Newspaper of True American, 15 Haziran 1839, Page 2

Newspaper of True American dated 15 Haziran 1839 Page 2
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MONEY MARKET CIT, Friday Eva inl, Junne14. To.davhea sales did not exeel 10 I .ltags, and they wer le Tennessee ofmiddlin qnality It a sacrifice. Ship maM of Allahinal ate goinO on briskly. (real dleereril exist- it tlhe monev mirlet nolt ilnv with rnlard :to nles o Ithe olh.r side of tte water, liut 6-eceolntt of the impoesibility ofl Ilntern getling ads nntee oln lth , growing erops. 'r Th Ilnauk hive very wilel. when it itsn l, ate, date minied lt tilt a prohibi luton t leons inte nded fr advances, he . increaline thi altonat f serurity. Cotton, o0 ct.ure, will not I abtnit to lose their profitls by tile prtncnreenint o scell ecurit, t n t e thl e plrte r. Ha-re ta hew tuate 'f lthings is nlcit to take pinl a in tie Cotton - Traed. The Planter will It comlielled tn restrain Iti peo liglity go to work, goher his trop ani srid it to market. ''llet, aid not till tren, will he Il ablre , get - advancea oin the fruit oflti laor, if he dloes lit tl-L to rubmitt, the market price. With thie etnon itn t tlle factor canlt reerciate his paper withe ote, ill bLhti tag will Ierothen be based a al ira UeliOlt, givig a healthy tolnns toe trade. Tle want of mornl Iotlety I betraed in pant tron ectitons tend tile a aungll Iloseit whiel advancingl houesr and naks bhave Ibeen sbthiected tm all eletmens in this new o ind pronler etalnd taken by the monied institutions of oter city. Iut beare the tnrrent can he flirly oet in ntcktinn in tItle direction, aa hall ee troubllesme* tilmes, unless .aeat tare e taklen. Let no ibo at a re.oult of tli. old svatem,-a reitsul that isjllan tratspiring. Lat winiter a tltyer appaor. ill ,or Innrkert with Itevy credit in teve cenl o. olr Boake. te purchases n ome an0.0HI bags onf melton. Hit first hills are a:cepted in Eeiurope, hilt te COI als it it seen thlatr l otle it, In L loot by hel opera. tion,the hIouses respntitibleo tr thee ancrerlit retlrn the bhill with auel excuses an tle.r' - he eoittll in nlit of 1t1h kind ordnred.--the cotton did ito, cOlwe forward in time. &e. &e. It is feared that tile o rthr of Atlet is over. mome halfa mtillinn ,-fdrefte will bi retitllted ,ilpn our btklllilneoneegI eien of thi, I nlfi il dealing of Pulle EurolMen lluoa.n, and ill cllaeqenl:s if thlte ull tilliig lnanfeanitauliit tet accept ceetnin Alpecnlalors bill. shic rnoulltwill lear hIlrd upon oear mrket and ten tlo cri pie its in future olirtiolllus. Here. hen, is nlloer ileCaaify to dolll thla now auste n tof actual ni ass tral.noctintia. Fearsarr eelteroine I by mty tllhilt the shock given to nur rrdit cby tlhe tank of E gland It riainig the rate ol'interest, lad thus bianishing iour 5 per eenl. Stile etelekfroot Ihe London chlnge, will r,.ne areloter anuapension of pedie plvymentn Illthe Unitedi Stiite.. We do nt oser w thills n lie. 'Theore are onl, 11 millilns otf ir stmck otlned ill Ettrcle,land lolle 8 ir 9 milliont ndrun.ed llpnll. The nerea-sily to I ellith a:rip to meet the latoter alnuallt 'wi I earlv operas till. fanrmblv toi States wlhere seotritire are itnthis dileitlta. We owe Inn delbt hi Eigland. It it trne, heavy losses potl the cottoen loiuiiglt hlere lit high triiel nd sent firward I.ty bienar Inrd lupon our hboks, hut with rare eq ouclh evil an suspeaeiotn cail er.ea.. 'lhkt n yeiy tIallaln will le ficeed to ouaelni in all piart of thle ca.ullltV, we Iov, o0 dlouht, yet with another crop of Itredlllliuls and ctltun so iler to l ut, we slolil nlit give up linte ship. Wa' in this eit. nr dedsilted to slfer from tihle misera blie lanaetaOg enli tl llth cirtrP iesii iii Alllitl I ind Ilt. ai-nippi brntgllt upo, thcae stltes by Vin i ureal diplo .nttiy. ind to experienle great losses Iy the illlnotiP amounts of.ionles clue otr nlorohnnts by tle loiter siate, but ach everll musat eIm the penahlt paid it pliihcal bankniig and elncss ill speculalion. We Iurd tlo--lav toftle solesn Ilisome 40d Ictriele of perk, st 161te 215-n price ratller above the New York rate. Flour drags hkia.ilv at $5 50 per barrel. At N.Yntk on keP'th inllttt. cotlici,.rw flht, produceL dull, rurltillltltt the older of tile day, aod brokers it t tight pinch. New-Orleana Chamber of Comsmcrce. OFFICERS IOR THE YEAR 1L69. Presidltr. S. J. Peterc. First Vice President, Vt. I . Iltdge, Faq. Second do. JAn-. A. Merle, Faq. ('ommltttee af Appeals for 1tt 39. JRIePs tick, " Jamcer II. leveich, 1. C. (Iammack, Ahijua Fisk, P. O. Sorhe. amun l lThompson,. Committee of Arbilratioan +r tIe month: of dlny. John Ileddle.t.n, John C Hnrrison, i. -%V. Huntingttn, William lHopkihn, Enoch Hyde. Jr. P. A. Hlardy. Joachim Kohn. Miall Regulations. The Great Eahtern Mail is closed every day at 10 o'clnok A. 1. Is due aver)day at 4 P. M. The Express Mail is claMal every day at half past 10 A. M. Is due with the Great astatn Mail, every duay. ''he Lake Mail (via Covintoa, La.) is closed every Munday, Wedeesday and Friday, at 6 o'clock, A. M. Ia due-every n'uesday, Turaday, and Saturday, at,5 P. M. The Lauierille or Ricer Mail is cloed every MEon day, Wdnedadav, aud ratarday, et 3 P. M1. Is sent "uhdreturned hy'atcamboats. Arrives irregtarlly three times a week. The Bayou Sara or Coast Mail is clnsed every Tuesday aud Friday, at 8 P.M. Irs nnt andl returoed by teanmhoatt. The Alexandria q1 Red River Mail is seat irregu larly by atramlhoata twice a weak. LOUISVILLE OR RIVER MOIAIL. MoTnday, Wednesday and Close at 8 o'clock, P. M. Drpurdayl, ) r COAST MAL,. Tuesday and S Closest 8o'clock. P M. N. O. & NASHVILLE RAIl. ROAD Co. SUMMEaR ARRANGEMENT. Commencing on Sunday, Juta 2.1839. YOIHE Carn will leave Icr the an REAT PRAIRIE, oat L their reoates t the Bayou Tiguyue, every day int nhe week-as lollowsa Depart. Return.0 7P. 1. " 10 A. M. 5 " 71, " Excrt Sundays, when the curn will run as R~locet: tIepnat. lReturn. 6A.M. 9A.M. I P.M. 39. 51. 5 7" P. M. J3 JAM8ES II. CAI. WELI., Preshle.t _ CARROILTON A HO TELH iTeL. VAUD has thle honor of infrminig iis ient and the public in general, c at he hlta aken the Hotel at Carrollthr, where ho trusta hIt will receive. theaalt ofhis ldf-ierl and all lovrs of o.d chaeer. PriOate pnrties will he hcndaonely pravled forbhy giving alittlle tice telfntehand. tie iswilling to enter mto arrngementa ilth families or individuals denitl'lla nfpaasing the aulnmer at Cnrollltu,. e20 NEW ORL.EANS t'ANAL ANID IIANKING CO. 1ie Iron Stenmtoat Rehlatea wvill leave tha Baiiln at the head nf thu.mev Canal, every day, (excejt i Mondaws) fer he Irake, a fitlow : Depart at 5A. It. Return at 8 A. 1. " It A. 01. " 12 P. M. S 2P.M. 4 P.M. 501'.,1. " 9 P.M. And on MONDAYS: IDepart at 10 A. t. I Return at t12 P.tI. 2 P . I. 4 I'.M. S .. P M. " 9P.M. may 28 n. CHEW, 'ash.' L.amel Imalen. Charleaton. Jane ........... .l Waahilllton.June ..... a Ne rYo rk. Jut, ............ 7 Cincinnati t do...........7 Phladelpl .c Jntn .......... 8 Iot isville, do ........... A Htalimo er d ............. al 3t. ,otll, Io .......... 4 tarnnah, do ......... ... 6 Il.tcrpnnl May ........ 17 HouatllO (' la) Jltne ..... 4 Paris Mlay ............. 17 Boston. do ........... 6 Ldo, May........ a] 1 N lhvil'e do ............I tltve ...... ....17 FOIi'I' OF NEW\V ORIE NS. CLEARANCES. June 14th. i021 Ship Ltverponl. Davenporl. fr Lterpool, L II Gle Ship Ooerin, H.rwood, for N York do Bhrp Forester, Parker, for Oeuos Roger.. Gav to c, BRLttO enlO. , Tohy Rooon. J H Atlltrigo Brig Virginia, RnndJll, N Yolk MasLer Sohr Eloiohobh. Fo eyl h. Pl..,oOl., fthot., Shr Rolle. Parlon, llondurns Zackane 4 hr ARKIVALS. June 14th. 139 Tow 1nat PoartFl.. D;lvlv from the N E psll. havllg towled Hto sea sihp Phorsah sltd Otor, hrits Kelthta and MSil, relurlul an thP ciiy with ship Columblan, and Ibrig (iCre, i. I.ltlheoglou 13Ih itsn. tt tho mtrnlig. Roporlt. oe .hlp iu the orlls. :ehp Cplublilana, arker, days fTrollm Hoston, toJ A 1e, Itrie Grecian Lement, 12th May from Pht'al'elphia, to the Lttttlntr A.j Rtih.r, in St Mtill oille Stn1lllar Co isnhisn, Phrode,. fin W*'zdmlh River tttttler Louitvtlle, Ot1e, , fm Altott EXPORTt. LIWERI.OI,..Per ship L.verpool. Cargo 2015 hales of cotl Inn NEW YO| K--PerI htp ()attrin--fnro 10o0 hl. wlohnt 5 do O onur 9 h0s tbacto. 188 pig. lead h hIt his of ........... . , ,r i Virgiia . ('areo 7k00 h I +,lr romrn MSTON..Per hri Opolmbnl..nar-Call rclk Ia--ll 1c23ankl eorn 13(1 l tporn tj tl'l. otlln OENOA--Per shlp orr ,terr. Careo 508 hd oohrrco P'ENNACOLA-sPer earr 3:IA,.t th..Cargoe 45 h0 s taIon elttllot. whiskey ott t,, 40J0rh-e,. 20 Ib t four i t e.kW porter 2tO hal rBiutl. 2 c2uk ti e.t. hl. egar HIONUURAS.. er sthr Iollt..t'.r, 7.2 It 1. our IO0 lack. rorll 10 bsl rlirll.l 30 cIk ,LAL t. IMPORTS. POSTON..Per ship Colutbi.lnU--C'rgo tr.nrted onlchon PIIILADELPHIA. tIer trig olrtrn--Cnrgo oasortd owr chandls.. sundry rnnigoees. RECEIPTS OF PIRODUCE StMatisvl. le. Peo .temer Aja%..Corgo 4 bale. eollooA Muran t cl, Olver..Per flator (ortllthlao..Cargo 200 h. boar J Land S 4 rS e . 7 hd. tlaeoll It, II Aoto. O hdt. toaco M SJ IDie eo. 46t0 il.0l ot 130 Itl It..+ 5 hlt. std 2 bh. Iltotei 3 hlld cattle S int il .o tho e oot ler ot wh, h Wil so Alln..Per tleamo r L.oui ills. Crigo 3,334 0pig. lead SI t3il. rol. OGdfry, L.nurie o Small. 47 ko. hbltter 1t74 .pl 4tod 475.. kor.ll ALohcrd 2321 .Lcks hor, Maio Broee,. 77,,,k. ello. Kolerl i leh thoru. i hd. lolll ooJRPiidk I . ke .p.i.t Ituot.l t I ltkllttoy, 5 cllk fo, 01u0er Platle PASSENGERS busooerSI Mnrlin.ville..C PFGein. J Ifterood. F ~, A PIn.t. PrF.rFoah. CWosrt. P e oHatot.un, E P Dwilgt, J allr Corinllthil-n-Wlli, Martin, Bi'dell. J Kilklknn JAl.d..O lloyd. Neol.r Per slmmeor Iui.rilllt..McKee aond Ild,. CopI Ftolt. U S A. W B DOmy, J 1H H MuseI . o W Pumeroy, UC Oll ra ad Iondeck. MEMORANDA Ohio fIW.. 3451* boo anport FlO --60O eolt. uw,thrnnlg ico potolhoon. Ioding t frm mchr Spiendid, Irott Botoln, fitr 0le, Iy apIl A ITRIEi, 34 Co;oier .I P ITrCH--30 hleo. 10 Hgod order, fir ot.le by SSHAI.l. & BROWN mpt40 Sogtttt 'TII 'rRUE AMERICAN. " 137 ZOfl GXIB3CINO FPAITrFUL AND BOLD. di Official Sournal of tDe 2b flunidcpality. te PUBLISHED IDaily, Tri-Weekly & W4eekly. i I fI WV 4D it LEAIVM: SATURDAY, JUNE 15, 1839. 'lThat Mr. Van Buren is utterly unfit to be President oftllit Union must be evident to every reflectinlg mind, a and more particularly to every Southrun loving the 'ir Constitution and determined to maintain the rights eo. cured to him by thtr instrument. He is utterly unfit to o execute teo laws ofCongress and watch over the inte rests of this great people, because he holds opinions widely different from those on which the rights of the f Southern States ore fLonded. The Convention that rented the Constitntion recognized our slaves as pro perty, but made them the basis of representation in a c partial degree. The Corstitution was adopted by the cl p.uople of the South, to whom the Northern people had accorded their inalienable rights, and the new era be- as gon; hbut to meet the wants of the future there was a clause inserted in this said Constitution to provide for d its alteration. Mr. Van l)uren is one of the men who I awihes the Constiutinn to be so altered n. to deprive the i Southrons of their slave property and slave rights, and to eret our slave population into a body nfvoters qnual 0i, every respect to the free whites. Holding an opinion ri that this alelatin can can e made in tire Constitutional compact without dissolving it, how can such a nmon pro. test the rig'lts of Sothtrons ? a ti rights are totally e difflerent from Nrthern rights, and they require to have r a man t the head of tihe eneral Government who can appreciatenntd untiderstand southern feeling and south g ern lrinciples. Mr. Van Buren is not that mat, nevenr e has bIrn, nor ever can bIe. In the convention that formed the Constitution of New York, in 1821, Mr. Van Buren played a conspicuous t part. Therein he exhibited hie real chareter. When the convention rmported that tlhe right ofsuoflrage should only tbelongto free .hiles, &c Mr. Van Buren nnoved at strike out the word rchites and insert freeren of all colors. Col. Young, thenotoriouu monarchist and hard money man now in the New York Senate, opposed the mover and his conleagoet, Jay, Kent and Clarke, with such force thn the motion was I ,t. Mr. Van Ituren well knew that the elevation of the black race in one I tate to social and political equality with tile whites would prove a cotoginous examp'e. and that such a step would do more to ensure the emn ncipation of the slaves of the South, and nonseqlently overtlrn our e rights and privileges than lil the preaching and argo. SInent that could be brought to bear. He has not thong. ed his opiosn thi bjt ce thiss ohjoot nitr tlti warm meanifes. tuoion in oavor of negro emancipation, though he has cajold Southtleroera into the beli f that he is their friend. Elect him aonther term and lhe will tuse e qllestion of Negro emancipation as a large element in the clnvass for n third reign. In every act of Mr. Vnn linter, whlere Southern rights are concerned, or find himh recreant to our cause and airling with nbo'itionists. A man holding Ithe station that he does, could .ecure tie vol;ePoull the Southern States by a manly defence of their con'titutional privileges. Contrast his whole conduct on this rcore with that of Henry Clay's. A friend alike to Northern alnd Southern rights, Henry - Clay holds the Constitlotion in his hands, and points to 0 this chartr of our federal liberties. An enemy to Southern rihtr, and the sworn friend of Garriann, Tap st pan and their associates, Martin Van Boren points to ty his inangltral speech, and covers with a mantle his con. duct in the New York convention, while the Constitu. rio. n lies at Iis feet. abhorred by him and his junta as 5 the guarantee of lihberty. Will Southrons, can South n- roasvote for Mr. Van Buren at the next election, for nt an abolitionist at heart and the secret enemy of Southern oe rights ? The new Common Council ofNew York, have conm pletely destroyed the fire department of that city. I're vious to the election of chief engineer that body by a majority of one created 24 new fire companies and ap pointed the chief officers from among the principal Van Buren men. The cotl of organizing these companies will he $100t,000. Immediately after thin step, the elee tion ofchiefengineer was held and Mr. Hofltire a vio lent monntchist was chosen by a majority of eleven. The excilrment was tremendous. Every body saw that the deasin r.fthe party was to organize a btly of firemen friendly to tile ndmimstraion, so as to carry Ihe next elections. The effect however would be just the contrear. All the old flremel were tep in arms against this n ase attenlpt to organize so snt fill n department on Iarty principles. A total defeat awaits those mtyrmi .ouds of the partynat the next elections. The certainty that the lwhige will have a large ma jority in the lower house of Congress, at the oppronclh. ing session, hat already began to strike terror in the cor. don ofotlioc holders around the pullie treasury. Wa have now 91 votes to the monarchist's 90, and if the ight states to be heard from go as they did last year, we shall stand 138 to their 107. It is utterly impossible that the monarclhists can gain 16 out of the states yet to elect and it will rcquire 16 to give them a meiority of one. Seeing this impossibility, long faces,doleful lamenta,and desperate conduct signalize tlhe aonarchist. in an em. inentdegree. They klow that a whig speaker and whig committeer will ferret out their past crinmes and that Sthe insolence oftfice holders to the people's represen. matives will have an end. They know that the supplies ran and will be cut offbhy a whig lourse, unless the Ex. ecutive will render to that house a faithful account of his stewardship. They know that the sceptre of power is about to go out from between the legs of their Shiloh. The monarchists or Van Buren men of New York have adopted a new catch phrase. It is the largest lib. ertly. By it they mean,the largest liteorty to carry out their sinister dlsigns against the country without en. countering any restraint from the opposition. 8 Mr. Swoatwont's property in New York lasn been sold at lastr foralmost a norinal price. One of his 7 friends was Ite principal bidder. The properpryywa undler vationt ineumbramea, and sold by the U. S. Marsh:l! as subject to them. Advices from Montevideo to the 15th of April have been received at Boston. The U. S. ships Indepen. dance and Fairfield were in port. The brigs captured by the French squadron hod been released on demand of Commodore Nicholson. D)e Ronas was becori. ing more popular with the usmsen Ayreens.- a The defeat of the Peruvians by the Chilians. and the detention at home of Frutos Rivera, had tended to r strengthen Do Rosai. It was believed that the French would he obliged to reilforce their aqladron,to humnble the Argenline Republic. News had I ern received at S lontevideo of tile ttter defLat of the Correntioo expedi tion against Buenos Ay reo. This was a death blow to Rivera's designs, and it was thought would lead to the opening of the port of Montemvden, as the French cohul not gairn any tling over De Roran ity depending on F ru. t tr,whom they had urged to attack Iluenos Ayres. W.e thave sren thle address of the executive committee ofthe American A.tti-lanvery Sociery. A more incen diary puyllicationt we never read. It is addressed to the worstr orpionsofrlen, andli in directconnlavertion to tile Conatitmlion. It is proposed to raise fur the present year $100/'00. Gerrit Smith, the notorious ashlitionist Iha remitted ten tlloutlland dollars to the Treasurer of the soa.iety, on acpount of the proprietors. fThe Colonization Society is going ahead in the North. A line of Packets is now running from Balti Smore to Calpe Paltnas, tnd the scheme for forming an income to the parent society by the subscription of $10 per year hy20,l00 snubherirer. bids ftir to be realized alan early day. The 5th of June in New York was the thirty fifth day of the rains that have deluged that city. The r e - Ilar in tile loel part of the city are full of water and in many houses tamilia Ihave been driven to the second story. This continued rain storm has extanded down easu ad westward as far us Cleveland. All the timber on rti Maline rivers has been awept away, to the value ol hIa'fa million of dollars. The great race on the Union Course, Long Island, camoe otfon the dtl,, and reunlted in favor of Waller Livingston's b. a. Jub--Time 7 49 12. The public notaries engaged in shipping crews, have agreed, in conformity with the wishes of manny mar Sclnts of New York, not to do buoinsas on tihe Sab. bath. Col. Fitzgibbon, clerk of the House of Assnembly of Upper Canada. has twaroruted with £5000 in Iti pocket of lrepuhltc monies. The Arctic latd eareditioe,it appears, has not been Sable to eaxplore the residue of the easter part of the couat of the Northern sea. Thecold season drove the party back. They went thrtee miles beyond Fraoklin's eatncapnrent in IS1. Next seanm, ir is believed, they will suceed. The office of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canls Comppa. I ny is to be removed to Balimore from Washington. Mr. Espy, on the 3rd of April, predicted a violent storm off Cape Hattrasr. The realizatlon of this pro. diction has raised Espy stock considerably. lie has SF gone East to instruct the sea-going people inthat quar ter in his wonderful art. "We do not recollect to have seen a more perfect hoae I in the shape of a newspaper, than the True Amrrican." Mitsisstppian. Excepto vor own pnper, Mr. Howard, and we will ngree that you are a capital hand at a hoaz! A treaty has been concluded between the U. States and the Netherlnndshy which a perfect reciprocity of rights in thie trade of the two countries is engaged. ai Mr. Davis, the firmer proprietors and manager of the Oleans theatre ie dead. The Saratogn, Halltaway railed fromnt New Yotk te for this port on the ICth instant. C The Presidency.-A eople of darkies met a few ,. vrenings since end eommen.ed a conver-ation on the al nil engrossino snljert ofthe Presidency, whereupcn the vs following dilonue en=ed ;tr " I nay Ecam, who you specks to vote for at the con asneol Ilion 1" vi a" Well now Sam, I dont like to give my ideas upon se r detn ahruse nhject, bht hbwsomever I knlkilatre a vlnte for CIl. Dick Johning', fr de President, and Mr. ai SVaon Iloran forde Vice President, and wido any furher p eperehification I'll tell youe ry notion for doin dat d nene. Artrr Teppen tohl noidet Col. Dick Johnsing di Il.d sorter hlf'nray marri d e lady oh cnmlexlninn, anll In I votes for him nrc, lark color had je.t s much t right oteR .is any odder aolks, no he's certain to fit Sortal' vote." ci SECOND MUNICIPALITY. PoLIsC POt.RE PORT. I fccerder'u Cour, 13th June.--Denni. l.yneh, drcnk ti discharged. Mlichne Fnerrell, entering premisen with. -i o.leaInve, cisrchargrd. W. I)ykesa entering premises with pistt ol,dicscharged. FOR BOSTON. n The A I copper·el ship HEBO REWI , Cpt Whiling, h1512= talfher cargol elngaged, will . - hve tshlartch. For btlatne offrelight or pae are, having gemad ncconmmdationel acply fmm boar , alposile tie Oriets Press, or to I Junte 15 S & J P WHITNEY, 73Cmetn t gis The feastl sailng hbrig LANCET, Captait F Claerk, -ill sail on the 15hh. Fo- p.esge only, apply is S & J I WHI'NINY " - ,jsIne 173 Catp at -- FA R IS I'cON. ~ The Cest sailieg brig BOItt DINO, Capt. Ealstmn , ca hundsoteely ccotmndate paes. :sTnars, Apply l c Sjui;e 15 S & J P WHI''NEY, 73 Camrs at F'OIt NEW YORK. 'i" r T A " chip IANiOR, cal take the hulkof 210.buisuo f,'ttot. Apply to W S &J WHI I'NY, june 15 73C rmp at J NEW ORLEANS & CARtROLTON RAIL ItOANI) f i conslqllence oflltelmcrou applicstionl or a clange in thel tim.a ofdlparture fr the afternoon cser, the comay have ,ratnclutled to adopt te forllowing rtlsngeaela frt lhe Ullla . elu, comlrllelmrng at the 17th ,tlt. SUMMER elRANCEMiNTs FOR TCE WEEK DAYS. Foi1 Carrellaeu. Plram New Orhlaus. Iaorse a .rce ial4 A. -A. A S Car at 5 o'cloak, A. M Locmotiver 6 "s Locomotive 7 " 8 - " 10 It I M ' " P.1 I The arn will leave at the same hurs a in the week day to nltll I o'clockl, P. M. when a Locootive will leave Carrollton to every h rr, urtil 8 o'lroek P. M. mand New Orleanl evsly hour ilntll9 o 'clock, '. M. After o10 ' lock a b ares eecn bena o trined by paying 5 drl larsfor the Trip i called foir dte 12 o'croclk, P. M. 10 deol lare will I rhearged. teracses goig by the Steam Car must provide themselves with Tickets, as lre conduator h l poseties directiu a not to receive mracyin lieu thereof. The alleratiun il the tlmea ofdeprellre, ns lhosr above, com mances with the heretofore 3 'clock carse which will uw leave sNew Orlesant e t:t o'clork, and wil remai in Carrollton until 5 o'clock, they lesave t city aSian at 6 o'clock,r ad slay it Earrclltul until 8 o'clockr thereby allowing visitorr one slid half hour. to enjoy the pleasant walks anl partake of - refteslhlmeets in oe oftlhs moast beautifl OGrdena lthel United States. TIlE JACKSON ANDLACOURSE STREETCA RS Leavre tie hl of Jalekso street at6 ojeloek, A. M. Cual street l Ir 1 o'tlaok, and ru ahoerly. At 8 o'clock they will cuOlllllCe to leave each and every hallfhour, until P o'cloclk, P. M ,exceptne that inatead of lenaiCg c lat atreet a 1r o' elock, tlhe clr will leave thre at 9 o'clock P.M. t it patratleu'arly requeasted that gentlemen will not lput thir feet uapo the ehushions, or mleks in the care, whso Lsditi OPre Ncw Orleans scd Carrolllton Rael Road Comrpany, - May let, 1839. JOAIN IIAMI'SON, jine 15 Chief ETg. N.D O C.R R. CHEMIN DE FER S E LA NOUVEI.LE O)RLEANS EI CARROILTON. U grand nomhre de persaolCesa eyz t dentant. i let Cotlpagnile de fairse qllqrues DatgemJntls tla lee theurea de dlpart de I'haprs midielle a Ctsoln dl'tdopter I'eralrgemtet suivant pour I'etha commeneer du 17 c Jurn. Arrengemens pour leijours de ie. semaine. De Carrola in. De la NVlle Orleans. Char Achevual, a 4 he. A M Char a chevl, 5Its A M Localenotive, Ai6 I.eolnutive, is 7 "c t 8 " A 9 " k 10 k a It " 12 " i a2 PM .. .. . t,5 " 6 9 " Arratgemena pour lea DiCauerhes. Lea clltrs partlront aux memee hetre ue dane lee r joura de la semtine juequ'A I hetre P M, alierseue loce. motive partia de Carrollton ntutes leSe etree, usqu' il 8 heures du soar, et de ls Nouvelle Orltrnlsiusqu'8 9 hormes du oUIr. Apres 10 heurrs du eoir, et jueq' t minuit on pent obtenir un char, a chlevel,en myeant cinq pitatres poaur le voyage ; r ai etpra Iltinallt on aura e ISaver $10. h, prronule qui pIertiront par Is Ilcomotive, dtev roet3 a procurer les billets, attendu qu'il eat d6fends t etx conducteure de reevoir de I'arget tu lieu de ic hillara. Ce r Lescltangemens indiqttri-dciesetts, commseenee tua depart dis elare, quai ju-q'A ee mtometl avait lieu e 3 heuesa P. 1. etqui deti6eavatnt acre lieu s 3(i, reslcs. roat jusqte 5 bettre., lie pednt esnsuite tie Is vilse 1 6 beles, rte tent ea Csrrotllton jusqte 8 heures, dnna t ain.i uts heuret et daie pour ee raffraichir et se proas ener datta st den plas beae jtrdina des Elatet Unit. tChars des Rues Jacnean et de la Cmorase. Ces chnrs purtiront dte Is tue Jacksoh a 6 heares, A. M. et de lcrue dtu Cartel A 61 eltea du atin t met cotralnt clhqaue heuro. A 8 heuree, ils ptrtrtont tolles e les demi leures, jttqu' A81 heures dtt eoir, miis le t char qluidolt pnrir der la rue de Canael A 81 Ieures, n'en Ilartira A 9 heure. l.r Meesiertrs soni ertieculirement pries ide ne pet mtttre lesepield stur lee couasines,et de tie pas futter dnc lea cters lorseque lea dames s'y trouvene. Burte, de Is Cttpegnis du chemin dte fer de Cer-. rolltot t t de la Nouvelle Orlaens. JOIIN HAMPSON, J15 lngenieuren chef. MAYUOALT¥ OF NEW ORI.EAS. illHE price of lour to iey being $5 50 per barrel, Eaccurdineg tlthe tariff, the bakers will give :,6 nctlrea oflread ftr ten ceens, during the week begi n ning oeu Monday lest, tle 17th itset. The loaves olt'c and qlality, or of three for ten cents, shiall weigh 25 per cent mllore that is to saye , 45 nncer. r tlr 17 C. GENOIS, Mlnvor. t" 1I'tt. .AMPI'I ING PAIPER--At ilvoice of I this article, of good quality, just reeived andfor alae Iby ALEX. TOWAII, jlpe 15 Na 4' Cetmp rt " The I'ti-r of the fet sailing ship litesrpntl, for 3.iverpl,r, wi'l Ie tken hfretn the stbscriberas' tftic at 5 a'cltk, 1'. M. tIbs tlay. L. H. (iAL., I jatne 15 93 otmmoet at. Drtuwing ti tile (;rand State Lettery, Class No. 73 for 1839. 41 73 33 21 8 65 27 12 56 II 48 16 Pee' ago 275. rtnhinratitc 5 35 45 the Capital Prize of $8,01 was saiod in thel rand Stete Lottery vesterdayv, by Mr.'1'. T .lnks, Vendor. TIlIS DAY. $20,000 Capital Prize. Tickets $5 00. GRAND STATE LOTTERY. CLASS No. 51, Extra. Authorized by the Legiasletum of tht Sltate. "T he Drawn This Day, Junes, 15 1839. at 7 oelack, Pl'. AI, at Bisrep's Hotel Common at. S DAVIS & Co. Managers 75 Numbera--Il Drawn Ballots. Splendid S&ese. 27,814 Pices, samnuntinz to $535, 59 Ticets $5 00-Hslves $2 50--QnarMr I$1 25c. Packages of 25 tickets for $125 00, warrantad to draw et least 11i; S.altrers in prufrlis. For l'uckeges or single Pickelt. epp.l J115 At Managers uffice. 16 Chertres at ItULED LETTE.R PAPER-Just received s few ceasaes ofhlue tand white woveruled Letter Paper eoae very low priced, for clet by DIVID) FELT & Co. N Y stioeneras' Hall. june 15 4 Clrltres at INK! INK!! INK!!!-Jut "received osse astundri.d dozet 8 ounce ink, warranled a very stlperiurerticto very clleap, by dozen or grlee Iby DAVID FEL'T d Co. N"Y Ststineres' flil, june 15 '24 Chartres street L.nIK-ilta bhls. nrassai prlme, tstI Ie rclio, nn L fur slse try GU DORSEY, t jttcs 15 44 New Levee F sade hyb elhy G O -EY; BACON dt lEs--70cseks auperiur Clecinnettics. june 15 44 New Levee I AVANA CIlFi"EK.---.i5 bhega cf pritttgusalmitv ] Ilhrsclclhv A TRIEI " j"sell 31(ieretiere AVA htagFEI- bsg laslieg Ions ship luiass sJils hor by SHALL, &IBROWNN. all ShMax.tsesese IOLI.ANI) (iIN.--10 pipes iHolltnd (in, in s.ore [I stnd Fur soleI J m13 74 Puydtr as TRUE AhMERIgAN r i'icfe. In connecti.n with this Oflice is a SPLENDID AND EXTENSIVE ASSORTMENT OF TYPE e FOR Tolt PRINTING OF E 'amphleto Blank Checks catalog ue Bills of Lading Labels, Dray Receipts, 4 Legal Notices Auction Dills, Bill Perms, Show Dills Steam Beat Bilnl Circulars And every descripton efJo.b Vorlk thant may be required. PRAIRIE COTTAGE PROCTOR presents bih iibet cnmplimnenta to hi frsiend, the public ol New Orleans, and to all strangers who onev le pIasing a few days in the ..ity, re and informs thenil'tht he will le ready in a few dyVts It ece5ive them at thlt pleasant retreat, ils P i A I It I E l COTT A G E, siiuated ol the Lake ihore. I'ersone travelling either from Sipringfield. Donldsonvllle. ki Madiisonville, or the ci ty. can tere meet with goodn cher--fine atut om andations and dite nitention--cnl all iarties by way of the Nanhville Railroad can ice s r. veal in a private and plensnnl roan, Ly giving ile day's notice of their intention ton .orle. Tile prol rietor doubts not tiat inducenments fir a vi it will be found in the adv antagee the Cottnge pre. L eents to the invalid, and those wearied with the ibent, dust,anl uastle of the city. The pure ana delieiou air elnstantly floiniag ither from the Ibake or the grent prairie--theN ol refreshing and the other loaded with fragrance, will ever give unmingled delight to tie wan. C deter ill senrchl eithelr ifhealhll or ltleaare. t F. Proctor appeals tIherefire with onfidence to the patronage of thoie whto know his ntlstd of reering hi fieonda, anitdolblb not that moat atrongereaisiting the city will honor him with a call. te itntends making Prairie C'ottage te of thle molt areehable places of to. sort in the neighborhood oflthe city. The proprietor ngoerateea that his wint, liqnora &c. C Ac.. shall lie eoFlthe itio t choice nature : at the saste t tils he will levote his ttention to procure all the esr lieat delicacies and viands of the senaon for his table. B ANK NOTC PAPER--Jdintreceived it invoice of bank note pper of Antie, minnuficrte, tnrd for a liy ALEX 'TIOWEII, a,249 Camp atrrt SXCHANGE on alci'ult i at eight, fur nle by F•' 1n2o A TRIER, 34( Gravier at /10 RE'-t-A comfonrltle dwelling lhouse in Cartnn delet etreet, a few doors frol, Canal nl; paocaerion t give i nlmedialtel. Apply tO IIt O E A MAV 1e12 3 Carcndeletl t U 1'.OP r-8t6 bela lnding frti Nlart boat, ior pule by m62l Gf I)ORSEY, 44 New L.ever SCIEN I'IFIC & MISCEL.LANEOUS WORKS. t Ii.I.1INGTON'S Civil Ineitheeeiag SGrier's Mterhanic's Calcutlltor 'The Cotnchologies'n FirstTexat ook t'oll'a Boik Keepin ; Benneti don dor 'yt nivee lni al Hi tory,2 vie. von I)'Ih8otueregun' Silk Caulirint'a Mnnual Coumnt andol . the art o treaeing Silk Wortes C(:lrkP" rlelt-il' t hlie Iollierv 'ler attil Silk Wori, and all staidard works iin silk. E JOIWS & Co, S jtnnl 13 2w crner St CIlirle ald oiColnllloll at RESH-RUTTER--9, laotdinig Cfrnt etio... S behont Rirtnza, ftir sale Iby A TIIEIR, jinie 13 34CGnvier at EFINED t' IAl. OIL-I. I-i0 ghllti., h. r iale by .\ TRIER, juelle3 34 Gravierst I LINOIS MONEY-$35011 for ale byl june 13 A ''RIER 31Gravir at FOR NEW YORK. To sail turdaaly, 15lh inst. Louisinea and Nete York Lite of Packets. S ' fasl t saatilintg ship ST1. JOHN, Capt. Hitchcock, will sail as above. For freight or t passage, having good uceolntlotations, apply Stothe capaitnll ollhoard, near the Vegetable Market, to JAMES II. HIUI.LIN, Sr jine ll 74 Cntup t . FOR LIVERPOOL. 'ite lA I andl a'lperior ship NEW HAMP SIIIRE, Capt Ilarding, hlving lithe greter St ulpart o herenarg o ei agdil, will receive den' LO patch. For freight of 300 bales cntion or pinanP, np p e to LEVt i GALE, .At.8 93 Cogmonn at WTn . . A7f ag noe utrcived and tfar ' !'eu ' SHALL & it Rui N, n Tr 96I Mangnazie at is liACON-00.000 Ia.Cinciinniti curedl, taosisting of 1hams, sides and shoulders. at Ihe nadine, per Flat boat. For sale Iiy G lOlIISEY, l may 28 41 Ne'w Levee ik jACON SIDEP.-140 cesaks superior Cineintati

cured in store, for hals bh i. DOiRSE',, ',.7 44 New I.ovee. rv 'I 'EEI.-5 tonu English blintcieil Steel, fer enle by ap 20 ShIIALI. & IBlROWN, 9i6 Magazinc it r'. 'UTT'ERII & L.ARllD-100t kegs blrd &50 do tape' Srir WVestern bitler, for sale ry my6 :G. I)DtIRSEY, 44 New ItPet' -- ISKEY--Il +. 'clam iodiug- fro-m.i t -ut bi, YV Coluulibts, for sale by it 11'24 _ i IiOelH:Y. 44 New I.evce Useftl Knswledge, eilr the 'vi r 1839, received ' anil fir sale by DAIt) FEI'T & Co, ltlny 18 24 Chbnrtre st IME JUitCE. larding riiiIlitvanua in cask,lr reln and dletijchin, Ior iltle liy tl BONNAIIEI., ilayv 1R Cnar Ntrlihez & T'r'hapitillliisate M ESi IIEEF-In huiilibrrels tit the inspe·elun L<"1 ir salnby G IOlgSEl. m23 41i New lvee a EMENI'---363 baresin. of Cement, lnaling lorin if ship Yazon, will' he .nll itw if taken frolu the Levye. Apply to JAMES II. lUI.I.EN, nay 28 74 Cnllp mt. en 'IAMARINIi-, IHONEY, ind 11 IEl:SWVAX--froma o" Ilanna, forralehy H ItiNNAIII., . _.ay18 Conr Natchez adnd Tt'a npitouloia js 0 ItEMENTS o CivilFngieerieit being an latiltipt 1t 4to nimselidate the principlehs of thIIe riiOlla opera Slions of the Civil Engineer into one point of view, for r tile use of ntudentannd litn whi lna) be abouot Iomenl. bark in the profesnion. Illustrelad eby copper plaie., andil ilterepere'ld with variuae nae.l tahble by John Millington ciil engineer fii, erly Profesnsor of meelsli ics in the Roiiyal insltitulltilon of Great Britain, now I'ro fesonr of NaltulI i'hiloaophv ani Chemiatry iu William t& Mary College of V. For sale by J5. A TOVWAR, 49 Camp at .1 _A _TOWAR,I49Camp et D7R. IRD'S Last novel Robin Ilay. Horace ry . non, or Fashionable Life,a r.ew Novel. Advice to young gentlemen on entering society. E JOHN9 & Co, J4 2w corner St Charles & tommon ets nOTICE--Mr. C haa Ienfle, Cosignee per ship La Srange, from Havre, and hiears. Jean Cottreal and A. Petit. consignees per ship Charles, from Havre, are requested to all at the subscriber'sn oflee an take I theirgooala. L H GAIE, june a123w 93 Conmon t WTANTED, in a Drug Store, an assistant lualy ak S• qn ited with tle Apothecary bhauines, ape k ing French and English, and writing a fair hand. Ad dress box 231. Post Office. june 12 lu RENT--By tthe Month or year. The two story bonuss, situatad at tile cor a nerrofhSumeattenndSt.'rhmar streets, al fin es ished in the et manner, with ildding doors, alls, cisterns, and servants rooms. For trlll, apply Sto o AC FULTtON. jun. 1e 31 No 10 Carondelrt st, oan the premises. pORK.-200 bbtl mess and 500 o prime, frd sale Sby It)ORSEr, june 1244 New Loveo. f IGw Ia G0 kegPr nrip hrn andtllin teLal iausoe Sforsalebly G It)RSEI, S mjune 1' r 44 New eiee P eF'F-2t0 brets pria attd 20 Calf trn mness, at the Tinapettion,forsaoa hy (i DtI) SEY, june _ 44 New I.ever C° ! ' 00 R(011-2 11 do inORfrsale by -. jtins 1 i G IRStteYR , L4 New Leate. EXCHANGE ON1Los'rtO1-farnsatlby Inur'm I BRII(DGE, 131 Magonziner at d RnIIITINrl PAPER -A larg r and general isaort - S entrnf writing paper, ruled lnatl plain, for saule on advantageous artter. ALEX TOWAI, may 3S1 - (hntp sat F S UPA R sat k i a fie i s r ur sen ti . nLews printing pater, of all the varioua sizes used fIr the city ald c (tatty pappe, and ftr sale ,by mly 30 A.LEX TOWAR, 49 Camp a VALlUABLE r& SARCiE LAW it)OK. S SARTIN'S Report, a few copie aonly left, it I1t volt; Louisiana Raports Il volta Civil Code of Louisiana, . E Johns A .,s' Code of Practice do new eaditton Sergeant& LowLer'a Reports oaafess in thle Eng. liaht courts, 32 sole. Williams' Massaahuttsa Reports Peters' IReports, 12 volra; do candneed do Archbold's civil and criminal Pleadings Abbott on Shippint; Bailey oil Bills. eek's Medical Jurisprudence Bell & Beattv's Chancery Reports Chlittv on Bills; do on Contracts t'hitt,'s Pleadings; do Practice; do equity Digest Clittt,'s Blackstone ; Cruise's DigOat Curtis' Admliralty I)igest; Digest ILaws ol U S Eden's CI aneery Reponrts ; Fonblaque's Equity Fornl Bohk ;Gould's Pleadings Gow tn Partaership; Hnllann's Legal Studies Kent's Comntmtntarts; Leigh's Nini Priaus t'othier on Oblieatams Pateas' Diget, let volume, a new walk I Roscoenn iEvidence ; Rasell on Critlea Sandera' Pleadings; Smithsa Chaneery Practice Starkie on Evidence; Story on the Consatitution tevens r& Benecke oil Insurance Tollena law otf Executioas Taotnlins Law Dictionary; Vattella's Law of Nations endn gettMral asssrt unt f all staniard Engliash antd Frnci law boo:ks, amongst the latter, Merlia, Toullicr. Pothier, Troplong, Duratton, &c. E JOHNS A' Co, .3( may 3w Car St Charles & Common aat L-AF SUVid A n--,'t taket a. 4, in aore for sale bhv m _ tI SllAI.L & BROWN, !6 Magazine i W IIISKEY-200 larrela rectlified whiskey in fur nale Iy G DORISEY, mi0 44 Nerw Lven H AVANA SE AIiA .-30,tt00, difrerto qtqlitiaa,.fr sale hby A TRIER june 14 34 Grnviert a D AISINS--400 boea freah Malaga Rsaisit ktr U1 sle by ATRIER, F june i4 31 Gruvier at SREStH HIElRlI S-304 b)e. Bantan Bae1, . for naal y ATRIEOR, june 14 34 OGruvier a 1' SYNDIC'o SALE. , - SBY BACH & CALHOUN. Tar WI TILL be oldon Wedneedayt July 3, 1839, at 19 rio • o'clock ,st the City Excbang- in St Louisst. between Royal and Ulartres atteete, by order of .Altho. ny, Esq. Syndid of the cr,diotrs ,,I Messrs Egrt .n d Wibray, tor the 'olont otl at the risk of I Meters Eldward York, Ueorge n. Ogdel and SCOgdeo, who bave failed to comply wltll the teons ore soe ofl proprty hereionlter described, made to thenm on thle 24111 Jnll l ry, 1839. itg, Eleven lots ot ground, situated in Foubtorg Saulet, 0 2d lunilcipolity of New O)rieanr, in the square bounded y Clio, Plytahee, Calliope and Neov n st reets, on per ( plan w aho lc will be exlibted at the time of vesa e, riv Lot o., Inaasring o9 INat, 4 incbes frot onus Pr ticee street, by 110 teet ill depth, ond frout on Clio street. Lote No. 2,3,4,5, 6, 7, 8, 9 sond 10t, naoere each 29 feet front o Prytanee stree by 1 l20 feet deep. Lot No. It, tneasuriong 9 feet 4 inche front on Pry Innee street, by 120 feet in depth, and fronton Calliope street. TIe above lots will b e told separntely witli tlse prie. legse ofn alley in the rear of tie width of 153feet. i'eri dnso fale--18l0u casl on each lotl; balance 6, S2, and 24 montbs credit for approved endorsed note, witllh mortgage until fional pnyment. jI e I 3ttljlj 3jv Vonte de u yu ci,. 'PAR BACII & CALIIOUN. r L SERA VENDU lo Mercredi le 3 Juillot pro clhain i midi, I ai Nouvelle Boura rue SI, r Louis entre lea rues Royaleo Charlree, per I'ordre do Mr. Anthony Rasell, Sindic den cdaneiers do L Messrs. Egerton at Wibray pour le compta e at atn th risque de Messieurs Edouard Yotke, George. B. ,. Ogden and J. C. Ogdelon qi ont manquda anx tLorss preevrits par nl vent pouar les prolpri6tda ci de d uenlot des igne Jt leur adjuges to 23 Janvier, in 1839. e ONZE LOTS DE TERRE Ssitu6s dane to faubourg Saulet, 2Ide Municipalitd de In Nila Orlboans dons i'ilet sitod entre lea rues c. Clio, Prytanfe, Calliope, et Nayade, d'aprtr on to plan qut a dtd oxposand au moment de I vonte,, SSavoir : Le Lot No. 1. mesurant 29 poids 4 ponuces do u - ace It Ia run Prytunao tar 120 plnds do profitdedur 1 de fe focn Is rue Clio. ell or Lo lots Noo. , 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3 &10 meas raet ctaoutn 29 plods doe Ice Ib I rue Prytandot par 120 pie's do profotdeur. Le lot No. 11. ntesourant 29 pieds 4 poitces dor t S ace it In rtie Prytaono par 120 pieds do profotndeur et Sal. face It Ia rue Calllope. n vi S Los esuaits lots seron t vendltn sedpar6mnnt ave 1 cc lo privilego d'unn atl6e do 15 pietl do largoer. r ln Lea tortons doe nto ront $1800 coripttlnnt pour Ip cheque lot, et le balance t 6., 12, 18 et 24 loois do - credit on billets ondods b. t satisfaction, nvec iypo- It thquo junqu' It parfait paieme,,ct. H IIY IiAII .v CALIvIUN . `7 11, Iu e sol 1,t Weodltnolo. 3d Jilr, 1839, of 12 ci o o'oek,nt tile City IEblltnge, Ill ,t Louis strt.t. Two iSqa.lres of Ground, Desigontid on a plan drawn by I.tms ril ier, setr- T veyor genelal,ito oinrco E atd Ci. hiqiare I" contains elk . r.0l1l ., .be t re d fronm to 2. , w hli ci .i . . r e a d fl Nos I, , 3,4, 5, 6, 7,, , 9,10-10 lots traonllrilloe eh ei ,1t 30 feet Pii Ott 31narltv y streti,bl y IlI fet fet ill iepth ; it q No I ilrntoing tile lornefr tf otlnlllrt" ntll Ailan ttlreePIt a dllt It I lo N Ill frmi ng thi corner o f,' M ac0rty tlt Iiir- It let streets. j r t Nos II, 19, 13--3itd, meassuiing each:] 300 feel front d - ottil lurdet tiremtty 5I Itert in dvth lt. olo Non 14, I ', I6, 7 I,'. 19, 211l21, .2, 23-10 lote, mens- . urill eachil3l0 fioet tIIOit on Coittiercil tnreel, by 115 ri 0t fi'tet depth;il No, 14 firming tim corier Iof CommerciiIl - and ltnrdet streets, nslit No 23 forlning Ite corier of 01 tonllsloereiil eniI Admnls strtels. Nos 24, 25, 26-3 Iotsi mesring each 30 feet frontf ol Adotns street Iy 150 in deplth. SlarerC contaoins 26 lot, numtbered frol 1 to.6, wllich ulmeaslre as follows: lt. Nos , , 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 110-Ill lots, mieastring eachl r 30 feet front ii1 Colnlnecial street,liy 105 feet in deptllh; piylot Ni I forminig tle crner of Cooillnercial and IllPuat streets, ad No IIl lformin thle corner of Cuomter:iul &l \VWasiington otreels. mt Nos II, 112,13-3 lot, ,measturilg eacl 30 feet front oin - Vashlington stseel, by 151t tiet in deptll. P No 14., Ii, It, 17 t, ,19 o0, 1 .`2, 223-l0 lots,nlesS. ter uill taolt 311 feeot tut on Pearl street iby 1115 feet ill e-depth ; lot No 14 forminei tlil eorier of Perl onl oWashl: p iigtolo streets, ntdll N 22o joining thel crner of ' earl and lurdel lstreets. Non 24, 25,i6--3 Ilto, nieaesring ei':h 30 lhet finti o Iat rt et street, Iby 150 feet in d1epth; all Ameriian irtnasure. .u n. . 31 IjIj&:3jy Jima I - - -e- - - - t ljl. ijy PAR BACH & CALHOUN. 1 L SERA VENDU Meroredi le 3 Juillet, 1839, a mnidi, a In Nouvelle Bourse, run St. Louts' DEUX LOTS DE TERIIE situds a Carrollton, d6dign6, d'apr.s un plan tird par Louis Bringior, Arpunteur goindrale, lns dlat lots E it C. L'ilet E contient 26 lots nuu,6rotds de 1 i 26 lesquels out les mosuraot asivants : Non 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 9, 10, mesurant chanen 30 pieds do face la rue Macarty sur 105 pords de prottendeur, tl lot, 1 formatn Il'encoig. nure des rues Macarty et Adam, et le lot no. 10 for 1nant lo'nco enure des ruel Macarty et BIurdt. No. II. 12. 13, trois lnts moasnrant chacun 300 piells do face a la rue Burd, t or 130 do prufon. deta. Non. 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, s0, 21, 22, 23, dix lotso mesurant chacun 30 pieds de tlheo a la rue de Commerce our 10.1 du prooolodenr, le no. 14 Aornlant l'cucoignure des rues do Colnmmcoca at Adam. Nos. 24, 25, 26, rnesurant chacon 30 pieds do thfca La rue Adam our 150 do profolndur. L'ilet C contenant 26 lots nunaeroot6s de I 2'6, Icsquels ont lai meIsureas suvants: Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 mesurant chacun 30 pi.ds do fice o la rul do Commerce sur 105 de proflodeur, to lot no. 1 formant I'encoig. nure des ries do Conulerre et Washington. Nos. 11, 12, 13 mesurant chacun :0 prods de fale a la rue Washington sur 150 do profundeor. Nos, 14. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, dix lots mesurant chacun 31 pieds do face Ila rue Pearl sur 115 do prolondeur, to no, 14 formant I'encoignure dos rues Pear et Washington, ot le no. 22joignant I'encoignuro des rues Pearl at Bur. dot. Nos. 21, 25, 26, 3 lots mesurant cllacun 30 piods do face a la rue Burdut sur 150 de profon. dear et e tout meaurn Ameoricaine. J1 E TAT l)E LA LOUISIANE-Cour do Paroiso pour In paroesa elt ille dle Ia Noavelle Orlians- PreIent I'honurable Cllarlet Munrain, Jugo. SMai 14tlh 1839. No. 11,774 M. Dulose vs eso Crifanciers. En rtioo u de G. W. Ilolts, Etq. avocet pour I'ina solvable,e at o montlrant un errrur qui s troauvat doan nI'anouce dernier pour assembler le cr6anciers, et eon , consaeruenea de cert errer I'anroammhle n' a pas eue lieu--ll t lr ordnnnl par InCor, qn'le as nouvelle aura lieu au bIureau de Philippe I.nroste, Esq. it nooare en Samoedi le 15 Join, 1834, quao of ot on va deohaeer or le affltires du peIitionuaire eo pretdro en constderation Iea mulieles contetuea dous lo petition. Extrait otit regintrerneltt, lBoreoo du Greflfe In Novelle Orleans, Mai 14, 1839. l Parish and City of New Otlenaeo.-Present rthi Hleoorable Chorlea 5lanrain, J audge. Y Mo't 14th, 1839. No. 11,774. 51. Du Bnot vs. hin Cleditors. On motioln of e nso. W. BIota Esq Rfocn ei for the insolvent and uplon clhowine Il) the coutrt that oln error h ts crept t i ll tr nltice allinl g fon a it cig of creditora in tlio coent, alOd ltia rcoouetlentlv salo nwerring cannot take pIULte It is ordered ty tlhe coulrtt at a nw IIeel ilog talk place .1 the oloi.' of I'l:ple I eose, EsI. lotlurv pohlic, tlr Satrnlay tle 15tIh dysof Jtne r 1739. thn unld Ihore to det ribemrio on the atnliras ol'he ptitlion er,aold tlake into coltaideratiou ite allllaeln aet forli ill hias pelilion, Exlrolt fromn tlhe minutes-Clerk's Office, New Or rleauo, Maly II, 1839. mto 17 It ARLMAND PITOT, Clerk. trt) ItE,'T--TI'h d tellirt t t if the Ihreetlorv Sbrick hllttse NIo. 2I r'Pchoupo ion lln st0ee0. J'oa. session giveon onthe 9th JoeL. Aptly Ito II. LOCKETT, Camp street, near Julio.--or m o F2-8 No. 1t hnoalonhoa Piace. m 14 U1'1' G DORS.ýEY, ltt 4 ewr. 1. IIE well known asolendid htorse IRo:ket is Itolede d L or sale, he i now eight vyers oat], andi ohne of Ihs beet broke horses in file Unitedr Slates, his speed to Io well known lthat it requires no .Olnlllenl--wrralled pbrfeclly sound. ALSO a Plheton ald Harness suitable formtn or 9 twohuorses. A Sulky with alhifieg tamp, onodles. th iloet &e. Ihe above artiltes were maade t ordrnn al oare of tile very botlmnalerials. They ale to !.e sold on at - eont of lthe owner leaving tie city. Apply to No. 3 Carondtalet st J8 Iw IWTINID)W (i.ASS-620 boxes Englitsh crowu V Windsor glasa, receiving ei foIr sale by Umln It CLAN(ON, 12 Camp st B LUNT"S LECTI'U ItES oil tto hitr-fury ofAbrotou m U and Jaeto, by Ithe Rev. Hrlery Iloat, A. M. ao ltor of Lecture on the hliatory of Jose| Clrist and St. Patll Just publlished orelIct remains of tte IRev. W.iltimt Neviorn, L. DI). of altimore with n mremoir. Just tr eeierd nod fornale bly ALEX TOWAR, Ji 49 ('smp at "X -tIIA , t ,E 'u N Io Io tahiILLL , tor y4td -a-I pa '. 1 abloJuty 27, firoale Io Av J8 A FISK 1TAILS-400 Boston assorted oizer.6fr sale by SIIALL & BROWN, m24 96 Mlagazine at ESS BEEF--In half his, fir sale bly may 14 G I)OISEY, 4 Now Levee. ACON SIDES--150 ce.ks Ciltcinnali cured, for sale bhy ( DI)RSEY, mayt9 44 New Leveema o O N SOAP--300 boxes hrown sla,, fir sale hy It _ &J P WHIITNEY,73 Camopo A PER.--Foolseepofvariuauaqualitie, rnleott& plain l.etlPr paper do do do Packet, eoiuoercial and Bth Pont Royal antd supar royal cartrildge paper Iron onger' do Cotton sampling dot Paper, of all ises, suoitable for cily and country pap)er, Also, double medium, imperial and super repel Prltlito PrsPeoeolr.sle lby ALEX TOWA R, jono I I 49Canp ats 1ACON SIDES-75 eooks superior Osincieoe.i 0ur ii td, in st ,re, for ale by lU I)ORSF.Y, lt juto '- 44 New Levee T'tUG'8-- ust lading a fresh au ply of while Wax, UUsva Jelly, Gumn Arabic, Tamarinds, Cream Tartar. SaI Soda, piua' Turpentine, Pearl Ash, Tarta rie Acid, Chloride iodas, Bals. Canvlin, &o. friale by II BONNABIEI., may 31 Car Natchez and Tchapitaulas ets NFKW HUiJI, .llJUST I KCEIVVlt. ) I I)LEIR in Italy, bv Couultear at Illaesinglo.,2 vole. ll 1 Amerienn Joe M'iller;: Ilranee Venmon, 2 vule Advice to (iGentlemen; Rbin I)y, 2 veul SChily's bilanckstone; Milligone C(ivil Engineer at ilg, fir stale by ALEX. TOWAR, cc Iay 31 49 (:m el L.A1TES rTd LITIER-SIY! Sr COIJNTEMS of Blcehington, Idler in Italy, 2 vols. at Pascal Brauno and the Atolnement, by T' llook The American Joe Miller, with illsatratione Little Frenchlman and his water lots, by Morrie, etthiiaga by Jollhnon.. Poetic Vreat ba, eebeld poetry from Chaucer to a W\Vordsortlh. Nickleby, to 12 ; Iloz's Sketches, Nos 7 and 8 ga E JOIINS & Cao. may 31 w Cr S2 CrtCharles & Coelmoll eA t R C IIA3IPAItiNE-6l bIaskbel so esualrier tqanly ie store and for sale by SHALL & BIROWN, v may31 l ltinlgauzie et si T (AF' i"NUiiAI iustre anitt I)r sale bly _ L amay 31 SIIAL.. & III(\VWN, 9i Mangazie at " /`I I:KMAN PEAS--8 bg+ ia. store a, atn ua r silebI G may 31 S.HAILL & BROWN, I1G AInguzinle l t li OULD 0 CAN)I.EIS--75 Ioses tleo Itobltiis, ins I. lre and for satle by SHALl. & ISIOWN, illay 31 )96 Mlagazinle st A XE--:O boxes' superior axes in store and fur LL sale by SHIIALI. & RlIOWN, vi mlay 31 - - 91i Mtacgazine et bLL-75hrian pritme 'ranttrs' (l a 41 casks summer Sperlml Oil may 31 is3w 1. IIa GI.F., 93 Common at i S 1.O It -99 b rrls T anding from .l ,-a = ib oil 1 by Gi I)OIL EY, nll " 44 New a a M ESd BtI.. ie halll bls ati the in.peclio., flr ailtle ly G DOIRSEY, may 31 44 New Levee II. MtUiF.A'I VEihallI bAII.E LIFE IIo L'f.or S so well knownll t the publile tila it is hardly le ee.sar.y i give a ldeaiel slirelienat of their e lae and d a tae. 'lhe blialao ai titclea will fully eeaviliena. liie r of the elaii lluhedo rta ted llr a II1t tile plblic to ilace confidence in his plepalratlitos. r From the IJllllalpdenl Whig ofJuly 12, 1837. 8nAafat'sc Pills anld lifters.--Tihe Iast Journal con t0ain addli tiotlnal ItestimI oyI ill fil ,iItr ftlit hlighlly imp)t irt t, invntiohn. "'Theilte laenss .iith tittl wia llumau el l t aaiaaaln aioalalle' tie tatiliocnv. Stla e oi ne, lt tlh I imle eli t. nialllta Ihaeaks t ll lle rl Iailng the ic ertli f.i Selite ciliate a-iglali liar Bowles, anadi lit-rt iat a qatatlialy ta tlhe articlel nompensaltiu. This is very kidl, and we Ir prOlllmic s l Ithe Ioitlia l rP Inhl r ulnder like jilieltihns with Sour teilhbor oltlhe Jurnal,, to call on the Pagenlt. Illnhe ileailtillme, are iay laIoring uilTer similar dlif Btwie al'vlait'e halie lilIti ca aIv the "pae cu Iao" . lar allltelta.elis" o lthe remedy ul thldisenase. TIt i Pe l 2 cite y s udIultedly it sovereiIgn remnedy. LET.I'PIT FROIM SAMUELI. BOWLES. i The lallowina- lItter is fro 3Ir. Iiowles, Edtlor of the liRepubilica nd ilJrt, arlia ntlic.iapt, Malls. 'tliaenioi ri, Jaa' 1, I1:,7. ,ri. I fItt-Sir ial now th iriean v't;,r t htl I have at q enice, all It li t srt , ifll, vere illnestl a il anaum ltry Is rhenlatlel. 'iihe naltural action I l the htrnowels is loar; r. freautle anld severle pins oterlr, with muh weknelll a tlleletpress ii I lie itaid laics igii nCrestarv v IPe lwiii i tyil llll'rulil t l c ii l-nc . iiili,. a I br ave o , -,,i igioa lhi chui, niitld have lit ed c attl all kiner of a illc al vc tis ,l ih Ileiem, tir s ilte d a o a lly cai-i ei , in Vil. ll. y 1 j.5 ring the lost your, I ht botght lnd ucrd1everil llxen tiYours, SA2MIJEI. FIIIOWLFa. it. P'r celetit-ahis city, at the entter oail nonvaila anahd Trhapillallls sis. n13 S teive 1 by late arrivals, na llss t t ent of ahlltst cravats, summIer stocks, gluve, and -usIpenders, oa the tsa ar, cornerof St.Charles m n llt I'.nt T I s lrNt. a 118'11SH & AI.I.AN. ' by S11A.1. & IIROWN, 1114 6ti 1lgaziue at P 1.RL O(111RN AXI NTS --hlare and heautiful euriosities, or sale only by Rees & D'lange, and at Phouh's Museum. All threse.rnaments consist of the most splen8 did sper umens ,I orthl.lo., y Ironm IEurIope, Asia, Africa, anl our own eull ntry. Ap ,oved no at GO days will he taken ol II A IllI 'll'U III ! B th ITub-, un rrd t.izr, for liAItlt-i Ri.lbls.,lud ,g lfrom evmnb.rat ltudolph . 1 'I .r Ide b y Al. T ''RIE11it, may28 331 1 (:roier t I IrIrEE second had gl n-a Iv I 11(111' I.'llI lib sale b I1111 I) I 'L e ilhagleand aiierry 8 bale l El ll&i. ,r NuI K N lY stationers hu l n C2Il t-- st 1 .)CKa, & , 1f 10., N . f Foi,, Lver, h11ve t ltlre i o i lget and lexllll.ivl llltllll.e lll l ( lll r T ill 3 in f ll~f I)) l", IlR I ,1t etlI1 art,,,,ll llh l w Ich h otl,,r how II, ,, al\ I ',,, v, . _ _la l NDV PIANOS( · 11( 1.11 PARIS. ýrl lll: subscrtt.l , have jpstl rece led ,.pership Charles lI rm tll hllt e 111jIun, 1 o r i r Sllle at betalllull 'A rt-i n1 n olf Ill lol, les '1o itbull 8ig inl;-Pianel l s, 1,i lh , I Rtl ewoal d, ,n'ra, us sl d rih .T rboguanrl wood. Iloricon li I'P.ems of the rirhest ,rosewood and nmho g ly. l e i n t dir in r r I te l enic u rs a pri ls lrs ,of lois do It. Jfully h inlltld ' all anent llr nll il i ei i I l a J ulelI t 1 lLa Il. oI o lfil ll'g Isuperi ar fin1ih , lin8-8 pianos which Are Tirlisn I Ielw Article. a t A I JI,8 IINS &ry l 'iu, g . Charles alda,i aJ4 oppsite the V1erandnh & Exchnge hotyel i + A ID-711UI keg . .p, rir iEsf Lard .nr snle b AJ4 ( I i)OLS\V . I New I levee 14'- 'U K 'I'-L ;, 4 I,.itdrtrn od llhnos ,|,oney- 1 .- of said l ess riplion for onllty by . bo rn K-I bbe e, lrdig fruir rlahu burl J4 A TRIIER,4 (;rnvier Ra I4 A 1.1(1313 CANhESi. letter 1 per ofvN rius ( liies njust received and n Y ,tivtd 8 v8rie81 afCANF ,S, ,anitabl e fur gin llr l ulen ' u eu t dywill be uffnred very luw trluur WCVORKS ON SILK. JA COIPIE aornt th best works on haap t 1 l'--l 1 .re o the i uhlb8 y rand rilkn o ig u ri oppsite ) l ll etl e st ior st'l ny Cn r Uiterd nte Ior ahIl t bbr v. . tilM w3 0 ., No. 16 S Chartres street, }oe Iis day I'received n variety of CANES, suihle for gelr Ktlemeu' usei they .wil b offered very w to ur.l SillSKe o- the Mulbrry andi silk worm bs. l1ndohr 180003 silk w1rms. d Iv, le hi, )'l(nrgue's silk lituris 4 4New Le Clarke il tu i leu blhrurrv. I C b's d 8s nu i or the 1 liy l yrry flree. lRobertsn silk 81 c8 . 3E J 73INS & C 1o, t l1 Ylt ertb M r I lle. .Di rles & Collusoln 1 o. OI t- 00 tI l u I npiur t ile, In ifretit g I7 J( I)IISIlY, 44 New I.ever Al. b3I8-VI,' I, upl- l.uali a, 81r b m, ah r stBU ,Iru Ibyo 1shn h Lm Io a 1k5Veyr ccheap dltiml sll inu asortT ilI a tIlhe in t cele bra ed a rcting py r s JsIM N'S & Co, l J 2w epl comrner S i Cailcos & lllCo mln sus - Bridgewater for sAie ayl ic (` 1N B L OMS--00 dz io lirelnki I m s SJ7 G: I)1{.1; 44 New Levee dy, 4 tr elaks broW n SheArry Wsin; 3G boxes padle o do superior quality for siale by T l I jny A3 73 IVA,49C'amp st d j I 8N--iweDt lnluga wine ilulN r rugub ie store, orinl. by READ & BArs atIT V, S)ORK-800 brie+l 1 ht prone, &l . 1' () oUIw inspectitug Und for t ale at l Ithe lowest 1 arket prices by N, ll u1O1--11136 _r]. landing fruit_ senmer Honum, I, For sala by G. DI)OSEY', sale by G I)ORISEY, rjunl's no.5 s, bok, adjb ink, d for s le r iy r a2 A lillrWi'A8, Arl 49 Camp 'ItEI, Fjue14 NEW sRK, Iegulur'at SI HEELY hruel Lnr of Paokelr.yLjr " TL h superier uatel sailin. regulur pocket Riulrs, tsip ALABAMAs , B y, I astes, will sail as The Iuccl tonelslin, lny tbp y to the cl tllf L oa n oard, . opposie the V ke thlie , dMIrkeor io A alC l HEN, inlhe A. can domfrably feer ndte I tn r fifteen more steerage sr enereivl sall't .te apphiC e S I'EiL r CAND. Lp.b rhh plair ssd, rule1, 11 nip sre - r kfrom brig Clarioni. for sale by A TIER, SHEVEDAVID FEI.TN f Hnor, by Lady Lyl, juna bii CCrlmwell'a ea june 11 4Chtfe SECOND MUNICIPALITY NOTICES. W ERE Irought to the Pound of the 3d Ward, 2d Municipality, the following, stray animals, A bay mare wilh letters P G on her left hind quarter; also a while star en her fire. A acerrel coll with bald face and two hiid lego white. 'I lho ownereof aid animail will pleanm eol round at the imond if the Second Municipalty, aituated at the corner of Rolhi and Annunciation streets, prove prop citv, py clhnrgeos and take tlhle away, nll or beore Satlirdev, the 1'2.1 ofJter, 1839, whet they wilbe olmd at auctiut by I' A Guillotte, pubhle auctioneer. HENRY CRA.IN june 13 First I.ieut.of the Nitlit Watch. NI' (li tnice.ho al. I'enclos du 3ete District tie I Se onde MNuicip.lilth, lee animaus epaves, ati vaot, etlmi r: Uie JU eaenlt brun marqu6 P. G. sur Is derriere gnulche, auiest ine t toile blane our le frott. UtI jeue cLecal brit, nvee In fiBurnm o.h hereus, ele, den.x jtber de d uerriere blaea. I rs Prnltri(ltirao des dine animats, eant pribsdk veiir Itle herrhler A 'enclne de In teeotnle MHttteipniit silt( nit ciiti des ro.e Robin el Annoecialn, estir no itvnl Ie Statedi 22 JUln Irohain' our leq tel jaer ile serl t venduat.t I'oelen par P A Gnillote, enutalteur pol ii,. HENRY CRAI., J 1:3 ler Liur. ti I lia rde "VEft!R btughl In the Police Pri".o.of the ld M. Sninipality, the f dluwioig Ilves, viz: A sregel tilt ltamed Eltdmutd, about thirty-fetr yearn tof see, sty tebelongt to Mr. H. MeCatl. A .uolatto ltin named irJa. itaptiste, Illatlt twenty six, says he belongs to Mr Stelphens. A .riL: tano named iener, about twr.nly-five yearn old. ecte heelongs to Mr Benedict. A himttk iti t .nmedtci r ph about 26 or 2S. says he t IbehllrntoMr. Moitre. 'l'T, iownere of onid slaves will please call at ithe pris oet of Ihr 2,tt :ecipality, prove prperty. pay rhnrg ea amti tiak, tliem away. H S HAIRPEI, jilll, r5 Captain of lt W1l th.. S\I' etc amenl6s A In glrte de la eeondle luici e it i toe eeclnves ttnivants, nvonir: Ul t tCre nomnat6 EDMiUND ag6 d'eoviron 34 not, ee li:,int allttin e tlAi Mr. I. IIMeCoul. Ill n ntere tahlntre JEAN BAPTITI'E, ag6 d doi no, se dialitt apportenirA Mr. St lthetn. irtt milre 1ri e, nrcnm HE INRY, ag6 te 25 ant, se I n negre ..otm JOSEPH, ag6 de2G ou 27 ans, no dleot nplponrlenir A MrI. Moore. Ien propninlaire des dien enclaves, aunt pri6s de venir lee retirer en paynen lee friaa. H. S. HIARPER, J15 Cepitaine de la Garde _.-:- _ . ... . . ...-`~ -- = .. . WILLIAM R. CARNES, LOUISIANA WARE ROOM, nlay 14 IN. 53, lilENvlLLE)T. N.w O1ILEAaS NEW IIIItIITON IJOTEL, PI'ss CIRISTIAN, MMll. Sll" well hknown watelring place ii now open for lhe rI'iik). ulllller the imllledile apetrinltendence of Dtlr. Jlul Millnltneli. 'ite ee .a lishenet liat been vil) censiderably improved by addlitional buildings- tDuillnn rai's, bll rmii me, billiard rssssle, nine pin aIlys. I stonesld Iibaitfi ng osee. GeIat exertions have been mr.e to , r .ender t;he ,ine tuol,, ot.,i an i.egant reirtl. Th re ore fifty lisants lr AnIinttiliesand amt Vellit'llm ot holtssll drl'tse c foriiggltgenrlnnee. Fit. nluil, and ltultling Lst. are prr+videt, and all legllnt bnlld fsl' Isnl'j fur eotilli, i ,ss tiesi & enulelrriel .O th n ulf. 'T'lint p r of it +hiei h ( lire illl rile ieely i frontl ofl he hnt,.l ) loud lo.kedl by several beautiful island., all Silln a few Iure llll.o i lOllog wlhich are Cat Island. SIs1p Islnud, llhrs Isniedains idte i 'ihandalesrn. A Itltetr Iia iu.r kPII at the itnr of Ithe Exchang Ho tel, N. O) wlhicht will receive 'lily altentmn. 3cliOINNIL1. & WATlEIRMAN, `-l'A'l'l i111 I.tlUISIANA-l'ariuh Court for thei t i, h lnint rity -1i New Orlenna. 'rsnit the lion. Chrlsra Mairian, Judge. N,.. 11, 831, I.. A. -trwin , in aoual e.snedy vs.n bhn cerelth, ant s Ii creniitcre set re i lf i ,, 1I'Int ru tdn nod til ng hi e •ts oii n a i shedtlei in Ill. al s--l s it e, Nrere yl stv i Co.I, th. t the ce.diltol t "f I..: . 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