q .p (VLARKE & KELLI CIG, lt Balmore: i on goods shipped will be advanied whin e -qolco . The Irice of passage i fixed at $0iO, iplo atoncs of tho h at qalily will ho provided. Utatam op and down the Menaissippi wil be taken c 4.l oeasieon. .ofefraight or passage, apply to SGEO. BEDFORD, eiat71 22 iianville cit. !FOR NEW YoIIK. Leouialina and New York Line of Packetse Thip Ships eomnpoin g this linae will ail from ItewOrleen and n Now York on every other 31loa I d--y-ommeneing on the 20th Novemrolr--end to mienre the punctuality int tie itie of silln,n the lina will hereafter consist offive ships, viz: Ship Yanoo, Captain Trask, to leave on the 20th Novemaber. Ship Louivrlle.' Captain Paher, to leave en the 4th Deooteer. Ship Huntsvillo, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Decemrbhr. Ship Vicksbhrg, Captain Woodhruso, to leave on the Ist January. Shlp Missleiippip, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of Jnairy. The abrive are all non, of the first class, copper d, and copper fareoned,. rnd upwards of. 5!0 tone I mirthel, are of light droaght of water, beirrg bhilt in New York expressly fr the The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are lnred up in the most inproved and convenient plan, and 8inished in a neat and elegant style - Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid tn tihe ealorrt ned entire eatieloetion of plnr'onges, who will plcnasq take no. tice thIat no berth call e secured until paid for at th.aorce of the consignees. These venoels are eommanded by captains well ceperienced in the trade, who will.give every at tentsion and rxcrt tlhelmrelves to currmmndat, 'thrv i will at all tites he Ioerrd pn and down thire Misis sippi by etiraiboats, rnd the strictust punctualrlty oservrerd ir tie tirre of sailinrg. The owners of tilese shi; a will not be responai. hile fir anay letter, paircl or Ianckage. sert by or r put on boardl of them, unless a regular bill of lalriinr c be aig:red therefor, at the counting house of the i agent or owaners. 'or lrtlhber pcarticulare apply to J D BEIN & A COttEN, +ov927 9 Cumtnon at j ",f oR'.h iA 's & CtiA ;il.,tS 'lrJN ' :1t' :.+ TS ' - 'llh line cuoeest r .f t of r veorsel., rill tlhl tirer lses, ranpperrrlodrrpipr f.rt. eredo, and of sahrrll 2; I0ons urtraea l, with Ihtndillsme rcr nornrrrdati,rns for pstreneers. These vessels are enrInmrndrld ly captains sonl .vperiencer in rih trlde, who will ve every at tetlrion. nd exert themselves to nrer.*t dllar t the shippers. 'hey will b"" tot, rd tiu) ndr down the Mhesisiipi.,nd leaver Nra Orleans tin or Irreore sIe IOIh e rlhi of every melthr . The llluwieg Senrlsl cllnt.n-e t el rho It rio Brig Arnhlirin, Clnirlr. G rdon, master. Brig C :apmntn.J. B. Tlomlrsot, tneater. Blil A Ilitr riI J.. UIt ne, tr trtip. Balr;i Rngr lilllatr, .J Allilber, mneter. PFar trrright r past.aveI, plv ro, J. A. BARELLI " C",,,1 " C,rnttrtrr . New OleitSe, uor 1l. C ilthdor'ri;. (.lr.rrt ',O e nrrI L UltAl y. CUS eare,, t . d Nerw Ejelcar Li eat' Packet Shripa.-TIlne new line of ahips has been expressly built to run between the abort ports, and will be found of suitable draft of water: aceomnmodations for passengers, and every' effort will be iside to give general antic action, ' lih llhe is composed of tila Il lowing ellip:et Cherokeo. 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lenlnsl, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Colnlrbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Iluwes, Borilnny, i625 nd D Humphrey. The above olhils are all noew, of the first lass, e*pper fastond and aoppered, comnmanded by mno efgreat experience, have large accommodations, with a separate ladire cabin; every attentiuat will be paid to pasetngnrs, and the very oest of stores pro ilded for them. The packets will betowed up and down the Mis eisippt, and tile strictest punetnoli y observed in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained ill arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be snbstitnterl. A share of patron age is solicited, and tile agents pledge themselves to aedemmolate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods Iy ,id line at the most molder. ate charges, and to advance all expeonrs on goods ahipped, ifrearrired. The ships will leave the let anti 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to the agents. J A MFRRITT, 82 Common st. N. D. Advanemlentes made on consigrllno..ts I. Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. novs7 eants eacb, olltaniiiiu the strength of threc Omlen c 'o Liverwort, hsi les the itirtes oii many other roitn and herbs kuown namnone the ildits as eflicncious in curing psllonar c.nmplaints. The u'liivlled suecess which tas nttended the tse of aine i llnltt anle lllal wherever it hls reeon inelo dnred. has elte:ined the confidence and reommenda tin. of rnepeethable ihyiions, for the eare of couons, olds, paln in the side, want of reet, spitting .t blued, oiere omptlint. S&. .To whne it rno concern. This is to corticv that wre oae in our praetice frequently prescribed tAfr) lard ar'e Indian taleam of I.iverwort a d llerlonunil, withl a decided good effect: wre can thereotbr, frmin the know ldge of the materials it is made from, nd (cservattn. s a xporiente, recomiende it as a slrper.- B relraRi l aol these atldctions of thle lns for whicll it is ri naeanded. AI,BF.IPF WII.L 1451, M. ft. CALVIN EI,ItS 5i. D. Mettlhie ofalhs lostoen Medical A.socintion. oetrnn, Octsber 2h5. sale by JARVI S & ANI)REWS, 1il 19 :n lit , i l ',:'rtiit nia rls et ¶IWEN rY.T"1 1Ils Coast i: ut received n,.d for eal l hy IERLMuGEIfniB:la aWN . COt. .may 3 No 9 rfl.nti st. ILUGO.1-.J ust landing tetr,, Mea-inr. a slpiei of U lmNaiml, r itteilr and sweet litUorine, ilno Jaieeaaencr ofllregamol, esenr.e ., lemon juie..a h-enp and eraerv erndsa, innlna, .Slek, allll esmll, cantharierlr, hnlm t fe hlowl t vater Sice, for wholresal nnd mreil in stne r oe It Bi)hNABIt., m99 rcr'aNnhrlhz t, 7hltlll,,toiic et IlKAUI.ICr"Ml .Nt--15 als liundiilg onm sh ip H fin,) tlboltaid for sa!r ht 01i " P t WtlTNE, may3 7.l Cu.oiIe.t a IIlONl HARTT' & (O, re nw rneeaivmgn!rnl on boMrd sltiap Orleans. En1le, Iiwllldctier, t'okr Intsr Andrew, French ald G ermen Pln earns; Bnck anama Bourlns; Cbesumci, 2 1.4 andl 23.8 ielh Jill id'Balll; 8,9, O0 and 12 inch blhltde enii. Koie,: laalter and ether treivellillp I)ressin" Ca+.c ; Ielt. P'cketrs,Hor'eoan's, and inruiue P'i.ol; dnullle Ind aLile barrelled Gons; taule Ia's; 0lhot Ilelt'; Plowder and PIatol Flasks; Itrirn littlen 'n.! t)rinkilng Cuips; Percrioon Cnpa and Cap, Iohlhl'c; Cloth, lair, Tnoth: end Neil lraishds r Oreisaid Cnloine T'telh Vish-el Toa Powder; "roilet and Shaving Soap, in tleat ves. Petr' Inar IHair Ilruide, nti,,lets and Frizettea; lPer. andl tile Plawder, Eetlry lann; Itviry Tu, Crushine,: PAtent or eGarters; (itl Eastic fnepomehlet ; Powder Ptnff and lnoxes t ilt ClUtlns, Seal and Kevy; r.olropa; Waist Btckle; lBeeeleter: lined Neclhlnecs ant Chain; Gil ad, orniiverad Beadse; India leads, Belll aind rltnecs; Shell Tiv sta Side coil l)resrin Uoamle;whleh,tn drhlition i1 t1heir fonner stock cn hanel, mke the.irns onlrtneo verr y implete, and will e sold ow aed rn hbtnrl ten, w the igCIIon l tie Goilenc 'Maob. 25-f1 t 0 Chartres street. tatijetli John D hilo, fr title e a421 . I RItIfE & Ir,134 lngazeine o JitnAltl I l',.,-.5 hra Is .l I twell cettonade.. 5 J bales 4.-1 Iwille lenw,dl euron. 3 eoa- buckskin teripa. Innaling tei'm t.ip t.t I.i efifg salc hby it9 1 ilR:tt(;F & t ou. 13 1M1legzine at fI|liN ItOUFS-'i'The s.i riber har. p-oiuretl nfa et, ere. l, . Ie,. ri~eght of pit ini ir.,n raefs in this city. TIi"" are adapted o inphht bIlldingi, warehouse', end plivate dwellinate,ll ld Bulltlne at oince cllopita, and durlhililr., und ore prrfcitly tire litd wraler pri.,,f. Tlerms anat Le knlwn, nod a ,idrl rten nt eour estelnhlishmernt, aloppoite St. .lury's inmr' e, Teltopitlttlt e'. nOl t E BI COGSWE.I. & io Y)\L-'l'lte .n li rcr ielava riinaintly nin hand a laer siilplllV if Caonol ndl Liverpi.l eoal. in htlk. it ipprriitr quailily, wllilch they oriler fr nIe Co lin Ill to Sil plrihtllnaet. Alo erxpeeteld h the first arrivals from eilon lnandil ad the Nrtl,,r Cannl. Lehigh and reach liiMftiiltn CiGia. hrIken and screened, put ua in hiltgbeoada cclpreanlt* fur family nte--ll if wh'ei' thee will ilutpiie ofou t llmeat tno hrlea:r cllii'. girdcrl Irt at Iheir, f ice, N,. 53 liroilr cis t. tip lreir. ill he pioliptllyt nitltradd iM. n ner3 I" . & A .'tit,11 a I S 1.I.I . 111 _ llti'! _ _ , _ ll_ i t \h11ý{;1ýtr'$-5 "ii en G3reetl Faill 6hi 4.! tfe -l· ,,derr. t anf ,'S I,!re /e!.nn tn .-i hr.,wn a d .leistndirigfm:u shipas hplalemn. ier..o.l " h Ill I. BrtalGE'. & (i. - ,__ rý"I;6l.' IIINl.-15I porn, nT iisimo _ fi l tfali mt Goi ,'lipttereia .i. ig a (h- , VEW 'OODS-Simmons Hartt & co arn now 'r I L elviag ftorm on banl shipn Yazoo, aid Sonrattnto ad brig Conordia, from Ne, York, a great variety ot goodls ia their line, which together with their-fornter itoak on hind, makes their aiasort et veryl. plate. 'la fllnoinlg emitrse a part, viz: ell twint, a,,,o,;de, tu:k and roliegrasomnl, horl do ofall denaiptlioa, la ian ruler, silk and worosted elastic garters, acotnon & ine elastic s aienll ders, loon Fooe and luleifer tatreasn, .uidlitl owderew. gwdeprlioL and boxeo, tnile, powder, pocket taks anlid wvllet, needle lroka, shella , Iearl, avnry and terence card ecases, had ornament,p tlaoin eo ral hoads, necklasen anl negligees, head chains, bead aeckllcee, ceat gclns and tlain,re d,ailverand gilt beads, Indian heads, bell anod pAhance pistol and largo lnw er fasks, alet belts, hore, beIlt. pocket and duealing istols; dotaloe and single hrreled gnns, Bowic knives, and dirks. aesisawrs, slears, pocket kIives, guard ehains, and ribbons , aist buckleo , elotl, hair, totl, ,..nil,comh,, rumnt. shoe, Idate, floe nl tid dating hbrsh,ea Col gne, Florida, lavetder, rose anl bay watera,nsorted esneaaes, and extracts, Maecacsarr, ,ear, anltiqano, andt Ward' v getable hair oils, shaving and toilet soaps oftall des eilptions, lalies' ana geantlemoeno' desks and dressing eases, hair rieglete, friettes and braids, plain, fancy and Mausial work boxes, plain and cilt, aigured, coat and ealt botans, pearl and ivory shirtedo, hirt atudda, gold and silver pec:il eases, toothpteks and tweezern, dated and gilt lohketo, trinaitre dol, tilcer, haoi and steel toimbles, hooks and eyes, hair pins, ioitatloa frit, blk 'pd rediak,ashae blocking, violins sand giltnro,ribbed nod plain percsesion caps, linma twino, rcented cash lens, gold and silver lace and fringe, latter paper, gane !Lg.riding w'ips, walking canes,playmngcaado, floe Soldr platoa and gilt j Mwelnry &e. Tiae above, together with a great varietv of othler arti lea are offered t wholesale or retail on accoaonadating tenrms. N B Shell tnahons repaired l OtYLE . MAY. Hiuae, Inghi, an tIaIoNlteaa _ n Painters, No 3 Caroandee tllee, two doors from Inloantios oaf .h following woods and msanrblh, a euted in am masterly atannee. tnlahognay, Eg 'iatiaii blai k atikd old, Oak, " Gialia ndstl Aitico, Pollans dlo, O:cieho l or yard alhtqne, Curnl tdo, rJaasper, Ccred Maple, lloool Stote, iidamis Eye a a, Dtarby Granite, Satin Woodt, i otomae, Ilaor WVoal, D ove or nlerdello, Yea'FTree, Itoalia White. Coroaalte or Black Sioan: and Breotella. Iose Wonl, I Ameri tan (;rly, Asl W'hite Oak, kai. h- kh,. CNrlled El n, 'timos to e sl at the shop. Paints, Is, glass, oenpl snlistt, e. .on .a.i.add tear sae. ' I:ON, STEEI.L HEAVY (il)lOlaS-Itat, oqoaaee no nillu ndle iron, well ansorted. Iloop. sretil ad rod iron, aiail rodls ta . lou gh, Cnat, Gariano. lshear, blistered, spring, lsheet sol Co'wrle steel lHnollw taoer, cut and1roightt nails ala slike Zinc, block tila, mill ant. glrid salltoi, salt kettles Chain cadles, anchors, hoes Ox, Itng at d tece cha:lin, cor'n mlille Aaiils, iees, llaalacrae d hollowsll Wt'ire. lert,plig oad bar lelad; a hot C.aral, dlld e kingai slOcVs AIet, Ilnullolalt'saaill Iltllatc ,,ade.!ea(all,! HIov ,I lok notll Illdt Itipes, door anl widowa Ilioaa Collins, hlllts, iii;-tps, ind 'haler ancs iar'ind and Manilla coadlahge, lirns sild twias Ilolt aid hllevthi,,F copper; \; l Paiits, lianseed arad spera ail A hill laOIninia at 111oi halid.sre adl shiap ahltini]crv, alway)'s IfonNo, :opt! whlih,:are o{ff.:-d l';r.;lle:det wholý.o I na- A I. ",IN h Co. 53,111, Lar., A NEW artiele rforperson's a,-:a!led with deodeoso, (called inh Ear 'l'rinoet,) l,,:% ao.t beon reeeired, hby the uso aof wiiel, Ia,- alglhtear a ticatliolra of the hlu Imno voice is dilalocals ciarne+aa to thie onr. Aayv rie whno halns ever oen obligeo to' convere with a vnre deo t'enon, must Ie fully sen ,ilde nof the diffiecltv nod em horranament exoerieaeed hoth ho themselves end the io dividuals so anli,rtunlatolvnfilicted. By thle use of tha Ear Trampit this objectina is etirelv nioviated. The anaes sceptical have ats nvs a. nndoaerl tleirdoublts ierof halnving used tll, Trumlpe. For sale at T F GUION'S, Fancy atone. orner oarfCmono and St Chanrles streets ader Ito Eclhaaage totel. fi-l 13 OISN Hl..IS--Orders receivei forcorn miills, Ilv I apo117 SHAIlL & BIIIOWaN, 9li alogtzine SIAF SU(iAR--variaou quali ieo. rontotnllv iiu asto re and f,,raleby SHALL 4. llaLaWNE, mar 9 96 liMngnzioe at mar l 9i Malnga.ine at lROBERT'l' CIANNONc 0HUSE AND'SIGN PAINTER No. 12 Camp street. r Wholesale Ileler in Paints, Oil, Varnlshe., Brushes, m11n Willdow and Picorre Glrss to e. O c. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIea-O.i A* GOODn WI INn. GN, Charinres NStrc, Ore IDoor below Bietnville. STAVE onnttontly on hand every articleo appertain Ii g i tg itrit'nlel'ot n'o dresnl , led in e th, bet nmn. ,or nood orost fat-;enable style,o whiol they ottfIer I Scasu, nt redlled primcl. S dec -1113$ a At tlNT'I'A GUL'' 11A.Ill FOR THE TEET'H. rll H estlhlinhed roptntlinn and onstn..tlv tnceeo;ra .l l dentlnd fr this effetun remedyv of poio, ond pro . servnatie of the" teeth, has induced tile rlnhcriober t offer it to the Amenrican public. Arrangemnos hn bv hbeen ndoo Ih) suppy 0lvents iln all the .rilocital .chii and tolo ion the United Stalos, so as to place it ithi the reacl of those suffering and likely to suffer this monm harUssing of all achee, Tootlt-anohe.. 0 When2 applied aceording to directions given on b bottle, it ans never faile oin afford ilnmmeldite and monoeut relif. It also arrests tile decay ton lefeotiv teetl, and relieves that soreness lhich'no irequerntohn renders a O trong tooth uIlsless Tho application c:all remedy are silnlt, ilnocent, an not unpleasant; andi the lare I lllln r of persons in different secction of thl oollntry,that have alrrady experiened slich delightfu a and anmltnry efflets from the eno of tIle ul1tr, are ready to hear {ior tie putblic good) their testimony to its ill- 1 rivallend qolnitln. It is an Indian remedy, odtllilnaed siltgloirlve and olnexetedlv, and nm.l e regonrhld h? thie oiviliedl orold as the roat valuable discovery dl'cdan of tile wlads. d I'ice l per bottle. Solld hvy JAR VIS & ANDREWS, tg 5 Cor Coolmon and Tt.lltitoulaetrt . of , O((ot. hIAI3, iin caese-2i dooen whire Woo SV nllt,forsnale JOHIN II GRAIHAM. ni t16 d I, lTE LEAD-hbole, 1501 lebs ach; 411 kegs, 100 "" 00re 2000 ad, 25 ,1- English do- d 5 1-4 bhl. 4110 " th Il 'Pamlnt lirhe, various bizes; I ease Vlcrmilli il; a 5 bids opal Varnish; 000 " 2 .laL , I C Coeh 0 packsn Gold Leaf; 510 do ilver do; I0100 do Dutch Mintal. WINDOW GLASS,'American, El:glish and French 10110 boxes, various sires and qualities. o ton torow do.--00 boxes, conignment, will be old low. or Also, a general assortment of artisto' entiron and fois, for oale by A W SCA'I ES, No 46 Canal street. of N II. Alabema notes taken at p r. and Mississippi Snotes et ot04 received at 10 per cent discount for goods, up or in pa ilrt of debts. je I tw JARVIS & ANDREWS, d WIIOI.ESAI.E AND RETAIl. Di;ALERS IN IEDICINES, PAINTS OILS 1) I'E Sl'TUFF: .4 \ I"VI'D OIW' GI1.L RS, it ,'neCr ut Common lland Tohoupiltolas street , W\V OlE" NATIIAN JARVIS. JO)HN W\ . ANDI) EWS. Alarge upply o Gorden eedsl. twarranted the growth of 10i37. r A NDREW 3I''ll &i( CO., reoloptl'lly itfoar :k their friends and the public In ltontral, that I 1l they occupy tio new brick sl.op, 219 cTehoulpitoulas In: street, where they keep constantly on hand Copper, It ri and Sheet Iron WVare, of every description, toe 0.'c as copper stills, kettles, and pmotps, tin btth. ing tit , and oil cans, of all oorts and sizes, and all t o thelr brass esetinlg done at hhortelt notice. si Grate hiarn of every description, stelh as steamll. rn boat stirrupn, hog chains, screw b.olts, and other ar. kind ofeteambaat work, such as chllimeya, breach. ne or, steam pipes. 0 They will also do all kinds of out door work, suh aO zllne, copper and tinll rotllin and guttering, , &e. They a.bove and all olther kirnd ol work in ing their line of business, they will execute at tlhe nl, shortest not ice. ibe027 011D - - . lIo HIIRROWGATE SPRINGS \ou,.ll eryf" ",',,ii,,, . Inl,.lH a u. TIIHREE 1I.1S "ý -r ir"1. if NE It' olE FtIIE proprietor of this estai:lisim nt has tILhe plea [ ure oil announcin- to his ti ienl+ anlld tile nibtir 5l in enelaltl0 t he will lie ill readilehyby tte 0lrst dlil of i tio May I to r eive viiterso. le will also slaet Inor toi'r - t rerit of tih n t n a ditlnee, tllnt tthere halte Irooll lbe Irg, improvements nade, and othllers now goiong on and in ell ru,.ld iro.ea for completion, whihlt will enable the rsulserler to enormlllnodate a nluch larger nitlllter than heretofore, and at the sante time much better. Fanilie can be acRlmlnootr dated trith gonl roomsn or o Ihoore who irefer can have large cabins lrtached front nil them ie. building. t It '. inred unaceesscry te say anything in parllell. I, lar of the -haraeter of these waters, for it is genaly believed that they are not inferior to any in the Soutll ern States. All the amnllemente tha are generall; tllllO at t atering Places, will be found at tlhin. ' t n'0 I(olt muoic that this part of th. euriltrv, I. l. hbeen eng.ged. and wili he in ronsrtrnt attendance at he sor Sprins duoinl thle whole seasn. S Io 1 lhlrbeelibet will avail hirneelfof this oppnrtunily Si returning his uanleigned thanksl for the very libleral rit eRpport given him last season, and hopes by the exer tions that have been mlade in improving and erxtelinlg tihe neeommodatrios, to merit a liberal patronat. , Iho pesent selon. JISO CRAI. L S SEIGOLR, No 54 Conde stirCtt hetwetna [turnin end Si Philip, keeps eonneantlly on hand l an txten-ive nseurtit tllo. iboots and ibrgans and .hee,of New York ma fnture. For men. wamten n nd children of all .ees, "'hlch he will d:epoe of n at very moderate priers. Fnnliie onf hig an qlintl.e n sendline an ,0r0ler w i:l havn hanir wishen a1t ded to L S SRGOUR nU lo\, . ln'LOtHls -ffr ohnes, woll Ihrintttd i S tllh fto r.landioe from irOlhio, end John DlrIrloir BUSINESS CARDS. , JOB PRINTING. 0r EVORY UEoCRnIoioN. )f'EEWLY,1ANIroOtE^.L.Y AND CHEAPLY EXV UL'TLI) AT THI OFFICE O THE u1 TIrue Slrnericana aT. CIIA'12LES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. mn23 n A CARD. n E & SINNVOTT, Ifnwleoscte Grarer, and Crnmism ll :er hang,, Na. 27 Caoo.on Stroot,.'fo" Orleans. Qr1Iortic.lIorntteof.,n fpid to tit a ring up of Sw...oeo hunt and Ship stores. uov2 SAMVEL. TOBY, '.nlerc/(.andis ron': 4. C,,Cnnoimiio.ndlerclannf, .113 ()lice, :1)1. Camwp ot.-For, ti present. .. P. FRIEEMAN A &'o., Ir'kI.nle t Clotihig sl.thhuarenta fNn. 3, mato..or slrOl,, AVE cntoontll, on hood a laorg . onpl' of Cloth illg, relent Stud fr ther cnnnrrv trade, 't'heir as. sortme~nt 1,eil1 large. .ierchauto front thle country can be opnppli d ut Rho nhortnot nlotice. nett BAZAA.R 3SZTH & ALLEN, NO. 1, EXCHANOE IHOTEL, :earner of to. Chr rites and Commono slt.. NEW ()IOLILANS. 1T IPOI1TER0 nod oolerr ifo FrInch aad Engotll I PreOo,'rv, 1Draooono CL..enood Potol.l l Itoos.. : Cohtleo, 2)0170ty, Glonon Shirt', blocko, oihnrolloo, no.IPI11 Eon-ne AIIoePF .13 Cat',m l an rils.(5KE'I'UCKY,, Ilii ,isJ, pen·l Indiana Hnuk hooae IlhFn no ldmoo ookNoon .1166 fall, by 662' 6-I'f)... mayg 3 74 (irevier r t i 1.I Nll,( 16,1 Chartre or, I,,,, ihio. tiny to civrll 1.1 fn-ll osltnooo of Woinche,) Jooelrn, .31 ...0, roelt..ei osur on1 65 Ware, they trill Ie AntH er lot tine luwý st tnurk -(t priceE. Sill I I)i{A1_Elts IN AMERICAN 6. i:"GILIII CROWN GIAPS, al;. 3 Coo.o'.oIIro Son:.e7. of FASUIIONAELE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HA)DDEN, No. IIt h (l01010 StroC IfAVE. a 11,11 01.10up1.1..l r orof l 0 er. I ink tn gcotlo..tco' dm.1., .;1te t1t, nt lo ot,, at Now York pri ___s____ .Ire20 ORLEANS LITHOGEiAPZIfl PRINTINO ES'!AI'I 611 ,MENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Opposofite hank,!:' Arcady.l Itfl1 avGlE r 11UftlTl BArNKNO'T'E ENI1riAVHN(.i RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & HDSON lb .661.: .on,,,,,.an ,oliioc, i, N.,n (hleuns. I floolo, Ith ifuore 0 Enfionvo., 1Iorljnllno Itk f("Pt,, Bond.., B. ills of t~xchlle.$. · cettiti,"n'ed ,t It·Pipnlhl· ChClkrsldn otherl .iho-roo t paters, - gqtt-tilt, sr^.rity I u..t pm rei ies uud hi-, mule foofoplo le'p ,,Oio Iot I h." oaf I eepia o' ail p~lums endl intptrssplulll ntrtthl d I, oIthir cute; their go''i cons embIrace nlfie of eve,,r fireI hundredlfbo..kio.. iotilntiooo, noed oall(re wil lie eecitd wito oo....p..tndt., an-Ioot,onoteoul tarlolo. Oflio, cooner of Roynl & Cotool ,trIo;. 'n~--If CHAMPLIN & COOPRI' ,I GROCEIIS AND) DEALERS IN P'IOVISIONS N. o1 n7rod 3t Jaiif stib , oI. n ONlclns. Shj1,ip anod lf,:ol'a storest nor. 5 ;I-<I AN A - - - PURNITUIE WAREROO1S N.. .13, 'li onv~ll e t!,"et. '1.71l1.11AM LIt.CAiNES, woul, reopectfully lo f~ra hi friutl sodrhopnhir hatloie i con,. orootl rerooiving froo Ne oYrk and floaton, a good. sIoa, lrd-tInds .oolltoIlle l midpained chIairs, Imaple and cherry Ilrcdste, mbo.olgoy onf closr% ulblesof nall deoeripltiuno, ibeatit,, ,oo,,,oonn~s, wHIirie^ dusky wkrr.,i.' ofmaogllanan d .,l trr. herryw attnds, lohkin, glanoor, frolfooo, Ibeddintg,2O. &n.r Nl. Furnlture patl0Ot 100 Ir tr f...loltioO w.ith grean care. '..,.4 . ` r :~l cnre. _ . . . . vl IN'SURAN 'E COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. Thin Cnlmpnv are now prelored to take RISES AGAINST FPIRE. No. 24 *luusson's luilding, Can! ster. E I, 'ttACt'Y, New OFleoans. fay 15.1338. ý I .I 1r,.r. ()Lt) COI'I1E--;lllO Ib i. t.II p,,r lb.t . u . _ Al Il I)r:V , t ' .Ii X, IIUStI'r'ON k ASPINALI.'S C'OMPOUND TONIC MIXTISURI.-A speedyo nsod eolrtin curo for the Fever and Ague, remittent and intermlittelt feIets; propared froln the original recipe. Used w:th eminenot rad uni versal success in 1832, by"ens of the hlighest rospectalility in this city, as stated in the annexed certificatees. This med:cine is highly reernmmended, and has been extensiveiy used in the above disoanes with i suoh distinguished success, thait the proprintor of the recipe Ilas been induced to ofber it to the puh. t lie in its present form, in thle hope I hat it mnay he the moans of reheving many of those who are suffering under the scourge of out country. It is a medicine possessing great visito, and when used necording to the directions has never failed if orfecting a core, even in the most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, sid persons of the weakest stomach, and children may take it with imponity. It strengtlhens the digestive organs, ereates an appetite, and seldon requires more than one, or inl obstinate cases, two bottls I to effect a cure. There is neither mtercury nor arsenec in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are so well convinced of its eflirnc, that t'hey agree to refund the price of every bottl o which, has been taken in accordanen with the directions and has nlot effected a a cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for New Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug and ioedicinoe store, curner of Ilienvllle and Chartres strooets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. WV. SMI'il,. 48 Conti st. PENSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW CITY, PENSACO)LA. STIE stubserilier having purihnsed thele ose endt fur nitureof this well known aonhablilcnt, frinn lt TI'ylor, the late proprietor, will be ready to reeive i., terns by the slot rl' April next. Numerous and coetly improvements will be found in the arrangements eo tile .Manlsioi HIlouse. New alld more coniulldious batllin o hures will he buill, and warm b th will be provided at all holurs. A stable I will be attached to the hltee, with gioouI accommt.da tios for horses and carriages. Vci es rat: horses and erronges will alanl be !ept ir hlir atl mlerale ein cs, eor thl", ilo us e iiitltl. IMilli:lr Itilll m11het Oltl)tIl i.,l1O ius ilyv tbtu d at v aleriu tplal ese,till ,lilob. furniihed, tnli lso'emtlhdtl··, as 1oat to i ,tcr.rrl- chi! the Cellmf~rl he of the eft quholiy, nad to e onrur, till supply I of I, ie, a e'rgs e ilreatdyt ictu ordt.led, ollt will artriie. { aot IIh I-t iof \int." ltl- .rr,-triik ltlltardc, who itlolelev keplit slpopuitlill n hotel at Wi.Vlthill: toll city, will elllld:l I Mle ho el fir t ihe proprietor, o, h with slltih i ai i,Cl.rotly assures a the itllr of Ina t eiar, and hli; l rienlls go neCl ly, thatl they will r.wecee averv pusiible rtientllllion; and thereby I' le tieiII n ult ldgttS t" lh a lnouset are too wvell known ioll need It lengt. ened ldecripltir.n 'The Ifacts ttnat Pnleaolll in the naval statiotn of the tGooverllllitl tl.e ell*.lal ileaill.zlt.l of lllIe (lilfti lllf " rion he dl, t li, oill i it. elliioi lreletrsllpdl l.llllttlYv dll. r lint the llininelIr lmoIlith byv tle cooIlet I retPes from l. trei (llf; the eatllly of the bay and the neighlboulring islnd-i atll rivers; tie alllundll n e al d ielicacyof tile ,i:.l willl whihch te waters ,olund; ito Id; i, pIn tximity to h Ibest Soutlero lml:lrkets, ive I'enscula the pre I re'eel over all othler placee i th Ile latitudel , as a h lt liht aid del i l.linl hltiterret e I' rate hoatrs w ill ru . hlerwrPPii s'enlSal alld M1o Sbile, anllf will it all tilmes lte aible to take tile pIassellger froiln tlii NeI Orlell latts. N O N Ii ARNOII). Pelreeoln,Feb 1 Ih,18:;8. U7 (entlleltlen wlahillg to i-enge rooms fuo" tlhelr I L milire, tlll address the prlu rito r, tl I enacslela, i r Mr Sewrell T Taylor, the former proprlntor, ait ie. Or, lns Rrferenees. T' Saaftil, Ftlt , Mr C CIllom, II :to .\llpi, EEsq., Ilt. Kibvy, f .11h ie; S 1' Taylor, " P Rln, Esqlin Net. S' I --.A letter t: i. , i co "lln ictllo.a s il r n pelnat thel. isl e t,:.., i i ;.."o ed it llco WVitallln'l r office, 51 St CharlteI ". (. h 6 i . SI.ORItDA ROUTE FOR NEW YV RK. lei Traveller. desirous of tl e'ilg the Florida route, via Pensenoll,tlo the NlOrth,oare inf,ir:.ed t!hat irsl rnat bllets will CIllStlIanlV run frit. lMohile It Pen'lehli, I leavig Mobile noid lPesaeuaeli vrvi Itber dtiy e, ur her Ist of .v*. God aetrlls wiill al:,ays he proveldi it the sulatcri r Io hi- in rerlldinllc to take pnilesgere fron Iluoile, in ea.e of thoe failure ofthe I. la"ta 01N It AttNOID. The a.eamnboat Champion leaven Mobile for Penen .i. ,lt e twicr a week t. t7o1_ _ -I AN MARI' FARINA'S COLOGNE WATER sJ 2aotesw mtire of tii stluprior Cololol water,. jiltt relerived lilld flir SOril v lhe dozenl or oilglgh bttll.,. Atsi Aielitoan iled l)-tii'l l toilet twdlere, powtIer i ellts sId looxtlhai onl tilt npta, )e tOutec walh halls, milk of roses, cosmelic .roiM cream, extr ae o ,rs , in m in Woard's elgetsle hair oil, polnatutn, i ....i.e de p.r.., Florid.lhveidct r. rose .o i bhy teerso, I Preost ll's eatsh, Marleilles pere illlry ill trllnks. vegell ot, tool a oil nd flesh brtchesi togelher with I it, ofiontl suppl~v of tfaishioonldei huoro aid shell .tbtmbnoti jelwelrOfii.ralth lowant wholeiale or rtitall i 5 ' PSIMMONS. HARTT &C(us,, Sjur .. l. 7)lltartrtre. tit. ri i) ,l andthlingl from tlti O'ionrle.roi. fir vale Iy Royal ('nllege of Ih ysicens, Londosn. 1iHE original Vegetble Hl.eian Univeral Medi cine, prep'medl by %V Miskin, Enl. Memnler of 1 i Reval College of murgeone, Liceistiate of Apothe sve rsty's nompanv. YFellow rtil"llih Court Lociety, SuIgeto I to the ioynl Unlion Pension Asuliation. Lalletrso 'lce, WVateinloo icilge, and Perlemtunl Pupil l of (ay' lnd St. Thilomaos's Ilotpiial slotlonit. 'Tlhis vluallte meriiene, the result of twenlty yeittn' lperienee and U ollcmlloleel succes in tihe cxtenoivte ilid highly ltllectable pwactlce of the propriety, pulio, v niied bty the faulty na- nolli, ,ad is now inurodtlucc to lltle lntice of the Anmerican iubli, at the to tiiitatiot .f o" number ofgentlemen of long and higih standineg i thie itrofession. It is hopedl,, anb prelim- art'y stelp, to check the evils and t altal consetplences i tilislg from thle one of the nlumerousl ltd deleterious e osnlrlli otsted Ullton the pblic hy the lid of tlabricoltl prootsof miraculous cures, and other frauds, by n set of p meruenory, Uprlllseiped. lis pretenderll so totally igltoae ot o1 mLtdij, l nience, that it impot.ille tie itoutrolt I dehilltu ln aony lo nger go down with the iltlli gent I lohI of this counley. ' 'hes'- sills, uill nld agruhle l in their Uatllre, should be kepl in every flmily in euaes onfsntdlt illntess for, by their itro opt adlmioltration, Aolers, elymps, slasms, fe.'"a and other larnuming cothlltliltS, lwhic too often 1Ove litll, mnny be sipnteli Iv couetrl ro lprvente. In tlot, all ihose who va lo ec gaod NOillh, dolldl never he without tlie.l. They aNe moll' ill phckets 5t 5 ceten, $t lndl $' dleh, Iy every Ilsplee table lngllsElt hntkseoer, annt llsl orof it tedltin i te i nit'-iell SHttte tI Io U(:natossl; witltl csiettS ttt'ectitttS togetiler with. eitllrnnials of profeslioni til bilitr frlm thie tllAo ing elnillelnt gor ttilenen: Sir Astlen Coletl J Altblenthy Jlmes Illundtcll, a. i., WV. Iltlok, t. ., .1. Astolll Iey, A. rramplao, M. I), ansd flUlerotil otlhelS. Tlleoriginaltnnlt) be seen lossolesionluoftlhe (cllelnl Agest, y whotl tloes nicilt i imlsortel into thios r.,unlt, md to wllom all pp .lltio 1ts orag.teies JNhO. I l:.IIF.I'N, 1 u9 Van.erily Place, N. York, Sole (clel.l iAgent for tise Unllied llatei, .an For ole I atlllOintment oett 1 lhe oritgiiltl isrojitoetnr. ity Swr s 4fIlutrrots;n, d)roggits, No ItI w .inl ltreet, l.ernrl t gelAn glor te llleiste of Louii al. jt hI s I'I I tY It t.KK i con, Cn oa l lnie s1trtloeet, I nw re'ecivinig ftnn thipsis NIoslhvlle, Inositille, oelltltte, Entle i, ani olter late orlslvsll m rin t ert a~t Eill cities a iaotge aHil new telelctd ansortlent I!.is,. Boots, Ihoer s ialii lndrogoin s, tltoiltinp ol'gtllt.lltllt's file caltf lllt hMorocco bhoots 'lo t.d ~tntity; to butt', and stout wax lpnged Itohtis ,n roulaiotsoslitinet meien's fso alf ent o s d lno.t.cte Sos.. in s adn ieogts, hyucklkinttsotto , tbr ttoo t sio Sllipent o. men's ni ne Ilf and kiplted pl goeltl sitoIes ati I r.allna; Io ioots; lo onilO kil , awll wi llog'L.cdlitOe i il bhegtll; genttlelletn' bhntnt4utlity ecalfnewed oltoes, tOetlllt gul l a lk ltiWlting; io calf and Morocco tIakle nt ac icrd n 'ns;at, o attl nf, seal in .el moere' I pm.sle shoes dlittpltt' ", sio cal, bo ll urao eolt kitttg, o ,inta eticle; do tine .eil snt.i eand il rocec qortlet iots; i|osn', eilnsseln'tt chlldrelt's legnged ttsd setll t tt noih eavs E O. l so ts of eu er'v q tality d oll t kiml. Also a r;ernl d nlltlartnmrt Cr lmen's Itllt wrax andl r vl It'n:s: lls uInt.t shlo,tt, togeohtlllo with 10i,(ltttt lair .lglinblst surit, ualte t aus ts t,:ll, naliledl inu tht I.tlhks, latte extressly fotr itt:lltalintious; a gooti :irs. t,'letn!t of men's fine itnl loUlt hi l rhstsettl horuts,1 r w aotiitcl, t ug. e ql a t tl l ll Ot it ' or qlualilt r. ", tet iiin tesllnt 'tl.l. hid Itics fl o il cttlf, tnal, mnrnDti lcl ilte ll Lili welt, tIot [I sole' sholl e, dr ) tinl.e Freltllh co lUni kild IuIInI I te liplbels ; Ido lo:lrtit oer.. witll h l n tith out Iltelt Il nolf, seia Inn i sltotlll eilotell l' ileot.s l d io cru llllllltsoe, !aalllaillllllilqlluall)lties ; o tinlhlhbrogalis; al 4!ilel . .0 ttil loicd nvtlttes. Miatgcolored \tiotoo and iostiing bI. . 61 all:aal hoot)s, kc. tocntlbleco '.oefil. kilo k lalst tI Mack t Inll[, hltaver do .n it suierolr q litty;i d inihitnti 'It rac 'lo; IrLdot :d nrotwc brim men's t ie draft Il .1. ik Hlssian slhort nal esd iats, l ntw sltile. 'lnoll'I I.a: e lize hatll of difterlen i uslitiett do lildteCtIi.. I1 t11't lmttti)'a bltlackinta dal btwoollhts of snt-liotts sit Illl, with gellnill tassotetlttot f boys' autd soen's 'S lls :isortnment ilh be replentised by the al'rivl of Sit jockelsl ltl Ithtotie lnttele l Ec;ties, all of whtici tttheu noltti uot oeoottnutointttg teals. ott i-itt aai Jt soltl ns acommac te.nse. aug 1-If NO MERCURY NOR -o-aiva c7 ,ew Orle:ml, lov. 14, 18t'7. c, SBOLT six molnths ago I had thIle ifiafrlllne to gut at 'i. as eclret diocsi, for thickh I lilave aplied to seIe- ct rai d)rutmru ft rra Iure, lld they lid nat cuare rtle. or Inow fa lu the alahie datu i pat mayal uif under thi rare f DIlltult I Itoet, and I expect him to cure me. Since thllat time q; the got worse, ai as t break out in large ulcers i( to the number of six or eight on an. h leg, alid all overr i j y Iaca, and sare throat, and anot able to work at .r I d prereit lima on r accoant af the disease; large aleer oil g , he riglit side of therthroaa . I ant al,va itutingnllyaself coltilrntly uldertlrh cere of Dr. Ihure, of tPris, hi toI e p'rfictly cured JU.IN DEAN. e, l'e: 14 ly I. T DO CEIRITIFY thiattheratloemr nt;oamls d e snroe is a l 'ileal well carr(Id to Ia iry atn satintiactlin, Fr wlila, 1 I: tlllmk tDr. Ilur; slld moreover I si tars thl thet miedi i nl tile I have takeln Ilakes ti e aft, anld d id not injare.mly a nealth lit all ; thereflGre I advise tnm' f biw suit, r-rs tIa nlose n tiilue andl apaply t Ir A. Ilnet, t18 Canal i stret, betweena DaullelltII ad Ittllrb, ' stiree I, . rI le ti|r eas ait b a Irnua 9 J o'~k, a i , u aati 4 P t it tt Ittvywill fild a trie dolrtor tar this cro la t. JtoilN IE N,l (I. rner street. If any one wantsi t see me, call at No. 11it I rviAN _ Ol__ T.ET1"S TAtl.ClaOF IN'ilTR iESI' ¥10 , hIrh is new ade, dt l. Avr rge 'l'ile Caleula. . tor. o erl=, metholds f;ar 6nling the uvi'iI' ,iolie II i SIxlgl n(* s oltil(. .f h14, 01, bilhs of gnrl s. w II Ii in ilased at diffterent dales, ,liferenlt credits, nid 1d' I it trilo,,,mot; Imeshi..0 asful sti .lmpilte fank.ig

'Time T'h.le, the best Ihat ican Iae conrir ed. or that fi- e d rare cian ar ,auce ilhiltlltthe malr e ci nldesend comllass, f ia si ae tarait, i aa. it SgA r.aisn.ent in thehook is in nea.rly the follow- a S ii in 1 wodk s: h. 1 the ten IrSislaatiar arts irrfixeaa tn tie title Irae, is : re-, aeomlmenal(tio inl itself, sa uaeommnn., aid to croclu-r e sive, th r notling is necessary a mortlin by ua oft. it Sv'rutisement, to give a eondelllell view of some of its pe cliarities: its fearistalnee, tilt Interlest hals been is. i 'e frin,anlld comp:lared with, what is eqluivalent to lur reen setsefealtliatione, extmilued inr the prleaastirty firee tiilnes, and primlied Irem rtrlJemle idhlel tested t id tl ylrl -ne ainaesa fro a'l whlich it nainst be evridrlcnt vaitnl o tile aktlar;c (e'rpciallvn it Ihu ie semlla ofltie de e uaiatl fa1 nofin tfhr preface) lrtt tile weu4t mit Ire n.ritt as netically infllit'c, anid i coifrmatioa o lthis tbelief res I rmlilllu of lll hunldrednd al fifay dollars, is now oeflir ir li fil i tile detecti of an error of a cent ill the lresll Sor ifth edition, as exapressed in t.e parefrce, mnalking five ra larta'rtrmils a t'Trrrl rtfre the salun crror sielle tlfirst tahtlietinnl in thle ear 1a1t5. (lie of the maost conlicauoa s feataures of the tablet is inthe ra rgeiment of tite Time antd Am ntas, which a fratrexp iditians, rolfrenec oil lipertpeiriay, wtah itthe help I attlasie aidtnd lidet t, erlaltan e t xrcerled •itad thL atslly a t) anil aise waitll tulilcl tIl ilalerlaes cllcrnaria ta foa aille e, extent of genelrl blsiness, witlholt doublilng of sams is he.rides a convenience si, essentinl, that int tlar estlnan tion of- some oi le mont competent llnd praetcal busi. naigs men aitl ibliie offi, era who aant ademadt gr.ait il -- ltlantwork, I hlis been aistiliguishell hlaa Ian haltatir h aitaellatitn rfoa tmaasterr place". A.,iit anasidetaing SIinliliil the iitiy e miehod orlagill ll taldlptedl in omlnosing the work, and the exttroallillary umliber an Svarliety ofl'lhe examinationii, anl tests of every edition it hospassedin the, emtwithltallding tile whole is in tr stereotype, enltsiderlnp. in sta6 t, hle positive accuracy Ait seairt t.I ra the anplrecedented aesntl etllliloa ad, lhe vn t"- unle llan ieel helda, ap atnd emlahltatially ila led at Ihr most wona derfll h-nok in the wsmalk;" mlllst celrailavy na nullcatn naml. figure work of the same extent, whlichl dai noil n Oe halflhe number, as is ele;uly lown in tlhe ld prefae, a inesiles, nas tent and stanlarld, it hals bteen triPdll ll em prled.l in nea'rly il the Lank .nd public cfill,,s in the ItsI UIisie Satites, and by thel pu lic, ldurilng Iae d, lon periLt Orf lhirtl ' -fit ris, el.t no error Iof iltP al t:,latrions a has eaer bee'i t omd itn itin, nithnngh cantinu ill hain ri:llenag d by ih entil .r of el ryrv Iaa e lrrlin nls. Ti e Illo' Ik.ia i. f~lel exlll\·sl tlldllipel hy all the ".ol-el ie. ofinw cl sevralP o0fita: Sttlies i, tlhe r n .rte ofe l',hnlell ftr!intte interest," ianals hy hii w fair hat k intetres,s lI actording ais t. ie bnok is used, and as rett he sitetl in ipart' Iy .lr nmes of the sllnsribllrs, ad a few of iIe .aa IIsubsehlaenat pu)lchllill. in:aise at ar thlat II ofniha t bok, 0 isin e rsi an tfev hry closi of citizents i n everyt qta - 701 It is irmco'eer n well klolwn tlat, hv its rearlv check, l it lhas ho lthu d"tecteti large errors, ln'g after lip eelre Illlmade, evenir by the most acart'il a" tid llst competent ad. aritibnalicians, t'at its tpsefailess, and th , absolete ne edu,. crssitl lor its ust, hiav Ben ixtenrtivhrlr insisted Ual n, a an so evalcint, inect, ihat. beeI l it nailvantafagsa, altl its Ssillnglls, that, seerrlr vtrrslg., Whilst the first edilion the was scat'ee, and oat o lf ril, it greallt .UltUIttr of seeond aitr hi:nd epics were sotight frl.. some to it gre t distance. ,re- :antl |tlulerar d : t lmiout ;. !lees. as illltv Eculhl rrCeliaii- i a i ally tian pricked ipiat friti $i1 tal $5 tart enpyeaillat slie, ltperson halie recen..v declared. :-l instalces olu- llltid e tllrlatl that Iatia wu(iallt ay $Sit! , $1.00, anad $5() ;r i.r a cipy, ifnotto Ie thad fir less, andll at individual in the latter ilistulnce p:a'tica llarl, havilg at tile same iiue Ixliaithd satlilInctry preol,l to seralll lpersol pre. lr sent thalt to him it Wtas really wirt that ltoney ead tr mate thlatugh the slning of flis vern time, lie ., being a ver il nanlalll in ipblic ofiice. It is like.isc wornlthy of int ce. tlld ilndeed proper to imipre a, thatll s l tl i the liue of tgnile work generally it. i a i eraspeciallyt whlleli r the r.letet andll ilalinporane ao aithrs, la Ithat hadll this hook or its like len prepair -e it, the uual ntiaiiner viloe, ha tsie most competen t r I .encul.tor ill the warbi, anid allerwaels rinitel most n' i ltioly undller his own correctionl of plroof seets, it allhi, almnt to a cerritiny, Ilae abeen unsafe f. r il f .re,l.c,and dear at any price, ans tin ri.arlee dariiau Itla ieir littitts . ntiata ll"tlina atiat aatiauallaelanee tiar brp explains. But crli'ct and vaiu le have the ite, atelrotyle plateisof this worklren mtadt, tha:t to serlle a·t Ither, itahllir utmerlus and elra·orlinary examine ti, atals,agnhist nire, for thtr giraratl +ittra, they are (by rie .rlasel.rtisreLt) Conlllanllitl kept ill a ilaice of speail atoo ta •nt, ae-ret while it I itt pr iit, an Attiler iiectioas Ito i anitba itaks and satatnte intoea te a uti seli noters, n lilow tha plrefiace, which, in this t fll ith a e i tt ttwo preeelitig tdhiotls, coutalan much iin a fernltin n cncllerningil the Iwo lfawt lllies of comlput siu inter sts, tee d,ays of glnce, kre. IR It armits olty ito remanrk that, noltwiillrtanling this ilt itcommnltlaiy costly work. which w laspbliashl beirl.e iinterest tables were: ilrtrtlllclld in illtoins astll cents be der yeulll dllrman:ae, hsbeen toexlellsivcely avd soliberally lir yatanised, it hi. a ot ye tsa o llll a uh aa s aidi with iilterltl. :lee heta lostias af t a."i faitlr tlsasnsd atialtrh, bersitsde. l, six rearsltimine from 1799tIi 1815, sustained oil athefarl Ia, edition of 710 , nluieirs,ariasi.Lg liefly from tits patiea -- tioalt that time, at all ulanr tprice,) to ay nolhillg of sit comeniantion or profit for ahons ata litf-time of eaav, Itil, it al sariatee. r 1in herreftre illt. tllhor still relies on tlhe all disuarinmelt and generoity otf her public for aeontinu: ail Ire itf pretfrnce anid patrlarn'e. i Vulera r by the Ptrinai atl Buausrllrrs iti tIhe United States. Co) per abri d.lisiipi , t ;n 'rk I, r s. a THE FLORIDA LINE Fr.,m Mobile In Auguete,Ge No leaves Mobile every day arhree o'clock, p m per U A moi) beit Nt for flaIl's Landine, above Blakely,-thence four T li olt enoches to Pe:loscolal-thlnen et'anlhmoate it 1 Llgr nutie, wlheretdieliludl lto isresumrnl-thence the via Malianna and lr,'wnsville, Fin. Ullinbbidge, I Plnderito iI, I iwkiesville. Snndereville & Lcuis. cut villetn Auogusea, U, r'nnectting treulnrly wilh of the rail rend nar tIn Charleston, and the stena La •,achele to Now York, Norfolk. Philtdelphii, etc. 'The ireanllblee are the besl Ior the service, andl the iuvigntion presene t mre uldvantages thlin enc hie found upon any steamboat route in the soauth. ern regint,. The great improvements in the route have been produeed by tile rnsatruction of lifty milesof new roand, by the proprietorc, viz : front I.LaGrange o, LnF:avvtle avyau, nil arm of Santa Ru.s Bfly, to t Ilrya;nt'c Ferry, on the Chntenhloochlee river, ten pi niles above the Cwlrird, or 14 above Ceder Bhluff, o whereby the navi.alton of the river, end the con'- l eliqieicl deientli)n, and more rcenily ithe inecn tl venient crossing st the Cowl rri, are entirely h avoided, end fille road from Mllriaitia direct if to BHinbrider, inserad of the ronndabuout rad vin bi Chlnlnathlcllee. lereninr thoe dilnlStlee about forty Iijles, and ijl'reacing the facilitea more tihan; Ali'e. cr..roneh line of twio 1norse .o.get every ctiher d..y' lntn 1ieo kinvlell.i vn P, ry to r Mocon, Gs vonnecting ith tile line to Savarllnnlh nd Dirienl Gen. A maeil ertrumhot e lies regularlv berweee o Baillbridge and Apltalthiraln. 'T'ravell,.rs wishing c to reahll any point ol Chalneholochel e or Apalach:- ' cola, ae(ieb tte tNrollalnet t IBrolwnsville. a Mobile Lt Pensaecla -- aod Roe:o--l)uring the time occupiedl by llhe rpaitr o itl, thle proprie. lrs of the Florida line m ill run t line oe l oulr horse pint co~lches every oilier day between Mei hil]uiiid Penelncol. b Ph'seergere will leave Miililae at 3 tilick.p ai, n in ite I S mnail iboat, ind pruci'ed io 11ll'e I inll, where a eour ihoire ,coach will in waiing tol cinvey hemnl t the e.,Xcellelut irii of Mlr. Chirl.s c llall, 1 1 4 mile diwn t, wherer they will fil i plea, lt eccllllllm ditll ns r lte tiilht--l envlllg u next milotrning, tley will nvrive in Peierancola enr l i in rho evening, tluac avo.iding tle dliieolfort iI 1 llitlhtl r v iliollll . O:lice at il e ansion hiese, Mhilh, and Ci. LI line' HIlel, Penlall ohler rle enlls lmus [I w'II a redt. 'IO 'K IO 'N t& I',. n ev I Piano Jri ii b atrielyil. u r illiam Sbuetr telaldes his ei rvtie to the Ciii.e i telns o New Orlen:'l a ai teathlr I Ilhe plillln. torte. ,lr S h;aving b .een e ph y, id s,.,viral ,enis ,, n teac:her . f murls ic inl privaite ,nllt ies ill t . ton , alie lisclt severll iIt the felllle seminari es in lea vi-'illyt', cannl i but hopie to merit their cunfider terl . t Ie r is permilttd to refer r tr Nh v Dr Ci .pp, Messrsm I Sleleoll Ai vreer, H1cdIr·icoIn . &eiil'i '. F,-r iermnr. e iloonce apply at il he biIkbreo nrnIaie of AlcexendIrT.w' .l0t Cth ,t 2 ei e Drugs anUd .ledicinrls. I Jl l r '.,vtlt hl , Illlnta d c lt mselt r.t tIlI city ndte lithe piitl e i iri tr ll i l .iit 'ii 11 I h l enlt14; a I) huiv'iir.i. HI ic Iens relriiele 11 Cll vi iippii ol ,resh cud genui r nif tles, which hli ll NIIell n libertl eriine To eiy drlL.geilc, anld ihoe of the interor, to i .i atns maler halos and ,l Inter-, Ihe will fl:f r in -'nycenall ncllv h nr hanv. i Ievi r bie. flr. hecn effel ed in Ihis viiv. Hif ill ntion i to e ti n strictly Ilgnimalte buisin.i . I ii satci v ill nson bir cmiletei nl i in few wee as wce cill be rai. dI- fir llsinlles. All orrlelr Iron ille country,rnd from imerchants of i" citly, receiving scuh orders iI will be proeptly altended to. acut - - No 39Crnmp t J net2fitg v 1 n)ampt It WiVIIOLESFIE AN) ItFT''.\II.COtMII AND) VA t IlEITY STORE-al the sign of the golden comb,lMo 'I Chartrees stert. 'T'hesb-crilers hav re. 11 ceived, in a :.ltion to thlir ,r vlous sto ck on hntd, a ftll and complet. assortment of articles in their line; viz: 11 comls, perfum ry, JcwellrV, brushes, locking glassee, fancy rcleo, .o ,ooiotil;g ill p 001 It follows: (c)Ia -torotol t taois , rtuaht rId t lain tuckttwi, gqilled Iack, lone round, dressing, sidt plutt curl and neck, Brazilian elmbea of every description amtongst II which are nnome Mexican patter', Ivory combs of every dorerilltion, orn, doe niog nd artcket, together with a . goeernl aoscstlt tIhofl or-nohton Aooc i n.roooo, lPEIRFIUMEIRY-Cohlogn, la.endler, Florido, honory, tv,rosre,. ld oranle Ilo'lr walrls of every size llnd 1des criltionl, calllphorlated Coloignro. extrolt of ltirgtoo:oot, r5 lancy solps oof il kinslllll havilg do iln ckes iold pots, creamn eo0p0 do, Word'o vertettllh hair oil, hlers oand an. tiq.edo. I'reston's mntalling salts, plain and perlifmed d toiletpoowderl,pearl poooder, pol. ter andtbltoxd po nantul in ;ots land rolll, orris nd chlorine tooth wash a and Ioowdeolo, with a ooneracl nirtTllllt of JEWli:l.lttY-come oftlle loe)t cnd Imost fulionc ile set., consisting of white and red corntlin, top, - let etrdro.s, act in flagree, brelst pinl of aopre' 'rC ty ofi npll~ul;l. , watch Ili11111,il. , Kilt ,lld +hv- - eLP khs, ,ilI(er illi e lerrt r l1 'll d p. le ,isl ' O llld d. l htl r lt inl l er, IUt .SIIHEo-Cloth, huir, t luo t o .,ormo,hearth,tlcor, 15 ll llU rl u tt, o , o t, tlesh, tooth, plate, coobl, oil, o.M cin., -h; e and lI.O)lKNi GI .SSE:S-Gernlan stati Iad toilet rIlno , moooll ingllicgi d Frenoorollrololl, olloc do, with I o11 'il;v of otther kiold oilol ollllorollo td. • FANI:Y AtI) V.\IIII'YP' IITICI.,S--rru-h anIdI pt r allr p rlellrtale d os an:1 d ir ..lll g :l1. '' roIlom verY rio ai lltoooo titosttin lt o I i.a otll rkb IIoIoxoaoc ilre slu n ses O . ith ant d wcitll lI Illolio', oloinrial boxes , Ac c or iian o t orioutl kino t , . iollts aitd i.g itrio, silver nd nluted pll cile and Ill all wli ood penC ils for-I t i cll r . iers dilld i" cryons,antllll etOKguOllllS d pistoli w th rlWl Uolnt eIase, pereuon cal, prcultc Ioo oip lchtrgers otn pplet sIrowdoriere, shot ,lt.ccantcLa, c os, paste ldKcioo toy I tou set, looianloleads ofcvery kind, Iblor lind 0pltl ml, lcllteod Cottootn ltcVeo, rllzor ood ci.oell oor,toillen. nt -dll ser piotoiede , 00ee1 ote e tltIinod coon ltjoeta. ole Lt, l coo, l bno oaoi d lllo'eto lovt rioous kind lo vlo siting and Americlln mnlt l e aoctr, duol. illlitation fruit,l nd licesol prlla of nlrioi kiuld, Scirvs' Ico llerv i Koooorcooo'c, io ltcnu't un Ilotooo'o ocot a tr s lell ootonctstoirko, hiolo0 loeol ooeol,tlac, do wIc "ritoo plainoeoed beeds, gilt ,ood tilver do, guno ea.otic suloen der,; ald grlleo te ilrist li eordc e, illeltmkg lbra bonrdt, dice, opticolvioeloerjeolhtr lootoro, C ilch ecin lle drinkig v u, itlh u grreat riety ot er OI ti b ¢lee, oll ofowhnoI hwill hoe sold fur cosh or city occeptno. ce0 ot 12 months credit. B Ii S.tltl20. 5, & Co. 4d 74l lftocreosst. SYEPLM OIL-y'tttoi galtoc pure winter d 1Speor 11,, in caoks aood balo, tor nAM by JAIIVIS & ANI)IOEWS, W tles ttlte ofDrnlgg te, aorier C illeo cn llad I'cop n rlicle of ruo glllo, lllllll put up r l .I)' "m tll the tlnll l tralde; ai e.,1 tlh pursltr F elch Pllftln loxry, ¢'mbrtl T ARINIS II.ES-lTthc otolls c htavi ng t loo tl , l v lar - V hli-ted a vornolb o|unto ctofr¢ in o ew a c rieani , is redall to spple y tht ioll fai r stanlld te polfc any gellerli toby ialel or retoilry. Aln prices varie oodnorte and tia quality of hbli pveructs r ls touerir ony 0e hreoohto titlt opl.ce. "l'httgeolleonooeotlnothopttoholrtriooootod thllimier . c Tl. e trbno llere ll vinih h lo d ol il txtlsl. ve shall l, e prlentd wlith a fair lln tlllen Lof a iv vrni theny arcl wish Io try. rltct tVIstI Ihe v t cndo ollotnor h oroo Po-doot o toogo ooto o co llch to e.I tlrr.s s n is not l t to t llgne coot ic boililln water. Ti he lieral vrup.h llarl fr I, re id seam I.ce chimniea. The translpren llCv.rish witholt s-..llr r. , ot and never oot oclo lor any thern otrtdto c vender;l II nI IhNAny ous iE I - , in tie dRifetr Itco.r S o ullrpe irgt ' u l, an repet artole, o urrl r d St lc it F Ir art 3'l. hEEdqI" S i)'lA1tiNG, f C'auIp e" i - O ttelond, ooi o:lni , o c i tbllt n lln d o lo 11b.t' nob e 0 3 bOGFt RT & Iit illA 'll 'im ON, 6:1 ,.iin -, s, u E A hi ,_s ud to xpr,.Ihi, enric ul ihnks. Ito he prril be, ['alr the lItreral supporlie }ace ie eived eiice ii, prtrof the eeotd luoro , 17 t..o,i,,,on stee. h lickt oard le, rr i0s 0 o .t lllor ens rliii br llr s ld t ocnder; icl eiloher il ol ono c reln o,.tllh til o lloto llo, io - roltoo . 8 ttooloo to, nalooonolo oo oitoos toeot0 this indo. t)i ll.- b lTh pub s r ly lten puI lic iha t Jllb I crotn'et ill ti every rdeplrlnti nt of ile elllo lic I $n es he n a ltfee ,otol collnres im f 1ooe r equalo i - I Ilololatd, E' glooln, o"otti ,o alcl ild iht Lt theto .tutt-t- aond it will at at ll tiio es lie hi: l'+toris, it ts hito ootd, to torsc , 0 Pll Tlloill to n s prlen in stck, tlaro t noirtt o ever y dscrioptioo, really tho oitrow i 1131; lllllot , anlifred frul ire h l oif all tohk od. The potbtlc may rely on inolindglg olt Ions eortoptn at tovei aonl ill ib e ihU tsedI clls wh!i-ch ao qutalty, land i looorted direco toy "0 g l ,l DINd 1 fi-n0-es ct i bio ihe-,r a t. n-ed. avP L dlg in Sstudied uteor Dr. Stl.midt of Charleston, Ti Sthet Carolina, tnd for sin yoteOrs his asistant in I toi ProLctn of ntediciie nd oilrltgery, ha then boor ito otetr hib prtelnoiotatl sercioes in this city. of in s lreol the tdie, a lnd g.tOlet ien tnt the lto ,t I proipttl alte hion will bo l paid toi, as t .llal owhie toay be made; and salo olfers tis service to t tof Sholders of slaves, boing trell cqutilted allwith thon diseasnes cotmon to havilg attended tt Mm in o tnugar hou0eo in Charlsston. Tet of tooo p antibiliouts pills nter thoomposttion o Profesr Pt sne ulletol . Iel ithoo directione, ean be Iad I ot the undoraignod. The effect which they have Srodut ed it dtite and other cities, Iha b sen aellUded with the greatest lucotns, to i lwhich tthe best el oforeonces can be given. Apply at Noi 166I Mogae zin0 street. JNO. A'LURING. O"t'ICE.---The loortnerslip of Kelleo, hlnosoe &Co, .of NewOrlel ; Masnco, ilurris A(o., ofNtltelez; Old ilerri, Klley &Co., of lRodney, was dissvolt Ont be2lst of 'aoy hust, by thedetllt .o.t SomUool 1 it. 0.n One oilte lartlners tt l the ftroo. 'tc.Ii.tersligole, surviving portner, will be charged lith, the settlig and ao otng cadusioet, s as fitc lows: LeviC clarris will aplsted to Ihe settliog of til boin elas of' arno, lornis& Co., at Nalthez; and HILrris, Kel fe l RLxhnyi and tIenry Kelley v ill ntte, to New Orleans. Then atnes ofthe several rtrms will bet le| in liquidatloeonl.| Those indtbted to snatd firmt are etornestly requeotefl aocome forwnrd and Intokeeorlyo.ettleon.m; tonti those havgig caime will pleuan prcsent them without deltot " It VoI C IAtRIS, '. IIE:'tLY KELTlY. DOLIIEAR'8 Seience if Pnmeanship recoied,and for sale at their permanenart Writing Academies No. 8 Obatres strevt, New Orleans, 189 Broadway New York, Danphine ot., Mobile. It is particularly designed for private learners, and schonnols, and is calculated fir persons of all ages. Ladies and gentlemen are invited tocall and examine the system for themselves. I.essons re given Iat etltih heoues as may ,eit tile T' euaveuiicele of all, and to clanarses firmed in eny Itart of Ithu city. Ladies who prefer itrean receive 'assuna at their own ref sidencces. Persmns mpaing!. o n rse of lessonas re desired o attemn, '"' "'." , to -ell uetheV wlsh. .: .3AlK Ui'tOTllhR. ROWAND'SI TONIC MIXTURE, SFeR FEVER AND AGUE. v/T EN years have not yet elapsed since it was first regularly submitted to the public; but it A Slnas attained tihe highest reputation; and has sup. t planted every other iedicine lor the Ague, wherev. I er it has been known and appreciated. Already 1' lihas it been carried in every direction throughout It the United States, and still realizes more than could have beoo anticipated by its mort stlnguine friiend. Tuousands of persons have not only been relieved, Sbut restored t he,lth and vigor through its age. cy; and they now ehenrlitlly testify, at every op tportunity, to its desided and supreme efficacy. It is cainposed of such mIedicinal principles as are enalculated to renew the healthy action of the stot act, liver, and other important digestlive organs, Sthe loeaf o which harlmony in the immediate cause of the disease. 1t is apparent also, that it produ. co an entirn clhnge in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap ses of the affection. Wlon the Ague is attended it wte ttht any other complaint, the employment ul the b Tonic Mtxtue will not interfere with the treat. ur meat of tie other di-ease, Iut wi1 even afford as. I sstance by furnishing strength and vigor to thei body dltritg the eours, of treatmetlt. These who 0 make sno of thni nmedicine may Ie assured that there is no Arsenic, Harks, AMertry. or ally other article in its composition Ilnfriend y to the human c.nsatittitn t; being entirely a regetable extract; aitind they y m Ity hiae ddittlnal confidence in ithe use thereof, wuhen they perceive thalt it Ihas tole el d Sfeet of a gent lxaative about the time half a bot- t oi tie full has been mLaci--ein consmqumence of which, there is no part of the nedicine left to linger in c the bIowtel to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising troll the uae of many of tihe remedies now ofitred tier the mire of this affection. It lis been uI d alol as a preventive, by in ly who were sub it ject to a periodical recrrrence of the Chills, and it ( , has me.ariably warded off the apprehended att:tea. t Observe! The L'oprit.Ctor, fully antialied tith thec S np atrilleletd td n itd u:Iveril euecuas. ,lie has cn. a tantly attended a plunctual anld regular use of tihe I Tuntic Mixture, in all emase of Fever aold Ague, t, nels warrmlted in enigr ging to refund the price to all those who have t lletn tile medlicinei in strict no. cordance with the prescribed diretions, without haI I g bitell erfeetly ani liastingly cured. i'e ' subslcribre are the wholesale ageots for the South Western States, and lhave now on hand six l ty cate of tls imtetdicine, which is warranted freshi i and genuiln. or sale t the ial t anlatelctured pricae I ItI J.JltIci &' ANIrIteiW, ,II \Wihnleanle I)rt, eglet. ., o l eoll c (alllrlellll f P T1'rhncll tilOll u I tlr(·l(. 00027 en.- Conmeenuk lsi.-b..a)i(e blra bee.-et. Nlne-cnelcbs teseseel Lenuisiana Liotela ,',tINn7 ON I.e I1RS. MARY KIRKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gene. ally that site is prepared to accommodate them at sho above eltablishlent, and hopes fron, h er xertionu to render visitors comifrt;blc, to receive I continuance of flormer favors. She feels confi. lent that persons visiting Covi'ngton during the umnmer months, cannot find better accolmmlodations than she can afford them, on iere liberal terms. Iler house is plaosantly situated, and well supplied with every eonvenience; the bar is lifrnished with the mlost choice lihqors, &e. iii short, she promises ".at nothing shall bit wanting on her part to give etire satislacti'm to all who may patronizo the liseisritpl end Loisiana lintel. je3 IIULLI\V "W'A-I, -OOD SC-IEW4, SAD IRONS. &e. I 'lHE IlOWELL WORKS COMPANY, No. I 238 Water, iner Ielekman street, New York, have received the past season, and are constantly rucelving large anil elensive additions to the stock of thie above goods, which now consists of the allowing assortment, suitable for the southern and .eetetrn markets. Holltow ware of esuperior quality, consisting of about 501) tells, viz, Pnts of'22 ditiffrent sizet, fromt 2:8 to 50 gallons, I a Kettles, 15 a zes, from 3:18 to 30 gallons, oettles, 15sizes, from 3:8 to 18 gallen. , i It lhepans or Ovune, 7 iHtTheart sizes, Tea Kettles, ft do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spilers . 6 do CoveIld plider:s, 2 do i)riddles, - 4 do Fire Dois, . t de \Wagion box,[ - r 1 I 1 4 to 4 3.4 inCshe. CI:t do. 5 t 7I inches. Wenood leresw, ',i1.00 gross, iron and brass, frm-. :'i inch, No. 3 :n 3:9 inch. No, 24 of a superior S.,l'lily and finishl, and less than Jaleo's imported iSad Irons, aeorted, in casks of about 500 lbs for retailing. T ,lor'i nod Ilattor', Irons, assorted. Sash weighllt, 10 tolns, assorted frion 1 4.4 to 2011is. Buells for PI1 ntations, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order, A'so steaimbeate and other tnaehinery tnade to o arder. r i'T above assortment of goods is particularly I Sreconmmended to the attention of Southern aind Western Inorehants. and ore offered itr sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal Lorms ; it is be. liived to bu ithe largest and best assortaent ever olnrrd for sale by any one oetablislluent in the United States. Merchants, hy forwarding a request by mail, can have a prino'!d cireuler, with deieripten of gonods, priecs and terIms, fom which no deviatioa is over made, fmrnished by return of nmil. All orders will receive imtnedtate attention. New York, 1838. J'3 1, If' Glen.'s Pe -fumeric.s. Indian Dye, for coloring tin lilr ; lBe:r's Oil, RuslaInnsh er's reese, polunetunl, Michaw's Frel cle \Vash, couperior plenrl IpIwtiwer, ll whtoter, creamn -,f rmOes, vegetable roule. otlmu f ros, lhp solve, kroensite tolioth wash, ce'honll deitlritice., orange f rwer water, powder pulif snd boxe, A n,n ri.can chiarconln netily put iup inl tliur ounce vials, Pre. tn snlis, ule,-nco kreeslue nilh alhe drops, halr lbruehes, E iliIts dlressing enmtis, Indian hirt iil, e willl a vaielty ul otber perluntueries. &. Fr F ale d ny C. J. TRINCIIARI), o 3 rnrner nit Canil and id orig or si II A'1'T- 13 cna. edrahl lusia hats, vnriote qualities Ut broad hri.: and low crown: ltndia g hip ,te / I .nis, lnr e dellby I lit l l ; . 5'Ci,, m+7 131 lingezine st nL~It-.. n 4niulg i -i v I.t"hobo f -1 ,. ,r',- 5 . t *hi ll - I n - trut - l .i:,.t It lat1 1, t sale by i; I.)R.ct I t'. &t S. Ilitchert, Shelfieldl, Eulel, iaee jiust ciried It verrv ixltsive i et of on ioll. i. rilninting of lwhi- i neil lie-imt Knives tit e-" decriion, Pen, I cliet, bibk, and Speter point kliee Rnenre, Seim i orsEdie Tleol&ie.. fr. t&e. oIichthe nre irepared , etxhibit toe tre nd.e inr ornl s. Tcrn. urd condulitiouns sill be imade known at the timee r lul .1. II. 1IN & A COitliN.00 minmmnnet. 1, ~l\IMOl'S, II.1TT &'& CO.-Are inew , ! -l er ship IIniits+.ille, Eagle, Mertry Amuhw, Hllglh asi .i, Frenlch ar tnerilnal dluelle IIca, id:ou nvicurs: SIter, elel ptikbet pistols; pain, ribbed atiL split d cuosinl, cnps; eal Ilhcliers; sciss s iHzor,, tpen. S ves; I;illt's cnommercial anlld other steel Ipens Vioa si s- Violih st'iigsl; shell, iveory anil horn culsn; wafoes; I ki, head land leather pliises; hair lithil, fiont and Iack r inglets: nlegro ; itltii- German ani FILIrench cologlne nI i lter, Iiowliniii macestser oil, imitatimi do; antiqlue t d IheaLrsoil; poralelab desik and dressllg cases: past Sblcking sliatlliilnd toil.-i gla0es; conernt mihTors; op Sell glases aslln views; Iulne hlads, htellsand plumes; 1 ceonileoln; whit-i wine; toilet andll shltaig soaps; toilet I owoer, smetie wlash balls; seniedl taic enalhinsia; t pool stlalds; en'tw lcuhlions; fiecy Ie'ad chains aild ie neckilcesS billiarin laoll; lpocet books ald walletsll SGermon Ihones;rzor arSiNi; tiie lnl conlonl gum . olastil suspenders, gartersldo; Bell/ lucifur matcles; sil Ser iencils; CreyoaL , &e. &c. SThe abore ii addition to our frerile stock of fane. Inticles, Inaksnunr asoermniet vIery o1nnlete. lomr sal I wholesale or retail; itl the sig of the Golden Cll g CI lltr,,e stre et. i a, Ionva tnibusu & ti , seteI'EN ia slE i JMR.E nI 36 llnrres sirle., New Orleans. )r 1 1M. SIE1RGEANT & Co. imnporters of French - W uend IEnhuth China end EI.irthen ware. are t no, n,, openiing new nd rich patterns of breakfast, Sdi1niong and tila servicee., itilet sets, pi:chers, lte ii and co;fleo cups, tlplot, sllgrn, creall, bowlesc ai pflllre, dishes, lareile, wash basnins un ewreil, I lo hbaths, etc. etc. Rich cu and plain Frech anld Anlrrican glans. n I wnrr--elhlete, chnmpaignei. lemnnadec, jellies, d I clares, ine:, eordials, cenIIre hc wles, doculels, ie t blers, preserveatihescelrr es, pitlhers, Inlllps, d Ilnp shde iand glaesoes, candle sha ilos, salt eel if .ern, etc. . Silver plted, branzed and britlnin waere--Cea. ture, liq'r stanllds, cake hbskets, candllesuieks SbIranlhes, spoteln, ladles, coffee and itepolrs, suglrs, .; reamns. lnmps, iapllnned trnts, astril slanl, and hno-aine lampsll fine eutlery, German stlver sploons , .nd fork, tiogether with l a crest variety i.f.irTIcle d Ior fimily nluse. rrlchnts, plnliers, hll, Isad sleaollllnts, fllrnitshed wil guluds rI the most ren sonhble prices, ansI pau-ked eo as to he convey, d wnh sale Iy ti any part of the eun'trv. Alnso., opotllecaries' glassware. novu ''t Country MPlechallnts and Pl.anters. Neur rlthsa , hlanketL, flannels, liCseer, lwoerell shirrinr-. tch'eks, linens. calieie, handklerrhies, t.e t re,-rliveo. d tfor ulte llee by llh- ubscri beers. iRt i' A &. Co. o-t.. t aner'C.nall and C ltrt-ees -t MAIL ARkICANGIM.NT Northern Mail, Due Every Day at 12 1. Nman, d.4I Clobes Every day at 10} A. M1 Western Mail, Due ever Suiday, edieda by tay of the every Mnda Wedned Coast, land Saturday, by 9, P. MI. Theaeail l)ae every ' uePd. lTuraday, a Tl' Staialndua, "~ 1r.9 . vina Closes every Sil3tday, Wednedaly EXPItESS MAIL,. TIMES OF ARRIVAL, DEPA R'I'URE DISTANCE &e. o the Express Mail, betrwn Mllooilea ad New York-leavin, MMobile dil," iat 3 P. M. Nrtlbwlr New York dally at 5 P. l boutlhward. Arrives Awl,. Northward. Dliannce. lime etra'gl Mntgomnerv. Ala.2 pa. 198 m's 230h ln. Columiua, Ga. 11j 8I 9i Sla Mlilledgeville. Ga. 2 133 11' 2 Ip..f 5.. 71 am. 1' o71 oIS Raleign, N C. 54I 15 ,2l' I Warrentnn, V. 12 in. 55 ill leitrrsblii , 1V. 10 ,m. 83 10 Sl. a tilirlt ldl V.. I In. 21 3 6 I"'r'durickelur., It 67 7 II pi. ,'l ollingto €acilty, 2 m. 31 6 I l Ihltihet -.,, 6C" 38 4 84 Iltiledeplla, hh am. 100 II 2 :j No. York. pia. 90 8i i N itwrd. Ceoimngolthward, ilhe tilne is six hoIat ebt:i heingi days aind 17 hotlrs. I-IEN lt)l.I.Algi4 I6HEN.AIit 9!. AN I, Ay fr in 169 (lnrdrleli ia'nevenf Ilevhl ', .vrrrt,nlt ti.glh of:lil, tf, atd ua aae Il.I rt lillFii in novdntla stree* naegro bo7 rnmed CIIAIRI..:-, aliollt 7 yenrs ofsage, ant lefe or Ieriie."u.m itt hlriiii, very Ilcek.a.l . ih..aen imaled iaentlli•p el Oin Opece his lea l soare, u.cuiaaeRd by n recellt luri hI ietd otn ain Ire went laway a while ration orl lineln hir nl i whitie iotn lpaulnalana. of vessela nd leen lin arn aceauti,,lad a Iginat reeeirig or harbllring iil negrot , as well as ll Sotaer persolln, a lie lllmiilt rieor of thile law will hi t enfiirced against thrll. The slove rew\Vad will bie pni iIirdljivo:.i him fill.l, lny of tih jetils of either of the r mieticilititi, no a Ii6 lCurnlidclel, corner of Ilheia a teonel. meit uInllllert(t lirnti of Iluboin , Gilreton, ilah eep dln.olved. 'I'lilm eiherilre will iqiaidn the tnltdicS a h I Ollcrteeriin in h Wity, nl rtqlliilrad aill Iiii. iiltleb. ad lo ilnke ti iylnht tt it io li Ititllolvi baidaltlItina lsi es, t iir, aille t i ftrset eti- ii. . If iAAIi RETSON S AIPT'AIN lJ.iA'.I"ATl. NI:' NOVELS al nn iie. ,bhe r4C, tiit atI tir at Peiter Simple, . in• vaol. n Cummizas, or o Witter nt Cilh'.s Ilu-lifit#d I. Lnrm ltvlili, bIv (Cl/i in lUuail lall, Ioyal INavy, F. L S., in I ol. Inrl IaiohlitO, n cillmcelv l Allan Citnigliatl I en .iierppard lIe'. nreiltit Iby kihlirf, in ' isla. d ('iipeldiiin nlolrncyof P/ly, tleanslated rom I!N t hit/thu. Ih Nitllliel (i ie ren, in I vol. fol a millNo. 74 lt Ilirllepe' Itaiiilv Iibrary. Vola.:l &L 4l',tie t new illllltlre ul ani/in ecitlla t of IVoshin.fon Ilain,'s I1' ",a./€. Royli' P'r lnt o.rltrl teg,lih ltitaoioay.inr i I vol, 3v, Ntiylnta F reack and Ltiut/ia/ liiiatinril. LainlAi." e .rvyr' I/ (',rm entr lti el, ie ees perlnrqga Itwile. a hit e ai ll llilltfil. "lmud . 1 .-5 incles a illlit'sii ilmproved ltilt /iillI..iieeyictI iplllerc weiilhl• &. &c. &e. J:stl rel.ved, i .Il fr auto by i. li:11 IIE J. I.VY. iilNJ. LEVY. PINNtIuK'o !Lout:, &e. pINrOCIVt IMtPIIOVi tEI:DIlTION OF DR l Glolnomli.h's Abrihgment of tie, Ilistory of to .vlch is prilixrd o e Iofntroducti to the lllft Rutnon Ili.lorn, nmd to greot orieely of vetluabe ioft rotinon oddedl ttloolrllniono, wrk, hto on t e boeno e nslintituinn. alhl Atiqhitir's of tile I(Ollann; with nno loero.u iograpthioaol aod hieto'ioi Nolte.; and qooan tioonc .r exilllnllon Ia TI t illd of each s1ection. II. tlustrled wih hliilovengrilt:y on wold, by Atheltoe 'Tx.oco's Im proted Ilditon of Ir tolohl oitho hsistory of England. i'ltoa he( Invorinn of Joolio Caesar to0 delllh of Oseorge ,l, d, with a eoiinlooic to theyera If:I2. t'itllo qlr lio ti r Iie . llllnlr in o l a the edd'e each seotlc. Ihloool.lo .t arcl eof vahaiblo inf iteo rio dolded thrlloghlloc, ohIe wolr. Cotonicltng of table of eollfolllorer esomcreigojse T ecomentitre ron . Copotl edaontlcty notes le . rltel.erk on to 1 derpo lic, lnIeo llall d lioorronr lof thie Ise. An oalabtoe the Corlltitlioo, .e. rc. dlutre.tod by rmea y enlog GoUS' tEr.t.ttrs , ..r Tltro oeeot and an AeriJ lnRt cfKLlhb's N c tI reelisot olu ebe lU e of Globles. Now A lcoicoo oditioil, oodih otieino and im eoveeneo ai00 000 cptloninfoti .twlo, ionwicnl pae t ,Ithe Ad ticao Alooonoe. Juot re:,cesd al for rnsde I,e Wlt M'I(EAN not 2r curuier ll o e pl, Oaied ll :oonlleun ail tlAlt'ERel CI.fl rlOutm. t.rtt ditePY. , ORtACE,t lv rIl os, Ivln 'hillio I'mts. i, r I)d witUr lodot , ~i. l li le. Jo l nlllll0n d inell rO, tcrvdol t'ope Athli.iooL i hilootrl co Ii Ot'oll tulId, 1'torse Iler.on &.c. oood aeeonoto,lflho roooliotoi.". oo.ft ef ih r--dn1s l oo oh oo obo oicl troo I' t IIool e l tIII r i r heIo li a nd I e l i o l ho oltnran n ' tel r by Chlir tlac ir '1a , & ,. .'. -1,,t i I, v uul s S onol I l r1 o toeoeeb I "lo haoel I.ibrlrv the It' op ieohnl f oil l I 'll't ' .0 ltei :Rl by colluoi, ll t c lito Tncoloor ll oi.liltU, by Thlo its , o i lsco , e l. reiw edie on, with I ollc, )y Go l'ru ikholha k 'lit I. by ; t Tf t, a , ,r r i . "lt oItrteo iicly) o,£oo .arg mho'," \c.." p o ed,,ot 2 rote .-.llloo n one.. I'lA I; . it ll'ei ltly:l v tho e ,Jo nl R iin, athi. o t1'h , Il rt ool" ..', r'ry, · J v ,lti.t: l oiolltd locil i. mI0lll":1 w eri e crio ooloio l. ,i:eel re-o,-c, ei sale l e hKI McJru, I o, l elk- e,-ooo I" ,, ci c!:lr,,llll l'.,/l)1 i lt, -wat'llclhlil ll (l'1.+ o all f or B e e he ,,o m bo ' coro-I le.d Apoo 0hoeer), in illor Itoet oei forI e oI N!ir. J c..Il eci, a i t e , clroheif r ci Icrlll e llel ''rll,iol \'n , llo khoeoo e cnliclls t0arl 1 Ihe aIthrn estral s,,r antt a rMarblew"l fit he failee ,o f, prmerwr clmstI i nd t. 'I'l he eirI a trnlk ol U e)rlla Ilo llh iluP be ill er stll+ r::Ian. is I'rtIh and erhinlly mrIle le, e T lumlllnLg uimi)re allr iravriztoe, , viz: r ele co.l,,, notolh z and bor.I , osp et pra r. Eftei""" o Iiccooo Mo0. ceic ApaoCcio o iYf t Pr,, dR om , n, Iy ir.uli Ie.len r .d Eslele rn igllir , oll"f r yl ist, n ; .s le.} h ac , urtmkwheat atIesih the' n.eiwi'escan mili ost aproved Apalerient-e lecoloa.l erid f ie 0llpre niv0alll mlypeea n or ind.t leot noli I0lle0 hlIeih, odir 1d re ork, antdcle. Ccrpcoci'o Hulrd IEdoorHct of enrccnporillo h ~.lllllc'l Pl crn niod W t'RKlllllU.o B itioell an I 'eona dof', Opod,,cl n0 olo &. 0 It relie , ndLqr Gao l CII.o ve paleN ' Oilh lio tioeilN 8 pee0lic,' e or ,oicaen orin I fie, chlolrin teli, h wiif h, olter pl ff Riod besxeo, re li e 'd crbnle dnlrh.olie, lc hll0r ier iolh wlo lr0 wdr )TllTT and alcep, Preolil.c' seerted and i I ln hllll pluoweler. olllolnatl errome dQ Pcier, I, ltcnc f'" o ',o r. c.,u lclVeollc cr and tlorida Wltrrs, II thile beet qoll'ioti,. Rotoiwloiol'a 1cnteltar 0O1, Old. crider's hto lll ol'o C lul o iei, bea'sil, a variety c. I olecr and lllolhr Ialches, ilndllble IIISrkincg ink Ooi optoloci-r blackt h,&l, &c. 0 Sp.ellll o anc t ced ell whnlie oil, IIo)'l inio.lel i01 A bIro.b aMoor ol o "l'hocr0l0n'e(o ,rle't See coi 2 It ;EORtilt: J()NES .. . : iW-f-t . i,. ' I C AIliXI.U i id, 0 Fr reyoorrltIoirt rrtooo /eot Iltr t'rrcr and .tiee. ci will It e rilyh disc. Icvr telo h et+il lia+e'r.iic Miv i olhor iS lcoide,ri IIi htlhe olilllot IoeUIc III treating of nhg I bexoract l.nd free tre ny Ieele oor uoooc-pp' .,oo of ooo ingrdielllut, it oIn e Ioheofn oe Ithe IItemoo tate evail by the tlnllder infant, or -ed il:.alid, It prn Ovtolso rtpleeof ble disceoo, coooeeoionllv tle elollttll, ed li0lll sIotoln regt ioi its ontled iioon o mu adct ifo o. It eat b 0 00l 00lle 0 a 0I ]nJ Alll oo pr ooipt a Irlito , bhy oovitolreti.g i e lll.nclt crllhoIo o ic rto ll i to I he el joo nla oro t.olrcte. - t I ithe IO owfelu I1. intcrease thio tio , 0 tO r r cr eatle oil!.crllicasoo..laoo roooeaoecboe oen thei llo cuvcral cor ,g to s Ilof ligtesliolo , a l llooc io oo helll a Ie e sy co ' wilwhp .hatever oiht'r uile.tio -, it 0 iB000 be lppreeaed. S: Indivi ltl , er I cit us o olf iote fooic Ili lolle, Ioare i beenll exploseid to ul llec usual ccoluur of, the dlsease, ' 'o alolnoasve e osapoed uri o omI-otoo oIofoIoeoturn: whltoeeos by Sthle tuo e loftonocootlon o reo ie lie, thore aln wy creoa : tfell ln ilorensce liaibIiliy tol roeuolnoocr. 'IThe doanger tl ofceirqlent clloioes ilfl the Agll, ic very evilo nt, for e Ille eostellol will lnllo PPon loe till) Inlocl oproosttet ItO Se I al;le to renct wilh ooeolivioe, :oold slecdily fil t vioe ,' tin to -colh ioleecanol violenrce 'lt'l Too ic illlntre is o Ieeolld.I1i lb a I cooi reonbloe price, as to i r ta0 it cithin :e thlt relt of PalI0 oia':--o Itlhat Ilo potor andl destitult tt fre elr y frniohohedwilhc ltonllc ,cwithlhout lieilinl is oIlor ci .old atllelllaollc whlich a frroqueotli denied to i0 elle. vereoelocoeotly hesweltoeo. ; '1'1 ,ollic urnrctc"rloclo t'o oted ogn i toP I illll. ili 00rio0 ollooilltoot of lbis omedicilne, halt are doily offred to epriepaed ollly Iy Dri. John It. ltowand, at his SLal t oalaro , Ilurkhlclo rlooo, ' liiloo eloi1io. ' l'ie auloaetrllra 0ail tile o.thleolllo aoeot!s to' lio ftern. sollle, clld will sell by the roscr, il lpbiu price.. l otil had ac retail nlsaail i Apotlheorics in te oilty. ot iJAIIVIS & ANDREWS. lciIbolcale tlrugeits, c ar Coel 'n & I'TchOitoulco e e iJARBLE CilIMN! PIECE \A'ALEnOiE., I cultoolnloiu strool, arposio tlioe polt.afie. STihe subscribore arn tloo reoeivilg liom their fact Storirs in Now York, antd will keep constantly onl ' hand a general asortnctnt.of Marble Mantle Pieces , ofsuptrior worko nstoohlli. and of the ictoatpettern,. made of ihl boet Egyptian, Italian, Irish and AcAmerlcan orbloe. Alec, Monl.onts, Tombs and iGrave tones, tneuldod and plain mills and lintols. emarble Ifacingo, Ilnoarth and boutndary otone, plaster of Paris, Rootoan & Ilydraulie Cnlonot and Plaotero i g Ilair, together willth a oplentdid assortment of b sRe mounted acd plbie Grate andl Russia Iron tles of the newest and most approved patlterne. d Lottering dnno in thie oneatest onlnor and at 11. rloet nutioe. They hlav firlst rate workmon to " 1 rov work. ,A!"A# . hAIN STROUD. fi I.IDELL'S NEW WORK,&o.-Thce Amleriecn i 1. Eaglad, by the nothnrof"A Year in Slainl"' in rilulneo. SNoble I)edsof Wlomlcen, il oal.! The Youg Wife' Brook, ea nanual oo moral reli I ooono dmndootie dudiea. :Jut receivet and for alo by Wll. IM'KEAN, i Ol!f!' Mttdicul 1it.,Io--.coi, lohiois; do. o0 i Ii hlueto.titug+. 0i0n sIcytIqo, reedby fIt A 1O 'OW'hR. I9 Carn

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