Newspaper of True American, June 12, 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated June 12, 1839 Page 2
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S CNEY MARKET S ' :T, Tedmv Evng, Jnae II. -.Idmsn he Rivn way to the down* and t olney of nl tab ket at lat. AbUIu 400 tbo ofo middlini -lUniledhatal.. tgdnl, ,t 19eenna, Ibine a fall deeline "_atatlM40thetlalrday's rnism. ~Wlato wt held at 1 0e041t we it is orw offere hree, ant I:'. Ship -,pt h) litns Ia Tetiteolr still Alabama cottotn is - '- on ith toe'ern. l than ever. We to" hate anuther blast fron, Mr. NoltaI to-mlor row maomtag (Wednedouav). How will he 0et over the faet of thne fllln o markhet in Farope? As to thhe()lltOt tlf111iemp in thicnuntroitimn" mnttoerol",nnon ahine""now. ' Ihe movenent o0 the Bank of England, --tht'e the thlng. th duee market nothin new. Floor dull at $5 50. 'r'h ncc ,, etendy at ft ,rm r pricer. 'Tb'maid tht the amnrincipled lhelton has resigned ihe'fTo, nov of the Brandon Bnlk, and- that Judge Lyu'h ha.intrn hin place. 'Twas time. Le.t yI.vnch notalnf hi nm.lre hb pt in eeculii.n his code of law ap Ivery oo. of the dirm.tore. 'ilg NtCahe papern tre pnbliohling the circular of IM1ru . Ilnnal.;t Frridavs & co., annooneine their tempoorre unper.irm. It appears that their finds are all 01, c p in Nt rther Misissippi, and owing to tlhe imposllailipv oflgettiGthoem in, they arneohlited to etnp yteMnt. Ifour m-rihantns had all that was due them 10m onr ceighhor., the csuln would exceed ten millions of.dtllae, i very Inrgo element in nor troubles. No ral tadIay froaam beyond Baolimure. imon0 lt of this month Levi Woodbury had out Olk2,g. ofTnonury ohio Plasters. - algeal IBnnm. CLMrbsmn. Jme ............I \uhielmon.Juno .......4 ai Oo l. J n. . . CiaciulnAt, do........... 4 Pllkidlph " J1.i ...... .4I ilnnisvill a 1O ...........I lIalatiloe th .............4 1t i. |oaim, do ..........0 a- lalo nM 41u ......... ... 4 Lllerl nl ai y .........1I mInoas flat) June ..... 4 P.Oril. May .............15 hhnttt.dn . ....... ... . lueoe, May ...... ..... I 'l tvl. d . . . . ."tiIa r . .. .: FOrT OP NEW ORLEANS. ELEARIANCES. June Il. 1839 WElp ElIbath Fr. ih d.r ifrd, , Triente. A A J Donnl.toll wlip Auterlitz, ammond far H hvr, F oprrett MlpZ.Io.. Tr..k..New York J Hullr. IM.q.. Mar,.. T4 p., Gih..i.e.. T C J..)in. ilAduI.nt,. Wk'.eler, New Yorh, - ,t2n2." F:1h Mary Jana, Car, Pnn ..o,, Mataer t RlI.. Pane, Itobi'." .J I Aahhr.i. 1hnlhroine. F.r.ier.Morfolk, J 11 Alhhriga ARRIVALS. June II. 1839 To boatN Phehix, AnniLml. .frm thie N E pl·r hal|ng t.w .d tss.e.hip Ville do. gordenoz and et metus, rAtornod to the tritv r.l.h Vireniba lted rhrbCou. iv and C ha..,. Left LamiRer 1 t th I21,.nAn.t, n 3 P C, Nothing in sisoht nd olcU b aI r the m r Tvor. rdg Vtrdo. Kine, fom MUnhile. In the muter. tEh C 3.l -t, PrilttIy, f J. Mollg. to nlmter. Lt Courlney, , 4 days fin Iavnn., to muter F i, Aoer Tr .Oi. I.oll. f1m1 Cinci2nti • Strt r Sultan., 'l'lla .. ra I.onisv ila I... . Sr Teche, Cb oiuv .. from Nnt.hitoch2. EXPORT_-. ORIE .STE..Parhilp' lizi.beth..-rgoll 4 h.aleoltnn I box seear . oAVRE.-.Por l.I, Au.teriitz...Ca. m 13. hls. cotton 4000 , tnv,, | hs min;p o I trunok lothin.. NEW YOkI,..,Per.lhip Y.znnC'.argo 12001) pig. lend. 4totlo, 7 ad I r."n6 tohcco 14 hpde. 3:1i s3ack p * . ,, mlno.llo,0 d 70 IigCe holes i odillu .5s Fows hon, 50,,rn 0 .e. |en nCll. 5 rp. k. I.i phor i troltk. 4 pnrkagleo €'othilg 138 kegl 72 'ills lard 1oft hl. beef ...0.......... P Ir..h .A . lllnltie- l'ir.o I 2F00 k .orn PrNN.-A;OL.A--I'r.r rh Matr v, Jane.. ,rgr, 17 his h.eCad 97 l. . our0.l) ,Il, whiskeyO b2x. soap 11 cH k. of rlnral si*n MOVIIIV0..Pir ".h I.,d,.i E'ion..Cren I)'0 ril rope 5.,1 hl fl. r Ip. ) his whik O ,,"dlv 2oh do ALlo I. pourk "i~,enk, Iaco.o oi 30 Iod.o I. C 3o ) S ll p .l..;. , 10 N 21F(I.K..P'r «.h I)roin,.-Caro 47i hd. slR d 7 hx.. Ib:oloJ 4 tP .2k, , S t.l( hn-ie W 3i hILs cement P2 pitltaks W*lle 4 hx. rordinl iMPORTS. [IOBI[.L..Perhrig Virginia--Carlo 1500 sacks lilt, to Ale.r ".............. 1''r ,chr Coi.),. Carpe2 D1 A fo.t lumber, 500 ,arkrstlt, E P .lmpson x co, Alex Park ]IAVANA..Pcr l ehr C.,rtnd y..Cargo C04 h.,a cofpee, 13 h2,x1 ruI.r. Iota segars, Aweet mats &e, to sundry cmlaillll on RIECEIPTS OF PRODUCE Cmndinn4i,. Per .llamer T, ihlJrle.. Cargo 77 hT. whiskey, V (C Thnttpki. oo. 15 lhds am175 tr. hams Ord., 0' Pbnth. Carr; 14$ 14, park Joseph I.ndis. a, en 153 do J Thayer a co, 70 do heefland 5 dn lark Steton Averv, 150 hla flour J A Merle 4o. -1. his rin.Car 21 do egsg C Schneider, 3 hin leegr Conneiy v Elder, 2(1a0 [Se nctton N . J Uirk I.nlmilla..Per steantlr S.Itana. Ca·g. 131 pc* Ieeling J hla..r A to, 20I h0aes jeens 2 Ixs do W n1or.t, 10 hl, andi S1.1. tonh...'.. Geo Slnrkv. ?3 hd. teharen 4 H Walle,"oN r t'gdo Villard A In reols. il d, J 4 D Fehrman, 17 do }aml, th & T'lhnmpmrn, 109 do alnd 31 keg, do A l. Addison ¢ o. t6 hdl do,°d.dO haenn 50 hl, f llr A Prier Netchiloc he..s Per steamer Teche.. no c.4ro. CONSIGNEES P.r .chr forrn,".I.nloniann Segre Company. F ditl.azr , die t r. J fIal ande, Fortell[, Roman it co, J Y Labordle aud oder. PAISSENGERS Per~ltrmer Trihbne..5Mr. Jnhnson; Nes*F. Hunter Rnohert son. Moore, Ca| inhn. Malone, Judic. Rtdidn. Wdeon, Dickl ·an. Shipwith .,nd Smith. Per 'camer nllltar.--Dr WVhit. sd Lady, Siroppin; Ie.r; C.ollen; Lenoux, Juhmn.o; Germn; Alihou.i- ed Major WVil Per .tramerTe*.ho. Merdiame. 4'rtwrirht and Grahert Ma jor Itaar4. Lady and .rulnllt, Hn I|t r Nichols, Cept J Bonnet O S A, Ne-sr, I,',rchnllr, Fni helm, Pole. Mors.. (fart. AI ,son. St Clair. uvar, [,erarpenter; Harris. Oamphebl, Miltlch, J MEMORANDA Ohio river is still flnilg. I I. . ~ l mI Ti11 I'ItUIE AMP RI 1 ýN. FAITRFUL AND BOLD. ficial aurnal of the 21 fu~lcpalltt+. PUBLISHED Daily Ti-lWeekly & Weekly. NEW OR LEANNM WEDNESDAY, JUNE 12, 1839. The lroe question in 1840.-What will it he? Mar lip Van Bulren and the treasury, or Henry C sy and the Cnalsetion. A leading administration print in New Ynrk holds this lnguage. " This great propoei. tion-the ildependendent Tresaury-ths moat important certaiely to tile permanent prosperity and republiran iam of the eonotry that has ever heen suggested, is for. Innately renerved as rite grand tet question of ithe neat presidnetial *lac tint. It will triumphantly tuttainany administrntion which is clearly pledged and ftithfully devote I to its adoption." -Vitl thlia great qoeslion, therefart, Martin Vtn Buren goes before the people in 1840, clearly pledged and faitlihfully devoted to its adop tion. In olher words, Mr. Van Buren propoans to the peopleof the United States to elect him to the PIreai deney, and by so doing to approve of his scheme tor destroyingtheConatitution and up-reoting the liberties of the Statts, fi snehll will be the immediate i*elt ofe orgarizirg an independent Treasury. Knowing this fact, the frianda of the republic propose to elect Mr. Clay to the Pretidency with a view to preserve the Constiutinon II the Union, and to prevent the disantroins results tInnow from thle onoummatior of Mr. Van Bli rena' projectn. Here tlien we have the true qun.tion at isi, in 1810-1nrtrin Van Buren and the downfall of the Republie, or IHenry Clay and the, salvation of the Republic. Are the people prepared at this early day of the grand experiment to resign their lihelties to a de signingdentaggene? Arethey reaily e put on Iile ft. ternthlatsineimani Imay forget Are they eager to rllr render into tlhe hands of onne man the glorious rights and priviegea wony Iti thrir tnc.ters' hloond, and trane.. maittad tolhelnfrtcafe keeping ? Are Americanagoingt t elet Martin Vai I ua n to the highest office in their gift. when lie atands pledged, nay, tulmdentli pledged, to the establishment of an Indepndendent Trratrv whereby he ty overturnt thieir liberties, and erect therse on a despltiam. But i thlaere a man in til- cnontry whl, oesn not fote mee the workingant tihta su-treaoury scem.e? An Inde. pedrlnt Trea.urIy, as its namPe sow., ij indepredent to all rontr whehr I fetlir the p*nple oof Congress. 'I he transrl tihnt flows into .t ill he unlder l ea dole cent il of the Fxecutive. When ordlered by Conriess to die, hellar ntIoeiilo.'O theo t reaniry I i way do so, as it suits Iia convenience, fitr Ilin nI attr of tie strong box, .e ean any--"nllt fnui-,'-,-whenaover ie pleasee. Under a regi. e like this, thie pullic funds will be applied to pir. posea entirely illgal, for lhere will be no reeponsiilihty to Congress nr to the people, else tie asystem eluldt I ii beslleI a Inrdtpendentd Treasury. Ily this ryntem the right if thl t.trsa tenld and aoulil be invaded hr the Ens utive, for [It would Sid it to his interest to des t' y al the state lanks. In less than twio years, hat the specie in the country, would be in tihe vaults of th Grind Treasury at Wathlineton, and certi. cates ofde. pitaite woald te the cerculating paper of the ruuntry the bank note tshat would flent frCmn laise to Iouitia nai. Whenrver Siat Bank ienote redeemnab!e in tpecit would be drawn, as the asinnir the state money corpora. titns would he ra!inied, trh be her for tile Independent Trea.ciry. DIrafasin paynt eat of debht due by ithe gov aeranment, riein basel upon ep.pie in the hands of aubh. tremawrere.or pewie in the t(rand Treaa.rY at Washing ton,wo.ldalaoYurm a large portion of the natienalcir. culating maditm. The iperation of the syPrem wnud e itirely prstrate the credit eyatemlll fr the whlle man. agmentl of the money of the country would fall into the hands of theruling party, anld tliey would by force of eieamstaneea he eaom elled to know nothinag but the captalradnov, and th thithe capital of indunary, to medi woultl fall to the grmtod. t the app.ieati a of titsi last principle would lie the great laeerby which time President wonld operate upon thalhectliea. By duaoatying the capital of indfoit-v ad bholding in his hand the capital of money, he could nproaat peneanal iltgetity aml in one year ow the seed of rettprala mn at neively that ia manjoray wiuld be with biin and whatl i more would remain with him. srR ou1~ , our lib.rttend a. ,,.w .t..,hn. ........ arms and the power to exert our induiry .as may snit ire best. But with an Independents T'easury we shell cert.jtdy lore the latter right, end in due time the fer. i mer, or i springs from the' latter. By destroying the State Banks, the Union will rapidly converge to a cellt Iraliem, for the central power would then hbn the heart through, which the pulsations of trade would pass. Wsahington ivould roane he the United States nas ieria is France. With an Independent Trnasnry, the Ex. erutivecouldenaily secure an Army and Narvy on whom he could depend for any emergency. With an Inde penment Treasury, Congress would he merely a parlia. ment called together to register his edicts. With an Independent Treasury tie President would enjoy suo preme and absolute power, and nothing would he left to the country hut the forms of repuloicanisn Such would be some of whe bitter fruits of an Indeperidenf Treasury system. The experi nee of the part two years proves that we have not exaggerated in drawing the picture. Will, then, the Ameri an people, with scth eonse quences staring them in the face, dercie in ftvlor of Van Buren in 1810, or will they adherer to the eCnnetitution of lhtir fathers and place the helm of stae in the hands of Henry Clay ? The Adecrlisrr.-The incendiary etnrse of this print for the last f1wv days has excited the disgust of all good citiecns,baecau.e Mlr. Peyton in the exercise of his profeosion saw nit to use the wseapons of a lawyer in the defence of hinclient,-hbecaue Mr. Wiggington did the same thing,-Tie Advertiser, which pretends to speak the sentimente of the Irish population in this city takes firennd actually proposes, through hin otrrrespondeepts, to set tie commun ty by the ears, to divide the Irishman from the American, ite rutanllieh " i paper devtred to Irish interests." and by tile most unprincipled appe:als to the passiueh of Irilslmnen, urges them to take venge' ance on Mr. Peyton and Mr. IWiggington for dtring It exercise the right of speech, pntrttryinc in its true light,tlhe character of the popnl ttion who-e outbreaks are everan evil inpe.leabtle society ! Truly, we have fallen upon evil times. The Unied State hby the most mild and nercifil laws invite the people i.fother climes to come to this free land, aned enjoy all the immunities of nalive horn citizens, and nit sooner do thoe strangers got a foothold in the country, than tiley raise np theli nrma against the very institutions to whose liberality they are indeoted for anl anyilm from tyranny and star, vation. A fete anlong therl even dare t lteny, an Ame ricancitizen tile right to speak his sentiments openly and feel, because tholr,: sentimens me enot in favor of their general heeaccter. Is thit liberey? 11 ill the Amerienn citizen sit still and see foreigners attempt to put down the right efspech r We ave looked upeon this outrageoell attack on the liberlies of every Alneriann, for Mr. Poyrlon is a native born Amrrica', with a hurnietg ielig sltire. As the Adveltiser and his fn. friends, (f)r we do not believe he lhas wilh him even all tle respectable Ilrishlene of the oily,) have proposed ti6 erect a print devoltel to Irih in tlres ir, let them go nn. We kntowr where AmllericansR are to lie fluld They will eschew .ntch Un incedliar and cltni-h concern tit onllce, anl the Adireriser will ...n. Icalrn whether his friend, l et. as pprt himn in hi attenmpt to satter anread the file-brolds he has bren busy in lighting feor the ltst few tair s A writer for his paper enggests lthai tile resper/lable Ir'ishmeon of the city cotnlele, the. Only look lt thlis! Even these de.. fenderles of Irilshmen against wehat they ploe toe tere n Mr. I'eyton's abltse, admit ,Mr. Prytole's classifiettlion of Irihllmen. Not one of his renltlrks applied t e tihe re. lpecrtalle Iisnhmen, tiat Ili attack was deservedly upon those who were not. ult let this passe-we call on all good citizens to palt down the mn beeratie propositions of ihe Advertiser and his Iurious friemls, ly withdrawing their support froln this paper. Let him he rebuked for his designs in stir uI the Irish against Americans. Let hnm be retbuked for iarin; to interlfer in thie right of speech. Let him and all his friends be admlonished that the rights of society are superior to those of any elan, and that American liberty does not recognize the existenco of Irish rights, opposed to American rights. .,et him be taught that frreedom of sperch is allowed to fall, that while it would be honorable to defend qe's opinions, it is a violatinn ef all social rights to ecite on portion of the community rfgainst another, for the purpose of omtientaining thoe opinions. Threat agarinstl the Recorder.-lD)ny before yer.~r bly, an Mr. ltaldwin wars standing at thil main rdoor\of the Alunieipal Hall, ia company wilh Mesrrs. Caldwrll Rnd Whitiey, an lrialnman cme upl to the Recorder and impudently demanded the releaie of a prisoner,who waa one ol hiclnn,. ir. Baldwin toild him re was to be found in the cortl room during a great part of the day, an that lie could then hear his application. After soome ureaggering imrprul.nce on the part ofthe Irishman, Mr. BI. asked tle seeurity ofnlred, if he was a householder. iea onswered hir ill the negative, whereplon, seeing hatr he rould do nothing, ithe Irishman withdrdw into ahe s.rrqre, in connpant w :' five or six of his friends. on a o ent lfter onte of tihe ganrg up to the Re corder. " At wlrlt rmintrte or the tornin' to.mtrroe will your honor he foundl ill tIhe t.l-r," sked the Irishmnn. Mr. Baldwin told hirm the hour whlrn the court opened. t I hallcomte, rir," repllied the and I can tell ye ehat, sir, if ye don't let my friend aot, it shall be no shell.roadrrfoair, by the power !" liere was direct threatr gainst thie life of the chief magistrate of the municipality. Is it Ih character oat such men that thb Advertiser rould defend Wouild Mr. Peyton he ri lt or wrong in expressing his opinion of thi class of Irishlmen who nutrage decency, threaten the life of a tagistrate, and pot at defllnce the law. Anolther Comon Case.--'the Governmenllt brought a suit some tim te since againsl Richard i. Carter as a publie defauller, for tile 'reovery of $11i,O(u', after a patient Ihetringof lhea case before the Circuit Court of the U. States, jlldemlent was rendered yesterday au gainht R. AI. Carter for the vt ry ame amount which Ar. C. agreed last February nre setle for and pay up, with llia addition of one month's interest. iThus hIas the governmeal been again foiled in its perreeutlion of tile cirtizen. We hive not vet seen full returns fero the Virginia ele tillll.--ourter. Nor havewe,I but we hivPe sen enoUgh to satisfy u hIlla Mr. Rives will lie a thoirn in the si le of Vnl Buren for the next two years. The erilretr , f oil rqrt ' thnt tlhee ronom.reial rearlurtiolnr shrttld ceare-these efaan i. warn should end.--Courier lBy the adoption ofara Independent Trreasury nd IItR conseqetent overlhruw of the penple'a liberties a Dead Letter OQice.-Somne thousands of I.loyd's Listl. being charged with letter postage, were refused it blort lime : ine at Bo-ton, and were sent r the (leald letteroffee. Not mlch pickini here, Aiorin. Something nere.--11r. I'lineet, Ito arntry f rrr with th'le Telnperance party of the lat Irha pro:scribod en tirely the utserai er -tm rpilrii ndi wine fi est Point' Not even the visitoro o -pt, .id by Igvnrrl-lmenlt are to get n drop. We hear that rirm . ,r , "' carry a fl tor of ld Stotlch in hie puiretby tway ., redrine. They are right. Ti.P lalt irnoare of ahercre /f rind.--Ttlkina lrhln th r Cirtues Ihrlt nt lrtl Thtl'ldeu'm :ýtcvlellt.' privale ehal nater.--irsrt. Iost., All a mistake. The i-t illtrtoee of alsenerl of mind wrr, lle Globe trying to prove thint Mr. Vahn ltren was in fovarof tlhe last war, and on aoli-aholitinisn! Look at this. It has heerproved that the present Polk nrrltil editor of the Nashvill? Union was ta violent abo litin ellitor in lastachusrette, and tile Ileegro erdidain fr nr ar to in te legislatureP it Ihat state! Yet thi is the man, selected Iy the Van Buren partl, to expound its principles. otlltherne s, will ylrousustni a Piesident whose aurt declare hinm to be an aboliti|uisr. Virgiiia. We havre Iteore uasa eoemplrte return front this staleexcept five llllll cUantles. Admlilting the latter crald as they dill larst year, the joint vote of both busera will be 79 whigs, 13 conervtrvesltl and 71 Ines so we have lrst but two and the Cron.rveratives btl one. 'rhi. herig tlie rear, we look Onl ie elreeCtiolnl l Ir. Riven as ceranin, for nearly all tahe walgi oppotsd to iim last year, are out, and there will be a strong reano to Ilnite on hllllt, as to defear a Vall liurenite. The hlligs have ginaed in this contost. Van Iluran tmajorities Ihav heern educed in amnlyr diticta nilmosrrt to nothing. In the Preirlential election, Ilen:y Clay will utterly defeat his opponant, for if lhe ahuses of Van IIurPn have bloaght him so low already, the further exposure ofltli clrruption nuI give rite npposition a rutr. majority. Mississippi. Governor McSutt has made the filtow. ing appointmrents. Bank Commissioners, Charles Al. Price, of hlinde Basil C. Ihlrley,ofallarshall; and Frrio tia Leech. of Lowndee. Saoul:l Craig, of Pontotoc, Slate Trrasurer. John Wheeler, of Madison, Engineer o asurvey the sea coast ont the soartlt border of the lE7One of our lett Galveston papers girese rumor ue a igllt hrtween Col. Bird with a small -ompanry o Riangars, and l 00 Indion', on the Itrazo,. Some 25 Indliau were killed, lrll Col. Ilird a d eon are stated to rorve tillen in the battle. Tex.a.-.No. that Col. Bee has been sent back I y the in Mexicans "with a lea in hisesr, sheTe'l'ein hare ru but one altes native. They h muld declare war against their enemie , ind.not rest till the proud city ofthe Mon their ret of government. l'hollmndoe frle men Irem all qouarters of the globe will fly to the sup port of no holy at eae. a Deitrerliee Fire.-Last evening, about 4 o'clock, a a fire rekit out in time 2d lunieipality, on St. Philip between Perdido and Graloer street, in a cotlon pick ing, belonging to Mr.'Hewev. In an instant it spread II inevery direction, and swept before it all the ioueses c except one in the directionof Gravier street. Its prin cipal range however was down Perdido street, extending across St. Paul to St. Peter, and burning to the ground every house on half the square, until the fames were arrested at the corner of St. Peter and Perdido. In less L than an hour allout flly dweliing houses were consum- d ed. Time row of frames belonging to Mr. Sorbav, we d hear,was insured for $17,500. It is supposed tnat the total losl of property will not full short of $70,1100, be side tihe destruction of furnirmre,&ce. There in a report that a child wan burnt in one of the houses, but on in qmiry we could not asertain whether it was so or not. The flame spread with great rapidity, tie houses being almnost a dry a timnder, owing to the long spell vi dry s weather that we have had. e Port Cibson Fire. The whole looe by this fire wan $270,,000. ofwhich 58,' 00 were insured. (drenadn. Thi flom ishing town in Miss. contains 1217 perasonn. Its merchandise is vahted at 74,100$, ns. grees at 1,2°50$ and noddle hIriee at $5430. I * Rnayond. The criminal court at this town hban been rmpidly pumllimg throemh the domket. Several envie. tions have maken piace. Ifnjustice were done, few ofithe aec,'sed woldl erscale. Agrectutural. They are at work i enerrest in Hinda g nunty, Mine.,forming anagriculturalsociety. Good, t go ahead. Fielding Danis.--This gentleman has replied to Jtudge Smith. He proven plainly that Mr. Leigh I.. bored under a wrong imnpression tIhat he wan accessory to the cndeuct of Foster. Another Ronr-Sherilf Stafford of Warren County, "lianissippi, was lately attacked by a Mr. Folkei, a t planter, for attempting to levy an exeetion oma his pro. perty. Mtr. Folketa.n snapped, while that of Staf e i(rd's went od and woumnded Fnikes severely. Folkes Svasmo eptred and the Sheriff proceeded to satisfy his execution. ICS Tie neow canal from New Castle, Mercer enmnty, Pennsylvanih, to Warren, Trumbull conelty, Ohio, has e been opened. A lin' of packets was ready to ply be t tween Itenver and Warren. Fort II ayne.-Lieult. ('ol. Masol nif the let regiment v o U. S. )ragmoon, iha Ieen ordered to take post, with I tile lour complanies now at Fort Gibaon, lnO tile grmund leeted for he n w work (Fort Wayne) on thie Little n li nois. Fully.--.ittle Victoria, by Sully, in ont of chaneery. She is to be exported frthwrith, to the inquisitive gaze S te ad miring Yanker,e at a dollarsa ight. How ponr an Shinor we do to majesty ! n The glorious 4th. In every village in the interior Sthey are preparing to celebrate the 4th of July, as it s ouglt to be commemorated. What are we going to do? I.iberty and the respect for the glorioun 4th seem to have r fled our large cities, so engrossed have they become in trade. if The editor ilf the New York Evening Star says lie han a friend on Long isrland who iame hise n esmge. Bioson Poet. e lWhat an odd chicken he must he! S Louieille Jocrkey Chfil Racer.--Okland Cotrse. to Sprint Meeting. 1839.-Firat Dav,Tueednay, June 41h. Fa First Hvr.--A aweepstake for 3 year lds-subh me vuription $5it--forl'eit$00 : mileheate : ettered 4 started. " e IV W enn're hf Minstrel. by Medoe, 1 1 'Wim Bnord Sr's ch f by Mledne, 2 -W "[\ard's ell a bv Walley, 43 r- m Blford,Jr'e. .lm c by Medea. 3d of Time-1:48 I 9: 1:.ii. SCaerried 31be overw eight. mo Second Rece.--The Breeder's plate-value $100 ge iven by the propriemor. For three yearsn old that nmeer won race. Mlil heats. Neo libeeription y ,equiredl. $211 added to tlme pl.te. Sin entered: aix in stmrted. r. Ja. Shv'1eh c by Medoe, I 1 A Ilikes' g e v imported Sarpedon, 4 2 s.W 1' Ward's Ire by Wenxe, 2 3 ig t11 Minlnen's :ih f Sla.tha Jones hy Medor, 3 die to F lrr's f Mlarrv Iooker Iv Mercury, dia I.1 t 'inhopnu's 6eT Imih Ward by Columbus, die Time--1,52; 152 AFFAIRES DU CONSEIL. SECONDE MUNICIPALITE. MARDI, 28 Mai 1839. S8ance do 28 Mai 3839. R6solu quo le Trdsorier recovra un billet & six mois portant intdrdt a huit pour cent par an, an as. veur do et end( sd par F. Jordy, do Madame Bulorchaux pear e monotant par elle du & cotto Municipalitd, pour confection do banquettoes ur la thcado do sa propri66 osur la rue Gravier, b elle a payor tluus ls frais qui or.t pu urvenir de l'action institude contre ollo par cotte Munici polit6. Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. R6lolu qu'un cong8 d'obsence soit accordd do denx mois a t Henry Kelly, Conlmissaire du Troi. sierne Distrect, pourvu que see fonctions soient romplies pendant eon absence par eon file, aidd de Comminssaire Rarry et de S. Kilbourg. Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. II eot rdsoin quae I Maire eat et demouro autoried a dinotte a John Minturn des bons, dane la formo ordinaire, et conformdment I I'ordonnance do 4 Septembro 1838, pour ole montant qui do temps a autre pout lui dtrc du on vertu do Is dite ordon. nance, see comptee prdablemont examinds et cer tifids par la Voyer et to Comptroleur. Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rd6olu quo I Trduorier paiera & I!. A. Sher. borne, our l'ordre du Maire, la somme de decu cenot soalxante ix piastre oet 80.100 pour le '6che. villea employ6 dane In construction des wharfs conform.oent aun certificat do Vayer. Sirnd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. II eat ordonna qu'auucn bateau plat non tera rester plus do d'raze jours, fixna par l loi, dons lea dites Ihatese, main I I'expiration doe douse jours. anra dloiCd ast trainor jusqu' b ctte partie du port approprid ot I'usage des bateaux plata par I'ordon nance du 19 Mtra, 1833, c'est a dire jasqu'aoux e paces. dans la fhcade des rues St. Jaques, Celeste, et des Religieuses, on ad dol Ite s limites do port et aoute personao agissant on contravention & cetto rd onenoce sera passible d'une amende de vingt ecnq piastres pour ehaque contravention et le Wharfinger rat requis do veiller otrietament I'cx !cution do setto cr, nance, et it eat do plus requis deo mettre n force t'o zdonance do 13 ldcembre, 1838, dofendant de causor les chalouset aotre bhat. eaux dansa lo limites y specifides. signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rusolu qua to Maire eat et demeure autorised siguer un note an finvour de cotte Municipalitd, par lequel 1i. 0. Pritchard Syndlc de as propre t faillitr, et tle edcuritit par lui donndns en ladite qualitdu suient d6chargdes, autent qo'ils sent lids par le bon donne pour aneror asr idBlo administra. tion do la dite fitillite, pouru qu' ouno telle dd echarge no soit point interpret6e do manitre It ffai. i blir ou diininuer len droits et privit!ges assures par loi It coate Municipalit6. sur la propridtd poue tanxes do propri6d taoncieren, pavngea, no autree r6clamatiuoan aembltbles. Sigrn6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder Ie aolu qu'un billet a quatre vingt dix jour soitl d ,mis a John Minturn pour quatre mille truis cents a soilante treize piatrea 89:100 formant son compte n do parvao cortifid du 27 de Ce mois .2473, 71 et i1850, 18;101 pour int6rt it lui dus nur billets lui dunnas 0n place d'argent, on vertu de I'aocie contrat. Signad JOSHUA BALDWIN,. Recorder. R6solu quo I'offre de John Grant dane at lettre i du 14 Mai. 1839, pour lee travaux a fairee ux vwharfsa ur le facade do cetto Municipalit, savoir: des piers i enforicor L 13 chaque eoavertur , ot r plancher I $7 par carre, eat acceptd. Signs JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rbsolu que les trois wharfs marquds sur un plan drewed par Is Voyer, on date du 7 Mai, 1839. deal I entre tes nes Celeste et St. Jqenpes, et an Pen-e coignure sud do Ia Pltae du MsaehEd, 'eroet con. struit conformCment au dit plan, son Ila surveil Voyer, St t Ia satisfactiou du Comit6 d ac rues at quals. Sigod JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rd6olu qua lea wharfs No. 3 et 4 seront, rdunis be ensembls de mome manitre avec les numeros deux I et trois. Signd JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdioln qua lea wharfs No. 11, 12, 13 14, 14, 2, 16. 17 at 18, auront des aboutements a leurs en. t, coignaure do 17 pieds chacun. . l Sign. JOSHUA BALDWIN,Recorder. Rsmolu que le Voyer est et demeure requis d'avoir fm t niveler at remblayer les rues de la Commune et du Canal.jusqu' las rue Galves, et Ia rue Galtez depuis Ia rue du Canal juaqu' a Ia rue Poydras. Signo6 JOSHUABALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu qua le Voyer eat at demf ure requis de d6tacher douze megres de Ia chains pour curer les - fousd r6remment creueds pour desedchers lear at 9rme districts de ceste Municipalitd, at pour emblayer at tenir ,n ordre Is dit district dei. Sirned JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rbeolu'quo le Voyer eat et demeure requis d'ac. r complir I'ordonnance pour faire eriger un March6 aux ehevaux sur la rie do Basin, envov6 an Maires le 12 Septembre, 1838, et it est plus ordonn6 de fairs arranger lea posts at chainse autour do dit I espe our Ia rue du Dasin. Sien6a JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdsolu qus Mr. E. E. Rogers a Ia permission I a d'Eriger une forge dans Is maison qu'il occupe, Spurvu quo Ia dite forge puiese tre enlerid immd. diatement our I'ordre de "e Conseil, qu' ells suit ocouphe par Is dit Rogers ou toute autcre a I'poque oh I'ordre fut donne, at pourvu que Is dit edifice wsit • '6preve du feu. Sign6. JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Riolu que pourvu quo l'Avocat de district des Elate Unie n'y fumse pas opposition, le Conmoil panse qu'il eat convenab dle dedefrer la vents de SI'Plt re terra born6 par le rues du Canal, Tchor piteula, de la Commune, at dos Magazine, jurqu' i au 2bme Lundi de Janvier prochain, et qua Ia pdti a tion do I'Avecot doe ette Municipalit pour Is vents de eot sIlet oient conformdmnnt amendde, Sign6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Rdanoln qua ls Tr6sorier psiera, our l'ordre du Maire, a John Gibsln na mmiMe ile deux cents cin.. quante piastre pour on tableau reprdsentant Wash. t ington, pour Ia sails du Consoil. Sig, 6 JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. Tlmolu quao I Recorder eat autorir6 i donner avis a toute, personnes tenant des tables do jeux r. nu tls jeux du hazard dans cotte Municipalitd. s d'avoir a les farmer dans I'essace de 24 houres, sous paine d'unc amends do $100 par jour, et au n coa denon ob6issance, de faire arrEter les parties controvenants at de lea traduire devant la Cour Criminelle. or Sirn6 it JOSHUA BALDWIN, Recorder. NOTICE-T he cnpsrtneehip heretofore anistinp in .L this city, under the firm of Shall & Brown is this Vay dissolved by mutual consent. Tile nane of the fm will he used in liquldatuno only, which will he as. tended to by George Ssall, en. to whom all accounts re ton be psesented fur settlement. t;EORGE SHALL. june 12 JAMESL (. BROWN. T TOTICRE-Mr. Chs l.enfle, Coseignee per ship La. SGrange, from Hare, and Messrs. Jean Cottreau and A. Petit, consignees per ship Chnrles, from Havre, are reqoested tocall at the subscriber's Iffiee and take hteir gods. L iH GALE, june 123w 93 Common at WANTED, in a Drug Store, an asistant tully no. VV qtinted with the Apothecary hutines, spesk. ing French and English, and writing a fair hand. Ad. lress box 231. Post Ofice. june 1t iD' Pneeengers prr packet lshil Octulsgee tinr sew York will please lo on bloard This Eveninlg, at fi o'k, pposite thie Vegetable Mar et, at which time she will e te ever. june 12 iu RIENT By the Moth or year. P I'h.. twot story honaors, itusted s5 the car I- ner of Suzette and St. Thomns strets, all fin. . ished in tile hnt manner, with folding doors, l~terae, and servants rooms. For terms, apply to A C FULTON. june 12 31 No 210 CErondtelt at, or on the premisee. p oRK.-211 bbls mess and 5010 do prime, forale jlune 12 44 New I.ever. -II'rTER--ta kego e 1srahen and .t sttn. itn st t faor sale hy G DORSEY. june 12 44 New Levee S7.8EF1-OP tbro rime anod 20 htlfrl, mess, s the linepection,forss el ty G DOIISEY, june 1I 44 New l.evee TORN BROOF --`0 dt.t in toro, tir sl. - th r jon I 2 ( I)URSEY, 44 New Irevee. CIHEVELY, or the Man of Hlonor, biy Lndy Lytton Richelieu, or the Conspiracy, a play in 5 aets, to which are added Historical Oales on ti last days of Eliz aheth; Crnmwell'n Dream The l)kath of Nneln, by th author of tle Lod v of Lv.. one, Pelham, the Disowned, &c &c, witll all the new works of the day, for alnte by june 12 ALEX TJWAR,49Camp at ECOUII CAP--Juoel received two ases of blue Rlaid Record Cap. both plain and ruled, a very inue article, suitable fr notaries. or asle byh DAVID FELT, N Y St;tioner'' Hall, jn 12 24 Chhartres at Dawing r the rend Statr Lottery, Class No. 9, lfor 1839. 38 75 fC 48 5 35 54 10 381 6 11. Package 275. eEmhinrtinn 5 35 45 the Capitol Prete oise $8,n0f0t in sold in the Urand Statea Lottery neuterdasr, by Mr. Thaur. Bankl, Vendor. THIS DAY. 9.,000 Capital Prize. Tickets $2 50. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 72, Extra. Atthnrized h0 the L.egilslature of the Sltat. To he Drawn This Day, June, 12 1839. at 7 o'clock, P. M, at Bishop's Honel Common at. S DAVIS & Co, Managers 75 Numhers-12 Drawn Ballots. Splendid Sfhenne. 27,814 Ptizes, amountinT to $119,688 Tiekets $1 50--Halves 1 25--(nsrlers 63c. Pnhkages of 25 tiekPts for 51 50, wearmeut. to draw at least $30; Shares in proportion For l'Packages or sinle Tickrets splr Ill At Managlors olfice 16Chartrea st -NERrV1LfiT6fXHOTEjW - PASS CIIRSTIANo. M.s,. Il1"4 werll known watering place is now opet ftr tie tlSollt, auler the immtediatne npretritcnlteltre nf Mr Jth McDonnell ll. TIhe retasliohment hbt. ioen vtntv .tttslnerahly improved tv addlitosnl buildi.nt Ilicionet rc..., htll rtmm. billiard ro.mes, tne pin teters, stables, and hathing hohse. Great exertions havr been m*d Ito rendelsr the ptlne romnftrlable and all elent reolrt. h'lhre sr fifty fitle tmlnu fir fnilies,uaad rat. veni ntout hotses.rrrotnged for itgt' geratt llemen. il to soil tll fi Iliatc htolt aro providtled, r l, all elegant llltd oft. usit frr eltilli,. pnrties. & exurriona.n Ihe polf. That tart of it wthich lies int.tetirtrly i. front of the Iltel is I:ntl lttked by several hsautsful islands, all withina few htntre asil, among whirlt are Cat lotnd, Shtip Island, Illorn Ielnd, and thl (Chandnaturo. A Letter Iag is kept at the Ilar ofrt e Exchang I:o tel, N. 0. Ow ieli will reseive t ally atestsns.., McDONNEO.L & WATERMAN, junr il Exctangs litel. TATE OF I.OUISIANA-Pari,h Court for ithe SPalish alnd city ofNew Orleans. Present the lIon. Charles Molarisn, Judge. No. 11,8.31, L.. A. F rnin, in actual tluady, vs. Ilia creditors and the crelitore f Erwin & Ba.linge. Ulpon readiogontd filing the prtition antI chedulo it. thin ca-es--t in ordered hv the Court, tlht the creditor, of L. A. Erwvin nnd of Erwint and BIttngs, do meet in open Cotrt, on )loalmy tlte 17th jlte rnext 1839, then ant tlere It allow, ifany tlhy have, wly the said I.. A. Erwin both ill his personal capacity, andl an as a partnernof the firm of Erwing & Ilnlingn, sltould not hrediechreid according to law and I at in thu meantime Il proceedings nagainst hia property anti per son lae stayed. It is further ordered that Elimore & King, F.nqre. Altorney d & Counelltrs at Law, he appointed oIn repernsnt the absent creditors. By order of Court. Clerk's olfue, New Orleans, May 24, 1819. m"O 'aw ARMAND PII'OT, Clerk. ITA'P I)E l.A LOUISIANE-Cour Ide Paroiase L pour la Parise cat Is ville de Ia Nouvelle Or. thans. Prelsntt I'Ho. Charles Maurlan. Jug. L. A. Erwin, il.intirOatt dhten tr, ensr nes crancisers et Is erhanciers tle Erwin AIRolings. Sur lectlre et etnrgistreaulat de la petitietn at d hilan done eetetr sffair ii stdoMnah par Ia Courque lea crauocierode L.. A. Erwin, tde Erwin & ioling., me rlunioent en pleimot Cour, In Lundi 17 Juit proehaitl 1139, ptury dhouire Ie raoiono, s'ils en ont, pour Ise quelles s dit IL. A. Erwin. tant son cnmplte pare Itotlierqne ctomme nesoeih de Erwin & Bolings. no s. rai pits dplchurg6 eonfornnment A lin lot ; et e meuse temps tooter mursuitos eontre s 5rnne e at .es bien lst tuspomndles. Il eat de plus orda.l t quae M M. Elimore and King soierl tutmntm pour repr6sknter lea roancisrahn absenta. Par ordre de Co.r-Bureau du Greffier, la Nouvelle Orllron, 21t.aIS 1839. 27 inai2aw A. PITOT Greflfier. - 1NY 1 BAGS--20lS for nale be GU N j6 S &J P WHI I'NFPY.73 Camp It 'YIDRAULIC UCF.MET--O hbls f rasle by j6 i &J P WI IrNEY, 73 Camp ast ASH OA RS--50 feet ahb onr for sle hv / j6 S . J r WjfTNCY. t st SYNDIC'S SALE. BY BACH & CALHOUN. F WILL be soldon Wednesday, July 3, 1839, at 12 An S•o'clock , t the city I xlaog" in St I.ouis st. etween Kuyal and Chartrer streets, hy order of Antho. Ch Cy, Esq. Syndic of tile creditors t Mesiora Lu gertun &, WibrAy. 10r the atooant end at the risk of Mae.r Edlward York, George IB. Ogdeos and U9 Ogdean, iet have fsiled to comply with tihe termans foF sale u property hereinafter described, made to them on tile 24th January, 1839. Eleven lots ol round, situated mn Faubourg. Saulet, 2d Mnnicipality of New Oriennr, in tile square bound.ed ty Clio, Prytanee, Calliope and Nevonde streets, os per plan which will be exihrbted at thertime of sale, ri,: Lot No. tin.oassig 9 feot, 4 inches frnont on Pry tones street, by 10 lest in depth, and Front on Clio street Lots No. ,2 3, 4, 5, 6, r, 8, 9 and In, nmasure eachl9 jw feel fronton 'rytanee stroet bIy 1i2 feet (lsp. Lot No. II, measuring 29 feet 4 irees front on Pry- 8 renm street, by 120 Feet in depth, drt front tn Calliope 9 arert. The above lots will he sold separately with theoiv- r tes- ofsn alley in the rear oFthie widti 'of 15feet. d Terlns ofsale-s$1810caneh on each lot; balnnce 6,- no 2,and p24 months credit for approved enord nortes, pI with moregage until final paymetn. J h jrls 1 .3tljltj 3jv Vents de Syndic. re PAR BACH & CALIIOUN. hi IL SERA VENDU Io Merredi Ino 3 Juillet pro ctain a midi, i Ia Nonveollo Bourse rue St, Louis entreales rues Royalo et Chartres, par I'ordre A ei Mr. Anthony Rosea , Sitdic des erdaneiers do ni Mesasrs. Egerton at Wihray pour le compto t nux le risque deo Messieurs Edouard Yotke, George B. Jr Ogden attnd J. C. Ogden qnli ant maiqus naux terme prescrits par. Ia vents pour lea pripri6.nds ei de1osots design.s h lcur adjugdes le 23 Jonvier, dm 1839. ONEZE LOTS DE TERRE n situls dane Is hubeurg Saulet, 2de Municipaliti do Ia Nile Orledans dana 'ilet aitu6 enlre lee ruen Clio, Prytanae, Cal:iope, ot Nayade, d'apreo o1 plan qut a 6t6 expos6 an moment de la vente, Savoire Le Lot No. 1. mesurant 29 pieds 4 ponces do I face t Ia rue Prytanea par 120 pleds do proolndeur de face & In rue Clio. Les lots Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &,0 ment rant chaeun 29 pelods ddface t in rue Prytando par 120 piets do proFoudeur. La lot No. 11. atnsurant 99 piede 4 poeces do face a Ik rae. Prytande par 120 pieds do profondeur it at face t Ia rue Calliope. Les susdils lots soront vendrs eedparlmenl avec Is privilege d'ue alide de 15 pieda do largeur. rre termos de vents rent $1800 comrptant pour cheque lot, et Is balance i 6, 12, 18 et 24 mois do crddit on billets endosseas satisfaction, avec hypo theque jusqe' b parfait paiement. BY IACII & CALIOUN . ILL ie sold on Wednesdao, 3d Julv, 1839, at 12 o'c:ock, t the City Exeliongo in tt .Louis street. Two Squares of Grond, Designated on ia plan drawn by Louts Blrineier, sor veyorgenelal,as tJares E ntol C. iSquare ncontoins 26 lots, numbered hlo I to `n;, whicl IleuaOure as fel laowa: Noes 1., 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, , 10-10 lots ieallring, encl 30 feet frntolt on Sllnartv street,l,v 105 feet in de1tlh; lot No 1 forming tile orner of 9llitclty and Adam streets and lot Ni 1Il1 iorming the corner of OMacarty and llur dot streets. Nos 11, 12, 13-3 lots, iaen tlting each 300 feelt front on Ilunrdet street ih ISC1 feet in dep.lh. Nos 14, 15, 16, It, IP, 1t, 20 21, 2,23-10 lo,, means urin eachi3t fiet ronton Comm.neroiol street, by 11)5 feet In depth ; No 14 fIrmiing fth corner of Commtereial end Btrder streets, and No 2: lormitg life nornerr of UCloerinil nl Adnams streets. No '24,'25, 26-3 lots, easlaring each 30 feet front on Adams street hy 150 in depth. SqunreC contains 26 lots, numbered from I to26, which measure a. fllorws : No l, '2,3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10--111 lots, measuring eachI 30 feet front on at street, bIy 105 feet ill depthli lot No I forming the corner of (UCnomercial and Ilunclt strees, anid No rI forming the corner of Cummercial & Wasringtlon streels. Nos I, 1.', 13- lots, mensurlin each 30 feel front on Wasiington taseet. iby 1511 Iet in delpIIh. Noe 14. 15. 16,17,18, 19, 20, ."l 22, 23--10 lt, meas uling each 30 feet front on Pearl street by 10,5 feet in depth lot No 14 formine the corner of P'earl and Wash: iiigtio streets, ad No 22 joining tile corner of Pearl and Burnde streets. Nos 24, 25,2G--3 lots, measuring roeacl 31 eetl fnont on lvurdet street, by 150 foit in deplth; all Aimericun measure. june 1 3t jl7j&:jy PAR BACIL & CALHOUN. 1 L SERA VENDU Mercreodi I. 3 Juillet, 1839, a midi, b la Nouvelle Bourse, rue St. Louis" DEUX LOTS DE TERRE siltude Carrollton, dsdigndi d'apres un plan tir6 par Louis Bringier, Arponteur gdndrale, los dits lots E et C. Llet E cnntient 26 lots numodrot6s de 1 h 26 lesquels out lea mesurent suivanlt : Noe 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, mesurant rhaesn 30 pieds de faeot la rue Macarty sur 105 pieds ie profandour, le lot, 1 formant l'encoig' nure des rues Maclaty v t Adam, et Io lot no. 10 r for.ont I'enco enure des rues Macarty Ct Burdel. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots mioearant chacun 300 pieds de face I In rue Burdtt stir 150 de prollun doer. Nos. 14, 15, I1, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots nmesurant chalcn 30 pieds do flien a ;l rue do Commerce stir 105 do profbndeur, le no. 14 forment I'encoigunre des rues do Commerce at Adam. Nos. 2.1, 25. 26, meosnrant chacon 30 pioda do tlse la rum Adani sur 150 do profolndeur. L'ilet C contenant 26 lots numerot6s do 1 a 26, lasquels oat lea matures snivants: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mesurant n chacun 30 piededo face a la rue do Comnmerce sur 105 do profondeur, le lot no. I fornant I'encoig. h nuro des rues de Colnmert e et Wsainmgton. INos. 11, 12, 13 nmosurant chacun .0 ploeds de fare ia I rue Washington sur 150 do proliundour. e Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mesurant chacun 31 pieds do face h la rue it Pearl sur 115 do profondeur, le no, 14 formant I'encoignure des rues Pear et Washington, et le no. 22 joignant I'eocoignure des rues Pearl et Bur. dot. Nos. 24, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant clhaeun 30 it pieds do face a Ia rue Iurdut sur 150 do profon. d, deur etle tout menure Americaine. Jl E 'TA' DE I.L LOUISIANE-Caor d a Pumoius, pour Il paraoine n t villae lan Nouvelle Orl(nns- Present I'hunnurnbI Clarles Illuraul, Jug'. Mlai 14th 1839. No. 11,774 M. DI)uhos va sea Crfianciers. En mation de 41. W. Bottsa, Eq. avnoat pour I'i.. solvai,el on monlrunt one Prraer rlqu sn trt vat duns i'annonca dernier pour anssembler ls crnaneiert, at en consequenre de cet erreur Iattas ul'lhn e iu' a pas en lieu-Il eat ordnnnO par la Cour, qu'une auassethlie nouvelle aura lieu au bureau de Philippe Lacoste, EIq. notaire, n antledi le 15 Jnitn, 183e , quatd at oin on no deliherer sur lee utfairea du petitionnaire et preudre et consideration ea matietca ntenuen danes Ia etition. Extrait di registrelaent, Bureau do Gretfft, I Nouvelle Orleans, Mai 14, 1839. mali 3t ARMAND PITT°l', GreCier. USTATE OF I.OUiiANA.-Pante Caurl tar t, S Parish and City of New OHleaust.-l'reaeen tlhe Hwlorebla Charles alaurain, . udge. Mea Itht, 1839. No. 11,774. M. Du Bose vs. hia Cleadtors. On nation of iGeao. IV. Blutls, eq feoutnsel for tlh insolvent, and ulpon s.ning tot the :ourt tlat n errt c Iua crept in the eleine calling for a meeting of ereditor, in Ihit ese, and thi eonaequettly rald nmeeting cannot take plae. It is ordered lay thie court that a tnenrel ing lake place t the ailtei of Ihilhppe I nensntel, E1 . tnonry pahli,i, Suatnnarday thle Ithh dtly of Jule. 1839, then and tIhre tntl ieliber.lte on the 0ffuirs olthe petition c.,aed take itlao eroniderutiOn the n uttrines t ourlth inl i.n petaitin. Entrat fron tipt mninan---Clek'st, New Or leans, May 14, 189. 4v;m. 17 31 ARMAND PITOT, Clerk. C 1O IOE7%NT'-Thbo dIelline pact ,f lthe thre.attry hriak Ienlnsa %No. 14 r chbuupinasna streeat. Pean session given on u the 911h Jllle, Apply I II. LOCKETT, Callmp street, neur J liu--or mnv28 No. 13 Exchalnge lines. I'IKU'I'INti lItl teE, liýt. .l '----l T HE well known splendidl horse itoabket in offered finr sal, the is now ieht years olt , and is one , tlla Iwalt broke horses t l-lhe United Stlats, his al,+e(I ii na well known that it rtqntiars nann cnttttt--warranttd perfectly sotnd. ALSO a Phlaeton and lanress suitable forane or twohlne-s. A Sulky with shifine m"d, ddles, bri1les ec. The alne anrttlea were mnade t, mdlr nIn are of thle vervhetmntatrialr. They ate to !e olti on ac aount altthe nowner leaving til city. Apply to No. 3 Carnndnlet at J8 lw W INDOWV GI.ASZ 212l axes English crown Windsnor glass, receiving and fur sale by m,2 I CIANI)N, 12 (;amp st IMAYUORAI.TY OF NEW tRI.IEANS. lllE prise nlfflt r to dan htina $5 "j2 t r barrel S actding to tle tariff, tihe bakers will give :4 oune oflhread fIlr tan aent,. ltritgl thie week begin ning ot Moulndav next, the Ilth inst. I'he lnnmvas ofsee tiad quality, nr of three fIr ten centa, shall weigh 25 per cent ntore, that is to sany, 42 1 noncees. ,nt I R . I(;ENOIS, Manonr. .4 able July 27, frrsualehv J .A FISK AILS-- 00 Banoston anrttd slnze.nfor snale by -IIALL & BROWN, m2 96 Mngazine at + ESS BEEF--in hatl hi, fia sale hv may 14 G IDORSEY,'4I New Levee. B--ACON SIDE--151 eaks Ci,,.italoi cured, hor rale by t; I)ORSEY, may29 44 New Levee ]ROWN SOAP--318t anaxen hrttwn anap, tire rale by jfj j Sl J P WHITNEY.73 Ctamp st A R-F P. e-anpolfvaritnuequaiiteis,r.edt.t&hlein Letter paper do do do Packet, contaercial and Blilh Pot Roavl nnd supar royal cartridgl paper Iron mongar's do Caolton smnplia. do Printing Paper, of all simsa, altitable for city and coantry napean. Alin, uable maedinam, imperial and raper ropal Printing Prann, for sale by AL.EX TOWAII, june Il 49 (:Cam.p t - AVON SIlDS--75aanek superiort ineinna.i cEur _.a ed, i sttlre, Inr mle hby Gi I)ORSF.Y. I Ith jul. 4tI New Leco CHEDIIN D)E FER NOUVELLE ORLEAN1S ET CARROLLTON. Arrangesns de 1'ait, pour ice journ de a nemaine. De Carroction. DcLCaNlcle rieans. Char A cheval, A 4 he. AM Char elleval, ai 5 ha A M LOecnoinllve, A ' I.ocountive, a7 . 8 "I " ' 9 " B /. I0 "I 1L 8 I " 6 A 9 " t Aprn n10 hunrs du eoir, cn pent ohtenir an char, en at payanicinq piaslrcs pour le voyage. to Arrangemens pear les Dimancrhes. Lea chars pacrieut cux mao·na hIsemr e uedans les th joura de ln oseelincjcnqe'' A I here P. Di. Une lace oative palctire de Currtclccn liules Ien lucres, jucn qn' AI 8 heuren du crir, en de In Nouvellcoirluae cicnna qA'A 9 hleures du roir. CD I'onr I'agrcment des personnes qui e roendent A Car rolltoa par le cnr de 5 Irelres, et qc no d6sirent pus y deeonrerducrjle'q 8 aluros, le char qoi plcicnicpern- d vnnt de Carrelltort A i h ears rcstr. jrl.ql cc toures, it peurdonner Ir terps deI jolird 'll'en croeclellndo ngc iblc dcncc ucle InhR ilcenX jardien d uc n Etr x Unic . prispnnes t c l c nraci perti c lpe In lclrtivne, de- a rean as prcurer c des billetn, ctlend, qcc'il et defeccdn eox cooducliuei do recvoir de l'eugect n lieu de f billets. Dn CRhars dc Rueta et"de Io Coeure. Ces c·ilaIrs parJlrlLe do lo tIeI JaRcksonI a hbCnres, D cA. c-Ic. de lnie dui Cc n ual locutie A dor nlaic el cotercct ceccqure hccc. A B heures, ils crirNAll oeutea lesdciei heuresqj 'in' 8 henrc's cdic ouir, de lI rne Jacicon, cctjueqtc' d (c hcre dc ea reo du Canel,vo- C caib 8Aj c In ruI Cal. LE Mesienlr Iant iCtcclclteenetcaucn Iiricn de oi pan m htlre lpd plodR sirc gea .crc1oilclg ci de Iee pnas fricr dans Ie cicsce Inrt(ccicc IeIolcccno H'y trcccceccc. irecan dc In Iccccciceicc dcI c:hcecoici ti Fcc de Car rollton, i lacd in toeuve l Orlitccr. I JOaIi IIAMPSON, o Oil f Ingenicer en chef. :RUGS'--Jost lIcliig a crh Stlpln y of while wan, 0Lu0v Jell, (:icccn Aircic, 'c'ca ,cldids, Cresnl l'trl cr. Ndal Sclc , i eicc 'Ltp ccllint, Peer Anic, locicr tl rie Aeid,Ch lr idc .ole, lric. Ctllcvin, &Ne. i sale iy II IIONNAISEI., Incy li Ccr Ncitcie cnd"l'chtndtcl&oimgns Ia i NmEW K JeUON, AU C'I' Itl lCLVIng. II)EIR i Itanly, hv Cuteirc on r lihicinagona v s.t Acer cnn Jdcc Miller: iicc,ncc VerlcouSnvls Cicitv'a Illackslmoccc Auilliclcgccccc' Ciil Esgineer- e may 31 496 lCae jog, c . ic'w y I ALE, fX . ...i t y [ P IR iiiYie r C l OtINTIESel cf Bllcncigtccccc Idliern Uic[hc, 2 cola. PEvcnsel iillrc cac i lt' Alo.coelo by 'I ilook Tie Alcerec Joe liiler, wilh iiltliolls Iitlle Ilcv iecllcc n c o Ilth p lu wer t ios, biy h lorric, eh1:bingsC by Johnmm.11 Poetic lVrlcc I, oerctled icelrvp (rloc Cllucr Io Niccklemy, No 1 ic;le's Slelchice, Nor 7 nId 13 . ,It)IIS &, Co. laOy 31 Ci c C ir il :hlllrlne nlntlllOUn llc g~iiAr\ii'~GNIc:-ccil Icclt,~~ c-c ccl PIIIq1111· l he unicod ormel c SIIo LI. &IIh lctWN, . ,ay m ra .. 6 ,+Ji,,,i,,r iFt oc cc linU(:r R i,, iRcc g,,,I h eor ctle tV .! amyn 3 1 :'IIAl.',, + BII.I(( \VN. ! };; :lngR~oFi] rf/ '.tI ll hC.\nI~.':-7 t+,st,.-~ ll,-: iatL nah eOIIi ci cc ct l icc tc , LonV 1 c'c 9M, i gN) aiLe lr T - IIIl " b ates i llor ia n . r i. io ne d t fo cI c aule Ih rd i i DiIAI iittIVN, i nia 11; M thiogoice rI 11h-- ccori ci cTh ecn c c oc cire ow d fcrl cci-,,,,, 'iv: cnciio hiwe I &IiiuciDV cr-Ioa ii dcv b Itrr s I frnir on Cof . ca Ir na byIll tilisA.y nlnl " 41Nea ILevee Iti I y 1U irliDOIEY, lllll.' 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' nt. nr nl prn 'Af r:nars f i sic ar t lilltv invitle l to caill and i-nna. l the canll l lpi gh a t pia-m which asri eiieIli new rIain le. E J)tINS & J'St. CharInhEs l. J4 oppsite the Vrtamdnh & txcni-hiane hol -A Atft -7i1i kl-ga al, r,, Iha l-' lordl rfiriic ti n N .14 It tDi l1.5, 4l New laeve EsTUCKY, Indiana-anl, lll liutois follk Iere0 1K ofinid dlecripilinor tills c ti J4 A 't It Fm, 34 Gravier st fl'Entll IitU'tt J't-t16 glllg thnting fIoim nttllana I.-E1) t.EtsN LEt t'llPill-It-A firanamenstnsteid It I letter ptaler ol'v l riilu :+i nliiisjlt received and Sfair rale on na iolnlollating tt ii by .14 i 1'1't\ARl, ,I9 Camp at J3 atIIAI.I & It tOWaN, 9g6 Mngnzine at 1/,J SS PO tK--III bils l Iniiig ro ean boa 1 1United Sn.aes, lor sule i J7 Ar hIEt 34l Gravier t SWAIKIl.,- CANES. I. T M BEI ILI., No. 1N 6 Clf rtrai street, has thin s day rci raved i variety ol'CANES, nuitable Ifr gea. tle l tisi iacgiihy snill .c t d very low io ii . tuhuri of tir e l ulberra d silk worrp. Ildlnd~d on silk worms " t'llo .lurgue's silk cuhturi l' m nual Cobh'a maniiil at the tlllhterrv tree. Kenlrick's silk growers gaid'. Whitemrah on athe Ma i, rry and silk walalll. Iobterttao nuslk . EP J N&IIN Co,& J6itiw a cierltr Si. Clls ii o &aa& Ciuiini at [ LOUlt-1i110 bids tiurlitine,t1511d frt, fi. r st . by j7 G OIttlISIY, 44 New Levee ULiVEIt'S Ir .CIIIAI.U, the ctelealhata Play, BV cheapehtitin and air atancitiiaiftiie taint cele brated acting plays. E JINll'S & Co, J6 ww corner t Charles a Comonras lcridgewater for sale ly J7 G ttOI{StiY,44 New Levee -ROiLit-.-s---21iIii daz in atin', tar sale hy - V J7 G IIOIRSEYl, 44 New Levec p RANIDY a WINE-3 hitull' nd ii ir c ikt n dy, 4 qr casksa brown Sherny Wine; 36 hrixnaseta ao du tuperior quality for itale by S & J P WVITINEY. ray 3 73 Camp at a25 " 7 Rank Pier. PROSPECTUS OF THE NEW ORLEANS The True American which is published daily at Twelve Dollars and Tri-weekly at Ten Dollars, per annum will le hereaf ter published also on every Sunday morn ing, containing the news of the week up to the hour of publication, at Five Dollars per annum. The political course of the True Ameri can is too well known to render it veressn-. ry in this place, to more than merely refer to it, for a criterion by which to judge of its future usefulness. Every cflfrt will be made to retain if not to improve the char acterstics which have heretofore obtainedl favour. Attention shall be paid to ship and co.mercial news and the reader be constantl advised of the state of the home and foreign markets which shall be review ed \vith caution and care. Absti acts of the p'oceedings of the Legislature and of Congress shall be faithfully prepared and all interesting intelligence be industrious ly collated from the most authentic sources. With local matters, the True American may lay claim to a familiarity, which a residence of twenty three years in the State of Lou isiana, and the city of New Orleans, alone could impart. Its best energies, are coa stantly used in urging every measure that is thought calculated to rapidly develope the resources and advantages of the state. In addition to the usual variety of read ing rmatter, it will contain an unusual quantity of miscellaneous articles, fbrming an agreeable melange ftr the general reader. Reports of all the most interest ing and important legal decisions will he reported from time to time, expressly for the Tavu AMERICAN; and no effort left unl tried to impart not only interest, but value to its columns. The DanIL Paper is neatly printed with small type on an extra, double ramd una sheet, at S12 per annum, payable somni annually in advance. The Tal.weaKLY Paper, Centaniing ,he reading matter of two dailies, $10. payable in advance. where no city reference is given. Tihe WEEaKL TauE, made up from the daily papers, durine tie week, will be entt ao sub noribera who pay $5 per nnumi in advance, and to none other, unless an acceptable city referenoe is given. Subscribers respeetfilly solicited. JOHN GIBSON. New O r.LEANS. MAY 1839. PRAIRIE CO'PiA lo 2h IROnCTOt ireentlahl best ,mpli'nete toldhi frends the poblic o t New Orleans., nl to all lmrargerm wio umy he passilng a .w datvs In the city. and iformla lh'ln thlt he will IP. reda ioan A'w dhay In "ccVe Ithem tllo thlr peasant relrhea, thl I' It A I II I E CO'TTA ( I:,siaaedl n. tie l.ak sltare. IPeraota travelling either fromt Springlield. IN )n lldslonvlle. oe Madlisonville, or the city, cane thern meet wilh gtooa h(hler-ie- II' tIrnanaldatli"tlli and plllill' attPilell-aa-cd all pltlie y I-Y way tfilia Nashvi le d can I-e Per.. no in a trieate and plesnat room, I.v giving one day's norireof iheir ioton ollll |o salmlllr . I'The proprietor dlloubts not that indllhIcnlOnl for a vi it will lre iulld in the al antil gllge the lllottag pri. ellts+ Io Ih b invalid, nd thuose arur"dll with the hen, d lsy d hi.len of thie city. b'rip ore nte e ekeiont air rollt.lin ltonatiug eilher from I I.he hale or the great pa i ie-- lo een rtefreshinlg anl the ol erI ladel d with limrallcwP , aill evte give lllna il'IleCI Ittigil tll the wear -elrr inll aenrih eitl,-r olf ellllh or l llhla, llrl . F". i"romlse llppellinti rel lAlE- 'ith a ret lllalhenre ti the lltro f bhken owho kon w uh serhtg nldlw i,-y wi-ll haonor hin wis a roll- . i i citedr Iainking I'rrirti 'otlAge olrlf thle me-t anrilm'el e plhces tof .r Eor p il v tie nlghlbwloolld Ifthel I i itt iThv poee ei atel.O An le t ie T hIe ins Y i n quorn l &e. a. 1. shall e o llue I lr 1 t th-i." nntaore : at It en bll e the hwill tate . it aliliti' mll pInluerl, llth" ea-r linr ilelieL.'ea and via,,h,I ofthe eI'aton for hie sable. l l a i 9 ('amitp Mrerct fAN" Nt711 'i (: A | K+,lt--Ju -t r ei gh t l fr l, Ih- rly - a't It l f-FA a llfntl liel' . i l'llli. I , l ly ain -e onh. agi e IrInls. eaX TI\ A I -, d1irl tlrelt, -c w dlll'a rl ret111 , tntaltI ; po..aitn S ivr-a inll ie datia ' t. A pl ton 1 b I.1A" k \ lAVa m 2la I'T E O W -llpi 1 ;O. I: 1O ) ,.(18:Y, h4t 3.w I erver. i\.I Atlnli,-, lIIY, f, a -lXe\\e ca-dll~nm 1 I vlanl"u, lbr tlehyv II I'liN'AIlEi. my IR 'lair Ntherz aiend l anlpito hmtls ti AReKli. 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I 11IM ERCHAN'.'S can hare it tiEAUTr .i Cilcu t.c shtrc otrf our hAurs NTtirt , r ly enal Sl ah Mea Compng IRoona oj TRUE AMEIIICAN I'ntNrmo td IN oost at Co'nerf leJt rvier st'eet, oral the I tin r ing Office, corner of Pnydras and SI. Charles streets. .ill I KEY.t-- 11 Prl Rectihed iin a nre foa r sale Ic y j m°9 G. DORSEY, 4, New I.evee. I 71.. 1 t -1r00 b aeadnla 1b. L E & C tonv2a1 34 (irnater at S 1 RAZEHi U iui lle t--lo aerts; a :ile t theI inch. 31i to 60 Ih, i heets of ll rnzirs Copper. 0IUe0 - sheets 30 to 60 in. of 101 b. heotling c,,o)pvr. Slaoh eeta l) o hAll do, do. do. Just received and for Cale cb S. LOCKI. & Co. j may OR 8 Front Leve. r,.'E NI ,LA Rlt il)E--00 c(oIs, aesorlmt sixes- Mnil Rape; 75 \Manilia Ilals-.t, ~ssote.t, lfron 4 1-2 to 7 i-2. For h.leh . OCK C ml- My 28 8u Font Levea [' 1 and 2i White IenPdi ; :110 canister rmi Green. Paint, eroand in oil; Bluck do.; .inseld Oil; ,perm do; fa.t); 5m1 hrit. Whiting; Cnpul anl Japnnmd Varnilh. lur salehy S. LOCKI.: .I Co. Miv 28 8 Front Le ea ITW \VBOKS--'l"rhe Cropl;' a Inle )y Ikn O'Har oLfamily; Mamnirs o. f ceelrbraled Wnilen by G R P Jaaea Esq; the Naval History afthe U, State,, by J FennIllo.t ooper, tler oftlle Spy, te. lirlhe, Denthsa and Morrieage, by T' I-lok a SqhE. Na. 2 Jack Sheppard, hy Ainsworth; Phrenlogy in ti fam dy. Just received and for Pale by 3j1 ALEX. TOWER, 49 Clap at UflK-350 rl 5 0 prime Pork, saouldera c nd I Chimebs atllh ilspeotiona far sale by ,i6 (; I)OR.EY,41 New Levea I ,IIAA'i'El.'O)F pA I;ID-.!00 hhle landlng from ehip St John, will be sol)lIw if taken from the lever. j1 J 1B tULIIN, 74 Canmp at B ACON elll-S-.i0 S acaluphriohCeCiaaimtaci ca' red, in store lor sale by j6 G ORSY, 44 New Latevee U'ITLK-GnhG+n alnd Western, in +Pm res j6 G i)ORSEV, 41 New Leves % ANTDI)-F-,r a young man, (a creolea Lou-a C iatna) a iituatintiin snmle mrrcanile eatablish ment, either in the calpacity i( in1 or tnua door clerk, ac emplnylllentis the triicipal ohjeti salary wouhll not a ke itaeh itdfferenee for theie pieet. Ihe ptrean hito had several years exlerellne in tile eeneraleominlsiion,, a.nd is well neqtniitedl with thle city. HiS elplovera rteget lltuwl their inalililv to keep (titt atny longer ; the best oafreaommendalinslgiven. Any c(lr91 nttnieaiatln addresced to MI. lBox 194 i .tt offate, will Inlt with itnmedite atleetlio,. 16i. SITUA'I'ION WANTEID. A OUNG MarriedWomaan, wiit hic a hecIlthy child, btt Se I, thlls old, is dasirlllts ftling it y siuati.n as I WET NUtlE, in a resej:t..yllelamily. Shite can give anbxeaetiannhle re-imnamendalinoa, if mt aqlired. Apply to Sirt. CiflIldl, at ld(t I)aweon'c, corner of L'iPerdido and St. I'eers atreet. J6 4Olt DSAI.E--210 Iales flrcnetAlily Nordhern Hy-,. Innding from Paocket ship Ali.lhalna. ".L 'fly to the Capltin on hoard. tne tier ael,,a the'Vi gealtle Mar' ket. may 8 IAVA COIFtEll lE-"l I. landing trom fill l.ouia villa anc for sale hp -IIALL 'BIROWN. L:_( I..AiNI (ilN.-ill pipet llillnd Gin. in aittp e 37 and faor caa l p J I'HAYFR &c o 7 m13 7i Puydru at iT iEA I e ict u sncPisa.g ~atppn¢ itc t.maditap .L from acbr e pleUdid, frni Bttcn, fcor nick by atp 17 A TRIEH. 34 Grdispr " pIT-CH-SO Itt- ill lit gr pee. hit. taleb t-.-5' 20 ¶1st-nh -

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