Newspaper of True American, June 10, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated June 10, 1839 Page 1
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P.ram 121 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, MONDAY IOINItNG JUNE 10, 1:39J or..-VI o 1975 2'eMH of thre Xewrpaper Press of New 'Oflean \dbtlfflloaly egreedeto at atll adjourned allrleetin of tle Yropralure,l held on Itl 13t of MarcIah, 1817. Suicor.c ertass.-t'l'welr Iullare for tiedaily pa. or anua u, Ipayalle seati*aaaunlly in advahtee tee dollars flir the tri-weekly country Vaper, payable one veer in advuace, wlhere no city rcaerence in given. Pive dtnlars frt the VWeekly; ivoablal ir. advance. No a tbauriptiotr will be diseantinuedl until arreanagres re sdttled. In case of di continuance, one week's eltice inrlarit attgrntal oa invariably given, previous to th li on of lubscrijtian. SA.lrfIgrtrlto...--ien dollar per sarter for the first noetiott,al halfr trhat price for cach h lllsoUeqnoa t rone: aInt material alternionr~lol the originrol dverriticnent wil be lchargeld as a w one. YVActl. AauveKTasRs.-MCreltt1t11 and TIra'ers, orty dollars fiat Etng;ish alne, and sixty for both, In g.t.oy r Italrk, Inttlracer Of.tes, anltd otler si:ia r pAblclal istititons, fifty dollars in Enalieia only, and rttghty for bulb languages; Ship ntadl Stelrlnboal Far nrs, or Conlnitritin mercTlrirts naty dollere in Engiislt tie, airi eighty (o hor b lnat Iognlle. MAnArranr.s, Oa.trrtatr NOTaCoS, aral artieles eall ing tile ateantlo of te pollie Iti salo tet pmro erry, aTrds of pasene gers, keefil., &Sc. Sc. will Iau etargued tne dallar pet square for the ibrat oiscrctr in ouch lan gU Iae.p CooarmatlcMttO, or Adlvertioetn.nts, of aay peett Snature, whenr adliresile. shall he charged double, alnd inl advaece. A dedutiont of wentry-five percent. will be made tfe A htaiuaners, Srhllerl Itcio.res of h Villa, gwantdI urnlo i a sted ofr real estate, punlialed itil btlr loangages, srd the per nct. in Ieglhla alone: l0por erent.ouenlal of other property. ALgr KrtraSo aier ni tof the direct lite of lnairi-tus of tIe advertiser, nire i a legal, auctiol, asnd plarnta ionu .ales, runwt a r slaves, stray a.ninale, te. &c. Will be rlerged far sora.stely, and at the ordinarny ates. atI arTISEtteaNTr toit sp1eeifera Its t litle, will Ie IbtlishAd one lont , and ch:rged accuintloriuly No adcrtieroelnts of brankupeleici will lie publithred n any coae, anes paid li prev o iner , or po..rlrirt guaranteed by t r*sellilit persont in towel. lbo t re sld other places of arutear ent, i dverntlllr c!:il Jr tlue easonn. tou Ibe clarged $10.U or Lelglisn i lon., atad [$15 ill b InaItt IZed. All cnouniceanme nts a' ratiaita:i fiort politieal oLffoes will lIe elerged double tle price of aiter avertise I lent• k tOwiaa tI the ieallnel. neusr oa etailld ly oeorwpper prllr iitmira tIlea Ilalve eniolet tle onclusion tha t tlila an tes of pernoiei nlrirc araiteuntn hare not b.ell irid withrn ore Imontl afer Iire r utatiteit, hiall lie t lle knew a (ra) far os pranctickl ) to c:Leh otlbr.r--thy obli. ga iur tlelloalvet lin ta Vrt i oi aaecti or print faL seiah ltl ..lsluate nless nln caire aof odr ure pa rmente. t ignlr) J, C. Ire Sc. IU31IES J. IIAYON, I. I i, J. C. pIItENIltll.;.hS'l', .ItIIN (lrIliIN, I.i.llt ll~ldN. Itree.; Prce.--WVe. it- aidelarsignedl, ugre' to aliale by the al;cen craiditica, at Inlr tn Ihey are applicable to ( nlv dapers A. It. I.AWRENCP., % Na .,e t ireuierf tie s arm taken kir lesr than 6 aolltes. l.etrs nlltr i n i l r cas-s. IIIe tst Paidl. _ -.... CEiORRIIOI 1Ds. IJ-AY'iSLINLMENT.-Na Firtion.--This ex l- traordiua ry leolniral conmpotcion, tile re.alt of science, an thel invention a it ceolbrateod inodi cl nart,. tile introduat, n of which to lite publi was invested witlh toae aolunarity of a detlllted bequest, has since galed a reputaltion unparalleledl, fatly sutaining t(re correctnass of tlto'" Iaenlad Dr Gridlley'e lct cornfesnion, th(at " he dared not die without giving to posterity lire becuefit of his knowledge on li arlnbjoet," atad le thlaereforae bheiriatihed to lllr fttarid a ml attondatit, Saloaon ilay., the secret of Ili discovery. It is noew ired iU the prtinilp;l hospitaloh, and tha privaec practieo ill oun country. first antl Inoat certainly for te e cl ra of tile Pileu, alnd o eclen nively ard etliaclirtlly ns ta bafhle credulily, unlere wherar its eFIects are witnressed iExterially ill the follohwtng complainti: For Dropty--Creaiting extorerdlinary absorptie' at olrae. All SwellilrngsrRidueii tblne in c few toours Rlacilmnatitll-A.Atitt or Chlronilc, giving lquickh Surae Thelr,'t-lly Ctlnc-rr, U:lers r Ce, C roup cuiI WIteapang caridlh--E.tercally, aid over tie ChaOt. All Ierulaes, Sprainr.,' ..:rolr-Cirit ng itr a t'111 w hours, eers andl Ulcerr--\V, thle r l'easr or long .aItldlag, and ifever .tre. Its ,aer.lanra upIu adlihs itanal children ill rediui fntl elre tiiti ,eu,.iahtr.,t,. ier eololeing itnlighs alld tcghti-ers af hire .,hetl ity rlrl.taaioal af the parra, aC t1 aa1 u -at1 tllllrk a! " LIara>re at1 lot i e toed it i llt . 'el;-l. id t a tIs ,',k arnl ." "Tri1": 'll, EIS--T'ho priiu., : 1 is rer.nd d In aiy t-err(ai l t rw wll lt " ,at , Ittle oL liay'n Liniltlca lor th ll t clla. arlt rU t rllit Ulla ityy l tottla n i.OUt Lbeita, ired Tlimee are tr pIar lllve.dera of th frt to thk .tAgulic; and oel or' iany lhau. .iinll1 sohd, tot aire hla. been Ulliani.raeliil. Vi " niigkt insrct a:rritllctac, ir aciy lualatli, but Crlerr intiL thtu whot ansil tile artile, haiild cel. iabit the etricinal to paa rcrrtearae. CAUTION--Non car he gecuitoe willatht a, ,plotdid oagravedl wcerappet:r, oil thlac! it tay namae, sard also ltal o.n the Agallta. SOLOMON IIAYS. Sold wchnla.rle and retail, by COMSTOCIK & Co, Narw York, and by oe D)ruggilst in every towni ill tlto Upat.I . For by rite Wholesalc Agents, corner of Contlirn . frl.,ehulritiulas streetr, and by the Aprotleoaries geoera.llV jc30 )ILLZONE NiO\lNI)l 0 l IIU I: ici, ,'itoete cO n fines h: prctlL:o tIO thO treatuaut of Vuurealt Dr. Juhnaul, froi i restiaco of ,any yearsi. Iles tite leo au euipi, devoted Ia thl torlelult of VVenereal I!iemoeo, and frona his llre.nt ne llxtellive rlUctite ill thot pariiculce oeaclh of the proeesioin, gceuneces a .ife, speaody and ttltal courne such pedrydit as ari ioubled with aey ol tle fillowilg diseases, vzt:- Goemrrhelso Nileetoc 8lriities, Chacreso, lotbos, Semtiial WVeakhess, Aiff,itioIs ofthe o llhder, I(idoeys, Loiw.. Urethra, Prroistrae ihlld, Swelled 'i ealcls, &.ruptniule e tlhe Skin, Seoe Throt, Palri in tihe jeoints Al the llc uurenlJut 5clietoa'S which generally follow tidu doers.... IRecent cses caitred , in tw or theodays withotlt ithe te of lercr, iutrrruptioa trinol is aills, or altera tion in tlhe mode ofliving. A onedieini to prevenlt Veereal Iliseote can be oh tited of Ilr.JouhnaOu. It s iloll thIe recipe of tIe Garon Larry, ai celbr.ted I reo'h urgeoll, and wnas ,lled 1y Imi1 doriuter: vre al cooFtaicas it wohich he nerved as Surgern icuerot. i, ho IFanht Alrmy. Said by It. Johnson, at hi. hloeoi. 'llioe persoos kaving sIaii ,o t'-ii t' Veiireal Diseahso, aI ,bout takiu. seagrro.ued or renlviu; o tile ouUlllog , wu l do wall dy iviog D. Jhsoit ill, on propl'r oedi tiles fahr thr eaor in the slhortest tllle cuin Ire pai il withk writteln directionon f ieitir use. -titilcepeu Coln 7 in the uoiurnig until 11 o't lock nt ight. AI|I.INTIY'' ! VS!!PP f I.IXIi[ . Dr.h c., t. , th, ore eiti .11" .l.:i ii a ir{."ooi ..ion opinion that ioio-tenths if thie diseases ethi ot cfo tnnoci d originci hi hhe ito:sach. Tlid 1.lix:r --it used hy him with I Illnst it0 ilpre ,c e dl! s*Uceeas ill lua pritate and Iubllic prastice .or UloyiWrdo il' forty yeah, fir the reii'xIi i tf *ho fhllowiao diaeneos: Locer fniiliteI, ioili, I.Diciolotioc of thel u.tio cah. Poa in the n"i1+, IE. vriujslofit tihe aund i iocli aaioln Cto ooepl.Irregularity of the Iliwe.I, -4 lllni ill t cns. where indigestioil or a cutive hlbit ii fiilod to eridt. Trllit iledieine most not he cnuellicd ailoig the ho.t afqIack ilolntriuni ItOw bcdor the uoe iuieoo it is tihe eolijilolelicuntilo ot'thiouiteti oni mch l a eieitifiie souegolo ouept etereIr iroouolce, and tlolo ieret rtofp IepeiOu i woe. Iro re lo ft,d b)y thle .gent for rely horge . llt. t i agreenele .nid pcI aat to the titt tet, nto s a ioilcd 0p1er ieot.alwayt keeps Ihe bowelsa roe, iUlpcts vigor ilcd etrelgtn to the e*ystel, and cheorloliiese to tihe IOtilod id a feaw botrles reliire thile Ilolsct elifir lllted ases aI l DJydipaln or Eiligentoii, uand orevenotoi returnl at ally uturre period. Y 7h Agt, 1838. New Ylunx11711h Auguat,1 I31D. :15 lhtdieoliiatreet. Su.,li-- conrqlloelerofrleditlg ii seloentarv lifet, 1 hava been troilllell, torot or les, with lEiliolliion for oin ri hyar tiole thi til irec yelri iiy Lftlerioogs hice beenhouilollnrtobhe. I hive tried eoveral ploy.iuiati, lida nuliaberofqtsnck ledleiliecs, wiotbhlt derrviig any benefit. [ dUlauired ofi verosuiilllneliily loeluoallelil elief, neand reiglerd iiyoelf to tlhe tiin it iopieloe desiuiir ( wa persuollded y t any eriendcl to troAlIerieIIhy's Iylpeptec I'lliir. I leooe Iwfildijhed the fourth hot tle. iim jkoW eI t w iUo tOo 1e alrteee itI-oi Ilerotilfo iii ire wondrful ilcrt e l d Ithe root lllle hit i oI lerforolellt ill reltorhil i lio that luoluth which I. 1 aghi Ir-t for er. slllle It alf it illzn bioties ifte e. anid except wy tllaik fiir toe hleniilln yon have a o erredlly re atoring lilt to pelotr hItltlh. Sreciinin yours, JOII BiONIIOE . Trie agiit ipa in lia iiOssesailoln eve hilodred tee ianoilllhs tilmilar to lthn ahliec, oIf the extralrdinary vsir Ilea lat' tie inediciie. Sold iy llppiilltmienlt, at Itr. olhnc tit's. 148 Itieuvillo eateert. ore 5 VAIcUAI).s E ENGLISh EL)1ION8 Ml AILI'iLI.'S VWoders tof Geielogy. _iholoing'tworth works .ihhou' uiieellrt eos works toitolll'l work---WaVverlv, (illule) portrilts iParrvy a Ieaetolrt crabianet--.uwepr' wrks. 8ve IIag.'o toler. 8 vo Chlarles Glltandilo Goildslnith AliiiateiI Nmlitre--Smith on COttlluge Kneox s iutorv of thii reilruliltiol E)ovoei4norl's lliograpohieual dictioarv c&e &e. - ju ied i.n te tourte hy A TO)WAIL. a. + 49 'al~lll I t Streert.,silt, dr y receivrd o -mall dasoralttll lltrgr entotelled anIlld iinaic breahitia, sct up in il era ItVl"-. emstYl-".{;i(11lllS-11'tii( hootitul -atlngs, IlanoiillZ frlt .hil Alexlllder fron Brnc h four tot be A TRIER, rhle hy 314 Magezite it te 01i OAS I)EPAItTb EN'T, )as Light lanking Cetop'y.'Jaa.'ry In, 1839. T HE& St,.k of C3oke heillg iush reduced this Caro Spany will fulurilsh ittaburg Coal, ill smannll quac ttio to tleir catiiomere. Order received to th e oas Omcf, lBank Alley. Jai: IC Wt WE EI.I,I4 St.e'y, B URNHAM'S I)ROPS.--Thia medicine was disenvered by thle proprietor and hs been sub jeered to his careful observattin for many years it every variety of placlie, and all thie disease, of lio diversified American clinmate; end it i not given to the publie with the utniuist confidence and believe that it is, as moat clearly set fcrtll in the panllhleltr aecerompln ing tie same, the best medi. cine ever thrownll thin the illrech of ail clnces of soiet)y. It is witl thie reantet p prprieity given in all the manladies which nallict the human rice, Iront the rerlablihled fact, that, when taken into tire ao mnach it actsaccoording tlo the tte t f the satitt Selh and thie natlre of the disease, ilther as all tlllliec, diuretic, ludrlie, eaperctoran nt,or erp eriet imedicine. 'hat it is really whnt it purports ton be, needa only atrill It satlily the mnret incrueulous. The tfct isldmillgomrin to the knowledee of time propri' ,ra uol ti beneficial and eaving ellects in caseaof the anea and fever, hilioun., typhuit, ner. vols and scarletr fevers, intliOtaL, villelt elids, dyeenterry or flux, dyapeFria or mleasles, satnll bhemn that they are not only warranted to wllrlny recomnmending it, but they are called upon flroln a sense ofduty wtvllch they owe tc tile humani flrily to say to all, try it, and you will b-ar anitplu hrai on) ore al we have aunid on Ite subject. The lchlera Itself, tile worst scorurue which Ihe ever visited our couhlry, hlas eenl ucceselulv con qnere,d tile proprietor in thirteen casea with tihe use ul lhlas lredicine only, wi haitl tlle lIes of a single Iatient, The medicine is pie 'ured only by doctore IUIINIIA.M & DAVIS, Sc. Lous Mslsoauri; and is put ia Illt p l achl an.eollillli ied with a plain and distilnct direction, and containinlcg about eixtl) Il sea, to be had Ifr sevirty live, whieh naksa It nchll the rheapeat c dicinie t ever olffered to Ii" public. T'Ihe abovee ieiinie in sold wholiresale and retail by nor Aeniite, Ilrenry Ilnioablel, )IsiugleIt and Apolthecary 'I'chiupii ulanl sItreel. New Orlen. n. EIVW LnuIC-O, Native M~Aic; T'rhc C.onvetlt It a! N I'mn t lctnlill~rIIcrcit Itlae; :ehve Itriairi, ib dc lii yoii reilrcinlhair tire lre i ihfl !lite in tie ItrrirlI Klilllnlcee: The Whila tltice r of tile P pl pern; 'l'hIcI lolll anll () IoIIve l hoti rt lller In . me t.r lg b i i Se ril in the gretild lltomti.c Opera, All ihc; t(od f ig 1 el'ihrr r e.rtiiui anI piantir[; I c aor-. nDot fir oirting onc e fi!c h I ihi,, tby It .ll.rcell; U:lllcc, ct)ine, tlhiouc art ill ioo roi; c I til cicihi' tieanill wave, IbY II Ilauocll; beh m. eelll]l fIlr lain; FI" me let fill a teilr;o one to mi, oat rcoreiig; t)'er thie wltnrl by moonili;ht; Thern's no Ilomnie like ic own, rrano ged frr titb 'arplie ' l.bltrre. Itoyal (VWitzec, by A I'lecli; quieeil Victoria' CUoIurt Quadrille. Just recerved alul lir.-r lr by i119 Is C.I 1:Y, t9 C'iernri Tfat't;II1 IN FIVe AND A HALl DAYS. Prom Mobile (Alanlamo) to Alngasta (Geo) L EAVES Mobile every othier doa, immuo.iutely atiel thie arlival of tie nail from New Orleants, per the stenralloat E.nstLie, to Illakely, coaches to Pelsaeole steamboats (pere Pentincolat Iai,St Inosa soitild and Chow tailacllie Ri'er and r lay) to (Cedar Ulutf coeahes via SMarianra, CIottlhula llrdee, (formerly IlMouit Vet. non,) Hainlhidge, Pirderton; Ilawkintsville and Louis. ville, to Augusta. A massengeertikion his seat at hMlt bile is inl o angter of being thrown out or losing hi! precerer e by other conflicting interests, an the FI.O.I 1)LA LINE iI but onl concern, anlld unllder one c t throughout, and ll ay rely WITH CEmllrratTl uolllnhn arrival at A gll.t.t ii timle Ipecifiedll, hrnlligh lll eiath. er illd at any Wi.asoni, unitlest stmre most t ulll(Crfaetr cratalB trophe shiouli occure. lThe (reoat New Orleans MAii is carrierl Ly this roume. The Agents foIr oaeoolinllda. tion, 'entsi, Cooches al Drivers arc oit sirpastaled the ou:therln coultry. The moolutlh, hardl, attural roads, the safe atld inter tltillg inlter lavi!gatioll, tie ime aind accoluloOdatio, allutr te tr.etaeler speed, certainth , erth'oru, and a ples illng vlaricty; connttel as it were with dile Riil I(arod Chrleston, S.Cll . col dte ateain ncklll etl to Ne Y.'k travellers canl rc :lh New York lfrit New Orlealis Li.n TAN I nA m-rs-l'oashington city in 1e . FIronlt Chl:tlltloOChlee-, FlHorid, we hae a Iraece I.ine via tQiney and 'l'ullaotssee, to St .lrks, 4 hue post lcoaches, alo two IIraneches ferom lHwkinctills one to Nlilledgetille, and one to Otelci, light two hire onch.',. 'ST'OC.K CI'OS I cu. Ac. tenwr" , tinhi .l.i. 18;. , (.iieat llOllrIar u hlinoue Motile . l)iur:lllt. , New )ltellle to %lO cile, 1511 nlils Mlobile to, Augusta, a , . Acgustt to Cleeticnier, ;Ii " C(iltrleit to New lr.k, 90U- INO 'ieaie %.w Oi'lan to i1obile, ii hbos Mobile to .Austa, \tiugista Ii tIirici.ccccn, l-' Charleston to New York, c'- a2.g lIhkin'g t.60 lirc per dae . or . atlrl. per beon', icbi sire of all tiopprages.l N. It. I clc, l e to I neca In e pii liee IIati b .ridges over telcat 'r Cl eaha terswnp nud IIhad h.b creek Ihate jlst been completedl Iy the g..celnrvl govrctl ielnt, ( ith i l ny el) stacles opleratingl ac irillnst this enti an speedy crote aie thuitshappily rernmived; andl I hate thr tlleasure lfle mitmrg from tr-veller tlhc the coahes,hole...i S.s, driversl eona. i :wne of the ilrt order; itand as to t he water rouite froi t i'eii:ula ti Cialar lutlif, it is aitcni. tedl by all who havc pasted l.rmugh it to hr Dnsurp. t innovelhies beatify and safety. The bridges througl (Georlgia have also [.yetierepaired. J A llAf; A lE Lady .kionalogue's Cimjotruntd Clinesea Soa/ re elntmellcded by the ludlee. lt lladrid and Charles ton, indeed rooality, notclitly, he press, and the igalntie bala;nce of all thingII .ItI, ip tbh c i)l io hIIto.. I enlogised It and iplaced Ile tli ellency oe lI.dy L. .l ontague' compounl d Chllinee soap Ibeyond s0us pition for teler or ring worl, liliples on the face, sun bhro, tan, er rtion, prickly hear, and alicc tioins of the killl, tho healing qualities of this soap will ionll eradicate. It is recommlnended n anll emnollient shavin sonap or compound for gentle. imenl, or beautilyin_ rth conplexion, remuving Ireckles, and lnparting freshneus aind delicncy to the EtInplex:ou. The aliRetcralic disutinceti of a soft and whlot hand, is with many an object ol considerable lllerenl. Exposaure of warln ellrmale rihe neck face alid hand bUecome tanned or hard ened, and tihe invenlione of modern chemistry have bellen renlldereld sublaherVIolt not merely to tIhe Inea. nary every day aris of life, but even to its luxuriea and elegancies. Sold wholulasre and retail at No. 95 Custonnl house st. Prece $1-. of NEW MEDICINE. Dr. G. R. Phelp's Compound TOSIATO PILLS, (Elntirely Vegetable.) A newo and iueahbnidle Mledicine for all Diseases, an. nt subiinlhie /w" Calomel, its a catlhrti in t'erers attdl tn l Blillious Afoi'cinatns. T IIC aSE ypuer lAl tIit ing lllll tlla t.f a newly li elNd A lkalis, 'aubNlutcee, extracted frulll nthe 'llit l l'i r; twitll uitlere rget:blie.ubateice a nicl le beet IhInllo Li i.dily &diffuse its eliiclt, ca e IBlieved tU bi thleI.wtA.llur .the otd Cath anrtc Mcire cniO ever disonvered. 'rhea heri heeu suutlltyly and aucteslully triad, land have reensed ulversl ipi.rbatiuu re! Scrofula, |tystnpiepa, Jaundiea. Blil Iiou.r diseases, (lravel, tt.itneaattn, Coughi, Colds, thidtneni, uatiLrt, Neavous diseases Acid ltnlrs lha, (iindulr whel liags a.ell kinds,, stiniu e ., ICohle. Ilet.dahecne. An Atdototo Cuattagiouca slanid Epldelidletprs; to pre veat thle Uraation uo bilrous and liver ali'etinu, Fver and Agie, L.c i thoase wlle relku 'I hnt wlillae. , tall low arIl i ,trehv cntrlve, •ad the otff thart e rthatl aull pe ai.d tur thoes lh.aitles. ,ehlnlu will tioli them an inftible relnrdy Pbr tie ltnurey: lyd Tnavellnr tilre tat lediclu:e they enm ins tu oneers the daugor, of exlma urn ill unhoeltly ell elates. norordlnary Fiatlly Phyain, tiheyre uuiverittlly :p proved a tile beOt ever tferond. Thn ptulir virtueof the a'l'llntte Plant, htive fir a ang time attracted t0e aItlltiOn of the iedical profe(rion and tlet public. atn grentiattrert tlti been directed to tie future dE velopemellt of itcs edlcintl qunhtiet, rwhich the proirietor ia happy in beilg niow aide to greatify-- nd ptreentt his pills to the public, with the full enniidlae of tltei being tile MOST sire nal r . atAeB ItEMEDY aV,' eIscOVRtDe. Numeruas certificates f ellres, front ,thoe who have ttlhenthen, alld testimlOlly of several blh t~nrian+ who Illhve prescribed hnth,.all concur t n coroborate this opinion. The raipidly ticlr llntg ldtaltnd fur, and tihe universal apprnottioll bestowed aeon thent, at au tddiittoal evidence rf thleir uatits aId uae It pretaeatilg this article to the public, tin prep ettr was itnfianced by tile hopn that a l.dtnclno iepatred wht ntueh ce, aud with a ttrict regard t( the Chl:,llel land Thrnpeu it properntel o .t .ever.d illgredients, n lould tLake the 'lace of the irrettponsible nldieiina, of tire day. with wlticih tie eonutry nlound--and frtm the fatvr already betownud upn, it by phyanciann and otte.a., te fntisja.tiind i.t enpeting thli For a full account of this interesting Ilitcovely, ttaimoel l,timdoeof operation, le. aee paltphlnta, hitet nmay he aid gratis oF all wbho teell thhe pills. Nonnae tegeluill witlouit the signature ofre. K. PIIELPS M. ), anleiproprtetr, Ilartti'rd, Connt. FOR SALE BY, E A'Fllanhe, G.eleral Agent, No. I:t Echanlge Place, near thePostOflien. Albn, by A APeychballu, Na 1t Rue Koyal J. IBakier & Co, No 7 New Levee. Dr. A Marshall, Curiorn 8t Jinaln. and Tiehlpital it. J. Ron, Laftayette City. G N Morrion.Nno t, Canal street C Jones, corner Tivoli Circle and Triton Walk. Thsne thait wih to act as Agents, addresa. E A IFOL 3.3ANSBE, wholes.ld Agen ment 4 y W AUNItIS LIQUID OJIDENTI'IA.-lItt been lang usneed. boith here and in tihe northl with uniformr suc aeuss. for clenneitg nid whitening the tealh, and iprennting the ntoothache; preterving tile nunsi, pnriiyine th, brratt, slind reliving most disetene toi which ithe nouth is liable in either ilhe tdult tr infant -Ote tea epuonlul, mixed in a wine nehanftl of pure water. and a pl talied to the teeth in usual itante, with a brish, will effectually pre vent acervy, ald ward off that ranrutie*ing pain, ihre tooth aehe. Prepared only by T. F. Wanger, Sirgeun Den. list in Jeeffarson nnllene, and .aid whelesale and retail by CARLE'I'ON & C,. 31 Catnal a. fb Rule agentsa for Wanger'n Odentina ( . I ASi-1 boles in aore for eanlr by t (-d lt k i IL. * BROWN §6 Magninns STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Jud:cial Die.. A' trict Court. Tihe State of Louisiana, to all whom these pre. sents shall come, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of Maya. ville, Kentucky, having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro. perty hereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of this court, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the second day of May. A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisement in conformity to an act of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled "atn act for the further assurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the tenth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know yo, and all persons inte. rested herein, are hiereby aited and adamonished in the name of the State of Louisiana, and of the First Judicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to the property herein. alter described, in consequence of any infoirmality in the order, decree, or judgmnent of the court un. der which the sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the appraisoments and advertisements, in time, or manner of sale, or flr any other defect whatsoever, to show cause, within thirty days from the day this monition is first inserted in the public papers, why the sale so made should not be con. firmed and homologatod. The said property was sold by the Shoriffof othe parish aforesaid on the 11th day of April, A. D. 1839, by virtue of a decree of this court, rendered on the 2d day of uarch, A. D. 1839, in a suit eon titled William iMasciley vs. Bier & Steever, No 17,376 of the docket of this court, at which sale the said William Mackey became the purchaser for the price of twenty.evcen thousand and one hundred dollars, payable as follows, viz: Tile purchaser assuming the paymlent of one hall of two notes of six thousand seven hundred and sixty.fivs dollars and filty.oix cents, each to be due oi the 261th of March, 1840, and the balance cash; tihe psrclnser assuming also, the orun of eight thlousand anil five hundred dollars, due to the Union Bank of Louisiana, witll interest at tein per cent. fromt tIt February, 1839, and the balance in cahl, and reserves a special mortgage oil the pro. perty sold until the same is paid. DIscription of propoety as given in the junicial oeunveyanee, viz: The undivided half of two certain lots of ground, together with all the buildlinIg aId improvements tlhereon, rights, wayst, custols, servitudes, privi. leges asld advantages threCluto belonging, or int any wise aplpertaning: said lots adjoin each other and imake part of the batture in front of the suburb St. Mary of this city, forming the lower corner e f Julia and Now Loevo streets, designated by Nos. Nineteen and Twenty, on a plan of said hbtture deposited in the office of Felix Grime, Notary, dated tihe thirtieth Juune, 1832. Lot No. nintietn measuring feet six inches front on said Now Levee street, by one hundred feet in d.llth more or loss, by a certificate of Joseph Pili', city surveyor, dated March 25th, 1836. it appears that said two lots measure tog i:h. or, in English measure, seventy feet front on New Leveo street, by one hundred feet n depth; togeth. er, also, with two hundred shares of the stock of the Union Bank of Louisiana. Witness the lion. A. M. Iluehanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, this 6th May, 1839. Ily 11l-4tw P. LEIHLANt, Depnty Cl'k. E'AT' DE LA LOUISIANE. Cour it Prerner District Judiciairo-L'Etat do nla I.ouislunn,-a tous ceux quo ces prdesentes con. cuerlOlt--Salut: r"IfENDII uT uo 'illiam Mackey, de la ville de .Mayeville,. Kentucky, ayant acLetd a une vente faite par le Slerllfdo la Paroisse d'Orl8auo la pro. pri6d1 ci.eptesa 6crlto, s'let adldre,s6 au graffu de cettvl cour, oh la dite vonte fut enrigistrde let 2eie jour de Mai doe l'aundo 1839, poonr uo aris, con. e,,rmldlment a un acts dia Ia 1.gislature do I'Etat de la Liusiano. i ntitid Acto p)ur colfirmter ler titrev des acqudreurns aux velteu judici.aire ;" ap prourd to 10 Mars I8.11. Quit soat clliu, et touates ersonlne ini dreoas suenlt par ces prde.ntoe o. nIds au mIl do I'lat tie In Louisiano et do la cotY du Premier district Jndiciairn qui pourrnient avoir droit lia proprlid ei.aprs d(erlite, on conrld. quienc 'u I dfut dlot d firmlle diols i'rdre, Ic dcret, llo In jullg ment de la ~oir, ell vertu durlllll Ii vulno 8.i,ou de touto irregularite ou ilidgalild doan I'relimetion, m'avia ou la tonmps t la oriode d laI vente, ou pour uno autro cause quolconqeo, do Iiro voir dans tronto jeurs, a dater de la puu!,ice. tion dito ct avis, pItrqoui la wvn1te ainsi titu tie pasconfirmOdot hlnologueo. La dite propr:6 ifaut vendue par 'o Shriffsurs dint : 118bmo jour d'Avril die I'atnee 18 9, en vr!tu rl'ln dIl retl de cotto eour, rendu le2 du .Mars de Piauntd 1839, duan l'.utifiro do William .lackey contr Iltier t Steever, NI. 17,376 du d.okeui do cott1 oeur, heliiquellc vento ledit William Malckey 'aest rendu acqulrour pour to prix de $27,100 piayable commle sult--savoi: L'acqu.reur aslsunanlt le paiment de la moiti, de dcux billets de $6,765 56 coots cheaque, qoi scrout d e Ic 26 ilears 1840, e t l bah:nce colnptaalt; I'c. qudrcur assuulnnt ausai le paimcnt do ronlllie de $8,500 dti a la Banque de I'Union do la Louisiane avec intl6drt all tliax do 10 pour cent a coInptor du ler. Fdvrier 18,9, et la balance comnptont, ot re. servant une hlypothbque ospliale cur la proprilt6 vendue, jusqu'a ec quells soit payeeo. Description do la propridlt d'apres le transfer judlciaire. La moited indiviso do dcux serelin lots do terre avee toutes leas bllies et amneliorations qui a'y trouvent,ainsiqua les droits, chemins coutumles, servitudes, prlvilbges et avantages y appartenant d'une lon1bre quelconque ; cea lots sent contigus et tbnt partie de la batture on faue du faubourg Ste. Marie do cotto ville, formant l'encoignure Ia plus bases des rues Julio et Nouvelle Loeve, et sont d6aign6s par les nor. 19 et vingt, sur on plan do Ia dite batture. dldpos en l'dtudo do Felix (rima notaire, dati du 30 Juam 1832. Le lot no. 19 mte. sure 41 pieds 6 pouces de face a lta rue de la Nile. Leovr, sur 100 pieds plus ou mains do profondour, d'aprh, un certlicat dd Joseph Pilid, voyer do la ville, dato du 25 mars 1836, it parait que cos deux dits terrains mesurent ensoemble, au pieds anglais, 70 proed do fice & Ia rue do la Nouvelle Loeve, stir 100 de profondour : nvec nussi 200 actioun I au fond capital de la Banque do I'Union do Ia Louisione. Tllutoin I'hoorable A. M. Buchanan, jugs do la eour suditeo, ce 6 Mui 18:18. P. LE BLANC, Olonni 4t UDpltPu (:reoter. STEAM BOAT. BILLS. O VWNEII, .GiENT', or A.\ I'I'AINS of $TIEAM liC.'IiT4 con have their Bills struck of, in one or more Colored Ilnk on IPlain or Colored Paper, raitl despatCh, and on favoreile T'erns, bly leaving their outml s U atiUE t AMthEI"tAN OirmIr"CE, uortier ut PIydrae and ii. pfiarlJa a treets. G.It&-Mn\'). %Se.S-l50 hddl S.n.o s LoA//'0/ galls Molasoeo-- pldesnttiun u/ives ho tr slcd by ADAMS & WIIITAIoI., li--dw 67 Greavier at LS ADDULEIRY WAIRE.-- I e subscrlbers, tlilro . kocturers atd wllesala dealers in sctdlery gods, are Ili.i receivitlg by late arrivals frotll tIle iloritll, i addition to thieir aorllsr stock, ill extelln sive asortanent of artliles in lheir line, allling which/ are the Itllowllrg, via: s.:dln and thisses plait and quiltled saddles, cntlenlen's du, Spnisll do do do m /xlactn tdo do, do Creole do do ido Amoer. do do, do Ettglish do "outlh' s lon Spanler do .l do do Ctelcl do Anter. and Eng. brdles and bridle ut unttntnga, do do mirtingales, Plated. brass, and jsaptanned coach arness, do do do gg sald iukeo do do do do lUruuts e do Dray, rare cued wagon do Sdodla bags, ouble andi,; v,/iceS tl.edical sadcle bags. littla Is csrpas bags; best troll Iralne letlller oullo trunkb, brais t:iled; leather boit top do, ansorted sizrs ad varltuio styl/o; Ilols/ers and Iastol behes; coach, gig, sulkey, twig and pltnlers crop whips: wool, worsted, colttlni and lulther girlhs and suraingles; stirrup leather,: trunk straps and worate'l r, in wel; chain and bolok Illmeat blind bridles and lines; S etch collare, and horse asid tnule eollara.,d all qualiti es; mo. ruceo, buck, bear.hbeep and buffaloskins; plated brass and steel bridle bits if ev ry description, plated, broas and steel spurs of every description; plated, brase and steel stirrups of every descripa l'tetqer with a complete assortment of every artich it their line f businesre-all of which they oiler for sale on ,ecolnmmodating terls. Theev will also ontinue tIn receive througlh the veer, by packels fromn New York, fresh supplies to keep their stock ample and cnmplete. KOUES, DAVIDSON & co, f8 15 Canal at. QCIt111tL lt IsK %, cheap Itlanu bitke, anl cep and S Irlar paper, quills. &c. &c.., a nlarg and first rate asuornotet far sale low by ALEX. IOWAR, mnay 3 49 Camp street. FIAGG STONES-60 yda FIlgg Stones landing fromP ship St. Lawrence, for olu TNEY mS .r a WI ITNEY lvnv 0 cot' C LUCINA CORDIAL. EL CUIla)IAL .E L.I 'IN1: all .'t;l.IXIIt o E IA.'.IMl(UIl.-The United $tatoel Acent tbr the Lucina Cordial or :l:xir of L.ove, return his grateful acknhowledemenets for tle lotterillng patronage which hlol hone alreody rreloivrl, ud also fo-r thl I0l.l00 tes0 - ilooinltl which have beell SPlitl IOill o ciolng thotlipo. l Ino.t lliraoelloao eflcao¥ ofhl o iloesiltjoololoo int!diciole. The rwell foundedt l a rl;uolntt ol the I.uulna Cordial warrllts the agent ill wlthldrlwinll his loig lveltine mentst; but fir the benefit of thlse persons whl. Iony as yet be ullonwore of its Ilutl.r, lIt woullod eXp)licltl) 0tate hllt it is Ir. Mtoullit velehlo ate. diebovelt y which hlas created uch a oesttioll in iFrance.-That it sleedily restores tho virlde poaers, where they hIve ~len exhautled hy diysasl or ortheroL ie, nlld subshtho jiollv rtenovatet tloa procrceat frUIICtIIIoh; tht. it io an elfoltntl oure lir tilhe ollnorllborl; oaol shtore al that t is the ulih remedy ever diseoveredl tlrt to reioval of itpoltencv inll ale- and barrenness in tfemale. ()witl ot:r vatstlv invigorating qalities, it is alas hiely ine t'll in gleet, olltructed, dilficult or painttul Rmel-trln ollo, ilOljlleeoflle F riourn, or tlroollllarv,. (hereol: chronic erotftiln ul the hkill, drt;epicl oIo.,. tiont of lthe Ined ..o In ordler thlt all olassesl. soiciltl mlrt rleceive to bnefit of l'r. AlaMntli'o discovery, ilhe A'merian orO - trietr,," lta eolnented that Otle Cotrdial shall hobe o, il olllesuofsix tiues. each, at tilhe redel plic· fl.$1 which is les than onle haltlh priCen chare'd for it i0t JOllN WINTER$S III)IE:IVE1.I., M. I. lnled Statel P000r0iPtor. The abov.e mediocie, is foir anth at l holes il atld at Nt. I.f Pvotias streetl, leltwet Magazine adl (l ".,l SN I ! I ll , I. RA LDNESS. A REA UTIFI.r head nfhnir is tho grandest or0ne r met to tihe hlumn ftame, low strane*' ly tlhe loss of it changes thle cntellllllalre, and promna ftlrly Irineos on the npearance of old age, w hic cu se mnny to recoil at eilr tullcovered, amld Sdilltimles eve oll lto sootciety to avoid the istt andt oanor. l of their aequaitotance: tih remainder of tleir lives are con saquontly spoolt ill retitement. In short, not e.n the rIns Iolroplrtv fillo s tlle oellernoll thlnkinlo t i oloo with tlhlt nenv siiltino lor lllIt i do theR iloroo off hl:i ril. mr av0rt 0l 0 l rheooe uleaant oir mstnor.0 ea,0. Ohlhille' Iohn l of Cholumnbia lhop the hair froo l flll', off ton otl first Wlpliertion, aio o few hlottlp rIn storo il .aenin. It likehisen prroloe eoebrovw Ield whikeot ; ioloprevenot thle rair irOll turnilt, gray, makes it llrl Ion a tifrullv st ll Ifr e it Tfrom r. rf. ,ITllPl0 e Rtiot, t oent o ' l firt i rcalleln ilio in sulpo t , tilet virtulot of Oldriolg.L hn iare fl.vown thay thre prof rietors, i [rad the l Robert OVharton, o. lo ,Isfe tMayot of t 'iio loo l.h ins cwrltfie ao I voo ell e L elr,, ttile high ch ar terof 11e frl lwio. e t r ll I t ol . r l Tahe 'Vnler rnied rp hereby re,otwfh that welrve useld te IloIomo ol f lololmbia oli-cowerdl Iha J.Oldridlte uol ilave oblo d it hglhel e o aril nhI e nlot oo ln ao o t poreventive a r.inal tile follliolg otT of hair, lo .ai cILo'ertoioo re0to0 WIII.IA eIt 'cI' JTCIOER, Se0Nior, tletloodit Mitloo in Sot tbetro c'antr., No 1t6 2lortlo Fifth .. J!)ttN oP N A1.IS,3on ANlh sOrnt.e. JAON It) i-t T)usS, M i), i3 Ino etst JtOI00N S Fi0 44IIY, tll Spruoce ,tre.e. J01)0I iALtR, Jr, 0.3 ArcLh orrt. It i 0:ll0own that tIlree otf h nhlv. e i p Iort aIl:tln ve)yars *ute, , o.lod tile othersl Ilut o e. t000J. 30. [From the ovoot. ovllwllll. 'Ioh of PIenotSol Itn. I, Illhert Wharf.. Maler .oooid city oof ootilode. phooia, ,o ehemlv certifyo tlit I am well o qololtied witlh :I1e~srs J P lugli.. J-i4m S Farlr;,', and hlhligh 1 "Curdy, wh, osi 4 e llulut r arn>ign led to, thee o ilo e rh l lo etific l tr,tlt tllhev 0le 0000 nlel ottO ch troototr tlat '.:sp,"etahillv and a. . o1 ltiltl credit slolo llo h civ4,1oll tilthe aid Irtlifieonte. fn witnesr wh-hroo I io t Ilrhoe llleto or et m" 1hoanoo adll clso tlhel seal of tlhe city t,o be .fxed.l hio ith dt ov of lJePloher, er. [L. S.] RO" l fEIRT \tVOI\IRTON, Myoor. OBSIRIF E lthat each boultle ofthe (leonuine Bllom iba a osplendid ongrverd wrapper, ot whichl is reprenootGl tho FIll ofNio.aro, Ac, Stle0 .holeaalo alnd retail bov the sole telll foor Aollr riloa. 02 Fletchel street, 0000r Maidet Lo no, tillp oul bet , Pearl treet, tlld by Ioloist druggiots and perfloloter to ,Ugh he cutntry. JAIlVIt & ANI)ItEWS, m9 Wholeale Aeontt, New Orleans. ACON S[I)IES--150 ouskh Cincinnalti cored io, for sale by G IDt)It0El, aptril 2 44 New Ilvoer --INS+ ) -()L-[ 50O g-10o-, -0 O' ore otob boo a, e ' i+hv SIIALL ItO AOit'N, apri '2 . . 96 Magaeine at UPHfOLrsrEIIY & I'APF:l IIHANuING( STOIid) I Henry Siebrecht, (lormerly J. C. W\Vck would nest respectfllllv inlorm his fries I the Ipblic in general, thait he hins and in co. - ly reeeiving a general a=sortment of upholstery nnd paper hanging. The fllowing cot prices a part of hiis sock,which he offers for sale at wholen sale or retail ol tihe most acconllmodatin termns, viz : Fenclh velvet and snatin paper, Inrtet istyil; ndo half conlnmon anld commoni , Pnildllelplhi glazed and unglazed ido do, IFrenclh anlldsr:ape, fire boards, blinds, &e. ito rvlvt and llllw ed di d. iloreanze do nl)rer,silk fline and ael.Jc s oLt nl] qualitiel, pnt crnis anlld iricie, wtilO ll Ini triges ns torted pattern. plain nrid enl red. S.itin .lin, laenst style plain aind siolouned, tnoiitn dlrnprn siltlcinaplasin and it illed, sn-ollied v t ol r,inetw syle of needle wnrk for sloa csnhi-nsit, -itsto, l covers, &c new style a ell l hplliets, raie.nd ftigures and plain, gilt window orns ients I n llll patiernll anid leize, gill len ,galel nlid s1 pears, fe-atlsnio. &c, glass knolls.cas erl, ir tlh, tignelllll nd pla , I lcrn asrirtiminn t of hiea I r hlillrtln: larle silk curd eld tnsrels, lworsted ourd ltltd las. sela, a general asIortflnt of aiipholer , n antd IIpaper halhlginlls, ctnstanr ly oin hllild lid ftii) irule alt tine locwesat prices at Nras 41 Roiyal nua' 64 Cu stLllet linouse c. N B-Perast ill the city or from the country, are re pecilully invited I, as ll unil exittnr e tir themllelve. Carets alind curtills laside in thei arsit modrrn style, reoite prepared at the Pcinr eat notice, anld all kilnd of upholdeelery itork dne wiih nlentseas nnd dlp.ellh. o"i IIAIaRIAfiE PHYSIO.OGICA4IALY ISICJUd S)El. Translated from anle French of Jean DIu bnis, 31. I). by Willilm Greeltield. Part lst. LOn the euealssilt of lMarrihlge ! LIllr . d. llatuioaetalls illcuearing, witn a culle fLr , Luoe ! Part 3d. * * * Par 4th Marrage' Phvsitilogicallv Iieerlssled is the naout usefil, slid decidedly the Iotlinlterlesting work that we ecer read. It will break utit ore rakes and spinstiers, anld make mlre miore married men an wlmeln thlan ly plubilintion thlt hasnevnerbeenl anctioned by tIhe courl of Ifyilen.-La Millolteeule. Ti'hs is a great book, allnd ill be productive of muchl good in the cIeonsotoity. It is true it Io-Ltains muchie irangre Ilnguaege, bill ihn tile sulijert is it, excet, sodll l te cp alllid wriilei oni it, he cohuld ni have treated it more deliceately. WVe epecially raclellnsilI its" Instrunciona in Ct..sititrg," hi Inns i ont e aitii i ll young ladies and gentlel llui that may be in quest a partlier.--Le petit Courier Des Darelr. Fore aleOat no 65 Povdras at beltwncl .lagazine annd Camp street. Price $l. liEElt SKINSt-2 bLles landing Iena tres. blust J Hoalter,for sale b) A TRIER, aS 34 Gravier t H A-s-il loan h ertherben, lmonthi i l.ol b.eig n1 oppn e itoot No I, eet;lll Munnicipealitv for ale hy SIALI.L & BII\)WN, april I4 96 Mltnlrnilie :treet Sfine'orkeev gulil arabol, S do InqO- i-ce pnace!, and lake manna, anti for sole sIy p E so J.ILVIS & ANtDREWS, a13 corner Comllmlon & Thehnupiionlis Its j+I 1.5IARII Ai. ,I5& CII -K JtrC-- tceenu Sl. splendid article of Billiard iole and Ch'recka. h1USII & ALLEN, april Exchange Ilote,cor St Cllarler &Conlmon st H ARIEII OIL-C i buxer llarlml oil,receivinkg.r Si barque Chbnticler, for aloe iy al3 SIIAI. & BItiaWN, 96 lMagazine st PI'ERM. CANl-l. -60 boxes Jhit s'. patett rod for sale by SIIALL &. ICattWN, a13 96 Ma-azine Pt O ARS-S&' oars Puuperinr quality. Irlsno nd fe or '5 71 Va. L, -s "TfIE TRUEE RICIIES OF LIFE 3 IIEALTII." TE KNO-W that health and the ability to W labor, constitutes the wealth of the great mass of the peop;e in this, as in m st other conn triCt. To preserve, therefore, that health by natai ral means is a grand, moral and p ,litical scheme to| fulfil which, requires our utmost attention. The unprecedented popularity and nivecrsal ap. approbatitn which this medicine has achieved) throughout the United States, the Canadan, Texas, Mexico, and the West ldios, fully justify Dr. Peters' in warmly and conse entiously recolrnen. ding them t tthe slpecial notice of the amicted. Peters' Vegetable Pilt are the safest, cfl'ec. teal and ecenomtic.l remedy itlr diseases of the humlanl eunttuttot, theat h is ever been discovered. Dr. Peters, the inventor of this invaluable medi. cine, from Iis knowledge of the IUnan systeIm, derived fron a long and extensive practice, has arrived to tois conclusion, that the great and pri. mary caurses of most diseases is a derangementcn in the functions of tile liver, or il other words anl in. creased or dimmnished secretion of the rile. So well is this understood, that it in enmnton for persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are bilioua, moaning tlht they IavAoo much bile on the stomach. Oin the other hand, when the flow of bile is diminishied, the process of diramiotn is imperfrectly perform d, the patient bIeemtes weak and emaciated, because notlristlrnent on tailed itn the food taken into the bt, enach is not proper'y no. tracted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. lDr. Petlor is confident that tihe f.trnlors IDvgran 'Theoirry, so called, that, "impurity of tile bIlood is tlhe cautle of all disnses,"a i great al~urdity. Every Ione who refleelt on tile subject a tIorneht, will perceive that impurity oftle bhood is a sornn. daly not. I prirmary comtplaint-the effect and not the cause of diseRse. When the functions of the liver are deranged, andi tihe flow of hile increased, it is olten taken nup by tihe asorl eat vessels and carried into the cireulatlou, and becomes rning ed t),ii Irhe blood, as ill jaundice, when the patlent ilshows it inll lis ecounltrnrtlacn. NO.V this impurity of blood is caused by an increased flow of blill, t) rrlmetly it, you must correct the sccretions ft'the liue., and retlre it to a healthy state. Dri. Peters hats spent mlluch lirle ill experiment irg with diflrenrt vcgeltab r methr ntes, fir disiariesn of tihe liver; arid ntl offelr his Vegetable Pill., as the best, mIurt convenient, and cheapest tmedi. nine that can be prepared for general use. Dr. Peters flatters himselfthat Ihis long experi. menting with vegetable medicines has enabled him to discover tile true and only substitute answering all tihe lurposes of mrrcuria's without any of their attoedant evils. One great quality of his vegetable pills is that they have tire alterative principle comn. bined with t.ti: ,. ihartic, or operative qual.tice, so that they not only cleanse the stomach and bowels Iy purging, but they regulate tile liver, challgo the tmorbid seeretions, strengthens the dligestive organs, purify the blood, invigorate tile circulation, and give tone and energy to tile ier.. vo.ou systenm. They are rmild and pleasant in their operation, and c anvy almost imnmediate conviction of their utility from tihe first dose. They can be taken with safety by persons of any gec ; and the feeble, the infirtm, tle nervous, and the delicate, t e strengthcine' by their operation, because they clear the system of had Ihulunrs, quiet nerveous irrita bility, and invariably produce sound lhealth. The Vegetable lPills are a sure remedy for j dice, sick and nOrvous headache, dys; epsia, ella nesa, sicknessofthe stomach, heartburn, all bi complaints, fireers of all kinds, and if taken commencement will invariably check their gress, and save the patient from a protracted dangerous sickness. They are invaluable int vouw atnd lypocondrical atlections. less of tite, and a I complaints to whic': :' aln lAn subjeet. They operate as ia ilid . :,oluOd p and are a safe and certai in medy for woru.t chi dren. Since 1 have introduced my Vegetable Pills to the pultlic I have received numerous certificates of their euerlilor ellicacy in curing diseCces, a:so, many letters tronu respeotahml physicians, who have used thlri it: their practice with Etie best sucecss. I tight publish a small volume of '::;: b.t conslidr it lluncossary, as tie nmedicaii .i, recommentnd itselfto ial who wi I make trial if it. "'tIhe above pills are itr boxes, containg 20 & 40t pill, each. Price, 25 & 50 cents per box, 4 Druggist, and couentry mercllhants can be sup plied, at wholelslc or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi pIl oltice, no. 65 Pldral street, between Magazine nad C;ampn sts. New Orleans ALSO for sale by G. N. Mioreison & Co, 11 i Canal strect : P P Berlit, druggist 112 old Levee, between the two marketsn: Mre. ICreclier, druggist, at the Washingtoa market : CJ Trinchari, drug. giLt, corner of C nal t& Dourbon streets: G A, Re:d &. Co, druggists, corner of Tehrupitoulns & Glrod streets : J Rrssi, druggist, Lafhyette city. mlfG ' 1 .TEL . 1 , PENS-Felt's No. 1 i S. 4 p4 pens SDaIniel Webster pan, Felt's trnge barrel en COlngres large i Perry' t s pr g t l t sopl y dn do 3 silit rI Windel's ladies do do dIouble patent do i )ril l ioible paIIrrit do Gillot's balrll do do Nat ioal do And Gdrllot' Coua inieria, foe r sole or DAVID FELT & Co, 24 Chartres al, fiN6 N 11' SrIieners hlall O.II'ASSES, 'I'LEItMOtE'YEtlR, Ml :'tfnr l COPES, &..--Just received andl for sale by Wm. Mc Kaiin, corner lf Carmp and Common streets, general assoutlllent of Surveyorra, Mathetllentrlll instlrelllenlt, Irawinge Pre. Spring Dividends, operulg Iroe PeaIs, Ivory tPro Ivory Sveate, Bunter's Scales, Glass Triangles, Parallel ltultrs, 1licroscopes, Thermoamerrs, Calnera Obscureis, Survey Chainrs, Mensu ' T'l'apes. aSe I.AIING CAiiS-Jiust recived la Ilw grose Sin l very upertior Frenc cardst, come vet Il11i andd fine, for sale ch llea t y& i 1 N , 10i N~Sniiio Sioner0hll,24 lcharrer N ORRIS & Co. Ne. 38 Chartras rrlret, ae niw c receivicg and the mo st plendid, si sta.tiatl and ittnhlina lle stoItk of CIthing theyi hawv over exhihbti d In IIla mark,,,, canidingI it, part of the tihowi; n nricles: I e,., blNo ,lacl, je iac',, lantdon arowl iiti ,o, l hv, l andon sc iolKt an nd lden c ive Irtc; ciad dres ci as(r: benver, snble aind harriatnn Irock t ors, eieganitly liraish ed; fancy and pliln bla.k cn.mmere ai d cloth pantaln ioos. engLlisIIh and rt'tench Ifacy anrd pl. inl silk and satin .etst; real new market coollfotl;l tnglitll and ireach fancy andi p:lmn senrf and hdklt; chlrnia, silkseweb a and nlllp ,as a :tin sc s. pender ; ,.hamois, ierinlInnib's wool, welsh flan nl. silk anl I:ltaon nlet sherls onld drawers: file limlm nlld c .I ,II sr h rl. t, with li I. i ll,,c i Ii , ills "nld rll|I'd: ivry Kearsl nld paIIIn handlle silk ull. herpellas "' Grait's "' prernium (hlover-also, a hreaurlh! article of while kid, for we.hhngs, hnlls, S'r.; Shrittlefield sti. and rauldana 1dks; plnin linturt.d atdll embroidered naltbtrl do.; Rilk, lnmb wor'ls, ilarino, icgermniv , ;lad lrwnll and whlre e,1't )h lall hse; all of which they offer low fur ;castI r to 1 unlal ue.Ilnanerts oainiil. Nov. I Et)LUCA\i '.N-FliENCili al EN(dLill. Mr. Jam, =, rei'enityl nrivetd in this city, hogsleave to io trm the cilizens of New t(),leats hat he will Sopt ai acade,rlyn Monday, 14, 1January, at No. I Tounouse atreet, for liln islrtlc l lln of outh ol bothlla xs, in French nitd Engahsh, in which tie will be ably' nesisted by M.irs. James and Mrs. tieciher, whoi speak both ihtll se languages with great fluency nld purity, and wiho will take charge il ths e departmi nt of tlie young ladies. ilr. J.ianr will give hLin wlale aIelltion to trc various branches ofedu 'ation, n d |ilters himself that ae will glr ientire .llislacIOtil to those wli o may hoater hit with their ronlfidernce. nov I NveRlid & Co, No. 30 Chartres iatc , tra re. ca viing daly from their house i Phiiladelphin, an eegatnlt and comnplete assaoritmeit it Iub.lnntllal nuld IGlonahle cltliniug. 'They it.linlte alien ionl of the public, le they art narratd IL In raying that strageri annd citizens cantot tirnis lcthe selves aIIIUe advallitagcously 1I aly Cilt' ill Ithe N. It. A few dozen eleoant ivory handle tm brellna from 3I2 tI 36 inches. A'o , n Irge hit whilefpicne ilacek i n bxes, vclrioll rizes,. vcerc lw 1r'XClANGi In:--.i cl.adon, ti'r ae bvi-tt l t m17 Il(ALFt, 93Ca ttntnn .t FItHE ublcriher iffers lor sale 150 bbti 'lour; ISU I hils Whiskeoy 50 cas~ Is ac.n idles; 30 casks aeon Sbhoulder; Il Ueasks eanvasucd Iicma. aprl I 'll(1 B IIUI.i.EN. 74 (Camp et tuc'lliajKb+:1-'2,"tttttbIirttc; cified, iauSim(iah V rteamer lelpre. for sta e by (i; s)t )IlE'. apt lI 44 New Ievee IC0--3U tie'nes rice,ifor .at Il y t AT Tlki.R, 31 (Ivrniert IFT PII.,ietKVEKS-Juen receivetd a superior article of life preservers at the Itazaar, r. BL.I6l ,v 21.1. IN LIME-Ofnl ..asks Pbhlmnuton Lime, lucd,"g frn.a ship Paruvnia, fr sale by1 ap 19 S & J P \WHITNEY, 3 Camnp at CL'iEN' -IvdrUlicare and Romain foCr ae hv C llar27 'EA AI) r HA~'RTO\O.7 Iank Place I te `v % 1..1. S-1-iile b teas (plrm ,iiuadtes, ir^ete ! h1c.rese b.t fif salt" c l" 1 t.nR %I.,k, r "" ].t !fa!f9." : IIARRISiON'S SP'ECIFIC OINTMENT Te,, great celebrity of tlis unrivlled (,iom. posiion, espei:ally in Ihe Northern States. Icav, the proprietor but I ttre need to say any thing in its ftlvor ; for it hat been eenerally conteded to it, that it is beyond all conmparison the b at remedy for external eomplaints that hlts ever hbeen dico. vcred. Indeed toc sryced oanl cortainty of lat ope. rati is have the appeoaraec ol'riratele ; as en crs, w unds, corns, feversors, elh;lblains, white swel. lige,r biler, piles, spider anud snake bites r&. imme. diately yield to its apparently superhum : influ. enee Thus if properly alphed it will reoave an inveterate corn, or break and Ireal a bi e Ilr fire days, will allay and perfectly cura an ultc.r in two weeks; and tlhe most denI:lrato e.ue OC f whle stelling that can be inmginled, have i.cnl destroyed by it in less than two mnttrlhs. In the bites of poi suloue reptiles its fic;eacy is truly surprising, an even inthe bile ifa rabid dog, for if applied in time, its power. of atlraetiou are e, wonderfuil that they will at ouet arrast the poison, and tlhus pr. vent it fotn pervadcg Ilue ystern. It is hIkn wise greatly superior to any m:ndicile disco. vered for thie chafud backs al tlnebs r' Ihrses, for tetters, rirg worms, chapped lips, andi ,a short for every extvorelt boddiy evil that m:ay ftall to 'ite lot of man or beast. The proprl tor has received at leas;t a thousand certificates and oth r documentis, in tav r ol'ahis 1 Speclfie Ointment," upwvards of Ia reuadroed of which were written by respectable eC mhoes rof te Medical Feaclty, all breathing tllu sarue eulogy and satisfatetion. Preo ared at 1t9 Liberay street, Noew York, atie for sale at Gil P,'drae s .troe t, Newr Orleans. mar-e26 ,f S i . il',.,iiai l' teL ri.UL, to CINE. TIOItl''t leompound Eaxtaetd ofC'opaibt s Siparilla -A etirtli, sale, nal'd ornst rrciuall errene-t ,l icer discoverl tr lh cure of G,.lorrnhen, I;lectis Srictaires, Whiries, ',laus in thc back mr e r ins, ae,. weeakness, athctious kidlnier, gravel, Iuot'buti arl'oiel, t&e. Iua Ifr itltluoction t of a t merlicit possesrsig tlhe uscl'\ ad grive virtue of the o r now a.teraedt to tihe ndlic, tie Irlr ietor llos bit to refer to thie nIlunerolus '.l n IrlrardatrIn. ceied i'from e illot erneerl of the .,i-: l ael l.tnnc ts in ll o pre, belireing that II t ll r . dilly a p," ' 'in te , " h e n its I ct 'r it R o re aI ir' . f ll k o w n . "Tlh e lttniut of 1 1teupiba, serv.tetirly stred, " s lost mti , of its credit ovune the tiInik' hir lt'., ti , r onrr. li) xpnra's d regrrd'vr its ir itgierri bta trsher , dirhrer turer raurieed ir the boi els aht d stoaaah, atoaa its cIetetoifrt inefticienev when used in thie inflammatory stage. 'Ihe proprietlr has lllade al analysis of the hBalUl, colceai ing that the more aclivetqualities would thereby be tuchl more r'oreenlltterd ani ntrotl' usefully dlllriuitel.t(i tltan in the present stale. The hbove oied cite combines int 'redienle which are inl the highestl epute anlot" tihe rmost scientific evI learnerd in thie proession. I'ecls drrrg in tile composition at of this preptarltioll incresers tile ellieecy of the other, nproducig all operation truly anto lilling,:~rn surp)assing the must sangline eCxtectatio's;l frossrtsiriag a thie sveee fitne the tateroatege or ir itertahin .oiarir.i.ter'eed.wirh peatert succeiss ritlitio1'nrell ..a.eel of the above diseare. T'he mosrt eienlet phfr siCir s ar d Bur.eons of. trhe present day express thIeir deiid,,i, i,, utiro in fhrra of Sal'Sarspaeilhi, whilst its use in the pvineipa:d hosaaitds and public medical institutiols tat hr uI, t itd still r tcaniree, elry exlercire. It lse a Ih, crIte torlllei wilt thre eeleirr'elral Ir) Abeerrltlr y ir t all venereal afuictions, and ill obstinairteentanteouserutltios, arising fr'om a: disrdered state ofthrtiigesti efluntions. laving been submitted to the test lad experience iof the most celrtebrated almong tile facuhy, tlhey hlave expressed their satisiection of its extraninlieary elwlewcY in every wase under their ehatre, by adoprtilng it hbth in their eublic arnd privatr paracatice. 'Their ob ervatiors r ill le inserted hIereafer. Pri.rared by J B 'l'holn, Crhetlie t Loudon. Price 1 itr50 .r ·lt. TEI'.ES MtfIONILS. Front A II S:iohn, Esq. It y, Sr:rge'Pn to lthe St Thuarn IlispiteI, ald Le'-s.,' en Anatolry. Thle trial wlhich I have n:ur:e of youar prepar'ain in a varirty olcases, both ncieal d lc em1ie, ill itlres'ults bo:iae rovecl ao highlly Iteourable, that I dto ot hesitale i,r , Ir'onoencirg it one of the most valuable tran eflierrcihnsr remedies ever oltered to the public, old one ill whic, .0o1 exp 'ie ,ce,1 cl pla e every llisnllce, wllilst it :does oa plroluce the s:tuir ullplecran t etfe'tc usually ex ple'itllced foaml co lisibau From G II Ilywf'Ird, I It C S, Piyiiahan to the St .trarylehroe 1)isejr'surr. I lake g.realt ple.surte' in asthing en rtestrllleny to tae valuable prIopertires of your prepratornor, wishin;Cg voUl the success yoee so fully deserve, iro an rumlle relwardl fr tihe laboranld expense Incurred in it to bich cI e I ratetre reIrletrfor!(In. t-'rer W, O C toper, F It S, Surgeon to G:uy's Iles "'he unliforl saucess which has a'tended llthe adilni. t ro'irn a y r'r iedicirae lrac11g rr1- roriernts at'iteor with Iheabol)e diseases, reas fully slisfirll mr hlr i it rras Hrly to be knowr n to be truly appreclataed. lay tlhe succes you o well deslvoe, :rtmp:y aud sope.rd:ily rlay you for )'olra valuable Ir'eitara'tiOnc. Froum Sir A Cooper, ' It SP 1It C , idsc k. laving been ildualeed to ttry toer I'xltrlet ill sevel:d rases'of violernt tiolrlr'rtari wtrlie rarillIr r iro'r baftfled eveery fv'So''ripioi adtro istc cie d' ' .l, me, hIvilg l'oend sure eled pee.dy cures efectred L) it, inl a few days I feel maselfei .idult brad to state t:lt Iinow ill Irty iprace tice otllb public and private reco.aelllelld use non otber, From G IV Blair, M Dr, Physician to Guy's tlo piial. Thie slrict test which I hate givetn your medicieic amonrrg tIat' patielnts, aln its invariablhe success thus a1ar,. will ilnduce m tro Irsaevere' in its use, and I e.d ee i but an act nofjustlie and of dtoy to add tnvy feeble testi ill ill commealllhltion of ilsvirtues. -Froi L C 'Tllompson, .1 If F It S L. Iretura vou my sincere thanks for t e eluabloe pre serut oef euv Estlawt for the cure of .oerorrhma, ke. I feel gerteftl that you hate a stlst brought a mediciner into use whieh will prove a desrieratrom long sought for in the medicr. wor'et-a sure, sedy t esl etual ftfeteetu cre in cases,,tf tile above class. It etoed re a 'reat rpleasure it Irublirsllsg to the world tihe taluable qratiliesof your Extract. Vtere it necessary, the proprietor could here fiunish many nlOle testilllOlialls equrally as Eonlnendatory n II Iaboe; but tllsls thatl its gl'eat s s ecess itherto the care &r, exterse at which it lhas been p epul ed, will proveils greatest recOlllendllation umnr a diserarlniig public. One recommendaillo this Ilr'eparasltril e.l'iy s above all others is its neat, portta c lor'tn-l ant aui ill ots--th nlrde in which it moa be taken, Ibeing both easy awl prra-art-its tastely n1tere, with no restrictima ill' Ia or cOtllinemrllet om bu.illes. TIrvellers eslpeeilly wouhi flad this medircine highly uselul, and ought cvne to be unproviderd wa itl Ireoar'atioo possessing tle ad vahlages wlhich l v presell ol,e conhill Accomrpanyinog te Medicine is n pmphlet e .plaet. Itory of the ditterlent stagee of thie lise:as, witlllull ay exte elrre, c' taiina g full anid maple , dirc'tionlls. For sale y p St:IC-LES k CO. I'ulr 14 ,Cawt.'.h, 41 (;:nr l -. rr',t . \LL A .,? i l. LT. . Mobile to Augusta, via Florida. h I 'b Leaves a Mobile'l'ue days. 'T'lhrse. iý days, oand Saturday., per the splendid stealneon Chanpion, (e'x eopt in csea of st ritn.) to Po aecolan thilne per steamer Lo Roy to La Grange, and thoeco tomr horse post coches via Mariana, Bainbridge, Pill. derton, Berrtn, Ootlaw's, antd Perry, to Mrcon, Ga ; thence via Milledgeville, and Sparta, It Wear. rentlon, thelnce per rail road cars to Augurta. T'rhe Champon is in splellid nrd lrr, with now ei pper boil rs, coppered auda a pper fstoened. The Io Roy lhas been thorotughly repaired, her acomnlmodations are as hlaldaonio as aly bo t. The bean-iful Santi Rosa Sound, and Casetn. watehie-Bay present the most interesting stel. na. vigation in the South-being at the samtet.ll perfectly land locked. Th, Teams are not surpassd on any route in Ith country ; tile drivers, to a lan, caretfl and ,Liten tive. The bridges heretofore danocroens hart b en newly built, so that high waters do not inter Pre Tilhe rating houses have been mostly eh.nged, and are now as good as in any road iI thle Sonth It is generally known that tile excellence and hardness of the roads onable the teams ut all sea sons to makeo great pruedI. Thutr stiouthn.,a. se cures the travei or front the ordiuary fatltgu of stage travelling. The Line is now c rrying its passclgers from Augusta to Mobile in four days and twelve hours, or to N, w Orleans in lour days and twenty hours. Going to Augusta, the line is six days Snd sevent hours. T'I'l- timte actually empltoyed ill travelling is tile same as i the ohller directloun, ut the diff'renee of tile ont the r, uit, is cauretd by a day being lost in Fonsacola, whlich, however, is itell repaid by the op orltunty it gives ufsria g the Navy Yard, tlie old Spanish Forts, ete. 'The travel'er also roeeps at Macon, and again at War teoitan. This arrangement will o,,ntinno till the travel turns northward, when the litne will tba the s-llle froti Mobile to Augusta, as it is anw inll lt, other direction. This Advertisement contains a plain statenenat of facts, the accuracy of which theu proprietors gaurantectoeach passenger ill the penalty cf his stage far-'. Mlap of the I:no may be seen at the Ezrnhango Hotel, New Orleans, and at the Mansion House, Mobile. Fare through from Mbhilo to Angusta, ~847 50 'Ite line extends, by abranch to Tallahaaseeo. bt Clattahooche, the line connects with the steatmboat carrying tho mail to Apa achicola and St. Joseph's. Office at thie Masion Holnuseo, m17 O I OSTWICK. Agent, Mobile. BACON. I.AIlt) and P'ttK-t-Itthhds Cincinnati Scored Sites and Slhoulders t0(10 heke first quality lard I00tbrls Maen Pcrk. for sale hv tap i' b FETSON & AFlKY, , .nleanr e ,iTATE OFLOUISIANA-Parish of Orllcan- IJ Court tf Prb.,.v. TL'n at won Itese presOnls may soneerOai .nltot, o, that whereas William Monckey, a 1. ldent o the city of tlav.tllie Ky.. thas pploed In the R.tei'to r ,ot Wio'll In oand tlor the par:lh & till of \- ,. Ol C) .jt a ,, ra .tlioi,, Clerh of thr Cotrl u' Pr ble, o n tand hfor th Parioh .nd cityo t . Newo Orle ,n aMrr+ sid for a 1tUN ITION or AU\t'o R 'l L':;oNt, in ,u t,rolo tv to the Act ot the Legislaturr oithe Sltate a nortd l An act foor be fi rtilher aisu rn re f tie.l t porelnhasrn at r Judio t Opolt"o," npplroved 10 h of lart h, 1f34, not0ice is thry given onall whorn it may conllerntthat by r'.ty ofi :rt'w 0:lenns, l'a. ne dale thll tinrd day of ApVi',, -i" th-Iamilod et lot hundred and thind y ,tlht, and reoa:cretd in the matter of the late N;l'! anlit l C(:I. . n-, the pvtition of ChristlO pher Ad rn",Jn.S;ndie,. f tile creditors ot said succes. ori' o0 0 nthnmel Ct r, deceased, owhich order of ar was grnntei puruato to to tIe delieratis'O . ,t a moettng .t the crcrdtto, of the deenaet d 'uly held anod on.o:,e.o on Ithe tird day oftFe.' L KE , t,, . s. F ¢.No'ar} o'tut,hc i and atleso ter thu ogl u.)J 'uoul pl,)raltoo,,n hdt boCn mtadl Iho ReItontrnf o t'i,) h dio \tloo, tor alie by publio na 5e . o15 th. r niith dlay f *ln.y, lle tooIho oand rightl hundrld anr, ' lrto',viPo t, fItr a'rnant of the sforsanr d t- , , -;,n ,f the, I., o. . ithnme| Cos, der',oed. .. Ila . t prpe ; ,r.ein lt r desert bed, IIt. nr' t' t.l: trs l *'·oeMS'ion, which pro ptryv'a no ,aor id t . 'ittloam l ao lckeo'ee the l..' and , Y e t bidder th lrroon, fUr the total ;00r00 anod Pttra of so v, n .i o , thoue l.l d osllor'. Detcriptitn i ulthe ,. t'o' ero t :'r Lntver in ltheo udiico A' anird einghr two crtoln tos o +f gra.nd, trI .hge r wi'h ,e r h , loot)..+ noid itoprooremetnut thirn ,n, n, l all the rtoit". prlirlegF e, cusItOm , oatt. orviln re acro ;d o tv. o n es.: oheruto be tioll IT .r t, . .: r o-t . gsitlate in the slc tlnllh 0S. . , t t,, ,:I t. h..qt' nre botundp teid hy I ..r, . b,ý. nz io . 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'uerms--one and three 'opr credlt, for oppro vtd e*mlonrstod nortes ,secured 0b tpec.tol mortgage until !iod pavnwn. heret, rer, t:lt I:'rrsoll who can set I:p any riglot. rill, or c' oai. and . . the Iotof ground and :ilnd bull'll titor, l dt.cri.bed, itn olrtequente of I oooru,ltitv in the ( o der. doeree, or judgment belore ro'ci'd, n d nd otn, cr which lp slrole was made. or anllt' iregyulrity r or ioel alioy iti Ilth apprnismeats or advertllo ments, in inte anid mtiinnert of ale, orr htor 0any othlr n lo or deltrc, wHhaosoevcr, re here. h' ciled ai nd admlo,,ished 'o as.h w' ithin thirty d 'ys Irrno the publicntion i eletf why the soleI, s maode as oafresaid, should not be uotrrmned and hlimotogpiid i o nlerdoiiace otwith the applicatiun of eWld purchaFer. Wi.t sloo'. , haldll nd nod etll oeal of ,id roart S Probl lee' , tlls seconld daytv 1o ta,A. . 18039. [L. 8I W 'I. C IUCPLEP." IS, ma0 104 ins Rolt1rerotl Wills. PAROISSE DORLIEANS. C-OUR DES PREUVES-Etot do la Louisiana --A tous ccc' quo clt perat concracer Sal : Qo'il suit concu que, attendo que William M.a. key, do la villo do .alayeo le, KRot, cky, sa.t ad. reood 0u idgister des T,.otameno, dons et pour I. pooroise ct la ville do ia Noavelle Orldans, et er tofficio potffior d- la Cour des Prcuves, danaet peoalr lodito vil!e ut Iaroisec, pour publro, et annunoeer conlrtedool ent . uu acto de la L6gielature. intiu!4 ,, Acto pour confirlcer les tltreas des ocqu6rcurn aux ventes judlci;ireso," approuvd lu 10 Mars 18'24. Avos iat pPr I prednot doonn6 ctous coax quo cela Spout cone rerl, qu'.o oertu ct con exdcution d'ia ordre do vento do adite cour doe preuves, dons o " pour la paroiseet ville de la Nouvollo Orldano on datedu trois Avril, oil buit cent troento liaul, et rendu dans P'nffaire do aucession do of uom d cu Nathan. icl Cox, cur la poition oIe Christopi e Aromo. Jr. ~Syndic des crdoaueicirs do la ditoe succosion de reo .Nothaniel Cox; lequrl ordre do vente fut ancordf cooforn6mel:;t ux to dd iboraeions d'une usoembloe des crf:dnciers du dllant, dmcoent cr ,; oquo et tcoNue o troio F6vrier, oail hIu t cert creonto huit. pardevant ce sieur 11. B. Cooac, to , pub. et aumst apre. los publications requioespv . loi; le Rgin teer dlcs Testaoeonoe otlrit on vent. publiquo a l'ncan lc neuf mtai mril bluit cent trento uit, pour oUmpleto deo li dito~euccrsoau do fcu Nathanoiel Cot, Ioe divers l nds ciapros ddcrits, appurtoenant It dite acceossoia; lesquclles furent adjuges & William Macklcy. plus offrant ot dcrnier enel,driolour pour la somlu totalo do six.sept mille piastres. Description de la piopridlt6 d'aprts Io to raerl judiciaire. Deux lots do terre aveo. le batisses ct amdliocrc tionas qui s'y trouvent, etous les drdits, prili Egee. coutuomes, voits, servitude-, at avonlages q'u coo d6. pendent, otuod au faubourg Sainto Marij uo ctto ville, dons Pilot borno6 par la ru Poydras, deo Mogazias, Lafayette et du Camp, et d.igodl par lee nulnros sepO et buit our un certain plan dreese par Fo.ddrlolk Wlliamso o, doputod aretouor gdn6 ral en dte du soopt Avril nti hUlnt cout trent hai, et odpoe6 pour recours ell I'tude do U. B. Cenomas Iot. pub. ooquoels dits lots a ttalo n tun ta aut r , m uetl coeool o vingt etL uon piedo, trois pouaes, six I gCE- de toc a la dioie rue Poydras our oaixat;t trois iied ooze poncus six ligues do ptrofomlmu ootre llo:c paoralibieo, onesuro francaiso, Conditions. U., d01ux 0t trois uns d crdollit on billets endoe .6. a soatiactiooo, iassuord par hypolthbquo sp6diale juclu' B parfiu palitrcnt. A coc auss, touteo pursonnesoo qui sct ou poutr. raient vouir. quoc!quo rdclalnatiools oltreo leo Iotae do terre et IAloaosea ci dolso difcrlts, asn cnnt. queace l'un otolot do formo d;sc l'eldlo:, lo ddcret aII jl.gc hitde la colur, oi0 vcrtu oloqo.dl e la vonto a i 6 f.tte. ou de tlult ~outre lt.gularoitl ool illdgo. litd thiio I'eoslmationo o 'ovis uo lio tlo ompi olct o. noot Sla vOtt oi p0ur tOute auote c u.o quote.C oqor, .0t0' pOr to prldo&lltt, ci'des d'uvnir a dd uiru duan trtote joour, a dater de la ptuolllc;tltion du pdoIadee av' "d.o !c0 oloptiore pooblice, leo raisons pouler loCs. queolics hl vtott: cinstl 'toito., uoeratit p 0a al01ru00od clooohoologuooo, couotoo ic deonande lc do acou6o Eoo fto de quot. j' ai appood Rno signature n4I t deau do It duto, ou. des l'lP.oeo o. 110. 8 ot exLe.e jour tdou ois ca o.ti. A. r9, WV. F. C. DUPLSSrtrS, IThd IRitoo dei TPUiTtomecn ,OIjiUDROs u Iltt'TtIt d T 0,--.- - •Tudll'u .a b. hrll P',.h, l 'l'eal·,.r *obt' .erore A s o, t l'ootoily at llono Abhott' \o tt' to do telood tic lu tOdolqeioe Abloloooboognt-t'heistoan [oolo~~ oto~ttoocR+ tooq k' vi.1nt Hlt .alo;lo, e' o rtv.ot e tooot ioll, oorotoo t t od t'omo Ht, tb" Ily 1 ALEL. TOWARO. -.I AX'L'A.~--Sn I,.,.+; .j,,.':*l,,, [.dld-.4-4 - latent FIIadJ,, (lorsalle t~y thAN t !e-ot hlooIe -t'oo.o1o 4 oMaoarite 4t TORE'rU 1 F to LLoER'S O\'N BOOdo, C lllyts Gra ll: or-4oeoelie' l cu I otoloi,.'. koy lo'l'tellolloqto ootel's Il Freat:l sopelline osbok E'culis. HRender, h.ulfoan call h.,nd Wu:v,.llcchl'e lFl,.l:Jh (ars h arr Pe.mIto toe ioclpoooi.bou, I)tbohll'e anoioothot:-, 00n tlha oertl. Lady'+' me~iheal ,ee~k'et hrlo tiehtCI~lelus ' Ia..diC i',l l,,mlz..t I:OI.,k .1wol's a.rrtr-- oockt, lug book tole'n totned GtStcrc i hano aso airn ost it,.ov l'th. oltovo hortet jusa ec rvl aniloteo. o hr -o nlloteo goonolodo rols ov ill2.+l b n 'to'iioo. 4o :'mu tea in t au u l frk ap,.Trc seaatit-e. et ci'- .s ri HE purooll are ot peiotlit oIl tlolt.od loat tao te lI lp uont ool o inuereo tdono tc. t illoto.Vdd plo.a ioaollO oiaooaod ooool oip ra.;e .ooeuoer o ofosoo ,, itn Frtaoloi, upro o rnto to o. u. td, r itile oto he taow moiOpl. 'lh'e htooihhaogtotcrco so! mo.toooemmodiituoloedtide Sin!to olortlutoctm, foe Loep:roto ,ec:itoa dito.orm.t ctlosa'm, oeld I Ibrent diseasc o. Thetin itoototUeiooa ittouppii. ,I witcl tote morct ailcot opd ;ltrteulvo thole cadl tal,lt.ll nurbe-, .:.C qm~ki~y tir vp riouoa miters languaio.dn crivate rootio mooca hhd It cetietcto at fvle Ct tem per diy. ineluooh, ao:eo~d:oco. .&t. Tcras ia ttoo ort' Otty word., two dolltlr pa do, Olnooo olso tote dolloorsn. MLol oa ino a t., rdiot.iy omedo. floe dloeom. All caoltCl ourgicut Orneiicnmc exrca The retidenc bobooielo io ir \\'eDddeooca.o who. aponocstioiu fior coi:dlosoolon oooo to oalcta. cr to 1)r C 4. tL o.tlottotti o teero+t. or lit, case C. sotim fYOl romL ?1 t 60 41,opt. N. 61 C ha-h c LOC.; A Co, I'.l m) E YO)RKe. g5cltmpst 3ttiK 0 el,. fio 0..0.0 I[ us9 it O tF-?.. 00

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