Newspaper of True American, June 12, 1839, Page 1

Newspaper of True American dated June 12, 1839 Page 1
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12~r - __ 'htfltf'4n4. - Pnlc_ l2 CENTS. NEW ORLEANS, WEDNESDAY MORNING JUNE 12, 1839 ojO.--VI o 1975 P~Vor .-VI he a.,... . 6eb ..ows.naver Press of New+ Orelnu r.;A i,.D, ow rtlr ur ,, no , .. . ..ý, ,t ......... ... ... .. .. - .. I.-. r .,t . ., . .•, ,,...... . ..ý, .... ý............... M,., . • ,,...- .......,, ........ . ... ~T -- Terms of the NewPspaper Press of Newn Orlean onanilnuuslv agreed to at anl sadjnurned msetiag of the Proprtetors, ltld on the 131th of March, 1837. SuonSRtPTIONs.-'twelve Dollars for the daily pn or anntlt, payable seani-aonually in advance: ten dollars flr the sri-weekly couatry paper, payable one oearin advnlue, where no city reference is givnt. Five dollars for hie Weekly; pavable i. ndvntace. No s Ibtttriptioa will be diarcotinued until arroarogee are settled. In case of di continuance, one week's notice to .ritsagn mst oor itvariabiy given, previous to ith z piration of anbscriptlon. AADonErlstaa.-tl)t dollar per mlqare for tlte first nncrtionl end hIalf that price fbr each kltseqloert one: an) materi altterationll rmn tie original advertieement wil be charged as a new one. YltcALr A UVaERT Stab.-Merch nts an d Tra'er, orty dollars if Eq.nglish alse, nd sixty for both Inn gstgeto Bnnks, Insearetle Oli:ae, ned o1s er sinlis pubhc in stitotists, fifty dollars in Enelisall only, nsoI eghty f sr both loangrtage; Ship anid drteotbot Fac rst or Comontsiion metrchaats sixty doliars in English ase andeighty for botlh langtees. MoaRRaoats, OBnteARo NOTICtrS, andi artielcs ell ing the attentionl f the pallie to salea of property, erds of passenrgers benetelts, d&. &e. will Iw e argods sne dollar pea square for the ihret insertion in eachs lan CoaatM iICs IOe? , or Advertisements, of any 1ehrson at nature, whes odnlissile. shall be chalrged daruble, and in advane. A deduutin of twenty-fie percenet. will he made to Auctiodneer, Sberfis, Ilgislter of Wills, alld Marshals 'al saler of real estate. puuliashd in both laognngeo, and 50 per cent. in Eaglih alonei : at per cot. on salson 'of other propeorty. Aurtae ssnas n rs out of the direct lise of btosistea mf the advertiser, sate as legal, auctiost anid plana in sales, ranaway slaves, stray animals, &c. &c, will bes earged for sepitutely, and at tile orslinary rntes. AIav.:cTRSEMErTa not specifietn tto tile, will be eletp ishaed ote montll, asnd charged accordlitycly No severrise netts of ibanlkruptcies will It pllsinlecd n atny ea e, nllesR paid litr previous to instertio, or p'' soIot goorant edl by a resollpolible person in town. thT m t are and other places of atlnseoemen, advcrti.lsr dh ilyh tCr tie seaSol. to it ctharged $100 fier LCglish n lose, sssd 4151) itcltaiht lngotleLo. A tll oanu scteoats fits candtliitis for pelitical omces will Ihe charged dobl, theo priceao of ther advertise OwinD.ett thre it 5eoeloats tcusttined by terwntajter prll.onr, tlshe ica v conout tot tim concluselll tiha Ite. nta est of prsls wtheI ncce loltt Ihav cnt been laid within on wisoe aflhr preaentation, soall bte Ilitle knew i (ass ftr os irnclicablel to eschl olther--lhev sbli satIIl I eslnstl ve i ot ntl it lvericati or elrint for such I'. Pr . RI';A, J. C. pItEII)ERGIAST, Jl)IIN GIIISO(N, l.iIs It'IN. CUvree N- Psre.--\W'. nt. tsderaiguc e d to aide by the aolon otalndistiitt, as tar as they are applicab.i to weaKly paplera. (Signed) A. B. IAWRENCE.r I ts } atuhcriptionts are taken tilreIos tthat fi onthtst. Lettors msIatwlill ii rcastci, hb pOst paid.ST IJAY'S LINIMEN'I'.-No Fictinn.--This ex 1tr.snrdlnary ichletiell rotlonosition, the result of scinneo, and the illventi,.n -.i a celebratsd ietrli eel etss, the introdsial . n of wnich to thie pslbise was in vteas with Ie a solelnonty ofl deothld o bequest, hts since traintsd arepuattion unparal leledi ftlly sustaining Ith ctrrectlless of the lamented Dr Gridleysa laat conftssten, that " io dared not die withoult giving to posterity the bueafit of hisi knonewldge oil Is ll uhjct," and Iet tlerclfir, b.qucatkndc to is iti,d sasS and attendtit, SYooests Hays, the secret of Inti dscocr ey. It is now n.ed in the Irtlpa'"l hospitals, and tile private practice in rolr country, first and inos certainly for thie car of tihe Piles, and so etenlt ivaly and efleetually as to Thfle credtulity, unless where its effects arc witneased Erxternlly in the following complaits: I Fuor Dropy--Crasoting extraordinary bseorptics It once. All Swellings-Raucing them in a few Ihours Rlltcuatoointa-Acute otr Clhrollt , giving quick .1 Sore Thiroct-- ly Cottcera, Ulcers or CIoli. I Crouaip and Whlloopng Csoughl-Externally, and wover thls Cshnet. All Bruase., Sprnins, and Burns--Curing int a few hears. Hnren autl Ulerse-W-vhether fresl or long iltaoldltg, arid te;:ver worm, Its ogrns(ncs upeoI athllts. and chlildren is rdarte dn g rh otl o tl(l ; rsc-lltlu u t, Illlh llll llllttssa ttsIt s g ts etns tigltllt.cs lf thle ichs.t ty ilstsiaion of tlhe lar0ts, 111 bell srllllri.log hIeylllld eOotvplittlll. TIte estlmoll rcl tlrk of tllhsess \srlts avt ilseed it in the rlot, is I IL aet., hL.o Cha1rl." TIE PILI-:S--'lhe , rtet. $L is rsefundaeld to any ,person who will a oe a hotile of Ilay's Lilincnts oir tie l'des, ansd retrn the itpty bttle withoutl : Ieislg cred. 'Ldlise are hllepositive ortders of tihe i prosretlor t thie Agentscl; and out of Inay tiIo.I a nllds wld. nont ola haln hen ulllesll cceftl. W, .night insert ccrltlC tas hI, anly leltgtll, hut proefer tllat those who sell the artticl, shstold ex. ,hlhtit the origilsal to ttrclssasrs. CAUTI'ON-None i; lic be genuine witshout a pluodidll ngravcd wrapper, ni whlih Is luy nellye, aid also that of the Agents. Oe N lY. i Bold wholesale and retail, by COlS'I'OCll & I .o, Nlw $ork, andl by one Druggist ia every town in tlso llion. For osle by t!b Wholesale Agents. corner ol' Co raneta & 'choupitoulasi street, and by the Al Apilthersrei gseucraiiv. jir il - Pf.J j)1NSI)N,0 c(Ois Ilie lls- ,,st'tl I stt, c' Sli hiaeoh pl'actise Io tle Ireatllentl of Venereal liesevan, iiill ito dst'der,sot ftrcas. Dr. Jhassoa, from, a roeidtsc of tony yara ia hIlns pitnl is In surtIs, dotvuled to th treatmsent tf Ve'erealrt lti(eates, ssd fron sli e lt'ssllt settensive rIlllslie in that particular srillleh of tlhe preoleusill, guarantees a n safe, sperdy aid a Fie :tstal care to sucih persone as are esslo blied wit hs ilo ' sls i e ftIllo wini g slios sasr e , ait :-e Gnoorrhtes. iulcsso, SIm1cItaeo C.1 I.Cneres, hulbuho Se ,sistl atV aikn sso, AI f.,tB ious of the Bllolddr, Kid et) s, ins ., Urelhre, 'Prslrate (;laad, Swelled I telcleie Eruptioas sa tilt Skit, Sore "'ihrout, Poans ill the luJtni1 Antd the rmutasres synlltsoae wrticl geaerally follsw I hsis lisease. Ireeost tses turred in two or three days witlhot tlhe use of lMelrry, isste'rnpiioa rotln Ibshles s or alera lion in lits tode ofliving. A isedseiae t.t preea'ao Venereel I)isese can r ie of' - coined tf I)r.Julllsson. it is Ilnro tihe recipe of the Ilnron Larry, a caleratted Frlssh Surgego, and w was L needl bs Ihlll dsritngst severl caonpaiits it which Iie servedas Bura.get(lUolerhsl ill ld Flreach Army. Sold by itr. Johuson, at his altice. 'IThot persons hnaing as syl, tiion of Vea.sreal l)ivatse, noid celt ta* akiuga .tlasvystrge. nt re sill Itoll the eoltlllt Iwttitld do Jwell Ioy givioi Dr, Jslnso a call, os s s iwper medi n.ines tn+ their "lre ill the shllks i lt lllot cas t n ie it lp 1' wioh writteln direetiscas (tit tIheir ies. to tisicoopens fioul t to tie morniang until II o'clocktt at AREIRNTIY', II)YIPPI'IC 1.,XII. Ur. bw o "t, iy, tit o oit r it, li t hi i rg uni we. opiaitoi tit itli mu-trot b fIu the di easen tht affec mankild originate in Iia Itoiabltch. This Elixir ~ isr uloe fly hll wilth the n )st Ufrecerdnptrled c, at :it ithe les privt o and ptublic lr.cEto foIr upwaIJrds of fort I yearse, tr the re ..val f hCfrllawite disearse Lease ofriette, Flatnlet l tty, li-atelatil of t ile toat a lh, Pwatin ihe te,lr, It.e virnes of the Ilead n vl at cli napirn tal pr Irnegtlorit oft tile Bwetl.t and it aill cantes Nwhre Indititun or l a t.o tiav ho ito it Iund to exitl. hllin mtediedctinemuot ntet bn numlbeed Hlllntr th hieas ofqek llletrulel, now brfore ltiet, itin, as it in the rtl inveulreon oul'f itt ,letrst t en mtrt r titite rtirge itI tEuro nevnr oprdnea, nnd th.o r ecret of ' IrNptlilli it wma trtt:hsttad by tht. tttrttfota r. vaty lurge rumt. l it agreeaele an I ideasut rti the It to, act'e na it mllldh eieC iet.a.lwtyt ketrt the bowel rfree, iltptarl vlglll ttlld lstrettgtht tte llytelttllt, and herl'tlneeass to tte Inlllt, and It feh'w trle resttilV the i allt c l.trleld cUse o Uysetrpsia .r Indigestion, tuod preventait returll at any I ultre period. NoW YOR m,lnth Anguis|, 1{.)18. h5 liadiateshrteret. la:-Inco reaaenrencr Ciedi.g a reletary i lie, I hbve been troutled, In ore nr tesr, with Itl.litrim rit (Ia years; lar tire last t.hree yeart Ititty uttFertin. have acen itruj.prrtable. I have trietd tevtttl phty-icrint, dand at tnlnleretmftek le'li.ilest wtbit.h ,l l oerivij attny benefit. I despiteld of ,err utlainint anv perrmanent reliefn amn resilled myself orele in ttt hopeless ds itair ( wa. persuadell by irellty rinllea to try Abeatrublha' lrlaeptic Ihlixir. I have now frinished the foltll Iwt tIr. sid kbow ntt hrw to exptress my t irtiorn f its wonid.rful virtuea a;nd the nllracle it !1,t perflortlwd in restorint nlr In lint | r'dth whichl I t nrgh lort fir ever. seltll tI. hIlr|f a denl botttles ttCa r e rild excrpt my thiankb itr tae blersitgs you hlrve : nt erred by re storing Ili to perfuct heahth. I remain vntrx, )COIlt MONROE. rihe agentrl " in bis prase.eion seve hundred te itoneiats similuar rI tint abote, of lt.s extraorudinary vir ine, of ti.hi medicine. rold by atpprintttment, at ir. Johrnelt'. 1411 ttienvtil, street, nov. 5 VALUABIE ENGLlSHI- E(DITIONS. ý,AllUI'rLL'S Wonders rrfGeology. SChulligaworth works Gihbba'r mtiacelluantous works IRennri'e worb--Wavr.rlv, (stale) portreitsa Parry's Legendryeatlinaeta-towper' worksa. 8vs loeg'a taleor, B vola--.tir Charles (iGrndirra Goldrsmith Anrimnated Nnttre--Smith on Cottaggrs Knrox t Isitory l ut rtrefitrlllntion Itavenport's biograplhieal dirtionartr &e &t. Jlust reeivad and ftur sale by A Tt)tVAtt. a27 49 Clatp at LEGANT IBR'/ )'OCIE+'- LWilliatm Bel, 16 Char tres at., as tlhis day received a smell assorttrenl tilrge narttrilled ittl Irn o uic brarr ttlr, i set t p in The eri style. Slenling fro:a hltp Abimuader frmt Bremen, for ple hv A TRIEIt, ~e"-,i 31 bngzinte -t GAS IIEPAlT'3lENT, j Gas Lilght Bankina C(,np', Jaemtry 3i 1i839, 7 fig StEhk Iif noehl reducee Ilhia (;anm pannty will falnrisll 'ittsaburg Coal, in small qcuar ,ipe, teo their n a rn ero. a Ordner received at the Gas Ofice, Iank Alley. - jan31 E 1' ELLe:S. S3ee'y, SURNIIAI'S DROPS.--lhis medicine wna a discovered by the proprietor and hal been snb in jeetid to hie careful ohservtirin for many years In every varlety of pinclice, and nll thle disease, of the diversified Amenricann clirnale; and it is not given to tie public with Ihe utninst confidence and believe that it is, as most clearly set forth iln the , penphllle nceeunpanyineg rln arne, the heat medi. Icine ever throwr n withinh'the reach f niall clnaes eof society. It is willh he ierennlat npropriecy liven in aIll the mainlaies wvhich nfillie thie human r cee, frlm tihe esltablishlled act, that, heen taken into elne atn. mach it actsaccoonlin, to the state ol nie stolm ach end the nature of the deiseale, tither ca an enetnnic, diureliea, sudorific, epecmtornatl,nr rperiec medicine. That II is retlly what it purponrts t be, ed needsonlnystrinl it esatetly the tonlst inerednlhus. Tine fanet it dailly colini to Ile knowledge of the - propricoir, of its bieneficiale nd lecving fleets in e, cases ot thie na eand fever,blllius, yphllas, ners vusa anl scnrlet fevers, inllu icc, e, violent colde, dysenterry or flux, dyspepsai or I neslea , sIuealy hen thnat they are not only warrnnted in warlly a recomtnending it, bhte they a-e cailed lpon from a nsnse ufduty weIch tle) owe to Ill the human fallily is n say In all, Iry it, and you well 'hocr aonple te'st Slny In all we hove id on the ultjeerl. II liTh cholera itsel"f, lie walrst scourgen which le eve'r vistled our eC lltry, ha heell successInly co.e1 le qler d thie proprietor ill thirlen n eases with tle use lI this i I ,clllne only, awichaut ite. l e sslif n stingle pie.nt. liThe meedieei'n' in pie .are de on-ly by doclirs IIUIRNIIAlt & IDAVIS, S,. L ui ailseuein; and in g put ile ien hincals each eaCOlehp'nlied ll a plain S and aisltintlr l d irection, sll 'and nltl inigll a I) it eiLty st ell, to be ,had for severyI . live einlt, whteh mlkes it nmuch the cheapest mledl iclee ovr Ullerted te itile p ihte. The nhn' ve ntedinine is sold whh es.te nnd reteil ny nr A :eieis, Ilan v I nnliillnel, D) u..nIt anId \I Apo hecry t'ehnouplioub r ser l. N. w ()r ann. i" %M n 31\V I--O N.iAv.n Muasic; The lnc ven' lc la S1 l, ina rantini rvin tial I,; Scvier Daec'rr , tb diele yell relnemln ,r tile Ilben oicll elit, inn nie I ellm rtullrllln ce I'le \VIIec , II ae oc I'tU 'uip pers 'I hi r'lllno t ),.ll. u ' / e l Tt aIert . IIIst l v m e lt' I,l ii i i r .; S ri. ill l gil'nld loll 'rll l e ) ,. c l ; lan il; o d i I lrom ll i Ig lul I pintig; I cartt' nn L e rit it tcir, wi'l, tiv it t inelec; iCuille, /ilIIcIn e I c rtc niec ill eia ro ; n \ .lilce eotiheerl oi c l a,, Iv Iatu ele. l; Sio a W hllcc ele ti i c l a e e ilce cn enn lit frle a t:r l.enCm , to ic ic lim rninge nerit, oevcitic bI ine li t; icc herj "s l e n1 oln like me lWan ra, eAtd ir tl- en rhe'; ie y TLatrre t IRoyal UiVallbz , by A l.'lIect; (Lucri Victl rlu'a LCuurt (luailrillea. Just reAceclved u l orlair hicby de19 in n1.\SIYti', 19 8.inlp) t T1IKOI'u1n IN FIVE. AND A IIAL! D)AYS, From Mobile (alalsblnt) ti Ang ustno (lOs J ErrAVE'S Mobilhe ee ,cti olhner dal, i l e l:.ia telle ii thIe arrival el ite meil frceom Newa Onrieanse Icel nIl tlcaon' at eni. nd.!e, no Ieto lkely, coaclhes to I'Nclllsaol sloalln ionlits ( ipr IC'nIe:lcola IHn'e, S Intoa. sUn d anmlt llocd tahachie lie anai tanny) totecllat" luf cunachcs thenei i:l liania lllla (Ilbaunct:Ilccchee', (iotmerly oeee 111111 er eoan,) ihlldb hcIge, l'Thl.rto'; II:wakionsvileancl eIani'. tillc, tc Auguslt. A asenas ge'nrtakin dhis seat lie.% bile is inn Inn danger of bIeig ltnarch Ont or hlsndeg h s I'ee'eeec by oithe eonlieticcil cce'ccs, as le FI.t lt I)A Ll N .E ir bllt lllton eltn I and cr oir col tI , it hert'ghouelt, slccd ellny r'ely ''ITH cce r'n' TT tnd l I: ae'ricleat Atc,'clil iill n ti neclicl, rtIn lgle all cm .e: er tllnd at 'il re:(so , eIll esn sheccic mlll tie c i.i I c'etIc.n .c:los-k trol e shold 'ccurt. 7in"" (larea New ()rlean telin 1 sc eriet ) tlic r nlllne. 'Ihi A etllnts IItn' aCColn llio . tioll. lealln , Ct o:ch.(eltlld r)i icl l i lla, ote a n al'I e tine iotlat l ncl ec llllary. lThe ennelaOi, liotud, einal roads, the Ins anl insle n ietig w en tnter aileancdiOc e t. alin e cnnl , cc otm ation l alffll tie tra, 'r d, «"ha c., iteanart and a tica ' iog vuet) cit ecac as I-le e lit a s ile ail I d c.'listtne , nc i eans tt li tpa tkts INe ils e rk Al.'t, m lJh tlal ll che , I llnrsit, we IiI.I I * , i t io lc i c hceacic ci lmoin e teo cew Iork, ugh ls Lin via +Nuew ele ' tdhasacet, 'cSL ks . honr Iosct c n:nll e nt, .l e, tiln Inoalll' l l. ci i frl l Ila kina llS iliebci. S'I't1C IC 'tNS & . D. Mobile t .io A lgusla, .itl t, Aulguesta to Charneon, Le C * T Nw t)d.lunll tol Selie\ol , '51111- 1n11. .Mobile to . lt;i. 32 "' Atl.Baia tn hClia ltn , 'e i 'en'rlson to Na'w ack, .la- 25i M:akin 1. te oille per day. oef t7 ile, per Lino', inclih ( sia'v, of dl lsh,.a's. env c lc N. It. I cl I c hnte it in rl Ie nlie h llblic tl m e In l hrhidllgel ol' llthe (h'.111abn. ht'eswamn'l 1., a I ard Ian! sbo' i'creek. av joest bi n t'corni' icled ( Iie geri':d 'irn . trentl, (Ill-, olh obhll.le, s ' ,ceratimml ag:liEstct.hiis sanl : :uc , speed)lou it e u nie i shLppily re ,tov l; ' n'an llh:e h, plltlrue ofe a ing from trIv.Ii.ille' s tha ihe cnac ' eshor s .s, drilc.r allll "a ds are oli the linet otdler';i 1m ns hto Il Iwiaer rolile from I enaco lllt., to Cedr Illult, it is ahnit. ted b Iiy rlll Who hliv leasced tlhr tglin it Ito ie lt i sllli se inc nveelels bealny enid sa'iety. The brilges ecigl Georgia alstc been rep'ai'ed. J ML IIAK'l.t I.adyC .lu,rnate's Comniotali Chinese Soap/ rie elcnniended in tilhe ludle ,I Mlldrid tInd C lharles ctn, inldeed rcaitv, nobiitcy, the press, and te " ,iganciec bahlanre of all Illin s.plt hl, oplinion has pelin.nased :l aond placed the nlliaelncy of l ady L.. ll ontague's compound Chinlese soap bteyind sus pieion Ior letter or rlng worm, pimplehs oil the face, stn bb rn, 1an, e nruillon, prickly hl eat, and i lc e ,hns il lice skin, the Ihe ling quahlmies ,cI this sathl1 e 111 soona erulcnate. It is rlecom enllllll ed its In emnlllnt shaving saoup or compounid f,r gentle. len, Ifor beautnlin Ihe .Cllcmpllexlln, rerlmvlng Irecklcs, and impanrling Irehnel'aa a lnl delicacy to the cnmllesxion. T'Ihe nrisocranllic dlsltniclniln ol a silt and whilte hand, is ne' i many iain object ofi consilderable i ntereti. Laxp osure ," ewarml elinates the neck lacy and hands bcecomae tinned or hard ened, and he tnvcenlionsi of mnodern chnemistry have been rendered aubeel vie.tent t merely to tle necaea.s aary every day arts ul ile, but eve , to its luxuries alld elegancles. d Slld wholesale and retail at No. 0l Custom- v houseat. Price it. eI -- NEW -N -----DCNE. NE\VW MEDICINE. Dr. . I. Phelp's Coml,tponad TOMA TO IPILL, l(Entirely lVegetable. A noer and inualuablte Medicine for all Diseases, a substitute for Calome/, as a callarolic in F1'evers a FO all Bltliuos .4lrclioas. r.i SE i l lr fo ll. n, arulomhu,utt u of d newly dis Scove or ,lld .kahe ubtl.acr , .t , J ac l Teoll tiei 'Tonats P'lat ; with Meher vtlrLtalle ruhtaltltnas w filCh hnv Is een Ibnlld to eootll'tdt l 'u,e ito rl ,ot ttt o lo a t heh vdoto b.t he I ltollo r. oto ne t Cunlltlthrti t o .tlhlllo ooe r tll~eoltoo, l, oTey ht"o , beeln ubuadalll ll d sLlucaeaaully tlad, ollnd hour reelncd unalver al u ) irubat l, for Scrl'ulhl, Il.lpye itI Jaa..hIC,, Ih httul lluo.oot, ooratl,, Itthl.o. tl.lltt. t Cttgh. i CuOl,, o hllluotto r, Gaht..lh, Neorvous, dio seo , Aold totltoL aI GI tdular t ets - lings of ul'ull kld.,C, C itvo llo s, Culle. ile.ontlo , Sc .il oltldo, ot Iot CTl, l l lland T o t:te ollld let sett A ; to pre veat the tfarls..., al' alhtu. sa l A int, sflom'ti a Flier and dAg een, A . i Ill hose 'i . hsl.a hart aln . II.IIIin i loth sld m rth yunlio rm slht. s. r l s rll Ill It urli c t tl n i ll ll l hir a.r edy I Ibr tele h oady: need 'l'rael t ile t het t o llldlc :: they e ai d to.s to el, clltra. t te o tr i" to l - in 1, u i thefltt tt y I I allatev. |",rlarlhlhlu y "ulUll y PIIyIL-, hItJ·'ro unlvtlS'ally a1 prove d u Illt e t ,o tt rvler ottfetr ,l t ' t'hll Ito il.t vt rlu-o' f , te Te oonmat l , ml, oe inr a t gn im attracted toea Iltenll lOllt a"l he IIh t prolstt t aOI d ilat pnllhl , u aml gea t nnllle r w hal. brueh, cct to ti l o t u a redll : veln;,sheat el' its y inld l iwo d qu.dlht e x. whle t in proI Iretr hs 1111%I y II. beIlh w ll lll:h t gerullf-- s 11 pre-c llut h illsp to i ltb. with it the ful f, ele a thl .ut tie Os Ire ,. ol.l VALtALE RMo.DY T .oF iooOvteRFD. nr.,on f Ie slrlll cll te o f creso f ill. tltean sldt h e hu e ta.t n hI o d at l 1,+111o1 of to tol-e 1 h l," .,;ll tf who have o ,ooott bed tt ell, e ll tonua , tl+.rlulu mrue lhl, nlllhl.n. 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Alto, by A A Peychanu, No 12tJ tus L yual o. tao.... Co, Na ti N.e o Lc ot,. t or. A Marshall, Cornor tSL J.lle.l ato Tst haltaolnsto . h. J. Rolss, Lafayette City.t I G NC ,rrison. No 1I, Canal-lreet Ia G Jones, corner Tivoli o irclf ailt Triton iVoalk. Thos. th;lt wih to act a Agntt,I adores C A.t:FOL SI.0ANBEo , wholes.e itgell mar C ly heen Iondt Itse.f. haho t here and in Ithe norlh with uniform sLccess fur cleansin, nnd twhiteniny the tent., and prevenTing toile toothaoche; presorvit illla gUms, purilyiug Il,. brueati nlld relhving mal diseesea In, which tho mouth is liable in either the , tdtot.or infant--O.e o ea nto ontlul mixed in a wine glassful of pure water.ato d t ,i aplied too th troth Wi A nAsu NE LInne wiDh E b NObC, will effectually pre te lo Oth achtlt, . Prepared oly by T. F. panger, Str,_etn Dti n. ltist tn Jtoeffrsnn CiLlroh e, and sald iohlrtoal anti reail by CARI.ETON bL& Co. 31 Coanal t. fb sole oactls tor \Vanloeros Odenltca  (1I..O-O -IOO hozo. in stnrc ftn slole hv ,_ ti.n htT. & I"eRl'OVo 9tllglqotot, t j S TATK UOF LOUISIANA-First Jud.cial Die.. k trict Court. The State of Louisiana, to all whom these pre. sents shall come, greeting: Whereas, William Mackey, of the city of Mays. viU~ Kentucky, having purchased at a sale made by o Sheriff of the parish of Orleans, the pro. perty hereinafter described, has applied to the clerk of this coaurt, in whose office the deed of sale was recorded on the second day of May. A.D. 1839, for a monition or advertisoement in conformity to an act of the Legislature of the State of Louisiana, entitled "an act fir the further nssurance of titles to purchasers at judicial sales," approved the tenth day of March, 1834. Now, therefore, know ye, and all persons into. rested herein, are hereby cited and admonished in tile name of the State of Louisiana, and of ilit Lirst Judicial District Court, who can set up any tight, title or claim in and to the property herein. after described, in consequence of any informality in the order, decree, or judgment ot the court un. der which tle sale was made, or any irregularity or illegality in the ap:praisements and advertisemente, in time, or manner of sale, or for any other defect whatsoever, to 5show cause, within thirty days from the lday this monition is first inserted in the puhbte papers, why the sale so made should not ba con. firserd and ho.nologated. The said property was sold by the Sheriff of the parish aforesaid on the 11th day of April, A. D. 1839, by virtue of a di-cree of this courrt, roendered on the 21 day of March, A. D. 1839, in a suit on titled Willham Mackey vs. lser & Strever, No 17,376 of the docket of this court, at which sale tile said Williaml Mackey became tlhe purchaser for tihe price of twenty seven thousand and one huadred dollaus, payable as follows, viz: The purchaser assunting the payment of one. half of two notes of six thousand seven hundred and sixty-five dollars and filty.six cents, each to be due on the 26th ofa March, 1810, and tile balance cash; tile purchaser assuming also, the earn of eight thousand and five hunoded dollars, due to the Uliun Bank of Louisiana, with intcrest at ten per cent. friom lot February, 1839, and tile balance in c.ash, and reserves a sp.cial mortgage on the pro. perty sold until tie silla is p id. De).ariptlio of propesly an given ini the junciial consnveyanc, viz: 'lThe uldivided halW of two certain lots of groulnd, togethler with all the buildinas and ilrproveuients tthereon, rights, wa)s, culslotlln, servitudes, prii-. ledcs anld idveatalges thelrellllt belonging, sr in anily eisoe appertainineg: aid its adjoin eachl olther and make ipart of the inatlure in fronit ofthe suburb St. Malry f this city, forminig the lower corner sf Julia and New Levea streets, designated by Nos. Nneo'een and Twenty, on a plan of said batture deposited ill tle oMflce of Felix Grime, Notary, dated the thirtieth June, 1832. Lot No. nliniteco limeasurisg feet six inches front on said New L*ven street, by eoin hbudred feet in deplth more or less, by Ia cerltsicato of Joseph Pilib, city surveyor, dated Marech 25th, 1836, it appears that said two lots measure togeth. er, in English measure, seventy feet front on New Levee street, by one Ihundred Ibet sn dptllh; togeth cr, also, with two hundredl shares of tile stock of the Unlnu Bank of'Louisisan. Wsitnees tihe 11on. A. MI. Buehlanan, Judge of the Court aforesaid, this Gish Maly, 1839. mly 1O-4tw P. LEIILANC,DepiutyCi'k. ETATI DE LA LOUIlIANEA. Cour du Prcellsor District Judicasre--L'Eitat de la L Isaslane,-h tous ceux que ces prdsentes con. cernsnt--Salut : A 'I"I'ITNDU que William Mackley, de la vill do lMayvarille, Kentucky, ayant acuselt IunS vents faitie plr le Slheriffde Ia Paroises d'Orldasne In pro. I'rid ei-aprs , derite, w'est oddrese6 au griffe de notte cour, as la dite voete fat enr6gistorJ Is Inone jour de i Mai lie l'aane 1839, ponu un seal, con. I,lrnl.irent o un acts de la Ligislature do I'Etat de la Liouisiane, inltiuld n" Acut pour confirnler lea litre des aequdreours onix ventes judicialres ;" ap. rourd e lto Mars 18:14. Qu'll suit cOunu, et toules personne ill dreons seolt par ces pIr6entes so0tilS a0u nOlll de I'Etat de latlnouisiano et de la cour du Premner district Jndiciairo qui poureaient avoir droit i la proprrdr eip.aprbs dderite, on cons6. ii.:n duil diaut de furlne dens I'urdre, le deret Iu toe jongeolnt de In .our, en vertu doquel Ia ven!o da6- taue, oi do toute irroegularits ou illgalit6 dans l'atiunation, I'avis on le Itenlpa at le made de la ente, ou pour une nutre o case quiilollques, de tlire voir duns trersto jours, a dater dein Il publica. lion do ect avis, poursqui la vento ainsi thite no' serait pasconfirol.ect Iorllloliogele. La disct proprdd flt vellde par 'o ShIiriflsus. lit le Ilelon jourd'Avril doe 'as.rae 18 19, on vertu d'u.l derret de cellt cour, ruladu le 2 de Mars lde fIandsl 1639, dons I'allirse Wi William Mlackey contra fliur t Steever, No. 17,376 du dockeb die ceitt cour, Ielaquelle veto s edit William Maltcksey 'sc.t renldu acqudrour pour Is prix do $27,U10 layable commne suit-savni, L'acqudreur assulnallt le panlolnt dela moitid de detax billets de $6,765 56 cents eha Iqu, qui serent tihs le 26 mars 1810, et la balance cuiptant; I'a.e quorcur assuolant aussi le pailuent do la Iorninne de $8,500 dos 16l BIanque sdt I'Unios de la Louisiane ave init6r6t au laux do 10 pour cent compter du t ler. Fdvrier 18 9, et la balance colnplant, et re. :earvant uose hypothtque sllsehsal sur Ia propriBl6 t vendue, jusqu'a co quelle suit payde. Description do la propridtd d'apr Is letransfer judleiairc. Lamoited indiviso de deux cert in lots do trrre aven toutes les batises et asidliorations qui s'y trouvent,aiusrlqu lia droits, cheloius coutumscs, servitudes, privileges ct avantages y apprltenanlt d'une imalaere quelconquo; ces lots soet contigu - ct tbut pnrtic de la batturo ore lfoe du Iaubourg Ste. Marie de cette ville, liranant Pencoignure Ia plus banna des rues Julio ct Nouvelle Levde, et aont ddsign6s par les nor. 19 et vangt, sur on plan do la dite batture. dsl:oss oel I'dtudn de Felix Girima notalro, dtad d~ 30 Julu 1832. Le lot no. 19 sile. sure 41 pied. 6 pouces de face a la rue de la Nile. Levde, sur 100 pieds plus onu luiins do prolondeur, p d'aplres un certificat dd Joseph Psld6, cover dse la ville, sdate du 25 mars 1836, it parait quo ces deux dits terrains mesurent enosnuble, au piedsa uuglais. 701 psedt do face a It rue do la Nouvelle Leveds, -ur 10) do profondcur : avec ausls 21)0 actioun au tond capital do la Banque de I'PUion do s a o Loisionse. 'I'lmoin Is'houorablo A. M. Buchanan, juge do q la cour susdito, cn 6 Mai 18.18. P. LE BLANC, Olmni 41t D1)ld (;r.ttier. au rand capital do Ia Ilcqluc do J l'Uion do li ILouisiona. T"'mIin i 'llhonorable A. M. Buchanan, j.te do la cour susdite, cc 6 alai 18.18. P. LE BLANC, Olmai It D)lltcc Gr,.ltinr. "STEAM BOAT BIHiLSr. tI A'l'S ean havne their ills strruck off, in oun or core Colorend Inks o0i Ilnic or Colored Pller, witoh despttch, nad on favorable I'ercn, by leaving their n+llP, n.n.ltl''IUl'; ttl.ilC.\S UIFI;Ui', ollner oE 'oydr.+ anod St. Clharles streets. & A,.i >LS."lS-150 1hh1+1 Sut.u, Id.c0i gpcllos AIulnaoe- tn! phctltaltioc dhoO tihe r sale by ADAMS & WillI al,, e'i--rw nc Gra(ier st S DDLEIY WARE~I.-- I Y b r ser lb , llltlll. lacturers and whnlesale dealers in siddlery ,,nds, are nnv' receving biy late arrlvlll from the aoie, it additir.n to theio ir lor or ck, an exnen slve assortment of arllles inll heir Ion, amIong whicIc are iile Ifllowing, viz: Lacdne and misses plati and quilted s.ddles, I c;entl cmn's dar Spanishl do do do Alrrtan do do, do do Youclh's do Spanlsh do do do Cremole do Amter. and Eng. hrlles anl bridlu mounlings, do do murtin gale, - Plated, brass, anod Jlcpa aned coach harnes-, dc, do do gcng ni sulke, dc do do do liaruuthe dup Dray, cart and wagon do S.dddle bags, double ands:nlle: valices; it, ;dcal saddle bags, BrUss, Is carpet bags; best troll framelll Iea lher lll trllllks, Ihass noiled; leather bout tp do, issonred sizes and arIlous caleo; hls'ers and pisol bellts; coach, gig, sulkcr, twig and planters rop whicpsc wool, worsted, ctt,l sliand lealcr trirlbs nd surstoiol.o ; salr up lehl'berI : tranlk atrcps an. worste rtin lweb; chainl and hok lnemes; blind bridles and linea; S octh tcollas, and b..roe and mule collars,,"d ail qgnalti s; mon. rolco, beck,bnear.sheep and buffalo skins; plated brasa and creel bricl bits of ev ry description plated. brass and salec spurs ol every descrcption; plated, brass anid steel tirrups oful every duscrip Togtrler with a eomplret ascsrtlnent .of every articil in tlccirlinecf of lwhichl th :y offer f.r sale on occomilodnating itrms. They will also continue to reeive through tthe year, by packers fronm New York, fresh euppli: s it keep tlher stock ample and eomcplee. KOUNS, DAVIDeON & co, 1l Id Canal at. SCIcO)L BOOK', cheap blacl hooks, and ccce, and lror tcapoer, quills, Ac. &e., u large and first rate assortcent fuor sale low by ALIX. I'OWcIt* may 3 19 Camp street. -tI.AGG STONES--60 yds Flagg Stones landing . frcr,, ship St. Lawrence, for ala by S Sr JP r HITNpEY msy 3 -3 Canp at Li. UCINA CORDIAL. SLE CORDIIAL Iltt I.1.UE 1I1 L'EL.IXXIl lDE SL'AMIOUR.-'TIh United `tatre Agent fbr the Y Lutcin Cordial or Ef:xir of Love, returns. his grateful Oeknowlrdromrnent for the dg.tering patronage which it toh already h received, and also for h. ninnty teti ,, mronaialn wiclh hav boeen reet hitm touctllir tlh the hal Smostlliraeloas eenacy of this inestimlable mledicine. 'lThe w,ll fronded reputation of the Lucina Cordial warrants tihe gent in wNlhlbrnwi n hir long adveltisc Inefte; but for the benefit lf thbose perons dwhol ray no yet be unawarr e !1 it narttre, he wveald explicitly state chat it te Dr. Mtogin'e celebratled di.rcver, I hicl toa created uch a senrantihn in Frrnce.--That it Sspeedilyr restores the virile powerr, whtere thley allve d beern ehltrurld by disease or olhrr.rwise, anl Iubrtan. Stiellv rel,ovalrs the irlerreaol funetintr thait it is eO fflectrlI curre irr thle fluor r lbte ; nrr1ol otrove till thlrt it ir the only remedy ever liscovered for tle removlrr of i,,poronev in male onllti barrenness in females. Owirng tr itos V'tily inviyRoratitt" cq liri ei it i, lso Ighlly use sfill inglrrt, rrb+Iructed, difficult or pninful mtrrotrr tllilionlinetllce of'lbe urine, orinvoluntlary discharge thereof, chronic erupitilons o the skin, drol;sical affLc d tions of tle aged &t. In lor erthat all of society may receive lhm bernefilt of l)r. lirrni's discovery, ihe Am.rrican pro ipriretr as eonoterto d thalt thie Cwdial rhall e sol in it botleltof.six ounsa each, at the reduced price fS $4 wllhich is le: tIa l otne half the price charged for it in :r Flartr. JOUIN WINTERS IJ IOl.r)El WEI., .1. D. Ulnited .lates Proprietor. 'The above mediciie is for rain at holriten Ie and retail at Nor. 6i Pvlotesi'treeretir Cll lwe agaezilre and otr lll p i tI New (I)rl:ihs. It0 f ii it J'ýIlh RAL DNPES. / IlEAUTlFIJI hend of hair it the graonder t orne ment belonging tr, the Ileman t;emr. HIow strange ly the loes et it ichanges thre ,cunrtennce, and promo tlurerl briers on the appearance of old age, which c tU (or manyr to recoil at being e nllcovored.and somelllrtimer even to shil society to avoid the ests iant d eneers of their rrqunhi.tance: thle remeainder iof their lives are on requently Rpent in retirement. In slort, not even tile losso.f Ipoplerty fills tile eerorlRra thinkirle trttitb with tirol nevrv sinkng leroom a drer the iore of I:o0 heir. "reverrt all IhPee unplea-tnl teireurn Ol drerOllidge' li rlle'of" (rnlbin sRtopt the heir fronr fullinii ro n the i iirst eppieotinn, ad a frrew bIottle rep.rrsr it rrrnir. It likrwitr rorlrleerr erebrow arood wh.iskers; irevert ta ite Bair rorra turne nr rav, make it crurl brrutiflhr , eond t're.r it from rerrtf ' rrlllerrr certificates r tI 1t11h first teepectthilitv tin arpport of tile virturs of Oldridgegd 1alltt, are shore by the proprietors. 1 1Red tile follrwving:- SRobert WVharton, Esq. late ltvnr rof Philadelpi has eertifirr . a may it- seen below, to the high chari rhlrg Irhrerrigurd In herreby eertifth tirt wet:rve usel tire ttdrih of Coiltbiatri ,v riirrreetrrr .itridge. ard bhae, fnd it highlyt rvieoe nooeri ly as e a r rc,;etnt ve aueinrt rhe flIling (Iffrof hir, bt lst a a Certav toreteor XOWILLI. lM THIATCIiER, Senior, Methodist Minister in rt (rrlefr thrrtt. No E6i North Fifth et. ,i tOIN P lNtI.IlS,3 I Atch street. .IN l) tilt)MAO, 1t I), 1i3 RUcest JOIIN S Fi'lEO, I ru'. estreet. Ilu II .IcCttilitY.I213ieuthh i at. JOiNi.' OAii, Jr, 11i:3 Arch street. It io kown ti alt tiree of tihe abfolv,he ienoerlanr Ira v tihern 3i0)ers of age, aod the othelrrs not less tllrn 30. (From tihe Mlayor.] Ctallltolwealt-i of Prnosvlvreie. i City of I'+l iladrlphtin . ! OI, RI{ert Whartn . nil Idv oo f A il' . I pId, dl herebyv c, rtiav t ont 1 nnl w1ic i c p.rinted will I1essrs J I' leslie, John . I Fare t, and Itugh M 'Curdy. v hose namlls arle anertd to t the arove ertifietetlt thr il are ee!ltleln of 'l.I hrarter and rneorehlhitrit r nod it', slc h ull credil sho ld I ei eiven ti the said le Wrti llte. I m1i witneroswb rrofli lrttie hieretnto set m I rlanli rlnl erueBI the orat oftlle city to be tffied, this 6th day of I)eelrier, &e. [I.. 1.1 ILOEIII'RT WIIAIt'ON, Moyer. OIiS IIVE tilrt ae(lt e rrrbttie otire (;enluile liatia ras Spilendlid relrroverr wrapper, oa whiol is reprcrrted the Fell .fNiogore, Ane Holr' hoiesele and retail hv the sole Cen.icls fr Are rice. il Fltcire, street, ntr.iMairdr, Lane, one Iool beot , oerl streeerrld bey info drmugisot llr Irl'el.l err t' o·gh he coolntrtv. J.\RVIS & ANItI){SI.q, am9 Whvolersle Agente, New Orlrnns. SAtCIN IN)iES--150 asks Cinincnati clr d in store, for sale Iry 1 1r)ti.t lEY, a·uri' " 44 New Lever I4 y SIIALL & BIOWN. april 2 9 Magazie io at lenry Iietbreelt, (Itormerly J. C. \Vlck ,. w'oult meet respeclfullv inform Ili frlen to itre puhlic ill e'nerol, that hr heas an it pol . I, rreervir rt a eeencral ooorttlrlenrrt rrf lltlrroerv ndl trpapier 'iThe Lfrllhiihlgr comprises a prtl of hi stock, which he offers foroale et wsoletr sale or retail on tie mllrst accotrlllnud;lin terlmis, viz : French velvet and tatin paper. later, style; do half omnlmon and commoin, Pnilsdelphis gltlazed and unglnazd do do, French lnullscape, fire boards, Ilinde, &c. di velvet and worlsed do do,, mIorennz dl erilors, silk fringe anld ialloons ot all qtl llltes, paIttrn ll ani prices, wnrsted Irllrga ns sorted pattern. plain and llnoirld Swi', l llslll lats style plain illll Islllnlals, c ttnl drapers mlltl tusl)lllitn and shiledl, as-orted colorel. nlrw style f atneetle work fr sin cushion., f|,tatoli lcover, e neit w Is le ol hell pllers, ralled lfigures alind plain, ilt wiisdiw ornaments of all patterns arId telss, gil Iragles Istal l and spers., feathers, &e, lass knllbs, caitr, hsIlir clh, figured and I1 iti, e a Inlr lasorllinrl t of toyv f ri chilren; large ailk cord nld rinssls, wolsted ord nlld tas. sels, a genlleral as·ollrtl Il of upilhsicro anld paper huhstnllgr, nstantly oii hnid lanld o iale d t the lowest prices at Nua 41 Royal nnd U4 Cultoml N B--I' in the city or f(ntl the country, are respectallly inlvitedi II ni t ll and exanlllne lfor tlihsnelves. Carpei s and urtalins lasdle in the latest l iderlln sle, n rooll prepared at tihe sqtork el IlOtl, ai d ll t llldes end le uphold. try trk I AKRhIAGE PH4YSOI.OtIC:AI.LY IIIsL;. SKI ). ''trnalnted (iror the Fresllih ofJeau I1. bni, M. It. bv Willilm Greellield. Part Ist. tin tih neeseaitv of tlarriage lPart 2d. ilnsttut,ons incourling, eith a cre fur Part 3d. c *c " Part 4th Murrnnge PI'svniilngkillv Iillassead is thne nmot uselul, siid ds.:iirly tine at intereisting work that we cner real. It will bruak u,i more rakes.a.nd spinsters, unlind lie nire insre mnieid men ln tnolin thi a ly pnl)lh C tllcll a t hai IllPt lihe sll sllens lioned Ily tile uliurt if TI'i+ is a realt bhok, and will be productive of much good il the c minllllll ity, It is trull it lllltins much strange laingua., hi bl t il the sUnbjet in its excusa, alld illhe Pote haid written il it, Ite conull not haine trti d it ,enom ielhatelv, W'e espncialiy recannmesnd its li Sttruetiol* in Col rting,' to tie UItenti n i o all yI)ing llUditi Itsieelemu tht nlmv Il h in quest a pairtners.-Le peliLt Courier Des Danee. For sale at i 6ii Ptvdrt ut nbetwhelt use azili e M nd Camp treet. L'Prien I. n e SbJJ R ,t eK s--2 badles Inldig tram atl'aii bunt Ilninerfo, Rsali bh A 'I'I.EI{, n9 34 liravier at Sopprile post Na 1, I, n(sinlIt Nteicihelihty flr sale hy .tHAI.1, &L BIll\VN, apri .4 9di ltnsnzine tlreet aUnt AItlAltC1, sud Ish1ince waed .ainla-4- aiers t fia'l'lirkc v sgElllll ali,, 5 ndo iq.lo ice please, and lake manna, aud fur sale lIv J.IRVIS & .ANDI.)IEW, 13 corne C(otenll llt & l'chillpits.ll md ta s m Itiiil artcl e of lBilliardl lils atel i'hscka. IBUSIi & ,Al.I.EN, april Exchanga Ilotel,cor St UIhurlea &Citmnt sit _iARt.Etl OIL-Ill heuxs Iu;In oil. reccviiiei r l bharqse Claniticle r, for ale byh a13 Stt1t1 1. & hlltt i\NP esezinr st PI'PIRM t:.1\t..L+.-6 0 hare. Ju;hPl.nta im :t, a d (i sir sale by SHALL & ,tOiVWN, a13 936 eaazine et ()AlRS--Min ears cpetinr qleilIv. pendiag and for basle y :" A. J 1' t-Iltr.y,', 4?5 3 f 15 et nit Ceep at E KNOW that health an titse ability to i hlabr, constitutes thle wealth of the great V massof thie peop'e ill this, as in m st other ronu. trios. T'o preserve, therefore, that health by natr ral mean, is a grand, rnoral and p ,litical schemeno to fulfil wthich, requires our utmost attention. The unprecedented popularity and universal ap. Iti approbation which this medicine ihas achievedl throughout the United States, the Canadar, 'l'exas, Mexico, and the West londie., fully justify Dr. id Peters' in warmly and coense etiousely recommen. ding them to tihe special notice of the affllicted. Peters' Vegetable Pi Is are t'e safest, mlost eflfe. s teal and economical remedy for diseases of the li Sumanian constitution, that I s over beren discovered. . Dr. Peters, theo inventor of this iuvaluablo medi. II cine, froml his knowledge of the I.nman systernm, i is derivet from a long and extensive practice, has vi arrived to his conclusion, that tile great and pri. mary causes of most diseases is a derangement in the fiunctions of the liver, or in other words an in.- el creased or diminished secretion of the bile. St well is this understood, that it is cmnoon for of y persons to say when they feel unwell, that they are bil;iou, nmeaning itht they have too inueh bile one it the stomnach. Oi thle other hand, when the flow of bile is diminished, tile process of diJes inn is imperfectly perform d, the patient hbecmes weak x t and emaciated, because nourishlent contained ini if the food taken into the at is not proper y ex. g tracted, and the food is ejected in a crude state. foe Dr. Peters is eonfident that the fuolous Ilygean T'heory, so called, that, "r impurity of tile blood is the cause of all diseases," is a groat absurdity. S' Every onie iswo reflects on the subject a mlolneht, will perceive that unpurity of the blood is a seenn. r day not a primary comrnplaint-ther ff..ct and not i uthe cause of disease. When the functions of the ti 4 liver are duranged, and tihe flow of bile increased, we n it is often taken up by the absoraent vessels and err carried into the circulation, and becomes or ing ed wi is the blood, as in jaundice, when tie patient an' it shows it in his eountenarce. No v this impurity tel Sof blood is caused by an increased flow ol' blt., 0 and to rnemedy it, you rmust correct the seeretioins of the live-, and restore It to a healthy state. Dr. Peters has spent tmuch irme in experiment- c s ing with diflirenrt vega:tab e imedl mes, for di.e.oesn of the rhver; and now offers iris Vegetable Pail-, as thile best, ost covenient, and ehelapest Iedi. ire cine that canll Ie prepared for geoneral use. Dr. Peters flatters himselfthat his long exrperi. sg menting with vegetable medicines has enabled hints to discover the true and only substitute answering iit all tile purposes eo mercuria s without any of their gre atteodlant evils. One great quality ofhis vegetable pills is that they hlave tile alterative principle com. e bined with thleir cathartic, or operative qualties, es so that they not only cleanso tile stomach and buwels by purging, but they regulate tile liver, change tihe morbid secretions, strenitherns the on digestive organs, purify tile blood, invigorate thile u circulation, and give tone and energy to tie rner.. pro vous systemi. pri They ale mild and pleasant in their operation, he and c.nvey alnost immediate conviction of their t ri utility froml thie first dose. They can be taken vo e with safety by persons ofany geo ; and tile feeble, ar tihe infirl, tile nervous, and the delicate, rLe f ntrengtheine'l by their operation, because they clear the system of had hurnurs, quiet noervu irrita- rn bility, and invariably produce sound healthr. tot The Vegetable Pals are a sure reledy for j lls dice, sick rand nervous headache, dys epsia, cus I.o ines, sickness oftthe stomach, heartburn, all bi omplaints, fevers of all kinds, and if taken F commencement will invariably chesck their S' gress, and save the patient fromr a protracted dangerous sickness. They are invaluable in ear, vous and hypocondrieal affections, loss of p[ o tite, and a I complaints to which females oalro rO subject. They operate as a mild and speedy p too and are a safe and cect ,i IOlmedy for worm loe chi dren.per Since 1 have introduced my Vegetable Pills to F the putlic I have received nunmerous eertificates M of their euperior olficacy in curing diseases, a so, I many letters Irom respectable phlyseians, who tot' have used them in their practice with tile best sot' Succmight publish a meall volume of certifieates pie but considi"r it ounnoessary, as the medicine will reco.mmend itself to all who wi I rmake trial of it. pi 'rfile above pills are in boxes, containg 120 &411 teri pillt each. she; Price, 23 & 50 cents pcr box, a9 Ito r Druggists and country mercheants can be sup pyr plied, tit wholesa'e or retail, at Dr. Peters' princi yourn pI slices, no. 65 Poydras street, between Magazine F sad Camp sts. New Orleanses ALSO for sale by G(. N. Morsison & Co, 11 case Canal street : P P lSerlin, druggist 112 old Levee, ever between the two markets: Mr. Ireciier, druggist, tsr at the Washington market : C J Trinchali, dtrug. tic giat, corner of C nal & Bourbon streets: G A othe Reed & Co, druggists, corner of T'houpitrouls & , Grrodl streets : J Rossi, druggist, Lautyeutto city. pital ml6 T'EEI. PEINS-Fell's Nus. 1.'. a 4 IIPe will Danier Webster pen, Felh's large arrerlpen buts Congreasis large o Perrv's fala prng do lo small do i 3 slit do F I. Win asdl's lalies do do doiode Iptent dt l ihnaerio l lo dle a lN or et do Giolut's banel io do NaiIItrai a lu d e.t And Oller's Coorrcsi'lI f)r sale at sDAVID FE.I' & Co, O 1 Chartres st, inl fr N SNaionera Ihis l n o i ( Or3PASSES, 'rtll|tF M.%titE''EftEs, Mtir S "i si I COPES, & o -Just received atll for sale hbv Esx Wm. MleKeao, corneer ofCapll aId Coro l on streetrer, I eoeral assoltlenl o Survrpeyor's Conlpoo'a.e, aItlherlnticei Inslrsoauntll s,r I ntgiu e naO . t ln o Spring Dividends, spruing S,'v Pens, Ivory Pro & e treatoress, Ivory Scles, Itriser's Scales, Glass Trianles, Parallel Rulerso, opes,r 'TIr 'herunetere, I all o Camlera Obsonrrse, Survey Curainrs, mai etatu "s'' Tapes. &, "* 55.A 55\l, 50 i a5ltf . Ir .e.. .r'.i,.'ri i.... r.-- ph'r a, I LAYING U(I)t-d-Juad relived la er Ihw grus o f very c u ,rior re "ah cards, ,,n very Villlla n tine, filrnale clhepi by l ) - iI T': CA alit N Y Seatiier.e hdll, 4(lhartrea N ORRIS & C., No. 33 Ciha'irn s.teet, B ae ne o . receivi,. llin opein IIIIIII ImI pll-ihndl, s' - e tanlllill and lishiilia 1I" ,lirk II Cl iiolhll g the) have ever er hibllliii n h a mallirki ', Insisi inili Ir. parl ol'ft e It hl, wllup rlir lh- : I ue, ble. Ilark, l.t Mae', Iohd,'n browe , i ii, o"ih., "lodice nmok. and ~,Idden o',ve Ir, t illl l Ied idress ei : hieaver stablel tli :Iarrinelel I'oi .k cols, elegini ly fiti.inis,. ,"d; Inlcy and idit bl. k can inre anlllld c-tll pantalomas, enlllsh and french l-nry andl pl+i, slik and lasin vests; real new market enonforts; english al Irench fncy and pal s nsrll iand hdkls; chal lllt, silka-wen nhSid Inmb-ininsic sis.! penders; cllanoi, nlll oll. lm, ' oolln , weelsh I -ll cla, silk ail' cotton re| sihlirte and drawi i r; line Mnin afnd coelon shirns, with hlnn hloomolt, lainie IIand rIiled: ivolr Piearl eni d plain hl min l ll k uc . brellas ; .(;ranff'" premiumlll (;lhves-l+-. h. a bIautiful rtiri e oI h Iere kid, Ior welddinl. , balls er.; Sir.,llletilld silk and randana hdkls; plain liered aned ertbrodlord Calbllrir do.; si'k, .lamh wools, miritiue, eriaroi'wn, e ir d bron aII d while cnoti haell hrne; all of which they tiffr low for EIUCA t 'l.AN-tIt'AEltll ai i ;:NItI,tluI. IMr. Jalnls, recently nrrivI d I I thise ity, begleave to idranl the cialzenl aI New O)rleins halin he will open an academy ln Mondny, 14, January, at No. 19 I',lhlouse streer , for llme islllru'ltnll ofl yeollh of blth srxes, in Frencih and Enghush, in which he will be a ely asnisled by tMrs. James and lrs. .lulCthr, who IpLa-k biith thisi ialcelaes Wnilh greiat lllncy ald pllriy, and hlll I lu .l. charge ol the departlln rut aln thel oullg liales. M r.1 ines will clve hl,, whoe ahllIenti on hl I' e v.arlls branches ofiedlfeltlon, and lI-tlelrs himsllu l that hI will give el llre aitiSlaciion t thoIse who ilnv ihonor hiiI with tIhr eir lo idenu.+, n,. v I Nult(IS & Coii, No. 3d Cihuries e t mi , ae e li . criviing daily from their hiose in Pitlade.lphia, an e eganllsad comlplmtee eassoriIenit of suebtannllll aind lieihionahi tllleiiik. They inVlle the allrl'l cila of the p hli, a lIhey-a cr weareirti' d IIi sayei,. lhet strangll erl and rllit.ena calnlllnLt Iunni h Hi t L lll selves mune advantaisgeul iII aiy city in uie _nllion. N. t. A few d czen eleant i.iry handle utn - brcllhs, frolll 3 to 3ij rilnrches. Alsoe, a b lar- Iit IXOIIANL+,--o Loud~noLrrdn. rale ei tic 14 m17 I, H G(iALE, S3 (C'mnln n at Ir llE sul scrllber ofiera lor sale 150 Ile I'Ii illru; 15S bbls Whiskeby; 50 casks MIacon Sides; 50 carlks Banon nhoulders; III ceskscanvas-ed HIams. apal I THr II IIL-LI.EN. 7t1 Capip il steamer Emprecss, for heir by U I)itIcEY. apt 44 Necw L.evee P ICI--30 tilrcr rice, hlr sale Iv '>j s:'9 A 'l'tiIlR, 31 eracier ct SIFE PRIL':KIVRI'RS-Ju- reelsed a superiur Sarticis oftil'el preservcrs t the lannear, ae` 0l511t ALL IN I tI E--100 anlkl, I'hn..tren .illr, landlug 1 , &1J P IIITNEY, , 73 (:mp at Smar7 HEAD.&I. BARH'fcIiW.7thlnk Plar. A t 1 : lA il .- t b-ums hel rul t Periehn f7,, hrurt,]a . far sa'e hv I| AItRISON'S S'EC::IFI: OINTMENT T, o great celebrity of this unrivalled (Cmn. position, espeitally in tilhe Northern States. leaves the proprietor but I ttle need to say any thing in its fhvor; tfr it hat been genertlly conceded to it, thatit is beyond alil colmprison the Ibh as remedy for external coInplaints that Ias over been disco. vered. Indeed peed and eoertninty ol'its ope. rati its lave the appearaee oftnoiracles ; tas c* ra, w uods, coiros, feversores, chiltdbains, white swal. lings, biler, piles, splder a.l sncolk bites &c. imlOn ditely yield to its apparently ilnflu. eneo Tbhs if properly apphid it will rem,,ve an invcteraeo corn, or break anlld heal a bl'e in live days, will allay and perfectly curo an ulcer in two weelks; anld tile most desper;atlo easPes of whIe swelling tlht can Ie imagined, have hben destlrnyed by it in less thlln two months. I.n the biter of poi snous reptiles its efficacy is truly surprising , an ev:on in the bite -fea rabid dog, for if applied in lit:t, its powcrs of attraction aor so wonderfiul that they will at once arrest the poison, and tlhus pre. vent it f om pervading the systemn. It is likewise greatly superior to anly metdlcee heretolbre disco. vered for the chafed bucks and imhlb of horses, for tetters, ring worms, chapped lips, and It short fior every external bodily evil that may fall to lie lit of man or beast. Tits proprl tor has received at least a thouoand certificates altd oth r documents, in fav r ol'iis o S.Clefic Ito1tiOCnt," upwards of a hnU:dreid of which wore written by respectable members ol the Medical Faculty, all bro.tthing the samte eulogy nstd satisfaction. Pro ared at 129 Liberty street, New York, cod for sale at 65 P'oydraes treet, New Orleans. enar-f ,rt i I IIOIiN'S Compmnlal ix\tract ofCoaiha a 1 paL.illa -A ccl-tain, t, andl H mIest efl'ecllul relle-t tI e'te r discovered llr the e of ilainor I trhet, t.lcutli Sirictures, W\hiles, Paial l tlhe back uial allls, ai llnil, weakless, all.eltils kidier, gra.ael, rcoarbhilte Serlptiona, lC. Ir ti. introduction of a mealieihe possessing the utaefi t and active v.i:tLue of the onu nowl il'eled In ti e ipublic, tie rop ieto'l has but to ref-ir to the tumerous rcutm ealltlliols irecei ved fronl tIe u)most eminent of the li, ial fIcully in i 1iope,i belli'tng ihal it wll tbe duly aipret'ciated' hen isn s Mest, are moar'* fully n. T1I InSimllan oi C( paiba, so(eetensiv ly usel, has lust nluch of ist credlit Iroai tie dislike ibhirh pa;ieuts I t l,.er expl'es d ilraresllnl n its diag.etae e liltes.a, disl'rat llcr dit'iltued in lhle boh ealtiltm c i illlll ita hdIu' i nrlll ' - inelmiciencv when used inl tle inclammalory stage. Thel alaoprielorhlls made. ail analysis of the Balmlln, conaeeiv -lutg that the more activequaliies woua l therebyl be miuch more eionleeCrlated and morlle usellly hnilanihtaeld than Sin the present state. lhe above ated tine combines l-e gtlients whlich are in thile highest repute amlno the most scientile and learnied in the Iprllesioln. ach lra; in the conposition of itis preLparatio inerciases Ihe' ellieay of the other, produlllcingil a operation trul" aal to nishig, aid surpassing the most saltgiini ex liooi, possessing at the same time the clvalntlge of its being ldministeid awith perfect success in the dlit.lrect stio'ae of the above diseaseh. T'he most ellilent pl sicians.eald surgeo.solll of Ithe plresentl d:l texpress their decied lop prlalation itn fatalr of Startlatilila, whilst its use in tihe principtal hospiBatls and public medial institutions has be ii, Asl still icontinues, very extensite. It was a li .'tle rcaicvl with th celllebia'lrd DrI Ahetithily ihi all venereal affections, and in obstinate cullllll s erptilos, arisingt om a disordered stale ol' lldigcesltelianctional. Having been submitted to the test ailld experielle of thell most celebrated a.mntg tie liiltly, ley halte expiressetd their satistetlcion of its extiilrdiniai y e; l icv in every case undel their charge, by adopting it olil in i hIli l abliic apIrivati practice. Tlheire o erviatiis ios ill he inserll.ed hereafter. Prepared byv J B1 Thiori, lChelais Lodoli. Prie$ 51 lOt per ptl. TI'E~TIMONIALS. From A II Saltonll, Es1. It , Sthrgeoln to tilhe Sct Thom'I' as lospital, ani d Ler .,l otil Anlatin . Thec trial which I have mu:e of i ur preparation imia variety ofeaises, both male and li.aule, in its realits Ihte proved a highly tlhioua ltle, that I ido not hesilitate in pronouncing it oiae of the mata stl alalt'e iad iflllenciols remedies ever oeltred to llte public, atl one in which, from experictlce, I can ilace every reliance, whilst it ldoes notplrodullcll thle s:m ilnpleIseat ell'letsusually ex perielcld from copaib:. Froll G II Ilaywaaltl, It C S, Physician to the St Mlarylebhao Dispe,.sary. I take great pIlalIsure inll aillng yl teStiil ll t I valuable prop1erltis tf your preparation, wishinl voulthe slicess you so fully dcse'rve, in all mniiple riwlaauII l'lr lhe i labor sll explense incll ell ill bringing it to such g ong - pletu perliehlon. Prom WV O Couper, F It i, Surgeon to Guil's Ias The uniform success which has a rended il, t-hdinit. t aing your mlee icineamong aty paients itlltetcil wtillt thle above dliseases, has fully satif'iedl ea Iltha it it has ontly to lie towi to be truley al apeentel. May the success you so cell, aalin and speedlily repaI you fir your valuable prIepracionh From Sir A Cllooper C, F IIS ICS, c. re. Il:avitg been ilticedl to r vyoull Ixtllact in sever.l casesof violent G(onorrlloa, wllich htad hlilthelrto balledl every prIescrilption admlinistelrell lt nme, hlt ing limllal sure and slpeed cures eliected Ibyl i i, i a few, days I reel myi setl in duty hiounid to state thlat I titw in tl i-ac tiete bIlth publie hnd pelivate reeaoailend d use s It O other. Flrom GW llnir,M D, Physieian to Guy's to pita: . Th'Ie strict test whihl I hive given your medicine among lily patients, and its invariable sitices. thus fat , will ine tit erseverl in its use, lntl I deeme ii but alelact ofjtlstice alII of dthi toill iad lay feeble tesli monial incoamenlatioan tof ts'virhes. lFrom C Thompll son, .T1 D F I S L. !return you ny sincere thanks ir e t o aluable pre lllsent of your EIxtr~tl for the cere of Gan(olnllrhalll, ke. ieel hiraclill that you hlatle it Ilst brolllht a medlicinl inter use wllhlll will pro'e a dr.hlcle.lll' hIon sought iol in the mnedical won lt- srie, spleedly and elliciutal cult in eases tlhe albove class, IL atli'ir' nie great pleasure i Iublhishi'g to the world thviue vluable qliutlico o)ut E axtalact. tWere it necessary, thie proprietor coul here fil.rnish many more testilaonials equallyas commeieatlory as al"t abote; bt trusts thatIl ilts glreatl successhiherlo ife are:llt & expense at which it has been l epared, will plroeila greatest recommendallionl amlong a discerningl public. One rteoniaeslatlion lhis preplrati.lo eljoys abolvt all otheirs is its ntelnt, portal Ie orin1--put aill sil pts-t-l m ade in which it may be takci, inllg boah ctas an I1 pler:int-iist asteliattite, with no reltritiontm i diet J or clotinement ifrim business. TravelleIrs especi.llh would ti this meiudicine highly ulseltd, id ought 1e ve r to lte tmalrovidd with a preltpaiatiol possessing tlle ad vahttages which hIIn presellnt inlle collllinll I tnrvo tl' 'eIdiflr'tt sati: gel Io ll h disielle.I w IIl mu!I extra cht cll:llr , con.ailihg full al l amdple dIilectiolts. Foir sal by SICKLES i I. nt Ii u n .it (h~C~ul ctlrla.a ALLIGAI.h tt LINIE. lllila to Aallgu.ti, via Florida. a {Leaves Miobile 'Tuesdays, Thurs. q days, anll Saturdays, per the e I ý----ppleldid otcamer ChIampion, (ex. r cept in case of at Irms,) to Pc sacola ; thence per steamler Le Roy to La Grange. anld thel c fur i horse post coaches via Mariana, Blainbridge, Pin. derlot, Berrien, Outlaw'e. al d Perry, to Macon, Ga ; thence via Millcdgeville, and Sparta, to lVer. reCtll, thtl ci per rail road cars to Aiigllta. 'Thle (Cllilapoll is in apIcdid orlre, with new i i oliepper boil rs, cplered and c pler fastenel. The I[ Hoy lhIs been thortlulghly ipairedl , her accommodatilns are as ha ndsl u.i a. l bO '. Th'Io beu iful Santa Rola Sound, niadl Ciocla. watcllie Bay present the aaost interesting steimll na. vigalion in the Suath-being at thel saletami I Iper'tcaly litd loctked. 'IT'h Tams are not sulrpaasse d oi any route in ihe, country ; the drivers, to a man, caretial anii alien i The bridlges hrretofore d.aigerous have b ent'( newly built, ao that high waters do nlt inltr ero 'IThu eating houses have b ieen mostly chaitged, and are notw as good as on any road aI the South. It is generally known that the excellence and hardness af tlhe roads enable til teatisa ut all sea Soi.s to mhake great speed. 'T'heir ainooCthinl. ste. cures tle travei r fromf tie ordinary fiatlfigi iof stalge travetling. The Line is now c rrying its pnassngere from i Augusta to obile in four days acid twelve hour', or to N, w Orleans in lour days and twenlty hours. Going to Aguslta, the line is six days lnd sevoien Ilors. 'l'he tin actually emlployed inl travelling is thae sal as i a the othLler direction, I lit lthe difrence of tilne on tllt , ut', is iteaured by a day being lost in Pensacola. whicll, howve.r, is well repalid by the up tortualy it gives ofteai gr the Navy Y.lrd, tIl old Sp.alnih Lotls, etc. Thu travel ar also slee'ls at Macon, ;od again at 11 ar it tenton. This arrangement will ci. tin t ill; the I . Iravel turns nortlhward, when ti l iian will lie I u a i a niae frolt Maubal to Augtllta, as it Is u w' ill tlit other direction. Thlls Advertisement contaillns a plain state entll of f.ets, tie necllracy of wh:cll tih.t propaincora gauraeiteit ueach passenger itn tha penalty 'of tli ri stage fare. Meps pof the L ie may be seen at the Cx, hallng Ilotel, Now orie is, sand at thel Mailaion lhoue, hIalobile. Fare thirongh fromn M ,hilo to' Auglta, $47 -0 The li:e extrndsa, by a branchl to 'l'alllah-sec. ht Chilatthoochu. the line cunnrecs with the teloamboat carrying tlhe mail to Apa achicnla andi St. Joacsphl'. Offico atthe lMalsion [Inoase. Mob Ito. ml7 0 OSTWICK, Agent, Mobile. LB asaed lahre atid Sliculdale tuaa10 keoS taht qglaicy Loid Ic"atll, !eMi |'rlro. ioer t!a ht.h .rl . L 'IT'ET;." , 'L ' ( . . *%'1"1 ., ,',,,. .. S TATE OFLOUISIANA-parish of Orleone-- k7 Court of Prl,,lei. To all whom these presrnts mry eouiert-t Gr·Poethy.. rLnew )e, thni whorerrrs illim Mnckeys a re'l Sinert tl i. e ciry if liMayvitllr, , bee h. jllied tO ,iN.'w Otlt a ,r' sne' tX ,,flri., Cltlk - tf l NI. Crut a, Ir',. ht... to and fr ,he Part-h aud city of New Orlal, nlnre zsirl. fora 11()NI Ill .lor ADVlI.R I I<F:11NTt , In orflrmity to Ihe Act i thei Lelsilttirei nh Sintoe ,ntitld at All actllr the tsb h,,r i .t.rn. ran c. ti l, ti]..s to purhalrse a, Judicial S *'le," piproved 10t of .o1rth, 1834, not.Ice i. hie' 1.1v,.tntnl" I whom i maly eoierrntthat by virue ot, nd in obeoi.oeter All order of sale Irtal "td collit, l Io r r .tes. in nnd for it ,e parish an4 ei " ot NeNt Oeans, hnr'ne daletle ttiurdday otl Aprit, i,. sttuatc'nd eieblt hrundred nti' thirty emhr, ndl rendered in thie t attr of the llt1 t Nathe.,nli C.'ox,n the petition of Christopher Ad umr nla .S i t, - ri. te tred r, tors of s id suc es sKion ,t Nat;ll;nll C mo, drcensed, wlhic. order tof 9s10le a\\s nls, pra nlteri porIenl t tlte h eliit raltnt s r ,f' a nt, I ,ns the redtlrl of the deerea.d dull held .,. . on ithe hird day of Foh* ite rr e, ei lthl, n Ihutndrtd ind thirty eight, btfure II. 1. stn'. Esq . N."er Po I' and also Pfter Ithe Irnaat nt uiual pub.llteii i. hdll been metee the IRe isrter of V.i,t lild .rop,'e for Saie by pablid Sauction on he nih dIy of 31' , one troutsand rAlm hllndrod anIt hiriit.iei,.e',fr ncenet oftlhe 0alur 0sid nul.cIsItin ' it li I: lt N tllhontiel CIo e s dete ,edtit 'he Innded pr,'prty her, r diee.l r Ihd, b-.I,, ne.. 1to le l t.rl i icdion,t which prol perelv n't nrlj.r heatid taitl i\\'dmll MackevLy the Ilt i ant111i Cho.t older lthereon, f.r the total ;s'ice and orInt of sevenreen tIll. ,lU I do-ll rs. D e - r ,ip s m a u ! f i e p r ol riP e r y 1 s u iv ,'n ill 0 h .u d ic ia l r. nvey rAnt: S All nnd singf.,r lw;o *elin loh' of ground, a ro+ th, r ;ith the builtfrga snd nrt u pros elnsnts Ih r , l,,, 'II all tll , prIvitlete', cateolmr . wnva. c.rvilttndr. annd Ivantaes ht hereunto Ie !1 tier Iee nte.yteenpterttining,eitutctrin the sur t, '111, ,t I 1thie 1'tv. tt t hesquare houndr , rd by PicPydra.. Mt.oazn", t.rtoletle., and Camnp ,trrrt, n I derioetiled by the Iltn',ert s itt vrn anC l n i'erlain plan drawnl by F etleriek Wil1 htIse . LI.IiL)t plty SntvevYr G.t erral, uildr date ,4 th e e, it nth ,j t, i A f pri', one thou lantt d rightli nlld. ro I 'rh,3 d vi.e i,_hr, and ilor ,ee I ;it lhe ohe jio of II B. I toe l. FR t.t notsi huifor e reference l it h tiwo its an'jnn ench othel, and menurea. eac|h wenrt one erel three in t!e and si linesl frnt en said Pydrn streeti, by ixty.ilhree feet el ten inches nrnd six lines in depth, etrween par. alltl lines, [Amerienn ressureo.] uTerrns-one and three years credit, fir appr v.ld endeItlj ntes, secured by special nortgage untl i] linal nytlrnl l. Whereore, all ptertns ti hen Oen set ip nv right. ile, or c aitn, in and te the lit ,of ground all and bulldne herein described, ton consequonc ot intforI.,lty in the e der. deer.e, or juodlmeor bel. re tt ied. and lluner which ,b e sale was nlrlad, or ny irr nlarity or illecolipy in the lpprtstnentt or nd tierllsententl, in tnIt, and mancl, r of saole, for InIy otier ,aiou r delect, wh tlsoeverr re htre. e, l ;eed ond arntoenished to lshow Witllin thirdl duya Iromn 1he pu:c,rlatlo it heleof why the sll, st Sit.tnde as nfresiltlll, should tb l he etleonfirnled onl t hInl) nllP i ll r(aceordanllee with the applIcstiV , Wi \tnlss my hand lnd lhe cool of esaid eurt o Piroh ie,, this second Iny ,of May, A. I). 1839. [L I 8 . "p. C ItlUPLEriSS, 1 ,104t in i'igitotr Il Wilt., PAROISF: D)'ORLEANS. - ( d'OUR DES I'REUVES-Etat do I. Louisiane ---.1 tons c tux quo coel peti concernet Salut : Qti'll eoit connu que, attendu quit William Mac. key., do la vilet e d lpaysvtlle, Kent cky, 'est ad r cit all jdgister des iestaoentti c, djs et pour Is paronise et la villh de la Nouvetlle Orlans, el ex oflicio grettler d a ('toulr des Plreuves, dans et pour la diute villl et paroinse, pour puhlier, et annonler colloortliinet . Iu a;ete e la Lgislaelnur, illtiu' i Acte pour colllirl-ln r te ltrls des neqlrdlrors ux ,vrntes judicirea," ap proluvd In 10 Mlre 1834. Avis est par I- pr. n dtnnlltlti a Iatous ce qie cela peut cone rner, qu'en tertu elt etxceution d'UIa ordro tie vente du adite entor doe proluver, Idalnot et piour la parnisreet ville de la Nouvello Orldaldo en datodu trois Anv il, il luit cent tro.t huit, a rendlt dans I'alffire de la succession do feu Nathan. iel Co., sur Ia pdtition de (Christopho Arant,, Jr I teedic elts e.r6aue ito Id alat su1coinititi de fer o odathaniell Cnx ; lequel ordre dn vente fut aeccor conlfrnldment unx d6 iberations d'une s.sembl6 des crd.nciers ti ddfn ,t nt, dument ie ..oqnde e a tenue le trois FIvrier, toil hu t cert trento huit, pardevallt Io ieur II. B. Concs, n , pub. et ause. apres les publications requisos pa: . loi; le Rdgisa ter des Testamncns offrit enl vent. publiquo itl'encau to neuf rnai mil hult cent otrene huil, pour compct de la dite succcession do feu Nathaniel Cox, Ie divers fonds ci.aprse dderito, apparlrteoant la dit succession; lesquelles fureot aidjtgdo6 I Williac Mackey. plus offrn t et dernier enel.dri.oeur por la sommte totale do six.erjtl mille piastres. Description do Ia propritl6 d'apyrs le trenfert judiciaire. Deux lots de terre iar les httisses et eidliort Lions qui s'y trouvent, elous los droits, privi BgK coutunes, voles, servitude-, e t avaetarges qoi el dt penduent, t itud au f.hubourg Sainto 1Marie de ceott ville, dans Iilot hlor par la rute Pioydras, del Mliagneis, Latayette et du Cani1, et d6sign6 pat .es ilomros seprpt l hull sur itn certain lIhln dresL par Fi6drleck W IlilaMso,, dpuetd arpenterir g6nd ral en dlteou n sent Avril flal t st ouIt trlllti hiat, et ce6pod pour recouls en 1'dtue d de II. iCenci not. pub. lesquels dils lots attelant Pun a !'autr , nevsrett elcoun veingt et Un plilol, trois pollces. six 1 gne- de face h lun ite rue PIydras. .ur eoixante Lrois pieds lto Ipluces six igllne do Iprolldeur cttre Ilgoet paralleule, tmesure francaise. Conditions. Un, deulx ot trois ans de cridit en billets endoe sI a Iat tinctinn, assurds par hypot htquo spldciatl ju.qu' Ah prfait peiement. A csecauses, toute. personncs qui ont cm pour. rlient avoir 0que!que tdclamations contro ies iots do terre et Ithisses ci dessus ddcrite, oh conne. queuco d'un :diahut do fortllo datll I'ordri, In di6ret , t jlli nenti la lot uter, n vertu dnqtlutelio la vento a 6 6 ldte, ot do toutle llutre Iridularlit on il:dgo. lil1 darts I'etllllatiOll, I'lvis oil Ie tenti s et le mlodO de :la vtute o prur tout, autre c;ause quelle nque, elti; par les pIell .b. ci.d.s d'avoir . dl uire dans treintt ejurs, I dater de Il pullieatlon du pIrdett av s dats ltos ppitrs lpublics, lea. ,aionc pour les. qyluelies I.a vemllltl inai faitc. tIesterolt pat allllrouvdo ot holnoltogu.e, C')eie tle deitandde tI dlt acqu6. renr. re.1 foi de qlnoi, j'y ci apposd ma tigenature et le c:lu l d Ia ditu t our de. I'reuvel, ei [L. S.] deixte.P n jour du mois ce Mai, A. D. 1839. W. F. C. SUPLESSIS, 111i "i Register del TectanlCens. 'Illr lý Wit, U..\ '. A .t UAI. Abltll'. ( ura,r ltS n,; Athbta't F'amily at nI-ane AhlBIti' \v tdt ttn; Ilolt 'a "llroducaru Abl.' 'a YI.tng C( rit.lian DiaL'. ctaplet'te Witltt , 7 ynVj .taea lilllll ll t. 1i e' 1'riv.t1 e t . v.i iollu., for pile at 4 may I .~1oEX. TOWAIt. .l"\ 1 .\ý-,,0 hIlls Jack on. Indian head 4.( St.r.t n gtbleit g..50 do Greuat 1,'caton do, ll d. a;rttt Full. do. Laor ale by nyt7 I IallILGE (Co, 134 ldagazines c - OIt'I'U.\E TE':L. Rt'a O\W N I ,~l OK - SClndv's tGrallutllltt-Let lien' cnakely Ilnlhl.,r', key Io''ele tnaquo I'orv' a FrFntch l eltina hook I"tlish laettder*, hlta'fand till bouand tlIlltallr-tacht ' F ra.l ti-t , nara I.antll' .a'tt i ,tdlic.l pa I..lIn i onk, At new aalnairletnpl It t.'th dlbote fa rke jl t rit i v tie ulld opllet h.r it l .od pa rlnt e it iTe' rA 'IrutWat, 49 lamtrt a FRANKLIN Ir ttiki y - ----- . a I. ii a are . n t" pr tlti( i itar toel in D i lies i. orte .tl.d . ln, h . tt in mrt.v, IIIn, h in all airy U ll h moot t i .abltie nmetio .ill tie fallh).u Fau.kliti, it ili .d,ulle itmle irat.n .Ie 114Ai :'im hlildiag inlma-a a' tI a,'tci..a..talit,.lv divided ait, a ali'lltllaela Ftr it, aIta a"itata d*lil'arlla alatLl.·. Inrtmeattttatatttaa ltaltail ltig RKEtn caliaeatga l'lh. itll-lttlltln is .uppl i, ,I -i'ih Itoe .,tll. t tkilful and ,ltei\E tllle m lll a CnId Stlu noltl a-, and pl,eukiLg tbe vsl Sioli motlen langl,_,et. I'rite rooml ll y Il b be hlad hb _entllimen at ire dol tatpr Ip.a v dt, itttltita't~L atta 1 ttlac lc. l'einlt i ll alttn orllry aalrd, Iwo dnllara per day alnves .laa tw duilailt. atmll Pitt it IIte ordian.ry urdal. fivt dotll:re. .ll1 claplital tlrt.i-.l n tta.lI extra. 'fIt.l aetit.Lit tat `iis J) Ir Wedlelaan, toaoo1 titl~llietitn ttr n.ttlnilon naut be laadl. l at I Dr C A , elta,.aTti, a IT Itaat.t sareet. ' ap|it iy -I u , at a.i: t a,. t.l'a 7 a tt rece ,4is, ' . nre m'n tf I raýqi it},s. 0'F. VtlKE.h5Capps ai C" Alri'. a "-.

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