Newspaper of True American, June 10, 1839, Page 6

Newspaper of True American dated June 10, 1839 Page 6
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S: MONEY MARKE ,', Car.,M,mnday Eln'g,June 1l'th. The tmoey and cotton ajarkset to dty were seliously I delpreaed lay tlb.lutpleatant intelligence fromn iLonloa and Liverpool. Tea wurst·anticipatians for the future are k P'dU ed i .b. oven the most sanguine among tltm.lett utpulle ofjudgiug. It ta idetnt that the BHnk of England is determined Ipatraaten our tradeland kee p it pltrtrate at her feet The act of raising the late of4a.atest from 4 to 5 per e ont, is a deert tlrust at American State etocks on tile xrelpon 'Change. They have allen from 1 t, 2 per cent and it wes helieoved in Lonldu that they would go lower. nvealnellt ih hills has ever been a uore factr nble inete i oMnev dealingr ill England than in stocks, and tlhi prospert i that a atop will ie put to the fur therna leof,5 teeret baonds t t the great injury of Ai rhiaere ntepriees. o Ithe athnr tand, the low price of coTton lmay he phrir ntlrihntd Ito the fact that the Bank of Lnt.eiand witotpermnita balance to le created against Great Blaein and in frver of thite eonlty, greanter thn that whleichna he-paid of by the exports of manufactured goods te Anmrica. nceon the 12d of March a decline of 1-4d per Ib on tI r and middling qualities of Anericauta his been -Ilrited to in Liverpool, and in fair qualities a fallinlg Sof ld hasl take, piaRoe The depression on good and fise which were senrce has ben u5 8 to 3-id. ()O L.a l7th ofMa v il Liverpomo the quotation for fair was 814,1 to 8 -2 inanminal. The decrease in quantits tnken bvy.innere will average 6000 bags per week aince the D2d nf Marcia. YarAsooteinne even below ttlerate fthe raw mate. rial tad printing goads are in the samle dilemma- They had advices from America to ;lien 'd ofApril and though onttviced of tile sllortaess o the crop to thle ela sent claimed here even by Mr. Neltb and his party, still there wai noediaposition in the market to advanee. All these thigsa ga to prow, the enmity of the Bank ofg England's o hithpriees. There is therefore t'lra to anelreahed vCern serious conequences toen the csureeoflt ths Bank. 1lte has struck a severe blow at our stocks and oar coteton. Our onlya Ipe is that the Bask tlfthe U. States will interpase soenta olbstacle to tim disigna of the Fsglish concern and prevett the alnostearutin pmstrntion of our trade and oltr entelr prioea destined to follow tie raining of tle rats of inle teetson money lt'5 per cent. Our own optiuttris, that in loss than n month's time, We will see cotton a drug ian Kngland and in this nun try, and our aecurities unotined lm the I ynnlon market. Alreadv the shock has been felt in Nw York, antd a pa tie waesexpected. Specie was i ll demtd for exlMrt and exchange ,n England at Icu 3-4. The heavy it.llortatious of corn into Englannl is an el.neat in tills coanrse of the Lank. All ilnense etmountofmoney foe thtis article is one, and where the e peei was to ecame from wan a matter fseriouas dubt. PNar does theiaport ,if bread stalfs cease. A sale ol. 15000 bhls Atmerican flour at 36 to 3I, duty paid had been rifected in ,iverrdol. Tl'hi priec woulld amIst net a loss, tha' it was hoped thait tle rie ewould I-lok UWpVe gire the olifeting rates for Louisiana lstocks in London, 17,hof May. Sixes 102 Fves 1843 9 Bilt., 18t1 94 Dilto, £$terling 96 Por tile fotr weeks reaioun te tile departure of the Grea Western, tile sales at I iverpal hal belt 33,3211 aog. The week ending 17tlh May there were sold 79159 bales, of,hih h 2610 were Jtlacdl at 7 1.2 to 9, 22,0 Newittrleans at 71 4 to It: 1280 Motbile and Ala bama at71.4 to9. A steady hbUienes han chltaractelted tile tobacco market B Lirerpt, l Kentteky leaf ihad gonte at f.d, and stripes tt 16d. At Anmsterdam sales were tltly made lfor dily uselthe prices being ton high for sprec. ulators. Looking at tile sate of thie,'s iu, Entglnl.ande at oemet thle preoojet is gloomy t nouahl. T'he dlesintt of the Eangill IhomCney dealers in tie "Courl of D lert,,rs" tn erull the American trad.e tile evildetl. A National Bank coutld Rvailt - tthreateled evil at once. eThe h ,I Beyerman uatl Siceber at Bordeaux Ie I failad tor3 millians ot francs. New-Orlceams Chamber .f.Coemmerce. OFFICERn FOR Tra YEAR 1:19. President, S. J. Pelera. First Vice Presidaent, W. I.. Hdoe, E.q. Second do. Jno. A. Merle, Esq. Comrletee of Appeals for 1839. James Dick, James H. Leverieh, H. C. 'tamtlaek, Abijah Fisk, P. O. Sorbe., Samuel Thnmpson, ommittlee of Arbitralion for the steh of May. John leddleetoa, John C Harriason, (. ;. Hutlntington, William Itopkins, Etnocc Ityde. Jr. P. A. Hardy. Joachimt Koha. Mail lRegulatione. The Great Easlern Mail is closed eveey day at 10 o'clock A. . lIs due everyday at 4 P. MI. The E.cpress Mail is cloased every day at half past 10 A. 3t. Is due witl tie Great Eastaln Mail, every dav. The Lake ai (via C'ovinton, La.) is closed every Mandtay, WedVelsd and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A. I. Is duen every lueasda, ThIursday, anld Saturday, at 5 1'. M. The Lauiserille or Rijer Mail is closeid every Mon. Lay, Wednecsday, and .eamrday, at 3 P. S1. Is sent and returnerd by steamboats. Arrives irregularly three times a week. The IlBayou Sara r Coant Mail is clated every Tnuesday andl Friday, at 8 P M. Is seatt and returned by stellallllaas. The Ale.andria al Red Riter ,ifail is sent irregu Ilry by stealblats twice it week. LOUIStILLE O RIVER MAoL. Monday, )l Wedrnesdav and C los at 8 o'clock, P. M. alrd COAST MA .L. . eturthieead CloseeoaL 8 onlacb. P S. N. U. & NASHVILLE RAII. ROAD Co. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Comntmleio. cn Sundauy June 2. 1839. T HE Curs will leave for the GREAT PRAIRIE,on Stheik-r rues to the Bayou Tiguyue, every day in ,the week-as follows: Depart. Return. 7P.M. 10A. M. 5" 7} Exeeft Sundays, when the cars will run us fallows: Depart. Return. 6A.M. 9A.M. 1IP.M.l 3P.M. 5 7T P. M. J3 JAMES H. CALDWELL, President CARROLLTON S HOTEL. VAUD has the honor ul ifotrming his friends id te public il generaul, tat he hitas token the Hotel at Crrollto;, whlere ho trusts Ihe will receive -tne cells of his old friendsI und oall lovers of gold cheer. Private parties will be handsosmely provled for by piving a little tntice beforehand. He is willing to enter snto arngmenlets witih fnailies .r individunls desirous utfpesoing tle suelnlr nt Csarroll tsn. ot2O NEW ORLEANS CANAL AND tANKING CO. HIHE Iron Steatmbot Rebecca will leave the Basi oat tie head nl' the New Cuanal, every day, (escept ilondays) for helt Iake, as follows: Depart au5 A. t. LReturn at 8 A. 1. o o Al. 4 P.M. o 5 P.M. " 9 P.M. And on MONDAYS: Depart at 10 A. Return at 12 P.M. '. M. 4" 9 P.M. ` l P. a1.1 ' 9 P.31. nsy 28 B. CHEW, Cash. NTEW ORLEANS & CARROILTON RAIL ROAD COMLPANY. SUMMER ARRANGEMERNT FOR THE WEEKo IATS. From Carroll on. From'New Orleauss. loae tarl 4 o'clt k, .A. ore Car at 5 o'clock, AlM Loconotive t ' ie Lheso lveot 7 l e M "i" I " P.' otr 10 o', lok c uar tas b.Ire lot 5 " . pEr lasr lure or the Tripl .RR.A,.GC.NT -oa sUnDAvb: The ear will t leaw r t ts itn hburs bm inl the wsek days ullntl I o'clock, P. y1. whllen Locomotive Hsidl hIave CarrUlltoll etery bhotlUlltil D o'clock, p. MA. For the accoamlodation of persona visiting Cnrrolton, in tlhe 5 o'clock erar, SNI who say Inot iah to remain Illere until S u'chk, tLeca, that huas heretofoe left Carrollton ua 6o'elock, rill rcrnin until 6 'cloek, theIoreby allowing Ihem i one Iour to enjoy the plesut walkts ofu of the moat bautrfil OGar dear.s in" h Unitld States. Pee.-osn oin by the Loeomonve must provide themaelvte with 'iL rta, as the emoduotor Ilta.rsive directions not to strt s. noley iu lieu thereof.. THE JACKSON AND LACOURPE STREET CARS Isarsethi head of Jackuo strseet at 6 ojelook, A. M.. Canl roeortat r6o',look. aud run ottrly. A u'chlsl tey Si commentes to I5trrr sah and every hall hour, ustil Pk o'loek, P. M, from Jaek.ea taut, o rd 9t o'tohk fro .lsloal streeL uxceptinrt t 5j un'teo, P. fm. mu e Cauul trest. lTtt II tt ptarnu'arly requ.eted tIt gentltemeus will not pt tseir feet upn tho e cute iusa, i r eruuke in tle car, whnu Ladie. ureresnat. OdeNewK rleanlu and Currollon Rall Road Compauy., May hit,s 19. JlOiN HAMISON, omy t1 ChiefEag. N. o c C. .It MAYURAI.TY OF NEW RI.EANSI. PilHE price f flour today beings $5 s2 per larrel, Sarcording lrthe tariff, thie bakers will gitie : ouncres o bred fol tren eta. dlnring the wreek bgin. oing so Motodu extt the Ith icst. The lbhves ofwo ostrualitv.or of three for ten cetnts, shall weigh 25 lear clt moreo, that is to sany, 42 1 2 oiinotce. sten St (;ENfl.S Macner.".tuI NV t IHVLLS, fsr :Vlbt plsy Aable July ,7, ftersale Iv J8 A FISK 't'EX Al L iND TITLES. .N ArSTRAt;T oftrer original titles of record in Sthe general Insd flice. I'rinted in aeeordonee with a ,eoletion of the House of Representativee. pas eed24th May, I.231. A few cI.ies jlrt received and forale by ALEX TOWAR, J8 49 Camp at -'JLUN'S' t.T I El r vijeiito ufAbreh ar s an Jaoubhby the Rev. Hetry Blunt, A. M. au thor oiL, ctures o tim history fisesus Christ asd St. Just pulttlished .ltestt r,'tint0 of tre Rev. William Nevins, IS). of lBaltimore wtllh a o,rmeir. Just ie teird sot ktrsarle Sby ALEX T')IWAR, THOrAINLS Htian4 RuSG; T HE well klwn spletsldid hborse Ro:ket is offered for sale, he in aow risht veare old, and is lrusf ticn h.'t blokbe luresa it thes Uniled Sartes,. his rp.eed is so well ktswn that it retleires no coustmrntwarranted perfectly ewonsd. ALSO a Plaetn sud llarneeaq suisb e forcne or twruhst rs. A Striky with siIltine rtr. saddles. ri.tlee &e. hilsYssve rediclts wesre made s etlo and are of thivery etrs maerials. They ale to . sod d atc remS oa sir swr owerr Incing tis city. Apply to Ns. 3Cntrl:dslet rt . J Ire WlT..w r gruii, troevine and far gale Ibru Ss2 R CI.,SNuN, 12 Camup St -, 10th,- 1Doses shpyvns DJekn . kit Chtarlspoon Jdne .......... h Wohinhtol.Jdn, e .ew ork, May.............31 Cincinnati, May ...... 290 Phil.delph o e oo ........... Ilouisville, do ........... 3e Baltimore .o .o........." St. I,.oit, do ........ 30 F Sa annah, do ..............:m L |,verpool Ar ..........50 " outo ('loo) ay .... Prs ay ........... Buotonu. do ........ 2'1 Ioudon. Str........... 95 (ll 00ills do ............5 Iuvre I..............s18 i-()I'I' (OF NKEWV ORLEANS. CLEAIALNCES. May 10th, 1839 ShipSylvanns, Jenkins Barker, f.r I.iveropool. JDParronsoc- l, S-hp Johnb Cadoms, Blonchord, for Philadelphiao E A Bridge Ship Ortornr, Deaton. Liverpool. 1 H Asbbridgo Sldp Queen Adelaide, BSrntow, for Philadelphiao -o t i a k d J H Ashhridge Ship Monument. Choo. . for Noe York, rG Bedford Sbhr, Me arluy., Havana J Roberto & co ehr DeKlight, lBrown St Marks M.ster Vteam POacket Cuba, Philip, for Galveston, Bogert .Hawthorn ARRIVALS. May Incth, 1839 Tow boat Tiger. Crowell. from the pasoes. hoving towed to sot h orque Pearl, rig Andubon and .rhr Gone.t. retlurned o thie city with Fr barque Anne Loouilt. Lefb the bar on the 9th t 4 A M. Reporto. nothig in ight ill the oiang. I2hrh in the tliver. Frharque Anne Louise, Lemotitre, 47 days from Bordoeau, to master SL;EsT shipNew York, John J Wrilht, 44 hours from 0cGa Steaooo SI Lool.. Swan, to Allto Sooaooo Soollo. Aoshuth, roCincinoCll Steamer John JaIy. MSon, fm Fort Smith Stlemer J Duprl; Gordon, fm Opelohoes stealer Swan, Day, fill Mobile EXPORTS. LIVERFPOO..Per sohip Sylvanut..C.rpge 164i bleo rottlon ............. Per ship Octorsro..Cargo. 275 hale) cotton PHILADELPHIA-Per ship John Cndms..Cargo o 28:3 hds to bacco.'72 tono ironll hlhds baon to hls tohr o 55 his and 30ke lordl, 986 hbales rope cut. tinge ..............Per ship Queen Adoloide..CarooA'lds toobac co. 230 hdS .heon 95 bhle. rotton 51 blo pork. 35 bales moss 60 bales brown sheeting. 2267 pi0s load 3916 tark. corn NEW YORK..or ship loaomett--Cargo R139 hales otlnto 954 pigs lead 600 sacks coruntl161i1o pork 64 hd. to"looo 15 hbx wjae HAVANA..Pr seht Ulysse...C.rgo 158 hbales cottlt200 pipe staves ST MARKS--Per srh Dolight..Crooofolkeoo lard 28 sash baron 756o flour 75 do bwhiskey 348 sacks of corn GALVESTON. Perstetm pocketlCub..Coroo smolllotsgro 0erisw, pirito, provisiooo, td lotlhing and IMPOKTS. BORDEAUX--Per hbarque Anno Iloolise--.go wineo and as. sorted moratlrtdi,, to sondry consigneet. GALVESTON..Per steo m ship New York-No c0rgo RECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Alton & St Louiso..Per otet0r St Loul..Cargo, 875 pilgs 56 eooko roono 55 coils ropeo 25 ke.s Inl rd Gotfrey, Ialtrie Small; 13 bageonrn 136 do olts 30 keosI t hilf his butter 3 hi. ets ,Ltahtrd i& uigeroo; I8 kngs shot C O E Bernord; 680 ho. oearn I0 baos oats E & J Andrews; 3 0 his flour J Doul erty; o ke. specie RJ Palfry; 4221 soek corn 45 bhoo oats 73 cask.l baon 121 hlspork 60 kegs lard owner on board. 49 009 hagseorll J A Merloett,t0 bal. tern t do o0is Hiiord and Lorgenfry Cionrinuntl..Per o.tenmer Stllew. .Caroo 548 his pork 53 do whiskey MAaherd &k O)OO oh) olo' A Siorn; .obl; es Vlle ierol 8 hd.l lobaco Tato & Hopkin. 11(I his pork Jhno Goodi. 4 )!s eggs J Dopler. 284 It) pork JThIaer t1 oo I I his ollr Hyde & Coottolok 3 ls egs J OCoolloor, 100 titerces, hams do pork 0 keS, IHold J Iandisokt co o .I leather C R K enndy. It9 his pork 5 keg.s butter A D Gove. ) his whi-key V C Thompkio. 0 00. 24 his oili.kop Ogdent & Sooluthgootoo5 hi. hOtto. Lpyet &, Fort Smith--Perostomlr John Joy..Conrgo 4.2 hnle. otton Collnor 4, Gridlley, I Ido W.on io rt oo I6llscorn nolal o owo r Oll'oard 8 pnalklpe'lric I boa bees waun J C; Douulherly 14 k p0e pollltes Coipt MilHen OOp.luuols--Per Leatlllor J DUop)ee..Corgo 2 ro.. lealhor to Rivero , co hbaleo cotton Follain, Ilellocq ald Degules tnd others Mohile--Por steamer Swan..C(aroo 113 Fxs tobacco Pope, Powaro .aoo 6 tierce. r le J o It Gedd. 65. sacks 50 pack. ares forniture W lclilan jpn, 3 xs machinoery. Hind.. PASSENGERS Per steamer Keating. Wite and chilli, Miss Ford, MHeort Engplish; Ren; Mnyterry: Horinll; Hant; Scale.. BiTlow. Booth, S.lo°h ; . .. Hel... Johon S .ig hofIer; Gtdd.. and Hitoloooo k FortSmltol--Por steamer Johl Jy..P It Donnely, C P Bresltalld, J Thon JC Masono DN alltres, Mrs Rluby, Cook, Mrs Foanes. Slis. Fouos. Por .l"amer J Dnpre.. Messrs Burge.s, Lecoste. E Plauchard W C Nicl FPerool mer Swolloo..H Gllbelt, G Slhotwell, J Nyeman, Foulkes,. Lynch. Niles Per steamer It .ouis..J Blain, oBlook. E J Pittnlon. Smih Curootss,. It ietrston, SF Mtllor, J S Lolamb, J Dixon, I Smithl Konnard n0d Dotoall S Fer stealt ship ooew Yor..kMesdmes Gordiner and 3 ehlt. dren. lanrhoft. Sellers andl 3 eh.ldrn Lewi andl 3 children, I Metrs olwis Judge Lipsoole, John iltnchy; V Dtefendort; K O SmithF D C Moroy; Gell Wooler; Tournin; Copt Vodo; M Tolhott; BRe I. Polk; J A Holll; Reo D E Page; J Lawonra;Ti KR Jock.ono R Aldorew; J IV Cloy; It Hubbard, Col WeI.s and sorvant;JGardiner aod ser'vt, MEMORANDA Swallow left on 5th ilot., at7 p In. Ohio river ws falliong Svery fat. BY' VOIK AGERICAN. Mr dJ©1S7 _____I©-1 FAITRP'UL AND BOLD. Official 3ournal of tle 20 .ltunrticlpalitt. PUBLIS'HED Daily, Tri-Weekly & Weekly. N 1EV' ORl I,.EA N : TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 1839. ARRIVAL OF THlE GREA'I WESTERN-TFEN DAYS .LATER-TORY MINIST'RY FO)lRMED AND IDISBANDED-OLD) MINISTRY REST''O. RED-RIOT IN PARIS. FRENCH MINISTRY FORMIC. Theeteam ship I.reat Western the N York quarantine grolnd on Friday night at 11 o,'chlek, having made Ihr parssarge from Brietslul in tile very hart sapace of thirteen days and eight hours! The London and Liverpool popers are np to tle 17th of May. and Bris. tolto the 18th, all inclusive. The Britisil ministry have been reinstated in their firlner officee, and tile reins of goverunllrmt ale again inl tile lrlnds of lord Aelhourne. Sir Robert PtPI hirt been delegated by Lhe Queen to f'rm a Tory iinistly, and thile. nmenl at the mermbers o tthle new cabinet ha I been areadly olnllnlle-. ed nofrlcinlly in the l.Irondon iopers, himen dillefiuties nrse ill referene to Ite rllaire of tile Queen's housrne hold, and ptt en: Ped to any frlther arrangeloent. Lord Melhmtrne wan nagainl sPet for iby the Queen, and tlhe frmer \VWhier mlnistry resuled offiice. Or Tuesday, tle 7th of May, tlie Whigs resigned, and iboth huses adjournel to Friday. 'he Queen, ac eordrinr to the LoeirdonI e Heali, ,as deertly, affected when Lords Corrttenham and Melltunrn definitaly an nounced to har tlhat the ltig ,rinilsrtry was extint- alfectedeven tro tetrs Her Mjerty rwislied to send for I.ord Norrhlny,n nrd entrulst to hini the f.rlnlmtion of a now cabireti; ret Lorid lellourne earnestly advised her to call in lie DIuke of Wellingtln, and plac tire cour try unreservedly in his hands. lrhe Duke waited tpon thie Queen, and advirsed her to tlare the formalion of teie few cabinet ill tile bands of Sir Rlobert Peel--thiinkirg it must proer that ther prime minister should be arnelber of the Hortr of Corn. mnoos. tin Wednesday, tirefore. Sir Robiert was ap. piointed filet Lord of the Treasnry arlln Clhancellor of the Exrrclequer, ieceiving, ol course, carte blanche fur ministerial arrangements. Thursday lile cabinet was constructed as follows: Lord Chancellor, Lord Lyndhurst. President of tile ICouncil, Duke of Wellington. First Lord nf tile reasur, rand Chancellor of the Ex chequer, Sir It. Feel. Foreign SecrPtary, Farl ol Aberdeen. Colonial Secretary. Lord Stanley. Hllow Seroetary, Sir James tirahallr. These arralgenleals were announced ill the Morning Post of IFriday. llta on Tr h 'l'iltr y night the Peel ministlr was already tit end. The nactllll c.ats R of this event are differently related by tle rWig uand T''ory ipreses-tlhe Iormer al leging that Sir Roberl, wvtillt r exhtnr t of exaction that fwas scnrcelt couroe-ns, annt erlamly not aredent, tie. lllranded ille itrrediate tiissalolf all the ladies com ponillrtg hler Maresttv's householdi; arld rIhat thie (leen ndieileatiy reilaed eopnlrctce with lite dellmall, sv ille.' I wollldl ratiler i reticre t, I tle Irvel of a hul jret, tlan be deprived of tie socie y rf lthoe to wah dl I tam pereoalil attachled, and whlo have been fniends of uly crhilhbod." Trie Tov papers, on tile other Iland, oay that tile de naunt ofSir Robert Peelleer only for sut ha proper.. lilnatechangein the Ilhousehloll . )ointineln.R at should evince to tie eOnUllrv IIIt tile ,rllli.le'r rI.lljoyed lier NMaiesly' cornfidence;,and that parlies -rit ltld ceased t bire resrponsibre. cuhl nio Irloner eacreio e.ll infltuence upontie royal mindr. 'Tle 'I'irles givos tihe rnares otf laties whose removal was considered by Sir R",bert as indispensable ; namlely, rhe I)uchess of Sutherlandl and nall tile lrunlllte of url etllon, hltll sisters Ito Lord atorleth, Lady Charlemont, and the Slarchioness a Norrmonhy. f lie this as it fI , hiowerrver, both partiee irres leei, and Sir Robert anoorretliy teldere.,l hi rio lnalio,, which wa at onc steepled, c nld tihe Quern recalled Lods Slelbonrn and Jrohn !ns.+ell Io thr In the Houie of Lordson tle 14th May, L.rd Mel bourne rose for the or manlkillg explanationa .",lv lrds, there are Illnnlly aelusations to wiich I oam txteedilnglv callous. There are elsme Jceenlild.. however, which I fel deeprly. I am insensible to all ohbservations rset* eting tenacity ot'oftice, eld deisire of place, and to any ihmputation of being actuated by tno. lives eithler ol allljlita or avarice. I rearned InV offife, not breantae i was abandoned by Ilkte wlro usually hall s,,pportrled rie. ut I.tecltluSe tiere had aleetll enftr.g tlhem a ertin amoune t of donlIt, wIlier led nle to out pose hlat I coulld no lhnger conduct the government ei Ilnr with honor to mysell'or advolrraeea tol te tan tr , anti I now fiankly declare tltIt 1 resrrle ,lice so!ely hreeoau I will not rltndon my o nvlereign in a sitatloml of drlicu ty and distra-s, when dnlllalsnd are Itale ar lmor whicth shelugh nt nit Itll coey w'ith-demtld whic are ineonsisalerl witlh uerprermlr bIttlor andi which, if aequtieed irn naow woulo establish a rrecedent whrich a uld reatrer baer abler d rig i e rtelllainitr of her reign, to all Ihe vnriaytiin of panriy Irpolitics, al orld llrrke Ier domestic lile one corli ued seene ul discota hort alld nlrhappineoe." 'Ire ptpera , as tray bre ollrd witlh rnlor of er, itmreiinrg cIhanuge in tire c Thai Leord Ieinralrn will rllnle in e tlilrk not ver, iltpronableet as his qarrel oilt tibe colurt teemn to be irlade ip, furwte olrerve tater he er IarPsaentat tllr Qunill' re rst state ball flr tile aseason. onr tie terlling of tie IOih oUl. So.n.e enav alht Lord Merlboorne will retire, olrd Lord JnRhnr ltall tiil he reieda to Ithe Peerage, and thst Lolrd ortnrrnnibty (late Fall tf Mnlrraieorl ili ie Pree tnrer, witl, .rde I)nrlfullli andi Howlck in tihe FI:reign arlI Ilhaoe I) Pal+tl Th ' lrttpeon ('lrr'n cllir otlethe E:eheqter. Ole. .lliaw I.efevre i tll ire srlp p' rterd flr l peaae r tiy e \\lrie.i.and Mr. Ileny rvt 'o' h,,rne iy tIe ire; is;if tlhe lotter rered, lthe Mitnistry will reaerl to a Dioheioirut of Parleiiamet , it i nt-er mored that Lord lrougham will be taken into tlo Cab. ioet. Of Whe the Marchiones of Normanby tendered her re- lit tignation, her Majersty declined to ac, ept it, and cheer. ede"[ hae deferred, and eam always willing to defer, tlr toe twisaes of the People, but I will not live opevery thing toa party, nor be tile slave of a Factron." Artougtrhe passeitgeri ill the Gret Wrtern we no tice John Vun Buren, Esq. son of the President f the U. S..( crrge Parish, Eq., and ltaj. Denny, tf the al Britis Armyv, earer urfdepatchres. Fourteen or fifteen vessels were lest in the ice, near d )omesosnessa, o the 25th Atorl. The crews often of them tern saved, the others perished, The ministerial changes -were followed in various partl ofthe kingdom by tumtults tud riots, in sote in stances arttended witlblodsled. In Birminghamn and Manchester things assumed a very tlreatenitg alpear-. ane, and it was reported that serious riots had broken out thlee, as well an in the Stnffordshire iotteries. Tltese reportshappily proved incorrect as to the two great towne, iut at the potterien tlere were violent co m notions, lasting three or 4 dayes,and ompelling n resert to the mosrt drtded measures. The Cavalry and Yee. manry were called out and finally esuceeded in repres sing the riottrs, but not until they had been obliged to tre rune them several times, wounding a number of persons. Eighrteen of the rioters were taken antd eonvevd to a place of safety. One letter says that the treops were firing at itter'vals, nearly the whole night. Considerale nmber oe itf h tatsore had been ar I resttd at London and in otter ploaces--motly leaders. Anmong tihe .rrrest wee that ofr one Viteent, who ans takren very active part in fomenting the disturelaees at various places. In London, on tile night of the 10th, thirteen of the ehortists were arrested, after some resistanee. They were in onclave-asix o them werearmed with fermida able pikes. Considerahle quantirtes of arms and ammunition had betn sent offlrom the tower, fb r tile use of the military i various part=i where the Chartiots laild aenMnbled in lIrge nunlther-esepecially it SoIersretsltire, Yorkshire, Staffitrdslhire ad W'ales. the ltdont Ctlourier states that in tie riot at Lane End, (tlie potteries,) three oftte rioters were killed and fLgrly wounded. In France,the insurrrection of Parie seems to have teen one oflitlle rort or vigor, ard to have ibeen in mediately que'led--thongh with grent loss of life--by the Iroopsltd National gtanrds. The pitre was got up Iy the Soci6l6 dee Futiltes, na oentlattont or loflhoot of the Socite dhes Amih du perple. Whethler trute or tiot, Governller t r has received ilforleatiton that NrM Blanqtu;, ,lnriouorsens, Martin, terntrd and IBarnes werr tile ciefs and cmnlatndere of tihe differenrt ec tions which took tile field. T'le last eutiloned irdivid. tit was mtoe prisoner wltile Iicng danlerouily wouno , ded tehind a barricade. and crtnveyed to the stpital St. Louin, whence hte will, if hi state permit, be re.. toved to the Coucier roerie. Tile pariorec are o i the rewott nav lie thus bliefiy st tier: Oe Sonday oalternoon, Itl,abtttt 3'0 men, in senock frocks and Ieatlher caps, broke into Lepages's gun seol , wltere rley obtained about 150 towling pie ces Separating intto dtathtoents, they forted ille military iosts ofll e craairs td Juliee, the Hotel de Ville, and thie Plnwe dt ClRnttlet. tlhence they pre" etedd to, thie P1lice De-artntet. rntere it seems, In telligenoe lhad men receivtd of the intended outbreak, titl reparatitns were mrde I'or dfi tlse. The oinsur gents. ontleir etpetranee, wore fired tprnt, and they tr mediately retreated upon tie Hotel de Ville, still held by their eonmlades. IBat icede of urribusses atnd bhenches wart hastily raorwd in tile Place de Greve, frot behrind trli wlheln the troops arrived, at vgorona fire woes made Iby tile insurgentse, killin o sate of the miliotry. The flfdelitv, however, of tile troeops andt agurds, nid tite wualt lf all nsupporrt ftrtn tile IpoultUtace, di collcerled thle levoltere--after reo.retittlg from street so street, and barrier to btnier tlhey were disltpersed witlh Illln" h loo.. BttSotnte-t 'tore out'rges tccurrred next day in thce streets, bu anon1 tllhe whole, tile iiuntter i.eeIIs "to hove been Olse at'cmere rubbisminio itlhrt ntvY revolutionary puLrpose or cI netlo.)Iu. TbeJ itllltnedi«te result bowerer was the folrtra'itol tf t tCltbnet ill FraEctt . O thietc next eday, tie :th the tMinistry was Irlrted, and antnonnced inite Mloriteur as t;tdlowa : toMarshal soout--Presdent ofriheCouncil tid Minis ter of Foreign Affairs. Mt. I)teohatel-\linister of the Interior. M. Ctronin (ridainle-oi-niiterof Comterce. lieut. iGen. Schneider-Ministrr ofwar. NI. Villremuirtu, Peer of Fraonce-Mitr.ister of Public nlrstrution. M. Treste-Minister of Justice. 61. Passy--Miniarer. M. l)ulare--Minister of Pnblic Works. The following opprointments in thie French Minietr y in addition to those frrming the Cabinet proper, and tmentioned abovre--iad been lmade: By tllter ordinances tile Dukhe tIe Montrhello, late MiAister for Foreign Affairs, is nai ed Ambahsader to Naples. 1. Giroil (de I'Ain) late Minister of Justice, resumes his former post in tile Council of State. Gen. Cubieres, late Ministerof war returllres to the situttion he lately held in tie War depnrtment. Mi. Tupinier, late lMitslter ofa aine, roetntes his post as Diirector of the Posts, cand inistietr of tire C.ncUil ofAdntiraety. MI. Glauthier, Irate Minister of Finree, is once more tihe IUepty Governor of tire Bank of France. 'iThe disturbedl state oftuitlie affuirs in Europe, the continued curtaihments bhthe Bank of Englalr. the low prieeof cotmto, tho stagnation in the demaud for manu factured goods, and the miechievous spirit of the Chart ists, in England, combine to render the commercial news b the Great WesVtern rather gloomy. The hnew ministry, witr Mlarshal Soul t tihe head, will nto dolbt be etrong andr popular. M.'Thiere is left out, end his friends will endeavor tr elect him President ofthe Chalrber. Perhaps MI. Dupin rrmay be tihe candi dateof tile Ctonservative porty. \VWe think thie govern ment of .Louis Pihillippe stronger than ever. Paris is perfectly tranquil, and we canUt learno thiat a sirrle re specrable person was conceroed itn tile late revolt. Wheu tihe disrrgaeizers found rthat tile tpup)il off tihe EcolePoryteciriqlte woulrd not assist tiems, irrt or tihe contrary fired at andc killed twro or tllree of their party they dispersed, and Btve otr urssembled. The National Guards and trolot oftibe liner to ,I mtt,nishowed a firtr, vigorous and Irieuidlv dlisroaition to tie governntentt, 'lire King, uerrmpntired ly his fivc sonl, reviewed the troops oin the 1311. The Dtke of BoasnUo died at Pario on the 13lb of C(beltra wocnr mainr mretetr of M'adrid retd, and four mails fro tIhat capital were due at Bayonne,-on tile 13tit of Mav. Ott tihe 811th, CGen. Esportero, who hbrd taken entire posoession of Raunaler, announced that oie rwould attack Guardmoino on tihe IOtb. LIVERPOOIL. COTTON MARKET, Iay ?7. Thedalemad for cotton being etill o the most, limited scals, the market heavy, and closes with a derline of Id pes Ib on last wrek' e qutations of American. Egyptian relains i very limited demald, and ohas declined Id per lb.. tae ttrcili. oer.atlb Ibkrely supports last week's qtatelionI , while ternrln al Balia lave declloted d per b. frome lst well' rates.. ''he us ea sn Surat is unusally m ll, nthle dicljhino price . The sales of the week antllo to 7,960 bales includinog r01) Americ n and 100 blaranha for export. The Collat Combat.--Veritas did not throw off his clouk yesterday morning, as we expected he would, but with vi.or down, he bat givee Mr. Noluiea tremendous drubhbig in the Louisianian. Both paroies are now in the condition of the Kilkeeny oerobatants. As they have utterly demolished each other, we hope the public will have time to nuse upon the folly of these geltle mnetin their several attempts to set up a standard of faith it cotton specucaiiots. 'The truth is, as we hint ed a da or two ago, Veritas is a BlMnchlestr man and Ir. Nlto a speculator. 'I'he real truth of tine mtter in dispute is not. l be fooll in either of their wondrous lucubrotione. W'ill not somle one of our now pur has ping brokers iesse a calmue, clear, eclculting aed dicpas siouate circular ? The aMail.--A new erain the transportation of tlhe tail betwlee Irbi city and Mobile is about tO cottmence cuoder the aulpicee of James W. Breedlove, Esq. lie in to Iave five. low pressure boats upon the lite next witler. A- lr heas n ly to ask for a proper rmunertlion pIr tIle expenlses ilcurrTed t get it, thene can hbe doubt that snel an occurrnc ue hereafter as a tilure eomnai weill ale tlth tllwo ndruFltle world. Carryil. tile mll Ilbeween ihile and Now Orleansl is folly worth $1 Ill,nOt, and Mr. Btreedlove will et it. So far t to glud. Uetil tie begihling of tie next seaeso boatI are to run hlne teII IPascagoula, and thnclle stages will take thie mil to llolile. The trip can be tnadhein this way in 16o1r w2O Ihrs. IHt wle we to hiave a daily homuiltnol tioul afther te Ist ofJuly,by this routel Muuicipal.ltlif'htt.-s- he essence of liberety is to Ie found ill Municipal rights. ithout lthre lul enjoyment oftbtes, liberty is but a shaldow, a 'llae. If, ir ties oursee uf thingsallty attet he lllade to a'reidge, ill the least egrere tltese rigitpo, what is iIe duty of the lini rzel? lite Ihao bot tw, nlo erntivre-rteslt nle or oub mission. The wr khligs ,f ileec r:gls strikie so directly lhoie to or bosoms thlat Ibo e vlry shllou ofsnblutiion biods fast tihe fetters throwa It rouudl our necks by tile elloly IlfeMallrila rlgitis, oldl revolutien alole can loe os fren the tlraull. The safest plan therefhire is, to resist every attcempt t ilpairintg mulicipal rights, Ind ifreoistatnce tles 1 lt 11o, to resolrt to tili tolny iower left, -revoluiol. 'lo fia t Ihr lmunicital righlts ip to fight fortht which is h earo-t aonddlearest to eu, and a people alivetolhis lfLt woulld soonerdieth1nsuLlllttit, It llhs reoutry, til rightl to avoid 111e coituitely oftie olppres eor, by separate orgauizatloni of tle citizens wronged, is a blressed right. The right ofany numbter of people, to gllover tIhemselves anId to apply to the legitlative au thority for tlch power, is tile es elce of constitution al liberty, and while tiht right exista, anty etlempt to I abridge lmuilcipl tights enlut in tile eld prove abor Virgtinae.--t o flra b ieard frot we have 67 olut of the 134 in the iouse of Delegates, and 6i represelativer remain to lie Ceard froll, two of which w ill certainly be whigs, tius giving us a majority. II the Senate, the Iparties are even. We have nine of the Congressmen, and uI.ay get the remaeiinig two. TheI election of Mr. Rives lilthe Seatte is now certain, if tile returns that lay on olr tacle be correct. Caon 0o1me of our New Orleans frieods tell us how IU+iV ll(lUrder o ler dielll re cuullnitted ill tile Crescent city !--I'iekscburg II'hih. Yes, divide tle aergo numbere per day killed in the ' riry of tite till" by 6, and you bave tile solution ol yotllcqustion. Jua G ,n.i--'l'lhi. is t'll IillrlOl If Ioeled land pirale whhan twie esclapel file clutchesllO l tile IuW. It p1111. peors lIt hi' alld tel'e r',ident of le llatler's lllk of erden reho r partulrs in their Ilefriollul -cllemes hich are tile stealig ofugrueu.s au I hrr'e, aul bhy. i.g lands witlh broknl' balot, paljr. Port Giboon.-We are glad to see that the people = of Grand Gulpk and Notehez are tp and doing to re. lieve the sufferers at Port Gibson. Could not some thing be dine in this city ? POLICE REPORT. SECOND MUNICIPALITY-RECORDER'S COURT. 9thll June.-J Mc Glonelin,W Allison annd F Curley all found drunk, and dieclarged. NEW BRIGHTON HOTEL, PAss CHRISTIAN, MIss. T HIS well known wateriug paeo is now open for the season, under the immediate superintendence of Mr. John McDonnell. The eatablisioent has been vary considerably improved by additional buildinge- Dining roomn, ball room, billiard rooms, nine pin alleys, atables, aund bathing house. Great exesrtiona have been made Id render the place comfortable and asi elegant resort. Thrre are fify five rmrns for frilies, and con. venient out hlouseaarranged fLr single getlemren. Fine sail, and fiuhing boats are provided, and an elegant badt of nusai for otillion parties, & excursionst on the gulf. That part of it wbichliea imrmediately in front of the lotal is land locked by several beautiful islands, all within a few hours til, among which are Cat Iland, Ship sland ilorn Irland, and the Chandalaurs. A Letter Bag is kept at the bar of the Exchang Ho tel, N. O. which will receive daily aitution. McDONNELL & WATERMAN, june 11 Exchange Hotel. FOR NEW YORK.-Regular Packet. Iolnmes Line of Packets. To soail on the 10th inst. S The esrperior fast sailing regular paeket satip ALABAMA, Berry, waster, will sail a above. For freight or passage, lhaving el. egant accomnodaitne, apply to the captin on board, opposite thre Vegetable Market,or to A COHEN, june 11 90 Common st. FOR NFW YORKE. To a ilt Sntrday, 15111 inst. Louioran anrd Note York Lie of Packets. Si Thel faost oniline ship ST. JOHN, Capt. Hitchcoek, wil sail oas lrove. For freightor i prassare, Ilaving good accommodations, apply to the captain on board, near tih Vegetaoble Marker, or to JAMES ]B. IIITLIN, jbrno I 74 Camp at FOR NEW YORK.--REGULAR LINE. olo Rn so' of Packets. To anil p9ositivmly aon Wenesdav Evening. 12th inst. S tir anPerior fast soiling regplar packet cLv ip O(MUI.GEE I.eavitt..IUnter blning two thirds of her cargo engacied will postive Ivosilas sbove. For balance of freightof Itl bales otton, or panoane, hnving elegant serommndations, ap p'rito tie eaptaln onl board, opposite tile Veyetable merkretor to A. COHEN, jl10 90 Common l t F'OR LIVERPOOL. The A and absIperirr lship NEW DAMP. StIRRE. Capt llarrdinpt, hvinio lhe greater p.ort of hsrcareo enraged, will receive des. ptcrll. For freight of 300 bales eotlton or pnoiaee, ap ply to LEVI H GALE, J8 '93 Commonr at " Thoe cain I'Pasngern going to New York in the packet ship Yazoo, will he kind enougllto report them selverto tlh sbltriler Ionday, and then are reluersted to, he or board or ite ship in Wednesdaty eVnmrg, the llth inst. at which time she will positively leave the Levee. JAMES it IIUI.I.IN, ines 11 74 Cmp st. A PER--Foolscap ofvariota qasliliesr, riledd plaio I trlter paper do do do Packet. commreril and B*th t'o.t Road and t Fliper royal cartridge ptper Irot monger's do (oltn sarmpliog do Printirg Paper, of all sizes, suitable for oily and ceantrv papers. Also, rdottte medium, lmperinl end rsuper ropeal Printinr Presses,for suole by AILEX TOWA H, june 11 49 Ca-p at BACON SIDES-75cnska superior r'ineinoa.i cur i, ed, in strre, for sale by G DORSEV,. llth june 44 New Levee Drawing of the Grandl State Iottery, Class 70, 1839 37 42 12 32 611 53 19 8 9 55 14 Paelkag 225, onmbhiaotirn 5 35 45 the Capital Prize orf $8,021 was sold in the flrand State Lnottery yesterday, bry Mr. Tlhos. Banks, Vendor. THIS DAY. $12,00 Capital Prize. Tickets 63. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. SCLASS No. 49, Extra. Authorizod by tIhe Legialature of lita State. lTo e Drawn This Da. June, 11 1839. Sat 7 o'clock, P. A1, at Bishop's Hotel Coltotoan ot. S IDAVIS & Co, Managers 75 Nambers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Sr&eme. 27,814 Plizes, amoonting to $145,798 Ticketsa $3 00--1alves $1 50--Quarters 7c. Packged' of o5 tickets for $75, warranterI to draw at least $33; Shres in proporrtion. For Plckhdgeu or sinale l'icketrsr, aptlv ill __ At Managers olfice 1i Chnrtres atI aL and for sale a tie lowest market pricea Iby JR i I)rtRSY, 44 New Irerre I. Fl)llIr-11136 brlc.. hdtiag front steamorer llrorma, For sale by (i. DOtRSF:Y, JR 144 Nrew Levee sTalel- hgy superor Leaf Lardl in staole, fr n. u. . l ..ry . IIURSnY, JO 4lNa Nl.rcrr 'I'ATE 0F IOUI"iIANA--'arith Court for the Parish and city ofNew Orleans. Present the lion. Charles Maurian, Judge. No. 11,831, i.. A. Ierwin, in antual onstudy. vs. h:s creditors and the creditors of Erwin & Boliegs. Upon readling nd tiling the petition and schedule in of I,. A. Erwintl of Erwin ntd "ulinOe, o rClert in oI'e Court, on LAon UIy thie 17th june next 1839, tien anilo her la aros se et la, ifleny t y h vell wy tOre Prsent I'e dihred ording to arleMaurand tJug in t meLAn.tri all iiieding n n.nt heeare seerty and ciers eson bIsrayed. It is urter ornderd tht Elignore Kitng, Esqcn. Attorneys & Counellohrr at Law, be ur lpinecture et erngistrement creditor. et d ie ordner of Court. Clerk's office, New Oreanre, Meun 21, 1ti9. 1.,12 nioo ARMAN PIfs o1'', Clerek. eeI'AT E.itL.A I.OUItIANE-tCour tie Pareirae Spourin 'areosse at I ille duo G Nouvelle Or. L. A. Erwin, LrsitcnsEnn ctltreprtr sete etr sea bnier ur leture et K rtis gi srel ent tde In petiit.e at edO ilant(alluttt lottuaffair, itnet orrldntnn par In Cour que irrncrbntciers e I.. A. Erain, tdd Etrwin Iiolinge, ae rbruninet en ptrin (our, te Luttri 17 JoiLr rt ohuit 1P39, otEur dbJuiee its rBaiont, silla n autt, pour loss qule ton i ait L.A. Erwirn. tot peour nt coente par. tculiere corm ae Lnocib sde EGrwir Iolingr. nren rouit p an deeltarge ronfurnlyltrnt la loi et nd Iretone traps tortes puursuitons enlltre no peronne i t re hien nlat susI ettes. Ieoet dt e it es rd lnnn qro EM. Elitore ant King soiert nnnnhr pour repreyentr lee orirciera nuhanrrtn. I Pa rtie u do Ctttr-Bueu do toreer, l4 Nou lvee irleanr, 21 touni 183-. 7 onni 2uaw A. ITOT Grefi oer. WILLIAM R. CARNES, LUIISIANA WARE 1WUihi tnay 14 Iln. 53, IIIENVILL-Sr. Nine OrLCtern SACi..n TIDE.ti140tnis l suptnr teCineitnnati Cured ii sturr, lit sale b (y . ittRSEV, n,27 4l New Levee. 'l''l II.-5. tens Englisa h blistered Steel, fotstre by ti Us8h sHKK nowedge, 9i 6 ,ve gaz eintd lor WEntr . 811T-188 kegs lard &50 do nups. d frior Wstlern by u DAotter. fr e hy ttyo :18 . DOISEY, 441 New Ievee OFFICE elF I MI9tSSlInPI AIAIgINE AI) IFIRE I lNSURANCE COMPANY. New r drleant, Many 20, 1839. na 'IIE Ntockholders of thi I tlitttiotn ae thereby t tt.tETd,--nd mrqiredtjt toey irn, at tinrtaitenttog tlirty dollurs o il rsh nbitoe. hn lo itfonr tine f th of Juoay nxt, at thle Cu pan office. In order of aire Bseorar ye HENRY 1OCKETT, m2.0 Itn Prenidret, . ltro tene rHIeSKEY-I ot riola lnttdit g trou otoC t boN t d6VCutort1n, hoe ntle by tNmid (i pidOSY. 44 Neo tecrd 3ingur AAItureAr ALptAAe ntd tsoeor yd 1 Useful L..n.ledg, eor te eart 1839, recedived nid frr snle by DAVID FEI.I' &i Co, tty 18 21 Clartren at 1.11E JUICE, Iandingl from Ilavanta in caska, her. role aid tde.nijohnd ilr ler tanv 18 Ctoe Natirh b GIttlritErtrti et LVESI BEEF-In tolf barrels a1 tire itsperoltun tc23 41NewLevee ( 1 EM ENT-I.363 tbarreis tof Cettrtrt. londing rntta e)ltilt Yazoo, will be soritd iton if tahetn from-tine Levere. Apprly to JAMES B. IIIt.I.EN, moy 28 74 Camtp at. FURNITURE! FURNITUIE!! JUST received at tite I.nrnieietto Furnitnre Warn hlrnute, a large rspply flnrttNew )tork and Boa on. I'ersons in the want of furniture awuld tdo writ to call, and eelect tieir articles from orne of tie best and largeot stuckh now in the city. WV IK CARNES, N B-Panrticrulrotlention paid to pnckinrg tad onep itgFurciture, freepofnopeee. rll6-2wn onse! ,c OdtALL. do BROWN, I) AAC3J--60.111 lire. Cittoirtrtnti tordrt, eounoloing of' hIlnreroe, cides anrtr houlrter, ni tite Inorrire, Itor Flat boal. Ior uale by Gi IJ1SEY, trte28 4 e ee SYNDIC'S SALE. BY BACH & CALIIOUN. JILL be soldon Wednesday, July 3, 1839, at 12 t VY o'clock, at the City Exchange in St Luuistt. hetween Royal and Chartres streets,by order of Antho. ,y Rauch, Esq. Syndic of the eriditotr ol Meetrs Egerton i Wibray, rlbthe acount and at the risk of lears Edward York, George B. Ogden and S COgden, who have failed tocomply with the terim of a sale of property hereinafter described, made to them on the 241h January, 1839. Eleven lots ot ground, situated in Faubourg Sanile, 2d Munieipality of New Orleanr, in the square bounded by Clio, Ptanee, Calliop and Nayndae streets, as per plao which will be extibhted at the time of sale, vri: Lot No.1, moeasuring 29 Ieot, 4 inches front on Pry tanee street, by 1.0 lest in depth, and front on Clio street. Lots No. 23, 4,, 6, 7,3 , 9 atd 10, measure each 29 feet front on Prytaoee street by 20 feet deep. Lot No. 1 n masuringe'9 4 inhles fron, on Pry tonee streetW, ry 120 feet in depth, and front tn Calliope street. The above Iot, will be sold separately with the priv legs ofen alley in the rear of tite width of 15feet. Termen f'eale-$-180 elsO on each lot; balance 6, 12, and 24 months credit for approved endorsed notes, witll mnotgage until final payment. june I 3tjljTj 3jr Vente do Syu ac. PAR BACH & CALIIOUN. IL SEIRA VENDU Ie Mrreedi lI 3 Juillet pro Selaii mOidi, a Ia Nouvelle Bourse rie St, Louies ntre lea rues Royal ea eChartres, par I'ordre de Mr. Anthony Riacel, Sindic dna crdanciera de Meter,. Egerton at Wibray poor Is compta at au risques de Messieurs Edouard Yotke, George B. Ogden and J. C. Ogdent qrti ant mattques 0u teraen preterits par La vents pour lea propridtts ci de3ote dseign6ta re leur adjugdea Is 23 Janvier, 1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERRE situte dans Ie faubourg Saulet, 2de 7 Muniiipaliit de a Nile Orledans dans I'ilet siltu entre lee rues Clio, Prytanse, Calliope, et Nayade, d'aprhs on plan qut a t6d expos6 an moment de Ia vunte, Savoir : Le Leot No. 1. mesurant 29 pieds 4 pouces de lace a Ia rue Prytana poar 120 pieds do profoudeur de fae a la rue Clio. Les lots Note. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 d10 menu rant chacun 29 pieds de face ale rie Prytanre par 1120 piels do profoudeur. Le lot No. 11. mleeurant 9 pieods 4 pouces de face It Ia rue Prytanse par 120 pieds do profotdeur at face a la rue Calliopo. Lea euldit lots seront venduo adpariment avec le privilbge d'una allne de 15 pieda de largour. Leo tirmes do vents ruent $1800 cotmptant pour cheque lot, t ile balance a 6, 12, 18 et 24 moi de crddit en billets endoss6, a tisfaction, avec hypo theque jusqu' a parfait paiement. BY BACII .& CAL.It)UN . STILL Ihesold on Wednesday, 3d July, 1839, at 12 o'clock, at the City Exclange in St Louis street. Two Squares of Groend, Designated on a plan drawn by Louis ltringier, sur veyor grnesol, as inqres E and C. Square E contains 26 lots, numbered from t to 26, which ileasuore as ful lows Noe 1. 2, 3,4, 5, 6, , 8, 9, 108-10 lots menring each 30 feet lfront n Mucarty street, by 105 feet in depth; lot No 1 forming tie corner of Miacarly and Adam streets and lot NIo 1 foirming the corner of B9luarty and Hur. del streets. Nos II, 12,13-3 lots, tmeas ing encl, 300 feet front on Burdet street biy 150 feet in rlvi ih. Nos 14, 15, 16 17, 17,, 19,20 21, 22,23-t10 lot, mens uribg uacil31 feet front on Conmnercinl street, by 105 feet in depth; No 14 forming the corner of .omnmnercial and Border streets, and No 23 lforing the corner of Cominuercil taond Adamsa stleets. Nos 24, 25, 26t-3 lots, measuring each 30 feet front on Adams street by 150 ini depth. Square C containe 16 lots numbered from 1 to s6, which meature as follows : Nos 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10--I lots, mieasuring each 30 feet frontf on, Connecitl street,by 105 feet in depothi lot No l forming tie crner If Conm tercial and ltti:et streets, and No 10 formling the eorner of Conmer:ial & Washingnto streets. Nos 11, 12,13-3 lots, meeasring each 30 feet front on Washington tstel,. by 1511 feet in ldeptlh. Nos 14, 15. lit, 1178,19, 21, "2, 21, 23-10 lots,,mesi uting each 31 feet front on Pearl street by ti5 feet in depth ; loti No 14 foirming the corner of Pearl and Wash: ingtio streets, and No _2 joining the corner of 'Pearl ano Ilurde, streets. Nos 24, 25,26-3 ltts, measuring each 30 feet front on Burdet street, by 150 feet in depth; all American measure. jure 1 3t liTii&3iv PAR BACII & CALHOUN. I L SERA VENDU Mercredi Il 3 Juillet, 1839, a midi, it In Nouvelle Bourse, rue St. Louis' DEUX LOTS DE TERRE situds I Carrollton, dosignot d'apros un plan tird par Louis Bringier, Arpwnteur gendrale, los dits lots E et C. L'ilet E contient 26 lots nuodrot6sd do 1 it 26 lcsquels out los mesurent ruivants : Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10, mesurant ehaocn 30 pieds do face it lo rue Macarty our 105 pieds le profondeur, to lot, 1 formant l'encoiga nure des rues Macarty et Adanm, et lo lot no. 10 for tant I'enco enure des rues Macarty Ot Burdet. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots nceourant chacun 300 pieds de faco & ia roo Burdt sour 15)ti d profono deur. Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lote mesurant chacun :10 pieds do facea t a rue do Cononrco our 103 do profondeur, le no. 14 formant t'oncoignuro des ruch do Columerco at Adam. Nos. 24, 25, 26, mosuraont chacun 30 pieods do t.hc aIn rue Adam our 150 de profondeur, L'ilet C contoeant 26 lots numerotis de 15 26, lesquels ont lee mesures suivanto: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mcunrant chacun 30 plods d lface i lto rue de Commerca sur 105 do profondour, to lot no. 1 formaont I'encoig. nure des rues de Comlmerto et Washington. Nos. 11, 12, 13 mesurant chacun .0 pieds do face . la rue Washington our 150 de profondeur. Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mesurant chacun 31 pieds do face a la rue Pearl sur 115 do profondear, to no, 14 fornant I'encoignure does rues Pear ot Washington, at le no. 22 joiglnant l'oecoignuro does rues Pearl t Bur. dot. Nos. 24, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant chacun 30 pieds do face I la rue Burdet sur 150 de profon. dear otle tout menuro Amoricaine. J1 E TAT DE LA LOUISI.\NE-Coou de Paroiose pour Ia paisa et rille Iedla Nou vele Orlians Prseolt I'honurnble Charles Mouron, Jugo. Mai 14th 1839. No. 11,774 M. Dubo vs see Ceranciers. En milion de G. W. Botts, REq. avocat pour I'in.. solvable, et eomntrant une erreur qui s trouvat dane I'annonce dernier pour assembler les creuncicrse, en couesoucore de eel erreutr I'aacandlt.e n' a pts one lieu--It eat ordounc par tol Cour, qu'ute nouvelle aura lieu an bulreau de Phil ippe Lacoste, Esq. lotairo,ton Sanedi to 15 Jiin, 183i), quand et of on va delilberer sur lea offairen do petitioonuire et preodre en conaidoration lea moatioies coenotueo daus la Fetition. Extraitdu regitreteaat, Buieau du Grelle, la Nouvelle Orleans, Mai 14, 1919. ml4 31 ARMItANI) PItI'T. Gireffier. `t'ATE OF LOUISIANA.--Parnoh Coulrt for . 1 Parilh annd City of New Orlea.s.--Prsenot thel Honorable Charles itlurain, Judge. oMlay 14th, 11139. No. 11,774. M. Du Bose vs. hie Cieditors. On Inotion of Geo. W. Bots, Eoq fcouonsel fir ile insolvent, aend upon llowingo t tile court tllhat an error loa crept in tile notice callilg for a loeeti of credioura in lltis ase, and thlan eonte Iletetly oaltd taeeting cannot ltake place. It is ordered bly tile court ltht u new coeet lag ltake place at the oilier of Philppe I.aecoote, REs. Inotary publie, on Saturday lthe day of Juoe, 18' then and thr deliere to l rate o the affairs ol'the p, tition er,and tlake into consideration thle matters act fortlh itl his petlitioa. Extractfron thie minlute-Clerk's Offlice, New Or leans, May 14,1839. may 17 3 ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. TO1~0 IIENT-The dwellia tailt ofi the three-story I rick housae No. IL 'Pchoupitoulte street. P1a. session given oa the 9th June. Apnly to H. LOCKETT, Camp street, a r Jualia.-or mayl8 No. 13 Exchange Piece. VALUAIiLE & SCARCE LAW BOOKS. ARTIN'So Reaort , a few copies only left, in 19 vesol; Louisiana Beplorlts, 10 vols Civil Cule of L.ouisiana, O E Johns A Co's Code of alPructice do new ediliont Srogent & L.owehr's Reports ofcase in the Etng Slilash.courts, 33 asole. Williamas' Massachusetto Reports Peters' Itepurt, 12 voos; Io condonced do Arahbold'a civil and criminal Pleadings Abbut on Shippiuet; Bailey ont Bills leck's MledicalJurisp)rudence Bell & lBeattv's Chancery Reports Chltty ona Bills; do on Contracts u ol1ittt's Pleadings; do Practice; do equity Digesrlt Chitty'e Blaekstone ; Cruise's Digest Curtjis' Adotralty Iiceot; Direst ol U S Elen'o Chancery Reports ; Fonblanque's Equity Form Book ; Gould's Pleadings Gow on Partnership; Holfflnan'a Logot Studies Kent's Commentarses; Leigh's Nis lri'us I'othier on Obligations Peterln igestoo, let volunme, a new woTk Roscoe on Evideee ; Russell on Crimes Sanders' Pleadings; Smaiths Chanocry Practice Starkie on Evidence ; Slory on the Coaastitutioun Stevens a & lenecke oat Insuranca rollens law of Executions TotlitS Law Dictionary; Vattell's Iaw tof Nations and a general asortoett of all atnetnard Etgllsh atnl Frocac law books, amongst tle latter, Morliu, looullicr. Pothkier, T'roploog, Duraaton, &c. E JOHINS Co, 3D may 3a Cor St Charles & Common sot NAII.S-400 Boston assorted sizos for salo byl N SHALL &i BROWN, mn2I 96 Magazine st M ESS BEEF-In half blo, for sale by Smay 14 G D1OISEY, 44 New l.evee. ACON SIDES--150 caaks CincinOati Eared, for B sale by G DtIRSEY, mayL"J 44 New Levee G AUNNY BAG--25,000 fo r oaloe t Ca G j -S -J P WHI'I'Nh.Y. 73 CalI, st HI YRAULIC EllENT200hbhle for sale by j6 S&J P WHII'NEY,73Calpet A SII O.A l.S-S-5ll00tr feeol a rs, oar mosale by . j6 S & J P WH ITI'NEY, 73 (:oamp st . ROWN SOAP--3'10 boxes hrown soap, tlhr maie by j) j6 A&J 1'P WIIITNEY,73Caompat CHEMIN DE FER " O LA NOUVELLE ORLEANS ET CARHOI.LTON. Arrargeme na de 1'6th, pour |Iejouro de In aemaine. De Carroltou. Does Nile Orleans. Char a cheval, A 4 hs. A M Char A cheval, a 5 he A M Locomotive, Ai " Locomotive, A 7 A8 ' 9 " A i PM A" 3 a4 -65 " 4 "." " 7 5 A8 o, i A9. . d Aprho r il loir do do oir, on poent obienir on Ichar, en payaonteinq piuastres pour in voyage. t Arra-eomensa pour lea Dimoanhes. Les chars partron iaux mi6mo heures que dana lea tl joure de la oemaioejioqu' 1 I heoure P. M. Uno lco nllolive paroira de Carruilhon 0outa lea houres, Jotoq' a 8 heures du soir, er de In Nouvelle Orleana.juoqu'A 9 heure du saoit. . C Pour I'ogr ment des peronnea qui ose rendent A ar rollton par le eor ude 5 hieure, et qum ne d6sirent pas y r demeurer juequ' t 8 hoeers, le char qui pamaoit alupru- t vent do Carrollhor, A 6 Ibar-s, renters juequ' 6; heures, it pourdonuer le tempp de jouird'une promienade agilB able dens un des piae beaux jardins does Etats Unio. . Les poersonoes qui partiront par Ia locomotulirve, dcv root s procurer des billets, attedlu qu'il at dbfendu f 0ux conducleurs de recevoir do 'argellt au lieu de billets. . a Chars des Ries Jackson et de la Course. C Ces char partiront de C loo Jackson A 6 Ilheures, 0 A. M. ,qt de la rue du Canal A 61 heeres du rentin el courant chaoque heue. A 8heures, its partiront toutes lesdeomi heures, jusqu' .t l heure du soir, de la rue 1 Jeackson,ejuqu' a 9 hare dh ea rue du Canal, x cop t a 8j de la rue du Coanl. Lea Mesieurs sent particulibrement pries de no pas m litre lee pied sur le est oasino, et de nie pas fmier I doun lea chbar Ilerque lea daoes e'y trouven l. Bureoa de Ian Ciupognie du ehemin de I.r de Cor *rollion l de lo Nouvclle Orlbonn. JOHN IIAMPSON, mail8 Ingeniur eon chef. T RUGS-Just landiug fresh s upply of white wax, L Guava Jelly, Gium Arabic. Tuinariblds, Crenm Tartar, Sal Sodl, Spts 'lurpenline, Pearl Alsh, T'arra ri Acid, Clloride "i so, Bolo. Cepevia. &c. forl sale by II IIONNABEL, may 3l Cor Nlatchez nd Tchapimeulaoots s NEW BOOU n, JU.IT REEIVED. IDLER in lsly, by Countess of Illeaoinoltot,2 vols. American Joe Miller; Horace Verllun, 2 voul Advice Io Genillemen Ro in lIe , 2 vo2 lo Chitty's llackslone Milliengtnn'o Civil Engineer- o ing, fir eale by ALEX. TOWAR, may 31 49 Cant C OININ'EIS ofi Bhesingise, Idler in ltalv, 2 vole. Pnacal Bruno e lilt Altu.vlnenlt, by 'I lluook The Aylerican Joue liller, will, illutrations Little Frenelhin hnd li hi water lote, by Morrio, I etcltingo by Joeson. Poelic Wr~lnb, selected poetry fruom Chaucer to Wordswortilh. Nicklely, No 12 ; Il'o Skeltches, Nos 7 and 8 F+ JOIINS & Co. nay 31 2w Cor St Charles & Calltinln isl C IIAMPAIoNE--Ih baesklets o supermlr qanlily Int st ore end forsale bv SHALL & BROWN, ol lry 31 ri i M agazine . st L OAF SUiA It in lstore nd lier sale by may 31 SCAI.. &BROWN. 9i Magazine si ` ERMAN PEAS-:81 Ibag. ill sitrc antll finr sole by Smay 31 IHAI.I. & 1II1OWN, ,6 Mabgio ion vi Th 1OUI.I) C tANI)I.Sirm-7 Iloen vieu Robbiloe. ih . ltoreland for sale by SIIALL. & IIli{OWN, an-y 31 9h b aguzsthe ts A ) Iet X slles superio r aoxeLeI i me i oie and for Aoale by .HALL & IItIIIWN, nmay 31 96 Magaziae at IL-75 bris iri~ne "l'anlers' Oil 4l. casks ulmlmer SIperI Oil may :11 ir3w I. I1 1ALE2 , 93 CommonW s Fri L It-99 barrels landing ioro oli- ,,ivontfi;rsle8 l1 by tII)H RSEY. m:l1 44 New I.evee /I ESS BEF iEE Ilf l blallo at tIke inspection, fIr 1 sale by Ci IO(RSEY, iiay 31 44 New Levee D R . MtlFFAT':S VEGE'I'TA LE LII. I+ 'lII..l-Sre so well knownei t ile public that It is Ihrdly ne ccsary to gie a detaliled cletlnneal of their value and use. 'hefi llowie.earticles will fuiilly convince any i e oftlle luinls ille docter ilvo ulipon tile publllic to liaC confidence in his Ineierations. t From h ,e Inampden Whlig LnfJuly 12, 1837. uiofuat's Pills ncd Jlitvrs.--'l'hc las Jiiirinl rnn tind adiliinal teulilniinv ill fuvor of this hlglhlv inplcirt telntinvention. "The irass ollh.t Jonrnal'wa's Illll lst stolupped" to nnallnee irihe testilllsnv. Soiule ini , illlv l name of Dr. MoCit thanksii s In lt ile.rting lthe ireiaS cane ofonr neiglhbor Bowles, nidl ilers o a qllUtilVy ill I the artieleae cililelltiiln. hi. is i veryC kiil, eandwe promisel the eeomet we lalur ulllder like vlllicticno wit our neigibor of Ili Journal, to call iIl ageintl. c In the mean tiei , are ainy lclring ilnder ninliler dlif, filchies to those lwhiclb avre so severely borne uiini Mr s liiwles, tev have is les lilr.olv i i thile " cuilmr eadelilpdiisS' iflli remlld IcI liacllveliev. Thce idi' cine is indclttli'dly it sovereigll remedy. - "lhe Ilolwiuv lviie, is icrotll Mr. 1Bowles, 1tdliC.lrf tci Repc d J. urni l. I pait.lil, Mi te,. ci .vn t';FI .l, Jiii I, 171:T. 0 Ir. .lolfcit--Iie: 1 I ii ...o. i.e...... rasa ... .. I l,,. 0 ifilcl f iii i il ii ocicicey iii the l,' mw++ s- ctm + (l'vt'ee, ic lc lllppos, Il f l so verii illneCss or i li ,lllllllm n rv r lellll;ll ile. Ile dlla ural llelil l of ythe bo el isi loiti ; flrequent nod severe pimls ,,t:c-, witlh murk weaeks, s anal depression : {'alha, li{.s be'ing nce:-sry everV l.w dlllys to counlcraec evivonednc. I v lcvei ,l'-,,",,,l g,,o, It p y s ic ia us , nn d h ay s I riv l f rie d s 1t ll k in s ,I p il ls a , - vert srd, wh|iah peelCed soilePd it II1v coos, ill vain. Itu1 ring the es lyear, I here boughtl u etil imedseveral hoxen ofyour " Life Pills," and hare found more benefit from tlhel, marerleliefandad pluemllcs illy |,aisA fora,. len gth of timen, than ]l romo any medicinle ! bare VIried. Yours, SAMUJE11'OWI.E. For sale in ithis city, at tile corner of Cnommon and Tehapioultnis. ma, 18. IN ilITS Uloves, & Suspenderr -Just re I r ve I by Isle arrivals, anl Renllent of lahirt1t cravaas, sunller stocka, gloves, Iitd -uIs.uders, et the Bauzar, corner of St. hsarls uatd Calnon str.tar. a.22 PlUSII & AII.AN. T1'EEL-6 tatas Rngliagu blislesd, it, -mo,re, fltoasle by SHALL & IRtuWVN, ra24 96 Stlogasehi, at D \RLOR ORNA l ENT'S --Rm e . ant _ cunrsiirs, for sale only by Rees & D'lacge, and at Plo l, 's hlusel. All these rnanlexts ennsist of the must aspier did etecimsens of artblttnloty from Europe, Asta, Africa, rlrld our own cuuntry. Approved nateant 60 dnyn will he taken nl B A'ilPUBlS-l1 P alla ' th s, h st urrew ds aie, , nsaleat reduced prices, by S. LOCKE & Co. emay 8 ruoltr Ievee F LOURI-86 bhls., landng from C tars emloms Inr d ,I,11. Far sale by V A. 'II':IIEl ItJIREE second hand glass SIIOW CASES fir Scounters, for sale low by B IIRO\VEL & Ci, mnay 29 .No 17 Ct.mprt f'EEL PENS-Just received a liw gross ciillota Eagle, and Perry's double parent sAe,l lens. for salebv i)Al|) FEL'T & Co, a23 N Y stationers tall l4 Chaltrtn st SLOCKE & CO., NO. B Front Levee, have in stre a large and extesive assortment of Copper ,ral Tin Ware of their own anltulfature, lwhich tl(h Iies low by wholesaie. raty '8 NEW IIANOS FROP M PANRIS. • Ite subsEribersh ave j1ast reeived ler shil Charles from llavre ard olhr lirC sale a beuutifutl sort Asent Iufi~anotf tes consiutig is --Pianiasu, I'iroh,e f Rtaoseattl, Cratces siaal triel manllogaly slald. Iloriotr l 'lalna of the tichest roseweo. ard mase. gattby. Semi uprilht Pintf b Itea d ,ldo. I37l'lhese intruu.elrte are tall ,luac tre rl by tS. c.leblred relaeer 'I I'LEYEI. t& ha. of Plri.ell cl,.. tril ti}j ocaves, are of a ,aa at ell eri,r ualti alnd tae leetdl aexarenssl for its by lMensas ' lae l a KIali aner, waiclr faet can leave ntltling to desire it ratgnarl It the beaulty of tlhleir tulle. Tile+ Ullamaur and afeear. aors tflmusie aree reslrec.t fully inviled to call asu exnamine tile aellli ,,tligh pieians whicha are entirely a sew article. E JOIINS & Co, St. Charles st. I4 opposite tile Verandah & Exchltne hloItel SJ4 G I)OILSE) 4II New ITeveas -j EN'I'UCKY, Indiana and Illinois loaney--$05611 K of said descrilption for sale Iy J4 A 'PRIER,34 Gravier st SlbESlII ItUTI'ElI--16 kegs landing from stouatl Iboat Prairie, lor sale by J". A TRIER, 24 Gravier at .Ui.Ei) LETTER PAPEI--A few l ases of ruled I_ letter aper ofvearious qualities, just received and ftcr sale on acaommndating termsn by J4 A TOWAR,49 (rp at l uppsite Suzetle st fur sale ly J3 SHAi1.1. & BROWN, cr6 Mlagaone lrt M ESS POIK-lfI, hills landing from streal, bunt a United Stares, for sale be 37 A ThIlER ll'Grvlera st WALK-.tA CAsES. 51JY BELL., No. 16 Clartrps -reet, haa this dlay I- reeeivedn variety oftlCANES, asitable Iar get. en'e uset thLayeill be offered very low to syr WOhIKS ON SILK. A COIPLEt E aassorltment ot the best works aon Isa culture of the lMulberry and silk wurmsa. Itandluluon silk worlns. l)'aHonergue's silk culturist's maenual. Clarke on the Mllberry. Cubtb's ananal of tie Mtulberry tree, Kendrick's silk growers guide. \Vhlitemarsh on the Mulberry and silk wormas. Roberts nt silk &er. E JOIINS & ('o, Jti w ecoruerofSt., Charl es & Conlto , at F LOUR-1000L bbls a upterfine, 4tidtt lhit, rlilt .a' by L j7 G( I).)RSEY. 44 New Levees J UILWERI'S RICHLIE., the celebrutrd Playtl lchenp edltion slid an assurtmelr uftllhe mstar ele brrted atering plays, EJttIIN'S & Co, J6 Lw corner St CIarles & COaillta st s IAI IIISKEY--6d barrels laed'ing fraut traate boa J. Bridgewrter for sale Itv J7 C" I)(IRSEY .4l1 New I..rvee ORN BRIOOMS--dUO dtx it stctre, tor sale by J7 G DORSEY, 44 New Levee IRANIDY 00 WINE-3 hall unit tjer tatk I bta.n dy, 4 qr caske bruawll Slherry \W,'ille; 31 boxespale Is du superior quality far sale lby S & J I WHIT''NEY. tnay 3 7:_ t"amp, t ~J iNE--sweet Malsga winl ie yr caskes, i sre, Sfor salo by (EAI)) I BAIL;'I'OW, -5 .7 Blank Place PROSPECTUS OF TIlE NEW ORLEANS The True American which is published daily at Twelve Dollars and Tri-weekly at Ten Dollars, per annum will be hereaf ter published also on every Sunday.morn ing, containing the news of the week up to the hour of publication, at Five Dollars per annum. The political course of the True Ameri can is too well known to render it tnecessa ry in this place, to more than merely refer to it, for a criterion by which to judge of its future usefulness. Every effort will be made to retain if not to improve the char acteristics which have heretofore obtained favour. Attention shall be paid to ship and commercial news and the reader beo constantly advised of the state of the home and foreign markets which shall be review ed with caution and care. Abst, acts of the proceedings of the Legislature and of Congress shall be faithfully prepared and all interesting intelligence be industrious ly collated from the most authentic sources. With local matters, the True American may lay claim to a familiarity, which a residence of twenty three years in the State of Lou isiauna, and the city of New Orleans, alone could impart. Its best energies are con stantly used in urging every measure that is thought calculated to rapidly develope the resources and advantages of the state. In addition to the usual variety of read ing matter, it will contain an unusual quantity of miscellaneous articles, forming an agreeable melange for the general reader. Reports of all the most interest ing and important legal decisions will he reported from time to time, expressly for the TRUE AMERICAN; anil no effort left uln tried to impart not only interest, but value to its columns. The DmlLy Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, double med unm sheat, at $12 per annum, payable suini annually in advance. The TRI.wEEKiLY Paper, containing Ilhe reading matter of two dailies, $10. payable in advance, where no city reference is given. The WE.KLY TRUE AMERICAN, made Up from the daily papers, during the week, will la sent io sub. scribers who pay $5 per annum in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable city reference is given. Subscribers respectfally solicited. 0 JOIJN GIBSON. NEw ORLEANS, l1AY 1839. PRAIRIE COTrTA iEC F PIROCTOtt treo ,nt hi, hest .r .t.i nte to hit M frioenllte, prthe othio e w 1to r )hoot, ould to oal trager Wo itny toe plassing o fewto IIvos i ote ity,. otud illrfot ls llotll tht he will ho e roli y io l t fiftw days to '.ivaIi them w it h11111 pleaolll retrete , the io I A It 1e C( O'TT A ; ,sitlur.ell ti tn Ikloe shoellt Itersotlt travelln.g either fromoo S tringlti+.l. Io .hlo'mvdlc, or Madisonville, or o thet 'io t oiI tere meet wlutl go t cheer--floe aott o'.t.dms aldtpoi' Iite titoeolittu--a&I it p rtyes 'l woo olr til.o Ni hvilhr llt t ntt ie tker vel r in ig private nail pleasant room, Iy gil lug one day's lmntivei of theilf r i tii lltltotll t) to nir.~ nthe ,rroprihnor hthLsa not that lineltieqnt-t for ae. vi tt will be illll illIet Itrvlletogo thIle (: ,tt ge proe tuellsa to Ilve ilvalid, and tthtine IPerirel with the Ileat dlstc lanr . eaand oll lferiy. fThe parr nd drhI c Ioul oir tonxtdlottOll .nltiog either fronto too lon'ke to the greo l fr u-rlleo , will tvlr girl totlllin gllt o deligih tO to lthe wa deter i tll tse trch t 't r l ofto tJI nopl tl'to . F. )toloItoop to a otll oltbirettrF itll ol.tlfdenlv.o I toth. at'ronoe of those whot knlll hli lPO totf sertilng hio city will ht n Gor hint wi ol to (all. Iat i1teonts ioo intg t'rtiril o *olltlL o'hg i of tilfe amo-t aoeoo hloe Plate"o Uf re Tort in t Ihe to i lhbo ,lol.l o ltd tofllllt. 'iv . T' lteoot0to groeraotots hoot hi0 twino, iquors A.. `"r, shlto u .;,+. ,d' 1h lhle t )l lln llho lrs ature" li. t the rnllll#-. II , It Nttu t Il I1 IAttI "t-Jo' a18 t1 du o i , l o r of tl bl' k 1 00u oi . i o , llll oo o I lllloIeJltil' . ll iI! 4Ha-n f (or i ."l PrIelE' l " Y E o o.'; i ,ooo ttat t ,tol si 01., I'o, t a'. lo rfiootthU i ~ t-1 TC IN' , I-ti oo111t ' tit o r'i IiI1 t i r Nth n,0 T 0 'hilouu st l B i-N{-.1cTo fornl a lle ow d inr hath'st Ill t ra t de vtrill, re ivew lrly to "d I or s ( Na I ,it. g veun mediel. Appiloty too Jot It I uNAFL,V 'rC nt oo , j i'~u1 "3 o 1h 11thlrl lll.amp ast B fiuI 1: liA tOI':V.i t tw I ttloP " T I-AltI.,It-,l |ttr ll Ilr too fI SWll", i\ -Iro. Il4ar oa, Ior sale tlby 1 t) ll hgo I oto toay 18 ('or NnXttchN und T hit'o torn ulo s.n ..IA mrBI DUsIT fur IHItk Da , t.l r . - int.ul| N1I vitriolreceivedl Itely- old horIh Isaeoy on' Hv na Crollr Nther to'Al ToL o.iouhlAo, solt Cfloohtyleo it rt inyg oh.e ofJothntooo n t nd o l ornt's news, book, oudjob lk, in, 'or rsze by aoy 30 AE ' OWAR,9 itamp sO ;lS XCI{ANgE ON I}()S'I' Y.N--itrI .ale by IO4 INSmaON & t I )IIEI, (t13 tooartest tro,th Ia ropoTtfoully inrfor ptheir rulied nolld Itli pb, lir ghoraoll S pi,.ting paper, of tal he t ovtirom, will lea for New Yik ' byoh the mo l-dJuet p fe . T' inovi-ritosteb ethrallvlbott Eo' oooot oitof tihe alboey, lirn, will eoavt who llay wish garnllents moHde to their llealure to calk d t leave their ordetrs pretiots to that time. eary 15 TO MIERCHANTS. t[lJ'MERICIIAN'TS ran have a nItroaearvu. CucoU LOn struck of al four hoars Nortcrhby etolltoNor r thlo Compting RomitoJ TRUE AMEtRICAN lPItITN(k OrlcE, t.Chtoload Ex.o hmge. etAjotinig, the ItoI INw Rooml at Cortero)'(firlvier streer, oratthe I i>r ing Oftitse, corner of l'oydras nad St. ('haless streets. WgII IKE.'r.-o2o 1)t ' rl' lolifit r in ere ftor nle by W a9 G. 1)OR.F;Y, 41 New IBevee, tGot t ohxe. io. orlte Iy 1GI7 l' C :1h FOI'I', tt may 2 34 Oravier t 0 31t) t60 lb. stho oif Itoaziero (Copper. unt0, heloto 30 to fil i. of 10 lb. Coppeo,. :CAltaolitw 20 toil do do.o. Juo reeooivcdand ol iotalo by S. LOCKE & oon. nav 28 8 Fruot Levee M O -NIIL. 0 c04 ,,0 ut.ord ooooto, i7hI. M Rope; 75 Maioill Illsortt, oototo.,Ir lolt 4 -'2 too 7 1-2. For snite by . LOCKE & Co. May '28 "- Front Lever I f and 2 Whilo Lead; 39.o (Oniol (t'roon Greeo . PaI'nil, gr'o.d in nil; IBlock d0,,; I.tseed Oil; Sport dot 1'1111); 511 btrl. Whtiing; Copal seol t otaoooto Vototob rFor vot iR bo O oo-. hlt. ,R tt oool.oo CO -6 * , Front l evea NEW BOtOKS-'"The Croloqt," ta ol by the O'1H Il rC family; Molooirs of ceto'flrad \nolret by 6 R I' Jaotes Esq; the Novol History of lhe l Sooaloo, by J Fttllllilore ot oo.r, o lhlor oftlle Io'py, o: Birtlh, )enoths anto Mrriagesi. hv'ioHlokti Eq. N.. Jack Shepprdn by Aisworth; I'tireo oUgy iio ther fam le. Just receivet anud fr sale ihy jfi ALEX. ''OVE R, 49 Carmp a SORK--350 bi. M i lrime Porh, al.r ldos and Clrieoo oat. l0 inuspl'ctiot for tale by jO " (G I)IORtEY,44 New ;evee PLIA.'I'ERO)F I'A IlS-t0 bllt latding fro.. .hip SSt Jlohn, will hb sould low if token fro,.t th lee so J6 J B HULLIN, TI Cntotp at 0A030 OJtJ<IS--1.t1o oaoo.o soup.riorClucilooaiti cat. Sored, ill store lotur sate It j6 G 'C)ORSEY, 44 New I.voot Bi-Ut'PTERI-oyI,,, aal,-in slo. fit s.-e by A j I: iORSIl 41 New Levee t h Ot fo.t- Otto t1t ,ot. 'tI ha o f looo boo, otiant ) a situatito n i. o IIq n e t Ii er oo ilet ettoo lio shl • menl.eilher inll the capactv in oIr att hlolor clerki ao oeloonPh t it the h rittiptnl ohoelt; osaoiary woo ud A oot ineke alalUt d flhrenefL,or the prleelln. 'I he personm ha had several vears expe e uce il Ithe -e'hellallliculllnit buriness, aol is well .cqilteld with Ithe citvy Ilia elll clovers rreet mluch I teir inabiity itl keen bhIn any longero the hest of ren, mlen al jlt;Fgiven. Ay cy¢ nlotuucaton ,lad dressed to MI. Buoxt 1904 Pt pliot, will Iltpfte wilt imlm00.edite. ttePntiolnto, io b SITUrllA' ON WasN10, A OUNG ftniedW\Vumn, wt. .l.s a healtchy .tt ilnt, bilt to'e mo.ths old. io desrloo s ofgettigg a ritualtitn 4s WET NUItSI.' in I respectableIanigy. Site cll give l0t0oooe'tioahble rtcoutlnt·loatootloo, if re qoiredo Apply Ito iro. c:,fflteld, at a1i Dawloo's, toroar of Perd;d.l and St. Ppters street, J 6 nOR-SALE---tlO hlleo first qlolity NortlotrnIoTa , ` lan ding Ifron Pacrtl illoit Aghottta. A'ply to 'tie,, t Captain oo botrd, one. tier holuo hlie Vgogelt,le .AS:i MI kit, Itl 1v.8 ovilP hoand iut slel by tIIAL & ottaOWN, Ot.l.NIt01) ;71.-It pjp e. tollland bin, in 0tore il d four sale ho J 'TIIAYER&co t13 94 l'oydlra st Tr :EA---t0 olhetot . lso..ltglog l-.,o, lanCdin. -I froUltt scr Svlcudli frolft Bo.ston, fIor sale by apt 17 A 'RIERH, 34 (rvier -t PITCIl-30 btlls. int good o -er -f -----i 4+11.AIL & BROWN ptay' .ti Maugaziue

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