Newspaper of True American, 10 Haziran 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 10 Haziran 1839 Page 2
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STATE OF TILADE. CITY, Saturday Evening,June ,. There n,.ver han been ktnewu o dull a week in trade INNew Orlenun as the lust. The depression in the cottona.arket at Liverpool has been tle chiet cause of it. Even todinv, the neaws froe Eurone tr the lt nof Mynlly y tetdsto produce a still greater dejectin in - tnhe market.. Incotton, the sales of the week have not exceeded 135i bags,. anllthy chngced bandd at one cent decline on lat week's rates. The sblplIento by factors have J enon ahqut 41000 bage. The rea eltI from the Ilet to tie 7th instant, Iane teen 52019 Iales, aecordilg to Renal. Epnrts, ts 1558 bags. Stock on hand not cleared r*qrhlstbeen inactive. Inferior to common 4 to S 1-2; fairlo ei e, 6to 6 3-4. Extra article, 7 cents. Arrivals since the 31st.ol May, 750 hhds. tMolasses, moderate at 34 to 35 ete. Stock of taboeh s is mnanl, and holders are firm in tl tleirdemeatds. \We nte sales of 61 thhd. firets and senonds at 12 and 14 cents. Arrived since the 1st ilst, 1550t hhdse. The woerk hoeaaen dull for flour. We qauote super fine at.5 6' to 5 73. Stock on hand, Iarce. Arrived since the t.t June, 6191 barrels. Cleared, 7510 bar.. In the prevision market, eef has u ndergonto no changRe. A faireenqirv fior tats ud primue was fildt. Pork hale declid a sli de. ' The sl:aek in very large. A brisk demand otrl sholuldera, for shlipmet, was xaperien aed. MONEY+ MARKET, CITY. Sunday Evn'g,June 91h.. Nothing lhat-ver was doneil Ilthe cotton market on Saturlluy in. constqoence aof th news fromn Liverpool, nnuouncing n faltrter fall it the great staple. The Iade l'ra in the article ere all tken aback by this sten ofa things and ifthe Great Western shtall Miing no better ilws, exlpected that e panic wile threw dos prces Iere to elmaaat the nstndal of 18:17. We t:lher faom tile Liverpool aireularsa aent'o us, up to the third of Mey,tilc follawing perticulars. 'Take ot spectulation tits cear, 197,170 Do. i)t. ia 1i3s, :13.400 IDecrease of ipolrt this tvar, '238,778 Ierea-s of quantity for consumption, 14lt.400 Stock at Liverltaol,' 297,0(ll lHerein we see the real cat.esatr work folr prt d.e:ina a still farther decliane mcntonn. Th. low price of arnms and the imutmense stock of them on hanli will aggravate the matter. Utless speculators canl keep liet markn t Upa e fear it must ao down. Money nuatters here show no alispoeition to ehonge. Indeedt, wly nihould tha ? We atl' Iarnv perostrate in our cotton tlpernlioeaa, and renewals are hIe order of tl e day. The bank hills tf Iltr neighbors have no chance of imnprovin, for tile institutions that issued them are conducted on such pIrmciples as alamostn to ensure a fur Iherdlpreciation. Exchange on Europe is gradually looking na a. 'lie prices of our securities in london on the third aof lay were, 5 per cent Alabamas 90 5 per attnt louifimannt Baring's 94 5 per cent L+oliiinnls Lizardl's 96 6 per cent 31isaissi!lppi e '3 6 per ieeat .Fl ridll 95 5 per eelat S. Cu olinns " 96 Great trouble exists Iallong theCincinnati hanks. Some time ago we statled that thy hlad gone into the Inarket ns broker andl aourht tp tnclrrent loney. Thie was wvili a view of dmtiln n the couetry tthii bankh. Tie ittter set Int work anal excltattgel a.lleehk at iitat on Nbe' 'ohrk tt lur li- caity aIper and thusa paid thie city bati it tlleir owa n coain. L----- tet Do- r.. I:htlallet J 1e0 ........... 1 ay\lLhmetn ..June .... ,.l wlork. 1ll.,y ........... 31 It 4?ill+: lli , "il; y ......... .ml Phil d all, at Jllas ........... I I. aUiar dri le ...........I3m l lnl allnn r , dh .............1 i . I.ut ,l. dat .... .... 1(1 Sl allllahl . d ....... I .. al. " l.l er re ll Ar ..t . ....... :U Buttm . d. ..... . ........`la i11d3u,. Slur....... ...: ', I sblitlo e d , ............0 I Illv e .............. 8 i -1t in -1 l l +t i . P01o'r (F NE\V O1RI, N,,\SS. CLEARANCES. P1 Ship John snd Roslert. lseKennl, to i A & J Dannl.r. 5hp Olymillt.,ty, G lvre. J I', tel. nl bShip PhurtnlieS,\Si n,,ei Liverpool, A l.nCair. rImp Kl.., 1',e1,1h J W Z tchris &. c. Bri. M il, Barker. Kinestn.n to h1eter. ti Sre Yh.Ii.istPIp, -`k~,fieldi IBostot, to G0o liedford. Brig Uliled States. ., J tihltse s C. Brig Ap1sl,It.,l ILtIltln. N Yors DGohlslilht, t Sechr Tins,yepc io-. II, le i'ceasea stlter. Sebr Lebanon, Strlckland, Richslond, Isiastr. ARRIVALS. Teow loll Porpoise, Davis, from S W Pss. writh brg.l lo- al 'komork an, A. i.snid sehr Creoei. Jeft tle I-ar on thseth lust at 4 p-s Rpots nothing ill igh tll tle is mfng. Notlling n sew in the Ilyr. 1 Sfhip Vieksbbarg, Bunker, ti days fron New York, o A Co Drig Ilokumok, Tolman,from Bolton 10th May, to G Bed icrd, Ittig A. Dcitrsoll, ,tst f ltaise.s.,2I lust tomastieri Steamer Csmsllpt . Carlril, trom, Lluisvlle e Steaser Colorado., Uictw od, fro m Sllliamevle llse Steams r Ges Collier, lTaylor. ron St Louis. Steanler Iluvann:ltacnn. gromn Pittl!,urg. w Steamtr elujisti. tlourshouss. frolm Beardstown. Steamecr Ce,,onmodor. (Colllor, fIrom Cincillsnti. W Belner rillrhnte, l0rl trcmlll l ys Ssnrh. cI Steamer iP ti J.los, S,, frOils Slsds Still. steamser int Ierowne, Me'on.nel. from Louisville. Peteamer SlMsnclstt, Smkies, from Slhrevesport. EXIPOR'Ts. 1.1VERPOOL.. Per slip John ild s lob.rt..Iear. , 1571 bilte esllon, Alld hii o lllsobi co,. ............ pr' t +il, Pllirs,. ia..ecaro; "F bales sotton. P 1AV t1:. .l'er slill, )lylllp,..seirpO 705 Ibales c,,tton. II IOS'ON..Pcr lric 1i s-ltl,,ei. cslg,, 101t bll,h dour, 4 scks corn. i AI IllNbls lard. Ci .KINGSTON.. Per b, l.s il..c,,ro, 1000 Ibl floure, l171 acks isl, Ilhllt bhcon. NEYV YORK..Pcr ,riE AIl,,a.hitela..earco. 485 pigs lead, CY lhl,.s snit,,r, ni t, bale.s sits. CALCAAEA..s, lchr 't'eemperisnci..strgo assorted mer RICIIIuND--I'erchr Lscbenn..scargo, 140 hhds bscon. p I IPORTS. SIATAIIORAS. .Perlc ,, A.1 Driscoll..carco. 416 pis cop-. per. to sl.sler; 400 dulA *pecis to j W Zacias- 5 awe t EO. d IIOSTON..Per lrii II,,komok..c.rao is to order. NE . O11K. PerII ship Vlckahur-..argo asortedA merchil- c dise. RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE I t tLouis. per stimes, G,, Coilier. 01011 pig. Ilad JAerlIt Sco; 3;577 d, do tiodf cv. La r, 0 , SIl,.lh :6 ,ic fi r Ic thip mrntI 451ll,. bacol, 9- il,, s p.rk ,tl, 4s kts lard I .hlrm Slgcrcnc; 7,'1dltl anl o2 ss tkl",ea". J sV tics,, 14ltli i,. 1, baeeo, I .i,-k , -,,.il.l kc:si buler I'ertOlse B i.nd. 411 rIIek H corn, l1l do lctc. Ihihllc haeln Blird;: Ics.acks.erll,1 .5 doe o 0ts0 t6 2 l ' ia.c,,5l, Acbbl, do i9 kogs lard C ASkits, 28 hhlds t++h:aceo. I+l.l·r It. [\ ee . Pitshurg..Per ,cnslce, lttllsle c.crlo, I box idze La.- I tser s Ir,. 3 hi',l 0 , r .1 '.oilaj 4 r" ; 19 i lleCtll Ind 1 colls ri pe C e,,,,ll ,11', ll IdC - 0 15 e ao I ,,o ect 'tIs n SAssry, 4- ItlI- Ii,,,lr I'llcde, & tIell, 505 tdo 0 tUl,,OC dA. A :I h l15oore & Clcrk, I h,,lller A D Goto; 'o b: ls 16 kegs lard. 12 s;ecks corn cpl1l herd. Bardstt, rt.atnler :10115 sacks corn, 2tS9 fhlh do It 1.11.71,l; 57t hlli Si MalhArd a Siters,cn; .13 do JaW "v,; ,t:il 1 pl, c s,,d llarrison & ClEgg; 12' Arsciid itong f.4r bl-ddll ..; Cincinnalti.. Per steamner ('omnodirc--?nrgo. 21 sa~ks¢or-n ownert o hl, ards . I', o ,,ls . t ,l lsPV Ae lelsell Co A.r . l( lr, . I poce Mallar iiiethrseC1 ; ,i, dot hiscey Ct.t,.p ; ccltc c n' ct ' roff; 14 raske a.d 71 ., h do haco,, Carry, d.lnlo; 8 l+.,m h,.t.I lrA D Govs; 10 hht,l Il,., 'iaie Itopelsl; 50 bll ule - oey J llrll .,A hnr 4l, o I, 14 'e IstI +4 ,r 311 Iie)etsl cil.l0 . en. ow, e ll Il (·jl:tlJ; [+ l,'! " laU ,lalldaanls 4 Ilola, ; t , a.+ 1 books t eb't .c Bt l ,O itel,,:i i I). 5 et eel,llt i gn 2 ho-, I cosk I 1 5bb!wvile, 6 I6eh. tohae, o. \V II .onwlc.i. I Iousaelle Ieleticec-iepl c'um;,r e,5,"c rI 2 teec. lhssgiig J Va lin s co; 5 tl ,- , lale I; Starkl y; Si-s b "' . io 1 1, 1 ll 201 pieces l'nggmel. lc5 coit. rope Si iv akny C co: 3S ihh,. tosllrcoA 1 SVollan ,, to, ll tl}blts hlekcy ci ,I600 he ,d of lleep owners cn Ioaprdl.i LoN. ilh,. o'er .teamer Gen Br+n.wcn..nrgo 142 pieces IFag I gTtg. 150ell, r:,ce OdrAe uud 0suuthsate; 1i isec- s 'gglnt s I ends t \oln (I. rrrl; ,50 pIltrrel I,o .ileg I.0 cod, Its op I' D I Lizardl and ct; 1_0 pieces bognis. i7 rolles rupes Ogduu and Souffleati. Sihrvepcprt.. PIrctias,,r Slenchstesr..easgo, 400 hidos, 30 ttliks pelrlt.s, o., le, oil ardl. uyon arlah I'ecr siPcler tIi illllllt.. arc. 6 bales eoltn Ttylor. Grdlneraitd cs ; dol do A Idollx and on, e b,it. is Caldwell ItlAd lllc',v; Itn hlhd. rlAsr c ol, leelloeq ald Dotps; 40 b'l,+s inlaets Alitl aitmle TrsOUlctI suudry bioas. 3 and h t.reI . lel oi, bo arde. I Fiekld Ml'l..P'er +tetaol r P .I J ohr+.r. rar ,. " i' I. n . 5' I 1C,,lllo lay; 07 dIo do 0' ltgl·l:t I;,:e'l't' on owner on hord: 4Il hl. t liacr A a,,d J I)eI .hcIllr; !I lI,eiC. ,lt s ,o ow.cer oi blidLtd e tsrt ctte J it Pcsl,ucer c-,nd lhl 9 lhds ,". galr It Itrnp to ; .15 .In, dr L~andbel nil< 'I'11n ,m,11)i1; _o do du A1 RiaIldIE Bid tt . ;8lltlds UgEr J \%: y.eiarle and co. CON-ILGNSEI New Ycrk--lec.rlll, Sc:hctcs.ll. ISI tV Fi sit n t ret s1sles iesit;.sestl,. : Gh,seir a,l Itrs,. lce, l.1.i , le 4,,, i I,'y i barI &el M,. I' ?iShalllMlO+llId 1 IS,: Pl.etPa,,d dNor~lh, 1) t; Ilr dernt; M Moo+rs, ll; " lhlihOi; 3C1.(· :, d l'i,,Od1ln F (;+ll lhl;0 l+i r ce: l~leha,de,,.. 1Vate"a nr,. 11',1,Vo1; Itl, kc. Nasr a~Ac,dl+ O110 Aml. JSaWll; J . Lot; Ii I ecrII-. BCrclre. ,,.lelll co, lslil'15,tsJn ci rt; C ei Qui k; It F V',c,-i; I. c . didI AllrtL,; lll 1. It ,,.; 1"(n,,i .,u"I 1,r,,; 1' .,tr d A 'Tlyler; "tl'ry, SEl'e-t 1IId ,o; A DrIifin, u.d O, (i l, hli t'.. Dwlllt 'I'row t, letc lln ll i d-'~isis.-. . s ..- N I - . 0....'..Ic..r: tLcls'I' .tticAdaetsemAilt-.etitiiJ St 1 i"cIA- ,1',i tlce, -r,-li Ietstcsatd rc:S %I-Noits--. glpec" 5114 ti,,tc,,o.t A T'scrl,e' and tfbt le,; n 5,rlt(' A ,.a',. " W I.L. alld c,'; 11 )nelllll eAn euG A W1I,.eh,1 ftlal tli'ke and, ,, Mrs I, It ct Itccj l..,y, P-It htley,'tGcis,. Lrlo I nd . tn "ii hll 1& Braswn Tlylor ilnd HI,-leAn. ssIlOIlind Avery, 'aIt,,Ie and en; Lsy tel iid e; llpyde lld GTltll Iclii, ren c Ill,I. A ,lchl onde J C Wcgncr, F Pcsh l:J t'ietula; Alrnunr. .Lok snd tVelker; J Itplletu: J(" lia-oo,, YtitYiest e nat c:; Dnen Itollc. cn nti o, 'I avlur. Isalt ;i,-.c. IsJThtt er and co. JTcur,. SU Q ,n.ilr, A C and \1' a1e.nd co, Pesttei Jones aid co, Mtj J Clarl a',st N.eate , Il and c; I-seki, bill Leasts |1 Ileg'e.l,. IL.l'y ac l McCre 'len. A E Cra,. Jtl Fcild ,id co e olt.1 ed Ihlneuetl. I Gul J f ti Isc. I'Toll Po it nltd co, J A'rt, tlckl es anl uoe, Norrgs nlld eA. 'ullIIii hlltq elnd lh.eslod. Ita.lon, H Kiernol, Ogdlen ansd Loulh gaten,Koh, Daroan .nll be. U i Scatla;nI, B Floran,'e+ L-tt illld Peck, Felguson tld WVire; J Ls.lldirlled cO It Mtr.we, 'PTs.. IDunhlm, . A hYiiseler. J l (iit.. bcsutitt astd Wl;irner. Bull Ilcd Altlte, I. Srjeur,, # Sie tsand e. \V Diells. Ftoelsll Itldn italld cc. Jcrqeclli. t: P;.ttseron, J E t Ier o llAnd o. It iAl. J Bathle. Durlllt atllll czurau E c tow anl i:o. i.' Bo gol. A E Brllnard, II IJ,,,llr. Itru*l und ]+hllcr. %% I lnlslm Aluttt4 nI Vnrlcst. J U F hid. J t. Oer. A GoellWill nnd i co JC Hettv. \%' de I., Ruti.R, e, ald I1tesh lw. J IlsnecrleH, t'egslt IsttelI Red. J I (rbsllim J \V A Smlth.J AI roadwesll. J I St-,rcI.-ec, t. ttrecesiI,, It ct+,eolls, Kidder end Iltad; p Rssjdsaw, Altt intie-cd co.J ItoI sad co; Jsitd 1t. 'ash,. a2Ittllt, i'l - ht and ,',D Ptell.llll Pde o JN. N titmpbIl, t uk. sarTrodd alld Kln.clry. \Vn( ,lel Sinlnott. F (;lltnn. }I anld SI HuRpkln-. II A Vllltrldce: ,ld cN. h'u.nt, Tnmprplll a Wutl, It )rth, Jesmnetaud cs, S telden.i.tOlltn, Stle.s anid co, and erd,*r. PASSENGERS Per steat,sr lJejsiic. flol Itlordetown..Cutler. Anter, Bnsllh. Vleglntc. IleIlhtlll EnmiNgst. Phipls. ad S tnders. Per lesnler t'olorado, frons lltnliuills--(t Kibby, Doctor Ils-auratnd Idy. - SPstetsamer Gee Cellisr, from Ft Iooi,..Wrlghlt, Iloel'l, Srtod. l'allnet Slmllth, Fll,,w. Skinser, and Bird. Persthip Vlckhur..g, ftoul Ne YorkL..le-Ma symo.. Ad 4 IIE.IORANDA StirwCi ompte lefti Louisville on It instlist. o0 toh 51h brlkettks held.drise d dow fs ts Jalluary to Millentol-rld, in yltiltl iI store s k tIe sawl, .ld a deek khud nealud J Olivi...drowetd. Thet Ct ws towed down u the city y ,LhL Coauwlodt. Ptenemr MIIwgstIV sr reporits hf Slrevepost Isle illusst.. peal·er flhlilul eporle ,l agrOlulld beoww the raft; talealler -, 'lth bloL tle sip ti.tits lee II'stte ro t Ner ork is nIOW disc llrflhlo i ll.pp..iie lih Vegelellhl Mllkoi- t'onsigness will plIuet uitlelal'to tht' rmceipt if tlheir i I lh "10 TIlHE I'RUE AMERICAN. E FAITHVUL AND BOLD. big Officiral ounl of the 2b ftaunic(.alltnl. ,e PUBLISHED poa Daily, Trl-Weekly & TWeekly. t NEIW OR LEANS: co MONDAY, JUNE 10, 1839. r r'lohrille Rail Way.-There is an opinion abroad that the works on this road have been suspended in Cr consequence of the Governor's refusal to sign the bill of oflast winter. Thisisanerror. At the time when ne the bill was vetlud, the company had in hand $115,000. Of this amount lthey resolved to devote $30,1100 to the fri payment of the interest aecruino until the next mneeting I of the Legilature, upon bonds already issued and sold, and to apply the balance to tie coniuli ed prosecution of tle work, &e. &c.--lr. Caldwell, with his usual Po zeal, has gone on to c:rry out these intentions of the do Company. The road has now reao r ed tihe upper end a0 of the Great Prairie hordecing on tile ake, and is with- of in a mile of the westPrn extremliy of PoncIlhartrain. Ilefore the first of January next, th:ric will be complet c t ed about fl miiles of road, for with the 43 negro slaves T wr oned by the Coal:pny, the rate of progress iinow threequarters of a mile per month. Tle cost of mak. '' inga mileo of road,exclusive ,fthe rail, isnow reduced ioP6760 dollars. Duoing the last six Imonthls there have bbeen carried over the roand27,600 pasongersi, and owing tl to the uttractio of a fine set of lathls that have been to erected on th, lake llre at Prairie Cottage, 10 miles b from the city, it is calculated that tihe average travel I this sutuner will tea 3,000 passengers per week. The fare is ifty cents for every passenger. Whben the road shall once reach Pass Mlanchac, the revenue will begin to flow in rapidly fiolt the carrying of freight. There I can be no dolbtbut that this great work will be taken "in hand by the State next winter, and that funds will be b procured tocomplete it to Nashrille, ether by direct subscription on the part of the Legislature, or by the i iasansage of somue bill having tihe building of this road in view. We shoull be pleased if the journals in tihe Unit. ed Srates woubl copy these remarksa. as they go to show d the exact coldition of the Nashville Rail Road. [PNeighbour Black. IWie can, a bhat, do you know afli? The 1I'oodrille Affray.-31r. Smith, tie partner of Mr. Leigh, ihas made a long ao d tniouto statement of thi alffiay inn Natchez paper, lie is of opinion that Mr. Canrles Fo.ter who insulted Mr. Leigh by gazing in his filce was urged to hiis step by :iclding Davis. i Altr tile renclouuter arising from Foser's conduct, ill which DIr. Morse struck Flostor, Mr. leigh being con Svinceed ofillvis' hostility to bim, Vent him a challenge by tr. Moore. Mlr. Davil, alter some remarks. toldi iMote hle would either light him or Leigh,and its MoIae w ,wasm leaving Ihlllrool, atruck hinl alcross the ftee with 30a itealvy i al ndbei tliln severelyP. Sr. Leigh wat not p'ree. t at this atTrvy. Allout an hour after, Mr. O Leigh wis ail pli.ed that Da nis was arIled with a double Sbarrel gun at a lace soma fifty yards from where lie was thae standing. This 1lr. L"gli considered as an attempt at bullying, and after some conversation with his friends, he went to bia hotel to procure a rifle, to be prepare.l for Davie. Davis seeing hint passing by the ir piazza of iti hotel where h- stood, exploded the caps . of Ilis gun at Leigh, olrdering him not to approach him. . eigh had la sword cane in his hand at the time andcon i. tinuld to advance on Davis in consequence of his level. rd ling the Fun at hnn. Davis knocked him down with the h. breech oftle gun, but Leighl rose each lime and puaears r edb his enemy. Davis retreated across the street, and in the purasui Leigh fell an his f'c. Whi!e ion hat posi. tion, A1r. Davis having gained a bank, drew a pistol and ro shot Leigh. The ball entered the back above the kid t neyas and about one and alhalf iucbes on the right of the external process ofate opine. An immediate para ly-siof tlhe mwer extremniies ensued. No hopes are d- entertained for his recovery. AMr. Leigh is well known in this cily, where he resil ed several years, respected by all, and recognized as a fairspecimen of the Virginia genllecmon. Those who were more imaimane aith him, knew him, to ie filled with honor as endowed with talent and tie spruce of chivalry. our Table.-Johns & Co. have laid upon our table since our last notieosll me eight or ten volumes of rare and interesting works. les The Pheolnllo hip, by Capt. ilarrvatt, frem the press of E. L. CaRey and A. Ilart; tw, volums.- llave net read it, bunt comig from the pen of the un in corlb and! rejulliced sailor, the sibject being "l sea •a iworthy" it will prove interesting. We will see in daoi d, timue. Prlbus, or LetPtrs from'Rome, publishedby Francis, cr- of New York ; an approved and salundard work. It lha passed Ithb rdcal. Chevelly, or the .lan of llonor; by Lady Bulwer from the press, fthe Ilarpers ill New York. We are - rending it, and enjoyiog it,and lanuging at it, ,.i wo. daring at It. Ileader,hante and gel a copy of Jos, cn el the following k-y f'ol this arlicle, paste it oi the cover, sirdown quiet!y, and euoly this picture of Eng. lish nanners and English brutality. Meanilme, nas we l lorv i no room for the notice of the other books before p t-, here it the key. 'We inend to laver our readers Swith Clpious etlracts from tllhis extraordinary work 0.and mo particular with those paaoages wherein MAr. d Sno ibguoeor Mr. Nick \Villi figures so largely. I.ordl id Cl,lfmd Sir E. L. l v-er, llarncl,M P. ,h (h Iliordd Laldy L.yit'n Ilulwer. d i lliiam Dule., ir Il . L. Buoler, Bart. M. rdmnryrl, An Acmluilaluce oef"in. c lmclar laJindal, a pacher, Alpareouv, lly the name, iorne e l ton of Richard Sdo Ilrian.le She'i.mlo. 'ed Colia Dutc-t, Capltal Jlohn.lln Slr. Teteil!aan, [,lr Trlnwnelo. arla iaourNmot:m o naar Tticolie. el lr·. Lyne ,Q ibb:e and V r-II k owdWhig At trnoavs " Shltl eton, whom it would bie danger. Olum to nsme but wbone sice c,. ry body will at onca reco I iak i Tu".well and iolldolas, lllare & Co. de lo' S terwonlds thile Marqis of ,t Chvh .iv. CoiPvoIy. towangrrier (,liTford, .Mir. Lation Bitlwer. I "1rliert l tiratone, It. I. ll wer, Esq. M. I'. lord elifred, Lord ll-Irorne. .rdl rrtne., Lord Palmerston, lord oenoln, lord Durhrom. Lrnr Chalerlr inley andi the other Dinl-yes, Lords Convntham. Ir. York Fonnoir, Albany Foblanque, of the I+'xtninrr. Mr. Fuzbuz, tMr. John Foster, of the Ex. tlniner. lr. Fred,:rick Freewill, Mr. Frederirk Viliera. lard Sntibirrvt, Lord Saliaburry. I)lkr rind L)uihersa of Dfr lington, )bnke aud Doltrhess ofCleve hrio Chanrlhote l.oon arl. V nil Crlnltte nlmrv. M ir . e' 'r rdr A I r y , Ir . F o I n e . " 11i.-l.-. Imur'Pqtit, ilieel+sltl Deral)nn. S'rrronllr Pnzit.lrrae, errerrt alr ofnurdi, Al. P. ihrrr .nr a tolrter, It ittrr, lik ar a,-, It.rq. 1l. P. Th n heiarn in the )lta, rDene ll of tle tun. a Ther Tro QRueens--lDonh Maria of Portsgal find. ink Iher illhnl behaving inMepro;err to one ofl her maidb fithe.olar hres hi tarsur. Victoria discovering orene thti . a rn.^ in ith t ,wo ar tiree of her Owl o l in n, frhonor isuiarne them and wheni they cry like Cool chihlren, i to he trake bn.ckria rel rmembers the ifrilty of her sex old rcciver tillre to h "r armc . Nay tshtc pices tliem on rithrr, sidie llfer at iearlnort n.lld hll three husht e el ill tile Hiul, for,--se dN at know prenainely, 'nMellrrlle sltchienly conrvincell of tin r error, in aeenl at htlrch o anid al Lonr on it Itrowa into fernrtet about it. The pretll Victorid ie aseailed inll imltico by the hisses ofthe ola itiltlre o n account of her intianry tith MaIl bourns, a tile leen and teQenand llhourne rid fair to b-e come as notllliou as n Mrs. Noltro nd Mleliourno weere tMer. O! throreking state of thing.! Why annel ithe Nrb anodl R.yalty take a lresson or two from aa Ie publican,, and do theae Ihiligo as we do quietly. The Old Conch -Well, the old Wtrdaor Coach is iupset rnd tIhe grey headed inrarres are all sprawlina on ; te road ride. W\Vht will be done ? Majesty, the pro prietor, will doubtlres ldespalch IDurhlat to rinht the aneientrVehicle and take the reins- lie is he boy for tile Inperial. lie is ademoerat ofthe first water, has certainl hherlrr notion i about driving and cnan dash aiheadr t whs whirligig world with the best of them. Fro tihe tendency of things in England to a populnar goverrnmenr, Drhmlll will be wise enought to repair throuru hl the miniaterial wagon , then look out for a Imld daring driver. lie will tcorn the hraten turnpikes of his predecessors and dash fall team in hand thro' the rhye wayr,ever crying, the Queen and Durchat, Dir. han and the Queen ! lle will make sad work with Canada. British supremacy will never again ipinllt the French of the provinces to have their way. If the Canadians do nut get out of the way,Darhlam will drive over thelu. Mississippi.- The Whig candidates in Missisoippi are travelling through the Slate, stumtping it 'lThe prospectiarea right, that Van allrenimc wili be routed next Ifll, horse ftot avad dragonOls. Atppointmeoo by the Governor.-Grawoses BAILLIO Esq. has been appointed Parish Judge, for the Parish al of Avoyelles, in the place of Louia Bourdelon, who has in resigned.. Mr. Baillo is a brother of S.A. Baiilia, Esq. his one of the whig representatives from Rapides. lie is thi highly esteemed as an upright, intelligent citizen, and tht well qualified to fill the outlel to which he has been ap- it pointetd. 1r7 It is hard to get justice done in Mlississppi. The indictment against Jones for the murder of Hallett in hi Copiate County has been quashed because it did not appear on its face to be found" by goad and lawful men ti of the County." Jones was still in custody. e [1'" A daily stage runs from Nashville to the White L Creek springs. Tlhs will be very convenient for thoe se of our citizens who intend spending thesaummer in Tena at I'l Cinelonati Price Current-a new publication A frIom the office of the Republican. Send us acopy Mr. L lBradbury. Eli elloore.-This brawling demagogue whon has im posed so long upon the Mechanics of the country, has A deserted theml , taken a fat ollice under the President, and turned aristocrat. ie is now Surveyor of the port of New York. So much fur professions! T'ornado.--Prrnsburgh, Maumee City, Toledo and Mlanluttan have been visited by a terrible tornado.- f Th e mammoth trcture in Mnaumee, called Beobee's brick block, was prstrented. Several lives were lost. 'The storm canee from the [oth!l west. 55 illiamt Le.,ell.--'his arch abolitionist Iona gone the way of nll flshl. iledied while preparing to start fior Guatimatlo. IfPresident V. Bluron an kill of all his abolition friends by appointing tihem to fUnatimala, 1he would do thist country a service. The rtpreas.-Wtht t dotes the tyrant of the General t Post office intend now ! tine of his prints intimates that we are to have the express only three times a week front Monile. Why dose not the ingrate publish his orders, flint the people may know his supreme will ? y and by, a eekly mail will ilno doubt be suf Sficient for this outlandi.h ciy ! tICI' An attetmpt t llburn Mr. lluguet's house in Baton Rouge was discovered in tiie to extinguish the fire. A negro girl belouging to Mr. II. was suspected, but site was acquitted in default of testimony to convict her. [I The Third DlistrictCoeurt was to be opened for bustiness this morning in Btton Rouge. If Ilant Ton.-The leoaident and the Secretary of ef State are to Ie at Saratoga Springe onl the 1l2th of this it mo h,,, . iLTlhe hoiltidy otret T'heatre, Iaitinore, ist to le hsold oil the tiltt inotant underI a decraee of Clanccro. S1J Genl. Macomnbe and asute arrived oat Wahllington Con tie lt olf Jun, beari:ng toe Goverllnle the inglo. rieus treatel, mlId, bv its oaroer Ott dNew Orleanst .coeltretpern.'The botruy, hueoitig, big "Billltt ..line bod, tntt...tdlete, bilingua-l liee thge ar dent, able, apropos Almicuao tthe pertinent, IPtty, r. iPrt Pyie toav , ln a te aiatl, aptou nassuoing- A .er. Ie Tlier theo cplo itgv, sensible, shtinitg Su; tie olatety oeosnlltilishedt laLorhone, lagot Losiiaoiuoan tlie lip toea toylllg, tlttle talk ti'nnor antd theconrt erouclng. cor ntt | loraln, anlanounil, coo~ntn place Courieo. So en 1th detll the first chapter of the Cblroniclea.-L.nafayee eh Gazelle. toe Tihe loellenotdeut,sanible,hobnt rathler indoolnt La p, fuyette Gaoette. So endoth tho second chapter of the SChronlieles. [ From our Suuday Edition.] Inporpant from England.-Advices have been re ceived at New York from Liverpool, London and Iavre to the 8th of May inclusive. The British ministry have resigned. They were defeated on the question of depriving Jamaica of its tl lloose of Assembly. I Tile Queen hae been insulted in the public streets of p London. 'the people hissed her as she passed through Pimlico, and saluted her cat wuth various exclamations about Lord Melbourne's familiarity nt court! The Queen of Porlugal a short time since discovered her husband slaluting one of thie maid's of honnr, and forgetting herasef boxed the ears of botll parties Cotton has declined at Liverpool l to r d. per lb. and at llavre I to 2 centimes per half kilograms. No ministry at Paris yet. The .spect ofthle money market was not discouraging y*t the exchanges were against London. The bullion of tihe Bnk of England continued to decrease; grain wae. l :11 imported, ald the Liverpool Cotton market luchl depressed. Tile accounts from ltha manufactur. ing districts were udnavorable. Great caution is neces vary in this eountry to hetobsarved by the bunks lost the ra f eoxcihuage be thrown up to a specie exporting standard. L A decline of I d. on cotton yarn at Manchester had beenosubmitted to, and 3,1. a piece on printing cloths. Working on short timhou is the order of the day. There are five tmills neari Manchester tanding stil', and thirty othern working only three dayr a week. The diminau. tion in the cltlsmptllliou of rotioU from thiacause alone will exceed 5000 bags per week, besides that arising from tihe substitution oat light for heavy fabrics. One of the juint stock baeks at Manchester had suspended. 'The quarterly average account of the liabilities and assets of the Bank of England to tihe 30th April, gives LIABI.ITIES. ASSETS. Circulation, £18,350,030. Securities, £23,112,000 Deposit', 8,107,(i00. Bullion, 6,023,000 £26,457,000 £29,135,0u100 The stock ofbutllion since the last report has decreas. ed £l1,00,Ot0. The private and joint stock hank accounts trom De cember, 1833, to March, 139, 1 show a circulation of notes thus : Private Banks, £7,542,1l0 Joint Stock Banks, 4,617,363 £l1,259,4 67 The Queen had sent a message to Parliament, lcfore the resignatin of ministers, recommending the union of Upper and Lower Canada into one province. Lord troughamu protested against any admie;inn of the right ofthe Crown to sena a to Parliament upon any subject, before Parliament could exert its wisdom upon that suhject. An address to the crown was voted netm. Free Ncgroes.n-Jane, a free womnn of color, was condemned, It Thrsday, und erto tthe law of 1831, for reerai"ring iln the State 60 days aer she had been ordered to leave it, to one year's confinement at hard labor. We are not atit fied of tle corantitutionality of this law. It is like a two edgedl worrd,ntnd may be made to ope' ratre fauvnbly or unfavorably to the irtereeas of the State. An intimne acquaintancre v ith i the police mat. tere of this cite, enables uns to rna thet many free pear ple of color have arrived here nirtee 1805, and coreat rluetlly being subjecr to this lawn, have been regularly not fie I to quit the otae withii: tite 6l) days prescribed by tne law. T l noifheirtion hits Ieen griven upwards of ne year to cllratlelt tre most ienfamous and dtn. geroust to thle crrrnunity, it they have been so nsmanrt that they hite avoided the further operations of the ilw, while other free iprtore of color of the beat stand ting, irndrRttinu habit, and of reatl utilityr o the State, have been notified to leave, arlld pronetrtced, "r threaten ed to he prosecutrred. and thus dritrro fron the country. r I Unrtunatly thie law leaven n rliscretionary power with tle mngistrrtee. If theyr act upon it at all, they Swst acte to tnhe letter. tece low bred and interested informers, to vent theiir dirty pleen, lr to extract tno r n from delinrqoeuet, iay drag before the courts thore whor may be considerein s good and usefil members of comemurit -persons, themelven property and slave iholders, who from interest as rell as feeling are ver a redy to gaie inofation of any plot or insurrecrtion In speaking thus of this lar , we beg to tate. that we a wereetire ie n asisting the late lamented Antoine Du crou in the framing of it, and were at rno time active in Sseeintr is carried into execution. The rain intention a the linw e appren e of highly, but we are constrairtned to confess thitr i renires much mordificatino that the a goetd t separated from the hr, and that sober, hon.. n ct and industrious free blakhe may not he clasesed with the agents of aboliltinism, ourderers, robbers, e house breakers, tnd other wretches, that are but too n-u >r i erous in our city. hb Vieginia.-The Richmndl Whig S of Thursday gives 1, a nsmmrry of tlre state of parties in the Legislature tr thus efr, we subjoin : ir Whig gain 7 a Whig lo an a Conservative leoss 7 Of the members of the lHouse of Ielegates returned, .62 are Whig, 4 Clonservative, and 46 y.oco Focoa. h Twenty twndelegates to hear from. The Senate will it be ncomposed of I12 Ilhigo, 3 Conservatives, and 17 e Loeo Ffcos,there Leinga gaint of two Whigs in that e body. The Whi thinks that the State is safe from the hands of tihe spoilers hor the present year at least. S Fire.-Ofi Fridluy night, about 12 o'clok, a fire broke r o in tt,. hbakenryri It. IHarbour, rorr New Levere,btween 6 John and St Joqrhinstreer, whibchnn.,deatroerd. Low titout 4ihr0lr. Fightr, Sgqabblea, etc.-A few days since the Hon. Rice Garland and G. R. King Esq. wore trying a case in theDistriert Court at Opelousas, Mr. King being in his pleading, Mr. Garlard interupted himt Lb remarking beta that he commented upon evidence which was not before the Court, to which, Mr. King,(between whom and Mr. bge Garland there was an old grudge and which lhad, it was thought, been put to sleep) said very emphatically wie -"it is false;"-whereupon Mr. Garland's Virginia 141 blood being rather heated, he unceremoniously struck E Mr. Kill and foored him. The Court properly hound them over to keep the peace, and here we are happy to plot say the affair will end. L Our relation ofthe affray bettwen the Hon. T. M ten Lewisand Mr. Gant,in our paper of yesterday, it ap sears was not altogether correct. Gentlemlen, who fet arrived on Friday, and in whom we have she greatest confidence, give rather a different coloring to the matter, Agreeably to their statement, it appears that Gant met Lewis in the street having ill Iis hand a cocked pistol, le which lie held at his side. He aconted Lewis who had 12, arms but did not draw them, and after somae Iutual wit recrimination, GaOt spit in Lrwis' face or at him.- _ A About this time the Sheriff came brtween themo. Had Lewis attempted to draw hli weapons, Gant morst prob rt ably would have shut hitm. d FROM MExltc.--Capt. Cromiere, of echr. Creole, Lu - frorl I'ampico, J rlne tlt, mrforos us that the Centralists do 'a under command of Geo,. Arista, tok possession of the M t. Bar ofTaimpico on the 27th nit. anti captured an armed ria sch 'oner belonging is the Federal party. The captain 01 of the schooner, together with five or six men, were seri. drr e ously wounded whilst defanding their vessel, but were t defeated after an action ofabout terlniniutes. The Federal troops at Tampico, under command o sit a Gen. Urrea, amonted toabout 90011 men. Il Cl Dlr. Ducre.-'l'he Bee states that 1Mr. Ducros, one pI al of the delegates to the National Convention from this St s city, will not be able to attend. Measures should be a haken to name saolme other gentleman who can. sh - -- - -de a Giroffe.-It is said that Mr. Breedlove has bought ca f this steamer, and that she will continue to run in the 1I Mobile and New Orleans trade. tn at our Exchlrage List--Weekly papers with whom ut we exchange, are respectfully requested to give the It r Prospectus of the Weekly True American (found oir the first page) three insertions and send us a copy c or marked. We will hold ourselves ready to reciprocate cI the favor. of Gen. ltetaments was at Altemita, at thi hlead of tie 15l10 men, and was hourly expected at Tampico. EP A CAIRD.--The light draught steamer SOUT'H I ALABAMA will positively leave this Evening at 4I tl o'clock, for Alexaalrii, Inaichitoches and Shreeveport. I PI'asengers sil please lie on bhrd att i ntt tia on jilt '. t. I.lE & CO, Aerts. 3 to- 0OR NEW YORK.-REGUL-AR-LT.- ~ llohnes' Line of Packets. d To anail positively on Wednesdar Everning, 12th inst. S ' he *luperior last railing regNlar pAcket are hr)r , Cta IUIC. GttLEE, Loavit te ing t.-, two tlhird of her cargo engaed will ipositioc rlyala above. y al For baleaeerf feighttf lball haes et cothto, or p nassage, havilRg elegant aceotrnodntilnsn, ap e, ply to the rrcaptain on board, opposite tire Veggetal l or.arerketer to A. COHENt lne l j10 90 Common st FOR LIVERPOOL, Ln- Te A 1 ani superior ship NEW HAMP he SHIlE, Ccapt Ilarding, having the greater part of hececrg eartaged, will receive des. I patch. For freight of 3U0 bales cotton or ptisage, ap ply to LEVT H GOALE, no- CA R Il OL I. TON e IIOTEL. I LAVAUD has tie hIonor of infttrin g rio friend aree lJ andthe public ial general that lie iea takinl the i Iotrl at Carrolllon, where nl trasts he will receive t ma cells ol his old friends and all lover of go.d cheer. Private parties will be Ihandaomely provided for by a of giving a lttle otice beforehand. He is willing to enter ughinto nrrngo ento with famtilies or individuala desirtus or passing the summer at Carrolrron. tl20 NEW ORLEANS C:ANAL ANI) IANKING CO, tred HE Iro Steamboart IlReblecrca will lave the Basin and at tie beand nf ithe New Caal, every day, (exclept Mlondoyays) ftlr thle I.tke,as follows: D)epart at 5 A. XI. Return at 8 A. M. andl A.t. 12 I1,P. MP OP. t. " P. it. 51. I1.M " 9 P'.l. And on MIONDAYS: Ig Depart at 10 A. 5t. I etlrtrn at yl2 P.1r. latn I't. . i P.M. rai p. . l P.M. nker vtey 28 B. CIHEW, Cash. a NEW ORLEANS & CA RROI.ILION RAIL ROAD cnt Pt ItPAN \. tie cUMMEn eAvRANGcItT-a FOR TilEt WEEK IttAS. From Carrollton. From New Orleans. ring Hore Car t 4o'clnlock, -A. M.lorn Car at 5 o'cltck, A. I Locomotire - Laeootive 7 had n - tha. t2 " Mt . I " '.t are P.I tcty1 em - t t >fLtert 0 a'lo.k a Car can be obtained by paying 5 dol lone tar for the Trip. the tRRANrtMaa , TFOr su.So,: The care will teave et the sare hours at in the weekr days atl I a'cloclrk, P. M. when aLocoraltive will leave Carrollton nd every hour. uttil 8 o'clock, P. t. For t-he accommodation ofpersona visting Carrolton, in the ivea 5 oclock car. anl wkn, may net wish to remair there until . o'clocb.k, the ear that has ie staorers left Car, olllon otil o'clock, will remain untaiil .'elock, tbhersby allnowing thet one hour !,000 to enjoy the Ileasanl walks ofnone of the moart beautiful Oar itI dee Ins tiec United Stotes. Personsgeoing by the Locomotllurust provide themaselves writh Tickets, as the conduc.tor hte noutive directions not to , receive money in li e thelreof as TIIE JACKSON AND LACOURSE STREET CARS I.eavethe head of Jackson atreet at6 ojelock, A. M.. Canal Do. streeat Iit o'elookt and rn hatrrly. At 8 o'elork tley will. commenc to lare eaoch and every hall hour, untill1 o'clockt, Pta. M., from Jack-on atreae. and 9 o'clock from Canal street, excepline at r! n'elnck, I. H. from t:nea' treet. 9 It is parteau'rly reque.ted thlt gentemen will Ilotaput

their feet upon the csrhiona, or smoke iu the ors, whe Ladiae are present. aGie New Orlelta sad Carrollton Rail Road Compsnty, Pay 1srt, 1839. JOIIN IIASPSON, S may 18 ChiefEng. N.O 4 C.!R R "lAYUl.ALrTY OF NEWV lRL.EANS. rIHEpriceofflour today being $5 .2 per barrel, - acording to the tariff, tile bakers will give ;4 ounesn of bread for ten cents. during the week ,.gin ning eo Monday next, the 11th ih st. The lInavs ofsec. inl quality, or of three for ten cents, ntall weigh 25 per cent nore, that is to say, 42 1-i oonees. r 0ne t C. (;ENOIS, Manor. -Ld Xl. ll.4;t.t , OLi N .'.tJ lhhl.I , fr $IS l I y, able July '27, ftr stale b J8 A FISK T'EXS" LAND TITLES. A N ABSRACT of the original itles of record in the general land olfee. IPritued in acordance with resolution of the House of RepresentativPs! pas ted9ith May, 1838. A few c.pies itnt reeivrd and JB 49 Camp st and Jslcoh,by tho Rev. lenry tIllo A. M. A n00 thnr of Lectures ot the history ofJesus Christ and St. Patti Just puhblihed select remains of the Rev. William Nevin, ).1). of Iaultimore with a nmenoir. Jut re ceived slad faedale by ALEX TO)WAIR, J8 4 oCamp F1t Ja l5 1fTNlif lnT.'E., N T tit tEr. T HE well known splendid h,,re IRocket in offeled SfJr nale, ho is now eight years old, ld i one of" the hbeet broke horses in tia United Staten, his speed ai so well known that it requires no comnteu t-warranted perfectly sotund. AIS ita Phseton and larness suitable forenoo twnbhrae.s. A Sllky with slhitin top, nnlddles. Iild.o &c. Ite bavenc articles won made to ord.r atl are of thevervheetmanterinals. They ate to .e sold on nc count (ibthe on, er leaing the city. Apply to N,. 3 Coronndlet at J8 Iw rOIIK-8O0 ,rlns I O lp.i,, , 1' O nto i.-l- eting Sstid fair tale. at the lowest marl elprieet by JR , DOR1SEY, 44 New Levee SFor salen by G. DORSEY, J8 44 New L.eves LAR-0 kegs superior .eaf Iard in stoate, fr asala by G I)()HSEY, JS 41 New Leven `TATE OF L.OUISIANA-Perish Court for the lPatilh and city ofNew Orleans. Preaset the lion. Charles Maurian, Judge. No. 11,8:31, L. A. rwin, in actual cntthdly. on.s i creditors and the creditors of Erwin & Bolings. Ui .n reading .td filing the petition al schedule int this ca-e--lt is ordered by the Court, Ilthat he creditors ofL. A. Erwin andof Erwin and HItI age, do meet in opeu Court, oan lonlay the 171th jltne next 1839, then and tltere t. show cane, ifaoy te.v hnave, why the said L. A. Erwil both il his pernottl eapncity, an.l as as n lrttner of the rnrm of Erwing & .oliga, slould not be dischlroed according to law t and that in the meat.ime all proceedings against hio property and pero ann be stayed. It is further ordered that El imore & King, Esqnr. Attorneys & Counsellors at Law, be appointed to represent the absent creditors. By order of Ctourt. Clerk's office, New Orleans, May 24, 18:19. m°3 2nw ARMAND Pl fOT, Clerk. [TAT DE LA LOUISIANE--Cour die oaruse Snpour la Paroisse et la ville de Il Nouvelle Or g~ans. Prtseut Plaon. Charles MAlurian, Juge. L. A. Erwin, nlrntleaut dtenl , centre O iesactbanciers et Ias ertnciers tIe Erwin u IRolings. lur lecture Ct enrogistreoent de Il piritin et db bila ltlane utte o ffTaire, i nt, orlonnin par ht Cour qu lea cr6aneiers de L. .4. Erwin, et de Erwio & i;aliogsl, xe rluniO t ete pltine Cour, le Llundi 17 Jttin prochaio 1839, poor v d6auie Its raisons, awile eu ult, poutr les quela le dIit L. A. Erwin. 1ant |tour soul etctpte pars oeulierque comme anssoci6 de Erwin & Bulings. ne ne rais ptsds d6hargb ounfortlentElt A ln loi; et ell et.llme temps loutel puursuitles cntre an prs.sane et sea hien a.,.ut slemOdtes. II eat de plus tdololtt qua M M. Ellnore asd King soiert nointOl s pour repro6tlnter lea aoroirlers abdsento. Par ordre de Colr--Bul au du GCreffier, It Nouvelle SYNDIC'S SALE. BY BACH & CALHOUN. N ~ ILI. be aoldon Wednesday, July 3, 1839, at 12 Are So'clock ,nt the City Enxllanng in St t.ouisat. between Itoytl and Chartres streets, by order of tho Ch ny Rauch, Esq. Syndic of thte crnditrs of Messrt Leo Egerton & Wibrav, Ior tle anottunt and at the risk of tonersn Edward York, George B. Ogdet and S COgdee, who have failed tncomply with the terums ofa sale oof prooty hereinafter described, made to thelt on the Eleven lots ol ground, situated im Faubourg Sauler, Id Municipality of New Orleanr, in the square bounded y Clio, Ptytauee, Callinpe nod Noayvlldes streets, as per plun which will be exhibtted at the tine ulo' sale, vie: p Lot No.1, meanosurig 29 loot, 4 inchen front on Pro. tanee street, by 1.0 teet in depth, and front on Clio street. Lots No. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, measure each 9 jou rfeet front on Prytonea street by 120 feet deep. no Lot No. II, eunuring 9 feet 4 inches fronton Pry- 8 lanse street, by 120 feet in depth, tnd front on Calliope 9 street. t'The above lots will be sold separately with the prov- rol leps ofan alley in the rear of the widt of 15 feet. do lernas ot seale-g8ll0oash on each lot; balnee 6, eat 2l,aond 24 inonths credit fur approved endorsed r t note, o with mortgage until final payment. abh june 1 3tljl7j 3ja SVealo do Syuic-. - ro PAR BACH & CALIIHOUN. bit IL SERA VENDU to hMercrdi:ln 3 Juillot pro chain a midi, at Ia Nouvelle Bourse rue St, Louis entre lea rues Royolo et Char'res, par I'ordre A. a do Mr. Anthony Raselh, Sindic des ordanciers do co Messrs. Egerton nt Wibray pour le compto ot aux let d risques de Messieurs Edouard Yotke, George B. Jo Ogden and J. C. Ogden qui ont manqude aux C0 termos prescrits par la vente pout lea propri6tds ci Ot de*sonu designes It leur adjug6os le 23 Janvier, d. S1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERRE ro situds done Io faubourg Saulet, 2de Municipalitd de la Nleo Orledane dans I'llet situ6 entre lea rues Clio, Prytande, Calliope, et Nayade, d'aprbs u t plan qut a 16 exposa au moment de la vente, is Savoir: 1 a Le Lot No. 1. mesurant 29 piods 4 pouces de rt ace a la roue Prytan6a par 120 ponds do prolfndour de face It In rue Clio. Los lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 mesu 't rant chacun 29 pieds do face bt la rue Prytando par to 120 piede do profoudeur. Le lot No. 11. maesurant 29 pieds 4 Iouces de face t aIn rue Prytando par 120 pieds do profondeur it at faco Ina rue Calliope. L Lea suadils lots sront vendne aedpardmont avoe oe In privilege d'une alldo do 15 pieds do largcur. 4 S LLes toertels doe vn to rent 51800 cotpttant pour chnquc lot, at le balance It 6, 12, 18 at 24 maois do crddtt on billots endosods at satisfaction, avec hypo to thquo jusqu' t parfait painmcot. ItY BACII & CAL:IOUN. of ,; ILL. tie sold on W\edtnday, 3d July, 1839, at 12 V o'cock, at the City Exchltge mt St Louis satret. Two Stttnt on of Ground, eDesignated on an pla drawn byv I.tllts ringier, slr Sveoyrt genltal,as qares E anld C. Square I contlltns hI IintIt ncahered fltt o 1t°7, whiclh measure .ts ful t. lows: Nos 1.2, 3, , 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,11-100 lots measuring each 30 feeoutf ont li aeary alert, by 105 feet in depth; lot No 1 lhrming tile corler of lAltartyt and Adam streets and lot N, i (l firing the corner of blucarty and Blur dt streets. t. Nus 11, 2, 1-3 Iot, neasuling stch 300 felrofunt et ol Blurde stretet Ib 150 Ifeet in dcpth. g Non 14, 1.5, I, 17, ll, 19,2.0 21,52, 23--10 loto, meas- - te- uring each301 feet ftont on Commelcial sltreet, by 1115 lea fet tn delth ; No 14 forming hte corner of Comtmercial np- ied BUrdt alstor , aid No 23 forming the corner of ue Comnmercial and AdontO ntleit. Nos 24, 25,26-3 lhts, onasuring each 30 feet front on tAdams street Ity 150 in depth. Squnre C colntainl 26 loto, nombered from 1 to26, which measure ia follows: P- Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, i,10--10 Ion, meansuring eachl ter 30 feet ftont on Comwoeaoial street, by 105 feet in depth; on. lot No I forming the corner of C(olnerciol and Bunaft ap tres, atllc No 10 forming the corner of Commer:ial &d Washlington streets. No I I, 1`2,13--3 tot, measuring each 30 feet front on WVnshlilto.tu stael. by L511 itet if depth. ning eachl 311 feet tfront ol Pearl street by 105 feet in depth; lot No 14 formine theorero ot 'earl and Wash: ods ingron streetls, and No 22 joining the corner of Pearl the and Ilurdel treets. ive Nos 24, 25,21i-3 tots, measuring each 30 feet front eer. on BIrder street, by 150 feet in depth; all Ameriean iby measure. atOi jun. t 3t Ijl7j&3jy I0s PAIL BACH & CALHOUN. L SERA VENDU Mercredi le 3 Juillot, 1839, min midi, I In Nouvell Bourse, rue St. Louts p DEUX LOTS DE TERRE situde ft Carrollton, dldsigi. d'apres un plan tir( par Louis Bringior, Arponteur gdn6raln, Ils data lots E et C. L'ilet E contient 26 loto nuumrotis de 1 It 26 hIsqnuls out lao menurent suivants : Non 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, meonrant ,Ihacon 30 prods de face a la rue Macarty sur 105 plods de profondeur, le lot, 1 formant I'encoig oure des rues Macarty et Adam., t to lot no. 10 for t ant I'cnco enur des rues Macarty et Burdot. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots tomesrant chacun 300 AD pieds do face a Ia ruoe Burdt str 150 de protln deor. Non. 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dinx lots mtesurant chleun 3:1 plods do. Inca a ot ruo .9! do Commenrce sur 103 do proftnldeur, Is no. 14 formant l'encoignuro des rues do Commernc at Adam. Nos. 24, 25, 2G, mcsurant chacun 30 piods do face t la rue Adam sour 150 do profondeur. L ilet C contenant 26 lots numerotds do 1 a 26, losquels oat lee tmesureo suivants: do- Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mesurant chncun 30 pieds do face I lit run do Commerce sour 105 de profondeur, Io lot no. 1 fi6rmant I'encoig. dnys ure des rues de Conlmereo et Washington. to Nos. 11, 12, 13 mcsurant chaetcun . pteds de the fare I la rue W.shington lur 150 de profoldo ur. 0t18 Noe, 14. 15. 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, k dirx lots mentraot chucun 31 pieds do face i la rue .r. Pearl sur 115 do prolondeur, lI no, 14 formant I'encoignure des rues Pear et Washington, ot lc no. ivee 22 joignuant 'enotcoignuro dos rues Pearl et Bur. nttu dot. Nos. 21, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant lchacun 30 : pieds do face It la rue Burdet sur 150 do proftn. o1t dear etle tout tumeuro Atmericuitne. JI lok, - - E TATO DE I1.' LOUISIt NE-Cour de tPuroinee pour la parisnue et ville de Is Nouvelle Orli'us- Present I'huaurublo Cha rles Maourala, Jugr. Mai 1lth 1839. No. 11,771 M. Dullose vs sea Crbanciers. En motion de G1. W. Botts, Eoq. avocalt our I'in.. olvable, t on m rlllnt lnle enrrsur qoi se tronuvat dans |'anon:er dernier pour assembler les cruanciers, et en cosnquenl e de eel errelor I'a.semlblee n' a pas eue heu--I rst orllnnllB par Ina our, qu'ulle assemblbe nouvelle aura hIeu au hureau de Philippe.. Lacosoe, E-q. notomre, en Samoed leo 15 Join, 1839, quand et ot1 on va dellbeorr our le ufftiirea du petitoonoaire ct preodre en coasideration les matieles contenues dans la ;etition. Lxtraoi du rergistremenr , Ilureua du Greffe, I Noavelle Orleans, Mnni 14,1839. mlt 3t AR.EI\NID PItI''(',. GretOer. `'ATiE oF I.OUISIANA.-Piroobh Court Ior Ilie ( I'ariohl and City of New Oleatu.-t'Prcsent ther Honorable Charles Mnurain, Judge. May 1It11, 1839. No. 11,774. M. Du Bos vso. hoii Creditors. On iotion of Geo W. lit.o, ofeoluat for the insolvent, atl upon owing to the ourt the our that an error lls crept in the notice culling for a meeting of creditors ill this Case, and that consequently Faol meeting cannot take place. It is ordered by the court that a new meet ing take place of the olotitr of Phll ppeo I aonstea Est. notaery puhlic, on Saoturday tite oiht day of Jneo. 1f39 then and tile re to rdelber.ote on the uffairs of the p*tition errand take into consideration the imattetu ast forth inl Ihis petitinn. Extractfroml th minutcs--Clerk's Office, New Or leans, ,Iay 14, 1839. may 17 It ARMAND PI'TOT, Clerk. uLru ItP.'I--Itb'he dorellioo port of tile threRy-story 1 hrick rstoa No. I 210 Tchoupituln street. ttoo, session given on the 9th June. Apply toT If.' LOCKETT, Camup street, lnear Juliu.-or may 28 No. 13 Exchange Picre. VAL.UAIILE & SCARCE LAW BOtuKo. 11 AtITINo 'S Renorts, few copies only left, in 19 "Jl.n ; Louisiana Repsorts, tll volt Civil Udcle of Louisiana, > E Juluos t Co's Cuds of Pracotice do f new edition errgesnt o L.lwwer'u Reports ofcases in the Eng lisll courts, 32 uols. Williams' Massachusretts Reports Peters' Reports, 12 vo!e; Ito condouned do Archbold's civil and criminal Pleadings Abhtmt on 0Shippig; Bailey on Btllst teck's uMedicalJ ourisrudencs Bell & Beatty's Chancery Reports Chiytv 0n Bills; do on Contracts :hitv's Plea'Idings ; do Practice ; to equity Digest Chitto's BtI kstoutno; t:rauin's Digest Curtis' Admtiralty Digest; Digest I.itwa ot U S Eden's Chancery Iepotrtl ; Fonblanquc's Equity Forut Book; Gould's Pleadingn Gow on Partnership; Ihflmnna's Legal Studies Kent's Cou enarture;e Leigh's Nisi 'rius I'othier on Obligations lPetels' Digest, I,t volume, u new work Roscoeeno Evidence ; Russell on Crimes Sanders' PleatI ugs; mitlhs Cthancery Practice etarkic on Evidence ; Story on the Constitution tStovens o Benetrcke o0n Insurance Tollens law of Executions Tomlins Law Dictionary; Vattoll's Law of Nations oad a genetal assortment of all slan-lard Enrlish ant Froocto law boooks, otongst the latter, Merlin, Toullier. Pothier, Troplong, Duranton, &de. E JOHNS It Co, 30 may 3w Cor St Charles &. Common sat AILS-I400 Boston assorted sale by SHALL & BROWN, mn2t 96 Magazine st ESS BEEF--In half hs, for sale by may 14 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee. ACION SIDES-150 ecaks Ciinutoii cured, for B sale by ( I)t)RSEY, may29 44 New Levee " U BVNY lAGS-'25,0 for saule b ji S & J P W H I I'NEY.73 Camp at H YI.tRAULICCPF ENT l0 hbln foir se by 1 j S &J P Wil I'NEY. 73 Camp st SlH OA I.S-5t0 Tfeet ash or,, lor sale by Jl S 1 J P WIIITNEY, 73 C:amp st 11.O W ON P--30o ,ores hbrurn tnat, ,ir Fate toy ' CHEIIIN DE FEE NOUVELLE URLEANSY ET CARIOI.LTON. Arranogeens de I'L9t, pour lesjour de Ia semaine. Dc Carrolilon. De la Nile Orleans. Char I cheval, A 4 Its. A 1I Chatr A chevel, A 5 Is A NI n Locemnoative, i6 " Locomutive, A 7 AU t . . . ". /1 6110 j . Al. A" 2 P I ." AI " t 62 I P'1" ].1 631 " " 4 " 5" " " - el "1 " t7 / Apre 16 hIeures du coir, o pett obtealir u char, cat poayaul cinq piuastlree poor i voyage. Arrangemeoa pour lea Dimanches. Lee chars itcrtu'oet cux Irolnes Iecires que liana les joeur de la seouiniojsequ' Al hetre P l. Une loco utolive portuir do Cerrolloo toUtec les o Uoes, juoqoUtA 8 Iteurea do soir, el do lo Nouvelle Itehoosjilrsu'A8 9 houres c odulr. Pour I'agttment des pereonncs qui ne rotdent I Car rlltoun par le ier de 5 lcoures, et qti ne dsiilrent pls y demellrer jlrqll It 8 heroels, Iv char rllli imurlnh Illpara rleolcjniteui'Altsisei ttcqctiputs >otictipec vaul de Carrulltoi A Itei r ceo-de Ijljqii'jli heures, pcurdounner cleletips do jouird'onio prnoilenodi oglb a rle dens uu des Rum bee uJ jnrins des Cur sUnit, ohCs triira tit ui crtirout etao je icok lllo tiv ero - rou it itrocier ciio billets, aottenlu qu'ii oIt dbfEtidu oiix codcicteuci de rocceoir dc i'orgletic au lieu de lilhltie. Cicit slte Roeo Jekniet reeilce Coor,-e. Coe |.lors portiii-cet dc lhi ile .lcbo-o cilhteource, SA. AI. et de lrue du Caal l Gi hcutes du iiiutil etc Sceuratllt chtque heuro. A 8 Ilteures, is pirironllt touilesi - leadeoti iieure, jciq'A l Iheutres dlu toir, d. In ruc ss Jic!:eon,ct-ijoao-'A Iiihccirec de lu rue du Cnaull, ex cepcitd8jdiel ruecducCiioltl. ls Messiedrs sent partlcllliremsnt pribs de no pas me ttre lea pieds sur les cousiins, et de ne pas fun er dana oelecil c IoirIqUe leslIdaliies 'y teoUcclu t. itureca de ai Ct)lip i doi crdn deid cd far de Car- 01 reoltout tde in ou-die jOrlboci*. a JOHIN IIAMPSO)N, etmiils I.genieuren chlef. I-tU(S-iJcsct laidilig - fre.lsrl ly of lwhile wax, liisc. a Jculoh, (jtiul AIrict. iic ltl, l ikol Cleilu i '}'altar, .'tI odll pts TulJ'Ilrpmlrlle, Pearl Aslal. Ta'rtl Sric Acid, Cloridi. culda, Lals. Cltcavic, &e. cir aloec by II lIONiNAIIII., c iccy31 Col Nuicbi,-c cd ld Tolalito,uhi st - - "Nl WIOifla,JUs'l' I-CI.EIVJ. ). III.EiL ill Itly, ii Cocuitec o. VIllu-ein:lgcnv2tl . SAeceicall le iller: Ilorac Verlon., vu2 l Advicae it) Csiienllieno Ieollilly ice, 2 vori e Chitlv's c lacksione; N1illitg ci.s Civil tngineer toig, fr nle by ALEIX. TItWAIt, o miy 31 49 tCuco p ( OIN c.. f lile-sicigino, dier c c yiih, 2 vili. J SPascal Brlneo i aod lh. Aoncmeit,bv 'I' ilook r Tlie Alceritccl Joe Miller, wil illUitrRlib n lcittle Ireccloacin ad hIs b water luts, by Morris, clt litie by Jolhiicci. Poetlic ituli, iellcled poetly from Chaucer Io N licklelby, Nh 12i; Ioz's Sketch es.Nos 7 i1i8 j ! E JOltNS &.. C2.. mony 31 0w C S lIie CulrIciltu cii '5 IIA.IP AIG'I.'-- i ilc.cltec iii ci.'i;;cr-, cc1], Iiloc ii L. ortilaeid lo Allie by SAII.L &. IItOWN, i n y 31 . .. .......ii.i. . nguclcgi e i £ N ILAN , I'AI-li hge in store alnl c crilt b byv r cIlia 31 A110I:. 1 & ilIl(W'N.,t Xlgn.le 6 l -. ':II~IAN Il'.SAH-l-HI Iua il- re.l.(c Rl f;~r s,ll;-b'. Gl" ll) C-l[ Iii.i-:i ilI{ ccc , 1c,6 lI~lcccice. ccc li re ccla n ud ",-r icy siAIni.L &. iltit ic mall 31 " ilfnguzine s AXES--:iO boxes uxccc i a oIcci cccd for 21 cocale by LIIAlI. & lIIIisWN, iilay 31 1 M ilnctgeile oi IL--75 brls prime TaltelUcrs' Oil o 41t cak t umlnter cic Alie O il my ll1 i3w i. Ii G \l.O, icie(:Olloentl 26, i-ti.ffitii-J barrels lncilhlg froli o fila ~ . Ir hale " by IDOIiSul I' c Inll 41 Nec i.ivern I ES; BEIAFI in E isIt bilds bu ti le incpc iec-t fr aClt by (I 19ltil.l, I ocoy 31 lI New Levee onD R. iiiFIAT'ccc V Ei.-rO ITt lli p WIlii1iS rec o wellC kolllln o Illt e li lb h Illntlii i Is arly Il- i s cesar. to1 giv i delllired sIctemenit of Iheir ct lue andi one U Lice le i .tcl, illc csjileccill fully einen oneo eli'ithe clai tedec i tc.lslr h iliic)cI1 tlie piublic Ic IcIotl Sconfidence in cli Ict-oioralici s. no From thle lampil ,el -Vllcig olJti lv 12. 1837. can Mofal' Pills nod jliitter.--'lhe Illt Jillllrllal coil tainiI additii Ii te~cillllloy i tn fvor ofilis hIighI ilnt ort-li Stlanltinvenliolin. "'ic1t1hetccr o1c cici Jolclnllcl ciclsi , ici eicipo lt" ic nnot cncc ihtl h',i llltllc v c i cit. ii ei n ill. clllle f llc. ilcclcttllccbcllk II. (lc icitocrtincg tiil c cl-li8t eite ofur nigllhblr IlBowls, cled clrs -cs n q,,anlir cci 3,jthe aiticleas i .ccomersaticc. 5his i cely kicco d aciwe I'roeli.l. tk. 11n1)1;llHPllt ". hcbr ullld.,r ]ILEt ;IiinliCl~ll* wilh our neigibor cel cicic Joccrclicccci;ll ccc tict! li-Ilo. tid il tile moeanl aille, nill nily ll()'abor ing un er similir dif' ciclllliec to Iulnse clii i i tic- cO Pit-etlc-c I)ccrlIc t1on Sic I l h, I, th e hn i bit i li Ii Lc e ltrolcl lle ido aalledneis" or e l tlellccii e lThe ic-idiu Cile i t unIlltclledly a sowc c.i n rit medyc . 0 ILITTML IIiiOll c1Uc.L t .IOWI-I... ' rte Icilowit- le iiie i i ccn i lir. |hicwlec, Eibic er cci thic 10 eilblicani aud Jlournl, c p hituti., l3 -l. ii ii liilc iec I tc cc iitelicct ccI. uit hc . l . at Ar, 31ltbr--Sir : II i.. ,l : lixtt vo;r th I ba e 300 cc ( C cclin lce cntirccico cc lice bhcclcoic--. ca-ciusc ot ln qot-oc-coc Illccsco ic|nunator hlt-lc . c T hl'i t aitiralc I io ll tic b eiI C s is hcl 3 frlt e n- tc acllnI cetle alil clll ccclcr, clib lllh wII tknll,,tct . ol n· rll h,' lar,.sl : eaIIIIIIJ IIILY(,s b,>ll .Rl n emlrv ewI11rv iew11 IIPIIllj' l(Ollll· -ralIP I'(IIwII ..., tl i lll~ O(IJI [),, ii ,I~) llh i *ici s, aiid have l itril ahbite aic- t lu lll i-t ee ills ad i iiis~t chciccc'h ec~ic-eccccioc-oc-ti.e I inc caccctcigcccl. le rhllp Ibu Inhl lear, I llte bulh~icc atll itdcsi lal Iex .ci du f vour " I. 1. Pill.,"an hi, alve hinnd mort, beeI f'i neillll ~thnrnore eIe fand adel .citst ciomy tc-fee rlegth 6, oftilie, llanl- Ilul i a l Iccie o lav vet Iifoc . Yours, " SAI1L "BWL., t For nel alc thi city, at lhie curner of CoIrn I Tor Iecpilocis l·tc. "o,, I2 ocio iltlcc8 2519*,& usndrs- Jost r CAeive I by lctetarciocls, an cccoeioltoctc tt itsi tc eravllft sUlllnler s ,u ghwe, .nd -ki Ilda dPyll. in t the I r. I~lnzar, eorl~ler of St, Cl itlrl. a li 1I~ "mtll'lllllll 'lr',+,t., ni2c'ill S lli at i tot 9Icc SIAiLc.L & IlItliSS.V N ci. c-I llfihlcgseoceoi.1..._ . P -RLORORNAJMEN'lS-Rare ant beauttln _ curiousities, for sale only by Rece & 'lnger, and at Plough's Musoum. All these rnaments consist of the mnost splenr did specimens of orlhuinnlogy Iron Europe, Asia, Africai, nut our own c,,nntry. App.'ovrd ni rttat IS0 days will be taken al B I'll runs-1I( lull Tuth ' uslu retl u iznu , fo i Ulot reduced lprices, by S. LOiCKE & 'o. -luv. 6 I'rontlerrre, I,.OUR1-86 bhls., from . u.ambti Iutdolph. For usale by A. IlRit, mauys 31 Gravier st SHIREE second hand glass SIHOWt C'ASS fur countersa, for sale low by B BiRO\WEIt &. Cu, may _9 N 17 st , ' rEEI. PENS-Justl received a lew gross tiilluta SEagler,and Perry's donubl patent eteel pens. for maleb b li.t\ ) FELT' & Co, nm25 N Y stautineru hall 24 ChntIres st S LOCKE & CI)., Nt. 8 Font Levee. have in store ' k large and extensive assortment of Copper and Tin \Vare of their nwu nianuaucture, t hich Ihtey orl er low hy whhsa_ may_ Inn 2i NEW PIIANOS FS031 (PARIS. r T HE subhscriber have just received per ship Charles A from nHavre and ft;i'r Ior sals a buutilitl nanart. nlent of 'iunoufttes consisting inl;-l'inllinos, I'icola of RIosetu wd, Cnlact s and nllrih umahogany wnood. I lurizontal Puanos of tthe richet rUsewood and maho ganty. any. ei upright PinnofCttenido dio. jn'l'here instrtuntent are aill nlaltfaclulrred by the crelerated malern T I'I.EYEI. &. Co. of 'atn,al eon.. tiL l, octaviu., ar, tf a most suprritr finish lti ser lertl ,xt resah"r ftttuts by Mtssrur li'eu e & Ktuitrrnntr, which fact can'leaue nothing to desire in rt gard to the be u y of thler tom,-. T'Ih, llllure and profenasorst of music are respeerl follv inviltd to call and exuaine the: semni uplight piauua uhich are etirelv a new article. E JI)IINS & Co, St. Charles st. J4 opposite the Veranldahl & EIxchlocr hiotel A Ilt-70 kige t up ntt Irux nrd rn li, li burt I J4 (1i IIEY. . 41 Newu l.ever IN'I'UL'(:KY', Ildiana utn llinois u.o.y--$500 of said descripltion fr siln Iy J4 ATl'IERt, 34 fGrvier t LnESIl IUT tI"{--l16 ktgs lunding fora stam Shbatt Pruirie,t for aule byh J4 A TRIER,S 4 Grtvier nt R L .ED iLETTER PAPERI-A few cases rtf ruled letter paperof varius qualities, just received and ftr salu on accunnnodating terms Ily J4 " TIt\WAR,49 Camp at Ippsile Suzette at for sale by J3 SIIIAI., & BRIOWN, -V 6 Magan'no at /I ES P OIRK--IR bhills lauding from stelaml bual J 7 United States, Ior sale by J7 A 'TIEI.R 31 Gravier st WALKING CANES. eg TM BELL, No. 16i Charrms street, has this day received u t variety of CANES, suitalble for gen. etnten' aspe they ,ill ho oferred very luow otpt chasers. J7 WfVRKS ON SILK. A COMPLETE assortment ol the best works on the culture of the Mulberry and silk worms. I landnlo on silk worms. D'llomergue'u silk uulturilt'a mnanual. Clarke on the Mlulberrv. Cnhbl'a manual of the llulbhrrry tee. Kendrick's silk growers guide. Wlitemarsh on the Mulberry and silk worms, Roberts lon silk n c. E JIHNS & no, J62w coarner ofSt. Charles & Common at .L1)UR--1000 bbls superfine,r 45tdE ftine, ftr sale by j G DORSEY. 44 New Levee T ULWER'S RICHLIEU, the celebrated Pin.v, Scha p etdtionn and an uasurtnenl uf lthe anll cele hbratedl aCtullg plays, E JOHN'S & Cr, J6 8w corner St Charles n CLommon ale Y IIISKEY--62barrels landing fromn stean boa S Bridgewate r ur sale by j7 C. DORSEY, 44 New Levee CORN BROOMS--200 dou in atore, for sale by J7 G DOILSEY, 44 New Levee 3RANDY &, WINE-3 half and ti qr casks brtut. l dy, 4 qr casks brown Sherry Wine; 36 boxes pale tio do superor qualityfor sale by S&'J P WHIT'NEY. st, 3 r73 ialtnp at fuNr-ýwe by Mulaga wiDe i.4r ahuin '. re `T fur unt.v SEAL) & BARS'T'OW, l OAF SUGAR-5~ lbasket a. 4, in stsre Ifr anle by Snay 1 S1IAIL & BlIItWN, i6 Mnagaaine at I IISKY--i200 brrcls cerlified wlikbe i lstoure Sfor ale by G D)RSEY, ml0 - 44 New Ie v 'W INDOW I.ASS--620 boxes English crowu VT Windsor glus, reneivino and foi sale by vI2 It. G0AN5IN, 12 Camsp aI WILLIAM R. CARNES, LU(JISIANA WVAIIE IRLUIM, In 14 I iNo. 53, IrIENaVIILE-STr. NI.W IiII..a s " AC$l0-) a l Dig.-1460 .,k sauperi. -an, nuts Icur:d in toor f obIlin bale bt . TIai,.l b, n,=~7 " 4 ! · New I a. _. _- il'I ,-5 tons En glish blitered bleel, libr sale by ap a0 llA i.1 & BlitOWN, 16 elagn ,ino st i{ Ui'li-Et & LAL L i-lil kegs lerd &b50 do oupe. Sriar Western butler, Ifr r.le by omy6 :;G . Dlt RSlY, 44 New Levee OFFlICEl.F oF I'llE MllSilS. IPPI IA Al.iNE AND FIR'11 INSURANCE CO1I'ANY. New Orleans, May lO0, 1839. r11IIE Stockholders of Ihia Il+nilaion are Ihreby I t a.l riqoired to pay in, nll lonlhiieUo or hilrly dollus oln a, ch sl.a .l ora befIoIre IIthe lt uof J lE In.ixt, atIi ( uanuian n' oflice. Iy orlder of thle Borard. IIENIRY IOCKETT, u.Or Ian President, pro tern JIIISKEY--llI rlds larding fromu steamtn boat !a Coturhus, tir rFat' by ,,:'24 i IRISI'Y.44 New Leave Tr "III: AXtkZ2ICA 22 A rosAAACnud IrpuIatoryov t Ir UIeful Knowinldge, lt Ilhe year 1839, ieceisnd .lid li"r sale by DAVIT) FEIl' & 1ro, nilny 18` 2 Charlres l nIME JUICE, hddidg frol T aa4lla in crask, har rels lnd dennjiibhnr, lor sale Il II BtrNNiALiEl., illma 18 C Nairch & 'T'ehapitralinvs sn I' 1 S ls IElF-In hall hairelrl t Ithe inaaielion S3ir itllli by (; DO {8 ':\. 11n'3 41New ILver 'II',MIsN'i'-- 163 barrrlr r eI I'eual , lendirg trisa ) slipl Yzon will be nrldi Iow if Ilnkn fonla Ithe Sc.vee. Ailll toi JAMES B. ItUI.l.EN, mamy 48 +74 Ca )p st. a I FUI{NI'I'UIIE! FURN'I'IrIITE!! 7riai1'l' rbcoivrd aite Ic ll.illn I/llllitlle \'ae Ilh ller, It large "uo i % Itjelmll iN w , rk anli d Bl.I s 'Y io. P ersonl " iill se wlen ll hlrilolelr ould do well i I.nll, lond .e.ll ,heir .llhlelf froth nlor of I,' bestl lnd largestecks Inow 0 o Ise oilty. IV It'A RN ES, dlJ d. 53 eih llen N It-Particnlar lattenion paid to packihiig andl allp na g Foriritrro fnrrepyofexpanse. i,--2w II- l l'rn-A rigr .r,,'r' j'rvi a..rn' evlaid fora_ 'J'. s'a ishALI. I illtrIM N, -" r 9iA Maglazne at -. ACtaN Iolraii l's. Cineirnati urrnilc oniaiing of I Ilan o, rides a nrd aLriuldar, rit tlallloilla, pa'r Fa IFlal bar. For nale by I1 I HRlSEY, Ahili aal IT I ia w ie tied pm4,ivCT O alnNia hesavar t anirp l nto his tior frelhe,i tlrhe c ob Newh Orlenliu, end to all st raigerall H lao ,i Ir paIIaillr n fl.e days In the ity,. n al d inllfonlls bll' lirt ie will ire ar'ady it, v.'w da ve so Iee:ive I hen ln) athinat leaabunt i thteat, th l ' i t I A I It IE (" () "l''" A ( l ositranod no the Lake shaire. Isrgonan I rr rv lilg ih or rih an SpringfiddI. litarldsrraoiv le, or ld M rair, rtilire or e ra the l trar i here i eea a milla good t, ch r-- lu" a t, l isatrrain and porrlitre ailll itriin-enl Sall pri'ls Iir way Ilo l i Nlmlnr villm lilhi rlal tall vle elr red in n Inrivlgs unl hlrnual~l roalll,,y giviog one day'a re lae of Ighenr in n m r cols. n sa ihe prp nrie or doubt asof Ithat inllllll..ll ll for a . let- " llla o the Iwnali,, slidll huse Ki.lltbed with ele nlel, oat silltI iand b nld, of Ihle ilr. T ell, lpirrll. mld de'licious h ial air it" i .nllp llu tiln ,,lh r flro hIII, Iake or Ihe reat Jir- o aii --I n il r.rn-a ,io g a nried he s ill er hloaiadd gis rIfI fiogruri. o ill eiver nlvlo i llri nloiri deligit io tl a wvan we d i er i narel acl 'l 'Nr i r ahli' or ilalnll+,a . Ih F. Prrr'ior pprnra in ei l t'Or e wai' h r an e drir ls.' aO hbe rarina rcs if ibrre hlari know lhis noirlrd of rrrsinog hin liaf i arls,a irruubi or t N a l L illi t nr'iainiu theb Al cit l woll bar him ws it cf al l. a I ar ltends iaking i aar irio I'rir l, t ie na rr ati liatl- nireeable placed of it" "din aa nr in t , n rbilrr llrl rallt ialv li'ha rarirllrhr p r liarn llp.o Irnf ila hlis wnrm', liqlrrss &'. 'ci i-ahll I'i, ho n u.h *aoic h lt.+t.: ;at le ma sas arian , wiin driai' l ii ion a ps.a ann all aa,,' . i 1 he. hl- t ib.hlt'sc. . IRlld Yviulld. Of '.h ren-i)[ itsI hki table. B, ,AKr N(r'I'Ir I'An'IoII--Jrr - reiio i.rll nial invisnl , B rl of rlaa.rr.noypar rnlArior. vinnfurl'uai, an rllais e Lya ALl' X I ilAlI, ) i. ..9 Dump slw va 14; I y AI o I A liitl, I ;. haIIue t malJ frm E'lrilN-AI. I .r....u far lintlan I s a..iii-isanm' nd. r aU l ?, ini faew d iorsl i-l'uarmd o i;enarvoaiaO g rin.v l ,rm dillall . Apiply ti lean1 I.," 5 ILi x"i' '+ t'ls ld r ll , "lllol. tie B iraaiaiomir lrno's,rr,;. a,·--.v,-i=r o.... ,,,lb mIi ngloli 11, olill ,|" X-4 lew Lneven I Ilavnrla, fotrsula Iv II I'i NNAllEIJ, s lod ranIa 'on ('aoailriezano aldiTbnpisuhalo nln t Ai- (B,1 DIUTI, fixr ,"aki, an's waatnr'- and Gai L1I vitrioI, recei ved, httly a11d hor sale Iy i[, II Ilo'NiARFL, una il rn I Cor Nlatiilez nrin lalhapi liinelis Ps 1)RInTlllI'~ INK-jrst ril ivinl f(. binrqe rnt's 1).., s, hook, ndhjob mk, aml 'lr salt hv n.'! A 'I'(Tt A It, 4.l ('amp st S SXtlI.\1c 1 eON l(1 -'(1-f,1r -.e by 14 mIA nr 1 Ittl IlitIE, 13 Sl. azinest - i~0 l''0 \ ; I'0 1 'EI{--.. lAr, I a n ,t0 'ol .1sor1 - lion pri+,tin t lll ker. 1)l ,l0 l lI1 ,.lililll1) o rll.s tIsed fol" the oil I and 'I tllt f Ill ptr, nnl l l le yrI uy :0 " AI.EX 'tV: AIt, 41. r'amp ef I i)ORINSI)N & (GI())l)\\ IN, (1 ('hnrtrcb street,) L res lr 0llyn iinfler their friilos odl the public rb lrall .,th I' G(oodl in,of the nbove firll, will leave for New York about 11te lt of June. They invite thlllse who may wioh garnmntl manl to their neasure, to eall n1d leave their ordnera pIie io, to that time. may 15 -ro M IERCHANTS. lI.t:IRCHILANT raon have a Ihtnv'rrTu. Cieca LAR struck o t foar hours Nortn, Obyc altgalogr tn Comptinog Itomo oj TRUEI AMIF:IRICAN PoInttTING Orror, Nt. Charlesn Icbhonier. tIlhe RlA INo IHooN at Carner Uof ;rvrier street, ort afle I tin ing (Ifre, eornero. f Poydrao aed St. Chadlt msreets. .III:'KE£Y.--.I Ielr Iseetitled in rore for raleby -V m'9 G. DORSE¥, 44 New Levee. A. TIllER, tmAnv8 t3i4 Grevaro s SRAZtIEIt C.U l'PSitt-IOll Inretsi; :it . 10)..i4_ l 3 to i60 Ilb. slhets of Ilttzirs ('opper. 104 bheeto 30 to 60 in. of 10 lb. Ilonline Cotpper. 51(1 sheets Nl1to 60 do. do. do. Just received and tor sale by S. LOCKI & Co. nay "8 8 Front Levee 11 ANII.I.A RtPF--b510 'oils, o.orttd size. Mntnilln li; 75 Mantilla Iloalsrs, nsmnlted, ltor m 41-2 to 71-.. Fonr.,leo by . LOCKE & Co. (lay '_'8 8 Fiont Leveto *)AINTS. t 011.,1 \ V.\It.tIIIE..-51,0 khogs Nos. * nd 2 Whl I.te r tl; :110 ('aoliot,r I'rme Green Pt'int, EronId in oil; tloack do; I.iloneed O)il; Sperm do; P 1n o 5 t brls. Whiltiog; CopaIl and Japannedt Varnisb. For 1le by S.h I.tO('KE k Co. layGv 28 8 Front Levea N EW ..,'.IK0lSo-"Te :"i'","' a tol"ly thie O'H.. nr fumily; Almn'ir1) of ce +, ,tedl Wo. ' n by G R P Jaoneo Esq; the Nav.I Ilisioty o.flos U States, by J IFenninior 0 i'oilEor, snlh.r ifilioe Siy,&e. Itirtbo, Deathn and Marriagen. Iv'ln HInok F:sq q. No.2 Jak Sltheppard, by Aio.nwortl ; I'.tenology is th1e fis Ile. Justtreelved aln tor saIely 'j_ AI.EX. 'OW'EtR,49Caimpet I K)OiK.-350 brl. M 0 prime Pork, l.touldrr anld - Chime, at the inspectinp Iont sale by S6 I)ORtSlEY,4t New Levee E TLAsTER O hn PhARIS-10) blo Isleding from sIti l St Jolsn will be suold low if take fromn the e vee. j6 J 11 BHU .LIN,74C- mp at B -ACON 1Di-oS-100 casks superior CitetoIotti cn Sred, in store tur sale by j)6 G DORSEY, 44 New L v.el 1 TETR-Goobalu 0)01 riio1,0in, for lale by IIIj6 t DOItSF.,4'. 1 Ne Leve iirANEI)-F a young nman, (i creol tef LottG Y... l i) a lituatiin ill rAeo nercnntile establ sb etlt, atther in the capanit(y I ilt tor ouot dlonr clarb, e emplloyoenot in thie o~ncipal oblject;anloay wooull not omake mnhll d tierente for the presett. 1 he person Ioa lnd several years experloc inl le gineral etomll+uoto~, llusilon, and is well ucouaiitoll with toee it. Hi. employers re.ret mIuch tiheir inbhilitv to kbn.) tinl any longer; the best of reooniieolaotioinsgiveno. Any cort. tmuuicntions addressed to t. Box 191 Pot office, will omeet with imtnlediate attenion. 16.-61 SITUATION WAN'iED. A YOUNG MarrieddWoman, who har a hellthy child, bultfioe miloths old, is do;los of gra ins a situation as W.T NURSE, in a respoctublelamily. She can give unxeeoltiouable renoalnnolatioa., if oe quiood. Apply to .ot. ' etld. l at hIr Dawson'r, corner of IerNido and St. Peter street, J 6 lOR SAL2-211 hbales lirst quality Northaern l., Slandling frot Packest ship Alabanma. Al-lly to the Captain on board, one tier beluot the V*getabole Iolr kot. may 28 J AVA UI'IhFfL--7tlhg Intg lldig irntt ohlo Louie nilo and for anle by SIIALL. & BIROWN, all96 SMsl nne ate SOL .NIlii h10 pjpeI _!uul u (.i, in s tno and for sale h - J'rIIAYVER&co m13 74 'nydm atl 1,'A-O chotse warhongtotad pouoehan, lbdieS . from chr Splendil, rom iBoston, flor salte by apl7 - A TRIER, 34 tr.vinr el PITCHI-30ohula in good ord'r,for isl by SHALL So tROWN