Newspaper of True American, June 12, 1839, Page 4

Newspaper of True American dated June 12, 1839 Page 4
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Saltimore Packets It'? 4RI SANS ian BALTIMORE LINE 1) PACR E'S. hlue line will onst of the fir low ng verhals. wiDh htae ~1ol built or purnehued expressly fi the trade, vir; o hiptiersmn, Capt. 3ltonr, Bark May, Nicrkerson, " lead tarry, maw Stevens, o" Slomon r lt *us i Latham, Brig Arehiteot, - " Gray. The.e vtetels are of thoe first clase, hlve hand. ome furnished recommodations, and ore of a light driaf of water, c@ as to admit of their receivi.g tand diseherging their cargoes in O:dltimoro, at the city. Frlght will be taken for ports on thlt Chesapeakehr or Jrmes' River, anrd forwarded by tihe genuts, M.esri. CLARKE & KELLiIt;G, at Baltroore egpssss on goods shipped will be advaw "ed whten cdiolrld. The Itioe of pastage Ir fixed at $10, 1m4ltstors8 of the b at qfitality will be providesa. Seam up and down thie MississiJipi will hbe taken Torfloight or paoeage, apply to GEO. BEDFORD, nov07 , 0 Bilnvile st. FOR NEW YORK. tfLolstana and New York Line of Packets ] 'l111 8hips compuoing this line will nil fon et : Orleans and New York on every other Moll. dly--eommneneing on the 20tlh Novulnber--nd to Iumure the punctuality in the time ofsailing, thLe lite will hereafter consist of five ships, viz: Ship Ynzoo, Captain 'Trask, to leave on thle 20th November. Ship Louiovr lo, Captain Palmer, to leave on the 4th December. Ship Huntsville, Captain Eldridge, to leave on the 18th Deeemlbr. Ship Vickaburg, Captain Woodhouse, to leave on the lot January. Ship Missioeippi, Captain Davis, to leave on the 15th of January. The abooe are all new, of the first class, enpper dt and copper fittenedr, nd Iuprwarda of" 5e touns Iurthen, are of light rlraught of watcr, bei.g built In New York expreesly Air the trade. Tire price of passage is fixed at 100 dollars: theiir cabins are Sttod up in Ite mloSt illmproved and eovernient plan, and finished in a neat and elegant stylei Ample stores of the first quality will be provided, and every regard paid to thle cnfeort and entire satisfaction of passangers, who will please take no. lieo that no bertll cal o eecuredtuntil paid for at the offco of tihe ornirnees. These vessels are cotmlanded by eaptains well experienced it thue trade, who will give every oat tention and xeret tllernelves to acolmundato. Tlhe. will at all times be tUwed up and down the Missi-. bippi by ateaobonts, , rd tie strictert puuctuulrty 'observed in tIe ctiente of aaillrg. Tlle owners of theire sthe s will net be responsi. his for any letter, parcel or pckaTge. sent hy or pat on board of tr ln, unlers a regular bill or lading be signed theretfor, at thie coutingt houoe of tl.e agent or owners. Fo irherfre pJrtietrile napply to J ) BIEIN & A (COIEN, nov27 90 t.mrrrnr at aEEW (iR:.rREA N &CittAII.Lbd'I'UN eA:( KE'P Trh,. l]ir cornierrs , lour ve e ',,, l , th l firs t ,ri cr, rop rrr ., atd 'reip r in lt. nod, and rlle, a outr200 torn Illjrte ra. with haldsomlne acrrlnmmoda tillls flr p ,erenere. .Th ese vessels are ermmqnded hby reptlies eel experienced ill the tradeI wIho will Live every at tentionand exerl themselves ton enc.eClmmldat. the. shippers. Thev will b towed uip anro d wi the Misriasippi, and leave New Orielene n or hilor, the 10th and 1lth of every monlh. The flluwirg vessels compnre rie lItre, via : Brix Arahialn, Chirles (i. ron, master. Brig Creaprtan,J. B. T'rlompson, tierer. Brig Arrrerr,* , J. Do ne, meastr. Bark Roger tVillilnr. J. Ailihere, master. Fenr Ireigt ar pnesace, rplyv I J. A. BARELLI &CI, G1 Con oen st. New Oileans, rmr It. C Ai-,f.cri'r. Ch.,_i'r ,"n. 1,1 I oLUMtBAtl & CU'S Iseoln uloa he.w Ureara Li n of Packet Slrips.--'hth new line of ships has been exprersly built to run bietween the aboe-, porte, and will he Irund of suitobre draft of eater: accommodatiions for passengers, and every effort will he On,-1Ic to give general artis action, Irhe line is composed rf the fi, lowing shipt: Cherokee. 415 tone Capt. J Harding, Carolina, 41111 de 8 Lemist, Charleston, 374 do D Eldridge, Columbana, 65 do G Barker, Seaman, 240 do J Hluwee, Bombay, 625 do D tlumphrey. The above ships are all now, of the first lass, eepper fastened nold aoppered, commanded by meln ofgreat experience, laroe largoe ccommodatione. with a selparate ladies cabin; every attention wall be paid to passengers, and the very aest of stores pro tided for them. Tihe packeta will be towed up and down the Mis aissippt, and the strictest punctluali y o':served in the time of sailing, and should tile regular vessels he detained in arriving, other ships equally as good will in all eases be substituted. A share of patron age is saoliited, and tile agents pledge tlemselves to aceommodate as much as practicable, to receive and forward goods by said line at the most moder. ate charges, and to advance all expenses on goods shipped, il required. Tile ships will leave the let and 16th of every month. For freight or passage, apply to tile agente. J A M ERIIITT, 82 Commoun st. N. B. Advancements nrrde on consignmo..ts to Messrs. A. C. Lombard & Co. nov27 IIHE ienuine Indla Itlesan rol' Liverw.rt and HoIre Shound, is pillt ip in bottles at thi low price mf 51i cents each, conlaining the strength of three ounces iof Llver wort, hesi le the a irtures I many other roots and herbs known amoll rte Indiana as eiicacious in curing pulmonarv cueoairnts. The u ui'irnlied success which has attended the tide of tlis irestllahle Btrlsmn wherever it has rbeeo irtru drred. has obteined the confidenee end recomlmiende. lions of respectable iphyicians, for the cure of cougns, enlds, pa n in the side; want of rest, spitting or blood, lieer conrplnilt, &c. To whom it may concern. This is to certify that we bane ill our practice frequertly prescribedl ltra tiardi. onr's Indian oBalsam of' l.verworl a d tloatrrhmrd, with a'decidedd gool effect: em e can therefore, from the know. ledge of tile materials it is made from, anld . Ir)el vtenon andoxperienee, recomrlnrotl it as a slleriei prrlpratiilr eral those rrictiuons of tile Iungs fr which it is re aoended. A,.,!tlItr \VII.I431, M.31D. CALVIN El I.S Al. It. Mo mhte, oe nfhe Bosron Medical Association. Boston, Ootrber '5. sale by J.tRlVIS & ANI)REWS, il 19 r:m ner tll I' it r it.,lr o est r atab, h IIE310OGEJE, Bi'· AWN N. (:Ct. may 3 No 9 ('noti ot. D RUG)-Just landing tnrom Mles-in, a suppyv of almnndn, hitter and sweet liquorice root, lim juice, eosrmce ofloergnmoto rPao's- .t lemon juie., lhemp and canary need, manns, fluke, and ,maill, canlhrider, hrimtoam*, orange flower water &c, fir wholesala and retail in store ot II B(\NAREI, m29 ear Notchez & Tlchonpitoulas st I YDIIAU I-IC CEIEN':--5bts landing from rhip l Get. Cabot.and for salte Ih S , J P VtIIrllT'EV, may 3 7.1 Camp st I3tMMONS IIARTI Ct)CO, o r now recerivg'ro, t b on board ship Orlotno. Eatle, flirhlandoer, i'kro "lry dndrew, French and ot apn ls a ur,; Bck gammnn Boarda;, 1-4 anl 2 3-8 inch 1il ard Balls; 8,9, I0 nod Ia inc I slade btowie Knivesk Leather and other traoellio, I)reorinj Caofr; BIaI. Pockts, loremtan's, and Dmrlliog Pivteoli; dlobl and single barrelled Gtnrs; G(anon lag; Shot Ieolt; Powder nd Pistol Flanks; Itrant Bottlta and Drinokig Crps; Pm:rrwrion Caps and Cap Holdero; Cloth, Ilair, Tooth: and Nail Broihrs; Oreril s.d Chlorine Tooth Wshl Tooth Powder; 'Tilet ad Sioaving Soap, in. great va ietry Ina.g Hair Braid, Linletlo oand Lrizettel ; Pear.I its d"]alet Powder; Eterry suer; Iohry Tuhl Coflrion. Pant St.lldten r Garterte; Gat Em!tic lssprom er:; Powdrr Poffs and Borxs; Gilt Chains, Sealr and Keys; Kr-drops; Waist Bnckle.; Bracelets; Bead Necklaces and Chaioe; Gilt anr Sijvernd Beadsr nldlion Ietd. hellsa and Plumes; Shell Twist; tide antd It)ressin Cnomb; which, ill afddition to their former orock on halld. omake their assortentr very eo.tplete, and will he soll ow and an literal terns, at thle nin of the G;oltlrn Comb. i25-tf 70 Chartres street. U.)-.J A 3-. ElVI;iTI;--I5 bal.s, landing f.r, Lship Jbtdm te,o . fir saleo bo 22 I I;tKIDGC. t"':r,174 Ilagozie ,r ttilKIS't'5tj--.5 hes 4.1 Ito-oIl roartontd ".s bales 4). twills t.nwalt sarton, 3 ca-n bhuik. ki, .triae, lantding fron ohip at I ,ait,,fr -, le hv m39 1 ItRIIGi .. lt.'. 131 M.,gtzino at IRON ROOFu b s--'I 'i s .' e rrihe oshn p-, .rr. at a great erprne. ,ht righlt sf pIt tingj tin irt,, reola in th-e city. "Ti.ev re toadpod t, putl,, buildinga, warehoettrr. ,,d private dwtllin·, nnt araotina at bhots clt.rp.esn and durahdlit, on, are perflctly fire aod waterr prttf Tfrms ma le known, and a muodl seen at, ur atahlihmentr oppelte St. Maey'a mn,, er, Trtaitl,',Io. a... "to' E B CoGSWEIW..e, C, COAL 1 -The aattstorhotr havo e olotntly it hand a larre srpply r f C.rl ansd Lverpool cotral. itd of aoperio,roq...l.y, whirh they ol'or ft, Sole in lots e aIlta ptlchaearrs. Alnso exper.ted by the first nrrvalo from F..t land ald the Nrth. Con"l. Lehi2h and Pro.' '.lManteia Coat. hrehken and at-r,-n..rd pot up It hor-hrotldt etprear. Ir itltoily u.t--'1 of whiC to-v will dispose ofn ,he tinol nto !Prite trlln,. Orders lert at thoir . ficr, N- 53- lieljville at. up sirr. .ill bs ptomtllly l(rt-ad.l to oc.3 . &. A SdOUllIE. \7!c: o otd ,ier pj r-rfo, r a i,--- t a all IH uII. & 11OWN, gtl Ilagaoiose .t Th t tr\.TltS'O.4o5 L,a.s Gnt i FaTll 6, 4-I --m, Paharlnel.w and 110 hatrs Jaelra.,n 6it. 4-1 hor,,w. -ha.nia, lodemg frino ship Cheatlthc.t, f.rr ho-eh y a11 I Htlllt;iE& Co, ., t l IN'lHlti--15 cat-es assorjted r "m a-. ..... Ja a olol.ran. . G.., Unitk . tour lil.rtias is .ot the !Lr_ M'anOr NEW OODS-Simmnoooa Hartnt & aoam now 're Sceiving from on beard ships Yazoo, and Saratogni -ndhrit Concrdia, from New York, a great variety orf goods in theielino, which together with their formet stock on hl.nd, makes their assortment very,: plate. rhe l tiluwing comlposea part, vi: , ell twist, ..r:t, -ad, tuck aend dressig cnmla, horn do ofall descriptions, I n lia rubber, silk nad worsted elastic artrs, colmeonu & ine elasti elsot upeneders, love fcco nid Lucifer mnathes, eridlitz ponders,powdirpuff andl hboes, toilet powder, rocket buooks and allets, ocodle bhoks, shell, pearl, ivory an ti rcurco carsd cses, hIend ornmeonts,pl inco ral heads, necklaces anl negligeea, bead ahnns, bead beehklees, cat glhas cna plain, eed,silver an gilt eads, Indina beads, bells and Iluudes pistol and large ,ow ,er laoks, shiot belts, horoe, belt. pocket and duitlian intole; double and single barrelled guns. owie knives, .od dirks. srissors, olcarnrpokaet knives, tuard chains, and ribhons, waist buckles, cloth, hair, toolc, nnil,comb, arumoh. she, Iinote, floor anid duating brshc , Colognte, lorilda lavender, rose aId bay wuter,ansorted essencre, antd extracts, Mlacasanr, bear, aictiqce, and Ward's ve getabhe hair oils, shlving nod toilet soaps o a des eriptiono, ladire' and gentlemins' l esk, and dressing oosee, hair riogleto, frinactts and braidsi, plain, fancy and ousical work boaxe, plain and gilt, fmgured, coat and reast hutt'cac, pmear acd ivory shirt In sahirt sttdd, gold and oilver pencil cases, toothpicks and tweeere,tplanted and gilt lcketo, uiniature do, silver, bass and steel !nimbler, hooks anrd e;es, hair pin, .nitatuun fruitblk and redilck, shoe blacking, violins and guitar, ribbed and plain parcuseion caps, litcn twine, scented culh enes, gold and siler lace and frenge, latter paper, game begs, riiog wcips, walking cates,piaying eaade, fine gold, plataied ad gilt jhwellrv &c. Ihe ahbove, toether withl a great varietv of other artC lea are offeredl at wfcileeale or retail on aceomodatiog N t Shell combs repeir;d LOYLE MAlh, loUse, "cgc, nicd Onuamvoa PL'sOterl. No 3 Caroadele street, two doors lom iinal sitrce. Imllcations of tle following woods and mrhbles, ex eeuted in a masterly macne.,r. Maholganyi, Egypitle Ianflak ond gold, Otk, ;cilla andc Almien, l'ollaril ito, (ienualc or verd antlcqo, i'rtled ifo,, ,asper, C.rled .Maple. ) llum) tEane |ilt If Eye do, IDarby CGranite, Satin M oid, ti otomat, Iltir Waol, I laove or Iurilello, Yew T'ree, I Italin White, (.Coroicmlcle or Black S inwal ietlnl Breetrlla, lose Worl, I Ameli ion Grey, AtlI \ibtcfe Oak, ks. be. ke. * UCinl'd Elc, Spaecimvns to he seen at thle shop. Paiclt, oils, glass, coljl varnish, k&. onhaeid idltorisle. to I SION,STEEI. & HEAVY (iJUOD)S-l- at, square and bondle iron, well assorted. iloop, scroll and rod iron, nlil rods and plough moubls Coalt, German, shear, bllatered, spring, sheet itd SCrowlcy steel htollow waie, tosttll wrongbht iluis and spikes Ziic, block tl, mnill andlgrid stilie. silt kettles tnlon cables, tanchlors, ioen (to, log sIt I trace chains, cornei mills Anteis, ices, I lnimersa.d hellow s Wire, slhet,ig atld br leald; shot C i,i and enllkling slnre A onts, IIow lmal.l's land ther spades t.l shovels h Iook rtlll pite hinges, loor and window hoolks Cr" (Collis, Il itits, h.t lpi, Sd o fthel , axes l'ioi'di il ad illl cotdg, linels tl hie I wli l sh cati h hn g c o p p e r ; Xl l a il d s to r l le s l'oatnl, Ii erti antin s ti'oliol A thll issortment ti hardhware and ship chandlerl, Ialw sll In ndl, am which n ire dfi o rei d fr .,le tit wlile isale Or retail, ol the most ftem able terms, by In" L. 1'r , .1 Co. 530h1l1 trter. A NEW article forpersols troubled willh deanesr, (crlled tiho Ear Trlllopll.) hl, n inot been received, h l tier e lot o i Ch.i1k, . ! lll r uh11 lll l l3 01· the i i., mlsn voice is distlcrliv cnlveved to tie ear. An oI whot f.s ever reen obliges l rocotnll.erse witll a verr don lie'.rsn, nlost he fallv al. ie: leof the diicultv stld nr. t3rrstrmenlrexperiened Iotoh hv themselves and tie in dlvhiluals so lafr0lu.ttiltl allnlte. lty the use uf the i tanr Trouopet Oh.i tobjIection is entirely otn-inted. The mlert see tcriil hove alayns a andulnedtltenir doubt oilter having used toIn l'rumipet. For sale at T F IGUION'S, Fanye store, rarner of Cmnon and St Charles streets Ildr iel. Hotel. fet 13 SB()RN M slI.fS--rdrs receiv-el for cort-tniles, by r apt 17 SHALL & ltl)\VN, 96 lMagazinee L rtAF TUG if--varihus quol ien, tolttantlni in store slid fr ale by SHALL A ltlttWNE, maro29 .96 Magazine st RttitERT GI CA N NtN. HOUSE AND SIGN PAINTBR No.12 Istamp street. \Vholesale Ileler in Paints, Oil, Varnishes, Brushest, t1: 3 Widlo ow and Pi:ture Glens &e. Se. FASHIONABLE CLOTHING. ROBIVSO.inA' GOOD UP-ff. ENo. 6y, Chnrtres (srees, to. 6 to hr .,Iow ,ienville, [[AVE ron.tanoly onhail d every artiele lppeittlo l illug enlt'lllnlllnrll ps .hslt Itile in the be.t man. ,er nnd mlot faghenlblo st)le, which they ofeor t'in casll, t retluced pric a. dee4-ln,3if 1B.1LJtI FORI T'l TEETH. rl1 |1 E n.stablisid roputio ln and ra-str.llt tncraj;n$it r deoltil+(! fo)r thils eft, tunl rell dv ofps'h, and pro servalive of the ictlh, lhan itnducedl te stib .rier offer it to tile American pulblic. Arrangements ha tIeell nl0lie to 3 1 v iple nte s ia l lit tl piriucip l citie ad tunlc, ill the Unit.d rtaltes, o aos no place it 1hh the reach iof those suflibriu and likely to cutiler thin muos haruasing of all ahe, Toleoth-ache. Wheon applied Iucoiding to dirertions givel on bottle, it hits, never fti:Le t. otl.lrd immediate iIand manent relief. It also rrests Ithe dCe m i,1dfoetiv oeeth,and relieves that soreness h htich so frequ ntly renllers a strong tootlh nless T'Ic.r np1tlicatlll3l and remnedy are sim~pe, ilmoelnt, t.n rot s nleaman; and the largoe nuIIhbr of lel oC .r in diflil3r.t etetio.ns of th collontry, thnt have Olr anty experienced -uch delig.hltl nd oalutary etect tr -or tihe it., .of thle ull, are readv to Ielr (fr tile public good) their testimn3v to its ai rivlledl qdnlitlen. It i t an tldial remell, btoilned singiilarln t ltd nexpelctedly, clnl inI3 here rgol3r. I y the cii iili cd wrmrld as tie illnat valuable diacoverv redman of the nods. PItice $$1 er bottle. Sold by JAIV'IS & ANDRE\VS, tor 5 ('or Common and Tohalitouula -tis. l tf. tAt'S, itt co-- 4 ,)t3 i t1ee 3 3li, 0oo SV Hats,forsale JOiN II GR, HAM. HIITE LEAD--5blls, 15911. Iha taeh; TItt kegs, 110 " 30 21111 do 15 English do-95 1-4 bhle. 4-00 Ill0 'alllt Ilruahes, van uos izos; I - , ..e V.r- illii 3; 5 bbhlCreol Vannish; 2 " Japan I iCoo:nh 00 packs Golld Leaf; 511 df Silver do 1131i do lutch letal. 1'INI)O3V Gi. \'S, Amneri.nn, Et glish and French 1i030, various sizes and qualities. Sonton lroun do.--5U boxes, collsignment, will be old low, Also. a eneral aissortment of artilet' coln-tre and nols, tor sule by A W SCA'I ES, No 16 Cannl street. S N i. Aleh na note takenl at p r, and Mississippt n cls w' erd reenived at 1O per tcnt discount for goods, o or in p, i tlof (debt. ju I Iwt JARVIS & ANDREWS, WIIOI.E:AI.E AND RETAII. DIl:ALERS IN MEDICINES, PAINTS OILS LIFE STUFFS .1.'D) IVIDOIV G L.ASS, corner of Commoalln and T'llouupitoulan streets, NLW Ur. ,t :s N.w AIt .i J.IARVIS. JOIIN W. ANI)IREWS. A large upply o Garden Seer . warranted the growth of 18:37. NDREW .V MITII & CO., respectfully inform S their lriends and the public in -tneral, thait they ocelpy tile new brick shop, 219 Tchoulpitoulas strletl, where they keep colnstatly on hland Copper, Tin nod Sheet Iron War,-, of every descriptionl , chi as copper stills, kettles, and p-liips, till h,.tl. .nR to a, lltd oil Cilll, of all sorts and sizes, ad all otlter brass caising donet at shlortest notice. Gratlo Ia;rs of every doecriptionl, scllh s etleall. boot stirrups, hog chllals, serew bolts, alit othel hkind ofstetr mbioat work, such as chilmuteys, breechll. or. teuam pipes. They nill also do all kinds of out door work, such a- zine, conpper and tin roofing and guttering, &e. They above and all other kinds of work in their lineo of business, they will exellto at tthe shorlotest ntiel. tleo' t IISRROWGATE SPRINGS itt3I3t3lhlel3 . 03333310n. .ll.. l-,ttll THREE DAIS LOUR.XEY FRO.1 NEl"*tl ORLEAA.V . rOl IIE reoiprietor el1 titi, establiihtrntt bus the plea urtl Itaeoulnigt i3 I toi isi.eril .v a I tit, publicd i' .e.,*. l, t tt Ihe will be i:l read .eesby the first day of i Itai toer etive vi-iters. ie wi llls lalo tinto 3mr the'l -: Ileil of lUt no it a di-tane, lthait tthere llisre ,n I lr, am loveolu t tott madeil, lanld ltlldre now go.ntgll ot nlld tin uI, id 1to for completion, iLich will eably the d tlcr ther to lione.nllllntlle a muhi larger tu bel bCr thin 1) 'retali 0tte and lt I le someI time ltuch :ttt, ttr. IFailin calin e rce oltdll lehd - ilh good rooms, or rlhet, Inl prel er aotl have large , etached from the mi I,i uildilg. It Im olnedl inleCess..ry to say anythiitll in partlia. lar of the e of the -Isr oel these wtlters, t, it ir gelleorlly believed that they are not inferior tit nyI in the South ern States. All the osamuemrus tlhat are ge..erual i .,.ua.u, ,tutering! Places, will he founl at this. T e best musice thatI thbis part of tit. Coultry affo03, 1, - thee eog.ced, nd will be in collstlnt atreldunce at he dprinsl dlring the wllolle rean. lit1 rlantibhls will vail hinmselfor lfhis epptrtunin in returnine bil untigin.iedll thanks for the ery liberal; .utport given him last season. and bipe byl the exer- e ions that have been made io n inproovin_ sad exlteldi.g o ' tl actonutnodations, to merit a Ihbral lll tar g the thi ,tesent oeasto. J.10 CIRAM.I L S .03 IJL Ni4 , e s re, I lelwe 1u tain nand St Ptitp, khrP.p constantly on hanld I t xlnive nee.trnlel,'tt ,f,3r.tsl and IrsL.nnnO nd ..,r,,of N.New Yt-rli iOa.uflctulfttrP, lirrin, w, men ed chidren o| atl nre-, wA hitli he wlli dieo*L· sel Io IIt very modeLt.aleirai. , ic . I 'm,lill a ofhis +n q-t3ll3irlcr e o. i erdllt 3 no r tI er ' i iI h, n ,tbel t wisL o 03,, vr',d J o 1..- .,-(311 I BUSINESS CARDS. JOB PRINTING. OF EVERY DEORCIPTIONS QPEEDILY, IfANDSOOtELY AND CHEAPLY.EXECIITED AT THE OFFICE OF THE TrFe .lnterican, d''T. CHARILES STREET, NEAR POYDRAS. n,23 A CARD. E & SINNOTT, iwsolesale Grorcers end Conanissm . l errhants, No. 27 Cummno Strect,N ,' Orleans. i'Pnnrticlarnttenion paid to th ,u ting up of Straum boat and Ship stores. novod SAMUEL, TOBY, * Jerchandise Broker sj Comnmission .ºlercianl, d13 Office, 36, Camp Pt.-For the presentt. J. P. FRI NEMAN & CO., 1I loklale Cloteihag Eglblishstenlt .ou. 3, ota.ztne atre-t, T1.AVE ccnsatntly on hand a large up)ply pf Cloth - ino, calculated fur the country trade. Their as. sortlent beinsg large. merchants froml the country can be supplied at the shortont notice. oct4 BAZAAR. BSHI & ALL-EN, NO. 1, EXCHANGE HOTEL, C'orner of St. /Chtrles and C tmo on st,. NEW O.RLANS. IIMPORTERS and Dealers in French and English a Periune'rv; Dresslig Cases and Portable Desks. Cutlery, Ilnsiety. Gloves Shirts, Stocks, Umbrellas, Canes,lnd Fancy Articles. d5 SENU''lCKY, Illii oi., ano Indinn flank Notes, I f ktr sale by A I E, mny 3 74 (Girvier at JEWAl.KY, AT WViltI.EALE. S .1. BEILL, No 16, Chartres t, hat, thhi day ro SY crived t fIll nssonrtment of .VtlItches, Jewel.y, Smoln n lectatles ncd Glass Ware, they will be offer ald at te ItLwest n amrket price, apl 1 DOYI,. A iMAlY5 I)EALEILS IN AMERICAN & RNGLISII CROWN GLASS, No. 3 C.aRONDEI.Er STREET. o0 FASHIONABLE CLOTHING TAYLOR & HADDEN, No. 14 Chartrae MJlreet IIAVl aloentant surllly t f err acrtcle pertntin~, to gentlemtn.u' dreu, a the latest style, at irNew Yrk p.riers er: 211 1ORLEANS LITHOGRAPHIO PRINTING ESTABLISIUMENT, No. 53, Magazine Street, (Ipposite BIamks' Arcadt . t WILL.1 .i, G;REE.VE, P'IOP1JIET'OR n r BANK NOTE ENR.; AVING RAWDON WRIGHT HATCH & EDSON AI AF :alet- d at oalice in New Orlhna.. n<o.raeng i|.eeUal alndh,ta!_es i ith their leose ini New Yoal fI-r tl -tlrn,.a .fimra ntving an I painting Iblk Nae-, eII nd., hils ,lr E lxehae·ge, Certilh a''a ef llel).ire, Chc kI and other ilportant pIlaPers, I,:rii g security aqfillmt I.' lllt : te;aud hnlviea Ilade t pll e . pnl visi n f) r Il ilte. le il alI a rl ( IMtes and ipreolsnlns entrunt ed to the !r LCart: Itheir eperi I ens embrllce the o.lte of over li u lllble d lllll nkill inslllitUtinll , and all orders ,will be i.ecnted willth promplnitu, anl on the usual /erni. 0tllcm, cornler ll Ioyia & Canal stret. - -- l -- tl CHAMPLIN & COOPEIB, GROCER.S AND I) 1)EAIE:RS IN I'POVISIONS AND FEED, No. 79 and 8'J Jilia strelt,New Orleans.. [LrShhlt and It.iil-y stolie put lp. mr 5 I.llI IANA n FURNITURE WAREROOIMIS No. 53, Ilienviale stri ,t. W ILIIAM It. CAINES. would respectfully lin 'ri lis Irianrlda and file pablic thal he is "sa etantly receiving- fnio New York and Boston a good asorlllnet of Furaillltlue, ch as ltloagnal elih:irs,. nafos, Ied-teel-n maple andil rpuntd chairsa, mnaple and cherry lbedsteuad, mahogany and cherry tables fl all descriptions, luorean-, s-il;etbs, sreterys, writing desks, wardrates of Inahllgnlln and chlerry, was stands, I lahg glasas, fitaer. It e ldding, &,'. en. NBi. Furniture packed for transportatlion with great enre. nov13 INSURIANCE COMPANY OF NEW ORLEANS. This Comlanay are now prIelred to take RISKS AGAINST PIRE. No. 2-4 Museson' Bulding, Canal sl-..n. New Orleans, May 15.1 1,33. tLriatartml. ()LD CO'I'ER-3;l0ltI lb oni I:opCapr atr Ita i h Ln y apr;a 4 "tiT l l pit RUSHTION & ASPIINALL-S ' ONIPOUND TONIC MIX'I'URE.-A speedy Santid cot it curn for tile Fever and Ague, ranmittent and interlnitlllt feve'rs; prepared from he original recipe. Used w;th eminent and uni versal success in 1832, by persons of tile highest erspectabilitv in this city, as stated i l tile annexed certificates. Thiis medicine is highly reoonmaeded, and Ias beon extaenmivcly used in tihe above diseases with vuch distinguished succass, that the proprietor of the recipe has been induced to offer it to the pull. lic in it; present form, in tie hope that it lmay be theI means of rehleving many of those who are suffiring under the scourge of out country. It is a nmedicine pnssessing great viitfe, and when used accordiing to the directions Ihas never failPd of Iffeciting a nitre, venl in tile most obstinate stage of the disorder. It is not at all disagreeable, and persons of tile weakest stomach, and cllildren Iay take it with impanity. It strengtltenss the digestavr organs, creates an appetite, and seldom requires morn than one, or in obstinate cases, two bottles to tffeet a cure. There is neitler lerculry nor arsenie in the medicine, nor any thing injurious to the human constitution. The proprietors are no well convinced of its efficacy, that they agree to refund the price of every bottle which has been taltau inl nacordanc, with tile directaons and has not efltotetd a perfi ct cure of the fever & ague. A. OLIVER, sole agent for Now Orleans, at his wholesale and retail drug anld Iediclne store, corner of Bienvimlle and Chartres streets. For District Agencies apply to je5 T. IV. SN T'rII, 48 Conti st. PEINSACOLA MANSION HOUSE NEW\ CITY, PENSACOLA. StIIE subrcriber havig purchenaed the Ioaer mnd fur L iurerrf this well known establishnentr, from Mr Ta1 ylor, tilt late prore wtnr, will be ready to receive tit - ters by the let c" April next. Numerous and cosrly imlprovements will be found in the arrangeents of the .lansion House. New atid Smore culmmoldous btltiu. hoser will be built, and war-n b Ill- will be provided at lil hlure. A stable will he attached to tle Iroas. wilh good aceh mnl.en tioln fee horses and carriages. 'it st rate horses and earriages will i oe bee kept for hire at modlerate prices, iell anlr c ll t boelts, with oter ed, witor wiage herri for the ·irce ofe vilttelr . illierde arel otlhe Ieeerllvi Iuldi at enterhiglg paces, will sob e furnished, beel tuietrthe l ardelrs. Thi wine, snd liquors will he of thel best qallitv , and to ensure ia oil iupp u lv ol ci ie, ',a earelebs aleidys lbee 1erde t ed hi wrei too i riv Siaout te i e l ly.f t Ire te riek eiarnterl, ho formerley I reeept sop filr h. htnel at CVeluSieton citv, will econdct Iis hu clel for the lrpro trhe euho, ywith such aid, cnhentlv bssures lthe vdriter lfinet ye.-r,l ande fieds gelierallyof thet they will rithcve atery p ouibld;e ttIl itlnd terebxiity to 'heelrtl lutlltgern r l t r l, iusreIns are trho well kltnwn to need It henlgtoened de-e-crilit+ hltre. Tlce ftctntlr ot er all on tir pIlle arg:nt aeI ste ltitde of the i Gcovermnoet; tie gpe.eal reniezvre reof thet (icfllrquad. I rani the neeicriV of its ciimtte recllred conieee ntlytill.d tll e t rlh wI nere lll bll in i tihe colest I reees 'r n rihe t., lta le.liti tt hf tiret hay and the enigheering i cand i ande-e titer theundnluee neid delicacy of tihe 5-lit tie rurelslthe teters 'oeleUrd; rteld i.e proxhitty to titet iest Seruthirn mnaket , five l'en.ernein the pre xelce- oter alt other places ii these latituldes, s a htlre!tht and elighc i l e ic c tlerrelrcai• S -,rri rate boaters ill ru a hllweett PetI'ancole and Mlo bile. and will lst all lilles ie tLl to tetre Itle ilasen. re t r e il tt Net t ertlatneo ts. NB ARNOLD. rPec-ecoi, Feh 15th,1' i... I ietntlelllen wt c hieig to engage rooms for their i fismilit%..l en ahdlrens the proprieotr, at Pensacola, or .Mr Sewell T Taylor, tie formlrr proprietor, at Ner OrI Jlest. R"fenee. R-fe core-re. 'IT aflrd, Iq, .rCC ec(lh l, B leAlieilpin,E li., It.• Kihle'ntt, litb .l ; ST Ta' Ilylr, tP Rea, Eei, itt Net. I' 5-- lhtter Lee, to receire r'eeeteiehtircdnm for pero ,t ''lt ir. btee hotel, i plrceed at tiro \\'hiterl'lu ellile, C1 et elar eylo Exch gigre. FILORItIA ROU'TE FOR NEW YORK. rIt' rravellers deiirous of triking tie Florida route, ila I'enncola,to the Northare infrlned thait irsl rate Louts will cuntulnlv ruc free. Mobile to Pettenacoela Irllille.avi. lloile PerUsleteel etrvery vther dlay ernf the Ist of .lacy. Gcoodl stages will tallrays be provided ut, tire cebcr ier t hbe in reaediners ec t take sernegeret 'iun Mleil, in c.rte of the failutrehetf t lle ent N 1 41rNOILD. The stleatuoarrt Chamnlpion leaves Mobile lor Pelsn cola twhir a weePk Fth e_ Iv iRAN MARIE FARINA'ti COLOpNE WATER Sj eases more of thils Spe rior Cologne waler, just reorreited atll ft sEale liv thle dozen or singl: bottle. Also American aend relach toilet Iewderrs, owder tr ullr anld oxes, shartiug and tiet siler ps, enosemer wash balls, milk of roses, eo-lietir coel rream, extr :: n rnsk, kep lhaln W\ard's veetelhle Ihir oil, polnalltt, crelalse tc prrse Filorlra, r oellat{er, reo+ t and aley aters,I l're-e', +.lte, \h ',eille eeiereri r-y ire toter k c, vegretl. ble r Id liquid route., (Chlorine and O)rlrie tooth rwule, r ihtle, hair tlth,e niil rn d flehlt bri ;hes; torl etlher witll ete eIdditieltrcl supply of fnthionailc i here reed shell erlcla saih jr;x elrr for sale low nl whnlilale or rt toil by rId.1ON"it, IIART'T &COt, •ju! 711 Clu itiee teeet. -IUCF (dI.I ll - lit b le ltne ilneo icr gi'vt blee ..:au..-.,e.;.. ,.,'Pth, suni It 'mur_ Royal Colttre of Plhysicans, London. TIjllE origanal Vegetable I lginn Universal Medi line, prepares by W Mllkin, Esq. Memner of Ile Ihtv)l College of Surgeons, Lioentisse of Apothe eary'salomplny, Fellow no Bolt iort Soeiey, Surgeon nto thie iloyal Union Pension Asoniotion, LnoEaster Place, WVterloo Bridge, and IPerpetual Pupil of Guy' andl St. lThillas's tlospitals, Lonldon. 'This vnlnalde medicine, tile result of twenty years' exlerienle and tlnnpalleled success in the extensive nuld biyhl respectile practice of tie prolrietly, lptro nisled by the faeulty and nolilih, and is now ilntrodnled to the notlie of the Amerienn public, at the earnest so licitation of a nllumber of gentlemen of long and highl standing in the profession. It is hlopedl, as a prolilti. nin step, to check the evils and fatal eousequenees arising lirom the use of the numorous andt delelerions nentonr loirsled Ulpon the pnblic Ity ile idt of fobrieateo proofs of miuloulous cures, and other fihnls,, bya set of mnercena y, lnlsrillecped p1retenders, so totally ignlorant of mdical soience, that it impossible the monstrous lailsn an ans y longer gn down with the intulligent peaotleofthlisiountryy. Those ills, milt nttlsgl ntsle in tller nature, shoull be kept sn every familygin iases of sedden illness, for, by their prompyt lministeation, cholera, cramps, sptams, fe'.1's ssd other nlnrmiltg compllintls, wlhichl too often prove fatal, mny he speedi ly cured or Iuevented. In fact, all those who value good health, should never be withmit them. They are sohi' its poeoet as t s enttl, L$1 ad $2 each, by every riesje ftaule lllggiiat,h bookseller, and velnlot' of eillsill ist tto Unitel Stoles s I! he Cannlds, with copious dItIetionls, togeler with: estltnoniuls of professional ability frotl thle following eolinelt genlleeon: Sir Astley Cooper, "Abelnetely, James llondell, M.. D., WV. Back, M. iD.A, .1. Aston Key, A. Framptnon, M. II., and numerous others. The originals may be seen n possession of the Genelal Agent, by whomn the meldicie is importetl into this sru'ntly, sid to wheom all applicatiolns obragencies mistl ie mde. JNO. liOLBEIN, 199 Waverly Place, N. York, Sole Geesnl Agent for the United States, WFo. For sale by Apltointment of the eriisinl )lrojlrietor. bly Swasz F& HlnTilen, l)ltggits, No Il-(Caal storeet, Clerre Agllet lfor Stntltee of Ltuisltlls. jnl vo i I LNRY It LEE , co, No ) tq1hgzine streel,are c row receiving from ships Nashville, L.ouisville, sIenckl, Engle, and other late arrivals from :he : -ll.ern cities, a large and nlew seleted assortmlent tIbia, Boots, shoes nod Brogans, consisting ofgentlemeln's line calf and .Msoroco boots do 2d quulisy; do bufl"l, and stout wax peggedll boots n 'ariolsqlalities; men's fines calf seal and Molroc ro. e planps anl brogans, buckskin shoes, brogans amt sllpess: men's file callt and kipped pegged shoesutml I rogans; to hoots; do stout kip aud wax tpgged shoes a al brogtans; getlellien's best qlity call sewedm shoes, I'gtoto" awl Jack I)owtinsi; do calf andl lorUcoo a clle shoes and brogans; To oalf, seal antd M~rleeo I ellat shoes ar d sli pp.', lto calf, bluff alt seat wlngs, a .ew article;r lI fse call se.l and morocco quarter rots; toys', misses'and hildlren's pteg4ct and suwce t 'ogans, and shoes oflevery qualitt a blt kId. Also a general assorlment of men's stout war and r.lI broganoos aud shoes, together with 10,(000 pairs igro toit quality, russett brogtans, nailed in the s.ons, todte expressly faor pltbtatios ose; a go.Ol as. Srtme of asl:t's fille andi stout kilp rtssslt bergn:st, a w artic",and a i:lse quanlity of us inierior qmlity r' selt ald n.:I.a bltgtlllts. Ladlis' ltle call;, seal, nsroeo asI n (rait. welts, tatd pltp soleU shoes do linle u is etsh; lullor co ans kidi ru '.ntd slilppert; to rlon slloes, with llsd witlottt Iheerls; . tllF, seal ttal stoot leather bloonte:st do I'rlella srlto, Sfutll kitIs and tqualities; do lasitin brog:ls; ts sgaiter. I nt antl foxed bolcoes. Misses'la ti.gAisprin slousai o gnls. Cbihhe.n's colored .\loreou ad lasting bro Sluaa:Itil boots, te. o;entlemon'slholek shioable bl:lck silk hats; do black, tn Idrb:d beaver do it a sal erior ulldity; do imuitalinn Itl rnt do; brout aod tnarrow bris taelt's line m.ob nil blIak RlHssitn short t:lpiell hats, a nlle article. Yotlhs' l:lt ;e size hats ol dillet'eent Iltti tites; do chlhietlldr,'. .al.ll'sa;lll o:) Is black :llllls dllb wt o l hailts of ol.l'inl slt tpers, vith general assortment of bo)s' anL menl's 'I lts a tssortaenta will he replenishltld I the arrival of ta Ilh atcketshtom tile aoore inamedl cities, all of which Silt Ie sold onl necomtmodatig termts. ag l-tf NO MERCURY NOR COPAIVA nlev I.)lrle:a.s Ntov.14, 11137, lBO."l' six alaolhsago Io had ile mlisfortuoe to get A saeret diast, for ulhiech I Ihave allied to sve rul drtors for cure, anot they did lnt clue iloe, ao tow oil tile :aibove date Ilut slorlfI undler tIo cate of Doctor lluet, and I expert himo tor re o ae. Siae ti t tt timei the die:ase got worse, it as to break out in large oleers to tile nuber of six or eight on ea h leg, andl ail over aily faco, and sore throat, and not able to work at he prrtsn; li;ta. ouo acnlttt of tie diorase;i uorc tler e t I tile right side of the thront. I aot toe putttingamsell" eollieintly sitdlere h care of Dr. Ilues, .f Part., to Ite perfectly cured JOIIN DEAN. 'eb l ly i i DO CERTIFY that the bhtoo meontoned disease i I Iquite well cured to mly own ottinl[etion, for wlshi I! thanlk l)r. lllet; and mollreover I are itat the ll ledi- I cine I have takesn matkeRs tle fat, and did not injure toy stealth at oll; tihereteire I advise ti f II w a ustar-rs l to lose n ime an.dl apply to I)r A. Ilnet, 128 Canal treet,i trwoen Do al hll s'd Iuorbtoll sl erlo l)r. t i ll-t bt ltit hollle frol 9 o'Jnclek. A 1, Ilnltil 1 IPl1. : I'lt v ill find it trlue doctor r li thit eomplnin. I JOHSN 1i.N.1Nl, 10 tIlier treetr. If aoly onle wants to see toe, call ltt No. 41) ;,niec .".'w Orlon.ns. Frt 1T, 1833. fb I ll. v Jrtotat'ttaaLtakatulKt t.l nO ia' 'E ut1'tf 0;..; taos, Vlte h;lh Etdtin, o,;

tOILOWIETT's TAIILES OF IN'i+Et.tIT: T tor, or easyv methods ltr llndintg te avtrage ime ll storage, noes of hal.l or bills of goods. Is n tiur chased :at difilrent dates, en dtlifferlt crediits, ttrtl It' larious alonts;ILesitdentau.ful a daot cotp~leite nitking Timte l'a'le, the best Ihat can be colltrised. or tat fi golres call r.iullee witlhi tile :nllle eoldesend compass, and size ofto pe. An :vertiseernteltt ith thebook is in tear"l the follow. ing words: 1'ihehlgh dlistinelion this wortk Ih s reeisved tIhrogh; tile ten legislative acts treliell di to ti title Ilg0, is ti re conmmendltion in itself, so nllcoml lanon,, and so Olnll Sive, lh I nlotlhil.g is nlnore thiaI by aw-o o'atI Verltisetrst, togie a . eOlltslltled viw o fsoelP of its ipe tllliarities:ts ftsr instance, iht.l Illtelrest h:,s been eomlS d froln,alnd clmpared with, what is equivalentto to r r seen setsfe:tlculaltionle, exllaminedl ill the press t'iti y fie tirll eus, ald tioole Irfrom toreolte ilates tes le i thirl}lV-otle timles, froln a'l which it must lit, evidnte oeven o the hkeCtic (elspecially on Ithe te soh ta ofhe ide tadlfl lproof it lre l orel'ace) that ile wesek a st he .ril steticllv ifl:allible, amsd in cllfirmatlon oaltis helin'a ptemillt of nwo Intal redi ansl fift dollars i nww of fte esiod fr the detetion ." ni errosr tfae tet in the r'eseot or fiftlh edition, a rexlrssed in tetr peliar, Ioumkhbg fiave lare Irem aIls tet nd fr. the simst e tlelor slle tle first tnllairanoll inll the so enr 1802. lOe of tioe most eoensiiounS s features aof le tabl tes is inathe :rrcasgemrent of thle Time attd Ami o Its, whli ch fot exsdilit.lls. rofrtrenee ond tl spiella it, wis l csi e s I ofte s itl o +e it a , c t eellc , a ' (ro e at si. stsliy ty ad eas'e with which the itt:eresl Ots Is foua tometiet exantof gtnelnal ilaoiess, witlllsst d otlalillg oat lms is hestilhtIs a covenilee s essential, lhat inll tllsteh lls tion ol'some oi tile lootl competesssot a prat ail ts i ness mnall sta palblic offaltrs wll hilse male .ral uitaite of she work, it has beet distigisnhed t tle I o n-lablc appellation elaft "ltllcr iecl oae". Ad eonsiderilng the infalliility of the nret odl otigisall y taioted i comltositg the wsork, and tlae rxti r vin u atr tumbet sali variety of the examinations, :anitestsnofevery eylitiad is Ihas passedi I the press, eotwialhstlsd'etg Ithe woole is it streotyvlse, eltsicdermg, in shblt, he .ositive aceunlcy setnrest biy le nprtcedenterd meanso ellldllmel, the vo lume ins Iee held sp and emphl titally stylel ' tet most wonderfld book in lhe wanslk;" most eesrlainely n man on nnmer figtllra work ofthl s mr cxteot, sttich aince tlhe ttgitttitsgolf reotioun, tos hao Ile s:ae t e m bel" aio varity of lesta in ste atrle itlleultiser e lior tn., an' one hal ftle number, as is cleaw ly hltet u ii the I elsiesltt, a test ad rldtallad, itha ts he' tred and "r' re ill t ne:l' :dllthe bank anI puIlic tffit.s ill ies , ill't.I SItates, allo Iby teplltll gh serllena y, trsetg Irhe niat a riod of tirty'fiwe ret.ors, ett to eorro. ftf ih fit tdeo rell ser) rontaot ollllro inll ) I IlthIce u to.n -j tir ciallelguedll bn the oller ofhvery I.gel, rrm n ths. TIhe t u in bet exes.l' adoItedl ty ail I t,''ttsrts nflw cl sevratal ot tole States as the littintro et.hetitlots tnllltanlllste iltrest," wso e I:W for boslellk inll,''rest anrtr sit t e s t l tto t i st u ied i, i all t as fan I t itn ea:rll, mht..e names of hub nsexivs alld h tile l nf liC tIautrlt ti.c-mose rorm ithe tlas tlht clont l t f hiaar.ho, isll IIit ol ji)ll eao'ievery eois of'cilizLetn ill Bely qIai - te of lhe Unlitd Stsltrs. It is o.oreover well khnous tlhat, Itl its rcailv clheek, it l:.olto ulilllletlttcted lare el.rl.rls, Iin :fleor lrtc werel ttall.a,tl'll lsnythe tnlotutetorl ..iTo Iis t eot titoellt a tliltr tlicillo lt:' t its oIts efllless, fllt, the i llh llI le e c ssitv lour its ts,- have beel txls ( itsllsi ytt illsiste til I , sotillgs, luha, serelnll lltalgl wshitist ti e fir.l ellitiosl a'ls set er, and llotllt of ill, iat greCtl h.alsbar of seolnd hattd cotiei were sultt , om. llsfastto itt tGr. I t aiitsualoe. alltl lllmcased :,t vlrliollu i.rlven, as lhev coulll uoatlion alIr lhn pikoed tp at lirons $10 i $125 pr co sole talSosllS have rcell. y d'etelaretl, a islalnea rc". I l, qoltr le ttll sort wout lday: $0;, 4Ii0, alil' $581H for a rite, tl'notta to I l eht' r toos, til .,u isdividtl n is the latter inststloe itrtioitshrl , Ihoaving at the asalle iiIsoe irxlihitd laatislactloeory Irf, to severtll persolls ptl ellt that to liit it was rUally aothri tha taste0e cld sate tlaougll he ,,tin ofhi tat tn" caltahle til;e, lie bil.g very rich ot;11nalla ill rllllic office. It is likewise wolthv oif tore, tti indeedr praprr to i rllll'l:t., thit sulcll is tore nalture of fgttle aorsk grolllylio atd atpecilly when sit' the xtltlltt asill iltlstt'sotance tI thI se tt lotst, tht Lt hist honktts its Iskai b, it i , rel, :, el i ln 'sull i nllllter vlotlle, Ih tlhe tir lt i lll's,L-.llt m lic llhlu lori ll lh e w n r l , :llld l n t i fl a t r . n te. I l m oittl OS l S:aiollI,· ln~dctr his own eortleciar .'ro l'oelf taOsl,'lOl it ,otull, ol Ost toot a, t i , h:i t'. e lta ttlls t lltrf ltfir e l'ncc, slalll dearat any p'rice, as sIr- prllftltr taldiiou. lherlp o:plnios. But ssi p-felet a:,l vnitlitde haIve tihe strlcat}pe ltates of thlis a t ol.klbeein l s oc, tot soeellre tiolls, ogoilsst fire, for thr Skrllerl I,tts fit,. tlhrv are (by edveoetisesc.stt) ensolalltty ket its a hltae taf Sutoelal ootuo), excelt while stae I io I" iliiw. Aslole diresiots to fisssl boln baotks tsod statlot il;.tr. ret wisth uasafll note, foIaow thie ltelfitot, u hish, ia this Flrnlatieta concerningi tle two laoful mlfo a odos opu( tloftlller sis, tee du. saftgltae, k,. Itroei:ns otnldy to rcotlhktllist, sasoihioultis d g tils urotststalsltiy etanll wora, ohttiet; ,ebli5hed le ille;t 'st Itbles wnarc ill;; lls's o t.l i- isoll:lls slis eellts be Ittstreste, it hlat tlolt ttl Stolthtas l:dd ui h el. tre ht'rutaots nf slroleIrhilllst hOatSitSallhlltsi:ir~ltcidrs ir'iition af7ttsta astls5to i otln-ioiet CtyIrov si'Om its I a, t ica tiou at Itlat timet at a,; atl!el· t'is'.'.) to nay sxt)ttt ssg Of comsllnsirsiOl ors arlhfitir tItista.t li:a-tilne ois c ir, t,# I alllta:lerifile. bbortal'l.l. th.e autlho t .tlt irolelootilo p tiios-lttllenllt cld grenroasth of lthr pohit tls r a roonlita: ofee pef pacl'eroecr tad otsroo'om-. fir so''ldbyr h Prinni] ul l.ntoaklsta., it t'E I.soted Sla.te i H t tiT lliu '.isoir Tr t.l - .1 ... j . f & 73ql " tt'.. ,t',slm.? THE FLORIDA LINE Fr.m Muobile to AugustaOar. rleaves Mobilei every day at three o'clock. p m per U S malnil bhoat for lull's L:nding, above Blakely,-thence four post coches to Pensanola-theplcnc arnmboats to LUgr Ine, wheretholand trous i, resumed-thence via Mariannu and Brownsville, Fla. Uninllhidae, Ptndertotrn, HI. wkinsville. Srundersvillu & Louis. ville to A ugutla, Go, c,,nnecting reculirly with the ralil road cars to Charleston. ani the steam uackets to Now York, Nnrltlk, Phlildelphia, etc. The ateambolna are the beat for the service, and the navipgaion presents more advantages thnn can a be found upon anly steamboat route' in the south. aern regiot,. The renat improvements in the rnute have been f produced by the conntruction of 6iftn miles of new road, by she proprietors, via : from LoGrange on a LFavette Bayou, an arm ol'f nla Rota llty, to Brynlnt's Ferry, on the Chatrnhbolchee river, ten miles above the Cowltrd, or 14 above Cedar BUluf, whereby the navigation of the river, and itle con aequent detentions, and moire recently the incon venient crossaing at the Cowford, are entirely avoided, and a tfin road from Mariannn direct to Bainbridge, instead of the ronndabout road via Chattahoochne, leesening the lislance about forty miles, and increasing the facilities more than Sonce atiay Alet, a u.anch line of two hnrse stages every oJ ther d.y tItrm Hlwkinsville, via P.rry to Mntcon, Ga, nonnecting with tile line to Savannah and is Darien, GeO. A mail steamboat neliel. regularly between 0 Bainbridge and Apalachicola. Iravellers wishing to reac:h any point on Chatnahoochee or Apalachi colan, eoa take sterolnboat at Brownsville. Mobile to Pensacola- land IRotlo--l)uring the time neculpcil by thIe repairs at blats, tihe proprie. tors ouf til e Florid line will run a line of Iour horse prsl conchels every othler day between Mo tile and Pensncoln. Passengers will leave Moulilt at 3 o'click. p m, in the U mil il Iklt, aind priceed t II lll's Land is ing, where a lour horse coach will Ie. In waiting to convey them to Ihe xeoellent house of Mr. Charles [lll, 1 14 mile distnnt, where they will find Spleasant accommodnlions for the night-leaving next morning, they will narive in Pensacola early in the evenlng, thus avoiding the discomfort of night travelling.. Office at thIe Mansion Ilouse, Mobile, and Col. lins' lotuel, Pensacolh, where erPna must be secn re l. S'lTOCKTON & CoI. nov I Piano Forte Insttruorn. William Sn lll en tuders his sarvlces to the cit. zens ol New Orleans as a reeachller of the piano torte. Mr S havingl been employe'd several yenta as a teacher of music in private families in B ,steon, au i also, a evenral of4he femalnnle seminaries in il vi irllnr, cannot but hope tor meril leirtonlidence. lie is permired ton refer to Rev Dr Cl..pp, Mlasrsr Sterson & Avery, Hleltr rsor n &. ;.ailrs. F'r terms, &re ioa e apply ato to buokstore of. AlcxanderT,'lower.4!) Cmp st r-'t 2 Drugs and .'lMedirines. J I' .*nlvat hit- hI'nesled hilmreUlr ~11 lltis city lr thile l rpt se of trrneanCeing a r reertral \ I Lu. 'lirness.,. iHe is now receivin a full srppl)h it trslht and genuie a.rtlt le, a, wlhicth h,. will sell on liberal lerm,. 'To cia drueianle, antd lhose i f ie tauerotr, 1o, mrt hantr and r lr lltra, lIe rs ill rtler nllot r,'rrerll aollh no Ihave never be. for, been , fl'e ed to this cirY. llHis intention .s to dorn strierly leg tinlnt e business, lhis atrelk ill sonIe renmlrpleter, and in a few werekra will be re. dv tor husinessa. All orders trnte the coutry, arnd tfrom nierchanrs of tl i- city, recciving such orders will he promlptly attended to. oct 2 No 39 Canmp ot V HIIOLESALE ANs ) tTE'I'AILCO.\II AND VA r ItlETY STORE-at the sign of theo golden comb, Mu 'I Chartres street. The subscribers have re. ceived, i a :.lition to their ,revious stoak on hand, a full and complet. assortoment of artiles in their line; viz: combs, pelrfaniltry, Jewcllrv, brshes, loncking glassae, fancy orticlcRo,, '.rrnsistie g in port as fllows: CO(11It-trtntrlie shelln, rouglhrtnnd tlain etuk,twist, quilled back, lont round, eosing, sild: pul'l, curl and neck, BIrazilian comtonbs of every descrip)tion amnongst which arc some lexican patters, Ivory combs oft every dnacrit tion, torn, dressing andt packet, together with a genueral asortlnent ofFretllt iond Alleritaln. I'l:ERFUME3IIY'-Colgone, I.avenlder, Florido, honey, hay, rose, mold orange flower wafers of every size and dls cription, camphorlrated Cologenr, extract of Iltr.not, Inne:r sapn ot'all kinds, shaving tl ill colkes and rots, ereonl osnpdo, Wilrd', vereta'hle heir oil, bears nandt an ti utedo. I'reston's smellitg anlta, pIlain rd perfitmed I todetpowder, peurl 'po'wder, lotr Ier tll. urtlboxes po. Snltutl ill pots and rolls, rrs ando chllorine tooth wash alld owdars, with a general assortlpment of' JI\F1El.RIY--soote n oftll latest uend most fashinnn ble setts, consisting of white anid red ctrnelian, topao - jet eordrtlc, maet in filtagree, hrrnt pills ofa grees e. y of pel'l;orno, watcth trilnlltioes, gilt rdnd silvr .tckles, ailver thindd Peilvrer ondttshld pyr tilos tnd guard chaino. rILL 1IIES-teatto, lhair, Iltot o..t',rutb,ett'hrttlnor, lat.i:csh, tnolt, plate, comb, Nailu,lloain;g, shole utnd I it e t o s i rtI lst s. Il)OK(INI (fiI.ASHyES-f ternmat rtltlia and toilet asss, Illlgllifriling roeed I rl'lrtoh ,re.tril'l glrlsonb haIte to, wilth o' ati'iv ofothtlr kinri l not e lto rr rd. "FANCY AND VARtII:'I"TY ARlTIlC,.,E-Frenh ot.lAtl:critau portable tetks t'. ttrot siut rrte tdt s very rich ndt finely thoiit'rd ladies work boxaentslltl dlUs itlln cases w I'ith tnd withoot tll si' , t nlll il Ihoxe, Ac creorditu s o vriot kind, ver iout e tln, il n itars, s tlver td illeatd lentil, aul leads,w ad pencils fu I. areutcIns ald cr rytll tronllutie CIO t.t 'nI t I ,rtl opt)l tlp'Sls with orld wtithout cule..terCOa eaon ces, p'lrru..Singn en :lre,, niplie screwn rivers, mhnot bltssame hbags, pii te blackinrI toy tea sells, Iliiulle a ofe every kind, Iellylr aod Plilrrll o fineoand cotoa1on knivea, r wazero d nselasol., tnlil needles, dpins, silver plteds, steel aod cUUa loto etC:I cles or, oket I rook atedit allet, oo e vriou.i koid, tvioiat,' crd eases, 8 R a t of lelo to G deau slid tuntic , ilau nalll tItctU l, dolls, imitatlllOnl rullt, Slhl blrxes, ititts of artious hinrt, Sallndter ' rs Olllnele v's Etltterertu'ns, llilltolul'autalld Iow'kiuo'. razor .siras Ailr t metallic Ilnes,irks, 'funte' Irread toer'lhree, do with .t'r dlrop, tov watches, eaurl boutlos, powdoer flnsks e, and planln reed bends, git dud siver do, gellt elatli e allpe ders, aod garters, pliU and soned .anoen LR baekganumttu botrds, tier, opltical vieues,jewsharpse locniut matcl ea ened drkiking cups, rit It great variety o f other erei ales, all otfwhs will be sold fir cast or city ccepttan. eason 1i ooaotho credit. lIB II SIt31l:S, i& o. 4d t7t Cartrosaat. to0'EItl 11i 1.--1oe11 gatlonsT puare inter d SS'terom Oil, in casks aord Irbll, fur sale l JARILVI S & ANDI'RWrS, WlhmlesTal Drgg, eor.ert L' mnooI i aud T'Iehp tIOs rtrrerPl' . 'rI Colrllone \.t ter l'r, ttllllller), ie-A e.,. l u.. nrlle of eologne, put rup expresaly hr tIe retail trade; also, Ihe purrest F enh I'r Prunltrvr, embra ctlo every variety tor the tloe, IOor s le hvby ort 2 lR.EEd & D'LANG(. V AIrNISIIES -'i'he Sulobotloter, ayoing lay ly nsoa' hlllhed a voronih Unt llllfnctor io . roe e;lnOr, is reudv to rsupply telln poaitersa anid the public ia guerl, by hnlesalo. or retail. tli prices are mererate, and tloe quality of hits pert.duts uecriur to ay ever Icruelll to IheR plCto. 'tre geItlemaU erlltplutat to super ieat Illt iell oauftorv has beao at the oi Iad of anll extecrive establim oenoot bthis kind in tE;urope. ''loeoa disle o.. to call at tile corner of Natchez and 'Pchnulilouau srip, shall be prsenlsed witl a fair tsun le ofi any varish they nloar wish to tre. Atlllogsat thle voralishes re the eonaec N,. 1, wlrralled nor tn ohlnge even ill uilin : wser. T'ihe bhlck vurntah ftc r ltres l ad toera [aicl horinies. The transpareut voriom withouot sell, ..Ir &e. a8 II itItNNAIEt,. H LOUll --30lt artinSg frr ,n rteasler Indeoend teces, '.la 3 t h o i SInre lltlrstrn'lla Rz,,r t lr,.lt--'l'llae croos.rl it-. ielllll airlltoe, jtr1 rleceie Id Ie arn 3. RIISE l & Di'LAN(r , r8 CTnamp ll l ,llo^eoro a lt '-3)lso ecalratL ,I I trt ltle ret . op.e mnade allf hrnlll m,.tn aotre, nld r sel. by o3 b COGERl & IIA\\ THIORN, 6i3 tsr',tn e I ;ESHi itb-\I:i N Sb+ED--'Floe t-t,.ri e n Por ctprcse oss ItS grate ful loks bhals to hopitor oI c, fr th liberal :tr ;sot he It e otoeolVd t i cte o e ec omrere d hltnes iin Ihts aity. [tono a,-le a .l proetr I the aseed sar, ll ? Co ntou t tr, , hic ot ad mlllvearr as a0orllt Olrr rny nurvirrn ,to e vender; neiiler la hv conn,+cetll "qit! anyr wIdu ill -this o mlolsb tl het, asllres tilt putdli thiet his ,cnnn.cli(m, s in aOry deprtl-not If tilne acrd IbI.,t Ier. in ahe dl.ellt (i.1tou irres f Elrcpe ore .'lroitl to tht tot otf ' s h,,ot e itt to,' Lttn" te 't's, lire ire. po rtessoda, pllenle, re. fIr, the loat, c'xenbli lld hrespeelahle urslrllen ana see llllen i Fratelllve Holland. Englonrl, S. tlonr, slnd ttle ltu Olerta statdes il ti t wil a all 1tttes hets nt re, bnr.oatas io is h e sl r ad, 11 -tever , tlo lddi:lloo t o bts prolrlet tollr , lrge ar ,ivoln. ot very dl'acritlon, reGally rite rr.tolh teI O12311; nlso0 o'tgral'to-d fyrit ire 00 nI adl kltd.,. 'The prblte many rely on linlng a lull ason r',rtllrr o lt every rticle ln tole sreed elrl,.Io t gennus ot qra:tty, slid inmportedl lreot ly on Wine. D'INN. •i, '['oiT PUBLC-.--Tho f udrignb d ohaving . tudied uoder Dr. Slt. midtla oft Clhaorlesto, Sotih Carotina, and for soma yurs hisn assistant in the practice of m:dieinu and surgery, lhas tie lhorr to offer bis prolesaional oerycos ilo this city. lIe assorue the ladloes and gelolrInrot tI. tlho mIltltal prompt attention will bu .oid too sile cams wicll t moay ho mate; anrd also otlours lis services to the holdora oftelavea, boilg well aequaonited with tho diseases ommoullo to thlnlll, Ilnving attouded them ia the sugar Iouso in Clharlesrto. The olfaous anti.bilioua pills a ler the eosmposition oi Prefacor Sroullette. ith directions, can b hload ul the undcrsigned. Thloe elroet wlhih they have produced in this and oloher cities, ha b leen otendod with tho greatest auecess, to whilh the best of relfruences can bo given. Apply at No. 1G6 Mlaga. sino street. JNO. fl'LORIING. T t'IE[CE-The partnership of Koller, lasou &Co Sof New Orlent-; tlason, urrisa &(o., ol'Natehlez; nd Hiarris, Kelley &Co., of lRoduey. was dissodlel ot itoe Ist of .tay loast, by tile death ol oonuel 1A Matson, olle olfthe refinser8 al he firas. 'Tire tutdloroigtcdr, truriioigg purtatteroo'tt will oe ttoeharet oitlh thl 'ettling and elareng ahtil I,uasines as fnltoow: Levi C Ilarriot will atteud to tIre settlitng of sloe broineSi of Oltrsoo, Horrisol Co.. at Notehez; and Ilarrio, Kel ,w& Co.,at lcdnecy und Hl'nry Kelley tool oanen d to tire slettlig rf otht bo'niore oofKstltyr0 Mco,,ro & CrI., at Ne-r)rieolorore. 'Toonlooes o'tfhte e'erael Sirts wil Ito noel ioo liq aidotioonosly. 'l'hoae iredetried to said irons are onesrnsly rtnuer-ttde onol.oo oforwuld cnn tltaole early soettlyctnre;o n0 t lose hbvirog 'ltti. owtil1 please presnt tlheco wilhacploy. LEVIC IIA\ILIJ ,' I lbh johs'it tNets Lee I DtOLBEA'S Science of Penmnsnhip received,and SFor 'salo at their permaaent Writing Academies No. 8 Chatrees siret, New Orleans, 189 Broadway New York, Dauphine at.,Mobile. It is particularly designed tor private learners, and sadinole, and is calculated for persons of all ages. tladiere ad gentlemeon are invited toeail and examine the vestem for themselves. Lessons ale given at sunel hoouses may o tit the onvenienee of all, and to classe funnmed ia aoy part of the city. Ladies who prefer itean receive lessons at their own ref sidenee. PeroaMn paving e o aroe oflesaons are desired o att0n0.1.- '" e *iell as they wtl,. ROWANDS 'IONIC MIXTURE, FOR FEVER aND AOUE. rfEN years have not yet elapsed since it wan first regularly submitted to the public; but it has attained the highest reputation; and has sup. iplanted every other medicine for the Ague, whllerv. er it has been known and appreciated. Already has it been carried in every direction throughout the United States, and still realizes more than could have been anticipated by its most sanguino friends. I Thousands of persons have not only been relieved, but restored t, heIalth and vigor through its agen. cy; and they now cheeoorfully testify, at every op. portinnity, to its decided and supreme efficacy. I: is compesed of such medicinal principles as are calculated to renew tihe healthy action of the stlon ach, liver, and other important digestive organs, tihe loss of which hartnony is the immediate cause of the disease. It is apparent also, that it produ. cos an entire change in the condition of the system, uand certainly destroys the native liability to relap Ssee of the affection. When the Ague is attended wltli any other complaint, the employment ol the Tonic Mixture will not interfere with the treat. ment of the other disease, lbit will even afford as. seatnnce by furnishing strength and vigor to tihe body during the course of troeatment. Those who make use of this medicine may be assured that there is no Arsenic, Harks, Merrury, or any other article in its composition unfriend'y to the human constitution; being entirely a vegetable extract; and they may have additional confidence in tihe use thereof, when they perceive that it liha the ef fect f a gentln laxative about the time half a but. tie full halie been taken-in consoquence of which, thore is no part of the medicine luft to linger in tihe bowels to cause obstructions, and other evils, arising from the use of many of the remedies mnow offered for the cure of this affcltion. It has been used also as a preventive, by many who were sube ject to a periodical recurrence of the Chills, and it las invariably warded off the apprelhended ttace. Obseree! 'T'he Proprietor, fully satlisied with the unpair liclod and universal ruccess hlich has can. stcantly attended i1 punctual and regular use of the Tl'Tnio Mixture, it all caIses of Fever and Agun, tfelts warranted in engaging to refund the price to all t hose who have thkoe the mediilcinl in strict or. I cordaneo with tile prescribed directions, without hlavig buHrn perfectly and lastingly cared. 'ite subscribers are the whlolsale agents for thei South WVestern States, and have now on hamnd SiX r ty casis of this nedicitne, which is warralnted f'resh anid genuille. For sale lt the Illanulfaclured pricle JARlIS &. ANittt;W'c, SWhlrialte ID)r.rgltrcs, novn_7 ear Co llm na k ' 1'c|l.llll/lilllllllin+ *ll'.Io, . :Olivis. lem i nlmid Loituei.ina m luci, `I:S. MARY KIIRKLAND respectfully on. - l nounces to her ltriends and tite pubhlc gene. ally that she is prepared to accommodate them at he above establishment, anid hopes fruin her ixertionsto render visitors coli foristilc, to receive a continuance of former favors. She feels confi. ,lent that persons visiting Covieigtmn during the ummer months, cannot find better accomrnmoldations tihan she can afford themn, on more liberal terms. lier house is plousantly situated, anti well supplied I with every convenience; the bar is furnished with the Inoat choice liquors, &c. in short,slhe promnise "mat nothing shall bme wanting on her part to give Atire satisliction to all wh, may patronize the lississillpi nndl Luisintma lintel. je3 HIIOiLLOW VAItE:, WOIl) SCREWS, SAD IRONS, &c. /'I IE rHOWELL WOtRKS COMPANY, No. 238 Water, near Beckman street, New York, have received the past season, andi are cor.stantly receiving large and extensive additions to thie stock of tihe above goods, which now consists of tihe ollowing assoltimnt, suitable for the southern and western markles. Hollow were of euporior quality, consisting of about 1500 tons, viz, Pots of 21 diflrenlt sizes, from 2:8 to 50 gallona, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 30 gallons, Kettles, 15 sizes, from 3:8 to 18 galloni, It mkepnno or Ovens, 7 dtiLrceimt sizes, Tea Kettles, 6 do Skillcls, . . 5 do Flat Spiider. . 6 do Covered Spiders, 2 die Oriddles, - - ' do Fire Dogs, . hi do Wl'ag:on bI,xso from 1 1.i to 4 3.4 inches. Ca rt do. 5 to 7 incheo. WVo,,d Scmrrt'., 20,ili0tl griss, iron, and Irass, frnn :8 inch, No. 3 to 3::9 I:ch, Nh, 21 of a superior li .ility and fiuih, anti less than J'ame's imported t d Irons, assorted, in casks of a.bout 500 lbs for rotahili g. T:llor's nd hlattor' Ironn, assorted. Sash weighlts, 100 tons, assorted from 1 4.4 to 20ls. Bells for Plantatioms, steamboats, churches, &c. made to order. A!so IteUmbkeats and other machinery made to trder. r 'The love assortment of goods is particularly 1recolmmended to the atLtenton oli Southern and Westernt merchants, and are oflbred for sale at low prices, anid upon the moat liberal terms ;lit is be. lieved to be tile largest and best assortmient ever offtered for sale by any oeo establishment in the Untied States. Mlerchantu, by forwarding a request by mail, can have a prin'tmd circular, with deecriptlon of, prices and terms, foln which no deviation is ever made, fanrished by return of mmail. All orders will receive immediate attention. New York, 1838. ,e. Indian Dye, Ior ecloring the HIer ; Iler's Oil, Rusarina lear's creese, plulnlalcum, 3lchabe' Frel cie \Vlahe, Iuperior parl powder 'lcc wlhleri, rcrnlrn cI o rossu, vegrlnblc rouge, ollo ol riose, lIp solve, krecslie tooth wash, cllchi.1c db+lcricE c Iici.IIoa Ilwer water, powder pulTs nnd blhxe, A l'rrh'ill charcoal, iet.lly ,U i eIp In tl ur ocIllllc alc , Plres. lten salta, ciceiclle, kreaoeile toe t 'cchcc drlps, bhal brusllesl, Eigdhlsh dcrecslr colmr, Illdlalln halc r oll, wil a variety ofl olhcer perlucericr, r. i. F'r shle by C. J. IRINCilAIARID, ort c3 corner ol lCjiclcl nnd ellr:ion ass H ATS--Il:lcae drab luessil hats, various qualities broed hrier and low crown, Ihmrlielg e la erbiil St. Ilis, fur ah: by I litlitli. &.'o, mrc7 131 Mgczinc st jLi, ul-.52 lil tlidi,,g ciiin cti.,cc,,,+t aiMcic i_. I~l.tgr, for ++alej G JIRSY cn,7 4,1Niw I eI"i 1 nIlhseribsr, ARelTx T ilr tbC c-llariiu Iclcie ol I.& cs. ~lICceiler, SEhe.ld ErH-lane, hci just tercied a Vmery vXillcie set Up Ic ecl.s, r niberc sli+ Icalir ccpcd l)cara Kniies ol ts . d:seriiazor, Pen, l ' tesb I)ilbk,a.d Speer icie lan iv res;i litecl, S;ic ieots. F latl'ds mae sCer. Lci.e.a hicbh tliv ni' pnepiclre ht t hea o rtrale ldeoronls. 'I'crl-ciiclg ie, clioisc rillLe adn,.ei knowna i ac l thc ticico. eln J. . IflEIN & A CcIIIt:N.n . flconcin st. ' Ebb. (;Oll)ei. HA+ll-. IIRTT &I C.O--Arenrwrcvi! c ris ;hil, Iii, ja'lh Morcry A ,ccliccu ', lligi nderm Frni,,eh cHb Crc ,Iii I'rei iIilie acii idea icerimels:c c cciitr heh ld i bet laters h; ;cll, rc i her mri c hsild r ii euirr Oei ls; re aa cllrl'ec, i scetis e lacczls, I'e. The, 1o lin uls Etnmlrvhd anoou orhcr steel oens; Vie br; Viclic 'ateillirc shellr ivcrciied hlcrce lrnl'oe culc.c; whohea~leo retai; lasthel sign os Thei hGolden from,t 7.l relk i.llglelsc ilgrp cill'fs; aIel'elac c 111cc c Icir i ICcc cc cel0cg I .ctr, c I i(ccltlr nle asecirec ic , nti'o ltion c ; i ,rieci td llli Icc:ireil; ilirtcllcie celkli, cii cllenaicllli, ciiui: ).:l t tiicekuiigc rtcci acr te iler glirasss cc Irria liclcl'c'ocu 3cclg clac;ssici ell viucwc;' Il Niic Illac Ile.ll lul lllllc cWlc eccll S ie w:icll r.dlc; scelrlill ocrtil oi cls ieillc Indl EIush; CerW elllhiallc Ifanocy bhail ebicrl arIe eleiblicelea hlilirc' bull; loctker bitcks lid wlcllcll German~l lantes; Illael III:LI) RI)i lIe ) Flll onlmoii aUnI (lti ei. llccll c cecl ' cl, er~ll c; flee eie cf r ec, TilF holecllleolllililtlll tO roiler sticidak Or fine. Picigadra ibo'e rvicicueroe i fierece iritck ofsee irlcles, mcker clls a'aclclcEllt turee e inllct a, Peer' l orhelCcll i cr ili;cli iSe lg ellrl (icldClc Ucicnc, 7i Olrleire,' rtuer. ielec' 3. olultnrre siriet, Niew mCilercls. IT~, SIIIGIcANT & C,,. ine~lirterIrs O FrInchi c iclll Ceclccblis (hlucia nciil ih:irleibl Ware. are c i ,pI cicIcl ' ocic'I c:lrl rich c ii rice9 ccl hcrcchtLc'fcs I rlanens, inente, cordrles, cchltrc hsewls, lcclirteh, ecicicclcc,,ecupsrtciilpeicrcccecarscrecaamsccccv,,]ei punblers, dipreslerv iedilscscelrii , ple hera , Inblps l,;np sha lhs, d glasses, canle shade, salt cel trch cpl ced, plaironz rl and bria rri vare ga-ra. bap-oletar ebeicnpaigilee, cercieedeer jrcllcec, c.res licier', ecirdelel, cclccr. bhcwlrt, ,uialebrerlcprceeccdkoredss cclir iear pccberleheclie"s ,li,,ip obccce cnd giccacie, eciclo ltiuela,, ced ca tl Silver pitied, breecicc{ cald bricania cirire,--ric rics, liqelir ecands, Cake Icsckets, eilldllliecks, branchesr, aiocns, ladles, coffeenlced tripolissuar, crCeaLns, tlelrps, japallnned trays, astral randr, and ha i.gin.g ainpe, fin cullery, Germnll selvhr sii,,ns anlld rkr, trgbther wlth a grreas varlety c Fcriclhs lor filmily use. ileerbhcnls, plalcler, hbrh I, aRnd aiccnlborcs, flurcibhed will gech d at k hi I miot rclc sonallble lprlices llei packed o, as Io be ohveyy d with salerly r, nr part iof tle counrrv. Also, apllteci ries' glasswre. nop l o 'ceuitry clc.bchies raed Pl{netrt. 'eirci clclthi , hllnk er flannelr , Iiic se\ , hi w .e I . i-hirtic .., crieks , licirns. RelicOec, halllil)lchiL, S &c.+c rciccrled and oir rnle inw by Ile .u scri. ble. ROTTA & ('o. 3 icorne,,r Cam..l a,,ni&it, !eri MAIL ARRANGEMMENT "N tleral Mail, ,Due Every Day at 1'2 1. Clues, Emesy day at t2f AM n Wester, Mai aI F doeb everyn a WedVed oaso, Fnd Strd by b y , P dnesdM .....n ree ever Tlridy Tdiereday, a Close, every Monday, Wednesday The Lae u, St rdo. 'I'u r. p, M.' ay, TIMIES OF AIOUVAL, t)EPAR'rTUlIt Dl.FrANCg &e. ofthle Expresaa 5dil, helvi.i,. .!Shie unit New York-leaina Mobile dilyl at 3 P, erlhw New York daily at "i P..1 M lotihwad.r Arrives Ante NocrthwAl ard. DlsteaceeJima Aietoro ,ntlone , Aa1. 5 tm. o81 m 2 hi 1 ( rI lu a. Iln " -' or he I i o 31a. n, blifllcdgevijle. Ga. . I3 1i `2 'nl l,,iria.r.C. 7 m 163 17 l0 i Ilal.'iIn, N . 5 !1 . I, Wirrentonv. 12 ,. 5r it a Pug8r.7cr . 10 A 1E. ihon s. r1 a n t 2 6 GI·llorl 's i pbt r ovdm tai i ona a el"l r, g t t'ic m ric ,.ii, a 8 67 7 tipto. ITENJ LEVY .ew lrk. . 90 6j pINNOCK' I 0 I I ONOFD meror r 15305 1e4 h.o ad 3 Norlteir. Cenooig Nontrimed othe eto secl, nha lee..; lirfg5 dcyall / 117 hours. 1) ANA1V'.l1 yrni 169 COecrlele, veicer Of Ilenie o ngrlal~~ ndi, ifearn hlovenrd ofs Jul ius (anr to th Ie,, ...... he nighi OF 30h of A,,ent, .id wuu. .e ;le next mlorlcig int streelr4 a n.ra bo iiamedCl (tAtlt,:S, eou t o7y enr tofge, 2m 5fa e or nhereibouin iin lie itr, verv blauk, nt haton islted! ilent in Iris speech one of s lels i. sore, oes.anioe4 by arecent h durt; le I on wtlen he went away e white trol or linen iiiro end rwile oltton lantoalounsa. rtsters of vessels nnd eteom boats are eeatitlnild aI cinnt receiv o or hlcrbcrijgl sd negro, as well ai all o:ler person, as illlo u lncct rierf the l• aw wilt te cofored ogoin. tlcot. 'Ihi obnove rewaild will te pail l,relrlicecinig hlilli int,,anv OF 11 jn oreitler ofthe n'leliipalii ......t 1ie Co....drle ...... f IleCid .L.iiodir tin; finn oft linbou&(jn r GoIrIIreo naclhee.. 'lijnselved. T'tic scliocriber wcill Iitlljloe lie affir,. theieeorle in tlic eitv, ilc reqliire all pilsnna iioltb. e~l to nlnake Ioavilellii to Iiin oul, olid all lhelu boaini Oie-yt IIt tAIt {hTSON CA PlAIN MtA 112 'ATT'S NEW NOVELS Roint/Iche Reifer, by thiii aollbor el Poler Siiiiple, in'2 eels. Cniinioics, or W Winter nt l.e len tlni'·flie I i I too 'ltcir, hi Cc:tinic Uccil tIil, tico Navy PL l.rnd iohl/ii, II cmncnclt, lv Allan Connoltllnln, I .o *hepin,"d Ive, wriet., by lilahlc,elf, ii Is C lmp iiolhus clhiioyql'n/y, rmlctlnted from tila nriplnal Itallian, IINliill innel (ireenO, in I otel.for ulNilir No. 79 tif II rlelt's Il~licily Iiirare. ,Vol. ·I & I f cth new icin iillllt nod nlllniformll eadhioin of It'onhaicgiii's I' .t/,u. lIob'i'r ! trriciiil lii,./insh i)imrliuncv. in I vclt, .o. Aubog,.i's [I'r rch 0iid E:'jish liciiniiri.,li'W llllcire i uic ie oiuf Ciiibne'al hneuelegy "lUci,zi," llr .llrviec'ii ipiillna ea .f lliier ior qua Ji/hcitoiiiiimtcirmi, t luiiii,or tciie hy icelillenmrlt &lsl. l &·iFd 1 ·)* I y " :)t BNJ. LEVY. 0IN1nOi'S tli)5EI, &c. p INNOCK'hvi IMPI tOI' h EII I'T fin OF DR GIhlml nhlni l /i'llrk ltfinil ii fIici11 ui ryof II~rlrl i~ld tis t .relxel~lall litl' l)t h"101 by I tie . il I olml J d I iiorv nio ll a rt Cci c ,,i 'vi laJe l orlire ~li lt OO t, d t l<Oll I lnll;ltlt 1 Io1. Jlil the ,.|llrlllelll 1lnsitt nn'r col ,iiithiii iliv of teCi llicun; i /lh nil nierotlinbii~griniil b i iii and Inreitiik. I Niitec an ( q e., thac fii e' oimc ,ii i t ti,,ctthi . cdo f cI iIm O ldUjn II. ' iislldw hlhirl (iEtilciOC tci llc i 'i ol/io AIby \ erton tico.c' lit irleim,lf i/lll ioil Iii, i(hiulclcir Ih ilI s ry of li illmll.l.* iii i ii/c er "I dci ji J ('eeo to ti h t vlhfteorgzed -I, liccia e'iicitji,i 0 olineyea l02. liWlli'i i11v iIir /tlil c.lit iiiIii icc lit the eiiJ m li cn ll i lrlltl llnei cllc iilc it il/l, a11,iulll or l+t le o lnlll III (·~lllll01 lrlm+ d.(ierillq lln P111e i'iliiors Ciiui ex /iilctihiriiiicOn. ileicrks tc tnio poll tis of i/i life. A t ii e thei (OUlicritiuiimu &c. &ic. iilnhiiteieul iy noluly roelcll (dccc' I:EtEneri cv A l'loeleomv fuil nol Aoridgmuer iii Inijeilie' Ncw 'teroaice iim CIi tlnec of Ulombes. Napl A illeicanoi i t/olll iwit/h additi/l/i iil iii oeiolieceun Joet receijed iiiill forsale ncl %l 1 M'KEAN - ic . . - ii ii c ._ IPope Addisonli , .wfc t C!huiterio,, li \'nkelicid, Pirsana lryan, e&l.. anCd lme of the mooreucolt po.ta of th 1'll c1IRiLd, wisLh the ipplc "if .4 u tis I ras ito by (']n.1 ot h!r cc .cc . i .i , c.ti, fc ,o o, ' v s ant I of"it llai r l tr'i Ii 'lc.ic .c I'r:l v ''he xpedtioi l of il11U 'll! il ci.INN I. I, iby imollo t b, M I), , h a at lrt , i \, tiher, yTs Tflta ccc+ h.isc.ce, I:il, cia, e"' ,,,!, wccfi, l cctclci,, by Pli. TH11 ;(PVAY; ' 'rlh,b-,, ihe' , hr c "cItanyile., '.oly df .I . rgun.l v," &c.e * wa I ,lmuii, '! vio e.,.-pe n iulc. PAIL. 'LIlFFt)iD; by Ie Imno o, "P'elh.i r Tb c d)i ! t tll" ci. c c l ci, ".? c vl U,, It r c i cu t.,.. ice it cIri (]r ,,uul o.dIt I i,, c J. c:t r co,, J sale ., 1i ' .!Icl c Ac S I Cl', S fhS-:I c1c I'-i.c I " i -1 ilt i .lit i. II;2$, r22!cc,,,,,,ic , H t ' i' n ollr dianed hnv lnl re.ln'i ccId bhllIe ies at I)ru ,-m . er l c tm ll r T nhit, In the htork la dit , I r. J c,"b 1 i,,, at I c, c l r i, Tlvoh ° lr .l l, ic 'I'rTll,,n \\'alk, rvrl' i h"ill) solc t .n hnro i ll il ) ilclaC 1 flllt ll andi rcn .Ia el Ihoc e avors ,, YIls frl Jer bu. t raers. TI ' ll . 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St ret'llllll d )o l ll rd 'V.rlllu .g r ; Br llllbh an Iial n ccc il c , O idcl ,ercai. &Ac l cl, ,hed L'qcllclrre, jcliuce ail Gcllcilnt he pasl o'I'otht huiol uah N N S Prenle, 5 ' caricniipc dofnlric fi.e, ehst .,,iy , , hn ~ dei pc, hw. hil i id beiae, PrcnllCcc a ' dc Icdricc , Iih,ii,iItioolh bash powder iLcllr nia ban e, wrhL,ll'ccice seteled and i tile iowdera , plnllll ll rctilCe de Psels oane i, n rcr, ros, lr luatIV roC illuridc waserls, Il the ai eit c q c l Jllc, . Icilclcn's cacasr Oil, Old. rd Cu' s ohlh o uf'. C trlneic , be. itc hl , a varielcy eof Iicile r n u i h ,r nI rcil ecie, li ibblo icirking ink ecllecllc cr h l. i ,k, &r. pormicl nid rceti,nd whale IIi. hlaa Linintiyn Id la It, a l ass.itin, o f 'Ic,,rl ,,' tl e r l e c S e. s acci 2 (IEcRl;l; JIONES m iof , th%' st 'Oytoi .Ilin'lUIlE, Fam r trenmael ac.dc Arlcofh, inCterl io c bs e. 1i T wi Irrii ( n'n1lhh i ,+rti ed ,llherein tll'l'.i,: lit i cii i, uc, rir , to fII ,,r arllili t icilc oc ' trentinlg 4e I'cir nid A,'cu . In tllh fist ,'ocu t li e, rag Vega ofil,' Extrarict, a:d fl'e ii'l caullic ) eCletro s fi.' omiail i ,u' ihlr c.dilcic, ii cccv Iiih ken cc c ililch I IIc cm si isae Iecu Il tohe Itler winftha, o, icd , insalid. It pse orais relonpsefC iie diw , and rcol acrcc clyv Ihe corestol Sli scun c 'gainc int woIeed Iur ,aiid aceCi v. II esatb. 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"|'be danger ,,ifi fr Deq t o'l , Wpcs'c ioce igcn P, i r evic litr., for h Ie 1 ,te I will lcc bcccc c tla cucch prnccicte In e ie cciclaC to react c iic cc i,.Cii(cl Ic ccc . yicc fci a vi c-l i tilm l c I i c acll cis ct.cic cllcce Thec , i I ic , ccetue i tl'arid it eli it resa ,s )le o riok , s a p .acu it -r rhie Jti rearci'veLdeV noiale!-I tia c l, p AciI it dIetltut, ilccc ber y fui cicyct'd it iii.hcciitu xhilicc ua solicitigi Itf' nic .,d .i.....c .,,e whliccc lir, occ,,cll cii dccied ,. h1 n, tl.el veCv rei clnc cil b'cociwedl. T .'ll , Hillic ccoccc.Ic c . i occi c'cii agaool- inlt spu crcat. lillliUlc o1c i i uedic=cilcl c, Iclt ale d ily offlered furs r. II cpiepaocdanclvybl Dr. JihnI I. I.ow:rid, athis .alcl iettcr, .c trkc lcsc in., llilcl c ,hii c e I ub c r hers ci icc cctt i tia,,i.h nerci t e" tlice ternl -ate, alld rill PIll h II l cr cc, at Iphhiu prices. TI.; beaId at retail alco,sat collahcu ri"" i fi o cily. JAR'Ills & AN1DREIVS, Vhlcciccile, rat. . C,- c'_Lnc ,. ' 'l'll,hopiaulec a I'YIARBLPU CIIEINVY PIECI, cl .helOUel, SCuscomhiciccc ltrlcc t, c O poit tile poat.cole. The sucslitlctci, are caio.c r-cc'ccilng fulc tllheir facc torics icc NiecV Yark, cad will kleec constantly on hand a generIal assortllet clI' l'\l:rblo Mantle Pioeeo ofsupericr iorklcinalnlll, and uo li It ltest patternlsm. Incdo cf lle bact Egypltian, Illtano, Irish and Amoricean Icorblc. Alco, Moculclntlls, Tombs end Grave Stones, Icoulded anid Ilil sills anod lintels, ocarble cacingo, Ihenrths and boundary stone, plaster of Paris, Roulan c& lHydraulio tolent Ie.d Plastesr. i IIair, toigethei wilth a spleodid occrtmoant 5l b ass Inounted and pllie GraItes and P.sseia Iron latos ofthe newest lild I:lOt approved pattleornl. Lettering done in thle neatest nlallacr and at the rtcst nlice. T'lley have first rate woklnen to ma v'"ae work. AEI.'' "IN &, STROUD. ,S iIDEIL'S NEW WOlRK,& ,--'The American i f Ecglcal, by thilc atolcarc".c Xceacr in Sjlin," in olnlnosl. Noble Decidsof WVolmcn, in volre. The Ycounag Vil'e' Iloak, s Inal.ocl c niorl reli oua anid domeatiie dotics. SJut reerivec' ccd forsale by WM31 M'KEAN, i O1.Si' lelica I lcbks--Icac nnc Pb hi!is' daec 0 I . blo,.llctli ng;u lc , t 'pl,iv . rl .' i by ' c,;cc r.cti 4c c r . I,,. l clssc