Newspaper of True American, June 10, 1839, Page 3

Newspaper of True American dated June 10, 1839 Page 3
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" f.L Baltimore Packets PACKE TS. ait :lkie will 04uat41 of the following veseola, wiat have been built or purohased axpre.nly foa the tilsd, vij: lhip seaman, Capt. Miner, Dark Mary, Nickerson, rbail retry.a new , Steveo, " haleoon ISaJtua, Lahal, r.lg Architect, Gry. Tlaee vesrael are df the first class, have hand. Sanmo teruirhod .eeommlodatliois, and are of .light ratl of water, au as to admit of their recelvig nead tlleharginm their cargoes in Baltimolte, at the city. Freight will be takent for porte o, ti., Clhesapeake or James' River. a.d ftnrwarldeld by the agents, halbar. CLARKE & ltKELLt RG, at Baltiiairr: ezponaeM n goodas shiped will be aulvartaed when remqtiaaeil. T'.e 'rice of passage ia. iad at SiGO, auple store oflthel b at qality will be pi ovidd. Steam up and down the Miessiippi will be taken on ll nocaesiones. Frl leieght or passage, iapply to GCO. IEDFORD, nonv27 2 Bienville t. FOR NEW YORK. tLoulsiana and New York Line of Packets ] S''lhl hips eampoaine this line will sail froan New Orleais and New York oee every other Mon day--eonunencing on the 20th Novcember-and to iunsure the punctulity in the time oreailieng, the finr will lhrrelnerr onsist of five shits, viz: Ship Yzon. Cuaptain Trask, to leave on the 20thI November. Ship Louiaville, Captain Palmer, to leave en the 4th December. ship Iluttaville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 8Luh Deccluibir. Ship Vicksburg. Captain Woodhouse, to leave on tim let January. ship Mlireiippi, Captain I)avi, to leave on the 15th of Jaiiary. The above are all new, of the first class, copper da and copper fahtened, and upwards of 500 tone Iorthoe, are of light draught of water, being built In New York expressly fr the trade. The price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: their cabins are ftlad up in the Iimot inmproved and conveniiaut plan, and finished iin a neat and elegant style - Aniple stores of the first quality will be provided, end every regard paid to the comflort and eutire wati.iuctiao of paIsengers, who will please take no. tie that ire berth cne be ancured until paid for at tihe offco of the conaignena. These veveel are commantded by enptains well exporienced iin the trade, who will give every at tentioln enld iiert themselves to acolmnodate. They will at all times be tuowed up and down the Mini. eippi by setamboats, ,nld tlho trictest punctuality observed i tle littlme Of sailitg. The owners of thesie shiti;s will not be reaponsi. ble for any letter, parcel or package, sent by or put on board ol tlhem, uulres a regular bill of lading be signed therefor, at the cunitilg houIse oF the agent or owners. For further particulars apply to J D BEIN & A COHIEN, nevo27 90 Camon et AE. URLEAhi &CilAl l,hpE'ON ' PACKlETSf S'i'hi liine conssais if luar vessel:, all o0 the lirat elate, eopperruld an.drp;pur asti. noued, and of alout 200 runs burthlen, with handsome accoinmodatins t Ir pa:lengers. These vrsels ar. commaeoladd by captains wel experienced iin the trade, who will give every at tention.and exert themselves to accomniodat,,: lJ e shippers. They will h.. towed tip and dwn the Stlissiasil p', and leave New Orleans en or before the 10Ih ndlt 15ih of every mointh. The follauinig nsell'i compoie the Iinle, viz : irle Arahiani,Charles G rdon, master. Brig C "npmian.J. BB.Thomptienu, master, Brig AlPenn, J. Donse, master. Bark r ilihatuiS, J. Alihere, mneler. Fir treiglit ir asisnee, uiply IIo J. A. BARELLI & C, 61 Cimmion rt. New Olleans, or 1. j Mmih.d'e. Ch,llstn. ot I L uM A-RD & CO'S Bosaton and New Orleansu SLi • of Packet Ships.-TThre new line of ships taI been expressly built to run between the above ports, end will be found of nsuitable draft of water: eceommodations for paseengers, end every effort will be made to give general astis action, T'he hane is composed of the fo lowing ships: Clerokee,. 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 400 do S Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbiana, 625 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Howes, Bombay. 6t25 do D ulmrphrey. The above laips are all now, of the first lass, eopper fastenel aid a oppervrd, commanded by men *fgreat expeiritcco, have large accommodations, with a separat Iladies cabin; every attention will be paid to pasiuogre, and the very test of stores pro aided for thenm. The packets will be towed up and down the Mis sesippi, and the strictest punctualiy oirserved in the time of sailing, and should the regular vessels be detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all cases be aubstituted. A share of patron age is solicited, and tihe agents pledge themselves to eeeommodate as much as practlicable, to receive and forward goods by a id line at the most moder. ate charges, and to advance all expouren on goods shipped, if required. The ships will leave the let and 16t. of every month. For freight or paIa:Lnl, apply to tile agents. J A 5IFRItI'Ir, 82 Common at. N. B. Adv:ancements made on conaigumorn :t; to Meyars. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 *1 11 E tarlluiue Indian Iir*l ll. of I.iverw It ard IltiE SlhUrllrini dil tc ill hLrottlcs oitthle low price of 5i Bpats eauch, crInaiRinig the siotrrtir of three ounices Ilf Liverlort, hesi ire tira rirtuva 1i many tiher ritru nllll herbs kllown moo5ri th the Indians as efliacionu in curing pr!mlrnllary comilhliintr. Tau u r iaolle*d lacces: which ohe attrended thre nie of lis intcsai llalle ;lklnuanl whoierirer it bts he intri - dlued. laes btrailned the cnfidencllae a.i lecolrlUllledall lions f reolpectahle phryeicians, for the cure of ruugns, ealds, pain in thIe ide, want of rest, spfiting of blood, liver complnint, &.. To arklom it noay concern. This is to certi'y that we baoe In orr rroctlce frerauently preiarihenl lra (Urei. Her's Indian Balesa or Il.iverworr a' d Ilourhr iund, irth a doended good effect: w e can therefore, from the know luage of tire materials it is nmade fron, and cro ervatun and xperierro, recomamend it ao a n ierior ,ranlonloin anal thlse atoletions ofi tilhe l i tier which t is re rmanudel. AltiifI I' \WI .LI l21, 11. D. CALVIN EI.LIS Mt. I4 . eetbe of the r sll ototn lMedical Asaocirtion. tosto, Orctober 05. saleby JAltRVl' & AND)REIWS, 1 ( 111 rE:i I ;tr l i'.i t iit li hl r itn WE I'f-f'IW) nhla Couast ou ri recehriert alid iur 1sale by IIIt31Jtik NE, BItiiWN & Ct). may 3 No9 C'onti s'. RtUG--Just lending litlu Mroinrl . a :ulpply of almonds, bitter and sweet liquorice reot, lie. juice, eaeneiie fllergnmor, eeeece ,i lamone juice, hemp and canary eedar, riarna, flaker, and nairall, oairharides, brimlltoe, runoge flowrl water &e, fir whlsalea and retail in atore of II BcINNABEI.:,, m29 ior Nateh'z & Tlchoniirttulas st V tItAn I.IC1.IENT lie-- 5 is landing from hlipi • Gee 2.1i of, and for .lilt" Ilh S &- JP WIITNEVY, sniy 3 7:1 Camp et lWhllCNIS IIART'' & CO, aee now reeivlUlro i on board chip t)rlear. Eagle. Ifighlandcr, ti'oker lelrry Alldrerw Frelcr Slvi (iermlall lriryv rerla; lalit gnmimon IBards; Clhespsnir, 2 1-4 lidl 2: .. incll liil ard Balls; 8,0, 10 an I 1-2 inch Ilale Ilvwie. Knives; Leatrler anil rther travlliint Itreorin Ciato: Belt, Pocket, Horiernmi roiend ru llintg PI'.tol; da llhe and l eingle harmllrd Gon tiainellu l Hug; Slhoi Iletr; Powdere and Pistol Flutke; I -rai IItle cllud rinkLig Clipa; Cpo ii a rd CpItup Holdelri; Cloth, llhir, 'Trrlic; ard Irulohe; elOllr, e l. Chlorine l'oath \Walih Tanth Powdr; Toilet luid Stliaing l'ioai in grert va. rierv: bloit Ilear bllrail, Ringlets onil tiri ettes Pearc atli'railnt Pliwder; Ellery tlLog; Ivory Tlh Cosleb iio: Paentl Stoles or liarerI; (uutir Ela sinip. Stippnler.; Poawder Il'n.lnd BiR l .s; ilt CIIaillns, Sealr alid Keyr; Ear-drom,; ',riai tiBckles; lBratetle; Bead Necklaces and Chati ; Gilt audb Siivrred Uiends; Idin n Itci., bIlle and Plinisr Shlell Twist; Side aunit lressali Combsr ; which, inll adlitioln to rlrfinner stack ndii Ilhand, makes their lscotenrnt very ellpleter, rard will re old ow and er liberal ternis, at tile sign of the Gullsen oomb. iyj-if 70 Cherires street. US-SI StIIE'rTIN-IS--5 balea, leading Irr,.i ship Jolrh Itrurlih . fieer anle Liv a2d I iitl lt)iE I& (,, 131 Mlgazile et Si1ilEl'lt't,--.5 In es 4.4 l.vwrlI eotteeOilse. Ilen 4.-1 uillte I.rI well llllllt , 3aeen bucksrkin atripee, lanig ing vii, l sip r ItLouis, fIr sale by min9 I IrtltI; Fi &Co, 131 Mldgazine st IRON ROOFS--he slubscribers have proiuredl rt a relli eaprnre, lih rigit of puLting on iron roofl in blr oity. They are adapred to puolitc buildings, werehouser, and private dwellirme, sid euoliine aet Nrre ch, aplines and daurnblit., and ars perfectly fire aend water proof. lTerms ain hea known.end a model seen at or esathertishrnen:, nppoeir St. lMary's enll~ri e T,Thnpilrltnlse s'. aert E f COGSWEI.I. in Cr, C alA -Thre e llberihers halve renuilnlly on hand a laerge epplv of Cnneel and Liverprol eai.l in bulk. hf euierior qualily, whiicli tley oAivr fur sle in loIns to uril purtorsere. Ales expected hv the irslt errivals from 1:rig laud srilr tIe North. Calnnl. Lehigh ind Peach Moslresn Cul, lrerken and screened, put up in heg.lheede expresly for Isirily er--all tic whkie ikey will drep,., , on tre nronl nora oterle rrrinl.. (draee felt al Ileir Miae, N,. 53 Bienvlle sat. ep lrirs, will ie pIromptlly ilreded 'eo. act 2 B. & A selftrIEF. i al I H.1Ll. & BftOit!, 96 Mag·azne et is i0-25-i bnelr G(net Falls t-o 4.4 Iron IJ :arrllle elnd iS hales JIltckio in 4 4- hrew e.ettreladinl from ship Chbrlesnto, filr ale bhr all I BBIISGE L Ca, S L'ef.,eO lVlUiSi eas Uh * ,eadl 1eens. t' Chrlrl NEW 00h Dt--Smmnona Hlrtt & co are now 're I ceiviug from on bcerd ships Yazoa, mland iaatoglt1 Iitdlrig Caonordia, from Nei Tuork, a qreat variety at giants in their li, lwhichl togedtrr with their fIritel stock on tarnd, makes tlheir assort, eent very :, plete. I'h foll,twing conlpose a part, vir: ' ell twist, i...r',;dr, tuck and drein.g umhnl aron do nofll deseriptioas nia lia rubber, silk ied wlorsted delast garutr., Colnion & lirie elastic apende lros lic fao antd Luifor mtatlches, rSidlilz powdersd npoiwdrpu tl aendC baes tolet ,ir, packet booko aihd wallets, needle bokh, shell, pearl, Ivory alid ainro card cnase, head rtiantooplo, phtill a rnt beadts, nmklarsa and negligees, head cihaisu, bead ceklaces, oat glan tid plaia,rced,sl vrroail gilttleada, Indian beads, bells sid plumes; pistol and large pew itr flask, nshot belts, horse, belt. pocket and tdaoilig dtilel; double and single barrelled guns. Bowie knive., and dirks. noissnr, slhers, packet kniva, cuuard chains, and ribLoftl, air"at buckles, cloth, hair, toth, nuil,conu lb, morutlb, lhne, late, floor lld douilng brashae, Cologne, Floriantlarrileri, rose andi bl y wnur,uartr. d neain..r, anld erlracti, Aboaoeanr. lbar, atit( ue, and Wardb ve getable hair oils, havinl g and toilet saol of all des criltons, lado.' and geotlcticoa' desks ad drin cases, hair rihts, lrtorioutt. and liwid., plail, Ihnry ani amuical work borxe, :lain ald ril, li-ard,roat nod oast Ilttinae pearl and mOery shirt do, slirt stodda, gold atd silver peucil rase, tuuoiltncla aitidl tn ezerrtlatedl ind ailt thke.,, ia.lotauro tlo, silver, banse and steel iliitbloe, hooks anrd ees, loair plan, inditntlo fruit,lblk and redink,she, blhckig, violins and guitrs, ribbrd and plain percussion caps, liHr, twine, scented easlh tons, gld and silaer lacr and tra.e, latter paper, gaele haga, riding iWswlt, e alkEg cntoIpla)!ugCead, fir old, perto nd gilt jowe|iry &c. ''lie above, toetlair wsith at gret varietvy of other arti lea are ollt;red at wlolesale or retail an croalenludatig Ni ni.hell eonblr prepairsied . l OYLh k sc AY. tlouti, a ndltoI Urlalilllta CtainterN, N a 3 Cllmdole sttreot, two duors lftom Cotal street. Ilnoatiols of the Itllowing woods and nrtblesr ex oeted in a Inestarlt mne.lltct. Z]inialo'g oty, E 1rýlatut Ii,!ck o tioIl gold. Oak, (;7i.sla id Antico, Polladl do, Oriental or %er tllIgle, Clnrleld do, , ose'. Corled lMalde, : )lonl Stone, Birds, ye ad, I Darby nratllite Satin \Vo1ie. Potomac, hlair Woodi, Ilove ir orldello, Yew ltreer, Italian White. Carmlntalle mn BlackI Sioam and Ilrnetella, nse Wieod, AAmerei anl Giren , Aslo Wtiite Oak, ho. in k r. Curled Elru, Speuimaus to be seen at thle tlhna. htints. oils, glAsa, conap ten t c. oh hnahnd adl otr s ale. SIRON,STEEl. & IIEAVY titllhl)--llat, squale id buandle iron, well aisoirted!. Iloop, srtoll and rod iron, nail eod stnd piloilh moulds (tasto German, shear, bli.terad, spriie, hert almI Uti. ley steel loalow woail, colt mad wrought nails nd spaike, Zinc, block tint, mtll ll giil stres. saolt kettrs titChai chblens, alnellons, itse o(x, lg and trice or ilanlls, corna tstills An ilrs, s iJe,, H.aulncrua. ad lellow WVire, stertlt,pmlg d a an thar lrd llot 1,d, oll t:u0aiill rag stats A*atias, Il Ianl i's imid i tllher spadestr Slin .hl.ulso SllouFk lind Ite lilges, dmanl:d inl otw books -(allies, hntls, s' leipb and other axes l'ma"d ar Manlilla corduge, lins and leet Clohti and i lalhit g o li perl; Naal stores Paols, lieltcd adunttjcm nil A fellas;uslnet oi han'dw-e an s hip, uhmlluv.t always on I,,nd, ad whhe t tiltii or.tei o f l i'r ao at winlo Cxe or ivtatOil, oil ilt lmatln fitotble tetrlls, by tnoh LAYt'O. N Co. 5301l1 iv-re. CCEAF:NCESt6 A NEW artile for ipersns tribledl with, deafr.s, (called tle E:l rTlrulpi) hau jlist been reeivenC by thie tle of wnhiel, tlt aI,gltrlt artirtlotion of tllr Iii ilon voice is distunctly cnnlvered to tile car. Aor one who Ilan ever tIen obligtd ioronverns witha : verr dnea peenon, must be fully sea.iile of ohe dilltenlv aill i. bnrranelnnt experienred loth ti, tilentelvoes alid tile in dividunls so tuntrtuolatol n flijte ed. By ilia ue of tis Ear Trttmpet. tlii oibje:tion is entirely oatinteld. TIhe Illast sceptical halve aaa oVs at andoodltlahiirdobth aalier Itoltig used tif Trumplt. Fur sole at 'I' F GUION's, 'alley etore.crrner of( ,tllnon nid St Char!ens ttreets hdor'h Excltnie Htltel. feb 13I alION ll.l.i--Orders received iirr orn millu, bt / ap117 tIIAIl. K ROl() N, 96 loagazinlc IL-AF lA F R-Uinarhima quati ire, iaatouto to Store and i;r saule by SlAL.L 4- tItttWN2E, mar 29" 96 hngnziie st HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTER No. Ii (Cuup street. Wholesale I)ealer in Paints, (Oil, Variulslee, irullhe, i mall Wiadumy and Pioue (iloeo eo. Ac. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. RODI.ISO.A a"t GOODUPIWrl INo.. U64, thb.nreI Stree, One Ditor bulow Cietnvillo. IAV[` constantly Oi hand every article appmtoI i . lu tlugt gertlenlli's alrrs, Imaide in tile heit nlmIo. tior and tmost aslhinnahble style, u hici lthy offer lia cusa , ln reihll d oul et rr a. deoi--l t~s . . . . . _ ___.. . . . . BALMJI FOR THE TEET)H. r .lllEtalliehled repllttion ndotnnitntrtlyie ncre.ln J demand II r this efel thoai ri tHlelese of iso'i, n r serveair,, of the teeth, has induced' ie isue-erileor oilir 't it, t!te +lamrienn public. rrangrhensnli ha v herou nad+e mto su l"d nents ill aLL the tirlo:iild citie anod twln -. i,! he iltr..: - t,-, .o an to place it ithi the reach of! it-,-. ;t:'.,r e n:,i: likely to asufer tllhis Ino hIarlssing of all ,l:hr. To .the,. i c, hea applied a cording to tdi,tih.ns civetn on bottle, it hak never t'uited ta aftitrd iini.diite and manent re'i,,f. It also arrests the dctrv sI, hlroetiv t teeth, and relieves that soreness which el' frequentl, renders a etrnng tooth utdsle The applcllein nlo remedy are eimlple, ihnceet. an Iot unpilleasant; a the large rnumbi r of lperson ill dillient secils ill' th ounltry tllet have tir, udv exsperienced slh deligbtfo atdosalntary efltcts fronl ih.e 0uu of ti alnl, ere r!adl to bear (hr the Cpblic good) their tecihnhO sto its tsu rivalled i ilelios. It is an Indiu remedy, oitained tlellEl of Ie would. I'lice $1 per bottle. Still lhv J.\R\ttld & ANDRE WI, l 5 (o'oe(' i,, ll l 'dlthaolonll ttl. illll o InglieOh do-2-5 1-4 blie. aIlD , r " 100 In'ai.t vrllousle., arinus saih; o co,row Vermilli ,; oe, I Cht 5 a, a r(:opal Vcarniah; 20 pucks (Gold Leaf; till do llttch letar.t WINI)O)V (il.Ahi1,'Asmeriean, Freglish snd Frencih S.0)l)0 Ilxce, vuntrlols sties antd n . q anli ie B'otlttll iroen do.-.JOU - lboleserlnltiganeht, will be old low. Also; a geteral assortment of artists' slotera aind iole, for sale by A W SA'I E.e, No 1i6 (Cianal treet. N I. Aleb ltit ilntel takei at p. r, and io liesiesippi iotes ,n'LI e received at 10 per cent discount for goods, or in pa ul, t fdeblt. jl I IW JARVIS & ANIIELEWS, WHOLESAL.E AND I ItFrTIl lIEALERSI1 IN MEDICINEIS, PAINTS OILS DI'E STU'IFS .I.I IVI.-'DOlI GI,.SS, totrner lof CoImIn Iti Tehoupit)tIola streets, xL\W or.n. LEAS N\l'l.I N J.1.VIS. JOIHIN V. AN.\IItFIVt. i large auply Gardeli Seeid. arrinted the griowtll of It~7. A NUREW $-MITII & CO., respeictiully infil'o their friends and the plnliic in teneral, that they occupy the nw rick shopl, 219 'ITehoupitoulas street, where they keep constantly onil hand Ctopper, Tin and Sleet Iron Ware, of every description, such as o plper stills, kettles, and.p ll.mps, tinl ath. ing inp' , tnd til etns, of all larts and sizes, and all other brass casting done at shortest notiice. Grate Iare of every d.ecriptiont, etch as steam. boat stirrup, loelg chains, screw Lbollts, atl other, kind ofoteaottnlsat work, such a..llni imeys, breach. ee, steam pipes., lhey will also do all kinds of out dor work, I sueh as ilnc, copper and tin rlotlg atild luttorinljg, &c. The'ly above ad all otler knds ofl work in their line of bueilesa, they will execute at tlhe shortest notice ehe27 IIBAEOWGATE SPRINGS linrgioterre tltlllllt,, All. ,ll,,. TIHREE Le IS " Je)URNEI' FRO.I .1EII' ORLEAN,. rlTHE proprietor of Ilis estublishment has the plea t ar ifl' llltouOling to it th i cllde ient d tile pubic: in jenltsl,tlot lie will lie ih reedinesoliyh lie tlst day of May to receive visiters. lie will oles state lir the l.e seit ofth ,ie at a diltalie, that there have been I:rge i imiroereote itllade, and others nowt gllillng ti itl il I rapid treore++ for ionnlletiiil, tish'h will enahle tho' eaih.rlhier to aCcoloatildrt .i mutih loreer nuitber than Iheretofore, and at tile snlle tille imulc beltter. IFatilie " ean be alclolilloltel d Jith good tUrooims, or thloe who preler can have large cabiis t elached lirom them tlil building. It . seemiedI utneeese.ry te eay anything in pilrticl I lar of tie harneter of these wlters, fur it is generally believed that they are not inferior toi any it Ith Slllth ern Statles. All tle amusentnllcn that are generaliv ImtId at s~a tering Places, will be found at this. T best music thatl this part of the country atnllbrdls, n btee engaged, and will be in constsunt attendlnce at lhe Springo drillg the whole Reason. Shlie tubltibhe will avail hilselfloflthis opplrtunity in returning his unoligned tllaaks fr the very liberal support given himi last season and hopes by Ihe e.ereo ions tllat have been ilde in iuproviug eam exsteding thle aceromodations. to merit a libarasl pl allnaelt It1h plesenat season. JN) C'R.AIM. L S SEUGOLR, No 54 Conlde street, betweten fIutnnin and St Philip, keeps consleanlv on hand an , xten ie assortmenll ofboots and brlogan, and .hoes, of New York maenufaeure, for nen, women ad children of all seer, whiell he will dispuee of c at very moteleele pric. s lan ,liCeo shis t qulintaneenn endine an trdere will have theirwihelts attended to L 8 SE.tlUR It UM.IR Cl O'l'AlNI\(-:-iti cases, well assurEted BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. 00V EVERY S0000FRION. OlEEDILY, HANDSOMELY AND CHEAPLY EXECULTE I AT THE OFFICE OP T1H True .ooImeracan, d'ST. CHA'1LES STRIEET, NEAR POVDRAS. A CARD. E & SINNOTT, W/ooleoale Grocers and CotRntoiotatoe .lier.nnLo, No. 27 Comlooon Stre.tN., Orleats. fl?'Pottiotlnrotteotjnoo jaid to th tatting up at stoaoo booutad.Sdip tjore.s SAMUEL TORY, `.Slcrc/oodire )6rokrr 4. Crtiontsioo .'ororlonnl, d13 (tlfto, ltd ('attop et.-Ftor theorresctt. P. P. FREEMAN & CO.. Ullh.fosle CleIflBg Rs*.Wi· LHwttI No. 3, oilugoo0tto street, Ti AVE ccnatnntly on hand a htr, " upplt of Cloth oin. o, oul.lotd litr, Ith country trode. Thtoir a.. tortutorthioog larto, mtrehohooto (ran tihe coutntry cot he atpt(lied att the shorteot ootice. o. 1 BAZAAR. BUSx & ALLEN, NiO. 1, EXCIIANOE IIOTIL, .'oratt' of SI. 1'h "rtoo andt Comotooo ala,. NIS ORI(L.IANS. ' I i'OftI'I' PY na il Dellre in Frettch tid Englith Prrftotwrr Itootoitty Ca~oo otto I'aorttable Itesko. Cutlory, II toirty, Ovoeco Shirts, Stocha, Uotbrelloo, (.toooogoo FItotot Articles. d5 Iý ENUCV, lliui, a~lItoliotoo IThtk oNotes, fr l . olby A TRIIEIR, y43 7i Grojier at itW IIfI.H, AT W ItOLESALE. WS.BE~L, No 16, Chartres at, hoots titis a .lotr. ortoivtd a fall assortmeoot of Wathes, Joewlry, ons, $pectoelrr· nd lilnsh Wore, they till to, offer. ad at the Inwllwl· t tIIrkLl price. aid I IEALEtR S IN AME: RICAN & EN.LISII CROWN OlLASS, No. 3 CLAtoHnoo LEa STOOOT. ott FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No n. 14 C'h rtre. Ylreet hIAVE aeoooioatototploy t f eoerr article olorteottt to go ttlooetto dIroto.o a ftC laoteot ory, at Noew oor ________ peer iet2 ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIC PRINTING ESPAIILISIISIENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, Olpptosite IlRtoho' Artoho. I 1...14 NREARV, I'1O.)(1'E TUB I3ANKj NOTE ENGREA VINGi RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON t I I'F( n1( too Ullijto. iln New O)rletans. pI Or O ing a elol otlst l too toit tttr it theirltoue irt New Yt o it, lotr the pnrpoooC ooooftoroioog tootl oltingl ootk Notet, Itolý t Rill s oor brhorge, (Cortiliooao., of D.Ipusi ;obt..o and , siiebao imoto r llllotao tooors, rt tttlortttttttt. iii, ,lie$ I e:il: pia, c a ll platd and11 impriasilll)11 antrum.l rot tot tlheir roCte; their proori 'Ott ooootroe thle 00ot00 of ovor fltehuoolto hlhokitoe inottitootioooo, ntod all tordle'r till be ratrootlooltith proooopoitooote, andtttoto'thetootal terrot. Otice, coorer of l ioyol & CRoool otrer;. !ni-1(F CHAMPLIN & COOPER, CGO(CERS ANDI IEAILERS IN IPROVSIONS ANtD FEED., No. 79 tnd tt Joolia street, New Orleans. U7J'hloopt anod olttooily Ttttore pot 01p. otto. 5 LolIt IAAN A FURNITURE WAREROOMS Nn. 5:3, lirnville treet. SIllIASI II. CAIiNES, orouldl rerprotfullo in fV forotooiofi.ooolottand thle pootoic thlat heis coot. Itootooy receivrior Troot Neow Ytork hoot Rosltoo1ton itogadl assortment of Furntoot, oortchoottooltogotv haiers, c oerry lbestetd-, totlotyroy od lherry ttlbles oIfull oleaorijotilrtlt, boorureu, Utiloto, arcorttoroo, writing oloeoks, tooorolroolo of otothottgttt otoo olchrry, trotoh I tootoot, loohkitt glaottoR, tearitert, toddio, &o. &o. NIl. Fuornotouro paoked l br traoJnprttottion with great care.toonvlt INSURANitA E COMPANY tI OF NEW ORLEANS. T'his Compjany are now prepared to t.ak RISES AGAINST FIRE. U'FIC., No. 4 Musaono' tluilding, Canal stetr.. E !, 'I'ItACY, New Osleans. Myv 15.1838. Secr tarv . O LI) COt''EltE-: -I;ti I b olil Coppi, r I, r saf fy _ n. 1ir;I . . . . i Ta " pitii _x I.USIH'I'OI & ASPINALL'S O OM1POUNDTONI C MIXTU IRE.-A ptedy l - and reottin curo tbr Lofe Fever and Ague, remnmitent and incrmittent fovu.l; prepared fromn tihe original reecip. Used with eminent and uni versal access sn 1832, by persons of thie highestq respectability inl this city, na stated iin the annexed certificates. a 'This medicinn is highly recommended, and has beeu extensively used in the above diseases with i such distinguished success, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pub. t lic ln its present forl, in the hope that it may belt 'lIr nlllnelie of roliecving many of those who are aulurll:: uol dr thel scourge of our nountry. It is a nuEdl'illn ;(lpring great virtue, and when used according to til ilirections has never failed of eflectig n core, ci., in the most obstinate stage of theo disorder. It is not all disagreeable, and persons of the weakest stomach, and children mriay take it wit impunlity. Itstrengthlen the digestive organs, creates anll ppetite, and seldom requires nmore than one, or in obstinate casb, two bottles to effect a cure. There i l neithr mercury nor arsenlic ill tihe medicine, nor any thing injurious to the humani consltitatior. Th'l proprietors are ns oell convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has boost taken ill accordane'a wnithl tile directions snd lias not eflcteid a a perfect cure of the fover & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at hiis wholesale and retail drug antd medicine storeo, corner ofl Ilienvllle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies appli to je5 T. W. SMITH'II, 48 Conti st. IP'INSACOLA I MANSION HOUSE NEW\V CITY, PENSACOLA. r1llE ohslbeiincr ileiog pueslrbhosed hoe lease and fer . niilrei f tliis well khownl antabiisbinclti itroe hnlis TIfvler, tih It orbepri rietoa, wll be ready tu reteive n i. tets by tlre ltt or April oext. Numnerous and costly iproeelnents will be found in the arrangoenlets of rile M.htsion Iloulse. New and sore comunodilos bathing hIuses will he built, ando warm b.lhs will .he provided at iall Ihoulrs. A stable will be attaclhed to the i hIouse, wilt good aecCnelnoda lions for iolrems and o rriages. ioilsl rru' hoirses oild clmerruges will ialso bI kept forll ire at olleratc price, I for ailri:ie ofcvislsct. Ilillilard o til thl anl| ir ien iie l i anilly finlo at wateringplales,will nlsubefurnished, t il far l o ted :is inot to interii'tlr wit thie coi tirr 0u1 gt l q liet el l ie lboarders. Tie winlo liq iiinoa ili i he of the het q laily , cid to ensure s nill spllpy of h i., argo hin already bleu ordered, wliti.i ill arrite .0n1n fiu e ll'TfatelMay. Sar FIredr"aick Ilrnlard, who formerly kept so a hotel at Washeitolll n city, woill ctlad(,rs lis 1o i l for t tl vfsil'r.eof iost year, atiii hid fritend geineraly, that tiley will raooi've very podslible .nlistiou; and thereby exl;nen't tIs vie o'ienril seetuialon. Tex ctalt i/alln Itanrl sif tirs ihtnuse lire too well Sknown to need a tSgllr. eled doeripltion here. Ille listis IPrulIol is the Inregg.t laval station of tile (iuvlelmr lall lothe geoleral renodezoso f the (;ilfqluad roll; tile slblllllr of its climate refreshed eoo.hlotlv dn t lin le sunler illils by thie coilet I re.lmtle. ro rho (;ult; thie !..tny of the hay and file neighbouring slaund- anid riversl ; the 'd.nhnee nod deli.aey of the lt wuith whia:h thile waters ounIn; al'd ils proximity to th be~t Soutlllhern Iilukets, ive i'ellancol the ll re Ilrrlce .er neall lothler laces ill thine latitudes, as a ilie:lllhs aud delichtlinl llllrerlcote n t. I",ri late bolts will r iu betiwe ill l e lnlicul and Mo Iile, nd i* Iill it iII times l s able to t itke tihe pslasellag.r from ltl Ne OUrles boats. ANOLD. SPenonrtlal, Feh. 15th, 18:8. [1 (adlnlelln washing to engage romlns for their fttaniliec .an coo dr,,e thil e Iro rriotir, at I'eniaeola, sor IMllr Sewell'l ''I'aylor, trle prpri vruor, nt Nec Or. leans. References. I' HOlafialr, Peg, I. lr lC Cillhriii, Ii MmAlip;, Erq.. I.r. Kiibiy, in Mohle;i S T Taylor, P 1' Ren, E.q,in Ne,, ' S--A leter bag, to receive cilnnoeications foir pereois at the ifume e hotel, is placel at Geo Wliitman's uloice, 51 St Charles Exch. i ge. FLOi IlDA ROUTE FORIt NEW YORK. C, ' Travellers desiroul of etking tile Florilt siolte, ril Penecola,to the Noirlt, are inflrlned that first rare bona will cointaniiy rnn ferom. bihile lt. 1'eIraolo, eIruvtta lthile and Pesdacola .ary sheris day after ile Iat of 3lay. Gtcod stare will l;anva he provided ar I the snhser;er to ie in rltallheii s te o i;le ( lltiae Prt froa i IMobile, in cnre of the ftilure ofthe Ithoe N II AaNO.LD. 'Tie iteiamihboat Champllltion leaves iSMoiile ulosr J e~a coln wice e wbsk ibh 'i: Iv I iEAN MAIIIt FARINA'S COL.OGNE WATER v2 ensa llre of this sllperior (ollgie waieri, juist received olni far sale Iv lilue dozen or ningle botlll. Also American and F'rencrh toilet poIwdsrs, powder t ueli ansit bnxeslaving and toilet eonupaIco aUlete washl bal, omilk i. r llr, llelie toll erpoil, extrne oa juli.y kfrIahln ard's vegetable l halr oil, plrlllatnn,. rlencl deo perl Ilorida.i lveslar, rone ind oia waters areor.:ia' salts, Mlar.tilles perlulery' in trnkc. regeta- I t bles ft lignid route, Ciihlrine and Orris toith wohts, , eothli hair ilouth,nil and fesell ,ruloie together with I on ohddeitiomd mupy of faiehionab le f orh n i ald a hell c d com!lo and jeir,fiS r stale low at whloletale or retail l by SIMMONS, HARTIVT &CO, L ju!v ofi ) Chartlres street. tLF It.ills In fiaee hxicwosiutsidigo filues Royal Coll'age of Plhysic ans, Loatdon. /llHE orinal Vegetable H lgehlan Universal Medi tlAe, prelpa1re by W liskn, EWE. Memcuer of lthe ePvl College of Iurgeons Lieeiste of Altlo. cay'ts tLeaoPy, Fellow of Bolt Court Socaety, Surgeon to tile Ilo)-yal Uliou Pcnsitil Aoiatio, Lalossr P'lae, Waterloo Brilge, and Perpetual Pupil of Guy' and St. Tlhomas's llospitals, Lolldon. 'llis valuable medicine, the result of twernt years' experienee and unlaralleled success in the extensive aunl iglly respectable 1lajstiee of the prolriety, latro aised by ithe .culty anti nobilitv, nlid is now iltrodluei d to thie otice of the Amerincan publi, at tile earnest ao licitatioa ,f a number of gentlemeo of long and high sasdling in the profession. It is hopled, as a prelihm Uasy step, to oteok tie evils and fatal eoasequnnces arising itom tile use of the niunerousa ad deleterjouus leruln s lloilted upon tlhe Ihli by tihe nlut of fabricatedt proofs of miraculous eres, and otler frauds, by a set of muercenary, ualrineeqle piretendelra so totally ignorant ot madlical sclenee, that it impoassible the monstrlouts delusion tan any longer go down with the instlligent penle oftbiscountlry. These pills, mild and agreable in their nttre, shllould be ikept in every fainily ia cases of suddeo itloehl for, by their prompt adnilistraltionu, cholera, crmps,, spasms, fe eran aed other alarming onplaint, whlich too onften prove fatal, airy be apeedli ly cared or prevented. In fsct, atll those wlio a tal gonat bealth, should never be withouit theml. They are soh' in packets a 5t 51 cent, $1 adll .l Leah, by every rtesiCe tabilro gislahinokellnr, all vendloraf nuetinmv itn thl United Statest i I I'e Caladas, with copious dilections, togetWer with: cstiaoialO of pIrofessional ability fronm the 'lll' . n lag eniillit glelolclle: Sir Astley Cc'iper, J Abernethcy, ales IBlulndll, I1. D)., S. Bock, M. i1., J. Aston Key, A. Frampton, M. D., and numermus tlters. 'Tle orighinl mnay Ie rseen pcnssailoa ofthe Geloll:l Agent, by ,iaun tilst nlillitnleia is tlllorel idto hiis ,lulllitry, and to woliOa all aptllicationlla trageltiios must be inlde. JNOl. IOll.IIEIN, 129 Wtlerly Plane, N. York, Sole General Agent ifor tle Ulnited States, &fc. For sale by poilniotuent of tihe original pmlrrietor. IS SwcA & InolTun, D)ruggitls, No 1I Canal street, ..elnsl Agent sifor Stattele of Lounisanl. jul vi ji ytltY I LEE & co, No )sagazise stret, are now receiving from shlips Nashville, Lemisville, rocky, Eagle, and other late arrivals Iren the Satleer oitines, a large and new selected assortmentr an I isi, Boots, hoes uand Broganso louitling ofge grletani's I.e callf aid a arormeo boots do 2d qualliyc do hu0Id, ald stout wa lpegged boots to tnriaio qualities; meni's ficn calf seal antd Moroono I,,r ,pillps uaid brogmns, bucrkskin soes, brogana ant lhppei : menl's faili calf astn kippele leggeal aIoes anid I rongan; di boots; do silollnt hip ad wax llegged shoer a iH broallli; gelltleneura bestl quality calfactwed shoes, Ihaoglls mand Jack DowneII , da ealf aInd Maorocco ir icile shoes and brogans; dl ealf selal allld IMoroen I cliala shoes al slipla. s, do calf, butlll atc seal waigs, a oew article; do lilne calf, set.l adl moroceco qarter its; le', missiesa'and chiiildrena'a pegKced and aowed Sogansml, mil shoese of every qualityl and kind. Also a generl assorluentll of mell's stout wa and enat lbroanlls lll and shoI, l.ether wth 1lll0010 iair ogro lsLt qualiy, russetc brogIIas, oiiled in the Ianks, nlale expressly for idplatatiol use;a a g~nl as. rinmell of lmel's fine and stout kip russett bro'ns, a Iw r iie,, acel a a'ge qualllity of an inferior quallit r, Sia allnd wax brogatie. liatlies' lilne call, seal, mnrleocc and rainl welts, and pomp sole s Ioca do line P'ellh .uroctee and kid ru aiilt aliptpea a; io real. shoest, will and witlhout itols; Ib ctlf, eal land siollt leilther blHtecs; do PIruicila sloe l fall kinds nd iqualities.; d ltiiingii broigaans; ily.oil. ll'al d Ioxed ,liees. Aliases'la.ticgspitr Iilllq iin ut glluns. ChidIrca'S colored Morcl o id lastinglill bro. Ig. ,U faila boots, k.e. ;eiltlelen'sa i fe lli.tlsh ionlc blck silk hatsi do black an Idrb beaver do of a sauerior quality; do imitation itI rml tdo; rli alnd niarlow Ibrim ilen's lilne dllb adll tl;.k RHssiin sort lnaileed iats, a new article. Youthas' I:lae size hlats of dillerent ilualities; lo childreni's. l.aIn'slnd b)y's black ald drail wool hilas of varieous sloupes, with general assortmenllt of boys' al mens eatl raps. ' his assotlnient will be rel elaisled by) Ie arrival of earl li.cketslronl the aure ilaoird cities, all of whichl Sil be sold on acconmmodating ternms. ang I-If NO MIERCURY NOR COflVA New Orleo can, Nicv. I4, 187. A DO 1' six mnnnlh age Ilad clae maiafornune to gal A a secret disease, for whiclh I lhave lapplied to nne ral dectorfor a ellre, anlid te did not cire Ine i nl ow on ie arbove dlate I put cIcillcue r liated edle oaf lDoor iuet, and I expllct him to cure oe. Sillnce lint tilme thle dliseale got worse, so as to break out in large ulcers to tle IlO ber of rix or eight on ela h leg, and nfl over y lie, and suore tlhroita, all niot able In nork at Ici prle.ellt lillie Oil aeciiit iif the disease; nlrge Itcer eln tle righl side of thle lthroat. I ln n pilltlillg inyseif cnlfidleialy ullder lar canre of lIr. Iluet, if Iaria, to be teloetrily cured JOIHN DEAN. feb 11 t y T DO CERTIFY I tI t the above mtett;tned disetse is qllits tell curted to IlIoo WII ttitfiCtitit, folr whict I thanlhl I)r. iollnt; a Ill oreover I ansrlre thait till mtedi cile I have taken maktes te lilt, ali did not injure my oeidth at all; therefore I advise my If llow nsulerrs 'to lose no tite and apply to I)r .. Illet, 2118 Canal otr'et, betwteo Daupilt. olld lollrbo lllltt ets. I, I. lluet ix tt heomo from 9 oat-lock, A 11, un~til 4 1' 1I. 'lhvy will finl a true doctor fur this complainh. JOIIN I)DE.AN.Ill (rltihr tlror t. If r ry0 one rants to tce tee, call at N 1. Ir (;rnvic T'"uw rlli.nols. Feb I, 1.2:;8. .. iN", 14t ' Juo o'frHLiuHtOOI'I Ottr.rrtjfEOI ilk C; ? a, lihe '/th. It'Nrllh n', , ROWLtETT'S" TABLES OP IN'T:It.';'r. F tO oh..h is nrw .adhet at Atcrge 'litr Cal(tela for, o tt eas r m'thoduor' fttitding, tile avrtt.rtr lime 011 slnlmIae, Inotes of hand "o biii ul'ls oofods, wlhn pIo- ' chased at ditior-nt dales, to diifercl.t credits, amt" f""r vario amo lnollt+; beids a usi l oatd cnopte btankirilg Time 'l' ' le, tihe best tihat call be coatrirved. or that gi gure cl wut it tet witthin tile slle cont eaenlli otrlltpase, and size el ty Ile. Anll ar:ertisement in thehbook is in nerrly the follow. ing words: The hight istictiou this work Ihas rceived throurgbh the ten legislatite acts prefixed to tile title irger is a re. commonletltion in itself, so otlrncmot.,-amt so cotlllo sire, t oh t nthiltg is itecessary more tai bhy ay of ar vertisemeot, to give ta cot'rlstiI view of sore o1 its pe euliarities: sferirstaoce, the Intterest Irhs bIeeto n €olmt. edll from,and compared with, what is tluivalent to four leen setsf eel'r:rultione, exatlmined inl the press thirto - five ti'res, srid prined Irotnt ttreotype ates testesid tbirityty-m rirsoeu, from a1 iwhici itt ttt st Ie erident evct tile skeptict (esteteially rn Itu teeanol nl'oIe Ie taid of p'nfio tire preface) tiat tihe we"k ursrt Ire airirt metlicaly infallible, rrd it eotflrmateoo of rtits beliefs Ieoielo ol'wu hInllrredl :otl illty dollars,. is orw oflith eli for tle detectionll of alln errolr of ceilne t in tihe presetlt or fifthl edition, as exruressedl it tile etrfoer', oakillg five large r'ecrioest oliererl lir the s:rrm error sirethee first pitlnierlion in thie ecar thud. Otne of the nlost cotnspicuous features of the tables is in tie trrartgeltmettt of the Time aod AImounts, which for exlediltitns, rrfer'etece on Iperspieuity, with the help of thle side otrl indlex, canrot ie excelled i aor the saoly ty iand ease with hichl the intreertl oell be fuoldto tihe oxtent of goneral business, wilhoi t doubtling of tsus is besides a colrtelience soo essential, that in tile estllon tion of Slle oi the imtost comrletent ar d pnlctleal busi. oess ment and toublier it iers who t ave made grIeiat uset of tihe wirk, it hias been distligulishIcId bytlo irortatode appellatin cfoft "roster pIitee". And eonrireirtg the inlillibility of tile metlrodl originally adopled in comIposir.g tie work, trill tle rextmltllibary Otllrher eli variety of'lIle exalnitliOloos, eel tests of every elirion it haspassedi o the press eotwithstanding the whole is inl stereotyre, eeltiriertng. in sh6o t. ;he tositive accuracy senreti iby tihe trptr'eedcnted means erlioyri, tie vo tolneioas heeotherdtir p and emphartically St)Ilet, tile most wonderful book it the wtshk;" mlost certaoin, no nmllean namen figure work of thlle sle extent, wriich since the beginidg ol creatiion, ihas had tile same outr ber sand variety of tests ln the same Ilneler of editors; no, not.e half the number, as is clearly hown in tihe Besides, as test atlI standard, it has been tried and iprced i all eneurIthe Ibak moti pt lic n .ilet'e ill othe Unitell St:tes, nnd by trlie pldlic g.ner'aily, duri'- tlhe long ita'ritc oft theit-fiS e re:lrsr, vrt tlo rtlr nuk i dIle ra l co rtio s ihas ener bhoen ie'tro in s ilnti a hhot . sh ent i. oily elmllelogtdr Io tlhe or oif' veryr lare preti t . s. The t ook.ic ite . fet exlrnsstI tridrrltetl ty)II l thesourt, oflaw el sev,+ral ofttle Slates es tile "tete of el clelltl t lfsatotert illtelr.otl, as rier) Ib law fior brnt irtereol, !+coltlinlEgs hlie brllrk is ustlre, osti as o :no " e selle i part, by .e nllaes of the sulbscribers, and a few of thlle susleqettnr t plritl"clars, il tlle ltst tthlbeellt fi thi book, is tillntessionr etfe'ery cilos of citizenll in every quar te of I.he United States. It is moreover well known that, by its rearly check, it his .o oilterudeteted large errors, tInt g after they were imarle, eve by the most oteilflir aonid most eomntteet arilthleticiansll, tat its tse'ilessI , and thile abllslullte ule cessity for its ius, hlavelr beetn rxtesliV insistell UIoIIt, so evidentt, inreet, 'have been its ativacrtages, nr its savilg, that, seerrl yelarsang, whilst the first edlition wa" sca'e, and out of plrilnt ait gret t.tbller of s8enlnd hlllll ecopies were soughiRt for, 1ae to a gre t distance. mni l l sasti t %urios ;rices, as they could oectision. itly hro picked tip at fiurom $(llto $ per coply, :trd eore tersons have recen..y declared, acn it.ncee could ae rBore tht tirt they wouti pay 1$s, $Il00, .ntl $5t1) for a e'opy, It rotto be hadr Icr less, ad aln illirvidmdl in the latter instaince iprtievlarly, having at the saorle iirme rxibitited satislaetory porro, to seserual persons pr. sent that to him it was really worth that emoney and cmoeo toiough the saving of ;is very vlalable limc, Ile heia, a very rich mn.lnal in poblicoffice. It is likewise worthy of notice, r le d indeed proier to imnotrue, tlht such is tihe ature of figee wolk generally atoo tspeoially wilen of the rxtellt and| imoiertanee o these to los, that elol this brwtk orits like bren Preiwle. ell aJt. te us1IuIiial l mane oe ib tile miiost ci|ete elculalotor r tile wlrud, and afole.ardts I.irlted ma(tr erultilllly riIder hIisown correctironr of Iproof shieets, it woold, alonos to a certainly, Iave bclle tnsafe for re. ferelle,anl dear t any price, as the preftae dariiou larlp erplais. Hut sir i.refect tlld vrirlile have tlhe stereotl'yv pates of this worklbee sun l ta. that toseeure Iellre, tirltheir Iimeltrw alnl extraordiiary exanllill tirors,rgainsrt fire, for tbir geeralr betltfit, tkey are (by advertisemett) eornstatly kept in a place of speeiol rtalt), erxcept witt ile se I itp.'iotin. Attple irelctioes to fiS! bulll batis and statute iltor est with useful notes, fillow Itle irtrefpet, whiic, il this fill :ts ill tire two treeeeiig editiits, cwmtairt htrhrcit ferrlllmtien conceirtlig tile two lawful Itnler o cottrlpllt iug inter ots, tee d.ys of g once, Ore. It rem:irts only t to rlcoak tIlt, notwihstandilng this uoeonltmoly costly work, wltict wans published before intcrest tables were:introiuc.d in dollars adt cents be yend analmanaoc, Ihas b len so extersively acd so liberally atrnlised, it hias noi t cyet sol illlc as tid will interest. tee It:avy Iost of tearly iilor thirooustdllrhtrs, besidese six r ears olf timle lriol 179 to I8T05, slstained oil thlefrl.e edilion of 7600 aopies,':rrisieg chiefly f'ront its publien lion at that tirme, at at trnder price,) to may nothing of comlpensation or tlrofitfor ranlotl a iii-tlilte of lore,, toil, .tiot sacrifice. w ierelure le authlotr lill relies on lihe dlissernment atlld generosity of the public for 'cortilu: i ance of prrelerence and pai roiree. F.r srde by the Prieci/ al liooksellers i te Uie ted States. VOLT'S PAt1.I.' FIu.E AISID-.e1u eceived . THE FLORIDA LINE p From Mobile so AaurlltaGe" , leavesr Mobile every day at three N o'clock. p m per U 8 mail boat for IlaIl's Lndmln, above Blakely,-thence four nooet coalches to Pensarolt--theneoa teamloals too Lgrolelle ,wherethelilnd route ti resluled-thene a van M·letiallna and trwnvillh, Fla. Ulinbltidlge, Pondertov n, Htwkiosville. Saundereville & Loais. villeto Anguooa, sa, conneetinag reelorly withl lhe rail road ears tt Cltarlestotl. ll thle steaIll packela to Now York, Norfolk, Philldelphlia, etc. l'he stcalbrats are thle best for tile service, and the navigation presentoa more advaltageo than ran be ounld upon any ateaetboat route ia the south. ern regiot. The great improvements in the roote have been produced by the construction of fifty miles of new roaet, by the plroprietors, via : (rotn LaOranoe on LAfavlette Rllavoo,'an arm of Santa Rose i"y, to I Ilryant' l'erry, on the Clhatrtahoochee river, ten I Ilttes above the Cowlord, or 14 uhove Cedar Uluff, whereby Iht tavigation ol the river, and the con I sloteenot doetetilons, and more r-ereutly thle incon venient crossing at the Cowlorlnl, are entirely avoilded, artd a fine road (romt Morianna direolt It Btinboridge, inatread o the rountdabout romod via Chlnttohlovelee. lessening thedistaenee about forty miles, and icreasing the facilities more thoa ouce attep Alsr, .ocrneh line of two horse stages every ootlhr o1 day iooer H1,twkinaville, via PFrry to Meauont, ut Uontoecting with the lise to Savatonah aoId Darien, lien. A lmil lcet llantr ellirl regularly hetween Ioloinhridole arod Apul.achieula. 'Travellers wiahinog ot rearh aloy poitrt on Cllhattlaloottcee or Apalacht cola, oan take llolnloUto at lrotwneville. lMobile to Pentaelea--Land Rouoe-D)oring the title oocupotl by tIe retpatrl i bOttr thIe proprie. toors of tie Florilda lhne will run a line of four lhorse paost coclee every oiler day bettveelt Mo blil and Putllsacoln. Psaseonero will leave Motile at 3 c'lhock. p m, in tle U S oaiil boal, nd proceed to, lll'se Land ing, wlhere a four horse coael will oe In waiting to convey Ielr to to e exl roellenlt Itouce tlo Mr. Chlarles lall, I 4 mile distant5 where they wtll find olcuoatllt cotettloltodaliola foor the oiigt-leaving itlxt Iortliltg, tluley will arrive in Pelllacoulu early ill the crvleltg, thluos avoiding the diaeoolnort ul nilot tIravellino. Oltiee at the Manrsion lhousr, Moolit, and Cot. lilts' loulel, f'enaoeoln, where rseanlle u t be aecu red. S'TOCK'TON & C(;o. Iov I Pioinoo orle Ioutruttron. William otr ,S b toetdoers his survices to the citi, tellen o New Orlealns as teacher olf the piano lorle. Mr h havno g been eodplnyod severtal years ,sa teacher of ousic ito private famutlies it I loailou ond also ni severl lof thle female semitaries in its viciliti, eallltot but lhoipe t o merit thlir eoulidlec. loe is lermioted Ito rtfer to Rev fir C.lpp, Mesers Stetsol & Avery. Illndersoot & oti'ea. IFolr terlas. a, llailse nopply at the bookstore of Alexarndrer'trer, 4o C.tlll st onet ' Dlrugs and .JlediCinee. J l yevallt has Iocuteltd tlllstll 0 tllis city tor the uroIoerllt f tralisactinlC a geveral \Whlolohalet SI)t s i, llloSottr. 1 is ainlw roetCivhi o a ll sIII IJ tt irrlsl nld genluile artilos, wholch hIo tovl sell tol liberll lerlll 'rTo oily drucciste, and ihoot of t te il rior, ti ph asictanto ollrolo tt otnd plotlte rs, he will ollor illllcellnellt such asl hav never a lt, fore ho-c toffeced to this city. this itotentioto io to do t strictly leglltilnate bsinslr . Hlis stock till soon be ocollplete, onld in a lew weeks will be rou. ldy for busicness. All orders Irola thie eoulltry, and (rotr maerlchalts of to is city, receiving octh orders will he promptly ttenlded to. oct 2 No 39Camp st ATHO)LESALE ANi I, RETAILC+OMl AND) VA RIETl'Y SY'OIE--at rtie sign of the golden colbIMo ')Clhlrtrvs steret. Theotoboriters have re ceivcd, itt a .lition to tleir previoi o lllek on Iand, a fill aud eonlplet," oleOrllelPOl of articlca in lot'ir ihle vi: coolko, rfierfuli.try, Jovwcllry, tococltlo, Iloekiog glaoeovc tollV yorithles,or-..o-oltriting in ort 00s follows: fl1 iot--rotoiae liellt, wrouot outd plir tu ck,twist, ucilled btck, long orildl, tdrooincog, idrutT,o etorlatd neck, frleiliort etlohas of ecery description oItotoget wlliclh iire sllle Mexican pattero, Ivorycolibr of every daocriljtirm, lonl, dressing and tlokeh, togotllter withl a gelieral otscoorllolrt ofl~ro'.ood o tlAono'ri co. ItERIFUIMICLY-Cotologlle, Ilvetloer, Florido, lionvo, hky, ro, o antd orange l eower wafers of every size and dIlcs eriptiolt, eolitpbinolred Coltigte, oretrorelt If r allrtoot, latry enoSlls ofnll kitloa, cloacvin dl, ill olikor id 00 A, crC.IootOooo lo, Wlrd's ogerioloh Ilcir oul, ohearo oltl an tiqnedo. I'rrl'tol's onoellog sctee, ploain aind, trloeoand tvileO Iowder, learlt powder, oelutorpttfo utllod btla Io votullol it po nt o tl tllT, orrlt cl n lllotriue tootlh w-oat, llt ouctlls wj, e withho goaurol oaoo-noiono l"'o J~oWEIt.. tt-oY -ttltlt of tk latest loed clovet foltiotta Ilo, sottc, tlolllooting nf rllito nno red cornelucln, 00o or " ret tattordros, sot io tilclro , lronsn pioiollo iotu goro atel to eofpolrtnu atci Iro-luit gill g ano d .oil" p aoeckle, s ail n crhnn knlvl s, silrr r an d * chlI pi mcil. ei1 d ,ln in. lIo, lceslo, tOlloll, tlate, clntloi, Nail, .horviltg, o lle aned ..'hh e i Irc mu rlll , r;i io.t I.otlt ( INtl tI.Af viou.l-Co-ino ao lotrio Uold toilet Fh ..Ss, nilll I, vl~ii'vhitl f 'nd Ioollnch , in ioogpL ,lhottoe vro, Ithi .lil~i (11 ;1?\ llftilh~l!r kiinds \iI~io i )i~il~rihil.lllT1~ ,t.\ki NIt 1kltll""Al . In{ig+'V ITurt c ntstoo-,t otn Alli lo -Ite,oto ,orttlol d bocl. oitno o do-rtoot too toilo,l 0 0ll00 to-o ot lotootol wh otl yId ,ith ou tioii ot', n bshool ,,o x ottool-to otoclin oi rt t roo ioioIio k lilla itottlgitro ood oll oo oielcn i olototl o+ootilo oolookoad,,toood loiooloiti l o h or otlooolntttroari e-udc, let'uositoill -hot' ap'po o ll:troero, nllklloo itnrow driv·prs, shell lcllt., I.luii: ,n'llr, pliqtt blacking t~oy teot scoto, thotian Ito-col of evore kiotol, bell, 00001 totle, ceold olnlllloo koiver, 0ra0000 lod scissorc, rMilMh, c, ne t ios, Iilll, il lt, trl ted, sterel tllll eo lllllo a rlot Pt.o el jtlll otlt.el tlltakuoltd wolloeot ul rtorioous kiltloot o'iitoy crtlolold eo-rdl coot',, playviv ottodo of" Forollth, ticoctco alld Atllorican olntoluoctlor-, dolls, illlitcotiO fruit, ill totxoct,rllltot of varioou kindo, Scaedt'ora' 'olorot'oy'o, Koconcor-clo'o, ttilloiolo'o cod Ilowkit'o rotor otrtlos and tootollo loloneo,olirko, fancy woodl ncklcetc, dor wtrh 0-sr tlr)IPItV? watchesUR Pearl lllltt~as) p)owder tlllsksel BI llld ploosd ot eads, o ilt rid .oilvcr do, getro elatlicooteUti. doro, oml glrtc, dlhlll alldut cod ot.a, Loclogutnonoi bkcrols, olice, o tticalo ielnioo, jewoltorlar, locoobco nlatolh osoanod toinkiogollo tit, witho og o-aot Vri-ty tit totlr Troti olers al oolofolti will lo oold for catol or city aoo<ve0tln. oe t Itll otonolllto credit. U It StiItiNS, & to. 44 . SIthitortcooo. E. l'EILSI Oll.,-l pi gcrll..ui p uret winter d S Spero Oiil, ill caOsb nod bib, for siae by JAltVIS & ANDI).EtWS, WhVllecsal I)rugg ast, caorner IU Uauon and 'lIeap Illa stre ts, _ nr I'= oolutrer Water, Perllt ciery, &c.-A orplaedld :,rticle of cologne, put up exprcesly for the retail trade; also the purest French P'erfurlery, emlnbra cing every variety for the toils', for sale by ectr REES & D'LANG. V ,ltNISilES-'Tl'he Su.bscriber, ihaving latrly esla. hlished a varnih manlufuctur in New Orl ci is ready to sple tier paintear an tile public in general, iby holeaulct r retail. Ilia prices are tnedert i andl tlhe duality of hi prdllrtdels sutrier to auy ever brougIt to tills price. 'The genttlellllt elnptyved to superintend tie rurnulctrry has ueen at rthe hlcad of all creesive csunblisltrett of this kitd it IE uropce. 'TIhose disptsred to c.ull at tIe coccer of Nateicez and Tehcuritoulas arc, ltallt be l witi falb ua pir sa l of any varnishi they nmay wishi to Iry. .ttlntgst tie rnishelis are tie couch No. I,wurrtated Iot to drnge even in boiline water. The bldck v:rllisch for storesu and clealmt Irte ciinmies. Tile transparent vanrish witlhout taell, s . &e. 8ll II IINNAIIEL. I .LOUItR--U O nuldintg tn peleruer Indepead elCoe, vie 3 Dltlts,:Y, S.t iNew lever.. Srnerser, 'a I tour Strus-'T-lltee cnsue al tit genuine article, jcus received by oct 3. ItlIESE & D'LAY(., III lamp a blicusrurt lilp--35Ul codls .lisunui hale ropr. madet all ltfhPep,in vtnre, and for lale by n 3 i;tI,:lERT1 & IIAUt TIORN, 63 Grstaer so RFi rEl GARDEIN SEED-The suhtercter begs to express his grateful thanks I, rthe pub. lie, for the liberal support lie hus lceived since re cttnlrnencedl btsinelss in thlis city. l:illng ,le pro prierrof the seutc srlore, 17 CurlnlOn streel, er: I ort and niever was agen't tIr aliy Iorthtern seed venlder; neither is le conneced t rth anoy house inl this ountry-but lie assuers the public tlult hli nnetlc·tion in every deprtmllllnt f the selt busl. ness, in thle differect countries of Europe are equal to thst of any house in the UniteiiJ tatee. le ihn. plrsa seeds, plants, &c. fronr the IUmost extensive and respectuble ilur.ries and seedsen ill France, Hllnlld, England, Scotland, and tile ol, there states--nrd it will at all linlre lie hi inererst, as it is his study, to receive, in addiion to Its resent rstock. large rcivalls of every description, really the growth it 111i.8; leso, engrafted fruit Irees, of all klnds. The public may rely on finding a full as sartllent of every artlce. in tile ueed linerifgenus ou qualitty, ad imported direct by r.d....ri t.r Dr. i. DlINN. -studied under Dr. ScLtnidt of Clharleoton, Slouth Carolina, and for some years Iis assistant in the practice of medicino and surgery, lias the Inteor to offer Ili professional services ir this city. He assures the ladies and gentlemen that the most prompt attention ill be paid to the calls which omay be made; anlralso offers his services to tihe holders of slaves, being well acquainted with the diseases common to them, having attended them in the sugar louse in Charleston. The famrous anti.bilious pills alter the comlposition of Profossor Smrollette, with directions, canl be had of the tundersigned. The eflect which they have produced in tills and other cities, Ieas been attended willth the greatest srccesse, to which the best of refereonee can be given. Apply at No. 166 Mlaga. sino street. JNO. M'LORING. N l'llCE'--Thet Ipterrarshii of Kelley, 1lMsn &Co of New Orlenni; Ibsctn, IleUrri &tro., of Natchez; nd Ilarris, Kelley &Co., of tnddey, was didssolved 00 Ilelet of Sloy lost, by tile death oi dnluel A Mason, ile of tlhe partners of the firrs. The udersigued, surviviog partnera, will be elhargsd witli the settlitg end closing said usi i ness i t Iluw: Levi C Harria will ettend to the ettrlig ofl' tibe business of Mieson, Ilarris& Co., at Netcleo.; and lHarris, Kel e & . .olt K neluc y end Henry Keltley will attend to it setrlieg of tho busitess ofKlelley, Moltuns & Cu., at New Orleons. 'leo eunanes of the several nlris will be euaed in lilsidtiaununly. Tihose iudebteld to said lrmis are earnestly reqsuested oeose forward and coake early sertlomeints mid tdies hoving claims will plesuetreuert them without dela L.EVI C7 HARIS y',,,, D -OLDEAR'S Science ofPue a nhbip receivned,ad for sale at their psrmartelt Writing Academics No. 8 Chatres slret, New Orleans, I BRtadway Now York, Dauphine st., Mnblhe. It ispateularly designed fiT private learners, and sliuols, and in calculated for persona of all agsees. Ladies and gentlemnen re invited to eall uni examine the system for themselves. a l, osont are given at such houses as nay it the convenience ofl'all, and to clauses formed iln any part of the city. Ladies wio prefer it can receive !essons ao their own ref sidences. Perasons paying e t a. e of leasoen are desired o niterw` "' ',e: t st well aslhcy wilsh. . .fAI ll.OTITt.IR. ROWAND'S TONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER AND AGUE. IrTEN years have not yet elaperd since it was Sfirst regullarly submitted to thie public; but it lihas attained the highest reputation; and has sup. planted every other medicine for the Ague, wherev. r or it has been known and appreciated. Already I has it booen carried in every direction throughout I the United States, and still realizes more titan could have been anticipated by its most sanguine friends. Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored to health and vigor through its agon. cy; and they now cheerfully testify, at every op portunity, to its desided and supreme eflicacy. I: is composed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew the healthy action of the stool aoh, liver, lind other important tligestivo organs, the loss of which hIarmony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. eos an entire change in the condition of the system, and certainly destroys the native liability to relap. see of the affection. When the Ague is attended with any other complaint, the employment of the I Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other dir'ese, but will even afford as. ststance by lurnishing atrength andi vigor to the I body during the course of treatment. T'hose who make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Barks, Mcrcrry, or anly other article in its composition unfriendly to tie humnan, eonstitution; being entirely a eegetable exrrret; anid they may have additional confidetce in the use thereof, whenu they perceive that it tha the eof feet ora gentle laxative about tie time ihalfa bot. I tie full has been taken-in consequence of which, , there is no part of the mnedicine, loft to linger ill tile bowels to cause obstruections, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies now offered for the cure of this affection. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sub i jnct to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it has invariably warded elf the apprehended attuac. Obsere!: Tlh Proprietor, fully eatislied . ith the unparalleled and universal succes which has conlt. stantly attended a punctual and regular use of the Tonie Mixture, in all eocas of Fever and Agie, tbils warranted in engaeging to refond the price to all those who have token thei medicine in strict oe. cordance with thie prescribed directions, without havilng been perfectly and lastingly cured. The subscribers are the whelo.ani agents for the South Western States, and have Itew ont hlnd six ty cases of this medicine, which is warranted freshli asid genuine. For sale at the imanulclturrd priers JA\lt IS . ANlkIf ,1)V.1, nosv^_ cuhr (+"III11101} t\I '|'·(llllll unil Inr+l.t· , Miansalnlplli lind L.ioiin ta Hotel, I IS. MARY KIIIKLAND respectfully an. nounces to her friends and the public gone. ally that site is prepared to accommodate thieI at he above ostablisbment, and hopes froml her exertionsto render visitors comfortable, to receive Secontinuance of former favors. She fuels confi. dent that persons visiting Covington during the umrnmer lontths, cannot find better anecolmmodations than she can afford them, on mlore iberal termls. Her house is pleasantly situated, and well sipplied with every convenience; the bar is furnished withI the most choice liquIors, &c. in short,slie promises e"at nothing shall bh: wanting on iter part to give )tire satisfaction to all who may patronizo the isesissippi and Luisina linotel. je3 IIOLL.-V WARE, WOODI SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /Il'HE IIOWELL WO(RKS COMPANY, No. 1 231 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, aind are eon.staltly receiving large and extoenive additions to the sltck of tihe above goods, which now eonsists of tilhe ollowing assortment, suitable for the southern and western markets. Ilollow ware of superior quality, consisting of about 1500 tens, viz, reiuts of 2. different sizes, from 2:1 to 50 gallons, I Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to IS gallons, i.tkepans or Ovesa, 7 dllTerentl sizes, 'Tea Kettles, Ii do Skillets, . . 5 do Flat Spiders . ( do Covered Spiders, 2 do Orhiddles, . - 4 do Fire Dogs, - 6i do Wagon boxe from I 1.4 to 4 3.4 inches. Ctrt do. 5 to 7 itnches. Wood Scr.c. 2)0,000 garo1), iron and brsss, lfrnt :8 finch, aNo. 3 t, 3:9 inch,, No, 24 of a eperior qumlityn and finish, and Ices than Jaorte's imported Sad I rons, asserted, in ca.ks of about 500 l)be for retailing. Tailor's and hatter'i Irene, assorted. Salsh weights, 10o tone., assorted froee 1 4-.1 to 201bs. Della for I'Plntations, stealboate, clhuttrches, &c. made to order, Also steamlboats and other machinery made to order. The above assortment of goods is particularly d recommended to the attention of Southern allnd Western iern erchants, and are offered for sale at low prices, and upon the most liberal terms ; it is be. lievid to be the largest and best assortment ever, otlered for sale by any one eestblirlhmnnt in the United Statcs. Merchants, by forwarding a request by ml:lil, can have a prin*ed circular, with descriptiin of goods, pricesand terms, f-tlm which no deviation is ever made, furnished by return of mail. All orders will receive iinnuiediate attention. Now York, 1838. Je3 Indian Dye, for coloring the luair ; Bear's Oil, Russians bear's creese, poInalumi, Mlichaw's FIre cle Wash, superior pearl powder, litp whie:, cream Iof roser, vegetable rouge, otto of rnose, lip a;lve, ktreoslte tooth wntsh, carbotel deutritice, orange flower water, powder putll and boxe*, Aleorieun charcoal, neatly put iup in four ouncet vianl, Pres. ton salts, cologne, k resaote tooth ache drops, hitr brushes, Englihlh dressinr combs, lndan hair oil, with a variety of other perfueinries, &cr. For sale by C. J. TRINCIIARD, ort . torner of Canal and BUirloi iss IATS-13c: ses dnrhb lussia hiats, varioius qualities i brload brimnt and low crown. londling from hip St. loams, fn cala by I Ililsti; 5. t:o iny7 13I : hltgziine St I. (LUI-5 in blladg Ititmi -iittt:,i t Ii hun Imtgo, fitr sale hy u liit)Srtf, miay?7 I New loe ot eceived a very extenllsive et of lla:. l ir, e, consi ting of latble and I)essert Knives ol'f c .. daseription, Pen, Plcket, Diltk, anti Spear poit Is ivas; rizet, Sat lit or iEdgei t 'los, &c. rac. Ae. whirhthet are prepared oexhibit ti Ithe trade itlororder. Trlnts ant cenitios a bil i tatide known iat the tijome. ull6 J. I). REIN & A OIIlN,90C (Caumiu ueut. SI\I1IONS, IIAR'I"I'& CO.--Are novw teeivi. S l"r shil2 Ilhn Ell e, Eagle, M.erly lOlhew, lligh nlaer, Plrlchll i ( io ermll ldloule lhead tlaVin'EUrd.: sterbeli asd ic acket pistols; lain, ribted ant split euttsioI caps; cap Ildlers; reiss 'Sen, InI).zs, ien. els; (illott's cummercial and other steel pens; 'Vie its; Violi stlrings; shell, ivory and n horin ers; wllers; k, heaIld andi leathe purses; hair laoids, filsltootII teak ringles; aegro inilps; (eoanael and Freteih colognet nailer. Iiowlanilis mareisser oil imitatio, do; antilqe sd hears oOil; Iportable desk, and drelling ases: past, blaeking; ,tailiind toilet glaines; convex inaerorst op al glasesl anl viewr; llliallheedis, bellsant plulmen;e conlkml; whltilwioe; tolilet iall basting soaps; toilet owder, osametie wash balls; scented uatio cushions; poli stonds; screw olshions; fancy bhead il lans cd necklnaces; billiard billW ; pmcket books ild wallets; Germtan honles; razor strapl tine and colanoten gum olastic ruspenders, garters do; Bells lucifer matches; nil ver IanEils; rcxyson,a &n. &c. The ibove in luitiln to our fornmer st.nk of lanre articles, inakeasor :assortliiellt very c lnllete. For sal wholesale or retail; ans the sign of the Golden Cuom, 7a lhartre street. tmi.' UathtA tilAS., d Ei.-tTIl N i AILEIS r uIE 36 Charrne slreet, New Orleancs. W M SERGIEANI' & CUi. imipoirters of French and English Chintn and larthea; ware, are now opening new tand rich patlerns of lbreakfsl, dining and lea services, toilet sets, iitrhers, tea land ca.ffee cups, teapots, sugars, cralll, bow lee, plaltes, dishes, tureellc , wash basintt ant cawelt, foot baths, etc. etc. Rich cut and plain French and Amti rican glas i wsre-gobletle, chami.paigner , lensonaden, jellies, clareis, cines, corditls, centre howvlrs, docanters. turtblers, preserve dishes, celeroes, pitchelrs, l[iimps, ltamp shade and gltssae, candle blualos, suit eel letrs, etc. Sliver plated, bronzed and britania warres-car~ tors, liquor stands, cake hIskets, ecndorsticks, branches, apoons, ladies, coffee ndi trapnts,ugllrs, creaoms. lamps, jaipanned trays, astral srnndastnd ial-mgin lanps, ill cutler (eCrmanlll slver saoos iand lorks, together wllth a grelat varrety if 4rllt s let fminitly ose. Mlerchanlt plaserts, htls, andl steatbolars, furnished willh goods at the iolot rean soaible prices, and plarked so as to be convey d with salety tlo any part of the countrv. Also, apolllecariea' plassware. no, o Counlltry Merchantsit anti Plaoneer. Negro cloths, hlankct., flan.nels, lton) S, lowell shirtigs, olhecks, linens. calicosr, handlktrcliels, I &c &.Urc.oived and fur sale low by the suascri. I ba. ROTTA & Co MAIL ARRANIGEIMENT Nerte Mail, Due Evary Day ar 12 M. mh l ar , M CClsaes Everd y day at 101 A. M Western Mail, Due ever unday, Wednsda .V y or I.,, Friday, by ,r P. M. 4 by LYa: , C-losa '..ry iondaya Wedae ...... nd Saturday by i9, P. M. wu S( Dae ever l''uwdayl Thursday, a The lake Mail S •teda ,lY5 PSI. via Clones every Mloday, Wednesday TIMES Op ARRIVAL, DIEPAR.TURE. DISTANCE &c. of the Express Mail, betwwon Moail ald NeT Vork--laving Mobile daili' at 3 P. M. NmLh*mi New Yuor daily at 5 P. boAsouthward. Arrives Arrive Northward. Dislaone, Timte Retum'g Alontgoamery, Ala. 9 pino. 19o'ils h Ib 12. Columlbus, i . 1 1Ga 41 r 1 t Milledgeville. Ga. 1 i , p.m coiamllia. S.C. 74 am. 161 Ij 1 anleigh, N C. 5 2 1, II Wao'rrrtrrrO, Y,. 12 m. 55 Witt o Pi-ohd,,I Va1 1pm. I Iun. 1i 3 9 c Irn ,dricrlpburrp. 8 67 7 I p t raclrl.llll eorte , S i prt. 61i i 1Ihtir .o.rr lir 38 4 ni I'rihledrllrlia, 6 me. 100 11 Neon York pmo. 90 C n N orlhriltd. Coalin lthrllward, the litlllo air.o x I oul , I.: ol-ine ,5 doyr alr 17 lours. ) .\N.WAV frts 16( CrPlhlcol .rlai,rr tof lcvil IL e,'rrts, onr te tghl olf 3111 of A l oat,d r aa srelni the rxl rmorning ill i'oydras trcree, sa ngro by Ilallled CHIAII.IS, aolult 17 years of age, lal S feel or therreabout i hil-lt, verV lack, and las an inped irentre in his speechl oalro f lr is a ogs in ore, ceneasioell by a relat hlrt:l he had oa airat tc went away a w hits cotllll O lirnen lrirct aod whir cotton pantoltosut. Matoers of oresnala rl e.atr boet, ar eaul)naoed a g:iast receiving or hrborilg snid eglro, m wcla as ll other, as Ihe r .rrrt rirur 'ar ltlRe law will be erfirred tlgaiest theit . IlThe above rewmrl will le Jrote fordeliveriag Ilia ntlo rrr of the jails of eilther oat ti rmu'ieiplaliesaor atl 169 Caroadelet, carer tof Hervi. steveS. lo:re O~llr.-'--lr rrrrartsaurir hlrrctaofrrc omtitg - ander tie cire of Ialtois & Groc'tsoa, al obeer dcirslved. Tl'th suscriber will liruidate the nffairs thre eorcern il ths city, ald reuirresa ll ir'rsoas ndeb. Vod ti malke tralet to i n orly, aod all thoseharvin claim, to pjrrr;rtrrlren! frrrorsetlhrerr. n01 Ii-,r 11 iAltit E'I''Sf)N CAPT'AIN Sit 1.5:Vbt'l"i" NEW NOV:I.S .ollin tire R.eefer, bIy tlhr usoart r of Peter Simple, &, in +r val•. Calnraorin , or a sIinter nt L!et ho. Ilnilirfu l, lfrmwe layrc, iLy (rupl:ia lasil lall, loryal Navy, F. L S., it 1 voil. Lord llrlrra, ac romancr. ,vy %lllr (Crnllillghlam, I o Sherparr I.rer. wrr' "it hy I;irnelf, in 2 eI Coru'rr,.rirrr llrxtory toflty, trrarlatrlnd from tsls orti:.i;lal ,Ihall, b ty N rllchnliel ;rren, ll. voIl. for rirn' No. 79 orf lircrer's I':arrilv library. Vols. 3I :.f lh're rrrnew rrrphra le rhd ialirfrr edliiro of Il'rrahigltone Ireit's lI'.arks.'s Frencrh ard I" Errlii.r DirCinary. i I otl. "21 nqaent'r reicrrh rl ItrEng/lirsh Dirkl norl. A roa-b frav llore r rulirs tll:' ('Oai rr'o l'hirnology "llir1.i," l..rTL,, SIIrveV or's ('·IIII 14a+ory uf l' . r r ttIla ire, rithn. rh ior , llh lil,. rt tllt.oii.r I 'ri -2 injrhoa (; ll ri's irirovedrradarlic I'terra jrt'rrl palprs, weights &r'. Ac,. Ar'. Just rereriwrr, a rd for alo Iy BNittJ. LEVY. I'INNOCK'S IROME:, Ac. bINNOCK'S I blROVEID E)LO 11TION OF DRL '(;hlrieirrh'r Ahlr'dgirent of tllhe Iisurr of ao whieh ip pefoiled an lntruhtiooin tr tirralhtdy rrllarrr Ili.toryr, err a rlr'ltl varirty o" v]a r i ble infer aiatoarlderlr llllrlcllhrrll lihe walrk, on the Mannnrs htitttions arl An rrritirrvr of 1ile Itrrorua- willts na arrllse lriogrlphriOl Iallld lliatoriral Note; ald rlreal t iaOf rrr exoa rilllll r it trlP ld of enl'h If. hlqlrlutetdwith tllirl'Vellel'al + an wooir ty A hrtoa I't rrI) 'a Ih lrr)rerrrI Ellirilrnrr i o I)r (oltsr rllir l'' Hiistry of Io:ngllrI, r.lorll tile IhlvllliOn of Jlllirrn Crcsar to Itr ideath of ;l.rggel, with a rmlliollrlioll tile .e. t.::i. Wilhr l rt ltirlr t for exuniI tioal at te enm d a ser'f .rrjcrti r. llrr,atair'e,rrr a fra r rr"rlrllal ijrfaorr li sr rrrh'd l r rrrgho rr the rcl&. Grrorirsa rf table of Cr-rhrrrr ,rrrtr r ov, ei. + etrllrt t poescoal 'orpirrr r xr lhaiir torr Icr eCs., rrrllalrlkn rr tirle pa i lics, nlrrarrn r. allrr Iilrnlhtlrrr , thlrr f i e rr ll A l rtlillea tile Colrritlriro, &r.&r. rllrllaleard Lby ly ay eagrc GL'na' I4:ra:v r- lr It ral(cmoyet ar,lta Aoridjgec rf' l.tKlilh', r New 'rrelinrtirr oire Uler of Gilobes. Nea Allllt'ilal a lliliOll, with l d dlliOt S Stllld ilnllpruvellnen rrtIll Alllltlr llr r . Jo.t rr-ertrr lfr rarile rstle ,'e Wr3 MI'KEAN unv 24| corner of Csior l idtl (.oalituon lt I I R .\ l'll l , Irn n v :+~l h Ia h v ~l 'llill p r;Vlr [c J , I ll), w in , Ia r. a1 ) all u :odi., e-llil lil. Irinsllllo oi vaio ; one, .tr. I n Ira Joor.., t'owler , ilve,), Drrvdrr r'im ..hliar , "rrorifr (rrrr'htrh o,, Ci 'Vokeircr r. Prrc.,' ry, nn, '..c. uled . of t..a irooar re trnrtr t rta of ti1 I'II(-I')II I'' , rrill thr " lllirrrie .,I . rirrre Irrs ir, ird I irer"IIrrj 'r'r "'larrrr rl o.i fr rrrv l'h. I'. ,lrdirr rrr f hllill'Il, i' I ' I IN i:Ic, by S:tll ell, 1l ), ,,illl ; trllolll l fil ·iII1, .ulh or, 1 .) "r7ln,68 Sll'lr; ti'ra ; a T.rrrtrr-.hv as' sIrlar or oif a Mtry il' urgnto +,r" rr i-,," . It roi IrrIri J ftIli, , ,r' 0hl. / lot I,. rN, .a.r. ra -J l I flll r'I.i t r. ,,loUrl frero . r rr.r le rer ..ffll rlI' b IIAW i I' f r|.'nlllrld r ý_lalnId h:VII+o rl Im) ncrd sI l) inl Pas as a hi tin 1.1 aid Ainth.t r.e , it ts e tatire c'ircle nn lI I'· hlllr t \ iitlk, respt / 1t ll., ol CIi· , alare of the ' llollh( I inr.t"t. d!" ald I rte new.i t tilhe bavore of his f rr l r tIvllt[ t rs. lT he , iire sl ok at I)ro-, tIvceIIII t', J IMaICV alls tir i n [th an.i eli-lurize,, v iz Pre iod in, lsiz iend B.ratin bn owe isa. Y1' oat i.odcer. , being a wh tlesome and elegant , a+tl atl lt fr yeast, ' i roistl g broad, buckw eiate Blhl b-- ':fontrvs-cr~il Mde,_r..iuee Apperient-ie lervy u+ deblitiy, gidii ,e-, headache. wallily ail tlleriliolaeh ,lh lttl cue livonleu., cuta. elua erllpl)tiue, &e. Carvieoter's flid EICtrcn.,if sarsparilla h puritvllt iheiliot,&c .li iald enubeie, vc. nwnelll n l'naeun llend i.erltl.iog ; Ilrttieil an Illeilne oil, Op 'deleibr, & . Relined Llli;-irece, jje+.wiitlti Guin anrve paste l'i0 1 bruhihon.N S Preillitcl'a enlrbltii denilm lice, cllJriototll) washL, oiwder puffes nlld bexes, Pretlice's carbolie dentriltie, ch.1r ile toIoth wash powder puffs and kire,, Preolicc's scelnted and ,llill toilet powder, pilrntnm crelne de Perre, orlanue f. er, rause, Inveln' er and Florida water,, ilI tihe bII b luleler ,,, Rwinlld'iLs laener Oil0 Old. ridge's baint of s lUnni.tb, best's nil, s vnrtet7 of ilr l er r ld ti ler 's ces, indilible ealoling ink alperier black iek, &'. Sperm and reflied whole oil. Ila'a Linimen A Irl sh e.auiirtme of ''ithurhorn.l(,riten See sec 2 ( EORGIf .ONES t. rai t a) ' b TONIC AiloI''UWtE, a ieer treatLlet rsucd cor osf ile Fever atd Agr e. 1'e wiilhtrily iicovi5 d "hee+iiihib nie T ill sia .l le i l' it tile redinrll r n til l':do. I ,i t e I"ever enld Anc. r In the erst pla, bo lug a Yega ae, l, :x Ctc (ll l fr irnlll, iely clletr, r n anil uois.ia it s tinglediel.ts, it IrIiv i te tltk wihili ile itlllnl afc vein i tie i hnderi ir fno ag el oreie c:nsi. It pro vltnia relttsclieTf lie diaeoa e, cnarse le l the coensitlu it suel rirll its wiOtedl ti andlln aii"ivinte. Itrr atlab rlv Stlon, mml oulld rIL tandt apl p Iilltea, ly in +ratinsg h.smtmeie baund gives rtelih o i te eejry stn of lute. oeio PareiiiR iin lihttviugi i iraintivesliin, irerPlishne , i l lh n rel. , is i, i i .re ae ie t i is rii hd e r , r to c re a te i isert l tsaeure, but thrllenll bll'ln+e atoeveracr of billis oit digealiul, lin ties n- -itta lie s. Iem wilit oierlle er he i elit ntl i o it ali I le rpprealerd. tidlivaialn tie i-n- the - iiet'tiiic mixtrer have iwen expoased It all tile uIsulal Cl laue of" the diseale. sthlIILvetec dpe Illy iyI Inisedei s of ettllrb w e m bye tI c Ise lftIhe ouiiiLtli) reintlit', there i. id wiya eriv . tedl n increased blTbeii ton rlvlllentree. The doanger ofli'hrequet reltlises oitee AguIeC is nerV adiv t no, fes tihe systee will sil Lecole too much pI t.. s to aiu errroose l sile ito rect witlll medicine, :tili vtIp.illy fall a vic iE Io i 'sch ieeasnti violseeca ',The llom'rc SixrRc ie nre her, y f oirshedwithi rtantireloi r ing tie ait inld aoieiiilee wohich is i'-uPvitehy denied to t visi, eia very reluctatrly 'Ii slowiinl. ('I'll .nidihe ar.r.percis- ico•,tned agne It the spe etitntins of this uedidnine, ihs are dnily offered It cpielcietdonly by Dr. John It. Revwend, ab hia I.I ci ,iovi , ilirkvbtrerert I'Iiihidi lphii , 'lhe sutlmcvrilers ate the ohsalesle aera ta for tae nteti Stoiv as, will iolil bb y thr cror,e as lIblb iricet . o e luisd at retail aleo at Apilhechriies il Ii, city. J.tiL\'IS & ANDI)REW.S, Wholesle lirogeinile, ecolllC [in)en eo& 'imljitoola c IAIRBLI (I CiIMNEY PIECE WanuonVSal Cuatonlholse ctrect, opposite tha The nutaerioro are i nou receiviing tfrn their foal tories in Now York, and will keep conatantly on Ihand a general acncrtiontt ilf Mtrble Matntle Piooas ofnuperinr wnrkmnanshipi, and uf the latteat pattlerns, made of thl Imst Egyptian, Italian, Irish and American IOmarbi. Also, lonnioents, 'lTomlb and Grave Stnosc, mnoldrd and plain. ills anid lintels, arble fitcinga, heiarths and boundary otone, plaster of Paris, Romian & Ilydraulie Cnltent a!nd Poanter. i g lair, togetLher with a spiendiid liseortaernt a b nn amounted and pinit Gratea und Russia Iron rates ofthe hioweot and tlolst appruvod pattornas. Ilateriag dnei in the neateot isanntro and at the Itenat nrico, Tiuny Ilive fie rat e werktloll to '"r ,awork. 'AMlf r AIN & STI'ROUD.'S NEW WorIK,&c.-The '\nlerit.n i SErglaanl by tb ha antllor feItA Y.ter ill ,pain," io Noble DeLideof Wmnen, iil. , elh, T'he Yoaig WiW's Book, a muninnil mnral reli onuse and dmuesticr dtiers, Juat receive, and forsale by tI'M. -l'KEAN, ( OUIS' le'dicl Bobks-lIouiv nn Phuhiba; do. wl

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