Newspaper of True American, June 12, 1839, Page 6

Newspaper of True American dated June 12, 1839 Page 6
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._.. MOUSY MARKET. r Weduculan ytacg, June 12. W ods tnth.t Ih* . nay ale to.tday in diem CUit 111nelam i an t4die n at the cndip.. . Tkthk. l I. t. lr v, n dy tr ito t fI. t it -I.ll net isk dtiiutl nnineouat tfnitctk, c hith, t it ef t ril llen errms. .c.-Even llenaa itste. . ilit . lltdb naforrnel, . VlWe.i nvI tenl a.. ar.tek hi £ ihentlhnlmai every way c.alable Shrie -te itthe in nicht e. e - t il f mill antk $nlpar ellal.n in Titi ce, tllr e, hn.erl d in R. . Itlntlihford of New YVon. tkll iii*4 al Ilnt e loain inl that city Ir.,u lnii In -i piu, Ihl; .nr sn dill i 6l 73i. Saes iof t elft m se the 3d intit at t I cents dedn lt" . ..i.......5 Waiu. itrn,i .....5 o n',h iules .........1 ICinitn.uti. Id.......... 5 l h n .......... il i ........... 1 11ci "n d,+ ............, I At. Ir . i., do. ......... 4 tlatnnneh di ......... 41 It.Iv yio.n II........ 17 tn In'.n) J. ..... n I Pi.rh.l in .........17 . ...... u ....... 3 ntint h ey......... It il's d ......... li Htre .............I OlN'lT OP NIIW IRL II NS. Junea i. 1810 SklpI.nanalinniollnHml. l.irerintl. m . Millandon ip Cartline. l.emll f.r alinumn J A MeItrrt ihipn Oroton, irarnc e C No Y,r. ,I H Aohbrler Shipt' tilntpl , Lnrviti, fu,r N York A Cohee rt (tule. ionetec N.rtolke ti It llyil. ehl'r Blel Re .old, :lnerla.tln. (i ltedford tiohl Imeir Jie. Atpitn. Piorlltnd Madte ISL. iLtiih,8m it h, HItalbrd ranine AKItVALW. Tner hi niltlnmp..trlniicnn l N I tsu, .hLinl Ictncied i.n ao brhl LninLt id nip ihilner, rsturtnedtor to tl i witll ,ihntinandintlll y.Pn ev.tlcthneir the tth, at I0 A Ul. Tow h st P Roy, Inmhert, N m N E p hvinlwesJlo to a IhiplOltympiu nd i:hnnhee. lrile Apnlnchmalla nld ehr t ne. retn.cdml t?,lha ncy with Ahr E'-Clen. Lce the bti . l ikh. Nthinlp caw. Tow lts M h lhleh , Heiin. frana W Pal., hirine townd ;o, ni hr klp inhn , Rohrlr, Fr larqluo Zaelpti. nicli Ullitnd raen aund .ehr llrtaia. Uitsned tu the ity lIght. lhk.I n a iew. trekL Vemelo irtlrk. dtr f i Florida. to naler IFnuny. tIny,3 duyi feIn Finrl, in ihiltltt, to the Unhr Emhlmc Kienney. 4 dnl m Ntiltoninun. toI J eio-. tlmaclritrl nlnitm*nert lln"rne.n fihcnory tli Dtlnar aaiaknler. Werin.. ni tllnuinnilt taOitu.. W hilnnltnll.rLr.,. On I.nfcurhek EXPlRTLr. I.ItVERIOOl...Pnrhip tlnicnl;a..Cirpe Ilt0 hbn'e ftcoti ioe.Tnfi..PPr slip Cnrnline--351 bhla cottlne tl6 hnl Iltntl. u ..t I nili leaf tl9 bpl en.en I il I rlite iIW YOitK..Ptr ship Ormnn--Cirnn 73 hd. Inhsoaen Si iulen ra. ion il-lckn said Stl hu etl. iorn ten mies kl rLll e .pip load :12 tierce mle.ll.. itI e.autn!ni hiq hknitm ..... -..'.Pnr L.hip It1; hilcerotlie, 1142 ,ckeaere l1141 thll tlisicn 46 htl 6 lilt Ii, inn.?r Il, and 177 kLi. Ihed IB h i pork li tin mallt b hbidna tl{ pial lea ld it am..ll luna me" haidise tOlPOl.R-Per hic t'altte..Curlo I88h Ill. corn 50 amekl dto tIa tiolle Ci CRLESTON..Pnt rnhr IBli..incrn V7 hl tl^ i h.t..led tlnlr I bllh. locf.lanr 105 hlI and 42 tIs cla, i ed allrlr eilL ke llad in hlln tcr.n uill 4PORTI.uN. PIr etA, Mary JInllo. .Cnrlo 10.13 nl.ks are nII hidt0. It Ilt pek It.LTFORDO--Perchr .ctltln..Clrno 3:ill .ik corn IMPORTS. F.Ot.ID t..Per lei Cometnl-lraIet tuetnlea, to nIter ............Perihr rley-tl bllaut MA''AMORAS..Per .r tEmhlem.. .Car It muleiJ Bellow. IRECEIPTS OF PRODttCE hreep.lpr---Pellr sama risn Iliocihwn..Calren t helen enlton T Nltl. 1d eI t l..lnt A Tnempin, lot dn A Sllr dteu ro.a hi nuetnrT nerhlt & co IJ.rnrt.L. .Wu slneinu W.blnlaono n-n ren o L.hieilt*..Pi Sinener LkhakLpear.. .Carqo i25 fil dnur. ctekn hton i l7baud ultle n hlte 10 nnnpi en catnt dltlek slnd rhckrle Onwnr on hit .peewi Ctitnintk. Hyd A n. lthI lnr tnddunlld I tatl.t 1n uukl Wailon 4s co, I bag 1udt bot atnetlh. J Iltwin. PAI.ENIOER. Perlatne, Bllrin Ieiothm..A Idntlen. I ngllleo . I, L Jhnlatol. Lndey. McFadden. Williantil. .. etllO . B.l dyJ Iyep., and Capt Phillips. MEMORANDA 12 Lint enec in tkn Ohio ad tlling. )Y 32I I GE2 |N. AITHPt.I lr, AND SOLD. Official journal of the 1 2 fplUncitpalitp. PUBLISHED Daily T.i-Weekly & Weekly. Sb': et li aft 5. E A i% t THURSDAY, .TUNE 13, 1839. To our R.bicribers.-After much diffioulty and ma ny trial., we have at length procured trust.worthy ear rie a. Our slohacrihero, who Id not get their papers, will at onece te pleased to leave their cnmes and resi. dore.n at oa retanting roam, and they shall not have any f.ther ,nase of complaint. Our asiaecription list is daily on the inrea e, and it in deairahle to know the exact oumbter of the residenerl of onr old patrons, that they too may get their papers by sunrisn. Good Aewl.-OJur European suhbcribers to the Read ing .outma, will be gl.ld to hear that we have rceilved per Great Western.,full fvle of the foiloving English Jornain te the Slth and 17th of May incinirve. Lonadon Timsr, .ondon Herald, No tit British Aoiver ticer, Durham Chronicle, Droghleda Ar.ou. Stafford shirs Advertiser. MidlanCounties' lHerald, Mancherter Times, Siahrrian Journal, Ne, ory Co.moercial Tele geraph, DauMin eneral Advertiser, Ilelfant Times. Lo,ndon Merentile Price Currenlt, Lnyd' 1isl, North ampr:n Rferanld.,Loineter Expresa, Manocheoter Chronn ider, Ieeis Nort'eron Sdar, Dublin P.r eman'a Journal, Edinhllrgh Jnurnal, I.iverpnol Mercanotill Gaze(rc, lelftst lRuormer, Cambridge Advertiser, Cheltenham t hruonicle. Atols P*lean Nosiagatioa Cpompany.--Importan Pro. positioe.-We Iare before us tihe irtnlspectlto of tihe At lan Steam Navigation Company of Liverpool, whtle di. rtecnre aleJohn Aikia, Lawrence Kotnright, Francis II. Ogden, Stepha Price, Cutie Reid, and R. N. and lenry Vanwart. The capital is £ ifltN m 500 shares of £100 each, deposit £10 per share. The uoject of this aaociliin is to build a steam s ip of 10110 loa bortden, at ran hetween England and the United States, o befitted ilktkhepteat propellers of Ericson, which arm to e driven by enginen of 310 horse power, &c. From tittle to tine we hoae laid befuor thel putlin ac arcounta fthe prog es of Erieaon'a p opellers, throrne i the otl Mr. Caldwell il favoring us with his r.rre~ponaderce with Mr. F. B. Ogdnn, aor conenol at L verlnad,for Mr. (gden in asmoriated a ith -ricson in a .is iotuenta di.oovery of the caul ing propellers. It ina cmatter of great atiftrtciotiowrlll 'rfore, that we have iw tail privilege of fir t ncmaouncing ttlth. Am-nrican public, tlha an a.asisa ito is oqit.g formed in Liverpool aith ta espreta intentio,tn of applying the acullig preo pellnor to a larnge bip. In addiionu to this informnation weaonlal pn.eredtlt lay befoe ur readerc all extract frun or, of .Ir. Oglen'a letters, otlder date of the 3d of May, mnaking a Iropositin of reat Iotnent Ito Iour cili. ann.,anl wohich we hole the commios ioners of the kmean Sotam Navigation Company will put ia train to avail themewvesl of. " almu.d tIlh New Orleans Company,' says IMr. Og den, in a loeter In Mr. Cal lwell, ' cl the firs;, privilegra will Ie greated to it that will be extenlded to no other; manlie a txaia torcnlclalutting the cost, I will give you what we contempllate doig, in case we carry olint oar plan. It is to a opt the model of one of the la test N.w noirk Iackets, the Ir. uciua, fat illtane, givinig ier atloutnaentyfeet greatler leegth, anl to lit her out in seory rn-petu asailig skip. Thas far we wouldhe I .ate, for the ship wtuld always be worthll tlhe Soc.: eat, coane what would. We then propear on be ard lte tieat Watt & Roltren engine, we tidi the de fir t nanullcturerns,,io arranged that if ou.n the power can he applitil to wheels oyer thea ,iilteand of astei. In this we would he again easf, Ihe enginerwold alwaysbe waorl the matey to I. applied o othelr iurpaCeo, and the oaly poossi6, Iols would be thelxeen.l of putting up and taklng down iheamachinery. Asa .lsoffagainst shi hpsssiiiry, we e e an e ot'alheeor, a lrantages of the mnot solid sad etensrive nature.' a You eanea.ily ascertain what such a vessel would sat built in New Ylrk of thre ratr materials. When nished, she aould take in a freight their, proceed under cans.8 tfi tcis pet (I.iverptoll where her renines and a.mUhinery would le all realy ohnbe put imme liatrly on board. Such ta ship wuld require n'agilet of tram 300 to:150 holr power, Iheeost oc which, lot oe .imaplete woaid lo aheoaut £ t the haors power, say, £17,5110. If the New Orleani, Co'lpany.jill follw tile iplan I have auggenled, I will take £ 101. worth of stetok. There would be la le alto:atiln reqeired in ithe urn. of the ship, sid a ohe ohepeeine f.r the Eorine and Ro . leas hnold Ie given to the carpenter, which might be dor a in amlde tiere." Mr. O±DAl then to art an tihe 'g'. of thisc Coompany in prelmi'rg the regiceo, and off rl n rious oholrprapaitirena that will oeIf greet aria.,tage o teite whanle atheome. Hi l htlr in acceoepanieod by a drawing eahibaiaig cth anner at buildinr ic stern to ,oprepare m tche lpropellers. The propellers are ,'alaculted tI ansloip sad ls neplaetl bly ano.lrr I' r at eran, in ith s.ace of half at hour and to tI llr thew ot of rear at pleasure. In fair wind they will offer less ohbtr ftion than a j4lydhent towi'l.ateer t while in a river, they may completely pr tectesfom'driflwood by a Ifame d whihe can be unshipped at she.- This last Iaility a ill p entlablita tao apply t.n.principle ti our river etenal bots ii with great saucens. V 'ITheneanmerR. F. St.Lmtkn, that lately made her a perilonlpvalnsee fr w Londonl ta New lork, ien to w propelled by th* lculihng proipllers., C'antain Slbk i tnn,for whoIm Mr. Ogden l:u t timhe irnllI ht that beamrs hien*mne, was,t ill E:tlglld at all he ti:ale al hl.i i veaed and linittl tiwe slaldet enisi neers toI wittns her pirfirnma res. The little It. F. Starnclte, . s pro. nutmeed faultlenss, and her machinery tel. The C Iplin has prepiatedl iniell with the inest drna hts and muo dlt fora steam, frigate, anld has offered nor goverlnment, to patt i the vessel it wilt build tinder his direclion, all the omeahitery and tile engines at his own expense. IHe in amply nale to filfil his promises. Mr. Yeant, the manager of West Point Founndry Anselrintion was prssenet at tle triade of the Stockton in Englaand. natl lie thue writes to ler Kemble the brotherin law of Secre.. tary Paoldig : '' The value of Ericaona' propellors is now Ieoend dispune,and fora vessel of war they wouhil Ie invaluable. Every thing will be alder water but the smoke pipe, 4:. e."' Tihe expense of the patent right f.r thia inventi a. to the first company f r the whole term of the patent, will be onle) a2,11(01,amta any mnuber of ticences wiel le grant. ed to the list co.pany at 25 per cent. below the ordin ary rmae. The prineiple af the sculling oar must Iave struck every investigoting mind as possessing far more power than thatoftle rowingoar. The Ilet hydrodynanteats have estimated the power of one sculling oar as equal to foer rowing oars. Now ifathe poser rofrfartmen can Ib brought t, hear upon one sculling oar at once, we have a power equal to rilteen rowin ont, and so on ad i.. jIitun. IBut the applieation of such a power has hith' erao proved to hbe impossible. . Erieron and Mr. OR' den have, however,discovered a made ofovreroming this difficl'ty by their prpellers. The machinery is placed in the stern of the vessel,in a fire praaofvau!t, and oecet pies a very smanll space. It dore not ilntertere withll the sailin. qualities of the vessel, anl the absolute gain of power hae Iern proved to he eqagl to2I) per ceit. The speed tabe attained is rekonmed at 13 miles the hour. Tie great advantage of this discovery is, that every sailing vessel in existence can pnfit by it, fr there is no tilliculty in fitting outr tny shipt with the proellers. They arr dentined to e'.et an entire revolution in ase ternln navigaltion. We hope that the gentlemen at the head of the ocean steam Navig.tin Coetapany of this city will tie p nnd doing. Mr. tlidwell will take plea.rae in showing them Mr. Ogden'P proposition and Ieroepectus, and in furthering their wishes. The Louiininient and Mr. Peyton.-The mcotrs. of this print in relation to Mr. Peyton and his enemias, is even more calculated to excite tire itldignaltio of al1 just men, than the step taken by the Advertiser. The vile attempt to clan the whole ippoaitiono to he'sdmin. i trtion as f.llralirt-, and to tomrn thi Peyton excie ment in favor ifthe Van HIuren party, is only in keeping a ith the uutual tricks of hel .ont.ianrnin. Its principal editor was at one time a reallos f dera!irt,nnd an apos tite to the prineiple off deralism, he sattpa, at nothing t f win votes for his new feunad friends. Like all traitors heean not fin his eounlry. He would urge the Irish popula iln of this eity to fall iupon the other portions of it, and smile if he could see the streets running with the blood of his fellow-catizenn, so that he could say to his master-" ale, I have secured ithe vote of all Irishmlen for tihe administration," and made th i Advertisr hobai the laco-foco flg !" Ifthe Irish Whigs, or Irish Van Buren men can sup pose flir a momnent that the pretended indignation of thea incendinryed tnr ofthe Louisianian against tihe conduet ufMr. Peyton is real, they are not the men we take them for. An a higs, we court not the vote of any faction,but leave every man free to judge l etween our principles and those of Martin Van Buren. The insinuations thetefore of the Louisianian in respect to the opposition are false, and while he penned than the'editor knew them to he so. As the Louisianian has ascribed to our party a mortal eant ity against all Iri-hmen, let as see how the Van Buren party stands affeclted towards this class of our citizenrs. Secretiy, that party despises all Irishmoen. While its leaders disgustingly floattr the Irish chur arter, they, to their hearts hate them, call themn ignorant hoals, and look upon them as tools in their cunning hands. Let Irihnten take time pains to lied out tile opinions of their pretended friends and they will find that the Van Bulen party are their greatest eanemies. It is a rule with thle patty never to give o.fice to an Irishman if it can ,t, v.i le.d, nlthat the affected regards of the Lolisiai:n an ao its editor for Iri-hmen are all hollow, all false. Whaut an they expect from an apos. tate fedeanlist A word or two on the offence ascribed to Mr. Pray ton. We feel confident that there is not a respectable Iri-hmtan in the city who hes really raken offence at Mr. Peyton's language in regard to hin countrylmen. All this excitrment han been gotten ap by a few designing mnie, for sinister purposes. They hope to gull the great iy o f riy ofish in this city, tile laboring Irish, into a belieflhat they are to be proscribed by the Americano, and in company w ith tile renegade federalist ofithre l.oa isianien, would willingly trea these opie e to avenge their prct.ntltd wrongs. If this were not the tdtject of sthse p rtons, why do th "y attack Mr. PIeyton aony tolloely. iMr. Peytonl is ready, we doubt not, at all times to answer t i tay geotlemtan for his conduct personally, and so is iMr. Wigginton, but we know they will not ac know ledge the right ofany man, or set of men tocull theln to at'ctnlt or three truse ol speech in the per formance of their proollsioaal duties. Reverse the ease; -and where would be the Irishman who would yield to any such demand? Let the Adveltiser cease its silly tirades, anld the Louisianian give up its vile attempts to deceive, and there is not an Irishman in the city who will tnot saulain Mr. Peyton and Mr. Wigginton in what they said. Wehavedefended Messrs. Peyton Jr Wipginrton on the broad ground of libery ofspeeeh, and we feel snr that all men of sens will do the same, tmore particulate ly when they find out, ans they will, that all this hubbub I s hben created by designing persons. Laiert Ialelligence. The E.xpress Mail arrived yea terday at the usual hour, bringing us our New York letters and slips to the 3rd instant inclusive. Greatoexcitement prevailed in New York upon the race that was to comne offon tihe Sth, between Fordham, J,,b, Caroline and Jack Cretmer, purse $II011. Beta ran even all rntld. lutelligence has been rrceived at Nannocket of the Exploring EIxpedition. On the 31hth March, tile ship Reliefwan spoken if let. 54. 3",.. long. 79.46. She had losrther allnchtr atlt ettles in a heiavy gale, ullder auth shide lI errs d.l Fure., nod was bound to Valpa raisno t refit. ThrerrtIoftihe fleet had gone saouth all well. 'I lie act ofthe Legislature of Maryland, extending to the Susqllhant Itail IRoad 7dl,n0 f $of blnds haes hen accepted by a rvoteof6000 vote aganinstet 1i67. Francis ' TIhloia, the violent V. Iluren repreasentative ol the Frelerirk, Mld. dislrict, in t'ongress, has been e'ected I'resident of tle iBaltimore and Ohio Rail Road. lir. )Dot' sentence has not yet been passed. Ile can he impritnned for-- vear in the Penitentiary and thereafter ibe kept in pri-on for life Iy his creditors. It is believed th.t the Philadelphia Loan Company have glone thie same way as Dr. ' Mlanuel Labor cnn A special agent of t'e Administration has been sent to E..g'alld to buy stationary for tihe Government. What htes thin esan ? The British Qleen that is to sait from London on ithe let ofJune had when the Great Weatern Its all her berths taken 214, and upward of8UClI tons offreight en gaged. Mr. O'Sullivan one of the editors of the Demtocratic Review thas beeu appointed Sieretary oflegnlion to tihe Paris Emtobasy. Late fronm Maamaras.-The schooner Emblem, from this plnee,oa the 61Lt intn. iiongs Intelligence that anme 500 of the Cumnnchee Indians had arttacked the setl'e eants to the North of the Rio trande, killing 30 persons and taking away every thing they could lay their hands upon. General I.emas, at the heald of 1Q0 Federalirs h-d taken Durango and Satillo and was marching on Zaratecan. The Centrilists at Matamnors were IOne strong, and expested to be attacked and defo*e I by tile Cfderaliots. T'her were all tile items that could be gathered from the passengors of the Emblem. fneernaatl fit.-We were somewhat in error it our accouna given vesterday, of the suit against the late, Receiver of Public Moneys at this place. It ap pears that Gov*rnmoent claimed from fMr. Ca t-r $It',000n a ter adjusting his accounte, whilst 1ir. Cer ter was ailling to pay $9(,100l, which he adtmitted to he a halance aeninat hitnt. Under tlese cireototanees ania woas intituted and a judgment given in isccoulance with the statlement f Mr. Carter. It is proper to re n.srk, that diectio.s bad been given by the U. Staten, I ' adut t e: tedisel :in it by SIr. Carter We are happy In see that salle of the U Slates nfi e re itl this State, thIugh ditffring frnm ua in po'itrcs, eor enatlelr to ntlj tIt tand ettle ihonrakbl their ac , unfits. IfqH Ip Th 7. Elr ia.-ln the very labored and tri.n delineke of r. Breedlove i.b Justice pst day morning, jh a too iag journal, he Pays in one place; "I made inquiries at the Marshall's office, and ottal that the first ancd Ib 'lieve only fine, that had been paid to thie Collecturm any of these canes, was no paid oil thi 31lt Blay, 1819,wlhich was the sum of 3D00." One lthall the sum went tu'tho U. States, says Justice, but the . ther half wac given by Mr. lBrne II, e to the Ittrphan Rays' ,ayllm,and the letterto Mr. Nicholson tulannsmiting tims magnfiernt donation is dated onthe 3d of May, 1139! Hluw is this ? Will Justicn explainl Ilrza for old Vargtnis.-'iomplleta returns from the old Dominion are before ua, aiml we have routed the mheratsa horse, foot and dragoons. The joint vote will he Whigs. Conservntires. V. Bfrea. 79J 12 75 Thus, even without the Conservative members, we can elec our Senator. Mr Leigh his ealled on Mr. Rives to derite his position. Th'lis iovement we look upon am indicative of Rives' success. There in every proba bility that we shal.have eleven of the:memners of.Cons greI. Our Talte We renew our noticee of the works by us. With an unalloyedl pleasure we hrve laid down tite memoir of Celebmated Women, by James. It is a work that .n mSn can rise from without feeling torc;bly the truth ofjupiter's rebuke to Venus;- War and the tented ield, my child, are not For thee. In all the elruggles of woman againsl the strenglh and wiles of man,eshe,proves unale to Sthe tank. Still. it should it should incite us to as tion, when woman can do 1 hi Cr.ppa, by the O'Hora Family, i an an admirable work. It is thrilling in and extremely graphic. I he trobles into which Ireland was plunged at the end of lie last century, aid the contention between tile Cutholis stdl I'rote~tnntias all gone through with great spirit, and the harsh go erncent of the bland by the Tori a is well desrribtd. 'iThese valuable works ase Irom the praes ofCarry & r art, and for sole by Jihns & co. Louiseille Jockey Club Rased -Oakland Coiurse, Sprmit" Meeting, Ikn9. leo.nd day. Wety eedy, Jtuuetth. a . )nklitnl plufe-n slenolid Sen service if silver, value $.00. 'I',T.mle Iblnts : 5et 'arei l,4 wartedd. W. Viley'i (L. Mlshy'T) b c Rialph, 4 yeara ill, by W dulpecke , daniv by amtpter,. I I W. W, Blactni's h I Marv Slorri'e,3 Jear, old,.y I hy Medor,idam by Mumpter, 4 2 1 vT.T a'd'st'a hi4 dyeara old, by Waaev, Idam Iyv Iiackntcer'Leviathan, 3 3 Time T l. KeInei5's f Mary aursums , 4 years ilSi, hn Sir Armv, of ' rnnsaport, dam blv Stiak'holder, - dr Timsie -3 51--3 45 I3raortcBing of Counci SECOND MUNICIPALIT . TUESDAY, 11th June., 1839. The Council met agreeably to adjournnm nt : present Hln. Joshua UI.idwin, keco der r; Alder. men Caldwell, 11411, Loekett, Puters, ,ewell, Whitney andl Yorke. The Journal of the preceding meeting having been read and approved: A confidential Message from the Mayor was announced, when on motion, the Council sat with closed doors. The doors having been opened : The following Weekly Statemeant of the Trea surer was submitted : SECOND MUNICIPALITY. WEaKLY Rerowr or TEAsUonRn. fy Balance last Report. e061 6n " slnuintt received since, 39.31300 " tmounti Monicip.l ates re-issued, 4.78. ,mount fn m City tank, 6,5.'6 76 To Cash 72, 62 To amountiunceipkl 3otes redeemed, 3,647 Snaount eapeled since lnt repot., 47. 74 16 " amo.nt depoln ned it Ciiy Balk, 17.6o 3 70 Blallance 3,9, 76 72.960 62 Balance Iroghlt dewn. 3,942 76 , ani't as i Ci ati n k, 6.,51 40 A Municipal otieseonllland Ias r.e port, A 7,940 Sn Redeemed ihis week, 3,647 o0 Makllte 31,5s7 38 From witeh deduct amounte re -i sued, 4,027 84 Leaves on hand this day, 27,559 54 27.559 54 " 't randed V. t'uvallie for ore doepitloun, 1,t00 . t New Orleans,I Ilt Jnne. 1839. TO. 00 J., r. A communication was received from R M. Car ter, Esq. the Attorney of the Municipaltoy, trans mIoting the order of tile Circuit Court of the UItted Stateo, for thi sale inof te square of ground baoun. dad by Crmmon. Tclhnpitou as, Canal and Mage. zinc treets ans ptrinted in thile Archives. Petition of Stewart Morton & Co. was referred to the lice Comnmittee, one of D. T'. Walden, and onte from I. Blakeeley were referred to the Fleane, Comneitoo. Mr. Peters, as Chairman of the Finance Corm. mittee, reptrted lthe fiour following resolutions, which, the rules being diiellnsed with, were sever. ally taken up and adopted : Resolved, That the amount of the bond or honds to be delivered to tihe Treasurer of the State of Louioiana, in exchange for the same amount of beands of the State, agreeably to an Ordinance of the 7th of M;ay, 1839, be fiaedl at two hundred and ninety nine thousand six hundred and etglhi dollars, instead of three hlundred thousand dol. lure, asd the 'reasurer of the Municipality is here. by authorised to receive from the State Treasurer, the bndls to lie received by this Municipality, un. der the act of 18th March, 1839. Resolved, That the Ordnance of thei 18th of Dccember, 183:, entitled "An Ordliuanee prodi. ding for the assessment and collection of lle tares on real estate and slaves, within the taxable linits of the Second Municipality," be, and is hereby ro pealed. Resolved, That tohe Treasurer employ a sualitable person to copy the State tox rolls and make up the tax hills front the ease for this Municipality ; and thattlhe collection of said taces fur each year com. iience on the first day of tile following year. Resolved, That a note of this Municipality for two thousanl one huldred and sixty dollars, at one Ihundred al thlirly days, be issued to Anthony Rlaseh, in full for bill of etreet lamps. Resolved, That a note of this Municipality, at six months, for thirteen Ihundred and forty.six dollars and forty.four cents, be issued to Benjamin Levy in full for his bill of stationary and. rin to date. Mr. Caldwell, Chairman of the Committel(on Streets and Landings, made the following port, with the annexed Resolution, which, the rules be. ing dispensed with, was adopted. REPOlRT Of the Committee on Streets and Landings. Whereas, James Darom, Erastns Wells, M. II Coats, A. Love, Wmin. H. Martin, John D. Fink. Jn. Jounn, T. tHopkins, Colvis & Dama, S. W. Thir. ly, Jo in Pudiey, M. Rt:a and J. A. Blanc, proprie. tLors of fits on St. John street, fromt Girod street to the Basln of the new cantl, have petitionetl this Council to cause to be npened St. John street, iro, .G rod to the new Basin. Be it Resolved, That ton days notice he given of this appliention in the 'true American and uol. letin, in the French and English languages, and that in case no satisfactory opposition be made to the openimg of said street, that this Council will proceed to cause to I.e opened said St.John street, front Glird street to the new basin; the expenses, damlage anil benefit thereof. to be assessed and ea I timated conformahly with and under the provision of an act of thie Lgilature, entitled -"An Act to re. ulate tile oponitng, laying out and lmproving of streets and publice plcees tn the city of New Orleans, &e., approved 3rd April, 1832." Resolved, That so mnuch of the Ordinance of August 9th, 1837, relating to flit boat breaking particularly as relates to the first 6:10 feet above Market street wharf, is h reby repealed. and the Wharfinger is required to enforce the Ordinancs. regulating tle port within said limits. h- / JAMES H. CALDWELL, Chnirman SAM'L. J. PEFTERS, BENJAMIN WHITNEY. On motion of Mr. Sewell, the rules being dis. pensod with, it was Resolves, That the Surveyor be and he is here by authorized to have shelled walks matde on An. i nuneltatio square, leading fromi each gate; and that he hl further aulthorized to contract for snatees Sbenches Itr the use of the citizens, to be placed on said square.provided the cost of the whole of the saime shallinot exceed five hundred do'lare. Ou motion, the Council adjourned to Tuesday next, the 18th June, at 5 o'clock, P. M. JOH.N GIBSON, Secretary. ICIENFIFIC& ltMICEI.LINEOUS WORKS. I II ,.LINUi'ON'd Cinil Engineering IT rier's leehaniec'e Calculator J I he Concholloglul's First Text Book Colt's thithk Keeping; Bennet'o do do Tyller'e Ulterasl H-inav,e relu. 8 vO I Ilomtergee' Silk Cilturial'e Manual Cilat Daltdol ;i tile art of searing Silk Woierms (:larke; trealcteln the Mluibetry 'Tree and Silk Worm, and all ttasldird a orks on silk. E JOHNS & Co, june. 13 2.v St Chale and Cinlleat at I IESHII BUTT'ER--9 ke;c, leiding from etem.. I'Ibo.t lir,,a, f -t sale by A lTIttER, june 13 34 Grvier at j~iee i 34 Gravier et LLINOI? M(O'EY-$- lI foir sale by june 13 . 'lIElt;3l Grsvi r N OTWR-A marig of the Naire Amrican Atn Se:atinnm will itake plice this evening, Thnrsday, at halfppat oaelaeat, at %o. 8 lt. c.h irrln airee, nlpo. ile the ibotel. Puuctal cntelmlaane afall the winb ae is earnestly requested, as buaine a of importance will be tlallacted. Drawing ad the thrawl State I.etiry, Glass ..o. 72 for 1139. 42 65 2 43 5 46 7 27 51 37 32 6 Pom' age 225, r.miinati,,n 5 35 45 the Capital Pri fi n 8,flOti wan sold in im(tranl State itlaerv yesteral, by Mr. Thea. Hanks, Vendor. THIS DAY. $9,000 Capital Prize. Ticketsa $ 00. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CI.ASS No. 50, Extra. Anthorined Itb the legislature of the ntate. To be Drawn This Day, June, 13 1839. at 7 o'clock, P. M, at Bishop's Hotel Commonn at. M DAVIS & Co, Managers 75 Numbers-12 Drawn Ballots. ,alendid Srheme. 27,814 Prizes, amounting to $93,858 Tickets $2 00-Hnlves l 01 m-Qiarers 50e. Pcackree ttd25 lickta ftr $5 00 O, warranted to draw at lent $14; Slhresr in proprtion. For Packages or einele ribkets aplv 513 At Manageraonce 10 Chartres st FOR NEW YORK.-Regulr Packet. Ilhlmes Limn of Packet.. To sail on the AOk int. The slperior act sailinl reular packet utip AI.4 BA M., Barry. taster, rill sail or listve. For freight or Inmge, tihatig el. 4 egan ccalnllnlatiallr, rapply to lh captain on Ihlard, oplpeaitethe Veglethable Market,or t A C(IIF.N, jane It 911 Cotlnnon Mt. FOR NEW YORK. To sanit "lturday,15th inst. e l siaiman anod New York Ine of Packets. The asni lnaline ship "T. JOHN, Capt. Hitchck, wil sail es shove. For freight or p~p ararre , good acr, molndation, apply to the aptain on boanrd, near the Vegetable Market, , r It to JAMES . HUI.I.IN, jhne II 74 Camp st FOR IIVERPOOL.. STlt A I and n tpnt.ri tr iip NEWV IAMP. HIIIlE. Caltt Ilardiina, h:9ving the greater .q parl tf hereario auagad, will receive dea pnthll. For freight or 00 bales ettllnn or parae, all ply to LEVI H tiAI.E, may8 93 Nrmm evee A 1C ' IDE- eI iiicasks atpe reried and fatior ""rue9d in atotz, )R u hamsiha Enid altc t lmera. at the lan. dia, pr Flat ,at Wesatern bay ite frSEale eY -may . D28 44 New Levee ured in utul , ftr Dale bh G. DRSEY, n ir i . . 41 New lrver ( EMEN 36I3K IhA r ALIAofAC and rslaun llori of U nhl Knawldgenli or theevi r 1Ste39, er nrole ty Lee.AI to(AI. JAA BROWNt6 MagU Ine, anil nr Wetle by AVter. FLr &ale Cy may K8 -I4 Chnrtmr st YY1 tatttt, for tote by H N.O ttHE AM8 RICA r ALNacAC and Tehpitolaisrtl Use oftl KnewlEdge, far the veor p1i89 reof ieud I LUNI'S I.t.C'UR ES mt tiiieihitr of Abrshem iand Jacob, by the Rev. IHenrIy Blunt, A. M. sn thor of Lectures on the history oftnuas Christ and St. Paul Jnt" pulishd select nrnoins of the Rev. Williault Neoins, D.D. of Baltimore with a memoir. Just re. ceivrd and for rale by ALEX TOWAb. J8 49 CR'mp t L IME JUICE, landilg trainom Havana in casks, her rtsl and demijohns, hor sale by • I H BONNABEI., amay 18 Car Natchez & liehapit,,lne stsn SEMS BE.EF-In, (all barrels at the isalectito Lm Y i (I .ORiS;EV. m23 41 New Lvee YEaMEN'I'-- 63 barrel, of Cemenrt Inmlincd fromu Sshlip Yaonao, will be sonl low if taken from tile Iettre. Apply to JAMES II. HUII.EN, may 28 74 Canp rt. l AMARIND-,l HlONEY, atld BEISWAX--lrm .iIlavana, farsalehy H IhilNNAIIEI., a _may 18 ('Cr Natclhez and Ttbnpitatlas tis F IRMENTS olCivil En ia.erinae,being an atlilipt I to onslidate the principlepr fithe volllln opera liOns of the Civil Engineer iotts one ponil of view, for iht- ite aslitdentnls and tlhas, who limia) be aeoult tI em bark in ('t profettioll,. Illstrated by copper plate. anti itterspersed witllh variosa na!tf tattle, by JiIa Millineson civil elloineer flnutrlv Professor of lllecbsllo ias in tie Royal illstittili tfGreat Brtritiin, now Pro Seean cf NAttut,l 'lltilatoplv and Chemistry in William & Mary College alVa. For sale by J5 A TIOW\VAR. 49 tnlnp e TR. BIRD'S novel iollin Day.v Ion. heir.n nn ion, lr Fa~hionahlet I ifea oew Nuvel. Advice to yunng gentlemen oit entering riety. C N JOIIlNR & C, J4 _'w eorner St Charles & Cllnnon as t ad lla cit under Sth firm ot 5hw1 & Ie oilt i+ thic dny rtliia P+.l [by unnllflnl cnnsent. The o 11 of ileh tended to v t d ill, men. Io win tl alll ccou1nts are to Ite p'eseutid fIr seltlemcet. 4GIEORlGE SIIALL, Jr. june 12 JAIIES . BROWN. 'lCI'-'--Mr.Chnas Isrnte. ('Cetsignee per .hiip I.a.. I (range, from Havrer, nd MesWsr. Jean Cottrenla and A. Petit. conieneen per ship Chearlr from Havre, are requented to call at tilhe nbscriber's ffiice and take theirgmlod. I. H G(;AE, june 123w 93 Conmon at W ANTD, in a D)rg Stre, anc .eimetnt tully et. qlointed with thle Apotlhllecry Ihoinea., epenk. ina French ndll Englith, and writing a fair Ihan. Ad. lrerie hlnx 23I PrtI ltlice. tine I' S'Ou IIt rT-iily the Mo thi or year. 'rh- two story Ionu s Riltunledl at the cOre ner fCure leoand nl. Fih..n .lleeter, all fin Shaitheddin tile bestl menlr, with folding door, welle,ciaterna, and servants rooms. For tere, apply to A C FULTION. june 12 3t No 210 Carondel.l n, or on the prelises. PORK.-.200 bbls lUeas and 500 do primer, for sale by G IDORSEY, june 12 44 New l.evee. i)'I TE9-60 kegs -Goalhe l andl t Wreern. i re fr sale Iv O I)ORSEY, jnne a '2 44 New Levee B iEFnb."1- lrls trime nud 20 hnlf trls mess, at lthe inapection,farsale by U I)RSEY, june 12 44 New Ieveae (ORN SROOiMS-20t don in elore, flr ie ca b Sjune 1 t; l)uRIV EY, 41 New Levee. `' H EVELY, or Ihe Man of Hottor, by Lady Lyttou / lwt, ir.i 2 vols. Richelieu, or lthe Cnepiranecy, a play in 5 aets, to In ich / are added Hiastorical Odles on ihe last days of Ella abetlh; Crmwenll'e Dreint The I)ratl of NelCon, Iy te aulthor of the Lady of Lv.. Son, Pelhasm, tie I)sowned, &c &c, witll all the new works of the day, for sale Iy june 12 ALEX 'I' W)VAR, 49Camp et tEt'ORI) CAP--Jut racrived two casres of Ilue R laid Record Cap hollh plain and rd ell, a very ina article, suille fer ntaeries. lar acle Ih DAVID FELT., N Y Vl.tiiarie' Hall, juam t124 (:haelres ast NEW BRNlHTON IOTEL, Pass ClHRSTIAnN, Miss. 1. I19 well knewn weterieg ilnce i's now open for the etllc, undealr t ie illllltdlnt, o aperillltnlJPttellf Mr. Jolhan McItitelt. 'i' e.htbiJhient line beeu rent considerahtl improved hv addiilatl buildines rocii, ball reias hilliard roomi, nine pi clnleva, s nables, dtaltithg licca.. Greal exertions huve I~et made lIt relller the place conmiftahle nad an rlegaNt resort. 'I wre are frtifs fivane alU far filiel, ald callll. venialt sil tit iiueersaged for ail gleP tlrt Cou.r Fi he sail. atd fi hhltoeoat arU providel, alid it elegant tol, fritntit fir ctlillion icar Les & eacuriUelisn lie geuf. Tha Itart of it which lies i cinediteli y i front of the hktel ie htnd lc-ked i aseveral Iautlrful islands, all euitlin a fvw llulrs sail, amOnll wi arl Cat sland, Ship Island, ltora Illla.dlllalt te lh laleuI,. A Letter tnag i kepi at the iar or tle Eclto ang :o tel, N. 0. lwhic will receive ally att.lltOn. MIDONNE: L &. W O'.I'RMAN, june II Exchange lintel. TI'ATE OF LOUIISIANA--Parih Couet for the Palish arlnl city ot Nee Orleans. PresenI the I'on. Chlarles lMaurian, Judge. No. 11, 81, L. A. rwin, in.actual custody, rv. lis credlitore and tie creditors of Erwin & Blings. Ulan renading a ld fling the petition andl nhedule in tis eae--It is ordered hiy the Ciount, iht the creditors ofL. A. Erin aud ofErwin aud ,nIl.ngs, dt meet in nojpi Court, on Mollttly Ile I711t jne next 1839, thep ndil tlhere t slewn aure., ifany tIy have, why the said L. A. Erain bhlt i hit personal cp pclity, anl am at a partner of the firm of Ersing & lolings, shiiuld nait be di-charged according I law i and that in lme meantie pme l redign againstl his propert. and per san lel tayed. tins further orlered that lolinare & Kinc. Ecqre. Attorney, & Counsellors at Law, he alppointld to represent the absettl rerditors. By order of Court. Clerk's olicer, New f)rleane, !i 21, 1R'19. mSai Jaw ARMANI) PI TOT, Clerk. TAT NE LA L0OUI.,.AANE-Cr ur de Parnisel I pour In Paruisse et Ina ille do la Nnuelle Or. Ibans. PrCsliat I'ltau. Chlrles MauriEanE Jugs. L. A. Erwil,, ilinltnnnet dilenl. oencrl saeaecranciera el Ive crkancier dte Erwin & Ilolingt. Sur lecture rt enelgistreeient de In petition et du bila den cette afaie,il alet, loenk par In Courque lea crhociers de L. A. Erein,ettIe Erwin & liolinga, ce re'uo.enet ell plriiM Conr, In Ltundi 17 Jouin praehei 1139, poury dyouimr Iae raisons, e'io en ant, pour le. quellra Is Jit I.. A. Erwin. tant per ual iumpte ears ticalier qiae cmmne eseaci de Erwin & Bolings. no sca rail pn dklcharg- ettferamutenllt A In loi ; el enliaee tamps iouttte purlunitl. cOlltmr a pere nne at era bien ollt sua.pptlldec. Iteet de plus ccrcllolh qie M M. Elinore anI King a.;art nuuitile pour reprsecnter lea cres lcirrn absentas. Par ordre Id Cottr--lturau du Greffer, In Noueclle (riblear, 21 .ti 115119. '7 mai taw A. PI'PTOT Grellier. GUNNY BAGS-25,010 flir ealebv j6 S & J i W I I I'gY. 73 Cauup st r Vi YItRAULIC t51aENT'I--S0hLble lhr ts.le ich .L jfi S&J P WHII'NEY. 73 Camp sl A i .I l .J--WlN feet nash oar. for alte hv A f 8 c & J P WHlTlNEY, 73 ie'mp j st +-, .+,- (.-. , ... . .. . ,11 t..i, SYNDIC'o SALE. BY BACH & CALHOUN. lI ILL be soldon Wednesdy, July 8, 1839, at 12 o'clo , rt ,ih City Ercimnt In. St I.uuiet. hetween Ihtonll nd. Cireo treetm, ly order df Antho. may Ht-ch, IEq. Sylndic of tIme cnditiu od Melnnt I,.grtr ,o & Wibry. Ior the a"~onnt and at tI:e risk of Mcn-rn Edward York, eorlge It. Oglei and S COgdlen, who have failedtoe omply with -tis terms ofi sale o minrIrty hkremam ter deci.bed, made to thetm on the 24.h a.uary, 1839. levreo lois oil rounM, silested m Fnubeurg Saulet, 2d l ooicipolity of New R Oie'ane, in the esqire bouonded aby t:li, , C llinop anid Nayndeas reti s , no per pien whllich will be ehihieml st tie time imeot'aSle, va: Lot Nu.o 1, Inoe ring 9 feii, 4 inches front on Pro. MliSee stneet, by 1.0 1eel in depth, and front on Clio street. Loit No. 2 3,4, 5, 6, ?, 9 anid Il, nmneaure eaell 29 feet frot u n Plrytlaloei smrPet by 120 legt deep. Lot No.II, measuring 19 fiet 4 imchen erea on Pry. torlen airist, by 120 fret in depth, and front en Calliope streel. 'The h t will be old eprly with the priv lema ofen alley in the rear oftbe widtlh of 15feet. 'a.leia a sele--l18!0maeh on each lot; balance 6, 8 12, and 24 Imonthk credit fbr appmroved eMndorrd noten, wilh mortgage until final payment. jimne I 3tjlTj 3jir Vente do Syurdc. PAR BACH & CALHOUN. I L SERA VENDU In Mercredi Ie 3 Juillet pro chain b midi, b Is Nouvelle Bourse rue St, Louim entre lea rues Royale at Chargrse, par I'ordre me Mr. Anthony Ranseh, Sindio des crdaneiers de MeIssr. Egerton at Wihray pour Ie comple at asu risques de Messieure Edonard Yotke, George B. f Ogden and J. C. Ogdoen qi ont manqu6d au termes preserita par Ia vente pour lea propridtda ci t. ioe designdrs lear adougdeo Is 23 Janvior, 1839. ONZE LOTS DE TERRE situds dene It faubsurg Saulet, Sde Municipalitd de ,. In Ni.e Orleane dans f'let siltd entre lea rues mr Clio, Prytando, Calliope, ot Nayada, d'aprbit ni Splean qut a 61d expos6 an moment do Is vento, davonir: Le LeLot No. 1. mneurant 29 pieds 4 pouces do face I Is rue Prytaned par 12J pieds de profonideur de face it in rue Clio. Lee lots No,. 2,. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 meau ra ckacun 29 piedo do face la8 rue Prytlaud par 120 pieda do profudeur. L, lot No. II. nmesurant 29 pied. 4 poueces d face a' rue Prytande par 120 pieds do profondeur t, face . la rue Calliole. ".ea suedits laote eront vendee edpardment aveo it le privilege d'une alide de 15 pieds do largeur. Les termes de vente ront 1800 comptant pour chaque lot, et In balance I 6. 12, 18 at 24 mois de credit en billets endossde b satisfaction, aven hypo theque jusqu' I plrfait paielnent. BY BACIK -UAL.tIUtN. 'lILL hIesold Wednesday, 3d July, 1839, at 12 o'cock, at the City E.xchange in St Louis street. Two Squares of Grouod, Designated on a plan drown by Louis ringier, sar reyor geneatsl,o a rre o E and . Square K t contains '6 Ilnt, nlumbered Irom I to 26, which measure au ful Iow : Nos 1.2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,10--10lois meaoril b each 30 feet foont o Aularoety stret, bly 105 ltrt in dellh; lot No I litrming the corner of Macarly and Adamt streets ant lot Nt II formuing the corner of Macarry and Iur. del streets. Nco II, 12, I:--lslot, esorlne i ug nch 300lfeel front o0 lIurdet street iv 1511 feet in deptih. Nos 14, .i, 1, It, I . 19l, 20 21, 2.1 3-10 lot.11, me urinio each 13 fi5et ront on Coloereial street, by 105 feel indepth ; No 14 forming the corner of Coommereial and Itordet otreete, nod No 23 furmting the corner of CtUlouerciol utl Adason steets. Nos 24, 25,2.i--3 lul., mteasuring each 30 feet front n Adamns street ty 150 in depth. SquonreC coelntins 26 lots, numbered from I to26, which measure am fillows: Nuse , 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10--I1 lots, measuring each 30 feet frolnt on Ctomtnueeiol trretl,by 105 feet in depth; lot No l forming the corner of Con.ercial and Wall :et streets, anld No I0 fouring the corner of Comimercial & W\nlhigth.n streets. Nos It, 12,13-3 lots, measuring each 30 feet Iront on Wanlointoa staee,t by 150 feet int deptlll. Nns 14. 15. 16,17, 18,19,20, 21. 2, 23--0l Int,nmes. tiling each 311 feet front on Pearl street by ll5 feet in deplh ; lot No 14 formnni.e the corner uof Pearl ad Waslt: ingto , streeti, and No 22 jouinig the morier of Pearl olni Burllelt treels. Nos S4, 25,2--3 Iont, measuring each 311 feet front Oil lurder street, by 150 feet ill deptl; all nAmerican jiie I 3t ljlti&3jyn PAR BACH & CALHOUN. I L SERA VENDU Mereredi Is 3 Juillet, 1839, S Inidi, a In Nouvelle Bltrse, roe St., Louis DEUX LOTS DE TERRE ituoes i Carrollton, designet d'apr6t on plan tire par Louis Bringior, Arltonteur gd.odrale, nlos dits Iota P. et C. L'ilot E contiset 26 lota nunotroltd do 1 It 26 leoqteol out las nesurent sur ivans : Nos , , 12.3, 6, , 7 , 8 9 , , ssmelrant ,h Intus 30 piede rue Macf;rty sur 105 pietd de prolondour, lo lot, 1 fiorocnt I 'eoeoig. luoe dti oresor Mcarty t Adaotr, e le lot no. 10 for a nt Pcnco anuoro des ruct Macarty et Burdet. No. 11, 12, 13, trois lots roealront ochacnu 330 ieds do flhct & I rue Burd d stir 150 de proolt. dellr. Nos. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, di Iu ttlnesurtllt chl.cut :10 Ii tlo de litoe t l irt de Corttnorce our 10.5 do prolndeour. In tlo. 14 formatt l'oeuoignuro deo routs do Cooth trc at Adam. t Nos. 24, 25, 26, nosturanl chlacnn 30 ploeds de face a l rile Adtn snur 150 de ,rofuotideluur L ilet C olntousant 26 lots ulolrutl.d do 1 It 26 leesuelu ot lte luestlret solivsnt s: Nos. 1,. . 3, 4 6, 5 7,6 8, 9 &, l0 tnlcsurnt lihacun 30 pi.ds do Lace it i roe do Cuonmerce sur 05 de proolo.drur, lo lot no. 1 forloatt l'eocoig. turot dee rues do Co.Ullnerro at Washingtona. Nos. 11, 12, 13 otesuraat chaco .0 pods de fuleo ia rue W lshington sur 150 doe irolondeor. Noe, 14. 15, 16, 17, 1I, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots tlesilrant clhacun 31 pieds do fac it In run Pearl sur 115 do prolbndnur, tlu no, 14 formant I'eocoignore dun rueO Pear at Wtlshitlgton, o to no. 22 joiglant I'encoignuro dos rues Penrl at Bur. det. Noe. 21, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant chltcnn 30 pieds do faceo t I ruo BIurdot sue 150 do prefon. deur ac In tott mtrn ure Amlericaina. JI E TAT DE LA LOUISIANE-Cour de Paroiasoe Spour la parisee el rille tie as Nouvelle Orlan- PIresut Iet lhnurdoue Charlea Mlurais. Jug.. Mai 14th 1839. No. 11.774 M. Doltosa vs ted Ctranciers. En ottion de I. W. Botts, Etq. avonest pour lin.. solvalle ea el, onsant one rreur qui se IrOuvat deltls I'foloune eornier plur aseetlolnr lee crnnciero, at en conquaoeoe de oet erreor I'osemtl. bs'e o a p ts eue lieu--Il ut ordloull per Ia COlnr, qu'uoe asteltble nouoelleaura lieu an bureau de Philippe Laucoste, Eq. Ootaire, en Saltedi le 15 Jin, 1839, qualnd et oft on v0 dceltoreer sur lea ol tires dot petitionlaitre et preutdre ea conllsideration le naltibles contenues dans la I;etition. Extrsuit du regi.lreloltt, leuel du Greli, lI Noovelle Orleans, Mli 14.1839. toll 31 ARIANI) P1IIT1', Greffair. STA'I'T tOF IOUISIANA.-Parish Court for the l Porish anti City of New Orleans.--Present tite tHonorable Ciharles oaurail,, udge. Mao 14th, 1139. No. 11,774. M. Do Bose vs. hli Ctedilturl. Onh motion of Geo. W. W. ott, Fsq .foonusel for the insolvent, and lpoOn llowinlg to the court tlhto an error hlls trep e ill nttice callitt fior a toeetig or credifors Ut this cage, ld tldia ron-e uentlly said nmetig cannoU take place. It in ordered by tile court that a new meet ing take place t the of Phihppe I aeoste, Esq. mntary pdblic, on Saturday the I:th day of June, 183.9, then and litre to deliberate on tie tffair. of .he petitiuo - er,atand take itto conuideroluOtin lte lattele set forth ill bdi petitiot. EltrmCtfrom the minuten-Clerk's OAce, New Or lesun. Meay 14,1839. lay n17 3t AIRMAND PITOT, Clerk. lt) IIRENT--Tthe duellire titl of tlhe Ibrei-slury Strick hlocts No. 120 Tchulpitnults street. Pus sessionl given olt the 91t Julle. Aptlyt t II. LOIKCrT, Camp streetl, near Julio.-or maynR No. 13 Echangte Piece. 'I'tK I'I'ING Hitlte , Itl'K 'K ..- T H lE well known splendid hrse ItRocket is offered fih r stale he is now eight years old, anl is onof ln beet broke hornes in the United Stltes, his sl.oed ts to well Inown thai it requires no colnmOat-worranted Ierfeetly solnd. ALSO. a Phaeton and Ilarnesst suiltsble for ne or twolnroes. A Sulky witlt sltihiol top, naddles. bri~llre &e. The shove articles were made tt.ordtr and are of tile verybestmnterials. They see to be sold on ac count of the owner leaving tile city. Apply to No. 3 Carondaeot st J8 lt IrNDOW GI.ASS-620 bones English crown Windsor glass, reteiving and for sale by tn2d R CI.AN()N, 12 (Camp st 2MAYUIIAI.TY OF NEW tRI.EANS. FIIlE price nfflour to day being $o 92 per barrel, uaeeouding to the tariff, the balkers will give :t4 onorea of bread for ten cents. during the week begin ning un Monday next. the It:th inst. The leaves ofouc oId quality, or of three for ten cents, shall weigh 25 per cent more, that is to say, 42 12 alnncor. I,,r C. fIENOIS. Manor. &xt,.,n a.,l. ON NI ,HVILL.E, Itr $45;:1 ipy. uble July 7 r, forsale by J8 A FISK NAI.S--400 Boston aerorltd ses.f r Pale by SHIALL & BROWN, It2I 9 Mlsagazine l st I ESS REEF--I htlf b1, for OIdE Iy moay 14 GU DORSEY, 44 New Levee. B AC(ON SIDES-15I casks Cit.intuti cured, for onale by UI DlRSEV, many29 44 New Levee fIRWOvN SOA P-3l0 lhees nroW p, tr nle lby - F. _&J P WHITNEY.73Campst -APEIR--Fnolscapofvartosmqualities, ruled k plain _ Letter palter do do do Packet, otoimercial and 11th Pout RoIul and eupler royal cartridge paper Iron monguer' dl Coil,,u sautpling do Prilntig Paper, of all sies, suitable for rity and etltnlry pa tert. Alr , oeiruble medium, imperiul td t rur toprul , P"rdllt i'reeruso.furo leehy AI.EX TOI'AII, AlAttN (II)SI--75ealks elt.i,,r intio,, crr I ed, ill ,te, for uale by t ItR f. 4-++ CHEEMIN DE FER 1) LA NI)UVELLE ORLEANh ET rCARROI.LTON. Arronigenann de" I.A, pour le joura de ns aemailne. De Ca rrcltm. De la Nile Orleans. Char Ac heval, A 4 be. A M I ChirA cheval, A 5 he A At A t dAll S lam 2j I . A lt 3 - A1 . u1 I " A71 , Aplb.i tfr henre d. oir, ,n ieutl obtesir aa char, en .oayan clnq plalores poor Ie voyage. Arraigemena pear lea Dimaaehtla. Le chars iurllnrulmsllx mmllnosi heldre que dalls le jolirs de I renlminsejummio ' A I helire P. At. 3;ie loco mortive purirau de CArrllholl touteis lee burels, iuir n' t 8 heurem du seir, en de l IuNorevlle Orl6uni s jlaqu' II heanred dn eir. Poor l'ugremneut des reannaes qi ue resmlent A Car. rmltolme p mlr e ch.r de 5 rleare, elt qi no dhdirent pus y demeurer jrtlqm' AI 8 hano , te char qlmi pat ait anllpar vint de. Carmnllhr. IIA iIl tarra, reater jnimqu' 61 heures, pour lonner le tempo de jouir d'ne promene de aglB able dtna under Itdue beaux jardins aldes Etat Uni. Lea peomtensa qui paunirot par In Iculomotive, den - root U prourer des laileto, attendlu qu'il eat dflleadu anm candmoateura do recavoir de i'aegelit no lieu de billetI. Chara dee Ruee Jaeohan e de/la Coerce. Ces ilarse parlirnnt de tI "ue m.acknou A 6 haerer, aA. At. t de lnrme do Canal i 6t heaters dloti mll elo e ounnlll chanqu, heur. A 8 heares, ils iartironlt mutes leidemi hleureu,jusqn' Al heures do oair, do Ia flme Jae .mm, cljuaqu' A 9 hemroe de lan rue dlu Canal, rx en t. 7 8Lrde ia rue du Canal. Lee Messieura sent martmcnlieremOil prin s le no pus maitre lea icslw stir ea p ii ii ei t delLee ieaa e lmn se delms lea ella0 librsqle lea dnles og'y troavniE i Bureaau de In Cmoltllii dl clem do eni de r de Cnr srtllms .ide la nmu ulle lOrlislla. JUtNo IIAMPSON, mail8 idgerieur en chef. ItIItUGS-iJua landing m freslh somlply if while was, JF, U mv JGtlh, (iGma Arabic, Tramarinids, Crerlii Turtar. 0 mmllSmim Spma'l'nrp. nt-ne, Pearl Aal, Tartm eri Aeid, Cblorima Arella. olrinai, &e. fir sale by II IIONNA IIEI. may 31 Car Namele-lz nael 'TmI:lleii.uln amo NEW t ouhi , J)ST'y IIa.r .VEIVaIm . -I+tIER in holy, Ib Caoimtea of Illh seinahem,2 vole. i AmierLni Jolhe 'iiller: Hlorare Vernon, m 2 vole Advice Imo Genltlermenm ; Ilallo l)uv, '2 vol S Cbilly' ilaceksalone ; illiugmon'i Civil Enimneer ringf.nealeiby AIE.X. l'IOWAIt, may 31 49 loinam C OlINTL'iS of BIlsliugtin, Idler in Italy, 2 vole. S Pascal iruno and the Atonlemm n!,y Iy Il ook e '1 he Amerlianl Joe Mliler, wihh illn tratieaol I.ttle tremllchllnii alid II.m wltetr lots, biy Mlorris, relchllse by Johllulml. Puetie W.lllal, eliciredl ioelry from Chaueer to Wordms.orib. 2 Niehklelby, No 12i; llz'a Skelcle, Non 7 nmid E: JOIIN, & Co. may 31 2w Car St Chales & C.mnmon lta r- /tHAMIPAIGNI,:--6 lisakelm tl eulmerclr iji.ilay ill ma J stomr and fr sale by S1ALL & BIlOWN, Ianny 31 it 96 lSamllmell h OAt' UU(:A ine tiorm nnol _ae by _ h J ailmy 31 AIAI.-. & IlIt)WN.lhi Mtgnalme . em j(_1/FILIAN PEAS--ii llug- ill elmioe llllmi lilr ale ly m.Iy 31 ll t L & dIOl )WN, 1,6 Sng ' zimi cm M UUI,) CtANIIL.IS-75 Ihoes en t mo Rombime. ir clotr andul for sale by 8IIAt It. & IIItt)WIA, iwnmy 31 " i9 Matmgazinme at A~ XES-31 bose mllpernor aXe in slaore ani for tl h1e by HAILI. & IIIOWiN, n may 31 9,6 ,Mneinn al IL--75 lvrli Tanmersi Oil ,41 cwaks summer tperl Oil miy 31 is3w I. 11 :ALE, 91 Commonst 6, *Otl 1i-99 burrel isidmimg femmi 8am : i-,t l~miiforTe b hG IH)IItSEY, h m3L 41 Nra . Levee Al M ESS DELF is ball bills ut ie imnpertion, ir f ou1sale byG I)OIAEY, may 31 44 New Levee Ty t-. ImiFFA'l"' VEtET'AttIItE LIFE Il.S-are S oso well knon a Iolhe publilc thatIl is hIardly lie ceearr Into give a delaled ltinimenlt of Itheir value and iuse. rihe Aillmmiowlg arlie!es sill fully cnvineie any mte 1 i'l le claillm Ihm s lliiliforlis Ip itm tile public In placn eallofidemce ia his pil-pmraimnms. t From Ihe Hlampden Whlg of July 12, 1&T7. a MoaJlt's PIills and Jliuters.--Thelast Jmourn. em - ins adllitinllll lelilllllnv ill flvllr of llis highly ilnpmrm [ln invetlllilol. "'rlmpr pime Ii llI Jiournmill enheli st stoppell" Im allmollni-u hie lesilmlnmII. Ollme slm, illh e n ie of lie. tmFmim Ihanos nim it A i.e.mrinig Ish ierlifi mItell fllhir iI iiguhbor Howles, nIId IsII qllanlig oI I tll arnlelr mr s iim iillllls. iU Il. hibs is ver kind, mlit we promise Ilie iiiitsii-mm II e lallir llllller like ;Illi lilmm w illl our mmiimllbor ctf tll JoUmrnmll, oImcliiml Oi llm0CIIenm. IllA t Itmmliim li mle, are lll y laboringmac a e cimllmll il-,r iilI lsiiltem Ii Ilmier ahimih hiav lesim mmmVts.lcm hmrimm io minim Ait to imrw'.. lihey hi-e imi mist-.llm V i th II - im e vpl llll a is le lldl i-" ltlhl m ir llal'] IO l thelllrl . The ml id cills is nmldmmlmeily m smivimremign em.i.,- . I.rT.II Fuole I .IlUEI. I . I+:F. Thie follwi, Inter,, is irr, 31,r. Ie, of the Re. pulldiclla ll fln Joura tl, sirio iel, .l I. I Mr. M.flf.l -Sir: If i nw U. tr ' r .1 ve at lb.! 1 flai ehll[ r 'l f iom 1n illirmill v ol thx Iron lva- 11ihe col h ql.l'ne, l s I n1 ppose, ol f IhI vern l il i.'s lf ill;llllo nlio ' rhl a-lll hl. i . I'" rlllll arl o in l Ii thl , bo l, el i I l"; fre~ Ullrt l n evere pains ol(lCurll, -ill m1n'h1 WIeaIkn'ess nlll depre.-ionll : rnutllloti l+ (tanIIIg Ii',' sury etery IPwV d:vas I Icou1erleI cotivee I ibr, elnsiltd gd phylsirins, an.d I ave led alrnot kil l kii s of pills ai-l rinr till: Insl year, I hl.,e bl)ullt I IlI ul e several loxe, or yolr - LiIi PIll.," alrl have fialI ma)re bIel-lil froma them,n more 1eliel and adaypednese to IIv uro' for a lengthl of rime, Ih; frolm any ineditiueI IlRha V-i I tried. Yours, AStIIII1 I."I}JIWLINES For nllh'in rLi- city, orl he eorner of iComll anta TchapihmlSa lte. mile I_ _ IINEN illftTS Gloves. & .Splpelers-Just re reive Ily late arrivals, an aenti of sllill-t craevat, snrulllllr leks, glovea, aladlla llrrnerar at thr lzauar, crler of li. ChaIlresa nai ollnnlt 1n ilr-ei+. R. HiUSII & AII. N. STEEL.-6 tuns l'tnglish listerred, in store, -fr sale s by IIAILL & IIIROWN, l'-t Il6 Milgazine at P ILRILR RA 1 EN'S --Iare nl bheantiful cuerlllie,ol r sale lonly by iees & l. lan-e, an I t Planth's ,hiusehUll. All thesearnlinell cnsist iof the most splenr did spneci.n. o oi rlthianiliog raloll Europe, Asio, Afrie+, anall our own rountry. Appoved nle as t 60 days will be taken nI TiD T llILS-Id. Klalil 'l'ths, s.arrnled f , aim, olnr Sseleat reduced prices, by S. LUCKE &" Cio. mnay28 8 ruat Levee F LOUai-86I hbl., land' g from eteluhoaRt Iudoloph. SFor sale by A. TRIER, may28 3_ Graaier et mIHREE seolld hand glass Ill)\V CASES for S lcounters, for sale low by B II.WO'EI & C.i, nmay 9 No 17 lC.urp m_ 'I'v EI. PEN--Just receivedl a fw grross (iilloas -" Eagle,and Perry's doubie patenl sle-l gela. for salebv 1)111- ) "ELT & Co, nm. N Y rtatiolncr hall I4 (|Clrltres st . LOCKE & CO., No. l8 Frnt I.eee, have in .olre aT a large and extensive assortllellnt o Copper ulid Tin Ware of their own manulacturer, which Ihey ffi!r low by whhll-saie . aro :'0 NEW PIANOS FR11]OM lPAl(lS. 711 sualsacribers hre jJrl reLeived hllr ship ('larles Sfruirn l.vre and offer lis r rsui a beaulilful a.xrt ment of l'ianaof res consisting in;-Piani.os, I'icolUs of tRllrewrol, olhraneas anid relh llellogasaly anwoord. Hllrizhtal Pl.ane ofllltu licIhest rUacwuud hland ullho gany. Semi uprirlht Pinnofintae do dlo. l'lhle.'e inerllllarelr am all llnullas reed ht tile celrralrrd mackers 'I' PLEI.EL &. Co. cf leaanauai. l. 1uilrhi a i;lctaVe, alM of e 111l'81 RIte aril-r llhlafh rllhl e,' leclad spes.rai for isa by Mesraa 'l')eel & Kalbreruller, which fat ras Irave nlthing to desire in regnrd to lhe beIlnaIy of their tone. Thrll llhaeursanll profesnsrs I mlnusic are respert-. fblly invited to call sanl rlrminae the semi upright pianus lwhich are ellirely al Ie,' article. E JIHIN & Cn n, S. Charles st, J4 opposite the Verandah & EIxchangllce Ihel AR-'-- kegs *sup rlr leuelard Inrrlla . eale ; . J4 _ G I)IlS.S '. 41 New Levee SENIPUCKY, Ihdiaaa red Illirois Mloney--Nlh1 of said descriptlaon far sale by J4 A'rRIER,34 Grnaveret rt .Eit rUTiT 111-16 kegs liadinlg flem stuaea F hour Prairiel ford als by J4 A TI.IER, 24 Gravier at SU.) l.E'I' lER PAPEII-A few cases ul ruled Sletter paper of varius qualities, just received and for ale on clcollmrduatliarg arllle by J4 4 TO WAR, 49 tramp at JJAt Libl[e bay lT. mg fromr baig Cualaliiui - rppsitehai ellrle l for slle Ib J3 511AI.I. & BROW'N, r16 nglnz'nP rt MIES POlhih--IX bills laeding from sta.arl butu . Urlliied Sla'e., lur sale lv J; A ThEIR 84 Graier st WALKI.rG lCANES. ` ,78 BEll., No. 16 Chlartrs wrrest, has his day received rvariely olf C.NES- n, aritldlur lir gra. tIeon's uer, they will hu offered very low Itorlp WOIIKS ON SILK. - A COMPEI.'E, asorellll l the bear works on Ith eulare ofr the Mulberry and silk wurrus. Ilanndl or eilk worrlla. I)rHouerrge'r silk erlturist'a manual. Clarke on the ihMallrry. Cobb'h a. iIiaii ofthle lllhbrry tree. Kendrick'sa silk grswra gaidle. Wbiremarsh on thae Mulberry and ailk worms. Ilobertsonimilk !le. EJOHNS & Co, JHi2w corner ofSr. Charles & Commlnuo, at 1'LOUIR-I10J0 bbls auerllre, 4itido ine, fir saLe by (j7 e I)OSEY,. 44 New Leveer. ULWElR' KICHLI. U, Ithe celeblaed Play, eheap edhtm nd an a sreorlrlesr afthe iiaisr eele hraled acting plays. E J)HN'S & Co, J6 3w corger Sr Charles & CoaIaron seal W IISKEY--6burrels landing from steamo boa Ilridgarwuter lur sale Iy J7 (i IK)RIISEl', 44 New rLevee /TOIRN BROOM-i0i0O dnz i astore, 1or tale by SJ7 G I)IORSEY, 44 New Levee I IIANIPY &. WINK-31tall asd I qr caska bau:, • dy, 4 qr casks brnwn Sherry W\'in; 36 boaxes lle Iuo do superior quality for sale .," e &'.1 P WIIITINEY. may 3 73 l'sill at ýI INF-- see1t MalaRa ware in qr erks. fia slure, or salt. by REAt & Il~BtRak lTa', aS!, 7 llank Pla'e SECOND MUNI'CIPAL[TYNO TIES. W ERElaill nu t th Pound uf tIe 31 Word, 2d1 -luEicilpaiiy, iea lollowing, itrmy aldmnala, viz : A Iayv 'ira with Iatere I' ; on her left hi.d quarter; aaio n vhit ,Wnrllun tIer fle..,. A acrrel cult with buld face and Iwo hind leg while. 'I he owoereuf sid alanilne will ploist e I ould at lln poilal If thlo econd Muniipalty, .it.etid ea'the corlner ofl llluia ld Anunllaciiil, prove rep erti, ipv clglrlug neld lke Illln away, on or +elore unlllllda·, tie- ii lOf JunI, Ii3J, Clle Ilae will rao ead alaucliou Iby P A Uuillule, puilic j.une 13 Fir. I.ialu.of she Night WatGh. 'T 61i6 auenneas i I'enclo' duo'6 Dsi-i,, a n rl 'erilde Mlllluiipulilb, lee asimaus epaver, sui. Uiae Jumerit brun marqu6 P. G. aur Is derrib a gauchlle, anutl es n touile hlane our le frolt. Ul jluea caeul lani, are Ia figure a r n echeveis, et le, deIxa jlll ie di derri.8r blanes. i e Pr,.priftairm den dithe anulman, Polt prib- Ie le ir Ilh thereLur AI I'enell. d'lIa Seoead., .tmicipalit6 ailt. na clill des ruoo Itubin et Arntailltmin, tour ou .vat leu.lumedi 22 Ju'n I r.chain' eur leq el jour ile ser ,.I vendus A 'eaulan par PA Guillie, e.:eat.lur pullliI. HENRY CIIAI t, JI3 r cI Lieut. deln (ierde ..... . . --I ---MF WILLIAM R. CARNES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOM, nloy Ii .Io. 53, IIIInVlLL.-e. N nw tcal.gAsI N. 0. & NASHVIIILE RAIl. ROAD Cu. .U'Mtln At IaAOrteunur. C.i.mneuai.,e In iun.,lay,J.h.e 2. 18&.9. 3 II, Carn a il leave for the lilll'AT PR \IRIE,nn tliheirretll Ii tha Bayou Tiguyll, every day in ille u.ek--na iliuw:e De' RIturn. ?I'. M. 10A. M. 5 . 7. " Excel t ISundnl, whell the ears will run ,. fallowas lDeprt. ileturh. 6A. IM. 9A.M. I V. 1. 3 P. M. 5 71 P. M. J3 JAMES H. CAL.DWEI.I., President C A IO I. 'ON L , VAUD he the ..... of informing hi- I .en.a J nlll IIh, e alic i Lell.rral, tf o irn l ma Inken Ilhe n luil at llmrrallii, whmene r truall hi will tre.ein ile cnlls ol Ii olll fri.,lld and all ilnveru of ' cheer. I'rivate pinrtes will he I.n.ll.lily pruihlrd fur by t ivine u litille i:l lefitehlinail. ie it willing ti enter nlu nolnalllllte u iilih faiilie itr idilidullII deriius iifl.uraiifiiile nnll.eiOi Cai .rrolltolh. u20 K NE aa)KLE.RCneICANAI. A'la RANKING co. IueI. Irot Scieullaloat Ilelievia will leavr the Blein Snat the head lf' il New tInnl, every (day, (eacepi Mlodalnyrv) fr lte luke, afue lows: ll epari at 5 A. 1l. Ieturn at 8 A. M. " lii A. M, 12" P. A" I'.M. " P.M. 5 PM " 9 P. Al. r And one MQNIIAYS: lrepart at 10 A. t. Retura at 121 P.M. 2I'. at. 4 P.M. ay 28 P.. IA " 9 P.M. S hsay 28 B. CHeW, Caeh. NEW ORLEANS & CARRIOI.LTON RAIL ROAD sUMMER ARN. GEMENTs FOR THEnWEEK VATS. From Carroll'on. FlolllNew Orleans. Isnr CU st 4 ',.rk, .A. M.lssor.a Lr at 5 o'lock, A. M " 2 - - 11 , ' . I , i.. k 5 3 i Ala t0 k w. Car w oe tiued by pying 5 dot l Iar f r h Trip d l, AN AHTltT NY ofO UinAYltS l5tlt I o',, Y. M. wlssn l...,s.i*,,sve willt IsaveCusrrtll c h ve ' hers noi.l i s o b,, . '.k M. Sor4till ' t ,lu lll O-t tl f I ' IU ..asa si.itiii C a i rrItrl, ils t.l i,.si,,k is, ' . ,, I xhi.,i ,, ,,.s -Iih is rse , r.rl u s t ',h. lh, hr - Ish,si ha l i,s i , l,' r I."'t ',l , fl,,.I lt 6 .n'iclca . s ssi.tll ssll i t4l.l..' ll u ' iL , tlll .y allsl.; tlls I, u l h,1 r lr'iii ,m.fid by I.' lsosnnriealt isidio thsens.lvsi houseIr, try e u I Yr und Be* Ia e ll cIi i now i ci l ll e s Itk. A . t e.Ia iN.e .i. i 'ull ,,t ii,,ils. ai. toA ,l ok. A.. 7.. ri,, - ll S l . l t ilr } ll lll i Pu lll hia di). .I'iis i ihi.' rk Tlsoe wl P II, f.,, JAs I. ,k,s i, . ,r. i 9ii lu-kri tle ms 5.5r55 esi'el Hnn'A,. " ,, sik, 1' . I r ,, I..I.. .. i rel-. ,jI I '..iro nriiiv sl5Eihauii.i gs i 5am will tie pirE hbsr lia," slOs tie Cs-hior.., traseri s tseesr.s, when I, de. iln Nw, oirlnsa.a nd Cral ii.i Rail loslsd Csinpsy, IIoy I1t, lil9. JOIIN IoAMIINON, mny 4l ChieU ie N. 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Whitilngi Cs s i ant Jipansd Vrnisih. Fi..s.sle by S. I.O(CF. S CO. Isiv ') 8 Fsnt Letsa N LW Hti il KS- 'iThe Criqipy,'- Isle by the, O'Ha ra fUimily; .atMsirs ,f eeleiraedl Wlosise by GK P James Esq; tls N,.sl Ililslry lf the U Slatei, by J Fenssil, Orn il'l)opsi.slnlir sfthle .ps,&s.e Ilirllhs, l)enlhs ansl lMarrinags. I-p Tl ook Exqs. No. 2 Jsck Slpllpasdl, lby Ainiswrlh l I'.renolsgy in Iie fasi Ii'. Jlls! recevelid siAs(ir ssnle ly "j AI.EX.'i'OWER,S49Canpit ,I s.K-350 Irlst S1 p lrsie Pork, siihuulders and Cliilnes. a ltie inspeelion filr ,e arl i0 (; DORsEY,44 New Leves )LA,'d'El) t OIF PAI(I --100 bbla Isndingfrom nhip SI Jluhn,will be olndd llw iU ltLkei from the levee. j6 J B IIULLIN,74Cimsp st ' A(;ON .I1 !I, S--111 iasks spnsrior Cthinlia Stl si red, in stlre hir isle ly JO (i I+I)RSEY, 41 New Leves flU 'LIt--L-uI,..a, ndtstiel in .lin fW r lileuby j(ji DOIItSEY,41 New Levse %i4 ANTEI)-Fr a sus.g nian, (a creonle f Loui i inn) a titllstiiill l tl Ile lmrcnilelle eslblish.-. menl. ihiter in the eapuiiltv ,I i in or out iesr clerk, as smnldliynellnsiet lh itritieipnl nlbjeel; u.lury wolual lP(t Inaks nslei d fiirnle isr the prsellt. The person Ili hbad ievcl al yearss rx-ellntfce in ite general emn,issinion btsinsnssnls iisssll asqssinelld wish bhe cil,. His elotiterss resnrl nutil slheir inbhilisv Ill kieep gLm any Ionger; slse best of resommiendalsenngivens. Any etin. mualiuiAhlSaslddres.Aed Io Al. Sl.lo 191 Polat office, will nle, il iltillllidisae tntnliiin. 16- 1 - ITUATIO'Ii WANTED. A YOUNG AlarniidjllWlasn whli has a bellthy ciild, Ia li fie sllllt otld, is dekiloun oi neglinl sitlualti.n ns W'U.S NUIRSE, in a reloectahletlamily. Ohe can give anexceptliobable reomlnanendation, if nt quired. Apll.t til Mrs. tliestld, at lrsa lawanon'r, - oiner ol I'erdidlo sld S. Pselers ireset. J 6 g lanadisg fss Packer stilt Aalsatisa. Ai-ply oi tl, Caiplain oil lunlad. ulo lier bylaisl she Vsglaiiile MIl khe. may 28 SAVA Ci)FFEE-71 bogs landing Irol snbip isuis Villt and Ior ssle by SHALL & BRI)WN. ull 96 6naeatne st OI(.I.ANI) GIN--10 piies Itolland Siin, in snore E nod for sile ho .1 'HA YER & co In13 74 Pydras s rlFi'A-60 iiests erllr-honbe ss d ,llnslyni. blnding fr sllt s hir t plsnrsdil. ,rsio ln.otn, fur msa by ap 17 A TRIER, 34 Gnevier em )11'1 I1-:0 bil. in g,, , rfr msile bya 511.1,1. &- PROWN inay: 5t6 Mugazine

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