Newspaper of True American, June 10, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 10, 1839 Page 4
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1IRAND REAL ESTAT,: LOTTERY OF PROPERTY. Situated in New Orleone, TO $E DRAWN ON THE, Ist DIJ EMBER, 1830 IN IACKSONVILLE, Fla. C'a lee rhe aaperintendende- of the Ctlnissioners e l. Jadel . noatod by thie .egjisletive Aarsemb- of Florida. poutit II IMIDTi' & HABIIITON, Managers. 100,000 tickets, at $15 meiemte price. $1,500 000. Selling pries $11 per ticket. >dYLVESTEI & Co., 156 IBroadway, NEW YORK Sale Agents. QT The receipts of trle sale of tile tickets wil be die. posited in ithe Canal, Unilol. Carroltoe, Citireln' cnd Consolinrated Batlks, in New Orleaal ill tle anunte l Lonai Sethmidt jointly with J. . Il'Perrault acuaully CaOnier ofttie Citize's lBank, nad A. tlaudotii ue c tually Cnashier ofthe Consolidated Blnk, as Tructeesl as per act passed Itebre A. Mauareu, Esq. Not. Pub. on the 2d May 1839, and lthe Iroperties trutaierred to tihe above mentioned gentlemen naincnmlerred, aU T'rusees, for tihe security of the fortunate prize hol darn. In New York the monien will be deposited in the Pkhoeni Bank to the tredlt of the above namled b City Banks of New t)Irleau. Thle Pait.c are refirredt In ahe acts lpassed befor A. Malsreau, Esq. Not. Ptib. il relatina a,. . eerties which embrace the respecttise pIri es s Lottery. 600 PRIZiS, tic follows:, . Prize-Thlnt mlgnifieant three story brick building, kn own as tite AIIADF, in Mtagizle st reet. Ilolstllriug 2tt(i feet 5 inchis 4 lirs ace Magazine st. 146 fet fi inches on (iravier street, and tll feet It inches ot Nn.cbes at. This ittilding tprodulitces now it rent ,of$3,O000 ierarillllln, a being in tile tlot flouristnlt part t hi ie athc, rloritrite three btullk, cad ia ite ittiauildinte aeitc lhbnorhilld of trll St. Ctatles ntitl the 'iry Illoltrels. Its relta will, it a very few Ib.e increased io fiaty thisanad doalera per annulm. i:slirlatted at $7fO,000 P hrie--'l at le t faunre sinS, brick cuild tiog kinwn as atb CrIt V IlTfSI., firmerly Biesthop's .itel, eitnited iat the corter of Camsp alld C(.mIn111 t tPeae tri g ll. 2 eel on (cm1n 1 sat, rnid 146 fnet il ilnle, Iol ClIip rt. Thia iuilding reet, -i on for $t,01piH , ladoheiner in tie st ceetral eart of tle city, can aihomylv Ie increased tothirty tuiousand dollars per a. Pri n. Enti.trrle at $S50O,000 I Priore--'l'e trkree story brick dwellieg itrula., Na. 11 itl Natlret. slree, ailloiii.g tiel Arcade, ranlted at I2 krndlrel dlclars. Estimatad, at $.0,100 I Priae-i the thre storye brhck diteiling baose, No. 18, adjoiniag Ne . 0., oir Natclle street, rented at twelvt, hltndrel doltlars. Iettiite ol at $30),001 P l'riae--TIre three stlr brick dwelling bane., No. If,, ajijoieiag No. 19, tic Natche. at, reiled at twIlve tuacl red dollars. Eccsthitedll Itt $li,i6l(H) oloe-'l'he dwellina" bntte Ni. 3:I nrlh easaocnrltr e Itniatlltd Cisctolll IOai t Itreets, In llsllril 411 feet frtiie frI BII I sItreet,·l feel frtonl n Fnanklin street, Iy 127 feet, teli nt r CUbtollt teia, ietrrect ; rend ll fi f teerl hltedred idolhlis. Ecutilllatid lal $it , il:fl anring 3 fieet 7 iellrll cten Iln oill at, '!f t & 1in1chs o tFracklin etrect, lby 1t7 lest 1 ieer t twitei i tit (!ite. tllllnbollue street; relltedl iII fi.ifel nIllldred dollare. Estlitael lt .11O000I Prize-The two story brik diwelling ihouiise No.339 oil Royal erreei, between iUruline eand Ilittliitl streets,elast,. alrileg Icet 8 illetlte IIt travel cI, by t27 feet I I intlccs it depthi; reat ed at f$1020 ir ie nullt I,: atwr a ll all at $1, u0) i Iri.e-- 50 brsrese CLanal IlBak niouk, at $1011r vceb, $ r 0110n I Prize-. l acroes wColomerc.lla l k cst( a ndhck r I lriza--i511l sbaren mlertinie' tnad ' Ira der' Blanik stock, at ])$1110 ,ecr, l..l0 3 Prizoe of 100 skare ealcll, t lty Ilalki :3l1,t111 3 PrizrPs of 50 " l F taExb1e,g'e1.r 111 Prizeo of 23t t l lnei,", 5,00 te or iwswetarm 20Prirzes of 15 , Mechanic.' a lIt trizces of 10 I.olirail Slte t Il),lll0 '.)10 s f I tt. Ilbnk of lirioe... 0,0t1110 01 Prizesaof I " " Ulile anllk of Floria,I I2,.011i It alrl be at tile oplilec aftll witoeter of Irizes ec tierlk mLock., eitherte ll tke tile ,tueck itelf or ihle lcar Salue hereol in cash. MOD)E: 001' I)IlAW|N(|' .-he-lle llll Iat)IId t iriz-ilc tb, w llh blalk,, ill ao bloh rr Ilt ,very lualllrer a riz.i or llblll will be .ii rawI llllil i rllte prizes ire IlltrlifllIed, Illevintg ti e illlllaLte of tutum. fetra iln tie wlhecl--biaks. (teritcr trirtlie atc Lora tnet "ill it he ir-c-i Ire Sffi- altller rtle Vertrlldil l, cortr,-r if Si. 'll' rla IntlI S 'llllllllcll l l+rlve. u dl tl Ni o. Ii1i I ti ttri etI eI, Newr • rhlllrta, sltl rulltltl Yl I.rarnldd. t()rlrvr frolll, !It Iiiii tlry. I-t p ll.,l "lllllnillilla Ivlllillal fclur the nlll' .icr ol Irrtikil c r- ltir,,i. I. d , tiII I u .-I ta ln tII I' t .+ II \II I .'I't)1 N, Nt-,,i litrlat, AH.k p +rgerr it s llla. b Iii+,r lt illll It u i ilt l .ni tih [le Jrmwiag. .Jar-krsnili, FIa. Aupril. 11'. lte I It AZ A.. _ . Cirerrof O. (Charl/e 4 f'. a lmou atrec, MI: (' 1 Y..n 1 It IITt f.. B 04'1 & All. 04 wattMl' r,-.sict-tillv call tbe at te Imll o W eat c eir . dstna r cn -tcni teir eiuilitir-le esaneitaca at Y td eacle ,,,et h1 "u blie--c du rambI l rtbn1 (ars truntrl f. L( ki.tnalt.: llltril, e ll Ifltai lluIr Inru: ail'k, crton latllll alea1 IIIInitir itrl aac.l drwel,.: .anemriee ad silk kiula-*lie-ktef lc: -iiutik mIc (te . wait i gtreat varietv: atltekb i .ee.rV Iirelirn t i itti i gIi I iatlik eIct cott slls a satadere lk, coitto uct trhrtia ; loaves: ceao aokaasia gla.e: u rehlla ie lld cnnee geolI Aiat,-Spt.lendi r eniicnnt efiadec acu arle Iri illt desks ldre.lilnge tea. pari alterul, percer-, .lt. Iery andl rieh kfc"rleat " n. -aim -io ld . r, . . T. W. COLLDNS U'ik'41 Soler4' I'e4444rr444,r. Ajleaiaeld by the F'ederal Chur it New 45FI'iCE No. 1414 COMMON)"114 :EIt"4iC', lltch.nge Iotel It ,.1Inge.9 `All) I' takue. otialiat under yI.I by vrnle o.If the Ats ofl'lll gress, pa-.ed .'i, FPblru cry, 1824t; Ilt March 1:17; the Juldie iar Act if ;1789 nd olttr act, of t C ongoe+, iu oco'h ass u.aoi and Said C(Umtei+oieeer has on.siderable exp-ri e rnad unse rnuns ofcaption and certificant wh1 ll It hva -eatod she )everest 04rounly of the ablest La.wyers April 12 JOHN V. CI1IDS,. . ENGIRAVEIR AN') c'to'PPEt-PI.A'T'E PI(IN'TER No. 3, C(amp St. W11Il.Leegrave and prit to order, bIank notes. *llls ofesch lnge, bills of ladiug, ]iploio , d 4i4rcan4 ile and vihi:ing cards. Lntlril , cl4ilal.or . ud co.ntling LOule se4|., 4~door 1I4:4'4, il)er4 nor4, '. .e.--ulwa4'4y r baud,all alsormllleOt f srilvlr plltlall n.d braes deoor PB Cards printed from pilatles already enlgruved. FAI.1. & WINTI'R CI.4)'IINI;.. J P. VIIEMIAN & CO(,., N [o :I, M.alazine street, J are rn.eesiug their 4up4ih4s of Fill noId I'\ilter Cl.Ihing, and nill cntinu'l to rei,'iv, s4ll4ip4lent re;gu larly tlrogllllul t tlleseaso i. 'Their e4sorlTllellt beiiln large will ellab he thell to I. L ly f4nl , ro4n4,s , trlikl. thi o4,l,, . a. t else .hrrltrot nol tee; for silo 4s4 le4le d-relail, o44 asmmun5llating terms. ep24j ]IITTEL. S0 teas ieiru4tAter. - 4ua d Teu r Ae h tj IO,.d lJ PWHIT9NE)'I , 73 (.illlt - TO TIlE LADIES. hR HULL'S IJ KiElt AIII)OMIINAI. SUI'I'T)ItI'I t HIS new instrument for the radical cure of Pro T lapsi"l Uteri. or Falling of the Wolhb, by ex ternal application, superseding t1ie use of the ub jectionable pre4sary, is confidently recommended to the alicted uas the means of a perfect restor.,tion to health, it never having failed of performing a clure, even unddr the inos4t aggravated circumlstano cea. It has received .the decided approbation of Sir Aatley Cooper of London; Sir Benjamlin C Irodi· ; Sir James Clark, Physician to tile Queen; Or Ashwell. Lecturor on midwifery to Guy'. loes. pital ; Dr Rigby, lecturer to St BartholoLyows; Dr (rilfth, lecturer to Westmin-ter IHospital; Dr Rlamsbotham, lecturer to London hospital ; Robert forgdson, lecturer to Westminster ho4pit, sal; 45r.iweatlnan, lecturer to Middles4ex hospital. ull aotier accouhlleur to Queen C iarlotte's lying, ne:hepita l; also by Henry DIvies, Conquest' Bllondell, Lee, Merrilan, surgeonl Keates, &o. by Dr Morreau, president of the Academ4ie Rol4yalo ie.Medicine, Paris, and Accouclihr to the Duchess p'Orlean ; professors y,elpesu. Marjolin, Paul p)ubois, Mon un and ottlerae-.and in New York by IprofaporlJ .W ,rancio,,( S lBedford, M DI protoe. ,or.of mnidwifery ,in the ulinver4ity of the cify of New York, prols. iolalehld,. sld Francis, U John. ,#ton, president County idfeocioit, Lailrens Hull resident mead ociety St.atofi York, profs Jas lMeNaughton of Albpnlv, prie, Marclh, Cyrus Par. ains, Duane-Drs Te ioe oyd, Gilhbert Smith, oisack, Stearne. Ludlow, ,essam, nVaehe, Power, Grayson, Van Renssalaer, and many other distin. guished physicians in thel U States. A G hull, Office 4 Vessey at, Astor House N .Yprk. gT & constint supply of the above intatllnents, with Dr Hull's improved Trusses for llernia, will ,be Sept y SICKLES . Co, u NOrleans, AU; Carlpnter, Natchez; Stone 4 Marsh, Wood. ville; UolSt. and Mallory, Memphis; WV DI Wilk;.. pcn, Somern elle; Ilall and Wasltington, Nashville; J.cNairay and Hamilton do; R I. Bliss, Florence Ala; J C Spotswood, Athena; Irby and Mastin NlEW ORLEANS Sltealy iod Pgtent Biescuit Blakery-.-Waters and Hillman. Nq. I. Moreau (near the Pontchartrin Itil Road.) lPilot anld Navy reoad, Soda and Wine Riocuit, dugar, Butter. Midlbrd and Water Crackers. All the above artiles are warranted to be of the firmt quality, said to keep in any climate, being completely kiln dried. Also,--Kilo dried fcorn meal. Orders left at G. W. Priichbrd and Togait, Jr. earner Magazine nuldl Poydra sitreets, will receive omupt attention. Silall h·gs put up expresely for p'oily use. 15nor bHIPPING. Sor Europe. FPO LIVERPOttL, The A I new and nalt sailing ship D)URILIoN, Capt. hkofield, will receive ilnnmeliato des. patch, having part if her car oengag d. Hp ply Io L H GALE, nr2 93~Common At. FOl I.IVERI'OOI.. The Ihst anilirng ship Mars, Capt. Castle, wantn 1tl0 bales uotlon tcomplete her cargo. For freight of which, or passage, apply on board, or to IHOLMES & MIL.0S, may 8 IBak IPlace FOll I.IV.ilPoUIl.. . The fnat sailing plcket ahip SYI.VANUS JENKINS,Caut. ;I Barker, cao accommoo date 8 cabin passengers, ant will positively sail on the Ill, of June. For pa-sage onit, having superior ncnnommodationt, apply to .apt Uarker, on board ipposite post 4, 3d lu nieilplity, or any :1U I. H (AI.EL93 Coonlrlmon at FOR lIVE..i'OO .. - The A I supenrior and very fat ailing , hiip JOHN Ui LAP,Capt Choate, havitn plrtof hlerncargo engaged will receive imme diato despatch. For balane e oaffreightl or pausage, daoiloe etcoonlmodtion, apply to J4 L II AI.E, 93 nammnon n FORL I.IVEII'OOI.. Panange Only. S TRe A I spleonid andi vry last sailing ship I.IVER PI )I., (Capt I)navenpolrt, hininglithe wlcolenfhelr earei eingiaged oilla Isnve itme diate despatCid. For passaage only atplt to J31 I. il GAl.iR, 91 Comio,n at Ooastwise. SlLFOR NEW Y(:ORK. . TIM new and splendid ship (tN'I'\I(i0, Capit. Itarwoid, hios UeIuly ill lnreat go an. giaed and will lave imtud.lidotadnlaeii. F-iurnrlihl ir passage (hcaiag slaioeua aIIni eleganii anenomodaiioan) apply a, L.EVI II. (iAI.l, FOR NEW YIItK. - - Packet I the 8th ilnl. New York andi New Orlens I.ine. fle Th w ao' ai1 elegant ship MONUIMENT, (apt (.'Hnse., hanvig Ihree farthsohr cargo " engaged, will soili purteally. Flor freight ire pEen l g oipy n board, near Ilia upper otoi presas to (eo elleilforyd, arit i'1t1'1It L.1(lII. I IV, may I i _ oinp st Th. : A I hip B ANGOIt, Capt fIlyer, will S lhave, depatll. For tlhlauite, olf fIiglll , lr Ip-aHlgn, lnaving Good u iciodollodudai,.I apply to rie laplnia iin bolrl, or to may:II 4 1A J I' WVIII'NEV, 7.1 (.mp t, FOIL NI.WV Ytit.K-a-ith eaerly deertolch. Inoiisill and N'w York Iillne P'ackeilO. . m ''. nupeiior regular lilu ship a izoo. Cop1pt. T'rak, will Le readly 1o teke in freighl ti, n orrow,and will sail wiih quick deaiitih. 1For fielght or paslsae., hnvinr elelilao areuorluluodualh apply tii tie CalttilD oa Inoardi, near tile Vegettle Mar-r ket, or to JAMES B. IItlI.EN, 74 Camp ot. S'Thlie Yaznoo i a very desirable convynne fIor painelageri at this sesoan of thie year, having an iry Ft t8 IOST1'oN. TI liin. A I clii AVA'l'AS, C(Ip. S.ow, having part of ler enrgo eianged, will have despa :lc. Fr Ior poasge. ply to i2l ,S . J P WIIllI'NlEN',93Cnat FORil NEW YORIK. Ilnhtmos' Line of Packets. To Hanl on the 7th. June. : P Th superilr il.t sailiig pac.kt Ship OCIMULG.1:E, I.eaviUt, master, will pol itively nsail as above. For freight or ps. agCe.t Iaviig (legallnt aeolulldatUiOla, wi shgle rooms,: pl ltie lapilaiu lu board, opposiite tie Vegetolhle Market.or to A CI(IIEN, olny :3II No 90 CommiiII l St if I'lThe pal kie thiti Altbaiiai will smceeed tihe Oce .ul-, and sa il 7 t.y iiiiter. S Tile fant ailing pakgt hark IIChIEF, Inv inll lmtr of her cargo engaged, will have des Fonir maluiie m.f freight or Ipmnoige, Ila g finglue n*aOuIii' mihmtliona,iaijly it J P' \VIIITNI-NY, S73( Cnp at 'T Saiml io. ulr lavuIn t the 5 in st. FitIl NIE.W (t'IiK. 'h111 Al fast olailing skip NOI\iAY,( 'apt. l)rlmmnilmi .miulnil w ail .a above. For freight Sr piasage alpp~ly n _n___ 1. 11 (;AI.t'.l 9:1 -., n on at FOIR ill Ii(li 1 . I'ITeA i nd aIoel ioir 'lii; IA(I.t tN(;Il, Clapt. %ilnrhal, . iii tmill i n a iw dL's, Fur al.nce, a f rralit h eor cg, ,plv to lll.? I. II AI.L 93 Conii ....,n GEORGE C. CIIILDS, ATroaNsY AT LAw, " J II.. nl.t h ll'h e S rillll I ,' ('our. and the Ili.lstri Co r lnlll f l , 'lll~rr ilrgnod m oI.,fi th'e ajcnltl ,aiei l I,)llll i e Ile I il V o1I Il,.Mai lllu . S I.hanl oI 1 the got.. r nntl, I i lther lor IMallty In.le d lr iIlr.i st, will Ibe iihrlink, n nll I prompi ly eilteUlhed it ,lll, rlr pn na i 4ll l lh 111 Sr .h" 'll- ,,f I't' .. to the caIr," Iof ý. Iti:ki'"r, 3r. ( l'evi t+ Pl l vcllil.r 1_etll' O11T'1 1'1 CIRCULARlS I(" 1l'N T Iil .rn the Gre,,,st Erpedition, and na st.le utnsurplsased in NEw (I1II.LANASs, o elise t1l:11:las1 I. flr at' ,l'riN,; R go,,m , St. (' harles IEx illnan", I(af'el if Graridr , .) i r ll. ael T It II A I:EII AN PI IN T IN II' C('E, irnerr of I'nvdrns and St CharIce ill ets, will ne 3rmp1it'. ly iaenld It. ,TI TAl1-111 'I-Il It )OKS-1 lalnlidlole ?ul,ppl of r.-rigll hlooks, CIabi and Passage Register, WllooI miu Itecepts, receive.d alllr . ale at No 24, artrele alreal. lay 17 1 AVII I' ELT & Co. ' 1l0lE S.-Lorin<'s C(lestial and 'lTeirestial-1 fatlure, it aui.eriorarticle flr sale at No 2`1 (nitis el. .O. -IIS-tulltaNo I, 15.1 Louxea in, fur sale by S amay I' A T1I4I:,1 (,ravier t 2 IiA -, lit- hrenwi -itIwiva t .uear sture /r saer by & J P WlIINEY, alay 15 73 l3nty At iA ll.l-iti kgsupenior i. f L.ard, landing ailm IA ,inalaer Coh.lnalbn, .,r sale be Ili' 15 (I II)lItlIY, 44 New Leve. L.IIU --9{hl bhrl! lat tibe lanidng, fita rle by 1. Ily15 1. II llltl . 44 New L.rvPr N OTIC'E-WILLIAM Ii 1 I., Nl 16, Chartrem tr 1 antin,luesl iatalufctre anll article in his lile llll .at nl tice. !lllllut'gles e ,ete i N. II. I'.rllelisa Jewelry, Mui.i Boxles, Spectaclea repairell n lle anast failhfll manlllle. Old and Silcvarna ,le. flllly IS (Ai'- aand Letter I'AI'EIt-A fill .tun.inlcen, of the J bove arlticles, plail and ruled, fur sale at No. a 24, Churlrte slreer. iay 18 D IVII) FEI.T & (Co. i IME-9;10caskerlhmavtn Lime il.t" rir side I by S&J P WIII'N.~NY, may 14 7:1 Campl st. SIM8-0I0t casks Taab .itmnt litle I-l.nle, ainl Ii or sale by & JP WI' \lITNEY, "2 EA OT'TO (II.-For ie" res.lration and gr-owth of inthe Ihln, gi~iig hetll, Ialllty and plreviciting its. ulling if, o.,ldJ at itM. 111.1.1. S n1,31 Nio. Iti Ch(lrIl· a t Sfar tlle by G 1llSl'V, 3 44a Nem lever If F":IItIi'lAT.Ii t A TER JARS-li no hIuhganv refl'rieratll , 2 painted dI., ti 14 galbe" "ilit lna; '9 tilgaiiun ni.', ifor nalep I aiA93 S &J t' WItIT.\IA', 7:1 Camp -i 1- ORN lItOOMS-- 50 doz in storel, an fr sale by Su2 I i ()lftO'EY, 44 New l.evee 1.OI)111R--26 irl; landing froln teaill Loat I'erian, nald for aule by G 1115 IF, 21 4I4 New I.ever SOFFEK: -20~bag; ava. Sui atri and blanillain - o store for ahe low toclose cllmi ment1 111,24 It I11. & IItlIWN. Ill Maa le flltl'I' Iltl.iIi-ll Ihhe,tlanding f.iit sean.nltail I Ilatdullh. Flr itale by A. "I'IlIIt, Allly 2i :"1 4 tUV iit I SRLI.ANs' I.I'rlIOGRAPIHIC PRINTIarNG OF. FICE, 53 MSagazine slrcet, opposite llanks' Ar- I W GIlEEiNE Ilk eltluenmare in nolann igi toi ii triehds aid the citensm of New Orlelanu, ihat lie Ln atl iPngti lbroaghl Lilhogreahlil an a lnar a ilh-'openPr ilale ittinig, ind Iraoi tiie liiiities thIe arl lae over cplr er late eigiaving, he can execute ni or ders eelrusic, Io him, at one half the exPlenC of engravilg and nearly as aenih i tule iperiiting." Mere lCranllT' Wl l.gnireircllars eint out in tihir own hand writinig,can have any quantllit at a few hors illiep; or thiley will lbeexecuted fiirilell in a Ihaintiiul ntvl, stl.lius has heretllire given general antislfactionll toll lhbe initr mreapectahll e omlllisson hIusell inll lli city. (ieltleilen i sirus of hallvinga Viilaibig rIlue i ielass andl ainiishll i Ilhle i aesit llnrr, will dn well by alling al hb e i.i e anld seei slpeiens. Eel.. 1, 1319 N B-Bank nola neatly executed, and circulars, printed agony hour', nllical. i' U1'1'Fl--Gohllen and WVeniern, in aitle and fur U sale by • 114).9EV, jue L 44 New Levee TA oD-152 kega leaf lard, landing lfrlO stel bout L Qeronana, for sale Iby DORLIE', nil 7 " 44 New I.everP SI A.ON JSIDES-l-I enbcaa Cinaina, ctrand, rI L saale by 1i 11ORSEV, :l7 41 \ew Levee ITINGI( WIIEELiS-410 tet H.isting Wiheela, Sof iwpruaved a.itration, in franins coniplrle, for alne by J OTT, illuyd.-difi .TA lTi li Circle I UNNY VBAIý--30,0ul in bal. and Ilundlbe, far sadal by ISAAC BiiIDGlE &de Co. aay 2 131 Magazine iat S PERM CANIDLES-49- Iaoxea sperm Candles, N Bedfrild brand, lfr nal by I 11111)GE & Co naiy e 1: 1 Magnzinart eRINTING I'APEII.--li trainL' 24 x h36 incleas p landlig fIrolll ship Yazo.o; for rale by nmay 14 56 BI.ANNCIIARD, 33 Gravigrns FOR NEW YORK. AAUA Ne. York 9 KYew Orleans Line. A NEW LINE of packets has been established t run between New Orleans and Nan York, it consslatoi'f fivrst rateshills, viz: hip Sit. Mlarv, It W Foter, mstr, " epublican, J f Itus.ell " Auburn, I P IDurfey, "- n'w t building, Ttrhese shtips we s istt in New w urk'expnr.sly fItr hi trtde;uartof a litht drtugt of water, ad will not subject todetentItan at the liar. Their au.conssodstiond forpaseengers comprise all that may be required fIns comlfirt suldl convenul ce; and tir comlsllllln ers are ten of lep rience. Until the ships lsow building are eo:spleted, two first class shipts wil supply tacit placi . '1't -greatest punctu.tily will be observed in the timt of sailing, and every reasnnable acconmodation ex s nded rI shippers and passengers. or furtlher partiaculars apply to Mpsrs. Johnsoa A Isrden, No. 86 Wall street, New ork,l or Ito ja PE'rEIL I.AIDI.AW, !ii CUnmp al FOR NEW YORK. [Louisiana and New York Line of Packets.] AAAA To sail regularly as dvertised froms each Port. THE liaer is at this moment composed of the fitlow ine ships, bilt ti more new ve.N ceI will Ise Ilputnll nil early dIlelnlm n Ing ll,- nunzher twelve in lli l whlic h will sllu. fone heins g dispahlhedi frons this port every wetk slllsrin dlot year, thuitst lllidist tst l t ficiilites flr IrllllSporllion nlld at lllh lowest rallel of'licight. Sit Ip saso, Captt in 'rask. " Miasissi ppi, l Iehe. Luouiavi.e " Allen. " Aiaratogn, ll'haway. Hu llftsille, " Elridge S slltkeslptlloe, I'Paller t'the aslovte ships are adll s f tin fielt t :t l , elta erslt ennl 611-t r frlhled, (If I a h llrlllllbhl Idag Wofllern, end blhilt isl NeW York etsrelesllv ltr lhe tsllr ,wilh elegasnt aeal . li s+ l tar lsseaPgetars all eomsallllllldell by slile t.ta t tl.l Rx l,'lllat d mlstl rs. Tl'e price of passage is fixed at $.l1, without wine, or l sqllor, ampa stresll in every otsr prllicllllr will .be trovildld, slld everv llltte lia l t ivpll t plslt llOll!slt s'oislfSrtt Iltlso-.a pawsisss t.l. nd ssito isstlhe li'.e. 'lrllc lshis ils ll st all lilns t" rgowud up adlldown the river, ad ithe greatlest ipunctuality observeed as to their day of stilina Neishe tar sI ownrrs r cp:lllnas of Ithse f e sesls will ber responsible slr jewelry, bullions, iteirsl stones, sil. ver or latedll walrl, bIreakle i of lass, hollow wnre mllarlesl , rrglranite, Cleslsslragtsi soI tila, rost of iton or ts'sl,lor flransy lttlera, pel rsr lsls r :klpsts -sllst tls or p ttt I)Iti board lf tlhent. ullls.s rsgs'1atr lill. .t lding are tllsst lfsr lte aat.slt, llntl IIt' alule Is llleroflrx presasld. For lsreight or pleassla , aplly to . tar 1 JA t:S I I IUl .I IN., 74 (rasp t FOE NEW YORK. IIOI.MIES' .1NI OF I'ACKETS. 1\o sni punltlually very hIIIlV fnlllll tr lclh port. Ihi'is, ellukets'te ve .-e irereeamdl tIh,-e, Sili le. Captain W'otsls n ,. Olr/.s s, ( tLlllalil Itts 'srit , AlNt tSthp s.I CCts I t ,Wsdsuse., Captan J Ihuker, arad livritbl, curtss he bar wstloy . n nAtselt illeCs 'ei t w Olr as, (' a l l lll n a llntl. i el Orstesn/ae cabli in n , wit wi Xtse' Ship - allllilsetata I ssslthuse. s'es' .sip - Captain Nichosls. oirl II t her s r clr s llst ,sns tlrws ll' tII AI lt illl4s i T The oe ships a re ill ot in llta il art elit, , gill red. The Iris'e t, tard'shes slisiedalsli fr Y.lsswthsi.t ine pressly`t', r flts srrs grshe srt.tI i ht s ' 's) t tIIIN , serilelce hh trhte,, mds'llielesrtt s'as eslves • =. . .+.i _i ror the Interior. FOR IAYOIr ARl.A IRegula r Prke/t. SITh·e ..splenlid I ,,+en. l"ll*lr steam ot~(lb t 1I31(1I.1.1\'1T, .h .sR " Ihnrt ,asItr, ' will I·llv, Ne·w ()Orlen.l e.),"rV \is' ItemllaY III Ill u'ehl'k A. 9%1. for Ihlvou tarits',every * a ruldal at Il l'lork A. Al tk1 g Uie l ' lit down oni Irair 'Ir reight or pnIsrge apply to ('npl. Ilr .15 ,..MllS & Wil'ITAI.I. F1 .,l r1 u, I ' 1 I I .*t l )-l ", 111111 ]t1 tr J)( I IIer I; I l 1 rems , AmpsI'-..e null letter pr-per, ine In . e , rell postti 150 d1o hr1 post 7.1 uo d timer llSi d pastl Ido 15|11 dil 11 p i ioe w,I w riling fiull . lin ne 'n c .. . 1111 fn r.d 1n do a dio ml ,It II i I , p nn kll, l .f tI n la tnblinnpnaa Al of Iwil lr of a very soperpir taltlIy, and will e tshl low, to close a consignmeplllt'il I l 5 . .I A Ti iW: ., 41) amp t NRIV 3I:'ll, ll(; by Math r llts I ''lla e, loor .an, t' llnt," M ol lI'-wnrrnla by Mlis Hat/llot, ddl-, eodl to Hllery aIlarrel, Eql. coprnosed by I. P. Mat noUvrlwr Nef Nw Orleans, reveived with the greatest op pllusre oI the New York collncerl, F: JOIINSi R I'uC, mIntl corhir / tr ('larles & CImmon sI t h IIsyll .I.AS.-:.a cses lalllnl (iglln U-II _j brellallst olmprisingl -Srlcllllasle . lCltllnlnllnr l lldil Ir ytllJ,$J I almer,Ilo e rilby l.SAA"C HIl lfI); kSn mr'134 MIasazine st. 14ANCY SOi'AP-300 aoxes jt rl'eaiveld for suI may 15 96 3sagazine t. IIV by +IIHIAWN, li 3)n, II\AR ANDP IT'Cll-- bblhintoe for sale by m my II SHA.ALL & BROWN, 91 Mai zues ast ARDWAI. E PAP'it-5-'I reams halrdware Pu I tr i n stori nor d for sale by ,my 14 J 'rl.IlA4 Ei & Co, 74 Pydras at I·IAG >TIINE.i-G-oll vard lRaggi;, landing from ship St L.wrellce, foi' by mly 15 S &I WJI'I'r'NEIY, 73 Camp st 111-1ll0 aasks 'I'holar tnl Li e, m cr sale L by t ,i J P 1VIIITNi,'Y, Hny 15 734 'raipl st IlAVINA ASWEl.A.'l'- -- 50 A Ixes in store, Slr aleJy A TRIER, may1 34 ls;rnsverst I --ItlRll MA31IL A IlAISI.S--h00 lhxes ia syarm fu bra sn/a by A 'I'llII:I, may 15 .34 Glavier s l TO ./IERL/CII/..TS. I Blank Checks, Bills of I.ailing, Auction Hills, Painlphletl Slhowlv bills, Ca(ta logile-, At. L.. l.- IIRlll,'ltsfr the Ahbore, asl ereeryll othe'r des criplionof lpj'l'ltLN I'INI e'r rrereiaed la Coluliug Ralotla nf'lR IUE A ERI IIIA N," ina nsr. CuH II.ES E.X l-n.EG, 3kl dor I/rou lisasviý' atractir alt the Pr'tirng Oili'e, conrer ad' PoIydrn- and St. h'barls streets. E.aeltasir alad basnatiful HaoK anld .1l FuUNTSrs from the Itst Fmundries ia the United S.&i;is, have jus been adrded to .hLe lready w/ .tslltckeda Estnbi/inhtantl; -antd ItIIssDEa lseill b eecurted as I.ow, as Ckaplly, SlExpeditiously anid autifully, as at any olter Otlice inbl le . - ( tv. t I INEN eilllR'l5ý, (.LOVES & SUSPENiIElS. J Just received by lute rrivals, arU assotltell t of Shlrts Cravats, .lllllmr stocks, t(all.,es, and Sllaspen ders, at tile BazaaLr, corner uf St. (hurles alld CoUlnlUU streets, i N. II. A completle assortilent of Wlilting Desks,, liresing cases, prtuble shlain calses i ruose woodl & lebtr'hr. tiyh lUSIll & AllAN. ( IORN--150Obusbels landliing from flat boatand 'or s) sailbh y 113 A 'I'RliI 31 Grasvter t R EF'ItII A'll-l'ithis isa new anaad usefll arti ,clev offurnitaUre, rpidly anoling il ao use, in eI aeru l s I well as routlltrnl ltitrude.r It il designed Is Ieepcoollndll sweetl , such ldishesn in the cl.linary de uvrlleutus ire necessary t lie proreeted from the [ rtl e l,'lnte weatherduring the sumLeIIlr sea-oln. 'l'lia Refrigerator is now considered tn indispensable urticle in llae eaoolmyrv orfevery good Ilolsewlile. The luLntity of frild it prolects Irnl IIhe weather, "Iill more tian pay the cosl ol the o rtice eavery letar. 'I'll , shsaerlber incortslintly receiving Iroll the mua flrturer, Retrigerators oltdilreol prices. Thile Subnscriaer irs p ilspointed Agenl for tre lanufac lurer, Mir A Putaen. Speclmenla ol die Rlelrigeraturs llv ,e tsee aIt myll store SI lielnvil sat. rntyll tf IV It CAINt]S, NEW JEWIELKRY. %V /l. BHEI.., IG ChUrlres street, Illas this day receiv ed pi elpr vlti1s Sartiogs, , dizn enui. ellnrlld IlrestIL lPil, wlicln will bre ofltred to tlhe Itde or lellars ,hellrelp er than ever befare orrIrall in thlls titry. Al so 511 dozen tIrnased Ritgs, ofnll pallllrstogertller witl a great va iet of cllale Ill ilY Vurrk, consialiltr l Lotituhes, Iriugs Elar Orlllnmenls, .ocketas, Chain, &. I'llhose i wanll will do well to iami thiis grea at ssdrtnlent. P. S. Ohldlld lldad kilver wanteld. nill 15 J L. BIWN'S Patent Platform Balnlknes- * (risers can find at 53 Bieuavlle streel, Patent Platform Bsla nes, sullerior to any ever uoflned iv this city. fell If W R ('ARNEIS. 1- ULED Cap and Lelter PAPEIr--Just recirled - 40lh renas rulaed I.elter Paper, brlltl blue and whitle. alu, 450 ruled cap, sonic very Ihw prired, suitable lur aaloolalor saale by DAVII KEITP &Co, - uany 14 'N Y Stationers' Hall. 24 Chartres St. C ORN-2000hOshels ill ire Phlipllltg order-ulluut n fildforsaleby J 'IIAl El ki o, l13 71 P'llydrs st nlTIl'lf'E EAINIf --A/- IrlI lur sale b atlm in G OI.SEV. 41 New I.evee IN$.IEI) 0I11.-10 brls prlune IJutc: I.irseed Ol1 int stlre and fr sale by J TIIAYER & co sti3 74 Puydra sta ESS BEEF--I. half brls at tle ilnpeilll in 1' n s tac fornalelyy (i D(lISEI. nil0 . 44- New Leve. JUST receivd a larg assorlmvnt of sanlller lustcks S of various patterns, liane bshilrts f fine qunlity. S fIOSSIP , e," ·-ln.-nk FCk.l..., T-U'I- IS MI~HTY AND WILL PREVAIL. ' Ti. factthnt 1k0,000 1 t urn'npfrilta Blond Pillt hay It io .nd, during tite past tin onlht . It ita f t-thlt thny are teu Illnk nuunleble. t intltneen L nhvlute anl courrect thle ainchlevou* aldl had1 effects of quit pillant t t ther t.qntk tttndicinen, by whticlltltan.y 1vEt .r elnlal~larwd. It i. . Fatt-Tlntnil qntnuck Ilt lirlt,,tcontnin itinnell. n mercury, whlch qalelk+ Jlhlnk "lllIUIt kill <Jr clro," olld trn+ to thent nireet Iottln, or ttits." Ii. a tIlet--Tnllnt ,nllllroulquttitnt nlldl foreign impostot tall tf e nlee e doe urs,lhattfiev In y o~lre elfccu llly topos their ttle tnd dtlltgeoun pretarmtion all tile publti, carl, nothini For Ithe counequencen , no nthat they caa onty pockn tlntir ultjtt gnin. Itllt frEi-Tttnt the quirktt and foreign impontort wlt l s ow infe.I ourrounllry kllW nll~lltlllll . ol~ll natureof nCludi mi ne, IlllUfc lee· oboutdllease+ of the hUalal; syilell. It i s .a.f --Tlley are partnicularly te.Ceou+in the Follow int ditete, all ol'whlch more or lets etuned ny impurin nofthe tlltlotd nnd niltni llnld., nlmaly- Rheumatic *ffeetioll~i Ulceroun sores nflhet uuse,tliroa &lnrnFult; Erysipelnnn; antd body; Jaundtne; Ilearthuntt; ncaly ernptiltns slid blotctes t I)ireeles ofthehver, skill+ tile Shill; !lmleanl] lll-llds; Dry slid WYler pimplel. am Ptinn.ftlltslgdsd, slon Itt th t Ul thl. fceinptd o bnckintld spinntn.gertile thtbtlr ly; region ot tpie hert and Tettnlnt nl rint wormn ; .totnlaht; FIttll. llltlhptrdplnltltd nt tht Inward fetnrs, tnn d tanln idtnti glnof thlet Iink thl the teeth, tnultbr tlth n nrelli. I;re.. l .&e Fltlultntny: Inditnntiont Stun.nnl toutgt-; Wnntnufpetite; . Stour truction and nniditimtnn th: ttntnuln:lct; WntnerblItLth, &n RECOIIMNENDnA'i'tIV FAkCTS : It is n fel--Thle (illy prnprirtn.r t1tlllnlalufdinUnftt ot th, Sanr..tttnrtllt Ibood pillt It a rntgtll, Ithtncltll tI well an apoth neary, i..[eltot by tIe htYtinEtnnUn ottne UEitn( Stntnt. Dlctnrn PtlyinC ttthtnnll nn, It¢holl, Gihson n Dnne.s, liarn Jtntet, Ilornttr', to'et, Sn. ti't a tttl--Tltt it. .tlnrparilln It,t;"td pillt are ttn ntyet in tth prattienornfn. nyphyptinn.,nt td erytttlrtllty reeOul lnen~dell hy aney Ihrouuyhllut Ille U Ylrttel (.ee rlluctllulll urtnltlunying etnt ICtt bnt opttt.t) It nittt fa--Tttey are cIlt, od emirely tf nkeint'P+nttlin nlnd theiy tt wutrnllted tItenllltlat tno tnlelcury or n uilnal tnrt It is a T;ilct--Thecy may lie Iutktn by tler irnoqt delicate, andl al m l ages; wilbout re~trainsl ol'ucc~l)tl~lnrl~ or buriml,+; + Ilhulll Fellrnftuk/ng eobl; withnut chiltlen OF diel or reptalldu frua, tenlperalettntitlg. Itital'let--Thney willlint by tttir oprntnintihtt whtiCh mny tt Illlld OrItetitVO, Eordlnnt U tht e tIUtntity ttknhen ttmktel -.l~lrylte SllYt++ l no nlulch as most of .. ..le gurul ale illcdiclne+ Keller· nIly tn. h it nnnnt--Ttnthatiy re tile -n oselurl PURIFIERS OF TIIE BLOOD. RENOVATOR OF TIlE SYSTEM Ever discovered Akt , t ollatilutlonal Ill iptn, treduced by mnenrcupry, nl Ihl,? .........S ,r ...... , ........ecO f ........., ........ vur,, It is • feet--That Iltler ill a sin+s Illtallsce haive they beenI known Io he used, that ttey diino nplytddu nu n gnnd ffnet uring tttousnanl, nl:ltny ntbnlttlll were befonre cnsideredt intll IIis a fact--thai nnel huIlf c'lSn trtaparill pills alnd lille bortlh3 of thIun(,olnll oud yrup etrduria ~rlla,, Is all aulliclest to cire a~lly fto Ilbuvl! dlleale0• II it i tilel--ihtnuld bie hsttertd, tthntthently ptnnn they can n obttiutd gtlluillu in N. irltlltit 1, at Cutnltn lltltt e t tenttl. btpril I N No. 9Gi. BLOOD i BLOOD!! BLOOD ! ItL The Vttal pnrnlOile (Ift) In tuttnitned tn tile blotd. "2. Bloodl makes bbmd.II Itt. Etnryttthittgintttnlebtdy itttnrinned tfrttt hod. itth. All ,oIlttnnnn ll tn ret tn-tttn tt y t itle mtftntt nr| utntalnntiout tn llln-t , t ldttnt dt. l lt t ttth dy. inh. All lllen huInllntr re enrrln d nn l; tile Ittttnot tIurlfitd alld tlulnn hetlttiul by thne aln.tttrdnla thit n lllllldte· 110L thes blolld. 7tht. Vngethbln pur+gntires alone t ssiniltne with tie blnool. IIPURITY I lithe blend in well known to be tnle of the grent calnietofditet.e. nAIHtAPAItLIt.A Itwell t llotlktob t, the Illnrt efftectuil purifier nibttn btnnn InnttI OF thn e nt lnln syntelnt ilnexitennte. Itim nhetrlnelpnl rencdtil anent in nall Itallueas,,,,ai d her prepatioll. Ip Istuni lent Iherefore! toeolallellll4to ill villtu~s; Ihley are kllowii Ioevery onle+i .s very ueawrl~liper in filled withI ad vrlircellellle ofre1,rs aratloh~a of . Irtap tnllla textyrnct, nyru nt, & -. 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Atk lll ntiy. tntltl, liv ttr Cl * la t+ .wlerrah t tlld all thn whtolti trnlll ondlEt.tinn.rntuttnt frotnul ntluutity nf the tnIt , eoul~ltalitu~.l dalrlesea slel+poued by Iluereuryt or olhel ] lUII erab+. ....tlty n"Intibtt .......... .... n bni . . lnertiun what tn Itrtt Inttt tntina pturiir t ftth Itlood -.tntltt ntnnn ntvttnt on nt nilp'r"llu. C-+t, e it to 1,y ntheu if all t ly.ientt n t e.OllIluen u. I t n. nl vArn:llly, t htt better cvlde ou e n, we hISvet n itt n viluntble NClutnrtut ctttnerlfttt h avei tnttt r'pnived ud retftrenn- t i~nll l · | ll. g iven tohtllsdr eltol Ilhrt'lllet j f tnhe Illnt riudin LYbot cllrl+,evrr Ierftlrlne~d l,y n,~led lln,, . , nulI dl~ulelruallead a, ,%'o .011 CtlsIlnIII m110ll sreet, tne Ihil,.wtllllig (J thlandt, t ercurlal l3l4lngi, nn nlln Y rlr:llrtl alu.In ad ...... + .....d ..... d iuq .......... b~y u~lidlll+a an Cf Thle lltllltdia llZPhsbiciul Illnlly i roliridted frnit tI to 10 ,% Rlll, ad I'~lin ! t,. . P ill ad fIon 7 t 10 idIn tlhe eVeliilig. fI I I I+] lluili are rta, s~llet.ully hili~lll'lnd Ihai1 (ie iLOve nrtiltl'+ Clel |IH snell fl~ld n0" I~r sale Ul (;()dill'4 I' & I+'o. EXrlitiiigeI Ilotel, S·(:I Illtlrld *it, 0IIIrT ,5 -- j to cllAN. ae---ili c/.;7., .,+nsiitlugy aI snien' clli+, _I In+.nCC)cci, Ul . killj ll.Oi18 I InOgans b ys, yuihs an~d :.;, i i re01 s lIuglll~l ; llI, ·I.hl)iters, .'c, Illnding fromn ttl3 L )(ltll)UL,. & Co, 134 MagRazihoe t STATE OF LOUISIANA-First Judicial Dis trict Court-The State of Lou isiana, to all whom these presents shall come, Greeting: Whereas, A C Blanchard, J W Breedlove, Wil. liam Mackey, and If Lavergne having purchased at a sale made by the Sheriff of the Pariash of Or. leans the property hereinafter described, have ap. plied tothe Clerk ofthbiCourt in whose office the deeds ofsale were recorded on the 24th, 21ith, and 27th days ofApril, A. D.1839, for a monirion or c advertisement in conformity to an actof the Legis-. laturd ofthe State of Louisaana, entitled r An act for the further assurance of titles to purchasers et a judicial sales;" approved the 10th day of March, 1834:. Now, therefore, know yo. and all persons inter. ested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in the name of the State of Louisinna, and of the First d Judicial District Court, who can set up any right, title or claim in and to the property hereinafter de. scribed, in consequence of any informa'ity in the order, decree or judgment of tihe Court under which a the sale was made, or any irregu'arity or i legality in the appraisements and advertisrments, in time, d or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatlso ever, to show cauae within thirty days froim the day this monition is first inserted in the pub.ic papers, ( wly the sa e o made should not be confirmed and r homologated. The said property was sold by the Sheriff of the t Parish aforesaid, on the 27th day of March, A. D. 1839, by virtue ofa decree of this Court, rendered t on the 5th day of March, A. D. 1839, in a suit enti. t tied Carriers & Borduzat vs. Bucitanan & |Iagan, I No. 17,401 of the docket of this Court, at which sa;e the said A G B anchard, J W Ureedlove, Wri liami Mackey and It Lavergne became the purcrhae sers, respectively, of the following property for the fol owing amounts, to wit : A G Blanchard was the purchaser of the lot of ground number Six in Poydras street, betweent Camp and St. Charles streets, measuring twenty four feet six incihes front on Poydras street, by t ninety five feet six inches deep, for the sum of seven thousand one hundred do'lara cash : three thousand nine hundred and forty four dollars and fifty cents, payable tile thirtieth day of Marchi, eighteen hund redand forty, and the balance in two and three years in notes satisfactorily endorsed, and bearing imortgage-and if not punctually paid at maturity to bear interept at the rate often per cent. till paid, without any right to retard payment, which tihe said sheriffacknow'edges to have received in his notes, payab e as above, with Jonau Metoyer & Co and N. Benoist as endorsers, arnd reserving on the above described property a special mortgage until the final payment of the above described niotes. J. W. Breedlove became the purlhaser of the loatof ground rnulber Four, in ti e orner of St. Charles andtl P'ydras streets, measuring twenty four feet front oin St. Charles street and seventy. eight fvet ten metras on Poydras street for the sun I of a even thousani anild one hundred dollars, paya ble as follows, via: One thousand dollars, casht; four thousand two hundred and nineteen dollars payab a the 19th of June, 1840, and tite ba ance ini two and three years, itn notes satisfactorily endors-a. ed, and bearing mortgage, and if not punctually fpaid at naturily, to bear interest at the rate of tent per cent. tall paid, without any right to retard pay. ment, which the sheriff acknowledges to have re. caived in his notes payable as above, with John Mmnturn as security, with spa ci tI mortgago on tire property sold until final paymlent of the above de scribed notes. J W Breedlove became, also, the purchaser of the lot of ground number One, situated next to the St Charles Theatre, near Poydras street, measuring twenty three feeteight inches anJ six lines on St. Charles street, by seventy eight feet ten incites in depth, together with a t.lur story brick house and kitchen thereon, now under lease until tie first November, 1839, at fifteen Iundred dollars, from thence to the tat November, 1840, at two thousand dollars per annum, payable montlily; for tie sum and price of sixteen thousand do lurs, payable as follows, viz: 'Iwo thousand dollars cash, four thousand five hundred dollars, payable the nineteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty; and tie balance ii two and three years, in noteS satisfactonrly en dorsed and bearing mortgage, and if not punctu. al y paid at maturity, to boar nrterest front Iatu. lly, at the rate of tee per cent, without any right to retard te payment, and wblch the sheriff ac. knowlodges to have received in his note, endorsed by John Manturn, and payable as above, the re served special inortgage on the property sold until the tfinal payment of said notes. William Mackey became the purchaser of the lot of ground numibered five on Poydrau street, be. twenu CGamp and St. C:harles streets, mceasuring twenoty-lfour Ibte six inches front on Poydras street, by ninetyfive six inches deep, for the price of seven thousand five hundred dollars payable is follows, via: Five hundred dollars cash, four thousand two hundred anl seventy.eeven and eighty three hun dredths dollars, payable the thirtieth lo Marclh, eighteen hulldred and fbrty, and the balanee in two and three years is notes eatisf'antorily endorsed, arid hearing mortgage, and if not punctually paid at malturat" to blor interest at the rate of tell per cent till paid without any right to retard paymlent, and tile sheriff acknowledges to have received the cash payment, and the balance in Ilis notes, the two first to the order of J. Irwin, and the iast to the order of Geo. Buchanan, and by them endordsedend and pay. able as abueo: a lpicial mortgage is reserved until the final payment of the said notes. II. Lavergane becvame tile prechaser of the lot of ground number three, next to the corner of St. Charles and Poydras streets, ileasuring twenty.four eet oneo inch front on St. Charles street, runnieg teck seveaty-eight feet ten inches deep,; for thli price of six thiousalld nlin hundred dollars, pay abtle as follows, viz: On- Ilaao aniad dollars eash, faI r thousvoal tw.o hun dredd aiti Iuialtl.n dolltvrs, mya uha l thaIiaiae-alia " ay two and lhrce rree ia n ht.s sti-helarily endorsed and h-.arine mlllrtl.rae ; o ad if not plctlalaa ly i pid nIl IIh rity, it houer al n rrill at lthe rate of t an per cent. fill paid, wthol ll a lne right to reilld lina nent, andlll thle Siherill acknowledlee o hIa)ve aived hie Illsh pall l s II II d I t1e a.lance in aiotir of 11 II verne, dlosld Ie ('. Dr, ,n, i I vafa rr ca a bl' ove, l Id ai spet r l gge reserved otnl the 'roP;'erty old u*iI in l I n'l n i nt . " And said I , verene Ib rd" em al a, thre p reliah ,r of a lat of groue numhtered two; a .j, 'ing her or, i tuated in l t. Ch res strea t, meao arliae r' r tlll .Itlhrl fe ia eight iut . es and six lane al St. C al, -re h, 1a h seveIi.'-richl frbet ten il clast in ditl, ttollllher w;th a four-statle bnrick Ioaas a.d kiltlcheT lahri'a, riuhjel t la a luarl ilhirty-tine,lt Itheh rat, of two thou oand doIllurs perl year, f all, tle inl har nlv, i l tlhl , ric ige i aa' I.asaxall t llle I vaned onabiaa rtu ole llrs, pta able follows, vizf: 'nata ihoua snnr l dollt es , ftiti flaIr thrl tim I I, l five ihtn dred dollarl pll l)ltlthr opllaIvetllt iiar It|a illala aehttat eelt Ihundre4d anhd viy,v ael telt Iiat nca l in tio tilwod thre years, in niotel n'l alihetloril endorsed, and Iraerinag orltgaige, larl if lnot piarnetaltl Ial l t atIlral eIl ti ell r intlerest ti the rate l n ll per real. rill fn l it. lolt aly right to re.ailrd la. Inatui the "her d' neknowileder ltie i loles f aid Irll rachlaerendorc ed ly i'elertlriny, and Inhhfatyleen i t h.-ita Iaa a r t.riald tari a rage-olaad un ahe preta- balah auutial final atrwuia . Iavllitr the IIer. A 1t. Ilnlhanan, Jlude if he Cout afianeroall, is ls hday of Miay . eighlt atl handreaed atol hiara-if.. cay 11-4tilan P. I.FIiL.ANC, elapt. I'ark. ITATIr DE L-tt LOUISIANE-Coamr tiu Pre. 4 mier Di-triet Judiciaire-L'Etut de la Louisi. ane- a tous ecux equ ces preaenaes conceruetlt, solut :, Attendu que A. G. Bl.ncbhard, J. W. Br redlove, William Mackey et t. Lavergne nyyant aiell.l6 a line vents farte par nle SlI, rafde la paroisco dOr. Isans, les properits cri eprei decrites, se oot ad. ressd au Gretoe de vetae cour, oh les aetes de vents furent enr 'istr-s lv 25 26 et 27 jonurs d'Avril de p'ann6e, 1839, pour un avis conforluinoent a un acts de la Legislature do l'etat de nl L,ouisiane, inti. told "Acte perir contfirner Ies titres des naquereur aux vente juidiciaire ;" approuv.vd le 10 Mars 1834. Qu'l soit conlo, et toutes personnes intdrescaies sont par ces prdsentes somna re au rnom de I'etat de la Louisiano et do in cour du Preailer Distrie Judi cidtrequi pourraient avoir droiet a lapropritlo ci. aprle do, rite, en consequence d'un d6faut do fltrno dans le'rdre, le decret on le jugeimentdfe I cour, en verru duquel la vents a . i false, nou de toute irre. gularithd u illdgalitti dans 'lestimation, i avis e u le temps et le mode de a venole, no poor no anrtro cause quelconqne, de faire voir, daus trento jour dater de la publication decette avci,pourqua i la vente caisi s ite no sarait pas colfir.lfte et huInolo gude. flesedites propriatde furent vendous par ei Slhdriff, uadit e '27rne jour de Mars de I'ann6e 183:9, ea vertu d'un dderet e cette Cotr, rendu le : d MatrsI ade l'annod 1839, dons Iufaidre de Borduzat contr Buchanan & leagatn. No. 17,01 u u docket te cette Cour, a laqulle vente les di s A. Gi. Blanchard, J. W lBroedlove, Wm. Mackey et il. Latergnse soonr rendus ae quo-rerserespectivement, des proprid16s suivano/tes pour les sorenes ci.apres spalcifib, savoir : A. G. Blanchard, du lot de terre no. 6 situdo ' dalonos rue P'ydras, eolrf les rines d, Canip et St. Charles, moasurnt 24 pieds poiuce de faeo aI r eo Poydras, sur 95 lieds 6 ooUCeS do profnlandourn, p cur la sonune do $7,100 eomptant, $3944, 5uat payables I0 30 de Mare 18410, oet lt balance dans deux et trois ass el billets endosdoe o sati ofetinm et portant hypothfque, etdevatt porter un intodrt au nlux doedx pour cenl t jusqug' paiement, r5lid ieno sent pas potntuellmenot pay6s o leeurs %ha.leoee, sans roserves l'tucun diroit de rotarder le paieimert, ce qe o shberilfreonremnt in avoir reacuo en sea ble's payables comtme ii el sat edt, endroate, pan, Metoyer a& Ca, et N Ilernoit, avec reserve d'unol dypothgque stdeat le sur la susdite proprlat6 jusa'ai. paiement final des susdits hhlllots. J. W. Blreedlove deviot i'acqunreour do lot de terre no. 4, formant I'enecoicnure des rues l'oydras et St. Charles, enourtnt 24 piedsde fiee a In n ru St. Charles et 78 pieds 1) pouces a lta rue Paty.o dras, pour In sonmmeOn do 11, 11)0 payayle connte suit, $1,000 comnptant, $$4,219 payable I 19 de Jutn, 18401, et . balance dans deuox et trois anc en billets enddaeiet satislnetion et lportant hyltothe. qnue, et dalns leo cos qu'il no eraient pas ponetuelle. iment payts t leur 6ch.idnees, its devront per. ter un inidt au taux de dix pour eent jusquev paioemeut, s.aons aucun dreit de retard de paimentl, or quo a soerltt recoanuln avotr recu 0on oes illots r payables comme il eat susdit, endoo..s par John I Minturn' ovec hlypotooque spnciale sur la iroprrl6; vendue jusqu' ia pniment final des susdats billets. J. W. Breedlove devilt aussi I'acquareur du lot de terre no. 1 situo aeprs le th.atro St. Charles prs la lrue Poydras, mnayurant 23 pieods , pouces .t six lianessur la rue St. Caar'es, t 78 pieds 10 pounes do profondour, avee I'dlifice on briques at la a cuisine qul s'y trouvent, sujets a uon bail jusrqu' an premier n ,vembre 1839 it raison do.$1500 et de cltte 6poque an premier novembre 1840 it raison de $72,000 par an payahles tous les mois, pour le drix de $16,000 payablep conoue suit; deux mille piastros comptant, quatre mille cinq rcnt piastres payables le 19 Juin 1840, et la balance dans doux a et trois ones en billetsl endosoi a natisfalction et a portant hopethtqou ; et danse Ito s quo'ls no solent pas payds ponctuellemoent it lour 6c.tdances, its dovrout porter un inlro t an taux die dix pour cent sans aucuo droit lld'en retardaale paieont, ce qull to bshiriff roeonnait avoir rocu rn ses b:llets ndoes. sca par John Manturn et payable conmm il ast suesdt avec la rdslrve d'une hlypothbieque sacial sur la protpridtd vondue ju qt' au paiemont final des dits billets. William McKay devint l'acquoreur du lot de torle no. 5aur la r j a I'aydras. eotre leo rues po Canmp t St. Charlae, ayant 24 pieds li poocts de face a ta rue Poydras sur 15 piedas itt poices d profaidour; poaurls pri deo $7.310 piastrts pay. bles cromme suit: $500 comaptant; lt$4277 81, pay. ables le 30 Mars 1840t; ot la balance it deux at trois ans on billets oadoss6 it a satisfalato et por. tant byapothabqu : et d ns le cas qu'ts noe soient pas ponucuelleient play i leur rrlctadaes is deov. rent porter on inotrbt an taux do datx pour cenlt jusqu' io paiemeot, sans nuean droit d'eo retarder le paiom,ent ; et C' sha*rilof reconouit en avoir rec le ecomptant, ot la balance en se billets, Iea deuxa premiers ai'ordre de P. Irwin etle dermer a I'ordre do Gon. Buchanan qui le ont oendosates, et pay ables comme it en sesdit, aqee in r6serve d'uooe hypothequo sp6cialo jusqu' au paiaent final desadto billets. H. Lavergne deviot aequdreur du lot de terro no.3 qui so trouve apres 1'. neoignure des rues St. Charles et Poydras, ayaot 24 psedas unt ponce de frteo a I rue St. Charles el s'etendant 1 78 pieds 10 pouces en profbmnl ur ; per le p.ix ade 56(.t1,). payabl lescmmne >oit: ,$1001t comptant, $4l19 payable It 19 Join 1840, et la balance ao doux e trois ans en billets eadosstr at satofaction elt por. taot hopothlque. Ilans Io ca qua'ilt nae t oient pas poncluelletlent pa.pyd leur o hd.binces, ais devront porteran intdr6t au taux d de d pour cent jusqou' p.ieatenl, sane aoeuun droit d cn retarderr le piaie loena ; et ' sh.driff recon it en avoir recu lehI coum ltalt, la balance etn se ballett endostanoaa Ctr ( . I)9r bigny et payable commt e ii est nsuadit, t.,e rinervo d'une Ilypotheque s irrlale sur tol vordue jlsqa'au pallnaell final. Et le dat Lavergne drviot aussi I'acqu&rcur du lot do terre no. 2',ad,olgnatot to no. 1, o.tld dons I true St. Charles, ayant 23 pieds 8 poces at oti lignesde face it la rue St. Charles our 78 piods, 10 poeaces de profindeur : avec nae moaisonen brlauls el ittages, et la cuisino qui s'y trouvent, sujetc a on bail jusqu' au 31 Octobro 1839 to oaux de $20011 par an, payables tous l,.s moe ; por to prox de $16,100, payable crmeuo suit ; $20b0 conaptanlt ; $4,500 pasable le 19 "do Joun 184tl, et la btlantce a deux eltrot ans eon billets eodosnds t. satisftntiou et portant hypothequo : et dans to aoo qu'il no oioent pas ponctualleatont paytsa i leur (erhance, ts doevront porter on inttat aau taux do dix pour cent jusqu'a parentolt, sans uncun droit d'en to. larder le poieanont. et le shrdll' reconnait en avoir recu lto comptant et I a balance enl billets du dit acqu6reur, endouss par C. Derbigny et payablos comme it eut susdlt; ave rdeserve d'une bypothc. qute speciale sur la proprinte vendue jussqou'& paie. anent final. 'romotn I'honorabla A. M. Buchasan, jugs do ia cour susdato, to 6 elle l.1ti 1839. 1'. LEBLANC, limai Depute Greflier. EUAVANA SUt; AR-37 bohoes witesugarl I L 4L do do brown do lanJing .fr -ale lby m29 & J P WI ITNEI, 7:tCamp st CrKLES- bg-0 k 4i1 t'oxe, recaitoing ftrom S rnew n bk par lship Oco sofour ealeb ty mv " SiHALL & :BIOe\\ N, 96o Ms agzne st SA IS-atny t oeet ash O rts, may Itna ' II J P31'IIltlNE'i,7t Cnaap no TICK INUIAN'S PANACEA. ('or. 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L. !!Mclly, ve rl n eea hl oar hi, II the N., earI 1096,I~ Ilu Illl -i-on, l (· llotle . ,II the ra I. the south ul !',once~I ) iele ri flhtvi. Forp fofll" li cnry11yullllwn c . Till~iuetlllt 1 4111 *·('llr ( alU- F hfl ' u dalf o r i , ht hell~lll(. A 3N31 3 I ·1d rllt 31313 lly lz11~owour upuu h~lllC , l·.l)·O.Mo~'ll'' of rear., during whichlF C 1~ t ..31..333 . ','.333333333333333,333331333 33333333.331.t. an d 3,,.. Ia 3133 3333,33333.13 appli33 T3,333333'. 133, 33,3,,., .u .rn, - wel Iri everr Ile JIId, Fo~r ipurlleulrlr f III Moo, suer I~ol.Juy · 11."'1 J.,ornal (o!), I 1-:t3 i *r "1 .l .'w..'. 33t ..rlll ay. of.,3 33,3G',.1. V' eolll i cry~tililt~ I.I (IrI(" I as- ell as 1u the ho .· ip.110-1 find i t o b' a el r de·ul.ulr·. to d. n III((.)I pIIIIlillll JI(Trlill· I1IIIIIIIPIII It it pl"cr1l llr. II1I· lli lI1111 e h 111ý,. 1 11II 1111' I 11,)1( a. well 11. 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'1'. tr· ahe aped Ihn,.t ,Itc .mol)y nmlCI.J wih ..earn,,, the pepurtwo ill ndee proe ..hlesmg,. it u .are" Ip"Pnlly cured the ountofeatrs when no hope orrocv ry haw( ho... .Iicl~luted or do, I 3d from nth 3,o'33 3 To I3333..33 1'1 will d333 b 33,333 rm r3333 this3333p3 am ton mwbt prove uIIVIIumblI and wtll' mlT01 then1 to et 3.,,, nine cane out of ten.. 1 'he Gotta Vestubiilr i. prepared in .trncr ·ecordsnee with .ciauhfic }eriaclple., 0'0111 from all emplncio~t 0 .0 it ll It. Cound on tearl w curry Its awerenlmmendtttioa rlrh It in tba hapIp3'y . a~ it p-colo3,. by r33, nr333) hnen.ln hnrwg rho I".have33 be.p.. ..33 3 un3 '. h. deprived of t333 t s333 for h.ld 3.3'333..., and re33 l no ,33,'3, 3 t33 :1. 6 "''33 3 M3333 3333.33ee3, 333' Oman.33 333333 SP'EC~IEI .sULUIUPC~' IYIII~TIN OY 1'1EKll)~t:Y$, WU.ADDEIL, II YIIIAIIY PAtSA~iitS I dINt IN Tilt; L.OINS. 0SAVE;. 1W....pu o hll iytleyfl Wt·no, ,. L.,..l 1(lhbllmyuo Hrrro 11I ~l vll ·IleI~'·lLin. Y J IlorrrhslPIIo' *'"dbydl...t ..,lcla ..pp.' m,..a..,to.ll? IIIU~ in,.-.. am.,,dwLI) A lit. ii.. ....lall .7h.,,' tl' .olltlmmli in Umi W " ilirllIttlls~y s1)11 10d· 1 I.Ipgtot..16 usd11·. lkTh SIlOSU lfmSYIf tA. ii. 14Wru Nr Inrjr r·lle l b. triS ADI3Igbl'o l'l.Pll'l'ANlllJl l t'lA,.'rED WDIIII hIlls I'talll liol Ibs 'It illlI'i "Ill l-l I'rlll 1k.~rl tFpA Hb I.E Il. ~~~lllply ~ ~ ~ 'I' 'IlPTC( ti.CI nlll IICITIAII ofi (I)Pl~C I d 1 PI'ItI;III~l I'. rl~rr'i Flbllo nA s III- lCCII~ ~llt\ nlI)' sIsIl ft01511~~ I.'.' /i s sunl pitye . is~o l Isolur t Isis ttl;)mltin .. 'II' alft'I.( ,it1 bli tl y *.lll I, 11) II: 11.,p mdiCL 1UY kn~pg tda., dL..)ssi *)1(I1\.SI JbC..,Io. UIFIS.ITmDIVnnTs',od.. ···~~·~~ it . '..m.. .d myrb·lils~ Itt~l~llIllf~lll I.P IiI'Ii I·l·(Yn'iy r~y 11100~il'(l L)IIlIk·1 g1.t,. Illkil'tts.n by· hI~tCi, thin r""'"' ~ ~ ~ ~ O lbl~ III(I~I.I IY·11 I)1·. n11inl, mCIFb . 0 i'':ll~l~lilr lllli.~g Iil5l·ily 0 .'dLi.., )III1II mu lIII.II 1 I'tl~elll I1I1·lll'i'l'.slty-Alyysq ~mo....,.11,y-12·1 'If dl.II~).liyrs Illg ilytIl~li..lIni't.t 1 '. U ItII t lyl p.e IITb, dill nIFbM `I'lliltis.l fill. S it'I'tnm tf~·, stll~l~l .IlItiltYin .I,,wmlU.lp. h~hi I'n":".I ,, It~Igttt,,,?· i"5Immii.',I'pI Ipis,,, ,,,.,y,,hII,,i TII.E MOST IMPORTANT IIUMAN DISCO VERY. AA CI.FRGlTt MANB lihrt of tier Cmhridge I'niverttiy.h'v. itg dircd.1 . illJ ofpfrulng Ih,,,,, f of ft Nerulhh Ar ptapl ..alllat, off ImlrPu year,' dure.,,,, and ,n fea )yPab ll uc htl, ,di..e `:,l) )l pot io. , all of hahu hohn ha cur. d w I I f..,l ed ill- adt ice eacl,l Iwe v, o..eri fron enevi enr+ rat hr tilhra u uill, g Cur p oeaz. Ia, d ie lt a. lt.mllal de IIhdn aml an evhaxxtiul, dFerll ii ti. of 11.J Ihto the head, var. .lg.,, rnaunnlJ limar, I',ihtr o..l e.looy ilcapucity for buzi hel·, r:11 · y, .., i 'er lesi rr,:", olulu, wruthethle n iudg. Cl i.~lln, mr.lleh.emh, thbllgllt ." of .elf detruction, in "l"..v, ¢c.. .re ranble by th0. dlucUvery. Moat i cut er inI site yneeka a'pl. .tu No itC.Jatom l.a.e st, New OrleanI. IIEU LTII AND BEAUTY, CTOIIaCII '1 t.1,S --At ia lllt Inhtic:l writr hat reLtae k_ ed, kld 'x . Ihlt- lrr)ed it,, |'act. halt th, e a wh ano al tllrn e t-k1'eplnll gthe r.tinah ll 1,JI t'WrI.r I ip.P.Pr orde~r IPrPr~rr.P bI..,Iih pt refllt disCeas, a1..1 gl.a.. R lt ill rnbal. ah-ll rlfll a l. ha . lh .,. hi, ngr ix rL.i I.,t.rh, Cupul! b thetaI, pilur. ;,2,°: rv'.e: pn, purir. .T.t Y h; " ;': .,I, t : ';." ' .... + ll' ,lll lt [l" I ..lllitl ...- . P1 ;l h m ta,·i ll . hl',* a ,ei.l , breat. anJ nn x tltllrnr rr-t.rul VP nite"r alny ere+' lIt the 1I hlr, n. they . g .4+ v l 'u llld ... ..J 1 · te bw .i. Jlrell hel ht ll l liulOI ) tlle IIlollll lll il. Fe ealea whe v ul - .:l Ir.alth .lhot:! tlPue r ! wi Hrllh())ll tllnll as th ely PUri fy tl'P llhbold, r.l,,. ..l.. trurtlltt, llr , e .1 . ll he .1 . ai b· ali i1Il cer, It.aI thy,, ftll IJ..n11.. aadIeao..,ePI 4'.atnIa f a aIeth*+rl ht,ar th3ll .aI II l,.-C tf hr lnllia aha. gild.a.a dI.n *,a.I f a.da"i. .1,l,.+.a.o.., i.r I..., *tar .al gr ', I"Hlhd aIa hcl ;.a l ltdia . ,.l.u a · t, ^ th ,, l, Pa ha Il.r nlbl a.t, baa,. jaats~ y. .,Iai pp aa aa peaa h, a o ol ' all ig,,, . ll.t ... ....... - .ba .ay af lhra d, cnntalh .1ll1 ia llrl'urg lr LL II.. I l a ]hP1 a la a Ia lir e.. - ,.llllanlot h. rethr.+ia, JI". " 'a'hy ai ha h tIa.. kaept In every Ilat • rrlllnr) I, I l··r 41' au ll tl Illldlr."-; I, b taher . ra ll., ot daalllla - .ltalt.,lrl. a uhdtl rhi rr+.a r .d ".b , +,dd leber. ahd Other . Iirl.llll lplll t.lall illa, I ir h a..l.r N iryly a edr Irv hnlll ell Su11,1.N. itiaai . pllallla I a-lll. ar..t aw O11,... 'aa SAIASAPARILIA PIIL O)F iHEALTH; ORS, a L.Oa ,,i I'IbL. Ta.lalab', ell y *e1 aa.h d.ei .. medii,,,,adad. h hn t aktl .reial' (~1h1. ha rlllollllb 1I ti of tietaayIol am it el., tC E upllllll YIP Ol f o which ire uetlvtl.lta, li.tlele. A', pia"a.. Ill. of 'allPlllm.y l IlaheadaLt lh gllhlaesb, a.mlea f'unll itlilr u.I.1,II i Jr lnr.. of" ti. ye , dv+ r ws i~els andI p .ii llltiale , .tllhl, .h t tll hll . l i. .Ill g-ll. nl .d d ai ll iu g a fr ihll ehtta sdef al'l livlr. nlid t cll-'llt. Ila.r.vlly of t e baw -It, r.E..rllon . l+.lrllt'.I . of every I'uldct.ll,, e t he tn. lo. 1111 .I1 iii t" ll~l tl r.l;elhlt I)reIlmruItI llO, b11% a iItt. ll erlCr .r iir ..i ilfpi .tahlly rriiillll rd v .1w' ihr llnp .I... w i ollc n. .!Orrphraaiiaaei ofiaa, aabr, h.treat.,eTe .ti'Iaaea rin aeellt . 1a1. i t all t.l e ll il t ,ll Itll aellr tl, ul. a the all a l ergl h aw rli ,.t kllllld'. will rp a Iy lpke .lilLP tla ellta laai ..g . ill'tlalhla I.cog h l.t pailn ahiii ta.l e'al l .l t., pe ,t.r ll'l..' laren th ei.lgo 1rlllt aer hendawla I be t I 1it a.-IIII1.. ..ult oIk..ige ah IIf.,. dlil' IIe 'l' irlhll. Ii Ill'ult elrly~ l r iitarl.a lllllllll, k. i el ug I , pI0 , Ia at,,llrl, -rt -, lr ca llr tllhleth I Il-hrti rurlonl .I ith eariary awn! g~raud.i take. aair,I --, i a-r.eIa~eta pdleepe.g thenll, alth lp' aie Ilae .rtr, ldo ai nltural n 4e Io 'alle... Io f uIll hblt ...ure.. hjrct to ddl IIn. lr .ta tllrgll tllhlelll earlll . uerr. g'r.ntntonogrleIa a d6...o1 o 11+++11 1(i thle hPIIr , -hul~lld never he withlllll them. as rnitllny Illlgl'rtluI IrIl l)rlur Ii 111 be e ,t relv curried offby Itlhe sach ALEX. TOWAII,~r Fla f2 lrfalha.l ,11ee are I..,. t ulv' rxcellP t. reuoving alt .11 tr, u lclrl., the dllra.,lllng hra !. he ro verr prevI lr.t wllII Ihr -ex; le iroro.illl of .ptrlta, lulllle.a of ,tghlt nvrvonu nlll .on. hllelcllri, pl e.. iiiid lill,. n.le. ol" llteL kn, ind gin . a IiprIthli au jliOrill . Mllrll to the. m pipl.alll. .rlltlhe'r , thI.Y are I dellnie llll " recl'am..rl lnlnll he b1 at ilelliclllr thiln c ll I6e tukPii P1d rlll Ipregnallnllc~iauil w II ildre of oail ngr they are uuellllnllpd. A. a plssrillnl. nut , may lop., Inn,,t theyp unite fiver ..aleso it. .ll ll" I iiiJ l llel ..k w ll I Vll tll., 1110. 1 H uotL .ucerRIfI t i ane i d rPilire nio rlltrillll* Imt l hI . n lllrmlaell dull 11 1I -- uu. By rrgul~llla~lthe.ll.e ucnlt lllp l. Il. lge eIlldl.. "1 nth oftlh plllallt l.hake blecollle uitllle .ir ever) cane, tn e' her lex, thal ots [oe mlllred; nllld f"r elderlyv e,, ,l." Ihly wMll 11 found w he II+ nIhr m lltcblfnrlhle methfiiie hlih.rlo. pre, acltd :ohld t N,.6 Cl.mtlll Iuse at, New Orl:..n. m2--3m E> 1l--101'0l 1. O Iud lendiiti Irlu FiPinl mbo 1AJ Rienzi, alid tfor ane . li a27 ,I "'HA 'ER &t Co, 74 Pipdrn at rlf E Americaln ·lllv+lew Galtdll ];rrrt"lrv, c,,ontin. I O i p rn elie a l d irtm I,•.•E flo r th e c u h ilr . o f p a, ltI a in Ihe flower garden, hit ht, l lll g. ei..l.lluse, ri. n n. | "'l.Or 7. Cl.wo 1l ,I f leya, Ith a .4., Ofthe .t I andII the FEltlll iii. heat adn pled In t Isle gnlrth the proper aesroh Iur trauapllnnli..g N . lu-truttijan GI. r err, lin a hot hl.l.r.. [tern h.....', lord !n. ...g out a fl "wrr ·lillm, *11II n tabr le if ...if. meet rnlgemjiI In tip Plants c~lninnlld ill the worn: the whlld ndllt-d to ilh., IIrrs or Frnnll gardens,. withl intlrn-riiln. for prcl'aun the Foil . rOopL rting. plntin[, prrlllu-.,g ..,rlin` ·rul I rrlifing ill, snl'· vi~r, with deter.lltlinllr I the ,feata rtlry fi or r"11titotine inl the up-. ail. .Illrr rec. iv· d and for enle b ALEX. 'IOW WAR, ° ap 2Q ilB~au p areal.

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